Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 20, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 20, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11J00. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. JANUARY 20, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. PERSONAL.. lfRRF 1 Ion m iho Harold offlee J-JUBTf OOAT-THRRK IB A LETTER FOR B ASM Fred?rbckivkd your note or dec. a-, called ?tr * _ at the houaa earned, on Lexington avenue: you were not there. Write me and eaad your address to Ualtie Morton, EjtlFTH AVERTS RTAOE?WAVERLEY PLACE TO r Metropolitan Hotel, Saturday noon. Will purple eleven write, appointing an Inter*lew, to H. W. H , station n. .at TI8-A-V18. From sixteenth street to poett-koubth atreet Addtaaa Teacher, atation O. U C. P.-AD DRESS J. A. S., U CHATHAM STREET. ?ion wants d?or MARY mccarnky. THhafiaffe TBfwnss?at\ v*. Infonmatteu willbe thank fully reoat*ed by'her _ I fully received IV Mar r, Michael M?Carney, who has <1.000 for her, at 88 Rant ?nth ? treat, N. Y. wtUhe jp?. yuun CALL WBEEE RVI J1TH. f CECILIA. g&J^jg^^^H^O^^rADDRKSSlfj^lE SdW.'srff& Ift towa en Prfday erea ? w(io O'tu erowdad oar gggggffggggs ?the the ap A.?LETTER AT BTATTON C viu W sirl, mlnk^^^^H raa'SSS'^SS WHlLLIAM H. JOHNSON (COLORED), WHOSE father, H. W. Johaaea, woatto Liberia in IBM, will gtaletter^by sendinghi* address to H. M. 87, hot HO Poat oukera. ^AlWE^^CHIL^RO^T^IRTI^ADDR^^ Mr*. Rleo, station B, New Tort ^IL^H^jAD^NHf^XCHANOE^MCFFl^r Arnold'a on Monday, Jan. T, rail at tr send bar address to M West Twenty-third street f QQTB STREET?RBOBIVBD TOURS DSC. ftt WOULD jSu ttha to see you. Addroaa Mrs. WaMor, hoi 107 Herald ? 500 rewari^wiu^b^pai^fo^nkow nation aa to the wheraafeonto of Walter J.I flaaie, W. J. Dugout and J. Diipoat thnwdf etarka wigh Charles K. Hamilton. Addreaa sTciorelaed, box 1,834 I'oet Ah TOl'NO LADY (AOS SF.VBSTEEN^IBHRf^HBl I acqualntonee of a gentleman of wealth with a riew to Address Egerla. station O, Now Yort^^^M J^j^CCOMPLIBHB^TOUN^PARTSUJM^D)^* JD. sires to form the toqualnlenee of a gentleman, with ?tow to metrimoeur, with whom she can retrtrn and reside ta Parts. Only those seriously mean log are requested to ?mHRiddnn Mrs. atation ft. LOST AMD POUND. A OOAT, SAW AND CHURL. A (Man and left ntNo. ft Baxter fitoaina the properly by freed eaa SUPPOSED TO BE I street Any person hare them by paylag ma . g^Mmming CLAMMMDON __ ekseeS^ef returns thorn to office ot T OST-IN TWENTY-WIN TH STREET. A ROAR LET MJ Breakfast Shawl. The finder will he rewarded by *"l It st 88 West Twsnty nlnUi itrset. Lost?a diamond ring, single stone, with the Initial* A 8. McL. on the lnaitie. A very liberal aeweid will be given by returning it to the collector of the SWkteo Ialeed ferry, Whitehall. LHOST-ON CHATHAM STREET, NEAR CHAMBERS, M Friday night, a Pooketbook containing a locket mint* tore of e lady. The finder will reealve e liberal reward by ?turning it la BcoveL, IS Cedar street. m LHost-between sixty fipth and seventyI third streets, a Bundle containing material* far a Urea# end trimmings. The finder will pleaae leave It at 17 Kama Seventy-third atreet ?? T OST-1N CROSSING EIOHTH STREET TO BReI MJ wort Houae. on Friday evening, a Pocketbook. con-l tatnlng paper" of no value to any but the owner, and a sum I ?f money. Will the finder deduct oo much of the latter aa he may consider s fair corapen*atina and return the balance I with the former to B. L.. box 1,354 Poet office. New York I M REWARDS. REWARD?LOST, JAN. IS. A JOHNSON'S GOLD I Pee and Holder. W. C. Whitney, 17 Wall street, win the above reward for Its return. flO" REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RETURN of a small gold Welch stolen from room M Earle's Hotel, on Thursday night, and oo questions asked. Rend to IMmll, No- 171 Broadway. REWARD?LOST, OOINO PROM FORTY-HKC end to Thirty-ninth street, thence to 4S Twelfth I by Sixth avenue cars, a cluster diamond Earring. The will be paid on its return to MAX OOEPP, 85 Wall REWARD?LOST. ON WEDNESDAY BVBM Ing, January M, opposite the Astor Houae, In e atreet stage, a Bold Watch,'open face, detached may engraved hack, gold dial; mark oo cap "U. S. . No. S.til" Any one returning the same to Austin, wp A Co., 880 Broadway, will receive the above reward, I no questions ashed. ?1 REWARD wnjb BR PAID. AND NO QUE 8 ?iuU Hens asked, for tha return of the Jewelry and Oothhsg stolen from IS Wast Thirty-fourth street, on Mhtlslailay evening. Address T. W. ?., box Altfl New Tork RELlGIOPR NOTICES. A SOLEMN 8188 Of REQUIEM?A TWELVE months' ml ad?will be offered for the repose or the ?Ml of the late James Farley, of 1<1 Sixty firth street, el the Church of BL John the Evangelist. Fiftieth street, on fMadny morning, the 13 Inst., at 8 o'clock. The friends of Me family are wrlted to sttond. E ISHOP SOUTHOATB, D. D.. OP XION CHURCH will preach the Anniversary Sermon of the Young *a Christian Association, el the Church of lbs Holy ?Use. Nlntb svmuo, eornor of Twooty-eighth street, (Sunday) evening. Services to oommonoo at 7)5 o'clock. VTINTM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. OORNBR OF AN Thirty first streat and Ninth avonuo. Course of Leo huge on^jtollgloua I.ssdsrs, 7* o'clock. Babjoet far Sunday, INBORO ON MARRIAOR?RBY. CHAUNCEY i will lecture this evening at IU o'clock, la the New ? Church, Thirty-Sfth atreet, between Fourth and a avenues. Meets (Ten. n SECOND OF A SERIES OP DISCOURSES ON is Prominent ReHgtoua of tha World, will hp delivered Ming, In the Sixth avenue Reformed Dutch church, appeal la Amity street, by the pastor, RovTlmee S. Hartley. gfrmmancing at 7J5 o'clock. Subject?"The Religion oi the ?Ml FIRST ANNIYRRSART OF THB WEST PRES J. hyterlae Sunday Sobool Missionary Assorts lion will bo hdl this evening, at 7M o'clock, In the thureh en Forty ?mead street, between Fifth and Sltth avenues. There will he ail dramas by Rev. W. P. Patson. of Missouri, and Rev. 2-??"? * THE LECTURE IEA80S. ptOOPRR INSTITUTE. _ ~ Vf Dr. HEBRARD eemmenoes e course ef len Illustrated Matures on Physical and Intellectual Improvement, on mamiM evening. Jen. IS, 1887. after which be will deliver several Private Lectures to ladles and gentlemen separately. These Lectures are Illustrated with Manaklna, Skeletons, Medals, Dried Subjects. Diagrams, he., to the fullest extent. He lecturer has ever been accompanied by e greater variety, Ml enmptete, costly and beautiful apparatus. This mode eflMtreeBe* Is ef the most Intense Interest and vital anpuri ?M01# tha old and young, and parents will Sad It to their a' waingl Isaaeempeny their children te the full eenrae. It fa the only effectual method of edteeMaa, combining >1 mili try With utility, and indelibly lmprnaein| the mind DimiTlT. ?BNT SET OF GUM TEETH. *18: A TKM th tiled with mid. 81; teeth eotvected i warranted. TuSce 1*8 stith avenue. A ?BLRCTRICITT POSITTTELT RELIEYFR AT **wtthMt grsr.^e '?,r Beard IRSTRCTCTIOIV. it 808 BROADWAY -MKbSRS DOLBKAR HATE A opened uew private rooms Intended especially for gen tlemen who desire prececal instruction In bookkeeping. Writing. Arthmstto, Ac. Those who cater this work aeruro private aeata without ritra charge. A FRENCH LAWYER, AND 1118 DAUGHTER, A eighteen rear* of ago, and educated la one of the boat schools of Kane, desire to aire le-sons to the French laa *uafc" ami Itleiature. Reference a. Apply al 107 Weot Twelfth street. A T BSU.-BUBINRMI OOO RsE. BOOK REE PINO, WRIT A ing. Arithmetic, drain roar, Reading Spelling. Ae. ever* day and eteuiug; twelve private rooms. PAINE, No. S> Bowery. Brooklyn College removed to MO Fulton street. A YOUNG MAN, WITH BERT REFERENCES, IB A willing to toteb Cermuu and French nightly oea or two hours for lodging and mippcr with Americans. Address A. K., BK> Henry street A GRADUATE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF OA*, bridge. England, prtannan and ei srbotor of his col lage, has time for one pupil disengaged: highest references. Address or apply to Oantab, room No. V, I'Diversity Building Washington square. N. Y * ttSL J*"""?*** w teaching -W-? WMMft it ritttUSOB hi MUM fjUBllv il ?r iiiir Warn A 135SksF* !?th* rl*8*< terms, via: SPECIALLY OFFERED TO _ Young men. Particulars in circular. ELEuAXT _BU.SIN Egg WRITING GUARANTEED? Hoeer*. OOLHEAB, AW Broadway, guarantee by their sy^taea ef hand training to remove nil sunless cramping or unes* head with eaao and rapidity. (fREJfCH CONVERSATION TAUGHT BY A WELL ? law tod lady from Fsrls, In classes or private. Apply r address Mile. G., Bancroft House NOUB FRANCA IRK BY A NEW 8YBTKM, V PAUL PBLLOYA8 WILL ENABLK TI1K UDIOUH SCHOLAR TO LEARN IN A VERY TIME .IB. AN ~KN9h 143 D PRIYAJlj^K % WEST TWENTY-SIXTH STREET (OI.D PRIVATE INSTRUCTION IN ENGLISH, FRENCH AND JT Music, by n eentpetonl aed ewerlaneed tody tnscher The best re re re noes given. Apply at AO Bant Eighteenth st. V>KITINO GOVBRMB38 OR OTHERWISE?ADULTS ? preferred. Cemmaw and higbsr English branches, mnhbimnties, rhetoric, rocn post Boa. corresponds nee conver sation, criticism, topics of lhe day, reading the posts. history. English Mteratiire, plane, singing, drawing. Highest refer mum. Boa 78, station D. 8 POUTING. A I'BOPHLLEB YACIITFOR SALE-FIFTY. A eight feet loeg, kan fost beam: about Ave months old: bum of oak sod copper ftodsnil: ban aocommo iations for eight persons besides the crow: to men found in every re epoch Apply oe beard M foot of Bast Tenth street. A LL RINDS OF DOGS AND BIR pj^&Ek*d? birds. IS AND BIRDS FOR SALE AT t near Church atrvel. red Food for mocking C'lIA* uEIf'Hfc A BROTHER. H CHATHAM STREET. J have received, par Reamer Bremen, and have on hand, AMD German <'*PsrleA. Ooldfinchos Linnets, Blackbird a. Thrushes, larks. Ad. Dealers nog Olrd lanclnroon hereby Invited to call auJ examine for th massive,. We are pre pared to sell at the lowest rates. Also 0aides and Sliver Phgaeanta, Swans and animals suitable for showmen. PIANC1R Bl'TLER, NO. I PECK BLIP. HAS ALL lbs chince breeds of Dog*. BnAor*t ImfalUble Mange Cory and Flee EttermNiator. B?ak Enttor*a new work an tboDog, $1 Dogs trained, busMMl, Ac. Medici oea for all diseases. VTOTH"E.-^ICdT RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF CKR _ ?too < anary gig by F. MOR1B, M Chatham street. ?tt ?? HORIMR MRRIARU. - RKGUI ? CLARENCES?4M7 R OWN A GREAT CRANUB.?FOB BALE CHEAP. SPEED. 4 ?? Trotting Horses: nan boat 1:40: and * Horaea, am boat aaS; ail young sound and kind: also two Ketnhle Portland ^JiSn^:JS!S^ShetSSr A?RT.EtOHH. RLBTOHS, RLBIOHS; ROB KB, ROBES; . Bolls, Bells; Harness, Blankets. Ac. Now Is your lime. Tor sale cheap at W. H. GRAY'S, 17 Wooater street. AN ASSORTMENT OP SLEIGHS AND CARRIAGES? Closing nut sals. 100 new and second hand Rlelgha: also Family Carriages, Buggies. Business Wagons, at factory 1M Fulton araaue. Brooklyn. A FINE SIX SEAT SLEIGH?ALSO CUTTERS; GEN eral assortment of Carriages, Harness, Ac TbdYheap eat place In the city, at 30 Cedar street. _ TAYLOR A HICKS. AHLKIGH, SINGLE SEAT, AND A ROCKAWAY. BOTH la good order, for sale cheap. Caa be ssea at the wagon shop, ill Sullivan street. AWm TEAM OF MOURE COLORED MULES, 14* HANDS. ? sfyllali kiud In single or double harness, and without laultor alto a black Mare, aonnd and kind; sold only for want of use. Apply to G. F. YOUNUMAN, Broadway. Ahorse, express wagon and driver to let? by the day, week or month, reason able. Address We terbnry, Herald office. A PORTLAND CUTTER, IN VERY GOOD ORDER, for sale at Bradley's stables. No. 8 East Thtrty-drst street: price MO. STARRIAOES, SLEIGHS AND HARNESS-LARGE t; assortment of Cm class work at vary low prtoet at 47 Cedar street. JOHN M. TUFTS, JR. (successor to Roes A Tufts). Fast horsk-bay. i? hands, bound, rind and a stylish driver; eaa trot to a sleigh in 8 minutes or bet ter. Price $400, Cen he seen to-day (Sunday) at private stable. 13 East Thirty-first street. FOR SALE-HORSE, TRUCK. HARNESS AND WORK. Also twe Milk Goats cheap. Apply at 18 l.eroy street, near Bleecker. POR SALE?TWO VALUABLE TRAMS FOR BALE. I nsnssly ?One spaa of Mined Mams, Id hands, X years old nest spring: good travellers, nsod action ami very stylish; a splendid road **-*? )R SALE?A FAST TROTTING GRAY MARS. LONG _ white toll and mane, 8 jearo eld, 18* hands high, sound and kind In all harness: caa trot In 2:40 to pola or no sals. Any gentleman wanting a first class trotter, single or double, may apply till sold to RICHARD WALTKR8. 27East Broad way. 1DOB BALE?A DABK BORREL HOR8E. 18 HANDS r high, of fine courage and very stylish: suitable far a eoupe or carriage; 8 years oM. To be sera at tba stable of Araoid. Constable A Co.. 144 Mercer street. For sale?a variety or single and double total nam Sleighs cheap, at A T. BRIGUS', 84 Rutgara ?"D ir?OR RALE?A SECOND HAND CLOSE CARRIAGE; A" caa be had ehssp Apply at Tallmaa'a stables, 88 Great Jones street, or to J. A. MAIlAN. 88 Meoond street. imOR BAI.E?ONE C^nTI^kR S nKST~ CLASS OOf r tern Pole and Shafts. To be seen st MoQwads A Co ' a stables. Forty.third street and With seen as. Inquire for George. CH)R SALE-TWO OF 0. P. KIMBALL'S FlNB~PoiT r land Sleighs. Apply at 78 and 80 Bank street. TDOR> KALB-ABOUT Ri SHORT BLBDB. HUTTaBI.R I far smaitois or trucks; alee several Strings .sleigh bells at shoot half value. Apply et Mlxih avenue Railroad depot rR HALE?AN ALBANY CUTTER, WITH ROBBB and Bella, in good order. Apply to MACY A CO.. 818 Slitb avenue, eorner or Twenty-first street IDOR RALE?A GOOD COUPE, IN FIRST RATE RUN. r nlngorder; also three new Buggies and an Bipress or Business Wagon. Apply at 874 Bowery. GEO. J. MOORE. P)R BALE OIlBAF?FROFBRTY OF A GENTLEMAN going to Eutone one span gray Carriage Horses; one bsv Mare, annnd. kind and fast; one Victoria, mads by Uw renee; one sir seat Gemeatown. oas tup and one single seat Buggy, but little used, made by Duaeubury A Van Dnser; one two seal Bietgh. Robes, Blankets, Harness. Aa luqulro at wieale stohti. southwest eornqr of Madison avenue sad Thirtv- fourth street Thirty.fourth street. IOR BALK CHEAP ^ X GNg HORSE SLEIGH. IN GOOD ORDER. Inquire st 27 ditth avenue. J I/?*! iTA*,,K .POR SALK-1N FINE LOCATION: adw fcsaes, Mi. Apply to H. LOWRY. 88 PWNtoolh street, between Fifth sad Slith avenues C'-MD" FOR SAUL?A VERY HANDSOME ONE '? ?<WdUkOB' * q WIVTY. 188 BroeHwsy. str. ?gypi&.'ai*jktl 'Bsaia rJXXRLBB 1WIFT A SON, 41 MaroersOesL IIORSfeS, CAHKIAtiKS. AC. 1 WASTED?A SECOND HAND TWO WHEELED Butcher Cart, at the pwcktug house M3 Washington street YK7ANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOBHE; MU8T ?T sound. kind, gentle, and a good traveller. A (Mr with lows*! u ' ? " ' Tort Poat o9 with lowedt price and full perUculuis, B. W., bun 1,770 New ? "" )fcoe. ?ALBS AT AUCTION jgKNJ. F. THRALL, AUCTIONEER, d s&jSMRwHSt KM so] Jan. 21, 1m, at UH o'stoafc. at tMr salesroom, NoTTH Liberty (treat. Also, for aaooant cf whom H may'-oaeent, mahogwnv Billiard Table. Ball* and Cues, droplets; rose woods octane Tnotodeou. ftalale? ?? at aalesroom, No. ?B Liberty street N. S.?We have ample facilities for the *!?>? play and sale of foods or all descriptions. I TTKMBY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. fit/LB OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, SLEIGHS, MINER A SOMERVILLE, TUESDAY, JAN. tS, Minna MINKRi HOMSRVTLLK offbr uomrpeaaedad. vaatogea.m bastion. MP?rH).i>ob and buMaaas oaparfly. te ? parties wishing io Buy or desiring to sell lloreea, (farrlrasa sr anything pertaining to the bona business TTBWRT D. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM V I flLj'JISVi i?r?*!l ltM! ?2* oflma.-MINER A SOMERVILLE wtU sellat auction. Wednesday and Thura RUUitvihbi; wiu sen at auction, Wednesday and Thar*, day evening*, Ian. W and SI, at 7K o'clock, at their new and Mmntonn Baa art gallery. No. SS art gallery. No. 8S Mftb av?nue, corner Fnur IMUIB IINH, a large and yery fine collection nf Ancient I Oil Fata ting", Including a number of undoubted or'ctneln. I the property of a well known connoisseur of this city, ae- , looted with great care during the oa?t thirty years In Eu rope, Canada and America, and forming probably the llaeat assembly of works ef art of the old who >la offered la Sue ? country for many yeara. Particulars will be announced In a few days. J BOG ART, AUCTIONEER, WILL SBLL, OV TUBS . day, Jan. St, at 13 o'clock, the Lease. Good Will. Fix tures and Stock of a first class Liquor Store and Reading Rooms, with Restaurant connected, situated at W3 sixth av enuo, between Thirt>-fourth and Tbtrty-nfth streets, nest door to station G Post office. and at the junction of Broad way and Sixth af en ue. Real scarcely any. JAMES JENKINS, AUCTTONE12 R, WILL SELL AT auction, on Wednesday, '13d Inst., at II o'otook, at 1,401 Broadway. near Forty-tint etrent, two Top Wagons, Rosd Wagons, fifty acts of Harnrxa. thirty Lap Bo baa, straps Bells, ten fox and bear Robes, one due atx Sleigh, 10 Portland and Albany Sleighs, 1 pony two Sleigh, one pair Horses, sorrel and black?>-au trot in I minutes; one bay Mare, very fast; one pair sorrel Hortee, very stylishone Toj^WAgoo. Wood Bros.' make; double Harness, Blankets, . Morris wii.kins. auctioneer STEAM PERRY BOAT AT AUCTION. E. H. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at uiicliou on Tuesday, Jan. 22, IAT7, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange salesroom. Ill Broadway, Trinity Building, STEAM FF.P.RV BOAT JOHN ADAMS?Length, 1M feet; beam, 33 feet; hold, 11 feet; draft of water. 6 feot dtnebes; engine SSrb feet slrrilce, metal bottom; the above is -haunch and tight: engine and boiler in good working order, and can be sou) at Tloooken, Qrst pier north from the ferry. MARSHAL'S SALE.?FURS. FURS. RICHARD WALTERS, SHERIFF'S AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON TUESDAY. AT II O'CLOCK. AT AUCTION STORK 37 EAST BRO ADW A Y, A wholesale stock of rngulartv assorted Purs, finished and unfinished, consisting of Muff*, Vie tonne,. Capes. Cotlara and 4 'uffs all kinds. Also, a large quantity of Hktna, Buf falo Rebes and part sklnx of fur*. In great variety. PATRICK COLLINS. City MarUaL PAWNBROKER'S BALER.?JOHN MORTIME JT East Broadway, will aeU on Thursday. Jsa. and Women's Clot fine assortment of Men's and ding and other valuable Pledgee. By order of U. Co., 167 Laurens, street Friday, Jan. iff Wna^^^H ing, Ac. By order of H. McAlcenan, 198 Eighth PHAWNBROKEK'HBALE.-ON TUESDAY JAMBS AAA* ? will sell, at HI New Bowery. a large assortment of Man's and Women's Clothing and other goods, by ardaf ref C. ('mil!pp. 280 Srptug stieet; on Wt-desday F. FallaR. wHk at PAWNBROKER'S BALKS?BY B. FIELD, AUG r^HAwnnibvnikik o n*ur..-y?n? gb, r ibgiir, dAVU' tloneer. 489 Pearl street Monday, men's and womaa'i clothing, by order of Mrs. B. Co-telto, 14 Molt atraet Tnae day, by order of Kelly A Co.. 609 Second a venae, SHUEKirrs SALE.-DRY GOODS STORE.? ? RICHARD.WALTERS. AUG1 wtU sell on Monday, J an Wary 11. Mil o'otok. a avenue, a general and waft aaaortad Rook of D Hosiery, Woollen Goods, H'ankets, BbaWts, M Blare Futures, Ac. Sale positive. H JOHN KELLY. Rhaddr. Jewa McKwow. Deputy ^^^^?CLOTHIVO, Ota K^HAR^WALTEIW. AU^n toHaavylSd ESSSToito PanUand Vef; Hoatary, Wori vMINMfM, Piece Goods, Cloths, ? - _ .... JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. Joaxra CoumtL, Deputy. W^HIIXIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER?OrFICK 17" ? Chatham squaewaaU* an Monday, a' 10>r o'clock, the MnboflHiaHkHafeilifeHBaHalaNM ninth street Sherry and ooulenla of tbe llquer store 4tH Sixth avenue, near Twenty. I ninth atraat: ttaa Counters. Cage, Stand Oasks. Copper Mass. urea, Gaa Fixtures Bourbon Whiskey, French Spirits, 00^H^0 Port Wines, Sogers, Bottles, Ac. IPRCIAL NOTICES. A CLERGYMAN IN THE BUBURB8 OF JER1ET will oall at 1,407 Broadway. New York city, to settle a dispute, now existing for soma lima, before 1 take farther nouoe of the same. FT ACTION TO THE PUBLIC.?THE EXTRAORDINARY \J draught made during the present cold spall on the sup ' 1 ctty, has so reduced tbe pree plyof water furnished to the i .. sure of water In the distributing mains ae to be a eanae Of serious anxleiv to this Board, aad should be one of corres ponding alarm to tbe public In ease of flees the supply of water from tbe mains may be so diminished *y be so diminished as to prevent prompt suppression, and the most diaastroua eonsequaneee may ensue The defldenrj is not in any degree to be attri buted to tbe quantity of water delivered by the aqueduet or stored In the reservoirs; U is due solely to tbe unusually excessive draught upon the servloe mains by householders and others who deem tl necessary to Waste tbe water con tinually to pro led their pipes from freezing. This waste ' be obviated. To permit I ha Bow of wafer oan and must of water from tbe tape, except tor legitimate purposes. Is a violation of the rulei aad tegulauons relative to its supply, end subjects tbe party offending to fine end deprivation ef water. This Board, in the conscientious discharge of tbelr duty, request the aid nf the Metropolitan police, and earnestly Invite the eo opcration of the nubile generally. Extra as* ertloua will he tnede to delect ell persons wasting water, and such One end penalties as may have been incurred win be rigidly enforced. CiUsens oogniaaut of any Improper use or waste of water are urgently requested to give prompt notice thereof to tbla department THOMAS" STEPHEN*, i Croton ROBT. L. DARRAOH, J Aqueduct A. W. CRaVEN, 1 Board. OR re Crolou Aqueduct Department, Jan. 19, 1867. IMFORTANT TO NEW* DEALER*.?FRANCI8 W. Lamb, general agent of the Ave M arte, a Catholic Journal, Is aow pre pared to receive or dais, end give show cards, dr. culara, Ac., at hit oBce, IB Pine street, room 33. f 1QUOR DEALRRB- MKETINO.? AT AN ADJOURNED IJ meeting of the Brooklyn liquor dealers, held ef Mon day evening. January 22, at Tji o'clock, to take slap*1or <*> tMnlng a modl&uaUoo or revision of the preaantRmolse law. All persons InUres'.ed are requ eeied lost tend. J. LANOBTAFF, Ckatrman. J. R. Risllt Secretary, HANTS' DESPATCH. IT LINE. ???r Fr propriktor*. F^^^^^iTBCIAI^fOTlCB. V" " not be delayed or eabjeotea to say addltEmal sinerwe to the ?btopir or eewsloee, In tiuuwguence of the refuel Of the HwSea River Railroad Campany to sttow connection at Albany without change of ears. ^ _ Deliver as heretofore at the Merchants' Despatch Freight Depot, corner Hudson and Thomas streets. A. B LIVINGSTON Agcal, ^^^?????^^^^?reet. Nee & CUMMINO*. Hupwintsnteai ^??*0. l)f Murray street,Jtow York. VronUK -HEIRS OF PETHR PKAC-A HNHTIRO JO of all persons intomstod hi this estate will take piece at Xn. lla^ es'. RH Pacific at reel, Brooklyn, oa Monday fflHR MEMBER* AND LADY VISITORS OF LIBBBTY i Division No. T *. of T. and the order generally are re quested to attend tb> funeral of Sister Loulga Jane MeOWchen, the

!? Bcrpjn Baptist church, corner Bedferd I aad Dowihn, dreeu. tht. 'wT" | Oao. W. Ramus w. R. S. _________ fHAXKh. TAXRS~TAXRS?WILL RE RRURIVtD AT ? the Fonrtoenth Ward Hotel, corner of Grand aad Ellda beth streets on Monday and Tuesday. January 0 and 0, for |h^H0M^M Wakefield, oltavtlto, UnkrnMk NRm ^^^^^^^^?pect Hill. Fordham, sou* rnveliaev^^H tbCJael time for Wakefield, Ollavflia, UmobmsR Pelham, PelhemvtSe, Prospect H ii, Fordham, Bouth ftwAam. Net moat, Baath Belmont Fairmont, WoodstMk, Ctaremowi, B^TtoB'b.qmto Oaatral More taenia, ML Eden. ML 6ops aalHHHIH wall's, Valentine's, Powell's and Ftaher'eFanua. BRO<|OE 00(1 PRR, Collector; I'KIRR BRIGOB, THMM HV R.NK, Sch-o, | npHB FRIENDS OF THE 1ANKBUFT BILL MP MR 1 fore Oongrem are requested to meat al room 14 Aator House, on Monday 91st Inst., at 4 P. M.. to take each action ae will tend to remove the. Impression that aa in0nnmoe exiata es to its pi stage by Coagraea al the present each action ludlFareoce nirn T1UB 1AUL I14?Q?. i?tw DRPA*r*?HT L l&w&tE? **" eoriMr at FourU%alk niraai tvaufof. NiilMiy M>? mLJWB ^?r?ri)cmi? bwrtof??wfll k?a*Ml?d?r?ltor ? ggggSgggf* FINANCIAL. TLAKTIO SAVINGS BANK, CHATHAM SQUARE. Maw York. MX PP.K CKNT, FRKR FROM GOVERNMENT TAX. DIVIDEND.?A Bemlauaiial dividend. at the rato or lit per cent per annum, free of government tax. on ?'? ,u.?" from $6 to 96.OUt wlk be paid on end after the third """?J*/ !? Jaouarr DKPUSrrlTMADB ON JANUARY tl WILL DRAW INTEKKST PROM THK 1HT. I1ARU1HON HALL. Frmident. J. P. CoorKH, Secretory /CONTINENTAL INSl'RANGK COMPANY, L OUtoe MR Broadway. New York. PeeheanUal $600 flOO 0U 1^1"? ?;1 l.ldd.136 57 . 9L?I? W lnauraa - a*'"" torn by Fire on Buildtuga, Merehaadiee, Urate, leaiei and other Insurable property, at fair rmtaa, and dlridee tbree-fourtba ef the profit* of It* buatneea to Its C*Tbe>iiaard of Directors hare thta day declared a eeeel. anno*) dividend of a erea per oent, payatue to the atock holders, on and after the Mto Instant. HBO. 1. HOPE. Prealdeot. H H. LAMPORT, Vlee President. Crnoa Pace, Secretary. Januaar 19, 1W7. VTKW JKRtUtY 1INC COMFANY^-AT A MI^TINO OP ri the Board of IMreeton of thle Oompaaqsbetd tale daw. a eemt-aanaai dividend ef four per eent wee inelnred on the preferred atuea, payable at the transfer office oftha < paan, O Matde pan, oi Maiden lana," New"*Ynrk, "on end after February I. Mil The tranefer books will be eioeed from the ath Inst. te the 3Isl., both days eaduatro. ?iiTi?. 1897. B. B. Q1BLIN, Secretary. Northwestern stater , _ _ . Banking and Collection House of Goo.C. Smith A Bro.. 48 La dalle etreet, Cbtoiia III Sp^MJ attention given to eollectloua. plain and wRh documenLt. J?1?*"" DREXKL. WINTHROP A CO., and WINBLOW, LANIER A CO.. New Turk. , ?KJRW YORK. JANUARY 19, 1867.?ANNUAL STATE jN u?enl of the Eureka Patent Pump IhMWIi-'y capital mock of aald oompany (all paid up) MUM. No debts on the let day of January. W? Aaaett of the eom pany glOO.UOU. ROBERT IBBOTPON. Prealdent. ^ } rHAB. H. MARSHALL. Treasurer. par L. B. Wyman. U N WTMAN. ... City and County of New Tork, ee. :?J. L. Romer helnf duly "worn ears that he la the Secretary of the Eureka Patent Pnmp Company, and that the tfSworn to before me thle l#th day of January, 11*77. J. B. Duot.rr. Notary Publle^New York elty. g,X PBB CBNf I?TERE|rbp OOVERNJ|ENT TAI. MARKET SAVINGS BANK, MS Naaaau, near Kulton .treek New York. Depoalta made on or before January II will draw interest from January f. mlMhU VAN KAME, Haaar R. Cowann, BecraUry. n-| Aft AilA TO LOAN?ON NEW YORK CITY Sj.UU.UUU real eatalo. Ural mortgage. at 7 percent. J. SO LIS RITTKKBAND. W Wall street. Jauncey court. TO loan on bond and mort. IpZOU.U' ?U cnge. In one or more sums, on real estate in this city or^rookh "(;ORRpY n Wail atreet, room 11 . TO IjOAN?ON BOND AND MORT fBftrcn nnft TO loan-on bond and mort lOOU.UUU gage on New York city, New Jersey and rooklyn real ewUto. Prompt attention. CHARLES V. OILMAN 113 Broadway, room No. A LOAW OFFICER. It 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DLL A MONDB, WATCHER, JEWELRY, he. OB THE uTba noun ITT AT THE HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleacher street, np stairs. A DYANCBS MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDB, JEW A elry Dry Goods and PerrotJalrTopwrty oferery de Z&M&Od: J. a. JACKSON. Ill Grand street, two doors waat ef Broadway ralAWOND JEWELRY AND INDIA B^WLS ?(>yC>HT JJ at Utmost value, fine large BrtUlanU waotod d. that they hays opened a new Loan Ofltoa. wham Ihcy will te.^gYaaaaegS?xar* hlghoa* rates, by O. P MARKS* 00., Jewelira. W! ?>***? way, np stairs. NIUNINRNB OPPWhTUIIiYiM. V* *XT*N8rY* RECTTtFYINO HOUSE AND ALOCh rii ? ?r AMa PARTY CAN INVEST PROM 9800 TO ?0.000 BO that it will iwy a rapid and very large percentage. Call at 200 Bieooker atreet. from 0 to 7. ? ... AN INTHRK8T IN A VALUABLE PATENT CAN BE obtainod. on favorable term*, of the manufacturer and proprietor atno.0 Pine etreot. room No. R F?.l.Vi';fc.T."f r U i3?.iW55iK nOK 96.IAD CAHB.?A OOHPANT NOW FORMING FOR P the manuf acture of n potent article af ualeoraal.aae. and Which la bound to become one of ???#t en terprfsee of the day. desire BROOK for which they win either eelFi70.000 ef their stock or will deposit atook as eeonrlty and giro e bond lo the lender to rnurn double the amount In ninety dare. Only principals treated with. Address 8. H. L. Hot aid office. PrntM ARTNBR WANTED.?THE ADVERTISER. ACTIVE, energette and able lo command a aare aueoeas In eetob liahing a new commission house much needed In the particu lar jtueiuea*. doelrea lo meet with a gentleman having s i sDital of from 993,000 Ui 900.000 to Ukr aolo charge of the fiunoesa. There 'a no risk, no all snlso wiube etrtotl; oeeh, and Iho capllal lo needed oidr for adraneoe on *00<lj ^ e'gnod. ? Any one earnestly ttoairlug a bona Ode opportunity to ah/r, m aoerlaln aucwas mar address, full nama, and appoint an Interview, Mentor, Herald office^ niKr CI!ANCR.?ANY GENTLEMAN WISHING TO ]{, make money rapidly, and haying 9*.OKmrrr meet with one of the tuoat eivracrdlnarr opportunities over offered by applying at 37 Hudson atrooi ARE CHANCE THE ADVKRTISRR WILL BELL the Copyrights of two popular Works now earning over ten th^end ilolUra per anuumAny tmalneaamw ean manage It. Capital required 9?.000. as credit win bo given for all above that Address 8. S. 8., Herald oflloa. vaWUPACTT'RERH. ? A SPLENDID WATER Power <rna hour fram the dty. near a rallroad aution. The o??Tea to, rnjaga tHtSTregiepefteebayljU; wU MUMUKed butlDM*. Addrew boi If. fUUon A roa TITANTED? A PEW YOUNG MEN OP INTELLIGENCE. Matory. wheUer a m?"W of any secret oiMer amount ar asrtjgiafttjyjsg tofh I1AA ?A GOOD OPPOBTCNmr IN OPPBRED $2,000. to a imrti wtth this amount to P J* " ImmMilelSy at ^Si factory, Classen avenue, three dears south of Myrtle, Brook If* 910.000 hex 1M Herald eHee. PAWtliU ACADEHIW. J forming fee aaeond gunner on Wedneadnya and Baturdaya Bcbool open to May. LAD^fsKK -rrnooKK*' BOOK ON MODERN DANCING, CON B ulnlrw h f uU deacrlptlon of all Iho stops and tauree TAB OARMO'B PANCINQ ACADEMY ? prnw ATE; fe^*TSE58dY.WmiBii!SS^ SJXi " AC4DBVJ, ? VMt FOVJTJ DUMAR'B da NCI NO ACADEMY. * WBST ruvwirn ?treet for ohUdren, ladles and gentlemen; leeoona every d^T.nd night. All da noes taught In one querist. ?* daaree In elx leeeona r and Prtday. aMn, prtrnto elae^ Mnndy and Thamday p. and pHmie PWOfOIAM. , wVM,n^B tat. ?MAM winmm. ownu. AMUSKMRNTI. IJ ROADWAY THEATRE. ADMISSION 60 CENTS. S^. oi It u.r.UL *"?' Broome street. ?if.?*1* Knjrageiuent of iho 3ho .111 ?. . H1HTKK8. iwJ n ..i? 1' lumday ;inJ Wednesday evenings, ew^Yorkat ** c utnf* uf performance. First tmi<- m ?<? i>itTy^nv<iSnn'.alia of the "fSTH Ofr TIIK i'ARTKltKVt RjU^eta. the THREE SIS'fEKtt L tLi, .ttrwUr. j^Atf j?iiK*"r bk>TgyFr or" 'i I is N[ re n 5.L L A' la active preparation, the popular of ALADDIN, T&B WONUKRPUL SCAMP Beat# should be assured In advance. GKKMAN THALIA THEATRIC, 614 Broadway, between Broome and Rpnng atreeta (IRANI) OKKMAN OI'KKA. ^ MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 1887, by general request. tbe second time, THK MAOIO FLUTE. TUESDAY, JANUARY U. 1887. ROBKRT. LB DIABLfc. Beat* can be secured dally, from 8 till 4 o'clock, at Beer A Scbtrmer'a 7U1 Broadway and 112 and 114 Broadway. VflW. r. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. AU. ' THIS RVKNINO, PAUVRETTB OLYMPIC THEATRE. Enthusiastic euexeae of the RIOHINOH' GRAND EPOLISH ???? OPERA TRODPB. MONDAY RVKNINO. JANUARY SI, oommencer the aeeond week of one of the meet finally auc onaaful seasons ef ORAND OPERA erer given In thia cli^ witRatnPa fanaeua apera of the BOHEMIAN UIKl! .... TUESDAY, JAMU.tRY 91 Only repetition of the aucooaa Iul opening Opera of the set ?oo, Wednesday?DAUGHTER OK THE REOIMENT. for sale at Beer A Bohnmer'a, <01 Broadway, and at the theatre, from 8 A. M., to 10 P. M. QTEINWAT HALL. O TWENTY-KIRST ORAND SUNDAY CONCERT. SUNDAY. JAN. 20, atS o'clock. 8opSn^PPe*r*UCe *' < on0*rt" ot lh" wonderful Boy MASTER RICHARD COKER. "rat appearance of the favorite Buffo, M BJUNOK 8Tttl.NI. _ DR. H R CUTLER, MR. O. W. COLBT. j AND IIIS KULL ORCHESTRA. ' TlckaU aOoanta; Reserved Seats 60 cents enra. QTEINWAY HALL. O POSITIVELY THE LAST NIGHT OK THE w _ . t BATEMAN CONCERTS. .1. ?rLI,^?!!n4n to announce to the public of New York that he ipve the>laat Concert of his sermon of 1868-87 on WKDNKbDAY. JAN. 28. AT 8 O'CLOCK, tbe following art lata will appear.? 1 8IUNOR BRIONOI.f, 8IONDR KRRRANTf. HIONOR FORTUNA. 55* f ?? MR- CAR1< R"RA. ' Ji, ,iATT,VN MR. O. W. COLBY, . U? IBhO. THOMAS and foil orubeatra. Ticket* $1. Reaerved xnata SOcenta extra. n/Pr 5i"sii * ^clilrtnur-a. 701 Broadway; Pond A Co..a. 647 Rrnsdway; Rulimtin'a ticket o!Tlr.r, ||2 Broadway, and Stelnway Hall. The aale of tlcaeta will commence this morning. KBLLY a LEON'S MINSTRELS, 790 BROADWAY 0 rowded nightly to aee tbe mat bit Of the sea eon. t ntenoe esotteuioal during the DEMON DANCE at 9 30. 5 ?r e3"*Rod by any minstrel troupe. D enghtfully enticing fairy apotbeoala at ten tPelivk. ? yUr7 ^7 " the Madagascar ballet troupe, r SSSS*?!?* ??#n",n the Orotto of the Fairy Silver Spoon. B nthuitaatleajT^M^^^? ?Mhd.U^ Ubi^ui. S &?2??Zl?iSZl?l??i;Vil?:& QAM FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 186 BROADWAY. ?. foyp&rrssu! jissmiw WVWM W ambold^jhcrnard a backus* *"? "NRlfil ^Tsx^rv3,5^3'Kr;^7r. --ELS, by any iknflar< 3M> m the world. New and cboerfrt BirCtou. W-wib.1 am Hera. Animated Phote ?h Oper?^by^ermaov^y K??v Hrown si butograpba. ? ? -?J uiiwwiit rsniumium Black Oook and Afrtoan Baflet Troupe. i art lata; Suay Brown. Shout of Pantomime and tba tterearnlng C| HAMLET WHITE'S TROUPE. At Bryurt'i Mechanics' Ball i#m::w or THK ? T8 OATH, I'B OATH. I'B OATH, 8 1*8 OATH. Huoeeau OB. THE IDIOT OT JU, OB. THB IDIOT OK ?l SEANCE. ?^?r?''Pcnat7K. M ATI NEK SATURDAY ATI Tba Chlckering piano tluaadat these Benneea. used at these Beaaoea. J^SHDAL REUNION ... RYRA*ID DDDUB DLr. A A. M.. I* AID OF THB WIDOWS' AND ORPHAN8' KUND. IRVINO HALL, FRIDAY BVRNINO, JAN. X, 1887, _ ^ w ^ TICKETS TWO DOLLARS. To be obtained of members of the Lodge. OR AT THB DOOR ON THB BVRNINO. Gymnasium for both sbxrs ok evkby aoe.Z ^DClug and Sparrlng Aoademlea. JnetruoUon in Skating Apply for circulars at 181 Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-eeeood street and Broadway. 1 HENRY OEBHARP. ^pYYJSAL NORMAL MUSICAL CONSERTTORT." ?tw?niy.gitb atreet, between Seventh and Eighth avenuea.?Piano, violin, (Jultar, singing, llorroouy lesaoni private. Pleaee call or eend for circular. JAY JAY WATSON, Agent. rARAMATTC INSTRUCTION.-A FIRST CLASS ACTOR ?J wiu receive private pupils and render them competent m perfop 'he highest rales of the drama. Address Meoager, COPARTNRRSHIPI, A N ENGLISH PHTUCUN, M? R. C. S. AND F. 8. A., n, London, a thorough pharmaceutical chemist, would bo glad to assist s physician or druggist In New York, with a view to partnership; baa a special treatment which would be lucrative If properly introduced. Tbe highest ala of ability and character. Address for three days Medl cus. Herald ofhce. Business chance?to dry goods men?with a credit for 9103.0U) of rood a with a cash retail citatum trade long xsiablixhad, amounting to 8100 000. I propose to nwnjertnershlp with a suitable party with notlew than 828,00(1 raptul, to ooeupy one of tho finest stores, at a moderate rent. In the beet location for the business In this sity. To commence business with en entire new stock at present prions will Insure a decided advantage. Kef ere a oca must be first cia .s and satisfactory. Parties desiring an In tervlew address Merchant, atatleu 8. M*" 2L&P?M?K nWAW BROW* IS THIS DAY admitted as a partner In our several firms. I??W You, Jan. C n87. BROWN BROTHERS A OO. PM ABTNER WANTED.-THE ADVERTISER HAS A oojitilar medicine, which has good aaie and can he very largely Increased with capital Address Cecil, Troy, N. Y. PARTNER WANTED?AN INDUSTRIOUS TOUNG 84,?? or 86,000 wanted in n factory and store; with enterprise the business oan be extended to sellafaetlou. Answers sent to C. K.. box 814 Herald office will be attended to with oonftdence. Address for three days. ITIHEKIltM pK GBSCHEIDT A MOHR IS THIS DAT .LfTSKia J'Cl.TaSSu.;."" '? ? Ngw Tom. Jan 14. 1887. OTTO I Albert F. Geaeheidt will oenttnue tbe buslneaa on hie ow accoant etfii Pearl street. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING between Junes Watereton and John J. Beksrsoa is Shis fO CAPITALISTS.?WANTED, A OENTLMIAN 1 ^ ??;?). ? ?wo gentlemen with llii. uJK part nets or atoekholders in a inerattve manufacturing busi neea, now eotabhahod, with SdfiMOO Inveeted end free from this smeunt is required je extend tbe business, being SMSl'wWT *->??? OS Highest refers nose given sad required. teg# jjoj-j W A5g5aLffr*agVUg'JSSg!?i!i 27ii |T^,T!^X?ui"L5raS2,5S'Sa W^2e?PrT2" *IQHT man, with a* least VI -ff000 ** hNy 0,1? "MtHng partner la a very profita ble and reepeeUbie manufaeturlng buslneaa. whieb will beu^Investigation. Addrara MO rl oSntTSx m He^ld In 0(10 -yabtber wanted, with this yi/.yVV. nmnunl to luvurttn a burtneee that gmmliii pviiiMTHMia. BBSS?**?* _ AMU8K.MK1VIS. New vohk theatre "* sad Manager*. Mow re. Mark Uinllh A Lewis Baker. ? . . CENDKILLOX. l!''"* Pr"?i'iee<I w"h WriKtLY NEW SCENERY and MAGNIFICENT WARDROBE, under the Immediate .uperyiaion of a r-rtu.., * HINCKLEY. A COMPLETE CORP8 DK HaLLKTOF FlrTY LADIES, and a POWERFUL CAST. OKAND CKNDR1LLON MATINEE ? SATURDAY, Jan. ML at 2 o'clock. 8eatH secured six day. in advance. XTEW YORK THEATRE. AM Broadway, opjsad^^he New fork Hotel, near last bknkfit im /Jd qjFVii* masonic hall ?I. ^ O ?*"" A8YL0M KPND. The < ommtttee beg met,nounoe that Meaarn. LEWIS HA v fS L SMITH, proprietor. of the papular New .wril ?*?rOU*,v "ndnred thelVKomm for a ttT'rrJW" n t? ? mentioned f?nd. the LAST ? A rlNKK will be glrenat their theatre on TUESDAY next, Januery XI, ' On which occaaion Torn Taylor'a oelehrated Comedy of .hi . r STILL WATERS RUN DEER will be performed, with the following excellent mm' *'? OK? JORDAN Mr LKWS HASKR. Duuhui *'? *ar* SMITH. Mr. W. L. JAMISON. fr'HT"."- Mr. WM. CHAPMAN. SSSSr *r C NKWtWN. nC "? Mr. WILLIA MS. Mno E- *? TAYMIS. St'JiihoUl Miaa FANNY MOKANf. J.fv kind pcitulaaion of 1-e.tcr tt'i.llaofc. Ken..) if?';,' WOE*: IW4L To be fodowwl bjr Uie oai'ilui muwral farce of Mr Mien,, MR kND MRo. WHITE. Kiink l5T,.!\, Ml WM. OOMRRSAl. 1 V Mr- BO'HIWP.IJ,. w.,?. ,. 5 amd prrnn.jdon of Leuter WaUack, K*|.,t *?'' Peler'wii.v ?I M I'HrtK V HLaND. W^t'ow It bu. *'"? WM' t*>MK!lKAI.. uV.,2 1 Mir* 8AIDI.K COLP.. |V.{;?' '.U. V L- ,V Mia. ALICIA MANDEVIL LB. half pj*t i * half paxt 11, pc.rformuno* obtain-,** *c Admieeloo t<? aW p-,rt? of the house, one doil-ir. Sox on lor now open. fPHEATRE FR.ANCAT8. HTII STREET. COMEDY ?* NE.XT TLKSDAY, JANUARY 23, . L,R yOYAOH I?K MONS. lEKRlCflOX. r omeiJv in four h?*u% by Litbich". M p*r,? ,ft *ult " vUy ??* m:i? ^ Ticket other? H. IlardoovUlr, 8J8 Broadway. r NY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE-all BOWERY or. poetic spring afreet. Brerv evening and Wednesday and .Salurd-Taftc.i iio. il-, th? great w*nftatinii, ?a lol'K AROUND THE WORLD. topi; around tiiit world __ Beyond t'oubt the xurtling norulty of the eg* HOOLEVS OPERA HOUSE?BROOKLYN TiiwKV?o ?ETIIK (His:at kern andes. a ir*n n ?r Thf I:'. >cai>e 1 rom Lib!iy P?M?n _ A HI RR.M1 TRIP AROUND TUB WOMI D. The Mondcfu! flinixr Solo, The Brooklyn Belie. The Ri. empl Shake-., Thu Troubndore, soap Suda, .Mailha, Tlj Ouncin:; Kti At CNRirriN A CHRISTY'S MIN8TRELA. T riPTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE, ADJOIN I NO FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL. OEO. I'llItlSTY EVERT NICIIT Flrat appearance of BILLY SIIEPPALD aud JOHN CilL LINK, the great Califoruia and Aii-inlfu fuiurite OKO CHRISTY ON THE TAMR0R1NR FNO MATINEE KVKKY BaTUKD.'.Y aT ?\ P vi "IJRO0KI.VV ACADEMY OF MUSIC. -?> FIOIITII m noay populvk concert MONDAY, JANUARY 21. AT EH51IT O'CI.Of lf L. F. HARRISON, HI RECTOR. FOR THE BENEFIT OF MESSRS. O. A R. II. ATWATKR. On whiah ovidon the following brilliant ar-af of talent will aaai.t M>ea NKTflE STEKLINH. Ihe celebrated Contra!.?> Mr Vt.J IlILL, the favnrlto Teuor. Mr. scum ITT, Horn SoluUt. *}?"? llalNDL. Flnte and Zither SotolaL Mr. I.BKN, Fluir So out ' Mr. tl W. COLRY, Pianlet. Mr. THEO. THOMAS, Condn?tor: and hi. ^ FULL ORCHESTRA. TICKRTB, 10 tanta. Reaeraod Saula M Cenia -en.. \T ALENTINK VOUSDKN. I THE ORE AT POLTMATIONAL HtMIU. WILL BE ABLE TO Ai'PEAE IN His UNITY OP NaTIONH r'A'UJ.WPa*.*- ANDRATURnAY NI * r. hall (Opeea hou?M)7aht<hi pi.ach. \f IftH FANNIE HOOD WIN'S ORAND CONCERT POST. t,y"""? - BumChajdotta_T. Coniralto; Mr. Fred r.ieln*, Lwefweort Tenor: Nr. II Mottcu. ^?r:vY^00.?'j?i r. Foil. Ka,.. Bohem Huie; Ri:lul? Tieheu Itt mnta Tt oommeace at 8 o'clock. THyi f "sl^lU BT >WN g MarW' Mr. Doaehnita; Signor Albann, nrat harpiet. mini thn Theatre Bt.j.aMo. Naplaa. and a large ehnrua. Mr. I.oum ?'? Reenrred CEATINO AT BTLTAN LAKE. HOBOrEN. 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Call at Revere Hottee, m iner nroadwny and Hooiton at., from t to II o'ch. k Monday ?rnin? CUKTOM EDDW PIANOFORTES. ~ A *A"?,r,cF,,T amortnent or the FiNRsr -1 and cheapest new and eecoud band Flanue In Uie >.w tor aate or to rent at WM. CASD1DC8' wTr.rf?il i; Blofcicr ilrMl. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PlAMO. lorte, at agrealaamflee; br beat maker., .11 impn.w. menl.; Ieautl/w ton# and Itnlek uaed only three mmnbe; at half prtoe. J1 Waahlngton place, aear iir-cne at. A SUPERB ROSEWOOD PUNOFORTE, MADE TO erdm by cRy maker, far $300: oust $*H AJen. Partnc rurntture. I aintlnga, Bmaxaa Bookeaae, at a it-nil? el 44 Wrnt Sixteenth atreet, near Sixth avenue. A SECOND HAND SEVEN OCTAVE TtONKWOOD Pianoforte, four round cornere In perfect n-dc... will way J- B1DDLB, 18 Amity atreet. eeer Menwd LX)R BALE?A NEW SEVEN OCTAVE, FOUR ROUND i.,.. nueweod Pteeejtrst eta*, eanke. s'i.'rjgr'iiasrs.rgg.A"" - i^?" Eb bale cheaf-a second hand seven oo _ M^lxmedtemo m u. 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