Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 21, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 21, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,101. NEW YORK, MONDAY. JANUARY 1867. PRICK KOI R CENTS PKRMONAI*. A CLERGY MAN IN THE SUBURB* Of JERSEY will call at 1 ?>7 Broadway. New Y'nrk ? ily, to Mltlt a 4i?i?iir. existing fur tome time, before 1 tfck. fnrtbar act u s of the same. BB.?YOU 1)10 NOT ADVEKTIRB Ah YOU PNO*. ? 'ted ko do. Reml a note io the name yo>. wrote uu a uatn one evening, to station D. INFORMATION WANTED?Of TIIHMvS OORVYN. Whet. heard from *?? In HI Louis about m rear ago. Any information * ill I* thankfully received h* hi* father, M?r tturrjn, 336 Weal Thirtieth atreet M. I.. n.iiu|w* please ''opr. IOsT MAN -MILTON PERRY. SATURDAY 3.JO P. J for cloak. Pleaee write to Charles Edward*. Don of Soe. Brooklyn. KKOKKN ?)UT. Wllil. THE I.ADY W1IO EXCHANGED Ml I'll AT \ mold's m. Monday, Jan. 7, call it or tend her addreaa loflft Weal Twenty.third atreet? ?AWT AYD fOCRD. BAROK f'ZAR PICKED UP ADRIKT IN HULL GATE. The owner* >wl hare ttie utnr hy applv tug at 89 Snath street and pay tag expenses. JOHN m'III Ni'K. 1jH>UND?A RAKE KEY, PICKED UP IN TIIK STREET. The owner cab hare It by applying at the Herald a? re. T 1' 08T- ON KRIDAY NIGHT. BETW EEN CLARENDON J Hotel and Delmouloo'e. Pour.eenih street, a hnueh of aaaali Keys. $6 reward If finder retuinethem to oiiti-e of Glarenfinlt Hotel. OBT?A DIAMOND RING. SINGLE STONE. WITH J the mil lads A K. MoL. on the ineide. A very liberal reward will he given by returning it to the collector of the Htoten Intend ferry, Whitehall. Lopt-bktwkbn sixty-fifth AND SEVKNTY thtrd atrnela, a Buudle containing mateiiala for a dreea ait'I trfuitBlng*. The finder wtU pleaae learo it at 17 East Seventy -third atreet IOST-1N CROSSING EIGHTH STREET To BRE J voort. IT'iuae, on Friday evening, a Pricket hook, con taining paper* of no value hi any but the owner, and a nun ot mouev. Will the finder denuct so much of the latter an he mav consider a lair compensation and return the balance with lire former to K. L., box l,!19t Post olBce, New York? LORT-ON SATURDAY. A BLACK AND TAN SI.fT; had ou red leather collar; answers to name of Neilv. Any person returning her to Henry H. Dyer. 12 Last Cweu tfeth street, up stairs, will be suitably rewarded. Lost?on Saturday evening. January is in going through Broome street to Broadway, a gold en. amelfed Bracelet. The finder will he liberally rewarded by returning the istnc to Jacob L. Phillips, tit! Catharine ?l. IOST?SANK BOOK NO. 22.MB ON EASI' RIVER J Savings Bank. The finder wilt please lease It at be Bank, No. 3 Chambers street. Strayed or rtolkn?on Saturday, ihth inst., a hliick and tau Terrier; had on a block and red collar: answers to the name of P'rtnoe. Any one returning the same to No. 5 Lafayette plsce will be liberally rewarded. SCOW NO. 4 PICKED UP IN HELL GATE. TIIK owner can bare the same by applying at Wi South street nod pay tug expenses. JOHN SCHKN'CK. HKWARDO. ItKWARD.?LOST, JAN*. 19. A JOHNSON'S GOLD *>t) Pan ?ud Holder. W. V. Whitney, 17 Wall afreet, will give the above reward lor ita leturn. DRV OOOOA. A GREAT KI'SII FOR OUR CHEAP Mi.'SI,INS. Strangers who have not bought any of them had better do an at none, as our *up|ily !* nearly ?? bauatad. Yot; can save full lUc. a yard. IMMENSE LOTH AUCTION MUSLINS, 10c. a lilli'o. IMMENSE LOTS, Me., lfe. and 18c. IMMKNSK LOTS, 30c., 3k. and dec. BK8T 4-4 WAMSUTTAS, 30c. AUCTION ROOMS OUR HEADQUARTERS. BIO LOTS DRESS coops, 31c. IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LINENS, CRASHES, FLANNELS, BLANKETS. CASKIMKKES, CLOTHS, PRINTS, DELAINES, SHAWLS, HOSIERY, SHEETINGS, AC., KUOM AUCTION, At any price you wiah. ?LACK ALPACAS, .lie., 37%c. and 90c, Worth the., SO ', aud <tc. Theae are the cheapest Alpaca a of the year. POSTER,BROTHERS, 187 Eighth *v? near Eighteenth *L, And FOSTER BROTHERS, 272 Bieeeker atrrci Bankrupt stock op Ladies', children's and gentlemen'a lantbi'weol and me also winter Undergarnteote and Hosiery, juet purchased at aaowep aaa great aactiooe. Gents' stout merino Vetto and Drawers, si 75e., SOi., te fl ?. lattot' stent marine Veal* and Drawers, at 10c.. Ml ids . **mLmb' stout merino Testa sad Drawers, ai We. I?M& Cents' merino and lambs' wuoi Hall Hoes, at Mc., iie., I o "UBSm* lambs' wool Hose, at Be., 32c,, 3M., to Misses' merino and Umbt' wool Hoae, at 10e., 12>?c., ltr? Mc. and upward. The p ices of most of the shore hosiery era less then OOe. ?n the dollar of t he nrlgbml * slue. W. K. PEYTON, 272 and 274 Bowery. RH. MAOT. ? DliSCHA MP'S BEST nualltr French Kid Glores. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED. RIBBONS, LACKS, EM BROIDERY, HANDKERCHIEFS, WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES UNDER WEAR. AC., AT POPULAR PRICES. We ere now importing all the Perfumer, Extracts, Soaps, Pomade, Powder*, Ac., of the celebrated Manutactory of the VIOLET, MAI SON VIOLET, PARIS, 86 Fourteenth street, between Fifth ami Sixth arenuea. 9U4 and KM .-siI 111 avenue. Fourteenth street and Sir b erenne. OlM.ISti OFF. O SII.KS, SATINS, POPLINS, EMPRESS CLOTHS. REPS. MERINOS. DKEHtt GOODS. SHAWLS, CLOtK*. CLOAKINGS, FLANNELS, BLANKETS. HOSIERY ASO AI.L OTHER WINTER GOODS, AT A.N IMMENSE REDUCTION IN PRICE. At*o, a Hue Hue of WIIITH GOODS. LACKS, LINENS, A"'., a', ettrenielr low pnrtw. LAKE A MoCBEBRY, 471 H mad war. vv. K. PEYTON, NOB. m AND 274 BOW Kit Y, W ILL CONTINCK I'O OFFER DtlA WERE CHEAT bargains LINENS, DAMASKS, napkins rowKLN, TICKINGS. (TRASHFS, BLANKETS AND KI.ANNELS. ALSO A fallatoeh nf the mee^ ajmmved^braoda .?f SHIRTING AND SHEETING MUSLINS at greatly i r im ed prior* _ ler Idem. Ixieadate and Andmeeogcui. 4-4 bieei keri Mnetie* at 2k neat* perjars. Wamentta Mualtar ,thw genuine bratidtat .V ,e. Mew Tork Mill*, JTL'o.t Amnekrag Mu?Hi.r ffc. Oond btaaohed and nuhleaubnd Ritalin* at tQ(*., IV.. tad "P Napkins, foil at/A all Muse, at $2 Mjter do ten. - B*. ? ? LI era Dan teak a. n-avr, ai We., 8Su. <6- and 7V'. pe, yard. Heel Riioaia Craahee at I2?ir.. 14ft and IV. per raid. ALSO B mm extra Kent M Shrettug (Maaeked). oaly per f AgMta W. K. rBTTON, M amd 174 How*!?. w 1 rKVWOB." -12 vnd a* sowr.RY. Will oKeriUtaweek AOmJt!<ARY BAn?AINf VREIN'H MKRINOKJ' EMPRESS CLOTHS. FRENCH POPLIN*. KRIMOLINE INSPt.INS, BRIGHT PLAID POPLINS, ?NTHIrKit POPLINS. CRAM I K POPLINS VALENCIA POPLINS, ALPACAS. BOMBAZINES AND t'OHl KG CLOTHS. Freweh Merln.iea etddSe. and upward Empress Cloth*. all wool el Mr., atild In O inhrr at 9' 2b. ririu h I'opilna at 6le . antd In October at $1 2fi. Ki,inline Poplins, all <ilk and wool, at MA. aold earlier at Rhek arrt Cniored Alpaeae fmai 2V yard upward. HI . t aim Colored Paramenia front Br ne?- yard up* < Riiftit I'laid Pnplies. double fold, al Mr. . -old earliet i ?* Striped Puplln* ai di'.r., <itM earlier for 7V nllk I'laid Pnulin" al 44c., amd earlier at 87'vc. W. K PKVroN, \oa. .7* and 274 Huererr *1,1 4 CANAL STRF FT. A'\.'\ BLANKETS, COMFORTABLES, HLANKFfs TREMENDOUS STOCK OF ELAN KEYS, te e?a> > ?l'a. from the -tn*ll nadie and Uirih In the largrat Jaubla ai/e. All Of whirl! we aie offering AT KXCKMDIXGI.Y LOW PRICES COLORLD HI .ANKMS, In all a rea aud wetghta IIOIISI. BLANK! rs. A in*.d ?*?!'- ment. fuain !'? upward*. PBHTHFRS. MAI rRBHsES, SHOOING. TABLE MM IN. HHBKCING roWl LS. MPRKAD* NAPKINS. IMBbllA. Ac. la faet-ererytbini renmni# i?r bed er table u*a. iKi is FCrNiTUUE, wboleaala ei rriali W M. G A URN I- ft, i44 Canal at reel THK MALL. *KA?44?N. ICIHE DEPARTMENT RAM* r The fhtrtv. Elgin li Annual Belief he lain AMubtier Fire Hepartna?'it will lake ida.e at Ibr AeademydF Mn?i?. roiiuii Of K.j"iru?r!ith *l?e?t and lrrlug pU>?. ?? Th'iia?l?? evening Pehriiaty JHAto l?87- TlaLata g> raeh admitUnr a mto'iemeu and twn ladlea. ai re lady - ti,'kria.g2i to be Zrornrad ?? u*oei of tur oEeer* or any memlier rf ibe ''em mitwa. Tha purred* aa herrtnfere trill be applied le the rellpf Abe tvlduwa and twiihan* tw our dereaaed oaawata*rrh? n.dily ?arnlt?i*il ihair Uvea In atrtring to proirat the liraa ?ad leouei lv of'heir fellow riilrena . c. GODFREY GLNTHRk. PradMaHf, ttn Broadway. Itf F Was***, Sw etary. I4S Pearl *itaet A. I Dei ami.a. Trraauitu-, JID, Wall *trret. |> ALLY It, bial POI ND THE COOKS.-THE SECOND AM-< _ *1 Ha 11 at Ll,e Ueoueii cpeka' Alawwlailaw la te i*r he'J at Ihe lie. ini'ir ll tnm*. Lfjai.d lie F.aeei *.reet, on T???ln nett. ?br red (e?t. ? smman.-big at dnMnek, ll.e ?need* of thea'avr aaao-iatmn art reienullr ierii?it i? attend. THh CO?MITT>.E. rv - ...... ^ , - AA ATI Ilk*. JKHEMIt. M. 4'|\roo I LIX,KS WHOLES A LF. AND RETAIL,-"A. J IMAJXPIRLD A CO . pe'anteea and tola mauitfettii -err. i wdiee' tVa'rhea, with ia r?t l-oeket for HBMMaee, bttef'iea aNrat rerle-y of Una Waiebee, Freneh Clerks. Jew. ?w- tllre.k and Plated Were. A. FRANKFIRLD DCQW MM mbth er.NDte. Ml t of Fourteenth e?r.? and It J flgbtlA r"*e?e. ee* Nf *f 'wawtr alrtfc atryet lNVTSUTCTlOm. At ft*' BROADWAY.?MESSRS. DOI.HKAR HaVR^ opened new prl'a'c rooms Intended eepecuCiy forgm Heme'. who desire practical luatmcuon is boukhre|ing, Bit*, ties* W rltVug, Arthmetle, Re. Those who enter this w?*h secure private mhU without extra charge. AT $20. BUSINESS ??ouri?e, bookkeei ino, wkit lug. Arithmetic. Ilramm.r, Reading. Spelling. Ac.. everv day and eveulng: twelre private rooms. PA INK, No. ??3 Bowery. Krooklvn College removed to '149 Fulton vlreet. A BUSINESS KDUUATION.?AN UNLIMITED COURSE for $.'15, at TOWSBRND'S Commercial Academy 88" Howerv. near Bimuoa street. Private iustruetleti hi Eng. lisli branches, day and evening. Ladie*' department. Apartdian LADY, JUST arrived from pari*. desire. to give !e.aeu* in French ami Oonrera.ition at her residence, i*2 Thompson street. Ilrit floor, between the hour* of 10 A. M. and 9 P. M. TEACHEtt. BLROAJCT BUSINESS WRITING GUARANTEED ? ?es*r*. DOLBRAR,dOf Broadway, guarantee ny their aynteixi of hand 'raining to remove all ill Toes*. ? tamping or tremMtog and enable an* person young or old. to writ* a rta n ityi.rh business hand with eaa* and rapidity. pRRXCH CONVERSATION TAUGHT BY A WELL . educated ladv lroni Pari*. in rlaasea or private. Apply to or aiblre.* Mile. C., Bain nil House. WANTKD-IMMRDIATELY IX A 811 ALL'SCHOOL, A lady -eschar ? invtruct in the English branches and the French language. Apply after 2 o'clock at 141 Weat Twauty-xixth alroet. ?1 C FOB AN I'Nl.miTKD COURSE IN BOOKKERP L?J itig. at BROWNE'S. JSS Fulton street. Brooklyn, uh writing and arithmetic, $25. Entire day and evening. Private rooms for adults. kPORTIWH. A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY, eight feet long, ten feet beam; about live months old; built <n oak and cop[>er fastened, haa aceomtno latino* for eight (Muvona besides the crew: Is well found in erery re a poet. Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street. All kinds of docs and birds for sale at B. DOYET'S, 3S0 Canal street. near Church street. .Medicine* for all disease*. I'retwred Food for mocking bird*. CiHAS. HETCHR A BROTHER. .V. CHATHAM STREET, ' have received, per steamer Bremen, and have ori hand. h.UOO German Canaries, GoMilnrbe*, Linnets, Blackbird*, Tbnuhea, Lark*. Au. Dealer, and bird lanelcraar*hereby invited to call and examine for themaelve-c Weare pie Kiecl to aril at the lowest rates. Also Gulden and Sileer leasanta, Swauaand animals, suitable for showmen Francis rutlkr. no. a peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Doge. Bmler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Kxtermitia'or. 75 cent*. Butler's new work on the Dog, $2. Doga trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine* for all disease*. Flu 11 SALE?ST. BERNARD AND NEWFOUNDLAND Dog*. Setter*. Black and Tana, Scotch and Skye Ter Viet*, and different other breeda. DANIEL FOSTER, IS Roosevelt street. For sale-kino rups, very small; Cairlage I>og*. Pnp?, French Poodle Dog*, by W. BROWN, 45 Crosby street, rear. TOOK CRAY, 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. II A* FOR ej sale Newfoundland Dogs T'alien Greyhound Pup*. Black -- - * - The I and Tan. Sootcb and Stare Terriera; good ratters. The hand wuwit H!a-k and Tail Itog in the country. 7 lb*. N OTICB.-JC8T RECEIVED A I.AROE LOT OF GKRr man Canary Birds by F. MORIS, 411 Chatham ?:reel. OTEaM TUG, SIDE-WHEEL. LIGHT DRAUGHT. I JO gy feet long, SB-Inch cylinder, for sale cheap. Alao twenty aoctoiul hand ship's Hoais. from 22 to AO fact long: also me tallic Life Boa is. At the boat building shop of STEPHEN ROBERTS, loot of 114th street, Harlem river, where the steamboat lie*. NORSK*. CARHIA6RN. Af. A FINE 81* BEAT SLEIGH-ALSO CUTTERS: ?IKX oral assortment of Carriages, Harnew, A'-. The cheap. **t place in the city, at 59 Cedar street. TAYLOR A HI OK ft. A PORT!.AND CUTTBR, IS VERT GOOD ORDER, lor sale at Bradley * .tables, No. 8 Ba*t Thirty -Brat street: price MB. . A DOUBLE SLEIGH. A8 GOOD A8 NRW. FOR ?ale. Inquire At Bradly- stable, No. ti E**r 1 hirly tnl A HAXUf-KTONIAN HANK FOR SALE.?CAN IRoT A. in 2:4Hovbe?ter: noun* and kind s win old. The owner ha* no one for Inn Apply to THOMAS WAI!I>, ltd Franklin nlreei. fpOK S.AliK.~TWO YALEABLE TEAMS FOR BALE, < 1 namely ?Our apa I Oi Black. Mitre*. 15 bonds. -r> year* old nett spring; food traveller*, food action and mry styluth: ?*ai'md'?t rani twin. No nn.rnwin Joe* \a toe wt. AS* on* ?p*u at* largo bay Herat*. 17 baud*. t ?H?i? old ueil Kiir'Bg; weigh i.WW tlx. This i<mjb m u: lur say faory work, ?r would iiulu a Kee mummm 'urn. Ke-h team will tm found *? r-preaenfrd. and warawnD-d In erery particular. Inquire until *nlu. of N, B. t"i kTTRELii, nerthWdM earner of Fourteenth street ajtl Teuih avenue. For su.f-a fast trotrino Ghat marb. uixo white utll and malic, It year* old. li'f band* big l>. sound and kind in all bnrnaia; feu trot In 2:4n to pole or no *?la. Apt gentleman wanting a tir-t clay* trotter, single or double, may apply till Mid to Kit' 11AKI> W A LTEKK. 27 KaeU Broad way. FOR HAT.R-A VARIETY OK SINGLE ANt? DOUBLE buainea* sleighs cl.-ap, al A T. BR1GGS', tM ?lip. TTWRsAIP-A IWolill) HARD CLOBR CARRIAGE; A ran Ini bad cheap. Apply at random's stable*, S3 Great ?lone* street. nr to J. A. tl a HAN. Mtfoiad atroct. Foil SALE?TWO OK O. P. KIMK ALL'S FINK POUT Unit Sleigh*. Apply at 78 and fi1 Hank *t rv?t. fynlt SALE-ONE FIRS PORTLAND OCTTMR, ORB tiuupr, vary uheapy t'ali at Hi Want Ta so ty fourtb stinnt. fjiot SALIO?A PIAK THRKR SEATED SLED. II, BUT ' Inl> .t?*d. Apply at prtTnle stable, ?* West, Twcnly aevemh street. I .nor sale?a rplenimu pair of i.ono tailed bat mare*. I.V.N band* high; ?eren te.ira old: rut tlyl lab. IN una Park Pbarleti, uearlv now. On* tiaadaiuue two aea'ed Sleigh ing th. rw ih*:?. Sheet", and two beautiful white Well Kolw*. I he above will l?e sold at a liar gain. If applied for Immediately, %a :lin .inner la iiiaiut yoltic i" Kurnpa. Can l>* aeon between nine and eleven o'oltie*, at fNA*R S ALK? TWO STRINGS OK ST.KIOH BELLS. IN ' <?,ulre a< If. Cut I wnuty-acvciilh aireet, before IS V. fNOR SALK?TOP W AGOy f^AA ALSO TWO CHEAP Home*. Alau an .ill laaliou.'d Sleigh for two Hoeaaa, pii eAJP. Appiy at 311 I'abal street, lively stable. liNOR BALK?A GOOD ONE IIORSE sl.riUH PRIt'B r SMi. Apply a! w A Lit A VKN'K t*W Broadway. FOR SALR?A BAV WAKE, d YKaRh OLD, WEMUr MM pound*; ell'.'ah ami apimed. sound and kind. II. DNDP.IlWOOD. AO Ktilridge atmet. hNOB SALE-A .LOT OP' LARGE HORSES; AMONG 'ham are *out.? nop fa, m r!iw?e*. and ope ef the fniteat Walking ,-art llareea ip the nity. bogbt bey. M aand<. *0 New Chamber* el reel. LNOR SALK-KAST TEAM. I?'4 HANDS; OMR A PINE r ?i?lt*li hUek Iloiwe. 7 Tear* nld: Die otluw a Hue '.a? Mam, Ryenraeld; aliewwe etrml by Ur*dyk'x Oaaebletonlan: pedigree g>iaraii'.e*d: nan tent lb 2 SP, eiofle dr double: all ?mind ami kiud and e desirable ?eain: alM a good, yoang b y oniipe or etprr.* Ilorae, IS hand*; all aofdloworei .*hanged for fanr Moi aea, al -t/7 Sereuth arenue, near Kor ty-aeeond a.reet. Mum MMMD NOME.'UX hands.: vkaks, trpu in S:*l bine, wmxanied guod atria and a- ' .oa. for **la. Al?o. I'on'aud *laicli llarae** toorared bnuklea), nearly een; Ball*. Whip. Blanket*. Jr.. all lor $.N!UI. A bm\aiu fur any owe. t all at M ''bai le* street, curne. of Fourth. PONY ?I KIGII FOR SALE-SKAT* KOR POI'B? prlreSIAO Apply at prirate ataMe 17 Kaet Tlilrtr u'tiiti street. CLKIGHS and slkioh BULL* -run BAL ANi R ok 17 sti Sle flie will h- .-old low to olo?e :bem out. Pleasure Sleigh*, all kind* grneera end bualneea Hb-de; I.OWatrApa Bell* : aeeoml ban.: Bob Sled. WITTY. A* Broadway. CLK.IGU FOR SALE fab?A LIGHT PORTLAND iN rimer, but, little n?e.| and made of lbs beat material and workin.inahip t'IIA TILES swrrr A son, 44 Mereer street SLKIOH.-KOR BALE. A THREE SKATED SLBIGII, In erdei. Applr at private stable CM Watt Twtn l.y .e.enih alreei VV ANTED? A IIOK*K A LITTLE UNDER 15 HANDS. TT 9 n. Ill ve? ? a old; muet tro' InaMa of four eaten tea: to go 10 a Ivgni wafoii; one that will dure double. Addreas. wuh prre, A. B. isn e Aleiaa.ler A Co., foot of Kaat Tweoty. f.ftb at met WAN I ID TO PORfnABK A GOOD SEfOND HAND faupr. etrdMer frewi: alao a modern built t iarenea and Bmier llarnese. A>-.; ?n?t !?? In good order and repair. Ad.lmea l#eweelfash Price bot 1.370 Po?t otDce New York. ArtlG -a pair or b*t i'arbIaok horses, dPtJiMr. #*trli*h. eonn 1 and renile in aiogle or double harnua*. g.a.d traveller*. Impure al the M#ali.?ou * tables, Twenty alath ?treel hetweau Fourth and Madleon avenue* HAVt IN A. At AIIKIVW*. Ar rpi'Noifs new and splendid dangino Aoedemy. Paleee llell? 717 Blith nrewtie.?t.'taseea are lorming tar *e, oud gwarter on We.lne*.laT" and Saturdays. School nyien p. Way. RROomr DANfINO Af APKMT. .'Ml BROOME 8T. A MEM i LASS rilK rCKBDAT. All tha fashionable deutdt* ie one nonr?e of le*?ana LA DIE* meal riieadiyaand Krldnvs H b? At? P. H. GEN Tl. I WEN. Tuesday* aa.l ErWat*. 7Mto 10 P. M. PhILDKEM, Wedneadaya aud Salnrday*. 3 to 6t? P. H. LADIES Prltnniy flaa* leatrUvtMd br Mr*. Brooke. BOIREK KVEBT WEDNKSDAY KVKNIBG. __ Brooke* book ok modern dancing, rov laialtig a : nil dea r.ptPin of the aUtpa aud tigures al all the daitrra now In use ispaUiSr with an ESSAY ON KTlOtiKTTK, juat puldialied, and for aele at the Academy, Ml Broome timet. Prwe 9). DHOAB.MO* DANfINO ACADEMY, W EIKTH AVR nue, MMithweat outnar of Fourwwmh all-set. ?Opaa TuewlV* and I'Vldaya. Wedoe?.U)a and Baiurklare La lie*, 2 In dr. M Mla*oa and master*, 4 la ? KM. Oaaelemna , fneaday *nd Friday evening*, at AtKelpeh. NBW CLANeXi ABK NOM FORMING. TMt RIB'N DANCING AfADKMY. 74 WKBT PfH f J afreet, far clilklien. ladle* and gentleman: leawtwa a on day end: night. All damw* laugbt la see uuarter, ew dd tares in e*i lesson* %. i*i i... _ ?- ?-?- - ** WJMMei. l.mi OK*. 4fC. ?A siv-fc P* WPERIOR CM AMP AGNB FOR A aaA ?" etaaa i jwnaieweaaat. PMee ?tl M pair dead* (oTiramV Apply *a>. M BOflTOB. 4M ?Tw.rnekraei fAI.KS AT APCTIOI. AUCTION ?'1IB 'tiili WYNNACO., VI-fTIONKKKS MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD ECRXMTKK, S-ISBWOOD JtfljgpJgfc,,. ROO< pl.RN?,..E, "l""? ?v *"**?* .rcno*. On thin day (M.)nday>, at the ?*? -lory brown ?Ion* boim 44 H ost Kittmuih KIWV between Fifth and Sixth avenue* sale ceutinenniut ei 1114 o do. h, S?ie Furminre. covered In br??tel and reus; Bookcase, Etageres, artistic Broun Stal uarr, 200 volumes of choice Books. Mlrrera, Carpet*. Lace Curtains. Hroitza (Hook. China Vine Extension Table, Bullet, China. Olass, Silverware. Table Cullery, Wardrubee, Bedsteads. rt means, Mai Posses, Linen Sbeeta, Ac VUCTI >N BALE.-R. ROTH, AUCTIONEER. lah<iK and positive sale ok ELEGANT AND COSTLY HOt'SI'HoLD FURNITURE, MAOKIKiCKNT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, BEAUTIFUL PARI OR SUITS IN BRtX'ATEL. VELVET, BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS, this (Monday I afternoon, January 81 at 1C o'clock, the ele gant Household Furniture of the four ttory house 119 Weal Eighth street, few doors from Sixth avenue, near .laffersuu Market, a msgnilioenl rosewood Pianoforte. Jo tinrOll Paint ings. Works of An and Bronzes; 15 Brus-els and Ingrain Carpets; a lot of rich Parlor, Hedroom and Dining Room Furniture, Spring and Hair Mauresses, Glass, China and Silverware, Cutlery, Ac. Sale positive. BENJ. K. THE ALL, AUCTIONEER, [.ate salesman with E. H. Ludlow A Co. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. CARPETS, MIRRORS, OIL PVIVTINOS. ENGRAVINGS, CHINA, CLASS AND SILVER PLATED WARE, to be sold at anc>ion hv TI1EALL A BROS., on Monday, Jan. 21. l*B7, at lu}$ o'clock, at their salesroom, No. ?2 Liberty atren, A Ian, for account of w hom it may concern, tiiahngauv Billiard ThiiIa, Balls and Cues, complete; rose wood 5 oolsve Tnoloileou. Cataloituea at ante,room. No ifi! Liberty siraet. N. 8.?We have ample facilities for the dla play and sale of g.?dv of all descriptions BENj. f. THEAlJs, AUCTIONEER. LATE salesman WITH R. II LUDLOW A CO. SALESROOM 62 LIBERTY STREET. LARGE SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS. CARPETS, Ac., Ac.. BEING THE K.VTfRR STOCK OK A DEALER. THRALL A BROS, will ?e!l by suction on Wednesday, January 2A. l-tiT, at I01, o'clock, a' CW Canal atreet, between Vartek and Hudson streets, a verv tarn a?M)rtment of rose wood, walnut, mahogany suit o?k Parlor. Bedroom and Dunns Room Furniture. Pier aiui Msttlel Mirrors. Brussels and ingrain Carpeta. Oilcloths, Curtains and Shades, to gether with a great varieiy of other good- usually found iu a d-aler's atoek. Catalogue* ear!v on morning ol sale IADWARD 8CUEXCK, AUCTIONEER. j UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. BV ORDER OF ROBERT MURRAY. ESy . U. S. M Br EDWARD SCHENCK. on Toeadsv 28d inal., at II o'clock M . at HO Liberty atreet. about iiO.OQO fine Havana Cigars; also nine demijohns of Rum. H RNRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Sale OK HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, SLEIGHS, *MINER A SOMERVII.LE, TUESDAY. JAN. 22, AI 12 O'CLOCK. AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION PLACE STABLES. H2 EAST POl'RTEENTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. Messrs. MINER A SOMERVII.LE offer unsurpassed ad vantages, in looatiuu, experience auil business capacity, to parties wishing >o bttv m desiring 'o sell I buses, Carriages, or am thing pe> tslniug to the horse business. Henry d. miner, auctioneer, salesroom 37 Nassau street, opposite the Po*t fifths.?MINER A ROMEKVll.IiK will *11 *: miction. Wednesday ud Thurs day evening*. Ian :tU and 31. at "Jj; o'clock, at their new and sp*"iuu* fine art pillar*. No. 82 Fifth nraiw, eoroor Four teenth tdreei, a large and very Cue collection of Ancient Oil I'airtiiipi. including * nuiiihei of undoubted originals, the property nf a wall known connoi*?ciir of tbla city, se lected with great care during the pa*t lliirt* yaar* in Eu rope. Canada and America and forming probably tba lineal assemblage of wort* of art or the old *cho'>l* offered in tbla country lor many years. Parlinitaia will be announced in a few daya. H EVRV D MINER. AUCTIONEER.?SALESROOM 37 NASSAU STREET. OPPOSITE THE PORT OFFICE. ASSIGNEES' SALE. MINER ASOMKRVlLl.EwUl sell at auction, on the pram Iaai. llki and 18* Vane k atraat, corner of King, on Tuesday, .lauuaiy 22, 1867. atll o'clock A. V., tbe !.*?**, Good Will and Pillar** of the Meat Market 188 Varlck and the Laaae, Oood Will and Fixtures of iba Provision Store 186 Varirk: alto aH ilia Stock belonging and appertaiaing to the bucineae. By order ol the a**lgne*?. Henry o. evans, auctioneer. WILL SELL THIS WAT, AT'J O'CLOCK, AT AW BROADWAY, A rich aaaor ment nf French China, Bohemian Olaaaware, Parian Mai hie. Preach CIdekA. Ac., tbe complete Import* lion of B. Bch ri?cb? aw Broadway. T BOO ART, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. ON TCER. a/? d\v. d*u. 22. at 12 o'clock. the l.eaie. Good Will. Ftz turea aad Stork nt a tint class Liquor Store and Reading Rooma. with KeMaui-aiit connected, ailuated at K9 Sixth ar mtue, liai wiwn ikuly-fonnA and 'Ibirtg.titth; atreaun a??* eoorVn ?.?tiau i. Pom ofltce. and at tbe inn'ilon of Broad war anil Birth ayenon. Rant tearral* any. Tames jenkens. auction err, will sell at auction, on Wednesday, SSI in.-t., al II oVlnck, at 1.401 Broadwar near Forty IIrat street, two Top Wagon*, lire Road Wagon*, fifty ?e'*of Harney*, thirty l.ap Rubea, 1,8*0 a'lap* Bella, leu fui and i>eav Koliea, one flne 111 neat Sleigh. Ill Portland and Albany Sleigba. 1 pony iwo *e*t Sleigh, one pair lloraa*. turret and blaek?can trot in three minute*; one bay Mare, yary fast: one pair aorral Horm*. very atylieli; one Yojg Wagon. Wood Rcm.' make; double llarue**, Blanket*. Ac.. Ac JOHN L. VAX DEW 4 TEE. AUCTIONEER. I0d LIBERTT atreat.?To-morrow (Tuesday), It M.. Horses, Wagon*. Sleigbe. Hnrness Ac.: vary miperlor Trotting and Kond llor*a*. l*?hich particularalMtntlM I* luvilad P*rih-ui*rs morning of aala. Regular aale day* Tnaadaye and Friday* Morris wilki.vr. auctioneer. steam KERRY HO AT. AT AUCTION. K. H. H'IH.iiW A CO. will 'all ?t suction on Tua-dar. Jan. 22. ISd7. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange .ale* room. Ill Hmudwav, Trinltr Building, STEAM TERRY BOAT JOHN ADAMS-I engtb, 150 feet; beaut, .'tl led; hold.' II feat. draft ol'water. Sleet ti inche*. engine 38?SI feel stroke, m "til bottom; the above i* *taonch and tiiilif - engine ami boiler in good working order, and can l>e aaen at Ilnnoken. fir? pier north from the ferrr. DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER, Wll.l SKI.L ON fl ES ? dav (to-morrowi. al II o'clock, at tbe auction room*, 7!< \a*a*t> ?lrcei, & general a.-Oitunnl of superior Parlor, Chamber and liming Boom Furniture: Pte> Mirrors, Painl ing?, Kugrai ing*. t lit.. " Fiirnli ire. large Iron Safe, China, Carpet*, Boil* and Bedbug. M ARSIIAL'S SCLE.?FURS. KITRS. Rll'K Altlt W ALTERS, SHERIFF S AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL ON TUESDAY, AT II O'CLOCK. AT AUCTION STORE 27 K 4 sT BRO 4 DV .4 V sl ick of regularly aaaortrd Eura. Ilniahed and A wholesale ?b)Ck of reg unfinished, <on* -lug of Mutf*. VlcUirine*, I'ape-, Collar: and t off*. all kmd? Alio. ? large quantity nf skin*, Buf falo Ki he* and iiart rkin? o: lnr?. In great variety. PA rlllt'K COLLINS. ITItv PAWNBROKER'* It A LB.?R. FIELD, AUCTIONEER. <8H I'earl street, will ?ell thi* day. at II O'clock 500 loia nf Men * and Women * t'bnbmg. lire**** Kb*wt*. Cloak*. Under Clothing, Bed*. Bedd-ng B-tote, Shoe*. Ac.: aleo Men'* Clothing. Willi which the sale will commence. By order of Mr*. B. Coaieilo, 16 Moll atreel. O IIEKIFK'K SALE. ?I>RY OOOD* STORE O RICHARD WALTLRS. AUCTIONEER, ivttl sell on Monday, January 21. at II o'clock, at 788 Third aveon* a general auri welt ***or'ed alncfc of Dty Goods, llo-mry. Woollen Atend- B'?ukeAa, Shawla, Table Linen*. Wore niture*. A". *a># positive. JOHN KELLY, Bbarlff. Job* HcStni, Deputy SHERIFF* BALK. CLOTBING, CM1TH8 AC. IttCHARD WALTERS. AUCTIONEER. WltlaeM on Monday. Jan'rary 21. at It o'elork. at auction stor* 27 East Broadway. a large sioek of iTotblu*. dimming ef Heavy and Bu?lu?*a Coal*. C.loth. Tweed sad Ca**imere Pant* and Vesta: Hosiery. Woollen Drawers and shirts, Pleee Goods, t lotha, Ca*aimeie?, A*. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. .lowr* Conseu.. Deputy. rPHOMAS RBILI.Y, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE STB NINTH 1 mm HHU on MonAiv. .iimmri 21, iml., ?t 10,1$ Thirty " ?viook, at tflB Ktffhth avenue. ?or?#r of fhirij-lourth ?tree?, the htoek ami l'iminrea am! rumUnre of tbe old and well Miabliaited ovitsr and aa!?*on. Splendid fliiuren, Ic. WIIXIAM 4HHOTT. AruTlONRKR-OTFrrK 170 <*Uar,hnrn ?nuare, aetla thi* dav, o'clock, the ??omenta ot fbe llwnor etore ??ith aeenue. near Twenty* ninth etieet: inet'nuniera, Krga, SUnd Caaka. Copper Meaa urw, <iaa fttlnrvi Bourbon Whh^y, French Spirita, Kharry and Port Wine*, rienara. Bottles, 4c. W '1LLIAM ABBOTT. AITTIONKEB-OFFICE SO I7? clisrharn square ? "dl> op Tuesday, at ION, o'clock the Irease, Slock and Filtnrc* of the liquor ?tnr* Si Spring street, corner of Mot I Rosewood fbiic-pull Kng'l*h Beer Pump, .plendbl Counier*. Keg* and C**k?. Bourbon end other Liquor*, I bamp*gne? and other Win**. ? Ac. WM. WITTERS. AUCriONKER SELLS THIS DAY, a( 2 o'clock, at 4*i4 Caual atreei. Furniture, Ac., of a large house; Pier *nd Mantel Cla**ea. Centre. Dining and Tea Tables. Oilcloth*. Valrrt. Bru*?"la, Stair and other Car pels, I'arioi Suits, Curtains. Be,Lte*d*. Hair Mattresses, Blanket*, Tahl* and Bed Linen, China, Glaae. Bllvec Ware, Hoik Bed*. Lounge*. Cooking aed other Storee. Chairs, Bu resua. !*? second hand Cat |>eia. BIMINKNW OPPORTITMITIKM. A VALUABLE PATENT; BITITABTiE r?)R CARPEN ter* Anil manitfacturera; alao several in Yankee no tion line to he *a?t cheap and large profit a Call at 117 Naaaan elre*t. room 17. X EXTENSIVE RECTI EYING HOUSE AND Ald'O

lerma. Apply J\ ho| lliwtlllery for ?ale, on advanugeou* IS COOLIDGK A YOUNG, 1.W Front sweet. Any party having any newly invented ar . tlcle* they wlab aoldoti commission hy irayelllng agent*, will please call on C. Waterman. 48 John street, second Boor. A RARE CHANCE PGR A PERSON WITH BUT LIT tie capital, to buyout a Bindery, with aleam pneer. There ha* been done for many year* a iourlahlng bu*tne?s In book binding, album* and other stationery articles. The buyer Will flndalan well eatabll.eed city and country trade for the goods Inquire nf CAMPBELL m ARMSTRONG. M Ann atreel. CHEMICAf. WORKS. Wanted?to lea*e n? purchase, one or more buildings ?nl table for or that could he cheaply consorted Into a manu factory for sulphuric, muriatic or nitric acid; aleo a practical person fully capable of managing the same. Address D. O; Us 36 Poet eflce, Nqw Tork. Faper milt, for balr-six kmginrb, tour drinlet Machine, In euewsafut operation, at Little rails, M. Y. Address W. K. Woodhrldge, care of A. C. Goodman, M Baehaaan street, X. V. <1400 -Xf* WANTBD AS PABTMBB IX A LIGHT established manafarlnrlng biialn***, which pays Urge profit*: h*? qoioh aalee; a chaae* seldom offered. Apply *1 24 ffuane atr*et, top fioor $2,000. *MMiab*d R ???Ha GOOD 'ipi'.iRii .Nit* m (ir.Miuit U) a part* w*h Dua ammiat to gthJnlo an ??Bahetl Kindling Wood BBatbeaa, engine, nuffhlneyy.l sgs.vHkwHi m&vm ? KIVAJII IAI? SAVlNtlH BANK, CHATHAM K^IAKK. A Maw York. six per cent. FRKK FROM liOVERNMKNT TAX. DIVIDKNU.-A *enu-auaual dividend, at the i-ate <t< all per cent per annum, fraa of jovi uncut ui. on .*11 aum* fTooi $5 to $5 01*1 will ho paid on and after the third W(Hidaf in January DEPOSITS MADE ON JANUARY 21 WILL DRAW INTEREST KRoM TIIK 1ST. HARRISON HALL. Preardent .1, P. Coorr.*, Secretary. Albert ii nicolay. auctioneer. RR4JULAK SALES OR STOCKS AND BONDS. ALBERT II. NICOI.AY will hold hla regular aemi waafcly auction aula of stocks and bond* this , Monday .Ian. Zl. Mti7. at r.''? o oiock, at the Hx-banae Saiearoom, No. Ill Rroiotway. Pur lull parti* illara <"CMtaiOgWM, whioh can ha obtained at the often. ALBERT II, NICOLAY, Block Broker anil Auctlooer, A3 Piue a treat. New York. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO obtain a loan, giving a* c ollateral an emtownu-nt life assurance poli y. Good inlereal paid. Addreaa, for three days, H. M., Herald ollea. f continental insurance company, v.V office Ilk! Broadway. Navy York. Cash rapital #H? two mi Surphia I.UW.Uti 57 Total aaaata Bl.tWS l?. -.7 In-,ires against loan by Eire on Buddim;*, Merchandise, Ren's, l-eases and othar'lnsurahle j>io|tsrty, at fair rate*, Dffts of lla" " and dlvldea three-foilrt ha of the profit* of lis bu?lnr.a? to in raMoBen. The Board of Dirrc-tort hare this day declared a aerot. Annual dividend of a even per coat, pAptlilt io the xtocA bolder*, on and after the 16th instant. OBO. 1. HOPB. President. H H. LAMPORT, Viee President Cntes Pur*. Secretary. Jasi'AHT 15, H987. Money to loan in sums op ?2,ouo and jtr.'rm. on iininciimbrred resl estate in New York or Brook lyn. No brokerage charged. s. BUHLER 293 Broome turret Money to loan-at seven pkr cent, in bilge or small amounts, on tin-t class property in this city. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twentv-tUIrd street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. New jkrskv zinc company - at a mketivo op the Board of Directors of this Company, held this dav. a semi annua* dividend of four per rent vena declared on the preferred nine*, payable at the transfer office of the eom paoy, til Maiden lane. New York, on .end after February I. next. The transfer books wdl be cloyed from the 25lii insi. to tbe dial., both days esclnsite. Jant'ANT 16, IHB7. R. ?*. 01BLIN, Secretary. Northwestern status. Banking and Colinetion House of Oeo. C. Sroifli A Bio., 48 f.a Salle street, Chicago, III. Special attention given toenllectlnn*. plnib and with documents. Draw on DREXRL. WINTHROP A CO., and WINsLUW, LAMER A CO.. New York. NEW YORK LIVE STOCK IN SURA NCR COMPANY ro? THI, INSURANCE OK HORSES. CATTLE AND FANCY STOCK AO AIN ST DISK A>EK. ACCIDENT, FIRE. THEFT AND DKATII. The hooks ol auh-rriplioii will remain open for a abort time at the office ol the trustees, to romp r e tut aoh-orlptlon to the capital. Troito a authorized to receive aubaerlnt ions: ? CHARLES B. RUSTWIfK. HARVEY BALDWIN, WM. D. DIMOCK. Otlee, No. 70 Broadway, rootu No. 4 OFFICE OK THE WEST VIRGINIA OIL AND MINING Cotnpanv. Jauuarv It*. 1(9*7. ANNUAL REPORT OK THE WEST VIRGINIA OIL AND MININO COMPANY. Tbe amount of the capital atock i* one mllPon dollars, ami the stock for ilie vto* amount has been Inane*! fit the par menl of the properly. The amouni of indebtednesa now edatiog will not eiccrd oae thousand dollar*. EDWARD WOLKf, ) Va.oeli* SAM. S. SANDS, I T ALI EN J. OF.MSBER, f n, " A. M. W BALL, j Director*. State of. New York, eilv and county of New York:? Aleiajul' i M. W. Half, being rttdy sworn, anrs tha? he the KecfMary *d the West Virginia OH and Mining Company, and that tbe foregoing eertiHcatb le correct A. M. W. HALL, Secretary [Check etauip cancelled. I L * - -mi Bwortt before me this 19th da* of January. 1967.?KV*n kktck Ben.. Notary Pnblie, 1.9 Wall a-reel. Cinni(U)n TO loan-on new YORK ciiv ?aUVsNPUU ptval estate, hra- mortgage, at 7 per . ?ni. J BOLlft RITTERBANlr, * Wall ?*r*ev, Jaimccv -min. TO IrOAN ON BOND AND Mi?RT. in one or tpoi* soma on *e.?i estate sws mmm P. ( ONREV. 92 Wall street, room 12. dfd bMt ? MM* TO SHIT. ON ' eity i-eal rCttr, tjl per cent of valuation , prompt attention. Sec out mortgages nought. C. h WILLIS t CO.. :il rine. erect, baeement f V)0 000Tn LOAN?ON BOND ..AND MORT gage, on New York city, Ne.w Jersey and Broo'klvn real estate. Prompt atteruion. CHARLES P. HI!.MAM 113 Broadway, ronm No 6. lUiil OPKH'KN. At 77-monkt i.ibkk am.v advanced on dia HONDO. WATCU1-.S. JEWELRY. A-'.. OB TDK hame Bot'oirr at tuk highest sates. also PAWNBROKERS' TTCBETB BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY. J-.. At 7- BIcrck#r ureal. up antir*. DVANCJKS MADE ON WATCHES. WA MOWDS, JKW eiri, pry OikmI* end t'emoual Proper ij <>l' avcrv de. .rriptloh. J. A. JACKSON, III Oraud two door* wear A eir>, Dry Gooda aud 1'c.numal Proper t> of evorv do. Ion. .V i K~ ?f Broadway. AT 211 BROADWAY. KNOX BUILDING. DIAMONDS. WATCHES, IMfKCIOI S STONI THIS OLD ESTA BLUSHED OFFICE EATS THE UTMOST TALUK FOR DM MOND JEWELRY, WATlNTI'.S. JEWELS. IT.ATE, PEARLS, AO OPTICAL INST't 11 MKN'TS. AO. AO. N. B.-DUMONDS W ATCtlKS. A' .. FOR SALE. OKHOK HOURS FROVI in \ M. mi I' M. .1. II. ?AKKINLKi: -2U Kroadway, room So H. AT ? NASSAU STUM. I , ROOM NO %?K. HONIGM AN par. the htyh??i pri-e. for Dtaniourl., Watche*. Jcwrl ry, Ac. He'alim advance. mi -onaignmeot* or the above ?rllclea. A T HYMAN'S, ?? RKOiDWlT. OOKNKR Of KoND JA .treet. will be Paid the high*.* prica for Diamond*. Watebaeand Bllierwaie. ot will adianca .in the above aril dea. AT (Ml RROAIttV AY ? I PAT THE HIGHEST PRICES for Diamond*. M clcbea. .lawalry, Ac., or advance the aama. ISAACS. Diamond Broker. OpiHWiia W.ll.nk'. tlioli* A~"Ya?2 PEARL STI!KET-l?. L. t.EDKRKR A CO. AlV vance Uberall* and a' reasonable trim*. cmrh un all valuable property. Wn'-he* Jew-try, Diarnmtda. Plaws Ac , or purchaae the .ama. AT 115 WEST ELEVENTH STREET. NEAR SIXTH avenue, money advanced on fdrnitura, plauoa. ? *rnel*. mirror*. Ac. Unriiiinte luomd. nlty or nouotry. Furniture etorad. Enraitura packed and .hipped. AT NO ? TWENTY.TillKD STREET." riKTIl W anna Hotel, the htgbe.t price paid for Diamond?, Watrhaa. Ac., or adveneee made ?? iba aama. made on dia moada, Wetchee, Jewelry. Ac . or purcbaeed at tha Mghaat ralaa. by O F. MARKS A < <?., .Inwalara, RU Broad way, np aiatr*. P. MARKS. HC HRfomnv, ROOM NO.T~UAVB ? the bigbe.l pi tear" for Diamoml*. Wan-baa. .lewelry. or advance* on ike e.n.e, Alto I'awabrokare' TP kale iMMtaht. Rear Twratiath atreat. RPECUli \OTH K*. CAUTION TO Til R PUHLir.?TIIR EXTRAOttDIN IKY draught aaade during the preaent ? old a pall on the sup ply of watrr fur untied to tka rlty, haa wi reduced the pra" auraof water In lha diatribtiUtig malnaaa tahea i ?u?e of eerlmia annaty to 'bin Hoard, and .honld he one of crura* ponding alarm to iba public, (n caae of flrea lha aupply of water from tha main, mac be ao diminished a* to prevent prompt .uppieaalon, and 'he moat dl.aatrotte conaniuenoe. mar The dcticleu'-y la ant ui any degree to be altrl boted to iba quantity of water dellverail lir tba a'|iie>1mit or anired In lha reeervnli-a; It iadueaolely m tba uuii.ually axoe..lra draught upon tha wtrrlee main* lie ti'iuaaliolder* and olbar* who itaam it ne-e*a?ry to wa.te the water-on tlnaally to protect their pipe. rmiu freezing. Thl. waala of water can and mnat be nbvla-ed. To permit ilie flow of water from the tap*, except for lagillina'a purpoaaa. laa Violation of tba role, and legnlailon. rwlailv* to lla eupplv. and .nhjcrta tba party oflendlbg to line and deprivation of water. Thl. Board. In the comu-lentlou. riiarharge of their dutv, request tha aid of the Metropolitan poll.e, and aameattv Invite the co-aperalion ol tba public generallv. Extra ax* ertlon. will ha made to detect all prr>nu. waatiiig w.tar, and auch fine aud penaltlraaa may bate beau Incnrred will be rigidly enlorcwd. Citlxena nngnlutnl of anv improper u.e or waala of water are urgently rcnucatad In give prompt notice thereof In thla department. THOMAS STHrHKNS, j Uroton ROH T. U DARBAUH. J Auucdnot A. W. ORAVKN, \ Board. OIBca Croton Aqoedtirt Depal tmem, Jan. IIS IS#7. LADIES' NEW YORK ROITTIfRR RM.TEF ASSO? ci.iton.?DBIca for rerelvlng Drv Hoode. Clothing. If -., No. H Bond .treat. Tor floor. PrbrUioao, Ae., II ARItlS, OAIRER B CO., No. 15 Wbttahall .trocl Donatiou. are earnr.tly aolicitad. BRUHANTS' DESPATCH. FAST FREfoTlT LINE. AMERICAN RX PRESS COMPANY PROPRIETORS. SPECIAL NOTICK. Arrangemenla liave been made for forwarding property received by tha MKBCH ANTR' DESPATCH, ao that It will not be delayed or aubjee'ed to any additional expanee to tha ahlpper or conaiimaa, in eonaequence of lha loruaal of the Hud win River Railroad Company to allow connrcthin at Albany without chance of car*. Deliver aa heretofore at tha Merchant*' Deapatnh Freight Depot corner Hudaou and Thomaa alraeta. B. CCMMINOS, A. H LITWOOTON Anant, "'^r.ntendent No. IB Murray atraaS saw Tark. CMWfflio. a -LA HOE ORDER FOR KOI 'Til Kits MARKET s Jkm MORRIR pat a the highoat prloe for I<adiea' and Oan tlameo'a Ca.t OR clot hunt Carpau and Eurmtnra. For Panta |A for Coata fa to $16 Draaaag |i to $jo Pleaae call at ar addraaa IM Mavamb avenue. Led tea attended to by Mm. Morrla. _ T TIIB ORIGINAL M. MARKS', flfl SIXTII AVENUE, ladle* bad gin Hymen mn reoetre 10 per cent mora than rn.m ... hM fl/olar laa ? ka .1A. f I m% . KI..L a M jim. w*-" pFDMTBwji r^wmrrm mi p^r rpiH mora mai br auy other dealer la tha oily ror their Caat-oB Clothing Carpal*. Karnltura. Jaaalry, Fur*. Ao. Pleaae be kl." enough to -all an ar aytraaa tba number aa above Ladle welted apea by Bra. Bark., la and out of tha etty. A LARGE OAtoEB -BIMLOflfl WORTH OF CAST OF! J\ Clothing wanted for Charlamon, S. C. ladiea an ganla harm* aa? to dtatman of can retire tba folio win prb-aa -From JH? to MB for Silk Drew*. , |6 to BU f? Laata: $5 to fit for Paula; aiao woolen or calico I)ra*ae< Carpala, Fnmttufa. Jawalfy; lha hlghaat oaah prlaaa aat.1 Plaaaa call oa or Addraaa lW tnglonl R BIRTB. MB flft1 avanaa, abora T want lath atraai Twdtaa attaadad by Br* ?SklA I . AMI iKHItm Bkoamway tiifathk ?m a?t r.?rn?r,if MrnMwap aari Re**** mrm* ttrok *| !b* i w.ini ? nfiRki ?I af Ma k ^ wmhkki. mktiJiT who will, on M?n<l**. 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O-cbedt .. ? ion* muthonitd to sign in liquidation^ ^ %r _ i>n 14 1HK7 OTTO MOHR. AuZnK " will oouliana Ihe buslncaa on hi. own Moouat at ft Paarf treat ' ?2R3 i? mut^^MU. ? AU claim* ?hc lata firm will be pafd byaald John J. ?*j ^jjp5" WATBWNTON. Itatcd Jan. 14. 1847. JOHN J. KCKF.RS,,N.^ r ^ ^"rrlr "'intrhcat wfcSBDtSajgtraii and reptlrcd. nV"t ''.Tr*?' ''L? F.?* Kadnwd adTcrlUlm minTT, nfr..a 44, S? Broadway, corner of Worth atrcat, ft on, 1 to 2 and from 4 to ft o'clock F. H. WILMAX P. JAFFRAV ?KCOMFS A XKMBKR OK }/S our liim Irom this datt. K. H. JAIKKA? A New Yoniy January I, Ww* . _.w la AAA TOMLOnO -PARTNKR WANTKI). IN NAPR SI.000 and profllabia buaiaaaa, now in auoce??f?i "'"ration; proflu to ?* CO t ? nn, red. z&urn&i jssasas! hot lit) Herald o?ce. ___ i^ooba^Vr'jUa'JsssB.'K sTrr.? II. HINKS, 441 Hlith avanua. ? $50,000 s?t fourth.; auponor qnUll^of?iwto p^Iu^mw^ |.rf.?t nor cant auarantaad. pbMljn ib<( m.?i ?ttnn nranohan ? manuf*nture a^ nR?" *JJ" ,;u?? par. .Ire andprofltabla mooopoUa. In t>'? ?y.l'^i.wWW addreaa Uc only tmmadwlth. hr imrticuUrt Maunfattturer. bot 414 llarahl ?!' ?? ? . ? _:.,r?,?ft'D, F.ITIIKR *1 uA AAA ?fA!lTKI"Ln^, With a capital of ?P LOO.UUU. apcclal - A-r.;,..! My .-anncry I* Kw-WW to ?l4D.tW0. in ""'TJ'"1"*.,, I.vatc.1. hr^oda ettab now at work, in parfcot ^ m.n,if.cturo..f 4't?ar. I Ml bad; capital wanted lemeeew*" ? 8r-u4 .tree, roe.*, K*4'**?- .. s. BIU-MRI"'*'' \ 'tiKS "iS82W A.?r-.i-? ~ a? and durabla etafciana, a? f?r many yean, may he aaan tbtt bay* ?**".'X IS ,..:*im lit tata HW. Panic* in. halkdt nplfli'lM ?w"'* a la la tkala It, taaM In Ml 1 Alltl AMI IK NKIT*. n?? a i it* Waaa M;.|i | , ? *t ? ????.RT mmA ___ - ? aommi-ciat ?**??*? I ft* ? n ti L jufc*u|v. ?? n?i t?f of nm i m a i ' I. cug. 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HKKTON. JIK.N'lT, ?;nl.RfH, K..HKRT n.RI HT III AH. MOI'HHMCAL. Ill KAXrt. TKOYOto. KKr.CK. VtMOI.HM.ItK, n.l 4 Biirnl"-. of.. I.rr In >?' or!rkr:."rd farrl;n aft ftal < an lata; t itftftnl'ilftft tftt rotir ?. oll?rtloB rft-*nil> f aka'-ft " * Jill " ? br.l. ft KK ItH J 111 I ft}., .!? Ntotr I. rat*. Si. H.'i Hin?<tfttoto. ??ar Kwlwt I >1 OfM-n 'lull v 11 on. HA ft. '? 1(1 t'. M.". Iftt CATKl.l.ll'i: HKATI.N" I A K K?ft 11 I.I A ft "<HI I'-.J n Rim bull no ?ftat"<: ratutto m.i. I. batftarn W? I roRO -.. I FI.'J.TitN fl.i BH. .ti MaaKf. flat a 1 _ n*rtaofc. and nn fuaatl.ito. S4 Uial, a tan.r at < >to-to?l ? " Im i*l ?n M.I*' Iwltouri. 'Ho AAtKLLITI! *i>>I WAV I! AT r AN "Ml.-. NUtata pi,, had at II oVMkMt ta ihft atmri>u<?i and avaaingla** wtaa Uto lbft aaowto) | im '?Wili.iig. , Hi'* dKUM IM9 in# MM3 v s">yrhkAiJtf ?*aN7IIVj|i? rill h#? h?**!. Mu-.< Mfitl Am?iubt' i? f?u Wf ???xt iJift . IS? r?iitr?i MV-Hi# ?** ?m bttwf4*n tlie I MIMI'f. .??i?t K VUial. H. B C. wii r?t??r4. c?innu'*ii- mj< 4l l> a'clttt'*. T llio HENRIETTA. VI-ATA and ruitwi>u ,i. TONY IAS1"K S TO I K AROUND THE WORE* POPULAR l'0*iCRKTl AT TUB BROOKLt a ?>?*. dfinv. ? POPULAR OYSTER HOUSE, at S < llrtoo IiriK 4 TRK FRANUATS.?PEENCH THEATRE To I.I f, for evening* and ataMnoaa, for operaa, >]nuau f.i?? leuturea. A . A Apply u? Bona. DRIVET, oi't -4 Pre*. !? theatre. HI WOKORTEH. I MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE PIMPsT /% Andchriprti Mv add ?<f?nid band fliQM In the ? ?? 101 aaie ui to mnl it All. I ANUlDI.'ti' Rarer <>m? 4* HI .ncker HIM*. A SPLENDID SEVEN tBJTAYE ROSEWOOD piano. foclr, at aafantewhillce; by l'?t inakara; all I'll*" "', men!.; 'vrainiful I'm* utd Cntak, .trad only tHr?ian a?. ?'tuft Jb.'M, at half in Ira. 31 WarklagtM plana near Oi*ai e ?< _ A SECOND HAND SET EM OCTAVE ROSEWOoo Pianoloria, lam round ? .?ru?rm, in porff-t Aim , trill to anl.I for Jl.'j. .1. SlbDl.fc. 18 Amity atrml. mr B o n ??>? _ __ AMAKti AIN.?KEKOANT 7 OCTAVE CARVED RORR ?<?til Plum; Coat JM*; pro*. If Bold thiawtwl. JH*?, at 743 Broad war, oppaulM Aator place. _ w r.?. ccET'ss /CHEAPEST PI AMOPORTO* EVER OFFERED. % 14 A f Road wood Pianoforte. JIM. r?labrated maker*: i ?v.nre round comata, llaoiet Brother* makers. J225: ramw ml roiipnn. .'tend, . o>; JRlOgnld, for J378. floa toaad Uiai.-.f.-.a, muflmti rlele fltai; mxli.ghny Pianoforte, JM; aee- "m"?? new Pianoforte.. m manura'Surer*' prima. B Kmnik ? nitt, opiMMitn t'oopfir Inn. title. h'OR SAEK?A NEW SEVEN OCTAVE, FOCR BOUND ??orner*, i-arted le??. IMMMwl PIao.i, ir?t ? la?A ? >Ae. Will bf aoW at.? graM aacrlCoe. Apply at Plana 'V .?>? ?, BR Mulberry 'trwl, in the mar. PIANOFORTE* TO I.KT-PROM Jl To $8 A MORtH; ar for <alf otirape*! In N?w York; fonr roarr,>,nd ?? ?n oolnre; jirwn? JIM, IBM). JAM and J97A At 188 Grand at P1AMOFORTK FOR SAf.K-IWMEDIATELT: A FINN ronerrood Plaaoinrte. >?f anft and powerful ton*, a. ptr. faot order; good Stool and Onfer. Apply atEaet Twen tieth alieet, near areoite. PIANOFORTE To BE SO LB AT A RAROAIN-PRO M gin ia in auod ordor. Aiplr at l? Twent. e gam rirretTbetoeen ia**""1* "n'1 ?Us* nrenueo, ia I a* raaa hOMM. . ______ PIANOS TO LET All SOLD OR IM8TALMRN*7S- AT the mantifai um y. IJJ and lid Eaat tVan^Orr^jujjn WATERS' GRANDSQCABB AND UPRIGHT PIA*ow. VY lliSM' CaMRM tirgana whuleeale a?J ratail. <m ui and rml ?rp' "1 ,f PUft linaad. Muathlr uaynmiua i? Mdvfd Sfttondkand Ihaaoa at hmrgalaa. Frwmi from Jd* .Vrr 7 oriam Plano? for JJ78 and aawarda. old niaaoa ok'" 'n <orhaB*? Carh paid fnr aaeaad kaa.f {Sano.. Kacmrr and war. , oom.?, 1WVNKAL. I.Al?v Wlix OIVE INB1 RCCTIOB ON TUB PfAVf* J\ and Maying, at pupil'* ranidaaca, for J10 pnr .|i ar,?,. gnat ?r r-fomnma givnu. Adtlteaa, with maidaaor. Taaikn. boa 118 llfrald njw. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSKWOura A FlauafWW tor ?l?. mndn nrd?r, o|ijr maker, fully gnat ? atmd. IIAWI fir a month*, rnt JMitl, for AjOO, iiuiiutlipr and rornr Parlor Snlta, Etagnma. Rookdaaa. Faint" t?. HrHint, Okmntot and liiulna Ktirnilur*, llhiaa, l.ta-a wart, 44 Wnat Mlttannth atrant. uaar Sltth aranur. 18ACII PPPI1, RKCKIVKS A PRIVATE liRSHOM tOf || Piano At *10 pnr MMB tno rlaaaoai, at IS7 Waal R'-t oti4li atrrat, rornrr Siith aannn*. Piantau for parMr* OT* ?im lion rr ? t ill 1. . FTRENCH. HERMAN. Mt SIC. KNHt.ISB BRANC"I> - A ladtr of r<tu. ,iioti wiaba* miplla in tha aboar. Ut*a. eat iiHjimnirn.Utiooa. Addmaa M. O.. llatald dtDdn ATtllTAR AND SI NO I NO ?NAPOI BON W. UOllUO, Sjr aato gtiitirla). enrbln? h" p..pita In a few lanon* u> i-? roaipai" and pi if ?fla'tivclr 98 Stlth arenu*. H*oj? i Aught pi n 'lraUy C0PRA',O WANTKD -A TIloROt'HHLT COMPUTER P and aapern-nmil ropraito. nnallned and willing io l??-h rneal mnair, . an tftoain a netr d??irat?lo aHnitlOn m a l>ra? liana dbdlr In au EnimofMl oMroh In a naif h?w, n? r . Bona but thorn onpohle af trktr.f lha part of leodlna rt.i?? lirad ?rp'y For partkulani addmaa Mn#r, boi 44 Part af. 8oa, Hartford. Ha* WM.' Ia JATTKRSON, pianist, attends to par. tteo. wedding". Ae . *i Jd per *T*JIH '-'aa furuMt tiolln, A", ordera meolred at rmidfa*:* IIJ* Sltth Aran >a, soar FtltlMi rtreoh