Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.104. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JANUARY 24, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PBRSONIL. A.I WILL CONFER A ORRATFAVOR BY GRANTING i>erso.ial interview with the party lo whom hi* nolo n> " * " " nfideu addressed. It shall bo strictly oonfideuUaL Fluki *ute by mole tine and place. A LADY WISHER TO ADOPT A HEALTHY PRETTY A little girl about one year old. Address Mr*. Forrester, etallon A, Spring street. imrULLADY-BLACK DRESS. BLACK BA.^QUE, gT5S Mack hat,white feather, the grnilemaa you not1 about 9 o'clock, corner of Ninth atreet aryg Broad , would like aoquainunc* if agreeable ad'1.,*** ,uiion ADMiRfcR V/ for Waahlngtoe next month. KYma 1? RHINE MUFF, FLORENCE SLEIOKlNO PARTY,? AN Pleaae addreas to Worrell, Brooklv', root office, and ?late, If agreeable, where an Interview e?n be had. IF* SB?I AM HERE. YOU WIR.L FIND TWO LET tera from HENRY. REFORMATION WANTED?OF THE WHEREABOUTS Aof MaryShaa, natlreof the pariah of Qtonbelgh county Kcr JUA W*. JOHNSON, WHO ARTBRTISRD fNTHB ImU ahuut three week* ago for Mm. Wervea, hue of el Twewtr-fourth atreet, wUTmU el the Herald office ha I tod a letter for hint. TORN ORBEN HOLT, PORBKRLY OF DENTON, LIN ? The above named John Oreea Bolt, who left Betfaad aeve eat mar* ego la eompeny with George Hod von, and on their. amValNl America worked at South borough. Connecticut. With Mr Nalhau Iaaaan, n builder, and waa afterward* be Moved ?e be in WatsrviUe, la requested to communicate tm ?Mdtately with Ma father, John Bolt, of Denton, Llncoln ahtra, England, nnd at oeoe to retarn bone. Should any one tonMO to communicate facte aa to John Oreea Holt'* ?an tibouU a aorrowing father will feel deeply Indebted. England. Jan. 7,19(7. ?T BATHER." IN BBRALD HTH AND WTH JANUARY, Li for bookkeeper, wilt please oaR at the Herald office aad get Important letter. ?EXE. Ol M Hot topnriaa GEO. SHIELDS, FORMERLY OF THE *,ATH i, to requested to call at 19 Broad street on very buainoae. 18ID0RE VALENTINE. MAEIA.-COHB BACK, FOE GOD'9 SAKE: I AH wretched until you forgive me. You will find a letter at Motion D tor you. Forgive, have mercy, and return im ?" 'ely. HARRY. o iLTMFIC THEATRE?TUESDAY EVENING.?WILL lady with whlta bonnet ?end her addrasa to B. Gale, ail CONFIDENTIAL. WJAULINE.?YOUR CHARMING NOTE OF 7TH INST. X contain * all T desire. My reply with "all particulars" emd Dill name has evidently miscarried I Please write me e ?en definite address. Charles, box St station O. tfVJRMBY.?IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF W Joseph or Sarnacl Qnemby. son* ef the tote Fran or* fiksmaby, ef Hoaahton Conquest, Bedfordshire, or nay per aea aoquatHted with them, they are requested to eommuni aafie to Mr. K. Qeemby, Kempstoa. Bedford. nMAM WHO CALLED IN WEST THIRTY-FOURTH met, vrtU he treated eeaMeattolly. % M AMERICAN, M YEARS OF AGE. DESIRES THE .Jr. eeewalntanoe of e tody under 36. with e view to malrt tanrymust he educated aad refined In teste and man ?aa with sufficient weatth to admit of aa economical raat ^^Kahroad. The advertiser has spaatseveral yearsIn la of n ased motel oharaeter. enjoying Una social In the South, and with good business habits. N. as era In the habit of replying to-aetlces of this w^he ^^enmyh^^aregwdfih^m^A^ l Benedict, hexlUUeralduffioa iaOST AND FOUND. ?BOUND?JANUARY U. A LADY'S POCKETBOOK. I Lcasaw-rjiS^a paying expense*. F 08T-0N HOBDAY, JAN. M.TW.IN OOINOFROM 'gWUKk avenue to Twentieth etreet, and ibeoca to on Twentw-lhll-d street, near Hlsth two Bnak Booke on the Bow err Savings Rank, Nea I and D7,O0^ with the following United Stales eeecrt iOnHed B?a^.?er^^aa:;;;:;;;:;;:; ?? m *WO United "State. 5-? of 1W2, No. 9,?B Do. Mo. ?n-OniUd StaUm df !,?*> NMe dwdrr wUl ho liberally rawnrdadliy'fotirning thn totototo-fhe office of 8AMT0R A TUNIS, ? stock Broker*. 37 W.llhtn. street. | ?oMT?on sitmmat btbmono, jaw. *, rw ooi?u J from Thirtj-atBth street, thrMgh LoxtafeURi avenue. Arty-seventh street, Fifth avenue and Thlrtyllfth street, o ?fiend Cross 01 sU stones. The Under shall receive lbs ?seine of the erase on returning it to C.'M A., "4 West ?te fifth etreet. lj en Moomi^dale road, or ?t the High Brides Hotel, a NSael'a Hair Hfcwwl, wUhfltaek centre. A-liberal mean! -mill be pidd oudts delivery to Mrs. Ot-opoey, No. 16 Meet Twenty-fifth street. T OBT?ON ONB OF THB DMVM Of CBNWAL liPark, Teetdatr evening. Jan. S3, a ForTuJ. If brcughi TeThemaa Obehran, Wall street, the reward will be y^OHT?ON SATURDAY,_?TH INSTANT, AW BKliINK ??Cellar,-In going feeei Thirty-first street, in Fifth avenue nlnge, to Ferty-third street, then through Forty-third street he Sixth avenue to Ferty-fourth street, between Math and I Mevesitk avenues. Tbtaftndar will reoelse $6 reward on re to 113 West Knrty leorth street. OUT?A BLACK BEARSKIN ROBE AND A LAP ?Blanket, on thn- evening or Jen. 31, st the oorner of ?y-fourth street end Broadway. A suitable reward Repaid by leaving them at C. Graham's, K University T OtT-dT FAIR, NO. H FIFTH U.VENCB, ON TCES ^mto day-evening. Jan. 23, s Hingis stone Diamond Ring. The ^?h- srttt bs suitably rewarded by moving same at store US SLtVmi ?headway. V OBT?A BUNCH OF KEYS; AMONG THEM TWO MJ seeds by the Jwbnson RoUry Lvek Co. If the finder mm return them to the oMoe of Jehcson Rotary lock Co., ? John street, he wffl be suUably ressarded sod receive the f^amka of the owner. X OBT?ON THB 32D IN8T.. COMING OUT OF A THIRD MJ avenue car, comer of Twenty eighth street, a moroctoo Knkntbook. Whoever will retnrn Fbe same to 102S' East Twenty-eighth street srlll receive the conlculs for reward. T OMT?ON BUN DAT EVENING. STTH INffTANT. IN MJ Twenty Srst street, between Fourth end Fifth avenue*, oaaeall oval shaped lava Breast Fin. Tne r.nder will be . anMehly rasvnided by veturnlng seme to ft* East Twenty -first SMST-OM SATURDAY LAST, A M?ROCC<? SATCHEL, containing silver spoons, vent chain, sleeve buttons and ^Har article*. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by re ?towing the atme to MM sixth avenue, ay stairs. F OBT-ON A SIXTH ATENi'B CAR, ON TUBS DAY, MJ 3M Instant, a sealskin Glove. The poseeaaor will be fltotoMj rewarded by leasing U at 1S3 Waverley place. flUUWAJRDS. AM AttPLR REWARD WILL BR FA A aaaminna.askad, for toe return of Us Perhatbook taken en Tnaaii y evening, at ?iijl nvenna ear. Addieaa in 6.MI Font i AttPLM REWARD WILL BB PAID, AND NO ? thc aentcjite of n , at S o'cleefc. on a ieS?a M OBNRROUS REWARD WILL RR PAID FOR THE ratsra of ton Coat and Memorandum Beuk takeu from Wkayenne, ?r for t ha Uxjkalone. No questions asked. Hntoa seme, in the bosk, to Fifth avenue. New York. 1* ?Hard.?lost, from p west eighteenth stseefi, a smell Blsck and Tan Terrier; ears uncut ^^nvawTwili be paid to the fiader. $5 VS&SgMtt MMt an returning inem to 80 East Th ? sii.K OTERHKJRT ??above reward wfll be Thirty 'first street. _BMWARD.-^L08T, A MIME OOLLAB.^ON ? avaoan, between Thtrtr-glth and Forty ?? The flndar will raaaiva toe igimmmS I It A; MB Wast Forty ascend street. MOQ RRWARD.?LG.ST, ON THB DMT INST . AT TH 9mm earner1 of rtfTh a venae and sistoeeto street, a tan fcto Newfoundland Dog wWh a erhtaa spat am hie breed toMsre to the name ?g Ned. The fiader will receive tl ^^?nerard at Na.jgjtaet Sktoeato .tipei. AlTto Ooht Certificate of ^^^^^^?Meadeteon, 10). Aj^jr one who wgi riVfr^<LOT11' jfltch, 331 Oread street. Wiltamstrarg, J9|^| k^editeb, 899 Unno4 ifrint, Wj|hrnffritri OMtnMr The aheee reward will he paid for the return of , ar la yraportlew for any psHtoornof. bytoo fro toenn will rb paid fob any information ?OvU that will lead to too Maerwy of a qa aaUi# ef MM end fable Knives, taken from WCIIM etraepoe the ?DM of Jsneary M, 1M7, or a proportionate amount ,br any wnaalliv --f the stolen goods. lh.- (?>ekcl knives are dih <1e toe Northfield Knife "ompany, and the table kulvee ynd Mrfcs by Taaeea A Good now. NORTHFIELD KFto ? Cliff street, New York.1 RNIFB COM FA NT, UUey Bare. ^?rbwspafem.| II.LUSTRATRD POLICn NBWsH States. The only complete weekly record of CHiAlnal Law MHtoshMitod hi toe Unliodtok^^^^^^^H yreasmt aumber for February 1 contains 1ft R LA BO ILL f.'ST RATIONS, Inelndlng INi'IDEN r? AND IBNTS DURINO THB <IRBA* STOHM. Mr. CUse. ^^?arful pedestHan fsnl to Brighton and return Mr. Nerrln' nnsstcceeeftal si tempi to nr^werSult It# his home In i)ulB?y. Mass.. Is a erigwn. nnrf daad In a snow drift. Wrack nf the ????Dulls Ann d the ?>?trr Brewster Hneton harbor I 1 ffwtave msR 1 ashed f? ? roye, start for their hmnee, a dls |Mi of toe Manchester, N. H., ebcoiing aifslr. Ar gaiaatsggiirvLcg S5a i-iz^-Jrrrsxzixi, txus i swotonr and sata Are to tfia Vou.ta, leaving them In the flames. I A ana found under the lee In R,aaton harbor. Robbers lor. ysr JgW'sg'jCNgm her toe met eteiukle and ret <aM# payer ef its data ^?fraan toe here! AM the wholesale IwLi IJISTHUCTIUJI. AT ao? BROADWAY ?MESSRS. DOLBKAR HAVK opened new private room* Intended especially for hi ll'Atten who deal re practical instruction In bookkeeping. '?Aiilncas Writing, Arthmelic, Ac. Those who enter this week secure private aeata without extra charge. A Bl'BINRRR EDUCATION.?AN UNLIMITED COURSE A for $33, at TOWNbBND'S Commercial Academy *0 Bowery, near Honaton atreek Private lnatructlon In Kng hah branches, day and svenlng, Ladle*' department. LADY OP EXPERIENCE. WITH THR REST KKFR reneea Addrt county. Pa. A. reucee and qualifications, deairea a altuation at cover Add ran* J . If., box IK Post office, Lebanon, Lebanon A LL WISHING BU8TNBS8 ENGAGEMENTS SHOULD A acquire writing, bookkeeeplng and other branches at the National Teaehora* Inatltule, Ml Broadway. Terms reduced to $10 Ladloo $7. Foreigners taught Rngllah. A OB A DU ATE OF TUB UNIVERSITY OP CAM bridge. Knglend, prtaeman and ex-aeliolar of his lege, he* time for one pupil disengaged: highest refer*n Address or apply to Ohatah, room No. 9. I'nlvei ally Building, Washington square, N. Y. A BF8IWE88 EDUCATION. QUALIFYING YOUNG A men flee all the duties of the counting room. In taught A SPECIAL NOTICE.-GOLDSMITH'S PENMANSHIP, A Bookkeeping and Hnstnos* Akalra, TSd Broadway ? Tbo dm* for reoaMng puoHsat half price la Routed to FVb rnary I. tks regular charges will positively bo rammed on t^tdpy. ParUcalare ta eft ruiar. A LADY WILL OIVB INSTRUCTION ON THE A 'Flano and Singing at pupil's roeldenea. for | quarter: beat of reference given. Address, with roe Teacher, box IIS Herald office. :SUS AT $J5-A full business course, TIME UN. limited, at BROWNE'S Business College, SSI Fulton street, Brooklyn. Bookkeeping alone (tttl fully qualified), $!?. Private rooms for adult*. Resident governess or housekeepee-bt a lady fully qualified for either position. Address or sell on MIsalUymond, 171 West J3<1 si rl TEACHERS.?FOR SALE. A QUANTITY OF School Kuralture, everything complete for !M pupils Desks, Chairs, Tables, Maps, Ac. Address School Furniture. Herald office. TTTANTED-AN INSTRUCTOR IN THE FRENCH LAN YY guage, for two pupils, two or throe evenings a week, at their residence. Address box 3,998 Poet office, etating terms WANTED?A SITUATION AS TEACHER OF GBR ? man, Latin and French languages: drawing, paint ing, arithmetic, chemistry, physical science, music and gene ral branches, by a gentleman who has considerable expe rience. Highest city references end also best testimonials from hlrh schools of Germany. Address F. F., caro of F. Graf, 217 Third street, between aranuea B and C. New York. BPOKriNG. ^ ^ T A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOB 8ALK?FIFTY- ' eight feet long, tan feet bwn; About Ave month* old-4 built or oak; and copper faateiied; hu acoommolallon* (? jr eight person* betide* the crew; I* well found in every t% specL Apply ?? board at foot of Baat Tenth atroet, All kinds of dooh and birds fob salb, at B. DOVET'8, !M Canal atreet. near Church atreet. < Medicine* far all dtaoaa**. Prepared Food for tracking bird*. CHA8. RKWHR A BROTHER. 66 CHATHAM STREET, hate received, par etaamer Breaaen, and h* re on hand, LOW German Canariee. Goldtluchoa, Ltnueta, -BluckbinU, Thrnahea, Lark*, Ac. Dealer* and bind lancin.e are hereby in tiled to call and examine far that* ?el tea. We are pre paiad to tell at the low?*t rate*. AI*o Gol'ifcn and Sifter Phaaaanu, Bnan* and anleaalt, anltabte for lAwnna EHtANClS BUTLER. NO. 3 PECK 8UP. MAS ALL r the chotoe breed* or Dog*. BatlerS InfnlMbla Maage Ocre and Fie* Exterminator, 78 ceata. Bugler** new work | on the Dog, $2. Dogs trained, bonded, Ae. Medicine* Tor *11 dlteasaa. Fancy fowls fob salt, oheaf.-hambuwob. Spanith, Bramab*. Boltoa Gray*. Phaamnt*. Leg. horn*, white and WarkBam*, Pigeons, An M Baat Fourtu ?treet. In the rear. A few oonnnon, extra targe. JOHN ORAT, H ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOB -vale Newfoundland Doca, Italian Greyhound Ptxpa^laek AM Tan, SooUh aad Bktn Terrier*; goodtht|*re. The hand. , eo*?e*t Black and Tan IPagia the oonatry, 7 lb*. KOTIOB.-JC8T RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF ORB. man Canary Bird*-by F. MORIS, 48 Chatham atreet. ?ponaible hetaa. tmo can ~ where, Wwmroome3?C*?>M street. gttRAKA, CABB1AOM. HiANT?80MR~TEAM BUIODBAT A Carriage Horeet; sound,Bind and gentle, a bargain to thoae who wi*h to furchaa*. Apply atW Jon*a atreet, Tallman's ntablo. A ^iLKo^Jnd^"b?V)aE A TTXR SIX SEAT SLEIGH ANP CUTTERS. GBR; cow, apflt to m Eatt Twenty alxlh *Met ___________ la^ss^sasiWsSi owneriearug th*cHy. Addreaa W. J. R-, Hartdd OBaa. NOB NACJt-A BLACK MAW., U HANDS, 8 TEARS ' old; htu in 3 minutea; awry frea. Prioe gaOu. Addre** , W? Ja. Plalnhold Poat offlo*. M*w Joraey. CV)R SALE?A SORREL MARE, EIGHT TEA Its OLD, r in haud* high, warranted to trot a mile ia?'60; aieo a black Mare, 7 year* *ld. tor* in one foot <e**lty cured), and can trot lu 3:40, cotltilt tumro*.- $1,400, will b* sold for $280, alao a fait pac*r *oid cheap. Inquire, at AM Third arenna, near Portr-seound atreet, in the harne** maker'a CIOR S ALB? t FINS TOUNO KENTTCKT TIIORODOH P bred Mare, **id to be fail, taken In trade, will be aokl cheap aa the owner has no uae for her. Apply at the Meal Katat* ogter, Broadway, between Forty-elgnth and -Forty - ninth ?tre*u. JJtOB SALR CHEAP FOR WANT OF USE?A BAT F Bene, ?ouudnnd kind; aafh family or bustneaehorae; faat traveller. Rr*<* Foundry, 118 F.aat *t. ITtOR SALE CHEAP?A SBCOND HAND DOUBLE r Mm Bob Sled. Apply at MB We*t Ponieenth atreet SARNK8S.?FOR SALB, TWO SETS OF FIRST CLAS 8 Mmgle Harae**,covered and lined and ?llver plated, tp for cash. Call on or addre** W. O. 0 ASVfcy, 3R7Ea*t Thirty third street. SBCOND HAND COUPB FOR SALE-AT 194 We*t Twenty-dfth atreet, between sixth and Seventh *>enua*. ear rife mnnufactoqr. STABLB TO LET-El RE PROOF B1UK. THREE alalia, roe** fbr two earring**: gaa, water, Ac.: te be rented lit' the lit of Seaatober, 1R87; looaUac Bant Vthll? second atreet. Apply to HAOUERTT A PHELPS, 11 Pine itrtet s^&u^ss^yrs^N8^ C. WITTY'* Carriage Wnrerooma, ?B8 Broadway, near Wiidir afreet. fL Third and Fourth avenues. ... WANTBD-A GOOD SBCOND HAND DOUBLE {RUCK* from 14 to M feet I eng. Inquire ef UBO. ACOSutAN A AON, AW Haitian attest. for three day*. ~ HOUSES MHVl ml uTWlSVtl i WIOTJ" ?~l Mm ?7aNTb5Ia"dOUBLB TRUCK, FAIR \\ I!arriea#Vmplate; moat he la iwt * any *4114 ha# two truck* f.T^aalo a aatT*f*ot< any nJWSSTt oouldbe mad* for bath by addra?tog Tmah. Herald $8c pr#*A Manor any bualnam. *7 Bavantharenen. TBB5BS55sOI ND. KIND: 'ml and kind; kinds AIM. MiMICAIo pCTufdo^h"?o^eP fej Ooieroatoryta; ?iruoUon booke fW* A SiVISJS ftgMaSWSlSrW. CANDIDUS- WaMtMM, Ni d> Blaeakar ttraet. ? Each pupn. BBoHitrRS a pb,va^ ll?^n on Plan*, at $10 per aoartar (na ?la?***\ at <37 Wait Kiev, ?nib tirnefe corner 8Ulb PlmnteU foi Pa'tto*. O meal. G^W?s^rJg'?5r"?raSi Eighth avenue*. Lemana WrMty orimt*. no ciaw? PleaM. call ar aeud for cliruUf.^ />Y WATSON, Ag*nt_ art.Vrd.Cmn. BAST 1X7ANTED?A TT to complete UiNj ienarai Rhrrldan. u " awKs* j'Kjswa^ it A S Chatham atreet, eypaaAa OhatNhaw. HALK8 AT AUCTION. Auction noitok.-r. t. hazbll, auctioneer. We will include In our sale of FRIDAY, JANUARY 3& at IOU o'clock, at our salesroom, 83 Cortlandt street 611 HOXeb AMD KKOS TACKS AND BRADS, CLOUT. SHOE, C1UAR BOX AND PIWSHINU NAILS. Comprising a full assortment. of the manufacture of A. ~ IdACoT. i Ftei.1 A Co?, partially damaged at the late Are iu Flat! street Catalogues earl^umruli * onnuf of sale. r. HAZKLL 4 COU Auctioneers, 32 Cortlandt street Auction sale.?b. roth, auctioneer. LARGE AND POSITIVE SALB OF ELEGANT AND COSTLY HOUSEHOLD IPURNITURB, MAGNIFICENT ROSBWOOl) PIANOFORTE. BEAUTIFUL PARLOR SUITS IN BROCATBL. YRLVKT. BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS, This (Thursday) afternoon, Jan. 34, at 1)4 o'eloek. the 'Am ?ant Hvuaehold Furniture of the four siory bouse 119 V /est Eighth street few doors from 81*th avenue, near Jeff /mou market, a magnificent rosewood Pianoforte 3ft Una Oil Paint inga. Works of Art and Brnuaee. IS Brussels and Algraia Carpets, a lot of rich Parlor, Bedroom apd Dining R soul rur safes?? wasr c"? " ? dRIAN H. MULLER, AUCTIONEER- ADRIAN H. ' 15 MULLER, F. B. WILKINB A CO. w,'j Jii ?t ,i". Don, on Saturday, January 36. at lit o'cl ?s. ??. vV. change Satanroom. Ill Broadway. 3.W0 eh ar?'Rus?-ll TOe Company, held anuoBaMmi. ~ Ar- Bus#cL1 JX way.?nYLANDT A WALDROR llua dny, at ooo efetock, n Sorrel Hor /a, seven Tears old Iflu kaodnhleh; warranted sound, kind ^d^lle? aU? aPonr Sleigh; also a two sent Sleigh. U, J. BLEBCKER, AU* '*1 A. J. BLBECKRR, SON a (^q will m)1 st Auction tkil d?y.atUu olgck,Mthe?? ?? ^Z.rT StetefA House and Lot. W. near Croeby. ?tb ,tor1 brl A House and lot 113 and 116, near ^OAre-d ntory brink. 98 and 89, coruar Mac First av?6 story brlc'^ 53^ BWU. ,t A W?SL?iJf ,~SAML. WYNN ACO., AUCTIONEERS. RnmwnSnS Z8" HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ROSEWOOD P'XnOFORTE, pinrnvnB ' dpnuta DRAWING BOOM FURNITURE. PAINTINGS AY EMINENT ARTISTS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. 2?mi!.daX/ .Thursday), at the Ave story brown stone kouse ?4 west pO'sbsbQi street between Fifth and With avenues, oommencli ^ Re o'clockSets Furniture, oovrml In bp# 5*~ *nd Mps; Bookcase, Etageree, Artistic Bronze Statoary. WDvoIup-jm, choice Books. Mirrors, Carpet*. Lace, Bronze SJ00*. ia Vases, Extension Table, Sideboard China, nHSf" ?t*?r Ware, Table Cutlery, Wardrobes, Bedsteads, ?Jlre Ma, Mattresses, Linen Sheets. Ac. h? ? OPTION SALE OF SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FUR ?A enure, Pianoforte. Ac.?By M. DOUOHTY, Aoo I (oneer.? On Friday, Jan. 26, at 11 o'clock, at the salesroom !% Nassau street vn:?Rosewood 7 oetare Ptanofhrla, cot. ^g^o^upero^arior^^mbsr^ibrar^n^dming iwmm Furniture, in walnut, oak, mahogany and rosewood; Pier Glasses, Hair Mattresses, Oil Pnlntings, Engravings, Gas Chandeliers, Velvet Csrpets. Iron Safe, OBtce Furniture, Ac. Descnptlse catalogues at aula. BKNd. F. THEALL, AUCTIONEER. LATE SALESMAN WITH E. H. LUDLOW A CO. SALESROOM 62 LIBERTY STREET. CONTINUATION SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MIRRORS, CARPETS, Ac., Aa, ? ? REINO THE ENTIRE STOCK OF A DEALER. I THEALL A BROS, will sell by anetion this day (TNnvn dn?)jJanj^^6^n^^etoo^M?^m?^rc^betnmM ! and Hudson streets, a very bum assortment of rose wood, walnut, mahogany and oak Parlor, Bedroom and Wmw Room Furniture. Pier and Mantel Mirrors. Bi nseels Dining Boon ? - .... and Ingrain Carpets, Oilcloths, Curtalun and Shades, to gether with a great Tarlety of other goods usually found lu a dealer's slook. Catalogues early on morning of sale. . B Y MINER A BOMKRVILLE. H ABOUT *W PASTELS. PAINTINGS ? AND PINE LINK EpiORAVINOS, ?AT AUCTION. AT U O'CLOCK THIS DAY, ? AT 8ALE8ROOM, 37 NASSAU STREET. B Y MINER * SOMERVILLB. AT BALB8ROOM, tf ? N?Mti street, opposite the PM oAee. , HORSKB AND CARRIAUR8 AT ADCTION.^^M ?on SATURDAY. JAN ? AT B OTLod, M I lH FRONT Or oaIin$ROOII< Mmk MINER A SOMERVILLB offer unsurpemed ad vantages ta location, experience and business capacity to parties wtshmg to buy er desiring to aall Homes, Carriages, or anythlqg pertaining ta the horn* business. Tossra heoeman. el Prldw, January is, at 10 o'doek K. M., at 387 Ad nan street (under Park Theatre). RreoUn. a lam quantity of, old Newspapers of vartoun kinds; also new Drawing, rllni Ing and wrappingJPapar, Blank Books, As.. Ae., to storage sod Joseph heg?an.t jAMTaw^ AtlS o'clock A. M., at the Central Salesrooms. WMougbby Istreet, oomar ot Peart, Brooklyn, rosewood and mahogany ?HTEti WIHVr VI ItMl, BIVWTik IWVWVtm a i... jjpis j Pianos Parlor Bulla, marble top Chamber and Dlniag Room Furniture, Mattreaaes. Bedding. Mirrors, China, kaney Goods, Purs, Oarpets, Heaters, Stores, Ae. XJtOR SALE BY AUCTION/ON PHWAY, THE WE. AT r 3 o'oloOk. the Idqoor Store and Rztarsa, situated at NO 'Hamilton avenue. South Brooklyn. TTKNRY B. MINER, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM 87 IZL Nassau street, opposite the Post ofttee.?MINBB A SOMBEVILLK wlB relfjtt auction, 'Wednesday and Than day srenlngs, Jan. SO and 31, at fK O'clock, atthelr new and spacious One art gallery, No. 81 nrth avenue, oorner roar tenth street, a lame And very One roUeetton of Anotepl OU Paintings, Including a nntdker of undoubted sdglndLs, Oil Palntlnge, tooludhna e uuMBer of undiUkted ertriadU, the property of a well known sennotsosur of this cliff .m lactadwfth mNEHNNHNtaMlillMHfilta PWfrtal ears during the peat thirtr years lu I rope. Canada and Amgrlea. and forming protuMudhM I assemblage of workouf art of the old schools country for many years. ParHeuUrs will bo HHF.NET G. EVA**, AUGTIONEBR-tWILL BELL THIS day, atl o'atock.a rleh aaaortment of Preach -Chine Bohemian Ulaaaware. Parian marble Prsmeh Clocks, Ao., the complete Importation of B. Bahrlaoh. HI Broadway. TTENRY PBLTMAN, AUCTIONEER, SELLS TOTS fl day. at 11% #rloek. at SO karoo Ih avaaue, tha entires Purultura and Bar PIx tares of a Boarding Douse, with Be-I stanraut. Bale positive. To morrow, large Grocery sale, In lota. Particulars *n to-morrow's Herald. day, Jan. 3G. at I8M o'clock, at No. SI Oliver street, the stock and Hiterea of a Oroserv store. P. COLLINS. A the rosy for Mortgagee, BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.?SATURDAY. /AN. SB. at lO^o'etnek. at the auction rooms, No. I North Wll V ? me iu ^ u cw't.A, si inc uuhtiuii pwiiiui nv. i nwitii ww" lis at street, a general aaaortment of Parlor, Bedroom and Eitohen Furniture. TORN L. VAWDEVRATER, AUCTIONEER. 100 LIBER ?J ty street.?ro-asorrotv (Friday), at II N., regular aalaof ?erode, Harness, Ao. The sale embraces some very supe rior trotting aad rood Horses; also Wagous and Sleighs. Partietilars In asorniug's tsaue. MMorris wllkinm. ai ctionkf.r.B ? EXBCLTORS' PEREMPTORY VALUABLE PROPERTY bale or H streets. R II. LUDLOW A CO. wlU salLat auction. On Tuesday. OX CATHARINE AND HENRY 8TBKBT8. en Tu Jan. SO, MA at twelve o'clock, at the Eiohange salesroom, 111 Broadway (Trinity BiilMlng). N. T., by order of the Eaecutors of William B. Uroshy, dachaved:-Catherine street?No. M, northwaat corner of Henry street. 'Valuable Lokwtth buUdfesgs. Lot SEA f real, 19.3 rem-, by HO feet la deptli. Booty afreet?Valuable Lot with bulldlnga IS Hear? street, between Catherine and Market streets, HsMO feet. Terms oash. Maps, Ae., di theoMce of the auctioneers, No. 8 Pine street. K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Aentt? srs. m MM ELBA8, AUCTIONEER, OffPICE 1ST SXaNTON ? street, will sell this day, at, IBM e'clock, at UB Pitt street, the Furnltare-of a faeslly, oonelsUngof Sofas,Chairs. Bursa as. Steve, Ms (tresses, As. By erder ef Bsury Bees, DAWKBROKEIW KALE.?BELLJt-INORAHAM.?T&IB X day, at NX o'olook, at M *?? Bowerj, 300 lou pledged rk:-I>r*M and OnrauU. LMm1 Clothing.<Sid ?silverWotchoa end Jewelry. By urUr of F. SehoM J&AJti Hoiitou ilrtftt. FBAWNBBOKBB'B HALB.?JOHN MORTIMORK, ACC M UoMir, No. 1ft Kut Rmadwif, will sell. thli day. a gS?JS?S: Iftihnrm ?raat. SMANUEL WTNN, AUCTIONEER, BELLS THIS DAT ? at WW o'Hock. Situreo of a I,Mir Boar Saloon. Nk x-rJrtPir^f s~?&xi?S3 ss CHiairrt sale. s %mmn win aali this day (Thursday). aft IA large and general stack of foreign and .lom??Uc Dry Oooda, Cloths, CaasWrea, Tweed*. Satinets, Hhewla, Flannels. Al- ' Ipecaa. DMalsie Marines, Oeltooea, Hosiery and other Stoek I I J. Connai.L, Defiiy. JOHN KELLY ?1H? I (NMMflk DcbUnMk SlirMBM, Call OBBBirra salb-cbockery store. O RICHARD IT ALTER*. Auctioneer, will sell USe def I (Thorodar), at II o'olook. at No. ZM Chrjretle street, s general assortment of Croeksry, Olasswaro, Lamps, Ac. m TTRan.LT. Depnty. JOHN KBLLY,ihOrir ? AND JEWELRY. RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, hmbb. at 11 o'dMMBMfliiha&i will sell oo Friday. at 11 O'clock, at No. tt Bast Broadway, a large 8u?uk of OnM and Sliver Watches, Chains, and a general assortment of Jewelry, As. D.UiiLsans, Deputy. JOHN KELLY. Sheriff. *H " WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?RELLR ? iThureday). at MX o ekmk. at the Kurnpea^l B?r of Broadway and < Union place, Eighth street, large Pier end Mantel Mirrors; one Mirror, I Milk); rleh Brocatel THIS DAT a Hotel, cor _ ** iwwmwh i'niiunt Vis Nl W II I '/I i i lot""', ii* ii i*i'" en aw i Dansaak and Laos Curtains: rosewood and blaekwaluut Par ? lor Suits, In rich coverings; Outre and Fancy Table", Rial goroa, nah Velvet, HrueeeU. Three-ply and other CetMloi ?ftnt Dialog Room OIMoUhl Doe TUtores, full Suite of oilof Ware, Palntiass aa< Rooking and ?4hftr Chairt ?U OHBeruroitoro, iron Ba/hTih lNo dBo InnHotel 46'? ''S^fesm.vsb. NrwTons, Jan. U.lftC. Intl., at IS o'oteofc, noon, of freeh mined eoal, from lh?rX'4ffiS^'?gy6aj: ?JOHN BBISBIJS. ^- I PINANCIAIm A STOCK Ob> MKR* 1IAND18E WANTKD?IN KX change foipvalneMa ,?|Ter ,tock? and Uivideed-pnytug oil property. Ann.' rush con bo furnished. AU eommuuica* lion* *lri?Uy eoukitential aitd returned if deslreit Address Nsw York Post office. AGhNMLKM AN WISHKH TO OBTAIN A LOAN, GIV "T/OS collaterals no* forfeiting Endowment Policy. Addre-yf g. P. U., liwald offloe.

f|C|fTlfBKTAL IN8URANUE COMPANY, V, OfUoe 102 Broadway. New York. 1 *?h capital ! $600,000 00 Aerplu. CwilM 57 TitiltMeti ......$ I ,tW8,136 67 Insures t|tuift loss by Fire on Buildings, Merchandise, Rent*, tease* and other insurable property, at fair rate*, and divide* three-fourth* of the profit* of It* business 6o it* cmVWMix The Board of Directors hnve this day declared a semi annual dividend of ? even per eent, payab.c to the stock holders, on and after the Idle Instant. GEO. 7. HOPE. President, n H. LAMPORT, flee President Or am P*c?, Secretary. Jantumr 16, 1M7. T^"EW TORN LIVE STOCK INSURANCE. COMPANY lNBCRANCE OF nORSRS/"*AVTLB AND FANCY STOCK AGAINST DISK AUKS AOCtDEMT, _ riRB, THBPT A NO DEATH. The befiks of subrcripUoa wlfi remain open for a short tfaaeat Uwofljoe of the trusts**, te complete the eubswrtptiou Trustee* authorised to receive seherrtpBon v ? mabler b. NotmncM, HARYET BALDWIN, WSt. a DIMOCK. Office. No. 70 Broadway, room No. A TkJOBTHWESTERN STATES. AN Hanking aod Collection ITonse of Gee. 01 Smith A Bro., La 8*He street, Chicago, III. Special attention given to no)lection*, plain and with document*. Draw on DREXEL, WINTHEOP AGO., and WINBLOW, LANIER A CO.. New York. SIX PER CENT INTEREST, FREE OP GOVERNMENT tax. MARKET SAYINGS BANK. H8 Naaaau street (near Pulton street). New York. Interest on new deposit* commences immediately on the first day of the month following the date of the deposit. wft ?* VAN NAME, Prealdeut. Hs'rr R. Oesius, (Secretary. SPECIAL NOTICE.?THE ACQUAINTANCE OP A OEM tinman of Indue oca 1* desired for the aaleofaetook issued with unexceptionable conditions of security. Very favorable term* ran be made. Address box 6,887 Post office fTtO CAPITALISTS.-LOAN WANTED UPON TALC X able newspaper property.?The publisher of a successful dally newspaper In th is ritjr desires to make n loan of from $6.fl0o te $10,(10, the security to consist of atlrst mortgage upon the entire concern. Address Alpha, Herald offioe. (DA AAA WANTED ON FIRST BOND AND ?OU.UvU mortgage on a brewery in Jersey, near New York, worth $10001); 7 per east and liberal bonus paid. Address K. P., Herald office. TO LOAN-ON NEW TORK CITY , at 7 per cent, aunoey court. $100,000 9. SOLIts BITTBRBAND.? Wall street, Ji $250,000 In this elty or Brooklyn. JOHN T. COl LOAN ON BOND AND MORT one or more sums, on real estate CONRBY, ? Well street, room 11 $550 000 10 L0A-*~0? bond AND MORT gage, on New York city. New Jersey and Brooklynrsal eetnte. Prompt attention. CHARLES F. OILMAN 11$ Breed way, room No. 1 (AAA rwin TO LOAN-IN RUMB TO SUIT. ON ?pDlyxy,UvXU city reel estate, dfi per sent of valuation; dtlP/v.lU/U city reel estate. 88 per prompt MtenUoo. Second mortgagee bou C. B. WILLIS A 00.7il Floe ? ught. street, besemeet OPPICBS. A T BTMAN'S, M BROADWAY,CORNER OF BOND A street, will be paid the highest price for Diamonds, Watches and Silverware, or will advance on tin above art! A T dfi NASSAU STREET, A pan the highest prices far ry. do. Be also advances on consignments of the above article* p^^^wfSf^0 ?o"r m EL#c JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleecker street, up stairs. ^gpw. ' B.-DIAMOn'dSN WAD*HBa R SAL1L tirricY hours from ha. it to ?TTh J. H. BARBI.NGBR $U Broadway, , room No. fi. ? ura UberaUyand at reasonabl* terms, cash on all valuable properly, watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, Pianos, or porehase the same. OH F. BARKS, (67 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. 4, PAYS the highest prime for Dlaxnonds, Wetohee, Jewelry, &?; or advances on tA* same; also Pawnbrokers' Ticket* AHN TMMKK8K PORTUyR OFFERED.-ONB OK TWO suBoltot capital to bay ???nda at a rery low price. for fnrthsr particalnra la gulf far iK> at Si MctropoMUn BoK, room <07. X GENTLEMAN HAVING ABOUT UN WOULD USB u#w mpMk ^ Tork Puet j^PAR^jONTBO^HK^^BBT^ABGB^IEARllY. ?^B short time trade In the Prurlslon Una would like to Mat with a capitalist barton $16,000 to U6.000 to toresl, -sit Her aa special or general partner. Aldnw O. C. X., ? Hers'd office. Tha baat of references flren and required. BAjyrH^UyEBlMJMra^TOTTR^NDCO^ ?Hmissinn bnslaaaa for aavaral years, with $MMM to -$16,000 capital, wis has an aetlre man to join him with about ^?amount of capital; principals only address, stalluc full | iwn^n^ocatton ^all o^nmunleatluna strlci'j cosOMtU. Addr PARTT LONG F STAB 1.1 Nil Kit TN THK RIBBON, I ? flower and straw foods trade, being desirous of retirinf | an sctire parlietpalton la tha aatn* and willing to in cest fluooo in cash as a special partner, withes sterling business man with from $10,000 to $16 0( Ma poaitton. Address P. A. C.. box 178 Herald al ? aa aetlre, I 000 to occupy FB^DOM^R^IL^^rHAK^^NreRK^r In on*of tbe baat patent rights in this country. Apply toC. W B., Barl'aHataL r fNOPARTNBR8HH>-#l?N.?WAMTBD. AN ACriVB V Partner with tMe sua. to take a share la tha publics tioo af a work of great Important* to the Catholic public. IFsr particulars address baa S.S7S Posteffice. I all II IliiII ill and Senjsnln A Hhumsn. la tbla dag disced red aeliPrank will ootfttosse the Innliieaa >? I Is Isad to satfls ail dabladua by or to New Tona. Jsn. SI. ?07. BENJAMIN NHVMaP. Jf B. CLARENCE NTS WART BROWN IB THIS BAT . admitted aa a partner la our sertrsl firms, aw Toan, Jaa. CwJ. BROWN BROTIIKR8 A OO. T>ARTNBR WANTRD?IN a GRAIN DIBTILLEItrOF X large rapacity. Just completed. la Uila etw; everything perfect sad er the meat approrad description. Addsaaa Omega, Herald afiee. WANTED?OR WOULD 8BLL THE LEASE I of mi Old satabltaksd pmduc* onunWoi bouas; *1 cinlty Rrta Building, Doom itrNt Prlaotpala only ad drsaa O., bos KB Hsratd one*. PARTNER OTANTED-IN THE SODA WATER MAHCl I (tMtlMul Bottling buatneaa. Capital n'mut SI X> nqulra of Mr foha ?wHMpMWBBrgj Btotb annus and DARK CHARCH.?PARTESR WAJTTKD. WITS A LIT U Uc aapltal. aa caatiler In the boat monay Making eihl MUon In Antenna. perform I nato erowded houaaa; naaoola | Uan 11 rat clans. Apply at WHndaoa street. MB COPARTNERSHIP ERRETOPORR EXISTING X between Adaiph Kloc A Brother, doing bnin?a al i?w 'Trend etroet, Brooklyn, E. D.. aria Oil a Any dtaadrsd by Mutual consent. ADOtiPB RIRO. otitual esosent ADOLlH^H kSttJS** cisf, ? rffl GOP ARTRRRW1P HRRRTOPORE BXtftffRO 1 nadartbo name of Ralllrau A Qrnrnm la hsraby 41a anlTKS by aautnal rooasni. Tbon.aa Sullh liquidation. TIKI MAS KC ? N*w Vnas, Jan. IB 1M7 WtLI.lAM '<? ?The bualnsaa at U Slttfa aranus srill bMsaftsr be oon WILLIAM ducted by TbSMAa Hull Iran. 8flf??p7 avmtoM. WILLIAM P. JAFPRAT BECOMES A MKMRRR 0 TJ_oar_<r? fram U|a daty R. B. JAFPRAX 0 00. OP WM ANTED-A PARTY WITH fltom. TO Pt/RCHAHB ? the intsrsat of a retiring partner In a wholeaale caah manufacturing boslnsM. Addreaa Partner, Herald adtee. WAR TED?A PARTNER, WITH M.NR IN AN OLD aatabllakad hnatnaaa. Beat of rnf trance required Mid fm. AMnm M. J., Heratd offios. firANTBD-A partner, ir a first class pat. X^^viStoii'guna *A Mlaa^H opportontty 117ANTED?A PARTNRR, WITH SORE CAPITAL. IR ^^b^Hti^esUbneled bualnaaa. Apply to B RAW OB -?*?***? yAfTBD-A NTEADT MAR I way, room Ro. & ?rom $7#"to f 100 waethly. P"? ,?"^i rl, MOODY A CO., A Pins part RSWlSESa""'sss^W !tt???Lir ?My. amuskmrstts. BHOADWAV THEATRE. ADMISSION SO CENTS. Corner of Hrooior street and Broadway the vvuitHH.i.i, sisrKBS In an retire rh.u.ur uf performance. ?? THIS EVENTNH AND SATURDAY MATINEE. By special requcat, Mimic i to the present wdafc. CINDERELLA. Preceded by the roinanlte CmmMHAW thd PETS OP THE PARTERRE. The three listers, Sophie, Irene ,u<t lounle, appearing In " WtSsl E" both (oooei. Moot Jennie introducing her famousOf'g ImSeo Friday, J*n. IS, butiefll of Mi** IKP.Ni:. Mendsi, ALADDIN, THE WONDERFUL SCAJiP. Jnn. W| M RS. P. B. CONWAY'S PAItK THEATRE,BROOKLYN. Tills EVENING, PAUVBKYTE AND MR. AN I) MRU. WHITE. II MB TKMPLB OP MYSTERY, ^^^?Dodworlh Rail, 80S Brnadwa THIS KVKN1NO, at JL ?t?d SATI' ltf? AT, at A TffjSf* M hart/.. THE ILLI'SImMX* THE BASKET THICK, TIIK tlOHLIM HHAD, And new Wonder^an^ Mliyclm win toe lnlro.lo. ed. TIeketa 80 cfiiU: itwnd ahnta II For ante at the hall front S till A Doors open at 7V?. Matinee doom open at IK. The Chkkerlng PUue Rl uaed at these seances. /\LTKPIC THRATRB. THI* V*MHo! 'j*.? a repetition of Batfe a Grind Opere. th? H WHIP.BIAS UIHL. 1K,UE*u8o<Sfaq!?., BtoBBMlAN OTRL, shieh *>? moat paptnrrmaljr rwostved eat Monday laet toy one 1trgest andteneea ever aaaembled In tliia tnea'.ie. ?f I he largest andteneea < Friday?PRA MAVOLO. Saturday?Orand MAT!NEK of TUB DAUGHTER OP THE REGIMENT. Serenty-drs eenia admiaelan to all seals. No extra charge for 1 K BLLY A LEON-8 MINSTRELS. ? BROADWAY. C on tin nod triumph. D etlahted andleacee. 1 mmoote arowde. B nchantlng melodies. N Orel ilea unequalled. M agnidoeat wardrobe. D BMON DANCE, 11:30. O riental xglendor. K very hodv screams. N else Sejmo'irgalr. R emarkatoly funny. D anee of marmaMa L EON a la Ronton* A HennBni. Prielrnero. R itnordlnary ballet N ever yet attempted. O n mlnatrel atage. C reatoa a furore. N o veteran acta. E nttre new programme. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 883 BROADWAT. The trouble comuieneea at a quarter to & THE CREME DE LA CKEMR OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCII, WAMBOLD, BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whom aumeM haa never been equalled toy any similar organ ization in the world. Now ana cheerful BnHeoqum every week. Stump epeech, I am Here. Animated Photograph*. Kngliah Opera, toy Qermau artlata; Susy Brown. Shouts of laughter at the Shallow Pantomime and the Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. ftllAKLEY WHITE'S TROl'PE. V __At Bryant' *. M*chanjc*]_ H*H,_471 Broadway. ^ ORE AT SUOCBSS OF THE IRISH FENIAN'S OATH. Suoeaaa. FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, Socoeaa. FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, fitMOMt. FKNIAN'8 OATH, FENIAN'R OATH, Snooess. FENIAN'S OATH, FENIAN'S OATH, Sucoeaa. FBNIAN'S OATH, OR, THE IDIOT OF KILLAHNET. OR. THE IDIOT OF KILLABNIff. JTBINWAY HALL. GRAND CONCERT FOR TI1E BF.NRPIT OP THE GERMAN LADIES' SOCIETY.FOB WIDOWSAND ORPHANS, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY M. with the hind assistance of the following ajfigwjeBBDBB Madam FR1DEKICL Herr ClBL WOLFSOHN, IU'0<hietT HEN NIG AND JUS GERMAN LIKDERKBAN*, iMiwSSlMBAii^toH under the lcaderahlp ef Mr. A. Paur. HERR BOGUMIL DAWI8QN . hai kindly volunteered to give a grand mrjlgRftota Shaka JULIUS t'diSAR, ? third, containing the popular scan* 1 mm, and oration* of Brutus and Mark i i the forum-Ro Tlcheta $l each, to ha had at Beer A Soblrmer's, 701 Bread way, where zeals may be secured without at the door on the day arid aventng of the o< tra eharge, or of the BtMhovtu Matinee eerteealeH ellgh land dent, which was, however" him from playing, he ha* been ebllged ^^^?froaa the iats originally when the program wis already announced win he most poel fffciliin the SOX ATA FATHBTIQUB will be pUvid tot lb# only Itio#. rickets gl each. Subscriptions for the remainfctg matinees SB. Tor sale atBTElNWAY'S. PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY OF XRWBHi ? TUIRD CONCERT, MAT! RDAY, JAN. J?. ORCHESTRAL PIKCKM ? Symphony. Volkmannl CENTRAL PIECES.? Symphony, Yolkmann. C/ver "Piagal's Cave," Mendelssohn, and "Let Aeux torts "Kiagal'a Cave,' ^ROI^VERFORMKlt?'-Mr fffl. Meaoo. piano tm Mr Wensel Kopta, violin. Oondnetor, Mr. Carl Beiwuir Extra ticket* for sale at the nenal plates. Dc? Wi i for aate at the nenal pUeee. 9r?er? open at 7, to eQe?^y^,?^gy^ARgAL yo 9 SATURDAY, JAR. K, AT lg O'CLOCk A. M. fa SP1BE, Beeretary. ^^rete e*"onnee folio Wine greet artlata for ibU ocoaalon:? *n"t1,t* "Jlbihe BThlnd rtrrm'-T'm -f Mr Pelentan Mr N B Mft-I.N. Mr. CARE nbfA, Vlolti ,!<*. Mr. <1. W. C SLIC, Arcoacwaovifit. an mouio ..... kl. ^ eusva^aujiM, and Mr. TRBO. THOMAS mod hie CLL ORCHEK"fRA. The priceewtE remain as usual. RESERVED SEATS 0>? DOLLAR. The Bale or which srlll commence) this morning at Bier A Sehlrmer's, 1W Broadway; Fond /A Ce., MI Broadway. Ttcbet offlce, IIS Broadway, and bt/>tawny kail. T>ROADWAY THEATRE. WORRELL SISTERS. _D Matinee, BatunUy. .Tan JSS, et IH O'clock. CIRPERELLA and ?"the PKTHf OF Trig PARTERRE. TX W. DERBY'S II. NBW \RT ROOMS, MS BROADWAY. ? (Oppealte Walleck'a Theatre). ore at tnmiBrnox of taiwttfos. tedud'ng the oriclaal ?????ix'R'q | KOMA flONIIKCR'S | world-renowned " HOKMR FAIR." BASTMAN JOHNSON'S ^?'lenUirl lor I tire of ? splendid picture of ??TflK OED KENTUCKY IIOKE. I.Ol IN OAI.IAITM^H 'EAST HONORS TO COUNTS F.OMONT AND HCORN." J. F. CROPsEY'N _ heeutlfnl plot ore of 9FBK INDIAN HUMMER." EBUTZK'S --*V end e unesber of ether ?UPBRA WORKS OF ART TMpawfePottigr W BROADWAY. neer Fonrteenth etreet. \ Open Bntly freea ? A. M. to le p. M. AdmiaMoo. is me J flURIKEIS OFFORTI CITIK1. SPMtNDID INVKKTMKNT?A NUMBRR OF LA YB ^^^^^^?whele, or by State and eouniy rlghta, or wt mli S5?fM5*lrJ.f,PL* f*rm ,n N,w Apply to B) IN NER A CO . 117 Naanau T " A n k iTBNaivk KK nrvno HOI'MR \*(> Al/?: o A M DUUJIorj for aalo, op adrantaganna torma. Apr Ij to COOLfOUS A TWM, 1* FruM .tract. 4 rsnr ram orpoRriritirr for a fabtt to A In root RDM IB oa oolorprlao whwb wtl MM Fart Vtrp rotnroo Rrorjr Information tort aoltofootory lofoo csafa a -Inrr* AMMU RRTAXR BURINEM WRLL KMT A to iRlo Mr for aalo. Flral rata abaooo (tor man. Fr?Oi$l,?i Apply to H. OtHlR. AS Nap A OBRTLBMAR, WITH M OR WOUip L1KIW . oa ooargotli- party with Uk? Maoanrto outor o t wRI Rf t far loromo. Atdrai Horald < A*Y FBBNON HATIRO toORK OA PITA L AND WISH | tag to tor rat It lu a molly good Imatnoaa, wllhna t nay humbug, may lagaira at Bureau of Information. tM FaMon A FABTT BIIO Wir.l, FtJRNIOU M OW TO $tfW? odrortloo to lagltlmato bitatnoaa, r.n to ? l artaoo from tbo laraatmonllao yaar; boot rofaronoo. B. D., Hot ?M olm RBAl.K-A FATRKT FOR A FBW IfAfU ON Til ? tot form parao In ?ilatoneo; raialla at III. furnlabmA at $? each. Mo. $ flam atroot, room Mo. I. IMPROTBD METHOD OF FINISHING AND FOLIHR. lag wood; tbto la aot a ahoBae or wo* poli.h, but a dm ??ry of aaw logrediania aad a proco?? by wblob, wNb a ?mat aartao of labor aad itaaa. a Itniah u produoed t*at for Metro aod brtlltenrr oannot bo recalled It la not ootd by aampwa aad root poo, bat la dimoaatratad la lha worhabow to Ibo full aollafnotion of tbo atoat loaradaloaa moabaoia. A laraw margin offered In torrlterr. For Mtnto aod ooeaty laryr margin og?r*d In trrrttorr. to OROROB IBIOKBH. 48 Bookman atrial. B. MafS^ingt 51 J? AOCOUHT oFlbaAJNO TUN OOUNIRT A QBN. Uoaaoa artil dtapoao df tbo wbola ofMa intarue* fag wsmtFjrm-ismm Banding, mom mo. R ' $25 s.r. .?MOORT * ro.. ? r,M nnH -A OOOD OFFORTTTNITT IS OFFBRBD - - j?*- with thla aaaouat to gO Into aa an nnn -a oood fl fUJtSt.TSaaSn amoST&rm'doorg moth of Myrtle, Broom lya. -BDHIRRM OFFO ermine Boris AMIMKHIOMH. VJKW YORK THEATRE. IN I-esse. n and Manager*. Messrs Mark Smith and Lewi* Baker. Positively last four night* of CRNDKILLON. which must be withdrawn on scouuut of prior engagements MAGNIFICENT 8CKNEKY, WAR It KOBE, ANI? A CORPS DK BALLET OK FIPTV LAUIKS, under the ?uprrvlalou of Ml?a HAIXIK A. HINOKLF.Y. I.tsr CENDRILLON MATINEE HATtKDAY, JANUARY 36, AT 3 O'CLOCK. In preparation a aniiorh di em >, ealled a MIRK OK PARADISE A grand Parisian success. Theatre pranc air?comedy. Fouileeuth street near Sixth aveau* HATUHDaY. JANI' AKY M. PARIS LA NL'IT. (Part* by nl?ht.) Flay in Avo acta, interludad with song by Dupnuty nod CornKMi, with tlio enure strength of the company in the ''eat. Ticket office at H HARDoh Vil.t.E'S, WA Broadway. CT BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Y KIPTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE. ADJOINING FIFTM AVENl'K HOTEL. J. MTOMA AND T. COMDRON Pi..prl?to, a O. W. If. GRIFFIN Manager. BRILLIANT SUCCESS. GEO. CHRISTY EVERY NIGHT. THE GREATEST CONCKNTRATlON AND BRIGHTEST DtINSTALLATION OK ANY ORGANISATION EVER FORMED IN THE KTlliDPIAN PROFK88ION. Pint week of BILLY KHKPPA'ID and JOHN COLLINS, the great t'aUlirnL and Australia favorites, WHO POR THE PAST TEH YEARS HAVE PROVED THK.MHKI.VKM THE MOAT HN1NHKU PEKUOKMKflH THAT EVER APPEARED ON THE PACIFIC SLOI'KI EVER NEW, PIQUANT AND KKB8H. 0E0 CHKlHTY ON THE TAMBORINB EN Ik MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY At P. M EUR ladies and children. OOLEV'S OPERA H0U8E?BROOKLYN, SECOND WEEK OK TI1E GREAT HERN ANDES THE kKKIitlKE, or The Kscaiw irom I.lbbt Prion ~ * WOH" "" Hf| A HURRAH ' TRIP AROL'llD THE WtJltLD. The Wunderful Guitar Solo, The Brooklyn Belle, The Ex empt Shakora. The Troubadora, Soap Suds, Martha, Tim Darn ing Fit, Ac. qiOMY PAMToK'H OPERA BOU8K-301 BOWERY. A Crowded house* in raptures, applauding to tbu ?'ho TONY PASTOR'S CHEAT TOUR AROUND THE WORLD. TOUR ARtll'M) HIE WORLD. TOUR AROUND TIIH WORLD. The fraud panorama. The astounding efleet. The wonder ful change . IN AMERICA. LIFE IN iKELAND. III GERMANY. LIKE IN ENGLAND. LIPS IN PRANCE. LIFE IN SCOTLAND. The Ocean Yacht Race?Ute Henrietta. Vesta and K'- t wlng. Don ny brook Fair. Street* of London. The Wander ing Mtnatrela. The Swell Of Pall MalL Naval Rattle?Kear aarge and Alabama. Birth of the HUr* and Btripev, Ae.. Ac. Pieceded by a Chotee Novel Variety Entertainment. MATINEES on Wednesday and Saturday, at 2>j o'clock A NSCHUTS'B MUSIC INSTITUTE. A. BTKCK'S MUSIC HALL, ltl Eighth street. betw?en Broadway and Fourib avenue. J. B. POSNANSKI'S QUARTET SOIREES. Messrs. J. B. POSKAN8KI, J. BERNSTEIN, M. BCHWAKZ, A. LIK8EGANG. With the ktud assistance of Mad. TARTAN HOFFMAN and HERR DKMT'TII. Fourth ^ The grand Piano used at these Soirees Is from ben*, trated manufactory of George Block A Co. Yalentinb VOUBDFN. TOE GREAT FOLYWATIONAL MIMfC. TI1I8 EVENING AND FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, IK RIB UNITY OF NATIONS. CLINTON HALL (OPBEA HOU8B), A8TOR PLACK TtR HEBBARD. THE WELL KNOWN HEALTH ORA U tor, will commence hi* course of ten Illustrated Leetoreo in Cooper Institute on Monday evening, Jan. 9i. He every where succeeds In swekfng the most Intense Interest, and crowded Trumonl Temple, iu Boston, for thirty-three con. secntlve evenings with perfectly delighted audiences. Hum. amide under the Influence ad hht teach Inge changed Hie whole programme of their Uvea. Hear htm. by all means, aud the more he la listened to the more Intensely Interea'ed TTNION HALL, BROADWAY AND TWBMTY THIRD cr. U BUMYAN TABLEAUX. _ painted by Huatinipou. May, Kyle. Cropeey, Cbureb, Deltas, ^bunta^WTf'ilorim'mVrooriimk. Admission 90 cents; Children Ml aente. Open every plaht at T. commencing at 7V. Matinee Wednesday and Ratufday at? o'clock. Dootffopnn at IMg. ROBT. J. OBBBNWOOP. Manager and Proprietor IE BENE )K OUT FOR THE OWANDRfiT AND MOST PRAIMR. ENTMIPRI8E EVER ICAM CONTINENT GIT THE WTO APRIL, IW. OP THE HOSPITAL AND DISPENSARY FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN, whan such Inducements will be offered for the purchase, el tickets at hare never before been haM forth. Ftfll particulars In the daily sod woehly papers. Also-co address from the managers of the Institution. OBoe for the sal* oftlcheU 698 Broadway. WORRELL BISTRES. SECOND MATINEE. Saturday. Jan. 3d. at lk o'eioek, CINDERELLA and PRTB OF THE PARTERRE/ BROADWAY THEA fRK a fashionable rrsoet-?w bboadway. A THE GREAT REVEILLE MU81C GARDEN. M7 REVEILLE dW GARDEN J7 027 REVEILLE fg7 GARDEN ??'?IT S Z off | 5r bbyrillb m gaedbn <ai g37 REVEILLE WT GARDEN *JH Broadway wi-sr brou?way MUSIC, SOCIABILITY AND POUTENEsM. FEES GBATfa TO ALL WHO VISIT TOE RETKIL1 K No charge for admission aeeept j*ad behavior. TJANJO AND OLOO DANCING, JIO, MCELESQUE JJ and Irish Jlf Daoetag. taught by JOHN DOG AN lilt East H Borneo street. Terms El par odors*. Banjo* ?? CINDERELLA AND THE PETS OF THE PABTKHRK. Matin en, Maturday, Jan. M> at lJao'clorh. BROADWAY Til RATES. WORBKLL flln fF-RM. VTOTICE TO MANAQIRN, STAKE. EC. _ iX An* fort lee wlelilng to rant a first rlaea f.ondnn rkf* rt (West BudI fur the tpdnc aid summer moiithr. can do iu, aud learn all reiiiculife by applying to JOHN H. HEI.WVN, No. 7 Varlafc plaem. 1807 R. W. WILLIAMS A CO. If<5 !?: ? pa\<-v MMK MaBKB 4 IK)MIM*? I*i7. M BANT THIRTEENTH 8THKI:T Kg BVKKTTUlNO NEW FOR THIS BBAHON IW PIATOFORTB*. II EUKOANT SEVEN PCTAVK ROSEWOOD PIANO No Ml fit; A forte for sal*. at PATTERSON'S Moray rooms, No Slith avenue, near Fortieth street. Plane made by best^H ?taken to order; full troa plate, oeerstrimg baaa, rKh I laga, rouod nut ?are, triple asswtdiag andrlch, full ton*; a very abort time la see; (a fully warranted by thr makers, and will be aoM at a bargain. Can be eeea-from 7 A. H. to 4 r. m. A SPLENDID UK TEH OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO A fort*, al a greet aeon See: br beet maharv, all iruprwe. taenta; beautiful leue and baaA. used Only three month v reef SBO; at half peine. ;tl Washington pleev near iirneiMt?'. ? Ah nkvV.n octave rosewood PIANO for se? I ? Wetuwey and other Sretetaea Planee. Organs and ?t* o 1 ?* '"s!"4? GORDON, 70S Broad* A PINE SECOND BAND SEVEN OCTAVE RO?R /% weed Pianoforte far aalai tsar round enrnera. Iron frame. rtofc 'oaa; a neogala; ESSE J BIDD I.E. UuMf atreat, near Braatlway. <N*TA VK ROSEWOOD PIANO wll for EES, one beaall'ul oaa de for ?1U; a lot of Hog Room Ferplture at a aser.b.a atreat, wear BUta areeue. A| MAOMIFICBNT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD I PI aa alaite for sale, mat a ta order, city mkirHH ig'iereutead uaad t loui.tha. nwi #0(0. /or $.TiO in* Stool aad Oe?ar. Farter Suits. Elagaraa, Itookeaae Inge. Briata.a, Chamber and Dtalng Furniture. H t?w, fully I, Ineludi ~ led ma -. ? i ?t , ? Paint Chaulwr and Dialog Fttrnllura. H Went ' Milk (? 1 EABOAIE-BXJWANT SEVER OCTAVE CARVhO BfSESKSsmwTnmB WW* owotiwuvopw loMHuto. sate^*? L srag^S'gy^gfcrig"^rK: I loftm* JLlfZnn factory. 1^?IiniRirjiM.itoroR tour 4?PTOUCH. AT mo*r*? Trtow. A- *"? MHH P^r-.'r1,?,^^ ??? TO"" 4*DTOUCH g#?i?sa?K?2i?"2 riro ...JK.v. Fourth rwgpty lft **>*. I 1>IAVM TO LET AlfO SOLD OW IMTaI.vim : a( ? ??- ??'ARK AND UPBI'iHT pi * *!?<->. Orfltii. wholotalo tn.l roull. ?? -r Prfooo from $W . upward*. i ltd 'or ?round hood onttf, m nrru a?r. ? ??Uro, 4 to If, ?, DAlTCTIffl 10APRMT, ^??MikdrNl and Broadway. ??? M. B TO, Of ouTS^H |aa?haooo? I PorUo* in. k to ooll audi IliM Ib tk? [rtrool H. T