Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 24, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 24, 1867 Page 2
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si'l'l' ATIOM9 W A1TKD?FEMAI.KS. AM'MHKK ??r WELL. RECOMMENDED GERMAN g.rU want allnatiua at Mi v Lowe's Germ.m institute, 17 Atwutou *t . ntuar Bowery. Apimsman lady, from Berlin, compktent to n-il-Ii her luugunge. wuhaa to hnd a situation with Utile ehx In n, or an companion l.? a lady, or as housekeeper In a laiiuly haa eiceilent reference# Can be aeen at 'J! Uninu-eilv pi ire. ABITUM ION AS OOOK?BY A iwimaH MHO I N derate nds liar builueas ilioi mistily; ia a tirat els*, baker; can ake the entire charge of a kl'chen: boat of rlty refereuc Can be aeet. for two davs at S7i 6th a*. Ycil SO LADY SPEAKING FLUENTLY THE A Tot'NO LADY SPHAK1KO FLUENTLY THE Preach. English and Hernian languages deatree a ?l u anon a? saleawoman; haa had r.?|x-, leuce lu the confection ery and h ikeiy business Brat of referencea glren. Ad dreaa K. II , biia 174 Herald ollioe. ARKHPKi'TaHLK YOUNG OIKL, JUST ARRIVED iiotn Knglaud, wants a situation to take rare of chil dren or a->i>t in housework. baa no objection to niuke her. self use! nl at any thine required- baa good reference fa I at 101 W??i '.Tib at., between 6th and 7th are. j^ (tITtIATION WANTED-BY A RF.RI'KtTABLE ? so in* girl to nook, wash and tron in a prtsrate family la willing to make herself useful, baa good reference front her tail place, fall for two daya at 176 Eaat Hath at. A respectable younq p.ikl wishes a bitua Hon aa Drat claaa laundrear: uuderatanda French b eing: the beat of city reference. Can be eeen at 208 Eaat Slai at., aecoud Boor, hack room. A1HT0ATIOM WANTED-BY a RESPECTABLE young woman, aa rooh and to aaaiat in the washing and li ming; the eery beet of city reference can be giren from her laat place. Can be eeen at 148 7th nr., between SMh and Slat aba. A LADY WISHES TO TAKh A CHILD TO KBR OWN home: baa no children; It will recaire a mothar'a oare; baat ef reference, fall at 191 West 30th at. Amtimtion wanted-by a young oirl. to do houaework In a small prirate family. Call at 90 Went Wh at. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WILL TAKE A CHILD AT her own home and glee It a mother*a eare. or would bring up e child with a bettla. Call at 10 Wooetaral.. third Boor. AN AMMllf AV WOMAN WI8HEBTO TAKE A CHILD to wo nur*e at ber owu home, where it will recelra a mother s r .re. fall at 10 Wooalerat, third floor. A GOOD FAMILY BEAM8TRBM WISHES A LEW ? engagement! by the day. week or month; can lit ladiea' and children s clothes; csn operate nil and haa a Wheeler A Wilson'* michine of her own. Call at SM West 36th at., tflint 9oor, barfc room. Aunt-ATION WANTBD-BY A SCOTCH MIDDLE a-ind woinnn, an 11 mt claaa cook: undei-atandaeoi.klng lit all <?? branches; la willing to asaisi In the washing if AYOt NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD plain cook, washer and ironer: la a good haker: best city leference. Call at 857 Weal 26th at., between 8th and 9<b ait., In the rear. RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANT* A ? ailujiion as wet nurse or would take a baby to her own house. Call on Mrs. Do ley, Mott at., between 3d and 4th ?va? Melrose. A A'ECTABLB OF. KM AN YOUNO WQMAN, WITH great etjierlenea srltb children, a good needle woman and has a good character, wauls a situation tn a religious I'rotealan; gentlemen's family, fan be seen for two dari at Mr. (i. liiuwn'a, corner Yanderbtlt and Park are., Brooklyn, A OIRI. WISHES A PLACE IN A SMALL PBIYATK family aa a good plain cook, washer and irnner: refer, inch If required. Call for two days at 342 16th at. AN ENGLISH OIRL WOULD LIKE TO DO THE mm-"work of a small family; la a good plain cook and ?a esc-uleiit washer and Ironer; beat of eity reference. Apply al 278 Mulberry at., near Houston. No one out of luwn iteed apply. SIT! ATION WANTED-BY A RESPEfTABLB Protoatast, te cook, wash and Iron or to do general house woe* in a small private family; good city reference. 1 .all fur I wo days at 4888th nr., rear hoi onse, room No. 8. AC( MPKTENT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO general housework tn a small family; city refer ence. Apply at 334 Fllxubeth at. ?RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A 8ITrATION TO do cooking, stashing and Ironing In a email family; ouy inference. Call at 81 West 19th sL, lop floor, bark room. A YOUNO PERSON GOING OCT BT THE DAY AS i% die imaknc wishes a few more customers. Call at til WaatXtdet. Amy note Will be allendad to. AM FlItRf CLASS COOK DBSIKES A SITUATION IN A uutei or reetammot; understands her bualoess tn all Ite ?raaons". ?Heat etts rtfeianoa. fall on ar addrnea A. H. I 14 Walts et., between Hudson sad Greenwich, for tare days YOUNG OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TOR OEM I ecal hottaesrork ta amsall family; la a good bread aad SU uaaher. Haa goad refernam from her laat OUee. I for two days at 940 West3bth at., aeeoni Soar, front LZ ? AlukOV WOULD LI KB A SITUATION TO ATTEND a liakary or confartfoaery store. Address for three daga Mrs Adams, station B. TOl.VG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A A eaaeil private family aa ohambermald and waltreee. Haa ata yeara' wfwwim. Call for two days atM Weat loth at., beiweeu Mh andfib are. A ? A ath ?am*. TOUNO LADY OF EDUCATION WISHES A SITU allot aa housekeeper or ooaanantaa. Addroia Mtee N. ~ atatton O. SITUATION WANTRD?BY A NEAT TOUNO OIBL. Tft 1* mn of ago, to mind children and Bat* herself gen-1 etaily useful. Inquire at 310 Waat Slat at. between 9tk and | liha a*s.. i?p floor, baefc room. SITUATION WANTED? BT A RESPECTABLE you.ig girl, aa waitraaa or chambermaid or both; oao _ __l of city roforanee. OaU for tiro daya at 47 foal 1Mb ai., between flth and flth ara. Ah situation WANTKD.-CAN do plain COOKINa, I washing aad lrenla* for a amatl tamlly; city refer enda; would like to lira In a Catholic family. Call at all _ !!?%? i ar . Brooklyn, In the baa YOCNO BNOUrill WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO EN _ gag* wlih a family aa tlrat claaa oook; la aa eicellent bake . I ha h*at of rltr reference. Call at Ml Waat SBth at. Riag tba ball. ISA la toe old number. ARRhPKCTABLK OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO oaok. aaati and Iron; e^n do all klnda of baking; wtahea to get into a email family, flood city reference. Call at 121 RRAPECTABLB YOU NO OIRL WANTS A SITU*. tkou aa chambermaid; raa operate on Wheeler A Wtl aon'a ua. hlnea and e.m do all Linda of plain rowing. Apjdy at Mfl Weal Iflth at, betwoen 8th and IKh are., second floor. ^ RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN W ANTS A ii situation to eo<>k, waata and Iron; no objection lo a board! houae. Can be seen for two daye at lis Weat 1Mb at., between *th and 8th ara. A Hi I CATION WANTKB-BY A TOUNO WOMAN, to do bouaework in a rery small family, or elaa chant boiwoct and aowtng. Call ai Ml Kaat 13th at. A FIRST CLASS DRKSS AND CLOAK MAKER. A alao operator on Ororar A Baker'a machine, would lite employment by the day or week; no objection to I bo count rr. Add rear Mia* K. Carta, alatiow O A TRENCH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO TAKR care of children; can apeak KngtUh nod Uaiman. Call oi SI Lanreno at., botaroor Spring aad Prtnoa. A^mLI. WHO WANT CAPABLE StffcVANTS 1MMR0I I ?? afly^ ajid goodOonitan a ir A RMRPKCTARLE SCOTCH OIRL WANTS A SITU A A. lion aa good plain cook and lo aaaiat in Waaklag. In a ma all family. Una goad cny reference. Can be aeon at OKI A^TsITITATION WANTRD. AH FIRST CLASS COOK; ? anderaiend* cooking in >11 lt< branches. ;Seat city refer-I ansa. Can ba aeen to-day at U Waat 1Mb at. I A SIT I ATI ON WANTRD MY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A M chambermaid and waitraaa; no objection to a art raia boarding Bonao flood Mr reference. Can ba aaea Tor two days at fit Sd ar, ooraer of 1Mb at. a sittation wanted?as nurhb, irr a young A women; ta com pa to at lo lake charge of chiMraa from tbetr Mrth; or no ehambrrmald and plain eeametram; boat atty reference glren. Call at B9 Waat 3Mb ?*., between Mb end Mb are. Ah SITUATION WANTKD-BT a COMPETENT wo man. ta en air, wash and Iron; ta a aootl baker of bread and Meruit; baa the beat eftr reference. Can bo aaon for two Soy* at ?dl Sd ar , ooraer of SMb at. A EBSPSCTAMLB WOMAN WANTS AST A plain rook and to do washing and Iramni boaeowork is I HE famBy.saei mfertaoe. SITUATION AS or general ^^^^?^^^?^^?rtaaa Apply at Waat flgRi ah ?P ailoii aa ' bambermald and aeametreaa, or would amiat I lo the wishing and Ironing, or geooral bouaework la a email famSr Apply at 47 WaatTibh at, A TO' NO, HEALTHY MARRIED WOMAN WABT8 AN infant lo aurm at her own roaldeMe. Addrom to Mr. rla'a 'iquor atom, Carroll at, noar Sd ar., South Brook l"i. AH REspfcT A SLR PROTESTANT OIBL WISHER A ? ettuei'on In do ekamherwnf* and waiting; fcno the beat ol any reference from bar laat piece. Can be aeon at 19 Ra.l 1Mb at., flmt Boor, back rawik AH TOUNO OIRL WISRKS A SITUATION AS NURSE and eeematreee: aaa do an kind of braiding and em Xt^Jg&ggBS. c-w?. A ?COTCH OIRL WANTS A SITUATION; IB AN RE JU Mfft'lVfl WANTBD-RT A OOOD COOK AND BM bnker, willing to make boraalf naefnl, will employ In a Krtfeg bonne or nmau family. either la IS ar oowMHd gg^^-as wsrvkwsb: A EPSPECTAM^B TOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITUA a winnn mno, Ptitai or waitraaa| weald land eew; heelho.baot ally M ??-. appiEta 1Mb at, WOMAN WMO MAS NO RBU ?9BM n SUSItl m child'* nnrw ^^^^?MdMmmare of MH Cell at and c.*5? iSkUlL ??>? Mb ?*., num am. BaadC. SITUATIONS WAM'KD-I SMALKS. 4 YOl'N'O AMERICAN GIRL. 19 IIAHH Of AGE, xl Intelligent, ? ?1 of iuuUbl .It* iwiUon, demiwe m perma nent ,fn?neo i nar?t mil ?enin?ir..?, or would ham no Objection to u* aacompanion -Uiu- where mud wtoa an liwrrlt* may be U J No notes answered. Address Mia* Ullla, (latlO i I*. YOl'N'O NEW ENGLAND LADY, 23 TEARS Of M?r desire* tba tai-itlun o? ho'iaekt-t-por In a aridowrr*g family of inomn*. Alilroea for three dmye tlua VS., Brook lyn Po I office A YOUNG LADT, LATELY LANDED fRDM OCR many, des'rra ?? situation n* hairdresser nnd aCHm-drr** n a r%?|>rcUbla lwuilly. Call at Mra. Darmstadt's, t?)j Prxrl at . ilr-u door. a SITUATION WANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE /V Oil. .?? cook, and lo iutaist With the waahlug; ''i.a -It yearn' relereace. Call at 211 Waal -tith at., betweeu 7th and aci ava., ttiird door. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A QIRL 18 TEAKS Ol.D. i\ to mlud oilildran an.l do liflit chumberwoik. 0<<od city reference. Apply a' 489 Pearl ?L, In llio auelion store. \LADY DESIRES A PLACE FOlt HEU WET NORSK; she has abundance of milk, and ia in good health. In litre at 172 Went 48th at. AREHPRCTABI.R WOMAN WIsnES A BITUATWIN aa good cook; (a a mod maker of bread, and can give good relate nee. Call at 808 Weat 18th at. IX AMERICAN PROTESTANT GIRL WDIH88 A SIT i\ uatton to do general houaework In a aniall family: la kind A!"! obliging and IKS afraid of eork; good ally refer aoea. Cal. Una day at 40 Kaat 13th at., near lat ay., Unrd floor. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WANTS BMPLoY ment in a fir-t claaa family, by week or month.; under ataada oil kind* of family sowing. First class references. Addreaa 879 2d at., between Sflth and S7th ala. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A VOCNO QIRL. TO IN) houaework: ia a good plain cook, weeher and ironer. Call at 60 Wott Washington place, In the rear, eecond floor, front room. ATOUNO WIDOW LADT WISHES TO ENGAGE AS itoiteekeeper in the family of a widower; ao objection to children. or would liku to travel with a family. Call at 11 Lauren* at . near Iirnome, top floor, room 10. A SITUATION WANTED?BY ATOUNO WOMAN, AS rook, waaher and ironer; or would de houaework In a ?mall private family: has the boet city reference. Can be aeen tor twodava at 281 Weat 32d at., between 7th and 8th are., tog floor, front room. A SM ART YOrNO WOMAN. NOT LONG FROM ENO. land, wtahna a eituation aa ehambermaid and waltroaa In a small family, or aa plain cook in tha English style; has the b<-at or references. Call for two days at 333 19th at., naar 10th a*. A MOST RESPECTABLE TO UNO WOMAN WISHES a situation aa soamatraae and nurae, or ae nurse and chambermaid. Cau be aeen for two days at 83319th at.. Mar 10th nr. A RRttPECTABbE QIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rhamU-rmaid and to do sewing: will make heraelf genarvly uaeful. Apply at 83 St. Mark'a; lace. 8th at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A VOL'NO WOMAN with a freah breaat of milk. In loraa rerpectab'.e family. Call for two days at 318 Eaat 14th at., aacoad floor, front room. ATOVNOOIRL, LATRLT LANDED. WISWIS A HIT nation tlo do general housework. Wages not so much ?ought as a good home. Call at 44v 8th a*., In the raar, be tween Xld end 34th eta. A SITUATION WANTED?TO COOK, WASH AND Iron, or do general houaework. by a respectable woman. Good reference. Apply at 287 West 17th at., first floor, back room. A GERMAN QIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN AN A American family to do houaework; can apeak good English. Call at 10 Washington at., third floor, front. A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN WI8HES A WET J\ nurao'a place; this Is lo her second baby. Call for two lays at 129 Wait 3l>th at., In the rear. A YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN, WHO HAS A BABY Are months old. would like to get a plaee la city or country. where she ean take her baby aloog; can do a good deal or work; wii go for low wagea. whatever wen think I ? ' *? used to em worth at lbs end of the month; always used te house work. Call at 217 Bowery, room 17. ARESPECTARLE MARRIED WOMAN, WHO HAS juat ioat Iter baby, 0 days old, wlehea a baby to wet nurae at her own residence; It will hare a good home aa she baa no other child to mind. Call for two daya at 747 1st ay., betweeu 44th tfnd 48tli at a. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WOULD TAKE it, a family's or gentleman's arashing at her house. Can gira geed reference, t all at or address 94 West 37th at., ream No. 4, raar building. j . A tfBSPI A,. a aitu orgeuacat RESPECTABLE GIRL. LATELY LANDED. WISHES ?a aUuatlou with a private family to do chambeinask ImwiMHBMMBllkhii itmrnrnimm or ft natal houaewgu*.. Apply at 101 *th at., batwean lat and HA Cfl<i TWW Ho 7. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A IV situation aa wet aurse. Ihqutfe at W Fourth ev., from 11 to 4 o'clock. YOURO AMERICAN OIEL WISHES A SITUATION at obambermaid or waHreea, or would aseiat la aura. Ing; would be willing to go In the eountry: the beet of city reference if required. Call at or addreaa 40 7th av. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR OR WHEELER A WIL ena'a machine wishes to go out by the day or week; or will take work In at her own bouae; has got her own ma chine. Apply al 004 8th av. A n FIRST CLASS COOK, WA8URR AND IRONEB I |withes a situation. Good elty referenda. Apply at 804 AM TOUNO WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION as cham-I ? bermald. lauadrass or waitress. Best oily referrncs if required. Caa be seen at >14 West SSth St., Oral floor, front i /CHAMBERMAID.?A SITUATION WANTED. BT A ^^re?|W^abl^lennangirl^chambermai^^M^^|em oral housework la a small private family. Apply at 281 48th at. (10OK.-A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIEL WARTS A / situation aa cook In a hotel, restaurant or respectable boarding bouse; good referenoe. Addreaa Annie, Herald ofllee. COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BYm MIDDLE AGED Protestant woman who understands rooking In every branch. No objection to go a short Ulatanoo in the country. Call far two days at It 5th at.. In the r~" fear. Good iMiimim from her last plaoea where the has served tn the above cupaclt j. (lOOK.-MTUATION WANTED. BY A GERMAN WO J man. aa Oral oUaa French cook in a prbmte family; aba un.tcrsian.u English and American cooking, all kinds of bread, cake, pudding, paatry and Baa daaaaru and cream* Tbi- boal of city lefercuoe. Add rem M. K., bos 111 HaraM oflice. ______________________ FIRST CLASS KNOLT8H COOK DKSIRRS A 8ITUA tion; is capable of cooking rrory variety of food; good reference. Call at S3 6th *l., in the rear. HOUSEKEEPER.?AN AMERICAN LADT 18 DK slroua of the above position; Would travel with a lady and make heraelf oieful In a family; ha* long eiperlenee and Bret clan* city reference*. Call at IAS WeaflHih *t. CKAMSTRh88 AND DRRS8MAKRR?AN RXFRRI O enccd **ani*trea* wl i who work* in private familiea by thb _lore eugaceraenta; operate* on Wbeelrr A Wilson'* sewiag maohtne. Call for one day at 39!6th av.. CITATION WANTKD-BT a GOOD GIRL, A8 COOK. H washer and ironer. Best of city reference. Can be seen for two daya at 446 4th av.. Brat Boor. SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART. T1DT AMKRI --an girl, as w*ii rc?? la ? private family, or aa saleiwo mag, la a fancy or baker'* store. Call at or addrasa, far three dayt. XW 3d av., care of Mm McKay, third Boor, la the rear. SITUATION WANTED?AS SRAMSTREBS; SPRAK8 Trench, beat of lefereace given. Atfdree* Seamstress, her 1go Herald odke. SITUATION W VNTHD?A8 PLAIN COOK; II A GOOD washer and ironar; good ally reference. Cal 1 *14W ?h nr., room Sal _______________ SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOP NO girl, to cook, waah and Iran; an obieetton* to go In the country. Call for two days at 49Bast ltth si., secood floor, raar budding. CITATION WANTRD-BT a RESPECT able WO D man. as conk; la a good bakon hoot otty reference. Oaa be seen lor two day* at IN Kaet ?t> sC SITUATIONS WANTED?BT TWO PROTBBTAVT girls, tn do the work of a private family. Bsfsreaos given. Call at IM Ka?t SOtk St. fop tear, front. SITUATION WANTKD-BT A COMPETENT PBB80N, 4* took, waak and Iron. Inquire at Mi Wklt* St. SITATIONS WANTED?BT TWO PBOTSSTANT GIRLS istaters); on# no cook, feed washer end lienor; the oikm na chambermaid and waitress, geod dty Itfbrseo*. Call at 66S id av., near BBtk St., lor two days. SITUATION WANTKD-BT A GOOD COOK; IB WTLL Ing tn assist In MM washing and trsalng; kin Brst rate city ref scenes. Caa bs ma at bar peasant smpioyer's Thursday and Priday, at B Bast ITth *?. SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RBHPKCTABLK WOMAN, ?swet ears*. Apply at M4 Weal BM at., betsreaa 9th and dth eve. SITUATION WANTSD?BT A RBSPRCTABLR TOUNO woman, no chambermaid and waitress City referonoo. Apply at 1* Wsst 41*4 at. SITUATION WANTSD-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG > we man, to do plain cooking, washing and Ironing, or general housework la a small private family. Tka boot of city refereooe. Apply at 140 Weal lglh St, batwsea 7U aad Ota ay*. mwo TOUNO 0IRL8 (BISTER B) WANT BITUATIOMS? 1 One to sook. waah and Iron: tbs other wenld be wHUng to do any ay autre werk; they wenld Mhe to da the work of a nice family. Tke beet of eMy refsrssse gtren from their last place, where they have lived far three yearn, Call at BN Worn Iflth at. ? ? batwsoa 7th aad Mb a vs. I WANTRD-BT A TOUNO ENGLISH GIRL, A SITU A YY una Id a respe*table family aa Moral servant; Bret 9S* reference. Caa he son* Bar two days at IB* Waal I WANTED-A BABT TO WET NUBSB BT A BR YY apoctabls woman, wba baa Jwa tool her own. Call on Urn Par, W Mott ?t-, room 14. W ?T.^\rrv/Tur,nr IjpBjgjS soaking in ek It* Waachesi nu objsrtloa to go/aIh* ormelry; best or city reference. Call tor two dayo at M West 10th st.. between Tib sad 8th sv*. WANTED-A SITUATION, IT A GERMAN GIRL, A8 YY child's nurse, chainberesaid, or to do the general botne work; Is also competent to do plain sowing. ApptyetMf East IQU sc.. third Boor, from > to ? e'slaok. WANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A BITVA. YY tloa as cook; an obi rati** to assist la washing and Ironing. Can bo seen at nor last plane. IM Bast Wh M. WMANTED- RT A STEADY. RBSPRCTABLR WOMAN, a titaatloe in do general housework for a small prt. . rvsle wages not to much aa object as a con.tactable | ^ no. w> much aa object as a |home. Can b* seen until isgsgsiat UN fiat Mtk Ok. ha-l Iwren M ?ed M ars first floor, hash room ;vmi grwalt on a lady wb* boards. Wages *. CaU at IM Baet SITUATIONS WANTED?PKBAI.KH. WANTED?A MTViTMf A8 NURSE. RY A YOUB? Vifii it f'r' who ban h.ul esiiertcuor nitJ in (and of children, font! rf!4r)'[iMa, Aildifiit fur one weuk B. J. L, station Q. New York. WANTED-BY V RBBPKOTtHLK MgHRIBD WOMAN, young, who bra loot her awn six work* old, a fcitUHt'on to go out ?? wet nurae; no ohiectlon In ?? 10 Uie country. Call tor three day* at No. 70 Noith 7th ?t-. Wti> Hum* burg. WET KURBR.?A RFHPEHTABt.R MARRIED WO man who baa loat her own rh'ld will lake a atitM to nur*e at her own borne; good reference*. Apply at 107 East flat a'., first floor. WA HIMO WANTED?BY A RRRPKOTABI.E WOM AN, either at her own hone or to go out b) rhedsr: the best of reference. Apply at 281 Earn l&tii at., between ar*. B and (I. IirANTED? A SITUATION IV A RKffl.l'TAWt.E <?KR VV mm girt, with good cltv leferem-e*. to t.tkn nit Of children and do' aewlng. Apply lor two day* at 13b Alloa sb. aeroad floor, bank room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young Proteatant woman, aa wall re a*. In a email pri vata family. Beat of olty reference glron. Oallat 141 west lSlli at., opposite Jaekaon aquare. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A YEW gentleman'* or ladies' washing; no fluting, or to go out by the day. Apply at 1W Kaat ltih at., third floor, fronl. T1TANTKD?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK. A SITUATION; " understands her business well; no ohieotion to do part of (be washing. Beat of reference*. Call for two day* at BR Kaat 17th at, between let a?. an t ar. A. WTANTF.D-A SITUATION. AH SERVANT, BT AN TV American. V years of ago and alt feet in his atocklng*; not eery particular as la the hind of sorrier; would prefer a ?ut nation aa gentleman's scream, or servant In a private family. Address J. r. Thomas, slaUoo'D WANTED-BY A PIBRT CLAM COOK. WHO CAN ceok ia every style, a situaboa; has the beat of oily reference. Can be seen at 10 Bast Klh at. for (wo daya. WANTED?A SITUATION POR A GIRL, AOKD 14. TO aaalst in honaaworh at lake oare af ohIMraa. Apply at SP King at., room No 7. ?( stairs. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A REAPECTABLR Proteatant woman te do general boutearork. either eity or rouatrv. Call at 10b I lib at., between 1st sad 3d a vs.. In the store. WANTED-BY A PIR8T CLASH OOOK. A SITUATION aa order or head eook. alia thoroughly uuder*tanda her banners in all Its branches: oi would take s tmrala faintly. Apply at Mb Waal iflth at., between 7th aod 8th sis., Ic ihe basement. WANTED-BY A YOUNG GERMAN GIRL. A B1TUA lion In an American fstnilv Ut do general housework; eat- w??h and iron welt. CvMat 313 av. B, third floor. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE widow woman, aa wat nur**: good city reference*; baby two rnuntha old. Call at IM Kaat 17lb at., flrat night up WANTED?A BITUATION, BY A PRENCH WOMAN, as aur*e and to do plain sewing, apeak* good Hah and has the bast of city reference. Calf for two daya mi 111 Weat I7th at. WANTED-BY A RK9PEOTARLR WOMAN. TO OO out by the day la prlrata f?mHie*; Is capible of cut ting sod fitting ladles' clothes, and understand* Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Call at INI West "fltli at. Ring the bell. WANTED?BY A TRUSTWORTHY WIDOW (NO caret a situation to eook and lake full rkarge of a boarding bousa or any public place of holiness; no objec tion to the country; good reference. Can be aaan for two days at No. I Union court. University place. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AN cook and to assislin the washing and ironing. CHv referaaoa from her last employer. Get! for two dny* at Sfltt West Slat at., between Pth and Web era, top floor, bark room. WANTED?A BITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A8 chambermaid an J waltraaa or to aaalst with the w.i-h Ingaod Ironing, or to t>ke corn of children and aew; is will ing and obliging. Ha* I ha boot of rHy refcrunoe rora her Iset place. Usual !W8 East 33d at., between let and Id an. WANTED-A SITUATION. MY A RFNPECTABLK young girl, aa chambermaid and aesmatraaa. Call at M West Mth st. WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN Wo man, a sltnstioa aa ntiraa and seamstress; best of eity reference. Call at 118 < 'Union plane, 8th at., near dth ar., room 33. WANTED?A BITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE g*H, to do general housework; te a good plain cook, washer and Ironer: best of city reference. Call at MS West Kdth St., second floor. MT ANTED?BY A YOI'NO WOMAN. A SITUATION IN YY a pi Iva'e family (o to general nuuanwort; la aa at-rl Icnt waehet aiid troaer ami good rials cook: nu laliora an sweiad; win not go ta the oouotry. Call, from 8 to 8 o'clock, at 36i>t EUzabath at., la the rear. WMaKTKD-A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT I I young wooaaa. aa chambermaid or parlor maid and la aaaiat with waiting; highly recommended from her loot allu. Cai et flSalh sr.. In the faooy store. fibum WHET Nl'RSR.?SITUATION WANTED. BY A YOUNG ? woman, with a full braaal of milk; bait city reference. Apply at her pre taut employer'a, M Weal tVh at. W^HANTED?BY A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN A HIT. uattoa aa wet nurse: haa a fresh breast of milk. Can be seen for two days at AM East 18th at., third door, bark ANTB^^^ITUATIONJI^jOMPE? maid; can cut and fit ladleC and childrar'e dresses; can operate no a sawtagmaehlue. llaa flrai clamtom^m ?nee for the last Ave years. Apply at 188 West nrANTED?A SITUATION, BT a RKsyPCTARLB VY woman, aa nurse end eoowiotiwee, or oa chambermaid and floe washer. Has nine year* eliy referent*. Ia fully competent. Co'l for two days at MB Knot IM al. YKTANTPD?A SITUATION. BT A PROTEST ANT WO YY man. to oook: would oaalat with tho wnahltg and I re a log If required. Good referenoo. Apply at SO Heat SBth at., between ath and Ytiara.. In I ha rear. TXTANTBD?BY A RBSPECTABLB WOMAN, A SITUA YY Uon aa oook ia a prirata family: nndantaads her buatness tboronghly: le e good baker or bread ind pastry; no objenon to naatat In washing and Ironing; good refer ence. C?r at MS Baal SSth at., second floor, baclroom. TITANTED?A SITUATION, NT A RESPECTABLE YY young man. na eoaohmen; oan ho highly mcommendad from Ma laat emplnyer..Cnll on nr address Brenter A Bald wis. corner of llkk at. and Broadway. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITI'A YY Uon In aprirate family; underotanda eodtlng In all Ha branches, boning and making amine. Can bo seen for two d?ya al 1U East kStli si.. In tho it ore. HELP WAWTKD?RKMAUE*. A LAUNDRESS WANTED?A FIRST CLAM SERVANT, well recommended. Apply at III East 3Utl at. A COLORED GIRL WANTED?AS CKAJBKKM AID; city refer*neo required. Apply at MS Wait 31th at. A COOK WANTED-BT A GENTEIL SMALT, private family: she must understand Gernan cooking end be willing to assist hi washing and Ironing. Apply trom 10 lo 3 o'clock at Ml East Mth St., near 2d ay. A YOUNG LADT OPhOOOD ADDRESS WANTED-IN A the inception room of a ferrotype aallev. Applr at Btlckaey'a QaUerr, 7Q Broadway, for to-day any. A FEW LADIES WASTED?TO WRITE AT THEIR ^own home*. Apply at Vo.d Walkar at., bitwaan 8 aad Female pastry oook wantbd-pora hotel, opposite Maw Yark city; marl pn*?eae iha lualiflcaiiona of eooaomy, naataeaa and a perfect knowtedgcof the busi ness. Address Ray Share Haute, box3,tG#Nor York Poet mwo GIRLS (COLORED PREFERRED* ONE TO 1 cook, wash and ben, the aiher la do up stain work. Apply Ufa day at 1l> West Mth ?tract. naar flth m. WTANTED?A PEW FIRST CLASS DRAWN* HANDS. YY Apply at 88 White at, up statra. WANTED-A GURU TO COOK AND ARAMT IN THE YY waahlag aad ironing. Apply at W7 Weal Rip at., after ? o'clock. y .1 WANTED?A HEALTHY WET NURSE WITH A FRESH breast of milk. Apply nt No. I West Mth at, between 13 and 1 f. M. WANTED?A WON AN. Afl WAITRESS Alto FT YY laundreaa. Oood references requited. Jmty at West 2?Ui at., between 9 and 11 A. M. I apply WANTE0-A GOOD LAUNDRESS ANDl YY mild, with alty reference. Apply at 43 anted- a cook, wtth good city rr| I In a small family of four. Herman ol preferred. Oood wages given. Cell at 817 Weal WANTED?IN A MUTATE FAMILY, TWO^^^H YY first dees cook, who ia willing to do tome lag. and n chambermaid, who R a good leuedreg Apply W^M ANTED?A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. KNft.IBI ? American, to take charge of n reatanranl flithea of experience preferred. Inquire at H Cllaton at.Rreo I.IHH OR ?hen; nag .Rreoklya. TXT ANTED?A GIRL TO DO WASHING, IBOhfrMG AND YY chainbcreork In a .mail prlvaie famllr load oHy 'Mock ta YY obambcrwark la a small yrt . references required. Inquire between I aad It o the mornlag at B> West ltth at. WANTBD?A GIRL OR M1DDLR AOBD WfMAN TO to hauaewaih for a family of three. Apply at M Waaater at. ? for tarn days. W*5T?.'528 ffi&SXJS'J&El eSBWtlSlBS?* K5WS i Mth at. ; WANTED-A RICE, TIDY GIRL. TO _ jutM flttcVar at** ***** without igfMtoji. Appl;

Wanted-a nbat, tidy oibl as beaNs aad waitress. On willing le maha hark If mg apply, with city refereuoee, St M Want ?U A WANTBD?A GIRL, WITH CITT RHFRRfW*. M StxWSS* > TERR Insefa WTPATIORR WAWTRIMU] A MT^Ttion WANTED-IN THE GROc A nam. hy an aetlra, energetie yonag map wl aipeneocs fa Mty aad aeualry trade; rery beat from hie employers; salary rcaseaahte^m BrattUbww Post aGes, Yl H SITUATIONS WANTED?*AI,K?._ AfJK.NTl.KMAN WHO INCONVERSANT WITH TUB (fl European 1 a u ruawr*. ? ????? euijiioyrai nt is Inter preter, tr.utU*ior or correspoiMleui. Adumm Ceulral Aiuuri ? C-i, Her Aid otUow. _____ AHITHaUON WANTED? A8 PIIBTBB. IN ANT KIND ol limiutix; |ioi reference, given. AldrM for three dijri Thomas Boiton. 80 West 39th nt. AN ENGLISH APOTHBCART, Of II TEAKS' EYPE riener. desire* ? attunilon In > whoissnla or retail drag stove. Aildre-s I'ta.irmacy, Herald office. Situation wanted?a* bight watchman. light porter or In any respectable business, by a maiTted ?nan, en American. Hu m good plain education and beat of reference. Add re-* I.e Hoy. UK Kink at OITUATION WANTKD-RT A YOL'NO MAN LATELY i> arrived, a* waller or bartender. O. M. W.. I Id Cedar ?I reel. TIO OIIKMI8TS AND DRUGGIST* -WANTED BT A 1 young man, aged S rear*, a iituation a* an aaeletent or dispenser to e surgeon. Addrea* 8. K.. M Washington at. UT ANTED?A SITUATION A8 RUTLRK BY A MAN ? of unquestionable rharaoier and ability; elty reference to that a Bert. Address K. B.. Madiaon Square Post office. HTANTF.D?BY A FRENCH OF.NTL.BlfAN SB YKAKN, YY peaking very good Eugtiah. in New York ar other plana, a situation In a hotel. sore or prime family. lo qulrt for Mr. Gayct, nt M hit nr. 117" AN TED?A SITUATION A YOVNO MAN, YY lg, will be disengaged ^n a few day; Ida l lender and has a good knowledge of groceries. Beat of rere. re nee given from prevent employer. Inquire for two day* at 1H Broom# at., oorner of Wluau. BQfHl ?A YOUNG MAW WITH THIS AMOUNT AS ?ptJiJv, security, danirea a situation In a chemical worfca, drug store, produoe or msanfarturtng buatndae; leu pt act leal chemiat and drat (-lata business maa. Address w. H. M.. Herald t ABOUT good bar CUKK> A?P MAlaHMKM.. A TOUNO INTELLIGENT MAN (pERMANl. i\_ thoroughly acqnaiuted with aim bestneea, having a - sufficient knowledge of the English and KrenuU Ittuguag"*, and who writes a good hand, wishes a situation as book keeper In an Importing or wholesale house; cily rdferenoe. Addre?s K. D. L-. Herald office. A YOU NO MAN FROM THE COUNTRY DESIRES A sitiiaiion *? bookkeeper or assistant oookkreper; t* a good pe&tnan sud secountsnt; diet class oily reference. Ad dress M. A II., Ill Vartek si.. N. Y. _____ A SITUATION WANTED?.48 BOOKKEEPER OR salesman tn a rcspecucle dry goods ?tore. by a young man ef fourtean years' etpsilvnoe; beat of city reference. Address A. E. W., bo* lit) Herald oOtce. OALESMAN WANTED?AN ACTIYE. BUSINESS MAN t, well acquainted with elty trade Apply to Whitney A Plewelltu, tlh Washington at. Travelling salesman wanted?for a first class wholesale paint house. mn-l be acquaint* I with the near by trade. Address, giving relerenuea and time em ployed in the loudness. II. 8. K.. Ilerald office. IITANTEO?A SITUAilON. BY A YOl'NU MARRIED V* n an, aa clerk or salesman, has had ?ome eiperience lu the book trade; reference given. Adores* Edmund, boi a.fiW Port office. Want ED?a salesman in a cloth johbino house. Address bo* 3,OUO Post office, Mating terras and references. WANTKD?A THOROUGHLY EXPKRIFNGBD BOOK kepper, in the dry good# commission t.uslnesa; uoae others need apply. Address bo? 6 342 Fott .fllceu (OAdlMBK AND CJARIIEM'.RS. ATOI'KO man wishes a situation as coach. men in the country: good reference giveo. Call si K7 Qreenwich et. y A MAN, THOROUGHLY COMPETENT IN THE CARK and nianagemenl if horses; t- sober and industrious; ha* the highest testimonials, well acqtiatn-ed In the city, withes au e;>g getiietit (r drive fur a wore, or a situation at porter. Address O. Slmpsnu. Ileiald oQiee. A COACHMAN WANTS A SITUATION-IB A FIRST rises driver; ?s willing and obliging. The best Of otly reieMPSO. Address R. D? Hersld ofllee. WANTED-A GARDENER WHO UNDERSTANDS landscape and kHclten gardening, who is aober. honest, ingenious and indu.lruuta. snd who e ill make himself gen erally useful about a -ounlrv place: one whs can bring good ret-outmendnUo'i*-an find steady employment end e cheap rem for his bouse, snilt good garden. Address Gee. Vail. Moriiatowu, N. I. ,HKLP WAHTKD-VAI.R4. A MAM WANTKD-JN A DOWN TOWN STORK. AND J\ a 'joohkaaper awl a man fm a grcery aiMl a porter. Apply U> J. H. Hivwn A C*.. ? PiCton at. ^ ^ AGRNTB WANTED?C|TY ?AND COUNTRY; KXCl.U. ?Wo dl?ii an altet'ed; now aud useful fM'euied nrtfels; aoaoral required ta ovary house and family. John Itegruahe, 115 Centre at. up stairs * , A (JESTS WANTEtt-TO TAKR ENTIRE CONTROL OF t\ town* aad rotinlioa for the aula of Brown'a Fa tent Doable Cone Damper. Come and aee this ieveotiun. Smart agents cua anaku w>na* on small ?\p.ial. ADAMS k FLINT. lli? Saaeaii at., room Mo. T. Agents and pedlers wanted -article srw; aalea Immense: profits JW p?i reu; no riaa of rapltal. POSTER k CO., MO Grand at.. B^ T.; 71 Mala at, Brooklyn. ATOOSO MAM. WITH A LITTLE CAPITAWISH. In* to eacaia in the liquor U'Winesa, ma:, meet with a daalrable opportunity. Address, with particulars. Auhaaaa. II a raid o*ce. All desiring situations is mercantile. manufacturing and other Inedaeea, call on LYNN 4 CO., 01 Naaaan at., room Ma. *? ALL DESIRING SITUATIONS, CALL AT W CHAM, bara at?Bookkeeper*, copyitta, darks, aaleamen. por trra, bartenders, conductors, onrara Daalrable vacanatea and aalariea. A BOOKKEEPER. TRAVELLISO AOB.VT. (JOPYIST, aaleamaa and timekeeper aao ling immediate employ ment at Jla Broadway. Help furnished graCa . All desiring situations apply at the skw York Employment Association, Id* Broadway. Clerks, aaleamea. porter* and all others. A MOOD PHRENOLOGIST CAN HRAR OF A 8ITPA ttoa whara ka may make money If talented and atten tlra to his buainna*. by addisealag. with reference*, hot 1,1M Poai offlra. Sror York. BOY WANTAD-IN A WHOLESALE DRUG STORK; beat of rereramendatioat required: salary fC par week. Apply at iWurwawteh at. Boy wantkd-onk who hab had some p.xpf Hence in a billiard room preferred. Apply after IS P|tl ? t.) j|clock at the Clifford House. No. P Carroll piaua (Bleacher Employment.?a competent man can hayr a permanent all oat Ion and good wage* as delirertr or country egent. Apply at ST Beekman at., third door. ___ IflXPFRIRNCBD USHERS WANTED IN A FIRST 'J olaaa honae. Addre**, with reference*. stating plaoe of aerrtea, Dry Goods lleruld ofllca. TO ADYBRTI8INO CANVASSERS.?WANTED. AN EX penanced can rawer, lor n new and taking medium: liberal terms will be given to the right man. Apply at INI Broadway, third floor, front room, between 10and II o'clock WANTED?FOR THE VRTBRAN RESERVE CORPS, honorably discharged soldiers, wounded In parf.n on anor of their duly, and now onmpeien' forgarriaou duty. Remitting rendeivoua till Cedar street. YZ7ANTED?TWO EXPRBIICNCED CANVASSERS ON YY a new acleuttflc work, to whom a large romiaiaatoa wlD bo paid. Apply for two days to rhn*. T>. Wallace, 11 Wast tthat WANTED?A GENTLEMAN, WELL ACQUAINTED Yf with reapeotabie fhaailtea, te aaavaa* far tha sale of floa Rhine wines. A liberal eofeutlaaion will ha paid. Ad draaa L. W., Herald olBee. |XIANTED?TRUSTY MAN. TO TKND FURNACE, A<\, YY for one hour In morning aad tw? In evening, far which ' home end hoard gtrnn. Apply at 111 Rdat Tbiny-alith ?Kit? between hendlr. M. TXT ANTED?A FEW GOOD MAP CANVASSERS FOR YY one of tha moat aaleabta mans ta Urn marks*; al*o ana goad advertising caaraaaar. Apply to Fltipatrvk k Hanter, BaadflP Pulton at, aeenqd floor. TIT ANTED?I* A WOODWARB HOUSE, AN ACTIVE, YY aaeraatta young man. qnatifted to travel: one with MOM knowledge of tha bnmtirts. or aeqantntsd with tha hardware, brush or twins bnelnaae. preferred. Addreta. wtth refarenoa. Energy. Hefald tfllA UTAWTED?A BOY WHO WRITES A FAIB HAND, TO YY niaks himself useful; wages $3 par wank. Apply, with - Anl lataln Ima 14 | -a ^ rWa WF TPmtfBiHliI OrVN,| W IH? XB ANTRD-THIS DAY, APERSON OF OOOD CHAR. YY sour, groat energy, pleasing aflflrua and aome ax pa. tteaoa. to oMatn adrertl*aaaent* and suheerlptlona fnr a* aptebHahsd paner, of high position. Liberal commission. Unetaapttonabla refereooM Indispensable. Apply after 10 A. M/ta Supartntandant, Literary Bureau. 1M Naaaan at. THB TITADHIbI ? ixw MEN WILL lis TAUGHT CIGAR MAkTnO Am FEW MEN WILL RE TAUGHT CIGAR MAKING I ? at Ufl East Houston street, entranoa ou Chrystia street, I ap stairs, room Ik Taught In a few days. | fYLOTH MANVFAOTt'RBRS.-SITUATION WANTED.? Vj A Osrmaa who waa several years foreman In tha apln ?Ing deportment of a cloth factory wishes a altaattoa. AA dress or eaU on Chs. Knehnemundt, oars of Dupre, Kretg k Co., j Bread at., aomar of Egehamge ptnae, N. f. r\RNAMENTAL JAPANESE WANTED?MUST BR trnyn, waiter* An JO HN r^LOCKB kotffi&S eL*" OILK HAT FINISHER WANTED.-ONE WITH JMO 1H ?> mBh 1can hear^of ?^flr*W?t^hn^b^<1d?#*in^fmiemJ fftO BOOR BINDERS ?AN EXTRA FINISHER WANTED, 1 ta go <o Newark, New Jerseyt steady work aad poafl wages tea men who anttn Apply at J. N. Hods'a. No. IM TftBADB TO BNORAYBBH AND JHWHLRY ????? tSwBMh AdflrwihoetlraiwinTootoflteo,N.J. I fTIH|BBLH MjJtMIl WANTED.-NON! HUT OOOD I OK EON a'SflLTM, N. 1 state, at, Broekty. TVARTED-A FAFIB KNAMKLRR; A MAN TO TABS I fseUy?gn3mdJ?edaSeteMite5SMo'fimU^Vfffl^Mo^prmM I assanr 8ssas>?-??** | arimKui nruuMn oihu hmu I YY aedi eel ever thirty years of age. Apply at ikl Reunion I Motel, at. aad Ah ar. I II FIRST CLASS COAT MAKBE, ONE FIRST CLAM I II ^female a^aratar an Singer's maahlna, call at M Walker I will II I I TTOLUCKW to Both ootao; te the Married atWRPOTMiPi^^H ag?r SgrriswEtSF^ HOOKS, noons. ?C? jr? irt. At 819 FOURTH AVENUE.?H0US|5'to LKT. ?7 18BR; city And oounlry: furnuhed and utifiirunhn (. During the mkjuu send weekly fur uir K?a^ Eet^UM'trciaar. A SUNNY. WARM AND DESIRABLE BOOM, WITH ?very oonveuienoe, to let, furuiiUod. will/but board, to one or two gentlemen. et 13 Ea?t Twenty fourth aireet. Terra* tery mode rate AS FIRST 01.ABA THKKR STORY HIGH STOOP brick Houae, for oue or more yeere, or will Mil for $19,000. three-quartan on mortgage. immediate irawMion: between Broad we* nad aiilh nreuue, fi t* location and order. Apply oe the premteas. A PLEASANT HOUSE IN SOUTH BERt.RN, N X. partially funriabed, to let. to ? party who will purchaoe the furolture. Kcwt moderate. Powieeaiom girau immedi ately. Addraoa A. C. H.. He.aH oflhe. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RRNT.?CENTRAL L1CA tiott; rent $150. al*? one at $#?, one at (SO and one at ?OS. SMITH k ROLHTON. 83 FtMaeenue^ A?TO LET IN HOItOREN. ATIIKER STORY HOUSE ? and Fitrniilore for aa'.r. Rrut S&W to NaJ. IW Furniture. $790. Appt* to .1 OAGNKY. $15 Washington street. from 1 to i and $ to * P. M. APHYoICIAN AND DENTISTS OFFICE TO BENT? Keaaonably, with or without board, at M Belt Twelfth street. A Brat daaa location for practice. At cassidys, m third avenub-a first class brown atone Houae, t'urumhed; $1 SUOi alao parte of Hotiaoa and doora to let, la good lueatioaa and at reaaotmble renu. I ?FURNISHED HOUSES TO RENT?JtKNWlfcE . at., SernuUten h. Nlneteeulb. Thirty-third aad Twenty g?M> * treats. $190. A NIC* LITTLE THREE 8TORT HOU8R TO LET ? lot mediate possession, weal aide, naar Twenty-third ?treat. Tearly rent $SHl Furniture for aalo cheap. ADAMS $ CO.. W Byadway. A-TO LKT. A BASEMENT. WITH OFFICE: LOW . rent Apply oa the premises, basement, 44 Franklin strut, from IQUfl 1 y . : J, PARLOR FLOOR AND BASEMENT IN PRIYATE i hi-use, $40. A eult of ail unfurnished Room* for $13. hen from $10 to $?. I.LR1NS A CO.. tVj Wo?t Twenir-flfth atreet. A SUIT Or TIIRRE NICELY FURNISHED .ROOMS to rent, on aeceod floor; a email family could keep home. Call for three day* at IM Weal Twentieth atreet. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BfeDROOM, SUITABLE for hnn-ekeeplnr, to a eeritlemwi aod wife; alto a email Room, wltb *lo*c. to a single ppraoa. Apply at CI SlitU area ite. AFURNI8IIRD lowhr floor, consisting of Are room* and b?.omenta, .a Twenty-ninth atreet near Lexington avenue Other floora unfurnished. Root tow. Inquire at 114 Third aeentie ANE A ri.r FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET-OR would -ail Furnitdre and real houae- ale* one an Twenty ninth atreet, Call early at 48 Went Twenty-fourth at real. A STORK. TO LET ON BROADWAT, ABOVE THE Fifth Avenue lintel: rent. $!,JU0: immediate paeaee eiou. Applr to HI RAM MRP-BITT. ? Third avenue. BIJSINF.ctd OR BOARDINO HOUSE. IS MBRCBR street near Prlne* g..nd location. possession Fehritar* 1; a'.oii a large House m Wareiley pi* :e. partly furnished, aniiablc. liir a clo > or boarding houae. Apply toT. G. OIB BONb, 1W Bteecker atreet. BASEty^NT STORE TO LET-DRY AND FINISHED throughout, ?-'*) feet Apply oti premise* (310 Bowery), tip stairs. {fl'RNISHED HOUSE. WITH STABLR, TO LET? ' Situated on hnn? Hill, near Islington avenue, 25xli't fee*, m a private fatn-ly, without email children, for an mon'ha, fiv?m ',?? SM.U a' February. The houee it elegautlr furnished; Stela* ay grand p anof^Je b lliard table, eitra anted mail* lor for - horse* and cJ^iage meun for live repl ete*. Reot $*(*? per ntonlh. Apply toHOM BR MORGAN, No 9 Pine el reel. New York. FiMRST FLOOR AND LARGE KITOHKM TO LET?UN ' furnished. suitable for housekeeping; modern inapt ova roenta. Term* moderate. 3Mt West Nineteenth street. near N'lnlh avenue. POUR FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?INCLUDINO g.te, fuel, bath, water closet, hot anil cold water; uuar horse care, on Dagraw .tree*. Rr-mklj-n. Rent $90 per month. Possession imuwd'tuiy ? !*'.; at iVoleett'* Pain Annlhilator ?Sloe, 17B lha'iam square, f?-w York, between i and* P. M. R L. TOLf OTTpOwnw fCMtNlAREO ROOMS, WITH CtdMKTfl, UAH, WATER, " *c., w let, without >mrd. to a Uouea wtta modern .*? province! ??. Single Ro*ma at $8 per week. Appdy At I fig We vet ley place. r'RMIhltKO ? FOR HtJ.iSKRRRTINa-RALF OP A three 4'nry high atcop Itxiac to Ka?t T-venty tlurd atreet. Rent ttt a month Addreaa fwecWy-tlttrd Street, Herald oflhw. __ HOUSEREBPERN OR PRftSONS GOING TO" HOUSE keepingr?a pay by weekly or monthly payment* if preferred I or Carpet*, oilcloth., Pttmature o: every deocnp ? linn. Redding. at RKNDALL A TCOff li, eorucr ot C'-ana and H dinn etrnet* Light kaabmsnt to lex, suitable for euhi. neee parvoaee; 7i?8 Seoand aveotte, earner Fortr-flrat street; reut $19W y-*Oy Apply t* SORCHLING, IJfrutv lagtea street after 6 P. V. I OPTS TO LET?FOUR LARGE LOITS IN CANAL J street, temr Bt sad way Apply ta NOAU WTfBATON, aflb Canal alrrat. Large, furnished front parlor and bed room om aerotvl Door; water, gaa and all other coairenL encev; u> i e* pec table i>artiea tW terms will ba reaeonabia. illfl Bteeeker atreet. Mercer street, 'near uitANo-ro lease, a plot ar Ground dSalflBfeet, with the Riuldittg tbereou. Rent moderate Apply ta 8 It. LUD**OW A CO.. Na, $ Pisa atreet. O. ? VBSEY STREET WILL BE TO RF.NT MAT I; prenimi will he tmpreeed to autl tenant. Addreaa or ly to E. P. ROGERS. Morgan Irou Works. Ninth street. ' river. Nl te& OFFICE?WORKSHOP.?TO LET A FINE I.IOHT Offloo Mi drat floor, orer At. John's Mutrt, at ? mode rata rant; possession immedtaisiy - alia a Workshop ??* Loft, near Canal atreet; stae MtlM: well llgh'ed; poaaesslon at ant time, rant eery modorett. Apple to J AM BS PRICE, BO Hudson atreet. OFFICES 79 NA-SAU STREET?SINGLE ROOM Ft RAT floor, rant $.1? a rear; tiro Kou-aa same Ax?r. $>*' a y*ar, and two Rootaa third door, rant 9>?> a year. Apply t? 8. OWEN. room 15, third Boor. Proposals will be mrnra till February L 19*7. far renting Stores and Ofllres la the Pew Herald Building. on Broad<ray, Park row and \uu sir-el. Plana of the premises can ba examined at U?e ?Jn* nf ihe Superin tendent. oornrr of Fulton au-1 Nassau streets, u> vrhom the proposals may ba directed. Proposals will bb received till February I, 1167. for renting Stores and ( tn th? Herald BuiMiug. corner of Fult.m end Nassau airvata. Plana of the pretnlaes eau ,?e eiamloed at the odlre of the Superintend ent, to whom the propfcaafs mar tie directed. ROLLING MILL FOR RENT OR ? t LK?CAPABLE OF turning out 4 (HO tons ges-pliia iron, nail plate oroeer client per annum. Addres* room :J8 lloffiojn Honae, New York. Rooms.?rooms and bedrooms, and rooms two Bedrooms and Kllntiena to lei. in Bleeoher ana Hnuaton street, Heeond aranoe an t 401 West Korty-seoond street. Ren'? $11 to $?. Inqu ra of TUOMAt J. GIB BONS 109 Bleseker street. _________ OTllAM POWER TO LET-WELL LIGHTED BOOMS O and floor*. with steady steam power and to* insurance. MS avenue A. iu the rear. QTORK TO LET?BTOCK AND FLITOIIES FOR BALE, n ia Dieisiaa street, nenr the Bowery. lngQ'tw In Ua hat store, 90 Dlrlsiou street. TORE TO LET?ANB STOCK FOtR SALB, OF FANCT 1 gnoda, Ac,, on boat part oC Htath aronua. Inquire at 519 Grand atreet. STORB TO LRT-KOUB LOFTS AND rART FRONT Floor, at At Day atreet. MOORE A NIOHOLR, U Portiaadt atreet. STORE TO LRT-WITU I .RASE. AT 109 BOWERY, suitable for an extensive dry goods, carpet or clothing business; boat loot Una in New York. Posaoasion 1st March 01 IWora. Apply on pramiaoa. tin atalr*. mo I-ET?A LAROR BASEMENT STOItB, ABOUT X by dn feat, no Bi aadwnr, flfcwBfc*? the premiaes of E. BiH'lLLO V , 791. with laaaa. Inquire on TO I.KT?STORE AND BASEMENT. NO. X WALKER 1 atreet, from Pobraary I. Apply at No. 9 Walker atreet. TO LET?IAS WEST THIRTY-SIXTH STREET. NEAR 1 Bi net way, a furnished House Rent moderate- In quire at hawse atW West Twenly-nlnih Arret. TO LET-FROM MAY NEXT, THE BCtLDINO ON the aaulheaat eorner uf Rim and Canal streets, finished tn Orat olaaa style. OVsTavub RaYLIEH, M0 Broadway. r LET?FROM THR 1ST OP MAT, A DOCTOR'S OMeo.arttha9we Bedroom, in a print# family. Loan tiaa Waal Vourteeath atraal. Addreaa J. V . Herald otBce. LRT?A FIRST CLAIM STORE AMD DWELLING, Yarfc. Tarma reaeoaabla. TO LRT?A FIRST CLAIM STORE AMD DWELLING, 1 la the piiaateal part of PaNon street, Brooklyn, for tha tana at ama ?oaths laquin at M Grand at root. Now York. Tor? reasonable. npo LET?PART OF A HOUSE. FURNISIIBD OR UN 1 fnnaMRod; ratal made rata Apply at Ml Waat Thirteenth atreet. LET?A FIRBT CLABS BROWN STONR HOUSE ? la Farty-flflh street, near Fifth aranua; ap'rodld ACQ., WT Stath aranwa mo LMT?UNFURNISHED. WITH IMMEDIATE FOB taa?WU&ad.VCTn7!iMro,,&'?Sa foVmn^Vham'^u SSaj? ?i2KL^ut<1LMLewma ?22S? w,'tk *5 II a good loeaUan far hoardara. Apply t n WlL TAN W AORBRN A CO., 471 Httlh ^^^^^^^^^|*MEDIATE POSSESSION, PUB. ^T-fr'tn. ??k at Mtlh aranua. EPWERfflepH mo LKT-TTI,f, hat 1, SECOND FLOOIlHH| A Boewwoj ",r,t and third floors, iu N.ath wart hoa K?W W, oAes. ?fas ILNV-PAIILOB FLOOR, FURNISHED OR UNFUR S?5'KKf-rr iTaiuaw.;' :w* rnana Mi' ? ? -on OB I 1PMHB MrBRaSxttrfc WHsr HOVIll, ROOMS. AC.. TO LKT. TO LBT-F&tLOR and UaSKMBNT FLOORS OV houM No M Canton stre-t, Brooklyn; rent $S5 per mouth. Inquire el 198 1'oarl ennet, trout office. New V>rk TO LKT-A, SHALL HOUSE. EIGHT ROOMS, DOM. pletely I?lnuah-*d, water and fee. K--nt $iW. 45 Woit Twelfth at reek, betweeu Fifth slid Kiath avenue*. TO LKT?AT A) BLKKOKEil STREET. HETWKEM Mruadws* and Bowery, a Second Fluor, furnUhed n.?aa Klete fur boeaefceeiMng, parlor, dm: u* rooul, throe bedrooms, slhrooaa. tu. Call fur tbrae days. rpo lbtIo* broadway, nkar broomr strkkt. A a large aad elegant store, 2tsR0u feet, rear entranne ->u Mercer street, for a term of year*. Rent $11,000 per annum. Ageole aeed not apply. Address hoi 4.617 Post olllce T> LRT-ONE OB MORS LAKOR. LK1HT AND DS atrable l.otu Inquire on the premlees, 34 Church alreal. K 0 RCUWBIO A ca TO LRT-OKNTKRL APARTM KNTN?FRONT PARLOR, furnished, oibera unfurnished, m-honae 110 Faa' Twrn to-ltflb street. Inquire oa the premtaea, or of O. BU it KB, OS Or eat J oues street. TV) ART OR FOR BALR-A LAKOR HALL. WITH A otafe, suitable for mtastrels or aur other kind of par flnrvuanm. Inquire at M Bowery. /TO LP ASS, FOR BAlt OR EXCHANGE FOB RRA1? i relate, a completely furutahed Hotel, with lease. dowm town Inquire of C. O.gPOBKRY, No 6 Wsftxreei TO LEA8R?POSSESSION BOW AND MAT I. I?ST, ae?eral large Brat ciaaa Reuse*: furnish#* or unfur ulahed, la geedlocations 8IMMONDS A CO., Broadway end Thirtieth atreet. fTtO LRA9B?TRB DESIRABLE PROPRRTY NO. ? 1 Union aqeare, Broadway weal aide. It la Bl fret A tnrhee front by MS fact deeia WIB ha leasedfee btnlunen purposes. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A OO., No. > Pine el mo BR NT-ON ORAMBRCr PARR. A STRICTLY FIRST 1 elate furntehed House: la style unsurpassed. WIS only he rented to a Mall family for eight month., or- anr bapa looter, and poaenaaloa will be gleet el e day'. n often. Price $M<) per month. Apply to HtfifBE MOROAN, Net B Prion pDSD per i Plan atreet. ? CRRNT-A FURNISHED HOUSR, CONTAINING ton Rooaaa, with Stable. Barn. Ae., Carriages and me: pleaeantly aRnalml on the South Bay. at AmtivHRj, L. I., with IUS aeret of Farm Laud- Apply to WB. TUC It BR. room Hi ? Park row. Rant war. ' r RENT-ON SECOND 4VKNUB. RKTWBBN 8IXTH and Eighth tire eta, a Parlor and Bedroom, handsomely furnitbed, second door, front, to one or two gentlemen. Prirate family. Addreaa boa I.SB4 Poet olllce. 1TTBLL LIOHTBD BOOMS AND FLOORS, WITH TV dendy ateam power end low leaureaoe. 189 areata* A, la the rear. 7CJQ BROADWAT-VKRT DESIRABLE FRONT I OO second Floor, now occupied by a milliner, t<> let or teaae, and Stluree for ante. Apply to Mr. MAKCOU, M Duane atreet. HOVBM, ROOMS, &C-, WANTED. FACTORY WANTED?SUITABLE FOR MANUFAC luring rhnmteala. Addreaa, with full particular A J. P.. bos 5,034 1'oal oBoc. CTURN1SHBD HOUSE WANTED?WHERE THE KKHT r would he taken la board, with privilege of taking tee eral others. Address, with pnftiealara and situation, Mouse, bo* 3.156 Poat tidies. SMALL STORE. WITH BACK ROOM, W.ANTEO-EI thcr untlie Bewerr or aomeof the avenues. Addreaa J. H. S. ho* 6*3 rest office. WANTED?JERSEY C1TT OR HOBOKEN?A SMALL, convenient House, la Jerter City or Hoboken; Jeraejr City preferred: maikt be in a good neighborhood and poeaee ttoit lu be given May 1. Address R. W. R., box'i.KNA Nnw York Peat olllce, stating yesrly rent and location. ANTED?A MEDIUM SIZED UNFURNISHED Houae, tan good locality; rent not to exceed BIBISt possession Immediately. Address Merchant, box 5,083 Past office. WANTRD?BT A SMALL FAMILY, A FIRST FLOOR, with- two- Rooms In attle: mutt be to all not lew tbem alt rooms in a goad location; below TweaUe'h atreet pre ferred. AddreaaBt, bo* 4.708 Poat office. TtrANTED?'TO LRAS8 FOR A TERM OF FIT* W years, a brtek Building. with plenty of yard rooms sill table for manufacturing purposes; no cellar necessary; location must be along the North river, between Fourteenth aud Fiftieth streets, this city; no objection to Jersey Clip. Addreaa C. F. 8., box 1,411 That offioe. TITANTED?WHOLE OR FART OF A STORE. IN NEW TV York or Brooklyn, for retell butter and cheese-. AA? drees J-., bo* IT> HeraW office. WANTKD-THRHE OH. FOUR UXFURBISIUtW "YBTaNTBD?A BOOM FOB LIGHT TU RHINO AN* TV manufacturing purpoeea; it aauat he hhR between joints, harlagprnnty of light and rentnaHbarwae B feel ?quarr or se. with aame power. Add rem fee a-few dwye CL it M.. Herald aHca. Wanted-to rent, fob lioht manufactum lag, a building trner tore# etertea, earn to feet agmw% or equlraleat space, near tha watar, if poaalbie. Addram A. X., Herald oMoa" w ANTED TO- LB ARB?A . FOUR STOUT PRITA1W ? Bunas, to< nflrnt class IO, 19 Ohuroh street. flD-AMTRD TO PURCHAAB?A SMALL FANCF OB TV Oeatiemsa's Furnishing bualueaa. Addreae. etellag toeaUen, a won at of business dene and price, which must hn low. W. D. <V. boa IBS llerald eMer. W^a ANTRD TO- RENT?FOR SIX MONTHS, FROM MAY l, on line of Hudson Hirer Railroad an-1 net ah sen PlsUklll or Xewburg. a gned si*ad furnished House, with three to- ten .acres of ground, with stable, eeaea house, An Addreaa beg No. 1 stetloa M, New York. rUHMlTUKE. _ N INTALID CHAIR OR LOUNQB FOR SALE?.A* half ita original pete*. Awtly at il Eaat Forty-Ant a sutt.rb assortment or household fvb il allure for sale ?Parlor Raits, covered broealai. for UW. rost $400, onh do. fur RIM; do. for $75; Ktagerea, Bookcase, Pianoforte, Bronzes, Painting*. Carpal*, Chamber and Dining Furniture, China, Olaxaware; a eacrlflo*. 44 WeetSlxteeutb streak, near Sixth, aren't*. r'RNITCRE Of KVRRT DESCRIPTION, CARPETS. Redding. Parlor and Bedroom Hull*, Pianoforte*. 4a.. at HEND W,I. 4 SCOTT'S, corner of Canal and Htidaoia aimt*. Payment taken bp weakly or monthly pay meal* if preferred. PROPOSALS. rjpO CONTRACTORS.?PROPOSALS WANTS lb POS A contract to cart 2u,nuo tone Iron ore per an nam; diatsoML seven m la*: loeatlou Dutchess county. Addraaa bos 1,004 Pool I'ffloo, Mow York. MRDICAL. Advice to married ladies.-madame rbr TKLL'S Infallible French Female Pllla; No. I, prloa $1. or No 2. price $5, which can netrer fail; eafe at>4 healthy. Office 61 West Thirty-fourth vtrert, uear Sixth ara aite. Sent by mail. Addreae box IMP. Alao aold at drog gift's, Ud Greenwich street. A BLESSING TO LADIES.?A LADT WRITES:?POR jV tuguose "Female Pllla relieved lue in one day, without inconvenience. like magic. Prion $5. Dr. A *. HAtHL CRAG, olllee 1:8 Idherty etreet. or sent bp mail. A*. MAURICE4V. K. D.. PROFESSOR OF MIDWIFH ? rr, thirty yrara' practice, at IS* Liberty elrart. Guar ante* certain rwlle/ to ladle*, from Whatever rauite. A CAPTION TO LADIES.?PO1B0NOUK COMPOUHDBL catted "French Extracts" and "Female Pill*,''are at tempted to V palmed upon the unwary :>y copy lag my ad rertiacmenta. B* not deceived. Obtain amy it Dr. A.M. M At'KlCKAl'. TO Liberty street. A LAMENTABLE CASE AMONG THOUSAND* OF other*.?"*I need "Magical Ia/lgoratnr" and "Kllxtr of Life." and my health wa* nearly mined for life. I wa* cured in a few day* by Dr. QEISSNER, IST*. Liberty at. A GREAT AND SURE REMEDY TOR LADIES ?THB Portqgnto* Female Pills alway* g)m Immediate relief; Ctce $&. Beware of imitators who copy my advertiaementn Mil polionoua -cmpound, aa "Female Pllla." Dr. A.M.> Liberty treat. ALWAYS SURE.?A PATIENT WRITES: "I 8 PR NT $40 for dru??. All fatled. Electricity relieved mo la ton minute* without polo or oxpoaure." A private letter, worth forty book*, clven away; writ* far it and save ha*HP and money Or. and Madame DUBOIS, ? Third avenue. FRIT ATM Ah -dr. grimdi.k accoucheur to the pn ^jB^LytiyJ* laautule.^No t^Amliy^ piaoe. Oood^^^M AHLL UNFORTUNATES HUOULD CONSULT DM. GRINDLE, N?. # Amity plao*. Sure relief In ail md" ctal eomplainta. Conaultatlone free. f?HARI.KS LUTSK, Mi Di.MM BROADWAY. HARM twenty yenrv" rnamfd practto* to Urn ?ty, awrao. too* n positive and Immediate relief to every lady requfrlag special med ioal or itRhal treatment from whatever no w. During (bit Unto tbeoaanda of I ad tee bore bean relieved *f their difficult!** wlthont on*. Inetanoe of failure. HI* xurn DHR. KENNEDY IS THE SUOCBSSPUL DOCTOR TO U conealt. still H?m toreat; only o4$*a for parm.axat, ram* erlthoot toown?. sasss# us &KS2tf!3b Ctwooky-foorImnmgoomntood g Ladle? nil* ?Cert*?? onm Pom Whatover m'^fcoT lid Rim atmtt. -RfADAMH DUBO/t, WITH OF A RMHULAR PHTSI JM. tton, $$ fmrf empartonoa; roMtf guaranteed; nod*. fti. ijjt-JT*'m9nia* h'"* -pHRSONS BBEDING OONFIDHBTIAIi MEDICAL X treetmw.t should cenenll Dr. HARBIBOR, SI Sixth ave nne. Carr* mo ontlro eatiefactlon. Coaenltalioa at all toxm thee wtnfnd n traofrtond and eampetaat adviser, consul FeBqw* xtototly eonddeatlat. nTHEN TOUTHFUL FOLLT INDUCES DEJILITT. H Dr kInNIDT'B Remedy wlU iHOditttly created porfttt roeiornUoo. 1M ?? 1MB