Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 27, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 27, 1867 Page 1
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w WHO!# NO. 11,107..- - NEW YORK, SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 1867. PRICE FIVE CENTS. PKRKONiU ...iWj A^t'ouo thqaalalise*. A1^?- oTO?-H8WAKE, YOU AK* FOUND OUT. t oin t fT" ~?E AT YOUR WINDOW ON BROADWAY, 8UN 1? not ween one au<l two P; M. 1 shall pun. or send T?ur y*li?<w soon by ncie. LOU 18 T/RJDAY MORNING, HAMILTON FERRY.-THB OBN J who gore o uola to o tody will please rtoto "Where an interview noy ho bod. Aiidreu Mno Ely, otottoii FULTON STREET, NEW YORK, PERRY. TO HTCK8 street. Brooklyn; purple gluves. block dress. address the one who admired you, A. Amlgo, Herald office. EAMLET.-FBIDAY EVENING. CORAL EARDROPS mod brooch, for eoUor dropped twlue. Send address to ry. Herald offioe. ' Tf MARY ANN ANDERSON, A SCOTCH OIRI wHO A onoe went to Hamburg with o family, lo atlll' . A,. Will oho call ot 111 Wemt Tlurty-lhixd street, or I ? ^ war .a. drear1 INFORMATION WANTED OP MATTirfeW WTLSON, A 1 native of Scotland ond ehlp earrunter b* trade, by hie daughter, Jane R. Wlleou, of St. L'ariln, who boa not heard ?f him elooe 1888. Addreae May jf^e Office. J. J.-COME AND SEB ME AT THE MERC AN tU? Hotel. Matter! arranged, C. MOORE. W OPETTA-fiSEND ADDRESS TtL C. MARVIN, BOX jLi ASM Foet office. J?ABY-COMK AND SEE ME^ls SOON AS POSSIRLl It?I HAVE SEEN LAMES. OO AND BEE HIM am eoen a* possible; tfil will be aaUafactory. P. F. IfR. EDWARD N. BEKCHER, LATE OF NO. 8SS JV1 Second avenue, will pleaee call or aend hie addreaa to Jams* P. Lowery, 81 Wall atreet ?TIHE LADY IN BLACK WHO, FRIDAY, ABOUT FIVE X o'cioek. name down Fifth avenue and crorsed into Twenty-first street and spoke a few word* to a gentleman about a lost hat, will confer a favor by vending addreaa lo 9. 8., station A. r> TENNIE C N.-YOUR BISTER V. WISHES TO learn where the can tee you. Address A. L. R, room St Nicholas Hotel. wte MRS. W. L. CALL AT BUCKLAND'S HOTEL, to see W. 8., at No. 870 Fourth avenue. OO AMITY STREET.?THE WOMAN FROM BROOK OaJ lyn whe called on Friday last to nurse a child ether ?wa house will please call again. MATRIMONIAL. A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF TWENTY-FIVE, WITH $10,000 left him and a handsome house (can be pro duced. as stated.), desires the acquaintance of a lady with the same amount with a view to matrimony. No others weed epply. Address Confidential, Herald offlcs. A WIDOW LADY. OP TWENTY. EIGHT RUMMERS, In reduced circumstances, wishes to form the ac quaintance of a rich, elderly gentleman, with a view to matrimony Please address Widow, station G. New York. A WIDOWER OP THIRTY WISIIE8 TO MAKE THE j\ acquaintance of a lady of about 85. Good references ?twin as to moral character. The same will be required. Address, in confidence, Post office box IF, Stafford Springs, Conn. Matrimonial bureau.-ladies and gentle men are so often doomed to lead a single life In conse quence of the want of suitable partners, that an office under the above heading on the European plan has been opened in New York to facilitate marriage. Here the namea of all vaepectable parties matrimonially disposed will be registered ?no references and introductions exchanged and effected. M. B.?The strictest confidence will be observed. Address ?r call on Messrs. Grlmahaw A Co., Bureau 144 Bast Ninth street, N. Y. LOST AMD FOUND. f MFT IN STATION D, LAST WEDNESDAY NOON. A J J lady's brown Pocketbook. If the finder will return ?s same, retaining hall' the sunt contained as a reward, he will oblige the loser, who velues the pocketbook as a souv aalr. Care Superintendent station D. T OST.?MONBY LOST, ON WEDNESDAY. THE 16TH Xj ef Jan nary, at lM3s Greenwich street. The loser will teqntre of the proprietor, Frederick KlopttL s. OST?A POCKETBOOK. CONTAINING SAME PA J perm, a draft for MOO, And a small sum of money. The ds will please return the book and papers to box 831$ T OST?A RECEIPT BOOK OF BLACK'S OITY EX JJ press, in going from Broadway to Mt Grand street. The finder will be suitably row Arded by leaving it at M or 81 ? OBT-ON THUR8DAY EVENING, ON THE BLOOM-I JU lngdals road, a Gentleman's Far Collar. The finder will n^lUKMnlly rewar^^o^rcturnln^h^^m^^^h^owne^t OST?A TAME SILVER GRAY FOX. A LIBERAL I reward will be given by returning the same to Metro ?jmHsek and Ladder Oo. No. 8, at No. 7 North Moore JAMBA H. MONROE. OST.?OOMINQ FROM FORTY 3KYENTH STREET. the 94th loot.. was lest from off a sssskS.v&tsws; MMR Co'eleek, In IRRWA ED.?A RINK FOR COLLAR ON Msnlng, January K between the hours of 8 and going Tirom U Jay atreet to eornor Worth and Broadway. Any one returning the ansae to Ifi Jay i above reward. T OST?ON THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 94. 18*7. XJ between Thirty-fifth and Fifty-seventh streets. Broad Way, a white Wetf Robe, black border. Any Information wia be suitably rewarded by addressing C. L. Straw, M treat Houston street. New York. L?feJ ??A WALLET, CONTAINING BETWEEN $110 Ufi, end a note payable to the advertiser. Lost be IMurray street and the Merchants' Express Company's I In either Washington. Donne or Hudson streets. A I reward will be paid for wallet and conunla. Ad Jamee N. Glover, Ht Washington street. T OST?ON MONDAY, JAN. H 1887. IN GOING FROM Xj lit Seventh avenue to Twentieth street, and thence to ?he French church on Twenty-third street, near Sixth ^?in, two Bank Books on the Bowery Savings Bank, Nos. and M7,088, with the following United States accurl Ks United States 7-80 ef 1888, Na 78 808 $800 Do. INo. 7S.806 MO Twn Untied States A-98 of 1888, No. M.08P 100 _ Do. No.84.MlO 110 #M United Stales A30 ef 1888. No. U.S87 1,000 <M do. 18(6, No. - 800 the finder will ha Abe rally rewarded by returning the WMta the office ef SARTOR A TUNIS, Stock Brokers. 17 William street. ? BARGE FHffiNIX POUND, ADRIFT, AND ^HHlylnc in the basin of Mulford A Wendell's yard, ? UlM, will bo sold oo lbs 31st of January. to pay ex OEOBOB L QUIRK. Wreckmaster. STRAYED?PROM THE RE8IDEN0E OF A. DAUMONT, 5 Clarsmont, Bsrgsn, N. J., on Friday morning, January L nhaswn Dog; answers to thaaamo of Dan. Any one ?Mining bins will bo suitably rewarded. A. DAI'MONT, ? West street, or Oeone W. Daumont, Claremont, lerfes, Dog, leather columnV^^^H to the name of Jack, tit 81?U REWARD.?LOST. A RED SETTER DOO, ON BaSnraay afternoon. Apply at M West Fourteenth me RRWARD ?LOST?ON FRIDAY MORN I NO A Rleek an^w^^^eaA?^olUron^^quesUons sMHBHIH Q RKWAR^USP^f^HIR^A^NC^^R Baxoapt Me. 41, up trip. Friday nl?h A a Cash Book, of no ?4 to owner. Above reward will be paid on de Pine street, room 17. REWARD-LOST, ON THCR8DAT ETKNING. Jan. 84. a rueaet leather Trunk, between the hours 1. aping from Ninth street, through Sixth area us, fins mine and Hudson ati sets, to Cortlaodt street ferry. The ?hone reward will be paid and no questions asked. Apply at Armour's elabio offisaT''a. ? U airs rally place. SHard.-on tee night or the no to HSU Inst., the following articles were taken ? Twenty-IIret street, between Firth and Sixth rls:?tpair diamond Rtuds, I carrot Comb, 1 do. awanuis, rls:?I pair diamond Rtuds. 1 rsrrol Comb 1 dsB ?BSIlirtn. 1 do. Karrtrgi, I sllrrr Hreast Pin, 1 do Karl Singe, 1 Ivory Fortmonnaie and sundry smaU Jewelries The ?Been reward will be paid for the rocorory of the articles, ?no questions asked. Any communications in reference ??sillbe kept Strlntly confidential. ^^^?m Ee. M West Twenty drat street, between Fifth end avenues. REWARD ?STOLEN, ON TIIB NIOHT OP Friday 18th Inst., from hooded warehouse N. F. ?m, 10 wsehlsgtoo street, at I teen pieces of Block ? Silks, white edges, M inches wide, each piece esu ?K about B yarda. The above reward will bo paid for return of the silks, or a proportionate sura for the very of aay part. ALEX. T. STEWART A CO. ? ^m^H Broadway, Charabara and Reads streets. ? af\n REWARD.?LONT OE STOLEN, AN EN UU 'Slope containing 0.(80, ia nlnety-oight $100 and $80 bills, on the way from tho corner of Canal 0 Bowery, in the earn to Grand street furry, on the let to South Keren th street, Williamsburg, and in ftouth Ighth street. Williamsburg. Finder will please to oaII for irtbsr information at tho office of New York Herald, for O. C. NEW PUBLICATIONS. BERK AN PASTIMES. he Rook of American Pastimes, eonfaialng a history of sprtnctoal Va' htmg, Rowing, Esse BsU and Can kit Ota' IM United K la tea. E1 * ET CRARLRK A. PRVF.REI-LT, sf Out Dear Sports for Now Tort Journals for masy years. lis 0 the oBoe sf tho Now York I/Oedor, II Praahfort U sas.. illustratsd; MO pages. Prise ft 80. (tost by j ?a * fwWJy L 8Pu *$AT ON CATARRH, BT HENRY A. DANIELS, M. D.. Rurgpoa. No. S t alon square, sited on receipt sf red stamp. CY AND MARRIAOK. OYER Mmillnstfatsd by oolor- 1 plains; hA truthful msdir lihm es hath ssass; to tins mart led sad tlsas eontempu hg star PRII mSTRVCT^i, API ' ? ,.^ i. _ _.r irwyumwwff, i-wuTcuBiwn, nn utlHlll, S ~ "*? P?*4* ?>i?tory. Kanluih liU-r?. *Uf*-_ v**'J?urk references. Terms 93 an hour; at noma 91. Adore /? box to Union souar* Foal office. Wueerxatlo.ncnt.cU..,, _ ? ?J an . two to Union square Foal office. A RIJ?if,lirlP' ^ BOO 9 KEEP I.SO. PENMANSHIP, f\ ?, J.V *.- Composition, Grammar, Ac., taught W.*** '.tWlA tn private rooms If desired, at Townsend's Academe, ISO Bowery, between Prince and .on street. Ladles' department. Terms moderate. A LADY TEACHER OP WRITING 0IVB9 LESSONS, dsr and evening; $6 per quarter; guarantees to make ?not writers In a short time. SB Thirty-third street, coruer cf Broadway. At paines business colleges. ? bowery and MO Fulton street, Brooklyn?Bookkeeping, Writing, Arithmetic, Grammar, Spelling, Ac., are taught by the les son, mouth or quarter, qoeUfylng for businesa. A LADY TEACHER WILL GIVE LESSONS IN PEN maashlp, or the English branches, at the residence of the p-.pii. Apply at Goldsmith's Academy, 786 Broadway. AT SOB BROADWAY.?MESSRS. DOLBEAR HAVE -fl opened new private rooms Intended especially for gen tlemen who desire practical instruction in Bookkeeping Writing, Ac. Those who enter before February I secure priests seats without extra charge. A COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN ARITHMETIC. ?aV Bookkeeping, Penmanship and Commercial Corres pondence, time unlimited, for 936, at TOWNSEND'S, 380 Bowery, between Prince and Houston streets. Open day and evening T>OOKKEEPING, WRITING. AC.. FOR BUSINESS ? Mr. DOLBEAR, 60g Broadway, teaches Bookkeeping practically as used In the best New York house*. He also (?movea atiflness, cramping, or trembling, and makes ele gant business penmen. Gentlemen can secure prirate rooms. French languaob?m. paul pellorjas. from Parie, gives Instruction at his own or pupils' residence, day and evening. 343 West Twenty sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues. French exposition.?mr. gillet de orand mont, Graduate of the Academy of Arts of Paris, ex pressly arrived in this eountrv with a new method will teach the practise of the French language to ladies and gen tlemen for the Exposition. Private and public lessons. Highest references. Address 38 Amity street. J^AST FOUR DAYS OP THE RBDUCBD TERMS. GOLDSMITH'S COMMERCIAL INSTITUTE,' 786 BROADWAY. ESTABLISHED 1810. PENMANSHIP, BOOKKEEPING AND BUSINESS affatrs. SPECIAL NOTTCB. ALL WHO ENTER THEIR NAMES PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 1 WILL BE RECEIVED FOR THE ENSUING TERM AT ONE-HALF THE USUAL RATES. FULL PARTICULARS IN CIRCULAR. THE REGULAR CHARGES WILL POSITIVELY BE RESUMED FEBRUARY 1. Private lessons given in frenoh. German, Spanish and English language*. Terms moderate. Address? Professor J. Wl'NDERM ANN, itri Sixth avenue. Home from 1 to 3, and evenings arter 6 o'clock. Spanish language.?prop. a. de tornos.? Classes for ladies at his residence. 338 Fourth avenue, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Appleton A Co. iPOHTiiio. ~ A LL KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRD8 FOR SALE AT A B. DOVEY'S, CM Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. * A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY eight feet long, ten feet beam; about five months old; built of oak and copper fastened: has acoommo lations for eight persons besides the crew: is well fouud In every re spect. Apply on board at fool of East Tenth street. TShaB.-REICHE~lh 18ROTHElR. 56~CHATHAM STREET, VJ have received, per steamer Bremen, and have on band, 6.000 German Canaries. Goldflnches, Linnets, Blackbirds, Thrushes, Larks, Ac. Dealer* and bird fancier* are herebv invited to call and examine for themselves. We are pre pared to sell at the lowest rate*. Also Golden and Silver Pheasants, Swans and animals, suitable for showmen. TDRANC1S BUTLER, NO. 3 FECK SLIP, HAB ALL F the ehoice breed* of Dogs. Butler'* Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 7b rente. Butler's new work on the Dec, BR Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medloines for all diseases. NOTICE.?IU8T RECEIVED A LARGE LOT OF GER man Canary Birds by P. MORIS, 48 Chatham street HORSES, CARRIAGES. 4BC. A REGISTER OF HORSB8 AND CARRIAGES, AT private sale. 1* kept by MINER A SOMKRVILLE, At 37 Nassau street. An persons wishing to buy. sell or sxrbsagv Hoewes or Carriages, should have their property, or the articles desired ?oV'|U AT BOMB AUCTION MART. Union square, 'every Tuesday throughout the rear, and at 37 Naaaan street, every Wednesday and Saturday. See auc tion head. ?HORSES. HARNESS, AO. SOME VERY SU. , parlor Trotting and thoroughbred Stock will be offered at our next regainr sale, on Tuesday next, at 13 o'clock, at No. M0 Liberty street. JOHN VANPEWATBR, Auctioneer. R SALE-A HORSE. SIX YEARS OLD. INQUIRE at 913 Forsyth street, in the blacksmith shop. A F? IjtOR BALE-JUST IMPORTED PROM YIROINIA-A ' thoroughbred Saddle Horse, 7 years old. 16-\ hands high, very stylish. A Trotting Pony, 7 years eld. 14>a hands; can trot in 3:40. A Work Mare. 8 years old. \o*i hands. Inquire at stables corner Fifth avenue and Fnrty-1'ourth street. For sale?a pair of horses, two carriages, with double and single Harness, two English Saddles, complete. Ac., hv a gentleman going to Europe. Inquire at O'Connor's Ltverr stafile. No. S3 West Sixteenth street. R SALE-A BEAUTIFUL CHESTNI'T MARE; 16 hands; 6years old: perfectly sound and kind, andean trot in about threr minutes. Can bo seen at Tallman's sta bles. corner Thirty-eighth street and Broadway. MULBS FOB SALE.?V FAIR 9F WELL TRAINED, sound young Mulct; can pull more than ho: -rr at half the cost of keeping. Applr at 89 Fulton atieet. second floor. "1X7 ANTED?A TOP BUGGY, SINGLE HARNESS AND TV a light two seated Wagon: hack inmpreferred. Address, with full particulars, bos 1.938 Tost olloe. SVaiNBSa OPPORTUNITIES. ABPLF.NDID INVESTMENT.?A NUMBER OF LATE lj Issued and really valuable I'atenta on easy term a; will eell the whole, or by State and county right", or would exchange part for a farm In New Jersey. Apply to BOB NRR A CO., 117 Nassau street. A BARK CHANCE FOB A BUSINESS MAM TO IN real $3 000 or more In a very proittable manufacturing business Call imme'liatfly at 78 Nassau street, room No. 3.' A MERCHANT TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT OF IB years' standing tor sale, with Stork and Ftitnree. situated above Canal t'reet. near Broadway (and principal hotela); has a fir it class custom, the contluuanne of which will he facilitated by the owner, ae ha Intends retiring from bnainesa; capital of 14,000 required. Address F. S., Herald An activb business man wantbd-with $sooo or $4,000 ready rash, to take an Interest la a fl rat elate wholesale aad tetail Wine aad Variety Store on Broadway. THOMPSON, 780 Broadway. A SEAL ESTATE RrSINESS. WELL ESTABLISHED. la this ritr. for sale; Bret rate ebanee for a bntleesa man price $1,000 Apply to W. COOK. 48 Nassau street, Brooklyn. C?R HA LB?ONE OF THE MOST PRACTICAL INVEN. Hons ef the age. of nnleeresl adaptability, necessary to govarument, from which $800,000 ran be realtxed tn two yeers. era half interest will bo offset against capital to I'm ther develop. Fries $80,000. Address Progress, Herald office. The bkbt investment in market is a state or county right la BRICKER'H Wood Plnleh, at 4H Heck ant n street. TIT"ANTED?A rARTT WITH $15000. TO TAKE THE Tf agency of e msnufacturlng business established tea years slnoe. Oonds sold to crockery and glass ware jobbers throughout the Catted States and Canada*. Addreea Manu facturer. Herald office. ?^nnWILL PURCHASE A OOOD WHARF BURI ?PtJ'jU acre, established four yeers, with nfflod furni ture and leaae ef oitoe to May 1. Addreea Wharf, Herald off! oe. OPPORTUNI1T IS OFFERED _ _ with thla amount to go Into as Kindling Wood baalnoaa; engine, machinery, hot sea, trucks. Ae., complete. Apply Immediately at the factory, ('la*son avenue, three doors south of Myrtle, Brook* lya. $2.000r?.??? established Kindling Woo LOAN OFFICER. AMT "7?MONET LIBERALLY ADYANCBD ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac.. OR THB ?iK BOUGHT AT THi HIGHEST RATES. ALSO TIWNBROKERg' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JMWELRY. Ae, at 77 Bleeckor street, up statin. AV 363 PEARL STREKT-D. L. LEDERF.R A CO. AD | van- ? libcrallyand at reasonable term*. rash on all ? slant)!* property. Watch**, Jewelry, Diamonds, I'lanoe, Ac., or purchase the xame. AMDFARt'ER MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW I | 'Iff. Dcy Oonds and Personal Property of every do- I SnKeowv JACKAON, 111 Grand street, two doers west I a mm r. ma rk$, 907 broad wa y. room no. 4, paT$ I thn highest prices for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, I ~ om the aaaM. Fawabrdfeara' TlckeU bought. I iFeaATwaatlotb street I t_ i", ? ? ?? . I BALL 8KABOY. % I BMNf' A ?<? Yolnnteav Fire He?*rtaaent wfli take place at the Academy of Mnato, I amor of yeurteeoth t^jt aad Irving place. 00 Thursday I owning. FVbeaery 3*4. I8B7. Ticket* Reach. edmttttaga I g3"--stsiS3Lss jfiltSlFfd fctfUforo wfll be sgmlled to tba relief of I ?w*^fj8aW8r?ssme..rnee.t. . tivxB&SMMm | , , OUT GOODS. A GREAT RUSH FOR OUR CHEAP MUSLINS. ih.,? K.rf v... . Strangers who bar* not bought any of I k.I?. j ?*llw do so at once as our supply te nearly ax iuriuc **** ru"7 1Uo- ? J?rd. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION MUSLINS. 10c. and 121,'.;. IMMENSE LOTS, 14c.. Mr. and 18c. IMMENSE LOT8, 20o., 23c and 2?e. I me.,.. _ BEST 4-4 WAM30TTAK, 30c. Al CTION ROOMS OUR HEADQUARTERS. nin t nrc BIG DRESS GOODS, 31a. BIG LOTS, 37bjc. and 80c. IBHKNSE LOTS MERINOS. EMPRESS CLOTHS, REPS, ENOLIsn OTTOMANS. AC., AC.. ,.(ur??_ AT HALT PRICE. IMMENSE I.OTR TABLE LINENS, CRASHES, ?m, *LANNRL& blankets, CA86IMERE3. CLOTH* PRINTS, DELAINES, SHAWLS. HOS1ERT. ^ SHEKTIXOS, ki\, PROM AUCTIOM, b! vou wiah. BLACK ALPACAS, Sic., 37)*c. and 80c., Worth 48c., 54k and 75e. These are tha cheapest Alpaca* of the year. Prom the Muntgtmery Standard. December 21:? "Of the many natives of this onunty now doing bnrinets In various parte of the State, none loom up more prominently as able and am oeasful business men than the Messrs. Foster Brother*, dry goods merchants of New York sltv. Commencing business In UMi with a limited'capital, they ?ailed through tha great financial ravtilslon of IMl. meeting every obligation without flinching, and have In the short space of six years established their house firmly In advance of all competitor*. Wa feci we violate no confidence In stating that we under stand. on high authority, that their eales this year are largely In exoeaa of any firm outside of Broadway. It is astonishing that while most merchants are suffering terrible by dull trade they ahould be cflowded with custom era, and we can only aeeount for It by their hoary transae lion s in auction goods, and their well known determination to sell goods so Cheap; their stores will continue to be the great popular resort for DRY GOODS FOR ALL. The result of this system of doing bunnes* is. they rften retail goods at about half the price asked by other and slower bonnet." FOSTER A BROTHERS. 167 Eighth ev., near Eighteenth treat, and FOSTER BROTHERS. 272 Bleecker'rinS! AT. STEWART A CO ' " . Will continue to offer during this week, at extremely low prices. * BILKS. ?? cahel's Hair nttR} '?"t:? HOOSEKEEE,? 0?0sWr%W:'" " *" ' . , , CURTAIN MATERIALS, Ac., Ac., Contained In the store onrner of BROADWAY AND TENTH STREET. AT MR& GAYNOR'S NEW STORK ?? FOR 30 days?her elegant and fashionable stock of CORSETS AND SKIRTS, 24 per cent under oosi, to make room for SPRING IMPORTATIONS. Full dress French flounced Over Sklrta, with Train* for BALLS AND PARTIES. * ? "T?*?- personally attend" at this upper stem. 824 BROA nw AY, corner of Twelfth street and "65 BROADWAY, between Eighth and Ninth ttreeta A T *?" ? AVENUE D?$.V),000 WORTH ?" of DRY GOODS marked down at le?? than gold value. Great closing out sale of Dry Goods for thirty days only. IMPORTANT NOTICE. The entire stock, consisting of Silks. Shawls, Dress Goods, Merinos. Paramattas. Alpacas, Empre-s Cloths, Velvets, Cloaking*, Ac., must positively be closed out by February 21 next on account of a chance In the business. EMANUEL STRAUBS. No. S avenue D, Between Second and Third streets. At mmk. vigouroux. 120 fourth avenub, re. tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. Stamping. Em broidering and Lingerie on hand or to order. Initial Mo grams for handkerchiefs, curtains, table and bed clothe. A HANDSOME HUDSON BAY SABLE CAPE AND Muff for sale. Apply at 42 Great donee street AT MMK. BjJa. EDWARDS',- 2M FOURTH AVENUE, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third street#, sad <8 Third avenue, near Twelfth street?Stamping and K? broideries, Ladles' and Baby's Underclothes, ready mad* or ?o order Initials and Monograms. In gnat variety, far handkerchiefs, table linen undoed clothes. GORNYN BROTHRRB WILL OFFER THIS WEEK A Large stock of bleached and bkowm MUSLINS 80 PER CENT LESS THAN FORMER PRIORS. A LARUE STOCK OF DP.E88 GOODS AT GREAT RE DUCTION ; BARGAINS IX BLANKETS AND FLAN NELS ; HEAVY 12x4 BLANKETS AT fid A PAIR?OLD PRICE filS: BROWN BLANKETS ONLY $2 6U A PATR WHITE MERINO, WHITE ALPACA TPLAIN AMD PLAID POPLINS GREATLY REDUCED; WHITE AL PACA. 62?flc.?FORMER PRICE $L Ir^ATRA RG AIV 8 IN ALL DERC RIPTION 8 OP GOODS THIS WEEK, AT OORNYN BROTHERS'. 417 EIGHTH AVENUE, near Thirty-fourth street Great decline in pricks of merlin*. At LAMBERT'S, 023 Greenwich street. THE CHEAPEST LOT OP MUSLIN YBT OPPERED. Good white Muslin ISM cents: former price Itoents. Batter quality MuallAl6 18 and 20 cental Extra quality Muslin 32 and 28 cents. H "P.* " Watiisiitta. 26 oents; market price 81 oenta. A full line of ail the best mvxes, including Androscoggin, Wainsutia, Bates'. Burtlett end Utloa- constantly on hand ah from 4 to8cents per yird lees then former prices, A handsome assortment of LINEN DAMASKS fr Hon. cheap. CLEARING 8ALR OF BLANKETS. SHAWLS and DREM GutMM, at GRRATLY REDUCED PRICES. LAMBT-trS. KX ( Ha PARRELL, 287 TO 871 TMtiETT-FlFPfl STREET I efi?***1 ?"** ? ^fihih avenue, I* cle.riu* on: his fall Carpels *t great bargai na The largest WMreroomt it wo our. Muslins by the yard, piece or bale-ten percent cheeper then en; house In the trade. Why? Because we haye no rent to par, and small expenses other* , wis*. One pries store. 2t7 First avenue. I E. J. MEEHAN. New carpet store.?d. kelly a co. are bell ing their large and new stock of Carpets. Ac., ei greatly reduced rates, corner of Twenty-fltth street and Sltih sr. WP. BOG AN HAS JUST PURCHASED AT AUC . tinn. and will offer for sale on Mondav. ptth. Blank ots. from S3 M to $8 per pair; Comfortables, weighing 4'. to 6 lb*.. $3 21 to S4 30: French Merinos. $1: Paramatta*. 44c. to Rfic.; blsck Alpacss. Sic. to 78c.; Bed Ticking. ?4c. to 30c.; Canton Flannel*. 24c. to 40c.: Wool Flannel* fiflc. to b,""c.: best Wamsutta Muxltn. S2c : New York Mill Mudin, 27c.; Costs' and Clarke's Spool*. 8c. 407 Sixth avenue, between Twenty-eighth end Twenty-ninth streets. COPARTNBRkHlPK, A PARTY CONTROLLING A VERY LARGE NETCASH trade In the wine and liquor brokers <re end comntis. alon business, already established, would like to meet with an energetic but-ine** man having $8,0(10. to Invest ollher aa general or special psrtner. Business will bear thorough Investigation. Address for three days H. 8., box 108 Herald offlce A ONE HALF INTEREST FOR SALE?IN A FIRST clnsv office business, long end well established on Broadway: only $8110 ready cash required. THOMPSON, 780 Broadway. A BUSINESS MAN WANTED AS PARTNER, WITH $7.0001 to take charge of the buying and selling In the manufacture ef stiver plated were. Address J. M. W? hex 2,1:;.' Post office. New York. A WESTERN MAN. COMMANDING A LARGE TRADE, wishes to form a connection with an established pro duce commission firm who desire to Increase their trade. Best of references given. Addrea* Produce. Herald office. Ambrose oainrs is~admittbd a partner in our firm from this date, and Richard R. Bearden retires from the same. HARRIS. GAINES $ CO. Naw Yon*, Jan. I, 1887. A PARTNER WANTP.D-TO EXTEND THE FURVI tare and upholstery business; established 8 years: good store: chexp rant. No notes or debts of any kind. Refer ence riven and required. Address, with ml name, O. Z., box 102 Herald edlce. H" M A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO on I WTO PARTNER ?hip with one ?trend* established In the wholesale wood and willow ware boiloeia; la willing to InvetlAtl.OAO. and ran eommsnd a good Teiaa trade. Addroaa L. V., bot Poet offloe. Balersnoes exchanged. ALF INTEREST IK A HTKAM SAW HILL FOR L aala?To raiie working capital; mill In eompltts work tog ordor, |A,0*0 ^qi'tthwaTP A CO., At Coder atreat. R. CLARENCE STEWART BROWN IS TIII8 DAT (I admitted as a partner In aur aareial Arms. hrwToaaTJan. fW BROWN BROTHERS A CO. PAINTERS-A PARTNER WANTED WHO IS A FIRST olaia Oralner. Reference |i?en and required. Addr? Fainter, box lit* Ilarald oflier, for three day*. rlR FTRM OF"RERVRRA CADY, POINO BDHINEB8 at 141 Naaaaa street, N. T.. in Gentlemen's Furnishing Good*. la thla da* dissolved by mutual consent, A. a ****** retiring. The business *111 be oontinnad aa heretofore by M. T. Oady, who wttl atgn In liquidation^ ^ hEEVES M. T CADT. r CAPITALISTS.?fAt,000 WILL PURCHASE HALF Interoat In an eitsnslve and profltable manufacturing worka, located within a few boon of Now Tork. The pro duct of theoe worka la widely known, and stands higher than an* aim liar ertlete In the American market. The de mand la urgent nnd almost unlimited, and double present

yield of works can bo sold ahead ef production, at a profit which will apeedllr repay tba Investment. The abore money will ha encored on unincumbered real estate. For In Uteris w addreao Milton, Herald oflleo. OTANTBD?AS FARTHER IH THE GROCERY AND ?T provision business, s single young man, with a lew hundred dollars. A good cbanon and no humbug. Corn* and ens. Apply ni 4S Spring street. WILLIAM P. JAFPRAT BECOMES A MHMBBR OF aur Arm from thfa data. E. 8. JAPFKAY A CO. Nrw Yost. January I. lgB7. ? =*Ort -WANTED, AN ENKROKTiO RURINKBS Vt/vwi man, for a lucrallva travelling business. C7. HL Hftrmid a>1 nnn 5? INVEST IE ANT KIND OF BUSINESS sPl.UUU that WIU pay liberally. No notion taken ualesa taM particulars are given. Address W. R. H., box US Herald KIKANCIAIi. i LBKM H. BROKKU AMD AUCTIONEER, no. 41 pine -WEKT^wv.mK. F?trKnj**?. ?jL"^y,.<s aar^."a^a.ay^' : All parties wishing to loan or obtain money on otty renl wUu can do an tmmvdieteiy by ^ Ar^"?1K.yKVbo? d.ttffi Now York Poat office. wanwT PR DREVRT A CO., NO. 34 ROE OR LA TA'XJ R r-arli. make advances on American securities and <*?h innansM demand. Bills on the United States or K?? w?!Th!nu?ht and sold. Letter* for Americana In Europa ad droexed to our rare will bo promptly delivered or forwarded. Circular travelling ? ledtta Matted and caehed. Continental inburange company, ( / Office KM Broadway. Now fork. Cash capital i'ISffi 57 Surplus _ . ?l??.13dS7 S?Sr?r?or'-r*' 'b?*Ptiw o* Buildings, Merchandls*. Kama I f-? ?"<t other tnaurable property, at fair totap, and dl'rldei three-fourths of the proflU of It* business to it* C'The?B?*rd of Director, hay* this day d'clareil a ssml. annual dlvldeud of * even per cent payab.e to the stoofc bokisrs, on and after UteMtSta.^ H H. LAMPORT, Vice President ss^XiSr1" nna RALE?THTRD AVENUE RAILROAD STOCK Other New York City R?"ro*<1glook? aad Bond*. ?? SSmnce Stock., R^^lwCOLAY. Stock F??.1 '"r The Financial and Commercial E.chance Aasoolattonthe i laShs sna-RStT.SiSTE?*<?<??' River Coal and Oil Company of Kentucky ;atockof <5^ lenhurg Gold and copper Mtotna Com^oy. y Royg?g solicited. Addroaa bo. 4.550 Now York Po.t office. Money to loan, on bond and 9!? New York city or Now Jereey Property .Improved), to -ar*or .mall mnom, 119 Broadway, room !8 OBEY TO LOAN AT SEVEN PER CENT. IN LARGE or small amounU, on Ant clasa progeny in Una No. ? Twenty-third atroet, Fifth Areuue Hotel. S^S^EStm' s?*s" A CO.. New York. ? North Carolina, raleigh.?john a. williams a iv, paiI'inue to carry on the bvnaink business. " BSaEsfeaSBSB Philadelphia. ? QIX PER CENT INTEREST, FREE OF OOYERNMENT ? UI' MARKET SAVINGS BANK. Inte^rt't^MwdepoeiG"eommMMa*^muiedIat*lyon the Aral day of tbo month foMowInj^ the^daU^o Mge prMldeDt> Hkwmr R. Cotntuw. Secretary. - fs rr?? rimx?8AL/j%>mo?. A AMERICAN BANKBE8 COMMT8SIOn"mERCH ANTS. 14 RUE AUBKR, PARIS. _ Highest prom turn allowed for Eiohangoon ho? a marie ana tSlflMP^t.P?d tetton'o^inq^ry replied to by nturn mail. -r? e/e nn/1 WANTED, TOR SO.UlHJ pryyod t^jjRW^-*?y^w^1MPo.t given and 7 per cent InUfffiffi AMrees ?? >50.000 2^ tags ooo W'JWZ - ~> _.000 TS, ?yytng.?wwi<*?s~i SPECIAL SOTltE?? TBI .e . jj-i^rvrtTuSra'K^I t ^ S^STfonunaten* IkhbSr Vena of tbtmnad* ?.fl*w .LTti^.aad Many aro houseless, and Jtotr* S^lSSS?-u.-?."5saa ?S Starvation jach lasjarterd.write* that many ^uiumi starve if they do not receive ekxs." issssiirjsis- -? relativea and friend.^ bnt hondreda ? taouaene. na . vans of anppnrt and no fnenda. c|t*, and of VT'll not th??ltl/a.,aofthU f^at?nd^^^be(l1end athTcttlea of th* wo are on# these haQAemwidewa worshlptbesame people; we oomnand. "Whataoevar I 1 siSi^P^ R #SF kr^KAKS*l0l &:? SIaED S^kB. Mn. WW^W,OK. il !anZ WH^frLBY Hon. WM. C. AL?4Hli^rrre,id"1 ^ Insurance Comp.ny M Brnadw.T^ llm. 8 L. M BARLOW. No. I Madl^f. neenne. Hi*. ALGERNON f. rax, 107 Went Tweoty-flret ?treat. ?iWAflfll. Mr* J. J. ROOSEVELT. Mi* H. W. HILLS. Mr.. YZNAOA DEL VALLE, Mr*. R. J. PALMER. Mi*. A. VAN BtitLM, Mi*. OEO. H. BYRD. Mr* W. C. PRIME. Mi*. W. H. PRICE. Mr* W.MARTIN. Modem BOILEAU, Mi*. CHAS. O'CONOR, Mr*. M. LEFPBRTS, Mi*. J. B. SPRAOUE, Mr* A. A. LOW. Mr*. J. J. CRANE. Mr* 8. B. CHIT+ENDEN, Ml*. C. D. DICKBT, Ml* HOHEA WEBSTER, Mr* JAMR8 STOKES, Mr* B. W. MONTGOMERY, Mi*. H BNRT TOUNO. Mr* WATTlTSHERMAN, MlM RODENUBImER, Mr* J. O. DAVIS, Ml*. W. TRACT. Mi*. T. A. Hart. Mr*. RBARNBT WARREN, Mr*. J. R. GARLAND The gentlemen who* neme* ?i* Mnnrd. eerdlelly *p prove Hid recommend tba object contemplated it on. JOHN T. BOPPMAN, Judge GEO. O. BARNARD, Kav T H. TV NO, Go*. MARSH. LKFBHTO, 55: %.%'irfSteT. WM. O. PRIME. Commodore ALDEN. C. A STBTSOM, Ho*. JAS. BROOKS, CHAR O'CONOR. Mel. tie*. O. GRANGER, ra88r' Jndge CHAR. P. DALTT A*d other* 4 MBRTINO OP THE STOCKHOLDERS OP THE A. Whiting Manufacturing Compeny will be hold el tb* oOoo of eeid oorapenj on the 6th dey of Februerr, 1S67, et S ? dock P. M. CHAS. B. BULKI.KY, lYeeeurer. New Toe*. Jen. 17. HUT. Taxes, taxrs?for wakbpield, olinvillb, Trouiont, Pordhem, Mount Hope. Monnt Edrn, Peir moot, i lerrmont, Contrel Morrteenie, Belmont. South Bel mont, Cromwell'*, Powell*. Berrien*. Velcntlne ? end Fleb or'e Fermi. will be received et Fourteenth Werd Hotel, ?or ?*r Grand end Eliiebeth atreet ?.Monday, January M, 1SS7. GEORGE COOFKR, ( rollertor* PETER BRIGOS, J ' ouectoi*. 1 Liquidating Committee of th? Land end Bubmerlno Cu bas Telegraph Compeay, which la rmp .wered by the ?ov erament of the Ulead of Cub*, will receive proposition* from e*y reepoeelblo part/ for the purcheeo of tbo weolo er pan of the property belonging to aeld oompen/, end which eeoeteta ef tee Telegraph le Line eetebllihod from h*lM> B*. to Coder Key* PI*, end Ite dependeeoloe. I* receiving the firegnWg prepoeele the undersigned will *leo be prepared to reoeiv* en offer for th* elelm which he* to bo preferred egalnet whom It mat cooeero for th* itemege MwWned by tbellno durtngtho olvfl war. Thejpropoeal ehould he eent during the sell thirty dey* to wiiu. LiaruRi. ac. mnvona. IMUHKMBNTfl. Broadway theatre. admission to cents. Corner of Broad aay and Broome street. Third work of the enamunt WORRfclX SISTERS. MONDAY, JANUARY U. KVKIIY' EVENING OF THE WEEK, AND SATURDAY RATINES. A glorious DOUBLE BURLESQUE EN rKKTAINMENT. El' V ! FUN I FUN! The popular Snrrtei-nlar Burlesque of ALADDIN, TUK WONDERFUL LAMP, and owing to lie great s tb<- Muai<:*i U'lmvint CINDERELLA on the same evening. Tho three aimers .Sophie, Irene and Jeanlo), appearing in both p.eo*?, lu whuh are Introduced Ciog Dancea, localhlU and uumerou* popular dune*. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY l. BENtF'T ok miss jesnie. Seat* should be aeeiired ail days In advance. Kelly a leon's minstrels. :ao bbqadway. The moat re-naAnhle. suocem C INDKR-LNON. baa attended the production I MWMKR FPU, of 'he screaming burlesque N NKYM'HJRO a I.I. Of CtBder-leon and the D KMON DANCE, celebrated .M A DAtJ ASt'AK K \ FRY NIOHr. BALLET TROUPE. So at a sow R JV A LIDAIR.K KY. scoured alt davs In advance t RON'S DANt.E. The ONLY hkoff. a U Benfantl, K XTRAURDINARY. Richlng*. Lurch l Krl.og* and O PEHA HP*IC. the faroon* DEMON DjCNCE M EVBR KQIALD. at 9 30. with Ml lee. Relltfante, Allan alinl. Prh-lnl and Coryphees. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, SM BROADWAY. Tha trouble common oea at a quarter to A. THE CREMR DB LA CRKMR OF MIMHf RELSY BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' BAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, wboee suoeeas ba? never been equalled bv any similar organ ization in the world. New and chaarful Burleauuee evenr week. Hilton Head Institute, Anna Maria Jane, Chil dren of Cypress. Impeachment Committee. Bhouta of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming Black Cook and A Wean Ballet Troupe. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROTTFK. Every night at Brvant'a Mechanics' HaD,471 Broadway. ONLY THREE NIGHTS MORK. ONLY THREE NIGHTS MORS. POSITIVELY BOT TH RBE NIGHTS MORE OF THE GREAT DRAMA OK FENIAN'S OATH, GREAT DRAMA OF FENIAN'S OATH, GREAT DRAMA OK FENIAN'S OATH. OR THE IDIOT OF KILLARNKT. OR THE IDIOT UF K1LLARNKY. MONDAY, TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY EVENINGS are positively the lait opportunities of wltneaaing this beautiful piece. H ART* TEMPLE OF MYSTERY?80# BROADWAY. TO-MORROW ( MONDAY). 8 P. M. 140TH 8E ANCK. Positively lest ?Mk of the present programme. USKF.T TRICK?GOBLIN HEAD. . THE ?Ai Admission 50c. Reserved seati\T' i?D<? ot,h?r won'<?r*. 8 U116. Doorsopen n;?' *' th? h*? from Chlokering Pier, ?* ueVdat t'h *re f?,S^rd,T **two- Th? OLYMPIC THEATRE. LAST VtliKK. OK THE EMINENTLY BUCCEB8FCL ENGLISH OPERA SEASON. MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 98. EAST APPEARANCE BUT FIVE OF THE ETCHINGS' GRAND ENGLISH OPERA TROUPE. Their Philadelphia engagement made five month* ago, ren dering It impossible for them to continue the present unpre cedented season. First time of Balfe's delight: ul open. THE ROSE OF OA8T1LR, THE ROSE OF CASTILE, one of (he gems of the English repertoire, presenting Messrs. Castle, Campbell. Sefuin,Wylle, Peaks; Mis* Caroline Rtch logs, Mies 7/olda Hurrlsqu nnd Mme. HoudinoL Tuesday?La Semnsmbula. Wednesday?Linda di Cham ou nix. STBINWAY HALL.-8UNDAY. JAN. V. TWENTY SECOND GRAND SUNDAY CONCERT OK SACRED AND CLASSIC MUSIC. L. F. HARRISON, Director, hse the pleasure to announce that he has been enabled to make arrangeraente with the following great artists for this occ asion :? Ms dam PAUEPA. the < celebrated Prima Dome, Mr. 8. B. MILLS. Pianist, Mr. CARL ROSA, Violinist. Mr. G. W. COLBY, Accompany!St, aad Mr. TI1EO. THOMAS and his FULL ORCHESTRA. The prices will remain as usual. RESERVED SKATS ORE DOLLAR. The sale of which will commence this morning at Bier A Sehlrmer's, 701 Broadway; Pon.l A Co., MT Broadway. Ticket office, 119 Broadway, and Stelnway HalL kR. HEBBARD, THE WELL KNOWN t tor, win nosmneaee Mi oonraaef tea res In.Cooper Institute en Monday em i eieiyWheresnresedaIn atriffiUfi the ? I. and crowded Tremont Temple, ta ? Ml meUR, una tna mom u? w tm?WHww w epwii imiersAted Me nudlentW bocemeg. OammenoOnsrter to 1 Aduitsgton BO cents. Tteket* to th? eetgse *8. je be hade* Fhwler t Wells', and Hcoaoo Wetcsn'. RP Bi aodway. P^Hesentattgn fp.sttval FOR THE BENEFIT UNION HOMR 73d 80>0<Ms^^^| raw? tnte^tn this city, on Monday, the The custody of the presents will he wMh thaCemmtttae Ruhr appointed for that purpose, and the dletiinraait will he msec under snch regulations as they may deem masnaary for the eaourity of the Interests Involved. they may deem Maagaery rwufvevUTbe sals orhtcg. r tun,too, ana-half of that at* having reached the amount of *888,100, amAttf of thai anm wttl be dtetributed in presents, in eeMrdeece with the puhUahM prespectna. The i i?i rs of gn#MMiiM paly a* presents ??Hhausted. after he of eqosl value, the ? the necessity of fur IRts person* residing out of the dty of receipt or presentation of the original gnagents duly authorised to reoolre the peeked and forwarded Jjjf mall or express at the ?MfiMHI "WP* risk aad cost of the owner or I The following eminent citizen* Mare been lnritod to be present and witness the award:? HI# Bon. JOHN T. HOFFMAN. Mayor. Hon. RICHARD O'GORMAN, Counsel lo Corporation. Hon. GEO. OPDYKK, Eg-Mayor. Ron. A. W. BRADFORD, Ex-Surrogate. Hon. BENJ. F. MANIEKRE, Treas. Bd. of Health. gllEPHERD KNAPF.lSq., Prest. Mechanics' Bsttk. JOSErH HOXIE. EsaJt'enaetor Int?rbsl Rerenue. MORRIS FRANKLIN, Esq., Prest. N. Y. Life Ins. Co. ROBT. H. McCURDY, Esq.. No. 10 East Fourteenth at FRANK W. BALLARD. Esq., See -Security Ins. Co. With the view to glr# early publicity to the moults of tee award, convenient srrsugernent will be mode far the * coons " Ion of members of the press. medatlon i. . . . By order of the Dlsc.huting Committee. stewart VAN VLIET, FRANCIS C. BARLOW. JOHN H. WHITE. WILLIAM ORTON. NATHANIEL JARVIB. Jr., Committee of Distribution. THOMAS A CO.. Msnsging Dlreators. AWARD OF PRESENTS. Clam I.?The rssh presents end set of diamond* will be delivered February 1, 1887, by Gee. Van Yllst, at No. 16 State street. New York. ClsmR?'The real estate, by regular conveyance, on Feb raary 28. by John H. White, Esq., at No. 168 Broadway, hew York. , Class 3.?The pianos, portrait of Oonaral Grant, sawlag machines, parlor furniture, ladles' mink furs, ladles' dress bate, ladies' kid gloves, ladles' work and music boxes, on February 8, at the Distribution office. 688 Broadway, New York. Class A?The horses, carriage end harness, heating ap paratus. policy of bfe Insurance, en February 2, by order made at the Distribution office. Class 6.?The ladles' aad gents' watches and chains en February 11 at the Distribution office. Class 8.?The various articles of plated silverware en February is and 16. at the Distribution office. Ci ass 7.?Books and photograph albums en February 18, at the Distribution office. Clam 8?Genu' fur oollsre, glares, hate, whips and buf falo robes, picture frames and ether iniaeellaneous presents not before enumerated on February 8. at the Distribution Clam 8.?'The engravings, photographs, Ac., being minor ?resents and not Included in thef preceding classes, on February 30 to Msroh 2, Inclusive, at the Distribution Office. Holders of gift tickets who do not call on the days above named will await further notice of the proper time to present their tickets. The final distribution of presents will close on the 31 *t of March ant. and all present* not called for by the day named wtU he publicly disposed of for the benefit of the Union Home and School. The dellvsiy of presents according to the arrangement of elsese* aa above will be made under the direction of the Committee of Distribution. THOMAS A CO.. Managing Dlreetora. P1ARGFORTE8. LADY, WHO IS IN WANT OF MONEY. WANTS TO A eall her Plsno, which la a six octave instrument, very handsome, and In perfect order throughout; price 9UKI. Please sell Immediately at 881 Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street, in the watch store. A MAGNIFICENT AMSORTMENT OF THE FINEST end cheapest new end second hand Pianos In the city far sole and to rent at WM. CANDIDU8' wire rooms, Mo. 68 Bleacher street. CHEAP SRVBN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PTANO forte for 8*10, iron frame, round corners, full rieh tone. J. BlDDLE. 18 Amity street, near Broadway style. Piano Is ona of most sunerh and largest size and beat maker* In the city. Will be sold together or separately at a bargain for cash. For further description snd eismlnatinn apply at 8ATTKR80N'B storage moms (NO Sixth avenue, near Fortieth street, from 7 A/M till 7 1* " f. M. MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVB ROSEWOOD A Pianoforte, cost *?M. will be sold for 9*0. Stool end Cover: beeutiful Farter Kult, cost *378. for $700; one do. for *118; a let of Parlor, Bedroom and Dining Room Fur niture at a sacrifice. At 118 West Eighteenth street, near Sixth avenue. f>IANOB-UNRIVALLED TOR TONE AND TOUCH. AT luare JL vary moderate prices. A large assortment of equsn and uprights to rent at low rats*. BKIRTOW A HARDEN BROOK, 167 Tunth street, betwean Broadway aad Fourth flANO WANTED?ANT PRBSON HAVINO 6* OR ? octave Piano and wishing to sell low for caeh. eao find aonetomer. Afidreea A. B. C7, box 9B Herald office. the raaou factory, 1*8 aad 188 Hasw# o -trst^ ?*<***? J, LT"CH m W MM W WHwIyi WMf #f Twse.y flret DIANOFORTBR TO LET ?NEW AND BLBOAftY FIRST OErSBrNM' wmagariagaaga AM I'NKHKH T H . N" W YORK THEATRE U>ki uid Uwo.tgcrs, )l?uri. Mark Smith A Uwll liU'T. MONDAY EVKNING, JAN. 28. most rOSITlTILT LAST MIGHT or Tiiv SPECTACf*LAR PLAY OP t'ENDKlLLGN. TUESDAY EVENING. JAN. av, FIRST NltiHT Of the grand, romantic and -peotacnlar drama, entitled a BIRD ?'P PARADISE, ? which will b? produced with New and Superb Scenerv, lw nlflcent ('o?tume?. new and appropriate M'lioo, ? eootpMia Corp* de Ballet ami a great < ajl of character*. See bills of the day. Theatre francaik, fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. TUESDAY, JANUARY 29 I8?7, AT 7!< F. Great Comedy night, with Mile. N'ADDI'S asalitaneB. LA PAPILLONNE. Comedy In three acta, by M. Vlctonen Rardno. Mile. Naddl will *lng the "Voniano Valse" aud Ballad of Charles VI. Ticket office at H. Dardonville'*, 67c Hroadway. ACADEMY OF MTRIC, BROOKLYN. NINTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT, .JANUARY ?, at 8 O'CLOCK Br. L. 0. Ilarriaon. director haa the pleasure to annoooee that be haa aectired the valuable aervicaa ef the following great artists:?Mudame PAREPA, Mr. 8. 8. MILLS, Mr. CARL ROSA, Mr. O.V. COLBY, Mr. TUEO. THOMAS and ht* FULL ORCHESTRA. ^?R8. f. B. CONWAY'S PARK TIIBATRE, BROOKLYN. Jan M and M, PAlVRKTTK MR. AND MRrt. WHITE. HOOT EV'S OPF.Ra IIOUSE?IIROOKLY N. The Italian Brigands- nr. the Midnight Attack. Beautiful Tableaux Vlranti, the streets of Bi-ooalyo. Smoke. The Great Serenading Scene Taming a Bu'terfly. Lemuel's Oboat, the New Coouress. Robert lliillev Etrp, Reckon I'm in Leek. Wonderful Guitar Ruin. Good Rve So ion Jane, Ae. H OOLRY'R OPERA HOI1RK, BROOKLYN. WEDNESDAY AFTKRNOOIS. Jan. *), at & o'clock. Grand complimentary Testimonial to MR. E. GREENLAND, on which occasion the great comedians. CHARLBY WHITE AND JOSH HABT. from 47> Broadway. hero kindly volunteered their aervloee. T. MoNALLY and K. GREENLAND will also appear, m conjunction with Hooley'a TMMA rNY TARTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. ?I BOWBRY. Tho greateil success ever recorled. Tonr Pa?tor'? great TorR AROUND THE WORLD, TOUR AROUND THE WORLD. |>rnnmineed by crowded homes the meat aplendid novelty of STILL INCREASED ATTRACTION. First appearance of tbe celebrated Ethiopian comedian from California, Mr. BILLY SHKPFAltD. Reappearance of tho wonderful young A me noun Gymnast, Mr. DAVH HAWI.EY. An entirely new Bullet. Tho Last of tbe Ciena. A new variety olio bv Tonv Paaior and hu troupe Matinoeo on WEDNR8DAY and SATURDAY. ntStf o'elook. Griffin a cnRisTvs minstrels ? fifth ave uue Opera House, adjoining Fifth Avenue Ilotet. G. W. H. Griffin Manager. TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS. CROWDED HOUSES. Delighted audiences nightly throng this paLoe Opera llouae alnco It haa some under the management ot the well known and affable gentleman, Mr. U. W II. Oridiu. The people's favorite, GEORGE CHRISTY, welcomed lawk. First appearance In thia country of tho grout English por former. Mr. OSCAR BURBANK. Second week of JOHN COLLINS, who enraptured tho audience last week by fanny anecdotes and bis in I ml tab l? Bone Solo. First appoamneo of DICK SANDS, the Champion Dancer. Mr. CHA8. HENRY, undoubtedly Um sweetest and mesh artistic Balladlat on the American stage appears nightly. The superb orchestra, under tbe leadership of the tale bM* Mr. A. Morrison, discourses nWitly exquia'le music. floenes at Fifth Aveuue Ho Ml First night of Medical Stn. dent Mountain Tr " -i . ...??_ Naughty GtH*." Hap suioar To-mst-oes. Oi Abottlna and Big. Carlo Foremost, tn a grand Hern Solo. Matisse every Saturday, at 7% If. " iveuue tioisi. nrst otgoi oi .ueuicai bid. Tragedv. Pathetic ballad. "NangMf* fappheat OoWple Out. Pint night ofrhn Orchestra. Introducing Mad. Red Pepper YALBNTINK YOUBDRN, THB GREAT POLTNATIONAL MIMIC. FOUR MIGHTS THIS WBBE, WBDNRBDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. CLINTON HALL (OPERA HOUSE), ASTOR PLACE. SATURDAY BYMHN^Vakranir ?, 1*7. COMPLIMENTARY ????fHHH To Um ptputef UBtr MR. VS. 1. HILL, MR. JAHE8 M. WEHLI, PIANIST. SIONOR ABRLLA. CONDUCTOR. Tloketa at the MnaM .-"tore# and Hall. T7UR8T COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT TO MRS. KATR r M. WILLET and MISS MARY A. WESTCOTf will takU pteaoeHlia "sgSR ill nffi, tttMT of Madison and fluw neur streets, on Thursday evening. January M. Beaiuni papular artists will awM HENRY TUCEER, Conductor. /"NRANP PROMENADE CONCERT BY ORAKULA'N VT Seventh regiment, Nattonal Guard Band, at the City Assembly Room*, Broadway, corner Twentyeiehth street. | Tickets to be had at Boer A Sehtrmaf*, 701 Broadway. Kan POPKINRFH-A HUMOROUS LECTURE BY IN ^^^?raoU Lockwood. lata United Statau Consul at Urn ^^?>r Hanover, at Clinton Hall. Monday evening. 88th Inat. at 8 o'clock. Admission 4* cents. Ticket* at Appla tons'. 448 Broadway (of the cashier), and st the door. THHR PRIVATE COLLECTION OP PAINTINGS BY THR ? moat celebrated American artist*, ooltected by Mr. 8. P. Avery during the past fifteen years, now exhibiting at tha new galleries of Messrs. Loads, 817 Broadway, a vary day and the last three evenings of this weak. They are to bo said on the evening of February t. Banjo instruction-bt mtchampiom method, $8 a course, $6; each pupil taught separately: a perfect tune a lesson or no charge. J. K. BUCKLEY, 878 Hudson WANTRD-RBTBHAL YOUNO ladies FOR a Western theatre. A good ohanoe for lovers af the stage. Apply to DAVIS A CO., Theatrical Agents, R7 Broadway. FlOR SALE.?ATTENTION, SHOWMEN. A RARE < bancs One of the flnost exhibitions avar brought to the United state* at a great bargain. Address Henry Bur ton, Herald office. IUBICAX*. A MUSICAL ACADEMY. IV MB WEST TWEBTY etghth ?trout, where pupils eaa rsesive thorough la ?trnetion on the Planolocte, at fs par quarter, au Rasaaa strictly prtrata. An eminent PIANIST HAS a vacancy foe a few more pupils. Tonus mod armta. Address Rvmtttl, 83 Wast Sixteenth street. A T THE NATIONAL CONSF,BVATORT OF MUSIC, ? A Madison avenue, terms $10 By arrangement wHh George F. Brtatow. Professor of Musts in polite aohaole. pupils attendlns schools $8 per quarter. Tha Conservatory instruction books free. A OENTLRMAN WILLOIVE INSTRUCTION OR THR Piano at pupils' residenoa for $10 par quarter Bust of reference given. Address. Willi raeieeneo, Teacher, has 112 Hersld office. ATOUNO LADY OF VRRY HI r KRIOR QCALIP10A tlons and atlatnmants In music ilealroa Is give private lessons on the piano. Reference* of the highest order given. Terms reasonable. Add rasa, for two days only, W. o. A, station O. AN ORGANIST OF EXPERIENCE AND abuutt desires a situation In some Protestant chareh. Salary no object. Apply at MM Bleaskar street, piano wars room. A LADY THOEOUOHLT COMPETENT TO TRACK music desires a position In v private family. In which the instruction will be considered sn equivalent for ana la especially aucoeesful with ehlldreu; country pre ferred. Address, for on* week, B. 8, O., Brooklyn Post office. _________________ AT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATOR* OP NUSIC, IS Madison avenue, terms 810 Br arrangement with George F. Brtatow. Professor of Music fn public schools, pu pils attending schools $8 pur quarter. The Conservatory in struct ion books free. *< DLAOK CROOK WALTSES" AND "MARCH OP THR X> Amnions." with elegant title pictures of seaiia* and eostumcs of tb* "Black Ciook," era now ready. PubMahad at DODWORTH A SON'S muslo store. No. ? Aster plaaa, between Broadway aad Cooper Institute. Pries $1 seek. Mailed free. CVENTRAL NORMAL MUSICAL CONSERTATORT. M J West Twenty stith "treat, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. Circular* ready. Violin. Piano, Guitar, Slngthg, Aa Loaaon* prlvato. JAY JAT WATSON, Arent. CNCITAR AND SINGING.?NAPOLEON W. GOULD, T Soto Guitarist, enables his pupils ta a few lesson* 14 accompany songs nnd play effectively. 88 Sixth svonua Ban JO taught practically. JUBT PUBLISHED. "FOROHAM TICKET FOLRA," Polka Burlesque, by C. Pradel, handsomely illustrated, with portrait of John Adams. Esq. Price ; matted free. RU Dl6E R A HILL. W8 Broadway rE MISSES SLOMAN (RESIDENCE NO. ? BAST Seventeenth street . Pianists, Vocalists. Harpists, will Mr* instruction to a limited number of pupUa Rcfereaoo, Beer A Schlrtner. 871 Broadway, The soprano of a leading episcopal ehurrh In a neighboring city desires a position in a ehurvh in this olty. Address, for ona weak, Church Musi*, Herald ottoa. VIOLIN,?LESSONS WANTED. THREE TIMES A wank, by a young man. after I P. M., at ruffideno# Ban Twentieth atrnai, near Third svenua Addrosa slating terms. Tlolln, Herald offiaa terms vioiin. Herald office. YHIOI.IN TAUGHT?THIS MOST BEAUTIFUL INSTBG man! taught by new and easy method. Ceorada of I fflfSs&ggft,.- 1 JJffU. L. SATTRRBON, PIANIST, YY ilea, waddlnga. Aa, at $8 par VII YloUn, Ac. Order* racalTOd at roaldaaea near Fur tiaUl StMaA \ ATTENDS IQP4R avealng. Can ntrpjfc earn M Sixth av.^% - / "" S' VALE NTIWKN.