Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1867 Page 2
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A *:TI MIU1H W \MI il.KRMAliKS. A14I)Y OK KhPIKFttl'NT. 11 \V|SO Mil WITH ?(????, do* lies the posit n of ' ' Jf * widower or ? p..rtv ol ??*.illen.eii wil' of i? " )' ? f ,r nl?ry; t i inch ever* kultataciuMi * 11 bo given. w ? .1J take Chtorge of e where the 1.1 v tire ? on,! to Eunice or t' are! a till n I ?rlv til den too u ? .lot Add its* 4'? ?? 1?, t< .no.. D. tor three day*. B'Tl AflON WANTED?UY a Kl.srn IAB1 I. young ? r! ar chum! unuiii .iud ? Api ly at her laat |iUt tw Wert Sit I: ?i. A NUNERR OP VILL RECOMMENDED HERMAN /\ girl? i.toht Mtuntioii* ill Mr*, l.nue'slie;mall Institute, 1.- -Union ?it , lift* r Hovrrry. AWIUtOV l.AI>Y. AMKRICAN. MIDDLK, IB i? eiiie ilTAiotrd clrriiiiifi.ince*. Hid wuhr* sonic kind frl o a if jtue her i comfortable homo; can superintend * house ,,r ... .?n* kin.i ?! li?li; work; would be wtlltiu i<> to tujke bet 'ell useful; i* .'( live kddre-a for Hire.' dsrs M. . i;. Smith, Jer-ey City Port utllee. A SITUATION WANTKD-HY A RESPECTABLE yO'jng girl, ?? g?od cook. *n eteellent ? t and trmer; go d city rc'erence. Can be Keen at 104 t> e-t lltn ?i.. lielweeB t>;li and 7tb av*., third floor, back rooiu. , A SITUATION WANTED?RY A DRESS* IK'ER; CAN o?t and fit ladies' and children * ilres-f* and ilo all kitidaof family Hewing; will go oi.t by the work or mouth; no objection lo the eoiintry. Can lie sacu for two d.iyi at dl Waal ajiii at . beta een 6th? and "tli :iv?. ACTUATION WANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO teataat. to rook, wwab and iron in a amall J.rlvate family; good city inference. Call for two Jay* a; ton blh a*,, tetr Uottae, room No. 8. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, AS omnp tent ?; understands rutting and fitting ohdlren'aand ladlea'*. Addreaa X. B., box 211 Her ald office A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS Oil AM ? bermaf 1 and waltraaa; best of oily reference. Can be a.-an for (wo day* at 879 2(1 ar? seoond floor, front. A ABKSl'ECTABLE YOUNO GIRI. WISHES TO OO nut by the day, week or month: ran out and lit ladle*' ninaksaud ilresace. and children * rlotha: can o|>crate on a innobloe. t all for two day* at 125 W eat 84th ah, a few doora from 7th av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL DESIRES A SITUA to do eharabnrwork and waltlug or uilnd grow ing children Reference* if required. Call at XI5 West 'Jblli at., ladweeu 8 h and 9lh ava. RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA lion <1* conk, thoroughly understands her hiialne**; a g-eid hak. c ,i.i objection to do the coarse washing and Iron ing. Good rity reference*. Can be aeen for two day* at 61 ."Lit *t., second floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A YOUNO RESPECT able aou.hi. aa oook and a**isi with the wanblng and lr.iulng; thoroughly understands her hii-inr-a. Oood refer ence Call lor two d.iya at IIS Wert 13tb at.. In the rear. AT CARPENTER'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMPLOY incut Otllce. 138 11th at., corner of bill >r? families are t.niaeduitely suited with capable servant*. AM A ItltlKD WOMAN WISHES A WET NURSES SIT ?niton. Call 10-day at 139 Wcai 20lh at., in the rear. AN ENGLISH GIRL WOULD LIKE TO DO TIIE housework of a small family; 1* a good plain oook and ?a'nllent Masher and lroner; beat of eiiy reference Apply at 840 Kti7*betb ?u, near Houston. No'calls out of tuwii need apply. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS tlrct class cook; thoroughly understands her business; l.tost of city reference. Call at 839 8th av.. between 44th and 4Ath sta YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO a good bread 340 Wast 25th J\ general housework in a small family; la a good bread auj nlscu.t maker; has good referruce. ( all at 340 W road door, front room. A A YOUNG AND WELL EDUCATED GERMAN GIRL wishes io obtain a situation aa chambermaid in a re epeeUble Amt-rioan lamily; kind treatment and to learn tbe English language are prefen-ed to high wages. Apply at 416 1st Av., oral 242 26th au, at the bard wain store. A YOUNG GIRL. LATELY I.ANDED WISHES A situation aa chambermaid; or would do general house work; Address for two days M. M., box 10b Herald office. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES EMPLOYMENT AS SEAM etmH*, by the day or week; understand* dressmaking and all kinds of familv sewing; best recommend*lions Call at or address 132 West 27th at.. room 18. A SCOTCH WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO cook, wash and Iron; is willing to do general boas*, work; good reterenoe; no objection to the country. Call for one dey at 422 East 13th at., near av. A. third floor. YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITU ATION AS LACK dress, or to do plain cooking, washing and Ironing, ib a small family in the (ity; no objection to the country. Ap ply at 178 East 17th St., New York. A PROTESTANT (URL WANTS A SITUATION IN A rv email family to da general housework. Call at 188 West Md si., for Mlas Watt. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WI8HR8 A SITUA tiou aa cask, washer and Ironer; ean furnish city refer ?eon. Call for two days at Ml Sd as . eorasr 38th at. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A COMPETENT, TRUST woetbv woman, aa chambermaid and aesmstreaa or to aaaiat in tbe fine washing; ia a good sewer and a perfect chain be rtn aid or laondreaa. Beat of city reference. Call for two day*at lot Wart 19th St., between Nth and 7th art., third Boor AN AMKRICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN the oounti y, to do general housework fhr a small fami ly. where there era no other servants. Call at 198 Clinton plane, dlh at. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WHO CAN CUT AND Rt and operate on Wheeler A Wllaon'e machine would go out by the week or month In private famlUoe; also thor oughly uudeiatenda all family eewing. Can bo seen at 74 Sd av. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamber*ork and as laundress of wsltrets In a private family; ean come wot I recommended from her last employer. Call at 134 West 97th St., between 7th mid 8th ava., second floor, back room. ARBSPBCTABLR GIRL WISHES A SITUATION; IS a good plain cook. It rat rate waaher and Ironer, end Is willing to do boiiHrwork in a amall family: ba* tbe best of references. Call el 141 East 41st St., ttrst floor. baek room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ao nurse sod seamstress: oao take the entire charge of a baby; baa the l>eai of citv reference. ? ?all at 147 East 82d at. hetwesn Lexington and 3d ava. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AABOUS8 worker In a email private faintly: haa "ood reference frm bar laal place. Call for three Uayaal 47 L?*ex at., Hrat tin ?r, Croat rtiiim. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAM J\ heriuairt and plain newer; ha* no objection to help with the waihing and ironing; ha* good reference Call at :tj* I at av., eecond door A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COIIPRTKNT Wo man. a* lnundreea. Haa good city reference. Apply a MW*u lPih at., between 7lh and Sth ave. A RESPECTABLE young oirl wishes a kitua Uon aa chain derm* Id and waitreaa, or would take care of ehtldren In a amall private family. Good reference. Can be Men at '-i?> Went lfltn at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, aa cook, waaher and uoner; Is an excellent birad and biarti.t m .ker Can lie aeru for two lay a at 13UKa-l JOlb at., aeeond (Ikot, bark room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A R\BY TO wet nur?c at her own hooae. The heal of city refer ence Apply at 10 Weet 28th at., third floor. ARESPEt'TABLE WOMAN WISHES TO DO HOI SK worx in a amall private family. Can be seen for two d?ya al 77 W.-?tfSih at., third Hour, lin k loom AQIRI. WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER and It oner, or to do general homework in a amall fam ily . haa itood reference from her laat place. Apply at 141 Weat Ititn it. A seamstress wishes to obtain work in private font.Ilea; c an cut. Ill and ecw on a machine; will so oM by the day, week or month. Call at 40.' Weat 44th at., near tftliar., in toy autre. A SITUATION W ANTED?BY PROTESTANT GIRL, aa *e?m-drees or to take cure of children; I? an ex. <d lent operator on Wheoler A Wllaon'a machine. Call at l.'U Weal Ifth *L A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE a* chamber in .Id or waltreaa. In pure al her old employer'a, 1C7 Eaat 27th it. uuul engaged. Good refer ence A OIRL WISHER A SITUATION?IS A COMPETENT acamrti-eea; la willing lo take care of one child and raw reference given. t aif al IhO Blh av.. near Mth at. A LADIES' HAIR DKHSSKIt. WHO IIAR IIAD NINE year. experiewM. wlahea a few tnMtmaera by the work Reference given. Terma moderate. Call at :WV nth av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general hou-ework, or would rook. wn*h and iron; g ?od eity reference. Call at Sit Weat 30th at., between 8th and (eh ara A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITf. ation a* flr*t ela*a oook in a prtvat<\ Tamil*; l? a good baker, willing lo aa*dat in wa-hing and Ironing; no objection t? go a abort die*-ice in the e .untrv; good city rcl'crenot-. Call lor two dava at 33 Sth at., aecnnd floor, rear. A QUIET. RESPECTABLE To UNO WOMAN, NOT long In th!? country, wieh?? a aliuatlon aa child'* nunc or to lake rare of mid .cat h young thildr.-n; liaa good city reference. Call at Wig We?t fad it, aeeond floor, front ?MASSACHUSETTS Lvov ACCUSTOMED TO DO meatto life, dealt*-' a porltlon aa hooaekceper In a gen HMMa'a famtly. Addreaa Miaa M. S., M Chapman at , Noatnii, Maaa A RKHPKCTA1II.K WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS r^>. imii-m ; gi?rn. App j at i9S We?t 2 th at., between Blh and 9Hi aV*., In the boot* ARRSFHicrABLP. PROTEST ANT OIUL WISHES EM ptoyMent be the dat. .a a good <? unalieas, ehnrgea Igodarate Can be won (or two d?ya at Mr.Ureeo a. ? Laat A'SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOM AN eatook in aprtvate iamity, nnderetarxdi annpa. maata. poultry and gani<-, paatry and bread; willing to a-al.t In the A TOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO UP ataira work. Call for two daya at is Deabroaae* in. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young gilt, to do chamberwnrk and waiting, I *? good reference; naa lived four year* in London. Can be *eeu at 0M 7tli a*., corner of Hd at . fancy atore. A GOOD MEAT AND PASTRY COOK DESIRES \ J\ altuatiim; Would do an me wxahmg: Would go a the enontr*. excellent reference. Can be ?een for two dava at 14 Mb at. near Bo* cry. in the roar. A KKSPRUTAtLB WOMAN WISHES To Go OUT rt J\ the day. en wkn In wailing 0*11 ht Ml Weat 23d ?t, between '<tii ?lh av*.. In th* rwr. A YOUNG AMERICAN OlNfc WfKffhS A SITUATION .A ee chambermaid or waltr-an, or to tealal in nnt-ing: la w iling to go lo the eoanlry. Call at or sddrea* 42b 7th av. A VI RY RKSPROTABLK 01BL WANTS A SITUATION A to do eharnherwork and eraillng or chamh. rwnrk end plain a* wing. Call at 3 'A _'6'h at. I ait wee rt *th and iHh art., 1 flo.r. ?ITrVk'IOM* WA^Tltn-KEMMM. A RKaPBcrABUF girl wisiikh a situation as j\ r 1.1k w?sher ?n 1 "i.v. licet city tefereuce. Gan be m en for two days at Sl?l -Bat at nilp | ,o V MKMT WANTED-BY TUB 1>AV BT A COM IJ Is-lent wjim?ir rot operator; understands dress making and all krtirlH"t family sewing, Call M Or uMrwl 102 We?l Li ?t., top Boor, front room NriUtiiE AND SEAMSTRESS.?AN AMEKtCAN WO I n. is ode- roueof itir nlxm- position; or would takrr.irs or oti u< k ilul Or travel with a U.ljr, is very capable to atek MM. :???.'! WV'.ill uv<kc bcisult uaeful lit a li*,' clues family; ba? Aral try r. 'r. -not.. Coil Uiuiiay iMiadayl At IH Weal 1-in at., between Tilt add 8th aft N Jl' 1MB THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED IN TI1R rare of Uifuuts. wishes a situation: c ru l ake Uta fuB charge from llrt- monthly nurse, audbr nig i; up on lbs botlie; nr. h g >od aottmalroaa; superior ell* relet nee. Apply at tin. iAt dm av .ia tlitr Itoop skirl factory, coram of IBui at Ap ply from ID A. M. to 3 I* M. (SITUATION WANTED-BY A OKl<M AN GIRL, AS t cook; American fatally preferred. Call al Sit Mb ??., orer the bakery. Situations Wasted?by two oirlii. onb as Cook and the olbar aa wailre-a or to do > lisuilierwork, both lullj,competent; woold prefer ftt la) ill one family. Call at their present euaployer'a. So. 233 Marl moo ar. OITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE TOCNO O Woman, aa nurMt capable o| taking charge ot an infant from lit bulb , la a good seamstress yood refniwnce. Ap ply al 873 Wait 3*1 h at., top flour. I root room. Q1TIIATION WAKTED-BT A RKKl'KCTABLK OlIU., O to do general housework. or aa plain cook, wmheraad Jrouer Apply at 27b Weat ttHlt at., room 16. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, aa cook in a hotel or restaurant. Apply at 3211 Qroctt wirh sk. Aral floor, fi-ont room. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, art plain newer, chambermaid or to take cam of cbildreo. Uood city referruoe. Gail at 3ti Weat at. QITUATIOS WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO i5 man, to cook, waab and trou. Rait of rlty reference from last place. Apply at 24L Weat 26lb at., between 7th and 8th avH. ' SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLEWOMAN, to do general housework; good city reference. Apply ?t Mo. 6 Mai -on at., near Centre market. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG German woman, to cook, waah and iron; good city reference. Call at 391 East Houston at. second floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, to do chainberwork and waiting, or to do general housework in a private family; good city reference. Call at MB West 231 at. corner of 7th uv. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girl, lo do general housework or chaml>erwork and wailing: N-at of city reference. Call at 208 East 47th at., lop floor, front. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAM BURMA ID AND plain seamstress, by a highly recommended and cmnpe tenl young woman, who is ueat and obliging. Call on or address B. M., al ilarrlsnn'a, 194 Wei>t 20th at. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to cook, wash and iron; la a first class cook and would assist at washing and ironing. Good city reference. Call nt 246 West 16th at, botween 7th and 8th nva.. In the back basement. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE. PRO testant girl, as cook; ia a good washer and irooer; la willing In make hervell generally useful; good reference. Call lor two days at 653 2d sr., between 36th and 36lh sta. SITUATION WANTED?RV A FIRST CLASS COOK; uiideesianda her business In all lis branches; fully com petent of sei Ting up supper and dinner parties in the best a'vie: good city reference. Call for two days at 345 East 13th st. ? SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work or usstat at washing and Ironing. Good city refer ence. Call at 609 Greenwich at., third floor. TWO TRUSTY GIRLS, LATELY ARRIVED IN THIS country, wish situations; one to cook, ws-h and Iron, the other to <lo chamlterwork: ran do all kinds of sowing, knitting slid embroidering. Can be teen at 437 West 26th St., fur two days. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH 8ITUA tiona: Ibeoneaa nurse and seamstress, the other as rook, wssher and irooer, or would do the housework in a small private family. Bo'h can be scon for two days at 86 Mulberry si., near Canal, urst floor, back room. ANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO DO THE housework of a small family; is a good conk, washer and irooer. Satisfactory reference. Inquire at 63U Weat Washington place, first rear house, aeoond floor, tor two days. w TtTANTKb-A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLAS8 COOK; II understands aer business thoroughly In all its branches; all kinds of soups, pastries, jellies and creams; also betting of poultry and larding; di an emailent baker of all kiada. ^^^^?clty reference given. Call at 819 weat 3kth at, in the store. YX7ANTRD?BY A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN, PROTEST ?Y ant, a situation aa chambermaid, does (no washing, flu una .mi hat rd re-sing. Good rlty rrfemMM^iM^H seeu for three days at 378 Sd lint floor. fluting and bait-dressing. Good city references, Can be aeru for three days at 373 Sd ST., f" " WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT WO vv man. as first class cook; understands her business In all ita branches; all kinds ef desserts, jellies and Ice cream. Beat city reference. Call at 401 9th av. W^ftTCO-BY * RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, YY a situation as nurse or chambermaid; heat of city ref erenda furnished as to ability. Can be seen for two days at 31 St. Mark's place. TXT^NTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A FEW Yv gentlemen's or ladies' washiag, which will be done In the neatest manner: can do fluting if required. Call at 96 West 27tb St., room 16, front house. WANTED?BY A SCOTCH WOMAN, A SITUATION AS seamstress In a private family; a good place more of an object than the pay. Address J. M., station G, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION. AS FIRST CLASS COOK: v Y understands boning and larding, and all kinds or desserts. is an exiierieuced baksr; good city reference given. Call at 79 West 39lb st. In the rear, for tiro days. ?tirAM'TKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, VI a situation as general housemaid In a small family. Address 266 East 18th si. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COOK. WASHER AND ironer, by a Scotch ProtnUU girl. who understands her business and bu Oral rate recommendation* for honesty, Integrity, Ac. Call for two daya at No. It <$th at., near the Bowery. WANTKD?A 8ITUATION BY A YOUNG GIRL TO DO general houaework; good city reference. Cell at 198 East 39th at. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS seamstress; can make ladle*' ami rhihlren'R drease* ami do all kinda 01 family sewing; has good reference. Call at 491) arenno C. between 99th and SOtli ata.. room No. 8. YX7ASTKD-BY A RE*PKCrABI,E YOUNG WOMAN. A If altuation aa chambermaid, or to do the general house workof a small private family; good city reference nan be given from laat ulsce. Call at 73 Grand at., third floor. No notci attended to. Yl"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PER. If aoti, to cook and a**i-l wnh the washing; hn? three year*: retcrem* from Iter last plane; laneat and parttonlnr about her work Call at 103 West 36th at., between 6th av. and Broadway. WANT';I1- A SITUATION. By \ YOUNG WOMAN, to do chamherwork In a boardlne or walling; ts ?malt anil neat about her work. Apply at IU3 Weal kith at., tietween Sih av. and Broadway. rjTANTKB-HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, wa-.ii. fl mg and Ironing in her own bouse; she unjerstioii* all kind of tinting and finery; can get the heat city reference, ( all n KM 3d av , In the but Tiers shop. TITAN TED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABI.B TV young girl, a- chambermaid and waitress, can furnish ?he best of testimonial* Can be seen or addressed for two days at PWfitli av.. between 'Jhh and 30tb ata., room No. 2. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A It situation aaehantbermaid or pantry girl; would have no ohyecllon to assist at wailing on table or mtnd ihlldren; ean_pe highly recommended by her laat employer. Call at MB Weal Will at. IXTANTED--A CIIII.D OR CHILDREN TO TAKE CARE It of; good care wilt lie taken of them Apply for one week at 87 I,aniens at. WANTBD-A SITUATION. AS HOUSEKEEPER OR ninae, by a French widow, where ahe could have her Utile girl 12 rears of age with her; ahe would be willing to make hcr*clf generally useful. Cad at 2ttl East 21st at.* third floor, front n?otti. YTTANTED -BY A THOROUOH CHAMBERMAID AND If waitress, with excellent cfly re. a re nee. a situation in a private family; will take entire charge of sliver and 'lining ./von. In ..voallo ,.f .1,1a U'aoo. NIB I *?. II .1 IIJM B..I Qlal .1 mom In eicellritl style. Wage. $10. Call si 192 East 31st at. WANTED-BY A SUPERIOR NURSE, WITH EXCEL l*nt city inference, s situation in city or country, wnitld take, charge ol a baby from It* hlrh:' aews neatly; or a* nur*e to aa invalid lady. Wages $1U. Call at 193 Eaat 31st at. w TANTED?BY A RESPECTABI.B YOUNG FRENCH lady lately arrived from Paris, a situation a* lady* maid; understands hatrdreaatng *nd dressmaking, best city - Weat f? reference can be given. Call for two day. at 20 west 13th at. YXTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG AMERICAN If woman, with s fresh breast of milk, a sttuaiion aa wet nurse hss tha bc?t of cltv reference. Can be seen for two duya at 424 Eaat 12th at., near 1st av., top floor, back room. WANTED-BT A RES PR CT ABLE GIRL. A H1TUA lion to take .-are of children and do up staira work. Apply at 233 Kaai Iflth St., Bra floor. Can b? seen for (wo days. TXTANTRD?A SITUATION BY A TOUNO GIRL AS f f seamstress; understands making ladles' and chlldreti's dresses, and I* eapaldo Of working on Wheeler A Wilson'* machine. Call at 879 Broadway. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT SKAM8TRE9H, WORK by the day, week or innttth; would bring her own machine If required; understands all kind* of family sew ing, tlth a WANTED.?A SITUATION BY A PROTECTANT WO man, t" cook, who thoroughly understand* Iter bust, neas; noobje Hon to a boarding bouse or tbe country; good rolerence Apply at 133 East lltb at. TITABTED-SITUATIONB. BY TWO GERMAN PRO* ff testant girl*. *l*lera; one to cook, Waeh and Iron, the other to do ohamlierwork and waiting. The best of city ref. erences given. Call at 317 7th a*., between Ml and Atth sis WASHING WANTED?DT A KIRbT CLASS. COMPK tent latindrees, she understand* all kinds of family washing, does Met* end finery; also fluttog and lace cmtauia in lha nr.lest manner; family washing donenn resaouble t?rms Good relet enco gtveo. Call on Mr*, (tain, 329 Went ftihet. wAMINO AID IRONING WANTED BY A RBHPNCTs ff able women, iir wold go nut by the day; has tbe best of cfty rerere..i, ??. wlsll in tbe si ne, 187 Best Aid at,, be fween Hi, andsih avs. IIKI.P WANTKD?PKMALBR. (NOOK, W Ad I| 1.1{ AN|> IRONER WANTED-IN A ' small private family; must understand bee bualnesg BUHHtlf, IMm albert need call this morning, between 8 and 9. at M l,sit jnth ft, but those who din bring good elly rvfiitAcvi HELP WAVTF.n-PEW VLEi. "\kf ANTED?TWO ;ut:..s. ONE TO ACT Ml COOK and I' th other ?? c >.>iU:i'nuil and w airi ?s. ('nil ?? 157 Wei "UHi. k _ Al^ANTED?A GIRL FOR CHAMBERWORK AMD TO *T assist Villi tr11*' nig *nd ironing line willing and a bigtug can apply Hi 1st Last lAUi ?i CitJ rel rum i ? quired. \WT ANTED?A. OIKI.. WITH GOOD RROOMMBNDA. Vv lions, u> do gnnonit housework lore private laiully Ap ply al 14 tin*' 64tn *U titamtko-a competent girl to dooekeral ?l housework In a small prrv.Ui familyi whocan bsUe. Apply to-day at 232 l nol ibth si. w WANTl'D-A riBf*T CLASS DRESSMAKER, with aitl>faelory ch.,r,cter ami reference a* to ability. one who has b.-eu connected with some well known city estab lishment, and who can take rhsrge of a robe utanieau .depart men I ami general la-llea' furnishing department in a large house. adbrosa+ox 6,131 Post office. ANTKD-A LITTLE OIRL, FROM II TO II TEARS Old, 10 take care of a baby Apply at tb 1 hompson rft WANTED?AN ACTIVE. STEADV YOUNG WOMAN, to rook, waah and iron In a private family: she moat understand her business tboronifhly aud hare good oity re lerenccs. Apply al 217 Weat 23d at. WANTED?A OIRL, AS NURSE, ONE WHO IS TT fond of children, kind and willing. Apply al Si "oIon place, between Itnii and llhh ate., from II lo 1 O'clock, on floods^, ^ ED-A WOMAN. WITH OOOD REFERENCE, to cook, waati aud iron. Apply at 164 Weat 22d al. ANTED?IN A PRIVATE KAM1LV, TWO 0IBL8; a good plain cook, who la witling lo aaaiai with the waaliiug and a chambermaid tvho la a good biuuJreaa. Must coinu well reooinmendott. Apply al 87 East 19th at. WANTED?A PROTEST\NT GfltL, GERMAN OB Irtah (ado general housework (eteept the washing and ironing >, for a small family. Good city references. Ap ply al 181 West 48th >t WANTED-A COOK. WASHER AND I RONE B rOR A private f.iinily. None but (hose fully couipeteut nted apply, at VI East 52d al .?. . , ANTED?FIRST CLASS PROTESTANT WAITER girts and an oyster boy, M (he dining room 117 6lh at . J. S. OLAPP WANTED--A PRBNOH OR GERMAN LADY'S MAID understanding sewing. Applv at No 8 Clinton plat e, between 11 A. M. and 4 1*. M. WT; W w w 187ANTED?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH AND IRON. tt none need apply save those willing to make themselves generally useful. Call at 464 Weal 284 at., with ratereuce. ANTED?A GIRL TO DO UPSTAIRS WORK AND assist in aewiug. Apply al Ktl West Houston at. WANTKD-TWO OEKMAK, ENGLISH OR SCOTCH guda; one aa chambermaid, the oilier '? eook, wash and iron. Apply between the houraol Hand 12, at 165 East 30tb at., eoruer of Lexington av. WET NURSE WANTED.?A WET NURSE, WITH A fresh breast of milk. Apply at II Boot man plaee. Weat 83d at., between 8th and 9th avs. WET NURSE WANTED-TO TAKE ENTIRE charge of a baby two weeka old, at Vonkers. Apply al 85 Marion at.. Lylng-iu Asylum. SITUATIONS WANTED?HAliKH. AYOUNO MAN. AGED 80, DESIRES A SITUATION; understands bookkeeping, entry clerk and a knowledge of business In general; experts!mum moderate; references. Address Ernest, box 129 Herald oOlce. ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A STEADY AMEIII can, to tend a furnace or make himself useful two or three hours morning and evening, where lie can get his board for Ida services; beat of reference. Address W. Z., Herald odlce. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE MAN. A SITU A tlon aa groom lu a private or liverv stable; e.ui come well recommended Inquire at No. 206 East 17th St., top floor, back room. No. 17. w CLERKS AND SAI-KKMKV. ~g~FARTY EXTENSIVELY ACQUAINTED WWW A wlahe* a eituiitlou aa traveling aaleaman, ellli( r in Grocery or Cigar Uue; aalary or couimueuou. Addreaa A B., box 218 Herald oBlce. DRUG CLERK WANTBD.?A FIRST (^HS PRE sonptlon clerk wanted logo to Leavenworth, Kanea*. celery no object for the right kind of * men. Apply to Dliou, Clarke k Halleti, 149 Chambera at. DrUq CLERK wantkd-onk thoroughly acquainted with the city retail trade in all it* branche*-. Apply on Monday and Tueaday lo <'haa. fc. Clerk, coruei of Cueaon and Myrtle a?a., Brooklyn. ARTIES WANTING THF.IR BOOKS balanced. eearrhed, tranxferred, or new book* commenced, either tingle or doable entry, may liaye it done promptly aud at mSd^mteUrmT l'oet ofllce. rDRUGOIBTS.-WANTRD. K R1TUATIOH, BJ t eompeteat tail etpennaced clerk (German). Addraaa y. L? atatlon A. Tir ANTED?TWO OOOU DRY GOODS SALESMEN; \Y alao a atroag hoy. H. B. RUSsKLL, SCO Bowery. | COACHMEN AHD GARDENERS. ~A SINGLE MAN (UERMAkV WANTS A SITUATION A aa gardener or eoaoliman; from laat employer. Addraaa A. B? boa 1? Herald ollloe. ~* TOUNO MAN WANTiTa SITUATION AM COACH A man and groom;.careful drlveg: baa good reference; la willing to meke hltnaelf itaeful; uo objection to iba conn tV^ A7dree"fortwo days I. P.. box 214 Herald ogee. /??1ROOM WANTED.-*-A single man. who tho (j roughlyjnderetande hla b.i.iuee. in all Ha branehe. and can glee aatiifactory referem-re for Industry .appllca Uon Ac. Apply at prtrate aiable 65 Laat S2d at., between A and 6 P. M. . S ITUATION WANTED?BY A FRENCHMAN AS coachman In a private family: Is a single men. Good city reference given. Inquire at 88-University place, in the harneae etore, for R. O. HELP WANTED?MALES. Agents wasted-to sell an article, en tireiy new and wanted everywhere; aplennid chance for tnaurence and other agent* lo use their apare time ad yantageouely. $10 per day e?*lly mede._ 28 Liberty at. . GENIE wanted-to sell an article wanted by everybody; bualnee* light and luciattve. Call from 9 till 4 *t 1U8 Saeanu *t.. room Is AORNTS WANTED?TO SELL BROWN'S PATENT Double Cone Damper; exclusive right of sale given with large order*; ran begin on small capital. Call and *ee or address, with euunp. Adam* A Pitnt, general ageula, 119 Nu?*au el., room No. <? s OFFICE BOY WANTBD-PROM 18 TO 18 YEARS A old; one who writes a good hand preferred. Addreea bos 4.940 Poet odice GOOD STOUT BOY WANTED?AT GARRETT'S tea etore, lOri Pulton av , Brooilyu ~l ll"DESIRING immediate employment call A at ?l Chamber* street , excellent alt.iaUoae in biisiueas tlua day; aelatie* $10 to $30 per we?k. a t.t. DESIRING SITUATIONS APTLY AT NEW YORK A. Employment Aeeoatinn. I hi Broadway. Gierke, sales men, coachmen and *11 olhei*. gents and pedlkrs to introduce nbw ar tide; proi.t 200 pet rent end il?k no capital. FOS TER. JW Grand at.. New York, and '9 Main it.. Brooklyn. \ GENTS WANTED-CITV AND COUNTRY; PERM A nrnt employment; new and iineiiil article; *everal re united in every limine ?nd family; large eommi??lont. JOHN PKOBUWUft. $1$Centre at. upglalra. Bookkeeper, copyist, salesman and time. keeper wanted immediately, at 212 Broadway, room 19. Help f urnlahed gratia, alao colored waiter*. Directory compilers.?a few first ratb hand* wanted for the Philadelphia Directory; none but entirely competent and experienced wtrtte* need nj>piy to Isaac Costa, hi Hudson County Mutual Insurance l out puny. No. 1 Exchange place, der*ev City. EMPLOYMF.NT.-WANTED, TWO GOOD BOOK CAN yanaera; lo good men liberal leima Call Irom 10 A. M. 11114 P. M. on .fu?eph Price, 118 Na??*U at., fourth floor. City reference required. INDUSTRIOUS MAN WANTED?IN A GOLD AND 1 silver plating e-tahltahmeiu. 10 make himselt titertu; belt of reference required; -vlih $40u would be icceived a* partner. 24 Dunne ?l.. up atatr*. T~AW OFFICE.-WANTED, A YOUNG MAW DBSIR 1J on* of Undying law; mu?t write a fowl band, t oilers graduate prelerred. salary Oral year $.A? Addraaa Lawyer, lie raid oflVc. MEN WANTED?TO SF.LL RELIGIOUS AND NA tional picture*, payable In weekly Instalments. Steady ?mpli?vm#nt to men wilh g<*xl referom**. Apply M II? AV Iuue *tre*t. Broukiyn. milRF.E INTELLIGENT MEN Of GOOD ADDRESS I can flntl lueralive employment by calling at Nn. ?W N*a aau at., room No 2. Ttaoae prelerred who are famlller with directory canvassing. _______ WANTED?A GOOD, SMART. ACTIVE MAW. IN A retail alioe atore; none but lho?e th??tMitglily ??'l,,*'n'" ed with the bnaineua need apply. CAMMEYER A NABUN, corner Bleerker end Carmine ata _____ WANTRD-THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES, W active rnlerprtalng agenta for IwiiUe'a Manttiul Maaonic picture or ?' Waahlnglon Closing the Lodge. Thla la the moat aalable and pro (liable nlelure ever pub lnhrd. It la new and sold exclusively by agents. J L. WHITE. General Agent, 4.W Broome atreet. w ANTRD-A SMART YOUNG MAN. TO ATTEND BAN nnd open oyatera, at 289 and 241 Eighth avenue. ANTED.?A STEADY TOUNO MAW TO OPEN oyeter* and ***l*t In the aaloon. Inquire corner of At lantic and Clinton streets, Brooklyn. WANTKD.-A YOUNG MAN OF GOOD CHARACTER, willing to give Uriel attention, and having about $*W In eaah. In a neat, pleaiaul buameaa. Addreaa Manufacturer, box $99 Herald oflioe TIIK TKADKN. I FEW* MEN WILL BR TAUGHT ClOAR MAKING AT _ 119 Eaat llooatou at., eniranueon Chryatle, up stairs, room IS, taught in a lew day*. SITUATION WANTED-BY A DIAMOND MOUNTER and general workman. Referencea given. Addreaa Jeweller. Herald oflioe UHOE CUTTER WANTKD-A MAN THAT THOR otighlr understands line work, with reference. Addreaa box 140 llerald ofllee. "WANTED?A PRACTICAL MACHINIST WHO HAS ? ? aifwriefio* in hmldinn ?n-l mailing power loom*. Ontf I hone nerd applr wbn enn giro ??eel oMSrer* euee a* to the requited rapacity. Call at 108 Weat Jun at, lietween 8lh and *th atr*. WANTKD-A tlOOD WOOD RNGRATFR. TO WIH>M Vf gn?xl wagon and a permanent Mitualloo will b* aa*?iren. Apply, with ?.me proof, to Bond k Chandler. I? Clark el. t nlrago. III. WANTED A MACHINIST AND ENGINEER. ONE Who underatanda engine* and orrtton meeninery thoroughly; preference given to thoee Who t^rajand r?* Ing; none need anplv iiitWe* nbte to bvfna good refer*oowa. Addrea* Cnlgrtfto "flla. Orange eenntv New Ta l * at Aiirnoa, AUCTION notice-e. both. AUCTIONEER. an kxikaokdinary opportunity for UOUNKKfcKPBKrt AND TlIK TRADE. OVKK WORTH OK elegant and geeteel llouichohl Furoitu"r >1 pnbtlr sue Um this (M>nitejt morning, January at. at II o'clock. at the Urge re-ldeaee IU Clinton |il icis. Kignth n,',u' Msth ?rMM consisting of inagnifioent rosewood Piano forte, Hlool nml Cover, all muderu improvement-*. full neven ?nd a half <w-uv?, nchly carved lees sad cue: three beautl t ul Parlor Butts. ooverad ?IU tin: richest description of French satin broestol; WorlU of Art. Brows, Oil Ksiotlngs by eminent ,11 loo. Velvet. Brussels end Ingrain Carpets; rosewood Ktigerc*. style ef Louis XIV.; solid black walnut Extrusion Tihle, Bullet and Duiuig Chair* to match: Oval and Pier Mirru.s, black walnut f-uit*. covered with hair cloth and groan reps; black wa out nud rosewood Bedsteads and liore uin. Hp-tug and llslr Maltreaaes. Bol?? sod Rock ers, Vanes, lllatw. Cnrna sud Silver Ware. Cutlery, Ac. It. H Rep ihlr men in attendance to cart, pock sod ship goods for pu rob sacra at a rea-onablc charge. ___ A OOTID* HaI.K.?SAM tlKL WVM M. AUOTIOHRBB. J\ IfAUNll'lCilNT IIOUSMIDLI) FURNITURE, PAINTING*. BRONZES. PIANOFOKTB. MIRRORS, AC., at PUBLIC AUCTION. On this day (Monday), at II o'clock, at the elegant brown mone mansion. No. 44 West 8ixtcei.Ui street. tmtweea Fifth and sink avenues. Drawing Room Furniture, covered brocatel; rosewood Eugenia, mirror lucks, marble top?; Secretory Bookcase, 200 * sluine* choirs, Books, Centre Tables Turkish Easy Cbsliv., 1'ainlingt by lunmopl artists, Broese Clock, Figures, I,ace Curtains, Velvet BruaaeU Carpets, root-wood pianoforte, Stool. Cover-Musie Kai-k; rosewood. Walnut Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wardrobes Mattresses. BUukete, Slieeu. Extension Table. Sideboard, elegant acts China, Glass. silver Ware, Table Cutlery Auction halB ok crockery, fiilNX, ulaMaKIV Cutlery.-IIKNKY O. 8VAK8. Auctioneer, will sell on Tuesday. Ian 29, at IU o'clock, at IB Barclay street, a geueral

assort one nt, in lot* to suit city and country trade. Sale wlta out le-erve, and goods carelully repacked lor shipping. Auction bale ?the kirst class four stort store, southwest earner of MaMea Uneand Kesri street, will be sold, by K. H. I.UDLOW A CO.. at auctioa. an Tues day. .tan, 2P. by order of trustees to close an .estate. Sato peremptory. Map-, Ac., et auction rosin. No. 1? Ptae street. BY IIENHY II. I.RBOS A MINER. LEEDS' ART OAl.LKftlKS?TUB CUOIOB PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS by AMERICAN ARTISTS, collected by .dr. S. P. A VERY, during tl.e past 111 teenyears, who having been appolutrd Fine Art Agent to the PAB18 EXPOSITION?ts going to Europe. IlEN'ltY II. LENDS A MINER will sell on Monday and Tuesday evening*. February 4 and 5, at T.i o'clock each eienlng, at Hi-LEEDS' ART OAL1.ERIKS. Nos. 817 and 81V BROADWAY, corner of Twelfth street, this valuable collection of CABINET OEM'S; tliey are by almo-t every American Artist of distinction, and their production was in each case a labor of love. This collection has long been celebrated .unong our connoiseurs. it is therefore only ue oesassry to euutrerate some of the priucipul Artists names? sucli as Baker, Durand, Oreene. Huntington, Bearil, Darley, Hall. Inness, Bier-tailt, KILiot. W. Ilart. Imnan, H. Kuiigbton, Klininger, James llarl, Johnaou, B. Can ilear, Gilford. Haseltlue. Konsett, Colman. (llgnnus. Hays. Lambdln, Church, Gray, llciinessy, McKntee, Crop-ey, Guy, Hubbard, Monnt, Hoot, OertiS, Richards, Sbstluck. Suvdam Sully, Tait, Whittredge, and others. At the same time will also be disposed of the entire Stork ol Works of Art consigned to s. P. Avery, embracing many fine Paintings and Drawings, miluly by American Artists. The Exhibition w ill lip open dally from Monday, January 28. until Monday, February 4, aud on two evenings prsrious to Sale. Y MINER A SOMERVILIiE, 37 NASSAU STREET. SALE OF KT.RGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MADE TO ORDER, BY BKL'iER. AND BKl'NMR A MOORE. MINER A sOMKKVILLK will sell at auction, MONDAY, JAN. 'id. AT 10'i O'CLOCK, at salesroom 37 Nassau street, costly Parlor Suits, richly carved In satin-figured brocatelL with tlir lilageres and Centre Tables to match' Pier and Mantel Minors; line Dining Room and Hall Furniture, In black walnut; superb Rosewood Wardrobe, with Bedroom Furniture to match; line Feather Beds, Mattresses, Ac.: Office Furniture, Desks. Chairs, Ac., together with an as sortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Y .IAMBS M. MILLER. TUESDAY. JAN. 29. AT 12 _ o'clock, al the Exchange salesroom. 111 Broadway, under the direction of Hon. John H. daskin referee. No. 52 Barclay street, the most substantial, elegant and convenient live atorv and basement marble front Store and Building. The lot ts 25xl0il. The building as follows:?Basement aud store 25x95; the second, third, fourth and fifth stories, 26x86. Maps sud particular* at the other. D BURKE, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 89 GREAT . .tunes street?will sell at auction, on Monday, 28lh inst.. at U O'clock, the Stock and Flxluretof the Urge whole sale snd retail liquor store 552 Greenwich street, corner of Charlton, large Slock of Liquor*, in lots; also the Lease of the whole house, with Fixtures, and License guaranteed. l^DWARD SCHF.NOK. AUCTIONEER. ft Havana and domestic cigars. By EDWARD SCHENCK. on Tuesday. 29 thinatant At II o'clock, at No 00 Liberty street, about 20,000 Havana and domestic Cigars. ENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER -SALESROOM 87 Nasss i street, opposite the Poet elDee. BALE OF A LARGE AND VALUABLE PRIVATE COL LECTION OF ANCIENT OIL PAINT!..08. MINER A SOMRRYILI.R will sell at auction on WED NESDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS, JANUARY 20and 31, at 'M o'clock, at tlielr new and spacious PINE ART GAI.lVBKY, 82 Fifth avenue, southwest corner of Fourteenth street, a large and valuable collection of ancient OIL PAINTINGS, comprising the entire gallery of a well known eonnolsaaur of this city, collected during the last thirty years In Europe, Canada and America, and never before publicly exhibited in Una oounlrv. In this collection are many very flat pictures, pronounced bv connoisseurs to be undoubted originate, which are partic ularly worthy of the attention of the art public. Among them will be found the works ol Rubens, Anssano, Paola Veronese, Rembrandt, P. Bril. Brenghel, J Vernet. 1?. Tenters, Berghems, Corregte, Velasquee, Watteau. Wovermans. Van HeinmlL Halm tor Roan, M. Carrhusgglo, Lairesse, Delleern, Maralle, Guercluo, Giordans, and others. B B H The above are now on exhibition day and evening al (ha galleries aa a bore. Catalogues can ba bad at tba offlca of tha auctioneers or al lha gallery. H ENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. HALE OF HORSRS. CARRIAGES, HARNESS. AC., BY MINER A MOMKKVILI,15, TUESDAY JAN. 38, AT IS O'CLOCK. AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION PLACE HTABLRH.aSF.AHT FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AV. PAIR OF BEAUTIFUL GRAY HORSES. S YEARS, ABOUT 15M HANDS HIGH; WARRANTED. Perfectly ?ound, kind and true, and will trot lo wagon in 9:30. Other partleulari to-morrow. Henry o. evans, auctioneer-will sell this day. at 8 o'clock, a rloh assortment of Frnnch China Bohemian Glassware. Parian marble French Cloeka, Ac., the complete importation of B. Bebrioeh, CM Broadway. HEN'RT FKLTMAN, AUCTIONEER?HELLS ON WED neaday. Stub. the entire Htoak ami elegant Fiitnreo of a Cigar Store, with a tine Bar attached; long Lease; altuated on Grand street. Can be botigbl cheap before tba day of ?ale. Apply room 6, Clinton llatl. Henry frltman, auotionker?hells this iUt, at 10 o'clock, at 97 Jauiea street, the entire Stork and Flat urea of a Restaurant, with family Furniture. Hale in Iota. Dealer! larlted. Henry feltman. auctioneer?sells this day. 3U o'clock, ,jHH Third arenne, the entire Stock and Fixtures of Dry and Fancy Goods Store, 99.0JU worth Stock. Dealers call. HOOOLRY. AUCTIONEER, HELLS THIS DAY, AT ? 10 o'clnek. st a," Now Chambers street, Ssloon Pit tnres. Counter Extension, Table. Paintings. Furniture, Hew ing Machines, Desks, Stoves, 3.IOU Cigars, two pull English Beer Pump, Ac. HCOOLKT, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAT, AT . I oVIonk. Fixtures of Candy Store 196 Vsrtek street. Counter, Shelving Candy Jan. Show Case, Store, a general assortment appertaining lo the buaineas. eT. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER.?MONDAY, JAN. 38. AT lOtg o'clock, at the auction rooms No. I North Wil liam street. Household Furniture, consisting of Mahogany ? ? llgllJug ? Sofas, Rn Bedileads; Loeoges in haircloth and in. Iiitell; Mahogany Dressing Bureaus; Wash Stands; Ma hogany Parlor and Rocking Chairs. Brussels, three-piv and ingrain Carpels'. Oilcloth, two singer's Sewing Machines, '? ?* ~ MSM " " one Spanking Machine; <ientre and Extension Tables; Mshogany, Piench and I'ottsgc Hedslesds; Mattresses: 40 Churcli Cushions; one Hght Slnlgh, double Harness, 10 Gold and Sliver Watches; lot Overeoais, Ac. JAMES JENKINS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT auction, ou Wednesday, 30th Inst., at II o'clock, al I.3H9 Broadway, near Porty-drst street. Horses, Carriages. Wag. ons. Rooksways, I'lisetobs, 1 Coach, 3 dagger Wagons, 1 Skeleton, 3 Sulkeys, | eery stylish Phaeton, top on front seat; 3 Top Wagons, S open Road Wagons. 30 Sets of Single and Double Harness. AO pairs of Hlankets 10 eery fine Robes, 31 uses of Sleigh Robes, 3 Portland Slelglia, 9 Pony two seal, 1 fine Kimball do . 1 very fast Mare. I sorrel Mare, 1 Trotting Pony. All to he sold without reserve. JOHN L. YANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER. NO. 100 Liberty street, to morrow. Tuesday, at II o'clock, re gular sale of Horses, Harness, Ac The sale embraces some very superior stock or trotting aud road horses. Particular* morning of sale. MARSHALL'S SALE. HOOP SKIRT MATERIAL. IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS. Richard Walters, auctioneer, will sell, on Momlav. Janu ary 28, St It A. " - - - way. a larg assorted WS P. Ct>Lf,INH. City Marshall. ?d Walters, aitnloneer, will sell, on Momlav, Janu it It A. M.. at Auction Storea, V and 39 East Broad large stock of llnop Skirt Material, consisting of Wire, Loon, t, Webbing, clasps, Ac., Ac. gfORRIS WILKIN'S, AUCTIONEER. K i ecu tors' aale of Properly on State, Bearer, Pearl Greenwich, Water, John, Front and Jackson streets R. H. LODLoW A CO. wilt sell at auction, on Tuesday January 99, 1*57, at 13 o clock, at the Exchange Salesroom lit Broadway, New York ? State st.?No 7. rnnning through to 16 Pearl at. Beaver St. -No. 95, near Wall at. , Oreenwlch *t.?No. id. near Morris st. Pearl et.?No. 379. running through to 907 Water et.; oi 979 Is a fonr story new store, 89.9>frite feet. Pearl St.? Nos. 931, 983 and 996, southeast corner and In eluding 118 John at. Front at ?Nos. 343, 346 and 347. northwest corner of Jack sou St.. 70x73 feet. 8AMUFL ROOERS. WM P. VAN RENSSELAER, N. P. ROGERS, E reenters and trustees of the estate o _ Moses Rogers, deceased. Book maps at the olBes of the auctioneers. No. 9 Pine et PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?R. FIELD. AUOTIONKER, 4*? Pearl street, will sell this day, at II o'clock, a large assortment of Men's end Women's Clothing, Beds, Bedding, Boots, Shoes Ac. By order of J. Sullivan. New Chambers it. O B. ROLLINS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL TIMS LU. day, at log o'clock, at 438 c?n?l street, the remainder f goods left from Theall A Brother'! sale, constating of Beds nd Redding, Htiieaua. Ward robes Wsshstenils. Tables, hairs. Carpets, Oilcloths, Matting, Stoves, Crockery, Cook ig Utensils. Ac.. Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE.?RICHARD WALTERS, AUCTION ear. will sell on Monday, at II o'clock, at 961 Csusl treei, a quantity of Marbla Monuments, Head Stones, Foot Rones. Ac. JOHN KKLLT, Short If. T., Deputy _______ WM. WITTERH, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAT, at I o'clock, at 4f>t Canal street. Velret, Brussels nree-Bty and other OarpeM; large French Plate Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Oil Paintings, Curtains, four Parlor Huii? Centre, Dining and Tea Tallica; a tin* rosewood Piano, seven octave; block walnut, mahogany and ana mailed Suits; line Hair Maitnsses, Sheets, Wardrobes, Lounges, Rocking end other Chairs; China, Gtaae and Silver Ware, Stove*, Kitchen Ware, 18 second band Carpets, little used, OU RU.BI AT Arcrrio*. OlIKRIFK?rt SALR OK DRY GOODS?BY OOLH AMI'S O I'HY. Do Tuesday, SHii. at lUHi O'clock At 3J-' luliou street, Brooklyn, a general ?**"rtuiinit. tbe Slock of ? tvluil Mora. Also bin nir h *?la of Clothing. WILLIAM KBNNKLLY, \! OTIONKKK-WILI. BELL, ut auction, Oil Monday. January 5W. IrAi, at 10 o'clock* at No 337 Sink avenue, corner Twenty brat atreet, by eider of Ihr cici utora of Henry Bolaud. iir<oao*L l'arlor Furniture Gaipeu, 1'ier UUam-*, Wardrobes, Sofaa. Chairs. lle.ldlug, t'rooaery. Kite lieu Furniture, valuable lion Hate, and a lot of Bai room hituiw. 40 TH AUCTION HALB. 3u OOU TONS BCRANTON CO Ale ON WEDNESDAY, JAN 3U. IStfl. K>> Yuan, Jan. 'A, UV17. The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad Coat. KuywtUeeU by Me-nrs JOHN 8. DRAPER A CO., alio noers, at the company's aalea ruoto, IK Exchange (ilaoo, corner of Will lain at met. New York, ou Mmluewiay, Jan. 9k mat., at 11 o'oiock. noon. 311,mo TON8 of fraah mined coal, from the Ijaokuwanoa region*, of the usual ai/ea, deliverable at their depot, Elizabeth port. N. J , during the month of February, 18J7. Twra*:?Fifty centa per ton. payable In ourrant funds, An Km day of sale. and the balanec, within ten daya the realtor, at the otlioe of the company. JOHN BRlSBtN. President* KUROPBA.T STEAMSHIP*. ^ STKAM TO OLA8UOW AND LI VK It POOL, calling at l<ondanderrv to land passenger* and ntalla. The lat ortte passenger steamers of THE ANCHOR LINK SAIL EVERT SATURDAY. IOWA, Oral* Saturday. Fnhjroary $. CALEDONIA, Macdonald Saturday, February ?. Prom pier 44 North rlrer, ?ana or ruuoa rsraai.! in ooaKkhcr. To Liverpool, Ulasgow and Derry?Cabins, $90 and $70; steerage, $36. Prepaid certificates from these porta to New York, $34. To Havre, Hamburg, Antwerp, Ac.. $100 and $37. For 1 urther Information apply at tbe company's office*. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO, Agents. No, <1 Bowling Green, New York RATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. STEAMERS WEEKLY ^o'^JVKKPOOL, CALLING AT QUEBN8TOWN. I,e*vea pier 47 North rlrer as folluwa:? DENMARK, Capiaiu Thomson, Saturday, February 1. VIRGINIA, Captalu Prowae, Saturday. January 16. HELVETIA. Captain Thompson, Saturday. Jauuary 33. ENGLAND. Cart dn (1 rare. Saturday, March % C.ibin pass ige, (100: steerage. $30. Hteeragc pa-sage tickets, to bring parties from Liverpool or Queenatown, for $36 iu currency. Through passage (o Paris, Antwerp. Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at low rales. In ills issued for any amount, payable at any bank la Great Britain or on the continent For freight and cabin passage apply at the office of the Oompany. Si Broadway. And for steerage ticket* at tbe passage office of the com pany, 37 Broadway and 376 Pearl street, near Fulton. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. \TTBW YORK AND BREMEN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. J>l THE FIRST CLASS C. 8. MAIL STEAMSHIP ATLANTIC, Chan. Hoyer, commander. WIU leare Pier 43 N. K. on THURSDAY. PEB. 7, for SOUTH AMPTON and BREMEN, Taking passenger* to Southampton. London. Havre and Bremen, at tbe following rate*, payable in gold or it* equiv alent in currency? First cabin, (UN; aeeond cabin, $70; steerage, $37 60. To he followed by the BALTIC. For freight or passage apply SAAC TAYiiOR, President 40 Broadway. o NLY DIRECT LINE TO FR ANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING AT BREST The splendid new vessels on thin favorite mule for the Continent will aatl front pier No. 90 North river, as fol lows:? EUROPE Lamarie Saturday, Feb. ? ST. LAURENT Bocaude Saturday, Feb. 33 PEKKIRE Duchesne Saturday, MarriiO VILLK DE PARIS Surniool Saturday,MamUltS PRICKS OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. First cabin. $160; second nahin. $100. inoludlng wine. These alouuiers do not carry stem age passengers. Medical attendance free of charge. Passengers intending to land at Brest can he furnished on lioaril with railroad coupon tickets, and their baggage checked to Purls a1 an addttioual charge of $S for first and $3 for second class. GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent. No. 98 Broadway. FOR LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QUEENSTOWX.? t'unard steamship ASIA, from Boston via Hallfaa January M CUBA, from New York February 6 AFRICA, from Boston via Halifax February 13 rMSAr.v movct raoa xxw roan. Cabin $1.10 | Second Cabin $100 passant agpvr rnoM bottom. Cabin $ISS I Second Cabin ,$80 Payable in gold or pa equivalent. For freight or passage apply to K. CuNAKD, No. 4 Bowling Green. STKAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QUEENSTOWX TWICE A WEEK. PASSAGE $30 CURRENCY. Prepaid ticket* from Liverpool or Queenatown at lowest rata*. Apply lo TAPSCOIT BROS. A CO., 81 South atreet and 23 Broadway. TIIR HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall steamship GERMAN! A. H. F. Rehwenaen, commander, carrying Hie United Statu mail, will mil on Saturday, February >. at 13 M., for HAMBURG. taking passengers for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. First cabin, $13B: second cabin, $7$; steerage, $37 CO, pay able in gold or iis equivalent. The BORI'SSIA will follow, February 18. KUXBAKDT A CO., C. B. RICHARDS A BOAS. General Agent* General Passenger Agents. 66 Exchange pi see. N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street,7*. Y. The north of.rman lloyds Hteamship IN ION, F. H. Yau Santen. master; carrying the United Slates mall, will sad from Kir Bremen pier, foot of Third street Hobokcn. ON SATURDAY. FEBRUARY ?, ros BREMEN VIA BOUTHAMPTON. TAKING PASSENGERS TO LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, st the following ratea, payable In gold or IU equivalent ta currency:? For tbo Hi at cabin, SUM; asoond cabin, $75; .steerage, $87 SO. gold. To be followed by the steamship HERMANN, W. H. Wettke. master. on nbritery 33. atpset For freight or paaaagn apply to OELRICHS A CO., 68 Broad STEAM WEEKLY TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL OR Queaiiatntvn by the Canard Line. AIJCPPO Malls Jan. 80 Steerage passage to Liverpool, $30: to New York, $8o. payable In < urieney; cabin passage $S>. gold. Apply at R. l'UNARD'0 Stealage ofliee, 68 Broadway. I ON DON AND NEW YORK RTEAMSHfP LINK. J Passage to Ixmdnn direct $90, Ml and $30, currency. Passage from London $7o. $60 end $30, gold. BULLOSA, Captain Dlion, from New lork. fettruarv a. CKLL.V, Captain (lleidell from New York. Februaty 16. WM. PKNN, Captain Hilllnge, from New York. March X ATALAN TA, Captain Pinkhsm from New Yorfi, March IS. The Krlttah iron ateamablp BELLONA will leave pier No 3 North river, for London direct, on Tneaday. Pebm arv 5 Until further notice the steamers of this line will call at Brent to land patten can. commencing wlih the William Penn, to sell Saturday. March 3. Bagcare checked and ticket* told through hv rail to Paria at Z'i i>er cent lent than regular rater. Eteuralon ticketa, available for six month*, leaned at a reduced rate. Freight will Ire taken and through bills of lading given to Have, Antwerp. Rotterdam, Amaterdam and Dunkirk. For pa stage apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY, 31 Broadway. For freight aoplv at 54 South street. _ HOW LAN D A AHPINWALL. Agent*. UTKAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QUKKNS O town. The inman Line, **ilmg semi-weekly, carrying the United Slate* mall*. CITY OK BOSTON Saturday, February % KANGAROO Wednesday Febmarv d. CITY OK PARIS Saturday, Fehniarv ?. CITY OK DUBLIN Wednesday. February 13. CITY OF WASHINGTON Satnrdav. February l?. and each succeeding Saturday and Wedueaday, at noon from pier 45 Nerth river. RATED OP PASSAGE. By the mail steamer Bailing every Saturday. Pavahle In gold. Payable In currency. FIRST CABIN? $H? I STt h'KAOR, $.? to London 115 I to london, IIS to Tartu. 126 I to Paria. 45 Passage by tha Wednesday ateamera? Ftrat Cabin. $110; Bleeroge, $80. Payable In Utilted State* currency. Passenger* also forwarded to Havre. Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at moderate ratea. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Queenstown. $37 cur rency. Ticketa can be bought here by persons sending for their friends. Per further Information, apply at the Company's offieea, JOHN O. DALFU Agent, 15 Broadway, New York. Remittances to great Britain and irkland. Drafta for ?1 and upwards, payable on demand. Issued at lowest ratea by TAP8COTT, BROS. A CO., 86 South atreet and 31 Broadway. COAITWI8R STEAMSHIPS. ST JOHN'S, P. R.. ST. TIIOMAS. LAOUAYRA AND PORTO CARKLLO. The flratotaaa ateamahip GULP STREAM, carrying the United Slates mails. Is now roeetvlng freight at pier 38 East river, sad will sell Wednesday, February 8, at 3 P. M. The boats of this lino mske connection with steamers from 8t Thomas for Jamaica, Windward Islands. Ac. For freight or passage apply to ' SMITH A DUNNING, 66 South street North American steamship company. OPPOSITION LINK TO CALIFORNIA. VIA NICARAGUA, EVERY TWENTY DAYS, Will despatch the flrnt class Steamships SAN PRANCISCO. Capt Behm, January 3d SANTIAGO DE CUBA ('apt. Hmlth, Febntarv Mb From pier ? North river, foot of Warren street, at noon, with passenger* and freight, at very low rale*. Connei (tug on the Pacific Ocean with the fine Steamships AMERICA, Captain Wakeman. and MOSES TAYLOR, Captain Rlethen For further information apply to the North American Steamship Com pan/. WM. II. WEBB. President, 64 Rtrli.itigc place N Y, ,C - . n- CARRINOTON, Agent. 177 West atreet. corner Warren alreet. N T. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S THROUGH LINK TO CALIFORNIA, CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamers leave pier 41 North river, fool of Canal street, at 13 o'clock, noon, as follow*:? February 1st?RISING STAR. Captain W. O. Fur her, con necting wlih MONTANA, Captain Sutton. February 11th?IIKNHT CIIAUNCRY. Captain A. G. Gray, connecting with CONSTITUTION. Captain Caverl*. February 31*t?OCEAN QUEEN Captain T. A. Harris, Oonneeting with GOLDEN AOS. Captain Laptdge. All departures tourh at A> antiloo; those otltt and 31st connect at Panama with ateamera for South Taelttc porta! 1st and llth for Central Amcrioan porta, and those of Isi tniich at Msnvantllo, Departure of lltlt each month connects with the new ?team hue Horn Panama to Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of Mtrcli II, 1407, will connect with the com pany's steamer COLOR A on, tn laare Han Fmnci*oo for Yokohama and Itong Kong an April 8 1887. 100 pounds baggage allowed each adult. Medicine" end attendance free. ForjMMMace tickets end ell further Information apply at tha office an the wharf, fool of Canal street. North riyhr, New York. f 3 BASY, Agent. rOiftTWIRR STR???nP^. _ FM OtLirOKITA, v!\ 1 The Paribr Mail ttlesmahip < otnt' try's steamer RISING RTAK wiU. utl on Friday, Fehntuiyp. ?t IS o'etek* mat a Knight received untU 3 P. M. on the day before the aall ing of the Iror p.irucu1 u> Inquire ml the fre'aht oifiee oo tliocota* puty's pier, 43 North river, foot of Canal street WKLLs, FA'H.O A CO., Bole Freight Agent* P. M. B S. Company. L'OK ST THOMAS AND BRAZIL. r DNITKD SoATKS AXI> R .A/ll. MAIL STEAMSHIP C tMPVNY. REGULAR MAIL UTBAMEKS. nailing ou the Shi of every month: ? St)lfT!l AMERICA. Captain R. L. Tinkh-|>eiieh, FfliruMjll GUIDING STAR Captain (leu. R. Siouutn ... March H. NOKTII AMERICA. Canuiii L. P. Timtaerman AprilX! These elegant steamer* sail on schedule time, and call at Bt. Thouiaa Para, I'ernauiliueo. Baluaaud Rio Janeiro, asms and returning. Kor engagement of freight or passage, apply. (O GARRISON A AI.I.KN. Agents, _ _ No. 5 Bow ling flreeu. New York. IiNor Havana, via Nassau, n. p. The British and North Amerieau Royal Mall M*Mt Packet Company's new me.imer OOKSICa, Captain l?e Maa aurirr, will aail for lite above pork,, from the lotnpaay'e Wharf, at Jersey Oily. on M(?nday, January ?, and Monday. February: p..., -- "*>?y to Nae*... raaaage mouey u> Hkrina _ * . K. CIXNAROt TrNITKD 8TATP.s Vs7r7:~ ? - lBowling Hrrea. U WEST inlu M^;S."AVAHa ?? E?*r> SainrSiy^M * p. mT, 8'UU*<' DAT* '*** Baqi.r The f*'?rtte steamship COLUMBIA , Morrti ( aster ?2rv* ? ? Z**- *> For oalvkbton, Texas-railing wrkklt Teiaa line. The Al (teainer KUTBRPK. Kllrldge, neat mnnder, will receive freight at pier at East river, and eaR on Wednesday, January 30, dropping passe age ra at Kap Wert. Por freight or passage, having superior sc-ota medal loan, Apply to C. Q. MALLOKY A CO, 153 Maiden I see. CVlR OALVKBTON. TEX AM, DIRECT.?THE FIBS, r fast and favorite steamship TYHKE, Oaptaie D. CanL kins, will leave pier No. 4, North nrer. on Thursday, Jam. U, at 13 o'clock, noon, for Galveston. For fi eight or passage, having splendid acoontnv apply to SPOFPORD, TILKSTON k CO Ml Broadway. S SOUTHERN LINK FOR MEW OKLKANS.-THM A * 5 steamship LODONA. Cant. Hovev, will receive freight at pier SI Kaai river and sail on Thursdsy, Jan. 31. Freight taken at red used rates. Por freight or passage (passenger acooramndauon* unsurpassed; apply to O. fi. MALI-ORT A np.. 163 Maiden lane ' FOR NEW ORLEANS.-black BTAK link?thw steamship , Captain , will leave pier 1* North river, on Saturday, February X. 1867. at 3 P. M. For freight ornasMtgr. having handsome accommodations, apply io R LOW DEN, Agent, corner of Cedar and West streets. DAVID McCOAKD, Agent in New Orleans. FtOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and tirst class stramshlp OP.ORGK CROW-* WELL. Captain B. E. Vadl, wiU leave pier No. ? North river, on Saturday, February 3. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed a lions, apply to II. B. CROMWELL A CO.. No. 8g West street. The GENERAL GRANT will follow February 9. STAR LINE TO NEW ORLEANS.?THE NEW TORS Mail SlcMmslup Company's One ocean al earners will leare pier Id North liver, at S o'clock P. M., as follows:? MERRIMACK On Saturday, Feb. * MISSISSIPPI On Saturday, Feb. t MISSOURI On Wednesday. Feb. If MARIPOSA Ou Saturday, Feb.16 All bills of lading sig icd at the office upon the pier. For freight or passage apply to K. GARRISON, President. No. 6 Bowling Green. I EMPIRE LINE POP. SAVANNAH. J Ererr Saturday, from pier No. 13 Keith rirer. Punctually at 3 o'clock P. M.. The favorite iddewbeel steamships BAN SALVADOR, Atkins, oomtnander. aails February R, SAN JACINTO, Loveland. commander, saila February It Through tickets and btUa of lading to all points, in oonneo tlon with Central Railroads of Georgia, Atlantic and Gulf Railroad aud Florida steamers. Elegant ptiasengrr accommodations. GARRISON A ALLEN. No.? Bowling Green, N. T. For savannah, oa.. evert Thursday.?'mm Atlantic Coast Mail hteamsbip Company'! sidewhwl ui BtirafkijM* HERMAN LIVINGSTON. CapUin Baker, sails Tfatnetlag. January >t. GENERAL BARNES, CapUin Morton, aails FfthniATT 7* Front pier 36 North river, at 8 P. M.. preoiaely. L Through passage tickeU and bills of lading te all | connecttqn with the Central Railroad of Georgia. Few : oa^e-j suw?a TpOR CHARLESTON, S. C., THE FLORIDA FORTE A and the South and Southwest. The A I fast and the gant steamship SAJRAGOSSA. CapUia CroweU, wtll laawa pier 14 East river, ea Saturday. February X connecting eg Charleston with the ateuner DICTATOR for the Florida ports. Passage, tickets and bids of lading Issued UaR of the principal points ou the South Carolina Railroad and am nerting railroads at reduoed rates. Por passage, Ac., apply to ARTHUR LEABT. W WllUstn atreet. rlR CHARLESTON. 8. C.. TH8 FLORIDA POEHL and the South and Southwest.?The popular and eieewaa aide-wheel steamship QUAKES CITV. W. H. West. Ceaa mender, will leave pier 14 East rirer, this dey, at 1 o'eloek. connecting at Charleston with the steamer Dictator for the Florida ports. Passage tickets and bills of lading issued te all of the principal points on the South Carolina Railroad and connecting rattroMs, at reduced rates. For passage, da, apply to ARTHUR LB ART. 73 William street. CHARLKSTON 8TRAM8HIP LINE. The line steamship CARMTTTa, Captain Charles Osd link is now receiving freight at pier No. g North rirer at re duced rates, and will sail for Charleston on Saturday, Fab* X at 3 r. M. Other steamer* wilt be despatched each mm ceedlng Saturday. For might or nasaage s^ply to CHAR. A. WIIXTNET. Agent, M Broadway. FOR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND C1TT POINT. The sidewheel steamships IIATTKIl AS, CapUin Alemnder Every Retards* ALBEMARLE. Captain Bourne Every Wednesday* At IX M.. fruiu pier SB North rirer. giving through Mile s# lading. Ac., to all points on the Seaboard Railroad and im connections. LIVINGSTON .FOX A CO.. Agents, WLiberty street TRAVELLERS' Oil UK. Hudson river and harlkm railroad*? Trains for Albany and Troy. conn?cUng with Northern and Westero trains, leave New York, via Hudson Rirer Rail road. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue 8 and 10 A. M.. saA 3:43, 8:X0 and 11 P. M.; and via Hnrlem Railroad, Tweoty slxth street and Fourth avenue, at 11A.M. and 4:li P. M. The tt 30 P. M. train rin Hudson River will run oo Bunds ye. Sleeping cart attached to 6:30 and II P. M. trains. Ob 6 Jh P. M. train is also attached a sleeping car every dav except ing .Saturdays, which is run through to Ogdensburg va ?? IV. and O. Railroad, without rhangn sundav train on Hudson River Road. New Turk to PongtX keensie and return, leaving New York at H:3tl A. M? and Set Harlem Road. Forty-second street to Mllterton and ratara* leaving New York at 9 A. M. WM. H. YANDERBILT Vice-President. TIIK LKITCRK 6EAHOY. _ A LECTURE?"THE MODEL WIFE"?WILL HK DE livcrcd by Rrr. A. A. Wlllet* D. II., of BriMiklyn, at the West Twenty-fifth street United Presbyterian church, between Sinn and Seventh avenues, on Monday rrrmag. January ffi, at a quarter to 8 O'clock. Ticket* lifty re oka. Due notice will be given when Rev 11. M Gal taker will lew lure on A met tea and Americans. IMPORTANT LECTURER DAILY?TO GRNTLBMRN only, at the New York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Broad way. Those unable In attend these lectures may receive a copy by fin warding ten cents. Address Secretary of Near York Museum of .Anatomy. 618 Broadway. IHEOHAU A TRUTH?MADAME DESPARD'S PILL* ARB WAR rantod to ?ito certain relief to ladle*. Price $6. 8M Bowery. opposite Sixih strati. Hour*, 9 A. M to 4 P. R. Medtrliies sent by mail. ALL UNFORTUNATES CONSULT DR KKNXKDY, 196 Kim atreel. Curt* without mercury or n-atriettoas. Sufferers from debility restored to full vigor. 116 Bias street. A BLESSING TO LADIES.?A LADY WRITES:?PQR tugitcse Female Pills relirrrd me in one <Wy. without inconvenience. like magic. Price $6. I>r A M. MAURL i I. A I' oflue 129 Liberty Street, or ?ont by mail. Am. maiirickad, m. p.. professor ofmidwtfr ? ry, tlilrty years' practice, at 129 Liberty Brest* Guar, antoe certain relief to ladles, (mm wtwtever cause. A CAUTION TO LADIES-POISONOUS COMPOUWDR, stalled "French Regulator" sod "Ladles' Pills." are lb tempted to he palmed upon the unwary by copying my ad vertisements. lie nut deielved. Obiaiu only or Dr. A. MAURICE AU. 169 Liberty ?treet. ' A GREAT AND SURE KEMRDT FOR LADIES?THB Portuguese female Puis alwaya (Ire Immediate relief; price $li Beware of imitators who copy mr advertisement* to sell poisonous compound* as "L idiea" PiUa." Dr. As M. MaURICEAU. 1? Liberty atraaA A* LAMENTABLE CASK AMONG THOUSANDS OR U\ others.?"1 used "Strengthening Cordial" and "Rlbrtraf I.lie." and ray health waa nearly ruined for llfr. I woo cared In a lew <l;ty? by Dr. GKISBNER, U7l{ Lllierty at. Advice to married ladibn.-madame rks TBLL'S Infalible Prench Female Pllla; No. I. prhw ?I. or No. 2, price >6. which can nerer fall; sale sod healthy. Office 04 West Thlrty-fourth street, near Riith arenue. Sent hy mall. Address hoi 2,840. Also sold at druggist's, 1S6 Greenwich street. -MADAME OKINDLK, PEMALt PHTSIOIAN, NO . 6 Amity place, can lie consulted on all fem ilo com plaint*. Plcsaant rooms tor ltdies Wh# dosha good onndug and medlcst attendance. a _nR~ORlNni,K. ACCOUCHEUR TO THE PRITATR 71 . Lying In Institute, No. 6 Amity place. Good rooms, board, nurxing MM attendance. A~ LL UNFORTUNATES SHOULD CONSULT DR. GRIN OLE, No. 8 Amity place. Mara relief III oU (l*> clot enotplaiata. t'onsulutlbns free. All unfortunates, hasten to dr Kennedy, 198 Elm street. Only ndlee for permanent enrn. Try hla guaranteed remedies. CONFIDENTIAL?DR R. COBBBTT. MEMBER OT 2 the New Yoik University Medical College, and Reyal College o( Burgeon*. London, can be consulted aa Usual on disease*. Office No. 2U Center street. A private entraoeaat No. ? City Kali place. DR. POWERS' ELIXIR tS THE OREAT INVIGORAT. lug medicine ao loag sought for; never belura found. Office 19tl Elm street. Madame diibois, wife or a rkoclsr put. a rl*ra thirty years' eipcnem e. relief guaranteed. Remedies f2 to ffA Board, nursing and home at enticn. Other it Third avenne. Circulars free. Madamb rebtkll-profkbsor of midwifery over thirty years, guarantees immediate relief to every lady repairing medical or aurgieal traaimenl from whatever aanaa. Office lit Weat Thirty luurlh street, near Slvih av. T>RRNONS NEEDING CONFIDENTIAL MRPIOAl* A treatmenl should consnli Dr RARRfNON, V 9lflhd?a? nue. Cine* with scire satisfaction Consultation at *1^ MM