Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1867 Page 3
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OT1B BBBI 1?D UIDMHM WAKTRD. . T TUB GRANT HOUSE, BOS. 44, W AND 48 BLW A B*.?er>, near CluduaiB squara, Rooms, Sub. to kUr par day; $1 76 to $3 per week. Open all night , A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM, BEAUTIFUL j\ ly located tu the Moffat Ma. talon, 22 East Seventeenth atreet. for .. getilemau and wife. A LAi>Y OK LADY AND UKNTI.KRAN CAN OBTAIN A J\ nrAtlv furnished Kontn or suit of Rooms by Applying At B Wot Thirty hm street. A LARGE FRONT ROOM. COMFORTABLY KG*. Dished, ui rest, to 'wo gentlemen, with IIret class Board: louuiou. Lnuw end uhle eiicieeptiuuable. 8b kedt #oa avenue. < . . e; ? ? i.i*it il. ? tleet APARTMENTS ROOM* AND BIN OLE BEDROOM ?I m -derate term* Hoard. with French cuisine Ihh r, table d'hme. At 6 ?>!<?;h $1. Breakfast a I* carte 7B? 13 o'clock, 7iro?*. Call at Great Joane street. BarcefoMa Mote, A HTKICTLY PRIVATE FAMILY WOl LD LET A Jl large, welt furnished Ttoom. with hathtoom aod watar closet art join nig. to a gentleman, without Hoard, bnuvc lirA wlaaa Bed of referent* Riven and requited. Address MA Ca, H eta Id ottiee. IT POWLRRNt FREE BOARD AND ROOM DIRF.Oa tory pnrMc* flnd ench srexmrnod itions aa they wish. Alaa furnialiml or uufumtshed Honaei- for salt) and to let. Twenty tbhd at., corner of Fifth Avenue Ho tel. basement. AT W WASHINGTON PLACB. NEAR NEW YORK HO tel. a Parlor and Bediunra to rent, na llie It rat Boor, With Aral class Buart.; alao Hall Bed wen < for aingle goulle At 51 LEXINGTON AVBNITR?CORNER TWRNTY hflh atreet,'plain "ooking and abundant table, with or wUkont newly furnished flooms, en unite or aingty. Atao dainuis brat class, AT l?l? ninth avenue, corner OF TWENTIETH street?Two Parlnra and twe or three Bedrooma to let Mo auH parties, with Board in a private family. Splendid enta and good a>-r oinmodattona. FURNISHED ROOM (FRONT) TO XRT?WITH Board, to gentlemeu, at 37 Weat Thirty ae- ond elm*, required. ? A PRIVATE FAMILY AT NO. 18 WENT TWELFTH atreet oau accommodate a gentleman an? wife and two ige idle men, with Ktirulahed Rotwna and HdmtL Servahta bed eUbea not token. Refeor.noes required. A LARGE PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET?WITH Board, in a genUemau and wife only, in a atrietty prt ?oata family, at 48 weat Kwrtv-ttfth atreet. Terma reaaonable; Vt*parnea looking for a eheap plane need not apply. Dinner ml & References mnat he flrat claea. AT FRANKPORT HOrSE. CORNER OK FRANKFORT and William streets, 250 rooms; great reduction in prteee: 35 to 50 rents per day; $1 50 ta f3 per week. Open all night AriTRNTSIlKD BOOM TO LET-WITH RANGE, FOR two, with or without Hoard; Room $4 per week: Board R6 to $d per week. 112 Waits street, near Washington. House private. ACCOMMODATIONS FOR TWO OR THRF.K OENTLE num can he. hail In Kocsoa. with Board, at 77 East Pit tosnth atreet, near Irving plaee. A LARUE FRONT FARLOR, ON FIRST FT.OCR. TO let to a liral class gentleman, without board, at 28 West Tweniy-uinlh streat, corner of Broadway, near Fifth Avenue Hotel. AH AMERICAN FAMILY HAVE FURNISHED ROOMS to let. with Hoard, sul'able for gentleman and wife or ?we atngle Location good. 152 Weat Thtriy A T 174 AND 176 BLKKOKER STREET, SIX HIiOCKS ,/Y weat nf Broadasy, pleasant Rooms, with excellent Board, front $6 50 to SIO per week. Families accordingly BEAUTIFUL SECOND FLOOR TO LET?WITH Boatl. to gentlemen and wives or two gentlemen, at Macdougul street, three doors from Fourth. & FRONT ROOM TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFUR niahed, suitable for a gentleman and his wife or a > gentleman: terms moderate. Apply to Mrs. MILLER, aue Greenwich street, top floor. AT31 CLINfONFLACE ? HANDSOMELY FURNISHED suits of Kooids to let, with first class Board: refetancea ??faired. AT 222 THOMTSON STREET, NEAR WASHINGTON Parade Ground- Haudsotnely Furnished Kooma to'lot. With mr without Board, to gentlemen and their wires. Alao ?a single gentlemen. Terms moderate. A Rt'IT OF ROOMS TO RENT?SOUTHERN KH AR poaure, second floor, front; with first class Board. Btaaer at stx. At 79 Bast Twelfth street, near Broadway. AT SB AMD $a PER WEEK?A FEW GENTLEMEN or ladies inn obtain Board, by applying at lHi Charlton OtoaoC Alao furnished Rooms, wtth outboard. AT U BOND STREET.?TO LET. WITH BOARD, AN elegant front Parlor, on second Boor. Also several ?, on third and fourth floors; house heated. A SUIT OF ELEGANT FURNISHED ROD MA PIRMT Door, with Basement Kitchen. to let, to a small family; tan?tow. At B3 Was; Thirty-ninth street. _ A p? it ate tamtl t will rent, with board. the Mecood Story, handsomely furnished, U a family er gaetleene*. Apply at SI East Thirty-eighth street. A T SB WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR riFTH A Arenus Hotel, Rooms, with first claaa Boand? for one ?? two gentlemen and their wires. a shall, quiet family can have three or A. four Rooms in a private house, fumishad ?r unfur wished, cheap. Water, gas and alt conveniences. $6'* West Twawti-fifU street. A ?WELL FURNISHED APARTMENTS?WITH OR A. without Board; terms moderate; at 1,147 Broadway, wear Twenty-sixth street -ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT ROOMS TO ? let. with or without Board, at 21 West Eighteenth near Fifth avenue. A ?TO LET. A NICELY FURBISHED ROOM, TO A.* gentleman and wife or single gentlemen, with or with out Board; excellent location; references. WEast Thirty Am street. A WELL FURNISHED SECOND FLOOR FRONT Room, with alcove, with excellent Board, for a gentle mam and wife, at No. I East Thirtieth street, between Fifth and Madison avenues. IARD-HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS, KM suite or separately, with first class Board. Location, sod table uueieeptlonsble. Ceil at 78 West Forty. E4RD IK BROOKLYN.?HANDStiMELV TURKISH d Rooms, suitable for single gentleuiKu; also s Suit of is for a f.-unity, first class. Apply at AMI Bridge street. B Am B OARD 1 OR t'llILDRFN OAS BP. OBTAINKD IN A physician1* family, In the healthy location of Perth oy. Addree* M. B., Herald oflii-e. OARD1NG.-AN EASTERN FAMILY CAN ACCOM, modate two gentlemen with Room and Board, at $111 a each, at 116 West Twenty-fourth street. Oas and bath VLB ?BOARDING.?A PARLOR FLOOR, WITH BOARD FOR M3 gentleman and wife, full board for the lady; private table, Bra and Ught; $26 per week. luist bay w indow house 1a Sixty-sixth street, towards * irat avenue. BBOORLTN.-LAROB FRONT ROOMS, BATH AO jeining, with good Board far gent'emen or fsmilie-: *7 ?basalt street, near First place; good neighborhood- Family owning bouse.(Terms very moderate. LBOAVT FURNISHED ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN to tel. No. 116 Kasi Forty-eighth street. nNCH BOARD?A HAMD80MH SUIT Of ROOMS D second boot to let. Also Rooms for single genlle mss. Apply at No. S Clnttoo ptaor. oasr Broadway. Span tab amduSrmar spoton. ? EJ40RNISHRD ROOMS TO RRNT. WITH BOARD? r Hag boarders una be aeeoiumodated with uresis. Apply Mil Bart Twelfth street. fjWRNISRKD LaKOE PARLOR TO TAT?XN A PKI JT wale family, with or without Jtotird; nhsntielier ami mafbln asnntal. No. IT? Bleacher street, six bkrakri wwai of Dread way References. ?BURNISHED SINGLE ~ROOMS?AT IP NBKVOORT J plaoe. Tenth street, near Hroadway, for gentieasen. without board; reteranee required. ANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. AT 40 WEST Houston street, to gentlemen only. Terms moderate. H Handsomely furnished hoomh to let?with or without Board; prices from $6 to $30per week. Mr*. HALL. 186 Lexington avenue., between Thirty-second and Thirty-third streets BAMDCOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND RKO . room, on sacoud story. Alao ' single Rooms. Appiv at Ninth street. SANDBOMELT FCRNIHI1RD ROOMS. WITH FIRST rlaae Board, at 7B West Seventeenth street, one bio. h a Fifth avenue. The rooms have large pantrte-. bet ami ?old water, gaa and lira; bouse private, and a varv deslmMs H ANDHOMRLT FURNISHED ROOMS. WITll Ol without partial board to gentlemen only, at 2* l.amsi place. Dost Twenty.ninth street. KTEIi ACCOMMODATIONS FOR GENTLEMEN ST 42 CUnton place, comer University p'see. Transient per day. CHAN. LEFLKR, Proprietor ST OOMH TO LET?AT tt EAST FOURTH HTrEBT, with Salt nls** Heard Private lahle If deeimil Rooms to let-with or withour board, ro gent lemur a nd their w ires to ladies or to single iimtle we. Table boarders also a-. ummodatmi. A ppl) ?t No. 40 ?each street. onuitj obntaImkr or uentlaimkn"and their $7 wire* can ?>btstn elegant R r^ms in a OrM -tlM* in>"-e, peeled location, by applying at U9 We id Fenrveenlh it wi. ?M> I.FT?FURNISHED ROOBS, WITH <?R WITHOUT X Hoard; aIm> Looms for hnuael raping Ajpp y at No. <1$ ?erenth avenue, bear FlftV-eeoond stieeL Broadway and ?aventh avenue eara pa?? the door. #|W> LET?ARTOCD FLOOR FRONT ROOM, 9> ITU ItF.D X mmn erruie, titiv, w ith or without Board in It* brat suaaa private rt*idenv* 108 se oiul avasue. FPO LBT VITH BOARD?CHOICE DOOMS, TOGETHI H 1 or M-paralrly bonae first c|a**, brown afcme, aaodern Hupmreuienta. location oentral ami very deal rah tp; bu> Tew taken. Call alar adures* IP1 We?t Twenty-eighth street. rpo BTkangms and other*-a highly kk X apectable (ieriwaa lady will let a choice ol' neatly fur ma had Hoowia. with Board or prirsie table. AptAy at 116 Blgbth street. tllluMn plan*. WRNT TENTH 8TRKBT. MB -A LADY Of VINO GOOD referi-nceeran hire a pleasant, well furnished Room, urtth gma and ft re and ex.silent Hoard; terms $8. pleasant V> NNWLT Ft;UN ISHED ROOMS FOR ONE LARGKOR A' two email families, on awcud floor, wgh first rlaaa Heard, ggtvaw If daeired; terms maturate. '2f West Twenty tn rd 2 PLEAHA^fT BOOMB ON TH'tRD FLOOR fO LRT? ?rith Board, to ntngb- gentlemeoi also a pleasant Beuui un thikernnrul floor, smtkhle for a gtnUemaa aGd wife or Awe afitole gentlemen, at moderate prices, fin sad gaa in ^juded ^lppty aI 128 Kaet Thirty fifth street, two dshrs from WBBR AND CPWARDB-BO$RD AT aflfl ?^nd Street. two or thru* young gecDetnea; aus< an and wife iV ha acci mandated by applying at BOARDERS AMD DO DOERS WASTED. BJ SOA SIMOUt BOOMR WITH H<kAKI), BOOMS 91 Kiiiuiui U Transient Hoard 91 ? par day and lodg inc.. ai liapunl House, Ml Hudson street, ooruer of 8L John's pork. (Alii PER WEEK FOR A NBATL* PURN18HKD ?TI'> Room, with fall Board, to two gsnU<!m?n. also one for $S to a gentleman. Mwi^t hart class, SB Waat Twuuty HfUi (Uaet. near Eighth avenue. ?>0 WEtsT SIXTKRNTH 8TMEKT?ELRU A NTI,V FUR ?al, in-n. i! Ruoaaa and ParKn-s with first daaa Board. SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATIONS. EAST TWKNTY-nRST STREET?TO RM8HF.D Room* ou third and fourth loom to let to gentlemen, without board. 49 SIXTH AVRNUK. ?A FURNISHED FRONT i)*t Room aeeouil Iteor, to let, with or without Board, prion modr-rata. On# lour from Washington plane. 1 AC NINTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY, TO l.RT? I HO with Board. ?ue large Koom on taird floor, anilahlo for a gentleman uud wife, or to ainclo gentlemen. Refer enoe* exchanged 180 AND IS BLKECKBB BTRKBT.?BOONS FOR families ? ud single gentlemen, with good hoard. 813 BROADWAY?FURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, without beard; third story, front rooina. ROARD AMD LODOIXO WAXTED. Board wanted.?a young lady wishes to obtain Board in a private family above Fifth street. No other hoarders preferred. Address (!. T. P., Herald oilier. Board wanted.?a youno lady desires a Room and Hoard In a respectable Catholic family. Term*-not to exceed $7 per week. References given and re butted Address M. S., box 174 Herald office. Board wantkd-by two ladies, in a respect. able German family or private, boarding house. Terms moderate. Koferencee exchanged. Address German, Her ald office. B? ARD wanted?by a gentleman, wife and servant Address box ASH Post office. TXT ANTED?A PUIA8ANT FURNISHED ROOM. WITH vv breakfast by a single gentleman, between Thirty. fourth and Forty-aavweth streets, Fifth and Seventh ave nues; state terms. Address D., box 4,188 N. Y Post office. WANTKD-BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND WIPE, in the neighborhood of New York. Board in a private familv where there are no hoarder*. Terms must not ex ceed 918 per week. Answer Randolph, box 171 Herald office, giving full particulars. WANTBD-BY A FAMILY OP FOUR PERSONS, TWO large Rooms, ample closets, in boarding bouse, be tween Bond and Fifteenth street*. SeemhI and Sixth ave nue*. Board, lire gas. not exceeding 9110 per month. Ad dre*a Thompson. Herald oflice. COUNTRY BOARD. AT NEW BRIGHTON, STATF.N ISLAND. A SINGLE gentleman wants full Board (first class') in a private family. Address Comfort, box 876 Post office, N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?FOR A GIRL 12 YEARS old. in a private family, where she will receive home attention*, tuition In music and oommo* English branches. Call on or address, with particulars (term* moderate). .Mrs, Applclon. 110 West Twenty-sixth street, New York. HOTELS. DE LANK AH HOUSE, 72 WEST FORTIBTH STREET, fronting Reservoir Park. Rooms en suite or singly. Tab e d'hote. Reunion hotel, forty-second street, be tween Madison and Lexington avenues?Room* en *uite or single, uewly and elegantly furnisheth ut reasonable rates. A. ROBINSON. Proprietor. SHERMAN HOUSE, 413 BROOME STREET.?ON THE European plan. Desirable a-rotnm slulionx for per manent er transieut guests, at reasonable rales. Tontine hotel 427 and 429 broadway, branch of the Tontine corner of Corilandl and West *treet*. Room* from VP. to $3 |>er day. Ladies' sod gentlemen's restaurant* attached. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Avery handsome four story brown stone English basement House, on East Thirtieth street, for axle, contxfchag ail improvements; private stairs for ser vants, Ac. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY, No. t Pine street. AT3I? FOURTH AVENUE?HOUSES FOR SALE. 1886 '67; call or send for my real estate circular, which la corrected, published weekly and malted free. STANLEY DAY. A FIRST CLASS HIGH WPOOP BROWN STOKE House. 22x4lli 100 In Twanly-ninth xtn et, near Fourth avenue, (or sale. UKMY A COPLAND, 410 Fourth avenue. A VERY HANDSOME FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone House on Thirtr ninth sweet, near Fiflb avenue, for sale 21x44x80, in complete order. Exceedingly desirable, price moderate. POTTER BROTHERS A BELLAMY. No. 3 Pine street. N ENGLISH BASEMENT BRICK HOUSE FOR HALE? on West Twrntv second street, between Fifth ami Sixth avenues; price 917.000. a bargain. Permit* of RING A CO.. Ne. 4 Twenty- third street, Fifth Avenue Hotel. A I.OT 82 FEET FRONT, 12S FEET DRK1', IN THE best port of Pearl street, for sale on eas;e term*. FREDERICK A. PETERSEN, Architect. No. &>.j Pine at. Ariw CLASS FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HIGH stoop Reuse, full front, for sale in Fifth avenue, be tween Twenty-ninth end Thirtieth streets. SMITH A HARDKNBF.KGH, 47 Cedar street. A CHOICE HOURS AND LOT. IN CANAL STREET. 912,000; four House* and Lot* in Greene, near Canal street, cheap; Brst class brown stone House and Lot, West Twentvsecond street, 918.004; do. Greenwich avenue, 914,000; first class Marble House and Lot. near ferry, Brook lyn, 98,404. Other House* and Lota, all locations. W. H. MELICK, 4*1 Broadway. A HANDSOME TWO STORY FRAME COTTAGE AND Let. brick basement, in Weat Tweiitr-aerenth street; water aid s??; aiahle in rear. Friee fajilU. Easy term*. Inquire at 778 Eighth avenue. A THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE; ALL MODERN nnprorementa; perfect order. Price $10,(18. Two in Went Thlriy.eeeond at reel, each 88,000. Inquire of SKIXAS, 778 Eighth avenue. 1 MOUTH ATKNUE PROFERTY FOR 8 ALE?THREE Lfirne Store* on weet aide; aim a Corner. 'Jit 100; well rent ed; good investments. S. F. IRELAND. 301 Broadway. For sale-lots on the block bounded by 77th and 7Stb ata. and 3d and 4th am On 77th and 78th ai*., between 1st and 3d art On Tilth at., between 3<1 and 3d ava. On 114th ?t,, between 3th and Madiaon ara. On 43d at., between 4th and Lextnctnn am. On I.e>uiaton av., between 12.1 and Pith ata. Aiso l ota front me on and la the vicinity of Central Part. W. H. WOOll, 63 Wall afreet. IROR SALE?108 FEET WEST OF BROADWAT. ON 1 Houston atren. a Plot of about 30 feet front, with two Bnlldiiiga that will nay a good mtereel. Term* ea?*. Apply t<> the owner at 44 (iie'oa street, before 4 F. M. Brokerage allowed. rR BALE-TWO HOUSES ON WEST TWELFTH street, near Eighth avenue, three story hrich; po*??" aion May 1: price 812,(10 each. For further particular* ad dress lor one week J. 1L. Herald oAee. TJtOR BALK-HOOKE AND LOT NO. 163 WEST r Twelfth street. between Slatb and Berunth area line. For permits apply to w.M. M. GILEB, MR Hittli aveaue. Pla ner of Thirteewtb airaat. BALE?IN KANT NINETEENTH STREET. A _ (bur story Knglfch basement limits, la tbenengU order, and elegantly frescoed. Tilre 8I3MTO _ CRMY Ai'OrLtND, 4? Fourth avenue. ? DO* I1 On F??" .IK HALC?ORB LOT *5 FRET FRONT BT M4 FEET _ t iiu b?r deep, on 'Kjrik Hde af Flfty-flrai street, be tween Broadway and Eighth arrnue, commencing 1R3 feet mat af Eighth atretioe. Apply 4u BUCKCMI AMTTo Maiden lane. No agriiln need apply POM RALE?THE FIRST CLASH FOUR ST0RT BROWN none bodar IS Weat Dnrty-aeaanth street, near Fifth aaennw and ?4L.ioining tba gaidena of Mr. Laroqne and Dr. Ward W. H. WOOD, ?S> Wall atmet For sale-corner Bedford and barrow Streets, three SUirr Srei-e and two three story high atoop under eellar House* ;'8>?.MW. B. a tllORNAL. formerly Day A Thornal. Bmadway, near Forty-eighth a treed. TJtOR BALE?HIGH STOOP BRICK DWELLING 33? r Wn?t Nineteenth event, between Eighth and Ninth crenuaa . tliat rate neigh lawboed honae-ling and convenl ent; poaaeaaton May T. Apply W B.C. WAN DELL, 118 Nta.h erenne OR 8A1.B? I'llR HOUSE ANN LOT 84 FRANKLIN street a few doors waat of Bleed way For term*, Ac., apply vt COX BROTHS IIS. 888 Brand way. corner FAOE SALE?A VALUABLE FIT* TEARS' LKABfC OF a fine store, well located, paying a profit rent ef 84.008 a rear; will <A ?n|d reasonable. Addreaa R. 0 B., I lei s id F POM HaLR? FIFTH AYWNER LOW. THE ENTIRR bloo* hounded br Flub and Madtaen avrnnea and Fort*, seventh and Kurtv eighth etreeta. hi parcel" to anil p'lW chaser*, and on eaay l-rma W. H WOOD. 84 Wall street. F AOK BAf.K?ON WEST EIGHTEENTH 8TEKT AN J cleannl brick Stable, ttiw. eniitainine 5 "tails and 3 las* alalia and e?erv convcnleipse, abandoned of carriage rouao: tin* IS A haritain. as It will he Mild low. Apply U HI,i EC?11R AJtENlSON. No. >H Fine lined. friOR KALI- VALUABLE ESTATE, SOUTHF. AST i'OK iter er SU* avenue and Twetitgdhlrd street; three brick three story Hnilduiga. on Hittli aeeuiie. eaeb itbotil id by 44 feni;#tso, Insecdlatelr In rear, on Twenty-ihlrd street, four full L<*?, with Buildings; these twa pap-els will tie sold separately or together. Apply to WASHING-MURRAY, Kn'aurei, i] Broad atrcet LTOH BALE-ON UNIVERSITY PLACE. A CHOICE r viol ug about SB \ 100; very snltahie fur piaonforto, fur niture, A-., aaioarntima. The* obi butldlnge pay interoat on ike .-oak Fanaeaalon May I. Apply at Ntk 44 Greene street. HOI SEP MiR BAlJ-7?BY JOHWSON. MILLER A HALL, tt Nassau Arret. 4 at<je* hi own atone. West SOlh at , near 4Bi are , partial!* furnishs*!, 486.QUO. and one ii-sr 7ib a*e? Icirulab'-d, gTI oil), mirura'alied, *lt!drtl One, full frmt, West 43.1 at. near Broadway. 044.IMI jUAa, West al., rear MR aye, BSirfidO; |?n Lextaginn me near ?Hi ?t.. and* near 4Mb at RU.nnd to 835WNB. Ope. Boat 43lli ?t .near Bmadway, RJU.Oun. One -ujieeUir Mouse, Fsrk are 3GMW). (ma. Went ltd af.. a ear Ramdway. ftijm (be West J8Ui an., nearMtwadway. 838,4110- would aickange ? (or i"*niitn# plaae wmdb 843 000. One, Weat .'?Rh at., near t?Ji are., fi'.VdH. Ckic Urst West 48th at (new), pi,gw fine. West With ?L. botwsen Ith and lib am., RK.SP). 8 at "TV Inn W li atone. Bast 48tb, near Lvvlngtnn are. 814,604 Rasa dWh. 9H40. 8T.IMI i Bant 34th. near 3d UM- ,81X1**1 Kaat Mtb, near 'id are., parliailr furnished, Z ^ " IPOU. 4 at<> y English i*,em?nt bock, Waat Mil st.. nw -.1, arc . 8'6 'Ml. 8 story brick, Weat IS'h at, between Sth and till at* . 87.MM 18, 3 alorf brisk. Fait Od si. near 3d are.. 8V NM orSKi FOR BAIj:-BF A. /OURinUY, 8 FIMB ST. . WestM?i at?3store b. A brink.... RU888 (Wh at?tstary B. ?. b. a 13 EM East 8Mb st?8 ttovy E. b. b. 1, pertly fndntahdil 11044 Bast Hat wL ?Salary b. a A a... ?... 14^00 11 CIT* RIAL KSTATIC FOR IALR. Real estatk. ?the subscriber, succYts^ULLY ii.K4.tkI hi real I'lHI* in it loan hroketage. will s??oo4ato With ik gentl?*mjin of know a r?<?prcttlnlitf banuett). <KMXtaL mutual ehergj AUilrmw X. O , bo* 161 Herald a1 WILSON. RKA1. ESTATE. AGENT AND BROKER AT Ne. MS Broadway. bctwei-u Eleventh and Twelfth streets, cast side? Being one or tin; bent locations ill the city for the renting and selling of Ho'h.'h, Stores, Rooms. ftnna aad Real Ksup- of every descript.un He baa several fine llonar* to n-nl: also n ap'endld Farm in Wash, baalur county, near Tsrryiown. for tale, or will be rented. He aolicita tne patronage of those having Real Rt tain to let or for aale, and the sgencv for collecting renta and other matiera connected with the nntiueta, all of which will ba faithfully and promptly attended to. ___ WW. Wll.KQN. tl 9 ftrtA FOR A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP W?Ad&*t/vJ" Hoitae, choice location, naar Brnadwnv; modern Improvement*; alee one for >11 (MO: one for $8,600. I S. F. IRELAND, 881 Broadway <61 ft nnn tor a THRB* story hioh stoop ?TPIO.xmJIJ brown atone Hoove, mi Weat Thirty-ninth street. Si fi*r>Oa75 in fine order and Immediate pnasaoalan. POTTER BROTHERS A HKLI.AMY. Mo. 3 I'ine street BROOKLYN REAL ESTATE FOR BALE. A PINK RESIDENCE FOR KALE-THE PROPERTY it of an estate: titnation nne of the beat in Hruoklin: houaaSS feet wide, three atorie*. thoroughly built, in com plete Older, lot 50x100 I'eel; price $30,000; lota adjoining if wanted, for key* to examine bouae apply at 191 Pre*,,tent street, BrooUv n. E. R. KELLOGG, 84 Cedar street. New York. FAOR SALE?IN OARROLL STRRKT. BROOKLYN, It*" feeteaat of Third avenue, a two storv and attic frame Honae, well built. 36x40, 12 room*. lota of a round and stable In rear. Must be aold at ouce. to rloac an ealate. Price J5.0H); $I.0IM caah. balance In inatalmenta toauit pur cbaaer. H. A. 8PAKARD, 150 Renueu etreel, Brooklyn, and OB Wall street. Hew York. For sale, or to let?the new double pour story Houae St President street. Brooklyn; contains 31 bedrooms, with modern improvements. Apply to EUGENE CH RVALUER, 81 Cedar street. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. A COUNTRY SEAT?28 MILKS PROM THIS CITY, BY New Haven Railroad or Sound strainers, containing 18 acres, with nice buildings, choice fruit, tine shade, good neighborhood, convenient churches anil perfectlv healthv; price $8 500; terms easy. Apply at 188 Eleventh street, cor ner Sixth avenue. A FIRST CLASS FARM, 110 ACRES. SEVEN MINUTES from station, one hour fi oin New York. Northern Kail road of New Jersey; many hundred choice fruit trees, large and elegant dwellings, contains all of i he improve ments. 8*1 OdO. Other Farms all locations, from $1 680. ma wards. Parties wishing to buv, sell or exchange call on or or address W. H. MKLlCK. 421 Broadway. Avert neat house, barn, carriage house Ac. : 22 acres good land, apples, pears, cherries and small fruit in abundance; a stream of water runs through the farm, all In good order; 24 miles in New Jeraev. near Summit; price 88.6011: also various other plaees at $3,0111) to $10.000each. PARSONS A WARD, 79 Cedar street. A LL WANTING PA RMS.?GOOD SOIL. MILD CLI - v mate. 34 miles south of Philailelphtn. Price only $25 Kr acre. Also improved Parma. Hundreds are settling, formation sent free. Address C. Is. LAN DIS. Vinelaod, New Jersey. Brick yard for sale?with steam power. dwelling bouae and building; capable of making 24.000 bricks per day: large water front; half the purchase money can remain on bond and mortgage. Address John N. Uasa ner, lad Fulton street, corner of High, Brooklyn. N. Y . or Wm. Wright, South River, Middlesex county, S". J. Farms and country seats for sale?by john. SON, MILLER A HALL, 25 Nassau street. New Jer. aey. elegant Country Seat on I'saanic river; handsome build ings, fruit*, $60000; one at $28,000, and one st $17,10 > near Pasnaie bridge. Also. 10 acres, superior building*. $30,000; magnificent Farm, 220 acres. $60,000. beautiful House, 18 rooms, doe location, at Elizabeth $10,000: brick Ilonse. 16 rnotu*. and laud, at Kahway, $12,000. Also, frame llonae, 17 "oome. $6,500. Also 120 seres, good honsA. 2 barns, near depot. $20,000; tine residence and 20acre* I mile from Rail way ilepot, $16,600. Also 27 acres. $6,000, and pretty Cottage 10 minute* from depot, choice fruit. $4,000; Farm H6 ?? res. good house, excellent soil, at Chatham near depot. $10,760. Also. 20 acres in villace, for building sites, $6,000. Also, 14 acres, double House, on Main street. $6,000. Also, comfortable Cnllaee. half acre. S1H6U Also. 18 acres, H Houses, fronting 3 streets, $12,000; Farm 30 acre*, neat House, 17 rooms, good outbuilding , $16,000; at Scotch Plains; one of 98 acres, plonly fruit, good house. $20,000. Also, 47 acres, building*, cider mill. Ac., $12.1X10. Also, handsome Country Seat 68 acres, brink house, bath room, hot and ookl water, neater, Ac., near depot, furnished. $30,000; unfur nished, $26,000. Flue Place at Bergen Point $133*10; White Plains. Westcbes'er county, commodious House and barn, 3 acre? good garden, nrar depot. $12,880. Alan, extra sism House, 30 room*. g?a, marble mantels, butler's pn.nurv. ou Broadway, $201X10; pretty place. 18 aires, 1 mile from depot, $9,800. Also, 10 acres, double Uon*c. 14 rooms. $9,000. Also, beaut I fill Uonntrv Seat, elegant home and grounds, ftupe. nor House and Grenada st Ytmkars Hue h.raiiou. all modern improvements; neat Gothic foliage st Sand's. 10 room*. 8 acres, only $6,000: and other* at Stamford, Orange. K?ft oh eater. Ac. rR SALE-A FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE, 36 miles from Navy York, on the Harlem Railroad: Par lor. Sluing, Dining and Kitc&en Rooms, saver Bedrooms, open Attic. Barn. Carriage House and Store, V acre of lead. Apply io IIBKRY MOORE. 28 Pine street, basement. L I SALE OR TO RENT?A COXPORTABLE fOI N r ...? Residence, In laltp, K 1.. uear the Great Smith Bay. Apply io J. HOPKINS. *9 Fourth arenue. ?t)" nnn ?TOR RALE, 8 MILES PRliX PORT >Pi*iJ,UUv, Richmond. 2 mile* by railroad, a Farm of 90 acres, more or lets. Inquire on Wednesday at 80 Ve*ey street, after 10 o'clock, for lull particulars. w KKAL KS'I'ATK WASTED. Tenement raonm wanted to buy or lease?The highest nurket value E ven, Apply to R. H. GIBBONS A CO.. 44? Broome Mrret. OIENEMENT PROPERTY WANTED.-WK DESIRE TO X lease several good iU?? Tenant Mouaei. suitable reat denoei for reaper utile mechanic*. J. T. WILLIAMS A SOW. *42 Eighth avenue ami '< Cedar at ? est. WANTED?THREE STORY HOUSE. RRIOK OR atone, modern. Twentieth ui Fortieth etreeL Eighth avenue to Broadway: location unexceptionable: no ran. v prine. Owners only adderaa every particular to box 308 I'oat office. ANTED TO PURCHASE?A LARGE FARM. K??R which e half Interest In one of the moat valuable pot ante In the United Slates i entire monopoly i will be siren, and from which an active man can rne'ise $100,00(1 In two years. Address Kirhange. Herald oflire. WANTED TO PURCHASE-WELL LOCATED XM proveit Kent Kaute In the city of Chicago tot be einnnut of $00 000. Apply to 8. F. IRELAND 901 Broad *? ?y WANTED TO PURCHASE-A THREE STORV HitiH alonp Houae, in good order, between Twentieth and Fiftieth street*, in a good nrichborhood. muat l*??i of Fourth and east of Eighth amines. Price nut u> eaoeed $16.(KXI. Address House, Herald office. HOt'NES, ROOM*. AC,. TO laKT. AT SI* FOURTH AVENUE.?HOUSES TO LET. IS87 18HH; cuv and country: furnlahed and ttnftu niched. During the seaaon aend weekly Tor uiv Real Estate < trculsr. STANLEY PAY A PACTOKY TO LET?NEAR EAST RIVER. WITH OR A without power: f'.ur atorteasnd basement new, flutiX), lighted ell round, large yard Apply at 693 Fifth atueL Rent moderate. a FIRST FLOOR?SO. SB WERT FORTIETH STREET: /V flve room* and three In basement; gaa and water; new ly painted, in Vat order. Rout $40. Apply as above. A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET. WITH Immediate possession. Also other furnished or uufur nlshod Houses aad Store* to rent from near May. EUGENE CHBYALLIER. BlCedar street A 1 AKGK NUMBER OK FTRNISHED ROUSES. DE A Wrahly and tent rally located, offers# for rent Prices from $200 to $800 per motitk. by ElHtl A CO.. No. 8 Tweotv-IMrd street. Fifth Arrnue lintel A MAONIPICBNT COUNTRY SEAT-A BOUT FOUR J\ mllea from Ceutral Perk, to let for e term of years; nothing more desirable In the vicinity of New York; twelve scree of beau i If it llv adorned grounds, with fruit of every description. May'bo occupied for a country club Nona* ur hotel ? KING A CO.. No. * "Deonty.thlrd street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. AM UNFURNISHED FIRST CLASS THREE STORY ? high stoop brick house: beautiful surroundings; in stant possession; $l,*00 per annum. 1R Forty-fifth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue; car routes. Apply on premises. Avery fink second floor, central loca tuin; also Third Floor, four rooms, and aeveral others, furnlahed and unfurnished, $15. $3Uaud $36 per month, at 114 Third avenue. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM. SUITABLE for housekeeping, to a gentleman end wife without children. Also e small Room for a single jierajn, with stove. Apply at A3 Sixth avenue. A SUIT OF THREE FURNISHED ROOMS ON SRCDND floor t? rent, tollable for a a mull family to keep bouse. Call for three daya at 181 Weat Twentieth street. A FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM AND TWO large pantries to lei without board, it 411 Hudson at. A SPLENDID LOCATION FOR BUSINESS? HOUSE and Store 357 Eighth nventie to let; also half of a House in West Thlrty-ltr*t street, between Eighth and Ninth eve ns** Apply to FRENCH A CO., 28HNinth avenue A -TO LET?THREE SPLENDID STORES ON WEST ? side of Eighth avenue, and Flxturea tor sale, Vos aeeiOou Immediately. A rare ebance. Apply to L. DKYO, MB Ninth av. tv ' A CORNER STORE, DWELLING ROOM AND UBL lar, to lease for five yoara-. good business location, aou'hweat corner of Flflv-siith street and Eighth avenue. For particulars apply to Til OH 8CANLAN, 7#l Eighth ar. (slums, norm and othmml?to leasr, fob a J termor years, the large building northwest corner of Brasdway and Twenty-fifth alrcel; tb? corner More Is rented for one yenr, two stores ooul I be made on Hroailway, ad. joining the corner. Fur full particulars and terms apply to t. H. LUDLOW A CO.. Nofl Pine gtrteU TNOR BENT?A $OAP AND CANDLE FACTORY. KX

r 'Vllcnt location; with soap kettles, Ac, For partitulars IngnM In store Nil Pearl street. First clans hotel to rent, at uswroo. n. y., comprising about Bfl moms, with the prtta>i|atl furni ture. It will b" nei-easaiy for theappiioaut la furnish about $3.?0ti worth of additional furniture, carpet*, linen, glass. Ma FiHmeaalon given any timo before Mareh 5, 1867. Kent $140 per month In advanue. M. PAHBEE, Oswego. N. Y. I BURNISHED HOUSE. WITH STABLE, TO LBV? 1 Situated on Murray Hill, near Lexington Arenas, MM feel, to a private family, without small children, for six months, from th# 2flth of Fnhruarr. The house la elegantly furnished; Malnway grand pianoforte, lull lard table, extra aixed alalia foff our horses and carriage mom fur Ave veht atas. Rent $480 par month. Apply to HOMKH MORGAN, No. 9 Pioeatfuot. New Turk. ^ fUENISHEO ROOMS TO LET?WTTf! OONYR ?teneoa for heuseheeplnffi Also Rooms for atoMe gmi Uewt'n: from $1 flfl par weak. Apply at 148 CUnton street, near Grand. FURNISHED ROOMS. EN SUITE OR SINGLY. WITH ?ut Board, aWsu'iyaietan's Otfce. Loeatlon narur mXSwslSSSmaSnXZS m,m" nOVSBH, Room, ?On TO tKT. r^KNTKEL HOUSE HOST CENTRAL) VOW TO LET ? or lease, poMteusion Via* 1, near Tumokine' square; IS rvn.nxe. gas, water, A>\. rent low; f1 JNOmay purcbaae. Ap ply to WM. J. UflTII, Ml Fultou street. __ HOUSEKEEPERS OR PKHSOMH OOIVO TO HOUHE keepiug can pay by weekly or monthly usvmetits for Carpels. Oih loth*. furniture, lie,I,ting, Ac., at BENDALL SCOTCS, corner of Canal and Utiuaun streets. PROPOSALS WILL BE RECEIVED TIM- FEBRUARY I, 1867, for renting Stores andOffices tn the New Herald Building, on Broadway, Park row aad Ann street. Plana of the i remises raa be examined at the otln e of the Superin tendent enrnerof Pulton and Naaaan streets, to whom the proposals may be directed. PROPOSALS WILL BR RECEIVED TILL FEBRUARY I, 1867. for renting Mtorea and Offices In the Herald Building, corner of Pulton and Naaaau streets. Plans of the premises ran be examined at the office ?f the Superintend ent, 10 whom the proposals may be directed. CTORAOE POR KVBRYTIIINU. FURNITURE. BAO O gage, Ac. Separate rooms if deatred. to which access can liela'l at all times. 368 Ninth avenue, 3(10 West Thirty fourth street. STORK TO LI,T?STOCK AND FIXTURES POR KAI.E; One of the best localinns on (be Eighth avenue, being opno-lte Pike's new Opera House. For panic ihtrs Inquire at 366 Eighth avenue. Stores and i.ofts to lrt all over the city : Stores and Houses for sale all over the city. Call and gel suited. N. C. BISHOP, 67 Lttieriv street. rLET.-BLEBCKKR A DENIBON. PINE STREET, have Oral class furnished Houses to rent in Fourteenth, Nineteenth. Twenty-flirt Twenty ninth and Thirtieth streets, Waverley place and Park avenue. mo LET?THK FOUR LOFTS MO. 318 BROADWAY. X corner Pearl street. Apply ton. B. HUTCHINGij, 36 John street. rLBT?BROWN STONE, THREE STORY. HIGH stoop, neatly furnished, complete, 139 West Thirty sixth street. Can be seen any time. R. H. HINE, 861 Sixth avenue. rpO LET-NO. 36 UNION SQUARE, WITH OR WITH X out Stable In the rear: house S3 feet front, lot 130 feet; also to let. No. ? Union square, lot 33.6x146 feet. Por full pariiciilara apply to E. Ef. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pino street. TO LET?AT W6 BROADWAY, TOP FLOOR. ROOM 16 by AI feet; rent $160 per annum; nlao for sale or to let. 1-enae, Goodwill and Fixtures of Boarding, Sale and Ex change Stable on Twenty-fourth street. Inquire at room 3, above number, from It to S o'cioek. TO LET?A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM on the second floor, (ront; rent $13 per week; tire and gas included. No. 64 Bleecker street near Broadway. TO I.KT-IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, PARLOR AND two Floors, with Basement, twelve or fourteen rooms, handsomely furnished: $3ft ut $40 per week; verv desirable; Ave minutes' ride fiom Fifth Avenue Hotel. Address B., station U. TO LET?GENTEEL APARTMENTS; FURNISHED OR unfurnished. Inquire at 110 East Twenty Mill street; or of I). HURKB, 60 Great Jones street. TO LET-A GROCERY STORK. WHERE A FORTUNE lias been made. There are 100 families in the two houses. Anpiy in the bakery (166 Water street. TO I.KT-a FINE BASEMENT, SUITABLE FOR A light maunlacturing business: cheap rent. Apply on the premises, 44 Franklin street, from 10 to 4. TO LET?A FLOOR IN A COTTAGE HOUSE, 211 EAST Twenty-third street, to a smsll family. mo LET-WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION UNTIL 1 May 1, or longer, ton rexpon-ible party very reasonable, a four Hiorv House, 13 room-, bnaldes basement and kitchen, neatly fund-died, new Inst June; genteel ueuihborliood, Twenty-seeond street, between Niulh and Tenth avenues; couveuient to ears and stages. No agents ueed apply. ALLEN K. THOMaK A CO., No. 6 Bowling Urern. mo LET?PARLOR AND TWO BSD ROOMS, KITCHEN, I closets, raoge, gaa and water; rooms papered: house private; rent $36 per month; possession immediately 338 Seventh avenue, near Thirty-first aireel. rLEASF._I.AROE STABLES AND LARGE DWELT. Ing adjoining. Price $2,200 per year. Situated In the Ninth ward. Address box 6.UBW Post office. TO LEASE, FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE FOR REAL estate, a.completely furnished Hotel, with leaae. down town. Inquire of C. C. BPOBKRY, No. 6 Wall atreel. r PHYSICIANS OB OKNTISTS -ELEGANTLY+TR nished Offices and Reception Room*, wuh Board,can be bad at 33 West Sixteenth street fifth avenue, corner of twenty-record street.?An tl?pni rail of Room* on second ffiibr. with bath and bedrooms r-UBuminh-aUng; very demrablo for two or three gentlemen. Breakfast If desired. 170 HOI KRI. ROOMK, AC.. 1m OFTM WANTED-WITH STEAM PllWFJiOB WHERB m* Mm ran be iniratera? Addmas, MMb| siae and hot AJW> Foot office. WANTED-A MM ALT, NEATLY EC HKltlBD HOUSE, located between Fourteenth and Twenty-fifth street* and Fourth ami birth avenue*; real not to oaeeed 0100 par monUu; pueet-irJon immediately. Addiarabox W8 Now York Pool oBrt. TIT ANTED?A BTOHB. SUITABLE FOR A GROCERY, "t hi a pood neighborhood, or will purchase the Internet of otto now open. Address at Barytoon'a Printing Ofiler. 447 Broome street, New York. \ITANTED-FEaEU NEATLY FURNISHED HOUSE, TV In a good neighborhood, or aoffie Part of Hoc nr. su to eight roomii. Term* muffi he reaeofiable. Possession Feb ruary 1 Addrer*or oall on Dr. KING. 118 Ninth street. FOR HALE. A -FOR SALE. BOWLING AND BILLIARD HAIXIONS, J% . splendid d'>wn town Restaurants, l.iqnor and Lunch Rooms, Mest Markets. Grocery Stores. Liquor Store*, (ton feet loner les. Bet and Cap Store, large 1'hoiograpb Oailerv, a patent tiarpet Beattag Rnsinee*. a Soda Water Manufactory, Sample Roodm. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A CHANCE.?FOR BALE. IN NEWARK. V. J., TUB Lease, Sto-'k and Future* of a No 1 splen didly tilted iijp. wall totaled and now doing a good bualneae. Addreaa W. L.. Herald office. Afire and rurglar froof safe, with pa tent combination lock (Herrirk'* make), tJiM. for asle at a haimsin If applied for immediately Inquire of Wkf. O. ROGERS. Ill Pnlion street. A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SALE, STOCK AND FIX turra of foreign ami domestic fruit store. Inquire at ^be store HKt FnhOW avenue, Hiooklyn, A TEA AND GROCERY STOKE OB WEST SIDE OK Eighth avenue, well stocked, doing*good burl ties*. no root, will be sold, with four .rears' lease: rhetp If applied A iJkl'VDBY FOR hai.e-k'tarlisiikd s& years, A having constant hoicl bu?ltir*s. wlih all iieecraary am psratua: low Win, Ac.: will sell for 01,30U. Inquire of SKI X AM, 77M Eighth avenue. A KINDLING WOOD YARD. WITH BOILER AND Boginr, a two Htorv briek building anil good -lock of wood: everything roinplete: well adapted fur a inarhine shop or other business: long bane; cheap rent, hill sell th? whole or half Intermit. Apply at 431, AO and 4S6 Went Thirty, fourth tarrer. A rare Opportunity.?fob sale, the lease. Stock and hist urea of *n old eetabiished Barroom. Willi club rsriuis attached. Rent tree, lJvenaed. PRO* N A UO., 81 Fulton street. A -FOR HAtK CHEAP. AN OLD ESTABLISHED Am Grocery Ktor*; must be wild thi? week. Dry Goods, Corner Grocery, Fancy, MHllnery, Ctgara. Sample Rooms, MeaA Market*. L ItKk'it. 318 Ninth avenue. 4 cbarcr.?For sale, furhiture and good A will of a nest little Boarding House, fine uyoter and A will of a neat little Boarding House, Ant uyoter dining saloon attached, rent 0MM. Corner Liquor Groceries. Cigar jAhI Variety Stove*. Oyoter and Concert Saloons. A p. ply at T New t 'hauliers siroei. Distillery for hale?oonpjsting of one large Still, Doublet* ntul Worm, Tanks, Ninth, Wnrm Tub and Cisterns: or the Still and appendages will toe sold separate. Addre-s bog 107 Herald office. DRUG STORE FOR SALE?HELD BY A PHYSICIAN for twenty years, good retail trade and practice. Small Store foi 01190, otbeia in Brooklyn and reunify. STRICKLAND'S Druggists' 140 Broadway. nancy GOODS STORK FOR SALE?WITH OR WITH ' out Stock. Ane loO.lltv, good apnrtnirnlq cheap rent, good buslnr-a pla-o. owner leaving the ,-lty. Apply i? WYNN. AllOtliSMtf. NT Bowery. fjVOR SALE?THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TIIE 1 Boot and Shoe Store 40*\ Grand s-roet, New York, or Futures for rale and Store to let. Apply at 40S'q Grand #?. TOR MALE- YN ALCOHOL DISTILLERY ANDfAT ptr'euamea. lo complete running order: ranantv J6U to am! harrela high proof aloohot weekly: situated In the city of Baltimore. Address dames Hetlj. * South Green atrral. Baltimore JjSOR SALE?ONE IRON STILL OF f,MD GALLONS _ rapacity, cylinder in abase. with dotne 10 inches high aod Jtl inches in diameter. la In nerfert order, havtog been used but two ur three times. For sale cheap. Inquire of MATTHEW ANDERSON. 1* Maiden laue FNOR SALR A BUTTER. CHEESE AMI EGG STORE; " good lecalintt; long leaee. Apply at UK EIgh:b avenue IYuR SALE-TWO CORKER LIQOl'K STORKS ON 1 Fun I III avenue: license part A pplv at corner Twelfth airsef and Fourth avenue. P. CUFF JjlllK SALE-NEGATIVES AND FIXTURES, WITH _ l.e?-e(tow rent), <>f a well located Gniirry Fb?to grapher* in wantof a paying gallery at half Ite value ad orran Photo, t?ei 104 Herald office ijttiK MALK-TUK LEASE. STOCK, LICENSE AND P Fixture*of th* waU known St. Nichols* Ke?tarirsiit, cornrr or Broarlwaf and Spring *tr?'-t, Under the hotel, all In complete order. Will he sold reasonable e? the owner In going out of the business. Apply on the premises. IjVOK 0ALB?BAB AND FIXTURES, RESTAURANT, r Billiard, Lodging Houen arid Furniture, on lease; licenae paid Prtre08W. Inquire at 881 Weet FOrtV-weond strehL tlOK SAI.R-A FIRST CLASS RAR AND RII.LIARD jir?rv City; doing a iir*t rUng Business; on one of the heft corner* In the rit^ wuh | lung le.iae end elienn lent. Inquire #f M. HUGHBS, t?7 Spring gtrre , cor ner Mercer, New York. 1/IOK SALK-1HK LRaSR AND FIXTURIM OF A JT rotnmodiuua and desirable Ntrre, nttaate on the moat central and cug-pteuou* , omer, In the beat buaineaa loca Jtty In PhlUdetpnia; suitable for any engine**: 04 feet froiu hv mi deep; Iitperw lighted By two targe piste glass bulk* andoa'rred hy that* donbie door*; oiegaot and esbatanliei rounter* and elielrtog, plain gi.uwahaw-'a?o*. Ac.: an ttue?. pircd lean# of over three yeara, v it? immediate imaaeaeiou Address for OnO WOsk, M are hall box 870 Post office. Phila delphia. EWIR 0ALE-THK BTOf.'R AND FIXTURES OF A P Jewelry Flore on Broadway, we*t Mde. with one year'a C*a*e of Store from May next. Will be gold at a eat rigee. Apply to J W Mrfll.lRE, 1,100 Broadway. rB SALE- A GROCRRT. IB JERSEY CITY COR ner North First MM Fro*pott street*, near Pavoina avenue. )R SALE-A MILLINRRY STORE, STOCK, FIX lore*. Lease, Ac., Aotng s good bustnene; will toe sold sacrifice, kSWT M the store X Carmine street. | BALK- Til LBASR OF A | FARCY GOODS ?e, ee aeoeunt of none bra lib. Call at *0 tlanai ?near the soraer of Flnrogim street. P0BliUb ^ for hai.f ?/ i'rk ciirr hkooctio*-.aia tiht F lot ol Ding. t<kr, Ov?tai HlathMMry. Dry Goods, Cigur U4 i'?ro??n- C mtera, Drawt-rs, De?kS. Showcases, On.'<? Railing*. At. Apptv to'.IAMES HODGE, 3ft J?n* **?*!? We.t, vol Ber Eighth AVfLBC. FOR 8ALK-TUK WEI.I- KNOWN OYSTER SALOON anil Ke-utoruui \'JA fniwt street; a In?' yum' lMm| then grout Reasons lor iug, the present proprietor hi dWirtr Kith the Hoard of Kl<la?. A ppl? at the .tbove DOW IilOB H\LK cheap TIIE TOOLS OF A r t lift BOX 1 shop, mam ho sold hv the ur*t of the nioulh. ln(|Uiri' *1421 Kir h lb avenu<*. iu the basement. OYBUr PtlTH.-FOR KALK, AT TUB AM K BIO AN PA O pier Mucne M.iuufaotor ng Company, corner Box street ami Union avenue, Orern point. L I., about 19.IM0 ln>u TtUar 8yi up Pola, In good condition, at a low (mure, or vrlU exchange for lamp or Dastard mouldy or im>u> d i?>t?. (ftonn ?LIQUOR HTOKI1 AT HALF PRICK. OWNER ?flejUV. must last _ leave to-uar Alao partner wauled, with ? few hundred dollars, in linuor alore, iu wnd bar. DR. NbWTON, No. 2 tlreeae iip-iit. JHACHINKKY, BOILER AND KNOINB FOR SALB?CYLINDER. 6M2 inches; suitable for hoist lug, u . in complete order; would lie aold cheap. Can be acen on board the pile driver at the dry dock. Anuria, L. 1. |?NUINRH AND BOILBRB. NjSW AND MBUOND haiul, from X to 100 horse power. Eisners. l.atba* Drill ng Machines, Platform Scale*, Shafting Pulllea. Anvils, floes. Machinery of all kiDds at HOFFMAN A FINNEYH, 167 Water street, Brooklyn. F jlOR BALE.?SOU ARK DOUBLB ENGINES, DRILL era, Hoisting Machines and Portable Trunk Engines, a .1 ... l? u/wkT CTD A U 1/ Ml ' I \I !?' I'All. ery compact and simple. ROOT 8TKAll ESU1NE ROM ANY'S PA NY'S salesroom. No. 18b Duane street. foR half - at the franklin boiler works. foot of Morgan street, Jereey City, three Locomotive Boilers, IS, 35 ana 4(1 horse power; two Horizontal Tubular, 30 and 70 horse; estrs bunt. Tanha and Bollere built at rea sonable prices Hattbbk-thr KXCKLNIOR lurking machiner are always on baud at the machine abop 90 Centre at. Machinery of all kinds bought and sold, at the Machinery Depot, 346 Kast Houston, opposite Norfolk "feet. CHARLKK JORDAN. PORTABLE AND STATIONARY 8TKAM ENGINES AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The best and most complete in use. Circular sent on application, WOOD A MANN STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. I ties. N. V., and 86 Maiden lane. New York. ANTED? A 16 IIORSK POWER ENGlNR; ALSO ONE Fly Wheel, about 14 leei diameter, weight 10.UU0 lbs., alao one wiought IroA Shaft, about 12 o-et by 10 ihebes. Apply to.IOHN STUART. Dealer in l.ooouiollvea and Ma chinrry, 185 Broadway. BIIslxl ARDtt, AC. POR BADE?A SECOND SIZE THELAN BILLIARD Table, in perfect order, used only two monlba, in a pri vate house. $401) Address bos 5.Sol Post odice. MARBLE MANTELS. Marble mantels at reduced priors?a fine ?election on hand nt S. Ki.AHKK'S Mauuiaclorv, 54 First avenue, near 1 bird street. Now York. Cell and ex amine. Marble mantels.-the best place in the eity u> purchase Marble man tela of ilie iateai designs, at very low prices, is at A. Ki . ABEK's Marble Works. 108 East Eighteenth street, near Third av., N. Y. Cut this out. MTAKBLKItED hi.ate MANTELS?superior in ivl appearauee, more durable, tali iho^niie of marble. T. B. STEWART. d05 Hlxtb avenue, between Tbirty-tlfth and Thlrtv-sixlb ?lreels. (LOTUING. A?LARGE ORDER FOR SOUTHERN MARKET -S. . MORRIS pays tbe highest price for Ladies' and Geu tlemen'a Caat Oil Clothing. Carpels and Furniture. For Pains $6, for Coats $6 to $15. Dresses $6 to $3U. Please call at or address 184 Seventh avenue, lotdiea attended to by Mrs. Morris. AT THB ORIGINAL M. MARKS'. 89 SIXTH AVENUE, ladles and gentlemen can receive 60 per ernt more than by any otAer dealer In the city for their Caat-olT Clotlilog, Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry, Fnra, Ac. Please be kind enough in call on or address tbe number as above. Ladies waited npon by Ms. Mark*. In and out of the cltv. A TTENTION.? LADIES AND GKNTLKMKN CAM RE A 1 2\. ceire the fall value in cash for cast off Clothing by rail ing on or addressing EDWARD MILLER, 136 Seventh i Nineteenth street. Ladies and gkntlkmen-i pay the highest price in the <M] for your Cast-off Cloth tug, by calling on or addressing Mr. er Mrs. BP) BO, 1,380 Broadway, near Tbirty-uinih street. SPECK PAYMENTS. Am Kaay PIm far UcmmhIm pf Mpe?l? Pay. me? WilkMrt CaatractSaa iht PreswaOCar WW. TO tbk editor ok tbb herald. From Uia moment whan gold became an artfdle of men; hand ice in the country 11 ceased lobe a standard of ralae, and when paper currency took the place of gold It In Its turn became the standard of value lor property ot all kinds. In the estimation or competent judges this cons try has been asing ia former limes shoot four huadred mil lions of gold and stiver as a circulating medium, and about the same amount in bank iakues, redeemable la gold oa demand. The amount of gold at present la tbe country may possibly fall short of tbe above estimate to theexteat of say fifty millions; but tbe Irredeemable paper currency in various shapes amounts to the enor mous sum of three thotmand millions, not including tbe iasoee of all non-national banka Tbe effeots of this ?pension of paper currency are felt in the increase of honse rents and enhanced prioe of all the necessaries of life, while tbe burden of high prices falls on those who feel It more sensibly, who are the least able to bear II, and who are the majority of tbe nation. Nevertheless, while It is evident that as long as tbe currency remains in its present condition the advantages must ever remain in favor or the few and against tbe majority, yet it will be for the interest of all to allow the Irredeemable paper currency to remain In circula tion, since a sudden contraction woold paralyze in dustry, and clog to a fatal exteal the wheels of enter prise and commerce. Under these circumstances, therefore, a return to specie payments is a ditties it matter, and the object of this communication is to point out a means of recon ciling this much desired end with the confilot ing con dition ol our national finances set forth above; In other word*, to effect a return u> specie payments without any contraction in the paper currency. The proposition, then, in plain terms, is to induce Col grem to pass an act, at the earliest possible day, author izing any person who innv prezenl legal tender notes Is an amount not exceeding $10 at tbe Sub-Treasury offices in New York or other large cities, or at government re demption offices which may be established for tbs pur pose, te receive in return a like amount in gold. It Would take a week to pay out two millions of gold in WKib small payments, and since the weekly receipts of the government from customs dues air at least i?*n milisinc, government would be able te retain On large surplus of nearly oee hundred millions to apply to the payment of interest on tholr bonds. Tbe premium on gsM would at once decline, and according as it declined? say at tbe expirai iou or ene, two or three months?the amount of currency presentable for redemption might be increased to $70. ISO or $100, until when gold and paper should be at par tbe amount could safely be made $1000. Hut at this point tbcre should be a limit, in order to prevent an undue pressure being exercised by unscru pulous speculators in tbe withdrawal of too large an amount of gold at any one time, thus advancing tbe price of gold once more and embarrassing government in tbe resumption of specie payments. It needs no demonstration to show ttial as the price of gold declined tbe less would be tbe demand for gold by the perfile on tbe government; and then, estimating, for example, tbe weekly drain of government gold paid out in tbe manner proposed after tbe lapse ot a few weeks, at $1,000,000. the government would become completely master of tbe situation. In regard to the currencv thus bought np, govern ment should take ? are to redistribute it m payment of current expenses, ib order that no stringency in the money market couM possibly result, as It might, from S withdrawal nf so macs currency, Tbe probability of a heavy export of gold is not lost sight o<, nor can it bo urged as an objection to the pro posed plan, for even if it should amount to tbe weekly sum IS be paid out by government, the void would be more than filled by gold imports from California; and further, since our bonds would increase in value, there would be such a demand created for them in Europe as would supersede the necos?ity for the exportation of spede, at least to any alarming amount. The standard of value being once more gold, the same prices would rule as in former days of specie cnrreoci ? certain ensee of supply and demand excepted?notwith standing tbe large amount ot paper remaining in circula tion. England furmeties a good example of s country with s large amount of redeemable or convertible paper in circulation, and yet where everything Is cheap. H would be vain to look for any other reason for the cheap ne?a of labor and industrial products in thst country be yond the simple one thst bank issues are convertible? though many able English financiers doubt tbe thorough soundness of the system, and advoate inconvertibility. But we have nothing to do with tbat question further than insomuch as it may bolp to Illustrate the theory proposed in this communication. The great obje. t here is to smooth the war for a resumption of spe< is pay ments, and to call the attention of Congress to this plan, in tbe belief that It is so ind. and in tbe hope that it may t? adopted, looking above all to the gnat end end aim <>f n p-ulv republican democ ratic government? npmelr, jha welfare of the many, and not nf the few. H O. nun CAIENOAI?THIS NAT. Burma? Cower?(Iasaaxi Tsjot ? Adjourned to Febru ary 4. Hi maws Ootrnt?<"tac t rr. ? l"srt 1?No*. 171, 797. MP, .1114 1009, 947, 9. .14, Shi, *96, 917, 829, 924.977, 991, 993, 974, 370, 717 790, 1197 Fart 2?No*. 104c. 938. K14, *70, 974, 2744, 7?\ 922, 714, 719, 720. 940, 912, 914, 920, 9*2, 440, 274, 9H4, 492. HnrasMW Coput? Cnxioiwas ? Reserved cases?Nee. 60, ?9k 71, 7$, 10. *1, 1ML 117, 12*. Call commences at 167. ?unutioa Hots*?Tsui Taaw ?Adjourn? for the term. . fowsmr Piacs?Fart 1 Ad i on rood to Tuesday, when Equity cases will be taken up. Mznmr Coper-Tsui. fsaw.?Nem 111 9*. 197 149 161, 192 159, 101, 102. 19R. 197, 199, 173, 174, 179, 177, 179, 191. 194. trim sirr Cotrmt?Raoomivw?Hoe 99, 97, 99, 94, 100, 103, 104, 106 to 119. 60 THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. ( olll|>litiul*, HMRgewtloMa and PrRjl't ln ul i|,? PaMlr. The hlockad'' of ice uB'1 snow which has prevailed u our Ktre>'U and rivers of laic seems lo have seitiely ruf fled the temper of the public, whoee voice, an heard through our columns, hae partaken somewhat ut the fury of gale- auil the hitter growling* of be logs kuLjccU.i1 to innumerable annoyances. Modi of the oouiinuuicaUona reaching uk lately are in the form of complaint*, which show eery accurately the petulance and 111 hntnor oc casioned liy the dtaoomforta incident to snow I.ansa, icy rivers and street i ant, iraveraed by iU managed furry baria The first gfowl comes from A Marine View. A correspondent from the Navy Yaid bam.iks p?o teste on behalf of the corps agatnat tbegrupoeed action of Congress toward either the transfer of the Mann# Corps to the army or its total abolishment. In the course of a very long communication be refers to many cams In which the corpa has won atpe' ial honor, not only m foreign wars, but in a great number of the hardest fought ?elds ol the late war. He complains, Anally, although marine officers have fought aidu by aide ou many bard contcnted fields with army officers, and have equally d a tinguiabed tncmsclves, they (the marinas) have not been rewarded with promotion, while their brother otfteers of the land service have received both honor and advance ment. Official Nirelect. . , ? "A. K. W ' complains tbnt during las# week a "street washer" in Fourth avenue, near Twolfth street, burst and fiooded the pavements, the water freealng in a solid hillock of ice, and making the street impassable for ve hicles. The police uhicets on duty in the vicinity had reported the conditloa of flairs night and morning siueo the occurrence, but nothing had been dune to remedy the difficulty, aud the water was suffered to run on, at the Imminent risk of Its finally pouring through the coal boles into the cellars of the residences in the neighbor hood. I>noffers of the Ml rret ('an. An old gentleman calls attention to the slippery con dition of the steps to the street cars, and suggests that they be covered with malting tor the benefit of the pub lic, and especially of aged persons, to which latter < lass several serious accidents have lately happened lo con ? seqgeuce of the failure of the railroad companies to lake sucn precautionary measures. The <,'Inline of Early Disabled Moldler*. A soldier asks why Coogress does not give the bounty to those volunteers of 1HC1 who, after a campaign on in* Peninsula became eo utterly broken down by fever con tracted in the service that they were mastered out lor disability. The correspondent claims that wounds were preferable to the sufferings consequent on disease con tracted In the service, and contends that the fact of a soldier having become early disabled by sick nee* doe* not preclude the possibility of his having done gallant service for his country. Why Alan* Hwildinaa are I'nanfe. A mechanic aska why building is allowed u> proceed in such cold weather as we have had lately, when tho mortar freezes aa soon as it touches the atone, aud there fore loeos hair of lie. strength. This practice the err respondent aaserte. is the cause of the otherwiee unae countable falling of the wails of many buildings, wbleb often occurs when they are subjected to only a alight pressure A Heldler'e Orlevaaes. A soldier of (be Fifth United Statee infantry, aiaiwaad at Fort Sumner, New Mexico, writes that although ho and many others of his company an entitled to bounty from New York, having bean credited daring he war to the quota of this county, thay have vainly tried to obtain tt through repeated applications to Mr. BmwI. although sev eral gf Choir earn?dun who bnvo submitted, themselves to the mahiimtaUoa of lawyers have had their demands satisfied. The soldiers wtah to know why it Is that the bounty dealing authorities will not notiew The Relief ef Brand way. Another correspondent proposes to relieve Broedwgy or rte immense crowds and to do a way with its difficulties by leaving the pavement ef that thoroughfare In His "usual wretched condition," and paving very finely two streets running parallel with II. This, according to htn plan, would draw away the carta, carrtagea and heavy vehicles from the central thoroughfare, and leave it for the omnibuses end light wagons alone. To relieve the corner of Broadway and Fulton street of Its perpetual Jam of humanity, the correspondent suggests that the removal to points np town of the two markets t Washing ton and Falton) would bo edectual. inasmuch aa the crush at tha above named point Is mainly owing to the great traffic and passage of vehicles to and fro between the markets. The correspondent thinks that if ibeso places were farther up town, where both the island end the avenues are wider, and the pressure of other busi ness la not so great, the object of relieving at least the corner of Broadway and Falton street would be attained. A itlodiarntlan ef the KxHse law Proposed. The rigid enforcement of the provisions of the SicIm lew draws forth a long communication en the liquor question, in which the correspondent claims the! the politicians have shown aftrr-olootlon perfidy to the liquor dealers who aided in electing them to the Legislators, in most instances on promisee exacted that they would oppose the enforcement of the obnoxious law. The writer calls for the enacimeot of some restrictive lew ae severe only aa that prevailing in England, which asseta of the liquor dealers that they close their place" durieg the hours devoted to dtvlue service, bat suffers tbem to remain open the reet of the day. Thla, be thinks, would be the better and more agreeable course, since, while the present lew cxiiaperate* the people. It does not reduce the number el drunkards, but sintply conceals Urate revels. A ttrhawl for Yawns YeekMes. "John Smith, of Third avenue," makes a novel propo sition, to the enact that the lake in Central Fart, beer the Seventy-second street entrance, be properly im proved and used fbr the purpose of developing the nautical tsetse of children, who should be allowed an sail miniature yachts In It, under the direction of an "anotant mariner," who, accord log to the correspond ent'e plan, should be domiciliated at the public opens* in the vicinity of the Inks. The communication also embraces tnanv other things which woo hi reed like s lairy tale to the youngsters concerned In the propo sition. The Union Kerrv Company. A Rrooklynite, doing basinets In Wall street, com plains that the pas-engsrs on the boats of the Union Ferry Company are detained on board the boats through unnecessary delays in the slips when the ice does not rentier the river difficult of navigation. He also states that the reason of this it. that the company find It cheaper to detain their boats duiinc the evening until crowded than to allow them to run regnlarly to conduce to the comfort of the public, and. in addition to this, he alleges that the ferry employ.n on the docks and ou board the boats "conduct affairs with most Insolent indifiereoce to the comfort of the public.'' A Big Organ for Mew York. "Progress" advocates the erection In this city ef n lane mnslc hall, similar to the St, George In Liver t*x>l, and urges also the building of e prod igloos organ for Mew York, to rJval that of Boston. He thinks there things due n? an adequate expression of the great moatcal taste ousting in the metropolis. Freezing an s far If ante. A plaintive appeal comes up from n freezing passenger on the Eighth avenue Railroad line, who plunges ,uto logical profundities In order to demonstrate the grant necessity existing for the placing of stoves of some other w?rming ap|>er?tus in the ?'?hrlter cars" stationed ah Sixtieth ami Eighty fourth streets, on the above men tioned route, where tbe people are in danger or freezing. An Appro) far Knctaad. A lady correspondent hepee that the fashion, so lea* prevalent in America, of railing against England will be done away with through the friendly reception given by the English people to the yacbtmen engaged in u>e<?<aa race. Haw r* rreveot Keranene Accidents. The following rnley are given by a Jersey correspondent aa a sure means of pretention of accidents by the explo sion of kerosene, which have been no frequent of late as to cause him to divulge tbe results of hie experience to tbe public, ea rollowa ?Never fill tbe lamp when alfchh ? Trim always by day, putting la fresh oil every morning and removing the obarred portion of the wl< k. A?eM exposing the lamp to sodden drafts, which blew urn flame Into the reservoir of oil and explode then carry them about as little aapotaible, and hefors doing so lowti the wick. Never bum wlfb the flame too low, as this causes smefce and tmwi. Never extinguish thsm tfr blowing; there Is always a got In tbe reisrvor Of the lamp, and t he Instant the tlame descends and corat* m coats t therewith explosion follows; put thorn out by covering the wtck. If these simple loftrvct"ue are at tended to eiptoelon is impose!tils, all had smeli avowee, and a light e obtained twice as brilliant ae gas at half the cost. The HeTureCT's Pardoning Fewer. "Justice" thinks that the Governor bee radiy so isetl the pardoning power which reele In hie hande, bv lbs 10 diyrrlmlnats release from prison and puntehmsnl lately or numbers ef notorious and hardened jTn|ma|s_,aod urge* the establ shiaent of a "Court of gssdees ^?h assume the power wbieb, in the ooteton et the ease raepoadent, hee been so much abased of late.