Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 28, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 28, 1867 Page 7
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MEXICO. 1'rewM t nmmratn on Ili?- Munition -The 1 pcror Mho Take a New (Start?? C ouyi I timet irultle?Double Druling to be obrweri, ikr. [From tbe Mexico Ere Kouvelle, Jan. 0 I rale -miations are attended by this faialitv i t:me, instead of serving as a remedy for the dis'or render- tlmm only more complicated To break viola the vnw.),is circle in whlcb they revolve, benmisk tbe only means of deliverance The more we,ore front adopting this extreme, but nee "scary step, tee >? Ui- difficulty increuaes. To wait until a nurunger present lUelf by chance leaves the field opcu is the and tend* to make tbe evil incurable. Save had spectacle jrbtch during the last two months,one of a before our eyes. From week to week I lulled us happy soint on, which Is yet to come. ?b cb onlv and all kinds of fallacious comhinatiqnuuinations worM-kh*ve Stored wire of the Behold us now on the eve or the dave yet been f rencb ' roups, and no preparatio eves of gloom made lor this critical moment. V on as those and des,?rr the inhsbiunts .r? of pence. weud m? dient to whom they awe three,ey ask with anxi ly !?u T lh? ""J10 *,ebla- -a- hment has left the ?,t? , m.i b"ppen wbeo I*15'Emperor's return to the ,"e?DSWe7' 4 * ' ? discussion about our , * fll occaaiorit beboovaa us to adopt I -?boat.u>* n?d*?4b. 1 ha future or wh,ch under the present circumst^stance No longer must we speak ai a fortnight^ security of a "perhaps," we remain supine in the^ plausible auppoeitions, for bo li nger accept men rynnst decisive measures can tune urges, and only t>wtth the dark unkn >wn Very avail us in our fmpjfcnof this necessity has been on# probably the consci^jerm,|0M which have brought the of the principal cfc? baalth ia mdl ,n a feeble state Kmpomr 'so-It wlj,^ following the promulgation of the rer.wpu the five may have convinced his Majesty that unxaha irnaiity planned at that time by his advisers the i*>mh(uat'preernt circumstances, and to view could not, upt period which intervenes before ?" lh<> Sn or tbe French troops, be executed, in |*V4,14elng masters of nearly the whole interior, The "bcripugjjed their outposts into the very suburbs ?"*the reunion qf a cmgreM becomes, ivdee*. im of On the the other hand a state of affaire, such **"*? Anted from the 1st ol December, can no longer ** "fi i. The proceeding* of the ?government were vpon the essential idea of a national congress, lo in Mi< question of government should be submitted. 5 monn-iit this idea is set aside the force of things ills Jor a new determination <m >he part oflhe ooereigm. The ropre-entativee of the intervention hare, on their part, ? -acred duty to fulfil, that of not leaviug behind tbeiu, after their retreat, a situation uudeciiled and exposed to the chances of a doubtinl issue. They ran only let re behind them an empire firmly eUailuhed, or another g r i nnunt organized in the name qf the country. WUbom this all Is Action, only At for furnishing new pretext- to anarchists. Finally the ministers themselves must show courage ? enough te abandon their equivocal position, in which, it is true, they display considerable energy, but which heightens their responsibility, while it fetter*, at the Haute time, tbeir liberty of action. Governing in tbe name of the empire, but being suspected, and even oiieuly accused, or working for the benefit of a party, they arc wore deeply interested than all others in having the prompt decision. All contribute, therefore, to make of the council to be held at Tela, a solemn and decisive event. Weak meas ures, ann-aaning hints and double-dealing must be - eschewed. Tbe dignity of all, tho lienor of France, tbe most vital interests of a whole population, perhaps the rifnlure of the country, will be decided there. Tin- Pacification of Mexico by Mexican*. [From tho Mexican Times, Jan 8.J In Mexico there have eyer been uvo groat parties, the Mochw u?tl the Liberals. When (he French interven tion threw tho mantle of Imperialism over the ashes of republicanism, there arose a third party; imperialists emerged into existence. Tho Mochos are those whose watchword is "the Church," and whose ruling maxim is 'the supremacy of the clergy. To-day their eluet will is self-preservation. The liberals aro tboso whoso watch word is reform, and whose ruling maxim is freedom ? from the rhurch. To-day their chief aim U aggression. The Imperialists are thoee who, anterior to tho advent of < the empire, were either Mochos or liberals, but wtio, .lured by the promises of stability and order uoder the nets regime, gave aid and comfort to tbe empire. To day their great aim is existence. Tbe lirst represent at ?onco tbe wealth and Inflnenoe of the country and the i -Httecam,' indigent masses, and consist tor tbe'most part of those who boast of the "blue blood, of Castile" and of many whose skins show an Indian lineage. The second represent the claseee between those just named, though. "While far the moat part consisting or those who can ? neither boast of pure Castillon blood nor show a pare Indian borage,- there are among the more prominent of tbe party some who are purely Castdlaa and others purely Indian. Tbe third represser those of the first and second parties who have turned from th?tr old friends -and allies to new ones, and tor the most part onanist of those whose taien'-s made them most con spieaeos among thoee they deserted. Miramoo and Marquez are the representative men of the one branch of tho Wocho party, Mejla and Mendez tho representative men of the other branch. Around the former rally all those of the Latin race who have ' become implicated in tbe imperialiem of tbe interven tion. Around tho latter rally the Indians, who loolc up to -ibemtas their legitimate chiefs?men of the same Mood, i The Brat are the representatives of the clerical Aioebes, the second of the Indian Mochos, each dsvelop. - iag the types and peculiarities of those tbey represent. Of tbe liberals it Is enough to say that Juarez is the dis tinctively representative man, combining in bia person all tbe types and all the elements of his party. Nest to him may be ranged Porflrlo Diaz, Riva Falaclo (of the South), end Eeoohedo. A glance at tbe relative bearings and resources of those parties afords but faint hope of tho immediate pacification of Mexico. In taking this glance it will anffleo to speak onty of Mochos and libs rale, for within tho last few months the imperialists have thrown themselves into tbe arms of tho Mocboe. Granting that the liberals have already possession of i tbe grantor part of tho country, tbe salient points are still held by the Moehoe; Mexico, Puebla and Vera Crux aro atitl in tbolr hands. With these tor liases of opera tions,-what is to prevent tbe Mocho military leaders from levying all the money and men they can lay their hands upon; then concentrating their rorces around tbe capttaL tloodmg the surrounding country to bar the ap proaches. and here enticing the liberals to attack. It is generally admitted that lbs military talent of tbe coun try is in'tbn Macho party. And does not the history of war teach us that military talent, superiority of poeition, and venturesome tactics, carry a fair chance of winning the fortun" of battles? In other and happier countries, it ie held as a military maxim that dw-ultory warfare is In iteelf a source of weakness and demoralization, and by poverty of org?n'zation, impotent to gain great suocoesor achieve decisive re sults. But does tbe history of Mexico support this maxim ? Granting thm the concentration of the Mocho for es in the valley of Mexico would draw together the litierat Torces for an attack and a pitched bal tie follow, would the result be decisive except to secure to tbe vic tors political power in the capital ? The conqueror In the field would necessarily rulo in the Cabinet. But duet the history of Mexico teach that a great buttle do otdes the fate, tho existence of rtrai per tie-, puts an end to war, brings peace to the country, gives time to < feetil the bleeding wounds of tbe people? Would a signal victory for either Mocbo or liberal, in the valley ?f Mex co, bring In its sanguinary path that security lor fife ami proporty throughout the country wh ch to-day tenoi known? Would it reeuscitate that decaying com merce which can thrive only amid peaoe and ecuri y ? We hatm ueeo bow locg tbe present liberal chiefs- huve ? held their ground lu the hy-places of Mexico, evn during tbe French intervention. And would not tie v-tuquishtfd In a great battle fly to tbeir mountain.- and ? Tall back upon tho desoitory guerilla warfare, or, more sortoctiv, depredations which nave stained the history or this tair country for forty yoars? If in a great battle the liberals were vanquished, they would but return to that guerilla system which has so hammed the troops <y( tbe iaicrvention since tbe first French soldier put foot on MexicansoiL If the Mochos were vanquished, they would but imitate the example of thoir victors, and, as the liberals did alter their detest at Puebla, take to the slopes of tbe tirrra 'vmphula or to the pin ins of tho f terra ealiente. For forty years mere have always been Mexicans flgbitng to hold power and ponitioo; and, for forty years, there have always been Mexicans fighting to win power and oositfon. What they have been doing for forty yean they may do again, tor there still exists In the country tbe same physical resources and the same psychological ' traits of character. And more than thin?all the loiterers around juWfite shops who have been or may be foroibiy tbrost into an imperial uniform may turn to the advanc ing host of liberals or desert tbeir colors in the Bret engagement, and take to the rood and the mask, with tbe mono. "La boisa i la eida." For the grief which rent Ills heart when torn from wife and little ones by the imperial leva, be may And a bairn in tbe rollicking freedom of the marauding guer illa, a solace in tbe ethics whicb allow tbe appropria tion of whatever is met on tbe Kaperor's or on tbe Prsdrtent? highway. Men who to day level their mus kets st each otheis' beads as im|iena)i?ti and republicans may to-m >rrow be comrades and together point tbe muzzles of iheir pistols at tbe heads of peaceful travel lers, or with their bayonets open the packages of mer clititdiHo whiih the commerce of the community re. juiro", but which the immaculate wisdom of the Adnana 'orhiiis 10 h are tbe sacred precincts of Its venerable walla Whem e. then, Is the pacific atlon of Mexico to come ind wiicn ' laxik to tbe Mochos or look to the liberals, look to the imperialists or look lo tbe republicans, what ilgn of pacification can be discerned to illumine tbe livnrou or brighten the future ? An we turn from the contemplate! of tha state of the country we reluctantly snotMB li st we see nothing but clouds?dark, heavy, ominous clouds?lowering over unhappy Mexico. Again ipts Itiwrtf, i ~ tlm oit-rcpeated question prompts Itself, will the I'n.ted liaien, Invuw frond Mexico from foreign Intervention, look with passive complacency upon the oonvulsions which tear tbe country trom end to end as she rushes headlong from contest to contest ? Will tbe rnoro powerful end plain spoken sistor with unconcern fook at her woaker nnd comely sister wooed to-day by one pretender, courted to-morrow by soother, never won. never wedded, never cherished by either, while ail the while her matchless beauty nightly wanes, her une qualled wealth daily wastes ? And bare the Mexicans never read " fnndtt In Sryllanx <pu vhU tabic Chnryb a>m ' Internal dissensions burled Rome from her su premacy ?provincial rivalries coet Greece her national ly. An.I so, /nil [lion. THE CROSBY LOTTERY. Ctmuaoi Jan. 27, 1167. A H. Is*#, the winner of the Opera House, arrived In this ciiy yesterday, aud la?t evening sold tbe house to Mr. Crosby for $200,000. The following I* an exact statement of Mr. Cmeny'a balance sheet:?!'. II. Crosby creditor by two hundred and ten thoosand tickets, at $6, $1.060,nod; debtor to thirty thoosand tickets not sold, Bl.Vt.OOd, to advertising. $460,000; to pointings, $76,000; to engravings, $100,000; to rommissionn, $46,000; to printing and travelling, $90,000; paid Mr. Lee, $000,000. fotal debt. $760,000; profli., $300,000 Value of Opera House, $.160,000. Total profit en tho qfidOftakiaf, $460,000. p.,ANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. I Sisbat, Jan. 27?6 P. M. The past week was one of ureal excitement and panic **"ro the Stock Exchange, whkh culminated on Friday morning, when Kne sold as low as 85*. Michigan South orn 00, Northwexteru 33 and the preferred stock 67)j The decline involved large forced sales of all the specu lative shares, including those held by combinations, which nan no longer he considered to have an extut ence; but it had the effort of bringing outside capitalists into the market, aa well as of inducing strong bouses previously on the bear side to cover their "shorts" and bur for a rise. The panic had its immediate origin in the breakdown of the Cumberland centering clique, and the failure of two Stock Exchange Arms which were car rying a large amount of the stock. The breakdown was caused by their loans on it being called in and their ina bility to place the stock elsewhere, owing to lenders being too distrustful of its value to accept it as a col lateral. Cumberland fell from 90 to 48 in a day with only a transaction of a hundred shares in It, showing that there was absolutely no "short" Interest and that all the stock was held by the ollqae, the biter in this baviog been eererely bltlen. These failuren led the banks to scrutinise the eecuritiea upon which they had made advancee more closely than usual and considerable calling In of loans and foreed saiee of the stocks hypothecated were the result On Thursday moruing coaddence wae further shaken by the an nounrement of the failure of an open board arm, coupled with the statement that their account at the Bank of overdrawn to the extent of $219,000, and that the President of the bank had died suddenly in consequence. Minor failures quickly fol lowed, and rumors of others more important were freely circulated; hot none of these proved true ao far as the public had any concern In thorn, although sus pensions took place and in some cases settlements were eflVctod between brokers. The effect or the whole was highly disastrous, the losses eustaiuod by the sacrifice ol property held in Wall street alone amounting to many millions, and, owing to the panics and depression which had preceded this crisis, the bull houses and sp< culators were in anything but a strong position previously. Wall street, however, may be likened to a river, to which the country at targe stands In the rela tion of a sea. and, like the tides, capital is constantly flowing la and out of it. Water may lie taken from the river and capital out or the street, but both are quickly replaced. The street, like the river, has its high tides and Its low tidea Wrecks float occasionally upon its surface; but from these new craft are constructed or the broken timbers are put together again and gradually rigged afresh. New capital takes the place of the old, as the living take the place of the dead, and Wall street, like the world of which it is an epitome, goes on as before. The buried ashes of a host of bulls und bears seem to fructify the speculative ground, and no man cares for what has gone before. The contests waged by the opposing forces on tho Stock Exchange are conducted with as much strategy and determination as great battles, and the aim and sacrifice is money In the one instance and life in the other. The last panic was the Waterloo of Uie bulls, and for a while a St Helena of repose awaits them; but bulls as well as bears die hard and recuperate quickly, sad there is no knowing how soon their St Helena may be turned into an Elba, from which they will retnrn to again become masters of the situation and scatter the bears liko chaff before them. Every dog has his day in Wall street as well as elsewhere. On Friday and Saturday the investment demand waa unusually large, and this arrested the decline even mors i in the street purchases. Shrewd capitalists saw mat atocks had in this, as In all panics, sank below their real value, and that they bad only to buy In order to make money. A considerable further upward reaction awaits the market, and It la to the Interest of the banks to prevent any targe failure* The worst Is in all probability over, and it is to the interest of tho ooan try that s quick recovery should take place; for panic and depression hero unsettle confidence all ovar the country. Unfortunately, however, the demoralised con dltkro ol affairs In Wall street for some weeks past has enly reflected la aa aggravated form the depression elsewhere prevailing, owing to tho contraction of tho currency at tho rate of four millions month, tho unsettled aspect of political attain and tha onerous taxation to which the people are subjected. The dilatorlnen of Urogram in giving atten tion to thorn Important matters to little lam ??"- a national reproach, and the longer aettoo is delayed upon them, and especially the currency question, the worse tt will be for both the Treasury and the people, the further contraction of tho currency abould be imme diately stopped and provision made for tha tamo of plain legal tenders in redemptieo of compound interest note* thus preventing any disturbance from this eoorc* which there would be if they were largely withdrawn at maturity, these notes being mainly held by the banks as a portion of tbeir reserve. The people of all degrees of wealth and poverty are now laboring under a painful sense of Impoverishment arising rrom the difficulty of making both cuds meet after peylng tare* and aa it it absolutely necessary that these should bo reduced, nothing would be better or more popular in this respeot than the aboli tion of the income tax, which is entirely too Inquisitorial in its character ever to be otherwise than distasteful to any community. The railway share market rioted steady, but with an Improving tendency, at half-past five on Saturday, at the following prices:?New York Central, 101* a'** Eric, 68* a*; Reading, 102* a 103; Michigan South ern, 72* a *; Illinois Central, 112** 113; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 82*; Cleveland and Toledo, 117* a 118' Rock Island, 98* a *; Fort Wayne, 98 a 98*; North western, 36* a *?preferred, 84* a *; Western Union Telegraph, 48* a *. Government and State eecurltlee sympathised with the general depreeslon and alio with the recovery, but the business transacted in them was light. That part of the recent message of Governor Morton in which be congratulates the people of Indiana upon the condition of Its finances and the near approach of tho Stato to the liquidation of Its entire indebtedness reads rather oddly to those who remember that In 1M7 the creditors of Indiana were compelled to release the State from one-half its obligat ions and rely for reim bursement upon the canala, with the promise that the legislation should be such as to provide for the canal stook. Yet the legislation has been such aa to take away all provision fbr the portion of the debt thus in directly repudiated, and II baa consequently become ap parently wt rlhless. It Is therefore argued that so long as the canal debt Is unprovided for Indiana has less reason to boast of the flonrlshlng condition of ber finances than would appear from the Governor's messagei The supply of money was easy at seven per oent to first clars borrowers, on good securities and wide mar gins throughout the week, but weak houses found difficulty in rully supplying themselves, end stocks or dinarily accepted as a fair collateral were In most In stances rejected. The distrust of lenders extended to the securities, their prices and the cha racter of the borrowers, end, therefore, all had to undergo a close scrutiny?a rovere ordeal for most bouses In the midst of a crista Yet large amounts of moner have been Mug idle in the banks, and the leading dealers In go"eminent securities were supplied at six aad in some cases five per oent. The money market may, therefore, lie now pronounced decidedly easy, and the enormous shrinkage which has taken piece In prloes will necessitate the use of mueh less capital for Slock Exchange purposes than hitherto. Now that the market baa been crushed and prices have found a level in which they neither need nor have any bolstering from clique*, lenders will be likely to be much lose exacting than they have been during the last few days. The gold market declined from 137 on Monday to 133J4 on Friday, but It recovered to 134 V during the day and closed steady on Saturday at 134V- Th# cus tom* demand at the port for the week aggregated 12,410,000, and the payments of ooln Interest to $418,000. The foreign exchange market wee dull, and Bankers' bills on England at sixty days were quoted at the close at 109 V j at three day*, 100 V a 110V- Commercial bills, 107 a 108*(- Francs at sixty days, 6.20 a 6.13V; ,hrfte days, 6.12V * 6.10. Bills on Berlin, 72,V e 72V; on Bre men, 70 a 70 V; on Frankfort, 41V *41V; on Amster dam, 41V n41Vi on Hamburg, 38V * 88V; on Ant werp, 6.20 a 6.17 V. The shipments of specie from this port lAit week, sod during the year te date, compare as follows with those of the corresponding periods In 1885 an.l 186fi:? 1886 UfA 1887. Fourth wesk $007,138 $830,812 $876,100 l'rovlouMy reported... 1,970,487 1,878,424 1,820,042 Total $2,087,673 $2,f33,238 $2,306,211 Tho highest prices qf lb* fading stocks sold t)|e ftnrt session of the Exchange on each Fnturd-iy of tee lost four weeks were as follows Stack*. Jan. 6. Jar. 12. Jar w J<** 36. Atlantic Ma i 108 109 ' " ?"* Alti n & Terre Hunt* KH. _ ? 38 34 Alton k Terro riaute prof 67 ? B<*lou Water Power..... 2* ? Cantoe Compear 49 4<"i <5 Cleveland A Pittsburg... 89X 91V ?? KS' Cleveland ft Toledo 124 125-* I'? 119 Chicago A Rock Island.. 104V 102X 09 WV Chicago k Northwestern. 48V Chicago* North western pf 82 V 81V '8* Cnmherhnd Co?l..?.... 89 M ? 38* Cleveland, CoL A On.... Ill ? 111 ? PHiwiiat Hudson Canal 184 185 148 ? Hudaon River 190 131 127 12-2 Illlnola Central 12$ 119* IIP* 112* Michigan Central 108* 107* 106 104 Mlcbkan Southern 82* 80* 77* Tl* Mllwanken&M. Paul ... 48 44 44 ? Milwaukee A St. Paul pref 08 62 00 84 Manponn Mining 13 ? 12* 10* Mariposa preferred 32* 31 * 30 24 New York Central RR... Ill* no* 108* 101 New Tor* ft Erie RR... 67 * 64* 6.1* 88* New York A Erie pret.. 84* T7 74 ? Ohio k Mississippi cer... 28* 27* 26* 24* Pacific Mall. 169 T?9 162 168 Pittsburg A Fort Wayne. 106* 103 97 96 Quickallver Mining 46 43 * 40 38* Reading RR 106* 106* 102* 102* Toledo and Wabash 46 44 42 * 41 Western Union Telegraph 46* 46* 46 * 46* Government securities were quoted on each rwturday of the past four weeks as follows:? Jan. 6. Jan. 12. Jan. 19. Jan. 26. fixe* of 1881 108* 108* 108 10T* Sixes of 1867 130 130 130 130 8lxea of 1868 130 128 128 129 Ten-forties 09* 90* 99* 99* Five-twenties of 1862... 107* 107* 108 107 Five-twenties of 1864... 10..* 106* 106* 105* Five-twenties of 1865... 106 106* 105* 105* 7 and 8-10ths, 1st series. 105 104* 104* 1<U* 7 and 8-10 ha, 2d aeries. 104* 104* 104* 104* 7 and 3 lOtbe, 3d eenes.. 104* 104* 104* 104* The total imports at the port of New York for the week ending January 26 compare as follows with thoso of the two weeks previous Week ending Jan. 11. Jan. 18. Jan. 25 Dry goods *4,034,964 $2,221,003 $2,520,061 General merchandise. 3,027,228 2,008,352 1,143,909 Total $7,062,192 $4,229,355 $3,683,970 The Imports of dry goods for the week compare thus:? Pbr the Wee*. 1866. 1866. 1667. Entered at the oort.. $496,109 $2,688,818 $2,520,061 Thrown on market... 932,463 2,662.791 2,433.262 Since Jan. 1. 1865. 1866. 1867. Entered et the port..$1,601,101 $11,388,471 $8,7711.028 Thrown on market... 2,039,081 10,778,912 0,473,997 COMMERCIAL REPORT. Situhiut, Jan. 98?8 P. M Asffas ?Receipts 23 bbls. The market for both pot and pearl continued dull and nominal, at $8 18 a $8 60 for the former, and $11 a $11 75 for the latter. BaaansTirm Receipts 2.637 bbl* flour, 100 do. and 6,000 bags corn meal. 2,980 bushels oats, and 500 do. mait Even at a further decline of 10c. per bbl. the market for State and Western flour ruled very quiet, the demand being confined to the Immediate wanta of the trade, the market closing dull and heavy at the appended quotations, at which sales were effected of 6,900 bbla. Southern flour ruled heavy, though price* were without quotable change. The demand w?* light, the talcs being confined to 300 bbl*. Of rye flour, which ruled steady, 200 bbl*. were sold at $6 AO a 88. Corn meat was neglected, but steady, at our quotation*. We quote:? Superfine end Western $9 no s 10 2ft Extra State 10 Oil a 11 :? Choice State II 40 a 12 1ft Common to medium extra Western 10 BO a II 7ft Extra round hoop Ohio 11 SO a 12 1ft Western trade brands 13 20 a IS 00 Common Southern 11 76 a 13 6ft Fancr and extra do IS 75 a 10 fiO Rye Hour (superfine) (Ma 8 00 Corn meal. Jersey 6 10 a ft 16 Corn meaL Brandywtne 6 SO a 640 ?There was an Improved demand for wheat, though the market ?till ruled dull and heavy. The sales comprised 80.000 bushels, including amber State at $8, No. S Milwaukee on private terms and No. 2 do. at $3 36. Less activity pre vailed In the corn market, and lower prices were accepted . The sales were limited to 36,000 bushels, including mixed western In store at $1 IS a $1 IS and. new yellow Jersey at a $109. Oats tended downward, with but little doing: sales 16.000 bushels st 68o. a 00c. for State, die. a tic. for Chicago and Milwaukee, and 67c. for Western. The sales of Rye were limited to 3,000 bushels Western at $127, sn outside price, the market ruling heavy. Barley and melt continued dull Of the former sales were effected of 13,00(1 bushels Canada West at $112)4 a 1 30. Corma No important sales of any description were effected, but the market ruled Arm, with an upward ten dency. Covtok.?The market for this staple ruled dull, and though no material decline was granted, the market was quite depressed. The sales were about 760 bales. We quote:? npftmrf. Fiortdn. MM*. S.O&Trx. Ordinary So 30 31 SI Low middling 38 ? 33 33 Middling S?i< my, 34 84 Good middling....35 85 36 36 Fuiawra to Liverpool end London, earing to the scarcity of available room, further advanced, though there was but little doing. The engagements were:?To Liverpool. 7.600 bushels eorn at 7J<d.; 900 Heroes beet at 3a.. and per steamer 7.600 bushels corn at 9d. To London, 8,000 do. oats at 6d. To Antwerp, CO hhds. tobacco on private terms. The ohartem ware:?A bark to London. 30,000 a 36.000 bushels barley at CM., In load at warehouse; a bark from Philadelphia to the Gibraltar for orders, petroleum at 6s. 3d., and a Bremen bark, from Philadelphia to Cork for orders; petroleum 6s., If to the United Kingdom, (a. dd? if to the Continent, and 7a 3d. if to tbo Baltic, leas 6d. if to a direct port. Hors ruled dull but steady, at Me. a 66c. for new crop American, with tales of 36 bales. Mm aasxs remained quiet, but values were unchanged. A sale was effected of 360 hhda. new crop Cuba Muscovado at a reserved price. ? Nivii. Broaxs.?Crude turpentine wst dull and nomlriHl.i Spirits turpentine was leas sought fbr anri_sii^htly easier prices were accepted, sales being effected ef 136 boxes from wharf at 651*0-e 661 jr. Rosins were dull though steadv, at oor leat rates: common was quoted at $4: 612 hhla. sold at this figure Beyond this sale we only heard of 200 bbls strained, at $4 l2Ji and 18ft do? strained and good No. 2, at $4 a $4 60. Tar waa steady at previous prices. Oils.?Linseed continued steady and Arm. at $1 20 for jobbing lots. No sales of importance were eflTected. Paoyisiotta.?Receipts 773 bbls. pork 9(1 do. beef, 1*7 pack ages cut meats, 1,387 bblt. lard and 2,322 dre?sed bum Tbe pork market was a shade firmer, and an improved demand prevailed, the market closing strong st $20 52 for Western and $19 4& cash for old mess. The sales for immediate de livery ware 6,600 bbls.. at $29 26 a 62)00 for new ineas. $19 3l a $1* 80 for old do , and $1676 a $17 for prime, also, for future delivery. 1 800 bbls. new mesa, for February and March, at $30 62 a $30 87. seller's and buyer's ootln. Beef waa steady with a moderate business doing. Seles 400 bbls.. at $17 a $20 for new extra mess and $12 a $!8 for n-w plain _ * * * (a et " do. Beef hams were unchanged In every respect. Tbe sales comprised 800 bbls.. at $7* a $33 30. Dressed hogs ruled a shade firmer, at 9i?e a Mc, for city and a Kg for Western. Bacon was dull but aleady, et previous prices. Of out meats, sales were effected of 3m packages, at 10c. a 13c. for hams and 8)4?. a 95<c. for shoulders. Lard wes less active and a shade easier, the merket closing liesvy. Males M0 bbls , at 12'40. a IS' .i' for new and 13c. a Wife. for old. Butter waa steady and firm, at 36c. a 38r. for Ntato and 16e. a 30c. for Western. Cheese w a* steady at previous prlres. PrreOLaun.?Extreme duluesS and depression continued to characterize the mat ket for both crude and bonded, and though prices were not quota My lower the tendency Is down wards. Small sales or crude were reported at 19c. a 18'jr , and of bonded at 30c. for standard white, and 39>\ for prime light straw to white. Rior continued quiet but 6rm at 10'jc. a lO^e. for Caro lina and 9V,c a 9Mc. for Rangoon, with no sales of moment to report. Siuiab.?The market for raw ruled dull, bet prices were without decided change. We heard of no sales. Fair to good refining Cubs wa? quoted st 10c. a HPjc. Refined was dull and heavy at 12','c. a 13?;c. for soft yellow, 18*4e. a 14Kc. for soft white sod 18c. for lmrds. Mtxariivi was quiet. Sales 30,000 lbs. at 108. a 12??c.; also 16.000 lbs. grease at 8c. a Ilk:. Tallow waa steady and firm, with ealee of 130.000 lha at like. a Utae. WHrsxBT.? Receipts, 391 bbls. The market still continued dull, aud prioee were nominal la tbe absence of bnslneea. TELEGRAPHIC MARKET REPORTS. Oawxoo. Jen. 28, 1867. Floor etaady and unchanged. Sales ftOO bbls., at $11 75 e $13 for No. 1 spring. $18 80 a $13 76 for red winter, $14 76 for white, $16 80 a $1176 for double extra. Kye Hour steady at $7. Buckwheat flour, $8. Whaat duU. Bales 300 bushels Not Chicago spring, at $3 36: also SfiO hnshela Mllwaukae club, by sample, at$3 48, and 430 bushels No. 1 Milwaukee club, at $1 ML Corn quiet; $160 for No. I spring Oats? 66c. for choice Western. Railroad frelghta?Flour to Boston, $1; to New York, 90c.; to Albany, 80c. CtnrtawATt. Jan. 36, 1867. Floor Is held firm, but tbe demand la moderate. W beat firm and no change; No. 1 winter at $3 80 a $2 88. Corn firm, though the demand slight; 60c. a 66c. tints dull: 61c. for No. 1, Bye unchanged. Whisker dull; $2 26, In bond Hogs $7 26 s $7 78, holders firm?lot averaging 401) lha. net sold at tbe latter rale, but this wae an extreme rate, owing to tbe unusual large stxe. Receipts 8 400. which include some which had not been reported by railroads. Mess pork, $20. Meats?little demand, and held at 7lte. a TVc. tor shoulders, and *Ho. ai?\e. for sides. I,ard dull at 1*-., with eaies of 160 Uercea. Green meats quiet. 6V. a 7Uc. a lOjge. for abonldeni; aides are wanted for Immediate delivery at lie., but can be had. to be delivered In a week hence, at lac.; shoulders, lljgc. Sugar, Ujfc. Coffee. ate. a 36c. Gold. 134. Exchange firm, and a shade higher, ss regards the buying rata. Money market unchanged. Cricaco. Jan. 36. 1867. Flour dell and nominal; $10 a $10 At) for apriua extraa Wheat opened a shade firmer, but closed quiet at IS i::J< ? $120 lor No. 1. and $1 87 a $3 for No. 3. Corn dull and un changed, with light sales st 78'*c. a 78>tc. for No. 1. Osts dafl. and small sales at 4034c. for No. 3 in store. Provisions opened dull, hut closed firm and more active. Meas pork XV a 60c. better at $13 66 a $18 76. Live hogs steady at $ft 76 a fiftflfi for common to light, and $6 1ft a fid 40 for good 10 smooth heavy. Dressed hogs lilr. a 16c. higher. Sties rouge from fid 75 s $7 76. closing st J7 6V Receipts, 6d><) bbl?. flour; 14,000 bushels wheat; 6.000 bushels corn: 4.0U) dress ed hogs; 8l600 bushels osts. Shipments, 5.600 bbls flour: 76,000 nushela wheat; 6,000 bushels corn; 1,600 dressed hogs. MlLWAtmnt, Jan. 28, 1887. Flour dnll, hat unchanged. Wheat dull, but unchanged. Oata weak and nominal; 46c for No. 1 and 41c. for No. 1. 'Corn quiet; 64c. for ahelied. Priivisloiis dull; mess pork (18; dressed hogs quiet; $6 W) a $7 1A Receipts-1.700 bbls. flour, 8,700 bushels whraL 1,600 dressed bogs. Bhlpmeuta? '...HO bbla. flour, 1,300 buehels wheat. The markets are n*ariv _, _ . Lopts, Jan 3d isc holding off or claiming i'I,? *'??$ alili and huversarw willing to make. so Th'at ? ? than aU feTs been ilnne In cotton, hemprnd ?^h2U ,r If1*" business t,Z Whoat heavy and dull; eg as fJ^?baceo, (lour ie unchanacd Corn lower, 80c ??&' * '?.r (Mos and $3 96 rSJ* HnMAMTsn'isZr ,h'PP")g Provisions? !v 1? k$6 7IV The whole numbev kul P are nominal Whiskey?nothing done. killed to date Ie IM.OOoi Cotton nominal at 39<^,?,i!CVw' *? "?? Jan. 3g per eplrlta of turpentine; rneins??|l2 Sim?*. No atcC?mo,,nrm,e* WUWLJSi, Cptton market flat; sales llo^E4! ?KI J,n 36, 1687 grade, withdrawn; middling Me.*1-*- wo*"f ??atnadiXod Mogu.v, Ala., .tan 18. 1367. Cotton dull; mlddltpg ?He.} aaleq. 1.303 belts; igceH'te nueg uTting** Dwotti1'?* 4 0 -!ic?r Sal > Numerous romplmuU Uaviua bo 'D ma I - for sunt* tluia pad t ? Captain' af fray, of the'h pre,, net, concerning the duor (I ?riy charaot,-rV the Oriowtal, a concert saloon, tn Ilia btMWit of the*h"'Iding 652 Broadway, and of which OiHirge i?a is pr<ir, Sergeant Schoorrnaker, with a platoon of yoitov, .was ordered lA "haul" it about a quarter past twrlva" o'clock on Saturday night. The Sergeant entered thw saloon with bto men ut tlio time ape, itled and arrested forty-Uve men nt?d twenty-tl?e women, whom be found on the premises. The oniiro pari* were mar, hod to Jhe station house, where they were detained ov r night, and on the following morning t?k~ii l> tore Judge liodgtr who pot Lea uuder $600 bnl and held the others te answer. Among the men who were arrested on the promises were soeent-en clerks, four merchants, t?o\bonkkeepers, one printer, two sea captains, two back tort vera, one laborer, one plumber, two shoemakeis, two scents, one Worcester shire sauce manufacturer, one '?o'iper, two tailors, one doctor, one exprtssman, one hai tender, two gold boaters, one borse dooior and one railroadWonductor. NAVY BULLETIN. Arrival Wl the Supply Steamer llsfmarliassria, The United States naval sup|tly steamer Massachusetts arrived at thla port last Saturday. 80* left Kay Weat on Saturday, January IP, for New York. Oa the nigbt of the 20th encountered. olT Ca|>e Caruarvoral, a heavy gale from south to southwest. Monday erooms, January 21. at Ave I'. at.. ofl Hilton Hewd, communicated with the United Slates steamer Conneroaugh. The United States steamer Memphis nailed from Key West .1 nonary IP for Pensacola. Vessel-; left in port:?United States survey ing steamer Corwln, United Mates revenuo cutter WTl defneas, United States steamer Chicora. On passing Cspe Halt mas she encountered strong pales from the north and northwest, with a high sea running, and arrived in port and anchored off the Battery on the even ing of the 25tli, at fifteen minutes past six. The-follow ing is a list of her officers:? A<"ing Matter Com mamling?Robert Y. Holley. Acting Matter and Piiti?1'hi lander Dickinson. Arfirvj Eutimi ami Executive Otherr?John la>orie. Acting Ensign*?F. O. R. T,en nan, Robert Hunter, Henry W. O'Hara, Wm. Robinson. Patted Aaitiant Phymaster?W. F. V. Torhort. Act'tui Actitf int Sturgeon?Samuel P. Boyer. Kngineert?First As-sisiant, Thomas Uohba; Second Assistants, H. F. Hayden, Samuel H. Magne, Benjamin James; Third Assistants, Charles F. Dyce, Kdward J. Swords. Mates?^Charles H. Thome, William Pfcrka, A. M. Berg ?er. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Worried. Jah*ts?Ri>hi<imom.?(?t? Wednesday, January 23, at the Methodist rnuwoual church at New Kochelle, by Kev. I^wis J. Content, Jons S. Jabtln to Makam M. Kohixsux, both of the same plus. Died. Adams. -On Similar morning. January 27, after a lin gering illness, Makuakkt, the wife of James Adams, aged 48 year*. Tne friends of the family are requested to attend tb? funeral, from her late residence, Iki Suflbllt street, on Tue?day afternoon, at one o'clock. Adams ?On Sunday, January 27, .Vijoa Adams, young eat daughter of William (7. and Nancv Adama. The funeral will take place on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. AaoRtws?At Savannah, Oa, on Saturday, January 26. Mrs. Kijza Asnsaws. widow of Benjamin Andrews, of N^w Turk, aged 74 years. Particulars of the funeral hereafter. Bert**.?On Saturday. January 26, Cathawhm, wffe of John Burke, a native of the pariah of Ballyhay, Tralee, county Kerry, Ireland, aged 48 years. The friends and acquaintances of the family, and those of her son John, also those of her son-in-law, William G. Olvanv. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence, 470 Cherry street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock precisely. Tralee papers please copv Butts.?In Brooklyn, on Sunday, January 26. A tuner* Joamtox, infant son of George and Mary E. Butts.

The relatives slid friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) alter noon, at two o'clock, from the residence of bis parents, 104 High street. Brooklyn. Caktt.? On Friday. January 26, at 146 ICnst Thirty Dm street, ML t.t.i am ft. Cantt, In the 34th year of lils age. native of Newcastle West, county Limerick, Ire land. The friends of the famllr are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, which wilt take place from the Church of the Nativity, Second avenue, this (Monday) morning, at half-past nine o'clock, where s requiem high mass will be celebrated for the re|iose of hie soul; theuce to Cahrary Cemetery fur interment. Caklismc.?Ou Sunday. January 27, flaoaos, only son of James F. and Lucy Helen Alexander Carlisle, aged- 2 years, 1 month and 6 days. The telauvea and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend the funeral, from 127 Kaat Thirty ninth street, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'oloek. Corrtr.? In Brooklyn, on Saturday morning, January 28, of inflammatory croup, Jons William, eldest son of John and Rose M. Coffey The relatives and friends or the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, Irom the residence of bis parents, No. 126 Scherroerhorn street, Brooklyn, this (Monday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Davis.?On Sunday evening, January 27, After a short Ulneats, Cushion Arc Davis, la the 72d year of his age. Notice of funeral hereafter. Da Witt.?On Saturday, January 26, after a shot* if), neas, Asna E. monk**, wife of Wm. R De Witt, end daughter of the late Ron. John L Nulfern, of Haver straw, N. T. The Irlends of tho family are reepectfliltv Invited to attend the funeral, from her late residence. No. 31 (trove street, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The remains will lie taken to Turner's, Orange county, for interment. Haveretraw papers please copy. Dins*?On Friday. January 25, at St. Luke's Hos pital. Chaklks Dimes. late pnvate In (Ttmpany B. of tho Kigbiy-eighth regiment, New York volunteer*. The funeral services will lake place at St. John's chapel, Varick struct, ibis (Monday) morning, at sloven o'clock Dot lb.? On Sunday, January 27, Cathabixi: Dotlk. youngest daughter of Mai I hew and Mary Do.vle, aged 2 years end 3 months. The friend* ol the family are Invited to attend ih<* funeral, from ihe residence of her parents, 148 West Thirty-drat street, on Tuoadav afternoon, at one o'clock. KuairTON.? On Saturday, January 2ti, James Kdmistov, Jr., aged 2 years and 6 months. Friends of the ramily are respectfully Invited lo at tend the funeral, from the realdeuce of his P'trentv. No. 20 First plate, Brooklyn, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. FTxPUrr.?At Yonker*. on Saturday morning, Jauuary 26. Mrs. lnmoKAH A., wife of l.'eorge Findiey, aged 31 year* and 2 months. Relative* aud friends of the family nro respectfully in vited lo attead the finertl services, from tier late re?|. deuce in A.'hhtirton avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Fi'irATBitg.?<?n Saturday, January 26. Banxirr Frig. PAnnrg, a of parish of Hallyakeene, county Tip perary, Ireland, aged ."21 years and 6 months. The relative* and friend* of the family are reapectf.illv Invited to attend the fuoeral, from her lale re i tenc. 38 Forsyth street, this (Monday) afternoon, at hall-paat two o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery. ?, Ford.?On Saturday, January 26, Sarau, wife of Wm./ Ford, aged 66 roars The relatives and friends and those of her son, E. R. Wright, are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral service?, at tho Greene slcooet Melhodist chutch (near Broome), this (Mondavi afternoon, at three o'clock. The remains will be taken'to Woodbridge, N. J., on Tuesday, at ten o'oloek, for interment. Fasrsn. ? At Hudson Cilv, on Hunday, January 27, of croup, Fasnnurg B., Infant son of Frederick and Meta Freund, aged S months and 15 days. The friends of the fam ly ara respectfully Invited to si tend the funeral, on Tuasdav morning, at eleven o'clock, from their residence, Newark avenue, West End, Hudson City. OuttrML?On Saturday eyentng. January 26, Amanda J., beloved wife of Henry C. Glaudel. The friends and rela'ivee are invited to attend the funeral, from bar Iste residence. 83 Monroe street, this (Mondsv) afternoon, at one o'clock Gosmax ?.Suddenly, on Sunday morning, January 27, at his residence. No 210 Rom street, Brooklyn. Jona than B. Gosha-v. late of Ithaca, N. Y., in the 80th year of his age. Notice of funeral hereafter. Graham.?Of consumption, on Sunday, January 27, Charlotte Graham, aged 26 years. The friends of the family are requested to attend tho funeral, from her late res-dcncc 208 West Thirty second street, on Tuesday at twelve o'clock, noon. Her remains will be taken to Greenwood Cemetery Tor interment. Graham ?On Saturday, January 26, of consumption, Jams* Graham, of Conlany, parish of Killoran, county Sllgo, Ireland, aged 58 year?. The relatives and friends of tho family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late reeldsoce, No 00 North Third street, Brooklyn, F? 0., on Tuesday alternoou, at one o'clock. Ohio and Mleo papers please ropy. Cnirrrm.?<>n Bandar, January 27, Woliam J., son of William and Mary Oi iffltb, aged 1 year, 4 months and S days. Relatives and friends of tho family ara respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at half-past one o'clock, from tho residence of his pa rents, M Hudson street, without further notice, can Francisco (Csl.) topers please copy. Hatha hat?On Sunday morning, January 27, after a Ions sickness, Ami Hatiiawav, of No. 687 Broadway. Notice of funeral In Tuesday's paper. Jews*.?On Haturday. January 96, Marietta A. Snow, w dnw of Captain Wm. T. Jones, In the 31 si year ot her age. The relatives and friends of the family and members of the Mariners' Temnle arc respectfully invited to at tend the fnneral, from the Mariners' Temple, corner of Oliver and Honry streets, on Tuesday afternoon, at ona o'clock. Laxglet.?On Saturday, January 26, at his rasi donee, in llilsclty, Wm. M. J.anulet, aged 38 years. f The funeral will taks place at the resident* of hjfc fRiher, John 0. I angler, in Kaat Cambridge lias*, on Taeerisy afternoon, at two o'clock. ' Lsswox ? ? On Monday, J an nary 27, F?*r.nni l.rjrsnx, youngest son of J arose and Amolla Lonnor, aged 3 years and 22 day* The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, fr.wn the resldenoe of hie parents foot of Court street, Month Brooklyn, on Vueeday afternoon, at two o'clock. 7 I.MATTTT. ?Huddenly, on Nnnday'morning, January 27, Rrrtit. Lsatitt, of flupqiny. In thf, 72d year of his age. Not tea of funeral hereafter. Mara*?On Matarday, Janmrry 96, Mrs jorwu Mapms, aged 76 yearn, h month* and If. days I lM wl8?# ra ?? Ihmiir. ara raa pact fully Igritcd to attend th ? fan'- at, Hit* (Mondavi afternoon. at half pa*4 three o'clock, in the Fourteenth atreet Presbyterian church, ooraar of Rerund avenue. M asoh iu I'.rioklf n, obi .Sunday, January 27. Mfro\, in lb* TM year of 4it* ag-". Tin- friend* aud of trio family am respectfully invited to attend the I'unera!, from lite re?idcuec of tie son, W?. a Mason. No. 13* I'moo _ euro street, Mouth Brook lyn, on Tuesday iilV-rtioon. at two o'clock. I l?ier and Unieti*** count r papers pleo*? copy. Miwj.ot.?tin Sunday. January 17, a native of Cappo tola, county WaOartord, in land, ajfpd 36 year*. friends arc reopen. u'ly invited to altouil the funeral, to take place imm 4ld V>cat sixteenthatreet, on Tuesday afternoon, at one o'clock. Mi'iri'uv.?At Williamsburg, on Sunday. January 27, Tueooonn C. Murphy, third dob of J iyjrtr and Kate M. Murphy, aped 4 yenr* nod 10 mouth*. Tlie relaiivee and friend* of the tuoilly me invited to at(end the funeral, on Tuesday aflernoeo, at <wo o'clock, from the roeidence of hie parent*, S\> Sou'b First street. Murray.?Jtuddenly, at Jerusalem, wnng fniand, on Thnreday, January 24, Sakau, wife m Ucuu Murray, Esq., aged 40year*. The friend* of the family, and also the friends or hit late. Win. Murray, Esq., w rei-injctful.T mured to attend the funeral, from Hunter's Point to cm vary Cemetery, this (Mundav) morning, at eleven o'clock. McDonald ?On ifrrtorday morning. Jauiiar,' 98. 111 the 37tb year of her age, Makt Hkki.i.t, Iwn in bnbtiu, fro land, and the beloved wife of James McDonald The rolativos and friends of the family are mvtt*d to attend the runeral, this (Monday) morning, si Kb o'clock, from her late residence, 330 Went Twenty-eighth streei, to Bt. Cotumba'a church, Twenty-flfth atreet, neui Eighth avenue, and thenoe to Calvary Cemetery. New Brunswick and Nova Sootla papers please copy. Nomox.?At PortCbeeter, N. Y., 011 Sunday. Jaouury 20, Jrur* Mix.con Nortox, aged 40 year*. Friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, flnn the church in Seldbni L. I., on Tueaday afternoou, at one o'clock. Baivub.?On Saturday, January 30, Testa, aged tfK year*. 10 months and 0 days. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funoral, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock, from hi* late residence, at Gffford'.s sta turn, on the Staten Island Railroad. The boat leave* Whitehall'at one o'clock P. M.. and connoeta with the car* at Vanderbilt Landing, S. L Kipsoak. ?tin Saturday, Janunry ?, Klly, daughter of Michael and Mary Rlordnn, aged 2 yoara and O mouths. The friend* and relatives of ibe family are requested to attend the funeral, from her late "residence, 126th street aud Third avenue, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Saiivubh*. ?On Sunday. January 2T, Captain Jamb* SArsDsns, Sixty.n nth regiment Now York Volunteers, in th<- 63d year of bis age. The ftineral will take place oa Tuesday morning, at nine o'clock, from theChurch of the Immaculate Con ception. Fourteenth street, where a solemn requiem mas* will be celebrated ror the repose of his soul, and thence to Calvary Cemetery for interment. The friend* ?ud relatives are most respectfully invited to attend. Srooxso.?lb Brooklyn, on Saturday, January 26, Cathamns, relict of William Spooner, of Philadelphia. The relative* and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son-in-law, Win. Kirkpntrick. No. 52 State street, ou Tuesday morning, at seven o'clock. The remuiua will be takr-u to Philadelphia. SihrcAs.? On Sunday, January 27, altera short illness, Hknry STKrrAN, a native of Germany, in the WtU year of h I* age. The friend* and relative* are requeated to attend the funeral, from the residence of his brother Frederick, No. *4 Forsyth street, tills (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Stkvkvs.?On Saturday, January 26, Jobbprisk Stkvkxb, wile of Frederick E. Stevens, and duughter of Mary Ann Weg|om. The relative* and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, trora her lute residence, 260 Jar street. Mils (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock. 8r John ?On Friday evening, January 25, Sarah Pakdsx, wife of Milton St. John. The relatives and friends of the famllv are Invited to attend the funeral, at the Northwest Reformed Dutch church (Rev. Dr. Gansfl), Twenty-third street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Wooixkt. ?At Paterson, N. J., on Sunday, January 27, Ei.oisr, only child of Jacob R. und Sugle L. Woolley. The remains will be taken to Cypress Hills Cemetery for interment 00 rucsday morning. Wokiir*.?On Saturday, January 26, after a short and severe illne -s, Jom R. Words*, th the 47th vesr of hts age, son of Elirs and the late Nathaniel Worden, late steward of the steamboat Thomas Cornel. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service, from the residence of hi* mother, No. ~>A avenue C, this (Monday) evening, at seven o'clock. Th" remains will be taken to Rye for interment on Tuesdav morning by the half-past eleven o'clock New Haven 'ruin from Twenty-*eventb street. Rondmrt and Klntrton paper* please oopy. Vax Hiss.?On Saturday morning, January 2ft, Rich ard 8., youngest son of John W. and Catharine A. Van Hise. aged 4 months aud 23 day*. Relative* and friend* are respectfully invited to attend the funeral,From the residence of his parents, 206 Eighth avenue, between Twenty-Ofth and Twenty-sixth streets, this (Monday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Vax Zaxdt.?At Van Zandt Po'nt, Flushing, L. I;, sud denly, on Saturday, January 20, Dr. Char us* A. Vax Zaxdt, aged <10 years. The funeral service* will lake place In Zfon church, Little Neck, Flushing, on Thursday morning, at half past ten. His relatives and friends are respectfully in vited to attend without further invitation. Cars for Little Neck leave Hunters' Point at half-past nine A. M.; returning lenve Little Neck at half-past twelve M. SHIPPING NEWS. Mr* *?**? 7 14 j rook hum morn 1 07 ar/* ntm 6 IS I miov wata* ere 2 42 PORT OF NEW YORK. JANUARY 27. 1867. Arrlfmi. Hieamehln T"1I* of Boaton (Br), Hronka, Liverpool Jan It, and Queenetown 17lh. with tndae and IflM passengers. to John (i Dale. -tan It'., nit' Bell Buov, passed ship Antarctic, low ing in; I pill, 1st 4940, Ion 2fl :9t, steamship -rkteaco. henc- for JJvei (tool: JO' It, lat 4't. Ion ,11 10, ahl)> R H Tarlor, bound R ; 3fch. lat 41 15, Inn 6fl ?0. 3W1 niil?* ra?t of Saoilv Monk saw hark Julia, wa'erlosred snd abandoned. w>tli rudder gone; detained 14 hnttra with her; 9Hth, 4'!W PM. ateamship City of New York. hfiK* for Liverpool. (Arr 9tlh.) Steamship I?.via (Rri Rdmonsin. [.Irrrpotl Jan 19, and Qneenatowu Idth, with mdar and 215 passengers, to E Ou tlaid. lArr'JRb. I rtte<im?hip Santiago de Cuba, Smith Hrertown. Nic. Jan IP. with pnsaengera, to the North Anv-rleen Steamship Co. Slaamahln Hon from w elk Vallt, NetvOrlcnna Jan IP. at t AV. and SIV Pa-uitMili, at 1 I'M, with md?? and pa??one?r?, to It It Cromwell 4 0". Jan JB. 5 PM. ?.* mllea BSK from Hottmoa ptnal larre quantltlca of pitch pin. Umber, planka. hoards, 4c. and a part of a ship's dock house. sup. im.hc.J to hare been finm some easel anchored on Hatleraa. Sic .mahip Merrimack. Van Sic-. Maw Orleans Jan 3d, at HAM. and SW Pas* at PPM, with inrlar and passengers. to C K Oarriaoit. Stc itrahip Ttrrman l.lrtn.afon. Baker, Savannah. 70 ha irs, with mdne and passengers, to loving'ton. Pox A Co. ?Ian J.V It "M. Capr llatteras bail in* WW, exchangt d sig with <t-!tm?lilp (ten Barnes, hence for Savannah. Hiesmehip Prometheus. Beckett, \A drains'on, NC, 46 hours. wttli ndac and pnaaanfera. tr. C Qood speed. NteaMahlp Dudley Bnck. Partridge Newborn, with mdar and panwupera. to M'trra*. I'?rr;? 4 ?'? Sler.mahlp AthemarK Bourne, Norfolk, 11 hour*, with oldie and pa*acrg?r*, to I.tvtnaalon. fox 4 Co. Bark Merilower (of New Haren l. Pllingwood, St Vincent, 57 dat e with sugar. 4". to H Trnwbrldgr'a Son?. Haa been Jti days north of B errand v with at ion* NW g,i|e?: loat .ails atnl dam "fed a para. ivaa drtren around Metiers" Circe time*: Jan 35. lat 3d 41. Ion 74 lb. etobatignl signals with bark Templar, bound V. Bark Klcetwln", Ituland. A palachicota. With notion, ,tc, to R It Miirtlmt 4 Oo. Brig Mellla-of Hlyth i, Scrrtoe, Buenos Ayrea. 4H days, with Tilde*, to Itowler, Corne n A Co Ilaa Imen 17 days N of Bermuda, with strong gain, from BW to NW, and atorr bulwarks. Schr Julia Peruana (of OktiKIjntat). Douglas. Dominies. 34 dava, with fruit. :o master. Ila.1 hrwry NW galea the entire pa-?a*c? |oai and received other alight dome c Schr Nathaniel Cnaae (of Nantucket), Snow, Baracoe, 11 dava. with fruit, to Frttncla Spies. Ilaa been 10 day a north of lat 27. with heavy NW galea: loat fopnaall. Sohr Septnne'a Bride. < roweil. Mobile. >3 daya. with col. ton to 9 W la-wts, Haa been 111 daya north of Halteraa, with ? trong galea from WNW and NW-, Jan ID, lat 3d. Ion HP. in a lieary gale frmn the SE. lott boat. More bulwarks and apltt aallt Marine llltattrrt, ^txamiMir Ann ? llall, at Chnrleaton 23d ln?t from Bad more, reporta at 3:55 A M of JUth made Hattema Light: at 8 AM atiid lii-ran to treahen- at 10 AM wind increaae<i to gala, ablp laboring hard, and (hipping great deal of water at II In AM >he gale 111! rcaaed to auen a fearful extent at to make the ahlp untB'iiiHip-ahln; at thig time tlie a. ae Wcaiiod over her deeka. carrying erervthtng tiefore it- atove in rail, port quartor brvt dcvlt, aaniMimg in from of pilol houi>*, window* of galley anil aaahca of engine noin and cabin *kv 'ifflit*, flooding tiferoom and cabin: The wind iM-tnc fi-.m 8R, ablp begun to make mnch leeway In direction or Hatieraa Shuala aoil hod the gale not abated ag night drew on I bo ahtp and all on board uiu?' ineYitablr have la-en loot; during ? he nigbt the wind and tea gradually weBt down. During the gale waaeompelled to throw overboard pari of the cargo. Smr Momict?The Mobile Advertteer.of the 19th haa 'be following particular! of the burning of list ablp Mobile: -At about 12 o'clock on Thnradar nlghi last ftamea were dteror. erntl laauing from the fore hatch of the Bremen (litp Moblla, then at anchor In the lower iwv mm 311 nulra oelow the clijr. Cani, of the ateatro r Jackaon, wa? atongaidc of the ahip t'mgreaa. with n h u t of colt,-a. and ai aoon #a he eraa informed of the Are Immediately cast off aod rt-ial for the burning "hip The wind waa blr.w ln^ frosli from (he nor.h at the time, and it waa tmporslMr for t'apt Lee to get to leeward of the Mobile without running treat rlakof loelng bin own hoatand cargo, hut ho took hi-, ves?*l to windward nnd ahead of tbo Miyhlle, and made a aurcaacful effort to bring a stream "f wati r from the puni|ia of h!g ato tner to bear upon the (Ire; a liawaer Waa got out from the bow ef the M to the Jar.kaon, up which Mr Jeaaup. ef the latter re*, tel. gallantly n*de hl? way Rtid led the hoe* from the ttraB er to the fore hatch of th?- ablp. The flames had ma le auch headway, however, that tba latenee hral pro??u4c-1 any thing more bailie done th.m lying by to fdek up any one vvp-' might chain*, to be enrapelled to jump overheard. Kortti n iielv for the mate and the thrca men who bad so romy" oualy remained at their pocta, ihe lioataof the Brahlp Tudor, under charge of Capt Mfnerlaod, pulled under tha eoenCer of the hurraing chip and naotiad them fr--m their darigeroui w' attion. St'Ilh ihe cxcoptlon of ihe ahlp'a rbromgnetri """ two qcgtdranla the najBaln and otlicere loet all their noining and tmromai effects gaviog onlrthe clothea MMJJJ The M war a veaael of about 5.WI0 halea 'vpaclty, " eell-ent akfp in every particular. She waeawoed i-> endaaHe.1 under that flag, hut was American ot(e of the nntneroua veaaeli placed aederforoW**"" l ag (he wa- She was under charter ^1-I*?TJ?H" (bout half louded, having 2.3fi0 iwlee of nottoe aboarl^Bu mur has tt that tfce ahlp waa ftillf gg." ?tand from a |fi*ni1oniAn In a poAltlon to fl(|ir?. tk. firo ton it fully cortr* ihn **&* of Rm?k , fl was undoubtedly the work of an ImtdlM w iff la ever allowed In the 'tween de-krofa v^iMUomlln^wlth cotton. There la as yet no auaplcton a? to wno w acoue drel la that eonld thus peril ao many ?-e* and de?troy so much property. , _ . . d ... v., r,~? Smvrna for Boston before reported low the Junomat House Sbe *"*?* tto^Udm? with i, ,? Dillr from the shore, /n4hl^*'uu,nrkid ?n1S ^thmTweniy'yai^i'of'the beech, when her stern became weireil and abeVw*ng round head to (he gew. The crew ^,k^ tK ml?wn rigging, but after three honro the dew hlrififl ftuM hAt?Tl? And fAAt, fell frowi lt?a Hfgliif ever ffljggjgar1 one man. who felt to tho de tTh^ was unaiUe tn gel aloft again, and waa aoon ki.led by the aca hearing him al>eut Ihe da?i agalnat the bulwarka, ami wash ed overtwwrit. The mamniaat went by the board, earttlng bulwarka. rigging and tbe miweomaat. which brokaoff ab-uw the .nek. 4a the ebbed Ao eetUe^ forward ot>4 Higod. Mr fit,try HoMk " "** awakesied .1 an e?rlv hour hy a Rsk frjun wlui ba t V ?*"" "" 'he lookout who uilm laedhu* UtsA 4 ?r?el iru a?bv **]?""*" 'he hluff. They immediately *rou??<( oliter on*. ? ,r" "Ul1 pcwaedad to the lieach. Tk* lifel>o?t was gut out. 4 "" through all l hat u-rriblt- (layout stain affiru were mad* to kuiu ?' orei lite roiling surf The blurt nam direct IA waler lined with rocks and bo'ilffar* weighing aourgff ? *?nM- Olwn they Mieeeedad ?? clcurmg I he rocks, but *b? da?h*ff oack like aatraie >.nd 1 llie bottom stove Ttta I'aui **D mw whuu he ?? Ihotu 111* heart* of the men sunk w.t *> biptlr. end williotit hope to Sustain or cheer. (her oould B4 ' hare held out more than an hobi or two lougar. ludeed. tk ?"r l"?udfc end teat bad be some ?u hiuile fro* en. that In theaviest sea* they wet a obliged to clinch the rigging in lb* " I" ?"1 lh?"? >? **? last atruegle to hold on Proscn a ,u1 ("r" l'i?? ?re atleut lint tonchmtrtj elo tnent w! ne?ae? of Ua' **nie About 3 o'clock. When tbaeiorm waa most iuirtiug\aud at its heigtiA vol*a teem Wrre ceiled for to wirt Uist tri?beo crew, perlalliog H ton that rr/ti, Mmaia Henry notutra. Fa ran Uartlett. Ju Hartlett, Jaa Lynch, Hearr Hugo*. (Ha* Nichola and iotu Rsiiuev iaanne-1 the boat and pu?!o?r her orer the ?eas. half filled Willi water, reaching the hull tinkler the atrm. A tin# wo* got on abort and madg ta?t, by'whtch the boat waa guided, and the remainder of (lie grew brought safety off. In a helpless condition Titer were lake* to the Manuau;! House, their ilmha r tsed in a now water a *1 dressed, and tba suffer* g plaonl in warm ne-la. faat recov, vring uiuler tba Hi fluemcof hoi coffee and uouriahiug fooo' and the cheering worda of their kind hearted hoainaa. One o.* the poor frllows remarked that Mm lloinie* aeerned to them like ail augai of mercy, and her amUtauts nparad oe effnrta. night or day, to alienate preaeut iliatreaa and suriiie the aafety of theta hmba. Dr Wood, of (IhlbcmvlUe, lw rctnalni "d with Ike** erery night, aoperintending the deeming of tbeikmba three time* each day. Many limbs much lea* frozen hare be** amputated, and if all theae are anved as they pr ?bably mS lie. it i* from the immediate, tender and- eonetaut ware they hare received. Bin Dsi.awaea, front Demarara far Baltimore; .weal aiionj at (tape Henry on the mglu of the 29th I oat *~ anuibeaai wind and very tliiek weather. She einer - ? -?inn passage. " " Assistance I aaliorv at Cap* Henry on the mglu of the 25tb last, in a aoutbsaai wind and very tliiek weather. Abe einermednd N (V galea during inn paaaage. She will be got off I' the " aiatance hru been aent to her from tier rotg. Brio Ocaae Ware, Thomb*. of Belfast. wee At BalHki River, tta, on the 26th ult. loaded with lurnrtjbr for a North em iairt. Pi-clous to that dateeho had been where and bad *n-named scute damage, and .1 aurrey waa nailed, but ae ak? was not leaking badly (he waa advised to prooeed. 81m* thru no intelligence has been received. and it ie fenred that ahe may have been lo*t In so inc. of the recent galea. Brio Mast J Wilbkr. Robaon. frt>in Newport lor WB nungton. HC, put into (jueenaiown Ibth luat leaky. Been Maartairm Dim?Bctir Blootningrtale, Sweeny, arrived it lHwNilir ou Wedneaday. having on board the cvew of HI. OiUlapie. from Honion for Ht John, NR. The M 0 left Boston on the 11th Inst. <?n the night olvn<u? ?lav wao dlxiuaatail, when about 1U0 uiMaa NK oT Cape An*, rhe crew, tire in nimber. remained by the wreck until Sat urday. when they were taken off by brig Alva, of St Jok*. On Sunday tbev apoke the acbr Hlnomlagdale, and the orew were trauafeiTcd to her and taken to Okmeester. Oaptau* Sweeny and hts orew did evervtlung in their power krmb >*omfort. The Bngllsh Consul at Uloueeater took charge *f them aud they were aent to the British Consul at SlelBs. aud from tfaeuce provided with a passage b-ine Sch* Mantua?Capt Joaa. late of ?<-Ur Martha, report*'? Jan IU began with fresh galea from the SW, heavy ae* fbaoa hNK; at 2 I'M vesaet sprung a leak; at H FM three feet water in the bold; R I'M rinse under the land, water atilPtw creasing in the Hold; Bounded the pump* *nd found fbnr feet water and no way of aaving her; ran her ashore nc Mm Penlpal shoal* to aave the crew. Tlie M wa* from bavanuak, bound to Baltimore, aa before reported. Schii tl W Htnkom, from Now Orleans for Proridene*, be fore reported ashore at Squan Inlet, NJ. lies high up on the beach, and will probably be got off If the weath?r continogn favorable. Thewrgoof cotton and molusse* ia but slightly damaged, the veaael never baring bad over two feet of wale* in her hold, and that being discharged by Uer own pumpa. Srna PnaNg fBr). Kratw. from Boatou for 8t John, KB, t* ashore on LovelPa Island. Hta.nsi*. Jan 2k?HcbrV fl Hewitt lias been dtecharged. and her cargo will he sold at aurtlon to-day; the vessel may oe got off. Schr Klyiag Pish lias boeu got olf, aud la at tk* wharf here. Rllscrllnareiis. STktnsHir Ukn Mksdv (ConiutCTtoK)?The steamship Gen - Meade, from New York for New Orleans, fell In with brig (1 W Barter, Capt Allen, from Wilmington baund to New York, which had atrack on Cape l.ookout Hheals and load rudder, aud1 waa leaking, when the (ten Meade towed her t* Beaufort, N<9, bar. (The telegraphic despatch pubtisbad yesterday Incorrectly ataled that the Gen Meade had bee* towed to Beitulorl bar. I KTKAK.HHir Kantiaoo pt Con*. Capt J W Kuiilh, left New York on the 10th of January for (ireytown, Nlo, lay there two day*, and arrived at New York ou the 2?tli. thus mak ing the round voyage in Iff daya and 20 boors, and bringing passenger* through from San Kraiictaco In SI daya C'Lirrmt Snip Pains Cords, at pier 26, Bast river, for Ba* Francisco.?Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather aag bad going, this popular clipper has taken in nearly Ik* whole pf ber cargo in a very short time. Sh* has remaining room for a moderate quantity of freight, wbloh will be rm oelred during the neat four or Ave daya, when ahe will at art on her seventh ravage to California. The Prima Dona* being well known to the trade for good delivery of cant*, shippers are anxious to get freight Of ber. The same lia* are loading the celebrated clipper ship Young America at pier 13, beat river. She 1a also taking In cargo, and wgl follow the Prima Donna in a very few daya, aa we uodar stand nearly all ber freight I* engaged. San rranciaen mc* chants are very particular in select lug only such jreaaela a* are known to them for making abort passages ana dischacg. ing their cargoes in good order. ComrtBon or tub Pont?Wo published ou Saturday morn ing a statement of the foreign arrivals at thia port for th* year 1818. We now complete the account by giving Ike eoart wise arrivals for the same period, arranged in statements, aa follows Mnnfht. Slmmtrn Skip. Barb. Briot January 16 23 337 February . 117 2 11 27 in ? March i 17 21 6B? 74g April 4 6 17 ?12 May 2 3 Iff 66* June S ? Iff in July 1 ? 11 466 August.. September 6 4 K ? B4 a (to 441 October 4 8 ? 41* 4 m November 3 16 37 n ( B December ? 7 40 376 m Total 4(1 111 III 6374 TWk Add foreign arrivals.. . <17 667 1123 1623 267 Total arrival* m 1230 1*14 8341 121kg Total, 1366 6M llffff 1234 ?MO not Increase . 11 ? 71 _ _ Decrease ?? ? ? 86k < m Not lee te (Mariners. The Jinn Island Dlgfatveasel. near tlx entrance to Utile Annuiiif?*Ic river, Chesapeake Bay, baa bean carried from her at a i loo by tbe ice. Due notice of bar replace meat win be given. Information baa alio bran received of tba total demolltlsn uf the [Jeep Water Khoala Lighthouse (James riven no Haa day, th ? VOth Inat, by lieary maaaaa or loa In motion la Ibe river on that day. Kv order of the Iaghtbouse Board. J M HEKR1KN. Lighthouse tnapeetor. 5th dial. Norfolk, Va, Jan Jl. lijer. wads'* roitr Liner. The iighthonae on Hade's Point at <he mouth of Paegwo tink river, Alliemmle Sound, will be lighted on and afar Feb d by a white light, at an eleva'lon of 35 feet. Whalemen. Bid trom Provlneetown 23d Inat. achraK II HatSntd, Keith, North Aila nrc Hcean; f.uiroa P Lewis. I'owp. do. Sid fintn Honolulu Dec SI, ablp Mount Wollaaion, Wltlfck New Bedford. Hiirs Stella. Nye, NB. w*a at Palta Dee 27, baring takaa no oil?all well. Bouod to erulae on the line and North nest aaaaon. Bark l,m"Ua. Rtowell NB, waa at Palta 20th tilt, with 00V bMa Bp oil on lioard--WO ap all told. All well. Botindann < iulaa on Calls" '.round, and would be a: Tsktahuano laat mt Mmc.h, Re porta left at Tombe* 1Mb ult, Chilean barka Malta and Or Prank tin, the former with 280 ap and to bptik, aad the lattei with 3UU ap and toi hpnk. Hark I'hlua. iilflord, NR. waa at Maurltlua Daet. ready far are. hound right whaling. Hri* llamas Smith. Martin. was at St Vlucent. OTt, Deo 17, with Ml hbla ay OU all well. Hpafctim Ar. P.irk Juli i I'haae, Chase. Irom New York for Msw Oe launa, Jan Id lal 36 4b, Inn 16. Behr Matebleaa. from Cape Hayllen for Boaton, Jan Mil* Crooked Island Paaaage. Fore I an Part*, Ran tent, Jan 13?No rrasela In port. Civisa*. Dec 18?In port whr Angelia, Pedriek, fiomAa lam. ?rr 5th, for do, DouuaicA. Jan 2?No Am veaee! in port J acwv.i, Jaa 7?In port bng Riser. Carey, for Boaton V da--a. aabf C K Young, for NYerk 2 day*. in port liee 24, aehra clartaea Ann. from NYork. far Boa ton. Idg; Mary Ellen, from Bermuda diag. I.ivnoroob, Jon 15?Sid Michigan. Whelaa. B aton (not previously). American Porta. BOBTOR, Jan 25?Arr US ship Ino, Uarfleld, Lisbon; shine Rov <1 Chartln , Hr v. Aodaraon, l.iverpool; Kbv trh Htart, Cai.dage, Haiti more via I'rovlnrelown; hrlg Peinaett, Andar ein, Havana, via Charleston and Provlncatn?s; Snbr W freeman, freeman, Tangier. Cld ship franklin, Burs ley, m York; brige Planet <Br>, lamb, Martlnlooe via Poitliual; rtoleraon, Scott, Charleston; achr RnrdaM Rail, Denton, Mo blla, ahii'William Woodbury. Muunlfort, do. Md, wind MT, light brig Dlendaie. _ , . _ 20th, AM?Art ssaamar Nerens. Besrae. NYrrfc. Imrk Pnro. ka. I ksudier. NOrleana; bug* Abby KUan, t dinore. Darted. iM; b M Merrill, lllmer, Chsrlewpn. aohra J aim At wood, Oafllahaw. Cape llaytien; Mary B Naaan Msthesom Jam mat; Prince be Bno. Hmtth. ????? R * HJ? glua. Hrown, Craney J aland; Isabel I' Pksst, Piety; 2m Ua? Paine Moaev Hill. Plarea. Tangier; Clara. Crow ell; John Pa rnu'm. It r I ley, Balt.mnre; John tslkaubui* Hltn oeibnort. Cld lwka tl it Brown Br), Wwmnn, LonAan rtn Portland; loahun luring. During. MMswna; brig J A ? Orowley. Crowley,Oalveaton. srhr Mae* Dennla, CroweU. *CiVutDEBPON, Jba S-Mr weamahto Aarsgoaaa Crnsr rt! NYork. In tbe oding. a ablp, ujtkirmrn I Id bnrk The OnM (Br). Btewarl. Urerpnel; brtga Union (Bri, Mara ball, Mateiigv, CaStlltea, Harden brook, do- aehra Art Ma A ra M. Indoa. Havana; Robt caldwelI. JllsC'ormarA, NT orb. -iA aahr Laala P Bmlth, crie. a NsrflMM port. |?EhNI% Jo" P?rl achr Job* Parnoni, Kalley,from Baltiotort l"r Boaton (itiiKUKTt'WN sC, Jan ??Arr brigs Soiatbarn Croaa, Barnes, Ma. uatQua; Wm RRawyrr Ray. N York. Cld MM. auhr Kiwabetb A Oeannr. Blream Wri.1 India*. IyabNIS. Jan In port achr Wo. BmaU. from NYork for fniitn In. KB'. ttoDK, Jan 2. PM?Arr bark Lissrto M Jark ,on Mara for Boston; brlga Yrank R Allea. Merrill. Ti lOidad far Portland, Ida L, tUy. May, lllllon Head SC f.u Hottoa: aohrs A P Ames, Amaa, Bnrannah for Boa tor-esjerlen ed heavy weather, lost jlkbooin and jib. and ?pill "t*"' tmla, OttrrW Mslvtn. Walla. Bnltlmora for Bsto; ilw?n, Purkis, WUmlngSou NO Portland; Frederick Ptnb Mini m to-day and rnnlnto thn loa; aha to probably from vim* Southern purl * 28th-An-bark Heroine, NAckeraon, Palermo fbr Beaten rU Taiaaubn Cora., Jsn 2l-Arr M|YanBy fnulkaa. Townaand, 84 y-A ?aiaMnal"S^; barks Wm ga^r&MtijggiE flESSw Unalin. Jones, NtorkT7 .'law, nwrwao., .._OBDP.*j*SL vsm I5Ar stanmsbip <ian Orntd. qnouh. MYorfet M Aerkablro, Berry, Beaton: N MaOhar ( Hri, Anthony, Liverpool: barks Happy (IT), PicUarnrry, Kordmus; Onkla, (Brain), Homayar, Rto Janeiro Batnw. ismlag up, ahipryBranda (Br), THtv, from Dlrerpool. Hatmm (Bro?): (loea-g Pearl (lei, Read, from Bristol; Musart. arnlib, from Cnrdlt; baik PrtaaHIa, Rdmean from Ckartea ton. tld ahin Cambria ( Br), ifkirington. Lirerpool. NOKFOdA j?a 44? Arr achr Job* fcptra (Br), W York, aloca Rials Latuurnetta. Powell, da; aebr Aroulariak Jwkson, Aosioa, bound to BalUmora, put In oa aoconal *n tea. Is 0 tmrrow Roiiv-Brtg J_1P John, Dot, HaUTai. Wh bark Idas (And), frmr New Task) A bark from Patonw* wlUi 'Anil, all far BalUmora. ' roitTLAND.Janlj-ojd atoamMito Peru rim (Br). Bab lan'dna, l.iverpool; brigs Wenoaa, Bturdtrart, Uamna; Oar "Itg>e K Keilay, Irvine,In*Tunaj, c^g. fig hack chartoUn TROTtWnfOI, Jaa 25-Arp Jsmea ^A Browa-jftoi. ?'V to-fn mm Marin Jdjtoa, Rwan^ it HaraHta. Nlekaraon. frotA oarkaok. P tUard. (rosn An