Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 29, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 29, 1867 Page 2
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A ?rrvA wnvrKu-rrvAi.K*. 4 SITUATION WASTED ?T PICiT?sT\M' GIRL, J\. as seaman es*. or to i c .its ol ohitdren. 8?n ; t *Ji lent <>p<-run>r ou a Pooler 4 V\ ilsuj's macu.ue. Call *l *3? Veal 27th tU _ AM 4aSAOH0HHTTH LADY. ACCO?T >MR!> T> DO uieat I fa, aj?ire? ? posit on ? ? u luaekc.'pei la a gen Unmsu't .study Ad ire?a Mum M A. * chapiuaa si., Bo.tou, Mast A NttMKKR OK WELL R CM V KNl'KD UK itVAN J\ girts wani sliuaUona. at Mm [ avi'iGMM Iniuiai^ 17 Stanton at. near howerv. ____________ AUDT OF RKFlNi'M'Nr, lAYISO MKT WITH re-.?.?r*. de.i o? !.? , ?e .n ol housekeeper for a widower or . p t? *>f gentlemen willing to p y a fair m . r s-ltrttel.t" tful he given; would take eharge'of , bouse where the smlly are going lo Europe, or travel with a party '.a dallrsie health. Atlanta* C. SI. L., elation for three day*. T'tnilU WIDOW, A STSaNOBB IN THE CITY, u\. wishes a altnatioo as housekeeper for a Widower or bachelor; ample satisfaction glv n Call for one woe* on Mr*. Hi una. KM Wooati r at., second Boor. 4 Rh<PECTAH?.R WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION J\ to Jo housework; la a good plant cook, washer and it. uer, ge.Kl city reference. Call at 399 Cast Flu at. A NUMBER or WET NURSKS, WITH REFER KNOB, want situation*, al Mr* HANSEN'S Nurses' Insutute, No. 6 0lh at., near Bowrry. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKB IN washing; pertectly understands her business, buuug and line Ironing. Coll et 1U8 East 29th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do chamberwerk and fine washing and Ironing. In a reaped able fatniiv; can gtra good leferoMO. Can be aeen lor two itays at .US Weal 19th at., between 6th and 7th are. _________________ A SITU ATI ON WANTED-BY A SMART, ACTITE little-girl, is year* of age, to assist In a family or take eare of a baby; baa tin objection# to attend inaeonfee tioaery store. Call al ltd ?r. A. near 14tb at., too floor. 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION J\ ea good pb In rook, washer end Ironer, or would do house fork In a amali i mate family; beat of city reference from last id ace. Can oe seen for two days at 430 7U? ar., eornrr of 96th at., in the baker'a. 4 FIRST CLASS COOK DESIRE! A SITUATION A8 A meat or paatry cook in a hotel or restaurant; under atanda Uer business in nil tta branches. Beat city reference. Address A. B. M., Herald office. 4 YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a SITUATION AS COOK A. ami to assist with washing, good reference for ais yean from iter taat place. Call at 170 Weal 90lb at., between 7th and 8th are. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A GOOD COOK; IS AN exoellent baker. Also e situation for a young girl to take care of children or do light work. Beat of city refer ences. Apply at their present employer's, No. 1 Wed ?4th st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO do general hou?ewurk in a private family. Has boat of city references from late employ era. Call al >8 West 34th at., near 8th av.. Brat floor, front. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUA tion as chambermaid; no objection to do housework. Good references. Call at 140 Sullivan at., rear. A RESPKCTABLB YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tton to do chnuiberwork or general housework. Good eity reference. Call at 319 East 33d st. A RESPKCTABLB AMERICAN WOMAN WOULD take a child to board, or bring one up with the bottle at her own home, where It will recetre a mother's care. Call for two days at 10 Wooater at., third floor. A RESPECTABLE FRENCH WOMAN, WHO KNOWS the F.ngUsh language corraotly, woald go as wet nurae or interpreter In a fatnoy golug te Europe. Apply at the Mansion House, room 74. Brooklyn. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS DRr.S8 maker, can cut and fit; can operate on Wheeler 4 Wilson's much me, would go out by the week or month. Can be aeeu at 0 4 tfth av. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO the housework of a small family; has good reference. Coll at 306 Last 34th St., second floor,"front room. A YOUNG GIRL WHO CAN COME WELL RKCOM mended desires a situation as chambermaid or to take eare ol a baby In a respectable family: highest references. Call at eerner York and James eta., Brooklyn, orar Leve ring* 4 1 obhell's store. A YOUNG FRENCH LADY WISHES A SITUATION a* nune, to take oere of children; good reference*. Call at ?0 Weil 24th at, second lloor. A COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A GOOD 8ITUA tlnn a* onok and excellent wither and lron?r; she thnrnuguly understands her business. Call at SIS Hicks at, between Uongieee and Aunty. Brooklyn. PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES TO UO nbr the Ui.y. week or mwntb, to aew; can cut and a all kind* of family tteivlng. Apply at *rid Id ar. r vrdtotNT okkman uirl wants a situa. ?ten at ciAmbcrmald and to do general housework; red otte year* tp an Auenoaa family. Apply at 123 Rlh-iagton at., rsar.\ COMPKTKNTXIPKRATOR ON WILOOX A GIBBS' machine. No. 4 Carrwil place (.Bleacher at), third boer, I room. OOMPH I KMT dressmaker and seamstress J\ 'Would like l? get employment by the day or month, in first dlaae ikimlte*; euu cut and fit la dike' dresses, or take work, home in her house, or assist ?* cutter er forewoman wursiiiwiiic in iirr nu.isv, ur Msint ntcuttrr or i In a flrit etnas enahluhment; no note answered. 181 Kut rot!i at., flratfioor, backroom, between fid A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUA JX Hon to do general housework in a small private family. Hss ode-i .-ity r-lerenee. Van be aeen for two days, If not culled, hi 135 Ljror atreat. " A DRESSMAKER WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ALL J\ kinds of rowing by the tnnuth In a family. Cau be aeeu at hrr last employer a, Si Weal 24th at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa pastry cook In a hotel, or meat cook In n boarding h?uar. Can be >t?n for two days at Ib7 1th av., between 27lh and 28th ail. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS ohaniuerrauld and waitress. Ilaa good city reference. Apply hi 112 Weal 23th st.. third floor. DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE A FEW MORE E.V. aagement* bv the day or week; a abort time from Paris, has all the laicst styles. Call at 225,1, 6th ar. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE ycuog tirl to do i-enrral housework or plain cooking, wasiiirig and ironing: (be best of city reference. Call for two days at 115 West 3<IU at., third floor. A SITUATION WANTED?AR FIRST CLASS COOK; undent*n 11 it in all ita branches; the best ot cny reiermre from her uu>t jdure. Cau be aeeu for two days at ISO 7th nr. A SITUATION M ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* rook, washer snd ironer; has me beat of oity relerrncea from her lual place. Call at 79 36th St., between 'jib und itit ar*. A PROTEST ANT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION Tf> do geueral housework. Call for two days at .?64 West 2Rdi at., aetoud floor, front rootu. ? a YOUNU LAIlY WH?? SPEAKS GERMAN AND 1\ English, an , use been tending ?tore over eight years, wishes a situation. Call on or address J. B. Keller, 116 East 7tb at. ASni'ATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND lo as* 1st h wading or washing. or would do general hou -ework. good retortucc. Cult at 4112d av., near 24th at., aecouu flour. ARESPECTAUIJ"! YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SIT. uailon aa Oral <ta*d laundress, understands trench fluting, bcit oily reter?uw!.'-. Cau be seen lrv two days at 214 6>h sr. A DRESSMAKER Wll ? KNOWS HER BUSINESS wishes the work of a i?* ladies by the Jay. Call at 14a East S-" St., near Lexington sr., ..eeoud flour, trout A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOM IN WISHES A SIT. natu'D aa ebamfiflt uiitd and to aaalnt in wn?bnis. or would go as waitress. To fx- seen for two days al 12 Beat 14th >.t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOI NO WOMAN, AH waitress and ch.nti ratal i. or would naalst in the erasbi:.g end Ironitig, world do the hoti'cwork of a am.11 family lla- the bent of eliy r frreuce irum her last place. Call at 462 6th ur., corner o, **?'. at A N AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN jl\. a reapectaLle family t>i go to t Ufornla: Is a first class cook. At. and can take rtir of children. Good reference from iaai f'iura. Add., as boi lift Met aid A SITUATION WANTED?BY V PROTESTANT OtUL. a* er ,in*l'e<a; !? ?n \re!>nt .>|?"r,l>r i W;i??|?r A Wllaou t m.; >? objection ui -,<e to pre king children. Cull >rt ilfl Was' -ith ?t AllhM'Fl'TAHi.B Y It N i I' O 'l IX WISHES A Sit uation a,c >ok un lerettitde her buair eta thoroughly. Ha* Hire years Ml/ r. reuoe fioo lu-r I sat place, for particulars cab . t 1.6 E at I7tb at, tn the store. AroUNO WOMAN WISHES * SI . CATION, IN NEW Yifk ur Brooklyn, a , eook end toaaal t w il> the n??h. tug and Iron ng, er wouldcook, wash and uon in a i?*r ? table private feni ty, Can be highly iw*<.ni me tided from hei ,**t Care Csn he Seen nul l engaged at MJ Lll'ks St, lies. At ntlc. Ilia. rtt'Or, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED- BY A VnUvo OIP.U AS wrltre . , or would take care of children .ti l tnp!i:b eewing. Kirellent re crenre from her last place, t all at or address for ;wo dar? iM We.-Juth *t ABRSPBCTARuR WIDOW LADY WTSHE I A HITU Mton in s private ly with one child. Can noma veil re com nit-tided. Cat, for t tree d.,ys at 82 Mutt St. A YOUNO CURL WISHER A R1TTTATI0N TO TAKE cat? of ctiiiUfftii asiij 4o f l?m Miwifjf; or wrotiM d? Watting amii r!iRinh??rv?ori Urn*1 ell? raft ?)MHI noui h+r U-Ht pUuc. Gfttl iar a; ?<) EiM 3l2.? st. A RESPECTABLE Woman wishes t SITUATION ? 6?pk, wash and Iron, or would do housework In a -" ill family is a goo, baker. Go. , rrf-rrnre cieen C, 141 lasis.t, a. in., .1. .. , .w ' " '.Ut Bn wdway, second dew f,nIU Mtg n ff,' m jg ? 4 O f I OCR. A , ttoti *s ch* ubRrmHiil tli^ n titmwot to low \ * 1 ? And assist with lite Nanking; ,t willies *nd "'"llglTij objection to go u short d'star-u in ti ? eflflS'rs from last pl-mc. Call at nv. ,128th h. between 0? ,?d Tab ave., tldrd floor, back ri. .is. A RBRi'E .4BI.B Wit AN "YIdilK.4 A SITUkTf't oSL ne leun ire-i or tirst rate c--ok. washer and tron, g od city rn.ereuca. Call al 19U East Ilth St., be.w?et 1, end 2d are. A COMPEiENT DRESSMAKER WANTS KMPLOT J\ ment In a first eiasa temllr. by week or :.t inth nn 'v. trend* atl kinds of iwmdy sewing. First class merenaes at 14b West 13d St., second ho, bees room. A SITUATION WhNTED?BY t BESPRC. tBL*.' 01 El 1 A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION.-It * A good washer and ironer and pls r ciok; go.-, -tty refer. ? noe from last pi?oo. > ,r two .!,?i at '<6 it", ton el A TOUNO LADT D ?>Rg A 8ITUATION AS f\ ehembarmaM an1 w*i n. beet of otty reference. U01 for one wotk rs-zf. ?,/. eg IMlh fli, IIhrltm, between I* ??* U u. ?' ? ? NITRATION* WAWTKI'^fKJIAlJM. \ MWATION WANT! >-BV A R SPI'CTARLR t\ |uwi( Knigiia, a flrot els'. <" '? u d#r. ud? ,sr buainses in all it. I- nr f? ho ulij- a ti to u>w t IQ the ung an I inning i r qiiiW. C-u ?>. CM at her lo?t or'-, 144 VA0j Utti irt. JlTl'vriON WANTKD-BY A YMdjI' > )M A N, AS a i ci ui| r . hi ? "?? u. i r-'m .d - ru I :i ?.,J t ladir and , midrea's nrevwaaud ah kiufia of ,.11.1 ?.rv.-.g lu ohjcc out ?? a ?imu i.-lance a the en. Itrj. u*i ? > ,i\ birrviiue. Adoro-a Siaintirnw, elation t', It. av. YOfJNQGIKL DESIRES A SITUATION AsVuRnK and .remelrce*. or lo da chamberwnrk at J a-eist wuh U||. ? , ? ?nrt ironing, good re.erotica* givcu Call at Ilk \ I AVy. Tv A SITUATION FOR A (ji: ?? t'_i ?? old; aha w an American and Urgo uf a or Mge. ( m Jaii (?nal #l, corner of (ire^ae. A (AMERICAN). WITHOUT IX017M "'lh reverses, desire* some enua ,i - of ? r Clly take ciiargo of -onto uue's hou-e, keel,hV?..?7 "<??? puot.o instnuiion. or would keep iiouac for aa aged ivupln or some lone parson; bat ^ k,nd *u<1 cnecrlul; la not afraid ol doing too mucu amitj the hlgheai relereiue given. WiUoall ou by addraaalng Mr. Hereto office. YOUNGWOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM. Dermaid and to da plain Miring and take care of rhil SFLW relet euce. Call at 63d 3d ar., between 34th A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 CHAM Dermal J and waitress in a private family: best ef ref eiencoa from laet place. Call at ?4 West 41st at. A COMPETENT YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tlou, either aa nurae or aeamutiess, or chamiiermaid ana aeauetruaa; bai llrtnl four veare in her laet place. Call for two day at l(J8 East ttli it,, between 1st aud 3d are. A YOUNO WIDOW LADY. OK THE HIGHEST RE apootabUlty, desire* employment aa mpyist. either at her homo or an office, or any eftuatlon of truet. Addreea Mia, .v.. a. Curt is, station D. A YOUNO AND WELL EDUCATED YOUNO LADY ol good family, duaires a situation, with an elderly Udv or respectable family, as oomnanion or bonsokaet?r; Is quite expert in tins sewing ananeerilework; does not enre ?a much for salary as for comfort and good treatment end ?quire p2atoflto? B? 10 ?uutry- A<^?* ?? A., Union , A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL ?o?k. ?aah and Iron, in a email private family- city I rciercnce. Apply at &a West 35th st. 7' 7 4 plJ!i},TI?S WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ! f *^i woman to cook, wash and Iron, In a small Ctldth^dUm^T ?? 10 "" ?U"Ulr7- C*U "l 1U | A W^'^M iiIRL.. WI8,IM A SITUATION AS CHAM bormaid or waitress, or to tsks care of children. ( ood for, two d*r* *l West Sid St., uear {jwD nv.f second floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION ?*? "'tltidereunds all klud. of family sewing; cau cutand bt ladles aud children's clothes; would go out by the SMk or month to sew. Tne best city reference 11 re. quired. Cull st 1U) West liitb at., for two days. A J^40?, <KREN9U>? TALKING HERMAN mUh w ?R1 ' wishes to had a sliuutluu as seamstress, with a family traveli ng South. Inquire at 144 Blcecker et.| A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or waitress; beet of city reference irom last place. Call tor two days ut 3i< East liitb st. second iloor, buck. ? A O'RL, 15 YEARS OF AGE. WANTS A SITUATION; 5^1ndtioor^Lbeta'S- Ca? b0?w?H'3Ea*t34th J AKESPECTABLK YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A~SITU. . Ji l,1,? I*'0,'"1 c00k' a?i .' ato washer and ironer. Can w seen at 41at at, west side ol 3d av., hrst tcuemeut bouse. A BiSiiSKZ.S! A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES THE WASHING ."^nrarf V?nP,e.,?g?DI'",Tiln or ,* rei'oreuco If re quired. ?>Ail at r.aei llih s;., iu tUe rear. A " -AMERICAN Yol'NG LADY OF OOOD FAMILY *D<1 bincatton deal.?s a situation In a family to Instruct children uud make at raelf useful, or as companion toa lady ?be can sew nicely, and would attend an invalid lady the on | A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TIIE WASH. piuf *ai|0*men or a, at her own house, I R?J> rear building. tJail for two days. I A RESPECTABLE YOITNO GIRL WISHES A SITl*A -3. Uon to do chamberwork and wailing, or chsmberwork ned to aadst In washing; is willing aud obliging' the best of &???ISi 9thaavaU ,eCB TO? A ?r2r\l,rH\ayouno Married woman, with a ^ ih^. milt, desires a situation an wet nurae; ??VMt Sit bat. Can be seen for two days at A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS '^^""Wand itrst class wal^w; Th?. dty K'^rl^dand^? f0r >W?4*7' '? ^ *. A WiNTKD-BYA RESPECTABLE GIRI, e?"but CUT refS?Jn~'?T ehembermald sud line w?ah er, oast ciiy reference. CaU for two daya at M East ktih at,, between 4th and Madison ava. *'"Q A "lBHES A SITUATION TO COOK ^st of ae1tv*re<fereeAJ>r o?"'dhl<> ctamboi w(?rk and waiting'; rr. ^onl n'oir "' ,e*n tor two days at? 7?b ARJTp-ATlON WANTED?BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl, to do ohaiuberwork and wailing, or as waitress ?ejitoi cny retsrenoe from isal place. Apply at SlOEui A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION ** child * nuiHf? gr eoiuo ll^bl work# Can bt ,.i store. *h *r" between 8t^ ?* **thTAw A ^VT4^w.KAEr^1 ^..iioermsMiu toe ^Jqj'Jl^od referemw. Apply at A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, wrTn HFR girl .li years old. wishes a Gtustlon to do general nousetvork In a email private family; Is a good plalf^k i .i. *n<l ironer; has no objee'lon to go a short distance In^tbe country; best ef uty,-o.8 Apply at wES A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL Jrfnf2S^*'toVaSIlsUi ?f uk,n? Care ?f children from ?''iamb I ?Ji- ILf ,g?i plVn H"wer; would be willing to do o.iaml}' i work, best citv reference. Can be im m tnr at Hi East fjth at, between Meid 3dMT r ?u? A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT VBI.E young woman, lo cook, waah and iron m a .^ "prb tw??U.~ art'4U JOih ' **- a 100,1 b,Uwr- C?u f"r A i * ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. a\ to do ctuiinbrrwnrk and waiting, or cooking for a small 1?? 7toTsrv.lerfU<;0' Applf fur ,wo ^ mt l(M Me>t A Rp^fLCTABLE MARRIED WOMAN~ WaNTS~a - ''"a". R*?f of city reference *pply ? i lw W e t .-3tl st., v ou-l Qo??r, n triv r<h)tii, mr two . i. AY,9J *(1 ?*OLItH PROTESTANT WOMAN WOULD like to engage with a famllv as hrst ulsss rook U ?o 5[|*, iilhVc W?UlU *"Ul ,D w*,hi,,? lf required, 'call at _ SiTl ATION WANTED?BY a illr-PECTABI k tton. \Ta* 7?ra"' ?* ?*" 'o a privsie f.'miiv; no obj^ . -uwts. in Ihu va.uin1:: ha? over four veara' n-1,* i"'. nesMRh'sv'.U" C*U ,or 'todays at'So Weat lidh A Tall-1 PROTESTANT WIDOW WOMAN, WITHOUT I^deretanda tSBr'' - r ?U *lt'i*t<oti as an infaul s nur?o; I nderstands the carool it fr, m btr>h; is so ev. c'lrnt ,,m ??????. s;niflss A r.RU.IK8.TAXT *?MAN WISHES KMI'LOYMrVT ?? by the day or week; is n excellent hmd,,? M'Ih jecUnim io do gv?n?*ml housfwork; utiiicr/Unds a* aotiA^tm reierences. Inquire si 160?b av'.. flm fljir" toie'k r'^6'" A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESTECTABI.B ? \ young girt an cook; toe heat of city ref>.renew given, i all at I.SSi ltd ??., between 60tb and Slat ate., up "Utre. Arkbpsctahlk youno oiri. wants a pitua ikm a* rn a, wuhtr and lrocari boa no ubjetllon lo go aa Uundroa*. la a good coon and a flrelcUaa meaner and lr> ner: la wllti.ig aud obliging. ijood city reference. Call ?* lii VYcbt Hiu ??., second door. \RVSrF'TABt.E YOUXQ GIRL WISIIc.S A SITUA Uon to do genoral homework: ta a ;j >ud plain cook, washer aud it oner. Boat ol city leleieuee. ln pura at 138 Weal lplh ><t., -reotid Boor. A RESPECT AB1.R YOUNG WOMAN WISIIRS A BIT uatiffi In a prnatn fatnl.r aa ?r*inhe.-in?lrt and aaani atraaa. la a g wd operator audBr.ood embroiderer both by hand aud m. him-. Has gocd c.iy rofereuoe. Can bti aaen at St>4 East Ititb St., third Sour, front. a RESPECTABLE WOMaN WISHES TO TAKE II* A ii latn'lv a weehlng. Can give lb" beat of referauca. Hat Uetioe 347 Kaal Juih at, Brat Boor, Irout room. ARKSPRCTABtiM OIRL WISIIE9 A SITUATION an rtaiB-fre-a In aprl at-family; ran cut and (It ladtaa' anu children a d< uas?-a and do all k.nda of family tr w I rig, can operate ou wkaalar A Wluoa'a machine. Hood riry re fereaee. Ca I for two daya at har preaeot ecnpioyer'a. 126 Beat 4th it, .. .. " ARESIT.C TAKI.E oirl WARTS A situation to do general houeework lu a una'.; private family. Good c'ty rrl .reu ?. Call at 104 Kaal DIM at. A ?C IRM.AN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS COOK, i 1 Apply at lioi Past 5t'i a'., third boor ? A LADY wno HAS BftiS TWK'R 0.1 THE CtlNTI 'irnt would lite t> ta aa eo ipenlon or Irdr'a raa'd; no, del Uarna d. e 'n. al.ig. millinery and hail ircaaing, wou.d go 10 California. Aadrraa N. 0 L , atatloa K. A I 4DY WISHES TUB CIIARuR OF A GENTLE man'a huuae, wltu ohl dren, or aa compnaloa or reeilti to en invalid. Appl; to Mr*. i. ft., 1,1**1 Aich at. Philadelphia. AN ITALIAN LADY WISIIRS a flfUAlBN TO AT. ?eud upon % lady or aioh garaou be i raft eooea. Ad draaa J. S.. 5d Wwt l*U> at \N P.YPERIENCFD SEaMSTKBAD, I1AYIN0 A SEW Ing inar.ilna, wlalira to h:re uu. by 'he week o- non.h no reasonable Call at cr add re. a .>?' lal a#., between iuth.ani SJth a a. 4 YFRY HBAPEOTABIiJ' SCOTCH WOMAN W1SHRS A a rri'iatloa in a fed regular /amllv; ta a good cook end houses, epe.'; ean make bar-ei; generally n?e ul; ean t e , all rrr.u.iui. id-.d. Can ba aaen *i oar pr-atnl aoiploy er'" yip f ?t J7th at 4 SITUATION WANTKU-IY AN AMERICAN OIRL. a lo do tie general housework ,f a amall privile family a abort uiat'iuoa In the country. Apply at 1 Ml oth at, Clinton itaoa. A SITUATION WANtkO-UY AN AMERICAN OIRL, ? ? to do rtaraherwork and walling; haa no objec'fna lo the rare of a child; goud raferoooe. Apply at Id* Mk at, f'P Boor, front mom. AYOUNO WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION AS cheinb-rmald and to do tine waahlng and Ironing; la Slrt i'US. S 0't* ^ M UT WmI 0r#l ??*r' SITUATION!* WANTEO-K6CJMALK*. tBK A'I Tit : K. BV Til R DAY <> WCI K-A1 I7X /V ?"? ii uuosu# 4i.mania city rufe-ruea. Ail i C vjr Bii AhlTl'ATION BANTED?AS CM AM MP US AID AMI mu or ?* cl'kin>teiii.aitl ami lu a. A < llh cUA> il >ii. i 11? 14 > K-n ul Ni 6. ' ki A t ij it imiAm. u i.h end Let.ugtou ats. role. eo-,-. . H1TU tTI'JN 'VANTriD? BY A IlKiffcCrAHLK GIRL, i\ lo-.oc .?.! ?: wor. win feilluu, or Inr iva auilj Slid i i *.ing; uiul t- ida h.I kind o. rr nuh tluiin ;; ha* the I*1-', m . iloCc ilea utiew for tax dais ai ti?- M vVeel ,6t.. st ABITUATIOM WANTKD?Ad CSAMMKMAlO AND wji rc?*, or M nur r soil bv a youne am a" wlih hve years' rvierenoa; ii pleas* 4 a?d obliging In ui?i>o>iiioa. Gnu be *een at lie nth nr., bom ecu e.b aud 9.h kt. Ali. "a'Iii.ika want no good brbvantb immr dlktelr or Gorman giria. At Largo I inpluymeni lu el.tula, 106 6ih av., beiow 9th at. AUEHPKOTABLE MAP.1UP.0 WOMAN WIHHK8 TO grt a child to wet nurse kt her own hotue; haa lost her baby. i? weak old. Call at 119 WUlcAt at ARKdPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT! A SITU kllnn an cook; Uio-oughly understands her business; a good baker; no objection to do th? coarse washing and Iron ing; good city rplerenec*. Can be seed for two day* at 161 Knat 39d at.. oecond door, room 10. AH1TUAT10N WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PKR son, u. aeamxtress; can out and fit; understand), family ?awing Call at 507 6th av., between 96th and 'J5ih at*. A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID WISIIKH A SITU J\ atlon as above aod loaaalat iu Una wa.hlng and Iron ing. Alao a flrst class dressmaker wishoa to go out by the day or week to out ladles and ohlldroa'a ureases. Call at 118 West 18th at., between 8th and Tib an. A YOUNO WIDOW LADT WISHES A POSITION AS house keeper to a widower or bachelor. Address Mrs. Walsh, station <1. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITCATION to cook, wash and iron, os objrcuor. to go a abort dis tance in the country. Call at 9V txLulr.w kt. A SITUATION WANTED?MlY A BESPRCTABI.E young girl, to do hotiaework In a small family; wages not so much au object as a good home. Oood reference from her last place. Call at 813d ar., between 8th and 10th atreeta. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT OIRL. aa chambermaid and seamstress. Appi/ at 188 West 86th si. A YOUNO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO lK> CHAM bei work and to take care of children, baa no objection to go a short distance to the oouutry. Can be seen lor two day.) at 80 West Washington place. In the rear. AYOUNO AND WELL EDUCATED GERMAN OIRL wishes to obtain a situation >aa chambermaid In a re spectable s me riot n family: kind treatment and to learu the English language are preierred to high c ages. Apply at 416 1st nr., or a( hid 16th ah, at the hardware store. , A PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS waitress; fully understands her business In all Its brunches. Can furnish tlia best of city reference from her last place. Call at IdS West 19th at, near 9th ar. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A GENTEEL YOUNG woman, to do chambarwork and waiting; bast of cltr reference. Apply at 816 Greenwich at A SITUATION WANTKD -BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as chambermaid aub lipsmntrese or lirst?.ass waitress; has the best city reference. Cao be seen for two days at UW 6th av., In the inllltrsry store, near l!Hh st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION at chambermaid aud seamstress; would tike the care of grown children and do sewing; understands all kinds of family sewing; has the best city references. Can be aeen for two days at Ltd West 25th at., near 6th av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 81TUA tion as nurae; can t.alte care of a baby from a week old; has experience lu the oaru of children; or would take care of children and do light ebamtxTiv.irk; can give two years' au inor city reference from ner laat employer. Apply at 1IW >th av., between 18th aud 19th ata. At inv WANTS A SITUATION FOB A VERY OOOD, _ ?? ,,n-u . h liar as chambermaid and to do 2un5 ?SS'hoiJWSTPJS avenue. k RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES EM A nlovmcni by tilt (Ly; li tfood Mtrafitraw; chifttl K CnuU soen at lllri). OrSFa. OB SHU au. lor two days. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES A SITUATION AS SE_AM A. Btrekk; umlertttAndt operating all ?iad* mankinsi' would to out bv tbs dsv, week or mouth, uo objections to go to the country. Call all waek ai aouU side of 119th at , Harlem, between let and ltd sva. __ A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU A. atlon to do general nousework In a small family; beat reference frets laat ptaoe. Can be scan for three da^at MS Waat 19th^Llmt\vaeu 9th aud 10lh au*, ?coud A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO. teetanl girl. In a email private family, aa a good plain oeok, waabar and lroner; good city raferencea li required. Artdraaa or call for two days, rrom 10 A. M. to I P. M., at 149 Last 7th at, third floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS chambermaid and to assist In washing and ironing, or to take car* of children. Call at S7SMav., on" door I ram the corner of 98th at. in the bakery. AN ENGLISH OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waltreaa, or to do general house work In a small lamlly; city rctereuca. Apply at 446 Waah lugton at. COOK.?SITUATION WANTED, BT A RESPECTABLE girl, to nook, wash and Iron: can dealt hinds of baking. The boas of ?ty reference. Apply ai 180 Esal Ilk si, near let av. CTOOK.?SITUATION WANTED. BY A PIRST CLASS J cook, who la a good washer aod lroner. Beat city refer ence. Apply for two day* ai 160 West 17th at, between 7th and 8th are. NURSE.-SITUATIOX WANTED. IT A RESPECT able woman, who Is competent to take the entire ehsrze of an Infant from lis birth or to bring It up by hand; la a good plain newer; has the best of cltr reference aa to capability and character. Call at 991 East 99th at., aec end floor, front room. Seamstress and dressmaker. ?an experi enced seamstress, who worke in private famlliee by tha day. has leisure for more engagements. Can operate on Wheeler k Wilson's machine. Can be seen at Si 6th av., near 18ih st. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND plain seamstress, by a count: woman who is competent, neut snd obliging; the very best ct? reference 1 mm laal place, t'allai or address 184 >Veai Shh st, uutlt suited. (JITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO DO O general housework; good city rderrnoe. Call at 2X1 Last 20th st.. second floor, ba>A room, lor two .lays. OrrUATION WANTED-BY A GERMAN GIRfs At l) cnok: American family preferred. Call at 619 9th ar , ovar the bakery. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL 18 YF.AKS of age, t.> take care of ami'11 children In a small prirst j mm!!)*. Inquire lor two day# at 181 West 39th at., betwee a 8th and 9th sva SITUATION WANTPD-Rr A YOUNO GIRL NOT long In 'his country, to do clismberwork and plain sew. lug, or would do cliaihberwork *n i waiting in a private lamily. Can be seen ?t 9b7 West 27lb St., rear bouts, top ?our. SITUATION WANTED?BY A Vol NG OIRL. TO COOK, O wnsli and Iron In aatitall private family; goad city reference. Gml ai *0 Weal Waahtngion placa for twe days. SITUATION WAKTRD-RT a COM' KTFNT YOUNO i? wonvu>. as ctiami>er.naid waitress; no objecUens to washing and Iroulmt; good city isfarsnce. Call ai 90 West Sid V nrsrdlh av OITUATION WASTED-BY A EE PRCTABLK YOUNO ^ girl, to do charnbertrnrk nn.l srsittuy end would asalst at washing and ironing; mod city refare. -u Call at 84 Weal 17that In the r?ar. SITUATION WANTED-Afl LAUNDRRBBi IB NOT afraid of work: no objection to a private boarding honaa; good city reference. Call a'. 195 East llth at, near lit ST. SITUATION* WANTKD?BY TWO RESPECTABLE girls, on# lately lamted from tha old oouutry to wash. Iron and In do housework: the other as chambermaid end waitress and to aas'st in housework the latter boa a good rtly reconuaet.daliOD. Call for two daya at 9U6 2d ar., between 43d and 44lh sts. SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG girt aa good plain cook, washer and lroner In a small private ft miTy; good city referee ?. Call for twa day a ai Rl Weil 44th at, flrst floor. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ENG. llth soman, to do central housework. Good city refer ences given, can be seen for two days : t 178 West 3Sd st. OITUATTON WANTRD-BT A FIRST CLASS COOK; O undertiauda her .main, sa In all lU branches; bast oily rrfervnee. Call at 87 West I9th st SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, as chambermaid end waitress: reference if re qi'ired. Call at 114,'^ Wast 17th at, third floor. S1TUATIONR WANTED-BY TWO RBhpPCTABLR girls. or? aa oook; nnderaiarda aoupa poultry, game and pastry; tha ithe* oa chambermaid or waitress; no ob jec'Jon t > help with me waahlng; beat city reference. Ad drvaaC. ii. C , Hvrsld oflice. ,h SITUATION WAMTKD-IN A SMALL PRIVATE PA MI ty, as oook; thnmughly understauda all klada of cook Ins and Can be aaen at 836 Bail llth at., betveea ?It and Id av*. QITUATIGN WAN'1D-BY A RKSPRCIVtBI.E YOUNO tJ woman, aa rursa and ?aar.-'.rnss; or n take charge of a baby from its birth; beet cltr reierence. Call at lai Tib a?? bo*ween JOtb and 31st tie . f >, two diye. OITUATION WaNTED-BY A REdPFC.'ABLR OIRL, O aa ceok, washer r. .dlr?. er; best city relaranaa from laat situation, ''all si '397 '..est itfth at. orrUATIfW WANTED-BY A RESPKCTARLR OIRL. t!> aa r-hsmberm'.ld and "Altrwa. or as laundraaa; g-'od rtly refareuoa Call at 0 Weat Vh . ft, front I * SITUATION WANtEO-AS Bh2MSTRP8B. WOULD go by the day or mouth; understands Area-making aid all k nd.. of family sawing; good city reference giver Ca. seen at 1W 7lh av. CGTDATTON WANTED-BY A TOUNO PROTEBTANT i? woman, wlta refereo. sa, la da ahsmbarworh and aaw Ing. or viold not as .'-maid am. assist to wash and Iron. Cnll for two days r.t 170 W-at ? uh st, front basement SITU A TION WAN mt>-BT A RRSI'EOTABLE YOUNO g-rt, te doehamberw-u-k end to eeeiat la waahlng. oan be hlghli reooinmei, ;ad from he last place. Call ar addraaa

Tl New chamevr* at, secmd floor frtat SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL TO DO light housework ?r ihkeca.- of cblldrau. '-all at 170 Lau*eaa tl , hatweeo llousiun an.. Biaarka* cjituation WANTBD- BY A RK8PKOTABLB GIRL . aa ntirsa and cbsmbermald; la a good, aaai aawcr; gned city rrlarcnoa. Apply ai 8M 3d av. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPFCTABLR AMRRI ? oan Proieslantg.rl, aa -hau..>erinald and plain saver. Deed city reference rrom laal nlaaa. Coll far two Java at 06 WeUaaC SITUATIONS WANTKU-FINALES. S,T: iTIOS' V A\"!>r>_HY A COM PKTH NT WOMAN, j> k, ??? wit Mi>l iron in a mii ,l familv iie?i eite i?fe rnocu. ia and ebllglilg. Ukt *1 210 i.aSI ?i-I aC OITUATMiN WANTKIi? BV A RHSPKCTABt.K YOUNG O kill ?* ftrsl?-ia?a wailraaa; baal city reference. Gall At 161 ljib aL present employer's. OMTOATION WAXTKU-BY A KKSP OTARLB OIHL. ^ in lo ? ii i mi* work md v. ashing. g u > c.ty rcfemnoa. Apply ??- til sal >iill ?t . oetweou till -a i iut sva CJITU ATION8 WANTBU-BY TWO RKHPKCTA HLK tr girit; one OH chaw ber maul, And th< oi'n-r at first cls>>i laMMMwas; un leisuniis bow U? ilo Kron A tkrlng. Bothh mi s ?Bad city references. Gun tin fctxui uuul so.too. ai 184 W sst iftiiU ?l. CJITUAT ON WANTKD?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS il cook ?'.'njtrr uiid ironer or to d . geiinrai housework; ?o>d coy reiwvnoe. Call nt 15? East 26tu sk. seooud Boor, <ick room. rpu OO TO CALIFORNIA?A GABY OF PKBP088BS8 1 ing apiK-urunee. to Uke snpervialnn of the aaIba depart moot In a Indies' furnishing eatibliaument. Address, naming where au interview can Be obtained, Morris, Herald oilioe. TWO YOCNO WOMBN WILL TAKJMN ALL KINDH of family washing At their own home. Apply At SO East Sid at, tbiid door, book room. TWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS DKSIBE SITUATIONS; oue as good platu oook and eioelleut WAAher And Ironer; alw a lint class ch*mL?ermaid nod wiitreM. or woald analst with the flue WAsbingaud ironing; have good ouy reference?: willing to go to the ixiuntry; wish to be together. Cell AtSX! W est 25th At., between Bth and 9tb avs. WANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE girl, todoehamberwork And waiting, or to aaeist with the washing and Ironing, or take care of ohildren. Leu At 477 7U? av., oetA'CMt 3>th and 40th tts. ?\jrANTKD?A SITUATION, BY A VERY BK8PK0TA TI We young girt tsds kwssesrk; ?as the best of rer eraur? from lite old country, where she lived loroifht yeara. Cam at myraAr.. BVarTWli ai, top nw^bMkroosa. WANTED?A SITUATION. FOB A HALF OKO*? girl (I'rote tant;. where bar eervlces will not bare 2uired later than sn as she attends ulgbt eebeol and most loop at heme. Apply at 146 Weal 28th St., In the rear. WANTKD?BY A RESPKCTABLB YOUNO OIBL, lately leaded, a situation as chambermaid and wait ress: would make herself generally useful Call for two days at S1J 7th av. 117ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION TO " v do general houeowork in a email private family. Has good city reference. Can be seen fur two days at Sll Bast 24th st., in the store. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT MIDDLE AGED WO man, a situation aa first class oo.ik; understands hor business in all its branches: no objection to go in the coun try. lis-, good city reference. Can he seen at the Protest ant Agency, 125 4th av.. near 13th st. \F ANTED?A SITUATION TO WAIT ON TABLR AND vv to do light chamberwork; age 16. Apply at 18 Lis penard st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIKL. A HITUA tion as chambermaid and waitress Apply for two days at 258 7th av., between 36th and 27th ata., thud lloor. WANTED?BY A RBSPECTABLK WOMAN, A SITUA tion in a private family, to take care of a baby and do plaih hc wing or assist in chamberwork. Call at 61 Carmiun st., in the rear, lecond Boor, for two days. ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE vv Protestant g.rl, as nurse; is fully conipeteut to take the entire charge aud bring it up with the bottle; can out aud fit children's clothing. Can be seen for two days al 239 West 14th st. _____ WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE, work liv a r-s|?cctuble young woman; references glvou. Apply at 110 West 19th st. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa good ] lain oook. washer and ironer, or as general servant In a small family Call nt or address for two days 178 Madison St., th.rd lloor. front room. WET NURSE.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG HEALTHY married woman wonts an infant to ntirss at her own residence; has a fresh breast of milk; Inst her own child when three days old. Address at Long Island City Post office for three days. Wanted?r#a respectable woman, a situa tion as oook, ui a private family; understands her busi ness thoroughly; is u good baker of bread and pastry; no objection to assist in washing and ironing; good city refer ence. Call at 32(1 Boat Mth st., for two days, second floor, back room. nTA8UINO WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG vv woman, at her own housa. Good reference. Apply at 186 West 27th st., room 12, fourth floor. \\T ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL TV about sixteen years old, to do light obamberwnrk or to take care of children; has no objection to go in the country. Call lor two daja at 67 Front st., Brooklyn. ITT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION Vv u plitln oook; la a good washer and ironer. Call at ED Easd aaUPkL. second floor. WANTED-BY A NEAT. TIDY. RESPECTABLE GIRL, a situation aa chambermaid and waitress: is willing to asaist with the washing and Ironing. Beat of oily rater cores. Can be seen for two day* at hor present employer's, 99 West 24th si. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as chambermaid and waitress: is a good plain aewcr. Can bo aeon for two days at 171 West 4th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE POOR WOMAN. TV gentlemen's washing at bar own residence, or would go out by the day. Address fDU West BNh ai., near 7th av. WANTBD-A SITUATION BY A FIRST CLASS waitress; basicity reference. Apply at ill Mottai, near Hester. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl, without parents, to do light chamber wark and waiting.. Apply for two days al 677 8th av., between 47th end 48th sts. WAI,TEI>?A- SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS VV seamstress; can uiakc ladles' and children's dresses and do all kinds of family scivmg: gnod reference. Call ai 4HO 6th av.. betwaen Win and :SUlk sis., room No. 6. W'ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, as cook; no objection to assist in the washing. Call at 61 West i2lh at. WASHING WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, best of city reference. Call at or address 208 West 46th St.. be; ween Hilt and 10th avs. WANTED?HY A COMPETENT WOMAN, A FJSW FAM. Uic*'and gi-mti-uicn't washing; woulu go out by the day: beat city n-terriice. OuN seen aims bui 23d at. top flour, Imc? t" um. *ITANTED-V SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE Vt vmiuc worn in. hi took; ha* no objection to aanut the n.iMiiu^and tronioc; be*t ot city reference from hi-r Dai jiDtr. Call at 165 tat aw., second Hour back room. \I7ASliU?.-A GERMAN GIRL WHO CANNOT sPfc.VK VT rniiliib wishes a mutation In a good tatnlly. Can ba -c.ii i. Mi Clin .on hi, aectind door, room No. 8. IN .>.?>?A SITUATION A3 WAITRESS; OR WOULD .i.i cl.kuiberarork and avaDt with the washing. flat E i t, j trforrnct. Call at or addreaa 134 tVeat 36ih rt. AN TED-A SITUATION AS UoOR. BY A RESPECT, .inle young wumuu. In a private family. Haa the best of city reference. Can be acen at 38 M eat 13th at vv w W'AXTBD?BY A RK8PKCT ABLE YOU NO WOMAN, A altualton lo do ctiaruberwork and walling; or would do bouaework in a ainall Inmily. Can on teen at 43 West 13th I. Good raferanne given. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook in a private family; under, stand* uoakinr In ail 11* branrhea, boning and malting aoupa. Can gi good city reiereuoe. llaa lived 3 j rare In hat laal place Can bo *een at 111 East -sib si, In store. W ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECT ABLE GIRL, Tf to do chamberwork and watting or goneral housework In a small family; city relerence given. Call at bib 6tn av., hot wean 36th and 1171 h ata. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE youug girl, aa tank washer and Ironer, In a small pri vet# family; beat city reference. Call at 186 6th av. WANTRD-BY A RESPKCTABl.K WOMAN, A SITUA lion to go out by the day; la an axaaUent waaher and Inner; beat city relerei.oa from last plane. Can be seen at 637 Waat i?lh at., 11 rat floor 'ANTED?BY A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS, OKN llrtren'a and families' waahing; Kroncb fluting neatly done; or will go out by tbe day or week to hotels or b urdiug house to do n ashing and trolling. Call at 180 Eaat 36<u at., near let av. WANTRD-BY A FIRST CLASS SRAMSTRESS, WORK by the day or woek; understands cutting and fltt ig oklldron's clothing, dreaamaaing and ahirtmaking; beat o7 referenoa. Call lor two da/e at 13 Uth at., between ltd and 4th era. ANTBD-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OH chtld'a nurse. Inquire at Dal place, 117 Weal 31st at. w w WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION IN A small family to do chamber or general housework; beat of reieieacea. Can he seen for two days at 111 East 37lb at. Wmm ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO WOMAN, TO do chamberwork and walling or as seamstiee* in a private family; bast of city refarena*. Apply at 331 v.'eal Mth st., seooud fl ?>r. front room. ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RBSPECTABLB w ^irl, who hMgowl reference, to do tha general house. work In a small family. Apply at 186 Madison at., third floor, back room. ? "117 ANTED-BY A RB3PBCTABLB YOUNO WOMAN. Wf a situation U waltre*a in a saloon or as r.bembrrmalu In a bowl; haa the lie*! city reference from her Dai place. Can be seen for two days, if not engaged, at KM 1st nr., uear 18th at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRI. 16 tears of age, a situation aa nur.s or to d light work In a private family; oily isfsreno# gl en. Cell at 136 Meat ru at., roc m IE WANTBD-RY a RK9PKOTABLB MARRIED WOMAN, with a fresh braaal of milk, a baby b wet-or dry nurse at her home. For further particuDra n^U all the week Mhlt Greenwich at. aecoud tuor, hack room. TfTANTBD-BY A NBAT OIRL OF 18. A SITUATION TF In ib* city or country; embrolde.s well, inikaa chil dren's clothes and D omolt at the needle. IT'Ji watt on a who boards. Wags." $h. Call at or address 133 Eaat lady' list a WANTED-BT A SUPERIOR COOK, WITH EXCEL leat elty refers..oa, a situation iu a private family; aaakea eioe'leat bread and pastry; does th* ouars* w?thing Jail at 183 East 31ti at. WAHHINO WANTED- BT A FIRST OLA83. OOMPE tent isundreaa; aha understand* ell kinds of family waah'ug, do?a lace rnd flnery; also gating and Dan curtail.' In the neatest raauner; family washing done on re ?or" !* terms isood reference gtran. Call on Mrs. Cain, 336 Wrat 36th st. Bf NURSE.-WANTED, RY A HBALTBY YOl;,G woman, who haa loat her baby, a situation as wet nurse; can he highly recommenced Apply to Dr. 4. P. Moalroy, Irl i'rasldent at,, Sou in Brooklyn. WANTKD?BY A YOUNO WIDOW. WITH A OIBL f years old, a situation 10 do housework; In a widower's oreferred; wagee no object; New York city preferred. Call ?? ar address Mrs. A, M., gft Carlton av.. Braakirn. vv SITUATIONS WAATKD?rBMALKA WANTED?A SITUATION, HT A RESPECTABLE young wsmiii. as chaiubuimakl And waitress. to do plain sewing ?w lake care of a baby. gnnd etly rci ? rence. Call for two day* at SKI iUth a*.. hetwcea 34ih ana S61U ilk llfANTED? BY A YOUNG WON AN A SITUATION AS ?? washer and irooar, goot! ~ty rctorouce. Call at IB Woi Udth at w ANTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A CHILD to wot Ultra* Apply ?t 116 Monro# at. Mra. Kelly. WANTED?A SITUATION, AS COMPETENT SEAM Ktrc* or to do chamberwork- Apply at 63 Weat 20th at WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURBS BY A re?pcot*ble health? woman; ean glre good reference If re niirad. Apply immediately at Sit Kaat Od at. WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE - work, or to <1o waiting aud aoaltt with the waahlng and Ironies In e private family; beat city reference. Oau for two days at 361 Weat 16th at WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNO MARRIED woman, a haby to wot uura* at her own residence; naa *reab broant of milk; th* be*t of care will be given. Cau at .,00 t.aat 14th at, room No. A HELP W ANTED?EE MALES. OIP.L WANTKD-FOR OBNKRAL HOUSEWORK: A OIP.L WANTKD-FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK: muat be a good plain oook; email family. Inquire at 433 Hudaon at Tib makbrs wanted?a fkw experienced handa uaed to Brat claaa work. Apply to O. H. Wittnaua A Co , 34 Barolay at WANTED-IN a SMALL FAMILY, a GIRL FOR general housework; good wages given and reference! required. Celt el ISO Meet Mth at., second house below 3d sr. WANTED-A WAITRESS. FOR A LARGE FAMILY, to go a short distance in the eonntry. City reference required. Apply at 18 West 16USt.. oc Wednesday, Jen. SO, between 11 end 2. WANTED?A GIRL AS CHAMBERMAID AND waitress; one understanding her buaineaacan apply at 127 rtcrrepont at. Brooklyn, from I to 4 this day. W4 rANTED?A LITTLE GIRL, BETWEEN 11 AND 14 years of ago. at 31 East lUh at Reference required. Inquire for two days. WANTED-IN HARLEM. A GIRL FOB UP STAIRS work and to mmd ohlldren and make herself geueraUy useful. Apply et 774 Broadway, second floor, after 9 A. M. WANTED?A SMABT. GENTEEL YOUNO LADY. AT Hope's photograph gallery. 233 Broadway, to stteud reception room, mount cards, print Ac. Call from 9 A. M. to i P. M.. to-day and to-morrow. WANTED-A GIRL AS THOROUGH DOWN STAIRS servant, to do cookiug washing and Irouiugt city refer ence reqlined: must be e good cook. 00 University place, bet wren 11th and 13th eta. WANTED?A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRE88 (colored'; one well recommended and competent may apply at 17 Weal 46th at. WANTED?TWO GERMAN. ENGLISH OR SCOTCH girls; one as chambermaid, the other to oook. waih and Iron. Apply between lbs hours of 8 and 13, at 133 East 36th at., corner of Lexington av. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS, TO GO out by the day or week: cuts and fits children's clothes end cen do all kind* of family sewing. Can be seen at 366 WANTED-A FIRST CLASS COOK, IN A PRIVATE boarding house; no objeolion to a oolored woman. Apply at 153 Kail 35th at. WANTED?TWO PROTESTANT GIRLS, ONE AS good cook, waaher ami ironer, the ntlirr a seamstress, capable of operating on Wheuler A Wtlsou'a sewing ma chine. Inquire at 23 Weat 33d at. WANTED?A VERY GOOD COOK. WILLING TO assist In the washing, for a small private family; ref erences required. Call at 313 Lexington av., near 39th at. ANTED?A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS, WITH good recommendations. Call at No. 9 Went 35th at. WANTED?A SCOTCH OR GERMAN GIRL, TO TAH.E charge of an Infant; one understanding sewing and dressmaking preferred; the best references required. Ad dress Intant, Herald offloe. WANTED?A GIRL. OR MIDDLE AGED WOMAN. TO do housework for three la family; mu?; be well recom mended. Apply el 84 Woostcr it WANTED-A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHEEL SI'S machine; high wagca siren. H. WALTER, No. 5 Clinton place, 8th St. WANTED?? PR0TE8TANT GIRL, TO rfo TO BROOK, lyn, u seamstress and maid; aba mint be able to do fine sewing end embroidery and a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. City reference* required. Call at 4U 6th ar., from II to It. WANTBD-A GIRL. TO DO THE OKNERAL HOC HE work of a small family; must be a good washer and ironer and tinders land plain oooklng. Apply at US West WANTED?A COOK WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER, stands her business. Apply at 118 East 37th St.. be* t ween 4th and Lexington svs., before S P. M. "IITANTED?A YOUNO WOMAN, WITH OOOD RF.FE Tl re mien as seamstress and to take ears of a ohlld three years old, at 864 Broadway. WANTED-A OOOD COOK, WA8HER AND IRONER; city references required. Apply at 117 W est ?9th sL WANTED?A WET NURSE. TO TAKE CARE OP A baby six weeks eld. Apply to Mrs. Mahony, US Mott at., rear building. glTPATIOiyS WAHTBD^MAliES. A GENTLEMAN ffHp WAS MANY YEARS n?~A A Perls commission business wishes to get a position where he can mske himself useful; good reverences. Ad drese c. M. M.. station P, A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION IN A TEA. grocery or liquor (lore; has been In the business for the last two yean.; cm glee the best of reference from hie Isst employer, fall on or address for Iwo days J. W. Clark, at 178 West 19th st.. third door. COLORED YOCNO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS waiter or porter in a store. Call si HO West SOth at. A r DRUGGISTS.? WANTED. BY A COMPETENT GER Bin apothecary, with good references and thoroughly acquainted with the city and country (rode, a permanent situation; ne objection to go South or West. Add ess E. U., station G. IV ANThD?BY A WELL EDUCATED YOU NO MAN, 11 aged 33, a situation la n wholesale house to learu the business; good references. Addroa. W*. 0., .Ul'on G. IVANTED-BY A COMPETENT M AN, A SITUATION '? as coachinari and groom. Best ol city and country reference. Address, for two days, H. M., liei aid ofllcs, or 33 Islington sr. IITANTED-BY A YOUNO MAN. A SITUATION AN ?T coachman; perfectly understands bl* business; has no objection to the conutry. Can giro the best reference from his last employer. Any letters addressed 36 Wall at., or Soi Greene Ich St., will be attended to. CLBRK8 A\D SALESMEN. An ACTITK. BMP rustic man prom tiie south, 1* deMruus ol obuuning a *llua< Ion as a>levman. travel ler, eoi lector, or la nay capacity wlu-re Industry, good ad dress and honeaty will be appreciated, fan command a Urge .southern trade, and give iirmt cUsu refeienoe; will travel on oommlsaioo or salary, lias bsd many yesrs' ex pe-ir uce in England as commercial traveller. Address Georgia, Herald office. AORNTLEMAN. WHO HAN BKKN ALESMAN FOR the last tlx years In a whole* .Ic jewaliy bou.c, desires s situaiion in souie similar buslneaai t r would take the city agency ol some manufacturing business; refers to the bouse which be now leave#. Address Jewelry, box 4,371) Post of. fits. N. Y. _ A YOUNO MAN WISHES TO OCCUPY HIS BVBN Ing* at home in tsktng charge of s art of to ar. Has experience and highest raferencea. Address Bookkeeper. Herald odlce DRUO CLERK WANTED?ONE WHO TnOROCOHLY understands the out retail; refeienoe re quired from hla last employer. Apply te McKee A Co., 42 Front *k D UUO CLERK WANTED-AT 43 MADISON ST. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN FROM O Dublin, lu a respectable ten store; refereuce aatiafee tory. Address T. M., Ilsrald office. The advertiser will procure a good situ a lion for an experienced bookkeeper, with caul refer euoes, in a first class concern, by paying him fS? cash bo. mis. Salary #1,606. Address, with name, Compaij, Herald ofllcs. ANTED?TWO RETAIL DRT GOODS SALESMEN. Apply st 277 Fulton nr., Brooklyn. w XMTANTED?BT A TOUNO MAN OF CONSIDERABLE VT experience, a situation a* assistant bookkeeper, ship a, inrolcc or entry clerk; one who Is not afield to work can give tka best of city reference. Address 0, North rop, box 219 Herald ofi s. Wanted?a situation as jewellkr h assist. ant or clerk In a wholesale or retail business; can speak sod eoriespond In French and i.eitnan lauguages. Address M. B., Herald office. II*ANTED?A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT BOOK TV keeper, entry elerk, copyist, or in the wholesale are eery, bi ? young utan acquainted with the hunlnes*; saiis factory reference. Addrsea M. Jo* MK Ueiald onice. TYTA'-TBD-A PERRON COMPETENT TO MAKB CP A TV set of bouka; will taka two or thfWe dnyv; cumpenaa. tton recording to ability. Address, by lei'.er, giving name and address, A. H. Hall.lead, 946 c roadway. TXTANTBD?A CLERK IN A REAL BSTaTE OFFICE; TT xt ?ry fU to $20; $4* J wanted a* security. Refererce* giv.'O and required. J. M. MUOD\ A CO., 41 Pino at YTTA.fTED?A SALESMAN TO ELL A YERY BUPB TT nor article of tmumlno is coal, mined la northweet Pc- nay.rania, unanrpsstod for making gas, geue.-atlng staam. I Utoks<nl<ns'. manufaetu- re' so l fumy nae The euar Tier of the tou is already sttablianedi end can be de livers. .2 k r a* agar ether bituminous eosl mined. None ne?d a ly iinlrse thoroughly acquainted with the trade and can place from X to jM tons per ihar: to sura e out a good position will he given. Aditrees, with full name, reference, and leruis expected, B H , Herald office. U. ANTSD-FOR MY itlBBON A> D LAt HI HOODS f? department, e first claaa man; mn,t "a.iarsund uttr rtUll ??JoniAdr. Iootiir* of rKui^i Ra 'T LOK>KR, *7/tu.ton aire*, Jrookijrm. W ANTBD- AN NNTRTjpUTRK. ADDRESS, IN OWN hau la riUng, ..ok 8,709 Peat o i ae. I'RESCH ti>VKRT18E!H)l>TI. UTr BHMR DR moybn age. p'aruant BIKN flan' a. d sire to plaeer cm me tu-une- d'enfanl dans nue f? uli.r prtThA 8'sdreaeer okas Mr. Shaffln, 49 Maroar ?uwat . 7oie areaaaa serait prsfbrha COACHMKN AMD OiRPUBWH. ^ T^TOATIoi WASTRoIbT A RKS,ROTABLE FRO A instant man, *? oosohmaa and ?,,w>m the b 4of elty toftruooan. oou be a-jn at UW litt er at, drst Uuor, tooin ha. 1 . . PROTESTANT COUPLE. JUST LANDED ?'RON A sneiand w.uil ailitatlona; t is mau as coachm-ii alto ?room or plain gardener; the ?U? u; do plain cooking or up !?????* Apply ai or address for day. ii> -d *? betwoeu d4th aud mlh aw. C'TT .nun wanted?a good position for ad r vaaoement to a gardner who thoroughly unatrrtodj A vaoeemei s ??i,afnclory reference. '--ell STif*(SwB?h ?*rj. Tuesday or Wodaeoday. ? CBieer.ttypi-e.-4U. harness .tore, for K. O. lirtumn-RT A RBSPECTABLE COLORED MAK, A W situation a. ooachmao, groom or porter; .best eny rto .r^TyWU U Serre, <3 Bearer at. or L. Martin. r? Weal S3d at _______ W'SEStoS JS^wVo^hor^y^nde^Sa^uT-i ? g W*52525* yo? m^Vo*i.^^f.u'neer.Sl will be well recommended aa fully loofah? a management of horaea. Add row T. Ia. ?J??llOUA near 6th ae. ? \tt^&iUi.visswe ?^.iS a'aAiaA&'^tg H1?.P W A.WBiCh-BAI'5?^ iraT'WPOoa gw^gja AkaajgRftgagJftttu&Sr A Wn-5.?2ii^,co^.nfeal2.?u!?2Si Halp furnished gratia. a LL DBSIRINQ SITUATIONS IN A, yjf^"r^ilcy'u?t.?iS'"- - r?? with large ordure or addreaa, with . Nassau at, room Wo. 7. a FIRST GLASS SOLICITOR FOR ADVERTISE A mania U desired. Referoncea mue? bo Al. Addraaa J. A Davis, bo* 1,061 Foat offloe. ? LL DESIRING EMPLOYMENT CALL ATfit CHA*. A beri ?t ? Detlrable canoies this day in all depaiimcaw of business. Permanent employment. Excellent salaries. A LL DESIRING SITUATIONS _APPLY_ATNEW YOER A. Employment Aaaor.lation, 163 Broadway. Clerk*, mla. men, coachmen and ail others. _ _ s man WANTED IN a PROVISION STORE. AND A, A bookkeeper aud a man wbo is not afraid of work. ply to J. U. Brown k Oo? <8 Kniton at. | - A OENTBEL BOY WANTED-FOR AN OFFICE: MUtt be food oeumaui live with his parents; best ot rafait euceam&X^ufred: wage, tllfhe 1. instructed, thra. dollars per weak. Appiy from 13 to A ?ISQ ^ 00 No. 9 Twenty-third at. Fifth Avenue hotel nnY WANTED?TO RUN EBKAND9. AT DAVTDW B Lt store. ^Broadway, near Duane at. Don't.* ply before 10 o'duck A.M. Directory compilers.?a few first raw hands wanted for the Philadelphia Directory; MM enure.* competent and experienced parties need ap - "olsaac Costa, at Uudson Ctmntr Mutual lu.umuce t- so puny. No. I Exchange plaoe. Jerstr Ctty. t T IFE INSURANCE. BASED ON AN ENTIRELY N*W 1J dsn ?Wanted, ageaia to represent the com UIW oVaaW'or wmmlixtan. Addres. 'or ?ve day. honoitak. box 130 Herald otlioe. ? ivu WANTBD?TO SBLL RELIQIOU8 AND WB M ttonal pictures, payable in weeklv Inatalmenta. Stan* , meU With good reference. Apply at #10 A* Untie street Brooklyn. Wantbd-a boy about uyeabsof age. GOO. reference. Address o. M.. Herald ottee. _ ANTED?YN A WHOLESALE HARDWARKBTORIL an inlalUgaot boy, who rtaea aarlr and to anxlaua m work. Address bo* 301 Post jOce. - 3 tbe United States Naval Keudexvoua, to Market at, neraar Henry. M. T. -- WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED LITERARYOEMTLa man to oopy and prepare a hastily wriltan nMnusorlfJ | of a aolentlflc work for the Pre*. 0?m wo^ baj?mf?J?i ' who hae a good voice and been need to read la public. " % gentlemaa thoroughly quailfird it mayjesd ta^permaaMlt and lucrative engagement. Addreaa A. A, box AW Haw | Post ofllce. i W' ANTED?A PHYSICIAN OR A MEDICAL ^TUDBITR to iraoslaU a German madtoal.work_ln>ai the EnglM | '?f?r* Address F. U.. box 4.0M M. Y. foat olBca. WANTED.?A BOY AORD ABOUT U, IM A BROEEyB oflioa. Address box 3.44J Post once. In handwrtMag. I tttaNTRD -A YOUNG MAN OF INTELLIGENT I W ^ith a imAll capital, to take an IPterestlBand Cba?J of a flouriablug Wee*7 Journal. Apply at 84 Liberty HUM. j Room 18. ? '' I -t... THE TEADK8. ,irr nnCMBti^ROAD COM PAfTlES.?WANTED. A SrTUAa T lion as foreman of the hureeshMl^deuarimeat brB mm -r twenty years' expenenoe in New York jg of leferjuce given. Addreaa l ore man, box 1*7 lie rale cm TO PHOTtKlRAPHEItS.?WANTED, A FIRST PLAM 0|>erator to do out of door work. Nonerw??laliliaaB except experltfuocd meo. Addre?? M. B., llerald onm fro DISTILLERS.?WANTED, A, "TUATION 1BY A 1 prsctieal grain and molaaae* distiller. t aU on owaH. ilrea* lu conOdenoe Distiller, 16 Hudson at, corner of IB(* drug store. ___________ YXTANTBD?A PRACTICAL MACHINIST WHO HAS V> expenencein buildtng and ruunlug looms. Italy those need apply who cani give tm? enee hi to tbo required capacity. Call at 1U5 W#?t -aHii ?-? l)ci ween dtk aud Hh - , WJ r ANTED?A SITUATION AS JOBBING JEWELLER ' Store prelerrcd. Oood ralerenoc given. Addreaa A. Ml'ler, 8G 3d av^ ?? xxftVTED?A rATTERN MAKER FOR OKNKRAR W work, in a jobbing machine shop. OSTERHRL?i EICREMKx^K/ym'bunt. N. Y. ( WANTED?ONE GOOD HAND CHASER. APPLY 1. R. StricUaud, 17 Maiden line. New York. FU?E AKTB. vT^SiraTLiK ov andrf.w /ohnson. a fio IN tures Dealers supplied by the American News Ooa? pany. smgto cople. *> .gnttbj^ ^ n^u ^ TRUTH.?MADAME DESPARD'S PILLS AREWABr Jt\ ranted to give cei mln relief lo ladles. Price BE M bowery, oppoiiti Sixtk itrwl- Hourt, ? A* M. tel * Medicines sent by mail. a BLESSING TO LADIES.?A LADY WRITES:?POR A tuxuese Female Pills mileved me la Otta dy.jrttojj fnconvehlenoe, like maglo. Price tfc. Dr. A M. MAUBt CEAU, ofhea 1MB Liberty etreet. or sent by mad. M.MAURICEAU.M. D., PROFESSOR OF MIDWjFR. . ry. Hurtv year*' practice, ai 1? Liberty street Guam antee certain reflef to ladle*, from whatever cause. T GREAT AND SURF. REMEDY FOR LADIKS^-THM A Poriugusee Female Pills always give Immcdlale reltoQ price $3. Beware of imitators who copy my ad*er to nil poiionoai oomtioobdi m "bidiw' rill#* to nu ?Dr A ?M MAcRK KAUf ,29 Lib^tfjt>f<i^ FACT.?MISS WELLINGTON TELLS OF BUSINBBB theft, guod luck and number.. SR. Bowery, opiMM SixtL etreet Hours ? to 1 Advice to markird ladiks.-madamb TKLL'i Inf hnle l reuch Femal# Pllla; No. 1, ptM SI. or No. 1. pi t* BA. which can naver fall; aafa wma eallhy. Ofllre M West Thirty- four tb _stre*h tne arSU^ nvenu*. Boat by mail. Addi-eea box 9,839. Also sou to ALWAY8 SURE ?A PAtlENT WRITES: "I 8FEJJT $40 for druga. All failed, gler rlelty relieved me to ten minutes witbont pain or expoeure. A pdvate MM* worth forty books, slven away, wrlta for ltand save aealto and mouey. Dr. and Madame DUBOIS, ;? Tbird avenato a nViCE TO LADIES.?MAKE CERTAIN OF SPEEDY A relief by Immeilatal.v -MytDr. to^a'totol G? llble i'ertodioa. bxtrsow aed rilla. cure at one trial, w write for circular. 1(6 Kim street a LL LADIES FIND INSTANT RELIEF PR<>M A Re,Eis..*&iSS"Jiiisf asfatra or write. 1>I Km imi . ntrinv >A f jtnfBfl THR WOMAN'S 1 ROM write. - . ?winAM FARSBLi.R, FEMALE PHYSICIAN A .""ooaHmtaMe Rxoms fur tedl** through nursing. (A Green wtoh strtot UltoWtow I'. ? ? No. 6 City Nallptooa. EKdBWMSBKGS atatoUBf WCNTF.R 06N CURB WORST OASES OF OR? D taia aiseaato, w I thoat "m*r, ,rTi ' Vli?r 1 o'ai' wrao! ito2 fii i fhiMHaa ar aa pay ukoa. Na, ? Divirtea torot t, Mm* IIBA ? . ... _ . ntvi DWrti'TRiN') V HI5VKR tRKVHOk Ti should use Dr. DUV.a.N'f'B eeiebrr tad j ie<ir* gusrante<>(i la aB ?-*, Of ao paymont takaa. Of flea No. T Baach aueot . rift, UR f UlitLWIIOfFIMOA Of MIDWIFNBV id oe?e thirty ye* t, guaraatooo lamagtoto roiief is w*jt i . nivnrtd le #?und end ftpomni fcmtfe* flitWi . ,?j?aanhhlrnW?ow Yor?. \