Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW FORK HERALD. WHOLS NO. 11410. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 30. 186T. PRICE FOUR CENTS. NNIB P.?WHBRB ARE *00 T WB8TCHE8TBB L station 0l INFORMATION WANTED-OP THE WRBRKABOUTB 1 of Miss BmtorCbllds. from Button, ft. Jamas. Llncel% SiIra. England. Plaaaa address T. R., Herald office. *N FORMATION WANTED?bP PATRICK REEHAN. OP A Garryduff, county Blifto, Ireland, by bla aiater Mary; Mr ad to Barton Corner*, mala of New York, about three pawn ago. Address Mary Mae ban. IK Wert Twenty aaeeath rtreet, roam No. 8, New York. information wanted op john flaneltwho J. left bit home to Balmiroba. county of Mayo. Ireland, ?boot four year* ago, and when Let heard fromfthraa year* ?go) waa In Brooklyn. Aoy Information will be thankfully poeahred by Ma wife. Addreaa Wtnefrad Ptanaky, cam of assailed by h Br. Paley, Do bba Parry, Woetcheatoreo.. If. T. IE?HARLEM. WHEN AND W&RRECAN I EBB J. W.. boa Mo. 1. atatloa O. youf T ONBLT ?WRITE MR HOW AND WHERE TO AD> J.J dieaa yoo, and when and where I eaa meet you. Ad moaa Muatache. Herald office. M. A O.; ALSO M. 8. O.?LETTERS FOR TOO AT station G. Wrtto immediately, and direct oa bafore. ffRE ADDRESS OP AET OP THE OFFICERS OB TOR 1 oecand New York Heaey ArttUary ?^rad^by^a aoldtar'e widow. Addraaa M. P.. PtotboaR Poet i L. I. BETANTED?TO ADOPT. A LITTLE GIRL. WITH BLACK 1 eyas, from ana year to aigMaau moatba old. Addraaa Ml* Eliot, rtatloa A.Spring rtreet. ray anted?late oracr boy lb,, qovbrnr WW Plaaaa eall at No. YOramaray park. WILMINGTON. IN CARS.? HERO OP TWO APPL regret* he dM net receive particular addreaa with the aurdat WiU look for it dally UU It comae ky mall to leal ***'*? \ METROPOLITAN, Washington. MATRIMONIAL. ANY PRRPOtidKSSINa LADY op amplk means. raflnemant and lespectabilHy, wishing a congenial Ufa partner may addreaa, with truthful particulars, Mr. B. St It-tr, atation D. Matrimonial.?a gentleman op education and refinement. tired of Mm nonentity of fashionable Rib. la deal rout of corresponding, with a Tlew\o matrimony, I with a lady who can appreciate an affectionate deposition, ant Soma and generous, unfettered heart. Addreaa, la ?, H. C. U, atation D. New York. M ATRIMON1AL BUREAU.?LADIE8 AND GENTLE so often doomed to lead a stnele Ufa In conse quence of the want of auitable partners, that an office under the above heading on the European plan has bean opened to New Turk to facilitate marriage. Hera the names of all respectable parties matrimonially disposed will be registered ?mimb ?? ' * ? [references and introductions exchanged and effected. M. B.?The strictest confidence will be observed. Address ar eaU on Messrs. Griaashaw A Co., Bureau 144 East Ninth ,N. Y. Y>AL'L1NR.-T ANSWERED TOUR CHARMING NOTICE u requested. all par* i again, Charles, hot A of my matrimonial, giving, as you requsstad. all par* ?teulaia. Why not respond? Do write < ? elation O. i*0?T AND^PO?Sn. |OG LOST.?A 8MALL RED SETTER BITt.'FT TKN r?w*rd*w?l'i<1h?U,ilrmlDed: ?n,,rer* 10 ??>? name o/ Lulu, reward will be glean on returning her to 38 Lalght afreet. REWARD.?THIS REWARD WILL i queetlone aakrd for the delivery at 174 a2!i517S.V NSW Y.ork' of ? black Engliaa Span ?'houae dog), loat Tueeday, January ?, in Third evenua! l^DND?A BLAOK AMD TAR DOO CAME LAST * premlaea. corner of Broadway and Thlrty J?.factor7' which Urn owner can *"'w UP?? ?ppucation and paying eipeoiti. iJgs&iKf. Li?S7??- *owpf *? *TH INST., IN OR REAR HAD. jagSSK T MT-B 43Ss ?RT?B* THB CNDERSIONRD A COW# rrrartnw L ***k *? Tdandta on the KrU watiw^ *U pteaee Mm* * at the j JSBSZ HP L I rewarded by returning Utr to SI Tayhae^aa^ w JO?>? swum. IS Liberty afreet. Ja^-S^VSWSliJ^JKSffi iXtSXXS'iS^SSA^T^'^ T.OOT. ORTAKEW BT MISTAKE?TROM the A1 rewards. tl REWARD.?LOST OH THIRD AVENUE OARS OR Jf P?rk abating pond, two law bra* a?v. Haw^Qrk'iol-i i 22Jf 7 wllf "lurn tuem to tfa ?ew Tort Herald afOot and receive the above reward. ?R "Vk THOROUGH LESSONS IN blocu. .HS"\J??r. x??5?,w?de s?od: no extra cbanjep; refa ?Jamea!llereld maiw. *t?'>eri'- ,Uthor' *? A<> $5 ^?!L*fvDM fiS^a VN- SiM)K AND MOJiRT LOST wk StLM3IMLnn ?rennwlcbHani), by C^ewtoy r^>. enW ' ?"????. ouruar A l g^i lReward.?lost, January is. double XTdndU.e SS.f"1* >l,v?r Wfich- J?hl> Beealey. maker The tinder ^11 receive the above reward by returning the 1 ?a to A. Ward. Tammany Hotel *? ^tfa P^tr^" New'To^k.'*"''1' 'h' """ tf> .rL,LL vald? ?p theT^. i avenue, he $10 M^^-tjib person who topic ^w J* tieevvoi^r 'Tr Z^ "^fhte^nth vtreet." ***>"? ^ SIH^S?4?^VE?,*?WARft WILL RE *v 3TJii ?J?rtrj of toe ?9t reward?lost,on akS Co-** *?'"? y<MW on Monday, about ? P. H.. a rTf* ??? ? ?. Menard A Co. Hoaton. on dial ami?? Runtlna ??, " ?Maw; extra jewelled; et> ronometar bal?nPT"n>entp ?BR VVS?/?7r of wjich auita. *"y /eftS? JSKa ?-? Taaa S -ir?; ??/<y Wf OofOaaJt aireat. Niwftwk J"*0** tkadk?talen so lota at half prlre a from le. to tin %irREarsr s*5S?a,:js?1re^ m lot. or r.,: BjSSt$&~?iS?-<xs?r asrsa -? - C,(dtVRe^A^rJ;-^'?? "at*na cigars' or *^d*mOOLDfil*I,fi Bhf"*nA,^"rdb01Jm!API'1' ITtiS S".Mti^'Sy:" TOU WILL |] fe'aid0b!.NA, ft?*t '^Trwh^e^J^'^TO; BED, Hl.n ?nch. Ebvr. Mwr rr <ia.'er,'tpt or or ? ?. Wk, , ,w..lf,. ' ^Cantra ?*????. , _ eakdlr mantrli. lllBTBVCTlOSr. ' A~~ PPUCANT8 FOB PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKKEP- I |n( ?( bilf prkMi for thi enduing term, at GOLD 8Hmfs ImUtote 7M Broadway, will be received until Thumdjy, Jw. M,?H* elaefc f. ?? A RITHMET10. PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING. A l evnm onltmlled; MO per quarter; jS Bow,., 4ng S4? Pulton, Brooklia. From Governor K1nf?_"C?*0Del PA INK'S plan of Inunction la ayUematie and eipedl at m&?A THOROUOH COMMERCIAL course, A time unlimited, at Browna'a Buainaea College. M Fulton etrect. Brooklyn. Book keeping alona $15. frivnta room for adulU Open day and evening. BUT TWO DATS MORE OF TUB REDUCED TERMS. GOLDSMITHS . PENMAM8BIP. BOOKKEEPING. AND BUSINESS AFFAIRS. 7M BROADWAY. SPECIAL NOTICE. AD who enter their aamea prior to February 1 vOl ha re ceded for tbe enauing tame at ONE-HALF TBE USUAL RATES. Fartleniase in circular. The regular charge* wUl podtivefr -he runmad FBUKUaRY 1. BOOKKERPINO, WRITING. AC. FOB BT81BBM? Mr. DOLBBAk, 9?. Broadwsy. teaches Bookkeeping practically u need la the beet New tor* bouMia He aleo removes stiffness. erempiD* or trembling. and makes ?mot business seamen. Gentlemen eaa eecore private YjlBBNCH. GERMAN, LATIN, PIANO. BNOU18H.BCI. K mnee. Mathematics, Literature taught children and adult*. by a lady. Exclusively ?r*t daae patronage. Two morning boure vacant Addreee Oereraeee. etatton Q. . INSTRUCTION AND BOARD FOB A LmLE OIKL Wltb a lady la Brooklyn baring a dMUghter nln? I old to educate. Bofereneee exchanged. Addreee are. u. j 14 Walworth street, Brooklyn. Spanish languages-prop. a. Claesee for ladiea et hie reeidenee. 338 Fourth avenue. wHhhDNEW-COMBINED METHOD, publlebed by D. Apple ton A Co. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO INSTRUCT IN NNG lteh and German or French only daring ?T?lj|nf for which Board and Lodging will bo V s box e pec table houeo; referenoee required. Addreaa u. do* 8.840 Poet office. WASTED?A8 RESIDENT TEACHER. AN BNQLIRH man eraduate of an Engliub University, to teach claa .ic. andRn?!5*br3chss In aWdtngoehool near the city. Addrea. box 5 091 Poet offioe. ; (PORTING. T^KENO SET FOR SALE CHEAP. ADDRESS CENO, A. Herald office. . STEAM PROPELLER TACHT FOR 8ALB?FIFTY enrh-fret lone ten feet beam; about Are month..oUl, bnllt of^and ttr fStened: ha. ^mrno-l.tlon. for rtrht Dersone becluce the crew; te well found In every ru ?oetAApply on board at foot of Eaat Tenth street All kinds of dogs and birds for sal? at B DOVETTS, SCO Canal etreet. near Church ?l???? Medicine, for all Seeases. Prepared Food for mocking birde. CIIA8. REICHE A BROTHER. 56 CHATHAM STREET, hare received, per eteamer Bremen, and here on hand, 5.000 German C???>leA Goldfinchee, Llnn^, Wjmkblrtih Thrushes. Lark., Ac. Dealer, and bird fanolereare hereoy Inrited to caU and examine for them^re?. lfeaiT,p_re nered to aclt at the lowest ratee. Also Golden and surer Rcasants, Swan, end animals, suitable for ehowtnen. OR 8ALE?THOROUGHBRED IMPORTED BNOLISH Mastiff Dugs, Setters, Scotch Terriers, small Black And Tan., Laqulmaux gffi ,???/?!&% fgWtvelt street. R 8ALE-A PAIR OF THE FINEST BREEDKING Charles Pupa, I months old. Apply at 100 Forsyth Street, New York. . p?.re sad Flea Baffimiimte*. 78 cents. Butler'e uew wo^ ? on the Dog, 91, Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicine# for all diseases. ? ratters; one nisaww . WA?SMda2,'W{5- 'St'SBiSS*. boa-ROB PeeteSeo. EB. CARRIAGES. AC. A FINS PAIR OF DARK BROWN CARRIAGE Horses, perfectly sound and kind, tar: ?oar Ps^g ffiP* , GOOD LIGHT BUSINESS JAGGER WAGON, WITH t^p and jK>le, for .ale cheap. Apply corner Waahlnf -too and Newark atresia, Hoboken.^^gTwg ^ child. UIl^T?l^HsTL^'iAtd HOW' AUCTION MART, Union ?qttw*s ihro^h0^tn^y^r^rauc 37 N*m*u street, every ^?dnes<Uy ana SAtunUy. Bee ?uc tloit b?:^d. ??> ? A PUBLIC SALE THIS DAY. AT U O'OLOOK. AT A 1 399 Bro? Iwav. of Horse*, Carriages, top and no top Wagon*. Harness, ftober. Bells, Sleighs. Ac. i cocrcrrfa^t bay Mare, one br-jwn Mare. on?f?* **r*LOI1AITIo liJ aoJd one hiuidrt iue Fh.etou, ona road Wagon. Ac. All w M sold without reserve. * *,'C JAM*E8"jKNKIN 8, AorUon-et. -Jtt DOUBLE SET OF HARNESS, COVERED MOUNT a.,., eit> made; one Harr ucuo, and one Breit and Phseton, or two seat ,i,? I?, ami no top Rnrye. Wasoiis, all used by a family. ^Appl.s m M.PCUKtEY, * Kant Twelfth et / sAKIU \vJFS AND HARNESS.-A LARGE A8SORT ( / men! ol first claw work at a aae IBce for 30 days?Vlnto Jr,?. I'hruoons. Rocltawaya. Hu<?1 ?Tw' ifhVn^-rS"tT*K0B,S Ar at . rv low f.K'trea JOHN M. TUFTS, Jn., 47 Ceder street, two doers west of Wl.llam. fjtOB SALE?A~ BLACK HORSE. FIT FOR CART OR r *a 1 other kind ol busines*; ia 8 years old. and perfectly sound Inquire of JOHN O'CONNOR, K Washington street, N. Y. . FOR S ALE ?A SPLENDID BI.AOK 1IORSE,. SIX ,t,r- lid. Ft hand, high, amiud .-uiil gentle, can be. eeeii It 191 thd 1st Weshittg'.un street, Brooklyn. ^ lilv 1R :;a'V.-A HGRKKL MA RE. 8 YEARS OLD. M P hmodn high, warmatad te trot 1b4IA9. will be aold cheap, r " ifurV. 15 M hand. high. ? years ?W?:*??n?d: wrmld sllrt a belcher of ?n,kmaM; ?o pace I will tie "jld cl.aap. laquire at 198Third atoaue, in the her ncs* maker's, uear Forty-second street. nn* 4aLR-? BAY COLT, ? TBARH cnp. lSH F hsnd.' .m.nd mid well broken; promisee good speed, tobesOiddUap to satisfy ^ ? Wqoi^ ,tre?t Diieeootno; Lip Robe, Ae. Price for the wbaie ghuo, or wltl eed eeparetely. Apply et 144 West Forty-eighUj atreet. pVJTl SALE ''HEAP?A OOOD SECOND nAND 'TVOHM T A panel Coach, in found running order; alee a oew F*. I "*** J*ffna ?ud one second band Business Wagon. Apply ir7Srosd?\**~ "?A large w,utf. rear rkin >,1P Broadway. _T: w ttsrneas. Apply at SUlUnrct HbHSES rnAT HAVET8?, * - dr^J,''Ne^rk#|inT?^ortf Sixth FOR" S ALE-SOU*D WD *'?{? _ ? H'SI??SSc5^0? VSMSLaW? ?irmi , ?D..CKAWAV.-A EEW XE:yAWAT^ Sh "Scr/rriDh^o.^pWoWth street. ^ nothing, lit for *?r use; price ?ery 1^. alsoaraal pacing pony. 489 Fcnrl street. ' WANTED-TO PURCHASE -enoe'*a cnixr (rent Coupe, alee a .**?*.EffSTd! gied order, for aheut 98CU each Addreee Furehaeer, no* T.aro i'o?i 'iBicx. ___ ^ T,~^ * ./tNr i? n\ pirn ^ TIB TARO, AT CTG-wEhaUaat*- wK foot of West E?Mp.lh street ..iid-?ot of East ?, iUUSu'^Sr a ,?<raAAySS'SMSS and Eke; Hfteentk wg Xo-it a CHaiA0* ro* ODE*?DBLITBBEB Ol) Immedls'X Apply at my coke office a4 the Seir York GaV Worh.Tw.ntv ffrst street end arenue A. Tor* '*? " 8. F. SHERWOOD. " _T r7k -LE roH, LOCUST MOUNTAIN, WII.KBB $7 e)U. "h.moktn and Red Ash Coal, Out else. Saw. nee.^ corner ef C.*?"?'??*? "" O'?? IT^jflENSET. _ _ ;?I*1 RHD AND WHITE ASH COALS. $7 , )().W.e'cht gnaraateed. MORGAN BROTH EBB, SO aad Mir1"*'' *>">ib arsaue. A waVtrd-witb ?,?* JV^ *?!*nufkctu*1ki c ^ box ltM ww^ed; profit* Ikrge, do riak, *4IWM v* Ant ladyok outrun?a* ?rE^t,<Ui^ta\ A rMpOQtlbl* n" 5*vLU iulWllI ll Skalkki*. fbjt ?T-*~ Herald odlce. rtkUn? ??' *?? ?. M*oSS JS582S.M . _ _ tut CHARLKH GACUfl. Ku Toac, Jm. *. HP %**. CLARENCE 8TBWART BROWN IB fSM DAT M^.y.nTiSr "ffiaimam *<?.. jssssrsw*] able ildrMi K. P., H?r?M oPo*. ' p^jSvs^zms^s^^S! WILLIAM P. JAFFRAT BECOMES A,,^B? our firm from thl* daUt B. 8. JAFPRAY A Msw TOM, JkDtiary I. 1887. ;r op I TtrAMTKn?A BUSINESS MAS. ETCM 1TBOMJW W to ?ia,ooo mpUM" the I k hardware Herald office. elclnlly of W?w York. Addrwa B. C? Heraro ?""? SSSwS capitat Addren* Iron Herkld office- ? Uiy. profit*. Addrera B. 0. C.. Hkrald olHw. sss ?a to tiuib loantifaKurinn buiinoM. Adare? Mr g!Thom??, 1?> Waterrtrect, SewTorK. BLm-g^ys^gg SffiHS ! lucre tim buitnew; hk* no oompetlttou. LkB Dt ?? wkj, room No_. 7. j ?? $aooo ' venture. It willb* eip?>ct?ath*t the York charye of mid bartnee*. Addre** 8., oo* k?P ?? Font office. ? ?^;3S??j3??W^ ?S^2Ssrr,wir only. Addrem Bnfrprtoc, box SO Brooklyn ro**an*^__> 1 BUSISESI OPPW^I*?^ _ ToESTliMAS~DMIEIM TO INCREASE* PROM. A.tsa!g,;sag?^f^S city, good refnrvioM. Addrem Phyrtc. ?mt oily. CHA80ET0 MAKE *?. of tho mort Tklnrttd or ' rVoKlnad terrttow mid In a \ uSESm treat 4 MY RESPONSIBLE PAKW, HATIIW ^tSPtJi A"~ .iMSiraSs HEaa .Safes. feswre .sjra*-. VA. R BEE PAkt aMpA - -? **- '? - - II. D.?^WB VI r-? , h ? bkx S^lto P<*1 otMc*- IV ^SSSS^Sj^, ^od^SfMr^SflMrt. # Amity 4lw?. Mono bnt |t>? men nkkd call. ~ 7^iNTLEMAX A nees down town NJM Sfkinfw TrTeral arrauMmeota s!.t2 "K r^."ri?" box 101 Herald olflre. -?' 43 Nuiiu itrect) JBroofcly*i. . ? mnBOWNERS OVK In ?nAuLr?8T fn iho 1 nod Hotol property wi.b Cure ?nd_ cx Addre*. Spk. iUtlon 1>, New Tort. ? LITTLE CAPITAL *~ " pihtt VHO HAS 4 LTTTLB CAPITA I. W^HANTUfb- A PAHTY WH<? H4? j0,n the kdrer end t* wHI acrjuklDtert In tbU offlM N-one Oxer lu rtkrtlnt ?>? ^ ?ddre? R. E. J? bo* i? bat thoM who tnkkin buslnem neea ??u? Herkld oWce, ___?? ? W'Witfsw K?ft"nSSSS.tS gAw n?<""?e ABTKD f?ml dlrm-or. whookn mmm! lT?k enterprtm frtends for lar puriKwe f If s York Port? doubted iiecnnty. kddrew w nWjrJXZ 'SKS ffl-SJWU'Ki Ertnmforaklkcbo*^. ^ MOODt * CO., ?g Floe rtreet_ ?? ?, , -,rv I'llv HALT lNTI'.P.KST OP A $3,000 turin* bujinem-P?I"?B 600 P*' v ktider. Her.ld w~ SPKCIA1. MWltKS. T A MKBTINO OF THB eCUtMlMTON FOR AOOFR 1 I A t A MF.HTIKO OF THK HRMRai rvIt aimikp A lug plana far ITnlt-d HUtea Font imo# and Oditrti 1? lk? "ilv -if >.w Terk. held at the rnnt < ifflca lu aaid city, Jan., ?, 11*7, the following preamble and retrdutiem wne adopt*! ^Wherean, H ledeetroble that the advirttwwreul for pkvn^ A?. for the Pen OtOm jhoull be such aa will anoonrnge IH boat archllecte of the country to compete. Reaolved, That to order that thin v?umlaal?'i can adopt a courso inajt likely to secure fair and full opmpotltlon a,noag architects lor plana, specification* and estimate* for the Pom OtBee. that arohlteoto do iarilod Id eommnnloate ta writing an or baton February 4, 1*17, la John T. Jlotlman, Mayor, or James Kelly, Ponfmaater, what offar of romiowiaatinn should bo mad*- by the Omnia l*.ilou to the architect whoaa plana and opedflcatMiia akall ha aeeppted, and what "ompen cation, tf any, mnat ha taada to thoao wb*?e plana and apacl Bsatlaaa may not ba accepted. JOAN T. HOFFMAN, Chairman. Jamaa Kaixr. ??sectary. T,l|mi ATK*UR RAILROAD.?THE OWNKK8 OF J1 property and othara tmereitcd In Fifth atnuue are re Hacvted to take Immediate action to piwont 'he pernor* of a bill inMa the Legislature for a railroad, with double tracks, In aald avenue. ; j IMPORTANT'TO PARTIES HAVIRO FtlRJ A atored at Battaraoo'a ataragn rooms, IMI Mllh F0RNITl.rRli _ avenue, eorner ol Thirty, ninth aired.- -Gas fiitnrea atored under tha name of HarrW and furniture and Union of bn .ka atored urt der tha ntme of Willlama having boon on storage more than one year will be anld at auction oa Thuroday, Jan. 31, 18*7. nnlaaa storage la paid and gooda Mien away before Rat time.' A. L. BATt'I.RriON. "OURI.IO fiCHOOI-H?THE CITIZHNS AND taxpav. Vnl,,TT Hrtft1*8pwhlte reboots of tola oily par* Ion tfcn Public School* of tlu* nir ftVr Jfji MfffSt ?u Loglntoiioii at AlUnnj on ibotr cba cwocy? REL'FJ? Z(,K *?? ORRTAMS-CONTRISimoWS ?"f }* mMremwl to the order of Hamunl??. Ward, Treaa HTm. A "10l< ?"'""I, M Wall street. For the Rj. aenBvaCommittee. C K. TI'CICRRMAN, Secretoiy. Tn,5 PWPRBSIOWHD, DI'LV AimiORUlKD BV T?IK tin *3S?SllS?*V'0",mlM-* ?f tho Land and Submarine C i ??.? . whlrh <? empowered by the guv. }}**'*** "-*1 *f Bpfct. ?? receive prepwltloua flAia aay rsapmieikls party for the purchase of mo Wbulk FJJjrertv bolonoina to aaid company, and which constat* of the Teleoraohlu Line eatmhHahaJf r?, ,, Savannah. Ilv, LhiSS! 2mP AO aaid oompany, and Lhfo,,?a !i. TalMMo Line established from 9***' Fla.. and ita depend node*. .ilobT^rli^fiat for*?"1"t propofaln the nudcrrianed will f im nrSfo/Ttj i py>* *?, for the claim which hat (nr th# J.^i~r?^dw^TcVYor!f Raw Yona, Jan. R Itm. f?!!Ar o.-A-w*?? or TlflRTRRN DIKRCT. i JdrPOt.fl. k WWW "III hr hrld l^WJ^TVrekWro'.eff ,"'rd "" HENBT 8 MOORE. Secretory. SKW {*UBt,|f:41*U?,V^ 1'JIT.HIOUHH !AI? TIKW OF MARAIA/iK?TOK MrlMa^',the ana nmnw^jFa? "f fln'' and en arav nga of Aha ana.omy or the human omani la a note if Ssf sSSSSlSsS^ ^ truthful adrmer la iihe ^married and there confempltilna marnag.', who would know their phyateai .-ondnhm ?, ,?l ?rg^ta wurraaey. Addraaa Ur La C'rotr. u Maiden laoa, gOONwTO ?? aao who kaawa Company," "j* B0?^-?E.BTr * *?- irss?* HaTirx, wmpJc^ . ^T*J^*- *" A??rt??n -"cui-tltOa ud euk <an? wSgJiagg&a&s'* ? J)WCAH. ?HRRMajj g CO.. *~ " ' bankers, UOKTBB HKB iSB VAtiKAO 8TBJBTS, KSV TO Bit, UaM.Otaoabr Kwm U4 Uunof Crodlt fa# b?roIlei? ?vmlloMe to an tho frtndpol dtiea of the world. Maraaotilo <?***? ftw aae In Barqp^ Chin*. Ac Alaa m*k? tmufara ofmonvioOWlfon*^ Oregon by tolograpfc. IattnM aBowod OB Aoyoatta "F?oJ^SR!,AriONAI' "** IKSURABCB Aa?ET IT. >tOOLAT. ? Pin. ttmt. T?jmersb^ss!^'^? M ? AI.BgftT fl. mcoLAT. a Ping (tract J;',*? OITT RAII.ROAB OOM ?? wo?.?iAV?Jjr?S?<4? JK8f.1T " t stock Broker aid Auctioneer. . y ?> ? ?? ? Wo. g Pino gtrooL ""^OWOHATION A GOLD QUART* M?^??arffif!fP?'TiI'r,K* r*?* 138 Grand atroet near Broadway. ;in& <To. ? Twenty-third street. Fifth ATenue'HoteL vrorthwtsrte rh status. " ' jhri&fyayja Premiums received on marina rltka Dm 1 ?? January, IB*. to Slat Deo^be,lw;!l ,St a* Mm ojt lSS 00 P0"*1?'1 "ol "^ked otf iW j'a'nn. ^ * 8.188,06 IS nor51^"^ upon Are naka disconnected with marine W'?t. 1**. KZ%ti5^^:::::::::: ffe I vlbTJ0?*?*' *?? th" fXwlaVSaiti' ViV-- 1,lW,m ? United Sta'ea and iliata of ji/. vM' T _ city, book and otherlSok,. . * *"* teKKSi'&siSa"susss^--""-- ^sSa ?.SKdgdBa&T* .r??? <"? **" ate-"d bUta"??^ia....:::::;:;: sjftfES! 4S4.2S7 81 JPJ*I amount of areata..1.. iis fci-uts i WSBJBSKS.5MIK.SSr"*' ?

??tw M ?JE fieb&SQjSE'" "?w WAY corfW^isTRR^ S?t?sRS? SOT'S ssjks HBifrfia5? $ siEfi?*s^irs3xi iv? &J2- ^MXR-lsaa $60,000 &tatf&.^, ^ W- W. W <H)6, <6 WaU atroet $600,000 TO 8C,T? ?* prompt attenUo.CrtS* T"0AU0?: ? *? WILUd A HQ-in Tina atreet, baaemmt SOoO 000 1-0 W*X_n* BOND ANn 3IORT "eW Je"'T "?d -HaKLKS P. OILMa* 11] Kroadway. room No. A . MIA* OFPIciw~ ~ Ali^lSS^BSn&M^V si "?S m&B&S&Bm. A TJ83 PKAItf, STItKKT?1>. U l.EDKRFR A r.? \ n *=?? A^H.fNIUMAB, K?5id Broj^,. UAAC8L lllaniood Hrokar t __J?pwte_Wai)afiVetbawtre.. A CORRKB OP RAN It R^?I? #>WAMtE J R BARftlPitlKR ail S^iiway. room No. A AI M.I. ? twenty-third street. fifth avknijc ? jiwul, ?h? i.lyb?at jirian paid for Dtanunda, watcbnn. Jc jf *rlr*nr?? mi do on tbo aanae. DRV (MIOD?. 'a'cIKKAT HUSH FOR OCR CHEAP WUSLINB. A Nirantora who havo not bought any of B!TO bad bettor do aintonoo. an our aupplv to noarly ox* tied. Tou canaavoTuU lOo. a yard. MKNSK J.OTS AVrTIOR Mtfek^ l^a?V.nd ^ IMMENSE LOTS. *ta., Bo. and ?r ^ ... iUCTION BOOM* OUR ORKrtN GOODS, tie. "WMENBR CLOTHS, A,;CTIOi^, Theae are lb" ebeaiwCl j?r??u?'d5c., 10c. and Tito. fOSTKK BROTHERS. J#7 Klfhth a?..n**r r,v ,, . And POSTER BROTHERS. 271 Rloo'TOPd*!^-? handnowk jiudnon bay sable c\pk and | Muff for aalo. Apply at 43 Great Jonea atrecl. flORNYN BKOTHHRR WILL OFFER THIS WEEK V ?/ LARGE STOCK OP BI.EACIil f? AND BROWS BRIANS M PKU CKN1 LB MS TIL, N FORMER PRICKS. A LABOR *wn? or DRKSR GOODS AT GREAT RE DUCTION i BARGAINS IN BLANKETS AND FLAN NELS: HEAVY 12x4 BLANKETS AT ?? A PAIR?OLD PRICK *13; BROW* BLANKETS ONLY 91 50 A PAIR; WHITE MERINO, WHITE AL. AC \ PLAIN AND PLAID POPLINS. GREATLY REDUCED; WHITE AL PACA. (UI?o.-roRMrR PRICK $1. great iiaroainb in all descriptions or Gooni Tins week, at cornvn rkotiikrs', 437 EloHTH AVENUE, near Thirty-lonrMi alre-d. New carpet stork.-d. krlly a co. akk skll 1 iic Ibetr inn's and new atock of CurpeK Ac., at Breatlr redueao r.\laa onrnor of Tareiilv-Qtlk atreet and Slt?b a?. CANAL STREET. BLANKETS. BEDDING, Ac. ? ?smasrarai. asMwn BLANK* r?. at t cm>. REDUCED PRICES. Al*?HOP-SB BLANK Kff?. .' mm R 15 toff.*, to. other with ? li tint |< of BUD AND TABLE LINEN, BURETS. PILLOW CAPES, Ql/lLTs, '"oMKOItTAPLBS. NWRBADi*. Ac. .-BMtMo.o '.BED A It Ml AND PIANO COVERT. AfAfHIBNN.lS. SPRING li:.I?S IKON PlfRNi'OBB, An hand i.nd mads id ??iddr. Thr attar T> a of Layer* or tmtSfj MMsn**!??>?. *S 'ana, psMio l-<r tai'o .a ai d fbWi'fTT " owDrnttavnr largo ato. , ? S-b .a , ?M SBWHis a* tbr i*ws?timarket orcoa. WM. GABDM1 A, M4 Oa>1 ttre.k ) AmufcMTfc ^ BROADWAY THEATRE. AIMItBSION ?? CEMtB. CoroAf uf Broadway and Braaaaa MMteeaad lueuauA of the rtarmiug MB OBEAT DOtbLj'^ Br' (U^EdlglOl BILL AB IB ^7%rs?;.PStrRVKris?if eiilfceselmewMgedrUeiLrt Ha'lcal lirieuM of CIBDKkBLLA. BOPffTK and BENE In lUtr charming DUMB and DUO DANCES. ^ Mlsa JENNIE tn CLOG DANCE. Era. uTD. Gilbert la hdra'compliabed Comie Dance. The ptaeaa teaereperaed with Local Hit-, Braakdowna.Ch? rnaaa and totrodnaliw an tacraaaad Ballet. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY XBKNEFIT OF KIM JENNIE, r np be aecurad aft days to adraooa. I^BRT^BROADWAE. reaaot Programme. IK. OOBLTN HEAD. I ?AT," and other Faata. > luundiia We.: inaridd aaala |l. For aala at IBs Hall from W lod. Doors open at 7Jg. Saturday. doora apao at IX. The ChMfcermg rtimo la aaad at tkgee Seanoea. BLIiB A LEON'S MINSTREL?. 7? BROADWAY. L Granted aHli aeraama of laughter hw crowaad houses NDEK-I EON AND MADAGASCAR BALLET TROOI'B. ? Thegreatest hll e?er wwde. The amUgona kapt la a rpsr. HNIHiB-I.HON and the ONLY LEON. Denaeuae Aaaolata :iSx^aS^e^hk^mo i; ru ITus. AUenaltrd, FrloinL OberatigUnL and large eorps of gentkt Corypheoo. CI N DkA-LBoTaod *ha KraWlai agocy at 10. flHARLEY WHITE'S TBOUTB. c.MK&QMm2Er NOTICE Id eomnllanew with numerous raquaata. thla beautiful drama will ba continued nightly for the remainder of the praaent week, only REMEMBER. THIK 18 THE LAST WEEK REMEMBER, THIS 18 THB LAST WEEK of the GREAT DRAMA aooceas FENIAN'S OATH K CIN GREAT DRAMA success FENIAN'S OATU OR GREAT JJRAMA abeaua FEN IAN'S OATH THE IDIOT OF KILLARNEY. OB H LAST VIES Fenian aath LAST, Wl LAST WEEK Fanlaa oath " ~~ LAST WEEK Fenian oath IA success FEN l A THE IDIOT OF KILLARNEY, THE IDIOT OF KILLARNEY. \if JAN FRANCISCO MIN8TSELS. 5%5 BROADWAY. j The trouble commences at a quarter te& . THE CRKMR KB LA cIeMF. OF MINdTRBlAY BIRCH, WAMBOLD, BERNARD A BACKUS* ^ SAN FRANCISCO MIVSTRKLS, whoaaaooeeaa baa narar bean equalled by aay simitar organ isation In the world. New and cheerful Burlaaqupa eyerr ek. Hilton Head Inatftilte, Anna Maria Jaaa. Chll m of Cypress. Impcaeharnt Committee. Bhouta ot laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming Black Cook and African Ballat Troupe. OLYMPIC THEATRE WEDNESDAY EVENING. JANUAI LAST NIGHT BUT THREE of tbo moat brilliant and aucoaaafnl eeaaon of GRAND ENGLISH OPERA over recorded In thla city. LAST TIME POSTTIYKLY OF THE CELEBRATED ETCHINGS TROUPE In WaPaoe's delightful Opera qf MAKITANA, MARITANA, MA HI TAN A. Meaara. Campbell, Cantle. Peaks, Arnold, Ac.; Mlaa Caroline Etching*, Mlaa Selda Harrison and Mma. Boudioot In tie prlnctpxl role*. TO-JfoKiloW iThursday) EVENING, laat ? of Balfe'a charming Onera, the ROSE OF CA8TIL8. < FRIDAY?Farewell Benatttof Mlaa RICHINOS. STKINWAY H4LL-THI8 EVENING, WEDNESDAY. Jan. SO, atN o'clock, TWELFTH WEDNESDAY POPULAR CONCERT. It r. HARRISON tirtelor Madame FAKE PA, The celebrated Prime Donna, will alng . BKETMOVEN'S (IRANI) SCUBA, 'AH PEBMIDO.' -The 1Mthai Camel iKprlng^byBeuedlol. T T I "Heenee that are Brightest," by Wallace, and ? caiii7t:ar? ?Mr. CAR , Wm play "Faataala da Ball at." hp Da Be Hot. "Bveninf Son* " by Befcamaan, a ad Capnoe Feotaetlgu*, bp Mm Sit. CAML ROB*. VMUoiat. raataa E?BI gTKlX WAY'S BOOKS. CARL WOLFBOHN SEVEB1 i wm u> ola* 18 a' ua whlob oecaalon MOON phov'ehmatiBE* la#Mwt??ea?k'sii " SaUortpUVVMkbU for the naata Grand concert.?a or.and concert imt. bk given on Wednesday ere nine, Jan. SOL at Saa Frsnetseo Hall. No. 63 Bowery. Professor ft. Benjamin and hto cele brated troupe will appear. Don't fall to ooaee early, UNION 1IALL, BROADWAY AND TWENTY-THIRD ? street. BUNYAN TABLEAUX, large* p.noruma la tbe world. Open every nlrht at 7. ootnmenelru at TJf. Adnileaion. oO cents; children, SB rente. Matinee Wednesday and Saturday at S o'clock. And the cry is srrM. thry come. NOVELTIES. NOVELTIES. NOVELTXlB. SOMETHING NEW AND AMUdlNO Now being performed erery night to crowded Itfueee. The highly amusing and intereeifug dramatic spectacle entitled TKMPKRaNOK IN NEW YORK Br GASLIGHT, or THE magic effects of the new excise law. NEW SCENERY. NEW COSTUMES. NEW ARTISTS. StirtlinpeflreetA Wonderful and ama-ilny Muete by Professor Knelrmen'scelebrated Band, Fverr lilght at tbegr.-.-: REVEtLLE MtSIv OAKDEN. ?r Broadway. Admission free. A KG US HALL. 600 BROADWAY. NF.tR HOUSTON ST. "THE BTREKTt, OF NKV YORK BY GASLIGHT.' Lecture by Rev. Char. B. Hmytb, neir Sunday afternoon. rilHF, PRIZE SKATING MATCH FOR A GOLD .MEDAL I for the host Lafly Skater at AATMAN'S Kink la post 5 XS?4.I.. ,# Pa! ? poned un'il Friday Feb. I. There will he toed abating at )fae Rlnlc to-day. rpHF, PRIV \TK COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS BY THE moat celebrated Amerle l? artiste, collected i y Mr. S. P. Avery dnrin.; tbe nest fitW> yoars, now exhibiting at the n- w galleries <f Messrs. I/' ds. 817 Bmndway, every day anil the la,t thr?? evening!*)! t' on the eveutugof Februaiy 4. TIIKATKK TICKET office. Hose red rente fo' All theatres, operas, concerts, belle, Ac can beohiainu'tat the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. 112 AND 114 BROADWAY. PHOtfUS. PROTEUS. PROTEUS. RO'KBS. PROTEUS. PRUTKU8. PRiltSllS. PKOTKUS. PROTRUS. Great rush at the Bitw>etv? academy. GRAND RUSH AT THE VJ POPULAR OY.STKK HOU8W CLINTON STREET. BROOK I UANC1NU ACAUKMIKtt. DODWORTH'S dancing acadsmt. '.'VI Fifth avenue, Mew York. For dors, term*, Ac., please call for a circular. DB GAKMO'S DANCING ACADEMY. 83 FIFTH As. anue, aoutheast corner of Fourteenth street. Open f<\ the reception of puptl* oa Tuesdays auA Fridays. Wedoes s and Saturday a. sulles 2 to 4 P. M.; Misses and mastered to 8 I?. M. the dys a Gentlemen, Tuitaday and Friday craning*. at 8 o'clock. THK LKm HK SKASON. IMHirrotK?DR. HIBBARD LECTURES iff oa the Yfir >ei, titieat, Diaphragm and l.unn, lfoar?rne?a. Bronchitis (-'Brown ivitterin>. Cioofkr imtrrnfF-DR, hibbahd lectures /this evening on thaTBi the Votes, Hoariene?? , _.. Cougb. ' Raising." Asthma, Coneumiitlon, many kinds; How in Breathe. What to Breathe. Ventilation, How to Bleep, Fore Air. Who are Strong, Who are Weak, Who are Long Lived, Inspiration, Enthusiasm, Ac. IMPORTANT MBirrURBS DAILY?TO GENTLEMEN only, at the Mew York Museum of Anatomy, 618 Bronri nay. Those unable to atlend those lectures mat receiee a 0)jtv Ire forwarding ten cents. Address Secretary of New eoVk Mnasum of Anatomy, 618 Broadway NRW liECTI'ltk REV. K. B. cffAPIM, D. D. HUBJRCT, hull t>r honor, rauRmm RYEiiiNd .tan, n. at n o-clock. In the Reformed Dutch ehurcli. West Twente Artt street, east of tilth seenne (Ree. Dr. Alex. R. Thompson's). Admission. Sll cents. Tickets can be Had nt the door or nt Chss. hcrtbiier A Co.'a, dM Broadway. PROFESSOR AOASBtl'H LECTURES. f4 P:-,lv"'r'' >'T IneltoOoa of the New York Association for he AwmnagHlil Of hue one and Art T'i >?dav^& RWer. its Basin and Tributaries." Mon.iae VrlKL5 ~"*ho Ancient 'llrdlrrs In rhe Troptsn" WedNMs*. Atlltnala of the Am do?." la." " ??<??"Thi Laud A ttlmalx of South Auter ^"nm?m-,nji aft o^L*aaldT^- MA?* nJ*2.?LAo 8"^ Tde ??f i W W1H ho . T*" I* bote ' tirac Fire Dollars. Tl - v ia c iiJ ?,Ur. J? thr >wseity nt the hall. Rr??&t iw liToa t 1 u 1 ih* "W">? 1'bices:?Rtlha ?t Hncrmu Al; ?>.. DrngrMs. v " ? Applnton a Co . (AS Broadway; fieri ? " ; I'lesviaAATi Ato, fU i;r OMilvriAy; ?orii t* 'if9**' prijplau CO .*r Hrf* d?r WtCSSS^L !"**?.' * Macs. Druggists/"?! ki .oX;rj."r^ if* I i",ne Tin,? iht rsornli^fiT 1 Coma??jr, lie N\%*mjui N.wtr fcke tlMlitlOU. iViiMir Inn iiuf/? dCO '\<i fi??nr ** iocuIiS; * *<o the atibscriiera in person. _vvAl\;i,i'Tv .|r ic,,av. <?0?. PARIS.?AT ML REn'MV. M Rue Haiiihif tii. J???\ ran be bought at workshop price, and of the Meet fashion, v* asms "iMng made on Ike ?? ?VKWry premises. TMIUTV I'F.H CKNT iytVKIt. IVATi'HRB. Bt'TTABLK F?E u'RCt'l.AtlVR ARB '? gift purpose; if old sod Hltrei American Wapiltei, )eM and Plated JeweBy, Klre Witt ?nd Dartre p):,ia OhainA lend lor mew puce Ual LIUMBL JACtJtp, 177 Ilea defy V Al&t*K>f KNTR. _1* VOKK THEATRE. W I MIIII ud Mtui?riL Veurr. Mtrk Smith A * ??*?. THI8 EVENINO m wUi be mhoM, for the aeuond Mm In Ammo, on ?nm Ml adeotaVloe from tho French b* L. R. Beneo*. at lbs Grand, Romantic and inaalamlar drama, in /our Oct* and ?even tableau, eutUled a" v bird or PARAOTRK. _ _ ? wkieh win be produced nith eetiielg now Sceserp, ,bf 'J Morton oudJA Fairea. New and OcprnrUtO WiiH bp 2T,%lon- ."Sn'SMnl Wardrobe bp B. Full Corps fle Ballet, under the dlreoOen of M. A. OBOSm 1 Machinery by Dunham and eat laUnts. Properuea bp Duveruap ood *??? Tba whole under the direction of MI8H tULLIK A HINCKLEY, with a great cast of characters. THE MAGICIAN'S CATS. J THK GARDENS OP NIK'IBAK. - ----- ----- - l?|rH THB TAW IN THE FORF8TB Or HOHBM1A THK PALACE OP ORRAMU. H OBAN0 SQUARE IN H REN A OA. mSm DR " JRBAMLAND. for ipnopitt of Ballet Incident*, Ae.. aee programme* Seats mop be aeeurwd ata dap* tn advance. Theatre fr anoais?pou k tbbnth street. MLLE. NA DDI'S BENEFIT. Tbe fa?or?te Fre nob Prima Donna. Thuradop, January St. at 8 n'atack. ORPHEK AtlX RjirtRR. Ticket oflleei, Beer A Schlrmer 7UI RbdaJWap. IK, lit and ?78 Broadway. \| R3. r. B. CONWAY'S PARR THRATBR, BROOaU N lU THI8 EVENING CHILD OP THE (W OfMBMT. * 4 MODEL HU8BAMP. /TRIFTIN 4CHRISTY'S MINRTRRLR, FIFTH avenue yOpw* House. art joining Fifth Avenue Hotel. ~?t W. H. ?nflA Minm. Triumphant aaaeeae Crowded bouuea. GEORGE CuKIMTY In new ond eridnol em*. First up Kranee of the Treat Rngliab arttot. Mr. OSfAR BOR NE, and DICK BANDS, tbe ebompVKl danger of world. Second %eek of JOHN COLLINS, t?? laluiNoble bone player. Mr. CHAR. HENKV, tbeaweet butlodtah every night Morrison. Bhattuek, Hughes, Uugan, Abbot; ami host of others In fareii. aonea ond Itaeta HHBISfY ond ORIPPIN in new act*. Scenes at the Ptfth Avenue Motel; Vedirel Summit; Pathetiu ball.ul; Mountain Tragedy; , Naugbtp, Naughty Girls. IT a Meat t'oualo Out Ae. Firm night of THE-O-DOOIl TOM-A TOE'S Orand Orrfie _ ____ KAstra. ,Rig. George Curleaiue. Mine. Red Pepper Abbotitno end dig. Carie Pore tn oat. Matinee erery Su'urJ tp, at Sjf P. M. TTOOLEY'8 OPERA HOCSB -BROOKMM XX The Itoltoo Brigands; or. the Midnight A ? ... HeauUful Tableau* Vlveo!*, the streets ofVonklpn. Rmev e. Tbe Groat Serenading Scans Taming a Bu tertlp. Lemuel's Ghost the New Coniresa. Robert Kldl.-v " - - - _ , . . Rup. Reekon l ot lu Luck. Wonderful Guitar sioto, iter I Eve misob Jane. Ae fllONY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. ?i BOW? RV X GRAND MATINEE TO-DAY Af I'd O'CLOCK. -- B - j)J O'C" GRAND MATINEE TO DAY A t tf% O'CLOCK A splendid diversified Programme. TONY PASTOR M great original TOUR AROUND THE WORLD. TOUR AKOUND THE WO !L0. A Glorious Torietp Enlortalnroent Introducing a anus* BRILLIANT NOV .LTIKH BY THE GREAT STAR TROUPE. 4. C.?IRVING HALL. SATURDAY EVENINO. Teh. 1. BEEBR, STR1NI, Willi 1.1. STBBMNO. HILL. ABKIX.A VALENTINE VOU8DEM. THK GREAT rOLYNATIONAL MIMIC. THIS EVENINO. AND THURRDAT. FRIDAY AND SAIT CLINTON HALL (OPERA HOUSE), ASTOR MR. JSftOMi HOFEINR' FOCRrn OttNCERT FOR tba Uiphaoo Tree Choir Bo? Hcbuo-a, 00 Tboradop e*. an Stetn wop Hall, ihe following talent d otunteerodi-Mnae. De Luasan. M.'aa Uc. Eugene Traatmir and Mr. J. A. Dawson, ~:nhauer, rlolnnoellA. Conilooter, *r. SO rent*. Sold only bp Beer 4 Sehlr . N. R?All Anreaaaldt Jcketa aee g.,od loerts. O N. SNoW. Nafogei. m Broadway, opposite Wallack'* llteatra la eluding ""** ROSA MONHEUR'B j world-renowned , HORSE rtIR t "-HKLr??"** ? i way. Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P. M. day. Rmmd fleets ahd Pom* can bo obtained ORROW, Thora can bo obtained at lb* ? 625 BRO*nWAT.?flKCOMD PREACH EXmaiMfR of Patr.ttnfi!. Open daily from * % M. until! P. *1. T>ROTEV8. PRuTEU.S. PROWS JL r.oreuri. PROTi ra. PROTKUS. PUOTEC-. PROTKC*. fflDEATKK PKA NCfAlfl -FRENCH THEATRE TO LKT, 1 for evenings and matinees. for operas drams*, eorca m. lectures, Ac.. Ac. Apply to Moua DR1VET, oilier uf prcoeh theatre. PIANOFORTES. AJHAONrPlCENT aSSOKTMJ'.NT OP THE FINEST aad obrapest new ?nd second hand Piano* In the .-iter for aale and to rent at|WM. UaNDIDL'U' Wareroo.-ne, No $1 A FAMILY WILL SELL THEIR MAONIPICKM carrod roar wood Pianoforte, worth AMO. for leaa l*aa half: seven octave, orerstrung. Iron frame; aeerly ?e-v. Apply atm? East Tent* otreet. A SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANO forte, at ? great *.-ienfloa; hv best makers; all Impnv.w mania: oeattUful (one Hudfl'ilah; u*e?l only throo nsontna, co-i $614); at half prion. Ill Warn inn ton place, near Grceu?* at. ALADV HAVIAil A BEAUTIFUL 1 OCTAVE KOBE woori Flarioiorio. r-arred lews, latest Improvement* original prloe (WOO, ivli! .ell for hair price If taken trow:, aleTy; first clase mj!:cr.', unexpired guarantee. Call at 18 Third street, near flecond \ mm. At-IKST CLASS ROSE.FOOD SEVEN OCTAVfc Pianoforte; onst t<M. fur $:>0U, In. .lotting RtOol 'nit Cover. clttv t.inker; used tj?o months: Btagercs, Parlor suits. Core.-ed Brtv.atel, Seek ease, i'dniiogs, brinies, Chi and Dining Roatti furniture. China, ituea, Silver Wr.i ;nat?i>ei . . _ Ware A aarriCne. Inouue et U Wtat Sixteenth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenues. Bargains -rosewood 7 octave pianoforte modern Imi.rovamenu, $18.%. good as new, 0Vj octave, $150; mavmt ceni rosewood 7 nc'.ixvn, short time used, lose than half cost. Assortment new Pianofortes, mauulaei.ur era' prices. 30 Fourth avenue, opposite Cooper Institute JJItADbLRY'S PIANOFORTE ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE. MR WW. P. URADRURY In consequence of eonfln. r-l 111 health, la compelled to close up hla Pianolort* man . U* mrlnj busiest, and novaoffers fee sale hla estaoUahmem. it, whole or In part. * The cholcect of thoroughly seasoned lesnhev of erflry c.e scrijdlon, end all the requisites and ImpUMnenta for the manufacture of first class Instruments, together wdh tae goodwill of the business, will be sold at a bargain. PIANOFORTES AT A GREAT DISCOUNT. The splendid slock of Pianos now on h tnrt wtjl be sold for cash at a discount of from rwenty to twenly.flre pgr rent from regular prices until further notice. The reputation of these instruments Is toe well established to require further commendation here. No such opportunity hst been eiferad the public for obtaining a truly Br*t class Pianoforte at a medium price HENRY J. NEWTON and L. II B1GLOW, Burlness Agents, 497 Breome street. ?BIAKOS-CNRIYALLED FOR TONE ANDTOPCH. Af x very moderate prlees. A large assortment of squorr a'^Wnright* to rent at low rates. BKISfOW A HARLBN avJPnt' 147 T,nli> sweet, between Broadway and Fourth PIANO VPANTP.D?SEVEN OCTAVE ROSKWOOD. mod*?, imptiiv?ni?nM Any famtljr HArlng nxith for ?aie cop*p y- c4Rh addr?M J. Mpring atrt?i Fo?t o PUcr. i or onsyii^ MANOTO B&*oLD?ONE OF THR PINKBT NEVER oc'%?e Flano\_ tbw city; has every Improvement aaa cef** oonDOM, 9g Sixth avenue. PIANOS TC.I LET AN* SOLw ON INSTALMENTS-AT ibe manufactory. fllsBo 148 "?*t Twenty-Brat street. Twenty-Brst street. u P. CUM MINOS. a GENflWwrLL OI1T1 INSTRUCTION ON THE A Ptane at PU?.,.r**M*" * for Wrter. Beat ..f reference glren/*<Wr,M. WILh fexldeoce. Poacher, box |l? Herald otDcr. MUSICAL. ..TONAL CONSERVATORY OP MUSIC Wt avenue, terms M It* arrangement wlta flstow. I rofessor of Music In public aohnou. -Iks'free! pPr <tn,r,,r. The Conservatory i nAMf fM. 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