Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 30, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 30, 1867 Page 2
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siTrATio*e wAtraiMns?AUEs. A S1TUAUUX WANTED?!BT A KESrBOTABLE A girl, 10 (lo i-hamberwoit sod line wuhla* Mil Ironing, la ? rrkpeiiable family; nan fire good rm creoer. Cub be seen tor two day* at lUft Mm i9th at., between 6tb aod Tth are. TOUNO TRENCH Ht?V WISIIKS A SITUATION at :iar?e. in take earr of children; good reforests*. I ai tJ Wun 3tih at., ??i md flooi. ATOvnq i.\dy who speaks German and Eonlbil. and baa b. en lending -More orer eight fear*, wUhoa a a.iuauuu. Call wu or addreee J. B. Keller, tig A.aat ftk at. ASKVMSTRKSS WHO UNDERSTANDS DRKSHM Alt Inr outturn and filling, wants a aituatlon. Apply ai 74 8d a*., uoai tilth at. AYOi vr, ROMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS OHaM be mr.ld and ieemetree*. or would do general houaework lao very small family. Apply at 330 Waal 34th ah, baaemetit door. A young uiRr, wishes a situation to takk care i>? children and do li(ht eh .mberworit; good infer ence. fall at 317 Tth ay., between 34th aad Kith ale. A TOUNO LADY WISHES A SITUATION Afi LADY'S maid er companion; ta a good hairdreeaer and dresa makor; apeafcs i>reiirh, Kn?lU). and Oeroinn: would Ilka to. ga to Lamps; can glre gond reference. Can on MlaaKal haer, hairdresser, I*?1. 3d ar., betweea 14th and 15th eta. A touno person wishes a situation as lady's noabl; apeake French. Oerman and English; no' abjection to trarel. Apply at Kl Croahy at. A SITUATION WANTED-NY A RBSPRCTaBLC woman In a private family, aa cook and toaaatat in tbt ahing and Ironing; haa the beat of city refereare. Call at US hast lath ah. second floor. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE I | young girl, s* chambermaid and welteaae ar Sb nur?e ana oMnibermald: beat of city refersnoa from her I aat pl*ee of-drye r*. Can be seen for tww days at M Wael Iflth ah, between tth and oth ata. Ah srruATioN wanted_bt a respectable odb ?? man girl, to 'ake < are of cfatldeen. emit on table or do Ugit ofeamoerwnrk. Call for two days at 1M Pursyth at., A KK8PCTAHLB TOUNO OIBL WOULD LIKE TO TV take In fcmllr sewing, dona either by hand or me ehlnat or wouht t i out by the day. Tucking of all kinds done. Call all - Me week atS4S Bast Mlh ah, third lloor. A COLORE r> (1IRL WANTS A SITUATION AS SEAMS troas by the day or meek, or will take home work; can' glee llret d?ea reference. Call all the week at 34b 8th av., ARF.SPROTABLR TOUNO OIBL WISHES A 81TUA llon aa cisc tx-rm iM nnd w*Ilre*s; baa the twst of city reference. Can be aren at her present employer's, 47 Weat 41th at. Call for iwo d ive. SITU ATI UN WANTED?HT A COLORED WOMAN aa aeiinwre**. Can he seen for two dare at 213 8:h ay A LADY W \NTd A RITi \TION FOE A VEP.Y OOOD oapub'e ?-lil, now wdh her. aa ohainbe maid and to do flnc wa-hlng; '? an im-ellent i-ewpr. Apply between 1 fcth i " 13 A M and I and! P. M*, at 111 Rastabthat., first houae east of Park v. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPkCTABLE young woman aa irsl eiaaa cook: willing to aoitsl with the weehlni; and Ironing: the best reference irom her ia?t plane. Inquire at 23 5tli at., rear bouse, first floor. A YOUNG (URL. 16 TEARS OP AOS. WISHES A eUuat on .-i nui*e and acamatreae; gooJ city referenro. Call on Mr*. Hetie, 168 Ludloar at. A COLORED DRESSM \KER WISHES A SITUATION aa seam-' ???: can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's ma ehlne. C?U a -i Cornelia St., rear, for two days. , " A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT, TRUST, worthy wumm ns chambermaid aud seamstress Or to aamalln the fine washing; Is a good sewer and a oerte I ehambcrmald or lanndrt-s.i. Best of oily reference. Call for ?wo day^at lid We c lltih st., between 6th aud 7lh ars., Uitni A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION 1%. aa nook: u?d'--*tand* ell klnde af cooking; will a*<d*t with the washing: h -a no objection to go a short distance in the oo-intrr; good reference, fall at 373 Tth ay., in the baaament. A RESPECT?RLE WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A HITD atiorasr ok; underataiida al! aorta of cooking, and Is a good baiter: I- ma and obliging; can tefte Cherge af ber owa apart me d<; I* w lling In do some waehine; haa a little ?trt sight yeer> >''!? Is a smait. healthy child; would like her in the house with ;ae. City reference. Call ai 11 6th at. Mar the Bower* A^HSITUtTr )M WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO I ? man, la h - . .11 pr v.itc family; it a good Ooak, excel lend baker, and ?i l-uatd washer and troner. Has the best irun her last nlaae. Can be si. near Grand. second floor. reference 173 Altc-i i TOUNO iIR! \Yf?tIK8 A SITUATION AS CttAM . berinei '. r , ' .i-reat; good olty reference. Call at 313 A BESPE r -lTT j TOUNO MARRIED WOMAN, HER A. Sret hat m.iulianld, waaUababyU wet norm. I at her own rc, Tfit f all for two days at Mm. Whelkn't, 3S3 Beat Ilit st l> twees ht ay. aad ay. A, tag Boor, Croat Pi EST CL\S* LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITU A Una mapii -'Ale f-mity; beat cKy reference. Caa be i for two d tye ?>! USVJ 7th ar., first Saor, front room. &OOOK WANT* A SITUATION: UNDERSTANDS her bum - ihnioughly; underetnads ail kmda of eeekSug and h' l-..- mm Id have no ohjrctma to a genteel bearding hou- C -U at No. 9 6th at., seuoad door, back AKKSPKCT\R1.rcaMAKr.lRt> WOMAN, WITH A freoh b- - < ni'lk ? baby to wal nurse at her own reside-i. : !1 '< Kant flflth sL A SITUATION WvMTRD-BV A COMPETENT TO UNO (Iri, to do ehs-i.uerwock and waiting; good olty refer mi. Call at 693 H't, ,v. . two doora from fid at A SITUATION W kNTRD?BY A BESPRCTABLR woman, a* oook, wiihff and Ironar. Can be seen Tor ?wndaya at IIS Ki*?l SHUi it.. Mound floor, backroom, he ld acd 31 art. PROTESTANT TOUNO C.IRL wUhes a I i .n to take fare of ohl'drm aad to do i of children and da light chamber artll come well recommended. Call front roone, for two days. RESPECT I 'M.rf UIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO do fonar; I ret, or to cook, waah or iron. Caa ana lor twodsya by applying at 196 Laat Ji.ii at., lop floor, A win?? a ? >nio u ?dan rowing, o aki -are of Warfc for a small l ?m ijr; wll ad K dth ae.. f< n th 'our. fro A COMPETENT TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A BITUA. flL Uea aa aook. waaber and iroaer. Good olty raforenca nan bo given. A; ply at MBSth aa., roar building. A RESPECTABLE COLORED WOMAN WISHES TO A obtain waab ug for ladle# or geau. Apply at ft Waal ?lb at A RKSPECTAH'.R TOUNO WOMAN WOULD OO t\ owl aa a?im*'rean: understands euttlag and doing abiidre.n's and I bites' dreaaaa If required; would ge by the def or week; tern.'m (derate. Call all day at tt? dth a?., between flflth ami r7th its. A RESPECTM'.'.K OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do chamber . rk; can come highly recommended. Call at 341 Waal flflth at A NKSPECTaBI.R OltlL, WANTS A SITUATION AS .A good cook washer and troner; haa no objection to a ?bar* distance in ti.e country; good rrforoaco. Call at HH Meet <>th at, near lei ar. A EKBPECTA s 1>R Tor NO OIRI. WISHES A SITU A j\ Uun aa e?? and waahar aad Ironer; underatanda all kinds of family cooking. Oaod ?Uy vofarenoea given. Call at 146 Weat Mill at A SITUATION WANfKO-BT A RESPECTABLE A young wynnin. at ao >d onek, an eaoalienl waaher en, Loner Has goo) rlv reference. Can bs seen at 104 West lflth at., between dth ui 17th ere , third floor, back rorm. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE J\ young woman, t< do chamborwork or plain eewlpg. or wotiM like car" oi children Boat of city reference can b? 0ven. Can bo aeon ai Ml East 90th at, between Sd and 3d era Inquire in ;he a to e. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN CTRL PROM THE country wisj-a a *11 net Ion aa housekoepar. or would bslp to do thn w ok of a small private Tamilr. No objection to tne eountry. Address A. K.. boi 114Herald ofllca. ARRNPECTAHI.K WOMAN W1SHRS A SITU AT"* . aa aeamat e.a; can do all kinds of family sew'-Mj'* willing to take c.?re o' grown children, or asalat In oh?n'T work, bee good c u references. Can be aaon for ?? "ays al Ml East IStn at ' A" NBA*. CoMl'i ThNT OIMa WITH Cf*?D Clft reference, a a Ituatton as cook, at? J? "M," *,'<1 iron, la the city or country. Call at 41) We?',,!" ???. >n the Am krkpbctablk amrrican ?.lLL-^ Ilka a altu t as housekoepar. tig. Cm bf far two diyi ? j ' . oozing. A BMW MOT ' BLR PROTEST^* OIRL WANTS A A_ alluat on '? ?inj wn l iron plain aewiag. Apply wi dfl latl^ht at., near <>??qmWIcP RRNPECTAHI.B tXRI'WISIIRS A SITUATION AS anok washw and irotus oan do Prench fluting; baa JuTof r?iy r lore nee. ?'be soon at Ml Id ay., oornor ? *,.i until olta TmkZ ft iBb natN aHf "a RESPECTABLE TOUNO <?L WISHRS A StTCA /V lion aa good r' 'In coe* ?? Drat rata waaher and ironer. Inquire at WW 3d sr., fonrt floor, A SITUATION WaNTBD-EY | KESPRCTARLR girl, aa nuree and saametrwaa r aeamstreas and to aaalat in tha rhan.berwork; caa do *II ?u, 0f embroidery; baa good city refe-e"##. Call at 87 "i|flgth ,t, between ?lb and 7lh art _____ A COMPETENT WOMAN ^A*T8?''SiTUATION AS eook; understands cooking la all t branched' la a ?aad baker; haa tba boat of eity reforenc A u k, ior two days at in Wesi 33<l St. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS TO ^ opT TO x\ work or to uka In washing at her own rosl . . reference# Apply et flfl Weet lOlh at, beiwot A TOUNO PROTRSTANT OIRL WISHES ailon a* waiiros., fully nnderstands her buslndyL" ,, lis branches. Mas me very b. si city reference trum ? u.i plane. Cae he aeer i II engaged at ?7 M sr., near Nth A SITUATION WANTED-BT A TOUNO REiPBfT" bla women aa cuuk and to aanat the waahltg 4 Iroalng; thoroughiv understands her buslnesa; gnat refa> ooee. Call for two days at II I West IMh si , In iherear BBNPECTABI.P. WOMAN WISHF.IJ, * .f'TUATfON aa plain enofc and io do washing fllbmllf.*.* ? ?mall Mr' Sflneral housewurk In eounit,*?, '7. n" oh ? abort distance in Ml OolnnsaJT ^ "errls. Ca l * or two dawoklyn. "?'eel, b? ,, State and Jorelanane ? ? ' wl wants a bmuatiom A RRSPECTABI^^ a priy.le f*m||y, t*st city refl? Adt^MrN two days at lflu Bast ltd at! 74m ry~ ,/q AMERICAN OIRL. 14 TBaRS or in. I *?d ?f amiable dlapoettiefl, desire. ? , M sed seam sir ess or would have no 8ut* wt,*r" ?"d "hen Tn ZuZt V ^ " ?a,,r*rB4- Addreae Ml., t SITTTATfOM WANTBD-BT A RBSPECTABLR b"4 wnMrme ertoamM ' u1*11" ??' eajem to go a abort duteooflia tba ?m>atiours wimi? niii,n. A HEALTH* YOUNO MaHKIKD WOMil, WITH A frosti*. of milk, d?*ire? * aituulon aa wet r.une: bin the I rot of clijr reference. I'm be eeea for two den el N We.t anil u. A I.ADV WlnllFA TUB CM A ROE OP A ORNTLK. man'* house, wilk or without children; or a* companion or reader In on inralid. Applj to Mr*. E. E.. 1,804 Arcb ?t. Philadelphia. A OfRT. WIHnRS A SITUATION A8 RRUUfAK J\ waitress; ucderuiand* her bH.tnea, nr inert*. good '?-'?"SI', 'or two day* m 147 We,; Hint at.. between 7tn ana win Aft. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A KfTUATI'?N no ?ook; thorough!* understands bar; a good n^lrcU** t* do the ooorao washing ond iTHMng: fj|f?^'ty relerbttooA. Cm be eeea Cor twefo/oolM Koet a eerpkctaele oibl wisnwi a situation as /\ winrfwai ftfi a prtvtii family; uodWrsUuids Fnooh ABBSPRCTABLB WOMAN WISHB8 A SITOATIOll , . ?"*?'*1 bouoework; 1* ? good jiisln cook, waeber ? j^ LM Mtful ^ ~r?r*Doe' CeU nt 117 7tb nr., between A I'AET DEMURS A SITU ATI OH FOR AN BKPB pAPond oemnt u Housemaid nod waitress. or u ehVtU*?" at C1" nsfereoee. Cell nt US Enet Mel A TB?T GOOD PRBNf'H OOOB WANTS A SITOA A **?-?? Apply for tare dn*a nt IS lospunrd nt. Bret floor. bach rueen. A N BKPERIENCBD WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION XY an first reteeook: flea do nit Undent family taking. Good clt, reference. fill at ??B 6th nr.. oomerTf TMhst. A GERMAN OIRL. SIXTRRN TSARS OLD. WISHES n ei'uetlin tn do bouoework ta n small fnmlt,. Coll wrUtidiyiil 119 Uwla at ASITU ATTOM W ANTED?ST A RESPECT A BLR GIRL, to oook, wash nnd Iron In n privet* fasnl I,; beet of clt, rorrmnce con be gtv?n. Apply nt Eft tStb *t, In Ike renr. A3TTTTATTON WANTBD?RT A RESPECTABLE WO. man a* co-.k; uade-stend* rooking ht nR IU branches; ?e snereeUent taker; wSHnr to assist srMIt the eoerne wneb IBk If reo.itred; beet of refereuee. ObU nt 166M Sth n?., in lb* e mdr aioro. A respectable toitkii girl wishes a situa llon at chambermaid nnd to do fine washing; tinder, sbmda flu tng: or would go as waitress; bent of cite refer eiiee. Call ?t 171 Wr?t 19th et., between 7th nnd Hikers. A YOUNG GIRL (PROTESTANT! WISHES A SITU A ? ? Hon to Uke core of n child or to do light waiting. Cnn he neen at 127 Weil 29th at. A FFSPF.OTABLE YOUNO QTR1, WISIIE8 A PIT TV nation a. Rood plain rook, wnxhe.r and Ironor, or to do the washing o' a small prirste family: (food reference from I art pine Cnn be eeon at 70 Oanaoronrt at. sec-md floor, A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a* oook; la willing to aaalat In wn-bing and ironing; 48th at' ref#renc#' C*n ^ *?*n for lw0 da*i aa 127 Weal \ YOUNG GIRL WTPnFS A SITUATION AP COOK. ..'raahcr and Ironer. or to do general housework In n small family. Call nt 141 Weal ?7th at. A SITUATION WANTEO-BY A YOUNG GIRL. AS /A norm end a< am-treao; e?n cut and lit for children, nnd do nil kinds of braid'ng and embroidering: ha* the heat of city reference. Can be eeen nl 79 Went 2?lh at, between Sth and 7tb iiys. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WO man. aa rnolL waah*r and iron^r In a nraa<] Driv;it* fam'lf; undTDtMnda har hn?<nrws %mll; tb? bc.?? of city rcf. erenee. can he gir*n, nt 145 \?e<t 27th nt. between 7th nnd Whari. Can ha for two daya. ARRSPKCTARLB WOMAN WTH1IES TO TAKE IN *n*hlng nnd Irnnlngi cnn do Frrnoli tinting In the> est ?t*le; will lake In fanul> waahlng br the week or month; heat of reference If required. Call at r?M> ut nr., between ?M and 22.1 ata.. nil the week, fourth flour. AOfWn. PLAIN, STEADY, FAITHFUL WOMAN wiahea a altiiatlon to do the general bonaewnrk nnd art n' honwkeeper <n n ?moll family in the nnintry; la ? good r w"rlt i C?od baker ef bread. * *llt,>c week nt 181 Henry at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE yonng woman, lately oome to the country, to do gen eral b<?isowork; haa no objection to go a short distance la Lh.rn~:Un^f: Reference from last place. CnUntsnWeet Sth at.. bftwwm Sth and 9th art. AIja. rAMtLI,!, WAMTINO GOOD SERVANTS IMME dlatel, and capable German girta. for clt, or oountry. At the l.ntge Employment Inatltute. log 6th nyf A RESPECT ABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION a? cook, wnrtier and troner; be objection to de gen. tral honaeworkforn email prtrntn fam fly. Good sit, refer . kbco. Cell et MB 9th ay., between 2Mb and 26th eta. AWfwW W ANTED?TP Do COOKING OR GEN ?relhouaework, by a smart, eapahle etrt; 4a neat and mepeqtfiil^Md atiegcetiant Wether and troner: best reier eSStttcr^ at 12^ AUnotlo st.. Brooklyn. City sr AYOTTNN OIBL WMHRS A PlTV/ffTON AS PLAIN enta end goog washer en,1 troner; no ohjectlen fo do general howworkfor s small prtrale family; has (ryvl rof? eraneas. Apply at r# Rant 22d it., between let and 2d see.. second floog. back room. ' AYOTTNO GTRL-WISHBS a SITUATION AS COOK, washer sad troner la a prime family; has na oblae tton to Mie eonates. Call at HI Weat 28tb at., top Star, i rout room. A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID?ALSO TO ASSIST TV In the wsahlng: is a enod saamatresa. Call at IS West Mth at. between 6th and 7th ays. A efsfkutablr youno girl wants a bitua tlna la a prtyirte famll*. as cbamberms'd and waltroas; wo?ld aMlflt in Iho wnshlnc and Ironing or gonoral bou?f. fo,L2'l.'nl"n' *n<1 Tbllging, an, referoace. APfiy at ita Kftflt sfeotn st. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A THOBOrOH 1, competent child's nurse, whom she can recommend. Appy at !T6 West 3M st. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A "SITUATION AS thamUrmald or nurse: his good city roferuooe. Can oe aesn at 196 BI?eckor second llcor. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIRE TO GET wsrk in private families by the day; understand, cut 6th,and<1 'JMIdTMSA CaU?62 West 16th at., balween OOOK JHHNR9 A SITUATION-CAN BE at17 Wrot ?Jl<iri*en ' 'pr****' ?"Pln/wa Apply WKKPS A SITUATION to a privatelamlty. as cook; uaderaUnds all klnde of oo Iking, and is cwnpetent to giv? the very bee* of anl'sfae ^7^.' ? "" EUROFB.-A SITUATIbN. TO ACCOMPANY A FAML It. wanted by a good teamslress, who can speak Eng. IIeh. Fieneh and ItalTnn, aid who cab be highly recom mended by her present emnicyer. Apply between the hours of 10 and X at 86 Westfoh street, Vw Turk. Families suited imbed?ttki.t t^th capable servants at CARPENTER'S Ktvplnymett OSioe (ealab lished U year#'. U6 llth sU corner ?s M. nOUSKKSEPER'S SITUATION WAN^D-BY A woman who has had several years' sxperl^ne In first class hotels; satisfactory references given. o.,i| mkr address for two .lays M. A., 105 West 86th si., between fllkav. and Broadway. nOl'SPKEEPF.R'S 8TTUATION WANTKIA-BT Amid die aged American lady who haa filled that poe'Af^ tn one of the besl yw V..rk famll es, from whom refe,^ may be Yf. Call at 1A* Xou.h Osfond a'reet. Brooklyn. ? addreaa II. b B.. boi 6,69 New York Tost ofhee. NOTHK AND SEAMSTRESS.? A YOUNG WOMAN, ?nout a year In this country, wishea a ai:natl'<a as child* nurse and seamslresa; has good city reference. A p. rirat Castle Oardon, up sutrs. KESPEC1ABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS . nurse or chambermaid: Is capable ?f 'ating the enliro charge of children ; n? objecUmi to gn trarrlllug or go in .he unintry. Call at 196 East 14th at., rear building, back room. SITUATION WANTED AS 1TOUSEKKKPHR-BY A middle aged American woman of oinerlenco. for a bachelor or widower. Address or call In the Hn .tore, 42U and 4214lli sr.. between the hours of 9 and 4 n'oloek. Cituation wanted-bt a obrman oiru for i ' eh imberwork and sewing. Can be seen nt Idl East 14th at. orruATiuN wanted-bt a resfrutahi.k toitng OCwwsiii, as chambermaid and waltros*; reference If re quired Call st 114* West 27th St.. third floor. SITUATION WANTF.D?AS CHAMBERMAID AND wsilrcss; no objection to do the housowqik. of n smalt private family; tieat It* reference. Cad at 326 West 96th ?t., tmtween Blh and 9th avs SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK. WASIIRR AND irnner; good reference given. Call at 14* 28th st.. ho. tweaa 7th and Rib avs.. basement. QITUATION WANTED-BV A TOUNO GtRL ****** O of age. to Uke care of tesall children ? "7*1! f-xmilf inn'itr^ tor iwo dmji at ifl Wf?t h9ih ?t., bwtwean 7th and ftlh art. __ SITUATION WANTED-BT A RF.SPECTABLR M^NA N. O a* good cook; would aatlst In the washing If rw<l0"*d. has no objection to the country; good refareuta. Call at? 27th *t., near 7th a*..flrat floor. cm ? bl. -ffr^'ta."tep"fcor. for"wo days. ?ITUATinN WANTED-BT A RERPRrT>.NL&OIEIo i **>0?* ? ka* liveS In best of English V .nlllcyVert of 7,k8!k'"r ,Ml P',w" < all tl ',l 1*Hh itween 7th and 8th avs.. In the roar, n ?ITITATION wanted-bt A st REFUTABLE T3UNG ' marrlel woman, aa wet nurwi best city refereno. Call ir two days on Mrs. Maboow. ?'& Eott at., rear mlldlng, srnnd floor. JITUATION WANTED-BV A RKSPPUTASU YOUNG J woman, as chnmhermeld and waitress; r objection > do ino washing and Ironing: Is s good plain i-ok. Tail at ?r preaotit employer'*. 232 west JOih at. JITUATION WANTED-BY A RKUI'F.UT dl.E YOUNG v wom*n to do ehamberwork and waf"6 'n ? prlrato 'tally; beat of city re *r*noe. Apply "dR Kast 14th at., ?fotad floor, front room. )IT',*TI?" WANT*jf-?F A XERPRUTABLE WO. tt_?*nl ** OOOk. way*' ? ?<1 IrnUer. ' all st *RU 1st av. Ntraen Itib andlAt^f*-, taoond flaor. bark room. S^I^T?0* Wa<YBD-HT A SRRri CTABLE AMERL Ikvi Iu! ' "He.uG flrl, a* rbambermald and plain sewer rati, stf *r^" P'*?0- '"all far Iwo day* at 94 ^ *!,A ""rfbotable young i shortgisUnwMti 2T pl,ln rw1n?; n# objection to go ^?AnA.7t7:t'iuftZWl**"* m TTt ATIO^ WATOD SimTW* WANTND-1Y A BK-irRCTABLN YOFNO girl to do t-haniberwork nr to do genM-ul housework id ? prorate family Hoed reference fill at |W K*ai lab at CrrUATiHN WANTED?BY A BBSPB?'T VULK OBf 0 m-n trt-l. as cook. <utar and iroocr OiO ?t 1? Rcade at, room It. OITUATIONS WANTED?HY TWO YOUNO WOfflWi i~ wne mi oik*, waahor and trweer. the other aa chamber maid aud waitress. Call at Hi Man at., aaar Bleeokar, third floor. Travel.-a lady or education and ooon connection*. with a thorough knowledge of German and French, the latter of which ahe speaks with fluenojr, would like to arwmpaay a family who Intend to go abroad as a oompatilou. hfla would hare no objoeUn to aaswrna the aare and In It root Ion of young mtiaea who may he la the party: raferenoea wfl] ha gwoo and required. Addraaa Traveller. boa UHCtw Tart elty Poet aline rrwo rietbm wish situations: awe first LM^ea?sgsa/KittBLSJ?^& Fiaaoh inanity, with pnra accent; hare Ailed teapoaMble altnatloni. and would he willing Id make themselves uaafdl saysnuxtss. s iMHtggg; rturo respectable onu wise bttcationh. 1 one ae eook, and the other aeehnmbermald and waitress, inaart vale family; bare good rofaranoo. Call fortwaday* at Maddth at., near 11th ae. mwo weotkbtant otnui Whirr situations; one I aa fleet mm eook, and the other aeehembermald or at fifweattU eHy^raferonaa. Can ha aaeu for twaflays WANTED?A SrTOAWOW. BY A RBSPBOTAflLB rf yonnc eotorod gtrl, aa ebamhermald. nr aa lady*? maid and plain aawer. City referoncoa. Apply at 139 8th al., Clinton ooorb No. 3. until engaged. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY g(r|, aa ehatobermaid and aanmatroea. Haw from three In Hen yean' referent* Call at 1M Beat 18th at, Mo. 7 White's ptaca. ___ WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO OIRI-JTO do gensral housework for n email famtty; can waah and Iron well. Call for two day* at 18! 8th ae., third Doer. WAKTKD-A BITTATtON, BT A RESPECT ARMS young girl, to do ehambervrork and take earo of chit dren: la wiliine and ohliging. Can be aoen at 386 WoatWth at. flrat floor, front room XKTANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE V? young woman, aa ehtitnbormaid and to aaaiat with the washing: no obi action to do general houaeworfc la a email Private family: haa good city referenoe. Can be aoen at AS erry at. In the rear. WASTED-BY AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A 817154 Una aa housekeeper or to oook and to aaaiat in wash Ing and ironing; good reference given. Call at 387 West 25th at WANTED-BY a thorough laundress, with v v neven roars' city reference, a stluntlon in the city or country; doea up linen in atvlo; or wonld go aa regular oln mbormat I: doea fine waahlng and Ironlnf; wages $13. Call at 1M Boat 2tat at WANTED?BT A WOMAN. A SITUATION; IB A OOOD rock, waaher and Ironer; oily reference. Call at 248 Eaat fth at.. In the rear. WANTKn-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO C.IRL. A VV situation aa chambermaid nr pentry girl: would have no objection lo aaaiat al watting on taWe or to aow atid mind children; ean he highly recotnmemlod by her lost employer. Call at 13* Henry at., near Rutgers. TITANTED?A BITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Yv young Herman girl, aa chambermaid and nleln aewer; no objection to mind children, waah or iron. Call for two daya at 170 Eaal ABtb at WANTED-BT A YOCNO PROTESTANT GIRL. A BIT. nation a a good eook; has no objection to aaaiat with the washing: heat of city referenoe. Can be Been ntflfifiEast Slat al., between lat and 2d era., front mom. first floor. WANTED?BT A YOUNG GIRL, A BITUATION IN A private family, aa seamstress, by the dar. week or month: has a machine. Call for two flaya ai 313 Eaat 33d at, between lat aud Ad uva. ,LD 'oar TOANTBD.-A RESPECTABLE LADY WISHES A c21 nurM- ?r,th ?fr? bre~<5 W"AN3rK?'^?Y A" ENOLXSH rOl'Nd WOMAN TiATE ferlwod.y, .. IllUa:!W WaEFET^LF* ????*?? TOUNO WOMAN. A rrfni ^ *"^2. "J SHi" S*" **eldeane. Oood city g^jt^l|AAP"'y>t MB KMt J#* I?J 9T A VMnfo oisu as lEg^sEBgft ajweffa W . D*U*DRKAH, AT sSSsSfg^^wfirsssrg W'raxs.vs'jsrtsj. is-i; S5**!l* *? ?? Matbrr^.'">"**' jffi.'"BtoaoM n/ANTED?WORK ST THE WAT O* WHEN 1?T AW and children's /~ilZ ?*J W and kt ladlaa' Hon* * itm~- A*dro? *? ??? elation D, Bible ?* ? i TAT ANTED?< SITUATION BY A PROFESSED CohlT onowbe understands Preaob, English and American cooking. alao pastry, break/sat bre^a,nddeaeertS^fS! b'rt nfr dlr^fe?"?IO hot*,1.*r P^efe boniMloe hotiee; the .if?ml{a.^T^?KM "T,n- ^PP'7>l** Wm1 Wtl> TIT ANTE D-A situation, bt a respect A SIR aUmda hTkfea' nA 0oo,k- ?aafcer and Ironer. under a tan da baking. Call Tor lira days at 19 East lit h at W^A.VTKD?A SITUATION 8Y A RR^RCTARLR wa Y .?*?? ?? Wod ?K>k: Is willing to a*ai*t with th? wa?hii I a^^rb^dl^T^at^' " W-< ?*? at-lbatwera aaa. C sndB for twa day a. Kaet 10th WVSSsZm. 00 ?DT BT THR DAT OX WEEK. BT :aw.n^r-,o,tu" ?* mgHgASEs fir ANTED-A RITUATION. BT A RRtl'XnTASLI yotintt German girl, lately landed 'o do the i housework of a smalt prtTate famltr. Call on or address W^ ^nt0ro^rtBC? *" *"??* BrooUya, ar.cond floori WA2In 2i?;r?2, AJL girl, a situa. maid JSTJSSST * ?? rhamber. Wmit l&Tt, for two SSyT^ City "**""?? APP>7 at SM SrS?S WANTED?NT A RESPRtUM.B oiri" a arrn X bJJM Vte ta& la?dtd m ^B^T'JAHLE ^WAtrarstta 3. WA!1TK"-A HITPATIOR, RY A KhsPkrr.Bii- ?/> "? nifin, todoifnirA) Iionipwnrk *1. f f ? ^ "O* Wllh fln* wEhln*; g,?Ht reference^1? IT"1* *?2 Tth as., botwraa Mth and ftih ?u l* ?* WAt{" '^7 "hittA.KF.?iIF('FAll": y|P<8r. a siTrA woek ,t MS Writ drtlt at. Si'i CaBaJHhe - - r* ?.? ? %LUlf. gg5?S?i Bul- ?!^?_^woond heiT. or iWu at ulo gth ate ys 'VT!^,l?i'"JpAI,|nA*1BJB|<i*" LADT, '^^Uting gjK.T-'a.srSz?x'!so* by a yopwo woman, is W ***: *" "Oamatreaa or r.hambnrmahl, or to a? f?"- duty; two year* In thla rouatrr; la a Prot estant; good reference. Addreaa J. T.t Herald eAee. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A BITUA. ? 'l?? "?,h"robrrn?a|d and waitress. Apply for two T* ** 7th *r- between SKth and ?7ib eta., third floor. TJLT AHTRD-BY_A RRSPBCTABLB WOMAN, A SITU A FY Hon In a private family, to lake oare of e Saw and de plalb "owing or aaalat in rbamberwork. Call at U Carmine n. In the rear, aeeond door, for Iwo day a. TyANTED-BY A NE AT. T1DT, RRHPRCTANLE OIRL, ." aalty%it#a as abawbermatd and waltreast la wllltng U> aaalat with the wa?hing and Ironing. Beet of ell* refer ?Pwn?l Mth at ,een lwo d,,jr* ^ h"r P"?*s*eeaptoy?r'a, WA5rE,PvrA.(iERM A1* l,rRI' "HO CANNQT SPEAK wl*b"a a altiiaiion In a good family. Can be ,wn *1 ?Si'ltfiton it., second floor, room (9#. JL Wa\TED-A situation as chambermaid or child a nnrae. Inquire at last place, Itf Weet Slat at WANTED-BY A YOUNO OIRL, A SITUATION TN A atnall f.rally to do chamber er genaral housework: neat of referencra. Can be aeon for (we day* at III Eaai */Ul ft. WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS. A PKW

or mtlemea'fl Wfttklage t* tmrowm bonne; i? ?tperlenced I? gil kimJaor fluixtf and flaorf- of bafldlaffeDC0 M111 *m m* *" ^ *** r*r WANTED-BT A REflfBUTABl4l F1 T PROTHSTANT aretet with washing in tsi.&'rszz WANTKO-rxTBlTtlATION AS NCBSB AND SRAM. TT . WtMLJ.'WMWrnpotent eerous, o? to aee to one er two ?wai MTUATiDJM WAimiV.raMAI.KII. WANTftD?A SITUATION, BT A IVESPROTABLE young c itored girl, u nurse Ml plain N?er, or to do light efjmbpnvork (tood oil* refereuren Can be seen light ef. _ until CB|>r '> al 122 Sit ?L, Clinton court, first door, bacit room, orer the grooary. WANTED-BY A Bh->PBCTABLK GERMAN QIBL. A alreatton In a pHrita Nmtiv. to do general bouae work. Call at 124 Baal 39th, second Hoar, back room. WANTED-BY a RBSrBCTABLR GIRL. A BITUA IF Hon us chambi-rmald and waitress; five wears refer mm frem her last place. Can be see* al 244 Bast Uth at., U7ANTEO.?A RR^PBCTABLB WOMAN W18HRB A if situation is a private family; Is a goad cook, washer aad troner. Call at V West Uth St., top tear. City refer i given. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE, OIRL A 8!TCA ff ties as ohambertasid and to assist with ohildien, or as and waitress; best ef refereooos. Call at WARTED-WORE, BT A STRICTLY FIRST CLASS If mtlltaar aad dressmaker, remarkably skilled In cut ting aad Swing, executing and designing aloe work, in the M^approved taste, rinst class landlas oaly address Jd. D., WASHING WANTED?BT A FIRST CLAW, COWFR. IT teat tsaadress; she understands all kinds ef family washing; does lac* and finery; also fluilog and laeeenrtame In the neatest msnner; family washing lone ea reaaaoble terms Good refersnoe given. Call on Mrs. Cain, HI Waal 2m RESPECTABLE TOUNO OIRLS WANTS SITU A ? tiona;ooa as rook, washer and ironer; the other aaohanx berntafd and waltrsM. Call fbr two dart at 381 West ?3dst.. between 7th aad 8th are., tap floor, front room. The beet of city reference from their last place. BBiillU' WAITED-FEMALE8.JI i COMPETENT SBABWTREsVwANTBD?ONB WILL. A lag ta assist la the cars of children. Apply at M Bast 80th at/between W aad 13 o'clock. A OIRLTO DO OBRBRAL HOUSEWORK AMD PLAIN A cooking In a familr of two persona. Wages $11. Baal af reference required. Apply to Josoph VoWrotch, aoutb aide of BBd at, second hsys sreot of Id or. Am frbnch oibl wanted-to go a short ms ? tance in the country, to take charge of two young etui-1 dren. The highest wages will be given to one who speaks French purely. Call at the office of 8. H. Benolst, No. 8 Wall at. A8MART GIRL WANTED?TO DO ORNBRAL HOU8R work; must be a good washer and ireoer. Apply this morning at 11B 3d ?v. Bead work.?wanted, too experienced hands to beid Parasols. Old hands will planus call from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. lis Vat-Irk street. CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS WANTED?ONE who understands ber business andean bring roed city references may find a permanent home. Apply at 60 West Sflih at IAUNDRES9 WANTED-A THOROUGH WASHER J and ironer, with good references. Apply at 93 West 43d sL rOO TO CALIFORNIA?A LADY OP PREPOSSESS lag appearance, to take supervision of. the sales depart ment is a ladies' furnishing establishment. Adrtre-', mining where an interview can be obtained, Morris, lit)raid office. WAMED-A WAITRESS, FOR A LARGE FAMILY, is go a short distance In the country. City reference required. Applv at 88 West 36that., on Wednesday, Jan. SO, boiweca 11 and 2. WANTED-A PROTESTANT OrUL, AS SEAMSTRESS; isusl understand dressmaking and be willing to assist in ehainbei-work; olty reference required. Apply between 9 and 11 A. M.. for two days, at 839 8th ay. fJtTANTED?A COMPETENT OIRL TO COOK AND Vf atel-d in Ihe washing and ironing. Apply at 64 West 31st 3*t., between the hours of 19 ana 13 Wednesday morn lag. WANTED-A OIRL WITH THE BEST OF REFER ence. as cook and fine washer and troner. Apply at 40 Clinton plane, bet ween the hours of 11 and I o'clock. TTTANTED-A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID; OOL if orecl or Herman preferred. Those who can oome wall recommended may apply at 884 West gzd st., after 10 A. M. WANTED?EXPERIENCED BONNET FRAME MAK ers to work oa Buckram frames. Apply imme diately at 433 Broadway, room Mo. 8. ^jf ANTED?A GIRL AS NURSE AND MBAM8TBB88 In a private family, to go a abort distance in the oeun tay. Apply to G. St. J? Thursday of this and Tuesday of next week, at 61 William st., room No. 7, between U aad I o'clock. w ANTED?A GOOD PLAIN COOK, IN A SHALL ? family ; must understand baking thoroughly sad as sist i? washing and ironing. AUe a ohambermaid aad wait-1 rest, who mam assist in washing and ironing. Apply at-BB East 33d at., froth 10to llo'olock to day. TXTANTED-A NEAT, TIDT PROTESTANT WOMAN. II with' city reference from last place, as aorsh and' Maps ?tress. Apply to-day at MB West didst. v TIT ANTED?A COOK, WITH GOOD < II enoea. ta a family of flanr; good wages ?r Protestant preferred. 317 west 48th *C C1TT EE PER TXTANTED?A OOOD OOOK. WASHER AND lEORBB IT in a very small family; mast have good dty references; eons hut those fully compete*! need affHy. Cadi from 10 to WANTED-A FIRST CLASS CHAMRKRMAIP AND waitress; one who thoroughly understand* her busi aaeaand is willing aad obliging; none need apply without* city reference, flail ot 340 West S3d at., between Broadway and Eighth av , from 9 to 1 o'clock. WASH WANTED?A OIRL FOR OHAMBKRWORK AND wsltlng and to aesvst with washing and ironing. Apply with re fere f. ces st 79 East flOth st. WANTED?* GIRL TO HEW, DO CHAMBERWORK and take care of a child. Apply at 49 Bast 39th st., between 9 aad 12 o'clock. TJ67"ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK; MUST UNDER TT stand her work thoroughly. Apply after ten o'elook at M East 88.h st. WANTED-A FIRST CLASS PROTESTANT SERVING womau for genorml h jiisework to go to Stamford, Conn. Apply at MM Broadway. WANTED-A GOOD OOOK. WA8HEB AND IRONBB in the country. Apply at 98 Maodougal st., between 19 and I. WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED 8EAM8TRBS8; ONE II who Is aeecstomed lo dressmaking aad who thoroughly understands Wheeler A Wilson's machine. City reference required. Apply at 78 Eaat 17ih at., on Wednesday morning frem 10 to IX TlfANTFD?A TOUNO LADY. ACCOMPLISHED AND TT refliL-d, as companion an.1 to assist in caring for a young child new and other light duties , performer en the pinne preferred; do objection to good looks; a situation of resrectabmtv. Apply te or address immediately No. 8 La fayette av., Brooklyn. w ANTED?A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS. APPLT AT 80 Wart 17(h at. from 9 to 13 A. M. WANTED?A OOOD COOK, WA8HKR AND TRONER, al87 Kaat4tu at. None need apply without good olty refareucrr. TBTANTHO?A FIRST CLASS COOK, IN A PRIVATE TT famlh; one who understands ber business and can eosae wail recommended. Neae other* need apply at 84 East 38th st. WET NURSR WANTED?FOR A CHILD THRRR weeks old. German preferred. Inquire al 337 West 37th st, between Bth and 9ih aft ?ITUATIOBE WASTED?MALES. APARTT. EXTENSIVELY ACQUAINTED SOUTH and West, wishes to engage as a travelling agent, either for a olothiug. drr goodg or boot aad ahne houaa, on good aaiary. Address Room 4a, Brandreth House. A LAD 17 TEARS OF AOE WISHES A SITUATION; has had some experience in thagenta' furnishing bit I. neaa. Can come recommended from hie last ema.oyer. Address H., box 107 Herald oflioe. A TOUNO MAN (GERMAMI WHO HAS BERN acting five year* la a banking house aacorrespondent and bookkeeper, wishes a situation; be la a good penman, a qu'Ck and correct accountant, and Is not afraid to work. Ad dree* L. 8.. Herald offirn. ABTTUATTON WANTED-BT A TOUNO COLORED men. In a boarding house or private family, aa steward or waiter. Is willing and obliging. Call at 1*1 Hth st., room Nft, R deal of experience in the Theatre, would ?' n situation in some Theatre e? makeJJ give good reference- "ffMitf?BT A YOUNG MAN, AN scr -Snw bookkeeper; hashed long experience to omTEa?land Good city reference. Apply for 8. P. Ryan7IT Greenwich si., near fastie Garden. A TOUNO MAE, WHO UNDERSTANDS THE BUM A mm. wants a situation as barkeeper. Address foe thmedaysD. Monroe. Herald ofllce. Employment wanted?bt a Jouno man: three years' experience as foreman of flax twine faoto ry; underdtaada winding and twisting alao shafting and belting; willing to make himself useful about factory or store; honesty and sobriety the boast of allfeUme; beet dty reference. AddreM M. 0.. 738 3d av. ?HTNIGIAHR.-A TOUNO PRACTITIONER DBNIEK8 a position aa assistant, or would like one U? Join him In ening an oflice. Beat of reference! given. Addreaa Dr. B. Herald oBlce. for three dap. WANTED?BT A WELL EDUCATED YOUNG MAN. TV aged M, a situation in a wholesale house to learn the business; good referetiors. Address W. 0., station O. RD-A SITUATION, IN A HARDWARE 8TOBK, an Boglishtuan. 23 years of age. as porter or aales^ in hod aeven year?' etpeiienc?. Addmt C. a., ioi Rl. ?ED-BT A TOUNO MARRIED MAN, OP ?ady, temperate habits, a sliuatloa AS light I^^J writes a plain hand; has a good 1h"?7r?.lj2r,ri itry iHKikkeeplng; willing to make hlmaelr tiaelni, erence If reqaW CiU on or addreea W. A.. 313 , Brooklyn. ED-BT A RESPECTABLE "PrB97*I}Jnda h!i ntuatlon aa waiter; he thorooghly ui'dc/'l;''" In all tu branchea. Inquire at 388 Kaat 17th au. baok. C'liKRKR AMDJBAIJBR**"' A?MrW*0 MAW. WHO IIA8 fob H hn?? tr.rolllng for ? IMtoo' <Iro* JgjggffffSK ~nt hnilnOM. wl.hoolo ?h?? >? quolnlwl W?M ?nd Hoitlh. (kwl fafffMMi W*n C II. Triaiirin/r*. lx>i I** H?mlA ?A a row tu*. mmrnMsasi AMSSSSl I _ TOUHO M A rt, AU*l> ' " .V.TT ..A . knowlortoO OLCRKI MO BALVBK**. Boot and shob salesman wa"bdt^>*'? well acquainted with the Uualueas may 'P'1''1 " ervuoe, atlli&Slhe*. J. A. LOMO. DRY GOODS ?ALI>MAN W AN"TKP_^? ^^*f] to go a abort distance Id tha country m?y apply at HI SITUATION WANTED.?A TOL'NO . "A* H A VINO eight year*' experience In tha paper hanging and shade buatneaa deairea a utuatlou aa talesmen;references glreu. Addrnaa C. A. Young. 90 Prlnca at.. Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE. A 81?* V? Hon, by a gentleman who haa had manr .*?*" SKr rtenee and thoroughly underatauda npha!atery. houaa /nrd Wktn* gooda. earpttee Ac; liberal ?alary expected- Addrea* Upboiairy, Herald office. ?? WANTED?A CLERK IE A DRY a??D8 8JDRK. salary OIAOO a year. Addrnaa to own handwriting, for four daya, B. Strong. Metropolitan Hotel. TTT ANTED?A TOUNQ MAN, AS 8ALESMAN IN A YT paint and artists' materials atore^: one who haa a knowledge of the buatneae preferred. Addrnaa with refer enora box 8B3 New York Post ofliae. {^P S^BSMgjy IN A OKNTLK n*fA.and be wilUna to* !*'. V MdoraUad Ua boat. I?f^Uamm.U^er'^V?AfPiT. After eight o'clock!^ TIT ANTED?AN ASSISTANT BOOKKBBPER; ONE m who can furnish good city reference. Nona other naod ? jgwddty addrnaa box X.S9B l'ort office. CUACHEER AMP OAHDEREEI. A protectant couple just landed FROM England, wait aUuaHana; the man aa coachman and groom or plain gardener; tha wi(a to do plain cooking oc up aulrs work. Apply at ar addrnaa for three daya ? *1 a*., between Mtk and Ktk ate. I WAVES A SITUATION AS COACHMAN cnraful driver: haa good rafarenoo; wiBtng r useful: no objection to tha country. Ad VWW MAN WJ i^rg^d groom;, c V> Cnhll RlUlllMT Viactma, aw uuii giawu ?w 'a mm w^ dreaa for three daya J. D.. box fit Herald office. Ah smart, intelligent boy wantbd^foe _.*3^U:sr.B&F8 SZSSVOS opt rhino Company, 989 Broadway. A rake chancb is oppbrkd to two youno men by an ex perl a need Dentist of large practice, la teach hit protection gratia. Applicantswill atato age, oriou patlon. realdenoe. and If able to prorlda thsmaelrea for h year, Dentist, Herald office. ARTICLE e?* A GENTS and ^?J^Bpro#t a? P?r ?e"t:KeVYor* A uulrod A?gfgn Jo., MS Orand^Hew J^QENTS WANTED?TO SELL BROWN'S PATENT with ? or addre**, with Double Cone with large order*; Neman at., room No. 7. XTr.D?TU -tr.Pi. Biuian'a rmiwi ta Damper; excluti re right of aala given ; can begin on email capital. Call and ears aiamp. Adams A Flint, general agents, 1W All desiring employment call thw day at W Chambers street. Bookkeepers, enpytst*. hotel, grocery and dry good* olorki; porter*. watohmen, bartend ers. driver*. . T 211 BROADWAY, ROOM 19?WANTED, A SALES xn man, bookkeeper, copylvt. timekeeper and entry clerk; situation* procured for young men having reference Agents wanted?to canvass religious and national picture*. Uood wagea made and steady employment, inquire at M Cherry at.. New I ork. class oystbrman and to wait on table*; w. TAITB, W8 Broadway. Boy wanted?in a tea house, salary first year *100; mint give good referent** and reside with hia parent*. AddroHA, tii own hand, T^a. Herald onice. Colored boy wantkd-to attrnd a thk-toris office; one that la accustomed to wait. Call at 7w Broadway, up stair*. ? EMPLOYMP.NT.-A COMPETENT MAN CAN HAVE A perm.neat situation and good wages aa deliverer or country agent. Apply at 17 Beekman at., third Soar. ner. *| Duana at, upstairs;^ r*ocivod as part If ^n.^Want^^'tf^'reSl* AV BlfTIRELY NEW ?r rommunion. AddreL rJ!?l?Ule Soao?fn. either * ISO Herald olllne. aro** tor ?'? days Solicitor; box MEM WANTED?TO SELL RELIGIOUS AMD HA 1 tonal picture., payable in woeklv Inatrtmenta. HWadr I m^lngrtmVwTnmn with goujl nforeneo- Apply nt ill Av 7 ANTED-AM H* PBBtBMGED Wf BBABT OBMTLE ' nana to copy and-prepare a hastily writtrtt mb?Qirapt Peat office. WESZ# SZZSLZ *? per week. For oartleulara readiMarewSdW i ope to John Marulitan, care of SM Atlantic St, WANTED?AGRNTB. BOTH LADIES AMD GBNTLE own, of good address, to oanraaa Khar TM eaty, Brooklyn. Williamsburg, Baltimore and WaablagtOh, D. C., for a historical and statlrtioal work, entirety sow; good oommlaalnna Address Publisher, box IN Herald offios. WANTED?A STOUT AOTTVE BOY. AS GOOD OYSTER opener, to opom oysters and wait em tnhta. Apply at ST Bowery, after So'olnak A. M. WANTS D-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAM TO AS slsta* barkeeper; good refaranoas raaalrod. Iaqulre M Gth av., corner ?td at WANTED?A GOOD, FAITHFUL TRUCKMAN; ONE capable of driving four hortea la a large truck, lead who understand' ??*?*?? ? u.* boat of city refcrcnoe 1,790 Po*t Office. y capamr oi onvmi uwr uotot .? - ?? who understand* loading aad unloading machinery. U.e bast of city referenoa la writing will bo required. Addreaa box CO-ANTED-A MAN AND WIFE; THE MAN AS WAITER ?V aad the woman aa an experienced cook. Also wanted, a good girt aa chambermaid. Addrea*. atatlar wages ox pa?ad. reapacUre ana aad by whom recommended. Box II* Philadelphia (Pa. frort office. TIT ANTED-AN AUCTIONKEB; MUST BR OENTLR W mnnly and a good talker; for a large olty la tha Nfast. Call at the Brandreth House offioe to-day, between 4 aad 1 F. M.. only. Wanted-am assistant bartkndbr at ?d Catharine at. CaU from 9 ta It O'Slack. WANTED.-A YOUNG MAN, HAYING $? IN CASH, oea meet with a good position In a pleasant business, paving writ; stredy kUeolfon required. Nuns other aoad addreaa Manager, Herald office. the traded. A FIRST CLAM RHOW CARD WRITER WANTLD atSmith's. 17 Fark row. M. B. Na ethere need apply. OY WANTED?ABOUT FOURTEEN YEARS OF AGE, to learn the gold pea trade. Apply to Leroy W. Fair child A Co.. 119 William at. PROOF READING.?A FIRST CLASS FROOF READER wishes a sHoslloa. Addre** Charles, Herald offios. ypo RAILROAD OOMFANIRS-WANTED. A 8ITU\. 1 (jon a* foreman of the hor?a*hoelng department, by a man of twenty ynar*' experience In New York city; the be?l of refarauoegiven. Addrea* Foreman, boa 1*7 Herald office rpo HonsR paintbrs?a toung man wmhrb to 1 go under Instruction*; ha* aome knowledge or tha bu?l neaa; no objccttoa to the country. Address W. H? ate Hon A. ? . U7ANTBD?ONP. GOOD HAND C11ABEE. APPLY TO TV R. Strickland, 17 Maiden Un?, N , New York. w antkd-two first CLASS iron pattern fllara. at 117 Rim at., fourth floor. mars, at ia< *?m a*.. M(,tlAt;,iHI.IN A BLTON. Wanted?a glass cutter, apply at ? orksnn rt, after 10 o'eloek. - ? r,;y&?r-vxo^t? S&ssysSSfcXK ar?'??' ^EsssKk ?-.?;;'??? ?"?oaw-sss^w ?:?""?H? roM'uk^f^e?^*^' P -.a BUT HOtTHRIIOl.D yOR ww. H i f. =rmr Hurt oorered French hr^atel. A M ^?!^LX^',SJ?L5^!^b.r "nl'X t? j\ n(tH?i(ffUi top p<Wn w? fWi UDinMr, Dinmg R^om r~.rtore. Chine, Qlaea, Hllrer Wat, et a aacrffier. Tt*iulW 14 West Hliteentn etreet, between Fifth and filitl I'Muei, COS HALS?Aft INTAMD CHAIR AND LOPNOR combined, At hAlf it* orlfioal coat. Applr at 41 Bant tf-lrrt etreet PU AYMHNT RF.CBIYKD BY WEEKLY OR MON fllt.Y payment* for CarprU. "Ilelotha. Iteddiri Furniture, of every deeerlpUon. Parlor and Hrdroom but* Ar. at HEN DALL A RCOTP8, corner of Canal and Hu<*on etreeu. lNUEt-8 BPBINQ RBDB-WARRANIED THK BRUT. ,J Th? Ojly Hprinf Bod in market manulertured by e re npnneible h?uee, who can warrant their ?*oda Hold erery whew. Wa-eronme Sit Centre etreet. S1 ^ DKYTISTRY. AStmCIAL OOM fiRTfl. $U TO $l#-Vl.AIN 8KTH, Bd to ft; Warranted enperlor In beauty, uerfulneea and durability to all ihera. Teeth lllled and ettraded without p?da. Call and Ohaaino aperlmena at IBS Bieerker etreet. , I?R. WH1TR. Ah PERHANENIskt 0P OUM TEETH, SIS; A TEE porarr aot. !?$.yath filled with fold, ft j teeth attracted without pain. All wt^ warranted. Office 14? Sulb arenuo. AH DKIAOHWTL woCRSH. -TKF.TH POHITIYKLY . Mlraoted wUhntit Vjn with my nr? patent fa* Inhaler. vllK<?irS lUT5 HiUh ircn^ M< ??r . r~ ^.^LOOY. " A MB card.?MADAME RO. MEDICAI, AND BtTHl neae Clairvoyant, ha* reit_^ ^ )1# Fifteenth at reel, near Hlith "h"S%# ihow, lb8 nkeoeeeand telle ine nam# or t^ www ydtCg) marry. Beware of II literate pretendere who try to Imi^ h#r 'i,UCkp number* CLAIRVOYANT WHO Aw kq RQUAl?AMD $10,040 reward leofterod to af parwo who can aor* paae her In fivlnf correct etetemenv all mattere of lea mrietet. On loeeee, eloknoiia and ht?n8U ih# never fella. Vleaae call and loot her eklU. N. ^ doee not prewnd toehnw future huebend'a llkenoea. So. 144 Root Thirty third etreet, botwoen Leilnfton ?vThtrd arenuo. B/ADAMB WALTBKB, DIBTINOUIBlfb* OLMRYOY M eat Tint hor ** hnelaoae, , theft, nahhoa. numbera wed lack. Wggjgi VIADAME BORA, ORB AT NATIRAL OI.iivOTANT, M roreaff Fwr whole .fe OSoa No, ? "Nee treat ' corner Co*at CooeultaUon $t ? Aii* " f*gguTturn. ? j bubbokw. yj?A?L.111 u,*ad?J3j nu. and .?w7^ f ukk: oET ?i 8IIU ?*? lif^S i S5?^s5i@fi8?E?5k 1 VZv&vEhxzXXi i>.?;?? ?riEFK SSmtT Dufod. ' S?e?ud?, fK&*er jl'm^ Hirt, ~1 SSICJT &. / (?Sims*. OUnuui, Hdffc MoKntM, / Church. Oj?y? Hvbte!? sJStaSn |? O-S R1Aa^^;J"eS^ gUA^ihe ???* ????? ?tn dpPTverj. embracing m*J* - th ree evening* ?*???? ?ale. ??? T>y MIMRK k AT It O'CLOCK. *? B "t AUCTWt^TU?R ^^STHBET. BAUEUKOUM HOBiJEa U rVB ROIB9, R?ulT *??'1 'lreel #TW TiaUgM 1? ^'kljr^rdiilring to Mil llofWSe g*SagS!^S ^ AggS -? ramPi_ iii?? leu? ?odjntere^ H ENRY I>. MINER, AUCTIONEER. 8ALHOF HOBSK8. CARRIAGES. HARNESS. AC., i MINER A SUMERVILl K. ^ vi ainnn ? ouwdh r ioun ? b WKONK3DAY1_JAN. 90. AT 13 O'CLOCl HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION PLACE SI BAAT FOOBTEBMTH STBEHT, HEAR FOB HORRK, M ban* higb.T ydsve old 4 Hi Mw, la afl. huMW iHoiMr' iW^Svi WSt TA' tvev yet shed; perfectly broken. fl HORSE, I9K bands high; etdbt mol w I MM; troteja 3:11. free and stylish. ? ilhmn. Several ot irrn;?Jioa4tuoa. 1 sight years old, 10 hand* kibbled ha r weatef use. Manes, U Par Babes, several sshPWamaea. Ml ? IBNBY O. MIMBB. AUCTIONEER. A EKIAOBR HABKB8S, AC J Regular bane sales at ear Auction Mart, Calm Plaefl Bandar heme sales at ear Auction Mart, Union Plana ?table*. everr Tuesday and Friday throughout the year. Messrs. MlMBitAnOMBRVluLE offer unsurpassed ad. vantages la IseeWea. experience and business eapastty ta I parties wishing to buy or daeiiiag to sell Horses, Carriages or saythiag pertaining to the horse basinets. numd SHE Btook,pli BY FBLTMAN, AUCTIONEER?SELLS THOI m, at l*K o'clock, at <9i Grand street, the entire took, nitures and laag Lease ef a 0ne cigar (tors, with an lagant bar attaohed; rare ehaaee; positive aula. This Is n ibgirt raroohaaeo for baoiaoos inea. TTBNEY FBLTMAM, AUCTIONEER?OFFIOB MO. I ijL CUsioa Hall?toUe this day, at IX o'elook positively, la lata, ta suit deal Is re and store keepers, the soUr as ef Dry sad fancy Goods contained la store gBf Thin avenue; eats vrO be positively without any reearvnilaa; el Issust t>o sold: doeJ're oal> ?bmby o. r yams, aiiotiomkbb?will hell trim ? day, at I o'clock, a rich assortment of Fisauh Cbias I ???alas (Haasware, Parian marble French Clocks, As., the oeaiplate Importation of R. Mehrisch, AM Broadway. BOO ART, AUCTIONEER-THURSDAY, JANUARY SI, at i0% o'olork. at ICS West Th.rty-elghlh street, I ing of I'arlor finite. Ve gravlngn, rosewood AM Car nets. Mirrors, Pain Ungt. Em Centre Tables, I'orlor Chairs, Easy and Rooking Chairs, Cot tags Suits, Hair Mattresses, Fealbot Bads, Plilews and Bolsters, marble .top Dressing Bure-r--* | Waahstaade, Ingrain Carpets, Shadss and CurJf^JJ" Dlnlng Room?Oak Biienslon Dining Table, Chain, <*??*' TAMRS JBNKINS, AUCTIONKER. jShL SBLL At J auction, oa Wednesday, Nth lost., at IIo'etoeRat LVV Broadway, a ear !'or:y.first street, Hcraea, CarvUesa. W^W ons, Rookaways. Phaetons, 1 Coach, 1 dagger WagonaH BjroMILLI* A JACK. GENERAL AUCTIOH| M^^mnmmsBBmiMswmwmisBMMsmmB's Fi1l>' fill be tg:.i at euMk auction, > Spring t art f Horse end Huapfj riff**11* ht^TL? fixed Sleighs, 1 Hark ?? ?*&***+. Pf.g?* Hoi and H , *0 dp. oobrrj ffJgMW 7*m at Sals. _ . The above " ?to.vUlfl<> rlocx precise^ j. * "* , .Jr.iii mv buvinimrat^ ' AUCTIONEER, i? - /r.V,rfimVr tBl STOCK AND rfjCTOkEB. a]L i, *l 10 o clo<'11' *1 4,0 1st IIonstoa WTtl mil 7_%srok. wis Stock and Fixtures ot a Linu jS ?treat, oorr,yiig of assarted Liquors, first class Flitarss, Store, co." - ? Ao. baler m rg a ALB.?RICHARD WALTERS. AUCTION vrill sell, this day ( We.le.dayt. at II o'daok, all* O ,'st., the Store fixtures. Counters. Ac. - tI CWM. Fanais. Depute. JOHN KELLY Bhgl','_ ^JHBRIPF'S HALB OF BOOTH AND SHOES-#' 2%* /& A MURl'HT, Auctioneers, on Thurxday, MJ wk ?W f o'clock, at m Fulton street. Brooklyn. Gaiters, ladies' and children's.Shoe*, Ac.?the*1" ?? b n. tall store. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, HE*# j.W?T.H.n **7 day, at 1?H o'eloek. at 119 One* Barroom Furniture, Ac,, ilituree of tne hoU known as tha White House; Urge Mlrron., fine Bar. SMoW TnWsjsOlaem ware, l'aluttngs ami Engravings. Oas TfyWjm OlMothm Bade. Satis. Carpet! and everything usual! found la eueb plaoes, aLts Champagss. Wines, Ac. WITTKRH MPMK ? ai I o'eloek. at 4M Cansl itSwt sec?d hard furnltur^, |Aa7fross Thirty fi^ih ?t>r?t. t'arloi H.ltv, t<est^e.^piulag t and Tea Tables; French plate l'le^HMHVMMH||^V I rosewood Plsrto. ocUves . M ?e>" cloths. Mack walnut, mahogany Mattresses, Bedding, Dining Glass, ttilrrt Ware . Stove*. ? TSSso'l^l? ? sUrrsaes, Be.ljing, lllhlnl Koum *aa, I'hina, Glaaa, Sllviwwere; Staves. jbeunges^^* Ing and eUisr Chain, in mis is the tradee* tensile. S.Ronk . v ttw lRBOrT AOCtlOlttoll?*>FFIOR ITB; UiiK lk#o ai laKo'doofc* JfiRSSr^S Mqtiorhtore 71 1..Iber-y onatnam ?uuarv .^. -- : r- biilber^w look end Fistures o< the "Quontore ,s ?"'""T rh?JshSd? OM Hto- Xle. thro .Ao. , three Man in the mllar; ' -? "I" ? "kt itam snBorr, accttonki*. MM ?? tu .il^~ square, will sell thle day, d t o'clock, thd I unavr. t. - uim u?hm .?.?? A?, lAtfij are, win sen mm amy, a a ? ??, *w quor Store 19 Monro# kreet?flue roae Baglisa ueer Pump, wall Counbr, Kegs, Csska mgne and other Hquors. Ac. A ?>TH AUCTTON SALB. 4v> BI.0G) TONS 8CRANTON COAta ON WKUNKSDAY, JAN. ?, HW. New Yoaa, J*. B, 108!. aany will Uoesara, i corner of ...?. Inst,, at It o'oioofc, noon ^ ^ JOHN ?h"