Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1867 Page 1
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l#w <& WHOLE NO. 11,111. . NEW YORK, THURSDAY, JANUARY 81, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. wanoiiAW A NY IN KO K MAT ION THAT WILL LEAD "to THE JV wkereabootaof Mary ?>*? Byrne (mwrtyia to mar iHgi Uarr WllaotO. married hy Ke? Ira .Ngbwart, Ban MM m.alaiar, about soelonbrr, IBM*, rtlyorood aa on record, ?tvili Hall, New 1'ortt, about the month of Aucoat, #67, will be Tory gladly reaaired. Addroa* Informatics, Her?id A GENTLEMAN SHORTLY RETURNED PROM Jl Europe would be happy to hear frea Mra, Harj ?ookar. Addreee Vielor Oonaalee, bea 100 Uerahl offioo Abaautipdl nv bob* infant fob adop #? ad the Netwery, HI Oreeawich Ureal. Tt J., HAVANA-COMB RIOHT TO NT N. BVBBY AJm thing win be ail arranged Mr mutual bappioeea. Cent Bwa aa yoe aee thfck jtm Bin Uiar heading Sualneet Opportunity la to G"WWSU MMMd SraSarinir'e I I ^M?!f w?U? the opera riaae aud pookei ban ikeirhief Willi under the grealau obligation* If ?he will alTerdl ? a bin a her aoqaalalanna by addreaa-l atoOoe O Poet oHee. I MgmPggfc""""'* ,1Tao!Soroii.'*| MET CITY?OMNIBUB TO ASTOB HOCSB, aeroea the toy. ITaM dreea. Lmht aack. Addreee ^yrSBtoo A,jprtef ataoei, Mow YorTuty H ^MaTo! JUAO M. S. ?,-LBTr*IU FOB TOP At] etattoa oTWrtte Immediately. and dlieet aa before. tuts should nebt thb bye of ? or Samuel Quemby, Mai of the lata Fraeoea of HeagMaM Coaqueat, Bedfordshire, or any por-i ^^^^?feted with them, they are reouebtad to oommual* I Himali), Earagaioo. Bedford. I Ml FBBBOM WHO TOOK THB LADY'S CHAT*-1 X latoe from the hooea to Forty-flfth at reel, at the chilAi I aadr, la well known. If returned Immediately no mention 1 Wa made of It. If not. atepa will be taken at onoe for uj WANTS SL&x IBKXAS (H1XU WISHES ANN THOMPSON OR A Borbruthera to loaro thatr addraai at Mr. John Brttton'a, I rnk Wrally btrept, Brooklyn. ^?antbd-to adopt, a littlb oirl, with black ^HMMgMM|yaw to eighteen aaontha old. Addraao | Spring atraet ^^j^^NATMlroBUI.. ^Hatmhonial burbau.?ladies and obntlb ^?Bb Ut bo often doomed to load a alntla Ufa in.ooeao of the want of aulUble partner*, that an ofllce under heeding am the European plan haa been opened ^^^?York to facHttata marriage. Here the aamaa of all ^^^^?M*mM|!aa matrimonially dlbpoaed will be reglaterod ^^^^HHBMWand Introduction* exchanged and effected. ^^^BTbe atrteteat eonfldenee will be obaerred. Addreee Meaara. Orlmahaw A Co., Bureatl.Md Beat Ninth ^PMl T~ $L? 1 SpWO YOtfNO OBNTLBMBN OP M*AN9 DBSIRR THB .X bbqnalntanoe of two young ladle* matrl.nealally in SmT Addraaa, to oonddanoa, K. A g., Herald odioe. tOO LOST,?iTBMALLBSD "SETTER BITCH. TEN ?XMn old, untrained; iu*m to tho u*ma of Lulu. [?Mil wttlha fjrta on raturnlnf h*r to M Lolghtktreet. ?^^NLAON AND TAN 8RTTKB. COAT white ipot on brwoot; ? littoral Inform*Uon or for klowtm to O. South Beraen, boot Iron bridfa, ^^^^?otlmor,73 Murray etroot. Row Torfc. m M reward -a small sold CHAIN, I -MM bbS uiakot Stiilit. Tho Sndar wBl ratura toss OHXotroM, Mow Torfc. TUBSDAT, JAN. SB A MO USB-COLORED Nrtwiii. The Bader wilt ho rawarddd hy ro ???????rmrMtri Moot Fourteenth Mroot. IN FIFTH ATMNOB, NEAR FOURTEENTH i ob To?ley, o fray Fur Poach. Tho flaSer wiH IS hylOBTtBf It ol Mow Torfc Hotel. IT TUB UNDBBSMNBD. A COMMUTATION t fro? New* Torfc to Peoeolu ou tho Brio Boflwoy. will pieaao looira tl ot tho Haraldafltae.g WHH mSS&S5 B. BT. OOINO MBTHSTS A LAST'S MINX ?HfiiUMiR ?H HHht, boot SboobS BuloralBf Rlptho I ty MOD Coupon. AobMbMo BeiiLrTl* tS MTOUW-ON THB ItlOHT OT JANUARY SB FROM B the atobie at IS Baooo Mroot one grayH?ae. about IS SiaBe klfh. b ooor on fore foot; olao load Stall aa4 Slan El A ealtabtoreward win bo fold for tho bom or any In BmobiIob eoaoeralaf hi?, at IN Water ?reot MAR BBWARD.?THB ABOVH REWARD WILL BR ^aui'aresrsfT.'TJS rsra/t^i oooiuo, ooraar of Stity-aooooS atroot I ?C BBWARD.?LOST. ON TUBgDAT MOBBING. RPUrarpool; No. LM Tho liner will recelre tha | rowafS by leering tha aaora at SI Sloth aranue, up BBWARD?'WILL BB PAID TOR THB BEGOT ary of < Hllror Tabtaeponn*. 1 Mirer Table#poon, T. M. H. M. K.; IT Slleer Teaepoona,?erked F. J. ?K; 1 Sllrar Hufar Spoon, narked P. J. Seanaa; S her Baiter KutrOe, narked f. f Seaman, atoien together She large anaatlty of Olotblag oa OM ereulBf of .lanuary . Aura let Beat Forty-Srat ahraot Apply aa abOTa or at? AND NO QUESTIONS A8BBD.-IF THB FAR* flea wba took thraa OrarooaU from SOS Greenwich M Inet Sunday wutai will return U?om ta O/A. Otagg a, 5a Broadway, with ooaUate, thay wffl raeatra lie A MRMAT BufU WMMSI tSSjTsSM LOTS ^?DRT Ot)ODS.^^^^H FOBOU* CHRAF MCNI.rNS. ? Stranger* who bare net bought apy of ^?Ao aa at oaoe. ao our anpply la nearly en WkTv:^\^&. toe. aISHa IMMENSE LOTd, 14a., life, end lie. LOTS, Sta, IBo. and Ac. 41 WAN SOTTAS SWv ? ?Sim LOTS TARLK LINRS8, CBASHKg^^^^M "uillBBTINUb, AC., ~FROM AUCTION, LANK^S^lA?snifcUKH. GLoTHH. SHAWLS, HOfllKf esllX^^k'SJS^Si,Sfi?SS taauth at, ati-Mt A LADT WISHES TO DISrOSH OF A FINB EVEN Jh In. oraaa, Jnot recelrad from raria: a1*o a Ana black Coe PolntBApply ta Mlae (1LBNNON. 7S8 Broadway. A BBAUTfFtIL HUDSON BAT SABLE COLLAR AND A IS air for ?la. tu perfect order, for $100. Addroca Mra. HA Rm oUtleaO. ,K SALE-A HiN DROME RXTRA RITE. FUR Um>et of Hudaen Bay SaMo, made be M'-acr?. C. O. tberARon. Priee Ml ASdreaa F. D. T., bot 1.SM Torfc Poet offlue. _____________ a FARRELL, WJTOn THIBTTFIFTH ftTKEr.T. oue door nut of Eighth aren'te, la clearing out hie fall ' Furniture andfiarpataelgroal bargain*. The largeat i in tha mtr. THB LBCTVBE RKARON. A^OOFBH INSTITUTB.?DR. HRRSOtn WILL LEO \J Birathh' eeonlng ou tho Special Sonena?ameS, night, t feeiluf?aa?eoiy of the ryu ear, no?e, of tna booo: eguace and core of ob SEMM ? eaaaae and kind*: preeentlon and cure; 1-; ?ante, he.; woadataof Ma eya; laara. nrORTANT LUiTDRBI DAILT?TO QENTLENKN 1 oalr at the New ? ''rt Uaaeum o< Anato?y 41* tl ,md I d^ tboaea n able to-.?Tid the? laeturea mer receive a I mSi by forwardlM tan v?wnta. Addre? Beoratary of Mow I ofYnam^,. ?? Hro. I J^SrW LBOTURB BBV. B. a C^v ?*. I>- D. SURlBiX-.-. NOLL OF HOS, OR-._ . THURRPAT BTKNINO. JAN. fc. AT IjPOLfOp, IB the RelormodD Utah church, W?ITW, ?.rHt ?**' of Rlitb areai? (Roe. Dr. Ale*. R 1J.> dv *?? AS?I?(on, Mconta. Ttakeia can he U'M 'he fjee or at ?sCS^aribser A Go,'*, SM Hi x IISTBCCTION. A mm young lade'from tub country who his I beeu eniiiwl In teaching, would like to get ?. tltuattou ?. ,u,,. MU,?ruesefor young children, or would like to get copying or writing of some kind U) do. Address ^ ?ta pes U. - 4 KITHMKTIC. PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKEEPING? A I ?Milit unlimited, 820 per quarter, Kl Bowery and MB FuHou. Brooklyn. Front Governor King:?"Colonel PAINR'S plan of tootnwtion la QaWMUa and eipedt Uoiis.' ???^^^^?BOOKKBBPIxa. PENMANSHIP, ^^^^^^^^^^^HOompoattlon, Grammar, Be., taught BMPNBBMkin room a If desired, at TOwnaend** ^^^?laalou, MO Bowary, between Prtoee and! Ledlsa' department. Tar ma moderate. I A LADY TEACHER MILL OIV* LESSONS B FEN I dar^TJt?t^;.d ooui^n ssiraj^nra^V'" "?? T"aa A ?HCB LAWYER AND BIS DAUBSTER (IB Inanaa ft. illwe bog ? Pawn square foot effioo. A rnaiuirrs fob penmanship. bookkbhpimo, A An.,nt the low prices for tbo enealne term, at GOLD ?B?i%"?X3! ?ai'T3'S&."KS3 FHBBMOB OONVKRBATION, AO., TAUGHT BT A COM. ? potent and well ed net tod lady from Porta, of home, even Inge, after t P. M.; Wednesdays and Saturdays. after S I P. M. Anply to or addresa MUe. O., Bancroft Moose, for- , tmm of CUB PMRENCH IX SIXTY LESSONS.?$? A MONTH. BORN-1 ? Ing etaaa alto. Conversation. Neither Orarnmar nor Dtotlonarv Is required. Profaooor JOSEPH J. ORIBKRB, No. \)j CBnton place, Eighth a treat. ?>TTCK.-A LADY OP OOOD FAMILY IS DB8IROUS I mm of obtaining n situation aa nursery govern ass, or would ? anything that wna not too hnrd: would prefer Hviog In other place than New York dty. Reference given. JMaa ?m for.ono week Mtae M. Curtua, box 1W Herald offios.^H iBSTDBNT GOVERNESS OB HOC8EKEBPER?BY A ?Mi lady qualified for either position. Address for twol dayi Mlea Benton, at the Teachore' Institute, MB Broadway. I SWAXI8H LANGUAGE.?FROF. A. DE TORN OS.? ? Classes for ladles nt hie realdeooe, MB Fourth avenue, with his NEW COMBINED METHOD, pabltahod hp D. Apple ton A Oo. YX7ANTKD?A SITUATION AS GOVERNESS. BT A IT highly reepeetablo young German lady. Address L. M., boxB.da Past offlao. ? ?q FOB FIVE THOROUOH LESSONS IN BLOCU ft) tlonipoor ratoea made good; no extra charges; refe re noes H. Webster, L. L. D., J. Roberta, author, An Ad dress James, Hlrald office. A STEAM PBOPMLLBR YACHT FOR SALE-FIFTY JX emht foot tang, ten feat beam: about Ore montha old: built of oak and eeppar fasten ad: has aoopmma Jetton* for eight persons bootees the orew; to wall (hand la every re aped Apply e? hoard at fool of Boot Tenth street. A LL KINDS OF DOGS AMD BIRDS FOB BALE AT A B. DOVKfg, MS Canal street. near Church street. jSlntasg far m Beiaiie. Prepared Food Mr me eking YAOO FOB SALE?A YERY SUPERIOR BLACK MEW. U foundlaad Bog: ho to young, well brad, trained and very handsome. Apply to One Main at private atablo Mi Bast Sixteenth street! t utXfU3"mlLi0MT h2^2S' eTSf i mtImimS aSil l&tngj SiM^iiMihili I ira? Y??ht<CtaM STtaTMe then Chree ??Br SESmSSSmmS MMmull ffiioel, ? "YXTANTBD?A SMALL UOMT DRAUGHT STEAM Wx Sstpeai riBeu*" 11 ^ ?"* parttaularx, p.. A r 1KB PAIR or DARK BROWN CARRIAOR A llorMa, perfectly mi4 id feted, far Mte a* aooeunl A II BXrXBM WAGON. MOMS AND KARNBM FOR A aala. all la gaod mnditloa. Apply to CHRIST, No. It FratU*at atraat. Broadly*. ATA B ABO AIR, FOB j? A UOIT CURTAIN A Ooaoh, luiwbla for ?tty ar tome try basking AIM a AMiRNkiwir far BMl Bat ad fapma Ihnaafe fit SB At HOVRY'B BtaMa, Barnntaaatfe atraat, mm Ftrat irnoa. A GOOD ROAD R0R8B FOB BALB OB RXOHANOI far a good watch. AAJi'aaa Wm Marshall, root aRea, r Torfe. A BUBINB8R WAOOK, SUITABLE FOB EXPRB88 OR BBOIBTBB OP HOESBB AMD CARRIAGES, AT ta aato. la kapt fey MINER A BOMBRVILLS, at atraat. All parson* wlablag to buy. aril or a* ehaaga Horaaa or Oaniijaa. shonld bora their property, ar tfea artielaa dastrad racMarnd aa afeora. AUCTION BALM AT HOME AUCTION MART, Uatoa tquara, arary Tuesday and Friday throughout tfea year, and at *7 Naaaaa atraat, arary Wadnaaday and ba.ur B iSfg. UOOT.-A NEW BOOKAWAT TOP BUOOT. TURN orar aral P baa ton. Alao Harness. Bold at a bargain. _ at Fifth aranna Blablaa, earnar Fifth aranna aad fourth atraat. flAKRIAGEH AND HARNBSM-A LABOB AH SORT t daa* work at a eaarlBm far BP day*?Vtrto \J manlaf flaa, Fhaetnn*. Aa, at rary law flruree. -. ... ... 47 Crdar atraat, twa dfeora woat of William. r Aral elaaa work at a aaorlBaa far SO day ??Vtr to ne Rorkawaya, Burgle*. Light Einrae* Waasna. law Aturm JOHN M TUFTS, Jn.. TDOR BALK?A BLACK HORSE, FIT FOB OABT OR I* any othar klad of bualnaaa; left rear* aid and parfaetly aaasd. Inquire of JOHN O'CONNOR, V Washington atraat. N. T. "Eton BALE-ONE BAT HORSE, M HANDS HIGH. FIT ?ffft-arsjr'us? n.-sa'Bswsa atraat, near Nlntfe araaaa. TDOE SALIC?SEVERAL LIGHT AND 1IBAVT NEW J aad MCMt band bnslceas aad express Wagons, aad alao a twa Bono Track. Ap-dy at Uuthroff A Baifcar'a oar Hag* factory. >07 Qraaaa atraat. IFOR BALB?A BORBBL MAKE. B TEAM OLD. U J? kanda fetch, warrantod to trot la 8 50. will he *<<ld eboao. A paalnf I'-raa, lt'4 hand, high, ? yaara old: sound; would ault a butobar ar mtfcman: earn pace la S:tB sural will fee aold cheap. laqutr* at Ht6 Third araaaa, ta tfea fear faquirs i acre maker1 a. aaar Porty-imad atraat IFOR N4LB-A STRONG OOUPR, CIRCULAR FRONT, r nawly patnlad aad trtinmed; prloa BdtO. 1,111 Broad way. . . TJIOR SALE?ONE BIX TRAB OLD. 8TTLISH, WELL J; hrckan. 900 potiad weight Vera; Tub aad Har turn If dsairad. H. U N Dr. WWOOD. WO Eldrfdga atraat. IFOR BALB CHEAP-A HORSE. INQUIRE AT SI A* Chiiatopher street. HORSES THAT HAVE BFRN BTRAINED, lBUldED; or cut, eared fey Dr. Tofelae' Veoatian Hora* Liniment; In pint bottle* $1; sold ererywhare. Depot? M Cortland! street, New Tork. and B North Sixth atreet. Fhtladslphia. Lumber wagon?any onk having a wagon for nele ehnep. (tillable for carting lumber, neu feaer nf a purohaeer by addrsaitng H. W. O., 1W IHgh at, Brooklyn. OLETOHS, SLEIGHS RLKTOHS?TWO AND FOUR p neat; R< * " " Del and Blanket*, TtTANTRD-TO FUROHAHE A SECOND HA *? oularfront Coupe; alao a modern built CL. ? order, for about gdM) aaoh. Addreaa Purohaaar, bo* Post oflloa. WANTED?A HORSE, NOT OVER RIOHT TEARS aid. Muad and kind, and about l*t< hands hlKk Any person barring one to dlanoan of cheap mar bear of a eua. jp'F*Mrtplion " *" kind, nine ild, touad and ... . ? Twnuty-niotk atraat. tkraa days. ins, niifeiuHH nuKHTHS?inu r?u? t; Rnbee; alao Top and Road Wtaona, |Ro. kawaya, and Expr*** Wagon*, xligle ana double Harness, *, Ma., at WM. H. GRAY S. S7 Wooatar ntrnat. HAND CIB lareoee, In ?7 X ?A HORSE. IftV RANDS, SOUND, I jD ? t^' 7"a? old; a bfiek Oolt, four yaara old kind. BUS; sold far want af ua*. 144 Wast 1 valentines. Am large uiduckmrnt t?> tor tradk -valbn tina* I* B?, BIS, BIS %M, f J5 and BW loU at half prion. Alao an linrannaa ato?k, raiylag In pno* from Ia to S100 eoab; dlaoo'int ibper eeai. Mai! order* promptly attended to, at the factory #f the New York Union Valantlns Com pany. IM and 138 William afreat. SHKNL> Foil Wnu*ur.V'S RRfiiL |I0 U)TS OF VAL ? endue* for Bd <A*a#h. ,n th- l-U w yorit VaTW'doe !?* pel. d| Chatham atr.jel Opparitd Ch .ut uere. (lontfei Yalau llne*i)0 eenii per gro**. CTBONG'T TALRNTIVE"'|pj;Ft>K .** NRGAriW^T. p Til-tr'dr ?aop''e.| ?uh lb* I,vt FtJrm.eai er*a? if* 'o?e i ,'cud till fqr a ij,'. coPARTummnpn^ 4 N EXTRAORDINARY OPPOBTONIfY FOR MAKiNft A money ? Pitnacr wen ted with h Utile caphii. at eaahiar la the beat paying exhlb'thmln Amarlea-uartjr.a. IbJ to crowded bounce. Apply at *N Hnilaon (treat. A J'ARTKEK WANTBD -BItHKR ACTlVS OR 8II.KNT I 1 witb 41 (MO. by e gardener, ou a higblr cnltlruled farm of ?0 acres, iVth. JJrbood of Raw York tNew Jeineyi. for the euitlrarton of small irclta (of whiohthera u a varies* already pleated), end vageuhles. Address Qardaaar, Herald A Gb. bacooihbtti becomes a member of . our arm from thu data. ^ JLL New Yoaa, Jan. 1, UK. CBONEY. LENT | 00. J?A VARY Id?NOTICE?WE HAVB THIB DAT DM nuntn viiim>.T[TH am or ioiu. k la i vert against an equal amount, la a manufacturing boob meat whieSpaya a very larva profit. Capital not all needed at paeaaat Parties who mean bualneaa may add reap Geo. H.CUFbrd, general Foal ofiloe. PROFIT. its ?P eaah, to join a new commimloa heme, aaMrtfNlMP bualneaa; an Immediate arrangement seeeaaary; drateiaao raferauoes siren and required. Addreae Rare eat. Marald PARTNER WANTED?IN AM KBTARLIIHHD MR At. f aauta bualneaa to take the place ef a member of the ?rm rati ring An enerretlo maa ef Integrity, with a capital of 4I.8N, wilRbe dealt with, Addreaa Real Kauta, box AW Poat oOea. PARTNER WANTED?IN COTTON BAISINO, WITH A 4AJ.OOO in id 000 payments. Plantation 1.100 acres, toady stocked. leany laeome $100,000. A(Mr?e Plantation. had 100 Herald oOoe, for one week. PARTNER WANTED?IN A FIRST 0LAfl8 HOTEL, X with bar end billiard rooms attaohed. A rare oppertan- | Ity. gApply at M Wall ilmj?Mn??J PARTNER WANTED?WITH FROM fROUS TO tAOOR, X to extend the bualnaea In a Ladles' Trimming Store aV ?dyeatabUabed; or would sell oat to a cash cuatdmar. | Address '"Fancy Store." box SB Herald ^ rpHB COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING X between Dm. George Hadfield end G. L. Leaning la this day dissolved by mutual oenaant. IX L. LAMBING, J Antrim M, ISR7. GEORGE liADFlKLD. ?^ANTEI^^PART^W?^$1^(^^1A^OO^O W^U purchase the iota?l of a rati ring partner in a whole. I sale eaah manufacturing business. Addreaa A. B., ears at Mr. B. Thomas, US Water (treat, Mew York ID?A PARTNER IN A WELL ESTABLISH ED wRb capital, need op \T7 ANTED?A PARTNER IN A WE TT business. Only business neon, a ply to ZBA8TUS NEW, M Pino street WANTED?A MAN HA VINO FROM $800 TO $1,000, AS partner in the dry goods auction bualneaa. Address Auctioneer, Herald eOoo. YJTANrar^^^lKNT^MA!^2N0A08^^1E?L eral agent for a Life lnauraooe, end who holds a THEPwith a first elass elty eompeny, n party with e aH51T amount of aapltal to )olo him. The applicant must hero ?ama eeqnaintaace with the hneMma and have unexcep tionable referaaoM as te eheracier. Address, with partlen lain, W. O., bos 1ST Herald ogles. ? CI AAA -AN ACTITB PARTNER IB WANTED IN FXtUvU, mediately to devoto bla time In e safe and hicratlre boats?; ban an competition. Cell nl Hi Broad way, rocm No. I. nnn -A PARTNER WANT BD?WITH THIB ,uUU, ameuet, U bay one half ef new Patent now ?manufactured. Address M. P. R? Herald ofloe. T AAA *0 HAW.?THE A BOTE AMOUNT, IN CO.UUU eaah, wffl aeonre an low?I and la? re tome In n legitimate bualneaa. Apply te er gdilr? B. Bolivar, SM Third (avenue. din AAA -PARTNER WANTED, WITH ?UW WLU.ullU. eaah capital te take charge of a lumber buala?that wMshewnpredlofgWOOO yearly. N-xoe but C?SX"ifiS:KVSS Inn I ?D RXn<HNh ItW IRSUHIL i?f iiMttioiA A "lAtoedeam at reeoam, 0? WMOKI Aw exchanged for raal aetata. Ajv&'ttV rirlra*. mn Koi r u?ir.-*?w Tork State MM. For ether territory apply Immedtetelr. A MAX WANT AD IMMEDIATELY?TO TAX 8 A eharge of ? Am wtM ml frail baMMsa already aa tenllahed, ee Broadway, with KM in ready emah. Good aecority giro* for tba tareetmeat ?AX WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TO TAX 8 nd frnlt bulMsi already o lb KM In reedy cash. Ooc "tHOMPSQE, 10 Bioadwiy. A MT PARTY BATIXO AAOt CAB BERT WITH AN BX. A eeBent ehanoa to make mo:i?y. Heat eat iafeetIon glren, ? atraat Mom but gentle A eeBent chanee to make Inqoire if Mr. UfH^ 8 A ?MiMdmU. A ?BBBBB OF THK OPEN BOARD OF BROKERS A daairaa to eorreepond with om or mora oeptlallau with ertow ta? busloeee connection. Addraea aUtfoi wbora aa i bo had, H., box A254 Poet offloa, xTY. BEST fur TflXCLUBTYB RIGHTS FOR BALE?FOR THX 1 JBj eelltng Paleat Article in market. Ralalla at fid; nlabed at fa. Ma ? Plaa at root, room Mo. A 1AX ABOUT TO TBATBL THROUGH XBW TORE and Ohio, aad Aaatra eome buoianao In addition to my arc, to aali aoode by anmple or to tranaaot any a:bar bualneee. Addraaa Trercller, box CIO Ilarald offloa. Men lookiro fob busixbbs arb ikvited to aall at IB Corttandt atraat aad tareatlgate the bualnaaa abanaaa we are oSbrl by aa iaraataent of I abanaoa wa are aF?rlna;f* to?M par day art aaally made $100 to f Call witbonitoalay CU8H1NO A WlNQ. VTBW AXO yaluabli intention. JN I article wttfcoa a anal. .? r~j??* c? J..ww- ? ? ....? -w wituoae Ita ojeraUoa and learn partteulara, at M Broad Partial wtabing to Inroat In tba manufacture of aa ? rotocted L _ . ? awnaD capital, aad paying ISO per cant prodt ere Inrltod to ta and I ? ' article of ready aale aad antreraal uaa, made ta a faw houro. without maohjaarr.fully protected by pataot, requiring but TJAINT BUSINESS FOR SALB?WITH ESTABLISHED JT oountry trade for leada, tinea and olla, on term* rary adrantageou* to the purchaaar. Addraaa far ana walk White Lead, Herald ofltce. -DABTIBM DESIRING A LIGHT AND PROFITABLE X bnaHieaa. are inrltod to examine tba taenia of Brfcker'e Wood Plnlah. at 4> Raakmaa atroet mo PRrifTRRR?A SMALL AMOUNT IB CASH, BAI 1 aaee la laetalmenta, will procure aa aatabliahed paying Job PrtnUag odkse; a good ehanoa to ooauBeaoa. Apply at ?4 Maw Bowery. _ TO GIFT ENTERPRISE PROMOTERS.?TO BR BOLD, tba Oopyi igbu and Stoek of two aongalflcaat American Cbrotnoa, ready for Solitary iu large quantities; tbay would form a superb and eucrewrul barla tar ear Brat elaea enter ~ ' l. being bettor than any worka leaned by tba Croaby Art elation. Addreaa \t tllle, box 1MI Herald o.l oa. r PRINTERS ? A PRACTICAL PRINTER WANTED to ed.t ami take charge of an ettobUebrd paper In tbla oily; mttai become Interfiled; a capital opening. Addraaa HF. A. C., lie* m Poet oBfea. WAMTED-A TEE'ON OF KKANB AND INFLUBNCB. to ta take bold of anme g< od paying, derewpod Gold Mining Property, and organise the aaiur Into a aoaapany. For further particulars addraaa box 170 Herald nffleai |1ft TO f)?0 WILL START ANT MAN IN A PRO ?tl\/ Stable business. Sb.iae, Manufactories aad Meal Batata for aale cbaap. J. M. MOODT A OO., 48 Pino atraat LOAN OF KICKS. A DYAROES MADE ON WATCHES^ DIAMONDS^ JEW A airy. Dry Ooode and Peraonal Property of arery dre awpttoa. J. a. JACKSON, 111 (irand atreet two doornwaat of Broadway. At ma pearl btrkrt-d. l. lrdkrkr * co. ai? ranee liberally end at reaeonable term*, cash on all ?aluable property, Watches, JaWolry, Diamonds, Pianos, Ac., or puronaae tba same. A T Sfl.BROADWAY -I PAT THK HtOHBST PKTCBS A for Diamonds, Watehea, Jewelry, Re., or- tdranoa oa the sauie. TRAAOtf, Dlamoad Broker, OpiHtelie WaUaok'a tkoatro. A T HTM AfTS, m BROADWAT, CORNER OP BOND [\ atreat will be paid the hlgtiaat prtoe for Dlamnn Ja, Fatoboa aad Bilrarwara, or will adranoa oa tba abort arti lea. A OOOD PRICB PAID FOR DIAMOND JBWELRY; d. loare negotiated on aamo: raluatlona 10 per oent B. ,V. PLUMB, tnamoud Broker, BIS Broadway, oppoelto tba It Ntobolaa HotoL SAMR Honour AT THH IIIOIIKS mpjwss Btoaakar atraat, up atalra. IIPRIU1I. A -BCRNHAM'B FURNITURE EXPRESS?1IB WMBT A. Rlarenth atraat May Bltlb areo.te FarnHitro wared, nltyor amoury. Ptirntua; iwked pad eblppad; furoMura ?tered Money bdrpnoad o* fnruHurR . phtavouim -pOWLKS. DREVET A CO., WO. * wr* OB LA PAIX, I) Farta, make idranrei on American aecu-tties nod onan coupena oo demand. Bilia on the United State* or Rug Li ad (ought and void. Letter* for Anir'mu in hnro;'Cad d-eased te owcirs will be promptly delivered or forwarded. Circular travelling oredite Uaued and seabed. dor sale -tub charter or ? bamk located r la a neighboring Mate. This charter U one of the Bioet Htwere avtu. aaaw lamvutiuu www v? uihtoi wu m Sank. Addreea W.. hex tW N. Y. Font oRco. TpOR 8 ALE?INTERN ATIONAL FIRB IN8URAN0B JP r 5 ? ALBERT H. NIOOLAT. a rta# street, ?. T. rn BALE?THIRD AVBNUR RAILROAD COMPANY Black, pastas large dividends. aLbBKT H. NICOLA*. a Pine street, V. Y. DOR SALE?NBW YORK CITY RAILROAD COMPANY .F Block. Also Insurance Slock, paring from 10 to Id par seat dtrlrfaads By ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, 41 Pin* street. DOR 8ALR OR INCOBPOBATION-A GOLD QUART! r Ledas of (treat raise. located In Butte eonatjr, CaL Apply to THOMAS 6TKVEK6ON, ? Broadway. fDHTERBBt OR CITY STOCKS ?THE INTBRBST ON I the Beads and Steaks of the Corporation of the city of HewYerk, doe and payable February 1 18S7. will be paid on that day by Daniel DorUn, Esq., Chamberlain of i|r instant RICHD. R. CONNOLLY. Comptroller. Darnamnorr oar PuuMh, Coarrsauju'g Omcs, N*w Vr6xfiT TO LOAN ON BOND AVt> MORTGAGE. ON

4l Raw York city, Brooklyn aad Boar Jersey Improved Real Estate. In large or siaaU sums. JAMBA HrEPHBNB, 11? Broadway, room No. IS. Money loaned on bond and moetoaob ? Merchaate' and Mechanics' notes discounted. Be. Ap pty at-W Hassan street oflloe 80. 8. K LENT. Hoaaee of Ceo. C. Smith A WORTEWBBfBBN STATES.! IN Back!Bat and Collection ifl Brew, 48 La Salle street, Chicago. IK. Special attention Mvoa to oelleettona plain and wits document*. Draw on [DKEXRL, WINTHROPAOO., and WIN SLOW, LANIER RCO.. Maw York. Q! PPICR OP THE ATLANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE Oompany.?New York. January 88. ISP. i Trustees, la conformity to the charter of tba oompany, -? "hs followl ng statement of Us affairs on tho Slat Premiums received on marine risks, from 1st Deccmher, tehMimtate ? t J __ January, IBM, to Stst Doosmbsr. WdO f 8.3*7,031 98 madams on policies do! marked off 1st Jena nry.m. 3.188,836 15 Total amount of marine premiums tl0,4TO,Mt> 41 > ' ? *?""uodupon1" ' " m No policies have been issued upon life risks, nor upon flr* risks dlsoonaaoted with marina risk* Prsmtuma marksd off from 1st January, 1888, to MstDscember, 1888.... ....777. 7.8K.2S6 70 Loans* paid during lb* same period 6,888,"B) 06 Rotnrns of premiums and expenses 1,1M,178 38 The oompany has th* following sstels, vis:? United Stelae end State of New York stock. ? city, bank aad other stocks 8,771.888 ? Loans secured by stocks and otherwise 1.138,350 00 ?Baal estate end bonds end mortgages H Interest and sundry notes and claims due tba I estate end bonds end mortgages 13],MO 00 oompany, estimated at 141,863 94 Premium notes and bills rscetrabl* 8,837,7V' 41 ?aah la bank 481 707 81 Total ansount of assets 813636.304 46 ? II par sent Interest en the outstanding oerilttcate* of profits will bo paid to tba bolder* thereof, cr their lsgal rep resentMlrea on and after Tnesday, the Mb of February The outstanding eerllArsteS of tho Issue of 1884. win be ra id and paMto tba I ..... p... w ...? bctden thereof, or their legal repre sents tlT*e,o? and after Tuesday, the fifth of February next, from which date all Interest thereon wlH cease. The ceil'fi eotea te he prodnoad at the Urns of payau-at. and cancelled A dividend of twenty per eent Is dedared'oa the nst earned psamlumw of the ? umratty. for the year ending fist Deuam Bar wlH hs iaeuod en and after Of April nasi. By order of tba Board, J. H. CHAPMAN, Secretary. TRUSTERS m ____ . , r. QjriPphhMK B. X Howiand, W. M. ?'.Meant David Lane, Baai. Babc-k. Royal PbalM lirfisr iJPw lam WObaai N. Dodge, OLA. Band. T.-Bcbson, B.X r Hoary Colt. Jasaea Bryeo, Pletaher Westrar. Wa C. Plokemgffl, Laruy M. Wflcy, Jk B. Mloturn. Jr. Lewi* Curt la, Rental 8. Miller Oor. W. Hnrnbam, ftt'LiarssLys;^. i ? R. Warm Wastes, J oat ua J. henry. Pkodk. Cbaaaesy. James Low.^h R. Warren Wastes, Joshua J. floury. Oeo. 8. Stephen**, _ ? - ? 'paantaPerkLaa, Wit Heat H. War" ^ _a?la Parkia* _ W Joseph UattUrd, Jr. Paul Spofford, J. Henry Busgy. Bheppsrd Oeady. ?mssr- EB rb. he ice PrssidahA #<7AA nm mm tnw in any way thatttim. $^2UU yield a Urge profit. WTQ not "loan it U> employ ?r," or Invest In MMlu or ytMt right#, lit. Addroaa "OB ?bo square^* Herald ofBoa. *,| C AAA ?WANTKD TO BORROW. FOB ONB VtO.U('U. year, lli.DO, for which nndonbtdd aecurt It la tea UfcM tits asnouc', wlfl bo given, nloo a inters! [[flUH T! Tl WfflffHU Im MnuMt will bo bonua, besides 7 par ??ol for anoint will bo pa W. AMrota, ^BgHH i; T.. KmMoAoo. hhMh frrn AAA TO LOAW OJf IMPROVHD kkal fOU.UUv batata IB tble Oily. IB nnfioB. W. IT wooft,? Won street. ?inn AAA *? u>u>. IB sewn fro* *1.000 to ?1UU.UUU 0SO.UM, on Improved real uUU In New Jersey, worth mora ?boa double ihe amount loaned. Ad dress boa 071 Toel office, Newark, N. J. $325 000 OHI^U.UW mo, tn ona or mere earns, on real ?AAA AAA TO LOAN?IN OOMO TO BHIT, ON "illMI.UUU city reel relate. 00 per cent of raluntleo; prompt attention. Beomd mortgagee bouiht. HK^dUy|U*Ad|fyU||eilNel, C. K. WILLI* * CO.. 01 PUto street, base ma at. OPEC1AL NOTICEN. T A MEETING OF THK COMMISSION FOR ADOPT A lti?piene for United States Post OfBcs and Courts In the elty of New Fork, bald at tba Poet Office tn aald city, Jan. TO. 1007, the following preamble and resolution was adopt* Wbereaa. it te dastrablo that tba adrortlsement for plana, Ac for i bo Poet Office should bo such as will eoouarage tba best architects of the eountrr to oompoto. Resolved, That la order that tble Commission can adopt a oonrsa most likely to aecnre fair and full oompetlllun among architects for plana specifications and estimates for tbe Tost Office. that architect be Inrltod la communicate In writing on or before February ft, 1007, to John T. Hoffman. Mayor, or Jamas Kelly, Poetinaster. what offer of compenaathm " " mads * ' - ?? obentd be made by the Commission to the ar< hllect whose plans and opedhcaMni.s shall be accepted, and wbet compen aatton. if any, must be made to those whoso plane and speel ?oationa may not be accepted. JOHN T. HOFFMAN, Obalrtuaa. J anas Ksur. Secretary. ?AJfARPWIC NOTTOK?THK MRMRKRS OF HILL III Qrore Lodge.No. 540, F. and A. M.. ate emargently sum moned to meet at their room Ibis evening, at 7K o'clock. Ry order of tbo W. M. W. KKKK, beoreUry. vrOTICR.-BdRQK PHtENIX FOUND, ADRIFT, AND JN now lying in the basin of Mulford A WandelPe vard, Rtafen island. w'U bo sold on tba 51st ot January, at IS o'clock, noon, to pay eippnscs . O BO RUB L. QCIRK, Wrec It master. ON TUB HTH INSTANT THK STUDRNT8 OF THK 1 _ (lollege of Physicians and Surgeons met In their lactate room, when the following minute rnlatfre to tbe ilrelh of Br, Hoary A. Lowa was read and unanimously adopts a:? is stsosr or raa nsttsriD an. I. a. lots.' Aa stated by Professo. W. Parker. M. D , It bae pleased tbe Lard of life aod death io remove from among tit, aa tbo Mth of January. Mr. Henry A. I.own. nf fthlnebeek. N T., and for the last Are months n K'.udent of Medicine tn this Colloget In him some of ua hare loot a true and fattbfol friend, wa nil an upright, worthy brother, and ear Alma Mater a aeahnie student; a man of the beet deportment and esaelliag In rare and uoMa gifts of heart and Intellect, so that his decease !?a?c? In all oar hearts the deepest pain. We, therefore, respectfully recommend to thn etorients of thla cottage the postage of the toUowtng ceolt: llAri:? Resolved, Thet wa lament tbe detnlee of Mr. H. A. Lawn. Student of Medio!na. aa a painful iota, and deeply regiet that the good course of bit life nad pursuits wse euddnnly and uneipectedly nut short before his feUowssea eould hare full profit of his rare gifts and erudition. Read red. That while we offer our heartfelt oondo'emeota to hie afllirted family, we bew with humble aubmlasion to the Inscrutable Prorldenoa by which ha baa been removed from tba midst of us In the rigor of his yoare end the par s ilt of his cherished studies: end tbat his indrien departure from as shall urge ue to aped* alt our time, lowers and gifts to the noble study we era engaged In. Reaolred. Thai our proceedings re la tire to lbs detnlae of Mr Henry A. I.own be published lu the Medloat Record and one or two of our dallr peers as a tribute to his memory. and that ropiae of these i*t duuons be tranamlited to tbe femilv of oar deceased brother. 7 OH. AT.R. BBKRT. V. D. M. Coti-aoa OF Prrsrcun* md Hcmbom, Job. 35. 1W7. PUBLIC SCHOOL*.?TBH CITIZENS AND TAXPAV ers interested io the puhllu schools of this city par. ttcnlarlr the fathers and mothers of tbo scholars who attend lh"m. are Invited Io Kteinway Hall, Fuurleenth street, near Fourth avenue, on Friday evening. February I. st J If o'clock, to listen to an addrnaa by James W. flcrard, Keq , oa the Public Schools of line city and the effert of the pro posed Legislation al Albany on their character and elD clency. _________________________ TlBI-IF.F FOR THB ORBTANtt.?OONTNIIUTIONB 1 Xmav be addressed to the order of Samuel O. ward. Treas urer Of the Uroek Relief Fund. M Well street. Forth# Kb oeuttva Oommiuae. 0. K. TUCKRRMAN. Secretary. Tub rNDRRAIUNRD, DULY AUTHOBIZBD BY THB e ? ll.llaa t 'oMaa 11 las nf Ikai T sai saJ llnkaaaa edeta flit. Dr Mn af the property belonging to aald company, whll it consist# of tea Telegraphic Line established f Barannab. Oa.. to Coder Keys, Via., and lu dependence la receiving the foregoing propoeala the undersigned will ileo be prepared to raoelre an offer to be pre! ?oatalned Tbetwt ?ferred afftiast whom It may concern for the damage ned by the line daring the olrfl war. J'N?w~f oe?, Jan. M, 1*7. T?B ANNCAIv BLBCTIOB OF TBIRTBRN D1RKCT H ore of the slith A venae Railroad Cam pan y will he held at the depot, Klith areaua. oerner nf Porty lhlrff atreeV aa A'WPNKMM?1FT?. T>RO\DWAY THEATRE. ADMISSION to CENTS. JJ Corner of RrOkdway and Broom* street Continuously lncr?a?tn? mooeu of lb* charming _ . ^ WORRELL BI8TBKS. The great double burlesque b>11 an Immense hit. Hooves crowded, rendering it dr-urable that M>U abould bo Moated la Advance during it* run. THIS EVENING AND SATURDAY MATIN8B, ALADDIN, TUB WONDBRFUL SCAMP, AND riNDKKKl TjA MtaoooROPIIJB ood IRENE In duets and eperaUo pai Bios JENNIE In her famous CLOU DANCE. MUwesSOPIlIB and JRNMB WORtlPLL. Kn Otlbert, Mr. Donnelly In the Core Danee. received wltb shoot* of op clause, and nightly encored. Mrs 0. H. Gilbert la bar Comic Danoe. The whole tanning a En Ural of Fun. Friday, rob. 1. benefit of MISS 3BMMB. Habtb temper of mystbry. sm broadwat. THIS BVBNIMO AT 8-SATURDAY AT B. ''-*'?Pi3a??ifiK"5'o'?,arH'K?. with the WONDROUS HaT," and other Peat*. Admission Mo.; iwsorrod sssU BE For sale at tho Hall from ? to 4. Doors open nt 7& Saturday doors open at IK. Tho Chtchorlng Piano 1* ueodat these Beanuoa. ALADDIN MATBNRB. . A FAMILY RRflORT. A Broadway Thogtrs on Saturday, Peb. 1 at 1)1 o'clock. Benefit of Mtas Jyta Worrell on Friday, February I. GHARLBY WHITE'S TROUPE. _ . Every night at Bryant's Mechanic*1 HalL 47S Broadway, FENIAN'S OATH FOR THIS WEEK ONLT. POSITIVELY THB LAST WEEK of tbls great drama ? with numerous request* this ntinned nightly for th* remainder REMEMBER, THIS IS THE LAST WEEK . REMEMBER, THIS IS THB LAST WEEK of tho OBKAT DRAMA snocoM FBNIAN'S OATH GREAT DRAMA enocee* FENIAN'S OAT I ORKAT DBAMA euooe-s FENIAN'S OATH OR THB IDIOT OF KILLARNKY, OR THB IDIOT OF KILLABNRT. LAST WERE Fenian osth LAST WBEK LAST WKKK Fenian oath LAST WEEK LAST WKKK Fenian oath LAST WEEK SAX FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. MS BROADWAY. Tlie trouble commences at a quarter to 8. THB CREMB DB LA OREMB OF MINSTRELSY BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MIN8TREXA whoM auooes* has never been equalled by aay similar organ isation in th* world. New and cheerful Burlesauoa every week. Hilton Head Institute, Anna Maria Jane, Chil dren of Cypreee. Impeachment Committee. Shouts ot laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. \TBLLT A LEON'S MINSTRELS, ISO BROADWAT. JV Greeted with screams of Uughtsr by crowded housee. CINDER.LEON AND MADAGASCAR BALLET TROUPE. The beet burleeque over produced In any mlnetrel hall. CINDER-LEON AND THE DF.MON DANCK AT #:? The greatest bit ever made. Tbe audlenre kept in a roar. C1N0ER-LKON and the ONLT LEON. Daneeuae Assuluta Unequalled as a Prima Dunns, Figurante or Dauseose. CINDER-LEON AND KPLLIFANTE. 8KYM0URUALE. AUensllnl, Prlcint, Oberstlglinl, and largo corps of gentle Coryphees. CINDER-LEON and the terminating agony at 10. Aladdin matinee. broadwat theatre. Saturday, at IV o'clock, WORRELL SI8TFR8. Friday, February 1, Benefit of MIH8 JENNIE. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THURSDAY KYENING, JANUARY 8. LAHT APPEARANCE BUT THREE OF THE RICI1INGS ENGLISH OPERA COMPANY. Last perfermanoo positively uf Waltsee'e ROSE OF CASTILE. H03E OF CASTILE. Messrs. CASTLB, CAMPBELL, SKOUIN, WYLIK and PEAKS. and Miaa KICHINOS. Miss HARRISON and Mrs. BOubliuvT In the principal rides, TO-MORROW EVENING, Ben Benefit of Mlae F'UHINGB. An atUartlve entertainment Is ottered, in whlcu the vete ran artlet, Mr, Feter ltlchlngn will apt-ear. THE BLIND MAN'S DAUGHTER, THE DKUIDICAL SCENE FROM NORMA, AND THE SECOND ACT OF MARTHA will compose the entertainment. SATURDAY?Last Matinee of tbe Englieh Opera Deacon. Admission to Matinee, 76 canle to oil eeate, wlthot extra charge for reserving in advance. F. A C.?IRVING HALL. SATURDAY BVEXING. BKBBE AND STERLING IN DUET. M LLK. NADDI'S BENEFIT. Reserved Keats and Boats ran be obtained ot tho THEATRE TICKET OFFICE. lit AND 114 BROADWAT. STBINWAYW ROOMS. PRrDAY. FEBRUARY 1. at thrMO?elock. CARL WOLFRO&N SEVENTH BEETHOVEN MATINEB, On which orcattou will ba played lb? wltbrtW MOONLIGHT BoNATA. fltngle ttobeta >1. SebeovJpitoa Dakota ro? iMwreaetaias Matiaeoa |ft <? 1 - *Z^ PARBPA MATTNBE, Io o.0VkJ| toga (# ennaunoe tba gpa tfea above Bay, for lb? ?-o<, whoa t*e fallowing drat and <Mv e-oemmodaMoa tog ,artlete will n>>0 ? CROAT CONCERT, Vr. MAR HI HON T HALL. SUNDAY, KB. ft MADAME PA kfe'PA* will aln?Tk? Worn. *? by Hullah; "Am Malta.'' kp Due mod, with riolln, ohm aaf ftanp ecccmpaa I meat, ead It* "Cbtldren'a Ei-mda^'M^^Mhel. willjimj -npimado do Trorwlero," hp Hanmaaa, and "Ada* *** ' *' "mb. ft B. HfLLB* I wm perform I we greed eelecWee# for ihd pla*A Tftddiehoa. | Ira, under the direction of j MR. THRO. THOMAS, ' will perform orarture to ??Pldollo." bp Bcethoroa; orertaro, ?'A Night la Granada." hV Kroetter; Peataeta. "Mtdenm mar Ntght'a Dream." bp Moadeia.iohn. and Moeart'a Oread Turtiah Bank. DLBY, Orgaalit J KRVKO SKATS OKK DOLLAR. tba aale of wbiefa wUI commaooo tfela morula* at Boar I Rohlrraer'a, 701 Broad war: Pond A Co.'a, M7 Broad wap, Rut!-nun ticket nfflur. Ill Broad wap, and Btolawap Bah. Ft C.?SATURDAY HYBNINO. PR BR VARY ft ? Oread Trio. 'To na-rea-wart." BRKBR, RTBRLING AND HILL, /"Nl&ND CONCERT.?A GRAND CONCERT WILL BK tT given or Wedooedap evening. Jan. 10. at Saa PranaUoo HalL No. 63 Hewen. Frafaaaor K. Benjamin aad bta eele brated troupe will appear. Deo't fell to ooma eartp. Ft C.-IBYINO HALL, . katvrdaV rvrbtxo. RBKBK AND 8TBRHKO IN DUET. UNION HA Lie BROADWAY AND TWR NTT-THIRD atreet. HUN VAN TABLEAUX, largavt Panorama la tba world. Open ererp night at 7. commencing at Adm'.aalon, .<0 rente; children, ? eenta Matinee Wedoeedap and Saturday at i o'clock. AND TUB CRT IR STILL THEY COMR. NOVBLTIRH. NOVELTIBS. NOVKLTIBft SOMETHING NEW AND AMUN1NO. Now being performed ererp night to crowded lionaaa. Tba highly aniuahig and Inleraatlng il rem alio apeotacle entitled TEMPKRAN<% IN NEW YORK BY <1ASLIOHT. or THE MAOIO BWT.CTi OP TUB NEW EXCISE LAW. NEW SOKBRRY. NEW COSTUMES. NBW ARTISTB. Hltwtiing alfocta. Wonderful and amuain*. Mneie f>r Proffcaeor Knsleinen'a celebrated Rand, Brarr night at the great REVEILLE MUMIO OARDBN. ?7 Broadway Admiealou free. DO NOT POROBT TBR TESTIMONIAL TO-DAY ANT) evening of the New York Skating dob to K. Merit ILL AN. Manager, AT TlIF FIPTH AYKNVR SKATING Orand Oarniral la the evening. ? 1 for PARK. free li?t entirely auapended (or tbla dap. ThKOTKrft PROTKUS. PROTRVft X EOTKUft PROTKITft PROTRVft PROTRVft PRO fRVft ? PROTEUS. rHR NATIONAL OONBRMYATORY OP MIMi . Medlaon aawniie, near Twenty-ninth atreet. The flfth Orand itotme of the Cenaerralory will ba given to Tneaday'a pui'lla _ FRIDAY, WtBRPABY I, atTM P. M. THKA1RB TICKET OFFICE. Kaeerved aaata for all tbaatrea, oparae, concert*, ball*. Sc., ran ba abtalnod at the THEATER TICKET OPPICN. 112 AND 114 uboadway. ?_S?iS? /NVITAR. PIANO, riOMN, SINGING, HARMONY ? \J MX Weat Twenty tilth atrv-t, between Seventh and Klghtb area nee. Leaeuaa private. No elnaeea. Call or aond for clreolara. JAY JAY WATAON, AgenL Mason a h imlin, manufacturers or cabinkt Organa, ulearooma IWJ Bread way. New York, where map bo found the largeet oeeortment of luatnimente of IhM da** la the country. Prloee, STbor loaa to $l,lhJ0 each MVSIC.-SS PRR MONTH FOR INSTRUCTION ON TIIM piano, with practice, at tap Hndaon atreet, near Can I and Sw Weal Thlrty auth atreet, near Seventh avenue WANTED?A RASH SINOER, POR AN EPISCOPAL ehnrcb In thlenlly, from let of May a*lt; muat be a teember of an Brangolical church. Addraoa Muato Com., atatlon (1. WANrF.D?ALTO SINOER, FOR A YoLVNTBBrI qnerletteliolr In an Ep<aaoual church. Addreaa Frank, Herald oSce. ' WH ANTRD-DASH AND BARITONN NINOPRS; ALSO on agsnt Apply to J. H. Slarln, MS Weal Hooatoo at. WANTPD-A BASS SINOBR. POR A QVARTETTN IN n Pmtcalanl cbnrrh In tbla ottp; muM be a good reader. Addreaa Baaeo, Herald oiBoe, atallng lev ma. ^ ERR'QUARTER.?EACH PUPIL ERCBIYRS A JiU Prlvalo Leaaon on plianb. nt Muakal Academy, 1ST Went Eleventh atrort, corner With avenue. Planum for portion. Oflloa houra, ? Ull ft HII.I.I AHIIS. A( . VOX gftLB-A~PIBST CLASH BILLIARD ROOM. IN JF n flno loemtoo, on Broadway, Sited with tan good tablet and natures Will tell cheap, or axchanga for Sm claaa real aetata. Apply to W. J. SHARP, bUilaid labia manufactnror, SS Mercor airoat, earner of Broome. WH B ABB BOW PREPARBD TO fURNISH NBW AND ? aoaond band Table a with our tmirnvad euablon, at the abortaat peaalbM aotlee. Ratio aeta on band. R AYARAOH A DROKRR, oemer Canal aad I TXTANTBD TO BIRB-A RILMARD TABLE. POOR vVLrrsbia raE-Tywat New tork theatre. Lessee end M(lrl[ 8mlth ud Leeltd Bakers THIS BVENINO THIS KVBNINU ? T^n-t win be pres'-cted. for the third lln*>?" Us Grand, adaptation fr im the French, by la 2^. .^A aevaa Romantic and Sneetaeular Dram*. M fouraett auu Ubtaaui. entitled a ... .nIoa BIRD OF FARADIM!. Properties by Duvernay and V An whole under the direction of 0_ Ml.Sri 8ALL1E A. HINOELBYj with a Ml eat oast of character*. TUB MAGICIAN'S CAFE. THE GARDENS OF N1K<>RAB. THE PASS IN THE FORESTS OF BOHEMIA. THE PALACE OF DREAM8. OBAMU SQUARE IN GRENADA. Bream land. For it nopals of ballet. Inoden'jAr., nee mniiTEB Tfcs ysrorite Fwmeh PtMns Donna. Thursday, Ticket ofllcee, Bear A 8ch inner 7M Broadway, 112.IM one 67b Broadway. -? ^TT^r-w.r. FAUggBATM, .soon.?. . ALADDIN MATINEE. ?Drt.aAAV,TnRArl!B)BT' Beautiful Tableaui Vlt hiiIs, the Streets ofBrooktyn. BMoao. The Ureal Serenading Keens, TanilM_a IW Gbort, the New Congress, Robert BMW* ? tn Ldefc. Wonderful Uuttar Solo, Good rpONY PASTOR'S OPERA BOOM. 1 CROWDED EVERY EVENING enoea. THE TOUR AROUND THE The Oceaa Yacht Race, the Naral 5m Fair, Streets of London. Poor Jsek. TbeL-j- _ Grand Mattnoo on Wednesday and Saturday at I ft BIFFIN A CHRISTY'S MINRMELk I IT Opera House, adjoining Fifth Aromas Griffin. Manager. Triumphant saeeom I GEORGE cimiSTY tn new - SER3.HSMfSk, a?S?S? boat of others In farces, sooga and danooo. ? asps aaaa^i'flatffl?rsa.feBe Anna Martluea, aonrano; Mrjt BogrnkPiW _ frrd H. Pe-ae, the oslebrated jAarilsl, ?0< tenor; J. F.rnow Psrrlng, tmor; Fred dtomej I _. .V a kf. Darin* illllnlllllUT Ifli Clarke. Iasao; Mr. Panlng. oondiwMr. Admlaab reserved seats. Dtwra open at 7. eommonee at Tickets can be obtained at the uatwt Wf ? ** F-' yiLEMTIN^TOrSDEN Af(0|fA1> IS MR. JEBOMr HOPKINS' FOURDA ? the Oiphoon Free Chair Ina, this week, at StOiaway arttsts have blnAr viontoert WketaM ewU MM oal* )jrjjfSUyV ' *"A for Um essoins aaoearla. BFEMBW4 iri* r%*wa-r iTtniiTios or rs'"""SI I $ F. * Sam'm1 W^fEATlTWEAT B F. * jjui.M.'^hll'batceday HVENINO. PIAKOFOHTKS. _ ' , f^aotaoM to wSat ofWM. CANDIDAS' ? Stssckar street. ?WANTED TO PURCHAHK. A FIAN0FOETF.. IE ? food order. Address, sitting full pertieolars, M. A. L., St. Cbartaa Hotel, fk Broadway. . SiE?.*?i rMSistaSair "a FIRST CLAM SECOND M AND F1ANO. W1TO A LP A. ike modern tmproromenU. will he MM wy ry m7m' A lM mj? bii>dle, 18 Amity etxet, eoerW?ieey. FIRST CLAM ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, FOE i:Tr.r-.x pJSWSwsSB | teenih. street, near Sixth arenoA A LADY WILL SELL A SI* A "'-^'K'SHs pcuttne tnould nfi. *U i^dern imfrmvmmm ocUre, raMwoofiodWdfdtf, pcntlne mould" no. ell # ^IS^Jnf, ocUre, rtH^wo<^loji?^ order, for 818|. fl Ui let, or Mid eo fneUdmeolSe el U**% ?lreel. ne?r Third ereoee. ? "."stlkndidTrvrn OOTATB ROMWOOD pid^jtf. A forgeteaiwetawnftoe; by bwd ajAkers, an impjj?. m?nt*. lasutlrel tone rtr[*k',''*J^ .2lTl5e?aitI eoat $660; at half ortoa. W * asblngton toare oeof'w^^m T>AR(tAfNS.-Bt?NFWOOD 7 OCTAVE 1) modem iniprwriNBK i! /^tU u?e need, leee SIM); tua nif.cont ro?ewo.xi 7 "eta"*!. ' m?aafaOtOi Thar, half coat. Aswrr- meat T'AllatA ere' prices. au Kenrth ayenus, oppoaltO WVO? , T? RR. W*. B BHADBCBT. la eyaeegeaee ? eeaRayed h'?Ub, >'oomp?lled toajoae BP hie Plaaofaptf ?KT?m w lin w ? Miwri Idhrter af mn da. w4 l?iimtaie far iV> inatremeata, Nal>a with th? will he *oM*M aargala. in lur1 ri < lm? kaa. *u<l now wh' i?. In port r ,? :i,ottmlnf thoroughly wh".'lion, i nil all the ret nan 'p.tar ? of flr?t rlaae v, a goodwill of the burmaaa, will he aoldad AT tvmrwsm The rnlordld (lock of Plane* now a* hand will he aaU for rn?n atadtanuaat of fiwm lwanly If twenty lea par aat>l from molar prior* until further nolle*. P.* ran-Italian of liiaoa l*-irum*"U I* loo wail *et*Mltti*4 to roaatr* forth, r aoawto imiaa here. No luch opportanit* ha* beaaeffepwt the 111 olio lor obtaining a trniy diet alaaa 1'lnaofarte at a medium l?^Bf j sK*TOn and L. H. HOPOH. . Hn.lna? Agent*, Of Bfoowt* HI ?H ? PIAKOB?nNRfVAI.LKD TOR TOMB AND TOUCH, AT rarr eiorternl* prion*. A lair? aaaorimaat of anqnra and m-ri*h(. to rant at low rate*. BKI*TOWA HARliKN HltoOK 147 Tenth olraai, batwaaa Bleed way tad Fourth arenue. PIANOFORTE FOR ?ALRA FIBB BRTRK OOTATB roaewoad Pianoforte, of auperlor too*, Nona* A ClarkR celebrated make, In perr*et order. Iron frame. Ana "tool and Cover. Ac , for 11W) A ppljr Immediately at 1?K Twentieth alreet, near Third arena*. PIANOS TO LET AND BOLD OR IRBTALRRRTB-Af the manufactory, 1M and lM Kaal Twenty Aral air**! . la P. OlIaalMn "TITATRR81 ORAWD BQOARR AMD DFRIon? FTAROR IT Melodeona Cabinet Organs, wholeaale aad retail, ?* let, and rent applied If purchased. Monthlr aelred. BaeonJ hand Pianoa d bargains. ?n RHA, Rew ? oetara Pianoa Sir RM aad ptnaon taken In exchange. Caah paid ti pianoa T notary and warn roonaa lit Broad war, HORAOB DABCINO ACADBini*! A" DODWOUTH'B DANOlNfl AOADSRV. . til Fifth aranaa, Raw Tort. Far days, term*. Aa, piaaaa aall for a ? rVR OAKHO'S DAN( Krravs utVSTVrinatb. WBDBSat