Newspaper of The New York Herald, January 31, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated January 31, 1867 Page 2
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WtU GERMAN AMD HBWISIIIIA SITUATIONAM CMAMj mr^jSnSmrffissSi A UDia UOT WISHES A RlfUATION AS LADY'S A Mil *r MpMlon; It* good bairxJr?*a*r and dree* ?taker; tp?At Trench. Sn?Mah and Garm.n; w.uMllto to go to linrttf ; can gtee gnud reforeavu,-. Call on Mia* Kal taw, banraiwr. USU Sd at. beiwrua lltn aud lath ota. TO DUO PERSON WISHES A SITUATION AS Udf'ituM; tiuciki Kri'urh, Ofrniitu aud fcngllah; no Otton to travel Apply at W frothy at. A respectable young oirl wishes a situa ttoi. a# rhambeiwtahl ami waltrea#; hati the l>est of city retarenc*. fan be -ten at he* present tiuidoyor'a, 47 Weal 4Mb at. Call for c tro Jay*. SITUATION WAVTE'i? BY A COLORED WOMAN aa aamnetreae. fan bo aeon for two daya at 343 8th ar| A respectable COLORED woman whukh to obtain washing for lodina or gents. Apply at 9a Wett Mitt ATOUNO AMERICAN 01RL. 19 YEARS OF AUK. In to lit* t;nl and 0r am uble dlapoaMon. clralrea a pe-iiu nrnt situation aa nuraea:t<l seam-irea*. or would bar# no oh er'.ion to act aa co iitv.itiun. ot?i<* whire and when an Interview may tie had No .uiea anawored. Addrima MLa V.. atation D. A COMPETENT YOU NO OTKL DESIRES A 8ITUA J\ tloo aa uurae and ac*>u?ireao. or rhtmUermatd and aaamalaene: hat lived four vera In her laat plane. Call at MR Kaat Uh at. ^ situation WAirrKD hy a rkspectablr -Aa. young girl, aa My kind of aewing iereooe. fall at rial girt, aa cham''vrur Id and aaamatreaa; on do bi o ?t.t do embroidery; good olty re? Katlidh at, in the atore. A RESPECTABLE V'jUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT. -t\ nation in a privaia f :tin ? aaUUI-.C and seamatrma; ta a good operator and omhmi.lerer, both by hand and ma w*ia na ? It an in ./t/4 nlln v lai Wat. .. f'aat I .aa - ? ? at ? t 1 Sll L* ? _ * OAJ rb rta. haa good city loinwaHe Can t>e aeen at 180 Kaat 3*1 St.. aeoond door. SITUATION WANTED KY A. YOUNG GIRL. A3 _ would a ?. ?t Ah the general work of a faaaUyt beat referenro gb eo t all el W7M Weat 53d at, be teaeoa ith sad 19th avta priral ?Met. SITUATION WANTED?MY A BK8PRCTABLK glrL aa eook; la wllima to aaalat with the waahlng in a ale (aaGly. Oood etiy roierencea. Apply at RIB Weat Am RKSPBCTABLK TO0NU OIRL WISHES A EtTUA ? Hpa ae eblMren'a norae, ur ehambertoald or wattreaa, priva!* family Money ui>t ae einch an object aa a good homa. Out be aeon *tS46av. A, between l?th and 17th .la., . In a respectable mp cirl wishes a situa Aa. tlBWIRebaaibreiliaH, or rhambermald and walireaa In wfrtvaba jnetty. The be* m tetlRa at ito Mb av.. of rtty reterenre. fan be aeon In the'mar. a warn 43r twedaya RESPECTABLE YOI'NU OIRL W18I1ES A SITU a aa ebambermatd and waitrcsa; la willing and Una the beat of rlty reference. Can be aeen for at IIJM 7th av., near lfth at. A YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NI'KSE. A er attra* and Mimnit .a; t? c*p.,b.e of taking the en Hje^ebtr^eofjart infant, l*at of elty reference. Inquire at A YOUNO WOMAN OK At DESIRES A POSITION AS A hovtaekeepnr In a gen'Jeu ait's family; ehe la respectable aleaeaat, neat and eapab'n; haa no one to look fut for but aeeaalf. and willacTote her entire time to the Interest* ut bar eaaployer, can take i-.m of chi'iiren or do table work but doea noi * Uh to oo drudgery. Address Aflaa M. S., M Chapman at, Boston, Max A RESPECTABLE (1TR1. WOULD LIKE TO ENCAGE JA. ta a private family or In ? pnv iio hoarding houae. aa nbambtrnian; la wibltu; :o*h?.m.Ii washing or in waiting; ||M4rahi?Ma Can m aeen at her picaent employer's. A LAUNDRESS WOUI1) LIKE TO TAKE A KB families' washing fall at or addre-i 236 Sullivan i aear Amitv. A FIRST GLASS OPERATOR ON WHEELER A . ? fltWiflg machine eiixn^^nipnu to go vj Uic dag Or iroek to privet#* i+miite*. gr ?t itching done aMhe house. Apply at UP Aa?t 23d at. ARBhPRCTABLK YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU allot), ta a awe pHvate tamlly, to do i he entire rooming and UMiiet ta the waehtny and frwtilng. 'underatanda her kaetata* ihorongbly i beat elty relerence can be glveu. Call at IE) 7th ar. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RKSPECTABLR yonng women, to do l^lir Iw iiaework or take earn of 1; fi vrflRaclo make, hv.s-df gouemlly uvnfitl; l>?rt etty rafereaee qun or jnen fro :t her Uat ntace Caa be aeen twe daya?at ilk l.*are>r, at, bat ween Ilotiai.mond eoker ata. M do jr. ;g. MSPBinkBLlt YOLBU WOMAN WISHES A SITU., *a Men aa cohb; vh<?rmtg ''y ifu'craaatrtia her bualoaae ia a goadbeker ..Ugpastry u??t' . : wotildaaatet with the wash-I IweeSWontng; Se.d r.ttynrci ntWr can lie ^ren. Can be awta tautwn dayjt at I "it '.aea^. t * h ? WMFBCTABLE WOJUli WANTS a SITUATION AS" Ai'jMMR uadwaUndainokstig m all b? hmnehca; lean e load eat baker;, wiii aaMoawtta n* eoaraa wwahragtr re. i jWRbdredet c itv taf-"<vce At rely at 6th av.. between lath ana lath *t?.,',in the i*u<k rWir I LLW^O WART CAPABLE ol.HVANTS A*T> ORB. H? apply at Large kmpiuymeut Ifllh ?tm ' eietrjth >(. _JM OV WELL TIKCOMMENDRD GERMAN Waal Sltu.iUoii a'. V?s. L?wt ? German Institute, ? St.. near Bowery. SAT. COWfKfE.St UIKl. WANTS A SITUATION 1 MM, Wfeiih and iron, "r te do housework. Cell at i t. eeener #r flta ??., la ti.r basemeni. JL ?AT. OONPETK VT OTUL. WITQ OOOD CUT XL NlatM, wants a dlgllloa as rbentbnrmatd and waUreas, or to do m inw*. rk. Call litWeal Washlug tos place, Oral rear ho use ?? ooiul ilaor. A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO GIRL WISHES A SITI t. JOL Man U oouk. > ash auj mui ?.r do gi-in ral b.nnnwnrk, M s aautu prtmie fain w. ha-* >o<i c.ty r - i im:w- norm her lest emptoyar. V*U At flfl W*?l ?'?h si., lii'ni* Cih it'. A * AMERICAN GIRL WIS.'IRS A CLACK AH SRAM ?*??^t^tanabui?ir",,'U ('*U *' " ?uU"** 1,8 tiwuUk AREBPKCTaB: ? TOI Sil GIRL MldHEA A 8ITUA lloa aa chambermaid ar<t excilienl well re.*; liesi of eRg refereeee giren. Call fw >?i> .tar* a' >?0 Weet 19th at O GIRL WANTS tHIT' AXIOM aSCHAMBER, er aeamatreav Call at ,"8 areuue A. aee-iud floor, Ajjar: Vim WIDOW LAUT DEMRKka SITUATION AS HOUSE keeper la a peleait f: ally or would take ehi.rge of the ? Sepe? teaeat la a hotel; ta anxious lo procure a home, ?et afraid of week; heat of reference ?ireu; no oh **~l lelheowelq. Addir.t* for three daya liouaekrepr:, A ?*rlW*A?LR TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A -sV_ SHaaIMm la a spaall pr '*?? f. rally, to do housework, or atWblMt fid ec"1" U' rf,,r*D0*' tor <ero days 1*2? ?tide 9th ifJRMMJIeAM LAONIWKAN WANTS A SITUATION '?to f*?li?; uYder uod. trench flutlog. Call ?' ? A CHILD, AORD T TEARS, IS ?a aa housekeeper l? a priest* I |?i eLjaat vuabie. Salare not so ? A'ldreee for three da>a L A T., a WIDOW LkDT. Aeaee^u Taatefiisa. A R AMRRIOAN ^*^H^7>MA^>KSHtK^n A. ettuatton aa werae. cen > ??. Preneu fluently; * -ap. Mel taktsg ehaige "f ?4*'-; from na hlrlh; can riee the taatlof etiy rafereadh. spi-ly .?o eaya ai Iflr.eih ae .1 aeer 19th at, ta Ike aMBIiraty atera, I raiDliracy la a pklcata Uarmaa family. Tie be bpgleea. Apply at .? a?. A, la the at ore. A?nar. ??ABU Slflnim LADT WIM1RS A SIT ? ae wet aurae wtib afraah breast ef silk. Call at, mm* ae. a. tip urn. oirl wants a ^HBtfca housework af a aaaall family, la e end aio-iU- .t washer sad Iruaer; baa ihe ?parlWov 4 town need aot apply seer Hue* on .j BRIACINU UP HO UNSLEEPING WI8HR* ?| aatuatlea fee a trua*worthy girl, who baa Hbjhm. as Plata oook; kaa no objnetlou af a eneaH family or nbamherwork sad ? Call at? KMHA A fOUKO WOMAN WMHNS A SITUATION AS A A. tnltkwe esefc Ml ? prtvats raeeUf; thoroushiy under iaaSTggirK ^^Hahi a vnrrcttnsrrsd, who wtahea the eharge of s gen ^^^^^^^^^^?toMtpanaasai aad worthy ot trust. aad resdmee seed ad drees J Philadelphia. | A TOUNO WOStAM WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOD I taaattdtheC A SITUATION WANTRD-Sr A RESPECTABLE I A reeag tori, aa ehambennald and waHraw. Ilae the I gtarg'X.^.dVar^' ?? ???^HaBLB Oik'. DBSIRRS A SITUATION TO heusework In e pt.rata fhmlty. Use beat city Can he well reeommeoded by former em .at 7S Weet ittii at., sear Sth a*., eeaond Soar, A TOUtO OIRL WI HRS A SIT1 nS5 " ned p ain sewer, in a prie f><lW' OwHH lit sf? Meocd floor. b?ok room. A *Tt7ArK>ir WAirrRp-BT A RBSPBCTAR Stea'IKIirSYhLSS *22 %* San ula 'ft A 11VS5?, SL***! 5,a22,"?ff?ltR?e'?3?g ? ath. iTTu Rranklfa R D ^ "e0?* 0***. Call at IP Sou A RRSPROTABLB TOUNO WOMAN WAN* A Bi ri A atlon aa ohamiNrmaitl sod waltiera; la wtllln? to a-? with waaking had Ironing The beat of etly re ?reB ~- frcn t*at plane. In quire for twe daya at UI Beat IP.h ak, aeo?nd fleer, beak. A ana RESPECT ABLE OIRL WANTH a MTU ATION A aa ooah, waslrar aad treaar; has three yt^ra* rclert-nea liBgfllllMaatBih ??., enar lataft A PEOTN9TANT SCOTCH WOMAN DRMRB4 A SIT. A uamea aa gnad piala asak aad eaeertaat weaker aad IdMf AN li MM ^k#r of MO<1 ||| About ?4t aad buMsri kaa gead Hie refereoea; to wIDlag it go te Ma ee?toy. 0m? U m* Warn flat at hetweea fl.b aad Mb aaa "fc*amJ ARBSPBCTABLB GIRL WAMTB A. BITU ATIOM TO A> general housework or wailing ? ilfl MMMWIBMCJB. ? small family. Inquire for tare days ?> US HbBnRSA, fint Boor. zTl^ytiCLJ A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WUBM A flTOA? A Hon oo dnnlxnuid sad waitress; km Mm hullKMr references. Cm be aero et her present employer's, Ml Wet 17th O. A situation WANTBD-BT a rbspectablb wo. men, ea on tee end seainstreae or chambermaid end m>am?treM; he* the best of city reference*. Ceo be seen until suited et 393 6th or., earner 1Mb et. In the millinery ?lore. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A BBBPBCTABLB WO meu. ?? rood oook: le willing to neaiet with the wash, ins end ironing: bee tbe bet of olty references. Cm be seen *1 IS West Bkh et., In the tore. A KESPKCTABLB OIBL WANTS A SITUATION IK J\ e smell private f inally to do general houeework: le willing end obliging. She good oltr reference. Cell et <14 Kin as., between dSth nod 44th ete. ? A SITUATION WANTBD-RY A KE8PKOTABLB worn en; understands cooking In ell Its branches, lies the bat of tl? relereoce from her lest employer. Cell et Hid west Wd et A N EXPERIENCED COOX WISHES A SITUATION -A In e private fsrafly; elso a ch?roi*TmaId or wailroae. Cell et AtBEat 38d et.. btween 1st and Id sire A RESPECTABLE TOUNO QIKL WANTS A SITU A JA lion as nu se; has eiperienoe in the cere of children, end oen do eewlng end rhamberiyurk; or would do general housework In e email private lamily. Cm glre two years' superior city reference from her lest employer. Cell et 160 Orchard at., Aral door, front room* between Birlngtoa gnd stanton eta. ____ __ A HEALTH Y YOUNQ M \ RSI EH WOMAN. WITH A frrnh breast of milk, desires e art nation ae wet nm-ae; haa the beat of city reference. Ceo be aaeu for two day* at M West 3bth at A LADY WISHES THB C1IA1MR OP A OKN1MU man's bouse, with orsrlthout children; nr na companion or reader to en luralld. Apply to Mrs. li. K., 1.808 Arch ?t . Philadelphia. AHITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECT lItf.R WO mm, fa a good plain cook end en eicnlleot ws lrr aud traoor. please cell et 46 Wet 411 at., near Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BESPBCTAHI.K girl, ea uuree end *aamatreaa; can do all kind* of braiding end embroidery. Can be eeen et her present em ployer**, 161 West ltd at. ARBSPBCTABLB AMERICAN PROTESTANT WIDOW woman wishes e situation to do general houiewrk in s auisll family; no objection to go a short distance lu the country; or would do ehamberwork. Ctl et 34 Mb at. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do light housework In a smell private family. Reference ea to Integrity, respectability, Ac., will gi ven on an Interview. Cell st 823 West 44th St. A TOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS nurao and companion to a lady; no objection to trav elling. l.ond reference. Cell at 13 West 46tn St. A SMART TOUNO WOMAN, NOT LONO PROM UNO land, wishes a situation as chambermaid or plain oook In a small family; wages uot so much desired as a home, lies the best of rofereaoe. Cell et 883 West 14th et, near loth sr. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A Bttu.ulon us child's nurse end aoamttres*. Can bu seen for three days el Sit Elm at AOOOD COOK, WAS11ER AND IRONF.R WANTS A situation In a private family; she perfectly under a anils her business In all Its branches, and will giro the heat of satlef action to her employer; good reference. Cell Ht 14 West 17ill St., third floor, front room. ABITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS COOK; IS s good baker; wl'l assist in washing, also chamber work and trailing. City reference Call ut 411 sd av., second floor A RESPECTABLE OIRL WOULD LIKE A SITUATION to wait In a bakery or fan- r store or ues-st a ,lrc-n> mtker; can operate on a aew ng machine a-d wme well re commended. Call at 168 East 3l h an. c -i ner Jd ar. A MILLINER AND SEAMSTRESS WANTS TO WORK in families by the day or week. Address Mlse Chris to.Ye-, tm Uraud su a TOUNO GERMAN OIRL WHO SPEAKS ENGLISH ."\ fluently iviahea a siluatlon as chambrrinild or nurse, itccoiuinendations given. Apply at 9b i n av.. ililrd f 1-.or. Mr*. BOKNEMAN. COL'>RF.D COOK WISHES A SITU ATI-IN?CAN BE highly recommended by her present employers. Apply at 37 Wa.l 824 St. I A U ROPB.?A SITUATION, TO tOftPAN Y A KAMI 'J If. wsnt?d by a good scinstre'*, who ein apeak Eng lish, French end Italian, end who enn be highly recom mended by her present einp'nver. Apply between the hours of 10eud A st 86 Weet lath street. New Tork. flBKT CLASS DRESSMAKTIVWIAHRB TO 0O <tT by the day or week. 3U1 6lh sr., between 20th and Mat its., top iloor. v HUUKEULBPKB'S situ atTon W ASTED -Si a ? woman srbo baa bad aereral vara' esperience In first da*' hotels; satisfactory roferencesrivni. Call on or add re ?a for two days M. A., 103 Weal 36th at.-, between 8U ar. end Broadway. TYOUSkKBEPRH -A LADY DESIRES TUB ABRTK 11 ro.itton in the femUr of a wtdowi-r; or would loop house for a club of gentle man. For particulars address II. Bonnait, station (I. NURSE AMD 8F.UN8TRRK8.-AK AMERICAN WO. ni n I* desirous of the above portion; or would take cat ot an tnualid or travel With a Udv; u very canablc In aiektieaa, and would make heraeK umsi al in a Aral c'aas familv. Haa Arm city reference*. Call this day (Thursday) at IK Meat lath at., tmlween 7th and 8th ara. OAI.KSWOMAVR SITU \TIOM WAN TIID?BY A FIH^T . y ulan, saleswoman, In a clonk ?tor- or In any salesroom. Cm take urdera oorrecUy and make L- lle; would not ohlret 01 go nut of the citv. 2*1 Sd ar.. hotter dour. SITCATION WANI"KI)?EITHER At HOr?E!CERUER or assistant housekeeper, uy an Knfll.A Prol-stant wo man who will bo found fMitWWl/ competent for .til the datiea ot Uie above ikwIUor, and in nlinm the moat unllruit el confidence csnjte plac-0: baa til . J tin- above altitallon in the same funl.'y fbr afnomher of V"ui?. by whuua all the re f ?renne requlr *d will be cheerfully ?riv?ii. and aatlafartory reasons 'or parting with the advertiser. Apply at W) Mb av., from 10 to 4 o'clock, for two day a. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GOOD PLAIN COOK; la willing to do washing and Ironing in a email private family can give Rood re: ?re;tc*'t-n.u her last place. Apply at Its Neat 17m at. nrarTtb av., for two Cava SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RKitPKCTABIiK OIRI., O aa cRamberraatd; no objection fh lake c-ire of a baby; beat city reference. Address 0. C., 11 oral I mine. SITUATION WANTED?BT A BKSPKCTABI.B YOUNG woman, aa cook; undenitanda soups. poultry, game and paatry; beat ally referenee. Addreaa Ji. IT., Ilerald office. SITUATION WANTgD?BT A PRO't l'.AT A NT WOMAN, aa chambermaid and seamstress, or wuttld lake care of two growing children; good city relereaee. Cm bo eeen for tweedays at 19) l?t av. between Unit aud *Hh sis.. arc and Boor, back rem. SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST of.AfW"COOK, IN A 0 private fan Itr; Nnderatandt all klmla of family eook lag; can be highly rroomtaendnd from be it uf fa-n'lca: la able to lake entire charge of a kitchen; no ehleotlon to go to a com fortable home In the oonpiry. Call for two d?ya at *1 Weat toih at ? SITUATION WANTED?AS WET .NUR8R, BY A YOUNO 1 i married Woman, with a Leah >?;#"?' of mi.k. Call-171 Willett at. Situation wanted-to do <ipxvral house work. urtooook, waah and iror in a tins l priests fam ily; haa the beat of refer--ac from bar last' Haw, Can at IN Weal ISth at. , SITUATION WAWED-BT A !!RHPK?*Att.B PRO. tenant youag woman, to do llgbt b < wowuffit tud plain aowlag or chunvberwo k; go el ally refeeenoe. Cell al fl Ka aexeb, rear building, top Boor. . situation wanted?by a tocj U loop la Mile eoentry. to do ebaiabovwr lag. or would da chambarworfc and waiting in a trivets ta Uy; U willing and o??llgleg. Haa go d refer* aeeo at 887 WaatSTlh at., may bean, top Boor, i SITUATION VaNTBD-BT A RKSPECTA woman, to do bottoowork In a am a II pr.vai_ god elig reference. Caa be eaea foe two days at SITUATION WANTED?BY A KRSPHCTABLK WOMAN, aa Sret cleaa order eeok; would lake charge of a kitchen. Call at <> Marion at., ta the roar basement. after It e'cleck. SITUATION WANTED-BT A COUP, TENT TOUNO woman, to eook, waah and Iron; good .-uy reference. Call at IM TUt a*., OJiner MM at, la the fancy store. VITIATION WA.NTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO v~ woman, ae ck am barmaid aad waitress; good city refer Call at 8M 7th av . eornar ltd al ia lbs fancy store. m SITUATION WANTED?IT A COMPETENT WOMAN, to eook. wash aad Iron; wtu go at moderate wages. Oo >d city referenee. fall for two days at M> Weal Rd at., rear building, eeeoad Boer. SITUATION WANTSD-BT A PROTESTANT TOUNO O woman, aa plain eook aad to aeelet with tha washing City reference. Can be eeen at INN Meet ISth et, between Tth and Mb are. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO woman, aa wet nurse, who bee lost bar baby Iwe months L Call IM Wt.t lleeatonat. ' SITUATION WANTRD-BT AN HONBRT OKRMAN protaetani girt, to de all kinds of boom work ar osofe log; ota euma wall reeemmssdod. Ml 1st nr., third Soor. front SITUATION* WANTBD-BT 1 girls, ens as cook, uaderataods i pastry; lbs other aa chambermaid ar TWO RESPECTABLE i soaps, poultry, gam# sod . . land wait revs; no objection iobofcwIA lbs washing, beet etty reference Address C. P. C., Herald offioe. ITUATION WANTED-BT A PROPKRKIONAL COOK, ' whe understands French. Kngllsb and American cook pastry. break fast, bread and dsaserte of all klads. No S1 tag pastry, breakfast, ? _ ... objection to a private boarding house Boat city referenee. catot jBtiroai Mth 1. from Willi k e'aloek. SITUATION WANTRD-BT A RKRPi'CTABLE TO! NO Woman, as laundress, Oood eity referenee Call at 188 East 17th St., near 1.1 ev. ( (J ITUATION WANTED?Bf A RESPECTABLE TOUNO O woman na good eook; hk? no object on to aa>t? wim the washing and ironing; haa turn years city reference from last plane. Can be aeon for two days nt Ml Sd nr., near Idtb at., In the toe create saloon TIBAVRI,.?A LADY OT EDUCATION AND GOOD 1 connections, with a thowtige knowl* tge of German and French, the latter of which a?>n -peaks with itiancy, would like te accompany a faintly who utend to gn abroad ha a "-mptnton She woohl have no ob action tn assume the care and instruction of young nu?c.t who may be lu the pnrty; references will be given end required. Address fnsTeiter, boa 1*1 New York clly Post office _ TWO RESPECTABLE TuUNO WOMEN WIB11 BtTUA. A lh n?. one aa ebamberrnald and walti ess and the other na plain eook, washer and ironor. Apply at IM Baal 8Mb ?*., between U aad it ava TWO (URLS WANT BITUATTONB-ONB TO DO . ,Vll*2ywk. the other aa c bam barmaid aad waHrtaa; ^i?.fc*.rtH">??odeebnmber work and Sae wmblas and Ifoetn^ tkroa yey, city refbrons*. Call a? kT7U Ttk av? ???? Wtti kk, third Beer. from. FASTED?A HTUAfUMK, fV A fcBBPEOTABLM I WASIIJNO-BY A PIBBT CLASS LAUNDRESS, AT I TV her re.l4*eea; wIlKlih all kinds of geatlsmaa'e and Iodise' washing and fluting. OaUai MS Wat* 27ih at., ma 14, toy Boor, bask. TXrANTBD-BT A BIVSOTAM COLORED WO*i*, T? a aUuauoa aa Ink dm mi Matt etty refer* n??* Call for two day* or aan at H Waal W*h at., between 6th ^|7th are. and4< WJ . SITU A- I branches; ? ?? ewwi UM OV wjwtwl to go to 7; haa Ura Mara1 ettr refer* ao*. Can be aaro for ?1 day* at 81# Btaalsn at., hataaia Laeta and Goarck, la the atom. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WBT KURSK. ST A respectable wmngn. Apply at 166 Chartaa at. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A ?W#fcO?BLK TT young wotnan, aa ehambarmaid or waltreea; ran do plain tewing and laake herself generally neefai Can be aeeaiaitll engage* at MT Oh ar., biatween 66th and ?7th at*. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECT ABLE TT girl, to do general houaework la a amaJl private fam ily; la a good plain cook, waaher and Ironer. City reference. I nquira at 186 6tt av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT AN EXCELLENT 000k; la a good baker, and very neat Bent of city references. Apply at her present employer**, No. 1 Woat WANTED?A MTUATIOK, BT A TOUN0 GIRL, TO TT sew and take ear* of children. Eel ere to bar preaent employer. Bo. 1 Went 64th at WANTED?A SITUATION AS KURSK AND SEAN* TT streia: ran take charge of a baby from Ita birth. Good etty reference. Call at 117 Weet 83d at "ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE . .. woman, a*,ooflk: he* the beat of city roferenee from where aha haa lived for year*. Caa be aaaa for two day* at 146 TTeat 67th at, between Tth end 8th ara., aacead Ana r, front rdont __ ' WANTED?A SITUATION AB CHAMBERMAID AND TT aeamstreaa, by a reaper table Protestant girl. Caa be aeaa lor three days at 176 Neat 57th at, room Mo. 1. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NURSE; NO objection to either eity or ooontay. Apply at It Bright at, Jeraey City. WANTED -BT A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, in a private family, a situation aa laua drrsa or chambermaid; la a good plain newer; haa the beat of elty reference. Can be area at 317 Wooeler etrect near Amity, first floor, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework In a small private family. City reference given. Call at 630 6th av., for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE young girt to do houaework for a email private family, or rliambcrwork end plain rawing. Good reference. Call at 128 7th at. between are. A and B, room 18. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN PKO tesliat young woman, a situation to sew, by the week ur month, in some private family; ean sew on a machine; underatmoH all kind* of fancy work; can eut and lit all kinds of children s end ladle*' clothe*; good city reference ii* to cs pa bill tie*. Cell at or address 10417th at., between 6th and 7th era. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A Situ ation ae cook, wnsher and truner or to do general linusi-work. Call at ITS Lauren* at, for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PIRST CLASS COOK: TV understands her business thoroughly la all its branch*i; a'! kinds of roups, psitriee, Jellies and cresms, boning or poultry und Inriiing; is an excellent baker; good city refe~ ence. Call at 838 West lotli at. WANTED?A SITUATION A8 WAITRESS. OB WOULD do chemherwojk and waiting; good eity reference. Call at 134 Weal Will at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. OKNTI.E men'a and family washing and Ironing, or would go out by the day. Call for a week at 318 7th ev., between Z4tli andjotii sta WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A QUICK, INTRLLI gent, young American girl, to learn dressmaking; hnt already some knowledge of it; lis* also a sewing machine. Adores* Mi is Moore. 366 3d et. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE * v young girl to do general housework. !u a small pri vate family; fa a good wnsher end Ironer, and is willing and obliging. Can be ecru et 336 West at. Wanted-% situation as chambermaid, et a *v youoTwomMi, Oerataa. who Is desirous ot obtaining I sgoodhOuw. Sneak* English and German fluently. Can bearcn at WO AManVcet., eeeoud flaor, for three day*. wxKTPD-A Bimxnnjv, by an lifDrsTNrous * r. young woman, aa cook, waaher ami Ironer, or as cook alone. Ma* tie beat ?f ctty reference from her last plsoe. Gift at mWrat 17th s*? between 8th. and Tthavs. SITUATION. BY A RRSDELTABLE _ . ... m, general koueawork or plait oaok iagfwaah'qg and h-nnlng. Superior city refarraoe. Call for twddvye at 116 West 3Mh it;, thtsd floor. TIT ANTED-BT A RERPlRCT ABLK GIRL, A 8 ITU A TV - tlon as waitress or to ch? mberwovk. In a private family, with three year*' reference* Can at lti Mb at., near 8th av.. room No. 8, Aral floor, for two day*. WXNTKD-BT AN AMERICAN WOMAN. A CHILD" TV to bring up on the bottle, or on* to board. Apply at tut Id ey., in the rear. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE vv girl, to do chamberwork and welting or wailing alone. Has two year*' reference from her last piece. Call et SflO M e?t 31st el , between 1Kb and 10th eve , seoond floor, fiODt room. WANTED-A SITUATION BV A RESPECTABLE Welsh girl rook. lit ? private family: Kill aaalat in washing and tioninif; beet city referenoe. Call till suited at lOSWeai JCtli al. TTTAVTED?A SITUATION. DY A RESPECTABLE TV young girt, u chambermaid and walu-naa. Apply al 1? Waal Mill k WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A BKSPKCTABLE young women, aa oook la a private faailly; under stands cooking In all Rebranches, bonlnp and making aoupe; can give good etty reference: hat lived three years In bee last place. Can be seen at 111 East 88 th it, In a tare. WANTED?A SITU tTION, BT AN AMERICAN PRO testent girl, aa lady's maid or seamstress; under stands plain dressmaking: or weald do Hght chamber-fork. Call for two days at KM 8th av. WET NURSE.? WAMTEJ> A SITUATION AS WET nurse. Baa a full breast of milk, and earn give good reference. Apply at tU Eaet Eld at. WET NUBSE-WITH A FRESH BREAST of MILE, dealrea to go aa wet nurse In a good family. Inquire at Sf. Uermatn Hotel, potior 78. IB!ANTKD- SITUATIONS BT TWO SISTERS, IN A TT private family; one a? cook and the other as chamber maid; both willing to aaaulatthe washing and ironing; beat of etty reference. Can be aeen for two dsya it ISTTtn nv. WANTSD-BY A THOBOCOH CHAMBERMAID AMD waltreee, with eseeBent cltv reference, a situation in elty or country: or would f? as general servent; washes arot Irons well and is arv excellent baker; doea up tinea la style; wages (IS. Cell st IW Beet glvt al. WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT OTML, A SITUATION In do genera! housework In e small family, or eook, wash and iron; rea pee table references. Cell nt IS Wast 19th St., near 10* sv. ? WANTED?BT X DBKRSMAEKB WHO IE ABSENT thmugu tbs day, a furnished Room. Rrltts aeevnteeee. for s Are, be .week Tenth and Twentywevgnti sheets and - Brnadway and Eighth avenue; referenceglvpa end required. Add rev' A. L. 8., station C. ?PM.P TV jarrap?r k NALEg^ ~ A GOOD PLAIN COOE W ANTED.-wAFPLY RB tweon 10 and 18 o'otoek at 887 Wast 4th at., SetWeen 18th aed Charles ate. _ AM MX PKMBMCBD FIRST CLABB' OPERATOR A wanted on Wheeler M Wilson's machine These eeeue tomed to all kinds ef Rnn-wevk may apply at 178 8tk av. A GOOD COOE IB WANTED AT Tl MTH IT., OME door east ofgth av. A BART WANTKD-TO WET NUKSB AT A WOMAN'S own reel dense, MB Bast TMrty-thlrd strset. CnR far two days. DRESSMAKERS WANTED IMMRDIATBLT-ALBO AM apprentice, eotne prepared to work. No, 8 Ohartoe at., sarnar af Oreaawtah av.

RST CiaSB COOE WANTED-MO OTHER MEED ?y. laqulra at WRast 14th at., wast sf University asmsnt door, after ? a clock CM BBT I Sit'. w ANTED?A TROROUOHLY RXPBRIBNCBD WAIT and II n'elosk at Ijhave good nrarsnsso. Apply hstwagn 8 W?ANTED-A OIBL TO DO OBMMRAL HOUSR work: meat bo snood Ironsrnnd wnshsr; rsfsrsness roqebwd from Inst sttuauon. Inquire for two doge ii i W^HAN TED-IN A PRIVATE PA MILT, A PI KIT CLASS | eook, willing to aaalat In seme plain washing; also a chambermaid who to a good laundress. Apply at to 7th av. TIT ANTED?A COMPETENT OPERATOR ON WILLCOX TV A Glbbe' machine at No 4 Carroll place (Bleeeker si.) WANTED?A GIRL. AS COOK, WABHEM AMD tronar, sad to easts! tn tbs boom work: good (fly ref erence required; wages gio. Apply, after 14 JL M., al tot West NU at. |V ANTED-AN AMERICAN OIRL, TO DO OB ME HAD Vf housework. Inquire at Ml 4th av. WANTED?A PI EST CLASS WAITRESS AMD CHAM barmaid, with beat elty references. Apply al 41 Waal 8Mb St.. between 10 and II. WANTED?A OOOD COOE. WASHER AMD IROMBB. Call before It o elock at 68Id av.. ooraar ef 4th at. City 1 required. WANTED IMMEDIATELT?A SMART TIDT GIRL. TO rook, wash and Iron In a small family. Apply Al M8 Wan Sttb at, basement WABTED-A TOUNO WOMAN AS GOOD COOE AND laundress; the must he competent. Apply from Id till 18, st B8 nth sr. * WA NTKD- A COOE, WHO WILL ASSIST 1M WASH Ing and Ironing, at MSP id ev . near Slut at. WANTED?A WOMAN XO DO THE GKNRRAL WOBE of e family with the etcci lion Ol waanuig and Ironing. Apply al tt> Waal 43d ?t? :>ef-re 17 M \tr*NTRD-A WKT NURSE. WITH A PRBMH BREAST TV of milk. Apply at 817 West 36tn St., between 4th and Ttb ava. WAMTtD?A SMART OIRL, bouse work; rauat be a good ply far two days at 817 West tZd at. TO DO ORNERAL washer and Iron sr. Ap WANTKD-A OIRL, TO DO CHAMRBRWOBK A waiting; family email. Call at im Lndagten nr.. twice H and 4 n'alonk AND IS ?gg3?g3J&SS&2P tog. Vmuether* im<tp|lr HMMw IIT ABTBD-A OKNTKKL MIDDLB AOBD WOMAN, AO J! ir I a meow. Iw?iin f ud i o'clock. WANTED-rOE A NOW WEEKS, A YOUNO WOMAN MMioilrni, fully competent to cat ud dt children's ndBlkoo; one with a BKtlM preferred. 111 l?t MIA A ^"ANTKD-A HUT CLAM MILLINER, NOB ONB _ I 1 boat houses la th* city; good refi qulsed. Apply at No. 6 Groot Jones at. XV-AMIMU-I* A PRIVATE PAMILY. A RESPECT A M Ida girt, to do washing aod lronlug and chaahanrorfc; pood wages wlU bo given. Apply at lid Weet Uth at. U7 ANTED?AN BXPKRIKNCF.D NURSE, TO TABS YY entire charge of an Infant; muat he a good seamstress, aad ooana well reeammended; muat be a Protestant. Call etna Weed did at. SITUATIONS WAIfTBD-BAIiBI. AM LAD 17 YEARS or AGE WISHES A SITUATION; tea ted autae experience in the genu' furuUbtngbnst. come t m Address H.. box 117 Herald oBoe. Can come recommended from bla last employer. A YOUNO MAN, GOOD CITY REFERENCE, WANTS a aitoation aa porter or waiter or anr other reapectabte 1 jTP., ? Monroe at., for two days. GBNTLBMAN OK SEVERAL YEARS' EXPKRI ence In n the W. I. oommlaMon and liquor 1 mi sorting business, of pood abtlittea, and now SBtng a ?tn raaponal. , wiahaa an engagement from 1st March, at n bla poetlioa, Itrtng aalarj K. V., box 1,0^4 foal offloa. tiring salary; ttrat chtas refereaoea furnigbed. Address " " . l.OMr ' ~ SINGLE YOUNG MAN WANTS WOKE ON A FARM; underatanda thoeare of hones and milking cowa; haa beea two yean at R. Apply to J. N., 1*1 West Hist K Can be seen for oqe day. A A SITUATION WANTBM-BY A TO UNO MAN AS barkeeper, porter, or to de general work; beat of referenee. Apply to or nddreea Jamoa Katlly, 74 Allen at., room IE A YOUNG MAN. TBAVBLLINO FOB A COMMERCIAL paper, nrtahee to aollclt orden for any legitimate house, either un aalary or co omission. In connect ton with hie ewa badness. Adrtraa* Traveller, Herald offlee. ijtOB CALIFORNIA, BY 8TRAMBB OB SAIL.?A A middle aged man wlatea an opportunity to work bla passage around the Cape In either. Addreea Traveller, Her ald ouice, for one week. SITUATION WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED BUM ness mnu, in an offloe or some light business Address Mr. B., Herald oOlce, for three da ye. SITUATION WANTED.?A MALE COOK, WJIO HAS been In the royal kitchen of bla Majesty the King of Bavaria. and lately two yean in Paris, wishes a steady alL nation in a hotel. Address H. C., cart of Harrison, gB7 2d nr., N. T. WANTED?EMPLOYMENT. AN A COPYIST. AD* dress E C., station D. WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. 22 TEARS OF AUK. a situation aa barxeeper or assistant; baa had some experience; would go 10 a grocery: has good city reference. Apply to or address C. Halke, 128 East tod at. vv 17ANTED?THE OF.NERAL AGENCY FOR A LIFE ?I Insurance Company (or the eity and State of New Yo-k, by two active iasurauce men, with large aoquslntanoe. Address, lor two days. Endowment, box IMS Herald oiDce. WANTED-AISITUATION, BY A COMPETENT MAN 10 drive or take care of a team, clt.v or country. Call on or address dames Cur rail, 201 2th nr.. In anloou. CLERKH AMD 8ALE8NKS, A HOSIERY AND NOTION SALESMAN WIsIIKS TO mike an engagement with a first class bouse. Tr.ide lies lu Ohio and Pennsylvania. Address W. K.. Brooklyn Post ufllce. A YOUNG MAN, WELL ACQUAINTED WITH THE wholesale boot and shoe trade, wiahes an engagement as talesmen or traveller; ilrst class reference*. Address J. K... Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, AS talesman or travelling clerk. Extensive aeqnalniatioe through the huuth and West, tiood reference given. Ad dress Georgia, 81. Charles Hotel. SITUATION WANTED.?A YOUNG MAN HAVING AY eight years' exper.eace lu tb>: paper hanging and shade business desire* a situation a> salesman; references given. Addreae C. A. Young, 10 Prince st., HrooUyn. VV 17 ANTED?A .YOUNG MAN. AS SALESMAN IN A .1 paint and artists' materials store; one who tea .a knowledge or the business prderted. Addraag with refer ences our d&l New York ^oat office. WANTED-A TRAVELLING SALESMAN. OF riBST class ubiU.v and rxperioaoe. for paints, oolori, Ac.: no others need apply; liberal compensation aad proaneet of future Interest to a suitable man. Addreea Land Works, 3d and Race sts., Philadelphia. WANTED?A COMPETENT. EXPERIENCED BOOK, keeper, in a large manufae.unng eatubllahiuem in thta eity, who can give unexceptionable references as to Wtatacter and capacity. Address box 1.470 Post office. UVAKTHn?AM EXPERIENCED DRY OOOD8 HALES TT man. Apply early at >77 Fulton ST.. Broefclyn. WANTED?A CLERK IN TUB COMMISSION BU8L nana; salary trill be (Iran to a smart young mail alia knows the city watt. Inquire at M Oraat Jonas at., from 10 to 13 o'clock. COACHJKUM AMD OAHDKVRHS. APROTRRTANT COUPLR. JUST LANDED FROM England, want all nation.t; Uir man as ooaohman and groom or plain gardener; the wile to do plain cooking or up. atalra rrork Apply at or address for three days 43a Id ay., belweeu 34th and aith sts. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A FIRST CLASS OOACH sud Can bo seen at Trenor'a saddlery store, 704 Broadway, or address a note to T. M. WANTRD?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN, A8 coachman and groom; understand# hu buslneaa: also understands milking and taking care of cattle. would make blmaelf generally useful. Beat country reference. Addroee J. D., Herald ofnoe. WANTRD?A SITUATION. AS COACHMAN, BT A first class man. who baa had asaay years' experience In Rug land. Has lbs beet air reference from bis last am. player Call at or address btiliing'a harness store, Broad way. between ?Jth and MRh sis. SITUATION AS ' understands his _ _ oonntry, and will glee the best of roforsnae from bio last s uspi saw. Call at te7 Greenwich st. ' 11TANTBD?A COLORED COACHMAN. ONE WHO r T understaads his buslneaa may apply at No. 17 Irrlng place, betwoea bend IQe'oloch A. M. en8yaadT.iL a' ANTED?BY A BBSPBCTABLB TOUNO HAN OF " steady habile, a uluatioa as eoachmaa and groom; thoroughly understands the business. Has Um bast city reference from lest employers, call on or sddresa Coach* mea, st Mr. P. Tratnor's saddlery, 7M Broadi WANTED?BT A VOUNO MAM. A I YY. ooaohman or groom, who perfectly business; has no objection to go to tho ? ?way. HRLP WAMTBDwHAIiBfi. A M.I. DESIRINU IMMEDIATE BMPLOTMRNT CALL ? st U Chambers Dealmbte maoBltu this day tn new. HalarleotlOtoBMperwfiOk. a QFNTS W VNTBD?TO OaNTABB BELKHOUB AND A OF.NTS WANTED?WITH A CAfTTAL OF M TO BIO. A taselltasmaatratodmrtmiajpatlpactaOfNowTosh flAtO. Has a ttfli sale. CaH at M Felloe si. . ' ' WILLIAM ALLEN. A WANTBD-FOB THIS CITY AMD sa*' "?"'jBstfnaitm ?.,. AHUBXT* WANTBD-TO SELL THE BBBT Tin Nil IN. ? rented Mutinous light. Bare oh aa so for aooatry pod. le.?. MS Nassau atroom IS; fi tin A A OENTR WAHTBD?TO BELL AH ABTTCLB BN A tliwiy bow aad wealed aoeiy what a: pod ehaaos far Inausaooo ageala to uio their spero time altails?isalj |W per day osoHy nmdo. Sfi Liberty at. AT MB BROAPWAT, BOOH IB-WANTED. A BALES It and I. tUA*Tlft-A MAN AND WIFB; TIB MAM AB WAITBE J??.r5?U!46 &W.SSMU YET ANTED?AN INTELLIGENT HAH WITH A OOOD " aad quick handwriting. able to readily eadontand aad swan ariealifio words, for the copy lag ofa soEntlfiecam jShH. A^jdy toToriaseook. U EaS iKoetoo st . SetweJSTl YET ANTED?A SWILL AND ASHMAN, TO TAXI Jrwjrs&r** ??*-?* a UriBTSD-A BOT, IB AUWTBB'I DIIKB TO DO rvKHrrcRK. A RAM OrPORTONmr FOR HOb' SB K K K PR BP. ? A AH the Furniture Of the throe siory residence lit Woet Eighth attest, near Sltth srenue, for sols, at a great saertfieo for cash. A magnificat rosewood Pianoforte cool MM will he sold f or gJttTl ncludl no Stool sod Corer; two beautiful '? ?I*nFh aalln and hmeatal; each suR coal IM. will be sold for MB; one do 01 go. ooe Mask wal* green reps, ToTS7?: b5* t?!u?t Bookcase! Rid aboard, rosewood Ktagorea, CurUlua. Sao Oil Paintings. W?rk?, of Art Bronwwl'emre and Pier Tattoo. roeowmd traase As Bedroom Suits, Spring end UalrMaL PHOR HALE?C 4RD TABLE, ? TABDS THREE PL* ? WM| M Sheets, while balaaoe handle Euiree, TC.,1 nearly new. Address U.S., hot BR Nsw Tork Y 0*1 OfllM, IpuBNrrure?wanted, a complete suit cur ? . IL OHMffl CAMBRICS. . 1ATTN AND TAPE STRirKD /ACONHTS, 8WIA8 DRBSB CHRTM 8WT8B FINIBHED CIIKCKg AND STR1PBB. rUAa K^gSgf? AMD UAlRCORD NAINSOOK A ' FRENCH BRILUANT8, in au quaY?iTiRfc a3d STYLES. I.MS4 to 14-4 Marseilles QcYltJi ImUi super qualities. IBM Noma plain a^ prism border ootlou BdIfs. LINEN OOODB. . . iaS32lSlf&5*a3?5S.SAfi.Dw"E?ISM.? Ud DOYLIER. ^ ten Mooched and brown damask TABLE CLOTHi. A *?*? S* M 4o 1N4 Vrm^ta aupor qualities LINK It dHKK.71.NUR. u<na Irish fronting and SHIRTING LINENS. cyea^Ueachod and brown DAMASK AND DIAPER ^Etsswftoswtf usssosw* MPANIdH LINENS. Lioan Dudk COATINOB and DRILLS. ALSO. CLOTHS. CAASIMUREA, DORHKINd, Bo. ? Cases Black QldilBH and DOESKINR. i fuel " ~ Caaaa Fancy Spring CABtHMKKNB. its: This sale embraces fresh and daalreble Goods of Raw and attractive styles, wall worthy special attantioa of the trad., watch la rengeetfnHy aoUetted. Catalogues and Samples now readj.^ WM. TOPPING B CO. Awlkawn ?%&2?^;g38&nsg5& hold Ua regular aeint weekly ancttan aala of Stcefei and Bond*, this day Thursday), al 1IW o'clock, at the Esehaog Salesroom, 111 Broadway. Par full pentoatosu ana cato logues, which can be oblaluad at hto office. ALBERT H. NICOLAT. (Hock Broker and Anetionaer, 41 Plea street, S. T. AMCCTION NOTICE.-BL BOTH. AUCTIONEER. I AN EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB HOCdEKBKPKKS AND THB TRADB. OYER $lh,U00 WORTH OP elegant and genteel Household Puruttnrn at public auotion llila (Thursday) morning. January >1, at 113a o'clock, at the Urge real deuce 119 Cllatou piece, Eighth stroei, near Sixth avenue, consisting of magnlfleeut roaawood Pianoforte Stool and Cover, tB modern improvements, full seven and a half octave, richly rarvad lega and oaae; three beautiful Parlor Suits, covered with the rtnhest dcsorlption of French aattn brocatel; Works of Art, Bronzes. Oil Paintings by emi nent artists, velvet, Ui usual" and Ingrain Carpeta roaawood Etagaras. style of Louts X iV.: solid black walnut Extension Table, Butfct and Dining Obalrt to match. Oval and l'ier Mirrura, black walnut Suits, covered with haircloth and green reps; black walnut and rosotvood Bedsteads and Bu raaua, Soring and Hair Mattresses. Sofas anil Knckari. Vases, liUaa, China and Stiver Ware. Cutlery. Ac. N. B.? Reliable men in attendauoe to cart, pack and ahlp goods far purchasers at a reasonable charge. Auction sale.-samuel wynw, auctioneer MAGNIPICKNT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PAINTINGS, BRONZE*. PIANOFORTE, MIRRORS, AC., AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On this day (Thursday), at eleven o'clock, at the elegant , 44 West Sixteenth street, between Fifth and sixth mansion, < avenues-Drawing Room Furniture, covered brecitel; rose wood Etugerea. mirror backs, m irble'. ips. Secretary Book cabe SOU volumes cboiro Hroks, Contra tables, Turkish Easy Chairs. Patntinrs bv eminent artists. Bronze Cluck, Figures, La it Curtains; Velvet, Brussels Carpels: rosewood Piano forte, Stool, Cover; Music Bund, rosewood walnut. Bureaus. Bedsteads, Wardrobes MaLreaee?; Blanket*, Sheets. Exten sion Table, Buffets, elegant sets China, Class, Stiver Ware. Table Cutlery. . A1 NTHONY L. HI.KRCKER. AUCTIONEER.?BLERCK L itR A PKXIBON will sell at auction on Thuraday, January SI, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Broadway, the valuable Property on West Twenty-flftu street, tour storybrown stone Ilouae and Lot No. fid, south aide, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, 90x90.9. Terms easy. Anthony l. blkeckkr. auctioneer. HLKECKEK A DK.MSON will sell at auction on Thursday, January SI. at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange sales room 111 Broadway, the valuable property on Amity street, three story brick House and Lot. No. IF, north side, bat ween Mercer and Greene, 19x75; terms easy. B| r HLNRY H. LEEDS A MINER. LEKDM' ART GALLERIES?'THE CHOICE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINOM by AMERICAN ARTISTS, collected by Mr. S. P. A VERY, d uring thepsat 11 risen year*, wlw having been appointed Fine Art Agent to the PARIS EXPOSITION?la going to Europe. HENRY II. LEEDS A MINER wfU sell on Monday and Tuesday evenings. February 4 and 73rf o'clock each evening, at- tie LEKtMf* ART OAi.LKKIKS. Man. 817 nod 819 BROADWAY, corner of Twelfth street, this valuable uiv ainuni/ vv .a ? , > "i uci tu a itwi va ourci, tilts v?ut u?''ii colleellon of CABINET OliMB; they are by almost every American Artist of distinction^ and their production was In* each caae a labor of lore. . This oollectiou baa long Tiaen celebrated among our oonnolsetira, (I Is therefore oul oefaaary to enuarerute some of the principal Artists sueh as Baker, Durand, Greene. HunUngtou, Maori, . Dacley, Halh Inneaa, Blervtvdt. Elliot, W. Hart. Inman, H. Oou^hton, Ehulnger, James 11 art, Johnson. E. _ HLi% Clifford, Haaalttoa, K enact i, ? Colroau. Oignoux, Hays. Lambdln, Church, Oray, Henneaay, MoEntea, Cropeay, Quy, Hubbard, Monnt, Morse, Oeriet, Rtoharila, Bhattuck, Suvdam Bully. Talt, WhlUredge, god others. At the same time will also be disposed of the entire mock of Works of Art consigned to 8. P. A vary, embracing many Ane Paintings and Drawings, mainly by American Artists. The Exhibition will be open dally from Moudav, January 18. until Monday, February A and an three evenings previous to Furniture sale?by j. colb, auctioneer, on Friday, Feb. I; at 11 o'clock, at tea < oorner of Bedford and Futnam avenues, Brooklyn. A general asaortmeut of Household Furniture: sale positive; terms cash. ENHY D. MINES. AUCTIONEER. HE SALE OF HORSES, OARRIAOE8, HARNESS, 40., B* MINBR 4 SOMBRVILLK. ? FRIDAY", FEB. 1. AT M O'CLOCK, AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION PLACE STABLES. ftl EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AT. RKaUr bona aelea at oar A net toe Mart, Union Plaoo eteMea. every Tueaday and Friday throughout the roar. Meter*. MINER 4 BOMB RVtLLK offer uaeurpaaaed ad rantagee In location, aaporionoe and bnaiaeta aep&city to partiaa wleblng to buy or dealrlag to aall Horaaa, Carriegee or anything pertaining ta tba boraa buatnom. IBNRYO. KVAN8, AUCTIONEER-WILL SELL THIS day, at* o'clock, a rtefe aaaortmcnt nf French China ?a Olaasware. Parian marhla French Clnrke, 4e., tba i Importation of B. Behrteoh. MB Broadway. PTENRT PBLTMAN. AUCTIONEER?SELLS THIS n day. at MM o'clock, at 81 Canal rtreot. the Stock and Fixture* of a Saloon STo-morrow Furniture oale by order of HtBMN* . Tj coounr. auctioneer, v nett chambers JH. Sella thla day. at IB o'dook A. M., tba coo tenia of I Grocery Store Alao Minora, PMturea, Tabtea, Store#, do., and M.QU8 Clgara. In lota. T ROOART. AUCTIONEER.?FRIDAY, PRSSUART 1. ?J. all ?'otaah, at 38 Bowery, the offaots of a roatanrani. Mar Counter, Tibiae, Chain, Look log Olasn Crockery and Olaaa Ware. Table Outlay. Range, CeUlagCtanaaaTik J ROOART, AUCTIONEER?THId DAT, AT 1*M a o'dook. at MB Waal Thirty-eighth atreet. near HightS yenue, Oenaral HooaeboM PmFnltun, oeaeleting of Pariar BJBMg Bm?11 JlmH ('ArMlC, UiiQftfth, SOlM| RhadaMiSSttasfVvMa, SmMdnt Marble 1 mahogany aad bleak eralaot L JH ary aad Dialog Room Furniture, LI go are, Aloe, Con a ten ware, Store* M In era, TeMea, Cue* BaSa, 4n. kny of . Ac AJao three BlUlard I w.tiTiLLi&R."i'M far the aadgnna af the mortmaae FRIDAY. FBBRUART L I ItoMHl A. M^ at tha Oaotral edeareama. WiUoeghVy. ooiMr tm rmn pupi ?unrab ? U TANDRWATBR, AUCTIONEER. NO. 1*0 LIR. r atroat?Ta-marrow (Friday). Pah. L at IS o'alaek. raga, imagvaasvi _ ?. .egjjSys&y&i ss? ilanaat Forolture. Fixture#. 4n, eoaialaad ta aaid house. Farther partlaulara tomorrow. ?iPCTIONBER? k ""dock. at ealee tor Suite, roeewood da , oiled Ibrary Furnltere; Fiaaeforu, 1 ffdboh Plata Pier oiaaeea. Tabiaa, Baffeta. OSoe Deeke. ?WJP "M Kngntringe. Hair Mat Chlae, 4a. Catalogue! at eele. , 80 do. pnre Bourbon Whtakay. Tba chore le the eKinglng to a party retiring from huatneaa and will ho HP - tbaat rdeerta. Tcrma ot aale. M. B Salotooota moaoo at 10 o'clock procleely. PAWNBROKER'S SALE?THIS DAT, ST JOHN MOB r Ban Bwoderay. of dW U?te men'a aad wo wastejekr,Bi uUwf liicHARD Walters; auctioneer, will sell IV tbta day, thuraday, at 10 o'elorh (Punctual). at No. 4N Kant Hour ton, oorner of Qoerck etreel, Rtook and Flitures of a flret olaaa Uquor Store; Siturea ail good aa new. Stock wall aaaorted. Bala poetlire. cSSl^^AiS or BOOTH ANn SilOES?5V~OOLH p SMtSPinr, Aiietlonaara. on Thumday.Ilet, at MM o'clock. at *3# Fnitoe etrad. Brooklyn. W Bhoaa, M, ladlea' and ehfldraa'a Bhoaa, Ac._lM etock of a re ?Hoyfiob I uraday. Friday at ?f Ornnd DM, grot toring" MnaOna,TlrtrtaroTBhaetlnp, Horary and <|f?*a;ate*{to Futures, whlah will to aaWM Ito cases af t*a sate. The aura to let. Ac. WIU.I4* JtBSOTT' auctioneer, omoB m y* OWhaua square. toll aaU on Friday. February I. at It locloek, Ito Taaaa. Stock and Flit urea of the IMatai aml Oytoor Bntogo at Ma. ? Fultoa Market; sideadld Mlrrera, and all other Fiaiaraa, Ac. By order at TLTILLIAM ABaOTT, AUCTIONBEB?OFFICE Mf TV eh. these a*a*re, aafla ?U* daye. at o'clock, Ito F IitureaandF urniture or the dming aalooa ? Bowery. Walnut Tablea, Otoira, Oountara. lea Cheat. Stoves. Lead rife. Qua Fit urea, Bat -r HACHUBBT. __ AH FORTV-FIVK HOR8B TUBULAR BOILER, A BIZ boraa r.nvtna and Boiler, a two borae DoubleKugtue. a Urea Drop lU with Feck'. atUcbuieSl^ .ito OttoT and aold. Cash paid far eld Maula. , j SM1TM A CLARK, ?d Panrt toroal M. T. I CtOR 8ALB?AT TUB FRANKLIN BOILER WORKS, I r foot of Morraa atraaf, Jersey Otto. three l.ooauroUro I Boilers, 18. 88 ant 80 horaa power; two BertMtoto Tubular. 189 and ^0 boraa; extra built. Tanka and Boilers built at rea aanabte prieea. ?? r^HR SALE? Of ? A BIX HORSE ENGINE AMD BOILBR, . at ate feari strapl GtOk BALE? AT LAUREL OIL WOBKbT^^^^^H r Oreak. L 1.. fonr M buret Sulla with Calrary Caaaetery. 1 SALE?NBT PORTABLE AMD BTATtOWABT Engines, aaaeel hand Lathaa of rartawa ataaa; two I F!an!a| Machine*, aa Atmospheric Forge Hamtaer, Paw Mower. Hydraulic Frees, Boiler Fnaches and Sbaaia. at Ito Continental Worha, Oreampotto. Brooklyn, aaar Teeth tonal ferry. P^BR SALE OHEAF?THE COMPLETE MACHINERY ^?iorUriat Mtll. Including Engine, Bolt, Be.; alao Steak, fPttinpa, Wrought Pipe, Vines. Ac? J. BATLBT, No. s Pay toroaA P^BOKTABLK AND STATIONARY STEAM BEGINBS H AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR Saw MILLS. I The beat and moat ootmpiaU in use. Circular aeat on appltcation, I WOOD A MANS STEAM ENGINE COMPANY. ? sad 96 Maiden UaeT^^^^M UfflHE OUFATEST INVENTION OP THE AGE."? | 1 WINTER'S Improved Portable Circular Saw Mid. ?Alao depot of general Machinery, I WINTER A CO.. 49 Broadway. I And Washington ironWorka, Newbury. W.W. Uticu. N. Y.. inc. New York. WRIGHTS PATENTED STEAM ENGINE. THE MOST ECONOMICAL AND PERFECT YBf INVENTED. Call at SB and S7 Liberty atreet. New York, or Addrewi WASHINGTON IRON WORKS, Newbury. N. T. \I' ANTED?A SMALL SCREW STEAM ENGINE, SOtT Tf able for a boat S3 to 30 feel long. Addrsaa. giving price and particulars. P.. box 8.688 l'oet oMee. 2 TEN HORSE HOISTING ENGINES AND BOILERS; 1 tou and 1 fllleun librae Boiler and l.tigluas: 1 thirty borne Tuhul tr, n-id 1 twentr-flve horie Flu ? Boiler. I.MR feet; IS n 8 Inch Pipe. Shafts, Pullies nnd Holts. For ante cheap by W. S. FOX A CO., 470 Water atreet, ooruer of PUa slip. TUB TRADES. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BOY 15 YBAR8 OLB. A In an archlteet or artlat'a otQoe. Addreaa John R. Laundry, 118 Columbia at., Near York. * A CIVIL ENGINEER WANTS A SITUATION AS SDR. veyorordraughum-tn; understands drawing on and stone. Apply at 39 4th av. A FIRST CLASS JOB COMPOSITOR DESIRBR A permanent situation. Addreaa C. A. L., Herald oBw. (YARPENTERfl WANTED?AT THE ELEVATOR J building, on the dock, foot of East 48th at, JOHN BODGE BR' SONS. mO PRESUME*.?WANTED, A YOU KG MAN TO TAKM 1 chants of three Gordon (FrenkUiO Presses. None but drat class hyiid* newt apply. Address box 161 IjcrttM OBtos. ITTANfKM-.V SITUATION. AH Jt?BBrNa JRWBX&ES. V? ~ Hi eotae gnort store. where some new work cukanMto, as I.uncicrnun i the wholebusiness; no objection to go to ui , other city. I lie i -at of reforenoe wtll be given. AMwd Jewel er, bos 181 Herald oOlre, for three days. ?llrtt ole? Fourdrtnler wire weaver Coo other Me* ply). Mt wages paid. Address Setters Bros., Ml IITANTED.-1 FIRST CLASS WIRP.WOBRBR (3ENOM TT men) oen obtain a permanent situation at high wagSO by addressing He tiers Bros., 18 North Sixth St., Phim. TTFASTED.?A BITCAT10N AH BRKWRR OR ABBOT. TV ant brewer, by a man who thoroughly understands Ms brewing of bitter and mild alas. Address bos *0 HosBM WANTED-EIGHT TWO-THIRDER8 WANTED Bp TT steady work: slso two good oanrasseeo f?r?Ml|t paper. Apply Immodiately at 18 Ann oh, third Boor. WATCnMAKER.-A, FIRST CLASS WATCH*4KB* TV competent and reliable, la opaa for aa en gage stoat, Address P. M , Herald Affloe. -ww?? . DE^TlgTOY. A NTTnCIAL GUM RBT8, $18 TO$'li?PiTaIN BETS. ?X SI to $8; warranted superior la beauty, usefulness sM durability to atl others. Teeth Bllsd aad oxtraotod WlthasM pain. Call and examine specimens at 183 Bleecfcer^tb-eoA A DELIGHTFUL PROCESS.?TEETH POHITIYBLT 4^s,-i?r,5U,-,?j'5KBr^;."^a TLKCE'g. 17b Sixth arenas. AH MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERT. ?TEETH' EX | traeted without pain (ton years); original tinaiimhlas Broadway. A PRRMAMBMT BIT OP OUM TRBTfT, $18; a TEN. A portrr sat. 88; teeth filled with gold, ft: teeth hxtraetod without pala. All wotk warranted Oflteo lit Slxtt areawa jTIOLTO* DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED AMD v make a spee.alty of the aee of Nitrooe OxMo One, aad administer It In the only way which uniformly destroys pala. Weharegtesnittooeer 1BMOT paMeata. OoeiU to behdqaaw toga, O fifes It t'ssper laaMsato. Plumpers, gt, g7 aadSIA Old seta ef Teeth beaght ar ever again. U tooth 10 every stage of decay to thole original atoaa ttZMXZFS'nifetSiai.W ? _ iPiPlC4Is. A truth.?Madame dBspard* pills arr waJ? A LL LADIES WHO NEED SPECIAL MEDlOi A aundeal Issalmsat ehauld consult CHARLES M. D., Ml Broadway, whehao hod twoaty yoari' praetloo aad gaaraalsss Immediate relief la altoaw^^^H eat pala fle egpeeura. UsasaWellea free. charges ate. A t^rueira1 ^Femq*!aH^Ua rsB^d^mi^/wRWm iisiKraswuwt^s^u.^0"' Ah m. mauriomau, m. d? profmsor of midwife. ?L ******** M>gww.^?yh flNam ^^^^re^hd^S rw?l sO lEEIES, oa^RBK ^WBEgg^pw^so 0*lwmPh A "fA* AND BUEE REMEDY FOR LADIES. -THE A Psrtuausee Female Phis alwaysgtre liissiBili reliefs Dr. A. M. MAURIOEAP. M8 Uteres mat. AMLWATE HURK-A PATIENT WEITBS: | *40 for druse. All failed. Bloetrletty reltova ton minutes without pala or ooaooatm'' A pstoto^^^H ilsssiso. Deblbtatod porsoas %r KBslwirS la vigors tore. HUNTER CAM CURB WORST OABEB OP OEM. ?la diseases, without mmtmrr, la shorter Uses thaaaay siharphysitoan. oruopartokaa. V* IDivtotoa sweat, stuoo r\BBILlTT.?DR. KENNBDT'S MAGICAL INVIOOM DHE. KENNEDY ? RBMRDrES CURB-NOTHING ELSE I saa. Unfortnnatoa use them whore asanbood Is ita palre.1 Ultlee MS Kim street. LOTAIHKB REQUIRING A NEVER FAILING KEMP.DT OT ehenld use Dr. DURANT'S celebrated Female Tonic. A cure guaranteed In all eases, or no payment token Of tee No. 7 Beech street VfADAMK RESTELIe?PROFBSNOR OF midwifert 171 orer thirty years, guarantees Immediate relief to every lady requiring medical or surgical treatment from wbatorut . oanac. Oflioe 84 Watt Thirty-fourth street, near 8lith ar. /?' ??? 11 1 ? A. POTRRRONS NEEDING CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL | treatment should consult Dr. HARRISON, 81 Mlltb arenno; Was with entire aatlaf acton OoiiouIto'Am all rCSSiaiwlllf l'|l,S crrr*m 0mm