Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1867 Page 1
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WHOLE NO. 11,112. NEW YORK, FF1 DAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1 THE NEW YORK. Q KKALIJ. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PERSONAL. 1 JjROOKLYN, ^CONCJIRD 8TBBKT.?JENNIE, WHO faded 10 keep b?r promts# UB Wrut' nUiil It ?ly Wl " ' * ? v oSm. 'K4KK.-HX It WELL. T WILL MEET YOU A1 tMyoiltnely. kunulMH, N. ENTERPRISE OWNER-PARTICULARS OK eraWL U"'W OpportujUiM^lnto TY CHARLEY WILL BEND WIS ADDRESS TO THE lOUriwmi (3. O.) Poet O Res, bwwSI shape ALBCKm T THE LaDT who MM?m* 1 THIRD atwncs ?Mr en Wednesday RIME BM Oread and Centre TWOOCN1TA?WhET RE ON SATURDAY. OORN X Twenty-tfckd street ead m BR a d. jjgj fiWtn. aBMteagftffss as-re Key pert Put eDen. New >??ny. KbMATIO.N WANTED 6W JOHD FUJIB1.VW&0 ?t hts taw m B^d?rebn?aoeiitr nf Mayo, Ireland, Poiey?^>obhn dMMDHMDMMMUMMD I* u A *&***'** D M I?B^A?LETTER TOR TOW iff MtOOKLYN POST fAR^ I u Y - rTKT^OTREET^^IORRoWn^ day.IP. IL , , JUAf.NAYY. M. A.ugon || M. M. M?PMDAT, AT U, NEW TORE SIDE. Do nutlML m . H. MORRIS, WHO CALLED A* THE BRAND nth House regarding sa adyartiaement. will please ^word to box M Brandreth House, where an Interview HWE LADT ALONE THAT OOT IN THE (:? P. M A train from Kensington Depot on Wednesday, and stepped off at Trenton, wlU please addreaa a note in oonfi iaece to C. R. Williams, box AID New York Post oAce. pnmg her address, and stall ox If a personal interview woe Id MMreeable. JHATUMOIUL. E/ATRISfONIAL BUREAU?AM OPPICB UNDER /K tbts heeding baa been opened In New York, on the plan, to facilitate marriage. Hero the names of " spectable psrtW matrimonially disposed r " ^^^re^renoesaa^latroduetlona eashanjod ^ su d effector jr. T.?The stsieteet oenSdenaa ahaarwad. Address or call on ?men. URIMSHAW A CO.. Bnreau. ID Bast EtgbtU , New York. Offloe hour# 10 to 5 o'oloot fftWO TOUNQ MEN DESIRE TO CULTIVATE THE X acquaintance of two prepossessing young ladle*, with en ultimate Hew to matrimony. Add reaa box MM Po?t Y. fBBUND.-CAMR TO TUB BBSIDENT X acilbar, an Saturday Jest, e black aurt ?Mr can apply to wTYWT* Ctunbcra BBRIPBNOr, Or THR BOH Bitch. rbi streef, room Ta S. B MM to M Cliff atreat, Bom Tort S^HST-AT NIBLfTS, WHDNBSDA* BVANIRO, AN Opera Qlaaa, to dark laatbarceoa. A literal reward ^?nnttnor not to A. J. BcharJaon, CT Water street. WOAT-IB A BRGADWAT AND EIGHTH STREET MJ rtagc.on January Xt, Memorandum Book. Any por BMBBMtaBBMiAAABAHlHI^'''B<?? returning the aama ta W. B. C., 100 Eranklto pea raturnti AeSberally rewarded. TIM-A WHITE BUT* SLUT, MEDIUM SIZE; I ?; ARC ART If. qOINa ?K to Twenty-save nm MneiWV ITruuk; had a ptoturwef the Oonldenteil Any etw rrtarMng aaid trunk !uS. B.I i Ftah Market, wUflwjtesally rewarded. BT OB HIRLAID-HN ItOBOKBR. JAR. B and i ceaaty f?b Coupon. ' A euttoblo reward wilt ba paid r aoweia loboken. M?J. LEX?A TWO HORBK BLLKJH. DOUBLE RUN-" eerner of llul-on and Waal Wmi-'vo ?AarhfnMia received whleh-wrffllsed ia tke ?f ttesieigh-iu* UWARM. RRWARD.?LOST, A BLEEVE SUTTON; A CLARKT Biter ataxia ?et hi fold an?Mllat. Ptaaea return to S. A Co., ft Broadway ^?ti| snme le Greenwich Bank BOOR ARD MONEY LOST Baal, S'lth avenue, ooroer RRW ARD?LOST, ON WBDRE8DAT EVENING Jan. M, a tan celoret Met Cop. with dark neee. The i reward w' ill ba paid for ltr return, at MB Hudson Of Broome, ta tha liquor More. A1A REWARD,?LOUT. AT TARRYTltWN, A LARGE BlU Hewfoaadlaud Dog. aoa white paw and whito spot apt breast. an ewers to Rarer. Addraaa Mr. Pswfcll, station Master Hndaon Rlrer Railroad, Tarry tow a, N. T. REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY MORNING, . Jan. ?. a Odd Wateh, open gold face, maker, Wia. ma, Liverpool; No. UN. Tito floor will rorelre the reward by leaving tha aama at <S Sixth areaua, up REWARD?WILL BE PAID FOR THE RBCOY ^ar^af^d Silver Tabte-ponns. 1 Silver Tables poos, . M. R.; 17 Silver Teaspoons, marked ?. J. 1 Slitrar Sugar Spoon, marked F. J. Seamen. X Butter Knlvaa, marked P. J. Seaman, stolen u>*< < bar | a larna quantity of Clothing, on tha craning of Jan.-1(7 1 ink East forty-IIret atro ?treat. Apply as above 01 at 46 ?treat. H RRW ARD.?LOST, JANUARY SI. IN FULTON ? avenue, hat wean Hudson avenue and Gold street, ?lyn. a Pocket Memorandum Book, containing shorn r In bdh end fractions! currency. Tha abava reward Will H oa relurnlug the aama to 114 West Twentieth street. REWARD.-LOUT, ON THURSDAY RYKRING. PV Jan. M, batwaon tha hours of $ and a B?i??ei nor Trunk, going from Ninth atraat throngh Suth any I Carmine and Hudson streets to Cortlaadt suwtdfeiTy. ?above reward will ho paid and no qawstione asked. Ap ol Armour's stable aflaa. No. t Untserslty place. RRW AND.-LOST. FROM AN EXPRESS wagon, Tuesday evening. J an oar? V. going from svntiuaia Catharine ferry, a medium star dark green ". L. painted on and ta while tellers, al?o Ripreoe . marked SS First place, Brooklyn. The above reward I ha paid for its reeerery by Wm. G. Basra, No. 1 Park ?FECIAL BOT1CBX. UO SCHOOLS.?THE CITTERNS ARD TAXFaY ?tedjajha pubLo achate* of this airy, par; ly the fathers sad mothers of tha scholars whu attend are Invited to Httenway Hall, Fourteenth street, near avenue oa Friday evening. February I. at IS to listen to an address by James W. Gerard, K?i , 1 ? ** " ' S effort of the pro character and OIE Public Schools of this city and the effect of the pro Legislation at AJbaay on the: ? - - W^U-EViLV ?^cS^ESa 8"? TUCRBKMAN, Sa-trrlorr 'BR FUR AT HO. ? FULTON STRKBf LAST EVEN. . lag Will aot Interfere with any part af oar hunlaem. ___ WILBUR A HASTINGS, Mali.-ears. Printers sad lithographers, SS Fulton st ?BRB OMDRHSIONBD, DCLT ACTaOEIEKD 91 THR JL Ltq 1 drilng Casamltteo of the Land and tuomartnr Cn fna TsMgranh Company, which ta empowered by ttr cu'l moment of tha Island ef Cuba, will receive pruponuoci any resgoneihte psrtj<f(* Jba pniuhaaa iS^C#"wi.oT< Sp part Of the property belonging to n which consists of IM Tatagratota Uon Mwannsh. Oa . W 'ladar Roys, Elm., and I ?aid oompanv. and 1 ?e?abll-bed from Its lepe- dsnrtev gwannah. Oa . M 'ledar Ksya Fla. and Its teneudsti In receiving tha foregoing proposal* the andeicguml will Bm he prepared to reoelve aa affcr for the claim ?rV he prepared to reoelve an offer for lSe alaim which ba* BteteteM* H A. Here St Breadway, haw ' #~hapreferred against whom it may onarern for Us lamage 1 by the Una durlag tha el ml w?r. Tha proposal should ha aant during the neat thirty days to X A. Won St Broadway. Msw Tort Mow Voaa, Jan. A U*L __ ANNUAL BLRCTION OF TH1ETKRN DIRECT _ nrs of tha nlkth Avenue Railroad Compsriv will be bold I Ik j depot. TlxlA avenue ooroer of Fr1 ty third streot, uu "ty, February U, feowt 12 ui I o'clock. 1UIMRT S. MOOR It, Secretary. DRT OOTIDS. A GREAT RUSH FOR OUR UHRAP Ht'SLINE A, dlraugara who have set h-u*trt any if Km had better da so at oo< o. aa our aupply ta nearly ate ?Mated. Y?U oan save full IP., a yard. Immense lots auction mi >>lirs, i*-. ais? INMKMK LOTS, lie., lfle-aad I So. IMMENSE LOTS, fdr , tic. and Sta. BEST A4 WAMSUTTAS, 300. BRHBNSR LOTS TABLE LINERS, CRASHES. F UNNELS BLANKETS, CA8S1MEKKA. CLOTHS. FB1NT4. DBLAJNB8, HlUWLe, HQ8IXRT, HHSBTIRUd, AC.. FROM AUCTION, to^SrVWoTHERi. 1W Rlxhth av.. oear Elfhtoen'h sl. And FOSTER BROTHERS, rz Blaecker aire*;. A LADT WISHKS TO DISFOSR OF A FINB RTRN A log Drees, jam raaeirad from Parte^aleo a Are Mack Cms Folate. Apply ta Mlaa OLEMROR, TBI Broadway. GMERSN aT?^w|nkWBte?ii a sun IVIf. RKWIPANBE9. ?100 CASH FRRMIUN FOR THR LARGEST OLt'B to the New Turk Regis!eg. Cheapetl weeky aawspaper In America. For epecimen eopy and '.erait Areas ie lldgiawr. )?v Broadway, New Tdsk JSSTRCCTIO*, AGR ADFATE OFTHE nNIVKRKTTT OP CAUEETDOB, England priifmai and aj.chilar of hi. college, ku Una for one pupil dotengaaud. IligUr t references. AMiwi or apply to Cantab, room Nh.?, University Mu tiding, Wean teflon square, .New Pork. AH TOUMQ AMERICAN lady, OP BBSPI CTABII.ITV, ? competent to tench wtaha and toe 1 was c, nil Kn^Uoh br.ncbes end Latlu, w tabes n few pupils in tbseM* to In struct st their re.ldenee. At* tanuly dworing ibelr children A"fioi w'peetoiL*.111 %ddraw>< EithlnU mom, ho.. A RITHMBT1C, PENMANSHIP AND BOOKKBB^^H A leseuas unlimited, w quarter; fig Rewt^^^H S40 Pulton, Brooklyn Frok itriiw PAINK'S plan al laelruoko* i? ,y?ten?ue and A RITHVETIO, PENMANSHIP AMD HOOCKREPINO? tlo.a'' ' ?? -' -4 4 T PJfi ?A TBORODOR COMMERCIAL COCRSK. XV Ume unlimited, at Browne's Business College, Mi Pulton streak Rrookly *" " ? room far ad alt>. ?av Browne's Business Collage, Opeo'dapea^'eaaS" * iri^^^a-'A'Taus-ist.'Kasja praetlrally as used la the bet: Mew Vorit houses. Ha alea remove. .ttKnese. qraupiBf. or trembling end makes ele gant buslnaaa penmen. Gentlemen can secure private ' rooms. I FHRKNPH IN SIXTY LB&8o]p.~Rft A MONTH. MO?N-| | log class also. ConversaAkn- Neither Urammar nor ~"S-lti!;;rIs^E?7/;,x.w"''M '? ?s?|n FmREMOH COVTSMATIOK. SO.. TAEQflT ST * OON, ? patent and wnl odnoxted tedy from furls, at t?ms i evenings, alter S P. M WedaMtdKM and Saturiors, a/ier 3 I | P. M Applr to or address Mile. ?., Bancroft llunae, far- I marly SHI'SNIIH LAVxr.VOK.-PRa*. A. T)K TORNbs. ? Claosne for Isdloe at hi. rosAUw ?? ronr.n wroiiH iKJ: mWuov, with his SBW COM BUI EX) UpHOi), published hp *>. Appleton A Oo. T _________ The rational conservatory for musical InatrucUun. A3 Madison siwua near Twemy-nloth wreak?Plaao. Tlotte. Thnarr sod Terms tf). The Conservatory Instruction books lift. fO TKACHERH.-ASSISTANTjMALK TEACHER FOR English aud mathematics, on fffidaoQi professor nuntio in fnuuUn seminary near city. All +h? seek positions should base American Softool In.tituta". application 'arm. ? Jua*nB*^ jTw. eCHKBmIbhORX. 4Su Broome. = spoRTr3^ 11 IJL KINDS OP DOOS AND BIRDS TOR SALE AT I B. DOVEY'8, ASO Canal str<w|. naar Church street, edsnlnea for all disemwa. Prepared Food tor mucking A STEAM PROPELLER YACHT *Gr SALE?PIPTY etahtfebt tonq. tea feet beam: About Bee months old; bu)U or oak and copper fastened: has Mceonunodattone fur eight parsons besides the crew: la well found In every re spank Apply on board at foot nf Ham Tenth street. rR SALE?THE TACHT OTPPTE. "WELL KNOWN as the fastest taller of her alaea an the Delaware river, hating won sod retained the champion belt of the Delaware Yacht dub. She is lean thau three yearn old. sloop rigged. 44 feat lone. Id fast Mram, and registers ? tons; very *nb?tantially built and cabin handsomely fitted ?P baa fire double berths and piRRte state room, hao.l-l some carpets, cushions, stove. etching utensils, Ac. For partasularsaddreae Yacht i:ini* box tjpfM. Y. Poet office, i 1J3RANCI8 BI'TT.KR. NO. S PKOtt BLIP, HAS ALL. r the rhnlee breed, of Doge. Butter'. Infallible Mange Cure and Plea K?termlna..>r. 75 centa* Butler's new work aw the Dog; $3. Defptaalned. bisrtted, he. Medicines for ITT AN TED?A CATBOaT. tfi IT good order and atadAmla Poat oflloe. HESS LBKH, IN mmmd. x. w., box i,im REOIRTER OP HORSE^S Hi private sale, la ieyt bp M IN K* K KiMjW A A STABI.R TO LET?IN LACKRN8 8TREAT, NMAK J\ Osnsl, cunulning 14 stalU. laquire at R> Thouipeau st. A^m corps fob bale-made btErwpptkb a HI ^ Inverybns ei deleaving b<ei. run hutsshojt tlm*. ?( the owaar gidng away. Apply st the Stab!# renr #f corner of Ptflb avenue and Sixteenth teroei. ? A TEAM OP PONY BUILT IRON ORAY VERMONT I\. Heroes, drears old; a team of biana i nuadian Mares; ?1m) a fast Pony; all warranted sound. Price vary low. 4te Pearl ak a ?Horse, ao.-attkntion is called to the .A. sale of a bnght bay Morgan veer* old. To be <u>id this day. at 12 M . at the auction rooms of J. L. V ANDKWATER, 100 Liberty etrrel. BCOOT.?A NEW Tor BCOOT. ROCKAWAY. TURN down neat Phaeton ; aim Herneaa, sold at snerliit-r, at aonwi Klfth irtoaa ana Inrty.fourth street. yXPMm WAGONS, TFT VARIETY, ON HAND AND IM wad'- to ordei at abort eotloe, at If ARBARD'8 Exprest Wagoa Manufautary. *47 Third aranue- CaVl at 4 P. M. any daj LIOR SALE?SKVPBAL LIGHT AND HEAVY NEW A and aenond hand built.-? and oxproaa Wagons, and aleo a two hiree Trunk. Apply at Uutbroff A Becker's car riage factory, 987 <}rrana i'ro'. L'OR S ALK?A IT BONO OOUPK, CIRC I LAB FRONT, r aewly painted aad trimmed; price $4Uu. 1,211 Broad way IjlOR RACE-ONE SIX YEAR OLD. 8TTL1SH, WELL I1 brofcaa, 188 pound weight Mare: Top Honj anil Har neaa If desired. 11. UNDERWOOD. 21U RldrUige street. I NOR SALE?TWO VALVABt.R PINE TRAMS. SUITA. bla tor a farmer ar any hueinasa. Alao on* valuable Miad llorao for a mill, and aereral Draught Horace aad loe Wagoot. SB New Chamber a etieet. FOR BALR-oNE BLaCK PAMJLf TEAM and one hay trotting Colt; owner going to Europe; al autbmM Met er at reel > r)R SALE-SI h'OLB. AJOfTpB. MODERN STYLE, light ati'l In g'tod order; made by Breweler A Co., ei Broome street May be eren al etoblM, 80 Woat Thlrty-ilnl ein-ev. fOR SACK -SPLENDID YOUNO MARE. SAID TO BE iaet. wW be aoid a food deal M/gijutr ralee, aa the owner ha# no eew for her. Reel ortate otSoe, Broadwav, Porty-olghtb aad Korty-ninth ureata. . pom NAM?ONE BUSINESS Atro ONE PAM1LT Sleigh. Apply at 118 West Tbtrty-ffth street . F fOK RAI.E-AT 44 LCDLOW STREET, aE KXCBL lent rheetnnt Home. 8 years old. 17 baad? high; will warrant htm round, very gentle, khtd In all ha man I. Can be aeeu bet ere 9 A. M. or t row IS la I O'ehiek P. M. rK SALE?HAMBLBTOSTAN MARE. U HANDS 1 to eh, eta ye# re old. eonnd aod kind and een trot la 2:45. bum be aoid to-day. Apply at private etablo No. at Wooeter el IjXOR RALE CHEAP?A St'P> RIOIt WHITE BEAR SKIN ' robe aod a line ilonuie Haruese, made by Trainer. Apply t# STILLING*, 1,181 Broadway. CECORD HAND CARRIAGES POR SALE CHEAP O Una good floss iguarter Coach. al. la good order, otto B .louche and ooe Brett, owe Iwo ou Wagoo, oaa handsome Dog Cart, alao '.op aad no top Buggv Wagua*. uaeg by a prl rale family- Apply to M. CuRLBT. 31 liaet Twelfth^ street. SLEIGHN.-A NICE KIMBALL CUTTER. VERY LITTLE uard. or at $*N>, will be auld for SIM aiee a ebiftiog aeat Albany, with pole *i)d shuts, $125. R. M. STIVERS. 94 to UM Raat Thirty-Nrat aA_ 8T'BLEB FOE 8AL71?ON iETENTEENTE STREET, north aide, weatnf Slftb avenue, Juit tliUheU; dl men dona illrtO. Apply tedOHK J. TOWNSBND. 15 Nassau aire*. XA'ANTED-TO PTTBf RASE A SECOND HAND CIB TT enlartront t'ettpe: elm a modern brnlt <"V*eiioe, ia W order, far about 8446 eaoh. Addrrea Ennbaaor. hot Poet oMee WASTKV-A MODERN Htllff CI.Tl'K^JoiCIL IW geod order try pet ion having oieforaale will And a buyei :>y aidreaatog John W. Cae, No. 7 bontb beneath etraet * Mtamb f. c THE 1JCCTIRB MRASOM. lOOfKB IN8TI IXTR.-D,'t. HKBHARD WILL LEO J tare thia evening en the Hraln and Nertea. The h m?o of mi-id: (be tbwneof iMaaoul. sensation, peroer toa. re flection; reaaon. t ? usee; hot temper, , gr>aalp, "atreet verna:^ Uin 'devil's Workshop;" d-n?f r of hreoeui lEaaoul. sensation, peroer loa. re it; oervoua Myeaie*; "blnea:" vertigo; d r.<t> |?er; aoor d ?p?a tlnoe ItrHabiltty "Sdgeu:'' . , irarne;'' U, , usvll'i workilo.p;'* danger of low employment; need of eeth ialaam to our onoapavlone; a "tlad; bow obtained; ? loOy eoui the crown of Ufa. Aa. IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY?TO OK>T7.BBEN ?sly ?l the Raw Yerk Museum of Anntomy, dIS Bne ' way. rhoae utial le tu attend toe? laotuyoa may raorlre t oopy tw forwardli g teu aaoti. Atidreaa Hocretary af Na-' York 1 Ilea am of Anatomy 615 Hruwlway. .. _^cHiiiiTr;" ~ Lt-iHEL OIL WOEES, MBWTOWE L /? fo'*r ?Ifhljr-burai sau?. with worm* Mi*l c??n^.,U(Tu#* t*o i^*m ruinpi, onp t*tnt> h re? pow*i stood and Iroa f.nC Plpw, Ae. A ypiy or the pramiaan. neai Calvary CemeterfA lT?ll.l'.AjHb~*T T"* EBAN KLIN BOILER WftRKS. a^.t 'M%.2t^r5*2. xtraet. Jer?ey City, thrre Looomotlva *i - a to hor?? power; tw^ Iforir.vntwl t'lhular, " ' "?rtl' ?*vrm UcUt. riou ib4 Bnfior* built at rww ?OliiOlf pflH. WVfl^^W STEAM ENGINE. THE MOST ECONOMICAL AND I'KRPKCT f RT INVENTED. ov'ildtwa? ?"??I. New Tntk, WASHINGTON IEON WORKS. Eewhurg, N. f. stsam POLITICAL IT. S. PARTY.?PiJELORN EOPE. ALL WILLING \1101^" *'"!d n*?' iddt -ee to Maaunlo Hall 114 kaat lb t eeatb wren. THkO. E. TOELfNUoN. Prea t ?jkMuvi yA^?iRP?i MAN OF WODfWATI liSKSdJBl edvartieM In the Edge fof Mid Huilri I dm id illllliw ?f*t power g Hid: j?l <0* ? - Ml AaafcraMe; ' SwlTj^ha ffg&jsfrurgi2 "ra ti. Napanech, N.T. ing AAUUR Apply for two day* .t ltd 1'tarl M eet, second 1 , jwi. A., wtned lain copartnership, under tie Arm n?mw of Francis |7enee. for Urn transection or ? general Oil buai. aaaa,M W" ,lr^K0Rrj* w. frtwerp. Hit Wit.*?.*,1*7. OBOKQR W. FaRLRB. HpHHRMMRREF.?WANTED, A PARTNBR WHO 18 ^^^^^^?aadtborwuehly acquainted with the menu. ^^^^^^?*Utnpeet M eaaggctie buaiaeeo man. With to invest against aa equal or larger amount of ?mwttl hew of a good ?puaing by addressing ?Postottoe. Reference* required. mU, FKBRDARV 1, 1*7.?MR. MAX M*BX ?dag retire# from our Irm. .The liutimau will bo I by the remaining partaere under the mine styla am ^^?^^?i^^^^HSONNEBOKN A CO.l Someone. Max Mtiur uuGMan. Rim'loapt. "OTICR.?TTIB FIRM OF PRIOR A MUNN 18 DI? toleed till* darhv the withdrawal of Mr. Georpe H. w. The Cotton Brokerage baetuoae will bo oootinutd by the aunoeribor on Ida own scoeunt. B. ML'N N, Jr., Bo. ? Hanover street Raw Ttu. Fab. 1. 1*7. Notice is hereby given that thk partner. ship heretofore slitting by the iioderklgiwd under the Arm Dam#of Cohen A Lynn*, aa jeweller*, at II Park row, be a ihl* day heeo dissolved by mutual consent. AM #1 tlms apalnat eetd Arm must bo presented to the uadenlKned, Lewi* Lyon, for payment, t<? whom all dabu due said Arm should bo paid #1 the tame place. JDSRI'H 8. COHEN, New Teas, Jar . >1, 1*7. LBW18 ETON. JJ'O. m MAIDER LANS, NEW YOKE, JANUARY 31, DISSOLUTION.?The nartnerehlp heretofore eruling nn dor the Arm name of De Forest A rran da u Uil* day di<> aolved by mutual ouuwit Either partner will elgn In Iitui WM. T. DBPtMUMT, OEO. W. FRANCIS. NOTICE,?Th? undersigned will eontinne the oil and cau dle bualneoe at 115 Maiden lane. WM. T. DEFOREST. NO. M BROAD STREET.?THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing under the Arm of Parke A Nichol* is this day dlgtolved by mutual concent. Mr LeRoy Nlrhole trill ooutlnue the stock oommletioa butmeas on til* own ac count. H. Si. P.V'.tKK. JaiCAKT XI, 1*7. LB ROT NICHOLS. FARTNErt WANTKD-IN AN ESTABLISHED DRV good* miction atore. having from iSW to $500: mint i au' tionoer. JgU on or eddreaa M. D., SWI* broad atreot, Newark, M. PARTNER WANTED?BV A VOCNO MAN FROM THE Weet, to open a srbolaSHle millinery and fancy store In New York, or to enter tntoone already established: baa eeeea jeara'experience inrt nan command' the capital. ^Addreaa I. H., care of Rer. J. Seidel, 1A4 Greenwich street. N. V. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $10,000 OR 015.000 C A Pi ta I. A Oermnn manufacturer wioba* to enlarge hie buaineaa: no competition; eatea yearly about $1* 000. Ad dresa or inquire for R.t at Mooart. L. Ileidenneltner A Co.'A 81 Leonard street, New York, P^* IIOTCGR A PIIT.?WANTED, AN EXPERIENCED ? operator, with a email capital, to take an internet in and ?barge of a good cAahltehment n.,w In-peratton. A.nire-? oflloe. H tree ad a pood eMebllehmrut now in operation. THIE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING ? between the Arm of Robertson A Crum le this day dtsaolred by mutual ooombL Oeorge Crum will conduct SssamP sfe&ir0" rrtm mercawtil* Firm of r r. fisoueb a co? 1 aa heretofore cutetlng, and compo..d of the tttbaorlbofp, -CbarteA F. FVehor abd Br F <7. Mailer. is thin day termJnat mAwwRtilmuH^M^BBr jmnner br theti attorney In fact ^^^^^^HH^Maatborlxed to actio the liquidation ^^^^^Mflheeonoerns of In Now ReAtiorn^; KoiwWMfouln.l Tbo Mbacrfber* bias lhie A*y eatorwd into a peDcntl part nership, to bo conducted aider the Arm nemo ft 0. F. [FiBA'.HKR A CO., es genndrOoininlaston Merchants, and syySifST lijs dwrare^viSr ?" ^ FeeaOAUT 1,1887 ROBERT WHITMAN. THHK riRJI OF DNORAAK A F1NEOAN IS THIS DAY I dissolved by mutual eunaent Mr. Degiaaf retiring from the busictaa Mr. Vtnagan. the twmainlng partner, la autho rised to settle the busfnee* of tbo Brni. JOHN P. DBORAAF. Raw Tons. Jan. ?, 1*7. JAMBfl FINKOaN. Hevlns purchased the interest of Mr. Degree! ta the above Arm. I ahall continue tbo Furniture fcu#loee? at Ml Pearl and 1*Chatham etreot JAMES F1 BEGAN. ? H^^^KyTmSYTON A WAfWWRtOHT," BANNERS 1 and Broken*, la this day dlaaoleed by mil lam eonaant, Mr. Say ton retiring Aram tWMlneei EHbor party wtii etgu in *B*P**MM*HW?Htjwu wtii a ? The bnelneee of the late Arm will bo eo?ttanodM*|H doretgn^^HOWARD WAIMWMMT,? Vi NPW Yoaa. Feb. 1, i br tbe aa. aUatroet. milB INTBRBBT OF ORO. J. HILD IN FIRM OF FOR 1 dick. MltcbaJl A HUd. baa thla day (January SI, 18d<) oaaaad. The huslaom will be ceuuaued ai 17 Warren etreoi. br K. H. FoedJek and B. B. Mitoball. under tba Arm name a) Foe dick A Mitchell. B. H. FORDH'K. M. H. MITCHELL. OEO. J. HILD. TX7ANTKD?A F.ARTT WITH OR 0U.OOO. TO *V purehooe the In threat of a retiring partner in a whole ul? tub mtDDfartgrltl bualnao*. Address A. I., cut of Mr. K. Thorn**. Iff Waler atraat, New Tort Yl'AKTED-A PARTNER. WITH FROM tl.Off TO Tf $3 mm. to tuatp in a buaineaa of one hundred par oenL Aadre#* H. 471 Imtwy. TXTANTKD?BT A TOURtl MAR. AR INTEREST IR A TV well aaublichad buaineaa where a few hundred dol lar* and service* of an aatlro peraoaare required. C. B. boi 121 Herald a (Tire. ^ Arnn -PARTNER WANTRD, I* A VERT PROFTTA iftMIU. Me and mepectuMe brrineea- artll make $1,000 montblr. and will bear the eloaeat investigation. 0*11 ou Mr. Lefbrt. 49 Awliy atreet. WILL BUT FROM THE PATBNTEB HALF Interest In a new patent of quick, ready and uni a) aale. It la now at a dead l'wk where a few hundred dollar* will briny It Into market; $JU,000 can b* made '?.am it in the next year. Address R. V.. box IS Herald oiie*. AQt\(f -WANTED. A PARTNER IX SHIT STOVES CrUU. auu Ware bnainaai, well established. 171 Water atreet. _ nnnn -AR Al^TTE FAKTRER IS WANTED IM .11* Ml. mi'dla'ely to devote bit lime In a eale ind lucrative buaineaa. baa no competition. Call at 634 Broad way. room No. 7. AO AHA TO $8,000.-WANTED, TO INVEST THIS ?&4.UUU amonnt in an established huaioeaa, with aerateea. or aa partner. Reatauran's excepted. Addxeaa, with fad particular*. X. T. *.. box in Herald ?ffiee AO QAA -PARTNER WANTED. !N A HINDLIHQ fw.OUU. Wood Factory. Teraaa aaav. Apply toC. <T BAcua a co., nt r J ?in AAA -WANTED. A PARTT WITH $IMM TO flU.UUU. to 000. to join the auhoenbar la a general banking aad stock commission bmdaaaa. under larorabla aaaptcau Addreen Bankar, Herald office. ^ ^ #1A AAA ?PARTNER WANTED?IN A FIRST flU.UuU. otaae genteel, man n facte ring and iohbtng bnateaou wad awtohlMbed, aad will bear tnraetlgatioa. Prod la fally 100 par oant. Address O. Herald aMe*. ?WW <W*fW?->. A OBRTLBMAN DESIRINO TO INCREASE A PROP peroua buaineaa. down lawn will traat upon liberal a for apealal capital, limited ta B10.U00, to be adraacad aa ragulrad. AddraedReal Batata Broker, has IM Herald A MEMBER OF THE OPEN BOARD OF BROKERS A daaira* to earroapond with aaa or mora oapitallau with a etew la a buaineaa eeao' atiou. Addreae, autingwbara aa lalaialaw aaa ba bed. It., bo* s.fft Font o*taa. R. T. Best thiro ttt for aokrtb-iiali/k patent Burner, eao light aad trim without removing chimney or ebade. Apply In pereoo between the hour* or 0 nod 1 J. or bp letter, to N. U. LoOMld, egrnt. 07 Part raw, room B, ?Raw Tork. Business opportunity.-a bare chance for a pereoa wishing to go In tbe butter business: Stock and Fixture# far aale, with Lng l.eeae. ebaap rant; goad looaUon, Ae. Apply at MB Klgbth areoue. OAPITALIST* AND MANUFACTURER# DFSIRIRO A pro (liable Inreatraent, are invited to examine tbe meritanf BB1CKKBS' Wood Flm*\ at 40 Soak meat tree*. ?pXCLUsrvK RIOHTS FOR BALE-FOB THE BEST JGi tailing Patent article In market Bete lie at 01*. fur alal ed at OA each, at No. 0 Pine atreet, room No. It pOR SALE?A VALUABLE PATENT FOB A SLIDE ' Wrench, whlah for cheapness and durability aurpaaae* nay other now In use. Apply at eotuiual Dock, pier U Beat over, foot of Clinton rtrarL L'OR SALE CHEAP?A SMALL 'IErTTFT*[No iforSB: r or a partner would bo taken. Rent low. Addraaa Recti Her, Herald offlo* PAINT BUSINESS FOR SALE?WITH ESTABLISHED country trade for Inaile. tlno* and oil*, on torma very adratitafaou* to tbe purchaser. Add rear for one week White Lead. Herald office 20 HFT ENTERPRISE PROMOTKRS.-TO SB SOLD, the Copyright* and Stock of two inagnlfloent American romna, ready for delivery in large quantities; they would form a auperb and tuoocaaful baa la lor any flrat ctau enter priae. being better than any wqrki laaued by tito Oruaby Art Aaa -ciatlnn. Addreaa Willi*, box 1*1 lleruld oSlce, w ~ F ANTED-A PARTT WHO HAS A LITTLM CAPITAL and la well acquainted In this dtp, to join the adver tlicr In starting a real astote and Inauranca nffloe. None hut who caaaa business need addraaa R B. J., box 110 Herald office. VX/ANTED-A BAKERV ON oRAND STREET. BOW Tf ery or any good thoroughfare. Par* n* having ancb to dtapoaa sf may hear of n pore hater by addraatlng W. T L., Babway. N J. t~ e to |? WILL START ART PERSON IR A SPLEM {) lid buaineaa paying 100 per oent ; goad* staple aa wheat Call aad Inveailgate, at H Bowery, oorner Canal etren. warn No. 1. sin to bioo wtll start art mar in a pro Sill Stable bnatneae. Store*, Mannfactorlaa and Real ?Mat* for aal* cheap 1 M MOODT * CO., ? Plea .traat B? WLKS. DREY*T^^^^K84 ROE pe la pais. iParls, oinke a<T?^H ^P&erlcan securitiesnad cash ragpon^j^dem^^^^^^^^tb^Out^^Maie^'^'l t "j isnd txnight snd en'd. ^HTrir Amfi M .ni lu iisrope H dteased ?" our em e wl^^^hmptly delivered or forwarded. Circular traxalliufi *ad cubed. pomjAir, PARKERS,

OORHM PtNB AND R ASH 10 8TEBTS. NEW TOKK, IlWi Clroolar Notsa and Letters 4f Credit Air travellers, avail* bis 1b all tse prludral cities of tbe world. M ocean tils eMdhs fbr ue tat Europe, China, An. Also make transfers of Money to California aid Oregon by telegraph. Interest eHowed en deposits. TTK)R BALK?TUB CHARTER OF A BARK LOCATED r In A neighbor lag state, fDUcbarter la one af the most liberal seer granted. giving among si her privilege! the right I to lesososamillion dollar*of circulating notes. The sdver tlaer would sell the oharter <>r yetu a pan? willing ti> furo-sh a certain amount of capital to conduct tbe buainese; If prererabhb the luatltulWacould ha aenverled into a natienal bank. Address wZ box AIM N. T. roat office. TNTBREST ON CITT gTOCCT,?TOE 1XTBRRST ON 1 the DmiDi sBdMHMMHMHMMHMMHM _ _._i end Stncks'of the Corpor.-tloa of the city of New York, due and payable F'ebnmrr 1, IST, will he pnld on that day b? Daniel Devlin, Esq., Chamberlain af the city, at the National Bnnutway Bauk. . . . The Ifansfw book* wtll be closed on Thuradar. tbe 10th ln?l?niT UOW R. OONNOLLV, Comptroller. Dcranrmrr or PuiAgae, Courtholism'* Orricn, New Toas. dan. 7. IMP bDatrb. DoDmi no Home of neo. 0. Smith A Brat. 48 La H<Ue atree?, Cbii- f 11. special attention given to eotteellone. plain Abd with documents. Draw <>U DKBXEL. WINTHROI" A CO., and WINSLOW, LANIER A CO.. New York. OFFICE MARIETTA AND CTvriNNATT RAILROAD Company, CbttlcaiJMh dan. 26. 1867 Tbe Interest coupons on the fuel mortgage bonds of thit eomnany, due February 1. will be ruld on pre&euUUou at tbe American Nalloual Bank, Ntw York. WJI K. WATSON, Auditor. Amerienn National Bank, New York, will pay coupon* as above. A. A. BRADLEY. ' OFFICE OF THR ATI ANTIC MUTUAL INSURANCE Company.?New York, .'aauarr 25, 1867 The Trustees. In conformity to tbe tmarter of the eompanr. suhinit tbe following statement ol its affelr* on tbe .list ? l>cv inner, 1866 ? { Preniiunie received on marine risks, from 1st January. 1888, to Hid Dtcrujb?r, 18?! 68,282,-Ql 26 Premiums on poll-Ire not marked off 1st Janu ary,IN* 2.1*4,826 16 Total amount of marine premiums $10,470,346 41 No uobeias have been larucd upon life risks, nor upon Ore risks disconnected witli marine risks Premiums marked elf from Is*. January, 1886, In Slat Decern be- IW 7.632,986 70 Losses paid during the saior period 6/,s3,*e.'. OS Return* of preruiama and expenses 1.194,173 3d Tbe company has tbe following aaseta. vu:? United States ami State of New York stock. city, bank and other stosk* 6,771,886 <*? '* isbsg|dir~ Loan* secured by Meek* and otherwise ...... l.l'&Mrto oil Real estate and bonds and mortgages 991.860 00 Interest and sundry net** and cislms due tbe otiiDaieit at(... company, ostlatated at, 141 AM 24 Premium uotes and bill* ?sows able 3,837 78? 41 Cash in hank <34.20" 61 Total MMiit of assets... j *12 639.804 46 Bin par cent Interest an the eutstendlng certificate* of i w ? profits will be paid to ibe holders thereof, or their legal rgp resentative*. on and sflnr Tuesday, the 6tb of February I next. | The outstanding certificates of the Issue of 1864 will be Re deemed and paid to the holders thenof, or their legal rap re-1 ?enutives, an and after kalagMIMMHHM from whisk dntonlUnwHl^^^H^^^^^^^^^^B sales to baproduoed as ths Uiaeof psyaw>ut.^^^^^^H | A dlvldsnd of twsctv per oanti* d> Israu'oii the net asmrd| uwufia tttwtvpi. m tacti ????" swjiir Tuesday, She fifth of February as it. ^^^^^HMieei thereon wiB cease Tbe eertifl HHBHHPBBMat theUtae of payment, and omocelleil. ?A dirtdend of twsalr per neat la d-uinred'ou tbe sot earned Premiums af the company, 'of tnc year ending 31st Deocm ber 4806, for wblub ssrtllnataa will be issued on and after Tuesday, the second of April next. By order of the Boaid. John D Jonas. WillSm B. fio.lge, r. A. Hand. Charles Dennis, Ueo. (1. Ui-uaou B. J. How-land, W. H R. Hooro, Oovid Lmbs. DenJ. Bsbota*. ItearyCoM, Janice Bram. Mc'chfirWeeqj Wm C. Ptrkeisg'll, Lnroy M.^Wl'ey, B. B Mhitnrr*. I Lewti Crirtu. Dsnisl UU^BMi eothif. ?ri?. jr. DhnriadH. SlVmSo Weston, Joahua J. Renn. D-o k 8t?pheni I Royal Phelps, Dennis Perkins, WIUU.mH.WoM A F pSTE^ ^ Hhe^rta'attU I A. F. ruiMh J, IwnrtFfiff, .Rn?pp?ra unnaj. ssfsuRsi'idc. are's I Onrnelltt* Urtnnell. ? f^RrWoF^lh^^Periitewt. Thhk wHairawew ABD Manchester railroad ? ComraT r?r Ntwth CacJIna has plaood to Syw Now York, ths ?ateteet M HKVRY M DRAKE, fresdenl J TTNION PACIFIC RAILWAY COMPANY, B. D.1 U PhiUdolphla sOms, 6M Walnut atrssk ? PaibAiaujmiA, Jan. M. 1867. ? I THE INTEREST INjjcLD ? WW*" wQl be paid on prosoatatlon of tbe coupons at Hie banking I bonJe^of^Usara. JaVooke A * o . >? Vors. on .nd .'(er WN r,usurer h AO nn<k WANTED-ON MfiRTOAOE, rOB BIX tPA.UUi f rnsoths. A lionuaind 7 par osnt will ba given. AddreM J. Cook nation D Post otBeo. ADA ftAA to LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL tpOU.UUU aetata In this nlty. In any sum. W. H. WOOD, 66 Wi ,? Wall street. * 41 AD AAA TO LOAN. IN SUMS PRO* $1.01*1 TO 51UU.UUU $80,008. oil improved real estate In New Jeragy, worth mora than double tbe amount loaned. Ad dren'boi 676 Post office, Newark, X J._ ffiDAA AAA TO LOAN-IN BUMH TO SPIT. ON ?pOUU.UUU dty rsal seiale. B6 per oen; of raluauon; prnmpt attontloo. Second omrtgagss bought. C. K. WILLIS A CQ.. U Piss street, beoemeat. LOAM OVVICKft. ATMS PEARL STREET-D. L. LEDF.RBR A CO. AO raace illwrallyand at reasonable ttram caah on ?ll valuable proper*/, Watches, Jewelry, Diamonds, P la nor, A> ., or puruaase the MM. AT N1 BROADWAY ?I PAY THE HIGHEST PRU.'RH for D eanonda, W Stakes, .lewriry, Ao.. or advance on Ike sati n ISAACS. Diamond Broker, Opposite Wattack's theatre A T HTMAN'n, MA BROADWAY. CORKER OP BONO A sheet, will be paid Ibe highest prtoe tor IHaionnds, Wsieties sad stiver ware, or will advance on the above arti cle. AT 77-MOKKT liberally adyanokd ok dia monds, WATCHER, JEWELRY, Ao. OR TIIK SAME BOUGHT A* TH* HKIIIKRT RATES. ALSO ? bought roe diamond*. save BOl'OHT AT THE PAWNBROKERS' TI0EBT8 lulWiiilMP WATCHER. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Meecker street, up slaAre. ADVANCES MAD* OK WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW elrj, Dry Goods and Perseoal Pmpertv of every do erripUon. J. A. JACKSON, IU Orund etrast, twa of Broadway. Or. MARES, W bSoADWAT, BOOM NO. i. PATS . tke highest prices ffcv Diamond*. Watches, Jewelry, Ac . or sdvaaoae on UN stM Pawnbrokers' UrksU Sought. Nes'r Twentieth street. PAWCMg AUMM1ES. ADODWORTH'S DANCING aoadbmt. . 311 Plfth avenue New Tor*. for days, terns, Ao., please call for a elreolsr. Be oarmo's dancino academy, no. m fifth evrnua, corner of Fourteenth street Opcnoa TUES DAYS and FRIDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS. Ladles I to 4 P. M. Misses and masters 4 to d P. M. Gentlemen, Tuesday sad Friday aveulngs, at 1 o'clock. Classss now opfla fee beginners. nra arts. MAHBT'9 LIPE OF ANDREW JOHKBON. ? PIC litres Dealers supplied by the American News Com pany. dingle copies M cents, by mail. HANET A CO, KM Nasean street. ri ANTIQUARIANS, ARTISTS. DRtMATISTR, ORI ?statists. Theologians.?Doctrinal Authors (l entena si El, Hebrew MtnuserlpU, Papal Bulls. Aacient Arms le Costumes, richly smbrulderod .-Luffs. Draperies, i, Curiosities. MB Fourth aven ue. imW PUBLICATIONS. nOLUi'E'S CRLTEAOY AND MARRIAGE. OYKE SOS pages, beautifully illustrated by eulored plates; health, disease and pregnane/. A ruthful utedlral adviser to both seies; to the married and ihn?e contemplating m..r rUgr. -eat by mall securely wrapped, Loetsg* fret, on re eefpt of $1. Address J. A. Quia Publisher, hot f ATM Post iMt "rpHB great Washington what ir it?"-ik 1 the Merck No. of YANKEB NOTIONS. Now reody. Price Id rents, at all news rtands. 47 Cera it Mostra'tehs. BnilUIBI.IiAN WOi i R. 0 1ROSET OPERA MOUBK.?IMPORTANT NOTICE - J Photograph* of A. H. Lee, lbs Inoky winner oi this magnificent urlse. can he obtsiined by en< losing * mtu and wpw Edwards AWtiliams, At. Leu A. Mia M. B.-Dls oount IoimoU. n*TARR^ RRONCHITIIL DTBPEPBIV. SCftoh'M flY. ..VF1 ?Pd*> JWo, Liver and Kidney Disc* MB. ?.Vl!T;,*n0" aed other chronic die planetary uapSnca '?? piKFI WANTED-ON NORTH RIFKR RIDE, FOR A GCB^NR)^ANraD-<Mf LIORT DRAUGHT, TO cHS*5 air ? SQL'.pJ"g PRNCILB-RILYRR POIKTR; RED. BLUR and black. Rout everywhere fnj. en rmmlpt of Me. ??? RDW. HWIPT, lot Centre streSA f^^AMBRIOAK i aWBSSrt'iBPvJRSRl ?,ss^asss*2nSaSK:te,3 IaIlVi iiwmL *u* I*otr# Dm?* Y'Ctolres f/lacs 2 000 H.T.AI,P O'ARMS, WITH BAYONETS COM NlvUH ibiklirtmMj Muakeia Mil Rifles: all of which W H. DEVLIN, in r-srl i s harm hsiham i 4MPSKWKyT% 11ttOAD W AV THEATRES ^DMT-S3T0N W CENTS. 1) 1 urnor of drf'TW* i?l5"o? n.0->?vgnffieit?;ss" 'rt Tha two popular Hnrle??ju<-* of ALADDIN. Md *SST ttw t? woSod eg** "?"*"??* Hau'M TFMPI .R op mthtbrt. w R-\o* * TOM EVBHIHfl ATd?SATURDAY AT 3. ??rtfr&iaF?&5iiSMss.w" "' *? The Chiekcnng Piano ia uaed it tnene usances. "TiTi.niv u iTIWRF A FAMILY REBOOT. A LADDIN MATINKB. ? f ? at 1U (.'cluck. A Headway Tkeatre on Satmday,Feb.J ?1* " C,1U"' Benefit of Miss Jennie Worrell uu l-rtdj'T' roOruurj I. CAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 5*1 lV>* ' ' O The trouble commence* at a quarter to* TUB CRKME DB LA CKKM . Or MINNTBBLT BIRCH. WaMBOLD. MKRNARD A BAOli J* HAN KRANOI80U MINSTOELB. ? whoee aueeeea ha* nerer been eonatlel br asy rTT,'1i,J ,?]V liatlon in ihe world. New and ?J""rWM?2I #j!.ne Chil. week. Hilt, n Head Institute, Anna Maria Jane. <bll (Iran of Cypress. Impeachment Committee, 'J laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Boreatning Black Cook and African Ballet Troupe. KELLY A LEON'S MINHrKKLVrW BROADWAY. He reaming Bullae. C C He eeenT term1 Astonishing success. I I ererr nlijhl at In? Crowded iion*es. N N Fairy ArotbeOHl*. Hey Urand triumph. I? D aonrgati, aUeniiUnl, DEMON DANCE. K K AT NINE THIRTY. DEMON DANCE. H R AT NINE TnUCTY. Leon a la Bonfanll. I. L Trtelal. O^rtaUellnl. Pare pa, lliignull. K U the Madagascar 1 id e Kellogg, hli, O O Tr-upe. nnder the dl Zucclil and Patti. N N vcction of KclllfantL CHARLEY WHITB'H TROUPE. _ . LAST NIC.HT BUT ONE of EENIAN it OAT I. I.AST NIGHT BUT ONf. of K NIAN'S OATH. LAr-T NIGHT BIT ONIi of FENIAN'S OATH. LAST NIUIIT BUT O-B of EKNlAVS OATH. LAST NICUT BUT ONE of PBMAN'S OATH. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE. ,?%!rAtr ntTn kS,RK MAnNUK ?* rENIA!H?A^DE?. T'VMORROW AFTERNOON. AT 3>?. TO-MORROW AFTERNOON. AT IW. and jmeltlrely the laa^Matlnoa of Fhnlan sOdlh. Qwawo , LAST NIGHT BUT ONE. MtiST PO.-tTIVELT. of the hiKlily ?tusoiMfal . EKCL1SU OPERA COMPANY. FAREWELL BENEFIT _ FAREWELL BENEFIT Of the accomplished Prima Donna and Directress, Ml.-S CAROLINE R1CHINOK - The following highly attractive entertainment win be given, presenting for the drat and only Lane the veteran artist. Mr. PETER RICHINOS. in a favorite role. Barley's delightful Xuahsal Drama, Inmieact. entitled aWShSHia worn*** supported by an eaoeUcni ea*t fMrm the!ipera To be follow ed by the grand Drnldtoel ?jJt fro? NORMA, with tha oelubrated cavalinn, g?i? PIT*- u^btIIA with the iieruot) ict of Plotow ? rhirntlo/ .A u? preaentlng Moaara. Caatlo. Camptwll. Begoln. Mtaa Rjehlnga, Mis* Zrlaa Itarrlion. Ac., in principal FpW. Matinee, Doctor of Alcantara. At 78c. adjulaaion W all eaat*. wlthcot a*tra charge for icaen-ing. Saturday night?Inr Bohemian Oirl Laet time penltlrag. CARL WOLWHNE^CBAVh ? 0,whlc TBoeeiabrated Pel una Donna M me. BERTHA JOHANNHT.N wall aing at tbta Matinee. ?niSidptiou tickets fer iha remaining Matinee* pk SATURDAY, Ebb. 9 To begin a* t n'CJbOk. m AiuRi^ON itffg to tnooQoc? tbo tt'it ood only offiShuM?^!' KmalV.^hen^t. foUowtag arttma erUl W** ~ MADAM PAEF.PA. The Celebrated Priana Donna Mr. 8. B MILLS. Ptanlat. Mr CARL NOMA. TkdlnlaL ? . . Mr. a.m. COLBY, Aaaimpanyl-t. TICRE TROKE [ DOLLAR. FoMWhl1 ffBff roTdwa f and M7 Broadway; KolLnau ticket oSce. 1U Broadway aud gtein way Hrt. ?? 23? iWMWOTStu SUNDAY. PEE R f r. nABRIBON. .^^... Will ain> "The MtermF' by Ho??b; "Are Marie." hyOno rlolln. organ aod piano eccompnnlmenl. end the HOMd^'eTgUo^by^^geL win Play "Eploode do Tronhere,'' by HdAaaaa, and -Ada glo ' b, B will perferm two grand ?election! for the pinna The etches ? tr" - Aerth. direction o^o. will perform overture to "Fldollo," by Beethoven ?TcD^ hi lonki tnOrannda." by Rrnetier; Pentaala. Mldautm mer >Tght'a Dream." by Mandelewrhu. and Moaart'a Qraod ?aB:vs^MLAE. the aale of which will com?""* this "*?***} ?* ? Hi liluen<01 Hroadwvy; Pond A Co. t, frC Broddn'ay, Bullman ticket oak*. HI Broadway, aod Stemway Hak. FA C.-IRYINO HALL, NATURDAT EVP NINO, . BIG. 8. 8TRIS1, THE FaTORITB BASitO. WILL HINT. BARCAROLE. Bt eicoi. UNION HALL, BROADWAY AND TWENTT-THIRD atreet BPNTAN TtBI.KAUX, large*! Panorama in the world. Open every night at 7. contmanolng at Admlaalnrt. 50 rent*; children, ? e mta. Matinee Wednesday au<* Saturday ?t S o dpek. 1 rpHP. NATIONAL OONJEKYATOOT OP MUSIC, ? 1 Madleon avenue, near Twetity-mnthat reel. The Bfth firaud Huiice of tha Coaaervntory will ba glran to Tu**d*T',fiKflAY, FEBRUARY 1. at7M P.M. Tub private collection ok painting* bt the nint nelehrmted Am'rkin artiaU, collected by Mr. 8. P. Avery durina the nit liftmen vaart. now exhibiting * Ihr now gallerie. of Iniri. Leeda, 817 M roadway, a very day ?oil loo iut three aveainga of thia *wL They are to be toll en the craning of February 4. rnilB LADIES' PRIZE SEATING MATCH FOB A 1 OoM Medal. worth $MI, oumea off ?i'a Rink, cor ner fifty-ninth ctrwt and Sixth avenue, Friday. February I. A fall bend will he In attendance. Tiohete AO rente. Chil dren 2b oenta. TURATRE TICKET OFFICE. Keeevved veaU for all IbeatrM, eperaa. concert", holla, Ac., ten he ohloleed at the THE ITRK TICKET OFFICE, 1U AND IU BROADWAY. PROTKOR. PROTEUS, PROTEUS. FlA\OFOHTEI -WANTED TO PfRCHAN#, A PIANOFORTE. IN At gnAil order. Addre??, stating loll pertrciUrs, E. A. L? St. Char lee Hotel, OM Broadway. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FINEST and cheaper! new and cerond hand Piano" In the city lor aair and to rent al|WM. CANDlDL'b Warrroome, No. 4< A LADY WILL SELL A MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD A 7 octave Pianoforte, luteal improvement#, original price ttrn. fee I era than l.alf; flrvt claaa waters. Call at JH Third atrert, near Second avenue. A GREAT RBDI'CTION IN PRICKS?EMERSON'S Piano* for caah nr en inetnimmta; the eh en;>e*t Aral claaa Piano in the market, warranted for Bvayoara. Pianod elaaa riano in lb* market; warranted for fl-e yean Plane torenl. C. A. MONGER, CM Brand way Ia ^turoi^TB^oM^MnvoMP^ro. 1 forte, at a great aarnfloe; hjr bed maker*: all Imprreo u/nU: beautiful ton* endflnleti; tlaed on'.y three monthl; rod Jf. Vi at half prion. 31 Waahlngton plara, near Green* at A MAGNIFICENT FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANO tort* for sale; en. I $dO?. for f*00. In rinding stool end I Pa " Cover; naed flv* mi.otha, fully guaranteed; Parler Suit* Ktameree, Bookoaae, I'aintlrga, Hewng**. Chamber and Din leg Furniture. China, OU?e and Silverware. M Waal SO leant h at rent, near Slith avtnuo. menau bmi oh, , aawniarai new Pl*n?fnrt*d -- ? ?v facto err*' price# V Fourth aroouo, oppoaltn C'uoprr /n Ml lAMOi- rWBlTlLLilb FOB fOM AbD IWlT^ ftry motor* to prir #<i. A Urjm tJtfJ' JPPLffJ? xS* ar.d tlprlgu" to rant at low ralea. HKIHVi ?W A NARIB't . BROOK, 117 Ttnia etrwet, between Broadway ?? *"?"? eeruce. PLANOff JO LKT AND BOLD ON IjHtAl'MEIfW-A* the nanw^cry. 1M and UB Wee.- mm II I" "I X Ma.aa?f?A r - ?""I'f-1" ? A^BOPBAMO wrei "'luimi Sep'ran* A ehoroh. Modrrete anlaT? ling ||7 llerald ottoe. - ' ? ? ,7.'COPAL CHURCH 1*? KM limed way. ? " JM T BR A WALKBB'A il'Jfi^atloa hp^** vCPRRIOR CONTBALTO, OF BXPRRIRNCR, HtOtlLT i aw an wended, daslren n Mtaaltaa M ehureh quartet near the city. Addreae Atajhr. earn Bar. Mr . in or h* . ?W Fifth, PER QUARTER.?EACH P PTI. RECEIVE* A Vl.r Private Leeeon on ptann, tl luekal keademy, 137 Waal Klavanth etrael. ? -rner With >**Ut?e. rinlH? fof par*lee oflVae honr?, 3 l.ll X AMUSEMENTS. \TfcW YORK THEATRE. i* littmitml Haiu.vri, Mmn Mart Smlll ?d Lewie Baker. THIS EVENTS J w I! lie eresen'ed, for the fourth lime in Amelias. as original tr II be presented. for the fourth Uiue in Amotion. an original ad elation from tin- Preach, b* L. II. iieoeaui. of the grand, fo-naniio and spectacular drama. In four acta and wren tableaux, entitled a BIRD OF PARADISE, which will be produced w>th entirelr new Sooner*, by O. Morgan and K barren, new and appropriate Mueio by Tin Gustoey mogwiioeui Wardrobe by ft. Williams. FuL Corua le Haliet under the dire-tton ot IT. A. Oroaek >l kehlnery by Den ham ami insUiams. Proposals# by Du> eroay aud Yracuaaa. The whole undei the dirertion of Ml-S KALUK A. HINCKLEY. For synapsis of ballet, inetdeeu Ao . oeo programme. GRAND MaTIN!.K ON SAWnDay. at I Seats may be secured all days In odvanoe. Theatre francais, fourteenth . "Kar sixth avbnub. SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 1 AT ? O'CLOCK, ORPIIEK Al'X BNrSRA Opera Baaffe It. aoren Tableaux, by Offenbach. TIcfcdloBloe, H I?ardonriite a, SIS Uiunctway. Admission prion# ae aniioh Mas. r. A CONWAY'S parr theatre, Brooklyn. THIS KVeNINO ill? OFT A MODE/ chit.o A LAOOIK NAT1NPR. A FAMIT.V RESORT. ?\ Saturday, at l,?n o'olo k. BROADWAY THEATRE. Krid iy. February 1, Benefltof Mim JENMIK WORRELL. Tony Pastors opbra house, *>i bowery, OROWbl.ii RVBRT KVKNINli with dolifbtod audi enoes THE TOUR AROUND T1TB WURLIJ The Oman Yacht the .Naval Combat, Doeayb rnji Fair, htrce'.r ot iiondou, I'oorJnek. The Swell of Ph" Mali, Lite in Germ .uy l.iie In Ereiy hand. Ao , Ae.. and A ilA?.MuM Y .P.lRI'Y PROGRAMME. Grand Matinee on Wednevdty and Saturday at 3,'y o'c'ook. CI R1FFIN A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS, FIFTH AVENUE T Opera Houae. adjoint;.* Fifth Avenue Hotn'.?O. W. H. Griflin. Manager. Triumph oat *ui>e? crowded BtBtsen. Gi-.OKGE CHRISTY 111 near and ortplnel act*. Firs* I.p of the great Kngliah artist. Mr. OSCAR BUR IANK. and DICK SAND*. the champion dancer of (he world. So. ond work of JOHN COLLINS, tho Inimitable player. Mr. 0HAS. HENRY, the sweet ball idiot. avory night. Morriaun. Shattu.-k. Hughes, llogan, AhboUOlid a ho-t of other* in faroee, oonga and dance*. CHRISTY and OillFKIN in new aeta. bcenui at the Fifth Avenue Unletj eihcU Student; Pathetic Italiad: Moannin Tragedy; Naughty. Naughty Otria. Happiest Couple Out, Ao Eire* night of THE-OTYOOR TOM a TOE'S Grand Orchestra. Pig George CUnaaluo. Mine lied Popper AbbnUlnO and Stg, Carlo F..reiu.'*l Mutince ?vry Saturday, at 8}? P. K. VALENTINE VOUSDKN, V THE laKKAI I'Ol.YNATIONAL MIMIC, EVERT NIGHT Tlhs WEEK. IN HIS UNITY OF NATIONS. CLINTON llALL (OPERA! HOUSE). ASTOR PLACE. Grand concert at the ACADEMY OF MUSIC. BROOKLYN, ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1*7. COMPLIMENTARY TO MISS FLORENCE A. RICF. eoiitraitr.. *s*i?ted by the following eminent artlaU ? Mine. Anna Martinet, soprano; Mr* Roger*, meZM aoprapo; Al fred H. Pease, the celebrated man tut: George simp-on. tenor. J. Erneai Terr ng, teuor; Fred Steme herltonot John Clarke, basso: Nr. Prrrlng. conductor. Admission tf. No reserved aeaia. Door* open el 7; '"mmen? at S "Vfllpck. Ticket* can he obtained at the usual place* and at the door. IP AO. 1 . IRVING HALL, SATURDAY EVENING. Fob t, 1887. GRAND COMPLIMENTARY TESTIMONIAL to the populai tenor Mr WM. J. HILta with the following distinguished combination:? MISS HENRIETTA BKEBK. SOPRANO, MISS NETTIE STERLING, CONTRALTO. S,ONOVrT?I^sBAMRlA PIANIST (HONOR ABKLLA. CONDUCTOB. Ticket*at the Music cttorea and Hall. CJKVENTII REGIMENT N. O. BAND.?SEVENTH CON O cert on Saturday evening, February 2, at SevenlA Regl sent Armory. Ticket* to boTiad from member# of thf regt ?tent. or from U. S. ORAFULLA, No. I Stanton Greek r RRAf EXHIBITION Or PAINTINOE (t H. W. DERBY'S NEW ART ROOMS, 8*6 Broadway opposite Wallack'v theatre, tnoHdlng the ortatiiai ROSA BONHKUR S world-reaownod HORSE FAIR. and 160 other SUPERB WORKS OF ART, formerly the private collection of W. >. WRIGHT. Fern, of New Jersey. Open dolly from ? A. M. to 10> M. Admlorioo I Imp M C.-IRVING MALI*. SATURDAY EVENING,' M . TDK lAVOKlTE BASSO, i'1'i I' I I Mil WILL SING SERENADE FROM FAUST fCQK NHOaDWAT.?SKCOND FRBNOTI EXHIBITION OZD of Pnlntlega. Open rlatly from S A M. until S p. M. WONDBRPUL FRBAX OF NATUBE.-THB WASH VT INGTON TWINS." bore alive, having two heads, four arms endbw cue body end one pair lege; oJeo the heed end right arm of Peobat, the murderer ol the bearing family, to gether with the magnificent collection of obtoeu In Physi ology, Anatomy, Pathology end Natural HLtory, (B at which are IBtStratei! dally by Lectures and Mlortwoopla I Vtewo, at the New York M uoauai of Anatomy, dlS Brood way Open fr.un Ha M PROTEUS. XHOTBUS. . Proteus. PROTEUS. PBortus. PROTEUS. FROTEUS. PROTEUS. PROTEUS. FOR SALE. A LABOR SISRD SAPB POR SALE CHEAP-ALSO two medium elaed Safes, of. Herring's sad LUIIe's make, end one atcoH safe. A O. yt"IRK, 7y William etroet. A -FOR SALE. AT GREAT BARGAINS. A MEAT AND . Vegetable Market, down town Reeieuranta, Liquor and Sample I looms, Bakcric*, i-rooenpa, Hotels. Billiard No ioona. Soda Water Mannfaciory. Rowling saloons, Patent Carpet Beai'ng Buoloeei. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street. A FIRST CLASS SAMPLE ROOM FOR SALE?AT A barium, doing a splendid bUJinesa; licensed till Jan uary. 1*8; long .ease; no rant. Apply at 7*8 Sixth aranne. A HERRING'S CHAMPION SAFE FOR SALE CHEAP; also two ?:nall Safes, one Standing Dank and Fair banks S?-nlo ?t Fhoanli Safe Company, 18 Liberty street, i.ear Poet oOce. A CORNER GROCERY STORE FOB SALR.-INQUIRB In the (tore IIS Molt at; eel. A FIRST CLASS DKT GOODS STORK. IN THE BEST locality on Ur.-ind atreai, with Flituree and Counters, for oala. Arply at 437 Grand Greet. New York. A WELL HroCKBD GROCERY FOR SALE-ALSO Liquor, Cigar and Fancy bteres: Reslauranta, Oyster. Dining and Coucer*. Sa'.o-m* and Boarding iloueee. H. OOOLEY, 87 New Chambers street I)ARGUS.?A NUMBER OF FIRST AND SECOND D class North liver Hnrge* for sale. Apply to QUACK ENBUSH k HAMILTON, lBHk'e-t street. (TOAL TARD FOR 8 ALE?WITHIN ONE BLOCE Of / the North river, doing a good buslnaea. Horses. Carte and Fixterae for sole cheap. Inquire corner of Twenty-Ursl struct and Seventh evenno. D It CO WORK FOR S A UK?ESTABLISHED !R TRAR8 Lci?>r*nt, and ana of lh? beat city opening* erer offered for ? pbf*K'i in. iTKICkLAND'M Druggleta' iftMf, M Brood-ay. DRCO stock MR RBALK-LONO ESTABLISHED, doing a rod bunt nn??. Apply at V Myrtle avenue. eor nor Tear! etreet. Brooklyn. F?R 8ALE-THB LBASK. STitCR AND FIXT' RKS ?f tha tlroeery Awn HO* Atlantic elreel. earner of Court. Brooklyo. Inquire on the premieee. _ For hack?a kish ore rA?^?itT. wy-rn boatb and V:i. ex noble ef worllng .lRIOOkdb per day. AA drena boi H.FB Paw York fWUfc 1M1 HALS?A CORAH MQl'OR STORE IN THR ' Fifth ward, with La ne. smog and Flituieo. Apply at d Waab'nKt'ir. ttraet Ha egeiit* nerd apply. F- atw ?aVwLa ruoioi CABINET COLIBOTTON OP Mineral.. ttabreMag a rare and aploodW lot ofjolA Mirer. ?om?r. lead. ??d other epectrnana. wkick ^?oo*J>e duplicate.!al any coat, and will be aold .heap. Apply at Ha AS Pine .treat. ^_ 7v?R eaCK-orsfKR AND DININH BALOON OR F Klgbtt ereniie. Inquire of JAMBS HAVKN, MR Hlntk aaeaoa. ______ unit haub-a huotoobaph waoob for takino f ciij raft (any atari.) Me HQ. Apply to t. O. ROCHE MR Waat Twenty Sfth ctraei I SOB SACK?A BITTER STAND. IB OKR Of TIIR I M.l market* if the oft*. now doing a trade of front Rtun to RAt ? weak, ('all at UKi Hlaaokar street, la the butter atora. for one week. F it hack- A RARK CHANCE?A DOWN TOWN wholesale and retail Liquor store, mctudlnq On el tVqi, Mo^k and Flituree. will h* aold low aa the owner ? yo .if to leara trie be.lnesa. Inquire at 188 til ton etreet, k? 1 ?f Church tweet, New Tork. I R SALB?LARrB WILLIAM MYRRH, NRARI.Y r aew, 1*1 feet keel. ?K toot burthen. Apply i" II'JMKR ||OR04N, No. t Plaoatretl. L'OR SALK-A WELL RSTABLlHtlKp RHLLTNRMT V store, M) Eighth atenua. between Thirty-* abtb and Thirty.ninth etreet* Stock, Fltturee aod OooJ Wfll IJfOR SALRL-SITOAB MOI'LOB, TITLE* AND 1/Ufj XTK) MOR rR HALF CIIRATfy-A BOAP FACTORY, WITH ALT* the eppj i. iancee (Jor qarrrtM oa the buetOMOt tapar t.. a weefcN Adt'rtsa ,\R., Motion D. ri BAfiF., ON RKIBTH AYRNL.S?A PBCIT AND Orocery -tore. A rare chance f,>r a kAK war bu*U area. Inquire at atore 111 tarirk .tract. v HOTBL FOR 8ALB?ONB OF TUB BE.V WCTBLR upon iba Eurqwen plan In 1be city, altuat *?? lr ? aery cealral looalloa, ' :>* eai?b..ab?d and eouimaao *>' ,i 'ar?p rna of llret o'_aa ueKWr The proprietor le obng-AJWaeR aa account of 111 healtk. To tboae wiehirg to engngF** tbe hotel buslne-t ibta affm l? alt oppnrt mitt arldnw oTerad. Pnndpaly only need apply. Ad Irene bo* >,RM New Wet* AND dbsrrri aicino.~fob nalb tub m and good win of a well oetabllabed boring W'y: More Iran" 'HWM the place; eirellent ??oniT will nct the oynit.b JA M1 tooo |F1, W and PI fantl