Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1867, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1867 Page 10
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THE STATE CAPITAL. Railroad Projects for Row York City. lapart of the Special Coxmittec ?T the tiaate fa Favor of an rnderprooad toad. KmnUe tL?p*rU m (fee Eaat Biter BrM;t Bill uB tt the Orfulnttos ?( a KpartwDl %T PaMh Verba. fcr. he. he. VECIM CORRESPONDENCE V THE HERALD. lu?v*, J*n. 31. 1W f m MGACWAl JJQ? rSDRSt arVTM HAIUIOiD HIMH rl Ths Rpsetal Sew# Committee oa Underground Rail la New York city made their report this morning Shreugh Senator Andrew*. The eubeUn<? of the report ?M telegraphed to yon by me three day* age and as you wli) eee was oemet in ?<erv parttcu'ar. Stele Kngineer 'htnftdoull'e name does net appear to the report, because that officer fcaa not made his appearance here since the 'oomplelion of the report H ie understood, however, that he agrees with Km conclusions arrived at. The ne , port is as follows: ? Amtrr. Jan. 1867. V fo t*r torn o* ts* Sri tv or Nxw Yonx:? At tb# lEft mmI?c o( the Seuate the following reeolu tjob *u adopted Knotted, That a select committee oTthree he appointed to alt durtug ihe vecef, with the Mater 01 tbcoityof New York, the State Engineer, and the Engineer of tne Croon Beard, to aaeertaan and report to the Keuate the moat ail. leilatrn-ii and s> roper ronto or runtes ter a railway or rail wave united to ike rapid Iranaportatior. or naive I) (era fioru the upper lu the toaer purlieu of tho-eltv of New York, haft Sin tiew the greatest practical benefit and ealely ir. sue lie. and the loan toe* and Injury to properly on 01 sti nt to said route or run tea. Menu. Andrew*, Low and Cornell were appoint**! u* such committee. Thta joint commission met in the eily of Now York ?* the let of J'loe, ar.d erganUod thf Geo. H Andrews tm chairman and James [lee, ae Secretary. Public notice wan men, by of advertiHewienis, that panic* desirous ef nob - mmtet ptnnb would hare an opportunity to do so prior to the 1* of August, and at a meeting held 11 August the Ume waa extended to October of the same year. I u Nay ember the commission again met, and proceeded lo the examination of the several communications which Mad been addressed to them. It te proper heie briefly te recite some of the circum - glances which demanded the appointment of this rnm mWuoa on the pan of the Senate. Mnce ItdO there had keen no legislation which tended to alTbrd audi -taoii*) fac-illtlee for the transportation of pasren gera in the direction indicated in the resolution; that in, on lines running lengthwise ot tne city. In the mean time, the population had hugely increased, and the in exorable demandi. ol busin?*s bad conlioued to appro priate for its necessities eeseniia) portions of the most densely inhabited lower districts. thus senaiatiug more ami more widely the residence from the store and woric abep. The Central Park, bounded on the south and north by Fifty-ninth sod One Hundred and Tenth streets, en the east by the Fifth avenue, and on the west by the Htgbtb avenue (and between Seven ty.seventh ami Eighty flroi streets by (he Ninth avenue)," an area more than half a mile broad by more than two and a half miles long, containing some eight hundred and sixty-two acres, not only excluded from its boundaries ail'tene ments, but aii property wtthio the area on either vide of M extending nearly to tbe river, and for some distance above and below tbe Park, has advanced in value oe enormously within tbe past six year* as nrac -dieally to exclude the laboring classes from resi dence in a district more than three mites long, and et hane > eg nearly the whole width of tbo city. For a Bag* population, (ben, this area on either side of the Fork, unavailable for its greater portion, tor-domiciles for the working daisies, requires in effect to be freverted by name method affording rapid means ot transit (torn the axtfoma upper to the lower portions of tho city. That mdgninoeat park, the Central, is correctly desig nated. occupying as It doea the Central portion of tbe Marti In thoforai ef a parallelograpi,.or nearly so. it oabateatially divide* the city lengthwise into two dis trict*, and ooneidered in connection with tho width df ?be Inland north of Grand ureal, left the commit-, ?o option bat to repommead two tinea of ' ta' preference' to a single cen'rai line, line (even if the park did not present an ?lo obstacle), wonld still fail to aflortt the accum asodation demaadnd by tbo necessities of tbo popula tion. Tbe requirements of travel can only bo properly anal by two line*, which shall run, a* nearly as may b?, through central portions of two longitudinal aeuiona of She etty on the eastern and western sidas. The especial Mas** of tho rentes recommended, aside from physical asartdemtions, is demonstrated by the fact that the ofll -ami reports to the State Engineer show that the Third A veins Railroad carried twenty millions, and tbe Eighth Avenue Railroad I waive millions of pameugers teal Tho physical formation ef tbo isMnd it that a central lino would encodater difli , whether constructed under or above th< surface, requiring a vast outlay and involving tb? ?nasiton of practicable grades. The defacement and destruction of private and public property would be fit greater upon a central than upon lateral lino*. Thr unction of freight and passenger trains by ordinary loco motives open the surface of tbe street* is an evil which has already been endured too long and ranst speedliy be nhnted. The routes proposed in 'hie report wtl! furnish the necessary and toast direct means of ingrets and agrees to tbe traffic now conducted u|w>n the bice to roads upon the east and west aides of ths ?ty After pro ?meted and careful consideration or ail Hie plans sub mitted, the commission unanimously adopted ths follow ing resolutions.? Revolved. That in the enlnlun o:'this C.imm,?r loo 'he lien tovtbod of speedily attaining ihc -toevjjn ...u ti-inpl?i"cl by tbe Mr net* restitution p**?ol at it* last tension is by the '?natriw tiiwi of underground railways Thai In view of ihe prospective increase of Irsvel ?here should bo one line of suoh railway iroin the Kit kerv to the City Ball I'arfc, under Broadway, conn"' ting wtth tbe Cilv Hall Parle with two or more line-' of un derground railway*, o*cb. with double tracks, east and west of the line of Broadway .That to acooDunoda'r the largest peeeeuger transportation Uie follow iut loads are recommended, each connecting wtth tbe said Br*i men tioned track st the City Hall ParkOn# under Chatham tercet to tbe Bowery and Third avenue to the Harlem river, the other under i'?-L place (or Murrav or Warren street, or by ihe moat lea-hie route) to Hii'tnnn street, ?henoe under Hudson street to Eighth avenue, thence ?MertBighth avenue lo Broadway, thence under Broad amy to Ninth avenue, tbruce under Ninth avenue ta Harlem river. The line under Broadway between ih? Battery sad City Hall Park t> be . or*t vo ted only ? part of oaa or usotw ot the through line* ?? U m proper briefly te stete iba tweai uhu-ti orounlii ? commit*** w the foregoing rouchtt.^^^^^^H iieov The term' at the reeeliitton andar'which ttiey aeiw at unt de adopted should pueae-* the ele *y. chwapnata and rapidity of t*n It wm> obvious that a high tale of *p*ed w*< euspraetteabto upoa rail* laid upoa the aorta.e of tin Heits. and this clay* nf roadv wa* at oaie distu **eii from consideration. There remained the elevated sad excavated systems I* he muaidered. tlf Ihe fariaer ?hero were two classes: thoae placed npne tupport* in aha street#, and those ruunmg either wnoliv or per. ?telly through block* sod sueiaiued by wood, uon Or mayonry Among the plan* tor an elevate I railwav te the etadote, that presented by Mr. C. T. Harvey, tli K., appeared lo have Ueeu the ?vo-4 rare, oily gar-pared, tho moat ireo from eaatnecrn* difficulties involving the quoation of aafety. and the least nfcieeimn abte aa to the application of the motive ixiwer The promoters of this plan ask for the privilege <>. nanslruet lag one-ha i - ' leg owe-half mil* in the aotitbern portioa of crimsth teaeet. aa aa illnairaiiva experiment; and the Commi* eteaaecommend thai pertaosioa be grained ny the logl* latnm to that oztruf. It la not to be <le*led ibat anv ?vet?m w( <h <lemrn<'a the pvcpwlstoa of rar* at s rapid role, ?i an aVvaiiou ?l ?fieen or twontv feet, is not entlroiv coDsi?trni, in put. be estimation, with tbe greatest attainable imwinnitv from Ihe danger* of tr*u*poruiton The e'evaf <1 icad. or viaduct efmaeonrvdevised by Mr. Gouverneor V W |lkii? In IMA, m a magn.flcenl concept .on and worthy of as impart*) oily. The plan for thia linposint ecrti'teciiirm | etrurtur# emhrare* the creation of new ateuue* i* cer tain portionv of the eitv, ami the nee ot Other avuur !k already exist ng, jiae.iuig through blocks lor only a por I Uee of the route, ft waa with re'nrtiinee thai'be . .>m a mission, after due exam'nation, acrpie.j the coat loo >n ff thai, for <he preeanl mrouenl. the time *e wreary l u ex ,t tmauialimeDt ef iilla ot ptviierty te bete ken. Tor pro-oriti ? the right ef way, and far runalruotiot . removed il be k voad the limit, *? te rapidity of nrmdmrtinR nrii'iee* by the pfartK-al terms ot ihe re*nhition nnoer which V they were artihg. T of uie excavated plans i?..po-ed thai nbmil'-il by vTlHr. John ."ehuyler. ,c. K., por*esses gtcal merit#, a* tnay i shdoaao by anexamiaation of ihasyn'-iiet* of itapi" nrttd I hereao Tbl* plan wa* devtaed in IdfiJ wtth "SpecieI iwf t orenee to affording facilitlev for tbe movement of freight , train* Uirnngb tbe rity. t In a plan euhcitited by General .'sine* F ywam. o hAbalf of the Metaopolitan Tramxit ('onipapy. and wh)"h ts toeluded <n the synopeir in appendix F. tlie arigiaal MaB of Mr Hehnyiev ha* bean enlarged so a# to inc"iit* ?n eicavated. elavatcd and suriiee road. This plan, beautifully fllextraied by model*, wa* the subject of caieful scrutiny, la the judgment ef tba romtniriion. however, the aatt* objection* i* to time re.j i.tvd for .Hrxlinguiahment of title, and for procuring Ihe right of pMf. the expense of reenlttPg dewwees ui adjacent orop mrty, and af lb* naeoseary atractur# in the unimproved ywrt.ow* ef the city, render Win piaa unavailable for , the prompt real teat io? af Ihe ohpect* now emight to he i t porured . Jhf underground xya em of frdviFi wa* prvweated in ? vevioio ferine- In Low doe this method has been rovorivd ?a. but it appear* from a va!uabh- s-otnmiiturateiB mad* to 0m* comaiiaaixa by that emtnant engtaear Mr. Jaioei < T. JMrkwaod (aa* Amiendig D), that in no lasunoe due* wuy Ukdargroond railway new in operation Daw ae ?n. attempted fin* of tunnel equal in i*agth to a line from the Battery to Fourteenth at reef, * dlvuem of two and half mile# The auk-wave in Loadoii hare the advantage of inner *rr upon ruts, which afford facilities for reutiiatioc, mYfrout which opeoingx in the judgment of engtoeer... 11 xlteetterafioh of afeatu would be attended wBh dlfffce! tv e i'utdlv u> be ovenome. Examinaiioo of aomo auk"bfafr drawstgv, reports. Arc., relating to the Mr'r.iprvi. Mi X-1 *.l* ? ?? I" Mate. ?> dergroued) Railway of Umdon submitted by Mr ~ ' ? I a, G U., A. T. "MbNt, and a lett-v from W W Ktdp. . Midi, -vi iU hi* Honor Mayor Hoffman (*?* appendtt . 9) ? t.i.f:. tm d Ah* t'otnmiaotea in the tail thry nqd ^ Tm' ?<" tp*naB jEr^If'kw.'oB'* gMjektovt In the JndjwM ol ^ X22S&??? -"??*?" ?*,0B s. .?. dogwe ef speed deHrabln may ^ Vpoa lut wtvi, any ??* ' " , "T from ^ . 7" used with nven ?? be do collision r upon th? ?^'e; '' 'M,r'M "h. roadway will from transverse travel, u___, ?w?* exoosea lo destructive nlterw?? frffl worce of diB^or'^isUUtu*^ ^ lb* public street* wouW not inyrtnn ?y* jwlii|rtli ox^nMwfortbevlebiof w?^nw?mw w About, which ?i would be impo*lbl??? ?P?nM>simna^s Amlee-of for? ihat would .?o,d sub^.^h.f and. he?cffttolb* population above K)|tirttigW^u_ ^ II will be ?s*t? fr0,n *'? *,f*v 0,4 % report that lbs locomotives in u*e upon the o?de rgr* And railway In U>n don ara met* ponderous than ar jy i ^ ordinary uao ?n lb* .ouniry. and tbat tbla la neeesg ary( Ua order to adapt tbo'r tioBHtruetion to tba poculiar of jarjeMr ef tbo oorvieo Ibay rt rforin. Recent expertmor tu epg* a largo acala aaam to demonstrate tba fact thy t tip# naa of a Vomotl" '* oot ewrenltal to tba attainy ,??-ia ?f tba baat results in tba operation of an undargro* jgd road. Mr. M. O. Davidson, C jj? who haa racaally raturnad from England, aftar da voUng much tine thara to acrlli Ml investigation of tly j pneumatic method of propulsion, submitted acme state a sots to tba -Oommission (see Ap pendix 01 in regard ? thereto whtoh exact from every one interested la s? ,ch aubjectr, the gravent alien lion. The aurc# .^ful application of tbla principle upon a large seal* i, would be a practical eolulion of tbo (lifllcultiea wbl<-J , embarrass an underground plan, rely ing upon locore olive engines foe power, in tba matters of ventilation md tniurkms cor cue* ion, and the aoeom modation Of I us tunnel to the grade or the surface. Although ? u present without sufficient knowledge to lustily ua if ^ fully adopting all ihe of Mr. Davidson r j to the adaptability of the pneumatic princi ple to tbo pnrpoee m view, it seems certain that ao capi tallsts wf ouW engage in the euterpriee of an underground railway/ without instituting exhaustive investigations, and eTen experiments, to test the capabilities of pneu matic power in the moreiuent of passenger 1 ***"* In'addition to the considerations already presented in regftrd to the insufficiency of e single central line, there sefmed to a majority of the commission to be insupem bl/.. obtectioos lo an underground railway under Brood ac, between Twenty-third Street and the City Hall . uric . , The conclusions of tbb commission lesy be briefly stated as follows:? . , . 1 That commercial, moral and hygienic considera tions all demand an immediate and large addition to the means of travel in the city of New York. 2. Tbat if every avenna lengthwlae of the island were lo be occupied at once by surface rails, the relief afforded thereby would not be adequate to present requirement!', end in three years' time the pressure, with all its accom panying annoyances, inconveniencee end dangers would he as great as it ie to day. 3 That the steam roads upon the surface now in use should be removed from the island of New York as soon as other sufficient and rapid means of transportation can be substituted. .. . _ , 4. That a central line alone would not suffice to meet the present requirements for increased facilities. 5. That elevated railways, erected on supports in tne middle or on the sides of the present streets of the city, cannot be fully adapted to the transportation of freight, end have never been tested In any practical wsy so as to warrant an unconditional recommendation of them tor the transportation of passengers. , ,, .. . 6. That a system of railways running wholly thrown blocks would Involve an expense for right or way and resulting in damages which would render it inipw" lea liie to convey passengers for long distances at. rates ot fare as low as the necomitlea of the case require and would, moreover, involve loo great delay in Ihe acquisi tion of the right of way required. 1. That llie continual increase of population, and tne consequently growing necessity for transports) i?u throughout the dry, will very soon demand the con struction or several lines of railways other than surlsce roads. That mure than the two roads herein recom mended mar lie eventually required and sue-ess"illy operated, and the opening of new avenues and the erec tion therein of a ladnots upon the wale herein above mentioned, may be found to be of Ibe grf atewt iolvantage end improvement to the Wty, end while gratify?Eg pub lie taste will effect the desired object, 8. That underground railways passing under streets present the only speedy remedy for the present and prospective wants or the citv of New York In the ma'ter of the safe, rapid and cheap transportation of persons and propnrtv. UKO. H. ANDREWS,) H. R. LOW, J Coin, of Ihe Semite. U O. CORNELL, J ? ? JOHN T. HOFFMAN. Mayor of New York. ALFRED W. CRAVEN, Eng'r irofon Board, in TnonewMi gitaveuimv tuiwiwowi) axitwar. The bill Inlrodnceil by Senator Thomas Murphy nntnes as corporator*. George Ctrlswold, John Thompson, Leo*, nrd P. Miner, fn. V. Gilbert, James Boorman John Won, Wn. R. Finch. Thomas Reed, Joel Wolf, Robert j. Kennedy, Win. rullerton, John A- GrlswoUt, Nathan Randall, George A. Thorn, George H. Brown, William ' B. Field, R. W. Daniels, Edwin Elnsiein, W. C. Wet more, L. B. Brown, John P. Winelow, H. B. Willeon, A. F. Vail. Edward J. Mc.Cean. Horatio Allen, R. H. ci.dlifle, George Stevenson, George lodUng, Clarence Delafleld, E. Ifanford. G. S. Green, A. Myers, C P. Wil liams and Henry A. Smythe. The oeplUl stock to bo ffl 000.000. The company may construct a tunnel or tunnels or roadways, lay necessary traeka, with cars to be propelled by air. steam, or other motive power, lo run along from Bowling Green, near lbs centre of Broadway, going northerly to a point near the City Hall Park. Also from Mimo point In Brooklyn, near the Fulton feiry, running along through such streets as may be selected, to the arm of the sea railed the East river: throve under the nver lo the island of New York, along under such pt reetft m ran? be ??ho>ien, lo tbo Oily Hatl tfrrainuf, the southerly limit of said line being Fulton street, aud the northern limit Chambers street, in the city of New York : also bv a suitable route from City Hall Park to the Hudkon' river, and under the river to a point on the New Jer-iey shore; also from City ?all Park eastwardlv tiencath Chatham street to Bow ery to Third avenue and Hnrltra river; also westerly from Ibe Park to Hudson street to Eighth avenns to Central Park and thcnco uuder Broadway to Ninth ave nue and along the latter to 12fiib street, and from theucu by some route to Harlem ri?er. They are al?o author l/ed to construct not tuoro than four of tunnel around mid i?1aud, as near the docks and wharves as possible, such cross lines around said island to be iota ted to and I mm such points as may be decided on bv three commissioners, two of whom are to be appointed Iiv the Governor and the third by the <Iroton Acquednct Board of the city of New York. If the routes proposed are not entirely practicable, the eotnpauy hai# power to change them as desired; not, however, to be laid under Broadway, north of Warren street norsodth of Tenth. The comtaiiiv mav als? connect by tracks on the surface north of Central Park, with the Hud?on river and Har lem Railroad* >.n\aHAL swim's mnsHOHorxn, scavAoa asu au-VATwi ri im The Assembly Railroad Committee were occupied this aftei noou in considering the plan of tienersl James B. Swain for a three tier ralttnad?undenrmund, surface and elevated, parallel with Broadway, through the centres of blocks?from Ihe Battery to Central Perk At the latter point the tunnel road will diverge to the Harlem and New Haven Railroads east, and to tho Hudson River road wesi, while the surface anil elers'ed lines will lie continued norm to H ghbridge. The pr.ictirjibillty. ad vantage* and curt of the scheme were tolly presented to the ? ommiuee bv General* Swain and t?sgreW. apparently with a very good effect. It was stated that one hundred and flftv-*i* lot* would have to be purchased, at a coat * |4 &00.MM). and that the construction would require gS MNHK10 making * total ol $8,000,000 in alL Their prone Ills Iirotlt is estimated at twenty per cent, ran sraxrer o? eauvrrrrfmv aoais?a ru? eoa atAavi ati so n* mu The subrect of prostnution in Now York city coatineee to ..ttraei ne little attention up here. l.?st week 1 fbr nished you with extracts from the letter of a clergyman, favoring the Idea of name Jndlnoua legislation on the subject. The suggestions thrown out by thst eeeiseiastle have cresisd much comment and developed a variety or op.nions and acliemea. some of them extremely foolish, but others advanced by men who have made the '"social enl" the study of ibeir lives. The most remarkable ?ug.'eatwins that I hare yet heard of come from a well known physician of your city, who baa written an elabo rate leiter to Mr Hlauvelt, one of lbs members now en gaged in preparing a oil! on the subject. This phyatriinn oppose* tbo idea of adopting either the French or tier man -rsrem. or of Inwaaing in any war houses of prow iitut on. Ail that is weceyaarr. he wars, la, Orst, to as labii-di a sreteie af regisiering the namee. renl itsBcew. nativity. Ac., of prostitutes; second, to have a icn-ral poli>-o >urveillauce over the sub icet; tiurd. to Institute regular medical visit* i?oi Mid eiaiuinarooe. and fourth, to give nnwof to ihe proper officials to commit diswaaed women to * hmpiial. there "? ne detained un"' Hioroughly cured. eo"?r eoier.r. ihi* hospttai not to '>'? a prison, but a ,;>i?ce ol reiiige, where unfortuna'e women need not snfler deeper degradation by contac' wtb crtmlnale sunk O ?|itr id iniamy than tiiemselve- He proposes to sue the entir# control of the putiret to the preeent Police Department, attachlug to It Burenu of or on Prost nitiou, ihe officers of which ?liall be the patrol ne t. anrgeona. r.imuiisBioaers. insp< ? iora and yupectn lemleni as now < on-tituted. By this plan no addltlonnl expense would lie enlalled on the city, except auch as would he occnaioneil by the erectloo of new hospitnJ building*. On 'he ?ubjeef of police surveillance he tbur;? 'arts .and this te The eye of an .nl?l"g?ni pola *, a> io 1'-..- --- ibe great feaiiue In routioiling ibis .mr >n r'raueei, should nr ffr^ai itmuiir in niui i gpitt up (Hie <Nir in r ,i an limes be upon and over all women following Ibis mode ?f llvIih* hot onlv over ihe well Xnuwii and conffrmod prnetltiite. bill aian over the atiapeeied and the i-stssiwi a class ripldlr and largrlf ln<iesalng. t In Ki.'ope la (bla nlty ll would require an intelligent poltct. and riot ballet heads OiarlrW" lfis<?l? "rt,Ur -e ? -Wnilld be their gmde. A womAB suepe ici! should b* proven innnocni or guHty If the former to ?i,rb s o,?nc-r as not ?< .oortlir or injure her feelings O' repuiA'lon If guilty ?hr should he foreed a? -e ner nsiwe sad residents', so thai she could be fully known to and under lite i.ollce survniUan. e. lo A wore, she should be waich-d and oroterlrd for b> r own as wall as ibe public good. This act of legistrwtiun alone la this eoun i-y wwuld diiv* msnv women from their sill eourses. The Doc'or conclude# with ao amusing sketch of tho loutish remedies proposed bv seme people who bare ?peai ? few days to England, Frame and Germany, and imagine ihey bare discover** the true sohrttoa of ap evil thst tor Six thousand yearn has putsled the WHff legislatovg and chnrebmeo. He concludes thus Make four >?w as s|ir|ile aud a* liuie as powslble l#l Da - ? ad and atra be to rmirol. r'rruniwrlbe prnetlteilea and 1 thereby piwveal its e*>l efforts get in a p.ala, .amnion ?esse way with Ibis evil. 1>.> not aim tn accomplish 'oe oitieh at one time ps not think ihat yen can ui event or ' -fVsS .Iti' jwoallttiltoii Ai I 'o g?t rid of Its dreadful effect* i ?,,A ov so doing jo i will -sir ilu> presewt and ibe next gen- . e .-h'o?tea. ?d ,h* iiei.-raiion hbrrtb v diagreeO | end piltdNr of the litter from whi-h 1 beve made lbs kbt're A.firacts is Dr H'ne. A. "-anger, for men* yeeiw ?iievned /? 'l*e publ o m-i (ulinna of the country. mr rir-'Ti Aii)gn*A.etc *ttfffir-r irouldeg Mif**ii Fetrr McKugbt and William I. Ely mrued ?P in the Assembly ibis morning in the chape of a lull enabling tlhc Bcaid of /'derm*n to investigate the iluirne or ihe >.cit,''eiing part toe, asnd for peraons and papers and declare who la entitled to theeoat. Mr HI p,.rw? a iptrodio ed K" f I" ky unaeitnooa consent, and ?ted te pwm M to a vwtd M*ut(, bat was snddsaly .nh-TdwouC and other extranooua matter*. 11 to ta?r?rtie Umwho* p^oof if. But. i.tcr^ted ,o Uio pio4vcii^ imI w^'?I hijp. HEW YORK LEGISLATURE. ?(?tit. ALBAJTT, Jm 31, lW fMtHDMT mo TUL Senator foig** nnanimously chosen President per. (t mperr of tbt 8enete. ELU (DHUI VAVOSUkLV. To continue u>? charter of tbt Chenango Valley Sar itb Bank. Authorising tbt Nbw York Protestant schools to ox change cerUin (MM of I tad. The Jamaica Town Htll bill. for Incorporating the Wow York Bridge company. ?on?truction of a bridge over the Kate rlvor. ,h _ Ameudiag am art authorizing *?? to construct piers and basin* in front of their prop* y ln Ha* i^a'fl^TpnW^ park* onder charge of the ten ^sssg^ of organisation of a Department of Public Works in m* Yl Also. for the consideration of the Iy^[' porate tbt Samaritan Houm fbr the. ??""JJ** Amending tbt charter of the village of White ?lauw. JSflSLS ftSrSWBffiSET u Asylum. rvoraowor*? aanW'Ao. ?. Avimitre submitted a voluminous report from i no qSdS appointed by the Beyle to tecmrtetn the beat mean* for the transportation of passenger* in Mm oity of New York mue iihrirm. u Bv Mr La Bar-To incorpdrato the KetropoHtab Mar ket 'Company, which provlXm for tbt organtiaUon of 1^?,. Muiftriations for market purposes; also for the ^o.T'r^utb'.dt Uai 1 r oad ee* twart towards "??' Mr Lr-iT?To enable the Fourteenth street and pulton Ferrf Kaitroad Company to remove certain por tions of their tracks. bilts i * i anacrao. Bv Br T. MntrKT?To rtpoal the act authorizing the Chnrch of the Intercession to take property by demis"; to mcoriiorate the Metropolitan Undergronad Railway; g Z^TCband and wife to b, wttneateo for and acatost each other in certain easee; to oontlnue and amend an act for tbe prevention of tbe rinderpest. B1IJB PASSMI. Authorising tbo $re and marine insurance companies to reduce their rapitai stock. To incorporate the village of Twine Bridge. In. rearing tbe fees of tbe Clerk or Kings county. Changing tbe name of the Vow York Commercial As "VoVront Charles Orton and hie associates exclusive right for twenty years to lay telegraph cables lrom this ?tate to Prance. i . ixTwrifitnox or chut arr*i* ? A concnrrest resolution was adopted the appointment of a select joint committee w investigate as to the alleged mi'inanag^incnt of canal affairs. special oaafcML Tbe Metropolitan Health bill was made the special order for next Tuesday, and the bill ,U^i^'^ rir n>d tropolitan Commission on Piers and Wbsrres ror Wed nesday next. QCiSA^TTWm Mr. l*ixiison moved that the government be requeued to continue temporarily the loan o' hvlks aad reweii lor quarantine purposes at Quarantine. Adopted. q KTAOVEA PSONTim POLICE MIL. A bill was advanced to the third reading amending the Frontier Police set It tires the salaries of the SffifiSiT- tM*?- of theelerk. at $1,600. The Other amcadments refer to llqoor licenses. Ad journed. _ Adcably. Albany, Jan. $1, 1167. PIIIA NUTICkb. By Mr. JriwN?A bill to incorporate the New Tork Storage and Sate Deposit Company. MV.S ISTSOWCBD. By Mr. I*r?o?To regulate the smls of b?y. By Mr. Jacobs?To extend tbe boundaries of Prospect *? Mr ?Wju:^rA?r ?In relation to the eatensioa of (he Soutbside Railroad, on 1 ong Island. raiviuMia w tea riooit ? Mr. H Smith, by uqanltuOHS tcuMnt mprnd that tup privileges of ike fl.ibr b* Hun. Hard, of Barton,-daring km bills ontiraaw to a t*t*o aaaniau. To abolish the pthce of Iaspwdor of gwpowdsr and other" oxpWialvaaaatorials laBrobktyn, to take ofcet on tbs 1st of January next. . M<,_ For thrfurtbor <H fwniJr etnplfy?* ?? YT^authorlr.e the county of DntchoBs to borrow money to purchase a site for tbo Hudeon IUtot Asylum forth# ,DTbntmeiid ibo general railroad law so as to secors equal privileges to all cotnpaai's or associations engaged in the transportation of freight. ta To amend an act passed April it, !?*?, relative to suits by and against Joint stock s* social ion*, sad enable sucb aouciations to hold real e?iato. uu.a rttm o. . To amend the GonVral Mani^srttut l*w-bjr jUlowm? corporations under it to extend the term of their exist ?Bed ht it TOtM of tllf f ? To authorise the town of Homer to rsi?? money by tsx to pnv certain yotnn.ecrs. oi?-b Providing for tbe voamruodon of s bridge over Block fk'av (b* IOWI.V of Rntlpml wnti L^foy. The Cenel a\pproprj?t?on bill to pay tlio principal and To^authome^ tbe' Uncees of the village of Ronw to lew a lax for the prin hase of a steam flrs To amend the charter of the of Pcekakllt To awud tbe charter of the Oneida Savings Bank. To nraeud the charter of the village of l.oehen. To Incorporate the Metropolitan Medical and - urgical *B,Ve'increase the salaries o( tchool coministioncre. Adjourned. THE SPECIAL SENSES. Lrrlurr by l)r. Ilehfcnrvl?The Dl*ri?pii ml ike Sense* nnrf Tketr Remedy. ftp. Jl lecture ru delivered lit evening '? tlie large hall of thet'ooper Institute, b.r Dr. Hobbard. on the special senses and the dl seas'* affect ,ng them. Taking into consideration the sclentitl* character of the lecture, there erne every good attendance, and the remarks of the speaker were frequently interrupted with expres sions of applause, ( pen the plat; orra was a large number of anatomical mod-lv. manikins. Ac., and the wall facing the audience was < overed with diagrams 11 InMratlve of phvdioiogical science. After explaining briefly, but with great rleara?na. sad in a manner per fectly intelligible to the non-medical portion of the audience, tne anatomy of the organs of the tea senses, Dr. Hebbard proceeded Mi explain the aature of the rariens affecting tl.sna Commencing Willi th# not*, he said that the most cobbiooo and also the asCjt di-agreeable d;<ea?? of that organ was caisrrli. The or.gin of caterrh was in most ri'w nn donbtedly tmfiger'ioe Improper dietetic habits having weakened the rtomacu ao a? to impair the health and deranee the normal eewMUee of lUe oigaaa of digestion, an inflaminatlon, oongesi>on or intense heat In that part or the b'idy was created which would extend through the wliele intestinal canal uiore or lew, bat n firs ascended it was mors liable to rise to the tbroet or nos trils. Then If a little chill were taken on the torebead or rare the inflammation would rty to the internal parte, end the mucous membrane would thicken, ao that to breathe thrfigb the nose became almost an Imposai tillitv. There resulted from this an uncomfortable feel ing, the skin beinr drawn tight acroea the forehead, and the nose rigid and inflexible. Where the blood waa In a healthy condition, however, them wee very little danger in such cases, the recuperative power In'nature being amply sufficient to rapidly overcome the affection But if the system had been abused, if the natural stores of vitality bad been wanted and the strength of the bod? overtaxed, the disease would probably cling to tbe perwa lor a considerable time, scarcely would one cold be cured before another one would be taken, and alter a -liori time the catarrh would become chronic Tie Hebbard then explained bis method of curing catarrh by forcing solutions through a syringe to the root of the as**, where the malady had It* soul The solution were of various kinds according to the particular nature of the cane. Some; me- he nerd a very weak solution of nitrate of stiver, sometimes of chloride of tine or oil of *assajra* with one part to four of Peruvian baik. He stated that ia Now York, with a population of six or neveo hun dred thousand persons there was probably seventy-live thousand suffering from catarrhs! maladies. Pawing on to tbe suhteet of <1e?foeas. he remarked that the rausiw of that complaint were extremely various In some rumen the membrane within the ear would bo ruptured. In auoh instances cum was impo*ti bia, t bough French physicians had recently suceeesfuliy Inserted .an artificial membrane, by means <>r which pereoma could appreciate sounds, though in by no means w perfect a degree as with the natural one. There were many other cansee of doafaesa, most of which, however, excepting paralysis of tba auditory nerves, were rursble. The best means of prsnerving tbe ears, aad, indeed, of preferring all tbe other sennas, wan by o-dng them. The natural ntimulua for the earn were eound, music, orators, Ac. Nothing woeld belter I maintain perfect hewing than attentive listening. When the enr was being thus employed the blool pro aid rush to the organ, thus strengthening it and hoping the secretions art I re. It was possible, pownver, M> .XInk the beam in this inspect at it wan to overde any ulMivr good thing. Thar* ware assay young man and ladiA' WHO, by axcens in that regard, bad become mo ot call V dhapoptta. la reference to the ay* aha wwakar Mated 11 hat, aMhonjrh the sensltveoen- of th* ayu had becowA almpnt a proverb ti waa by na maaaa a* nowd ttva aA gear rally sappesad When aa atom of Mg ptk' kctwecu the Hall of tba aya and tba eye'kd, 'he peia waa r?ft hv the latter aad not by ine Oyr itar If. When the eyes were abtmod hy ewer exertion or atraining the secretions would be

come exhausted and infamrrstien ensue. The best remedy for ttve would be to hathr the over in wtft wsrm water truqnently A great many person* suffered from near or lar-sigtitaiDeas. ihopgjj nothing could be atmpier than th# means be wbn h tbcsv complaints might be effectually cared. John tpiincv g dsnis wo* in th# habit of frafftiMitly chwptmnog h?e evrballa lietween his fingers, to as to round them out wob\ and he preserved las sight into eitreais sg* By ahCPiiog the same method ether persons aiighPsarure the d*** haneflrial rm?H Oawranf waa pertprt'T auMMa Py a surgical OJNNttoo. Mi MMnM er cram-eye, as s one knew. was easily rectifled. lit. Hebbard concluded My mm eloquer j |n|N| t0 i,(g audience to preserve the health ana tig M of tb)Mr Mnm by using them sufflc.entiy ?nd ins pro ? f being rewarded at tb* vjoee of ?* lectu'^ by tmmt(takable demonstrations of approval To-morrow evening Isr. Hebbar 4 wl? 4,1,T#r g feclura on tbe "Brain and Nervos. CITY IHTFjjjoehCB. Reuer roa tk* Soctp #?The Southern Relief Commu nion appointed at (be p?t>lic meeting held in the Cooper Institute on Friday night last have issued a lengthy document calling the attention of their fellow citlaena to to the nece?sity/Tor immediate and generous aid for the suffering pe ople of (he South. The effect of the war, which was mainly carried on in the Southern States, not only add'sd to the number of widows and orphans, bat also impoverished the people by taking from them the meant or producing the ordinary comforts ef life. Cattle, horses, fences and implements of Industry are gone, aad many years must elaiwe before the South has again the power to produce ibe wealth in which she once luxuriated. During the lait year unseasonable weather well nigh drulrored the cotton crop in many of the States. Over a territory of ahout two hundred miles in width, where there is a population of about a million and a half of souls, it is believed that there are not broadsiutTi sufficient to supply the wants of more than one-half of Urn people until another har vest ie gathered. The testimony that euch a scarcity exists comes from eye witnesses whose veraoitv Is unquestionable, aad in the State of Georgia $20,000 has already been voted to pay the freight on provisions contributed 10 her suffering people, flare I will be taken thai contribution* shall be Impartially dis tributed. Morn than a. million dollars will he required 1 to give adequate relief to every sufferer in the Seuth ; during the next si* months. Mr. James M. Brown, of ! the ttrm of Brown, Bros, ft Co.. lias consented to act as Treasurer or the Southern Relief rummisittoa, and re mittances may be forwarded to him at No. CI Wall street, New York. * | rowstan* to Karon Ctmit Sbslrb.?The Seventh I regiment will serenade General Shaler, lately appointed Major General of the First division, National Guard, ?State of New York, this evening. This is n deserved compliment to ene who, by his long and faithful services as Captain of Company B, aud as Major of the regiment, and by his distinguished military record during the late war re flects honor upon his late associates and tbsir successors. The members of the regiment will assemble at half-pant nme o'clock r. M. and accompany Grafu lie's Seventh regiment band to the residence of General Shaler, 213 West Twenty-eighth street. lfAKnuon or a Naval Ornon.?Trinity chapel. In West Twenty-fifth street, was crowded yesterday after noon with a brilliant assemblage of naval ofllcsre and' distinguished citizens, the occasion being the marriage of Captain William McCaon, Uulted-States Navy, to Miss Elizabeth Vul tec, daughter of Frederick Vultee, of this city. Among the offlrum present were Captains Brain, Mallany, Whiting, Henry E'rberi. Jr.. Wallace, Brown, of the I'nited Slants Navy, and Captain Higbee, of the Marine Coips. Kev. Dr. Higbee officiated at the cere mony's. Coral Reus avu I blast*.?A very interesting lecture was given Ia?t evening in the chape) of Kutger's Insti tute by Professor C. K. Hart, of Agassis's late expedi tion to Brazil, on the subject of the formation of coral reefs. The lecturer treated the subject with great ability, and by meatus of a hoard on which be sketched the different constructions of coral according to the habits of th<> different orders into which the polyp spe cies are divided, enlisted the attention of a small but select audience from the opening to the close ef his remarks. Tim Nkw Pari Bark.?Yesterday workmen com menced excavating the foundation for this new struc ture, between Ann noil Fulton streets. The excavations are tea feet deep, and the neighboring houses, in conse quence, have been carefully shored up. Ii will, in re gard to its style and extent, be the model bank of Amotion. The building will be in the Corinthian style, and tbs facade of marble, ornamented with slatu arv. It will Ire 108 feet high, 174 feet deep end 80 feet wide, with lour stories and a Mansard roof, all flrenroof. The various contracts are about to ho- given out. U is estimated that the cost of the- hirttdtng will he upwards of one Million dollars, and Uist it will take twe years te --ompleu -Jk- - ? That Arii sjut CosnvrxD Elm this Case?For sopie tune past? pub oammutee tf tits tegjslatiue Jms been engaged pt the Metropolitan Hotel, In investigating the ksnwgtefl election ease of Kdwand Mitchell against Front A. Rapeum. Mr. Mensem holdij the positnm of Awrmhlytuan from the Seventh district ot tWrity, While Kin-hell was the republican candidate for the santfrpowtfen- A large numi>er of wines*?? have been examined, and R is believed that tbe investigation will close to-day. GnAvexa Scbool Rw.xrno.v.?Tbe tsml-annual recep tion of Grammar Scbool No. 10 look place yesterday at the school building in Wooster street. The exercises consisted of singing, declamation, Ac., in all of which the pupils acqn.tted themselves In n very credltiAile manner. School < <iminr-si??nern Emerson. Schell and T-ibby, together with a number of the friends ol the pupils were in attendance, nod complimented Mr H. M. Seaborn, the principal, very highly on the satisfactory manner in which the eternises were conducted RF-orsc?.s or Colorado?'The Pasts Kxroaraov.?A number of gentlemen, desirous for the development of the resources of Colorado, met last evening in the St. Nicholas Hotel. The object of the meeting wse to raise the necessary subscriptions to have Colorado properly represented st the Paris Exposit on; and it was resolved hv the committee to present the matter personally to 1 hose who may lie directly interested and who may noi want m see Colorado etolled by otber mining Ter ritories and Mates in all that should be done to show forth her advantages, which our hi to attract the at teMioa or capitalists and laborers rrora Europe. It will n?t, indeed, be creditable If so useful a project should fall through for tbe want of tbe required funds. The ore from Colorado intended lor exhibition at tbe Paris Exposition is at present on view at an establishment in Naaran street. ljri'TI'M BV .Tim'S W. IfKRAltD ?A lecture Will be delivered this evening by Jara?- W. Oerard, In Stein way Hall, on the suhieot of the public schools of the city. Few are more acquainted with t hlv ft rat ?object than tbe lecturer, and none better qualilted to lecture upon It. Tbe lecture will be free and in response to a call from many of our moot prominent r.tixetu, tnrhni ing the Mayor. Stephen H. Tyng, William H Webb, Peter Cooper, Charlee O'Oonor, .tame" I'. Brady, William H. Appleton and .lames Harper. Semantic Mav.T.v?Tbe Polytechnic branch of the American luMitnte met last evening in tbe Cooper Insti tute, tbe President, R. D. Tillman, in tbe chair. Tbe Dm pari of tbe .-wnaion wae devoted to tbe i oaeideratlon of some scientific improvements and dlccovariea. but tbe doeinc portion wee deToted"to a detailed deeenpliow ef the process whereby sugar ia mnaafactured from tbe beet. Tbe production of boet sugar in earned on so rx tenalvely in Europe at present that the cane ia almoet entirely superseded. Bohemia alone baa thirty re fluertes, and Franco le an exporter or tbe racebarae ar ticle. The manufacture of eager lent year amounted to ?ome *000,000 pound* from the cene, ib? palrn. the beet end the maple. Tbe prevailing sentiment of tbe Polytechnic members wae that sugar c,<wld be produced with greater profit from the beet than the cane, and the only thing required to make the comparative experiment a success wae the erection of mills. Illinois with ber been was more than a match for Loniaiana with Iter oane crop, could sell her productions cheaper, and ulti mately obtain control of tbe markets. During tbe evening some samples of improved cotton, grown in Columbus, (le.. were submitted and briefly diecur?ed At ten e'elock tbe meeting adjourned till Thursday even ing, February 14 Ram ?r Fusion Anna.?The Fenian exchequer is verv low at present, bond* are a drug on the market, and the w md muet be raised m some manner to defray tbe cur rent expenses incurred at tbe headquarters in this city. To do so the leaders have hit on the novel Idee of selling the arms contributed by their dupes in good faith for tbe purpose of freeing Ireland. They advertise for sale? ch'ap for rash? two thousand stand of arms principally muhkeu and Spiingflelu riflea, with bavonut* afluvxf ell ready for instant nee. What a sobering effect this an nouncement must have on tbo warm-hearted, patriotic men who contributed so liberally le provide e luxurious borne for tbe C O. I R. in tbe south of France. MovamntTs er flsaas.v Hisoxaa ?The Central Commit tee of tbe Western saengerfest, which, according to a resolution passed at tbe convention of tinger* at tauin ville last summer, will he held at Indianapolis. Jnd , next eumraer. has lest sddressed a call to tbe singers' organizations composing the North American Raenger bund. In reference to tbe preparations to be made to make,tbe next anaual singers' festival, which will he tbe fifteenth of tbe North American Singers' Union, s successful musical demonstration. The Central Committee is located in Indianapolis. Tbe singers' organirations par ticipating, including some of this city, are soon to begin tbe rehearsals of their cboruees and prtre songs to be rendered on thai occasion. Tbe festival rhoruaeeand compositions to be rendered have been published end wtll be forwarded u> tbe respective organizations partici pating in tba iifair. CnevRcnuw ?The name of tbe associate of defective MeDoegal In the Calvert bond robbery, of which a full aeeeuet <wa* given tn yesterday s Hnajto, ta Jobs D. Wtlmer, mo* utlford, as erroaeouety printed tn tbe Cenbr Odors on rwnOaonp* or ran Tasi Tbeftnntffey Vhnol scholars ef the Church of tbe ration, to. in kfntt street, having a oops of rah'ete for military instroctloa, last evening m ftiie srhoolroom ef the above lion. nnd?<r command of Uaptain Hugh Mutlany. Some seventy-Ave boys we/"* present, ranging from ten te sin teen renis of age why manifested much interest in the science which lias more pr Im* girvpraed end perpdtueted nations. The eierrtsoi <*f tba hoy* were very creditably evermeil. They will be nnl.'ormod in .vreen jackets, Wee* pents. blue raps sad white belts, and sontemplate mak leg their llrst perede on lb* 10th of flN?? and oe Ht Patrick a day ensuing Llentaoanl f?e V?,W. ex-edjiitan^ ?f the First cavalry m1 dressed the boys ow|?* sobjert of military discipline sod the importance of of tbe 'end becoming nsaeiHar wish the dnueg n. !?? dlar. The future drills will be fc?M M the Db Street An?1. Tu Pcbim iwxuroi Turns Wihtsb Racrreio*. ?The third reception of the Purim Assoc latioa wee held last evening at Ferrero'e Amsmbly Room*. These reception*, which are ia reality balls fives sa a very liberal scale, though only for the enjoyment of a select gathering of guests, have been among the most pleasant social enter- | tainmsats which have takes place this winter. The third of the series, sad possibly the lest to bs, held before the grand masked ball, did not difler In this respect at least from its predecessors. A lull bend, en excellent pregrsmmeof dancee ends choice supper were the elements of last evening's reunion, wherein participated many representatives of the Hoe of the city. As Is usually the cess, however, no incident of note occurred to call for a special review of the proceedings, which were characterized by the suocem which has attended the past soirees of the Pnrim Associa tion. Tan Canaan Radicals. ?Inst night the Exeoutlve Con mates of the German Republican Central Committee met at Raefle'e Hotel and organised for the ensuing year as follows:?Chairman, A. Erbe; Vice Chairmen, 3. Water mann; Secretary, Dr. M. G. Raefle; Finance Committee? H. Weseaaonk, P. Took, H. Richard, A. C. Bau, Philip Frankenheimer; Correspondence Committee?A. Levin gar, Dr. Gercke, W. Fensterer, L. Bouwner, A Tenzer. Tni AmaiCAj) National Bask.?The rumors last night of defalcation or other difficulty in the American Na tional Bank are ascertained to be untrue. The bonk ia in no trouble, end its President. Cashier and Directors nil anii* in ibis positive contradiction of tbe rumors re ferred to. Cass Nor Pnovan.?Frederick A. SciWer, whs was recently charged before Junice Pooling with abstracting $4.">3 la treasury notes from the safe or Mr. Alexander Hasbrouck. of - Not; 1M and 18# West Washington Xar ket, baa bean discharged, the eomptaiaant failing to jcove tbe charge. -Taa Law Xavmcaa SsrzrBEt.?Col'scter Shook has forwardod to Washing taa. hi* report ia relation to tha hue seizure of the bonded warebousj at Not 1*8 Water street, for alleged breaches of theEzelae lam The Col lector finds tbe books and returns quite correct, end is of opinion that no fraud whatever was intended. In the matter of Boyd against Cochue, revenue inspector, arising out or tbe above seizure, in which tbe latter Is charged with using a slung-.-hot on tbs former, nothing definite has as yet been arrived at. Judge Hogan dismissed the complaint nt first, but it is understood that Mr. Cocbue has, within tbe last few days, been again arrested and liberated oa bail, by Justtee Dow ting. Mr. Dlltsnhofler, who figured in the matter ia the earlier proceedings, has charge of the case on behalf of Cocbue. Accidents, Ac.?Thomas O'Keefe, e carman, residing at 314 East Twenty- fourth etreet was badly bruised about tha head and face yesterday by being thrown from a car in Third avenue. H. L. Mangan, clerk, residing at 127 East Forty-fifth street, got Into a difficulty with one of the conductors on tbe Third avenue yesterday, when, in place of making pieces of the conductor, be managed to make pieces of the door window with his hand, cutting the same very badly. Margaret Sinclair, a domestic, residing at 216 Elizabeth street, slipped sad fell upon tba Ice yesterday and broke her leg. All tha above were takeD to Bellevue Hospital. Peter Nelson fell on tbe rail on board the bark Rain deer, now lying In tha bay, and fractured his arm. He was taken to tbs New York Hospital. Henry Outran, while at work in the sash end blind factory of Mr. Kline, was caught by the arm in the machinery end dreadfully lacerated. He was imme diately conveyed to the New York Hospital. BBOOKLYH INTELLIGENCE. Poijob Raid o> Ai.legkd Gambling Hockol ?a muad of offlmn of (bo Fori y-first precinct made ? raid on two alleged gambling bouaaa ou Wednesday night, the one situated at 164 Myrtle avenue, and occupied by Samuel Burgee, and the other at 371 Pulton street, by Thomas Giddings. The Myrtle avenue place was emend by tbo pnliee at half-pest seven o'clock, In a most unexpected manner to the occupants, who wen found engaged In the game of '<fceno"?which is of California origin and now in thin sort inn nuasldwatiin answer, money being staked. The gasaestan, together with the sewbhng wheel end implement* wen wken te the station bmise. ? The arrests made word ai toUtftra:?Samoa! Barges..aged torty-flvo, charged with keeping the gambMng houre. WUMom Wtnant, seed forty-nine; Peahen Bftige* aged aged twenty-three,.on the charge of gambling.. Tbt Senate. Mo. 671 Pulton street, which drag ike recipient of a call front a squad, hi charge of Sergeant Booty, aboat eight o-etook. appears ah hate had iwi waamag ?C the aymwh eg the enemy, as, nana neartng the plane, a ?;oneral skedaddle was observable, the inmate* rushing out the back door and even jump ing from the windows in their beau to avoid de tection. lid ward Valentine, aged forty years, and Winflelrt Mount, aged nineteen, wen secured. The others mode wood their escape. The wheel of fortune, he., wen confiscated. They wen all takes before Justice Cornwall yeeterday, who set down their esami nation for Saturday afternoon. Anstai. Muting o? ma Socirrv roa the Raiixr or Acan I.vniarsT Fcmalr*?The sixteenth annual meet ing nrtbi/pthiseWnrthy society woe held at the Ortluun lunitote, corner of Washington and DeKalb ave nues,! yesterday afternoon. The exemaea wen con ducted by the Rev. Mr Parley. Tbe report submitted shows the past, year to have been one of prosperity to the institution?to the permanent fund $1,800 in con tributions and from the aetata of Mr. Row have neon added. Of the. fifty inmates of the Home during the year six have died, whose name." and aye* arc as fol lows:?Mr< Rich, aged 76; Mrs. C Pou Ion, aged 82, Mrs Jane Howard, aged 71: Mrs Riker, aged 69; Mrs. K. Uurray, aged dfl, Mrs. Simonson, aged 54?making their aggregaia ages 421 years. Seveu old ladies have liccn admitted within tba year. The Treasurer's report showed the total cash resources to have amounted to $15,881. and the payments for the year $10,231, leaving a balance of $3,600 in tba treasury. The Rev. Mr Kim hall made a brief address and tbe meeting adjourned. VnyvHFfL nKraAvrrr.?James Caltihan, a boy seven teen years old, was arrested on the charge of highway ibbliery and locked up at the Forty-first prcc.lnet station houee. It is alleged that iha prisoner is one of tbe gang who parroted a man at tbe corner of Sands street and Bridgeread a few uights since. The indications are that be we.- intending to repeat the operation on Weunoe d?v night, when he was recognized by u tear in bis cont snd other mark* which he had received in the previous encounter. He was brought before Justice Morehouse yesterday morning, but tbe complainant failing to ap pear, and his place oi residence being unknown, the fellow was restored to liberty. In this technical way a great maul well known rascals etcape trom Justice and are again l< t loose to prey upou the community. A Vktimuw? Pimm an ?- A German named Charles Blohm. a fireman on hoard the New York Submarine Wrecking Company's steamer Saxon, waa arrested on Wednesday night by the Atlantic dock police while is the act of stealing a composition valvg balongtnr to an tur pump. It is staled that ha wan induced M the com mlsalon of the theft by a gang of speculators who hang around the docka and pray upon (he "soft" mariners and others who will lend an ear to than aowardly roguery. WnmaaT KnAtn.?A sergeant of tbe Porty*ninth pre cinct i? Wednesday night last arrested Michael Moron, who war found carting n barrel of Illicitly distilled whiskey along Myrtla avenue. The prisoner, who ta said to Iw the proprietor of a still corner of Myrtle and Noel rand avenues, was held for examination before Jndga Benedict, of tbe United States Conn, for violation of the Internal Rovonoo law. PmenAL or a Wox-known PnrmcitN ?tba inner el of tbe lata T>r. George T. Donner took place from bis former residence, corner of Fonrtb and North Sixth el reels, K. D , yesterday afternoon, and waa largely at tended by members of tbe medical profession, citlsens generally and Hyatt I,od#o of P. and A. Masons, of which body deceased bad bee a for many years a mam tier. The doctor waa ah active practitioner, and died from typhoid fever, contracted from one of hit patient*. He was a native of Germany, a telf-mad* man, and died in his forty-drut year. CAnrrns or a Wagon Load or Wmeuxv.?At a late hour on Wednesday night an officer of the Porty-aerenth precinct seised a wagon laden with contraband whiskey while on its way to Naw York over the Tenth street ferry. Walter Tlnte, ths driver of the wagon, waa also arrested and locked up to await iba action of the rove nu* authorises. Fiwe in a OowsnavATonT.? At an early hour yesterday morning a firs occurred in Stoasel's .greenhouse, situ ated In Grand street, near Leonard, E D., which re sulted in damaging the place to tbe extent of $.100 Tne Are waa caused by an overheated furnace. NEWS fROM MISSOURI. Relewoe of Colonel Montgomery- Legislative Invest leal loo lo Relation la the Mole of tbo NaflMiis or the Mtote. Are. 8r. Lorto Jan. SI. 1867. Ttse aaooof Coloaal Moatgomary, who waa arrostad under the Civil Rights Mil for acta conn itted while in command of the Hut* militia a Lexlngtoa. and taken out of the tUitad States Marshal's hand* by a writ of hdheno oorpAt lam I led by Judge Kracket, United PteUtoi Courtjy waa elnaad an Tnuaday, and n dan moo lunfieratt yeatVday releasing the defendant. Jndga Kracket took t V ground that tba Ovll Rtghta Mil WM intended to afrordVminciion lo freedmen who hod boos slay?sod did sot Vadode white eittaona, and thot lf * peasant during the exam 'nation of the witnesses, coin cided with Judge Krer.Xet, and released the ether pHeonere snorted at the siW time Colonel Montgomery waa. The Hone* committee to invest irate the nle of rail rood* in this State "Mourn#d fr 3m Jefferson City to 81 Louis, where they will examine , witness**. The oM wooden building former *7 fed a* lb* Illinois Central R?rh*nd depot van hva.Ml *** sight loss i f 1S.M0; Inmwl for $7,000 ta <M Pndii ?HUH', poll tan mod Home, of New Havm. Tbe HtickMU' Exchange of tbta City In* adepts* (be Niuil system, u> take effect March 1. KWS flOH THE ?HT MKS. Depart are ? f the Ueteraar flratral rf *? malca far Heudaraa-The Harua Qaarta ttaa Kalted The Mai all-pax at Malaaaat *"'? *C* K.w Omjuj^ Jaa. M, XM7 Waal India advices received ataia that the cholera te decreasing at St. Ttiomaa; bat the mail-pox and pallet fever are raging. The Governor Genual of Jamaica, Sir Peter Onal> If* an the 12th for Hondurae, with troope ta mpprem te taearrecUuB. Havana advices received stale that the < veeeela from Liverpool, London, Cardiff i been raited. The Bank of Santiago de Cuba will he go into liquidation. The emall-pos i* raging violently at Matantae MISl'ELLA\KOOI. ? A STRENGTHENING AND PALATABUB DRIXI, ? ? AN INVALUABLE NUTRIENT. ? ? AND AN EXCELLENT UMlbT. * HOFPS MALT EXTRACT ?????# ?????? BEVERAGE OP WEAL'S The following ralwa of Eurnoe. who onwatanHi dnk HOKE'S MALT EXTRACT for tiio .preservation of hefth and aa a table beverage, hare givin Mr. HOPP tbetr bipal mark* of approbation. ?r have appointed him purwwt to their Court*:?H M. King Wiliium i. of Prussia; M. IM. Emperor ot Russia; H. 1. M. Ktnperur Napoleon III. M. Empeior of Austria; U N. Kin* Christian 1*., oi. ?n m.trk, H. M. late Ring Leopold, of Belgium; H. Bit. Crown Prince of Prndtia; H. B H Victoria, Crown fihii of Pruuua. and rnurcaaof Wale*. Aa Ac. Bmtdm map Mr. HOFF ha* received from II. 1 S. the Emperor or Anna the highest (taia* or Mem < in ?cki>owloilgnrf?t ?f the an derful effect* produced by hta Malt Extract *a R I.MJhe Emurwas while sintering from-roosumpUoo), eM hee'tee Teaqetly created Counsellor of Ouwtmalhe R? Dh MBef ?tjChmfluwf HwEP'B MALT EXTRACTedw new ofted luppf^cuUiS Hn. . toh trtumonidia irMm luahiouAia. h?micm* itmm vuwj, ** here and In Nwrope. we do not inieitd te give eitravAet pratao to thi* prepare Won, aa it* r-pulaUoota already Wld wide, and'aa t 1iim| delicious and valuable beverage rem meud* lisell; but we wi*h te rail the attention of the pale, and particularly ef the nick, to its superior qualities. Prom the Km* of Denmark. Mr. Hon?HI* Majesty the King ha* ordered me 1W1 ereaa the satisfaction his Majesty ha* experienced f row he eneflclal effects which your MALT EXTRACT haa prodMd on hi* own person and on aeveral members of his east family. By order. L. CaSTKNBCHIOLD. Aide-de-camp of hi* Majesty Kiug Christian JX. ef Deurk. Corixiiux. ~ New Toax, Jen. at. 1ft Ma Horr?1 atn obliged to *av that NT LADY ia greiv benefited by the use of your MALT EXTRACT. It loot only a very pleasant be\ erage but alto a very efficaciousis,, and strengthen* the stomach aa well aa the nerves audio whole system. (Kollews order. > C. P. WAGNER. 173 N: tbevant To Hon's Depot, M9 Broadway. Naw Toax, Jan. 9. IS Data Mx Horr?Mr physician haa advised my wife MM your Malt Extract IX&TBAD of PORTER or A LB, and ke is much BENEFITED RV IT Plea*e to send again. *? J. UELLRK. l? Lexington aveav UOPP'S MALT EXTRACT DEPOT, MS BROADWAY, IT. PRICE SIX DOLLARS PER DOZER. One doxen and upwards delivered to any part of tblsgy or suburbs free of charge Sole agent for Fenaeyivda, WARD T. CAKFEE, Philadelphia. Bold everywhere AN ALLCOCK'8 POROUS PLASTER AFFLIEOro the chest or to the back cures a cold or oough onus a single night Sore throat, paint of the side, of the chest, w earnest the back and kidney*, lumbago, rhetimaliam ef thwev. ankles, coid feet, spinal affections. THE CUBES EFFECTED IN OVER A MILLIORF CASES. AS ABOVE NAMED, PLACE THE HEALING POWERS OP ALI.COCK'S POROUS PLASTER BEYOND DISPUTE. REMARKABLE CURE OP INJURED SPINS. Hanrvonn, Conn., Nov. II, I kn?l<. Thomas ALuroea A Co ? Please seed, withto palch. twelve doren Allcoek'a l*qeeu* Plasters. Oar |v experienee oooflrte* their very superior eMBlenee. A U SW&X^JXMSST'Eflhrtl 5e?s t xtttac severely injured, had wee far niwelj a peer eg ty helpless. Thi* tuan found relief very soon by- (be *| h t Ion of-a plaster to hit spine. He was aeon enabled '# h. and now he labor* aa weU a* ever. He-WedM shakefnff if SORENESS OP THE CHERT CCfBD. Da Map lam Arm one ef . .. . j aLLOOOK'* POROUS PLASTERS. I was so sore through me at that time I ceo Id hardly t*k or breathe. It was noi mote thaa three hours after I i It on before I felt comfortable I had suffered very Job from soreness of the chest, with cough and heareemfftar mnntba. but yotu plaster has cured me, end my hag te batter than it has been for yaara. PHHBE PATCHl Bcavka Dam Srhuyler County. N. Y.. Sept. It, 1SML Sold by druggist* everywhere. i'rtnctpaJ Agency, la dreth House, New Vork. Am address hy dh j. h htubnck on COUGHS AMD COLDS. . Ever; ease of r.inaiutnnUon onimcDcn with oeugwi Bted from the Individual having taken cold. The dioense* of the tit p?j.?ege? ?ra of great intra to ever* Intelligent being. Tlie delicate organization Ike lung*, ibelr uuna'ant activity and ibeir being nxpne In contact of air of ?uch dllferent temperature, and wblqpn talni varum* Irritating matter* nuapended In it. Bar tliem especially liable to diaeaae, and thoae of a meataeus character l,ct me dtrec* vonr attention to the afmptoma aigif. fet'ut part* which are diaeaaeu when a pereoc bae aaa n*n cold. The tootllh, tioae .lir >aL organ* of onto*, and itinera lined by a contiuuou* membrane. which. In gate af hue lib B i onnln nll t inlilal The secretion of iht* pi*, ture. In a certain amount, coviauiutee a neeeaaory part iu healthy function, but when an individual gets a cold,jaet of all tbla uieinnrana bee.unea in banted, the flrat eft of which la to alter it* accretion. It la at tir*t drv?tbe accretion te anspended?It benee awollen and thicker than before, It la redder than naral. and il* tenailiiluv u perceptible altered. Wa ran aeetor tton of thi? membiaoe, and, l>y noticing tho changetro dnoed in it bv inflammation. wo infer thoea ahannaa tan era ap! to take place In the parte we cannot aee Ffcmdv baa etuerienced In their own i>er?on an lnflammattno that part of the*ne lining the noae. conatltntlng told in the bond At flrat Ihe go?iril il dry, and thoort In dry, we ennnot brenlhe thronah it?it ia Muffed up Itba membrane being aweticd?tbe leuae of anaell ia aire! or lo?l?tiie part i? red. tender and IrriUble? the aunt of air a little colder or loaa pure than oonunon dtea aoeeilna. Sometime*, when tlfe i* severe, there ia alght uhillineaa. and toward* eiemng a little fever. Af|tbe drvneaa the membraue aecreiea a thin, watery fluid, tiub by degreea ne, omea thicker The rwelling of the memeno dimlmahe*, and. aa the inflammation tubatdea. It toon raw . the aerretlon rratimaa IU natural quality, and ro dnced in quanthv, and the uiemhrane again la la Me abral atate. Such ia the general aumwo of a ..old ia tho bow When the inflammation goea down Into tho Inttgo It mid to be u cold in the chest. It eoaieumea travel* front ogiart MMd #* 'ben MfddM ? a ?legreaoTpoin or wree atee aefom the chew. Bight fever and (htroVand a tbiWhNa of lha membrane to another, beginning in the aoaand graduallv creeping down lute the windpipe and lunge 'hen n person haa vneb a ooM. there la a dry eeagh. aw loan difceuhy iu hreatbing. dbmetinwe ade coat vpan the lingua. wniuh i* not aJw.y* the ?nan Frequently h h-wtle of Schenck'a Piilmoaie Ryrupid n hoi or Sehefick"* Mandrake Pllla, freely lahon, wW cm off a cokd of ibt* kind. In avery e4?*e where* per eon hasten what ia called n lre*h cold, they shonld lata a go or Sehenck's Mandrake Pllla, or aewinthkag that w* adpoa the liver tnot caiooeD and plicate the atooioch, thsmub the aid of Puimoaie Syrup. it ia .".Tried off?not ill tho ordinary iwvedieo thai are uaed lor?eoM- av m ofk a rough wbirh la left in <ha ay?tem to hieah out agsin/oraa than betorr. at the alluutrat ehanga of wthor. If tbla cotnwe waa followed, -van to take a good m of Shenck'a Mandrake PIMa, without the Pulmonic hyrt and phyaie the bowel* welJL huudreda, yea, thenaandwould easapc ronsumpiloa. Wliau the liver and atonaach ploraa their duty ft ia diflieult to lake eoM. or, ia fnet, anptkor dlocate Tvphoid. billon* or rhllla and fevar engg ha taken wken lha ay.iem la In it* proper oooditlea Houflon Bne go out In 'he cold, rainy weather, get wet tat par and eipect In lako a aevne eofd. and yet rerrtvOD in convenience li on Ik while at other timet, with tbe ifcteM etpoeore, tboy taha a kotuo* cold. Tbe rat and ia, thoter in inactire, tbe call bladder ia locked up, the Mood haa it Ho natural circulation and the ayatem la In a condition treirh anything An ulcerated throat, canker or catarrh laluaod hy acidity of the atoiuach, a coated tongue, hod bra* and ark headache aea from the name eanae. and the pa all entity removed by ualng Sch.-nck'a Pnlmonw Ave, Son Weed Tonic and Mandrake Pllla according lo the diit loos which areomtiaav each. I ahull point*h in the WumALO from day In day iofomtlne aa a guide to tboae laboring under lung dieeam. ewtng Ihe did*rent forma In lla varlnna Rtagea. from a .nana cold to bronchial pulmonary, dyapeptle and pleurtt can ?nmptlon SUBJECT to mcrrow- 'BRONCHIAL CONSUMHON ' and "LARYNOITIS." Patient* ran menu It me pmfe*a tonally at my reta * Bond atreet, Mrw York. avery Tl K8PAY. from 9 AM. to 3 P. M All advice free or cnaigc, hat for d thcrob n aminatlon wnh hir reapirometer $11. Price of IbfUI. MOMIC STRI'P and SEAWEED TONIC, ant* $]p per bottla. or $7 ?0 per half rioten. MANDRAKE PL Br per bo* Sold by drnggieta and denier* everywhere. A ful? ?upply can always he obtained at bla ronnwh ? BoMUwet. New York. DEM AS BARNES A CO.. II Park row, Sow lark,m*re Wbolaaale Agenla. ____________ A MO fam mvOM'M OBTAINED IN ANyIaTe" without pnlilictu nr exposure: gned everrwher ' on ?uluuon free. No fee* rharped until dlvoroe b obtged OBOBGK LINCOLN, latwyer, SP Naamu 'ei Absolute divorces legally obtains, in New Tork and olher HUtea, wiiliout pubbclty ffeo till divorce granted. Con* u I tattoos free. M. IIUWF.S, A.tojioy. Ac., 7$ NaaaaolTOek -PRBRTS FAMILY OINTMENT IS Cl'RIN HUN . deed* dad/ of Barn*, Bunid*, Oatherrd Bran, S. rg Nlppleo, PI lea. Rheuinati*m, Hnrea, Chilblain, thwn*. Chapped Hand* Aa Price 26 acuta. Hold by nil wggiiu. Depot Iff Chatham *tfoet. Try thia Invaluable c? AltOAlNS.?WATER FALLS. $3; SINOLBirBLS $1. three Pnlf?, I* Qrerlan Curia, $C #rvthlng eboap at PECK HAM'S Hair Biuanra,*! Mntnd *?ei near Bowery. New Tork. and corner Fourth nod Eedi Ntntb atraalq WHBamWtifg. Hair Dreailwg Id cU. CnAh'a out Annibimtar flfVcwie. > /"Hi BBS, BON IONS, EM AA HOED JOINTS >D -ALty I > DMoMmof the Nmt aueeAby Dr. XiOHARl, Me Broadway ^ rtO TO THOMAS H. AUNRW'S, OMBRNT CH AR? UT Murray airreie where you will And tebo. ffaea. fl*h. erand everything viae cheaper than nay at* iffNww k. TT1INBT A. DANIKWt, M. D . SUEoKON, Nt?U*tON Xx aquare.?Abaoluie radlenl on re witbnnl kff*. anuauc dvdeteotlon from hu?ln*aa, fbr pllea. atrtetaraJduU. die nnneaef pelvic vlaoern. Deformitiae df Aye, nof faee and pampn. OMee honm from ? to II <vK!)t DIRBASR, SALT Mlt^L PILI O frolki cnuae, laabnglr ^ NBDY'S .Ofnitoenl and Pllla Nun tftdtd eax1 at nlBan. IM Elm ? treat.