Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1867 Page 2
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SITUATIONS WAWTEIV-FBWALgg. "* YODNaMLADY WHO SPEAKS GERMAN AND A Eugli?h. ?nU has been ten ling store ow eight /MM w iabde a suuatiou. Call ou or addreaa J. A Keller, lla I*ant Via at YOUNG PERSON WISHER A EITCATION AB lady 's iu?td; apeak* French, German and Kugliah; BO objection in travel. Apply at 53 Crosby at. A a YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL. 1? YEARS OP AGE, A Intelligent and of amiable diapoaitiou, desires a pcrrua ? it situation aa nunc and seamstress. or would hare no o> .action to art aa companion. State where and when an it .erview may ba had. No noMe answered. Addreaa Mlaa 1'., atation D. A FIRST CLASS OPERATOR ON WHEELER A Wilson'a sewing machine dealrea engagemenu to go out by the day or week to oriTate families, or stitching done at the house. Apply et 133 East 22d at. A NUMBER op WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN girls want aitaationa at Mrs. Lowa'e German laalliuie, 17 Stanton at., near Bowery. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 81TCA tioti to cook, waah and Iron or do general housework. In a small private family ; has good elty reference from bar last employer. Call at to Weal elKh at., near 6th a?. A N AMERICAN GIEL WISHES A PLACE A8 SEAM. A stress or chamoermatd. Call at or addreaa 183 Sooth 1st at. Williamsburg.| A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation in a small private family, to do housework, or cook, waah and iron; good city reference. Gall for two days at 108 East 23d at. A YOUNG LADY DESIRES TO TAKB IN FAMILY A sawing on Wheeler and Wllaon'a machine: understand* ladies' and gent's undergarment*; or would go out by day or weak. Apply at 137 Knit 46th at! " ' A WIDOW LADY, WITH A CHILD, AOXD 7 TEARS. IS ? desirous of a situation aa housakeeper In a private I family; an invalid lady not objectionable. Salary not so ? dasa L I much an object as a boose. Address for throe days L A. T., Brooklyn Post offloe. AM PIRST CLAES GERMAN COON WOULD UKB TO ? get a situation In a private German family. The best reference can be given. Apply et 18 ov. A, in the store, h A RESPECTABLE MARRIED LADY WI8HB8 A SIT uatmn as wet nurse; with a fresh breast of milk. Call at MB 17th si, near sr. A, top Boor. WIDOW LADY. AGB 18, UNENCUMBERED, WHO la giving up housekeeping, wishes the charge of a gen n'a houeebold; is expert en oed and worthy of trust. tiemaah . . _ Only those who give real name and residence need address Mrs. H. Leaf, 1 330 Market at., Philadelphia. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation as nurse and plain sewer or to take the en tire charge of a baby from its blith; bus nine years' city reference from her last place. Can be seen for two days at 039 tith av., near the corner of 33d at, second floor, back room. AYOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUA* Hon aa governess in a family and where she can he treated aa one of the family; la willing and obliging. Only thoaa who will treat an orphan kindly need answer for one weak Hoaoe. atation O. Beat reference. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN wishes a situation aa nurse and seams tree*. Call for two days at No. I Mllllgau place, between lOtb and 11th sts., tith av., top floor, back room A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yotin* woman, aa good cook, washer and lroner; ha* the heal of oi:y reference. Can be seen for two days at 188 83<i at, near 7th av. A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A private family. Inquire at 11 Suffolk at., aecond floor. AYOUNO QIRL WISHES A 8ITUATION TO DO light chamberwork, take care of children, or to do plain sewing. C.-.n be seen at ber present employer's, 187 East 1Mb at A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN EM ployment to keep an office clean. Gall at 67 Baxter at., corner of Franklin. Can f urn tali good references. A COON, WASHER AND IRONER DESIRES A SITU, altou; sbeia a respectable young Protectant woman, and le a good cook, competent and willing to give entire sat isfaction to her employer aa to testimonials, ability, Ac. Call at 113 West 16th at., between 6tli and "th avs. A LADY nAVINO A WHEELER A WILSON'S 8KW Ing maclilue wtshea dressmaking or family sewing at ber own resldenee, or will go out by the day. Inquire' at 181 East MMh at. third floor. AM RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atloa aa oeok In a smaM private family: Is willing to as atst wHh the washing and ironing; beat of city reference. I Cell at her present employer's 383West 88th at., from 11 loS 4 GOOD DRESSMAKER WANT* TO GO OUT ?Y THE day or week. Addreaa Mary Nelson, station O, New h, for a week. A EITCATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE. I A yeaog pri, ee ohemlnameld or waitress, or to tabs ?t?<f f ehfldrca; la willing and obliging; beat of city refer Call at ISEWestSftb St., second floor, room No. A A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WO man. aa good oook and excellent washer and lroner. Apply at 188 Forsyth street, m the rear basement. A SITUATION WANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE to take cars of children aad do sewing; or esslat in chamberwork and sew log; can do all kiude Of embroid ery; bee good city reference. Call at 87 West 46tb at, be tween 8th end 7th avs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ynung girt, aa good plain nook, washer and lroner, In e pieoe. CaJUat Boor, back room. email family; beet of olty reference four veer* from her last Call at 188 Eaat 47tli at., flret bouse from 3d av.. top AN EXPERIENCED DRESSMAKER WANTS WORK by I " ~ " 18th at 1 the day la a private family. Can be seen at IB West RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA tion to cook. wash and iron, or would do c*n>ral house t; can ba well recommended. Call at ICS West 30th at. AYOUNO GIRL LATELY LANDED, WHO 18 A GOOD sewer, wants a situation as nurae and seamstress or as chambermaid and wallresa; good ret'ereuee given; Is Willing and obliging. no objections to go in the country. Call at 308 flth as., between 24th and 2tib ata. YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS FIRST class chambermaid; understands line wa'liins and (lu ting, or would co ?? waitress; Is willing and obliging: best of ~ ? i at 84 West J? * city reference. Can be aeon for two days at 84 west 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl. to rook, wash andiron, or do general housework In a small private family; la a good bread and biscuit maker; has the best of ctly reference Imm her last place. Can be seen for two days st 041 3d sr., eotiauce on 3*th st. A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WHO HAS LOST her own baby, wishes s situation s? wot nurse in a re spectable family. Address Mrs. Yarwood, 133 North 5th st., Williams berg. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BY A RESPECT A B I.E A voung girl, to do rhamberwnrk or watting, or to assist with the washing: Is willing and obliging; good city refer sure. Call st 34 West 30th st. WELSH PROTECTANT GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA ?lon as first class Waitress or chsmherras'd m s prtraie family; can gne good references. Can be seen st 217 Tth id Doc nr., second floor. A GIRL WANT8 A PLACE AS COOK. WASHER and lroncr; no objections to the country. Call nt 77 Washington at. top floor. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do chnmt>erwort and walling or to take rare of chil dren and do plain sowing. Call at Set West 36th at, between 8th and 8th a vs. Good reference. A YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS GOOD plain cook, washe. and trench In a small family: good et'.y reference. Can be seen at 217 Tih a? second floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY YOUNG woman, as first dais nurae; la capable of taking care of children from their Infancy; nude stands chamherwork and waiting: would be wllliug to do either; has the beat of eit* reference. Can be seen for two days st 193 East 93th st.. between 2d and 8d are. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A situation sa wet nurae in s prirate family: Iter baby It flee weeds old. Can tie seen for two days st No. 941 East 19th st. FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WANTS A SITUATION. Call at No. 870th sr. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurae and seamstress: can take the entire charge of s baby from lis Mrth. and hat the beat of elty reference. Call st 147 East K2d at., between Letingtoa and 3d sea, ona pair of stairs, back room. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS HOUSEKEEPER, companion for a lady or as goeernoas for small chil dren. Distance no objection. Address Mrs. 8. E. Burger, Wilmington Post offloe, Delaware. a SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPBOTaBLE WO. A mill. Pi cook, wa?h and Iron; ean do all kinds of baking and can cook all kinds of game. Uood elty references. Call game. ?t 180 East ?4b at All families wanting oapablb skbyants, Immediately, and good German girts. Large Employ moot Institute. 108 6th ae., below 8th st. A SITUATION WaNTED-AS COOK, WASHER AND Inner; a German family preferred; good elty refer ence; no objection to do geneial housework. Call at 167 4Ut it., between fith and 9th art., lu the rear, first floor. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKR TO GET work in a private familv by the day; understands cut Una and biting if required. Call at 238 West l?th St. A RESPECTABLE TOUNO GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA *? 5* rhj?bermatd and wailrfu, good city refer enoea. Call at 82 West 33U at, between 8th and 7th srs. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITCA thm ?? cbantbermsid and waltreaa; no objeetlen to dc EuttWtli"atWWOr M her old employer's. 101 TOUNO Q1HL DESIRES A SITUATION TO DO . heesewert i n a imllprlnlil* m Uv. Ooad tdtr refer t Ohll St 465 9d sr., between 33d and 33d sis., first floor. A TOUNO GERMAN WOMAN WISHES a SITUATION as ehambermakl for a mil family ; speaks Rue I s* pstfsatly. Call nt 1K7 Heater at., dry goods store | EBSPNCTABLK YOUNG OIRL WISHES A B1TUA A Udfi w chambermaid sad waitress, has the best of eMr references. Can be seen nt her present employees, 140 West Wth at. * - _ A MILLINER AND SEAMSTRESS W A NTS To WriRK A in famtlisa by the day or week. Address Miss Otis pilfer, 290 Grand at. SITUATION WaNTED-BT AN HONEST GERMAN ^ r,rote*tant girl, to do all kinds of housett ork or cooking; can come well reoommended. 211 1st sr., third floor. 1 root root . ... _. CHTUATION WANTED-BY A RF.8PECT.M1LR PRO ^ seatant young woman, to do light housework and make herself generally aaefui. Apply for two 8ay? nt 88 let at., root M Situation wanted-by a respectable rR? tsstsnt girl, to do general hnuaework, washing and In* la+cSlX >41 reorT st. third floor. Alton wajttbd-by a young woman, Ai undress and dhambermmld, good slW refer eiisa QfiB West 07th at. fas t-e date SITUATIONS WANTKD?KKMAL.KS. SITUATION WANTKD-BT A TOUKO WOMAN. TO do general bou-ewurk in a nod private family; li aa excellent ??ihw ant* trooor and good plain cook, must bo. the only aervaot; won't go to the country; AO letters an* i ?wared. Call at *Bl)t Elliabotli at., near Bloeoker. In tho Travel.?a labt of education and good connection*, with a thorough knowledge of German and French, the latter of which she speaks with fluency, would Uke to acoompauy a family who Intend to go abroad aa a ilon. sho w '" ' companion, eh* would have no objection to aaaume tho oare and Instruction of young ml*?ea who may be In the marty: reference* will bo given and required. Address Traveller, box 163 New York city Poet oAoe. TWO 8I8TBB8 WISH SITUATIONS?ONE AS CHAM bermaid and wallreaa: la a good plain aewer the other to do general honaework; Is a good washer and ironer; good referenco. Can be seen for two days at *3 Waits at TWO 8IBTBE8 DESIRE SITUATIONS?OHS AS plain nook and axoelleat washer and lronar; la s good baker of broad; tha,other aa first class chambermaid and waitress, or to assist with fins washing and ironing; both have good reformed. Cell at 137 West 1Mb st, between 8th and fin are. rpWO RESPECTABLE GIRLS WISH SITUATIONS? A ost to do general housework la a small privets family; i the other as chambermaid and wallreaa Good references. Call at 1? Madison at H THWO PROTEST ANT GIRLS WANT SITUATIONS-ONE ? aa aeamatresa and nurse; the other no chambermaid and waitress. Apply for two days et 41 Downing st, third WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE; NO objeotioa In either city or oountry. Apply et II Bright et, Jersey City. WANTED??T A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A STTUH vf tion as waitress or to chansberwosfc, In n privflP family, with three veers' references. Cell at 133 Bth at, near 8th sr. room No. 3. first floor, for two days. mm WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PEBSOV, A 8ITUA tion as chambermaid and to assist tat the care of chil dren; beat of city reference. Call at Ml Bast Slat et WANTRD-A SITUATION. IN A SMALL FAMILY, BY TV a flm class laeadress who Is will lag to ast In any ea parity connected with kousekeeptag; first ctaas emrngtam tlons. Apply at MM flth av., WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, aa waitress or chambermaid. In a small private family. Call at 33 Waal 13th st, second floor, front room. w ANTED-A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS COOK, In n private boarding house. Call at 838 Bast Ilth st WANTED-A 81TUATION BY A YOUNO RESPECT able German girl, as chambermaid or seamstress. Call at or address 69 tin av., picture store. WANTBD-A 8ITITATION BY A YOUNO GIRL, AS chambermaid and waitress. Can be seen et her present employer's, 817 West lath st, from 10 to 12, to-day only. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOUNG GIRL. A situation in a respectable gentleman's family, as chambermaid and waitress; would hare no objection to take care of children : in or out of towu. Can be eeen for one day at 92 Weal 40th st WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8TTUA tion In a small private family, to oook. waah and iron; understands her business well, and has giod city recom mendation. Call at 878 9d av., near S7tb st WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE8PEOTABLF. Wo man. aa cook, washer and ironer in n amall private family; or would assist in the washing of n large fami ly; las good baker of bread, cake and pastry; thoroughly understand* her business; h?n good citv reference. Can be seen at 220 80th et, between 1st and 2d av*., second Boor, baok room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, a baby to wet nurse at her own house: ba* lost he r own two months old. Call for two days at 112 Willstt at WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A LADY. TO OO WEST or South to make up lacs and illusion goods; best of re ference. Address 33 Maedougal st, New Turk. YKTANTED-BY A SUPERIOR COOK. WITH BXCKL *V lent city reference, a situation, in the city or oountry; understands nil etvlea of oooklng, meats, poultry, baking and pastry; does the coarse washing. Call at 192 Earn 21st et WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A 8ITUA tlon as chambermaid, or to do general housework In n smalt family; ot ty or conn try. Call for two days at Mrs. Dunn's, 402 Greenwich el. WMASHING WANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE voting woraaR; can do all kinds of washing polishing and fluting in Mm best style; the beet of ?i|y reference. Call, at 103 West ttth st WHORK WAMTBD-BT A COMPETENT SEAM stress and operator, by lbs day; undei assmiti dress making and an Idnda of family sewing. Call at*address KM WW SStit ot. f>p tieor HELP W ASTED-FICMA Lgft H rmw WANTED?IE A FAMILY OF TWO, A DOOM II to-dJ^sTSLSFfcSi st^SSwSe^W'iud'jut a?'^^ ' NMURSK.-W ANTED IMMEDIATELY, A COMPETENT middle aged Amariean ordtnglish woman, to take en tire charge of an Infant ten months eM. and to do plain sew- I log; no other work. Apply after too cPctook at 48 West fflth st Nurse waxtkd-to onaroe or A CHILD two ?wn old: on elderly peroon preferred. Apply nt tho office of the Waveriey Room, t?7 Broadway, corner of TIT ANTED?A THOROUGHLY EXPERIENCED WAIT "? rasa: mint ktw good roTereoeoa. Apply botwoan ? mod It o'olock ot ? 5th av. WANTED?AS HOBSEKEKPEK. A TO If If f? OB MID (lie aged A inert nan woman, to do the work for three young men or reapoetabiltty. Addreaa O. A. R.. Herald , for two days. w ANTED?A GIRL. BBTWKBN THB AGES OP It and 13 years; would adopt an orphan, provided aha la wed with a good diapoaitlon and good parentage: a he be food of flowers and rural life. Addreaa In own endowed moat handwriting for two daya A. In Herald ofliee. w ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK; ALSO A GOOD wmaher a nd Ironer. A pply at 1M Amity at. YITAXTLD-IW A PRIVATE FAMILY. A FRENCH OR TT German woman; aha mual he fully capable to wean n child ten montha old. Rest of referenue will he required as child ten months old. Rest of reference will be required i regards diapoaitlon. sobriety and bonaaty. Addreaa Bra. 8. Til., station D. TIT ANTED?A WAITRESS AND CHAMBERMAID; TT none need apply who do not understand their business and can coma this week. Wages $10. Apply at 104 Bast 2td at., from 10 to 11 A. B. w ANTKO-A WELL RRCOMMENDED COOK. WASH er and Ironer. at S30 l<.aet SJth at. Wanted-a girl, with references, for housework In a small family; wages $10. At Dr. C. Muller'a. A West Houston at., corner Won tier at WANTED-A FIR8T CLASH SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO understands drees making; none need apply but those having good olty references. Call at 111 Lexington av.. be tween the hoars of 10 and S, Friday. TXT ANTED?A GERMAN. ENGLISH OB SCOTCH WO TT nun. to do the general housework of a small private family. Apply at No. 7 Poplar at.. Brooklyn. WANTED?A WET NURSE WITH A FRRSH BREAST of milk. Apply at 31" Weat 00th St., between 7th and ?th ava. WANTED?-A PROTESTANT WOMAN. TO COOK, wash and Iron. must have ettv reference. Apply at SOI Weat 13th at., between 10 and 13 A. M. TKTANTRD-A NEAT. TIDT OIRL. IN A SMALL PRI. TT rate lamily. to do | gc.ieral bouarwork. mum be a good plain rook, washer and leaner, come well recommended with city reference. Apply at 113 East lflth at, near 3d av., be tween 10 and 3 P. M. SITUATION* WANTED?MALES. A GENTLEMAN OF SEVhRAIi YEARS' RXFRRI enpc In the W. I. commission and llqnnr Importing business, of good abilities, aud now Oiling a very responsi ble position, wishes an engagement from 1st March, at a tiring aalarr. first class refrrenora furnished. Addreaa R. D., box 1.071 Poet office. LAD 17 TEARS OF AGE WISHES A SITUATION; baa had some experience In the gents' furnishing bust nesa. Can ontne recommended from hie last employer. Addies# H.. hot 107 llerald office. AYODNO MAN. a TEARS OF AOK. WISHES A situation la a banker's and broker's office, aa operator la storks; has first class references. Addreaa J. O. B., llerald office. A YOUNG COLORED MAN. HATING GOOD REFER ence. wishes a all nation as waiter In a private family; no objection to the oouutry. Call on or ddreas Waiter. 87 PORTER OR FIRRMAN.?A TOI'NO MAN WANTS A situation aa porter or fireman In a hotel; good rity re ference. Address J. M., Herald office. rno paper manufacturers.-A YOUNG man who I has had over ten f&iTV STpAHcnvy <ja the paper bnalneae snakes a situation; would travel if oecoMary. Address C. A. R-. box S,jW Post office. r HOTEL AND SALOON PROPRIETORS.-ADVF.R tieer, aged flu. of loog experleuoe. end being thoroughly acquainted wlih the busineae. wants a situation na barkeeper In. or to lake the entlee charge Of some ratabllahmeol. wham the services of a strictly sober, steady and reliable man oaa lie rendered available. Addreaa for one week Bar, Herald office. TEA TRADE.?A GENTLEMAN OF MUCH RXPRRI ence la open to represent a first class house in the cltr er tbroughont the States; the highest of reference and secu rity can be given. J. B. R., Herald office. WANTKD-BY A RK8PBCTABLE MARRIED COUPLE, altnatlons. the man aa waiter and wife aa eook: well understands gelling up linen; many yean experience In London: good city references; town preferred. Apply at IS Greenwich St., close to Castle Harden, for three daya. TX7-ANTRD-A SITUATION Afi JEWELLER'fl A8BINT TT a at, er clerk, la wholesale or retail bwataees. ran ??ak and carreers'ud la the I'reech sad Gen apeak aai eerreaposd la the Preach and German languages. Addrwea M Boons. 3M T East 1Mb at. ANTED?A SITUATION AN OOPTINT OR 1 TT mnifioM byngrsilimas wbnsan fnrnlab Gas MsHmsntnls as to anaraoter and qn a M Una I Inns Add O. P., station D. ITANTBD.-A TOUMG MAN WT8HK8 A SITUATION 1 to hxarn bartending aa a knewMgs ef Ue ages no object. Address W. MaC-. bns MB Meml ,Xj^ AddreSs W. MeC.. 3M Herald sites. IT ANTED?BT A NOBKR TOUMG MAN, A J*TUA T tlon aa general workman; has a fair eduoatloo. Call .? or address for two day? Jaaoei Brady, 17 Jiy ?!? | CLERKR AID flALEIMKT. A HOSIERY AND NOTION SALESMAN WINHRN TO j\ make an engagement with n Aral cla?s house^ trade Ilex ib Ohio and Pennsjlvanla. Address W. R.. Brooklyn Post office. V?OORKREPF.R._A youno gentleman, with Tlir 1' highest teatlmonlaM, dealrns's situation av bookkeeper ?r eamstand; la eii. rgvnc, and abundantly nble und cotupe tent to glv* entire ?atl<iaeih>n to his emplover; salary md #o much of aa object aa a permanent altnnilofi In n good hou*f. Address A. l> , box Ji5 llerald office. CTOAL NALESMAN?A YOUNO MAN WELL t J quainted with the wholesale cent Irade, wlvhe* an gagsment a* city ?alevman or travails Urnd refarsn AAArsaa V. E.. beg im foil ?Mc? ClilRKS AND MRIaBSMB*. Dnni CLERK WAMTKD.-APPLY TO BA11U CAMP H bell, corner 8lh nr. end nth it. VTOTICK TO BEEF AND*PORK BUTCH KR8?WANT ?Lv ed. by e competent yotn* inan, e situation u Hales men In a wholesale and retail esuldiahment; os* apeak ?Hn; best of reference loi the laat hii yearn. Call at or West ?7th at.. flfthcotiage from 10th ar. KnCATlOM WANTED.- t YOUNO MAN HAVING ? .-iglit ye?i ?' eictrinij^Rj. tti.- paper hauling and ahade HHttnesa dretree^Lm^^^R aaleaiiian: reference* given. | Addhe** * JS ^^at . Brooklyn. TO TRAVEL FOR B one aeqnainted with man a good situation la offered. ^?articular*. with referouoea, Ac., K. B. fc *>?ce: TirantedTa ah salesman in a TV paint and aHH^^^^PhV Store; one who haa a knowledge of the burtM^^H f"f Address with refer ences box 688 New Tork^^^Hj t*'[* _____ W^HANTXD?A TRAVELER1* oESM AN. OP FIRST I ,-laaa al.lllty and exp^Bv <or paint* colore *r. no other* oeed apply; liberanV%Jhaatu>n and prmtpectol future intereat to a suitable man. Addresa Lead n orxa, 22il and Race eta., Philadelphia. i i -** | ?\ITANTKD?AN ENTRY CLERK! MUST BK AN AC TV Use young man with goad recommendations Addreaa, in own handwriting, box tW Post office. COACHMEN AND GARDENERS. ~ W^MANTKD-BY a YOPNO MAN. LATELY LANDED. I ? afaltuatlon aa coachman, underatanda hla buainem; ontaldo of the elty. Call at 1*7 West t?th at, between Bleeoker.and Hndaen eta KIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. ST A TT young man who thoroughly undersUnd a hia huainea*. Baal of reference can he glron. Addreaa for three day* P. M. mm Broadway, in the aaddlery a to re A HHL.P WANTED? HALES. Agents wanted?with a capital op u to s?. to aell a new patented article, in ail parta of Now York State. Has a rapid sale. CaS at *0 Fulton A WILLIAM ALLEN. A PIltST CLASS LIQUOR MIXES WANTED.?AD dreea Z. M-, Herald oHee. MAN WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TO TAKE charge of a Ane wine and fruit business already es tablished. on Broadway, with $2.500 In ready cask. Good security glren for tho Investment. THOMPSON. 780 Broadway Agents wanted?to sell an article en tfrely new and wanted everywhere; good chanee for Insurance aaenta to use their spam time advantageously $10 per day easily made. 28 Liberty it LL DESIRING SITUATIONS^ IN ALL DEPART menu of huslneta. oall this day at No. 61 Chambers at" Bookkeepers. copyists, clerks, salesmen, porters, watchmen. AOBNTLBMAN WANTRD-OP LITERARY ABILI tlea. aa editor of a weekly commercial paner; a know ledge of German or French dealrable; beat of references required. 112 Pulton street, rear building, third floor. AT 211 BROADWAY. ROOM 10. IMMEDIATE EM ployment for a copyist, salesman, bookkeeper and travel!In* age ut. Young men having reference suited Im mediately. Agents wantrd-por this city and brook lyn; none but energetto end ply. We offer great Inducement*. none hut energetto end responsible men need ap Ter great Inducements. ADAM8 k PLINT, 11? Nassau at., room No. 7. I deliverer. Apply to 1. H. BROWN A MAN WANTED?IN A DOWN TOWN STORK. AND a shipping dork and deliverer. A Co.. 68 Pulton street, up stairs. PI YE INTELLIGENT MEN, OP GOOD ADDRESS, can And lucrative employment at SI Naaaau at., room No. 2; those preferred who are familiar with directory can v&Mlng; commission* liberal. TK7/kNTED?A MSN AND WIFE: THR~MAN~A8 WAITER. Tv and the woman aa an experienced cook. Also wanted, a good girl aa chambermaid. Address, stating wages ex pected. respective ages and bv whom recommended, box lit Philadelphia < Pa.) Poet office. TTTANTKD?A TO0NG MAN WHO WILL MAKE TT himself generally useful and ho eatlafled with a home and small oompeoaatioa. Apply af tar 10 o'clock at B Bast 27th at WANTED-A BOY IN A BROKER'S OFFICE. AD dress box 6 238 Pott oHee, in handwriting of applicant, giving refereucea, Ac. WANTED?AW EflgRST AMP ACTIYB YOUTH WHO understands beekkeeptng. having atraewtedge ef the ctatUascy hnxleim. Apply atM WhlVikaR et. hit nil a t and 11 A.M. 1 ANTED?A CASHIER; MUST WRITR A CLBAR, ? legible hand and nnderatand keeping books by den hie I Beat of teeUmMlnu required. Addreaa hex AtM XJLTANTED?A MAN TO WORE AT A LIOWT MAMU- I TT faetnrlng buainau: a permanent altdhtion can be hag; wngee small at flr?t. Apply at IIS Maiden lane, third floor, at t A. M. Y8X ANTED?MAN AKD H(g WIFK TO Ort A SHORT TT dlntntt In tlx country; aneu mutt be Ami dtu waiter, wtlh i Aral cUu oook; both must lure unexceptionable m teronoea. Address boi #1 General Cut oBw. TOANTED-A MAR. TO WORK A SMALL FARM; A Vr good pteughman and driver, who understands the care of sioel. Apply at II fcul tsek il.Wrom 18 la 13. Apsiy ? ________ "TO ANTED?IN A LAWYER'S OFFICE, A OOOD COPY W tat Add ma. with references, V. * T? hot 1.M9 Paat TXTAJfTKD?TWO YOUNO MRS TO WORK FROM 1 vr o'clock In tha evening until 10S'. thrue erenlnfi eaeh weak: mu<! write well and be quick at figures, W eenla an evening will be paid. Addraea, with apeclmeu of writing and figures, L. T. O., tf Jane at. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE MAN AND HIS WIFE. ? tohve with a lone women; can be accommodated with or without Board. Call at M Spring at rent, third floor, beck WANthD-A CLEAN. AOTIVB YOUNO MAN. TO open oyetere and make humaolf Renerally useful tat a restaurant. Apply at 1788th aa. w ANTBD-A BTKONO YOUNO MAN. ACQUAINTED with Ihe retail grocery bnaineaa. who underataoda keeping account* and nen make himself generally u?efitl; hour* from 8 A. M. to7 F. M. Apply to Joseph L. Cobh, II Fulton Market, Front at, near Fulton. THE TRADER. IjINORAVER WANTED?FIRST OI.A8B ENGRAVER. U for lettering on *llrer ware, steady employment. Ad dreaa Bailey A Co.. SIR Chestnut at , Philadelphia. w ANTBD-A PLUMBRR AND ENGINEER. AT TIIB rierrepont Uouae. Brooklyn Heights. Apply at once. TXT ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A FIRmT CLASS CARD yV engraver. Apply for oao week at room a, 78 and 77 Naaaau at. N. T. ? OR WILL BR UI*EN ANT PERRON OITINO OR UvZtO procuring a printer a permanent altuatlnn; haa worked at all branchaa; la atoady and reliable. Addresa box 332 Herald office, HBLIOIODI MOTUKB. Ret. t. f. hkldrbth wili. lecture on oeo logy for the henaflt of the Sabbath school la TriaUr M. E. church, la Thirty fourth atreet between seventh and Eighth avenue*. en Friday ereamg, February I. Ticket* 98 rent*, children half price. Spanish American church.-the church or Santiago celebrate* Dtrlae Service la Spanish In Trtn fty Chapel, in Twenty-flflh atrert. near Broadway, on Sun day aftemnnna.fal 3 o'clock The Key. K. C. Alley, from Santiago, Chile, wilt (D. V.) pyunsh next Sunday. Soata BILLIARDS, AC. ANTED?A GOOD SECOND HAND BILLIARD TA Harmld i hie, with four pork eta, No. 3 alio. Addrooa Cash, Id offlor. WE ABE NOW PREPARED TO FURNISH NEW AND aecoad hand Tabids, with our Improved ouahlon, at the ahorteat poaaible notice. Keno aeta on hand. KAVANAGH A DECKER, corner Canal and Contra at*. fiJfiMOVALS.' ^A^eyvveWYVV\FlA*AA^V?VV>'VVtr- ?ysw e^AA>\M etAuaaouaray pBMAVK&.-DR. O. HADFIBLD, INTBNTOR AND IV patenter of thr Equaliser. haa removed hi* office from 48 Weat Twenty-fourth Mreet to Hit Broadway, where alt persona are Invited to call and aee hla Invention of aa Equaliser for curing Paralysis, Rheumatism, Nervous Diseases, Asthma Weak Lungs and Backs, Bplnal Curra turea. Obstructed Menstruation, Impotency, Spermatorrhea, ?*t*J?, of the bloc " * ' ge . by equalising the circulation of the blood and narroua fluid. Seryleea to the poor free from I to 18 A. M, Bond fq a circular. Patent rlghtg for sale. OEO. HADF1KLI HADFIBLD, M. D? flit Broadway PROPOSALS. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL RE RECEIVED BT THE Trustees of the Ueneral Hospital for the Insaae of tho State of Connecticut, at the office of the Superintendent, Mlddletown, Conn., until Saturday, the 9th day of February, Ifltf, at II o'clock noon, for furnishing IStl flOO feet beat qual ity 5-4 tneh Southern Tellow Pine, said nine to he planed, matched and delivered on the Hospital dock. Mlddtetowa, Conn. The Truatena reserve the right to reject any or all of the proposals offered If deemed for the public Interest te do 00. By order of the Board of Trustees, A. M. SHEW, Superintendent. Jaaraar 14.188T. CO A I., WOOD, AC. AO CD A OHAI.DRON FOE I ipO.uU Immediately. Apply at Now York Oaa Works,.Twanly-flrat i CHALDRON FOE COKE?DELIVERED my ooke oflloo at the atreet and arenua A R. F. SHERWOOD. II ^^?-FRIMB RED AND WHITE ASH COAL*. Weight guaranteed MOROAN BROTHERS, and 3M Waal Twenty-flDh street, near Eighth orauna. 50. MARBLE ?ANTH1.M. \f ARBLX MANTBUI. ?THR BEST PLACE IM THE inL 8My te purchase Marble maevrlo of the latent JlUguo, ?4 vary low prteas Is at A. KLABKB'S Marble Works, 188 Boot Aighieeuth street. near Third sr.. N T. Out this out. WAAMflLRHUU 8 LATE MANTELB?BU periodJH ThWW-otath atroatA Marble mantels at reduced prices?a fine selection on hand at 8. KLAHKK S Manufactory, 84 First arenua, near Third street, New York. Call and ex amine. DKNTIRTRV. A FEE WANK NT ART OF QUM TEETH. flit; A TBK potary set. 88; teeth fllled with gold, $1: teeth eataeeted without pain. All work warranted. (Hflee 193 Sixth avenue Artificial opm bets. $u to sis?plain bet* 88 to 88. sruilsilted superior In beauty, usefulness and durability to all others. fneth ft lied and fitmstad gtlhaut pain. Call and axaaalaa specimen* at III Etejp8^|g|^

20LTON DENTAL A8SOC1 ATIfiN ORIOINATND AND nuke a specialty of tha uac ?f Nitrous Oxide Oaa, aad ntnlater II in :ha only way which uniformly deatrflyapain. We hare given it to over i?,ii*) paUouu. Ooaha to hoadqunr term. Oflteo 18 iiinanr laatitnte *\KS at At'CTION. AUCTION HntU_R T HAZELL. AUCTIONEER THIsIaT (FRIDAY! FEB. 1. At 10)4 e'o?o. it. ?\1 u)flHO,,a Si QertHndt Street IlEAVYVi, hhELK HA IvDW a ItiS In lots to fV dty and country buyer* /Vitr kiwniinie _L t* m.uwir.Mrn (For amount* whom It in?y eoucern.) JACKS, Ac.?70 botes y,eid A Co Co Ted-a; Finishing Trunk, SlnA-a cigar bo* Watte (Under Con Warden's InSclion for aod't of Underwriters.] HAKDWARI'. ?1 cats ev>,iei| Hardware, sousi'tlng of Locks. Halter Chains, Pljef Cutting Nippers, Bench Vices, Asa ? ! . ? a i " OataIssue on morning of ?V H T. HAZVl A CO.l Auctioneer* < ?., AUCUVWrin, MOmtkadi street _ BSIONKR'8 SALE OK THiThTOCK OF A KAWCT Store oo Saturdar, Feb. t, ?tM)if o'clock, at S30 Ful ton street. Brooklyn. Hosiery, H'orm, Ribbons, Trimmings, Bullosa, Dry Hoods. Ac. A UOTIOM?JEWELLER'S STOflg, TOOLS ANA FIX A lures. Monday, February 4. 10Vr o'dnck, l? John street. general aaaortment Jeweller's Tools. Forge, Rolls, Benches, Laths, Checks, DIM, FUes. Ac. V.jf. CARTER, Auetionesr, U Cortlandt street. A ucmow WOTIOB.?K. ROTH. AUUTIONBHB.-AM A extraordinary opportunity for tsusekeepera end the tra4fc Oyer 118.000 werth of elegant us genteel Household ?aura qg raygrK.A'ssiStgt nt llM o' the Ian* feMdenca 11? Alnton place, Bight* at IIW o' the large residence 119 Atnton plaoe, Bight* ?tree?nearblith avemM counting of uXpifioeutm.ewo<3 | Pianoforte. Stool end Cover. aB modern Improvements, fuB eeren end n half octave, rtebly cmived leAsnd eeee; lbree beautiful Parlor SsdtA oevered with the rihem *Mn$BoB of French satin broeatel; Works of ArtBrWs. OU Ps?t was? taxJi!&4 haircloth and green mi: blank w* not and retpwood Bed: Ck^i^a&TaSSTiJd ?tv?r Ware, N B.?Reliable man In atlabdaoee to cart, pi goods for peeehasmn at a reasnnstilt charge. M f ?? 'fiWH W t y FAIWTIWQa. BRONX RB. PIANOFORTE, MIRROR^ AC., PUBLIC ABOTIOW^^^^^^H ^US'i&'u'^SfUULtSSt S-i-'TSS aed Sltth nveeaes. Drawing Boom Furniture. oenrod brecatel; rosewood Klagorae, mirror backs: Secretary Bookcase. 300 vehnaes oholcC wooke. Centre Tables, Turk lah Easy Cba'ra, Painting* by eminent artists, Broute Clock, Lace Curtains, Velvet, Brussels Carpets, rose wood Pianoforte, Stool, Cover, Canterbury, rosewood, walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses! ?hmmmwrnAdnilos Table, China, Otssiwan.rii Blankets, Sheets, Extension Table, China, (Haasware. Sil ver Ware, Table Cutlery. BMT HENRY II. LEKDS A MIRER. ? LRKDS' ARTOALLRKIBS?THB CHOICE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS by AMERICAN ARTISTS. I collected by Mr. 8. P. AVBRY, daring the past fifteen years who having been appointed Fine Art Agent to the PARIS EXPOSITION?!s going to Europe. - ? ;R i 1IKNRY U. LERDS A MINER w(U sell on Monday and Tuesday evening* Kietsr?a?rjr_4 and o'clock^esch evenlnx, at the LEEDS' ART GALLERIES, Roe. 817 and 819 BROADWAY, corner of Twelfth street, this valuable collection of CABINET OKM8; tliey ere by almost every American Artist of distinction, and their prodnetfien eras In each case a labor of love. This collection baa Ions been cclehr.iled among our eonnolaeurs, it la therefore only ne ceeasary to enumerate some of the principal Artists names SUCh aS Raker, Durmnd, Greene. Huntington, Heard, Parley, Halt, InneM Blerstadt Klliot. W. Hart. Inman, H. Reushtoa, Rhninger. James Hart, Johnson, B. Cns'lear, Gilford. llaseltlna, Kensett, Colman. Olgnoux, Hays. Lamhdin, Church, Gray, Henneaay, Mot'ntee, Cropsey, Guy, Hubbard, Monnt, Morse, Oertel, Richards. Rhuttuck, Burdam Bully. Tail, Whlttredge. end others. At the tame time will also be disposed of the entire stock of Work* of Art consigned to 8. P. Avery, embracing many fine Paintings and Drawings, mainly by American Artists. The Exhibition will be open daily from Monday, January 18. until Monday, February A and on three evenings previous to sale. BY HBNRY H. LEEDS A MINER. HRN'RT H. LKKD8, AUCTIONEER. On Saturday. February 2, at 11 o'eloek. In front of sales room No. IB Liberty street HORSES, SLEIGH, HARNESS, ROBES. RKLL8, AC.. the propertv of a gentleman leaving for Europe. A PAIR OF BAY MARES?IBM hands high. 8 yearn old, believed to be sound and kind la all harness, very stylish "Mil-Four seats, city built and In fine order. HARNESS?Silver plate mounted, made to order by Olbann. _ WOLF AND FOX ROBES?Two Strings of Bella, nearly new. Can be sees en the morning of sale. Ises No. M West mrsst __ LTAMB. fiUtyuey tsM|^^M i). cn>ggTii8a>vyi! o'clock, lit whole Furniture of the hearting house 11 Ham flton rtrtnt' ilto tho btMitfl eluding considerable interest. rra^w?!Afef5ssrrft?a and Fmumn avenuea. Broottya. A general laiiimsiBt of Houeebetd Furniture: satefiwIUvw, terms oaah. DBHIT D. MINES. a/dCTtoWBBB. sZlB OF HORSES, CARRIAGES. HARNESS, SLBXHBF, ROBES. AC., by minerimmrau, THIS DAT, FRIDAY, FEB. I. AT U O'CLOCK, AT THEIR HORSE MkUCTION MART. UNION PLACE STABLER. M KAST ? FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR FOURTH AY. FAIR OF ARABIAN MARES, well matched, about 14V hind* high. warranted sound, 6 and7 year* old, kind in all harness, gentle and true. DARE BAT HORSE I man old. 17 hand*, warranted sound, kind and an exoellenl tramllar. ELEGANT TIIREK BEAT. LARGE SIZED 8LEIOH, made-by Oonld, of Albany, and nearly oaw. ROAN MARK, about 14 banda high. pony built, 7 yean ? warranted aound, kind in all harness and under aaddlo. ?TO SINGLE SLEIGHS, nearly new. In Srat rata order. FINK THRKB HEAT ROCKAWAT. nearly bow. Tor ROAD WAOON. In good order. NO TOP ROAD WAOON, rood order. TWO SKAT 8 LB IQ H, in food order. 10 Fur Re be a. aereral rota of Parapet. B Btrapa of Bella, new and second hand, Ac. Regular Rome anlen at our Anetlou Mart Union Plane Htables, every Tueed.w and Friday throughout the year. MINER A SOMBRVILLK offer unsurpassed ad Mo .. . , vantage* In location, experience and huslnena capacity to partita wishing In boy er deetriaf to tell Horse*, Carriage* oranythlag pertaining to the horae hoaineaa. Henry o. lvans, auctioneer-will sell this day. at 1 o'r'oek, a rich assortment of Froaoh China Bohemian Glaaswara. Parian marble Frenob Clooka, Ac.. I be complete importation of B. Behrmch. 41 Bioedway. JOHN L. VANDEWATBR. AUCTIONEER, 110 LIBBRTT (J STREET.?SALE THIN DAT. U M. HORSES, WAGONS, 8LEIQHS AND HARNE88. BRIGHT RAT MORGAN MARE, 16 hands, I rearm, dne trotter in mingle or doubla harneaa, splendid noder saddle, perfectly kind and sound. BAY HaMBLBTONIAN MARE, U banda 9yean, kind In all harness or under saddle. LIGHT HAY MAKE. 16^ bands, 9 years; kind, gentle and good in all harness; true In erery way; has trotted In 2:88 Also several valuable Trotting Horaes. Particulars at sale. ONE HORSE SPRING CART, In good order; SINGLE and DOUBLE SETS HARNESS. ROBES, BLANKETS, Stc NEXT REGULAR SALE TUESDAY, FEB. 6 T BOGART. AUCTIONEER, UALEBBOOMS NO. 1 ?# , North tVlllimm street. By virtue of a chattel mortgage hearing date the 14th day of September, IM. atmde sad executed bv -taakson H. Chete aad Alexander Mclean to Elisabeth MeHherrr, and assigned to Mary J. Kelley, I will expose for xaie at public auction, en Friday, the 1st day or February, 1991, at Iff o'clock in the fbrennoa. at No. 64 Baal Twelfth street, one deer weat of Broadway, all the Stock aad Fixtures of the Saloon and BOiterd Ilooms called the Arlir Retreat, consisting of Ltquer*, Ales Ceuatam, Table*. Chain, Crockery aad XMses wars, Stores, Mlrrmn, Painting*. Ac. Ahra three Billiard TbMet, Cues, Balls, Ac. Also the Lease of the said premise*. JOHN H. HILLIER, Attorney for the assignee of the mortgagee. J BOGART, AUCTIONEER,?THIS DAT. AT II , o'clock, at No. (14 Rast Twelfth street, between are nuee B aad C. Marshal's sale, Lager Beer Ha loon ,*m miatl ng of Couator. Tables, Chairs, Bagalalla Table, Tumblers, Looking Ota so, Engraving*. Ac. . ~? fffcffABL DOODT, MaraheL T BOGART, AUCTIONKRR.-SATURDAY. FEB. 1 AT O ? UH o'clock, at the auetloa rooms. No. 1 North WUUam ?treat, Household Furniture, consisting of a general assort, ment iff Parlor, Bodroom and Kitchen Furniture. Wool Blankets, singer's Sewing Machine, Carpet*. Counters, Peaks, Ac. BOGART, AUCTIONEER.?THIS DAY. AT 1 o'clock, at No M Bowery, the Bffects of a Restaurant, Counter, Tables, Chairs. Looking Ulasa, Picture*, large [*, Qyklng Utensile. Croekery and Qlas* Ware, Ac. M DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER? . wm sail on Friday, Feb. i,al 10* o'clock atealee. room No. 79 Nassau street. Parlor Sulla, rosewood do., oiled Chamber, Dining Room and Idbrarr Furniture; Pianoforte, Brussels and Three-ply Cafpeta, French Plata Pier Glasses, Gaa Chandelier*. Extension Tables, Buffets, office Desk*. Chairs. Bookcases, Oil Paintings and Engravings. Hair Mat Iriaa Bads aad Bedding, China Ac. Catalogue* at aalo. MTNR RLSAB, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL AT AUO. Uon, this day (Friday). February 1. at 10W o'clock, al 87 avenue C, by order of the executor* of Caroline (>ffner, deeaaoad. Farlor Furniture. Carpets, Pier Glasses, sofas. Chairs, Bedding, Croekery, Kltoben Furniture aad an lion MARSHAL'S RALE.?FURS.?RIG HARD WALTERS. Aucttonebr, will sell this day (Friday), st 10 o'clock punctually, for account of former purchaser, a quantity of Fata aad Fur Bklne, at 17 East Broadway. F. COLLINS, Mirabel. Sheriffs salr -ricrard Walters, auction ear. will sell this day (Friday), at II o'clock, at No. Mi Eighth amauo. the Stock, Fixtures and Less* of a Fancy and Dry Goods Store. JOHN KELLY, Shanff. B. Itmt.LT. Deputy sheriff. SHERIFF'S HALE.?RICHARD W ALTERA, AUO tionoor. will **B on Saturday at II o'oloek. at McQuada's stable, euraer Forty-third etnetand Sixth avaana, one team darkbeyHertes. JOHN BELLY^ Bbartff. A. L. Brmea, Deputy qHEBarri bale (OBocket storki-btchard Saras or thmaery more 17 Eoaa street. J?dinar. Deputy- JOHN KBLLT, Rbarlg. WILUAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONRER, OFFICE 179 Chatham square, will sell this day, February I. at 10 o'clock, the I<easa. Stock and Fixtures of the Dlntng aad OyatarHaloaa al No. 9 Fulton Market; splendid Mirrors. Qak^ Cana Chair* and all other Fixtures, Ac. By order of VILLI AM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 119 Chatham sqnara-WHI sell on Saturday. at 10 o'clock the N???k and Fixtures of the Barroom 49 Madison street splendid four pull English rosewood Boor Pumps, Ar? Chairs, Tables. Liquors, Cigars, Ac WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, HELLS THIS DAY, attwa o'clock, at 464 Canal street, a large and valu abl* assortment of parlor and chamber Suite, hair Mat trasses, Bed* and Bedding, Blankets, llaen 8beets, Franeb P?*te pier and mantle ohiast, Certain*, Ollelolhs. Centra, Dining and Tea Tablet, Cook Stoves, lit Ctrpeta la variety, with everything useful and necessary for housakeeplag. la Iota to daeler* and others. Also the Stock aad Flxtaraa, An., of a Confectionery Store Also alt tnsa* loads a# Fanuturg, ; Willi far auto. BALES AT AUCTION. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, 8KLT.8 THIS DAT, at 2 o'clock, at 161 Canal street, Si tuada -of aiinnil head f urniture, 50*eo?ud h?nd Carpets, oilcloth a. Parlor uad 1'Unml a- Sulla. By order of the underwriter, baton allah tly damaged by Are. ? J. f. KODOKR8, Truatee and Reoelrer. VALENTINES. A LAROE INDUCEMENT TO TUB TKADE.-VALKN A tinea iu $6, $10, $16. $J0, 998 and $60 lota at half pri^e. Also an tmmeaaa atock. rarylnf In pnee from le. to 9100 each; discount 10 per coat. Mall order a promptly attended to, at the factory of the New York Union Valentine Com. pany, 1M and LM WUUam ALrert SEND BOB WRIOLBT'S RETAIL S>0 LOTS OP VAL entlnea for $3 60, oaali, at the New York Valentine De pot, 81 Chatham a treat, opposite Chamber*. Comic Valen tine* 80 osnw per free*. rnn finest assortment or valentines or JL the aeaaon at reduced price* for cash at STRONG'S, H9 Broadway. Send your order* early. post orwcB notice. I "posr OrriCB NOTICE.?THE mails for OBBAT I I Britain and the Coattaent, ria Southampton and Ham-1 burg, par eleenmr GERMANIA, and for Ireland, n* Queens-1 lawn and Liverpool, per etaamer CITY OF BOSTON, on Saturday, February tT at 10 90 A. M., and at lha up town edfaeaaa follows:?Stallone A and B, 8:04 A. M.; statloneC and D, 7:49 A. M; eUUens Band F, 7:90 A. M ; station G. 7:* a, m. jInks belly. F. m. m D0KK8T1C HTBLLIOEICS. On Iknro 8bttlbd?A story being current tact Kr. ntM ud Aana Dickinson had matrimonial designs upon cadi ether, Mr. T. rmpandad to ? Ictur of Inquiry on On subject as follows:? ' Ottawa. 111., Jan. SI, 1867. My Dbab Sot?In reply to yoar kind inquiry whether the story be Indeed true that 1 am to marry my pleeaant Hod Mian friend It tan Anna Dickinson, permit me Just to mention (what maat sallce for the prmiaffl that la this, ae la every ether important matter, I am bound by a rule which I hare observed tor new nearly eleven yearn; and that la not to take a ooantuaiee aettea without the ad vice of Mrs. Elisabeth R. Tiltoa, a very sensible woman, aad the wife of you re truly, THEODORE TILTON. Tat Salvatiou or Moaoa.?This depends, according to the Montgomery (All.) Mail of the 26th last., upon the completion of n railroad between Mobile end Chatta nooga. Otherwise Savannah Mn the Atlantic will exceed Mobile oa the Golf la advantages for the shipment of ootton. A Rrbbl Soldi** Kmuro. ?In Shreveport, Texas, on the 18th Inst., n former member of the Sixth Loui siana regiment, named Summers, was found lying la the rear of a stable, having fallen there daring n violent attack of epilepsy. He was cared for by the doctor* Faom WaiuRivnia?Sunday evening, January 17, near Evansville, ImL, a man waa found froxen stiff la a buggy. He was leaning back with both hands to his ears and apparently asleep. The horse was standing still, ehivorlng with cold,|and had evidently been sweated with hard driving. A Bridboroom Muacto.?The Hartford 7Vm<* of the 28th says:?On Wednesday last Mr. Francis Taylor came to thie city with his son, Henry M. Taylor, a young man twenty-live yean of age, who was on his way to Wolott vllie, where he waa to be married on that day. He was accompanied to the depot by a young friend, since which time he haa not been seen or heard of. He was expected In Woloottville on Tueeday night, aad at the boar ap pointed for the wedding the church was crowded with the friends of both parties. He was a young man or exem plary habits and good character, and bis sudden disappearance has plunged his family and Mends in the deepest affliction. He is a well built man, with black moustache aad dark eyes, and served hta time In the Sixteenth regiment, Connecticut volunteer* Any one hearing or knowing of his whereabouts will confer a favor on hie family by communicating with his father, ? /s Francis Taylor, of South Glastonbury, or his ancle, Mr. Edwin Taylor, of this city. Tan Trot Huokqt. ?Thomas H. Bailey was nsoentty 1 Thwapmi, la Troy, K. T. The latter the sister at Bailey la a dMreeyectfal ; la search af Thompeow, BSjlsj mat Jtira shet *y Jest R. had apahpa ta meaner. Goiagia search^^^^^H^VH^^^^H aad ahmwed hit lace, saving he would teach fifcn how ?o moult hie sister,jvwennpon Thompson draw a revel ear aad elaaeat lasUMrty dhat RsRey dead. The parties^ Lai agngga lb imm hiftB fRfflrfl MMftAti Effittltj fflftfk 1D^ffw E8^a e^ff VWa ^P^n^Jsn^^^R ^B^^^RePdWW ^^^Bu/^ffl I other, having bee* acquaintances aad frlaade for some JGe.) Journals accuse a colored lawyer, named Bradley* el ting the reseat dlstenhaaoee aw the Delta phtateUeau General tltlaaa has written a latter la reply to one wrtt ^^Mhraffley ^Sei^^W^^dea^^^^eUer's stigmatising htm an a HeNrter of the Aocmanrr at a Fotobst. ?Several bmb were seriouMy Injured on Thursday, the Mth last, by the falling of a scaffolding ussd for retrain* a stack or furnace, la the Trenton Iron Company's Works at West Mltford, Pa male county, N. J. The scaffolding had been carried about forty feet high, when the workmen became suspicions of Its stability aad refused to work any longer near it. Another set af men were hired, of whom fourteen were whelmed In the anticipated crash, one being killed, three or fekr had legs aad arms broken aad all were mora or leas maimed aad mangled. n^pre cocioua development of crime In the South arnlH In Loutevilfe, Ry., on Saturday, January 26, a boy of twelve, named Jerry Kohlers, aad Mary Conner, aged fourteen, were caught carrymg off a quantity of cnlioo. They aamrted that their parents sent them oat ta A Brcnioca Bnnrrpiust.?A man named Edgar Lap ton, Who has been playing the pert of a spiritualist medium in Louisville, Ky.. was recently suspected of being n counterfeiter, end on the 26th inst. his baggage was searched and $19,000 In spurious money found In bis trunk. Box Oram it Cars?Thomas J. Silcott, aged thirty, and formerly of Virginia, was run over by the cars on Saturday, the 26th ineL, in iDumville, Ky. He was em ployed m the office of the railroad company. The Bardstown train was being backed up, and he atepi?ed out of the way of it, but not noticing a locomotive coming up betiiod the train stepped on the track again. He was inslautiy knocked down and the engine and tender passed over him. ratling off one of his arms and mashing his bead almost to a jelly. Of coarse his death was ia staneou* He leaves a wife and two cblldreo. Bnciors mNxw Orlsavs.?John Duffy, an ex-policeman of New Orleans, and a hard drinker, committed suicide during a voyage to Florid* Some difficulty regarding the accordance of rellgiooa rites of burial occasioned denials that Alphonse Dupleche killed himself inten tionally. The coroner's verdict, based on the evidence of the wife, was that his death was accidental. Thb Galk at Montr a?The gale of the l?th inst. was rather a lively aflair in Mobile Bi?v. The wind roie at half-past seven P. M., end increased in force till mid night, creating great commotion among the shipa lying off the eity, whteh were more or lem shifted from their anchorage. The 'Lord Stsnlev, a British bark, was blown against the iTriafox street wharf, Injuring it seri ously. The schooner Jack Planer and three or four smaller boats were swesgped and very much damaged, while the remainder of small boats anchored near the city were nil blown ashore. At tit* Navy Yard the flag ship Estrella a as considerably damaged ffQL baatag the Paul Jones blown on to her, and other vessels were simt Itrly Injured. Mr. N. H. Bice was blown offtbe steamer Alliance, which was lying at Fort Barranca* His hotly wrh found next morning on the (.each. He waa of the Arm of J. C. Forbes A Co., New Orleans, and had been travelling for bla health. ->tan"t -mr * Fins.?The Xing woollen mill at Eaglevllle. Conn., was partially butted on Monday night. Less $26,000. PaoeeiiT.?The operatives of the Wamsntta (Mass ) mills, having been notified of n return to the eleven hours days work oa February 1, held a meeting recently to protest against tae change. Cbiid w a Wkll.?Oa lbs afternoon of the 2Sth Inst, the youngest child of n widow Ostrander, living at O*. ainlng, N. Y., slipped on the Ice, fell into a well and was drowned. He waa dtacovored by a brother of seventeen who went to draw water. The child wat but five rears old. His mother swooned nwav when inioriued of hla fate, and her reason is despaired of. *smnRR Miwuao Mas.?Mr. Joseph O. Broadlmret, of Klmira, has been missing siaoe last June. The Arfvr titer says bis height Is Ave feet seven Inches, ha* dark brown hair, dark blue ayes and large aide whiskers. Had a soar in front or the left ear, wore n blue blouse cost, n military vest and mixed pant* Anv informa tion concerning him will be thankfully received by hie friends, and may be directed to Mrs. J. G. Broad hurst, Klmira. N. Y. Pisnn at The Troy Prett of the 30th loot, enye:?Lost evening, na the New York Central train mumm a point Jnst eaat of Schenectady, a large At one was buried through the window of a coach. A paaeenger'i head narrowlv eeraped. This occurred at the point where the rail and plank were placed on the track the nighi before. Somebody la bent on caurtng a catastrophe on the Central. Bot Ruffhlo, on the 23d inat., two bora tried to croea the at reel by crawling between the care, when the train backed no, and Timothy Howard, aged aleren Yean, was caught between tbe bumpers and oruahed In the region of the abdomen. He died on Sunday. OamouL Loatit Canrn at Cnwaoo.? General I/O fan. It to atated, baa purr baaed the property on the northeest oerner ef Wabash avenue and Twenty-third etreet, ami re about to lake up hto reeidence permanently u> that am. A PnxAa or r?*n. ?The Chicago Timet daneribe* a aln gubur appearance In the beevena man I feet during the prereieaoe of a large fire recently. Kor neeiiv en hour the aide walla on Clark, Dearborn and adjoining etreete were crowded with a multitude of tbouranda Intently eat In the direction of the "Mttlug ana." The night dark, toot to the weet the Are lit up the bortiion for considerable space. This wm nothing more than neoal, and would # have attracted enly a paae Ing glance. Bot above this lurid reflection there abot upward a "pillar of fire," such m In ah ape, alta and eoinr waa never seen before. It was a eight to All the breast with awe and eel the mind to wonder, Ita aliunde waa no lent than seventy de grees, with a breadth nearly that of the rainbow, even np to tho highest pinnacle Por a base wee the dark red reflection, proper, of the Ore; then commenced the pil lar, of a pale yetlowieh hua; half way up it turned to n light red, and tbe whole waa surmounted by a glowing dark red crown. Thne It would aometimes draw down within Itaelf, aa it ware, and then suddenly elioot np Into the eky, for n moment giving e brilliant bus to the en tire haavena The Indirect cauea for thU strange phe nomenon waa unquestionably the Ore, but the Immediate mum which produced thU beautiful formaUeu It a bus quiet ai remonstrated with tbem ui'? formnd Wrests ware made. W? are m *!e which some who saw it were unable to sol* I? i semhled no description ever given in boolu. It wt * simply an oveu-sizec column, witn well defined >utliuen? bat varying in hoe flora h.tae to cap. It was not unlike a magic, many-colored fountain, as it ruse and fell, but a thousand tiinea more grand and impound. It was oae of nature's efforts, beyond Imitation and beyond de scription. iv rax Horn.?The Memphis |T<-nn.) ftd of the 23d I net. says:?We are Informed that an oM gray-headed negro, who got off the ml a at Oolite rviim day before yesterday, and who protected ad si net being charged extra for his baggage was struck over the head wrtb a brickbat and badly gashed. A Sabbath or two ago nib* druakea rowdies, seven or eight miles south of Oolllervtlle, at tempted to drive their hemes a pen an old colored maa and woman. The latter got ont of the rood to aavo themselves. hut mo of the party sUU drove after the women. Upon bar being in Imoaiaent danger of being driven over, (ho old man eetxod the Mt of the homo, whom open the whole pony jumped upon htm end boot htm ttMMnimUf. Bo m wok known aa one of the t^ qujo* saddle ig*nNn aegiwoe in that eouatry. A insetted. fbrmed that the home of the rbotmooiar at Pnaoia. Ml*, was entered lately, * the evening, by a oat of ruBaaa wtth Wpcko?d feeaa and armed to the too*. Ho w* ordered** and bid not to two his foot to the right or loft, * the peril of hio Mfe. Wbhn abont thkty ft dl*mt they oommonood discharging their ptatolo * m Bo mn and wvod bte life. Bo ft* formerly ? member of the U* Pennsylvania cavalry, and bad la* heavily In planting daring the yarn. He had ssumad lbs pnatwaam*lp at the mnueat and for tha accommo dation pf the emaena. Bo Mfl for the North thodar 'dlowtng the outrage. Bonnaom or n* Plat.?A If* Khne Meeiy.tha wMh of * omplord on the MWftnftppI and Tsaaeaasr Ballreod. died very Mddonly end mysteriously In the ssathim part of the city night before la* There are ramsra * her having bean Intoxicated and of also baring fakd a difficulty wt* bar heabaad Bio verdict of the Jaay was "Death ft* unknown a?*" The twulaee upon her body wore n* tbonght by Doctom .Bo toman and Knodo audtetoat to hare wasii death. A Ltn Dor ron s Man Don.?The Brunette (lad.) Journal, of the fifth la*, *ys:?Ano*ar ca* of lathe has bean doralopad in this oky. despite all aflbcts on Mm port of the city aatthoriU* topraveat it. A dog b along log to Mr. Mai. Banning on Wednesday morning *owod signs of being mad, Um first Indications being his soap ping * bis hired men Dtck. The dog being fastened with o chain was tumble to ranch him, end of the matter. After wards the servant girt pas** aa* was attacked by the dog, which from the motmlaf of tha chain wti pre vented doing mora than to tow bar clothes. Mr. Bonaiag then commenced loading hie gnn to kill the dog, but bo fore he bod succeeded, no broke his chain, and leaping started np street. Mr. Benning, fearing *b go to Mr. Bowen*s, from whom he had o* l sent Dick to worn Mr. Bowon of the stole of succeeded, be broke his chain, i the fence started r " dog would tetned him. affairs. The dog on his way up hod o contact with o i paasiag, who fortunately seooeaded in driving him oC The dog reached Boweo's shortly oft* Dick, and ?* Banning with hia gnn arrived about the same time. Ban ning attempted to shoot the dog, but both caw exploded without discharging the gnn. The aog was than shot by Mr Bowen made a rush deuly closing bit any men or animal on his way up the street, ner wee log bade " '* gun. When he first broke his chain ho h at Dick, who barely saved himself br ced ng the door. It is not known thai the dog u or animal on his way up the street, ner w Mr. Banning aware that bis dog bad ever been btMtm POLITICAL DTCKLLIQEXCE. Tut CosarrrnmosAt Amnonrr.?Tha people of Um South art calling upon their journals to print tbo amend moat and lot tbam aeo what It la. The 8avaoneh g?po> lican or the 29th aaaena that not one in tea has a cloaa understanding of it, and reiterates what It haa often aaM before, that the South moat accept this or aoiMthtng woraa. Taa Now Qhuuaa Riot.?The New Orleans Thmwt the 23d Inat. aaya the Coagrasalonal Committee an In dustriously inrestigattag tbo "disturbance that ooeurrai in that city laat July, la ooaoequence of aa attempt em the part of the dell authorities to maintain order," bat which Congress '?? ptaaaod to deaaaalnala a riot." ?? it boa Hot," the Mmas thighs Owmraws Is gotta "too aensttlre'^phout?, aad ought aat to dlefmawhlotaay of thoettiaeno,"who4M their duty" on that oocaittaotm Taa Las* Bon.?The Saroaaah (Go.) Mum of the M ttmt.?fO.-? Slxtaao Htatea hope milled the ameedatcni, end la tech of the Northern Stataa It wad approved with great ooaalonlty. The aaoctioa of four more halo will ham gtroa It tha aoduwattao af m that tha ladlaala eaairt on aecaaaary to aaka It a port of tha eeontltuttao. Throw lag am of ciahalrtiratlee the too States whhoe rlgMi eeo Alma ? mwmitaffl hu the omool^lAmlalo Am ftooMn ?UH^II I1BU Br ISO lUIUIWinmi III VflNaBaWMp "Dnl twenty Mates hare laltlad thla aaendmant Cnagraaa will, wo think, proceed to taftalate for lu inlcrcemoot tfpon wo Soothers States. Wbea this to done oa awn qasattsae that the tmriai Court srlll domolMh the whole strootora, pradocly at R hao jest dona atdttmy oommMoat Md tjg oatjjg, i V ' TAnnua Nov Winn 8ovm?The Aufoota (Oml Ckroniek, a journal which oalla nnooaalngly for "Btoatt lolorp" measure#, notes the rooon tautens eat of Or. Oha regarding the decrease of tha Ml!re paoulatlea hi Nov England, which 1c probably duo to smtgralioa of Tam il see to other porta of the eonntry, and then renmrtte:? Sara as from tha affliction. Run thou to ?, bat not bare, ir you please. Good Sam?FlaktU BmlliHm of the 1Mb, pwblUhaO at Galveston, Texan, compares tha political dtuatiom e? the South U> um military situation of Loo whoa ho flam rendered. The latter saw reel stance to ho silling Mi (ought for the beat terms obtainable. So the fflatt ?bould do now. There la no swreader of principle hi either case; Ills only a question of policy. We my just as wall understand this matter at oaem The go^te or the North do not argue the question of recoaetroattM on abstract principle# of right They do not aoh *tth what privileges is the South entitled f" but "with id privileges dare wo trust them?" Tha NesthefW poaglo are practical. We are dealing with tbam, aad oat ffloffl with us. We must meet these questions oa the | upon which they put them. We may eearta whole North that on abetraoi principles our i lives ought to be in Congress, and tha doers will ha Joan as strongly barred against ihem than aa now; hut on> vines them that it la good policy to admit them, and they will be admitted at onoe. Snnrci?The Newborn (N. C.) Chwwafsl oalla Qewa ml Griffin, in command of Galveston, "a small petal*," because p? forbade funeral honors to iooornl A. ffl Johnsion. aad adds:? When Griffin la rrtten aad Rsrpottea the mamaiw aff Albert Sidney Johnston will he froth and grass and ap propriately honored. " Other Southern journals adopt the anas strain of to digestion, thoegh not the same vegetable meiayhoa They evidently mean to have their "beroee" apethoo aiadd, and, if pomlble, to hero Sheridan and otboea ef his sort "rotten aad forgotten." Lam F.LgrvMwa?The Newport fit I.) Xewt of the 2#th inat oalla attention to tbo fact that, owing to Iota elections for rcproaentaUvco In Congress, there wW ho verancioa io the Fortieth Congress from ?beds I?ta*d, Naw Hampshire, Connactlcnt and Cniifornin; in all, ad least, members will he oaeiected. it enggeeta Ibot la the signing of the bill for the meeting of Congress on the 4th of March Mr. Johnson boo falsified hie theory that Congressional legislation is unlawful whan part at MM Pistes are unrepresented. Who Shall Bs Govmrmok or Vumwiif?The Rleh mond Examiner answers this question by naming John Letcher, because, It says, at tha present time "there In needed in that high office the most exalted abilities, the must incorruptible Integrity, the most indomitable oeor age, (ha largeat experience of public iffhm, and, at the same tins, the services of a man cramped by no patty pnrposaa aad no local prejudices, but with sympathies aad slma aa broad as tha eommoawealth." Laws Pnoroari) is Alabama.?On tha 23d last a MR was introduced into the Alabama Lsgialstnrs which pro vides that the Court of County Commissioners of oooh county shall appoint a suitable person to lecture end cm plain In plain and simple style to the negro population of his county tbo criminal Iowa of tbo Stale. Another proposed law Appropriates $10,000 to test the constitu tionality of the three cento revenue tax oa cauon. An other provides for the proper representation of certain products of the State or Alabama la tha Paris l/olveruol Kxposition. Passed?yeas, 63; nays, 33. Thla act ap propriates $1,600 te provide for the preparation of n descriptive catalogue of tbe products of this Slate, aad their transportation to Naw Ynrk city. git* a von Cownurm to Hw N sic-mono?The Leysd latagwe having transmitted their complimentary ind con gratulatory resolotteou lo Hon. Hoocoo Conkliag. the Souater elect, that gentleman responded to those asear aaoosaf ooatlaaed aympatby aad atteci Ion on the part uf his prsaint constiteentafH follows ? WAsrmroTOM. D. C., Jan. M, HOT. Mr Dtau Sib?Tour letter Is at hand enclosing the proceedings ol the Loyal League or Utlca on the occa sion of my election ta tha Sonata. I need not assure you of tbe pleasure with which I have read them. Many generous expressions huso reached me, com inn, some times rrom distant Stales, sometimes from strangsrs, sometimes even rrom political opponent* All these nave their value ta me, and will ever be gratefully re membered; but In this, as in all thing* else, "there is no plane like horn*" the confidence and friendship <f ray neighbors, of Ihooo with whom I have lived sines boyhood, whom I know so wall, and to whom I owa so much, oarrtaa with It a satisfaction exceeding In mgr estimation all the attractions of fortune or of poetltea. 1 bog you to my thla for me to tbe members of the . League, end to express te them my warm acknowledge menu, and also tha assurance that lo deserve their now* tinned approval will always ha among tha nopee of tad future. tour friend, ROMfXIR OON&LINffl. Dr. L W. ReUM President. Ac,, ho.