Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1867 Page 7
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E UR OPE. lutleH'! Beffcra Plt? EaiUritd tj Jtho Bright*fv Hm Exports from the East More Peaceful. TBABK PR TIE SUEZ CANAL. French Honors to American Yaehtmen. ho. he.' ho. if IB GAILE TO JAIUABT 3L . THE OCEAN YACHT RACE. frnsk Hnmt So the Owaer of the He*. rlotta. Paris, Jan. a, 186T. Jamee Gordon Bennett, Jr., ia to receive a gold medal from the yaehtmen of Kochelle. Be will alao hare an audience with the Emperor. THE EASTERN QUESTION. SB Veiled State* Fleet Expected in the Bee* phornn.l London, Jan. SI, 1807. Orjpaichee from Constantinople announce that a fleet Of twelre American war vessels was daily expected there. French Hint to tlie United States. Paris, Jan. 30, 1887. It is thought here that the Greek mission of Kalergis jto the United States is a Russian intrigue to involve the American government in the Eastern qustion. French Intervention tor the Christiana. Paris, Jan. 31, 1867. The Trench government, acting for the great European Jto nut, ia engaged in framing reforms favoring the In terests of Christianity In Turkey. Turkish Concessions Contemplated. London, Jan. 31, 1867. ?' The latest reports from the East bring the intelligence that the Porte has determined to make a concession to 'the Cretans, and will soon appoint a Christian governor {or the island of Candia. Russian Advice to Tnrkev. St. Petkksuuro, Jin 31, 1867. The Russian government has addressed a note to the Forts, ad rising generosity towards the Greek subjects of the Otteasan empire sad the granting or reforms. Clerical Plot Against Af nstnpha Paeha. Paris, Jan. 30, 1867. Despatches from the East state that a plot ef the Cre tan r.lersv against KusUpha Paeha had been discovered. The Tariff of Oreece. Athens, Jan. 30, 1867. Tha Greek government la about to raise the tariff, and ffapeot by this manna to increase the revenue by one and A huff millions dree mas. THE SUEZ CANAL. Progress of Navigation. Alexandria, Jan. 31, 1867. /Targe steamtngs have passed through the fresh water {Nasi to Sues. ENGLAND. 0?W?? Htpoi ef Peace la tbe Eiui. Loudon, Jan. 30, 1M7. , II ? staled that Um members of the British Cabinet hw'j eapraee the hope that the peace of Europe will be (premrred la epMa of the threatening appearance of ?hire ia the loot. , The* Reform Aaltatioa. Londox, Jan. 31, 1867. A m Mirtil that Lent Derby's administration win (fall to the graaad if the forthcoming speech of the tReean at the reopening of Parliament should not reoom Rtaad reform. A Jeha Bright hoe made a speech at Rochdale, in which Re mid that the recent reforms announced by -the Em 1 Napoleon ahould be Interpreted ia a liberal sent i the aotherity for suspending newspapers would be that public meetings eould be held twenty i before aa election, and that the tribune would be Facilities to Travel. Tbs search of tbe baggage of foreign travellers in Eng land and France wIN hereafter be merely nomine). The Laaairaade Extradition Case. Los Dos, Jan 81, INT. Tbe bnttsh government have made e demand upoa fruass foe the renditioa of Lamtrande. FRANCE. Tbs Mlaalaa la Portugal. Pa an, Jan. 31, 1337. Ooeat de Montholea has been decorated with the Gaul Cross ef the Ugtea of Honor sad goes to Lisbon at m ma?dor of Franco. RORTURAL. Fregroaeefthe Abolition Movement. Lisbon, Jaa 81,1807. To foe daaate act ion bee bees taken In favor of the fcboiiMov <>f slavery m the rertngseee eotoalea IERMANY. Csaaerdal Rogolatfoaa with Anstrfa. Baaus, Jam. 31 ?Evening. The udufST?os eon posed of delegates appointed by fthe Prnoshm and Austrian govenftnsnu. to arrange s Ay stem ef customs dues, has adjourned. The reeeMs of theseesioa ere not etnled. Prueeina Railroads. Bnux, Jen. Ill, 1M7. The Prtsuiaa Diet has approved of the loena Mr rail bead purpose*, to the amoent ef twenty-four millions of ITALY. Campllmeat ta Garibaldi. Florhsck, Jea 31, 1167. The munieipolity of Venice bee tendered the >banks W the city to Garibaldi. I The trial of Admiral Peraaao will commence oa tbe |?li of March. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. TtM LtMIti S(u?t Market. Lowdou, Jan. 30?Ereaiac. t'oaaola oloaad at 00 18-10 for money ? ambiican aectntima united Stataa flre-twentle* TS flltneta Oaatral ah are* 81 ^ Brio Railway aharea 3??f a London, Jaa. 31?Noon. a Cooaala to-day are quoted at 0010.10. f imiuN eaccnmoa. united atatea Ire-twentieo .'.WJd lllinota Oeatrel abate* jlrie Railway abaree 30ft London, Jaa. 31-Keening. Conaela elaaad unchanged at M 13-10 for money. jmbbican aaccama* united Stataa flee-twaattee 70*1 lllinota Oaatral aharee 11 ^ pria Railway aharee at | The market here for flre-twenUe* ia flat, and a dee Batch from Parte report* that they have declined \ be haute of rerent flnanoial inteNigcnce from America, Prbtch baa had a deprreaing effect. The Parle Beamr. Ptem. Jan. 30. 1067. railed States boa da hare declined %. The Frankfort Bearer. PatirnroRT, Jan. 30, 1007. United State* bond* are quoted here at 77. PaAinironT, Jaa. 31?Beealng. i The rloein( quotationa ef United Statee Bre iWeaty Road* to-day waa 76k The Lleerpeel fatten Market. . LnmarooL, Jaa. 30?Ereolag. | Oouoeetfloed *eater;aal*? today 0.000 belea Reretpta WradTPr mamgi 1 " TBBB | Emma rHa ? in craewi earner: *a?e* io-aay e.eee neiea ru Prtoea are unchanged. Middling u plan da ^Mted Ijraarooa, Jan. M?Nona. ' the oottaa market te-day la dall and rareie heron, fkoegh there It an aaaeiM* ahnaaa fa mm, tM4Ba| uploads MUI at td^d. The aalee of the (lay wo oetimited at 7,000 bataa Livanroot, Jam. 51?E van tag. The ootton market la flat. Middling uplands closed at Ult<L The salsa of the day did not exceed 5,000 balsa. Liverpool BreadataflTs Market. ? Lrvaarotn, Jan. 30?Evening. Corn nominal at 41a. par quarter. Wheat dull. Lrr?nrooL, Jan 31?Evening. Breadstuflb were easier today. Corn closed at 40k. a 40s. id. per qoartar. "?. Llteryeel Prarlsiaa Market. LivaarooL, Jaa 30?Evening. Baoon has declined la The Fatraleans Market. Lrvnaroot, Jaa 30?Evening. Beflnsd Psnnaylvaalan and Canada whits petroleum are quoted at la fld. a la Td. Koala sold at 0s. Sd Provision and Prsdsee Market. LivasrooL, Jaa. 31?Evening The provision and produce markets have been steady during the day. and cloaad unchanged. MARINE INTELLIQENCE. Lomtow, Jaa 81. 1807. Tha ahtp Lou lea, from Haw York for Orleans, has ar rived at Bristol la a damaged condition. LrvnrooL, Jan. SI, 1M7. The ship Em I lie, (torn Bremen for New York, has arvivad at this port, dlamaeted She has been seventy days at sea, bt 8TEAnnr toinvar 20. The steamship Africa, which left Liverpool al hetf P** olgtet oi the morning of the 19th end Quoenatowa the 90th of January, tn the aftornooa, arrived at Halifax ?t eight e'cloek yesterday maralag en vwde to Boston. She had seventeen passengers for Halifax and the same number for Boston. The Africa sailed for Boston about half-past one yesterday afternoon. The steamship Damascus, from Liverpool January 17 and Londonderry January 18, arrived at Portland, Me., yesterday evening. The Damascus had ninety-eight passengers. She reports having passed on the 25th Inst, at five o'clock P. M. the City of Cork, bound east; and on the?28ih Inst., at eight A. M., e two-funnolted brig rigged steamer, bound west By mail telegrams from the Africa we have a few details of our despatches by the Atlantic cable, dated to her dey of sailing. Mr. Gladstone, ex-Chancellor of the English Ex chequer, In a circular dated at Florence, calls on his supporters to assemble on the opening of the session of Parliament, end it is said teat on bla arrival in Eng land a conference of the heads of the liberal party will be held under his auspices relative to the reform and other questions. The ice catastrophe on the waters In Regent's Park continued to absorb publit attention.. The total number of bodies found was about forty, and! the search was pro gressing when the Africa sailed. The weather continued very severe throughout Europe, and travelling was greatly impeded; The mails were largely in arrear in many directions. The postal service was suspended between Lyons and the Mediterranean owing to the snow. In some parts of Denmark even the telegraph wires were buried in the snow, which in some places was fourteen feet deep. Several of the Paris evening journals attach credit to the rumors of the modification of the government organization of France. The French Ministers would be allowed to defend per sonally before the legislative chambers the measures connected with their own departments. Signor Sciulujs lud made hie financial statements to the Chamber of Deputies. The total deficit for the pre sent year amounts to 185,000,000 of lire. Of this he proposes to cover 85,000,000 by various financial reforms; the remaining 100,000,000 must be made up by extraor dinary means. A loan is impossible under the present circumstances, therefore the State must have recourse to the ecclesiastical property, which II proposes to tax to the amount of 900,000,000 lire, which will* eover the air nasi deficit till 1889, when the budget will be in equili brium. The revenue is steadily increasing and the ex penditure decreasing. The expenses of the war ministry had been reduced to 140,000,000. The Prussian Chamber of Deputies, by e vote ef 178 to 106, passed e bill Introduced by two private members, pro v idiug that delegates to the German Parliament should be remunerated. The government had previously de clined to take pert in the debate or the bid. The Chamber of Deputise la Beetle had adopted the Mortgage MIL It removes the limitation to the legal rates ef interest sad leans on reel estate, with a view of facilitating the raising of capital upon the security of landed property. Prince Dedlan, of Mimgrolia, bed, la his own name end that of his euoceasora, voluntarily oeded bis sovereign righto to Rossis in consideration of a million roubles in demnity. The Governors of Seville, Valencia, Valladolid and other provinces of Spain bad arrived at Madrid. A decree of the Hospodar authorises the Minister of Finance provisionally to oollect taxes oa the basis of last year la order to carry oa the public service iu the Denublen Principalities. Another of the Weat Indie ttieil steamers, the La Plato, had arrived at Southampton with yellow fever oa board. She bed sixty-one casee during the voyage, of which twenty-three proved IhteL The stock of oottea ia port at Liverpool January 19 was estimated at 591,919 bales, ef which 198,100 bales were American. Tbd Brazilian mailt had arrived at Lisbon. At Rio Janeiro, December 96. oofbe 911100 a 88300 for good firsts. Stock 90,000 bogs. Exohange 23* a ?UK SPECIAL CORRESPONDENCE. IRELAND. ?OR ?lOfiHEOAJDWESrOMEKE. Arrive ml Pnlui i* Bdful -Tkii British fltr< eramrul Karaaraftag lataltraara aad C law Dlvlalaaa -A Prer ArrMtH I'aAvr tlu> Ana* Act-AaiMy ml the Sxuraiire- Mnirrr af PaalaalM. mad Haw Ida Caaalrr la Beaa flced. Daooosoa, its. IS, 1MT. Tbm A new* from Belfast of tbe arrest of olno per sons ia that (own on a charge of Fanlanlsta. It appears that a person named O'Hanlon waa caught, with tat* con federated, in the act of making cartridge' and aaating Pallet, for the in of the Pen inn men. Unleea reecued by a sudden crap de maim (which so many threats and ao much, preparation would naturally lead us to expect of tbo Peolan loaders), it will go hard with poor O'Hanlon. Those of your readers who havo taken the trouble to. follow tbo coarse of Ingltsh government and English legislation for Ireland |Uieee few years past, and hare noted the apparent desire of the government to chock thane Thagf of Earope, the Orangemen of the North, will naturally inquire if government baa been impartial In Its application of the Anna act I am in a position to state that It ban not. Orangemen of that stamp of patriotism which waa so well exemplified by the hoehwhackera of Virginia and Tennessee, have been allowed to purchase arms and to drill and organise In their different meeting planet, under the very noose of police magistrates, end with the full consent of the Irish government. A row years since such conduct on the part of Orangemen would have oalled forth the sarcasm of the gorernmeat prens, if not interference from the police, but now that danger threatens the empire they are told to hold themselves la readiness. In the town of Kmaiskillen a large quantity of arms la stored ror the use of the Orangemen, and from the char actor of the tows, and the antecedents of some of tha extra loyal, there can ha little doubt of the sort of use they will bo put to In com of an iasnfrection. PUIago sad uamncre In the name of King William (equally reverenced with tho Bible) wilt assuredly characterise tbo loyal effbrta of t&e Northern Orangeman In tbe event of an Irish insurrection. I presume that In the cable despatches vnu have had an account of tbe arrest of Lord Iongfovd on a charge of renlanism and Intent to shoot It appears that this gen tleman undertook to walk to his hotel la Dublin w1ut a double barrelled gun under hie arm, in spile of his ex cellence tho Lord Lieutenant and every policeman on the beat His arlatocratlo air and seeming Indifference, however, did not save him from tbe eon sequence* of the rash act A policeman accosted his lordship, and. Uniting that tha answer* to hla many anxious inquire* were anything but satisfactory, marched owner and gun to the nearest station house. Whether the awful process of "stomping eat" will be practised upon his lordship remains to be seen at all events ho A not vet dear. When I tell yoor readers that lord Longford Is one of tbe hereditary oouaolllors of the crown, and, for obvious reasons, attached to the present system tbo ridiculous fright of the VM* Regal government will appear strange ?DtegiiiM It as they may, the greatest anxiety, If not actual near, exists la government circles just now. Eng lish and Irtah "bettor elasass" Imagine that there !* plenty W nitro glycerine about, and any endue com motion might ornate an explosion of din wtqnani?l Tho Mean acknowledge that then Iff danger m tha ato. tornflSnta?Snfc.%g?tuf <a*to/JpU^dnni of?gtatad, ttireoommende an ImmedMU asttlsmgpi of 111# i jBMNWtlMf' -naat lo the Irish qaeatloa as csJU the attritlno of Parti*. MUJt be settled at oas of paramount interest % ouoe. of ton# toward this I am happy to oba#rr# a ehaJK ,, ^un official press country on the part of the Kagli* to do lbs Irish Indeed there la a general disposfte nresent moment, j' slice. It is sound policy at the k >hat It dare not The English government knows well ? ueatlon likely interfere In any European or Rasters % -or a? ?ppar to result in war. While Ireland la affair with tunity to revolt the disousaion of the wej" ..wouU* to foreign Powom must be n matter of nnhtU s ?ac the government of Lord I>erby. The flow lite army la in Ireland and Canada; and white u man matter remains unsettled theee h tnl^. much rrom the effective strengthtrfttte ( There is a feverish anxiety on .V^Lttlemeut of the iEh oa^?UXrh^nT^ri^ by Stephens Irish questioa in tne mas? r Hl( iMb either anx The few military xh?y inhabit n fort called loua or prepared for war. Tney m ,Ucc#eded In MiUmount Tower?n structure ,that hm ?? atandlM nprig^sti^Cwwdl ??^hlch I view It, WK5? ^rTw^h^Ah. mere rumor ef the ?P?~^UW^.? i^iVCroLl^Ennianlsm since I af From what I have iea?~ |( Juum mepUana raaant rived here I .Tilinn that Ireland would be In J? ?^7-^r^th^lrtof Jwuitry, lie either mtead i*tn^rv^tafoUowers or the Kngllsh prvwroiaeelL Wnau>MTtvtniLharefrom America and Bnglandevery 7? ?dT^mrida?ces of preparation everywhere. I ?ltaro??u5?tettmfotlowSro of James ^^ansand gjSffSwwrty iSATSrSA'S land wilt be Wrge^r ran * Se nnn nf British rutew lUm rein en stated &Ss ft'sraJ. w jfcTrssa Sonof the rtsimTef their sister country. PRUSSIA. OUR BERLIN CORRESPONDENCE. Thn N#rtli ?rrwinn Psrllanest-Wenm Com munication with America. ?tr. Baauit, Jen. 13, 18o7. It is positive now that the North German Parliament will not meet, as was originally contemplated, on the 1st of February, as the elections cannot possibly take place before the end of this month, and even that only in Prussia, most of the other States not having got so fkr as to settle the mode of elections, for which they await the close of the conference now sitting at Berlin. The Prussian govornment intend, nevertheless, to open the Parliament as soon as their own elections tre con cluded. which they expect will bo by the 10th of February. If their confederates are not ready so much the worse for them ; lor in that case the Prussian Deputies commence proceedings without them, which they can easilv do as they will form the immense majority or the Assembly. In nearly all the electoral Prussia the candidate, of the various parties have already been nominated, and It appears that most of the leading members of the Prussian Legislature will obtain .eat. in the new Parliament In Berlin the conserve Uves have proposed General Moltke, hoping that the popular name of that great strategist may asdnca many SfSSiS -nlund^xbtedlvbea TEKSmbto sprinkling of ;;^nt&rar^.?S K'Ntsw'.. ??? rirSSI?Ki^r~'?? 8axonand **"***"?? JS| King prussa, who had gone King ^?bn, on aeefng'Gie K g station from Her- j ?i? LP^h'od Wm w^h^d^hands and a tewtecll % AmS* tamd aVd addiwmed him as "my gwiou# king and tord."nnd gJJyJ'JJk Tble tt hid euan kteaeAbii^Pni^ . . | DrMdnn uvd jggaa.irr.'w^ ,3: as of tea two fro|n%itu. if at all dta aSisrj? John ind Riii Willhm hiTioi w?# nui iii.Ai^itr t* ?!a^yll*^wchrotrier.'^whlch Is custommy In thri <??*??? ^?7^nearrolsMves sr Intimate friends. I g? inj^amsriit'^tsiH^Mriv* a"dWbrs?t account of the* ??? to mnltea than u the idea that teoglorv of their owa soveretga wouldbsso luSoteby his MWMtiog sbrother monarch to unnooes ea5L??^^ICrteui mealions a protect for esteWtshtng. OL ?5Sw5S!5s^l kjsss w ""^{SSfiESS? STm mis, each oatTytag right eitats, of thto/tty; hut HJsbyim "MM# # ^ inW8iBo. The your London contemoonrf appear* |g (|K mtiiion capK.' mStSI Is subscribed, ,b^,wP T^n^ o? tee^oeern?rksi It t. ex KSr-'SS th* TMU and the political nidation is K fJwSW? ? w"'" pU"' for tbs next the emtern queitioh. NtribaMI m Ike tkr roidltitii of tit# "Xlek Mm**?Tk* Only of Kwrfawtf. ' Yrnnrr it ad a Cininu, Det. 18, 1886. That ( love Kngland with the affection <>f ? eon yon cannot doubt, and that it le ever the desire of my heart to me her ta the first rank amour the nations is equally certain; bat to caress the errors of her ministers-to that I cannot lend myself. I repeat, therefore, to your statesmen that which 1 have stated to onr own ?Do welt, aad yen will receive praise; but to lavish praise on thorn who do evil la aervlle adulation, aad I never flat ter, la the war of giants waged by England against the First Emperor I search In the pages of those histories oi your country which narrate It for one single expression of condemnation at the expenditure of millions of lives aad millions of money, sacrificed to combat one despot lam, Indeed, bat certainly to sustain another not lew electing, who, however, on tho other hand, will not oonfoaa, with me, that the services rendered by England lathe caaee of human progress have been immense T dad I la paitlcolar bear testimony to tho benefits received from you by Italy in 1860, without frhleh wa sheald not noar be etultlag in the embrace of every member of the Italian family. But when I sea the government ef this my adopted country allied with Anmrta end with Turkey, I must tell you the truth, namely, that I inhale the ftimes of a rharnel house, which ail the national vitality may be unable to dispel, if (treat Britain places herself in coutect with these dead itorpeea I would rather see her nslng her power and her mfineace to support those oppressed nations!! it gning to decay IB the putrid atmosphere of despotism, but who, remaining constant to their de rtre of pnrtfving themselves, must certainly rise one day or another to their natural places In the fraternity cf Let oa leave Austria, ufase Ktoaeror oujM to reoefee M* faU ef Ms bmOur Bmpfim of iirrien, and which eiista only through the dissensions of the nationalities check ?anting each other's effort* towards emancipation. Lot na travel to Turkey, oosmopolitaa as I am, and a believer in that God who desires not fact one and dis cords, bat, on tho contrary, that men should love each other aa brethren (which fraternisation can only be pos sible, however, when we send the Dervish to the spade aad tho Romish priest lo the mattock.) Believing rally all this. I can make no dlfterewoe between the natives ef the plains of Tartary end my countrymen bora on the sunny hills of Item*. But have yon any Idea what this despotism of the Turks protested against by you really let 1 will giro yon an eiample. Oae day, In the port of Ollrlerl, In the isteod ?f Bllr lene, I inquired of a Greek pee seat the reaaea why he did not gather up the olives, Instead of permitting Uinm | to perish on the ground. "Beennee." be eaewnnd. "the Pacha beys op aU the olives, end we are compelled to deliver them te him at euch a lew price that It would net pay the expanse of gathering them In." Behold how the interest of this poor remnant of Christiana la neglected in temporal matters: and for the root, for all that soaeeraa the prostitution ef the body end of the soul, how am I to-relate it to you, who have so kind a heart aad who have a son and daughters T It le moat horrible. And If I do not speak of R, <?>l for give me; It la for the sake ef decency end from, the re spect which I owe you that I cannot detail to you such brutalities. Watt, new, I have Utd before yon the condition of the Chiiettaaa under Islam, aad Britain?the Classic ground ef human right* the proteotfcm of the oppreeJd, the mneoeipotrem of the ekrre- persists in upholding tbass freBecfa ImgiUkm the meet inhuman and the meat "tatST Ragtaad, rmaea and Remta, Mi one of those 'outbursts ef gewmmelty whleh God eemetlmea e vol tee in Mat mlnda, eegamnlMbed ewe ef these Amu whleh In Mm hMtarv ef sells# are IbUewed by universal grad k LM |ham qemetgte the vubUme ten. let the* ?par* lo humanity * frssh torrent of blood, ul they will reooivo from her a Uowuil benediction* a GARIBALDL 8ERMAN RECONSTRUCTION. r cede of civil process, low* I Bum ?f the Ceootltntlse of the New Northern I Con federation, ? mo precise tort of the constitution for the North Ger I ui*n Confederation, approved by lbs Prussian govern ? moot and now under examination by the Conference of ? Deputies In Berlin, baa not yet been published. The ?following is believed to be a more correct, as it Is also a .more detailed, summary than baa yet appeared:? The draft consists of thirteen sections, divided into etNty-olne or seventy paragraphs The first division sets foi *h "ha* is to be considered federal territory; the ; aicosd coutalns definitions of the legislative power In I Uascc1*federation; the third treata of the federal eoun cil; aecNton four eettlee the poeition of the presiding power; taction five treats of the parliament; sections Ms to ton of the competence appertaining to the legist* tlve power*, the eleventh contains the Important clauses I as to the ft 'dernl army, and section twelve refers to the I settlement o.' differences between members of the con I federation, 'iln loot section holds forth aproopootof I the regulation of relations with the 8onth German I 8 tales. I me federal tori ttory embraoeo the Htates of the for- | lernmenU known <\o belong to the North German Oen- I federation with those parts of Here* lying north of the | Main. Subjects of any of these Stolen are to hare I equal rights with nat iron in ail other federal Stoles. I The federal Legislature consists of the Federal Council I and the Fnrliamnnl hatting under MajwrlodtaUo*, an cam- I |mow afhtrn ot the Mot^h German ContodanMon, cue- | coinage, weights ?an to native righto Iright of art fie want, toe., patents tor inventions, proton- I IUna or Oirmnn trade. IntaEitSng'to Mb?f The aersimaewts are ropreasndod to the federal Oouw- I cH. NnUaiiy to the pfanwei of Mm former Met, the I rotes are dlvidad so that Presets commands seventeen, I

?nanny four, Meebtonliaii' Bttowailn and- Ihruusntsh two I each, and the remaining Stales one apiece. me totol num- I bar of rotes amounts to forty-throe. The members of the I federal Council may be preeent In Parliament and re pre- I eent the views of their governments; the Oonncil forms I departmental committees (Or the various branches of the I functions within the competence of the confederation; I except In alterations of the oonstitntien, the resolutions I of the Council are passed by mere majority. The Pros- I t isn Crown occupies the presidency, which represents I the confederation abroad, besides upon war and |>eace, I concludes treaties and- appoints ambassadors. A federal I chancellor, appointed by the proeidlng power, takes the I chair at the federal Council. The Council and the Par liament meet yearly. The Parliament la chosen by gen eial direct election, and poa-teeaee the right of Initiattvo within tho competence of federal legislation; it voire by majority. Its members may not be prosecuted tor state ments made in their quality of representatives. Ofiiciala In the service In one of the federal States are Ineligible. The members do not receive any pecuniary allowu nee. The federal presiding power has to see to the exeoution of the federal laws, and may compel rofruotory members I by execution to iullii their duties. I The States of the Confederation form one customa ter- I ritory. but the Hanae Towns are permitted to remain out- I aide the customa line as free porta. Legislation as to the I collective customs system lire-within the province of the I Confederation; the revenue from the customa goes I Into tho Federal Treasury, aud, loge'lier with the re- I turns from tho postal and telegraph systems, will be ap- I plied to meet rommou exponseK. So far a. possible In I the interest of the defence of tho country or of general I tiafflc, the railway system will be aubjeot to Federal le- I gialstion, and the postal and telegroph systems be or- I gani/ed as a homogeneous means ot Intercourse through- I out the entire territory of the North German Confedera- 1 tlon. Officials bind themselves in their oaths of service I to obedience towards tbe presiding power. The chief I administrative officials will be appointed by the preaid-I ing power. I Tbe war navy of the north Pea and tbe Baltio is under I the chief command of Prussia. Tho organisation, ap- I polntment of officers aud officials proceeds from tbe pre- I siding Power. Kiel Bay and tbe Boy of Jahdo are fed- I era) war ports.. Normal estimates for tho establishment I and maintenance of the fleet will bo agreed upon with I tho Pnrl lament, and the expense defrayed by the mem- I hern of the confederacy in proportion to population. Tho I seaboard population la subject to conscription for naval service, but, on the other hand, freed from service in the I land army. , I The mercantile ships of all tho North Gorman States I form a homogeneous federal marine, and carry a oom- I raon flag (black, w hite and red). Ships' papers will be I made out by tbe federal authorities. I The consulate system is subject to tho confederation: I tho present consulates will, however, continue to subsist I uatii the organitattoh of federal consulates la completed. I Tbo general conscription is extended to the whole North I Goruian oenfad'-raiion, apd the peace strength of the I federal army settled at one per cent of tho population. I Prussian military legislation ia introduced in all State* J of the confederation. | A normal budget will be established for tho mainto- I nance of tbe entire federal army, upon tho acala that a 1 definite sum (it is said about 320 tnalera) be placed at I the disposal of tho presiding power for every man of tho acoopted peace strength. This will be defrayed trom the customs revenue, snd. in an far as this does sot suffice, I by noatrlbntiona in proportion to the number of the I population. Ail the troops form n united army under 1 the King or Prussia who has to order tho apportion ment or the contingents, and to superintend the war efficiency of the army. Federal troops will Mnd them selves by theig Mttoof semen to obedience towards tbo , fWerai ..coiinaeidor-ie-clilef. The toitor appoints the mi porter efiie*A*nd the rommaadanta of forfretto* ap portoihing to tbo contingents. The sovereigns of the countries, nevertheless, remain chief over their troops, end may dispone of other troops quartered in their ter ritory tor tbe hmiateiMDCo of order. J Attacks upofl tho safety of the confederation, offence* I against the Parliament and its members, toe., will be le- I gaily prosecuted ia the individual federal .-totes where I tber take place. Quarrel* among the members of the I confederation will he settled by federal legislation. After I the constitution Is introduced relations toward* the I Heath-German Hutu* will be rattled. GRAND SKATING TOURNAMENT AT PITTSIUM Circs ran, Jan. 31, 1M7. A grand akailng nonte?i, open to contestants from all parte or the United Staton and the Canada*, wae com nenced here it one o'clock on Monday afternoon, Janu ary 28. The Oentral Park Kink, lying on the east ride of the city, on the line of the Pennsylvania Railroad, wae the scene of the tournament. The content lasted nntil to-day, and attracted each day -a vast crowd of spectators from various sections of the oonntiy. The programme of requirements that each con testant wee expected to comply with comprised every sort of movement that it is possible for en expert on abates to execute, including the "lap-foot," outside. Inside and crurn "rolls," "On to Richmond." "Pone Asinorum." the "locomotive'' and the "waits" Maps, besides "spread eaglox," grape vines," "figure threes," "ringlets," "loups," "sarpeotinos" and every other conceivable "qulrlequeue" that la known to thoae reread in scientific skating. The prixee contested lor were:? To the beet genii em :m skater, 3400 and the champion gold mi-lei of America; to tbe best lady skater, $300 and the champion ladiee' medal. Kach of these medals contains $<r>0 worth of gold. By the terms of the "lists" Hie winner of esca champion model is ?rcqtilred, if chsUueged next season, to skate the contest on *thf* rink. Tbe following parties entered for the cham pionship, the entries bavfog lieeu cloeed on tbe 2&lfa of January ?William K Ht?ii>p, the greet New York skater. Selllr.k H. Scofleld, also a celebrated New Yorker; John Kiuiler, Jr., of Jersey Oily; William H. Horvny, of Chicago; John Meagher, the champion skater ol Kings ton, Canada West; Captain Miner, of Detroit, Mich.; Prank h. Morton, of Bo?ton, Mass.; C. T. Goodrich, of Quiucy, lil.. and Collie Curtis, of Chicago. The Urol prise aud champion** medal was awjrded to Mr. Good rich. Tbe following were the entries for the ladles' medal .? Mliwoa Pox, Klhotte, end Nolly Deans, of Chicago; M>*e Gertrude Protnlnghetn, of New York City; Mi*s Kale Tor-yib, of Milwaukee. AFFAIRS IN KANSAS. Indlnue ?? the War Path - The Terminus ml the I'slea PaclHc Knllrend. Arc., Are. Jcxctio* Citt, Kaunas. Jan. 31. 1887. A scoot just in from the Wset reports the Cheyenne and Arapboe Indiana, numbering about twelve hundred warnon, on the war path. Thia place will be the terminus of the Cm on Pacific Railroad during tne coming summer, and great prepara tions are being made for e heavy business with New Moxioo. Twelve large (rains ere already en route from that Territory re receivn Mocks which have been shipped to this point. Sixteen hundred acres of land have been entered In this office under the Homestead act during December and January, and fifteen bundled scree were taken up tinder the pre-empt.on act dur'ag tbe latter month. TROOPS ROVING TO WARM FORT PHIL UARHET. et. l-orvi, Jan. 31, 1887. Late Colorado papers report the movement of soma good troops towards the region around Tort Phil Kear ney, Inferred by Indiana. l arge berda of Buffalo are steadily approaching Den# CONGRESS WITH TO VISIT PHILADELPHIA. ruiLJOXT.rxiA, Jan. 31, 13*7. The Ac loci Council to-day pawed e resolution inviting Congress to visit this cltv and personally inspect laague Island, tbe site proposed for a navy yard. The exponas of entertaining Congress while here will be defrayed by private suhaarlptlen or citiaoaa ARREST Of THE REGNO RRAOLET IN SOUTH CAROLINA. flavAgntn, Jen. 31, 1887. All Is qniet on the plantations la South Caroline to day. The negro Bradley wee arrested Ibis morning by the United State* authorities. Lieutenant Lemon Is doing well. _________ CE IN THE KLAWARE RIVER. PitiLiratrffLA, Jan. 31, 1887. The its la the Delaware river if vevy heavy to-day. People ere crossing at Chester, sixteen mile* below, on the ice. Thou sonde of people ere skating and sleighing en the ice opposite this elty. SflTURE OP LIQUORS IN MASSACHUSETTS. Rostov, Jan. >1,1367. Yseterday ihe State constabulary Mixed the stock of eight nquer dealers In Norfolk county, TW MVA SCOTIA ASSERILV, 9*. JiHim, N. Jam 81,1167 The rtovsrror opened the Assembly lo-dgy He own jratnlated the soup try an the leooeeaful Taring of the SOUTH AMERICA. The Wnr Afilui Ptragatr ?? be Ticoronnlr Preeeealirf. Lovooif, Jnn. 31, 1MT. The mm steamer rrom Hio Jaaslro brings the news that the Kmperor of Brexll h? resolved to Increase hi* armies and carry on the war against Paraguay with re newed rigor. Death of the Frrick Minister (? Brazil. I'tiw, Jan. SO, 1S0T. Advices from Rio Janeiro report the death la that city of the French Minister to Brasil The Chevalier Joseph laonce de St Georgea, late French Minister to Brasil, was for a number of yean connected with the French diplomatic corpe at the court of Dom Pedro. At the time that the Baron de Langadevf wae Minister, he waa Secretary of Legation, sad during the absence of that nobleman is Baden, held the poatttew of Charge d'ABhiree mi imUrim. Upon the recall of the Baroa, shout twaive years ago, Use Chevalier was pro moled to the poaitlea of Minister, la which capacity ue remained until the time of his (tenth THE BOLL OF HOHOB. r.oeCnre ky the Kc<r> Dk. (Unfit. A tog* ud fashionable audience gathered last ??en Itfillkt Reformed MA church (Bkr. Dr. Alex. R. Thampmn's), on Tw*irfy-flrst street, mm Skill avsnu*, te listen to a lector* by the Bee. K. V Ohnpln, D. D., upon the subject af the " Boil oT Honor. " This U the Will oT s aerlea rf icctur** which an Using Miners* once ia two weeks before that charoh society by dto tlpgutobod speak en. After a vflnntary'ftwm tit* eigu Dr. TboaapooB Introduced the orator** the evening, who ?poke substantially as follows:? Nothing is more faHaoloos thaa contempt for abstrac tions; for a eery little reflection will convince or that they drive the machinery of the world. Of human ac tions, except tho more sensual and Impulsive, are drawn the conditions which cannot bo superseded, but which are folt as a power. Sometimes it seems to be ae if all things were governed by money; bat that groat agent In the loug run yields to ideas. Truth realises higher than market prices, and justice weight more than gold Eton physical force is rested only upon the plan of physical being; ita supremacy arises at tbe threshold el the eooL Inspired by loyally, those who offered tHeir Jive* in its defence may surely claim the freedom, per haps the life, of tbe couutry as resting upon their exer tions, and may see tbe fruit of their exertions in the glory and unity of the nation. While for many ago* every sacrifice for the aspnationn of those who liave lived' skguiticantly and lined tbe centuries with Illustrious deeds und glorv, and lived with heroie names, men bavo suffered, and fought, and Kscriflccd for the splendid idea that has never yet beea fully realized, and which we cull "freedom." 1 ropeat, the machinery of the world is driven by abstractions. i refer not to that honor which is content- with lefty acbiev mente, and lays them in tbe higher place of tho inapiration of ambition and tho ooronet of reunion. Al most everyliody recognize* the truth that it te not "all of ire;" that lira I llife to live;" that life ia not made up merely of goods I that we can weigh and measure; and thte honor Is an I object of universal attraction. Hardly any man will ad- I in it that ho ia devoted to It Whan tho ideal is all lost, I why the man himself is Inst To And hector ws must ge I down; down below tbe aero of tho Senate Chamber and I the Common Councilman, If there te honor in those. I (Applause. I There are few, however lew or fallen, who I do not make some pretensions to honor. There an some I men whose assertions of honor in their own persona ara I counted as otyecw of ridicule, but they most bo Oonsid- I ?red as sincere In the delusion. Now, take fttna him I the conceit of honor, and tbto ingredient of his character I te buried and obscured, and he can cherish no respeot I forhiius-lf. If KatetafTs remarks be true, that "honor I cannot eel? leg," then there was no meaner man than lie. We must distinguish between any substitute for honor mid tbe rich, absolute realities. There are per sons who are called good who are;- in fast, compelled to act by eireuinstances. They never dtd- see the moral ?ids of anything; and there are other* who exactly 1*1- I low l be I toe of loyal obligation. They never had a oon- I cealed motive. They never cheated a man ont of a 1 penny, and they never gave a man a penny?(ap- I but what a dismal sort of honor te thte t If we I charity in those instances ia whteh honor has bean I ascribed we will almost always And that the human mind I prefers honesty. This is the age or skepticism. There I are those who tell us that U is wise to reconstruct tho I philosophy or tho dim age*. There are concentric ] I circles of honor. In thte oountry titles are cheap. If I you wilt allow me the expression, I would aay that bore I "honors are easy." A mosquito can hardly strike aay I where without slinging a squire or professor. Many are I the colonels and generals. Whs re are rank and Ale t If I the private nation te not the poet of honor. It te tho post I of distinction, and the man Is distinguished whose name I passes from lip to Hp without a handle. As a people w* I are not lacking of but one thing which belongs to honer, land that te reverence. No pernio mora truly honor Idw; but I ho great element of social order. In the abetraot, te lacking. Tna nation has passed through the esrtbqnakn, of revolution; but It has paused M It* groat work. It should go on until all the people are held together by Ingrained loyalty to- order. There is a re 11 nod honor ia the second generations climbing and dinging to the ivy around the old eh arch walls, which is as natural ae it te noaatlfnL I think that honor Is the role. Thai* may be exceptions, but do not 1st us indalge ana talk of tho world's ingmtltndo for lis benefactors, wo precious deed fans pom ground. There are other tests also. How grandly, yet sadly tbto breaks upon us nearly svesy day when some man whom ws thought abev* suspicion deceives us, and another man brings out n noble element of character when wo never suspected K to base lurked there. Tho people in their seal have their publio favorites. In tho inarch of events when the utlosiflfi was at atake, mere individual man became insignificant and tho crite rion wm deeds, principles la tho heat of each great trials applause faded to ashes and bonora war* dripped like autumn leaves. All tb* elements of true boom n In loyalty. It yields its aaerifloo on the bottle Held of life and of friendship. This enthusiasm of loyaltv Is the very eoul of honor. Tho loyal sometimes grewe'on dead stamp*, bat never on human toadstool*. The speaker then spoke of those who wore entitled to honor for achievements, and said that those who did noble deeds for the sake of doing thorn, expecting no reward, should receive their well merltsd prates. The man who painted a picture became be was devoted to the art, not knowing what was te become of his work, should receive the same praise with the man who per formed a greet action by which ha knew that the eyes of tbe world would be drawn towards him. The great work before ne te to vindicate tbe dignity and unity of the word freedom, and to reconcile individual freedom with social order. Thte is the great work of tbe day. Through the battle ?moke Greece reaches ont towards us, and lbs other day men carried our flag through London streets. The world looks towards us when it ia striving for freedom. But above all is the great work of national llfa?we know what that mesas. The ballot peacefully follows tbs decision of tbe battle Held. The linos of heroic dead and unaltered regiments implore ua that the principle* for which they sacrificed their all will be maintained by the ballot. Tbe nation s honor wiH bo reached In tho nation's faithfulness. If we wait for human perfect ion upon this earth we shall wait for tbo completion of the Hooaick tunnel. The entire lecture was listened to with intense interest, ? nd was frequently applauded. THE KENTUCKY LEGISLATURE. Fiuimrorr, Jan. 31, 1*87 1h? Legislature to-day pan ned tbe bill granting univer mI amnesty for all aais committed under military authority prior to October 1, 1885 It applies to rebel* and federals alike. Senator Davis telegraphed lo his son la lbs legisla ture to give a giand win* supper ta celebrate bis to elect I on. The conventional rata of Interest has been adopted. The bank rata is sit per cent, aad contracts mav be mad* outside as high as ten per cent. THE KANSAS LEGISLATURE. Torus, Jan. SI, 1MT. The House te-day passed s Joint resolution to amend the constitution by striking out the word "white," by a row of 68 to 10. The amendment nilesring female aa drags wee defeated by a vow of 80 to 88. Tbe HenaW discerned the him proposition, and in Committee of the Whole adopted u amendment tntmdneed by a conservative member, that every elector ehail be disqualified from voting who has stolen or embezzled property from 'he United Swiss government, or who as member of tbe Legislature has received money or other consideration for hie vow, or who has attempted to bribe My member of the I egts latum or elector at tbe poll* W get bis vote MASSACHUSETTS LEGISLATURE Rostov, Jao. 81, 1887. ? bill baa paused tbe Massachusetts House of Kepna aontative* allow tag tbe rate of interest to be find at seven per cent by special contract, but where no agree lie lapel raw of I a teres! remaws at all per ment is made the I oenl. ALAR AHA LEGISLATURE Mowroosnnr. Jen. 31, 1888. The House of Representatives has passed a hill to es tablish a system or public schools for blocks and whites alike, except that school* for each shall he separate each ecboof dl district. It ia understood that the Legislator* will ant reconsider the action on the conalMurtnoal amendment. Ball, Rlarlt fit Cw.? AM AND 187 RBOADWAT, have const* Ptl V <* hand a wall assorted steak of niAMDNDn. JRWRLRY, HlIiVKR WARR. WATCH KA. BRONXB8. '4?,? oas rixi AMUSEM^^8* ^ trr. Or*h/* mm Bmfm? wm, u* 6vo*l Th. Vrml 1W 0f French dramatic com pan y for the benefit x ^ ***" Allusion has already been made to Offbnbn. # "breuT performed by the operatic troupe, although th. ? m ' a tissue of nooaoDslcal Joke* and stage gaga, h_^ better adapted to the oapabUitlea of comedlansT - fact was made ettdeat laat evening, when the perfom. albeit occasionally marred #J the hi tehee aah mtaunderatandlnga consequent upon the eery hurtle# the piece, mac Quite nattthMory. Or presentation of phi, was very heartily appUaded by a large aad critical audience, and, whoa neat prodaoed, will "be appreciated, because of tfae^^^? roodering. Oa the occasion art)da deserved at least MUa. Naddl, the eaog charmingly, and I M. Hcribet, aa the atroillag maaioiao, inbetltoted a Mr for the traditional hddle aad Dh;al s Ms ?mMM| rodooeo, will no mm mm* greater parftcMaa of the of which we apeak Mac . for loeir effort* to pM? The Park Theatre, RraeUya* The Child of the Regiment wae performed' far kg aecond time at thla theatre laat evening before e Wp good aadieaoo in point of numbers. Tbe pleoo le fairly coat, aad the oharaetera are ot aech almpie requireoiaafc aa do not dlaplay too glaringty th* weakness of kc utility foroea of th* theatre. Mtaa Learn Qetea aaaamek tbe rfifc of tho sprightly vivandlere, and performed II ?? the satisfaction of the greater portion of her aadieaoo, winning encores for her aoags aad raoada of apple?' fbr her declamatory "points." Thla lady to young, ore* glrtiab la her appearance, and, altboegh ertdaatly e? en the atage, gives arid*? of hoeing been la footly trained. Her preeeaoe la very fine, but her aottag |M|M?^m force, while tow Ik cold, uoimpamioned and lacking la atmatiea is had. Her speeches arsall delivered I la mm tone, hijh. sustained and girlish, aad her (articulations are very few and far between, ae Utah she to only saved from reproach by her occasional giving iway to tbe exuberance of spirits natural to yout? Ah and effective. The lady is very young, however, has tbe ambition to study and improve, aa la proven by the fact that she has already made horself a great fte vorite Mr Mentayer, an the gruff eld sergeant, did much better than usual, while Mr. flavflle, aa the young lover, auoeeeded, by good acting, in m aking a feature of hi* part On the whole the piece was very evenly termed throughout. The afterpiece, a-farce lively M 'ed off action and broadly ludicrous In incident, was rattl in boisterous sty!'-, with Mm Henri ami Messrs. Chip* pendale and laoih in the leading parts, the Utter bet^ quit* cotnu al In hi* drunken scene. I MudIchI. Thw Rose of CnstiTerwae given- ae.iln by (he Rlcblags troupe at the Olympio theatre teat eveulug boforo * targe audience. Miss Rtebinge, afthou gh suffering from ; * "evere cold, acquitted herself eery creditably, ?<-4 1 w,,h tb* ?dtrMrsble support of Mrs. Segu-n, CeeUn C.tmphelI, Reguin and Wylle, the opera pu wdolT ? Hp-' faotorily, The beautiful jtnai, of the first act wae given 0tr&cl *** ,ronP? bas mat with ua. jtssrrssu&snxt. asurarB Kncbaotreaa produced la splendid style. ?, Mr. Jerome Hopkins' fourth concert for the OnhMt. Ac., fund, took ptaee at iRetnway Hall last night. Tna audience was eery large, and, with the artiste. *oadt< toted a sort of mataai admiration society, for weary? thing waa eaeored. Madame- de I.tissan, soprano* w pianist; Mr. Henry Mellonliaorr, violoncellist! r artists assisted In the concert. Mr. Hoaktaa ? ***POuse to an encore, created a sensation bnrkM Mag and aoeompanying bimeelf on the piano?a nnv5 f~"r" * JJJ"? rooo,rt- The orphans ware well ng3 ^Tthemtate. OCOM,0,, winced mucheathnaMM l*salrtoal and Naairal Items. The great ocaan yacht race is attracting attention In. musical circles. Konred Treuer, a young ootapoasr if this city, has brought out the Oeean Yacht Raoa Orasd Ifarah, a aptritad, stirring oompoaitioa, In which there to the true popular ring to reoonunead it to the ainreal lyrw ? m well an the mora accomplished, artist on the r' aTi1 U ie handsomely illuatraiod with a colored lithograph eC the eonteadtag yachts. Harvey R. Dodworth, the waQ* known orchestral director, commemorates the a rant I* ? a dashing sat of lancers, entitled Our Sailor Boy '-n' cars, with a splendid likeness of the winner of U?e mHI-r winter race. It is n graceful and fitting tribute to the la* domitahie pluck, energy and peraeveranoe that orlgt. naSed, ptannad and sucoeaafiilly carried out an naliriirtan unparalleled in the annate of yachting. Yandenhoff succeeded the ITakir of Are at Allyn HML BarUord, on Tuesday night. The people of Oairo n*? Kdett have the pi"asft Brokbeni, offsboots of the Hanloea, at their Athonranm Madame Ristorl succeeded theOhlonl and host a I Opem TYowpa at Be Baste, m. I^uw, M Mooday night. V~ **t0 Hoym finished hie engagement at the Plttafcuiw German theatre on Tuesday last. p. Charles Barron appoarad aa Othsflo at the MetrepeM* tan, Bafiklo, on the kdtb instant. Veravall Is alill the attraction at the Memphis Ttwiatra The second oonreailoa of the Vermont Central Mwnmd Association took place at Moatpeller, Vt, Inst weak. Prolteser Southard, of Boston was the director. Cemllle Cine, the celebrated violinist, was to apneas en Thursday evening ?t Newbury port, "? wtthtna Boston Parlor Opera Troupe. ' ^ 8enor I'eralta, the Mexican prima donna, Is rranllns n grant IWor in Hiram Mr. Mapleson will produce the Vaanbauaer next soansm *? bar Majesty's In a superb- manner, Tietiena austninl^w | the chief rot* Leoa Roquer. a young pianist, started on a vey^n round the world, and playsd so woll on the aJfeotlone a# the eldest daughter of the Queen of Otahalln IW*1 gfim foil in lor# with him, married htm and made him, nam saqueatly, heir presumptive to the throne of Otahelte Listi'a new oratorio, Christ, ha* bean performed ah v art on* plicae in Italy. Miaa .Susan Denin is drawing good lieu see at the MB waukee Academy of Musla. Mis* Rose Kytings and Frank fswlsr appealed ha Daly's dramatisation of (trtfflth Haunt at Mall's Opana House, Washington, ua the fifith tnsi. Mr Jefferson has brought nut the comedy of Ours at the Holiday, Baltimore. Bogumil Dawiaoa will appear at the Concordia, Pa Iff mora, this weak Mr. aod Mr*. Charles Pools and Smart O'Brien Opened the Prince of WaJee theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, on De< ember I, 1*64. They wore very successful In Wellington. Dick Ritley's troupe of Japanese Jaggiers mode U sensation lest month at the Academy of Music, Am frucncs. There are two women In the trospe the drat that ever nooited permission rrom the Tyeeow m leave Japan. MAILS FOR THE PACIFIC. The steamship Rising Star, Captain Furber, will Ignvh this port on Friday, for Aaptnwaii. Tbo mail* for (Metre! America and the Booth Penile will close at half past ten o'clock oa Friday morning. g The Naw Yoac Hbralo -Kditlon for tb# Parade? wfl be ready at half past nine o'clock in the morning. Mingle copies, in wrappers, ready for met I log, ?x i , Wky la Pkslm'i Night Blsewleg "rrrwa I ltfc? tb? flriMBi lirtMf i It I* thil proTuntof * bum? | Hb? Hoalhf rm Hofrwr Htyndiaaim fmr the World's Fair, la be aesn at Noa t sub { John Ureal. la palling ho lteia l? tha laal day. "?* A. Wall 'a Chemical Pwaande lUistar . _ Hair, ana l? .larKteOIy the beat Hair Dresatna man ankul RUMdTUM. I? salor Renee. sad by all dragJtauT" *** MArntfrBfi. fififi Broadway, Naw far*. , *SBSTr A Pr,-U*" **wUm ?kmrirngft? '^? U*UH? JoriN PDWOAM A 8QB)l. A^ota for tbe Polled Bteien mAehAnl ?*ce^e^ia.Swoagk l iI^Ts WT?fi$ coiiah. Orowp, An. /p?t up In fifin. and iKKtaHtfea. hold A rnTludooa atraa^W kAsg and gaa^ajty, lafanrAt ibleona yad ail kinds of TArLOR A CO., I aD kinds < * ~w~. LOB A Ci