Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 1, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 1, 1867 Page 9
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financial and commercial. Tuukmdat, Jan. II?6 P. K. The railwa/ share market continue* to ahow an lm proving tendency. and no now failures aro reported. Money it abundant and offered at five per cent on gov ernment aeoaritiee, but on railway collaterals the general rate la seven, with a moderate degree of diecrimiaatjpn respecting names and margins. First class commercial paper la mere freely discounted at 7X a I per cent, bit there Is a very limited amount 'offering. The banks are sttn certifying checks with great caution, and bud aeas on the Stack Exchange is more limited in coast qweaee than it otherwise woald be. The losses among i by the last series of panics have been enor the speculative feeling is proportionately tame, but the new element which is always flowing into Wan street will soon have done much to neutralise the eflbet of the prostration under which the street now At the ten o'clock eereton of tne open board the mar *"*? eteady at the closing prices evening. She sold at 66 a MX; 00X e 98 X; Northwestern, . **? fwwnud, 61X a X; New York Central, pp. At the flrst regular beard there was a well hat net very large business transacted The stock of the fchk of North America sold at 101 a 100. and that efthe t tafiniistsl at 101X a 102. New York Central closed X ?* *ha same time yesterday, Erie X. Michl ?wthere X, Illinois Oentral X. Rock Island 1*, WsHhwamsra X, da. preferred x, Ton Wayne X. Ohio Nhshmppl certificates X. Pacific Mail 3, Atlantic ?eflk, fltntsihit 1, Mariposa preferred X, West*in lUuon TMagrepb x. Reading x? Michigan Central X Government sernritlee were dull and lower. Flve-twen tee of ISM declined X; new issue of 1866 X- Ten <ortles advanced X- State stocks were steady. At the ?ae o'clock session of the open board the market was wronger, and New York Central sold at 99 X a X' Erie ?X; Readlog 103X a X; Michigan Soethern, 70w a *? torthwestern 86* a*; ?0. preferred, 63a Rock eland. Ma),'; Fort Wayne, MX a 86. At the half-pest two regular board the market was Inn, except for New York Central, which closed IX reK"Ur b04Pi Erle X higher, Reading x. Miohigaa .southern Illinois Central V ftock Island X. North western lx, do. preferred 1? Fort Wayne IX, Mariposa X, Milwaukee and St. Paul preferred IX. Government securities were dull and needy. Tennessee sixes of the new issue advanced X at the open board at half-past three prices were a fraction ower, sales having been made at the following quotations York Central, 8?yt a 87X; Erie. 56* a X; Readi ng, 108X; Mlchl/an Southern, 10X; Cleveland and rtttobuig, 73X; Rock Island, 84.X; Toledo. Wabaah and western, 41X; Northwoetern, 36X; do. preferred, 63?/ ort Wayne, MX; Mariposa preferred, 21X- During be remainder of the afternoon business was done at Hightty advancing prices, and at half-past Ave the cur ?st quotations were as follows:?New York Central, 87 i ?7X: RHe, 5fl a 66X; Reading, 103X; Michigan South ret. 70X a 71; Illinois C entral, 114; Cleveland and Pitts !<"*. 7?x ? X; Rock Island, MX a X; Fort Wayne, MX ? X; Northwestern, 36X a X; do. preferred, 64- West rn Union Telegraph, 44X; Cleveland and Toledo, 120. torn pound Interest notes were quoted thus by the deal rs^June, 1864, 117 a 117*; Jaly, 116X a X; August, 1 * 115 a 115; Itecember, 114 a 114^ ? Uy, 1866, HlXalU; August, 110V a 111; Soptember,' <0X a X; Ootober, HOt^ ? X. The goifl market Is strong. The opening price was MX, followed, after it bad touch.-d 134X- hy an ad ?uos to 1S6X. and a alight relapse noar the close of us I area to lg&x a X?the latest quotation. There was brtsfc borrowing demand from the -shorts," and loans ?re mads without interest, and at 2 a 4 percent for ear ring. It Is understood that a new gold bill will ahortly be ! itroduoed In Congress amendatory of tbat which author ire the Secretary of the Treasury to sell gold at his dia .etlon, and tbat several gold brokers bare been aum swed to Washington to give testimony respecting the feet of previous sales. The opinions of these ?~?m are, twever, worthless, and no committee of the Senate or sure should attach any importance to thorn, although ore ?s no objection to their glting statements of fact, it the brokers in the gold room are, with, perhaps, a ire exception, speculators, and they would givs their ideeoe in fkvor of whatever tiiey considered to be etr own interest. There is only one proper course for mgrem to pursue in relation to the gold in the Trea iry, and that ia to prohibit sales of it as well of all future receipts from oust em*, la this ty revere! hundred million* of coin might isesmulatod, and this reserve would bare more botthan anything else in causing legal tender notes to preotate '? vnlue as well as improving tbs public *f* "td the price of national securities generally. Ilk aix hundred millions of United Slates securities, rue hundred and fifty million* of which are federal nds, held In Europe, the importance of guarding Must a suddea return of a portion of these for sale, to lieh we are constantly exposed, is obvious, end the Meet safeguard of the Treasury is to be found in a gecotn reset it, the moral and material effect* of lick can hardly be overrated. The government, the greatest debtor in the country, can hold thing better than geld, which is, In view of all tbe etingsaciea to which the nation is liable, the cheapest tamodtty that Net within its ranch. There has been so tab jobbery, moreover, in connection with Treasury jd anise the* tbe public will feel relieved when tbey ? prohibited. fhe foreign exchange market ia dull and rather heavy 1 consequence. Bankers' bills on England, at sixty yu, ware quoted at the close at 1 MX a 108X; ?? three fe, 100 a 100 X; commercial bills, 107X alMf; francs ?"rif Mya, AM a 6.26; at three days, 6.13X a 6.16; Is on Berlin, 73 e T3XI no Bremen, 79 a 79.x; on knkfert, 41X udlX; on Amsterdam. 41 a 41X; on Snburg, 3fl a 38X; on Antwerp, 6.18X a 5.17X "he cable report* of tbe pries* of Amriaen securities d.onuon are pronounced Incorrect, on apparently good Eerily. Private despatches, dated yesterday, quoted to at 38X a 30, and Itllnois Central at 80, while tbe die quoted the fbruier at 44X, and Illinois Central at ul ,nd similar discrepancies bare occurred before b subject of these inaccuracies Is -diffidently im. fftant to demand attention from the agents of the Aoclatsd Press lining shares were rather heavy In tbe morning, but A ia tbe afternoon. At the tint board Consolidated Ggory Gold closed 85c. lower tbaa at the same time yterday, neUtag at $10; Waliktn lead tor., selling at A; Smith A Parmelee 86c., selling at $6 06; Oorydon ll, selling at $7 26. At tbe second board Corydon ??ed 25c. higher than at tbs lint board, selling at *6; Consolidated Gregory Gold 30c., soiling at |10 80; Mkh 4 Parmelee 00c., eeiliagat 06 IA he reports of the city railway companies to the Wet Kaglaeer for the year ending September 30, 1800, ?thus condensed; ? 1 Hmm' ^ Amt ??. Conor lalnnd ?nd| ooklyn. ' Rlrkr A Rnlton Terry. ?ndwnynf Brooklyn. ?V * drmntb ??ftyn Cttr ? X Krk, if A E. Klrnr 'Jar ftUnd A Brooklyn iH&nrk A R BrmdwHy Rl*k Araint. Re?-Meond Ptr.xit nnd ind Slreot r?rry?..J H%B.,Mor. A Kord. . Nt? Aronuo Mood A ran no J tjte A too no kl A? Hi! {it ' B B" 1 I 1 A ! | ! r i a 4W fifl WAN 9,00 10.W>| *s 4.90, a 2,10% UU) i.?ao,ow| 870.4001 m' 1.900. 000.000 900.400 00.400 T97.S?0| 670 mn . 790,1100 l,17O.0U0| 119,100 446.1991 111,000 i,nH,?7| m.m 1.409 ox iw,?n S.4KNM 1,2.10,000 ? tot of rand nnd equipments nnd total nnuAint of dobt " " **' * nglnoor. 9190.414 9162.071 1.04K79B 704,000 339 700 04.410 482.9* 1.900.999 1,3*909 17000 1,009.490 991.*1 943,090) 1M i40 1 190,000 notkxiiiod to Muta Engineer Km** of Aftd Hi >1 9nd?#n??er intend mid Brooklyn Blei*r Strret ana Knlton Enrry fnmnny. ?f Brooklyn. Bn<aoay nnd 9o?cnth Avnnnn.. >^ntr P*rkf lt?ed fc. Rlram.. ConoyWaod nnd Brooklyn l>ry 14k nnd Bate BrandWny ... Oorten Br0,"*"* '?<> Kordknm'. "inlk venae ? OAnpMHk. ?>itk fbird itnu B9D..W4 W.KM 77,499 139, SO 314.119 ?ftq 79 (177 390.909 si: rl 990401 i,5?;J? 101097 ioo,oa| *4 1^1 $37,m?i 491 434 83.346 awm. I? H.ts Bjs 403.994 719,7* 7MAI l2$ .II Mi | dteytei | TVOnf mm Ant I fmd. |fte*/W?d Y f*WAy'mi4BH^iVnU? Aranne. SSJraTnrk? N? nnd H.' RlVnm ::: 1 itx SS INBI "oJ:Si The Atlantic Mutual lassraace Company of this city baa declared a dividend of twenty per cent. The com pany will aiao pay sis par oent interest on the outstand ing certiorates of profits an February 6, at which time the certificates of ISM will also be redeemed in cash. The Isthmus steamer brings $1.175.605 in specie. The receipts by California steamer* this year amount to $2,482,109, against $1,441,203 to tha corresponding period In 1806. The total receipts at this port from San Francisco last year were $41,844,789. From San Francisco papers of the 10th we extract the following details of treasure and merchandise move ments. The receipts of specie at Ban Francisco from tha northern and southern mines of California during the peat five years were:? 186 2 $42,639,709 1806 $46,266,600 1603 46,327,316 1866 43.866.109 18M 46,400,416 The receipts from Washoe, Esmeralda and Reese river, Nevada, were:? 18? $0,247,074 1866 $16,184,877 186 3 12.486,238 1866 18,216,118 186 4 16,797,688 The imports, coastwise receipts (Including Victoria, V. L), and receipts from northern and southern mines (including Nevada), at San Francisco during the year 1868, were ee follows:? Imports. $1,298,311 Reoaipta coastwise, including Victoria 6,073,619 Beeeipta foam northern end southern mines. 43,866,200 'J* ** $84837,140 Total Car 1866 56,446,042 D??eese 1866., $2,607,863 The export and destination of treasure during tha Fsere 1808 and 1808, respectively, were as follows:? h. ' t$86. 1801 New York $20,996,328 $41,270,634 England 18,252,786 6,566,610 Franco 181.392 792,848 China 6,943.692 * 0,633.064 Panama and Central America 626.949 694,660 East Indies 156,504 ? Japan 224.019 106,890 Sandwich Islands 44.920 172,346 Society Islands 6.600 ? Mexico 152,457 12,004 Chile 61,000 ? Totals.. $45,484,646 45,484,540 Increase for 1888 The aggregate value of the exports of merchandise from San Francisco since 1860 has been as follows:? DvmMir. Furriyn and East'n. Total 1880 $4,918,021 $3,472,148 $8,?1.06T Igfll 8,988.375 3,893,448 9,881,821 1H62 8 678 780 8,880,208 10,438.088 1863 7.599,756 5,204,531 12.804,288 1864!!!!;!.... 7,753|o33 5,587.227 13,341,160 1365 8,705,228 5,611,148 14,218,874 1808 11,934,082 5,282,834 17,188,898 The following resolutions respecting railroad franchises were adopted by a vote of eighteen to seven in the upper house of the Illinois Legislature on the 24th Resolved, That in the opinion of the Senate ail con solidations had and made between railroad corporations, existing under the laws of the State, without having received the express assent of the General Assembly thereto, or its subsequent approval and confirmation, are null and void, and have no binding force or effect what ever; and as all such consolidations, except for the ownership and management of continuous and inter secting linea of roads, tend to destroy that competition which the people of the State are Interested in, and em barrass the rights and interests of stockholders of such corporations opposed to such consolidations a law should be enacted at the present session declaratory of the prin ciple herein contained, making provision M*i"Wt the consolidation of competing lines of railroads in this State in the future. _ . . . . Resolved, That the Legislature of this State has full power and legal authority to provide, by general laws, for the limitation or rates to be charged for the convey ance of passengers and freight by railroad corporations whose franchise and privilege* are or may be hereener derived from the people of th is Stato and the laws thereof; therefore, in view ot the Tact that the rates for the con T6TB066 Of pUMDj^R ftlld freight, 8S TlOW fixed l?y ftUCh corporations, are unreasonable, excessive and oppressive, be it further ' Reootved, That in the opinion of the Senate, appropri ate legislation upon this subject is, upon principles or fair dealing and sound public policy, alike imperatively demanded. Tbe Sandusky (Ohio) Begltttr says that the Cincinnati, i lay ton and Eastern Railroad Company have cloeed the contract for the grading and mason work of their short Hue road between Dayton and Cincinnati, thus complet ing the line from Sandusky to Cincinnati. The contract providss that the grading and masonry shall be com pleted before tne 1st of December of this year, and work is to be commenced as soon as the froet leaves tbe ground. The Dayton (Ohio) Journal, however, of a later date contains the following respecting the semo work:? It wee rumored in the streets yesterday evening, that the long mooted project of tbe Short Line Railroad from Dayton to Cincinnati has received tba flnieblng rtroke from the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayeen Raltread (omnanr. and parties in that interest. The rumor oomea to us in a creditable shape. We did not aaoertal* (formerly the Seadusky, Dayton end Cincinnati!, ror twenty yearsi This Is equivalent to the absorption of the latter road by tbe former, end tbe swallowing up of the Short Line enterprise, unless the Cincinnati, Hatml [SS^^nSallSed Company shall find it to their interest to bnlld tbe line for their own use. If tbe romor we publish W true, it exhibit. Um seermowe oepe citr ef the Cincinnati, Hamilton and Dayton Railroad for swallowing larger corporations than Itself. It now controls Mo own line from Cincinnati to Dayton, the Deyton end Michigan Railroed, the Cincinnati, Chicago and Ureal Eastern Railroad, the Hamilton and (onners ville line, and the Cincinnati, Deyton end Eastern line. Receipts and Dlshwreementa at the 6?ee ef she IwiltssT Treswarer ef the United Htntee at New Yerfc tier the Neath el January, January*!. 1*7. by balance $88,422,092 Receipts during the mealh? .... Cu stems Geld notes ?.?*.*? Internal revenue 451.873 PMt OHce Department Transfers 1.880, Patent fees 4,io? Miscellaneous .29,990,082 awes wu 60.938,KM Tout $187,3.8.108 PT^2KTdr^ts WT.iWJM Post Offlce drafts 881,282 48,224.680 Balance ? ~$89,133,438 Balance Or., disbursing accounts. $0,441,084 Receipt* during the month 18.284,85# ^ ^ ^ Payments >,815,.i36 Balance Ji*"* Stoim ,10'll0'?H:i Balance. Cr? interest accounts.. .$1,086.34* Appropriations * 10,331,258 Payments in coin ?i'Sa Pay menu in currency 1,694,7wt # ^ ^ Balance $1,260^18 Receipts for customs in January, 1888 *? iin^u Receipts for customs In January, 1887 8,680,884 Decrsaes In January, 1887 $2,949,480 Punds m hand in Assistant Trea^ sum's office. Funds in Amay office Less temporary loan tojbereimbursed.... 10,0.0 Balance $108,276,640 .Statement ml Bwstanea at the United states Assay Office at New York Her the (Neath Kadlaa January 31. 1867. pylteef gold- gx-ooo I bsmna ,30?? United States bullion 161,800 ToU| $180,000 Deposits of stiver, including purchases- ^ ^ * o? rCTstotw^lYl w (ooutalued In gold) 6,000 United 8Utes bullion (old ooine) '.JO? United States bullion (Idaho) J?? United States bullion (Nevada) _____ $34,000 Tetal depiiel'ta, payable in bars ?.??? ToUl deposits, payable in coins ____ Total Gold bars stamped ,10 MT Trsnmnltted to United States Mtnt, Philadelphia, forceinage T00>4M SALES AT THE HEW TOM STOCK EKKAWE. Thursday, Jan. 31?!??*? *? 3SUSVBJM&* W8 Si SBWaoaSSiB f msst & *SS?v*rw s ??????= r It TPa'bJ'n,''rag l?tj *3Rrte RBmefW ? 5* g 8l8< p?> CbA?iAPe?BB7;e W% WMUeh Central BB... I?A i Chi?* Wis Ms'.: Jf wo Mteb 8 A it InA BB ,b.Bkof It amer HI Jg I OouueenUt $ani*. I ItHuets 'Central bM 11 do..., tviit U Metropolitan Bank. IB SM Chios go 4#f praf 61V 1U0 Uumb Coal prsf sav 11*0 do 61V 20# do * 10# do 81K 100 do M call 36 400 do *3 61V 5S0 Western Onion Tel. 4SV AM ' do Id call 62W 80# do 4:? 1(10 owe A Hk Island .. SS'-a * do U I M0 do SK 33 do 44 H00 do , 98JJ 3d do 43 400 do .2d call 04 lUO Maripo?a M* Co!... #W 100 ClevatA Toledo RR. 118, M0 Marlpo-a pref *1V M Chi. Bur 4 Qu KK IB 100 do bli *1*? 300 Pitt, T W AChi RR 98 100 Atlantic Mall 88 Co ?7& 100 do h3 06 300 do 07 100 do b& * ?00 do 2d call 97 10# da e 04% 6 Del A Mud Can Co. 144V 9# do 0?S 3D K A Nar A M RR Co 111 80 Clore. Col A Cln R R 106* 60 Adams F.xpreaa Co. 06 100 Mil A Kt Paul KK.. 36 66 Well*. Fargo Kt Go 67 100 MU A Rt Paul pref.. 64V 100 Paelic Moil 83 Co.. 164 300 do 64.? * do 166 COMMKKC1AI, KKPOKT. Tauaaoar, Jan. 81-6 P. M. A sacs.?Receipts, 33 packages. There waa no change la the market worthy of note. BBBAMTvm.?Receipt*. 6.175 bbls. Sour, 4.840 bage ooru meal. 1.M buohoU corn, 4.686 do. eats, 190 do. ? ryo and t? do. malt 11m market far State and Western flour waa la aetlre and drooping. 8o?ne forced aalos wore mode at priori Indicating a reduction of 10c. a 36c. par bbL, the market doe lag Irregular at the decline ahown in the appended quota tion* The aaloa were 8.000 bbla. l'he market for Southern dflour waa dulL Irregular and nominally eaaler. The talea comprise 400 bbls. Bye flour waa quiet; but prices were maintained.VTha aaloa embrace 90# bbla. at from 96 SO to 08. Cora meal waa I toady, with a moderate demand. The talea were 1.500bbla Brandywine at 96 40. Wo quote:? guporOno and Weawrn... 90 10 a 0 79 Ultra Slate .10 00 a 10 79 Choiea State ...... 10 86 a U OS Coin moo to medium eatra Weetorn 10 OS a 11 39 Kztra round hoop Ohio 10 80 a 11 79 " .10 ft a M ? .11 16 a H 39 Fancy and extra do ., 18 30 a 16 00 Ryeiour (superfine) 6 40 aft #0 flora meal, Jersby 6 10 a 6 00 Corn meal, Brandywine 6 30 a 641 ?600 bbla extra Canada, In bond, ware disposed of at 9N 69 The wheat market waa dull and unsettled, The antra urate chiefly at d deollne of 3c. a 6c. per buehel, and eorer only 16,000 buehel* at about S3 22 for prima No. 1 Chicago, and $1 30 for No. 1 Milwaukee. Corn waa told to a limited ex tent at a reduction of lc. a 3c. per buahel. Sales 36,000 bnaheta at 91 OB'i >91 00 for mixed Western, In atore; 91 13 for mixed Western, afloat, and 91 00 a 91 11 for new yellow and new white .Tereey. on the dock and delivered. Oata were neglected and prices ruled lower. The tales were light at 6tlr. a 62c. for Chicago and Milwaukee, and Obc. a 68c for State. Rye had a downward tendency, with no tales of Im portance Of barley, 2,600 bushel* four-rowed State were aold at 91 M, and 10.000 Canada West, duty paid, were sold at 91 18- Barley malt waa dull and nominal. Cottow.?The demand waa very light, and though pricea were not quotably lower, the tnaruet ruled heavy. We quote:? lrpl?nJ, Florida. Ho'jiU. N.Od-Trx. Ordinary 30 .10 .11 31 I,nw middling 32 32>? 3S}-? 33 Middling SSJtf 34 34 34 flood middling....36 36 36 37 The following are the comparative receipt* of oottou at New Orleans for the two weeka ending January 18 and Jau uary 26:? B< lie*. Bofrs, Jan. 12 1.136 Jan. 19 2.092 Jan. IS 1.78# Jan. 20 2.353 Jan. 14 41.084 Jan. 21 8,133 Jan. 15 7,125 Jan. 23 1.611 Jan. 16 3,646 Jau. 23 6,995 Jan. 17 9.942 Jan. 24 1.960 Jan. 18 8,154 Jau. 26 6,287 Total 32.876 Total 30.438 The New Orleuita cotton statement, made up to the cloee of business on January 26. la a* follows:? Stock on hand September 1, 1886?bales 102.139 Received since 467.671 Total 669,810 Exported since September 1, 1866 328,644 Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared 221.266 The receipt* at all Texas porta from September 1, i860, to January 18. 1867, amounted to 67,637 bales, and the exports were 39,221 bales. The nlock on band January 18, this year, was 36,421 bales, against 29.826 bales at the corresponding date in 1866. The Mobile statement on January 26 was aa follows ? 1866. 1866. Stock on hand 6epL 1, bale* 34,200 B.0U0 Received since 376.646 160,293 Total exports since Sept. 1 211.736 109.094 Stock on handVan. 25. 1866 84,618 Stock on hand Jan. 25. 1867 77,771 The Savannah statement, made up to Jan. 24, Is as fol lows:? Sen hJand. Vpl i mi. Slock on hand Sept. 1. 1866 447 4,671 Received since Jsn. 18 387 10,367 Received previously 3,470 131,319 Totsl .4 504 136.867 Exported since Sept. 1, 1866 . 3.463 106,'.C* 8to?k Jan. 24, 1865 39 gjii t.he folding "Utnaent of'the reretpts, exports and stock at alt the jwru. ths week rho!aU,oaZ^^.r^Mh:,^hr #f Iil"t *?"'? aDa ?kw_T Sfc 1886-7 ,g,m M&uOO 40.(106 2.000 It**) MH; 60,000 t,am. ooo :t7,ooo slouo At*. 5 v'rs ^ '6d-.afi0-l.. lffli.000 5,118.000 06.000 38.009 17,000 ?-- KtfXhIt tin-r 5ct?. 1,lWbf._?? _ at. HHTh. Frnn.r. Otk. F. P. Total. flfcw ]25?"I 38.00(1 ?.<?) 406.000 6&1.0U0 Av*"% 'ii W.000 18.000 862 00 at&.i 00 '56-7afc-l. 768,000 M7.000 161,000 1,180.(100 794 000 Corraa ruled steady though quiet. We heard of no sales Of any kind. Knaiuirr* war* firmer bat quiet. The engagements were:?To Liverpool?SOU bales cotton si 5-l?d. aid. 10(1 do. 8e? l?laod do. at tjd., 400 times boef at S*.. 15.000 bushels S?i? T. ^l"1 Pj; "f"1'1'8 b,lw Sw ,kl,1?l oo*'nn et 5 b*** nlo',r send at fibs., and per ' eteamer 100 three quarter cases tobacco at 8s., and 26 cases do. 8?. To Antwerp?16 hhds. tallow at 3fis. per ton. To Bremen?per steamer, 460 hale* notion at 1 Wn. a l?e. 000 hbls rosln Jtts. 300 bbU. flour at 4s. Id., li? da. lieef at 4* 8d. and 50hhds. tobacco at 36a. Opwmt Ban* were more sotlrs.ths sales comprising 80 hales, in Boston, at Bilge.. and l.oto bales to arrive there on terms not allowed le be mentioned. C.L?7n nlled duU ??<! nominal at *>c. Bo sales | w?r? reported. ' ""?J;?*Anl'* was in limited request bat firm at 1116k uilUf , , eeglsetod, though a sale was reported of about l.Otinbales jute. In Boston. 00 private terms. Hon.?Tha market ruled quiet but steady at 05c. a OOr. for new urop American, the sales being limited to .16 bales. Bni.Men.-l he market ruled Arm with a fair laqutrv for the lower grades. The sales wort OOD hhds. old otop Cab* inesrovedoat 41e aad 4*6 hhds. tart do. a t 40e. NnnBreMm-The market for spirits tnrpentino ruled a shade Bretar, with a moderate buslnaa Jain*, dales, (X* 'ibis iiSlf" ,' lnc'thling a lot In shipping order atthe outside pHoe. Rosins1 still continued outel, bu" prices were without Snoteworthy change: sales, 012 hbls. common at $8 73 a 80. lOO^ki. strained at 84, and 100 do nrnimon strained at ?JM 78. Tar was dull at prertous prices. Bedfl,^ .r'lSta "f.UsJidwM ?2iby M |?? '-rsbrulry.l * 167 do. beef Ml ? pack There ? r, ? ?" ?? |MWB sold at fil SO. buyer's option. Paonitoa*.?Receipt* Mthbte perk. Sfffr? >?>'?? ??* "d *64 dressed boss, there I*!"""1 for Pork and the market ruled heavy closing duU, with a downward tendency, at 8*0 86, cash, tor Western, and 81*. cash, for old mess. Yke sales for tonne dlste delivery oomprland t,tm bbla. at 810 V a 830 6H for T *"*?? * f ?* *l* for old do. and 810 02 a 817 for prime; aieo for fsture d-ltvary J.^dO bbla new mess for rebrnsry and March at $80 17 a 821 II. snller'a and burets option. Beef was moderately active at atoadv prices, hales 80b bbls at 817 a $*t for new artro tnes?. and 81* n $18 for new plain do. Hear hania continued flrm at too advance uo'ieed in oar last, salts gg bbia.. at 831 a 8M1. Bsc,>11 was leas active, but the market ruled (Inn; the salsa were ?0 bores. Including short oltar at Ue., f urnberlarHl rot at 10*4c. and short ribbed at ll'?c. pressed ban were nrroer and more active. ?t Itille. a in?c for city and 9)4 c. a i^i. for Western. The demand for ?ut "tests was modemtaly active at full prices; sales 42b pack ages, at U'^e, a Hike, for hams and ""-le. a 9Uc. for should, ers. pit lard market 'bough heavy, ruled quite active, the sales footing up 660 bbls., at l*Sr. a IV. for new, snd ll V.e. *? 12!fi- for old. BuWsr was aP-sily at Mr. a Mr for Mate aud I8c a 38-. for B estern. Chaese waa steady st our L>. t quotation. FrTRoucvN.?The meHret #6r both crude and kndfd ruled ekioMdiofly (luiet, and j.r*-e4 were r onunal at I*Ur, a !!*<*.? for crude .and ?>^c. a % for .tnrdard white fn liond. nie only iratisacUon? we Iieard of waa 1.0QU hbU. prime light Btraw to while, lu bend In Philadelphia, at 30?\ bu?. ?I or*a option, for Marvh delivery. oi?"'*^ ?""*?"??* at 10V- a li?46c. -for Carolina, and 9^0. a 9,So. for Kangmiri. Scoaa.?Lass activity prevailed In the marks* for raw, buf Previous_prlcee were fully malotaiiied. The sales were limited to KM hhds. at lOVc. a lljqc. for Cuhs musniv^do, and IfiVc. t'orto Rico; also 1M boxes st lie a IHio. Ke-.netl was qafts1 active and smady at lljic. a ISi.e. for sofl yellow, ISKc a Utse. for soft white, and18c. f,.r hsrds ea*os.?Clover remained steady at 13?i.. v Ifie.; timothy waaunehangod at 88 26 *88 78, according to qualjiy. Of linseed we hmirdof Mies bf 2800 bags ttahmtta on the spot In BoeWn at 82 ? a 82 4d gold duty paid, now held a' ths latter prtoe. and 700 bags to arrive there at 02 91 gold. nJ bond, indicating as advance; also 1,200 bags here on privms terms, but nnderv-r od at $2 40 , have to report mire of 38 000 Ihs st lie a lltge.; also 16,0(81 lbs. grease at 84fc. a Ilk* was unchanged Hales UUisnihs stile. allVe Whisssv.?Receipts 76 bbls. Market dmi and pries, nominal * TELE8IUPWC IMIET HEPMTS. __. ? Ho.i iDBLrnii. laa. 81,1867. Slocks are flrin reantylvanla state Ores are quoted st ilL o"U c,*nlU7 Philadelphia and Brie, W, Rre.iln*, til' w'6&7. fluid 186. Ks< bang- on landsdM? sLP*ri??"il? doU- ?"ld<i;in* Of ?and* dull1,3m.; fnlfs 86c. a Sfijfe. rioui very dull; TT rtli wwstore from ill 1 |IL Pennsylvania 81* a 814. Wseat r; *7" >> M a 01 68. Corn quiet ?tre. J ?e" l2? b??h",? h." yellow at 97e. a 81 Oats Ilu 0t,D?t* '"??"? $6 M per boi tale* 1J00 botes. Whiskey duU, . Kii.rtsoss. .tan. JI, 1867. s.h.? ?.r.e**d7*t**< fof middling, t'olfee qaloi bat flrni.l ' **ies yesterdav i.BO hhds. Cuba, far refining, en prt. ti* ?r/^'Jt0*4o-0 Wife. Flour, small sales; eg Whfi* V2^T**.?"? ,rB,r?u7 "Changed, though nomJuaL w neat very dull, miners not grinding. Oot n, white mtied Hwer ?1,ed ?><**?< ?./.How le. r??' ii'1" r?" lo4? delivered at ?tv .Whisker, eon tra band, 81 76; / b"1!! h'*,'*r* tales. Mass pork 888. tmt mna b0,k bui demsVd^lh?o"orlni n0, ep*n ^cre* ?satilniay" snTthe triSJ ThS s^E s 1 re',?^l,1,'n'* ?? confined to Ibo loonl *11 75 a fill r^Tw. . T hens amotiatad to about 100 bbls at fi t 76 for . I'1? ? *13 78 for red winter, * unlet ^ ?,s 2ft fRT *>"?? ?2tre- Wbnat auo?*dat?h^l!w' ?' '* f?c I. OaU are ^ rr nnmilo W.-?*rn. J?o rates for barley. Hre and Sm .'.lei.Nb,,ru *r*,n '??****' *> in? ?twllyr*a2w flRSta w*". 'rejiM fw otd*" OaU^iM?!? "mb* sSAfor'sew,aa'dotk!".! i/ 7.1J4l Ictafor light iireeaed bogs W?EW> COUNTY WTELllglCC. Apotbk* Arttphmt ow tws Ixnvq lspkirn Rstpsoin ? Ao the express train on ths Ijavt Railroad, duo at Haatar'a Point al twenty-dve minutes past ten o'clock A. M., on Ma day before yesterday, waa ap prnnehinc WUlow Tree stafien and running otghtren mllaa pw hooy, ona of ilta rails brake, throwing twe can Arnta Me track The cere, at the time of ibeoc Who were no ???ttjf flhiwwn from their teats yet only an old emtio. rss^TEs-waa-t^Ss pletely thrown aoroas the track The yiMMgMB came ! on foot to Jamsu* anil armved at Hunter's l'oiut at twelve o'clock M. Bail the accident happened at a poiut of the road where tliero wan aa embankment the lose of life would have Wen great. The road, it Is mated, it ia a verjr bed condition aad dangeroua to patronize Accidents are continually occurring. The President, it is alleged, ia at Albany, endeavoring to get a bill through to increase the capital stock of the company. CANADA. SPECIAL TELEGRAMS TO THE HEIALI. Haiti ef Counterfeiter*?Haire Nugget lllieev. ?red la the Kichnrdeon Mine at NflM County Claimo for the Satgert of the Fe rn lan Prisoners. dfcc. Toeosro, Jan. SI, 180T. A large number of counterfeit ISO notes on the Fourth National Bank of Philadelphia were found yesterday ia nearly every city ef the province. A huge rock in the Richard eon gold mine at Medoe waa Mealed this morning, which revealed a rich vela of ?old, fhr heyeed the moot sanguine expectation. The rock

taken out wtU yield not tern than $12,000 to the ton, nnd the dirt, whioh miners call "dirt crevice," not leea than $60,000. A oompany of gentlemen from Chicago have purchased the right to work the mine. They will com mence operations In the earing. The mine Is oovered at present by n large shed, wnlch Is guarded by Are sen. tries, who will permit no person en the property. The report published by the New York prose that a nan had heed cured of consumption by the Virvrlu Nary is untrue. The man alluded lo was buried on the Oral of January. The county of Peel has oommenced legal proceedings against the government for supporting the Ken Ian pris oner* oenOoed in Toronto, and for the use of the old Jail The government refuses to allow the county for the prisoner*' support. Repairing the Parliament Buildings. Ottawa. Jan. 81, 1867. A large force of men were to-day set to work to clean nnd repair the Parliament buildings. This seams as if the government really intend to permit the Provincial Parliament to again assemble prior to submitting the question of confederation to the people. AFFAIRS IN SPRINGFIELD. MASS. Soldiers' Ball?Escape of an Alleged Pent ale Counterfeiter?Mult Against an Iaaurance Company?Merleua Hnllreadl Accident. Spring ristD, Jan. 31, 1867. The Soldiers' Union ball at the City Ball last night was a complete success. The response of tho pnblic to their invitation for its patronage was a generuos one, and a more numorous or brilliant assemblage has rarely graced the City Hall. Nearly all the old officers and soldiers of tho city were present. The uniforms of the soldiers furnished an agreeable contrast to the scene. Of the invited guests who had promised to come the only general officer from abroad who kept his word waa M^)or General Charles Devins, of Worcester, the hero of Ball's Blutl and otiier hardly and honorably won battles. The music by Gilmore's baud was excellent. The receipts will amount to over $000, and after paying all expenses the balance will be applied to tho fund for a monument to the fallen heroes of tho city. Mrs Harper, the woman who went from this citv several weeks since to Conway, where she was arrested for attempting to pass a counterfeit check on the Chico pee National Ilank, of this city, and was placed in the Green del I jail to await hor trial at tho March terra ?f the S'uosrior Court, escaped from her coll on Tuesday night. When the turnkey had made his last tour ofinspection, to see that Die prisoners had properly retired for tho nighl, she deceived bun by a "lay figure" which 8hn bad placed in her bed, and during the night, probably by nioaus of outside help, contrived to effect her escape. The woman has an undoubted ability to secure herself from recapture, as her previous exploits show that she has had severe experience in matters of this sort While she remained in this city she wont under the name of Mr. Van Vleit, and her trunk and Its con tents are still at (he hotel where she stopped. Among the conteute of bet trunk are quite a number of doteotive oil]con' cards and other evidence of her acquaintance with legal and criminal business. The suit which has been on trial before the Huperlor Court at Boston of Mrs. Anua B. Baxter (o recover $1,000 trom the Massaaolt lire Insurance Company of this city was decided on Tuesday by a verdict in favor of the plaintiff1, awarding bei the policy of $1,000 aud interest, In all amounting to $1,188 83. By the accident to Conductor Adams' train, at Chester, on Tuesday night, Fill as M. Heath, of that place, received Injuries from which be will probably die. He rode down from Middl*tta1d, and was standing on the platform of the baggage car .viieu it struck the freight car on the track. Hi* hips and spine were severely wrenched, and he also received ueriouu internal injuries. STATER ISLAND INTELLIGENCE. I'sKcsKiKo roK trx String Eiawtions.?The citizens of Btaten Island are already preparing far the spring elec tions. Primary meetings are to be bold next week. Matters of local internet are being discussed with great i determined to protest animation, aad the attireas are determined to protest against giving the control of their local excise and police arrangements to tho dtty of New York. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Aijuck? Laparob.? (n tbia city, on Wednesday, Jan uary 30, at tbe residence of the lirlde, C A. Alosn to Emma I.aremiK, late of Mew Orleans. LmriARD? Monnin? In Brooklyn, on Thursday, Jan uary 31, at the residence of tbe bride's parents, by tbe Rot. Dr. Storrs. Osoaot a. I.ikoabd to Joua A., eldest danghter of Charles A. Morris, Nrq. No cards. Mooratvo?Bvkrb.?In Philadelphia, on Monday, January 31, by tlir K'gbi Iter. W. H. Odenheimer, D. D., Bishop of New Jerey, and afterwards by the Hon. Morton McMicheel, Msyor of the city of Philadelphia, William 0. Moontmn, to Masia K., daughter of Iseec F. Bakor, Kfq. Srrfitsld?Strwast. -(to Wedoesdey, January 30. by the Rev. Dr. Harwood, or New Hsven, Oaonos Br. J. SnsrrmT.n, of New Hint to Mast, daughter of John A. Stewart, of this city. Hied. BAsawsi.u?On fhuMdiy morning, January 31, Lillib F., intaat daughter of Thomas 8 and Caroline A. Bake well. The funeral services will take place from No. 38 South Third street, Brooklyn, E. D., on 8aturdsy afternoon, at one o'clock. Tbs relatives ?nd friends of the fkmily are reeper.ifnlly invited to atieud without further notice. B.utcw.?On Tuesday, .Tannery 29, after a short 111 ne.sH, Hr.vsr R. Bahkkk, of tbe late Arm of Barker k Cole, aged 44 years. The resent services will he held at Trinity chapel, Weit Twenty-fifth St.. this (Fr.dayi morning, at s quar ter irefore ton. The friet.da and relatives of tbe family are invited to attend without further notice. Baltimore papers ptess# copy. IIkaty,?On Wednesday, January 30, Joesrn Bsaty, after a long 111 new, aged it4 years. His Mewl* and relatives and those or his mother-in law, Mrs. Ford, are res|>ectful1y invited to attend the fu ll rial, I ruin hie father's residence, Astoria, L. 1., this (Friday) afternoon, at it o'clock. Bisnor.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, January 90, HitNar C. Bisnor, aged -4 years. Tl.r relatives and Omil are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, at tbe house of bis father-in-law, No. 13 South Tenth street, this (Friday) morning, at eleven o'clock. Bsaydos.?On Wednesday January 30, Wilijam Br isnos, in the 83d year of his age. The irtends of the family are respectfully inrited to attend tbe funeral, on Rsturday morning, at eleven o clock, irtmi bis late residence. No. 70 Lalgbt street, without further notice. Btrrt.sR. ?On Tburaday. J mnsry 31, of consumption, Jams* Ri tuh, fortneriy of Knots, county Clare, Ireland, in ibe 43d year or his age. The funeral will take place on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from hw late residence, No. 10 Madison *treet. New York." CADnt'R?On Thursday morning. January <1, of eon auuiplion, Cosvtli a B.. wile of tieorse Cadmus. rue relatives and friends of the lamily are respectfully invited to attend tbe funeral, from the bouse of Mr. K! hard Cadmua, Salterville, N. J., her lute residence, on .Saturday afternoon, at two o'cloek. Casern. -On Monday, January 14, Paras, tbe beloved w.fe of John Casein, a native of Ayr, Bcotland, In the 31st year of her age. t\.rim?On Thursday, January 31, Mrs. Rlisarsth Oltdit, in the 83d year of her age. The relatives and Mauds and those of her eon, John J. Civdc, err respectfully invited to attend the funeral, ('rem' the residence of Mr. Robert Murray, 441 West Twenty-second street, on Saturday. Oorestrv ? On Thursday, January 31, Tinernv Corne lia, ton of John and Jnlin Conghlln, aged t yearn and 6 month a. The funeral will take place from the residence of his parents, 86 James street, on Friday arternooo, at half pest one n'elork. IHi Flos.?la Brooklyn, on Wednesday, January 80, on Flos, aged 34 years Tbe relatives and frienda or the lemlly are Invited to attend 'be runeral, from his late residence, 176 Dean street, this (Friday) afternoon, at one Clock. FirsniSAih.?On Wednesday, January 30, Thomas Frm ssAtA, a native or I.tecarfol, county Cork, Ireland, In the 73d year of his age. The friends of the family end those of his eons, Maurice end Edward Fitzgerald, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from hie late residence, 2*t? Sixth etreei, near^lowle, this (Friday) afternoon, at half '*Ha?T?Or Thursday, Jaauary 31, of typhoid fever, Hcsrt Bali, aged 30 years. / His Mends are In vised to attend the fhneml, ?b Sat nr. day morning, at ten o'clock, from hie late reetdsnce. cor. ner Sixth evenne and Twenty-third street. North of Ireland papers please oopy. Knr ijrr ?On Tuesday, January 29, Timotwt Kruxt, a native of Relengb, Queens county, Ireland, sged 57 yes re. Hie Mends snd acquaintsnoss art respectfully Invited to attend the funeral from the residence of hie brother, David Kelley, 134 West Thirteenth Street, Urn day (Friday.) _ Kst.iT ?On Wednesday, January 30, of consnmption, WntiAM Ksi.i.v, aged 28 years and 8 mostha The relatives sad Mends ate respectfully invited to at tend th# funeral, from his late raaldeaoe, 08 Barrow gtrset, this (Friday) afternoon, at tmo o'clock. M4Tr ?On Wednesday, January 80, Lawnmrcn 8, Mors, la the 40th year tit hi* sgn. 4>r relatives end Mends are invited to attend the fu neral, en Saturday morning, st eleven o'clock, from the Ditch Reformed ohorch. Mod Hem, Wo county, N. T. Tram !m'M Twenty sixth ?treet at tea A. M. M M Tuesday, January 30, Mi uabi McMaw a^ed 87 vcara, a native of Augbakillmore, county longford, Ireland The friend* and relatives art mvitd to attend tha fu neraJ, from bis late rt-aidenoe, No. 104 West Nlnete-ntb atrert, tiiia (Kridar) afternooa, atone o'clock preclwely. Nuttall. ?Oe Thurvday, January 31, Jcauun B. Nut tau, in tlir dvith year of bis age. Notice of funeral in Sunday'* Hbilau). Pa Bay.?On Thursday morning, January 31, at SI Clinlon place, after a long and dlstresaiug illueux, Gkokum B. I'khkv, son of the late Dr. Marshall 8. 1 " " Perry, of Bos ton, aged 28 yearv. His remains will b? removed to Boston for interment _Priluw.?On Wednesday, January 30, 1.snafur A. PmLure, tha beloved huabaud <?r Rebecca Phillips, In the 86th year or his age. The relatives end friends of the family, also those of bis wm-Iq Iiw, fc. N. Arimteiik auil Solomon Assouhiem, are Intnted to attend the funeral, from 258 Bowery, this (Friday) morning, at ten o'clock. Rosa.?On Wednesday morning. January 30. Mrs. Loot Boas, or Btaplelon, Stateu Island, ;u the flat year of ber age. The rnneral will take place at the residence of her ?on-ln-law, at BUpIeton, SUten Island, this (Friday) af ternoon, at one o'clock. Sohbodkr.?At Woodside. Ixwg Island, oe Tuesday, January SB, Mrs. tUnam fkMkomut. formerly of Charleston, R CI Tha friends of tha family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday), at twelve Mi., without further notioe. The Long Island Railroad train leaves Hunter's Point a* 1114 A. M. Scmrrnc.?On Wednesday, JStnuarv 80, Otto Hmmr, only eoa of Hermann and Suaauna Schutte, aged 1 year, V months and 7 days. The relatives and friends of the Auntly are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from 103 Washington street, this (Friday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Jersey City, on Thursday, January 31, G so roc Siblkt, aged 48 yearn and 25 days. V The relative* aad friends of the fhmtly me i espwtfully invited to attend the taneral, from his late residence, 10 Grand street, Jersey City, on Sunday afternoon, at half l?at twelve o'clock, without farther notice. Tatlor.? On Wednesday, January 30, after a ahon ill ncKP, Charlkn H. Tax ton, in the did year of his age. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at 1 o'clock, ftom his late residence, 67 Suffolk street Trbmj'kr.? On Thursday, January 31, after a lingering illness, Rorkrt B. Tkkmpkk, aged 66 yearn. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clock, from his late residence," No, 256 West Twenty-sixth street. VanNostkand.?. At Foster's Meadow, L, I., on Tues day, January 29, John Van Nobtraxd, in tho UJth year of his sge The relatives and friends of the family nro respect fully Invited to attoud tUe funeral, from his late resi dence, on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. Convey ances will meet the half-past nine A. M., Long Island train from Hunter's Point, at Queens. Van Hovttan.?At Harlem, on Wednesday afternoon, January 30, Frank, youngest son of P. ft. and Eli/a Van Uoiiiten. aged 2 years, 6 months and 17 days. The relatives and friend* of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from tlie residence of his parents, 124th street, Harlem, between Sixth audSeventh avenues, on Sunday uftortioon, at two o'clock. Ward.?On Wednesday, January .10, Thomas A. Ward, agod 76 years, 2 months and 14 days. The relatives and friends of (lie family ap- respect fully invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday a'ter noon, at one o'clock, from his late residence, North Second street, near Ewan, Brooklyn, E. D., without further notice. Wkedr.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, January 80, Chiurtopiirr Wrkhs, in the 38th year of ills age. Relatives and frteuda of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, corner of Hanson nveuito and Pacific street, without far U'ti Invitation, this (Friday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. The remains will he takon to Greenwood Cemetery for interment. SHIPPING NEWS ALMAXAfi roc NMW TORI?THIS DAT. crrv miiti 7 II j coo* circa morn 4 at HIN *KfS S It I HIUC WSriK -vo 4 It ?QRT IF NEW YORK. JANUARY 31. 1867. Clrarot. Tybre. Caulkiaa, <lalrr*ton?Stmiroi i. TiU.ioo A Co. . Steamship l.odona. Horey, Galveston? C U Mallow A Co. 8lei.nishl|) T1 Urlugslou, RaLev, SmvmiiiihIi ? lav.og-ton. Fm ft Co. Mtaaiuobip CVmipenWA. Johnson. Portland?J F Amos Khlp Majestic. Iitnea. Holt Francisco?Corastock ft Co. Ahlp Awericon Congress. Wood word, Ijomlnn?fl innvll, M mtn vn ft Co. Bark AJdia MrAdain, Partridge, ttanuallit, RiTlI 8"n ft Co. Arrlrrt. Steamship Hewjr Chauocey, Gray, Avpiuwall .'mi with moil*, trrun.T end passengers, to H K Ilolmo'i. Jon Jt, IS M. oil Coon Marnr, spoke steamship Oooon Qnoeu, he.ii?-e for Asptnwslf. Steawhldp Pabkee, Htlrllng, HI Jago de Cuba Jaa JS. ami Neurits* 341U, with mdae and passengers, toWsydeUACo. Ship Nop'nno, Peabody, Liverpool Dec 6. with mdae ami p??wnpri, to C It Marshall ft Co. Slearathln Yaroc. Hodges. Norfolk, 1W hour*, with cotton, ftp. to O lie'neken ft Palmnre. Off Bamegat Jan 51. passed hark,-lighter, from Part Btftl iiound to Saw York. SUopnalilp Raleigh. MaiaUman, Norfolk, with mdse, to Livingston. Foi ft Co. Atearastdp Chesapeake, Jnlmaon, Portland, with indas, to J F Atncc. Snip Mrpluue. Pea body, Liverpool. Doc 6, witb mdae and OS psaaungera. to C If Mamhall ft Co. Have been to the wr at ward of ion 80 W aim* the Otk luat, with low to galea from S N W to ?*f; hare been aa far 8 aa lai M N, anil wma obliged to aland to the ear (ward to get to the north ward ; Jan 31. lat 37 38, loa 48, took the crew from achr Two A later*, of Egg Harbor, dismasted; had heon la I liat oenili tlou fourdaya; alnoe Jan 14 tbe ahlp baa been leaking badly, all that tbo main puma* woald deliyer. Bark Rene faulor, Berry, Yokohama Kept 13, wilh loam, ftc. t<> A A l<ow ft Bros. Passed ftnjler Oct 30. Capo of Good Hope Nor 30, rrowed the Eanstor Deo 33, and crowed the parallel of lat 20 N, Ion 43 w. Jan 3; ainoe which time bad a ?'?? ?"?' wi "?? dP w, i nt a a tw ww , oju r?, piiict wuith tunc UIU K sneceaefoa of wa?tatfr galea; Sept 18. orperleneed a typhoon from N K. rnoriag to WW. tbe barometer marking 3M.M: Nor 38, lai 33 85 H, Ion 34 SO K. aaw a bark showing 8SK4, lal pen dant. from Poocbow for Now York; 30th, lal S3 01 S, lea 18 38 K. aaw ? Br alup ahlp allowing 0840. 3d ?,... ?- . ... ...... .... pendant, from Cal cutta for iKiadoo; Jan 31. lat K, Ion 8745. spoke achr Oneiric, standing h ; IDth, lat 40 30. Ion 73 00, spoke sehi Mary ilac kali, standing E. Died at Hong Kong .Inly IA. Reaper Hebal berg, a teaman, of Praure; Oct 0, Cbarlo* Johnson, a aea man, of Pruaiia. Bark I.iherla* (Prnai. Wiaehke, Newcastle, E. 74 days, with md*e, to Barclay A Lirlngaton. Jan 38, 1st kO, Ion'7;, mam | ' ' ft?* ' ~"'i number* I ft days aaw a brig, showing while dag with blue cross, with mi 3307. Has had beary galea from tbe NIT for lbs last i and loot a whole ?ntt or sails. Bark Uaanebivg (Dan), Tkuree. Bio Jane're. 85 does with coffee, to Weston ft Gray. Job *>, lat IN 53. loo 73. atv-kr bark Delaware, from Demerarn. bound for Baltimore. Jau 4. off' tial'era*. experienced tremendous ^aIra from lac NK. whlrb '-hanged round front N t? A. with heavy rain atid lightning, i h?n suddenly changed again to NK, blowing a hurricane: wa? compelled to lay to fur two hour*. Bark Henry Flitnei, Park. Soguo la Grand. 31 day a. iv th lft CP. 11a " sugs., to James K Ward ft Co. Tioa had very hoary wpai ho during the entire passage. Hark l.inds A'ewart, O shorn, 81 J ago. Cuba. 33 day*. w'?b near. Ae, 10 Jooathau Thompson. Jaa 38. lat 31, Ion iM.i ' W "? "? r ? ' 74 ?0. apokc m-hi Mary A Tyler, trout New York, bound to Wilmington. NC. 15 day* out, with lose of loretopiaast and abort 01 prnvla.ons supplied uer; slime I hen have had had linavr westerly gales; Slat, to a 101 rifle hi.rtwiaiie, wl.i'-li lasted 24 hour*, split both topsails; hue been 3 days id ihe Highlands, with eatromaly cold weather. Brig Choice* Owau (of Porflaod), PettifiRlll. Nenvdas. 14 days, with sugar, ftc. tn Thompsou ft Huotor. Brig Cinr* (Bri, While, dan Juan, Nic. ft days. ftc. to J P Whttuoyftt'o. Jau 'JS. deceived by the compass. being 38 miles out or her uonroe. went aabnro on tbe Groat Raham* Hank, hut was got off without damage, aaataied by the H* ? h?ma wreckers, tie en then hare had t?ir weather, being but throe days to Ww N of Hk'teraa. Bilg Louisa 'Am, Coven. Bermuda. 3] days, with salt a>>d 4 pasaeagera. to Mt-Coll ft Krah. Had heavy weather Ihe entire pusaage; sprung rudder hood, and carried awry main l^rlg Florence, Kathbun. Galveston, It days, wtlh yottu i. ftc, lo maxler. Achr Joaophlae H rimsll (Br). Hteynns. Htsol, Jau 9. with hemp. Ae, to J Leaycroft ft Co. Hon boon V'lays north of Ilatteraa, with hoary NW galea. 8ebr I-our* Pride (of 81 KltU), Someoa, Ponep, PR, 18 days, with nrsngea, to J ft T Pearnalf. Has been T days north of Hstloraa. wtfb heavy NW gales. Sehr Mtoniiao, Coraoa, Washington NO, w'lh nidae, 'o Tliomae ft Uolmna. bteamer lUeiia, Colo, Providence. Mar lor nieaplera. 8rr*Kas Icon Kmith, bonee at Wilnun* <>u. NC rtpo'ts Jan 33 lot 28 .31. lop 74 18. passed a scioooei of about MSI tons waterlogged and abandoned; could out make Sc.*. name; hatleg too NBruaawlok; foremast vunllng; looked aa If aba was iuu Into. Jaa 35, off Cap* l.ookout, fall In with and apnke achr Jamestown. Cap! Melee who wished some prortaloas; supplied b ?> ka baft bapa OUt ibw4afl from Norfolk, bound for NYork; bad bee a on one Meruit a day for Ave days; loot part of hl? aallo. sod wo* endeavor ing to gal to Moiebead City for repair* Byaawaa fi W I.nan. from Holvealon rlo Iev We*t for Now Ymk. put Inlo Knr'j*o*a Monroe .hen. short of coal, hav ing aiperlaocad beary wealbei. Sair Viarava. l?ruaim?nd. at Ban Praivuaan from Hong Kong and Wkohama. report* ?Nov ?k off south and o Formosa spoke Br ahlp Towkvbury, from Manila for Ban Prancloeo, with loo* of rodder. From Hong Kong tp Kaa* gawa bad strong westerly ga'ea. D*e 34 a aea washed over tbe stern, aarrrtng away wheel, bmi a-le and compass. washed oemvwnipuwsy overoooi-4. store in akytlghts and filled cahio with water; billed Ueo hmnh, seaman, a native of N*w Or **oa. broke tbe leg of the third olB'-er and err! oualy lajiirv* another i*,uaao m l ttrui?e ?? *i the pas Fair Anaii' ? -Quaeuatowe )an 19 by lolegraith from ?- -The t anard ottra ai?amer Palmyra, whl- k Hall ran?the ( onard OV r* aiesmer Paimvra. wbkk arrived last ovtalng. repoiia having spokon a ahlp m distress oa the Idlb last, la la< 81 33 named 'hp Bo*eprcli. or Yaraieutb. U8, Capt fb'irehiu. from guebec foe Oreeaooa. The vessel loft on her voyage oa the 7th November last, sad etpert enoed oovrre kales, end after being 47 days oat lost her rud der on the 17th IN*-ember, vtnne which she bad eneonnlorml voiy heavy woorhor, and was whMa So mi lav of Poroy lo' aao, but drifted back agais, Tbe palmyra having fallen in with the disabled ship on the 18th Inst, stood by her tm aonm time, and supplied her with provision* ami rendered all the ssaiauni-v In her power. Capi Churchill staled h* would endeavor to rsenti Quoenstow* 8nir Qrsse or lama, which tailed from Manila Aug 94. |8dH, for Ran Prapeioco. had not arrived at the latior port or last advhws It lo feared thoi th* renoried lot* of a top ship on the Praia* Shoal prior to Nov 18 will prove lo be the above named vessel. Tbo tfnoen of India was Mull at Bua dorland. Eng. la Utah, sad was owned by W Br**e. of Brlotoi 8be roglatere.l 487 ions, and rated Al at l.loyd's. Hmr Paacvuw. al Mow Or lee no 35tb tn*t rrom Nffw York, report* saw aphore on the Bahamas brig Martha A Barry, ? 'hasp, from Boston for 8t Jago, alas aaw sehr* PViaapr "Jf Now Tork), from ? ft?r ???. and A Kingaley, Ylaa nallo, from Nassau for Cedar Kayt. ashore oa the Bahama*. Amp Epoch Tbsip, whleb put loto Hampton Roods la dis tress. was taken to Norfolk, put la'government dock and thoroughly repaired by the Arm of Nelgnn ft Norrta, Now York Mlpwrightg. Ahr I* again al her wharf at Porta mouth taking Ta cargo, and win aoop ha ready to reaunae her voyage. Hois Cm a* Rrrcaaa (Br), Poaroou, from Rollimoro for Queaaatawn. bef.ire reported, per cable, a* having bock loot at oea, bad a cargo of 94.381 gallons potrulautn. Bcitn Moon. (Br), before reported, from Port au Prince for Boston, sprung a leak and wee run ashore Jaa 4 at Ear hot I Mead. Drewtared. Tbo vassal was fall o? water, and wotMd (pobaldy bwoooso a wreak. ir twe M< news Two tivraaa?OarS ?? M JagUm of the aohr Twe M< aa for aoul^aa Ha*t^raa J>ia lho l7U had a^atkor beery mka fro? Nw, 1ft wblck bMb mag? were carried away, la Which condition aha It/ tfll the fi*t. whan wa Were Ukaa off by thftjklft ppe*Uk9 -'apt raalmdy 'torn (ftrarnogl (yr N?ff. York. sad tone?t.t to .hi. port The T?. .,<uvg ? now schooner, 71 Win. burden, jwand by J.,?i?? um ?(her. at Groat Ktf Harbor. ' AJ*"" *?* A Oako?The crew of the orhr Twt Ki.t r. Wrtitv <n?w thatr thanks to Capt Enoch W I*?.body, of thashiuN,?. tune of Wear York, lor hie km.inn.. .u rescuing us <5n' tha Slat mat from the arreok of the <chr Two HI..*?., of HnSI Egg Harbor, NJ, wlit.-ii was di.uia.t?<l on the I7l)i sod rw the kind treatment which wa. tendered to u. while ou hoard of hi. ship; also to hi. mate, Fdward Leek, who com ni.nded the boat', crew, who exhibited much bravery le re. cutug us. Too much cannot be .aid In honor of the com 3 under we wishing him great aut oes, through Ufn and a rich reward in heaven. JOKEPH A JOHLIN Captain TIloMkK P HICK MAS, Mate ENOCH N. JOHLIN. 1 TAYLOR HHfcROK, fOrew THOM AS JOHLIN, J Ronni.nin, Iter IS?The whaleahlpa Cor llowland sod Ae live collided off this port oa tha night of the Id Inst. Tha Aetlve returned to port for repairs, having Inat three hoata. had mainsail badly .love and sufferedothnr damage In aaaaa The How land was but slightly damaged and proceeded oa her voyage. The brig Pnrle (Old) cleared for New Bedford an Joe SBtfc November with a cargo constating principally of oil, hat re turned on the 1st of December with twelve foot of water la her bold. The leak was in the upper works Ska has beea caulked and sailed again on the 7th Inat. miscellaneous. Qrinc Paisaus raou Japan?Ship Vucata (Br), frana Kong Kong via f??aww?. now at anchor on the bar. raparta making tha passage from the latter piece in the unpreee dented time of S days. Tha present season seema prouflo of short paaaagea by sailfngveasaU from Kaaagawe. tha hark K I low making M In M days, the berk Archibald la ? days, and last tha Vlacata la V days. The abova wbaa mada were the shortest passages known, and the last runs tha sieaner time, which iaexpeetad to he from 18 la M days, ?l.'te close,?Sau Pranolsco Bulletin. Jan. 8. Natlca to Mariaera. Nr.wanareoai, Jan 18?Tha Oaa Buoy for the guidance rf vessel* over the Herri mar bar, wont adrift in the late alarm, vud i. now on the Houtli Island. It la no guide tor vessel, now, uula.a they wlab to run aaboto. A -raw m<iht roa tub aimunca or raa naaaoa or caixaa. Cai.lao. Jan 14?Tha Lighthouse on the point of the lukwtgi of Kan Lorenxo, entrance to thbi harbor, Ji being thorsughir overhauled. and will have a new tight, whioh will be goad Setdom,TuiSaIl,rt*r* 00,n',,* ',ere' tar ,h* 0l<1 >>tht *ra* "T Whaleman. *rr ?t Honolulu Nov 'J8, ships Ocean, Barber. Arctic, 799 ? JiVlfJ i?*' 'be bone; 2Mb, Minerva. Peanimann. da. 1,(100 t>hl? otl aud30,000 Ibv bone; Canton Packet, Fiaxer, do. bbU oil and ld.OOit lbs bone; SOtli. Awashoke. Norton, das ill) bills oil aud 11,01)0 Iba bone; Dec 4. Aotive, Robtnaoa, from sea; Gov Troupe, Ashley. Arctic, SSO bbls oil and 6.008 'bebope; lltb. James Allen.Vlerce, Arctic, 810bblaMl sad ?Wlb? bone. Mt Wallastou. Willis, do, 800 bbU oil and 14,000 lha bone Cld at do Nov26. ships Lssods, Fiaher; 97th. Norman. Chllds. bark Sea Breeze. Hamilton; ship Josephine. Chap men; bark fcagie, MoKenrie, '.tith, bark Midaa. Drake; ships John Wells, Dean; Lydla. Hathaway; 9Mk, shin WU lisra k Henry, StcUon. nil in cruise; C W Morgan. Landers, for NBedford; SOtli, bark Son llesiu, Barrett, to cruise; Dec 1. ship Ceylon. Wood., for NBedford; Id, ship Jtrah Perry, Green: hark. J D Thompson Brown; Active, Robinson; Congress, Castlno; 4th. bark Haul Wood. Richmond; ship Adeline. Koule; bark Nile, Lous; s|itp Altnlra, Osborne. 5th, ships Oliver Crocker, Lsphum; Florida. Fordhara, lurks Java, Knos; John P West. Tinkrr. 6th. bark Prom dent, Kelly: 10th, bark Win Kotch, Lefrey; 11th. ablp JUi nols, Davis: 12th. ship Jos Maxwall, Chaso; IStli. ship Haasf Scott. Washburn; bars Courser, Hamblen. 14th, barks Tam erlane. Winslow; Trident, Rose, all to cruise Npskca. itr. Ship J Baker. Poults, from NYork via Rio Janeiro for Aeaptileo. no dale, 90 days out front the latter port, lat 17 18 N, Ion 80 W. Ship Intrepid. Wlnsor, from San Francisco ror NYork. no date 1st 23 40 N, lOD 111 40 W. SHir Jamestown. MuFee. from Norfolk for NYork. Jan 25. off Capo Lookout tare rdport of steamer Juno, above). foreign Porta. ' Asnewxt.L, Jan 23?Arr sclir K k L Oordery, Graee, Phil adelphia. Cxi.LAO. Dee 28? Arr ships Hen Butler, Cbaaa, Chinches (and aid list for Antwerp); 80th, Juliet Tmndy, Allen, do (snd sld Jan 10 for United States); 31st, James Ubeetoa. Col son. do (and sld Jan 4 for United States); Jan 1. Anna, lllsnchard, Melbourne (snd sld 8th for Chinches, in load far Spain); 7th, Delftharnn, Frecse, lib Inch as (and aid I Oth far Spain). Sld Dec 28, ships (laspee. Emerson, Chinches, to lead for England; Lanhoe, Ilarriniaii, United Slates (has bean re ported bound to Hpaliit; 29th. I'rinoelon, Wainack, Gibral tar; 31st, 151 Dorado, Sweel/rr, Havre- Jan 6, Flora Mo Donald, Qunncll, Valparaiso. 6th, 8 U Thurston, Snow, Chlnobaa. In port Jan U, tteamar Aurora, Hmith, from Boaton for San Francisco, arr 4tb: ships K Sherman. Blauchard, Tram Adelaide, arr 91b. not chartered; Baden, Htilphan, froaa Mel Imurue. arr 12th, do; Hentla, floane, dbtgiTlbar, Arey. do; Memiion, Baker, not obsrtered; William Libby, Mlaot, do. No guano ehariers offering. At t;htuchas Islands Jau 13, ships Detroit, Curtis; Reunion, Nichols: Eastern Sur, Curtis; Moonbeam. Kistd: OeorgW Treat, filliman; C.aanee, Emerson; Old Colony. Goraam; Surah Newman, Hayueo; 8 D Thurston, Huow; Living Age. McClute. and Anna, Bliincbard, ldg. Cahionas, Jau 18?Arr schrs Ssblna, Morrtaoa. Metanxsa: IIHb. Alice (Br). Crocker. Frankfort. CissrijHoos, Jan 15?In port lurk Undine, for Boaton, 18g; trigs 1-duU, for NYork, do; sohr U Ktahsrdson. for da da. Hid 15th, baik Sam Shepherd. Philadelphia; brig Aligns!arm. NYork. A large number of Eastern vessels were la port, seeking charters., Dec 1?Arr bark Pauline (Ham), Tborndlke. San Frau Oarvi land cld tor San Frnnolaoo). Hid 8th. bark. A J Palis (Haw). Gamken, New Bedford; 9th, brig Par in (Old >. UIf era, do. Havana. Jau 19?Hid bark Thomas (Br), Pelataaa, Oar denus; SDiU. H??rxmrntn, Lawson, NYork. MsrsagAs, Jan as? In port barks E A Cochran, Pleroe, for Portland. Redpath (Br). Huceoar. for do; Jane (Br), Packer lor Boston; Dene/, Gray, for Philadelphia; H P Lorn, Pinkham. for do; Monitor, Binlth, for Baltimore; Ocean Home, Welden, for NYork; brigs Marnwa, Ingarsdll, for Pnrtlkoil, James Davis, Hi n pies, for Belfast; I sella. Jackson, for Holmes' Hole; Sussex (Br), Davis, foe da; Juliet 0 ("lark, Moore, for NYork; II O Barry. Cotaoo. far, do; Ageut, Weal, for PlilladelphU. aehr Donna Anna,Chase, far Moatou. H'd 'Jlal. hark Libs, Drlsko, NYork. Old Mat. bark Exchange (Br), Churchill, Cork; brig Java, Gtvram Port land. Neuvitas, Jan 14?lu port barks John Griffin, Cbaaa, and Catalina. Perkins, fot NYork. ldg; brigs L M Merrttt. Bene, and Benshsw. Smith, for do do; aehr Km-al. Browa, far da do. Bid 1Mb, brig Thomas Owen. Peltlngill, NYork; 888, sohr Alcurs, Talbot, do. P Ajvaa " " Central Eranelaoo. Prauvisen. Br Jaco. Jan 91?Ta part bark Evening Star. If tiler, ldg; brigs KdiUi, Pntuam; Ai "" - Krenoh, da: aehr James < Tajginsa, Jan IS?Arr i HI Jago; brlga Howard (Br). Bmlth. Ciaofuagna; ltth. Maw bury, Howes, Uuadaloupe. , l"AJ.rxsi/so, Jan 2?In port ships 1 ecumseh, Collier, ahar. lered to load wheat at Tarahtiano Bay and barley at Ban Antoalo, for Lirarpool: Klltabetb Kimball. Frost, frwoa Coronel. with coals for Han Frauclseo; Quintan*. Manning, dleg; hark Faonle, lllnokley, do ^ fPaa fiTXiumr Arsuii av Haurag.) An Irom NYerk, John MarUn, and En Carsed. at A at we.n. Veteran, at Cadtx; Speedwell, at Yaleneia; Haltlanae at Table Bay, By logos, and Angonstaraa, at Cadis; C T Kaiaa, at Celts. Arr from Philadelphia, Moses Day. at Mother Rank; Mys tic, at Hetvoel: Margsrst Haln, at Antwerp. Arr from Csilao, w H Praanou, at Valaucla. The snip Atalanta. (Pom Bremen for New Vai k. which wa* ashore s< Portamouih. was got off. The Jane Leek, fixim Manila for New York, was at Algea Bav fo< wdtcs I aid. Americas* Part*. BOSTON, Jsn 31?An staamshlp City of Ksth. Ravaanab; bark Modeus, Wllmi.igton. NC. Below brig Timothy Field, from Malansas BALTIMORE, Jan ?-8ld sohr Valeria, 8t Jago. Mexico, hence for Liverpool, which bae been lying No'th Point sliue Sunday last, gut under way this mornhm. and proceeded. Foaraass Moai>oa. Jan 88? Arr brig Gal Hot from Uvwr DOO) for City Point, srhi Lucy W 4'as sudor. Cienfusgoe for Bahimom. CllABLfc.KTON.Jeo 18-Arr steaawhlp Mooaka. Llhby, NYork Cltl brig John Ptoixw, Strom, Matanms. MM staem ship Allele. Hall, Gaiventua; traik Tosuano, Delaaa. Llvnr poot; brigs Hsse. Hall, Boston; Oulon. Marshall, and Cos tillan, Hsrdenbrook. west Iudlee; sehrs Nellie Tarboi. Pan illeton, New Orle*a?; John Crock ford. Jones. Provldeeoe. S7fh?H'd sohr K Caldwell, Mi-Coruisck, NYork. KAN FBaNCIkCO. Jan 4?Arr bark G R Moela (Beeml. Kuck. Liverpool; 8th. ship Vlacata tBri. Drnmrnond. Hang Kong via Y'okouna, bark Hallon Castle (Br), Wllltanm, Liverpool. Sid 4th. biwk Itsther Kophtc (llanu. Von Haoh ten. Cork. 6tb. brig Tiger (Anst). Riandt. do; 9th. barkn Kmriuioto. Preble, NYork. flans (I'rus), Uoean, Cork; Cor netia (Hr>, Walker, Liverpool; Atrevlda (Br) BaSaett, 8yd nay. Cld 8th. ship Fort George (Br), Welah, Uvrrpool. ' AVANN Ail, Jau 28?Arr staamshlp Virgo, Bulkley, Raw Y rk. CldjGeiiuslilp City ol Bath, IjOvewelL Boston. I Panama. Jan 18?Arc steamships Psikenburs, Rowditoh. Vutral Amerioau ports; 33d. Golden City. Watklns, Baa Vanelaoo. Bid 19m, steamship Golden Age, Lapldge, Bam Ta port bark Kveoing Htar. MUler, ldg; i; Aug lis. Lelghton, and Oaoraa Onus p. mes (7 Craig, Craig, do. -Arr bark Morning Htar (Br). Wsagh. Mailer tile. Waite. Liverpool; Carrie (Br), Roche, do, brig* Ocean Belle. Morton, Boston, Waredala. Mole seed, Arroyo. Kid 271 ii. ship America, Mortimer. Liverpool. 80th?Arr steamship Ben Jacinto, NYork; schrs Hilver Belt, Cardenas| M B Brsmhall. NYork. Harry latngshall, NYork. Cld ship Ne Plus Ultra, Lirarpool, ackr Mary W Hopper, Malsuus. Also steamer Virgo, NYork. WILMINGTON. SC, Jau Z7-Atr schr Oims Traveller, Ad?ins, Charleston. 28th, steamer Juno, Smith. NYork. Cld ?lh. sohis F.phralni A Anns, Krull New Bedford; HaoW Squall, B.lusor, Msyagnes. too i<ATr. ro? fLAMincmoi. r?NY FACTOR'S OFBRA HOIKK. M KOWERT. FKIOAY AND RATIRDAT, POSIT! VBLT LAST TWO NIOHTR positively last two night* of Too* Pastor agroal, arghtal _ - _ TOlit Alki'VND THB WOULD. TOl'B AROUND THK WORLD, which mutt bo wlthdrawa in tiio height of lu aueoaaa to gtrp pH<? tn or.itthor now MM RECOLLECT, THE LAHT CHANCES TO WITNESS ITT An rxperiBNcbd waitrkhh wanted, wits good oi?T rafar*o"a. ?t 87 Clinton place. MAGNIFICENT ofVBN OCTAVE BOHR WOOD Pianoforte of raparfc* loan and InUb at a (root baw gala. kf raaao??>d this traofc. at IM U rand wlraoA, soar Matt. Anew born inpant with dark btrs wanted. al the nuraory. 741 Uraoowlch street. A STORE ON BROADWAY TO LET-BELOW TWENTT ?Igbth street. poaaw?too at euce Apply to WK. TAN W tORKRN, ATI Kirth ????? A 9IJIT OK PROMT ROOMS, ON SECOND FLOOR} alao a Wit Parlor, to lot, furnished. with Board, Pa families or aantlamru. Call at 111 Maadmigal street Tartna moderate Reference required. a an it or rkatlt purr is he d roomr, with A Maaa motit Kitchen. to m it a aoaall family. 7 arm a low. _Appljr at IIS Waat Thirty ninth etie.-t. I \JA KKNNRDT. 19b KLH HTKKKT. IK THE HUOCRHS A' fol doctor '0console Only oft.'r for permanent onra. Cora warranlod. fOE RALE OR TO LET?-A ETRDLINO WOOD TARD. at 1 Waat Fwrtyeoond at mat 1 ADIER CAN RRLY ONLY ON DR. POWRRT VN lj falling Ki tract* and FIB*; ooe trial auBldeat; rtliaf aartata. lib Elm atraai. riM) LHT-POT: MotfT HOITRNKRRP1NO, Pf'ITRCON I fortably furnished Ro-ma on fourth ltw; water aad gaa; Ml par naoalh. At*. Eaat Twaaty-nielh atraai, aaar Lartagtaa avetrar. IXTANYXD-IN A STOCK BROERR? OrriOE,1 TT Mpa acquainted with the b'ialnaaaaonr.othara apply PORT A MCMPORD, * Bread 1 M .rs^^^'Vi fir ic'*."!* w*,S