Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. ll.Ha NEW YORK, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY % 1867. PRIOE FOUR CENTS. tMMm BBOOBLYN, CONCOBD nUn-JlKNIIt. WW uP ber promlm uKMmH; nWK la L "tf?L."<:?ili* to eommunicatt will Bebon, boTat tP"?9B ?MP1MCI WILLIAM KCRTX, OFBAjT ruiwl. JF the Mj?m,T gentleman that visited tm JBBBMMhKOM WANTED OF ANN DARRBLL, At l> ?? ry Mwt jaroMAmH wanted?of jabrb peck, bob nmtonp/E^oaM Po.t oK Addr?Infor vptwa: h -TOPE BROTHER E. WISHES TO 8EK letUr la ths psoeral raat oOoa for dL-TIIKKB fg A LETTER AT STATION D TOE ran from O. F. M. KWHJTRNAN* OOLONBL DIXON. FORMERLY OF i Ot Wk awaaA N. T. 8. or any otlar person '?Mo to able, will oaofor a great fairer by ?dim his dime pa?ton terry CfrKt, horli Waoterty, R. I. ?f\LD ARM CHAIR.?IF TOD DO NOT ATTEND TO r%J T8M yon will boeu?l|. I am very etch I woi imna or m lath firm or o. cuti, WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A NEWBORN INFANT. TT with dark eyas. Apply at tho nonary 741 Greauwicb WHXjraB LADT inTH OJUT RACK. NBA SAT _ S!?1 -.l >?*>amaR la tho ooraor of Sixth Mvnue **T fj, ? ?* * ?'e>oek, coming up, and ao he T* W Bt Fourteenth .treat, turned and recofniied her ad oreea a sola in eonOdoaco to T. Conyaghun. box 3,?8 T. Q.. stating If a peraomal Interview wosJdbe agreeshl-. W%e2iffiEr~A ****"> office. FT how U Ellas and Willie. (fldoa.) Yotus. B88IE. WILLTBB YOUNG LADY WHO, WITH AN ELDERLY lady (the latter ef whom sooa after left her and look *m*?e). ?*??J on Broadway, above (Anal street, yesterday afternoon, and who must remember bewitching a gentleman wrUh cloak, cane and extravagant hat, adAraas box 4,844 Past MATRIMONIAL. A GENTLEMAN OF TWENTY-rrVlT WISHES *TO he-tax acquainted with a lady of eeraateao, who tin aaitOnile l^a gentleman's furnishing business, with a viaw ?a matrtmeoy. Address O. E. B., Hwald ogca. W VfATRIMONIAL.-A GENTLEMAN, HIGHLY KDU ZT" Hiv' BOd social noalUou and everything but for J""J> amiable lady with wealth. Address \fATRIMO|nAL BUREAU.?AN OFFICE UNDER th>? Beadto* hay bean opened la Hew York, oe the Europeanplan. to facilitate marrlafo. Horn tho names of allmspectable parMet matrimonially disponed are registered, tr a "a laiJJtdoRloao exchanged and eFerted. N. A?The strictest eonldenee observed. Address or oell on Baseia._ ORmaHAW A (XL, Bureau, l? Boat Eighth New York. OMoe hours 10 ta A o'clock. IdBMHP ABO FOCWD. " L^,jggvssg?y FBtss?/^s paid oniWurn ofeaaaa to AJ.Rtehardeoa, MB Water street. BIBS JAXI'llT ta, BK THE PERRON WHO BORBoWRD A GOLD *-W*gW"TjB ? *Cn avenue m wm ? ?.nfalt to II Liberty atieat Mm on dial), or sd |>Rw tt amy he ohtaWaad whatJe tip yrtee. iAH1},A*TJ5" Qo*i*o_nm bmobbn JAferryta Meadow street, through First sweet thei.-e to NeeoadsWeal, one Mlnh Fur CspeTjUlva maxd. Take left at 44 WaaMagtaa street. Hobekna, N. 1 REWARD*. St) 25S^f ? * ,IAN color BP nonrcB g? 1. twT<*r r"P? "ran moalhe old: ears sad tall trlmmad; u J4PL Hatarn ta U. Boyd, M Grand %5 ff_Tr?.a AJ8c;?TCH TBRRIRR OF .A 5?' SfJ. <x^or And white breast, with a black col lar aa, lost Kebrusrr 1, In Fourth street CHR1RT1AN MERCK I.E. INI ?*kt Fourth st. Jt/? K?5A.RD.-fOST. w beYENTli AVENUE, NEAR w" .THfaty flrvi street n blaei Poodle; anewrr. to J**" Alx?e? reward will bo paid on rwiurniac htm to TI4 West Tweufv Bret street flA ekward.-lont. at tabrytown. alarub X tail- "rfoun'U*u,i?#*; OD; ?bite paw and white spot ?n breast, answers In Rover. Address Mr. PowelL station maater Hndeon River Railroad. Tarrytawn, li. T. $9/5 RBWABD.-L08T ON TUESDAY MOUNINO. y Jan- 4P. a Gold WaU-b. open gold fa<w. maker. Win Robinson. Liverpool: No. 1.4PS. The knei will i,|ui|>v ihe ?hove reward by leaving (be same at 4* Sixth aveR>*e, up ton REWARD -STOLEN. FROM ? LUDLOW ?? lh* 2844 J?n"Arv. a b'aok llorse. 16 hinds M|K with whila fa'-, one white hind loot a Tew whip- snots * j*w- ruvjtaf inforuiHllon sail at U Ksaei - ue-i. -"T7 dollars reward.-iajst, at bar *fcov" rewayrf will be |ual<t on lest lAg CfH!!* Lmon ?*???? "f ?? Broadway, and no qmw moos naked. _ M. PERRY. JiriO -Lost, OS thcrsday evening y':. ' >"wmn the hrmreof ? ?nd 7, a Rwwet leather Treek. Raing fVom Ninth street through Rixlh ere Hndson stwets to CorUandt etr-et feivy. "?were re want will bo pud and no tuestlons asked ai> pty sk Atmeor's stable "O-A No ? L'ntvenrtty place SI 00 BBWAND.-LO.^T, BETWEEN COIHHNtT. MP AW vm a drug store and Fourth streets I'uitamos wUatwntahilag s elurte.r dls.nood ring marked "JLVtT* yVy , d **JW *"h fb" owner a natne. The above 7Tr.T\lZ ?* r#turBln? D1* same m owner, at 8PHCMI. mmcsR. NOnuK_TMK CNITKD DERRICK MEN'S b. a*mq. deeSun win hold their regain monthly lueetioa no Bat. i?l?J arching, at 7X o'clock. February 2d. 1*7. at liilHamn'a ?all. corner of Twenty-tilth aireat and Seventh avenue. ?11 and thoae who wlah to bacon* inanbera of tha a?octal! on aw roqitaated ?o at Wind On aod after the a bora *B our taiUaUau faaa ahail ho gb. By order ..r iho <whii, WILLIAM MILLS, Prevalent Willuw <'awaor. Secretary. KBLIEF FOR THE CBETA1IN ?CONTRHH'TIOWR an bo iMn?n<t to tha order of Samuel?). Ward, Trraa Buwr WtlnOtwt Roltei Pood. M Wall atreet. For tha El aa?wCauaaWuae C. K. TL'CKRRMAN, Secretary TRB IMDKRHIONBD. DI'LT AUTHORISED BT TUB Leaoidattng i.'wiww of tha Laad and SubmarlueBu Baa Tatagmph (hapuf, which la empowered by tha fo* nawl .Of the I aland of Tn ha, will rooetva propoailtone Boa any raaponalhto party for the ptirrhaae or ina whole ?r ?n Of the propertv belonging to aald ootnpan*. aod whml oonaMa of tha Telegraphic Una eauWUOed from nannah. Ua? to Cadar Save. Fie.. aod Ha dopoodeociaa. lo renewing the foregoing propooala tba umWeigued will eoAa propped to receive ao orar for tfio rlaim whieh haa taloai whom It uiay twnuoro for tha uaamge lino during the-civil war. Nww Son*, J It Broadway. .Now Vo rrm* aboiiId bo aenl darity tha aatt thirty daya to IfWE TWUW1NO OF THE OTCLOID WANOFfW* 1 hdlangtug to Ocean Lodge No 1M will "?a nrrtoyeonlni. at? orlook, laator. Tm~ uaTaoirn. oia^M! or THIRTEEN DIRECT. M" JFlffeoue Railroad Company will be bold ?? .. . ..?Miili arenua. corner of Forty, third atreet. en KSirWK^r a. l)HT IMNMHi. AMI I. A BT WtRHKfl TO DISPOSE "F A FINE KTEN- I lag Droaa, tax reoelrad from Parte: aha a Boa lilark lace Potato. Apply to Mlaa OLEEHON. 701 Broadwa?. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS II FURS, BdNBB. AO.-IN I order to ctoac n.* the balance of my Wider etork a at II timber ndi'Hm will ha made tor the neit hlrty daya t. H. TERRY.M? Broadway. X\ KW CARPET BTORB.-D. KELLY A *0. ARK SBLL jV log their large and new aloak of lerpen, Ac., al grmaly MtdthW" ra?de. corner of Twauly-hlth atraaand Math at. T>aP, KK COLLAR NOTIOB.-WK B|t? TO aDVISK - I ok r ouetomara that we a ball and aro Aedared to aire ?? W.oaa ta hu pus'haae from ua Uteri "Mehrrote A I.lbby'?" Faiaw th ><lara M4 Cula. M. A U ? ?^^Mamaa,*' wRh our aw*, apai'bet any eapeoaee, and indmaaW f'W loee-wr tinia m icotc-r, faril by legal action of the 'Al* IhHn" Colon Collar I Sat tpany Tor the aeUtag of Hi* ahnv rollam and "Nngh We?taapem ban.1 and Aafee art*" tor tha beat rod "want atytdit af UBwe' and Oawta' Wafer and 1W mi Oa Ma ra Wt) toaawd and BeRch?d/h^??waMr.toary m i enBdrfMfllWwn Bolbina and Atdn, BapivFlaa, towrfh, tUhTmd, Wta^WL- 0 adkmhtrtn and ^r?*rre, Aa. Carafe! out pernor* attrition given to order* J. KNOT A CO , Wholaaale Cat, em leaton Afenta, *11 hamberaafreet, ?. * . -4 ? --?V I? ... .' ? ~J? ?-?-- ?*.?? Paris- *r fare. witrB yTifvne, l hollout or il,??U onrt e*rd, nl <he left. Aral Aaor _ j? ?- T if 11 ? _ii_3 hxi^vmki. A - FCrAV*" EIPEBBB. IB WlthT p . KJaeepkb >treat an.rtfAK areaae.- Fwrpiain. moyad. M? ar count'r. foi oltura p5**h' farattun atarad i Jlaeey adlouaed ao leraili/a ma A R1THMRTIC. PBWMAMSHir BOOHKBBP1MO A; iS*rsr&.?5gja PAlNB'S pita ol luliwUu Ml systematic iM eipedt tiPUS" 1 inmno, aoouiarne. penmanship. A Hmllni Mpa'f Cuift i MM i ft. QMUur. Ac , taught dar ai d evening "> pnvele r<x>m? if desired, at Towo?n l'? ft * ma?a thorough commercial ooukhk, A time uuttmltedCet Browne's Bnetnaaa College. Hi pttMwi etreei. Brooklyn. Beokftaepiag alone $1*. Private room for adelta. Open day ml evening. VoSjU)UftjilO?THB UMIVliRMTT OB GAJfBRIDGE. iV England. pcisemaa and ei-aeholar of Ma nultege. has ilime far oaa pupU disengaged. Highest refrrewns*. Addreaa ora|?lyl?Caa?k reoenNo. ?, L'nivivdty Building, Wall lagtou emiav*. Mew Yark. ? A YOUNG LiW WISHBS A SITUATION AS OOU mraaal' or laMrfnMr wllb a family going to hurvpr. ' References sa.'baognd. Addreaa box Ml Herald office. AMCCOUVTX. PENMANSHIP, BU8IMKK9 AFFAIRS. ? WatruefiM t private If desired), at GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Imibtute, 7Sd Broadwav. Established MtO. A COVOili Or INSTRUCTION 111 ARITHMETIC, Hnnhxaeplng, Penmanship and Commercial Correa i*ode aoa, tinea aahmUod. for ft*, at TOWN SEND*. Hi Barely, betweaa Prison and Houston atresia. Open day aad evening. ft LADT HAVIMO SOME HOURS UNOCCUPIED A wpuld like to get a few pupils to taaah the French. jjghMT amtjialtnn laog iajea. Addreaa C. Bleharda, box BOOKKEEPING. WRITIVO. AC., FOR BUSINESS Mx. JJOLHEAK, flQB Broadway, trachea Bookkeeping practically aa used 1b the beat Mew York houaee. He al?o removes stiffness, cramping or trembling and makee ele gant btrainee* penmen. Gentlemen can aeenre private FRENCH COnVkR8ATION. AC., TAUGHT BY A COM. potent and well edBoated lady from Paris. At bomn. evenings, after 5 P. M.; Wednesdays and Saturdays after 3 P. M. Apply to or address Mile. G., Bancroft House, far mer!* of 1,117 Broadway. IERMAN TEACHER WANTED-BY AM AMERICAN _r gentlemen, for evening leaooas. Addreaa. with terms, box 3.4H Post office. G1 CPAN1SH LANGUAGE.-FBOF. A. DB TORNOR.? O Claaaes for ladies at his residence. 3M Fourth avenue, with hla NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Apple ion A Co. rfKACHBRB WAMTED-IN EVERT TOWN. VILLAGE A and city, to report vacancies and take poaitioaa in schools, aemraarlaa and families. Cell at or address National Teachers' Institute, DO Broadway. rpO TEACHER*.?ASSISTANT MALE TEACHER POR A English aad mathetoaUca, on Hudson; professor music In female seminary near city. All whe seek positions should have American School Institute's application form W. SCHEPMKRHnRK.ffiji 4310 Broome. spoitTiire. Anew set op kbmg tools fob sale cheap. Apply to JOHN DEMORE8KR, sample roome. Mi Brnedwey. A HTBAM PROPELLER YACHT MOB RALE?FIFTY. A eight feet loag. lea feet beam: ebont ire months old; bill It ar oak and roaptr fastened: baa Occam modation* for eight persons baa I dee the craw: la well found la every re spect. Apply en hoard et feet of Rest Tenth street A LL. KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR SALB AT A JA DOVKY'S. HO Canal street near Churrh street HMMdaea for all tUaeatda. Prepared Food for mm-king SALK-THB TACBT tJIFWIK, WBI.L KNOWN ? as the fastest sailer of her alata on the Delaware rlvar, .having won aad retained the abampkia baK of the Delaware Yacht 9K She la lea* than three yen,* old. sloop naged. S feet loan, 14 fees beam, and r a# stars St | tens; very .ub-laatiaTly biiih and cabin baadeomety Hi fed up; hag-lee donbbr bam ha apdl ggUdtn stag* Mens. beak-. SSdSTAyfla otr U?RANC18 BUTLER. NO. a FffiCK SLIP. HAS ALL 1 " the choice breads of Deign Butler's lafklUble Mange Obre aad flea Brtwhmlnaler.Th eenta Batters new work on the Dog, ftX Doge trained, bearded, Am Medina as far en ifleeem. THIOHN ORAT. If ROOSETRLT STREET. HAS FOB ? sale Newfoundland 1m>*? Bn|1 Terrlerv. Italian Grey bound Pupa. Black and Tan, Scutch and Skye Terriers, eood lejiev": nee hand*ome Bteek and Tea Dog, seven pounds. aJPLFBDin VAtlHT PGR ft A MP-AM TWVW Ol H well lemad la all nartteulera; two large state rooms, Ar.; pn<? moderate. Per full partaculars addreaa Yauht* man. Herald affiee. UORftEl, CABBIAUKh. ?f . rOtJPB AND GERMANTOWN ROOK AW AY*. VIC . wriaa. Park, Dw torn and Pony Phaeton*. Buggies, Baritone Ac. ?Cedar vtraet, second door east of Peat aiica. ? TAYLOR A HICKM. A STABLE TO IJiT-IN LAURENS HTRKKT, NEAR Canal, rontatning 34 at.iUt. Inqutro at 10 Thompson at. \ COUPE FOR StLE-MADE BY BREWSTER A CO.; Id vara fine order, bavin* bran rua Out a abort lima. Apply at Mi Weal Twenty-eighth at root, private otabia. ARFOISTE* OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES, AT private aala It kepi by MINER A SOMKRVILLK, at 3? Naaiao street. AU permit* wiahin* tu buy. wll or e? ll oraav ur Caniagea. abould have their property, or the artialea iHidre-l rog IsWad to above. AUCTION SalJiS at HORHft AUCTION MART, Unoe ?quara, everr Yneeday anil Friday litre ughout the ?ear. and at Hi aireet. evety Wednesday and hatur day. Her auction bead. A CLARENCE COACH for sale-at a very low prten. Apply at atahlr, vomer of Broadway and Thirty sixth afreet. A TRAM OF TONY BUILT IKON OKAY VERMONT llnrtea; a team of bl*< k Canadian Mar - : a I'att I'onv. A'I warranted .ound. Price low. Moat be eold. Apply at 4dt Pearl afreet. T|aT HORSE. 17 It A NHS. ft YEARN OLD, WARRANTED Ja 1,-khI triif-k or mrl hf.rae; for $110; very cheap. At 344 Ffiti rth atreet. aa%r Charles Huouv.-a nkw Tor ruccy, rockawaT, tvrn ovi-r aeat Ffaaaton; Ramaaa: -old at a -earl flee to day. Cornel P fib avenue and ftmylmmii at reel. tjioR salt ?bc.vrral liumt and hbavt nrw r and avond hand business and eipteea Wagon*, and a la a two horee Trnek. Apply at Itathrolf A'a car. rl*?- laotory, Jti Oreeae vtreei. TLVOR NAt.r?ONE FIX YEAR OLD, STYI.IHU, WKLL r broken, ton pone* weight Ward: Top Boggy and War. Rerol' *?'lmd. H 11* PERWPOP. 310 Kldrldp- ? treat. Fir sale-sinui.k coupe, modern style, light and In rood letter; madd by Hwla A Co., of Breome tpwet. May be eeen ai atablne, NO Weet Thirty. B rot epeat. ___ For (alb-a fast faorr. iav; hands hihh; alwevne A tie Farm Tnim * and 7 years old. full broth err. Jet blavh- IA needs high: aiae aowej lee draoget Homea for aale Alt-Near Chamber* atreet ?LXtR SaLR?A SORRFt. PACING HORSE, U HANDS, r byeew old, long tall, aonnd and kind; la a anpennr draft wilitel: an I fable tor express or any heavy work; wtll he aoM f'btap. Apply at 17 F.ael Aeoad way. >R NALB CHEAF?ONB RRCOND H AND DOCTOR'S ra NALB CHEAF?ONB RRCOND HAND DOCTOR'S Fhaetoe. nearly oew. alee Expiree Wagent. Hetal Huge* atadtep Wagons, it* and M Amltv p'.a-e liHtR SAI.E CHEAP-A NIPRRIOR WHD T robe and a Ate double Raraeaa, made by te STII.LlNOA.ljAA Broadway ?RAULES FOR RALE.?A FAIR OF WELL TRAINED, 1*1 eened rming Mates can null more than horoea at half the r#e?at hb???ng. tpptv at 4ft Fu lien tweet, teoood Boor. Sr2.'L^Sr?.!H?S",Q BORRKS, ALL TOtlNO, ?!^k lww F*te?*. wtth a fnll goaran t?r V?" alTi TTS M?fN IhH haede high, wlTl ehow a~J^M *"?' *?* One aorrel ST-eVg"^- tet ulJ^L *?* d?PPl* ?*?*? tee ITiJ UH" hfiV2 M.g?- *>e trot in 1;? One grey wf-SSTl & Broadway, earner of Thlrtv-Mnth etheet. ^n<te or teev^r.M cheap ren. .pr,y 0|) ^ THE BERT NTABLK IN BROOKLYN FOi. ..... BirHdltig Vbfiee. ground so1100. can build llrvryVrin nn vananl beat Innattnn on the hill. Portland avenue, ? Mveein Hanaon plare aed Atlantic Apply U> JAMKH M. TAYLOR, n riee atreet WANTED-A OOOD HOUSE, !? HANDS III AH. KIND ami gentle tn herne-a and a goo<t aaddle horse; a?i| he warranted aoued In everv panbniler. Adrtreea, ataflrg prtoe and where the herae can be seen, Nell, Herald offl a. WANTED?IN A PBtVATB STABLE (OR A STABLE), Rnovn for two heraea aad two earrlagee; leration Fourteenth 'treat, betwaee Broadway aad Seventh avertie. Adflreaa M-, bos 4 4SA Feet nflce. V ILEVTIkKH, ALalfOR INDI CRMENT TO THR TRADH -VtLKB* >n ft*, ftlft, ft 16. ftVb, ftjw and fttO lote at half prMw. AI*o an nntneriae -took, rarylng tn nrtre freea If. to ftp* eick. diwattinaae per cent Ma/1 order* promptly attended ho, ai the fantory 4>I the New York lie tee Vaieetiee Cam pany. 134 end Um W HI lam *treet FRNVAMIBTINR*-Af-fT RMCBITRD. THE Bt **A wn.i L"> per e-aa rh*ar>er than thetw of any ether depdt m -eeapwe. ?n thh> <vniair/. at NLRNRY DM BAR SANtai Chatham etreet. Small end howe m let peeaapa ly atbteded Ut. OKNtf JNWI WHIVtLRY'K RETAIL ?W I.OTB OF VAL l> eidkteS ftir ?? 40, oaah. ai the New Vnrfc Vnbtnflne Da rnr.m cVfbnte etteni. oppeaiu- Chambera Omnia falea tlrne IB ?*?? * P<N ^re*a. The riNHsr assortment or talrntineb of tgeaeateAat ntenee-t prh-ea for tweb at RTRONf) R, 1MB Broadway. MM ywtr ordera early. PHlFI4)i>t*FHIU ART. >BOTOON4FHIC-WAir.rKD. LOCK BT I.FNPMN, # ahatn .(?? n-1, to v-eemfev alm> VntpAlteMiei Lena wl.p (tee cheat fee rear I0*chelha? M.eet COPAMTIKIMHIW A PARTNER WANTED?1M IBM WaoLRFALS AND A retail liquor buainaao, and naetaavto rwal esi .te hwal nau.wUbtwu. AlSSfTTi. brWnaco^BI PuHoo K. ptOPARTNERBHIP.?THE OMDBBBIONJD^ HAVB VJ tkta day entered tnlweopartnerohip, under the firm name of Francis A Paimo. fur lb# tnuaeaelleei of a general Oil bush etraat Mm. At No in Waehln*o. UHOEGE W. KRSNTl* I New Tons, Jan. B, IM7. OkSbOK W. tUfiSf f \fB. WILLIAM LIBBBY ILAl MKKH ADMITTED ? I N*Feb"', lSR". ALU. T. STEWART A 0<>t. ' XTKW YOBB. ^"buJhmi i^MSsSSsaa^^ss^ heretofore, _ .loMssBemnreoax. 8. J. Hiueeia. Mnanv Coiuut. vrgnnr-Tn mm op fiuck amunn th wi iN solved this day bv the withdrawal of Mr. liroryo H. Prior. The ( lotion Brokerage bmdneee will be continued by tie enoecrtbrr on hie own smart. B. MUNM, Jr., Ko. t> Hanover i Mb* Yobs. It*. L 1IK -T_ ? XTOTIOB IB H A <mpm ^^BlW GIVEN tHAT THE f VBTTMKA UPMUVore existing by the undMUtgard nnder the KtfiSSlSiWMraSfl'SH ud said 81m nut bo prweaatad to the undrr-ti^^H /?* payment, t# whom all swfraaaw XT?. UA MAIDEN LANS. MEW TONS. JANUARY 31, JM 1M7. . 1 X>IRSOLUTION.-Thajiartn?r?Mp< hedntnfure existing niu. d?r the firm Hump of Be Feres! Ifnail ta this dajr dim sglvad by mutual uoaseat. Either regM* null'" ditto* wm. tr NOTICE.-- The u-iderogaad will oeetinne thn ml end uMr. dle huklnrsa at 115 V.tiJen Une. wll. T. DitFOHJWY. \ro. n BROAD HTREVrr-TIi* COPARTNERSHIP In heretofore existing under the Irra ef Pnrbe Almob m this day dissolved by mutual consent Mr. LeRor Sic hole will continue the stock commission business on hl? own ac count. H. ft. P AR If K. J AMVABT 31. im. LB ROY NICHOLS. PARTNER WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAM PROM THB West, to open a wholesale millinery and funny store in New York, or to enter Into onr already established. he* nrvrn Jeers'experience a nd een command the capital. Address . B., care of Her. J. Bride). IMOreaowteh street. N. Y. FARTNER WANTED-IN A FJBST CLASS HOTEL, with bar and Millard room* siuehpd.' A r?rr opportun ity. Apply al 90 Wall street, second floor, mar oBoe>, mom No. 2. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $10,1*10 OR SISOTIO CAM tal. A German manufacturer wishes to enlarge hi* bostnruino competition; sales yearly about $UW.OKI. Ad dreee or inquire for E.. at Meetre. L. Hcldenbela * ir A rib's, ht Leonard street, New York. PARTNER WANTED?14 COTTON RAISING. WITH $20,000la $5,000 payments; plantation 1.100 aires, ready storked; yearly Income $15,000. Address Plantation, box 100 Henlld odlce. for one week. SARE CHANCE ?PARTNER WANTED. WITH A LIT tie capital, as cashier In the best money making Exhibi tion in Am erica, per forming to crowded bouses. Association ti est alas*. Apply at It? Hudson street. fPHK COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING A between the Orm of Robertson A Crum is this day. dissolved by mutual consent. Ceorm i mm ?ili ? 'Vsrss'gflr ?$??? FflHE MERCANTILE FIRM OP C. P. FISCHER A CO.. X^hsre^mv Mtriin|L^nd eogmoee^^^^^^^^^r $aa?& ; rmtmtw ; The snbecribers bade this day entered Into a general Mri. I nersbtp to he conducted under the name of Al P. I FISCHER A CO.. en MnernlCnmmieetnn Msm n?nt? audi ivb. l-sale d?a?rw in and Importers of Merchsndiee lu |he > Ry of Mew tbyk and in HnrnbA leUnd WCnhe.'jUM^H tslan i Of Cube. . KRNi'TfrilTi*kRW funnsl.HK. 1 ROBERT WHITMAN mm mm op sEvTon ? wainwhioht, mankkbr 1 end Brokers, is tide star disanlvsrt h ttratim. caus^H A aaa nmttwe. is tute ear etasomed Ryasutw rauscnt. Mr Seytou retiringfroas bssstnabs Enhsr Varty wtR sife'ls * ? * *<!'? i V k; va? IWRlonT. I lbs buAinaasef the tats MnA fast erationM hRihe >? d^mlgaed. .1. A HO WADfWRIdWT. 3? WallitesstM ?MHC OOPARTNBE8NIP HP. RtfTfiVORF PXtVflNO ? under the llrm o WoosUiead a Rrewn 'nmins'e, this <tay, December 1$, ltMd, by its limitation. Thhk copartnership EXiirnitii ? undersigned, under Mm Arm name of * IJndeny, dealers In boots and ohoe*. 1 rreo ah in She dty of Now York esse this day. Nr- '?Tic s. ' aessrs. Heaerom* A Pilnra will pfy atl the drhis ?f the Orm, and are alone authorises to ."illeet and sef-le sll 'I aims dne the said late Arm g*w Yobs. Fab. 1,18*7. rpHK COPARYNBKSfflP HBRICTI ifOlt* KrnrriNI 1 under the name of Barber Palmer A Bath has this day been dissolved bv limitation Mr. Janise L Palmer retiring. Wm. A. Barter and Henry V Bush atw ahma authorised to collect euSawMUng debts and to nee the name of the firm la HeuMation. Wfl-LfAM A. BARBER. ^ JAMES I. PALMEK, HENBYC Bl'BII Referring to ihc eb .re. the nadcreigned reepaatfaliy be* h ave to inform vou thai th-y will eunttane the business al the same niaur. 32i Broadway, under rite aani" and style of Berber A Bush. W*. A. BARKER. llEKKY S BCdlt, Raw Vans. Feb I, IWf SB Broedwsy. TO CaPITALIBTH.?$RllM9 WILL PI'BOH ABB IUK half interest of a retiring partner iu an ntensive and profliable inanufb turln : works, located within a t>w hours 01 New York, fun product ol these works Iswuialr known and stands ? gher than any shal'ar article iu the Amerrsn maitet. the demand is urgent and almost no iualuvi, and deuise the present rial.I of worts can be wild ahead ef lie production; the prult .11 the present r*te of "1 works a yield Is over $ltKUW P?- aauum, and the worts .are capable Of being very Wugelr iacreaeed. Ibis opportuidtr is onr rarely rnude pi hllc and it worthy the attention 01 bona tide cafrttelists. Ti e highest mercantile reference givca and ex pected. Addr?i.s with real name. Mllion. Ilnrall udh-e. WANTED?A RI-8PRCTABLB. HON'BRT MAN. AB partner, with (roin $9DU 'oltOn. in a pio'ltahle and re lahi^bn-incse. Apf'j to P. OAfthi-V. Auctieni r i aod prr' Estate Agent. 22 Duane etreet. -PARTNER WANTED. IN A \KKV PHDKIlA dlril"". b'c and rnapeclahl' bnslneee; will make $1,14*1 montblT, ?nd will bear the cloecat Inrastlgatioa. ? "all ou Mr. larAeri. ?9 Amity streri. (PgAdYA -PARTNER WANTED, IN A PROFITABLE, ?PfJUwi eslablUhod uienuiactiiriog business that will ir the rtoseai liiT.rUg.iil 1a. Aodreea 11 A B., Herald A Miiraw oppoitrtmiTiKs. C4PITAI.1HT WANTED?TO JOIN Tf?B ADVEK _ llw, wM In about aUriing an >|We; OB ab entirely nomi plan, Bui needa capital M fully develop lb* um. With about ?IO,m> tbe hu?mr?? can ba made to yield a Terr lama rainiiw. Addreev. with real nam*, hot IBM Piwt o^pe. etallatf wbarc an interview ma/ Br bad. No agrata a ABU rapty. AKAKB CHANCE -ANT TKHMtN OR PBRKDNA wtahiny iwina Id ike Jobbing ha ?in"* will And an netabitahed trad* with a completa atork of Yankne Notiuna and Pan. j Oondr. together wiib Uh Leave. Kin urn* and flood Will, hy applying to MORRlH IUKT. Aaelgnee. MB f'baiubera ? treat. A RARE OHAJNCB TO PUBCHA8B A VAECARI.E J\ Patent, uand 10 orery family; Ikla la an eicetlent baai Boaa opportunity. I-nab needed tmall. BONNER A CO.. IK Naaanu etreet. MKMBRR OF THK OPEN' BOARl? OK BROKER* daeiree to oorreapood with osa or atom .-apiiailvte with a "#w to a buaionee uinneotioa. Addiea*. atalmg where an IB Arrtnw ran ba bad. ? boa S.1M Paat adioA. nTv. An IMF.RI.HT IN A VAI.ITANI.K and HROW1NO , Haal Katale Nuainoaa will ba aotd lo ak active auL Aldrnea P. P. Br raid ofkee AOKNTI.RMa.N DBRIRIMO TO INC18ARR A PROS pereoe hoatneaa, down town will /eat upon lihArai tonne for apeelal oapiial, llmltod to f IliOOa, to bo advanced aa rAgulred. Ad. treat R?al h.tale Brob-r, bot Ut Herald Aa JJ Wrench. which foreboapnraa and durability aurparten r. > ri?te ?" iTT ,i 11 ** r"<:UOU*J l"*r t**"1 BRRT THINO TKT TOR ADENTX?HAI.I.'S PATENT . Burner; can light and trim without removing chimney f^Adn Apply in pnraon. between tbe boma af ? and I J. or by 1aiter, SH H. UK) MIH, ageni. Si Park row, room U. New Tort. TjllflMTMTJI SHRWTB FOB BAMS?FOR THK BEST I\ beU"f PMMtnrHflta lo market. Retatlt at fib, fur niahAd at H aaah, at No. ? Pino etreet. room No. 1 C n?( MApmflUb?a,i#E*e AN0 PRRKONB DBBIRINO A or Brleaer a Wood^fR! *rVl,lTH*d ?"SSKth" ""ri1* a opal. Often 4A iaiBBlk v^JJ* ebellac, waa nor PAINT BT HI NBAS FOR R AtvW^gWJ.T.R, IttlfRli reentry trade for leada. atnee andiiL E!j tSTaCTligp"rrk""r' Z, Th?. MAKLTACrUERBg OF A PATKNTBO ARnnt.B of yewAral iitHNy and wall eetaMiehed rep/hwZl0^ Mre to niret a gnotlaman of agprrlenoe lo tnhr charge V bwelivew" department "? t|n piaoe of a partner about lo La rl*? mnnli ** "I*"*"? eeveral yAarik ** *_ _% ?"ieioroa la a jgowlug one. and t^Ssrn?r?aS4r Horrid oHWw. XIIANTRD-A BAKKdY ON URANH nTRERT BOW ? ery or ant ir?d tlmrougtfaro. J-rnmna baring norb ta dtapnae of mar *knr of a FRxWaaor by addrnaaiag wTr I, . Rati way; N. J. > ? ? ? ? WTANTKD TO PWVHANB A BOOK ANB NRWN PTTIRB TT in.lit be In afrdN *aaI'<?>; Addtou etatiag awmant of kidBRI dona, pi on, An, T. P. M? hot IM Herald effro. fft TOttniHifTiW ANT KKRROM IN A FplKn" i) dM bnaineea pa;<n| MM par cent; gooda gtanbi M whaat Call and itivxtlgnlbi at IF Bewery, eornrr Canal avert mm No I charter or ? a neighboring ?!* Ms. This charter to cue Of < ? would ^?mPPP csstial 1PVRHWPWHPH M III H All iUna oould l>? ohmmMM** uaMeael Adlreae W. boi 1?4 N. T. Po*t oflkea. KALE?MKW TORE ( ITT lAJUWUP COM Bj||i 8Wcfc._ ilftf I'ltfflltt OBBMIkkl^lilMkl^ M|* P to par -Jj^, iroLAY> ^ 1^? AVWCT U1IMAD COKTiPr

, pay ins totgU dtoldeuds. HS.a . ALBBBT U MCOLAY. 44 ? ,W!aSiSS?*,*,,aA?Tf'^K^* b? RALE?A CABINET OMWOMi MINERALS em , smiths. Maxf A sxr:?Sfi And the sudden r.-suiting AuStAf MF PrJkideni , | MniMluUnit ?f bes->ld ctu>?p. Apply at Wo. VI Piaskslsem ? y to loanvH ima tm- onrr, i lai^a .1 thh.I aiuonnda, tn frst ebw? krtvritr tu it ^?"i *a Hntof the Rank la pnhM'h Owl'lkd Bank is In a liO'i >d ..nd pen perm,* eouftrtlbo, kni ntS n,,iy '? ?si unimpaired bat itoi 4a tol.Mtm that ti e i suetoined.t*M CHARLED M. OONNOLt.*, Vioa Pre-Mcnl. Ai Bataonwr, Ca*hirr. ? ( i okm WESTERN KTATER Hark.tar aad Cellaotosn Baut tf flan. t. Hwith A " la, ft*Re MUH, Chicago. IU. Hpoelsl atte-noi xS^iBtfpVS^^sfcttWtia. u. New Turk. iFFICK MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD Company. Chiltcotbo, Jan. 2d, 1*17. a Interest coupons an the tirst mortgage bond* oi' ihia cempeey. due Fetornary I, will lie paid on presentation at IB" Anrriran National Bauk, New York. WM. K. WATSON. Auditor. Awerlcar, National Baok, New York will par oou porta aa above. A. A. BRADLEY. Srw mctual INSURANCE COMPANY.?THE scrip holper* am Invited to attend a meeting to he held in ll|e liali orrr the Mrirh.PtU' News Room, 40 Pine street, on Mttarday, 2d Inau. at 12 o'clock uoon. I 1IB Wli.KINOTUK AND MANCHESTER RAILROAD Company of North Carol,na haa placed to the credit of third preferred ft rat utoiigagr bondholders. at Messrs. JR. Jt-anp A Co. '*. at Broadway, Near Yerk. the Interest , on February 1,1M7, leas government 1*4- Holders of dee t ? eHpons will pies an tall ami coiled the ttma. UBNBY M. DRANK. President. ? AAA -WANTED, A LOAN OF #300 OK PERSONAL ?JlfMFvf. projierly worth three times the amount, for three months^ ? liberal bonus will be paid. Adji naa Hour dAat. sutlun BRA AAA T?> LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL lUv.UUU eetatn in thie eity. In any sunk W tl WOOD, ? Wall street. AAA TO f.OAV. IN SDNS FROM $1,000 to ?IfUW tao.oou. on improved real a>.mte iu New worth nere that) 4? tble the amount loaned, Ad tg lOTPust offine, Newark, N. .1. tA A/Ml TO LOAN?IN MIT MB TO HI? IT, ON rtlU.IFuu ,iitf teal nitate. ?$ per annt of nlmftli; . JP I** per annt ol atteaueo. secsitd tnortgaMO ooufhl. V. K. WILLIS A CO.. 21 Plus at reel, basement. liOWV OFPI( RI.^^H H^l^tPOAIiW (Y. kfto.X iuiAtooxDd watches, rRK- iocs mtonks, tn. T Tlllb OLD OFFICII ! PRTh TIU? CI MOST VaLCE FOB DIAMOND .IKWCi.ftf, ^ arif.'Oi.w ttart u t>i in- pt tel a ac A ? WAlCllhS. wni (UK PEARLS. AC ? OPTICAL ISHrHITWF.Vifc. AO. AC. ? k B.?DIANONDft. WATClfKfc, AO.. FOR SAJ.B. OFFICE HOC As FR'134 Nl A N. ro 4 P N. I J. if. BAJtfttNiiER m RtoMMr, rwom N?. 4 A T 77-WONFY I.IBKPALLY ADYANCRD OB I '9. n Aivuno, wtiwrrMtki, ??, vm ir?Sm? Hirrir BonoHTTVOR DtAMO> JBWRLRY, Ac., at 71 Btanaker atrget, up st QO#D PRICE PAID FOR DIAMOND JFW5LFT; toaoa ueaotlataA on aame: raluadnna 10 per cent B. P 1,1'MB, DlamAnd Broker, 412 Bi tad war opposite Uto A T NO. $ TWENTY-THIRD STRKEt FIPTK AVRNtTE J\ Dotal the htdkaet price paid tm Diaineoda. R atebes, bldkaet prtoe paifl Aa. er ?dosao?> made oa tba aame. ttmtkkMu maitdt l. i.kdi rbr a co ?b Ji Tanee UberallraaA Mreaeaa-hle tarmr. cash on all falualilt pmpmty. WstAwA, Jowalry, Dhmeuds, Fiauoe, Ac . or pijrrhaoe the same OH I. MARES, 907 BROADWAY ROOM NO. A FATS th> hixlieat priers for Dtomnnds. Watebek Jewelry, As.. or advsueoe ou Urn same. Pawnbrokers' tickets bough C Near Twuiitilth street, sewbpapbri. PLCCRY. NOT PROFOI.ND; BI'IOY. NOT HCHOLASTIO, will the publta klwatro find THE NEW lOBk' ERA. * "nDOVITABLK AND INDEPENDENT basis ha* bsrotne Dm POPI'IDIR FAMILY JOl'RNAL ,V ihe .ynintry. In ihe nnrresl number la a sketch by Henry Moiford, author and ml r of MAD AM I. Ml.TNIIA KT1IKLLKR, a sharp artfc ls ?n NEW TDHk COI.LKOR. the conclusion of tun RTORY BY ALICE CAR*, the Ural of a fries?ket-hn-> our COM M KltCI Al. INtMtHfcTS. s slrsighi-oiu ro- ww of MCftlCAi. MAITLKS AND DRAMATIC DolNtJS, an able MAHOMC DRPAKTMKNT, a atlUiber of iu'-creel o,a art U.-I" reletioj t? ODD FELLilWRIIlr. andveij many other feature" u- plsan, u.e tmbli-t. Duly live ,uint". To he bad ?t ibn d,?i depot*. H. C. PAUK. Pub .sue,-. No. 9 spruce street. THE LIBERAL OHHfSTl AM-A WKRKI.V KELKXOI s Paper, devoted to libeisl Ckrlstiurttty. ss or.'solzed and uttorsanixtei iu Aeisrk*. eopr> aentlca 'ft" most sdtitixwd religious thought aod philsnthropie snntlmeut of the age. The number for Fab. 2 eoulalnt a sulklr. . Mermen of Rev. Or. Krlluwf. sod a ere., raiietyuf inu-reating article*. Published a' *1 sod 94 .N**sau street, New York; 43 |>er vnur; sruals Copy, 9 eems. 91 AA L'ANlf PRKMII'M FOR THE I.AK4HMT CLI'R MlllfU to the New York Register. cheapest weekly newspaper >? Atneriao. For epentnen copy aod terms ad drese the Register. 19 Broadway, New York.. BILLMRM, AC. RYBOIiY I IMIsrd Tabl 'f? IflVERYBOIiY CAN FIND NEW AND KRCOND HAND !i ftill'aed Table*. *t great!) rwtunod prlca*. and the trade Ilwhat the foetury and warsiootna of W. H. URIF. Im Fultow street. YJL'RARF. NOW PREPARED TO FVRNIftH NP.W AND YV sctood hand fsbtes, will, our Imptoved cushion, at the shoektst pnMihls nottne. Keno arts ou head. MA VAN AOU A DECKER, ourner t'aual and Centra at*. TirANTED TO HIRE-THREE FIRST CLASS BIL 11 band Table*; good referem-ee g,?en. Address, with full particular". O. IT.. Jersey CRy Poet oSee. M)D< Rlii.A?RIM'? BEAKH, VAKILLA. VARILLA, VANfJ.LA, VAKILLA Vanilla. Vanilla. Vanilla, Vanilla. Vanilla, Vanilla. Va mBa. Vanilla. Vanilla B?aa? for ?ala by TAIT A TVLEK, M radar manor BCKECU JdltDIKti hiiot RTKHTLKY ItRBARP'R. LARl'tKTKR'R, IIAW'H, oianm, DOUG AL B. la AJ.L TKK KKW RTYLRS PUR SALK BY HOHUVLKR, HARTLEY. ORaHAM A CO.. 1* Ma dm lan?. Mnw York. Inporlnra of and Dnolara In all kind* of Arm* and Ammu nition ___ / 1 liKMLAIK. 15 RI'K UK LA PA IX, l'A KIR. (j amrkobial ckram pur hhaviko. FAtHKlNAHLK PKKFUMRfl for Mm bandktrefctaf. EAl' LUMYRALR for th? hair. KAV DR.COLQOKK (preparation aphclalo.) HEALTH RBflTORED, COKSTlTtmOM RKROVATKD. eomplrxlon boautldad. by Parr'a Pill*, Invigorating Bltxir and Rlnod Purrtlot, tbor ruin all dab 111 tj and lb* wornt Impuritta* nf iba blood. liajnd IDO Rim <w PARR R EXTRACT RUCHIT IP CURTKO EVERY CASE of kidney dlncte. rhoumatl?m, Ararat, irnaknaaa and pain In tha back, and dlaordnro Im4 otkor aaaaaa; try it. h*5 Kim nir*I P~~ ARIR-L'OPPICK IWTKRMATrORAU RITE RRfTYR ft. AtignMln, ?6 Krery Information gralulh ualy. Aparlifirot" (irorldail Lngfaga wamhouwd. IJAR1S EXHIHITIOR, IWT.-JOIIR ARTHUR A CO., It m ( aatldtlona. A?"?l? of tha Brltl.h and Amnlctn ?koaatan, ?.tanll?!>a<l tblrl.r-alfhl yaam, nnOajUkr to rap rtwnleifelU'or*. Kana and Eirhango, H niaa and haul* Aganta, Commi-rim, l'ran?it Agrnta and Wloa MnrchanU. Erory tnioraiAiian gratia. SlCUOOMM WARTMD?'IP LltlitT DRAl'OIIT, TO * carry ?arnnty or aight? ton*; mum ha In ex* I order, villi "all* "omplrta Addrraa. with plica, bo* il, Jaiaay r?at nl'* COMB IKK PKKOILR-KILVKR PfllBTR. RFIk, BLUR O ant Mark. ?S*?I a*?r*wliara frao ?m of HOtj. r \ . RUE. 8RIPT. MIQaatM Hiw.. 9 (MW>lTASn SSi jg BAYOKRt. , "prlntflald M iakma aod Kiftnotall of winch wtl ho aokl at* hat ?* lu. Apply to JL MTU, 4"? Pva. I atrrat, naar Croat, _ . ?. 'S***gx,; CaLRP PROPCW t O^W.ILt RE RRC11IRU HY THK O TrnatCW a. Uio "?"?*?*) MotpltAI far Nto tnaona of tha S"*? ?f .^"W'ra of Mm flnporlntamfcmt, MWrtJflOWn, C#pn.t Vinin "Atfejay UtftfHh d%? nf VihPitRfv uB. si l*oW k noon, to fnrtshtaj iftxuofMt *>??* q?J)' llt M inftU ?ouifc*rn Y?llow iTJl ^ ^ ?:r 1?"- - A ?' RMV Jpataar it, 1M i iMVUUMmwiktS _ ' JROAiiWAT TBJt itM i: AUBaKOM ?? #SN ra. . 'wiaa'Miar?? $JV?SM? *"h ocw^un?'? tafias*1"- wf;.f,. "' |M*f j? their Duets and operatic ID her famous Clou lienor. H< "lBt 't'"i U*" Doun*U* '? I kfrpcM Oomio D*in*. ?Ittilmuwd Loaal Hits. Chapmen, Mia. Turner TtTAL ikpfpM. "'" ???rain, nr I HKA1). - otherPeats. Mr Mle si the IleU doors epeu elIJy. Prfcdal, OborietuHni. the Mailhmsiar Mallet TmIm tender the 41 KtlDfanU. IT. . TO DAY. Ef S'iiSH 5 lis!" | LA8T MATI.YBB ef waif AW OATH. TP-DAT, 2% C"i^Mira?BY%;?iSj,sa5rib.K.oHT a" SS? 8 i?8S 8$t,StSfflS Lhst lime ef ImUiii Id the Hollow bnterk. TO-NIORT x22tliJ5I?r e^eei" TO-NIGHT] te: IS if' e "T. ffflgg?;' s^^aiffissasiRS^EV' Ki r,*h *? /LK=^^,CRE1"r ?* MIlfSTRBltftT BI "CILW ANIWLDBKRNARD A BACKUS' HAN FRANCISCO MINMTRKL8. whoae aueaeee hw neter beet. equalled he aar similar often V*" , *? olieerfS Burleoutioa every d?n ornSS-Ji i ,n?lt?u. Anna Maria Jane. Cbil. '^TPre^- lBipeaehment Committee. Shout* of *' Shadow Pantomime and the Nciwamioc Blare * ook and Afriuan ivillet Tiuupa. eoreemiBa AO. ? ? _ 1RVJNO HALL, RAfCKDAT EYBNfNG, Feb. 1 IM7, (i RAND o..w OOMPMMEMTABT TESTIMONIAL to the popular tenor _ a .a r .. *??. 3 HTT.L, 1?? ?., J'"Klst.dtfll"30tshed romblnatten ? ? MI3H HjiNRIKITlWRBK, SOPRANO. ? , . urn S&^&Sbru"" Tlrkala et the Hunk Stores and Hal). VAI.KNl i -tw. VOtMDKM, IBB OREAr POI.YtfATIONAL MIMIC. *1MMT T?I? WEEK, v ria unity or nations. :.' til. (OPERA HOUSE), ACTOR s CLINTON 1 -? ALI (OPERA HOUsS* ACTOR PLACE. >i ' ...?MATINEE. ~ F.tRrf V A ft NEK. "ST & ?U?h3S Huaml *"U ' *m "*?- wkM? eae following argata trill MADAM PAEEPA, j The < Vtehrated Priam Poena Mr. B..B. MIJUI.k Pmiec Mr. 41AH1. ROMA Tlelintst. _i Mr. it. W. ror.BY. Aeoemaa oriel. k ri.-KKTS ONE DOIjLAB. . Kb eiup rkarpe far revrrml eaaU. , ' Por >atn at Jleee A Suhinee.,Je. ?1 Btoadarav-, Peed A Co.. AlLtaw 5Sl ??vd, IU Broadway, anj O'JD ICVDAY CQBOERY. If r ?A?in?,,J,*4T MAM* r*?. 1 U r. RARRJEfiN. .illmotor. il A D A MM E AHK P A *?iraoe?r. hrleBah; "A*a Maria," by Ooo y Maamaan. and -Ada s. b. MIMA fnii perform tw# |rait# vek^ctionpi for is# b)ma, Tim #^b#i? W*.tind*ruM 4lr#rt4nmMf ^ SSrHEi Mr. O. W. lillMT. Ortaaleiand Pianist. _ , ^BEMERVED ifijATB OMR Di?TLaR. Jiffr tu* W***r* Belnrmefe, W>1 Broadway: Pond A Co.'A Bullman Ueket offlue. 1? Bpoud*ey. and STEINf AT KAf.t, MPEDBESDAY PER 4 r en*"JKETelP TITK ??"*AT COMPOHBHji " " t l-HI ^L%t,i*KSI)AV rOPl'liAR CONCERTS. WednaeitBv m^Sh P**"1? <? -nnounoiBf that Wrdnoeday next. F?h ?, >? wtt apart for V .V ^ A waecaoiTnioiit, ^ ? ?''fl know" composer oil! form the p? inrlpal feature ef the nmnwi. Madam- PeRRPA, Mr M F. MII.I.H. Nr. CAR', ROSA. Mr. O. V COf,BY. Mr. TIIKO rilOMAH. and inweaed lireheetra, will lake part, mtkinx In ell aa ?dm:rer? of tee late William Vlnrent t nliaw ?n oppoOunltr of heal fax ru-njof Ins principal ?ie.-ee to thr baet poeatole advenUe^ tii;ki:ts one dollar r Referred enata tOo. ertra. eaT'i; "**1' *' "rrfd H.:hlrm?r'?, 701 Broadwaj-; Pond A Co.'a, 647 Broadway; man ? Inert uillce. 112 Broadway, and "R.iuwKy haii. \*OTICK.-MIM.s EMMA POWLRR'H ORAM) BENEFIT * 1U taker.!** at ClltRI.KY WHIIK'M on Jl F.SI?AY AFTERNOON NBXr. PKB. S. 1647 UNION HALL, BROADWAY AND TWENTY.THIRII 1 ..ireL Hi NVAN TIBLEAUX, l.rBo-t F^or^'Vo .or anrtd. Oimo rrrry ul^n al 7. cmmoiiuiix at i\. Adiniaelnii, AO rente; ehiklrrn, 26 rente. Natla. e Wednesday end Saturday at 3 e'oloeA. The private collection ok paintinom by the moatj eiet>ruled Amorletn artlele, .-.illecioii |.y Mr. 8. P arerydii8?u t ur p. I t.T.jen ye ire. nut e. ii.bftli.e at 'H? nee jal ereie ef ifeear. Lerd^ M7 Broadway evJrv 4? ? ad the laet three erenlng. of this week. They are to be aeld no tbeereiuogof Eebrnery 4. frilEATRB TIC ART tlEPrCR. ac , c'ir^trsSdu ti! theatre ticket oppick _i'i.A>iP 114 BROADWAY. TTNPARAJ.Rf.LKn bUCCRSH.?(VMKNSE tttij; nu Piiro?.., ?Ti?."A O randtf ?rnk for Z _D*?hla? and briillani. With lhuelrate.1 IlUe t*L Mailed' Ime T?a trade auppllod. EllDlSteB A HILL, rnn'r ^hi.rter^ 4" Broadway, near Seventeenth atreet. New Tort/ fi9^ "'?i*T>WAY.-SECOND FRENCH EXHIBITION fiw'l .11 I alatiaxr open dally tromJA A. M. until I P. N. dbllk -SIX PIBCRR OR PARTS OP PI, A. M H H.l. iue low ?rbr.U"',khit U.rl';"hl''. *''h ?""?Wr yenurwa, for the low prlne of 114 Addreaa Six pieeea. afaima II. PROTBr*. PRoTKUd. PROTEUS. MTHiriL. Aof.nti.kman wi _ rii<m nt pupira rrridanra, F?r |Wpl>fM*r(n: Wi ?f r?ftWM alaai 111 lU'kM (mrm. OKNTI.KMAN Wll.L OIYK INATRl i TION ON TfIR __ ____ rquart .. . ?f rofarotica flran. Addraaa. with io*Hdoiir?, Touchrr, hoi NY IMIOIBTY WfSlllNO THE SEKTICEB OF A I7RHT rlaaa tan<* to load in 'Doa-rpatinnal or iinirtnfo all 9, from Mar I. IM7. will plra?e addr*?? (|or on<- ?r A ?1. T. T.. IkSt Rmadwav. up Mam. Nana Hoi tkora willing to |i?j lib# rally Mad aoilna tola adrartUaniont. GI'lTAR. riAMO. Villi.IN, SINOINU IIAKMONT?AT " M3 W?I Twmity-alith atrnoi, bctwam Koranth and Eighth ifiniM. Laaanna prlt ato; nm-laaww. Call or arnd for rlrrnlar JAV JAY WATSON. Again. "YJ A?1* A H AMI.IN, XANUFACTIIRKR* OF CABINET ATI <>rg*ae, uaiarrrmna .Vai Hrovtarar, Now York, wboro mij bo round Uut largo*! a?a..rlu)?iit of Iiiatritiimnta nf Urn ?dam In lha roanlry. Frioaa. I7& or laaa to tl,<MO aaeb SOPRANO, TF.NOR AND BANBO WANTRP FOR AX K pi .nopal ohUr da-?l raadan*. wltti pnwrrrnl ?<>lrm. addraaa, with trrgta, II aadol, Hot M HoraM 0BI1*. way YTAIDD-A BAFNO FOR AN KFlACOf All OIJOIR Apply at 7V Marl-Iron at.. Brooklyn. on Kutnrdar, Muio day or WadnoMlay rrantng. ?U'r,:^ o'clock. ff>l/|PSR (f II ARTKR,?K AOH PIJFIL A *5117 Prlrato Praam, on piano. al Mnairal A'-?d<mr. 1*7 *?i Rlrvnth at root, nonrr Pint, aro,iur punuw for partta* ?/t*oa fcoum. * till \ l?AV< IVM At AllKNIKA. DODWORTH'H DANCINO ACADEMY. ill Fifth arc our, Nrir Ynrk. Far day, larma, Ac . planar rail for a c'Nnlar. TlKdAMKM DAHI.INO ACADHMY. NO <9 FtrfM 1 / ,r?iuia rorr cr pi Fpiirtoonih mrttt. Upon i,a TIIRd. 0AYd*ad FRiUATK, WM>NRMbAVA and NAft R?>4VN. Iiadina A lo 4 I'. M. M-a?e* and maatrio 4 iw d P. W. * iNMfiitW, To?aday *ad Friday aramny. at diFdonb. '51?aiwa oaw oyt, far kagniaata ? - MAHBIrK NARTBM. MA RUM'. MAN IVI.f TIIK HhbTrt.Avi IM TMR ally to pnaohaaa MarMa i 1*1 row in pun-nann nartr-fl i rlk "f Ilia lalOat dram"a, at rrty low pruwt, n al A Ri ABEB N IJarSto Work a. lua Faat FlrHtoanth almat, naar fb-rd a? . N. 5 . Hat 'HH out. H ARMiMlkRD NliATR MANtHUS?FHFKRIOR |* a ilunbln. tab thr Mtoa .,f m?rbi? ?>?i k ataano. batwr a fbwty ?f?k aad Yklrtr-Filh *lr If ARNI.R MANTEL* AT SBDCpSD I'RIdT*. aotoniUHi mi hand at H. KuAMRR'R ttonuf -A FINR ari aataniwa "I" ?? r. nuamnn wnnnfarinry, ;A, napy Third atraoL Naw Tort. ?'*>! ond aw, lua Ajjrp?ncM?yT'?? ?-?? * ??? 5S'ui preeented, forule f?urU >t??* to d&szD'x j^sss tetrtsua ^'"?ttor faeadm. Which will be pr.xluced wtth eaUrely M>w Morgan Md K. Katrrn. N^and eoprewnaiow TImioIUia. Magnltleeol Wudwto W E WllMi*njimrMWi. Pull Cora* dr Ballet, under the dttwMion adQBOBBA Machinery by Dehhaaa and ceejrtnnt*. Fropeniaa tor Dureruay and I*am*ae *? a'himceley. g0iti may be secured oil d*y? in advance. T5"*"'?jaBVlBS'raBa"?" BATORDAY. PEBRVARY I. AT ? O'CLOCE, ORPHKB EOS 1RNFBRR. ei*n Opera la *?*n Tabtoow, H I'MdonTllle'e. *78 Broadway. Admlealoa prloea t M** ' ' ??VWrtJSSK"^' ""<K""J* /"IRlfl'f V ft OnHISTT'S MINBTRUB, nrfll Ay^Rt** \T tHwru iioBNh. adjoining noh Atraaoa *.?? (India. Men.?cr Trlumnhant aueaa*a. OondW_^*^ UKOltOK aearanse of th? Sank, end iur World. Second ??*?** 01 June xva?fri. ~T7~ ?~ bona player. Mr. ohak HKNttY, the ?wectballaawt, army night. Moru/toii,Hhattuafc, Haghew llo^j Abt?MRP?* ho. I of other* >n f*.ce*. ?on?e Andean**. ClUUOTVwd GRIFUS in new wu. oceun* at Iht WW AraaiMI, ?7I* Medical Student. l'.tbetlo BnUadt M*awB WIMW* SgitP'oc ih^doSe' tom Atrcfey??*i?*. 9'^yKT M(. George Chrtaiilno. Mine Red Pepper AtdgW*#* 8*' Carlo ForeinaaL Matinee every Saturday, At *H rNY PASTOR'S OPKRA IIOPSB. IDI BOWRRT. OBAMD MATINRK TO DAY AT I* O-OOJJ _ ? GRAND MATINKE TO-D\Y AT t% O'CLOCE. THR The Greit t.wioramia ?? LAST TOUR ABOUND! HE WORLD ran only be performed thla aptrrmoon and evening. aa It mult positively be withdrawn : ^c".t%.vs PIRI ALrrwTteofPsmfer. Tha Ooaan Tacht Raoe. The Henrietta. Veala and fft wlaft The Ke*r*arge and Alabam^Bfrth of tha blare. BtrlpOa. Ao. Tony PaiUor In ^ Thompaon In thraa character*. The laet ehanee *? greatest aenaatiou of the age, praaoatad wtth a grand **' "jTrrRRNCH1'* AT 3H- ETgNlBO AT 7|<. Laity* and Children, remember tha MaMMa. CT1AN0K TO 8KB THB~ TO PR AROUND THE WOELD. 0" ltmVic treatrb. SATURDAY, EBB. E LAST DAY I LAST AaYI UW DAT I Of tha eminently sueeeaefal ENOLIMU 8BW,UK Thla Eftamoon, at 1 o'etoaR^^ TDB DOCTOE. TUB DOCTOR OP ALCANTARA. Mr. R. O. Peakr* a* Don Tom powhtawbtco hebae w?? oenaldarable ronown. Hia flrat appearance ataaa a mmn **Adml**taa<Mr'all^eaU, 71 cant*, without extra ahaif? ttm raaarrtBg^^T ftpfEARANCB THIS BYEKXEO RICMIBGN RNOL]"rh"*I^RA TOMPANT t rnproHoniAtlan, moot poiitlraly, of the Great Seeoeee ?f tho Saaaon, tha roREMIAN OlRU ssfcss.? ?"?lRKSiV'?aL0'--"w^w Box aheat now ?p#n. 0"""? W? BTOI. J ?? m JaeludlM Mlla. Met" ?*i'rmThS: KtiSJW *Mr TeZft rsr>. WUh^fte^A_ and *n the' other rotehrtii** of diiww i* i io W1?w9ysK^;l*i3r r.-r ag* z?jrxsbssuA3rJ^^9. hr*t Mtitivil IWlet"att af Ihaoouairy tha peoudaai ratngeL ^.gaR'gsgJiiSi. ?*?.<** z ss arfuJR^? vr'tir^varu ihtoltarik* or ?* Caiar la?TacahlMAUm or too Ciee. _s^*?BSK'gtVD <? ???*??? QF.YBNTIf KKOTMKNTN. O.BANT) g"!~ meut. or from O. b. QEAt ITLLi, So. 1 Sbutoa .. Alb Broadway, oppoalta Wallace** theatre. IncfcdIBf ?? BORA mokheorb W.,Md.renowned H0M| PAIB< uhd let other Rt,pRKB vroRKS OP ART, forrn-n, ". ?f N-w Jer~y. open dally froai II A. M. to 10> M. Adrntmlow Ate. A~ ND TDK CRY IS HTILI, T1IBT OOME. NOVELTIES. NOVRLTIKS. NOYKLTTBfL noMKTHINO NKW AND AMBBfWO. Now boinv pdirform^d #w+ry night lo W*|dod b#Q?. TV *U\j nmnnUtg *n<\ ursrostks mmMO muubj Ml'hlt \St>l IS NKW YORK BT 'iASUOHT. or THE M AOIC KPEKiTS OP THE NEW EXCISE LAW. XI.Vt SCRNRRY. NEW COSTUMBN. MEW ARTIST*, startling etTart*. W.nderful and Muele hy Pr deweir KnlNemeO'et^labiwtadBaod, Rrery night at thegs-at RRVK1LLB MOolO UAMISN. SIT Broadway. Admlwinn free. CARD.-IN COMHEQUENOB OP TDB BUBNIMOOP TlOBor'a P .t?ce llall. 7* and 717 MtWh aeewoa. Mr. Trenn, will for the preaeni hold hla Oanctee CDwaa Bolrea* sad Ball, at hi. oil sir large and .ptendul r ????*'"7?! ** Hnwdw.y and Party wtruth ?treet. ^ J. "? TRENOE. TTiKATKP rRANCAlH.?FRENCH THBATRB TO LET, for ereniti#, *nd matinee* for oneraa, dramaa anneenA lia'tmtia, ftc., A: Ap| l? to Muu*. DRIVhT, oBoa af PtaaeR lieairai - PEJESt rS^UJl PH< ?TI1 If. PBOTEI'^. flkifMit riAJVOPORTK*. A?hkat rkdi'otioii in rnioR orruioii Juui'T l D"w J ...mood 7 ooij.ti, narrad Ita m paatlur laooMlaga. *U modrrn lmprayoaaonta. fur HR; *fc ruaowtwid, in auod ordar. for $140 oam tot $7A; Pwaoa In lot, or -41 on niXnluMDU, M MS |M Tiniity ttirl atitei, hi ?r Third timm. I MAUNiriCKNT AMORTMRKT Of THK riNKhf .1 and chi asmal u?w and ???ond hand I'taiMa la .lt? city for ?ai" *i .l to r?*t UAMDIIiCB' Wararooaaa, Mo 4k Blarrkrr atraui. \M AtlNIV'H'KNT KIRRT Of.AMI KOSKWOOD HANO forlr for Mir. .'int |M0 for $30*. mad* to nrd*r. oily raakor, fully tuarautiwd iiaod tn mouth*. I'm lor in Ma, KUgorra. Bookr*.*. Pointing*. Bronrr*. ' tiaiabar and Din tnar Kiiraltura, Clilua. <iUa?, sil?rr War*. HVal Mitraat* atfrat. hoot filth atrnur A MAONftttlBNT HKVlilf OOTaVB ROdR#Om> J\, Planol'art*. of auponor ion* and Saiah, at a troot h*? gaiu. II rrmornd Ihla ?"t. al I Bl Drand atrrrt, naar Not" AhPfiENDt? BKVBW OOTAVH KOBKWOOO PUNO lorfa. U'a gl?*t ? vril1<v; hy hr?t maltrm; all Impma nwtiK: hraitulul tour *ndflnl?h: 'i-?d only thrrr month*; r*c $B,ai. ?t hair prior. *t Waahlngton ptara. na*r Qraanr at. A HTEIXWAT A MOWS PIANO TOR BALK CHKA P.? J\ Krvrn octom. oyrralrniig barn. Iron IVamr, iniahod h*. k and C-.rrail Irga; but Utile ttard. To $? ae*n At 17$ Tbodtpaon afloat B RADIO RVi PlAh'OFl'RTP krtahi ihiimbnt POR HALR. MR IVM B. BR4DBURT. hi mnaununnno of omtlnaod III hoalib, l.comprliad tvrloaaep hi* Piannlwl* a*o?An iiirlnj i>u?i???. and nunr nder* fot ado hi* ?"-$a*al. la a hoir or tn part Thr rholrrat of thanighIt* araeonad lumbar of nrary da. amnion, ainl all ?Po raqutalto* and IthpiaNMato ror lb* martuiartnrr of Brat < laa* InatriMMOt*. Uj*rtanr with It* goodwill of thr buainoaa, will hoaoldata bargain. rlAKOfORTKR AT A I.KKAT DUMIOniTP. Thr .plrndld ato. k of I'lanoa now <>n Hand will Ho aoM far oaah atadl*?um of from twrnty to iMfrH Mrcan r mm rognlar gator* until fnrUt*r not to* TXn rnpntattoo of thr-- .uatrnmaaU la too waR oatahlMf l to raupitrt furth-r i opiinriiiloilon hrr*. No attoH opportunity ha* Man atwa* thapnottrfor ng a truly flnt cUa* riaMTMlTaV a n ullum pfwi. HKNHV J. RRblTON and k H. RIALOW, Huatnoa* Agonta, ?7 Btaaana a*H BARO VINR.- KOBRWOoD BKVRM IMITATE PIAMO *?***'?. T' II1IUL $?$$. naarty imw; #?* (T'torr. IWJMRiUwi roawwood.7 '??tor*, ahort llm? uaort, Ira* f$na Half mat; aaaorimrgt now Plartafwrira. at itaan m httaT'* * fdurih aaenua, ofpoatt* Cooprr la JJT Atlh-P.LRfl t NT riAAR. WWR TCWB. AI.L MO0BR* tn.pmaomoo**, on* monto In ?!?*: prR" 't*""" tji .lot or Monday. Tan M aPon at dwahlRil botiar. 3SI *a?t Tiwaty aamniMt rttwat. , ' pi iBt?B- I N iiVALT.f: nVfl R TWU* ANBTfirt.n AT fl tort mndcrtrn prVa* A larf* aaamtwoni o< aiujor* ? "4 dtW&Md to lod? at l..v* MttAr IrNT??* A RROttK. 1*7 TOntH atiroi, botwoon Broadway aod PourtH ?rditU*. ^ WATt- RB' ORtNit 4U1MRR AMD UPRKTBT PfAJfOB. tfalodann* ? *?.lnrf ?rgai",. wfr"trtnJe And 'N** !'.'* in, attu maN aiadlod if purrtau'd Monthly payinbwtajw *riyo?| Banond bawl Pi**"* ?* tw-trtna Pifrd* fwn Hi ?/M Raw 1 natarr l-lanat for $fM and O" piknor tak' n In rtrhango F1" '"r *W ?**" pialuia. Km*, MM tM.fl.aW Bgg#f ftm. rr PtAWOPfJBtp I i rRfrtHT. TO l.RT, rpOM $s I to $7 a raonth or for ?*lwlio?p. Rualr taught *a U a M ai u 'Jintar. ?? ISR tirMd atraow