Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1867 Page 2
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hoahdkrs amo ludueri wutkd. A private FAMILY at NO 4* WEST JfELPTU ureal isn acci nunodste <t geullamaR AM wtlppnd twu p**iUeaiftti, witu Kurnuh^d Ko>tu- JvO. fctafVfciiis uitldrrn uot Ulro. Reference! req^peil. ? ? A T TRANSPORT HOURS. CORNER OK FRANKFORT A xnJHlllum blrtWU. JW rnou,; d-oat reduction In priwo 35 toiiOeema per day . |1 at) U> gd per week. Open ell night. _ *? ? , A Hl'IT OF lHVfc ROOMS. FARLmR AND OMR OR J\ at?r? niee convenient Bedrooms. beautifullyfurnished, lolet, with a superiorprfeale u' le. Also .atnily Rooms end > single Bedroom. uble d h ue and prifti; uble; nnei. c-.ptlea?hlc rtrbffn?*i( required. S tndsnr Motel, Nfl Four teenth street, between Brood wav end Il'tl arenac. A DESIRABLY FURNISHED FRONT PARLOR AND A Bedroom, on th rd floor to e t.eullem?n; breakfast IT Mnl; referenret ie?ioire.1. 51 Wni Si iter nth street. AT 18 AND 'JO NINTH STRBKT?BBTWERN FIFTH end Suth avenues t??? elecsnt Fnrfor Floor* and eome fine Roma* t<> let, with dipt elms* Board hi Frenefc end Ilrnef atyles. A -TWO LARUE. HAHDBOME RQUAEE ROOMS, . end Room tor alngle gentleman with Board. at TO Weal Fortr arceod street. oae Mock weet of Broad ear House it rat rlsa*. Re.Vreuoea. AT ?7 AND a* AMITY STUBKT-FURNfSIIKl> ROOMS tor gentlemen eoly, without board. Bear Broadway aud toe soiitbern Hotel. 1TB ST. MARK'S PL ACS -A SUIT OF ROOMS; A *lc> a Hell Room, with Bret eleee Board. A FKW OKNTLFMKN CAN BR AOCOMMOOATKD A with Board at M Rait Fourth street. Beirrencee re quired. _____ A number of PLKASANT ROOMS to lei. with or without Vonril, to famflira or s?ng!?* e*ntlem?ii. Apply At % Sloth ?\root M?t of rofrencm <lrea una n q tired. A SUIT OK PLEASANT ROOMS TO LKT. WITH OR without Board, at At \Ye*t Twenty-fourth etreet. Ap ply immediately. ? - A RICHLY FURNISHED FRONT BEDROOM TO let on firet floor to one or two grnUemeh. 378 Houston ?treat, earner of Hudson. A FRONT ROOM AND HALL BEDROOM ON THK am-ond floor furnished, to let. aepAmtely or together, with Board, in a prhete family. Terms reasonable. A|>ply a' W Kasl Niueieenth street ? SO IT ok "rooms to~Tet?with board, on A ihe tu-mnd floor. front: Uot end (cold water: viinelile for a family or single genilamen. Inquire at 182 East Fony ? first street. \ COMFORTABLE AND WELL FURNISHED ROOM, wltb cloi-ia. tunny exposure, adjoining bathroom on secmd floorisbreilcfast It required; for geinlein*a ooly. Apply el K-4 Es?t Fourteenth street. A SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET. WITn BOARD, TO A J9 gentleman and wife only. In a etrlctly priva'S family, *1 fit neat Korty-flfth atreat. I)uu- at fi. A SMALL AND A I.1ROF. BilDROoM NKATLT FUR 'V nlahed to let to single gentlemen without board. Re ?-once required. Apply at 57 Hli-eckei apeat,east or-Broad WSfl Apartments for oenti.emen to t.kt, hand ?mely furnish-'!. at No. 5 Rreroort Jilaoe (lentil Oireet), three door* weat of Broadway. A -ELEGANTLY FURNISHED FRONT" ROOMS" TO~ LET. WITH OK WITHOUT BOARD, At II Went E gbtornth etreet, near Fifth areotte. At is Washington place nkw tork Hotel. Jin a first rlas* house, two large handsome com municating Parlors- with extension, on Ilia first floor, to rent, with private table, if preferred. A YOUNG WIDOW LADY HAS NICELY FHBKHHBD f\ Rooms to let, for gentleman aim wire, with Board for lady mdv. Those wllllog to pay a liberal p-dee may address Mr*. Wlnsmore, tiodfri-y's In loo apiare Post office N. Y. AT BH THOMPSON STBRBT. NEAR WAHU1NGTON -1 Tsrsde Ground.- Handsomely furuMhod Kooui' to let, with or wiibon'. Board. IB gor.tlemen and thmr wlrtf; also tingle gentleuie-:. rerrna moderate. AIX PARTIES IN WANT OF ROOMS. WITH OR without P. aid nau obtain tnf -rin-lion al the Real kataie and Koaiding Bulletin o/Bce, ?go B'.oadrvav. Read the bulletin. APARTV wishes TO LKT A NEWLY F! IINTSHKD first Kbs>r and Ra*eo?eiit; nine verr lai ge rooms; gas, hath, ho! and cold wiler Terms about (Ml per month, with part nay in hoard Tor two. or win take a I'amilv to Board. Apply at 140 Ninth avenue, comer Twexitlolh atfuet. A HU1T OF FRONT KGOMS GN l-V.i OND rr.OOR; f\ also S bail Bedroom to let. funii?b?-t, with Boerd lo fassOksser gentleman. Call al 180 Macdougal atieet. Trim* nMsriB. Reference req-itred. AT B TO 17 FEB WF.EK._A FEW OKNTI.F.MKN nan obtain Foa-d: atari ladles, who jre engaged dunag the gey. Apply at 118 Charlton street. AilANDflUMKLY FURNISHED SECOND FI.GOI! (twe larae rooms) to let, srtlli Boa J. ia a airlel y pro rale family. Two gpatlenaea and their artvm or a small family at feur adults oeuld he ah-ommedntad, nho oaied ' more for home freedom aod oomfort loan for style Ism ties Bppkmaan I nil. Raat Fiftieth eit*< f. niietrcpilonabte rnieropoao ea both aides. Terms, tneludti.g a re end gas. wilt baraaseaabla Address E. B.. hoi 7.41M Coal oGr?. A h AMERICAN FAMILY HAYK ROOM* TO LET? t\ fnrnlehed. sefth Board, anltahle for two genUam-n. or r.iitea?an sod wifs. MB West Thirty-ninth street, nasi '.mdtroy. at 31 CI.INTUN rl-At'l. . ANDBOMBLY FURNISHED !\ erill af Ro ois. on ah id floor, to let. with Irat < laaa dutcd. Reiaryecea t-ea-i re ' Aar.sayy an and v ife or tiirrr or four aiOfle geoiA- -ten ?n ? - accomiuo-ial-d Willi B- a-d, m i fr..iii Pi, on o.i ?? ? ui d jr. Tsrnn iiiaennaMa. No. 7 Hubert at root. AOBNTLEMAN CAN HAVE A ROOM-WITH FIRKf class Board, al 1IM Fourth s*ruue. near Twelfth street. it II MADISON AVENUE. OOBNKB OF THIKIT IwL HANDBOMKI.Y FURNISHED ROOM* TO RKNT. DOAAO." -TWO FINE ROOMS. FOR GENTLFMAN 19 and wife or two gentlemen. <-an be had ei 147 We* Foui toea h siren' Reference Hoarding -a fine large ckxtrr room, with ?re. ?a* and Roaul, lor 1 wo young n.-i, for (id a week, ea the fourth floor of the first rUw b<-. ? -Jff tab Thlr iMMth sireei tw leir. below Pecond stetiur. Boarding.-a widow i.ady will acimmmouaik s tingle tadr ova s.ojrte gsntlemau. or a gentleman sad wl-'s, with o nieelr furnished front Room eu the aeceod gaor. with or without Board. Apply al 4U ilaual atnsot -s? static hyp.rkt. \i tr the imr noa; aM modern im|.ioee?ueiila. beaut fnl location, large aacoad am jr K*> ?m. for an# or two N?i,u?me?. or gen Oemao and wife; fliatcJaaa table. boarder* wind: dinner at 4 Rafarearea *1. hanged. BROOKLYW R04ID.-4 WIDOW |.4H\ WITII A ama't family, Bvtag in a targe. pl*a*aatlv tncalr.l houae. oear anion I to the fcriiaa, would let with Ro?r.t. * hand somely ftarnlabed parlot and two be,,.em? no the aerond ?ear. to ana or mora getuirw a. wUo d'atie an ? a era tile, -omfortable home. Iteforen, ?a required. Addreas Maine, draaklra Peat nfloe HILROANTLY rURM.sltF.U trtKTht VIM Id I.fT - J With Roam maa!? bj itiebeal French rook*. aerrad ?a ihe*pai Imenta On Union Perk. ?' AM ItinMtir. MOB OKNTLBMRN-A IIAMlBOMKT.Y llRNlelliri P free' Parlor anil double Kedioom la lei; pmtro and |at < alt for thiae Kara at mo big <tl> an ante UVTRNmHF.n riiosT ROOM TO i.rr- in a rr.iVAT* r family. ? I #4 M pe* week. wtia n? ami bra; a ill glee hroaAfmlapO tea It dea'rad. at Wurtmaw u atentw. or in unira drin Broadway. ROOM A lO I.F.T-Wtnt BOARD WFNTI.K at 175 Weat fourtaenth ai.eet Ht>iPnM?i SALT. R age#*" HABDROMKf.Y PHRNIRIIFO ROOM* TO I.FT \l 74 Ninth atmei. near fifth aaeuua with 0 without Hoard. Relaretnea airhahjed. ffrt LET?WITH BOARD. A MR Al.f. no k t' A and from hall Room, lurmabed or umtit i. ehed. at t?? weal rweutyntnlh aired fl?<? LBT-oRYERAL NEATLY I I RNIrMR|i ROOMS. J aeeond door. feml. wtth or with out Roairl at ihr iirat atom peltate rewdence ISA Raw on d amine. n WAYFRT.I?Y PLACR ?HOomm PI RMRflF.D OR ?OfncntehOd. with or without Ri>atd On? enfant R*iit of Roeau. amlAblo lor a 01 o pbyatl Inn II iao ?rat ela't "iplf SlfrflKNtrT HTKPFT. RKIWKKV FIFTH aad oiatk aieaoaa.?A larae irunt Rao i . bin lanmoty f'irntahr.1, on arc,.nd floor. 10 let, with lloei.i. en" fur gentleman and wife ar aingla aemleni' a Refer*nnoa rr anirad. :v.) I>3 i,IVINO r,'A0? ? *" KXTRA I.AID4P ROOK. third flour, mo i l??ota. hoi and 00id eaiar. A . 1. la apec'eMe unlet adnlle; h on ar and hoard Aral ? leak mORANIt RTRRRT, BKfWEBN BROADWAY (Mi Rnwerr ?A few gentlemen ian And Board. allh S eaa Torwa roaaonahlr. QOl ORRHNWICH RTRRRT, HKTWFFN NORTH ?li'l Moor# aad Reach atrem*. ?(Feed Hoard lira week; Nia ia . an in a If dealred, meala puariuai aad Ibe lime araom modatiae board***. "OARD AID LODOIRCI WAKTRD. Board wanted- a Ton no mar desirei ptoaaam Hnnnt. with Intaktaat nnlr, Incalloa bell Third and Hitih aren -leg, not above TareaUr'b ktreet. draoa. with deuila in full, W., hoi ISO IferaM ??<?*. Board wartrd-ry uknti.eman and wiff. in ft f> .9*1* f?m,ly ? p fFfwr kfi hiOPi' I nfl'IP oeoable rafaren e. at hanged. Addra.a A. K C bei J 9RI. Peal oMra. and atate pn<v A HAN"-* OF Hi UK PRK eeoa and aerraat, ibrra Rnama a#.^ iltere are no 252w5Tt2 r'""*- rrvr'"' wmp T A"4""* ??? 1 if full par irolhra. II boi Ilr reft Board was rF.D r> a orsti kiit> and wipr la a raap* (aide pr-al? famlir far not m r?c-ed $H for both. Aadirm II. ma Herald eg-. alaiing ,.r. I inn. Ae ? Board WANTED-city am> ia'ixtry . i m ait wlahlag Board It ?m. <? Honwm a.n^.ArV*' I una aad dlroetlnna Immedia'a y w.iboui ahaiaa A ,m. It I he Raard Ftehang* f?t Rmadoar 1 ' Al P'? M 2 tUARD WANTKD-B* OKHTI F.MaN AND Wlpi. ii'i t ?* near Weat Twanlf-tblrd atreet. in rotate (mail* or < ierg tbora ara but faw boaruara A'.ommodauntia ra. .(ill d- two rootaa. aer-.ond floor, fmnl. arel. lurnlabertand * <v nmmary conoanlaiicea, with gaod table ami aiiandanon. .?nubia aconnaaNfliiona a fair pn,* ? ill ha ^.4 ^ I ?a aallafactory Addigaa, WilA |mituulan aad prt ?AND WAKT*D-?Y A LADY. IN a KTRK TI.V ' flrfTflM tanillr. aleirc Tenth atreat bei*a-n T'liirtb and I trended, no dlhor bxtalior. noticed Heard. Inriudiag ? nd gaa. not to eaoaod #14 por week Be.t refereneea ?n aud roqouod Addreoe Waahbnin. Herald oRlre t" ANTRD?ROB MAI* AND WIPB. A HM AM. ROOM, ?' wlU Board for lady, between Tblr'r-Afih and Forty, k atreotd, rUtA and Aeeanth a?eouea will lake care of ?wnrodflk; flbarge not to eimad #41, prirato fawnf ?rr* 1. Adtreaa for two dapa S. M. fT atatlOB O. ?7 V, BD ROOM IN A CENTRA I. I* third atreet. for twn RNIII reaa, awtlag tenag aad lo-alfr, illltta airgak Board aid LoiHima r* luriNTRD-rin thk n: l?x -AT 1 KRlioM I vf vicinity Bribe Height* pr- ferrodh one land Mali HrdrJ&fwilh ;>e-nui ?nl He*W. 1 I ki iB aud-ottf n lad ?f lb a ' - o- be* ,..1$New^J I I'ost OMCO. W^Hantkd-hy a drkmsmakkk ? iio i.< absk.n r through the day ? furou-bet Room. with convenient* I far a Ore, hatwaco W?U ?n<l Tw??lf WMlk and I M.d KigHth s-enue; rafereoca given and regutrcii. I Addre?* A. I. H . ?UU"? C W^Hantbd-hy a qbmtUBMAI and wifb. a M front Room on xMi Cg IhIrd dear, With Roard I-o I nation prct. T'l bcfwepc Fifth andJMg| tmuM, and I Eighth and Heveateeath ?twu_ Oaed Aftww given. I Aadnua atat i't tonn, A., t>1 ^Ul Fed Office. I YXTANTRP-A REHFBCTABLB MAW AND Hlfl WIFB I I YY ta llva e loee woman; cm ha accommodated w.thl I or without Board. Call at $M Spring eirost, third Aoor, hack I roam. ? .. . . '.T ' 4 NTED?BY A OBtfTLRMAN AND WIKB. FIRStI ? ilaaa Hoard, with a Biam m ihOMaopd of Ulrd floorM Bat 10* A^HHLANO HQURR.FOUR'PM "ayrotib AND TWBW.l ? o fourth sUool.?rMtiea desiring Rooms will flad very drai rabla aaeaawadatt?a a? reduced n*es far paraaaaeat I Hoard. Ti?aiuai Mtr?|W?i day- J Rhrunion hotrii. fortybbuond btrkbt, br 1 ? twaen Madiaau a ad laiiidai avenues-Kooauen lutta I Ot. JOHN HOTITh BROADWAY. WBAB RIQHTH 1 1ftA7 -Rabtb nimimim. ? lOO I . HOTRL DBS UKVX HONORS. ? No. fl Rbed'Aniln irst rtaaaaaUd, patraalaad BR tha Ameneao fa 111 11 Clff RSAL KSTATR VNim_aAxjB. JP A -ROM 8ADR. TR WELL BUILT fflUt KTOMY A. brick Boose, BiM lat half the block, In HI. Mark'a rime. aaar Third avenue. FHoe $lfl.00C, and RMtCOS raa remain. Apply W II. K. CRASTO.ltTU alraet, aear Third , avenue. Hd A ROUS HTOBY HIOH STOOP BROWN 8TONR Hoaae far sale, In Wed Twenty-fourth street, near Fit'th avenue: price $B"f0p. Also a three alary high atoap l-riek House; $lfl,(W0. KM 1TH A BOLSTON. W KIfth ?v._ A first class thkbb story man stoop briok flouae, instant possession, finely located. Ill Kortv Ifth street, between Broadway aad Sixth arcane c?r routes: $11,000, three-fourths mortgage: or will rent, $1,800. Apply on premises. A THBKR HTOBY BK1CK HOUSE ON firm HTBKKT, A between First and Second avenues, 22 6itfl\10l) prim $1: Ml): also one on the same street, between avenues R sn<t I>, for $11,000. Prompt attention paid to tha selling aad letting of ho:wea by ISAAC IIO.NIU, 2i Pine street, mom No. 4. A -FOR BALB. THRKK BTORY MNQLISH It ASK.. . meul brown stone Hoaae oa Best Thirty fourth street, lMlHOiIOO, $11,W0 WW. 8. J Kit MINUS, 111 Broadway, Trinity Buildiag-u hssein-nt. A KB A MR IIOIIKB ANO LOT. NO. ISA WRMT Til I11 r Y ? /V e<ghth attest, feraale. Apply toll. H. KM1TU, No. Ill West street. A F 8PI.KNUID MKT OP IIOURE8 PGR BALK?AT prises fr om $8,M0 ta $$$,0W. KINO A CO.. No. $ Twenty-third street, fifth Avenue lltdal. A FIRST CI,ASA POOR BTORY HIOH HTOOV BROWN FY atone front llouae for sale - immediate possession), en Klfly-fourlh street, near Fifth avenue. This ia a fleet c'tss house in evary respect and will be sold at a rea-sm nhla price and on essy terms. H. KMBKXKON, til Rtghlh svenue. Atiirrr b to tit man btoop brick housk for s tie en West Forty IIfib street near Ktf.h nvnnoe. All modera and la goadortler: Imuied'ata possessiou. B. KMKBRSO.N, HI Eighth avenue. C1RNTRAL PARK LOTS.?TWO I.OTS. WxltM. ON ) KeventT-elghth ntmet, near Msd'son avenue, or will be etchsuged for Improved eity property. J. R. lf:RItY. ?M Broadway. OR RAtaR?TBB HOVdl sNo LOT St KBANKLIN street, a few doors west of IIroadway. For terms. Ar , r ta COX BftOTIIKIUI. aw Broadway, corner Fourth at. rOR ft AI.B?FIR8T CLASH NRW FOURS TORY RKOWN Stone Houses and 1*61*. M >n l VT 'A'r.i .Wn. telle ecu &th and tifb avs., rosewood doors. W FANNINfl, .17 W. Itthi For balb?thp, fibbtclabb four story browk atone Hon so No. 971 l<evington avenue (Mitrriy Hill), bat warn ITilrty-aevenlh sod ibirty-olghth siraets; full stae and fluely sllnsted. For permit and further Information apply to HOW P. R MORGAN. No. 9 Fine atrenf. CIQB BALK-IN TBF. BRST PART OF FIFTH AVF. r ' rule, a $rcleLuMtull siae brown SWne House , price $|fl.00t?. Apply to Hs'MF.R MORO.IX. No. * Pine street. IJiORBAbK?NfNF RNALL HOTWBN ON SKTENTT r eighiW atrort, between Rnrond and Ttvinl si -jues; price 9$.<W and VfJM; alreet well built up Apply to HOMKlt lWRaAN.Ho7Si Ploe slieel. rOR Htl,K-THK FIRST CI. V88 TftRRF. BTORY Uillll banesaSi?> llnsiae Ml West Twneti seismd ctre-t, nouse StHfA, lot haU the Wo- wt pCae. uf.h Ues FiCurea. $lK,t?uv $d.ll$6 eea lawwln. Lignite of theowuer. WHN C. BARRR. (H West Forty ninth street. Fob balb (in frr?-on rkihtd htrkp.t, be ?ween Firth and fUvth avenues, two vary desiratda four aimy Ilauaaa, wdjoiatux. they at? lull width, well arranged andtn uerract order. Terms to suit. ApWy to K. H. LCD MiW A CO., No. It Pine aueeu FI?OR BALK?TUK Fl^iT Or OBOUXD flu ri.F.T BY IC'I. aittistnd on the soulhu'eM .viruar -m Ke-oud avtUiue and Twanly seventh st.ee1 tsceiher with ihtea br?i? ftwelllug. Itjerer o; p: lee |'A> !**? apply In J. II. IILK. RiCK. 10 Smith sliavt LIOR HAJdC?RT A FANU.Y OOINQ TO RCROVt-A r House ia a good location, either Wifh ?r without the bs'-dsotne FtlrnKttre: $lu tno down and the rest on roasopa hie terms Orto< eol, cam.-tetel v I ititu?hed. to s reepoiiai. Me, care,'u> private ^Addtess .1 . hoi sfl.'t New York Pu.f oflfloe rOB NAIJt-A HPVT BKKTK HOI'BK ANP I/IT, COS lalning all lite lateit Improvements, eomplsiely fnr olthed. In RightiOth street. aa"<h a' le. ne.rse. ond tven'ie. L'OR BAI.F-TIIF I.WAKR OF AN RLKOAMT BROWN' r atone llouse In Weat Twentieth street, from March I L> Mev. IMP. with the flra> nlaa* FprotUue. Apply le H UOH UNO IW Broadway. _ KIOM BALE-BY S. M. NTYi.RB?HOI7BKN fli WI ST Kitty eacenffaueel; al?? 1A7 K.aa? Fiftieth street, rirtiv fnraiched. Hoverui other Uonaes. Apply at 344 Kasi Oiity aecoad alraet. LViB KALE?HOUBK ANO LOT. BIW. 0> MBROKR I* s-reek between Srrin; and Prto, a, at a fair price, Mo ?aforwrntum to syenis niiknown to th a uuderstgued. Apply la .'OHN MOULAYB 41 Pine vireei. li^OR BALE-THE FIVE STORY WELL BUI(,T STOREB, r Mos yiaud $i l.ihertv atree'.; lota ahotit-jfliTn. Also the eatlrr plot ot 19 t-o'a, on Last, snd Tonipkin < at- acts, with the Wharf Prop*' it -n trout Apply In JAMKH itRUIKKUANK. 5$ Broadway. ran SAI.K-ON MMtTN MOH OF PlFTY-*Kl?ONn at net, between Second and Third if<wni-a a tU-m atorr high ?tA'<aa?d tiodir cellar lnv#il Iitoi'f Hnnv; irll modern impri"^m?nl4', no? e" ?on in Mn . r> or tll.HOO. (frw> |u MM. KlU'ifllnK, ?blS 11 ???.? Hank Btiit'lin?.a POK SALK?NRtR UNION SQU t Rl A FIRST three aim* io4 Mtlc livid feet wide, h?? all "ii pramntnu and ?- in nmoidnt.- Nm I, Ap ptj la K. H. I.UOLOW A ?*?., No ^ I1 ?)'? eirwel imv salf.-a four stout Rtmrn vtonf hn?. r Hah bnBewieet Heti-e, NHIWiOt mi I well ih afreet n?ai F;*t!i aiftuA SACO: three Mmy high |fhop hi ok on Tii ny . tith alreet. wear Hroedtrar. fMIW th nr alary high ptnop brlrh on W eat Tbirtr-t.ii 'd a(reel, Sid add. comUNt> ii m anttnk, i an Broadway. Ipo# RAI.F.-A VI 1.1. T,nr AMI TlinF.K STOET larnM ami Sin #. on Headway. near Mfli ?e- nn.l ?Uk at, $13 1*0: Ihfie Mory tinfk Unoae and Atom, iAIiNiM, an Ninth avenue. na,u F irtf.MMut Mrrtl; ? IIMJO. vnM IN L> If. M ART1BE, I.S5* Broadway. POK StLR -A TURFF. STOP! fllfljl STOOP BRICK Hon at. on Wea> Twenty fourth Creek near Nioib ?,-rnu' LM.ItiA'n1. Ilia Muek , j?rl-<- $11.'tip S KMRF.RSo v ui Rigbtb arenne 1NOR SAI.R?A TllltRR flllffi IIION STOOP IRIOI P Hoime In Tooth t'r*el i#ar Fifth *?enae: po-aeaaion. Apply to IIVK A <"l: R I IS, KB H: ilH arnnue. YNOK SALR-FIYF >TOKBM OR THlflft AVKNi'R. UK r Oman Fifty llr.i and Fifty ao.-on I alra..|a. Inquire of A. I.IVINOSTON, fit Fart Fifty bird Uteri, naal third a?. FtOR KAt.N HOi ?P. ANIll.OI' NO. 47C ORHKV WICtt ? ton oral Canal. Inquire In paint atom, roraar of llndaon and final etreeta. |j'OR MVLK-A SMALL KUKSImll.ft BROWN HTONK r Ooal Houaa in good onlm, eMu fried byt lie owner, SM Waal Twenty-Brat *u??t To eem, hrlweeu II and 4. For salk. -tiih lot. with rnv. bi ii.iiixos thereon. known a< MM Water afreet New York. A poll lo P. C. ML'LKI.I.V. ?". Wall ai.aa , Jauecry court. H*OU NALR-1HR nOt.SK 4 NO LOr ON HIP aou<hwaat ??ornar tf aveatte f and l"bird aimet IPC* OH* ot tba heat btidnena Mrntll on the iwuf laquim ot JOHN O ATIRUMIR Ail Kaat Patirtb atmei N V. (old aumtmr Ml >. from a A. N. to 17 44. Ml SAI.K IHK TWO BTORf AND ATTIC HfOII r enaeinent auh-erlllr llooae ll'Ninlh avenue lol?14ilU0 bniiaa 4P daap; g%* hot and told watar, lanea and h?aiar AApIr on tho prawiaaa bofora 1(1 A M nr la Iba arnnm* afttr b o'cloeb. I10R KAI.B?TIIK THRRK KTORV AND BASRVRNT 1 brink Hon* 443 Waat Thir'r attOi Biraat. lot 'JAtKM; honaa 4> daan- gaa and wain'; ronraniantif arranged fnr mia of twa namiliea. Inqmra on lb" pmru aaa. ot aiSitNlaib at anna of ,f. B. 7|AT4|| iTOR BAM?m THRRK NTORY ANO AtTfo RRtPR ? Hnnae and ld>1 1ST Ka't Bcariwa lot T4 Ii7tfaet. At> ply 4* MKRRIT TBINBLK. S3 lobn PIN B41.K?AT A BAROkiN. NO*. W ASH U I.A<trana alreat. aao aide. heiw?en fOand and Brnoma Apply lo JOHN NrCLAVR. 44 Pina atrrat. iul'orn.aliua to agenta nnbaotm to tb? tindara jwt StOR BAI.R?TWO w c l.l BUIl.T FOUR STORY brl'k Tanamant II on apt. now oar ipmd Hy Iwarny-fonr famlliea. In Sloth atraet. naa' a?enna c. 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LHAh F CLARKR A ro , W ?? ...Iwar. ^TtREAL KSTA*NC | l/Ot HAlril, IN KlKTY-KirTll<8TMKT--TIIR fHIUSB r fliorjr hifn stoop brown "MNP* c.o#|j|#in* s^ i iMoAjjn oomr#ni**itcfti? aud in afddr thruiuffc#Bl sU? W, i*orior < er|io%o mwl NftMtur#. Mdft dohfl* | and Gas Futures, sod Oilcloths for $15 OU0. N. U.? This I* s very wall built out! plessont bouse and wtlt ** ap* preciilotL KiliPAtBlCK, 1 Hull*# need Honk Build*#** ITORAAbKLOW, OWN*R 00t!J(? EUROPE-*! I r firil clan new three btory high itoop brown Hone Trout Housai, Rigblr-fourlk *treei between Second andTbirl avenuea. pot.r.i.on May 1, 1M7; wrioea. $10 SOOto Blips! Al.o one four Wory atoup bHck H?uee. indeDendeid Weill; 30 feet front; la good repair; M room, peaiei.iea immediately. forgMWO. leqmire ef F. PREMTICKer J ft. SMITH. M Pine i ' n etreel >R 8 ALB OR TO LBA8B-THB BUILDING AND machinery, including Tl~iim engiaa. foot oT Jene Hreet, R , enlteWe for e Machine shop or any manufacturing bullae*. Ingntre mtSTTuU. BaSloW. U William at. {? TOOSBH FOR RAMI?RT A. JOURNRAT. BO. djrjNM i at met. Knit a aA. Fntoey *|gb itoop brink fit AM eel lid at., S atory htatatoop A UBN Wait 14th it.. 4 iter; blab atoop brown atone mm \Tnat ?Sd it.laUry high ato?p bruwn ebeae 1M 5HOUSR8 P?B BAB* AMD TO LBT-IW BBW TOI Bo Sl^imum^SSu^k Tuall! '?? t BARB ro?lAML-A f2i?? L iPRwBo-na-Ahopr?alaaa Bo. It or llm. * ? innd Bum etreel, ~~ dnnpeirent LBA8K TOM 8ALB. Uo jt atssfirsi K'&nayss^gi ^rar^^oArggg^r' ? ITSSi. er without the Furniture, cheep. Apply *? W- r- ?**? MOHIt, 171 Broadway. fini FRITATE RBSTDKNTBS FOR JhLB-JN THIS ,UU pity and Brooklyn, well located. Prleee $?,008, - B UU dty and Brooklyn well located. Frtoee gb.OOQ, 10 008 $14,000 to $30,000. For lull pertteulnre apply to A. F.BUBaWT. $1 Well lUeai. _ _ ?7 Ann "ILL BUT THAT NICE *WO 8TOKT, O I .UUU aUte and baaemeal Houee and 31 Rutger ?treet near Henry, with |?a, water. Ac ; lea room*, In good order; part rash $4 oon will bur thru n'ce imall three atory brink lloune and Iiot corner of Madiien and Bulger straeta with Horn, ba.nn.rut and four rooami. ???? corner for sny bu<*#?*#. Ap#lv to PAYTKN. #8 !>*??**## wt hlt7\~pli\I\ -tiikkk stout high stoop, in 1$ I U.DUlJ. Thlrtt-nlnih Ktreet. between Second and Tbird aventtea. Including ebandelleri an I hiturea. Thla dwidltag li In rery aoed order; ha. furnaee and all other mi'drrn convenience,: rcapoctable bltck; accommodating tortus, nil# *g^,i?arUU'K. Bull** Head Bank Buildiagi. BROOKLVN RK4L K3TA I K FOR SALB. * FINE RESIDENCE FOR RALE?THE PROPERTY A of at e.ta'c litunUor on. of tbr bc.l In Brooklyn hou.e :tS feel wide, three htorle*. thoroughly bu'lt, in ?o?# pk'te oidrr; lot ftOtlUO feet; pr.os tV.000; lots ttdjolnlnj if wanted. Cor keya to eiamtne bouie apply at 101 Pre-aidant .trrot, nrJok.rnK KRIjTi0oai gg Cedar .treet. New Tork. TTior sale?possrsbion at onok. tup. pinb bk T .I'lcnoe No. 1 ReconO place. Brooklyn, S4 r?^ ? !d?' good order, erery oonrenlrnce. with o- wlthnuI ?t?bl? _ For (ers to e,amine bouie apply el 18 RmMiid piace, for tenui to E. H. KELI.OUO, 04 Oder atroal, N T. TTtOU SALF. IN BROOKLYN -Tlirr.K RTOT[ T MOOFRN r brick Honae. Sea.antly Incited '<> iOsOO, Putieaalon lit of May; nnn".S9.000; termianooBmo d.ting. Apply to A. JOtmNi tv. > it Pine ?reet klliiR K4I,B Olt TO LKT?A HVR TP. AKS' LBA8R OF one o? the belt Hiniiim* Ic-eation. In Atlantto h?i hern u." I ?* a millinery .tore for a.i yeaiA Apply et If* Ailautie ilr -et. near t luiton._ , I.AULToV AYK.VUr. NORTH SIDE. CORNER OF r Ade phl afreet.-The brick Smrra. 1*. 4!7 and 4* will s.ll at a birfi.ii", hair can remain on mortgagi; are la goea onler JOBKTH KKLhT. UU VTltoo avenue^ ltr.l S WOOD CKMKTI RT I.OT -FOR . AT Gwnwood. # dc sir a Mr SiriC*# 1^. ou lilf li gr#uiid. For psrtlouisrs ?pf>ly mi 13^ Front susc^ t (?l STRT RKALB8T4TK KOR. SAI^FI. 1 LI WANTING FARMS.?GOOD SOIL. MII.D ILL A. ante H nil'm eoutb of Pb'UdelnHa. Prtoe ne- a?re. Alio Iruprored Find... 'edl wd ieltUnfc Tafoonatica eeal tree. Addieae C. K. LANIJlo, Tteeiaaa, Mew Jersey. _ _ A VALUABLE BALTIMORE HOTEL FU^IIKTT A for a-le ?The well known and poptilar 'lf KhefV eed Henae. illuitod oi lft* eT^ m<i itnrlea. the whole centnlviug It siwa". caioyed. ? g-Kl nsylng run oi TheboUto ?vssnr.z&tiJr wjftwtttAnas premmel. or ^'(^jpT()K <>p *;,FRwoOP| HOUSnt. corner o? Fayefle end H?' r'-?.o .ti<-t.. ??eU nore. ?* "a OOUNTBT RB$1 DliNCE. WITH IS aobra of A land ior isle, eltu.tod en the AlrM toi4 Itom Klnge hr'dt- to Tonkere. *nd e'i'i.lly dntant frdM Ten Vera-sad KiTcniale .Icoli ou U?e Iluiu't, iHre.; the ho'tie if '"?J"' In unrfee* oeaef. auJ the location. l?eln* on htgb ground, in ... t*..Liv nnltlit' the .table i, new and omnaoBV 'iai tba Knlen ? W-ll Incited nod liberal!. !e<1 l^'r''a"*'' be,he* and vlnee. and ?? .'oniie- led wl'b a good orphsrd. furtherpnrttaaUM.p^^to VHnKnmuu Ageei. Toukrrt N T. TpaVsaIC.-A NI'MBER OF VTI.I.A8 AND^ COT ?aaei friat$AUi0 to $ ia.UOdeech. at Cailetadt; f et a ' ?^.4<r kvnor) ous st VMI# snd two #?rss st ttoi' ill*! *turinf $l^U0d; Ksnu* of from sit ?crw #t |U,0|Mto Ai ac?e. .rgVoto f??ee " (MM rtreel. reen, IS. fron; 10 to II o'clock, after I ? clock >t_P??.ale. ? fSJ? K^r^sisr.". v.S'sr.ifflrySXK aad Albany. Particulars, prwu. Ac., wtth S. LMHKRSilM, | *41 Kigbt'i avenue. / mil VI RT P.FSIDENOER FOR 9A1.F.?OR THE BANKS (^ of tbc'Lidsoo".! Taweod. Sp-'Tien Huvvtl R!rrrd?ld i' ii-,, ,.-. linV?' l'erry, relation, rarniewn. Xvob sUnetoLg^rnton F.eet lliVerwr.w. 1'eek.kdl^G.r rlpOB'*. Cold rtprlug end Poughkeepsle lmt;.r. i? ' ilvcu and term, made caiv I unlier partlmlar. with * * 8 KMBKR80N. r.'l Elghtb aveeiie I kTARUS logHbK IN WF.>miKsTP.R, Ufx'KLAXD. 1 Iire'nre f'upnni UUte- ind nutoheii co intlee. roe ininiiif 11ibtii 10 ui :dil s*ti??: two K?itui IWIW risrri - raM . .".?, p7r?. Ac.. With S LNHKRSON. 43 Kigbib avmne. ___ 1M4K* FMP. R4T K OBKKHIANGP-FORriTT PROF r rrtv rurorlattnt of Utaerfo, In J-rtc ,i?;o3d oj ' on 1 ? g Ul.tul s'l .he StorV an ! P"'? "* "ai"i n S t* hnuahlaii nrtre Appiy to.lPRSKJ DAT IS, I* .no Ad Pi K dorr 2U a,?li ???eel New T>r? (MR PW.K-A HANDSOME COTrAW"!. WITH F pronn.l liP-.l*. .vt Sontii Bateau, N. J Bom* molaina via kt-rbau, A' . kon?a in find rila outer nib hi* anl wWd watar. bathroom. A* . ?lf hie toil alt ^rw*? iirv Pdth'ii;.lin*a. I'lral* ?f On 1 or iha choir-*' Win ?all with .?r viiliO'it turnitor- For Innkar I?n>lilari apply '? AM.FR A RjJQW.N, Ml Inmijoar FiioJt "m.k?a *F.w two mor.v nonni.F anvM, *Hkk>wk i tmprui "man* s in ????! if But. Haikan ?nek. N. J . aNnil (Ire Mkmloo' walk limn I'm dapol. luptira *f (lIUillllK FAIR nppoaiio Mia *la 'miliUof JJOR NA1.F-A FIMK FORK) HKI? RF-ilHKNCH. WITH an *h latire 'f fruit an i ? i I* ir*M. on Ilia alop* uf the

Ore if- tr.i.nru.iin. a! Oria|>, |i I'fira $31,BOB. " all at or addrMk room 14. *1 Iwi'i i'i?ai |Atm WAI.R-nltAKOU P. f., u kiwi run* NEW F York. Bub MmhImmb a ih at* jcru of I,and: boiiaaeoo UtOil| 12 ro->m? Can Ufa houaa and atklil- . in i.f.liatr |iOa. a??.u?n lannaaaa* Alan n?ar almvo. a Fai ni of ?> BCTBB. Willi amali 1 ollafi H. F. NW ALL. -i Smith a real la Ol BaAR-COTTAOE HOI'AW AMI LOI ip XEW r ark. X. J.: ntfhi rooma. be?M*r bnsansant. ? allar and alt', all in cnWpl-la on1?r. fanlen with I mi it trara* to I!. I' HARRIOT, nil IH? p-Bin;-r IP Oiiit ifc* alu-ai. o? lo JAMES NANCHKBTBK * CO. Ufe Broadway. ??OR SALK?FIRST (LARS HOU4K. HTOor. brawn ?r?na fr.ia', all mn.iarn Imnrnroinent* wuh alablt on roar, i?at naif hborkm"! in llobnkan i? parfai-i order; llnr iiter *i?w Tnquira 10 paint atom. owner df ll'id on and ('.anal all not?. FV)R a a l,R~-A HOI' HI.If CWPOI.A HOVftB WIJiFD in i?Hk hr i k Ian miante ' w,lk Irmn Tremunl We*: ?ka?lar t Hint* ilapni. .iminuiitrnlioi, with Ik* ?ty tfiilt naair a Ul?* nniimn of ib? mon*? , ai lam.ain on bond ao4 morlfay* Appl* m R M. KMMftT. 54 Wtlliaio airaat. BJWlR SAI.H-PRIOF. ?JA?W_4 BI-.AI'TtFOI.. MCTC' r ra?(B* and uomplain Itoaldam a.; ibraa arraa la Oar dan. Ft nil ami Shnue: attiiab'r for airnimar and wlnler INHlmini; una himr Horn < it? Hall' iwHva Imina daily; pwalltu (acta, in nomnlflte in ti ->labl*? llaa, Watai, Morula Manilea and Boalna a?laii?i*? *|aw nf eoiintr*. In aiaot ot New Vurk No inarm m..ra rlaairabla location fni a Aral eta#* home ana ba found in iha I nned Sfftra tppl* lo lha onnar at SI Cortland' en eel whar* pbolofrapjllip ?iaw aau ka aarn J. L. rARKRll. I I.AOR PAI.F.-AI rORTCHMTBIL WKATCHRMTRR 1 r Honnly. a naai Ka>ld?ma, naai iba danoi i?roi*a raona; gut. wat'r noaal. Ar Appl) la P i" Hri.AI.AT 4l Wall .lounnaf t onri ijioR rami.?I nm for PAi.r. at a orb at rar A fan a Ataain Sawmill, naw and in ?irallanl ruamof ardar, aitua'ad in Iba in'dal of an tmir*naa qnantltf of Pina tlnikar of tba finao r*n^ltljr. Foi i oiu -'ilara -itdraaa Mill, boi j|d tlarald oB.. a ?TYOR RAI.K-AT IFVINOTOB OR THR HVORON. r naai ha dap?t. a alaa tlotlii* rnlu?a. oaa aura of 0no4 land fnilk, abi n'tliory and hand'oma almda iraaa, *arriafa honaa and atalda. Aura opport'ioH* In thia wM loaa Hon. IkMBailia'njwwaaaaiii l'*n ? low and tarsi* aaay. rnr* WminrnwtthA. RMRAKBoN. ?*l f Ifhth aiaana. IfYOR RAM-: ri|R*P_A OOOO I'lllIRR STORT RRJCK F Houaa, Store and Ion on lha aoraar Of doiitk atjW airaat and Nfwark aaanna, laraay ON. oa ranaonima lainx Alio, fS.JMi will hny n Ihraa atory Irama llauaa P"J l?t at31.**. Krtlrnnd avarma ,lai?"T Cil*. Applf In A'W*" AXIiKR WUJSON. Ilnnaa ayant 91 Mont?0flk#r/ fir*'. '?? aay (1i? nr at r.PH Hrand at*aal 1/IOR BAI.R TMRY f'HF.Af -A OOOH RRIf* SQfflS' F llroonia. Karraanf anml land. at>iiiiilanoa?> IWMi ?h?da, Rr.. on iba ri?ar bank. atm?a Tnriyiown. ? . . a I'M rfrmon. w Bigkili n?aniin._ rtflR BALK OR KXOIIANOF -MF?RR*i* JP Kirw* In j)1 mfiMiNNI ftt ?#rli. Vt#*al Ktrhtnt^ tfiWI lead martai M Ibn t'nltai BUM*, on Um llna of ?ranro?|l. Tha paopnrt* annalala oOhraa trna flarare *aina, Will ka anld ohoap on apaj 'arm* * planad In the nandi ef radpnnafbla .. ,CMa . -;rj-A,eSll0, ? WB1 cm>N*?Y ZitV Mo.. will br CjyR TEBB*. *? Broadway, erly. - ' ??? ? ??'? 1 ii""11??? .ff Stag Mag Good *low of WM ClaBBWDOII, fruR. Or would eaohan*#. Apply* WM v/"" ? Teoay atroet, for one ?<??* _ -? 95.00c ?r;??5sssiliwr meal bmat* T>w22^2l*bM5. "N*"?"""*??ammiamdfcptfcnawaa?we?-?*1 a.<nn/tWMftNWH. TO BUT 0* Apply ?? B. ?. aMwM ?.. BwMMMa XKEBSSHKBfflK afuraaa M. >. It.. atalloa F. w" "? "^e&y^gyr', ^ ? Eoq.. John Randall. K?q ?lOVUli BOOM. ?c? *? A * t^nnglg^tyth^rwUfTi^* aad dtatiuiM - ^?5i&?rP jA^ss^ssj^ the door from Kultoo ferry. ... A ttT &OOMA TO LKT.-S. P. AVERY. AS HI IS A m? to Kuropa, will let one or both of bin r*?!*jJ'u,^1? HroaWay corner of Fourth atroet. Caljata and FUturea f^Ll^nd poaaeatUn gtrea about February*. laqulro on the prtniMA ? ? p iCTORT TO I.KT?NRAE EAST RIVER, WITH A or without Power; four .tonoa aod bMemeu^ new; ?TMi? lighted all round, largo yard. Apply at 52J rutu at root. Hon! moderate. . ..rtmPVTH OF TWO, THRRR ANI> FOUR ROOMS A ta"h-roTt. ln Bleecker and Hou.tou .tre.U, near Broadwar. and MP Se?>nd avow. laauiraof T. J. GIB BONS. 1<>9 Blracherjitreat. i FINK HTOKKJO t?Thi L"IUt 40,100 feet. la arw.^f^^g^gSSL ?? ^d '"aual'uraeta ????-?? ?STaKW*dAJt ?on the preinltee, to ALLEN BROTHERS, so ana inardatfwet. - ? I STORK ON BROADWAY TO'Jgl8*!* A Mchth atreet: pedeeeaieaataaoa. Apply to w*. ran W^OE* hN. 47* Slata ayeoue. T~haniwomwlt ktirnishkd torr or rooms. A wwd end third floor*, My o# obtain?# by *PlNr,B? At JWfl r.fth A Tonne. r a FT'RNISIIKD ROOM TO LET FOB TWO PKR A eoea at ** Went Broadway^ ^ . ? TV!BST CLASS THREE W&??SW^Jt#XS A llouao. Inaleat Va?a'?""0i jljlR. three-quartern t?u mortgagr .fln^r lotatod. l ^ Ap atreet. betwuan Broadway aad Slit* a.eaue car reutw. ?, ply on i>remlaa*L a Fl'RILlSHHn ROOM OW THrKD _**??*, *0 A WdthJ*b..ardjtea alaglegonUnaaaa. fer $? per "**? hut'i Atid yen. ESI Wwt Twe*ty-flfSBtrmt. a Ft'RNHBRW HOtWE-NBAR THB A mri. uo to?r?. te rent ubIS m*J I* W7 w *' - ttUKKCKEK. SON A CO.. 77 Cew^*Ufl^? 7 TWO YBAJtR* LEASlt ^ A ^fRABLH STORE A pa Broad itreel for ialo.-tJJ<**<? uw' ' at ooo?. with j^p ^rtRMJEr^!SwHA Wlllhun aWart. "a s r.EOBIJ.FMTLY ntRMlSHBO HOW" TO UJT sx*^"S^K5sau' eaffi.'S^ciiy^ g FEW Fl.RNISSWO ROOMS BO. LMT-atfMOLJI A .?.i ?2 R?r ? ^T^'aeVJlTrSSa furaUbrd fit j...aaA?wi Uig- Apply a* ? *">? T^MILfctNFRT STtmR T" l.KT^WTOCK. FITTOBRS. A l.~aar. 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STORY AND ORL "* fe.TWiii'TS.SS avrvHt# ftertKf Tbinruin efiwf. ^ j ?. i.Aff pfVT-1 M)ip AND CARDIE VAQTf^RY; HA\ K JL i .tUdTof Whlr purpyf. IbSRtJ M* seretu. amour, between .nitrtjUlh aad Se.enteoutb olmaU. i.'uRNf iiv.n nun parlob am? hep room w It " rrn. v,, nt nOaman end a lfo, on re.aonebio laryat. Ap JlfemTua!ttrw.n atreet_ laeHp. TJOUf B A*n BfORF, ?? MEHrBR in HEET. (FOOR II plan* to tH t?r Inihie: !T?imM??i^j^'WhR|?n rrr ?ii */, oT J tTaT. FOR HaLK-l'RIOK now. FOOB TEAM TO IJ runaiSl**! rent Firttt Fhew and Saaemenl, MMB ,\i SHrla'reri.naar Meidoo laor In qui it at at Rma.l i nifl, w II _ . .. , ,(VTJ .,, I.n .tottK l.aROK LOlT-t IN CANAL \ , aiJai! pair"wwdw.y AprU ?? ATON. . ? IMI ?'' "' 1 . iv 4 t O I ? - ' -1 ,A 'r I 1JHI ? * , |,i i \j and deal labia. laq.irT o. A CO? HOOK* Tli bRfk-WBKIRHBR OR RNff HSUllFlJ wit', a nd '"rotao walar Torma modrralr Apntr ?i Sit Maraud a. anno kotw*?u> 'I ?rtaiy-tr*l and Twamt a'rnai VjK.0O"fr? KtiOOK TO I.KT-AT P? AND km WILLIAM aUari. nrai .loh.i, wnll ll|btrd| and anllaMr lor a atorr or taanniariorr. atdam powai iurm?nad If required. k?lld at dliT.. WM. A. STRAIGHT A OU. CtORR TO I.BT-AT ISMI ItDWKHT. WITH LK ASK, O auliahle for an etien vr atal kualneaa Bert Ineatina Id Mow Turk. Apply nn alalia from 19 la IS A. M STORK To LKT bkhahway. mhar riiK Ho tola, t wu and a nuariar yoara' Leaar and flumes for ?alt. SOT'. Kant $1.UOn FliMTAD H. ? ARTIKK. U7J BrnadwRy CtOIK ASH RAehUKNT TO LKT?MO. Jut CANAL r alt *01, oral Bioadwar. laqulrd on Ik* premier, up ai?Ira. oton a so norm to err.-stock or r ancy 0 Ooodaaad ITitmoe for salt, tot*tlier or arpaiate :9t ?talk avauur mo LKT?mow vat i. i?:. tiik labor ir*'? 1 story Factory Building! III to 121 Kaat ThlrVm> MrJT?* pear VanuR aoanna, wlln or wiikont 8 ram -JW' m>r tn ma and partieiilara addrra. W. M . Mr djw^oR?WR. _ TO LKT? BY AB AMftMOA!* Pjilr**r 'iT H tm on Hi.use Bo. 194 Ai'-"* ?!?**?. KoIoiwuom MiRnfrd. mi) LKT-A KIIIHT ??"*??< TORM STORY AND RASF 1 moat hmwn '-30" Rust Thirtieth atraatl ?mid luratIon hed"* pniTiullj nirtnahrd: referent* inquired Apply ?? SW^**' TWriwth street.^ 3I wo H rfRMIBHFn. FOR THBRB YEARS, TO A I ^.iVaio family only, the four ai<-i? Mown aioar from ?tiia So. m Ml, Mart's place, will, or without ait Mo In 'ha roar, nuna knl prtm-tpala nwri atml/ Vpnlt on Ihr l"T? ls?a brtwoan II A. W and < I*. B. mo r,f?r-Tiir lowkr RAbTor a Montn* nor sr. I sir room*. ai' hake-omWr ?nd crmp'i \Mr furnished for honaokropififf Will h? lot eery .-heap nnt'l May or hmter fall a ad an* them. MM Fast F iftr ihird atrret. mo LKT?FfRS1811RD. A SMALL RUCK HOtfSB, $ 1 inonM. 'tnge. heater, as ? and water: poaaeeelon Ira me diately, r?it|7! prr Monte Apnly lo f. pATlHSFwRT, Fnttoa e?en>ie, corner ot Olforu rum, Brooklyn. TO LBT- At 147 WAVF.RLEV I'LACB. TO A l?AI?Y; ORB Furnished r-wir. ?nlial'l* for hnuaekeepinA ?? second or third Una*. Alan Br I mom for into or two yeniWnen rro LBT?TUB VTOBI I,an biujaBWA*, *R*K WW*1 JL udSaMpBt ppg fxxumid Sd t r*ari.<m$ ABB'S M S't\ TVu\, BUVfV. _ mo LRT-THK COLt.INS ItoTBL, fORRBB OT OA 1 ml and lloholrn atrorta, wltli Ijrnaodlal* Apply al ITS Broad war. Iroin It to if O^wrt ar ai tk Boat Twpaty aersoth ?tr*?t, of TBTBB A. U. IAvKMOR. ?MUM. RotfW. sr.. TO S!KL_ ' .jvlkra on Mm premiers. _ _ mo LKT?FRONT P tKT OF FIK^T FI.OOK "K NO. 100 J. Nuuu airftft. Inquire on thlrnjioor. __ mo LBT-ON BROADWAY. "JAJ1 nalrlawM 1 n Urge nod elegant a.or*. Mercer street. Addrettbo* I.U1 Tot rLBT-NICK AFARTMKNTA. FOUR HOONS.^IN^ ronr houae 90 Tbl rd ore que. water ?" 8 ? ? | I dree Ruome, H Downlhg co? 9S? Broadway^ ! r^ei^^MVKiS22i"r ; ply In fl? nnah? hi Mm m?"?N rfo ^w^rOOBT "" k^fok p^reJBuilding. nnnr Thirtieth ! W?N.fw?l??> I r LOT-FDR* IBHBD. A ?IMT .?,??LZ^^fdlZ ^^^TC"d"yB?POBT. Mi- nr?^ earner Ortecd treat Bteahlyn. f|H) LKT-THRBB FIBOT CTjABB #^F?*af!ii TO BB UW-BCWOW IN CANAL BTBBW. WBRT^OB -^?^53^:*"^ * fwtTTaSS^ LBT-fWO TBBBBBTOBT ?"OH B^HOUBIWI. wltd ?l> tk* ff'wyA W"* T*r,!fu naarihoBUth 1 Chambers street rUBT?BBOAJFWaT HBU, WBA.B TBB NT *!?"? ^^.n^^afSgusT'""" &-'"2*zz*'ZL\?*g& jr.: "J? BUOND fliOW, r??? n ??. r? tW? ?^7"u.ei r?T Jfeod'a barber ?**?? c?J ir:th ??- Apply from H <? t r mo LKT-TOBrTILLB-TgBR? ,?*K5 Broadway, near Fiftymweoth *reet. or WN Broadway. ^A&.t Parlor, furnDhad orRgfy^ ^ iw#\ i vt wi RQT FLOOR ARD B^SBMEHT, FOUR J^mT"?* rSm -iASS Wf MM* fas aad aJater. olloloths; rent ggT^oadway. mo LFT?A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONK HOU8K, E$^--^*3?Sii8?3 terms rary ea?y. Particular, with 8. EMBERSOH, ?i Eighth arcane. _ Tn t WT-rMMRDIATE PORW580ION, FOR ONE. TWO, or three, earn a good House, furnished. with 10 acre, of nl? landTabund* n reef choice fruit green houses. Be.. XXZ"** vtf SSBMf. M&j i avenue m/n f vT?TWO RTORY ART) BA8BMRNT OOTTAOR T US Wert Forty-ninth street. eonUlning 9 rooms, with modern laproftineiili Rent 18'W- . mo LET-A BOO* t1ND BF.DROOM . FUnNISlIED FOR 1 housekeeping, or four Rooms furnished, term, Be and $9 per week. Apply .178T Eighth avenue. _ mo I.BT PURNI3HBD?A SMALL BRICK HOUSE, 8 T r?om?. Vsn|?. heater. ma. and ^nTyMVOKt' dtately ; rent ?7# per moatV Apply to J. DAYBHrOltx, Fallon arenue, corner of Oilord street. Brooklyn. TO T.KT OR LKASB?A FARM OF US * m:1es from New York bo Hudson HI*** lUOroad. W dwelling Houaea and outbuildings nr would etthyge far lease o*houae and furniture la or near New Tork. Addraae B?cliange._?lerald olUoe. _____ mo T.KT OK I.KA8R-THB LABOB .8*P"?J? .^Jof J Ington street, between Warren and 8B* " the beet buitnens locttene I a We wYor k. For further par tiaular* inquire of JOSEPH FORSYTH, Noe. 7 and 8 Wash ifigtoo Mariet, from 7 to 11 A. M. T~0 LKT ON NTATBN ISLANlt?furnishkp and unfurniehed Hon.e*. Furwlehed?OrtmM Hill. ewPJ^ rlor place. $?,(?? per annum: Fort H1U. pretty CotUgs per VoiwTVli/ton. ,^euy Cottage. 81W per moeth^Uo, Purntshed?Tomnkln.rlUe, Hne Hooeea. annnra; Bomrdle. Cottagei andihnlf?"rr^of gmind,, $? per annum. Perraltnof A. JOfTRNKAY. No. a Wine m. TO RKNT?8I~BAST BIXTIKTH PTRNKr. WITH IN mediate peaseaalon; a Oral claaa high Moop four story broJT^S CTrent ^he nate of $*W? ^ For permit nppty te I. HHMffOM. WKTmrd aeenua. rl BBNT-8RYKBAI. TBBY OF.SIBABLK HOIT8B8. '? nf HOVRB8. ROOMS, *C., WAHT1D. igtOOWb FLOOB. FORNISHBD. CRNTRAU.Y A iJoMed, wnaUd. ^ a family ^Jtkeee -nlla. with n p'SJfi^-irBa Jiast-v.. '~2S . _T Jl 11M SSJSm Addrma Sanitary. Herrfd ?Bee. WANTBD-A BUII.DINO FOB THK MANOTACTOmK of leather In or nenr the orty. Fa. partlcnlaf. addi ?? B. U ?.. New Harea. Oean. UNFURNISHED m te abeee Add ram | Twelfth^rYhorwi!aBe!r* *"4 811 **?*' K?*Stt?3K'?? A Feat adkee kiinl* sX^^mTaU rnqulrnd. Addm.. Chede. Aeoer. Herald udkee. .? TATA NTBD?OWB HOOTIB NBA* BROADWAY. BR n tWW Pourth aad 1gBi..a?> .unga. m.d. a ^targe Bemed Floor ee Broadway. Addrem B. W.. Me. 18 IWrd areaue. i? the stent. w?j?j?jy rwmv*JS?%SMtSS " kriokHe Man Ninth ward- arte., fl.sfio .Iowa Addma eelh iirret. Wanted on i.fanb-a wki.l wohtbd ?"W* lag eouUiiilng from twekre U twenty Umjaaad fg? * floormg.?lth O'ur Dower. Foaaasaiee oe ? before May I Addwea Fa. teryjd Bjdge atreet. ANTED TO BENT-FOB ONE TBAE ?T ?ponelbta Uaant. a Houae of Ik t ISreejM. Uensen beiwean Fo..Hh and BeeenWeenlh "reel- end Hidb areoaee, with modern Improrwmnta Addrem tor one week A. Bf., Motion O. Mo a^nve hand npply. \1TANTED TO BP.NT?WITH IMMBDIATK W or Ut or May. aa ;inf"rwl.hwl ? *?g oU?. ten rat. Add-e#? or apply le Charle. F. Clarke. No. m Broadway. . - UTantbd to rbnt for a tbbn ?f ?JABjrg W good r 'aa? Motel, or easy a?*m fr ee the c,<y_.*" Jersey. Any one harlnm a dealr.Me ^"^Xw rnapon*:l?le ie:ianl by addmeWng St. Clair, , FOR SAIiB.^ a HtFK POP. SAI.K-KOTIRIUA- N^W A make The owner wneld take dsaBfwnm men Ad.t.e.. bale. bo? W6 Hamld o??* Vt M OORTLANnr STRRBT. BBI.OW Ar r:"cr-^y w?i ?T^W .. -??-?? ^ Warrsn'ed oorrecr. _______ - ? All A KiiK S1ZR ULUI'I rlRR AND *( Ktl.AI l*roaf Haf* for aaia rhaap: alaa two aiRhh rfeaRrfa* and <>?a Morll .Wo. 8. if. QLIRK. 7* Wmir m atrial FIRST CI.1NH SAMPLE ROOM Pull HALF?AT A liar** n. doing ? aptaadid buatnaaa; llcaaaaatgt .Ion ? .-1" laBg laaae; bo rani. Apply ?l7ts BitIA aaanBa A mm -roiT 1iaj.f^down town ki.vai ra nth Liquor and Saaapla Rootaa. Brrwtlnq am' I. uuoi Sa loon, Billiard Halooaa, Bakanaa, Uro-ale-. H??'?ta. (la-prl Baai:up Btiainad", Hioln?raph OMlBry fbird nti? M ? kata Confbailonary. Soda Wata, Nanafai tort AJS Markata Con Ibat tonary. Saida Watar Manufactory ?mi a Whiakrr DMUWary. MtTOHKLL'B SOWN Ayanay Tt Oa?*o *?*?> \ KARKCHANOK. -FOR NAI.B. 25* , **/> , V bualaaaa of a Ratall pry Itaod. *?ca Tha Slora i. baadaomnlr fnraiabad aid Bttad na?Plalr. **"? aaaiag and aigaa, artlA a* ?ba nncaraarj >;'"rrr ajatm r ??tlnrtl auoh aa I'-arpat Stoat. Minor. ?b?ww*a, l l.. t .ai Metlai. dfaiylh n? >n aawplta aorlungontar, wnk-h will ba I anted with Ibv aiara far aoaar awra .r-r. TWaiorfc l, am all and will ba arid Ml nv ,"Jl"r.'5,rtWu la'? Inqalra on Iba prawn**. W <lrand at ran WHllaoia. a?rf. . , _ T* Oi.D BSTrtUMW hoot ANDjOJOK stork, J\ lime f rai^ In it rti*1 I>ry Onodi. Unrf, ||||. Iiuarr ^'IP; 'Plylli H|ATa? m let, flaaly In cBtMc HaloBB. IP'il i Ml' Wb?' aida ol l-llgbili ?ranua; p, -ai-ma np'r,wV'T*" ^ '* HKrO, W Xlntit iff duf, tTO LITTllt a All NT, If HIMi* TOR sai.F ON lib araaua aaar Iba botal. Ota wl,ol? Mark and ?III ba anil Tor $!,?? Applr for aard to KIWI A CO., N* ?WwiBty third ttra?t. pitih Arartna tl.dal "a" GOOD WUgKU R"t WIl.sos sKVffvi; MACHINE! JV With all Iba ttluraa romplauv for aal - "h?an at IM W?*t Elghtaanlli atrant, aaaand hour, raar boitaf. IJAROKS.-A NUMBER OF riRKT AND vh ORl'l If a La* Norih nvar Rareaa far **l? Applr la Ql ACK RNRUSII * HAMILTON. IHO Wad airaat. " W A" k Boaroino iiopbb for sale -thi itYrnittrp aad food w.ll#f a Aral .-laa. .-aral. l.ahmaoi fo, . ,ia to, g.1 IM>. It la now <lnlnca food p?utnr honnm. w?<-klt mama gbionltWi. rani t;,M: lorathin naar Poton aqua,* Ad draaa R II.. atalHM D 7i6alYaHD FOR SALK-W1TM1N ONE tl.iniK7)K 17 tha Noilb rlrar. d-Nn* a anod h,i?tn?-r. lio-.r, Caru andTlilurna for aal-rba.p I arptlrr rot n-r of In. air Aral atratd and Hnramli ar-noa. '*-111'.''K?V'.rnV(?nA>iK.l'* , UMP1-KrK HI NNINU ww Apply ?* ^ Ninth ivFr,Uf( ut v. TbRIO arpRh. FOR ISAI.K?LON'I ESTARLINHKD. \.r daln. a r>od bnalnaaa. Applr :ff Nyf,la aannna ror B*r VmAfl *tirut, Hrihifclyp FKM> 8Tt>Hh FOH HAIiR < H fr A H ,HH'W KKN r.lyht, font lh and Ftghlj.dfih Mr^i. Al.d .Va ?"? Innnlrron prom,a*.?. ILKBLLKR, YarfcOHa ||tIxfrRR8 FOR BALK SI n ah'i.k stip MfOB MWI Jf naa> Apply at M Dar airaat jfOR RALR--riNR LOCFNT ANP BLACK WALNUT Traaa. Addraaa Lornat Harold oNVw. JUL?~A FISH OIL FAUTOiVr WITH NflATR i> 15 draaa l ri jn? 00*NKR Ll^COft HTORR IN THR nflh bard, wiu UaM, Hmob and Ftatoraa. Apply at WgablNrtou rtrtrpt N? afHt ay7d nip??. TOOK SA LK-K ARCB W11.\.\ A.M MYKRH, r naw. ian IM kMl, m U?u? hurt lino Apply to UOMit* MORGAN, H'i t Pme 4 TOOR WF.I.L K1TA1LI8IIKU MILUNKRP r Mtorr, SA1 K.igb.h t>nu( between Thirty-eghth eed Thlrty-nlutu tirwu Stock, ruturntnl Good Will IpoK 8ALK-TUK IJtASK. STOCK AND &$*???* of the llnuar Kurnisbind and Fao' * Goad* .Store. W i! ? loughby SuUdlnga, Fultou street, Brooklyn. Inquire oa the TOOK KALE?A NEAT STATIONER* MORE; A RABB r cktM tor u MPM Mium etan Ala* ? hf" Kauta, teoratef ead evening. Apply tK*? day at K*. S Amm FIR BALK?TUB STOCK, PIXTCBKS AND OOp* WUI of the baat Millinery Store ia the rtly, with a Stat clsaa trade. Apgdy si MS B*hth aesaue * JjlOR SALE?THR LRASR OF AN OTSTBR, m. ??? nnai raam, with eefea raoau sad *? I "III ", Furniture aad Pit tore#; guoil ateod. law ranA M idl Twenty-elath street, aaer Hadeoa Elver depot. TOOK 8ALB?A ?? 0AUOI OOPFBR STI1A*. WITB r DeaMer. Heater, Cooler, Pump*. iiaea end TWhe. Ad diaee Fred Unite, Broaklya Feel edine, for fear daya. fHOR SALE?A PAPER HANOIIO AND OILOLOTB B Store. Bteeh. Sxtntas aad peed wtIL MB Bulla el ^?^L^U?Tbe?** Inquire at I wvj^^sssuef&smm m Oeael street. fcw Tark. . ^ Ifom SALE AT A EA^B-TIgAfHW FAgtBBR. TOOR SALE OR TO LBT-A KINDLINO WOOD TAB*. . } at tt? Ban Fatty eeeead dtmt. QAFE AND A LAROR _ KV2*??5? *1^22?* !j ri<mle fotf ?to. MOB8 I LEMQW. H> ^>" ^ rMB BR BOLD CURAT IK THE F?*BT WARD? en e ml (rent Boarding Houm: nine le**e freaa lei Bey Apply to WM. H. MITCHELL, 71 Coder MACH1WBHT/ D" ON-T Vpt moi priced ru? cc.fniBa.-roB thn#MI and chenpevt tee dale's Helf-feedtng Her. Straw anldulk Cutter, or rend far lOnatratod oliaaler Co E. H. RKKVBS A CO.. I* Water street. W. T. IpOrT BALE-NEW PORTABLE AJfD STATIONARY ' Engines. mooed hand Lethe* ofvarious etxae; taw KSS fitxt r??"? Coutinental Work*, Green point, Brooklyn, near Tenth etreet ferry. ' F?* 81L81K HORSE EN01NE AHD BOILER. at 38# Pearl street For sale?a ooppeb boiler, double r. heat er ead Worm. Apply for 'hrtj At* at B Jay *trn*l, between the hours of 111 A M. end4 P. B. GREGG'S IVPROVRD ' ' BXCRLMIOR EBICK PRESS. Thte powerful ead breu'.ifttl labor ferine machine w? mould 3AOUO brlok* per dep. It receives the etoy le ft natural state, tempera It hi working, end make* the Beast pressed brick, ea well as the^ ???dr ft***!*" of Wj ead at a quality unsurpassed la beauty aad durability. It 'TThe1Telu^of the maohtoe be ascertdioed fram tha lame pmdie made by theeo ayF running. Wr^XOKLlH^HBH>E?M98 COUPANT. OMoefctt Chestnut streak Philadelphia, Pa PLl OBTARLB ABD STATION ART fTRAM BNOINBB AND BOILSRS AND CIRCULAR 8aW MILLS. The beat ead meat oomplsta in use. | ^KhtStmil ENGINE COB^ABT. eadW Maiden lane. 'New Ynk IBTABLB STEAM 8N01NKR. ERICSSON'S CALORIO WSBSJtHUi X ? oJSKM UrrHB OBBATOT IBTKimON OP THE AOR.7 1 WINTER'8 tmarored PartnMe Ciraular Sew BIB. Al" 0f f#a^ ^nf&Bi CO.. n Broadwy. Aad Whdhleftan Iron Work*. N'earburf. tf. T. T"5.^S,aSy?i?fcK surpejsed by had? Per <dr*Xmaad leforytletf^*S pia Broadway,M*w Terk, iroeaa* Not/lead tA I ? I ? ^ . MMBf'M, . and n enrol mwMAetfilad pnrpeee*. U can ead 4 WB ANTED?TEW LOOMS FOE WBATIBM TAPBjuABr wee heelag them fer eels may addree* bo* >A* Pa* nrRtanrd patrmtho ktbam e moi nr. W THR MOSP EOONOM|OALANO PRRPRCT FBt CWU at * aad * UMrty etreet. Mew Terk, ?* "^WAjMnWOTOB mow WORKS. Newhurg. N T. IX7AKTBD TO tUBCTUBE-TM R COM rLBTB MA No. t WUllam (treat, RELiaiOlT BOTICBI. &&S& AfTtSSi as,' ^Hd^TiaJnMsi?T? r?<h Heaaa I, t Seade free. ? OROADWaT ASSOC!ATP REFORMED COROBMA R lha, Argue Ball, ?? Broadway. -Dtrloe aerrlee hp Bee. OheA B. Smyth. It A. B.,d F M. Leetura. *H ? ruHAriui oanwi. TirtyraiaMrn m*w. durlag ttt week by Elder A. K. OUhert. of Syieeeae lUUBCH OF THE REBUEBKCTION, THIBTT FIPTB . 1 street, near Birth eeeaoo. Edward fYrjegg. D. D-. R. tar. will prec-h morniar aad araalng Dlrlea aairtea MK A.kealTKF. M. tMhirSSl 6 admialwerad. At 7M P. M. ha wIR laataaa la roaag taan aa "Salaaaaa'a Prareadw Laueei alag hrtaada ead PWaadeblpe " TOXEK fin U RCH OF THE RKDEBPTION. BAST POVR T taeath atreeA hstwaea Third and Catirth erenwa* Tbr Her. UHeb Hoott will pi eaeh to-roarrow. at 1d>6 a'< A. M. aadTti P. M. _ FKKNCH CHPHCir nu ST. M?PKiT. REV. PR VBE ren, Rentor.?Dtrln* eemae la Friarh, Noaday after noon, elBH o'rloek. Sunday echo.4 el J MEN. KMMA*HAKDINHP. DIHCOCKHKR. "N 1>ER in spiration. be/ Nplrli.iatww. ia Dedwarth Halt ad lo'f A M. ead TV n'cteck P. B. Nnhiirts-"Philosophy M Fnttb and Prerir,' ead "ROn-iCoe ead Sptrtiuellam.1 NORTH PRK8RTTBRIAK CHURCH. CORNER OF Thirty Srel atreet end Ninth eream ?Third at lha Coarse of I^ctarra oa " RaMghnit leU?f?," Sunday aaea wt. si 7S n'elork by the pastor. Bar. Tha* Street. Hub ]*' * Ma Weil** " __________ Klif. OR. DKKMS WILL PRKACfl IN TBK CHAPEL o' the Calriraity. TVaahlug.?a square. 10 morrow mora Ing. at 101' a'clock. The seats are free The sacrament *f tha Iwrd's ?<upper artll b* adminDterad. ariftiTCAi. wori.d and the irtkrmroi win M lha aabjaai of a laatnrw by Ryr J. C. RK?. Wd.t.UM R .lOHRNON WIM. PRKACM TO lha oonfragMiob of lha lata r.a? In. Hawk*, la Iba '?'P rhtpal fcflha Ualoaiaiia. na Waahlayton w,uara. oa Mnaday moral a* Hainan* l#f; o'dork. OKCOHD ITWIVKRhAI.IHT CHURCH. hROodT ATB _ oun earner of El*?*,.ih *u*m Bar II. U TVmarwu. w**,,r -.Rnrvlraa artry Rthhalh. al IW; A. M. lo T,l* P. H. . wab nnf * Sf i!HOw:n. kkihtkprtr rtrert, -7n rSI. rV-. ? .TV -Th awrrow. Bar. Or. 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