Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1867 Page 3
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./?mriTiCT. a Anas. iigjew?=j?."~-j gsarjis.'icjs !S ~t?-jr?uS5r alii:* A '2MS. OIKMAW ** *???? ???? '?*??*. taxk i* family ?wfclwi; ndanuidi ' would flOMtkr dor A WroOWLADT,WTtH ACWTLD,AOKD T A i 7*??** A 5W4TIOW tO DO bS?*^ o'^a^r?* sg^sa - ?-wi ? ? vmwdv wmmu nr IBH. A ^PfwiM.AP mufcW^ MARiknti ?ro. ASKaswaBaftafthaat Sg!1?^ f?mUy wtou ?a yulA 1?4 ?o Uu?t W<#, ^ E^^rjretata at m Waal Mthat^ wart noma ta har own bouae. Call drkhX Ss^j* y- fr*? work l7?lf oVn hwV*^; A ontL p^wrRKs a"kit. MM Call aim mSS^** Guod ;j* ref": A ?^T!?E5S?A firrr'ATirHTAs AORKEABLR COM "Jdw of an rM*rl? w?*M go aa a < oia marelT to an death r. BormM offlco tOPMO WOMAN WI HUBS A clty^efe? j^g1* cIlIf^TtZ7di? A YOCNO GIRL WISHES a fiitit a A ffi?222. ^?3S?I-JJov** .???' " fitfuA*M*tOCaUatnMrwilimS? A 2u2B?L MSP^TABLB MAMBrap "woman iwm. ChfiA^lKutTShM. **?*??? aitaaJiaa aa wot ALL^.yj5!a-?K>P WMTAXTB awn Jate, ?^ar?Wittth ifW4WUBt "?***??' ???t A<SaaajBiifcaBW?M A VnrvA .* mmmV. - ml! LL?^?. " -.LJ* ". 1 1 *mmm 'T A ^^aUu2?? TPrfo WOMaM WIBBfMB Tflj OB ewwuttt ?*gr*^rP* or waittoaaitha m. 2"?Uhih,LoMl, good rrfereocM (Iran. Call at IMiiht 1:A "^"^0TabLb 25L*AJL womah^tb* a sassy* ? ' A ssm^Pij^stjav? "waSw ^waHuna A a ply at d> Fart ?t.. roo? la i, im -YALAfl* an? ?dtoatiee need addrem H0?1?? J*?fP?5!??H WAMTHD.?tO LL i?i 7ffVu 8ec?n<' 4r?fju?% Who mi hor aervaul maid areT^-W^ss. itaKKs gj*" r1ihtiaumN>r nffeaklonco t *?*.?? I had KKr'fe:i:'"** WMTIOM WaMTBIL-BY a RR. apactahlo yeuuf woiaau; no nblaoikm i?? t-i-i ?? r,sSS3rwofc: *" taSXLT7. I citlation wantkd-bt a rbbpfotahlf OIrT s smiAaasiiu' ?s?sg^K?iS' "wis /toMPH. Waih WASlHNU WANUIt)?BT A FIRfT Ct.AA? djun.^rlm 5thA" ?{ 1 r'noh ",,t,n? ?" ?he noaft '?Miiicr. lumijr viKiiiag dmin on rtamnialtl* tfrmi- ?IM<i HfwsDoe. <'all at lift K^ai M ac all lh# wUfc r WAXTKP?BV AN AMERICAN HKAMOTit?S A Pjriuaoont ? tuatiAD; canculaodfiL "wia^rinr. ' APr*r*tntA<Slk\ SftJao? WA*iTiKIuJ,J i.VJ),L!!i"w AWO 'wnroTitim s oaaij1.1 a awh aadmmIIk IwSJdJjST^SlJitrjJrlp usU ?n***'d - "? WANTRt)?A flWC IfTOJf, Bf A WRf N(TRS!r WtTlv WAuIT'I,""A ?* * PROTKHTAXT BNd. aJIn Tfi!' ?? *"2. coefc wwderntand* ivohma 0" y ^Oaaoaai; da ohjaBifoo to nty of tnuutrr; oo'ti 2^ S?u!7m "**U ,1>0 <U" *? l? EluaCth PTASIEP-tt A YOl!NO AMNRbCAK WONAJL A ?V good home; wapea ef i>? eonaequence; can do nil Unda wt Maria* and la wiNiw* to tat* ear* of a child four yrara or ?Mm- Aodreee A. C., nation F? ^ IIBtf WA NTgD-FKMAliKt. ^ 11IANTBO-A PHUT CLASS <OOt; ALnO A OOOD YY weaker and firmer. Apply at IM Amity at. \Lf OfTKD ? A HROTK8TAST WOMAN. TO <XM)K. YY weak and Iroa. mud bare cil? ralcrvaca. Apply at SM Want tNh it betnmea If and It A. M. ANTKP-A OOOD YaUHKR AND 1 HO5Kit IN. antra tiiit dap at M W*at riorjatao at AbTRD?UN BXPEIIIKNCSD COON, WHO THDll ?Highly nailers land* ber butlaaaa and ?an for* ah le.r refer- urr?. AuplT on Saturday awl Monday, ? 10 and I o clock, at lift Baal TTth at, below id an WAJUKO-t FIRST CLASH W MTRBHH. WITH OOOD dtp ralareaoe, at SM Waal SM at "M]LJ ASTKD?A OOOD "EAMHTRE8F. WITH THK BRAT YY rlly reft rcocea: Protestant prefaced. Apply be tween II and I o'clock at SI I'mreralty piac*. WANTED-EXPERIENCED HANDS TO WORK ON nono< ' oraantaaU: laai weri utm and paid fVewi $* taSSiar weak; also aa arrawd bop wasted Apply at 441 liii mW. 11* ANTED?A NKAT. HDT OIRI.POR ORAKRAL YY tn-inceork; mutt ba a aood waaber. I rower and plain sunk, far Nuiea lalaml. Wage* fid. Refer to 71 Seek \r anted? a woman as coon, in a strut clash YY reclanraut. Alao two women iw Ritekeu: one aa aevalanl rook, the other aa genera! sal*. Inquire at IW At laorlr at., Brooklyn. ?%A' Ah a I-1>?A OOOD OIRL. IN MEDIATELY. AS YY eimald and lauudreas. flrai clean reraranoea re* eti-'r.r i?II at M Wae< 1Mb at. U?anted?a perron who writes A PHUT rate head. I* d rrut enrelnpea at b-tna. Norm but Uinae eiho a Hta a up m? ? address Print# r. boa 4, SI# Poet aflue 11 ANTED-.A LAUNDRKSS AND CHAMBERMAID IN YY a aswll pneaui family; rile refereurea required. In qaifwai B We?i 13th at., aetweea IS and It e'elorS la the mommy U 'ANTED -A OIRL FOR GENERAL IIOLIRWORK. Nma be a ynnd plain m?k. washer and muiri. Good CiUr refer, itnr inquired. WWfaa Bio Apply alter HAM. at -it IT ex AM at. H'anTRii-tTMiK, Washer and jronkr to oo a abnri -liauaoe in ibn coui.irj Call wad reHW W-H-aa. be. IN Meal WOr at. ANTITD-A OOOD ITf'RKE PoR UNN CHILD AND mwai! nwoaalady; IwtndreMw pwifaii'd; nooblre SbM, t* a tmncb ahi; aanr need apply wtin bar* not met W aw < iiy rwf'ien. m Apply aetneew Idaud Ul o'clock at SB ?ah ar#i<u w w NT NI'RRE WANTED.?CALL AT 71 KSfT ITfH ?t- le day.Al ISu clock, aa ! Iirlng rneowimeidaii"n?. Siri ATlON* WAR?HD?HAI.IIA. ?mcur ORTMi OR flRENAN.-A YOLEo NAN WANTS A ?iiuai.on *? porn-r or I rm?n litaholel, gimd ?? nr re ww AnwDte4, M . Heral ! nfllae U> S'tRD?BY A TOI'NO NAN, A flTDATIHN AS IYY aaont m .. p itair lata ly to lintel. Hag bp seen iM pM arena* at, ^en Y< rk. MP ^fli lAUtlWI. J iMUUiia WANTED.?jVtl WHO HID A OOOO O JnuW?d trade la the hoeiery line. AMnm Manufac turer, Hww VHARNTSH SALESMAN WASTED; MUbT BE THOU ? ?U?hW MMIMt Wilt Urn bMMK AMwllMI 7tU.T7am> ?. S2SSSS&S: MUST IE AM AC imendaUona AAdrcM, YTTaNTED?I* A wholesale BOOT and shoe V? benee. a ealeeatau with a earh Southern trade. Ap ply ei Ma. A Waraen at? tXTASriO-VIBST OUUM RETAIL DRY HOODS TV ml?men for ? now ban? on Broadway Rone bill TXTaSTKD?A _ SMART SALESMAN, ACQUAINTED TT with tte ?Tnnfceo notion trade, to ierroduoe a now patent ArLcle. Apply at M John A, /runt mtUt, up (talra. ?? ' ?? "'?"??? 1 -- - -'???^ nu) 2, OMCHEEI AMD UARDKItEKS. /NARDBNKR PINK* CLASS IN EVERY DEPART Ada? C. t?v Herald ofloe. WAKTED-AN EXPERIENCED COACHMAN. Al'PLT with recommendations thin day , aatiinhyl. from IS to ? tfa leak, to tlte?an dmlib, mPouoa at- __ "XirANTED?RY A rbmprctarlb touno MAS. A TT altaalinn aanosrhman; perfectly under .taiid* hi* beat iniilt Itrtbf hast of refer?lee from his laa> employer; AO objdkUon.tii go 1n the unintry. Amy letters sddieaaedM ' M. CL MS Hirenwwfc at. win he attended to. 1 'l' ' .ft***?*. WAit.nBo^-mAijaR. ' . "A uT DEefirso' siTiTAnolHt inall dePaBT A manual haiiaaweatt hhm day. SI chamber* * Rank. keeper?, copyists, clerki, salesmen, porter a, wmU'ha?a. A PEW KXPKIUKNCKP NKWHPAPBR CAUVdJL ] A ?? wanted Apply ? H. II. Tboiaptee A CA, Sfl Broadway, R T- _ A tiKNTS WAS IAD?TO SELL All ABT1CLB BN J\ Orely new and wanted ererywhere; food chanee fat insurant* awenLa to a? their spare time adranlageoueiy 910 per day easily made. 18 Liberty at ^ A OHNts wanted?por twvs rrrr and brook A lyn; nnae but eaargeUo sad reapoaalMa mem aend ap ply. Kr offei treat Inducements. w ADAMS A PLIMT. US Baaaea at., roam M? 7. AYODIO MAR. TUOROUOHLY ACQUAINTED with the Kitalaee* of oornmeroal paper, will dad a per manent altnatioa by uddmeotag Poet ofloe box 1.1S. The beet or referenc? retiuvrnd. A BOOKKEEPER OB SALESMAN AND TWO YOl'SO . V men. out deor work; Immediate employment , ne labor Mr*. Apply at SIX Broadway, room IS. Bell boys wanted?at the reunion hotel, 43d at., and ttli *?. RKAJ. LIVE ENTERPRISING MEN WASTED-WHO ant familiar with directory taaraaelnc; liberal eoiu mtaaton allowed fe the right men. Celt at do Nassau at., roam Su. ii. CTEAWSHIP STP.WARD.-WASTED. AS A 1 STEW O erd tor a flrat elasa euamship line. Addreaa, stating what eaah hoaua wffl be paid f?>r prrannlartha situation, with name and refnreneea, Pur?r. cere bos MM Poet afflce. IA/aSTKD?A MAN AND WIPE; YBH MAR AH WAITER TT/ and the woman ae eat experienced uook. Alio wonted, agouti girl ? chambermaid. Addr?ta. rutins wag? ri pened. an? and be whom recommended, oox 1U Philadelphia (Pa. front ofloe. YYYANTRD-AI* EXPERIENCED AUCTIONEER WITH TV good reference. Addreaa with reference, S. A J.. HUH South Saoond etreef, Philadelphia. TIT ANTED?A STOUT. ACTIVE BOV. A HOOD OTSTBB TT opener, tooyn eystereamd areiton the table. Apply a? W! IWwerr after ? A *. YIP ANTED?4N ASSISTANT MAWAHBR IN A MA TT rlaa Iuvdrauoe ofloe; an# who La* hadageed axperi enoe la ea?ultal Addrm* box 3B Po? ufloe. WANTED-A MAS OP MSTt'RK EXPERIENCE AS A trarellar with iewelrv or fane/ goada bouaea te an ?age In that otapoeliy erlwt aa oauMlshed maanfacterlim bona*, wbeie uadonbted ohanteter and capacity will bet wen rewarded. Addre? C. I. IT., box 44 a tat Inn A Saw York. WT ANTED?IN A PHOTOOIttPHTP OAI.LERT, A TT amort (let-man boy; one who baa hah eaaae axperleaoe 4a tbe bUaiaeea. Apply At tnS Broadway. TSTANTBD-A BOY, PROM 14 TO 14 TEARS OP AO P. " TT by a U? ,/t dip eootM ban?. Addre? A. W.. box IIA Poat omee Saw Tort. . , VANTHD-TWodoOD HANDS, AT THE BROOKLYN Oyster House, SI My* tic am one. '[h' tr i^i* Soloii 'miX.A and i*anaoer^anwd-^who i? eompe?atn> eehdhdl a SrateMm aaltaat print, wprka; notnmtinjcatieae alrr tly eunlldtmilAl. .Addre? doama C, ID?drtdr, HaihM afl?. ? ' t " eBSTlHT WANTED?TlJ HO Tfl NEWARK, ' N. A A a/""*1 IX ?y btwhanleal dcatlat ma apply at IK tANORAVRl WANTED.-TTRHT CLASS ENORAVKR. ILTbi^was^.jEasar*- "? INDCNtRIons WAN wZsTED-r* A HOLD A YD at 1*ai plating eetaWixbmanA with a few huadred dol lar*- he will be?tight tbe buetaeta and received ae partner. Apply at M Dims at. j- ? VfARSLB POI.1SHKRH,?TWELVE WOOD POUHU 1*1 erttaod fenr baud ruhher* waated; the ABflpal waaaa 1 and steady work will bd |?a (let hours' work; ? good ? air dr. at A. KieHar'a, So. UP It?t Iflh at. 9to MOS PAlNTERd-WANTED. A DOT. WHO CAN paint and fild. and do plain Mttertag; a food cbaaaa fojra boy ie leant. Apply tp.A.'. Manh, M Walker at./ WANTED.?STKa!>Y WORK WILL BE fllVBS TO a Brat <dar Ponrdrinler wire wasver (no other acbd afiply i. at hlgbeat ipli paid. Addreaa Sellers Br? , Ik North ilxtt eL.TyKT or ANTED.-A T1RST CLASH WIBKWOHKER (RENCH VT man' .an obutu a fwrmanenl aHnation at high -trip? ; by addi.aalux HeiMra Proa., IS North itlxlb at., I'biU. I DAL. WOOD. ?LC. ? KiH * CHALDRON Pot 0OKB.-DRLIVERP.U ?r*r.tAl.I Iminedt.ilely. Appl* at my coke oflloe at tbe New York Ua? it arte. TwenlT-Bnt ntreet and ay-rntte A. a P. SHERWOOD. Ifc7 r?A -rHIME BED AND WHITE ABU COA/J". Jr/.'IU. W*l*bleiiaranlrad MORGAN BRoTUKKB, it* W*at Tarutyflfth -traol, noa' KigbUi areun* "771 .vrRNrrvKK. AMAONIKICRMT ASSORTMENT OP KOITSEHOLD Kiirultnrr for aal*- Piivtr Suit*, co??r<d Prorata!. .*>?? *W0 fortM); one do. grit, K tec* ma. R'tofcram, Palm ing*. Bnmttw. Chamber, Dining k ninltuie, Gklua, Ulnae. iMfctn War* At M eet HUtceutb *traet, Marti Ptflk MM 81 Ilk atreuun* LM kMTI RK..--WAMCED. A OOMPJCRTE HL'IT OW r park* and pkmb flrat nudity fiirnittira. Drliyrry neetTnot be latmattialc. AOdrean bat MM Po*i t>Sia*. . - Ji : At* IT TH - -H A DA M R DESPA RD'H PI tt-TA BJ? wXw aaoird I* P?? omrtal a rHM t? ladla* Prim >6 ML Howarr ouprreTi* "?nil, Kraal Hour*. t) A H. to 4 P, 117 NmlHteaa aaM tpa?H OH *! tt a -OR. UIUBDLK AVCOSCHRDHTDTRII PRIT4TR J\ . Lying lu Jnautuw, J*o. t Amur plaaa. Oaot ro*a% board. amwtag aa* meiPrjol b'tradaaaa IV. rsroim wATiw bmould doNBPLT dr. A OEI.SDLE. Na. ? Am Br piara. ham rauaf ta all iWi aumplaiala. OaaaaltaHaaa fbw. V 4 -MID 1MB OBfNDLr. PHYS1CIAW, MO f\. t Amity pla *. can a* ?ohmUp>4 ua all faaaaja ? n pi* at*. ITraaant rvoma far larttea WW intra goad anrpng na<i laedtuat iMrmlaatc. \LWAYH SURE.?A PAT1RBT WRrTKS: "ISPRjrT ?4II for irna*. Ait tailed. r!)* 'trie!ty relieved ei# in ?ou annum* without pain ar erpnaam." a private latter, worth r..r?r bo?k*, alven *way: write for It and aarr health and mor.rv Dr. ami M tarn. Ill HOts, M Tuird MMia 4 urn:* TO *A*1UBI> LAD1RB. ?MADAMR RF.A A Thl.l.'R Intubate Krenrii KnnaJe Pilla; Bu. I, nrtce SI. or Its. B prV* 9i. wkk-k can parrr fall: ear* and healthy. Olti.a M W ant Tbntyafourth appal. eeer RtilA aMene. "mi h* ntai!. Addrea* but ItOt. Aleo Mid at dmggutfa, 138 unaeawicii aaraai ABLkHPl.NG TO LADIKX.-A LAD* WK1TBK:?POS tiifiicaa prniala PBto relieved na la oan day, wittmiu ItKiatrrmeiifW. bka ???*?<'. I'Maa $a. Dr. A. M. MAI'Bl. ? KAL'. aCca 129 I.ibt Ily atraa., or ardt bjr mail. A~M. MAClttCRAC, M. iZ I-ROKBKSOB OK WIDWIPK ? rr, ta rty jrim' irrtu*. at !? LlbnUy alraal llnab antra (rutin rallal u. larlma from wkataiar asua? A GREAT AMD ?rRE KKMBD* KOB I.AOTKii.-ITlP. K or wit oaa* Pamela Km* aJwaya imm-mata rcliaT; am-r (A Mawarn of anltatrwi who i?pjr mr u> aril pnlaomtx. rnmpniiadt a* "K*?aaia' T1I>*- aad "Ej. tract A' Dr. A. M. M AflUfKAU, BP UbartT at real COAPIDKBTIAI. tWMdDDTATIOBB.?IJB. R. COB. BRTT, mambrr af A. fTV Mrdiral ' nUa* and B. f*. Marsmma, London, ma ba tnaanMad a? ataal ml oar tain dia *a?c*. t.Birr JO Centre avreot, near ChambarA R. E ?No taa uoiStn retort. ? tOBMULT EEVEB I aII.IMG DH. KKBBEDT, HWKLB itr**l OtirOa la th* ilx.rtrat iRM. Miffeeara dob.Hty rootored. Car* guaranteed. ^ _ I IR. HUNTER GAB CUM WORHT CABER UP CRB. _ tain dtaeama, wftlimit me->'iiry. to dbnrtar fltno t ian*i/ other pkytaeiio, or a? pay UAea. lU. 1 DlrialOB I Moot, ilaie T\B. llff*TKB-B RRD IitOp'nTTirB GELT RRWifDt MJ that anil rool out poieonoii* rirui of a rairtaiu diaeaaa; ail other* trt it In ibe Wr?d. BP. S DteiMon -ireot. SI DM, KKVNEDV ? BRMKDtRR el1# can ri.rortnt.a'f? nt? them And K. iuigSJ'tt Io ?lgae*lor*. whom maiiKnal ta tiapnirad ihRcn, 11*1 Rim *t. DR. intWERS- KLIX/tt- TIIK INVIOtlHATISa MKDD nit* long w.ngbi 'or. the only reo.''dr for nenoua nam. prt-mai Jra dear. (MSoa ItM feim utrrat Br. kknbrdt'r rrmkimf.b are tjik OBI.T mkd bin** known to oiliriwte all rmtigaa of rioeaari. i". Elm mam Lvti'B D- THE IjkDIER ?M?mrA<m)B.'DKlmwBRR; r Peri.*??'-a1 PilST ute hem thlim known. Itiivliom of Or. PUWRM, im-ITm mrvwi D VfADAMK RKPTKLI.?PitOPMRHOR OP IHDRfKKET JT* We-rlMr:* rraro, goa-auleM immadiata relief loeraiy Mdy rami I ring i?rwt.r?rir aongtoat trsal ma m from Wbaieror emia*. USb-r M Wr? Thlrty.rn'trflt (tract, dear Slrth a*. Pi:R*m*w~ RKRDIN'G roNm?KNTr*l. mkDT'aI. iroaimrm nbnaid aonault Dr. B VEKIAOB, <S BtkiS oreaoe: enra* eSiTrr r?il?fvtlmi. Conanltaiioa nil WN1K '-AOJKf. pbgm whatrver'.aiirr, by Pr PfiWTCRA lar? Ma Praoek PiiD. fertatn eareatoaatiial. iruaurret. . rpilE GREAT HI N BP ACTOR POP LAD! KB DB A rOWMW ini.i iwt PHI*. Warrant#*!. Aeotd itnHa tiooa DM r f Dr. Potrrra. IPA Elm rtroSIt I'iHQUBaRDB are saved BT dh. ebrbp.dt. labt * atdlgw* ot dlaraM erwdiraied. Big (> arantyed r?0>0 At?P "aip vara. inm HraeA Jew?l?r'? T ?trwt ?j>>? fw?aB?kMcr??t ? raMon.h* < **" SMBtJfc'M* .JgiSSS; tn2SrfcS?Mi WreuMErtA^lT^fci. 4 s&Jz* stm V* Ribbou,; tr.Si^; cftfi^tjTbyWr rp ivm ******* tkriHT? S^ffoT" 5^T?swSi mc?i d- 7ai^"?10 Koj^w, ^ ?**MP*Rig BSaS?^|S??'S&3 -^.t;'.';1*""** ,,,,r T?ft2i5?5sfc J~7 ?? '"..TOfto ?,?, of thr Pr?|f.,au;aj.^?4 jwl SSrt^' H^;ne ??nun,rvw, Blaniwlt, Klllni { i , '/">???. pr sr ga- fe?-? ?sfe ssT iS? r-r KuUt' ?"1J^i lt'lJl-:*,_.,^.y?^> RuHT.? iulu Mo'dv' Febt "?nr 4, .a* o. ,hr? ,v*^ JJiSSJA *DT RRJIRY H. I,KKt?P * MIYKR o? ??**?? ,?ovSST^K , room ?a WWlwrtrm-eM *k' '" ,r""? of Wl?t ff?*g*5. ?.?R?H. HARNESS. BffrBB WTH? 4C XfVtfSf R^VJI^o" ^l*T,n* ror ^ur?Pe. '* bokrTOd to to i * T'*r* uM BJ'1 ferr lMP M rn* i" *u b.rneoi, voir? Mrll.b II A?S?io"^S!r ?*?'*,,J,T bu,,t- ?? flno or dor ?^S?fS8~W,W PM* -'"""">. to or,lor to WOLF ASD rot ROBKA?Two firings of 8?iL. DMdy ^**n ^ on Ihf niorniDf of mlt B I gPSHHWHU'l ^TSgtei:! "? ks". I ? r?i ii ? .^fBA?* BRLlJt. Ac. JStlSl&ZK'? '?*> W^m<yy I TMlVi"' J? bnlStt^ eio^rlM? 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AIT< no>BKR^om?m W# Ftitursa, do. bstun,-1 n? la the twain *11 Iwiif on corner of Richard end Detevau e'reet*. In the twelfth ward of IbaaUyafBmofcire- fJ w. SOMRRIBOVliE. AUoi ney for w>r<f?f ?? WM ILLiAM ABBOTT. At'CTlONKKH?OFFICE NO. 150 Chatham aquare?Will sell Oil* dor. at W oVlorh, tb# Stork and Killnree of tbo Rtrrwa 4A MoOiown (treat, ariwiN tour poll English rosewood Beer CiBpt, Ana (haira. Tphlo*. Upn?o?. Cigera. Ac WH M. WITTKBi. AUCTIONEER. SELLS THIS DAY, at low nVlnrk. at 71 Rnlllru tirMl a small lot of fur altars. Bedding. Carwete. Olkdoth* Loiugn# ckaira, Ta blet. China, More*. k ^ NKW HCBbli:A IIOMK. ^ A IK PHY?iMi/oaicAL view ok markiauk-co*. tefdiny nearly (M pom and I.V fine plain* and ?D ?rariitga at lbs muttony of Ihr huinau la a Mam w health and disease, whh a treatise on *arl? error, ita depl-r ralda ' ?aa*sunirra upon tit* mind an* lotdj, with tba anther** pfbo df treatment? the only rational and suruooaful n ode of rur#, at shown by in* rrjwrt ?f nM tested A truthful adviser to lb* married and those contemplating tetania*. "He weald knew tbsir physical so edition. Kent free of postage, to aar address. on receipt n( Vfir in itemtsi araaote wurtency. .gddum Or La Crnu. 31 Nekton I ana, ?M?rpai|egepgggep Essay on catarrh. by bsnry a. damelb, m. d., surgeon. Nn I Unlaw square. Mailed wi re otpi of red r'amp. ? ElOUJCR'B.. CELIBACY AND MARR1AWK, OVER it M pa#a*. beautifully fllinitratrd bv enlurrd plate*; bealtb. dtaaaos and pregnancy. A troihful mod* a I edvteiW to bora **t*o; Io the married and throw eonlemplatii.r mar Out tent br mall aenureljr era aped. postage frw, on ro t-rlpt of fL Addseea J. A. Oak1, PVbMNMrTToi d,iW I'ost oRioe. , ,i DNSTIHTRt. ROMr wovdi rki r. dthooyitkY -TRPtm' rx iLSxttlX^ juid^teatb. RL J. J. villrIlm, Tie orated street near a Y*i*ANKi^lfk* or oriTritRTK. ?i>. * tnn f"W>LTON DKNTAl. ASSOtTIATTON OBIfirNATSD ASD V yaba-a Speo.aH/ of Sba osa of NltrSua Otidb OdA aad aiteli tote Ufa the Mir trap Wbleh uniformly de*tmy?pain. "TTr ft VT . ^ANTlDMrOaY.^^ ' A KAT+ -WINW Winr/l.flWTY>w'TELLS or Bt'HTN?M< A<? t ifi? -tt a 1Mbr Roam iKtri?Af AND miif oaaa CUmoyaat, baa ramwrad to lie Nteat rift***ia * BIAPAMB W?l,TllW, m#tNfirtl*#RO 01 JYJ kit. Vi?e b*r for mwrytluae-tei. finsee. huatems, tbafl i nmher*. (nod We. WCanal ?cr?ei. MADAYE r A MtRS, THR ORKaT CLAIRVOYANT .agaeacwa YraBiterjrLf we aa? Brratr. lUIOPEAR ITBAMIHIPH. rpuK mumnr diiat eastern SIR J AM KB AlDlilMIII, COMMANDS*. DIRECT TO FBANCB. company 1 etartmn af the atramaVn SattsdSa'Tfe fstsss.'sci Breat,Tneadky, Juurt. Bi-eat. Thursday,mm JWMMJl July II. ?>??, Jrtartij A?, *A Sreat, Taaaday, Oct 1 *?? * fn*dt. IWiAw. Nee. 7. Mew To*; Taking flrnt nlaaa ])u?an|>ni only At the ?1W. ?U? aad $l? payable In mm <* Me a?l?jiii It cnr rrney. Alt {aaaengera enj?e the aarne prieilrgaa talMt IMHMlHOM IM liOmua |( prion Wl?| t~ t---?||ir? And du of ataterooma. 4?l ? snaps awmurisa;wp?3,x ??jpsipls?'^"A?pajsrs 'XSTSSS!,is(r;1!tt?rsK'. pit apartment* In Pari* fb? auoh a* may forward laatrnctlon# through Wall*. Kargu A Ca For freight apply 'o wm.T. COLEMAN A CO . ll7Fr#m Heart. For fatuif apply to ? \ *IUA FAJtaO A Oft, B? Brandway qteam to livErpool-ato qukknstown twice O A W?KK. PASSAGE SJO CURRENCY. . Patpald tlaketa Irbm Liverpool or Gueanatowti at toweaf mtM. Apply I. ffHR HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S , t Pi "ST taking paaarngem for H^S^er* Seiltkamptea and Flrat ratiln, $126; aeeond oebln, $7S; ateerage, $37 DO, pay able Idjjud or lu nautralaaL The BAVARIA will folluw, Fxbrtianr Id. kohaju/t a c<>. a k ricHardr $ boar. fl(Mr?l Agent*. General Paaaeneer Agent*. * F.nckange place. H. Y. V o. A Barclay at met. V. V. Tub north obrmab lloydn hu*amalitp I'NION, F. H. Van Ban tan. aaaater, rarrrlpg the I tidied rttotaa mall. wMl aafl from the Bremen pier tool of Third atreet, flobokrn. ON BATOKbAT. FEBRUARY ? BREMEN TU SOUTHAMPTON. TAKING PANBENGEBB TO 1-OMDOK. HAVRE. BOTTIfABPTON AND BSRMBN. at toa ?lowing reiea, payable lu gold or 11a eqaira'.nal la cnrrem-t: ? For the Aral cabin, $139; aeaoud cabin, $79; atoerage, $17 Nt gold. To be followed by iha ttearoahlp HERMANN, W. If. Wedge. m-ater. on Fabrnarr 53. '"""?"?""?WrBMil. A CO., BR Broad fLI eat OTEAM FROM AND TO LIVERPOOL OH QL'KBN'K Is town at lowaetiaiee. The DENMARK aatla Saturday. id February. Ilrafta on England and Ireland. Apply at Iha Black Star pwaage uflke, jli pearl atreet. near Fulton. T ONBON AND NEW TORE ST* * ME flip LINE. .1J Pa-rage to I.ondae direct AMI, Ad* and $30, rarreo-y. Paaaege from I<onrion $T?. JWand BSD. gold ? BjfLI.ONA. Captain Dunn. fiom New Voik. February A CRM. A. C Apia la Olevdetl. I mm New Tort. Febrnair 16. WM. PENN, Capialu HlUlnge. trout New York. Mar'h 2. ATaLAMTA, Captain Pfnkham from New York, Maroti li The BrtUak iron arteamalilp HELLONA wiH leave pier Ho. S Nerth rtrar. for London direm, on TueaAay. Febrn farther noltne the ateamera of thla line will oall at Rare at la laaB paaarnpara. commeaoma with the WiBiam

Pena, to aall KatitMay March t Retrace checked and tlaketa aoU threngh fee rail to Parta at U per cent leee than regular rate*, Egcuraioe licketr, *T*iUbIe lor ait tuoniha, waned at ? reduced rat*. Freight will 1* takep and through biUa of UadUB^^hvwn to Ha ere, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Aeaalawlam and For paranga apply to . cHABI.HB A. WHITNEY, $1 Bmadwav. Fee fre'gbl apple at M Sooth atreet. , ? "HotYf.AND A AHPINWAM* Agent-. VTRW YORK AND BREMEN BTB iMHTP COMPANY. I\ the first uj.arb v. a, mail steamship ATLANTIC. Obl< tfeeer*. WRBallef. Taking paeaangera la S*ulbaoip'.iiu. I^mdAn. Hem and Bremen, at the lollowlng lafaa, pkyaMa lu gold nr It* e-iule In duiTfocf *?* ' f ?' * rirtt caliin. I no. aeoond < Ada, $31: ktrteage. $K .10. To liefetlawed hy tOe BELTIO. Kebruaay M. freight ?r fieyaage apple to fRAAC TAYMIB, Pt?aide?t, ' d? Bl eed w$g. CTr.AM TO QOBBNBTOWN AND UVKRPOOL. i Swiirsfx; . ni^ja.fWAWIUCTAr K-Ht,Cn^*rW.S7 la ajf*t i* wiLLiAMB a <nm>N. ' W Broadway and BSonte atreet. STEAM TC lTTERPOOL, CaI.LTNO AT <JIJT.HNB. ? tewa. The In man r Mmrt" I he Dolled Rtaiea ma<i* ^Tke lnman^ Line, aeB<a$ eaeJ weakly, aarrytpg RBS5 i CITY OF PJ.BLl N W edti em lay. Febraary 11 cttr of Washington Returday. Fahmary id. ana eaah auceeedlug Natnraay ana Wedneaday, at noon train pter ft Berth near. RATES OF PASSAGE. By the rami aientoer aailmg aeeey Safnedse. iwrM- ?..., JShxm .... | mmrniiatnma' s&er \ < stcsr ?s 3r$te ?,0; J'SttZSrr&r"* * ILaaibwrg. Rreaara, lk*ir fficniii, i ? r .* Fbr farther IbfermattOB. arple at the Compare'" ofBeea. JOHN O. DALB, Agent, , Hew Y IS Broedwae. New York. V2TEAM TfJ m.AS 10TV AND trVERPOOL. O ealllng at l ondoederre to tend paaaeagara aad mail* Th? faturli* ?-f Lfwa HAIL EVERT RATi rtOAT TOWA. Crnta I.Ut.i. .Rahirdat. February 1. t.ALEOOMA, .He- lonal't Sahirdae. February 9. Prom pier 46 North Meer. At eat or >? iuua lititu ta ci-kaahcy. To Meerjio"', Gla-goie and Derry?Cabloa. $99 and $70; 7nE ONLY AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND . PBAKOK, Tha law ToHt and ITsvir air?oi?lil* C< m?w?nj win rnu tbolr Brat rlaa* KlMimtliiM Ar*$o and Pultun In connection WW Oia Raw Tort ami Xtoaiaahip cnniiwaj'a Maanwra Ml<ai??ipid and Marrtra-,cr. to Hmra, carrring tbr I nlted Ntatoaotaila trmn pwr K-?. ?t North Crer il noon. tba lui NltiMSHll'Pl It. ftnumor Saturday, tfarab 2, 1897 mm?::;. '. .h) Nitn-trohi . .fatnrrtay Hurt Ms MERKIMai: t. Van S *.,..K*t w?Uj,MaprHto. Vfl ABAfO lT A. GatWIr n..Holdrdaj. April IS. I??i !w NlSBlNHirpj ?. Huamar Naturdap, Apr* 10, U? and rrrrr funrt'-'B d*r* (hcroaftrr. run ess or fabkauis. in ?*ou>. VHMCmiMT...r?T... T" . ... 7.. ...7. Ill* MftiiOMb rLAfls a mSR3b uek?ta t> l#oi>dou 98 extra. I An rirwi,iu?4 xwrjann .m board. ?tbr ("ataiitx wUI not ba rhlax unloaa Mfta of lading, baring ibe ralnr arpreaocd. am V I K. OAfcRlBON. forW. T M g i "> _ OA*RIW>N.forW. T. M JOB. .1. t'oMHTOCK, for >. Y aad If. 9. *. Co Tor further in tarnation applr to JObTj. COMHTOCK A goal. No. 7 Hrokdwa.r. .TARF.H A. mar ton, llatow (Mwm Agoat S Romp# l^AtaWAl. HTB AM WATIOATTOW OOMFANT. WKA1PBR8 WBBKI.r ?f&'u^RrnOL, CAT.UNO AT I oaaaa par ?T North' rfrrt afStM wa-? INMAKIt, Captain Tbmaano, Matnrdag, Frbrrxart 9. ?MP I A/Captaln Prowar, HatnrduT.Jai.nary i< hatantaj, Jaunarjr S3. t ?. HKLVKTkA. Captaia Tbompfon. Natunlar, EBOLA NIT Captain flraen. "at "rdaj, March JVoip'Sufx li' ltoU^^n'bnfg partlaa fro* I.Wnrpool opJtaadaMnwa, for 99. la curmaey. tlroufh tawaif to Pari*. Antwerp. flam burg. Rrrmoat Mo., at low now*. Pnf IVrafb* iaa?a<l for any amnnnt. payabla at any hank la ?'Mat Srtum or on tba msttnOM. For freight and cabin paaaage apply at the oilca of tba wnxpany. m Broadway. And for atorrarr iickcta at the paaaagn ofBro of tbacom. paar. IT b roadway aad W9 Fnarl atraot. nam- FoUoa. r. W. J HVUT, Man agar. QUIT IMRBCT UK&TO PIUBCB. tH hTBABHfnP8 BETWEEN NtlO COMPANY* NAil# NF.W YoHK AND HAVRE, cai.i.ino at RRKHT The rplandld now remain on thla farnrlto routa for Ibn rnnfnoat will Ml from, plor No. 811 North nrar, aa f?l. lowt.? IvWI. ? . ft ' V iroBOrB....;...,..,^ ..tamarta ...Nalirdar, Trt). J mM^.rr.mSSi:::r.:Kat^iUi wss?* I ""'i ancond ta'dn, $l?. iawodlnf wlaB, rti?o? atowiti'a d-r not rarrr atooragr jfcaarngrra MwliCKlattaadanoa fro* of obaron. FnaaooRoroIIMrtidlnd folhri l at NrMt ran W fnrlilatiod no board with railroad ratipnn tf< kata. and tlinlr taagarr rktwlad to Parla at aa rhargo of $8 for Brat and a) (or aoodadolaaa. v OtO. MAfKEWtlR. Arrnt. , * lirtn ' ? i Wo. 8S BrBBdway. KF.WfTTAVTItN Ttl iJRBAT NftlTAIN ANP IRKItANH lirarta ror^l^tid npwanla. paj^aMr on <:rniard_ i_??ii?| at lowrat auoa b* TAFPCOTT, BRON. M CO , W Hnoth auoot and 13 Brnadfrv CWAffrWim ITEANAIIIPA. JMC.OC O.U. ? A RRYUMt'Jifi'tau htat'iw Maiu U\ P4WA?U ?prt ? North rrtnr. fant of Canal rtraot, at O. U???t.l5JkrtNa^ ^Tafl1iS"i?TA R, Captain W. O. Fnrbrr.^l "ySflaWM I Kkn} Y^^h' AI' ?f crlr. t-apufn A^l nK rfPr.*M atrawrrt for ttoutli Parlftr porir, lit aod tltb for f antral Awiari an porta, and Tbcac of lot l' "? at Bn-iaaai toi ? ; i. rr lift, m< . A . ?r'3i5Tft-fA-rs;? with thr naw a aad taw Aratand. ? ?II ?? ? ? ?.V? ?{? ??wi, mil r?nn?tt with tha rotn Wt.r'e atapewr i tHJifUifO. to Mara Haa Fraaotaap for t "knliamaand Wong Kong on April j i?tf7. IWmbM* bamadk aMowrt abfth adiw Rodttinoa Mid attri danoc frar Mrpaortr Uakata aad allftirtbar i?fn.motion appo ?t laCwta iMmWBMMWWMBBBliWlW tba af?a no ||( wharf, foot of t anal atiaot. NnrtN irrr. WawTarto t ?. BABY Aaaat. COA?tWI?* ?TBAMiH'1 -AIL BTBaM.H.F bboclab IUOL ?*AMEM. -mt ? vfarERswM-avassr4': r,ras TU.?. tU|M> etOMMrt ?a^J^yfRto Joartro. (oioe Wl Tnonis. firt^ r<miw|"w** pimim. iiiuiy ODdreturulug. For itn?l<p"5"'* to 0 Torfc.^ rH SlMlAOO I'H CUBA VIA ?V?TJ* ' Tk* trM rJw '?* ?????{ *?*? faii kbb7t John HtlrUug. CoiMwewr ^ .-, K..( ??? -? t^ougk the Foot ..^?. For freight orpe???*>\ bueTog ?uporlur MelerooM ecmw W*B|IIWa5SILl* CO.. Ml **Hh etreel. ??? ST JOa*'B. *? ?W- IHMliA ***> Ike fleet <*aao ?tiaShbp iirfvW.KA-, mmrtjy -? n^l<ElM?elhkte ?"? rw**tmg ImebtoArfee #?U?l titer, mZJTwOl ?I?IweUi.??<UF. February Tot? fT1C_ ?nl k,?4, of thJa toe ?otoeoooentoti wuh MMI fre? .P# to1" U4^ *" toFWilfltit or Jii C P BmTH A Dl'NNrNO, tf. South ktreel i tr coy vxm WE9T 0*5*0*V HA1UMU DAY. flier, BeMrtoy.-? F. HA/i* ? fAiuitoy, Ki$>. 2, fAM&i irr"' ' * '^KdrSTr...KturtUf. v*. * CQLTTMBIA.^ N*tur<Uf. Ke?> \?? ^WOBLWWW^Vl^JA r4K^lsarJi2f'3 'Jhfir&'fc eteeutabip MAXHATTA?.. , ^ ,. II if, xurMfi1 'oiwwofl'''. Uflroo. *\gA*r0^W^ITTyKY. Agent. TjtORNKW ORLFaS* ^R^LbsM? 0*6B<Ht CBOB f P-Lu'CtTlu B. K- VuUh. WJU taBSt?*** rtver. ? totuntay, Februo? Bet lodwrBP. ?: Fur frewM or pWMk tooiefl ??*""" I &itTSSfty dfJ!sSSi^^h^i.iiiii. j^? . ;s.-SKi;WiSS?Sss eidwrheefetreetehlp BAUElWTl&oto A?* Fehruory. s?.?. 'SrriSSS?"^ ! Mtr&V,v"r-" 58?* ? I I lH?==?ri&feagfti "^n VultVikdinf iliaefe't the Mi"* upon the pier. For rnuB AAV ANNA H. OA.. BVBW WUMPAT.-jHI p Atlantic Oooet Mad Steemuhkp Cowpea, ? eldewbeel "SttKIUI. BABMKS, Ooptoln *?Moo. eeUe Thurefloy. r hSbSa* LIBJBGBTOX, Cepteta Bolter, telle ftorefle* Mtot.^5,t'jeiMl Hotlruod 31 OoorfUu "or A CO., Ajeote.W Liberty etre?._ ililfrilt*. i.iMA F?*fHAV**f i" i, Jtorth liter. Yj tt.,, .- ?,">rU,v^tV ?II, ^.. r?u e?*wheel .teoimeWno .1 as"wV.1., ? ,?arsaarasas'.. Rtiiftful iod Kit'' 'M- rtWUbW? Oreeo. i: eefM. r ? dhotiee | Mth *i?e? ?L . ,v.u .... Sot urdnt. Fro, % m S r?M. tKhrr I?mm ?' de.pOtolie?l eocto oue irwma SetnrMy. . .. ._ ?M popular <71TT win IFW" m wtp?1 ??""T5"~"" "" dor. Fehntorj ?? , - ' lor peekofo. &. wKaBTT. Ill<WUtM? ?n*. . |j^ta?i?erthrlw, UMii SS?U city. i*olMT UV'iFOSTO* .FOB * OOyfMMBMB MMT ???*. ^S^uK-H5.cnr2s5 LATIVBH a |HA. Ft JoAae. Forte ?w or*r.f V, ON ATI VIA A CO.. <7 B?"th * TBi.VKU.KtW' SV1UK. J^yDHOM RIVER A*U_ rum.KM RAIUUIAPf - Trail,# for Albawe and Tror. lonne- uoz with Northern and WeHMm U??*. leere How fork, via Hu*t*nu Rieer Katl fred. ThlrtS-th afrrel and TVfllii avenue Band 10 A. m end a .?*, H.AlntMl UJf. Jf.{ and ?m 'liilaa Kellroa.l. Twratr r'rth mrei t ami Fourth inentie. a If*. ?r Mdl:l?P M Tf?t6 :?lv N. tr* ii*t*Hn.ieo?i Hirer will ran on Bandar*, irked!..!-** - - - Hh rplnit i j?i> attached t>> M all and II P. M. train*. On 4 JO F. M. train 1- aiao ainubee a alaeptng oar Or dry day 'tap! tni; Saturday*, whiuh la run Uiiougb tu Ogdruxliurg tin R. W.aadO. RaUronri. wMheot ela inge. Sunder train an Hnd?oji Rrer goad. Now Tortto Pnugiv kri'imle and return. tearing New Tort .-it a J# A. M . and on llaj'.eia Koed. Korly aectind atreet to MlUartou and raturu, leaving New York atII A. M. ?a. H. \ ANDKUiilLT Vice.Pr??ldent umilKH dKWBl RT. mvT~ ?A. in.ioui'anln ANLCKOO t %Ot KR WNOT.KRALR AND RETAIL. 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Iirtmi'l't, ??order Broad B^Haad Panrhwnth ttraett QM ?flfUi A?ehue Hotel It P. ^?t row; Amenteut Newa ('?< irhen, liriaKlat, Caawetl A 9a>-t. nruBgime, B. Lane. Time- ?1 otnnany, Of NAnbaat wrd, the mom* uf Uie aaeocL.t 'u., Cmper Inadt iln, aauoad The tleketa already aubw rihad, NU iu Mntar, will b# de livered laanmdiateiy Ur i I tM aabai rthere I* per?on POr.fTlCAIe. u T. f ARTt .e-T0Rl,')8* gpfr . to totn nhta-? aaaU name and *KKW la M*Mn*llalL BaatThirteentli atreat. Iilh^i h W>IJMt?*i Pr?t h 114 Baet PMKVCH ADTHRTlRltlTTTfR. INT" JR! ?y PARISIPVNS. TINT -litINK paRJNITNNK. roNSAiennoT ^Al^^ U !alb?r. t IA iMgee tleoirt Mf ?#? leconn tfa dreeeer ?? Tgl V arwK alraet. OCATR of a iTMttlL TO rHI NBITO* of rwi MT KM MRAth, Wawcg a, Jar. 14. 1M7. Think ni; a 11m efdrt U> you might be the mean* >f reiterlng, if w* MthNTIng, the faintly of ngTVutn Yteade or relaWfae af ? parenn giving bin name M A4r>an S. Slone, a young ran tatm mm unamaUy about nine ?en or rwenfT. *?? fim mAda hid apjwaran.v at Una igenry on the 'h*A of MnTembe* MM trboOed at hla i'i*< * on the 34 ieev of leflatnmatory rbeerantia*. IN (ha in format lot? rt'hemd ramrentlnr ble fhwftv te bat hie father either formerly wee er at pieeeat M ton toned with the New Yfote Iimurji offioe. 'Ntriiruiac* am rem leg detieeeed, en for aa known wilHrhlii iven te eoy of the fnenda m^tnriaghy a letter adil?ee?ed n the undemigned at Wewok*, Vnur.rle Net on, ft nan Territory, eerd of t.earge H. Rrynetde Uniletlf'Atee . edian Ageni far Bem.aelea, Tort Htlmen C N B ft MATCS^ the COURTS. IttTEO ITATUCKCUIT COUIT. laHrtut la ?n?ar lat>oritrt. Before JudfS HumlUy. Gmrge W. Jabmr again* Uiram Barney ?This wee an action la reonvsr tbe turn of 1445 43, allied to have two* ?noM from the plaintiff on n cargo of cigar* by ihs de fendant while Collector of the port The alleged exaction wm paid under protest, ami appeal taken to Um Secretary of the Treasury la accordance with the provisions of the statute. There wm a question rained, which waa hub ranted te the Jury, M to toe toOktoeay to eoeeectlon with toe service of the appeal to tbe Batietmy of foe Treasury, the plaintiff testifying that he had written the appeal and addressed it to the Secretary, and supposed that it had been mailed in the eodtoary eeeieeef business To this appeal he had no reply or acknowledgment from the Secretary to produce. The What point waa with regard to ih<> action of the Mnhen The act pro Tides that cigars imported from Havdam worth in the market here orer f 10 a thousand end not over 990 a thousand shall pay a tax of eighty cento A pound, an! of orer $90 a thousand the Importer shall pay $1 n pound. The cigars in this cane were worth $90 a thousand In Urn Havana market, but to this value, u* nbsldMli pries, the appraisers at lbs Custom House added charges for boxes, 4c., increasing the invoice price, and upon lbene additional uhnigss estimating the dnttobto vales ef the goods to the sasenni, with Inter sat, of $M4 d$, the amount claimed to have been illegally exacted and now eonghl to be recovered. The aotton ef the appraisers a as the legal question at lamia, nod was dacldsd lap favor or plaintiff by the Coast ruling in compliance with the provuuoawf do* actwf Coagspaa, that ton dutiable value Of tbo goods Shall he estimated eaiy en taetnartratsvalua or wholesale price ef the goods to the market whdd* par. rtisxed. The queetlon of feet as to the service of appeal OU tbe secretary of the Treasaiy. bring submitted, to the Jury, that body, after a short abieade, onme into, ooun witli a verdict Car the plaintiff tor the whale amount. Mult bv an Kx-Mwmher sf OsagrMi AgMnM the fits far VansgM far Pwrnwnnl Inlarlee. Before Jedge Netoon. In December of 1U7 WUJlam P. Sheffield, ex-member of t'ongrens from Rhode laland, while eroesing the lower end of the Ottj Hall Park, hit his right toot against some projection above the level ef the widows tfc, and brake bis thigh hone, Upon tbe trial of the ease la the Culled Mates Circuit Court, before Judge he lean and a Jury, it ammared in evidence that the stump aver which Mr. MaeCeld claims to have (alien waa distant ahawt four teen inches from ihs curb of the sidewalk, and wasabeut six incbss high and four Inches in diameter at tbe top. Tbe jury, upon a second trial of the ones, give the plain MiTa verdict for $10,000. From this judgment the Coun sel to the Corporation appealed to the United Mates Supreme Court, where the case wm fully argued lent Tuesday by Mr. Richard O Gorman on the part ef the city, plaintiffs in error, and by Mr. 8beffleld on bM own behalf. Decision reserved. UNITED STATES WMfflSStOHER'S COURT. Charge ef Mutiny wa Board at Mhlp?t'wrtwue Case. Before Commissioner Oeborn. The United Slat* el Charles Kelly. Chmriee Berry. William Weekee, Lewie H. rhamae, Jmepk Bruotaa em* Antonio Christian.?The defendantn era charged with having committed the crime of mutiny on beard ibe American schooner Albert Treat, while on the voyage from the West ladles to New Tork. Mr. Joseph Bell ap peared for the government and Mr. Charles Donoboe tor tbe defendant*. Samuel R. Keens, sworn ?1 am maffiar of the schooner Albert Treat; tbe last voyage wee to the West ladies and back to New York; we left December 1 and got bach January 30. 1HB7; the schooner belongs to New York and sells under the American flag;'? veedghhto the de fendants; tbev were tbe crew; Cbasiaa sally whs the mate; I bad Of difficulty with the defendantn on tbe passage brine; to hair-past three o'clock tn the after aeon 1 told the watch that Ibe mdtoaalt eheeld be fee led at fear T. M.; tbe mate waa aat QW desk ;-abfeus oVtoe k tbe mate was called and I ordered blmto reel the mala sail; he said them was not snffldetjTwind to cause tbe riiinmli to he reefed; I took the wheel fretW* Weekee and told him to lower Ibe sail end real tow mainsail, tost the mate would not do it; Urn matogpld it abouM not be done, and that he sboukf take charge oT the vessel htmaelf; 1 said, "1 am ef tbe vemel myself; and as won shall ahoy yeas mdem item ssswsaalhli for what the mea do, sad know my business;" 1 told Mm that una of toe other or he would bard to die before I would nave to give wp tbe vooMth bepetntad to his revolvar to $je w?ut, end said be weald shoot me if 1 ssssffi-TK? missis," 1 said eeHitng Suoea, hot nmhtosb tbe eeosasaad of toy vaaael; qaweie then farty mito* seatbsaetef tap* flea lopen. and about one hundred sad fifty or sixty miles from this port; When' 1 ordered Weekee to reef the malaaatl be did not answer, hot went forward and did not da It; the other man were all on deck, standing sround; I told tbe mon te lower away toe sail, and they would not do H; Berry curved me, and rail id me an old tool; all ibedelendaaU were oa desk and refused to obey aty mdem; 1 asked Thomas If he knew anything about tbe mutiny; he said, "Tea?1 em tn it;" I was . deprived of my authority for thirty-six hours from I toot o'clock oa too STth of January; wfcsa 1 awmmeu command the ship was ebon! seven-eighths or a mile froui Ixing Beach, which is about ton ay dre miles from here; when t found tbe eobooner ?aartag toe share I went ea deck, ?nd aedsrvd te* mora pail to be lowered sad toe be'tn to be put bard up io wear ship, the mate himself wm at tbe wheel, and *a s we rod -Hard ep, sir," and obeyed; the vessel Would ha*a been tohmm to lea annates unless we bad were abut; 1 rutmuod fomamatf until 1 got in Wr. Charles Dou<>hoe cross examined tbe witneaa with toe vftor off sbewtog than be wae not competent to trvse ago the vamni, sad thai tbe ma e aadesew, actiog anew-, this belief, wers Ju*lflqd,la mfcin* toe < oua>* they did. feerieg Hist tbey might suffer starvation before they got Into port. Thee* were nioe hands on board, all told, and at the ilawuf toisdiOoaur too paarwtoas auaalsted of but thirty-six pounds of beef, one pound et pork, *ve quarts of hominy, one kit off sounds and lout as. one bam, eight cans ef preeerved meat*, eleven pounds of coder, two bundled gallons ef water sad half a baahel of corn; there was a? bread or flour, tbe ship was three dare from port, with tbe wind duo west, sad going at toe rate or four miles per boor. Oconee! submitted1 that ih* mate wm Just I fled In tsll ing tbe captoia that tbey bad not pro virion* enough oa board, and tbnt if anv more sail were taken in tbey would all atarve before tbey reached New York. Tbe further hearing of toe case wm adjourned lUt ibis morning. Cbsrg* Against a l,awvrr. Before Cotnintaaioeer Belts. The further bearing of tbe Charge against Jobs B Trapp. a lawyer, of having praaauiad te a United Meter paymaster in tins city a forged paper for the purpose el obtaining tbe berk pay and bounty of a deceased soMier, waa rssnmed. Tbe particular* of thin Case have been already felly reported ea eeveraJ eecamsaa to toe Mtrauk Evidence for the dafoaoe has been satoied on. Yes terday two wltnemea were exsmtned. Thsy depc-v,, that they were present when Franca Pit est, bviitna or the Jinseiil soldier, came lata Ms. Trapp'a effioa. Br wm asked by Mr. Trapp to alga the voucher, but he at drat said be could not. He, however, agreed to do as, sad authorised Ik as be Ogaeff la Ibe pteseoce ef tbe wttaewea. Mr. Trapp then told him te go befsM a Com intssloaer, and Pries* da Or* I Trapp to get to* money and band tt over to his (Priest'*; sister. Omnmimiaaer bettaeeM toMaa Priest bed sworn fa bed never signed say paper be should require toe sf fnndnnce of tbe Subscribing wltasiMs to tos dMemeiit Tor the purpose of taking their evidence. The case wm adyoersM till today. IMUTNUW COURTS. ratted Mrate* PtiBwhuhiifr'i Caart. Bator* OtMMw hawtan. n* fWM .Otatw mi 7?re, Drmtk? * UrnM. ?Tb* avldaaee lb the <?a* or IWea, IMeMla k IArea, wbo bare bee* no trial Mr ana* month* before Cotnm Imlenar Siting, ho* baa* oowetodad. u4 ratrrrtoy iho ?rr" fetuix were commenced, *o there I* a proapard vl a coocturlon being reached one of thaaa day* Narem CMH-dreaH. Harare Jodpn Lot t I An Important acttea mm brought wp la tha (taprema Court, before Judge Uitt, ye# tarda y, larehrlag ft# qbae ttonof tha rtjht of any pen** to obelm* a wharf or pMr an a* in interfere oltb tfia public mothawaf. The Mk la brought by the MiotCuaalaabjuaia agadaai Jame* oa being notiitad to raiaaaa the ana It Waa cMhcl by ibe dafaaoa that tha Vital Owmlartahm* hare no Jurtadh Uon over them, the wharve* being prirala prop erty, mad* aa by tha rertona acta of the !,egt*latore, that tha rtlat Caaiai?laaara man appnlatad with J air diation over the port of Horn lark, hat that tha phire* l"rt of New Tork dnee not Include ibo rborc* of Brook iya. Tbie poatttoa la ehmra by tha actMn of the '"bam Mr *f Com rarer* la afl?a| to tanogafo* dumhdrge , of vernal* aa tha Brooklyn aid* unieaa by lb* conaaot of all coaalgaaaa aa a discharge In the county of New Torlr la aft the oM charter* of tha city of New Tork It la di? unctly atated that all tha astern* lore *f tb* city or water front waa dedicated to pa bit u*e, bat la tha city of Brooklya tbla water front aa* retured to private Tor tha Mat Oammlmlonare M waa argaad that tbe water* of the North and KM rtv-m, matudlng bath rhorre are the property of the people of the Male of New York, end eanaot be alienated, and that the Hint i ( omiaiwtKiwert bava jonadicUon from Hpeyten Ooy*1' creek on the North river to TUrogg'a Neck oa the Kaet riyer. and that the port of New Tork include* Brooklyn Tie Orert eanmdered the ipicettre one of groat im portai* ? to tb* people of tbe Bute aad the part lea tm madlateiy interested. aad on* which required mora da linmttoa than coitld be given by a Judge eittlag at circuit, ana thought It beat to put it off t* tb* Ueuaroi Term, lb" ore* wae dial11tare 1. ( ?art Onlawdae-Tbta Dev. f ineprr C*H at, Heooairy.?Naa KM, 11^ IM, 5f, ?? ?3, M, lit, tdtWflT FM AT MNTM. "AS*. Trrvrnw, Fab. 1, IbRT. The Pigbinn woollen mill* at Iliprhtoo, owned by ffp Cut'b aoii inhere, were totally daatruyed by Mr* at faar e clock tbi* mnrniag lam flM.OUO: laaurad far ab?u? UV UWi, | he lira originated iu tb* boiler i