Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1867, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1867 Page 6
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mm M EUROPE. Vhm jliifcl to the Yaelit men lu Pari*. VApoleon's Anxiety About the Eastern Question. UK ITALIAN NEGOTIATIONS WITH ROME. Ac Ic, BiaU steamebip Europe, captem Dun, frwn Brert on the 1Mb of Januswy, arrived <4 life pert |Mtu4t.? morning. hrmgiug mat) details ef mm afebte doapatches dated to bar dap ef ttaptrtun. Oat ?f the aMaat banking honors in Hcnre, the Ira of Wf Osesfai, kaa suapsedart payment. At Vif%* 4* Cktrttmrg of January 17 my*-? At Bayard, which had to pot back the othar day ftMa stress of wtuaber, hat baas obliged to go Into Uoek, ?wife act he ready to leave tor Max too before next u The Vontrnoy, whieb pat back at the aame tints aafeed w> Saturday; the transport Char started on lues kf. Bath are baaad far Vera Crux Im Jkaaar srtracts the following tooat a letter dated ftMb he PlNBto, January St? Tha Russian frigate, the General Admiral, baa brought ham frost l,i? to l,?fe Gaadiotr refugees, many of mam womea, children aad ?Md mun. noma ktetow and aaatt tods to health aad strength; the in tier B Stot Sfertfeaidtana. Thar haws fctos sent toYgins. win-re mm 10 mpported at (ha expense of tba Greek government. They Mate that tha Inaurreetion is at the Wt extremity. Nearly all Ma chiefs, with the exception of fetmbrakanl, Who baa with him SOB men, are endeav oring to gat away front the Island. The pillage perpe toatod by the Greek auxiliaries on one band and the tiar-l MM ea tha atbar bad exasperated the population, several of the lattar had been gives up to the S? total receipts from indirect tax alios is France das the year I860, Including on etc ma, excise and stamp office, government manufacture*. Ac., to 1,282,248,(MOT., being aa acrease or dftSKOmr. an lkC6, and of 10fi.676.000f. on 1864 The Parts Temps, of January 17, publisher an article sf aame length from the pen of M. Julee da lasteyrie, entitled "The Military Question." The writer affirms that at the present moment tbere am m Kurope has two active military Towers? Franca and Ttuhms. A a etna is loo deeply disorganised to assume any promi nent position; iong years must elapse before Russia ?eon tmae untrammelled from bar social difficulties; and England, thanks to the Manchester schorl, has be wame systematically indiscreet la the again wbieb pass an the Oemtlaeat. Tha fans Vnitm of January 17 also baa a long series ef ekasrvations on tbe position of tba Turkish empire aad tba struggles of tbe Christians in the East, la it aal ?ataaardinary, the writer sake, that the very same Bavsem whieb have shown so little consideration for the antmalgnty of tba Pope should employ every imagina ble expedient to uphold tbe rule of tbe bullanf In neaainxian ha says:? In tboao lattar times politicians bare meddled with many things. It is not agitation that has been wanting, hat ustafeona Tension sa d of a personage of bis ac AunUttanea, ' He ibotss everything and solves nothing, Jaat lib# sunshine in tba month of March " At tba peasant day amotions, e ther badly settled or not settled ea ail, exist in abundance; but that of tbe Kast la ooe mhieh M would be dangerous tu tba bighorn degree to eawpromnc, It calls tor a prodigious amount of ion night and all tba genius of a great country. 4rveate tout) ooe at Madrid (says a Paris letter in the Barm Jburvwl), and at they are directed against the ?MSt eminent member* ef the libera) party as well ss Ops Mi si members ef Oongreoa, seen tba pertlaeaa ef Mar vnsn da net always consider tfeemMlves mfe. M. Lair la ~*mm, Under Secretary m toe ptmsnt Ministry ef Justice, mm barring approved thamaneniea adopted, has judged it to withdraw, by Sight, from tha disagreeable i wbteb his iadepmtoant mt might briag open htm. Me has reached Paris, where politieal men ad Aider eat parties are eally arriviug from Rpem. FRANCE. DOfl PARS CORRCSMONOCRCr. M* liMirt I* Ihf Aarrirt* T?rhl?fi Aa>(Mf Ak?*i ike KaMera Qirrtlea-Tkr inerae Aaxlmi la Rerater lit* I^Mtera la WaalaMlaa -(tueral His aatf Ike Phria l-e. ?Mlaa-Vkr Klrai Ball af Ike M raaae at Ike Tallrrlee-MM af Amerlrana la b?" Prr. atalel-Tke HaiHtaeriilr Balle af Parla. Ac. Fame, Jan. 1ft, 7W. Taaaty American gentlemen have otfbred. an a laeti agaatai of their admiration of h a un nfe and 'kill, a banquet la Br. Bennett, which, be bavin* ac-epted. will laba piae# ai tba t.'raud flotcl to-morrow evcctn*. Mr. KaappasMlMr. Butlar. ate ha-, a eccotripan ad Mr. Baa arb la Pane will ba prevent, and tbera will baa few i invited goasla. Hlnoe the prciect baa been made i dozen* of application* hate been madr by gen aea for parmtustoD to part.r.pate, but the ortgmotor* are dee1^*! of making the aT.Ur exceedingly mleotaod rwabeiwA* It ia aaid, indeed that Ihe rfaourree of the Motel will be exhaitMed in the yatting up of >w h an awtarlainmenl aa tae never beea en,oyad wilbiu lie Ik* ifeaWewr. the official Journal, which baa devoted a gaol deal af rpara to iba detail* of tbe <? aau yarbi race Mitataaaeoi .ha rnorwing, contain* a I altar from Mew Fork. giving a description of tba eatbCRtaeale. manner t* wlileb l be aewa of lb* r eon It war received la yaar ?My. Tbave la undoubtedly a good deal of liaeaatneni of Ibaltag grow tag op la political circle* on account of tba fbat af tba puaetbl* coaapltcatlone wbb b may grow out ?f thai ieoirrmla of tba Uandiote tlinadeB*, which orn at* daily informed >a "rapprevved." bnl which Will feaop eoatinnally bracking out ia some fresh vpoi and with rwaewed vigor. The poeeilila Faetern n?**??<lou kaama up hah>ad thia umnMeat liapoatioa of tbe (> fa tten enbyeeta of the Bultan to throw off lb# yoha of tba ? aaaalman. aad ia ?pile of tba fact, a* Mated, that the Vmck Ambassador af Athena lias aaanred tba lirrek wtn .eter af Foreign t flair* the* franco will set interfere, Mel metadata a Mnri aaotralily. If tha "Faetern qua* tier.' t* ta he Battled by the aword it scarcely aeatne poa aible that Praaca oan keep it ta Ita arahMnrd. unlove Fast a* la willing in vahm.l ta the lem of what waa tafl Mas a Furopeaa Power by tha term aation of tMe (twain war. T%a UktrM, lb* Journal of M. Rmite rte Cirnrdia aad ?mm which eematiaioa " vmelleih the wind afar off. Made a moot rewtarknhle Matemaat a few daya r are in rolatiaa ta tba prospective poeinaa of Praaca in this metier a vivtvmaut which it in aaid wootd rata brongtii daw a a noaoad ?' waralag " epaa the band of /.a Marti Mad sat the Kmperor hfmaoif npartaily m>>rfeied in ba Malf of kM peraoaal frlaad Girardln. This eteietu. n< wae MO i iber titaa thai aa aiilaaco had baaa formed to eeiti* hh? "Ran tarn q nest ion which l?A Fraare ert.reiv nut In tba cold," Mi *Ht*aoe between Ruaem, Praams * Finland. Roaela waa 10 be freed by tha rwwill from ih* fcwdaae af the hateful treaties of 1*M. was to be par. mute* I* admlaiater upon t*e good* af tMa "M*h maa, 1 and to ronrart the minareted m toques of -tamlx 'il into " lusted . huirbea of tbe < hrteUao fkdlh Ifnglend, am ita eliera of the spoils. waa to have Kgypt aad ilia tathmoa of Hoot, a kingdom waa ta ba rat aui end t unr eeleeO to the prevent Km* of Greet*, and Prtiaoie nae lo have the privtlaga id taking the wbote of (ia'mnnv, aad Pmnca war to ba permitted to look oa aad "ace the ?how" on In* wane term* thai tba MeUiodl?l araachvi mid ? Daniel did ihe liona without Ha coeima Bin* a oval" lb a wae oanainly a vummer a warh cut out wbwb might ihiarfare serioutly witn HapoleoB ? Mope* of ib? uaiver**) |ev ? wbicb was lo reonli from Mia Universal tikiintios It ib probable Ibat M. da dVrardm'e kn?io van h.h-b, nod Pruaeo pbctola have led tiiwi to a Bilfh exaggeration of the facte ia tha case, hot It ia nose the leva true that Pram a ta In a state of faar donbl and eoaletr r-g?nUn* tba com ng veer. M? theory e now what \-. bar been? that I ritoce and ti e f rnpeter <!e< re to keep the rwnrd nhealhed and WMI earriftoe ail they navy Itoaarahlv to do It, In behalf ?f Ih* mete rial ntaraMe c( the exhibition veer and 1 doimt believe that even the tempting bait mf hgypl aad the poWNbllity of wye*i tig from Prance tha .mitral of H e talMmii*. will IwautBciant to tndnae Fjigiand to awr fibre the oniy oatmenivt alliance upon whi> h via ?*a rely. Ramus* jOoroaia rieay ihe iiiteafoa of ihe < bar to iavarfere ia I be prwaent dimctiltias, ard It ta pew ei I lie that 'be en Ileal mi g "Kavtem riaevtioa. w?nrh aotll it b> vatiled wHI keep Xneope n a coaim?al ?t*ie ef about and eaoimmont, may be edmurnvd for a time A < nriouB cm dit i* Hi circulation reiaiivr to tbe !*ceet tdliif ihe Prints Melloreicli to Tirana. It Iv vawt lha( a I tbe orreypaadaam written by order <d tba > Mpetnr Mi ooiecn with Mattmlllan, urging tba lager ?t. v.*pi 4h< fhrnite of Mat eo, bee lieen ^fl there fcr rafv keep, leg. end >h*t if >e ??hle< I to the cr.lof af either Man mfiwto 4ilfi?rlf or iha Pria< am i.hariotre, a* thlv .or reapwbdabca waa c?rried on at n tidie when otn .cuairy wrw 11 a etaie #t civil war, avt whan the>r Ma pa icon (eltoer f?rvigfile<!neev baa bean eycoenrely over Mf** >d alio c?n mo* so fufVror lata a nnlieirne than Mm wmI ??f iu"n who have not a hundredth |wl of bis tej toiii.o foe M), nridoitbiadlv believed that the 1'riiled ffine ?< l>? col up and |i?f W'wer dvelrryvd, it a Bil?i i* that the leitan written by Mm order of hie |e,i? u. reilivi tatevastlag, iwrhape a UlUo c-unpro mnsing ?> their character. la them ho undoubt edly dose uoi aihilit aey ury largo textual "v ? maui of sympathy ?>"* oor country, tad a ftttt bit disposition to lake advantage at our trustee to <-*rry out bit great Moo of increaaisg Ike influence tad ?pre*dlng (bo power of tbo " Ietlo race It is (aid thai to the New World. It it tatd that Napoleon, not o th tug ttrkt ?t?ra letters should ever by toy possibility be ootoe public, le very anxious to got them la bit po? srmioii. end that thta friendly office wta one of the pt'Lciptl onjeuw of the recent Journey of Prince Metier ?ich to Vsenna, a miction la which, however, ho entirely Ihlled. 1 understand that there la ceneMerabte anxiety cranny the friend* of tieaaraj Dla bare, arising frem the possi bility thai la the preeeal open war between Coagross and 'be President, the Sonata arty rajaot km auaiinttion with aU the others which the Executive has made. 1'erhtpo, after the cordial congratulations extended tn Pari* and la Washington, on the ocraalona of the nre aaiuattaa of their crodontiaia by the Ministers of ths Putted Stales and of France, after the expression of such good wishes by the Emperor and bla representative, the United Stales government may BOt stand in need, in a political point of view, of having a representative in Paris. If we may believe his woitte and those of hie ambassador, Napoleon loves ua ex tremely, and wouldn't, if be could, burt a hair of our beads His wild dream of the djssernina Una at the '-Latin race," and their establishment as the ruling power upon our portion of tbo American ronti neat, and bis ridiculous commentary upon bis text? sending a Teuton to carry out hie Idea?having proved ia good fal " sad fa .lures, be seems sow prepared ia good faith to abandon the enterprise, and as this la about the only question that has kept our diplomacy busy with France during the past few years, perhaps now It see ma In a fair way to settlement, we shall require no more representa tion at tbis court. If Congress chooses to let us be un represented politically, M might not bo a great misfor tune for a time, but, in a social point of view, Ms coun trymen in Paria would greatly regret nay act which would interfere with or change the states of the pres ent Minister and hla family, far cortstnly no one baa over in so sbort a time acquired much a general popular mi. With hla arrival aft polttt ity here as bna General nix. With hie arrival an politi cal differences in American society, an far as they Inter fered wit n social enjoyment, were healed, and upon the common ground of their country, oad beneath their country's gag, at the legation, Americana from all parts of our common country And a spot upon which they can meet. On Saturday evening lest, there was e brilliant gather ing <>f our country men and fair countrywomen at tbo legation, and nothing could exceed the kinduees and amiability with which they were received by the Minis ter and Mrs and Miss Dix. The good old custom of regular Buurday evening receptions for the yeung peo ple, the pleasant accompaniment* of music and dancing, has been revived by the family of the new Mmister. Colonel John Hav. First Secretary of Legation under Mr. Blgelow, and who has beea fulfilling the duties of that position thus far under General I)ii, has left it end will soon return to America. Colonel Warren Hofimaa becomes First and Mr Charles T IMx Second Secretary of legation, rhe office of the legation has been moved to No. 96 rue Chel'lot, The first grand ball at the Tnileries takes place to morrow evening, and for the past week dosena of Amer ican ladies and gentlemen have been oa the ana ioae and doubting seal hoping they would, but fearing that they would not receive affirmative replies to their ap plications to be presented to their majesties. The uncer tainty is now over, end their minds are at rest, end they know thai to-morrow evening they either will or will not have the pleasure of disporting themselves and exhibiting their One clothes in the presence of the Emperor, the Empress and the Prince Imperial, who. It is supposed, will for the Drat time "aastsi" at one of the Court bulla Last week I preached e homily against the almost onl varaal desire of Americans, nnon arriving in Paris, to be presented to the Emperor and Empress, sad to enjoy the music and the show at a grand Court ball. Alas! 1 fear I am not the only preacher who practically illustrates the motto, ??Do as 1 tell you, not as I do.'' The day after I had given ruch good counsel end advice, a card nearly a foot square was delivered to me by my concwrpc, aad upon breakiog the seal I found It to bo an Invitation ?e "passer la noire#'' at the Tnileries to-morrow evening. It was sent, too, "par ordre de sa Jlajeete," so It states, and under all the circumstances, it would be Impolite, perhaps slightly verging upon revolutionary, not to aecept. I wicaaiadii lahail go. The following American ladies end geutlemen are to t>e presented to their Mgieatiee to-morrow even ing:?Mr*. Nlcoiay, wife of the United Plata* Consul to Paris; Mies Saunders, from California; Brigadier General Starring, Major General Tibbetta, Brigadier General Ames, Mrs. Coyle, Mine Coy la,. Mm Drayton. Mies Tuc ker, Mr. Marshall, Mies Gertrude Mason, Utra Serena Mason, Mr. Wietfarop, Mr. sod Mrs Boon Ida, Mr. aad Mrs. Post, Mim La Baa una, Miw Bertha La Beaume, Professor Moras. Mr. Wm. M. Goodrich, Mrs Kutaey, Mies Kinaey. Mr 8w.fl and Miw rulierra^^^^^^^ra ?Those who do not succeed la getttag is vita Dour to tbo Tnileries, wiu hero ample oapmtaattida far attoad^H ?balls this winter, as all the taralrse have joat been Bonded the privilege Of giving masquerade Bella Mils has heretofore been confined entirely to tbo Oread Opera, I aad a quarter of a cootury ago the masquerade balls at 1 the Grand Opera ware attended by gentlemen sad todies, aad were ton means at those deHeioua intrigues for which Partstea "gentlemea aad ladies" have always been celebrated. Of tote years the upere balls have I sadly degenerated. Mm male, dancers are "butch*ri bakers, aad eaadlaettok maker*," the - - - ? aad the f riff raff of Paria, are washing girts, oawterra, tUh and rookies. 81 rangers go into the boxes to look oa at the scono of debauchery sad wild excitement, which continues from Saturday at midnight till daylight on Bunday morning; aad men of philosophic urn might hero gad ample food for Horrow at the deradesee of Kranoe; at the mani fest disposition or the government to etifa thoaght aad to encourage amusements of a low order, whleh will de. Kara the people aad turn their thoughts from I oilier elms. The new permission will probably result la nearly ell the theatre ia Parte gtvlag regular mraqaer ade lulls. The drat one was gives at the Italian* oa Fridjy evening last; and it was hoped that the old glories or ibr opera lie I Is would there have bean revived. It was. however, a failure, aad only about one female to ten of the sterner sex presented herself. As an Induce ment to ibe next one it Is said that the management will introduce a whole troop efeerpphder magnificently d reset d. The New Yoga Bsjuls of the let of January ia seised. THE OCtA* YACHT IUCE. OECEMEA, IKE [from th* Evening Bxprwa] By the aword of St Michael rbe old lirmf on through I By David, bif cling And the giant be slew1 let u? rhyme ua a rhyme At a rtory Vn tell ; Bow a brat a Yankee buy ?Hoi rued the rate parte or belt With hie gay little yacht " By all the groat fbrte* " r'rtee Neptune the Ring, " ril eooti daeh to piece* Tbie frail littld thing!" Grew ha attule to a laugh, Iteae hi* lough to* yell, A* be let loose the wiede That would rend her to hell, With her boldhearted bey* Daebed ho wovaa to the ater* Add the aturm eloada aeroil'd; But ae the Ged of the brat e Iioefe'd the heeru of the hold; New deep id the eea. Now high on the wave, * Quoth Neptune In glee ??Not a timber Utey I) newel" Thate'a a* awe io aao ctermd And a terror the while. But none like the light Of that terrible ?mile; The (mile oi the king Wtieo the tempeet cloud rolla, And loosen* the fury I haft rape In the aoole Of hla death bearing wind* Ihey wilher the foe At the red tight thai rntta, Bet yi'iiug Gordon, the hey, Niaitd* firm el hi* gun* Then furla be hla nail*. As the giant ware* rteo, And float* he hi* boat, Aye, old Nopfnne define The I >ois-hear led boy. ??Now by the old Cyrus And the Cable he pleated t Mow try the lard Merry. Here are liaorta yet uadeuri <?<!!" ttrew tlie mule to a laugh, Hot# ike laugh to o yoN, At Neptune lb *lerra cloud* Drove back into hall from our bold-hearted oyt Then aoor'd the great Eagle From hi* high throne of rock, . Then ctiecr'U the world loudly In champagne tad ho< k. Then woke Ilia old l..on v. ith a welcoming roar, Aa the gar I ftle ya> htr Reach d England'* gladahore With our bold-hearted boy* And the Qneea did ihetn honor, Aa with ranvaaa all ?-t They roll'd before O*borae, And freah honor* met. Pipp'd were their |iennani*. And tuana' were their yarda, Aa to the brare tailor* Qneen Via wav'd regard* To the bold-hearted boy* EICCTIIN Of OFFICERS Pf THE LITTLE KAMI RAiLMAI. i iWris.vaTi, Keb, I, 1MT. At a meeting of the directors <* the l ittle Miami Rail road yeaterday. tha follow tog officers wara electedW. H Clement. Proudaai; V. H KilKour, Vina President; J w <o>ppy. 'ate A?u*iaiit Kwpwrn ten deal of tha Mew Yerk and Brie Keitmert, Superintendent. 8. E. Wright, Treasurer; T. IV Ha*anperi, Andltor Caneral; f. Plra der General MM Agent; J. A. Rlnaer. General V-eight Agent Mesar* Clement, .-trader and Kinney immediately resigned their po?lltoa*, whan W. V Wood ward late Pnparintaadeat. we* atauted BlwsMeag and < olooei tr'Briea,'?ewwral Ticket Agent. Mr. Kiaaey'a place it not yet filled. THE KAILRIA* ILECKAK ii-wacl. Keb. 1. 1MIT. lb* fl*weg(> ami Reracuae Railroad, which ha- b*ea Worked U|. autre Saturday e'ght, la now ope*, and trains wMi commence running' w? night- It ?? a v peeled that llie ilea*go and Heme road wiM be t* oparnlon to mor row mora tag. The late *t..rtn haa twwn mora digMtnro* 1* |p? fpilfynda |^at, eay ? for ***fb CRUELTY TO AJVIMAL& Lett ere kf Mr. Henry A. Brr?k. at Jtfkaaj ?*rh*H?l?n laQrtH ( p?a ike Brat* (rentlnn-Thn Herrors mi the Stmaahtcr. Hnwee and DImmiIm Bnom VegUlatlve Urnuree NmM far ike Protection of Ant. male, At. Aiiu vr Feb. 1, 1M7. A lecture wee delivered this evbhiig betore the Legis lature ia tkie city by Mr. Henry A. Bergb, President of the Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Animate explanatory of the otyectr of that orgauization. He spoke aa follows:? A*D Gammm?By the gracious permission of i lie Legislature, I hare the honor of appearing before you in thii place this evening as a friend and advocate of that vast portion of creation denominated the "lower animals." It has been said that nature follows a continuous and aaceudiog chain, from the mineral to the plant, and from tbs vege. j*"?* wkimsl kingdom, the apes of which is w y Perfect work of creation?man. I feel ?attMied, however, that morally, and even intellectually, ' 5r!,_ ar? not inferior to man as is generally conceded. Humerous anecdotes ran be adduced to show that the none, the dog, the monkey, the elepbaut and other ani mals Possess a degree of reason and intelligence, as well as aeense of duty, while that animals speak can be proved beyond doubt. Faithful and useful, bow ever, to man JJ??" mwy of these animals, who in return for the pleasure and profit they afford us demand but a little I ?Ku.'Si. V*1 Wld "ewwry repose which will em ZEST' tIieir.vtoil- the barliaiitiee and atroci fj?" d^y '"flleted upon them are fearful beyond rt-errip. ,* ,r? ?B*b,e IO give Hfe, end therefore ougbt not 1 aw'y from tbe meanest insect witb ! out sufficient reason. They all receive it from tbe same i MUM h?ve- Itowefore, an j agust righ? to enjoy it We live in en age that boasts [ of Its ciTilitatio*, and yet, alast if we exclude there ^th slrfT foci Of the existence of greater I .T,?hu7 i X? tb" witnesses of It f no public morality, forbearance and mercy keep pace witb i r7#JS2?1*ltio'"' rVw* b<* tbe sportsman, I without rebuke from popular sentiment kill muir "tale more useful than himself, as a mere refuge from i ssuh t Does not man fratify Lis pride and avarice bv extracting flrom the horse, the ox, ?heamMd^? n/. I r?,B^iuDln5 ">? Btwwt labor of which tbey are mXe u'h? ?cli,at*d by tb* ovmt wanton cruelty, ^,^1? amusement to inflict torture and B*? eve? ? ***? BbBBdonlng them to Krtb?wm.v? T' ** tou,w "v,lUbu for I ?* atnocnms or nro warmrma hocsr puW,c ****',B lb? *l?nghter ?.^'nf r001"' ??????? iB Itomnkt appal Hug | hideousneas reigns supremo. Last summer I questioned ^ne^rLw1!?^0"10 ,h* ,'*?crW* of bis prtsou boose " and he frankly admitted that the deeds <rf Imrror ttmt ???B8taiiUy nerpetramd in tbsse fearful da?7?h tab should be abolished, and government alaUmrt snlati tuted) are toe terrible for contemplation, ihe large animals are usually reserved for the manipulation of tb! bb his older assistants, while the piss, sheen and tombs are banded over to boys to "practice upon " I am willing to admit that these muidwarn-Ibo^Htoir pardon, bntchem-do not torture f?? the m% ?OV0 of it, but their long feioiJiaritv with h!Mii and suffering renders them callous and indifferent to the cruel details ef their trade. They wT!!! beastto pieces muck after tbe fashion that a man sKita kindling wood or a cook prepares a ft mitt d la Marmao This system Is all wrong; Tor mercy and sanity alike o?U1^rl^i)r0Pnet7 * these creatoress! or near the prairies. where tboy are reiaed, and tbs br,ngmg of tbe meat to market in refrigerated cam. rus nttrraijTT or mc-rawi Another cause of brutality exists in that coarse enim toflicts torture in order te pamper ,?d ! delight the appetite. It is presumed tbst the flesh of some ansinals has a richer flavor and more delicate crispneas when they are made te die by mcbes nn?t! endure agonies at tbe recital of which the blood run! cold. One of the barbarities to which I refer it tbe roasting of geeee slue in order that the liver may be r"?? "? ?nlarged bf ?h? agonies of the poor bird as to ba suitable for tbo manufacture of d tou Urat. WTRirrinc baiuukjty. Bill of a)] tba horrible miO'erinte infli'-tai nnrm *>>? this pretamTlhS! doiTT !hL2?L,teeVlb#m wh? enlng a home so that he cannot star a limb, beeiw some ?P?* ^to chest, seme ta saw into bis akuM asldethwe to probe the interer ?r his eyes-even for found epelngimg. Tbo mem' de^d *3 Asbeatoe, maddened by tbe thlmtXorliiSMUnS ?everdeecendedtowfiag?wso Jy!" _ ?** AMbwt i? their aoot hours ef stodr !!i wsss&*ar-s-* torn ImoWtw who delights te wring ceofosstons of prominent professor in tbe arboet of brute tenure Lasi lately undertaken to defend the sTstem i^ Murdoch, tbe distinguished heed ef the 8. ou,?h v?,?l kOBie titne ego made s vtait to^the^rhoid at Alfort, near Parte, and be Urns reportsThe ineti. tutlmi te support oil by the government, TnahLi^ hundred and fifty iJ|WI1 euUriuc wW "* P**I[B^to to" ? place of ditaertion I found mvsslf mar | rounded not with deed, huMlvfng euMsjts. fbeb.dta" ng was famished with maky airoug paisrs rl?n? fJl.m the floor to the roof. Living bonw ?? V rrom wilb *VWT passible device, by the head and up?B eub!S! ! si* or mom pupils were engaged in dWrcnt e..^!.i operations. The sight was trnlv horrible. Thl rUL^ ^T*r?.^un ?h? forenoon. It tJL XTy so that >1 being be deep these were yet remaining" ti?"the"bead werf^J^**? beyond description. Thr siudecp. h?1 work I. .be IM.? vital were there, but they tad lost theirtailr hoofs, end Uis pupil* were now eng??.ii in m forming the mom Important op-rAlons, s^h as tying the arteries, trcpsunisg ill. ? cutting down upon rip. more eenslf^! ' But metblnks 1 hear the im,..l,y made, ? Are surluhto*. enacted in our own rountrr?" i 4,? ,, _,b,: yea, barbarities siiollar in chamcter if noUi?d^r^V to my official chamcter I b.v e faten m^ ^rT 1f* yince myself of the fsct. Moreover. the rnieUvlSem ^ vivlsertmn has Utelv been defended in New [ medics! rollege and in s letter a* I rawed to the IWideat thereof, and ptibfished in the ocu>j?apere in t Lat l tirr it ia averred that rivtseeiion is not a cruel neLeV.JL k . onthecoDlrary, ?n mninentiy proper one !!d ^bat 'it which "t^e^Socimy for the Prevention of t'rueitv u i.i. u ' Jf^tbem am mUv.l ^wbhT***1 'h? "?m,Bd ?*?toutioii*'on the^vJUSTet pnbNr health awl security. Tb. inanner^r lag from agmet d-sftace, br railroad or otberwtS^*nV mala destined for bumnn food we mgard ? of .u^Veme twkdil!! ''s^L**" k"own 1>?t the moet cruel St. iissg Tzsir ,k-~ s^'rts; zsszzrzr?y," some farts I. coanect.o. with tbe prartml l^I^l!* dnement without food, wafer end proper greatl rigm l!u?hln ,ho~ lh?' ?"' of the flesh. rvvs-."??*asss of the h!wt -/ bat been made l>K>Oa of aaIidiiIr thu? troatod tnd it has w ,rtsl ^ " f? to h^T" Win K If I HMD. Airorililir to lh? rrnJirt ef Ik. Sten appointed in Parla to ln\ewin^hls ?!d ?siffierte?e literal .mnalwion oTw^^b ? X? "Bd 11 " tar'^> khown rt?t^I! TlolaRi nervonii firittmcit m><h u r-i-t,. aRtSSTrKr ?*?*?\S?kZft& Jbe'meaL '0rM# ,u""? wbolmomenew ef throe o'clock in tS V."ern^n wb? r the poor wretches, as may he ?.?, "IZt *5-!*"*: ??. that able te make any further violent Ktr.ig ' i,,. hnt^h.^f Anmhe'rTr^,^*,mir ,?* T"" r,L* "fo* ?? 'ow. rr*. vm,er'tcrl^jr,?^; row attests ilSt u unci..r.fnM. ?T ^ nrocJld^ for Providence has ass,reed m ia! fto touring us off'prte. and that dwtyT!!! cram* ds.erlor.iM ~r* tbe .s alee dansarously TWk rAi'P* >?? rNWHinranMK KliT. Without dwelling lunger ?o the Impaired quality of the f??h of animal* thu* alowly i of their Htm, the fMrful conacquemw* remitting lo the oonouiner* uf rtir.h meal couutel a nv>r? humane treatment. Tbe ?nerewrope haa exhibited to tbe eye of maaklnd lb* fatal germ* which cream the dhmaaaa from which w? coffer Parasite* are formed ,n the fleeh <n animal*. Mil are transferred to our own hodiaa The name glv*n lo eoae of them p?r**lte* te trtrhtnia. end, ?lthon|th known lo exiet in Kncland for thirty reore, Iheir trtio ohnrncler end functioni! wore not aaceririned until 1M0. I Til lil.TT To row. A* with creature* which lire on land, *o la llwlth I bone inhabiting the waters A mora positive error can not he mnde than to keep fieh alire after being captured tn a email Teaaei of nater. TurtlM. WaMn and aeale hah, aa well aa all other kind* of Hah, abonld be tnauat lr killed when taken. a* every moment of captivity In juriously eftVctv the hhrea of the body. T? .? rape off t ho ecalr of fl*b, to t lunge thrra Into boiling water, and to cut tbean np while llTlng la idmply a retroillng cruelty. To uae the wont* of a Kreweh divine, " la or der that the feah of an animal ehould be palatable and healthy. It Ik ne< esinrv that tbe creatoaa should be kept happy enttl the moment of lla daath. wutuntr >et rm roa vwa n?rrncrio> or aionai*. I know thnt you < jiuot now afford a* mora thaa time lo aimp'y allude to the merer** winch nineteen moo lb* energetic worlttip of Urn wwiety I here the honor to leprweal <a induce u* are worth the wrtooa oatd a ration of the legislature. The act introdwcod to the Senate by tbe Hon Mr. r olrer fur the more rffrctual prevention of rruelty to an i ma la ha* b*en ? arelullr reviewed by tha Hon. James T ami outer eminent gentlemen, aa e-?le<l by nut axporlreeo, and it la hoped that it will wteet the arprova' of the I ert*iatnre In Ilk entirety. The ad in relation lo Hie naught'ring of aiffmeir la another irtep ill the right direction lu a tnorarpotnl iff new the preeent reckleae manner ia abominable, for moay of tbeM horrible execotion* take plkce at the hour when the atbriare at the |BMle whool* ere l*t net, and the ibtldrep kt<: jellif general iv witneag Ik# spectacle through the open deurs tad window*, (Qua receiving Iiwiij m crime and cruelty. ovsnoaowptxo ixrr rut There 1* also uaetia relation to the overcrowding of Ute public vehicles OB Um Mr cot railroad* and overload ing generally. 80 groat aa tncoavonicu< e, or rmtber BOiaance. lia* tbla parking of human being* become that I unhesitatingly assert that the Legislature that will alleviate it will receive mora genuine gratitude in ratani from the people of all chuwes, except the rowdy portion, than by the abolition of almost aay othor public evil finally, ths act In regard to the traimportation of inflam mable substances merits careful attention. A abort time alnce a train of can, carrying petroleum, took fire, and hundred* of heed of cattle were rooaled alive before they boo Id be rescued. A gentleman who saw it, describee, the scene as without parallel. The question of city ror-da la, I believe, already before the Legislature, and I have only to remark on that point that it la a pity that tbo macadam which ta ao smooth, noieniem and easily repaired, could not be substituted for all others, as Is slowly being done in European cities. Tn conclusion, fellow clttseas. if yon love mercy and entertain a just conception of the poet end present contribnti ns ot the brute creation to tbo welfare of man kind, in the form of faithful set vices while living and food and raiment when dead, for ths sake of the slender demands tbsy make in return for nil tneae benefits, namely, shelter, food and water, and simple exemption from cruelty, tr theoe. I my, receive the consideration

?tod* ydu which they merit, then delay not another day fa practising kindness to tbsni in resenting their wrongs, bo matter at what temporary personal inconvenience, and by your eorneet and active sympathy and support ?attain this, the drat and only benevolent institution for their protection In this land, until Its humane example dads Us redaction la every State and nation in this hem ? Hit BRffT BlfT tSTtltPlllSt. Pamcat sf the Messy Pslnoo Blnssthlac. fk? I'nlnrkv Ticket Holders- 8ccsm and Incidents at the Lottery Headquarters, dec. The wheel ad fertnae sad the neeemsry blind man having completed their ardnons labors, and the drawing for the prizes at length ranched its termination, the man agers of tbo Union Home and School Gift anlerprUe yes terday entered upon the last stage of their undertaking, the distribution of prices, and the more difficult eud disagreeable teak of convincing the unlucky ticket holders, who have failed to Obtain mora than the worth of their money, that the affair has been equitably con ducted. xw*M>m? tn nuns. In accordance with the advertisements, nil the money prizes were duly paid up by General Van Vltet yester day, upon the presentation or their tickets, to tbo fortu nate winners, at bis office, No. T State street A large number of pontons attended to witness the awards, sad rousoie themrelvaa as well as they could for their own want of luck by rejoicing at the good fortune of others. TUB $10,000 1-kIlB. Much cariosity Is generally felt, and very naturally, as to the lucky person, by whom the first prise bos been talned. Unfortunate holders or lottery stock may, per tape, derive some comfort for their disappointment, from the fact that the winner of this large sura (John E. McLaughlin) Is aa aged and compara tively needy man. Mr. McLaughlin was In the employ of the United Riatee government for about forty years, but has recently been compelled to give up work in consequence of n severe attack of par alysis. He has for some little time been living on his saving*, but new, enriched in so unexpected s manner, he win return with his wife to Ireland, where he was born, and there end bis days. Tha other prices wore also handed over to the lucky owners of the winning tickets. Meanwhile Urge numbers of those nnfortnnate persons who have not succeeded in J rawing the Oral prise, or any other of sufficient value to satiafy their possibly extrava gant expectation*, betook themselves to the headquarter* of the enterprise to obtain some consolation for the lorn of their money In abnaing the managers of the uadartak tag. ?not sixAoxin?wnxns ui nn t To discover the whereabouts of theoe gentlomtta, how- ' ever, was a matter of no little difficulty. On arriving at their former office, at MM Broadway, the only Indication ! that it had over boon ased for thaparpona of the gift enter- < prieo won o notice to the effort that the operations of that undertaking ware at prjusapt carried on at Kg up Broodwv, and subetanUaT praoT that x romovat m. j being etetod might tjfcxe hsen witnessed abp?t pod*, J when the gody painted wheelwhose magtegj flMtahB attended with mm* mmnbntous conas 1 brought forth from t mam Bat at No UP day, there wan aoth building to show that located thorn, nod convinced that those Magth PWcm sssA that the stock of the estarpUse; animate and inanimate, comprising half a down clerk* or various degrees of civlHly and intelli gence, end about on equal number of sowing machine*, wars duly instated to the front room on the first floor. Too Poos landing ta this sanctum wan guarded over by a neatly drsssed young man, with hair parted 10 the middle, 4 ta Ihindrcmy, wheat apparent taek it was to demand tbo basinets of the anxious in quirer* who applied for admission, and see that they were tumm fLd" bolder* of lottery stock. Having exhibited the necessary i>aw|>ort, in the shape of a concert ticket, to this aeotinri, the applicant was allowed to proceed. A DWOUNTKMItn CROW II. Tbo way in baring been ease found out, tbo number or \ 1*1 tor* interested In the lottery rapidly increased Oiling up tbc room devoted to ita business, crowding the etalrwnv, and standing in knots at tha entrance to the building, with discontented faces and voices loudly pro claiming their dlsguta and disappointment From shout elci en o'clock until four the some both outcide and inside was one of intense excitement Kepressn tali ths of every grade ol society, from the elegantly dressed ladr, whoce carriage was waiting outside to I mar her away so wn at she should have finally learned the stern fiat of fate in reforenco to her forty-live tickets, or the merchant, with ma&sive gold chain and broad cloth coot down to tbo poor wprkgiri or the How-ry boy, scrambled indiscriminately for information. Boo bia-k*. police officers, gambler*, "sports," farmer*, soi- 1 diers, and every class and description of tba fairer w-i were mingled together In one motley crowd of disap pointed and grumbling humanity. WITS TUB XANAIiKNK, The room was divided in two by a wooden barrier, the clerks, de?k* end book* being 011 one side, and th? other being appropriated to veil or*. In many cases the applicants v.era speedily disposed of. and snlienly aatlxfied with their own III fortune, quietly departed empty away. Three were attended to by tfte subirdloato* in?mber? of the lottary fluff, but in otbrr iitatanoev. whore the persons were in the last Stag* of indienaut excitement, sod seemed inclined to bo-oute ?'traction*,'? the service* of the chief agent of the eKtabliaiinient were called In This gri ;le mon proved himself tolly equal to the emergencies own stantiy oi-curring, and displavrd a dagieo of diplomatic skill and tact that would place htm in the front rank among puiiticiaua. a ueijo.iT* </s*. For example.?A iody with bine apeciarlee clad in mourniag gwrm-utla. eridetiUy n shrew of th? water, and ei a quality Improved by age marches up with Brm front to the bar and de mands how it i* th;U she ha* drawn no pri-te Ttii* is undoubtedly n delicate eaee, and she is at once rofesred to tbo head of lb> Neman. She repeat* per question lu a lone of greater determination thai before. ??Oh," replies the gentleman, with a atuvitv that could not bo snrpansed bv U?e moat popular physician, "you will certainly draw a prize, nor of any grant worth, perhaps hot It wdt coma fully up to the advertisement You cannot rd anything less 10 value than a photograph *r General Grant or a lead pencil. You will get one of the minor prizes " "Yes." continues the lady, nothing mol tilled. "I guess they will be minor?tooth picks? per. nape." "No, madam," again respond-* the tottery chief, with n entile of admiration at the sharp wit ef the remark, which at once appeals r?d*tie*s1v 10 the rem: mloe vanhv of the applleant? "this h* not a to-Uinict enterrn'e * ' A nFmWIiK'U mron. TaW? another nw resume* y?t mora skilful bundling. A farmer. *. aiding ? lew rnl'.e" from Now York, in noo ning tbo tin* given In a newspaper o( tin prutes, dis covered that Ins ticket lied wen fSM. lie at once ?tart* lor "York," pots op at a first claw hotel. cost to tho theatre, indulge* in an or star mppwr, with n tow gla-se* of burning rtnld "for lha stoOMeh'a sake," wakm np In the morning wry late with a tearful heedaehe, tothloks himself of his hunt. 1 noon hi Uia city. and at onaa guns to the headquarters of tho lottery. Armed here, he le inlornisa that tin- state tnent in the p?par la an error, ami that a number jo* lea tobtnd his ? the on# legally emitted to tho green bec ks. Now. le make aoch an announcement as tine to n man with a headache created by Saw York whisker regalias no small amount of courage To induce him le belies e ibst everything if lair t? "mpowble, end it tired* no I ttln diplomacy to raetra.n bitn rrotn rurainit Img a beam h of lbs peac e. at miasm QMnun. Aa frequently happens In mure aenona matters, the pert cot who had lost the levd made the uioet emeu, whilst tboee who had taken e number of ticket* and had peverthrlees got nothing, trented ibatr reverse with mint fori Itnde. possibly consoled hr the reflection that they had|bought tbrir tioketa cheap, tuning benefited rrona the reditolion mads to person* or ? lube who Itonght thsm in parnelk A striking ill citation of thin may he cited la the one# 01 an Irishman. it no bed purchased a solitary Uoket in the confident s*p,-, uliou that front the Investment he wo* guiog to realise |9 PPV. flit who had dismally failed. Made aware of the melancholy Might that had thue withered his Mtdding hopes, be rented his dleuppo ntmeut by ah istnn the mauager*?ffrat te their face, and than |*uh?e.|nently u the door. In Bo measure ! terms. "Bo lobars " said lie?(be may bava used a different oath, but ii ran tw proved on the aattiortty of every Irish comedy stum that this Is the oee be ought to hare eniplored>?"It's all a swiodie; aura, If I bad a drasa hoyn wid toe such an my naif we'd chase them owt of their sbnnty mighty qtiKk." "WnU," said a byWnedev, "a suit has olioadv hec!n conimeoood egoleat i bona' "Damu the mil," replied be, they ought to he bong." An% he ?tood for full an howr at the doer, Hlteg the hutory mongers and volunteering advtoe te the persons who earns up en a MMailar errand te that which he had himself just cnmpto.Mi tbut the place where they Ot-trihiite the prise, r" "tin, yes," anld he; '"They see distributing the bills, you'll get a cent's worth lot your money." IS IT A ?Wttl'Mf Among the crowd who visited the office yesterday thai* was undoubtedly a universal tooling of diseaiiw faction. A singular droit instance connected w>lh the matter woa that no one appeared At any time upon the a ens who had nun anything worth winning. or who knew anrhody wlio bad. Mnny pwnonastttef oat the? nad bought ten. twenty and even fifty .tckete, an?i Irawn vothing Of greater value than a dollar. Of iscre the asm tor of >eu* cruet uiusi b? verv small. ee?iipered wMh IMm af leaser ataouaC ' but II In jzoning. ,uul? mat among thoasauda or tirkot bolder*, there/should be ooM who gained anything worth u>ore ?haa their ticker. Tbla foct was generally Dotlcad, sod, the remarks mod* upon it Hlniulr severe, many not aesiUiing to denounce Cio wboio thing no o humbug rjod t gwiadle. Tbo cntlctsm passed upon the gen Hem jn and ladle* who have ondoraod tbo enterprise wore t jbo very poloted. A great number of _ to think that the application of the wont "pious' to lottery waa a acaihing pioee of sarcasm, and tbat epi'het waa consequently freely indulged in. tu uuwnra?xrns i"o? ran nun 'Many and ingenious wore the attompu^nado to impugn the lalrnem of the drawing. A fanner, Maying for a abort time In how York, and deeming himself tbo roughly capable, therefore, of piercing tbo moot skilfully arranged plan of villainy, eald tbat bo know bow U wn dona "Hnwt" Inquired a gentleman standing near, "they bad a blind man, ha couldn't nan what nnmaar be took out" "Ob, yea" answered tbo other, "but If tbey had a boy la the wheel, end it wm big enough, for 1 was there and saw It, how thenf couldn t he hand out the right number? That's bow it waa dona and I knew it would bo ao from the flint. I onver waa aocb a fool as to supposa that I should aver got any thing, net m m." tub wnant ruxnn wira ths wnono snotu, But the moat amusing and popular theory, Inragard ta the matter, is tbat atarted by a gentleman, wHb, hsv lag invested hear lie. feels himself aggrieved in a corns pondia* manner. Ha suppoeee tbat the managers hay ing failed to dispose of all their tickets, and haying n large stock on band in consequence, made a mistake in putting the numbers In the wheal, and placed those which they tbetnaetvoe bold In that unsatisfactory In atrutnent instead of tSoaa purchased by their euMomers. Tbla idea Is rapidly gaining far or, and it has beam sug gested that a mass indignation meeting of the disap pointed ticket holders should be bald, to demand what tbey consider to bo their joat rights, and to compel the lattery managers to ma hi a fresh drawing, inrnatia or tn nirimy. In answer to all ikh the clerks at the headquarter* of tbo enterprise reply that tbo drawing was not made by the managers, bat under the special auparvtakm of the Police Commissioners, and nader circumstances which can leave no doubt npou tbo mind of am impartial man tbat it was uquitably conducted. At to the idea tbat a boy could have boon cue coaled in the wbael, it is alleged tbat such a thing waa Impossible. Taking lata account the thousands of rovctntiono made by it, tbo poor boy moot infallibly bays ondurod tortares yet more horrible than thooe of tbo fabled Ixion, and have infallibly perished. cimoci omctn. Many of tbo objectintm raised against tbo tottery managers are undoubtedly trivial. Although tbey might certainly have adopted some means of indicating more plainly their exact whereabouts, the reason Tar the re moval from the old office, waa probably somewhat baiter tbaa tbat Imputed to them by one of their visitors, " in ordor that they might be nearer the boat restaurants." One lady, however, derived a great deal of eomfort from their change of quarters. " Ah," mid she,." tbey were near Bleecker street last week; tbsy are bora sow, and next week they will be np town, near my house, ao tbat f shall not have Ihr to go to gat my prize." NUT IS AWXRDDie CRIBM. The long delay which will lake place before the prises will be finally distributed excites great discontent. Whether it be una voidable or not. of course it must be for the managers themselves to determine. Bat people are naturally annoyed to learn that the smaller their prize the longer they will have to wait for it A draw ing for the vast number of small prises is of course use less, but ia agreeing to dispense with U and save trouble the ticket-holders hoped tbat the whole aflhir might thus be com rioted within a few days. "If the presents are really all purchased why don't tbey give thorn to us," io tbo idea whioh nearly every oae who visited the office yesterday asked bis fellow-unfortunate. It certainly seams too bod that after being disappointed in getting a big print, one should bo compelled to wait patiently for a whole month before be can got a small one. THE EXCISE LAW. The members of tbo Metropolitan Police tad their oc cupation of arresting delinquent liquor dealers almost gone, aa will be seen from the following record or the business dona la the different Police Courts yesterday vsabanna tub nzcmn law, Simon Lauterbeck, keeping a drinking saloon at No. IS Morris street, and bis barkeeper, Frederick Kealt, ware yesterday arrested for violating tbo Excise law. Justice bold thorn to b*ll& tljeeum of *100 each to answer before the Court of General Session*. Kealt waa toihstod ?*Thursday fbr AeUsitar eflsnee. At Jeflerasn Market Pottos Com* Mk'baat T. Gibbons, ?f Va MM West Seventeenth attest, toes adfaigndB n* Bailing liquor without ? Sri ays, and Sal* to tal* to an A Aba llMHlfll MamAbba to ?Mv D|raWB CMBVIW, The Uw ta BroaMya. ? J staph Mean, d'bartender, earner of Ttogvaw and Oslnmbin air sets, charged with opening before tunriaa, appeared before Jnstleo Buckley, who discharged him on tbo ground tbat bis amplayor waa the respoatoble P*rty. The caaa of Csorgo Calloway, earner of Oarltcw and Flushing arsnnas. charged with a sim.lar offence, waa adjourned for Jury trial an Monday next, before Justice Moreheuaa. dans Hiohn, a greoar and larger beer saloon keeper, corner of Park avenue and Walworth street, woo arrested, charged with soiling liquor without license. Ha will bo examined before Just leu Corn well. Hoary Ibtrrber, corner of Fulton and Buffalo avenues, nndJxmos Million, for selling liquor without Hceavo, were both fined $30 each by Justice Cornwall yaaterdaj. A MUNICIPAL JOB. BmI RHale on tk? fluttery Mold to (be UillH Ntari Hsmimritt for Five Dollaro?V?rttrr Iron RMitrd OMitroinn to Jlloyor Heflman. On V'tiurnJay the Hekau* editorially criticised the moiinq. of the Mayor and Common council In gtapoeing of real bstale belnut^cg to the city tor a merely nominal | price. From the document given below it will l>? neon I that a taiga tract of ground altuuted en tbe Battery it to be made nver to the general government for the earn of $t. Thin transaction M considerably ahead of the Poet office job, and baa very properly called forth tbe follow ing spirited protest from Mr. Riebard O Gorroan, Counsel to tbe Corporation t'rric* OF itacmsm. to ran Ceseoaartet*. Jan. I. I%7 Moo. JohhT. Uorraax. Major of Uic.jijrof New York:? r>ksn Hi*?1 revived 011 .Innuary 7, through the hand* of Mr J.J. LsMiag. a "opt of the reeoliittoa of the Common Council, approved by to j and adopted hv tne?tomanlaaionor* of Uic rink his fond on the ttli Instant. directing that a <v,u reyanco b* y.glb b> the I'.erp.iraiiou u. tbo l'silted Stale* of ktneriea for uTs nomtual consideration of (t of certain ret) estate Minuted on the Batten. is tbia rtty, (fee deacrip. tion where.if it ae follow*:? ? '..mroenrlng at a pdn' in tbe Old Rettery watt, distant taae hundred arid twenty-use fee* la a dlaoetilMh weaterty 1 mm the laterleutioa of tbe nasterto end nf the said wait tru.i the pier on the west side of HIntra f?taod terry atlp. and running from tbr.uea <m a norma* Bee, a dletaaoe of about two hundred and thirteen feet #la Inches to the eh. trr.or line Of I He proposed Battery eiletaaioa. as ee-ahlishrd by the Harbor MnmeMMh thence aiong tbe afneseelil eilrrtor line, sutterly to the westerly aide of the pier on tbe westerly aids ef the StaiOu Island ferry slip; th*nne northerly alone the said pier for the dtstanee .of about two hundred esd twrety feet te tbe laterwoUon of tbe old Bat. trry wall, with the said pier, end (bent*) westerly in * dirert line to tbe place of beginning. The authority tor this pro pi>?ed 11 if iwiss.-' la anponeed te be fennd In aemlea S, chap. M. laws ef 'MM. whereby the CetfeeeMea te aatbertrnrt and empowered to eouver I ho lauds raferred 10 upon ?uoti terra* anil for such pn< r as might be agreed ee with tbe federal author.tiee. I do not ibftik that the power . lalmed n*n he leraBv derived from the act referred te. AH tbe real ettateof the irtty and the pet proeaode thereof, when sold, are pledged to tbe puldtc creditors 1 Met- Iter. Ord.. ISM. pise* S0I-?S.) Asearly aa 1SU tbe t'orporatlou, bt mdin Jnre, made thla pi-dye te its i-raditora. It hn* fre quently been renewed since then, aud has been con nrmed by .be ievglstature ef the State The Comae - sinners of tbe sinking fund ware onastilated trustees for tbe rtty and its creditor*, and they are empowered to mil tbe reel rotate ef the ctir wot iu nsa. nr rearvro for public purposes upon such tarsia as they uiay deem ami adrantageuus for ihe pnbtle intereata sfter on arpral*ement of tbe valoe of ?nch real eatai*. tSee revised ordlasaee. ISM . KapserS, artWteg, seutlon** sndt; rbarter A article 4, section 3t; chapter S, article A sections *A 37.;tq *ad M ) ftm proTidoe* seeai to etc te require that all aale* of the real estate belooqing te the Corporation enisl be nude for a wn.-UirraUon which shall bear a raaeonabla proporilon to the value ef tbe land sold. The ttlie of the ally te the lend relied tbe Batter* was acquired In March, HOI The eon ?eyatiec thee Bust* wee epos the wipes** ranitidine that the lead aenrered should be need sod retnateea a peblic walk fpr erac'ittg public budding* end works of defaeve tbereen, and without asy power to the city to 4i*f?<ae of the same lor any other purpose, or to sell any part thereof. (Chapter I i'i law* ISM. j The statwte o! ISilO brat referred lo tnsy have the egret ef relieving tbe Corporation of that condition Iw aatborlsteg sad empowering toe sale of ths land lo Ue l otted Rials*. But It doe* not relieve tbe Corporal Ion of lbs duty It owe* tons creditors to ntitsin the fatr value of the land when sold, and to apt lr the proceed* o( the *sle to the reditntton Of the Public dent The act empowers the Corporation 10 sell ibis |>rot>eny at a price to be agreed on. which price it was natural to expect would he the Talr mar. kelvaiueoi the land. It does not empower the Corpora tion to convey tlw lead for no prloe. or, te other word*, to aire It away. It does not abeolve the Corporation of it* .-00 linultid duty a* tnt-tee lor the public credlmr*. which is, to hold the reel estate of the < tty a* seenr.ty for the payment of tbolr cialran. or to apply the proceeds of the sale of such land to Iba reduction of tbe .sty debt. J nan readily con. retro N eases la wbich it m*y be lawl nl and onnrtient thst lite city should be liberal la the disposition of its reel eata.e as for instance, in leaetng lot* for charitable. educational 01 religious purposes 80tne caves 01 mis kind here ? rnrr*d during my t?rra of nglee in wh.rh I hsve not only not interposed enr objection, hnt here cheerfullr fsrflltaled the transaction. I bare .ions so sf.-w due delibr rgBon at tentive eismlnatlua of tbe Isw ?n.I perfect ullilagt.s-s to accept the prouer r*spoii? Mlltv The beueflt 10 the t*? payers ?I the city In such casts is manlfe-i Either poverty ?* relieved, which otherwise would be a charge main them. or IkecdovwttoT.nt Ibelr Children is sld-d Which would giber Wise be at their oust or not at nil fir on the land traced smue house of prayer rite* up In which cttlpena ere taught due revelcecc to that nuprsase Power on wbuae will the fate of utiles arid notion* depends. There generosity I* wis torn Bnt In Ihe cam new befnre ms no cneb ittdwesfsu souaa tot exist. The federal government the prorwsod ^ur chaser, Is able to pay the fair value of the u*e to which It is proposed to spplr it when t.nerhssed 1* fvw the benefit of the United States and the federal gv.rern* men! as much a* for that vat the Rtols or viri ol Nns fork. The <s* upatlnn of this prr.pcrt* br ibe united Htataa wlH ant <*nd to vllvniiil*h the a eight ef tatsMon r*i the is* pay ers of tlrts-?Mp, hut. will. #?. the rsmlrer*. Imiirerif* mail to inorsem it, by eermancjitly r-mnriug Hue Urge and v amebic pi. ??* of land from the reach of rvate i*.sit..11 i iierc .1. "nted at mj duty to ?nlvm,l te you tbe foreg. tug < evisblere ?lon*. (Ititor nnevtions *. ryrct ihenvsclve* s* to the *ffo?4 nt the propo-eg conseyanvw on Ihe 11 epebelhltty of the ntty te tbe eontrsetor empfoved on the Ksllcry attention. Tksce ?uiesltoti* I her* a* y? t had no time is cssmiee, end yst it went* proper tome iher shmild be eaamtted before any nnsj ariioit in thi* matter. Knough of eb..cct.*n, Inifr-rer, el sts. In bv nurd, te tender me Indisposed to 'iivur ant r**vv.1.nihility (or this isimeyanc*. even that *n.sll sber* Which would he Iwvolvrcd In my rormsl npj.revsl ef Ihe divrvi. Ili#> v the bciior Is I"*, dear -ir. yonre. fiu'llt 11IIJ hiCMAiil' U'OUHMJhR. ?y?Nl to tot v?ipvr*tivn. COMMISSIONERS OF CtUVTIEI A* Annul to opart ef the i??. a?Iim ?4 litiili Paw tkir Am MtmalMi Ac. Swgl Charities ud Correction, now reedy to to presented the Governor ud Legislate re, toe following to? nfe taken:? > MUJtvpi aomak I contain! 1,000 beds, and la open at ail hi? ad (to dee I and night. During the pa? year there here toan f,M I pan ante treated, of whom ? 112 ware dtee barged I cured, 823 died, aad there are TM new t?d? treat?cot I ?onotm. I Connected with the honpiiel la the Morgne, or recap I toola for the nnhnewn dead. A toltdtog eat toe %?*?? I UI groondi near the Ka? river ban torn fitted up, aim, I I? to the Morgne IB Paha where percent feend dead ? I toe street* or rivnr ara laid for the ere? inahon of aoeb I aa have lost relatives or Meada stnee the Morgne w? I opened on the 21at of .Tune there have toan received ft I bedier; ideatiiW by frienda, 28; unknown, 44. I noamai. von otrrooon rood. I This institution, designed for the treatment of eoob a* I do not require the coatinnoae attention of the hospital I and are not prevented by their ailments from following I their ordinary occupations, waa opened en the 16th at I I October last. From that date to toe t? of January i there were treated four hnndred and thtrtv.amt I there were treated four hundred and thlny-osv? patients and one thousand three hnndred and seventy eight prescriptions were dispensed. Until within the peat years Charity Onto Island) to jiltal was under ths supervision of the lledlce) Board o< BeHevue Hospital. In Mareh la? U? earn?isstonerr appointed a separate board oi?l?ag of two eea?Hia* I and twenty-two visiting physicians and surges?. ton have been wenty-two vtriting phvglclana and ?age? them I been in toe Charity hospital doriog toe pa- ye- * patients?DlechanM cured, MM; Med, dM. re I This hospital is situated ? of Btaekw?I'e Island, apart toe? ?ton ?sidings, and al aece? to it by visitors in fovWddm. The nambin ? patients dnring the pa? ye? wan Sldf?ied, JB; cured 278; remaining, 7. The fever hospital in also Isoln?d, ?at M dnroiad u toe treatment of typhus or ship fever. The no?tor ad mitted daring lSdfi was <12; died, 121; cured, 47t, re I ?ainiag, 12. ^ lUWATIfl ASTUT*. The Lunatic Asylum contains see?I hundred sixty-?wen patients. Ore? end tonedeial chanr? he*, be?i made in the interior arrangements of too two ntor< important buildings during the pa? ye?, but thei crowded condition is n serious obstacle to the Improve ment of too patients, and to their general comfort. It I the intention of the Board to ere? another building fo their aooommodatioa, end for their ?ore perfect elas? fl cation then ? new practicable. noenTAL rest Biurm A hospital for the treatment of epileptics txelnelvel b? been established. Hitherto this unfortunate class o patients has received but little medical attention, crrr ramose. There are fonr prisons in charge ?the Os?eia First District Prison, or Tombs; Second District Prams or Eases Market Prison; Third District Prison, ? Jeflei see Market Prison; Fourth District Prison, or Fifty seventh street Prison. In the Is? annual report to Coinmlssionera reform! to the inadequate provision fc the confinement of prisoners al the Tombs, ? first Die trict Prison. It was shown that in an area capable c holding properly but 120 prisoners there are in con6m ment always 850; and that, during the h? months c summer, when the courts are net In session, the numbs i is increased to 4$0 prisoners. There were on the 1st of January, ltofi, la the fen I tenti?y, 596 prisoners; committed during the yea i 1,878; died, 17: discharged, 1,067; remaining, 680 ( thorn committed during the pi?I ye?1.666 wets ?ah and 436 females. It has been the practice to aasnetai and work the prisoners in gang* Irrespective of to crimes f? which they were committed. The comdai intercourse between the you thru! and veto?a enrol? was or the moat disastrous influence on the form? ? destroyed the la? trace of virtuous feeling and proper htm f? the perpetration ? graver rW when be w discharged from arisen. WJRSHBI or cm I There are in the city of New Yortt 90,000 children fol tween the ages of five end twelve ye?*, who receive ? education, and whose days are passed to paverty aa Mlene?. Utterly destitute, many wtthoet parents, aai all wtthoet the active, effective sympathise of tome wt could nine them above want, bow can to he that, a* the grow i?,. they ?MM be ?tor toHMltotom naf? ?Is title da? thai 8W esrj totodeve that the place efj| | offend* Is the school of the gtvat? \ Mi for thirty - MxtyJ (to prison co?fiSl ? tltol^^H virtue is shut out, and that there le P0f?? f? bt | but to enb??f? ?fro*. There Is now ie the city af New York a sharp I criminal Class, constantly augmenting to an well ? to depravity, and correspondtimc to aad habits or life to ttodangereua d?e?of toe pro ciiiee of Europe. There can be no weM-grao?tod noi for the diminution of crime while this claw sfceft eib It Is idle te rest na the feeble palliatives ef tonev?e a?ocntloai umddad by toe -rang eel? ? ps?lie op? i?n. They can egbct nothing, nor can mere gov? mental measures. The sensible repression ef crime ? I only be uccempllshod by the distwrsinn "f the erimin [ class through the earnest aed < ontlaueua n?ten ef U whole community. When the public mind shall be aroused to a see the magnitude wf the evil and ita nnwdig aspect ? may bepe for its abatement: and toe a?eei?tarns wbi< abound for the moral advancement at the depraved w then become ready and useful instrumentalities le ful the puri o>es of tbelr benevolent founds? wowtoors*. There were in the Workbnu? on January I, Itol I 250; received during the year, 12,411; discharge | 12,1100; died, 235. Remain Ins, 1,136. ? AAJTWOI'Sn There were in the Almshouse on Jaaearv J, 1M 1.562; recoivod during the v?r, 3,014; discharge 2.639: died. 733. Remaining, 1 274. The proportion pen pew to the whole population is nearly oatfofmiy U for a years Borm.ri room. The I?ristatura has delegated to the Oemmi??mn? ample power to relieve every <ia? of the nefoftnnai except lo provide tea.purerv shelter f? the bemelt Kwrair. The Board cannot, nndiir the act of its ereatio ?e or erect a buildiag for that purpose. In thV gr? city not a day paroes wiUrut the ejectien of htmiii from toetr houses at nightfall h cause of their teainii to pay their weekly rent, and they are often cnpipell' in find shelter in the police station houses with v?rani or to pess toe night te the street*. The he?e w opened on the 28to of January. Between that dele ai the 1st 6T April, when It was cVwd, there were a muted, males. I,b90; females, 126; children ef bo sexes, oT tiK uKrm.'TMrvg Of toe other iMiitotions tho report slates that aim he drrd aad forty-two boys aad three hundred aad twent one girls are at prroent Hi toe nurseries en Randal Island: the Inebriate Asvluni, will, it Is expected, r?dy for occupancy o>>xt year, aad a further enm $100,060 will be required to complete it. The subset pnrcli?lng a tract of land fur a eity cemetery Is ? under consideration, ? the ccu?terr ? present taw on Ward's Island Id too near the afferent tnxtttalxu The Outdoor Poor, Colored Home and Magdalene As turn, are ?I in a prosperous condition, and their n>? ageiueat during the pa.-l yc? lia? bsen satisfactory ev?y respect POLICE IHTELLIGKECE. Rushsst ok I Rpnmav Natat Umon.?A tens dor /I nloTtkt, u ?fllcer of the Hussion Kitjt, reeeeuiy ,1 r,?ed from California in the steamship Henry Chsunctf and put up at the Whitney House, m Broadway Thursday eeenlng Mr. Zaolovsky's trunk, which tthl aboard the ship, wan brok n open and robbed et| barometer, chronometer, sextant, coat and ahawl. rider various other article*, rained in alt at t21 Charles W. Darts, the colored oook and Waiter the I heuncey, being suspected of the theft, was yesi 1 day arrested by an 'iffleor of me twenty-sixth preen, win n tha coat and abawl taken from the eomp'aiaan | trtiak were found in bit poreoseton. The aen liveeat 181 West Twenty ninth street, was taken beftl Justice Hogs a and oommitted lo the Tombs for ir<| The officer t? making an effort to tweover the reatsuif I of the stolen property. Dav I* la flfty-thiwo year* of < I and was bora la Virginia, The complainant a ea ml to < bin*. Taa W*nr.w Sirbtt Knmm (**??ZicaasT Co??ott| ton T?i*L?Tbo com of Adolpbus Zlckert, receniv rated rbargod with ottcmptfag to act tire to bw ?t?| 107 Warren street, wae fhrtber ettomined before J<intf H<>.an reetorday morning. Tbrea or tour wiin<v| were sworn and gave their testimony, but It tonuit nothing of tmportaore bwdde* what has been aim published tn the H?r. n.n At tlm cln*e of the hear the magistrate decided to boid Ai- kert to h*'l in the ?<l or $-J,000 to answer at cwnrt. N?t baring a bonds praaent, the accused aaa committed to the Tomb*. ImtcnD So* Aasor?An*rat n* * Raant WJ , * - f?Samuel ? ??.? Jointly Indicted with <'hsr| Worm* Tor anon In the third degree, to setting lie the mora of tbe latter, Ma 6 College place, on the day of July last, was yesterday arrested by detectl Tttley and Captain Drear, of tha Tm<d precinct, ? warrant Issued by Recorder Iter sett. Mi..^ was required lo give 16,000 Mil to answer brfotc roan or Uenerml r?-a*lona Worms l? already ondrr same amount or hall le await his trtal.^ Af mm Fottrnar.?Hsary Anderson, a yeiiaf V- -< I man, wns arraigned bet ore Justice Iwdwitb * ?? | charged by Mary I_-Z>ne% of No. Ti Ninth sue*I. basing uttered aod parsed on her a forged chert, ,j* ?mi ?hr cashier of the Merchants' Fink, for |IM. para to the order of William Ifceaoe, and iiurporttng to I K gnnd t>* Brand, Hapdereoa A Co. Anderson sdtril| giving tbe check tn ilr*. Dean, sad VH ooenu, trtnl tu deiattlt of f MO Iwil. i nrsi.TT to Astasia?'TretcnUy aflArnoon one <,r | nWMters of the Fourth idoMtel Police ikiurt arrtoteit (I ' <ld .**ul)iran and Frank Hughe* on the above ? i,?r| nadnr tha feitawihg Utt imshtiices .-Observing aha nisi i ti it rlow and pei Jul progpsaa Ihrimgh Vwl ..J aOguBd straw, the In*if on one of ivboas forsic.,* completely rotted off tbM when the animal raisad m 1 it hung imice. coming into tie plum uga.n tnw ti,#l Ml down, the oil.Tur was inlorined by a rivitm tl the boys who hsd ilnvcu lh? horse hrui just gone 'i,J tha car aw, where |. n he followsd lljem aud n into < tried r They wc ? st ance brun^hf l?'ii* i M ? <-an<>iiv sad ffatotoMM la 1300 cavb W >a?g,I