Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1867 Page 7
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Financial and commercial. > Fsuuv, leb. 1-4 P. M. Thai* has been a further Improvement in the temper of the (lock, market to-day, and the toaenoe of any now failures tenia to tnepire confidence in the gradual re covery of prima. The undertone of tiAt speculation for a rim 1% however, weak, owing to the heavy lames wnlch have been sustained by a large number of firms r-puted to be strong, and, therefore, although preeent appeemnmoare promising for the bulla, it.would require bub alight adverm ialueoeea to precipitate a fall below the lowest point yet touched. A considerable amount of turaatoesni capital te finding its way into the street for ?mpleyment on the Slock Exchange, and this is not without nilnhl oflbet In aaulsting the reaction. It It upon thin now capital that the market must depend to a (real extant for He recuperative power, as for a long amM to oeaaa the eflbot of tha losses of the last throe months will be aeen In largely dimin ished trananeUmm among many houses la first < lass credit. Tha banks are still cautious, both in grant tag loans anfi asrttfylng checks, and although money in loaned to the landing dealers in government securities at ? a | par coat the general rate on railway and miscel laneeea collaterals is T per cent. The supply of loan [table fund* In In SxeemofUie demand, and the distrust which attended the last panic i?-gradually gtvini place do a better state of tasting. In tha disoout line there la mere wUHngn? shewn to take first claw commercial yapar, the sain Car which la new quoted at I a 7* per ceaf. At the tea O'clock union of the open board the mar ket was dan but firm. Erie sold at 66X a x, New York Central, tax, ex-dividend of 3 per cent, maning It equal 4o 100X, divMend on; Narthwastern, 38X ?preferred, ?4X- At the drat regular board the volume of transactions waa limited, owing to an ad journment to enable the member* to attend tha funsrai or a Ism associate. Erie elosed X higher than at the same time yesterday, Reading >4. Michigan Cen tral Mohican Southern X. Rock Island 1, North western IX?preferred IX, Fort Wayne IX, Ohio and ttianmippi certificates >4, Pacific hail 4, Atlantic Mail 3, .Mariposa preferred 3, Western Union Telegraph New 'York Oentral was\% lower, ex-dividend, but 1'.; higher, -dividend included. Government securities were Inac tive and eoupon sixes of 1881 doctned X, five-twenties of 1?65 X- Seven-thirty notes of the third series advanced V- At the one o'clock open board the market was firm. F.rie sold at 68X; New York Central, USX; Michigan Southern, 71X; Northwestern, 36)4?preferred, MX At the half-pnst two regular board tberu was a further improvement on n portion of the list, and a growing dis position was evinced to buy for a rise. New York Cen tral dotted 1% higher than at the first regular board, lErie X. Bending X? Michigan Southern X, Cleveland ?nd Pittsburg 2X, Hock Island >4, Northwestern X? preferred Mi Fort Wayne X, Chicago and Alton X tluveramenl securities were firm, and coupon five-twen ties of 1865 advanced X, seven-thirty notes of the first aeriee X At the half-past three open board prices ware a fraction dower, but the tone 'of the market was steady. New York Central sold at 98)4; Erie, 66>4 a % ; Michigan Southern, 71 n 71 >4; Cleveland and Pittsburg, *7)4 a %; Michigan Southern, 71)4 a *4; Reading, 103%; Cleveland and Toledo, 130 (b. 3); Rock Island, 96)4; Northwestern, M a 361*?preferred. 64)4 a X; Mart pooa preferred, glX a 21X- Subsequently the market became strong and continued so up to the close of busi ?ant the following quotations were current at half past fiveNew York Central, 99X a X; Erie, 57 a 67 X ; Heading, 164; Michigan Southern, 74X a X; t-levulond ?ad Fills Surg, MX a X; Northwestern, 36J4 a 87? preferred, 66X a 66; Rock Island, 96 a 96X; Fort Wayne. 97X a X '> Cleveland and Toledo, 121; Western Union Telegraph, MX- Compound intorest notes were 4'ieted this by the dealers:?June, 186/, 119 a 119X; July. U?X o X; August, lid a X; October, 115 a U?X; December, 114 a 114X; May, 1805, 111*4 a 112; August, 110X alU; September, 110X ? X; October, 110.<4 a X The geld market continues strong, notwithstanding that the rates of foreign exchange are below the shipping point. The disposition to buy la view of probable con tin (steles is on thj^ increase, and the premium hot a- j rising tendency. The opening price wa? 185),. followed by m immediate advance to 13dX and a decline to l'-ttXi from which point it reacted to 136X at about two o'clock. During the rest of tha afternoon It remained steady at this figure, and the "losing quotation was 133X a X- Tim borrowing demens Jto aaany equal to the supply, and loans ware made with out interest and at 2 a 6 per cent for carrying. The policy of the Treasury hoarding nit the coin It reoaivaa meets with general tover among the commercial an wall us ths Insunlsl eotorn unity, ssd Cong reus should not defer the posmgo of an amendatory act prohibiting I bo tooretarr ef the Troeeury from selling any portion of bis onto nesriii This will put an and to the public seen dots oonnooted with the secret sola of gold, sad tha gradual aooumuUtton of coin in the Treasury vaults will do more to strengthen the public credit than anything else the emoment ran do- It matters not what tha Immediate elect tt^MP a htfi es we suggest msy he upon the price ?f fet? when it Is clear that the ultimate result will he te cms# a more speedy approximation ef the value ef peon becks le com than would be otherwise possible IT the premium rose fifty per eest to morrow the country would be no farther re moved from o reuamption ol specie payments than if it declined to twenty, and we should be no nearer to it in the totter than in the former event. It will be remem bored that geld toll to 126'.' on the 1st of May last, sad yet sold up to 167X an the 18th ef June, so tbst its fiuc tasUoas are no indication of the state of the public credit, geld being as much a mercbaniabie commodity Mining shares were generally firm, ?n<1 totydon ?u I the strongest of the Colorado slock* selling at IS. Al |?ha brat board Cory>Ion cleard 26c. higher than at tha me lime yesterday, wiling at $7 AO; Hold Hill ho., I aeUiag at $4 06; Consolidated Oratory Cold 46c.. selling ? fid to. Walkill lead wae lOo. lover, selling at 76c. A< the seoond board Consolidated Gregory Gold closed | ,I8p loves than at the rtivi Imard, ssiliag a< $10 *4*, to rvdoo eras 40c. higher, selling at IA The foreign exchange' market remain* dull and rote* are nominal Banker*' biltaon England at eixty days were quoted at the close aJ I OS k, a 10k tj ; at three dayr, IM a 109};. bills, 107 a 104. k ranoa at any days, 6.36 a & 16; at three 'lay*. 5.16 a 6.1-tfc. Bills on Her tin. 72a72i4; on Bremen, 7k '4 a TVtg; en Frank fort, 41 n41 Hi on Am-ientam, 41V 0 41 %; on Ham fa irg. Ml a MH; en Antwerp, 5.'J$ a 4.14V. The action ef the trueleee of the Ban Mntnal In-urance i ompany In anaceihng Uietr outstanding profit scrip hma produoed a great seosatlon in financial circles. 1*he losse* of the company lost year far exoeeded the premium la nome. At the dose oi 1806 the corpora* ion had out eianding $1,004,060 of this profit arrip. which bora an Interest of six per oeui anaually and toed an average market value of ahoor asreniy-Dve per cent. We under ?taed that the ecrip holders protest ensrrciically against this actmn oI the trosee-, and demand a rigid invsstiga lion iaM the affair* ef the office. The trustee* announce that thev have added hail a million of new .-lock capital In the sssila, and Intend to take up another half million ef notes la advance nf premium For the past two year* 4ms office itaa hoen pi ended over by Mr. Meres I. Gna usil I*p to the end of IMS the Bun Mntnal bod issued Is protot scrip $6,110.1*00. and redecmsd of thai amount $4,860,360. bsvleg al*o declared la 1406 a frooh profit of $Xi3,846 The annual s atement of the fotnpeay for the year ending .tannery .10 1MT shows a teflcencv ef $1,166,701, which nwaaeitaiss tbs calling In sad uanoelling of $1,161,420 or ecrip the fall amount outstanding. Ttr.s measure is complained nf by the ? rip holders, and they have called a meet lug on the wubpKt, which will be held tomorrow. The lolkiwtag ere the condition* upon which the scrip ??? issued fhis is to certify that .luun Jone* i* at this time en titled to $100 in the invested funds nf the Bun Mutual I entrance Company, eubjecr u> the right* nf the com |?say Hildas the charter ami all demand* in tnetr favor, ?and to receive on Uie Dm day in February oi each year such interest a* shall arise from the invc?tment nf the nmd funds, not exceeding *ti per cent per snncm. pre ruled that when the louse* ami oxpen-es of any yssr nesll exceed tho pr>uinuar earned during the same year aha deficiency Is mi he provided for from the aggregate Tunds of the company, and this certificate is to be stir rendered for twduciios at the time the first payment of mtereat shall l>? due subsequent to eucli deficiency being a ?curtained. i lbs last sunual ?ialemcnl of the '-nmp-iny Is as fol low*:? The following statement of the affairs of thi? oompanv 1* published in conformity with the requirement* of the tsntii section of the act nf tta incorpnriu.on- ? Prsmlumt on unexpired risks, Dec. .11, 186*. . $640,411 Pientum* received dnr<ag the year te ftec. 31, inter im oitnns risks li.dsto j4? ftn s'Ond risks 312.10:) ? - 3 $95,840 7-tisl $3,296 660 Tks swouat of osraed premiums during lbs saw iom return pi stniuins, was,,,.. 12.129 322 Looms nM during the year.? On manes risks $9,389,018 On inland nsks ***?? KilMfeMxt and reuisuranoe Total $9,888,407 The aaeets of ilie coiupauy on the 1*1"* DiMmlur, 1M8, were ae follow*. vis:? <A4n Real eataie and hoada and mortgage* . ? * ? United Hute* stocks, loans on atacka, occioed Interest on bonds and mortgskoi, and loans, rents of real eaute, salvage, fcc Si'77# 'Ml1 043 504 Bill? receivable at nut Premium areonnu not yet collected ;_?_?? Vios Scrip of sundry mutual Uisuraace oompaniea ??"w> _ . $1,988,880 The fomg'w'n*'^ataauan't''ha. noec suiotly tothe requirement* of the The receipts and expenditures of the company for uta year ending Decemhrr SI, 1888, have boon eeloUowo. Expend turea for manna losses, return urns, expenses, he . ...... ?????? "$S,S*4,W Racm^u^ front earned premiums, profits on ^m4W Excessof $930,009 The company were liable at the and of the year, lor aapald loaaea re turn premiums, commissions, he., estimated at ? ? - ?????" Lata to bo reoelved for advance of mine of rsal aatata, stocks, ho., and Mr sundry salvage, ratasar anos and other ctolsas duo tho company, ostlnastod at $413,490 W i>t neilc-uey la etoir of the ^^t^^ofTrn^hara thia day ordered that the outstanding wlp or oorttncntns oHmreUs heretofore issued by tho oompnny be reduced thatr entire a sums' and tho cortiAcntoa Issued therefor called In and canoetled. . . - >. Holders of certificates a<* hrnntt^jndssjnod are hereby noil Bed of tha action of the board, and aro re quested to surrender such certificates at the efBoe of tha company for cancellation. . . nnn No In riaks dlsoonaoctod from marina hare boon taken by the company. The private and public telegram# from London giving the prices of American securities were as under on U?e dates tneuttoced:? ^ yM^Us January 32. UU'<?*m Five-twenty bonds 79)4 7 S Illinois Central 81 ?*???? Erie *'*'? Jan-tan: 98. .. Five twenty bond* .73 1-18 73 Illinois Oentro'.......... - ^ 41* , ^tr.7,Abends ^.78?.l. g* .gjj January 30. ?? Five-twenty bonds 73X ^ Illinois Central 38X a 89 Erie v " What bare the agents of the Associated Proas to say in explanation of these discrepanciesT The importations of dry goWs at this port for Ibo week ending January 81 compare as follows with those ol' the preceding week :? , Jan. 34. ^-Jan.ZV CsnMumpHtn. ?-0T 3jg Manufactures of wool. 778 I*"-** }?*? m'm Manufacturesof rouon 1,3-^ 4U.&? ?,JJ ss?.*j li'l ^ 3,441 $1,407,944 4,691 $1,901,309 mJESSX-?? 987 $480,889 463 $924,969 Manufactures of cotton 788 937,009 J4J 76,999 Manufactures of silk.. 89 84.098 199 116,989 Manufactures of flax 791 IK 746 474 97,198 Miscellaneous 9,497 88,987 l,OW ' 6,"0? $1.094,808 9,817 $599,077 Bssssssras ss as _j? "'?*? _w ?;h 1W $1,119,117 9,945 $1,861,475 The Union Paciflc RnUrond Company, Eastern Divis ion, pay tha interest In gold on their first mortgage bonds to-day. Albert !L MitmMy soM tho following stocks at auction yesterday 30 shares National Fire Insurance Cm, 90 8t Mark's Fit* lnsumnco Company, $96, each... 78 90 Home Fire Insurance Company, $100, esuh-... 136 60 Yooksrs and New York Fire ins. Co., $100, each 70 ULES AT THE HEW TOM STIC* E1CHAKE. FrMnr, Feb. l-lOiSO A. flf. NrnwrntrXTr Ir-t ST*" SIT? ?SU8di I. ??S ? Hud Jiver **..? loiu leu do sW im Seks Centon Ce 44 ?8J de 9PeonCeatCo.!4S 189 do Sj 0 WlUeebajre Coel IW 49 S Cht A^f W M? iZrX^'gc?. lift . . Msrrinoaa Ms Co. ? ? Ux 4d9 do ? ? oeffiwds^ggat 146 j? m Msrtpwopreforred. tu^ 50 Atlaaue Malt 88 tie. 99 890 do bis 88 roklA^Whi-pref. &4 Bwioo Wat Pawer. SOU MO ? rwt^ii-u'?8 0o:. j55 SchiAVi-Vn:::: Siw J? *" IW 10 Cki. Hur A QmnRK ISO NTt^ M .exdiv jf/M U*^ *14 COiMMRRClAI. KBPORT. rilNT, Flbrutrj 1 -8 T. M. B?t?D*Ttr?v*.?Receipts. 1,10 bbla. floor, 300 do. ear* meal, and 4 444 begs earn meal. 4,300 buakaia txwti, *,800 da. o>yi:t do. rye, and j.nflfl da. mall. The market lar State and Western flour waa generally more alaad}. Holdara generally demanded foil priors for low grade*, but with free offering*, medium and high grade* bad a con tinned de clining tendency. The aataa wore to a fair axeeot, tba de mand being mora entire, and aaiea of 8,100 bbl*. were made, at the subjoined qo uatloria ?Hnutbcrq flour waa at ill dull, but prime were comparatively steady. Tlie talea cover Mtt bble. Rye flour waa ateady, with a moderate demand. The aalea comprise 800 bbla., mainly at from HMaH aeoord:ng la qnaltly. Cora meal waa neg leered, and no aalaa ot Importance ware affected Wt superfine end Western. . .? M 10 a ? 7* Ultra dtaJc Id 00 a Id '/* Choice fllate 10 % a II M t'ouimori to medium extra Waaieru 10 no a U 31 Kl'ra round hoop Ohio 10 d a 11 11 weetarn trade branda 10 W a II flfl l^umoo Southern It 10 a 13 *4 Vaocr and extra do U ? a 14 <? Kye flour (miparliuar 0 4b a 8 let Cora meal, Jeraey 1 10 a 1 wi corn meal. Rrandyirlne 0 JO a i 41 ?For wheat, the demand eoaunued inactive. but bolder* were leu diapoaed to preae eatO'i. and prleen were nominally unchanged. In the abeam* of trnnxm-llonx. price* were j nominal. Corn wae bold with greater Oirnnea*. but no ae tual adranoe wae eaiabllahed. The aalen rover JU.IXU btiehele. at 81 ?? for mixed Weetern, la "tore; f| If, for mixed Weatern. afloat; and $107 a fll OH for new rrlluw. Them I waa a more active demand for '*U. and p ice* ruled mora ateady; the nnlr* nam 40.UUO buauoin, at due. ? M, far I Chicago and 14 llwaunee, and fl7c. a 6K. for Stale. Barley waa alredy, with a fair deaiund; tba aalea were Ml.OOn buabeia, at Blc.|a Sflr. lor Canada Want In bond and fll IBS, for Slate and Maine. A limited demand prevailed for Rye, hnt price# wet* maintained, the aalea err* 2..V10 bushel* at ft 31 a fll 33. Malt waa nagleot. j and nominal. Cottof.?The demand nontlnarJ limited and pim1 a were *eir irregular, etoainglwunr am indicated o> the subjoined quotation* Tba aalea wwxv Ml lielea. We aiese.? mm-Ha. *<*?'? XVi-Tm Ordinary flu Tfl 11 11 lx> w middling, .11 M rtl 31 Middling .V ?% 34 M tlood middling. K x. ? 30 ? Rnxtoirra.?With liberal aflhrmga ofoBlton to Llverprv1 rate* were firmer, both by aail and <ueem rberr * mnrr room far bearr freight, and a* rorn waa wucb wan'ed It waa taker at lower rate*. The engagement* were:?To l,i? erpool. 1.000 balee rnMoa at a tM a 4*4.. aad |*r ateamer 190 balee cotton at <*d. a IMfid.. 3U0 bogaa bacon at .40#.. aad l.txo boxe* nbceae at Ma. To Loudon. MM bbla roam at la. M. par M) lba , 3B0 toe* oil cake at Of. ad. a 37a M. M liercee boat at 4a. fld. To Bremen, Ml too* logwood at lis. fld. To titaagow W.OOU lauhtia mni at 4V,d. a 0<L, Tba charter# were ?a brig to Homos Ayrea, lumbar flit per M; a acbootier from .lackaontllle to Mew 3 orb, lumber, flit rmm Mi a B-ltieh brut <u Mara?tiles km bbt* petroleum at and back from Sicily, frail. flkbM. gold; too reaaela lo farm Rh-o end back, swear bOn.and on laolnaa* flfl per charge* paid; a Britiah brig to aoutb aide Cqbe and hack, sugar MUr.; a lUtabtit g hrtg te a dlrr-t port on the flon'tnan'. I,11M bbl?. petroleum. eluel to 5? Id., with tlpar real prim "(a. and a Bremen ahtp lo l-ondoa, general cargo, on prh ata tat ma. Fnortamaa.?Reealpt* 7fll bhl* p.irk, 00do. bnef. 3W perk ate" out m*ata and J Ouu drnaaed hog*. The mark*. for park opened dull end heavy, but subsequently ri.led firmer under en improved demand, end ole?ed at a *ll?hl adkanee. The aalea caali and regular, were 0,OHO Mil*.. Innludlpg new me?a at from fltft 37 a t'AI M. elnaiag at th< outalde price lor kt retrrn. flM a 918 afi for old me-e, eloalng atfllSMen-h; ?lb 03 a 017 for prime, and fll* a flTl for prima mesa: aim for February and March delivery, seller** and buyer's option, snout 3MB nhl* new laeae at from fl38 a fl31 10 Total alo-k of old aad new me-? jwrrk. February I. IMi. MiWI bbl?. nam* lime laat month, (7.107 bbla.. and some time la?t yaar. M.03I bbia. The beef mar kct waa quiet bin steady. with aaie- of 300 bblr . at 913 a fll* for naw plain mesa and fl!7 a 930 for aew extra mesa. T del stock of new aad old otee* beei, IT-br iary I, 1487, la.W pkq?.. aanin time laat aenth. JSMHe pkg*., and -nine tine laat year .Tb.Wft pigs Href name war* in talr ilnn.and, and pTree tavored the aeller. The aalea war# HSU bhl*., a flit 90* 985 90 Rar nn waa neglected ao l nominal, tint ni-ata were ateady with a lair dement'. Tba sale- were on pukvgre *t 8t?r. a?H?. tor ahooldera and I0'4<. a I.V fur barn* Lie-aed knga were flraacr. The aalae wvie chef iv al a I Or for elty, dnoing, however, at thq Irtride Aguran The tranaantinna in lard ween to a lair extent, tba dem <nd helttg qntte aetivn and at lull prion*, I.OOO nack igen were sold, mainly at tlMn. a ItHo. fur old and UAn. a ItQa, for new. Holler and elienae wete quint hi.I *iea fj at prevl, ou* quma'lon*. Pmtot ei a. ?Receipt*. 3 MM 'jhle. crude, and fined The market for tank ein-le and ratified waa attli < harantertved by extreme duleeaa, hnt rrexlona prbea were quite anetalned. XHLc a 49-. being demanded fot aiauderd white in htHul, and T4H?. n 19r. for crude, ho alee of mo ment were reported In I'MUddi hla there wae an lit creased huatneaa ronaummaied. the aalea cooipefstng I 908 bbt*. prime light straw to e h'te, at 'J7)*e., 1,00(1 bbla do. for the laat half February, at *>*c buyer a option; I.ufln bbla, do fot April, al 3\o , buytr'a qoUot; l.vW do. go. for J?ly, itlh: WO do. do. foe iniud, al U^g., and 1,000 do. do. for September, at Xr., hu/dr ? option. beaaa woo dull of sole and be. ii,k< prim were Without decided chaenr. The aaloa wore about 1W hhda. t uba, part If at Iron. Ofo. a 10J,c. KoOued au*ar waa dull at ifci ataudard hard a, aud ft lie. a liy. for A ooflee. Wuncrv ?Receipt*, MO bbla. The marhat waa unchanged it erery reeuoot. Ho aalaa or nnptu taneo were imported. ' Woot?The pretention. of holders Of both forelga and aotaeatM wool* were atreDK'hrne.l materially by the paeaaae of th. TariO btU Urouttb ilia oeoale. though no decided tin, provement waa The buatoaaa oornnuamatod waa moderate, though for dealiablo (trade* a fair demand pre railed Of foreign. beyond nuab aalaa. we board of nothing. The aalee of d.rniralte floecea aggregaled l?,?0h Ibe.. al Wc. a 86c.. etatefle ?t the latter j-nee for Mate and Michigan, io> ludiug a mall ...u oregoo pulled ot I&ol, Iudlane Mo., and tubbed Mu.; KU.ouO lb*. Tela* al dtc. a Ibc., the latter price lor Hue. 7U.IIU0 lb,. Mexican at about We., and HO baga pulled at <7>?'c a Stir., the Utter prloe fur double extra. OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Thw Fwwt HtIimI la It* I* WrtiWiy Hall?Addrewe ky Jmn W. Uerarl. SleiBway Hall, corner of Fourth trrnut ud Four teenth street, era* thronged last ituiI| ky * highly i*t*U*ctaal aad fashionable audience. Tho occasion wm * lecture by J am at W. Gererd, oa tho "Public Schools of this City, ud tho Effect of tho Pro. poood legislation oft Albany upon their Chirac lor *?4 Efficiency," dollverod la rMpoasa to a ?*" frwi a number of oar moot distinguished cittaoaa. t*H| thoaa praaout at tho leetere wore Mayor HolT aan, Pot or Cooper, Rar. Dr. Borchard, James T Brady, Sheet* Kelly, Harry Howard, Ha?a B. Perkins, tho reaanbere of tho Board af Bdaoatiaa, Professor Webster aad aoaay other distinguished cMaaaa. Previous to the opetoag of tho prsownrtiwgo, the aadtoooa were ueatad to to* War Bpeegled Baaaer" aad other loyal mute oa tha organ. Oa ruottoe of Mayor Horraaa. Rot Dr. Burohard wai ?looted ohalrmaa of tha meeting. The rararend gentleman the* aanouooed that it waa proper to ootaaaeaoe the proceedings with prayer. Ho torn delivered o prayer for the defence of a system or public odoeotioa to which New Vork owe .o^uTh of her greatness. The Citiirmaw next Introduced tho speaker of the evening, J.imee W. Gerard, who, be ssid woe well acquainted with tho greet subject oa which he wai about to lecture. Mr. Grraxd, on coming forward, waa receired with great applause He cotnmenc-d by Raving-?This groat, audience and thle applause shows clwly to mr mind thei d op mtoreat that the people or thla great city take ! ? ? ?ch<>0,? ?"d '? the proposed action of tho l^cisliiture upon o bill which u now before tt, an.) which in to greatly ofle-t the whole root populoiloo of New York for good or for evil. I have not .--onie Here to aildre-o you prepared with any written lecture or ad dress. I hare the sn-stance or my addreos In memo rand urn upon a small slip of paper, which contains the leading topics or my subject, and I shall depend upon my memory and the inspiration of the moment, or, In other words, 1 shall dejiead opon spon tanevns combustion for tho tilling up, and In short the lecture (laughter), end this great audience will fcr' me with the fuel I need and with the dainu to arouse it. (laughter. I Those who visit or pass through the streets of our great city iu the mornWg, between the hours of eight and hair-psat eight or nine 0 clock iu the morning, wjU observe a multitude ol young people in the streets, with happy faces and cheerful appearance, wending th-tr way toward the srhooibousoe. Borne come from tho tenement house, some from tho brown stouoor marble front with thsir bundle of books under one arm and their lunch under lbs other but thtty all have happy, smiling faces. In a very short timethey assemble in the large hall or the temple do votqp to their Instruction, march-nx into the sohool P*B<X Aru>f 'be touch of the little pell by toe principal one hundred thousand young heads are bowed in prayer, and many of those who thus dolly haw before their Maker never heard a prayer before. (applause i l/pon the re-touohiag of the ball lhay rise aad stag their hymn la praise or that being who gives them and all life, daily bread sad every benefit that we possess Again, they ge to the class room, where they era prepared for the battle of life which they ao soon have to encounter. Aad la that class room and oa the farms aad ia that school house all social positions, all distinctions of rich and poor ate unknown. There the ohtldren of the rich end the poor tut side by side; there they learn and play together: there may he found tho ?ou or the daughter of the judge alongside tho eon or daughter ol hw washerwoman. (Applause.) There they sit together npon the name form and enjoy the same advantages and am subject to the aawra discipline. Ia cheerful young revelry, In Joyful mirth they ' are to gather, and thus they begin the business of the dsy; aad one Hundred Uinutaad children who eomacnea their school exercises by hewing their beads In prayer will redeem this olty irons all Us crimes. tojthese hemes they carry the leas one they hove learned ftaia their teachers, spreading the iaOueaoe of the public school to almost every individual in the ally. Bom. of the. have t?reJr?| hmnei" bat ia oar magntfloent tempi, of education tho. children fl.di.ppy bom. Euf merry whoa .they meet their teacher* and the bmsaa of tha ?wything "goes merry . a marriage belt" Moamse, no confurtoo prevails, hut liarmoar pervades everything and every oaa, taaober and (dpplaaee.) The reason of thla la because there is a reeling of love between toe scholar aad tha teacher. Tha lecturer then went en to ptetsr* la an la ???????' ??? P??fre. *f toa ehildrea la eobaai. ?edwestoed toa attempt to ahalieh a aohaai ayatam arid asted eighty years age by Geoige Cliatoa. aad whtofc has worked ao well, parileatorly since thetoeagaratk* of thaprwesatatoeet law m taat, "which hWhre^wt about e eyatatu whtoh ha praaauaoad patdhrttoa." The lecturer than deaerihed tha work!eg of the ?oheel management He reemrad his sppolstiw m lupectorefacheela. aad woeM ga om duty oi each aatn ha area stopped by some streets law He described how beautifully oelaaoed tha pramni sys ,^7 ?'?otod aod sppolatod oDton, the lam.nae haaaflt It has onnferred oa the city; spoke of the Board of Kducation . beiag oompmii efti. and honor of the city. He next turned to toe proposed law to abolish tola system aad giva It loto Che basis or seven paid oommiHstonere. They ahould, he said, have great wisdom If aavea of them could da the work of tha presaat oaa hoadred aad Hftyeevwe school officer*. Me had read of the aavea woe men at Greece, but ha had yet to leern of toe ae*ea wUe maw or Gotham. (l.aogh ter. I Many of the men who have have named tor thle nommlaaion are highly honorable, yet the day aww come ia the iwvolntloa of the wheel of party that thie syatem ot government by .ran men may heceoM n petKk-ei ea g ot. There toe. here all apprahead that It may be so, or that some day it might be so, aad that apprehension reus, sleepless night* They fraifrtiat with the mtthty power which too. aavea would hare that ibav may wake ap ia the morniag to fled that' the r plana have been suddenly supplied by others; that a revolution of the wheel may tora them adrift upoa the world after they have speui their whale lives In preparing n?r the task that bae aere l.? pored upon them. I "Would trust Governor Pea ton. end believe that he would appoint nnna hat them whom ha thought would perform their duty 1 had the honor to introduce him to the public a hool system of the city. 1 took him to haft a duswn of the schools, end ho use delighted with what he saw. Ma made an address every school be \ noted, and when he left cm door ol the tart one he expressed the regret io me that he had aevar before knows what the public school system of the city was. (Apple-: i I wish to beer lbs* teetlmonr lo the timere?r ?< impartiality, end u ever 'he duv ahell come when he will be celled upon to name .ran eotn Mieelonerel believe th?i he will do his beat to aeleot suck mew as be believes will best prelorm the doty Imposed "P* them. Bat tbw I .y, ibst mven time, eevee seen rennot 'do It. one h<iiKlred| end ttrtr eevea men are now required to do It. end there are no seven men with in the bounds of thin earth wbo -an perform the labor of thai office. Mr. Gerard proceeded -o dwcii'j lite merits of the proposed bill. Weetcbeeter cualy waa per mitred to vote whether they would en;or the prevision* of the net or not, end he did net see why the people el Hue city should not be allowed to vote upon lite queelien whether they would or would not fMefve H. There were more then two hundra.! nr.bools, two hundred sad w? ?mty male teacher* and two tbot-sand (enisle, ami ?f cht dren an endlere number It might solely iw ?a?l ihit fh^r? wwt iim hn&dr^d and (|iu i??nd twim attending school ia I he d-M-reat depariinriMk The uchuol ofllnrry bad to mo ahou' ruwsirie, butldiegs, to esamibe teachers, to apfMunl and lo d-ssppoiel ? (laughter)-sad all the ramittcetione of the system to attend to, so that It would be utterly impossible for seven sara to do this work. He had said 'liei tin re were 2.2.0 teachers, two iboiuaad ot whom weia so eplrudid a tsidy ol youag wotnm ?? aver graced eny position from the beginning of the world to the present dey. (Apple." I The. teachers had. to express |r is siithtnetiral terms, foriy miles of s. hoiare under their tutiioe. rhe proposed -eneiMo* would be made ep or strangers, wuo, when they v-sited the ?.-.Uotd* would he greeted with e cetd ho, mstead of the eerm and rordisl feelings entertained tewnrds -be Pireent officere He (Mr. (torerdl had never made a cent out of the public schools, but they bad . net him n goad mans. Wee it to be supposed that if oommiwdnaer* nam into the a. heel* with III s eny in iheir pockets that they would bare ihe Btmpnthy for tbiich-ldren which tbey new fell when they performed thi* work wMhoul pay T The proposed b-ll p-er-des that the ? ommimiowern may appoint cantors, holding out !?? bribe to them of eyrmption from iurv duty . hut '? hl* (,b* speaker's) -qrtmon the men who would shriek from periormins theh- duty as jurors would tw very likely to shrink (Vomdoing the work which would be expected of them -n - osductlog the system of public it .structure, ami in s sh.-rl im.e these . uretor* would petition the Legislature tor Malsrim at the rate ol from three to ilve thousand dollar* a rear, the result of which would be a dose moneyed -wrpereitwn. It this law were enacted tt would create teal eusy among the foreign population. He bed hot hoard a German, Irishman, k'reixtimen or Italian named among the proposed commisei'-ner*, and yet these aatioeaiiti. Mippnod one bell ol alt the children Who atl?n<ied the pwbllo scbt-tle, There different peo ples were taxed to support edn-wiioa. Now tbey wets rvprerented in the hoenl, end any chnnge in this order would create a social war Me knew the danger ?ti this point, and warned the Alhauv legislnioni Hum If they named this law there would be a dlaulisAed els. mint here that would make itself feit is a manner tbey ill tie thought of. Germans, Irish, Itetisos Chtneee and Norwegians were ail put into this hopper of pop nler inatiuction end they were anon turned out good American cltixrns (fxughter and applsure I Hut thrre wan auother Jealousy stronger than the one he had named?one w hum, twenty years ago, shook the school system -a the I oramon (Jouncii and in the Iwg. lature. end that wm the t atlioltc question. The 1/egtsle ture should not forget that In the public reboots were M),000 foreigner*, Ml,000 of whom were Cathoitce, 10 OOu Freteeteato, aad about to.000 or the Jewish per*-set on. The difficulty twenty ego wm that the rethnlhw were eoj orooTir reqrretOMd ?f llM 'r-j,w*. repult of the contact leading to the breaking off of the Cnthotic*. They demand -d the -chool tuouey, and. for many years, tbU uojbie threatened Ute onuro destruction of tho achool system Atnendmeots were made to the law, which l<-d to the amicable arrangement of the trouble. At present the Cathode eiemeut was represented and there wee no room for trouble. There we* no Catholic named on the proposed commission; end should tho law be (maeed without recogn-.ung them they would (la nd tbelr IXX nun J tboir portion of too school money and rntee asocial war. Be had lately visited the acbnoisot the rtixth ward and lie saw a sight there whrti made hlu think that tha scholastic niillaunium had arrived. The school was com posed or fialf a Jewish trlb ? and balf a Kotuan Catholic. id perfect harmony, each admitting the other as eqttal In every respect. No religion* subiect waa din cus-.'d, bat a baautifol principle of love " ole eatabl sympathy pervaded the whole establishment. Tha culklren had come from Chatham street and Centre street, all commingling together in the greatest har mony. and. looking at tharn. ha did not think that tba millennium had oome, and he saw, as u were, the lion and tha lamb lying down together Let tho legislators come from All?n> and look upon this picture, and ho would ank thom would they disturb and break op this beautiful system? It wan charged against tha klessly the money of school Trustees that they spent recklessly the money of tho people and appointed as teachers to the schools their own wives and daughter*, sisters and relatives This was not so, sad could not be so,|as every teacher had to bo duly lualiHod for the duties undertaken The School Offloers and Trunteaa ware elected jast as the members of tha Legislature themselves were elected; aud if, as waa said, there were black sharp among the members of tha former body, it was juat aft liksly there were black aheap in the Legislature. The setae argument would ^W^toCongmaeineiiM^^^jrt>r|^^^^^yawjtaw* mauled by the people. There won soots in the bus, hot would any man dissolve tha aolar system sad strike tha sun from the heavens on that account r Wnen people go to church and they tad n man kneel leg at tho cetamnnioa table wham they know to ha a bod urna, will they rush an that account from tha altar. deny their God amd tura|iaddaU? There were men tab# seen in the jury box who ought aat,iu be there, bat would they on that oouoont move the Legislature to abolish triai by Then have been judge* oa the bench whooo removal not bean mouses,gand should they on that account move lo abut up the court* of justice and abolish tho judiciary T Tho gentlemen from the rural districts, who are principally opposed to our school system nod desire to have it abolished, own docks of sheep, and if s black sheep gets among llism will they eat no more mutton ? (laughter.) If there were black sheep mixed up in tho system, be could gay thai, after sixteen years intimate knowledge with the board officer*, trustees and teachers,

he never yet sew an animal of that color among them. Mr Gerard, in the closing rnmarkx of his lecture, said that if thla syatetu wera abolished tha teachers might break the strings of their pianos, hung up their harpe on willow twig*, the children should wear crapo for ninety days on Ine left arm, and three would in the end be wailing and sorrow in the city. But he was satiaded there would be ao oouaaiou for this. He knew that the citir.ecs of Now York, native aud foreign, Protestant end Cat ho ic, *ew aud flcntlle, would uphold the present system; for they all know that gen eral intelligence is the bulwark of republics, and thai universal education is the life of liberty. On concluding tho lecturer war loudly applauded. To repealed calls. Mr. Jiuirs T. Bkidt rose and briefly addressed the meeting, at the QOBCtuaion of whose re marks a vote of thanks by cbeeis was accorded to Mr. Gerard, aud the meeting dispersed CONVICTION OF k MURDERER. Trot, N. Y.. Feb. I, 1MT. Hiram Conn was to-day convicted of the murder of Mrs Henry I-nker, In Petersburg on the l'ath or October last. He will be eentenced to-morrow. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Basalts?Roomm.? On Wednesday, January 30, at 8t. John's c.bureh, Huntington. L. I., by Rev.(C|R. Klls worth, GManLas A. Krkrian to Miss Hrmnc A., daughter of .Stephen C. Rogers, Ksq , of ths former plsoo. No cards. Htnmaao?Horxnra.?Oa Thursday evening, January SI, by the Rev. Dr. Deems. Gnanum K. Hosntnn to F-iwsm L Horwiss, botu of this cilv. No cards Bissau?Ptjiejirt.? On Wednoaday, January 30, by tha Rev. Hamnei Htaosni, Ha nor H. Kir* aw, or Drooklyn. to 8uua J., daughter of the Into William T. Ptnknoy, of Now Teak. Mast-firms?Wai ijx ?On Thursday, January 31, at St. Teresa's Roman Catholic church, by Rev Peter Parroll, Cutus Mbwisumr to Manr Wrluw, all of this city. Nkwru*? Caruso.?On Thuredny, Jsonary 31, at tho Pierropont atrent Unitarian oharon, by tha Rev. Dr. Put nam, R. O. N*vu to Laura Birlrr, eldest daughter af George Getting, ail of Brooklyn. No eerddi Ptwuaa?Woodward ? At Keewaydln, oa Wednesday, January 30. by Rev. U 8. Henry, D. D , of Newburg. N Y., H. flivimo Ptttvaw to Mart Nkoi.i., daughter of William A. Wand ward. R -Ou Wed aeoday, January 3d, at tho brtdo'e raaideaoe, by Die Rev. Mr. Murphy. Mr. Inattj Raii.kt, of Chlltornla, to Miss Itaromw B. Dawror, of New York. *? 01*4. Ammnea ?On Friday. February \. Jmi A*anatn, a wMfi of Clonnrmrtven, Newcastle * est, couaty IJn?r ? tele Ireland, aged 67 veera. The friend* awl KqMtiiwon of Um family aad of Ma ar?aa James and Jtti, aad tha friend* of tola soo-ln law, Jamas Clifford, ara respectfully Invited to attend tha funeral, aa Bunder afternoon, at too unlock, from kli lata residence, 904 Deianeey street Raaaaiaa ta bo taken to Calrary Cemetery. Atmnawa.?The funeral aarrioaa of JMra. bsth Amm, widow of Benjamin Andrews, who died at darannali, Oi, oa Saturday, Jaauary 90, aged TO year*, will take place at tha raoldaaoo of hor son, Or. Benjamin Andrews, IM Mate street, amklfi, M Monday after- I noon, at Coor o'clock Tha ffloada of tha family are rmpaotfally laritad to at toad. Bnm-Oi Friday, Psbraarr 1, Jtrua T., the halo red Wife or Owe* Havana, aged 9* jraara aad 4 month Tha (Monde of the faaaily, aad thoaa of hor bwdhiwa, Thomas aad Barnard Dunleery, are rarttad to a' ton<1 (ho fuaarai, oa Sunday aftarnooo, at two a*cloak, 1Mb har lata residence, No. M WiHett mtaat. Ha**now.--On Waduaoday. January 90, Wiu.iam Batwnow, la thr 98d jeer of hi* aye. Tha friaada of tha family ara r toy artfully taviled la attand tha faaaral. thla (Saturday) atorator, at alar aa a'olack, tram hit lata raatdaaoa, Na. 7?I.sight atraat, Without fart hor notie*. Baoww?Oa Thursday, January 31. of heart dioaaoa. Amu, dangMar af tha Into William Brown, of Albany, ia the 20th year of liar age. Tha frieado aod relatives of tha family am impartially Invited to attend tha fun ara I, from tha Kpisrepat rlniroh, RosmsII*, stales ftdaad. oa Bnaday afternoon, at two o'clock. Rulelbv.?Oa Friday, February I, Aaam, only daugh ter of "earga L. and Mary RulAley. The releuvan aad fnnndi of the family ara larttod to attend tha funeral, at Na TT Woat forty arth atraat oa Moaday altaruoon, at oua o'clock. Mn.uty ?On Wednaaday, January 30, la Now Brnai wh-k. Now Jaraay, DAMim. Bci.luak, eg ad 00 yaara "la attaod I " Relatives and frieada ara Invited to attaod tha luamt aarrtca, Hue (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock, at Ike Rev Mr. Bmwo'e omir. h, llamfleld. Now Jamay. Bm.aa. ?Oa Thuroday, January 31, af coanumpiten, Jena* Bctlob, formerly ef Knots, county Clara, Ireland, ia tha Aid year of hie eg-. 1 ha funarai will lake plots aa ifenday afternoon, at two o'rluuk. from hit lata reaMeaoe, Nat 10 Madiaoa atraat. New Yort Mima. -On Friday, Kebniary 1, at tar a short iltnes*. Mra intm Bran, widow ol William C. Burr, ayad HO yeara. 1'ba friend*. aod those af har *en?, George and K W. Burr, and her eoa-io law, l? F. Moyt, am taviteil Iti at land ttie tunrral. ?n ."noday *rtcro<*m, at ihret o'clock, tmrn liar Iota residence, No. >01) Allen street. t Hi-mjiiv. On Friday, February 1, f&nu, urinal ri.ingiuor of Julian and Knelle tthaniala n, aged I month nad <1 dare. The remain- will he taken, to H iintiegl'Mi, L f , tor iwtarmesL ( -On Thuruiar, January -11. Mra. f.i.uiwr? Cltnr, In the Aid roar ut har age. The relativee and friend* and itio-e of iter son, John J. Clyde, are respectfully lavitad to attend the tunerat, irom liir rawdence af Mr Robert Murray, 441 Waal Tweutv second street, this (Saturday) morning, at ten o'clock. i rMivnx.aia.? On Friday February I, Mra. Maar Cc* wmuaaa, relict of Daniel nnnalngbaiLi The mtatlrea and friend* af the i amity ara mailed to attend uie funeral. fr..m har lua rsidesc* No. 140 Mul berry -'reel an Honda a atieruooa, at one o'clock. siua, Pah flal.Y. (An Friday moraiba* Paterae* 1, I) rvm Osi.v. water or Michael Italy nad the late .l.vinea Rely, brveer. ruliamara, Kings errant*. Ireland e*ed M veara. the Irienda aad argualntanrtca of liar brother Michaal ara r-apertfiilly invua?t ia attend the funeral, rrom 700 Waiet -treat. Una (-'atcrday) afterucun, at two o'clock. Kins* oounty (Ireland) paper* pleam copy lir*?o* ? At I seams. I.. L, ea iburaday. January HI, Mr Joan Uannow. atjed M vearn I'ha relatives aad friend* of the family ara inrlted In atteod the funeial, rrom hi# into redact, on H?a. Oar aflerreev, at ihrae n clank ~ Dwtna ?After a liugeting illnaaa, I1a*ip W. Owmr, aged 37 yeara The lunaral will lake place from Bis iste reaidenct I'cwali ? treat near Itwen. Brooklyn. K. 0 , <>u .faadar afternoon, at two o'ciark I Want new..-tin I rlday, February I, Ltbu Anw, wdaof Alanaaa Fergoeon, aged .'a yeara. Tha ralativiw and trend* ore laelted in attend the foueral, from her late reeldemte. So. 10 'tmrn street on Hnnuay afMrnona. at two o?< lock. The will fe taken to Pfacrantvllle lor interment. fliu.- On The relay, .lauitaty 34, on board the ataam ship Henry ChMWWy. on the pnaeage from Ae|cu?n|i to Saw York. Ai ntnr Jcmw. ton ot the lata Jatpr* 1>. and Kll/abeth Ycahuryh hill. In the 23d year of Inn ago The funeral rernrre will take place lint (Saturday, aflevooun. at half-paat foar a'clor.k, at tha raeidencn of Spewer Klrby. 414 ) ourth avenue. The relative* aod Irlaeda cf the laniily ara inrlted ta attaud. Otswat.?On frday morning. Fabccarr I, Cop.dkua A., wife of William H. Ourney, Kaq., ,n the 4AU> year tif her at;e The rrlatu?? and Ineada of ilia tarmty are ra-pect Billy ia tiled t? attend the tunerat, oa 'undvy aftoriiocii, at two o'elotk, at her late residence, Uimuci. City, S. J, Toughkcepws pnpsrn please copy. Hail-- 'id Thursday, January 31, of typhoid faror, Issar Ham. aged 30 yearn. His friend* are invited to eltaad Ibn funeral thl (Saturday) morning, at Ian o'clock, from Uia late resi dence. comer Slith avenue and Twenty third street. North of Ireland papers piaano copy. HtTWts.?"f vomcmpUoo. un)Wadneaday. January 30, Hosa'-i W. Htrsm, sign painter, ayvd 4H years. The friends aad arqaaintaace* of the fan My are re specif illy Inrlted to SAtaad the funeral, from his 1st* residence, 231 Rest Thirty sere nth street on Hundey afternoon, at one o'clock. Havmrso ?Oh Tbaradar, January .11, after a terara ID. hear, William Hanawo, in tha 41at ymr of his age. Tha ralaMrm'and friends of the family are rwaperlfullr ||1TUC4 ui au?F<Ui|i(i)MfhL riwm hia htyi reetbtgfc ? Suitor street. Brooklve. 4bte (Saturday) dftoruoon, two o'clock, without further notion at Albany paper* plraee oopy. Hii-wzll ?On frtlay, February 1, Wnxua Hrrwti.r, IS the 4?Mb year of In* age. The friend* of the (amilyare neepectfutly invite! to attenl tba fnneral on Sunday afternoon at half-past oua o'clock, frotu hia lute residence, iOO Delaucey street. Kornooer ?On Friday, February 1, PatweaiO Eocd norr. -qce-1 ??! year* Notion of I joaral la to tuorrow'* paper. I.bihy.?On Friday, February I, CaratKin, only daughter of Jaam and Ann (.eddy aged 5 yearn, 1 month and 14 days. Kuuaral on Sunday afteruooa, at two o'clock, front bar paraula' residence, 37 I'ark street. Louhahbm*.?On Friday ntoruiog, February 1, Wit iuu If. Loi'saaaav, aged 43 years. The relative* and friend* or the family are Invited to attend the funeral, frwu the residence of tin brother, J antes H. Lounsbery, 190 East Twonueth street, I hit (Saturday; afternoon, id three o'clock. Uium.?Suddenly, on Thursday, January .71, Jom T., counsellor at Ihw, in tbe 4?tb year of his age. The funeral service wttl lake place at l&J Weal For ty-ntath street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, on Monday morning, at eleven o'clock. The relatives aad friends of tbe family era respectfully Invited to attend without further notice. Morr.?On Wednesday. January 30, Lawxkscb 8. Mott, Id the Mth year of his age. The relatives pad friends am iavited to attend tlie fu neral, this (Saturday) moraine, at 11 o'clock, from the I Hitch Reformed church, Mott Haven. Westchester county, M. Y. Train leaves Twenty-sixth street at ten A. M. Meaner.?Oa Friday, February 1, Kowsao II emu r, after a protracted ilinesaleged 37 years and 3 months, n native of the county of Weetmeaih, Ireland. The relatives and friend* of tbe lant'ly, and thoee of hie brother, Michael, and hia brother-in-law, Charles Cody, are respectfully invited to attend the funerul, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from hia late residence, coruer of Thirtieth street and Sixth avenue. Davenport and Iowa City payors ptoaee copy. MoCsjudv.?At Albany, so Thursday, January 31, Cbasuw K.. son or Fredk. MoCready, aged 30 year*. M< this oitv, on Friday, February 1, OoornsT P. McUibuk, in tba t-th year of his age. His friend* and thoee of his brother, Michael J. Mo lechlen, and his brother-in-lnvr, Charles P. Owens are respectfully invitod to attend the funeral, on Monday morning, at half post nine o'clock, from his late rest derce. No. '140 West Fifty-second street, between Broad way end Eighth avenuo, and from thence to the Church of St Phul the Apostle. Fifty-ninth street and Ninth avenue, where a requiem mass will be offered for tbe repoee of bis soul. ItT/iODrvi;dai.k AMOCTATIok.?Tho members of tbe above association will meet at their hall, on Monday morning, February 4, at nine o'clock, to attend tlie fu neral of their late respected member. Godfrey P. Mc Iacblan. CHARLES J. BRADY, secretary. Not rii.u?On Thursday, January Jl, Jossru U. Nur-J Tii,r, In the 29Mi year of his age * The tnnmbers or Washington Continents! Guard, Third company, are hereby notified to attend, In citizen's dress, the " Jut funeral of our lata orderly Scrcoant, Jo^ki-h B. Ntmiin, .ron> hia late rosidence. No. 303 Third atrnet, on Sund ry afternoon, at one o'clock. WM. RAINKR, Captain. Jons H. Ctittx, Flret Lieutenant. I'tutt* ?In San Francisco, California, of typhoid remittent fever, Bkhnaxd. the son of the iate Joseph itlalu anil Aimed l'ratte, of thia oily. In tho 37th year of hts age. A maas ot requiem will be ottered on Monday morn ing, at half past ten o'clock, at the Chnrch of st. Francis Xarter, Sixteenth street, between Fifth and Sixth ave nues. Relatives and friend* of tbe family are respect fully requested to attend without further "notice. Puiiiplb.? In this city, on Friday, February 1, Row Attn K. I't JMII B. Tnr relatives and friends are invited to attend the fu neral, from his late residence, Islington avenue and Forty-flfth alreel, on Monday afternoon, at one o'r.look RrsKVLi.?On Thursday, January 31, after a short and aovere tlloetM, Rmihikt Rrwsi.i, a native of Sixratle bridge, county Clare, Ireland. The relatives and friends of the family are respect, fully invited to attend the funeral, from her tate resi dence, 409 West Twentv-flfth street, this (Saturday) after neon, al ene o'clook, without further notice. Clare (Ireland) papers please copy. >r.?In Brooklyn, Runr.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, February 1, Jotnr Kraut, aged 06 yeara His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at throe o'clock, from hia late raaotooue. 67 Deaa street, near Hmlth. Hctmnra.? In Brooklyn, ou Friday morning, February 1, after a lingering illnesa, Kubkrt Scvdurk, aged 61 year*. Tbe relatives aad. friends of the family are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, rrom hi* late resi dence, 136 Vanderbilt avenue, on Monday, at twelve o'clock, without further notice. Hia romaine will be taken to Greenwood. Pimat.? Ia Jersey City, on Thnrsday, January 31, ttaeKoK S'Blvt, aged 48 yeara and 33 days. Yne relatives aad friends of the family are respect fully Invited to Attend the funeral, from his late resilience, 10 Grand street, Jersey City, oa Sunday afternoon, at liatr pasi. twelve o'olock, without farther notice. Surra.?On Wednesday, January 30, of consumption, the wife ot Mleah Smith, egad 06 years No mother now. The funeral will take plaoe, on Sunday next, at Fatcbogtle, L I. Snirsaon ?la Brooklyn, oa Friday morning, February ~ * illness, Mxar Mowtoouwst 1, after a brief end painful Sri-ant, wife at Captain W. W. itmlthsou. Jr., in tha 33d year ef bar age. The relatives end friend* are ia riled to attend the fhneral, from tho Mate street Congregational church, near Hoy* street, en Monday atteraoua, at two o'clock. Interment in Greenwood. Hmma?0m Thursday. January 31, at the hones ef her metber, Mia Dixon, Jeffersou street, near Reads arenas, Brooklyn, after a long end painful lllnuae, Mrs. T. I totviwn, tn the 4Mb peer ef her age. Her remains will be removed to Evergreen Cemetery en 8-today afternoon, at two o'clock. Tnu .nocAvr.?On The today, January 31. John L. Tn usauer, a wen known mombor of tbo Now York bar, In tbo SIM ytrnr of hie age. Funeral eorvloeo at his la'o rsaldonro No C Exchange pleas, Jersey City, this (Saturday) aftoraoon, at two o'clock. Teanren.? On Thursday, Jaaaarv 31, altera lingering Itinera, Rosam K Tkaarvs aged M yeara The relatives and friend* of tbe family are respectfully itivued to attend the funeral, oa Bunday afternoon. at ene o'clock, from his tote residence, No. 3A4 Wost Twenty -sixth street. Vs\ Hnrrvr* ?At Harlem en Wadce?day etterooon January 30, Fnaaa, youngest son of P. B and Eliza Van Hon ten. agod 3 veors, d months aad 17 days. Tho relatives and 1 needs af tha family are rooprriiully iavited le attend the funeral, from the m-ridenoe of bis parents, tttlh st reel, Harlem, between Sixth and -eventh avenue-. en Pueday aiteraouw, at two o'clock. Waaa- On Thursday raorning, January 31, ol dropsy, Mrs Mi ait Wean, aged 41 veers. I he rotative* and friends of the family an* range. 1. fully inv-ted ?n aMea<1 the funeral, from bar late real donee, In 130th street, between First and Hecond are eties, est Moo-iay movalng, at eleveu o'oJock. Her ie mains will be taken W-wdlewu lor iatcrmeut. Wobtmam. ?On Thursday. January 31, at East New York, Wnuwavo* C , only aon ot riylvaaiis W, sad Ru*b A. Wonraan, aj -t 4 years Tb# funerai will lake place el the Tiutch Reformed ctiurch to New Ixiie this Saturday) afternoon, a 1 halt past una o'clock. The triend* and relatives arc respect fully invited to attend without further aotioe SHIPPING NEWS iUi.itr rw *aw to**?run (if rtnaa 7 AH j moon alias mori in k I* I KTOK WtTfft ell Ml! 8f WW TIM^FEMMIU I. US7. I'lrar?4. Sia*mau*p M.nbuf* (Br>, llal< row, I.Drrpaot vi? tjumn* Umtii??Jo It Dale. i BUtamthip Aienairrk (Bi), laomMio. r.'Te r 'Uioi Rational Hi'- < fn S <T'*ati.?u (!? I S'*Mp uamitnla 'fliml, HfA?r *no. r?<n ti?n,p'on | nn<. tintuburg?Kunbaidl A ' >> Mtramthip Iklanig ritau. Pur>ei, AaplnwrL Mail A(*am*hip l.n Hbip hapTina (Hall, (litritllo. Louden ?I H Phillip* A Hon. Dirt XtyflnMi. Donleo, Barhadoa- D Trowbridge'* Son* B?i t Anieiopo. White, St Croll?Kotba Hro> A' offer. Hark Art* tBr), Millar. -Tlarre'.t A Na*h Rrtg Ar* blaa (Br), I'nrhart, f'urt Intix, ili'ad-B f Small A ''a. Hug Tlrlotia Amelia i Br), Firrlo, SI .lagn de Cuba- B P Small A t o. Hill t K I'ook. Small. Purl Ropal?Blihjr A Co. S< br alii* (A Urai-a, tlllalir ?t, Swan Inland?M W I 'Inil A A In. Srhi Bowrl.xn, R.mlatl, Charleston?Smith. ItrownA'o. Hehr Atoola. Walan, Salain -J A StMaon Hehr I M Lane. Adatn*. Allonoaalai-?I A HieWnii. Mebr Ida A., lieeran. Hnainn?K W l<*wt* A < " Tb? t# lowing danred prmordap.? ship Majaalio, l.ncar, San Prniioix C Cninalm k A <'u. Ha.k Addio M'-Adam Partrutgo, li*i-*eli:r* Hred. Son 4 On. Br'glJaibai oa Murri* IHr), Robert* Par op* in Prula'ua A Co. ReigKuiisa. Aeklnr. Arroyo. PIP P Talbot A I'n Mr * Agnes Br), ti ller iardr??> ?I R R * u A On M-hi Enierprlaa (Bn. H*ra-a, Taai'i**- i t Banner A tt?. Mi hr.ioa KeUep < Mr). Garland listens **'br mean Bird (Br), Elil*. HI -Into Praia' n A Sohr II M f'ronbp Husk. Sataau?K K Hun hnuan A >'o. H bi l.ioa < Hm. Gnliea SI loan* NP -II J I)-Ball Alo HHlr A atuaa OiTu krti, t.'vorkait. Saw (>rle??i a II Hi | ban Arrlrad. Htraowbip Arsihi. tlad*den. Hane. ?? P?1mnuih Jan 17. w it) r?<*.-? ?BI| I ac-rn*?ra to ibr Saw York adit II urr Siaau--b.n i o. Jan III. Aal At AA Inn M .W, *aw a < iltiwt bark rigged urr* rtaamoi bound K. tt-i, In: ?P <1 loo BS ft' mi biogod *ignal? wltn *ir%nt?klp r?r ntTle?m? ben - for l.l?nT-?*>l: JWb, I PM. Ia< At It Inn At, with an Inmaii ? ?am nr. bB'nd It. oinHtnabin Kampr (Kr). Ilanra. Havre .tan l< and Hrr?i 1Mb, with mdar and V? paaaenger*. to naap M.ukan. H*a brarp brad wtarla and ana m. ? of thr t on-. .?e. .Ian .U. la I At IS lea itSU. ?aw l>ark i vmrn, iHHIl d I Hark Onamora\Wr)m Rnbortmn. ???**.a, IK dapu. wit a m tar. In Riiata. HMrlaan A >'n had mrp b??*? *"*'?" .lab SI, At mllr? Mb. br K Irani Baronial, aaw , vraaal ? ?('?' atmra wa*ar. Hark trarrllar (HrV PatiAelil. Hlo Jaanlra Dor I-. " colfbn. In J I- Pbltiv* A Cn lla* hnra on the ?>a-t la da?? w th lirarp W B N V (air* .Ian iB, lat 3HS0, ma OA ?> ?" ?? Hr'* Maria a 'Br). from *1 Jab a, SB, toe C)anfua*r ? Hark l?a*Mla .,rf Hew HMPaal, Ptark, tlrJ.a.'a PCt" Wltk a ittar, Be, lb R.TItWbrMM'l Hon*. Ma* brrn I (A* ? aortkW Uawara% wi:h haaiT Wand !tf wl.Mr JaoHI.Irl WJl) Ion 7*, aritfa wkt A'alhwap, Irom Bath AA* Ba?* >aAM% Bl.ltla, of and frmn Hrllaa. ^"h. l.??iro?wl, to I*i I'm b^n n"f " T. -!,% t?r*? *n?l wtthin 190 mile$ of iM H!??**?, wl h *"*1 rkr/?,!Hm," |^('^? Pro* druart daf. with raolaaae* to * I. MaCraadT A to />* Halmfa*. rnrniirAa?ad a rarp hnarp HW fair, whi-B ?plll fmwhip. TSjjvg gtk'sz-*.. ?? h .? ^ark*llmpl'(hlnr, Babr?. Port Ropal, with m^w, to f M n*^*^!#** (Br) Hanndrr*. Mar??IH?a,_i> dar*. wllb Wl"^ (Vor laV H.d r-rr hraap W afid H* (air. for tha laat d) dapi. To?l and *pllt anil*. #?. U.Vt It. Inn 71. ?wnail*rd D*rt A*la, ?trarini BR. , yrdjuA (ffijaijk<',r'> Rttt. ta.^ Blbt R Jajf w R f ' Mlt*. And carried *tray rudder Ua?d 1 ?IH4 | Hrtf f^uiM (?r>. Hell Hi Marti lie, U dart w Ji ml ?-* ? ^ fr .mbull A Co. Had beeyy gain fro,,, NVV tTwtW ,^-ned and lostani .pill eel!* *? | j, 'gbemfBr), Bunnell, Uihwre. llihii, with *?.%r .. r, 1 ? ?>??!??. Jaa 13, UtM 4?, ton 78 U ty bSSSd^L? tewtfi ?'"achr I ihod Bishop, rrom Wilmington no fj New Or. *?"?. ?bo reported that on Hie I lib in * ha... ...._ rre.u Mth ??*. winch awept u!a *yiih wiW, aid that tney warn a hurt of wet rr' WMB which wn supplied ihrni, aba would an to N..,,,, ?n me day, anw sohr Borah. hound .i Brig N.ied \Sr'. Rlclierileaa. Otenfurfon, 16 day*, with ? Ufar. w> ruche* * UgMbourue. Brig Iir ,ka (Km ' Aitslnch. Cieofuegoa and Trinidad. ? data, with *ugsr, * > R K lartboM. Brig i! M Keynook /Br), Diok, Ma tenia* II daya. with mel*do and sugar i?,'? Prya A (kt Had rary boa*/ W aid N W gain aprung aukW804R Bo. Brig Klana < Bri, Mjeo* ? ??Ibarlon, 16 daya. with augar. Be. lo i)wo s Slepheaaon B Cu. Had bogey W aod dw ga)an ?Mot of tha peaatge Route*. (Bri. BonfcwNh Na-**u, IB daya. with aadaw. toD K DaWotf A Co. Jan WAlat Ml*. law 7111. apufcesahr W Oragory. from SaranaaU fuV Nassau HuriSu^t.""04- "?*?*?**< with oada* la B W Brie W H Biehmare (af HI Oaayga, Ma) jMalgja, Bar? uah a days, with oat tow and itmhan t<> II W Cmld I tV . s. hr tlygew (Dam. Rwdotrop, Rhr Janeiro, 71 dara allh' roar*, to Vouch. Hal no ha B Hnwdd llaa Uaaa oarth * Hadarna alnca Jan 1. with heat/ " w 1II m ion <i, now a hark allowing a ma Sag, "?antra with malnaaaat and furalnmnaal gauo. Bohr Hary KUan (Mr), Smlto, Jamael. ? daya. with low. wood (III nndar. to H Banker B Co, Had haary vnalkar toe mttirr iMiufn. hobr K Ki. hordaun (af Bowtoat, Yhaonpaaa. Cloofeara, IB daya. with molaaaes. la -Nlmpewa A Clapp Bid la nil * Nelson, far Maw York. ,..Kk!lr 2Tri* WoUa l^awaao. Oraad Oarmwo, BO daya. wtkh |"r^*er'*T' O Wi wain. Haa bwan ti daya north ufr Hat taraa, with haary galm. ftihr MollU (Bri. Voi B Small B <7o Hal h< topmaoi. and l.wt and i aaw a ahlji with laaia AtMlldOllfd ?rh7 w* *t!' r Ad?m*. taraaaah. Bchr Win Tlcw Tnw Kawtwrti. 10 itaya Brhr M J Kuaawll, duilth. Waahlugtoo. MO. Blnrtnw I Han at ny. CoiMaoa ory Manor IIimx -The kMpnrof thailghlahhp off Bandy Hook r?porta that dur.iig thw auow atorm of tha 17tk nit two anaanla oolliijod. and tailli work ouuk. Ona ad "Auhlp and thf. othar ui the liiiblanda. I hla waa doohtl. n thr (*olliaioa wl |.-d lo to? report of the | .<* or ltie p.i . i?i?t Kanny I'drll One ol" the aboae vea-wl. waa l . iMl ?the Oanlah ham Obrlatlana. from Klo Janeiro for New Vorh aa a nllot wm pla. ed on Soar.1 of her a lew daya i<re>ioua p> the atoma. and the ban not yet arrived A reaaei In .li?. uaaglag tho r.ggmg from lb.' niaa a o( one ot the veaa la iHa^vsraa wf. far coining upfront her. bTKAifCH Oa* MHKPijry, reeently burriel at Oawtba* Jaland. waa nwued la VorWand by Mnsara hoaa k Stoid ?aat. anduthora. " hHirOkint (Br), fanm OalnaUa. whl. S waa aahona a ntaten Ihland, waa tow?,l Up to the e'ty yrao-rd,r momma Uer cargo bad beau madly dlaehergnd anil brought to two Htnit Vai.aa?The wreck of hark Velma, aabom near riya mouth. a_ter beltia ?tnp|.od, waa ao!d at auij.on on tlid KM. n t lor SnflO. All the wool haa hreii ?j?-d. and tha buii ui tie- Hi;a ii aa alao been an oil In a damaged condition. Khio Shootimu STaa. before repotted abandoned at nan? while on Ihe paaaage froio New l'ork for Ahionwall. waa w v/ flno Tfmnel of 1ST toin, IhuooIiikI U>?t Aiignit, AO't 'tbotifh- X aalling under Bntlab (adora waa tiwutrd prluuipally In Boa Beid AHcrnana. from New York for St lohn. MB put into oflVih'elU ll*r,nf ln<1 tbeni iu (he gale oJghb Kuu Maarna A Kjcmiy, rhaae. aeen aahnre on tha Rahe maa liy abip Feruaian, at Mow Drleana ?th uli. waa fraw Fortl.ind lor Natanaaa (not aa bwrore). Bma I.anc at Fortrwaa Monroe lit Inat Irom Rio JanHbtk with a cargo of ooffae, ropurta harlug ouoounlcrwil haa*> waalhor. and apltt and loit aaita. Men* B I. Tnoarwiw - There waa a alngular |.>aa of a y*S **1 (achr K I. Tlioai)>aon| from I.onw Ldand. Mr. lower hat hor. dnrlng the terrible gale of Jan 17. she broke ewer Irom both anchor* In the night, and drifted -ill th ongh k. narrow channel lo aea, arid haa not sinec been fewnd. search haa been made around ail tha outlying i*i*ada d ril along tha euaal to Owl's Head, trat nothing can be din* ooTered of her. II I, probable that *he elth-r dilfUd to Mm. or .truok on tome ledge, cau.lng bar to leak and afterward* loamk. Hhe waa owned by CaU Ollyar M Browa, oflVn Imwo, and waa a food reaael of Ht or ?l toaa. Ho Inanrana*. Niiifk Litur (Ittr lof Hipplcan), from Jaiaaloa far Bear York, ran aahora on Vorlune Iaiand T?ac HI. and baaaai m telal Iota, drew eared. The I. II waa formerly light eaffkr ?chr Banger, and be hi aged one eighth lo Capl tica/ed Sippiean, and aerea-eightiia to r A Spearwater of MTorfc aHMmn? ""P*Ura*** Sji waa built iu IBM. waa BHh.UOO. and insured In New Bedford odlnes for H.ML . w ?f f 'If*?.1*' from Beth for Beaton, went aahora Hat ult at In!! nde on Spring 1'oint ledge, Me. where aha www Ilea in a had pneltlon, bilged and full of water. Hhe has a Cargo ur sail under deck and hey on deck hhe waa batnB ?iripped, aod a part of her deck cargo will he eared. ~ ?ce* Ttagaasia Puuvomg. of lltoueeoler, aabere at Raoo I olat, la IU good order, and the agent of the ineuranoa ear* paay, I! ta sail, haa contracted with parties la Trni laiiakanm In gm her off and lake her to rrorlooetowu hai lnar far BMBa Moil K Win llninti*. from Boston for BalUainrw, wbttaW anrnnr off South Yarunuth. waa foroed aabore night etiam SI hy tha Ine. Vaaaaut Aaiioan-In the gale af ihe 17th ult achr* Dak! "VSi Rdward. Kutfl.T and Uracc. Iy1t(g at annhor in tha rlvrw a F.Mewertli, wave blown from their moociaga aad yam aahora, aomo on Barlett'a (aland, and Ihe rnat on Maryw iJwVaJjW w?ea ?il more or lore damaged from BHMh Uirrerooi. Jae It--The ahlp BmiUe. rrwm ?retawe?k New York, haa arrtrad at tbta port dtauaated. She haa beam TO day* at see. , New York fhr ;? I .ml DON. Jan 11-The ahis "^n from Now I Orleait*. haa am Ted el Brlatol In adamagod ooad.l MUcelliaem. < Kdward Coarer, the obliging puiMt of Ihe aieamshlp refft kee, haa our thank* for (krera. Ship Su a* Unrwnnan. before reported ootidaaaad ai Baa Branca*., haa beeo aald far $S.4M la geld, aod wiU galatp Ihe lumbei trade from thai purl. ^ Beta Haw Antonio?Appeal.en.loa* are heghtalog ha ha en*ertglned for tha eafaty of Uie hng Man Antnnie (Jaalaln l>ane. which cleared fraw. fit Mark? Dor H fbrMew Yaelf and now nearly 4t days out. The Haa Aaloote ni kvHta fsWBsaRir? -re-.-.-affw Npakawt Are. ..i'TAT""1? Cltr 'Bri. hence far Mrerpool. iatH a. A I M and a two fuonellad hiigrlggaff ?teajwer tael ^r on Ihe Mil., .iff jjgjhy otao^?TCSJ?S!? MM JaS"? of*<Tar53?S foreign Part*. ? AiTW?ay, Jae l* -Arr Amhaaeader. KYmk; Itth. Jehann Martin. Be a lit, do, HSlh. Kit Carson. Panned, da. ~ AariitwtLi. .lea 1.1?Arr brig Core (Bri. Roberta, BaHJ mere; 1Mb x hr? Anna A Rleh. Uwlt do; ITih. Ann K Valentine H.itehiuaiM. Philadotphia; Mary Milae. Harte. dw: BIf PoUom. Oil an do. RuJttmore: lWb br A* Hawal Clat aay Wilwin. Boalon; kg|>. J a me* ( raw (Krl. Coogdoa. New York; Slat, hark A weri.wn Eagle. Harford, do; SAA mar B A I. < ortiery i.raw, Philadelphia Sid Itlh. echr A D BeaH, w' W: ,J5tk'.Wrk Bellrlo, Whllehniii. NYeeh; mh, brig II F Katun, Reed. Clndfuemas: Ahk berk larlata. I?*?i?. da; SZ4 brig* Roaeway 'Mr), Belmaa. da. DM. Oehww I Br i, Jeaklna d.a Kei.iae Hon, Jan ?? Hi nan brlga Orace Waiihlagtoe far hYork neki day; J B llopkine. fe. do iu ouo week ? 'ants, ho <l*te-Arr Veteran, and Angnytura. KTert. <?*1 me*, lice IP?Mid bark Webf.*H. Il imnhrer Ooranel. t atLan, Dec 1*1?Arr ahip Hen II Warren f Mr. Jones. l.htocLea end aid Ian .1 lor hngl.nd . Hid Jan 8. berk Ueorge A Henry. Hi?l. Tame In pert Jan 1.1, ahlp Sentia, Dnatie, far tlblni-haete lead for Kngtaud. " Caaaooa. Jan ? -did brig (Iambi*. I'orllaad. learlag an ye, eila In f.(ii t D* au Jan V. Mid ? m?ri.y?n T.egle, Moore. NYin k. I'oe rc*.* l?!.awr. I?U ?--lti port bny IX?*o Bier 'Bri. ? 'trioll. fur Bo?.oa Idg, mar Swan iot Kaliimo.ei u fll'inoalrd. i e*et??Nu. Jen It aid l.ilta. Creaky Philadelphia Ui Of...w. Jau lit?bid B?.?r, Railihun. NYnrt (?y?*av*. fan 8? To i*ai< ta pmi. Iliin.iia Id?In oort ahlp ' am. t* *a llu l?k from New luleana, tine: brir* F.o.m., ' ...ih lor New YaeK 3411.; Sally Biown. Mat bew*. f<n Sa. on ana fli.NO. ui.u. Deep?Arr berk Pa /ire ( Bremi, Thorn4.fca Sen Pr .n. aro for llong Song tend aid 111. J AT*... Jan 7?No Teasel* In nori. l.'Taaroer., J*a 14 -kir AntareUc. MeHlalrer NYork Nl.l l?(b. Yeliw. Daonevlg. New (Irleana. Michigan Who. Jan. Boamn.lTtb. Nana KiUain, I'blladelpnm; ||ia. Kl.aa M.i.angatin. Jtoeer . ttoe- o,. Pranion, MS. Ian SI?In pnri biig Ar. 'nrus. Blown (rwm lor Si Jobs Mltrpra<0? 4latnaaie.1i llynn. IW Ian 17?(HI, Hear* Day. lartld. from Hotter daw. for I'hiUdelnbia. ST MaUTiNA Deu 80- In pot t brlga John Melntyra. Has kell. lot H'.eion a daya, a-iole, (or S Vnrk .1 day*. St J*r.o Jaa M laddlliooal^le iwrt bark John I) Paint 'Bt I. Kwhre*. irom NYutk arr l?ih. hiIg W W laird (Bri. Memo. Irom do arr I8ia; arbi Wai.hfnl Brook* rum Ped ? ?'?ol*. an Iffh XmcririH Porta. ROMoS. Jan tt?Af M'tain Morning Hur Kennedy, On ne? Inland V A Har.'ay, Crowley. VatMiv, lw>t OM u.igui li-aige Appalo. ilowra. MoilolA.oi* Afloat*!). KtlloU, Pnriau Prince. athm Mlaaira iVrighi maw, MM IWi h? tout of Prorlnueiown ). Buah. MoM'#; Amber * Keer.n, Millar Cape Cbrnnr-ra! Hid .'rnmaliipe *ala (at J AM i Ueo A ppold ab'pt A It bar Narad. 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