Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.114. NEW YORK, SUNDAY. FEBRUARY FUUORAL. 1 mr information that will lead to the A. whereabouts ot Mcry Jane Brync (previous to marriapi Kn Jam Wllaou). mairted by He* Ira Stewart, BantlMl WSniMer. about September. UM; divorced, as on record, ad uiiav-ur " 1 . , MMTI please oepy^Addrcs^nfo^ Str Balk. New York, about the moath of A???si, iW57, win Bo gladly rucctvad. Address laformaUon. Herald office. TN FORM ATI ON WANTED?OF J ABES FECK. BOS A toe aad Rlohmcod ffiptooa, Ilffoit Foot I TM FORMATION WANTED OF JOHN FLANELT WHO 1 left hie borne la BaMacrebe, oaaatr of Sato, I re laid, aaeut four /ears aoa, aai wbea last board front throe jean ago) was la Brooklyu. Any Information will bo IhaakftSly received by his wife. lirai Wfeefred Flaaely, career Er. Foley, Pohho Ferry. Wseiches lei cs.. B. T. PFORMATION WANTBD-OV ISAAC FEATT, OF Straugh. eouaty Oavaa, I reload, who aollod tram Liver pool oa 13th October, la Ue eteeaiar City at Manchester. Any Information will be thankfully received by his cousin, Ellon Andereon, No. 11 Beath Oxford street, Brooklyn. TpULTON FERSY STAOE, SATURDAY MORNING? JT Black velvet bat, with green feather and plaid drees, Bagreeable, will please address J. R. C? station D, where ?? interview eaa be bad. FRANK-TO-NIUHT AS PROMISED, AT SAME HOUR aad plane. N. U?OUR INFANTS, FROM TWO TEARS TO TEN DAYS J old for adoption, at the Nursery. Ml Greenwich street. KBYSBL.?FIND LETTER AT STATION O, SIXTH avenue, on Monday atomtag. MORTON. LO.?THERE IS A LETTER AT STATION D FOR yon from Q. F. M. Mark oldham-pleasb call or send ad dress to iOt Bread street, Newark, N. J.; business of Importance. PRO. 8AYKKS. VERS. M. F. 8 ? ? ? ? ? 8?GIVE MB TOUR ADDRESS JML at onoe. Direct to Willie, Herald oflloe. T. W. D., of Richmond. VTI88 8. E? NINRTBENTH STREET?THERE IS A JWL letter la station E for you. W. /""VLYMPIC THEATRE. FBIDAY EVENING?WILL V the lady who noticed the gentleman with opera glass aad handkerchief address H. E. La Tear, station A. fVLD ARM CHAIR.?IF TOU DO MOT ATTEND TO \/ this you will be sorry. I am rery sick. d~hLYMPIC THEATRE, FRIDAY EVBNINO.?LADY V with whits bonnst that noticed gentleman standing on light^ln^dreaa circle pleaee send address to George Dexter, fflHE ADDRESS OF ANY OF THE OFFICERS OF A Company G. Second New York heovy artillery, will be thankfully received by a soldier's widow. Address M. F., Flatbuab, Long Island. TTIROINIA?I WILL CALL TO-MORROW AT TBN, V instead of Trteedsy; make usual preparations to re ceive. Your loving PAUL TXTBITE ME WHERE I CAN MEET YOU. ADDRESS v v L W., Herald oflloe. TITILL THE LADY IN BLACK, WHO ENTERED * v Fifth avenue stage at the ferry on Friday afternoon, About 4k o'clock, and got out at Thirty-fourth street, oblige the gentleman sitting in the corner next to her by sending htr address to Mr. R. Moustache, box 2,640 Poet oflloe. MATRIMONIAL. uieny, Herald office. A WIDOW LADY OF REFINEMENT AND 80MB IjOL means wlshee to correopond with American gentleman |of honorable sentiments, with view to matrimony. Address, as wlshee to bl<i santimen .. only In sincerity, B. H. M., station C. \TATRIMONIAL bureau?am office under this heading has been opened la New York, oa the Her (yean ptaa, to facilitate marriage. Hera the names of all respectable parties matrimonially disposed era registered, aad references nan lot rod notions exchanged and effected. >? B?The etrleteet coafldence etem 11A Address or eaU on Messrs QRIM8HAW A CO.. Baraaa, 1? Bast Eighth street, New York. Office hours Mto* oVIock. jJre roCTp^ M*tifiss& Szt?"** ?.?ssssves mmm .fi'itl*? r?turn- ?* 248 Hndaon r or Broome, in the i|iov ttort. $/) ?Wi*D.-LObT. ON THB 1ST OF FEBRUARY ilO ?*****>?-lost. AT tarrytown, a large M n ??? wh,t* Pftw *nd whlt? epOt on broaat anawera to Rover. Addreaa Mr. Powell, station Hndaon River Railed, Tarrytown, N. Y. m ?IfiraW m JLi Vw , UA "AaIUXM h I KfchT. A l.fSrS*?' T*? T?rrl?r Dog: anawera to the name of amMta!JI^?<Mer ?*c,o ?/?" j ?* ?|WT? "ward wUl be Wturulpg him to 19 ttacdouxal siitot. $20 REWARD WILL BR PAID AN1> wn nirro kSiail&ftL?S.^r?!*> Overcoat taken rv'%, -oT lu' reiura 01 a rem the hall 134 West Twenty firet atreet. $25 fhUrk BI,AC'C bitlloo* WITH aeaaiwMa^51 ^13 s? Msrket. J!f Frederick Dauenbnuer, 10 and 12 Clinton S5t0 ^"FARD.?STOLEN. FROM .15 LCDLOW yy"..*?? <? Ike atth January, a li'ack Horoe. IS handa if *?*' ?.n* whit'.' bind toot, a few wiilte apota en right jaw. For any Information call at 82 Eavea atreet ?A -FIFTY DOLLARS RHWaRD.-LoIt. AT BAR. Sable Muff" ^ThT^'vJ10" yJ January 28 a Hndaon M?.ini',i; ~ reward will no |mld on leaving SeO^Mhed. eRUape or &# Broauway, and no que? M. PERRY. m lllll "WARD-LOOT. BUTWEHV CODDINQ. i^Lt.1?? * dr,n< !^S nDd fl0drth tweta Poriemo" ICeethlstng a eluater diamond Tins marled "M F F ? -"**"d e??l? with the owner a name. Ih'o "above Bwroert^Houae. ^ returnInf the same to owner, at $500 TUB PERSON WHO T< IVm k.Mf ^Miooda and Velvet Clonk from :? Br Sanl2 Janulry 21, will return them, they wil TOOK 1 Broad ? .-j.?.?m< ?? "'M irtmni vucrri, incy Will bfi with In. eenldence, AND NO Q0EBTIONS ASKED PIANOFORTBh. A Hrt2??tDa2J?.KVlt,,r ??TAV5 ROSEWOOD PIANO. s2atF?JZH/E?*.t"?r'llc?!.bJ be" uk"i; nil improve heautinil tene *nd tnf.h; uaed only three montha; ?matin, a f. . . j ' r , HlmKfjrB, Ail 1 IIICTOV?? ~?zL. .ty*?!1 jfe andini?h; uaed only three montha; *?"* ?! half price. VI Washington pla e, near Greene at. A lady will benfht anew tone; perfect order: ?trewt, wnteh atom. A 8ELL. HER OLD PIANO, HAVING nr. *P*wene, ?VoeUTea, rorowood; hroutlfnl tone, perfect order. $140. Wl Sixth avenue, near Fortieth A MAQNIFICBNT 8EVRN OCTAVE ROHKWOon ! f^Pari^SntL*en^wI^>W??I? *?'(1 f"T ***'? on* beautl & ParfoJ jS JE? JS*?* ?ne?" ,or *75- *>"> ? arroat . ,iLDM R"oln Furniture, at a Kuh aroJ^T" qn r* M ,Ht *Mt Eighth atreet, near A OCTAVE RG8FWOOD PIANO K^lorTt;& elly maker; coat 8380. for |20S; alao tl vKe n?^ -' E,nl"? Furniture; a aacnfice. Inquire at ltw*t far Sltth avenue. 1 BHADMIKYR PIANOFORTE ERTABLISHMENT FOR SALE. ..."*:W?f. -*? 'VP'^yi.Mn eonaequer.oa of eonUnued torioae up hla Pianofoetr manufae v^eoTIrrplrt " bl* ??t?61l?hmcni. In -^urr/V'grCJra "cr.zjmt FIANOrORTRS AT A GREAT DISCOUNT. ?a at v?ivun a i/iitVit/l TM f, ?y .*r*?<1K "took of Planoe now on hand will be void for ?aah at a tliaoonni of frost twenty to twenty Ave Der eeni fEHi?Xyl4r Pf1?l?,"lUl further notice The reput^tio?.,f aamwilnulnlT'ik '? too well eaubll?h?d to require further . 0 ,u*h ''PPoetunttv haa been oflered ?eJtnm nJSw obuin,n* ? truly firvt claaa Pianoforte at a URNRT J, NEW TON and L. H. BIOLOW Budneaa Agenta, 437 Broome atreet w!^C?HB^!I~A w100*!1 HAND RKVKN on. tf?e Piano, in good order, and Stool. ? J- *n?DLE, 18 Amur atreet near Broadway. "piANOH?ONRIVALLBD FOR TONE AND TOUCH AT - moderate prloea. A laree nmnrtment of vqi'iate ^pdaprtghta jo ropt ait tew mt<A Rkistuw a HariiKN BROOK, l? Tenth atreet. between Broad wav and ^h P tiTatrom.^ SALE-ONE OF TUE F11IKKT TONED >-'-a S:r^?liuJ"!.!_*' 2UBt,l- ?T?ry mprovem.nt; MSUlharoSS. ' n,Ml' "?W' ,n<J"'re up aUirm WAr;,Rnl"L*AWP,tl9"*RK A!*p UFRIUHT PIANOS, M and roat^liSli I# "TP"'-, wholeeale and retail, to Sved ? 'PF"**'- H purcfaaed. Monthly paymenta re J ,a Is?0* ?i bargaloa Prfeea Irom 160 SLS^- JS+Z \T!UlSjkmM 5?r and upward, fiu ?jkenln erchaage Caah paid for ae<otid baud ACvory And ware room? 481 Broadway. N. Y HORACE WATXRR. instruction . At $33.-A thorough commercial course. time uetlmited. at Browne's Business College. 388 Fulton street Brooklyn. Bookkeeping aloue $16. Private room for adsMa. Open day and evening. A GRADUATE OFTHE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. England, prtaaaun and ei-sefcolar of hie college, haa time for one pupil disengaged. Highest references Addreaa or apply to Cantab, room No. I, Ualveralty Building, Waah lngton square, New York. A LOKBRA. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, ARITHMK il tie, Ac, $30 per quarter, 83 Bowery and 349 Fulton, Brooklyn. Governor King aaya Col. PAINE'S plan of In atruetvon la aye?Uc and expeditious. ACCOUNTS, PENMANSHIP, BUSINESS AFFAIRS, A lnatmatloa (private If desired). at GOLDSMITH'S "hi? nrrta 1 Institute, T38 Broadway, Established ISA). A LADY HAVING SOME HOURS UNOCCUPIED A would like to get a few puplla to teach the French. Spanish and Italian languages. Addreaa C. Blekards, box IM8 Poet ogles. A LADY. WHO HAS HAD A HAPPY HOME TBACU ing the English branchea and auaio, taking entire eharge of household maltera, daairea a re-engagement in a famiTy of high moral worth; can make a bonnet, cloak or drees, ore cake, plea and jellies; referoncea required and given. Addreaa A. A, A, box 181 Herald office. AT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY FOR MUSICAL Instruction, 88 Madiaon avenue.?Piano, Violin, Theory and Singing. Terms $10 per quarter. The Conservatory Inatructlon Booka free. BOOKKEEPING, WRITING, AC., FOR BU8INE88 - Meaara. DO LB EAR, 609 Broadway, teach Bookkeeping praettoallr at need in the beat of New York houaea. Gentle men can be qualided to not Immediately aa head bookkeepers In any hue'"? G ERMAN TEACHER WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN -- gentleman, for evening leaaons. Addreaa, with terma, box 8,668 Poat offioe. TNSTRUCTION.?ADULT PUPILS AND MARRIED J. lad lea preferred; private leaaona In common Engliah branchea. Mathematics, Rhetoric and Belle* l.ettrea, Com position, Cerreapondence, Cnnveraatiou, Criticism. reading the poeta, Hlatory. Engliah Literature. Hlxheat reference* Addreaa Inatructreaa, box 80 Union aquare Poat office. INSTRUCTION.?A FRENCH GENTLEMAN WANTS to exchange aotne leaaona of French for Engliah. Ad dress A. F., box 138 Herald office. Lessons in prrnch for enolish.-apply to box 130 Herald offioe. PROFESSOR MAURICE H. ROUI.LIER'S METHOD of learning the French pronunciation in a very abort time can be availed of in leaaon*. either at hia res ldeoce|.or at the pupil'*. Addreaa M. H. R., atatlon D, New York. PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN FRENCn, GERMAN, Spaniah and Engliah Languages: terms moderate. Addreaa Professor J. Wundermann. 303 Sixth avenue.. Home from 1 to 3, and eveuinga Mondays and Wednesdays. Spanish language.?fkof. a. de torsos.? Classes for ladtea at lils residence, 388 Fourth avenue, with hla NEW COMBINED METHOD, published by D. Appletou A Co. TANTED-A COMPETENT TEACHER (AMERICAN pply to JAMES (road. WANTED-A COMPETENT TEACHER (A1 preferred) for a district school. Apply I EDDY, Huguenot station, Slaten Island Railroad. SPORTING. Am STEAM PROPELLER YACHT FOR SALE-ftFTT-l ? eight feet long, ten feet beam: about five mow? old; built of oak and copper fastened: haa accemmodalMM for eight persons besides the crew; is well found In aim/ re- I built eight piu NIH WWIVC* M.O V?. ? , U, T, 11, 1UUUU 1M 1 specL Apply on board at foot of East Tenth street. A LL KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR 8ALB AT ?A B. DOVEY'S, m Canal etreet. near Chnreh street. Medtdnee for all diseases. frepaied For J for moaklag birds. ' ~ Birds of all kinds at ? fourth avJBue 3al$n breed Canaries. Prepared food for Meshing Birds ANDREW ElICH. Francis butler, no. 8 feck slip, has all the choice breeds of Doge. Butler's Infallible Manas Cure and Flea Exterminator, 78 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $8. Doge trained, hoarded, Aa Medicines for g|| ljlOR SALE?A PAIS OP THE FINEST BRAD OF P King Charles Pups, ? months old. and also a very fine Frsnck Poodle, 9 months old. 106 Forsyth street. SPLENDID YACHT FOR SALE?110 TONS O. M.; well found in all particulars; two large state rooms, AA; price moderate. For fall particulars addr? Yacht man, Herald office. TKTANTBD TO PORCHA8B-A POODLE DOG, BE. vT tareen one and two pa? old. Add? H. M. B., eta. Hon O, Now York. HORSES, CARStAGRS. AC. A SPLENDID HOBSB, TBUCK AND HARNESS FOR a? cheap; all new. Apply at the livery stable 44 Hamilton street, or to JOB. WILSON, 173 South street. A-HORSB8, AC.?REGULAR SALE OF OHOICE ? stock Tuesday next, at 13 o'cloek, at the auction mart No. 100 Liberty street: trotting Ho? General Granger. M bands, 9 years old: will trot In 1:40: also several other An# Horses. JOHN L. VAMdAwaTBB, Auctioneer. change Hor? or Cairlmea should have their paupwtj, or the articles desired registered aa above. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 87 Naasau street, every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A -COUPE AND GERMANTOWN ROCK A WAYS, VIC . tort**, Park. Doctors and Pony Phaetons, Buggies, Harneaa, Aa 89 Cedar at?t, second door east of Post office. TAYLOR A HICKS. A COUPE FOR SALE-MADE BY BREWSTER A CO.; in very fine order, having been ran but a short time. Apply at 86 West Twenty-eighth street, private stable. I EXPRESS HORSE, WAGON AND HARNESS FOR 'J sale cheep Mill in good order; also an extra fine trotting Mn-e, with Top Wagon and Harneaa. Can be seen at 89 aud 37 West Twenty-ninth sffeetr '.c >- - * fftofc SaLK-A SORREL PACING noRSE, 18 HANDS, r 6 years old, lone tall, sound and kind; la a superior draft animal. tollable for exprea* or any heavy work; will be told cheap. Apply at 37 East Broadway. For sale?several light and heavy new and second hand business and express Wagon*, and alto a two horse Truck. Apply at UuthroR A Becker's car riage factory, 307 lirecue street. F OR SALE?A CONCORD EXPRESS WAGON. IN rod condition, capable of carrying 2,500 pound*: or exchange for light Truck. Inquire at MABLUVY A CANFIKI.D'S, corner Franklin street and Greenpoint ave nue, Oreeiipoint. SALE.-LEASE OP A LIVERY STABLE IN A m. first claea neighborhood, with or without a araall stock. Ad'lreaa for one week JOHN MILLER, Poet office station 0, New York. For salb-a splendid modern bi ilt shift. ing quarters Coach, bine cloth lining, and In perfect order; a desirable carriage for a private family; will be sold atabartaiu, or exchanged for a six seat phaeton and har ness. Inquire at 998 Pulton avenue. Brooklyn. L. I. M CLKH FOR HALK.-A PAIR OF WELL TRAINED. round young Mulaa; can poll more than hor?en at half the coat of keeping. Apply at 89 Fulton stteet, aeeond flooiv, ,<<5n STABLE TO LET.?FIREPROOF BRICK, LOCATION haat Thlrty-aecond street; three atalla, room idir two carnages; gas, water, Ac.; to be rented to lit November. 1?". HAOOERTV A PHELPS. 11 >^fi?*reeL The best stable in Brooklyn nor hale? Building 40x100, ground 80x100; can onlld livery atahlo on vacant; beat location on the hill. Portland avenue, be tween Hanson place and Atlantic. Apply to JAMES M. TAYLOR, 37 Pine street THOROrOHBRBD MJ.RB WANTED-BAT PRE ferred; 18 hands; b^nka to harness; fair trotting ac tion; handsome: for hrending purposes; authenticated pedi gree lodispenaable; IJfg fancy price Post office box 4,538 MACHINERY. FOR SALE?k COPPER BOILER, DOUBLE R. HEAT er and Worm. Apply for three days at 32 Jay street, between the hours of id A. M. and 4 P. M. For sale-focr machines, botd's patent, for manufacturing new atvlea of embroideries; also worsted antcles. Ac. Apply at D. MAYER A CO.'S, CI Broadway, second loft. Also two Urover A Baker Machines, cheap. For nale-at w park street ifivf. points). one laage Steam Boiler, one 40 bone Engine, and ooe ? horse Engine Must be removed. WM.MchBNZIE. PORTABLE AND STATIONARY STEAM BNOINE8 AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILLS. The best and most complete In use. Circular sent on application. WOOD A MANN STEAM ENOINE COMPANY. and M Maiden lane. Utlea N. V le, New York. TO dkaymkn.-for the best and cheapest Feed Cutter, see Dale*' Self Feeder, at K. H. UKRVBM A CO.'S, 185 Water street. w rights patented steam engine. THE MOST ECONOMICAL AND PERFB CT YET INVENTED. Call at 55 and 57 Liberty street, New Tork, or address WASHINGTON IRON WORKS, Newbarg, N. T. WANTED TO PURCHASE?THE COMPLETE MA chtnery for sawing ana splitting kindling wood. Ad dress, stating pi lee, condition, Ac., WTTHAM A OOILV1B. No. 5 William street. FIRMTIRE. ALL SINGER'S PATBNT SPRING BEDS REQUIRE but one mattress) clean, durable: warranted fWr years; no leathers or strings about them; health, luiury. Sold everywhere. Warerooma 116 Centre street. A RARE OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUSEKEEPERS.? All the Furniture of the three story reeldence 119 West Eighth street, near sixth avenue, for sale at n grant aarrifiee for rash. A magnificent Rosewood Pianoforte, coat $630, will he sold for $3Bh. Including Htool and Cover; two beautiful I artor auita covered In Freneh satin and Prorata); ea<h suit cost?440; will be sold for $335: one da $190; one Black Wnlnut guit In green rape for $79; Black Walnut Bookcase. Sideboard, Rosewood F.tagrres , Curtains, fine Oil kCenti Painting*. Works of Art. Bnmgea, Centra and Pier Tabled,. Rosewood and Black Walnut Bedroom suits; Spring and Hair M ?Ureases, Pier Mirrors, Chandeliers, Hall Stand, Ac. Furniture.?wanted, a complete suit oi parlor and dlaing room flrkt quality furniture. Deliver not be Immediate. Address box ($8 Poet office. need PAYMENT TAKEN BT WEEKLY OB MONTHLY IN. etalments. If preferred, for Furniture of every descrip tion?rar.oraad Bedroom Bulla, carpets, oilcloths, Bedding, Ac . at BBNDALL A SCOTT B, Mra?r of Canal and Hudcen ?traeta _ OUT fJOODS. _ A GREAT RUSH ?OE OCR CHEAP MUSLINS. ?- Strangers who have not bought any of thorn had batter do ao at omw aa oiur supply U nearly ex hausted. You ran aave fully lUr a yard. IMMENSE LOTS AUCTION MUSLIMS. lte and tt*a IMMENSE LOTS, IV.., Wc. and 18c. IMMENSE LOTS. 30a Tic and 35e. ' BEST 4-4 WAMHCTTA8, Me. AUCTION ROOMS OCR HEADarx RTKK8 BIO LOTS DRESS OOODB, Ma BIO LOTS, 37 Ue and Ho IMMENSE LOTS MERINOS, EMPRESS CLOTHS. REP8, ENGLISH OTTOMANS. AC.. AC., AT HALP PRICE. Immense lots table linens crahhkh, FLANNELS. BLANKETS, CA88IMERKS, CLOTHS, PRINTS, DELAINES, SHAWLS. HOSIERY. SbEETINOS, AC.. FROM AUCTION. ?L5VrS/K&V. **'? ~V5tli 46a, #0c and76cf These are the cheapest Alpacas of the year. Extract from the Montgomery Standard December 23:? It la astonishing that while most merchant* are suffering terribly by dull trade they (Foster Brother!) should be crowded with customers, and we can only amount for It by ?hetr heavy transactions In auction good*, and their well known determination to aell goods an cheap; their stores will continue 10 be the great popular resort for DRY GOODS FDR ALL. We feel we rtolate no confidence In stating that we under stand, on high authority, that their salei thtx year are largely in exoeaa of any firm outside of Broadway. FOSTER BROTHERS. Iff7 Eighth av.. near Eighteenth street, and FOSTER BROTHERS, 373 Bleecker atreek AT. STEWART A CO. . request attention to their popular STOCKS OF SILKS, DRESS OOOD8, SHAWLS, EMBROIDERIES. LACES AC., AO. which they are offering at uupreoedentedlv low prlcea. Broadway and Tenth atreek A. T. STEWART A CO. Have juat opened LACK CCRTaINS. IN NEW DESIGNS, at eery low price*. Broadway and Tenth atreek Attractive sale of muslins at LAMBERT'S, 62H Greenwich street IMPORTANT decline IN PRICES We offer this week the following bargains ? Best 44 Wamautia Muslins. 30c.. market pnee. 35e. 4-4 Aadroacoglng Mualina, 28c. 44 Bartleti and WhltlnavOle, 36c 4-4 Poraatdalc, 39c. Super 7-S flne Shirting, Sr., market price, the. Good 7-S Shirtings, Ihc. and 30c. Fine 34 Muslin*, like., former price, IV. 44 henry brown Sheeting. 30,. Fine brown Sheeting. ELS^c., 18a and 20e. The reduction on Mualina la from 6c. to 10c. ear yard. A handsome assortment of Napkins, Doylies 'fable Dam asks, Plaid Jaconets sod Piques from auction, ehe tp. Clearing sale of Blankets, Flannels. Cassimeres. Shawls and winter Drear Goods, regardless nf cost. LAMBERT'S, .133 Greenwich street. A LADY WI8HES TO DISPOSE OP A PINK EVEN J.X. lng Dress, just received from Paris; also a line black Lace Polnte. Apply to Mies GLBNNON, 703 Broadway. AT MME. VTQOUROl'X. 120 FOtTBTD AVENUE, BE tween Twelfth aad Thirteenth streets. Stamping. Em broidering and Lingerie on head or to order. Initial Mono grama far handkerchiefs, curtains, table and bed cloths. A BEAUTIFUL HUDSON BAY SABLE COLLAR AND Muff for sate. In perfect order, for $100. Call an Mon day at 76 Eighth avenue. TJANWRUPT SALE OF DRY GOODS. J) $36,000 OF DRY GOODR CONSIGNED TO US FOR SALE. In the above are several low of WET MUSLINS, WET PRINTS. DELAINES AND FLANNELS. ^^^?ote mast be sold out tu ten days, %boaB>lehs of Cost. Lad lee aad bouse* as pars wfU find thi. a good cheiwe to get te let aad FtsUm* for sale. 441 GRAND STREET, N. Y. A, at $1 IS per yard, at $180 par yard. E at $S; xenond|ganiiiy LY LOW FBI CRN. A. Y. STBWART S CO? Broadway and Tnuth airewk FN LOSING RAMI Vj FOR THR SEASON. In order to tlmr oat our Immense stock we sriU offer oa Monday, Fab, 4. and for tho next thirty days, a magaiOeeot aaeortment of ready W*do FRENCH BALMORAL RKIRTV, AT SIX DOLLARS, some of which hare been marked down from TWENTY DOLLARS. We Invito ladlea to call and Inapaet our stock whether they want to purehaoa or not Having a large atoak of FRENCH CORNETS, to redine them In propmlion tonrdarte make room for our spring importations. The trade supplied oa liberal term a Importer aad MmwSi'tu^s.-H* 766 Broadway,, between Eighth aad Ninth streefc Dress cutting.?robes oabriellr, princfJNf, Chinoise. Basque*and Sacques ent and lilted W ?me. KIEPFEK, 146 Baet Nlmh street, between Broa^??f end Fourth avenue. PDE PERCEVAL. 7? BROADWAY. . Oppeait* As tor place. INFANTS' WARDROBES and CHILDREN'S FUR. NI8HING GOODS. LADIES' UNDERGARMENTS, BJU DAL SETS. DRESSING SACKS. Large stock of CHE MISE BANDS AND TOKEN. Drawer Trimmings- NRht Gown Sets. Handsome Initials and Moiuigi aina einbrctd ered to order, for hsndken ldefs, table linea and ted clothes. STAMPING AMD S^MPRr. GOOD*, y; , ^blf*kld SK'rkU.ik ? 4a?? - ~ FOR SALE-TWO 8PBLNDID KUR COLLARS. NEW. Kable and mink. Will be sold ch-ap. Apply to or Ad dress Mrs. BAB RETT. 'SH Second arena# QRBAT CLOSING SALE ADOLF KUSTLR'E. 221 EIGHTH AVENUE. THE ENTIRE STOCK TO RU SOLD OUT RKOARDLM* OF COST. LOTS OF SILKS, MERINOER, ALPACAS. LOTH OP POPLINS, HEPS, PARAMATTas LOTS OK FANCY STRIPES AND PLAIDS LOTS OP CLOAKS AND SHAWLS, CLOAKINGS. I LOTS OP BALMORAL SKIRTS. LOTS OP BLANKETS AN|i flannels LOTS OF CLOTRfi FgMMEK'S AND BOYS WEAR LOTS OF SHIRTS AND DRAWERS. TO BE OFFERED ATA VERY GREAT REDUCTION THEY MVST HE SOLD RY MARCH I. TWENTY CAStft OF WHITE MU&LINH. aurf CALICOES, In very goon qualities, at 1314a- P" yard, ?>ld tn otwr places at V/L and I Sr. THIRTY-FyVK BALES OV BROWN MUSLINS. TllE? INOS, LfBNIMH, STRIPES, JEANS ie . 20 per cent * low i'jO regular price*. Th'y finle commence* on MnnJav, the 4th of February, aid ?ndg March 1. fion't forgntt You will Hud the dry goufs th" 'aIjOLP KUKTKR'S. 226 EIGHTH AVENUE. HO. PARRBLL, 267 Ton THIRTY Kuril STREET, . one door n?t of Eighth evcnuo, l? clearing oat hi* All Work of Furniture endCarprta atgreat borpuna. The largtei wareroom* In tbe cite. IMMENSE REDUCTIONS IN KI RS, HOBKH. AC.-K order lo clo?* out the balance of in; winter *toek a *tll further redaction will be made for the neit thirty day*. J. R. TERRY, do# Broadway. [ADIF.H'. CHILDREN'S AND iNFtNT'S rtARWPVTl, J IN KVKRY STYLE AND VARIKTV. MAOK to order A. T. STEWART a ro? Broad war and Teeth ulieet. VTEW CARPET 8TORB.?D. KELLY A CO. tRK BKI.Te it tog their large and new ?toek of Carpet', A< . at firstly reduced rate*, eomer of Twenty-filtb *treet end siilh .v. Real india camel's hair brawls. TIM erntre*. of eitra fine quality, $100 EACH, UPWARDS. A. T. STEWART A CO.. Broadway and Tenth meet ELVKT CROSSES. y VELVET CROSSES, JURT RECEIVED PRO* PARIS H. PINCRON HI Bleecker ?treet RELIOIOCR VOTII Kt. "DETHLBHEM?A riLURIMAOE TO THE HHRIN< X) of the Natlrlty of Chriat. A lecture by tbe Ben William Rverett, In tbe Church of the Natlrlty, Second are nue. near Second atrcnt, thl* evening, at $ o'clock. Ttckeli GOoant* J^EV, O. B. FROTHINOHAM WILL_PIH?ACH IN HI: I ?nl 111 r church, en Fortieth atreet. between Fifth and Stub a-.? nw>e, en Sunday, at 10t< A. M. Subject?Cretan* am Southerner*. In the erenlng Dr. D. P. Holton will ipeak ' behalf of the Orphan* of Patrlota. SECOND COMING OF THE LORD ?RKV. CHAIINCeI Ollee will lecture thl* evening, at 71q o'clock. In New Jemtolem Cbarch, Thirty-fifth atreet, between Fourth end Letlngton avenue* SERMON FOR THE SOUTHERN RELIEF CONMISt ?Ion ?Tbe Rev. F. 0. Ewer, rector of Chri*t church, fifth avenue, corner of Thirty fifth atreet, wilt preach In be half of the Sontbern Relief Comnaleeton. thl* (Sunday evening. Service al 7Jfi o'clock. Tbe public ere invited. rE FIFTH OF THE COURSE OF NKRMONR IN BR half of the New York Froteatant Rptneepal City Mlaalon Society will be nreeohed on Sunday avanlog, February It, by1 the Rev. leaac H. Tnttle, D. D ,loatm of St. Lnke'a ohureh, In Zlon church, corner of Beat Thirty-eighth atreet and Med l*on avenue. Servlee to com won no at 7 X o'clock. A col lection will be aide for Bt Barnoba* Moneo. COAL, WOOD. AC. I COAL A NO KINDLING.?PINE, OAK AND HICKORY of tbe at beet quality at the loweat aaarket prter*, at the Empire wood Depot, 71 Boot Twenty-fifth atreet, near Third avenue. COAL. W M: FLOUR, JUL-THH PEOPLES-MUTUAL Protective Coal and Flour Aaaaatetlon are now deHver Ing to mem bora of the aeaodaUon (rat quality oeal at the above low prior. OtBee MR Breed way. room No. A t'j f\(\ A CHALDRON FOR OOKE.-DEUTMU MNANCUIh Albert h. nioolat, STOCK. BROKER . n?. a .IJH

kstablibhbd rivrutj? Insurance.City, Railroad. Ou Light, ] prats and Mlntajg Stocks receive spemel STOCK BROKRR ^.^^ ^ Fob sjojs-a cabinet onci ? bracing a rare onlleetlen of ? and o?h?r specimens which cannot I and will bo aold cheap. Apply at ] Money to loan-at bbvbb pbr obbt. in or small amount* on ArsteUia proper*U& Mo.? Twenty-third street, Plftk Area? ' Y'AnOl^ BANKOENORTH AMBRIOA, In 1,18$f In no the overdraft on thia bah Co., and the sodden resulting death of .? . thoroufh examination of Ita eondltion ha* boon . committee of the director*, and they report aad the officer* of the Bank to publlah that the perfleotiy aonad and prooparou* condition, ai the oapttal unimpaired but they do not believe loeaao sustained will reduce the aurpln* of the the aum of $90100$. CHARLBB M. CONNOLLY, Yloe President, J. A. BnaamiLaT. Caahler. VTOBTHWESTERN STATES. J.N Bauklng and Boiler*Ion Honae of Geo. 0. "entlh A Bro., 4$ La Salle it ret, Chicago, 111. Special aWantlpa glrnu to collections, plum and with document*. Draw on DRKXEL. WINTHROP A CO., and WINSLOW,LaNIBR A CO.. New York. OFFICE MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD Company, Chlllenthe, Jan. 3ft, 1887. The lutereai eonpon* on the 8rat mhrtgsg* bouda of thla company, due February 1, will be paid on preaanlation at the American National Bank, New York. WM. E. WATSON, Auditor. American National Bank. New York, will pay coupons a a bo re. A. A BRADLEY. THE WILMINGTON AND MANCHESTER RAILROAD Company of North Carolina hat placed to the credit of Ita third preferred Bret mortgage bondholders^ et Messrs. M. R. Jeaup A Co.1*. 84 Broadway, New Yetk, the Intereet due en February 1. 1807, let* government tax. Holder* of coupon* will pleaao noil and collect the aaae. HENRY M. PBAMB. President. ITIHB PARIS UNIVERSAL EXHIBITION. 1 NORTON A CO.. AMERICAN BANKERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 14 RUB AURKR, PARIS. HIGHEST PREMIUM ALLOWED PGR EXCHANGE ON LONDON. Special attention paid to securing apartment* for Aanrrl can* risking Pari*, and letter* of inquiry replied te by re am mall. nnn 70 IA)an on improved real rp I O," It/U estate in thla city in any inn. w. H. wood, ns Wall street. *inn nnn TO loan, in sums from $1,000 to ffiiuU.vUU $20,800. on improved real estate In New Jersey, worth more than double the amouut loaned. ' divan box 878 Poet oft'rv, Newark, N. J. tinn nnn *0 loan-on nkw tork city Vi-'' real extiue first mortgage, at 7 par oent. J. SOLIS RITTERBASIi, 30 Wall street, Jauncey euurt. ago: nnn Tn U)AN oh bond and mort iPo-it''"'".' gage, In one or wore sums, on real estate In this cltv or Brooklyn. JOHN F. COSRBY. C Wall street, room 19. laOAN UBFK'KB. AT 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A MONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY, Ac.. OB THE SAME BOUGHT AT THE HIGHEST RATES. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICEETS BOUGHT ROB DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleecksr etraat, up ataim. Am dvarces made on watches, diamonds, jew ehry, Dry Goods and Personal Proparty of every de scription. J. 1. JACKSON. HI Grand street, two doors wast of Broadway. GOOD PBICB PAD FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY; A GOOD PRICE PAID FOR DIAMOND JBWELRY; f rtffiTGSS BJST tSfeiBS C3t at.; offiae No. 1$ Hew Tmk; . House, Garden at , Newark. N. J. SNOFARTNERSHTP.-THE UMDBBRTGNHD HAVE " -f this day entered inte copartnership, under the hfto name Of Prancis A Fsrtee, for the transaction af a nenaral OU busi "Tbssss , at No. ITS Waahingtcn New Toes, Jan. 91, 1887. MR. WILLTAM LIBBBY HAB MBW ADMITTED A partner In our Arm. New Yonx, Feb. 1,1887. ALRT. T. STEWART * CO. vpsw YORK. FRBRUARY 1. 1887 ?MR. MAE MARX i v thla day retire* from our firm. The buataeee win be Cndueted by Ibe remaining partners under the aame style as iretofor*. SONMBBOBH * CO ?Tow** towwaoa*. Mar Mam. H. J. Hei.icua>. H i tut Coukk. VTOTICE.?THE FIRM OF PRICE A WUNN IS DIS i\ solved this Jay bv the withdrawal of P-. George H. Price. The Counr Hr.ik-r.yge hnslr *| will h* ,,u-ttnued by the auneeviber en bis own acoesmt. m _ _ _ VUJ??, if., No. ?'Hanover atreet New Tom. Feb. 1, 1887. VJ-OTICE IS HERBRY GTVBN THAT TUF. PARTNER Av "hip heretofore eaiatlng by the undersigned under the Arm name of Cohen A Lyons, as Jewellers. at 11 Park row, ha? this day bean dissolved by mutual roe?eiiL All claims as?ln*t said firm mn?t be presented to ibe undersigned. Lewi* Lyon, for . ?ayoient, tn wbom aO debt" due laid l.rta should be paid at the same plane JOSEPH S. COUKN Naw Yoaa. Ian. SI. 1807 LEWIS LYON. 2^T?I?H MAI"K" ''*"*? NRwr YORK. JANUARY j7. DISSOLUTION.?Tbe partnership ber-sufure mating un der the lirm name Of ll.i Foieil 1 Frunni lafhisdav die solve.1 bv nt'iti'sl consent Either nertuer wil' viyn In bout JuHcri UV T DEFOREST, ;*"*? GEO, W FRANCIS. NOTICE.?'The under* gri?J will ooulinue the ml and ail die business at 118 Maiden lanr. tVV. 1 DEFOREST. NHOTICK IS HEREBY G1VKN THAT THE PARTNER ? hip lately etlating between llie iinder*lgne<l. uudrr the Arm name or Imewen?lein A Wolfstein, was dl??o1vad on the Ar*t davnf February, 1887, by rentu U content- Samuel Wolfsteln I* authorized to eeitle all debt* doe to end by tbe late firm. SAMUEL WOLKSTKIN. MOKES LOWKNSTEIN. Nsw Yona, Feb. 5, 1887. 112 Chambers street, Pm ARTNER WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN FROM THE West, to open a wholesale millinery and fancy "tore In New York, or to enter Into one already e- 'ablhhed . h*? seven 5ear*' eiperieuce and ean eo nmand the capital. Address . B., care of Rev. J. Seidel. l*4Creenwlr| atyset, N. Y. PARTNER WANTED?IN CnTTOV RAISING. WITH $*!non in $8,?l0 payment"; ulantati >n l.inu acrns, ready ?t'leked: yearly In .-orni $1Sn.(a<0 Addr>-ae Plantation, bea Irill Herald office, for one weelc. PARTNER WANTKD-Wmi fftW TO SI.W CAPITAL, Intake a half Internal In * light iiiatrifjct'iriiu: hurt, raj Ins an per cent tl.iAl will include half Internet la patent. Add 28 Liberty aired. PARTNER WA NTKD IN KJtAL ESTATE BUSINESS? to open anil take rharge of Vow Turk office A man of tjrnr capital and fiinrltni* aan make monev. Addreaa Broadway. Herald office RABU CHANCE-PARTNER WtNTED, WITH A LIT tlarapltal, at caehter in the boat money making Exhibi tion In America, performing to crowded Itoueea. Aatoelatlun flrat rlaaa. Apply at Ski llndaon atreet. Tim OOPA RTNER8I11P HERETOFORE KXISTTNfl hetwnen the llrm of Robertson A from It thia day dlaeotved by mutual content. Oe-irge Crnm will conduct the buaioer a aa heretofore J AMES ROBERTSON IIAnt ag, Jan. IS. 1887 OKOROK CRUM. TllE UNDERSIGNED IIAVB THIS DAY FOR*EH A ??opartnerahlp, under the Arm name or R. Kanieat A Co., for jobbing atraw goodt, Aowert. *r.. at Add Broad* ay. ROM)MOM EARNEST. Naw Yonn. Peb. I. 1867. ALEX R H. NONES. At) nnn -WANTED, A PARTNER OR CAHHIRR iTw.'" lo take ebarge of the financial department la a good aafe builneaa. all naab. Addreaa Bogari Herald AC nnn -WANTED, as special in a well IJUVJ. eatabllahed and profitable manufacturing butineea. Agenlt need not apply. Rett of city refarenoe git en. Addreae. with raal name. Kpeetal, Herald office. mm BVRIRKSI OPPORTVNIT1CS. AOENTLEMAN OP TIIOROt.'flH BCSTNKKB HABITS la open to Inrrat from $2.(K>0 to $.1 000 In a Aral claaa aplre and aundry grocery; the beat of refereeoe; neuld like to travel Addreae II. (I., Herald office AM MAN WANTED IMMEDIATELY?TO TAKE rharge of a Ane wine and fruit buttneai already aa tabliahed, on Broadway, with $2,1100 in ready c?ah. Good aecurlty given for the Inveatment. THOMPSON, 780 Broadway. A N R8TABLIBIIKH NEWSPAPER, PILLED WITH A yearly adverttalng and auhaerlptlen. for tale: lei ma low and made to anil a rnaponalble party only Addreaa for one week Oppnrtuelty. llerald office. AM PARTNER DKSIREH IN A PIRST CLASS RF.STAtT rant on Broadway; A neat chance to make money on a limited Inveatment Addreaa 8. II. Y., atatlon fl. BKICKKRN WOOD FINISH FURNISHES A PROFIT able bualneaa, and requlrea but email capital. Mannfae turera are Invited to eiamine Ita merlta aa It la neither abel lac, wax nor oopal. Office 48 Beekman at met. JJEST THINO YET FOR AOENTS?IIALL'S PATENT or el orb] Nan TJIXCLUSIY* HIOffTS FOR SALE-FOR THE BEST ir; ean light and trim without removing chimney Apply In peraon. between the henra or 0 mid 12. , to It. H. LOOMIK, agent, 37 Park row, room M. __|Y* RIOfTTS FOR 8ALE-FOR THE BEST Jti veiling Patent article In market Retail* at $l&, fur niahed at ft neck, at No. A Pine atreet. moan Wo. ?. ANTED-A BAKERY ON ORAND STREET. BOW cry or any good thoroughfare. Peraona having au- h tadlapoaaof may hear of a purohaeer by addreeatng W. T. L., Rahwey, N. J. WANTED TO pncHASE A BOOK AND NEWS STORK; muet he to a good location. Addreaa. atating amount ?f buetaaae done, pvtee, Ae^T. F. M? boa 1?l Herald office. TilB LICCTIIRK SEAffoiL C" oofrr institute. Jctrffsi' w*s!V?t&a.?sr..i?'? Manikin taken all apart How to atrenetben wnealea. Fourth JMtUll. ^?WOtRXLl. aaffusttrmiiL. ""XFDfirsarwes CINDERELLA w1s^vPir&E?e' PUN. QLYMPIO n^?|nM| fu. t< .. ____,M TELL, rs ud appointments 7-MUe. Elvira Nad<11 ? Madame Roller ae IZmTiaiuu S5la Tredrlcl at Hefinj. Maaame noiter at M^ssvfcss-s's?7?" Wf,? (Iroechel aalFndl. Johln Armaud aa t^MSSS^SSSTS fcffiU Mr. Otto Lehman i "^SSaND OHOMCEJ^D OttAM^OH^RA of the veryiiral ttandard wllltomljpoji^'^^? ?r great prod uotton. which, la everr "TSftJ^aitlMMxmtinenL 8N . , TBI Broa^^Md'at tu'e box^ST tb^tr* wWoh U open from 8 o'clock A. M. to 16 P. M. enter Notwithstanding the great U '? ???"?dine tnie e I prise, the prloee will remain at' Admlttloa to Dreet Circle Chalre. 11; Orchetlra Chain. I H^^oVo^oWH^WitOADWAr TO-MORROW (MONDAYl. PRB. 6. ATI f. 1S0TH BBANCB. NEW PROGRAMME, Consist in* of Illusion, getrforroad ENTIRELY WITHOUT JWiXArtJN, And for the flrti tune. fmoTRUR, ., .. . . The tooet "mysterious wonder of ?$'?"? Th?1 p * anything ever before presented to tiaadlenoe. The "BASKET TRICK" and "KMATINO HEAD. In eooseuuence of the Immense enthusiasm, wUlheoon tinned. Admission, SOcenU; Reserved Seatt, M. Poream at the Hall from ? ill 4 Doom open at 7 V .SATURDAY MATINEE at f. The Cblckering Piano It need at there n irenei CE^nVcW^nU^tnlo.' flail, 478 Broadway TCrjKd CIIaNOK OP PEltFORMANCB. ?ANOTHER UNRIVALLED BILL OE EXCELLENCE. ' Ffrs/Vee k o?the 8 <H OOL M ^KR^A NTOMIME THB SCHOOLMASTER. THE 8? flOOUIASTBK. Scenes on the Mississippi SC*vVwwpt bhakeWb' EXEMPT SHAKERS EXEMPT'SHAKERS. im$?^.teiViak9roo@ CAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS 686 BROADWAY. J O Tbw trouble commences at a qoarwrtoi. TflE CllBMK HE LA CREME OP MINSTRELSY I BIRCH WAMBOI.D BERNARD A BACKUS RAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS whom sticcese has never been equalled by any similar organ ? Jtation in the world. New end,cheerful Burlesque. every week Hilton Heed tastltuie, llapnteat Couple Out, Chil dren of Cypres* Impeachment flwnmlttee. ?|!?ut" t..,.titer at The Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming BlIcK COOK ANDAFRICAN BALLET TROUPE. KLLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. 780 BROADWAY. Orai. te- tdeceis aO Brer achieved. C. rammed mghUj. 24:j2 The ?^LeiS*' TN IN CINOi.L l.EON. ajd* A U Bonfante. IN DER MADA < ASCaB , g??g, Keltogg Xjoohl. DER W Deirr ? ??i\ Tur Rival l>. <325 Oe?d??fjpheee Program me n " ' ?*' J tenmnatTn, ageny. >D SUNDAY (?' i.'URT. . ....... - ___ . O STEINU .V HALL, SMMDAT. FEB. A. ? P. HARBISON. tie paiiifrA Direemr. will .in, "The Storn^V Huttlht "Ara Maria.'' kyO(? nod. wtOi violin, organ and piano aneoaapnninaeut, ana tne "ChildrenkJ u "doo, ' Rh-Vr" rS?ko1i a wlU play "Bpieode au T^rntS?' hf Hwmnnn. and "Ada-' glo Kellfloeo." by Bou^ g g will perform two grand ar lection, for the plana The erchee trw, under the d.recSon ^ T?raiA8^ K2;T? o'rSSa^ mer tH&V. lS5S" W Mendel.^ end Mo?rf. Omnd ^Mr ??^^p^VS^MlaR. For nnlent Stein wnjr Hrll thle evonlttg Mr. L. F. Harrison haa mnoh pleaetpo In annouudng that aVtSf&T^BT. wh-nth- work, of aa?aTta.?? ooap^ar form th. %ar,KYS?i, Me. C ' ttL^ROHA, Mr. O. W. COLBY, Mr. THEO. THOMAS, and inrmaeed Orchestra. wlU take Part, I. dl mi many of hi. ForM^af^^SoW^rnier'e,701 RroaUwey; Pond ACo '., M7 Broadway; Ruliman'* ticket offli-e. 11J Broadway, and Stclnway Hall. Til K RXIfIBlTfOW OP THE PRIVATE COLLECTION ?f %A>NTINONBY tMi'RICAN AnTISTS will close on Woodsy, st * P at the Uallery of Leeda A Winer, 817 Broadvtaj Sale to h'-glu ? fi P. M. 7roTdw vy.-second frbncii exhibition of Ptlr. legs. Open dally from 9 A. M. until 6 P. M. 625 /TENTRAL NORMAL IfUff^AL Cft^fft.fU ATORY, U? L West Twen'J-stlth street, between Seventh snil Elgh Jh neennes.?Pisno, Outtar, A loltn. **-TROn' j?nL ctilae, t.essons private. JAY JAY WATSOH, Agent. BTnjo.-Instructions on tjiis popclar and onlv American Instrument either at the pupil's real daoee or mr <twn. The p ipll can gain a sitlllelent knowledge in one Pfninv of fn ma*wr tho nioit dlfllcult pi^oc*. B.n?o. for new?Uginner. from fl to?6; line Instrument, from $18 to $.Wt The following professional gentleman re r-eived instruction hr tny method -Nelsn rtevmour, E'l*!" Kelly, of Belli A Leon's Minstrels; Tony I astor. James Uavuor LewisSlinmons Dan Bryarit, Charles 1. ' srslne. Ir^ Miss Lolte alt"' Ml"" Jenny Worrell, of the Worre.ll sitters HENRY C. lifaBSON, (Ml Broadway. Ml ?lt tL. . (IFNTLFWtN WILL OIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE A Piano. St pupil's residence, for $10 per miarler; best of refereto- siren. A?ldres?. with residence, Teacher, bo* 118 Herald oft- ?. a NY SOCIET v WISHING THE SERVICES OP A PIRRT A elas- teuor to lnsd in eongregallonal or udar^lette slnr ins fron< May 1 1887. will please address (for one week onft). Y. T.. lil Broadway, upttalra. None hutthoso willing to pay liberally need notice (his advertisement. 1 RARB OPPORTUNITY TO STUDY PIANO, OUI A t?r Violin. Singing, Ar , nt e fnlr prloe. M *"1 Tweuty ?l*lh street, between Seventh end Eighth evenuee. Cell or send lor cln uUr. a fWPRANO SINORR WISHKS A HIT"A^?? "L* A ehurab. Moderate salary required. Address Soprano, bo* 167 Herald oBlue. ? A T TilB national CONBKRVATORT OP MUSIC. O \ Madison avenue, terms $1(1. By srrangsment w th Tl^irse I' Bristol* Professor of Mu"H- hi publle schools, mlp^.tlenolns w hi^. $8 per qnarier. The ,'on?naU.ry instruction book . free. 7 fine assortment of pianos to let and A sold on lostalmeuts, at the ma.n.fsrtory lJdsndliA East Twenty?(? rut stfeet. L P . I MMIROB_ TTuiTAR AND BINOINO.?NAPOLBON W (tShttoOulUlit and Tenor, from the prlnelpal eoncertn Io E^irope an" imerlea. re.ome. hi- ln.truc.lon. at W rtlith areinie. Banjo taught practlnallv. *?% Steirftini ?WT8IC FOR FARTIBS.?APPLV AT ?61 H1XTII AVE |V1 hup. iir? (onda a tor., nnar Twrnty-mgbth atraoi; at 7S2 Third armor nrar fort? ninth atrrri, ami at 1st Canal .?? (<?? ? Mrsrc -fS PER MONTH FOR INSTRUCTION OR THE Piano, with prltllogo of arnntiao, by aa aipartonoad toacher. al :luft Writ Twanty-flflh atraat, near Eighth amnua. 0 'BRIER 8 HARD OFFICE, m BOWER*. naarHUn'r.n. M. J. O'BRIEN, Laador SOrEARO, TBRoe AND RAHRO WANTED-FOE AN Kplampal eholr Gaod raador*. with powrrful rolora, may addrnaa, with term*, H andol. boi STW Hrrahl offlca. HTML. BATTBRHON. FIANIBT. ATTENDS TO PAR ft tioa, Woddtnga, A<- . at ft par arm In* Can f nrnlah tloiln. An. Ordrra ramifad at roaldannr, WO Sfctfc annua, noar Kortlath atraat. DARCINU AC A DK MUCH. ADODWORTH'BDANCING ACADEMY. ? SU Fifth aranua. Now York. For data, tarma. An., ploam nail for a rlmular. Brook rip dancing academy, mi brooms bt. A NEW CLAM FOR TUESDAY/ All tba faahlnnaMa dancaa la ono annraa of loamna. 1 A PI KB meat Tuaadaya and KrtdayaS toSH E- M U RNTLEMEN. Tuaadaya and Frldiya, 7* to in P. M. CHILDRP.N, Wodnoadaya and RatordaySTs to l;<P M. LADIKH' Primary Clam lnatrii"tad hy Mra. Braoka BOI REE every WEDNESDAY RVENIIG. BROOBEB' BOOK ON MODERN DANCING, CON. tainlai a full daaertptian of tbo atapa a?d flguraa Of all tbe danora now In naa tngatbar with an F.RSAT ON ETIQUETTE, jnat pulllrhod, and for aala at th" Acadomy, Ml Briaua atroot. Prtoa it. IYK OARMO'fl DANCING ACADEMY, NO. R FIFTH / annuo, aormar of Pourlornth at rent Opan an TVF8 ATB and FRIDAYB, WKDNEBDAYB and ftA TURDAYR. Ladloa 1 tn 4 P. M. Mlaaaaaodmaatarattot Onntlaman, Tuoaday and Friday onnwga, at t a'tlook. Claaaaa now opaa for hogtaaari, YV MAR N DANCING ACADEMY. M WEPT FOURTH 1J atraat?Far ah t Id ran, ladm gaatlamon. Uiwio erery day aad light AN daanaa taught ta aaa anarttr; tw daaaaa UTOIIMMTI. ^ JliTUS. Managers Lewie Baker and Mark Smith. New yore thutu. Manager* ?. iwap ? ? ____ _ Second weak of the highly auooeaaful Spectacular, R oaten lie Drama of a _ BIRO or paradise, WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL MUSIC, > DELIGHTFUL DANCING. 4iw?V. ???S?MM'3W SATURDAY, FEB. 8.AT TWO O'CLOCX, BIRO OF FARAblRE MATINEE. MEN. F. B. CONWAY"8 FARE THEATRE, BROOKLYN. TO-MORROW BYENiNU. THE ROBE OK AMIENS. THE OCEAN YACHT RACE. POOP FOR NOTHING. rpUA! TOBfN BT NANNETTE, Vaudeville. Saturday oast, LK FACTE DE FAMINE. Great HUtorteel Drama. Ticket office KB Broadway, at Dardonvllte's. Tony pastor's ofbra house. 101 bowery. An entire chance. First Ume of a new drama of MOST INTBtfSB INTEREST ?? THE FEMALE THE FEMALE Now scenery oostumes, Ac. The entjijemai^lntlio east. 1ST AND GRAND (EFFECTS, BRIGAND CHIEF. BRIGAND CHIEF. The entire egmpanr in the east. A beautiful new Ballet, LA ROBSCnBRIE. _ TONY PASTOR IN htilL MORE NEW SOROS. New Ethiopian Burlesques by the met Coinedy Corps. MATINF.Km RVERV WBDNE8PAT AND SATURDAY. HOOLET'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN.?THE BLACK CROOK. PERUVIAN BALLET TROUPE AND PALAOF. OF HUGE DROPS, DBCHALUMBUA, My Father Bnuld ("barooal, The Breakneck Act, Paddy's Wed dine, Coustn Joe's Visit. The Iteeruttlng Offlee, Ptfe and Drum Major, The Wonderful Guitar Solo, Phabeasoa Brown, Ac.. Ac Griffin a ciikisty's minstrels, FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOUSE . _ _ _ < Adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel). O. W. H. GRIFFIN MANAGER. J. 0. DlEXBKKKY AGENT. CONTINUED SUCCKSS. CROWDED HOUSES. _ , ? _ DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. This Palace Opera House Is nightly thronged with the elite of the city. GEORGE CHM8TT continues to delight hie many admirers. First appearance of Mr. CHARLB8 BBNIDICT, Comedian. Second week of the greatest Ethiopian comedian living, Mr. OSCAR BURHANK ^ GRIFFIN A CHRISTY Id now acts. MUSIC, SINGING AND DANCING. VTATIONAL IIAI.L, IIARLBM. Xs Mr. E. G. B. HOLDER, the distinguished Composer and Tenor, respeetfully anoouneo his flret CONCERT, to take place on Tuesday evening, February 6, 18(7. He wlU be aatlstedby the following eminent artiste*:? Miss KATE Mt-DO.NALD. Mrs ANNA PAYNE, Mr. Til MAS GAYNOK. Ilerr HENRI MOLLBNH AUBR, Mr. C. JEROME HOPKINS, Mr. EUGENE TRASIOCR, Mr. WALTER RUSSELL JOHNSTON, Conductor. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Mrs. farrfn having rkturnrd to the citt, is prepared to negotiate with managers for the re mainder of the season. Address 87 Cottaje place, between Bleecker and Houston streets. Grand ball at Brooklyn academy, pkb. a Parties going out for refreshments, call at CLINTON OYSTER HOUSE. 28 (Union street. Brooklyn, and get PRIME OYSTERS IN BVBRY STY LB. Notice.?miss emma fowler's GRAND BENEFIT will takejibtee at CHARLEY WHITE'S on TUESDAY AFTERNOON NEXT, FEB. 8, 1867 SPECIAL WOnClBM. _ AMERICAN INSTITUTE ANNUAL ELECTION.?AN A annual election for Teustsm aad Oomaeiueaaef tin I Tnstltute will be 1m .d on Thursday. th* 14th day of Fehrm ary. 1867, at its rooms In the Cooper Budding. The polls will apea at 3 and otoaa et J o'clock F. M. li order a/ the Board of Trusteed, HORACE GREELEY, President. Jinn But.!., Recording Secretary. /"YARD.?IN CONSEQUENCE OF TUB #0 RIVING OF VYfeDWi Palace Hall, 786 and 787 Sixth aveiaa, Mr. Tra nor wffl for th* present hold his Dancing Clasese, Hetreee and Balls at his other large and splendid rooms, earner of Broadway and Forty-eeventh eUnet. J. H. TRRNOE. 1m O. B. B.-BRO. MORRIS OOODUART OF NEW Haven, will lecture before Arnow Ledge, Oteb 11 ewe, corner Eighth avenue and Twenty.flfth street. Wednesday ?evening. Feb. 6. Suhjeat?The byetemef Govern ?**!.'? Hwm of the order 0' kFFICE oP PACIFIC MAIL STXAMEiUP COM pupy, Nnwlong.Mb.EMV. Record of a special meeting of the Boird of Dtrweterasff the Pacific Mill KteemsMp Unmoeny. held at the ooagieay'a office, Baturuay, February t, 186.. Mr. Allan McL-tne. President, stated aa follows:? "I have called this special meeting to announce officially to the Board the death of our late much respected associate. Mr. Charles Augustus Davis, end to suggest, In view of bis long and latthful services aa a dusMtor and trustee, His. some action may be taken tar tit Board, marring for lis official records, as nkewTse tee hie family and tlie public, onr appreciative feelings eud senti ments. I will inly ?>ld for my-elf. In dlrharglng my own trust, I have ever found bun. lu sssenn end out of season, n considerate, wise aud conservative counaoiior aud friend." Whereupon the following resolutions, as moved by Mr. Francis Sklddv end seconded by Mr. Howard Potter, were unanimously adopted.? K<?oUed. That the Board has heard with sincere sorrow the announcement of the death of Mr. Charles Augustus Davis, for nearly eleven years e member of the Board, and and si the time of his decease Its senior member and Chair man of Ita Kitwutim Commute-, and desires to record Its seme of the bereavement, which tho members of the Board have tberol.y suffered, at a friend always moat kind, courte ous and considerate in his Intercourse with them, and also Ita u use of the loss which ih-> company thereby sustain* of a director Intimately acquainted with Its affairs, always wise, m u.ieiit and conciliatory In counsel; aud In action thorough ly, iiiis-lttahlv and ooureg- >us v devoted to the true I uteres!, of the wtioi- body of its -.tmkboldors. Resolved. That aa a foe her token of respect for the mem. ory of the .i-oessed, and evorosion of the sense which lite Rngrd enteilain* of the worth oi the member whose loss it deplore*, big eeet In the P . 1 remain for the present un filled. RkaOlVed. That these pro eedn 21 be entered to full In the bimotos. that n copy .if the sunffi be transmitted by the President to the family o' the deceased, with en expression of tho nympalhy lelt fur them b; die Board in their bereave ment. and that'thsv he published. Wbereu|?in the Board adjouned. By order of the Hoard of Director*. THEODORE T. JOHNSON. .Secretary. fill, UNDERSIGNED, DULY AUTHORIZED BY THE Liquidating Commute* of the Land and Submarine Cu ban Telegraph Company, which Is crop wcrcd by the gov ernment of the Island of Cube, will reoelve pr ipoeluon* fr..m any rrsponalble party for the purchase ol the whole or part or the propei lv belonging to said company, and which conslHta of the felegiaiihlc Line established from Savannah. (It, to Ueuar Keys. Fin, aud Its dependenetae. In receiving the foregoing proposal* the uaJenlgued wlU also he prepared to receive an offer for the claim which baa to h* preferr-il against whom It may concern for the damage sustained by the line during the civil wer. Che proposal should lie sou. unng the next IblrtJ dajra to J. A. Mont, 29 Broadway, New York. NkW Yonk, Jan. 23, IffiT Tammany society. or Columbian order. Brothers?A regular meeting nf the institution will be b- 1 In the Counrirt'heinber >f (he Great Wigwam, en Men ?Iny credit g, February 4, 18t!7, et bait en hour after the eas ting or the win. Genen.l end puuctual ettendseee la re quested. Rv order of JOHN T. HOFFMAN, Grand Sachs*. Wilson Skill.. Secretary. Mtnhattsn. Sraaun nf snows, Second Moon, Year at Die. rotary tb-TTAth, of In dependence the Met, And of the Inttt tn on the TStb. Taxes, taxks-for wakefield, ounvillm, Pe' osmvll'e Prospect Hill, Pond ham. Balm set. Mount Eden, At udt Hope, Kairmmnt. < Ur-rnont Central Morrlse pfs, Potv-II'?, Berrisn'e, Valentine'* end Flaher'e fuwx will lb' received at the Fourteenth Ward Hotel, oornerof Grand and Elisabeth streets, on Monday, February A, 1867. GEORGE COOPER., PETER BRIGGS, JOSEPH HORTON, I Tm HP. ANNUAL ELECTION OF THIRTEEN DIRECT ora of the sixth Avenue Railroad Company will be held at the depot, slvth avenue, corner of Forty-third street, an Tuesday, February 13, fmm U to 3 o'clock. HENRY S. MOORE Secretary. 1 ? MILITARY. ?YTBTKRANS OF THE WAR OF I81S.-ALI. IN THIE V neuntv, Kings, Queens, Suffolk and Richmond, botfc male and female, who have not signed lb* petition to Con gress for a pension, will rl-aae call or send their naaeo, age and tesldenre without delay to No. (City Hall jplaea, one do..r from Uhamhe-s eireel. from II A. M. io4)g F. M. dally. We require this to ascertain tho number now living and convInto ..or reprea' ulatlvaa in Congress that there are not as many living s- reported hv the Commissioner of Fen stone. We rucommeiid,sll the States lo do the ?am* where e vetorna live*. Mend letter* to some good men In each couaty who will publish thecal! of * meeting N B ? All tboao thathavo signed previous Ui this date must not sign again. * BrigadierGeneralR RAYMOND, roioool ABRAHAM DALLY VAMCMT11BKW. TTakokinducement to thr tradk-valbn A tines in 9t> OK' I'ft. 0*?, ?"'< fw l?t* At half price. Also en immense store, varying In pnoe from la to $K? Mrli dieoount V) per cent. Mali order* promptly attended to at the ferlory ol ttir. New Vork Onion Valentine Odmh peny. 134 an J 1? William etrert. ?tKKlfrH VALENTINE A?JUST RECEIVED. THK ??act, ie*|ta not or oompa ?N'H. 90 Chat] ly attended to. French valentines?junt received. thb , ? laeet, and 20 per cent cheaper than thoee of rty other , t depot or oompany in thle oounliw. at HEKRY DE MAR- i NAN*. 00 Chatham etreet Small and large ordnra prompt- ' niH( Ki.i.ArKin a. T, ATE JTBLICATIOhS LOANED AT EVERETT cm. J J rul.tlnf Library, 79 Wert Thirty-fourth etreet, nane H roadway. NKW BOOKS LOANED.-EVERETT CIRCULATING Ltbrnry, 79 Weet Thirty fourth alreel, near Broadway. Eetep totans, manufacturer of KENO, ^Billiard Falle and Trimming*, hp Fulton etreet, New SCHOONER WANTED?OF LIOflT DRAUGHT, TO carry seventy or eighty Mm; mu*t be in good order, with mill cr.rnpl 'ie. AuOraaa, with prion, hoi ?, Jersey City riiat oflloa. ANTED?A HECOND HAND PUTTT MILL. AD. I box No. 1 station 0. w 2? llttfk TABO OF ARMS, WITH BAYONBTN COM. ivt/V plete, Npr qfleld Muekate and Rlflest all af Which will he aotd at a bargain. Apply to U. DEVLIN. ST) Peart street, nana Chatham street.