Newspaper of The New York Herald, 3 Şubat 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 3 Şubat 1867 Page 2
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SITVATIOX* WA5TKR-FFM|LE?. A NATIVE or GERMANY, TRAlNKD PGR A HOUSE kcc) wr, and spe.k.ig Kiudtsh would like ? mtuation In a private faintly whirr ?n? e<? il 1 b-?d in ir'iw Nfe. can do plain m i-dlawork and superintend dairy work, tua uounuy per fcrrrd. t'nn be seen or addressed at lira mercy Park Bouse, No. 141. A YOUNG AMERICAN GIRL, l!' TEAR* OK AGE, lulrllljirnt and ol amiable dl'posl'.on, dif?ir*? a pcma ne n I situation a* nnrae and mnKtW. Or VMM liltt M oi.jeotlor to act aa companion. Stair where and ubru on Interview ma. be bad. bu uolaa alii a t'red. Address Mist V.. stat'on 1>. A WIDOW LADY. WITH A CHILD, AGED 7 TEARS, IS dea: roil a of a situation aa housekeeper in a private family; an invalid holy not objectionable Salary not so much an oh irei aa a home. Adoieea for three days I, A. T? Brooklyn Post nfflce. YOUNG LADY WIS I IKS A SITUATION AS GOO _ _ vrrnante or interpreter with a fumllv going to Europe. References exchanged. Address box Ml Herald oOlee. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN woman desires a situation a* wet nurac; tba heat of city references given. Addreaa C. W., Herald office A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN WISHKS A SIT uallon. In a private family, aa Aral elaaa chambermaid and waiireaa, la willing and obliging. Good city reference. Call at 217 ?lh a*., beta ecu 34th and 231 h iU, A A APIR8T class seamstress wishes a situa tlon, In a private family; caDoutaud At ladies' dres e>; UDderaUnda all kmda of family sewing; con operate on Wheeler 4 Wtlaon'a machine, flood clly reference. Call at 217 7th nr., between 24th and 23th eta. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE CHARGE OP a child to dry utirae with the bottle; haa lately lost Iter own baby; will make a comfortable borne for It. Call for two or three day at 465 let nr., between Sid and Slid ale.. Brat floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS 4 SITUATION AS cook, washer And n oner, or to do general housework in n am all threeyoara' referee oc from last place. Call at 645 1st nr., oornor S>1 si., accond flaor, front room. YOUNG WOMAN VWUI EMPLOYMENT BY THE weekormuotb aa seatnslresa; nnderatanda dn aam ik. lug and all kJod* ol family sewing; haa the basi of recom mendations. Call atoi address IM Red 27th sk, room M. AKEoPKCTaBLK GIRD WISHES A SITUATION AS veaii-tress In a prirato family; uati cut and fit ladlea' and children a dr-ases and all kinds of famllr sewing: Rood city reference. Call on Mooday at 62 Spring ?k, second floor, front n ein. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECT tBLE young woman, aa a brat class cook; n bile man da her business perfectly; has the be*i of city reference for hon esty and veraoity. Apply foe two d.iy- at lit West 61th at. A LADY OP EDUCATION DESIRES A SITUATIONA8 compan on ?db a luinlly roior to Auk trails, the West India- or llrasll. Addre-n )'o,U| union, atallon I'. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN American ladv: tool leierence; a Rood home wanted. Addre-n E. II , 26U Wast 48.h at. Situation wanted?hy a gkbman lady, to attend a c mdv or b.,kery store: ran show ree minrndu tion fraiu her la?t employer, inquire for two data at 344 West 42d at., bur ween bib and Vtu avo., third tl or, back room. rro DRESSMAKERS ?A YOUNG OIRL WHO HAS A served eighteen months at the above trade wants em ployineut whe.a ?he can board in the house. Good refer euoe. Apply to M. M., 190 6th av. \\TAS1IINi 1 AND IRONING WANTED?BT A VERY XT lespertable woman, nt lierown house; is competent to gi\e en' re ? ills.action to the parties she may be employed hy. and can furuisb the best of city referenoe. Apply to McNtlly, lni tt est lSth ak, In the rear. WANTED?BY A YOUNG TRENCH GIRL, 54 YEARS ol ?ac a situation as nurse, In u respectable family. Address Jemend, No. 7 Klngsk HKI." V\ ATED?KICJ' \ I. A SMART. TIDY I'iiOTRSTANT GIRL TO DO GENE ral housew ok In a small family. Apply at 33 Park place, between 10 and 3 o'clock. SAMUEL WILSON. Bonnet frames.-a pew respectable ladies, as i.ppi enilccs wanted. Work Riven out after learning. Apply to M. DEJLORT A BKOTHKE, 4*2 Broadway. Buolk and brad hands WANTRD-THOSB WHO call do 1 r* quantities of work Jireferred. Apply At B. Barnard's, 46 I.ispen ird sk A deposit Is required. IjtXPtMMENCBD GOOD SALESWOMEN WANTED? ' U Por small wares and fancy good.-. 880 and 833 Broad way WANTED?A PROTF.STANT WOMAN, TO COOK, wash and Iron, must l.ave city reference. Apply at 294 West 12th ak, between lb and 12 A. M. WANTED?A# EXPERIENCED COOK. WHO TIIOR oiighly understands lier busmen* and can furnish ?allsfeeticy rcfwr> niws. Apple on Saturday and Monday, between IP and I ?? c.ock. at 146 l'laai 17th at., below ild av. \|f ANTED-A GOOD SEAMSTRESS. WITH THE BEST If city ref-r"iires: Protestant prefened. Apply be (ween II and 1 o'clock at 61 University place. ? ANTKD-a LAUNDRESS AND CHAMBERMAID IN vf a small private family; city rcfcrenoca required. In quire at 30 What 15th sk, between lb sod 12 o'clock in the morning WANTED-TO GO TO CURA, A WELL RKCOM mended washer and lroner. Call at 217 East 13lh ak, between 2d and hi sea. ANTKD-1N a PRIVATE HOC HE. A YOUNG GIRL who can sew a Utile. Apply at Si Clinton place. w Vir ANTED?A TIDY, INTELLIGENT, PLEASANT Tf young girl aoeustoineu to the care of and fond of chil dren. su'Ti au nil- may find a pe-manent place by address nig M. II., box 20n Herald office, staling where she can be seen. ^ WANTED?A RESPECTABLE HEALTHY WOMAN aa wet nurse for n child elx months old. to live In the family. Apply on Monday sv IW2il av., between 8 aud 11. SITl/'ATIOKM WANTED? IHAbRH, A MAN AND WIPE DESIRE' A JANITOR'S KITU atlon, or to lake care of any bank, bauklug house or oommcrrui bulldinR; good city rsfsreoes Call at 886 Broadway, room No. I. ASI2UATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG MAN DO years of age: Is willing to take almost any position: uo objection to go a short distance In the country. Pint lass city refcrrnoes giyeo. Address for three days G., station D, Post ofllre. A YOUNG NAN. ANXIOUS, ABLE AND WILLING to make himself KSRsrallv useful In any capacity, is anxious tu obtain a hitualtno. writes a fair hand und Is quick at flgures. Very txsl of city references. Address K., Herald ofllee. PARIS EXHIBITION.?A GENTLEMAN SPEAKING kicnch, EagUsb and German wishes a situation aa In teroreter or agent during the Exhibition. References given and requl.ed. Address Dm ga, llsiald ofllee. rDKlOOlwTS ?A DKUGCIST ACQUAINTED WITH city irude will relieve principals requiring temporary avalatince. Add tees (1. C. It., Ilerali office. Tn hutf.l and saloon pkuukiktork -adver. I tlaiT, aged SO, of long eipeiMm, and being thoroughly aeitiaiM' <1 n nli thr h tainraa, wanta a situation aa barkeeper in. or in Uk Iba < tit ire charge ol nine rstabllsliUieat, where the a<* of a iti-ictl; solwr. steady reliable man ran be rendered available. Addreaa fur one week bar, Herald office. "117 ANTED?BY A YOU NO M AN. A SITUATION AS TV waiter In a pii *te family or boleL Can be seen at SeB Broome at., Nrw York. A LKHKA AND - \ 1.1 Is >? K \ . CLKKK WANTKIt-AT ThR REUNION HOTEL, forty-*. enud street and fourth avenue Must write a good hand. I?e (pitrk and accurate at figure a, single, and not over thir ty year* of a^c. DnUO OKRKK t\ AN TED-IN NF.W4RX. N. J.; THOSE with ttndr ubled testimonials may ?| |'ly to B. i. Good, at Derna* Barn "* At Jl l'*rk row, Nea York. SRt-KElART WANI D-WANfED. AN EDUCATED reraou, of high ch*ta<t?r. go?d ad-Ursa and ?locutlr* ability, to hll the post of arert larr, and l<> perform rcapoa allrle duties. Adurea*. a ,ting ige. ntitr -edeuta aud retar ?urea, A. B . I nlon l-eagve C. ib, AS East 17t\ at. SOUTH OR Wr.ST._A GENTLEMAN of EXPERL ence end ab.llly. 3f> seirc i t ?gr, inurrlyd, WMhrs to go South or West, In capacity of b mkkeopar or aulesman, beat of ctly reference given. .ddrc*a S. f~, lion li.-UU I'ost OlLce, New York. w \HTAKMSII SALESMAN WANTED: Ml*RT ftp. TIIOR. oughty with the buimeae Addreaa Mmett A Ok. Wfartek WBBANTF.D-A SITUATION. AS CLERK IN AN OFFICE, by a young man who baa dvperienoe Oo?d refer eneea.> ?? Clerk, Herald office W^m ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE BOOT AND SlioE house. a i.aleatunu. with a cash Southern trade. Ap ply at No. 4 Warren street. WANTED-FIRST CLASS RETAIL T?KT I.CODS ?ateamen for a new honae on Broadway. None but Bragelaaa men. with larga acquaintance, need answer. Ad draaa Dry linods, III raid office. ANTED?A STOCK CLERK, WITH KXUKRIENCE In hat* and e urn; no other-. need apply. DUNKLR. JOHNS TON A Co.. MB Breed way. WANTED-A Yot'NU MAN TO TAKR CIIARoE fiF vf a light Spanish onr.escondenoe. Addreaa bog 4,TBI I* "t office, aialing salary end rtvummendation WANTED-A YOUNC MAN THOROUGHLT AC qualnted wl'h the buairv as of baring aid ael'rng . om rwerei*. noma, wt.l had a permanent sltoati-t.i ,>y adJressing Pont office but t.lyffi. Bed of mr-rencaa reg- trad. TKrANTED?/ SALESMAN PEEFBCTLT ACQUAINTED f? with the Hat and Cap jobbing irada, on eomtuiaalon bod Salary. Addreaa c. It., fit raldoHioe. WANTED?Foil THE EKTAIL TRADE, IN TIIM new More, two brat class man. one us buyer and sale# man for the hosiery, and one a? buyer and siUsr an for the I ion and emhrotdeiv departments, mua. be f .||y etperMMcml and here a thorough .unwiadgr of ttaeae d<u ?' no.ita. An ?lw> or par.onall/ to J. J. Camp-on A Co.. ?X D WANTRD-TWO TOUNO MEN Of Of'fiD ADDRESS Ty well acquainted with Cm ruy for tl.aaale of gooda Apply to Williama A Co , (H tti aver ?u HRLP WA.NTKD?IWALKSL AOENTS WANTED-WITH A CAPITAL Of (5 TO ??l. to *ell a ? ew pa-euird brth-lffiln si pa la ol h?e folk Suste. lleaa rapid atilo. Cab at W Pulton ?? W.I.'.lAM ALLEN. IRKCTORT COMPILE UN.-A Fr.W PIitST RATE banda w inte.J for the Pliilade'phia ?'ltv Dlreatorr. None neeil Iruiibie thetnealrea who have not bo.1 practical rtpdrleuce In lort'ng and rotnpiNlie drat Plaaa dirvto-1r>; b-at wag?a paid to best hands no otneia n-qucd Anplv to Ia?ac ? until. No I Exchange plaiv, Jersey City, top tbair, on Wednesday. fab. I. ?\V**'',T'">-a itka: r. active b??t. ibor is tears v? of age, to learn lurnoiort* maklig; one who resides wi:h hie nairnta p.elerred; work nil the year round. Ad dreaa J. M , atatlon A. lor three day*. \\T Ab'TED?IN A IlARDWA *V? R10RK. A SOY ABOU t vv IK re*ra of age. M> <t b? a go?el penman, willing lo w w,t rw- i iiendatleus ft " .iviieaty and morality. ?e?i s ieja i.uAf t'u,I oibce. I!JSL.P WA'.TKP-M*UBI. wTxtkiCIman and wlf, .tin: mam ah waiter v t and Die worn m a* ?n angenem ed conk. Alan wanted, A good girl a* i-liani unsold. Addreaa, statins wuea ex i ? r.-e -active bv whom rooommended, box 11) PhUsdeiphu (Pa I Post "lYrc UU.VIE8-IS Ai'TIVK AND INDU8TKIOUS M.\M IN ?T an on more?a German preferred. Good iwtermre* required. Apply ut lib Meidea hu. \VANTED?A KF. D'KCTABLB MOT. IN A CL<*TII ? ? .tore; one wlie cat. write well and reside* with hi. pa rent! ; best of " tercuee* required. Apply at 107 VV Uliaut at. THE TRADK.t. A (IENTI KMAN, JUHT ARRIVED. WHO FULLY ON A Jet-stand* the manuUctur* of oil of vitr.ol and other acid*, the making Of fttperph...phala? ?nd al? > lh? soldering and putting up of leadpn coauiMra, w?nU a |MmitioD. Beat rcH-rence* given. Addraaa Dr. A. B., School of Mutea, Co itimbia C'oUepa f COLOR MIXER AND Mimager wanted?who is e uapeteat to oondunta brut cia-a aaKm t printworks; all comtuulilcaUqoa Strictly confidential. Addreaa Jams. C. Uoodi tch. UrirM atbn _____ DKNTISX?WANTED, IMMKJXUTRLlY MECHANICAL dentin: done but a Aral clans workman. Apply to Tratn A Palmer. 207 Falton at.. BrooUya^ DNGKAYEK W*AMTEtV?TIRST CLASS ENGRAVER. XLl for lettering 011 stiver ware; aleady employment Ad draaa Bailey A Co.. 819 Chestnut at.. Philadelphia. ARBI.B POLISHERS.?TWELVE GOOD POLISH era and four liand rubbera wanted; the highest wages fpO M _^ and steady work will be given (ten bourn'work) to good hands, at A. Kb-l cr's, No l09 Haul LflLh at. r MACHINISTS-A RKSPECTABLM AMERICAN youth, lb vers ut are, wiahea to he apprenticed out; will reside wttb hla employer; city or country. Addre*. Alfred. Herat I office. . KILE CI ITERS AND GMINDERK.?WANTED, two taper cutter., one grinder, to whom good wnces and steady jmploy men! srfll iv given. Apply to the 1.1ctig ?ton Manufacturing Company, Johnstown, N. V., or ni their office. 50 Beckmar si. _ r DISTILLERS.?HITl'ATION WANTED, BY A practical grain and moU.t-.oa dlaUlhtr. Call mi or ad drcas in confidence Distiller, 15 Hudson at., corner of Kendo (drag .tore). TXT ANTED?A MAN WHO THOROUGHLY UNDER " stand* the manufacture and fimahlngof flax twine, to take charge "f I hat department In a factory. None but a c impctent i.nnd need Cpplr. Addro.s, giving reference, Finisher, box S.bCt Post ollirc. WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? A WOOD ENGRAVER M will find ronstaut work. Apply at Index office, 151 Eullon at, up auirs. A lint MRB. ROOMS. ?C., TO LRT, CARD. norSBS TO LET. It having come to my knowledge that certain offices are in the habit of copying my list, advertialni; bouse* to let. charging appl cant* a fee prevfiuus to giving lufurm-itlon, the public will take notice that the real e*Ule circular ran be n id weukly, upon personal application, free, no fee or charge being loade to a tenant hiring through inc. tie brokerage in all cases being paid by the owners. Cut this out, and caution your friend.. THE PATRONAGE OF OWNERS having house* tor rent during the ensuing season la rnspert Itilly solicited, with the exception of tlin.e whose habit is to leave thorn In the hands of several broker*. STANLEY DAY. 518 Fourth avenue. Art rooms to let.?s. p. avert, as he is oo. It.I! to Europe, will let one or both of Ins rooms, at fibt Broadway, corner of Fourth street. Carpet* and Fixtures for .ate, and possession given about February V. Inquire on the premises. A FACTORY TO LET-NEAR EAST RIVER. WITH or without Tower: four stories und basement new; 6ux.Vn28, lighted all round, large yard. Apply at 523 Fifth street. Rent moderate. . 8TOKE ON BROADWAY TO 1.KT-BELOW TWENTY. iV eighth street; possession at Once. Apply to WM. VAN WAGKNKN. 172 Sixth avenue. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET FOR TWO PER SOUS ni 83 West Broadway. AFlTHNISflED HODS K?NEAR TUB BROADWAY ears, up town, to rent until May 1. Apply to A. J. HLKKCKKK, SON A CO.. 77 Cedar street A FAMILY BOARDING HOt'SK TO LET?WITH OVER fifty rooms; situated on the same block with Fifth Avenue llotel; IK year*' lease; $20,0011 worth of Furniture for aule; tortus liberal to a desirable party. DYE A CURT188. b08 Sixth avenue A GENTLEMAN MAY RE ACCOMMODATED IN A private family, nt 135 West Twenty-third street. with a large, well furnished Room on second tloor, with gas aud Ore, hot end cold water, privilege in bath room, Ac.; rest flu per week. A FINE STORK TO LET?ONE DOOR FROM BROAD way. tint floor, baeemcut and sub-basement. The store is about Fit 109 feet, to new. very light and commodi ous. .,nd in all respects one of the best stores between Cham bers and Canal street*. Possession given Immediately. Ap Kon the premises, to ALLEN BROTHERS, 88 and M inard street. A FURNISHED HOT HE TO LET?IN MIRTH STREET, near Broadway, with Immediate possession Inquire of GEO. R. NASH, 80S Broadway, room No. 8. i THREE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO LET? 1V in perfect order, In n genteel locatlun, west of Sixth avenue; FurulWre for sale. JOBRPH MASON.? Pine street. A LARGE AND SMALL ROOM TO LRT (PUR nifclieil)?Together or seprrale; rent of the two $3u per month singly $35 und $10. Apply with references at 183 Ea*t Nineteenth street. AFARLOB FLOOR TO LET-THE FUKNITOEE FOB anle; It would be a desirable place for a doctor, demist or a stylish milliner. <8 Tenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE. CONTAINING SEVEN rooms. No. 95 Eighty third street, between Third and Pnurth avenues, with fine garden and fruit trees. Lot 35i 102. Desirable neighborhood. Posaeesion immediately. $50 per month. THOMSON, 1.883 Third avenue. A SPLENDID LOCATION FOR BUSINESS.-THR House sod Store No. 357 Eighth svenue to let imme diately; reut $3,500. GEO. W. FRENCH A CO.. 398 Ninth avenue. A FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?FOR HOURI'.KBEP Ing; rent moderate. Apply at 19 Catharine street.; or for a couple of young mam A-d* TKSEY STREET TO RE NT.-A FIVE STORY . Building will be erected. Plans ean be seen on appli cation to G. W. SIMMONS. JR., 90 Broadway. h NY PERSON. MALE OR FEMALE, WISHING A A free bonding lot te Newport, California, Pacific Rail road terminus, naar San Francisco, should spply at onoe. Office 137 Broadway, room 19. A FURNISHBD HOURS IN CLINTON AVENUE, A Brooklyn, till 1st of May or longer. $135 per month Anply to M. B. ^RYANT, 13 Maiden lane. A LAROK NUMBER OF FURNISHED HOUSES?UK - J\ atraMy and caotrally located, to rant, at from $900 to $1,900 per month. KINO A CO.. No. 0 Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A FIRST CLASS FAMILY HOTKL TO LET AND Furniture for sale?Doing a fine business; located near Madison square. Apply to DiE A C1RTISH, SIM Sixth a*. Broadway stork and nocsK to lease, nkar Fourth street; Ave story new dime on Chtireh street; fire aloty Store ou Dey street, ne ir Broadway, welt located for any business. A, SKKURANT, 2l Wail street. Broadway and union syUAKK.-To let and lea-e. No f. Union square, west aide, :y 10x110 feet for ten rears: No 35 Union suusre.wlth or wltliout stable In roar; No*. 1111, 1.12.1 and 1,125 Rrosdwty, rery deatrable as a hotel pioperte, for n long term. Apply to K. II. LUD LOW A CO., No. S Tine street. Broadway, nkar walkkr strkkt-to let, flue Store ami Basement. JkxlUO. also elegant Stores slid Lofts, near Ornnd streri. bdvlll; others, iietweeu Wall aud Fourteen th streets, for sale, lease and ient. W. P. SKYMOI R, 171 Broadway Broadway store* and lofts to let-in first class locations aline Canal street. Apply to M.S. MYERS, ?? Broadway / 10L. WM. WILSON, REAL ESTATE AUKNT AND Broker, fill Broadway. A Basement lloor and two fn; ntshed BMP? to let ou seeond floor, Hrnsdway. FtACTORY TO LET.?THE FOl R STORY AND CKL lar l>rtck Building No. .16 West Sixteenth street, near Sixth avenue. Apply to WILLIAM M. OILKs. DO Sixth avesu". corner Thlrtoenth street. FHR>T CLASS FUKNI81IKD HOUSE, ON MURRAY tun, to let to 1st of May, lfiW. Strictly Aral class. Rent $AM)a month IIAOUKRTY k PHKLI'S, II 1'ine street. IYOR RRNT-A SOAP AND CANDLE FACTORY: MAY si a) he rrnt.-d for other purposes. Inquire at ST Sertntb arcane,between Sixteenth and seventeenth streets. Houses to rent?furnished and unfur n'shed. In rlty and country, near the city, $!M0 to $4,00l> per annum. soma with Furniture for sale. FREEMAN k CO.. ?11 Broadway. HANDSOMK COCNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-ON thr Hudson, ?x miles from New York. Also one fur nished, at rsekxklll, near depot; rlew of rlrer. A. SKKURANT, 21 Wall slreet_ Housekeepers or perrons ooino to house kreptng can par hr weeklr or monthly tnslatmente, If preferred, tor Cerpeta, Oilcloths. Furniture of erery de scription, Pallorand Bedioom Suits. Ac., at BENDAisLA SCOTTR, Corner of Canal and llndsou street* Handsomely furnished rooms, sinult or en suite, at JS Lamsriiue place, West Twenty-alutb street* Gentlemen preferred. 1KASM FOR SALE-PRICE $31*10, FOUR TEARS TO J run at IX ?>> rent; Flrat Floor and Basement, ItBvtt feet Pearl street, near Maiden lane. Inquire at M Broad street, room lR | OFTS TO LET-FOUR LARHK U?TA IN CANAL |j street, nesr Broadway. Apply to NOAH WHEATON, MS i anal street *| CFTS TO LFT-AT JKI CANAL STREET, HEAR J J Broadway. Also Broadway, fonr I "Me, slegaatly lighted. 711 Bmsdwar. Iicfta and part of FlrdlFloor. In qulie of K. II. Lt Dl.oW k CO., No. 8 Floe street. Lofts to leiv?large and spacious u?ft? to Set, withOtto*. Apply to II. H. LEEDS A MINER, W Li oerty street Rooms to let-furnished or refurnished with H'S-id i colon water, lerma moderate. Apple at 876 Seeded arenue, t<etweeu Twenty.first and Twenty - rood etreei. SCOWD FLOOR TO LF.T?AT W AND M WILLIAM atree', Marietta; well llghtedi ai?d suitable for a store or UtauufaoUay, -t-aui puear furnished If required; build in* k'xit WM. A. HPKAIOIIT A CO. sB STORE AFD BAfiRMKET TO LET?HO. *? CANAL Sliest n?ar Broadway. Inquire on the premises, up at sir* OTORK TO LET? IT .tin RoWFRY, FEET. SUIT 0 able for soy extensive retail business. Possession Maroh 1 or before. Apply up stairs. ___ STOREi To LFT-'iM THE EAST RIDE OF THE Bowery, between Chatham aud (irand streets. Apply at ito. 1 Bow cry. ink na. rooms. ?cn to uiv. 'TO LET-PROM MAY ) m7" THE I AHIIK POUR Kr^T'wT1,1?? ? *?? #*22* terma and p,rt1CUUr. addnU'V^U. 4.1SToatX*. T?,Lh;,i l.Aow!|K',T,rIaI'?|fl3 TI?RKK STORY AM) BASK ff~-" ^11? n ' m *"?? 1 iurunl. title. I; Apply ?l J A ha* ThlS2jfU.Tu^,,"^d; rplerepoa required. T???h ?Twlf nJw!^LVSBK0A,,w*y "KAH ruin ?loMAH jk*. ousSr^SJjrt.** ?f*??y ai.pi7i. _ 'natand U?7Kh U0,,SKH <>P CA Anplr Ht It#* Bro%d*L^7^ ?? iiuiw4ialf p0ftt?e4i*k>n, WKE\ui^^5o18.t*KMt T?twtt*8?KR ?* AMI) J6.< BOWERf, 'for **' b,,"n,M *? 1 ^tiodfrn. m ITaa^^a* BROWN STUN*. HOUSE, dlftte ret. I **^1. "* "Mth I mme. iK.vJrr iSr' ?lth fuurh*. urueWMd KtSuiSreny P*?tWltra with 8. 8MB kits.>. T?llW?w?r??^I?Jf? AMD BAKRMKNT OOTTAOK modem twprorpaenu. room, with T'cotwTJtm?i .?UIIJ>III,i ?* TnB NORTHWEST ?nttshie7n-V, < , ere.Tieend Fourteenth etreet; eiirttjIOO. )( BAt LPr ylr ''.?,r. m>nufafltory. Apply to HKNJtV M. RAllaEI. Nv. .iroome .treat, near Bowery. T?i)w"4N u \JL??*~2" VVffT BACOT. AH sfaldon US. Now ToT ' 7 " ? TM l;XJrA KlfiiNIHHKn HCUBIC. PKKSCOFD AM) &^:??=sfenS&?s 58%. SW8 T0|eltFae"rtr|ART Mi Mi t|?E UN KOIUT HOUSE TO T?n LKT?TWO PARLOUR AMi LARUE kkovt Itrr" t "e*r 6 App,y at 10H Columbia tTtO LET-IN A FRENCH PRIVATE FAMILY A IIANll tR-menmP>f(.f??'Mh'd b"ck ''*rlor '? on'- w two (ingle Itr?.Vi. K< ,areaoe* " Apply at IX! West Kiftlfnth ?th> let-to aoentleman. A parlor A\n RPiT *Ln?Zlr w'ThK i?,\ " ^"- T ^e^cS Broadway. Randall, oar, o. Mra. Center, Ml f*?' w* vb?v only iirnt tree . bet????J Wro^mo'g^ * " FTO LET?A FPKMSIIKII ROOM HI. Mt>Muxf~.^7. JLCSMSP ?s fhiny.iiiith airitetT* """ Wut"r- ?" ftr? ??"'? -'6 ?e.t PO LET?THE UPPER PART OK A HOUSE CONSIST I 0f"'ur ??"? "????. APP5T.1IS llSter.22I?T Apply at 1SS Heater street. T?a khT?TWO IIAN080MKLY KURN'JHHKI) o(W)U . il? c'n"f?'"n' without Hoard l'rlr tteram ' "tveralty plane, lietween Nint'i and lenth ?U ^TO LET?POR ONE OR MORE HIAI.1 TO A OFN Hoi.nrt a/I of.U!,'e' n nottntry lienlder e, frontIn/r on the bnd?e' The houVoT'. VT' T'l^ dri" ??"m H?riem dfen5^&7S!^TK.,sassr -^sass^w^'tau-i ?ss.-sisa n^I.aaCtTrr"mr'Vonmh^r 'V" JOU?' KAVANAOU. w^h^w Z * ^"Ud Wl *nd Htllh ?venue r LET-STORK NO. 75 WARREN STREET POSSES Ainu Immediately. Inquire ,he preuruii. T?o{5!rTHE " HOST ANO BACK PARI OR amu SSS"?S?5 p??k?sion, a splkndic store Apply ta VvTYTn!' Ta^tsSJi,l^l.7LL? 1*?ROlATR; POMBMhon .te&!s*s?:ate".y.;?.,b - r LET- NICE APARTMENTS, AS DOW.MNlJ street near Beilfiird. three Itooiu*. fid. four Roonm HO Third' ar., in rear, fid: nice order. ADAMS A CO.. %ll Hr,udw?y. ^^fb~^K1L2?WD AVENUE, above TIIIR. ^rto'T. T? M^T^T"i.f,^ EDIATB POSSESSION. UNTIL ?re ss5?w?^a-KM; ?;: T? "5 LET?HOUSE IN CANAL STREET WEST nr c?sH-r;l3 "''oVr^-uWr,! SE T? 5.ET OR LEASE?NOS. S7 AND 69 ILXverra * three door* from Broadway* nn-nn ,, Et KER mediately. Apply to R B VAN HtAiJ?!!S1 i*i??iln' of t> TUiotaon, Kaq.. ? Kichao,. p^!;8'11"' ** 'b* *flire ttvaM^?/o*"VTH. n^t art^ss: T08^^' K?'*TIKTH STREET. WITH IV brown atone {lmZ?tent at'lhTa o{*?i'wl!''rJ?"r **"'7 For t^rntlt apply to J. KKTTRKTC1I. ?inue r RENT?AT Tg) HROADWAV. TWO KOCR STo. v brown Rtouf DwHIinict stnr<?a ?,,a n ?TOHY lar(e ball In the rear, abou*ai?i(jii *"d B??"??nt.. with S, I. IRKIjAVD, *J01 KroadwAy. rRKXT-THB FOUR STORY, ENGLISH BASEMENT brown atone Knurr 28 F.aal Nineteenth atreet. For pet mm apply to R. H. LI'DUIF A CO.. No. 3 Plnr itrect. TO INSURANCE COMPANIK8.?TO LEASE, WITH OR without alteration*, a Storv on Hr?uijwav. between Cortlandi aud Dry atreeia, for 21 rear*. Apply lo K. II. LUOLOW A CO.. No. > fine ilrrrt WINB*. LMMJuiu. AtC. (SOOD ROITRBON, 00 CENT* PER MOTTLE. $S PER T gallon; choice and old, $1 prr bottle. $j per gallon. Pure LI<|U<iri by retail at lui| oner'a priree. Hordraui Win* Company'! Vaulta, HO Fulton ?lreet, naar William WINKS.?EXCELLENT RHINE WINEB?ARISEN* helrarr. Former, Tramlner. Ilorhhi-imer. Llrblraun* milch, Kmleahrimer ami Boharlachbcrwet br?udi. war ranted to glee entire aaliafaetlnn, from $11 to $20 tier dozen, at L. W. MORRIS', 00 Hroadway NEW l*t Rl.l A I'U?\a. CAfpOCJO PRAYER BOOK8, RlItl.ES, AC. The largest and mml varied aaaortmeot in America, AT LOWEST WIIOLKBALB AND RETAIL PRICKS .lAMKs B. KIltKKK. Ute Edward Dimlgan A Hm, 3BI Rroadway. up at-ilra. Essay on catarrh, bt henry a. Daniels, m. d , Surgeon. No 1 I'ulon aquare. Mailed oa receipt of red atamp A UMCAL. DVICF. TO MARRIED LADIRS-MADAME, RF.S TKl.l.'S Infallble French Female Pllla; No. I, prtoe $1, or No. 1 price $A. which caa never fall: aafe and healthy. Office 04 Weat Thirty-fourth atreet, near Btith avenue. Sent by mail. Addraaa boi 2.800. Alao told at drnfglll'a, I0B Greenwich atreet. A BLESSING TO LADIEs.-a LADT WRITES -POK tnguoae Female Pilla' relieved ma in one day, without Inconvenience. like magic. Price $0. Dr. A. M. MAURI CEAC. office 120 Liberty atreet, or aent by mall. AM MAURICEAU, M D.. PROFESSOR OP MIltWIFR. ? ry. thirty yrara' practice, at 120 Liberty atreet. Guar antee certain relief lo ladiea. from wnatavay oauae. GREAT AND Hl'KK REMEDY FOR MD1RS.?THE I'oriitgneae Female Plila alwaya give turned late relief; price $S Beware of imitator* who copv my advertlaemcnta to aelt poiaouoiia oomnounda aa "Female' PlUa." and "Ki trade." __ Dr. A. M. MaURIOEAU. MSLtbfty it reel. All accidents resulting from imprudence, aain and apeody treatmant by Dr. GRAHAM, oerner ltlaenker and la?nrrn? atieata. Coninltatton free. DR. HUNTER can cure worst casks of oba M1? dtmaaea. wltbont mercury, In ahorter lima than auy ot her phyaxuau, or ao pay takea. No. I LMvMea atreet, ilaoe DK POWERS' ELIXIR?THE INVIGORATING \1KD Iclnc long aonghl for. The only remedy for Nervouc neaa and Premalure Decay, office I> Kim atreet. KLRCTR1CITY POSITIVELY RELIEVES AT ONCE Without Data err v Peru re Avoid daugcroiia druga and ? ?Iier-ittoaa. Dr. and Madame DUBOIS, 88 Third avenue. Relief guaranty : from whatever cauae Beard, MADAMK RKETKLL?PROFKSBOR OF MlttWIFKRY over thirty yeara, guarantee* Immediate relief lo every led} repairing medical or anrsleal treaiment from whatever Muter, ttfll c 04 W cat Thirty.fourth atreet nam Slltli if, MMR VAN BIISKIRK PIITMClAN, ? WEST FOURTH atreel. aecond tilnck from .Iroadwn/. A cure it one in ter view Coniulta i m free. PERSONS NERD-NO OdNIIDRNTIAL MKTVCAL J treatment liri.d ?onault -r. HAHIMloN, df Hlnlh wirua cu'M with entire aat.afaout-1. Coiuuiuttteit ail NALKN AT AUCl'IO.t. ~V w-v ? ? 'WWWV^VVV'V v A J HI,BECKER. A POTION EHM ?REFE RBB'S . aalo of property. l>y Older of the suprlTXne Court ? A. 4. BLFKOHKR SON A CO. will sell at aucli *> ?o Tbu?? dav Frtru rt 7 at 12 o'clock, at the Kieliangi' Fulesroom:? ftOl l !l AND WMITi'.H \LL HTREF IS.?The rxiriialve and well anown properly on the corner, known as the ' Kanient iloiel," Ko I couth street and Nut 69, CI and 63 Whitehall Htreer tour s'.oiles high, and coven whole lot. WHARVES PIERS AND .-.DtPS. ?All tboae certain VhirTM, ami Slip* In front of No 1 South street. run nlng earn from \V iutehall ?eet along said river 184 feet It Irchev * ilh alt right, title and lute real to l'ter* No*, I, 8 and 4 T'.ant ri'or. Km II SI KKI'.r.?Pour lone I.Ota, north aide 106 feet Mat of Third avenue, i auoing through to low water line and 180th eiree I HOT 11 STREET.?One Gore, northeast eorrrr Third ?v. 12D1 11 STREET ?Three lota, south aide, betweau Third and Fourth avenue* Map* aud particular* at auctioneers' office, 77 Cadet street Adrian h. mullkr, auctionkek -executors aale and aalr lit partition of valuable property on Washington. Bleeefcer. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Thirty-fifth street-taint u* seventh avenue. ADRIAN ff. MULDER I*. R. WILKINS A CD. will aell ?t auction o* Tueeday. Feb ruary A at M o'aloek, at the Rxch i age Salesroom, 111 Itroul way. by order of the supreme tlnuri and oI the executor* of David deceased. Washington Hireet?The four atory hriok but re and Lot on the east vide, No. 86 near Warren atreet. Bleeeker street The three elory hrlck Hons. and Lot. on south aide. No. 196. near llnnoock atreet. Weet Thirteenth atreet?The three *l.>ry brick Houee and Let. oa north aide, No. 161. near Seventh avenue. Weat Fourteenth street?The four sloiy brown atono trout Hou*e and latt. on north aide. No. 91(1, near Eighth avenue. Seventh avenue? The two Lota of land, with iha three and lour story brick Stores, on the southwest corner ot Seventh evenue and Thirty-fifth atreet. No* Sydaod 4w). \Ye?t Thirty-fifth atreet? The four ?u>ry brick House snd Lot. on aouth fide. No 2U8, in rear of Seventh avenue lot*. Map* at the office of the auctioneer*. No. 7 PIne street. By hrnry il lkedh a miner. LRRD8' ART OALLKItlES?THE CHOICE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS by AMERICAN ARTISTS, collecled by Mr. S. P. AYKltY, during the pad fifteen year*, who having been upoointed Pine Art Agent to the PARIS EXPOSITION?I* going to Rlimine. IIENRi H LESDH A MINER will aell oa Monday bud J Tuesday evening'.. February 4 and fl. at TV o'clock each evenin?, at the LEEDS' ART ., A CLE It I Kb. No* 817 and Rift BROADWAY. ci-rnor of Iwe.flh street, 4hl? ve.luabla collection of CABINET Oh MS; thev are by almost every American Avtiat <>; die: nctio.i. snd their production was In each ruse o labor of lo-e. Thi* r -Jnct mi hu* lone been celebrated among our con .o;**nr*. It it therefore only no cesaaary to cnuu rrate aomo of the principal Artls'.s names? eiich ?? Hnk'r, Ilursnd, Oreene Huntington, Beard, Dsrley, lisll, Inneaa, Bierstadt, K ill it, W. Hart, Inmsn, IT. lion 'liton, Khnlnger, James Mart, .lohnaon, B. Casile&r, Gifford, tlaM-ltlne. Kem-ett. Colmau. Olgnont, Maya. Lambdfn, Church, < - ray, H enneuay, Me.Kntec, Crnpaey, Otiy, Uubharl, Mount, Morse, Ocriel, Richards, Shatluok, Suv.tsm Sully, l ilt, Wbittredge, and other* At the same time will plan be disposed of the entire Stock of Work" of Art consigned to S P. Avery, embra. fug many 'Ine Painting* and D-.iWlng ni iinly by American Arlmta. I he Exhibition .vtll he open dallv from Monday. January 23. until Monday, February 4, nud ou three evenings previous to sale.

BKNJ. F. TIIEaLL, AUCTIONRRR, Late HalaMusn with K. 11. Ludlow A Co. BV THKAI.I, A BROS., THURSDAY. FEB. 7, at lOV, o'clock, at No. 62 Liberty street, for account of whom it may concern, AO CASKS FRENCH CHINA (all white), slightly damaged by water at the late I'.roa lu Washington street. Catalogues and goods ready Tneaday. JJKNRY D. MINKR, AUCTIONEER. Salesroom 27 Nassau street, opposite the Post office. LARO K HALF OF E EE' 1A NT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, MADE TO ORDER BY l'ONSor, DKSSOIR and others MHeR A SOMKRY1LLK will sell at auction on Mondav, February 4. at ID1-, o'rlork. at their salearoora 37 Nassau s'reet, tine lions,-hold Furniture., comprising elegant I'arlor Miifv, lu tigured Satin nud Maroon reps, orange and green; fine English Velvet, Itnusels andTapestry Carpet*, Fi r and Msnlel Mirrora, rosewood Pianoforte, elegant carved Bed steads, with Dressing Bureaus and Waahstanil* to match; Bookcases and .Secretaries, Library Table* tind Chairs; fine Bedding and Chamber Bulls, aud a Sue assortment of Kitohen Furniture, with which the sain will cummenoe. Also a W heeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, In good order. Henry d. miner, auctioneer. SALE OF morses. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, ,S LEIGH*. ROBES, Ac. BV MINER A SOMl.RVILLE. TUESDAY, FEB. B. AT 12 O'CLOCK. AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION PLACE STABLES. f? EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. .NI-.AR FOURTH AVENUE. Regular Ilorae sales at our Auction Mart, Union Place Stables, every Tuesday and Friday tnroughoot the year. Messrs. MINER A HOMKKVILLB offer unsurpassed ad vantages in location, experience and husinea* capacity to parlies wishing to buy or desiring to sell Homes, Carriage-., or anything pertaining to the bora* business. ' ISAAC. WOLF, AUCTIONEER WM. WOLF A SON. office 466 Pearl struct, will aell Monday, at M>)? o'clock, the Stock and ITituess of the Grocery and Liquor Store, 0 Oliver atreet. consisting of a freak a look and first class fixtures. Tames jenkins, auctioneer, will bell at auction, on Wednesday, Vebruary 6. at 11 o'clock, at 4.IHW Broadway, Horses Carriages, Rocks way a. Top and Wo Top Wagnna, Sleighs. 8 Citacnes, 8 Itockawaya. 10 ROBd Waguus, 6 Phaeton*, 8.1aggers. 1 Phaeton, Top oa front seat, I two seat Sleighs, 5 Portland Sleighs, 91 straps Bells, 60 acta Harness, 4li pair Blanket*. 3 One Robes; also 1 bay Mate, very fast; 1 black mare; also aeveral work Horses; nil to bo sold witliput leserve. "MOKK1S WILKIN*. AUCTIONEER. JVX KieeuioiY sale of Property on Beaver, Greenwich, Ts otiticth and Twoiity-tirsl streets. E. n. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction, on TUESDAY. February 8,1887, at 11 ? STki*1 the Exchange Salesroom. So. Ill Broadway (Trin ity BnilOug i, New York, by order of the executors or Uenry Hendricks' Braver street.?Valuable four story brick Store No. 9P Reaver mrret north side, between Broad and William streets; lot about 111 103.6. Greenwich street.?No. 88, three story brick Building, near Rector street, aNmt g&tlli. Wesi Twentieth street.?The valuable three story brick Home and la* Vo. 7S West Twentieth street, near Sixth avenue. 15x411 feet; lot 16x91. Weat Twenty-first street?The valuable three story brick House ami Lot No llg West Twenty-Cret street, near Hlxth avesue, 25x66 feet; lot 18xP|. He the said aeveral dimensions more or less. >Hi?. Ac., at tha office of the auctioneers. No. 8 Pine at V H. LUDLOW A CO , Auctioneer*. M' 'ORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEKU. VALUABLE PROPERTY. Willi BULKHEAD AND WATER RIGHT, on First street, extending to the East river. South Ninth, Ten h and Eleventh alaeau, Brooklyn, E. D., at auction. K H. LUDLOW A CO will aell at auction, on Tuesday, Kelruary 6, 1857, at 11 o'clock at the Exchange Salesroom. Ill Broadway, TrlnRy Building, New York, the valuable I'lo of Ground, 3G0 by 400 feet, at Willlam-burg. comprising the entire front on East river, from South Ninth to Kle enth street, and from First street to Enst river, with thro slip* with sufficient water for the largest vessels. The advwitsgeou* situation of this property and Its nearness to theuentre of bu*me*a make it valuable far all business purmses, and especially for aloram. Map* showing the exa-t dimensions and lo<at.on at the office of Ike auo uoieera, No. 3 line street. E. H. LUDLOW A CO, Auctioneers. \*ORRIS WILKINS, AUCTIONEER. J>J HANDSOME HOUSE. No. 2U West SevenUenth street, near Fifth aecnue, at auction, ou accouut of the awncr go ingto Europe. fi II. LUDLOW A CO. will sell at auction, on Tuacday, Fel. 5, at 12 o'clock, at the Exchange Salesroom, 111 Braad wsr iTrinity Builiing), N. Y. t EST SEVI.NTtF.NTll STREET.-The handsome three atuy and aula hruA House and M 21) West Seventeenth ntnet. South side, near Fifth avenue. The house I* id 4 by aboit 7U loet, including the hack budding, built In the mo-t subtaniial manner; ha* four nn'ins on a tloor, I* very chetful. and contains all convrnieniee and comforts; lot Xi 4 by ti feet. l'os?a>*alon Mny I, 1*67; terms, two thirds can re mi In on hood and mortgnge, or the whole can be paid. Mips, Ac., at So. 3 Fine street. *50 RUM W ILK INS, AUCTIONEER. Jj| Valuable Lota on lUih turret. near Kighth avenue. K. H. 1.1 DLiiK | Cu. wll sell at auction, on TURHDAY, PehruaT 5. 1887, at II o'flock. at hxct.atige Halearootn, .No. Ill Headway .Trinity Holding), New York. Vest 114th street.?Fonr Lota of Ground on the north aid- of 114th a,re?t. :tw feet west of Kighth avenue, each 25 fm front and rear by lisl feet II Inches in depth. Inpa, At ., at tin- ofllco of the auctioneer "!, No. S Pine atreet. JAWKBKOKKK.S HALES.?.IOHN MQRTIMKR, 15MAST Broad?ay, will anil, Thursday. February 7, Women's thing and other goods, by order U. lie long 2W Raat Headway; Friday, February 8, by order II. MeAleenan. flMnlberiy atreet. PAWNBROKER'S SALK.?MONDAY. JAMES AGAR X will aril, at 68 New Bowery, at ll o'clock, 4UI lota or mn'aaud wouien'a Wearing Ap," 'r?! and other gt.oda. By oner of J. Blutnauer, 17k New Canal street and 155 Ilrootae FWN BROKER'S HALK.-tTtl.KUAV. JAMK3 AGAR alii aell. at 5H New Bttwery. a large ami trar.e,! assort met of men's and women's Clothing, Bedclothes, Pillows, t 'aoeta, Ac. 1'. Gattlv. It? Dlvlaton atreet FWNBROKKR8 SALE.?PKil>AY, JAN EH AGAR sill sell, at till New Bowery 5(?? I >li of tncn'a and wo. rea'a nothing, Bedclothes, Table Linen and other eooda P. iryan. .AH West Broadway. " PWNBKOKKR*' 5ALF.8-BY R. PIKLD, AUCTION eer. aalespon a 4*8 Pearl atreet. Monday, by order of J. .jnch, 78 Omi. I street. Tueaday. by order of M. Manli. 80 antra atreet. Y. edueaday, by order ol M t'aaey, West Brad way. alKRlPP'S 8ALK-Rhfl>AURANT.-k|CHA*DlfiE TKBS, Auctioneer, will >"11 on Montlay, at It o'clock Ux Stock and F xturea of liral claaa Saloon and Reatan ra'. 08 Lc .at t.Lwet, eunaiatl^ of Bar Fixtures, Tables, Cttra, ttrockery, Glassware, Ac. ? Coixiu, Deputy. JOHN MELLY,Sheriff. MARBLE MANTELS. \ ARRI.K MANTKI.S --THE HKST PLAci IS THE Jv city to purchase Marble tnantrls of tbe I a teat deal ua, atery low price*, la at A. KLABKR'S Marble Works. IW ?""? g*a ? " ? ?? nt a? a ii.vnrift r? .MitruiB nOrli*, IV Kit high tern tb street, near THIrd av., N Y. Cut ibis out. M ARBLHIZMll SLATK MANTELS?SUPERIOR I If ll appearanee, more durable, half the price of marble, fjl. BTKWAKT. t'05 sixth areuue, betweeu Thirty-tilth and firty.aixtb * I recta. S ARRI.K MANTKLH AT RKDl'CKO PRICER-A rtNR aclectlon on band at S. KLAIIKR'S Manufactory, 54 Phi avenue, near Third atreet. New York. Call and ex ax ne. 'iBirrwTRY. JPAl'TfFUI. PULL HhTH or CONTINUOUS OPM Tenth, with plttm|icr? to realoro youthtul appearance, to $15. Tenth nXtreoted without toe least pain with gas. Its) GUARD STRKET. (OLTON DENTAL ASSOCIATION ORIGINATED AND make a aper.slty ol the use ot Nitrous Oxide Gat, and amin'ater It in tho only way which uniformly destroys pain. W have given it ki over ltVJUO patients. Count to hnadt)uar. Us. Oflnn III Cooper Institute. I3TROPLAST1C AND PURR GOLD FILLINGS FOR leatorli.ft Teeth in every stage . f decay to their prlmt -liape, ueantv ami soundness without pain; 14.0IX) lea. Ibotilale. Discoverer's room* 2? Raat Fourteenth atreet. ( >ERMAM NT KF.T3 OP Ol'M TEETH, Ell: BKST, $15; J temporal J sola, $S; be i ?? Call and eiainln# ?;?? ? mns bet<ire engaging ei-ca re. Teeth fill'I with toll, lett'. ext ? " " tvk wana-tod. Oil ee "nthbie. v CKr ri? I'XTMA' fli t >' tidll gs t i far i P-i> >. t I S New ?tvie i t and '"I it" Putin ? areuue, near twenty brat m KTROPKAW 8TK% NIMH $*"*<. The north qkkm\n lloyd'8 Meuin.iiip l III ON, ?. II. Van Hanten. masU'rt carrying the Unlu-d .Slates mail will u 1 from the hremen pier, foot of Third street, Hoboken. ON SATURDAY. FEBRUARY ?. FOR BREMEN VIA SOUTHAMPTON. TAKING PASSENGERS TO LONDON. HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN at the following rains, payable ta gold '* "? wiulva'ent ta ourranry For the flr* cabin, flS5, aeeoud eebtn. $75; steerage, $87 Ml. gold To bo followed by the steamship HERMANN. W. I. Wenke, ran star, on February "it Eor freight or paaaaga ?t>pl? to OEUUCHS $ CO.. a Broad "reet^ IONDON AND NEW YORK BTK AMSHIP LINK. J Pnkaage to lotnton direct $9u, $t*> and W currency. Pasutge from London $7$, $60 and $30. gold. _ t . BF.LLONa, Captain Diioo, from New York. February ft. CKLLA, Captain UUadrll. from New York. February 16. WM. PENN, Captain Rlllinge, from Now Yoak. Marnbl ATALANTA* Captain Pink ham fiom Now Turk, Maroh IS. The Br U.h irou ateamahtp HKI.I.ONA will leave pier No. S North over, for Loudon direct, on Tuesday. Febni T'nUl further notion the ?teamen of thle line wtU call at Brest to land paaerngora, coramencing with Uie William Pena, to sail Saturday, March 3. Bamtage cheeked and ticket* moM throngh br rail to Parla nt 35 par rent leaa than regular rates. Excursion UekeU, available for ill montha, iaaitad at a redurod rate. Freight will be taken -and through bill* of lading glean to Harre, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For paaeage apply to CHARLES A. WHITNEY, M Broadway. For freight apply at 64 South atreet. HOWL A Nil A AS PIN WALL. Agents. VTEW YORK AND BRKMRN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. In the first glass u. s. mail steamship ATLANTIC. Cha*. Iloyer. commander WQI leare Pier 46 N. R. on THURSDAY. FEB. T, for SOUTHAMPTON and BREMEN. Taking passenger* to Southampton, London. Havre and Bremen, at the following rates, payable in gold or Its equlv? alent la ciutaoov First nabtn, BUM. second rabla, $70; steerage, $37 SB. To be followed try the BALTIC. February 31. For frrlghl or poaaege apply to ISA AG TAYMIR President. ?B Hrondway. (^TK.AM TO LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT QUEENS t > town ?The Inman Line, aailtog aenaLwoekly. carrying the United States mails. CITY Ok PARIS. Saturday, February 9. KANGAROO, Wednesday. Pebrueiy Ik CITY OF BALTIMORE. Saturday. February 16 t ITY OV MANCHESTER, Wednesday. February JD. CITY OK WASHINGTON. Saturday. February A. And earn succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon, from pier 45 North rirer. RATES OF PASSAGE. BY T1IE MAIL STEAMER BAILING EVERY SATURDAY. PJtYAM.K LN OOI.O. I rsTAHIJt IS CUBRK.M'r. FIRST CABIN BMP I STEERAGE $30 To Lntulou 115 I To London 35 To Pari- 125 I To Pari* 45 Pnsssge br the Wednesday Steamer*. firat cabin. $110; steerage, $5n Payable m United Stales currency. Ihuutengers also'forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at moderate ratea. Steerage passage i coin Liverpool or QurenHt'>wn. $57. cur rent', Ticket* can be bought here by pcrs m* sending for their friend*. Kor further ml urination, apple ?t ihe oompuny'x office*. JOHN O. DA! ?, Agent, 15 Broaoway. N. Y. OTKAM WEEKLY TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND t > Oueei.-town, by the Canard line. HEGL a Sail* Blh February. Cabin pamage, $80. gold. Steerage $:k>, currency. Hteerage pa??age Irom Liverpool. $35. Apply at K OUN'ARD'S Steerage oillce, 63 Broadway. STEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, calling at Londonderry to land passenger* and mails. The favorite ps*>cugrr steamer* of THE ANCHOR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. CALEDONIA, Mnrdonald. sail* Saturday, 9llt Pebruary. COLUMBIA, Carnsgban .sail* Saturday, 16ih February. From pier 44, North river. RATES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Liverpool, Glasgow and Derry, cabin*, $90 and $70; ateerage. $30. Prepaid certificate* from these port* to New York, $35. To Havre, Hamburg. Autwerp, Ae., $U?0 anil $37. . For further informal ion apply at the company's offices. IK AN CIS MACDONALD A CO.. Agents. No. 6 Howling Green, Now fork. STEAM TO QUEF.NHTOWW AND LIVER!*OOL. From New Vork every Wrdneaday and iiatr.rday. TheCUICAOO sail* from New York on TV.unlay, Feb ruary hay MANHATTAN on Saturday March 9, from pier37 East river. Citbiu paaaaga, $8i), gold. Hteerage. $30, currency. Passage to Naw York nnd remit tance* to Ireland at low rates. Apply to WILLIAMS * O0ION. $9 Broadway and 83 South street. STEAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEBN$. TOWN TWICK A WEEK. Passage $30 currency to Liverpool or QusenatowM. Pre Mud tickets from do. at the ioweat ratea. Drafts payable (a any port of Great Kritatn and TreUnd. Apply te TAPSGOTT KROS. A CO.. 0$ South atreet er 28 Broadway. rK HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKP.T COMPANY'S Iron mall ateamahtp BAVARIA. J. Merer, oommaoder, carrying the United State* mail, will sail on Saturday, February 16. at U M., for HAMBURG. taking peaaenger* for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. Finn cabin, $185 second cabin, $75; steerage, $S7 CO, pay able lu r >ld or It* equivalent. The ALLKMANMA will sail March % KUNHAKDT A CO.. C. B. RICHARD A BOAR. General Agents. General Pasaenger Agents. 45 Exchange place, N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street. N. Y. The only American llte to England and FRANCE. The New York and Havre steamahln Conuiany will run their first els** *te*ro*hipa Arago sod Fulton In connection with the New York Mall Steamship Company's xtearoer* Mississippi and Merrimack, to Havre, carrying the United States mails, from pter No. 46 North river at noon, the fol lowing days, calling at Falmouth:? ARAGO 11. A. Gadsden..Saturday, Feb. 1$, 1867 MISSISSIPPI G. Sumner Saturday, Marrh 2, )*W FULTON S. Samuels Saturday. March 16, 1807 MERP.IMAC B. Van Mice....Saturday, March 80, 1887 ARAUO n. A. Gadsden ..Saturday. April 13. 1867 MISSISSIPPI G. Sumner Saturday. April 87.1867 and every fourteen days thereafter. PRICES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN GOLD, FIRST GLASS $1W SECOND CLASS 70 Through ticketa to Loudon $9 extra. An experienced surgeon on board. The companfee wilenot be responsible for *pecieor valu able* unless bills of L ling, having the value expressed, are slgucd therefor. C. K. GARRISON, for N. T. M. 8. S. Co. JOS. J. COMSTOCK, for N. Y. and II. 8. 8. Co. For further information apply to JObr J. COMSTOCK. Agent. No. 7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOTfON, Havre, Oenerat Agent in Kurope. National steam navigation company. (Limited.) STEAMSR8 WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT QCKKN9TOWN. Leave* pier 47 North rtvrr a* follows:? VIRGINIA. Captain Prewar, Saturday. February I*. HELVETIA. Captain Thompson. Saturday, Febuary at. ENGLAND, i'ai>t*ln Grace. Saturday, March ?. Cabin pnaaage. $IU<: ateerage. $30. Stetragi paxsagc ticket*, to bring part'ea lrom Liverpool or Uneeastown, for $55 in enrrency. Through p?s?*ge to Paris. Autwerp. Hamburg, Bremen, Ar_ at low rale*. Drafu IwHied for any amount, payable at any bank in Grant Britain or on the continent. Fur fre ght and rabin pas*. ,e apply at tb* office of the Wee par y. a: Broadway. t An* f?r ntcrragc ticket* at the paarcge office of the com pany, T Broadway and 275 Pearl xtreet. near Fulton. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. QNLT DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANS VTLANTIO GOMPANY S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW Y IRK AND HAVRE. CALLING AT BREST. The splendid new vc?xel-. on tbla favorite route for Ihe Continent will sail from pier No. 00 North nver. ae fol low*:? EUROPE Lamarle Saturday. Feb. 9 ST LAURENT. Kncunde Saturday, Feb 23 PERKIRE lvueheane Saturday, Marrh 9 V1LLF. DE PARIS Hurmont. ..... .Saturday.MarchaS PRICES OF PASSAGE IN GOLD Flr*t cabin. $IA>; *eeond cabin. $100. locliidlur wlnm The?i ?te ?.nerado not carry *teer?ge paaaengera Medical attendance free of charge. Pnwrieer* iotrndlug to land at Hre*t can be furnished oo boanl with railroad coupon ticket*, and their Iwggage checked to Paris at an addttioual charge of $j for Hrst and $3 for second class _ GEO. M ACKENZIE, Agent, Mo. 68 Broadway IJtHE STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTERN. SIR JAMES ANDERSON. COMMANDER DIRECT TO FRANGR. The French Company of charterer* of the ?t*?in?h!p ORE AT EASTERN paring provided thaahtp with new boil ?r* nnd thoroughly -etltted and refurnished her In erer* da partmant. will run bar regularly between haw York and Bra it during the coining aumuier. I<eavlng Liverpool, March M). New York. Toe* lay, April P. Breat, Saturday, April *7- New York, Thuraday, May If Brant, Tanadar, .lane 4. N?w York. Saturday, Jtitin 2i Braat Thuraday, July 11. Raw York, Tanadar. July SO. Hreat, Balnnlay, Aug. *4. Raw York, Thur-day. Snpt.ll Braat, Tuanday, Oct I. New York. Saturday, Oat IV. Hrnat Thuraday. Nor. 1. Raw York, Tnekdav, Nor If Taking ft ret olaee paaaengara only at (ha following rale* ? flit), fl'JAand $140 payabb In gold ur It* a?|iiiv?lnnl In car reury. *11 pa*aet gar* cnj y the aama prlril, ge* and **m* ac-.>*"-..iodaMou*. the dllfe-enee of prioe halng for location and alxa of ataterooria. Bpc -tal train* will run regularly Imtween Braat ami Parle In connection with the Ureal Fantern. Paaaenger* can lie furnlahed un board with railway tlcketa, and hare thalr hag gaga checked to Parte at an additional charge of $1(1 HO for flret claaa and $7 60 for aecond claaa eat rlage. t>alng V per caul lean than regular ratca. Ticket* for the home r or age will ba leaned either hare or In Pari* at a reduction of fan from abora rataa to pa?*nger? returning in April, Juno or July. For the convenience of the pa*a*ngar? of th? Ore-it Ka*tern the company ha* appointed a apeclal agent, who will without charge engage aparttneuta in Pari* for *u?b aa may forward liiatn-tlun* through Walla, Faigu M Co. For freight apply to W M. T. COLL MAN A CO.. 117 Front ?tr*-t. For itaaaage apply to WELLS, TABOO A OO . M Mroadwoy MORRIS' EUROPEAN EXPRESS, ? BROADWAY.>-! IKV< and ever eiaoa, rd he moat of our largo mercantile bouaea. Mrrcbandiaa, Luggage, Valua ble* and Panel* forwarded to all Place* In Europe Receiv ing olllona In (.real Britain, all tli* e?UH!l*bm*nta o( Plok ford A Co.; la Pari* M. tlaergerr, 46 rue Mealay. Fur par Honiara apply to L. W. MORRIS. ? OANTIVIMK STK \MM 111 PS. I .OR ST. THOMAS AND RRAEIL. UNITED 8SATEH \ND BKA/.IL MAIL STPtMPHIP company. RFQ17LAR MAIL STKtMERS. palling on the 2M of ereiv month:? SOl'fH AMERICA. Captain R. L. Tlriklanaugh. Pehrnarv'J* OUiniNO STAR. Captain Oco. B. Hlocum. .. March ? NORTH AMERICA. I ant. Ill L. F 1 imm.-rman. April VI Tl.caa alnaant a'camer* aall on achedule time, and call at Ht. Thoma* I'ara, I'nrnamhnco, Rahla at.d Rio Janeiro, going and returidi.For engagement of fraigntor p*-*acc, apply to OAKHIHIIN A ALLEN.*, No. f Howling Oman, Now York. rOK ;IS' BRAZILIAN EXPRESS, HO BROADWAY - ' rchaudlee and Ktprra* matter forward ul promptly ?arty ' - -'?"j *iautncr ;<? "In Janeiro. Riprnaa ?urtulh Amerioa cloaca Hal Febrna-y, li M L. W. MLHUW. !??? -? ?- ? ? ~~ ? - ? > COASTWISE IT1AIIHIPI. PACIFIC MAIL 8TKAMHHIOOMFAJfTt TURuUtill MMK Jro califokMa, o united states mail. VIA PANAMA HAILB.?AI>. Nte-mer# lure pier 49 North river. foot 4>f Canal street. at It o'clock, noon, as follows:? tebruary 1st?RISING STAR, Captain W. 0. Purber, am. necting with MONTANA, Captain Sutton. February llth?HENRY CllAUNCEY. Oa.tUIn A. O. Gray, connecting with CONSTITUTION. Captain' fuverly. February 21st?OCEAN QUEEN. I'aputn T. .4. Herns, connecting with UOLDEK AUK. Captain Lspidge. AU departures touch at A capo loo; those oflll gs>d 21st connect at Panama with ?steamers for South Pacific porta: 1st and llth for Central American ports, and those of 1st touch at Manzanlllo. Departure of llth aaeh month connects with the nets steam line fioes Panama to Australia and New Zealand. Steamer of Muroh 11. 1W, will eonneet with the com pany's steamer COLORADO, to lea re Kan Krauolsoo for Yokohama and Hang Kong on April 3, l?. attaa?saatf frmn****" allowed each adult. Medicines and ror passage tickets and all fun bar Information apply at the on the wharf, foot of Canal street. North rtrer. New Fork. P. B. MART, Agent. rK SANTIAGO OR CUBA VIA Nt'BVITAS. The first etaas fast sailing siuiast . . PAH KEK, John Stirling, Commander. Carrying the United Kutes malt. wtU leare pier 16 Bast rirer. Saturday, February 9th, KM7. at ? o'clock. P. M . precisely, lor the shore port. All letters must pass through the Poet office. For freight or passage, baring supertog stateroom eecocs modalions, apply to WATDELL ft CO., m South street, ceroer Dorm. ST. JOHN'S, P. B.. ST. THOMAS. LAUUAYBA AND PORTO CABRLLO. The first class steamship GULP STREAM, carrying the United Kutes ins Us. Is now reoetrtag freight at pier M Raet river, and will sail Wednesday, February a, at Sr. M. The boats of this line make oanneotion with steamers frees St. Thomas for Jmnaiaa, Windward Islands, la For freight or parage jypjfMIMtt TTNITKD STATES MAIL TO HAVANA. U WEST INDIA MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPART. CHANtIK OF SAILING DAT. Eeery Saturday, at S P. M.. The farurile steamships COLUMBIA Bsrton . .Ssturday. Feb. fi. MOICRO CASTLE Adams Saturday, Feb. Ifi. KAOLR Greene Saturday, Feb. SB, For Height or passage apply to OARltlSON A ALLEN, Agents, No. fi Bowling Green, New Fork. MORRIS' HAVANA EXPRESS, 10 BROADWAY.? The Express lor Merchandise. Luggage aud Parcels by steamer Columbia cloaca Klh February, 21' M L. W. MORRIS^ FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS. SAILING WEEKLY, Texas line.?The A1 steamer C. W. LORD, Ward, Com mander. will receive freight at pier 'JO East river, and sad on Saturday, February V. For freii.Lt or passage, having superior accommodations, srt'ly to U. MALLOKY A CO.. 153 Maiden lame. FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS, niRKCT. The splendid Kteanit.h'p PilRIT Captain E. A. Delano, will leave pier No. 4 North nver, on Saturday, February ifi, at 12o'clock noon, lor Galveston direct Freight received on Saturday. February 9. For ireight or passage, having splendid acoommodat tons, a, I'ly 10 8POFPORD, TILKJTON A CO.. 29 Broadway. STAR LINE FOR NEW ORLEANS.?rnE NEW YORK Mail Steamship Company's line oceau steamers wiM leave pier 16 North river, at 3 o'clook P. M., as follow#:? M< iNTEItEV, on Saturday, Feb. 9. MARIPOSA, on Saturday, Feb. 16. MISSOURI on Saturday, Feb. 23. _ All bills of lading algneu at the office upon the pier. For froight or pniaage apply to 0. K. GARRISON. President, No 5 Bowling Green. NEW ORLEANS VIA HAVANA. TO SAIL Saturday, February 23d at 3 P. M? from pier No. S North river, ut reduced rates, the new and elegant sidewbeel steamship MANHATTAN. E. W. Turner, Commander. Odlce, No. 2d Broadway. CHAS. A. WHITNEY, Agent POR NEW ORLEANS?BLACK STAR LINK.?THM atenmah.p HUNT8VILLK, Captain Ryder, win leave pier 13 North river, on Saturday, February 9, at 3 1*. M. Foe freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to R. LOWDEN, Agent, corner of Cedar and West streets. DAVID McCOAKD. Agent iu New Orleans. FOB NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE NEW 8IDB whenl steamship RAPIDAN, Captain William H. Eaton, will leave pier 36 North river on Wednesday, February 6. at 9 P. M. For freight or paaeage, having splendid aooom* modaUous.a^to FOX A <10.. flfi Liberty strdet. Agsuts at New Orleans JAMES CONNOlY A CO. Goods for kll mitnte tn the interior pfomntlr lorwarded. The now sidewlieeJ sleamihlp KALKluH. follows UBh February. FOR new ORLEANS DIRECT. The new and first ctasesteamship GRNRRAL GRANT, Captain G. W. Oouoh, will leave pier No. 9 North river, est Saturday. February 9, at 3 o'clock P. M. For freighter paaeage, having unsurpassed accommoda tion?, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO . 96 West street The GENERAL MKaDJK wUl follow, February Ifi. Empire like fob savannah. Every Saturday, from plsr No. 19 North rivar. Punctually at three o'clock P. M. The favorite si dew heel ste-imshlps SAN JACINTO, Lowland, commander naif* February fc SAN SALVADOR, Atklna, commander, sails V.'brnary Ifi. Through tiifiteta and MU? of lading to alt points, in oenneo tion with Central Railroads of Georgia, Atlantis and Gulf Railroad aud Florida steamers. KierMUL itMieonr nvGfninivi^^ftR? GARRISON A ALLEN, Mo. S Bowling Oreea,~>. T. SOAL DEPOT, AT ST JOHNS, PORTO RIOO.? steamboat owners and captains are advised that at above mentioned port Coals of every kind can be sun filled without any delay. Vessels drawing not over twenty eel of water can go ateugside tbe wharf and have it wheeled on board. Apply to LATIMER A CO., St. Johns. Porto Rioo, or to J. V. ON ATI VIA A CO., 47 South street. New York. TRAVFLLERN' QL'IPM!. ~ Hudson river and harlkm raii,roads? Trains for Albany and Troy, connecting wltb Northern and Western trains, leave New York, via Hudson River Rail road. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue. 9 and 10 A. M and I ifi, 6 30 and II P. M.; and via Harlea Railroad, Twenty sixth atreet aud Fourth avenue, at 11A.M. and 4:1ft P. M. The 6.10 P. M. train via Hudson River will run on Sundays. Sleeping oars attached to fi:tt and 11 P. M. trains. On ? :J9 P. M. train la also attached a sine ping car every day except, lag Saturdays, which Is run through to Ogdensburg via B. WT and 0. Railroad, without change. Sunday train on Hudson River Rood, New York to Pougb keepelennd return, leaving New York at H J0 a. M., and est Harlem Read. Forty-second street to Millerloa and return, leaving New York at 9 A. M. WM. H. VANDERBILT Vice.President. HOI)MBS, ROOMS. AC.. WARTBO. AS UNFURNISHED HOUSE WASTED?IN A GOOD neighborhood (permanently), between Fourth and Twentieth street* for private family; rent from $1,000 to $1,800. Addrea# box 4,07ft Font ofiice, for two days. AOKNTLKMAN. WIFE AND TOUNO LADY WAST two furnished Rooms, with fire and gasino moils); the parties of high respeelabllity; wavt to pa; a low price. No communication not staling term* irUl be auawered. Ad dreai M. Herald oEoe, for two day*. A MEDIUM SIZED UNFDRNI8HED IIOUftE WANTED to hire, hy a flrat class small pi Ivate family. Leave particular* with ADA4H A CO., 1)3d Broadway, uear Twenty, third street. BOD8E WANTED?FURNISHED OR UNPURNIHHKDu lu Newark. Bergen, Jersey City. Harlem or New fork containing 9 or 10 room*. Rent moderate. Reference* given. Address. with particular* and lowest term*, W . bo* fief Foal offloe. HO08E3 WANTED DNPU1NIRHED.-WE HAVE AN Inrroael'ig 1 .at of I1r*l clans tenanta wanting house* la the '-est localities in the elty. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty-thirri etreet. Fifth Avenue Hotel. OFFICE WANTED.?WANTED, A SgtU, CONVB nicnt Office down town. Omen Pnrntlnre would be pnrcbaaod Address W. W., box 114 He-aid ofilre. lXrB WANT FIVE THREE OB FOUR STORY BRICK Vr or brown stone House a for first claaa teuante. Rent Irom $I,A*> to $:von. I K M V 4UJOPLAND, 410 Fourth arenue. ANTED?A BUILDING FOR THE MANUFACTURE of leather lu or near the city. For particular* sddrea* H. L. 8., New llaven. Conn. r ANTED?A BUILDING Foil MANUFATURINO purpose*, with or without steam power; equal to f w w r*et by IU0". .ire stories high, together with large yard room Address, stating looality and paiUonlara, N. H. V., station A Post odiot. WANTED?ONF. II0U8E KAR BROAD WAV, BE iKecn Fourth and Eighteenth street*, and a large Semnd Floor on Broadway. Address R. W., No II Third avonne. In the store. WANTED-A SMALL FURNISHED ROOM, WITH i? for fire, in some a.Kid looality between Fourth and Thirtieth street*. State lariaa, which must be moderate. Address A. L station U. WANTED-TWO ROCMH (KITTING ROOM AND BED. roomi, wii'iell modern oonvetnenoes. In a good neigh borhood, nut below Fourth a tree*; a large boarding hnaae preferred References exchanged. Address U. P., at Thai aess.nger $ Kaiiu's, 310 Broadway. N. Y. WANTED?AN OFFICE: PART OF A WHOLESALE grocery or provision store preferred. In a good location. Address, staling lull |-articular*, B. ?>. Oppenheim, 5d South Peail street, Albany, N. Y. WANTED?AN OFFICE AND BKDROOM.Ftl RNI8H. ed, situated between Twenty-third and Thirty-fourth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, by a physician re cently returned from Europe, first class i-eferenoes given Address Dr. L. W? box 1.9M Post ofiice, N. Y. WANTED?A BUTT OF FURNISHRD APARTMENTS, with certain prlv lagrs arTall modern 0O#tet>leanest price nut no much an object as I -oallty and oonvenienoe*; pa. prompt, tddrea* N. H. $., station 11, N. Y. WANTED-IM A OOOD LOCATION, A THREE OR four ..lory Dowse, eithor furnished or unfurnished, the latter preferred. Address M. K.B., boxAtM Postot. lice. WANTED. A LARGE CELLAR AND BDB-CKLLAH. for storage purposes, below Wail street. Adurss* A. H.. Herald office, staling sire and rent. WANTED-THREE OR FOUR I NFURNIHIIRD Looms, for housekeeping, by a gentleman and wifn Sun children) hyluelstof April, rent moderate. Addrcse I. W., 11 err Id oflffi lor three days, stating full particulars. T|rANTED TO HIRE?FROM THE 1ST OF MAY, WITH VT the privliege of lurohaauig, a g .od thrwa story and Laaetimut nrlck House, Wltu modern Improvement*.; Ions two, .ilnth ward; Price, If lor sale, not u??r $7 out gj (JOVor ?M00 down. Audresa Tenement, beat No. Id, foot'Wast ?nth street WA'<m ON LB**a-A WELL LIGHTED BptLn. ft ing rUlnlng from IwelTi to twenty ihoutand feel of Peering, elth steam p.<wer. Pr sseesWg on or before Mar I Addresi Fsi tor*. Id lodge street. WANTED fO RENT?tM NEW YORK OR BROOKLYN, Pv t Of a private house In a good neighborhood. (or h meeti ipicp, h e gentleman .nd wife, Ix-sl of rc(rrence? g.rou. sit was ktua, airraid oUtye, or ftiyyuAif u I'vet vilttfc