Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 3, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 3, 1867 Page 7
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KEW YORK LEGISLATURE. Albany, Fab. 2, 1887 The evasion of the Senate was l>rier to day, a quorum not being present. Mr. Hicks introduced a bill amending the charter of fclmtr* by dividing the city into six wards. On motion of Mr. IIi'mi'hkrt, a hill relative to tbe elec tion of the directors ot the Rochester and Genesee Val ley Railroad by the Common Council of MnMr * it recommitted to tbe itai road Committee. The bill amending iho charter of the Odd Fellows' Hall Associ.ition of New York was ordered to a third reading. Tbe senate then adjourned until Monday evening. Assembly. Albany, Feb. 2, 1887. The Bpkaxke presented the annual report of the Cooper Union. bills ramito. Authorizing the Supervisors of Dutches* county to levy a lax to pay for lands for an asylum for the Insane. Amending the Central Railroad law, giving equal facil ities to express or freight companies. To amend an net relative to joint stock companies. kk portm. By Mr. Vandmkburt.?To authorize certain towns in Oneida, Chenango and Madison counties to take stock in a railroad. By Mr. Porrxm?To amend the charter of New Ko cheffe By Mr. Ricx?To incorporate the New York College of Dentistry. By Mr. Sroxaaos?To amond the charter of the Mechanics' Association. By. Mr. Kivbail?To Incorporate tbe Provident Fund Society of New York. Bins iNTitonrrxr. Bv Mr. IL Smith?To incorporate the National Tele graph Union Association. By Mr. Van VniJiKSKn;?To incorporu'o tbe ciry of Htaghamton; also to oxtend tbe time lor the collection of taxes in liroome county. By Mr. Smcs?'To enable National Ranking a?soeia tion* to bocomo State Ranking institutions. By Mr. Jcliand?To incorporate the New York Storage and Deposit Company. By Mr. Wrkd?To make Common Schools in this State free to all; al o to compel horse railroad and other raii road companies to mt'; ? reports. By Mr. Gibus?To facilitate the construction of the Oswego and Rondout Railroad by tunnelling Pine Hill. By Mr. Wilh it?lo incorporate tho Leaner*' and Trust Company of Now York; also for the construction of a railroad in 125th street and other streets in New York. By Mr. Brmtows?To .-intend the act rotative to surplus funds in savings banks; also to incorporate tho Home Savings Rank in New York. By Mr. Buckley?Relative to Commissioners of tbe Brooklyn Prospect l'artc. By Mr. Bkrrtkax?For a railroad in Twenty-third street, Greenwich avenue and other streets in New York. By Vr. Fbkak?To tneorporato tho New York and Brooklyn Ferrv Railroad Company. By Mr. Skjkrson?In relation to certain departments of the New York citv government; ni-o to increase the salaries of the emnioy6s of tho Ihtid Fire Department. By Mr. D P. Wood?To provide means for the dis charged sick and disabled soldiers; By Mr. Sohctt?To amend the General Bounty set. By Mr. TOKRT?For an olevated railway in New York: also in relation to the Rulfulo Water Works Company; also tn relation to tho Bullalo harbor; also for the relief of the Buffalo and Cleveland Transportation Company; also for the relief of the Ruflalo and Detroit Transporta tion Company; also to aid the construction Of ttie Rnf. fslo and Washington Railroad, li appropriates $500,000. By Mr. t'ovKL?For the hotter protection of passengers and freight carried on railroads. By Mr Richmond?To uinend the charter of the Little Falls village. By Mr. Bioklow?To allow tho Travellers' Insurance Company to Insure lives of individuals. By Mr. Oakly?To incorporate the New York and African Transportation Company; also to convert bonds of tbo Mariposa Company tnto preferred stork. By Mr. BaUpct?In relation to the Seaman's Savings Bank in New York. By Mr. Rica?To incorporate the Oswego Historical Association. By Mr. Bom?To enlarge the of Waterloo village. By Mr. WAOSTAVg?To enable corporations organized under general laws to extend the term of their exist ?nee. a Mr. LarcTER?In relation to gas meters In New By Mr.*MaxwELL?To incorporate the National Ware ttouse and Security Company. By Mr. 3. G Baker?To regulate the Rhinebeck and Kingston ferry. By Mr. Prnfifld?To incorporate tho Now York and Brooklyn Tunnel Comi>any. By Mr. Travis?To incorporate tbe Producers' Ware Mouse Guaranty and Commission Company. By Mr. Wilukr?To incorporate tbe Poughkeepsie Young Men's Christian Association. By Mr. Pottkr?To punish embezzlement. ' By Mr. Wag rxrr?To atneud tho act relative to Insu rance oompanies. XXW TORK AND BROOKLYN VKKKIKR. Mr. Cbxamke asked unanimous consent to consider the resolutions relative to tbe inve*ti;-?tios into the management of ferries b?twe?n New York and Brooklyn. Orwnted and resolutions adopted. SYMPATHY FOR TMR GMMMKN. Mr. Wagstatp called up the resolution expressing sympathy for the Greeks in their struggle against the Turks Adopted. Adjourned to Monday evening at half-past seven a'elock. OBITUAE7. Waikluftoi Hum. TIMs distinguished citizen of New York died in this eity yesterday morning, after a lingering and painful Illness, in the fifty-sixth year of bis age. Mr. Hunt was born on tho 6tb day of August, 1811, In ins village of Windham, Greene county, New York. His parents being in moderate circumstances be became a elerk, or more properly an errand boy, in tbo store of a dry goods merchant at Lock port, Niagara county. In this capacity he remained until he bad attained ht.? eighteenth year, wbcn be entered the law office of Lot Clark, of Lockport, and, after punning his etudies for five yean, was admitted to the bar of Niagara county in 1834. His legal Abilities soon manifested themselves and obtained for the young lawyer a reputation which soon became widely extended. In 18.18. while yet a young man of only twenty-five years, he was appointed by Governor Marcy to the position o? first judge of bis county. The responsible duties of this office be ably discharged to the end of the term, when, although pressed to accept it, he declined a reappointment, end upon his retirement re ceived a Haltering commenda'ion from the Lockport bar. Immediately after his appointment to the position of Judge Mr. Hunt rose into promineuco as a politician His first appearance before the politic was in 1838, when he was nominated for t'ongress by the Jucluon party, end was defeated by Charles P. Mitchell, afier an exoKlng contest, by a Majority or a little over forty voles. Upon bis defeat ho retired from activo participa tion In politics and did not re-enter the political arena acttl 1840. when ho broke off all connection with the democratic party and advocated the election of Harri son. Immediately aftor this espousal or whig principles the voters of that party In Mie Niagara district nomi nated him for Congress (IM2) and elect U turn by a handsome mgjor.ty. In ISM tie received nu iinau roous nomination and was elected by a larger majority than Mr. Clay received, and for the third t me, in 1848, although much against Ins wishes, ha was once more returned to Congress. Air. Hunt's career as a member of the House of Representatives fullv j> cued his talent and ability. As a speaker h? was noted for a happy condensation of words, able argument nml an elegant and eloquent delivery. As chairman of tho Committee of Comtnerro he became favorably known; hut tho art which moat dtstinguished his Congressional career was his effort, in cortuuetton with tho lato Mr. Crittenden, to pass the toll appropriating ba a million <>i dollars to aid the thousands of untortunato ner-on* who were dying or ftlmluo iu Ireland. Although the lull was lost, his earn est and eloquent speeches in favor of its passage, b<s pathetic appeals to tbo charity of the nation and Ills description of the starving people, soon mado hl.? name famous throughout tnc I niled Slates and Kurope and rendered litu one of the most popular whtya in the Stale of New York. Upon the cloae of bis Congressional term in 1848 he declined a re election and annonnc d bis in'entton of retiring to private life. Rut within a few months ?iter he was appointed l>y the Legislature to (ill the unexpired term of Mr. rill mote's Comptndiershlp of the Slate, which office be accepted, after having once de clined it. In 1848 be was unanimously nominated fur the office of Comptroller, and was elected by a large ma jority. Mr. Hunt had now about reached lite zenith of hta popularity and fam>\ and in the following year his name was almost unanimously proposed by the whig preaa for the office of Governor. The Whig Convention assembled toon after, and > omplied with the will of the party by nominating him for the position. After an eg citing i'iuvus he was circled t? the Chief Magistracy of I he State ana made an able and accoptahio Governor. Upon the expiration of hla term of office in 1852 Governor Hunt ann unred his final determination of not engaging in politics for tha future. Ho therefore firmly declined all offers that were made of nominations for offices and retired to bis handsome farm near IgKikport. Hera be lived for many yenra, devoting his time and attention to his friend*, tils t ook.'' and In the pursuit* of horticulture. The fact was thst lie had hee?me thoroughly disgusted with publics. Of a strong con sarvative mind, be viewed with a arm the radical lam of the opposing parties, and being unable to espouse the prlnciplua of either, pre erred to remain In retirement, whrie, surrounded by eobjecis more congenial to his tastes, h'' could avoid the dema gogtstn which has el aracterired politic* for the past lifteen yeate. Onlv once was he tempted to leave Ins retirement, a ,d that was In 1*'K, when he ac cepted the posttIon of drlcgate to (he Chicago t onven tioti which nominated McClellan for tli" Presidency, from early manhood Mr. Hunt was a member of the iTotatdant Kplscopal Church, Ho had been, for many years, a delegate to her IMoresae and <i? ucral Conven tion, and was particularly prominent in the Convention which m-l in Philadelphia tn 1%.">, Id bringing ibout the reunion of the two sect:one o! the Church temporarily separated by tha relwllmn. Hla views were broadly nmenai, and he always eloquently maintained the con servative value of tho Rjtltunpal Church n? ih iudof national union, buffering acutely since t p'et-he' fr< m the attacks of a lingering disease, which he I re with singular redgnatloe and Christen lo'lU .de, lie entered mio rest In the lull possession of hit faeuHi?? at ten minutes before one o'elo k on <hc morn.tig of Wis 2d of 5'ebreary. Iu his private a* well a* his public i.L Ifr. Uuut hois the w.iin. ?* * * those qeaHMe< which L.7r, P?Wnjr al' * ,? h?, rem m,? ,? .7; . ^ ? man and a gentle* ? reputation ? he tolled Sta'e* have home a wv , , ,,e u)l,w ?M qouo have -wcuped to a .r-al?> nl,hw ari> and slander 10 which att of ear pubtK j (1 more or less subjected. Retiring a* he aufl(!- nolhl j reputation has at lU height, he had never to . .... r,tl wii. | cat death, and therefore Ills departure fr*. n(im0 18 1 b" the soiree of general r>gret wherover kte known. ?rtnciFAL hoxors to Tint i>k bast d. Hi- Honor Mayor Uotlman has ordered that the ,( of the city be put at half mast, and the entrance to . (iovcrtor'a Kuotu and the portrait of oa-tJovernor W?a ington Hunt In the City Hail be draped Ini mourning .a re-peet to tho memory of one distinguished alike for hut ibiiity, his jiutnoli.-a> and Irs virtuea tux rrtnniAi. will take place at Trinity chattel, in Twenty sixth xtreet, to-morrow afiemoou at three o'clock. The remains of the Uerraard gentleman are still at the Worth House, where they wid remain until removed to the church to morrow. Right Rev. Bishop Potter, who was In con stant attendance on the deceased during his la-l illness, and a large number of the most distinguished Episcopal t ier ymen of this city will part cipate in the funeral ser vices. On the conclusion of the funeral services the body wilt be conveyed by railroad to I-ockport, where it Is expected to arrive on Tuesday, and on the foillowing day it will be placed In the family vault BOLD CONFIDENCE OPERATION. Two Mraager* Meet it Friend at it Hotel He Introduce* them to Another! who (Uvea a Bugui Cheek In Eiehnngr for 93.000 in (?old-The Detectives After the Operator*. A very bold and unfeeling piece of rascality was prac tised yesterday in tbia city on two strangers, named respectively James A. Neill and William N. NellL It appears from the tacts that these two men (brothers) arrived by tbe lie try Ctiauncey a tew daya ago from California, where they have been residing since IMS, being two of the adventurous party who at that time braved all the damters and hardships of tho Western in the titidrriaking familiarly known as the Knickerbocker expedition. For year* thoy have been pursuing the business of cattio dealers, and .succeeded, alter enduring all thu dangers of flood and tiro to which persons of their calling are subject in a wild and almost uninhabited country, in accumulating a small sum of money, with which they resulvod to visit the Eastern States iind afterwards the home of an aged father and mother, the la'.ter blind, and make aut'lclent provision to afford them coiuparalivycotnfortin their declining days. A CONKIPRXCK MAS Arrived In this city, tho largoat they had ever seen, the two Cnliforolana engaged rooms at the Prescott House, from which they soon after removed to the Mer chants'Hntol, in Cortlanrtt street, whore they had I lie remarkable and expensive felicity ot meeting a gentle man calling himself Morton, with wbutn lliey became very Intimate, chiefly on account of the stories he re la'cd of his adventures and experience on the plains and his op.tiions iu general on life In Salt I,nke City, where, be Informed thorn, he ha.l lived lor somo lime, Mr. Morton having tliu-. eiignted their conildoucc and played on thoir sympathies, hecamo verv nnxlotis ah iut their business, questioning them if they had gold to sell, and other such kind inquiries, all of which being answorod in the affirmative. Mr. Morion, in a philan thropic state of mind, told tlicru that a fr end of his. nn nvent for a New Orleans hou-e, would exchange tiinr gold at a rate of half per cent more than the market price. The two strangers willingly lent eur 10 this kind offer, and accordingly made an appolntmeut for a meet ing with Mr. Morton. Boors IHKCk (1IVRS FOR $5,000 IX COLD. Yesterday morning tho brothers, punctual;to their en. gagoraent, met Mr. Morton, who was no less exact In keeping his. They wont back to tho hotel and, ink ng $5,000 in gold with them, procoodcd to the office of a Mr. Willson, to whom th"y wero introduced by their mutual friend Morton, liuslne-s was then nr>cecdcl with in due form, tho CiallfornianB exchanging their $5,000, for which In return they rccclv d a very curiously drawn check, of which the following ts a 3D. Nrw Yon*. February 2,1887. , Pay to the qrder of James A. Nolll six thousand eight twelve fifty dollars. WM. II. WILLSON, 6, 8, 12, 60 $. Tit* SWUXMJCR OMIAMI'S. Mr. Morton then took his victims away to show thorn the national bank where, gr ?enbacks were to be had f'>r the check, but on the way ho asked them to wait a mo rn'nt while be dropped into the whit- marble building No#. 78 aud 80 Btoadwav, merely to pay the trifling debt or $22 000. Mr. Morion then very quietly walked in the front door, and just as peaceably marched out at the back entrance into Hew street, wish ? iug a kind farewell to Ids unmspecting dupes. The twu poor fellows waitod neartv two hoars for their "mutual friend," and at last, auspcc Ing something was wrong, proceeded to the hank, presented their check and were smilingly informed It was utterly worthless. TUB UKTKCrtVUI OM TUB AI.KXT. Several gentlemen, hearing their pitiful story of how they bad lieen plundered of a Ilia's hard earnings, recom mended them to the Detective Agency, No. 88 Broad way, where, having told their tale?though tiniortu Dstely not able to locate tho office where the check wax obtained?Superintendent Wairen at once despatched Ave of the cleverest of his deieoiives, uuder the direc tion of Mr. R. A Watson, to different parts of tho c ty. They have already obtained a slight cue to the where abouts of the two swindlers, and entertain strong hopes of capturing thorn in n few days. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. Narrlee* To-Dny. The congregation of the late Rer. Dr. Hawks meet this morning in the large chapel or the University. Ser mon by the Rev. Wm. R. Johnson. The usual services, morning, afternoon and evening, will beheld to-day at St. Ann's Free Church, in Eigh teenth street. The Rev. Dr. Oallaudet, pastor, alii preach in the event ng, assisted by the Rev. Eastburn Benjamin. The Rev. Joseph Price, D. D., rector, preaches at the French church, on Twenty-second street, this morning and evening. The tegular morning service of the Swedenborgian Church is held at the Polytechnic Institute, Livingston stteet, Brooklyn. This evening, at the same place, the Rev. J. C. Acer lectures on "The Spiritual World and the Intermediate State." The Protestant Episcopal Mission Society are having a course of sermons preached in their behalf. Rev. Isaac H. 'futile, Ik !>., preaches the fifth discourse In this series to-night st Zion church, comer of East Thirty eighth street and Madison avenuo. Rev. H. M. Gallagher, of Brooklyn, delivers this evening in the West Twenty-fifth street United Presby terian church, the lectnre on "America" and Americans, which was postponed on January 21. "The Greek Religion, or the Rt-'igion of the Eastern Church,'' will be tho topic of Rev. Isaac 8. Hartley till s evening at his church In the Sixth avenue, where be la delivering a series of discourses on "the Prominent Religion of the World." Rev. Dr. Deems will preach and administer the Lord's Supper this morning in the Chapel of tho University, Washington square. "John Wesley as a Religions Leader" will he the sub ject of a lecture by Rev. Thomas Street this evonlng in the church on the corner of Thirty-first street and Ninth evenue. At the Church of the Resurrection, Thlrty-fifih street, the r ctor,, Ivdwurd O. Fla,-g, 1). D., will proach morning and evening. Rev. Dr. Armitage, of the Fifth avenue Baptist church, lecture* this evening to voting men on "Holo tnon's Proverbs Concerning Friends and Friendships." Preaching in the morning by the pastors, alter which the rite of baptism will lie aitministeroJ. At the Fifty-third street Baptist church this evening the ordinsnce of baptism will be administered. Pre jh". tng both morning and evening, and also on every even ing this week. Rev. Uriah Srott preaches this morning and evening ?t the Free Church of tho Redemption, Fourteenth street L'Egllso du Saint Esprit will be'open for divine service In French this afternoon, at half-past three o'clock. Rer. Dr. Verren, rector. The Band of Prying Brethren meet to day in the Thirty-seventh street Methodist Episcopal church, under the leadership of Mr. A. flaistcad, at half-past ton o'clock A M.. three and seven P. M. At the Aecond Un..craalist cli ? h "a Second avenue. Rev. G. L Demurest, pastor, pre. .ues this morning and ivcoing. At the Christian church, Twenty i <-treet, morn ing and evening services ""ill be hem Elder A N. Gilbert, of Syracuse. g preaching *'so during the week. Rev. Chas. B. r'myth is prepared this afternoon, at hall-past three o'ciock, to deliver bis lecture on "Tbo Streets of New York by Gaslight." Services also at eleven o'clock A. M. and eight o'clock P. M., at tho gam* place, Argu< Hall. 000 Broadway. "A Pilgrimage to tho Shrine of tho Nativity of Christ,'' will be iho subject of a lecture by the Rev. William Everett, in the Church of the Nativity, Socond avenuo, this evening, at eight o'clock. Rev. O. U. Frotbingham will preach In ills chnrnh. on Fortieth jtreet, this morning, at half-past ten o'clock, on the suljecl of "the Cretan* and Southerners " In the evening Or. it. P. Hoiton will speak In behalf of the orphans of patriot*. Rev. Chauncev Giles will leeturo this evening on the "Second Coming of Christ," at haifpa't* ven o'clock, in New Jerusalem church. Thirty-fl th street. The Rev. F. C. Ewer, rector of Christ ehnrch. Fi'tb avenue, will prosrlt in behalf of the Aont'iern Relief Commission, this evening, at half-post seven o clock Tho fifth of the course of sermons in behalf of the New York Protiwtant Eptsi mial City Mission . xnely will '?? preaciiod tin* evening ny the itov Isaac H. Tattle, D. D.. rector of At. I.uku's caurcb, in Zion church, co'rer ot Ea*t Thirty-eighth street and Madison avenue, at half I a t seven o'ciock. Rev. Dsv K. Ij*e, pa*tor of iho Blrccker street t'uiver iallsi church, preaches this morning on "Tho Mysteries of Crime;" this evening, to youug men, on "Manhood and Money." Bishop Anew, of Monet Zion. preaches this afternoon st throe o'clock P M , in the Cnspel of the University, ou "The 0ethcr of Israel Urn* rOrnRwii " Mir: Fmtne iltl the In p'.r?** f o ? Uml , courses this tinning and even m nt I ? ch , r.'i, ltrredwsr. 5tub(e ' ? r 'lie , < ,-!?> (/ I Fait! en t prayi etiij. I for the ; r ipg. ' ?, ;.i ??. sad coiritg'.um. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Hatpkuat, Feb. S-S P. M The gold market cuntlnuoa strong, and a further ad vance of nearly one par cent took place to-day. Ttie opening price was 136, and after telling at 136X it ad vanced steadily to 136X, aad finally closed at 13?-, a Tbe borrowing demand waa about equal to the supply, and loans were made at 2 a 3 per cent lor carry in; aud without interest. The disposition to buy for a r so ia general, and it waa doubtless somewhat increased this morning by tbe publication of tbe proposed bill to aub ^ Hute loan certificates bearing n rate of interest not *eding four per cent and payable In currency on de mead for compound interest notes to tbe amount of a hundred millions. As sucb certificates may be held by tbe baafc*, wbollY or <? P*rt. u tb#ir legal reserve, tbe effect of tlkd would be decidedly favorable to monetary ease releasing ? Urge amount of legal tenders, st present' "? beld b7 the banks in ex'-ess oT their actum requirements. With twenty-five per cent of tbe amount ef tie deports and circulation in these ? Mtificetee, a bank wettb.1 nof be called upon under tbe law to keep any reserve of legal fender notas, and beuoe the bank* would bold much lighter greenback reeerree than they do et present. Tbe prog.Tss of the impeach ment movement gives e very firm undertone to geld, and hence it moves upward, despite thd lew rates ef for eign exchange. The shipments of spotis by this dny'e steamers were $374,961 by tbe (lermanis aad $60,037 by tbe City of Boston, making for tbe week $-136,66*. The daily range of the market during thw week la thus shown:? Uigketl LmorV Monday 134 s VA\ Tuesday 134 * 114 Wednesday 136*? 134*2 Thursday 136X 1S47,' 136V 136 *4 Saturday 130), 135-;, Ttie railway share market is steadily improving and confidence among buyers for a rise and tbe banks have been further streD :lhened by the proposed bill referred to. Another stock oxehange failure occurred to day? (hat of Bell A Yelverton, but as it was on tbe bear elde it encouraged the bulls rather than oiherwlso, and Indue d some of tho hears to cover their contract-*, which, together wltb tbe buymg in of tbe stocks of which the firm in question were short, gave a sharp upward turn to prices. Notwithstanding the havoc which the de cline of the last three months has committed in the street, new capital is Undiug it way to tho stock ex change so las', that something llko a fr.wh bull move ment of importr- -e Is already progressing. At the ten o'clock session of the open board Now York Central cold at 99X? Erie, 57tf a %; Re\d r.g, I037? a 104; Michigan Southern, 717a a 7; Cleveland und Pills burg, 83 a 83 X; Rock Island, fif.X; North western, 35 % ? do. preferred, 66 a 86 >4; Fort Wayne. 97'i; O'iIo and Mi -'p>sippl certificates, 25)f; Canton, 44*<; Cumberland, 36; Mariposa preierted, 22Xi Western Union Telegraph, 44'^. At tho first regular board the market was strong, bit rather quiet. New York Central closed 1% higher than at the Mtn.o time yesterday, Erio 2, Raiding }{, Mich'gan .Southern 1}{, Cleveland and Pittsbur," 3Jf, Rock Island 14,'. North westorn ?do. preferred 2, Port Wayne 7<, Chicago and Alton 1, Ohio and Missis sippi certiU< .tea X, Pacific Mail, 1, At antic Mail 1. Mariposa was X lower?do. preferred )(, Western Union Telegraph X Government securities wore dull, but s eady. Coupon sixes of 1881 advanced ,4f, seven-thirty notes of the third scries X. At the ono o'clock opoo board the market was buoyant, and New York Central sold at 103)4 * V; Erie, 68X '* ?i \ Reading, 105 a 105)4 i Ml Itigr.n Southern, 72)4 A 73)4; Cleveland and PIMflburg. 84)4 ** 34; H ick Tslaud, 97)4 a b*; Northwestern. 3714 * % ? preferred, 67)4 a )4; Milwaukee and St. Paul pre ferred, 68; Western Union Telegraph, 44*4 a '* i Marl p ??a pr< f- red, 22)4 a 23X Stibsequeaily Erie sold at 59 and tbe hull element was in tbe ascend .nt, but towards the close of business the market reacted alighlljr, and at half-past fivo tho follow ing quotations were current:?New York Central 99)4 ? Erie, 68)4 n X". Reading, 104)4; Michigan Southern, 72)4 n 72-4; Illinois Central, 107; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 84 a 86; Itock Island, 07)4 a )4; Fort Wayne, 97)4 a % t Nonhwee ern,87 a 37)4; do. preferred, 67 a 67 *4 '.Western Union T? legraph, 46. Compound Interest notes wore quoted thus:?Jane, 1864, li7'< a X ? July, 116X a Xl August, 116)4 a X; October, 115)4 a X; December, 114)4 A Xi May, 180), 111X a 112)4; Aurust, 110*4 a 11134; September 110X a X: Ootober, llC'J a X Tbe money market is without change as o rates, al though tho tendency is towards six per con. for stock ex hangn loans Tbe leading dealers In government securities are enabled to borrow at 4 a ft per cent, but there are few or no transactions on railway aud mlscel loneo i collaterals below seven. First class sixty days commercial paper Is discounted with tolerable freedom nt 7 n 7X percent. There eras no business done In foreign exchange, as usual, on Saturday, and rates were nominally tbe same as yosterdav. Barker*' bills on England nt sixty days were quoted nt 108X a 198X; nt three days, 109 a 109 <4; commore's) bills, 197 a 108; francs a* sixty days, 9.22X a 6.18J4; At three days. 6.18)4 a 6.10)4; on Berlin, 72 a 72)4; ?n Bremen, 78X a 79; on Frankfort, 41 a 41X; on Amsterdam, 41 a 41X; n? Hamburg, 86X a 38X ; on Antwerp, 6.22 a 5.18X The Imports of foreign dry goods during tbe month of January were nt the rate of about three millions per week, an average equal to that of the corresponding weeks last year, and considerably abovn that of tba last few weeks of 1866. This Increase was hardly expected, In ?lew of the general dnlneas of the trado, and it Is at tributed mainly to apprehensions of a higher tariff The movement for tbe month of January is thu? shown:? mmtttxn ron ooxscnrriov. 186-1 1866 1867 Manufk. or wool $405,277 $3,740,464 $1,680,183 Do. COtl'U).... 166 905 2.181,451 1,626 857 Do. silk 20:..480 2,177,813 943,349 Do. flax 430.327 1,798,393 954,847 Miscell's dry goods... 125,080 830,012 632,234 Total ent. for con. .$1,329,669 $10,738,030 $5,836,470 W1T1IOAAWK KROX WAIIXII 't'-a 1866. 1866. 1807. Manufa of wool $438,952 $1,413 603 $1,280,836 Do. Cotton.... 297,032 900.593 664,166 Do slk 1*6,761 654 159 39-1,871 Do. flax 434.447 60:. 402 716,.V t Miscell's dry goods .. 76.-2.2 141.675 96.7?7 Total withdrawn from warehouse $1,393,634 $3,775,012 $6,060,973 Add ent. for coiut'n.. 1,320.069 10,738,030 6,836,470 Total thrown on tbe market $2,714,203 $14,613,042 $8,597,443 SMxaan for WAiutnoi Hivu. 1865 I 860 1867. Mantiffe. of wool.... $388,130 $2,318,860 $2,182,140 Do. rotton... 25".751 1,10s 048 1 720,379 Hot -ilk 08.288 827.836 ^88.480 I)o. tin* 268 048 04* >49 917,864 Miscell's dry goods.. 47,712 Io2,oti9 283 539 Tot. ent warehouse..$'.0*29 966 $5,031,061 $6,092,402 Add ent'd for coo 1,320,669 10,738,030 ft,836 470 Tot. ont'd at ibeport $2,3ci>,635 $15.709,0'U $11,928,872 The movement for tbe seven months attending from July 1 to January SI, we* as follows:? ?STKKKn rOU rOSStMPTICN. 1865. 1866. 1867. Mm lift. Ot wool.... $4,121,276 $24,9#,2,128 910 200.85* Do, COlton... 1,203. *82 ll,t>83.N33 6,824 511 Do. Kllk 2,195,131 14.170.721 7,3*0,4*4 I><>. lias 2.670.-'>41 0,770 061 6 0*0.874 Miscell's dry ?oods.. *10.060 3,857 218 4,320.0*1 ToUl enfd for con. $11,007,700 964,302,061 940,812.70* WIT (I>n*?.t IRON WaRtHOIHS, 1865 1H?6. 1*67. Marnfj. of wool... 98.20H.727 96,20*, 134 90,8*4.2*5 Do. cotton 1,430,504 1,813 476 2,22*.659 Do. *1111... 2,604,610 2,3*2.773 4,109,601 Do. flat ... 2,281,0*0 1,10*,036 2,856,033 Mlacall'a dry good*. 660.043 410,074 070,143 Total wtthd'n from warehouse 915 366,364 912.023,3*6 $10,720,711 Add ent. for cons'n 11,507.700 64 352,261 40,812.703 Total thrown on tbe market $26,373,154 $77,276,347 970,542 414 RMTRKIi MR WaRRnorWHO. 1*65. 1866. 1867. Manure of wool... $8,677,10* $7,038.5*6 $11,733,412 Do. cotton. 1,961 102 3.627,206 4,511,266 Do. (Ilk... 2,380.041 3.894.907 4,083.127 Do. Ilax ... 2,1-04,0*6 2,904.040 5.200,0*6 Miscall* dry gooda, 751,2*1 47.273 1,180,671 Tool entered for warehousing $16,572,618 $18,757 102 $27,624,,12 Add. euL lor cons'n 11,007,790 64.352.961 40.SI2,703 Total cnlld at port.. $27,5Rti,408 $>3,110,063 $68,4.0,865 Tlie valuations aro madu in coin es elusive <>r freight charifes and custom* duty. American securities and consols were quoted thus In I<oodon on the dsns mentioned according to the pieas dispatches Jin. 15. Jin. 12. Feb. 2. ronsols. ?... 91 90'f no , I olted lit tes (Hr twenties Tl\ 72, 73 jt * 44* 4.)If 39 lii.nole t'Wtal 81H 81 80X It <nd Amboy and New Jer ry Ttallread < t ? ?? eow> >te?? ?h? toed t-cfveri Now ivi t <iaJ.?ren* t.n* aud lien Utufla wick, bar* ui?o preliminary measures to romolidat# tbeir Internals. The necessary paper* were aigne4 by the leading director* yewterday, subject to the consent of two-third* of the stockholders and the ratification ot the Now Jersey legislature. SALES AT THE IEWJI0K STOCK EXCHAN6E. Nuturitni, Feb. 'J?lOillO A. Ihc $10000 UB 8'#, *74, reg.. IU3 loo -.a* Hu-tou WVr Po i.*?% TiW.l US 6>. 'S|, reg .... 1' V eiti ft Y Central lilt.... 90S, 1IMNU U.-> ti ?. 'at oeapou 10?'. :n<0 do 90*4 a*) do io?;2 loo do *?"] 40U0 UKtf's 530 cou 62 l*?7?i IriUU File KB 8* 85WA1 l S tf?. 6 SO >? II'? lug l'JUl do 57% 16600 Uetf'a>dOc C6u im Xd'd 3U1 do S*l 67* 75 00 do lot 4, iOO do n*) f?7 Vd SHOO V s 6'* 1U-4U, oou.. DO7, HO Mud River lilt. .?3U 126,% 16'JU Tr u. 73-10. id MM- M4% 14 M Y A Mew Ma KK IIS 600 do 11M% luo Beading KB *10 K>3% 2600 do 3d nor 104% IH? do" 104\ 1*N N * ?'*, '74 100 M do IMS M?4 Tcnu S'a, ex oou.. 63V lu? Mich Central BK... 107 10 00 do 63% IXUOMteh 8 A Mind Kit 72 3II>? N Y 7'a, b I. ieg.. 106% AM UUiiula Central KB 113% IOO) N C 6'a, ex coup.. 53 SM do lit SUjO Mo O'a. P?. Kit is SU% a* Panama KR *?% tOOO Mod a,HASUon laa 79% MO Cleve A Pitts BK... W SOU). tan. A Miss oer.. 85% SM> do ?% AxW Krle 3d mortgage. 101% ll.UO- do Ha touO Alton AT IIM.. 92 12SO do H SUA Tul A Wahid m.. 75 SU> do. KWChiAOt Kaat o Ira 07 KM CM A K W KK...... 37^ Ssbs ContluenUl B'k 101 400 do. Sri', 10 Fourth Nat Bank.. 1<M 100 do a30 36% 1W Western Uniou Tel. 64%' 50 do 37% 111) do 44% 400 ChkANWBK prof. 00 75 do 44 1600 do 00% 200 Mariposa Mining Co 10 3UI d<> 66% 3U) Mariposa pref ij% 100 Chi A Rk la KR Wtt, 100 do 33% SOU do 06% 1?) do 33 100 do 1)6% 116 I'aciile Mall HH Co.. 160 100 Chi. ?ir A Quia KB i?> 30 do 169% *0 Pitta. PtWA Ohl ItB 07% A Adam* Exproaa.... 67 30.) Chi A Alt KK Ill IK) Well*, Fargo ?*.... 79 26 MIlAMtPautBK pref Cfi HI 1)*IA Mudsmi Canal 146 HO do 50%

SOU Atlantic Mall SS Co 100 THE KRCHANT TAILOR RARE CASE. Intrreatlng Tewilmorty for the Proaeentian Blr. I.intkinist Csmplrtrlj riuilicnird-Tlir tionipluint lllsnlaaeil few Jimtlrn irogan. Yesterday moruing the ciwe of Mr. Wm. l.inthicum, the merchant tailor of No. 736 Broadway, recently arrested on the charge of attempting to violate the person of Annie Casey, then In his employ as domostfe, as pre viously announced in the Hkkam>. was under sxainina lion before Justice Hogan, at the To in lis. Annie Casey, the complainant, was further etamim-d re-peeting the facts ooirhlned in the original complaint, hut teat! tied to uoihing now ot apt<clal im orr-.nrn Counsel for Annie then call-id Mrs. Julia T. Polk, lato a governess in the family of Mr. Ltiithirum, who had two sol e, aged ro-poclivelv eight and lourlcua yearn. Mrs. Polk, who Is an exceedingly prepoaresmny and in telligent ladv of about tweniy-si* years, was expected by the p'uiutilTa acouusel to corroborate Annie's le-ti m >ny in almost every important partlculur, hilt instead ol i lag u lor ev lenee oontradicted that of thy com i-laiuaiit In every important p int. As the affidavit of Mio. l'<>lk is lio'h interesting and important, It Is given in full, and ulso a brief abstraitof thai sworn to l>y Charles Zimmerman, a uepnow of Mr. I.iutbicum, to whom Annio related iho aiory of the alleged n.wult upon tier, AST!PAVIT Ot *H4, PCUt. Julia T. Polk, of N 195 West Thirtieth street, being duly sworn deposed and said.?1 am a married woman; I uo nut live with uiy liusl-aud; 1 have been parted from hlin lor almost two years; 1 nave been einnloved bv Mr. Lintbi Oat Miomiisn; I w<-nt here the tirst of July, and elt him last Saturday; 1 recollecl the rimming >f the :0 b of Juuiinry; I heard complainai t'-te timony ; I was the person who knocked at the door; 1 came down be<i>a 1 heard some one open the front door, and 1 ihought it was toy brother who hnd come in; I went our In iho dining room, and seeing uo person there I knocked at her door; tlie door was shut and lasUr.ed; I -nocked three or four times; I also halloed, and i o i no unswered until I called for the elde.-t son of Mr Ln hiccni; 5:r. l.inthicum then unlocked the door aud u-ma out; I cannot *ay whether he was uu<1res*e d or no.; I went rli;ht past him; I went Into the room, and Annie protandod to be asleep; I shook her and the taiil, "Mra Polk, what Is tj.e mst^ ter 7*' T wild to her, "Annie, you are u had girl and leave this hot)a:.', Mr. Ialothicinn tiirn alopjred to tho door and said he had weut tliem on huslnct-a, and that he had a right to do so; he also said thai, a far in lie knew, Annie C'asey was a virtuous girl; 1 nouo d iboa particularly, and he was fully drowsed; he bad no ovoreonl on: I do not know If be had boots on; I do not know If to had a collar or cravat on; be hail not had sufficient limn to put on his clothes; whcsi I took hold of the girl I pulled her out of tied: I took held of her arm; I d-d net .drag her around the room; she had no night rohe on; it did not Uke a minute for niu to putl her out of bed; after thiaoci wired I caw Mr. l.tnthioum riatnlingj at the door; I ie.'t hiu employ en account of this transaction. Cross-examined?I went up aiairs to soy room and then came down again to eve Ann.c; Mr. I.lntWrom had gone to his room previous to that; I wbnt to thr kitchen; 1 ciUcd to hur to come out then; ai-e came and 1 then ^.-kad her if Mr. Linthtcum had ever been in her room before; shu told mo "No;" 1 asked her If he had ever made improper ail canoes to her ; she said he never had ; i utked her If he had laid his hand* upon her person at all. and she told me 2'Nc, that he hon not troubled her;" she aatd that she was first aroused t?y hearing me couj" down stairs, and t'ueu a*# Mr l.tnlincnm m the room, and that ebe uad said 'Oh, my Cod, what will Mrs. Polk say;" I said, "Annie, Mr. Ltnlhlcum was uu-lr- a.?ed in your roem? wasn't ha V" and she raid bo was not, thut she could not see and did not know what he trad on; I had another tab: with her about It ufter daylight; she then told ran Mr. Mnthtoum had come to her room on business, to see If my brother was In tho house, and that aho was sore ho meant nothing Improper by coming tnerc: i aaked bor if she would consent to stay there alter I left, until Mr. Lmthiuuui's msier came, and she said she would; 1 left on Monday, lntendlug to get' board, but was disappointed and returned and remained until Saturday and left; bis shier came on Thursday; com plalnint was discharged on Thursday morning because Mr. Linthlcum t sister was ei|SH-ie<l that evening, and was expectod to bring an old housekeeper with her; I think It was about lire or six minutes from the time I heard tho froni door open until I knocked at the room door; 1 think it was about three or four m.nutes from tho Aral kn- ok at the door until after enuring the room; I turned and saw Mr. l.inthicum standing &l (he door; It was immediately after 1 went into the room that I turned and saw Mr. f.lnihl cum .landing at the door; as to ray brother lodging in the home, I never askorl Mr. Hnthicnru's pcrtiiist-ien, and bo know tolb ng uf it, ou .'son<iay evening Mr l.inihirutn told rue that he l ad heard hstrwons coming Into the lower part of the boose inn still manner, and that ho waa determined t? Hnd out sua It was, and lor that purpose b* had r<>uj down stairs that night; at the tint I went to the room I did no: h"*r .my noise, at the time I went to the room sbo said that Mr. l.inibictim had not touched b- r. Charles Zimmerman, a nephew or tbs defendant was "xandned for the dalcucs and toulilied to having had a coi.versa lion wtth aluio Casey, on fiuntl-y, ?lie *?th uliiino, only a low hear* uAer the u.log"<! a-s <ult upon her. Aimie then rol-J the witnoHa mat Mr. I.intliicum came to ber room to Inuuire whrthei Mr. Clark (Mr* Polk'sI roth-r) wns in the house at that time or had ocen there that day; the 4altl that Mr. l.utlit nm had not touched her, that lie was cot ucdresad and ttiai he had on all hi* clothe? except bit overcoat: she told the tvit nora that after Mr. biuihicutn a.<kVd her the guo-tiou a'out Mr. Clark, he turned to go out, an-l at that llrnu Mr< I oik ram* down talra Thl* chaio-l the case, and the may slmte announced that be would review tho testimony olic tod ?n-l render a dartstcn at ibrco o'clock I*. M , leqnestlng all the par ties InterrsK-d to be in attandnnc at thai h-mr. At the lliricappmuleu Judge llovau -aid he had read lbi' testimony w ith great sre. nn-l could see nothing in it upon which tie would be J .sliUed u further holding u<?> defendant, not thereh.rc nlsmlteed the complaint and t,--norjbly dl ged Mr. Linihicum Irom c-rsu-dy. After the dr-cts?o. had born rendorod Mr. l.inthicum s' thai mm# day* ago be had hcei: waited upon by Ann e's Cnuarel. who Ita'ed that ho had the mutter in cbargo for horned Intimated ilia for a Conr-i-l -rotton Mm case could be setued uhd further proceed ng. dropped. Mr. I. declined paying a cont, and told tri' to'B rfpnawi.laUvo iliat he could pr>s".-ed with his suits as s-.oo ua he picas- d, liiat he had nothing to f- ar. fcr. MAR.FIIAGCS AND DEATHS. * diverted. TtRAnrmtv-Baitucu.-^On Ibumtaf, November 29, with* residence oi the bride* tit b< r, In C?rih:t.;eu.', I'nltod Sh-tar of tni?iiit>)a, by the Kev. Richard Temple, Wit 1? B*..nronn, of Huiimvlite, Am., ?o Hkui* T., daughter i| llamoc !.. Sanchez, of the fort.iar p6boe. (loop?Wim mis.? *t('hlcnK", on Moutlay, January 14, by the Rev. Cl'nton Lock*, wt, If. (loon, of Now York Cltv. lo Mln JooK^nit ]. WiTcnae, or Boaton. lifltWMiiM-Om On Sunday, January 27, bribe Rev. Dr. Rear, J t.*Ku M'.Cei.ionoH to Mmo K. Llnx, both of thla city. . tiled. A At ak!txal>etli, N. J., on Friday, February 1, P It I.!*?*<.nit>!?. only won of ftmirgr A. Auama. In the 23d year of bla are Hta remains will he tation to Cler mont, N. J., lor Interment. Amine*?On Friday, February 1, Jons Aniwoau, ? na'ire of Cloonour.ven, Near* lie Went, county lAmor \ck, Ireland. at'ad Ii7 yesra. The friends ind ?-q'ib>ui juice* of the laioily and of 1,1a eons Jameg end John, and the fnende of bla, .lamer. Cllflft rd. are . r*|iectfullv Inrltod to nttend the funeral, tbie (Sunday) MfUraoon, at twoo cite k, front hl? lata roaldence, 203 'telmcey (treat. Uemaiua to he uwen lo ' alrery CatBiltty. A ~ * l/ - - ^ BarAWt?On Friday, February 1, JitUT.. the belove Wile of Owen Havana, ir".i Jk v?ar< and ? uion'he. Thefrirndaof the fimnv, end time of ber brothers, Tlixmea no I Bernard Dunleary, nr> Invited to attend t'lt funeral, Una (Su; dayi oitrrmatc, at Iwn o'c'jcb, from ber late rrstd- D?a, No. Wlilutt r'rret. Haanr?in Brooklyn, on Friday, F-ibroary 1, Jmw 111 ai?v, a(?d M yrsra Hie I'prnd* ion acq uaina news are invited to attend tho (mitral, Ib't (Hniidty) a:??'n<*>ti, at three o'coclt, from likf late reahsonoe, 67 D< an treat, near Smith Bout'.t --On Friday, Febronry 1, A tint i, dnnyb tar of (leorgo L. and Vary liuikiey. The reuiiTvea and friend of the ft roily arn Invited to a Bond tbo fneiiil, .it Nv 77 West Forty-dflb ?irr?. on Monday allernoon, at on# o'uthM. Bui Lin.? On Thcrartay, January ?1, of consumption, ,f?X "i "i Ttrt, fortnetly of Koala, county Clare, Ireland, lit the Aitd year of hM . The Iiii.eial wt'ltako pl?eo thl* (P-nday afternoon, at two o'clodk, from hit lata residence, No. 10 Madieou Went, New York. Rntu.--On Friday, F?brtir.ry 1, after a abort Illness. Mrs. E'.i?A"rrH B* rr, widow of C. Burr, aaeu 30 yturs The friend*, end ,'in?e of her eons Oenrge and K W. Rurr, and he* eon .n 'aw. I. P H*ivt, are- invited to at tend tlio funeral, this (ilurday) a/lemoon, at thraa o el'ide, from her l?'o roaidenee, No. 162 Allan ?traet. JliA-K ?t?n prih.y, February 1, Arsa, only daughter o' Albert an 1 Anna ' a. k. fbb raUi. and tu-oUa ot >u? taiuUy are luj^at^io attend the funeral. A* *22 GrmtH sUoet, thin Uuudsy) *f i rm*>a, at two u'cldCk- _ , _ , Hum -In San Kratfriocn, Cal , en January a, of tvphoid remitted fw*. B?ki*n. the sou of the lute Joseph Btain nod Almee Pratte, of tbla city, m tho -aC: "r Requiem will b? offered on Monday at hair past ten A. M~ nt the Church or 9t. Frnom Xnvter, >ixteeuth street, between Fifth mid Sixth avenuje. Re lul,\o.i nud friends of the family are reopetlluiiy re quested to attend without further notice. CrmwHia?Ob Friday, February 1, Mrs. Mart Or. bim.uaii. reuot of l>umel Cunningham. The relatives and friend* of ibo family are Invited to attend tba fuueral, fr to hor late routdsnce Ko. 148 Mul berry a.reet, on Monday alternoou, at one o'cloek. Oakmikxl.?Suddenly, on Friday, February 1, Hwf Wuson CaMBxki. from county Armagh, Ireland. The funeral will tako place from ber kite residence, Mo. 478 Tenth ayenue, this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Caarra.*.?At Ferromom, N. J., on Thursday, January 31, Fanownot Canning aged 57 years. Funeral services oa Monday, at twelve o'clock. Rela tives and friends of the fatally are requested to attend, without further notice. ? # ,,.u ? Caon*?Ob Saturday, February 2, ?t JoH Hoary street, Brooklyn, Mrs. C?WTia? Crom. Not toe of funeral hereafter Coot-nxiJi.?Ow Thursday, January 31, Toe-thy Ch.ih. UK, rod of Jeremiah and Julia Coughli*, ag d s years and 5 mouths. _ . , _ liKLAPOMB ?On Friday, February 1, of mirwmma, Faaaas Awxm Uklavoub, only son of Alexis end ( ath arTne ltolaMte, aged 11 tnouMiH and 24 days. The friends of the family are nsTiled to attend the fuueral, lrom 34 Barrow street, coraer of H odsou, this Sunday) afternoon, at half poot one oclock _ | Fakvv.?On Saturday, February 2, Bus v Aosm * , daughter of Michael Fahey and Maria Nolan, axed 6 years and 14 days. ... , The friends of the family are wwpoctfollv request od to ntfend the fun -Ail, at two o'clock, tVoia the residinc* or ber parents, llW aveDuo C. Fcbvl'-.k.?Oo Baturdny, February or ecsrle' f_ <rer, CtKORUK F.t p|i?st child ri:ariM A wirt Mrpn:* r.. Few tor, in the 7th tear ofkta ny?. Their relatives and friends are re jpecifullj invited to attend the funera', this (Sunday) arte-iioori. 31 "? : o'clock, from his parents' residence, No. <T'S t-awreace street, Brooklyn. _ , ., (Isinrrn. ?In Brooklyn, on .Saturday. February 2, Anna Maxwku., youngest clrtld of Meshueli and E.lra (ii-nitth. ? The ftmeral will take place this (Sandny) afternoon, at one o'clock, from the resilience of iicr parents, \au It iren street, six doors east of Bedford avenue. Pnman.?On Saturday, February '-', Leer R, wife or 0. P. H.inn;.n, in the 6-Ah year ot her age. The relatives and friends or tho family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son-in-law, Edward H. Bunker, 133 I.lvinL-sioo street, Brooklyn, on Monday rtftariuion, at two o'clock. Hot ?On Saturday inorn'ng. F'chrunrv 2, ,n tins city, ex-(*ovei nor Wasuihoton Hcnt, in tho 66th year of his ""ills friends and those of his family are invited, without fitrllior no-ire. to the funeral sen ices ?? 'trinity chapel. Twenty (It lb street, on Monday afternoon, at threo J ioa so*. ?Iai.ur ALLY* J AC* SOB, twin daughter of Samuel I) and Grace S. Jackson, aged 10 months and 17 'tAVH Tue funeral will take place from her parents' residence, Ravens wood. 1. I , on Monday, at twelve o'clock noon. Rank.?On Friday. February 1. Aucs M , daughter or James J. aud V.aria Kune, aged 2 years, 1 month and Id ?lava. ... . runctal on Monday aflcmnon. at ouo o clock, front the re* denco ol her grandfather, Win. < humbly. No; Alii Adelphl eirept, Hnsiklyn. . i I.abo - On Saturday, February 2, after a short and sevcro illr.e.", Mart I.ami, ai;od t4 years, 6 .nnulhs and 14n''? % lalivos and friends of tho family are respect fully luv teil to attend the fuueral, lrom the residence of ber son, 06or((? Lettormno, No. 44Ni Brooiua iitrool, on Mondav afternoon, ut one o'clock Lki>i>t.?On Friday, February 1, ^'athhunk, omjjr (Iftu^bt^r of Jainer* and Ann IsO^dy, aged ,>yoaiy, 1 month ""Kiim.-nd*This (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from her pa<out*1 residence, fl7 Park street. ? MtitKAT?<?n Friday, February I, Row a an Mirkat, afte-. a protracted Illness, nqed J7 ywrs and i uiontbe, a native of tho county of Westmeath, Ireland. Tho relatives and fncnd*?f tho family, nnl tho?* of his brother, Michael, ?nd % brother in-law, Charhw Codv, are respectfully iuvttod to attend th-t funeral, tbl? (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from his ste- resi dence, corner of Thirtieth streot and Sixth avenue. Davenport and Iowa City paiiers pleiwo copy. Mi luAi'iii as*.?In this city, on Friday, February 1, Gocinkl P. Mcl-AianJa, In the 4Slh year of his age. Hm friends and thnee of his hjoth*. M)cW J- M? Lectilan, and his brother in-law, Oharles 1. Owens ?re ro?pectfally invited to attend the funond, on Monday morning, at half past nine o'clock, ftrotn hW ,3'"WJ dTuc\So. 249 Wont Fifty-second streot, between IM-oad_ wav aud Kighth avenue, and from thence to the Churdh or Bt. Paul tha ApotHc, Fifty-ninth ^rcM wd Nlnth averiu^, whero a requiem maw will be offered for the r<?1SuT,mVGOALaCATHoui AssociATiow.?The membera of tbe above association will meet at 'heir ball, on Monday morning. February 4, at nine o'clock, to attendI the fu ueral of their lata respected member. Godfrey P. Mc Ijiciiian. CHARLES J. PRAftY, J-ecretary. O'Cradt.?On Frtdav night. Fubruary 1, Hasoka, wite of HI hard O'Orady, in tho 3<)ih year of her aye Tho relatives and frleads of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from hor Hue residence. No. 85 Mod r>e street, ibis (Sunder) afternoon,at half-pa-t one o'clock. The remains will be taken from tlicnoe to cal vary CintUvy for intonooiit. .Stcttt ?On Friday ovenlng. FcbniajT I FnAJiCt'W, fouogwt aon of Hot. Dr. W. A. and Ai Hcott, aged 10 years, 4 months aDd 29 daya Fuueral on Monday morning, at eleran o clock, from the Forty-second street Preabytertan church. Hnaw.-At Vorkrllto. on 'fK* Euxa, widow of Samuel Shaw, In the 7M year of her **The funeral will take plane tble (?"nday) ten o'clock, from her late resWeuce, Ninetieth street T/.ri/i* ?<>n Friday morning, February X.of nant scarlet fever, Kbma Frasiks, aged 3 years and 3 mouths, only daughter of MlUUm and Emma Taylor, of ^Her'remaiml'wefe *taken to Evergreen Cemetery on ^Vab H >crr?s0? At Harlem, on Wedn*day a^rnooo^ .January JO, Fba**, youngeet son of P. B. utd Kllaa Van Houtt. n. aged 2 years, 0 months and 17 days. The relatives and fiiends of the family are respectfully Inv'ted to attend the funeral, from the residence of his parents, 124th street, Harlem, between Sixth aad seventh avenues. Ibis (Sunday) afternoon, at two o clock. Wane ?On Thursday morning, January SI, of tronay. Mrs Maria Wmw, aged 81 yearn Whenever we lose a valued friend. To find relief we seek Another; Hut oh! what power on earth can send Heller to thoee that love a mother T The relatives and friends of the family are rnepoct fnllv invited to attond the fa?rai. from her IsAe resl den'oe, tu 120th street, between Fim nuea, on Monday roorrmg, at eleven o clock. Her re inuit-s Will be taken to Wo-allawn for interment Weertatnt?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, February 2 Avnik M Wife of C W. Westlake, and daughter of Mary and too late Richard Cornwell, aged 30 years, a month* an-l 2!) daya. Notice of runeral to-morrow. WT...J, ?on Saturday, February 2, laux Waua, tn the ^Hi*reisttvo* and the friends of the family are Invited to attend the fuueral, nrom !ka late residence, 15.. Ito.t Fifteenth street, this day (Sunday), at twelve o clock. The tnetniwr; of the Corgregaiion shaaraj Taflla are invited to attend the funeral of the late F cltxMotll, from No. 165 Eafct Fifteenth street, this day (aunday), at twlrp o'clock. By orrtar. iw lYf U ?ww 7 M ^ l&AACflf Cc?cr?ury. Xrqr*u?On Saturday. F'ebrnary 3, Johb J. Xi?* ia the ftuth vcar of his age. ..... The rolmives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, lrom his late residence, fUJ llrvrnwich street, oo Monday altenxatn, at oneoct-fk. SHIPPING NEWS. 4LHA.1A0 rilH yrw ?<>??THI1 n?T *rn inu 7 <*? I aoo* in y eye bvh arr*. fc 20 I ihoh with* eye ft 28 POUT Of NEW YONK^FEBRUMV 2. I887. t,'Ira red !?t*tm?hip City of Notion < Br), Bn?k*. Ldrerpoat?Joka O Dal*. 8-eam hip low* <Br), Craig, <ll**gow?rrannla Maodon ? l>l A Co smmnMo M R Curler. Doltard, Aaplnwall?i: Ntnrge*. 8tram*hiI1 Ney Weei. lt*lhoru. Vara C'rui? Banner, Brown A Plnckney. Steomnhla Kacle. Oreene. Haraaa? Oarrtaon k Minn. Kte*m*htp Uoo Cromwell, Vain, New Orl<-an??II M Crom wrll A Co. Mnauikhip Marrim*' k, V*o Rice, New Orlaani?C K Unr rl?on. ?lie*m*bip 8m dalmdor, Nlckeraon, 8a*annah?flarrteon k A linll. s #?i?*Mp Carlotla. Collin* Cbarlrntea? C A Whitney. Kteaitishlp daragoa**. I'ro'telU Charleaton?A I/nary. d"-nu?ulo K*bmoa Clrde. 8 lyder. Wilmington, Nf?J Hand. SteamaMp Pmrnelhen*, lfackett, Wilmington. NC?C Ooodtpood, r>tr*m*iup Dudley Hunk, Partridge, New hern?Murray. Forrt* k Co. 8ienm?nip Niagara, Rlakeman, Norfolk, City Point ana R rhmtind- -O Hetnakon k I'almora, stT.u^bip Raleigh. Marahman, Norfolk?Lltlngaton, Fo* k Co. 8 n.mrhip Taton. H (nigra, Norfolk?Q Ilelneken k Pal nrm flblp Witch of tho Ware, Todd, Valpamlao? Thompson k Il'inier. Hhip Knarry, Ornithine, Llrerpool?Hpofford. Tllaaion k Kh'n p.tpla (Nnr). Jenaen. tion l w? Punch, Metanke k W niidt. Nark Afil'a (Hr>, Oram, London?(1 F Stiller. Ila k chapman (line), Wlkander, Antwerp?rnnnh, Mrlnrke A Wnndt. Bark .1 Fnna?, Qro*en1fltl Demarara?J Fiiea*. Hrig lloridolla r 'Br >, Crane. Kmgaton, J a?A H Holomv1 k Co. jtr'g T^gan, Andemoti, fharlnrton?Norray, PorrlaACo. S*hr I'.Ua H Trrfnthna, Titcomb, llarana?coldlhwaito A fWrhin. . Bohr Uao 'Irani, Coo*0. f51once?ler?J A 8tot*on, Arrifed. htaamahip Chaa W l,ord. Wnrd, Oal?e*?on ?'* Knrtrena Mo.roe, ll Jay a, with mdaaaad paoaeuger*. ItCH Mallory Bln'iimaMpMannion. Ilaaard New Orleana Jan 9b. with md*e end paaaengif*. to R Lowden Htnamnhip M*ry. Hay. Mobile Jarv 'It. rlk KoT Woat 87th, with n ..Hon, to maater. Had heary NB Winda tho Whole '''ViTn'mahlp Monefca, M*r*htoao. Charleaton Jan 90, 9 PM, with ind pa*?*nger*. to Ltytngaton, Foi A Co. Kteafo?hiL> Neniiine, Bakar, Boston, with mdao and paa. longer*, to B m P Clyde Shir Midnight (of Bneton), Brock, Raft Pranntano, Oct Ik, with md % to J (i Baker. Crossed Fquetor Nor 9; panned Cape Horn l>ec? and crossed Kan aloe la Atlantic Jan I; ha* been It daya to tho Oi>nh of Bermudn, with heary weot orly gale*. ? Mh"p Bernlne (Br>, Mollln. Cale-iHa, Oet R. with mdae. id J K M'i?k P*'*ed r*pn of flood llope ftnnnmbnr 1. and ero?*ed th* F.(|nnt#r J*n 7 W hen off llntt<'t ** atperlei. .| 0 heara woaiara ?*.?. wliwu ?unet (owl >**? a. ami ead. mown lo the *o?th ? "r,fd W. WBTaw^mm^ ? native ?f Sweden. ?*2*!W 'Y ?*U ^ ?'a. The mate and k ?4<* W* Inn, nti ";q? town, Dec 16, with solas , *n ^ PS?- ngcra, u? K K HorgaO * HUp lludioa. Knight, L? "?? ?' *??>?._ Dec 11. fw^r^in^. and 91 p,i.?etiger*. tn Bond A Iflr.rfs. * d '{J* %>' J*15* ?it 11, Omke bark Mentor <Swe>. bom. " K ? {<???W P has hern lOdafs vast of NaMuakot; hml ? ^ AslaisSSff'tom paaaenmre; Jan 18, In a heavy gale Ah "J1?? * ' oramJ?nk yard and spill mlxxeti lOMMt . ??* JJJJY? mate. .1 Krjtaberii fell "?r'pdtf when a* """* u" ,p?ara u* 11ivre, and ?? drowned. ,? ,,.11-Ui Ship Pranklln, Burnley, Boatou, 7 tlaya,\ osIlsMa *? Orsokar. wood A Pa, . Bark U lid Oairlle (of B .Ston). I^wla. Shsngfc,<?? with trai, 1' , to HuntT Passed Pape of Good K ?Pd Urn a, crossed tin Equator In Atlantic Jan 1. since wblek ??> *x beaxy westerly gala*, lout ii*atl yard, apUt aaila? *?.' tiaa* been lb d?v? oortb of Bermuda. . Bark Helen Dy-r (of Portland). CTaop. Malaga. nldaya with frttlt, f? It J A .1 IT Brookman. Haa had verr to??? gal?? from 8W to N W sines .lan Z. and bad barn to too north of Bsimwla *mee that data Bark IIomi Kwh. Pomrroy, Bneno* My re* Nor Vt, With hide*. Ac. to Brnti. Son A t'o. Had light northerly winds to the Equator, iroaaod Jao t. alure then strong MV linr -g* off r?,?. Mt Koqne. >>?' hark Daniel, bound 3; f an 18. latHS II. Ion AM. bark Hunter of and from Portland for st J ago; ?h 1 Horn-gat bearing NW by W 8 milaa, brig R A Barnard, from Slirlburnr, N8,?or Philadelphia. Hark t'lrcaoaian tof Jsrssjr), Amy. Bin Grande. 67 day* with hide*. Ac. to Do Vartn, MoCuily A Marah. Had faaavy weather. Bark St rratifa 'of Barbadoaa), LsAfayw. Rio Janeiro. W davi with co Tee. lo Penrforgaat Bros. Ha, had bravv west erly galee for the |i<?' Sn dura, ll.irk. Mjrtle (Br). Bold:*. Oonaivea, 3 days with lo^ won,l, ton,.t-t *r. Hh 1 heavy weather and atom* bulwarks F.arkTaraaola f*f Bca on), Oreenough, Oalveaton Dac **, wit!, cotton A , in mm tor. Br'sJarmrl l'u <rt, Sanndrr* flair Tlawra). Rvifipora kus m, and tao'ntvall Jnn 8. with mi'ao. to II A smethe, OodreUir of tkr Port. .Ian SI lot :M fd. Ion 71 t"t aaw the wreck of s'dir Martr, af Knr .Irrary. Th" .'armcl packet '?'? fr.m Si'ixopnre for "HldhiaiTii Analralt", and waa j y. v j... , (,j \a).inwr 11 for at) > itampt by the reptaln tn dlrpnae of hrr ea*|fO at that p rt lo the Vcne'ue )<n ci..oiui,i. np ?! ? iv -I et nrR? cd an officer .- nil jniae crew of the f Mite---, i .danktuaw. Ttrl,; Riohmand tnf r >Kor). Power* Pilcrmo. 7S tars with fruit, to .tarnrv 1 oblation A Co. Had air one weatarly gal' ** limine the > t , si d r.> Brlr Mnrhlaa I'p'cn, Mrtalnn. t-fdtvra, rlo Hampton Rnada, with t.iltt. An to Thotin, on A Mu.?ter. Paaaed Glbral'ar Tire i: .Tan #?., wlthm dfWi au>* of Hew Vork atner which time Una had a mtww'nn of h-*?T e*la? from Vff and NSW iirincipwllv; lo?t and apllt ?uil> and r irrled nvvaT hobatayai Jan Ion'; 77*1 |?t <nw , ,?|ir |?,w,pr|t and head of forania<t Knur, apjiar oill* aban loned. but coulo not get near enough lo aaccrtaln her imm* Brig Gonrnd tllan*. ITitiwrn, Rln Janeiro, 86 daya, with coBre. u? Napier A WVNtord Brig Qtiran of Ihr Flert, Balmuonn lt|,> Janeiro l>6 dara, wlih coff,w, to matter. Ii" ? SI. la I 1M 16 s. I in :i i "J6 W apoko ahln lfarr> Hlull, ot Now Turk, from I'alfao for UlnrHllar. 16 dnva out. Brig II da no fHam'. PlnkW Angostura. 37 day*, with "4dr*. A'\ in E Pareostodt A Co, Brig Rolipan fnf Bt Kltts). bteveBaon, flcmarara, 41 daya, with molaatea, to J KMmltli l!a< been If da?? north or Bermuda, with Uearv NW gale,, carried nway laihatay, lost aaili ani rereivr t other dnreage: *r\H ohllgo t to atnvc ahiiilt 40'suncheoaa molnaawa Jan 31. off Hon tank, anokebrig I'urtliie. from Mobile for New Yoik. who aupplied u? with prtwlalona, Brig Auua iKru Dr.rt, St Martin*. JH day*, with aalt, to R JtBwoP'ACo. Una been 16 day* north of llatteraa, with hnary NW gale*: J?n 3D off Montauk, sw lirtg J Molntyre, friun MI Martina for Boat in. Brig John Mli.iy, Nlekeranp, Port R(wnl. Hchr Kr'SAartka fflldl, Janaen. Kio Jnn' lro, 7D dara. with cofli e. to order, llad Iienvy gale* Iron* MW to NNW the en lire p;n?*ge. Rchr tier 1, Banker. EUi?, Demarara, S8 (lava, wtlh mi gar. A'-. In N I. McCrcady A Go. Had airong we*tcrly galea tip to llattera*. ?ince then tine weather, and made tue run from that noint tn 3 daya. Hebr S B K*l?on (Hrt. AJkina, Clonfuego*, 17 days, wtth molatisr*. Ac. to II J DeWolf A Co. Hchr Ralph Povt Weal. ApalArhteola.'Tl day*, with cotton, in nuivier Uuh been 10 day* north of fTutteroji, with haavy NW itnlei*. rteltr 1", II Perkins. Sopor, Port Roval. 7 days. Bob.* Bold Caldwell, MoCorraick, Cba'laaliHi. Hchr K GohjMe. Holding, Newhcrn, NP. Schr nick William*. f*or?on. W*ihlngloti. NC. Hchr W R Leggett. Savage, Wachapelgne. fa. Schr Wm Ma/yck. Chtlin, York Rixer, Ya. Below. Brig Rare, from Cli*rlr*tntl for Bo'ton Kxpre>?, 17 day* from Oalveaton far fronton Moiled. Steam*hip* Germanla. Denmark, P.dlnburg. fade Cftff of Boston, Carlotla, Sarngn***, Geo Cromwell. Merrimack. Banldan, San Salvador. The ateamahip fowa la anchored ai Quarantine. Marine Dianatera. ?9- It I* reported hjr the captain of (be steamtug Artella, that the tu( Oladlator, with e bat* to Vow, were both forced ashore by the Ice outside of fori Hamilton. Stkautuu Amur Ftettrni*. Cept Andrew Hwawr. wliUe towing the ship Hudson up yesterday morn Inf. got Taxi la the Ice. end the ship came up on her, striking her aa the port aide, which forced her eo bearlly on the lee as ta carry away her starboard wheel, and stare a hale In her side 10 feet long hy s feet wide. By throwtug all ths coal on the port side she was eareened sufficiently to keep the hole ahsoe water, which eras planked np temporarily, and enabled hwr to be lowed by the tug Ollm Raker to Rurtls' ways. Red Hook, where the will banl out to-day. from four to flee tons ot tee were thrown out of her cabin after the bole wee planked up. SrraMSHir Wori T.rraa. from Liverpool Jan *, hound In Rnlttmore, arrlred at Fortress Monroe lal init. During a heary gale on the 17th nit she sustained a considerable amount of damage. She put into Bermuda short of coal. She sailed for Baltimore morning of 3d Inst. Bars A C Rwai.l, from Clanfnegos for Boston, with anger anil raolaeaes. put into Key West 9th ult with master dead and two of the crew sick. Rakk Bnrjtswtcg?rcrtland, Feb I?The hrlg Xeuo (Br). Capt Fowle. I root Trnjillo for Boston, srrired here to day. and reports 30tli ult, 1st .9, Ion H7. i.poke bark Brunswick, from Portland for fmrdenaa, baring lost mssts and sails la Boston Bsy oa the ITth; crew sick, and only three ineo At for duty. Spun Hsotng, flat!, from Rath for Boston, before reported ashore ?n ftprlag Pofni I-edge, lies In a had position with -- ? d ({n ? *r- ?c fore foot on and nearly IS feet water under her stern. The Seguln la a new r re eel of 90 tons, built at Bath, and launched less than two weeks ago. She Is owned by J 0 IP.i.hlnson A Sun D O Rlalsdell, and others, of Bath, aad Is commanded by OapTJos Call. Sena Yiuins Rrij.a Doris, from Csrthagene for Ifew York, put Into Halifax Met tilt. Raanena. abont Jan 17?Tha following vessels hare sr. rived here In a le iky condition, and with the loss of satla;? xchr Three i.ters. of New York, from Indlanola via New Orlaen*. with an assorted cargo; aehr Amelia, with salt, for New York: hark Joba Rosa, from PI clou. NR. with lumbar; brigs Oeo Of lull list, from Mobile Tor Providence, with eottsn. sud Henry A I,ouise. from Port au Prince for NYork, with ??offer The latter reseat wilt hare to discharge, aa she was ?troek with a lieavr sea and received much damage. Iter first offlcer had both of his legs broken; otharsuf her crew were injured. When she armed she had a signal of diatmnd lying. IWIartllan?w?e. STSASsmr ft R Curi.aa, recently sold to a foreign govern ment. and when about to sail yesterday, was seixtd by the Custom House authorities. A sloop with 120 barrels of gtta powder, n waiting thn departure of the steamer from (he pier, to lie ptaced on I ward, was also eeHtsd and sent over to Jersey City. nvKiusmr Cutsi.ns it let an, Captain Ward, oaa of the fittest vessels belonging <o C II Mallory A Co'a Texas llna of steamers, will camtmencQ receiving freight to-mgrrow for Galveston, for which port she will salt on Haturday next, 9th (rial The accommodations for paasenxera are excellent, and cannot fall to plea-e lltoee who avail themsalvaa of the ?p I'r.rtunity tn go out In her. RsrsAoatusAsr Disratm? The new and snhs'antlal vhfp Majestic hss Just been cleared for Ban Pram- sen In Messrs Palpal si k A do's rognlar line of dlnpers. making the third ship, or an aggregate of neariv OODtt tons of mncliandtMh dispatched hv this ft cm in W d? va The medfttm cltpner ship Rnrwaler, the aueceedAng ship, ts uow loading In this lias wilh eqe il dispatch. Pule RtS'Ut Hawk. Cspt (Vowed. sailed from Ran Prea clsco iict i?. "t"l nrrivnd at I.iverpoot Jan 8k thusmaking the fiass.ige In lllJ days?a ltd to tie one of the quickest llf not the quickesti pass <gce on record Rcea Piowaen of and from New York, before reported aeon a ihore on the Bahamas, arrived at Mobile Slat uM. Missiau Vn an.s?Fairs are entertained for the safety of the schr John W fxiwe, Cnpt <J imes, which left Newfound lend on the liih nit In emnpanv with -even other vessels few Gloucester. since which time nothing has tieen seen or heard from her, and It is feared "he went down faring the gale IS .Ian 17 Tit# only probability of bar safety is that she may hire lu-cmne disabled and be< n Ssable to reach port. Too John W Irfivre wus a naw ?ekr of 94 #.|(*>ths (afeiSMtao Rssex In lefld for Messrs John Low, Jr. A Hons, aad this Was flrnl Trmjr ' MW* v?ini*l with t??r**rffo ?t fl&OO* "***? $ 10.0(10 In the following *nn H ? _ViSS* SrMt; Olmi^tur M??r4n*. Unckport Th*ro wa* a tan in Mir ml on the mrgo to Inn arooiiftt Of |HU9 tn iHfl ftnufnvi onlof. The sehr Avon, tvhleh left Oeorgelown. IB', some ? wnefca ?I nee. has not vet (men heard fiwi.^ J?",?f~ rv. ,i ti > l ?h** mat*. A ninth fllinil*?, hoih belong to Wsit Mft* oi*. m'l much ?olfllttid? It fhlt fur them. ?, l.tarja p.rroevn?The ahtp Mcreamer wan cleared far Ult eriKi* v??tcr!?? v by Mesare W r Hmiih A Co, with Ml baton sea laUnd and ?Ml hnlee upland cotton, of the value U09 a^MrsersKBiire A Codcarnd the HrlMsb bark Re gins ? apt Tohia, for Liverpool with 170 bales sea ttoasj slid 1X47 nalee nptaad cotton. 1M Mils roeln and IM attoba of'-V the whole (Clued at ?S?,9a.?CharM Jan XI I.ACfROWgn?From the yard of Messrs Nleki ? I ,'l s C?-? Iil?t~ r I s-* ol sbont WPy&frpw. call'-d l',c Fnir's commanded'aptaiii Thomas We.1 llarvicb," formerly of ablp Mavanck. Porelrn Fart*. .-w* AsTwnnr-Arrat Flushing Jaw Ik Kit Car ask. Him. "?*. NT< rk BxaKiteuAmn Jae 13?ArrTtewtaehlaad (a), WssMta, H*w York; The rear I hiiatoffera. Phlbvdelphta H; ano? Arnss, Nor IP?In purt ship Parana, T-angiton, fnr NYnrk; harks I.lrxla, llnrd. from Portland. an?, Rd Irwin, Sherhurne. lor Bost n. dltg: brig Mornlag Light, MoCaalln. for I'olonia (Bsnda Oriental); schr Mny, Townsead, from NYnrk, una, wtg orders: and ethers as Wore RksuunA. shout Jan 77?In purt brigs i?eo (Hlnhiist, Oil- . chrlst. rpniii MoWle for Providence, flenry A Loulse. Fet ter. from Port au I'rtnce fbr NYnrk; achra Amelia, for New ? Yor's, Hirer Mlstera, Rlramona, from Indlanola viaNsW Or leans for NYork. i'rttk. Jaa M?Arr Nlmwaukaa. Rramhail. NYork CainAtiixK, Jan II?In port brig Ofl CHary, Bryant, far ,t PhiiS'telphia In h dava. 1>*ai,.Um li?Sid Herbert (from I mi don I, Hs'vealoa. nauAhAKA. Jan T?la port brig Ncurnauby ' Br), Patrick, from Koelnn. wtg. ? v . ili.Atunw. JanlA-HId Boat. Ratfcbain, Near \ork, MafT Rideont. Miirrhte Matanras. (louairaa, Jan 9?No vessels la port K-ar IIamvax, Jsn 81?Arr i ark .stag. Anderson, NTork, war Village Belle, liorle Carlhageua fivr NYork. . I-ivaiiroOL. Jan lb-A rr alHfis Thatcher Magoun, Peterson. "ST^ToiSr'^^SS *sSSars'ar?M ~?t uort^klar, Forreet, Phnadelphia. Frcoma. I>o? "la.^!v..W,,|I-I? P?rt brt. t'lartaea, fo PhP.vdeA ^ni/aT.e 17-"-t Heairu foto'l'. >Or" 'oa. At .Ions, NB. Irl I r scl" ?' Tori on. tan M--< ' ?'* t V A..KSt,tA, J?U 0?ie I v, * '? aU-j'