Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 4, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 4, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.115. . NEW YORK. MONDAY. FEBRUARY 4. 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PBBMMAL. 'KMU.-IUMB PLACE OB TUKRDAY EVENING AT o'ckK-fc without fall. JUH. L* KYSEL.?PIND LKTTKB AT STATION O. SIXTH Ph avenue, on Monday morning. MORTON. Lady, with boy and market, on rear plat. form of an Eighth avenue oar at H o'clock P. M. Hat strdav. Do please writs where an Interview may be hnd and wtilige geat with Mack mustache who sat opposite. Direct But. Norton, elationO. M. A. a.! ALSO M. 8. O. ?LETTERS FOR YOC AT station G. Write Immediately, and direct as before. Mary?send took address, that i bay call and return your handkerchief, left at Thompson's aaloon Saturday evening, to box ASM New York Poet ofloe. mnv' WE LADY WHO ADDRESSED GEO. MENN0TT . wiR Hnd e letter in the Harlem Poet ofllee. "Y/TRll I NIB.?MISPRINT TB8TBRDAY. WILL BE AT v your bouse at one o'clock to-day instead of to-morrow. | PAT L. UMT ABU POUND. A PAPER OONTAIBING RUB WAS LOST IN BROOME A street, between Suffolk aud Norfolk streets. The tinder will receive $6 nud the thanks of the owner by returning Ute sense to Bit Broome street, rear, drat Boor. l/?Ol?D-ON THTTR8DAY, IN MADISON STREET. A J; lBbkctbook, containing a snm of money, which the r eau have by inquiring at DM Henry street. T OST-ON THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY 31, IN 1 i or near avenue D, between Houston and Sixth streets, a squirrel Fur Collar. The Under will be rewarded by leav It at IBtH East Houston street. T OST-ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 30. IN JJ going from the corner of Lexington avenue, through v-ftfi ' * 3 Tvreutv-nfst street and Third avenue, up lo Twenty-second ati est, a pair of Fnr Gloves, valued as a gift from a friend, the fun value of which will be paid to any one returning them to Ferrer A Medina, 10 Old slip. REWARDS. REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY EVEKINO, Jan. 30. a tan colored Slut Pup. with dark nose. The nve reward will be paid lor its return, at 348 Hudson street, corner of Broome, in the liquor store. <fcOn REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY A VAV going from the corner of President aud Columbia streets to Hick*. through Hicks lo Carroll, down Carroll to the middle of the block, a Pocketbook, contaimug about 878, svmaieting of one $10, one $10 and $47 in $5 md $? $3 in (old aud about 81 In silver and atampa; the loser is a poor widow woman. The tinder will confer a great blearing by returning it to Mrs. Walker, 75 President street. SPECIAL NOTICES. A CARD.?THE BURNING OF TRENOH'h PALACE Hull. Mr. Trenors classes and soiree bulla will for the present be held at his other lane and splendid rooms. Lyric llall. corner Broadway and Forty-seventh street. A boirva on Wednesday craning, 6th Inst. r COMPLIANCE WITH THE REQUEST OF MANY who were unable to witness the display of ladlea' fine Boots and Shoes made for the Paris ?,i|>oaition. which were exhibited last Thursday, I hare the pleasure to inform the ladies and the public generally that the Shoes will lie on ex hibition for two days, Tuesday and Wednesday, Mb and fiih instant. Hours 10 A. M. to 4 P. M. EDWIN C. BURT, No. 87 Park row. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.-OFFICE OP UNION Home and School Presentation Festival, WW Broadway. b. 1. 1*67.?To correct a report extensively circulated thai lam eonneoted with another existing enterprise, I beg leave to say to my friends that such is not the ease. Should such ? position be taken the announcement will be made over my ewm signature. Very GEO. W. THOMAS. THUS PUBLIC ARB CAUTIONED AGAINST RECKIV H tng or negotiating the eertlBed eheek of G. Engela ? Whitney, upon the National Park Bank. forj|0,0bo, or abeut that sum, dated on or shout February A 1867, as the same has been fraudulently obtained. T. B. WHITNEY, Mxw Yoex, Feb. 1 1897. : rrWE Wn^TeUgy^J^'SPyaf omKTwIioIs "V^rwwlvtng the else l>? prepared to receive an to be preferred against whom it max concern tor the damage ?est sin id by the line during the civil war. The jwoposal should be eey during the next thirty days to J. A. Mora, ? Broadway, New Nnw Tons, Jan. 82, 1887. | FIUMMANY SOC1ET#, OB COLUMBIAN ORDER.? A Brothers?A regular meeting of the institution will be held In the Council Chamber of the Greet Wigwam, en Mon day evening. February 4, 1887, at half an hour after the set pmnml ii fe* 4*y ftTAuiug, February 4, 1097, at half an ting ef the sun. General an* paaotea^^^^^^^H guested. By order of m JOHN T. HOFFMAN, Greed Sachem. Manhattan, Season of Saosrs, Passed Moon, Tear of Dta oorery the 57Mh, of Iudspeudsacs the Wst, and of the Instt lbs 78th. . ' M THB ANNUAL ELECTION OF THIRTEEN DIRKCT ors of the sixth Avenue Railroad Company will be held at the depot. Sixth avenue, corner of Fortv-thivd street, ou Tuesday, February 13. from 13 to 1 o'clock. ? HENRY 8. MOORE, Secretary. THE REGULAR MONTHLY MEETING OF THE NEW York Liquor Hosiers' Society will be held Tuesday oven lag, Feb. 5, at Metropolitan Rooms, No. ISO llsster street, et ?>, o'clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as busi ness of great Impustanou will be presented. By order of JOHN R. TIRTJEM, Vies President. Jour Mxacnairr. Recording Secretary. TI1K LECTURE HKAMON. i NOOPEK INSTITUTE. V' Dr. IIEBRAKD will lecttire on Monday evening, on - ENGTII, LONG LIFE. *?'. BEAUTT tlP FORM. STKK! _ . Manikin taken all apart. How to strengthen mue>?. Bedridden people, ''Overdone" people, lemale deitea.-y. Washing dishes with a mop. Gelling "finished."' "Ilefp meets." Modern idea* of work. Retired life, lasieoss, pov erty, failure in life and how to succeed. Ac. RTTOKR'S INSTITUTE LECTORS'*.?'THB FOURTH lecture In this course will tie delivered this evening by Professor J. S._ Newbe'-rj, Subject?The Table Lands o f Western America and Their Auclent Inhabitants.lata lure to commence at 7>? o'clock. Admission .ill emits. H. M PIBRCh, President. DRY UOODA. A GREAT RUSH FOR OUR CHEAP MUSLINS. Simugnra who have noi bought any of Utnrn bad Refer do s ? ai once, as onr supply la ueai-ly i*? hsusted. You can save fully lUn. a yard. IMMENSE LOTS AUG no* MUKi.INS. Ids. a I Jife. IMMKXSK LOW, 14c, 14c. aud 18c. IMMENSE Li ITS, 30c, Sc. and 2Jc. BERT 4-4 WAMSUTTAB, She AUCTION ROOMS OUR HEADQUARTER*. BIG LOTS DRESS GOODS. 8Jc. IMMENSE LOTS TABLE LI NUNS, CRASH RE. FLANNELS, BLANKETS CAMBIMEBBS. CLOTHit, PRINTS, DELAINES, SHAWLS, HOSIERY SHEETINGS, AC., FROM AUCTION. BLA^dS/ZcAR^Uu, W*e. and ?r.. Worth ttr., iftn. and Tic Them are the cheapest Alpacas ef the year FOSTER BROTHERS, W Ktgb.h^^^H Righth at., near Eighteenth si., And FOSTER BKOTHRKN. 873 Bleeaher street. a LADY WISHES TO DISPOSE OF A FINR F.VKN J\ tng Dress, fust reerived from Paris: also a fine black Lacs Pninte. Apply to Mtaa OLRMNON. 70S Sroedwsy. T AOIES. IF TOU WANT TOUR DRESSES WELL JU fitted, neatly made aud tastafully trimmed, go to Mrs. Mr*. Link. 144 Bast Thirty-ninth street. A raw mom cus tomers can be stranded to. .Those who greatly prater work done at 'heir awn residences can be accommodated. KVr.RI PAIH w ARHANTht#. t. LACKS, EMBROIDJIRT. HAND KERCH IE PS, ; GOODS, HOSIERY, gloves CNDKR Rh macy, DESCHAMP'S BRST quality French Kid Mlovea. EVERT PAIR WARRANTED^ RIB RONS, wiiirB WKAR i_ . , PRICES. We an now importing all the Perfumes, Extracts, Soaps, Psniadv Powders, the., of the celebrated Manufactory ef the MAlfiON VIOLET, PARTS, 44 Fourteenth street, between Fifth and sixth avenues MM and 80S sixth avenue. Fourteenth street end Sixth evenne. 244 CANAL STREET. BLANKETS. SEDDINO, Ac AN IMMENSE STOCK OF COMMON. MEDIUM, FINE and HI rK.KFtNR AMERICAN sad ENGLISH BLANKETS, at great REDUCED PRICKS. ITS, frv Also HOKsK BLANKETS, from S3 ? toJgZS, to,ether with a large stock sf BED AND TABLE I.I.NEN, SHEETS, PILLOW CASES, UUIt'TM, COMFORTABLES. SI'RKADS, *v. EMBROIDERED I ABLK AND PIANO COVERS, MATTKEHSKS. SPRING BLUM IKON FURNITURE, en band and made to order. The attention of buyer* lor hotels. ataamiwats. hoarding heusea, pnhllc Institutions and feat I lie* la .eapeetfullr called to our large sleek, which tee ?re offering at the lowest market prices. WM. GARDNER, 344Osnal atreek DEVTI8THY. MOST WONDERFUL DISCOVERY.-TKF,Til EX trusted without pain (ten year*!; original benumbing at r'i atlori Nai-culxalloii v Landfill j^aa tre-o .if*lt> Ri-au tilul teeth, SI- J- vilLKRk. i?6 Grand street, nsar ?iwedway A DELIMIT UL PRQOEtW. "-TBEISI positively J\ eitrsried wltliout pais with my lire oatent ga' In tiaier: moat auceea?l ill kUWWR. r'heap beam nil Until acts, *t VAN > LRi K S, 17,"i Sixth avenue. "UKAt rfFUL PULL NETS OF CONTINUOUS GUM SC. LT.**h .."',h plumpers to iva.ora ywtthtul appearance, ?* WEth ?*"'? ?? ''ai led wtthuut tlie leMtpeto wl'h c*?. IW r.U tND STREET. dental ASsooiATioN (MUEHEsrHD AN make a a pee. ally et the tt?c of Nitrous < M.Je . i??, ? eitiiuulWer It In tit* only w..y a bb-h siotorrnly destmv* Pat We have given ,i io ore l*,iWi |Mttrm*. Come to headuu. lev title-e IP Coop*', ilieitnic. DR. M lRfKI? fiefi SIXTH .AVEM'K. THREE DOG above Thirty nmlb *tr ?et,?Buhner apt Of Weth. -i I impett Eu %. ami PIR tllri riant irafn bough' lit U |%? r again. ftKRV * SUNT SETS OF GUM THETII, Alt] BEST. A tamporurv on, go; best I*. Call a?t<Tevah''nc .p. e-e * beti-re engaging . l.cwhcre, l. ctp |11!?**t * vi gl ?> et i eviracted wi houi pain all wetk tvatrarl'*'] lit! IrV A ttb avenue. ?ftTil EXTRACTED WITH NITROUS OAS. 81'CL*TN; W Hoc* Cil.'rpa (| emit lts., n>ftuf Gum f*et? st ?!2 and W New atyjTfJeid at o Piu'ine ?'ei? Mtdnnfi fit* usltai B Fpurthottt .Nt, i r?r Twenty!! at Siiet, IWRTBUCTIOH. Arithmetic, boorkkbpinu. penmanship, Reading, Spelling, Composition, Irammir. Ar, taught day and cvenlug, in private room* If desired, at Townsend'a Commercial Academy, MO Bowery, between Pnncn and Houaton street. LadW department. Term* moderate. AT ?2&-A THOROUGH COMMERCIAL COURSE, tirue unlimited, at Browne'a Bualnena CuUeen, MB Fulton street. Brooklyn. Bookkeeping alone $15. Private room for adults. Open day and evening. A LOEBRA. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING. ARIT1IME J\ tie, Ac.. $20 par Quarter, M Bowery and 5# FuRon, Mrortklvn. Governor King aaya Col. FAINE'8 plan of In struction la systematic aud expeditious. A CC0CNT8, PENMANSHIP, Bl'lflMEHS AFFAIRS. J\ instruction (private If desired), at GOLDSMITH'S Oemmerclal Institute, 748 Broadwst. Established IBM. A FRENCH LADY OP GREAT EXPERIENCE IN teaching, desires a situation as governess in a private family or school; baa her diploma and first rate testimonials. Address Madame D., 97 Madison av. A THOROUGH COURSE OF INSTRUCTION IN Arithmetic. Bookkeeping, Penmanship and Commer cial Correspondence, time unlimited, for $95. at TOWN SENO'S Commercial Academy, 950 Bowery, between Prince and Houston. Also Readlug, Spelling. Composition. Gram mar, Ac., taught day aud evening, In private rooms. If desired. Ladies' department. A PARISIAN LADY DESIRES TO GIVE LESSONS IN the French language and conversation, private to gen tlemen, from 10 A. M. to 9 P. M. Residence 99 Thompson at, near Spring, BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, AC., FOR BUSINESS ? Messrs. DOLREAR, 509 Broadway, teach Bookkeeping practically as used In the beat of New York houses. Gentle men can lie qualified to act Immediately as head bookkeepers in any business. PRIVATE LESSONS GIVEN IN FRENCH, GERMAN, Spanish and English languages: terms moderate. Address Professor J. Wmidermann. 309 Htith avenue.. Home from 1 to 8, and evenings Moudays and Wednesdays. TXTANTED?A SITUATION AS RKHIDENT GOVERNESS vf to teach children under thirteen years, English branches and French, and assist in music. Best references given and required. Address Miss K., 132 James st, Syra cuse, N. Y. ? WANTED?AN EXPERIENCED TEACHER (AMRRI VY can), to give Instruction iu English branches, mathe matics and bookkeeping In the forenoon: must be a good disciplinarian. Inquire at 171 Wqst Thirty-seventh street. 8 PORT I jit J. A LL KINDS OF DOGS AND BIBD8 FOK SALE AT A B. DOVEV'S, 380 Canal street, near Churoh street. Medicine* for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choioe breeds of Dnga. Butler'* Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator. 75 cent*. Butler'* new work on tlie Doc. S3. Dog* trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. For salb-a pair or the finest breed of Kin ~ " P Klnc Charles Pups, 5 month* eld. and alas French roodls, 9 month* old. 106 Forayth street. s r*ry fins For sale?a brace of imported eno i*h Pointer*, thoroughly broken; the hand*nme?l In thi* country; Esquimaux Dog*, small Black and Tan, Scotch and Bull Terrier*; all other kind* of Dog*. D. FOSTER, No. 18 Kooierelt street. SPLENDID YACHT FOR SALE?110 TONS O. M.; well found is all partieulars; two large atate room*, Ac.; price moderate. For full particular* addresa Yacht. man, Herald once. HORSES, CARRIAGES. AC. ? RROISTER OF I10R8E8 AND CARRIAGE*. AT I ? private *alc, U kept by MINER A SOMEHVILLE, at I "Nassau street. All person* wiahlng to buy. sell or ei?| change Hone* or Carriage*, ahould hare their property, or] the artlule* desired registered aa shore. ?MRRRMKS IT ?AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTfON MABT, Kuion .quare, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the fw. and at *7 Nassau street, ?r*ry Wednesday sod Setur W. a?Hg?>pv - TROTTTNO HORSE FOR SALE-U HANDS HIGH, 3 year* eld; can tret In 5:50, aud I* perfectly sound; sold on aeeonnt of the owner's 111 health. To be seen at *4 Gold street, Brooklyn. A SIX YEARS OLD. Id HANDS, LIVELY AND 8TT J\ b?h Grey Messenger Horse, every way perfect. A month'* trial allowed to unexceptionable parties. Also Phae ton Rnggy. Address Palmer, station D. ? ? 4 PONY BCILT TEAM OF IRON OftAY VRRMONT liaises, Mod roadsters: team ef Mack Canadian Mares; a fast Pony; aH young; warranted aoend; pries very lew. 468 Peen street. AH -COUPE AND GK KM AMTOWNROCKAWAY8, TIC. ?. tortna, Park, Doctors and Pcniy Phaetons. Buggies, Uuntd, Ac. Ml Cedar street, srootid door east of Postofllea. TAYLOR A HICKS. A COUPE FOR 8 ALE-MADE BY BREWSTER A CO.; In veryflne order, bating been run bet a short time. Apply at 86 west Twenty-eighth street, private stable. t ROCK AWAY FOR SALE CHEAP. CAN BE SEEN A at the wagon shop No. 81 Sullivan (treat. For falk-a yactable fast pacer, i?x b*n<ls; also a superior Rlaok Team, full brother*. *1* a*td ?eyen year* old, valuable for a farmer; also one Mare with foal, and several Draft Horses 80 New Chamber* *L FOR SALE?A SORItFL PACING IIORSE. 16 HANDS, 6 year* old, long tail, sound and kind; 1* a superior draft animal; suitable for express or any heavy work; will he sold cheap. Apply at 17 East Broadway. For salr-skveral light and ueaty new and second handRbuslnewi sad express Wagons, and also a two horse Truck. Apply at Uuthrolf A Beaker's car nage factory, 807 < Ireene street. fcXiR SALE?A CONCORD EXPRESS WAGON, IN c good condition, capable of as trying 9.S0H pound*; or would evchaoge tor light Truck. Inquire at MARLOW A CAN VlUl.D S, noroer F'rauklln street and Greenpotnt ave nue. Greeopotut. LtOR SALE-TWO SPLENDID MTLRS. 6 AND 7 year* old, full 16 hands Ii^h, fast traveller*, kind, and work well In any harness. will be sold cheep, the owner liavinx no use fer theui. ai Hen Francisco stable*, 82 West Forty sixth street, between Sixth aud Seventh avenue* For sai.E-a rrown horse, henry clay stock; he !* 15 hands high, seven years old, sound and kind; c*ii trot in three minutes and will do better when ti alued. One line road Wagon. 130 lbs . beat city maker, and eneaMafNNl ?mmmi Mee Meg0MR*e t,,p Wiim .and one feed Wagon; in good order. Inquire of MARTIN WOOD, 36 Fulton street. Brooklyn. rR SALE THEAP?ONE SECOND HAND DOCTOR'S Phaeton, nearly new; also Express Wagons, Hotel Stage* and top Wagon*, at 14 aud 16 Amity plane. T^OL SALE OR TO LET?A CANADIAN PONY, WITH r Harness and Wagon: suihtbie for express or other business. I'rine flKWor fit per week. Call en JAMBS HKALKY, No. 8 Sheriff street, N. Y., rear. MULE* FOR SALE.?A PAIR OF WBLL TRAINED, sound yoeng Mules; can pull more than Horse* at half the east of keeping. Vppiv at 88 Fultoa attest, *e,?nd door. TWO PRX8H MIld'H OOATS FOR SALE?TO BE seen at SA Gold street. Brooklyn. A MONTH.-TEN MONK HORSES AND LIOHT i taken on livery at US Mercer street (EC FOR A HORSE. M HANDS, 8 YEARS OLD; FIT 9*)?y fur farm or any light bssineea; good driver and vary gentle Inquire fer twn days at 387 Seventh avenue. IGIIRE88 OPNRTINIT1B8. ?.ne ?oekX?rtu;Si; A PARTNER DESIRED IN A FIRST CLASS RESTAC rnnt on Hmauwny, A neat chance to make money en e limited Investment. Address 8. U. Y? station U. 4 N M.D.. M.E.C.R., US.A. ANDUM., LONDON; ALSO A an F. A. M., having had an extensive practice, espe cially In disease* of th* eye and skin. In Europe desire* to meet en eatahlteh'd doctor or chemist with whom his knowl edge might be made available. Addreea H. C., bos 168 Her ald olttoe. \* OPPORTUNITY SELDOM TO BR MKT WITH present* Itehlf to an eaeraettc business man to engage In the laamfry business; the advertiser wishes a partner to a*ei*t him In hnytug a long established business, which be know* has made large pronta and brlieve* capable of even Beater result*. Address, with reel name and address, MIT " Laundry, hot 148 Herald odloe. HRf. KF.RS WOOD FINISH FURNISHER A PROFIT able business, and require* but smsll capital. Manufac turer* ?re Invited to examine ita leerlts a* l| la nMlher she). Igr. wax nor on pal. OIK. e 4S VeckPian street. BKST THING YET FOR AGENTS-HALL'S PATRNT Burner; een light and trim without removing chimney or shade Vpply In persoa, between tbe beurs ot 8 and 13, ur hr letter, to N. II. LOOMDt, agent, 87 Park row. room B, Burner; can light and trim without removing chimney YEXCLURTVE RIOIITS FOR RALK-JDR THE BUST lit eelluif Patent article In market, IW tails at $16, tar nKhed at $o each, si No. < Pine street, room Me. R rE M AI<B?A WELL ESTABLfSIIRD WRBKLY NEW* neper, with e lares Jobbing patronage. I* I ? mm ted in one el the most thriving localities In the nelghtmrhood of the city, tor inteiriew addreea Publisher, bot 60 Herald Offlee. Medical men or otiirrs wihiiino an inter* e?t In every luorhtlve busln#** already established. r est! or nddreaa II Carroll ptwee. Bleeoker street, front ro trn, for i*?ttrenh?r?. MCnil ? Sl.flRl?A PARTY HAVING THI IfOI" t Mount , an double hie meaey within twen .lev* I* a safe enterprise; no riek. Oall at AIM Breadwa room N 7. .MARBLE HANTBM, TXAIUILL MANIT.I.S.-THE BK?T PLATE"ISTS jv| city io jtnrehace Marble mauiefs of the Mtestataam hkieti lew* at A. KI.ARRK ? MaMI* Smrkc, la* N'glite' .Ah street. nfiar Third ?V,. N. Y. (hit tffK out M AKlXLKIXEn ALXTK MANTKIJI?SUPERIOR IN *lq WiAjigp, more durable, l.alf the price of marble. T. ft. InvAIT riOA Kink arenue. between Thirty fifth and Ynirt?.>.iiu,Vtreete, X f ARBLE jfAXTBLS AT RKDUCED PRICKR-A FINN i?l ae'eclion V|| hand at H. K IjABF.R'U MfinufectetT, A4 ?*** Ttolrii MrMt, Now fork. ?nd ti HAL.ICS AT ArCTlOJf. viuu ji () ftt IS o'clock, it way, by order of the Supreme Court and oI the aieeutort of I Dark Samson. deceased. Washington Ureel?The four story brick Store and Lot ou the east aide, Mo. Mk soar Warren street. Bleacher sireet-Th# three story briek Houee and Let, on aoeth Mat Nca IHA near Hanoock street. Week Thirteenth atreet-Tbe three atory brink House and Lot on north aide. No. 151. Mar Seventh avenue. Watt Fourteenth afreet?The four stoiy brown atone frout Honae and Lot. on north aide. No. SUA near Eighth arenue. Seventh avenue? The two Lou of land, with the-three and four atory brick Store*, an the southwest corner of Seventh avenue and Thirty-fifth street, No*. 908and 400. Weal Thirty-fifth street? The four story brick Houae and Lot, on with aide. No kfi In tear of Seventh avenue lota. Maps at the ufilce of the auctioneers, No. 7 Ptne street. a rCTlON NOTICE.?R. T. MAXELL, AUCTIONEER. A We will Include In onr sale of TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5. at 10U o'clock, at our salesroom. 33 Cortlandt street, (By order of R. O. Beanuah Esq., Receiver), ta .'tun vova 14 CASES TOYS, comprising a fine assortmentof desirable rood*, consisting in part of Mechanical Carriages, Wagons, Steantabipa, Dolls, Doll Haade, Oamas, Drum*, Watches, Boxes, Ac. Catalogues on morning of sale. B. T. HAZBLL A CO., Auctioneer!, 33 Certlandt street Auction sale.?samuel wynn, auctioneer, magnificent household furniture. ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. DRAWING ROOM FURMITURK. OIL PAINTINGS BY EMINENT ARTISTS. ARTISTIC BRONZE STATUARY. ROSEWOOD CHAMBER FITRNITLRK. WALNUT DINING ROOM FURNITURE. AT PUBLIC AUCTION, this day (Monday), at 11 o'clock, at the elegant mansion 44 West Sixteenth street between Pifth and Sixth avenues, superb seta Furniture, covered French broeatel and rep*; rosewood Etaceres, Secretary Bookcase, Books. Cabinets, Encoignurss, Centre Tables, Turkish Reclining Chairs, Lounges, Velvet Brussels Carpets, Pier, Mantel Mirrors. Oil Paintings by ancient modern artist*, Serve#, Dresden Chine Vases, Ornaments, Lace Curtains, rosewood Pianoforte, Musto Stand. Music Hooks, Siool. Cover, Bronze Clock, Fig ure*, Extension Table, BulTet ruby and crystal Glassware, French China Dinner and Tea Seta, Sheffield Table Cutlery. Silver Caster*, Spoons, Tureen, Salvers, Ac.; Table Linen. Chamber Furniture, Dressing Bureau", Bedsteads, Annoire-a-Gluco. Commode*. Hair, Spring Mattrevue*. Sale peremptory. N. H.?Parties purchasing at this sale can have their goods si i stored till May 1 u required. Auction notice.?e. roth, auctioneer, an extraordinary opportunity for housekeepers and the trade, over filh.utll) worth of elegant and gnuteel Household i (Monday 11 ~ Furniture m public auction this (Monday) morning, February 4. at 11)4 o'clock, at the large residence 110 Clinton place. Eighth street, near Sixth avenue, consisting of magumoent rosewood Plauoforte, Stool and Cover, all modern improve ments. full 7W octave, richly carved leg* aud case; three "ufoi - " beautiful Pallor Suits, covered with the richest description of French satin broeatel; Works of Art. Brouacs. Oil Paint ing* by eminent artists; Yelvet, Brussels aud lngnun Car pets, rosewood Etagcres.^sVjrlo of_ Louis XIV., solid black walnut Extension Table, Buffet and Dining Chairs to match; Oval and Pier Mirrors, black walnut Suits, covered with haircloth and green reps; black walnut aud rosewood Bed steads and Bureaus, .Spring and Hair Mattreuses. Sofas and Rockers. Vases, Glass, China aud Silver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. N. B.?Reliable men In attendance to cart, pack and ship goods for purchaser* at a reasonable charge. Auction.??.tkwhller's stock and fixtures, Monday, Fe" Jeweler's Tools, Dies, Files, Plyer Cortlandt street. A Monday, February tv*t llljk o'clock, at 10 John street, ? " oils, Be " ' Jeweler's Tools, Forge, Rolls. B euchos. Lathe*. Chucks, Dies. Files, Plyere, Ac. W. A. CARTER, Auctioneer, 53 BBr HENRY H. LEEDS A MINER. ? LEEDS' ART GALLERIES?THE CHOICE PRIVATE COLLECTION OF PAINTINGS by AMERICAN ARTISTS, eoUocted by Mr. 8. P. AVERT, during the past fifteenyear*. ? - - jjmm to the PARIS Agent to the 1 will sell on Monday and Tuesday evenings, February 4 and fi, at 7}1 o'clock each evening, at the LEEDS' ART GALLERIES, No*. C17 and 819 BROADWAY, corner of Twelfth street, this valuable collection at CABINET OBM8; they are by almost every American Artist of distinction, and their production waa in each case a labor of love. This collection has long been celebrated among our ooonotaeur*. It is therefore only cesssary to enumerate some of tho principal Artiste name*? such as Baker, Paraad, Greene. Huntington, Beard, Dariey, HalL Ittneea. Bleretadt KIMnt, W. Hart Inman, H Bougbtoe. Rhnlnaer, James Hart, Johnson, F.. CaffiMar, GiifonT Haseltlne, Ken sett. Cotanaau" Glgnoux, Hay*. JUtmbdln, Church, Gray, Hensnsy, MoKntee, Cropsey, Guy, Hubbard, Monnt, Morse. Oerlel, Richards. Bhatiuek, Suvdaa?. sad othei ^^^^?Talt. Whlttredga. aDd others the same time wiQ aiao be disposer! of thn entire Mock until Monday, February A and en three evenings previous to pyKNRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. Saiearoom 87 Nassau street opposite the Poet office. LARGE SALE OF BLBGAKT HOUSEHOLD PURN ITU RE. MADE TO ORDER BT POKSOT, DES80IR and others ? MINER A SOMF.RV1LLK wffl sell et auction on Wondsv, Febrnary A at 10)* o'clock, at their -ale-room 37 kasyi street, fine Household Furniture, comprising elegant Parlor tielta. In figured Satin and Maroon reps, orange and green: file English Velvet Brussels and Tapeatry Carpets, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, rosewood Pianoforte, elegant carved Bed steads, with Dressing Bureaus and Waahstasds to match; Bookcase* and Secretaries, Library Tables and Chairs; fine Bedding and Chamber Suits, and a lee assortment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sale will commence. Also a Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Machine, In good order. TTENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. tl SALE OF HORKES. CARRIAGES, HARNESS, SLEIGHS. ROHEH, Ac. BY MINER A SOMF.RYILLE. TUESDAY, FEB. A AT 13 O'CLOCK, AT THEIR HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION PLACE STABLES, 43 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. NEAR FOURTH AVENUE. Regular llmse sales at our Auction Mart, Union Place Stables, every Tuesday and Friday tnrongboiit the year. Messrs. MINER A BOMERt IL1.B offer nn?urpaesed ad vantages In location, experience and business capacity <o parries wishing to buy or rteelring to sell Horses, Carriages, or anything pertaining to the horse bo-one**. Henry fkltman, aputtoneer.?continuation sale of the Furniture, Liquor*. An. of the Billiard Sa loon No. (32 Broadway, thl* day r Mondavi, ?l Uo'tloeh, con stating of four Billiard Tables, e'egjnl Counter. French Mir rors, Chair*, Engraving*, Ar.; stock of Brandy, Otn and Ale. Podtive sale, lit low. HENRY FELTMAN. AUOTTt INKER?SELLS THIS day at 10 o'clock, at (8 Hi. Mark'* plare. Eighth street, ttio entire Furniture of a Saloon, Cluura, Table*. ('oun.era, Stove*. Bagatelle, with B.UI*. Engraving*. Ac ; sale In lota only: positively In Ma. This sale la on amount of a dispos session. Ilealere, rail; rare chance. HU ENRY O. EVANS, AU<"TIONKBt?WT I, L HBfX~TH IS day, at 8 o'clock, a rich aaaortmcnt of Kreacb China Bohemian Olawware. Parian marble French Clock*, Ac., the complete Importation of B. Bchriach, CM B roc. 1 way ISAAC WOLF, APCTiONF.ER.-WM. WOLF A HON, office 4dB Pearl street, will Bell Monday, at IQ'i o'clock, the Stack and Future* the tirorery and Liquor Store, <M Ollaer atreet, eonelatlng of a freak aioek and liret cUae fixtures. JUaXK* JENKINS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT aucaioa. on Wednesday, February S. at 11 o'clock, at LAW Broadway, iloraas Oarrlagea, Rockamrays, Top ?ed No Top Wagon*. Slelgha. 8 Clinches. ? Rotkaway*. 10 Road Wagone.T Phaetons, 3 Jagger*. 1 Phaeton, Top on froat arat, 1 two eeal slelgha, 5 Por'land Sleighs, Id drape Bella, M eet* Hantaan, 40 paw Blanket*. 3 One Robe*; aleo I bay Mare. a; also eaveral work Horaea, all to ka Harneaa, 40 pair very fast; 1 black sold without reeei Town l. tandewater. aucttonbrr.-to.mor row (Tuesday, at 140 Liberty atreet, at IS o'clock Horaee. Wagon* and Harneea. aereral aery choice and supe rtar Trotting and Road H waes: Trotting Hone tick. <1 ran ger, Id banaa, nine ynars old. kind and aonnd, haa trotted at aeTcral fair*, every heat below t:40; a line Koael none, can pull a ?0 lb. wagon any day la 2;?6. JM W. CAMPBELL. AUCTIONEER.?CAMPBELL A . CAROILL, office No 4US Oraeawlch atreet, will aell thl* day (Moo day), at 1 o'clock, at auction, In one or naore low, the enure nature* and Furniture of alratclaae Bar noa am door, with a large eitenelon Boom, aaltable I Hard a, with Leaae for two rear* and three month*, altuated at No. Ml Hudson dreet; Furniture and Fldura* black walnut, recently purehaaed at a end of $W; mu*t be aold ea the owner leavee for Lumpe; rarechaace. Deal* Morris wilkins, auctioneer. SUPERB not'sVhoI.II FI'RNITPRE, Marb'e Stnt uarjr. nee Brenaee. Billiard Table*. Baga'elle Table, Ac., at B. IL LUDLOW A CO. will aell at auction, on Wednes day, Feb. ?. 1W7. at II o'clock, at No. S Weet Thirty-Ant dreet. Houthweet corner Of Fifth avenue, the entire superb Furniture, Ac., contained in said houae, ike whole of walch wee made to order, conalettng in pert of DHAWINO ROOM. EleboraWly Barred roaewood Drawing Room Hull, In rlcbly lowered aailn <lama?k: Voltaire and Reception (hair* to match: very richly carved roaewood ("autre Table*, with Mack marble lope. Inlaid with Human moeair: Parle Buhl Cabinet, ebony and ormolu pedeawle; Mantel t'loek: very deb blue and gold natln damask Curtain*, lined with ?Uk: rich luce do., Aubnaaoa Carpet; very noh ormolu and gilt Chandelier*. DININO ROOM Elegant carved oak Buffet and e la rant oak Dining Room Salt, new Imported One Futures. LIBRARY. Two elegant roaewood Library guthle Beokraeee. one see. rotary do., all to match; ootid roaewood Library table; carved roaewood Suit, la etlmton satin ;-Lau>brequin* to match; rich lace Certain*; Yelvet Carpel. MED CHAMBERS. Very rich roaewood and gilt Suite. In rtmeon Sgured rape; ( nuchas. Voltaire and Side Chair*, In pluah orlmaon, worated nod r*p*: elegantly carved rosewood and walnut French Boilateeda; dreaalng Bureau*. Waahatand* and Commodee, Willi statuary and atone marble tope; rosewood single and douMe, Arroolre*.a.uu.-e; walnut Wardiobea. ro-eeeud marble ton Centr* and Dressing Table*, oak and enameled Bo1 room Furniture Paillasse*, pair* curled half Mattrraaea, Bilater* and Plllowo. Bmoatel end luuw curtains, velvet and English Bruaaeia Carpets. _ ^ Hall and stairways. .Superbly carved walnut hall Sland. marbta top. with Clock; Idaek walnut Hull t heir*, Brussels Carpet. BILLIARD ROOM Fine full aire crotch oak Bltttard Table (Fhelan'a putentl, wltk ha lie, coee, A*l, complete; oak Arm and Hide Chofra. In saSrffKrBLS" ? _ lUlU MTATt AST. M. Harare nuWWe atntittea' "Reading <Ilt?? "Terms at Urn Bktfc." Bw." Alen several One pieces of Broaroaud Pa Can. very flub Oil Pulatlnga An. The furniture will be on eakiktllon by permit, ToeoSay. Bth aateat. Cataiognee at No. 8 Pine street. MCMILLFN A JACKS, AIL'I I'lWKFRK. ",11 < a A I. afreet, will aell at auction on Tue*day, ?th of February. ? " vb, I Spring t "art, 1 Ttlrt frVru. Ac.. a lot oI r'cd, the "took of -HM of tk* bkat bar* In IM PA#XRRfWCKRS HALE.?R. FIELD. APCttONftttft. 4S4 l'rar|fMM. WMI Hell thld dhv, at II eVioek, b*l low of Women * rTotldng. comprlaigg talk and eUiev breaeea. Rio- he and Wool shawls, Remnant*. D re** On. da, I'nder. clothing. Bool*, f%oea,'"arpeu, Ac. By order of J. l ynch, I* a reed atreet.

^ SALKN AT AUCTIOM. % GAFFNKY, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 13 DUANB -*?* ?11- ^ jjj^ o'clock, strict, I Saloon ooruer or 81* T> GAFFNKY, AUCTIONEER, 0 A . *tre?(, tells this day (Monday), ? the contents of the Oytter and Dining ! Math street and Third avenue. In lou. SAMUEL WYNNB, AUCTIONEER. HELLS ON TUK8 day. February A. at II o'clock, the Furniture or the e etory house MM Llspenard street; Toilet Seta, Beds and itlag. Kitchen Utensils, and sever*I other articles In SHERIFF'S SALE OF MACHINERY. AC?-ON WED neadajr. Fehruary b at (0 o'clock A. M., will he told at a. 17. If and 31 North Heoond street, Williamsburg. L. I., all the Machinery. Tools and Fixtures of the Roller Shop formerly occupied by John DoLtn A Co., together with the Lota and Bolldiug. There are three lots on North beonnd street, and one running'hrottgh to North First street. The machinery Is all flrst class ami has been little used. Item braces one Demunore's Patent Roller am! Riveting Machine, one QeUamaier Fttuch, one combined patent Punoh and Shears, Rollers. Drilling Machines. Bellows, Anvils, Pros ser's Expanders, Lathe-, and all the linings of a complete BoilerRnop. with Shafting and Halting ?? .topleut; IToifev, Trucks, Harness, Ac.. Platform Sealet: also one 1.0*' gallon Duffle's HU11. with Jacket, one LSUO gallon Dun.e's Hlill, with Jacket, and everything complete to begin work with. SHERIFF* BALE OF DRY GOQDH?BY COLH A MCTBPIIY, ou Tuesday, February 5, at lflt? o'clock, at 9M Fulton street, s general assortment of Dress Goods, Muslins, Linens, Fatiey Goods, Ac., the stock of a retail store. SHERIFF* RALE?RESTAUF.ANT.?RICHARD WAL TERR, Auctioneer, will sell on Momlay, at 11 o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of flrst elam Haloott and Restau rant, W Leonard street, consisting of Bar Fixtures, Tables, Uhairs-Crockerv, Glassware, Ac. J- Coxxxtt, Deputy. JOHN KF.LLV.Hhet lff WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONF.F.R-OFF1CK 170 t'hathain square. R.v virtue of a oltattel tnorg. ge I will expose for sale, at public auction, on Tuesday. Jth Instant, at 11 o'clock, two cast Iron stills or Kettles, with all other Fixtures, Ac., belonging to the ro?in oil factory on corner of Richard ainl Delevim streets, in the Twelfth ward of the city of Brooklyn. (J. W BOMKKINDYKE. Attorney for mortgagee. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?RELLR THTH DAY. at 3 o'clock, at AM Canal street, the entire Furniture of s large house. Parlor Suits, Pier and other Glasses. Iwcc Curtains, Centre, Dining and Tea Tables; black walnut, mahogany, enamelled Suits; Hair Mattresses, Reds slid Bedding, Liuen Sheets, Rlsukets, Wardrobes. Bookcases, Lounges, Rocking and other Chairs, Extension Tables, Chiua, Glass, Silverware; Stoves, kitchen Utcoslls; also 4< fine Velvet, Brussels, Tapestry, Three-ply Carpets; Oilcloths, with a great variety of other goods; also V'amllv Groceries. Tees, Pickles, Roan, Sugar, Flour, Candles, Flail'orm and other Scales, 1U chests tiptoes, Scotch and Bourbon, Gin. Champagne. Store Fixtures. Desks, ami s large lot of other goods, such aa tlrst class stores keep. FINANCIAL. nOSCiN, 8UKRMAN A CO.. ? BATKKR*. CORKER PIKE AND NASSAU HTEKTS. SEW YORK, lau Circular Noma and Letters of Credit for traveller* available in *11 tne principal cities of the world. Mercantile eredil* for u>e in Europe, China, Ac. Alao make transfers of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed on deposit*. Monet loaned on bond and mortgage, merrhsut* and mechanics note* discounted. Ac Ap> ply at 37 Nassau street, office 30. H. K, LENT. National basic ok north amkric\ February 1, MOT.?Sla<w the overdraft on tbia bithk by Meyer A Co., and the sudden mantling death or Itv President, a thorough examination of itv eondltioii haa been made by a rmnmtttee of the director*, and they report and aiitbortzo the officers of tha Hank to publish that the Rank la iu a perfectly sound and prosperous condition, and not only is Mm aaplial unimpaired, but they do not believe that the lames sustained will reduce the surplus of the Bank bsto* the earn of $?(??. CHARLES M. CONSULT, Vice Provident. J. A. Buuhl't. Caahlor. 1 ? * f VTOBTH WESTERN STATES. Is Banking and Collection Hones of Ceo C. Smith A Bre., IB La Salle street, Chicago, in. Special attemton given ta collectione. plain and with documents. Draw on DRKXBL, WLNTHBOP A CO., and WINSLOW, LANIER A PP.. Mew York. AIHCB MARIKTTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD U Company, Chllioolhe, Jan. IS, 1M7. The In tercet coupon* on the II ret mortgage bonds of thte coeapney. drib February 1, will be paid on presentation at UaAmarMan National Bank. New Tort. WW K. WATBON. Auditor. American National Bonk, New York, will pay nnnpont aa above. A. A. BRADLEY, rriHK firm or waahkr, lissauer a oekn. m I Maiden laue. la Ihis day dlaaolred by mutual ooamnt, Mr. Cha. Gam retina*. The buaioem will be eonllneed as heretofore under Uie inn uame of WaaasrA Uimnr. If. T.*U*Ru8R. >? w Toeg. Feb. I. 1*7. CM. QKBM. TTNIDN PACIFW RAILWAY COMPANY, B. a U Philadelphia oMce, tit WaJuut arrest. _ . Pmi iwi.rau, Jan. Sf, 1ST. TIIB INTEREST IN GOLD on the Ural mortgage bonde of tha UNION PACIFIC RAIL WAY COM PAN Y.E ASTERN Dl VIRION, due February], will be paid on prefer atlnn of rbe coupon* at Uie hanking bona* or Masar*. Jar Cuoke k Co., New Yerk, on and after that date. Wlf. J. PALMER, Treasurer. WANTED-MP HIIARE' SILVER OEOVB MINING and Land Company Hiock Addrc-s C. A., Her rid ofll -e. anil AAA TO LOAN ON IMPROVED REAL 3) | O.lrlrU estate in this city in any vun. W. II. W<)<if, V, Wall atrcct. A1A|| AAA TO LO \ N?OS SEW YOKE C1TV IrlWW.UUH real estate, first mortgage, at 7 per reuL J. SO LIS HITTERS A NI?, 99 Wall street, Jauncey cum. diO-A AAA TO MIAN ON NEW TORE AND ?PiiJU.UU'/ Now Jcraev lteal Estate; also vnru* uf $14,101, one of Bfr.MXi, Bt.OUO. $9 tni and fl.hsi. Pn.mpt at motion. F^ OILM IS, 113 Broadway. moth' Hfin 10 bond and WORT. ?rO^rl.'/Ow gage, in one or mors sum*, on real aataia in this etrv or Brooklyn. JOHN r. CON RE Y, dl Wall street, room II. Qi f Kfl nnn LOAM?IB scmn to suit, OS ?p"T* )U?UUl/ city real eaiate. H6 per renr ef valuation; prompt attention. Hoe rod mortgages buoght. C. K. WILL1H k CO.. UI I'lne street, basement. MIAY ORKIt KH. AT 77-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac.. OR TI1K same bought at the highest rates also FAWN BROKERS* TICKKT9 BOLOHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES. JEWELRY. Act^at 77 Bleerkor street, up Main. DVARCKS MADE ON WATCHES. DIAMONDS, JEW elrr. Dry 0<?xl* and Farvonal Property of every do. a-rlptlnri. J. A. JACKSON. Ill Oraod street, two duorsweet of Broadway. _ . AT ? NASSAU STREET. ROOM NO. J-THB HIOH eat prices are vatdT Tor loose ur set Dlairiunds, Watches sad Jewelry, #r advance* made on onuvtgninente. A. HONIOMAN, Diamond Broker. A I m BROADWAY, KNOX BUILDING DIAMONDS. FATCIItBL TRKCJOUS STONES. AO. THIS tfl.D ESTABLISHED OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY. WATCHES. JEWELS. PLATE, PEARLS. AC. OPTYCAL INSTB U * F. NTS. AC AO. *. b.?diamonds. WATCHBS. jH.roBRALB. omci hours from 10 a. m. Vo t p. m. J. H. BARBINOBR MX Siroudway, room So. R 1 TNI BROADWAT.? I PAT TIIB HIOHKST PRICES A for Diamonds, Watches. Jewelry, he., or advsnos ou ike tame ISAAClC Diamond Broker, Uppoaita Watlanh'e theatre. AT MS I'EABL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY and Franklin annate, LKDKRRR A CO.. edvanco ||b arally at reaennable termsnn all valuabla property. Watches, Jawelry, Diamonds, Ac., or pnrchaae. T NO. ? TWKNTT.THIRD STREET. FIFTH AVF.NUR ? Hotel, the highest price paid for diamonds. watches, , or advances made on thesamr _ _ . T_ 907 BROADWAY." ROOM N<> 4 ? TH F. HIGHEST 1 - - * ? ? Jawelry. An., or atleth a?-eet. O P. MAKER T NYHAN'S, ?$ BROADWAT, CORNER OF BOND - fer Diamonds, <>? the above A AT 907 BROADWAY. ROOM NO 4?THE HIGHKI prloe* paid for Diam uida Watchoa, Jewelry, An., money advanced on the same. Seer Twentieth sonet. o. r. AT NYHAN'S, OS BROADWAT, CORNER street, will be paid the highest pries fer Watches and Silverware, or will advamw oa articles. B DASCIMU At: A UK MUCH. DODWORT1I S DANCING ACADEMY. nt Fifth avenue, New York. For data, terms. A"., plcaac .nail for a circular. KOGEES' DANCING ACADEMY. Ml RROOMB ST. A NEW CLAns FOR Tt KSDAY. All the fnshtnoable dances la one course or lee ?.on*. LADIES meet Tuesday a and Friday si u>SR P. M. GENTLEMEN,Tnesdaya and Fridays, 7ft to bl F. M. CHILDREN, Wednesday* and Saturday s, 3 to .'?S F M. LADIES' Primary Class instru ted by Mr*. Brooka BOISEE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING BROOKES' BOOK ON MODERN DANCING, CON mining a fall description of the steps sod figures Of *11 the dances now In use together with an r.SSAY ON ETKJURT fB, just published, and for sale at the A< ademy. Ml Broome street Price $1 TkB GARMO'R DANCING ACADEMY. NO. IB FIFTH I / arena*, corner of Fourteenth street. Open <>s TUBS DAYS and FRIDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and SATCRDAYB. ladies 9 to 4 P M. Misses and masters t to d I*. M. Oeullemao, Tuesday and Friday evening*, at Ho dock. ( lasses nee open for beginners. DrWAR'S DANCTNO ACADEMY, 34 WEST FOURTH | eMeet?Fhr children, ladle* genllom.-n. lessons ever* day and night. All dances uughl in one quarts:; ait dances Is all IssinBt T THOMPSON'S DANCING ACADEMY, r? BLFFCR si. er street ki now nAen for tlNt reception uf pupils, un fueeilav and Flldwj evening;, cbt deen Wednesday and Saturday adtersniewa Soiree Monday nvewteg. WATCIIK.H. JEWKUtY. At . iMI CROO CLOURS. WIIULRSALR AND 4KTAIL-*. \j FRANKKIKLD A 1 <J , naieitteoa gad ante itnneufbcut. revs. Lades' Wavsoe, wfthjo. rftLi^hei for Jiksa-swe, iPMdesgreat variety of >ne Wstrtca. French rlbck*. Jew ?trt, Slwer and Plawd Ware. i . >? FKANKFIRI.D ACO.. BR Pivth ereetie. enrw#r of F .urtcenth streot, and JIA Klghtb avenue, corner n( TWentyc?ixth at rear. KINK ARTS. CVbPAT ptnniTNO IN FINE OIL F Al NIING* F rtchlv framed The entire culenlon contained In the ftninlcan Art (Isllcrj. tW Hroa.lwav. over .v<> In one lot Wtli he eutd at half thely or>| voat, a rare cbansH PW (p. . ulutur# end S'fl enierp.lcee AJU'SKMKSTH. ^ Broadway theatre. admimuo*? CKNts. Corner of Broadway unit HrxxiiMtraM. Fourth and !aat work out two of ilia ruiMMBl of the youth! ul, beautiful and rhurmiug WORRELL SISTERS, Who, owing to the great aiicc-aa attending the (JURAT DOUBLE HI KI.KSy. K ENTERTAINJfF.XT, Will thta orenIn*, and Katurda* Matinee. appear la ALADDIN, THE WONIlfcKKUL Ac AM P Alto OIN DK BELLA. Si ?-tee Sophie and Iroe in Dueu and Operatir zona. Ml/* Jennie in her turnout, Clog l>ane<\ Mm. (J. St. Oil part In her Comic Dance. Mhwea H.iphle end Jenme. Mm. (iillwrt and Mr. Donnelly In the Oi-eat Cure Dauun and Son j.nlirhUy enoored. Mexam. Htod,lard. Edward*, Ml* Chapman, kid Fatuer,aud Cull <'orp* da Ballet In both piece*, Ilia whole forming A PERFECT FESTIVAL OF FUN. Sean may ne necured alz day a iu advance. H t KIT'S TEMPLE OF MYSTERY. DiinWOKTU IIAl,ln ** BROADWAY. THIS EVENING AT H. SATURDAY AT A MOTH SEANCE. NEW FKOGKAMMK. ooiniuinr of lUuilnuewirfonnrd miniating of IUutdoaeggrrurnaed KN11 RELY VlTllOUT A PPAtt AT U A. AND FOR THE FIRST TIME PHOTKITS, the mo?t "tuyeterinuk wonder of modern tlntea," eellpaing anything ever Ik;fore iirewuted to an audlenea. The BAS KET TRICK and FLOATING HEAD. iu oounettueme of the linmonee euiliu?ia?ni, will he cnutlnned. Adtnlfalon fln com*. ream-red attain 01. For aale al the hall from !l till 4. Doora open at 7U. Matinee?-Doors open at 1*. The Chlckerlng piano la uaed a' these arancea. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. MO BROADWAY. The trouble < muiience* at a q uaiv-r lo 9. THE CKBVK HE 1,A CREVIE OK MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whnae encomia has never been equalled by any almllar organ ization In the world. New and cheerful Burle*uue* cveiw week. Hilton Head Institute, Happie-t Couple Out, Chll di- n of Oypreae. Impeachment Committee. Shonta of laughter at th? Shadow Pantomime aud 111# Screaming BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TROUPE. Kelly*leons minstrels, tmj broadway. Qrande-tt *unce?* _-^3_ Krcr achieved. C rammed nightly. U?*2 The oulv LEON. C IS CINDER LEON, /'ikx A Iu Bonfante. IN DKR MADAGASCAR, ??Cp, LEON Ballet Troupe. AND Demon Dance. Fll Seine Seymour *?li - N ew Fairy TeMeaui. ^ Obereatigllni and N The Rival Darkey*. 4 Jen tie Coryphees Programme uneipiailed. ' P5' In terniiuxtjiig agony. fllTvKLEY VrtIITE'8 TBOl'PK. V' K"7,VW-,i* ?' Mechanics' Rall.tft Broadway I'IUlNU UHiNUK OK 1'KKKOKMAICI! '?(ANOTHER .UNRIVALLED BII.T. OK EXCELLENCE TTir ncnnnruIK',AKT *B PANTOMIME. s"n?fo^c. io i iL ' TUK s,'D>OLMABTBR. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE ti '"ll- <73 Broad w. v. TI.EbD.VY AFTERNOON. rKKKUARYG, 1*17. GRAND BENEFIT TO mi . j v MISK CMMV FOWLKK, rendered by the Manager, and Including tha rolunnrr oer ,vu.['n Th? liruci,clary, U will ha rv Die only aurwvlng tb? uufnrtu nate St," crs* who wei* roc*,,uJ lo*t on ai?Muei Beetling REMRMHIfR, TTRSnAY AFTERNOON. Stein Way hale; Wednesday feb i , D?Ni"IITS TO ?HIE ORE IT COMPOflERH. ? A?TJT?l! K .WEDNESDAY POPULAR CONCERTS, sir. l. r. Ha- *nn baa much pleasure in announcing that B edn#?day t,e ? ?. Ob. tf. m act apart for " . A WaLLACC XIUJlT. Whan tha wo, k ??{ tbla well known oompuoer will form the |U fetti u . r,f the procramme. Madame PARKPA, Mr. 8. B. MIKES. M ''tRE ROSA. M i\ W. C(H.BY, M'. llIEO. THOMAS, and Increaoed On |, will tat* part, making la all an array ol iineqiwlri] i - .and affording lo the admirer* of the Ute WlRlani t iM-- Wallaee an opportunity of benvlng many of .hi* pi-incRtm uie< ea tu the hoot aoa*M$ adraoUge. TICKKTB ONE DO LEAR. Reaerred seat* 3Uu. oxtra. ? JT'!1 111 Beer A K .iliaaei7#l Broadway: Pond A Co.'*. Btrtnwk h3i; Hu!l,0*n,? uctol oKat' ltt Mrtwdwoy. and The*a will b* ivpnM to ?ond*j. r?b. ll^ai w0 Hruokija icadeuiy of Musio. JA^KArXMLAlOtS* PANORAMA Iff the world. CNtOM HALL, Broadway and Twenty* day and Saturday, at9 o'clock. TH&5xfimf ?r rUB ""VAT* OOALKCTiriN _^?{e tojmglnn; 7jdP. \L minSATRK FBANCAIA?FRENCH THEATRE TO LET J for * re ulna* and maUneea. for opera*, drama* concerts. IcOuw*, Au., Ac. Apply to Hons. XkfcrVKT, mBos of French CUPtHT?ltBNHP(( -=~ A PARTNER WANTED-WITI? $1,000, IK A RKI.I. able oaali manufacturing buaine**; article * tuple n frr*11* "?'> no ii*k. Add revs Robert*,' box 1SS Herald ofllne. I A GENTLEMAN DESIRING TO T.RAVK FOR EUROPE a abort tune would like to secure the services of a eend hustnee* man a* partner, or will aell the whole at a low ligura. Apply in Hie allery, No. 6 Chatham ?(|uare. /NOPAKTNKKKHIP.-TIIK UNDKIIMC NED RATE ?'*.? ??nteiwd into roportnArahln. under,he Arm name of I rsncis A Karl**, for the trBMaetkm of a general op bn,l> lira*, at No. 175 'Aaxhinklou turret. .. OKORtIV W. FRtNCIS, New Toaa, Jan. "I. IW7. OKOItoE W. KAKLKK. VfR. WILLIAM LIKBEY HAS BEEN ADMITTED A A?l pxiAoer lu our llrm. t N>a Vo;:k, Feb. I. 1HH7. ^ALK.Y. T. STEWART A CO. V-OTICE.-THK FIRM OF PRICK A M CNN IB DDL O . .2? i!1'" *' 7 1|.^ withdrawal of .Mr. lioor*e If. rrloe. The Cotton llr,,k'Ta*e hudneoa will b<: coi,tinned l>* the anlMcrlber on hia own account, v v P-Mi'MN, Jr., No. d Hanover atmet. Nrw Tona. Feb. 1, IS,7. N?1?T MAIDK'' '*ANK' NBW TORN. JANfARY SI, DIMOL1 t.O*._The partnership heretofore ttntlni un der the fl'm name of Do Forest A Fratn-la la thia da* <llt wilved liy mutual i-onoant. Either partue, will atcn In lloal. WM. T. DEFOREST, OEO. W. FRANCIS. NOTICE.?'Tlieiinderalanod will continue the oil anil r-m dle^bnaine** at 115 Maiden lane. WM. T. DEFOREST. r\NE or tiif. ntrr chancbb in thin enr ? *r Partner wauted In a aaloon t)usii,eM with U, Id. waaao tko haafoim. J. *. m?n>dy a CO.. ?s pine at. PARTNER WANTKD-BY A TOC.VJ MAN FROM THE West, to open a wholeaale ntllllnary and fancy otoiw In r.wew York, or to enter Into one already ealahllaliod: ha* oeveri 5ear* eiperlenee and can rominaiuf th? capital. AH,ire . A. car* ,>f Re*, j. Heidel. IMOieonwich street, .1. Y. PRtnkr wanted-with from *i,o"o to $?.ui7l In Ihf butWr, and produce hnEio#<i; the ntvoi ? Itaer bo* a leaae of one ef the beat location* for the buameae *????? Adilreoa Cmnmlaalon MciThaoi. Hfiulft OTlKW. Bare chance -partner wanted, with a lit tie capital, aa noakier in the beet money making Eihibt. I tlnn in Amerkw, performiac to crowded houaea. Aoaoetaiioa I lira rlaaa Apply at KIT Hudson street. Th he undbrsionkd hate thir dat fokmed a copartnership, under the firm name of S. Kariwwt A t o., for Jobbing straw good*. Bower*, Aa.. at MP Broadway, a ROLOMON EARNKST. Now Yoma. Feh. i, lwc. ALRX'K h. noses. Tub mercantile firm ore p. rnomm a c<? ? V hereto fur* eilalop. and eomposeU of the mtwib*. y' rLf f F,^W*nd ^F. O. Mufiir. I* thl*?a> terminal JJ1 *? . Either partner or their attorne* m i*,^ Mr Ruliert Whitman, iaauthoriaed to act la the liquidation ami ?eiticmcnt of the ooarcrn* of thai Arm. both la New York and in IDrano. C. P. FISCHER, Faaacaar 1,1AB7. By Attorney", RahertWhtniali'. The subacid be ra hare this da* entered Into a general part, aershlp. to be couducied under the firm name of C P riBCIIRR A CO.. as general CommliMon Meirhanl*. and wholesale dealer* In and Importers of Merchandise In the <d?y ef New York and ta Havana, island of Cnhe. C. P. Ft si HER. I _ , ,? ERNESTO FISCHER. Ptaaraar 1,1AR7. ROBERT Mini MAN. TMMPIRM OF SEYYONA WAtNWRIOITT, RAN K R Its and Rrokcra, Is this da* dUooiyed by mutual onsent ' , ,'r^'n rrl,r nB fr,,m kwalnea* Either party will ?iga In IhjultUuon. C. fl RRY ldN. The buslre??ofihe|*te Armwhl Iw oonPnned" kw'thJTla. rterstgred. d. HOWARIt WAI.NWRIOIIT. 37 Waif atreet. Nit York, r>b. 1, lw. T"" i:'0.tA5T!,KRs"rr nEKEToroRK kxistinc I nnderlhc Arm name of Addph l^yy A Co. is hrrwh* I dls*ols*d consent, Mr. Simon Lyyy with,I rawing j fmm the llrm. The h,i?|nc?? will lav conducted a* herd i I lore .under the Arm neme of AHolph Lery A Co I ADOLPH LEVY. SIMON LETT. V? *... r k . .am* JULIBB LEVY. Nrw Teas, Feb MM7. BAML'RL LEVY. TH?> capitalists.?ffci,nap will PI'rchase the hnlf inteiwet of a retlrlag partner In an eitMdrw rand proi. ablc iiMnuf.tQtuving works, located wtlhlu a few J oura of New York. The prodtwi ol those work* I* widely known and atamta bialter then any similar article In the American market: the demand 1* urgent and almost on limited, and deu'vle the present rtel I of w?rk? can be sold ahead of It* produgCon; the prottt at tiie present rate of yield I* o*ei $ll*l.i]Ul per annum, sod the work* are capehle of Iwing very larpaiy inereeaeA Ibis opportnnNr ta one NfBl.flWe WWc klid I* W'Ulbj the atteu'lon ,?f l?in? #do rarlt*"*lA The highest memautlle refer*>ica alren and r*. perieR. Adtfraoa w'th 1 cat nam*. Milton. Herald onion. Tl/E hayf. rnrs day formed a copartner. Ship Uudrr the lirm s**m of Damiatck A Cera lug, for the manufacture of atlyer warm at <?, MM and til Rroome arret, corner of llro*d*lg. Fa,-t.irj formerty owned trv N*,*'2v^rn Dn'diSoi). .1AMF.S tf. DOMINIi * NrkFTola 1Mb. I. tBST. EDWARD OokMlWA $lr?00 AXJ> S1',rAH.0C.-^.A?tK? * PARTR5,R~Tr ? v/tfty a Produ -e 'till! Pronslon hiiauiriui: a good nnno* fnnKy^i l^e right man. Apply iU? day at jllA SsmAwoyy wwri P. AS SPIfcTAi. 1* A W*Lt eeiabliahcl and prWilaMa msMOfneuirbw hewi'soe. Agent* n.f d not at ply. Beat of dyr refill 0veo Addre*,. ?Ph real name. Special. Hsrald oillje, 3vlfl llOf) ~A mlknt or Tcttvh u K.lar- tl... r7J??oa ?n,'^;h"-^l ma in if act u ring t?n?lnr?,. II la ai. entire n.onon,,|y of one of the n?>,t ,t^>,i. re?i *j <w *bd unlimited. Address a $., ke* f.lw AOTIEWOTI. NEW VOKK theatre. ^ Mtrnifm Lewis Baker and Mark Smllh. Second Meek of (be highly aueoaaaful Spectacular. Rum-ii tie Drama of a _ bird or paradise, with ris beautiful mi mic. DELIGHTFUL DANCING. CH A KM I SO SCENERY, WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATIONS, AMD 8PL?Nt?lO Oi?T. ?. AT TWO O'CLOCK, T 0 SATURDAY, PER _ BIBO OF PARADISE MATIN EM. IIKATRE FRANC A IS.?COMROIE. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY A, WW. CE QUE FNMMR VEl'T, Comadle; TO BIX ET NANNKTTE. Vaudeville. Saturday mil LK FACTE DB FAMINE. Great HlatortuU Drama. Tic hot office ?7H Broadway, at Dardourllle's. LYMFIC THEATRE. THIS MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 4, FIRST NIOIIT or GRAND GERMAN OFERA. RoaetnPg Grand Opera, WILLIAM TELL, presented with correct aud exoallent scenery. costume* ci?l other appointment*. expressly prepared to render the. prv du"U<>n 'inetri'ptiotiahie, will embrace ell Mm following really enbaent talent In it* cast:? F.lvira Nadili Mathilde Mane Frederlel *a .fledwig Kindly nnderrtkiui to preient the Opera with the greatest possible atmugUi. Madame Johanna Rotter u,.Hewmjr .1 a soph Herman i, Wnld.ifurat I ranr.Dimmer af .Arnold Wllhelm Formei aa William Tell Joaet Chandon Headier Wllhelm Groschee as ..Ruodl J' hin Arinaitd at. Rudolph Alpbona Ureho ea. Melnbthal I'tto Lehman as Leultwld These sustained ?iy a Grand Oborua assisted by the llel Tetia, Frohatim .<nd Von Weber Societies, aud a tirand or dheatra. of the . bief Instrumentalists of the city; the whole ?-ompi-Ising an ensemble of 300 HUNDRED UFCOI1NIXED MUSICAL VIRTUOSOS. Notwithstanding tlie enormous expense attending this pro Suction, in no respect lesa than Its prewtiitillno at the Academy of Muaic last season, the prices of admission will remain at the regular dramatic rates, thus presenting grand opera at much leaa rate* than at any considerable city In the habitable miotic To-morrow (TUF.sDaY). only nlirhlof FAUST? HERMANS, in hla graat role of Mepbiidophelea. WEDNESDAY?Merry Wires of W Indaor. Reserved seat* for sale at Beer A Bcbiriner's moale aiore, 701 Broudwav, and at the ten office of the theatre, which la open from H o'clock A. M. to 10 P. M. Admission to Parquet and Dress Circle. 76e.; Balcony Chairs, SI, Orchestra Chairs, $1 SO; Family Circle Sue. R8. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. Tills EVEN I NO. THE ROSE OF AMIENS. THE OCEAN YACHT RACE. GOOD FOR NOTHING. HOOI.KY'S OFERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN.?Tit K BLACK CROOK, PERUVIAN BALLET TROUPE AND PALACE OV HUGE DROPS, DECUALl MKt A, My Father Sotlld Charcoal, The Breakneck Act, Paddy's Wedding. Cousin Joc'a Visit. The Recruiting Offloe. Fife sod Drum Major, The Wonderful Uultar Solo, Ph<ehe.iDiia Brown, Ac.. Ac. Griffin a chkisty's minstrels. FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOP8B (Adjoining Fifth Avenue Hotel). G. W. H. GRIFFIN MANAGEB. J. C. Dl'KSBKKRV AGENT. CONTINUED SUCCESS. CROWDED HOUSES. DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. This Pals'* Opera Iloaae is nightly througed with (be elite of the city. GEORGE (*t' TY continues to delight his many admi First appwar inee of * Mr. CBAEL? BEN Selbnd week of the grc^to-. (? ? jmadiac H?lag. Mr. OSCAR ffi * GRIFFIN A C.IK,STY in newacts.^^ gjNOINO AND DANCING. Tont eabtor's opera house. mi bowEry. An entira change. First time of a new drama of MOST INTENSE INTEREST AND GRAND lEFFlSCTS, THE TEE ALE BRIGAND CHIKPT THE PHMaLR BRIGAND CHIEF. . New scenery, costume*. Ac. The entire comnuir in the Ml. ?J&tt'Wt,' 'JEjJ^ATOSTOfer. SREAT EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS. n. W. DERBY'S NEW ART ROOJ , Broadway, oppotdte Wallaok'e theatre, IscfudtkB the M n. W. DERBY'S NEW ART ROOMS, a artel aal BONA BONIIBUR'S world-renowned HORSE FAIR. and 110 ether BUEERB WORKS OF ART, fOI welly the private collection of W. P. WRIOHT. Earn, of New Jersey. Ope* dally from V A. *. to iei?. M. Admlmton W. Grand complimentary CONCERT, to he (Imn br the teacher* and pupil* of the Mualcol Co? aervatorT, ft&l Broadway, to Mr. Edward Mollrnhauer. ?? Inrlng 11*11. on Swturduy, Febrti iry 9. Ticket* $1. To lummence *t N o'tdoek P. M. On thin o??a*lnti ihr (ollowlnr nrtlata will appear ? M?l?ia? OASXANIUA. Soprjno. Sfgnor Mil.(.Kill, lUaan M.~*r? J. M. I'ATTIHON *nd B. BOCKELMAN Pfanlata. HhNBV MOLLBN" HACK R.VIolinroll lei. BERNARD MoLLENHACER, Vlol.nUt. MHS. FARRKN IIAVI.MO RETURNED TO THE CTTV. I* prepared to negotiate with manager* for tlm re mainder of the aeaaon. Ad lrea* 21 Cottage place, betwrea Hleuckrrand llimaton street*. GRAND BALL-BROOKLYN ACADEMY. TO.XTOHT Parlies golug out for refreshment*. r ill *A CT.lNToN OYoTER IIOlMR, Sll'ltntor atreei Brooklyn, toil pit 1'RIMK OVnTKKS IN EVKKY HTY I.E. ? m> tiik CRT in still they come. A NOVELTIES. NOVELTIES. NOVELTIES. somktiiinu new and amchino. Now belli* performe'l ererjr night to crowded house*. Tl * highly amusing and Interesting 'Iramatlc *peuta< le entld IF M PER \ m'M IN NKtY VOP.K BY (I ASI.Ul HT. ot THE MAUIO KFIF.CTS or THE NEW EXCISE I AW. NEW aUNKRT. NEW COSTUMES. NEW ARTISTS. Startling rffeuta. Wonderful and amu>lnc Mnam l.y I'rnfeaaor rnilfmn'l oelabrated Band, Every night el tl.egreat REVEILLE MUSIC OAKDIIV *T. Broadway. Admission free. Theatre ticket omen. Reserved ?'?u for all tlieatree, opera*, aonoert*, ball*. Ac., nan be ohtMued at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 1U AND IU BROADWAY A FIRST CLASS ACTOR RECEIVES pupils POK the Htacr. Instructing then privately In the hlgheat rolea of the drama. Aildre** Malinger, station K, N Y. Banjo.-instructions on this popular and only Aniern an Instrument either at the pupil'* rr??. denee or my owu. The pupil dan gnle a sufficient kn"Wliv%* to one eourae of liwo u to SaSr the moat dlffienlt pirnm. Banjos'or new hegtnnrr* SltoSI; fine Inatrum-m* from to SSt? The following profeaalnnul gentleman ceireil malm lion bj mv method ?N#l?e Seymour. EJt*In Kelly of Kellt A l.eon'a MlunlreU; Touv Patter, dame* Iteynor, I.*wi? Simmon*. Dan Bryant, Cheriei T. Para na Jr.: Mta* Ixitta: alao Mia* .lenity Worrell, of the Worrell Slater*. MENRT C. DOBSON. ?U Broadway PIANOFORTES. A splendid seven octave rosewood piano. forte, at a great anrnflee; by heat makers; all Improve menta; heeutirul lone aud Mulsh. need only litre* moo 'Net coat WiV. at halt prh*. HI Wa?lilni<toii ptrne. near ilreet.eet A magnificent assortment or the finest and cheapest newiatid second hand Piano* In the city for Kale and to rant, at WM. CANDIDAS' wararoomK M BWker at reel. Aijrkat BAR'IAIN ?splendid 1 OCTAVE PIANO, by on* of the heat maker*, warranted; n**d abort time, oo*t SWO; rouat he tnld, owner leering. .MS Bleoeker etre*u A FIRST CLASS ROSEWOOD PIANO PORTE FOE ?ale; made lo order, mot $dW; for $**?; alao Parler. Chamber and Dining Furniture a aacrlfle*. Inquire at *4 Weat Stateenth lUtlt. hatwaow Fifth and Huth avennee Asacrifice.-a new seven octave, ROKB wood, carved Pianoforte, but lbra* months naiad: mM for want of liar, gooii makera Apply for Ihre* daya at 147 Eaat Tenth street AMAONIFIt ENT 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PTavit. forte, of attperior lone and Bnlab. for ante at a great bargain for ea*h. Call at 1M Orand street, near Mot' rlRetl.r: CHEAP?A SECOND HAND MRVK.N 11. lave Piano, It. g?"d order, end Stool. J. BIDDi'E. Id A tuny street, user Broadway Pianos .unrivalled for tone andtocch. at verv modernl* prima. A lam a .aortment ot aquar* and upright" 10 rent at low ram*. RKtSTOW A HAHl'RX HKOOK, 147 TetiUi atreet. between Broudway and Fourth an line. PIANOFORTE FOR MALE.?A HCPERIOR ROSKWOim Pianoforte, Nttnna A Clark'* make. for tlSTt: alao one gtand action Pian<>lorte. (orglTh. If romomd immediate'> Apply at ItT'd East Twentieth street. T1"'A1T.RS' CRAND SQUARE AND l.PRKMIT PtANO4, yy Mekhieoua. CaMoei Otvana who'-aale and reUil, to let. and reut atnilled It piirriiaBetl. Monthly nnrmenta eelvrd. seooiul lutnd Piann* at bargain*. Prtrea Ir^f* ?*' lu ISBfl. New , or-uao Piano* for W75 and upward*. Old plaboa takeu In eavhitnge. Caah paid for aoootid hand plauas. Factory and ware room a ml Broadway. N. T. ?i? r . HORACE WAfhCRs ',lf ^i|: ^?tlH AL. A FINE ASSttRTMENT OF PIANOS TO LET A'P told on laatalirieau. at the tnanufarionr IDS *?"? 11 let Raat Twyotv-ftrat atreet. I, p. CPMNtNifS A LADY WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE PI 4 NO J\ and Stngtnt, at pupil"' re-ldenre, for $hi per uuertev. Beat reference glvaA. Addvea*, with leaHenw. Teuilwi, boi IIS HemMolW . IKHSONB IN StNOINO, BY AN ITALIAN flBNTI.K i man, thoroughly comtetent and of exjie. lenoa In 'Wb mg rami tonatn and ihe nMnn; refer*ikw. given. AdJi e.e H P. O., bo* 170 Herald offlea. _ _ U ASON A IIAMMN. MANUFA<TCNtBS ??F ? ? Omna taVa,noma St* Broadway, Ne?_Vurk where riar be feond the lor** t aaa-wtment of "??tr,?r'ent. ..r thiu lean M the ooontyy tr*e?. fH "r leaa t" ROW each. li> M h BAtTBRSON MAN 1ST, ATTENDS TO PAR V\ Me*. WedAHMT*. Ae at gft per aveeln*. Can ftirru.b telle. Ae. Order" received at residence, m Sllth aaenue, ihat Vorileth atreet _ . It; ANTED- A OF.NTLRMAN TKACRBR of pi AND W and y-b-e for the eiuiury; muat he a fin* pei former nd a man of good habit* mid address: aingle prefene.1. iddrei*. with lifefgnee. Ruaic Claaa boa itafHeiaW o*ice