Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,116. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. phhson a l. SDWAHt) MURPHY LEFT MARTIN STOWN FOR America on tat 12th of February, 1451. Marlinntowa to In the iiuith of Soudcrof! and county of Kililare, Ireland. Be landed in New York is tbe tame month, and procured a Situation aa store clerk. Any person giving any information ?f hia whereabouts to his father, John Murphy, and his mother Maria Murphy, cf Carrtg-Kyrue Cottage, Adams town. Eniitscerihy, county Wexford, Ireland, w.ll be thank fully rewarded. ELLEN.-FIND LETTER AT USUAL PLACE. AD dreas teply to aUUon ?, aa before. FRANK. Ell. MARTY.?LETTER FOR YOO IN BROOKLYN ? Post office. A. X* INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOSEPH WALLACE; when last heard from, last September, was said to bo mustered out of Company B. Sixteenth regimen' United State*infantry, or Thirty-rourth regiment New Jersey infin ity. ia a native of Dunlin. Ireland, 6 feet 8 inches nigh, dark hair, dark eyee, about 28 years of age. The attention of the ?Ob-era of the above regiments is called to the notice or this Advertisement. Any Information will be thankfu lly re wived by hla wife, Susan Wallace, 3M,-Scvcnlh avenue. New Terk city. INFORMATION WANTED-OF PATRICK O'BRIEN, who was some years since a winter at the ft. Charles otsl. New Orleans. If he will call at 358 WestTwcnty toxth ktroet for B. Qreen he will hear of something to bis advantage. IF CAPTAIN WILLIAM M. TOLBERT, LATE MASTER of the ship Bird of the Ocean, from Calcutta to Hong ong. will forward ua hla present addresa we will aead du plicate of X forthwith. TWO SISTERS, Aator House. New York TF TI1F. LADY, HANDSOMELY DRESSED, WHO FELL X In croaalng tbe street at the Fifth Avenue Hotel yester day, will permit an acquaintance with the gentleman who kindly unstated her and made a remark about the mud), ?he will confer a favor by adtlreealng J. Paul, elation D Foal office. New York. Louisa r.-come back, all will be well. Same addresa. C. 8. R. A. O.; -ALSO M. S. O ?LETTERS ROB YOU AT station O. Write Immediately, and direct as before. M. EAULINB.-YOUR SELF-DESCRIPTION IN REPLY to my matrimonial of 7th tilt., was entirely satisfac ? and answered Immediately, with .ill particulars. Do write again, addressing aa before, Charles, box 32 station O Vi 7ILLIAM BENNETT?THERE IS A LETTER FOR you at station D. AOILA. WILLIAM TOOLE, HRNRT TOOLE, ELIZA SMITH, cigar makers (brothers and sleter), left Stepney, London, England, about four years ago, and were living In Brooklyn. Either of the above should address a letter to John stone, 15 Carlton Road, Stepuey, respecting their Mother's will. w ILL CAPTAIN ANDREW V. BAYNB, OF TO. Ind. Res. carps, stationed at Davld'a Island last sum send hla address to J. U. Lord, 87 Park row, N. Y. MATRIMONIAL. AYOUNO MAN, AOED 20, WOULD LIKE TO FORM the acquaintance of some lady with a view to malri Mony. Address Henry, box 218 Herald office. .LOST AND FOUND. flOUND?ON SATURDAY, THE 3D INST IN FIFTY i Mventh street, a nun of Money. The owner cau bare by applying to F. Farley, oue door Kail of Flfty-eUtb jtreet, Third avenue. *1 OST-ON THE 1ST OF FEBRUARY, IN SEVENTH J J avenue. between Thirtieth and Fortieth street* a small ?able Boa. Tb? tinder will receive a auitabte reward by leafing It at No. 91 Weat Twenty-second at reel LOST?ON MONDAY MORNING, ABOUT 8)4 O'CLOCK, a $60 bill, in Wooater street, between Blee-ker aud Amitr; $10 reward will be paid by returning the same ho 313 Wooater street. 1 08T-A FUR COLLAR AT MATINEK (NIBLO'S); XJ the finder will receive a satisfactory reward by return Wt 'be same to 1M Clinton street. ^Osfc-oSF THIRD AVENUE OARS, ON THURSDAY XJ night. Commutation Ticket to Elizabeth on the Central Mad. By enclosing to Cashier's oUne N.J. C. RK , 108 Lib erty street, the owner will reel obliged. 0. F^gjlK^ljBRD. T OST?$9 REWARD-FROM BARK WILD GAZELLE. 2J on Saturday evening, a Black and Tan Terrier; will answer to the name of Jeff. Pier 7, Kami river, WUd Gazelle. - - n" i TT-i OST?ON MO fourth street, i n and a ticket < c___ ileal. The finder will be hbersUy rewarded by returning i same to the owner. Stt Teeth ayenue, between Twenty i and Twenty-Sfth streets. Lost or btolrn-in coming from the office of the 8'aats Zeltung a Focketbook. containing a sum money, a ferry ticket and two keys The finder may keep r by returning the ticket and keys to J. Raphael, No queattofti asked. "T-T"?- - ? BEWARDI. I REWARD.?LOST, ON SUNDAY EVENING, BE tween Molt and Henry streets, a Focketbook. contain testimonials, cards and a carte da trlalte. of no use to but the owner. Apply to Mr. tiyams. No. $ Mott street. * REWARD.?LOST, TE8TERDAY AFTERNOON, A 9U ttoutcb Terrier Dog. long ears and taU; answers to the Ki of lip. Any person bringing the same to 10$ Bast For ?tract will reoelrs the abovs reward. tl ft RRWARB.?LOST ON SATURDAY NIGHT, IN 91U cieeoing from Una Demorest'a, 478 Broadway, to $M into a oarrtage, a Mink Muff, hivluga black grenadine ?oO Inside. The above reward will be paid to any person ra Mrelng thorn to Mmo. Demo rest, 473 Broadway. OA REWARD.?LOST, ON BUND AT, FEBRUARY S. ?t\) going from the corner of F reside at and Columbia to Hicks, through Hicks to Carroll, down Carroll to ?20 ?bwtfl ?ba mli i middle of the block, a Focketbook, containing about $79, oouatatmgof one $30, one $10 and $47 to $9 and $3. $3 In ?old and about $1 in ailvar and stamps; the loser (a a poor widow woman. The finder will confer e great blessing by Mlurnlng It to Mrs. Walker. 79 Freaidant street. i^RRWABD_$90. Whereas, the Court of Chancery of the State of New JST MT. under date of January 10,1897, granted a decree of il puree dissolving the marriage heretofore existing between William C. Vote end Doretta Vesa his wife; and whereas the said Deretla Vote now ooneeaia herself and has lu her uuetody a little girl about five years of age, named Clara Vote, the daughter of said William C. Voss: Public notice It Sby given that the above reward will bo paid for auv to lation which will lead - to the reoovery of sold child. If i Information Is left with Mr. Was. C. Voss, 317 Bsy Jersey City, or st the office of M. Britafeld. Esq., oor .. First and Bloom field streets, Hoboken. At the same the public Is cautioned to trust said Doretta Voas on my nooeunt, aa 1 shall pay no debts of her contracting. Wi t. TudS, 317 Bay street, Jersey City. JnuaiT Citt, Feb. 3.18d7. REWARD.?LOST?ON SATURDAY BVBN1NO In Beckmaa street, or on one of the East Broadway ?are from City Hall, a wallet containing a sum of money In ?Teenbacks, half Bank of England note and papers which Me of no use to the finder. The above reward will be paid H leaving the pmu with B. P.. 39 Beehmaa street. REWARD. AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.? Lost. Sunday svsatng. an ear No. 17 of the Forty and Grand atreetajlne. a ansaII aland Hunting Gold ea $50 Watch, with short brass Chain attached. Any one return tag said watch to the proprietor of the Americas Hotel, Sfihth avenue, between Forty-ninth and Fiftieth streets, wfll receive the above reward, and no questions asked. REWARD WILL BS PAID FOR THR RE turn of three Oold Walshes and chain* stolen the stare of Mrs. F. R. Falconer, at 387 Hod son at. ?P$C1AL?OTM;??' A^CARd'-THE BURNING OF TREMOR'S PALACE Hall. Mr. Trenore claaaea and soiree belle will for .. - and splendid rooms, ? - seventh street. A ;200 the present be held at his other large ai Lrno Hall, corner Broadway and Forty Bhrseen Wednesday evening, 4tn Inst. LL PERSONS ARB HBREBT NOTIFIED NOT TO Mil any goods on credit to or reosivu the notes of the ?' ?? "? """v ftSHbronu Zed February 1,1S87. ft COMPLIANCE WITH TOE REQUEST OF MANY X who were unable to witneee the display of ledlee' fine Neota and Shoes made for the Farts Exposition, whloh were ?ahtblted last Thursday. 1 have the pleasure to Inform the Edme and the public generally that the Shoes will be on ei Ktbttion for two days. Tuesday and Wednesday, 9th and 8th lr?? Hours 10 A. N C. BURT, Ne. r Park row. nr fcW YORK TTFOORAPHIOAL regular meeting of the unlonl I evening, at7M o'clock, at I$$ Hester street, between Kliai Idanra requested. |8. 8?itu, Hecreury. RtHB UNDBRSIONBD, DULY AUTHORIZED BY TH4 A Liquidating Commutes a4 the Lend aud Submarine Cu Bun Talegraph Compaay, wbteh hireap-wared by the gov mwmeut or the lulaodof Cuba, will reeeive propositions Earn any responsible party for the purchaM of the whole gg%SE mSm Sggspg* Savannah. Ue., to OUdar Bays Fte. and Itmdepandoordoe. In receiving the foregoing prnpoeata the undersigns. la receiving the foregoing pr.jH>eato the undersigned will M be Brenered te receive as offer for the claim which has Ebe prepared te reoei preferred against whoa It may concern for the damage dnod by thejlnn during the ?jyu_w?r. T Theprnpeoal should be sent during the next thirty days to X A. Mora. 98 Broadway. New Toil Nxw Yobs, Jan. 3E 1M7. fTHF REGULAR MONTHLY MEBTINO OF THE NEW JL York Liquor Dealers' Soetety will be held Tuesday even fug. Feb. A ai Metropolitan Rooms No. M0 Haater street, at ?H o'clock. Pun- teal attendance Is requested, as hual MM of great importance will be presented. By order of JOHN H. TIETJKN, Vies President, down MxnotAjrr. Recording SerreUry. The annual election of thirteen direct ere of (be all ill A venub Railroad Company will be bald St the depot. H tub avenue, eorner of Forty third street, on Tuesday, February 18, from 13 to 8 o'ojunk, HENRY a.hoORB, decretory, VARNISHERM AND FOLIBHEBE TARE NOTICE.-, y The workmen In Haines Brother** ptano faatory are on u strike. All varnishere are reque*t*4 hot to apply rev work until lha strike la settled. IIAKBLK MANTBLN. ~ ARBI.H MANTBLB?THE BEST PLACE IN TIIE city to puruhaae Marble mantel* of the latent designs, at very low prions, la at A. KLABBB'i Marble Wenv?, IU0 Nam Eighteenth street, nmr Third av? N. T. Cut I his cut WfARBLBIZED SLATE MANTELS?SUPERIOR JN ill appearaooe. more durable, half the prfce of mam'e. 7.1. bTkWAHT. tot Sixth avenue, between Thirty-fifth aivd Tblrt?-sixth streets. T "WARBLE MANTELS AT REDUCED PRICRE?A FINIT jyl .election onb.a l at ft. Kl.AHKR ft Manufactory, fit First aveaua, Mar Third strut, New Turk, call and ex ^?a'tA ? lMCTBtTCTlOa. A" T $Jt?A TIIOROITOH COMMERCIAL COURSE. time unlimited, a* Hrowne's Hustues* College, Fulton slrt-ol. Brooklyn. Bookkeeping alone $LV Private r?tm for adulls. Open day And evening. ALGEBRA. BOO*KHEPINO, WRITING ARITIIME A tie Ac $31 per quarter, til Howerv sod SO Pulton, Brooklyn. Governor King saya Col PAINE 3 plan of In atruetiun ta systematic sud expeditious. Afrfncii lady op CI It eat experience in leaching, Oesir?a s situation ua governess In a private family or school: l a- bar diploma and first rata testimonials. Address MadameD., 97 Madison a v. THOROUGH COURSE OP INSTRUCTION IN Arithmetic. Bookkeeping, Penmanship and Commer cial Correspondence, lime unlimited, for $SS, at TOWN'. BKND'S Commercial Academy. 2t>0 Bowery, between Prince and Houalou. Also Reading. Spelling. Composition. Gram mar, Ac., taught day and evening, in private rooms, if desired. Ladies' department. A LADY. WHO HAS HAD A HAPPY HOME TEACH Ing ibe English branches and music, taking entire charge -f household matters, desires a rc-engagcment In a fami.y of high moral worth; can make a bonnet, cloak or dress, or a cake, plea and Jellies: reference* required and given. Address A. A. A., box 131 Herald office. A FRENCH TEACHER. PROM PARIS, ENABLES IN fifty lessons any pupil 'to speak French with fluency -and the lineat accent. References from pupils ; moderate terms. Address Method. Herald office. A CCOUNT8, PENMANSHIP. BUSINESS AFFAIRS. A Instruction (private If desired) at GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Institute. 716 Broadway. Established 134U. BOOKKEEPINO, WRITING, AC., FOR BUSINESS ? Messrs. DOLBEAR. U09 Broadway, teach Bookkeeping practically as used In the best of New York houses. Geutlo men can be qualified to act Immediately as head bookkeepers In any business. INSTRUCTION.?ADULT PUPILS AND MARRIED ladles preferred; private lessons In common English branches. Mathematics, Rhetoric and Belles I.ettres, Com position, Correspondence, Conversation, t'rlVclsm. reading the poets, History, English Literature. Highest references. Address Instructress, box kt) Union square Post office. Spanish taught in a short timr by a native profesaor of said language. Address A., box 13b Herald office. W"ANTED?A TEACHER OF GERMAN: ALSO A COM petenl artut for landscape drawing. Address Student, box 214 Herald office. WANTED-HY A YOUNO LADY OF GOOD EDUOA tlon and character, a situation aa governess or compa nion to a lsdy. Address for three days J. R. K., Herald office. SPdRTIMP. A LI. KINDS OP OOGS AND BIRDS FOR S ALS AT B. DOVEY'S, 880 Canal street, near Church street Medicine* (or all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. '/-VHARLEB RBICDE A BROTHER, 55 CHATHAM \J street, have just received a lot of learned Bullfinches, together with s large variety of Oerman Canu te* and other European Singing Birds. Francis butler, no. s peck sltp, has all the choice breeds of Dogs. . Butler'* Infallible Mange Cure ami Plea Exterminator, 75 oents. Butler's new work on the Dog, $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. FOR 8ALE-A BRACE OF IMPORTED BNO ish Pointers, thoroughly broken; the handaomest In this country: Esquimaux Dogs, small Blaok aud Tan, Scotch and Bull Terriers; all other kinds of Dogs. D. F03TKR, No. 18 Roosevelt street. Fine new Damascus breech-loader for sale: 38 Inch, 10 bore: the owner going to Enrope; pr'ce $"50; to be seen at PATRICK MULLIN'S, 05 Pulton street. JOHN ORAY. 11 ROOSEVELT 8TREBT. HAS FOR ssle handsome Newfoundland Dogs; Black and Ian, Scotch and Pkve Terriers, good Ilatters; small Poodle Pups, one small Italian Greyhound Pup, a pair of Black and Tan Dags, 7 lbs. each. SPLENDID YACHT FOR 8ALE-110 TON8 O. H.; well found In all particulars; two large state rooms, Ac.; price moderate, for full particulars address Yacht man, Herald office. - HORSES. CARRIAGES. AC. ' A -&OR?lrt" *6AL&TTnis b*Y, *T VANDE A. WATER'S aqction moms, 108 Liberty street, at IS o'clock. Tb* very superior trotting Horse General Granger, brown, 1$ hands nigh, 9 year* old, sound, line driver, una of great endurance; trotted last fall at several country ralrs. beating 3:10: trotted third heat in 3:37*; is a powerful aud rapid road bona; sen stand an enormous quantity of road work; Is warranted to do aa represented, aud mutt be sold without reserve. Satisfactory reasons given for selling. A'T AUCTION. A A span of sorrel Mares, 141 5 and 9 years old, supe rior stock, excellent traveller* In *U harness, flue uuder ?addle; kind, fast, tree, and true in every way: perfeetly , sound, without spot or blemish, and fully warranted; aa un exceptionable team. Also jet double Harness; baa keen uead but little. Also 1 Ratforra spring covered Wagon, olty nuke; has been used ro months. To be cold this day, at It o'clock, at nuotlon, at 100 Liberty Street, by JOHN L. VANDEWATER, . Auctioneer. A REGISTER OF HORSE8 AND CARRIAGES. AT A private isle, is kept by MUTER A 80MBRVILLB, at 87 Nassau street All persons winking lo buy. sell or *x changc Horses or Carriages, should have their property, or the articles desired registered as above. AUCTION BALES AT HOR8B AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout tha year, and at 87 Nassau street, every Wednesday and Satur day. Bee auction haad, A TROTTING HORSE FOR 8ALB-15 HANDS Hion, 7 years old; can trot In 3:50, and Is perfectly sound; ?old on sccount of tbe owner's Ul health. To be seen at 3M Oold street, Brooklyn. A -COUPE AND OERMANTOWN ROCK A WAYS, VIC A. ? torias, Park, Doctors and Pony Phaetons, Buggies, Harness, Ac. U Cedar street, seoond door east of Post office. TAYLOR A HICKS. A COUPE AND SIX BEAT OERMANTOWN ROCKA way, Victoria Park Phaeton. Buggies; a good second hand Top Buggy and Victoria Harness, Ac. i one single Sleigh. N. MOON KY. 91 Liberty atree t. A BUSINESS WAGON, 8UITABLB FOR AN EX A press or grocer; has good topand platform springs; win he sold very cheap. Apply at 997* Peart street, cigar ?tors. A GOOD nACK COACH FOR SALE CHEAP.?APPLY to JOHN GOPF, ooruer of Court and Dsuglasi streets, South Brooklyn. A NY PERSON HAVING A HORSE AND WAGON TO hire eon do so to a careful, rasponslble party, by calling at No. 6 South street. BUGOY WAGON FOR SALE?WITH TOP. IN OOOD order. Apply at private stable. 88 West Thirty seventh street. TJIOB SALS?AT YANDEWATBR'S AUCTION, 100 JT Liberty street, thir day, at 19 M., blood bay Horse, ISM high, 8 years old, sound and kind: baa been driven on road fee two years, and le always ready for driving; never sick or lore, and can trot la 3 JO. Muafbe sold on account of IB health of owner. TPOR SALE?A GRAY HORSB. ISM HIGH. S YBAR9 r old. single or double; sound and gaotU. Apply at stable 10S East Thirty-fifth street. EOR SALE-SEVERAL LIOHT AND HEAVY NEW and second hand business and express Wagons, and i n two horse Track. Apply at Uuthroff A Booker's car rtage factory, 397 Greene street. I Fob sale?two splendid mules. ? and 7 years old, full 19 hands high, fast travellers, kind, sad work well In any harness. Will be sold ohestL tbe owner having no use for tbsm. at Ran Francisco stables, 81 West Porty-Mxtb street, between With and Seventh avenues. For sale-a black hawk horse, s tears old. 15* hand* high, sound; kind In single or double harness. Apply for tw* days at private stable 119 West Thirty-first street. IjlOR SALE-POUR PAIRS OP MULES AND TWO F' single ones. Id hands high, t and 9 years old, wall broke io any kind of work. Inquire at stables. Eighty.fourth street and Eighth avenue. Tenth street, near Fifth avs nue^or of GBOROB OAULFIBLD, Cretan Board, Rotunda, rR BALE.?NOTICE TO OKNTLKMEN AND PAMI lles A very baadeosse, stylish sud superior pair of very dark black brown Moreno. 16H hands high, seven and eight years old; long full tails: no white marks; nlcly matched, and drive together like one horse; warranted sound kind and gentle In double and single harness, and are also 8ret class saddle horses; one has earned a lady. Any gentleman or family wanting such a pair of horse* as tbe above will And this an opportunity to get n span of genuine horses with breading, symmetry and action combined, and 91 for Immediate use. N. B.?For aooups, Brougham or light carriage they are unsurpassed. They are really worth per fection. Apply at No. Kb Adelpbl street, near Fulton arsons, Brooklyn. Tjioit HALE?ELEVEN HORSES; AMONG TIIRM I" there are four as flue hey Horses as in the country, fit for any use; likewise several low priced Horses; also one fine Peed Wagon; prion for wagon, |136. All to be sesn at 7? Greenwich avenue. ' U'OB SALB-A SPLENDID PONT. SEVEN YEARS ? old; sound and kind In all barnea*. Inquire at 181 First avenue. U*OB SALE-A VALUABLE PAST PACER, 15* X* bWids; also n superior Black Team, full brothers, six and seven years old, valuable for n farmer; also one Mare with foal, and several Draft Horses. 80 New Chambers at. ffOB SALE?SEVERAL NEW AND SECOND HAND X1 Wagons, such as Phaetons, Doctors', light and business Road Wagons and Sulkies, at PKBBL'S Factory, 19 Hicks street, Brooklyn. . FOR SALS second iiand-i PLATFORM SPRING Coupe Rock*way, P k 8.; I full site Coups; I skeleton door Rociaway; I shirting top Depot Wagon; I leather top Buggies; 1 square slide seat fun; 1 Doctor** Phaeton; 1 three spring kip roes Wagon, to carry L**\ ISAAC MIX. JR.. m SON, 818Broadway. pOR SALB-A CHEAP TEAM OP WORK HORSES, ' toflfU hands high. 7 rear* eld, stout built. Iaqutr* si m Third nreaue, comer ofPorty-eeeeed street, in ike 1 Iquor store. Fob sale cheap for cash?a livery Stable, corner of Third avenue and Fifty-fourth street. Apply immedistely os the | /"lOYERNMRNT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE ? br 18,000 seta new and seoesd hand Harness, Saddles, Collar*, Bridles, llaltoru. Wagon eed Horse Covert. weMsbm hobsks, CARRIAGES. AC. CI OVERSMKNT BUNKSTH, f$?WAGONS, TENTS, T Wagon Covers, Ambulances, Mule and Horse H irneaa. MeCMUl Saddles, Bridles, Halters, Clothing Gloves. Hei Ticks, Ac. W. A. CARTER, 03 ilortlandt, near Greenwich. JUST FROM THE COUNTRY?A BEAUTIFUL PAIR of Bar Horse*. 16 hand* high, *1* years old: warranted found ami kind, without blemish or fault; long heavy tail*; cannot be beat In the stale. Addreaa A. B., AM State itreet, Brooklyn. IIVF.itY STABLE FOR SALE?STOCK OF COACHES, J Ac., with Ion* Lease. Apply on premlaca, 68 West Fif teenth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. TIT ANTED?A SECOND HAND PARK PHAETON, vr not too light Address, stating price, William Con noly. Herald office. $30? A MONTH?TEN MORE HOUSES AND LIGHT Wagons taken on livery at 99 Mercer (tract. <? I WILL BUY THE HANDSOMEST PONY BUILT ij? i*."/ team of Vermont Horses in thle city; 5 years old; good steppers; warranted sound end afraid of nothing; given on trial one week. 468 Pearl street. COPARTNBR8H' PS A PARTNER WANTED?WITH CASH CAPITAL OF H.OUO to $3,000. in well established and paring liquor business and lunch counter, located on Broadway. Apply at 61 Chambers s'reet, room No. 7. * partner wanted?with, in a whole J\ (ale Fancy Goods and Notion liouse of uudoubted re spectability. References exchanged. No agents or bogus partiea'noed answer. Address Barclay, box No. 162 llerald office. A WHOLESALE P-ATIONER. WITH $5,030. OF EX perlence and energy, wanted as Partner in au estab lished fnannfacturhig business. Reference., given and re quired. Address for three days W. E. P., Herald office COPARTNERSHIP?THE UNDERSIGNED IfATB ilils day entered Into copartnership, under the firm name of Francle A Karlee. for the transaction of a general Oil bu.i new, at No. 175 Washington street. OKOROF. W. FRANCIS, Naw York, Jen. 31, 1867. GEORGE W. FAR LEE. COPARTNERSHIP?ON THE 29TH OF JANUARY, 1867, the firm of HaiM.nt^jkA Co. was dissolved. Mi*. Chr. Hausmann havln* wKhafv*3. The btulness t Piano forte Manufactory) will be carriev* tra the seme as liefore, at No. 1 Broome street, under the firm name of Schraidt, Schmitt A Co. The uew hrm will scttls all actlvas an I pea elraj. CHR. HAUSMANN. ADAM BCHMITT. LOUia SCHRAIDT. JOHN Ml LI JIN. Dissolution op partnership?mr. Jacob Rich has retired this day from our firm by mutual con sent. The business will be continued under the firm and name of Rlumattcr A Rich. BLUMACKK, RICH A CO. N*w Youk, Feb. 4, 1867. H. RICH. L. BLUMAUER. J. RICH. Dissolution?the firm of jokes, smith. Sheppnrd A Co. Is this day dlssolred by mutual con sent. The accounts of the Arm will be settled and the busi ness continued by W. L. McCanlea*. N. JONES. M. R SMITH. M. F. 81IKPPARD. Jakpart 8. 1867. W. L. McCANLKSS. VTOTICE?THE FIRM OF PRICE A MUNN IS DI8 J.Y solved this day by the withdrawal of Mr. Genrge II. Price. The Cotton Brokerage business will bo continued by the subscriber on his own account. B. MUNN, Jr., No. 6 Hanover street. Nbw York. Feb. I, 1867. MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JANUARY 31. <te?^^"Partnership heretofore existing un ? , Ann nam* of Do Fonst A Franris u thi?Hnw ?n0 solved by mutual consent. EHhw^rtn^VlU aignjIn^iuuL i a*"0D- Wit. T. DEFOREST GEO. W. FRANCIS. ai??>.T.fff?:~Th,<l.99 j".1?1*"."* wiU oontlnue theniUndom qi? buMneas at 115 Maiden Une. WM. T. DEFOREST. On5 ?r Tn^ ,BRST chances in this city ? ere?.??i.nns.r,.T"" "> a aaloon busiiies-t with $1,20.). to in. crease tho business. J. M. MOODY A CO.. 48 Pine at. PAS^,E.r- WANTED-BT A YOUNO MAN PROM THE R est to open a vrholestile millinery and fancy store In 2,r to ent*r lnto on* already established; baa seven yeara experience and ean command tho capital Address J. B., care of Rev. J. Heidei, 184 Greenwich street N Y. PA?iM?>BhI,r^E?-P SP^TS" hawing, WJTH haalthlV^.' 5 \ PL?nl*?on one of the most" * 25? valuable In the South, and all S^ISifi'PMI-^SS" AdJreM0D? *?k b._L. D? ^NTRDr^TTH ? A LIOHT -1 wbolMle bu*tae*? fifteen ve*rs established lo Uk? charge of the buslneaa In the aity or to travel. Addre a Buslneaa. box 330 Herald office. Aoorete PA^aM.^21fAJlT?DTWIT^ *M0U- TO, bxtend an established wholesale millinery manufacturing busi ness; ladies and mlsj-es'fancy hau and bonnet frames. Address J. A. C., box 1S1 Herald office. PAmT;?r;R,bWA?TR.?-',TtTH? ???? OR $6,UOO CASH, to join the advertiser in sellingdry Rood*. Ac., at re tail auotlon. Address Wm. Jones, Grand street branch Post Office. PARTNER WANTED.?A STEADY MAN. WILLING Si kus?i?^ ? JJ*ht '?Isbllahed manufacturing profitable business may address Van., box 110 Herald ogee. PARTNER WANTED?WITH fifiOO TO $!,0W. IN THE Watchmaking and Jewelry buslneaa; best loeatlon In Mr6.S{dofnSr8DO' """"P""*"* Address W.loh Rare chance -partner wanted, w/Tn a lit tie capital, as cashier In the best money making Rxhibl- 1 lion In America, psrforrolngto crowded houses. Association first class. Apply at 337 Hudson street. STOCK BROKERS.?TnE WRITER WOULD LIKE TO make s connection with some young vantlaman with a view to the above business, without eupitel. Address Henry Ulx, Herald office. * 3pHR UNDERSIGNED HAVE THIS DAT PORMED A L copartnership, under the firm name of R. Earnest A 0., for jobbing straw goods, flowers, Ac,, at 489 Broadway. ? w ....... SOLOMON EARNEST. Knw Yoax, Peb. 1.1867. ALEX'R H. NONES. The pibm op skyton a wainwrioht, bankers and Brokers, Is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Beyton retiring from business. Eitherjtarfy will sign in liquidation. C. 8. SEYTON. _ . _ . J- II- WAINWRIOITP. The business of tbs late firm will be oontlnned by the un dersigned. J. HOWARD WAINWRIOHT, 87 Wall street. ^ Naw Yoas, Peb. 1, 1887. fpHE FIRM OP WAA8ER, LI8SAUER A OERN. 38 1 Maiden lane. Is this day dissolved by mutual consent, Mr. Cha. Oern retiring. The business will be continued as heretofore under the firm name of Waaaer A Llsaaner. P. _ _ _ _ M. J. LT88AUER. New Tont. Feb. 1. IWf. CH. OERN. WE HAVE THIS DAY PORMED A COPARTNER ship under the firm name of Domlnick A Corning, for the manufactuie of silver ware, at 447. 449 and 461 Broome street, corner of Broadway. Factory formerly owned by Messrs. Wm. Oale A Son. JAMES W. DOMINION, H?w Yong. Feb. 4.18b7. EDWARD COBMINO. ?ROn -PARTNER WANTED. IN A LIOHT. PLEAS ant buslneaa; can make 8300 weekly, and will bear the closen Investigation. Inquire at 134 Broadway, 1 No. 7. ?o nan -a gentleman, with $3,000 to $s,ooo, jPO.l/l/lr. ean assoelste himself with a first class house, now doing a good trade In the wine end fruit bus), ness. A fortune In It, and no humbug. Call Immediately for particulars on BROOKS THOMPSON, St. John Hotel, 794 Broadway. ftHfl - PARTNER WANTED. WITn THIS MJtJ.vrV/v/, amount, ready rush, at once. $(0 000 profit ean be made. It la legitimate ana no humbng. Nooneneed apply unless they ean show the money. 79 Nassau street. room 101 ? ? flAA-WANTED-OR PARTNER IN A WELL V'J.UUU established and profitable manufacturing business. Apply at 348 Pearl street, corner of Cherry street, second floor. MIRCEIai AtROOV Ladies can have casual lettbrs and notes written nnd regular correspondence attended to upon reasonable terms, and In the strictest confldeoce, by address ag Amanuensis, station D. * PARIS EXPOSITION -UNITED STATES PASSPORTS A procvwed with daspatcb bp applying to JOHN A- Mc SOKLKY passport Agent and ftotery Public, Rotunda, Custom House, and 44 Pine street. (ARB'S EXTRACT BUCnU IS CUBINO EVERY CASE of kidney disease rheumatism, gravel, weakneas and pain In the back, and disorders from other onuses. Try It m Elm street COLID INK PSNCtLS?SILYRR TIPS, BED. BLACK t. ?" fsoe'pi of ?0c. eaob, by EDWARD SWIFT, MM Centre street 2 000 "AMD OF ARM*, WITH BAYONETS COM i*.VU'V'1"1* Springfield Muskets and Rlflea; all of which will be sold at a bargain. Apply to II. DEVLIN, 477 Pearl ?Iroet, near Chatham street CLOTHIjro. T THE ORIGINAL M. MARKS'? (fi SIXTH" AVENDB. *n2$enttemen ean receive 10 per oent more than Kill?. **rd??,er '9 th* rtt7 for their Cast-oil Clothing. 1 72!?'. rP,|Tlr?* Purs, Ac. Please be kind i ,,Z , ?1.or the number as above. Ladies waited upon by Mrs. Marks, in and out of the cllv. AT22L?J5W .w 8IXTH AVENUE-BY the ti m?^ TzT?tdiAles and gentlemen nan obtain a-*' ^ 7?lr <Mut nir MeaAng Apparel, Canmts, Ac., by OaUlog on or addressing a nota to E. Mtotx. 137 Sixth avenue. Laolra waited uimt. by Mrs. Mlnte ftu wlS b# dealt with to your aatlafacllon. Remember. 137 Sixth av. A ~M?.K?n0J2DHR. t?? BOimiRRN MARKET.?S. tUmente rli riP?M-.S?-b P*40? for ladles' and Oan Mrs* MorrhT" 8???uth avenue. Ladies attended lo by Ar25mZ,#i^S55 GENTLRMBN can re "S'e'-'S .ASStiSS iJXXJV'JS. ??Mt ? M FINANCIAL. UNITED STATES TREASURY, FEB. 4, 1807.

Schedule* of (#0) thirty or mora seven-ililrty coupon*, due Feb u?rv IS 1*>7. will now ba received for examination ?l the Culled State* Treasury. . H. II. VAN DYCK, Assistant Vretsurcr. ONLY TO LOAN?AT SEVEN PER CENT IN LA ROB or small tmouuU, ou first class propsity in ihl* cltj. KINO A CO., No. 9 Twenty third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. National bank of north america, February 1, 1867.?Jtlnce th* overdraft on this bunk by Mover A Co., and the sudden reswlttng death of Its Piesldeiit, a thorough examination of tt* condition his been nude by a committee of the director*, and they report and authorlxa the officers of the Kanlt to publish that the llank 1* in a perfectly sound and prosperous condition, and not only is the oaiutal unimpaired, out they do nut believe hat the losses sustained will reduce the surplus of the Bonk below the sum of $2tM 0 si. Cll ARLR8 M. CONNOLLY, Vice Pr ildeut. J. A. B*a?dslkt, Cashier. Northwestern states. Hanking and Collect on House of fleo C Smith A Bro., 4? l.a Ball# street, Chicago. III. special alirnilon given to roHeetlois. pi?in and with document". Draw on DHKXKL, WINTHKOF ACO., and WINoLOW, LANIER A CO.. New York. OFFICE MARIETTA AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD Company, Chilicothe, Jan. 2ft. 1H67. The interest columns on the llisl mortgage l>ond? of this company, due February 1, will be paid on presentation at the American National Hank, New York. WM. E. WATSON, Auditor. American National Bank, New York, will pay ooupons as above. A. A. BRA LILLY. TO COMPLETE A CITY RAILROAD1 I* NINETY days.?$25 '**1 required, In oonrttfcte a cUy .railroitk hav ing .1 franchise of great value. The balance already sub scribed. SeeuriU** offered 011 the flrrt uiorU-rijH coupon bonds, hear I tig " per cent Interest, payable In New York. Apply to <" if CI. UtK, 51 Liberty street, room No. 0, from 1 to 8 o'clock. mo FINANCIAL WRITERS-WANTED, FOR A WEEK 1 ly Journal, C brut rial* review of the New York money market by ono thoroughly posted. Address 8. It , box 4,007 N. Y. Coat onice. (SlO ?FOE SALE, A FIRST MORTGAGE ON good Improve I Jerney City Property, good a* gold. Internet *ciol anr\telly nt 7 per cent Principal* may addie-* W. W, Herald o ilce. Robbere need not answer. 01 K ann WASTED?FOR THREE OR SIX MONTH8. JpO.v/Uvf The beat of securities given, flee time* the amount. Address W. Bond, station O. _____ oi n nan wanted on bond and mortgage, 7? IU.UUU on manufacturing properly, near the city, worth four time* the amount; a bonus gtveu. Address fc* late, M em 1,1 otlloe. ______ AI7Q ana TO loan on improved real tip I 0.UV7U estate In thlsdtv in any sum. W. M. WOOD, HB Wall street Aiaa ana to i.oan. in sums from si.oooto IJliUt'.'M'U $20,(tOU. on Improved real estate In New Jersey, worth mora than doable the amount loaned. Ad dress box 575 Post o lice, Newark. N. J^ AQOC /Win TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORT ?P0i5?J.UUl/ gage, In one or more sums, ou real eatate in Una cltv orBrooklyn. J Oil N F. CONREY, 82 Wall street, room 19. db A FA n/W\ to loan-in bumh to suit on ?'?OU.U"/U cltv real estate. 66 per cent of valuation. Prompt ationtlon. becind mortgages bought. C. E. WILLIS A CO.. 81 Pine street, baaement LOAN OFFICES. AT 212 BROADWAY, KNOX BOTLDINq. DIAMONDS, WATC11KS. PRECIOUS 8TONBS, AO. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST VALUB FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES. JEWELS, PLATE, PEARLS. AC. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. AC., AO. N. B.?DIAMONDS WATCHES, AO.. FOR SALE. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. n. BARRIAOEK 212 Broadway, room No. 8. ADVtRCES MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW elry Dry Go,apt aud I'erapnal Property of every da. ?olPUon. J. A. JACKSON, III Lraud street, two doors weel of Broadway. ^ * AT 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DI^* JSW' PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac., at V Blencker atrnet, up stair*. AT 961 l'KARl. STREET. 215TW8KII and Franklin etynara. LEI>BW?R A CO.. advance ^Ub trally at rftaonAhlt u?rmaoti all valuable property, watcseee, Jewe.ry, Diamonds Ac . or purchaso . At W7 BROADWAY. ROOM NO t-TTI* HIGHEST price* paid for Diamond*, Watche*. Jewelry. Ac., or money advanced on the aarae. Near Twentieth 1l?**L AT IIYMAN'S, 8S8 BROADWAY, COR NEB OF BONO A street. will U paid the highest price for Diamonds, Watches *nd Silverware, or will advsnee on thn above articles. A T841 BROADWAY -I PAY THE HIGHEST PRIC^ A forDUmond., Watche*. Jewelrj. ~ the tamo. (jppoSto Wailack'* theatre. A T NO. 9 TWENTY-T1IIRD STREET W*KAJ?S25 A Hotel?The highesi price paid Tor Diamonds, Watche*. Ac., or advance* made on th? asm*. ?UllNESa OPPOKTUNiTIBa^ AH ESTABLISHED NEW8PAPBB, FILLED WITH vearlv advertising and subscription, for sale, terms low and mad* to suit a responsible party onljr. Address for one week Opportunity. Herald offloe. a uiw WITH $1,090 TO $2,000 WISHES TO FIND A A. itafe and pernianent business; etate name, business *nd U^ttSn* Aral class city reference give* and required. Ad dress for two daya A. B., Herald olllee. . A GENTLEMAN HAYING $2,000 TO $6,?W TO "{VEST A M active or alien! partner, in a business that will rive S*b fame and fortune, may address CerUlnty, Herald ottlce Bbqw tRINO YET FOR AOENTS?If ALL'S PATENT Buraer; can light and trim-without removing ehlmne; or shade Apply In per*on. between the hours of ? and 12. or bydetter, to N. U. LOOMIS. agent, 17 Park row, room 22. New York. 1 EXCLUSIVE RianTS FOB 8ALE-^R THE BEST ll felling Patent article In market. B'u}'" V *16, niahed at $6 each, at No. 0 Pine street room No. 9. OU8E8 AT BBRGRB POINT. MOUNT VKRNON^AND Eaat New York for *ale or exchange.?Partner wanteu. for a desirable bu.inem, wt.h^jt.OOO^ Broadway. room2L_ Medical men or others wishing an inter rat in a very lucrative business already established* mav till or address 12 Carroll place. Blcecker street, front room, for partlcalara. VTKW AND VALUABLE INVENTION.?PARTIES N Peking bu.lnesecsn Invest In the]?l m gasrswrtaw!we street, rcomJS. _ mn ? PHRFNOLOOISTfl.?AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A tTsu^^A'pidT^^^t^ya pn^?ssjr* W3S&3 i^^SThV|^^w^A^ New Jersey, only one hnur'e dts'ance from Hew Yorg, wishes to meet with a gentleman of mean* who w^W lm willing to Invest some money for th* building *r nouses. A'fflresa E. B. E , Herald oRo*. $500 TO $1.000.?A YOUNO MAN WITn THIS amount desires to invest with lily service* In any kmd of business that would m^e k!m nllv0"JJ loan It to employer on good security. Address Loan, box 100 Herald oflice. $800 day a In a *nfe enterprleo; no riak. Call at 694 Broadway, room No. T. _ 0 ,.nn _| WILL SELL FOR THIS AMOUNT TO bnslneaa paying too per ceut prollt. 218 Fulton street, offlce No. 9. fl r. M. nnrt -A MECHANICAL MAN yAJJTKD. ipi.OUU. either as pertner or wntrr. In the man. ; farturlng of wooden wares and lumbering, no belujr bnal d#9?s chance nan bs found. Addrtsa Rend, II? Liberty it* DA KCW^AOAMMI?^ A^DODWORTH'S DANCINO ACADKMT. JDROOSSV %V^0tOoW'.Tn!r"* " All the fashionable dances In one eonrse of ley?"* . . lVtKM meet Tuesdays and Fridays 8 to 8M P. M. tlENTLF.MRN, Tneedaya and Friday*, 7M to 10 P. M, CHILDREN, Wednesdays and Batitnlays, 8 to 6t< F. 1 a ill KM' Primary Claaa Instructed byMra. Brook*. SOIRBE^EVBRY WEDNESDAY EVENING rooKEIV BOOK ON MODERN DANCING, CON talning ? full description of the steps nnd flgnrM all the dances now In use together with an ESSAY ON ftioUBTi Bv j|,#f pubii*i,,KL ^or Acmdamy, 861 Broome street. Price $1. KOARNO'S DANCING ACADEMY. NO. ? FIFTH avenue, eorner of Fourteenth street, ninw TLR? DAYVnnd FRIDAYS. WKDNKSDAY8 and SArURDAYS. I.sdles 2 to 4 P. M. kisses and masters 4 to 6 P. M. aeti Jemsn, Tuesdey and Friday evenlogs, at 8 o clock. Classes now open for beginners. CMAR'fl DANOtNG ACADRMT, $4 WBBT FOURTH street?For children, ladle- genttamen. Lessonsi??"2 d?r andnight All dance* unght in on* quart*.; e?* *?.em In six lesson a. l)KV 4JOOUR. -*s A" GREAT BUSH FOR OUR CHkIf MUSLINS. great ?o?? (jtfml|f#n| who haf% b-toght any of them had better do ao at one* a* our *upply I* nearly cx IMMBNIB fflti AUCTION muIlins. roe. * l$*;e. ' IMMHBBE uv IMMENSE LOTi, 14a., Wo. and lie. IMMENSE LOTS, KM, Bo. nnd?^ 44 WAMSrTTAS. ftkx. ?" CtOT,,. AUCTION, AMI'SKMICWTI. ^ Broadway theatre. admission ao cents. ^^TtT?-nV."rn"."f Kr " '"?T and Kroouie atrect. (?Ol RTII And Ihm week hut TWO of the highly SUOCeaaful engagement of the toothful and be uttiful WORRELL SISTERS, who, owing to the great kircc** attend ng the bi r'-K8que kviektatnment, will Til IB EVENING and S aTIJRD AY M \ riNEK appear ? ALADDIN TIIK VtilNll-IHKl'l, KOAM PandCINOKR KLLA, fornrng the mn?t diverting lull >( the aaaaen. FUN. FU N I SOPH IK and IRENE In Duet .and ?Ipera Uo Gem*: Ml** JENNIE In hert Tog Dance*: M ??<?? SOPHIKi JENNIE, Mr*. Q. D. flllberl and Mr. T.I IhlNNBU.Y in the great I'UHK DaNi'K and BONO, nightly encored: Mra. Ollherl In her Cotulc Dance: Mr. T. L. Donnelly in hla popu lar Bongs, Danrea and local liita; Met*r?. Stoddard, VYelah Edward*. Goodman, Mr*. Chapni to. M.m Turner t'urp* dn Ballet. Ac , In both jdeee*. the whole forming a PERPBCT FESTIVAL OF FUN. Owing to the gre it ruth for tdacra at the opening of the doora aeata ehould bo aecurcd lu ad vance. Novel lie* In preparation. HARTZ' TEMPER OF MY8TBRY. 806 BROADWAY. Tbia evening at H. Saturday at 2. M. HARTZ, THE ILLUSIONIST. Not*.?The new Uiualoaa are performed entirely without ?ppaTatua. GREAT SUCCESS OF TTIR NEW PROGRAMME, and the "nio*l tnysterloua wonder of modern timet " PROTEUS, PR'iTKlS, PROTEUS. THE BASKET TRICK and FLOATING II''All, In con aeonence of the lmm-'nae enthttalaam will be oontinued. Tickets 80 cent*. Reserved Seat" $1 For sale st the 11*11 freni 9tlll 4 Door* open at 7l*. MA I INKE, dooraopenat l)g. The f tuckering PUoo la uaed at theae aeanoea. JLLT A LEON'S MINSTR! LS, 730 BROADWAY. Ornndeat mcvm _.,0_ Ever aohievad. J^L. Aiantiuoot ?m? tau n*c* wvniwvow. <! rammed nightly. 22"^2 The oulv l.E<)N. C IN -t'lNDKR LEON, vat*/, A la Bonfanta. IN DKR MADAGASCAR, CMOO, Kellogg Zooehl. DF.Il LEON Ballet Troupe. | THIS ONLY LE'iN AND Demon Daure. 2asE ivKLLEFANTB. AND FU Nelee Seymour gall' 2?> L.' Allenalinl I'rlcina, FU N ew Fairy Tableaux. r-S'a Obercatlgllnl and N The Rival Darkey*. -gjO-g Uentle Coryphees Programme unequalled. * J8* In terttunjuiug agony. ("1HARLRY WHITE'S TROUPE. J AT BRYANT'S HALL, 472 BROADWAY. THIS (TUESDAY) AFTERNOON. THIS (TUESDAY) AFTERNOON, THIS (TUESDAY) AKTEHNOON. BENEFIT OF MISS EMMA FoWLBR. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY. TO-DAY, at 2,'< o'clock. A. M. HERNANDEZ. AS THE DANCING MASTER. JOHN mulligan: AS JOHN VANJACKL1N. NEL8R SEYMOUR, AS JACK CADE. At Ml as FOWLER'S HENEKIT thla afternoon. CHARLEY WHITE and all the company this afternoon. FOR EMMA FOWLER'S BENEFIT. . THIS AFTERNOON, AT THIS AFTERNOON, AT V.(. THIS AFTERNOON, AT Stf. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. MB BROADWAY. The trouble commence* nt a quarter to 0. THE CBBMB I?K LA CRBME OK MINSTRELSY. BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD A BACKUS' SAN FRANCISCO MJNSTRRLS, whoee sucoess haa never been equalled by nnv elrnllar organ laaiIon In the world. New and cheerful Biirleaques ever/ week. Hilton Head Institute, Happiest <'oii|ile Out, Chil dren of Cypress. fmpoachment Committee. Shoutn of laughter at the Shadow and the Scro.imlng BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TROUPE. OLYMPIC THEATRE. Triumphant Inauguration of the season of GRAND HERMAN OPERA. The Excellent Company, the Superb Chora* and Grand Orchestra' were received laat night by one of the Largest, moil Fashionable mid Enthusiastic Audiences of the Sua sou THIS (TUESDAY) EVENING. FEBRUARY 5. Only representlon of Gunod's Grand Opera, in live acta, FAUST. FAUST. FAUST. FAUST. FAUST. FAUST. JOSEPH HERMANNS iu b's great role of MEPHIS TOPUKLES; also Mesart. Himmar. Formes, Mile. Fred rica. Msd imr .lohnnnson, Ac., Ac.. In the east. The Opera to bu appropriately mounted and strongly sap* P?rl&<blND CHORUS AND GRAND ORCHESTRA. To-morrow night, THE MAGIC FLUTE, only time posi tively. Grand Operatic Matinee on Saturday next, at 73 cents ad mission, without eitra charge for reserving In advance. STEIN WAT HALT,, WEDNESDAY. FEB. 8. NIGHTS TO THE GREAT COMPOSERS. LA8T FOUR WEDNESDAY POPULAR CONCERTS. Mr. L. F. Harrises has much pleasure In announcing that Wednesday next, Feb. 6, Is set apart for [a Wallace night, well known ?<>mrow will form tbe ? broyTaUtltW;. Medame PAREPA, ? Mr S B. MILLS, I Mr. CARL ROSA. ? J Mr. O. W. COLBY, / Mr. THEO. THOMAS, and Increased flrchestra, will tnkn part, making In all an array ol uucqaiUod talent, and affording in the admirecs of the late Will lad] Vteeent Wallace an opportunity of bearing many of his phneipal places to the beat possible advantage. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved seats Bhe. extra. For sale at Beer A Schlrmnr's, TBI Broadway; Pood A Co.'e, 547 Broadway; Rullman'e ticket oUlce. 1U Broadway, and Stclnwav Hall. The above pi ugra?e wMT be repeated on Monday, Feb. U, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. STEIN WAY BALL. BTB1SWAY HALL. A. DER9AUE, A. DES3AUE, A. DKSSAUE. FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRST URAND CONCERT, FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRST GRAND CONCERT, ON THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 1887, ON THURSDAY. rRBRrADT 7. 18?, ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1867. ORCHESTRA OF MR. THOMAS 80 PERFORMERS, ORCHESTRA OF MR. THOMAS 80 PERFORMERS. Choir?The best Singers of the city. 50 singers. Choir?The best Singers of the etty. 00 singers. Tickets for sale at Beer A Schlrmer's, Bcbnberth, Kordens A Martin's. Pond, Hall, Thnddeus Firth. W. Dressier, Dod worth Rodlgrr A Hill, and at Slelnway IfaJL Tickets gl each. Reserved seals $1 50. Ticket* for reserved seats at Beer A 8chirmer'#. Brooklyn academy of music. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, First and only PAREPA MATINEE, RAREPA matinee, WITH ALL THE GREAT ARTISTS. Doors open at 1, to begin at I o'clock. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. No extra charge for secured seats. For sale at the Acadjmv of Music. WALLACE NIGHT AT STEIN WAY HALL. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, AT 8 O'CLOCK. The orchestra will perform Overture?"Maritaua;" selections from "Martians:" Over, lure?' Lurline," and Quick March, "Under the Rhine," i>y Wallace. BUNYAN TABLEAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IN the world. UNION UAI.L. Broadway end Twentr thlrd'streel. Open everv night at 7; commencing at .J?. Admission, 00 era la; children, 26 centa. MaOnee Wednes day and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. In compliance with numerous requests of families desirous of hearing the celebrated Prima Donna, MADAM PAREPA. Mr. HARRISON best to announce ONE GRAND CONCERT, on Friday evsnlng. February 8, at 8 o'clock, with the follow log great artists:? MADAM PAREPA, MR. B. B. MILLS. MR CARL ROSA, and MR. G. W. COLBY. TICKETS, ONB DOLLAR. Reserved seals ? o?ta extra VTATIDNAL HALL. HARLEM. [>| Mr. K. O. B. HOLDER, the distinguished Composer md Tenor, reapeotfully annouuee his drat CONCERT, to ake place on Tneaday evening. February 6, 1867. lie will .? assisted by the following eminent arttstse:? llsa KATE McDonald, Mrs- ANNA PAYNE, 5r TH''MAS OAYNOR, Heir HENRI MOLLENIIAUER, llr. C. JEROME HOPKINS. Mr. EUGENE TRAHtOUR, Mr. WALTER RUSSELL JOHNSTON, Conductor. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. 187 ALLACE NIOIIT AT STEIN WAY HALL., 11 WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6. AT 8 O'CLOCK. Mr. CARL ROSA will play _ ... Smo for violin, "Adagio Rellelneo." by Boil; Fantasia for lolln: arranged by WaUaoe; xThe Laat Boso of Summer." Mr. 8. B. MILLS will pUv Grand Fantasia, by Wallace; and tbe "Recollections of lotne." 625 BROlDWAY.-8F.OOND FRKNCII EXHIBITION Of Paintings. Open dally from ? A M. until 6 P. M. JgLACN ART MAOIC^-A GENTLEMAN WI8HINO TO _. become in accomplished Prestidigitator will be thor. ottshly taught bv a Professor at a low pricei alee* vewUii first ofsss Stage I'ara[?>?-?? ???"" """T cheap. Address H. F., SO See-md a**a??s New i ork. Ml) SIC Al>. FINK ASSORTMENT OF PIANOS TO LET AND a. sold on Inatalmenu, at tbs manufactory. 158 and 116 mat Twnnlr-flrat street. L. P. CUMMINS. A A GENTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE Piano at pupils' residence for SIO per quarter. Best of reference glveu. Address, with residence, Teacher, box 112 Herald office. A SOPRANO SINGER WISHES A SITUATION W A church. Moderate salary required. Address Soprano. box 187 Herald office. A T THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF Ml SIC. El A Madison avenue, near Twentr-nlnth street. Piano, Vio lin, theory and tinging. Terms ?10 per quarter. The Con servatory Instruction books free. CYUITAR, PIANO. VIOLIN, SINOINO, HARMONY, JT Ac.?#08 West Twenty-sixth street, between Seventh and Eighth eventide Call or send for circular*. Lessons private! JAY JAY WAT-ION. Agent. Mason a HAMLIN, manu pactuhkks of cabinet Organs, salesrooms 5MH Brondway, New York, where may be round the large-1 asaoitmi nt or Instrument* of tbi* class In the oonntry. Prices, 975 or less to 81,IM) each. DKMT1STHV. ft V DELIOHTFULPROCRRH."?TEE rH POSITIVELY JA. extracted without pain with my new pri'ntl" In haler. most successful known. Cheap beautiful Gum seta, at VAN VLKOK'S, 175 Sixth avenue. . -DBAUTIPUL FULL SETS OF CONTINUOUS OUM J) Teeth, with plumpers to reeteiN rwthral appesraaee, ftofl*. Teeth extracted without thegM. R. MARTBL, M 9IXTH A??*?*. above Thirty ninth rtre<K?Iwbberjlt ofTeeth, with mpera, 98, ?7and $10. Old sets of Teeth boaghl * "ad* r again. teeth ?straot*) without pain. Offlot lii it lib aTtfio#. AMl'SEMENTS. VfEW YORK THEATRE." ? r. Lewi* Raker and Mark Smith SECOND WEEK of the highly ?uoc??ful Specmoular, Romantic Drauia of a or,.,., ? IU RD OP PARADISE, With Its BEAl'ffPUE MUSIC. DLLlou IFUL DANCING, CHARMING SCENERY, WONDEKFUL TU K NS PORM aTIONS AND SPLENDID CAST. SATURDAY. Feb. 9. at 2 o'eJuok, bird of PARADISE MATINEE. Theatre franc air-comedib. TUESDAY. PKBRIURY 8. 1*7, CE QUE PEN MR VF.UT, Coinedie; TURIN KT .V t.NNR I'Tr". Vaudeville. Saturday next, LE PACTS DE FAMINE. (in* it Historical DrtM. Ticket office 879 Broadway. at Dardonvllle'g. RS. P. B. CONWAY s PARK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. THIS EVENiNti. THE ROSE OF AMIENS. THE OCEAN YACHT RACE. GOOD FOR NOTHING, M Griffin a i iirirty's minstrels, FIFTH AVENUE OPERA MOUSE . Adjulnlng Fifth Avenue Hotel; o. W. rl. UKIFFIN MANAGER. J. C DUEnBKRHY AGENT. CONTINUED SUCCESS. CROWDED HOrSES. . DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. Thin Pnlarc Opera House la nightly thronged With the elite of the city. GEORGE CHRISTY continue" to delight hta many admirers. Ftrnt appearance of Mr. CHARLES BENIDICT, Comedian. Second week of the greatest Ethiopian comedian living, Mr ".SCAR HCUBAN K. ORIFF1N A CHRISTY in new act*. MUSIC, RINGING AND DANCING. rNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 201 BOWERY. An entire change Klra time of a new drama of MOST INTENSE IvTEREsr ASH GRAND 'EFFECTS, TIIK FEMALE BRIGAND CHIEF. ?iur. female brigand chief. New scenery, costumes. Ac. The rut re company In theeaeL A benutlDil new Ballet. I.A ROSE CIlERIE. TON* Y PASTOR IN STILL MO KB NEW MINGS. New Ethiopian Burlesques by thn crcat C.omedv Corps. MATINEES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. HOOLEY'S OPERA HOUSE, BROOKLYN.-THE BLACK CROOK, PERUVIAN HALLE f TROUPB AND PALACE OF HUGE DROI'S, DECHALCMKUA, My Father Sould Charcoal, The Breakneck Art, Paddy'* It eddlng. Cousin Joe's Visit. The Recruiting Office. Fife sod Drum Major, The Wonderful Ouilar Solo, Pbusbeatins Brown, Ac.. Ac. MORA'S ITALIAN OPERA TROUPE, AT THE FRENCH THEATRE (Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue.; LA i RAVI ATA. . WITH A NEW OAST, will be produced on MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 11, under the Immediate supervision of the new luipresaarlo, StONOR ANTONIO I.. MORA. At the earnest request of Ills umneroiia friends end fellow cluien*, Sigror Antonio L. Mora lies consented to give TWO SEASONS o[ Opera In this cltv. each seaaou to con sist Ot TWELVE NIGHTS AND FOUR-MATIN EES. For this purpose he has made arrangement* with a number of tlrst'class operatic artistes, whom he will have the honor of lot oJuctng to the New York public at the French Theatre, in Fourteenth street, on Monday evening, Feb? cry 11. The music lovers of the metropolis may rest assured that slguor Morn has endeavured and will assiduously labor to bring be fore a constant variety of entirely new artists' whose mil leal anilities are fully admitted In Uicprincipal European capitals. Aa an earnest of his iiiientlirii he lia. the pleasure of announcing that an engagement has been effected with RIUNOHA OlUDITTA aLTIFRI, Prtmo Soprano Assoluta. from the great Itahun opera houses in Italy Russia and Rio de Janeiro, whose successes In all Mie-e places has stamped her as ou?? of the most accomplished ar tist* on tho operatic stage. Among tho members of the troupe, as to whose abilities the Judgment of the public la re spectfully solicited, am the fol'otvlag ernin nt artists:? 8IONORA ADELAIDE PILLLIPS, The favoriie Contralto. 8JGJCOK ETTORk IRPKB, Prlmore Tonore Aswiluto from ihe Grand opera In Milan / Paris and Madrid. 4ilGNOR FORTUNA, late of the Batoraau Concert Troupe 8IONOR L. M1LLKRI. Grand Busso .laeelufo, from the Italian ' 'pera at Milan, St. Peteraimrsand Itlo deJani'tt-o. blUNOK NU'OLA RA.ilLI, Basso Caftanl-re Buffo. well known toy?;l New York epent goers. 'Ike season'will be Inauguia.ed on . MONDAY, Feb It, will) Verdi'* favorite Opera of LA TRAVIATA. Slgnora AltRrl tuaumlug her unsurpassed role of Violetta, tn which ahelhas already created such a furor In the Euro pean capitals and in Rio de Janeiro. Hlgnor IKFKK aa ILFUEDi' has already atuinea a renown which Introduces him td public notice without further statement on the part of the management. 8IGNOR FOR I UNA. late of the Italemsn Concert Troupe, will sustain the rule of Gerinont: and his unqualified suc cess on the concert stage Is evidence In advance that its ren dition will be all thut can be desired. The Orcbeatrn will be conducted by Signer ANTONIO MORA In person. The Chorua has been carefully dnited by the Impreaaarto and will doubtless prove antir-rnctory. . Price*?Adm'hSion 91 W; Dreae Circle (secured aeat),9I 8#; Parquet, $2: Prow-en turn Boxes. }'J0; Boies from SW to MK. Tickets may be had at Beer A Schinper'a. 701 Broad way, and also at J. O. Seymour A Co.'a, Noa 9 and 11 Nassau street, corner of Pine street. The sale of eeaeon ticket* eom menoes on Wednesday. CTREAT EXHIBITION OF PAINTIN08 T H. W. DERBY'S NEW ART ROOMS. M6 Broadway, opposite Wallack's theatre, Incladlng the original ROSA MONHEUR'S world-renowned HORSE FAIR, and 110 other ? SUPERB WORKS OP ART, formerly the private collection of W. P. WRIGHT. Esq.. of New Jersey. Open dally from ? A. M. to 10 P. M. Admls-lon Me. rtTALLACE NIOIIT AT STEINWAT HALL, ff WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY R AT 8 O'CLOCK. Madame PA RE FA will sing grand scene from Larllne, "Sad la Dtv Soul;" ballad from lb* Amber Witch, "When the Elves at d?wu do pass;" song from Marl tana, "Scenee that aie brightest." RAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT, G _ to be given bv the teachers and pupils of tbe Musical Com aervntory, 820 Broadway, tn Mr. Edward Mollenhauer, at Irving llall. on Saturday, February 9. Ticket* 91- ? To commence at 8 o'clock P. M. On this occasion the followlne artists will sppsar Madam* OAZ7.ANIGA. Soprano. Hignor MILLEIII, Basso. Missra. J. M. PATTIBON and B. BOCK ELM AN, Ptanlata. HENRY MOLLEVHAUER. VIollncelllaL BERNARD MOLLKNHAUBH, Vloltnlat. IT'ALENTINP. VOUBDBN. V TUB GREAT POLYNATIONAL MIMIC LAST WEEK?THIS EVENING AT SIGHT, IN HIS UNITY OF NATIONS. CLINTON HALL (OPERA HOUSE), ASTOB FLACK. 'ALENTINE VOUSDKN. LART WEEK. THIS EVENING AT BIGHT. OUR GOOD VILLAGES.?FROM THE FRBNCH OF Victorian Sardou. now being clayed et Wallack'a theatre, under the title of A Dangerous Home Cepteeceii be suppl ed lo managers without delay by applying lo 9 RANK RIVERS A CO.. Dramatic Agents, No. * West llnuaton street. New York. Theatre ticket office. Reserved 'eats for all theatre*, operas, concerts. Dalle. Ac., cau be obtained et the THRATRR TICKET OFFICE, 112 AND IU BROADWAY. API 1ST CLASS ACTOR RECEIVES PUPILS FOR thn stage. Instructing them prtvstely In the highest roles of the drama. Address Manager, station F, N. Y. PIANOFORTES. t BARGAIN.-A SPI.ENDID SRVBN OCTAVB XV carved rosewood PUno, coal HI: food u now; price, If Mid lbi? week, flSAO. At >43 Broadway, ^pj??Ue ^A atoi Am splendid seven octave rosewood ptano. forte, ?t a great sacrifice; bv best makers; aB impsoye menu; beautiful lane and (Inlab uaed only three moflUMS coal ??60; at half price SI Washington plae* near Urasoas*. J^ ItAONIFICKNT ahmirtnknt OP THB PIBBHT for i Bleecker street. and cheapest new and aecnnd band Pianos In tha ettv for sale and to rant, athWM. CAB DIMM' warernimi, 0 hlMf>k?r alMAf * AORKAT BAR'MIN.-SPI-BNDID 7 OCTAVB PIANO, by one of the be. I makers, warranted; need short Urns; cost $M0; must be told, owner leaving. 348 Bleecker street. ALaDT WILL BF.LL IIBR PIANOFORTE, ORIOf. nal price 8?*>. for leas than half price If takan Imme diately; Bret elaaa makers; 7 octars; rosewood: carved legs. Call for two daya al? Third street, near Second arsaee. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVB ROSEWOOD Pianoforte for sale; eoet$ton, for $300; made to order, one makers. Parlor, Chamber and Dining Furniture. 44 West Slaleenth a treat, near Mlith arsnue. BRADb CRY'S PIANOPonTC^RTABLlSHlfBRT MR. WK. B. BRADBURY. In oonseouenos of oenOnnsd III health, la compelled to close up his Pianoforte manufoo turlni bualeaa. and now offers for sale htn eeta bllahmenrln Whole or In [-art. The choicest of thoroughly seasoned lumber of every de scription. and all thiwv-quiattwa and Implements for the AT A AT DISCOUNT. IJs splendid stock of Pianos now on hand win be 441 for dtaoount of from twenty to twenty 8ve percent from regular pilose until further entice. The reputation of tbern Instruments U too wett eatabltahed to require rurthsr commendation hero. No such opportunity haa been oferei meljhim^it^ #bu,u,*N * M'oly Orvt class pianoforte at e UBNRY J. JVBWTON end L. n. BI0L<V Bu.lnass Agents, 437 Brooms atrert. CBcond hand rob swoop pt ano?finishbd tar fBo." rilffoeeih Hmh