Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1867 Page 2
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illTl' 1'1'IUH? W ANTKU-KbillU>. a Widow ladt, with achtld. ai.hi t; - JA desiroiia of a aUuAt*>a i.< huu-ek,eper la apitvu. fantly; iu .livaml lhdy not object; .aide. ts.? ir? not ?o mn; h an object ?? a home A it d re? lot three days L. A I., Hi oklyu Port office. A LAOT OF EDUCATION Dl.-IRl ^ A SITUATION A eon.pan'on with a ftvmllr g < ng i Vi*faU.t, the **e India* or Brazil. A<tdre?? i'aiu|ianioo, steviou I. RECOMMENDED OlillV t: gtrle wiiut situation* at Mi?. Lou* ? o.-ra^u liul .u.o, 17 Stanton at., near bowery. A GREAT NUMBER OF HERMAN Otitis FP.t ?iiu&UoQte Apply at 114 Cast tiou?tou ?t., afar |p uv. AI.ADY DESIRES A si. '.TiON A* COMPANION to a lady or or ho'iseteeper: no nbje. ivn 10 llie eouti trv; le Competent to do drcx-making and sewing; ooiiM>ei..-n lion leae an object than a comforUbl* home, reference*. Address Mr?. Mruug, station O. APROTF.STaNT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN a private farndy or a hotel or And class hoarding honae. The beat of cur reference gtrca. Ini|iiire at Wi, Weal l\ a?h Ington place, iu the tirat rear bouse, second floor. Cuu oe ? ecu for two days. ^1 TkSPECTABLR OKRMAN GIRL WANTS A HITCA JA tlou ita chambermaid, tu a prirate American faraiiy Apply et 3B later. * LADY OF RESPECTABILITY AND BUSINESS a\ habile, speaking the French end Eualtali Dtiguoies, wcu'd Ike a a.tuation lu aome genteel branch of business to aliunde! the Paris Ki|>oaition. Every utial'actipa requlalte given Cnd ie<julred as to prlortyles. responsibility and de portment. Address Frencn, swtlou K, Sub-1 o?t office, rh'tadelphU, Pa. . A YOl'NO I.ADY WISHES A SITU ATION AS GOU rernaute or interprr ir witu a fanillv going to Europe. References exchanged. Address box l"l Herald office. a FIRST CLASS DRESS AND CLOAKMAKER. J\ who understan all kiuda of family sewing, and can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's machine, wlshse a sltuaUeu by the day or week. Address Joaey Meed. VS Ullamsbuig Pn.t office. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN WANTS a ailuniion as cook In a boarding house or saloon; tho r>; ghly uoderxtands'her business. Call At No. 8 Amity pi.!.,#, in the atore. A YOUNG GIRL, WHO UNDERSTANDS MAKINO UP all kinds or ladies' and children's clothing made by Wheeler A Wilson's machine, wlalies to go out by the day or wick, or would take a situation in a atom. Call for two days at SI 1 West .litii sL A OIRL, ABOUT IS YEARS OP AGE, WISHES TO get In a fancy more vrheui she ean learn tha business. or would go In a respectable family to ba waitress. Call for two days at 811 Weal 3wth st . 4 'SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, i\ as chu i berinsid and waitress. ofClly relereaoc. Coll at Ada East lata st.. near 1st ay. A FIRST CLASS COOK, WABtlKR AND IRONER wants s situation la a prtrate family: U highly recom mended. Apply tor two days at 148 East Mih st.. between Hd.and Sd eve., fourth floor. A YOUNG LADY WISHES A SITUATION IN A PIlO tugrsuh gallery or a fancy goods store; sneaks French end English fluently. Addiesa A. U. M., station O. Arouxo GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST clans cook; can do all kinds of cooking; can get good c ty reference. Use be seen at 88 Wast l.<uh st for two days. a A YOUNG GIRL, AGED 16, WISHES A SITUATION for light housework; w.ige? $6 i>er month. C'slIX the residence of her parents, 818 East 34th St., flrst floor, hack A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES A situation ss nurse and plnin sewer; can tnkc the cntlro clt irge of a baby from Ita birth; has nine yenrs' city refer euce from her Inst plaoe. Cnn be seen fur two days at 639 6th sr., near 83d st, second floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS 000k, washer and ironer, or to do general housework In s small family; beat city reference. Call et No. 8Jouea st . In tbe rear. A respectable oirl wants a situation to do chain berwork and aasl-t to washing, or chuuibenvork and plain tewing; good city reference. Can be seen tor three dart at 240 Eaat 10th at, between lit and 2d ays., second floor, front rootn. 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO TAKE IN J\. washing and ironing, by the dozen or month, at her own house; lsnu excellent washer and trouer; good reference g ven. Call at 13b Attorney at, between Itivlngtoa and Stan ton sta, basement , A FAMILY GOING TO EUROPE IS VERY DESIROUS to procure n ailuation for a very excellent anA faithful soman as housekeeper or assistant housekeeper; trill be found both competent and willing to make herself ttecful in may department of the household. Most unqualified refer ence win be riven her. Has been in the family for a num ber of years in the above oapaeity. ' Addrees Mrs. Williams, station O. s ? \ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A NEAT AND .TIDY kP- girl, to do general honaework for a small family. Two years* reference from her last place. Apply at 313 East > h at., between sva. B and O. ' A RESPECTABLE OIRL. LATELY LANDED PROM Scotland, wishes a alt nation as chambermaid and wait ress. Good reference. Call for two days at 46B 7th ar. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as cook, washer and trauer. No objection to go a abort dl-aaucc In the country. Good reference. Call at 1(7 West S&1 St., rear building, second floor. A KKSrECTARLK COLORED WOMAN WISHES TO it obtain waahing by tbe month or dozen. Call at SlS 7th av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU A tton as good cook; U an excellent tv.whci and Irouer; has good dty reference. Can bn aeeu for two days nt C28 2d sr., second floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A 8ITUA Uou in a private family as chain brim J an 1 to take rare of ehildrea. Can be seen (or two tUys at 04 Wert fothrt. .. - - A "RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cbambortnaidund warftre**; br?l of city referenco. Call at 1(1East IDih ?t. . A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS cook waabur and Irouer, or to do crucial housework in n a tun. I family; can get good reference from liei laii place. Call .it (7 Scammcl at., second floor, front. "T"RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A "IJUATIONAS A chambermaid or to do general housework in a small private faintly. Call at 1?0 East Sfl'.u St. I A OIRL WITH GOOD REFERENCE WANTS A StTU alion to i?i | ?t.. second floor. atioo to ?h> general houscwci k. A; ply at ItW Las; ilth ior. liont room. Call for two days. A YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION JV as ,;oo l plain cook, or would do housework in ? pn-.?te family; can be well recommended, fallal KlOistu;'., be tereu lfti! and aw.: sta,, second floor, front room. a RK<PECTAHLE OIP.L WANTS A SITUATION TO a\ do gi-unrnl housework In a small privuie fsiudv, I* s gor ? plain cook and m esrelle-.-.t wn-hbr and trf.ner; ran give g . <1 city reietuuce. Call foi Uvo day* at 340 7lh av., bctwoe;. had i.uvl .CV1 at*. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL. LATELY I.ANDFD a v Irom the old country, wtshe? a situation to do general housework, is vnUing sn.l obligtuit. Call at lb:' Las; k>tn St. V RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WANTS A BITUA tlon to do chamborwora nud a--1st lu washing; good ally reference- Can be seen at l'.3 Wo-tEkl St., biit floor. APKOTKST.VNT OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rhsiiibkrinaid and waitress lias nn objeoilcua to do Kmrral bourn-work. Call for two days at 2bl West 21 It at., Inl floor; I runt rootn. A YOUNO OIR1. LATELY LANDED, WI.-UF.3 A SIT nation In a private family to do cliam'-erworg end see to children or do chamberworit and sewing < r would be will, tng te maks hersrll generally uselul. Call nt PI ties; tilth St.. between ttth and <th ars. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WIjsHR.v A SITU JJl Won as cook, understands Ftenoh nr.d American cock ing end all kinds of seeps nr.. dessert*, nrd is an ettcll ? ,t balchr. would eaetit with wanltlng end ire., i g. Ihren years' sity reference. Cell nt *' ureennlrh %?., unar Ba- .t street. , ARK9PBCTABLK OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or to do general housework; ha? good reference. Can be seen for two day- at 107 hast l tin at. A SITUATION WANTBP-BY A RESl'FCTABLF young gtrl, as wttrrss or chatn'>e-mstd: lute tue lee. of city reference. Can be seen at 47 West lVh si. A RESPECTABLE TOrNO OIRL WISHES A SITl'A tlon ns chamlierrnanl ntid waitress In a private family Can be ?aen at her present pl tce. Wsst hlt.i ?t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASb LAi S dress; understands fluting; the basl of city teftrtnee. Csll for two days at 134 Wee; ISth si, In the autre. a. A SITUATION WANTED-MY A YOUNO OIRL. T" mind children and dc plain eewlng Call for two days a; IM West llHh at , In the d?i?. A NUMBER OP WET NURSES, WITH BE FRIST NOES, -?a. want aftnafion* At the Nurse.' Institute No ft 6' j su, nsar the Mower/. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RBSPECTA BLE WO man to cook, wash and iron; Or would do general housework in s small family. The best dty reference can be given Inquire nt SB West l?th it. A YOUNO I.ADT WANTS A SITUATION TO TRAVEL with a lady. has just returned from the West Indies; never -easlck; would to to California or Europe. Can be seen for two days at 61 East IXtb sk. c ruer 4tb a*. A MIDDLE AOKD WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION T< attend store. or to work by t?is week, and board-tinmi Oo-d dty reference Apply at MA sta-.tor, at., lu the rear. a RRSPECTvlll.E PROTECTANT GIRL WISHER 1 A ^situation aa nurss end seamstress Apply at 8A Wet ARESPRUTABIiE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU allot, as ebarnhnrrnsld and seamstress, or would assist with the washingaud iron :-e orwottMui-ei ar*o I i' 1 dron; hasgood Jty reference. Apply WwrnKm. * A respect able woman wimhrm a situation as goodI oeok, exrellsnt wa.hvr and Ironer, who under stands her bds<ness well; ca t give th. best of r. r. renrr Can be seen for two days at UK bmllh at, bet nee u Bergen nnd Dean. Brooklyn- " ALL PAMILIB8 WANTING ' CAPABLE SERVANTS ARRHPROTARLR WOMAN WANTS A stTOATION Ad first rlaas wa I trans In s private family, go-d cily rof. evsnae Can be seen at 141 West 16th St.. between 7th and A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE JA woman, as ohsmbermstd and reamsiress or w* tre-s In a private family; has the beet eity references Ceil at W?fK n?., In the mlUlpy store. A ilTUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLR A ?MM; qJideratPids eook'ng In nil IUbranches his wJjhSdat' r *********f rwm her last employer. Cell et IK A fRRson Lad/, rpbakino obrran abd JJh PPenleh, wlshee a elttiaUoti aa seanaalreea Call at IM smakiKi wants work lee Own he men et M West Mil A.Tlv>*,3 WAX TW~f vlAWJ* ^ U .Hri-.orAULh, uiU.. III. A V",1 AJwiaeA? .mud ..ill run uudr.r ?l m ts maoi.tno ib*i 13 t all be urnit lur a wetk at 317 >iei.r> ? 111 Sl'KCTABI K \?.iM ?' WANTS A Hllt'A'llOX >\ i ... ran do a I ul ilutiu^. nth?- -at - . pi- - IT'O. S-I Wort 19th r. A I'i lPH Ul tf Wl.-ulES A .SITUATION AS A rV ii'ii'-m iM i-'tnl ?? ! 'Wi ?'*tjr reference pun A p. )>ly ut tlx.1 V, eat it ?t _______________ A_ ri arrmtH'.R oi?r. wants a situation as nui? rnaiuueri' .ul; I* a good ??.eauiatrrsa. guod , r , .i~ L . i>3?d 6.7., bouvi-eo 37tb amliiiSlii ate., fourth fl?or \ TOON orrtlj. WELL QUALIFIED. DESIRES A ?\ b'.'nMnn I" ? V"1'*!* tsmllr te do ehamberwork, with ?Tuii i-iiu ifiinout. iH.ui of .eie-cncs-a. inquire for Kate M' 1 7. a Jimes Mcl'onntok'e, 118 Tib nr., between 19th ut' ! lot! ktn. Ayorso girl wants a situation to no rlmmberwork and mulling in a private faintly: food ex. lefeteuee Call at 316 laT a*., beta eta 16ib and 36th ?tV. ?r on ! floor, front. A DRESSMAKER WHO UNDERSTANDS DRESS nt .kins In every style would like enfape merits In font Hies by the day or week, or take woik In bar uwn bouae; or wciuM cu a* Toreiromnn In a first class establishment. Call at 1 it East 91Kb at., between 3d and 3d are., Oral floor, back rootn. Acer-man girl wants a situation as up ataira girl or chambermaid. 361 7ih a*., between 33d and '.I'.'it ats. A SITUATION WANTED-MT A RESPECTABLE young woman. In a private faintly, a? plain cook, wash er and troner. Th- beat of city reference#. Apply for two days at HM Went 2Uth at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO DO cbaniberwork, aew, or make herself generally useful. Call at MS East 18th St.. nasr 1st uv. A LADY, WHO IS AN EXCELLENT WHITER, DE _?Y sires employment as enpvlst or to direct envelopes, as saleswoman or any other light occupation. Addreaa for one week A. E. B. C., 2W East 78Ui at. A RESPECTABLE TO UN a WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation to oonk, wasli ?nd Iron, or wouldi do housework S^liudaon'fct1 * Uker; *??d refereooe. OmU at A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS WISHES TO OBTAIN sf^ J"? J**??"1* ?or1n? or gentlemen or families at f*r ?*n re*'?*"ce: understands nil kinds of flne washing, Ld^jTA^ n fluUn.S, ran give good city rofsrenoe. Call at or address 111 hast 11th *t., third floor, froutrrootn No. 6. A DRESSMAKER, WHO IS ABSENT THROUGH THE day, wishes a Furnished Room, with convenience for a nre: pnrato family preferred; undoubted reference given and requited. Address A. L, 8., station V. g A S582F2T^i!T ,?IRV FOURTEEN TEARS OF AGE r,? r!?.? v ^ aNuation In *ny cap.iclty whereby she can earn for herself an hones* i veil hood. Can be seen at the residence of her late employer, 13 WV?k 9th at. A MHMph r!IRI* JV,.SHES A situation to do Zr fcneral housework in a small private family; the best ?f reference can be given. Call for two davsat 2^fl i?aa? 8Sth St.. second floor, back roorm aajaat an h.ast A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ..???th?st ?ras *nd lroner- C?U 'or two days at WO A ^SSSS^J^h WIsnES A situation AS dnamhrrmatd and waitress; good reference idvrn front room0 3 *l ^ We*1 Washington place, scroud Uoor! A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS t or ww'd assist in chamberwork ? is willing rCfereUC" 0 *e*? 'or A SITUATION WANTED?BY A EESPECTAHTF sj^kS's."* ~"" *"?' A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED ss& "? ^a" At *18 ad *t-. one door from 27tb at., tip etslr*. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITCA JnaA hlv."' F .^00,* ftud ''client washer and frouer; la a I1?! I>?tpf city reference. Call aftltMWee* *!?' between fth and Tth ar?., third-floor, back Mom. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A 'Swifh A 52?'te 12* lMT5ErEI A. RR8PECTABLlSwO y*an, to cook, wash and iron in a nrivate f&miiA <? ? oou.Ut 'HnT'beaf J^u!!?r0,; Ul i'?, objection Utba SSrJS'fatJSi M .S? nSmwm- C*U *"W E?*/2U A SITUATION WANTED?AS NURSE TO AN I NT A. lid or children, to trerel with a family going to Enrone orolsrwhere; accuitomed to the sea. Apply to or add^K Nurec, a?_Orand_"., opposite Lord A Taylor's. ?*f A PROTESTANT WOM\N WANTS A SITUATION AS a hbTrl' 1?rl,vaUu ,>ra11/1 ?"> ^ lUe ontiro chaise a baby Irom lu b.rih; good city reference Can be seen for two days at SW Bt'.i^v * In the store. gg-gjgT&&r$xy ?**"* ?i? A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A RITTA M .J. "u *" wok' w-aahar and irftURrj no <>t*jwoLon to uo as ft-' u waVihp If,dr"ihinri/Ud,i 1H* i1'1*" 7?*ber .nd Iron. 240 West Uti it ^ ?ot,d d,P refereuoe. Call at A DRESSMAKER WHO IS IN TITE HABIT OF GO. bUh: ^*T wouM llke,?? bar# ? few more rus adirvI.^Jo !(??? h. cut Slid fit in an establishment. Auuitss for three usvs Dressmaker, station F, Third*# v. A5..9.V!S1? *(i?.TCri WOMAN, WHO UNDERSTANDS rutting and fitting and children's dresies, would iiae to go out by the d.y or week ft., gentlemen's families l*n he seen nt 1,5 \v est 18'h st., basement. a Tor.NO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS WAIT XX re?s. or to do rh.mbc work or as tine lauodrtwe. Bes' ?t city reference. Ual. at 274 West 27,1. St. A BKsi F.t rABI.L WOMAN. WHO IS A GOOD WA8H er and trt iiei. wishes to get aoru? work at her own hor,*?? or wo*.ud go nitj ha* the b^ st of refercr.c Cau bo seen at her ov. u hou^t 12i West 2frth at., letwc.; and 7th. Ask for Mr,. Carr. YoUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS FIP.ST els- < lat.'.dtv .in a private family; u-derstanda her buslnes- tho.fiifhly; enn do I ron, h flutlrg. Has good city Can' wra a' *20 8th ar., second floor, Mvni. ASnUATK'N WANTED?BY A RLnl'ECTABLP WO Tuar, as rook; ran do all ktnd., ot baking and is willing P.. assist Its the washing. Best of c'ly ivfrrotiee from her last place. Car. be seen for two days a'. 4H3 21 a? ?cinier jBn* ?it. A 4 P.E?Prr:T\IILF YOUNG UIRTs WIAHER A fUTUA a.! iiok a* nur?v ?*tid or tc? do ' hamberwork a . " vltlrg, Ap>ly a*. 313 Writ :*lh nt., In the fear. I nPHPKOrABIsF. AMbcICAN WIDOW WOMAN w.aui# v.'ock ; ill do the work of a e n ail familv. or J. Ill ffc cut by the day to v rk, or do '\e rhamberwrrk in m fetm'y. Itrii of trferenees giron If icji'lred I",.'fort* a d>it 2fA l'.?e'_iaiu_fc'., f.- .-tb floor, back 1 AM | YOUNG LAt'Y IS DEB I BO US TO 00 OUT BY T-lf day or week aa drossmakor. undel?t?,uds making i .a e, and ch'ld-or's r.r.d< .garment i.i gCuer I < an work Ig1 p't^Tk: * sewing maohfne. Applp 397 .ftdelptil i f i -ectabm: yoi no woman wants i srru. ntion e, wet nuree; she has a good IrrnUof milk Oaod reren t.ce ran t>e r-ou from her la,t place Aptdy at 2? Ks ,? Ilili si., beewen l>t aad M ?yf. ft WIDOW I \DV OF MIDDLE AUF IH DESIROUS IX o. a situation n, housekeeper in a priyate f,.rady, who-a ? *e could have he- child with her. Oat; a' 31 .? East ils* ?t B90on<i floor, frortt room ^ A MIDDLE AGFD AMERICAN LADY WISHES A ft.titatloii ;.i housekooprr or lo take rare of an Inynlld u<;.*' " a S 'at render and m.dersiands all kind, of family lTl,'"?nCe ?whanged. Add res, Mrs M. K. Heta'd A^m COLORED OIRL WANTS A ST1UATION AS CHAM u *0,li elty refovetlce from *ee t all el 7^ West SOth st., over grocer/ store. A colored girl wants a situation ah wait. re,, in n private family: g.od r!t? refereix-- rrc>? ii,, pisce. '. alt at ,'s Ae,t Aftli ?t., over grueery ?'Pre A Yisur..5 a mTTTaT;*!? ?.* CIPMHS.n (w ,i^l. .i"is- ???? ft tl't rele-. . e "-H litt , 0 ' - ,4' Ye?! -1st ? ^t>eiaecu 7th and 'ha, A I'ftiZ''? V>ok**ta?d* all kind.s of . ? I tlt'lug Children's and la .. a! V ,a, ?,4ew'"7 ""S'^ice, kill gu p?t hy the n % A Engfind its?d'-.'TeVi vmn'mr. met!* or bctittk?f.pfr; ^rouid hr ? p> <>ih? ?i!? f?7r*2Zi ARl i v ATI OB WANTf D??r A ('i)MPFTFVT vmrMV* worUiy woman, to do uiafu mv' iv tni rKemk tl 19 L at., between 6th and 7re. third llw, "l Aflfn ATION WANTED?BY A RLSPEi'Tftltf V young wom.tu to ?Hjk, wa?h and I rvrJlL} ! V . Willing to take oooticg slons; l?e,i el;? rafenanM T 1 d, Place. Call at TP Wesf ?o, .u. betw^qL? U" A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RKSPBOTABLF Wo man, a. coot U a good baker of bread .?h ?r?' wtlllng to S.sslst with the washing and Ironlog aud likl ChargUof a am.ill dslry; tbeauiiitrr nrefene,! g...,d relsr _c" b***<,u fur tw? tisyftat8j-iSmThi\S^t7 ft P.ESpKCTftBLF OIRL WaNTB A HltUATIONTO .A d ? ip-neral hcuseaork. er a, i hsmbcimaid ?9d aK refei-er.'-e. OsH for tw,i d?r? al Mr. Dan MeCaftr's ?? Last Mth eft, between 1st and ?l a?? *?.arty s, Kg A REapJlCTABLIt OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH ? chsnibermald and to aestsi in washing ,nd ironln* or would do housework In a small private family ? beat of iaf 'routrooBL '?r ,wo it .ttdfSfcX; A WANTED-BT A REsTfcTABLR and li?T. ??? tfom*D','0 a pri?al? farall/. as euok, washer ?* v\ e^i Wi ,0r0!l? ' UBd*f*tand* b,r business. Call at 'll!!*1'.st- oornsr of 8ih ar., over lbs lea store. A WANTED-BT A REMPEOTABLR huuseViAr T. wunni0 00s#K rVh **? lrWJ' 2L*? d0 t*ncr.| st ill) hut gist? * oollglng; best of refersooe. Call A yha^ul^.s^WYy-iT A TO UNO OIRL, AS rally useful: Is wmn?. . s lrv."i wouW "ske herself geue 'ftetVeft. baU o' referoooeTrot. A by'thc dsyWw*k or ZifS,# 70 00 0UT RBYINO ladles' and ehtfarZfP .Wt ?"d *4 all kinds of O.n t., scm fv two'da^fj, i,d0.?hJ^r^VW"",,rr WTU.lTTOf.l V* V' T^f*? \ l'r? v f ?" rrsn' ?? s? y-nn-, ti " m ? ? ??"? ' ? 11 .wi. im J " ? I I i.s l.*s 17Hi m., r I i tr .1 St 1* , i.p i.", r. b. ck ? h:ti)a.-.o: wtrr n h\ a : .1; *antg :tu A t d- r?.i?r^: cork; in ot cu..d eu. Call at ?>-u ItvkiJ/iu *L., fCIII ll'il 3,-i Slid lUUib.a. A YOCN I W I.MAS. WHO UN DERA I'AN D4 Ui'.'-H. '' m king nit1 17 and Citing 0.' tUrna'a el ,lhes. ?itunUuu *i n ,.ui>in's?. Ape y at .4 id ?iv , 1S1.1 w A KEMP OT4BLK INOfilkl WOMAN WISilKS A ? * ' mi 1 a ruk t a 0. ?? rat# baker, and rullv 11 d>r Stands all In br.iuctn'*; HO objeelion 10 Hi it ol.iss h.iartl bg houie; refc: unites Cult for two day* ut 210 tVo-t IStn at. A SITUATION WANTKD?BY A RRSI'RCTABI.R i\ young woman, to do gonernl houtfwonk; good city reference A| ;>ly for two day. at 354 7tli av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A TIDY GIRL, TO *!? i, or will do geivrrr l hnu*?*ivork in asmallprlvnte family; I. wlPiug and obliging in way. and not afraid to work; a good home preferred to wage*. Ila* food city referenoe. OaU at ltt) Kaal Sid at., third Uoor, back A RKMECTABLR TOUNO OIRL WlSOKfl A SITIJA J?n M chambermaid and nurse, or nuraa nnd plain & .-n 4m;?rwork V.'d '""i" "> waahlng and l-oning The beat city raft cnoe. _Oall at 22# 7th a*., for two day*. A .RPpectABI,E MAURtBD WOMAN WANTS A (Uyaat?6?EaatMthSt*' h#row" re,ideao? Apply for two ARBHPBCTABLK TOUNO OIRTj WISHES TOORT A situation hi cook lu a private family, U a good plulu ???..! "J5 ,?i.n nnd w",h' ?n(1 mnke herself useful about the of cHy; Su/MfcE* l" W*Ter"r PUC*' W#il A YOUNG WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION TO DO -f\ general housework, or as laundress; Is willing and ' obliging: has the beat of reference. OaU at 147 West 27th at., tir?t Boor, back room, door No 1 ARBSPKCTABLK WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION aa 000k; ?ha thoroughly understands hor buslries., and 5*" . ?I?7,bo?tot ?"T references Can ba aeeu for two daya at 268 3d at., between 23d and 2Sd ats. A SITU ATI ON WANTKD?AS EIRSTOl.AS3tI.ArN. dre*-; understands fine washing, Frensh fluting nnd y.or 0011 "'II ?"T reference. CaU at 411 2d ar., near34th ut., second floor. A SITUATION WANTED-AS FIRST CLASS COOK understands her business thoroughly; will assist in washing also chamberwork and waiting; rltr reference. Call ut 411 2d St., near 24th at., second floor, front. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO cook, wash and Iron for a small family; referenoe given. Apply for two days at 637 3d av.. top flour, front. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU a -??.uf*n?Ira*.LJ "nd ??"??? 1 ?l?o a good coo*. r'?'i wou^d like to do the wo?*k of a small fam!iy; hare u^rZvar two iia we*! A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN DE aires to do waehlng or Ironing or cleaning by the da* Uoor front room? ,W8IL 0811 49 W'Ml 25111 ?t^eel' Cl?i A YOUNG GIRL LATELY LANDED WANTS A SITU, at on a. chambermaid or to mlrnl children; will make acrself gnnerally useful. Apply at 28? Baal 18th st A R.fcS.r^T^^? \0lTf,? WIDOW WOMAN PE. ?XX aires to take ladiea or Rentlemen'a WAshinn tn l.. I tTe?l5rCaifaf??27 G?mhw7A "? ?"J#Ctl?Q to ?? toia.h by | '"e s-iy. call at 1.7 Oreonwluh av., second flour, front room. A .C00K DESIRES A SITUATION IN I ax a hotel or rcstaurAnt, iti city or countrr as matt or Rv/^ar'asir^ipg. it&xsft:} A??rTi,AhJ0N WANTED?AS NURSE AND SEAM, airess, by a competent person having over twelrc venc* ?? fp?" fat"Uy fct",VBr fond of oliihlren city M We? Uith .t? lrt'? dayi 121 W#4t or address st. ss&SSSFa yg A YOUNG OIBL WANTS A SITUATION AS 01IAM af^uki'f'riBliiii 1nH?iiid * b.ak?ry or eonfecUonery; dry gootia storo! ?"?"?/. Apply at 187 llesfcr A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A RITL'attgw to do general housework. orfbVtairo work has 4odeV? reference, t Can be aeon for two daya at W Boat 11th at. " KA.jjg-JgjBT'- m w? ARR8PECTABBE YOUNG GIRL WTSHR8 A 8ITUA Hons saee mstress by the week or month: can operate f taeMir k Wilson'* and Grover A Baker's i^achiner can do aU kinds of family aewing. CaU at 180 Baat ?Hh at A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8fT uatlon aa aoamstresa and to do light chamberwork or ZLgrttLflLT*1 ohUTn- reference wn bi IhthV present place of employment, '233 West A 222^1 J^P?5TiLBUS TOrNO WOMAN DE. Zikt2S?l?VR,1il bvthe day aa aeamstress; undersUude All Kind* of family tewlDf, and is confident ahc can five mat Wactlou. Ha. the b?f of city reference. Apply at ? A SITUATION WANTED?BY A CAPABLE YOUNG i af* ehambarmald and waitreas, or would assist r"i? Tt? ilf" .T1,'*, beat of reference Irom her last place. Call at 87 West 24th St.. for two da/#. P CHAMBER MAID. -A SITUATION WANTED, BY A \ Jf J?'1!;3 "ro'"an, as ehambermatd aod waitress, has the adorer Ifie^'^V.0" *WU for ^ ? ?d COOK -A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTa A SITU ation aa cook; till,te: stands cooking in all ill branches is an excellent baker; will aeaiet in tbe coarse washinaif required, good citv reference. Apply at 2K''? ?th"v?te. tween 13th and ltfiti ?ts., In the ca'iliiy store. COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT woman, At thorough cook In a private family ? undftr. f kind* of French CngUsh and American cookery aU kinds of bread, cake and nastry, creams, Jellies, ice* U S17"li oSSdf&M'S*"e.. petentto tke cl.srge of au infant from Us birt{ and do phi,' sewing. Ocodctty reference. Call at 13 Uuire'raitv place, i-ourt, between lltb and Uth su. ' XTULSE'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTKSTANT ?Tv wt msii. who |j ( umpei- .t to t ike the en'Te r'large of ?" "? l,|r!h; CT tc bring It up by hand, the best ?ferenwi can l*1 ?wwlng. Call for two day* Streets ?Urt' Val,rT^ pUce. belwee" 10th ?tlllfh WANTBD-TO DO GKNBRAL IIODSE work. t? s good cook, wnshe.- end ironer; grvod?it? ref. erenee. Call at W* Weet Washington pUoS Hmt rear house, secon floor. ' to*c C5TUATI0N WANTLD-m A YOl'NO TRENCH OIRL, U M tif.rM or Itiy't mnld t? no to Europe lrlth a family, cnn h|if*k Kronel and English fiver,tly. Call at Mra Ber nard'*. M West Ilo-iston el.. room A2. CJTTl/ATION WANTEP-bY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Li woman, a* rook iu a private family, best of re,rrt-nc?, no obit- Urns to a sho t drst?uee lathe oouutry. Inquire for two ili?>a at 141 Wast loth at OITUATIOK WANTED?AS COMPETENT COOK IN A 0 a private family; would asylst with the washing If re quired, i* an ercelleut baker, baatof referenoe Oalrat No. 1 Aftsr t.laee for two daye CJITI ATION WANTBD-BY A rROTBRTANT GIRL. TO o do gen-rsl housework, or to cook, wash and Iron. Good city references g.rsn. Apply at ?T SBth at., near 9th a?., roar house. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, k? imi nurse or reams,re?i-, oan take rare of a baby from Its birth : no objection to go a ahort distance In tba rouutrr. Good olty references Oa'l for two day* at 154 Wcat 19th st, ?rst floor. TW tanuATiow WANTPti-rr, do general nousp. t ' work, oeok, "fast, rtnd iron; food city reference. Call at 799 Waeh,a*".o at. QJTV/ATTOM WANTED-BY a TOP KG WOMAN, AS kj rh<,mbermaM and* or anrae and eesmstross can be well rco,-mtn*ndod. Apply at 9* Stb ar. 'ITCATION WANTED?AP WET MtTRSB, BT y young widow woman. Apply at III City Hall place fn.T'A'nOK WANT 'l?-AR lft'RBK OR MR A MHTRF.A.H; fiJfUtt ra. a fr9,n ''?* "flfc. O.'stl city refer, enro. Call atItf^foftlWaww ? St ITU A HON WANTLD-BY A K GHLY RESPECTABLE 7 wo:nsn,ae rnirje; ron take chargo of an infant fiom Pa bfrlo, or grosftt illt children; Is i? gets' Msnrnstree* Would hare uj oi.jweiton to go ib vrauga .V a. <l,K-d city refer a owe. tan be seeojor two day* at |7) Wc*t >0 ?t. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOvT"* wan,a:., as ebaiubonnsld; would n.slet with the waahlag and ironing; good etty reference. Cell ?t M Eaat flld at. SITUATTON WANTED- BY A RESPECTAM.R OIRL, to do general honswork In a natal: private fan, 11? good reference. Apply at 7fi Watts at. SITUATION WANTiJD?BTA RBSPECTABLB WOMAN, as good cook; would assist At washing and Ironing for A ahort time; beat etty reference Call at 113 Weat 15th at ACTUATIONS WANTKD-BT TWO YOUNO WOMEN: k~ onatocrok wash and (run the other at ohambarmaid and wal'roaa; n?objeotiona to the country, good refereuce. SITUATION WANTEI)-BT A YOUNO OIRL, NOT long In tbia country, to do ohamharwjrk and plain aew Ing; or wonld do eh .mberwork and waiting in a prlvata family; la willing and obliging Can he aeon at 2S7 Waal ITAh noer il>th a?., rear ho .se, top Itaor. QittTATIOW WANTED-AS PLAIN 000*. WARHRR O and troner, In a small prlrata family; etty raferenoM g.ven, Apply at 7*?flth ??? In the confectionery (tore. sJITUATIOV WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG O woman, to do goneral housework; good elty refarouoa. Call at 901 VVoit 19th at., ooruer lotb a*., for two days. SITUATION WARTED-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, O * r, ok. wart and Iron, is * pud baker; eaa coma well recommended. Call at 119 Weat Kith at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO O gtrl, to do general hoitaawork; will make herself gene rally useful. Cad al 44 13th st., betwneu 6ih and fth ava Situation wantkd-bt a tuuno woman, ab ohambermsld. Good olty rsfereuoe. Call at MA Baal b It , near 1st as. SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT TOUNO girl, to do chambei work and waiting in a private family: noobjaotloB to the oountry; guod oily referanoa. Call at 119 Wast 19th at. for twe dara. SITUATION WANTID-BY A COMPETENT WOMAN aa Drat class oook, uudsrsunds cooking la all Ui branchae: na oblaotion to assist at washing la a prrati family. B, of elty reference. OaU at UT 7th a*. "ttuatiowh whkted-hkmai.ks. C'TUATIOW WANTED? KV A REflPEOT ART, young 1 w,?maD, MM ^HOii <OOK, kliJ to fMlfct Mr til (be WHllhiltg unci 1' mug. Ue.-i ol rrlrrcncr Apply 123 Weat Uhii ?L, first floor '?ITl'ATIOB J ANTED?HY A Y'?UVG GIRL. 17 VK ' R ' "'I'!, to do Uchl rhuuihe ?ih ?'?nd wailing or la'tc c ire of children: good , uy re ft i en. ?. Call at 132 West 16th ?t., be -ii lith uuj 7ih are. w J IT IT ATI' IN WAXTKD-BY A OlSI'.MAN GU.L, AS cook nd to do general housework. Inquire at LM Me;cer ?i , n-uw 13. SITUATION WANTED?A6 CHAMBERMAID AND > WH'tr'-ss; ?,?>,1 ritv refer, nee. Call at 148 West 17th ?t., between 7th and Hih ava. (SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL AS CHAM i be. ma d uml to a mil in wailing, or In audit in washing hii i ironing in a private lainily or boarding house. Apply at 333 3i*t at. flO PHOTOGRAPHERS. ?A FIRST CLASS LADY I artist, of many ye ir?' experience^ would like to fialnt In oil fancy background* for ptu.iograahi. Andreas lor two weeks Angelica, box JUS Herald ott.ce. , Ti\VO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH BITUA tloua to do chain'wwork and waiting; hate four years' city refcrenco from their last plrtce. Call for two days at

(hill 6th .-v., between 4Mb and ttill.mU. TU WO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL8 WISH BITUA tiona In n hou'e together?line to cook, wa?h and iron; the other to do chambertvork and waiting. Can give city references. Call for two d.iysat eJo fid av, second door, trout room. TWO RESPECTABLE OIRLS WISH SITUATIONS? One to do chain berwork and aaaiat in wnshiug and Iron ing; the Mhrr :is wnltresa. G<>od reference. Call at 100 West 28th St., between 6'b and 7th av*., for two days. TO.' ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITU A- , VV tins; la a good plain oook; Is willing to a**lst with the washing and Ironing; understands baking. Good i?fercnoe can be given I* willing to go a short dUtance in the coun try. Apply at 244 Weat 18th at., front basement. 117"ANTED?RY A RESPECTABLE SCOTCH WOMAN, vV a situation as cook In a good family; understands her business in all its br.uche* Can be highly recommended and seeu nt her employer's, 210 West S7th it, W ANTED-BY A RESPECT A?LE WOMAN, A SITU A. tion In a prtrate family as a competent cook; one who has lired with some of the (lrat families and haa the best of city references. Call at 626 6th sr., between 34s. and 63d . at*. back, In the rear. TI7 ANTED?BY A RESPECT A RLE PROTESTANT GIRL, VI a aliuaiion as nurae In a amall family to do plain gear ing or light chamberwork. Can give gorij reference. Call fur two days at 87 tf'.li sr., front reom, fourth floor. "11/ ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, to do general housework; Is a goo'd plain cook and a good washer and lroner; has good ottv reference, CaU at 216 west "8th at , belween 7th and 9tb ays. "TOT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE if woman as chambermaid and wall ress, or to tike care of children: good reference. Call at 169 West 33d at., rear house, room No. 9. WAKTBP?A CQJtPRTTiNT PERSON WANTS A t t situation as ae&matress sad upper nurse; is a Pro'ett ant. Can be seen for two days at 1,170 Broadway, near 23(1. si. TO'ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A CHILD If to board, from 2 to 8 or 10 year* of age; will have the enrnfirta of a home. Call at 171 Eaat 23d St., second floor, back room. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, THE WASHING of a few ladle* *r gentlemen. Has lived tu private families Call at 171 East 224 *t., second flour, back room, or at I'M 6th ar. TTA?TB5-rA ?1tt'atio>', by a German girl, " fur ui'-m-i 41 houJewuik Or to cook, wash and iron. Call al S3I vi*e*t 3Jth st. first floor. Y\TANTED?A SITUATION, RY A RESPECTABLE TV woman, as lirsl cla** cookx the best of city reference can be gireu. Call at 73 Weit ifTu st., near 6th av. 117ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TRUSTWORTHY VY young girl, to do chambcrwork end fine w.iahlng or to do ohanibcrivork and nurse: she is competent and willing: 1 poo l girl and thit n'at; has good cllv ref rrenee from her lit .1 place. Call for two days at 230 East 16th St., corner of I?t av. TITAN TED?BY A COMPETENT PROTESTANT WO . VT man, a situation a* first cook; no objection to a I first elm's bearding liouso or saloon. Apply *1 81 James at. TITANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPUCTABLE TV young woman, a* chambermaid nnd waitress or to lake care of; understands Wheeler A Wilson'* sewing marhine; test city raferenoea. Call at 83 West 38th it. TXT ANTED?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE TV wp-x in a small private family. Best city reference. Call at *83 East 19th St., second floor. TTTANrED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE II woman, asrook: nnderstunda herbiufness thoroughly; Is also a nood baker; it willing to assist in washing it re 3aired. Good reference can be given. Can be vera for two aye at 230 7th sr., near 2ath at. Inquire In the store. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BT TWO OIRLS; ONE AS chambermaid and waitress; the other aa chamiwrmald and iieamstreaa. Can be ?-en tor two daye at their present employer's, at Columbia College, 4ih av. and MKh st. WET NURSE.-A YOUNG BCOTCH WOMAN WIBIIES a position as nurse in a good family, or would take an ? Infant to wet nurse at her own house. Call at 167 Monroe at., near Jnekeon, third floor, back room. "TR7,ANTED?A SITUATION. NT A RESPECTABLE TV married woman as wel nurse, with a Ircnh breast of milk. Can be seen at 91 East lUh at., between let sad fid art., over the baker's 117ANTED?A SITUATION BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, vv as nurae and seamstress or as lady's maid; can dress hair; has the best of etty reference. Can be seen for two days at 366 6th av. TIT ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION vv to t*ke care of children aud dociismberwork; iias good referen-e from her last place. CaU at 323 2d av., near 3"ih ?t., third floor. TRTANTKD-BY A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN. A vv good home; wage* ot no consequence: ran do all kinds of sewing, and I* willing to taka care of a child of fuur years or older. Address A. C., station F. TO7ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TV yonng woman, m nurse and aeamstre*a: can do all kinds of embroidery, or wimld do ch uu berwork and assist with washing and Ironing: host uf oity reference. Can be seen uuul suited at 8U \v< st 16th at. 1*7 ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A TOUSO GIRL. TO TV do chamber work and sraiUng. will assist with One washing and ironing Can be aaen a* 202 Ka?t 26th at. TO ANT1D-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A vv sltiutL-ti as cook, washer and lroner In a private family Call for twa days at Sd6 East S2d at. WANTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN. A SITUATION AS flrit etaea cook; understand* cooktug In all It* branches; ta an eirellenl baker; will nsatat tu the wa*h1ng and tcnlng Ha* got<d cfty reference. Call at 26 West 24th st , thin', floor, back room "TOTANTED?A_ SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV youna gir. a* rbambetma.tb au-7 keaiustrc**, or au as and seauistreas. call at 109 West l#th sr. WA?TR-?~A BITUA TION, BY A PROTESTANT EoriIsk woman, as clsaaeook; understands cook lug In all lis hratic. es; no objertlon to c;t* or country- good olty -eferc"cee ( an le seeu for two days at IK KH.'rheth st., In the rrar. IlfANTKO-.A blTTATION. BT a FIRST GltASBCOOK; vv undcratond* n't kinds of me?'? and soups and baking, li\? no oMecuon ? to asxiat with the n.-thing and Irotiit'g. Ca'l at 341 Weat 26th * .. between At', and9th avs, TOUANTED?A ?ITl A TION BY A YOUNG WOMAN; X* Tf nn rsoel ent cook and first clas* waahnr nud i-OMr; li?* the be?t ot &X} referonces Inquire at 42 8U<1 st , near Lexinglon av. WANTBD-A SITUATION BT A RESPECTABLE WO man a* oook or laundress, boaiding bcuse preferred. Can be seen for two days nt 178 Kav. utu ?t. WANTED?A SITUATION, BT A COMPETENT PER ton. to do general housework; U a good plain cc-k, washer and irot er; ran bring good ref ere-oe Can be loan at 411 8th ar? between Slsi and XJd sts. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A TOl'NO WOMAN, asiiiiree; la rapa'de, kind and willing; no chjc-ltons to traval'-ng to California with a family. Call at 149 West tlli at., In the rear, top floor. W ANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS, WORK by'he day or week: tip lnr?t*nda eutttng and fitting all kftids of children's ch-tlit. g. ahopmaking aud dress making Can he seen for two days at 806 2d a?, ketweea 4kl sail 44lb ?ts., second BooH WANTBD-BY A KIDDIal AGED LADT, A SITUA ttfth toiakewreif an Invalid ledy; best refetenee gieea. Addreaa It. ,T? ? Brooklyn fo?t office. _ \HAirr*[>-lY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO olftL, A V? altuatlon u chambermaid and wat^,; hju pre m?; ctty refe'cnee from Lor laal rlai*., pj; |0r iwo day* Sll city ??.??} '.Jtts it. M ' ~ ~ **? * Tilt -T | WaNTKD-BT A WIDOW, AT UER OWN* TYit. dear?, family wealilng; would bfl wJlVnt to*-cut the Aral il.ree d*>* of llie e i#h; It a flrsl r'oTT can rctcr to flrat eiata fam'llot. Apply at IW Won Mil a*., rear h-use, rcom 10. Wanted-by a respectable youno girl, a aittiatton aa chambermaid and wait rear, (too4 refar enoe. Can ba ?een tor two ilayt at K> dth ar.. third floor. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa rook; baa no obtertlon to atalat In tht washing and Ironing, la naat and tidy In b?r hal-ilt- baa the bet', altr rcf. aronoa. Can ba acen for two day* at IM Wett 85th at . third w WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE girl aa cook, waaher and Imner, 1* a good bread and blaeult baker; baa the beat of city rrfrrtnoe; uo ot'Jeotloa to ibeoonntry. Can be act ) at ill Wat; 35th at , between gth and 7th aea. ANTBD-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE g girt, aa oook and to aaaial In waihtng and Iron ing. mi aovan yeara' rafarrnc-e from ber lait place. Call at III KHh at., near 7th ar.. third floor, front room WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A alfuailton aa chambermaid and waltreta, la willing to aaalatwltb the waahlnfand ironing; no objection to g-> to thaennniry. ltaethe beat of oity reference Call at Kb beat 15th at. WU ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO GIRL, TO do general bonaework la a email family. Call at 810 WANTRD-BT A RKSI'ECTABLB PROTEST ANT ? girl, a euoallon aa ehambartnald and waltreta, or wauld take care at children and do chatnberwork. Good reference. Can ba aeen at 575 3d a?., between Slat and SM atreeta. 11/ANTF.P-BT TWO OOMPBTRNT SERVANTS, SITU Y ? atlona In one family; one aa oook and lanndreaa; doaa up llnena In atyta; an ncellani baker; tha othar aeeham barmaid and waltrcaaerregular wallreaa, waaeafliandBIA Call at IM Baat Hal ?t. ANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY OP EXPERIENCE AB dram and cloak maker and good family aaamatreee, a raw mure engagement# by the day or week, operatee oa W heeler A Wdaon'a and (irorei A Baker'# machine* Ad dreaa for one weak Mia? M. D . auti -a A, Spring at. w srnrATioni wawtkd-femat.m. fl'ANTED? BY A RB8PPOTABL* YOUNG WOMAN ? ? with gt en', elty r. ieienocs a ?.tuAtwa a* Brat >..**4 CaP : .r t wo <*?>.?? at MB Tib llf AWTTD?A SITI'ATIOF BY * PKf TRWANT OPR. V ? mm girl, as elumtbaf Utal4 or to do (, a?i J noua* work; can do w?\hl-j and ironing; icrred ii Ames lean fair y ?kn .rl-iiilich) KngLiU. Apply at 1.3 Kirington st., rear. IITANTI-1>?BY A NEAT GIRL OF IS. A SITUATION ' f a.i oi m chambermaid and wattreai. or (iiild's aoru and 10 ion for n luflr ivho boar Is, wsge*$!J, U willing and o:ng' Jg. Call at IPS Last "ml >U WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN, a baby to nurse at her onr, bouse; car take It flora Its birth; the best of refeienc* gtveo. Call at 1M dth AY., top tit or. w 'ANTED?BY A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN. A homo In a :espectab> family, for thteeor four weeks, to do plalu sewing or euperiuteuJ household affairs, for a moderate compensation, beat reterenoe given. Call at 68 Irving plane. WJ ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A S1TUA tU?n to do chamberwnrk, washing and iioninz or housework: cood city reference given. Apply at 133 West 17th at., northwest corner 7th ay. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to cook, wash nn>1 iron; best city reference (riven from last employer. Call for two day* at 96 West 24: D St. w J ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE ' girl, as cork In a respectable family; Is willing to a ???1st th tn? washing and ironing; la an escelient h. Iter; no ?b. jectlons to^a 'Hrg? family, or to go in the country; ^hae good reference from her last places. Can be seen for three days at 810 Stanton at., between Lewis and Goerck. XJtTANTED?BT A YOUNQ WOMAN, 8BWINO BY THE Vf day; has a good idea *of di easing; oan cut and fit chil dren's ore?aes; ie a good operator on Wheeler A Wilson's se? ing machine. Cell at 183 7th ar., near 22d et. TSTF.T NURSE.?A YOUNG AND HEALTHY WIDOW, tt who lias just lost her baby three months old. wishes to obtain a altuation as wet nurae. Call for two days at 908 East 10th et., from9 mil HELP lKAJTa^raWAliBg. ... CLASS COOK AND A FIRST ?L AS^WAIT A resj wanted; no other need apply; Bncktsh, Sootoh op YVelsh preferred. Cell this day M TOO Broadway, up statra. COLE AND BEAD nANDS WANTED?THOSE WHO can do large qunntltlca of work preferred. Anplr at B. Barnard's, 45 Lljpeoord at. A depor'l la required. ennv wKTFlUt FIRST CLASS COOK. -LIBERAL (]?wagel AvPb afiaO East 17th. at., between 10 and M o' clock. COPYING.?WANTED, A LADY WHO WRITES A neat, nliln band, to copy Immediately some papers of Importance* for the Vreaa/Addrws lu handwrluug Nr. James Morton, 71 Broadway, room 31. /-<tT sxtnVRM AID AND WAITRESS FOR A BOARDING warned! by a rw^^ble young w^ mail. Can giro the beat city reference. Apply at 77 Hudson at., In tUe bnaement. TV ANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. WITH GOOD REF Yf ereuce, to d) general housework;; must be ft good wftsn er and trouer. OaU-at 167 East 39th at. TIT ANTED?A GOOD OPERATOR, POR LADIES' AND YT children'* un<l*t*armenta, to make tbe work Uame, Apply at 4?fcJ" Grand%t. . ? ANTED?A FIRST CLASS SEAMSTRESS, WHO t? iews bv hand and embroiders, ftiid also unoerstancia doing up-fine muslins and laces. Apply at 44 W est *>tn st. W Wantkd-a German chambermaid and seam stress; one who can bring gi.od city references and can give satisf.-ict'.rm will have tbe opportunity ot going to Ku rope with tin* family In the.sprmg as nurse and seamstress Apply at lit 2d nr., on Tuesday and W ednesday between 10 A. M. and 1 P. -M. WANTED-A GOOD GERMAN GIRL, TO DO OEX ernl housework for a family of three. Inquire at 151 La urene al. WANTED-A 8EAM9TRF.SS; ONE WHO CAN SEW on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing msohine loqiiire at the Bancroft House, corner of 20th b?. and Broad it a>. n. *? WANTF.D?A WOMAN TO COOK, WASH, IRON AND assist in the bonrowork of four 1*??"?- Reference required. Apply at baaoment door No. 9 Gilford, ?or ty-nflh street, between Third and Lexington avenues. TIT AN TE D?A YOUNG WOMAN. TO TAKE CHARGE yV of an infant as nurse: must come well recommended. Apply between 9 und 10 A. M. at 199 Al ar. WANTED?A NEAT, ORDERLY WOMAN, TO DO THE general housework for a ??mtly'of two PS??*; mui,t hare good city refereaoea. Apply at 203 Bast 10th at. nr \WTED?A FEW GOOD OPERATORS ON TOE W aewing machine. None but lira* ctaaa operator! need erp'y at 8ft Howard at., up atalra. ANTED?A FRENCH WOMAN, WnO CAM SPEAK English, as aeamslreaa and t?t?ke oarej?f *?? Applr for throe days, before II o clock, at MM Km. 10 h , twouloors from Untrerslty place. - WANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, AS WAITRESS j in a prtrato family; must aV ! and have good eity references. Apply at 177 Madison ar. ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN AS uS a and to do pi tin aewiug; one nfcu?t<medi? bring up ? child on a bottle. Call for two days at58 Bast 40th at. rti aNTFD?A GIRL TO COOK, WA8H AUG I WASD.HM1? ho^work; alsoa youngMgrt to take care of children and do chain uerwork, oily reference, in outre at 830 West 38d St., basement door. tit ANTRD?A NEAT. TIDY GIRL FOR GENERAL \\ hourework; must W a good washer and lroner; wagee %'j jver month. Apply at Bid Bast Mat at., from 1 to5 o cluck Wanted?a saleswoman, in a confection firy store; must write a rood band and uodersUnd the business; reference required. Apply at ?M Btoadoay. WANTED?A DRE88M.AKBR 'system. and three finishers, at 495 6ih sf. stt AVTI'D?A SMART, TIDY GIRL TO DO THE GEN VY e? toTseSSTrkof n .mall family; muat benfm? washer and lroner, and bring elty roleronoe. CaU al 1S? Yarick si. _____ TV ANTED?A COLORED GIRL, IN A FAMILY OK W tiirca persona; must coma well recommended, and be a cood w 'bhrr a??d irouar atul plain cook; nona othcrt need apply. Call at 4s Mo. ria at. Jersey City. ANTED-A COOK. WASHER AND IRONKR, IN A amalifatnlly ot three Persona: wage. $10; must com 5 with reference from last place. 21t> 5th ar.. near 14th at. YV ANTED?A FIR^T CI, ASS DRESSMAKER; ONE ?Y v. no lu* beou connected with some well known tl.y entablUimen;, and who car take charge of a dressmaking, mantel and general ladles' furnishing depsxrfnent; tory references as to ohataettr and abibly required. Add.ess box 5,031 Post o?ca. YI'lNTl'-A OOOD WILLING GIRL, TO COOK. V\ wash and I on und r.ssU'. oreaatonsUy With general hutiscwork; city references required. Apply at 21 Vtcs. 52d St. W ANTED?A OOOD OF.RMAN COOK FOR A SMAI.I. fnmur and to awt,' In w,?Utn? and ir.intng. Gah at No. 1 East 17th at., cortter of ktk ar.,from 9 to 10. Ml I A THINS WAYTEiJ- BCAJUMa I'i.MI MAN. -ANXiOFS, ABLE ANT) WILLING A M> UlakP himself general'^ ".-eful !n any caraclty, la anxious to obtain a .dfiatior, writer a fair band and ta qu?)K at liguiea. tery be*; of city references. Address K., Hera'.d mftcc." ? young max of> good habits, acquainted A with the t'w-tom ????: bas'.neaa. wi-bee a altuatMinln a drv goo,is traps .ir.g Lour-e. Adlrc?s for thaeedayaoea tit He aid oili -e. YfTrNG MAN WHO HAS HAD 14 YEARS' F.K p?r once !r. the prasc-pttloa business dortree a altua tiou in a retail drug *; speaks English and U ertuan, and eon' furnish the hlgliea' tcaHmonUls as to character and ability. Address 1'Sa.maeeutlat. Herald omoe. ? YOU NO MAN WHO WRITEA WELL ANDQUILK, A and 1? not a'rald of wor*. wants employment, city reference. Addrras J. R. P., Station P. M. T. -I m,r I, urn u. v WANTS A SITUATION AS JANt* A atouTor ?o take nf o?.-*. the lwst of reference eau be gtren Residence 611 "eat Ji.a at., between 10th sad lltb aea. ? ? A tS;Wa2 dilrtsga wagon; leetpwlenood InJtheoM#of hiraea. Csl. at hta parents', 139 East51 it. a SITUATION WANTED-BT A~TOUNQ ltAN. IX A of releteneo Call on Bdw.wt y^Kcxu. It* uesier a*. a AT"fTT.""API<*8"and kuiier *anf.ints aIim ? A 'l.iorraent a* porter, at mclerate wages. Address J. V , i,o* ill Herald offlee. T COUHURl) B'lT, SPEAKING ENGLISH. FRENCH A . ' Spxi- 'h WanL A auufttjon a* waiter. Ercaile-Jt uV an. address Joacpli. box 196 Herald ofliee. referencea. ^ - nn,"?CKE A SITI \TION FOR A YOUNG R IBH lO I ^vs been In rar cranlny for tbi lest married man. wno u *an mark and ehip goods well; yaar; he la a good scholar, ? ?.itnntton. I can strongly re ha would a^pt any b^nora^. ( ^.rtu-s requiring his aer c, on mend him to any meraowt") q end. Tlcer. Address Mannfaet g Co.. Hera, rsTTiiarfoif WANTEb"-A SWISS FARMER, MHO ^e c^ri? ofa ga^emarT'a f s rm by the'ut^of'ar^l next? ecnnly. N. J. rrsri" rrnTF.L AND SALOON TROPRIETORR.?ADVKR T imer a/^ *?.ononge*perlenoa. and being thoroughly ?rnnalnid !dtb the business, wants a altnrtt.m a? berkeep-r U? to lake tbe entire ehxrge of acme eetabllshment, where l^^LSJSef a etrwUy e?t- i. steady and reliable man can iAtUbia.' Addrea. fo/one week Bar, Herald ^hoMANUrACTURKRIi AND MEltU H A NTS.?A GIN T tteman with eighteen yeaia'lexreclenee as a trarelisr If Khfssr sKiis ofDoa. gwrANTED?-A SITUATION, BY A.bTtADY MAN, TO W attend a furnace and make himself useful, three heura In thS morning moat of the aftor.ioon and nil day on Sat day gWTeference; termaeaay. CaU uuUi engaged at SU 7th as. t _________ TKTANTED?A BITUATION, BT A RESPF.CTABLB W youogmaa, In a wholeeale dry goods house;.undar ?unda the bnstnesa In all lis hmrohes: will make himself Mnentllr u sef nl; has the beet o?ty rsferenoe Address f. FrTNew York Poet ofllo*. h "CLBRKI AMD BALKSNIKM. X^lWrfflLASS PENMAN ANDOOOD AOCOUNTANT A la open for an engagement as bookkeeper or aaalitaat. Address box 917 Herald oltlee. COMPETENT BOOKKKEPKR (GBRMAN) WANTS a situation; I* a first olasa aeeeuntaat. arlthmetioisn and pentnaa; reference Addrtia A, Tk>? l? hviid ufioa rr.RRKH awtd^JAI. Aroimo MAN WISHES TO OBTAIN A SITUATION uuleamu ill vh .1c isle dry good* or cluUi ho iaa| apeak* the huglirh and Urrman latiguierv fluently, rood re fcienoe* (iron. Address S. blorn. 64rBth ae., hew York, tea three day* AH YOUNO GKKMAN, WHO OAN W141TR ENGLISH and apeak It. want* a situation In a grwrry aura. as clerk, llae tot d rofereuoe from hi* las: employer. It-qauw at 71 Elisabeth it. from 1 to 4 o'clock, for two day*. Ttnno (iFERK WANTPD-1N NFWAKIC. N. J. THOSE U with unuout-bsd ic-umom .'.v may apply to d J. Goe4 a' Deman Barnes A Co.'a, 11 Park roar, New York. DltUO CLERK WANTED.?API'LY AT 441 PEARL at. corner of Koae, between lit and 3 o'clock. MASONIC.?A YOU NO MAN. AOP.D 98, WISHES A altuatlon at clerk In a atoro from the lit of March' a boot and ahoe atore preferred. Firat class referrar* Ad ilreaa Clerk, box 474 Newburg Poat office, N. Y. Salesman -wanted, a situation by a fisbb clusr woollen salesman; can aell $150,000 a year; ha travel* Ohio, llllnola, Indiana and Mississippi rtror. AA drcaa immediately W B 206 Broadway, up suira Tea and coffee trade.-a oountkrmam of nrent experience la open to make an engagement wKfc a firat claaa Uouae; tha beat af oity rafareact. AAdraaa li. BL. Herald eloa W^MANTED-A 81TUATION, BT A FIRST CL hosiery and glove aaleaman; ean aell $>00,000, 1 ti in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois; also Mlsalaslppl rlrea. drew a! B., 285 Broadway, up stairs ~ t WANTED-A SITUATION, AS BOOKKKEPBS OR entry clerk, or a clerkahlp of any description, no ah Ieetion to go abroad; beat of refereneee glvan. AddraaaT. Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CLERK, BT A TO UNA men of $8: knows bookkeeping, correspondence. As.; ipeake Kuril ah, German, Franeh, and Polish lam. guages; oflloe or wholesale business preferred; good testi monials; terms moderate. Address B. T., box 107 Herald oficSk W7ANTED-A SITUATION, BT AH EXPERIENCES TV salesman, in a wholesale or retail clothing, boot aad shoe, hat and cap or genu' furnishing store; is extensively acquainted with tha southweitera trade. Address far MB week C. Cohen. Herald olfioe. WANTED?A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING SALES, man in a firat class Uoe house; can sell $li|p,QBg; States Ohio. Indiana. Illinois, and Mississippi river. A4 dress 8. B., 265 Broadway, up stairs. WANTED?A SITUATION AS ASSISTANT ^OOID keeper, entry clerk or In a wholesale grocery, by a youps man acquainted with the business; aatlar*0i0ry rerer *Lce. Addreaa M., box $00 llerald office. WANTED?A GOOD SALESMAN, FOR A TAILORS' trimming house. Only those who h'.v* been in each ? business and have their own W?d- wlU address, wuh pat Oculars, box 4,481 Post office. HELP WANTED-NALES. A *0UNG m'." hinolb, acJC.sTum'vu Yu T a.a. country store, willing to make htmself useful and take care of a hor-e and buggy. Address, with ref-renaea and salary, T C. G., 3d av., corner of Slat at., Brooklyn. LL DESIRINQ SITUATIONS CALL THW DAY AT ? Chambers ?Bookkeepers, copyists, grocary, dry goote clerks, porters, bartenders, waiters, time keeper, watoh-nen. ' drlvcre. T 459 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 9, THIRD FLOOR? V Wo ted, this day, bookkeepers, ealetman. porter, valai and a few copyists. RARE-CUANCB.-ANY MAN CAN START HIMSELF in a safe business with from $10 to $1C0. Article atayla as flour Call and investigate. WE8LEY WKIJBEB. Tti Broadway, room MX. BOOKKEEPER. COPYIST. SALESMAN AND KNTRlf clerk wantod, at 213 Broadway, room 18. Young MM having refer'nee auitod Immediately. A CENTS WANTED?TO CANVASS NEW YOBSL xl Brooklyn, Flu-hlng end other towns for an artlala M great uao and largo profit. Apply at once. ADAMS A FLINT, 114 Nassau St., room No. T. OK NTH WAN TED FOR EVERY' CITY IN THE IJNIorfj article now and sale rapid; ooata 15 cents; sells for H cents; exrluaiv territory granted to energetic men; rlgMw fox sale. 28 Liberty at. OENLB~AND PEDLEP.8 FOR A NEW ARTICLE wanted evorywhere; 200 percent profit; no risk. FOS TER A CO., Noe. 22(1 Grand at., New York, end 79 JlntnM, Brooklyn GENTS WANTED-WITH A CAPITAL OF $8 TOJMk to sell a new patented article. In ell parts of New Twh State. Hae a rapid aaio. Cell at 90 Fulton st. WILLIAM ALLEN. Bookkeepers, clerks, bartenders, drtvkrr, porters, ooaolimen, gardeners, Ac., suited immediatfigk. LYNN A CO., SI Naaaau ek, office No. K . WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICE; ONE 'w9 > can write a goad hand; wagaa $3 per week. 11di?M C. C.. Herald office. IREUTORV COMPILE**.?A FEW FIRST un hands wantod for tha Philadelphia City PireoUvyx None need trouble themselves w&* have' not had l'i siSlanl experience in sorting and compiling first claaa drrectMMM l<cer wegee paid to beet hands, no others needed. Apply kg Isaac Coeta, No. I Bxchange place, Jersey City, top ffowr, M Wednesday. Feb. $. B?JL Ht raiwers. To good men liberal term*. Cell from 10 JL it. to t P. M., on Joseph Price, 118 Natsan at, fourth Iwa Refdrence required. 1~NDUSTRlbuti~MAN WANTED?IN A GOLD AND IS. ver platlug aetebllshmeot, to make himself useful; wM| e few hundred dollar* would be received a* partner. Aspqf at98 Duane at Men wantbd-to sell religious and tlonal picture*. Steady ompiovmei required. lift Atlantic st., Brooklyn. WAN TED-AN ASSISTANT MANAGER IN A MA line Iunurance office; on* wbo has had a good expert enee i* essential. Address box $83 Post oflo*. W" ANTED?TWO OR THREE ACTIVE YOUNG KEEL to deliver circulars and solicit orders among owns? m real estate, parties knowing property holders pnfaseg Call at 173 Pearl at., baok offioe. W ANTED?IN AN OFFICE IK THE UPPXB P AST ft# the city, a smart, aotive and intelligent bey, abeetM years of age, one who can write ageed hand only wombS Address 8 C. ?. station 0. Wahtkd-a boyto take parcels, aboutiTBI 17 years of age; wages $S09 par annum. Apf$r<i James A. IIearn A ben, 77$ Broadway. WANTED?A SMART BOY FOR GENTS' FURNIME (ng atore, refereneee roqebed- Apply between $ BM 10 o'clock at 516 8th av. 117 ANTED?IK A WHOLESALE OROCEBT STORE, A TV salesman who has a ohise by cash trade. This is a Mtm rate opportunity for an A ho. I man. Addreaa Ureaer.bM 130 Ilc-aM ofliue WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT. ACTIVE BOT IM A Oral class office, to write and deliver message*. AS dress in own handwriting, box 618 Pott ofloe, with nM parte jlara WANT8D?A SMART, HONEST AND RFHFECTABXJ| youth; one having experience In the stationery tra4$ profcrrrd. Apply iiorsoually, to-day and to-morrow, at tent No. 4 17 Broadway. WANTED-A YOUBO MAN IM A NEAT BUblNBEE rotornlng a good Income; one with about .$$00 affil wlH'ng to pay ntriot atten'.'on to business may addraes MM ufaoturcr, box $14 Herald office. WANTED-TWO EXPERIENCED CANVASSERS OS enllraly new works. Liberal eomiulstlons to the Mm mon. Apply for two days to Thoa D. Wallaoe, 18 Weal Ml street. ' w ANTED-A BOY WHO HAS BEEN AT TUE LI graphlo business two or three years. KAB HMITH, 120 Naaaan M. w ANTBD-A ROY TO ATTEND A BILLIARD leen, st 159 Beat Broadway* WANTBD-AN INDUSTRIOUS MAN AS FORTtt To ens that will lo >n S3J0 to t500 cash ren' sstst* WM be gives as security and a salary of $13 par week. A F. DITW1LLBR. No. 4 Maw Chambers St., ream 4 9 ?AOENTfl WANTED TO SELL KEWLT PATENTW p. aruoles, profit* Urge, make $3 per day. Call oa S. W. lice $ Oo , 83 Nassau atraet, New York THE TEAOEIi AGKHTr.BM AH. JD8T A RIM V"RD, WHO TOLVt v3L doratanda the manufacture of oil of vitriol and Mkaa acldt, tlio making of auperphosphataa and nlt-^ the en! daring and putting up or loadin ctiamWa, wanu apoeP'on. M referenda girea. Addro?a Dr. A. Hchoo! of Mtnaa, Oa luiubia C'ollejo. AnORIRSHOBR WARTS EMPLOYMENT TO WOK* at tho Are or oo the floor: la a alngle man; tha r iaalaf preferred. Apply to Juha WlUUma, 6fc Tth ar. A PKWMfcN W*LL RE TAUGHT CIOAR MaKIM* at *?* Bant Houston at, or.tranoo on Ch'?aUa, ?V fc'tlia. room Id, taught thoroughly la a few rtaya. ^::nrT.BK0^; * j "* dtpariauoad ha "da uoad app'T * 1 rioLoa itakkm 6ft designer wartfo-whoTb V'' oompe'eat to conduct a firat claaa aatlne* print worka all com' "luKv.'iona atrtctly confidential, AdJraai JamoooL (toodrioh, HVala offloo ThRWTTHTS-WAlfr/to ri/VBi.J^TKLT, d MROHAM*. J ' c*i druilat. a thorough rubtxir workm*2' Call at FradB * raimor'n, ?1 Kulton aT, Brooklyn. , ??^i* rpo BAKHRS-WAMTRD, A SITUATION, BY AR KM*. A linhman, aa Jounioymaa: good otprr.cnno; roforoaoo m to honour and roaportability. Addroaa W. T., M Waahiag ton at , oity. TWO JOB COMPOSITORS WANTED?NONE BUT good handa oeod apply. B. h. oorriB, m John * ANTMJ?A YOUNG OKRMAR. AS A CUTTER IB W^MTKD-A JOURREYMAK GOLD BFATKR. TO OO TY ta llaltlmoro; a goo<l hand will Bar a atoady work and new mnnldn Ad iroot Lewie H airmen, Gold Boater Mat 1 North Krodarlek at. WARTRU?A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLABB watchmaker and Jawollar, Just from Kmc* and. A* droaa boa 110 Herald ofiloo. WAMTBD-BT A OOMFETERT IIAIROrKs^pr, a TT few more lady runtomem to ongaga by tbo day or woaki tbnnviglily nndoratanda all aorta of bairdraaatag; meant Snare' exparlenoA OaU or addraaa for oaa weak Hair raaacr, lift 7th ar. WAMTED-BT A TtHTRO MAW, A B'TUATIOB AB on tier In a wholoaale or retail atore, with tha bsat rB fare not. Addreaa H. ?., Ifarald ofllco. \XTANTED?STBADT WORK WIIX RR OIYKR TO A TV flratoiaaa Fonrdrtaior wire wearar (no othar aook "*~""" ?"r> WANTED?A FIRST CLASS WTRBWORKKR (BRRU% man) oan obtain a permanent aitnatlon at high wegaa by addraoatag Mallera Broa., IBRorth fith at.. Philadelphia. UTARTBD-A FIRST RATR WATCHMAKBR AM* VT lowolry repairer, for a flna country atora, Applr am Titeeday, Sth Inaw, batwaan 11 and 1 o'clock at No 1 Wa)d3 tana. OilAS. B HthB d ''0? ?r n'hw Waat Adrertlaanante Ht mirn* Tag*