Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 5, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 5, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON Proposed Military Governments for the Rebel States. TIE BimUFT BILL II TIE 8EVATE. 1 Flood of Floaoeial BesolatloM la the Boom. No Farther Itdaetloa in Groeafcaeki Bariag the Camit Tear. Vm fortiAeatkm Bill Bcjoeted la the BEonao. U At h. WJurcaToa, Jan 4,1847. The Curfeaw QaeMlM. TIm proceedings of the Boom of Representatives to day very clearly demons iraled their opinion upon the auhfect of the contraction of the currency. The rate of eighty -seven to sixty-seven on the reeotution of Mr. Mrtnaell, "Thet the public Interest demands that there ehell not be daring the current peer any redaction of outstanding United States notes, commonly known an greenbacks, and the Committee of Ways and Means are Instructed to report snch bill as may be neooe nary to effect this object," la a very decided manifestation of their trill to stop contraction, while their refusal to order the previous question on the previous resolutions of Messrs. Wilson and Crimes to limit the contraction to four millions n month would oeem to Indicate that they thought those resolutions were not enfflcieat to meet the emergency of the ease, and the vote to refer Mr. Kelley's resolution to prohibit the sal as of gold by the Hecretary of the Treasury to the Com mittee of Ways and Means has also given evidence that the House le disposed to oome to the relief of the busi ness interests of the country. It is now to be hoped that the national banks will be equally prompt in ex tending reasonable seeletsnoe to the business of the country. The ReconeCruetlea Question. The story of a plan of reconstruction having iron agreed upon by the several Governors of Southern States now la this city, after consultation with promi nent members of the republican party, is altogether erroneous. A proposition for the different Legislatures ?t the Southern States to endorse a protect of Impartial anaft?ge, with property qualifications of two hundred and fifty dollars and ability to read and write, hes been talked of in high political circles; but K <lid not origi tosta in thtf city nor With the Southern Governors who have been lately residing here. No one here Is authorised to speak for or agree upon any prepo sition. it is reported that the Reconstruction Committee will abortly take hold of Mr. Stevens bill declaring the pre sent government existing in the Statu lately in rebellion Illegal, and substituting territorial forms of government for them. ? It wMl moat with decided opposition ta the oumasittee, and It to likely that it will nat he reported heck again te the Bouan Frahmhtoi llealgreaalaa mf Mr. Fearer aa Trcd drat foe Teat, of (he SmbU. da to generally Umt care previous te the adjournment ef the Bowie, Mr. foster will fselga hie peeMoa ea President pre fees, about the middle ef this month, in order ta give the Senate sufficient time to elect ha sue aeasor. Ml Wad# a at present the eirongeet man, bota groat effort is being made ta elect Mr. Faweaden. Indict meat Agalaat J aba H. Hsrrait. The Grand Jury ef the District today found aa indtet aaoat against John H. Surntt, charging him with the murder of foualdent I.inooln. The Indictment contains four counts, alt of which charge Sarratt with conspiring with Booth, Jhyw, Atxerodi, Harrold and Mm Barrett, to kill and muMtor Abraham Lincoln on the ldtb dar ef April, 1MI. .The Swatara, with Burnt! oa board, to dally expected to arrive at fortress Monroe. Alter she arrives Hurratt will be brought as soon ss possible to this eity, and delivered over to the Marshal of the District. The trial will probably oome off at the present term of the Supreme Court of the District. A rumor is in circulation this evening that two or three war vessel* are whiting at Quantum creek for the breaking up of the ice on the Potomac, and that one of the vmucin Is the Healara, with John H. Burnt! en board. The Navy Dqpsrtmaat ordered aa effbrt to be mads to day le open the river; but the attempt did *4 succeed, H to listed, for the want of e suits Me beet for the pur pose. It to aaderetoed that another attempt will be made to-morrow, it to Iheagbt that the ram Stonewall, ?ow lyiag at the New Yard bare would open the ebon* ?ei If the navel authorities would bat make the trial IbaweamdM ef the Ceaatsrs Dram Teaareeee. The resolution reported by the donate Committee aa the Judiciary to allow the Oeanlori from Tennessee com pensation from the beginning of the present Congress will meet with decided opposition in the Senate, end It la quite likely that it will act pass. If the Peaale pass this resolution it wlM be admittiag that the State of Tea nian was entitled to representation prior to bar adopt ing the constitutional amendment, which woe Id be ta direct coottadtcUoa of their present theory. The Baakrapt Bill. . . The Senate pas again engaged to-day upon the Bank rupt bill, and upon that clams which provides for the discharge of the bankrupt. It to prehabte that the appre hsntoea that spme of the bankrupts will be found la the Southern Wiles wlH defeat the bill ?sorption of the Ladles ef cha White Hawse. The todies of the Executive Mae Wen held their anal weekly reception for ladles this morning ta the Wee Parlor. The attendance was rather small, which was no doubt owing to the Inclemency of the weather. Among She tadtoa present were Mrs. Attorney General Btanbery, Mm Hecretary MeCutlooh, Mm itoaalsr Johnson, Mm Dprague, Mist McCallooh sad ethics. Mrs Patterson and Mm stover were elegantly attired, as were the rest of the todies present, aad the plea see t tone ef uoereree Use wee ueivenslly marked. India a A Shirs. Beast or Wilson submitted to the Senate to-dey e com munication from the decretory of War tmaemttUag from General Giant a plan prepared by Oeloael Parker, of hto staff, for establishing a permaasai peace between the United hums sod the varleee led toe tribes It ma bodes four principal miggisiiiue tost, that the man agement of the Indian eflbim should he tranaforrod to the War Depertaseat, giving rewsua, among which is the assumed necessity of abolishing the trading end agency system. It chargesopoa araay ageate Urndtopoto ttoa 'To avoid ell trouble sad responsibility, sad make re rauch money as possible out of tbOW offices ?? Second, the ratebltohaiiat of territorial governments for the Inffleas. Third, the appointment of en inspection board re a tem porary measure, to examine the aecouata of Indies ?gents end teepee! the goods sad agricultural imple tneata furnished to tho led tan*. Fourth, a commission . ..nsiKting of whiten aad educated Indians to visit ail the tribes, bold talks with them, show them the benefits ?f permaaent peace aad of the ehendonment of a nomadic life, the adoption of agrieeltsral and pastoral pursuits, end of eonrnlMating in ?me terrttnit. The American govern men t it pretests "can sever adept the policy of a total extermination of lite Indian rare within bar limits, ?umbering, perhaps, less than rear hundred thousand, without e cost ef untold treasure ami lives of ber people, besides exposing herself to the abhorrence aad censers ef the entire rivilued world." Major General Pope has written e letter te General Grant la raver of the Indian Bureau beta* transferred m the War Depart meat. 1 A leeglhr consultatlnn wne held thto afternoon bv the Jlldli Mr. Drowning. Hecretaey ef the Interior, aad Mr. Bogy, i'001111Hdoner of ledtouQAMm In rehttlon as tbe difficulties with the Indiana ami the transfer of the In.iiaa Hnreau to the War rtepentweat 1 Generals Grant and Hherntan are in favor of mkkta.' Ute war against the Indians sharp, shod aad decisive; whM* tbe department recoinmenil4ronc|liaterytmraenres. The f- port of Com missioner Bogy will M presented to Uougrese during the present week, and will fdlly etptola tlte condition ef Indian alTklr* A Th?i delegaiiohs frmti Ute Kansas Indians now is tbe city had an interview with the Uommleeleoer of Indian Aflaif* 10-day, for tbe purpose at completing the ar> eangMBtets fer the rcffiovel 0# Jheir jribf# from he uses Kr,. nnthlaic definite W" arcom to tb.lmlimwrritory, tatootnuw ? ^ ^ "X Treasmrv KX The commtae# ?PP^? *_* ^ lh# Trmwury De vork with r*? aouvtty. pmtment are P?"^? * foaad oompU* oon^ol^l by ttai ol (be manner Is whren LIU,IM Department. Pewonnl. ^ Btaridn. ?"??? G"~' Bbermnn ?? ?*9*eUi ** w.^l^L'ierrtew with the Preel iieneml Kllby Smith hbd no iniorvinw with '???S??u?t ? .? *??" ^ " _, ?i.- nasi has sufficiently reoev been U1 for aeveral whu past. ?" "S^TCph Bertlnattl, luita* Itan peotta to rrtut shortly U> this eonnlry to reaum. hie d1C"FYtaKtchBwe. British Minister, in ceanecllon with the other foreign representatives here, n few dnys sinceaddressed. letter ef condolence to the widow of the late Portuguese Minister, X C. Figanlere E. Morse, who was the oldest diplomat at Washington, then lompora rtlr residing at Brooklyn, N. T. Sir Frederick has since received a letter from the son or J. C. Fisaniere E. Mono, annoonclng that ere the letter had reached its destination his mother had aim-died. Robert C. Wtathrop, ex-Governor Wm. Blgler, of Penn aylvanla, nod Judge Bnaeel and family, ef Hew York, are at Willard'a Mr. George Feehody arrived in this city to-dny. Mr. Poabody is accompanied by Ihs neptaw, Mr. lleorge Pea body Inseall. of Unlam, Mam, and ex-Speaker Wiwthrop. Although the arrival of Mr. Poabody at this tlmo might be supposed to have some oeaaeotion with the financial or political matters sew before the country, he assures us that It has none wbaUV*' and that his movements at present ere o no interest to the general public. It is currently rspo ed, however, that he is tare at tha Instance of George Riggs, who was formerly in partnership with banking business in thin city, and who has tendered htm the hospitalities of his house. This ofl.r, however^ been declined by Mr. Peatady, who prefer, the quiet of his room at Willard'a . Texan Iwdemnlty Bandn-Enlt ?ka Secretary of the Tre*"" I*^l Mwrifk George Taylor, Robert J. Bront aod attorneys for toe State of Texm, have commenced a suit tn ih. United State. District Court In this city agrnnst the Secretary of the Treasury, merely for the P^p?mo[ testing the right of holder, of certain indemnity bonds to recover the amount thereor, namely, flOO ??go It M merely a question of title. Texas alleges that thase bonds were improperly procured from the state on uo fulfilled contracts during the rebellion and sold to rsnons parties, who now claim payment, and for thin reason should not he honored by the government, malt Against Herreiary *tnoten for Imprison ment Daring the War. The counsel in the case of smltnsoa va Stanton to-day filed an additional plan tn the Snpreme Court of the uw tn<-t This salt is one brought by W. T. Bmtthson, who was lately n hanker in this city, against the Secretary of War |for falsa imprisonment, during the w^lttao. was arrested and imprisoned by ordwof ?be^creary War, on the charge of aiding and assisting the rebellion. Ho wm kept in confinement for some D me .and thenra lenaod by order of Prwndeat Lincoln. The ittorney General who defends Mr. Stanton on the part of the government, tad an interview with him on J and to-day filed tta additional papers W. ? of this city, will am* tta Attorney Geneml at thettW, which will prohebly coBae (off at tta present term CoarL Mngtmn Bends ta l,wfcet* , kenmgTttaJnmen government to Mexico nrn In Utin city fta ttapitfem ef sriling, If or Msadcnn bonds. Itay nip represented an been buri rrahnblc Hrdssatlst ef Sesater Batkile. Kentucky, will resign his mat In tta Senate, his health not permitting him to return to hU senatorial labor*. Mr. Powell in spoken ef sw his sneossnor. Henntor riaalsbarv Met tw Remgw. Tta report that Senator tantoburr, ef DeUwnre, had tendered bis resignation baa no foundation. Lorn el the Amertcnn Schooner United States Consul Cnvndo, nnder date Tmu ?' Cuba. January 21, Informn tta Bisi s?nry *Mn **? total lem ef the American schooner Edgewnter, of FbUn-, del phis. The Edgewnter waaboeta to Cle|^^from PhllaOelphla, laden with cooperage end mercbendta, end was wrecked on the reef, of Kay aight of the 13th Jan nary. The master andnam?mc** fWeeeos tn safety. Tta Coneol mat lighters to Key Breton, with tta tape ef being able to mve a portion of the cargo. .. . nflnlng Cnse Decided. Tha Yellow Jacket (Washes mining) case hasheen de elded by the Snprmne Court of *e t niu* Waiee ^ ^ writ of error is dismissed, leaving tta Judgment oourt below adirmed. Hoard of Examiners nf the Mavr The board of examiners lately appointed by reiary of the Navy forth, purpose at cars of tne volunteer for the regnlnr navy, will meet a* ^ the Navy Department to-morrow tad Bern. Admiral Lee M President of tta Board. Internal Kevenae Receipts. The receipts from Internal Bo.enue to-day gl.gSA.MO. OliPMltUi of Oar?ra*p*t Pr**mr< It la the Intention of tba Quartermaster General's De partment to dispose of all the buildings belonging la Dis tribution Rendezvous, near Alexandria, Virginia, la a few days. This place wna known during tha war aa Camp Coney leanest, and afierwarda aa Camp Dlatrlbn tton. It bad been used throughout the felt aad winter aa a depot tor tba organ 1 sat low of the Fbrty-fonith regiment of colored troop*, which la now POO strong and nadar orders to proceed southward, aad will start aa soaa as the toe Is cleared from tha TWomAc. ' United Stair* toesrltle* la P*rH?a CaaatPlaa. Information has bean received at tha Bnrsaa af Statis tics from tba Part* Boene la regard to tha State of the financial market, aad specially eeaceraiag Amerteaa secvrHlaa Halted Sutoa fire-tweaty beads haws ranged from II lfi-M ta Mtf, which latter figure baa beta toecbed set seal Uassa A dactdad Improvement la risible is tba naa af tba market, wbrnh la attributed to tba calmer tamper with which poHtieel report* hare boon dlrenaoad apon tha Bonne. Tha coarse of the market It it gnat meaeuie dependant upon tba oparntloao of dealers ta ether European capitals, and sapaclally in Fnmkfnrt Financial Information ban also bean raoalrad ftsa Havre, at which place owr meerttlee an alsa looking ap, aad American la la tncnaast demand. Advices mm Hie Janeiro and Havana show that thaaa markets an la a healthy condition, with sufficient money ta meat all demands. American produce la at a premium la Melbourne, Australia, and California wham aad dear an la grant demand. Tba return af tha basking amom at tba loiter place indicate a prosperous ooodlUoa batik of the banks sad colonists. Compilation of low porta nod K sports Reloma. Tbo rstnrns of Imports and experts, which bar* usUl lately bona Issued from the Haw York Custom House, will hereafter bo complied n Wsnod by tha Boreas of Statistics la this dtp. Trmrn*rt*ilea af Frerdass Major Gaa^Mowsol, Commissioner of the mod men's BursodjpKued to-day tha folio wing order ta tba Assistant Commi saieaan throng haul tha country The special attention of tba Assistant Commis sioner* of this bureau Is eelled la the subject of transportation. Transportation la given only ta relieve the government af the support of the indigent, and to enable those in extreme want in reach places where they can provide far themselves. Hereafter no orders for transportation at freedmea aad refugees will Issue eieept from ibis offleei and every weary appHratlon, besides the right conditions already Impamd, must rat forth clearly tlw Met of extreme destitution which moat be certified to by tha hashtsrtt rommi-stoner m parson, tfcraswvai af Qnxrssilae Beetrlrtloaa oa Anserlsaa Veweela Awl via* at Cnis. The united States Consul Vatofill, uadsr dam af Cfidta, Jsauary 11, Infornss the Monetary af Kate that tha nuarnnUaa Imposed oa vessels coming flam New York hod bnn romotod an and aftef that dale. Therefore ships having New Turk or . any ether Amort* sa poet wltii iosn health bills oaa go tp tbatr Sastiaotlon diveec UwHiwi kuum Mwprrme UmM. In tbs Supreme Conh the following oases same op tor trial;? No. so -team vessel Moses Taylor, plaintiff In errW, ra. Hsmmous ? arm uj uia County Court of .-an Ymn rieoo, manly California radftfiesf reversed per Ju*Uca KisM. and the vines remanded with directions to dismiss ins actum for want of jurisdiction. \o. Iin Hsrtaaetal, appeftsnt*, vs. the United f??aten. ? Appeal front foe I'lronH ivmn fw the flouthern district of New York. Beets* eanfirmad with coats, par Justice Now 1MB, HI sad Itt Schooner Hgrr rt ha.. appellant*, TV. lbs Corn Exohange Inland Navigation Mil Fire lu< ram.- Company.?Appealed from (be Ki.rtbaru diwrint or Illinois, Decree affirmed with <o?t*. per Jusiioe Miller. No. IMl The l aded State* rx ml Van H?9in*n, pin' ? tiffin error, vs. the < itv of Qninry ? Error to the Cir cuit tor the Southern alurtn of Illlnoi*. Jodgiie a? reversed with coats, par Jnauoaa Swavua and Oaee. Ha tnondor, Ac. No. ll? Goodrich at el, appalUnus, n the I Ity of Chicago.?Appeal from the Circuit for toe Northern die trlet of Illinois. Decree aftirmed with costs, par Juatioe 8 way no. Na Mi The Patted States, plaintiff in eirorr, vs. Mas donald at aL?Krror to the Circuit tor the District of Mains. Judgment affirmed with coats, per Justice Clif ford. Na 92. Brunt, plaintiff In error, vs. Patterson.?Krror to the Circuit Court for the Western district of Pennsyl vania. Judgment affirmed with coats, per Justice drier Na IB. .-omple, plaintiff in error, vs. Ha<ar. ?Error to the Supreme Court of CalUornia. Writ of error dis missed for went of Jurisdiction, per Justice drier. Na 87. The United StaUn re. Hathaway.?A oertifl cateof die ision from the Eastern district of Michigan. The first question answered in the affirmative which renders an answer to the remaining questions unneces sary. Per Nelson, Judge. No. 88. Tto United States vs. Qulnby?Certificate of division from the same circuit. The first question answered in the affirmative, with the same result as in the preceding case. Par Nelson, Judge. Na 8& Stanley et aL, plaintiff* in error, v* Celt ? , Error to the Circuit tram the District Court of Cincinnati. Judgment affirmed with costs, per Nelson, Judge; Dftvifl, Judge, dmeenUng. Na 109. Sparrow at nl., plaintiff in error, vs. Strong at ai.?Error to the Supreme Court for the territory of " Nevada. Writ of error dismissed for waat of jurisdiction, per the Chief Justice, and the causa remanded to the Supreme Court of the Slate of Nevada. Thl? case in volved about one-fourth of the well-known Yellow Jacket mine, with the proceeds of that Interest for several years, and the dumi.-eal of the writ of error lea vet the original Judgment, in favor of the company affirmed. The fact that the case was brought before the court with the potwibilltv of an adverse decision canoed the stock of the company to fluctuate from 81,800 to $800 per share. The amount involved is fnnn $800,000 to $000,000 in gold. Charles (PConor and Judge Curtis represented the plaintiff in error, and Senator Stewart and Judge Black appeared for the defendants. Na 98. The United States, appellants, vs. The Steam ship Sir William Peel and cargo. No. 280. The Steamship Sir William Peel and Cargo vs. The United States. ?Cass on argument ot pri'-e Gwnrt of Claims. CarinchetaL vs. The United State*. ?Argument con cluded Lincoln vs. The United States, and Blakely vs. The United Slates ?Argued on demurrer. Lyon vs. The United States.?Demurrer overruled. Johnson vs. The United States.?Motion for a rehear ing overruled. THIRTY-NINTH CONGRESS. herssd Meaaion. SXHATI. Wsshisrto*, Keb 4, 1867. ritnnoMi, nr. Petitions were presented and referred. Mr. Chasdl**, (rep.) of Mich., presented the protest of citizens of Michigan against the Issue of American regis ters to Canadian built Teasels; which was referred to the Committee on Commerce. xhs rnorossD xiutabt ?ad cans wzsbinotom to raw j roes. Mr. Wo?x, (rep.) of Man, from the Military Com mittee, reported beck the House bill to authorize the construction of a military and postal road from Washing ton to New York, and asked that the committee be dis charged from the further consideration of the .subject, the committee was discharged. nnuuux sbkato*. The Cnant laid before the Senate the certlScats of elec tion of Timothy O. Howe as Senator from Wisconsin from March 4, 1MT, to March 4,1873, which was read and ordered to be filed. nnurr or amrrrcitT num. The House amendment to the Joint resolution for the payment of the Kentucky Militia callad into the govern ment service, was concurred to, and tbs resolution goes to the frettdent. rutin* or LOT*l tHBHUmit Mr. Pa i isnsus. (dem.) of Ten d., id trod need a resolution, ibich MM ?llohiill flttlllmm we?un ? ? *?. loyal tennssBstwni ror army ?torn ) , snmmnc msmrnous axd T*n tax ox alcohol. Mr., frep.) of Me., Introduoed a Joint teao lntion authorising the Secretary of the Treasury te grant permits to the curators of national scientific Inst I lo tions to withdraw alcohol tram bond, In sped fled quan tities, without the payment ef the Internal revenue tax upon the same, or upon the spirits from which such alco , bol baa boon distilled, far the parpoue of preserving specimens of anal amy. physiology and natural history belonging to sneh institutions, tbo said curators to giro bonds conditioned that the said alcohol shall bo used for no other purpose than above specified, and if any such alcohol shall bo otherwise need the tax upon the whole shall be paid, together with a like amount as penalty. It wan referred to the Committee on Plnoooa. Mr. Humus, (rep) ef N. Y., from the Judiciary Com mittee. reported n raeoiutiou to pay the Senators from Tina nasi s lotiipninlton to be oomputed from the com mencement ef the Thirty-ninth OengremL Mr. Tnexacu, (rap.) of 111, sold the Senators from Tenneesoo wore entitled to compensation from the date of the edmlseton of Tens tests: but not before. To pay them from the commencement of the Obngress would bo te edmM that the State ef Tennessee was entitled to re presentation all slang If this principle were applied to feaneaeee It would apply to South Carolina, and wban Senators from that State wars admitted, as they seoner or later must be. they would claim compensation from data of thaw election, and moss receive it. Mr. Wtwnx moved to postpone farther consideration of the resolution till to-morrow. The yeas and nays wtae demanded, but were after wards withdrawn, and the motion was decided in the affirmative. usiTSii status oorurs ix vaixs. Mr. TutmuuiA, from the Judiciary Committee, re ported Is favor of the Indefinite postponement of a bill to regulate the time and place or holding the United ytales District Courts in the Btate of Maine. The bill wee Indefinitely post posed. AOBIt rl.TVSAL OOUUOCS. Mr. PaTruaaox presented the resolution of the Ten esses legislature, asking that the State of Tennessee be admitted to the benefits of an set of Congress donating public lands to the several states for the purpose or eetabHohlng agricultural colleges. Read sod ordered to be printed. mix to novum ro* tot oovtcnxiurnr or ran lvscsssc no*AST STATUS. Mr. Williams, irep ) of Oregon, presented the follow, tag MM, which wee referred to the iJommtttM on Recon struction Whereas, the pretended state government* ef the late to talled confederate Stales or Virginia North Caroline, South CaroMaa, Ueergtn, Mississippi, Xteboms. Louisiana, florid*. Trias and Arkansas were set up without the authority nf Congress, aad therefore em of no eoosaftulionet valldUw: end Who sea the* are In the hands and under the eoetrot of the nnxepentairt lead sen of the rebeltien. and afford eo ade quale pretartiou for Hfe or property. but .?untaoauo* and eemorqga la wloaeneaa aad crime i and whet ess. it i* usees aaty that pases and good order akould be enforced In said se united States uatfl ioval aad republican Mats goterw meem een be legtrty enforred Therefore, Be it an acted by the Senate and llense of Ra pratmilallm sfite Cntted Stat as nf Aieertca. la t'oagrsss aaaembled, that sank of the sold so .-ailed Stales shall constitute a military dtetrtet, te he aabieet to the military aetbottlioa of the I nlted rtlatoo as herein soacted and prs Bncftmi h And be It farther enacted. That It shall be tbo duty of the tienerei ef the army, tinder the authority of the Pieatdeat of Urn United Htolas, to assign in the command of ?eld dtetriota en odiner ef the regular army not below the rank ef brigadier general, and to furnish tech ottrer with a military term euttoieal to aoahle htm to perform his dude* and enforce hie authority within the district to which he la And ho K further euantad. That It shall ha the doty of each officer assigned as aforesaid te protect an peaceable and law-abiding persona In their lights of peiwon and property. Is sSppum insurrection. disorder and rloleme and to punish, or eettae to be puntehod. aO distort*is ef the pnbbe peace nod ortaalnaja; and to this end be mag allow the loeat tribunals to tehe iurtedtrUne and to try ofTendera; or when In hta judgment it may he anaaeanry far tbo trial of edbndera he sbell have power te asnamta military comaus-toua or tribunals lav that purpose, anything In the constitution and laws of the so called Mataa to the contrary notwithstanding. Aad all left" lottos or Jodie la I proceedings or pronoasa tu pro*snl or sow trot the an twangs of said aMMtary tribunals, sad alt Inter (Usance br said ssalsudtd State governments wtm the etar ctss of military authority under this eel shall ba void and ef -art Aed he H farther eneeted. That eotttto and Judtcisl ifittlt nf the relied Mia tea may Issue writs of habeas corpus tat behalf of prisoners In military custody only when some nousestaMcned "Clear on duly in I ha district whera the petition srtmaatas shall endorse upon -aid petition s state ment certifying open honor that he he* knowledge or In formation ei to the asuse and clrrutaataneee of the alleged fistaBBea. and thai ba bsMrvss the earns te he wittaaralv demtued, aad that ha believe* that the endorsed petition la made In geaa faith, aad thai justice may ba don* and ad to hinder er daisy the punishment of crimei nod ell persons put under mdttary arrest by rtrtne of Utls act shall se tried without unnecessary delay, ead ao cruel or unusual punish ment shall he i ablated. Mar- fit And hs II farther Masted. That no asuUnoe of any military trthneai effecting tha liberty or life of any person shell be executed cntn it is approved by the tdncer In ?*on mandof tbepropsw dtawtcii and the tatri and regulation* far the govaramsut of the army shall not he afieutcd by thla set, except in so far as they eonlHet with im provisions. A South i * or twntmrixamrr ro* finiT. Mr. Rrwvm, (rep.) ef Maea, Introduoed a bill ttupple meatal te the aerneal ante ef Oingregg abolishing im prion am end for debt, providing that all Persons arrafitod open nwwng pgtmm, or swsniiton tanning from any United .mates court, thai) he entitled to dtnobargo la u>e seme manner as If be wage ?'tatid en Hke process under Mi ate courts nf the nee dim riot, the same oath may he taken end th? ? Mhfith ef tttae be inquired aa (a pro ytded by serh Staes Inttt; aad Ml modtlicatioos, oon?ll tmna aad ll?Ipliet upoe teiprteowwrent for M in hay HMMl shall be apwltoabte te pruts i NtuiBg out of the mutts ef the laMMnunMereta: betnMwhob proceed lags shall be Med )iha seam ef the commissioner* apmsinied by the Hatted Mates courts to take ball aad afiMaTiw; wMeh wee referred to the COiemittss on Jedw IM. Ttttt wmr or raM.<s onnrr*. Mr. Tstrwnrm, flam tha I nmaitttee ea tha JmMclsCv, reported hack adversely the resolution ef Mr. Itsds deelnratl' s of lb* principle cf thd - onstlwtioh la rela tion to the writ nf batten* cerptid; and the c.auimitloe was discharged from the further cenmdentMa of the "m*" attramre cvtrwr. Mr. Tnrueriu from the name committee, reported, with an?fin<*? bill peevtdmg for the allotment of Jaeimee of the Supreme t'osirt among the elreviu, and for ttte appointment of marshal* lor the Supreme f ourte end mr the District of t eiumhla The aetendateat of I the pep mi wee strikes the aeetlo^ nuthoris'ng the Pupr?aae Court to opp-nl Iba Coded Male* Marshal tor the Di?U?it of Columbia. ami also given b> Uw court* diiort ilia power to appoint lb* mar-hel*for lb- Itopre Court, Unload of upwu noiu ueiiou of lb* Cbtel Justices. i-iAia- r<>* arm t tooaiM. Mr. Tnru?rii., front the wud? r- nitmiwa, reported a hill providing that iu<* a<t uiilliori/iux the paypieiit ,of ''Vviain demand* for qnarteraaa-oerw' r'?rer and an'ifit d - euce aupplie-? form-di-d to die I'aitt-d Bude*. shall not be oouatrued to auliioiixe Uia aeUieuisui of claim* lor tore* lakro or furnuliad lor Iba u?s <u ill* ariaie?. nor for tha naa or injury to rani acuta, or personal property by military nuibority or troop* of iba I nited tUuiea, where tba claim originated daring tha Ui? rebellion in anv ptata declared lu insurrection hr to- proclamat ion of Jniv 1, 1Mb. okoeptiug to tba loyal cutset- ot tba thatae of Waal Virginia and fouueaaaa. mk do'hjttw: hi tjrr?-rr.n to h r-iu >. The Vk? ftoWnHHT laid before the S-tiaia joint raoo Ititiooa of tba Leg 1*1* lure of Wiarouxia, instruct <ng ?tr. Hoolittle to resign Uia sent in tlia -*t?air, wlnoti ordered to Ha Mi tha table, and be primed. am ro* run oaathu rAoiwr HAttr.oan Mr. Biaw.AMT, trap.) ol Nevada, railed up the Mil to grant aid for the ron-tructwD of tba Sea >'rauclaco l'ou trai Pacifln Railroad Mr. Sauinomr, (dam.) of Dal , **>d ax tba railroads of the Went were netting a great, deal ot tba puotte landa be tboogbt that tha Atlantic stair- ought to gat some for their food*. He would therefore oiler an amaod ment, an an additional motion, donating two bnndrett thousand acres of public laud to aid in ibe construction of tba Jonctina and Breakwater Railroad in me State of Dels were. Mr. Ouwan". (rap.) offal., thought that Mr. Saulebury oouid hardly be in earnest in gdbring ibis amendment. If be wanted pablte laud* for the state >v Delaware be ahouM bring la an Independent proposition looking to thai #nd. Mr. .wangacui thought that tbl* waa a very proper occasion tor testing th? qaesUon whether the public land* war* sirlastvely for the Western skates and their raitroadk. Tba aaneudmant was disagreed to and the bill waa AnMWBxai. nsanhtyAnow to novmtmigNT mruivm. Mr. Vnutw called up the joint resolution giving twenty per cent additional compensation for one year from ana after the 90th of June, IgM, to all the civil employee of tha government In the < Ity of Washington whose salary done not exceod 18,100 per annum. Mr. Wnrars, (rap.) of Iowa, inquired If workmen in iba Nary Yard ware Included. Mr. Woiuar said it did not embrac > the mechanic* of the Navy Yard. Mr. Tncuaru. Inquired If the provision denying the beneilts or this act to those whose salares were increased ?luce 1804 would prevent the female clerks whose sala ries bad been thus increased from gettlug the increased compensation. Mr. WuxiAHs said it would. Mr. TarnsiUA believed this waa uujnxt, and hoped the bill would be amended in tbia particular colore it waa passed. Pending the discussion of this subject the morniug hour expired, and the regular order was called for. Tbia waa the Mil to regulate the tenure of office, on which the question was on concurring In the House amendment, to strike out the exception of Cabinet officers from tboae who are declared not removable without the advice and counsel of the Aenate. THS HAVSSrrT *11 L. Mr. Sues has, I rep.) of I hlo, moved to postpone the above and take up the Bankrupt bill. It was agreed to by n vote of yeas 24, nays 16. bo tbe Bankrupt bill was taken up.

Mr. Wake, (rep.) of Ohio, gave notice that, as soon as the Bankrupt Mil was disposed of. he should insist upon tbe disposal ef tbe hill to regulate the tenure of office, which had just been laid aside. Hevoral amendments to the Baukrupt bill of a trivial and unimportant character were concurred In, as r-com mended by tbeJodlclary Committee. On- of the Judi ciary Committee's amendments was tbe following sec tion:? RctiTtOM SI.?That anv creditor opposing tlie discharge of ? - ? -1- Rf ~ .? itlpg " any bankrupt may, upon uliiur a specification In writing of the ground* of his opposition, deanand that tbe question to the bankrupt'* right "> a discharge be tried at a session of the District Court unless it be satisfactorily show n to the court that it would be unjust to tbe bankrupt to subject htm " ' " si: In which cane It shall to the expense and <J?!ay of such trial be the duty ef the court to refuse such trial; but only one such trial shall be had. and If the jury disagree tbe court shall decide upon the applies'too as if no Jury had been called, and the verdict of the jury and the decision of ibn court shall be final *e far at the proceeding* la bankrupt!!/ are concerned. The amendment was to strike out the word* "upon filing," and insert ??file. " nod to strike out all after tha word ??opposition" and insert in lieu thereof tba follow ing words:?"And tba court may, la its discretion, order say queattua of fact so presented to be tried at a slated session of tbe District Court" Tba above amendment waa agreed to. ? The next amendment waa to strike out the follow I lw all proceedings in benkrnp'cy oomiuenced after one From ihe time this Mil shall go in year from ihe time ibis Mil shall go into operation no dMM charge shall be granted to a deldor whose asset* do not pay I fifty per or atom of the olaimv easiest his estate, unless tbo assent, la wvMtog. ef a majority eg the number sad rahie of hla entailers, who bare proved their claims, in tiled in tbe caae at or before the tfme of thr application for a discharge. Mr. Witsov moved to amend by retaining the above, omitting the words ??rtvmmeneed, after one year from the time this aot aball go into operesmw." U waa dm amtd in. 1w question then recurred oa ttriking out tbe clause above quoted, and it was stricken oak An amondmeat to allow one year instead of twoduring which tha creditor may ixinunt the validity nf tba ills obarge of tbo bankrupt on tbe ground of it* having been obtained v fraudulently obtained was disagreed to. Mr. WitUAim off* ted a proviso to the loot ?erUea, that no proceeding la vMnntary bankruptcy undor this act shall absolve or aflbct any obligation of any existing con tract or Indebtedness Mr. ito mwAx said thst the etR- t nf the above amend meat, if adopted, would be to kin the Mil indirectly. Ha much preferred a direct vote. After debate, Mr. Haaoaam*. (rap.)of Mo., moved to recommit Uie bill, with instructions to report a bill with pertain restrictions named In too Instructions concerning voluntary and Involuntary bankruptcy. MT. Hksouiang spoke against tbe pending MIL Mr. Hendricks. (dem.)n, lad., desired a direct vote, aad was therefore opposed to recommitting the bill. Ha was also opposed to tbe amendment of Mr. Williams, tbe only oflbrt of which would bo to embarrass tbe bill. lt?e motion to recommit was not agreed to. Ihe question was then taken on tbe amendment of Mr. Williams, aad it Waa disagreed to by a vote of veas 10 and nays ML An amendment was adopted tost no petition or other proceeding undor th<a net shall be filed, received or com menced before the tat of Juno, 1887 Mr. Howakd. (iwfxi of Mich., moved to amend by striking out tbo fairly seventh semiou, which applies to lb# provisions of the bill to rorimratloti* and joint stock companies, and contain' a proviao thai, whenever any corporation by proceedings un ler Ibis act shall bo de clared bankrupt such decree of bankruptcy shall make a forfeiture of all tba franchise* of such iorporalion. and tbe atlhlrs of sucb corporation *hall be wound up in tho manner provide)] In this act in retpect to natural persons. Mr. Rrsnmrss moved to amend tbe amendm -Q0 by striking out tbe proviso above quot-d. Mr ffowkitp asked If that was in order when bis mo tion was to strike out tbo whole section. Tbe < 'hair said It was in order. The Annate, at a quarter before live o'clock, without voting on tbo above, adjouraad. KOUSB or KEPRBUEVTATIYK8. WAanomwr, Feb. 4, 1S?T. uu ahd a*tr>ttmo*a mtogixm The Ar??**e proceeded, m lit* Am business In order, to tbo coll of the Pimm for Mil* and joint resolution* for nfmM, aw), under the call, bill* were introdnoed and referred a* follow* By Mr. RunMR, I rep. I of f'onn ?Declaratory of Ibe law of longevity or ration* or officer* of the army. Referred M the Committee on Military Affair*. Br Mr. Hrrraa, (dam.) of N Y?To CaoUMata Ibe es tablishment of a naval and marine coal depot en tbe eastern adore of New /army. Referred to taw Commit tee en OMMMb Ry Mr. Wkuum, (rep.) of Okie?To Incorporate tbe National Theological Institute, nod to deAne and extend tbe power* of too aame. Referred to the Committee on tbe District of Columbia. KMr. Kiuit, (rep.) of Pa.?To prohibitthe Secret ary Treasury from selling (old. Referred to the com mittee on Ranking and Currency. It makes it unlawful for tbe Secretary of tbe Treasury to sell any gold bow in or wbleb may hereafter oome into the TTaaeary, and re peal* all laws laooasisteat that smith. Mr. Uarnrati^ (rep) of Iowa, odbnd the (Mowing resolutions and meved the preriene qnesMon Resolved. Thet tbe pi hits lMerest demands that there shall no' daring ibe current year be any reduction at tbe smo'iot of ooietaudlag tuned a tales notes, commonly oolled greenbacks. Resdltod. Thet the rommlttee on Ways and Manna be in structed to report seek bill ae may be necessary to edeat tats object. Tbe rote or seconding tbe previous quest ion was taken by teller*, and moulted in reaa 61, nays M; ao the previous qaeetlod was seconded* Mr. Monaitt. (mp) ?d Vt.. moved to lay the raaolu tloua on the table. Mr. Lswaaftca, (rap.) of Ohio, called for Ike yeea end neys. Tbe rote was taken by yeas ead nays, and re sulted in yeas Id, nays At; ao the resolution wan not Mid on tan table. Mr. PonaawT. (rep.) of ft Y., called for the yeas and n*y* on ordering the main qeeetion Tbe rote was taken by yeas and bay* and resulted in A? yaaa and 86 nays, as follower? _ Ynse-Mensrs. Allison, Anderson. Ashley of Ohm, Baker, Reamst), Bingham, Blow, BrmaweU. Bin stand. Bnady, Clarke of Okie, fRerfce of Kansas. Cobb, Cook, eel lorn. Defre**, Detae* Doming, ibmnelly, Dumont. Kg (lestoe. Farnswnrth. Pennher. Ferry flood year, Ortnnrn, urtewold. Herding of 111., Harris, Hayes, Henderson, M?ir by. Mill, BubbngTof Conn., H>ibbetl of ft Y., llakbell of dblp Isfreail, JnBea. Kelley. Kelso, Koonla. Ksybeodall, Lawrence of Ohio, l.efiwlteh, Legit leogyeir, Lynch, War shsll, Marsion. Man in. Reynard, flal'hrrg. Melndoe, Mcgee, Miller, Morris, Meulfm, iPRrm, Onb, Peine, Pat Trnn., Thayer. Francis Thorn ee The re ton Trowbrldre, ass. 4SSkB!RbJBS: ? -* - p. Dawes, Deaf . 'Isrllehl. Uloss . - .. . _ . Jienan, Holmes, Hoojmr, lli?<nhhi|s. Hubbard, Humphrey, Hunter. J sashes, gctehsm. L?flln. tstwtdPne of TZ, fM Rh>oZ MeKiwr, Moorbesil. ^in.MlMsok Ntaholsua. ftee?. rerhdip Pike, ?~?4snsa^,ii!rJYr. Wawl ef Kr. w?rd of P. ft, WMhberb of Mam., Went. 1 W infield-Al. pcttSeld. -thank nortli and 1 Ike refill)Uon* were then adopted without a division. By Mr M' RgR, trap. I ef Kr.?to empower Judges of the District Otne of tko rutted ?tate* to Bear and descfmine appeals from their own jndgmeeu and decree* Referred 10 the Judiciary Committee. By Mr. Tninsu, idem.) of Ky ? ft repeal the tax on Plate Banc circulation. Referred te the Committee on Bsaklag and Cnrreacy. By Mr. Msvssan. (rep ) of Tenn ?For the relief of loyal cltissM of |b? Vaitod H tales >a tko Rtely laoarreo Mflnuti Mil*. Rolerrod to Uto Judiciary Commute* Al*i .H'int iv*<liiiNMM of ?n* Tmwm l^mslature on the oi Agricultural College* Mai rod to lb* 1'uiuiuUee on Agriculture. Hy Mr. Dkmuhp, (rep.) nf la*.? To mostsblish ?????? gavsramoat i ia u?e Mate* loiaty in mhoHm". ?nd to enalii* mem to r*->unir- lUcir foitaer reWUfUs with lit* Rum- oi the l al<ia iuierred to tb* ComfeUtoe on IU ooiipU pinion. By Mr Asnr.svpx, (rep.) of Wo.?To ah'bonze and provide for th? . ou?ti ucliwo of a tuilit* ? aud postal r<>ait from Uahsotan, Tana. u> ton unman. in tba In dian Territory, nub a branch to Unfa Rock, Arkanoar. Re I erred to ihe lomuiiHe* on Oomm*n-e. By Mr. A-hutt. (rap . of iMtie -To guarantee a repub -he t*u Mean lorm Of government ia tha /tataa recently in robe Hi on. exoeptiug Tennewee. Referred to tba Joint Uommitlee on Haconatnu tu.n Mr. A-hlay -tared that tba bill wan drawn up by tha v?ntl:?ra A?*oci?non of Waabiufton, ot which Mr. Duraat u president. Alxi to ?id In Iba cooMTUdioa of a telegraph Una from tha Colorado n^br to tba l*arific t Vatrai Railroad Referred to tha Committee on Pacific Kaiimnd. By Mr. ctKMnarra, (rap.) of Ohio?In reference to a Nary Yard on tba Northwaatern lakos. Km- rnM to tlio l oam liter on Naval Ailhlr*. By Mr. (rap.) of Mich.?To repe?l ?#etion thr*e of tha act af May Xi, 1830. iaoorporatiug tba inhabitant? af the oity af Washington. Batarrad to tb* (on-mutee on tba Dtalrtet of Columbia. AJeo to p ?\ i<t?- for the aurray of tba harbor at tha mouth of tb- K;?!auu/.<>o rirar, Michigan. Referred to tha Committee on t ou> inerce. By Mr. Bkabas, (rap) of Mick?A Joint resolution of tba Michigan legislature approving of tba a-ilnn oft on giaaa In paasing the Dielrtal Hnffrage Mil oner the IV-sl dent'a veto. Referred to tba Commtuaa aw tba liimrici of Colomhia. By Mr. t ork, (rap) ot Win?A Joint taaolution of the t\ iacoua:n Legislature In reference ta Mentor UooHttle. Referred 10 iba Coiomittae on Kreedmen'* Affair* The raaoitttiona declare ta a long preamble that Benator Dou little baa reuounord tdeiity to hia former professions and principles; has deliberately put himeaif Ui active antagonism to those principles of jaatioaand equal n~hts which should ha the foundation of a republican govern ment, hy uniting his ikiIiUcuI fortnnes with those of tha enemies of tha republic, has grossly betrayed big con stituency, and by mitb Intones* to the high trust oouOded to him. ha* shown bitnaolf totally unworthy of further coubdeact and respect, and they Ins tract hint to resign bis Senatorial otfice. By Mr. Cobs?To establish and limit tha rate of inter est for money in the District of Columbia. By Mr. I.ysch, (rep. i of Ma.?To pronde for the re sumption of specie payments. Referred to tha tommit tee on Banging and Currency. Also to provide again-* undue expansion and contraction of the currency. Re ferred to the same committee. By Mr. Dokhklly, (rep.) of XIinn ?To amend the act creating tha Union Pacific railroad, so aa to provide for the extension of the Northern branch from -sioox city, its present terminus, to Lake Superior, on the same terms and conditions as are contained in tha original act. Referred to tba Committee on the Pacific Railroad. By Mr. Hxviucusun, (rep) of Oregon?Tj extend the time for completing tha military wagon road in Oregon. Referred to the Committee on Public Iwnds. By Mr. i lzkbk, (rep.) of Kansas?To grant lands to aid in the construction of a railroad and telegraph line from Lawrence, Kansas, to the boundary line be tween the United Mates and Mexico, in the direction ef Ouayma*. on the CJulf of California- referred to lite Com mittee en the Pacific Railroad. Also, to authorise the construction of a bridge across the Missouri river at Knit Leavenworth, Kansas; it was referred to the Com mittee an Military Affairs. Also, to provide fbr the alien ation of i he lands of the incompetent class of tho Wyan dotte Indians; it was referred to the Committee on In dian Affairs By Mr. BKaoFORb, (rep), of Colorado?Amendatory of the organic act of Colorado Territory far completing the survey of the Colorado river and for the construc tion of a wagon road from Denver City to Suit JUikw City. U was referred to tha Committee on Tarrttonea. Tba call or Mates for bills Iiaving bean ooociuded ilia SnuKBt proceeded, as the nest boaine** <tf order, to call the Plate* lor resolutions, under which uall ?r xaisn'a mmacnincrr rkmjmtiomp, offered on tie- 7th of January, uama up, the qnastion being on Mr. I- inch's motion to refer them to tha Judi ciary Commit!**. They wera aa referred without a division ot' the House. ?xrsMH-n res srvr*ius to wovxy. Mr. Nokll. (rep i ??' Mo , offered ? series ot resolutions ia fevorbf axiei-i -<i< nfrage to women, instructing the Committee oo in !?.- riot ot Columbia to report a bill aroondaiary of in- H -irict Suffrage bill ta that spit it, sad Instructing the Jo. I,clary Committee to report a bill authorizing the ceil u? a constitutional convention In lfs?as )io?Ur, to make a ? onstltntlon ia Hmt (Rata re public ah In form. Debate arising, the rnotlution went over under the rule; rkpociion or inn saiwiua crwmmcv. Mr. Wfesos, (rep) of Iowa, offered a resolution derhtd iag It ss tna opinion or the bourn that the publh inteS esu will not justify s greater curtail men i of the natioasl circulation than roar millions per month or forty-olggt millions daring the year XN7, which forty otgbt millions ought not to bo oaoluslvw ot and ta addition to the com ll'ng poind interna notes falling dne during the current year, and that in lieu of inch an amount nf cunt pound interest notes oo may becoma duo and be redeemed within tho your, as may bo In oxooas or tbAsmoost of oanenoy sulhorixad to bo withdrawn, tho Shiretsry nf tba Treasury ought to be authorized and requested to issue l ulled Matae legal tender aoten without tntereet. Mr. Wilson moved tho previous question aud called for teller a. The vote was taken by tellers and resulted in yoaa 40, nays TB. So tba House refused to sacond the previous question, and Mr. Wootworth rising to debate, tba rooolution it wont over under tho tnlo till Monday next. Mr Pmcx, (rep.) of Iowa oflbred the following reeolu tions and demanded the previous question Whereea much mnbarraasioent a?w prevails In the eon a ?Mai and gMMMH try affecting inlnrinusly Ihv nommeratal and other Internet* ihrrnof. on aooouat of what may bo done by ?ht* Congrea* afieoiing tho volume of currency now In circulation i there fore Keoolvwd, aa the opinion of this liouae, that aey greater reduction of the currency than that already authorized by law?lo wit, Tour uUliwns dollars par mouth?would not bo a4y4mM#o IteruJrod, That the said reduction should bo an managed aa to take tbeamonot an retired and caneelled from the In V-reat-boeiiog notes, and nut from tho nou-lniere.i,bearing notes. Keaolre-i, That that part nf the compound interest notes whleb shall fall duo dnring the aext year and shall not he retired an-1 cancelled uuder and hy virtue of the law now authorizing the reurement and raueellalion of four niillinna l>er month, shall have their places supplied by legal tender note* hearing no internal. Mr. Cossuso, (rep.) of N. Y., made the question of order that those were Hutwtanitahy the same reoujaiions that bad been offered by Mr. Wilson, of Iowa The Hrraua overruled the point of order, deciding that the roootnttOB* covered the same ground, but were not In the exact words, and could be otfored after similar oner were rejected Mr l^awBKVcx, of Ohio, asked Mr. rrlce to yield for an amendment forbidding any further roductioo of the currency. 1 Mr. Ras a declined to yield, stating that he wanted the House lo stead by hia resolutions or to vote theiu down. The rote on seconding the previous question was taken by tellers, and resulted ayes ?H, noes AO; so the House refused to second the prerious question, and Mr. Weolworth rising to debate, the resolutions want over under tho rule until Monday next. nnsivn snsiuxs. Mr. Kasean, (rep.) bf lows, offered a resolution for evening session* otter to-day for tho remainder of tho session, and moved tho previous question. Tha House infused to second lbs previous question, end Mr. Wont worth rising to debate it, tho revolution wont over under the rate until npxl Monday. Subsequently Mr. Hooker .ateod I ears to ofibr a similar revolution, and moved to Nuspcud the rules to onnble him to Bo so; but the Bouse refn*ed to suspend tho raise sad the reooiuuon wag not received. a vim or maxx* m tux sxcnxrasT or wax, son. Mr. Kanxawpsm!, (rep.) of III., hy unanimous conacnt introduced a Joint romrimten giving the thanks of Hon rvs to Rdwtn M. Stanton, ttecrotary of War; tteneral a Meigs, Quartermaster (loners!, sad Brevet Uee tonsst Colonel James M. Moors, Assistant Quarterroa* trr, for their persevering lalmrs tn ohUintng the semes of thorn who died, whether of wound* received in battle, disease or atervuUoa, la rebel prisons, sad publishing them on tb* rolls of honor of the nation It woo road three times and passed. rxirnso a dnumt or inn laws bxlatto to nmm norma On motion of Mr. Mounit l, the Committee on Printing was Instructed to Inqniro into tho expediency of printing I for tb# age of the Bouse tb* digests of statutes of lbs United States prescribing tb* rates of datteo on Import*, end to Inquire into tbo coot thereof, including x compen sation to the oo mailer. et-rrtanarranT sonrrr mix. Mr. O'Nmx <rop> <* Fb> introdwced ? bill aapple mentary to ibe boenty mi ?r July 38, 1MB, which *? referred to the Com mi IK* on MiliUry A Shim. nun pot tot mm op m omnucr. Mr. Iponmx, (rep.} of 111., aekedtaave to Introduce ? joint roooloUoa i;pnyrWh( ffSO.OOO for the poor of tbo Diatrtct of Colombia, who d retributed by Major Goo oral 0 0. Howard. Mr. OnOTUUNO aokod Mr. lagerooN whotbor ho would accept oo amandmena, providing iho omonnt aboil be iKlodM in tbo oost too levy of the Diotrkt. ?Mr. lOTBOPiiL declined to accept toch on amendment. Mr. Bora, (dora.) of 111 , euggrated to Mr lageraoil that he ahowld Introduoo o almllor bill lor hto own city of POorta, 1IL IrTli Mr. iKomoou. did not notice tbo attention, tmt objec tion Ming made, bo moved to anapoad the rule*. The Homo refuaod to aoopood tbo raloa, and the (otnt rooolu Uon waa not Introduced. no rnvmt amv uum mntovganrr ant. On motion of Mr. Ruot. (rep.) of Mono., Saturday, Ibo ldth day of Febrwarr, waa aaetgned to the Committee on Com metre for cowd iteration of the River and Harbor Improvement bill and other report*. qpvmunrtmre row ma utnt rami uoca rraiw. Mr. I.tpci offered a preamble and reaoiuvJonx de claring that the Overthrow of the ret-elllon haa left the people of tbe rebel twice, eaoapting Tonne**##, deprived of all civil government; that tbe government* now oalotlng In thooo ftalee, aa nata&Mabed by tbe Provident, bnv# no oiMtllotinnai abortion, and being ondor ibe control and ndrnmiatratkm of tho leaden of tbo rabel llon, fall mi adbrd tbo lorol citneeno of tbo OhftM Statee that protect Ion It wbtnO tbey are entitled, and revolving that N to the duty of Coa^reaa immediately^ jo not Obi lob ^?government* over thOTO State* aa vhalt mainleia I tbo antboflty of tbo aetkroai government, aupproee I vlolHoe, eeiahhOT and prolan all ctttMM thereof w I tbaip lawful rig at*. to Ibe end that tbey may, no l$Ndil* I an to aanalooawt with tbo eafriv of the nation, bo mirti | to tbolr former relatione wltb the I woo and that th Ibe formation of new 8late government* all total Ciftthna than hove a rikbt to partiripeie, and Halt pa proUbtai. in tho enerrlM of eucb ngh?* by tbe national fOMlJ meat. Mr. 8. nrow, (rop.1 of Ohio, made tho pomt of order that meter the rule tno roaohmon* muni bO referred to the Joint Commltiao en ReeonatrticHpb m. Tbe Prtanm auawmed the pom I Of order. Mr. I.racw moved w auepend tbo rata* _ The Hoaoe reruood to awopobd the rdtt*. nay* 83; ?o tbe mentation* wero raferred without, to tbo Joint Centraittao an IWaiiOTMMbhiir. miBrA amanvAi. op raa poval AcanittiT. Mr. bamnrn oabad laava to offer tbo following raaolu tlan ? Jtaoeired, That tho Committee on Ratal Affaire bo la atrunlod tu Inquire nlc the propriety of an tm.aeC ate re mo\*l u( the I mltrii Sielos Naial Academy (niu in, |rrmn| I- ailon. 111 tbe State of Marylaud, lo eoiue point lu a tuval su'i irtii-ra the pupile of (he Institution wilt he >*. ,ra *i>iu?s ibe ?iirroumtum of pestilent and Mtitl tub o-l??a insulin to the national go* ernmeut, which uow p ulvmiiau* ?l AiiuWpoiie and report be bill or otherwUe. Mr. Eumunm, idem. I of Wia, obpfted. Mr SriiMt K moved to euspuud the rule*. I lia rule* wore smp'nded by * ? >te of M jea? to :? uav*. and the resolution was offered. Mr I'aua, irep.) of Wis.. naked Mr. Schwa to eonopt an aiiieiiduifin to utnke the reaolutlon dire< i?ry to the Committee on Naval Attn i* to report eueb bit.. Mr. Unmet, while doctoring himself in favor ?f the atnenduiem, decltnatl to noeopt, bttl woald yield to allow H Pi lie offered. Mr. Pais* would not then offer It. Mr. j* HK<irii declared thai be offered the resolution in good laitb; be had men too much of the aociai >o fltiem tM brought to bear on otflceri, and troop* atalloueU In the midst of a community not eyuipntliUing in loyalty with them, and he did uot wish to espoee any longer the young gentlemen of the Naval Academy to the mflueucce that might affect them, and affect Uta uavv, by tbalr being educated at Annapolis. Mr. (dem.) of Md., asked Mr. He bench to yield to him. Mr. ScmrrE Raid be would yield for question*. Mr. Harris natd be did not want to ask any questions; be wanted to debate the reaolutlon. Mr. Schmck declined to yteld for debate. Mr. Ln Buind, (dem.) of Ohio, asked Mr. St bench what neoimeity there waa for tba reaolutlon. Mr. s.-hi:n,:k replied that be wanted to get that Instt tutton out of Annapolis. The previous question was seconded, and the reaolu tlon wan adopt en by a rota of 108 ayes to So nays. sa rtricATiox or the amswrmknt to tub cossrirtmos. t)u million of Mr. Bivcfuv, (rep.) of Ohio, the Beer* vary of Nute was directed Pi report what States sow represented in Congress have rail tied the amendment lo the constitution proposed by the Thirty-ninth Congress. rimioNR ami kmiiiNKnu.Ni'Ka. Mr. Waw, (rep. i of N. Y., presented the pet I tide ef one hundred and eighty clil?.en<i of Steuben county. Maw York, in favor of increasing the tariff on wool. It waa rat erred to the Committee on Ways and Means. Mr. Warii also introduced a remonstrance of nitudy eighl citizens of Pralteburg. New York, against further contraction of the currency and against legislation hoe tile pi the national bank-. Mr. tiRiswuui, (rep. | of N. Y., praaentad a petition from a large number of wool growers in Washington county, New York, for protection against the imposts t'.ou of foreign wool. Mr. CosKUNii presented a petition from Mm H A Neil asking compeo-atiou for lo-w- suffered during the war; also a petition from aoidlers asking an extension of the time of paymeot for land iu Iieaufort county, South (aniline. w Mr. O'Nsnx prevented a memorial from T. Morris Perot, President of the Mercantile Library Company of Philadelphia, Its directors and many of ua members, asking that there may be no l?gl?lat ion on the subject of the tariff which takes from the free list the importation of books, map*. Ac., intended for public libraries, cot leges and oiber literary Institution-; also a supplement to an act entitled "An act Pi ftpialU* Bounties," July 2*. 1866, and also Pi provide for a bounty to (teamen, tire men and coal passers. ust'LTivs r aat.Mi atpjns. Tba ftPKAKRR presented Executive commnnlratione as follows:? From the Secretary of War, transmitting the report of Ohier of Knglneer* relative to ibe improvement ot the harbors of Pent water and Peru Marquette, Michigan. It was referred to the Commute on Commerce. From the Secretary of State, in reference to the two bills?the one lo repeal the amnesty section of tbe act of July 17, 1182, and the other to regulate the franchise in the Territories?not vetoed by tbe President nor pub lished as laws, announcing thai such bills were filed In tbe State Department, wl h a letter from Colouol William t>. Moore, the President's private secretary, dated Ibe 31st of January. It waa ref< .red to the Committee >ua Unrolled Bills. rONORRMIOVAL ID I NTT*. The b II reported last Saturday frutu the Committee on Printing for tba election or a Congressional printer by the House and abolishment of the office of .superintendent of Public Printing came up, the question being on Mr. Trimble's motion to lay it on tbe latyle. The House re fused to lay tbe hill on tbe table by a rote of yeas 90 to nays 100. and the bill tsaa then passed without a It vlaioo. Tint MIL MtCLAKinO TOR PRMIPRNT'8 TOOCI.AUATIOSI- n ettrrtusaxo thk RMtLunti vatin, Mr. Wnaos, or Iowa, from tbe Judiciary Committee, reported beck to tbe House tbe bill to declare valid and conclusive certain proclamation* of tbe Preatdent and the acts done In puieuande thereof in tbe suppreastoa of the rebellion, and it was made tbe special order to bo bill and moTOHOtm auasau'e-riarr to mubu taken up after the Civil Rights bill and tbe bill, u? equellae bounties are disposed of rtn motion of Mr. Ban tbe I'reeident we* requested to communicate copies of any official correspondence respecting tbe recent visit to Unoil for scientific pur poses oflvofesnor Loots Agtsm/. Tim ponritii anos ass. Tbe Hours then went Into Committee of tbe Whole on the stele of tbe Union, Mr. Pomaroy in tbo chair, on tbo Fortification Mil, tbo question being on tbe amend meat appropriating $1*0,000 for commence as sot of re?o additional forts at Portlaud. Me. The amendment men advocated by Messrs. Lynch. Hlaineand Selienob. and opposed Iif Mr. Spalding ami Mr Maynnrd. After debate the amendment was rejected (Uber amendments were offered and rejected, and finally, on motion of Mr. Hcoffild. tbo enacting claeee ?f tbe bill was struck out, which la a rejection of tbe Mil. Tbe committee rase, and th" House, after corn firming tbe action of tbe committee, adjourned at twenty min utes peat four o olock. HEW YORK LEGISLATURE. fisaatr. Albavt, Feb. 4. 1M7 Tbe Senate met at half past seven this evening. maKiiu. Sundry petitions, signed by many lad lee, were pre sented, asking for th# erection of a female bouse of ?, refuge on tbe State farm, at Roobeeter. By H. C. Mfrtot?For a railroad la Spring and ether HreelA in Sew Turk. Also, fur tbe High Bridge Rail road. n? CHARGER AOAnjn -ESATOR ORWELL. Mr. Fouwr. of tbe select committee appointed to in vestigate sundry charges preferred against Hen afinp Charts* fS. Cornell, as street t'nuimiselotier of New Task, and asking for his expulsion, reported In writing, acconi peaied by a resolution, askiog that tbe oommittee ibn ? discharged from further cousi leration of tbe matter. Tbe resolution wae adopted unanimously and tbe Kuiyect dismissed. tm cot ri or srartAL swsioxs or mrw tore rrrv. A commuuicatuiD was received from tbe Justices of ? he Court of Special Sessions, In answer to a resolution of the See ate, Staling that from March 7, 1166, to Decem ber 91, 1166. there were discharged Oy them, either temporarily or dually, for various legal reasons and after conviction, one hundred and tblrtv offenders. BILLS SOTITEII, By Mr. Bansnr? For Mr. Parsons, to Incorporate tba Rochester Hydraulic Company, to bulldnennal bridge at Rochester. By Mr. Kust? Relative to tne mmpenaattea of eteco tore, guaidiHhs, assign* anal other trustees. By Mr. Fnuwut?Relative to tbe annuel statistic* and records of conviction* M Jest ice* of the Peace, relator# to tbe taxation of bank capital and tbe share* of capital of otbor corporations; to mc'irpola tbe National flafe Deposit Company at New York. BdL* irreonrcap. , , To emend tbe charter of the viliago of Burt Richmond By Mr. Stanford?To facilitate the coaetrunuoa el the Northern Railroad, running frftm Schenectady tertgdene hurg It proposes to appropriate fiWO.OM Per evePv thirty Bailee completed, to tbe amount of fij,*00,000, and prm idee for a lu of five-eighths or a mill for Ute yean 1*01. lfiW, I860, 1*70 and 18TL, 10 meet tbe asms. AMSOCHMtMRST Of TH* DEATH OP WAeWKOWW no SI The following eommamenilou wan reumved (rem ??? ernor Pea ton To vna LmastAvv**:? ' . . Deeply imptVMed with a sense rf the ptiblto Mm. I an. noiince to the legislature the death of Weahtngton Haiti, es-Oorernor of Hew Vork, who was honored by hi* fellow cltisen* with election to the distinguished eatee* premltwisfly IdentiBed with the admlnt?tr?tlofi of the government of the State. The afBlctlve event la the oeeasSi* of flotnjen gnef. . He comnMtnded, alike in P'lhUo yoslWen and In pr'Tatr Ufa, the respect and confidence of ? people falfHar with MS S?r rloes end chareeier. I reominend thet flumg esprymUm he given to three seoilmen- ef ren.M^^e-d^j^j. Mr. rnowixT moved resolution* expressing thread* of the Henate on hearing of 'be d'-ath nf tba Imtinfpre nitlaeu, and after fltlmg eu Ingram# Crowley and Henry U Murphy, thai Aim ST, M 1 Nit , . The A see m hi y met at hnlfpeffi reran P. * A?W ?veatetioo of sundry petitions puvitbiiuu e?e ???r ? "i" a Hunt wae announced, and uMnJh turns ?>f ooodolence offered by Mr. jouroeik KMI Um iMMiB PHW ?y Mti Me ute the Weere THE TML Of C Y. C8LKI. Frasrus, Pa., refit 4, IMT. rhe trial In ibe Culver cere wan ooea as eased on There y evening. Judge Trunbey pre eld lag. Defendetofa ?reel filed a plea lo tbe jertedlctlon or IM conn, on i groned that the rnaw were properly oogaliahle in I iaited futee Crert On Friday morning tbe pieae re ?t smiled. The testimony ef the dtreelow nf the nango Na'lennl Bask wre than taken ffif the ?eecutlon, tendwg fin disprove the elntm of C. ?. h er that he bad bans sole manager of tbe bank, e .ashler and bookkeeper testified to lbs state of tbe ;ountt at the eicdtfig or ttis bask. They are aire m called for tbe defence. Thin occupied tbe time till tnrdny evening fit nine o" sleek, when tbe tretinoin? two persore. claiming to ho d?a?fftoft to th# amount $tafit<M$, were offered and sited to, the deciaioa Inn reserved. 1%e trhU wee resumed this mamma, ri after erpument the Court admitted tbe evideaee. I* thought UMa may be the turning point ef tne rere uwt Culvw. Tba evideaee lo? the pureeatire emf n^r^.T,^"^ r*ffi."SETa7ltr-i sdmitred pfi he bad made the loan to Cutrer ?find to fall, or thoagbtltmi btt JM**: H? bwltliliprr wm reraljod ao<t bank for and again* <W*^Wd TMjgjJflg sfied their sees, nffd the diffWO* sMdoponou ?? in ry. wbereupnn 'V'TLJZXZVL?* on wtM preknbly be elened. It m thought no cere m ode oot against Cnlvev. . TIE BMUMt iMUrm. jbUrttfifiJiLA ldl7, -. in fifohre <k Dclfi' ef# the fieoato bill ?llng the Baltimore City Election Mil, consequently c wiil he no elcotmn on wednemlny. >th houses hav* also pesred a MU prohibiting tbe re* elored oenvicta. and It la now ? law