Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1867 Page 2
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HTrATTO!l8 WA >TK1V-WHALEM. A NUMBER OF WHll< BBOOMMFMDBD GERMAN girls waul situ-lions at Mr*. Lowe's German lusti!'-is, Itanton at., near Bowery. * LADT OF RESI'B' TABtUTT AND Nl'llfKXBS XV habits, speik'nt the Freeh and KngH.h lantu??e?, would tike a situation in some *s?larl branch of bu-'nesa to attend at the Parts Bipoeltion. Every sa'tsfartlon requisite given and ir<)iiired a* to principle, responsibility and da rirtment. Address, sutiou K, Bub-Poet ofttea, hitadelpbta, I'a. _ A YOUNG LADY WISHES A IITUATIO* AS COU. ??mania or interpreter with a family going to Kumpe. Reference - exchanged. AJdrea' box 11*1 Herald office. A GIRL. ABOUT U YEARS OF AOF., WISHES TO set in a fancy More where she -au leant ihe iiii-lneea. or would go In * reepectsble family to be waitress. Call for two days at SI 1 Went S'lh at. A French lady, rpfazino germ am and S;> null, w I.-lies a >1111811011 as seamstress. Call at 138 Bleecker at. a YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW WISHES A POST A linn as housekeeper in a treiillamaii'a family, or would take nftnriio of ait invalid. Call at 711 Sixth avenue, between Fortieth ami Forty-first streata, for three days. ARITI'ATIOM WANTKD-BY A STEADY, HOIIKR woman, srlth the best etty referenoe, as child s nuiae, w wool.' wait on an Invalid. Can be seen for two day- at m West Wth at, tn the rear. To sare troutde none need sppty but Christian families. a TO' NO OIBI, WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBER. A maid and waltreaa In a private family: mule .lands herhusltie.a In either cnpuclir: a"1"! citv reference irom her last pUre. Call at 2U0 East 38th at., one dour from 3d av. A YODNO YOUNG WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION A as cook; |. willing to assist with the washing and Ironing Good oily references. Call at 217 West 16th st. a YOUNG AMERICAN CTRL WISHES A SITUATION A in a small private family. Call for two days at HQ East ?.i it. over the mnrble mill. a YOUNG WOMAN' WANTS A SITUATION AS OH AM A her:a ild or soamstrf-sa. or todo general housework In a rsry -malt family Call at 290 Ea?t 24th at., haaement d'-or. YOUNG WOMAN' WANTS A SITUATION AS WET nurse. In n rearx'Ctable family. Hat tliu brat of ci.y eaferrnues. Apply for two day a at 139 ChefTs ?t? second floor. M Rf<. McV ? rrE. ARFSFJ iTABI K WOMAN WANTS AN INFANT TO wei nurse, at her own houao; has a Dill brent of mflt. Call at 197 i'leene St., near Prlnee, top floor, b*'A room. \ RESPECTABLE YGUNG C.IRI. WISHES \ SITUA lion du eneral housework, in a .mall p irnte f ,m lly: be.i citv referent*. Can be seen for two days If not engaged at 313 Spring St. A REHPEttTABT.E YOIJMO WOVAW, RFTURNINO A fn ill Bnglnnd. wnnls s Sltur.lioli; la a good cook and exoollon' w*si t-raml tmner: can do clietnorrwork and plain a-wlng. Can be seen at 117 l' ast 4l?t at., re', r 3d ar. A RtsPKOTARI.E YOl Mi WOMAN WISHER A situation as rock snd loan. .! with 'he wnalilng and Ironing: good clly rrfe ence. Ci.ll at <3 West fellh .1., |W? tween bill ar. and Broadway. Akl SPECTAliLB GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUA li n as llret class ro k in n gentleman's Inm I*; ui> 1ei. stands hoc bnaluoss perfectly, heat reference. Call a. 13 7th sr., neai 12th ?t., f? ? two days. \ SITUATION WANr*?_AS OOOD PL vlv COOK 'n a small fam'l : be-' rity re fetes OO given. Call at ltd Wea: 29ih at., between 7th and Stli nvs., In the rear. a SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young g'r!, s? chambermaid orwaitre ?; understands el'hor perfectly; c niini the best city reference. Call at M Bast 2MU sL, near S:1 nr., top floor. a FIRST CLASS DRI2SSM AKER WISHES TO OO OUT A by the day "r week to m ike Indies' and children's dresse-, or n aiild take work to lior own house. Call at 123 West 19th st. A SITUATION WANTE0?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as nttmc and ehambornwM. !| is the host .if clt* ref. erenoo Can be seen at 2rtfffEast ltth St., third floor, front room. A YOUNG OIRL XV ANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL private famllv. to <ln up stairs work. City reference. Can be seen at 87 West 3l'h St., top Uoor, front room. A a RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITPATtON; A understands e->oktli? in all lis branches: is willing to assist in the washing and ironing; has no objection (r. go a ?hurt dietnnce In the rouniry. Good referenco con be given. Call at 372 .tit av? in (he basement. A RESPECTABLE VT*UNO (URL, LATELY LANDED, wi-hes a situation M chambermaid and waitress, or wHild ukc core of children; will be found willing and obliging. Call at 20u >t eat llilh sL A QIP.L, 14 YEARS OLD, WISHES A SITU ATION TO A <P-tight work c-r Walton the <1 or and tablet IsyrltUng to make bersaif useful: can come well recommended. CaU at MS Wast 16th st , liotween 8th sudDtli a a. A YOUNG PROTKsTaNT AMERICAN ,vIET. WANTS A alt tu. tlon t<> 1.1 ko churaaof children In a himill fvally: food rof^r Qons Call it *15 Last a4lh st., New Vork. ATOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO P0C*1AM. berwork In a small family; good reference. Call :.l Jn3 Uaet 34th s?. AH SITUATION WANTED?BY A OBRM AN flTRG, AS teamatrons, In an Ain? family; reference c'lr?n if tlguired. Can be seen at 331 Went j0lh at., Ural door, front A SITU ATION WANTUD - BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, an t:.'at ob?i luundrt -a; understands how to do fluting thoroughly: hns ? *1 -Hy reference. Cau be eeen until suited at L14 \\ eat vlith bU A RESPECTABLE YOCSQ MARIlIRI) WOMAN i\. wauls a situ on as wet nur~e; well recomn.ciide J. Can he seen for two days at SO Rutgers >U, flrst floor, bark A SITUATION \Y \M'KD?BY A Rt'SPKCTAHLK GIRL as nurse or chambermaid; would have no ob;eetlon to gs a abort distance |n the country; the beat of rtty reference ?son be given. Cull f?r two days at B6 Mulberry *t., Iwuwenn Priuoa and Spring. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITU A tlon aa chambermaid and wai(re?s; has good city reft r. ewoeo. Call lor two day* at 113 jtfto at, between Ed and 3d . front bsaeraent. 4 SITUATION WANTEO-BY A RESPECTABLE fyoung womsn 'a? coo?l e.?A; Hrnuld assist with washing Ironing: would go s ?bn?t distant* in toe conn, try, beet ol reference, (Tall at ISA West MHb si., bet vreu 7th and 9th are A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do general b iu?-work In A email family . te willing and obliging; cily reference. Call at \t0 West 17 ih au \ SITUATION WAVTKD-HY A KPSPKi'TABI.E youi f girl, in do general housework In a email private family. Call at SHI East Sid at., between let and ti l era . A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL. LATELY LAXhEU, wan la a situation in n private I'xmUy at chambermaid and waitress; la willing to make herself generally useful. Call at 134 Wast kith *(.. between 7th andfllh are.' A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISIIB9 TO GO OUT BY the day or week to work; does washing and lioniug and house cleaning; good e.ty reference, (.all at 48 Weat IMh at. A SITUATION WANTP.D-BY A OOOO PLAIN COOK; A would do some washing and ironing In a small private family; good c ly reference fir three years. Call at 148 Waat I7tn at., a tew from 7th st. A^m COMPETENT WOMAN WISHER A SITUATION AH cock In a private family; no objection te a private boarding horse: la willing to aaaiat In washing and Ironing; good cltv reference II required. Call for two days at M3wi at., third floor, rear. A^H RESPECTABLE. YOUNO MARRIED WOMAN would lake a baby to wet nurae at hnr ewn house, whore it would get every fondness and the boat of ram lieotowed on it; t.rat rioaa roferenee given. Address iM Mulberry it. room No. 1, for three days. 4 PROTERTANT WOMAN AT ANTH 4 SITUATION TO A do general housework, or to cook, wash suit iron; good eity reference. Call et -W Kant Ibth st. A RESPECTABLE YUUNO GIRL WISHES A STTCA. A. tlon as cook, washer and Ironer. or would do general bouaowoi k in a small family; has good e.itr reference. Cail at 3Ki 3d sr., nsir Z3>l *L. in the crockery atoio. AM YOUNO AMERICAN GIRL, 17 YKAUtt OP AGE, wants a situ it nn as child a nurse; la willing and fond of ehlldron; or would attend o owisfecltonery store. Apply ot or address 13d East ad aL A^m RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIBL WISHES A SITl'A I lion aa chambermaid sod waitress, and 10 assist with Urn washing ami Ironing; baa good city reli-rein*. ( all at If7 13th ?(., b-tween 7th and 9th ara a rowvir fl|(L WANTS A SITUATION TO OO ?V?. it. nrnmHiTfr Amespkctablb young woman wants a situ. ?tlon as aeainstroaa and to do light ohainberwork. or le laka care of children end sew; l>eat of reference. Call al her present place of employment, 331 West 3INh at., for toe daya. A SITUATION WANTED?EY A YOUNO GIRL. AS A nur e and c'lamivennolJ. beet of city roloroncs glveu; Cail at IM West 4th st. near dth iv. ARKHPECTABLB SCOTCH PROTERTANT WINIIFS a situation aa good oook. washer and Owner i no ohjee the rear, spend floor. 'aiween a v. m ??? A RESPECTABLE GIRL WAN IS A SITUATION to OO ganeral housework in a smal' private family, le a good 'Rkrr Abd Irnner. Call at 240 We-. 33th at, in 0<>*^ by former employart. OLDT.S TABt.l SIIE D EMPLOY. _a?? ?mm.Ti' ? K"',r"llk *if~l 'fOTr arc., fam "W**"* mined lately suited wit'. e->p,>,|e ,?rtanis. A MKRPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS a situation to do g-neral housework In a smalt family la a g .id nlaln eootan.l a ? _pdwa.lier an.l lr.i,??^ cllj fcfareuoi Caa be aoea at 317 7th av? second floor. ' 'cioo uoo. A TOUNO OIRL WISHER A SITUATION AH~cnTw tier ma Id and waitreaa or a. ehaml>erma;4 and l.un hot woe n dth and 7lh av*.. for two days. A FIRST CLASS DREisdJUKEK WILL OO OUr B7 girl wisher a nituatio! Ah i,\v\n ro?e; willing In aeal.t with washing and trvmlni' refaronee. CJ1 at 1IW Ed04 17th et near lat av., t ulrii "<?r front r?"?e \ RESPECTABLE MARKTRO WOM AN, WHO Lot her own hgby a few daya ago, wMies to leke a bahv er residence In the country to not nureo. Cel. al Ad Eg ' 11 **? Apply for throe days. \ YOUNG LADT WISHEN A SITUATION AH . s forewoman Id O ladles' furnlshlng goods establishment, "'tar and eiiiT factory: nan procure the beet of referene*. .. t? While Goods, l/erald ufiles. 'ITUATION WANTED-BY A 701/No OIRL, To Do i .'ght houaeworlt. In iulre ot 413 \geet Ktb at., Ivotweeu Hllhgva., top floor, 'rout ? -ITUATION WANTEIt-nr A NEAT AND TIDY to do general hnuaewoTk In a tmall pi I rale family; ? referenoo from her ln?t Apply al iltl Last t ' ? -8 *ean ?H B ?t?d.O, WTPtmm V \L \nv or Korr vr >n \m> fond of children Mini a* OOtUp'UlOU with a I.i0lity gn D( to Europe. Amxralla or the We,4 lullea. Addroaa Mra. Murray, IS King at. AKRSPFCT? BI.K fllltL W t NTS A SITUATION TO (in gnn. rO I urL. or aa vh.mbn.maid; in*<1 citr reference. Toll for two <Uv? at Mr. Uu McOarty'<, an East Slili M . I*?l?cen 1*1 nod 2d are. AYfH'NO OIRL I.ATKI.Y LANDED WANTS A SITU. ;>a rlMiohernmld or to mini children; will in.ike ber?e!f general!) uaeful. Apply at 2W East leth at A FIRST CLASH COOR DESIRES A SITUATION IN a hotol or restaurant, in ett? or country, aa meat or l aatrv oook: un.lemuinda bar biulnes* In all lu branches; U-t <i'v reference. Ad it wee A. U. B.. Hera.d offlee. for three (I iya. A HEALTHY WOMAN. SI TEARS OLD, AND RE J\ .laetable, wlahea an engagement aa wet nu'ae; her milk la freah: good referent* given. Inoulro for or addmaa Mr*. RnanaU, comer af let ar. and 46th at., roan 14. top floor, entraaco on 46th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE - t young srtrL aa laundreaa; or would ro ?? cook ani to a*?i*t with the ww-hlne ani Ironing. The beat ef elly reference. Call at S8 W#ef Wth at., near ?th ay. A youno woman wishes EMPLOYMENT BY THE day or week aa aeau.*<reaa; iinieotani* dressmaking and all kinds of familv sewing and children's el."bet. Has the heat of recommendations. Can be seen at 3JI 13th at., corner or Oreonwlrh. A SITUATION WANTKD-SY A RESPECTABLE woman; understand* eooking perfectly; would asalet In the washing and Ironing; no objection to go a short dt? tanre In the ecuniry. Haa the beat of city reference. Call at snwwt astii .i, A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNO OIRL: IS an eiclleot wa-her and ironer and good pla'n eook; would do hou-ework In a ?me!1 family. Wert elly referrnre. Call at SI Orchard at., betweeu < I rand and Heater eta., mom IS. A YOl'NO OIRL DESIRES A SITUATION TO DO '\ rhamh?nv.>rk and plain aewlog. or at ehildren'a nurse. Apply at 8M 10th ?t.. Aral Hour, frniit. A RESPECTABLE CTRL WANTS A SITUATION AS J\ good plain con':; understand* baking bread and nlea: la w llllng lo assist n lib llie washing Slid Irrnlng. Good refer* nine. Call at I IIS West 27tb at., ne. r 7'h ar. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WANTS BMPT/IY luenf. by the irrnk or month; undemtnnda nil kind* of fnmllr gewint. Flrat olaaa cltv reference. Call lit S07 Eaat Slat at., third floor, buc k r om. A RESPECTABLE PERSON WANTS TO OO OUT AS . \ seamstress^ nan cut mid (It ladi-*' and ehildren'a drr.-c". and do at] kind* of fandlv sewing; operr'r* on two in ichlneo. Call for two daya at 3d 3d ar., near Dili at., In the More. A YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS I'll 1M 1-ermaM and wallres*. or ua i?ur'? and plnlr *< vr> r Can *i?e*k French ami Herman on 1 give "O-ifl reference. Ap;. % at 171 Weal tllil ? (., between 7Alt and btli ava. A SITUATION WANTED BY AN ETPRRI*rN i 'ED it n'fo-; I* capable of taklug nnro of an Infant. Caughe br-i re'- r*" re. 3V "?r?. fivm luat place. C?'I at H8 Mot l'llt d? a few doom Cmu 7th uv. \R Si"- i ' r. MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A ? lliietion :m vet mure: lui* ? full breast of milk. flfr.d reference. ('alt at 334 Went 30th st., between lOtb ani Ilth ava.. second door. ? REspicT.vni.R Yiirvn Hiitr. wi ,me< a situ a . \ tlon t.i do chamherwork and s* I r,( In washing. Or lekn r*-? of children: can do plain sewing and all kindsnf em broidery: l> w'lllns and obliging; good re'eivnre. (' n bo eeeit until suit d at 342 3f>lli at., la iroottfUl .ml m a. A SITUATION WANTED?IIT V YOUNO O)''',. AS dutinhorinald and toaaeiat III wnlt n" or lo a?ab t with wu.liing and Ironing; eon tike etne of children. Call for two day* at 333 E;m' 8U1 at , between lat nod 2d ava. A MSFNOTARtR OIKL WARES A SITUATION AS J\ ehamhermaid: la willing to aaalat at the waahlriR- or to do the v.nrkof a sntall prlrnle I'aipllv; "Ood rofereuct. Call ni 8b7 3d av., corner of 23,1 at, for tun daya. A1WM WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TARE care of children and do ne ,t plain enuring and child ren'a clothing: Is a good children'" nnnir, and cuirh'e of taking care ef them from birth. Inquire at 300 WcstSlet St., between P'h and 10th ars.. top Boor, bacl: room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST Of, tSS IHNMA maker, to go out by the day ur wrek. Call on or ad dress 10 Ptli at., for three daya. A COMPETENT YOUNO WOMAN WISIIES.A SITU A Hon aa find class nook; is a good bread and biscuit l^kor:. e?n m..l.e nil kind* of ?oup,. meats nncl d'-?ser'a Tlie beat of cltr reference fram her last place. U:iUat6H5 ?ttli ar., between .'tStli and Ksih at*. A SITUATION WANTI: D?BY AN EXCELLENT COOK; nnc who thoranghlr understand* h?r bo?ine??. Haa the be*t of olty cuterenoe. Call at IW 7th nr., thir l door from 23d at. AS COOK, IN A FIRST CLASS FAMILY: UNDER., stands mMt". poultry. game ami pastries, niid In a good Pake - ?f hiead; h*s pood ::itr re forence from her last place. Call at flfl Carmine at., for tern days. A SITUATION WANTED?AS FIRST CLASS COOK; A' Is a Kind hf.'fcr: will a?sV.t in washing. Alan a young woman for chamherwork and waiting. City refeienoea. Call si 411 9(1 :iv.. near 24Lh at., on tecond door. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KFSFT.CTABLK ynting woman, in a private fauiilv. a* coot, wa-her and lroner: ihi rom/lily understands her lmMiieaa. Call at 931 West iotli corner of 8ih nr., over lb lea -loir. ? ATOCNO tut. WISHES A SITUATION' AS CHAM henna'd or waitreaa; no oblections to city oi country. Can ho seen for two day* *1812 Houston at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES \ HIT. nation to do the housework of a small private fainilv of two or three peraona: la a good plain con*, wwker and lroner. Can l>e sceo after 10 o'clock at IN S7lh at.. between 7th and 8th art.. ae.'Oii l floor, front room. 4 HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WIDOW LADY. AMERI ran. of very domestic ImbH*, deabea a aitnatlon. har* log had great eaperlence In her own houae, and is enmpe tenl and willing lo do anything that will prnmMe Ibc Inter o.l of her employ or; capable of takiur entire charge; la kind an I ehr erful; would wait on some lade ami take care of a chill, oi would take almost any all tai on. na aim la not afraid of driaalan mm h wo k where she would he t.ruled k.i ilr; (he high cat referenda glecn. Will call on psitlea hy addressing Mra. M., bor 1A9 Uera'd offce. A 6ITCAT10N WANTED?BY A RESPECT (r.l,E WO I\ man. in a amall prleale family, as fl?al clasa cook and baker and excellent washer and lroner: baa the l est of elly reference from bar last place. Can be aaea for two days at 78 \llrt! at., near (liaud, aooond floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BKSVBCTABI.B Wo man, as good plain cook, wether and lror?r: !i a mod breao and bltouit maker: good .die rafereime rlreu. Call at or nddrew 881 lat sr., between 17th and 18.h ate., over drug store. A SITUATION WANTED?KY A RESPECTABLE yoong woman, to cook, wuah and I-on; the best of city reference given. Can be seen for two days at 191 Went 1Mb at., batwaen 7iu aa.i Bth ava., Rrat floors ACOI.OKED (HRI, WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitrom. Call at lit! Weal 2fth at. A COLORED WOMAN FROM WASHINGTON WANTS JY a silnatlcd aa cook or laundress; has on excellent re onrnmei.dcllr.T) from former employer, with whom alio lived 17 years. Call at Ml Weat 'JAth at. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO GET wrrk In private families by the day: understands nul ling and fitting. Call at St Weal 13.h at., between (th and 7tU a.a. A Hi: AM STRESS WTHHRS WORK HY THE DAY, week or meats. Call at or adding* IS" East 29th at. ARKSFKCTABLK YOUNG GIRL WISHES A HI IT A tlou as mm vlreM; ran operate on * heeler A Wilson's tuavb'-o. Cun be area nl ltd 1Kb av., between With and hi at at-., second floor. AFIKUTULAHR LAI N'DKFHH WANT* A HITA tion; umiervlaiida fluting: hag good city rtfwrMa Call al 488 8th a.., f rat floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED AH FIRST CLASS COOK: understands onoklngin ait lu hmm bes: bc?i city -eicr encc from bar ln?t plme. < n> at Si Pavt llith at., between Clb av. and University place, A SITUATION WANTED?BY ? REXrECTARI E yotu g girl, a* ch vmbermMd or w*ito?? ,,r |U ,ip work. In a small family. Cau be seen at in* vVe?t SU at., between Wh and Iflth ivk SITUATION WANTED-BY A li KHFLcTaMLK y.-nng woman aa ehatobermald and aeamatreaa; eut and flt children'scjnthiug; can give the heat dtp iciw enoa. Can be aeen foi'two day* at tT tM SM at A81TI tTION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO Women, ?a nurac; u?u take charge of a baby from U Mrth: good cttv reference. Call for two day* at M? Weat Sd el. . A Lf. FAMILIES WANTING GOOD SERVANTS AND <L\ German girls Immediately, apply *t 'irge Employment Institute. liKHuth aveune, below Ninth -tree'. ATOUNG LADY IS DF.HIRi It'S OF obtaining the Instruction, an I If deatred the c?re aim. of young c'..?l dren; no > bleclioo to make herself generally useful; wold al -o be willing t>> l>eentiie companiou or nasi- la lit to a? elder ly'ady: good rrfcrenees given. Apply .Hine-11' etv at 179 Wes, 4etn ?l.,or a ldreaa b->g KM Now'Y>r> rost niPee. A SITUATION WANTED-RV A YDUNlI WOMAN AS plain cook l.i a small ram'tv: U willing to aaaka ker aaif generally uaefnL Call *1 Mrs. Curry'*. *3 Weal 41M al. A SITUATION WAXTED-BT A RKSPRCfARLB girl, aa nnrae and seaim-tre's, e' |?. assist lu 'lie c',am ??<?rk and do sewing, can de all klod? of em'<r Idrry. Has g.?d , itj rylerenoe. Call at 4f 37th at, between dth and 7th ava. * A SITUATION WAMIKD-HT a YOUNG GIRL. AS ebamhern>a/l and waltn aa; ? mid make hcr?- lf gen erally nsafnl; la wtillng and nt-Mgtng. Beat of reference fnrm last place. Can at 4RH 3tb *v.. rear. a WIDOW LADY WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE 1\ fully compel' nt of taking a huge oi an t-' from Ita "li lb, can do plaia |ng if re<|nbc,l; u< ' ,. to go |o the ivmotey for the runu..*r mo ith*. ??ai ox ?t,y KSPKOTABrsFe UlBU WITH CP* KtrKHKBCB. wautu * ?liUAliou to nil ltd fhlldr**! iud duUi n? t?U fnl. (HO M IV.. top floor, fn-nt r-oma, ARK8PECTA1LB M AHR'HD lady wishEH A SIT nation at nuree and ens. Iff reference glrm tf required. Can be aeen A>r twe days hi 3( ?Vr' ? .x AREHPBCTABLE TOO NO GIRL, TWELVE MONTHS In Hie country. wl?l>e. a aituePor to take careof ciit(. dren and make barrel! useful, or would do k In a emcl f.iBiily. Call (torn 9 Till A o'clock, at UJ L .?t Cl.i ik, be tween id and 3d ava ____ A SITUATION WANTKD-HT A riRST CLASH COOK; ut det atan da her bo Eneas in all Its hranchce; folly rem. patent to serve dinner and supper parties In heel style; good city reicrenoe. ( dl for two daya at U8 M av., between ItHh ?"'! 17th au., in fancy store. ________ ___ ATOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS DRESH mikar and aeum.treaa. ran operate on N heeler A """?"'t"- Call at AMI Al av,, room to ?. ATOUNG girl WIK It Rg A SITUATION AS NURSE; I Jr,7J Lr" W'<S tua eliamberwork aud waiting. . ?d at I If B eat IfTh it ARRhPFCTABI.E GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rook nn.lcrajanua her business and -an g'vr good iff ereflcca if Kfulred. Call at KM at, Uiwoklm. HTOATIOJH WiUrnUUfKHUEI. A SITU ATloN WANTED?BY A RESPECTAHLK < .1KL, aa nuraa and <e*mklrraa. or would do light chamber work and aewlnr; under v.anda all kinda of fam!1> sewing. Can h? (.<*<'11 at 116 Went 27th at. between 7tb aud 8th avs. A SMART YOUNG WOk AM, HOT LONG FROM KNO. land, wl?he* a ?dilution aa rh%ml*rniald or plain oook In * email family; w.iges not no much d**K re I ?? a home. Hi a the beat of referenoa. Call at 3J3 Weal 19th >1-, near ItHli ar. A RESPECTABUI GIRL WANTS a SITUATION AS rook, waehei and troner. or to do general bouaework In a small faintly; three years' reference from last rlaoe. Call at 643 let ar., corner lid at. aeoond floor, front room. A GERMAN YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION? la good cook, waahar and Imnar; or to do general h.meework; another for chambcrwork, waiting. line w*?h Ing end Imnlnt. org >od nurae, Ae. Can bo aeoa at 103 Alh av., beiworn bib col 9th ate. A respectable roinro qirl wishes to oo out to work by the dae to wnah or Iron, or to do general honaowork. Call at 3*1 Weat Kith at., bat worn hth and 9th are , top floor, hank room. IOERMAN OTRIi WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK; beat of refarauee from her la?t place. Call for two days at No. 8 3d ar. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS a RITDATION AS CHAM twrmatd and waltreaa, or aa chambermaid and to do plain aowhig. Beat ? Ity reference. Call at 33S Kast Slat at. AVOUNG GIRL WT8HKS A SITUATION AS SEAM* ?treaa In a re a pecte Me family; la a oomnetent seam* etreas and operator on Wheeler A Wllaon'a machine. Call at or addreaa flflfs Carmine atrael. In the milliner**. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS chambermaid or waitreHa; will nasDl In the wash'ng ar mind children. Ba*t rcferanoes given. Apply at 190 let ar., between 7th and Bth ate. CTOOK.?A FntST GLASS COOK WANTS A SITU*. t Unn; beat city reference. Call at 480 0th ar., flrit floor, front room. ' Monthly nursf.?wantko, by an rxprri enced 'adr, a few more engarementa: hoat of Cly referrncea: would attend an Invalid. Addreaa Mra. Dlckaon, lit Allen at,, near Delancey. SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman. as cook In t> family; beat of reference; no objections tn a short dfahinca in the country. Inquire for two d.ira nt 111 Weal tilth at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNrt WOMAN, AS chcmhermnld r.nd <enm"tr??e or nu-ae and aeamalreaa; rnn be well rc- mimcnded. Apply a' 240 81 li av. 0ITCAT10N8 wanted?by two ctrls one as n charnhrrmald end seemat-en. the oiher aa kitchen girl. !M Weal 90lli ah, flret floor, be k parlor. wom-in, in a amal! family, to cok, v??b and Iron: ?*?? the b??( elly reference. Apply at 147 Weat 27th at., near8;h uvi nue. OTTUATIOM WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS Cr>nK: il all kinda of Vnr"?'i end American enoVn-r; lv nb!e io t V" c ntlre rhsrge n' a Ultche": Iwat o' clir rcf.-r. enoe Call 'or I? o dnv? et 387 3d nr., between 83d and Dd ala No objection to the octl :lrr. (SITUATION WANTKO?BY A COMPETENT WOM AN. ? ? to tvvik and nsal"t at. w?-lilr v; no nMcriio*'to the emm trv cr a crlrate boarding house. Call at No. 9 Sth at., near the Bowery, for two day*. QITI ATIOVS WANTED?BT TWO YOUNrt WOVE*; > * one ns eook the other na e*-ariibcrmald; good elly i-ofer eucc given. Call at 301 Fa it 37th at SITUATION WANTED??Y A COMPETENT WOMAN, to do irencral houaework: la nu ewllent*waAh< r imd lroner; ? ood cfiv re'erennea, be:-i* It year- 'n be- 'v t n'-.rn. Cull for two days at 281 Weat 4.Vh at., between Wth and lt)th avenue*. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG woman, to do chamber-work and ntn'n sewm*, or would aaalat at washing and Ironing; gO'Ml city rofereuce. Cull for two d-iy* al 640 Greenwich-t. SITUATION WANTtvO?BY A PROFKSSBD COOK? one who understands French. English and American cooking, also pantry, bieak'". -t br- nd and deumrt* of nil kinds; no ob|eetlou In a nrlra'e bonding honae; the 1.est of i tfv ref i-enee can be given If required. Call at "IK VI e? 16th at. one aa cook, the other aa ebsrn' ermald; good city ro fcrrnce. Can I* a"en at 116 Fast Sflh at. SITUATIONS WANTKO?RY TWO GIRLS; ONE "*0 cook, wash aud Iron; the other, til ve?r* of a~e, would like n place in the same family; goo I city reference. Cull at Situation wanted?as plain laundress; wit ohje. Dan In go a short distance In the eounltrv; good rofgreuee from laat place. Call al 31# Euat 93d at., between lat and 2,1 av*. SITUATION WANTED?AS GOOD COOK: WOULD'gl at washing and Iron'ngr beat et? Preference. Call nt 113 VA'eat 1Mb at. - SALESWOMAN'S SITUATION WANTRI1?NY* A THOR. oiign'y cnnvpet?nt aaM*wc.m?n, in a clonk, eernrt or fnnev idore orauV (.nlearaom wlieee a co*ip?t?nt e< rao*i 'r n. "le ?; I'f.koitv .(.feruiee. tlntl s.1 310 3d nv.. near *l*t at. Situations wantbd-by two u'.ipeutarle glrla; onp to c-mk, wneli and Iron, the other a* cViml**"" mald und w*itrc??. It iye the heM cpv lete e'e-* from 'he'r last emalovar*. Can 1<a aenn for t wo data at l.Htt Kaat 29th at., nenrSd ar.. arcond floor, fr>.nt room. quit-ation w .anted-by a rorsn wi.m#n. as n chambermaid and wnltrea*: bu pod ?tn*t>rnWNi ni objoctton U> a privst* boarding houae. Can lis aeenfortwo days at 1W West 97thjit. SITUATION T ANTED.-RY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, to do general boaeeuork; Is a good washer and troner. 0*11 foe two daya at 11W East Houston at. QfTKATION WANTED?BV A PROTESTANT DHL. TO A' lake rare Of a child and do iJa'n sew'nir. or watting and ohombenvork: oily referenoa. Can be seen at 1*7 West a?th *t. ? OITPATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOlfVO * eirl, to do general housework In a small nflrsle famllr: ha* go. -j city reference Tram her lost place. Call at ft? IMli ar. OF! CATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE (1'RL, li to cook, wash and Iron or do housework; city reference from her la*t place. Call at 1*7 VVe?; 'Hito st. {SITUATION W ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT VOPNO O woman In a prtmte family, h* eoek. archer and Imrtnr; good city rciorenne. Oas be nee a ior two d ,ya at 111 lilh at., between Kth and 7th ava. SITUATION WANTED?AB ?nr?l> PLAIN COOK, maker and hat no nl>|eetlona to lining a *hort distance ont of the ally; go<xl flail at ltd West 2H;!i at., he 1 ween 7th and hlli a, a, foe tare day*. SITUATION WANTED?as CHAMBr.itMAIB AND waltiv.s or lo s sist In housework; good city refercnoe. CaV for two d:.ya at &? lloratlo at. {SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE TOPS'? i~ girl *? ehninbeitnaid ami walireaa. f an be seen nt her last plnce. 173 Cihti at. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.--A FIRST CLASS LADY artist, of many years' experience, would 1 ke to palrt In oil fane* backgiuttnd-for phniogranhs, Addreae for two week* Angelica, 1>0T UIN Herald office. TWO RESPECTABLE PRrtTiSTANT WRLH WIRH ?Itcattona to do the work ol a hM i*e between Ihem. or If not In the one house. one rati go a* eh imherm Id ond laundress; the other todo?eti>- *l housework: heat c'lx ref eianc*. Call at lt*> Weat l*?:n betWMB flth (M 7th aca" TWO RBBPRCTABI.B fllBI.R WlbH HITPATtONS: one aa firat no ? cook; the other aa chambermaid and to assist in waittn". The hc-i of chy i eforeuce gtren. Call at 406 1st nv.. between 24ti? and NHh hta. W IRONING MY THE PIECE OB MUrt!Tgw^:^art;g Uk#_u 18 ('8,: u ,!M WMt WANTKD-BY A Ri ?PR'lTABliB WO ?s? **? gen tie at an'a or fkai'lla*' washing; e*n do c'otfce?(v! Itrat rate "riter Call at ;W East Ihth *?., fourth (liar, harffc TCfANTKD?RYA RBRPKITAMLR Wt'rM an, ONE OB YY_ to" oMIAraxt to take ea.eof at ?-ei own horns. Call at INI v* e<t iAt.i at., Utwei u 7th and Nih ara. YIT ANTED?BY AN AMERICAN RKAVtrRRgft, A YY permanent s|ti ?:<on; can ent and fit City reference. Cnllfo! two day* at t"t East With at., neaf fld nr. II'AMTIV-A hlTt' Ar?ON AN COOK AND TO ANHI*T f f In t !<* v. ftfc ii r nmi ifO.iingi a trial Will itrave szubmm;??* cm ^"M"n" w and h?i w WANTKO-A NITPATION. BY A YOUNO CI 11,, TO do ohambertrork and waiting, or aa nnraa and to da C**n*Ut'r ' i*?91*11**1 |1v<m. Call ml 191 Ja'th?!., ANTBD-A RITUATfON, py A KENPKCTABLB yo'ing wonaaa, a* chambermaid and waltrera, or nnraa Ater-'- o?"? ?? w-? TANTKO-HY A RKSPRCTARLB YODNO OimiL. I who haa narer llre<l m,t berora. a altnaHoB ta mka oara of a ha by or children in a ganileinan'i famllr Aanla at ITU E?at .Wih at., for Nra Cnrtia lamuy. Agpty \t7ABTKD-A BITl'ATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY yonoa woman, a* dial cla*alartTn!re*a In a raapeetabla pet rata family; under* lands Yre?eh fluting. Be?t ella ref. srenre flreo. Call at IBt Writ ItJ at., rear hou?a, room No. P. YYTAirrfp?BY A RESPECTABLE TOP NO WOMAN, A ft situation aa conk, wmrnt and Ironer. Can aire the beat of eity refer*a* Call *t or addi?*e 111 Faai U>h at, third fl0pr'?? XSTARTED-A HITITATION, IN NURSE, BY A? ENtl YY ll?h I'roteatnnt wom-n, fully competent to take tha enilco charge of *n Infarr or nurarry. Can gle* uiidouhtod etty refbeonce* from ber lost employer, where abo haa lived many yaafa. CaH at Nil fth tv., near ?th at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE KNO LIB I! WOMAN, a anna Hon a* cook and to saaiit In tha washing and Ironing, or lo do general hon*ework In a small family. Best of city references. Apply ai trifl \ve*t 14th at, between fltk and lrnh aea. W" " SITUATION,' by A SMart ORHMAN girl. In dojaneiai h uwwork la a small family. Call for two lays at 316 West l?ih at. ||?ANTBD-A BTTlTATlON'.'iY A lililii ? lltfcll YY at s*am?tre*a; haa a ilrwer A Baker sewing machine. Call for two day* at 2111 West lutst ANTRD-A BifDiTIONTRY A YiTTnh (|IRt7"TN WANTED-A BITPATIDN. BY A RPSPF.f TABt^B mnrr'od wonrin as \t? l nm-se, with s f.esh hreast of mhk. C-n be seen o' B1 East llth se , betxee.i la. and 3d are., over the baker's. W A NTH it?BY A MIDDLE AUBD l.ADT. A 8ITD.W tlon to lake race of sit Inn.'Id larty; 'cat roferrnce glren. Addres* tt.. box 443 "ioo''',yn Pos ?filce, WANTED-A grrTATtON, BV A RESPECTABLE vnitng g>t, aacei.k and to n??iat In tvuthing nnd Iron Ina. Una a;vcn year*' fi iio * er laxt place. Call at 311 Wtb *t., near 7th nr.. th g flo; ;, front ? in. ITT ANTED- A BITUATION BY V YO0N? WOMAN; IN YY ?n sxeeiient cuok >ud drat elatn wsaher end Imnrr; bar lire be-'ot ettv referemca. Tntt rlrt rtl47 Bid at., near Lextitg on a*. WANTED- A SITUATION BY A RESPECT ABLE YY AmeiIron girt, ?* chambermaid, or noutd dohouio -nrk f t a smnil 'nuily, Oan beacon at 187 Essl SL h *(., ntli.o, W*n,nu-s siivaiiua, ht A TDCRO tilnin on chsmherraald or wailr**", lnouira for a weak nt No. 9 Margin (I., ba**'Nfiil. SITUATIONS WANTED-FBMALKS. WANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT OIKL, A situation 11 flint class waitiess; ben city reference from her last place; u willing and obliging. Call at <(57 ?1 a v.. neur 38: h at. a WANTED?POSITION AS HOUSEKEEPER. BY A young vUnir, in a boML widower's family. or to l*ke charge of a house for a party of gentlemen Tha beat of reference* given. Address noiojkti'ptr, Herald office. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL, TO do light housework In a small private family. Apply at 98 Chryatte at. IlMNTRIt?BY A YOUNO LADY, A SITUATION TO it nook, wash and Iron. In aome reapeclable place. In quire to 738 Washington at WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PP.R

?? eon. to do wnl'ing in a boarding houae. or chamber work: neat and smart about her work; beat of oltv refer ences from laat place. Apply at luS West 38th at, between 6ih nr. and Broadway. ?WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE tl young stoman. e* waitress or toaseist in light cliam berwork; boot of cliy references. Call at SDN 1st av.. In the store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A 8JTCA tl Uoa to do chareberwork and waiting, or 1# willing to take care of children: beat of city teforeuoe. Call at 211 8th av., between l&ih and 16ib atw. WANTED-A RITUAT.t'N. BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO VV do general houae work; la a good plain nook and g'-od wnshe- and Ironer; good city reference from laat place. Cell at MB West S?l hat WANTED?A SITtTATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN .48 plain nook, washer and Ironer, or would do g?u*ial housework In a small private family; good cby reference. Can be seen for two daya at 118 Sd ??., front houee. WANTED?BY A EBSPKCTABLR YOUNO AMKR4CAM girl, a situation to do light walling, or la willing to make herself generally useful; reside* with her parent*, 8SS2d wr., between S5th and Mth eta. WANTED-A SITUATION BY AN EXPERIENCED rook; Is willing (oasalet with the washing and ironing; bent of city refereaoe.' Oall at herjprrsent employer's, 48 West gjil at, WANTED?A SITUATION, I1Y A YOUNO MAN, AS It entry or shipping clerk, snleamsn. Ac ; understands the coal business and lias a knowledge of bookkeeping. Ref erences furnished. Address J. M., oere A. W. Maltiton, 118 Spruce atmet. WANTED ?A RESPECTABLE OIRI. WOULD 1,1 KK A situ.tinn to do general housework; baa no objections to go it short distance In the country. Can give lefcience from licr last place. Call for two d tys at 187 Elizabeth St., front room. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT gin, a situation us cook and to nss'sl In numbing; or as ehim'ieemaid aid I itindmss In a small private lamlly. Con lie seen for two daya at 2512ih at., netr University place. IV"ANTED-RV A IIR-'I*EOTABLF WOM AN. A RW VI gentlemen's or fsmllv woahtn'-. or would po out by the day In a respcctoblo faintly. Call at 96 West 24th at., top floor. WtNTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE OTRL, A PITUA tp.n to do general housework; hna good city refe-ence from her hut place. Call at 625 3d av., third floor, near 37lh street. i WANTED-BY A SUPERIOR NURSE. WITH EXCEL I r ? lent cuv icferenoe, a altuatlen In the cttv; or to wait on I a lady ..nd eh '1; sew ns-tW; In ktnd and attentive In sick ! ness; ws"r, iin. Call at 192 K nt 2tit St. ! WASTED?BY A THOROUOH COOK. WfTH EXCEL ] VV lent clly reference, a situation In a private fani'ly or bonding h "use; doci the c arse washing; Is an esccllent I belter; mokes pastry, soups aid jollies. Call at 192 East 31 < tat WANTED-A RrrUATKlN AN NURSR AND SEAM VI stress, bv an etperienced person hiving been In that rapacity over I wlvo years, of plain education and fond of . cluiurcn; good city reference. Call for two days at 91 Weal 19th at. ' "WANTED-BY A YOUNG PBOVESTANT OIRL. A v? aitnit'on as good cook; Is willing to assist In washing and Ironing; has no objection to tho country; good city rcfen-n e. Call for two days at 575 2d sr., between Sltt ana 82d ?ls.. In dr, goods store. \lT ANTED? BY A YOUNG PROTRSTANT QIRL, A Vt -in. it ion in dn chamherwork and wsiline. or would lakncarc of children and do ohamberwork and sewing; haa no objection to the conn re; Ml'sfaCorr veferanee Oan ba seen for t vo days at i b 2d av.. bstween Stat and Sid ata , a dry good" store. IY7ANTFD?A SITUATION, BY A YOt'Nfl WOMAN, TV mi an iii?tre-.s; oan make I di?*' nnd children'*dresses; no objection to do lfehi chstpherivork- haa good references, flail at 4!>0 dtli ft v., between 20lb ami 30th ata. WANTED?BY A RESP.RCTABLEiYOCNO AMERICAN V* girl, a rltuntlon an child's nurse In a elric.ily private family. Hood ct'y referenoe. Apply at 108 .Christopher street. from 10 to L WA NTF.II?SITUATIONH, BT TWO .RKKPKC PABLR yount wonn-n, In Rome private family where they oan have a pood home;y>ne aa plain cook, wnsher an'd trimer, the othT re cliemboimrtd anil waltreaa. Can give the heat of city reference, fall at or addr.< a care B., 21 Forsyth at,, room 16. roar housn, for two days. "WET KtTR^K.?A YOUNG AND WEALTHY WIDOW, TT who It in ju?t 1< at her baby throe monthe old. wlahea to obtnln a aitunion as wet nurse. Call for two daya at 308 East 10th at., from 9 till 4. HWIjP WANTKIt?KKMAIiWS. A GIRT. WANTRD TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; J\ ata In ramliy; oily referenoe a. tlail In a to re 432 4th avenue. / VOMPAXIOM FOR A LADY DPRIRBD-BY A WIDOW a ' lady of cdunstlon and ratine nent; the lady must bo from 16 to 20 year" of age, of plenalng peraon and addreaa. well educated and with a talent tor which will bo cultivated under the flrat ntiatera: French or Hpaniah parentage preferred, and also a knowledge of the modern languagca; MthM are not tMtM Such baring no encumbrance" and possessing aa amiable dispotiuna, with a deal re to pleaae. winch will be both rewarJed and ap predated, may addreaa, with futi parLculi a, K, M., boa atatlon (I. DKK8SUAKMR WANTED?ONR WHO CAN OPFRATB on Wheeler A Wilson's machine. Apply At 187 0th a*, near 10th at. DRKS-M AKKR WANTKD.?ONR WHO THOROUGHLY nndcratinila her bualneaa and is wilting to go a short dfftancc in the eiunt-y can hear of a permanent ptaoe by addressing C. Wl'laon, Mattrawan. N. Y. S'-'RVANT WANTKD?AN AMERICAN OR GERMAN girl, to d? thr work of a family of two |<ersons at Mount Vernon, SI minutes (ruin New York, On New Haven Rail road; every convenience iu the house. Cap at C8 William at., room No. 7, lor this day, between 11 o'clock A. M. and 1 1*. M. TVANTFD-A FRENCH WOMAN, W1IO CAN 8PKAK VT English, aa seam-dress ant to lake ca-e of one child. Applv for liner day", before IS o'clock, at 103 Hast 10th St., two doors from Uulreratty place. WANTED-A FIRhT CLASS DRRSSMAKKR: ONR TV who hi.? Li-en connecteu with ai.tnc well known city and who rin take charge, of a dressmaking, mantft nnd general ladles' f j nl-l,'n? department; aatlsfae tory ref -runcea -a to character and ability required. Address hoi 6,631 T o-t odlce. - WkMTBD-A LAUNDRESS I-oil A HM \LL PRIVATB family, must hare oar referenoe. Call at 284 West 3l?tst. ANTED?A WET NURSR. WELL RECOMMENDED. Inquire at 131 Bast lbth a'. _________ WANTKD?AT 70 EAST BROADWAY, LADIES TO learn or>arat(ng on the different sowing machine* and to leern ahi't making. Term* $1. Tliey will he furnished w ttli stead* wm h. / ANTED- -TWO GOOD GIRLS TO WORK IN A restaurant. Inquire, at 3fU 6:h ay. WANTED?A PIRST CLASS PROTESTANT COOK. VV Ap;'., at 387 M it I eon ?y., on Wednesday and Tbura day. from 10 A. M. until noon. \J4T.ANTED?A TIDY GIRL K?R GENERAL HOUSE yy wo : In a : malt private family; mu?t he a rood waalier and Imwer nn t understand plain cooking perfectly; wages 8lil. Ap|dy at 267 Hloemfleld at., Hohukeu, N, J. Yl'ANTLD- A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOLSRWORK; IV one i?hr> la a good plain cook and a'-o a r xvt washer and Irotier. Apply at hiX> East 63d at., between 2d and Id ays. w y WAN I'F.B?A filRL, TO COOK, WASH AND 1 RON Apply, with city reference*, at 103 East JtiiU at., be tween Park ami Lexington ave. TV ANTED?A GOOD, RKGOMMRNDFD GIRL TO V v take cure of children and do plala sawing. Call at 87 East tih "I. _______________________ WANTiD?A LAUNDRESS; MUST BR PERFECTLY oonapaUht; flrat ol""? Ciy references required. Apply at PI East 1SNL st? before I o'clock. WANTKD?A GOOD COOK, WAHIIER AND IRONFR. wlili good r.lty reference; nous others need apply. Call hit* bailment door, 1308 West 25'h at, near 7th ar. WANTKIV-A COMPETENT FRENCH WOMAN, AS lady'* maid, to attend a young ladr: she mu?t sew well, he shie tu tit and make dresses and u> arrange hair; to a r< raoo fully capable. pos?e?alng respectable reference, good waff-" will in- given, Audreae until Saturday, L. Y., bos MAl roe' tHMeN. Y. 18' 4NTKD -Tf) OO SOUTH. A FIRBT CLANS MIDDL" VV agi-u eoman, to lake care el children, do aewtna -nd light chauberwork; Tory beat references required. Apnly at Houdor"or.'s ofllca, 73 Naaaau at., between ? and 4 P. vs. YYTANTF.D?A CHAMRERMAID AND WAITRESS, TO yy aa"t*t In washing, Be. Apply, with references, at * Wret 21th at. " -18 AND 14 TirANTltr>-^ EfAliL GIRL, BRTIffa assist In light VV yaara, in take care of two ogMd 4 o'clock at SO Yau house V.irk. Apply between * dam st. "1. I" -r?T CLASH OIBL AS CHAMRFB Ylf ANTKJHm laundress In a smelt prlrste family; Anierl JJor'Oennan preferred; best references required. Call at 811 Letlngion av. ___ YANTED?IN A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, A FIRST nnd ch^m^rmiiM, Oiw? who unnor a ode dressmaking and np?r.itlng on Wheeler dWIIsons iwing m?chlu? mav spnly. with city reference, at 44 West dh sT, boreccn Cth and did ays. VANTED- A LAUNDRESS. ONH WHO CA18 COMB well reoommended. Apply at 6U West 17ih St., from to 11 o'clock. YrANTED-lN A NVfAft I^VvATfe FtMlLY, TWO 'V servanta; one to cook, w#?h end Iron end Hie other as .gnyhermald end waitress; good references neoetssry. pply a* ,R West thlb st. \ANTKD-Ai?^R^T"?IRL TO TAKE OARB OF children, who etio BiMHmM* some needlework. Ap y at S3 latmarilne i>Uee. Nib st., lietween 8th and Mh ava. 17ANTED?A TOt'NG LADY EXPKRIRNCKD IN THB 1V cleaning and dyeing btislna"*, to lake ebarniof an office i this ctty. Also a lady for an aaaislanL fll'.natlnn per snent. eommunlcailum mill lentlal: French preferred, ddreas with i nil perueulara Dyer, elation D, New York. iTAMTRTV. A COOK PGR A HOTEL, f r tomeit to p'ftln and fancy oonklog, and gaosra rk. Apply At 760 Broadway. 17ANTED?TWO GIRLS, AT ?1 KA""ITfLJtlMere ? chambermaid, and cook. wa?her audlron^r. twe sisters friends trtluipl; must hare good fflnvsw arroiTiois wAirrKw-MAidii. A young man. anxious, able and willing to make Irmwlf generally use'ul In cepacttv,, I? ft mi ?us to obtain ft situfttion, writes * fair hand snd Is quirk nt flieures. Very best of city references. Address a., Herald oifice. A YOI'N O HAN OK OOOD IIA BITS. ACQUAINTED J\ with the rusiora Houae bualn*?a, aiwMi ?it uatlon tn ? dry boo 'a importing bouse. Address tor three day* box 21 i Herald office. A YOUNG man ok ABILITY AND EXPERIENCE would Hke to engage In eome honorab'e nod I''"retire emplin ment; baa eotue knowledge of 'be practice of medi cine; sl-n understands farming; would go south or west to take charge of ? farm or plantation. Any one dealroue or engaging the services of an honest and faithful man will please addroae Q. D. Ptrry, 68 University place. New York. A COLO BHD MAN. WHO CAN READ AND WRIT*, wanta a place ea porter, or to work In a hotel, or takg cere of horses. Apply at Ml Went 26th at. A YOUNG MAN WANT* A SITUATION TO TAKE oara of a horaa or horaea; coo act also in the capacity of waiter tn a hotel or boarding houee: good referenoea glren. Addreaa Situation, bog 119 Herald office A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FAITHFUL AND vigilant man. aa police watchman, or at aeil?a of any evangelical church?Raptiat preferred: refer, to many of our moat worthy and distinguished ciluene; terras moderate. Addreaa f!? elation D. IMFORTANT NOTICE.?WANTED, BY A YOUNG MAN, apeaklng French and English, a situation as Interpreter for the Parte Exhibition. Addreaa box 160 llerald offloe. tor three days. T1FK INSURANCE.?WANTED. TI1E GENERAL J a-ency of a life insurance company for the State of Penmiylvsnle, by aa active Insurance agent, with ennatdera tile experience ami a large acquaintance. Heat of referenoea. Addreaa L. G. Walltngford, Tost office. Philadelphia, Pa. SITUATION WANTED?BY A FRENCHMAN, AS coachman in a private family; good city ret'erenon fur nished. Apply for two days at 1, lffiT Broad way, to Mr. Stft lings, bameae maker, in the store. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A BLE man, as porter la a store; Is steady, strong and willing to work; has boat of reference. Address Jacob B.. box 906 llerald office. \I? ANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION A3 vT ,-Mik or to attend a lunch munler. Spe.,ka French arid English. Addreaa P. G.. bog 211 Herald office. CLERKS AM) HALEOIIKV. A FIRST CLASS PI MM Alf AND GOOD ACCOUNTANT Is open f> r i n er.g m. nt n* bookkeej>er orss,isUnt. Address hoi*217 Herald oflice. A MAN WANTED IN A FACTORY, A BOOKKEEPER and aeashler. Apply to J. II. Brown A Co., 61 Fulton Street, up Htalra. AT 419 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 8, THIRD FLOOR.? W'nnie I. thia day, two bookkeepers, salesman, yalet, porter, coachuian, four copyists. AN ENERGETIC, COMPETENT MAN WANTED-AR secretary, t.ilcHrnan, Ac., for a Orst rlawt bitumluous onol oompany. To the right kind of a mm, who can bring a large experience to the business, a literal anlnry will he given. 'Ihe coal Is a superior article for pas, eeanj and do mesilc purposes, and is we'll known. Address, wiih name, re ferences, "mount of -alary required, with full particulars, Coal Kecrc tnry, Herald office. TO HATTER*.?A MAN OK LONO EXPERIENCE IN the business and who has traveled for a Western trade, desires to < "gage wilh a lobbing house .v setosman, or in 'lie stock with a prospeuioi travelling. Address M. 8., llerald office. "lirANT* D?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG MAN 29 vf years of age, to general clere. aaklelant bookkeeper or ean aft"! d to Custom House wo'k: enri furnish firm class references. Address Charles D., OS Jaeksou at. WANTED?A COMPETENT BOOKKEEPER FOR AN vv Importing end jobbing house Addre's, stating see, experience and expectations. wiih references. A, K., Herald ofllce. COACHMOBM and OARPgllMW. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OOACn man, who hss lived wiih hla last emp'over for three years; can give the best of city reference. Address II. II., Coachman. Herald ofllce. 9X1 ANTED?BY A OERMAN MAN (MARRIED), A vT situation as gardener; understands tho care of green houses, fruits and vegetables; no objection lo lake care of cattle; c iu bring first class city recommendations. Address Henry, New Utrecht Poal office. Wanted?a coai hmvvb situation by an KngUstimnn; single; with good references. Address J. J., box ISO Herald o&loe. HELP WANTED>nALES. Agents and pedlerh fob a new article wanted eveiywhrrc; 2n0j>er tenL rfnfll; no risk. FOR. TER A CO., Nor. 226 Grand St., New York, sod 79 Main St., Brooklyn. AGENTS WANTED FOR EVERYOITY IN THE UNION: article new and sale rapid; costs 15 cents; sella for 56 Noents; exclusive territory gran tod to energetic men; rigbke (or sale. 29 Liberty si. Agents wanted.?a few efficient agents to canvass for the .American Horse Book in this ctyend vicinity, an entirely original work, of Interest to every per son , wi.lng a horvr. Apply between the hours of !U sod 12 to E. F Blsrr, 46 f'ortbndl et., N. Y. AOENTS WANTED-TO CANVASS NEW YORK. Brooklyn, Flu thins and other towns for an article or great use and large profit. Annlv at onoe. ADAMS A FLINT. 119 Nassau et., room No. 7. A OK NTS WANTED EVERYWHERE TO SELL TWO staple article* wanted In every family. Can make $6 to 910a day. Call at 310 Pulton at., room No. 9. AYOUJtO MAN WTTII $100 TO TAKE CHARGE OF A oouutry liquor store; aala y 94J per mouth aud Board. Address t hai lea, Herald c-fllee. A EOT WANTED?ONE WHO LIVES WITH UIS PA* rente, aud write* a good baud. At 74 Franklin at, up autre. All dksikinu immediate employment in all depertmenla of business call at 61 Chatu here at. l>e ?Irahlr and permanent aituationa open this day. American farm hand.?a youno man wanted who thoroughly unde atanda farming; wagea, with board, 913 tier month. Inquire personally, for one week, at 47)4 Amity at. AFKW AUENT8 WANTED?A KTD'LK NEW. LIOUT, genteel; sell* Uko hot cakea In the country; email eapi tal to otai l. 1(M Naoaau at., room 14, 9 to 4. Active, intelligent hoy wanted; brino reference. Call at 330 4tb ar. Assistant bookkeeper, two youno men who write fair hand. $I? per week lloip furnished gratia. Apply at 211 Broadway, room 19. No Ulxirera. BO* WANTED?A RESPECTABLE LAD. ABOUT 12 year* of age, for oolleetlng and to make Mmaelf gene rally u rfttl. Apply In own handwriting to Henry. Herald oil) re. BOV WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE DRT HOODS store; aalary $1110 the Bret year. Addreaa boa 741 Poat MM. CI1BMIST.?TUB SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO HECURB the aerrlcea of a jron-ig man In a light manufacturing bualneaa, aitualed in Hrooklrn. N. Y.; one who oan write a good bnalneaa hand, anawer correaiioi.ilnnu an I who ia sktl ful and careful in laboratory operations; the position Is one of trust and unoioeotlonable refrrenoe* will be required. Addreaa O. *.. box 4.071 New York Pott ofllce, with refer* encea, stating qualifioationa, previous ooeupallon and aalary expected, Ac. Directory oompilkus.-a pf.w pirst rate hands wanted fdr the PhH sdelpbla City Directory. None need trouble themselves wh.i have not bed practical eiperlence In sorting and compiling flr*t rl >?* dlrecto-iea; beat wages paid to beat hands no otbe a needed. Apply to Issue Costa. No. 1 I.(change place, Jc acy City, top floor, oa Wednesday. Feb. 0. Employment.?a competent man can iiavf. a permanent situation and ioud wage.* as dclivera* country agent. Apply at 27 llrpiai inVi.. third floor. Mkn wantrd-to bell RELioior? ,A*J? (tonal pictures. Steadi employment. ,.ood toTeiencea required. U9 Atlantic et., Brooklyn. OPI.KNDID INDUCEMENT* TO AtlPNTO rORTHE O sale of several indispensable a.Celr*. For olnulari and term* apply to Him. DEMO KENT. 4li Broadway. OTKWARD WANTHD?FOLLY COMPETENT FOR A O large club. Addreaa Steward, Herald oiUce, slating expe rience, Ac. ? ANTED?IN A WHOLESALE OROCERT BTORBr?'t salesman who he* aclose by rash trade. Ibis iflr, box rat# opportunity for aa A No. 1 man. Addrose tl' 140 Herald otl'oe. "ZZZ ? ? - ;T(JOOD OYB* XX* ANTED?A STOUT, ACTIVE ROfa the table. Ap* f * tor opener, to open oy*tor? and w ply at 307 Bowery, aflrr 9 o'rlock A ? ? ? _ ? '' -T CAN OPEN OTSlSM XXTANTED?A GOOD B"t * AVmut $90 and board Ap f * well and wait on lAfr YVi ,i ply at ?l 9th ev.. tczd.JH! it v a saw ma ^TT^SZa few experienced "ANVAH8BR8, PERRONS, EITHER ? ALB WANTED-A Sm% ?U a wee*. Bend alamp directed or'niare to John Haas Hum, care of tm At* enrehqio fpRokha, N. Y. lant'c e* ? ? ? "? TaTANTKD?A OOLLBCTOB IN A COAL OPPIOE; TT mast reside up town. Salary moderate, gond nemo and reference to boa 1,1900 Post obioe. ANTBD-1N A MERCANTfLK ItOUBK, AN OPPrCB hov: one who resides with hi* parents preferred. Ad droan. In own handwHIIng, L H., hex M99 ivgi office. W~ ANTED?A BOY, NOT OVER 14 YEARS OP tOK, to learn gnldbectleg; also one that has boon used to the business; must some well remunmended. Inquire at W. H. Kemp's, Hold Leaf Works. liH Vertry at. ANTED.-A PARTY ABOUT STARTING IN BUBI* nesa taunco*# eertelni wishes a young man wllh 9900 to Join him. Weekly salary or OB interest given. Address CoemopcllUe, Herald nfflee. WANTED?A.N INDuBTRtOUB MAN, as PORTER; to oan that will loon 9300 tool eatsto will bo given as ?oenrlty and a salary of flu per week. 81 Nassau at., room Bo. m UTANTKD-A 8*ART AMERICAN BOY, 17 OB 18 ^old, in open nfatere and attend In a billiard sv , between the hour* of 13 nut 3 v'rloefc, to I. W. trtey. 1,160 I'msdway. Broadway Cfnb House. NITANVKD? a SMAUT. INTBLLIOkNT BOY, WKI.L V* acquainted with the game of billiards; one who will make hlmaelt generally tiscTtn. Apply at !? o'clock to dny at 14 East at, Joho MoLaughlin. : VIIR Tn ADHA, "e~ HtlMMHOEE WANTS RMFLOYMENTTO WORK A at the Ore or oa tba Hour. I* a atn/le man; the sou airy preferred. Apply to John WIIBams, 4W 7th av. "a GENTLEMAN, JUST aBRIVED, WHO PfLLY UN* A rterstands aenlptnre I* maible, wants a poUUnn, Ad drem P. I lattl, coruer of "Hw*oa aWd Ijih aia. A- yi(knoll PULLT COMPETENT DMBtag g glTI'A'' tinn as color .nlxer or manager of a <f<- print worka0nAd"rSl?^'?Y^-L W- J. ?? t* and M Wolhor Nt* THB TRADE*. Carpet uphoi-sterbrs w a ntkd?at^sm BE(o AO way. Ken* but experienced hands need apply. COLOR MAKFR OR DESIGNER WANTEO-WHO IS competent U> conduct a Aral visas aatinat print works; ?II communications atrIcily ooufideutiaL Addreaa Jamas U. Goodrich, Herald otlloe. JEWELLERS WANTED.?NOSE BUT FIRST CLASS workman need apply. CHATKLLIEft A BPENCE, No. 3 Maldea Una. SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOUNG MAN. A MA ehlnlat; can work at vioe or laths: la familiar with pat tarn making. Addreaa J. P., 618 Washington at. TO HATTERS.?WANTED. TEN RILE HAT FINISH art. JOSEPH A MILLER, 487 Broadway. w ANTED?A FIRST CLASS PLUMBER; NONE OTH. er nead apply at No 1 Great Jonea at, N. Y. WANTKD-EDUCATED GENTLEMEN. TO ASSIST In city surveying; ran learn surveying and engineer Inn; 1 baral wacaa (Iran; fee required; partnar wanted. Ad dreaa Z.. boi 1M Hoi aid office. N. Y. WANTED-A GOOD PIANO TUNER AND RE PAIR er. to work In warerooma. Addreaa Arion, bom IIS Herald office. RALES AT AtJCTlORT. AUCTION NOTICE.?E. ROTH, AUCTIONEER.?A* extraordinary opportunity for bouaekeeuers and tkn trade.?Over (18.000 worth of elegant and genteel HouaabcM Furniture at publlo auction thla (Wednesday) afternoon, hk. 6. at IS; o'clock, at the large reildenoa llf Clinton plaem Eighth street, near Sixth avenue, consisting nf taagnlfleani rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Cover, all modern improve rnenta. full"}, ortave, richly carved lega and eaae; three beautiful Paifor Suits, covered with the richest dciertptlon nf French aatm bro. <tel; Worki of Art, Rronxea, Oil Paints Inge by eminent artist"; Velvet. Brussels and Ingram Car pete. roaewood KUgeree, atvle of Loan XIV.. solid blank walnut Extension Table, Buffet and Dining Chairs to msteiu Oval and Pier Mirrors, black walnut Bnlta, covered wHlt haircloth and green reps; black walnut and roaewood Bed steads and Bureaua, Spring and Hair Mattresses, Sofa* and Rockers. Yaaea, Glass, Chins and Silver Ware, Cutlery, (a. N. B.?Reliable men In attendance to eirt, pack and ahtR goods for purchasers at a reasouahle obarge. Auction half.-bamum, wvnn, auctioneer. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE. nil \WTNO ROOM FURNITURE. OIL PAINTINOS BT EMINENT ARTISTS. ARTISTIC BRONZE STATUARY. ? ROSEWOOD CnAMBER FURNITURE, WALNUT DINING DOOM FURNITURK, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, thla day'Wednesday), at II o'clock at the elegant mansion 44 Weet Sixteenth el-eel. helweeu Kltth end Sixth nvenuea. Superb -ate Fiimlture. covered French brnoatel and repat rosewood htigeres, Secretary bookcase, Booka, Cabinets. Fnenlgnenea, Centre Tahle*. Turkish Ren-lining Chairs, I oonges. Velvet, Brussels Carpets: Pier, Mantel Mirrors; Oil P i-nling". hv ancient and modern ariists; Sevres, Drea den China Veres; Oroara nt?, Lsej Curtains, roaewood Pianoforte, Music Stnud, Mlisle Rocks. Stool. Cover. Hrnnxe Clock, Figures, Extension Table, Buffet, Ruby and CrvHlel Olasstvure, French f,hlna Dinner attd 'fee Hots, Sheffield Ta. ble Cutlery, Sliver Casters. Spoons, Tureens, Salve,-s Ae. ( Table Linen, Chamber Kurnl'tire, Dres?ing Bureaus. Hed steada, Artiu?lre-a-01aoe, Commrides. n?lr, Spring Mr.Urnas es. Sale peremptory. N. H - Pnltiee purchasing at thin tale can have Ihelr goods stored till May 1 if required. BY DANIEL A. MATHEWS, AUCTIONEER. SALESROOM AM) KINK ART GALLERY. 741 BIOADWAY. N'lVlt ASTOR PLACE. SPECIAL AND ATTRACTIVE SALE OF ROMAN AND FLORENTINE MARBLE STATUARY, KLFOANT TA/.ZAS. VASES, MOSAIC TABLRS. AO. Being balance of importation of Signor !ten-l Torell*. ALSO. AUTISTIC BRONZE ', CLOCKS. AC. DANIEL A MATMKW3 will aidl b, auction on WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6, at 11 o'clock A. M. and 7o'clock P. M., At the new salesroom mid Pine Art Oatlevyi 744 BROADWAY, near Aalor nU.ce. The largest collccUou op Mai Me Statuary, Ymm. Act. offered this season, comprising Busts, Figures, Ac.; alaa tine alabaster statuette- of Throe Gra-gs, Flora, Daneliu) Otrl", Venus, Apollo, F'ora. Wounded Gladiator. Ac.; ataa Roman and Florentine marble and alabaster Vases, Tnanag, Pedestals, Ac. Superb Mosaic Tables. Cat .l.igues now ready, and the Statuary, Bronzes, Ac., are SOW ON GXHJBmOlC BENJ. F. THRALL, AUCTIONEER, fl.ate salesman with K. H. Ludlow A Oo.) BY T11KA1.L A BROS., to-morrow (Thu-adny), Fbo. T, At 10K o'clock, at 63 Liberty at reel, (for acooiint of whom It tuny concern 3D casks FRENCH CHINA. 1 cask JAPAN WAITERS. Inside KNGLfSH TABLE CUTLERY. 1 cask CHINA VASES. All slightly damaged by water st the late fl'-? in Washington street. ALRO PART OF A MANUFACTURER'S STOCK. LotO ASTERS, finished avd niiUnlslied. Lot ICE PITCH ERK, flnl-hed end unilniahcd. Catalogues and goods rtrndv Wednesday moroiog. B Y MINER A SOMKRV1LLK. AT AUCTION. THIk DAY. AT 13 O'CLOCK, SALESROOM 87 NASSAU STREET, ' EUK ROBES. . SEVERAL BETS HARNESS, SEVERAL STRAPS BELLS. AO, -.Horse Seles at 17 Nassntf street every Regular Horse Seles at V Nested street every end .seUitdav. at U o'clock. Mosar*. MINER A FOMPBVtfJjK offer unsurpassed sJh vantage* In looatlon, experience and business oapaetty Iffi parties wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses, " i I Jiff or anything pertain lug u> the holMe business. ? "33 HENRY D. MINRR. AUCTIONEER, RALB8ROO* 37 NASSAU STREET. OPPOSITE THB POST OPTICUS. RALE OF A COLLECTION OF ANCIENT OIL PAINTINGS, TO PAY 8TORAOE AND CHARGES. BY MINER A SOMERVILLB. TnURflDAY. FEBRUARY 7. AT 11 O'CLOCK. AT SALESROOM NO. >7 NASSAU STUBBY. HKMRY (I. hYANH, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL TBIf day, *tt o'nlook, a rlok assortment of FreaOh OVM Bohemian (11*** wire. Parian marble French Clonk*, Ae., IM complete Importation of B. Hehrlac'u. 48F Broidwey. ( f BOH ART. AUOTIONRRK?TI1IH DAT. AT MM el ? o'clook. ?U the aiiotton room*, No. 1 North WtlttaaF street. Household Furniture. oonal.tlng of taahogony Sofam Teto-a-Teleo, lounge*. marble top Centre Table*; Bar Waahatandk, Bi ii'.cU. Tl.rre.ilr and Ingrain Oat mahogany French Bedstead.-, llalr Mat ireaeo*. Bedding, Ritonaion Dining Tables, mahogany Chair*, Rocker*, 8at'e, *0 Church Ot.hton*, Wheeler A Wllaou and F Sewing Maohtnea, Embossing Machines, Cooking China Ware, alt Rerolyera, two Oun*. Ac. BOOART, AUCTIONEER?THURSDAY. FEB. V, AC ? MAf o'aiork, at SI Walker etreet, the entire gentlil ouaehold Furniture of a three atory beuae, eontiaWW or Parlor MulU, Bruaael* and Ingrain Carpet*. Centre TabU*. Window shade*, m.hogm.v and Mark walnut Bedstead* Hair Maitresse*. Feather Bed* and Bedding, Dialog Boon* Furniture, KUahen furniture and TAMES JENKINS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL A* #1 auction. on Wednesday, February S at It e'oteefc, af I,tPt Broadway. Horse* Carriage*, Kockssray*, Top and Nw Top War on, Sleigh*. 8 (Vwehee. A Rorkawavs. IB Beaw Wagon* 1 Phaeton*. S Jeggere. I Phaeton, 'fop on front aeeA I two aret 81ei<iUa, A Portland Sleigh*. 30 rtrap* Bella, IB eat# Httrnnt*, 40 pair Blanket*. 3 flue Rohea; alio t bay Mar* very taai; 1 black mare; al?o several work Horioe; alt to M aold without 'twie.rvr. T. W. CAMPBELL, AUCTIONEER ~J. W. CAMP* el . BMt.L A OO. will ?el! this day, at 10'i o'clock, at an* ton at III Iludaon *tre*t, the entire Furniture end Flit me* with Lea** el a Or*l ela*a Barroom. ____ MDOU'tHTT. ALCTIONRBR?WILL 8BLU ?* ? Wedntwdiur, February A a( **lc, room. TP Nassau etiea* a large and general assortment of en parlor Parlor. Chant be* Dining Room and Library Furniture, i'ier and Mantle Mto* ror*. "at j,?t*. Tron Salt*, ooice Furniture. Oa? Chandelier* Mettraaeee, rosewood rianoi'orie. Oil PainUaga, Ac. Mala, peremptory. Catalogue* at *nto. MYBR RLHAS. AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 187 Vlt AM*? street, will sell thin dav, at T6)? o'olneig of CarpetA ney etroet. the ftirnitare of a fam.l.v, oi>r Chairs, Bureau*. Ac. """"* ChSAB. AUCTIONEER MARSHAL'S BALK?HJT By virtue of an eiaomtowl ?Mce 187 .-Ronton gtbllc vendue, on Thursday. FftaL eapoae for nale p*lbe. corner of arenue A and TW" ai$c'to? ui? ga?'iaTo>P?*a; ? Hftl.K?*. TCjli .'ImI'miLi)? JV4W V art etrtot. Wl I" *? *)" Ji*. Shawle. Otoak* of Metcg and Woiu*n'* Clothing. Qulltai Blank* Undei -lois ng, l?o<d?, fhoe. Bcilftr(ler of M. C>v*ey. W*eA eta. ChMi*. I'nuta. Veal*. Ac. man's clothing. Broadway. Hale will com-are -w ?? ~ air THIS DAY.?JAMES AQAB OAWNIlROKPR S By Bowery, at II o'clock, BOB lota af JT IW.'loHiIng and dher tloodt. By order of Men'e ?nd Rnmpfllrtr-nlnth ureei P. Pulion. We*: : ? ~8 SITE OF MACIIIMJRY. AC?ON WED. CJHRRiy Poliruary 6. at 10 o'clock A. M., will be *old at O n. IP and 21 North Heonnd *tre*t. WllUatnahnrg, L. I.. | Ndhe Machinery, Tool* ard Fixture* of the Holler Shop l.ormeily or-uplrd by John l>nl*n A Co., together with thA Lole and Building. There are three lot* on North Heonnd ?Ireel, and one i im.tng throneh to North Flrat *treek The mnrhliiery I* all Oral claaa and h been Utile ua>d. It em brace a oee Denimore'* Pa'enl Holler and Riveting Weehta* one Della nai-r I'uneh. one cofuhlned peteni Punch and Shear*. Roller*. Drilling Machine*. Bellow*, Anvil*. Pro* *er'? |. ipanders. Imthes and all the tilling* of a complete Holler Shop, with si . ',1k, and II l ing complete: Home* Truok*. Ilarn***, Ae.y Platform Scilc*: aleo one gallon DuMa'a Still vlth Jacket, one I.AnOgillon llolhe'* Ml 111, with Jacket, and everything complete to begtu work with. SHERIFF'S BALE?RICH.\RI? WAI.TRHS, A CO. ? tloneer. will eell oi. Th today, at 11 o'clock, *tS7 Eaat Bro* Iway, 8 b*lea of mlied Wool Flock. Wn t.iaa Dtmwait, Deputy. JOHN KELLY, BkeriB. OHEBIFrS SAI.K -RICHARD WALTERS. ADOTlOir. O ear. will eell ihla day tWe.lne?dayi, at 11 o'oloek, at Id We?t afreet, 60 piece* large and email leg* of otoan dry Blaok Walnut 1 JOHN KKLLT. ShaHC Jonw Lrnt w, Deputy. M Wmm ILLTAM ABROTT, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE 11* ? Chaiham *nnare, ?etl? tbl* day, at 10?a o'clock, the Td*a*e and Mature* of the Rllllnrd. Oyeter and Dining Saloon 14B Chatham ilreet, oorner Rooaevelt, Tabic*. Chairs, OystM Bar. Mererna. Partition*, (l*? Flitur**, Ac. WIBM. WITTERS, A170TIOWFKR, SELLS Til IB DAT, at two o'clock. at 4J4 Canal street, ? large and value, bl* assortment of Parlor Multa. Freooh Plate Mirror*, t'urw tain*, t.eatre, Dluli g and Tea Table*; aevenly leeotul band Carpel*, from a hotel; great quantity ef oilcloths, Chin* Hla ?, Hllrer War* Htnv*?, A>\; Chamber Hull* In v*rlelf| llalr Maura****, Beds and Redding. Tnblc and Red Idnrn. la lot* to anlt dealer* aad ether*. BlOiU**) to loan on ?warily. Alee a good Honnr, Furniture, Fiiturea, Lraae for sale. KTPItElJRKM. a U RATTERSON'S FURNITURE BXPRSSA M J\ , SUtli ariinue, near Fortieth llruak?Plaao* and I'nroK lure removed in the ePy or io the euunlr*. Beat alorage room* for fnrnlinre Intlieclry. Be?t city reference glraa, and urdara promptly a recti ted. ____________ A| Bl litH VM'S HIRMTI RK KXPRBSg, ||g WEST ? Eleventh "trill, near Hlith avenue?Kiirtittur* ;nak. od, shipped; I ultra, moved, city or cuuutry; Fuialturn stored; mttney twlvauoed on furniture MAJttol.I v MAMTjileB. MM ARBT.K MANTELS.?TflK BF.ST PLACB IN TOM elty 10 purch*?e Marble mentele of the leteet deatyna nt very low price*. I* el A. KI.ARKK'H Marble Work*, l<? Leal Eighteenth street, near The.1 tv.. S V. Cat thleont. \fARBLEUKD SLATE MANTKI.S?Hl'PRRlOR IM 1*1. eppeerencn, more durable, half \?h* nriee of rparbto T. B. STKW ART. 8M SI lib arenue, betweea Thirty* fib and Thiny-elnh atreetn MAKBLR MANTELS AT REDUCED PR1CRS-A FtNR selection on hand HH. KUABKR'S Mnnufeetorr, H Fit*t *renua near third street New York. Call and ear ?mine ' P