Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 6, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 6, 1867 Page 7
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THE COURTS. WtTO STATU ICTKCT CMIT-HI ADIIIALTY. TW (Wit M t|i? B. K. Cwylwr?The Alleged hlrtttw Libelled !? the Adeihrelty Ceert. Before J udge Betu. the ?aliure of the steamship B. R. Cuylar on Saturday evening Lost, by the Custom House authorities, the full per tlcsdare of which, with s description of the vessel snd erew, tppeered exclusively In last Sunday morning's Hsasxs. has Heel led, after full Inquiry, to the filing of a libel against the vessel, and Its transfer to the aharge of United States Marshal Murray. Tha alleged prlvtlaer 1* now lying at lbs of Fifth street, Deputies McCoy and Dwysr taking i of her till the ansa te brought into the Admlraltv Oo?H, and there decided as te whether the libel la the ease la true or noL nRnmeep Mr. Samuel 8 Courtney, on the affidavit gf Collector fcmytka, applied to Jvi lge Betu, sitting i h libel amanat lha steamship R. R. Cuylar, I hsv Uokla. he,. charged With beiag fitted out as a privateer the llW runs, in substance, as follows:?United States ?latitat Attorney Samuel U. eurtner informs the Court ?sf Hsnir A. Smyth*. Collector of Customs for the poet ?fdw*^i2?#0 ?ili,rtet of ,be ="y of Now York, on tho id day ,b?f*7' in w?tt! a navtgibla trnm the sea by ?vosels of tho burden of leu tons and upwards, the steam ohm *- B. Cuyler. bar tackle, apparel and Turnlture, together Mlth sundrr mnterlnla, arms, ammuniilon and stores, pro ?R* f*e the building and equipment thereof, and now |yds the same to be forfaited tor the fotlowtug causes vtret?That the said vrsael has been fitted out and arined Within the limits of the United States, and was #n the Id of February laat fitted out and armed by certain pereons, to said nltoruev unknown, with Intent that aald steamship should ho employed In the service of the republic of Chile, a foreign State, to uvulae end uorarau hostilities against the subjects. Ml I sen ? and property of the kingdom of Sp,dn. a foreign Stale, with whieb the United States were then and are eUll at pea re, contrary to the third section of the atalutoof the Mi of Ooegreae of 1818. Second?That tbe sarfd steamship B. H. Curler vai on the dev of her ae'snre fitted out end armed by oerteln pe~a? na unkn-'wn, with Intent that te d Mearr.s'ilp Mould be employed In the aervioo of eomo- persons, to s,.ld Attorney unknown, to cruise und commit hostility against tha subject*. cttlveos and property of the kingdom of Spain oontrary to the third aecnon of the aet af?reaetd. Third, That certain persons unknown on the day aforesaid at tempted to fit cut and arm, und procured to he fitted out and ?rtnod, tbo suid steamship K. it. Cnyler. with intent that aald vet sel should be employed in the service of some per sona to aald attorney unknown, to cruise. Ac., against the oiibiacU. citizens and property of the kingdom of Spain, with which the t ruled Stales were then rnd still are at pesao. oontrary to the art. Ac. Two additional eh, uses of complaint again-t the vessel, reiterating the language and ennrgea already nruna,-rated, were contained in the I be I, ivhich closed a* follow,,;?And ?ha aald attorney of the United States, on behalf of tbe said United States, Ninth that all and aingular the pr aforesaid are true, an l that by reason thereof and by of the statute In such case ni ole and provide t tn of the autnto In such case made and provide I the said steamship, her tackle, apparel and furniture, together with ~ ' rial, arras, nniniti all mateilal, arms, niunitiotia and stores provided lor Ihe building and equipment thereof, became and rro forfeited to tbe uses In the said statute provided. \\ Anefon lie prays 11 at duo proccsH may be ie?ued to enforce the said for eitu.e and to give notice to all persona cinoerood I" lull re?t to a|> pear and ahow cause At the return dav of this process, why such forfeiture) should not be ileoreeJ. UNITED STATES CORSJISSIDNE.TS MUTT. Charge of Lrviing nincl.tnnli. Before Commissioner Beits, dames B. Freeman, an Inspector of Internal Revenue, and James Miller were up again yesterday on the charge preferred agaiust them of huvnig 1,-vieJ " blackmail" to the amount Of $150 from Henry Btidnlraan, keeper of a fend ?tore at Harlem. The pert'onlars of this ease hove alrea dy been reported In the Mkkaid on several ocruvons. In the absence of Mr. B. K. i'hclpa, who was enquired In the Clr anit Oomt, the government was represented by Mr Joseph veil, sod sir. John Se.lgs ...k appeared |o- the clefvudoiUs. Mr. Rrd.ivtck ealloo as a wltnve* nr tin defence the sen ot the complainant liodelman who iv?* examined touching die ennvei'satlons thai p sued between the defendants, the xirupl.Mi.iut and the wttoeo* n! liuilelnuiu's .-tore ia Uarleui. The svitrBos tcsniied i!i i he remembered only po> Uons ef Unwe conversations, and thui hi- heard question: uskod as to wh-'thee liuilelman find i n Interest In ? brewery or was tho owner of stock. To th<- latter question Bu-lclniaii replied tbsi He possessed some Insurauee slock. 'ihe evidence of the wltne'sH threw no Ufiht <m the alleged payment of the bribe, at d after n considerable i mount of trsuuiony had .?"en ukva the case w an adjourned till Tuesday. Iiupurinnt to Mvrclmuin?Action lo Kecovcr Advanees un Sales wn ComiiiMon. Before James H. Coleman, Referee. Ibis was an action broi;? ,, by Moses Merrick, o this city, against John Van Buren, Jr., of Oswego, to recover the sum of $U,U10 which tbepLuutlJ alleged ho was entitled to for oornzni-arons ou sales of grain forwarded to him by the de fendant. Tho plalulHT claims that he is entitled to two and a Half per cent on all sales mode by litm where advances bad beer made, and that such huing the usual custom among merchants he Won entitled to job mmit. The defendant!-,in tended thai be I ore Ihe plaintiff was entitled to recover he should prove that iherc vvasn special sRi-eurueqt bclwee'u the ParMeS .?? lo the two and u half pm- acrit. The crie hat been ?uaiMulnat oa for several day* before Mr. Coloinun, aatrt voluas'uona lestlmony has baen adduced on both aides, which w?? coAMuded yesU-rdoy. i ha report of the re qrae hat Sssn ., soi-ved, ______ COURT OF OYER ARO TERMINER. liDMrtnnt Chnrsr of Jmlgs Ingrnham to the fdrwsad Jury?The lllefuliljr ?fliMlerltn-Tk* New I itquor Lair. Testerdav Judge Ingmham delivered the following address iu the Grand Jury la the Court of Oyer end Terminer:? Ha Fukvnaa em Gsnvlsnsn or the Guano .Iuut:?In fvlna to you charge of u.e cruninel business of ihn county, would Invito your Attention to the condition of tbe prleone, sad to such Inquiry aa to the persons confined thereinm at?y satisfy you that they ere not improperly continued tu Aonin-mert without the action of a Grand Jury. The in volution ot tbe graod Jury In r.agtand waa to re'ea a bar rier against tbo government iu favor of the people, end to ore vent Stele prosecutions for trifling or frfvolona cauaee. With u? U i? of no great value on that ground but it ie equady valuable hare ae a barrier to prosecutions for the Crpoee of (ratifying private malice, to arllhatend the ry of popular prejud oe or eccltoineot, and to prevent the commission of otfenoea by bringing thoae persona to trial who, hy power or influence, might otherwlae be able to eaoape. After alluding to the duties of grand jnrnra t> learned J edge said:--Ike judges of criminal oourta joeta, ?\ored specially to charge grand juries on several provl rirst?Ae law agalast lotteries. There are attribute by ?ions in Ibis statute which make it penal*#. oh.ittel?or ranting. by lot or by chance any niuney. ?s a forfeiture of things In action, the punishment for wj*n ?f- .Taeae. how <erMe the value of the property ae 0 The statute also de ever, are not made criminal off*- ?* ohenoe In the nature *lsrw all iottcnaa, gamaa or *? ? common and publio nuU ?f a letprv to ba unlawf on foot, carrying on, pro ance It al o prokiblte-tf Privately any lottery, game or nX. wdXTy,!"'*' Jtad whatover.Tor the device of ehauom or dj,posing of any housee, land-i. purpose of ^aoyJfood. or fcings in ncttoo, and da swot estate one offending te be guilty of a miade ,-taeesa l-hswlee forbids printing or publishing an meal-' ?r soy such illegal lottery, te. and makes tha a misdemeanor, ft likewise forbids tha selling or .Aring to procuring tickets In any such lo'terias, and makes the offence a misdemeanor. It also provides that an person shall offer for Bale, distribution, or disposl uun In any way, a?v rail estate or niuney, goods or o'ber arUclea to he determined by lot or cbaaoe, dependent on tbe dranlng of my anthuriaed or nnauthiirized lottery, la or out of the plate, and ihn sale of any ehanees Hi any auch lotteries, or In tha (irpoait on of any anch property, and makea the offrtica a mi Allot an*..ur. It also prohibits tha keeping any omen for rvgistarlog the nuruhereof tickets in lotteries not authorised by luw, or suiting tickets in foreign lotteries, or Insuring for or against the drawing or any numbers, and makes the offence e misdemeanor. It will be seen from ? bis that the violations of this law ere of two kinds?the one pensl, er to be punished by a penalty u> be recovered in a elv 1 suit; the other a tnisdi msanor, fiutiislisble with Una or Imprisonment or both. With llie turner you bars nothing to do. It Is your duty to inquire as to the latter, and If you tlnd any violations or these por O'.A of the law It Is year duty to present the "ffeaderi for IHiatahmeat. These violations are selling on fool, earrvlng am or drawing. publicly or private y, any lottery game or devioe of cbaow for the disposition of any projierty In this diato; the printing or publishing an account: the selling or . offering fur ?nlaiirketa In any such lotteries; the offering for jiale or di*tribntlng any reul estate or property hv lot or chance df pendent on the drawing of any au'horlged or un authorised lottery In oraut op the State, and the keeping an of'oe lor .such purposa. I have been thai pariirulsrln glv lug yon tl.e provision* of the stntute on this subject hecatise I m civati'l siNfinlly to the attention er the Grand ?tnvy to an innulry into any violation of the law on this sub met, and lunobe.'aussthere*eeir.nloi>eagrowlni(disposition k. rasort #o i111" mod# of rAising mosey bv adopting plans In sffaa't hutcrl. s. but so contrived a? lo relsc doubtt. whether ?hey rorne within the provtaior.s of the Uw, and these means ara ream tad to not merely fur charitable, but even for the promotion of religious abject*. These laws are framed umIai a provision or the CnnetltntlOQ whirir forbids any lot tery ther. ?tier to be authorised, or the sale of any tickets wi.hin l <1* state. The Intent of th? law Is to prevent any vlolattnu of t'llaeonsttinllonal provision. It is rot neersvarv i shoiiM particular!** any violation of this law, even If. so.!a was witUn my knowadge. My duty la to call yr.urat tonlton qenerally to this subject sod to give yon such general Instruction# as to the law as wth ?liable you to urden-tend y.cir duties. In the rase of the American trt I'nlon the die. ???button was of pictures, and w?s proposerl to be made among i ubarribera ol $6 tach. who thereby bo. jme members, end Gin olon.rea ware tu lie distributed by lot among ibo sub. cr.iibcr*. Tn this ease a suit wsa brought for the penalty and fm Tenure of tha property. In JeeldJug thai cam, (be Court held sjch a dta rtbu'.ion was a lottery aw rdlngto the aeutiu u adoeptollon of tha term; and the tJMrt Justice Suva:?' tVn should be trifling with end perverting the lots (utgn ol U>e l onawtu'lon if wa wera to any that It Is not a lot i.*v s-itMtvlui prohibition." Tbe motives wtileh lead mfc*t t.r.g ap lo'ter es have nothing to do with tha uttcsUoa be* re you. Ii msv ha tor purposes-jfchart'y, or for the at'ntn snentot money lo private reliyioue objeots, or for pi Kate g*11 are alike forbidden if they coins within the pn? ri: bins of the oonstltuuon and of the statute under the de signation i f lotteries or device# of chance. I bore paid more attention oa this sahjast tbau usual In charges to a Grand Jury, bue..u?e I have seen announced In the papers various pints for raising money by lot or chance, which may or rosy m l ba wit bin the evils entrusted to be guarded against, and U w ill he well for thoee who are engaged In grtt'ng them up to puii-e and Inquire whether then Tbry a/a not engaged tu ad'cnse* *ii'ch mav hereafter be held to be violations of tbe atsiute. vne aAt.a or uqcoa# f am also directed by stalnte to charge and Instruct ynn to Inquire Into all offanres against the act to regulate tlie ssl* of liquors with n the Metropolitan Police District, UfcAsed Hist April. Thst dlslrlrt includes New Tork The asl* of .iquor wltboiit a llaensa in quantities lesa than flva g.llons, or on a gununy, or en any day of election within a qnartor or a mile of the place where audi election stmll be held, is forbidden, la made a misdemeanor. iK.uhts were entertained as to the r inaUtuitO'inll ly of thia law, bid a late dttidamn of tl.e Court of Appeal* sustaining the law aa ? an at ill i tlr ual and ? alld. has settled ibal question, and It beoonuw the dnt* 'I pal citlrens to stthmll thereto until thi l.egls!- .It alhu or repeal h. I am also re quired lo i-hII } V-. Attention to any viols', one of the law usury, or taking mom than seven percent## Interest for tho loan of money. The alteration In the value of ?n 'tiey ilia! Ims arrl'od In the rubatitutlon of a paper cur tenay lor what waa always before Considered the only leenl riiri-ency to pay debt* his eauaed ike provisions of shl* ?ei to i.novel* very harshly In eomtnorclsl communi ties, slid plans are resorted to to evade the law, and Iu many iiistaiices open violations ate daily taking rlnce. That It should ba.w some modi ilea lions may well he thought floslrable: hot thst belongs to ih* Legislature, and as long ?? K reoiftius the law it la the duly of the people lo ohoy It, and b layctlt duty to .noulra into and prevent any violations ?f tlit taw which may lb- brought before you. I cannot, avoid tbe suggestion thai keeping upon tke statute *ook ? law which is In opposition to the general opinion of the community, and whloh la daily violated with Impunity, does inlaM the enforcement of the law. There Is siso a law ITchltuitug public officers from demanding, charging or rth ' eiviig fe?s wlt H, they are not entitled by lew. and i law u 1'ievrnt fraud In the sale or tlekets on steamboat I, steaiislilpa and other vaaaels, and a law regnlallng election.\ In allu_ w' eh vmlationa ?>( the provisions ot these statuhw are n?fl. offsneeg, and to the netotlee or either of Girm I ... ,.,i j vintp aitcn'last, ti anr facts relating thereto should 'Sl slais r<r^ financial and commercial: Tottiut, Feb 5?6 P. M. The fv *k market re*' ted to day from the sudden ad vauoe ot yesterday afternoon, which waa entirely too great to be ru-Lai&ed. Thoee who bought at the pre tiouj prices were iidary eellere, and the weakness or the upward movement eras shown in the yielding tendency of prices under sales to real lie. The street haa been so severely crippled by the recent series of paules that its ability to carry stocks la largely diminished, and there fore the recovery of the market must be slow in order to be permanent. Speculators now clutch at a email pro/It where before they would have waited for a large one, end therefore every sharp advance results in a rush to reallie. There la a good deal of outside capital flndiag Its way into the street, and this adds materially to the strength of the ball element, but this ts small In comparison with what haa been lost during the three month* The general oourse of prices to be upward, owing te the rffbrta ef e large number ef brokers who are "long ' of stocks at much higher prices, and they have undoubtedly a better for operations for a rise now then they hare had einoe about this time last year. Bat the bull movement Is feeble compared with what It was three months ago, and the anxiety to realise betrays Itself at frequeut Intervals. The market la In the position of a patient recovering from a long and severe sickness, and Its oondltlon from day to day la therefore uncertain, weakness and strength alternating, and often without any apparent causa. The money market Is easy at seven per c;nt on good collaterals to the Stork Exchange, vfiih a few excep tions to tlrst class Arms at six, while one or two of the leading dealers In government securities are still enabled to borrow large amounts at 4 a 3 percent. There Is a slight Increase in the dumand lor discount*, but most of the flrst class commercial paper oiTcrtng jiasses at seven por cunt, ihe exceptions being at 7*? a 8. The disposition to loan on ordinary margins end mixed collat -ral-i is be coin I n general, aud the measures before Con cress in opposition to contraction are having the eflfeci. of restor ing confidence in current vahMr. The popular Impres sion derived from Mr. Mcculloch's policy up to last Sat urday *va=> that contraction was continue, rogardlo.-s of consequences; but hie endorsement of tho bill to substitute a hundred million! of four per cent loan cer tiorates for compound Interest not as has partially re versed this 1 lea, and the House resolution against a fur ther con*'action of the currency this yar has still fur ther taken the people by surprise. Tho Loan Cerfiflcate bill is simply a Job organized for the benefit of Hie national blinks by giving ihem four per cent Interest on their reserve instead of compelling ihom to keep tlio latter in greenbacks. Forihts four per cent tho government would receive no equivalent whatever, and moreover It would embarrass itself by having to redeem the certifi cates on prnsoutation. The proper cour.*e for Congress to puisne with regard to tho outstanding compound In terest noi08 is to provide for their conversion at maturity into plain local tenders. It is generally oxpec'ed in Wall street that tho bill reforr d to, concocled by certain gentlemen prominently connected with the nn lonal banking system, will soon becomo a law, and ibat tho bill embodying the anti contraction resolution passed by the House of Repre sentatives yesterday will fall. The reverse however should bo the ens'*, as tho interests of the country will be host subserved by C ingress s opplnz contraction aud leaving the currency to regulate fiself. The bill to he reported by the Committee of Ways and Means should, tber foie, beoome law. At the early srsi-ion of tho open board the market was Arm and Erie sold at 61 Michigan Southern 74 a Rock Island, ? *?; Now York Central, 103. At the flr-t regular hoard there was a mndera'olv large and well distributed business transacted, hnt price were \ a lowor New Yurk Central Closed 1 j* lilghy than at the same time yestcrdav, Erie 1, Reading St Illinois Central S> Northwestern 1)^, Rock Wend Fort Wayne Chicago and Alloa I, Milwaukee and Pt. Paul preferred K- Pacific Mall 2, Quicksilver jrf,. Canton Marposrv- pr. ferred Jf, Western Pntoi\ Telegraph X. Michigan PotKhern war % lower, Cleveland and. Vitts burg >?', Nor'bwrdern preferred X, Ohio and Mississippi cerlillcatea X- Government securities were tlrm, the gold bearing ? looks moving In sympathy with gold oou pon five twenties of 1866 advanced X> new ijau* X. seven-thirty notes of the first and second series X- Ten nessee sixos were X higher, new issue 1. Alter the call the market became heavy and Erie declined to 60X, but at the one o'olock session of the open board prices Improved. Erie sold at BOX ? X. New York Central, 101 X; Michigan Southern. 73X a X; Cleveland and Pittsburg, MXaB3X;N^t,iw?',???. 38: Bo. preferred 60 a X- At the half -'*' two TJier board the market was unsettled aty* "*w York <-"?***?*! closed X lower than a the flrstb0*rd' Ert* **? Southern *, -Jd and rutaburg X. Rock Island IX. North jRer* 1?preferred X, Fort Wayne x, Ohio aud Mls slaslppl oertlfloates X. Canton X- Quicksilver was X higher. Oovororaont securities were Arm, end coupon five-twenties of 1863 and 1864 advanoed X- Tennessee sixes were X higher, new Issue X At the half-past three open board the market was heavy, and a I either decline took place. New Y.,t Cen tral eotd at 101X; Erie, H>( * ?g; Reeding, laitx; Michigan Southern, 72X ? T2X; Cleveland end PKu. burg, 83X; Rock Island, 08 a98X ; North*eatera, 38X? preferred, 6BX * Xi Fort Wayne, 97X a 98 v, Toledo, Wabash and Western, 42X ? X; Mariposa preferred, 32X- Subsequently the market remained nearly steady at tba decline, and at half-past five o'clock the following quotations were currentNow York Central, 102X 0 X; Erie, 68X; Reading, 108X 6 X. Michigan Southern, TJX; Illinois Central, 114X nll6; Cleveland and Pitta, burg. 63; Rock Island, 08X * X; Fort Wavae, OK a 00; Northwestern, 3#X a 87?preferred. 66\ ?> 87; Western Union Telegraph, 44X 0 88; Ohio and Mississippi oBrtlfl oatea, 26X 0 X The gold market was exeitei at the opening of bu siness and the earliest transactions were at 137X. but It gradually advanced to 188X. "Ccr which It fell be- k to 13TX. and aeon recovered te 138X- At this point, however. It was not long sustained, and a gradual de cline to 137?tbo closing quotation?took place. The borrowing demand was nearly equal to tho supply and loans were made without interest end at 2 a 3 per cent for carrying. The agitation of tho irapoaebment ques tion oreaiee an uneasy feellog among importer* and others who are Indebted to Fnrepe, and largo pur chases of com havo been mado by them, in antici pation of a higher range of the premium. In addi tion to the existing commercial Indebtedness of the country to Europe, the prospect of a larger number of persons than o-ual going abroad during the present year la not without some Influence In sustaining the market, as the ioferenoe Is that alarms amount of spec is In the aggregate trill have to be exported to meet the wants of these travellers. The foreign exchange market continues dull and barely steady. Rankers' bills on England, at aixty days, were quoted at the close at 108X 0 Xi 0' three days, 10t?X 0 109\; comraercW bills, 107 a 108; franco at sixty days, S.17X 0 8.16; franca at three days, 8.13X a 8.13X; hllle on Berlin, 73 a 72X; on Bremen, T8X 0 70; on Frankfort, 41 a 41X. on Amsterdam, 41 a 41Xi ou Hamburg, 38 a 88X; on Antwerp, 8.22X o 8.18X The business transacted at the Bub-Treasury In this city to-day was as follow*:?. Receipts $1,678,470 Customs $337,000 ravinonta 890.093 Gold aote* 162,000 Balance 103,888,818 SALES AT THE SEW YORK STOCK EXCHAME. Tursdar. Feb. #-l#i.18 A. H. $a?Wi r 8 ????. 87 rec.. 138 600 .ha Mariross pref. 83',' few I'M4 s. ? 20 run IU6X 10 H A Kav A M K Go. 117 ?Ui0 U H ffa 610 routB HWW >9 d?- ?, Kkl 118 ?W0 do 108 . 100 AUautlflM SHC0.M6 II? bono I" 8 8's.6-'J0eoti'64 lOS*! 800 Hosion W Tower... 30.X 10000 t; H |F?,6-flOoou T# 108* 380 I'aoJBe Mall 8 8 Oe. I?l 1I8U8 I'yrsAW-o'Dbola 108 78 do. 184 It'**) Tr N 7 8-10 first ae IU5H ?> do .1*0 l? :*<? do... td series IUCX 16" * V Central it R... gMX 63*1 4o .. .endorsed IU6 86*1 do., 188 MOWN TV's Bntyl-reg !<*? 40 Erie Railway pf.... 7t ]*ka) do loW 16" Erie Railway ?l , isuoo Tenn 8'?, ei sou.. 64X 1**1 do 8?X 1K00Q do 86 600 do W>S wjnii Teon 8'a, new..., 84X IT1"' d? -? *"'? 00fw do MW 8W do ??'. W0 Ohio 8'a, 1*81 100.X 68 NY A Nil HK 115 JUUOVIrainla 8'a, etc.. 4J?4 fO" Itesdiiig RR lOSX bCO Rorth Ca 8'a, ai o ?X 100 filch BoAJn RK M0 78*2 l(M*i North Ca 8'a new. M 880 do 7S,'? Hv?? Misaoiiti 8's 88 147 Panama RR 980 pi*) Mod's, tu 81 I la* 7?X 1"" 1M Central IIR II8'< W"l Ohio A Misaoert.. OCX SOU do llfl'4 ??)NV Central6'a,'8B kl'2 100 do 11|X SUU0 NT Ceiaiflil 7"i,76 MIX *? . do. ...u*? 111 1(0(1 Harlem 1st tnige. VI (WOriere A Pitt* RR... 8JX rem III central bond*. !'? BeochlARWRR 27;| losmut Weai'nJd mlge tWX IBftU do .. 88 UIOOAltonAT Haul" 1st W **> do "30 38 181 sliv Mechanics Bank 117 P?0 4o..j,...????>? ? 87 Rank of N America IflO .'BOClile A NWest pref. ?X II Am Ki. hinge Rank 116 6"0 do 03 lit Bank of Ci inmeree 112 BO) do CDs ?8 Bauk of Comniw'lb IfOX 400 do 9| 80 Rank of Row Tork. 116 D*) 8r> . .......... WTa pd Canton Company.. 45X 300 Clove A Toledo RR. 11W4 18si do 46'( mO do Ijjj pi nwl A Hurl Canal... 1?A 1100 Cble A Rock lal HR W soo Atlierlran I oal Co. ft) 60 WX KMwlikrabarreOeiAOei 4*4 400 do.... JFS ||? do .. 4* 60 Chlo, Biir A <2) KH. l?"i Jill Weal o t'1r?.l Co... 46X iw I'lRfnl AtWIeRR 98 OX) 00 48 ?*) d^ *9i Eapreaa.... asy 100 Ctueajo* Alton BB M 100 A. ^ united ?lata; Ex... WW 100 do 11SM lOb^utokoHrerMfCo.. ?? )?) do |$3 IOOMk'1?0"' MgCo.. . 10\ 200 Jf Uw k St Panl RK <0 "W \ ****** ??? ?? ? ? Wt MnripCk * prof a 100 Utile Miami KK... 105 CO.VMSBt'UL REPORT. Tvksdat. Feb. 6?0 P. M. Bniaiwrvm.?Reee.'nta, 4,807 bbla. door. 6.909 begs oorn. meal, 14774 bushels wheal, 8, JO) do, oorn and 8.960 do. osU. The market for State and Western flour *M fairly active under an improved trade demand; aa advance of from 5c. a 15e. per bbl. waa established on nearly all gradee: the talea cover 12.400 bbli.. at our revised quoUtlona appended. The ealee of Southern flour were to a fair extent, but at piioea Indicating no eaaentlal Improvement; the transactions cum. prlee 440 bbla Kva flour waa firmer, with a (nod demand: era note aalee of SUU bbte., at from $7 a $8. For oorn meal the Inquiry wae limited, and price? ware; the aale* were 800 bbla.. moatly. If not all, at our quotation* We quote:? Huiwrflriaand \Yeatern....? ft> 24 a 10 10 ..11 ID a 11 ~ Rxtra State 10 at a 11 35 Choice State 11 SO a 12 05 Common to medium eitra Weetern 10 So a II 50 Ratra round hoop Ohio. 10 20 a II flu Western trade brands. 12 10 a 12 40 Common Southern II 25 a 12 2ft Fancy and axtra do 12 00 a 15 50 Rye flour (eupnrflnel 7 Oil a 8 tlO Corn meal. Jersey ft 10 a ft 00 Corn meal Hrnmlywlne 5 SO a 5 41 ?The Inquiry fer wheat wae limited, but a firmer feeling pervaded the market which sympathized with the advance The sales were 1.507 buahela at (3 20 in flour. The salee were 1.500 bushels at $3 2u for white Michigan, $2 33 for Ho. 1 Milwaukee. 62 10 lor No. S do end $3 IS for white Canada. At the close holders generally de manded an advance of 2c. a 2e. per bushel. The business In corn, owln? to n considerable variance In the views of buy ers and sellers aa lo the value, waa very much restricted. Sales of Ea?tern were made at $1 11 while Western realized SI 12. $1 14 a $1 16 were generally de manded. however, end at the close the market waa flrtn, with but few If any sellers, under these quota lions; the sales were 40.000 bushels, at $1 II a $1 It fur mixed Western, in store?Ue Inside price for Inferior, tl I4?| for do., sU.'.d and $1 12 for new yellow Jersey. Osts wei. in lair demand at an a lvalue of lc. per bushel, with sales of 31.000 bushel*, indud ne C It lego and Milwaukee, at flic, a 64c. and State at ?'9c. a 70 ?. Rye was steady, wlib a fair de mand; the sales were 6 000 bushels, at $1 20 a fl 26 for Western lit lots. Barley, with a lair demand was tirm: the sale* were bushels, at 95c. for Canada Wcat, In bond. W'e nnle "ales of 6X) bushels mall st 21 St'. Cotton.?The market If anything waa rather more ateady. Them was no e-.ontial change, however, from yesterday. The sales were 19si bales. We quote:? Uphm<t /Von fj. JfoM'r. P O d-Trr. Ordinary a> 29 30 So Low middling 31 XI v 3114 S2 Middling 32H At 3314 31 flood middling 31 31 S3 3t> KKKitittrs?I'he ofTt-rings were quite l'bersl, but business was restricted by the scarcity of room. The ateamera lor Liverpool have nil their cotton engaged lor nearly two we?g? ahead, and 11-ltd a Jfd. la nnw demanded. By aa<l )?d. la freely paid, and some have obtained l4d., though this was a.i extreme rate. The engitcemtrom were ?To Liverpool, - * si 61., 1,300 bales cottop st '.d. u ' pi., 16 is0 bushels corn s?H and, per steamer, 1 2nd hii'es enttnn at ^d. a lLlfld , 100 do. Sea Island at Jtd., ft.OoU boxes cheese at lifts 3'>0 tievres lard at S0<. To London, 9,(40 bushela bit-lev on private teems. To Bremen, fits) bbls. petrolcuiu st 1< M , 1.000 bbls. tosin at Is. 9d., and, per steamer. ifiO balea cotton m II40. To Antwerp, SOU bbls. main on private te-ms. To ITamburg 1.000 bbls. rosin at 2s. Id. The charters were:?A Danish brig, 1,600 bbls. petroleum lo Cork, for orders. 5s. fid. a 6s.; a brig lo ("onstantln pie or Marie lies ruin or alcohol. 41 a- If to Constantinople: a British brig herice to Loudon, cargo currants at 35a. per ton aud 5 per cent prime.'ge. Navsi. Hronx.1.?The market for spirits turpentine ruled dull, but Qudr ateady. We only board of sales of 80 bbls. at flSttfo. a ?7!4c. Rosins continued mofler del" active, and pricea were a shade higher for the Ioh<>- grades. The salea ooled were 500 bhla. common at >4. 01 !?. do., to ..rrlve, at the sains price; 1.200 bbla st ruined, aud .inin.on strained ntfl l2Wv n 31 a lot siraiue.l on the dock at 43 97,'?; also luOOdo. good strained at $4 25. Tar was quiet but s pad)", at previous prices; 100 bbls. Wilmington brought $2 7b. I'ltovisicms,?Receipts, 671 bbls. pork, 90 do. beef, MB packages cut menu 1,149 do. and 27 kegs lard, and 2,039 areised hngs. The demand for port was fairly active, nud led In eller.i' favor, cliw' price* ruled In cllers' favor, cluatig at the Improvement wlih ilrmness. The saleH, cash nndregular, were 4 ft:X) bbls. at 92h 25 a $21 for new mesa, Wsvern new closing at Ihe eutshls price; $19 a $19 60 for old do., closing at $20 regu 1 >r, and $1 ? 76 a $17 for prime; also, for February and March dedvery, sellers' option, ah?ut 3 000 bbls. new mess at $31 a $11 Jf The beef market a as ateady at former prices. The sales were 1.300 bids. at|12 a $13 for new ola'n mesa and $17 a $20 f or new citra rests. Or tierce beef sales were made of 330 tierces at $lk' for mesa Beef hams, with a fslr dem rod, were Una- The sales were 340 bbls. at $31 a $115 50. ttaebu was neglected. No ssles were h-ardo''. The demand for cut neats was fairly active, and prices were steady. The salea sora 350 packages at Btg'c. a for shoulders and lOtfc. a Ik:, for haiua. A fair demand prevailed for lard, and prtoea,,hough not uuc'ably higher. woe somewhat Hrtner. The aale# cover 900 packages, at U^c. a 12'jO. for o d. and l$s'c. iv 13ftfe. for naw. Butler wat stesrty, but quiet. The Sale were, of 15c a 3J.. fnr West ern aud 3ur. a S8c. lor Slate. ILeese waa quiet. The vessels no* ou the berth for t trarpoil having aboard all the hesvy freight they ean take nnthig waa aniitg fnr export. We quote 15c. a 2to., the 1 titer pi*e for prime factory made. Fkthoi.sum ?The demantrontlnued light for both crude and refined, though holdet generally dtuusndi-d a slight n-lvsnee, esperlallv upon he latter, stafidsmi white being generally quoted kVI&e. a 20, Email sales of crude were re ported at 19e, ami or boivdd at 39". for prime Vght straw to al ius, and 2?t?c. for ataridird white. I11 Fhlladelphll the in rket ruled hrtner, will a moderate buginesa doing, the aa1"S, Including la?l Atrd-ig'a. foinpylaing bids. c.tide at IflWc. 1,000 dc standard white a. StHl4o. a 29c., SOU do. pruie light atrsf te while at 29c., 400 do. do. for J one at Sc., 500 do. staiflam white for May at 3;U?. 6?do. d.>. fjrJune at221a'o., "si WW do. do. tor July at3i)4c.. buyer's option. Wnisaat.?R*eelpta,? 9 bbls. The market continued qniet but unchanged. W001..?Qwlciudo continues to be tne principal fe-ture In ths ma/et for Imth foreign and dnmeeilo wools, the tin kinase irtng 001. fined to the unnaed'.t - wanls of manufacturers, who mr.tiifeatcd no disposition lo operate largely. onncqneut tijx?ii the uneerts'ni? attend'..^ Uie paasage of the larlir bill. Frinae, however, remained comi?irslively stedy.**rt ttepwcleliy for desirahte gradee. The salty of octscstlo fleeces were AiCOJ lbs, at 49c. g 60r? inphidl^.^*1^^! u_4 |2 V-. ?.UW lbs. Texss^at 24c. a 34140.. igt l?" oa PfeuUi tenos: aod of foreign, lUI bales Cape on |>'1,?^te terms, anc sma'l lots at 43c., cnrretie. ales Cnpe on Vf-^'* terms, anc sma'l lots "d SoiJrlhasVaT!?? wn^lakVplkce ,'ntl, Ilia lift!, mat. MAFAIAQE3 AND DEATHS. iHtrrlrd. ]?ca*n?Horr. ?On Monday, Fobruiry 4 %l R, f, 1,.aba's on ircb, Woei Twenty filth ?ue< i, v y h_ " Aev. H. a O'Unre, Josxru A. Bncannto M(m Rrry. T. Hour, both of thin oily. ^ rM Oaoixcfo?Mahttn.? Aa Friday, 0?to?'cr .* , u Oaudolvo, of Now York, to Mm Rwtu* 'abh* J Mobile. "' Saiiix?Roscr.*.? On Tuesday, February ft, ?t tt?v_,.. donee of (ho bride's father, by ibo Roe. Dr. At mil*. " William U M. Ha in n, to Eva. only daughter or Aldan dor Bunker, K.vq . oil of this city Watowr?Hi not ?On Wednesday, January 30, by the Hev. Mr. Wella, aaaiitte.i by tho Rev. T. It. -rultli, B*nja Wrm.ut, or Now York, to J. Asms, daughter of W. R. Btany, of WIHU.nsbi rg. IMed. Aivama ? Id thirty on Tuesday morning, Februarr ft, Mrs. Soma M., Wife of a OarJnor AdnL> (he 24.h year of her age. The friends of the'amity and also thoae of her father, F. P. Demaroet. aro invited to attend the funeral, from Rev. Dr. Chapln's church, Fifth and Ftrir fifth street, on Ihureday, at twelve o'clock. Immediate relativea will meet at her t&:? resilience, No. 30 West Ft rty third street, at eleven o'clock. Chicago Tribune please copy. Baxkr ?At Graveeetid, I,. I . oi. Monday, February 4, Gsoucia ft. A. Baiicti, son of tho late Albany Maker. Due notice of the funeral hereafter. ? Brum-.? On Monday even ng, February 4, Awkisan Rraaa, agad Ti years, formed* of the firm of Armstrong & Byrne, woollen merchants, of Merchants' q >sy, Dublin, Ireland. Tha relatives and frlende of Die 1m !y and those of bis sons FredrriclrJ. and Locktrood A. Uvrue*. are r? M|it-v>lfully in rited to a.tend the lu'i t ra', f:om the resi dence of hi* son Frederick J., No. 4 h'i r.nj; street, on Thursday aftoruoon, at two o'clock, without lurtber tn p vl ation. ' Dublin papers pleat's copy. Hi'-oowmax.?At Gibraltar, Spain, on Thursday, January 1A, Pamkua K., wtfe of Captain Baroual J. Brookman, eldest daughter of Daniel and I.ydia ModeII, of the oily of Brooklyn, N. Y., In the 27lh year of bar age. Dta'w ?On Tncedar, February 6, Maiu-abit Jren rain, the beloved daughter of Thomas A. and Mar) A. Birch. T?ie relative* and friends of the family ars respectfully Invited to attend the tunerwl, from the rood ones of her parents. No. 1 Wdst Forty-Bret street, on Thursday alter noon, at one o'clock. Cnxnov. ?On Monday, February A, Maut Jaws Cornier, youngest child of William and Bridget Conboy, aged 1 year and 0 months. The relatives end friends of the family are respect fol ly invited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her parents, 841 West Thlrtv-flfth street, this (Wednes day, afternoon, at two o'clock, to Calvary Cemetery. Cuow.?On Tneidav morning, February ft, after a short but severe Illness, Ocomn W. Coo*. In the ?3d year of his age. The friends and relatives of the family are re-pectfully invited to at end the funeral, from hie late residence, 03 Gansevoort street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at one o'clock. The remains will he taken to Grreuwood for in term eat. Stale paper* please copy. DtWnr.?At (bungs, N. J., on To? day, February ft, Bsiuma M., eld okt daughter ef Joeiah IL and Amanda M. DeWIlt, In the Tth year of lior age. Funeral from the realdonce of her parent*, Harrison ?Ireet, Orange, on Thursday afternoon, at on* e'ciock. Fox.?On Tueedny, February I, J ?w*s Fox, son of James and Jan* lot, aged 1 year and ft days. Funeral will take place ttih (Wednesday) sflrrnoon, at two o'clock, (Tom 321 Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. BeU tlvee nod friends are invited to attend. FAUtwaj-r.?On Tuesday, February ft, Josnmrttm. w|f* of Alfred Fatrburat, and daughter of the late !>*vld and Marr C. Weaver, aged 24 year*, II mouths and 24 days. The friend* and acquaintance* of the family are re spectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from her late residence, 114 K?*cx at reel, on Thursday morning, at half-past ten o'clock. H|>ringlleld (Mass ) Republican please copy. Foot.?At Geneva, N. Y, on Wednesday,'January SO, Jav* Cuninti, wife of Hnciuel A. Foot. FnarMAs.?On Tuesday, Ftbruary 6, of pleuro-pnen monla, Sarah M., wife of Pllnv Freeman. Relatives and friends of the family are Invited to at tend the funeral, from Raveniwood, on Fridav, at twelve o'clock. Carriages will be et Hunter's Point ferry nt ?levnq o'clock A. M. Gnirrxw.? At his residence, 147 Rprlng street, en Tuesday, February ft, Jour flairrm, aged 84 years. Hequleecat In pace. His Moods are Invited to attend the funeral, en Than dajnafternoon, nt twro o'clock. Grt.tin a* ?on Tneadny, February ft, after a lingering lllitese, Katt, daughter Of John D. and Ellen Glltlgnn, aged T ycara and 1 month. Her remains will be taken lo Albany for interment floi.t.AVitA ?On Monday, February 4, after a loan and ?rv ore lllneea, Dasibl Holla so, in the Utb year nf hi* age. The friends of tbs family and the members ef the Me tropolitan police are reepeetfally Invited to attend the fwuaral, fe m hi* lata reetdeaca, 344 Ooc.H et, Brooklyn, liol* (Wcdne day) nltetnoon, nt balf-p^st on* o'oleek. t ailfomla paper* please copy. Jours? Eat v.?At Ht, \ib?r;"4 chAoel on Tuesday, February ?, by the Rer Or. Rtmeiidorf, Karon R. Jomm, of Troy, N. T., to Emma L Eatom, of this our. Waaltlagton. O. O, tad Troy, N. T., pap*n please Kjucvaiv?On Tit. v lay, February i, Dam Kama*, widow of John KeoLnit, fa (he 0Atb ymr of bar ago.

Her friend* are respectfully Invited to attend tbe funeral, from her I a to residence, No. t Tiliary street, Brooklyn, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Kim.?At Belleville, N. J., on Tuesday morning, Feb ruary I, Aaron Kino, aged 03 years and 9 months. Funeral from Itoforuied Dutch church, Belleville, N. J., on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. Relatives and friends invited to attend. Knmtkk.?In this city, on Thursday, February 6, Ciiristophm Kki'ui, ur*I 6t) years and 11 month*. Tbe friends and relative*, also tbe member* of Aruar antbua Lodge No. 852 L O. oft). F., are respectfully In vited to attend tbe funeral, from hie late residence, No. 80 blxth street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further notice. UarooTOW.? At New Lot*. L. t, on Tuesday morning, February 6, Mr*. Matilda Ijmn. ton, relict of Nleholaa Lininglon, In the 84th year of her age. Relatives and friends of the family are respectfully In vited to attend the funeral, from the residence of her son Abraham, at New Lota, L. I., nu Thursday after noon, nt two o'clock. Mm want?On Monday, Febnurv 4, after a Hugerlng Illness, TDmman Mci kaii;. aged 37 years The friend* of the family and of hi* father-In-law, Thomas Rellly, also the members of the New York Young Metr e Kotnua Catholic itenc. nlont Association, are invited to attend tl.e funertl, from his lale residence, 74 Adorns streel, Brooklyn, this (Wedue-siciy' afternoon, at two o'clock. The New fork Young Men's Roman Catholic Ben evolent Association.?Brother*?You will meat at oar rooms, 327 Bowery, this day (WednesdayL at half-iwH twelve P. M., to attend the funeral of Brother Mulkatr. J. H. hCLMV AN, President. P. Tunir. Recording Secretary. MoKkao.?Ou Monday, February 4, Davis P., In'ant son of William and Harriet Mc.Keag, aged 7 mr.nlhe. The funeral will take place tmm No. 131 West Fif teenth street, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. /.hTbiNALD.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February 5, John F. UcDoma In tbe 23d year of his ago. Notice of funeral In to-morrow's papers. PnmTT.?On Monday, February 4, Mamtca Prcorr, aged 20 voars and 9 months The relatives and friends of Ihe family arc respectfully Invltod to attend the funeral, from the rotldence cf hi* fslher, No. 167 Second str.wt, Brooklyn, E. D., this (* eduesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Philadelphia, Chicago, Cincinnati and Boston papers please copy. Rich.?On Monday, February 4, Aiuteuax B. Rtcti, In the 73d vcar of his age. Relatives aud friends of the family are Invltod to st'end Ibo funeral, from his late residence, 180 Hroomo si., this (Wednesday) afternoon. at half-past one o'clock. BCHLOBomt. ?On Tuesday, February 5, f.ortSA Don fiTtisA, daughter of fsnh and Schlcbohm, aged 4 years, 8 months and 20 day* The relatives and fri ndl or '.he family arc respectfully Invited to uttend the funeral, from tho residence of her parents. No. 285 Spring street, cerr.or of Vartek, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half past twelve o'clock 8ir*Lte> ?On Tuesday, February 5. Trowta B., wife of Major General D. E. Sickles, at her residence In Ninety 0r.-t streot. upon tho Hudson. Notice of the funeral hereafter. Siiay.?On Tuesday, February 5, of scarlet fever, Fn mu>d, son of Thomas E. aud Mary A. 8hay, aged 0 years, 9 month* and 3 days. Notlco ot the fuueral In to morrow's paper. Yckks ?Suddenly on Tti'-sday morning, February 6, Ab' ahaw Ykrks, aged 72 voars. The friends and relatives are requested to attend the funeral, from his late reeldenco, Mount Pleasant, West chester county, on Thur3duv morning at ten o'clock. SHI PPIN G NEW S . ai.manac rtm a aw rout?this DAT. IDs nisas 7 08 j moon ears eve 7 89 kOv sets & 23 I hiuh wars* eve 9 62 PORT OF NEW YORK. FEBRUARY 5. I8S7. Cleared. HtnnaihJp Cuba (Br), Btoue, Liverpool via Queenatown?R Cmurd Suamshlp Kecla (Br), Edmondton, Liverpool it* Queens lowi?E Ounard. Suamshlp Belluna(Br), Dlxou, London?liowland A Aa plnwall. Steamship Zodiac. Rogers, Savannah?Murray, Karri* A Co. Steamship Dingo, Sherwood, Portland?.) F Anise. Chancellor (Br). Jones, Liverpool?Williams A Colon. Shin Charlotte (Brem), Gatgeu. Bremen?Punch. Mt lucko A Wehdt. Ship fltrn) Orotlua (Hot), Rhea, Rotterdam? Punch, Meh cke A Bsrk laniaya (Br). Balllday, Dunedia, NX?R W Cameron A Co Bark Lorenio fltal), Ardiason. Leghorn?W J Fate. Bark Hannibal. Hawkins. Mar-tllies- J a* llcnry. Itcrk l'rlode jss Aluiaudru (Dim). ?, St Crutw?Roche Bros A Cotvce. ttaak B <t W Dodge, Hooker, Philadelphia-C A E J Pa tars. Bog Minnehaha (Br). Do'tgUaa. OleUfuegos?J F Whltuey AC*. ? ?Brig Rabboiit. Comnbs, Calbarion?R P Book A Co. SoSr tidwsr.t (Pr). *' tntis-d. P^vaBlUa?M 1' Smatl A Co, 8u*r Anglo American fBr>.;Nlckr"eon, Inague?JnsRnca*. Rrhr la Have (Br.'. Jones. Nt.ssau?B F Small A Co. SchrW II ri.orN.diVe. Cable*. J Waitbcig. Pchr Hsrnh Helen, ltakra, Key West. J F Ftrli'i i, Arey. Savannah?N f. MeCready. SchrJohn Karris. SUuhn, WVn. - Thomas A It dimes. Hchr ldtl e'ls. Weeks, tleorgeiown?Thunxaa A Holmes. Kchr H T Bakr, Brews'.ir. Bait' -Haifa.1 A llayiou. hclir r Hatch, '..?cf J. Rletn- ft W flopt- A Co. Schr Planter. Porto". New, ort I'p.gustm A Wood. Steamer Acns'.uet, Kelly, New Bedford. Arrlrrd. BtMiutiloCiir*: ferae , Mv<, Mennedy. l,|?trnoof ? and QueeuktAWij tilth, will. mil# or. J vi ;.*?? In Jim (.Dele, >eh <, ,0*) [..Ho- I. i?f Sjnty i|o.ik. paaard <.n? <.f L ? N"';''";! h-"'? ,?-ienuj? .a. bound Is; 6?H. In mib-i i; of Sfct if 1/ .ok. Ur?*< ? OuriMjct ItrJoanrro, hound In. M-ramseip MU.ahnpi.1, St,moor, Now t>i ;.?(,* Jan a. via hi,rue*' Momoeheb I, Wlih I.itl-o .nil I to 0 C Uarriaort. " Stenm^Iiin ?an Tsrlr'.o, T.onlerd. 8??. io?!i, M hw.n, with md^ ':i?er?. In CanI nn * Allow. On ihc ,'U ?!. ? W'Va Mi /run K'yirn *n HtaoaN, pushed aiet4r.11.felp jlor.uoti Idrlr.tra'ou: 4th .1 v?, oil Halterim ?a?'Adaaiiaam%iiap % 4, p latHl In be the Eaglet I..,. .n'floa No Haftc.-** J... -n lu'i'lp M ,c; 4th. Ik! X 06, Vi ? ' " . '? Eiru, ilmc.1 a ;ip bark, bound In. Htearafli.iiOeBkrr City, W, t CI arb? m, 30 liuura. with indo a- d pal if m ra, I . V.'tb'ir I <?:y. ^Buuwaekli. Dlrl^u, kberwood, Port laud. with m,No,t>J F Steamship I'nt-.Pimia, Shei-woel Portland, 2 daya, with aider, leJr \ hp?. * Njjhip Has* (ol Wyslte>, Nerayth, Han fmuoieeo. Oct 5, with lil ?' " * ' "? Crossed Itm evietni In the HpA4.-ua> .'ill *vn r-liaht wiuda au<l r.t!rn>, and ro Ci.pu I'nciaff'ffA, V ? .Uhe.'T ?r?' ?? fi.smytdach in f?.e !'rO.Ti.>?v J II ' ti'aniii Pu>?*d Or; a St Roour.lon it. {ram 8ar. i'ra* V *?? in Willi ?Hlp Klertft.l, I't 1.13/, Ion K". ;tv. ,?r \>w Turk, and aepartted .fati 28 pale, wntrh IfUr.t a"W> * ?ifl Hatlrrea, line s'.V auti hlit-d bark Karl oi la limit?. 1'eh I, lat !W US, lop I? 4'j, Uaid^. L3 .Ijjrl 'ml. ? (Br), ft jib ( ior IJami Ship I auinluB t Ei.. 1Mb. nid-a. b It i DeWnlf A C<>. !li'-I,|yerpool, 75 dara, with fa las ditr l.g the vr iota nr 'ha rii..ui,4).,..p,Mtl n ol waaiar'r warka.ard bud .'II' f ?lijluiiRM|r. Jeuuarv; atom on :? l. vrfc ' tlloiitt ?, Br , ??, l.lvo-T"0!, ft to 11 J t'sW. f A * '? ?. with mdae. Bark M r.-t? ...0 (I MS). Onnwa'dt, Wh. v/i'l.'' :.. order .tan ?, lat '.V. bin *f, en d?r?, Harriet h? ..r* riw ? I, lAtii, lot !!., Ion 8k acn?., ?^i,r Letter fi r I'ortc llico. Bhrk Wht?a Win?, Ttirfca I"lan4), Pike, Potto OnW. Ihdayr. wiiu i.rri.-r, ,1 ? o tlallett. Bill* A Co. Buk Henry Tron ?rl.ty .of Slew Ha ran), Vouug. Port Fnai.i. 20 iL?v?, with nx-Ok. In If Trnr' ndif?'a Nona. Hark Sanntc. M~t. iimit.. Now Dr'aana, II daya, with oot. ion to 11 !> A I b BrtMkTiMbO. Hark Snuchu l'acta, Itaitui, Motnla, 14 day*, with cotton, Ar, t . H ll A J U Piontmap. Hallfd in oompuur with hark tlaiinlr T WH, Tor P:..vMn..ra and nar.)'?r.ped aijtwL, wt.U kcr about 40 Utile' SB of '.!.e ! 1 ai-troi;'r Pel, \ U.-tf Portrnn (HnMh\ Kelarr, NcwcaaUe, Unf, *t daya. With eoal, to M Br'i.a A t.'o. Hrtf Albatr a4 ((.,ie:i, K maen, Rtu Janalro, K2 daya, with cotToo, to Knnck, Melriekt A #fod?. BrifCU Ti.nn k.'oa (Br) tt altera. Holier, Hon, Mdkya, Willi lou.voorl, Ac. to P t S'lirlur A Son. r.rlf rrjrtr, Hi , < ro ker, If'ngi'.on, .Ta, 14 4aya, with kvireel, Ae, t" master. Itrif If am A .tubrer (Br>, Week a HI Xltta, 20 Jayr, with I ?ail, U?T T A b * I'wtr.'i:. Bud 1, M Horn t .nl 1 'icVainrt', Ber-y, Ne.artlaa, A'tat*. | with nr laaaea, Ar. l? .lae K \\ ard A Co. Bil* A'e*l.n,!ar 'B e, Thompaon, Clare Bay, 28 .'7*. will, ror.I. 10O f Ponl?lon A Co. Ja.i in, had a utrnngfnle fTOt.i p.HK, eeeritig aniut.d to N, lost fr,-el'/pr>M'?nt and rr jel ma'ta, rpltt a. iia an.l atovn ooat. Jan IS. lal 40 UK. Ion WAI, ?I?kr ehtp B: larln. who suppllad 11 nltli aianc aeile. Itrif Roekf ?..e u V allco, ApalnehLota, 41)dryr. with tint' bet. to Peck A CLiirc . lied a ancceaaion of Iht avy W and end NV jalr : -fill eatta uud Carted deck loatl. Stl.rli'iieW iter' tof EartTH.rt). r.'laom, Pera, Wdsya. with rohber, A<s to Miller A Hon?hton. Srhr Usrylat.J to: I'ertu Amboy. NJt. Catheart. Klnpa'nn. Ja, ? daye. n.tU I' 10 Jatnea hlabou A Co. Ilaa had henry we.'hu. and (yen Into Kortrcaa kluuroe and UeU nare Breakwater for abarhor. Hohr Altmrti (of f'aat Maehtaa), Talltot, Be"tlta?. II dajrt, with aiutar ?nu molaaaea, to John Nlii.raon A Hone. Hchr r.ltn, Kiwi KraoM tiautiogo, l'r.aa, IB data, with troot. A' to O K K nit A Co Hehr Mary B Kelilnaet, Penny, Matagorda Bay (Tei??), 90 4mye. With ooiton, Ae to tnaater. Sd Jnat, off Itamegai, pj la id lk? wreck ?f a acUooner, abandoned, appear yd to La. o been tn eollleton. Bebr Hannah Little, TTand, New Orleana, W daye, with em ton, to \" I, Met'revly A I'o. Hrbr f inrenee Rodaera, P.n .gara, Now Orleana, 14 dnya, with rrtton, to K II BH*h?m. Krbr Vnaea Wtlliatnaon, l.ake, ?t Mark*, with oot an. to K D HurlLut A Co. , Below, Bklp Tbotnaa IHtuhnm, frum Cardiff, Hnllrff. Rteaetialilp Bellona. IfrraM Warlee rarreapeeJtue*. BI'RML'DA, Jan 2H Ikffi?Hark Conipennto, Capt Spatee, fr m Pi > Janeiro for Baltimore, out B0 daya, with a catgn of ooflce. arrieed at ti; OvorfC ? oe the flat Inal, tu waul of aalla and piorlatona. Hrise (fntrk (Br), Capt Contour, from Malaga for rtalbme-e, out 00 days, with a rargn of dried fruit and lemnna, artlsed at Hi lieorgr* <>n the IBth Inat, wttb Inna of calls and leaking badly, fhc bad been within On in I lee of the Capes, and waa Mown off aid after laying to aereral day*, making enneMer ebla water and auffenu* lu hull and aalla, the ma tier deemed M adneable to put Into Bermuda. IIrig Karnak, Capt Irocke, from OaleeeLm for Llrerponl. 0 day* out, with a cargo of 760 linlea enttoii. aritrrd at 81 Ceofgee on the 17th Inal, with loea of foreaaaat and salt* and being leaky. Hbe made Btrtnnda on tke 8th lna?l but waa '"wehr Three staters, of New York. Captain Mmmsee, from Tndlanola, with a cargo of woet, hldea and molaawa. put into Hi (teorgae MM mat. leaking badly and in want or aaik srhr Am?b*. Capt Pltchott. from Ragged lalend for New York. Vi daya out, arrired at Rt OeorgeaMth inat, leaky and '"fearSVohn*Rnae, from Pletou. NB, with a earge of lumber, taakT and In want of aalla, arrired at Ht Georges 2Mb Inat. r.rm Oeorgs Htlehrtat, Captain Ullehrtat, fmsa Mohila fei Pmriden<* BI. with a oargo of eotton and scrap Iron, an etStOeoTges JSth^taet, with rudder Injured, loea of sella MprlaVtenry A I?oatee, OttA Potter, from fori an Prioee foi ew York, with a cargo of eoffee and eotton, armed at* New Oeoraea Mhb Inat- Haa been oe Urn eoeat u tat aa lat 17 Ion 7<Tend loot aalla, spare Ae. and le leaky; will pmbab ; hare to dlanha-wa. The mate bed both lega broken dtirlni the gale. Till Health OOeer eonatdara his ease not a dan **Rr?? ?1 mien, C?ol Buffet amrf-l s( *t 0cm*-a 25th lot lu charge of the ayoond a?oar rtanriar AlaJaala. She has 1' ?? her salt*, and ? U abort of ?ovlgloM; bM IMS a apj pUsd with mil by (UUUMT Altlrofc MhkIm DUaa.'pra. ttf F<a CoiTMpoadWMM ibora v Su," Mosbocte <Br>, Jones, from Maur Oi Iran* via Pen aacula for lAven-ool, reported I oat by iablo despatch yeeter day. rertnered 7*1 tons, waa built at Bala, *?> Ui 1611, au4 halted from Liraryool. Babe Delavaxe. from Demarara for BaltlnApre, which ? ~ it tea elf, wont aahoreon C*M Henry 13th ult, waa gottei oS, and artirod at Norfolk Sd Inst for r pairs. Bom E li PiTLBa. Hears, from Swan Island for If sod's ?9j?< was aband .nod at aos, no dots, Ac. Capt 8, Wlfo and child and nine aeainea were roaoned and taken to Bermuda, whence they arrived at Annapolis tih mat In steamer Wiar .T..* . **? Ml tons register, built at Phlladel pbla 1a 1861, whence the btiled, and re ted 1)? Bsia Uinar A Looms pot tuto Bermuda Jbik ult see Cor respondence abuea. Bbio B H Kurs edt. at Boston 2d Inst from Savannah, bad lost main boom, barmy Seon in wUlaiou with aohr Ur Rorer, from Baranuali for Boston. lluio Mabtiia A Baaar, from Poniard for Matanta*. which was reported *a having been seen aakoreon the Baha mas. ar rived at Iter destination 34th ult. Mkio Zoleie a, before repotted ashore below Boston, has bceu got off the rooks, and was towed to Bo-v.on. Ban; rsvioir. at Boetoa ffotn St Starr, on .?an It, In a ffW gale ut 3t Mf loo 74, threw everboai 1 about 7u tone of j >g. good and sprang Aleak. I'.i ig J 11 Ksnmepv, at Provldeaee from New Orleans, had heavy weather and lost bulwarks and ntaluaall. Hohk Eixtn-WAIBB, from Philadelphia tor t'tentnegua, was wrecked on Cay Breton nlglil of Jsn 111 Crew saved. The K eat UW bine register, hnl't at tlsttden, NJ, In 1W5, rat?J " ? ' sue' * A3, end balled fr. m Philadelphia. Pi un Fi.riNii Kime, of Gloucester, liefore reported ashore at Gape Cod, lias horn got otf al ter throwing over a portion of her cargo, she -urtafucd but little damage, and is aewat Hy minis undergoing repairs. an** NuraaioR. fixni New fork for Han Francisco, previ ously reported sk having sailed from Bermuda Jan 4. had put into Kt Uaorges Oeo *2, with loaa of aalle and oooklug stove. S< mi Coast Pilot, ."rom Savannah for Mew York, w?? fallen in with Jan lb. hi lat Brt Ki. iwn iW> of, nine days out, with the mole, Mr T'bare, ?ick, and part of the rrrw In a stole of mutiny. The mam wis taken "If hv the shin (Jlytle, at this |iort, ami fonr met; placed on board to bulp woi k the schooner to New York. Sche Wcsc Dtritia, fin the loe about a mile ea?t of the Breakwater, South Yarmouth, Is less ihaua mile from the Israeli. The drift Ice has entire control ot tint vessel, al though both anchors are out. She appears to be eo y, and "" * ?? - board. as far as any communication could be had from on wo understand ahe toucbea bottom at low water. Hciir train Wkat, frori Aux Oayee for It >ston, wrecked near Inagus, waa Id* tone irglster.'built at Kunnebuuk, Me, in lf*W, rated All, and hailed iroui Provu oetown. KALHortH, Jan 22?The Shed eld, Murray, from Phllad'd UK the late intle, and was compelled to slip from anchor and cutaway her foretoptnaat, and hua boon tuned to My lor Pool. (JiMTiAi.TAe, Jan 19?The Hrlg Hoaalle Mar. from Palermo for Baltimore, with fruit. W iui,oro lu tins iwty. (I tLT.s. Jan 14?The l. 'dy Louisa, from Hli tnghaefor Vciv York, with tea, has got unbare nt Bunoa, but mifa ? no wa ter; u ateainsr has gone to lior issiatnoco. ( Dec 2b?The 8<a Witch, from Sluingheo for Now York, bus put into ItAiavIa leaky, ha.ittg struck lu (laspar Straits, and would discharge. PrKirro Caskmo, Jan 17. 1S07?News hae been renelved at this jHU't Hut on the fob of tlilc month a very li rge ship, of 11.*07 lon? burthen, waterlogged, bad drlfmd and got sahore on the c tart of Ourluilchslc, | rovlnce of I'oro. Vcneznn a, appearlug lo houn Amertoan or a Nova Bcatla bnilt veaacl, loaded entirely with ver.- valuable pieces of timt>er. of about 10 to 34 jar Is long and 20 to 23 Inches square. The wreck Is a'raiidiiil In 8)4 fathonifl nf w,Uer. (in the stern the three follow In? letters no marked:?H T F. She also bears ihe iiuiiibcr AS,7UU. Hkaly the nuuibrr of her lnsu-auce policy, natch The tonnam mentioned Is em In the inner part of her way. Nothing absolutely to indicate her nationality. A piece of board iplnc, panned while, was pulled out oi her cah-n; on It wua written. In French, tho following:???Was vla'ted on the 4th of Mav. IHtU. nt 12 o'olnak M. by 8amM.ii Cornn. aeounil capUIn of the brig Marc, of Boiaeanx, In lat 21 41, Ion 81 27, who found the v rael (]uite bare: at 13:15 P M. lu-lenod the hawser to bur larboard, at I AT I'M the haw em- broke, and the watcrlog icd ship wa< abundone JNow the people of the coast have, boen helping theuisel,-es freely to the cargo, anil several schooners have bi ou^ot to lb la port part of the cargo. The consuls have mude their reserve to cover their rcsuouslblUtr. Nothing else m ild be dune tn the ahaence of proola. The timber u plue wood. njlarellanrotm. Purser .7 11 Ttoch irty, of ate.-iushlp San Jacinto, from Savannah, has our thanks *or favors. Niiokei, ilrc. Ship Andrew Jack Tin. from Cnlout la for Boston, Jan 81, 1st 24 So. Ion SI 41 si ip Frigate Bird. Weeks, from Kaugoon for Liverpool, 'etc- - Dee n, off Agulhaa. Hhlp Anne Mary, from Calcutta for NYork, Jan 28. Hnrk Hps Qu?on of Liverpool, for New York, short of pro visions. h.ivlue two crews on board, but could not be supplied, Dec24. Is' 42MM. lo- 3t 04. Hnrk Munevpic.k. itlhhs, from Matega for Ban Francisco, Dec 3.1, U' li e. Ion A! ji W. Bi-ik Prlsollla. '.f a:-J from Palermo for NY? rk. Jan 28. Ruhr "Olio" (Br). M days from the Medltsrranern for NYork. Jan 14, U- .Hi, Ion 71 St), and cms supplied wlth-prO viaious. , rorelCN Parts. Aeneoiriv, Jan 19?Hid Danish Prlnceag,' Baker, Phllxdel A.s-ivn- Jan?Kid frrtm Ffothltir load?. 1Mb, flraliatu'a Porcv Iturgoea, NVork; Black Brothers, INirry. dd: Tyro, roi I*Y, UUiy-811, n MHN, hiwb aiDHUut"! ?wi4j, uu. I ; IV, Mevv.. do. Moral lo, Tat'Ci;. Celiac: l'cetah, (lilkry,; A W -'nglclon, T.'oiniy, Hlilel'fk; Mint, Dl*. Rnglaud; 20lh, kltaiHic, Kenzlc. B>siu?n. A ,(>.k:.ioji. Den 2t5?Art Tycoen, 8hanghon (and sld 87th for NYork). \ i.on V Ray, Dec B-Arr Jane, l^eeb. Manila (and aid Uth for NYork. KarvtEKgAVTB, Jan 17?Bid Bismarck, Ktelliuan, Galves ton. llomiKAVX Jan !8~Arr C.-rc.. flumphrrys, KOrlcani. Wd l"'h. Helmkrli.zla, Merkei .ml. NOrlr in*. Ko-i'r.oDii. Jau 48?Arr Bounding Billow, Vlduluh, NT ..rk (and I'.d IPih fur Mshnu, to txirforai three daye qnar a..tloe I 1.4iii a, Dec 32?did ochr Quit, NVork. Boss ir. Dee TB-Inpml i-h'pe Ko tor prise. Dunbar, and Knrtwntbur*, (Jit sir. for NVork. Idg; Jeenl# Eustuiau, star, key, trail nklAUa ?rr guih; Arstila, Mtnukley; Frtaoltla, Y -:-A hi.J W .-.?rd fflue. Br.idworili. line: hark ftursiOA Olirer, do. Hid VcrZJ, ahip Vickabutg I Hi ), BoyJ, Liverpool. Hk.i i*?., Ifon. Jan l??No rea?el* In |iort. Jan -a? Arr All-,ii^num ( t), Trautmann, NTort MM ,'tith. Adrrl nl l*rinjr Ad*Mo r4, Llrbmier, I'en?arola. (\iiiiz. Jan 11?Air J.nuer, NYnrk; lfllh, Lord Olanndon. Laranger. do and Rig*. Hid llMb, Ursula, riuk he':., Montevideo ("ai/Ti rt, Jan td III Id- Art Znphjrr. Porter, T.lreipool. Jan 30-Arr l?rig No'o, Hi own. Guadeloupe to load I or N VnrV. IBhoIki B-Ait Highland Mary, Perry. London (and aid for ROidmu, Hi 4iui.oi " . Pee II--Arr Xsab'iry, llowaa, Ht Xary'a, fl;i' 'J'eli. Illiign. Hon i all, Norfolk. Cfaviina, Jan 10-krr Jane Whaatoo. Dcneat. Pafraa fa .d ? M ll'li for NYotk). CM lUh. Signal, Wallace. NY..rh (? d rroi in?d Un. a* MfkNftMVWI, ,la.i 17?At.l Ulriou, Philadelphia, lit' roar, Jan 19?Kid Indoeeudocua, Wla, NY or*. I.'avuk, .l-.n 31?AM s?11y H own, Mathewe, Buatou. Ha**' *<: Tun 19-Md from Cuaharaa. BwuU.a). Meyer, New Turk. ti iriraa. PeHS? Put In. brig Unloorn (Hr>. I.aka. from Til.ic* Telaii?t fur NTork. LrrSHCOO!, Jan 10?Arr Palmyra (*>. Wntxop, NYork fand an! oi. 31 at to return); Teb 3d. F A ("alee*-., I'eUciawu, NY irk. . .. rv sid *r u p Atorer, Kiyano and WlmMaMP. Dunn, NV'. k: 3IkI, lJuir Ha , tnouu. Perry, Pbilaiieilitata: 3M, Al lie it, Kiik""ii, I'baileaam; Nonantnrt, uiton, Nfirieana; I'nlee. Miller. do - MalU (a\ McMiu'eau, NYoik (aud aol I'roia UtnWilten '.'tin. > f i.l h, Hrlle Crnold, Know!**, Aiten; 2W, ITapelU, Orr, N' itlranr. I.,d on! IP.h, Maroo Polo,, fa- Mobile: Flofanoa H.i. ntau, WUoalon N(lr'.*n?; City of 1?r York. Th.un.ia, N Y .rk: rninierlAud. Parker, Philadelphia: 19tii, Antarctic, M'stuker. Nflrlaana; Slat, Heuj Bang*. Korerosa, Bombay; lindymlon, Wlifclneon, Noneana; >ii, Moravian fa . Alton, I Jan 71 ?Arr Ymkimrn. Driver, NYork. FueaOtSM. Hermine, I'mMI foot Berg), Han l'i*n from flraveaeml MIL Pre<-men Drnnla, Tnbell Hoatnn from Deal 'llili; 23d, North Htar, Fu treat, F'uiliutel llila. NOW Par A?Arr Madeira, Nugent. NYork; 7th, Ma. M*??i J?- iin. MAftaAfcU-f, Arr J.-irper, k-e'v. NYork. atlr.ii hlu. .ad?Arr Pem.-jlvunla, Foe?nUno, Pill. Mkvaut A, Jan ??a. Wti-01, Malta: I'bh.VanrL Freeman, Malaga; Mil. ?? -. Bangor; ?' F VeNell, W. Load. end C P Smith, Amain, 'I61i A It Croaby. rroahy, 1.. Phlhulelp'ala via Mar lain Hi Mm IV'T. Nov A*?ArrCoie Minnivii?, l>? 11? NIiJ Gai.g^ri], W-tlK Motobar. M r'.i Mi!es Hi.naeu, Naw Me.iford.i'oinjr, CalaulLa; let a. M11asaaa, Ian lo-sld brig Huaeea > Bide 1. Davta, ilolmea' Nv vn-?*rtr, Jan IS?Eat out, Nt Paul, Wa C lie. ^ TorPolnld* Nan r?. Jan 14?Arr J Ibii'ton. Burton, PliibuK Ml, Krie-lo*. Satire, NVnrk. N|a. "Id NKi-virar. Jan *7-in ;.on bark John Ori.Brt. for s Tdg; 1'i lit* Pen h-w, for dodo; Ponvart. from do, Juafr.k. Aid MM ebr Koret NYork. *. I'i rvoi m, J>a in ?< iff ti * 81??t 19th, Amerlesn Faale, M',.re laindon ft?r Nfivk. I.ununn, JaaW-Off, Fraka, Ke?m,., fnm JfYork for Y'varrrn, Jan Id SM Dote A NleVele, L>rd. Havana, p.un M *?..?, Jao A?Arr Artuur. Brirg*. for'nana. p. rvAaarro, Jan II -did ?tonu??ltlp tlunlltlkster, Hloeu n ?ahh ??d IWe Janetra. I'AKA. Jaat? -In port brig Taabe la, dtag; acUr* Auaan, fur NT rV Ian 13; Mefllda. for ISA tMh. Peatt I'aaai i o, Jaa 17?In pert brie Adella, for Iv^ ynrg f i'j'i i i r.rfilT, Jan 11 - Arr Aiiatralaalr'i (a). Poo*. N> ;? ( titty of Be lltnore fa), Mofpilan. and C ity of WaahfP^ Inn I. n.r*"ll, do land all three aid for Liverpool); He. .1. for (dam; Queen. KUla. jlYork; Mtk (.oulalana i a Harrington, do for Liverpool; Aomaraet <*). Baffle, Baltl '"'K,oCa*in*. N6v 15?'Id bark Clraaaalan, NYiirk; achr rat rili fAnai, de; Deo 12th, nilleynnda. Hoykamp, do; |4tb. earn I fro-rall, Me.aenaer. Moubvldeo. Kara*A, Jvti (l?Arr baik rann "anny latwla, UilUn, NVork. 4ini I or, Jan '-"1?Ar flelen R ?!.io|ier, M'nl.h, Antwerp. Jiv.a, He -14 I Id In-alatieren. .leiiaeu. NV .rk. St llrtrea, Ime IV-Ar Ait?l ntoo, snoppurd, Calettna (and *.d 17th for NVork>; 1Mb, A jax. Ram-ay. do (and aid (0th for Boa-III >, I'lirrel ee Fttrdupje, Normm, do taad -d *Ni? for NYerk); 90th. Ad.iia.m. H'oan, Bo. rab?va fain! aid far Amati Mem I; 3*1, Iron Crown. Lor. rabvilU fatid aM 24lli f .r lto?ii,ii); f7in, Kllaa Tlauile, Detlraehy, lokiiliame NK J*n M?In poet abip t'acloTohy. for Cal ac Fob | sv Kim, Jan 1.1?Ne Am re.ael in_port. Triaan*. Jau 14?Air Kolnr (Br), Huabrook, rhlladt-lr Ror'tla . Itai'. (Iternbn, Now York. . Alan arr I'.'th, Fenrtaaa, Patrick, Pblla'lelr'ila; Ann F '* b-lli, Noryrare. do. . . - u _ lo port Jea 13. berk Rodnlpbe (Anal), Oladulloli. fw N?* Vitrk. Ida. TIIK I.Kf'lf UK MK?*4W. zioorKH iNrtrimrH.?i?r. hkhhahh wii.l lsO \> tin* 'HI- <>r.-nl'i* on FIIOU 4NI? IHtlNK. H?l tr ial. llo* to Ha l?in. It m to farm msaclOo, iruln. nam'* Hon*. llnvr tn th< warnv How 10 kr.?p i*/ol. ?Alito 01 oil kliKl' of food. Who! >?* ahuiild and ah uM in drink, fork eating, tohvwn.* hawing 8", ?" wUI p? ?? rl to kl* andirnoa o ?norlman of the n??i>rrr.d ertr raten Patnrday arming, he will i<>>atn*3er blr p?c>'elr l.t<-< ?'?-* <? gentlemen. "IMPORTANT I.KOTI'IU:* DAI'.Y-TO flKfOI.VKIN I only, atthe Now v?*k *n?en of Anatomy, ?I8 Bran* war. Thoao tinaMa to attf?<t tbrag Irrlg'ra n.?> r*"* _>'? a ?of? Ht forwarding ton cent*. A.Mre?* HocroUrf of New York Muaernn of Ana*omy, *1* ilfondwaf. VfStY YORK Af'APKMY Or KROfOlfB.?DB WM, O. il Roberta will read befo the Aoadtmy a 'Uloflum on He late prealdent, |)r Wi* M.ith?r Hnilth, thia (Wr-lraada* i earning, at tlir ??*.! CHgntt of tho H'lUf e.ratty, Washington "inare, at 8 uoidok. V# preree?lwn?* ibe publlo are In ailed. a < fQWT, M7n.. rreetdent, fltllK I.P.rriIRK Off "AKBRIOA AND AMKKlCAffN," 1 wb'wh waa nnamldibly |*HHlWn?l on Jannar* 11, arlll hadni.mrwl ny K*r H M. OallahW, of Brooklyn, at the *?!'.? Twenty 81 lb alrwr* t'nlted I'rerbTle-ian ohnruh, he tof,n Rl?ih and ?r?onlk arm ies, on Th.aday e>eelag, / fgbrtinry t it o'diok. TIckMt Wrenta ^?oc'sas. m^x*.sK.;W,*raa.K AM THREE OR FOUR (TOBY HIGH HOOF nmrifi I wanted to hire, ijr a responsible party. from * from Fourteenth to Fortieth streets, Fourth to Miti hum. Addreaa, eUtiug rout, Ac ., J. K. Fnt? a? Wnt AjJ. ty-third street. AH N UNFURNISHED UOI78E WANTED -IK TWKNTT flrrl, Tw?>ty-serond or Twenty third streets; Uxwlttw mu?t be unaier t '.i'>u?hlr, and rent not above $3 Duo per ta. ouui. Address J. C. ft . box l'JU HeralJ offloe. Apartments wanted.?a i*ari.or and bed. I room, for a gentleman aud wife, with aroommodatioo* for trrraol. s'tuated between Waveriey place and Thirtieth ati ret and between Fourth and Sixth avenuoa, maniadeetrad. Address W. U , ait Went Eighteenth atreat. Apart or a house wanted rw brookltn. bt a young man and art fa, either upper or learat|part, threw room., unfurnished., situated on Una of Myrtle avenue sad south of DeKaib avrnue; rout 11.uat be moderate. Addraaw Janes. box 1st Herald offloe. Furnished house wanted?nkatlt fur. nialied, and in a respectable neighborhood. Beat musk be moderate. Addreaa, aUtmg full partiuiilnra, Cirra* Herald offloe. Houses wantbd-jjfpUKNi?HBD?wb havb am increasing bat of Trst elaaa lananla wanting hottaea he the beat localities mr tlie city. KINO A CO.. Ho. 9Twenty ihlrd atreet. filth Avenue Hotel. House and rtorr leamks wanted?ob ant one haeiuganjr Property for aale clean will call an an address W. C. LEnTEK, 1,379 Broadway, corner of Thirty fourth atreet. House wantbd-in good order and ooob vit iation; payment to be made one-half cash, r In desirable landa lu Iowa, IlUoola and M laeonain. A_ vthn particular!, (J. M. Blauvelt, box 3,643 Poat office / arrive wanted?ox tub fibst floor, bb V/ twera Park row. William, Beekuan and Pulton stroetaa A.ldreaa w. p. ](., Harald office. ON OR BEFORE THE FIRST OF MAT STORE WANT, ed wiih or without basement, on or very near Broad way, below fhaanbeie street. Audreaa stating location an* rent, box SIS Postxiffloe. KOOM WANTED?KURKIftllED. OR UNFURNI8HBDL by a ludy tract er of inoale; muat be In a geataal iielgliborhood aud at ax. .derate rent. AdUreaa J. 8., tlerelA oflioe. # OTORH WANTED?IN THIRD AVKNUB, BBTWHKM O twentieth ami Tldrty-Ofth streets, Eighth arenue near Thirtieth atreet with two Upor, above the atore, or an eatilffi butiding wiih atore. Ad-?F. P., bo* 3,141 Poat offloe. WB WANT FIVE Til It El'. OR FOUR RTORT BRIO* or brown alone, for drat ciaae tenants. Kanl from f 1,300 to $2.s00. DRMIMkCOPLVND. 410 Fourth avenun. WANTED?A BUILDING FOR THE M tNUFACTUR* of b other In or near the city, l or particulars udiliaaS H. L. 8., New ILtven. Oomi. Ill ANTHD?FOR A TERM OF YK ARS, ABOUT TH* M lat of April or May, an uiifurn.ulicd House, between Fourth und Cansl airne**, conrenlent to Broadway; rent not to e irrrd *1,1100 per year. Addreaa U. M., Bra ml roth House. New York. WANTED -BY A YOUNG GENTLEMAN AND S1STBB, two hull Bedroom* In a atnc'.ly private family; loca tion lietwecn Ninth and Fn*y.?econd atreeta and Fourth and sixth avenues; iinexueiitiouuble releronoea given and required. Addroa*, with locution, terms, Ac., w , box Si 1'oat oflioe. WANTKD-AN OFFICE AND BEDROOM. FURNISH." ed. .Itiiuied between Twcniy-tblrd and Thirty-fourth streets and Fourth and Sixth avenues, by a physician IW eeiiIly returned frout Europe; first cleat references given. Address Dr. L. W? bo* 1.11(8 Poat office. N. Y. WANTED?A TWO STORY DWF.LLTNO HOUSE, IN A rr.iiectable part of the Fourth or Heveolb ward, fraak lit May next. P. A. WHITE, 103 Hold atreet. TIT ANTED?ON THE FIRST OF MAT. FOR A DR8!B? YY able teuunt, who can give undo ibted security, a flrei class House, furnished or uufiuuished. to be used aa ? boarding house; must oonlaln all the modern Improvements aud he centrally located. Addreaa box 4 (Ml Post office. WANTKD-BT a ofntlkman and wipe, tbb IT Brat or second floor, furnished or A house wh-rc they can have the conveaienoe for houxekee^ lug. References given and reguireil. Addieas for two daye W. D., l"ox S 963 Post office, stating terms and partioulnrA AgeuU for tenement bouses need not anawer. WANTKD-A STORK, IN NA88AU OR FULTOM YY street, or vidnity. Apply to U THIERRY, No | Commerce street. UrANTED-PURNISIIKD PtKLOR AND BBDR iOM. or large Bedroom, without board, by a all man; location belwean Teuth aud Thirtieth Fourth aud Sixth avenues. Addreaa. with ful" including terms, Attorney, box 6,339 Post offloe. leth sS-efEi aa* full parWulaxa, vv AMTl'.D-SMALL HOUPE. WITH MDDBRN IK. provemcnta if uraislied preferred). In a rood resf iota ble location, above Klshih street, or lower |M>rt>on uf a simi tar house, by a small find elaaa family; would like posit solo* immediately. Address for one weak, with full perUoulant lloraue, box 139 Herald offloe. WANTED-A NUMBER OF PRIVATE AND TRNB raent Houses to rent or to eolleot rente. Apply te U. .0. 8ACU8 A CO., 884 Broome atreek WANTED?FOR FIRST CLASS TENANTS, HOUMM in griod localities, west and east. Apply W ISAAi UONIG, fc Pine street, room No. 4. WANTKD-A COTTAOB OW HTATBN INLAND FOR the summer montha I poaeeaalon May I. Addreaa <A F. It., bo* 1,149 Poat office. X\T ANTED?A SUIT OF ROOMS ON FIRST FLOOR* YY three day* per week, near Broadway, between Hew* and Fonrloentkilraata, suitable for a oonaulUng phy Addreca box 1A88 Post office. WA.NTKD?fN A QOOO LOCATION. BT A UKNTLB ?un and wife. floor, partially furntahed aud Forty, aooond atiseta ilieaa B. D., alatloa a. wo or Uira* Rooms mi the HOMd d; situated betweeu Twenty Ulrd and Thud and Sixth arenuae. A* U|7\ANTED-BT A PHYSICIAN, OFFICE BOOM ANM VT Board, above Twenty,third atreot. Addroaa, with terms, Doctor, boa I,KM Poet office 11T ANTK/V?BY A GBNTLEMAN, ? WBI.L rv*z TT nlahed Room, without board, between Tenth aw? Tweniy.thlrd etreeta and Fourth and fluth araauea. Mala terms and narUcutare. Addroaa W, T., Herald oiloe WANTED?A ORNTLRMAN AND WIFR. rriTHOrt ebllilrrn, want three unfurnlabad Booaae for howaw -eepii.a on or before Martih 1. Fourth arenue or naiultr, leluw Thtrty-foui lb atreat, preferred. Addreae J. Dertr> itaiion D. WANTED IMMKliI ATRI.T?A LARflR FOUR STOBT furnishad llonee, below Pourteenlh street, for ? untitling liouae. Address, with terms, locality, Ao AAA, >ox lOUllerald oflioa. IVANTKI) TO HlttF THK 0.f WW! If 'be pr?M.ya df puraheein.ta r-od three atory aai -of brtefc liouae, with modern Improvem-als; lean, ion, Ninth ward; nrtoe, if ter aate, net over $7 Ml 11.AM ee Il,9ii0 down. Address Tenement, boat No. If, foot Nest nntli street III ANTKD ToHkBNT?WITH P< ISSRSHI c IR. A LABOM 'I four atory floiae. completely furulahed, bet wee* lleo'titer aud fourteenth streets. near Broadway. a. y. 1KB LAND, flfll Broadwgt nrANlKD 10 KENT-A NMAM. Mhlt UTrtna, n* ff good location, ant table for the merchant laUorlag bw? teas. AUdreaa M ...>l ?"? * Aigler. 1M hast Twenty-third af? iaraSTKD TO KENT?A THRKR HTORY HIOH BTOOf Yf House, tinfiiriilaiied. between Twentieth aad Fiftieth it reel*, Fourth and Klgnih avenues. Addreae, with tsrwMt >01 S UM Foal oiflcc. ? * TIF tNTKI) TO RBNT-IN NKW TORN OB BBOOCLTW, \ > n.rt of a private houae in a nod m lgbl-orhood, fas hiinaeVi!e|iliie. by a vei.tlemmi and wife, beat of refereueai |l?an. A ildreaa Kelli, Herald office, or Brooklyn root offiegt ~ ilEUI< Ah. at, -- 2, urine (A. which ean never fall; sera aad ant^e SrtSfdC? ?o SSL from waatsvsronus* . T ORRAT AND MTRB KBMBDT FOB J'^SStlSSX A, PMt.wnaae Female Fiila alweT. ??"? lmJ5;S?E, Or 1, a U Heware of ImltUon wbg copr ^^,,1^ ,flLa "K? Sjsi A TRITH.?MADAME DWPAMPJB FILUTA??#M^ A ranteit to give certain ml.ef 10 lad ee. te 4^. IT bowery. opio aTle Hulh atreet Uw?i f *? " r "* Me|iei?. vent by mall. - MONT WONDNKrut Ui^TIRY T^JSUai't eitranted without pel"-<'** 7r.TI?h InaaMfreX sma fM'-f-Ssr-KW '???** i*"3? let, near Broadway. r ^?T HSR BSpSttiSflE? *1 '**? Cure guaranteed ?:? lONFlfwyTVt' OONSUI.TATIONB.-DR. B. COB 1 RvrfVAiV of!< r. r Medical CoUege MIU .rfoi ii', fA,il<ih (.n be roeaulteit aa naaal da ailUJa ffim rsr. . ? ?i I*-, ureet near Chambere. N. B.-M* a nnlea- enrol. i, u at a(>|a) 1 r*** unftlit ?' ioc*I, iqbI tid MfVMI w uUNTSB'B BID DBOF IB THB ?*'{* ABM10* DM n H' MTT H CAW CtTRR WOKRT Oilltfl Of | ?in (liwviMa. without imrrwi. <m afcortar lima thaaaa* vtL?r pUjr*lci?ii, ur no pay lakau. No. > DlrtWoa atraat, alaos jk:?. _____ nM|R. POWFRS' r.MTtn?TIIK rwrtooiUTfifo MKIir. eina i<mf ?ou|hi for. T?r only raaaodr for daMHtr? aaf?.ouantw aad proiaiaro droay. OAtoo, lit tlm atraat. 1NU ND-TIIR f.AOIXH' ORRAT RRNKPAI TOR, DR. Stt ,Putt CffUI"^' ru" LBAfili.ll CAN Af.WAYS RRI.TON PR. FOWF.Rfl' Mr. ? rrfol tat Wtiilraa compound. Certain ewra. Mfw ctr^oiar. OAioa ?!>i Kim ?treat. | LADIBft, U YOr RKQHIKR A BNT.TABT.B RMRMl to motor* yon. or Toloitbla ' eon Manual madlaai iA tine," oaiuult Dr. UL'RANT, No. T Baach atraat. Now Yp%. Madanr bbrtei.l?profkkhor or mid nrer thirty yeara, guarantaoa Immediate lady raqnlrlng medicat or inrnteel traalmoot awn. Qtnoo M Woat Thirty-fourth atropj, aaar RUU AT. ?eenue; eu'ti with am Ira oaturaotlon. UianMMri haora. T"~modaandr that rati bkrw cobmbvmm m ratnevaMy loot and horned laaiof hara haen mmA and odaatnally r.aradjiy W >1Wft'?HIM ???de of treatment Odtoa Wrv T Roach dnfh X