Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11,118. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1867.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. ,v.r PERBOWAL. A FSM A.LB INFANT, AGED SEVEN MONTH8. FOE A adopuouont Call at 12 Jonaa street, rear. for two ia^. between 11 and 4 o'clock. A LITTLE GIRL THREE TEAM OLD TO BE adopted out Wanted a lHtte girt fro in ana to two leant old for adoption, at 741 Groonwloh streak CIRC'US ? TUESDAY EVENING; TWENTY-THIRD ?treel stage. The gentleman with aide whisker* aoUcita an early Interview of the young lady in black who graciously eotieed him during the performanee. Add rasa Augustus, atarton D. CAPTAIN ANDREW C. BAYNB, LATE OP THE IND. Baa. corps at David's Island, now Lieutenant Forty aaaond D. 8. infantry, will please send bis preaant address to J. H. Lord, Scientific American offlca. ST Park row, N. Y. U? N. ROBERTSON.?INFORMATION WANTED OF f . the above person. Please address E. C., Herald office. P FORMATION WANTED-OF JOSEPH WALLACE; when last beard from, last September, was said to be mustered out of Company B. Sixteenth regimen' United States Infantry, or Thirty-fourth regiment New York Infan cy; la a native of Dubllu. Ireland, S feat 8 iu -ties high, dark Mr, dark eyes, about 36 years of age. 1 be attention of the ?ears of the above regiments Is called to the notice of this Teertlsemeut. Any Information will be thankfuilly re gvod by hia wife, Susan Wallace, 394.9?veuth avenue, New FFORMATION WANTED.?ms FRIENDS OF JOHN Watkins. formerly of Doneraile. county Cork, li eland, request bint to communicate with James Lane, solicitor. Cortt Ireland, or Chaa. W. West. 23 William street, New Tork. Any person wlio can supply information about Mr. Watkins will please do so to either of above. TNFORMATION WANTED?OF M1S8 SARAH MYERS, X dressmaker; when la-t heard of was in Broadway, near Thirteenth street. Address CI., boa 8.81)1 Post office. INFORMATION WANTED-OF MRS. EMILY (1ARA brant. Any person knowing Of her whereabouts will please address a note to Joseph Uarabrani, 29 Bowery, INFORMATION WANTED.?WILL THE GENTLEMAN X who caught the boy who stabbed a passenger on the ?roadwav oar, iu Greeno street, near Houston, on tbe evening of January 28, please send hie name aud address to George Boaeaweu, 411 Broadway, bookstore. IF CARRIE SAWYER, FORMERLY OF 169 THOMP son street, will nddrevs note to E. A., station C, stating Where and when an interview oan be bad, she will see an OLD FRIEND. I DID NOT RECEIVE YOUR NOTES UNTIL TO-DAY. Meet me ThuradAy evening at the old place at iotm. JULIE?OBLIGE YOUR FRIEND WILLY, OF WAVER ley place, by vending your address He has to give you sswi of tbe greatest Importance. 88 JENNIE McKAY WILL FIND A LETTER FOR her at station D Post office. ARY-COME AND SEE ME AS BOON A8 Possi ble. JAMES. w M M*. CHARLES I1ASKINS IS REQUESTED TO CALL at 63 Beaver street. B. WINTER, OF BROOKLYN, RECENTLY FROM . Stuttgart. Germany, will oblige by calling on or send hls address to K. Ayres, 1,SU3 Broadway. NOTICE.-JOHN WHITE, OF BROOKLYN, N. Y., wfll learn something to his advantage by immediately ?ending bis address to E. Finn, Clinton. Mass. PH. H.-THANK YOU. THERE IS A REPLY AT ? tbe station you named. CHARLES. GU EM BY.-IF THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE OF Joseph or Samuel Queinbv, sons of the late Frances sgaemby, of Houghton Conquest, Bedfordshire, or any per ms acquainted with them, tbev are requested to communi ?ate to Mr. R. Quamby, Kempton, Bedford nUE GERMAN WHO HAS BEEN TO SEE MR. 1. Jerome, at 48 Exchange place, to show specimens of eat glass, la requested to call again at tbe same place. NTIRGIMIB?COULD NOT SEE YOU LAST NIGHT. V Will call to-day at one o'clock. Have lunch ready, a PAUL . MATRIMONIAL. 4 YOUNG OFFICER DESIRES TO MEET WITH A aome young lady of meant, with a view to matrimony; be refined, cultivated and In good society, between tbe of seventeen end twenty-eight. Address, appointing 1*r, Officer, Herald offioe. MM Of iiii i le 4 GENTLEMAN OF MEANS, RESIDING IN A DI3 A tant city, and moving in first circles there, is deeiroua of taasaslag acquainted with a lady with view to matrimony. Oily those In earnest need address C., bos 156 Herald ollloe. ATRIMONIAT. BUREAU.?ADDRESS OR CALL ON GB1MSILAW * CO., IK Bast Eighth atreet, N Y. M LOST AND FOUND. SOUNn.-A NECK OHa1 N, WITH EYEGLASS AT tanbed. Apply at Chapiu'a lumbar yard, foot of ?t Twenty-third street. T OST?LITTLE BOY, SIX YEARS OLD. DRESSED IN Jj brown suit trimmed with bresa buttons, I?erby hat. white woollen acarf; answering to the nam* of Willie. Any MM returning him to 21 Christopher street will be aultably ?warded. T 08T?ON THF. 4TH INST.. IN THE VICINITY OF adway and Pine street, two brass Key*. The finder ss leave them at 117 N a seen atreet, room M. SORT?ON MONDAY, FEB. 4, A WHITE SILE FAN. oovered with black lacc. The finder will be le warded leaving it at 1*8 Bast Seventeenth street, corner See ???ntl?. LOST-ON WKPNB8DAT, THE flTH INSTANT. WHILE getting In a Fifth avenue stage, uenr corner Broadway Ml Fourth street a gold band Braoetot. with black and while rrr?A liberal reward will be paid by sending or leaving Met 101 Weter street, with H. T. Teer. . OR 8TRAYKD AWAY ON FEB. 0, FROM ISO Jedar street, a light brown Scotch Terrier Dog, about weight; black evea. Mack noee and curly brush tall, .?rate the name' or Frank. Whoever will bring tt or Information lending to the finding of the above snail be ily rewarded and all expensea paid. L?E fifta. w LBN. OR TAKEN BY MISTAKE-ON WEDNES _ day evening, Feb. 6, from Adam Kritier'a barber shop, ??ward Hotel, a donble-breatied Sack Coal, with lightclotli Mil. Br returning tha came to O. O. Brigge, Jr., No. 123 Pearl street, a llbaral reward will ba given and no questions CjTOl ?2 ft K WARDS. REWARD?LOST, IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD of Thirtr-aightb atreat and Sixth arenua, a Black ? Tan Terrier Dog: answers to tba name of "lap;" had a Mack las'her collar, with ad edge. An y one returning to No. U East Thirty-ninth street, between Madison and " arenuea, will recetre tha above award. m ES ft RIW5RD?LOST, ON SUNDAY. FEBRUARY S. U going from the corner of Pasident and Colombia _ts to Illeka. through lllcfca to Carroll, down Carroll 'o middle of the block, a Porketbook, containing about $76. aaaalaung of one $30. one $10 and $47 in $6 and $2 St in aril and about $1 in silver and stampa; the loser Is a pan, widow woman. The finder will confer a garni blessing by Mdrit niag itlo Mrs. Walker, 79 President street. KQft REWARD?NO OrSSTIONS ASKED?IF THE W&\J individual who took an Overcoat front Thirty eighth toroet Tuesdav night will aturu It to Owner, 40 Wall street, third floor, front, he will receive above award. $50 REWARD.?LOST ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1, __ _ between Grand start fan-vend 110 Kidruige siaet, e Tunis' I < outlining abont $160. The finder by rslurn tng It to 10 Washington place, Brooklyn, E. D., wiU receive the above award. #Cft REWARD?LKrr. IN CAR NO. 69 OF THE J>?JV Aveeue 8 Una. on Wednesday. 6th Inst , between avenues B and A. in Fonrleenth ataet. a Porketbook. with ?Moey part of the aald money waa wrapped up In brown paper. The finder will pie,so return the aame to T. ?cCeu'.ey. 3*< East Eighteenth etaet. and receive the above reward. REWARD.?LOST. A HEAVY GOLD WATCH an1 Chain. made by William B. Crisp, London, No, _ on Tiitrd avenue, in going from Twenty seventh street ? Twenty-iii'rd airoet. or in Immediate vicinity. The flnder ?rill ret etve the above award and no questions asked bv leaving Ilia same at 903 Eighth avenue, with H. O. Stone. $1(1- REWARD AND NO QUESTIONS ASKED Jii^t) for the del.rery of e gold huntlag double time Etendon: ?ucj;id anchor escapement Watch (enamelled wlt'i photograph on : name T. F. Cooper. No. 12.UM. lea E White, fa Fulton street, or D. Fleii. neit room. REWARD-STOLEN, FROM THE RESf. dr ive of the subscriber. a S1.U>*> .%-*? conjoin No. 14 M, 1694 lsene. JOHN C. VAN HORN E. hoi 6^v)0 dence of the subscriber, a $1 .test ,V9H Coupon MS, No. 34 M. 1694 iser 1 Jersey City Peat ofllee. BPKCIAJL KOTIC KB. mIkICAN INSTITUTE?THE ANNUAL MEETING et tbia Inatttate will be held thla (Thursday) evening. H o'clock, at Its rooms In the Cooper Building JIKKH BULL, KenordlngSecretary %|ASTER STRVKDORKd'ASSOCIATION?THE ElOU Tjl Ur meeting of the shove a??"(iatlon will bo held it Keir rooms, corner of Roosertlt snd Bou'h ?treeis, tula (Thursday! evening, et 7.1* o'clock. A general attendance is Isussslsl WM. A. MOURE, Presideut. /??g E. Ms it. tin Secretary. A PER HANGERS-MEMBERS OF THE ABOTE A3 eoel.itlon ere requeated to be prevent st their rooms. 615 iwey. et VU o'clock I*. M., to elect officer, for the en roar. A. It PHILLIPS, President. r. Tiong, Secretary. n TV The undersigned, duly authorized bv the Liquidating Commute# of the Land and Submarine Cu bes TrWrspb Company, which la emp iwered by the gov. eminent of the Island of Cube, will recelre propositions from any respontflWe party for the pnrehase of the whole m pert of the property belonging to said company, and whl' h consists of the Telegraphic Line established from ?avannsh lie., to Cedar Keys, Via., and lia dependencies. In receiving the foregoing proposals the tinlersltned will ?Ian be prepared to receive an oner for the claim which hat to be preferred against whom it may concern for the damage ?natalo'd by the Une during the civil war. The proposal should he sent during the next thirty diy. to J. A. Mora, 3V flroadwiro, New York. New Vows. -Ian. M. 16>T. _____ The annual election P* thirteen direct ? ors of the Sixth Avenue RailCed Company w I be held $1 the depot. Sixth evenne, corner t* Forty-thirl street, on Tuesday. February 13, from U to 8 o'clock HKNRT 8. UPORE, Secretory INBTHVCTIOIV. iTLA/ynj-u-u-u-Lr.** "r><->*-? -a ?--vyW^A^-vv^ -vv\a A THOROUGH OOl-ffcSH OF TNHTRUOTIOtf IN Arithmetic. Bookkeeping, Penmenshlpwid aimMr eg Correspondence, time unlimited, for $38, at TOWN. 8K>iD'8^m???^U Aaademy.BIO Bowery, between Prince and Houston. A 1*0 Beading. Spelling. Composition. Gram mar Be. taught day and evening. In private rooms, If desired. Ladle*'department. A LADY, WITH FIFTEEN TEARS' EXPERIENCE 1n New England schools, thmoughly. versed in the English brunches, desires a situation In a school <>r as visit log governess; reference* furnished. Apply to the National Teachers' Institute, 6KI Broadway. A YOUNG LADY SPEAKING AND WRITING French and English fluently, desires a situation as nursery governess; no objections to make hersr'l agreeable and to do plain sewing. Call for two day* a; AS West 28ih St., top floor. AYOt'NO FRENCH LADY. LATELY ARRIVED FROM Paris, and of good ?duration, wishes to qlve French lessons at her residence. Apply at MO Broome street. AT PAINE'8 COLLEGES iESTABLTSHED ISA#), ? Bowery and 319 Fulton street. Brooklyn; Booxkeetilng Writing. Arithmetic, Grammar, and all the commercial ?c compllshments taught In strictly private rooms, if desired. INSTRUCTION.?ADlTI.T PUPILS AND MARRTED a Indies preferred; private lessons In common English branches. Mathematics, Rheiorlc and Belles Lettre*. i\,rn post: on. Correspondence. Conversation, dritMun. reading thopoets. History, English Literature. H.sliest references. Address Instructr's*, box M Union square l'ust otllce. MUSIC-AT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF Music. 83 Madison avenue, near street. 1'lano, VloUn theory and singing. Terms $10 per quarter. The Conservatory instruction books free. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY OF REFINEMENT vv and education, a situation ?s governess to young chil dren, lady's companion, or copyist. Address for one w*ck H. C!, station F. SPORT/SO, All kinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVJSY'S, 360 Canal street, near Church street. Medi'due* for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. /"11IARLEB RFICilE A BROTHER, 65 CHATHAM \ J siren, have just received a lot of learned Bulllinches, together with a largo variety of German Oanartee and other European Singing Birds. Francis butler, no. s peck slip, has all the choh o breeds of Dog*. Butler's Infallible Mango Cure and Flea Exterminator, 76 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. $3. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. E3INE NEW DAMASCUS BREECH-LOADER FOR 1 sale; 28 Inch, 10 bore; the owner toing to Europe; price $250; to be seen at PATRICK MULLIN'S, 95 Fulton street. FOR SALE AND STOCK PURPOSES-PAIR OF TnE handsomest three pounds Black and Tans in A me. lea, broken Pointers und Setters. Scotch Terrier", Newfoundland Dogs. Ac. DANIEL FOSTER, No. 18 Roosevelt street. JOHN GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOR sale handsome Newfoundland Dogs; Black and 1 an, Scotch snd Skve Terriers, good Ratters; small Poodle Pups, one small Italian Greyhound Pup, a pair of Black and Tan Dogs, 7 lb*, ear h. YACHT VESTA FOR SALE.?TnE OELE O brated new achoonar yacht Vesta, SOI tons, now In Eng land, oue of the ynchta In the great ocean race, will be sold at much leaa than her value, and delivered either in Eneland or here; now In commission. and readv for the yachting carnival of 1887 In France. Apply at 18 Chambers street. TWO MOCKINO BIRDS AND A FULL BRED 8TAfi ling for sale?Or will exchange one for a small Black and Tan, at 238 South Sixth street, willlnmslmrg. STAND OF ARMS. WITH BAYONETS COM plete. Springfield Muskets aud HI flea; all of which w ill be sold at a bargain. Apply to ?. DEVLIN, 477 Pearl street, near Ohatluim street. 2.000, HORSES, CARRIAGES. At. A COUPE AND SIX SEAT GERMANTOWS ROCKA wav, Victoria Park Phaeton. Buggies; a good second hand Top Buggy and Victoria Harness, Ac.: one single Slcirh. N. BOONKY. 91 Liberty street. ?PARK, DOCTOR'S AND PONY PHAETONS, . Coupe and Germentown Rockawnys, Buggies, Har ness . Ac., 30 Cedar street, second door.below Poet oflle*. Taylor a hicks. Aaono SECOND HAND COACH. PHAETON, BOCK wave. Depot, Road, Top and Kxn~es9 Wagons; Gigs, one horse Truck new single Her nee* $30. Blanket*, six new Sleigh* 833 each, at 27 WOoster street. A BUSINESS WAGON.' SUITABLE FOR AN EX pre.-* or grocer; has good top and platform apt lug*: will be sold very cheap. Apply at 3t*7)g Pearl street, rtgur A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES, AT private Mir, is kept by MINER A SOMKKVILI.K, at 8" Nassau street. Ail persons wishing to buy. sell or t\ change Ilorsrsor Carriages. should hare thai, properly, or the articles desired mglnered as above. AUCTION SALES AT HORHB AUCTION MAST, Union square, erery Tuealay and Friday throughout the year, anil s! >7 Nassau street erery Wednesday and Satur day. See sac:ion head. SECOND HAND CABRIOLET. COACHES, TOP Wilson, Dog Cart, for sale rery low: also .'.00 new car riages; tfariioas at 20 per bent tees tlian Broxdwev stores. HAM'S, corner Broadway sag Fourth street A GENTLEMAN'S TURNOUT FOR BALE CHEAP, FOR want of use, consisting of a handsome bay Horae. I6\ haada high; also a light shifting lop Wagon, light single Harness. Ac Can be seen st 92 East Four toe nth street, be tween Broadway and Fourth avenue. ATBOTTIXO HORSE FOR SALE-IS HANDS HTOW. 7 yaars old: can trot In 8:90. and is perfectly souu l: sold on aooonnl of the owner's III health. To be seen at 364 Gotd street. Brooklyn. Also two fresh milch Ooats. Buaer wagon fob sale?with toe. in good order. Apply st private stable. (? West Thirty seventh street. Coach, horses and harness, in good order, to be sold cheap. In order to fore lose a mortgage. Apple at E. Smiih's lirerr stable, (38 Greenwich street, near Vestry. /VHANCK FOR FARMERS.?SIX TEAR OLD HAND s J some teem of black t' Mares; one with colt; also the handsomest teem of Cans,Pan Hi.-cm in this city; warranted sannd; price low. MS Peart street. Fob sale?several new and srcond hand Wagons, such as Phaetons. Doctors', light and business Road Wagons and Sulkies, at FREKL'S Fsotorr, lj Hicks street Brook'en. For sale?a vert handsome pair dark brown horae a U>? hands high: stylish drivers: good travellers, and wsinnted sound and kind in single or double harness, price 91 2(M Apply st the stables corner ol .Seventh avenue and Twenty-second street. For hai.e-a vert handsome eat messenger Mar*. ? years old, M hands high : one of the most per fect saddle horses in the city for either lady or gentleman: kind In single or double harness; very feat; warranted sound. Address W. It., bos 146 Herald ofnee. For sale-a complete turn-out. consisting of a pair of stylish bay carnage llotsea, Coupe. Dog Cart, double and single Harnes., Robes. Blankets Whips, Bells, dr., dr. Apply at California Stables. Fortr-slith si reel, nesr Sixth n venue. For sale-bat horse, i.v. hands high. ? veam old: ran trot In :? minutes: he is warranted sound and kind in very way: prtce $730. Call at stable, ft Bast Fortieth street. For saLE-a large goat, well broke to harness, snd driven dally by a smeli boy; also Wagon and Harness to suit. Apply at 16 East Houston Street. Fi?OR SALK-A STYLISH BAT HORSE. 6 TEAR." OLD. lit for cart, trnck or express; also two others, tttitahla for t>titrher. do-tor, plumber or sny tight business. Apply at 246 Wast Forty-third street. OR ?ALP-A PAIR OF SLACK HORSES NEARLY Id hands high, l ing tails; perfectly sound and kind In ?s-a ?? Am * . I e/*t ? .a IK <a.? sn i.ulaS I AMI 'iAP ' a tl V nlrf IM s >a every war, ean trot tu three minutes together: any old man csn drive them. Aso top Rtiggv and scl of single Harness. Apply 'o (?El>. C. WOOD, Al and 70 South Sixth street. Wil liamsburg. FU OR SALE?TWO horses (ONE GRAT AND ONE bay:, 17 hands high. 6 years old, suitable for anr work Will ??dl e'ther on# tor waat of use. Inquire la the cos! yarl 23* Mulberry street. GGOVERNMENT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE HALE.? 10.KW sets new and second hand Ilarnesa, Saddles, Collars. Brines, Halters. Wagon and Hor?e Covers, Paulina. Awn digs. Bags, Tents. Blankets, Re., very cheap. OtBcers' Sad Ilea mewi, $m: with plated :di Ertdfe, $21. Artillery Saddles, cnod as u?r with bridle, $16. small nrdere hy ex press, e. ??. D. PITKIN $ CO.. W North Front street, Philadelphia Pa ; So. 6 Park place. New Toik. HHIORSE FOE SALE?DARK BAT, 16 HANDS. TAIL reach** gtonnd; t gentle and fine animal; used by a gentleman In coup* during arbiter At stable rear of car penter shop, Thirty-fourth street and Madison avenue. HB|0R>L W ANTED?ONE THAT CAN THOT IN l:M. and low price. In exchange for An* gold br silver ws'che* gold chains, or any kind of An* jewelry, French Clocks. Ac Applv at KAMr'.S stable, 21 and 24 west fhlr? leenth street, NeW York. IB IVERY STABLE FOR SALE.?LONG LEASE AND J cheap rent; accommodation for SO hones; reason for seitinz. going Into othef business. Address W. station Q. Sm TABLE WANTED TO PURCHASE?A LOT WITH stable fr.r eight work horses, west tide, below Four toenth free'. or would 'my a co6lp Lot. * H. K. THiRBKRA CO.. 178 and IT? Chambers street. STABLE TO LET.?THE PRIVATE STABLE NO. SM West Twenly-Artf street, near Eighth avenue; It lath* largest stable tu thia city, the building being 26x100 feet. Apply to .1Q81AH .IBX, <2 Reaver atreet. TITOE BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD FOR HORSES i. and oattle is Dr. TOBIAS' Derby Condition Powders, use.) and recommended by the Arot horsemen In thia coun try; only Be. per box. Depot M Cortland! atreet. WBANTRD-A GOOD TROTTING HORSE, NOT UNDER nor above 16 hands high, age between 6 and 9 years: must be thoroughly trained, and trot in 8 minutes or better by thewateh; price not to aioeed $600. Address L-, boi 3,797 Past ofDce ___________ WANTED?A SECOND HANtP PARK PHAETON, not ton light. Address, atating' P' ice, William Con noly, Harald oAice WANTBD-TO PURCHAHK A SECOND HAND CIE cular front Coupe;also a modern built Clareaee, In fmnT'-la *"**" Addroee r??>?er. w HOBSK9, CARIUAGE9, <feC. ANTED?A GOOD SINGLE TU RN ITU KB TRUCK; also a good Uuieg. lag alia at A Canal atxea*. WANTBD-A KTIYBR'8 HAMBILTONI AN WaOON. TV with poI? and shafts; state lowest prion. Address Wafon. box 6.763 Pott office. TV1 ANTED TO EXCHANGE?A SORREL HORSE AND vf two dopant Diamond Kings tar a bar Horoe. 16V hards high, loug dag tall, not over 7 veera old; lauot trot in 2:60 under tha watoh. Addraaa box 100 Harald odica. TO/ANTED TO HI UK-A STAB I.E. WITH STALLS fOR vf fortr horaoa. with carriage room, Sc., near Sixth ?ve nua and Nineteenth .treat; to be uaad aa private stable. Ad dress 8. J. W., box 4,146 Poat odlca. stating location cud rant. <8QX ? CHESTNI T HORSE, 16.4' IUNDR; BAY Horse. l?Vf 16 year*, $100. sorrel Horse, 1' 4, 6 years old $26U: all warranted sound and kind, 144 W eal Twenty-ninth street, three da;a. WILL buy tiik handsomest pony i?Oi l\J bnilt teemof Vetrmon* Hnr-e? In tht* city, 7 end f years old good workers, and warrnuia<l ?mind ; a week'* trial given; niao a sorrel Mare, 1# hand*, vrarnr.te.l to trot In ):i0 or belter, perfect, sound, and a lady can drive ber; mii.t be aold, aa the owner mtiai aal). Inquire at 0 9 Third avenue, corner of Forty-second street, In the atore. CUHAHTIKHMI Pg A YOUNG AND ENERGETIC"' MANTKACTURKR w?nts a partner with $10,(!"0 to ?is.tvni. Business will pay 180 per cent per annum. Addr*-s Smith, Herald otboe. A PARTNER. WITH $1,00) TO $M.O 0 UA31I. IN" AN old established and baying restaurant and bar. loca'ed on Broadwav, near Chamber* atreet. Apply a: 61 t'li unbers atreet, room No. 7. CXAP1TAL WANTED.-I WANT A PERSON TO TAKE J AN EQUAL INTEREST WITH MYSELF IN AN ES. TABLISHeD LEOITTMATE BUSINESS. WHERE PROW S/ TO $IOtl.l*lu CAN HE MADE THE COMING YEAR. TO A PERSON WHO CAN INVEST TM MEDI ATELY ?10,0**0 TO f-'EfiOO AN OPPORTUNITY IS OPEN FOB BUSINESS SELDOM MKT WITH. PRINCIPALS ONLY NEED ADDRESS CAPITAL WANTED, HERALD OFFICE. Dissolution op partnership mr. jacor Rich haa retired this day from our firm by mutual c<m. eent. The business wilt be continued under the ftrm end name of Klumattcr k Rlrh. BLUM AUEKe RICH k CO. New Vohk, Feb. 4, 1*37. II. RICH. L. HLUMAUKR. J. RICH. Dissolution.?the firm of jonks. smith, Sheppard k Co. I? this day dissolved by mutual eon. sent. The account* of the firm will be settled and the bu-i nese continued by w. L. McCanleas. N. .TONES. M. It SMITH. M. F. SHKPPARD. JlNfisr 2. 1837. W. I . McCANLRS*. Partner wanted?by a young man from the West to npen a wholesale millinery and Iaiiey store In Now York, or to enterlnto meslre dyestablished: lis- ??ran years'experience and can eomniand tlio capltvl. Address J. B., cute of Reg, J. Sctdel, 164 Greenwich slraet, N. Y. PARTNER WANTED?IN COTTON RAISING. WITH 615,000, in Ins talrucnte: plinLt'ion one of the most healthy, productive nnd voidable In the South, and all stocked: refei-oeco< exchanged. Addi-esa one week H. L. D., box 1,293 Poat ofllco. PARTNER WANTED?IN A MANUFACTURING EN' terprlae; will pay $10,000 per annum; staple article and a monopoly; capital required. $16,000 J.M.MOODY k CO.,48 Pine street^ PARTNER WANTED?IN A NICE SALOON BUSL neaa, with a long lease; capital required, $12,000. Good chance for any man. J. M. MOODY k Ca. 48 Pine street. PARTNER WANTED. WITH $3,000 TO $6,000. IN THE second band machinery business. Address B., herald ofllco. The firm of seyton a wainwrioht, bankers and Brokers, ia this day dissolved hv mntuii consent, Mr. Seyton retiring from buslneas. Either "arty will sign In liquidation. , C. P. SEYTON. .1. H WAIN WRIGHT. The buslneas of the late firm will las continued Iw tbe un dersigned. J. HOWARD WAINWRIOHT, 37 Wall street. New Yoxx, Feb. 1. 1867. TO PAINTERS.?'HIE ADVERTISER. ABOUT TO Es tablish In the above, wants a first class painter aa part ner. Address Painter, box 2)6 Herald oOoe. WANTED?A PARTNER FOR A WOOL BUSINESS, with $3,01*0 to tfi.OiU capital, to share third or one half. In proportion to capital la vested. Address Darleu, box 11$ Herald olllce. WANTED?IN A WEIA ESTABLISHED RETAIL drug house, doing a lint class business In one of Hie largest .itie* In the interior of *hix P'ata a partner tuO? a r.ish or.pita! ol $6.01*0; an Jcttve partner well verged In the lmslne?* preferred. Address M. R. C., bog 4.46*1 Pott office. "New York. 0? Aftft ?WANTED, A PARTNER IN A PROErrjBLE ?UT"VF*r. maunfnetnHng bnslneaa. to take tha pi?e" of one retiring. This ts an opportunity to secure a bargain. 24 Dnane atreet. TO SI fXM-P\RTNER WANTED IN TIIF. Watr-hm iklng and .leweirv lm-im-ss; liest iocv tion In *he city ; good references Indlsponslbl *; no bogus jeweller need answer. Address, for three days, Watchmaker, Herald office. dhQ AAA TO $5,000.?WANTED. A PARTNER IN A JpsJ.U'fU well established msuuf.ictu-lng business. None but those meaning business need apply at 348 Pearl street, second floor. SB00 flAft ? FAB TWER WANTED. WITfl THIS iJ.Uuu, omnnnl. ready cash, at once. g-VIOOO profit can he made It U legitimate and no humbug. NoonenO'-d :.pplv unless the/ can (how the mono/. .9 SVuu street, room ill (ft - AAA -AN EDUCATED, REFINED GENTLE ??J.V/UU. man, with food personal address and bite', om qualifications ma/ bit/ Interest of a jemner, folng abroad, in an excellent, well paying and established busi ness. Address Col. H., Herald office. ' BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. A SPLENDID CHANCE -DO YOU WANT TO INVEST votir capital tn a paying enterprise? If so. call and ex amine the moat complete machine lor adding numbers ever Invented. Office It5 Nassau street, room U. No agents need jpptv. a DVERTISING MEDIUM-SOMETHING ORIGINAL. A An extraordinary opportunity lor energ/ and a small capital. Address .lohnion, 40 Second avrnua. New York. BEST THING YET FOR AGENTS?HALL'S PATENT Burner: ran light and trim without removing chimney er shade. Apply in person, between lbs hours of P and 12, or by letter, to X. If. LOOMIS, agent, 117 Park row, room tt. New York. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS FOR NAt-E?FOR THE BEST selling patent article In the market: retails at $15; fur nished at $5 each, at room No. PN*o.$ Ptne street. New and valuable intention.?partem seeking buatue?a can Invest in the man ilao ir - of ?:? article of nniversal nee and reads sale, ma ie In a lew hours, Without machinery, fully protected by patent, re quiring but a small capital, aud paring .0$ per rent priflt In operation and particulars made known at 24 Br iad street, room 13. RARE CHANCE.-ANY GENTLEMAN having capital can meet with one of the moat extraordinary op portunities for making mono/ever offered, by Inquiring at 387 Hudson street. Sane and profitable intsstment-a new listen t otgr- i! utility and general use; the sole right or State and ruiintv right- mav be obtained and sample seen on application to the patentee for three dors, from 12 M. to IP. M? at the Itvcrv stable of WUson $ Shields, ,J0 Bast Houston street, near" Broadway. ? r CAPITALISTS -$?t,U00 CAN BE INVESTED TO great advantage in aerurlng a controlling Interest In a paper uianu.seiu: in* eomnaitr. Anr pet-on desirous of la vestigntlng the m ?tter, with a riew of purchaae. may ad drees Paper hot 1,4*5 Post office. The advertiser is desirous of disposing ok a l atent riglil for s new Seif r?r-?'oupttmn Apply to JOSEPH Ql ABAC 11, J64 Aeranth avenue. New Ytnit. mo PATENTEE" -PARTIES HAVING RIGHTS FOR 1 sale would do w ell to eell on J W. BOGERT. ? Liberty street. _ W~ ANTED-A TARTY. OWNING ABOUT 47 ACRES of excellent t-en<l. within the limits of a growing etty lit New Jersey, onlv one hour's distance from New tork. wishes to meet wtth a gentleman of who would be willing to Invest tome money for the building ef houees. Address K. B. B., Herald office. ANTED?A P ARTT WITH $IO.n$t> To $?,(**> FOR A light manufacturing bnslne-s tbs' niTe-s.unequalled inducements for protita. smartly end permanency. Address R. L 8., hoi ?l7 Herald offiee. WHITE LEAD. ZINC, OIL, AC.?RUSINESJJ, NTOCffi vY (our manufsr'tirei a:id valuable Lease of store >n Peerl street for sale, either aopar >telv or together, on texms verv advantageous to the buyer. Address White Lead, Her - ald'offioe. __ TO $15 WILL LEARN ANY TO MANUFACTURE ?t) the aplendll light ot! or fluid; HW per rent prom. Reedy enlee. W. 8, RICE. 5fl Bowery, room No. I. <1 TO ?><*> LIGHT, CHEAP LIGHT -ANY i \J rasa withlnz bunts*** In cltjr or countrj can mike money easy. J. M. MOODY A CO.. 4A Pine street. " A DELIGHTFUL PROCESS."-TEETH POSITIVELY : A extracted without peln with my new patent gas In hsler; most auecessftil known. Cheap beautiful Uuin tela, at VAN VLBCK'H, 175 Hlsth avenue. TJBAUIIFUL FULL NETS OF CONTINUOUS GUM J> Tenth, with plumper* to restore youthful appearauoe, $9 to $1$. Teeth extracted without the least pain with gas, 110 ORAHD STREET. Dr. martbl, m sixth avenue, three doors above Thirty ninth street.?Rubber set of Teeth, with Plumpers, $5, $7 end $10. Old seU of Teeth bought or made orer again, DR. WHITE'S NEW AND IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL Rubber Teeth, eupertor in beauty, durability and use fulness to all others. Whole sets, IS, $10 and $15, Teeth ?lied and extraoted without pain at IB Bleeeher street, near Wooster. Pabmanent sets of GUM TEETH BU-BEST $11; Temporary Seta ?$; beat $$. CaU and eeamlne speci mens before engaging elsewhere: teeth fllled with gold, $1; teeth extracted without pete. Office IB Sixth avenue. rBTH EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN, LAST TEN years. Pure ens fresh daily. Teeth ailed or eienued MgS"a/',a2aagu ffBBTH EXTRACTED WITH NITEOUn GAS. $? CENTS: ,j'r.zT^ijs;''tssau IB Mf Fourth avenue near temMidSnih financial. _ TTNITED BTATE8 TREASURY, FBB. 4. 1867. i i ""f" Di.ieo intii.iv ni, tan. ?, loor. U Boned alaa of (8J) thirty or nuto .even-' hi*ty ooupon*. due KobiUitrjr 15, lottT will now ho received for exaiuiuauou icuiiuii i?, wn. win now oo received tor eiauiinam ?t the United Btatea T, i jnury. HT H VAX DTCK, Assistant Treaaurtr. Fob bale-new yokk city railroad com

papy Stock!, a,to Insurance Stooaa, paying from 10 10 20 per oe?t dlvideud ALBERT U. NICOLa Y, 48 Hint at. ; For sale-third avencb railroad company .Stock, paying large dividend*. , ALBERT H. NiCOLAY, AS Pino itroet. F OR SALE?INTERNATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE CuffifAuy Stock ALBERT U. NICOLAY, No. A3 Pino street. I OR SALE?A CABINET OP CHOICE MINERALS, amhrating A rare collection of Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead and other Specimen*, which cannot he duplicated at any coat, ami will be aold cheap. Apply at No LiPIue at. ^J-ISSTKSIPPI CENTRAL RAILROAD COMPANY.? ill The coupon* on the aeoond mortgage houdaof lite Ml* ?Uftppi Central Railroad Company, due February I, 1367 and payable in tlui city of hew Vuik, will ha paid ou pre sentation at the oh,on of the Roger* Loc,.motive aud Ma chine Work*, A4 Exchange place. Money to loan-at seven per cent, in large or autatl amount*, ou first clan property in this city. KINU A GO., No. 9 Twenty-third stroet, Fifth Avenue Hotel. National rank of north America. February 1, 1807. ? Sines the overdraft on thli bank by Meyer A Co., and the ?vddeu resulting death of Its President, a thorough examination of it* condition Ins been mule by a committee of the director., and they report and authorise the Olivers of the Hank to publish that tha Rank is in a perfectly sound anil prosperous condition, and not only I* the capital nntra pitted, out tU"y do not b?ll"ve tint the lo?s-s austatue 1 will reduce the surplus of the Bank below the sunt of $201 O il CHARLES M. CONNOLLY, Vice President. J. A. 1kaii*>*i.*y, Ca.h!*r, XJ O RTTIW F.KTR RW HTAT.CA, is Honking and Coll vt on Home of Ceo. C. Smith A liro., 48 Ln Sell# "Itrevt, Chicago. 111. Special attention given to oolientioira. pistil and mill documents. Draw on DltRNKli, WI NTH Bid 1' M. CO., and WIN8LOW, LaNIKR A CO.. New York. OF PICK MART!,IT A AND CINCINNATI RAILROAD Company, Chiltcoihe. dan. 96, INJ7 'the interest coupon* on the first mortgage bonds of this company, due February 1. be paid on premutation at tbe American National llvnk, New York. WM. E. WATSON. Auditor. American National Bank, New York, will ivav coupon* a* above. A. A. BRADLEY. TO WIDOWS AND ORPHANS ?A OR IDE \TE OF Union College, who his since shown hi* tin metal ability by Hceuinulatlng property for himself, desirous of -pending s portion oi ine year in the cltr on scoount ot its libraries, would undertake the man .gMltlll of properly. and reoelye a- partial or entire etnnnsnsatlon the comfort, of home. Reference* exchanged. Address Amicus, station D > WANTED?S75.t?0 ADVANCE ON MERCHANDISE. Margin and nil cin:uni.tanees ulafaotory; tbe aond* to lie h Maul coimni v-neii expanse and Iblursst will bs paid. Ad-ire** i'.|Ar.oiRtoo. IleraM oiliee. r/k SHARES CLEVEI. \ND, PAINESVIELE AND ??"" Aabtabnla Railroad at >o'? for aalo, by J. 0. UNDER WOOD A SON, 18 Exchange place, N'. Y. 1800 ??F the RUN Ml Tl AL INSURANCE COMPANY, INSURANCE BUILDINGS, 49 WALL STREET. Nkw York. Jan. 80. 1367. The following statement of the alfalt s of UiU Company I* published in uonformlly with the requirement* of tbs tenth section of tha act of its Incorporation : ? Pivin'iirn* ou unexpired risks, December 81. 1*65.$$10,311 71 Premiums received durtug the year to December 81, 1S68: ? tin marlus risks $2,383,240 U7 Ou Inland iltks 212,1(0 14-2,y>5,249 21 Total '. $3,235,800 92 The aiiKiunt of ettrned premiums during the year, less return premiums, was $2,120,332 30 Losses paid dur'.ug the year:? On marine risks $.',382,1118 *1 Ou Inland risk* 2U5.741I W Expense-, end reinsurance 2T8.6S8 84 Total $2,868,4(17 14 The assets of the company on tbo.llxt December. 188$, were a* follow*, via:? Rsal estate unckbond* and mortgage- $440,830 00 United Stat " stocks loans on stork* acrrueil In terest on bond* nnd mortgages and loins. rent* of real eaUte, salrag*, Ac. 415,548 42 Cash 91.778 04 Kill* receivable 943,564 68 Premium a'-eount* not yet eolleciotl 81.248 25 Scrip bf sundry mutual rjsuraue companies 8,110 01 Totsl *1.988 *9 89 The foregmiig sut-mcni lis* been made, to conform strictly to the requirement* of ttie eompmy'* charter. "lbcic.cpUand expenditures of tbe company for the yssr ending 31.t December, 1S68, have been aa follows.? Expenditures for U.-es, return pre mium.. expense*. Ac $3 306,069 14 Receipt, from earned premium*, profits on gold. Ac.. ? . 7 2 575.462 16 Esccsscs of expenditures over reccipta. $930,606 38 The < ompan^ were UghJ* ?t th. end ? the rear tor unpaid 1 -sea, return premiums, comi&liixlon*, Ac., esti mated at $818,811 48 Less, te be i-eeelved for adr*nce in value of real estate, itock*, Ac., and f.-ranndrv salvage, re!n?tiranee and other claim* due the Company, esti mated at 77r: 413,42$ 36?$$35 186 07 Deficiency $1,185,791 $6 Amount of ouietanditig .atrip called in and can celled 1.161,930 00 In view of the above result the Bosr-t or Trustees have this day ordered that the outstanding scrip or certificalre of profits heretofore ts*ued by the Company bo reduced their .. " ?" *- i issued IT? entire xuuaiil, and the csittficatea Dsuen thcrslor vailed in aud rani -lied. Holder* of certificates not heretofore redeemed are hereby notified of the ac'.ion of the Hoard, and are requested to sur render such certificates at the office of the Company for can cellation The Board of Trusts** *l?o re?olred. That a subscription of $jkw.t? tol note, in ndran--' of pt-inium* l>? taken up In addition to the cash capital ot $5UV,0UU already subscribed end not included in the abore asset* No fire iDks. di.connec'ed from marine, have been taken by tbe c .rup.nv. The oompany. on he "1st of Decemlier. 1866. held oneets'os above, valued at $1 981789 39 Th* tots lot *11 awerUlned and estimated Pa, hilities oP'lbat day were (exclusive of ths amount of premium, on outstanding risk*. $63u,7U3 73) 1.B6.157 1$ $838,781 fid Cash capital subscribed, to be ad led $3'J0 0<M w Making amount of imti remaining with the company (nxclMtvn of the proposed eubvrlp tlort of -i in adranee .if premium*) $1,132,731 99 By order of the H mnl. ISAAC H. WALKER, Secretary. TRUSTEES: MOSES IT. ORINNBLL, ?'*, TOEL, POSWELL SPK AtitiK, EDWARD R. ANTHONY .TOII> CHADWICR. TIIOMAS J. SLACOHTKR, WILLIAM II NAi T. JOSEPH (MII.LARD. Ja., ? Oil. EL L. MtTCUKLL. A LEX. M. LAWRENCE. FRED. 0. ROSIER, ISAAC BELll l'ETER POIRIHR, HKORHE ?t. HOBHOR, 1.01. I? LORUT. PERCY K. PTNK, HAN L A. SAWYER SAMUEL M KOX. ELIAN PORVERT. JOSEPH V. ON AT If!A, STMOV I)K VISHER, EDWARD S. JAFFRAY, JACOB R. NRVir*. WILLIAM OOTHOUT, ISAAC A. CRARE, RRNRFT CAYLCS, A YZNAOA DEL VALLE. FREDERICK CHAUKCBY, J'HIS 9. WRIflllT, OEOROB L. HIMISLAND. \VM VOS SACHS. JAMliS M. CAMPBELL MONKS If. ORlSNBLL, PrrHdOOt. EDWARD ft. ANTHi'NY. Vice President. ISAAC M WALKER, Secretary AO/t AAA ?WARTRD?TO I.O.OT, $*> >/0. FOR three >eim; security goo I. Int-rest will he paid nnartei ly," end wi made eight' per retii per annum, tint no other bonne. Addre-s II. H. O., roar ofllee. linn TO HOAR OS FIRST BORD ASD RORT. VAviyvU gags, on first rla?a rltr property, fur lire re*ra. a: * per cent. Will loan in two amounts !r .leaired. Sii r .miniaCon- ;??ked. Ap.daenta mua: itate location df ptoperty. Address v. X., Heral-lniBee. Hrtrt LOAN ox 1MPROVKD REAL V I WiVVV estate In thin Hie in atfir rim. W. H. WOOD, ? Well etreet. atiftii nun1,0 f* ?pwr r*?* ??,<*? 3pl.UII.TMIU 8?l u*". ?e improved real estate In New J#r??y. worth more than double the amount loaned. Ad Jrraa t?x J7> For! oitire, New.irk. S. /. AQOfl IWtn TO LOAN OS BOND AND MORT. ?fO'awe/.UUU ta oaa or more eumt, on real ?aUue tn Uiiacitv orBownklyn, JOHN fT CON itRY, 91 Wall alreet, room 13. & i Kft AAA TO LOAS-IN BUMS To SI'IT, OR "PTt/Utl/UU nty or R. w.trraey real eaUte. Ml per oeut of valuation. Neonn.l mortgager '.ought, C. E. WILLIS A CO.. 31 Fdao alreot, basement. OsrjUi AAA TO I'D AN OR NEW YORK CITY. tpOVviUUU New Jersey aud Brooklyn Real Ea late. Apply aoon. CHAR F. ort-MAN. Ill Broadway, room No. f. LOAR ovnen. AT 77?moret liberally advanoed or dia monds, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac. OR THE WE BOUHHT AT THE IUOBEKT RATER. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOI'OIIT POR DIAMONDS. WATCHES, JEWELRY, Ac., at 77 Bleocker atreet, up atalra. AO. 1 THIS OLD BSTARLNURD OFFICE PAYS THH UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES, JEWELS. PLATE, PEARLS, AO. OPTICAL INSTftCMKNTk AC.. At?- .... R. B ?DIAMONDS. WATCHES, AO.. FOR SALE. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. H. HA it III son R 212 Broadway, room Ro. K ADVANCES MADE 0* WATCHES, DIAM0RD3, JEW elry, Dry Oooda and Feraonal Property of ertry de. ecrlption. J. A. JACK30R, 111 Orand atreet, twe door*weal ?f Broadway. A" TWO PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY and Franklin aqoaro, LEDKKKR A Co.. advance Mb ?rally at reasonable terma onall valuable property. Watcbea, Jewelry. Diamonds Ae , or purchase. a T nYMAN'B.MB BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND A gireet, will be paid tha highest prle# for Dlamonda, Watcbea and Btlrerware, or wul advance on the above artlelea. AT Ml BROADWAY.-iI FAY THE HIOHBST PRIORS for Dlamouda, Watcbea, Jewelnr, Ae.. or advaaoe on the WM. IHAACBa Diamond Broker, Opposite Watlack'a theatre. wio?,.*.?Tro? Vtlfk a T RO ? TWERTY.THIRD STREBT, PIFTII aVBRUB A Mciah the btghoat prle* paid lor Dlamonda. Wr Ac.,or advaaooa made on the aamo ANI'KGMGHTM. . BKOADWaY Til it AT KK. ADMISSION W CANTS Corner vl Broadway and Brotmc street. HARTZ' TEMPLE OF MTSTERY. 806 BROADWAY. This evening at 8. Saturday at 2. M MART/. THE ILLUSIONIST. Note.?The new Illusion* are performed entirely without auparatu*. GREAT SOCCERS OF THE MEW PROGRAMME, and the "moat mysiertou* wonder of modern time*." l'ROTEHS, PROTEUS, PROTEUS. THE BASKET TRICK and FLOATING 1IKAU, In con sequence of ?h?* immt t?e eiithn*lA*m, will be continued. Ticket* 30 cent*. Reserved Seal* $1. For aale at the Hall mas B Ull 4. Dour* n)>en *t 7'V. MATINKE. doonopenat The CUlckcrlng Piano la used at these seances. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTREI.H. Kt BROADWAY. The trouble ootiuuciice* at a quarter to 6. THE CRK.MI1 I?E LA CREME OK MINSTRELSY. HiKoii, wax bold Bernard a backus' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose success h:i* neve been equalled bv any etmilar organ, tzatlon In Ilia workl. New and cheerful Burlesques every week. Hilton Head Institute, Happiest Couple Out, Chil dren of Cypres*. Impeachment Committee. akouto of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TROUPE. TTELLY AND LEON'S MINSTRELS, 720 BROADWAY. IV The greutcat hit ever made. C INDBR-LEON. K nthu*l**iicall> accepted by the I nnnenie succees. L AND greeTed by merry L aligning laces, L eor, the lulmfuble Leon, E aperially E itraurdinary premieredanaettae, O f ladles, O n minstrel stage never equaled. N Ightly. N Igbtiy greeted by crowded houiea. (inARLRY WHITE'S TROUPE. J Every sight, at Uryant'a Mechanics' n.'Il, 472 Broadway. GRAND C1IANOR OK PERFORMANCE. CHARLEY Schoolboy'* Frolic. WHITE'S. CHARLEY Ltf-- on the MIsstsslfML WHITE'S. CI1AIILKY The Two John-.otta. WHITE'S. CUARI.EY Odd* and Ends. WHITE'S. ClltRLEY The Black Actor-. WHITE'S. CHARLEY Several New Comicalities. WHITE'S. CHARLEY New Ballets, New Overture*. WHITE'S. A LAPDIN MATINEE BROADWAY THEATRE. Saturday, Febrnury 9. at lW o'clock, Worrell Sitters. Last teucfit or MUs Sophie, Friday, February ts. STEIN WAY 1IALL. RTETNWAY HALL. ANTOTVB DESHANE. ANTOINE DESSANK. aNTOINE DESSANK. nnsT GRAND CONCERT GRAND CONCERT GRAND CONCERT (IRANI) CONCERT ON THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 1W. ON THURSDAY, FEB. 7, 1867. OROHESTRA OK MR. TIIKO. THOMAS, ?) performers. ORCHESTRA OF MR. TilEO. 1IIOMAS, 80 performer*. CHOIR 80 SINOER8. CHOIR 80 SINGERS. Tickets, 8L Reserved seats, 81 oO. Ticket* for *ale at Beer A Schlrmet'*, W. Hall's. J. Boh it berth'*, .lorden k Marten'*, W. Drc*ser'a. Dodworth'*, W. A. Pond's. Clmden'*, Firth's, Rndlgrr'a, and Hill's, 608 Broadway, and dtoinway Hall. Extra ticket* for reserved seats at Beer k Se'tir.ner'?. STEIN WAY HALL. STEIN WAY HALL. A. DB4WAUR, A. DERSAUE, A. DESS AU B. FIRST GRAND CONCERT, FIRtiT ORAND CONCERT, first grand concert, FIRST < lit AND CONCERT, FIRST ORAND CONCERT, ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY J, 1887. ON THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1687, ON THURSDAY', FEBRUARY 7, 1887. OP.CI1ESTRA OF MR. THOMAS 80 PERFORMERS, ORCHESTRA OF MR THOMAS 80 PERFORMERS. Choir?The best Singers of the city. 50 singer*. Choir?The best Singer* of the city. 60 singers. Ticket* for *ule at Beer ? Schlrmer's, Schuberth. Foiden* k Martin'*. Pond, Hall, Thudrteu* Flrtli. W. Dressier, Dod worth Rodiger k Hill, and at Stetnwtiy HalL Ticket* $1 each. Reserved seata $1 88. Ticket* for reserved seats at Beer A Schlrmer's. MR. CHA8. DR88ANH REORPTS TO HAVE TO AN n ounce to the public tl*at he Is obliged to postpone the Concert which he Intended giving this (Thursday) evening, st stetuway Hall, to a future (ley, notice of which trill oh given In the newspapers, ODD FELLOWS' HALL. HOBOKEH. In compliance with ntimemns requests of fhnailtes de sirous of hearing the celebrated Prima Donna, MADAM PAREPA, Mr. HARRI80X begs to announce ONE GRAND CONCERT, on Friday ereuing. Februarys, at 8 o'clock, with the fo'low ing great si tfsts:? MADAM PAREPA, MR. 8. B. MILLS. MB. CARL ROSA, and MR. a. W. COLBY. TICKETS, ONE DOLLAR. R-served seats to cents extra. i or sale at the Ding Store, 138 Washington street, Hobo ken. Aladdin matinee hroadway theatre. Saturday, February 9, at IX o'clock, Worrell Slaters. Lost benefit of Miss Sophie. Friday. February 8, And the cry is still tiiey come NOVELTIES, NOVELTIES, NOVELTIES. SOMETHING NEW AND A-ML'SINO. Now being perloraicd every night to crowded hou as. The highlr smuslngand interesinif <lrsmalic spectacle entitled TEMPERANCE IN NEW YORK BY GASLIGHT. or THE MAGIC EFFECTS OF TlfK NEW EXCISE LAW. NEW SCENERY. NEW COSTUMES. NEW AKTIST*. Start'.og effect*. Wonderful and .imuln*. ' ' * ? - pd Ban Music bv Professor Kngleman'a cdebrsled Band, Even night at thegrua' REVEILLE MUSIC OAK DIN. 137 Hroadway. AdmOdon free. MORA'S ITALIVN OPERA TROUPE.-MEMBERS OF orchestra and chortts, engaged by Mr. Mora, will please be at the French thcire. at 11 o'clock A. M., for rehearaal. B ANJO AND CI <HS DANCING. HO AND BURLESQUE Dsnning ? ,'nrht by JOHN BOOAN. 131 East Houston street Term $U per course. Banjos at all prices. MlblCAL. T THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, 83 M idison sienna. near Twenlv-nlnth street. Piano, Vio lin, theore and singing. Terms J10 per quaiter. The Uou ! - eereatory in struct Ion A FINE ASSORTMENT or PIANOS TO LET AND sold on Instalments, at the manufactory l.'st and 188 East Twenty .flrat atrt>?t. L P. Cl'M MINOS. A LADY WILL GIVE IN-TRUCTION ON THE Piano and Singing ?i pupils residence for $H) per quarter, heal of references given. Address, with residence. Teacher, box 118 Herald office. Mason a hamlik, manufacturers of cabinet Organs, salesrooms .vhb Broadway, N<-* Ynrk, where mar ho fnnit.l lit* kst'tfAel sHiirlniAitl nf iiiati'itmsnfa nf this may be found the largest aaanrtnuMit of instruments of I class In the country. Prices, SIS or less to St.iW) each. TTIOLIN. SINGING, HARMO.VY. GUITAR, PIANO. ? Ac -?42 West Twenty-sixth street, leiwe -j Seventh and Eighth avenues. Call or send for circular. Leasons pri vate. JAY JAY WATSON. Agent. DARCISO AC A 1MB 9(1 At st. A. DODWORTH'S DANCING ACADEMY. 312 Fifth avenue. New York. For days, terms, Ac., please call for a circular. NEWIPIPERI. Dandy burke, ? ?THE PRINCE OF THE FRIOi;" OK. THb ROGUES OF IRELAND. ENGLAND AND AMER ICA. A ROMANCE OF FOLLY, FLASH AND FASHION. Prepared by the Autht^eipresaj^for the ILLUSTRATED Ye divert, who In Louden town Can l>oaet your skill of making A Uvlng ont of turning eovea, prigging and cly-faklng? By pi Attend to this, our narrative Of "Dsndy" Burke, the topper. Who left Iild Dial's flash purlieus To turn at last a copper. We've here writ down hie history; And tie It undnratnod He left his count: All for his conn; ry, patriot he, ntry^s good. ALL LOVERS OF LIVB LITERATURE should not fall to ? SECURE TIIB OPENING CHAPTERS THE GREAT" ROMANCE. DANDY NURKB. Scene opens In Ireland, Tina end finish** In New York. Tim? Present day. Continued In eight or ten number* THE ILLUSTRATE?) POLICE NEW* NOW READY. For eel* b, New. Agent. ^ t|l| Munlry. TIIB NEW KftJIR CqXPLMT, rV iVrseet. GENERAL AOtNtt. "?v. _ i*" ^ artists no war da. with ?asblBA anust be sold, to etane net the IMleiT, whT2i7iRSLta|Ha AMI'BKMKNTS. XJBW YORK THEATRE, IV Manager* :...., ...Lewis Baker and Mark Smith POSITIVELY LAST THREE NIGHTS OF THE Oram] spectacular drama of the BIRD or PARADISE, w.ita all its beautiful scenery. mualo, costumes, transforma tions, Ac. . SATl'RDAT.KBB. ft ATS p. M.. I.AST BIRO or PARADISE MATINEE, in preparation the fauioua drama by Tom Taylor, called tbe TICKETOF-LBAVE-MAB, wlnr.h will be produced with an UNPRECEDENTED CAST OP CHABAOTBBS. Mrs. r. v. oonway h park theatre, Brooklyn. THIS EVENING. THE ROSE OF AMIENS. THE OCEAN YACHT race. GOOD FOR NOTHING. HOOLEY'g OPERA HOrSK. BROOKLYN.-THE HL.ti'K crook, PERUVIAN BALLET TROUPE AND palace or yrol DROPS, DKCHALCMBUA, My Father Sould Charcoal, The Breakneck Act, Paddy'e ft eddlna, Cousin Joe's Visit. The Recruiting Offloa, Fife and Drum Major, The Wonderful Guitar Solo, Phuebeanna Bruwu, An.. Ac. Griffin a christy's minstrels, FIFTH AVRNI'K OPERA HOUSR _ _ (Adiolnlug Fifth Avenue Hotel). C. \V. H. GRIFFIN MANAGER. t ON TIN L ED MUCCESa. CROWDED nOUSES. , _ DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. Tula Pnlaee Opera Houee la nightly thronged wiili the clue of the ci.y. ^ * . , GEORGE CHRISTY *?nltnae? delight his many admirers First appearance of Mr. CHARLES BENIDICT, Q . Comedian, second week of the, greatest song and dance man living, Mr I SCAR BUKBANK. GRIFFIN A CHRISTY In new acts. MUSIC, RINGING AND DANCING. T?ny pastor's opera nousE-aoi bowery. Tide favorite resort of th-> meti-npolis crowded nightly by critical, re lined and delighted audiences. Among the vast attraction* for this e\-enlng are the great Sensational Drama THE FEMALE BRIGAND QUEEN, THE FEMALE BRIGAND QUEEN, replele with scene* of grand inten?l and effect. TONY PASTOR'S NEW OPERATIC MEDLEY SONG. MUSICAL HOUSEHOLD. CONTRABAND OOLLEOB. Gymnastic Feat* by the great DAVE H AWLEV. BILLY SHEPPARD in hi* original Han joteuc illtlea. The outine company In a aplcndid variety bill. Matlneea on Wednesday and Saturday, at 8)f o'clock. OLYMPIC THEATRE. UNPARALLELED SUCCESS OP THE GRAND GERMAN OPERA. THIS (THURSDAY) EVENING, EBB. 7, Irlll be presented for the only Urn - this season that moso cligliiful and eminently successful comic opera, by Mozart, entitled THE MARRIAGE OP FIGARO. riGARO, FIGARO. FIGARO, riOARO. THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO, with an unexceptionable oust and nil the requisite appoint ments. most clUclunilv sustained by GRAND ORCHESTRA and CHORUS. Friday evening, onlv repetition of WILLIAM TELL, with its former magnificent ensemble complete. Saturday, uraBd matin re of ma&tha, at i p. m. Admission to Matinee, 76 cents; no extra charge for re serving. SATURDAY NIGHT, MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. Theatre francais. _ _ comedy. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY ft at 7J? P. M.. With tbo aaalslauce of Mile. NADDI. LBS NOCKS DE JKANETTK. Comic Opera, br Victor Mavaee. LE MEURTR1ER DB THEODORE, Comedy in three aeta. Ticket office at P. Dardouville's, (78 Broadway. Brooklyn academy of Mi'src. SATURDAY, F'BBRUARY ft First and only _ PAItEPA MATINEE, With the following Great Artists: ? Madam PAREPA, _ The Celebrated Prima Donna. Mr. W. J. HILL. The Favorite American Tenor. Mr. S. B. MILLS, Pianist. Mr. CARL ROSA. Violinist Mr. O. W. COLBY, Accompanist Doors open at 1, to begin at 2 o'clock. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR. No extra charge fer secured seals. For sale at the Aahdemy of Music. ITALIAN OPERA. LA TRAVIATA.* DLBUT OF SIONOBA G1UDITTA ALTIRRI AS VIOLETTA. Signer ANTONIO L. MORA has tlie honor of announcing to the New York public that he will give a season of liallas Opera of TWELVE NIGHTS AND FUUR MATINEES al the FRENCH THEATRE. Fourteenth street, near Sixth avenue. commencing ea MONDAY EVENING. FEB. 11, when will be presented Verdi's favorite opera of LA TEA VI ATA, with The f.Itowlug eminent artists* In the cast:? Slmwra GIUD1TTA ALTIRRI in her uusurpassed role el "Vloletta," being her debut before an Aroarioan audience. Signer ETTORK IRFRE ss ??Alfredo.* Slgnor FOUTUNA, late of,the lluteman Troupe,as "Oer moot'" his first appear*uco In opera. The Chorus and Orchestra will be under the personal man agement and directioo of the new Impresaano, Slgnoi MORA. Admission, 91 M); Dress Clicle (seenrad seats), R1 90; Pag quel, ft: Prcscenluui Boxes, B96: Boxes, $10 to $15. bessou ticket* can be had at Beer A Soktrtner's, He. 701 Broadw.iv, sod a' J. O. Seymour A Co.'s, Not. 0 and 11 Nas sau street, corner of line. A LADDIN MAT (NEK BROADWAY THBATRBt JY Saturday. February 9, at 1J* o'rlook, Worrell Slstsre. Liil benefit of Miss Sophie. Friday, February 9. Grand complimentary CONCERT, to be liven by the teacher* and pupils of the Mmlol Con servatory, 820 Broadway, to Mr. Edward Molleuhau-r, at Irvine Hall, on Saturday, February 9. Tickets $1. To commence at 8 o'clock P. M. Ou ttila occasion the following artlata will appear:? Madam* GAZZANIUA, Soprauo. Slgnor MILLERI, Raaao. Mwan. J. M. PATTIsON and B. BOCKELMAN, Plaolata. HEN It Y MOLLEXnAt'ER.Vlollncalllat BERNARD MOLLENHACEB, Violinist. Grand collection of paintinos. Now on Exhibition and for sals, at 843 Broi'lwav. opposite Wallack's theatre. ROSA BONHKCR'S origin*! world-renowned ?HORSE FAIR," and 199 other SPLENDID WORKS OP ART. by native and foreign formerly the private collectloe of W. P. Wrighi. I'.-o , of New Jersey. Opei, dally, from HAM to 10 P. M. Admtaaion Hot For catalogue* and JUtee* apple, aa above, to H. W. DERBT. ?NDF.RPl'L FREAK ? N \TCRB?"THE WASH IKGTON '1\\ IN - ' a . :i dtv ? having two head*, four aroa and but on ir<1v and on* pair of hup; alao tba bead and right arm of Probst, th ? iun leier of the Deerlng fam ily, together with the iiiagn.i' *nt collecttna of objeete In ? Physiology, Anat my, Ihithology jM Natoral Iltetory; all of nrlih-h are din nt u daily i>v . entree and Microaropto riew? at tho Nc - Yn-k Mnaettin (ostomy. 118 Broadway. Opeu < rorn S A. >t to in P. M. BR??\DWAY.-SECOND ?i'.KNCII EXHIBITION of Painting* Otpen daily from 9 A. M. hntil ? P. M. OCR OOOD VILLAGES.?FROM THE FRENCH OF Vk-torfen Sardou, now being plavtd at Walluck'a theatre, under the title of A Dangerous (lame Copies can be suppled to manager* without delay bv applying to FRANK RIVERS A CO., Dramatic Agents, No. to West llonaton alreet. New York. The members of theUew yore seating club are Invited *o enjoy floor abating at the roorua of tho New York Skating Aaaoci Mutt. 145 Tenth street, thl* (ThufW day) eveuli.g .mar. 7 II* order of the President. to-I.PII THOMSON, Secretary. URATE KT7CKF T Ti: ICE. ~~~~ Kaorve,. ?l? for .11 theatre*, opera*, oonoarta, halls, Ac., can be uol*.tied at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICB, lit AND 114 BROADWAY. w 625 piARorarnw. Agrrat chance.-for sale, three of tun moat superb nod etegaal roaev-ood 7?* octavo Piano, forte* erer manufactured! flniah d b.v k and front alike, with four round ? oiwn, rw h cart?'?<?* full l^n plat?, wrrw lega, orervtrung he .a ex | alette to - Hal claa* oily makers: fi"l warranty for !i>* y*srei ?" now .ml rc herche, and Will be sold at a perfef ?ai >r c.?h <>n .pplleatloa at HATTKRSO.V* ai'-rajf room*. CM Stub avenue. near For tieth street N. S.?Will he 'warl for, If required. Well worthy ?f 'he Itumedla.r at vnuou of tbuve In eeareh of a magnificent piano *1 e roal bargain. ______ ~A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THB FINEST A and cheape?t new and eerond hand I'lauoa In the city for sale and m rent, at WM. CANDIDAS' waierooma, 4g Bleecker street _ MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD .. Pianoforte for sale?Made to order, ellv iu.<ker; eoct $890, for $:W>. Parlor, Chamber and Dining Purnltum. 48 West Sixteenth alreet, near Sixth avenue. LADT, HAVING NO FITRTHER USE FOR A MAG Mhrent Aral clam rosewood Pianoforte (original price v will tell for leaa than half; 1 octaves, barred lege, nearly naw. Call at 28 Third street. CHEAP FOR CASH-SEVEN OCTAV* ROSEWOOD Pianoforte, full Iron frame; four round corner*; full tone. A (that bargain. J. BIDDLK, IS Amity street, near Broadway. (1 HEAPRST PIANOFORTE EVER OFFERED, VII.. J Knaewaod, 7 octave Pianoforte, modern Improvement and style, $200, 81* octave, $180, together with twenty others very low. Also assortment new Pianofortes, manufac turer's! rices. MrDONALD a CO., 20 Fourth avenue, op posite Cooper Institute. A