Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 7, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 7, 1867 Page 3
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WASHINGTON The Tenure of Offloe Bill in the Senate. Tie lean ineataent Kesfeettag Cabinet Olcere Keiectei. i Battalion of Army Bilk Diipoud of in the Home. Civil 8ervioe Bin Laid on Hie Table, and the Bill Erecting Rebel Stateo Into Military Districts Reported. mTHLYSTATEMENT OF TIE PUBLIC DEBT, a Se. he. W.wnwroN, Fell. 8, 1W O merit I Oil to be Confirmed. * The Senate will <onflrm Genera! Dlx u Minister to France. This may be relied npon. Some of the most prominent members ot that body state that they are in mo hurry about the confirmation, as they hare no objec tion to torment the President and keep eerera! aspirants ee the anxious sail for awhile; but that the high char aster of General Dlx, hie excellent personal qualities, ' hs attainments as a aoholar, bis eminent fitness for the position, and, above all, the valuable services be has tendered bis country, plaoe bis eventual confirmation beyond doubt. i The Radicals and the Impeachment. The radicals are beginning to be bothered about the impeachment. Of course they desire to get rid of Johnson as speedily as possible, but they do not like the Idea of the Hkiuld to appoint General Grant In his place. If they could depose the > Pres ident at once, fill his office with one of their own men, and delay the trial until the time for the regular Presidential election comrs sound, it would be very welt But tho Herald's propo sition, to try Johnson promptly, would, If he should be found guilty, bring on the election to fill the vacancy next fall, and the rxdieals are afraid to go to the people, who would beyond doubt elect General Grant So there la considerable of a muddle la tbo republican camp un the Impeachment question. The New York Cue torn House. The President has been very mnch annoyed recently fey the report that evidence had been adduced before the Coatees Bouse Investigation Committee redacting upon Indies of his household in connection with money trans actions. I have the best au'hority for stating that the I is a malicious fabrics'ion. I', is supposed to have s conveyed to the President by a wily old lobby si and po itlcal pipe layer from New York who has been here, poking hie noee into Custom House as usual, and wh< se object is to Brighten the President into complying with certain demands in rela fiiea to appointments. Mr. Hubbard, chairman of the Investigating Committee, is a man of sound sense and starting integrity, and it would net be easy for the dtrap Jobbers and strikers who are enraged at theiT I to control Collector Smy the, to Impose any bogus i on hun. The Pwbtie Debt Statement. The following is the statement of the pibiic debt of ?he (Jailed States o? the 1st of February, 1807, asap from the books of the Treasurer's returns In the at:? nm maxiiia cor* ntnaser. Flee per cent bonds $108,091,360 ?n par eeut bonds of MO? and 1808 15,779,441 Six per oent bonds of 1881 285,744 '250 8lx per oent five-twenty bonds 910.029,600 Ravy pension luad 12,600,000 Fatal..... $1,429,145,641 dmit axaitma cpbxiiict imtbuxmi. Mxpsr cent bonds..#. $12,902 000 i year compound interest notes 148,004.040 I year seven-thirty notes 008,086,100 Total... $819,6*2,740 Matareddebt notproaenWd for payment.. $16,791,444 ?Dal* bearing no interest, United Sutoa mMm..... 881,427 090 VraeUonal currency 28,743. 783 (MA oertlbcates of deposit 19,992 980 Tata! $2686,773.539 it In the Treasury, coin $97,864,603 i in the Treasury, currency 46,009,187 Total... $142,423,791 it of debt loss cash in Trenaury $2.6 ?,340,148 The Keeonairnrilaa ((ifatlei. a quarter not to be doubted I bare to formation (bat tin reported propositions about to emanate from the Boalbern Plates In reference to reconstruction aro well H la soar well known in political circle* that propositions are under consideration, and tnat the bo ill hiuu L glslat uree now In eanaioa an acting In con cert upon the matter. The report that thpy will firm be submitted in form by the legislators or North Carolina is unfounded. They will como in n general pro rrom the whole Poutb, and will be of such a nature an may ho ncocpt-uhie to the republican party and the leaden in Congress. The greatest interest is evinced in the matter, and the anxiety exhibited by prominent South an politicians shows conclusively that such a uovomcnl has beta agreed upon. The Virginia Legislature now have the eub)eci under consideration privately, and In a few Aayu, If intelligence reaches them from the South, it will he publicly discumad. The people are tired of political leant Iod, and have determined to push mat tun forward aa far M may be lu their power. The ameadmeat le (he constitution of (he United oflered by Senator Dixon to-day, is nearly the i the Southern project recently published, and tlie Mil from the CeaimiUee on Reconstruction, reported by Bepveeentntivo Stevens, la frumded upon the bill recently Introduced by benater'Willlaina, of Oregon. ?Hilary ilvvrraaeati far the Beaihara Mates. Mr. Tbaddeua 8levee#, from the Joint eommlttuc to m geire into the condition of the States whicn formed the ao-eaded Confederate States of America, has reported a hilt for the more efficient government of thooa States. It ?takes a military district of each of the "ao-ealled Muter," and subjects them to the military authority of Aha United States. It makes It the duty of the General ef the army to assign to the command of each ef aai J Mtatrfeta an offloee of tho army sot below the rank of Brigadier Gen-mi, and to furnish such officer with the Military force sufficient to enablo him to perform hie 4atieo and to enforce his authority. It, makas It the ffiuty of each officer aaaignad as aforesaid to protect nil peaceable and law-abiding clturns in tboir rights of per ?m and property, to suppress Insurrection, disorder end violence, and to punish or causa to be punished ait Aie ftarbem of the ptiblie pence and crtm.nala, end be shall have power to organize military com missions Tor that parpen, anything In lbs con stitution sod laws of the so-cAlied Stales to the contrary notwithstanding: and all leglslatlva or |edielal proceeding* or processes to prevent or control (he proceedings of Wild military tribunals, and all later Vhrence by raid pretended State governments with the ?monetae of military authority nailer this act shall bo weld and ol no eObct. in ?hort, it fbmse each oT the #o oalled Southern Rtatn under martial law, and subjects each sad all of Its ctllseut to the arbitrary wilt ef the mmtuinding efficer of IM district and of the military commissi one appointed by him; Iter it Is well known 11 nit mart li! law Is the absence of all law, end tha action ?I the lalittarr oerutnl wops is but to ascertain the facts, op?>n which the Will of the commsnd eg officer makes (be law and executes it. Of course this bill will bo Vetoed by tup President if It peases Congress, and then ?>uk'? tho tug of war. The Ifidinn Appropriation Rill In the Vtpnee. A spirited debate spring up in the House to Jay he Aw ?n Mr. Kaseon, t?f low a. and Mr. Wledom, of Mlnne aotn, nn the Indian Appropriation Btli, which etme up fro-u Cte Commluee of the Whole. Tielpritir'pal point db- ..saw) waa whether the management of Indian affair* by tbefftar Department is more ertpeaalve to the gov ernment gbnii the tnnnagvment of the Indian Burcnn, Mr iCammr .argued in favor of the War Department and the Apyr .piii Uoti bill, but Mr. Wiulom, supported by h* i>r& nchoflA'd and Tbayer, ci Pennsylvania, and Mey ?aol, sf TatiS'as s, anally auoreedsd la sending tho bill Back to the or,Remittee to tie curtailed. Mr. SctoflMd to eee*itmi? the bill, with Instructions to the oerem'.Mee to report it back with all the appropriation.* Mriekm out except such ?a ire ref,ui?i|e to .?arry out the Mi|talM|sna ef us-ttss nosf ta exjnteacs or la aialntaln viaUM cuetody at th< United Retee, which wh ipM to and the WB recommitted. Frederick Htward*! M the Wee* Mr. W. W. Seward, Amletaal Secretary of Stale, re tamed to Ute city yesterday, after aa abesnoe of aboat three weeks on some bnstaoaa the otyeot of which aa yet remaiaa a profound secret. It will bo remembered that aa Christmas night the Gettyabcrg grounded on a bar near Annapolis, and, attention being called to her pre u team en t, It wm discorered that Mr. Beeard waa on board, togetbar with a gentleman employed in the? State Departmeat aa a tiansialor of French and Spanish, and that the strong box of iho vessel oontatne i an uuoaually large quantity of specie. When thee* fa ta wore made public, various conjectures and firm lees wese mada aa te the object of the expedition. Among thaee numerooa guesses, and the one which seetned most probable, waa that made by your correspondent, which designated the Island of St. Thomas aa the destina tion of Mr. Seward, and preliminary measures to bo taken for the purchase thereof for a naval station for the United States aa hla object Whe ther this la a true solution or the mystery remains yet to bo seen; but If we do not points* iho island of Sh Thomas before the 1st of January next it will be a mat ter of surprise to many who an aware of the ideas of the Secretary of Suite in regard to the a cumulation of valuable property. Mr. Seward Is now busily engaged in making oat a report of his expedition, which w111 _ shortly be submitted to the Secretary or tUpte for his approval, sod then be sent to the J'resldenL A letvr dated St Domingo city, January 24, gives an. account of tho mysterious mission of AastMuut Secretary be ward and Hear Admiral D. D. Porter. Tho writer states that the Gettysburg arrived then on the 19th of January with Frederick Seward. -Assistant Secretary of Mtate, and I tear Admiral D. D. Porter on board. The object of the visit was to effect a treaty with that government for the purchase of naval privilege* on the island. The Gettys b'irf was to Ball for the United States on the day of writing, and It waa currently reported there that the mission was a failure. The ill success of the enterprise wm ow Ing, as was believed on the island, to the fact that the power to conclude Ibe treaty waa Intrusted to an incompetent man. The person to whom this au thority was intrusted is a man by the nsmo ef Smith, from Pennsylvania, who is a toot of John W. Forney, and how hoeuccoedod in securing his appointment aa a plenipotentiary ageut excites no Uttlo surprise, as it was kr.own there that the name of General Casewau had been rent to the Senate by the President Thero was no doubt enlertaitiod there, however, thai tho miss.o#had faded completely. <? rent's Hrrrptlns. The reception of General Grant this evening was, if possible, more brilliant and fashionablo than any of tho rprerodicgones, and was highly enjoyed by those who had the goad fortune to be present. The spacious hall and parlors were filled to overflowing with the elite and baaoty not only of this city, but of many other parts of the country. Tho General and bis lady were unusually suable and entertaining, and received tbelr guests cor d illy and gracefully. Among the distinguished per sonages present were Secretaries Browning, Stanton, Wollee and Randall and Assistant Secretary of State Seward; Generals Sheridan, Thomas, Williams, Town seod, Fry. Tompkins and Meigs; Judge Russell and lady, of Mow Fork; Senators Williams, Trumbull, Fates, Cowan, Morgan, Harris, Spraguo and Sumner, together with a large number of Representatives and other high officials. On the lower floor a fine band discoursed en livening strains, and tho daficlng was kept up until n i late hour. Krrrptlnn of Chief J notice Cham . The weekly reception of Chief Justice Chase to-night was one of the most select and elegant of the season. Distinguished gentlemen of alt branches of the"govern mont were present, .1 Dinner by Srcrrtarj Welles. Secretary Welles gave s dinner this evening to several Senators and members of the House of Representatives Internal Rrveset Receipts, The receipts from Internal rsvente to-day were 98,8U,U&. _ ? flewartuMetlsy The Beward-Metier Affair, The following pepera wore laid before the Senate thl? morning 1? Dipakthut of Ft ate, W?bt*oto*, Feb. 4, 1887. ? , To nnt Prb^iumt:?The Secretary of Stato, to whom was referred ibe r< solution of the Senate of the 2d Inst, requesting the President to communicate to that body, If in bh opinion nub Incompatible with the public in* t rre?t, a ropy of the latter on which the Secretary of State founded bis recent Inquiries addressed to Mr. Mot ley, Minister of the United States at Vienna, with regard to hi* reported conversation and opinion*, andho furnish the nnme rt (he writer of each letter, has the honor to May before the President a transcript of the paper refer red to. WILLIAM n. SEWARD. ucobob w. m'oucua to m raxaiunrr or mi unrxa mm. Bonn. Mrenics, rarnn, Oct. 23, 1883. i Mr. Piumkent -I have travelled a good deal in Europe durln r the list year, and had occasion to see something of our Mlnluers and Consuls in various countries A Ursa maforlty of those whom I met with wen bitterly hostile to you end your administration, and expressed that (joetlllty in w< op n and offensive , maa ner a* to Astonish Amerirm travellers, and to leave a very bad Intpreerton on European* wbu were present. Tbi* wtu* purticu'uriy true of these from the Now Eng land btn'e*. of whom ? large inalorlty of our representatives seem to be composed, and a very Inditier en set they are, individually and collectively. Mr. Votley. Minister at Vienna, does noi pre'end to roiiCeal bte "d!?gurt," s* he irtyles it elegantly, at your whole condU'tt. IlHrlug been appoiiitvd-exclu.-Welv by Clisfles Aira cr, he appluudr. him und bis revolutionary de--*rin-\ dc;-/*ei American democracy, and proclaims lordly tbat an English nobleman Is the mudel of bumau pertechon. Tbefb Is not :r -.11 Europe a room tMhpengh flonkoy, or e more nn-Amerlosn f'inction->ry. He tells evoljp traveller that Sumner ts entirely Justl8t<l, *cd that' you hfvedeserted your twin. '.plo* la common with hir. ft?w.nrd. "vho, be .-ays, i* hopelessly degraded At SY*mlfrorl be Con-"il, Slurrhy, who is,I to have cleared u>o*W than $100,000 thn.u^h bl? office, declared rep Mi'f*d P- tbat the tbren' of his friend Zaflh. (handler wi. dd be male g -*1, and oup! t to hs by jour Impiacb inon . Oil* is uotori,) s, and a public scandal. Tba Id on !? m.-'f Is vulgar, ignorant and unworthy, and ts en ? <?f rtis-idler's tools Had, St Madrid, condetnne I your conrse In a malig nant tan oner to various Araer1' tBB, and eo did Morris, at Constatuin-pie. Some of in v frteu<l* who went to Mc rr eoo *i- tre Mr. Meto, at Tangier, nil violently and shamefully against you, saying be was ready to tatiro from buoIi ?'nuceru. Perry, at Tuale, woe equally cfftpsive In Ms language. Tii-re :,re many others in the same tx.wi, and it I* Ume that beMer inert were appointed?toon who will at least* respect the Cr-: idem end the dignity of bit office. Radicals of* the worst sort make war on you and your friend* under every pretrit, and yet the inrtr imont- of thai faction are blatant all o7er Europe in coademsatlon nt t.oth. It i? * *h me and a tV-ma to permit this anr longer. Massachusetts scom* to monopolize a lion's sham of the consulates, and l.ostoa has noi** than threa dm tnisetoae, Messrs a dams, Burllngam# and Motley. Is no other part of our oocntry to be coo*!dared worthy of notice? Vufit General Butler, Phillips and Chandler and the tike engroe* sit the honors for their saielt 'esT I want nothing at yoor bands of any sort, hut At and dec at men -hou|d lm sent abroad who will not slander the ? btef Executive and the government. The consul at Geneva la a common drunkard, and a dlsgr ic i to the country. When sober be abusee tba President la the hearing ef everybody. Respectable Amiricm* are very much mortified by the ?reeeure of snob unworthy peraons In placea of trust and respond mil y, and few tike the task of letting tbelr experience be known, as l bare done. There are hundreds who know more, but prefer to reman atleat Most respect fully, GEO. W. MflCRACKKH. of Hew Tort. A friend will doi.vsr the note perconally. ('?srsatlen nf TsbarrssiMs. The Convutloa of fobaccoatate aneetooled la Ukie city to day. and were temporarily organised by appointing R. A. Mayo, ef RMraoud, chairman, and Alexander McDonald, of Lvnchbcig, secretary. feme debate oo curred as to whether tobacco oommMoa merchants were entitled to wata in the Convention, which resulted In tbelr withdrawing; but subsequently the Committee on ( ledestiais reported In favor ef their adatiaaten. The Coat en i Ion adjourned sintll to morrow. Do legate* are present from RVhmond, Petersburg, Lynchburg, Balti more, Qiiladelpbta, New Tork, Brooklyn, Chicago, Cln* clor.ati, Toledo, Pittsburg, Kentucky and other places. T?r leant Ion from Philadelphia. An imtnense delegation ef oilbtena of Philadelphia ar rived in thta city to-day to have a free conversation with the msMent* of the national capital, permanent as well as temporary, with a view of convincing them that League Mend is tb* proper place at which'to eetabltsh a naval station for the Unllod State* iron clad*. About t ventjr ef the geaUemen paid a Wit at noon to-day to the Whits Hour* and requested and received an audience with the President. Thodelegation tbat nailed the Presi dent ware piuuforcd by Senator Cow an and Re{***eata tlve Hevnolde, ef Penney Irani*. After an Interview of bulf an boor the party left the White House with rm'.litts ucan. Later In the day a number of the Phila delphia ir* \ tstod the House of Heprepwuentntlves and recc ve4*lntit>ducU<?n? to metal of the members. Reported Pardon af Ba-d-averapr Letch* r- nf Virginia. fbr Lexington (Va) O'iMUr. ststee that on ftttifffsy lat-t ?x-(B>vemor Letcher received by tnail bis pat dob by the I're* ident. The Robbery efGevrrser T.twh. af Nevada. Gemma ? afb Lyon, of Nevada, hsa putlflersd the p?,ive 1o ptvit ? hill which will rsllevt him or tbe har den of toe loss ot $46,(00 >? fid belonging to tho gov ?res ent, wud ef which he Allege* be wen rebbed while aw his way to Washington mom ?e?ka ago. Ho also states he has been unable to obtain any Information which will lead to tha discovery ot the thief. Vrwndwleut Caderralaatlaa of Horebwwdle# l.?tter from Secretary MrCallaeh. thn following letter from the Secretary of the Treasury haa jnat been made public:? Tniim Itirimwi; Jan. 88, l(Mt. 8m:?It haa been represented to the department that in respect te seizures of inerv handiee made at the port of Mew York for alleged fraudulent undervaluation In invoice and eotrv, trie practice extaU of permitting the claimant of the merchandise no aeiaed to oonfaae Judgment in court for a aum agreed upon, and that such turn la accepted in settlement of the alleged fraud. It ia farther represented that tha turn ao agreed opon end accepted ia not dependent upan sn*ap prailament made by the United States epomiaer or upon nu appraiaenient directed by the court. Thii practice. If It exists, la in the opinion of the department contrary to law, and ought to be discontinued. If merchandise be fraudulently undervalued, or if there be reason to believe that it is so undervalued, the course of proceed ug Is clearly pointed out by the general collection law of 11 arch 8. li'.dl, and (hare ia no subsequent law materially Chang-1 ing Urn proceedings. The act of March 3, 1 TVvvesta, under certain circumstances and condition?, a poorer of rutnl.-tkion in the Treasury Dejiartaietit, and the act of March 8, 186S, vests in tha asm* d? part raent. a cases of seizure, where the value of thn merchandise does not exceed $1,000, authority to release the merchandise en payment to the Collector of the value appraised, but it is deemed indispensable that there should 1m eu appraisement in every case of seizure, and that no claim for merchandise seised should be brought to a settlement without appraisoment in one or the other of the modes prescribed by the law. It is not lo ha understood, however, that the mode of proceeding above indicated interferes with that authorized by the tenth section of the act of March 3, 1863. I therefore ? request and direct that in ail casoo of seizure for under valuation the course provided by the laws hereinbefore referred to he pursued. 1 am, very respectfully, H. MoCULLOCH, Secretary of the Treasury. To Ban. H. A. Hurras, Collector, Maw York. Personal. Chevalier- Wikolf, of Mow York, who formed ond of tha party , with G<orga Peabody, now In this qiry, left here lor Mew York ibis evening. Blerstadt, the artist, la here, making arrangements with reference to a paiutlng of a national character for one of the panels of tbo Capitol rotunda. On motion of Mr. ffm. M. Evars, of New York, Major George W. Broom, late of General R. Nation's siafl^ was to-day admitted to practico in the Supreme Court of the Culled Stated Condrnantlwae by the Senate. The Senate, In executive session to-day, confirmed tha following appointments:? Collectors of Internal Revenue?David THtler. Eighth district of Illinois; Ernest M. Bouligny, r'ccona di-trict of Louisiana; Bartow Able, First d'strict of Missouri. Morgan L. Smith, to be Cons tl at Honolulu. Hiland B. Hurlburd. to be Comptroller of the Currency. John Fr eud, to be direct Tag Commissioner for Florida Thomas O'Brien, to he Surveyor ot Customs at Wheel ing. Wont Virginia. Ldward w. Wyukoop, to be Agent of tho Upper Arkansas Indiana Colouel Benjamin W. Brlce, to bo Paymaster General United .Hates Army, with rank of Brigadier GeueraL ?? Alfred Kilgore, to be United States Attorney for the district of Indiana John E. Rosette, to he United States District Attorney for the southern district of Illinois. Francis L. Dalian to be United States Marshal ror the eastern distri t of Mew York. The following to bo Major Generals by brevot:?Brtsra dler'tencral Edgar M. Gregory, for gallant and meritorious conduct at thednutls of Five Forks; Brigadier General Thomas L. Kane, for gallant and meritorious conduct at the bgple of Gettysburg; Goueral Halberd E. Paine, for gallant conduct at the attack at Port Hudson; Brevet Brigadier General Daniel C. McCoilum. The Senate also confirmed a large number of other military appointments for gallant or meritorious ser vices, among tbera tbo following Colonels, to be brigadier generals by brevet:? * William L. Duff, K Brinkornoff, A. 9. McNetb, W. T. King, B. B. M. Young, A. G. Lawrence^ C. H. Potter, Luther Stephenson, Jr.. JoRn J. Glee ion, Joseph Dick inson, John F. Anderson, Hancey Graham, Alexander Von Sehrader, 8. M. Cist, G. P. Thurston, John W. JButke, D. C, Anthony, & Graham.' J. P. Spofford, & B. -Biles, Petec Frit*, Matthew McEwen, R. tf. Beatiey, Thomas P. ?Wrlibt, B. F. Fisher, James Dunlap. Paul Ffhnk, G. A. Cobb am, John Marshall Brown, P. J. Sul livan, Wilson Bantow, John & Wilcox, W. By and WH NMalsUteu Rdteted. ? The Senate rejected the following Dominations:? | Navel officer?JL L. Swift, Boston wad Charlaetoww, frurvsyor of Customs?Wlllism Wsllti, Baltimore, Md. hue fl Warden, of Michigan, to be reg ater or Laud Ofltee ?t East Saginaw. United States District Attorney Moass Kellejr, for the Northern District of Ohio; Charles G. Mauro, for the Eastern district of MUwourt; M. L. Pork ins, for Uie Western district of Tennossee; Andrew T. MoReynolda, for the Western district of Michigan; Ceorgo G Mnoser, for the Northern district of New York; Thomas E. Har den. for the district of Nevada. United States Marshals? Seth B. Moe, for the NorthWn district of Ohio; A M. Walker, for the d strict of loon; Wat Bl Thomas, for the Western district of Mlcbigeu; John Q. Park hurst, for tho Eastern district of Michigan; Samuel Walker, for the district of West Virginia collectors of Internal JUveuoa?H. W. Harrington, Third district of lid ana; Benjamin P. Coaios, Eleventh district or Ohio; Joseph W. rrizell, Fourth district of Ohio; William M. Hamilton, Second district of Missouri; Jobs M Glover, Third distric of Mlaaonri; Thomas T. Uriltcodun, Fifth district of Missouri. collectors of Customs.?Sylvasua B. Phmsey, Barn stable, Mass.; Darius M. Couch, Boston, Mass. Arscsort of Ititorcal He.enue.?William P. WcLla, First district Michigan; John E. Camming*, Fourth District; Thomas E. Cunningham, .Fifth district oiiio; John lMcher, First district fndiaoa; Wlilliam C Wilson, Ei/hth district Indiana; Jam'* W. KMridge, Ninth ul? tret I nil ma; Garland C. Urodliead, F Ui district Mlv ho .rl; Bichard C. Vaugtivn, Sixth district MU-oorl; Wil liam D. IL Hunter, Fourtn district MMrmri; James A. Orosson, Second district Misuari; Abuer A Hods, Fourth .ilstr.ct Tennessee; Augustus W. Brown, Twelfth ?ilntricl Illinois; Abol Longwrrtb, Klxth district IUInos; Isiutc J. Kt'cUum, Tenth dirtrct Illinois; Wil"au IL Chambers, Seventh district Illinois. The Cruise of the Messier Innetster. tlfflcial despatches have hern rocels d at tho Navy Dopartmrnt of a later lato than those publ,*>taod too or three days ago confirming u> a certainty the fact of tho safety of the I ntiod States sir amor Lancaster. The latest report Is dated Kama, N. I'., on 'he 27th January, and her commander iuiorm* the depart cent that ho left Callao on September 31, stopping at Valparaiso knd Rarlvtdcoa. ' He toichsd at the lnrmer place to pro urn cordage and .canvas, and to adjust the steering gear of the seasel. lie stopped at Ha? bade** after a pleasant passage around Capo Horn of { ' juty-uiglH days from Valparaiso, to All up a portion of the ration and to rstrer.h tho mew. sHo left Bartiadaos en the 1st of January, with tblrty-flve days' provisions, for Norfolk, Making the eoandty sufficient lor so short a passage. After moving the island be bad sit days' calm, and encountered off ( ape Hatters* sorer*! heavy galea of wind, which drove her away from her deMlnation, and on tho 33d of January tt eras necessary to boor up for some part to secure provisions; and although her commander Intended Port Royal or acme other I'ouibem port for that pnrpeee. contrary winds caused Mm to Mar up for Nassau, from whence he ootid leave f.o New York with all possible dispaleh. The Nteaner Monomer. Dospotchc* received at the Nary Department an noonoo that the Untied Rtaio* steamer Mosooacy was at tho Capo of Good Hope on Ike ITth Race ruber m ra* to the Asiatlo sqiadron. United Stale* Aepnne Court, la the United Statoa Rnpreme t ourt today tho fol lowing cassa cams up ? Koa M and 250?Cross appeal* in the sate of the prise steamer Wm. Peel. Argument oonciuded. No*. 101 sad 363?Croat appeals in the cane of tho Cm Dashing Wave. Argument commenced, and will concluded on Thursday. Man. t? and 100 will follow. Cewrt of dtrima. In the Court of Claim* to-day tho following oases nuns op:?Norton vs. The United Stale* -com argued; Pariah Volunteer* vs. The United Btatos cao* argued. THIHTT-iniTH C0HGBK88. Onssd rig?Inm. ?XV ATX. WmwisoTos, Feb. % Mt7. tub mmsr-rawARO Amis. Tho Cs?m laid before the Senate a communication from the President iron*milting the letter of Mr. Mo Creckon, which drew IHrth the Hotter correspondence recently puWished, which waa ordered to he printed and re farced te the Committee on Foreign Relations twb oAniKN nrresr>r?Asic cam At. Tho fbum alee laid before the Annate the report of Abo aufvy for an Iniwoceantc tonal through tho Isthmus of Carton, which Wis ordered to bo Md upon the table. fll ITWld Petition* wore presented and referred; among them one for the establishment of a naval dc|iot at washing ;on. and owe lor the cihart r of a aattoual railroad be tween Wnahlngtnn sad Cine onati. tMMs? or war or asbv omrr** Mr. WnMW, (rop | of Maw., from tho Military Comml' too, reported the Mil recently iwtr<?dtie -d by him provij lag for a temporary lecrm-o of pay for army officers, which was ordered to be p'luled. stPHV ft. nans, tin mo-Ion of Mr. T.asb, trap.) of Ind,, tho nt?h? ?es a!on of the liili liucaoi w .a iMtapeit for the eontldera tioa of blil* fkom the Cmnmlttei on Pensi ma. Mr Astbost, frep.) of R I., ftw? the rusting Com mitloo, reported s rseolstnn to prist tes tM.uN.nd copies of 'he Pjiort of J. Roes llrowns on the statistic* or minis :imi m altis, Which ?ds adopted. PilrrRtOr 1 t Trns. Mr. V s an A, (rep.) of Me., Iniodcd s bill to as thoru* Ui? formation of sorporatlons tut msnorsetnrlng, iu>atngsad?htiB oti purposes ia tks Dlstiiot ef UokainbUt Kww< to the Committee o* Ike District of Colombia Also s bill 10 extend the term for the completion of oer teta etreet railroad* in Washington, which wee similarly referred. kaiiaoao M TR.naaamr lom twnoco* mrxioft Mr. Boeo, (reg.) of Kansas, ottered the following roe#, lotion, which wvi agreed to:-. Resolved, That the Prosldsut of the roiled RUtee he la* ?trnted to 'MBMuiictM .0 the Set ate, tf not deemed in oeap-Utbto with the public interest, eoplua of ail eorreajiond enae sot heretofore eotnmuuioated with reference te grouts to Aniertoeu cttiaeus for railroad and nhjeieiili Uuon at man the territory of tue republic of Meawn. rm* trxioa t?rmc mmnjacun Mr. Mbwt, (rep.) ef Kansas, latrodaeed ? bill M emend the act grouting lands to the Bute of Kaaeaa to aid la the construction of the-souther* bmnoh of the Vain* factor Bailmad and telegraph from Koet Riley, Kansas, to Fort Smith, Arkansas, which was referred to the Committee on the Pacific Rail read Itttaa o* senum jodou nr tu laantmRiaa. Mr. Rouan, I rep) ef TV, Introduced a bill fixing the taiarlee af the Judges of the 8uprerue Courts in the V riioriea at $2,M>0 from April t, |MT, which was reihrred to the Judiciary Committee, aounwnat, eowawaeaaaa en <m ream exrnernoe. Mr. Mr****, (rep.) of Maw., from the Committee on Forelea Reletsme, repeated with ameudfieeat# the Mil providing tot the appotnuaeol ef additional oototnls eloaers to the Pari* Exposition, prov idiag reputations for tlio government of tho Bnarc ef CoamleMoDen and making additional appropriation for the expenses attend ing the proper representation ef the United duties at the ?a ma. nziae ru* mil roa <m?wno eKrsiiotmiA nacrroaa. Mn ItccKiU.sw. (dem.)er P?, Introduced a bill fix* log the tiiae for choosing eirotors of President and Vice President of the United States, which provides that hem after such electors shall be appointed on the second Tuesday ef October off the year in which they are to l>e appointed, but eaeii state may by law provide for the fill ing ef any vacancy which may occur. When such col lege-meet* to yi-.e |M electoral vote, and when any St -.te kltilb have an election for the purpose of obeesing eioo twr?, and Khali fail to make a choice oa the day afore eeld, then the sieatoro may he appointed on a snU-requnot flay iu such manner an the law* of the State ahull pro- ' v.oe That whenever the offices of President find Vice President shell hotlf become vacant, the Secretary of Mate, shall lort.hwitb notify the Executive of every Slate, end aJao publish the name in at least one news paper or each Slat* epeotrytag that an election for elector* ahull he bad on the second Tuesday ofOctolier (piloting: provided that two calendar month* eheil Intelvone between the date* of the notinration and tho Mid election; h it if there lie not tho space of two montlie between tbi^uotlfl ration and the'second Tuesday of i tciob-r foiiiNriny, then if the term of the President and Vice Pie- 'cut doea not ?XT>re on the third day of March stico*iwiln/<, then the mid election ahull lie held on the second Tuesday of October of the year following. It waa reteired to the Committee on the Jediclaiy. nouinri ai'cnoN. Mr. Dixon. (rep.) or conn., offered tn* following, which be salt ho Intended a* an amendment to Mr. Wade's peudlny eotietltntional amend mem:? Whereea at th? last -e*nlcui of the Thirty-ninth Congress an amendment to the cou-tttiUum of tho Untied state* was prule . id to I lie Legislature* of tho MTerdl Stairs, wbleh ?aid arcendineut has not yet bsen i-y the Slate* iu which rebellion *g?in*t the Unlo-d Sta: ?? recently prevailed; ami whores* thre I* ren-mi to believe that The following a.nendment to tn# onrctltutlou of the l'nlt?-d -tutes would. If passed tiv I .Ingres*, be rxUl.ed by 'he Legislature* of le'.d ' iid wbero Stairs; and Wherea* tbeid Is also rent-on to believe ihut the Constitution* of the arid mate* will ?oon be amended by too ToluoUry ac tion ot the Legislate. e? and che jmuplo thereof by the adoption of an ert'u'e a* fellow*:?

Auticl* ?. Kvsry male nttlren who he* rritded In this State for one y*ar and in theonnatyla which he offer* to yote six inouibs immedmtc y prec- dlrg the iley of election, and rau read the oomrtuutiou of the Uoiled i-tatca in the KngUah lauauage and write lua name, or wl.o may be the owner of $5M worth e* taxable property, shall be entitled to rote at any election u-r liorernor of lite State, member* o( the I.epislature and all other otlioer* elected b? the p< ople of the Slats: proi ided that no person, or rc mon of this article, shell be etcluded from voting who u** heretofore recc.ved the elective Iraiiohiae under (he eonatltu Ion and the l?w* of the Htatv, o: who. at the time of the adoption of this amend ment, may OS entitled to vote under a dd constitution and laws; Now, therefore. In view of the above oooalderatione and in the confident hope of an early and fraternal restoration of the Union, Resolved, That the following artlole ha proposed to the heginiatnresof the aevrval states as su amendment pi the constitution of the United SU'e?, which, wh-n ratified by three-fourths of the said Ijeginlaturas, shall be Valid at a pail of the said constitution:? AitneL* ?. - -Hxc. 1.?The Union, under the eonstltull m, ?halt tv perpetual. Sec. 1- The liuolie debt of the United States authorised by lew shall ever be held snored and Inviolate, but neither the United state* nor any Slate shall see mac or pey any debt er obligation incurred in aid of insurrection er rebellion againtt tha^nltrd * tit tel. persons born or n*iaraiiaed in the Pa.ted States, and *ub,*ct to the jurisdiction thereof, are oitLcces of lb* United dis c* and-of the statsa in which they reside, and trie arlvfii Uierittien* of eech KUtetbail be entitled to all Ote pr.vheees and iataiunKlec at the ollben* of the eeversi dtatea. No fitite shaU de;inve any peraoa of life, liberty or property w. Hum; dm promts of law, er dear to aay person wttlua iu Jurtsdtctioa the e<)Ual protection of tue iawa. Hue. 4. Representative# (hall be apportioned among Uie se.-eral b'Btes sieinttsi to their re- peeUve au-uberc, oou I Ing tlie whole numhor of person* te eaah (Nate, excluding lodtaas not taxed, fiat when'aay WetaahaN. eh eoeeait a* Intoe or ooloe. or previous condition of servitnde deny the eiereu^^h^^^vWranohls^^^ny^oleWoii^ ohoiae of doctors ler Vreutdcas t tod Tins President ef (he C nlt?d Htate*, Rcpreeaatathre* In Cuagross.msatheva of the Legislature and other offlaers elective by tho people, to any of the male tnhautUn!* of such Htn'e being twenty-one years of ago end citlven* ot the United Bis tea, tfsn the an tire class _>t persons so cucln-wrl from lbs vxerotae of the eiee'ive fran chise shall sot he counted in the ba*l? of representation. Mo State shall r-mu're a properly aBfifflaajjga for tqits more than the bf g'JV) In taxable property, nor as an educa tional quaiv cation more education than enough to read the ei'iiMitutlon ef the United Htetaa la Me Kogllsh lauyuege Mad write au ow? name. THC MIX TV IUH.I LAT* Hi TM?*I 0# OT* Mr. Komo-kdh, ?fwp.>ot Vt. called op the kill to regu letu the tenure of office. The ponding monoa wtu to concur In the amendment auk Ik Uie House to include Oabinet udnUnere Among tbom officers who ma/ sot be removed wllbout the ooonoat of the eenata. Mr. Hows, (ri p.) of Wis., addressed the Sonata n fhvor of tlio Il?uae an DdooDt. Ho contended that nnder tfce constitution officers of the government could not bo removed ?i opt upon Impeachment. In tbo course of hi* remark* iie said the only questions that ought to bo put to a c uidliate for oiBoo were those touching bU ca (?a :lty for the position. Kir. Saut-miRY, (detn.l of Del, asked Mr. Howe If th'iee were tnu only qualification* put by Mr. Lincoln during his admxisirStion. . Mr. Howe sad the* wore not. There was another inaction, and tha* was whether the applicant was loyal to tba flag of his country. (Blight applause In the gai'ory.) Mr. Ham>sj rt asked Mr. Howe If he wished to b? under-toed a? Haying that all the men who wen' turned nu- of oCuce in tbo adha.iag States by Mr. Lincoln were dpdeyaL Mr. Mow a could onlv say In reply that he knew of no lu n who, having v ted against Mr. Linco.n in the fall, add having upheld the Utq, when it was threatened in the spring, ?t;.t turned out of nitlco. Tliere tnhtht have been eu< o in.- .-news, but he could think of none in the aphero of i;Ls arqua ntdace. Mr. Jousi ix, vdeui. I of Md., followed Mr. Howe lu op pos't.nn to the iioiisn a nendmeut, and In odvocacr of ? be right of tho President to appoint and remove his Labi net officers. He predicted Mia. tbo bill, if pained au pro would bo repealed by the Hot Oongrewi after the m il lYeetdentfal election If both Houaea were friendly to the .'iuhUmuiaback Mr. Hoonn (rep.) of "Wis., contendod that from the long practice of (he gdvirumeat, and of the opinions of the founder* of i/ie coL.-tltui.ion, the quest ion wan net tied In favor of 'be right of the Prwhleat to appoint and remove his 1'ih.iH't. If there were auy mikUtkes tn tuo adnhulstraiiou of Mr. I.irco'c. aa of Mr. Jehoaoa, they arose, he ho.'leved, more from a want of barmoay In the Cabinet than fruia anything also, and the name would ha trie of other a UuinMlmlhiua Unites the President had power to appoint and remoro Me f ahinet otter re there ;oiiM bo no harmony hi the administra tion, and the cos oqueucu ssukt be a repetition of mis tabes. Mr. Di ciuutw a poke against the peodlng amendment of the A'ittia. m?.J quoted uuihotHI's 10 sustain his po sit I ID. Mr. .hrriwi..*, (r*p.) of Ohio, while admlttlsg the con etltutioral rght of Mis proponed amsndmsnt, doubted Its propriety. If this amendment was adopted th? President would have to retain In of? tice the cabinet of his predecessor until the Senate corscnt-d to their removal, though they might be politically opposed to him. There were roaanss lor permitting the Pr sideul to change hie Cabinet which did not apply to minor eflcoe. He did not be lieve that say evil could oome from permitting the Pre s'drnt to appoint and romovo his own Cabinet. If ths Senate had no conO'lonoe in tbo meu who ware pro per ?l it eould rejart them promptly; but no potato exigency required snrh a stringent measure aa was pro posed in this amendo.eot. Mr. fart <si'Kv sold If the President had been true to bis real friends he would have remotod some of bis pre sent cabinet long rinoet No President, for thirty years, bad rem?*ed so row of bis enemies as Mr. Johnson had. Dot his (Mr. Hanlsbury'si principal object in rising was to disclaim an end moment of tbo party with Which ho acted n lbs propoetilon submitted by Mr. Dion. The la ti mate relations between that gentleman and the Presi dent might creai" the Impress em that the proposition wan an administration meson re. He hoped no Stale wo "Id degrade Itself by adopting or endorvlng such a pn>po itiou. He oould speak for ths democratic party ot Delaware, and say that ibey scorned such a thing, and he behoved ha eonid say tba asms thing for the dem"rra>io party of tbo country. Mr. Coosa*, (rep.) of Oal.. congratulated tba country upon the announoriant that the senator from Connecti cut had made, and he congratulated the Senator on bis return to bis old fai.h. Mr. throw-Then I may aount on yon to vote for that proposition t Mr. t oswo-*?After It aha!) have heea altered some WbAt Mr. 8iwwa??Vesi very much changed, indeed. Mr Imvia, (dem.) of Ky., toot the floor in oppootlioa to the Huus urutadm, ni, and argued agaiaat It at some length. The vote was then token on the aawndment, via. to strike out Urn exception of Uahlnet o(B< . re Iromtbe ofllc vs who may not bo removed without the advloo and consent of the Sontawv It was disagreed to by a voio of yeee 17, and nays 80, as follows:? Vtas?Moaara. Brown, Chandler. Crew well. Fogg, Powler, HowirJ, Howe. Ixhe Morrill I', mcr -v, i.'rniiar, Rsee. 0'imner, Trumbull, W?<le. WHeoa and Vales 17 Man?M'tars. Xntlioay. Buckalew, Cattail, Coaness, Cowan, flavin, niton, i<oM<titr, Uunsii waeenwsn, Boe'er, Frelinrhuyern, (irtmer, Harris, tleidereon. Hen dricks, Jo iown, It iri ?? loO, M-Dougal, Nesm'th, Not on. Fatter *oa, Poland, 11,1 J la, Ra ililmry, Rnermsn, Stewart a-,d W *liama? 8k aiwim oa nor Vori?o. -Me??ra. ?rag<e, Oalhrle, Morgan, Nre. Bpragut, ran Winkle aad H'lfley. -f. Ho the Banal* refused ta concur la the House amend ?tent, and the *u,J< ? usual go to a coasniHtae or con feren, *. At half pa't ihr o o clock on motioa of Mr 8naa*?v, the liaaala wont Into Lsoaatlvo voesioo, and noon -iter Wards adjourawL , HOUSE 07 AXPBES1HTATIVES W*rwiao.'e.v. Tab f, INT. tqrit. roi rr "it sinrrr* to iu ramosa Mr. Mitixs, (rep.) of fa., proeenled a vo-elntioa adopted la the Prenaylvanla House a* Dei reear.uUve* la favor of a Mil Md oompietf yaetaaiMw tg the gavoek ?Mat, ant equal political right* to all loyal person* Re frred to feint Select Committee oa Bwniitfwctioa. rasoeoa or tms oorrnur niu. Mr. Rat*, (rep.) *r Ohio, from Bm Library Commit tee, reported back tho "malt Ml amendatory of the ?araral aeta respecting copyright*. Countered and paaaad with an unimportant amendment mjrALSMo raa nr op omcia ar nra ama Mr. Moixma, (rep > of a. H., from Mm Oommtttoo oa Accounts, reported a Mil M equalise 5a paw of officers 1.1S*!? ? tQ* Houaa of Repreeen tat i raa, aad to ptobimi the allowance of extra compensation. Ordered to be printed aud reoomn.tti.vd. tn w aaoa or vat r.uiiamr scorn**. ^ Mr Ranwoa, (rep.) oi V. V.. the Sao rotary of war wan requested to communicate tbo report oi tba engineer relative to the wrerk auux off Bin en traaee of New York harbor northeast of Sandy Hook Lighthouse. ? cn aomoAkT uss art want mine tan on*?*. Mr. Hetdkrhow, (rep.) of Oregon, introduced a Joint resolution for tbo Hurvey or the boundary hue between l iaho and Oregon. Referred to tha Committee oa Tar rttorie* im rrWA* arraorwaTion enx, re parted lajt evening from tha Couulttee of Ar Whole, rants up aa the unfinished trialnene, and gave r <a to a lively ?tluoueaion between Mr. Evtasoa and Mr. W|u<'.)ta on (he relative expeneetef managing the Indiana under the War Department and under theInterior Department. The debate *as also participated ta by Mesnrs. Mnynard, BcoOeld, Htudereon, Thayer aad Bromwell. Finally, Mr. Tnavn moved to reeon.nder the vote by which tbo main question ma ordered, ao aa to leave the till open to a motion to recommit. The vote wan reconsidered, and the Houae refused to order the main question, when Mr. Stiio^iilu inured to recommit the bill to the Committee on Appro priations, with instruction* to report It back, excluding all appropriations not neoessary to cany out the treaty stipulations or maintain Indians now la the wusfedy of the Pnlted Status. The motion was agreed to, and the bill woe accordingly recommitted with instructions. mntoPTiv* doc runim. The Smtinnt presented Executive documents aa fol lows:? Message from tha President ta answer to the House resolutions of February % transmitting a report from the Secretary of State as to the States now represented In Congrem, which has ratified the constitutional amend ment proposed by tbo Thirty-ninth Congress. The decre tory reiM>rta that authentic evidence of anch ratification Las been received at his department from the States of Councticut, Tenoeasee, New Jersey, Ohio, Vermont, West 1 Ml ?<?uri; and that n printed copy Virginia, Knn^as and of a Joint, resolution ratifying li bae been received from New Hampshire; the nctues of tbo Governor, President of the donate, Speaker of the House of Representatives ane Secretary of ft ate being all printed. From the Secretary of War, with maps of the barbom oi Pentwater and J'cre Marquette, which was referred to the Committee on Commerce. Also transmitting a re port by the Chief of Engineers, covering General Wil son's report of the survey and Improvement of ths ruplds or the Mississippi river, which was also referred to the Committee on Commerce. from the Secretary of the Interior, with accounts of Indian agents and superintendent*. Referred to tho Committee on Indian Aflhirs. iuM.s Kvroxrr o bt oowHtmnrs. The then procvuded. an tho regular hnstnesa In the morning hour, commcur.log at two o'clock, to the cons.dumtion or report* of committees. The Committee on Military .Mfuirs bolng the first to he called, Mr. sohkhck, fro in that committee, reported bills, A'o , as followr;? In reference to the pnbiloa'ion of a work lllnstratlvw of the inte war; which wa?< Ird on the table. The Route bill to intend the act of July 23,1398. fixing the military peace establishment of the 1 bitted States; also laid on the table. The House bill declaring and fixing the rights of rot untqerri as a part of the army. The bill provides that in Computing the length of service of any officer, in order to determine whai allowances of additional or longevity rations he is entitled to, and fixing the relative ranks of olilcers, there shall he taken Into account the time such off-er net unity served, whether oonUftaoosfy or other wise as a commissioned officer, either In the regular army or volunteer service, since April 19, 1861. The' hill wan explained by Mr. hchenck and then passed. The Hou?e disposed of a huge number of bill* re t from tha Committee oi ported from the committee on Military Affair*. The House bill to extend to general officers and officers I on the retired list the benefit of the additional ration for I ii, ery five years' service wan passed. I ibe House bill to amend tha act establishing the I National Aeylnm for Disabled Volunteer Soldier* so aa I to provide that directors may retain their positions after I being elected mem here of Congress was passed. I The House Joint resolntien dor. at id g to the State of I Hide the building*, sheds, furniture, lumber and other I piouer y of l ump Chase, Ohio, to be nsed in (he erection I of the State Asylum for the Idiotic, ?m passed. I I Urn House joint resolution for the reduction of thw military reservation of Port Riley, and to grant lands for bridge purpoKdh to the 8tate or Kansas, Was passed. Thw Hone* Joint resolution to pay Lieutenant John H. Hamlin, late First I.tcutwiant Seventh Mtohigan cavalry, his pay an Hoeoud I Jen tenant from Inly, M93, to Hnroli, The Housejotnt naototton to extend the jariadlet loo of the Conrt of Claims to the cases of cialm* for qnarter maater's stores and subsistence supplies acioahy fur nished to tho troops nnder Major General Lew Wallaeo's command daring the Mergnn raid Into Indiana and Ohio in tbo summer of 1398, was pa. .*4. The House Joint resolution for the payment of officers and enlisted men attached to General Wilson's brigade who were not actually mastered Into (ho service on nc <oiutofcapture or otherwise, ?? Wan J. The House Mil to pay Oliver Lumfrey, First nontenant First New York cavalry, from March 30, IMS, to Jans 12, ISA"., was passed. Mr. Hmjitasvag, (dem ) of N. J., from the name com* mltteo. m| >r:-d a Mil to amend the act of March 3, 1140, providing for the payment of borers lost In too service, no as to Include horses loot by drowning, he., la trans- j porutlon, which was passed. Mr. Miawi", (rep.) of N. R, from the same commit tee, reported a hill recognizing the organization of < ap tain David Bcatty's company of sooute in Tennessee, aj if they had h"en regularly must trad Into the servino of iha United Suttee. which was parted. Also a bill for the payment or bouriien to the soldier* of the One Hundred and Klgbty sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers, which w*3 placed on the table. Alto a bill to repeal the twelfth section of the act of July 17, 1*62, to define and pay the emolument:* of ocri iln officers of the army, which vraa passed. AI?o a Joint rotoiavlon entberixins the beerntary of War to adju. t ibe claim of D. Randolph Muriin, awilgnee o. the ?Vasbio.'ton, Oeorgotown and Alexandria Rai?way Company, for the as* and occupa tion of the road bv the United 8iafos from January, 1H?i2, till August. 1861. which was pasted. Mr. Angina, (dam.) of Pa., from the tame committee, reported a amoudauirv >f the llountv act or July 28, 1206, ao as to allow soldi ore who hovu lost tholr ills, chargnu to malce proof of s tvIco, Ac., to the Second Auditor's Bureau, which was pissed Also a Mil au thorising the purchase lrom the San Francisco Sort ty of ground adjoining the Alleghany Arsenal at Pittsburg, Pa., with a spring tber on. at the cod of $.'i,800, which was passed. Also a bill to pay to the soldiers and n-m t'ommissioned officers of the Twenty-first New York cavalry travelling expenses to the amount ot $260 each lrom t'olorado Territory, whore they were mastered out of service, to the place of enlistment. Passed. Mr. Slains, (rap.) of Me., from the same committee, reported a joint reaolution to Increase the pay of clerlu at Springfield Armory from $800 to $1,200 per annum, lumi Mr. Dsnien, (rep ) of Conn., from the mmeoomtalttsn, reported a Joint reaolution to refund $966 to Charles B. Wilder, late Captain nod Assistant Quartermaster. Famed. . Mr. Rowssir, (rep.) of Ky., from the mm# commit tee, reported a Mil to pay to Walter Whitaker nay and allowanci-s an Colonel of tbn Sixth Rentnoky volunteer infantry from September, 1861, to January, 1862. Mr. Donm.LT, (rep.) of Minn., Introduced a bill al lowing transportation and bounty to soldiers who wars li.scharged tor the purpose of accepting civil service under the government. Bet erred to the Commutes on Military Attars. ? arms ran am mstmAnrn oowfajtv. On motion of Mr Allison, (rep) of lown, the Senate nils ii bill for the relief of the Mercantile Insurance Company, of New York, wan taken from tbo Speaker's table nun referred to the Committee on Claims. thz Minx sal nmovnona or m oomrmv. On motion of Mr. Hmav, (rep) of Cat., the Commi'.tee on Printing wan instructed-to inquire Into the propriety of printing ten thousand additional copies of the report of J. Hoes Brown# on Urn mineral resources ot the country. rATMttsv To aTAian ran moors rtmmanim to tun *nnv. Mr. Rt.Aisa gave notice that hn would at the earliest opportunity call tin tha House hill to pay the loyal Piste* for troops furnished to the army of the United A mrwpon nom. Mr. IxamaoLi, (rapt of III., Introduced a Mil to atornd an art establishing the Newsboys' Home of the rusirtrt of rniambta. it wan referred to the District t ommlttee. ma cottar or a. Aim On motion of Mr. I He as n, (rep) of Ohio, the Senate amendments to the Rones Idll dartartag the an dm of the act restricting the Jartedictwn of the Court of Claim* and provldlog for toe |?ymial of certain demands for quartermasters* stores. An., ware token from the Speak er ? table and concurred in. rea nv. ma or ran cunti or tbs noma. On motion of Mr. Woaos, (rep.) of Iowa, tbn Ho ante amendment to too Moms Mil regulating tbn duties nf the Clerk of the House of RnweseutotWiw In preparing for the organization of the House wan taken from tbs fipeaker's table and concurred la. silt, to namrnatm van mm. axnviui or run arm irrATaa Tit* Honse then proceeded to the consideration of the bill reports t by Mr. Joneses fr .m the lolnt as loot Ooae mitiee on Retroochment, to ragalato the civil aacvtou of th# l, tilled States sod ptotnnV- tit" efficiency linrwt, . Mr. Hchenck, wlio was entitled to too Door, Yielded tea minutes to Mr. Hubbard, of Onn . wbo apofc* in r ppurt of the bill. He alter ward* yielded a portion of the Ume to . _ (Mr. Wooonainoa, (rep) of Vt., w!h> "pp >"*d tb* hill as on* thai t.ould have no practical etll'ty ,B trwjero* mg any deprtrtmeat of the g*> . eminent. Hucti legislation, he thought, would he. m H sivvnyi had beep a failure. He objected id the bill as anti-deumerMic. Itiaulit do - la l.eigiuin, France, Prurtsia or Ktiglsnd, *"prB men wete mere martens i, but it would tie' er work in free America. He draw a lod.crea* picture of ..nrr mtmloners Ira* el hag about tbe country and o|einin.( Mltoela to ??? am ae candidates for office. ... Mr. Jwu am, (rsp.) of P. I., took ihe J er and mi'wered ail the ?bj.-rtlnn? msdu ?>* Mr. xlhndgv. Mr. Milmr aubiaitted WMffie remarks in auppon of be an in or*. Mt. $? wren, (rrp.) of Oh I'), roomed the fioor and orpled the reinstate *f hie lltue in rebutting th" ar gun ?nt trade bv Mr. Woodbrldgn aid la udrucenag the pnnsags of the bill. Mr. McRsn, (i "p.) of Ry., moved an amendment to the teatn -eeti >n. so as to rar.Cer laaltgioie t<> oiti e th< *e who havn vVunieri./ aided or cncotiragod anv irsurrretkin or rebellion against ihe governmeut of Iha United Sia'cs. Mr. R oatisir, (ikm) or WU, nailed (or theyoM and Hgt on Hits amendment. fh? J*M and nan war* ordered Mr. Jbmckm appealed la Mr. McKs* to witbdmw th# amendment, Mating thai the matter wan already un* a idad lor. Mr. McMn doellned to withdraw It Mr. Brawn, (rap.) of i'a., mo red to lay the bin a* The eota wae taken bj jraaa and nays aud re?n>;>ed 1ft KB/ dhanged hie rota to aye, so a* to ham th. rigut to mora to iwanaider the rote laying tue bit. ?o Ute table, which motion he thereupon made. The folia* tug is the rote la detail T?o- <lrui? Anemia, Raker. Barker. Barter, Real"*" BUioe, Blow. huckiand, Campbell, Clarke of Ki.u-.?s. <;>?' t> Cook, Dawtos. IWroee, Delano. Detuaon, hwji.euji Kld-'.ilee, Baron bar. Ferry, PltS-k, Olosabreuuor, Goodyear. Orliit Ml. Darling of Ky . Harding of 111. Har. tins, ll?i deiaou, Hill, Hlse Hubhollof N. T.. Unhl dl of Ohio In frivol 1 Jene.k M. Ku.toti, Keito, Kerr, Kctcbam. h'uvkea 3*11, flawrrnoe of L-iwronoe of Ohio, La HI >.id. Loan. Le-tgyear, Marshall V.sivlu, MtfCluig, MeK-j, Maoris Newell, Klblaek, OrlB, i'erham Price, Bedford, Ril'er, raw *?r, hconeld. bbai.altn. ale one. Mukos, Taber, iriinbla. Upson, Van Aernatu, V*u Horu of Mo., Ward of Jf., Ward at S. V.. Wlbtcn of lows, Wludoiu. W.adeldund Woodt rhire--<i Wat^-Heesn. Alley. Am.*, Antcrson. Ashley of Oblo.BalC wta. Bonks. rtoyer, Hidanlt, Bingham, Bran-tapes, B Broom.U. lluudy. Cooper. Colljin, Darling. D iwes, Dora l-,g. Dli >a. Dodge, Donnelly, Knitter, hliot, Orliwoid, Hay*, lilgoy, Hotnbkii*. Hut<banl lof W Vs.. Hubbard of Conn tlulbuid, Humphrey, Hunter. Julan. Kelley I.ailin, Leu Mich. Mars ton, MiKuer. Miller, Myane N icholxon. Noe'l. O'.Talll, Paine, Patlefaou, Plants Kendall of Pi., flaudaii ot K/? Raymrnd, Itoliine, Rosa, Schenck, Shellab.irve" Starr. Taylor oT N. Y., Thayer, Thornton, Trowbrht:*, Tar Horn of N. V., ', Wuahh iru of Afaia., Welker, Heal worth, Williams and Wright--48. Mr Jrxt try withdraw th# motion to reconsider. an ae to allow other bustneaff to be true*acted, and the breaker, therefore, reooguUrd Mr. Stereo* Mr.;i?ib then mo ved to reconsider the solo Ig; lug tho CitII fiorvlee oil I on the table. The Hviakck Htat .d that the motion would be enters*, but that the gentleman from Pennsylvania (Mr. Sievaug. buying been recognised before Mr. Eldri&e he t*? on titled to the floor. uacomnucnuom Mr. Snran, theo, from tho joint cotnmliteo on ?tructlon, ruporteil a bill to providn for the more efiicon' government of the Insimv-tlonery Mates. Mr. Ln Blopd, idem ) of Ohio, inquired whether it wne the intention or Mr. Slevoiut to put the bill on its pn niqp to-day. Mr. r*nt rave replied that if there were nay objections 9 11* the bill?(laughter;?he would not preeB U to n vote I % !r. Lb Bnovo Intimate J that there would, probably, ffh objection to It. (Inughter.) The bill wan rend in detail, and la as follows:? A bill to raorion von tub nuns arnoinirr ooTsairwnwr or thb iHSUKur.irrionAar statss. Wheroak the pretended htate eoverntnin la of the late a* ealleo Ooefuderate S la lea of \ irgiuiA, North Carolina. South Carolina, Georgia, Musuoilppi, Ailabiviiw, Louialuna, Florida, Tctaa aqd Arkanaaa were aet up without the uulhorUy of C. ngre.d and wlihoul lite aauctlouof the people; uud wiMW aa the ?o-pre tended yovernmenta afford no prou-rtloa for life or profieriy.iaud oounteuaocu and enoourage lawle* o?aa?ir' ethne: una whereas It Is uecesenry that peace and good onla: should be enforced In the totalled Htitlee until lojal and re publican Stale governments enn be loyally established; Therefore, belt enacted by the oon tld mil i louse of "tsp resentalires of the Cnltod Slalnt of Amenoi, In C jog'eaa assembled. Tbuttihe ao esUed States:shail bo divided lalo tcilltarr districts and rnadc subisct to ttuv military authority of the United States at hereinafter oreae. lbed; and for thai purpwrtu Vlrgiota shall constitute the Ftrat district; North Carolina end South Carolina the second district; ueorgla, .VlabAina and Kloi-ida the l'hird district; ilrtmasippi and er kansaa the Fourth district, aud Louisiana and Texas the Fifth district. stcc. A And he It further enacted, That it shall be tbe'duir of the General of the aruiy to amhgn to the commaud of esc* ?' said dlitrtcu an olhccr of tlic regular army not below th* rank of brigadier geneial. and te detail a aullic.cnl inillusry iorce to enable such oSlr-r to perrorm his duties and en district to which he m assigned. fores his authority in the < Ssc. 3. And be It further enuoted, il shall be tbe duty ef each officer' assigned as aforesaid to protect all perrons In their rights of person and property, to suppress luiurreo tlon, dlsot ,'er aud violence, and t j punia:t, or cause u> be punished, all disturber* of the poblM petoe and criminals; aud to this end he may allow civil tribunals to l ike jurisdic tion of and to try offender*, or when lu his Ltd$n? nil it may be uecruary for the trial of oil em tern, he snail have power to organizc military commissions or iriuunaU to that pur Rise, anything in the constitution and laws of the so.--.llod Ales to the oootrarr notwithstanding; and alt Legislative sod judicial proceedings or pro-iesses to prevent or control tho proceedings o' rahl tnllt'ary tribunals, and all inter fere use by said pretended btate governments with tbe oier else of military auihority ander this net, shall be void and of no effect. snc. A And be It further enacted, That courts and Judicial officers of the Tolled Stctee shell not Issue writs of habeas enrpu* In bahr.lf of persona in military amtody unless suns* oommlssloiier or officer ou duty in the 4strict wherein the person Is detained shall endorse upon sabl peHttun a state menteerUfytng upon honor, that he has knowledge er in formation as t.. the cause and o'.roumslancce ol the allege* detention, and that he believes the same to be wrongful, and fuiAlior. that Ua believes that tbe eadnreed petition is pre- , ferred la good faltK and in furtlierauce of Justice: and, not to hinder or dehvy the pnniabment of ertme, all peraona nut MndecmiHtao arrest ojr virtue or tats out shall he trie* itttMoul-unnecessary delay, and uo cruel aw onus oat punish. mAAt ihail be lnbtcted. i .* Jtac. h. And be it further eneoted. That ne sentosx-e of any ilm army shall not be affeeud by thin aet, eaoept to an Tarn* Urty ocnltlct with IU provisions. Tbe bill having boon rend Mr. Srvevs Inquired of th* Speaker what would oe the effect of the House adjourn, log now. The SwsAks* replied that If the Horn* adjonmed now tho hill J tint reported would be tue tnt thing in order to-morrow. After tbe rending of the journal It would conunuo.before the House until dlggosed or. Tho bill was rend twice and ordered to be printed KH. ITny iw Yorg, & It WAs Mr. MrmtuiJi, (rap.) of Ohio, aekod Mr. Mtevens to allow him to oabnitt an amendment to the preamble and an aaaendroeat to tho fourth aoot loa. Mr. STavnsa, not yielding fur pnrpoee, moved to recommit tho bill em ae to keep.cornroi or it. Mr. La Mb) aired of Mr. Stevens whether he in tended to put the bill on Ita passage eooii. Mr. Sravass intimated that ha thought he wonM aalr fbr a rote on it to-rnorrow. Mr. La Ui/iko?Without pcnnimng ?uy debate on H T Mr. Hrrrrsrs Intimated that the columns of the O-'obt showed thorn had been a long debate on H alremty. Mr. La Hud id asked whether it amp right or proper to pot.aiioh an Important bill on Hh paasa.e wdboot ?ven half an boor's debate upon It?a bill e*labium in* imlliery Jnriartlcilon over ell tbe .Southern .Metes. Mr. ^ravsm remarked that he would allow the gen tleman (Mi. La H'ond) half an boar (or debet*. Mr. l.o Blond Hold be did not oak It for himself, but If he bad tbe power ho would demand It ae a rigbt on iielialf of the American poople. Mr .Hruvsna augoeeted that ha wouM hold the matter in corsideratlon till to morrow, and If he Urn thought that the Amir ran people wished a prulonwion of the iieitate he would ac< ode to that. la tho mceutimo lb* Hnnao rutin ae well idlo'irn. Mr. I.r Bt'TN o declared for ilia Amorlran people flbr.. th*v did want to bo governed by tho constitution am? the laws, and aot bv a oulnnry despotism. a* mr. huai.itt <*iwt?.v?a On motion of Mr. Dai/so tho proceed In/* In Sir i d irt of Claim* in ibe caso of David h. I'ai.eran.lJ Mat'.bews, in which there was au Informality in a naia were Icgatlxcd. rrrrn.ise. Mr. Raywwd presentod the petition of George H. ward and others, gsurer* of 'ho ouetoina la Nei praying for an tnereare of their compensation, referred to tbe Committee on A impropriations. Mr. Van Ho as, (rop.) of S. Y , presented the petltidh ef ststy-ctttoene of the u>wn of Alabama, (leasees con*, tr, N. Y , asking tbe peonage of the p orting tanfT or wool. Tbe Bona* at twenty ml an tea la Ivn aVWct adjourned. ? ARB ?_KW TOR*. In ni/abith Street -A Mai Raw Ova* n??r Milled by a Steam Fire Gnglnr. Tbe alarm of lire laat night about ton o'elocb origin ated from < 117 Elizabeth street, a German boarding house, kept by I/rale FarchtniebL Tbe Ore was caused by Mm Vuicbtnicbt acctdently upsetting a kerw/.< oil lamp. The damage to tbe famltere will be *boa? $400; injured for $1,000 In tbe Rutgera Insurance Company. Tbe building la owned by L. 0. 8. Brook a, It Hi damaged about $800; ineared fbr $1,800 In lh? Htuyveaant Insurance Company. An steam tire engine No. 2ft was palling ap to lake a hydrant at tho corner of Bowery and Greed "treat, a man ran in front of tbe Imnre and waa koeek< d down and run over. The driver of the engine, George W. Evaea, immediately reported tbe drcumetenco to Ibe police. On picking up tbe body of tbo men Mf#_ was found extinct. The remains were taken to tbe Four teenth precinct iiet'oo bo we by onler of Captain Oar land and tbe coroner not Hied. The name of the amor Innate man M William Harraber; be workert at Clark'a photograph gallery, m Uroedway, sad resided at 18T K'.irabcth street Me waa about tweaty-ali yearn of age. and unmarried. The driver <* tbe engine waa detained at the station house to await the antloa of Ibe Coroner. In Dunne street. list w*c* e)e; en and twelve o'clock Tail night a fire wa discovered on the third floor of 108 Dunne street In the mar port, In tba premises of Mien field A Brother, manufacturers of fuepeudfrs. The flames eaten awl Ititn tbe office of A. Koerper, dealer in auoUon gnoda, in front, anda'w hurr.ed through the floor Into tbe drv g.Khi* store o" phoonmaker A Hogan on tbe second fl >or. when the flremen auocoedod In extinguishing the fl u. The damage of Bhenlcld A tirother may be eel! mat id at $2,300, and that of Mr. Koerper a^ $1,000, both so;.posed to ba fully covered by Insurance. The diimaim tothe rtielc of Pcboonmaker A Hegsn will he about $G,(WO. Tbe .nsurancA petrol witch won at the nr-imbi)" (|Ulfe eaHr an<l hid tlie goods covered over be.'.if? at v water- was put on but tho itro burnt suddenly tur-'U.;h (be noi'riu* |snd two of their Urpnuline w re buried. The 'tret floor U occupied or iatob Mniler, degh-r in olniue, -.hose lore will not earned 81,000. All the gem!i er" well flavored over. Mayer Bro.hef, dealer in ladies' beds, .dan on the -eeoad b<? to? flin-il der.Si'e loathe oaP-nt of i-W b'e" got botwewn tlew studding dlWdlng No. 102 from Ni luu mil in "X'lnguMiing me laiuoi me stock ef eoeMju An . own<> i by A. Ja-xterwn A w end mutt n-ry rood* of Lr- y A Oj.per, on lAe ser-oad floor, awl Datid Haiw A Boo. aoct si ?<??*, oo tho tM11'* ll<>or. were slightly ilsn'jged Insured. ""?'I bulldieg" tie I Zr T ... . .a.i i in iiiieu I Icnr totlr Kl'rp oMAie. Tacv *re'isip igerl ?o tlieea em of niout gl.trt-o, ami are laaurod Tne cauv efjt ??> Ore it at prr vnt lutkaeeo. An'ieirt Fie Mmsbal R baker was early .U the pi-mure*, uid M eaamtoln* ? e.Jy Into tbn matirr. the twdioe ef the FlfMi ye Cintt diaewv -rr.l am?lre 'w somi nm ? beforo U. i aim m w?s given, hat ^ruid not at ilfki aecrruin frou? which In.II Hi g !* yureeJed RAfcW OlSalTEi, rniu> nritri, Feb. fl, 1W7 The slcimer i sasandra. 'Mm Now Oihsna lor New rk with a ?nr?f?of cntim, is iwlvu-e on UrUranium oat's and If .eporied bilged and biuken in tw$