Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 8, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 8, 1867 Page 2
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glTt; Vnow WAVTKP-rK^AI.K?._ A situation wanted?by a kfsi'k<tablb young girl. >? a g.xnl ?.u,.k, exec Vol waaher and 'roeer; bM two veal*' reference from her last pla<e. Call *1 46 York ?L. J entry City. AOOOI) GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A RF. speruble tnmilT as chambermaid and waitress; U it years of age; can give but cay reference. Apply for twe days at 131 K.i?t IWih at. . __ AKVMKFR I'K WKI.I. KKCOMMKNUKD GERM AN girla want ailuatioua at Bra. Lows'. German lnaui .tr, 17 Stanton it , nrar Bowery. ASITI ATtON WAN'TKD?BY A RESPEOTABLR WO man faa hamberroaid In a amall family, good cut references. Call for taro daya At 261 lat at., between 17th and 18ib ate., over drug atore. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO lTP auira work and waiting, or plain ?ewlng; good refer ence. Call at 78 NYeat 16th at., between 6thand 7thare, Aral floor, front. API K.ST CLASS DRESSMAKER WOL'LD LIKE A ?mixtion aa forewoman In an eatabliahment either tn New York or auy other city where a liberal aalary will be paid; ta thoroughly competent to take tbe entire charge ('an furniah tue beat of referenoe In ihia city and Boa ton. Addreaa Mr*. 8.. Boaton (Mass.) Poet office. AYOCNO GERMAN QIRL, AGED 16, DESIRES A situation to attend to children or to de light houaework. Call at 0 Forayth at., rear, raotn No. A A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. IN I a private familT. aa eeamatreae, by the day or week. [ uoderatamla ell klnda'of family aewlng. Call At 667 3d av. between 39th and dOlb eta., aeoond floor, back room. A COLORED SEAMSTRESS WANTS A BITUATI^j ?on'* on VTlinon'i machine. Good reference. GJ<11 IX West 3'i.l ot.. orer the grocery etore. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WISH* iret nitre* a baby at her own houae. Call at ww 40th ?t, aacond floor. ?a?_ A YOUNG FRENCH LADY, SPEAKINO ?'* ,???: man and Spanlxh language., wtahea to get.h?V?mii^ cliambarinatd. No objection to travelling * family. lHBIeecker st. A GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS*?.*?"J chambermaid, the family giving ??*! and competout; boat city reference. days at 379 7th ?r., bet w en 33d and 34th ste. ______ ISMaSSK a short diHtance tn the country. C at., between 9th and 10th ava. two YOUNG LADY DF^T situation as sales ladV In aLfi?S %J!Iln?r' ?toP#- Addrei- for day* Mix M., auuon > Pring at. A young mahrifc'?*an- who has lost iier own child wu? ?ilu?tion a. wet nurse In a re spectable family, tv or Kdllru" for three days 868 3d at., corner Biat'at. A LADY WOU'- ''rKE THE POSITION OF HOUSE koctvr nr a *nf **i. c?" for two daya at the ladlaa' Dxlnr F^n -h. 'ady of room No 5. Akkm>7-ABLB GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITU, atlon.i t a h?u*ewi>rk in a small private family il , w"^ln8 ?"d Ironing and it willing to k" iaeLim U L APP'y?? or addreaa ld? 1*1 H.sf*rn? tit, between l#?t hu and av. A. oi11 ation Wanted by a respegtarlf .-?berin"?twomau* ** wel nur?k. Inquire of Mra Bourke, A YOUNG WIDOW LADY WOULD LIKE A 8ITUA n housekeeper in a widower's family or hotel amall children no objection, can lake the enure charge' wi*T.*n re<lulrwL APR'y ?t ** 11 road A SITUATION WANTED?AS RIDING MASTER OR "!rr h * !!'*<" who 'e?r,led to ride in the English limiting Held, baa had aeveral yeara' experience in breaklug boreos in the wet of Texas. Addreaa |L M., Herald office A YOUNG WOMAN WI8HBS a SITUATION TO DO iSSfi ?Jh7a.""j ia; !L"7?A'V,"> ? ARESl'KCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation iin a amall private family 10 do general houae woik, la a good waaher and Ironer and plain cook can have ery^itoryac? room. " 411 W"'?" ? ^ ARESl'KCTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation in a amall private family aa cook; lately given v7eatex7?lh at wUh?ut *"* incumbrance, (jail at 137 A NUMBER OF WET NURSES, WITH REFERENCES uear Bowery1"*1'01"' *l Mur?e?' Institute, No. 6 6th at.', A SITUATION WANTKD?AS SEAMSTRESS BY A sLion WhMier 4 wu?'' A young^voman mfStXES to assist with Washing and ironing and nuke lieraelf gene' rally naef 11I. or would do oeneralhouaework In a .mall fam ily; beat city refer* nee. C.U at 10 Kaat Hid ekb.LwXfn Lexington and 3d ava. ' lH"w?eu A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RF.SPECTABLB WO " fjud plain oook, waaher and lronor; ia a good 100,1 c,lynrfareBc' ?"?? ^ A ??8?ECTfBL? TOO*0 WOMAN WISHES A ftx situation ak cock, and to asaial with the washing and ?r ^ wash and iron, in a rciapocuble private '{? J?m liTtd uc oot in England; good city re&renoe from W place. Call at lti KxHith .L.'ln the rL^ "o7S?l A bespectablb englishwoman wants a an ^ .?s." A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WIeHES A HITUA ,0T w ,k wl,h ? Wheeler A Wdaon nu SttrTwriSSd!4" onor.ddrex.tan, time AUSPiJi0? WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO ?4n' neilr.t olau nook, under.l.nds cooking m all ita oraorbe., ia a good baker of br* .d and pxtrv hSat eS mi? reference. Call at W West BNIi at. P '' **?' 01 #,t' A*05?LG, WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A private family x chambermaid and wnitreas- la will. ,.%7n'lwUiWMhlnf ?n<' ,ro,ung; or na chambermaid "n be Jw?*x dn IX" cUiL:eferenS from her lul piece. US ? *iwe'u vth "4 aHk Atouno girl wants A SITUATION TO no Jt WeaTwUhliu nd ?ood city reierenoe. Call w,tt Wxhlngton place. In the rex. tor two days. A KSfi'ff-bJ"0 "?A" GERMAN AND eC'i A m"mAJ^k,Ww^T^7?* a^?2Ublew?. work in n amall priratef^mi.m!!'.?'f ,.do hoix Apply at ?M 7th a*., hotwl^'k^.1,0.^, A L?waU<^?NhxLHohJ?iVo!rtL:,,1ESl A, SITUATION work, goodclt, relerenoea.' CgU?mwjfit* Jf, ?$? A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST claaa laundreaa In n private famliy; ?nder*and? her bneineaa thoroughly, can do French fluting; has excellent oily reference. Can be aeon al 'AM Kaal Sikl at., seat 3d av. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT a RESPhOTABLK jgAR lied woman, aa wet nurse, baa a baby tare win. old Can be aeen at 38 Baal Uth at. ABITl' ATION WANTBD-HY A ltESPEUTABLB GIRL, aa ft ret claaa la undreta: undei Aland* how to do French fluting thoroughly, haa ? >od city reference from iaal place Can be eeen unUi suited at 112 Weal l?a ai. Inquire In the etore. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tion aa chambermaid and laundrcaa who thoroughly uuderatanda waahlng. Ironing and lluuug; cau gire tbe best city reference. Can be aeen at 3b 7ib ae. OOOD MEAT AND PASTRY COOK WANTS A SITU allou, would do HIM waaiung. would go to the rutin ; excel.cut referenoea. Can b- aeen lot- two daye at 101 4ih at., near id atr? aecoud floor, room No. i. g A RESPECTABLE WIDOW l,AI?Y WOULD LIKE TO al akr In amall fatnily'a waahing. or go out by the day. lag illy at Nil Weal IMh at.. In tue rrar. AR'-XPKCTABLB YOUNG OIRL WISHES A HITUA tloftto do general housework, or would bare noobjec tion to do i,ai,iber work and aaaiat in waahlng Can glee good city rAyrgncaa. Cau be aeen for iw? days, at 8A> id ar RRSP^TABLE UBHMtN WOMAN ^ITH A freab breaj ?f nillk. dealrea n altuatiou aa wet nurae. Can glee the h^| reference* Inquire of Mr. Schwarx, >13 Canal etreel. ANTED?AS COMPETENT COOK IN would aaaiat with a little waabmg If bakar. Haa tbe boat referencea. tne fancy alore, for two daya. AS WET N' K.-iE.-a SITUATION WANTED. BT A young wlfaiw. Agply for twe day* at 233 Eaal 10th *L A young oiEc wants a bituatioii to do light ebatnberw?rg ^?j waiting .or waiting alone, the ?f City lufwwma. Can be aeon for two daf at 24*t* uM' tOtcl It. * A All families wabtirq capable servants. Oermtn g rle. Ac., iiumiSiately. At Large FmjUojioeul Institute lug dtb ae., below >ik?i. AM GERMAN DRESSMAKER WHO UNDERSTANDS her auamaea perfectly, wouM Ilk* employment to go ~WT wwlngby the day App\e at 117 Keel Mb at A w Ji ?,RL wishes A SIMaTION AS CHAM H.i"1 waltreaa. ce? aaa.stln me waahlng and Tiber T ^'all at ML Weat 16th at, naar A aeltura5?nl,|BB?I^5*e BCOTCH WhMAN WISHES keeper, capable ef taking charge ut a baVhHoa' ^l J?."!! or'a eatabllalitnent. or where ihr ia,l? I. nni .i k. widow land, can be highly ??., between WtVervd tv.h at*., ftnr, *"re ,e#* e? ?7l flth A respectable girl Wants a siTUATm. .. . good ??>k and good baker; would aaaiat with tl? A If required, goodcliy refer, aea. i ,u ? Mj w Ml ,^hing A SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMxrn i a. alto lor general hoo,.wo.k"f , l,lPf,m\n good oily refereuce. Cad at 411 id ev.. ua*r blth at , A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION n plain cook: la a good wa?her and Irener an lie won. a .d obliging, beate.ty reference. Call * p^nceT 'mi1 i ar Bowory. * AYOUNU GERMAN GIRE WHO HPEAKsTTirTTi English dealrea a etiiattnn aa chambermaid and v -eat, wagea not ?o nsicto an object aa a I Call at 71 Por.yth . basement. wrn.t.1* YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS uundreM: good oltr reference Can be aeea I or iwt fla.a l.Mi b till Ita'dock, at her employer'*. IS Meet nth \ RESPECTABLE TOUNl GIRL WANTS A SITUA J i Hon to do dhamberwork and waiting; would do plain to., nr and take can b( (b.l?ttu Can be aeea at 121 V eat 21 u meat A SITCATIOWS WAlfTKP?>MMAlaKB? ^ SITUATION A8 HKAMMTKKW VAMTKD?Bf A re*i>ctal'> ' >uag woman; can da alt kind* of family hewing ' It Hid til 'or ehjldren aud tkoroug lily understands attcoiiiiected with irnniuiug ladies' dresses 4c.; would go out hv tin* d iT <>r ^ *ul hl* h<-r own sewing machine; would lake lita'it sewing at tirr own hou<w; beat reference given Call at 1? East Slat at., between 3d and Lekingtuu in , over the drug store. __ 4 YOUNG llIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO TAKE Jx car--of a young baby: good references given. Call at Lit Wa?t 19th at., between hih and 7th ??a. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO OISL DESIRES A SITUA ,'\ tion to do chamberwork and taka cure of children. Call at ber present employer'a. 165 Weal 40th at. A PROTESTANT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS cook and to aaalat at washing tn a private family, either for otty or oountry; wages no object, only a comfortable borne. Good reference. CaU at lNKaet ITU at. A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER WISHES TO OO out by the day or m*'k. Oatt at SSI 6th atr., between XQth and ztai A RESPECTABLE OIBL WISHES A SITUATION TO eoe* and to aaalat with waahlng and Ironlug; i* an ex cellent inker; good reference# glren. Call at M West 33d aU 4 ?tfc8PE(TTABI.K OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS P chambermaid and to do waahlng and Ironing. Call at <B Weat 35th at . between 8th and 9th sva. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOY* ment to go out by the week or month; underatanda all klnda of family aewlng; drat olaaa otty references Addreaa or call at 140 Weal 33d at A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FAITHFUL AND J\ vtgllaiu man, aa police watchman, or aa aexton of any Evangelical church?Baptist preferred; beat of reference# to police captain# and distinguished etUaens; terms mod erate. Addreaa P., station D. Monthly nurse?wanted, by an bxpbri enced lady, a few more engagements; bast of cMy re fere urea; would attend en invalid. Addreaa Mrs. Dickson, 115 Allen at., near Delaneey. BS. CAS8IDY, LADIES' SICK NUBBE, NO. 4T> Third avenue. M Misses walker?'washing and ironing done, and Fluting, on reasonable terms. 91 West 30th at, second floor. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO FKIEND8. WHO would like to go togetner; one as good oook, washer and ironer, the other aa nurse and to do plalu sewing. Good re ference can be given. Cell for two days at 99 West 19th at, frout basement SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO GIRLS, ONE TO oook, wash and Iron; the other, 15 year# of age. would like a place In the name family; good city reference. Call at 434 9Uiav. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, aa seamstress: can do nil kinds of sewing for a lam ily; no objection to do light chamberwork and take care of children. good city referenco. Call at 893 3d av., in the fancy store, lor two days. SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT WOMAN, to do general housework in a small private family. Good city reference. Call at 101 Weat 19th at, between 7th and St ti iv a SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG OIRL8; O one to rook, wash and iron; the other aa chambermaid and waitress In a private family; ean give the beat of ctty reference from last place. Can bo seen at 91 West 19th St., tip stairs. SITUATION WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, AS good cook, washer and ironer; ia a good bread nnd bia cult maker; good reference. Call for two days at 134 Weat 38th at., top floor, front room, between 7th and 8th avs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, aa plain cook; an excellent waaherand Ironer: good baker or bread and biscuit; has a little girl ten years old; would like to have her with her in the family; good oity re ference. Call at 55 Orchard at, between Grand and Hester its., room 18. SITUATION WANTED?AS COOK, WASHER AND Ironer, er to do general housework; good city refer ence. Call at 19 East 18th at, between Broadway and 5th av. TWO YOUNO WIDOWS WISH THE WASHING OF A few gentlemen or families, steamboats or hotels, by the piece, doxen or month, at their own bouse; can do up clothes in first rate order. Call on Mrs. Willsrd, 138 Wooster at, second floor. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMEN WI8H SITUA tinns; one to do plain oooktnc, washing and Ironing, or io geoeral housework in a small family; the other to do thamherwork and waiting; both can be well recommended. 3all at 101 Weat 30th at., in the basement. rWO ENGLISH PROTESTANT OIRLS WANT SITUA tions?One as oook, washer aud Ironer; the other as :hambermaid and waitress; good olty reference. Call at 165 Weat 84th at., between 94h and 10th avs. YI7ANTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITUA It Uon aa-conk and to aaalat with tb* washing, oras laund ress in n boarding house; good references ran be given. Can he aeen for two daya at 494 Eaat 13th at., between 1st av. ind av. A, top floor, back room. WASHING AND IRONING WARTBD-IN CROSBY Vv at.. No. 91. room 13 _ TYTANTKD-BT a found GIRL, A SITUATION AS Tf chambermaid and plain aewer; oan operate on Wheel er A Wilson's machine; has good referenoe. Addreaa 334 Bant 63d at WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress er would do general housework In n aresll private family; good city refe rence. Apply at 56 West 18th gt. In the rear. ANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO GIRL. TO ?dd general housework for a small family; noobjee- I w tlon to the care of children. Can he aeen for two daya a( 809 Weat Slat at WANTED?ST A RESPECTABLE OBRMAN GIRL, A situation as ohambermstd or te do general house work; good nty reference. Call at 308 4th at, belweea ave. A and B, third floor, reeta Mo, 9. flptNTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, LADIES' TT or gentlemen's waahlng; ran do up clothrx In the neatest manner: no objection* te go out by the day. Call at *73 Weat 40th si., top floor, over the grocery, for Mrs. Higgtos. WANTED-A SITUATION AS WET NUR8B: GOOD recommendations if required. Apply at 130 Baat 34th it. and 4th av. M. Widow lady would like to go to oalifor nla as child's nurse, or to watt on aa Invalid. Addreaa Widow, Herald offloe. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA Uon aa oook; perfectly understands her business; will assist in washiug If requ'red; Ian good baker of bread and biscuit Call at Iff Wast 36th at, between 8th old 9th ova. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A WOMAN, TO COOK, wash and Iron, or to do general housework; she under etanda her business. Call at Ne. 96 Baat Utk at, in the base ment. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED LADY, A SITUA Uon to take care of an Invalid lady; beat reference given. Address R.. box 443 Brooklyn Poet oflloe. WASHING AND IRONING OF A RESPECTABLE family wanted?By a respectable woman; or will go ont by the day. Has good city reference. Ladles or gentle men boarding will call at 360 7th av., three doors from Sid at, third floor, room No. B. Wanted-a situation by a respectable girl as chambermaid and to do sewing; or as nurse and to do sewing Call at 343 ttlh av., between list aud 33d sta., In the store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTAHLB WOMAN A BABY to wet nurse at liar own residence. Call at 136 Eaat 46th at.. between 3d and 3d ara WANTED-BY A SUPERIOR LAUNDRESS, WITH excellent city reference, a altuat'on in the eltr; does up linen* in stvle; or aa cook aud laundress, wages SIX Call at 198 East 31st at UTANTftD-BY AN EXPERIENCED CHAMBERMAID, ?v with eirellent city reference, a situation In a private ? nRlly. or as regular waitress In a private boarding house; W??scharge of the sliver aud dining room In eicellentistyle; w?*<N^SJOCflll at 193 Eaat 21st at Wanted?a situation, by a respectable m.Vrled woman, as wet nurse. In city or country. Call on an N>re. 4U2 Greenwich at., for two days. WANTB?_HY TWO YOUNO OIRLS, SITUATIONS; ?1! " \ur,e *nd seamstress, oan operate on the ma chine, the otl?r aa chambermaid and waitrsas; reference if required. CaLat 169 Wesl?d St., rear, all this weak. WASTE BY s RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED woman, a ba? i0 wet nurse at her residence; has just lost her own baby d* gays old. Call on Mrs. M. Post, 313 WANTRD-EMPL<Mmf.NT, Br * FIRST CLASS TV monthly nurse Ik that capacity, or to wait on an In valid lady, ean procure it# beat ef references. Can he seen W( 01 75 Myrtle nv., Brooklyn. ORK WANTED-BY 1rk DAY OR WEEK, BY A very good I <undress, mth the very beat of city refer ence; no objection to housecaamna or any other kind of work. Call at 390 7th av.. betiweu grin and 35th als., top door. r WANTED?A SITUATION, hY A RESPKCTAI Scotch girl, aa chamber??l{ ,?d waitress b? referense from ber last plaoe. c?J far two dava al Weat 3M at. 7 WASTED?BY A NEAT SEWER, EMPLOYMENT BY the day or week to do family sewl, or tolfnUhafteV a dressmaker; understands dressmaking Mrfeetlv ascent WLTA3VTRf) uy . WamtkdZ^-~T~ ___ 01 ?J". WANTKD?A BABT. TO WBT NUKSK, BY A TOUNO woman, at bar own tnmae. haa loet her own baby four month a old. Cell at? Gold at . Brooklyn ' WANTBD-BT A RFSPKl'TABLK TOUNO OIRL, a altuatlon aa chambermaid and wallreaa; haa Ave raara' oily refarooca from bar laat place. Call at 244 Kaat 14th at., top floor. WAWTBD-A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN TV lately arrived, of good eiperlenee; would do general houaework or aaalat In the waahlng and ironing In a reaper table family. Call at or addrraa SQ6 Baal Altli al, for two days. W7 ANTKD?BT A LAUNDKK88, A FAMILY'S OR i Jr gentleman'a waahlng; good reference If required. Call A or addreaa M Sullivan at, near Amity. Uiantbd-by A WIDOW, a SITUATION ts IIOU8K keeper, alorekeeper, or a poaitlon of Iruat In an Inatl "itlonor private family, having eipenence lathe above oa E5i!f; can refer to the aaUbliahmant whereat prcaent en Addreaa Truel, Herald olDoe. WANThD-ir A rot/NO LADY WHO HAS HAD ' r*'c?ldarable eaperlanne, a altuatlon In a trimming and BrZi T.. "S" reference given. Addreaa Grantham, "rooklya Poet oglne, HKI.P Wmvp-runAliBK. A^m OIRL WANTED TO BO CHAMBI'.KWOKK AND waiting; (>u? wlib good refereme; wag's V per mouth; at 167 West AKta at. BONNET FRAME MAKERS WANTED.-WANTED, two ladies who understand making tunnel fruneit; <me to be capable of lakiua charge of a room. to go to Malum re. Apply between 1 and 3 o'clock T. M. Friday and Saturday, at 613 Broadway, up ataira. CYRKMAN OIKL WANTED?IN AN AMERICAN KAN f lly, to cook, wash and Iron or do general bouaework. Inuutre, with refereucee, at 306 Weal 19th at. betwoao Mh and 9U> are. HAT TRIMMERS WANTED?ON CA8H'"KRB HATS, at KM Weat 15th at., between Btb aoc otb are., rear building. Necktie makers wanted-experienced band* for Ant elasa work. Apply to O. H. Wtlthaua k Co.. 34 Barclay at W^O A COMPETE NT FRENCH WOMAN. AH to ? young lady; aba muat aaw well, baabto to m and make dresses ana to arrange hair; to a "?P'thl*. possessing reapeeUble reference, good urday, February ?. between 11 and 11 o'clock. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A HEALTHY WOMAN AS wet nurse, to eocompany a lady to Cklcago. Apply to Dr. H. Bowen. lis Grand sTTjoraey City. TIT ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN. A8 OC YY in a prlrate family; muat be neat and thoroughly derelnnd her buatnaaa; good city refrreocea required. Cell between the houra of 10 end 3 et 107 Weat 38th at COOK r ANTED?A WOMAN TO DO THE QBNBRAL WQBK i ot wnehtng end Ironing. WANTED?A WOMAN TO DO TB of e family with the exception o Apply et 60 Weat ttd at. before IS M. WANTED?A GOOD SEAMSTRESS, TO WOBK BY the week; none bat thoee baring good referenoee need apply. Addreae L.. atatkm O. \I7ANTKD?A OIBL ABOUT 1* YEARS OF AOS, TO YY take care of a child three moetlie old, near 38tk at and 8th ar.; will be expected to board end lodge heiwetf. Addresa, stating where to call and wagea expected, Phillips, atallon E, 8th er. . -a WANTED?A OIRL AS PLAIN COOK AND TO A8 alat in waahing and Ironing, to go a abort dlatanoe In theeotintry; good wagea Call to-day, 56 Bowery, the (tore. ANTED-A OIRL FROM IS TO 16 YEARS OLD TO take care of a baby. Apply at 219 Thompson at w WANTED?FOR LAUNDRY, TWO PIRST CLASS IRON era; no others need apply. Office of Clarendon Hotel, 18th at and 4th ar. ANTED-A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS. APPLY be I ween the houra of 13 and 8 at 11 West 35th at w WANTED-A GOOD OIRL FOR LAUNDRESS AND chambermaid; none need apply without good city re ferences Applr from 10 to 13 at 173 Madison ar. W ANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY OIRL. 14 OR 15 YEARS old. to take care of a child 3 years old. Call at 137 83d St . near 3d av.. Yorkrille. WANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONKR. Beat of city references required. Apply immediately at 56 Weat 52(1 at WANTED?A PROTESTANT OIRL. TO DO GENERAL housework in a small prlrate family in Brooklyn. Must be a good pi tin cook, washer and Irouer, and hare good re ferences. Apply at 51 Weat 36th at. WANTED?A FRENCH WOMAN WHO CAN DRESS hair and take care of children; good recommendations required. Call between the hours of 10 end 13 et 125 Best W^iiTS0"^ NURSE; ONE WHO PERFECTLY UN Annlr el* r ? ?ew,"g; hMt of city reference* required. Apply at 26 Union aquare, between 1U end 11 o'olock ? M. Eg SSvSysS^as 23?3P*M?a?as3 ?*? T- STEWART a CO.. Broadway, entrance en Oth ?t. SSttSSSSS"^,^-"" ~3w5."SSwff? STEWART 4 Co.. Broadway. entrance on 0th at 9tt! 81T11AT10M ?^W AOTEI^rw a r.Wl ~ ssass ir"1" "?SKSi.tti55sr??'S?f A MAN 18 DESIROUS OP A GOOD SITI7A a a?" ASS, "a*; A TtheCh^w^LI?.???fc00PLTAC<?UAIMTBD WITH hi"^,nd^J?mentafUr,n' *?''"* r^Z'c^'oYfSi ^.teSTL^S J^BUUfeS AddreuTyeon. Herald o?re A SITUATION WANTED-BY A OBRMAN AS WAIT 3d a A?^^?.dhlOUUl".:Ta tK" " * A b???r\A.*d velvet? e SKFHS/fSlLrfi^ 2"??ZXvnmSi Herald olBoe. 1 re*1' f#r lwa A er addreea J. C? Atouno man wants a situation ab whtrd In a prlratc faally. Oall at M Eaatllu at waitee SSSSr "$? AdreaaK. D. FranyoU. 134 8th ?, fM^^rtUya'0'* T'swrawwRh 1??E?$ m?/re TAT ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A TOUNO MAN 1W a "neSmff"' tW0 "'"?ctpencn^Ad*^ ?! / $1,000 ~TA5J.a2inBT.nd wnfT'*"^8 MAN ?mount a. neurit,. AddreM ?.V,WBiraftAt; ?f.ERES AND RALESMBN. " I A CLERK WANTED?IN AN ATTORVFir*^ r%t*wirm~ SfflJJiSI:""" "" ?P: k TTON, riaad 37? Bowery. SS3-FP' I'rfcisx.""" -suss'KtafaiK S^Me*?* M?aert?.T T0 00 TO frCTgaRTffiM* ?f ?lTe,n?ce?!heArd?U5: SSJsSwS^ x?? """ CI.AS8 DRY near by wide. can make a far^hul* m*n- W"U P0*** on x*""~Sf-ssTKits? es '??'*5c."" w!Xf? TKSSE. W ArJS?,ri"dT;i???D."S?ooong???'???. TOHTKH BROTHERS, 140 Fulton at.. Brooklyn. ONB ,UuM'on; Ad,1?M ?*n proour? ? COAOHMBS ABO BAIUMinUif. W mSSnA afiiIunVm(in a"c?ACHMAN IN IHR uaeful haaViod rrr w"'ra?ke hlmaelf amorally dram ihr tw?X. f?? fr* ?"Ployer. a/. raw ^ji,,c.ia?"l TOUNO MAN. A ynara- e.pertenoe In kurow ?Sik*Toom[ ?" had ra?nT country, can procure l-^1 h" ?? objection to the Ca" on or addreaa Mr. Criaty 2ht WeanjuT^* ?- ? *A?iTitnkiMALit^ A article |AnNtf?w,r!i,?droP^-T0 'NTRODUOE A NEW iff* C'- ?' Naw^Yorkf^tod iSlETE.*^ A?w2j; ."ww^M? A capital or W to ma WILLIAM ALLBN. AUartlIre7eVI?iD,17a)Rra!nr|RRY 0IXY IW THB UNION: centa; etcluafre tcrrWr 5?*"*"; lor .li for aala 2H Liberty at. 7 , M,d to ?neraetic man. rt?bu A"onVt'l!at'^eH/'l? $lotl reTh*NTB|D ?AB ROSTER. TO eeeurlty and .teadr ??S!! , ' "**' *?late will be qlren aa Namau a,./room wo ^1^ *ad * MlM' ?f $'?P? **>*? 91 A\ee^H,'XZrAThi* ?? t-WANTRD/BOtHT elerka; alao watobaim waltara*?nrf*?v^?'?.h'>t*1 a"<J ""roe d wanted. ? w*'lera and Coecbnaan. No laborera AN AtnCLt NRRDRD menu Call and aee "* ?'*r U?? Oeal leduoe AOAMS A IXINT, lKNaaaau atree^ roga Nat J. J B HELP WANTED-NALER. AI,L r*SlRINO IMMEDIATE EMPLOYMENT IK ALL drp*-iineuU of business. rail at iil Chamber* *1. Dp slrabie anJ permanent siluaUoiia open tin* day. A BOOKKEEPER, COPYIST, SALESMAN AND ENTRY clerk wanted, at tU Hroilwiy. room ID Young men baring reference suited Immediately Agents wantkd.-boynton manufacturing Company, M John at., would give eiuplivmcnt to a few canvasser* for Ibe city. Capital required ti to $30 OT WANTED-IN A WHOLESALE FANCY 8ILK goods house. Address A. B , bot 1,997 Post office. CHEMIST -THE SUBSCRIBER DESIRES TO SECURE the services ot a young man in a light manufacturing busmen*. situated In Brook$ro, N. Y.; one who can write a food tr'-mea* hand, answer correspondents and who la skll ul nn careful in laboratory operations; the position is one of trust and uneiceptionable references will be required. Address O Y.. bot 4.674 New York Post office, with refer enoes, stating qualifications, previous oocupaUon and aalary expected, Ac. J1MPLOYMENT.-A COMPETENT MAN CAN HATE A I'd permanent situation and good wages as deliverer or country agent Apply at 37 Beekman at.. third floor. Fietkb wantkd-in a 8HIRT house. none need apply esoept such ea have a knowledge of folding and packing shirts. 40 White st. TTTANTED?IN A WHOLESALE NOTION HOUSE, A TV young man who writes a good hand; must have good referenoea. Address box 8,118 Post-office. _ WANTED?A YALET OR COMPANION FOR A young man who la subject to eta of epilepsy; he must be of sgreeable manners and temperament, one of a atu dioua disposition and speaking French preferred. Address F. H. A., station Q. ; YX7ANTED IMMEDIATELY-TO HIRE A BU8INBS8 ? man, to act as treasurer for a clrcua company now allowing; one who aan lend from $100 to $L000, on good

security. Address B. P. J., Herald office. ANTED?A PARTY HAVnfG ABOUT $330 IN .. money, will be given * fine chance seldom offetmd. to make money; business ready and legitimate. Ad drees Hendasaou, Herald offiest YITANTED?SEVERAL ACTIVE AND INTELLIGENT It agents, either ladiee or gentlemen, to eell some articles In good demand; a splendid remuneration can be eecured. Call at kmc. DEMORESTS Emporium of Fashion, 473 Broadway. WANTED-A YOUNO MAN FROM IT TO 30 YEARS of age, a good writer, quick and oerrect at figures and reaidiDg with hia parents; best of references required. Ad drees, in own handwriting, Jones, Herald office. WANTED?AGENTS FOR A LIPB INSURANCE COM pan) ; preference given to those acquainted with the business, but application* from other* will be favorably en tertained. Address, with particular*, Life Insurance, Herald office. w H THE TRADES, AT CURLER WANTED-AT LEAKE'S, 30 COBT landt at. WaNTED-A GOOD WORKMAN, WHO UNDER standa worklngon a wheeling machine, highest wages will be paid. Apply at 91 and 93 East 31st at. WANTED-A SITUATION. HY A RTEAJJY, SOBER man, who understands his business, to ruu a station ary engine. Address t>., box 200 Herald office. WANTED?AN INTELLIGENT CABINET OR PIANO, forte maker, of good address, to solicH orders from first class firms in that line of business, for a thoroughly legitimate and useful tool. None but those answering the above need apply in store 40 Cortlandt street. FRENCH ADVERTISEMENTS. OK DEMANDB.? UNE BONNE FRANCAI8E POUR soigner trois petits enfants, il faut qu'elle soil bonne couturiers, et qu elle aache bleu parlor sa Isngue; des re oomraandaUons uecessaires. b'adresaer a 11 Twenty-fourth street COPARTNERSHIPS. A PARTY HAV1NO A THOROUGH PRACTICAL knowledge of the stationery business, and controlling a good trade, is desired as a partner bv the advertiser, who bag been a partner in a house In thiscitr. Address Stationer, station B, New York Post office. Brokers need not reply. DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HKRBTO fore existing, under the name of Plcard A MarloUe, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. J A. PICARD. New Yoitx, Feb. I. 1967. H A. MARIOTTK. NOTICE-THB BUSINESS HERETOFORE OON ducted In the ntim of O. P. Lethbridge. Agent, It dis continued from this date.?New York. February I. 1897. . GEO. P. LETHBRIDGE, PARTNER WANTED?WITH $10,000, IN A MONEY making Wooden Ware Manufactory and Lumber Busi ness; profits $29,000 per year. WALLER $ BRUSH, 9$ Chambers street. PARTNER WANTED.?SPECIAL PARTNER, TO IN vcet from $8,000 to $10,000 for five years, for whieh one third the profits of a safe bueineaa, eix yeare established in Chicago, will be given. Good investment. Address Good In vestment, Herald office. PARTNER WANTED?IN A COMMISSION HOUSE, with a capital of $19 te $30,090, to Increase A lucrative and prosperous cash business; staple articles. This is an unusual and attractive opportunity of investing without the possibility ef loss. Address bos $.148 Poet office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $3,900 CASH; FULL AND satisfactory explanations given. Address, with Full name, B. M. L., Herald office. PARTNER WANTBD-IN A NICE SALOON BU8I I ness, with s long lease; capital required, $1,900. Good obaooe for any man. J. V. MOODY A CO.. 48 Pine street PANORAMA.-WANTED. A PARTNKR WITH .$3,000. to go to Europe er California with one or the beat erer palmed: a aaart buaineaa maa would tad thla a good Investment; ab expense ha* teen spared la getting it up. Address B. D. W? It State street, Brooklyn. THR UNDER8IONBD BEOS LEAVB TO INFORM HIS friends that he nrtll continue the Feather Manufacturing buwqms^Sli Broome e4ro*. under the aaa, WANTED?IN A WBI.L ESTABLISHED RETAIL drug house, doing a first class business la oae of the largest ottirs la the Inferior of this State, a partner with a cash capital of $4000; aa yctlre partner well rersed In the j^isinesa^reterred. Address M. R. G., bos 4,450 Poet office, WANTRD-A SII.ENT PARTNER, WTTH A CASH capital of fit,080. to inrest ta a flourishing Hardware business in Central Illinois: ten per cent a pear guaranteed and full seenrttr for the capital: references giren and re quired. Address Hardware, hoi 1,140 Post offioe. *1 AHA -WANTED. A RELIABLE MAN, TO Vl.'/' 'U. take place of retiring partner In well eatah llshed Iiosn Office and Clothing Store. Call sad examine at 11 Prince street, near Bowery. BO AAA TO $4000.-WANTED, A PARTNER IN A wOiWUU well established manufacturing business. None but those meaning business need apply. 371 Water at. BUSINESS OPPORTINITIES. A FIR-IT RATE OPP IRTIINITY 18 OKFRRED TO ANT respectable party to buy the slock of a first olaas cor ner Store near t be city; business, Oroceries and Crockery; the advertiser owns and has occupied the same for over twenty-lire years, and wishes to retire: rent low; stock light. Inquire of JOHN H. BOND. Esq.. fit Front street. AOF.NTLEMAN. WITH $3,001 TO $10,000, MAT OB tain an interest in a rerr promising business with a re sponsible party, and be guarauteod against loaa Address Excelsior, Herald offioe. Cm aittal wanted.?i want a person to take AN EQUAL INTEREST WITH MTSBLF IN AN ES TABLISHED LKOITIMATB RU81NBK8, WHERE FROM $90,000 TO flOH.IWU CAN HE MADE THE COMINO YEAR. TO A PERSON WHO CAN INVEST IMMEDI ATELY $19,1)00 TO $30 000 AN OPPORTUNITY 18 OPEN FOR BUSINESS SELDOM MET WITH. PRINCIPALS ONLY NEED ADDRESS CAPITAL WANTED, HERALD OFFICE. FHEXCLUSIVE RIOHTR FOR SALE?FOR THR BEST J selling patent article In the market: retails at $15. fur Dished at $6 each, at morn No. 9 No. 6 Pine street. IB WISH TO MEET WITH AN ACTIVE MAN TO JOIN me In the purchase of an old established manufactory, with which I am fully conversant Address J B, Herald Office. $3,000. rmm CAPITALISTS-$90,000 CAN BR INVESTED TO great advantage In securing a controlling Interest In a paper manufacturing company. Any perann desirous of In vestigating the matter, with a view of purchase, mar ad dress Paper, box 1,486 Poet office. TB HE ADVERTISER IS DESIROUS OF DIHPOSINO OF a patent right for a new Self Car-Coupling. Apply to JOSEPH QUABACH, 394 Seventh avanue. Saw York ' rmm LAWYERS -WANTRD-A LAWYER OF A FEW years' practice from thie city or the interior of the Slate, to be associated with a law firm In this city. None but a Drat class person, who has the talent lo succeed In his profession, need epply. Address Lawyer, at thte office. WBHHITE LEAD, 2INO, OIL, AC-BUSINESS STOCK (our manufacture) and valuable Lease of store on Penrt elreei for sale, either separately or together, on terms very advantageous to ths buyer. Address White Load Her ald offioe YXfANTED?A ^THOROUGH PRACTICAL PERSON, vv with from $1,000 to $0,000, to superintend or ee part - iter in a large flrstolaee hoarding bouse Address for one week A Pertner, Herald office. dh/t TO $19 WILL TEACH ANY PERSON TO MANU *J>.) lecture the ?PlenflM Light Oil, 100 per cent profit; ready sale. W. E. RICK, 99 Bowery, room No. S. 0?1Q TO $100.-NEW LIOHT-CnKAP LIGIIT.-ANY uPA" man winning buslnoM can matca money by Invent* ing in thin article sr. It MOODY A <?o.. 4* Pioe si. "\v "P?1, RATR, OPPORTUNITY IS NOW jPOUI/. Offered to a man with this amo iiit lo buy an In tareat in an ?aubllfbed and profitable buninenn. Call at 131 Went street. $30 000 F!rtTAJJ ,wantkd-in a manufac jPOVf.VMIU luring business where the prnflu era Urge; aecurlly can be given If required. To a party of re apecfeblltlv profitable and satisfactory .Arrangements can be made. Address J. W. W., Herald office Mt LLIAR |))|,^ AH WITMBKIl OK Nl-.v AND SECOND HAND llllliiird Tablc.i, with our lnuuoTed combination euMhlonn whlrb have !>een proved to no the mnnt correct fk.ii ^tn! ""s m i le Specimens of our tables that have i.sen In conslen' use tor manv vears may be seen 't"?? principal hotels ond '--mns in this city Parties in ?"ro.h?"e WIL' 'j'.d U to tbelr Interest to cell and 1 '? "le largest and dnest in the world. Boys' BilhsM Tallies PHLI.AN A riH.LAMlgR, 83 to 09 Crosby street N. Y lt'on' S51??'AfW ?r LAND FOR A CAROM J ? iir.,T *"4 ""Us, in good order. Lsnd ou raii r ? I w est V Irginis Address J9 Chamber. street BILLIARDS.-W. H GRIFFITH, IW FULTON STRRFT. offers for sale the enly standard Table now m?d?, and can only lie bought at hie factory, all other* ?r< un'iations private houses and piibllo rooms furnished ?l one day's notice. U'H ARE Now PRE PA RED TO Ft'KNIRH NEW AND *r second hand Tables, with our Improved cushion, at the ehoi test possible notice Keno seta ou hend. BA\ ab Ay U $ uhviina, eoruet Viul and centre sis. eVROPEill STEAHSIUPI. F L'OR UVERPOOL-4ALLINQ AT QUKKN8TOWN, J1 t'unard eie*iii?liip AFRICA, from Boston via Halifax February IS AUSTRALASIAN, from New t?rk February Ju CHINA. Iroui Boston TU HalllaX February 27 PAHSA'iK KOWET ER<?H WKW YORK. Cabin $160 ft) I Second Cabin $100 mosXT rttou so-rrov Cabin $125 ou| Second Cabin... $*) Payable In Gold or lis Equiyaleul. For freight or No. ? Bowling Oreen. STEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, calling At Londonderry to land p?iwenger? Rod mailt. , The itrorile pRt*enfer ttetmert or THE ANCHOR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. CALEDONIA, Macdonald.....eail? Saturday, JHh February. COLUMBIA, Carnaghan....sails Saturday, 16th Kpbntary. Monroe .sails Saturday, 23d February. HIBBRNIA, - , From nier 44, North river. RATES OF PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN CURRENCY To Liverpool, Olatgov and Derry* oabins, and $70; aUorage, $fc . ?f _ . ^ Prepaid certiOoatM from theee ports to|K?;York, IX. To Havre, Hamburg. Antwerp, Ac.. $100 and $37. For further I"* " "" " ' er information apply at the company's offloee. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO., Agenta. No. $ Bowling Green, New toe*. STEAM TO QUEEN8TOWN AND UVERPOOU From New York erery Wednesday and Saturday. The CHICAGO aaila from New York on Saturday. Feb ruary ?; MANHATTAN on Saturday March V, from pier37 East river. Cabin passage. $90, gold. _ ^ Steerage. $80. currency. Passage to New York and remit*. tancee to Ireland at lew rates, . Apply to WILLIAMS A GUION. ? $9 Broadway tnd 88 Smith ttreM, STEAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS TOWN TWICE A WEEK. Passage $10 currency to Liverpool or Queens town. Prepaid tickets from do. at the lowest rates Drafts payable In any port of Oreat Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAPSCOTT BROS. AGO., 88 South street or 28 Broadway. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall steamship BAVARIA. J. Meyer, commander, carrying the United States mall, will sail on Saturday, February 18. at 12 M., for ' HAMBURG. taking pssetuigen for Hamburg, Havre, Southampton and London. First cabin, $191: second cabin, $75: steerage, $8f 50, pay able in gold or Its equivalent. The ALLKMANNLA wUl sail March 2. KUNHARDT A CO., C. R. RICHARD A BOAR. General Agents. Oeneral Passenzer Agents. 45 Exchange place, N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street, N. Y. The only American line to enoland and FRANCE. The New York and Havre Steamship Company will run their first class steamships Arago and Fulton in connection with the New Yort Mail Steamship Company's steamers Mississippi and Merrimack, to Havre, carrying the United states mails, from pier No. 46 North river at noon, the fol lowing days, calling at Falmouth ARAGO H. A. Gadsden..Saturday, Feb. 16, 1887 MISSISSIPPI G. Sumner Saturday, March 2. 1887 FULTON 8. Samuels Saturday. March 16, 1867 MKRKIMaC E. Van Sice... .Saturday, March 30, 1867 ARAGO H. A. Gadsden ..Saturday, Aprtl IS. 1867 MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday, April 87, 1867 and every fourteen davs thereafter. PRICES OP PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN GOLD, FIRST CLASS $130 SECOND CLASS 70 Through tickets to London $5 extra. An experienced surgeon on board. The companies will not be responsible for specie or valu ables unless bills of lading, having the value expressed, are signed there for. C. K. GARRISON, for N. Y. M. 8. 8. Co. J08. J. OOMSTOCK, for N. Y. and H. S. 8. Co. For further information apply to JOS. J. COMSTOOK. Agent, * No. 7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOT TON, Havre. General Agent in Europe. ^J"ATIONAL STEAM NAVTOATION COMPANY STEAMERS WM*L, CAEL.RQ AT V?ROIlflAr O N2T?h ?Ter M follow*: njB.LVETlA. Oaptifn&t?'U&!ib5,lr'. BWOLAND. 6?i"li(n lw t THRNQU^>KNB Cantiiln aMur^l' ^rch*^ Osbm^.agS: M?rch ?. ?^uaSS?5^ WiSSSS^ P*rt,M froM UTefPMl Ac., ettotrSST 10 I**rl'- AnlwerP- B?n?burg. Bremen, optgUKft?ti^KF ***** " bMk '? oompr*nWtB^adw0?7b111 W?F ?? tke office of the P?tr pWH^^Xton"16 ??m P- W. J. HUR8T, Manager. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. "" ?r. kah. -v.HAVRE, CALLING ATBrSb? oasnsts WAKtfw&'att is Medio*] site n dance free of charge paseengero. ??S'S!i"4ISS5 'Si^HST "f wyyasus" ?""?"a ftWisiB OEO. MACKENZIE, Agent. Wo. E Broad way. ip;S"S?=l?*a I Mwaffn are requested to be on board at %H o'clock. fTHB NORTH GERMAN LLOYD'S Ptor. foot of Third street" H<?bl>k7n ' trom * m Of 8ATU*bAr FEBRUARY ?, ,8HFj J?. flSBSA""?*. brkmbn, currencr:? '?'?*. popaoie la |dd or tie oqalralaat la wV&f* *?>*> ?* -*?. $71. ^ wISk.^Wn^8 ??g--Wp HKBMANN. W, For freight or paaaage apply to Q$lrICHR B CO., 81 Broad street. XTORTH GERMAN LLOYD. " ~ " OKLRICH8 A CO., B Broad street. SSSFffix1 Six months. WMLLPKNN^oi??iIe*Sf,V ??BU*' BK Ml^h*B0. srilr^ M Emul^"S&SS"' 'iTlm8" ?C th" "na wl" call -U tbro^b by SS tori's fc nr&AFSZi ? AUff t kiiN - - ??u* no?in street. HOW land a ABPINWALL. Agent*. ?KE3riB3?^"L. BY T^?T*t^L|WKA^BBTATLrNG EVERY SATURDAY. riRT?T I 8TK*KRaoKU'. C,'"*,"CT f*> Jo pfrt,don::::;:::;: $ ft fry? SSSBBMSST-^ * ?A ?2SKS Bromet, ?v moafmie rates. ?? M,WIUFn. Tor fanhar InfonulloA, pASSAOE FROM AND TO LIYBRPOOLor orrwwwT ^?f^iSsa'Wjsaaip' :\ &&&sLS SUr Passage offlce, |7? Fearl street. THO"P8<>N'g Black _c?astwisk btbahbhipe. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S ' through line r 8 CARRYING UNITED *TA?k8 MAIL ^^fCana! street, at tS'SSSS"' "? """? ?5Kl eonneoilng with CONSTITUTION11 A' ?' February 21 *t?OCEAN QL'RK* r. J ?p in 0???Hy. Connect,ng with GOLDEN AGE , .!' A" h*?"OA All departures touch" AoimStP^S ?Ll,p'?e connect at Panama with ,team? , r.^ ? Tw'?k ?"d Island Ilth for Central American P?rts; toiicn at Mansanlllo. "0,n P?rtA ?nd those of ui steim'lmeLnm P*nimrto "^1^7''!? "I,"1 ,h' n?* Steamer of M.rrh if Tw in ?Jn^"'r.?,k'?nd pany s steamer COioORADG,' to leirS ^ lhe co,B iob^SSm?^ "0,,,[ K"n" April s tsir rinc"co for sttemKnce free*W*** *Uowed ??ch dull. Medicines and nS^ ? L*- BABY. Agent. IT"* CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA chaoScM^ Freight receleed as nsual ?2 f Wk^trsr, Jtmt'o^Canal^Xeot^**' ?n 00??"M,T'? P"r ? W'-;I'LS, FARGO A CO , Freight Agents P. M. A. 8 Coo F?'{ 8ANThAe"nLDJf 0t'"A V'A Nl EYfTAS The rtiMt ots.s fast satllng steamer t I a ' KKK Carrying the Vmma sSl?A ^'""nsnder nrer. Ssfnrdsy. "eh^my StA*ttlb',r.'il1 iftT.-K,"' ? "S" precisely, f or the alinve pru t *t 3 o'clock. P. M, For fVelsht^sr ?L''* "* *? Cost o?re modstlon. *"* ?''P?rlor ??com ? M A YDRl'l, A CO.. Mg South street, corner Dorer (, SUs.Ii^T. T- AT ?I JOHNS. PORTO RIOO. tbe ei,T?pr* captain* are *dn?od that at l.lle?l wliho r. . n5rt. Port,.Cnnl" ?f erery kind can be sua la*^l?<lr?'?li?? not orer twen'r orboar" ?o?>W'F"lde the wharf and hare II wheeled Apply '"LATIMER B CO , 9t Johns Porto Rloo. T' WKAIiriA $ OW.. V bouth street, Mow York, COASTWISE STKAMSHIPS. flOU ST. THOMAS AND BRAZIL UNITED SdATBS AND BRAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. REGULAR MAIL STEAMERS, sailing on the Bd of every moinh ? SOUTH AMERICA Captain E. L. Tinklepaugh, February* GUIDING STAR, Uapiatu Geo. B. Slorum. March 41 NORTH AMERICA. Cain tin L. F. Timaermaa. ApriltH Than- rlagaiit ileaiuert aait on schedule Uine. and call at St. Thomas. Para, Pernambuoo. Bablaand Rio Janeiro, going and returning. Foreugagerncotof freight or passage, apply to GARRISON A ALLEN, Agmta, No. 5 Bowling Oroeu. New York. UNITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA. WEST INDIA MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CHANGE OP SAILING DAY. Every Saturday, at S P. M.. The favorite steamships pOkPMBIA Barton Saturday, Feb. S JfORRO CASTLE Adanu Saturday, Feb. I* KAG LK Greene Saturday. Feb. B. AyoU.'Sift ^iCTeSS^eS? iALLBa F0R aHAVAKA YIA NASSAU, N. P.-THK BRITISH and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Oona 23?L .I** fteamer CORSICA. Capt La Meaeurler. win U- ?*** ?kot? porta, from tha Com pan r'a wharf, at Jar SLto* Monday, ttth February, and Saturday, WA oi Marco, at noon. Paaaage money to Naaaau Ml Paaaage money to Havana gg _f*Table tn gold or tie equivalent. ?.?.?f$.hiiI?"mKl ?J eel ling. For freight oe paaaage apply to B. CUNABD, Bo.tBowiing Green. F?SL.2^iLVEBeEMfI. SAILING WBEKLT. Tezaa lina.?The A1 steamer C. W. LORD, Ward. Com rsSMSSSKlST" " "" ?""J-.? ? jg ^Taa? WforeiEigig FOB GALVT58TON, TEXAS, DIRECT. The splendid steamehip PERIT. Captain 8- A. Delano, will leave pier No. I North river, on Saturday, February if at 1* o'clock noon, for Oalroston direct. Receiving freight now. a Fly to"' ?r pMM<a> *VMlUd aeoommodattow^ *P" 8POFFOBD, TILB3TO? A CO..39 Broadway. 'oTAR LINE FOR NEW ORLEANS.NEW YORK O Mail Steamship Company's floe ocean atoamera wlB leave pier 48 North river, at S o'elock P. M., aa follows;? MONTEREY, on Saturday, Feb. 8. MARIPOSA, on Saturday, Fob. IB MISSOURI, on Saturday, Feb. tS. All bills of lading signed at the offloe upon the pier. For freight or passage apply to C. K. GARRISON, President. No. 8 Bowling Green. FOR NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINK ?THE steamship HUNT8VILLB, Captain Ryder, trill leave pier 13 North river, on Saturday, February 9, at 3 P. M. For freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to K. LOW DEN, Agent corner of Cedar and West atresia. DAVID McCOARD, Agent in New Orleans. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. The uew and first class steamship GENER AL GRANT, Captain O. W. Couoh. will leave pier No. 9 North river, on Saturday. February 9. at 3 o'clock P. M. For freight or paaaage, having unsurpassed accommoda tions, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO , 88 West street The GENERAL MEADE will follow, February 18. NEW ORLEANS STEAMSHIP LINE. For New Orleans every SATURDAY. Connect With steamers for the Texas ports and Mobile, Ala. First cabin, 865. Second. $28. Apply to J. M. FONTAMK, No. 8 Broadway. FOR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT.-THE NEW 8IDM wheel steamship RALEIGH. Captain C. P. Marshman. will leave pier 36 North river, on Thursday, February It. at 3 P.M. For freight or passage, having splendid accommo dations, apply to LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. 88 Liberty attest. Agents at New Orleans, JAMBS CONNOLY A CO. Gooda for all points in the Interior promptly forwarded. FOR NEW ORLEANS-BLACK STAR LINE.?THE steamship MARMION, Captain L. L. Hazard, will leave pier 13 North river, on Saturday, February 9, at 3 P. M. For freight or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply toll LOWDBN, Agent, corner of Cedar and West atresia. DAVID McCOARD, Agent to New Orleans Empire line for savannah. Every Saturday, from pier No. 13 North river. Punctually at three o'clock P. M. The favorite sidewheel steamships SAN JACINTO, Atkins, commander, sails February t. SAN SALVADOR, Nickereon, commander, sails February 18. Through ticketa and hills of lading to all points. In connec tion with Central Railroads of Georgia, Atlantic and Gulf Railroad and Florida steamers. Elegant passenger accommodations. GARRISON A ALLEN, Mo. 5 Bowling Green, N. Y. Foe savannah, qa.. bvbbt Thursday.?the Atlantic Coaat Hail Steamahip Company'! sidewheel steamships HERMAN LIVINOSTON, Captain Baker, aalU Thuraday Februry 1A GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, aalla Tim radar, February SI. From pier 86 North river. at I P. M., precisely. Through paaaage tloketa and bUla of lading to aV potato in eoaneetlon with the Central Railroad or Georgia. For freight or paaaage apply ta LIVINGSTON FOX * CO., Agents, 88 Liberty street 17??E CHARLESTON, & C.-THB PEOPLE'S MAIL J Btaasaabtp Company. ?The regular and popular eteam ahip EMILY B. 80UDER. Captain Loekwood, will loaeema Wednesday, February IS, at I P. M., from jltaja ? North river, landtag freight on Saturday morning at Chartoa ^Through tickets had bills of lading Issued to aO polaU South in connrctton with tha South Carolina Railroad. LIVINOSTON, FOX A CO- Agenta. 88 Liberty street. IjtOR CHARLESTON. 8. 0., THE FLORIDA PORTO F aad the South and Bouthweat?The elegant and pons lar ateamahlp QUAKER CITY, Wm. H. Waat, oommandar, will leave pier 14 Boat river on Saturday. FAbruarr 9, con necting at Charleston with tto steamer DICTATOR f* the Florida porta. Faaaaga tickets and Mils of lading ijauedta all of the principal pofnu on |h? awth Carollaa Radioad eobSMUng fldlroada at rSdudH RGBr" ..^w. Per paaaage. to., w William atrial F OR RICHMOND, NORFOLK AND CRT POINT. The aidewheel ateamahtpe lading, do., te ail petaU en the Seaboard Railroad aad ih ?** MVINOBTON .POX * 00.. Agents, 88 Liberty aire*. TRAVELLBK8' OTIDEj _ Fi5viirSAND^ . H Trains for Albany and Trov, conaooDak with Nartaani aad Weaiern trains leare Now Tork, via Hadoon River laA rood. Thirtieth street ami Teeth arenas, fond 18 A-J-and a. U. 6*0 and 11 P. M.: aad via Hartam Railroad, Taanja alith street end Fourth avenue, at 11 A M. and 1:11 P. R Sunday train en Hudson Kiver^foad. New York te Pen^ keepele and return, leaving New York at 8:S0 A M., and on Harlem Road. Forty-second street te Miller too and return, leaving New York at 8 A. M. WM. H. VANDRRBILT Vice-President. H ci?AB8 AMP TUBACCO.^ 500.000 O. CHEEKS, Agent New Yerk Cigar Maaufaeturiag Oem paay, M Warren street. BBD1CAL. Am blessing to ladies.-a lady writes -pom tugucae Female Pills relieved me In one day, without inconvenience, like magir. Pnoe RS. Dr. A N. MAUML CBAU. office 118 Liberty street, or sent by mail. AH M. MAURICBAU. m. d? PROFESSOR OP MIDWIFM , ry, thirty rears' practice, at 138 Liberty street. Ouar. an tee certain relief to ladies, from wnatevev eauae. A? GREAT AND SURE REMEDY POR LADIES.-THM Portuguese Female Ptila always give Immediate relief; tice $8. Beware of imitators who copy my advertisemania sell poisonous compound* as ?'Female'PIBa" and "Be tracts." Dr. A. M. MaUKICKAU, 188 Liberty street. Advice to married ladies?madamb rbm TBLL'B Infallble French Female PIIU, No. 1, pnoe gl, or No. 2. price $6. which can never fail; safe aad healthy. Office 64 VVeat Thirty-fourth street, near Suth ?venue Sent by mati. Addreaa bos 8,898. Also said ad druggist's, 131 Greenwich atreet. All ladies who need special medical ob ?iirgicai treatment should consult CHARLES LUTXB. M. D., 80 Broadway, who baa had twenty years' aucoemfnl prart.oe. and guarantees Immediate relief In all eaaaa with out pain or eipoaure. Consultation free TRUTH -MADAME DBSPARD'S PILLS AEB WAB a. a ranted te give certain relief to ladles. Frtoo $8. tat Howery, oppoaTte Suth street. Hours, 8 AM. tod P. TO Medicine* sent by mail. A A. 8 Amity plane can ha ommS^i 'TsiCtAM. Nth. P*-* Pleatanlrooma for ?&???.2^" f?mrnlw oenj. ?nd madloal atlendaamT **????? food sam? CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS. ?DR. R- OGB BKTT. member of 14. Y. U. Medical College sndRC Surgeons, London, can be consulted as usual oe oar tain dim eaves. Office 80 Centre etreet, near Chambers N. B.?Me fee unless cured. CONSULT NEVER FAILING DR. KKNNBDT, t?h Elm etreet. He enree dlseaeee at eaee. Sufferers from debllliy restored Cure guaranteed. Dr. king can BE CONSULTED, as usual at 188 Ninth street, near Broadway, from 8 A. M. ted P. M. Dm m HUNTER'S RED DROP IS THE ONLT RBMBDY that will root out ill*""5 ili oihfn dry II ii tbt plwi Wt. 8 PtTlMWi ilrwl? H Dr hunter can cure worst casrs of ohm lain diseases, without ?eron^ ln sho^rtlme than any Mher phyaiaiaa, or no pay lakaa. No. 8 Division street, steee ISM. 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