Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE HO. 11420. NEW YORK, SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 9, 1867. PRICK FOUR CENTS. SUSSZSl' "? <?? A OILA? ._ _ A Ham written TOuafiYonkerk A^rS2i'7>2,?S2^Tv, *vbnino. A friTitt boi. artM rutW. Optra uu. KIaam Address kcturtMuauUid.bu 5,4*7p? IkOWBEYTHBATItE, WEDNESDAY BY ? mo.-WILL D the lady In the box, why so kindly the gentle ?j who admired her so hlwhiy and who Wt be/orn the MrhratnoMwenonr, ob'lge him tmik m interview ? XStoen Chartea Preston, station D. U C. P.-CALLAT TBI SAI/lg PLACE, Ja. w?? ll?i And you will aae ym friend. TP LLBN.?THURSDAY'S NO/? PREVENTED DIRAP XW poiutmenk Do not deep air. Prank* sincere svmpa. Bjtuiidi you. Writ* If |<w?to. Balp lhat all will ba IT B. ANOUS, M. W. GOULD. CRUMLEY, WHO XI. goods stored at DM Woat Ttatrty-fcurth street, are ' " if Importance and*" o. hakger. saga? to call tbera on buatnem of Important and to __ BURT ST. 0LAMT8 BOTH RECEIVED YE8TBR U da*. Too lata. Mako another appointment or w | nod Mad poor addroM to kna, care box 8,218 Post office. M. T It FORMATION WAMTKD-OF THOMAS MOON. OP FORMATION WANTED-Of JOHN MULLANR, nam the Height of Orafoo. pariah of Oaatiemagner, Cork. Ireland. wtw^l^raled^o Mow Yert two Ire eon years ago. When teat hoard from ho was In county, .State of Mow York. Any Information re ? hhn will bo thankfully reoelrod by hit ?later, Julia otherwise Mrs. Maahan. residing at 9* Ninth irate Pirat araauo aad araaua A, M. Y. f BDWARD 8. BELL, A C0MP08IT0R, 18 IN THB elty, he will And hla brother at tho St Nleholaa Hotel. TAMES COLLINS, WHO RESIDED IN NEW YOBS ?# elty two yean ago, will obtain trainable Information by waHlag on the Her, George Unlet, of St. Peter's church, cor aorof Fifth at net and Olrard avenue, Philadelphia. JACE?COMB UP TO ESSEX AT 1 P. M. DON'T PAIL. ors. mriss M gi _INO.-IN FORMATION WANTED. OP A YOUNG girl who toft her home at Newark. N. J., on Monday, January 7. ^Age sixteen. light hair, abort, aad worn In net; full face aad light complexion; wore green alpaca dreaa and naak, blaeh allk walat and Ugbt brown cloth sac*. drab felt Rat. trimmed with garnet relrel and drab feather. Any person tearing Information of her where*houta at Inapee (ton Office, Metropolitan Polloa Headquarters, will confer a Rarer and ba liberally rewarded. (THE OWNER OP PREMISE8 MS WEST THIRTY X fourth atreet will hear of n pumhaaer by addreaaiag K. R.C., box 2JM Poet offlce. WILLIAM RBDWOOb, LATELY ARRIVED PROM London, write to or eail on Albert B., MB Pulton street, Wfoohlyn. ?O AAA CAN BE HAD BY THB LEGAL HEIRS 9Z.UUU of Geo. Bullraer; n liberal reward paid for fn garmatlon of the halra; George had a widowed sister aad twa nieoes residing at Rhlnebeek, N. Y. About 1818 George area mi pi i ii Head to carriage making In New York city; he went to 8a State of Michigan. where he rsalded aeroral years; thenoe be tho State of Indiana, where ha died about l<OS or 1887. i J. Bennett, 188 Bleacher street, New York. ?OK AHA REWARD FOR JEBOMB BONDS. AT). fmTL dress, ia oonAdeBoa, box a,?0S Post office, MATRIMONIAL.. R GENTLEMAN OP MEANS, RESIDING IN A DI8 fk. toot city, and moving In drat circles tnere^a desirous of Sanamiag aequaintod with o lady with view to matrimony, Only thorn In earnest need address C.. box 1M Herald office M ATRIMONIAL BUREAU.?ADDRESS OB CALL ON ORIM8HAW * CO.. US Boat Eighth street, N. T. LOST AND FOUND. BHOUND-ON THB 4TH INST., A GOLD THIMBLE, Mr whtoh the owner eaa hare by prorlug -property and fa* this adeorUaemaal at la 1 Stela a treat, room T OST?ABOUT TWO WREAB AOO. A BLAOR NEW JLf fouadland Dog, IS years old; answers to Urn same of B?br. Any one returning the same to 88 Fourth arcane ?R reeetre 828 reward. XAMBNBTcooKE, Norn York. * off?a Black lack vfil< valuable to the JLl ewaaras a gift I, going from Eighth in Sixth arenuo, ?? Thirty sixth street or neteh boyhood, on Wednesday area fib Item leak to the finder a snHeMe reward wlU be at M Baal Party-alnU street, ' Off ?ON THURSDAY KYBNINO. THE TTII I NAT. I 2 In Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth atreeta, or i Moth street a Mink Collar. |1 reward will ba paid to gy person returning the same to 188 Ninth street. ^m Lost?mink pur collar, on Thursday even km, 7th In at, In going from 4$ West Sixteenth street ??d Sixth arenuo to Fourteenth street. Liberal imvaxd gni an. Return to Mra. Hbnrwood. 41 Wast Sixteenth street. Off?ON THURSDAY NYE NINO, BETWEEN 11 AND i gold abesk for HH HO the payment of ?U __ an~ I ' ? ??aid will be pi tMRMeeeker street. bean ttU? also about 8188 In cash. 4 liberal Of the book aad contents I wlU be paid for the return Off-TWO METROPOLITAN SAVINGS BANK J Books. Moo. 8.808 and 13 043. A reward will bo given ' returning them to the bank, 10 Third arenas. T Off?ON THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 7. A SMALL rtlL MJ per Wi " " I of Fifth at arttl be prid oo lu return to 84 West Teath street. aich. In going frum 84 West Tenth street to comer indEl Iflh arenue and Elerenth streak A suitable rewtrd Off-FEBRUARY 7. IN A COACH OR IN ORE P.N wish arenue, a Pocketbook, containing paj.-TH and .t $16 In muney. The Under will pleeue keep the inourjr return the hook to M. T. Dennis, Agent Merrhnnu' Express Company, corner Hudaan and Leonard sta. RNWARDS. P^^RflH REWARD OFFERED. A REWARD OF ? PKR CENT CUe the recorery of all, and la properties) for nark TO BBOKKKS. BANKERS AND DEALERS Df OOVBRbMENT AND OTHER SKCUKITTKS. Tho following Securities hare been recently etoten. If ggfaied. slop them and uotlfr John A- Kennedy, ti'ipeiin |g?not Metropolitan rcllee, ;i?> Mulberry *treel. New Yirk. Leiaf numbers of 1W United HUlea A'AtCouiicn Bond, of MM, now Issue Interest payable Jauaary and Jolt ??' 81,000 S.18R to I HI to J 25V Inclusive. SkHB tu, lne usire. M.MS to 84 AOO. Incluslra. S* XB to 23.834, Inclusive. 36,877 to 23.884. iaulustr*. 24 44? to 30.084. Inclutlva. 24,404 to 80.-1U Inclusive. 28,401 to 28.483. Inclusive. 24,?? to K.4A3, Incluslra RRWARD.-LO T. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING. large round^nld_ Brssstj'ln, with Hkoiirsi and _i on the back. The flndet wl'l reeel e the shore re I by leaving U at Hoyt, Carter A Co., HH Liberty strset REWARD FOR THE RETURN OF A S^T^^ _ Coach Dog; loet on the erenlug of February 4; b-s 0?large black spot on bis h*ck; answers to the name of ?gel Apply at ike a tables, S3 Amity street. ?0fo"ror"J*;yj*\r2kl,Nl!!8DAT La,>t g?**??. s'Uohkd to Which J2 AUtein. wlih Vdo ??4 Porly.aevenlh street "8^ Broadway or list T Off.?IF THE GENTLEMAN WHO PICKED Ur TTIE Xj Pocketbook at Ninth street and Broadway, on Th'u Jay. at I P. M., will return It to 113 Ninth street. $30 a ill Mgleen and thanks of the owner. ?15 m Yew RRWARD.?LOST. BY A POOR WOMAN. $43, In Teacv street. The finder wlU please leave it at Ysany street, and receive the reward. $20 RRWARD-FOR Til B RKCOYERY OP A OK tacked lever Watch Movement, stolen from W M?s N. J. FELIX. m REWARD.?LOAT. A BRRAHTPJN IN RllAPE of a cross; anvan small diamonds Return to Rev. raid Taylor, 14 First place, Brooklyn, nr Charles Tay lor, rrnatimiai insurance Co.. 118 Mreadwmy, N. Y. n iff REWARD AND !W> yllKSTlONS'AKKKD- FMR 11 the delivery of a Horse, stolen 'rem the r>remises Hrulth. Famtlngdale, Long Islaod. no the night ehru .ry 7 Said horse is a Ugbt sorrel. I?tf hsnds high. ?ear white leg*, bald face, llgbt mane and tell: a little at,re ? the near (01 a foot Deliver to J. ftehltt?, corner Grahi avenue and Meore streak WUIUmsburg. II. I. ?OA REWARD Wll.l. BE PAID RY THE RUB* ^?)U acrlbers 10 any perseu gtsdag Informstlun that w111 land to the recovery of a large buck Bare, with long, think ?nana sad tall, about 14 bauds, long body, ameil, ? lean Itmbe, T rears old. which was stolen from Port Jsfferson. Petnuarr | 1? J. C. [J*N * CO.. Pert Jafferson, Bud dk county. Bow York. RRWARD-AND no guebtionr asked fnr Uis delivery to Mr. flawk. of the itk Nleholas S4?L of a Diamond Nre*atpln; one large stone, mrroucdvd 1 au KB ail enea set in suamul, aad ala small stones sat In soen reward.?stolen, from the resi ffiZij'/ dsr'-e of the subwriber, a 81,880 MP Oenpoa ?sod. No. $4.3171, 1844 Issue. JOHN ?. VAN MORNE, box M, Jersey CHy Pont oftioe. SPECIAL HUT1CRI. ' A NCfHNT ORDER OP GOOD PP.!J/OW8.?TUE MEM Jk hers of Continental l.odge No. tfi. A. O of G. F.. are Berebr notlfie-t to attend the funeral of brotnor Andrew Jehasna. en busilny, ret* 18. Mowibers will be at the lodge I? by If o'clock, aeon. JOHN NELMDN. W. G. Jo? kii.i.1, KoenmJog Rooretary. fflHE tTNOBRAI<;NKD. DULY AUTHORIZKP NY THB " quldAttef Com-nil. tee of the Lead and "'lbsi.u-lae Cu A.YS 1 felegrstob Company, which la eaipuwemd by the aor. imaut of the Island af Cnbo, will renelre pmpestttous or the Isteud or Cube, will reeelre propivitiuis ftewn aoy ysnpuniilble party for the purchase of the whole ? gar af the propertv beloeglsg te said enapany. aad > gar of the pmoertr belceglsg te said a nap*"/, and ktob consists Of the Telegrapiiln Lino established from irssinvh. Ok. to Ihlir Keys. Pte, sad Us depensdencles. ' la recelrlTig the foregoing proposals the ne tcrslgiied will ?'so be prepared to en oCer far the rtvlm which hss Mt ba preferred against whom it max enaosrn for Ike ' wait tawed by fie lies 4nr ng ihe ctrQ war. M??{%rte Brwto ?*r hs'w V or i *** M Bvlfat l^P ?MHlml> Man Yoaa, Jan. M lH. 1 thirty days to .KCnoi* OF raiRTREN DytRiTT Avenue RlSrasd Oompeny 3S QtpMa. egMOge? pertr-thtrd strssk a* n waucnoH. A Q?W?P? of INSTRUCTION ~IN Jj 2ioi?dit .r.?!1!?"}* 1P*t**d Cotamer 88NaLa.?^wi2& '<*??. a? TOWN ^s^ar^tt^taSrsaSsr ssr sa^ag ???-? ?P"SPB8 (BNTABLIBHKD IS*), (3 compUshmenU taugWt In strictly private room*, if desired. \!^!i^U**TT?it?Sty1?' . B''HIjrB88 AFFAIR*. ^mXSurSi.desired) at GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Ia?Utuie. 73S Broadway. Established lMu. ATOung Lady wihhes a situation as nnv ernes* to Young children or o.,?p,nlon to" lidr- ?ood rerereuces AJdiro.M. 0.. 178gamUKreet,BiSoklyRT nrSINMS Y^mNO AIROCCBD FROM |15 TO $6.? M? Br'"",w?y. hjr special reuurot. will oramiln^er ...JfUIfante"* to ?? 'UfTne-s. S^BE'SS 7li^ ? *n" ?*v' *n e^ffADt business styls. Pupils for this oourse unit enter ImmedVtely. srafrwiT A V.J33MB: f? rtj-dtojsr BI?j?S-Pi^r^;1' ?tvtw AT at FOOBTH AVENUE. BolglM Dreed Canaries. Prepared fNBfor Making ^ ANDREW REICH. nHABLBB BBIOHR A BROTHER, H CHATHAM toiatXXSiiV *2 i2!* '*5eiT"<1iA l<H or learned Bullfinches, bS^IoISt&iSES!**ot a*m"<Wte**?fl "*? g?AH018 BPTLBB, WO. S PECK SLIP, HAS ALL ri.*a^!L* Bu|ta?? I?f*Ulbl? Mangn mXML ?S* B*t*Txn'n,,or. Rcents. Butler's new work X dtaeSZ. 4rain<*4' board*d. *o. Medicine* to$ J OHM GRAY. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOR ^?ifcT-Kv'Uo?*_?ewf(>und!Sn(l Do*l,: ?'*<* ullta, ^rl ndr.8V* T?rrt*rA ?cod Bolton; small Poodle Puns, one 'atoll Italian Ore/bound Pup, ? pair of Black and Tab Dogs." Ida each. 2nnn S.TAlrD OF ARMS, with BAYONETS com. ?'.'"v plete. Sprln gflelil Miuke's and Rifle*; all ofwblrk ^ 10 MTUir'477 PeMi HORBBfl. CARBIAOKS. ?C. AT ?7?BDAB STREET?CARKIAGB8 AND HARNESS at bargains; all styles, qualities sag price*; one light ecpress Wagon, one second hand Buggy. JOHN M. TL'PTsTJn.. ?7 Cedar (tret* A -PARE, DOCTOR'S AND PON? PHAETONS, * ^_0tt?? ?a,2d Germantown Kneksways, Buggies, Har noaa, Re., It Cedar streeV second door belew Post office. TAYLOR R HICKS. A DOCTOR'S CARRIAGE POB SAIA-IN SPLENDID condition, with new leather top; also light Wagon, with itaw top; alio an Open Coach, suitable for Centre! Park or ?TSenJvaBvSfM^T^Kffl aolJ si a suenfloe. Apply at MSouth Fifth streat, Williamsburg, L. I. HBNBT WEST. A *BGJSTB* , OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES. AT ????*? SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, ??? a^'^fSV sv#rr ?Bd E1d?y throughout tho SJf' Sw aictLn b^X. '*"7 WednMdV ?i Satur ABOCKAWAT FOR SALE CHE A P.-CAN BE BEEN at the wagon shop No. SI Sullivan st-eet. BC"?r ?? TOR SAi!e?WITH TOP. IN GOOD ..leeT^ stable. Hi West Thirty-seventh -^?to htnf.??y WW BLA^3J*OR9m- NEARLY 7..,,^ hL[h,loogteIls; perfectly sound and kind in TA^n wtlu three raTnutee together; any old man Attn drive ibeni. Am inp Buggj \v'A net of afnci? Hirnntt ifflbo*80- C- WO??' * ^ Tl10!L^i&?r* *"? *** HORRR, Id HANDB HIGH: A . 5/or ? <**?? ? ?>? oh; la perceotly sound ani fc?*- Csf b* saeu at No. S Esst Thlrty^fct streetT BAY PONT, d TEARS OLD, HPITA hiefor Habl work; warrantedeound and kind; will he *?w chny' *>P'r ? stable UA First avenue ' F*? ' LGN'> TAIL SORREL r Hor?e, IS hands high, wstranted sound sad kind in any ? ^ck Mare, iiue S 1food oa a farm. Beth are band "mw'uir*"*JUi ^S"Mr' ?? *Se nwaer has no further .uAw Andy at atahia WaaMaftou attar, fifth from UnlreraiL place, north side. F?lfiATMESSPKOKR ?#? . "Md, M bund* hh|h: one of Ike mn*t t>?r k1?d Sf" for l?<ly or gentleman: r .li w * 2 Joable barnes*; very fa*t: warranted W^bS^H^SgoL'" Tal0e- Addr^ "CIOR PALE?TWO VALUABLE HLIND HORSES. ?.?i5i";ss! ?*"?" ?a ??"??<?. ?..?*? GPffiPsgT n4***1 TH?>?-,**?onand Horse Cover*. Paulinal N*T*. S'suket*. Re., verr cheap. Officer*' Saddle* (new). ffBt Wlth ptated Mt hrirtlc g?l Ariillery f**" <2R3Wk !~U Ort-W by eV: Suu '.S" V; D? PlTMI* A CO.. na North Front ?treat, Philadelphia Pa.; No. 8 P*rh pleoe. New York. YTOP.SE POR SaI.H?A PPLENDHI TIORPR POR ANY fitfood travcuer. Can he toeu at 70 PRIVATE STABLE POR SALE.?7B WEST EIOH teemh street. Price $11,100. CT5 RLE TO LET?LOCATION BART THIRTY-SBOOND t i street; flreprnof hrtck; three ?>ivl!v; room fur two car. negro; f. water, Ac. Te he rented to let November. ISO/. . H AGCEKTY R I'llriT.IN, CTtBLE WANTIID?AOOOHMODATION POR TUBER ay bor*e, ae.i'hrro ear~!*gee; oe ite west ?? 1e, between Fourteenth and Turenty-dfth *treeu. Adores*, stating par !icul*re, hoi ] SS{? Poet etboe. amp. BEST MRnrciNR in thb world fob HOUHPS A and CMU. i, nr TOBIAS Derby Condition Powders, used a.ul re mm mended by the first horsemen in Una ooun 'ip, inly 3b. eer bni. /Mpot M Cortlandt ?treet. T?- LKT-A PPLPNDID FRIVATe"1tabLe7 WITH , ,rl* taudcrn impr vein :lU, in PtfteenlU froeL nror lugl th; room fur two horws end two esrrltgw Alif tner.htoan ? room. Apply at 71 Broad tray, room 84 WAkAD-A TWO WRKKI.KD rtl'KINKXM CHU ~ A rf good strong trtlcje. Address W., I0K VI arren street. ry avtpt?_bay horse or mare, is hands; u O ..n'y?"JaTt1 broke ;wirfe-fIt round and able to show ??-Wi Itoie? * f <" Wl" ^ P*"1 Addr?? *-* ? VlrANTEU?A SECOND HAND PONY PHAETON. Wouid mvifer one with ?eat for driver. Address. Stating nrlj^ Pony, Her >14 ofliee. WANTED-A HdCARK BOX TROTTING WAGON wnth Polu.edShafU; Stiver.' make ..rofereed- io{ wiiwa pnunde. Addre-a Wagnii. h?X tk,MS Poet w I ill - "AT HORSE: FIT FOR TRUCK OR EX. ?g 1.1A*. vroea ?>n-' do. for $P0; anund. kind arul stvliah onrcr. Suld tor want of use. ?: Be. enth avenue. TOUT OFMC'K XirriO'K. y>o*t orrrcK noticr.-tuk mails poh crkat f rtiluln ar,J lh? continent. ?la Munthaaiyt'in and R-e mea.jior *i?amer Cnioe, ?rtU rloeo at thte oSloo en Salur <1* v. February 9, at 10:30 A. M . and at th? up town bglooa aa fol'.owa: ?S.atUi..# A ?u<1 B. 4 'W A. K.; atatlon* C and D, 7:4!! A. M.:* J? and F 1.71* M.; *'.aUon U.7SA M. Tha ?tali* lor Ireland ?ia Cusiudwi and Lireipnol, n*r wn*r t'ii/ ?>.' fan*, a-id for France, ?ia Brett and lle-re, per plratecr Etiiupa, will rjnee at tlila ollioe oa Hit'irdnr, February 9, at " A E, and at the ny tnwj office* aa frd ra;?(m - low#:?On r-!da?. February d. . A and B. S:SU P. M.; r?.-;.on* ?? and It. f lb P. *.: *Ut.. n < *. and P. t p. M.; *ta Hon <?. B P. M. JAMKS KKl.I.Y, P. M. nHF, ARTN. "'iMiit hoclkyard. JL The only ma', ever pnbl'iibed n* th? "Orand Rente yard," ahot; in* eorreeJy <ln fart and lt?.'hea) tlu |U?nlilv of ground talen' or >dd?'<i at every *tt?et alnog ll? entire length. I'or ?*l* by .1. ?:K(iFTON. allien of J. MeClaee, 44 Pi on street. Wm Ai?rrn.- PinTt:RP. deai.frh, auu.nts and othrra having Ir.rae onunltiie* if Cngraving# to #.ill rh?*n for oa?h, wtllfiid a pumhaarr at TUoiaaa Kelly a ag| Third at none Heeler* #uppued -i low raid*. M ATCJi?>. JKHMI.IIT. n?C. ARARK CHANCE.-PUR RA1.K. ONR OP TIIR f Oe?t wor** in New Turk: w?U be Bold rhaap; la a uplendid lmekeap*r. For panic alar* addreaa X ties AM Horalil It Sen. PARIS.?AT MR RKNN'H. II ue Ram'ouiean Jewelry eaa bo bought at workthop prlea* vnd ol the latnat taahlon. the. name ruling made on the premier*. THIRTY PBB CBMT SAVED. VKW PI RI.ItATiHVa. JjXSSAT ON CATARRH. BY HENRY A. DANIKLA M. R, AM Surgeon. No. S CoU? aqaare Mailed on re eipi of red tump. RTIRRRAHLR MAN I?YOU TALK OP"RAKO TIMKM" in, wboa fiw can get a eona of "TANKKE NOTIONS'* _ ? freak number), with 47 romle pUtnrc* and hoadwd* of fntinp etdrla* for Uoenla at any aewa aland. L o. or _ V. A. ?. Rteiysodr wtH do well 'o read ... . _ fHR NEW YORK PR A. whtok eon tain* the eommeanamont of a new Aoty, e eketeh by Mnnry Mnrford. of Ada Clifton, Comedienne; the Bay ">C* Dtuiga of .loth Silling*. and many additional Inter Muag m*dur**. Inoulee at ilio Nowo UepoU OnleAeenta. H. C. FiaJt. Fubflaher, No.? Spruoe atreot. H1PRSMH. -RTBNHAM'E FURNITURE KXPKRB8. II* WEST. XV. Ktotroatk atrent. Bear Mirth avonae.? Furniture anoeod, alty or ornntry, fornlinre pi . ,... peeked, ahippod; furnlltire ?torod s mooer adtonaod on furniture At RATTBRROWg rtrRVITVRB KXPRRWt. M ? etroet-Ptmineand farm. ?? w^rV2?melA ttw^5^n*w*l|53C niAItUL. UNITED STATES TREASURY, FEB. 4, 1887. Schedule# of (90) thirty* mora seven-thirty coupons, due February li, HOT. will ?ow be Motived far enrnleettee at the l'nited Statu Trenaunr. iT a.vak dyck. AaAatsrit Treasurer. I\tVIDENDB.?SATAUK SILVER MINTNCrCOMPAKY. " 9100 per, payable 8th lust. Empire Mill and lain*Company, $15 per share, payable ?th Inn., infold coin, bee exchange. at the Aenirv of the Bank of Callocate. LHRo A WALLER, 98 Plue street. TPOR 8ALB?FORTT SECOND STREET AND GRAND L."?4s.'s?ts!Jo? ass Si First class tested silver mines to rx. mm _ rhanf* for Houeee and Lota. Address Mines, Herald oRee. A rare chance. BORm WESTERN STATES. J Banking and Collection Hows et Geo. 0. Smith A 1 .. 48 La Belle etreet, Chicago, 111. speetal *itenth* 1 given to collection*, plain and with document* Draw on 1 DKKXKL. WINTHBOP A CO., aad WINSLOW, LANIER I A CO.. Mew Turk. ' 1 STOCKHOLDERS OF THE IDAHO GOLD MINING Company.?You are requested to *eet al Ail _ ? Twenty-fourth aityct iht* evening, to oonenit en matters of importance In relation to said Company. MANYRTOCKHOLDBRH. AAn TO W?AN OM IMPROVED ?D I #.UUU estatoRl this eUy In nay aum. REAL a eliy in nay ?<>tn. W. H. #CWD, ? Wan street. fo^n nnn To on first mortgage. In rams to m ISAAC HO.VIQ, as Fine street, room No. t. Hand Apply w AAA TO LOAN b9 BOND AND MOSD f?**' ? on* <* more auaia, en rent estate In tbl* oltv or Hrockiy COW JOHN F. CON RBY. <B WaH etreet roe* Mt $5.50.000 *? L0AN IW ?rM9 10 *vrr 011 cltv Property, t?o:hlrd? of valuation; ai New Jersey, one-half ;Isecond mortgages beadfck C. E. WILLIS A CO.,$1 Fine dL, heeement COP4RTMKRIIHI Pg. AW INDCSTRIOIJ8 YOCNO MAW WTFH CAPITAL, m partner to ? manufactory of Inn Jewa'ry; to-the right party (jawallar or merchant) the boat eatlafaellon iri.1 he given. Addreaa, for three day a, Eaterprtaa, bet 146 Mara lit office. DISSOLUTION.?THE COPARTNERSHIP HPRETO fore eilating under the name of Ploard A Mariutio U thla daydlaeolved by content. I. A. P TO 4 Bit. KxvTou, Pah. U 1867. f. A. MARI0TT8. The underatnrd hen leave to inform hit frlenda that he will continue itie Feather Manufacturing bnelneaa at No. 488 Broome iWeot, under the aamo of . B. A. MABIOTTB. VTOTICB-THR BUSINESS HERETOFORE CON ib ducted In the natnu of O. P. T.ethb-ldge. AjanU la dta eontlaued from thta date.?New York, February* 186F. ? GEO. P. LKTHBRIPOH. FARTNER WANTED?M A COMMISSION HOUSE, I with a capital of Alt to $30,000, to lnerea aeffi morntlre aad prosperous caah Vtaineaa; ataple article#. whin la as unuaoal ami attractive opportunity of inventing without the possibility of loae. Addreaa box 6,148 Poet office. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $*1,000 OR MORE. TO extend a well eatabllehed and profitable whattain tour and prod una buaineaa. Addreaa H. B. .8.. Harald offloe. TJ7ANTED?IB A WE LI# ESTABLISHED RETAIL TT drug honac. doing a flrat clean Imalnam Is en* of tho largest c.iUea In the interior of thla Stat*, a partner with a eeah capital of $6,000; an yctivc partner wafi ycrard In tho businesa preferred. Addreaa M. R. O., box d,4S0 Poat offioe, Now York. ? WANTED?A SILENT PARTNER, WITH A CASH eapltal of $16,000, to Inrest in a flourishing Hardware bualneaa in Central IUlnota; ten per cent a year guaranteed and full aecurtty for the capital; reference# glren aad re quired. Addreaa Hardware, box 1,146 Pou". oflioa.. ' nr ANTED?A PARTNER WITH SAICR IN A WELL *>? entabl<rt>ed manufacturing bnalnaaa. KefgtBnoe* ax. changed. Ad ireaa A. B.. box 8W Harald offiee. i- ? ? ? ?* ettt i BEMMBM OPPORTimiTIBH. A FIRST K ATR^IFPORTTXTTY IS OFFERED TO AWT reapectahle party to bny tha stock of a tint dean ate < nor Store near the city: bualneaa, Groceries aad (heohery; tba artvertlaer own and haa eeeupfait tho same for Oral I twenty-dy# yeare, and wtaheo to T?Ure; tent low; atock llgtl Inquire of JOHN H. BOND. Esq.. SSFront ffireot. ( ATOtTNO LADY WELL RSTABLIStR? IN THE dreeafnaklng bualneaa wlshea a partner of experlanoe. who fa capable of taking charge; ? good bppottnffilty. S3 Clinton plaeau ? t. 1 A TAVCr WV>? WORKINO BU8INBM, LOW* HB tahiinha*and well located tn thla city now punning with now and improved machinery, and plenty of caoh order work on band. Addreaa a. B. C- Herald oflUe. ' CAPITAL WANTED.?I WANT A PERS1 AN EQUAL INTEREST WTTT1 MTSE TABI.ISHED I.KfllTlMATB BUSINESS, * lap.000 TO $1011000 CAN BE MADE YBAR. TO I pfeRSON WHO CAN WIN ATELY $16,006 TO $30000'AW CPPORTTT PGR BUPINBR8 SELDOM MET WITH, ONLT NEED ADDRESS CAPITAL WA? OFFICE. EXCHTSTYH NTH UTS POR SALE-FOR TVH 1 tollingpotent article lo tho market; retail*at $U BiabodatSSeaeb. #4 room No. 1 Wo. d Pino atrflgf. I WISH TO MEET WITH AN ACTIYI! MAN Tit JOIN m? In the po mbaao *>f an old aatabtlabed earn January, P with which I am fiflly conversant. Addreaa B.. Herald offioo. $3.000. XTUW AND VALUABLE 1XYENTIO J.?PARTIES AN aesklne bwdneeactn hiyaat In the mantfacture of an article of nelrcraal ate and ready aale, tntde In a few hours. -without machinery, f jlly protected by patent, re quiring but a am ill capital, and paying 100 re' eentiwnflt. In operation and paruculara made known at >4 Hmed ?treei, room IS. Rare chance.?-any oknti.eman h*vtwoss,sui capital can met with one of the moat exttanrdl-iary op pcrtnritlea for -eaktng money ever offered, by Inqu.rnj at 2J7 Unison atree.. rl U APITALISTS. ?$60,010 CAW BB I.N VESTED To great advantage in securing a continuing Intern' In a paper rr..tnutictur ngrotnnan/. Any pcr-ia desirous of in vr rtlgv iuff the m-tUer, with a view of purchase, Way ad dreaa Taper box l,4eh P- at office. PflBKNOLOGTRTSL?AN OPPORTUNITY MS A p'Ofcaaor of rcpuulout P> eatabilab hmteelf In ? public lnat'tutiun Applv by letter lo box 1,283 Poet offioe. WANTED?TO DISPOSE OP 1IALP AN INTER!ST 1N x lace miTiufactory, no?r In full ooeration and doing a lirat rata bualncea; reason fur soiling will he nude ?nowj ou apjuying to J N. D., box 313 Poet office, Jersey Cly. HQA AAA CAPITAL WANTED?IN A MANWPAC luring h<iaini-itA where the pn>|ta are larya; a"curtty n?u Se given If 'V-qul?d. To a pert" of re. aiiectnl dl'.y prudtaxle aud hat?fa?iorv arrangarnentaean bo wade. Aadrev# J. W. ?., 111 raid oflhe. ?.OA\ OYK1CE4. A T 77-WDNKY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA A MUNDS, WATCUitR. JF.WKI.HY. Ac.. Oil THE same imhhjht at the hpihk ;t rates, aijio PAWNBROKLRS' TICAKTS BOI.'UHT FOR DtAKII.NDd. WATCOKe. JAWELKY. Ac.. al_77 Ble--kc. atroei. upataira. At as broadwat. kno* bcti.dino. DIAMONDS. WATCIIEs, PRECIOUS STOWRS, ffiA THIS OLD ESTAIlLtSHKD OFPICK ' PAYS TDK UTMOST VALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWH.RY. WAfCHKS. JEWELS, PLATE, PF.ARLR. AO. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS. *0.,AO. N. ?. -DIAMONDS. WATCHES. AC.. FOB BAIT. OFFICE IIOURB FROM Id A. M. TO 4 P. M, J. H. BAR2UNGBR >13 lliuadtraj, Nv. AHT SRI PEARL STRUET. BKrWKF.N NEW BoFF.BY and Franklin a<i'iare, LKDEKI-.K A CO.. adr-.nM tib araWy at reaainaide larmnuniiU valualde pi.n-e.iy, Wltchao. Jewelry, Diamond", A' , or puieha?e. AHSBT IW BROADWaT, NFtR TWCMIETH STKFET, I reot't No. 4.?The Waheat prl-e- patd for Diaronda, Wat net. .icavalrr, old Gold ai.d Silver, or t-i.-nev .ifeuily advanced on the -ante, aleo Pawabmke-v' Tickrta laru.-i". M tttkS A CO AHDYlSt'BH MADE O.N WATCHES. DIAMONDS..If W o'ry. Dry Quod* and Penmnal Proiierty ?rt evtry de aciiptlon. J A. JACKoON. Ill Hrai d atreet two dootawaet of Brand way. . _____ _ . _ _ TVANOND II.WTLRV BOUGHT tT ITS i IMosT 1/ falue. Loa.ia n-gntlxloit, Val'iatiooa .me per oent, 8 W. PL' Mil. Diamond B.uker, Mi Hrnadvaay. ojKeiafte St. Niahoiaa Hole). Purv.haaee made tore a real I romim-awn. PR(IIH(HM,v BinLDERS?SEALED PBOPtlRALS INVITED FfiR PIOTT Kftlh' ??n Bill ing Hotel. >?* Jvraey Plane and ape -iiii-a-, >n? ?een on prtiniaca until Wedr wilajr. Utah ; fiwu Uth m SStb at nOiaa uf Moore A Hrvwn, 31 Neaaan atreet. Mls<KLhA\E?H'? ALL WINDS OF ROOFS REPAIRED AND PAINTED ?? the cbenpeat rata*. Call at 11A Ml eat Fit teanth aireet. In the t>##?uteri! G'BAPK VINES. I Hand rumt for Price Ijn. * FKRKIR A CATWfMHl. Pongbkerpaia. N. YJ CTUEBLA1N. U RLE UK LA PAlX, PARIS. r_ _ AMBROSIAL CREAM FOB SUA VINO. FASIIIONARLI PKP.FUMKR lor Ui" bamJkemMffi. KAU LUETRAI.B for Ufa hair. EAL* DE,COLOGNE (pre pa rati# n apeclale.) PARIS EXHIBITION. IS67.-JOHW ARTHUR k Of' , X Id rue Caatlgllono Agonta of the Brltteh and Amrtiean Xmbaeelaa, oata.dirtied Ihlriy.ejght yeara, midejutke to tap raaent eihlHIoii, Rann and Eirhaogo, IJonae and I'.Mata Agenw,. C'ltrnnHai'tn. Trenail Agenta and Wluo Mrrrb-aita. Every Information gratia PARIS-LOFFICII INTEPWATIOWAIe RUB WRl'YR St. Augnetie, (S. Leery Infbrraeiimi grataitadaly. apertmenta pri.yided. Luggage waranoaaed VLTAWTED TO BUY-A RBCOND HAND SAFE. ME Yf dlnna ataa. Apply at 76 DueM ntraot, third floor. WANTED TO PURCHASE?ABOUT PIFTT RKi'OWP . ???*? Bian Addmao W. Barkiry. ?Court Midi nrMi WANTEJ>-I l??w TANRrTFRO* "?B0 TO"l.WOAla lona eeoh. Addreaa bcxdJRdNow York Poat offiea. TlTANnD?A HOOD MEDIUM RIJIED RKCOJID ntrt> ZLs&Jkls, raura || REW1NO MACHIRlA. WABBA*TED Rpffi TWRLTP. |IAi?? At At'CTPIWr. A UC^ON NOTICE.^* both,auctioneer. an ixZi. Kl^r2ffXopp"l1,,J,,liLfor ?s<> ?? vf,uj W? u I1S.W) *ert h orihiuit Mid genteel Honae

K'SSf'SJJR aurtho, Ala (Haturaey) aftaraoon, Jut,-J? I.5*ia o clo'k. at Ida largi reaUanro 119 CUnton pUca ctflnhH. tract), iwr Math evahae. consisting of Mi BlAuaat iwwraod Pianoforte. I , j,v.~ 7S 2?**,o*aotlf^ Parlor Putt*. .. art. B rouses, ruaesls and In , ? af Lou lit; ilu, Buffet and Dining n.VK^,k.?,_rr??<,h 7"? Work* of Cm 7n!i.7r Tr. B,wa?iMi ralof, Buffi una jlfiqiujc Chalmto matafa; Oval and rier Mirrors, black walnut Mutts. *?r*r*d y?:.h h**rBi;>*h and jtroaa reps; black walturt and rOMWooa Badrtcsjp and Bureaus, Kprtng and Hair Mat sFT?t "i*?!*' Y??"A01asc.China aad Bilrer yyij-^Ti *? . "? B..?Reliable moo to attaodaaca ta mrVpeak and chip goede for purr hewer* at a i eaatuabU A-* WYNN ? CO.. APCTIOKEKKS. ,? 001) WOHTH OF HAJHHFlCEWT'HOUSEHOLD FURMtTrifE; "szathB#%?* uatin"0 , at Ira atoty brows Math arcnuea. Superb Hulta Drawing Ho? cause. Superb (Hilta Drawing Room Furelturo. SsS?OA^=?fihs?M iS-sass;7?S!^ll auction this wcaoon: Stool, Corari rosewood. widaut W.?i IXDCTOUA to MldUiAlL fiataU-.. i-*a iko katiaa ' ? --*? ? ?"??" "vwawi Miitri* ? meroua to Man Una, "clalcgmcM the bouse. ^ ??"tkwaat oorner of Twelfth strcgA. On Wednesday, JUtlu Thursday, Bat. and Friday, ?<lAf ?T?nln*- a* abort:? CONT RIB VTQSL'H AALECiF FINK PAINTINGS, VaTM COLORS, AC. raj??!* ?????* ?a Foreign PalnBnga. Color*, Drawing*, AD HBRKAFTER. OF AMKRIC_ THURSDAY EVENING?Flue FRIDAY EVRBIBO-Wator FA RTIffU L A R8 BY HENRY H. LB EDS A MINER, i a- .. ?*NRY H ?ED* AUCTIONEER. wiU Mil by auction, oa Saturday, February 9, at 10M A mock, atftair aalecreoui. Bn. 63 Liberty streak ? ? HOUSEHOLD FUfBITniK, MBdittlng af raaaaM, walnut and Mack walnut Sulla S?T*r?~ Mpa, hlgW -walnut Mineral Casa, mahogany ?ulT.a^' ?*rP*u> "*0 Chain, black walawt Bad room ?ulu, Ac. tadMte? Cbapel -?ad Parlor Organs Aagi jsyte ?? BY MINER A SOMKRYILLB. AY AUCTION. THIS DAT. tf SALES *4" OaT FEB. ?. AT MD'OLOCR, IMjOM W NASSAU BTRBB*. ffl'K HOSES, *a?ata MINER A SOME BYT LIB offer nnmrpaaaad ad T*5.^fe" J?.niparW?T>ea and bualnrt* capacity U parUea wishing ta buy or dastrlng^ssll Ilaraea. Carrlagea or anything pertaining to the ho roe business. Af *vcrjo\ AT ? O'CLOCK. M wB " I'ul/T'R, Regular bane aalaa at tar Auction Mart. Union FladBBtw "T ? ,MMn "u"i ?UBiir|Nimwi W ?----- .-i t?tMn, **parlance and bu?1n*M oaaaolty. to t^^iNiyssSttr^aa^<SSi^ t>ENJ. J. TUBALL, AFCTIONEBK. tolFBS'.'Sy.lffiSS Win. , at the salesroom: dB tpon SU-R-MT SBEEIFF ?ALE, O* TCYfiDlT r Fehniary JT. at 11 o'Hnek. at? Sa 4 Baaed way, akielargi Copper French Alcohol StiU, wkh aolnma complete; alaaow hi'. of re^n^p^:^tth>g., , .. H'S^mShlSffiBBStfRireWfel BALK OF HOl/SRMOLD F1 'BBITITRB, *C. MINER A HOMBRTrLLE will aaU at auctli% at tb*M Mjuro""1-*7 Baaaan street, this day(Satnrday). Fab. a. at IpX o'nlank, a large anortmeut wf Household Furniture, Carpets f NleMh. Baddlngi Mirrors, Ac. A loo a large a? ?oilmant of Office Furoi'uro Also. S rosewood Pianofortes, Henry a miner, auctioneer, office sr NASSAU STRESr, IMPORTANT SALE OF -Hon CLASS MiiDERN OIL PdlBTTNON, hetag the entire Collection of Mr. A. iiadart, of Psrln. who la about returning to Europe, and enmnrltlng all the pliLuroa lat"ly on eihtl.lllon al the Harliy Osllery. The sale will lake plane on TUUBHIMf AND FRIDAY BVRMiNfiS, VP. RHUARY M AND 16, at our naw and snauinu* imlT ^ ? . . AVKBUR ART OALLRRY, SS Firth avenue, s?uthw?Kt corner Fourteenth street. Will be on eghiblllou oa Monday, 11th IreUut. HKN'RY <t. KVANS, APrTIONRKR-WILL SELL TRW day, at.9 o'clonk, a rich a?v.rim?nt of French China Bn .emlan Ulna*ware. Parian marble FrenchClorks, Ao., the eornolete imi'.ir^ilon of B. HehHauu, AW Hmn-lway. HCOOLFY. ACrnONKER. v NEW CHAMBERS ? sice' aetls thi. day, at 12 o'.-iork, the Fixtures >.hd go?l will of timldae Bar and Billiard Saioon. IDS Broad way. Sale without rraerre. J" COLE. AUCHOBKRR.-PBBKMPTOBY HALE OF 13 rainsVe lotte, near Prospect Park, to be sold at auc tion oa Tuesday.-Feb. II. at II o'cki-k, at tha Commercial Kxrl.anre, 109 Fulton street, opposite the City Hsll. Brook Exchange, *9 Fulton at reel, opposite the City Hsll. Brook lyn. Thoy a?e situated ou Butler Teuih, Kleeenth and Twelfth street* and Ninth aeenu* M-tps at the office of the S'telloneer. *W Fulton atreet. r COLK, .trcnoNEER.?LAR'IF ABD POSIT1YK *9 ? sale of AM Yscaut T-ota, by order of the oxaoutnr, oa Wednesday. Feb. IA a* It o'clock, at the Ooiumerclol Bi ehtnge, ,te? Fulton street, opposite the City Hall. Brooslya. ^haMAMammja 1 amMMa ? k.< W These Iota are located on Bergen. Wyck df, Warren, Baltic, Butter, Iioog'ass. Baokett. i nlon, {'resident ao?l Cerron streate. and on Flushing, Willougbby, TlUoa, Ralph, Howard. Saratoga and tlupkinsun avenuea. This property being Io cs lad in diferont parts of the city, offers great Induc-mcnta to purehaaare. Maps at the ottlea af the auotloaear, m Pal ton street, Brooklyn. TIC . a'c ROOABT, 4AUCTIOBRRR.?THIS DAY. AT ME o'clock, at the auction rooms. No. 1 North William street. Household Furniture, consisting if Hofaa, Lourgm, Table*, Chairs, Carpets, OIHoth, Biirean*. Weahstands, looking ij lessee, niahogauy Bad-0-a la. Hair Msltrastea, Featser Basis and Bedding, Secretary Bonk'jaae, Kx enslan Dining Tsidea, Church C'ltnlans: aJao, as account of whom It may iwneem, 3 Bagatelle Tables. M Hair rtllowa, three trunks Clothing, Ac. eHBRIFFW BALE.?RICHARD WALTBB& AUCTION O _aer, wSI sell on fSolnrday). at II o'clock, at No. WB Brosdway. Stock and Futures of Liquor Store, oonsiit Ing af faney Bar and Bar Flx'oree, Ale rauip, Tables and Chairs: also Interest In law of premises; also, iminedlaie |y after, a luantlty of Household Furnlturf;. at No. 99 M?c ?tnngal street. JOHN KELLY, Sheriff. Jows Csrrsxy, Deputy. CJHKRIFF'S SALE. b-> r,_ ''lyi'UR NTORB. BROADWAY. HI'HARD w ALTERS. Anetkmoer, will sell on Salurdsr. I ebrusrr P. ml II o'clock, at Ml Broadway, a quantity of Wise*. Liquor*, Cigars. Mom Fxturss, >ne lame Class Cigar Case. D. Onxr-rte, Deputy. JOHN XBl.LY, Hherlff. QllRRIFF'N HALE.-RICHaRD WALTERS ACC t ' tloneer, will sell this dsy, Haturday, at 10 o'clock, al 97 K??t Broadway, ? quanUty of Dry Oo-id*. Hhawl*. Clothe, Ciwsimeres, Ac. JOn.N KELLY, Kherlff. B. Rair.i.r. Deputy Sheriff, TIUDB Al CTIOB HALES- -BY ROBERT HATDOOK A HON, 101 Liberty street Tuesday, Fehniary 19, 130U packages Boston and Plttshurg Flint Olasa: Wednesday, tshruary ?.?0 casks Hsrtland * French Chlaa, original packagee: Thursday, Fehniary 21, WO crsU-s W. O and com mon Earthenware; HO crates Hbarpe's heat Rockingham and Tel low War* 17 casks English (fhtua Tea Seta And Toilet Ware. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, OFFIOK NO. I7? Chatham sutwre sell* on Monday, IHn Inst., at I0W a'elnek. the Htoe.B and Fixture* of tha sp'endld Liquor Mat* 47 Mabtnugal atrogt. Tha Flxtara* art flr*t clam; al*o rhaica Liquor*, Ac. imMTIMTKK. A FULL fET OF TKRTII For $6, WITH THI PRIt I ? . '"g* of trying them three mouths. Teeth exhsrisi wi.houi pain. AMERICAN TEETH COMPANY 61 East direct, Fenrlh street, aorner of Bowery. /loLTOB DENTAL ARROO'IATI^N FIHHT UBED NI W truiis oirde ga* In dentistry, do nothing hut ettr.u-l teeth ?nd rorialnly do that wkhont pain, at l?* isiper Ia*U WHITK'B NRW AND IMPRDVKD ARTIFICIAL Itiihbm Teeth, superior in baaulr. dui thllitr and use K2TI" a . Mhtr?rWhr.|e arts. 4*. RIO ami fl8. Teeth idled aud axtis' tad wlthant pain a* IM Blseoker strael, near I* ? ?OARMANENT BETH OF i?|;m TEKTII M2-BKRT f|3; L Isiaporary Mela RH; beet gp. Call aid examine spec I mens before engagii.f elsewl-.e-e; teeth filled with gold, |l: teeth sgtraeled without pain. Offica llffi Ruth avenue. rETH RXTRAirTED WITHOUT PAIN, LAST TUB .I-?i? siit:irr,h i*nj T",,h ?r wax oat pain. Mmlly Mil ng plates bought or rtchanged. J J AT YILLRRM, IM Crar.d street. V ALKSTIIRN. 12. ?* trade?yalen . >'*? ??.W6 aad wo lota at half prlrs -OlOADWAl" THBATML?ADMISSION, M/?bMT?. ?BOWDE* A^"TnTjfR^1'F8 TRa^'"'V,rsABatfit?r*'1 jss^wnfo. Mm Jenulo u4 Iran* >? VMbh Cleg DaagU. jbuuhi, n with Bonn, Duru.At. | CIMDERKLLA. Mate may ba .acireTaii -layx In advance. alajmtin JY AW*OUNCRHENT. CARD.- -The I ID.?The maa*|*m*Bt of th# pleasure la Aunouuetag an #i withtha " WORM) RENOWNED ABTIBTR8, MR. ARB MRU. BARtEf WILLIaXR th* original Unper^mator* of TRH AND TARE KB FBCULlAKIWKb. Tht? enttfemeui. from pogiUe*urrang?m?nu pdbcouxly entered In ? \75ni'? V) ITT* WEEKS, Iki MONDAY. FKWMCARY M. Mr. ?ik1 Mn WILLIAMS win, goring to tho brifneaa ot **eefop5fcjElAHDlr LKAB AKT POCE ?, ?0 foil Of '? ?AYBTT ARM OH A KM, with which thaWnamf* oro iiWUted. *ad aim tStrod.o* mailt* and .-tudaf character*, thuo maintain) (alrgad? acknowledged) for the Broadway ftmt la point of ?ntorprlao la the faulted SUtta Doe notice will be given uf tho opening of IhgBex Sheet, Prion, Ac. TT ART* TEMPLE OP MVdTBBY, MS BROADWAY. u ""?"fii'ALWf'aiiiiwn.T,. _ Nora.?The now Dlualooa ate performed entirely wXbort tpparitoi. ORBAT SUCCESS OF TUB MBW PRO OR AM MB, and the "most myateribua wonder of modern time* ' PROTEUS, PEOTBC8, PROTEUS. ? THE BASKET TRIOS and FLOATING BEAD, in m*' aeqnenoe of the tmrnnnRI enthusiasm, xrillt he continued. Ticket* go oentf. Reserved Heat* $1. For oale at the Vail from 9 til 14 Doore open et 7 V. MATINBE, door* open at 1J? fmm9tHI4. Doore open at 7.^. MATINBE, door* open at 1^ The Chtekerteg Piano M aaed at then eaanua*. flHABLRY ?HITB'? TJJOI PK, 471 BROAPWAT. Kj THE GREAT MATINRK THIS AFTERNOON. TO-DAY. II if I hp r III III jT MATINBR. T. ACnOOTjBOY'e FROUC. MATINI5B. TO DAY. TO-DAT. The two Johpaon*. MATINEE. TO-DAY. Oddeand Buds. MATINER. TO-DAY. The Black A .lore. MATINEE. TO-DAY. _ SeToral new Comical Itteei MATINEE. TO^AY. _ Sow Ballet# andjiew Overturn MAflNEB. MATINEB COMMKNt'ES AT HALF-PART ? O'CLOCK. s AN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, Mb BROADWAY. The trouble comuienem at a-ouartor to 9. . - ?- ? hinrtrblsy. 1 THE CRIME UK LA CRKMB BIRCH. WAMBOLD. BERNARD k BACK US' RAM FRANCISCO MIN8TRELS, whoaa ancneaa haa never been equalled Or any similar organ ization In the world. Bow and eheerfnl Inrleaqkee eaanr Hilton Head Tnetltnte, Happieet Couple Out, Ohll of Oypreae. Impeaohnx laughter at tha Shadow Paa SLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TROUPE. R ELLY A LBOR'6 MINSTRELS, 790 BROADWAY. ^OEL RRDNTC Ballet Troupi" i B , X DEMON Dance J h t 9:09. I _ B TheenlvLBON,! ? X EBLLIPANTI, f D . _ p SevruourgaB. ? N R t ? .. I I , Prielniay*. |D Crowded Nightly. Ol LACRAOADAM .epuorT UllaB ecu.D ROMED CBS ,NOEL rlao ehT APILT.EK .ITNATTLT.EM *tBHS 0LYMPHJ THRATRR. &HJDAY, FEBRUARY A ? . Ml ORB MOOR BARLKR. P^SSip^wsrsffl-v'jr-,, MARTHA. MARTHA. MARTHA MARTHA. ? Pletear'a Charming and Popular PrcdasBog entiif. U AdwlHagt* Matinee 79 eenta. withouteilra charaefor re "ftssfYrtSr hDBBWr WtYBB ti* WINDSOR _? the ?a*t embracing HERMANNS (a. Sir John Mrrby wtybn op wtnbbob. > \ ,js.wxsrs?s5,ia?irsrtt; . . rax# bymbing. . The etory la fMfe ShakspeeWe eemedr end R fhmlUaA The mnAe Is of the meet ehaneieg and iiill^Uil chap aeter. Hmg Thoaaat amhraaaa all the uhdi of the eompaey. lacbidlim touattm) of FALSTAFF. HEBMANd In hi# celebrated Themlaeenaceaaaadooetua D'reeler Madame P irepa wfll ^ag "On Mighty Poda" from area. tlon. t>y llaydu. Barred Orrman rang/with violoncello obligate) by Bach. LsiiibiimI 'Mvtt UaHa" MrUh ArtAii vlnlin MTitf nierifh AAMim. ftounod, "At* Marl*,1' with organ, violin nnd piano aorvmv pnnlmvnt Mr. M. B. Mllta win play "Baphaodl Hongrol.." hp Liazt, and Fantaela 1'apriee." Mr. Carl Kcu will play PMtaala. for violin, by Fenlaria and Variation* t>y Da Berlot. Bach, and The urcbeetra will perform Overture to "Kiirvanlbe'' , Weber Overt-ire to "Limine Walloon Romania, "L'Kolair" by Halevey "Virion. In a Dr-.m'* Lutnbye Conductor, Thro. Tbotnae; II. B'. Colby at She Piano. Tlelelv IV) 0*11*. Henervril w.?i* uO rrnta eitra. For *ale at the u?.i il place. SRVERINI A |'E ARK'R MKW SnBltCUIPTIOR RENTES OF FIYK MORNING CONCERTS, on the following date., at So'clock precisely:? MONDAYS, Feb. II. 1H, &; March 4, 1L INrst Concert on MONDAY NEXT, whoa M*wr?. SRVKBIN1 and FKA.iB will be aml.tcd bv the ad mired Contra'.te. Mi** NETTIE STERLING. *i:dMr. Q. W. Col,BY, Pi*nlft. Do<vr. open at 2% n'elnuk P. M. Subscription Ticket*, for the whole Men*,, for male *t Ktelnway ?. Prie* ACs Single UckeU $1 each. >'or .ale at Stein way'*, and at Reer A nclilruer'a 701 Broadway. /NRAND OPERA MATINEE AT THE OLTMPIC Tf) \T day. -MAItniA. Door. o??en at half-pa.1 twelve tnl.iriOM, Mtcnty -Ova eenta. beat* areored without eatra charge. , BCNYAN TABLEAUX?LARGEST PANORAMA IN Die world. UNION 1IALL, Broadway and Twrnty ibird ?!reel. Open everv night at 7: commencing at 7\. Admtmlon, M cent.; children, S cent*. Matinta Wednes day and Saturday, at 3 o'clock. J^ND THE CRY IS STILL THEY COME BOVBLTIKS. NOVELTIES. NOVELTIES. SOMETHING NEW AND AMI78INO. Row being performed every night to crowded hoaaga. 7%* hghly amiiaingand Inurenlng dramatic *peaucle enUHad TRMPKRANtfK IN NEW YORK BY GASLIGHT, MAGIC EFFECTS OP TUB NEW EXCISE LAW. SCENERT. NEW COSTUMES. NEW Al or TUK NEW SCENERY. NEW COSTUMES. NEW ARTISTS. R'artllng eSecta. Wonderful and nmnrlnf. Mnele by Proffvaor Er.gleman'* oel.bratml Band, BFeij night at the great REVEILLB MUbIC GARDEN. Of Mroalway. Adtoleeiou free. |T BRO tPWAT.?SECOND FRENCH EXHIBITION IO ot Palnuaga. Open dally from HAM. until d P. M. Theatre francais.?French theatre to let. for evening* and matin*#* for opera., drama*, concert*, lecture., Ac., Ac. Apply to Mon?, DRIVET, *fflco olbPraacb Grand opera matinee at the oltmpio bo day.?MARTHA. Door, open at half^-pa.t twelve Ad ml**Inn, Mventy-rtve cental Real* aecored without attra ebarga. ^yANTKD-A YOUNG LADT TO PLAT THE PIANO and melodmn and alng and to travel. Alao a leader for an ornbeatr*. DAVIS A CO., Theatrical Agent*. 497 Broadway. THK I.K1TI HR NKANOM. COOPER INRTITCTB.?THIS EVENING DR. IfKN BARD will lecture, to grntlemen only, on Manhood and Iheeanae. and prevention *f It* prematura decline. Tbl* lecture will be aplendtdly illiutrated with a great number of rhaateand beautiful model* and painting*, inmorted finm Pari* evpi-eaaly for that purpoae. exbtbltfng all of those dla *a*ea peeullar to mule*, their oauaea, mean* nf prevention and cum. No auhject nan be of greater Importance, .ape nally to young men. m IMPORTANT LECTURES DA1LT-TO GENTLEMEN only, at the New Tork Mn**um of Anatomy, 418 Broad war. Tho#* unable to attend thee* torture, may reoelv* a C'P* bv forwarilng ten oeol*. Addrea. Secretary of N*w Tork Hunum of aualemy, 418 Broadway. MUBIC A I*. ^ LADT WILL OIVB INSTRUCTIONS ONATIIE ptano. at the pnptla' rmldenee, for fit par quarter. Bratof refrrance. giv.a. Addrea*, with reference., S. R. T? atatlon L. T THE NATIONAL CONNKRVATORT OF MUSIC, ? Madiaon areuue, near Twenty-ninth .treat., Vio lin. tneory ?id ?iajttn^^rerm. flO per quarter, the Con aerrawy inalrm-uon beek. free. ^ GENTLEMAN OP SEVERAL VKARS' PRACTICAL eiperlrnce In, aurgery, Ac , 1. daalmu* nt ha eomlng a partner or kmiH.h1 to a medical praetMtotmr; UuallAcatlon. nnr?*ntioniible. and refei-enoe. givaa If ra qimad. Addrea. M. P., boi HA llarald oOloe. A SUPERIOR CONTRALTO. EXPERIENCED, .THOU, ong' ri ailet. idglilr r?,-rimtne?d<-d. wt?hr* an rna?ge. tnenl in Drat rl.e. ? hurrh choir In th* city. Add re*, singer, H*v. M. Tyng. AM Fifth aienue. GBNTLEMAN WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION OR THE ?^?Plane *t pu|"I.' re.vldenr* for Aid per quarter; heat of reference given. Addrea*, with reatdanca, foacb.r, box 119 Herald -irtlo*. H ARP FOR SALE.?A DOUBLE ACTION RRAHD. Hne tone, In good crd?r; alao Suite Bex; prtee Addrea* box <U Post o?re. MAW)N a haVijn. MvtrrACTi-BKBs <ip cabinet Orgao*, S?lc*r Mjtr. M Broadway, Sew Tork. Wbera may 1# found the large-1 amortment of Instrument* of Uua may bd found the largest aaaortment of laatnunente of tip* elaeo In tho ooiietry. Prlcco, $79 or tern In $1,0119 each. W A2*it Ara^l?2i; Jf.SIT.A J*??D. WAPXB )AiytpnBro.' N1.1SI Baker isl Mar* d?UUn TU-D&, aiio'cloek, a MATINEB, ^ AMD THIS EVMNINO. at a o'clock FOtHtlVEI.r LAST PBBPOBMAMCBli OF A BIRD OP PARADIrtB. MONDAY, vffl ka produced, with new fi?Mwrr. CWeem* and uapreoedealeii oak. the Drama af TICKET-OP-DEATH MAM. XTRW YOBK THEATRE. i> extra a mm opmcbmbwt. The management take* great pleasure la anrnmiu Ins a* engagement with I ha dlsliagulahod cimatieaae and ?x*L-K liDr DOM. commencing on MONDAY. Fab. IS. On wMeh oeeasioa her ladyship will auiti her Brat appearance la Maw York ini twe at' bar must celebrated personation* Mm baak will ha Wednesday, Feb. li P. B. CONWAY'S PARK TIIBATMB, BROOKLYN. YH1M EVENING, 1111 RONE OF AMIBMR TBB OCEAN YACHT RAOR. ROOD FOR NOTMKO. rKY PASTOR'S OFKBA HOGSB, 9} BOW BUT. POWTIVKLY, POBITTYBl. Y The last two Msfsmtmei af the great drama THE KHAUI BRIGAND OH1BP. TUK REMADE BRIGAND CHIRP Whlok must give way to aur law of waokiv ckaqga, and ba replaced on Monday bait hy another saw drama. OR AND MAT} NEB TO-DAY AT Ki O'CLOCK. GRAND MAYINEE TO DAY AT *% O'CLOCK When, In addition to thte splendid eenaatlonal drama, tony pastor and the entire company WILL APPEAR IN aglorious YAttUtTY PROGRAMME. SHAN MAOCOIXMST ON MONDAY. r Griffin a chbisty'8 minstrelb. FT TO I tVENUE OPERA HOUSE AruM llotcl). DMUOBTKD AUD1ENO" M nightly wronged wRb the vs r*r in Ainn vi ?*?? iiwvu** lAdjotoing Fifth Avenue llolal). O. W^_B. ORlFFIS.'T. MAN AO ???ym 1 -- CONTINuBB aCCORSB. CROWDED H Thi* Palace Opera Honaa elite of the city. OBORGF. CHRISTY ooatlnnee to delight hla many admirers. Pint appearance of Mr. CHARIER BF.NKHCT; Comedian. Second week af the greatest nong and dansp man Bvia Mr. OSCAR BURBA.NK. URIKFIN A CHB1BTY n *"* MUSIC, SINGING AND DANCING. Theatre prancais. comedy. Saturday. February a atiJK p. te.. With the assistance of MUa. NAODt. LEN NOCF.8 DK JBANBTTB. Comic Opera, bv Viator Ma sec. LI MEVBTKIKK OB THEODORfc Cojnedj^ijlbrae acta. Ticket offloe at F. DerdonvUle'*. fJ8 Broadway )adbmy op music. TGKDAY, FEBRUARY A Brooblyn academy op music. wap? ? "" PANEPA MATIMER. With the following Great Artists;? I Madam PARKPA, , _ The Celebrated Pilaw Donna Mr. W. J. HILle^ Parortta American Tsoor Mr. Earl rosa. Violinist. Mr. G. W. COLBY, AonompaaM. Doors open at 1, to begin at 3 o'clock. TICKETS ONE DOLLA* Mo extra charge for secured seals. For sals at the Academy of Musm. RAND COMPLIMENTARY CONCERT, to be glran by the teaehers and perils af Ike Mnshwl oae. I serratory, OB Broadway, to Mr. Edward MeUenUaoet. ai I'ltcf Ju Saten^r' ,r-bru*rF "? Te commeam at 8 o'clock P. M. On tblaoccasion the following artlata wll appear:-? Madame OAEZANIUA. Hopsane. I,b?m"l. A PATT1MOM Md R. BOOKBLMAN. V I DEBUT, At violetta. I WT bignora'oIcdjtta ALT1BBV I sigaor aKTONIO L. MORA has the honor of aannmsetr.g HWjffiit'fvrr*maT1^' lEtf** I I plril representation, MONDAY EVBNINO, FahrnajryU, I Lww5it^toriiiniiVt undue dmeidli agaankjjjjB^J the following eminent arhatoa,^^BH^^H ? BtgadaaOniDlTTA ALTiKRI ia her I VloUtta, being her dabut be I ere an liiiin I ? Uli M I Signor KTTORK 1RFRR as Alfrrdo. I Signor FORTUN t, USe of the Batomaa Trecpo. - u?r I moat, Ala ?rtt appearance In ooera. I The chorus and Orchestra will he under Ihe pertonat man. I apameat and directum ef tna aew lmpngaano, Blgnor I Admlsilaa. >1 SO; Circle (aeevtred mats), la ?. fs' I ?ay, had at J. 0. Seymour A Co. 'a, Nee. ? and II Nassau ?l I m , ? 1 -T - I - - - - ? ? ?r A C A DEMY OF MUiHO, BROOKLYN. A TENTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT. MONDAY. FEBRUARY II, AT BIOHT fPCIiOCE I L. F. Harrison, Dtrectri Wallace night, I when the en'tre programme given with so much ? uccaos at I Bteinwsy Hall on last Wednesday sveulag, will M repeated br the following artists;? Mr. 8. B. Mills, Madame F&repa. Mr. Carl Re?a Mr. (I. W. Colby, Mr. Then. Thomas and foil orchestra. TlekeU for sale at the Acmdemy of Uustc, Brooklyn. AH GR-tND rAiRI 1> CONCERT?VOCAL AND TNSTR'I ? menial, will be given at St. Anguetio's church, Her '? nnla. Rev. J. P.Woods, i*?tor, en Hnndar evrctng. feK. 10, IW9, at? o'clock prcoi'-oly. It will be under the dusei < n or Prcleesor O istavus Ncbmltr. organist of i t. I'ntri k's cathedral aaalstod hy several eminent arttsU and a full uhorur. The Murrisanla cars, connsetmg with the Thlid avenue care pass the church rve*y five minuter. w ONDKRFOL FREAK OK NATURE-"THE WASH INGTON TW (?!!>," bo.-n altre. having two h-ada, four artna and but one Wty and nun pair of lege: i.?i fin h>aJ air'right arm of P--it,,:,, the murdoror of the Doeil'.g lam II", together wtu lite magnificent MOMtfcia ei ti. Phyalofogy, Anatomy P*-nolowy and Natural Hteto y. ill of which are lUaatrated dally by lAoturoa and Mt< roemnle View# at the N?w Tor'. .V useum of Anatomy, did Broadway. Opau I mm 8 4. M. to 10 P. X. A I.I. ABOARD FOR TUE ItACKH. -NEW YORK CfU Cta, Fourteen'u utreet ?Notico Kitraonliuary - Jockey <"tub Race*.?Mr. TurnbnlL win tie cell braird ho ?? Vaudm Mil. will leap the horizontal l?*T to-dav l&otmrday . ai 8 o'clock precmelv. Mr. Frlgg* Mr. Woodruff and other m . mhera of the oluh will aiau lie present with their high gyer*. (Jo early to aecurn your aeal. CRSAND OPERA MATINKK AT TUB OLYMPIC TO T day.?MARTHA. Doom open at balf-pant iwelie A-l, aoveety-five r?nt?. vault ??cured without eitr* chart*. Theatrb ticket office. Reser. <sl *eata for all theatre* opera*, concert*. balls Ae? can he obtained at the URATES TICKET OUTDE, 1U AND IU BROADWAY. PIAEtlKORTICS. AT PRIVATE BALE?A MAONIKICBNT 7 OCTAVK rosewood Pianofore, order; city maker; .?? $dn?. for $300. Including Stool i.nd Cover; Parlor Mutt*. KM gerre. Hook'.nee. Painting* Brume*. "havnber and Dining Furniture. A aacrltirr. 04 Weal Ml toe nth at., heir Blxth a* A MAGNIFICENT AfWORTMKNT DP THE FINEST and checpeat aew and aecond hand Piano* in the nt? foraale and lo rent, at WM. CANDlDUd' warn mom a, eh lUaeeker afreet. A REAL BARGAIN-A FAMILY LEAVING TUB c'ty offhr for sale a 71a or'a.e ronewood Piano, of beat elty maker, only two moniha In ua?, for $??); eoat $4g0. liae all the new Improvement*, lege. Agraffe 'yetoro, An Apply at 14D Weat Fourteenth atreet, between teraau and Eighth armuea. A LADY WILL BACRfPICE FOR CASH A BEAUTIFUL rooewood Pianoforte, original price $*10, forlana than half. Beven octave; carved Irga; beatCity malum. Call at 2k TMrd afreet, near Second arena* CUEAPBBT PIANOFORTEB EVER OFFKtiKD?VI* , rovn.iod 7 gd?-a Pianoforte, modern Improvement} Mid -tyle, M*l; <>? octave, f IW: together With twrnlt othero very low *Alao a' rortment new Plan frv tea, mmofeotui r'e price*. V. lit tN A I'D A CO., U) Fourth avenue, eppoatta Cooper Institute. PIANOB-CNRIVALLRD FOR TONS AND TO"OH, AT verv moderate price* A large aaeortment of auoaro and upright# to rent nt low ratoa. BKI-'loW A HARDEN. BROoK., 147 Ten.h atreot, between Broadway and ffmi f? arcane, PIANOFORTE" TO LET?NP.W AND ELEGANT FIIOTP rlaaa ioatruuitnta, at moderate ratea. Rant allowed If purobaaod. "'J?* W|".KD. 108 Bleeeker atreet WATER*' GRAND HOC ARK AND UPRIGHT PlANOs M*lodenn* Cabinet Organ*, wholaaalo and rotail to let, and rout applied If purohaaed. Monthly peyment* m tttyod; .seoond baud Piano# at bargatne. Price# from Mt to 82*. >ew 7 octave Planoa for tf,b and upward* Old piano* taken In eicliange. C*ah paid for neunA hand ptano* Factory and wart room# 481 Broadway. N. V. %t HORACK watb DAM1.AU ACAUKMIKH. ADODWORTHB pANCINd ACADEMY. ? HI Fifth arenn* New Tor*. "or daya, terma, A*, pirate call for a circular. Dn oarmo-n dancing agademt. * nrrn ayr ntM, corner of Fourteenth ntreet-Open Tucadaye a d Friday". Wedn-vdaya aud Maturda.* Lao m* 11 tndP. M : Mla?ea and Matter*. 4 ted P. M. Gentlemen, Tuevday and asr** at 8 o'clock. Claaooa bow apan Aw b? m*i*i 4n on. "" r _ a I-aror' numbxr of nrw~^uip ^coni> hai<d A RlUlard Table* with our Imerewod oainMnath.u ccihton* which hat* been proved to he toy met oorre* and dnrablo cuahiona ever mad* Simejmena ef onr toate* tending to pupvtmte win > rramiYifi mr ilork, wfcto "fiBSTa cmJLAN sSk 4iio?Oeoahy itronA N. T g^J^tena. to roaaouaMa pftoa* toniorn by mnflV