Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 9, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 9, 1867 Page 2
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HTtAtlOM W'A*TBD-PEXALES. A NUMBER or WKLlj RECOMMENDED GERMAN girls waut situs Lion wot Mrs. Lo?r'> German Institute, 17 Stanton at., near Hue Jy. ? ?? t; h FIRST CLASS imWBMAiqUi W.lfLD LIKE A sltuaUon as forewoman in aiPW?!>h-d)i?#et ' K?w York or any other ciiy where a liberal salary will ^ paid; Is thoroughly competent to take tin* entire charge. Can furuwh the host of xefereoea lit this ?wg aud BusUiu. Address Mra. 8.. Boston iNao> I'.wt nffl.r. A RESPECTABLE ilKKM AN <MKL WlSfjs A SITU A a Hon to do genrral homework In a amall prtraW family, would do washing and ironing and w Willing m make herself generally useful. Apply at or, address it* 1st St., baaeuieut, between 1st su and sr. A. 1st St., basMseut, between 1st ?t. aim -re. a. ? A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN, WITH 4 A freah breast of milk, deaires s situation ai wsl nuret Can give the best references. Inquire of Mr. Behwars, 118 Canal stress XGIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID or waitress; ran he well recommended from ktmil employer. Apply *t No. t J.exiugton ar. OK KM AN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A8 NURSE Call at M7"4 1Mb at*, in tha store. ARESPECTABLB AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A situsn?n to do ehamberwork and plain sewing, or would not object to do the housework of a small orTvata 'amity. References. Call at 17 Jonas at., from 10 to 0 o'clock. A RESPECTACLB GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION IW A a private family to do general housework; beat of city references from last employer. Call at 78 West *th sL, near bib sr.. second floor, back. ?* A GOOD. HEALTHY OEBMAN WOHAN, WISHE8 A good place as nurse In a good family. Apply at did Weal 30th at., near 10th an. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AN good cook, washer and Ironer; baa no objection to go a short dlstanco In the couutry; has good city reference. Call at UN Sid at., between 7th and 8th are. ____ A GERMAN WIDOW WISHES A SITUATION oook. washer and ironer in a small AmarMan fa ml no objection to the country. Call at 88 sr. B. oar iter of < at., for two days. A HEALTHY YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A JUXUAv tiou as wet none. Oan be awn at Mrs. Eger's, 87 Frankfort at., second floor, book room. ? A WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS INFANT'S nurse; can do plain sewing; beat city reference. Call at 74 Weet 80th at YOUNO WOMAN WITH k FRESH BREAST OF milk wishes to take a babyto mreanat her own home r for two days at 318 Weet IwjN A RESPECTABLE AMEr/Bw^YIDOW LJttiY wishes a baby to wet nurse at her own residence, where it w ill have u good home; own baby daad. None need apply unless wiNtng to pay uberally. Apply at 389 7th ay., between 3lst and Aid ale. COPYINO.?A LADY WRITING A NEAT PLAIN hand wishes copying to ao at her room. Address for one week H if., Herald office. aOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A voung widow with one little child. In a widower's fam ily. ftest of references siren and required. Address for one week Mra. L. Lyman, K< y|s>r?, N. JT MONTHLY NURSE WANTED, BY AN KXPBRI euced lady, a few more engagements; best of city referenoes; would attend an invalid. Address Mrs. Dickson, IfEk CA8SIDY, LADIES' SICK NUH8E,' JtI Third avenue. |NO. 478 \8ISSKS WALKER?WASHING AND IRONINj JTl and Fluting, on reasonable terms. 91 West second floor. fc DONE, 30th St., OITUATION WANTED-BY AN AMERICAN 1 k? a native of Connecticut, to wait upon an ' elderly huly and do plain sewing and assist In hous Apply at 25 Norfolk st., between Grand and tlestqj broMAN, Invalid or Ckpcping. CJITDATTON WANTED?AS WET* NURSE, O young widow woman. Address 38 JJIty Hall p [ BT A face. QITUATIOM WANTED-BY A COMPETENT U as cook; la a flrai class oook; understands cool its branrbea; best of city reference. Call at 819' at., between 8tb and 9th are. JWOMAN Ing in all West 38th "WASHING AND IRONING WANTBD?IN YT st., No. 81, room 13. CROSBY Widow lady would like to go to caufob nia at child's nurse, or to wait on an Invalid. Addreaa Widow, Herald office. WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AO ED LADY. A SITU A lion to take care of an invalid lady; boat reference given. Address K., box 143 Brooklyn Post office. WANTED?NY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED wreiaa, a baby to wet nurse at her residence; has jum lost her Own baby six days old. Call on Mrs. W- .Poxt, 318 ay. A 117ANTED-BT A YOUNG LADY WHO HAS HAD YT considerable experieuce, a sitae lire tea trimming and; fancy store. Good reference given. Addrtae'Gruntham, YOUNG LADY WHO HAB HAD | I1 Brooklyn Foot office. MAHKIKrTwoJBI for I UL* ANTED?A RITlLtTIO* AS COOK. BY A REAPED* W^HANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE CARRIED WOMAN, a child to wet or dry nurse at herreMdenee. .Call for three days on Mrs. Cock man, 84 Jaekxen, sa. Mew York. H TV Uble woman; the boot of our rafereaoe; would hare no objeollon to a private boardingno nee, Ontt at 148 Weet gth at, between 7th and 8th are. , I WANTED?A FEW MORE LADIES' AND OENYLB* YT men's washing; will do washing beautifully from 78 cents to $1 a dozen; oan see a sample of work: alio fluting dooeneaxtj. Cation or address Mra. D? 188 Bag 84th at.. HlLjP WAtrnep-rKauLBK. LL FAMILIES WANTINO OOOD SERVANTS, OBR ngtrla. Ac., Immediately, it large Pro testa at Km I Institute. 1999th ae., below 9th M. pooa V IW )E WANTBD.?AN EXPERIENCED COOK. KNO Uah or 800tab, wanted Immediately, at U9 Lafayette ae., Brooklyn. Good rafaroaooa required. WANTEO?A COMPETENT FRENCH WOMAN. AS lady'a maid, to attend a young lady; she muat aew well, be able to fit and make dreeaea and to arrange hair; to a penea fully oapable. possessing respectable reference, good wages will be glean. Addreea until Saturday, L. T., bet IBl Poet office, N. T. TXT"ANTED?A PI EST CLASS LAUNDRESS aPPLT m be! ween the boura of 19 and t at 11 Wait thlh at WANTED?A YOUNO LADY. OP OOOD ADDRBSS. to write In an office. Apply, In own hand writing, to 0. W. L.. bo? 109 Herald office. WANTED?A GIRL, TO COOK. WASH ARD IRON. In a imalRprleate family. Apple, with good reference, (A M Weet 47th at., from 10 to 11 o'clock, beaemenl door. AMTRD-A WET NURSE POR TWINS, AT NO. 74 Dean at.. Brooklyn. w YX7 ANTED?TWO GIRLS; ONE AS COOK, WASHER ^ nod troner; the other aa chambermaid and aeametreaa. ?net haee good reference. Apply at 90 Beet 40th at, near Lexington ae. ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COLORED COOK. WITH beet o f city reference. Apply at Id Lexington ae. ANTED-A YOUNG AMERICAN WIDOW OR maiden lady, to do houaework. superintend and make w w herself generally useful; a good borne, where there are no children. Addreea G. W. G., Herald office, one week. Wmm ANTED-A YOUNO LADY OP PRE POSSESSING appearance, between the aget of Id and 00, aa e lady'a traealhog companion. Address, staling where interview oea he had .P. C., box 181 Herald office WANTED?A GOOD. STOUT GIRL; MUST THOROUGH ly understand cooking, washing end Ironing, Apply affier 10 A. M. at 9M WaverTy plsoe. w ANTED-A OOOD WOMAN COOK, AT THE EAT lag houaa Ha. 99 Old alip. Good wages paid ? TIM ME. WANTED?A GIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IRON IN a private family at Ford ham, Westchester county. Ap ply at 149 West Md tt. WANTED?A OOOD PLAIN COOK; MURT BE A OOOD bread and biscuit maker, good tempered, end hare good reference. Call at M West llth el ANTE D?A 8TBADT GIRL TO COOK~WA8H~AND Iron and assist In the housework. Also a youn ? cut about 14 years old, for children and chsmberwork. city re fere news requ'red. Apply at >40 Wast 3>d at., after 10 A M.p 1 door. WANTED-A GIRL POR GRNERAL HOUSEWORK ; must be e good washer and troner Girls with good reference only need apply at lit Baal Hth at^ \ITANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND DRESS. YT maker, to go South; good wages and steady employ ment. Inquire Menday morning, at SUM Grand st. WANTED-A GIRL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK. In a private family; must ba willing and understand her business Good reference required. Apply et No. II Weet tfith ek, from 9 to UL WANTED-A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONRR (good references mdnpernablek In a email private family Call at 149 Fulton at. wast of Broadway, up atalra. SITUATIONS WATTBD-MALK9. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A FAITHFUL AND J\ vigilant man. aa police watchman, or ee sexton or any Bvanaelical ebureb? Baptist preferred; beet of rvferenree to polios captains end distinguished citizens, terms mod ereta Address p., station p. A wo. I PENMAN WANTS COPYING AND ENGROSS 4 N to de et heme evenings Addrem Penman, Herald REFINED PRTROLEUM.-A GENTLEMAN WHO HAS _?ar? engaged in this business for some time, had 222?J!'. * u ?? f?*lv9d on consignment, end where It la packed In Una, la deal roes of a situation aa buyer far so? houaa, er m uke charge of a yard, the best ef re fare noes given. Addreaa R. Ll', Herald office r HOTEL AND SALOOR KEEPERS.?g YOUNG ?nan of experience la both brxmebee wishes e situation aa barkeeper, speaks German and English, beat rarereboet Addreaa F. Herald offlea. * raiereneea. TEAYBLUNO AGENT, OP EXPRRi^TcR AND IN ?uenre with country marchants and druggist* (sow travelling), wishes an engagement Addrem traveller, care A BUBIHNJ wiin wuiih/ umrrilRnUI trsveiling;, wishes en engagement A D. D. Wlnant, 71 Gold sc. New York. Em WHOLESALE CLOTHING HOUSE*-WANTED by aa axperieneed mechanic. an enga<emcnt as foreman' pruduea the beat of reference as tochsrsncrand ability Addrem Foreman, Herald oglca. for three days. WANTS A SITUATION?IN ANY RIND OF CHRMI ? sal rnssefeeturs. sulphuric add. soda ash. lampblack, in sly sis, or aa leather, by ? thoroughly educated aad ex I eviaaead Gasman cheat 1st. Address Pr. Rlntetea, esslaunt to Prof. Jay, Columbia College 49th at, New York. FRM8HCH ADTERTIIHWE9T9. i f DBNANDE-UNE BONNE PBANCAISB WUB ? t solgner trois as tils enfant*, II faut quelle soil bonne ? ttirlbra, et qn'efle aache Men parlor ae league; dee rV r -;n xudatloag ueeeemiree. 9'edreeeer h 11 Tweely fourlh street. ON DRMANDB?UNB PILLB FRANCAlBK FOUR solgner dm enfant*; fl faut qu'aDe gelt bono# onlffcnae; til < reeoamuudaUoM nbeeeaetraa. 9'adreteer 9 IS Beit Ww at., eain In *WN <? ? S U A M. CLBBLKBABD KAI.lfljmy.. A UOMI'KTKM UQOhKREPBR *?? AOOORMTANf A <fr?nu a situatluu; 06>4 city ifiAn AddgBae bog JpPIlW-.l-l ?n.; ^ * _ Afllisr CLAba ,.tA.I.r:s*A4t .?rA?TKD-Jbu A ffibthing ?'id c loth htm?e, wwt of refereuoe required. Address lnu 6..U1, Post ofliue. A N UCKKIKNI'RO ? )OKKEEPER IB OPEN FOR J\ eoeii'uct'iuriil in any mercantile or manufaetuguig business; be t of reference given. Addreai T. B.t Herald office. Bookkke peh.?wanted, a middle aopd man to ukr charge of aeet of bonks, one who understands commission aoenunts. Salary moderate. Address, with re ference. box 3,5ii Post <>*?? _ DRfO CLERK WANTED?ONK UNfcERhTANDINO O.-rmsn end English. and well qualified. Inquire at 41 GriRawich ex.. coi ner of Home, for rour days. DHKLO CLERK WANTRD?A OOMPRMNT GERMAN preferred. Apply to 3. V. R. swart, In fltk sv.. ooruer ?th el Dry goods salesman wanted-** Heath's. It Canutes si oerner Bleeckan N nrot class hands with good refers aces need spplf. OALRsMAH WANTED?IN A WHITR g4oD8 OB O Bailment. One competent to buy and self the goods may addreaa boa 5,6*7 Boot office. Nona but a trot cUaa JOHN but man, acquainted with the near by Jobbln* trade, need apply. ttate whore Iqst employed, and full particulars. j SALESMAN WANTBD?IM A FIRST Oh ASH DRY goods jobbing house, e good salesman, wel poeted on near by trade, can make a favorable engagement by address ing, with real name and wbore last engaged, boa ARM Poll WANTED?A COPYING CLERK OOOD AT FIGURES FT Address b? Addrgga boi 1.0M Poet office. WAnKDt.AH ASSISTANT BOO IK KB PRE; OUR Tf who lum some experience and writes a good Read. Ad dress Druggist. UonSSoffieo, stall eg salary sag a Mad and ' ANTED?A TOITNQ MAM. A ORRMAN, AB AMI ST ant bookkeeper. Address, in dirnie and Bnglish, box S.M Post ollloe. WJ COkCHMBS AMD OAROBKBRf. OlTl'ATTON WANTRD-AS RIDINO MASTER OB O trainer, by a man who learned to ride In the English hunting Held, and has had several years' experlpnee tn breaking horses in the west of Texas. Address for a few days It. M., Ilcrald office. . '/"I ARDENER WANTED.?A OOOD PLAC0 18 OPEN" U fur an lioneet end sober men. single or married, who underslonda the culture of flowers, vegetables, Ao ; Oennan preferred; best references required. Particulars srW Bea rer at, up stairs. jm WANTED?A SITUATION. AS COACHMAN OR OAR deuer In s private family; has lied 13 years* exps rlence at both; best of reference from last places. Address P. O'N., oareuf Andrew O'Neill, Fifth Avenue Hotel. TirANTBD?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE. FX TT perienced, thorough Scotch farmer and vegetable gar dener, for sevoral years (armor gfed manager for an exten sive agricultural and stock farmer 4u Scotia rid; when there, gained the first prise lor the best gloogliman; a second prise ' I); al ' ' gM ' for feeding cattle and sheep (/at); a llrst arise for the best crop of turnlpa. wife a thorough farm wifo lit oeery de partment; can take lull cha rge of a gentleman's place and farm; been a few years In this country; respectable recom mendations from present and late employer. Inquire of or address for /our days Mr. Itetd, 807 Broadway, or Mr. Thoburn, 16 John at ?yyANTED?A FIRST CLASS OAKDENKR. A MAR ried man pteferred. Address Qea. K. 0> Crawford. Rddlngton, Pa. HKLtP TV ANTED?MALEb. work erer published. NTS WANTED-TO SELL THE BEST MEDICAL ed. Agents can make flIO per day. J. W. NAUrmiON, 163 William street. A NEW PATENT ARTICLE WANTED EVERYWHERE. ill or i room No. 1 JX Sells at sight; gives entire saUstsotlon. Price Twenty flee cents; by mail, Thirty eents. Send stamp for circulars. Call or sdtlress Patent Exchange, 110 Nassau St., Now York. DE ; do I r , LL' DKSIRINQ EMPLOYMENT IN ALL DEPART it ments of business, call 61 chamber* street; desirable ituatlooa open this dqp; good mying salaries. i ^ GENTLEMAN OP INTElfHOKNOB AND ]|X<?8 enre wanted, to Uke the Mineral agency to tin* city of a first class Ufa Insurance t buffi's ny. Address, with refer euees. A. B., box tlO, Herald ofllce. AT ?M BROADWAY. ROOM NO- S-WANTEB, TIME keeper, oolloolor. shipping, entry, hotel, raiikad and steamboat olerks; also bartender, watchman and waiters. Call oarly. A BOOKKEEPER. TRAVBLUNO SALESMAN. COPY 1st sad valet wanted this day Ut Broadway, loom 19; also colored waiter; help furnished gratia T>OT WANTED-IN A BGOKSTOM. W?0 HAS JLi some knowledge of the Traktees*' and recomasenSatton for fldfltty. Apmy at ffifl Brepdway. from 19 to IS A. M. } AD*WANTBD Bf A NEWSPAPER OFFICE; ONE X wffieweffiaol ? ewspaper, New ii wbe msffiao a used bflffid: wages 9* pee week. Addrem *!L- ~ r York Herald Office Wmm ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A BARTENDER; OMR who thoroughly understands the business. Ajffiljr at Ostites' Hotel. Nee. 9 and 10 Atlantic at. Brooklyn, near South ferry. WASTED-SEVERAL ACTIVE AND INTBLLIOBNT until, Mlhtr ladles or inMown. to sell some iHMm tn good demand; a jolaiiiM remuneration can bo secured. Call at Mao. DBMORBSr* Emporium of Pashtoa, 471 Brood nr. WANTBD?A SMART. WELL BDDCATBD LAD, about 1C run old. who resides with hta pareoU la thia tltr: he mutt b? a rapid writer and calculator. Addroas Pish and rrorudona, box 1HI Foot office. WANTBD?A TOUNO LAD A3 AN ASSISTANT BAB. lender; none bat those with good reference need ap ply. JOHN NUQKMT. tfd at. and Mb ar. WANTED?IN A LAW tWVML A BOT WHO WRITBS a good hand. Apply at >47 Broadway, room 17. WANTBD-TWO SMART. A'TIYB BOYS ABOUT lfi years of age, to leara the wholesale fancy good* business. Apply by loiter, with refersnoea, fancy Ooods, Herald oBlee. WANTBD?A OOOD WARDROOM 8TBWARD, FOR the Uailed States steamer Pawnee. Oeod pay to a oompteat man. Apply oa board, at the Brooklyn Nary THH TRADES. A PERSON PULLT COMPETENT DESIRES A 81TUA tloa aa oelor mixer, or manager of a dye and print works. Address Color Mixer, care of Wm. H. Haraed. 48 and g> Walker St.. Now York. A BOY BIXTBBN YEARS OP AOM WISHES TO loans the elookmaker's trade, lias boaa two moathaal tha troda. Add teas Victor, Herald mace. A WOOD RNtlRATBR WANTED-AT Id FULTON street, Iadex odlce. Constant employment. Apply Im mediately^ STKRROTYPR MOULDER WANTBD-A OOOD AND experleneed man, who la also a finisher to such a de airablr and permanent situation wlU bo glrea. Address u., Herald oflioc. r PRINTERS -WANTBD, A OOOD JOB OOHPOSL tor, for a steady situation. Apply at A7 William at. r BAKERS.-WANTBD- A PL AO 8 AS FORBMAN la a first class ahop oa caks and oonfacUonery, la city or country; has tha boat rofaroaee. Call for oae week at U Fail si., New York. SITUATION WANTBD-TO DRIVE A STATIONARY engine; beet of reference aa to abUMy and character. Address Engineer, Herald office WANTBD?A OOOD WORKMAN. WHO UNDER stands working oa a wheeling machine. highest wages wtU be paid. Apply at 91 and 98 East Slat at WANTBD-A FIB8T0LA88 WATCHMAKER. 1>PLT to McMullaa and Hamilton. 198 Water et. DRY GOODS. FOB OOOD AUCTION MUSLINS AT ISUp. AND AUCTION DKKS8 OOODS. ALPACAS. AC., at half prion, be euro and go to FOSTER BROTHERS, W Eighth aeon tin, " " J J FOSTER BROTH) iaear Eighteenth street, or BBS S7S Bleecker street. HO. FARRBLL'S CAJtPBT AND PURNITURB . ware rooms.? I claim to be the pioneer of the great reduction in the aboee goods Call and etamiae my stock, the largest and hast aalactlont of Caroeta and furniture la the city, and judge for yourselves. All goods warranted aa represented, mf to ST1 West Thirty-fifth street, first door east of Klgblh arenas. FURNITURE. AMT PRIVATE sale-all the blboant and cost. It furniture. Ac., contained In tha fire story brown stone house 44 Want Sixteenth <treat, between Fifth nod Sixth avenues. Rosewood Hookoase, Btageroa, Parlor bulla covered In Freneh brocatel for SSBO, onst 8410; oao do. for 879; rosewood Ptnafor e for SSOi. coat fidfiO. ofl Paintings, artistic Hronxee, Mlrrcrn, Laos Curtains. Bronte Clock. rose wood Bureaus. Wardrobes. Bedstead*, Mattroaass, Carpets, Rxtenaion Table, hi dab sard. Ana Chatra, Leanest, China Dinner bet, Sdvar Ware. Ruby Crystal Glass Ware, Table Liana, Ac., al half the original cost. HANDSOMR AND COMPLBTB f IT OF SITTING ???*??? I?h?M. for sash. B. L box 4,7* New York Foot office . LL SINGER'S PATENT SPRING BEDS REQUIRE L but one mattress) dean, durable: warranted for years, M leathers or strings about thorn; health, luxary. Sold everywhere Warerooma SU Centra street IpURHITUKB, MATTRRHBRB, BKDDIMO. LOOKIRO 1 UUum Me., cheapen. at <1. W. 8NRDEH A CAMP KCL'B. M Bo wary, batwaea Stanton and Houaton atraat*. Oooda w a rran tad; dallrarad fraa, Patant Sac rotary Bad fftURRtTURB OF RTRRT DRSCRIPTIOR, CARPRTA. Olktlotha, Parlor and Badroom Bulla, At) . eaa ha had, and paid for by weekly or monthly p.rmenU, at BKRCACC A m;urrB, corner or Canal and lludeon alreeta. ARTROLOOT. Amrcibrt practicb or astbouxit amd mrdiH ulna retrlrod. Dr. aad Mra BROl'OHTOR may ba con?nlted In peraon or by I at tar. on alokitaaa or buelneae. and all the affaire of Ufa, at HU Broadway Kee $1 to $A Natlriuaa wrlttan, $? to M Fhrniologrcal eiainlnationa made. A pact ?misb wrlcirqtor tbclb or buhirrba . ?\ theft, good look a ad aaaabara. JW Bowery, oppoatte Btath .treat Honrs 9 to 4 _ A? *RD.-MADAMR ROBB . MBDIOAL ARD BUB ? ??* Clalrroy.nt, baa remered to II* Waal rifloantk T-n^JlP 8,,tk ?*??**, where aba akowa the llkanoaa and 2* lk? nereon yon will marry. Rawer# of U literate nrataadar* who try to Imitate bar. Cocky number*. M*^iiIB*a!l'T"* DIBTIRfUJIRHBD OCMBrOT HOC SB*. AHAND*'iME B unfuroi?he" Br'.gblou, oUicu log >4 wt A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE, OOBTAINIMO SBYTIM A ro ?iu> No X> KiKUty Lhiril Htreei, between Third p?,ur?.ti av.?mine, wuh ln? garden *n'1 fruW tree*, "toi 2Sx MS Denrmble neighborhood. Poseeaaion immediate^. IB iwrmomlb ? THOMSON. I.3M Thirl avQuuO A THREE STOEY HIGH STOOP HOUSE TO J**!-?* l*reuteot? street. near Irving place. aim four atory b^moot Heme on a WUUatoeaL a "??n &g&T-!2 atreet end KUhth Uwwi eulUhle for eny Also second floer, with rta ro???; alUmproreMon fourth Floor. ?V1^^{TaT^V "7 FURNISHED FIRST FLOOR TO ue-^UITAB LB A Sr ? doctor or douUM. Inquires** *??Twelfth street, a few door# froot Boood way. 4_ A FUBMISHBP HOOg^.TO LKT^ tjg.f 0*2ui?; &. ^*Mir^yXfo?rU otroet. LET.-THE SPACIOUS IW, MxlOO. Ap S trough to "^ygLoTP k BOWS. IS Huun etreet BE O SIN ESS PROPERTY. STORES. HOTHLS to VlT. Dwelling* to lot or toooo.ond. forshlA. Apply to BB OENB CHRYALLIBB, SI Oednr otroot. Canal stwbet-propbrtt to let, S3S. near Arnold's; ?7, n??r P?oP'e " ?*coM7^Sol of Roowick otreot. Inquire of MILLER A CO., ?' ?? ???? street. - Y7HR8T CLASS HOU8B TO LBT?AND FURNITURE J for nolo cheap. In Brooklyn. B.AM aood order, end furnltiiro nearly now. Apply to ABRAHAM WToOPPftBT, JB Spruce street. Furnished country residences, l,AR lem. In Westchester county, to let; 1^-fruits. A* ?, DITCHKTT, Weatoheater laod ofllee, No. 1 Chambers ot. IitURNISHBD HOUSES TO RENT?FOR ON?. TWO ? and three rears; not In tho handaof ai? ' to rent to strictly private And re^wcUbla faralUea only. No houses ukeu to ^"^LOW A W Furnish A hqus^*to lbt^-krom^may i. in Tweuiy-irst ward, jfimtsiory brie*. JQtfO. Rub- ?W per month to a amaU nrl^e family. Addreoo G. T. W., hot New York Poat odice. ^ITRMS^ED FLOOR?FOUR LARGB ROOMS, WIT H F oilwnSloi^i 16Breroortplace. Tenth mwot., near Broadway. Xall thia morning or Sunday, from 8 to 10. Furniture at valuation if desired. Furniture for salb and house to block below Washington square. Addiess J. Uiuton, boa 181 Herald oBloc. w . Fh OUNDRY TO LET-SIT 81NO RING, N- J.. NEAR the depoltooitonatye buildings, steam engine, Ac . rent low. Applyti^L L. JONES. SLMtroadway. . . n uoua^i go A P AND CANDLE FACTORY, MAY ^ also be routed for other purposes. Inqulre e'^ Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and seventeenth streets rnUSPKRKPBRS OR "PERSONS GOING TO HOUSE H ?Reeplng irdl l?auppli?L and mnjmYwmklijor^ streets, freight ^eP^gy^^oy>i^j^Qvyi|f|*|oo|tii Harrtaoi^atreet.8* L?gwsNSfSiTSoJS? harass? iiree^ aid table for the bat jobbing business; rent low. Apply^lo R. r. Broome street, oomec Greene. sirptTK* TO LET?IN THE OLD AND NEW HERALD SS^fesaagssi' "? ? LET.?A LARGE zxsrxrr> tBSmt hlSmln. In oyder to giro up the hu?iiiRfli' nodfiiftto rent, wtth IftfB And flitufM licludftd. AdS'G^^DrT cto^r B. Grand etre?. No agents deed apply. _____ STORK, BAB KM EN T AMD FIRST FLOOR TO LBT?AT *? Bowery anitahlr for eaten at ve retell Wade, beet looatloa tolfSw YeA TeeeeeMoe let March. Apply ep stairs on pramlaea OTORR TO LET.?THE LABOR AND BLKGANT STORE S ?. i, narmlnaatreet. near Bleecker, neat door to John HeJh*; drr^^a fmt^uSltoo Tbe store has Urge piato Saaa w"edowa"and* well adapted fore cmpet store. Ap ply to JOHN HBATH. 16 Carmine street STORE TO LET-PROM 1ST OF MAY. UNDER MdRLBM Hotel. Canal street. M by 80; good* business. Apply for particulars at vRce Bane ? Hotot. STORE ON BIQHTH AVRNlrE.-TO LET. THE FIR8T oImi 8iora 411 BiftiU avm??. btiwfnn Thirty-ftr?i ui Thirty ascend streets, west side . plate alass wlndoert. enun aruT'Biitiagy'a ^ isr I!? s3ss~>' RKKKE, U Sprues street. New Toft. . r LET?THE LABOR STORK 1U, 117 AMP_II8 ELM street. emIUhts for e wholesale business. Fifty feet front mo LET?AND ALTRRBD IN BLROANT STYLE, THE XMower stoto of Hooen. No 8? nlanlne trim mine, or eeote business suitable^ for assocla Hon with Mm ifcmoreet's Bmporinm of Faahtooa. Apply to W. JENNINGS DEMOBEHLtll Broadway. LET?STORK OORNBB 8FBINO AND MOTT streets, for a famUy grocery ; posemelon at onoe. Ap ply to pTiUtBRMAH. t?T Warren street. . rLRT-A NIOBLY PURNI8HBD FRONT PARLOR and Bedroom, for one or two gentlemen, or a married oouplei rentcheap. Apply to Mr. MAKIAUBR, OS Ninth street, between First and Seeend avenues. LET-8TOBE AND LOFTS tf OOLD BTRBET. AP ply to IBAAC HON1U, * Pine street, room No. ?. r~ LET?A SMALL STORE, EUMNINO THBOUOH from S8g Elm street to ? Marion atreet; roat$S7B. Ap ply to JLM. FANNIMO. m Bowery. . r" Let. furnishrd-a rrhtaurant in a hotkl of 10 rooms, with en outside trade Improving every day. For particulars address box <*11*oat olUce. T>0 LRT-PARLOR FLOOR 1M EAST NINTH STRERT 1 sulUble for a dootor or ml.liner sud dressmaker, portly furnished If desired. . TO LET-A DAIRY FARM OF III ACRES. NRAR NOR walk Conn., 40 miles from New York; buildings com nlets end In good order. To e good tenant along Uooe and immediate poeeeeaton given. AUo a Cottage, wlih lsn room*. nUaannUv situated, with about one acre in garden and lawn, barn abed. well. Ac. all In good order, at Dartsn. Conn., near the depot, about X mlUa from New York rU New Ha ven Railroad, neighborhood Oral oiass, near cbureh and mhooi. JAMES u7 REED, at WiUou A Co.'a ? Peart atreet, eeeond floor. TO LBT-8PLBNDID LOFTS AND OFKICBB ON Brotdwif, n?*r OrandMraet, marble front, fireproof. Addroaa J. F. M.. Broadway. Herald ofllce. rLBT-A SMALL FAMILY QROCKBY 8TORH, with book Boom; enly e pert of the rtxtaraa end very amell etook for eele; In e mod looatlon. Inuulre of PEN DLHTON. Islington Hotel, ooroer forty-i%hth eiraet end Lexington arenue. mo LBT?StIPBRB OFFICES FOB IMSURANCB, I Pine atreet. X erehlteota, lawyer* et IM end 1ST Broadway. HOMBR MORGAN. No. I P mo LBT?A FANCY STORK. IN THIRD ATBNUB, X with or wlthont Stock only. 441 Third areeue. mo LBT?A SALOON AND BAB AT FOBTY-SBOOND X etreet railroad depot, flxtarea end ell oomplete. Apply et 70S Bight avenue, after IPTM. mo LBT-THB HOU8R AND OBOCNDB FOOT OF 1 Forty-nlnih etreet, Brooklyn, on New York bey, eult able for eummer betel; fine beech, dock ead qrteedid view of the bey and aarroundlng ahoree; the cera peaa within e block every 1? mm n tea Apply to THOMAS HUNT, 1? Broadway, aeoond fioor, et II A. M. JO LBT?A FINB BROWN BTONR BNULI8H BASR tneat Houae. newlv painted, nerpeted ead furulahmLon Irty fourth atreet, near Madiaon and Fifth avnaoea. will he reeled far e term of two or Urea yeara to a good tenant far (S.INO per year. Addroee A. Story, at J. W. Bontou'a, 414 Broome atreet, op alalre. mo LBT-THB BASBMRNT OF STORB fifi OOBIh I landt atreet, ISO feat deep; alao aa offloe on tret Mar. Inquire on the premleea, of A. D. (I ALB. mo lbt-a thrrb htort brown mtons fbont X Houae. at ITS Lexington arenee; Immediate poaeeealen, owner leaving the city; rent |l,SUO. Inquire in tret left fie Church atreet, or on the prenalaea after 4 P. M. r LBT-A BUIT OF RLROANTLY FITRNIBBBD Rooms together or aanarately; $49 front; ftl beak. Apply at ifi Beat Blghteeotn atreet, between Fifth arenue and Broadway. r LBT-A THRER 8TORT HOUSE IN THIRTRVNTB atreet, nrer Sixth arenue. Alao a Store. Aunty et 79 Weet Thirteenth etreet r LBT?TWO FLOORS, SbxIOO, AND SPLBNDID CBL lar the same alt* In a ?irong three atory brtefe Bund ing; alao a three aiory brick Building, with cellar, adjoin ing, ISxfifi, with yard room and entrance for earta and intake;

amiable for manufacturing purpoae*. formerly uaed ge the Manhattan Brewery, at If and M Haxler it reel, near chat, ham atreet Inquire on the premiaee. Immedlnta poeeee alnn If required. ____ mo LKT OR rOR SALR AT NRWBURO-A COTTAOt X partially furnlabnd; thirteen acrea, carriage hnuee, Be.; g astftyy fpo LBA8B? LABOR BRICK DWRLLINO AND LABOR X hrtch It atall .table ndiMmng, mutable for a dawn terra carman. Addreee box h,dSI Feet fCkoe. LVi/lA. M. V/ XXXV 4. Vf A r jr(W?E?, ROOM,|ff.,TO LKT. ?? ?jT5>b leASK-Tiri'?aujabi>r property llOfirenl street. two doom xr? of Broadway. naar Lord A fXr't. Lot 25x104 gMly to 6. B M. STOKES, N Wall rtraM. ? TO LET OR LEASE FOR A TERM OF TEARS?THE Home and Lot No. 75 Wttt Broadway, neat bninw Leonard street. Apply to 9. WIDDIFIELD, M Charles LEASE FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES, 1JIO or for aalo?Several finely located House* In Leonard street, between Broadway and Elm street. These Buildings are oentral for all busiues* purines; are moat substantially built and ran be readily altered in any way. Apply to HENRY HEATH, 541) Broadway. r LEASE?FOR A TERM OP TEARS, THERE LOTS. 7S feet Irjnt by Ilk) feet deep; loeation obper end of Cherry street Apply to H. A. T. URANBERT, 154 South street, between the hours of 10 and IS A. M. r KENT?A I1AND80MELT FURML9HED FRONT, Parlor, wtth double Bedroome; piano, gas and water. SOS Eighth avenue, three door* above Forty-sooood street. TK> RENT?ON WEST FOURTEENTH STREET (LEASE 1 for eels, running two years from May nest), a large four story high stoop House, 28 feet wide. SO feet deep to second story,Tn fine order, modern conveniences, Sc. Heat per year. Will sell lease for SUM) cash. JAB. R. EDWARDS. XT West Twenty-third street. VALUABLE CORNER STORK TO RENT?NEAR THE v etty, and stock for sale; business oroehery and groce ries; stock light and rent low. A Urge business earn he dene.. The advertiser has occupied same over twenty t)ye years, and wishes to retire. Inquire of JOHN H. BOND, Esq., 08' Front street _____ 7QQ BROADWAY?VERT DESIRABLE SECOND 4 OO Floor to let, or lease for sale; oocupied by a mil liner. Apply en the premises, or to Mr. MARCOU, 84 Duune $1 000 fUSMT -T,ro TH8KK 8T?"T hioh STOOP brown stone Houses In Harlem; all I Oedar street. Impi ersmente; good neighborhood. ROBERT MAC LAY. 77 HbUftM^OOM^ AC** y* T^PlllALL quiet family dkbirb part ^^^Mississ^u^sss: B->i HAM. BBDBOOKOR D0ir tbo Brefoort 1 OENTLKMAN WISHES A HAL s*a& omc_ T WANT A SMALL FURNIftUKD HOUaB rOR ONK 1 year or mow. Addreea, aUling prtoe. N. W. Rtker, w Broadway. y^r?h AMreaTkUltag WB^dw^. Third and Siith arenues; below Foriieth atreet Aaorew box 'A,984. TXTANTED-A COTTAOB hiw?o. VY the summer month*; poaieaaion May I. Aaarea v. jr. B.. box 1,149 1'oet otBce. . w,er?,sit ?sC?\LHr"S (former^ ^teud't^UhU. ^iKSKwehcmfeEcbnuged. Addrcs* box 5, OSS Post ofllos. ? psHH'rS S?KKH&^33IKfe 144 Herald ofllcf. . gr.? ws^ 4" ^or i?w4U-" time, trouble, Ac*, by seudms particulars. j^^gg goWB. w^arssrsffi, 1 terms per uwntii, box B. Astws A. ALL H? from W'=swSBSi?r Karfe,tS3a. -"gat's ujsw*!i wr^rr-J^ssw-ss'^ &??: aumMg w^?.^,ra^;'^~?ys Oe aaralCommtooloa bualneea. AW* Dnrleu. *011 itaSa office. PANTED TO HIBB-FROM| MAT 1. AT HI EBB HWT vrr.sf.T-'tn'vrr. jfsnwaa ewYork. C1TT, 40 to ?'* Id buy If a ^sass BEI.IOWHH BOTICBS. Tubctuee ^?^VALchII^^bT r. AjK St, at ABOOS HlLU *? Broad wuy. m'aoatlemaumilF. _ -ratanftF SHOW OF THE SBCOMD ADVENT CHURCH. ESr?rr'?".s?j.-M BLEECUR 8TRBBT uNITERSALIST^ CH"LR(^i corner of Dowulnc treat?Serrtoc rt lHtA. * and mt/ p u subject of dlaeouwe to-morrow wewulnf? ta rSnivflnsiluB Anotksr Oft>p^ ?" is tbo evniM. Hsf| out mtoOomie II n Lif I?? T^uUr ^In^ byTc^ Harriot, Raq.belore the I-ee LiteraryAmnelawou Wednreday erenlug next >*h Inatant. Ttcketa JOcenU. Read4a|a at 8 o'clook^ . ?nROADWAY A8SOCIATR REFORMED OOHOEEOA B ?-A^Hdl ? Broadway DMM ?*???*? eennon by Sir. Charlee B. Smyth, It A. M. Seata free. Come < " pHURCH OF 8TJOHN, THE BY A NO B y^rJJm j L/ rial of Btehop Walewngbt. Rot. Mr. Remingtonwui (D. V.) preach on Sunday eeeatog. Dlrtno eorrtoe com meocea at half-pat eerea. ___ pHCRCH OF THE RB*PRRKOTION, TH1 RTY_F1TTH L atreet near Sixth arenna?Rot. Edward (AFU*j. D. O. rector, wtil^reaeh learning and evening. Ben tea WH A. M. aud 7H I ctss Ox? js^k^wSms ? t&.v^m&-sswjxur3>sri /-^milSTlAN CHURCH. TWENTY-RIOtlTTl STREET, C ^B^dway -sirrteee Lord', day. February 10. at WtJM "* *""" ture"on>*totomon't*'Prorwbo^<>Ba'''KaHy^^wrt^a^Lam g?plnn " __________???? boob at ?H o'clock. Sunday aehool at two. RS EMMA HAEDINOR DISCOURSES IMSPIRA 15?rsM?wAs55suupi ?Tkt Poet, Preaenl and Future of Ami lea. Nmm ORTHPRF.SEYTBRIAN CHURCH. CORNBR NINTH arena, and Thtrtl #?t -Motor. Sunday .?.. In. at 7k o'clock, by the paator. Rot. Thomaa Slreet. Suh juot?RctItbU ot Eml^on la Amenea. MPRLIOIOH OF AMU8HMBNT WILL ?H THH^UB _ K, iwt lo-mcrrow ereelni by lbs Me. O. U l)?m?rwt el tbe moo** OnlTermbet eburoh. corwr S atac end Bloreotb strooi. flooood ere aonoaitr the Academy of Muale, to-morrow ereula, at TH tig Uriah Scott In the morning at IQH Spate free. ww WILLIAM P. OOBSIT. FASTOB, HBDDINO jj'nWif'ss:i vfu'pSrstJi.d^ri KTm^U.I No meeting aflkF. M RBY. S. A. OORET, D. D-. WILL FHBACH IB THB Mnrruw Rill Baptiat church, comer of Lexiugtou areuuo wmd Thl^ mroLth Svroet, to morrow, at I0H A. M. and TH I a BY OBOROR MOROAH IHLLS. OF STRACUSB, t wttt oroach to tbo ooagregatiou of the Ute Rot Dr. I awln, ouHonday morning, In^e large ohagM, of the Ual raralty. on Waahlngton aquare. Berrteca at 11>H o'etock. nf STEPHEN'S BPI8COPALCHURCH.?REV. .IOSEFH S H FfleevD.D., rector. wUl hold dlrine aarrioe at the French church Du St. E.prit, on Twenty-emend ?"* ,be twewm Fifth and Slith arenura. to moriew (Sunday), at MIX JJ; Yaad *H T. M. The rector will preach al both aerrleaa. SM t ABN'S FREE CHURCH, ElOIITEENTII STRRHT. near Fifth aTeaue.-Th? Rer Eaathnra MenJamMt will urearb at 7k end 10U A. M? and ? and TH P. M-. the after hoou aerrtce being lor Ihodeaf ma tea tlUTRANOBRS' SUNDAY HOMH."-REV. DR. DBRME, O of North Carolina, will preach In the chapel of the 0 nlr*rally, Waahlngton aquare to-morrow morning, at 10M o'clock SeaUfroa . I T~~"HE WOMAN'S UNION MISSIONARY 80CIBTT WILL bold a public meeting at 7H on Sabbath craning. Feb. Mt at Dr. Storr"a ehureh. In Brooklyn, oorner of Ilawry^aad Remaen atreeu .Reri>r. Storra. Rer. Mr. Taylor and Rdr Joaaph Scndder will make addrexaea. SwSk PRAYER MKBTINO. UNDER THE AUSFICE8 the Clerical Aaaoolanon nf the Proteaiaat Bploeorul i, will be held dnrlng the crnnlng week la the ehapel of St Ooome'a ckurea, Slttaenth atroot, near Third areuue, erary afternoon, at 4 e'alook. fflHR RHV. NOAH HUNT SCHRNOE, D. ?.. OFBAL uasr:.'..,K"sJ: rrarTSw-JS -srws ,'9>0A| i THOPt" *** ' JTBAM TO fLAROOW Au U ^f^Zlwnze? ui _ ? > calling *t Londonderry to to 11 Pusaengers u? malla. TU^avuritoMHrnBT iwiwrt? ,SR ^ Tift: ANCHOR L " ? pail every satcRw a,* ALEDONIA, Mat-dnnaid.....aa:N P"$?*>3r iVTl. oLL'MHIa, Cnrnaghan aalls Saturday, "6ih February. I BERN I A, Monroe .77. 36 Saturday, 23,1 Febmary. Krora pier ?4, North nrer - RATES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN CURRCT<nf. To Liverpool, Glasgow aud Derry, cnbina. $99 and 870; Mra^e, Prepaid certificates from these ports to New York, |& To Harre, Hamburg. Antwerp, Ac., $100 and $87. For further information apply at the oompanjr ? offices. FRANCIS MAC DON ALL) A CO.. AaenU. Ma ? Bowling Green. New York. i CHICAGO sails from new lor* ow>?>?,. Feb larr 8: MANHATTAN on Saturday March 9, from pier J7 sag river. Cabin passage. $W), fold. _ _ Steerage. $30. currency, Passage to New York and remit meea to Ireland at low rates, , Apply to WILLIAMS A OUION. W Broadway and # South street 'TEAM TO AND PROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS > TOWN TWICE A WEEK. Passage BSD currency to Liverpool or Queenatowa. Prepaid tickets from do. at the lowest rates. Drafts payable in any port of Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAP8COrr BROS. A CO., St South street or 8 Broadway. (1MB HAMBVRO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S L iron mall steamship BAVARIA. . Mayer, commander, carrying the United Stated mail, 8 sail on Saturday, February lit, at 13 M? for HAMBURG. king passenger* for Hamburg, Harre, Southampton sad First oabtm. $18; seeoad oabta, $8; steerage, $31 SO, pap. Ms ta sold or Us equivalent. Tha ALLRM ANNIA will sad March K UNHAKDT A oa, C. B. RICHARD a BO AMI Oeneral Agents General Passe user Agents. 46 Exchange place, N. T. Mo. ? Barclay atreeiTV T. flHE ONLT AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND L FRANCE. Tha New York and Havre Steamship Company wfll ran telr Arat class steamahipa Araro and Pulton in connecUou 1th the Now York Mail Steamship Company's steamers 'iseissippi end Merrimack, to ilarre, carrying the United tales mails, from pier No. 46 North rirer at noon, tha foi> iwiog days, calling at Falmouth RAGO ...H. A. Gadedan..Saturday, Pah. 1$, II8SISS1PPI O. Sumner Saturday, March E ____ ULTON 8. Samuels Saturday. Maroh 18, lair IKRRIMAC E. Van Sloe... .Saturday, March 30, 1817 lRAOO II. A. Oadaden..Saturday, April 13. 1967 I1SSISSIPPI O. Sumner Setordey, April ST, 1867 nd every fourteen days thereafter. PRIORS OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN OOLD, 'TRST CLASS $18 IECOND CLASS TO Through tickets to London $6 extra. An experienced surgeon on board. The companies will not be responsible for specie or rain ihles unless bills of lading, baring the value expressed, are Igned therefor. C. K. GARRISON, forN. Y. M. S. 8. Co. JOS. J. COMRTOOK. for N. Y. and H. 8. 8. Co. Por further Information applv to JOS. J. COM8TOCK. Agent, No.'7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOTfON, Harre. Oeneral Agent In Europe. ATATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. L> (Limited.) ITBAMBR8 WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT QURENSTOWN. Leaves pier 47 North river as follows:? VIRGINIA, Cantaiu Prouae, Saturday, February 16. HKIA'ETI A. Captain Thompson. Saturday, February H PENNSYLVANIA, Captain Lewis, Saturday, March 2. LOUISIANA, Captain Harringtau, Saturday, Maroh 9. ENGLAND, Captain Grace, Saturday. Marcn 16. ERIN. Captain CntUng. Saturday, March 8. THE QUEEN, Captain Orogan Saturday, March 8. Cabin pass:ige, $100: steerage. $311. Steerage passage tickets, to bnug parties from Liverpool ? Queenstown. for $36 In ourrency. Through passage to Paris, Antwerp. Hamburg, Bremen, to., at low rates. Drafts issued for any amount, payable si any bank In Irani Britain or on the continent For freight and cabin passage apply at the ofltoe of the ompany. 57 Broadway. And for a tee rage tickets at the passage office of the oom any, 37 Broadway and 375 Pearl etreel, near Fulton. P. W. J. H0R8T, Manager. 2NLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. E GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLINO AT BREST. The eplendld new vessels en this favorite route for the lenUaeetwtU sail from pier No. 50 North river, as foi ?wa:? iUROPB Lamarie Saturday, Feb. $ IT. LAURENT Bocande Saturday, Feb. 8 'RRBIRB Duchesne Saturday, Maroh 9 'ILLE DB PARIS 8urmont Saturday,Maroh8 PRICES OP PASSAGE IN OOLD. Flrrt cabin. $160, second cabin, $100,1 nolo ding wtn?L Thaae alearners do net carry steerage passengers. S&TBLSSff4"' ? u.? ?. a o'clock A. FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. 'eking namiuiiara to Southampton. London. Havre and Iremen atthe rbtlowlng rates, payable In gold or 1U oquiva ^FtmtoaMn^iv; second oabtn, $70; steerage. $37 IK To be followed by the FB8TBRN METROPOLIS "f!!?,! lTLANTIC. Captain 0. Hover....... ApfUl Further departures from New Fork: m J see 1. June m Juae IK Jul/ "? ' "iSaAC TAYLOR, Preetdent^ 7TBAMRR BUROPB, FOB BRB8T AND HAYEK, WILL J laave pter 50 North river, fsat sf Morton street, oa Sai trday. February K at t o'clock. Passengers are requested to be en board at 9i4 o'clock. rHB NORTH GBRMAN LLOYD'S Steamship UNION, F. H. Van Ran ten. master, arrytng the United HUtaa mail, wfll sail from the Bremen iter, foot of Third street, Hobokoa. ON SATURDAY. FMBRUABY ?. BRRMRN VIA SOUTHAMPTON. TAKING PA88BNGRR9 TO LONDON. HATRB. SOUTHAMPTON AND BRRMRN, it the following rates, payabto in geld er its equivalent In UFoc*tie Bret oabtn. $18; mini oabtn, $7$; etoeragn. H7 ftft. sold To be fotto wed by the steamship HERMANN. W. H. Peaks, master, oa February 8 For height er paaeage apply to DBLRtOHS g CO.. 8 Rceed etreel y ORTH OBRMAN LLOYD. _ ... In aooordanee with an arrangement effected with the Jolted stales Poet Office Department the steamships of the lorth German Lloyd will, on and altar the list of March, save New Tort on every Thursday, and on and after the id if April Southampton ea every Tuesday, oarrytag tha United IIaIm Rod Odrauo Mftlla. OELR1CHS A CO..? Brand stmeL London and nrw tork rtramhhtp limb. Paaeage to Loudoe er Brest $114. $75. $8. currency. Ixcureiea Uckru at reduced rates, available for six moeihl OKLLA. Captain Oleadell. from New Tork Maroh K WM. PBNN, Captain Billings from New York Maroh IK ATALANTA. Cantata Plnkham, from New York March 8 BRLLONA, Captain Dixon, from New Tork April IK The British I roe steamship CBLLA wtU leave oter No. I lorth river for London, celling at Brest, on Saturday, (arch K Uatll further notice all the steamers of this line will call A Brest to land passengers. Baggage checked and Urkets old through by roll to Parts at Kpar oent lam than regular ilia. Freight will he takes and through hills of lading given lavrv, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For Paaeage apply to CHAR. A WHITNEY, 8 Broadway. For weight apply at 54 8outh street. HOWL AND g Afl PIN WALL. Agents. rHB 8TBAM8HIP CITY OF PARIS, OF TUB INMAN Lies, will asil from pter 45 North river at $ A. M. Hntur ay, February 9, for Liverpool, celling at Uneenatowa. Pan angers must he oa board by $ o'clock A. B. J TRAM TO LIVERPOOL. CALLINO AT QURRNfl 7 town ?The Inman Una, selling semi-weekly. carrying he United Stales mails. CITY or PARIS. Saturday, February 9. KANGAROO, Wednesday. February IK CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday. February IK CITY OF MANCnRBTRR, Wednesday, Februsiy 9K CITY OF WA8HINOTON. Saturday. February 8. nd each sueoeedlng Saturday and Wedaaaday, at noon, rem pter 44 North river. _ RATES OF PABSAGB. IT THE MAIL 8TBAMBR SAILING BVBRTSATURDAY. rsTsatn i* noam I tajam ui cosssacv. TRST CABIN $1*1 BT1BRAOB $8 To linden -1H I I? London ? Ta Parte.............. 18 I T? Patto, 45 Parnate by the Wedaesdav Steamers, first cable, $110; leeragr. $M Payable Is Unftod SUtea junenoy. Paaaaagera also forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen. n., at moderate rates. ^ ? Rteerege pannage frem Liverpool or Queenstown. gBT.eur snry. Tickets can bo boeght here by persons sending for '&&& laf arms tile, spptystthe comPW's offices. YAS8AOB FROM AND TO LIYBBPOOL OR QUBENS . town, by steam or pesket shin, at lowest rule.. Drafts ? Roland. trelan^Serilsnif^ at THOMPSON'S Black OOABTWlsa IYBAWIH1P9. IUSL OOMPAMYW nT?rN^TBD rtatIss mail PANAMA lUILROAD. CARBYTNO 1 ntoamere leave pier 41 North river, foot of Canal street, at ,Fi2mMy?^W^WiT*I,i ChP*Rl? *? O. Farber, eon ^b^.K^^ufe. Captain A. O, wWwSff mnsrting wtth GOLDEN AGR. Captain Lapldge AU^departures touch at Acapuloo" those of!?t and list ?enact at Panama with steamers for South Pacific ports; ?t and Ilth for Central American porta, and thorn of 1st >^arttfAn"n'irih each month connects with the new laaai line from Panama to Australia anrt New Zealand. Hies trior of March 11. 1967, will connect with the com env'e steamer COUlRADO, to leave Ran Francisco for okohsms and Hong Kong on April $ |Hff7. 106 nounda baggage allowed each adult, Medicines lFor naseegeTickeU and all further Information apply at IS esfoe on" the wharf, foot of Canal street. North river, evrTork. F. R. BAST, Agent. WOR CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA. ' The Past6c Mail Steamshlnt'ompeny'e steamer HRNRT HAUNCBY wfll sail oa Monday, Pebruar) U, at 1* o'clook freight received ea usual. For rates, Ac , inquire at freight office, on company's pier I North river, root of Ceaal street. WKLLR. FARGO A CO , I Role Freight AganU F. M. R. H. Oe. 3tOR OALVBRTON, TRKAR, D1RKCT. * The eplendld steamship I'RRIT Csptaia R. A DeUna, ill laave pier No. 4 North rirer, on Returday. February IK til o'clock noon, lor Galveston direct. ForTreiglf1BrpsssMe! having eplendld aooomrnodatleos, pplr u srorroRD. tilkston $ oo., m Bmdwai, I JOASTW ISE 8T16 ^ IpOK SANTIAGO DB CUBA VIA *(T*TITAfl JL? The flnt ciaes fast satlloj strainer ?AU KEK, _ , John Stirting, Commander Carrying the Cnued States mail, will leave pier 38 E.iat Saluiiiay, February Kth, WW. at V o'clock, P. X.. prveiaely, for the above port. AU teller* moat pa?s Wrouzh the Poet office, for freight or paeenuB, hayliig superior atateroom accom modations. apply to WAYDELL A (XX, 183 South ureet, corner Dover. SHOR ST THOMAS AND BRAZIL. ? UMTBD SSaTES and llKAZIL MAIL STEAMSHIP a company. ^REGULABMAIL STEAMERS. sailing on the WX of ^TOUMBRICA Captain E. L. Ttnklepaogh, February 23 "HIE1,?" STAJl, Captain Oeo. B. Slooum-T: March ?< >"2?TH AMERICA, Captain L. P. Timinermao. April IB iuS?** el8?ant ateamara mail on schedule time, and eall at "*?Thomas. Para, Pernambueo. Bahla aud Rio Janeiro, going ^"^^samsriiT&yxs* ?"* No. t Bowling Qreen, New York. _ TTN,"0 STATES mail TO HAVANA. U WEST INDIA MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. - _ CHANOB OP SAILING DAT. Every Saturday, at S P. M.. jo?^awtt^l;ga!Saasr'iig-i 2ZS-,. sssmsrsw" 5 5HES2. SMTAR LWB MB MKW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK ? Mall Steamahtp Company'! llao oeoan atoaaaro w3 All bills of lading signed at the offioe apoo We ptar. ftt freight or paaatgi apply TDOR J ate K. OABJUSOlVPWMAtAk fe > Bowttng ffireem. HHeBW ORLKANB-BLaCK STAB LUTE.-THE ?ataunahlp HUNTSVILLB, Captain Ryder, wttl leave pier It North;river, oa Saturday, February t, a?S P. M. Par freight or nuance, having handsome accommddations, appta to K. LOWDKR, Agent, oorner of Cedar and Waat atreeta. DAVID MnOOARP, Agent la Mew OrloaaM TpOR MEW ORLEANS DIRECT. J* The new and flm otaaa eteamahlp GENERAL GRANT. Captain G. W. Couch, will leave pier No. 9 North river, ea Saturday. February 9, at S o'clock P. M. For freight or passage, having nnaurpaaaad aooomnaoda Uona, apply to H. B. CROMWELL A CO.. 86 West street. The OBNERAL MEADE will follow, February 16. FMOR trBW ORLEANS DIRECT?THE NEW SIDE wheel ateamahlp RALEIGH. Captain C. P. Ma rub man. wnl leave pier 36 North river, on Thursday, February M, at 8 P. M. For freight or passage, having splendid acootnmo (UUoua. apply to LIVINGSTON. FOX A CO., 88 Liberty street Agents at New Orleans, JAMBS CONNOLY A CO. Oooda for all polnta In the interior promptly forwarded. BHMPIRK LINE FOR SAVANNAH. Every Saturday, from pier No. 13 North river. Punctually at three o'clock P. M. The favorite sldewheel steamships SAN JACINTO, Atkins, commander, aalls February 9. SAN SALVADOR, Nlckerson, commander, sails February 16. Through tieketa and bills of lading to all points, In connec tion with Central Railroads of Georgia, Atlantic and Gulf Railroad and Florida steamers. Kiegsnt passenger accommodations. _ _ _ GARRISON A ALLEN, No. 6 Bowling Oroon, N. T. ?b SAVANNAH. OA . EVERT THURSDAY.-THE Atlantic CoaatMail Steamship Company'* atdewha* itsamibipti HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker, aalls Thursday i GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, sails Thursday. February 21. From pier 66 North river, at 8 P. M., precisely. Through passage tickets and bills or lading to all points na oounection with the Central Railroad or (Mbrgia. For fret{jyu/oHi(fN '^OX^A CO.. Agents. 86 Liberty street TTiOR CHARLESTON, 8. C?THE PEOPLR'S MAIL I Steamship Company.?The regular and popular steam ship EMILT B. SOUDBR, Captain Lockwood, will leave oa Wednesday, February 13, at 3 P. M., from pier No. M North river, landing freight on Saturday morning at Charieg. ton. Through tickets and bills of lading Issued to all polnto South in ooaneouon with the Sooth Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO.. Agents. 88 Uberiy street. r^HR CHARLESTON. 8. 0.. THE FLORIDA PORTE ^?and the South and Southwest?The elegant and pepa I tar steamship QUAKER CITY, Win. H. West, oommandar, wttl laave pier 14 Bant river on Saturday, February 9, oca nceling at Charleston with the steamer DICTATOR for the Florida porta. Passage tiokets and Mils of lading issued to all of the prinoipal points on the SouthOaroiloa Rati read and oonnecung railroads at reduoed rates, F?j fi *$&&* LEART. T3 WtPtato V^h^hmhh|hm9PEBPBHR^h RICHMOND, NORFOLX AMD CffT POINT. Maewhoat atoamahiw ?tAS. Captain Alexander. pTSoin (tor > North Ac., A Sbahoard Mnflnd and U? . .FOX A Oft. Agluta,?6LI>erlg street flOAL DEPOT. AT ST. JOHNS. PORTO RICO? VJ Steamboat a a note and oaplelw art advised that at toe above mentioned port Goats of every kind ean be earn, plied without nay delay. Veasats drawing nut over Ivaab fbot of w ater can gn alongside toe wharf and have it wheetoi ?*Appty to LATIMER A 00.. St Johns. lto?to Biea. _ ortoT T. ON ATI VIA A 00.. ? South street, Mew Teat, i~10N8I0NBK8 OFOAROO ?T SHIP BNDTMIOM ABB oBo* Of ths undersigned u4 | WALSH. 5 William f WKBIUKU* vr UUHI Ij requested to 0*11 at the ^?""?^Saba ^^?TBAYBmiBr HHUDSON BITBB AMD HARLEM EAILEOAD9? | Treios for Albeoy *nd Tror. nMtwUti With Northsre id4 Woatoro treiaA leave Mow York, via Hudson River Bait rood, Thirtieth otroot and Tooth aronue. I and IS A. B.. and S:dA 0:00and U P. M.j aad via Harlem Betlroad. Twootf. sixth otroot aad Pourth avenue, at 11 A. M. aad 4.15 P. i. The tm P. M. train via Hudaon Blvsr will run oo Sunday*. fliueatag oars attsohed to0:11 and 11 P.M. traloo. OilB f. M. train to also atlaohod a sleeping oar every dag eiospt lag Haturdaye, which to rua through to Ogdeosbarg via B. w?. rwe hoe pole and return, leaving Now Turk at I.W A. M . aad on jjiilto Bead.Party- so need street to MBlertoo and reUsre, leaving MowTork at 9 A. M. WM. H. yAMDBBHLT Tloa-PreoUoat. cliOTH1^ ~ 3 " flSSSjS ggCAM OBTAIN THB DT.I ( httflttdOB I moot value for Oast Off Wearing Apparel, Ponitur^ H dr.. by nailing oa or ..ddrosslng ll ROSBNTH4U ^^HBAflBLB IMARraiA^^H Mhabbi.r mantels.-the brht placi im THB ? du to purchase Marble mantels of the latest design a atverrlowprions. to at A. KLABSR'S Marble Works, IB Beat Eighteenth street, near Third av , M T. Out thle oot. VfARBLKIZKD SLATE MAMTBL8?8UPKBIOB IB m anpoaraaoe. more durable, half the prtoe of marbla T. B. STEWART. 000 Klith avenue, between Thirty-fifth ead Thirty-sixth street* HaBRLB MANTELS AT REDUCED PBI0B8-A FINE ? eelentlon on hand at a X CABER'S Manufactory. M arena* near Third street, Mow York. OeH aad oa* E M IODIC AI*, 1 BLER9IHO TO LAMBB.-A LADY WRITES:?Bp R ix tuguceo Female Pills relieved me to one day, without Inoonvertmnce. like maglr Prleo It Dr. A M.MAUrI-. CKAI1, office liK) Liberty street, or sent by malt A M M VUIUCEAU, M. D-, PROFESSOR OP MIDWIPB A. ry, thirty years' pi-mrtloe, at 1|9 Liberty an tee oerialn relief to I ad toe. from whatever c, Amorkat and SURE RHMKDT POR LADIBB. ?THB I I'orlijiiiHe Female Fills always give ImmedtH ??$! Bewsre of imiutnrs who oopy my advei potsoooua comnniinds as "Female' Pills." Portuguese Female Fills always give immediate relief; " advorttoemeoto m" SHTtK tract*" Dr. A. M. MaU RIPRAP. IB Liborty it reek ADYIOB TO MARRIED A TELL' Si, or Ma healthy. Oflloe M West Thirty-fourth street, nee avenue. Sent by mall. Addreae hot MM. Alan aoid ah druggist'*, UM Greenwich street I TO HARRIBD LA DIM.?M ADAMB REA L'S Infallbto Freaoh Femai* Pllto; Ma 1, prleo . L prlee lh, which oao never hH; oaf* and Offloe M warn Thirty-fourth street near Hlxth TRUTH.?MADAMB DRRPARD* FILLS ARB WAB renied to give oevtaln relief lo ladles. Prtoe M MB ery, opposite Sixth street Hour* I A. M. tot P. B. A fooled to give pertain Bowi Medicines soot by mall. A ?.L LADTB8 WHO NRRD SPECIAL MEDICAL OB ?1 surgical treatment ahould oonault CHARLES LDTIB I. D., Ml Broadway, who has had tweaty year*' auoseaafw prsotlas, and goaraotooe Immediate relief fa all oaaea ortth ou t pale or espoeure. Consultation free. A ?MADAMB OBINDLB, FBMALB PHY8IOIAM, MW. A. 0 Aastty plane, oan be ooneultod oa all female none, ptaiata. Pleaeaat rooms for ladies whe detora good aninto* CONSULT MBYBB PAILINO DR. KBNMBDY, IM Rim otroot He cures dlsiseeo at oaoo. Hsfferers from dehlUty raetored. Ours guaranteed CONFIDENTIAL CONSULT ATI OMR? DR. B. OOB* BUTT, member of If. Y U Medical College and B. C. SorgeonA London, can bo nonsuited as usual on oortala dis ease* ONee M Oeatre street uoar Chambers B. B?No fee unless cored. JNI>?THE LADIES' OBBAT BBNRFACTOR, DR. fCWBRR Compeuod and Pills Certain euro. Pur of Dr. POWB Ks. IM Elm street TkR. KING OAN BB OONRGLTBD, AS USUAL AT XJ^ IM Ninth street near Broadway, from fi A. M. u| R. HUNTBR CAM CURB WORST CASE* OF CER. lain diseases, without mercury, lu shorter Urn ' then any ether physician, or oo pay lakes. Ma I DiviMon atren. elsoo DR. POWRRR' elixir is the invioorating mbd tolne long sought fur, never before found. Yheento remedy for debility, nervonsnese, premature decay IN T ADIES OAN BELT OM MADAMK DUBOIS. WIFE JLi of a regit ir phratoton, thirty veer*' experience ONeo M Third aven i<>. Medicine* fit to $fc Positive roller or moony refuudc I. T AD I BR CAM ALWAYS RELY ON DR. POWBRR* XJ French Perlodtosl OompoOSA Certain rare. One trial ?uBelent 196 Kim street Ladies find inpalliblr bslibf from del POWERS' French Periodical Compound sod Pills. Certain cure. OMce 196 Elm street. Madamb rrstell-froffsror op midwife by over thirty years, gunrsnises immediate relief toevery tody rwiolrlng modlcal <w surjieal treatment from whatever eatMA OMea M Weal Thirty fourth street, near Sixth av. f BESOMS MKEDIMO OONFIDSNTIAL MBOtCAL treatment should consult Dr. H ARRiRON, #3 HltU arsnus, euros with entire satisfaction Coiuuliauon aii