Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1867 Page 2
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jSITl \T10\W WA\TKP?FKWALKS. A RESPECTABLE tlKUJfiA* GIRL WISlIKBjA HITU atton to do generrtpk",,,iewfirk In a t""1* family; would do wall make herself generallyflhfefuL 1st St., base mem, between 1st <t sua a*. A nlBom?t In s emsB prlv* te kH and' Mining sad tojfu"*j? ylstVuL X>'dy St or adHttsa MB A RESPECTABLE OERMIW WOMAN. WITB A fr.?l- beta* of milk, daeiras ? sitaabon as wsi nurae. Can fftv* iu? oe?t reference*. luquire oi Mr. ^cuwarz, 2i3 Canal 2 LL KIND.- or KAMILT bKWIXO HE All.T DOME. L Apple <m Monday al 104 West 3fllh sl.,no?lh 15 A TOO NO LADY OK EDUCATION AND REFINE JK mem s stranger in ibe cltv desires s position as woman covin or would be willing to make harselt useful iHy"hn-?u>M. Addrssa L. B- Herald oOtre. k WIDOW LAD* or ABOUT THIRTY #HO HA8 A ?i?en up hou?ekeeping. wishes tn taks charge of ths household of a geaileman; she has good testimonials as to character and capacity, and wis baa to rsoel'O no trifling ap plications. Addrssa or oall upon Mrs. Gray, IM Bleeder A SITUATION WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman, no wot nurae. Inquire of Mrs. Rotirke, IS Sheriff street. AN HONEST GERMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUATION as nurse end to do plain sewing. Inquire at hag pa rents' MS Boat 4th at., near arenas 0. AM YOTNO AMERICAN OIRL WANTS A SBTBATION in a wnall prlrsU fhntil*. to do general housework, 1 Call for two daps at Itl Bart EM at., over marble srili, top SITUATION WANTBD-BY A TOtTNO WOMAN, to Bo general bnnaework In a small pi-irate family; city Call at i? 9th sr., rear. A MM AMERICAN YOCNO LADT OF EDUCATION | and refinement te desirous or obtnlatlig employment Immediately; Is a stranger in the t-Hy. and would like ?pe-| alt ion in a photographic gallery to mount eards.or In a store te learn the thnoy intdmE|drtHmrtS^^gta days, to learn the fsnoy antdry goods bnatnsea. Address, for two earn A SITUATION WANTED?RX A BB8PBCTABLR G&R-I - '""I I * rovm woMAtf~#Airra a sihunotr Ainur i\ elara laundress. In a prfraNrnUBtlT; can do tip ladlea' rnunttnsand French fluting*, has Can be Fen at EM Bast89d Am hit'-atiox tahiA-it young girl, as ehAtnbe(fla1d Can be seen at NM Bast 89d gt. drat door east of hd av'. A RESPECTABLE . .. . J and waitress, in a prldatW fsmlly, cat) oi>erate Ott Wheeler A Wilson's machine: the brat of rltr reflarenoea gfretk Cell M or addrots MI Id ar., oorner 39th at., top floor, front room. COPYING.?A LADT WRITING A NEAT PLAIN hand wishes copying to do at her room. .Address for one week H. E-. Herald office. I T\REasMAKEBrfrOULD LIKE TO GO OUT TO SEW JJ tn a family, or to take work in her own house. Apply ?t 181 East 39lh'st., first floor, back room, between 2d fend 3d arenii". *m Monthly nurhe.-wantbd, by as expert. enco.l lady, a few more engagements: would attend an tnraPd: best of city references. Address Mrs. Dick-on. 115 Allen ?t. VTURSE -A RERPBOTABL 1H man wants a situation to t objection to the oounlry or to trarrl. 139 East 2fith at., between 3d and reference. SITUATION WANTED?BT old. tn attend the table and door. Good reference given. Apply for two days at 281 East 12th St.. first floor. ff?0 MILLINERS. ?A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT A trimmer, from Paris, is deeirona of a situation nt a IIrat claas establishment, where nhe can hoard and lodge. Ad dress or apply In C. Jolly. 629 Broadway. TWO YOrNO WIDOWS WISH THE WASHING OF A few gentlemen or families, steamboats or Betels, by the pieee. dozen or month, st their own house: can lo up clothes In first rate order. Call on Mrs. WUlard, 188 Wooater at, WANTED-BT A NTDDLE AGED LAD*. A HITU As tton to take care of an invalid lady; beat referenoe given. Address R box MI Brooklyn Post office. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, e child to wet or dry nurse at her residence. Oall fbr three days on Mrs. Oeckman, M Jackson, St., New York. YJT ANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PlOTBSTANT TP woraai woman, family washing at har own home, or would go j the day. r" avenue, one stair 1 out lty the d?y._ Belt cltj referenoe. Apply at 527 Second "ITTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNl * ? ran girt, a Ntuadan tn a small family to take sere of ehUdroa and sew: la mart, intelligent and not afraid ef Call at 1M Forsyth st, room 90. top floor, or at No. 6 Water at ?sc. Brook!j a.' unco. VUI u hejjst cprner i TO QO TO^^BMTgl^ m child's none, oti Widow. Herald ofllee.M f-JUw | HELF WANTW^rKMAL ftOEPANION FOE A LADMHHhH V tody of edaoaNen Md from It to N years of film. turn If to M years fit film, of Messing person nod xUriM, well educated and with a talut for musle. which will bo InU'aM under tbo Ant nstotcr* Pre neb or Spanish I Baron tana preferred, and aloo ? knowledge of tke modern langutpm; but those aro mot looenttol. inch having no tMUBDrtnodn, and poooMStes m amlaUa Alt position. with a deal re to pleaaa. whtcli will to both rowarded and ap. ??lEEnHiiHEllWElEEfe^rtrikEB No. ?ted. mop address, with fuUpertlcular*, B. M? box 1 ""I<J. J^RKMMAKINO-mtBT^ Br cB Isidore OoMamtth. lob 9d at. jpiM^TLkS^nLUSFK^VANTEI^^PPLl^O TtTANTED?A FRENCH WOMAN WHO CAN DEEM TV hair and take car* of obltdren; mod recommendations raylred. Call botwoon tbo houra of Wand II at 1M Eaat RANTED?A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS. WITH good city reference, la a pnrate board lag house, and to aaalat In ehtmberwork, wages $10 por month. Afply at 117 Wool Houston at ^AJgKr^^OtRI^^^a^Nr^EAMSTAIjR^ ? Ona used to the care of a young child and wiling to p? to the country for the summer may apply, with rofar oneea, at dW Wait ttd at TirANTED?TWO FIRST CLASS DBESRM AXBBR, TV with paori refaranea. Apply to Hadaaao I. Btal, TV Broadway comer of Sth et WANTED?A THOEOtrOHLT OOMFKTKNT FBISON, TV who must ho well recommended, as nuroe and mam street. Address for two days, 8. B. E., Herald ofltoo W^HANTBD-A OOOD OIRL FOR GENERAL IDI'HE work; good refersncaa required. Apply In llth at., botwoon El and Id arm, second house from Sd as, south TB7ANTKD-A TOUNO LADY, POLITE. INTELHOENT TV and smart, to attood upon rnatnmera and Inaroct on aewlne machines la s tewing machine salesroom; si Amort- I cam an^n^eM^n^Gt^e^are^^>refar^^sddroa% I references. Honesty, station D, Now York dty. YTTANTED-TWO NO. I OFBBATORS ON WfBBLKB TV A Wilson's sowing maohlnee. and two Brat ehes wotol and shirt asakeis. Apply at No. I Astor place, now Clinton ANTED?AN AMERICAN OIRL. IN A F.UILYOP throe perilous; must soma wall reoommondol and ho o ?nod washer and Irnner and plain eook. Call at M Morris street, Jersey Chy, N- J. Elf ANTED?A GOOD OIRL, AS CHAMBERMAID AND TV to asaiot In washtai and ironing nod waEng on the ? * ~ WO(* ? Inquire nt NO West Twenty-second tireet WANTED-A GOOD LOOKING, SMART AND .IN. TV teUlgont young lady, between IB and to ytors of age. one who it not afraid to brut1 a steak or wash a t able nap Mo, for a family of throe, a gentleman, wife aid child; one who could occupy the position of lady's compnrton and who would be willing to go Wast, as far as Idabo TwrttOry; to bo gone for a period of IWo yean, salary MP per annum, which can be drawn la Now Tort, monthly, I desired; em? prunes gold. Address for one weak J. B .box 4,57V Foal _ SITUATION ? WANTBD?MAXsBE. T SITUATION WANTED?BY A FAITHFUL AND J\ rlgflani man, ss police watchman, or ? sexton of any Ernagellonl church?Baptist preferred: bait of references to police captains and distinguished ortixms; terms mod erate. Address C? otitloo D TOD NO MAN WANTS A PLACE AS PORTER. OR some similar all nation; good reaammondatton, and wages BO object, Altdrsm Charles t. Clarke, Post ofloo, Bmoklyn E1FINBD PETROLEUM-A ORNTUKMaN WHO HAH bona engaged In this bus I nose for some iimgs, had rge of a yard where It Is reo-lred so consignment, and ^^Heea engaged la this business for some i t^t, of n yard where It Is reo-lred so consignment.HHP SPWVll la parked la Una, la dssfions of o situation as buyer for soma houao, or to toko charge of a yard; the boat of re ferences (ires. Adorooo E. L.T!., Herald offlco. ^? HOTELS and RRRTALEANWI.-A PI RUT ri.ARfl bartender and oarrar wtsboo a totoalton la a hotel or restaurant: understonda his bustoito thoroughly, best of rsfersncea from loot employers. AMtai Adams, station O. mo LANDLORD* -WANTED. SY A TBMP8RATh MAN A sad wife, situations as housekeepers la some tenement or any other house. In ally or oouatry. Addrsm William Wilson box 197 Herald oitoo fPEAYELLING AGENT, OF KKPIRIINCB AND IN 1 Buenos with sountry mtiLkaalS and druggist* (new WeroWag), wishes an engagement Add rem Tm roller, earn D. D. Wlnsnl, T1 Gold at.. New York. WANTOILrASITUATIOh, BT A YOUNG MAN FROM V? *j0"don- wha fully understaad* lha grocery truce In ?JUa brnnchst. Is willing to work. AddrtsS H. M-, Herald < I.KRK* ATI) NAI.KHWfCT. A WW* CLAM SALESMAN WANTED-FG Addreas^oiYVx, "fost oltW*' W'? A HIM dUM' BOOKKEEPER AN d"AOt'Ot'iH .m ;^,yrl^CsTdto^:frr'"p? jssSSx'iss n^? ??- smmi ^gL^K-WA'tnrf.a MlDDLTTalgi for^he msm?mAtSlsm>x and^tothtoQ,1.!!^ 'r BtpwoM. n|l?p?Hfd ANTED?A % -A runner falbwwoma* wirHgoon 1 l'A#TiD-THREE RETAIL DRY GOODS BALtS IY man far sash store-Poster Brothers. M7 Sth nr., sod Potior Brothers, B71 Btoucker at I \ V ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A FIRST CLASS WOOL ^ ' tM< ^ tsfenaos girsa At dram J L COACHMIfiN AMD UARDB1EK8. NrBu-4?TtJATi''M AS Otrj nor 10 A lirlawt* fsmttt: " st both. hi* of boferen.w fj .. cure of Andre* l/Nei." "* ? [ANTED?A S' rilATtuN WY ? HP perleneed. thorough rtooteh farmer and i^BE **r 1 dener. foi aerera) ye.ra Isnnnr and manager for an eilao An agr.f ! Oral and stock f?nr ? Scotland; when there, gained the Orel prtr.e her the best ploughman; a second pnee for feeding c tile and sheee (fat); a oral orixe for the beat crop of turnips wife a thorough farm wife In every dA BHriinent. ran lake full charge of a gentleman's place and ??i been a fan fherein 1MB country reepeeleMe leenee nirndatlons from present and Me employer Tneulre of Or T?.to?? *?* ** -Mr-1 ~ HBLF ^ ABPrl?N.M AlJUkl A GENTS WANTTO-WlTH A CAPITAL Or JO TO MB. A to eell a new pet en ted article, la all parts ofpee York nau "-.-sH-i. AWIfll wanted ?a tew good men fob a M iiP>rttete. M Liberty stredt. room Ma. t. DOT WANTKD-ONB WHO RBUPU WITH fARENTS flANYARSING AGENT WANTED TO ROLTMt ADTEB I / tlaemania for a norel and AttrarUtre medium, aeoe h-.l tkoee who hare had eipertenee need apply Ofllce, H. Blake. 18 Liberty street. from H to I P. M. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEMD A BUTCH If art shop. One that understands the business aad cm soar well recommended may epply at HO AtUntle ?t.. ooraer Bnerum, Bmoklvn XtrANTKD-A 8TOIT YOITNO MAN; ONE WHO M W apt afraid to work. Apply to King A OaesreU. No. M Churcb at. JET ANTED?SEYBBAL 'WELL ED 1^5 ATE D. TIDY ff lads, as rash bora; mnat name well teeeuiiaended. | A. T. B THWART a CO.. Beaedwnn and Nth* | WABTSD-AII BXPHRIKNOE0 QOITl* WHO TV writes a distinct hsnd: must be a good grammarian Mid imnctuete coreectty. Address, *w? toad writing, root, ~th3T^ r PH OTOO RATHER. WHO IS B^TERI?! ^JLJJ A the studio m well? landeeara; JWJWl M If"*'* pictures. dMllMM tii|>MHii{; lB ^'"iKL*0 "* ? riew business. JUdirMTlW. Herald wot. ~BOT, 17 TEARS OF AOS; WISHES jOWAWJ tho carpenter or machinist tr?do. A_PPjy "4"f address corner of North (Kb and Prospect streets jersey OHy.. a YOTTWO MAN WHO HAS A brlekldying wonld HVr to serre onenr twow^^ramt, on medium wage* Call on or addreaa T.G., WCfcarlton at., rear building. Blacksmith wanTed-a pood %wp can^bt employment and good wages. tara oo ' fofwoou at 80 Cortlaudt ?t. JOSBPq WOODS t'D* TjlVOrNEFII WANTED-AT TBI *UW? 2&22*?& VJ totj 845 Wcbt 28th ?L? near Otli a*.i ? ntoWntal pr* ferrod. ? . r? WiOMBKRS A GOOD PLUMBER. WHO yE^ER" s tends gas fitting. can have ete^v employment the year round it opplylnx to Wm. Towers, M Carmine at., between Bedford snd Bloeckcr mO OAR FITTERS.?PART OF A PLUMBER'S STORE T? to 1st to a gaa fitter. A go?d location. Inquire of Thorn o* 0. arrett, fit Woat 30th st. . TIT ANTED?A BELL HANORE AND LOCR JOBBER. W A goad hand oan find a stead* job at Lang!tooth ft Crane's, No. ? Mechanic at.. Newark, N. J. ? HOUUBE, ROOMS, ic.r WAHTBD. _ A OKNTIBtMAN WANTS _DB.SK BOOM fit SOME A rpRDPcUMi nfhee. or a small ofHoe, If k? can rent on? 09 ZtJEEffSSm?n?irStock Exchange building. Addrem W. N K., 60*113 HaaaOdoHtce B 8TORT teamen la, Address, a TRRY LIBERAL RENT WILL BE PA10-'?" * A House, farrtahad or unfnrnUhed; will bay Furniture if desirable. MoagenL MOWHOK ^ igg Herald office. A SMALL HOUSE WANTBEh-BY A GENTLEMAN A and wifei no children; aoasreatnn aa soon aa posaibht. , AddreSs Bir. v., Ml Weal KlghteeeU street, near EighU | avenue. <* -wvmn: !S.? the bast toaalitlaato the city. Hp. t Twaaty third street. Fifth Avcnst B&al. HO0SB AND OTORE LEASES WANTED?OB AMY JRrWHBSffBSiaSS."at!M*"" OFFICE OB DESK BOOM WAMTBD?BBLOSY P,2Le25t. AddS- bog MA 1 station 0. stating prise and localloa. F. B? baa 1,US Feat odtce. jirty. AddreiJ B. ft, kax ft7? Fsat efltoe. with part** third Soar; tneatte n between Becondjad ss^raKfssue. afiaflM rs; Address, with full particulars, 144 Herald otfice. WANTED?CHAMBERS SDITaSLB SO EE USED for an adeertMag "S^ey; eeHhw RreaAreeuM aed is^r;"?'a*cd.. t!sr WANtBD-BT OBMTLBMAN AND_W1 FB. PARLOR and Bad roam an second dear, wttboat^ board, ninety furnished. In rtrtnitr ^St.Jaaaaa Hotel m B.^nt House. AMmnO. H, boi i.? W#w Tom ro?t ota??. a-~ X%TANTED-AN OFFICE SJITABLB FOB A PHT y l!57Braad#y. corner Thirtieth street. UPAKTKD?A LEASE OF THREE OR FIFE TEARS TY from May I, fbr a light,Mean manufacturing hnslnaae aad sales renin rartlfloal yoois), tha two upper loereaf a ihree at err bulldlnc; rent not tn exceed SRM per year: or a ?rhol? thr?? ftofSr botldlng; rvol no! I? MWiil IW; |oo?tlon between SliUeaMi and Bond itrerts and Third and Sixth as t-wl..Uea smiibI Km ? Afimforllth E bftdlk blllldttlfl. TirAhTFD-BT A TOUNO HARRIED CDUPLE. A W single Room or twe Rooms (unfurnished l. In a good tesatST to the lower part of the city er la Brooklyn Ad dreaa Alpha, Herald oEtw WANTKD-AN UNFOBNIBHBD HOUSE, ii oood order and with modem lmproeemeaU. ar er before 1st of May. (llw rant and whare locatad. House, box I Post oEoa. ____________________ YKTANTED?TO HIBE OS LEASE, A MEDIUM SISE W fitl uie dcMrabty situated, below Twenty third rtreet, unlumlahed or parUafly furnished Address V. W? Herald ofBoe or ANTE D?THREE OB FOUR ROOMS, OH FIRST tY floor, nafuraisheA for a gaaUaman, wlfh and ana child, not shore Thirty'sfU atraat; If aaIWbta wfll ba takaa for a permanency. Rafarenca axabangad. Addreaa box 113 Herald office. WANTRD-A FURNISHED COTTAOE, I* NEW Brighton er Its eleln.ty Bu?len lslaad. a4 n ?ode"^ rent for Ike rammer essoin. State terms, m. Addreaa box 4,tB3 Fast oEea. Ti- ANTED?AM OFFICE AND BEDROOM, FUR H niahed ar anfanushed, la a prlrata famlly; loeaUon between TMrd aad Sixth sreanessnjFourth^* atrarta Addreaa Doctor, box 3,W> New Tnrk Post offlce. TWANTKD.-W*. TAN WAG BURN A CO, OF O ?T Math arenut, has aarerM amid aad rrapeealble parties wishing to rani houses, furnished aad unfurnished, fa good localities, at n reasonable real. Any one having honors, furniahod ar unfaratshed. or mpartments for retnoclabia families to let. will Bnd Immediate attanUoa by leaving Information with or addreoalng the abere. UTANTBD-ST A FRITATE FAMILY. TO RENT W from May L a msdlum sited modern built ftpuac, below Twentieth ? treat, on the line or ibs Tbtrd or Fourth Areuue jgiiratt Address 11. C . if Cathsrine street. WANTED-BY A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE AND eernnt a First or Nemnd Floor, rarniahador uafur nlshedTIa a prltate fanillr m ? Rood aelghborhood. with rriTiinoc of EausePaestng. or a small bouse in Hariem. I fSwaT or Elisabeth, reut moderate. Address M. A. P.. | Herald odlee ? XT ANTED TO HIRE?FROM MAT I. A THRBK STORY lY House, below Fotirleenlh street Addryse. Mating >rma to a drat ala* leuant, W. B. D., box 4ft. Post oEce, wygfe. . - ?fTANTBD tO HIRE?A SMALL. NBA* HOURB, ^ Within on# boar of Ohsmhera mreeh at a H?t af fwm Ml Am Efiflfl naF IBlffPl ftf IB Ul? COUIllff BlUlt uiW iOIUY ?d Swd^I J W A CO., m Washington street 1'twTtD TfTnill! ON LEASE?A BUILDINO AND . lUrmldatiee ?ctlfylng establishment; must borathe Agtlresa isr. between Catharine aa# Whitehall atraata. aaaresa (? hex 144 Herald cdErt. WANTED TO LB A BE OB EUT-A ?team power. W #r in the aetghbprbeed m W>? ony. tddraaa A. a , hot 173 Btrnld ?dtoP HOURU, ROOMS. SC. TO Fourth Mfiiiifi, wttkjMgarden " 10! Desirable ndflKmL P.i per month. ? y' r ' THOM *A FINK BASEMENT TO LET-IMMEDIATE POS. A ees?ion else ?*80, n^hwwtcorner of KtflT ?eo<Kid street and Kialiih avenue, ?ItaMo for aoj kind of buatoeaa. Also ewmd rUr. w?U. ii? roJJSJT all Improvement*. Also f~t-?w ?t~? ? -i- ran-,, .n tomarenss"" > , . w feURWlfA<. dto >1 udson MrpeC' At su fourth avenue, it BTANLBY day-on furnished Bauan to let In Broadway. Fourth, Ui ington and NUlh Al * RaSftTOfc; SflfrJSZt? k nrni IInnuu ?u?_?to?Y mows 11 JiSRY B6UDMT0M. rfATRMIHLAND-A PRUT ATM ?^MMM wtobee to tot two Weeping Booaw. with Partor. ^?"3SiS??2?f3S2 israr&g.1 wrri or pour oommomitatino rooms to let?Completely Furnished far beoseheeptng. aA M Sato Fourteenth street. between First and BeconBava. A'fti BROADWAY?TO 1ST, SECOND AMD THIRD A M aUMRTiS THRBE STORY HIOH RTOOP BRTCI U la WM. B. KBYS, MA Waal Nineteenth street, mat A ttBBS S^SEitA'V-.'r^ etory brown atone, tlMR FBBRMAN 4 OO . Ill Broadway AST Ml FOURTH AVENUE, BY KTAMLBY DAY?PUR nlahed Houses to tot la Stuyvesant. lBth,Bd. 30ih. Mth and lit atreeta: 4th and Lexington avanees. Waal Parma, Tarry town Now BoshsRc. Perth Ambor, Stamford. Haekcneack aad Darien. For Dill particulars ?? my real eatale efrcnler, which can ha had fma or mailed upon racelpt of ataraped directed envelope. Sf? nOURE IK TWENTTBTH'BTREBT. NRAR BROAD- , m. way. to tot, fer IS,000; unfurnished or famished, la ew York and Brooklyn, $801 to $8,000. H. H. TAYLOR, Agent, Noa. $ and 10 Pine street. ^ COMPLETBLT1 FURNISHED BROWN 8TONK | __ alone House, on Wast Fourteenth street; linen, | beddiDg and silver; posse talon Immediately. A. 8BRORANT, ll Wad atreel. A T NP.W BRIGHTON?HAMILTON PARK-TO RENT, /t brick House*. about ten rooms en oh. famished and tin. furnished; a**, water works, wash tabs aad other modern I Improvement*: garden*, stables. 4c. Particulars at Hr. ( H AMI I.TON'8 office M Bearer street. H ^ BUPBRI0R LOCATION?SOirrnWKST CORNER OF Canal street aad West Broadwav. to lease for three or Ave years. A poly at No. T Pma street, room No. A AI.AROR NtJMBBR OF FURNISHED HOURE8. DP. f yjj?e'llr>UT toasted, offered for rent. Prices | RINO 4 CO.. No. $ Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. Apartments to lbt-h andsomkly purnishrd, for gentlemen, nt No. 5 Brevoort plaoe, Tenth street, | three door* west of Broadway. A PARTIES-WIKHINO TO RENT OR LET THEIR Houses furnished or unfurnished. ' toasted in good | neighborhoods, at reasonable rents, will And good, res pec ta U or ad snae. hie and responsible parties waiting, by calling apon dressing WM. VAN WAOBMBN 4 PP.. <71 Ruth yen ^ HO USB TO LET-FURNI8HKD. $17$ MONTH. UN AAA May. and unfurnished Aftor. 19 Hleecker street: also Floors, furnished and unfurnished; good locations. Inquire at 114 Third avenue. ^ FIRST CLASS 8TORB ON_ RIi>HTH_ AVENUE. | west aide, between Thirty-Bret and Thlrtv-seoond atreeta. to lot: Immediate possession, with all the flaturea; plate glass windows B. BMBBKSON, 431 Eighth av. Broadway stores and lofts to let?butt a. ble for any respectable business; also soma oa the ehto streets Ap^yto M. 8. MYERS. 498 Broadway. T>ROADWAY, MR AS QRAND STREET?TO LET, JJ gent Store* and Lefts. 10x111; alao Ave story ant meat, below canal street (cheap); others, between Wa V8LB d base all and for sale, leaae and rant I ? ? P' 1T1 froadwsy ?*TniIkSJ3S."3V-, Iawd Futa . BMBBR80N, Ml Eighth avenue. _ , . ch*4p, itt Brooklyn. B. D. The bouse U la yo^fedMs^S^ n*w ApplT 10 ABRAHA" |pOE RRNT?A SOAP AMD OANDLR FACTORY; MAV r atoo ho reatcd for ether put punas. InqtordatWV aiM avenue, between fliirnalh and BiTrmtoanlll ?"**" y JTlUfiNlSHRD BOUSE TO LET?IN 1*TH STREET. V near steamboat landing; nine aad cheap; possession now; til! Map or longer. Apply to M. C. BISHOP, No. df JJOU8B TO RENT, FURNISHRD-FOR TWO YBAR8, Tor a moderate mat, or Furniture for sale. Apply oa pcomlaas, 93 Clinton piaoa, hotweoa 10 aad 18 A. M. JJOUSRS TO LET FROM 1ST MAY?ON FOUR teonth. Savontaeolh. Twelfth. Twenty Afth. Thirty. ' ADU^4%o!!!>M>'BS>U^r. TT0U8EKERPBR8 OR PRBSON8 OOIlfO TO HOUSE, ll keeping will he supplied, aad aaa pay tw weekly or monthly po/moato, for Fumituro of every daeenptloa. Car pets. OHdtotto Beddl*. Parlor and Biiieta SaRs. Ac., at BRNDALL1 8COTTB. eornsref Canal aad Hudson ato. OTTHBKRRPRRS?A RARR OPPORtvbiti.?ALL fereatoata gmetanenSne for cash; awgnlReant Pi* do I eoat Ml. wifl he ae4d fer $8M>: one beautiful Parlor ooei p7t, fer $M8; one htaek walnut Suit, la green reps for $76, fc ; atoo twe fnrntoto^ Renm* to tot, tar Mmgc gi jta Inquire at 11$ West Eighth at mat. gentle IMMBDIATB POSSESSION OF TWO BXTRAORD1NA rily hand*em* Partem aad Bedroom*; rent SM a month; maohriek aad modern; teat SMS; Marl; ear route. C. X OOLLIN8, Seoood av. and RlfMy-eeeoad at. er a and $1 Nassau atreai. OPTS TO LRT?TWO WELL LIOHTED LOFTS, situated en the corner of Broome and Mrreer JH siIIaH atreeta, lultabln for the h*t jobbing bualnnw; rent low. Apply to R. F. BROWN. W7 Brooms street, corner OH tFFICBS TO LRT-IN THE OLD AMD NEW HERALD Mtoadmlil the oount OFFICBA TO LIT-IN THE OLD A BuUdtaga Apply to the Supertnte lag room, corner of Moaaoo and Fnltoa i OFFICES AMD LOFTS TO LET-AT $44 BROAD, wmy, near Spring street. Apply to the Janitor, on the premises, or to the owner at MR West Fifty-second street. OFFICE ON FIRST FLOOR TO LET.?A LABOR OHce la e good store In Pork plaoe. Dear Broadway, with two Urge Basement*, to tot. Apply el Moo. 8 end It T>LBA8AMT FURNISHED ROOMS?CONTAINIMO HOT JL and cold water and large stow. Verms very tow. Ap ply at ltd St Mark's place. ' J^BAR .TWO STORY FIRE PRODF Sl'ILDINQ TO tot, for manufacturing or other alee business: atoo the front Dwelling House, or will sell I be above. Inquire on the premises IS! Eighty-stith street, atom to Third avenue. In Roblnson'a bakery, or at Fountain's India atom, MS Broad way. QTBAM POWER?TO LBAHR. OMR FLOOR. IM BUILD O ing 199 and Ml Water atreel. Rrooklya, with from 1$ to *> horse power; room ltoitO; good light; room healed br m power; room 160x40; good light; room heated by steam; shafting la. Apply on premises, or to 8. W. ORKRNB, II Sprum street. Mow York. gTORB TO LET?A RARR CHANCB FOR AMT ONR _ to start la bualaess; a very handsome Store. Mx98. plate glaas front, 1$ feet high, with revolving shattars, to good location on grand street and doeimbU stock of Dry Hood*, for aato at a great bargain. In order to give up Urn " "A law business; moderate rent, with lease and Axturaa Included. Address O. M., Dry Ooods, station B, Oread street. No its need apply. JTORR TO LRT?FROM 1ST OF MAY, UMDRR RARLB S 5 Hotel, t'anal street, M by M>; good stand for any kind of iiMaim Apply for partieutors at oHoa Hnrla's Hotel. [TORE AND DWELLINO TO LRT-414 BOWERY: .J atom 100 feet, with seoend and third story extension nil for business purposes; house in rompiate order, with all the improvements. Inquire io Mowbray's dry goods store, M$ Orand street. J TORE, 786 EIGHTH AVENUE TO LET.?CHEAPEST J mat on the avenue. Inquire ou the press lass. ? to TORES AMD Lorrs TO LKAftB?M FARE PLACE, m enure Bulldlag. 38x110; 110 Chambers wrset, entire ?uildlng. 68x76. Ml Broadway, eoraer Reads. Lefts 88x100. Apply only to the agent, D. D ORRBLL. ? Oedar^H fp J. piBBONR. 101 RLRBCEBB STBBET, HAS tUB _ following Houses to let:? 1(H Prince street, ins Orsonwlrh tveuoe, IM Mercer etnet, M Pike street, M Pike street, M Darrew street, Me. $ Hubert timet, IM Bleeoker timet. THREB FURNISHED ROOMS OM SECOND FLOOR, In the large new building S10 Third avenue, near Teen ty-fifth street, for housekeeping, fifi per week to a owl family. Apply as above; ring boU No. I. ffO LBT-THR LABOR RTORR 11$, lit AND UP BLM X street, sulUblc fer e whalemto bntoueaa. Fifty feet front

fPO LRT -RLKKf'KBR 4 DEN I SON, $M PINR SI '?<V uDi.-wbBlt:xeR a llISIBtia, mm rins n A have a Urge number of very doalrahto Hone* furnished and unfurniehod. Call and get partleulari ) LET-IN ORAND STREET, BETWKRN ALLRN and Chrysile. south tide, to responsible partiee. about ty feet of Counter Room, for the hosiery or faac/ goods fnesa. Store and location among beet in street. Address f Ooods. station B. rLRT-A FIRST CLASS BROWN HID MR THRRE story high stoop House, on avenue A and met timet; all modern Improvements. Immediate possession; or for "" ^ VVMk *> s?? f|W> LBT-A BTORR IN BROADWAY, MfMjFB A location beat on tha street: also Seeond Lett, 19x16 I Apply to WM L BCRKg. *M Broadway. rH LRT?FOUR LOFTS (IEOHIDIRO FIIttlBM). ?It Dsiadsray. corner of Pearl Mmet. Apply to HUTCHINH8, 38 John street Ttt O LRT?THE COLLINS MOTEL. W1 I eu.1 Hoiiokeu sfeega, ?nh immedUto possession. Fmwtr HOUSES, ROOMS. EC.. TO LET. rU 1KT-1 IIANUSOMB HUCT OP OFFICES. KI.B ? jratilly fhruiihcd throughout; would be parti uUrly de ?irablc lor a Urge shipping huAnee* THUS. R HINULA1HS, 146 Maiden Una. rLIMTORR AMD DWBLI.INS HOOKS. WITH hub**, corner Fifth avenue and Fiftyalilh street, from lat May neat. Apptr to J. KEYHEK, 618 Third arena*, from 8 to Ml and 1 to 2 o'clock. mo LET-FROMT PARLOR AND 0 SB ROOM. ON THE I flrat flonr.handaomrfy furnished, opposite lUe Ooopar fnadtute and fcllble Houaa. 174Ninth at root. mo LET-STORE NO. Iflfl WASHINGTON HTRRBT PROM I lat MRu unit , collar, Aral and aeooud floor*, Irixe 16 br 46. Rant >3.000 per jear. ApptJ to 6MITU A MuNBLL, 1* *tra*v H mO LKT?THE HOUSE If AMITY ETRBBT. 0ORI A. of Thornpaon, far three or 6r* roar*1 l*am tor a I aaao pnrpoae. Inqulr* at 71 Analiy tlroot. rno LET?BXCBLLRjfTBQBIMKSS STANDS. 1 HTSprtOf otroot, 12 ItIrI f Enssr nmosv. I no aire of Iprom 1ST or APRIL Honaa, throe door* from T? HP-?* trase^^^^^^M Sa,^X?5^',S2!^ Xo^rmgrjgps ? ? \ -h. ?Or n BEE(MAN STRRBT. af Cartel you'* type foundry. RD. A NBW AND BLBG AMTLT I Bedroom, adfliialaf. la, the new lalhaoanaa, between Tweniy-eer. atreeta, en reeeeneble terms. la rpo lbt-vthk stork and dwblmmo am orand |M UtiUM, ?to LBT-A NBW HOUSE. ON THl NORTH RIDS OF ? Twentr-flflh atroet; between Lexington and Fourth ?enuea. Poaeeaatoa Marah L Apply toltr. TAN BRUNT, rM LBT-A BRICK H0U8B, 60 WILLOW STREET, Brooklyn Heights, with or without Furniture. Refer ence required. Apply on the premiaen. J TO LET-ONE HALE THE NEAT PRIVATE DWELL 1 tng 188 Baat Nineteenth atreel. untC Hay. with prob able renewal; part of Furniture for aale if deaired. Apply between 8 and 9 A. M. or after IF. IL TO LBT?8PLBNDID L0KT8 AND OrPIOBS ON Broadway, near Urmadmtreet: marble front, fireproof. Address J. P. M., Broadway, Herald oSoe. rLRT?SUPERB OFFICES FOE INSURANCE, architects, lawyer* at 168 and 167 Broadway. tluMBB MOKOAN, Wo. 3 Pine atrset. rLRT?THE HOUSE AND OBOUNDS FOOT OP Forty-Bin'h street, Brooklyn, oa New York bay, suit able tor summer hotel; fine beach, dock, and splendid riew of tbe bay and surrouodlng shores; the cars pass wlthiu a block every 16 minutes. Apply to THOMAS HUNT, 179 Broadwny, second Boor, at 11 A. M. TO LET-A SUIT OP BLBOANTLY FURNISHED Rooms, together or separately; $69 front; $46 back. Apply at 16 Bast Eighteenth street, between Fifth avenue and Broadway. r LET-TWO FLOORS, 36x100, AND SPLENDID CEL. lar the same slxe. In a strong three story brick Build ing; also a three story brink Building, with oellar. adjoin ing, I9iK, with yard room and eulraooe for carta and truoks; suitable for manufacturing purposes: formerly used ss tbe Manhattan Brewery, at Hand 31 Baxter street, near Chat hum street. Inquire on the premises. Immediate posses sion If required. r LET-TWO CORNER STORES OM PULTON | street, Brooklyn: best tooatloes In the city; peseaeeton of one Immediately if required. Apply at 368 Broadway, fourth floor. r' LET-A FIRST CLASS HOUSE IN WATBBLBT place, near Broadway, It by St, four stories elegantly furnished: baa all the modern Improvements, for terms and permit apply nt 37 Water street. PO LET?A POUR STORY PURNI8HBD HOURS IN L West Fourteenth street, fifteen rooms: rent $4,000 ROBERT MACLAT. 77 Oedar street r LET-A THREE STORY BRICK HOURB, IN A OOOD neighborhood, on the west aide of the oily, below Four teenth street, and Furniture, nearly new. for safe. Beat $M00; furniture $1,000. Apply to J. W. Boolbaafc, 100 rnOLST-ABUTF OF ROOMS ON PARLOR FLOOR. IN 1 n first ofege house, at 8$ St Mark's ptoeo, suitable for a dentist or phymefea. Ateen nlea euMef Bos ens en third floor, with every sogwlmx f|X> LRT?HOUSE And STORM AT I NTS I A of Broad wnynnd Sixth avenue, oa whet side, I youth of i birty-fourth street: ntats ntass winds 3stsaaaaMsaaft T? JfFlTwlT? IMMRMATR POSSESSION, A SFLBM JgtMd* Boat only $400por year: lease two^rem ftem 1 *PHff ?? #5!"sSfhYAaSMRJlJ^.^S; Sixth avenue. rLRT?UNFURNISHRD, WITH IMMBDIATR FOS aeasion. a .pleadid two story high sleep apfendld base ment and cellarbrisk House. built only laateummer; It baa alt tbe modern Improvemouto Ibvuughonl. lu a an oppor tunity seldom offered. It baa a splendid viewer the Host river, Harlem. Yorkville, High Bridge and the whole earn of the Central Park; loomed hear the Fifth area as; U to ? rssani and eafe to be anon to bo admired. Per par ton nod to em the beneeapply to WM. TAR WAQSMBM A CO., C3 Sixth avenue. rLRT?PURNI8HRD. WITH IMMRDIATR POSRR8 aiea ,it to now eomnt). until (toy 1, MR n nasi three story htoh stoop hrtan Hssajsk an ? ? *? H!n wa'uknk* A oo.*4a aSftToiJom! M. Apply to WM. t??- jgai I Nassau street. TO LRT?IN THIRTY-FIFTH STREET. HRAR THIRD Jl?!r?L " /0HM t^OfDA SOffM rLRT OM BROADWAY?THR UFPRE PART OP A ?eret class building, suitable for o merebant tailor, Ac. M . 8. MTBRR. <88 Broadwny. rLRT UNPURNISHRD-PROMMAYLTHB LABOR and first class four story and altie brown (tone Houm No. 37 Bast 1 weatv-8nt street, n few doors from Broadway; baa aE the modern improvements. Apply at SI UmvnrsMp ptoee. mo LRT OR LRASB-A POUR STORY HIOH STOOP 1 brown stone House UP Weal Forty-fifth street, sue H by (0, and in perfeet order; one door from Broadway. An ply to J. ROMAIHK BROt^N, 1.379 Broadway. ~ rLRT OB LEASE-FOB A NUMBER OF YEARS, the fuOstoed four story brick House No. 4 Bond street, near Broadway, well adapted for business purposes Apply to JOHN KAYAN AOH, northeast corner Forty-eeeona street and Sixth avenue. rLRT OR LBASB?A COUNTRY 8BAT, SUITABLE for summer or winter reeMenee. frontier on the Sound, about three miles frees Harlem bridge. Apply to JOHN KAVANAOH, northeast oorner Forty aeoena street and Sixth nreoee. . rLRT OR LBASB FOR A TERM OF TEARS?THR House and Lot No. 75 Wart Broad war, next below Loonard street. Apply to B. W1DDIFIBLD. to Charles street. r LEASE?LARUE BRICK DWRLUNO AND LAROB brick 13 stall stable adjoining, suitable for n down town carman. Addmm bos 8.IR8 Feet oHoe. 2!" UNIVERSITY Emt Thirteenth street," *?5}'uS J/f * ? T?bri"A2JtA,.Vr!S5rt "52? 2M 5*25 Apply to HlkloftpH A oo , wJmSnTSLTnT.ffff ??j,L T?,LV"-* HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOrrun Laswassar - kQBUT KACLAT, 77 Cidir iiro#l. T?.vi;M*5d ^n!S5h nrtn to WILLUMIIKBH^ '* fWl W rpo RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE OM MaJHM A,Ti7araw;'i^s.'r~ t elty. TfNION SQUARE -A MICELY rURMttHRP^LAfcgf} I front Houm to lot. with or wlthoutltaord, ateonhMi JJvJroom. Apply at d Rest riftoontb etroot. one door frmn 91A ORKRMW1CH STRBET. KBAR TBRBY.? ^14 Bu&l?ylTjrwiMKLE. 3M Broadway. PRRRCH ADVBI BJUROPKAH 1TEA*|HIP?. S^TEAM TOQl'EKNSTOWN AND UYERPOOL. 5 From New York every Wednesday end Saturday. The CHICAGO salL from New Y?A on Saturday Feb ruary 8; MANHATTAN on Saturday Maroh V, from pier 37 t??t rteer. Cabin passage. $90. gold. Steerage. $? fireaoy. Passage to Mew York god remit tance* to Ireland at tow raiee, m A Duty to WILLIAMS A OCTON. W Broadway end IB South street. ipHK HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S iron mall steamlhip BAVARIA. feyer, commander, carrying the Onltel States mail, sell ou Saturday, February II will sail ou Saturday, Pebruyjrft, at U M., for Ukleg paaeengere tor Hamburg, HaVre, Southampton lad Ft rat cabin. *18; aeeoad cabin, $78, steerage, g37 30. pay ?ftlVEKifiltwrCi.,. I KOIIAIOf A CO.. C. B. RICHARD A BOAR. Oeaerel AgeaU Oenerei P?awr A feats. ? Riahange pleoeTV Y. Me. S Barclay street, V. Y. QTBAM TO LITBRPOOL, C ALU NO AT qUKBNS. p ion. The la man Lute, .ailing aeati-weekly, sanytog th| Oulltd 8UlM 1||?i|R I CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, FeVuery U. KANQAROO Wedneedey February 9$. NOAROO Wedneedey February m * ?E j T Of ANTWRRP (new) Saturday. March t. each succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon frees pier RATES OF rABBAOR. ^^^Hthe matt steamer sailing errry Saturday. is 1 JBgEh.a ^to London ll? Paaenge by the Wedneedey eteamera?Find 5*btn. >110; Steerage, $M. Payable in United m.Ios currency. Paaeengere alee forwarded to Havre. Hamburg. Bremen, Ac., at moderate rate*. ^mt^peeinfffcm Uverpnci or Queenrtown, gW ?oc^TleteUoaobebought here by persons eendln ?M wsMsaarsyl 1$ Bmsdwsr. New ? IT*1 FBAMCIL AMBK,0A* UMS 10' AMB The Mew Yerk ud Havre Bteamehto Comonay will ran I their drat class stems ship. Arage and Fulton In oooneeMon with the New Toft MMI 8teamship Company's staunars I Mississippi and Merrtmaoh. to Havre, carrying the United I States malls, from pier No. IB North river at noon, the fol. lowing days, celling at FalmouthI lARAOO H. A. Gadsden..Saturday, Fob. lg. ? MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday. March 3, I FflLTOM ..R Samuels Saturday. March 1?V WM MRRRIMAC B. Van Sloe.,..Saturday, March SO, ISB7 AKAOO H. A. Osdsdeu..Saturday, April 13. 1887 MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday, April V, UMf " 1 every fnurteen days thereafter. PRICES OF PASSaOB, PAYABLE IM GOLD, FIRST CLASS $1? fifcON ? OND CLASS 70 Through tickets to Loudon $g extra. An experienced surgeon ou board. The companies will not be responsible for specie or valu ables unless bills of lading, having the value expressed, are ?toned therefor. C. K. GARRISON, for M. T. M. S. 8. Co. JOS. J. COM STOCK, for H. Y. and II. S. 8. Co. For further information apply to JOS: J. COMSTOCK. Agent, No. 7 Broadway. JAMBS A. WOTfON, Havre. General Agent in Europe. rjUIE STEAMSHIP QUE AT EASTERN, BIB JAMBS ANDERSON, COMMANDER. DIRECT TO PRANCE. The French Company -of charterers of the steamship ORE AT EASTERN having provided the ship with new boil ers and thoroughly refitted and refurnished her In every de partment. wtU run her regularly between New fork and Brest daring the coming summer. Leaving Liverpool, March M. New York, Tuesday, April 9. Brest, Saturday, April 97. New York, Thursday, May 16. Brest, Tuesday, June 4. New York. Saturday June 91. Brest. Thursday, July II. New York, Tuesday. July SO. Brest, Saturday, Aug. M. New York, Thursday. Sept.U. Brest, Tuesday, Oct 1. New York. Saturday, Oct. 19. Brest Thursday, Nov. T. New York, Tuesday, Nov. 96. Taking first class passengers only at the following rates ? $10$ $1M and $140, payable In gold or its equivalent In cur rency. All passengers enjoy the same privileges and aime accommodations, the difference of pries being for location and site of staterooms. Special trains will ran regularly between Brest and Paris In connection with the Great Eastern. Passengers can fee furnished on board with railway tickets, and have their bag gage checked to Paris at an additional oharge of $10 SO for I Orel eiaaa and $T 00 for aeoood class oarritge. being X per oent less than regular rates. Tickets for the home voyage will be Issued either here or In Paris at a reduction or $M from above rates to passengers returning In April, Jane or July. For the oonrealenoe of the passengers or the Great Eastern the oempany has appointed a special agent, who wll without oharge engage apartments in Paris for snob as may forward lnrtmcttoualh rough Wells, Fargo $ o*. M V. COLEMAN * CO., 117 front Street. Per freight - n 111 ii i XTtiTtOMAl MEAM tAYjpAXeW STEAMERS WE RELY *^J^BJtPO<>fc, CALLING AT m ^MB^P^BWWBmksto. to bring parties from IivsrpiM or Queenatown, for $M la currency. _ Through passage to Pari* Antwerp. Basabsrg, RreaM^ D'ranlTTssuSf for any amowai. payakto til any hank la Great Britata or aa the ooatiaeat. I for frstght and eahs* pimp apply at the aMce of Mm ?91.Y DIRECT LUTE TO FRANCE H gSasnaa'af jtftfrssnst.s:? SSSiSi?^ PRIOB9 Of PAS8AOB IN OOLD^ First cabin $110: second oahin, $100. includiag wtoti. Thass stoassers do not carry stosrspo nsmoassrs Modtoal stteadeaoe free ef charge. ' ^ Passengeislatsnding tolaaist Brest ma he famished $0for eeooed class. <*? *ACTO^i, ?#. 0 BroMwif. RXORTH AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. WBl despatch the irst class suamshlps SANTIAGO DB CUBA, Capt SmlK. M. M, BAN FRANCISCO, Cspt Behm, MarehT from pier M North rtvar, foot of Warren street at noon, S25W"1 - For further Is formation apply to the North Amorlma "" wim President, MBichanse place, N. T. I _ _ D. N OARRINQToN, Agent : pi West street aerner Warren street N. T. COAjPTWISB fmMKIM * ^ jxcme-ass-j-sr Sp*?^ * TO- Al lrot*U CARRYING I KITED STaIF* lilt YlA PANAMA RAILRntil (Mr^niori tenrr (jt?r *t N -tab n*er. htm rfCot* U u cluck, auoa, ?? feUawe ? Febnii nerttod Gray I'X li.MM. u isry lei?RINING NTaIL CaiUaa *. 0. Egr1** mm 3ssw^?SS^l^ * * KhEUrv Illh-HKSBt fct C?|k*;? ray, cMliriiM With >*? *1BT<T'aMP,Ofdajo ? ?? February ??m?ocraii owbrm m^tA t a Mam* nmM GOLDEN AGE. ?>ptn)e i.ap.<kr T1:. u. ? ^>k rnf *1 ooonectat Fnuemn ?ll'? .*???"? 1W ? ?oih PariOe per* 1<i and llthfor Onotral >wa rtriaii purw i*4 * la u>..ra .1 Maaiuiljte gg;:45^W TCbhams aU Heag K<?? ?? Apr* Itt ?main ami aMi ??< deb KoAUjfeBBtA. VIA PANAMA PMlR CALIFORNIA. VIA PANAMA ?pTha raettc Mail Huta>!?ilMp?>r ? ?m? H CIIAUNCBT will Por'nlaa! go.' tf Monk rim, mm henry ,? a? fretnbi oBaa """SBuil Ma Protgnt Agea mis ? On V"S&3g| Brery Saturday, at1 MONRO CART LB, Mw MmM ?>* ? 0o?t? MB?a!' Barton' "'" .'V ' Mv?il Tor freight _pr m apply to GAJtBlSOM A ALLB*. i AjsbU, No. A Bowling Gpsee, N. *? TTtOE OALTEMTOB. TBI A*. DlREi'T^^^^^^M JP The ?plrndtd Ktoaatthlp PERtr < Iwill laare atar No < North nrer, oa Saturday Febr Mtf K lot II o'clock poop lor <i*l>e> ... lu-t pamaco. baring sptand'.d BIT Captain B A IMaatg Keoeirlng freight now. For freight apply (o SPOFFORD, TILE-TON *00., W Nr. ?lw.f C1QB OALYBHTON TKXas r TmaMMi The A 1 screw steamer YIROINIA, Wolfr. loading at pier 30 Boat river, wiU aaU mourdaj N err II For freight and p??eage apply to WILLIAMS * QUIOH. n Wall street FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS, MAILING WKEKLT Teiaa lino.-The Al atoaner O0LP CfTt, sirw*r\ <?oa. gTAB LINE POR NEW ORLEAN8.-THE NEW Y?RK| _ Mail Meaouhlp Ootapany'a fine ooeon wtwri wilt I leare iilerM North rlror, at Jo'cl .ck P. M.. aa follow* ? MARIPOSA, on Saturday, Keh. Id. MISSOURI, oa Saturday, Fob 23. MATANZAS, oa Saturday. March S. All bllla of tailing aignnd at the oBoe upon the pier. Per I iply to ' freight or paaaage app . G K. OARRISON. Preolilent. No. S Bowling Oroo JfOR NBW OKLKANH DIRBCT. The new and Brat claaa ateamehlp GENERAL MEADE. Captain A. W. Sampaon, will Irare pier No. 9 Mortlt rirer r Saturday. February 16. at> P. X. For freight (or paaaage, baring uaaurpaaaed aeoomnodai Hftni Apply to B. B. CROMWELL A CO., M Wert etrwrt. The OBOBaE WASHINGTON will follow February ?~ FHOR NEW ORLEANS?BLACK STAR LIMB-' ? atAamehlp MONTGOMERY. Captain Falnioth, leare pier U North rlror on Saturday. February Id, at M. For freight or paaaage. haring handeome aooaiam ^?attPJ ^i or hsylsg hiinlmn) icoonslH I Uona, apply to R. LOW DEN, Agent, corner of Oedar^H Weatstreeta. pAYTD MoCOARD. Ageat la Mow Orleakal EMMPIRR line for savannah ( ? H Bran Saturday, from pier Ma IS North rtrer. 1 Punctually at three o'clock P. M. (? H . . _ i The farorlte wdewheel ateamahtpa ' * SAM 8 ALT ADO R, Niekereoa oommander, aafte Fehruarr ? SAM JACINTO, A thine commaador. aalU February *.H Through tiekata and bills of ladtag to afipolnta la coaoeafl tlon with Central Railroade of Georgia, AtlaatM aad Ortg Railroad and Florida aUanwrs. ? ?^?VowllngOreeOL^B A, Captain Charleo I ?Pel piiufi tcfiy it fUkfl, iu l*vi Trl I Wedneeday at 11 o?dooh7a HATTfcRAS. Captain Alai Satarday, at IX o'ciook, a KStlij to nil potato on the Rgllrend andIte Ig?OR BORFOLK, CITT POIMT AMD RICHMOND. ? . CHAWQB OP rata The mamehpl HATTER AS aad ALBRMARLB wl r*0AL DEPOT AT ST. JOHNS, POS v staamheal ownara aad eaptata* are tka shore ?aotiaoed pert Caale of orery I ?Mod without any delay. Teaaaie Oraw lag art om wotef watar oan geatangMdo the wharf sod noroBw /SoNSlOMBBS OF CARGO BT 8HIF BMDTMIOM I It to 0*11 *t tbo oPg of tfeo QDdifitaMd A WALSH. MMSWMBl ? rtro GUUM n BOSOM BIYBB AMD HARLEM RAlfl J1 Tntaa for Albany aad Trow, ooaaeotiag wttH and Wartarn tralaa, tea to Maw York, rta Hudson Rti read. TMrtirth etreet aad Tenth arena#. Sand 10 A. S O, <10 aad 11 P. M.. aad rta Harista Railroad, sixth atraot aad Fourth areaut, at 11 A. M. and % The (JO P. M. Mate ria Hudson Rlror will ma oal taw Satardam, whlch la ran through W: and driulraad. wMhont change. Sunday train on Hudson Rlror Road. New York to i keepsio and return, tearing New Yerfc at 8 JO A. M.. 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