Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 10, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 10, 1867 Page 3
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WBMTKD. dal li ?w?V. >ai Or? allBight - 4 miMir or mow, auo a boom jutf. Jl Mill V- ,t~k m latwHh brat dMlwi Wlmtoor link. ? tumult awwat, Mmw Imtni aad Fifth Nr?f i hi I nw. <mm tar In* ?TU www. Bafar rrw witiT furnibhrd rooms-fob gbn 4 rww ?mr furhibhb ir rrr??;r, gys??*^L AM U?f MAC A NK-SLT FT'RN KURD Fit OUT BOOM M tM !? ? gaaklamaa. M IM Waat lhalh HIM. J^TJSS JUJMBUB ATRBl'R. OOBMBB OF THIRTY furnished rooms to rent. 4* Jt *l?r? nutt, BRTWBRB FIFTH AMD A Mteut HHta Ml awgaat Fulor Ftoor sad mmIm !??? to ta. wmh MtWi tot arntawdUinuii 4 FfMTATB PAMII bf WILL L BT AN BNTIBB THIRD A Ftaw. ktataatafiitaktA wNb baeb parlor aad l^tl Wta. wtinrwimilwd. Af , T FRANKFORT IWlfB CORNER OF PRANEFORT 4 UBNY1.EMA* ABO MIB W1F8 CAB BB ACCOM. A <*>?,,.? atik Hoard ant a pruul Boon at Mo. 1 Bm < aoal taut, arnaar of Rata Broadway. at m wbbt twbbtt bibth htrbkt-a fur. A aiatad ? aw ta tat, w*A Biard, la ga*"'"'"' ?d wifa, la a ariaaka OadW. prntaa faaaily A *d til FBITATB FAMILY OCCUPYING THEIR ??1 kauaa. would Ilka la alalia parmanaat arrauaa wy^faw jaaOaaann for Bnawb, without board. IB AHtNDSUMBLT FT BRIBHkO P ABU IB ABO BrBmaaa ta tat la a prtrata kaaaa; ao board; larma ?alllan Bl I'ai-armty plana, aaar Staaaalk atroot | 4 HABONOMB BCIT or FBOBT BOOMS TO LET, A With Baard. wHh or artthout prtraia labia. Apply at MS taNrkf plana. AT Ml WBBT TWELFTH STBBBT. IB A FRENCH family a Marty faratabad Froat Parlor aad Bedroom, aa tba aacaatd Sour; aMa a bail ?air mat la lat, with Brat ataao Baard. A COM PORTABLE, WE 1,1. FURBISHED ROOM, WITH atoarta. gaa tad bra. adjolag bathroom, kunoy eipoau' - Balaraoaaa. Apply at litE. Am nicrly furnished ball bbdroom, with o'Mbaa paairyaad bat aad cold water, to tat, with flrat ?Am Board, at ISSWaat Thirty aighth alraat LAOT CAN OBTAIN A FLBARANT FURNISHED Boom, with Board, by applyiaa at W Waal Waahlngtou At im fourth btrbbt, near and wbbtof sixth aivaaa. two awaiy farnlabad So ami, taanad floor, at with ar wtthaot board. Mowao aaoupiad by a prirata 4 WIDOW LADT HAS FURNISMBD ROOMS TO LET A wHk ar wtaboal Board, aa raaaaaabla tarma, at ISB Boat TbirUatb etraat A U A r? fwvtfu LA RUB THIRD STORY PROMT ROOK, MICRI.T furnished. W NU, with or without iNri MA Raot wroet, Mar Etna! avoaao. A MMWLY PTRNISHED HALL BEDROOM TO RENT? A ?iU Board lata law Mchaagod AHlr at ? Bant Thirloowth awaot hodwooa Waaaat art ttiri avoaaov. R HANDSOMELY FORM IS RED ROOM AMD RBD Am* ta Mat, at I# Piflh avaaea, aaar tha Rina A NEATLY PCRN??HPn rack PARLOR ARD BED A aaa or Praat Parlor aad Rtwia ta la?, la a ????* A ? woe? For ? ,mn ,M At^oarth atraat ~PerdMo<toairei Reomr wl |Sm lgSgRgfUlaHCP """ | 4* m AMD m BLERCKMR Ml EBB I. MI ^?^*|S l^al^VMaaaR/^lUaiiAa'aaMaSlaS MMSM blocs* 4 we ail* rrRNism> sari parlor with two A taaww ?a lav with Board, W jmHomaa aad wtfa ar |y>A'M!g'^'g,'.1'^ x^irtsir "Wns I.ADT OR I.ADT 4WD OBNTLEMAR CAR OSTA'* ar *M Saar. By AI APT ?r?- iii'ifFi ?it!*1 ?ostytas atll WaatfiMp-ArM an 4 PLRASAMT SITT OF ROOMS FOR SEVERAL OR!* ^Uaaw^a a family. with Arat ?Sa*a Baaed. at Ra ? St 4 RANDSOMBLT PI'RR ISO BR MR CORD MfORT tLtxssxt?<u A PROMT AMD RACK ROOM To LRT -ALSO PROMT aa Srat^iSKSiaRS^aaML'wSC wwsSat iMAtTlflSS 4 LABOR PROMT MOOM-OM TMIRR FLOOR, TR A Sat, a Ha Board. aafaratahed. wRR twa Mawe poatnet a'aa fnrolehed Rao? far puaatt attA Beard M AMas Aaa agoara. Hod woe ?N>l wdo A ^SStUS^St IwIsLIml MP? i 4W Ww ^PP? > PM8? A ? VlBV mMSI R?w VP at M TweaUoib atraat 4 MACK PARLOR OM NtOMO FLOOR TO LRT? A With Board: aleo a mo* II Ratal aa IMN ??? laa Maa doolraSls. I^tr^eo aotaaa Ra I ^toorams idaa^t WaalTbirtv-tAird wtreet r. tRD.?AT ? CLIMTOR PL*CR, A RAMDSOMR ?r?t Boor Parlor. a Ik *#w we-r*iary bed -leea Ran a "b? euglo gentleman Houae am eieae Asiaiaaaa at DOA RD?INCH" DIMG BIRR JD a lady teacher. Addrwwr, a moderate. #. A.. HR E*bI Bleat* K AMD OAR. WAMftD. Rf MUMl gUrntebod and required. HOARD.-HARDROMELT FURNISH RD RA O ny weoit alary back Parlor ?ad nPtalm, a two or ?mw* pmsn ia M. with Board. TaMa V* St. Mark'I piece rARD.?MI TOI RO MRR OAM BP AOCNiRMO dated with aaod Board la a vma1 pi Iraki Aawiicaa familT. wbart tharo ara no nthar baardota Call at MM Orarnwicb atraat Board?i? climtom place i eighth street> aaar Plflfc aaaaaa, neatly far*iabed Ren? and Bad aaar PI fib aaaaaa, neatly foralebed Hma and n, legatber ar aeparnte. A too aerammedaMen far .lainen. vlti Sret rlaaa Board; diaaar at ? P. M. _ _ _ R*M gentlemen. vltfe flret alaaa Board; diaaar at S P. M. Aeplv aa abort. EI.EOA.NTLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO BRET TO A lady aad (aollaman, with full Hoard, la a aplaadM In aatloa, bonta with all tha madaru imprin aateao. Addraea jf J.. ba? 107 Herald o(W ?DRNISHBD ROOMS TO LBT-POR R1ROLB ARE Oaraaa. Apply at Ra. d Aatar |4aoa. batwaaa Bread way and Clialon Hall. IjMTRMISflRD RdOMB TO LET?TO OMRTI.RMRR r only, witboat maaln. In a private faaally. looation tery daeirahle. Apply at ST Amity atraat PURRIMIBD ROOMS TO LRT?TO SIROLR ORRT1.R - , wltkoat Board. Apply at Id Sulllvaa atreai. aa?r Prtaca. KjHTRNIKTIFD ROOMS TO LBT-POR UP.NTLEMkJI JF or ladle*, with or wllhonl Board, at Alt Sink aranua QOO^?ooV^^l^in*ltI) AT Mi NIRTIi AVRRPR, Mini door fmm Twaaky-tbtrd atraat. H^Handsomrlt PURMRMRD ROOMS, WITH PIRKT CLASS BOARD CAN BR ORTklRRD AT UK AST TWINTTKIUHTH STRRBT. J^ARI.RM BOARD-A MMOLR ROOM TOR A URN tleman, with all modem annaanlanaee, ran haoMalred by applying At IHtb atraat iltlh brotra etoae h We?t af Third aranoa. Lady or t.adt amd arrtlkma* car ortair a naaily fbralabed Room or init af Room*, by apt if* ?t lit Weat Twaaty-alrth atraat ipO LET?A HAEDHOMKLT PDRRIRHED BACK PAR 1 lor, to caatleman only, relerenaee renairad. Mpptf at MS Waal VifUenU. atraat ffR> LRT?TO A ORRTLBMAR ARD W1PR, WITH i Board, a moond atoiy front Kooni and Bedroom ad rMn tag; aleo a email Room for a gentleman. Apply at d* Herotxl It rnet rLBT-A SECOND STtJBY RACK ROOM. PUB A I Sit ed or nnfui nlehed. to a aeniieaiaa awl winter two atnsln gei.llrmnit: aleo Single Room Apftv l.M Maadauaal atreet near Waelilngdon ?qnam rjio LET?COM PORTA Bl.T FI'RRISHKD BOOR* WITH ar without Hoard: ample Itonaaa iroin AA per week Beat Twenty eighth utrart. i-orum of Poorib avoowo. New modem loiiiroremenU rpo LET WITH BOARD?MIT RUSH K l> BACK PAS lor, firm Poor, with Rtmaalon iultihle tor ceutiemaa anil wife. Tarin* modornn. Atgfi haal foitrteeotb itreet ?ear Hr ad way fpo^PHYSICIANS.?A PINK PAIU/1R PLOOR, IN A firat elaaa h' inn. In a god I oral ten. ohm amall tnrnlnlmd Apply at M Aoroad are. rro TOCRU OEMTLRMRM, DRMROCS OP A COM fortahie homo, nan bo aerommoiUled wRb inrh la a fortahie horn*, nan bo eenommoilaled e lib inch to a ?Well private family; or a geatiemaii and Wifi. lit Meat Pwty-eighth a treat TTRIOM SqVARR?Id EAST SETKBTRRKTH STRXRT. VJ A Red room and Parlor to let la a private famtlr. with or without Board, to a gentleman ar gaellamaa aad wife. \TBRY DESIRABLE ROOMS. WITH BOARD. FOB ' gemiemea with tbatr wirea or waste feetiemen. at M Warn Vorty-flral atraat 2BESPECTASLR MEM CAM MB ACCOMMODATRIt W'th g?md Board and comfortable home In a imall pn Tate familv where there ar* no olhar hoarder*. Apply MIA MeednngaJ ttraet Call ?i bemamnt door. WEST ELEVENTH STREET, NBAR ST. DRMIS msteL?Murntihid Konma to lot to aingta tantT UWBST TWENTT FOIJRTM STRBRT. REAR PIFTH avenue - An elegantly fiirnlaherl vaH of Ronmi on th? weend floor, for a oarty of goatlgmaa. or gaallomaa aad wife, pith or without fk arit in mares PLACE, MIORTH STRBRT,-MI'M ?L v. JMaRsd Room* In let, ia eulta ar Mnglr. to ganuawiea SMS their wlvea or vingle seatlemea, with or wR|ieat Beard| 9%l tftWII #HlAOM4 WjiKPny in iwrnt. wawtbd.I OJ WEST THIRTIETH STREET ERTWUn' BROAD-I ?>< ? aai Fifth if?aM,ra be tutMoetwitoy. j^^^nssssurtiartfiar | I QU ST. MARK'S rLAO'*.-TO LET. SE FUR. ?)?/ 1H Kmu The house eon tains all modern in- I provawseta; coovemoat to ears and stages. H QQ WKST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, WEAK FIFTH I t>?7 Avenue Hotel, a large Room, with hut and cold water and flrat class Board; amiable far a genii Ma a and wife, m Kft ?0?P STREET.?PHT8ICIAM OR PHYSIC I AM 8 I OU will Sad Rooaaa on Aral floor, with all tha coaven 0Q IRYIMO PLACE?ONB EXTRA LARGE WELL DO forniahed Room, ample closets, hot and cold water, to roapoctabla quiet adults only; house and board Ant ?i WEST THIRTY-SEVENTH STREET, HEAR BROAD Vr war. nicely furnlahed Kooma to lot. with or withoui Board; rooma aingio or en aula; private table if deal red. 105 WKST TWENTY-riBST STREET?31 MOLE AMD double Ro?iaa to lot. wttk Board. Ol A BAST TWEMTIBTH 8TRBBT-A I1ANDSOMELY I \ Zi III furnlahed front Perlor on second floor to let to two gentlemen or gentleman and wife, from $14 to $16; modern improvements. Dinner at C Raferanoa required h BOARDED IDDOUQ WASTED. A "trench OBNTLBMAN, MOW BMPLOTED Jk. taaebar of Trench in several of the beat aehooli _ Now York and vicinity, desires o Room and Board In retnrn for ^private ^ustruction la Freneh or claastco. Addraaa A TOOTH} LADY ENGAGED OCT tfURINO THE DAT A would like a amall Room, with wardrobe or closet, with Board. Addraaa A B., atatlon D. Board wanted?with suit or rooms, on rko. and or third Hoore, in n roapoctabla private family, where there are no other boarders, by a newly married eenple; could furnish them if required; object is to obtain n comfortable home. Very boot reference. Location below Twondoth street. Add reap Home, hoi 117 Poet office. N. V. KARD WANTED?BY A QOTET LADY, IB A PRI vata family or where a few boardfer* are taken, above fib street, between Fourth and Sixth avenues, or at Brooklyn, west of Court, between Pulton and South ferries; Boned, Including Are nnd gas, not to exceed $14 a week; beat references given nnd required. Addraaa Walton, Herald oBee. BOARD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE PAMILT, BT A gentleman, wife and lady friend. Stele terms, includ ing Are and gas, which must be moderate. References given nna required. Address B. O., station D. 1WANT A SB ALL ROOM (HALL PREFERRED), with or without. Board, somewhere near Forty-ninth street and Etghth avenue; terms must be moderate. Ad draaa, stating terms, J. N.. bos 180 Herald office. TOARTED-BOARD, ROOM, FIRE AND OAS. IN A TV good ioeslitv, by a gentlemen; convenience and com fort wanted more than style; private house end agreeable laudlady indispensable: answers should state particulars and price?no others noticed. Address F. W. W., Herald Office, WANTED?BT A GENTLEMAN AND WIFB, ABOUT March 1, a pleasant Raom, with good Board. Address, stating full particulars and prloe. including Ore and gee, J. C., Herald office. References oxobongad. WANTED?NEAR PORT WASHINGTON OR 1S3D TV street depot, by a young bachelor, a quiet home in a private family, with or without Board, at moderate price. , with situation and prioa box 1,490 Poet office. WAMTBD?A FURNISHED ROOM, WITH OAS, FIRB TV and water, between Twenty.third and Forty-aeoond and Lexington and Madison avenues, by a single gen . either with or without Board. Address, staling B., Herald office. * WANTBD-TWO CHILDREN, FROM > TEARS OLD and upwards, to Board; will have a good home and the rare of a mother. Call at 174 Beet Thirty-fourth street, for law days. j^T^TI^IOTB^HATH*^|QUARe-WKl? taralthed Roams.M jmImm prime, by the day, ORBXIK, Proprietor. week m muoih open at aU^boere TVS UKliO HOURB-TS WB8T FORTIETH 81 Mj freatmgBbmruM Fart, lhatwi Rulta or fmr fhoelln ead staple gulden. Table d'hote. STREET, MM Rooms UNION HOTEL. rOBTTRKOOND RTBBBT AND Mirth arenas- ??? to salt or alm^o; sadly pod ?fMMMal HMsmrt ratos; MM a la European qfumdik nnj psora evert bat at riz ?TORT IW HISS BAKBMBNT HIOH 8TOOP - ,mmKre* nu...nn aveauee, for aalo, ooalaint ^n^MgiH^Hwtll*. mm- gas ?*lurse airili msatelA hard wall i ftierdar ?ood loaatloo; price bb.dOO. terms sat; THOHHOH, I.BR Third avenue. Ah vaar mahmohb thrbb rtobt bios rtoop H book Raprw ?ele llibdi* lo partem .rulerHHH R?rf?I ardor, every * "r.fTRK tKoa a bIi.Lamy. No t pum k rimrr ClaUMrVIXSIEE HEBIDEHCB, BBPLBTB A WtaifiaJAMBMh latlnOlM ?RIO MM Bo. m riMpMi namr am soon n wbrt mo rt.. brtwbbm ? Mi ead (M> m, ? M dp I loans la laiiiitoi a?., MmBptm ?p ; d^jpajSp ^TEjgiPu ??. RFTlo ?nf?B. Roadaad* Plosm. A liMdoim UTTL.1 BROWN RTONB HOUSE A. wr sola, Mod Twenty-third street. oaM aide, fMM; w?HaiiioS55ihii,M? ? irroBT HIOH RTOOP BROWN RTONB i sa Pan?-drat Mraai. anar Madlsoa arias; all Mo; poce Rid MM. JOaKPH KARON, ? Pino street. 4 BEAUTIFUL R BRIDE NCI POR RALE?CON MET A PR sC a Oao house anJ baadsnme stable; every moderi imprnvtmeal. sm at tm MiUM foot, with or without tin 1 urmtara. peaeeasiea * baa deau ad, terms easy. Apply on thati is Iiii luOdaath Rioth street, asrasr efrifihstmt,, WlBiameburR 4 BPLBHDID CORN BR HOURS PI A fh.rd araaaa I a?sa or stars etpnws I 1. J. MiKViLT, M POR lAl.B?ON 1st of Mar. Third ar.noa. H EXCELLENT OrPORTOBITT.?REAL RMTATK OP i all kiada, any sod ceuaty, for sais or eiohaoged; Him* sad Mierra t<> 1st or Mute, also business shunoot; by PATBR A NEHT. M oraed street, Williamsburg. kjSRSstimJttSSL ~~ ? T-1 tertf *a. uau 0-rsov P"W^ . t?u i. Root ibtrv J"* Hudson strast. WIDE FoCR HTORT RRBWN RTOMI FRONT rat %?1 r'laT) and r&amrte? eiepTeUy1 reranmed;1,a'par !? I jam ar ? burn*. nrr*i.g. nit aM lor eomlurt; a pieaa ?at noma and anou aaigntwri. 1, ucwuplod by I ha ewaar. In lie aatd win or WIUhh.i i? niters. Fsssiaslaa sooa; price rnaspietc, R3M? ft* sgi-.tla aaad apply. Instil* farther *t do i' as mi sat FPLEBV. APPLEBY, APPLEBY. APPUUIT. RBMMKJ* APrl.hRT. H* -^WNl^^TIONREIC iopicS ? Pink aThhEi. Al't'TION RALKR AT KKt'HARCIK RaLBRROOK, 111 BHOAOR AW. UN rUKnOAT, PER. t? and M, MW. OP VALl INi'lUlt r.D AND I NlMI'HOVhD CITY PRopEBrr. Ta ha fattnwad by regular aartlaa salas arory wash. Partiaa wisi.tng is lb as u??r M an praprfty ?? do as with be charge whatever rieapt ae aet etpeaaat i?carred Baal Rstate ta all parts uf las etty warned far prtrato ah. ? ah aa ? Appu,Bf MQ ^ pjgg BTRBBT. A PLOT OP UB'H'NO FOB BALE-IN HORATIO si ran, between urreawirh sad Wm lit agios atiaein, tOsM with gaod udMa. eealaa.*. abeds and Ida atails ?a I root, sad aad asad as a -eel yard, and Ida Mary hrtet I e<gfei statu ta the real terms easy 7k 4 R t BURN NAN, *? Uadaaa HANDtSOHN HIOH NTUOP BRICK HOt'RB, WITH brwsra sun u naming* si' aiadsra imirusetaenl*. ta part set ardei. aa Rest lariy-aiu.h siraat, far salt. " BIN# A OO., Na ? Tvssg third tdraat. Piub Araaua hotel All pantim hi ami no to pcbcuarr, rill or. hue Haal R*>?ia at NSd.rh. N J er wba say wish | irtiah e lata, auihui rsspariiig the same, aid Moled lb ear ?aapoad wit"* r t. I'M AMULRA Baal Batata Basher. Mover*. H. t. ^ Til KI R ?TOBT MIOH RTOuP HOCtl_ANH_l.<'T, all mauvra i,rd?em?..i?, Ra ?*r ?sm Thsr*y. laraMtoMtit. Ap IX wKh all mindara aiwusuu, I Iunfit. Mraai. hit, < i..g prwo |l? sub piy la odaar rW w aM Piftmih Mr. M BROWN MTOMR PNOMT HuUBB. ihraa ma?>a? h th ? *>p, all impmvemnat*. auvahenl A nibs IW WlhMt 1 areas la aa* A,ptf na aw ear. aa tea pranuMa, ?b a sat Nlaik anrash k W*** TWO hTONT BAMhWRNr AMD RUN A ?Vth*r Him lav as ?, la Maihrai. eanla'a ag KSt bad Dm. pmmiMu? Ingn.rga# lha -m\ MENttrt. TRUNPRH. ItAh Straat. third haasa aaM . TRUMPhk, ItAh straat. ihlvd haste aaM ml Pnartb aeehaa. A ILAMtHiap. rilNKE -PORT BRICK DO I ht IN A fareiy sss nt straat. ?>??,.. An .a Twaaty laarth Mram. Rt. abb, an >? IWnell straat. Ill.dUb da >e TMIrtf hrm siraat. RUuss. tea ?? Ia Mr igsh ?wo*a ?*ar hraahway w*4 sbsMoi. RMfD ad, dm m Prfwsth aad Piiii third soaeta aaa* Bread way. >lhbm tat tluss 53f J*P? ? ?? fmmmi slim Stsaet ?1T mm *ashjcha?p lets aad uaaiibMa Krai ? *>? raaabl Huwha* I'sisun. ail I ease gwne m the am in s w raatt r*W? saada. NeolUTK * wAAUT m hm?^ avian. batw?aa Tamtam smTThrrw Asat <wib._ A "SSS If!* U'T NNO PR A MR HOUR* NO ? A* Boat fhnnmit mraai Asm nut islld A HOC AH run MIA?IN ORB ON TUB j\. natghOcrhnnds ap intra, add rassdiy Magravti I 2^ iP^.MhmaZiStiyrV aa lar, m gaad ardar aad hah tmeg, baa smrhO a PbnT and ail mrmorw impraasaaants la lha hsM ardsr pftea t.'l1*'- ****"? _r?bj? h ill SA Ihgasm m l? Vast Fifty third straat, ae?r Rraadway. a TVJsrwaga WLci'tt BKwirsa' ^HSSs,^nra' (IAH I' aaa'lad far m POTTIIB RROR. A kiXHt. Da apmai B2WT 5re TVTTuk JBU 4 HltUjl. fclpw Ml frnr kblal | uuiug2ii| I PtMMlWl I A riXB THRKK STOBT U. A BRICK BOOS* NF*R A fl*B POUR 8TORT HIGH tTIK>f WOW? W'.BK ??KnSssS Tssr fottkr bko8. * bkixXiitTm- ? A TOREK YEARS* I.KAKB FOB MLB OHBAP-RX oelteut locatioo far ^^MkiBBllMiBiBa Am FIRST CLASS FOUR 8T0RY HiOH STOOP BROVR I aiona front Hence for iria (immediate po?ss?o? na I fifty-fourth afreet boot Firth mmiw. TMa to a Orst Hm houio in evory respect, and win bo sold at a reasonable price | and on easy terms. B. EMBER HON. ?t, Am THREE STORY HIOH SYOOF BRICK BOCKR FOB ? aale, on Waat Forty.fifth street. near Filth annua. Alii modern and in pood order: immediate possession I " RMBKR80.N. ?->l KlgSth evceee . I EmABOAIN.-FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE. B well located,on Fourteenth street. at loan than in n;.ie If aold aooa. The house la JAidO, Jn line ardor, ail improve t of purchase money on mortgage, remainder in merchandise, steaks, house of smaller veins, partly taken In merehandlae. stoeks, house of smaller raise, or paid on eaay tarma, Address box S.BR Fool offlne. /"CENTRAL FARK LOT FOR 8ALB-0N EIOIITH I \J avenue, between sixty-flret nod dixty-seooad streets. Address boi 91 Post office. _ I T7IIKTH AVENUE, ABOVE TWENTY-EIGHTH BTREKT. T First stem foil steed high stoop kewa stone Renee, w.T. egYMoer in bmm,. ? TJtOR SALE?THE THREE 8T0RT AND BASEMENT JP high stoop brick House US West Fifty-third street, be twe?n Slroadway and Eighth avenue, In perfect order. Sfix48x100, nil modern improvement#. Apply on the premises to the owner. p. CUFF. JpIOE8AL^^lRJ^LA8>^l^^miR^>K^RnWN stone Houses and Lots, SI and IS West ?b, between Sth and Stk eva., rosewood doors. W. FANNING. 87 W. 86th. For sale-a good brick slaughter house And Lot of Ground in Forty-third street, near Tenth avenoe; Price $4,500. Inquire of JAKES VA* BUREN, 4$ Washington Market. TjlOR SALE?A BROWN STONE FRONT BASEMENT J? House, foor stories high, No. 80 East Twenty-second ?J?*1- To be seen at the usual hours. Inqniro of 0HAUN CET BARNARD, Agent, No. 100 Broadway. YJIOR SALE-A FIRST CLASS FOUR 8TORY BROWN JP atone House. Stall feet. Apply on the premises, 145 Wont Forty-fourth street. Foe 8alb?the first class, well built four story high stoop brown stoua House, furnished, located In Forty, ninth street, between Fourth and Fifth avenueo. It contains all the modern conveniences; la In a splandtd neighborhood, and la sold on oocouut of tbo family going Into the country; will be sold low to a good purchaaer. Far particulars, Ac., apply ta THOMAS M. ABOALL, SIS And 31a Broadway. For sale?thb flot of ground so feet by 105, situated on the southwest corner of Second avenue and Twenty* aaventh street, together with three brick gTct'Ts^^"- ?aoo8?- Apply u J H H" IJiOR HALE?THE LOT NORTHWEST CORNER OF r Seventh avenue and Fifty-fourth atreot, 86 feet 6 tncboe 100, the boat loeation on the avenue. Apply to P. FF, 119 Wast Fifty.third street. St J/<OB SALE-TWO HOUSES ON UNIVERSITY FLACK. I f between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, wast aide, and Leaae of Lots, flrtoeo years from May next; pries Ml I each, cash. Apply at the paint atore, 44 Usireraity place. JpOR SALE?THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ^?House. 104 West Thirty-eighth street, 16.8x60: lot 106; ?80.000; 855 West Nineteenth street, three story brtok. 85x88: $8,000; south eida Seventy-eighth street fifth house east of ?^A*??f._$'A86; sit tbe Improvements. Apply to E. K. ADAMS, 117 Broadway, room 86. r^HR SALE?A VALUABLE LEASE IN EA8T TENTH ^?street katwi? Broadway and University plaoe; house in eomplete order aad unsurpessert for business purposes. Imsae eight vnam to rue. Apply, between 1 and 4 P.M., ta 0. $. RjPBLYK. SB Watt sUeetroom ho. 1IX CB(R SALE-POUR THREE STORT BRICK HO USES ^?$7 900 each; three three story frame Bouses. $4.0 AO each bo sold separate or together. To oaoe trouble no agent ?ad apply. Apply to WEEKS. lOHh street and Fourth ar. TJIOR SALE-THREE STORT BRICK HOUSE, HIGH r stoop, veranda, brown stone trimmings; all improve ments: East Twentieth atraet. north side, near Second are- 1 noou Possession lat of May. lnqniraof the owner, 48 Pi? atreot room 1$ h CR SALE-TWO CORNER LIQUOR ST0RB8, ON Fourth area?. Apply at ooraer Twalfth street aad th avaaue. P. CUFF. YJIOR 8ALR?A LEASE OF TEN TEARS ON ONE OF r the boat oorners on Union square, with a front on Fourtoonth atreot of M foot with buUdiaga 100 foot deep. I Address box 100 Herald office. JjtOR SALE-THREE. LOTS ON NORTH SIDE. OF SIX ty-third street. 75xlu0 feel 6 inohes, between the Boule vard and Central Park, 300 feat from Control Park and 170 I feet f rora the Boulevard, with the grade. Apply to the own- I ar. 118 Wast Fifty-third stroot. P. CUFF. mJ F?! Fr1c? 8..rm-o?mTMQT,xswT> gm ??? Third avenue, a throe storf brick Homo and Lot MxlOR I ^?b low aad tarma easy. Apply to 8. CARDWELL, 404 Third avenue. h a rx SALB-A FIRST CI.A88 THREE STOUT BROWN Mm front high at nop Honae, with all modorwnnprore mouta. Ingulra of HENRY MRNKE. 241 Wort rtftirth at P>R SALE?THRBB STOBT HIGH STOOP HOUSE, all improvements, with 4 half lota In rear; Fifty-first ?treat near Tenth avenue: pries $11,000; a bargain. Alan 6 other Houaea In good locattona; prloee from M.SOO to $37,000. 4 Roe ma to let. Inquire of O. L. MORRISON. 041 Broadway. __ fjtOB SALE-TWO FIR8T CLASS TENEMENT HOUSES. J* In Thirty-eighth street between Seventh and Eighth avenues; houee OO.SiTO. lot F8.8, la perfect order; Brat , rlaaa tenants. Apply at 119 Went Fifty-third atreet, to the r. P. CUFF, i CR SALE?BY WILBUR A SIMONSON, fit* NINTH arenoe:? 14Mb at, three etory b. f. $5,000 Ninth at., two atory b t.Uio West Slat st, two story f., ail improvement* AM Ninth ar., three atory b 10,000 Went 44th at, three atory b. a b .? 13,000 Weet 48th at, three atory b. a b 18.000 Waat 43d at., three atory b. a b. a 15.U00 rR SALE?THE FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE 1$ West Forty-aerentb atreet near Flfth'aremia; built F.fay a' work, In the beet manner; lot 'AtlOO feet; Columbia ullage lease; $360ground rent W. H. WOOD. 45 Wall atreet rR BALE? A. PLOT OP OROUND 75 X94. WITH A three atory brick building thereon; near Canal atreet and Broadway; building contains all the neceunary nia ehlnery for a distillery or rectifying establishment P. F. BOJtKKLL. 44 Broadway, room ?. I7K)R SALE?THE THRBB STORY AND ATTIC BRICK r House and Lot 187 Maet Broadway. Lot 38.UA laet Apply to MBBRITT TRIMBLE, WJoha atreet R BALM?JUST WEST OF NINTH AVENUE, THE first class four etory House We. 4 West Twenty-eighth street SxfiO feet and In eomplete repair. For pries and permit apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No, 8 Pins atreet PR SALE?THE EXTRA WIDE AND COMMODIOUS House No. ? Wert Seventeenth street, near Fifth ave nue; it le S feet wide and has four large rooms on eacb Boor. Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. S Pine street. EXm SALB?THP. HANDSOME FOUR STORY BEoWn F aloeo House 31 Moorman place, WeatThtrty-third atreet. Has all tha modern improvements and fine loeatien. Inquire of EIEQKL BERN HARD, 10 Leonard atreet. LM)M SALE-BY WM. KENNELLY, OFFICE 14 PINE A street Walker street, fonr Houaea, Including enrner $40,000 md atreet No. 169 Weet, first class House 18,0)4) I Mb street Bret class Stable 14.000 loth atreet IIret elaaa House, near 5th avenue 3)1.000 ?d street foar Lota 87 feel from Boulevard 30,000 Several first ciaaa Houses and vacant Lota for sale. I/VR RALE?A FIRST CLASS BRICK HOUSE WILL BE F eachanged for Board at MB per month for owner and wtfa, with a mortgage; or sold, the first payments mortgage, tarmatotult. cheap. IIALKY, owner, MHenry street. LXIR SALE?IN FEE. THE TWO FULL SIZED AND r desirable Houaea No#. W and 97 Clinton place (Eighth ?treat), they are well arranged and In good order; tote mil site. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW. A CO.. No.,8 Fine street DOR BALK?THREE STORY AMD BASEMENT BRICK r House on Fifth street, near Keened avenue. Address ' *?1 Herald oflire. R SALB?A RKli K HOUSE IN THIRD STREET, In fine order: all modern improvement*. HUBERT MACLAY. 77 Cedar street P? p>, INOB KALR?IN THE VICINITY OF DR. CHAPIN'K A church, Fifth avenue and Letington avenue, a three ?twykrwuMrt high atoup House, wttli all the modern imp* seaman la. furniahed. with Chandeliers, Mirrors, Car pete. Ac . let 190.4(39 For further particulars Inquire of ?. W BANarORIl 473 Broadway, from II to ii I'. M Er rale- ? A three .lory h. a b. e one, Wert 48tb $15 <410 i list at. three story b. a. brtch II.WO meet Mta at, three story e. b, b. stuns. 18,1*0 SI HONDA A CO , 1.S7 Bron.lwav__ FX?R HALB-A FIRST CLASS FULL SIZE FOUR ?iMLfH litomsut House on Wert Fifteenth Street, r Fifth avenue, meewuod An tab and all modern im also Ma furnished House on Forty *? KSar Heveath avenue, price of each $35,UA; ?LAKB A DUDLEY, hi William streot. r?'wjju' "? luF: vsxrwtr PI ??'*-?? ? JMmsiia in uoimii. LN)I L gatf"-Tii?easii.gT;aHa rMMfe "SF LM| MALA?A FIBR TWSBB WORT HIOH STooF ry.e sat e AT* as PRC frrtt ?>u SRTjNTM AYR

g ap% mw mmi^H ittn mm ialb. lui-wa van waorwbh * co.. ?i sixth I ????* heenaeaafa! Newaee far aate, MM with Imme mmmgSam. *?*?-* ?*e i**77 Sm. m pmm ii* #ji wjNMKriwe alMia nreulara aad *11 partkulare ENDS SALE-V* ? *?* ARB ?I TO ART POUR STOUT Lsr?y'-iitt?3iVfffflr.SBKS ?H?? Mrt ataiwaw ??1 MMM; rmlala wtu tftrj aau-MMaaa. and at ..a?t<*pti. ubU arrangement eai ttjrjrsffii JEtievnr ErnF^ * B*ot SAt*~fT & a. HO rax a war rurj^i2r\?^^o^^fralan^p N^oertu* r*s ?ALB A fAUApa IMPROTRD CORMBB OR ~ I of fifth irniM. AIM I# 1st, l?n m WSImIm*. w ?tU far Imuum smhIa ,*Vu)re ot CHAl*CBY IMIB Hia-A HODBRR built BOV8R OR WENT Cca*g|taaw*.wii:::rr-:-:^a DSSSisycassrr^??::: 23 3a gja-taas?- w Wstfa ?medway**' CfOR BALE-WOODEN THBRB 8TORT HIGH STOOP r HnmuI threetear*Maleapns. art* Lot:'*nw*i; partial evdar, price $18.19$ aa praaaiaaa, ttw MadU two sal*-<in bast thirty eighth btrbet, r between Besoud and Third avesuee. two tbrae story high at?M Mm* Mass Mania* wKa alt tha mtm imn-^vw scuta. BiRiR; will raat for St.smaach. prvse lor tha two Rt.W; twa-thHrda of lha massy flan paatala far a lam of Jg&HSirSS* TPOR SALB CHBaP-4 LOT 08 PKBT PRORT OR AT. r anna B. with larga plat af ground oo raar; assailant lo eatlon fur Btatfllery. A poly hYf tiORW, ItlavenuaC. IPOR SALB CHEAP?BEYEN OP THR MOST DK8IR. JP ably laaalad Lota aa Saaaad aoanoa melodies anraar: alas thraa of tha boat Corner a oa Third avauua. For par leu lata apply to JOftRPH BoOUTRB. ltd Raaaaa street rR SALB LOW. OWRBR BOIMO TO RUI&PB Panr Srat elaaa new ihraa atoty high at nap brown ataaa front Houses, Rtphly-fourtb street, between Soeoad and Third areouaa. aoaarxiha May I, Iddf; nrkwa $10AU0 to $13,000. Alto oaa four atorr high stoop brk* House, ? Waal Party fourth atraat: Independent walla, * faat front. fr good ra pair; M rooms: possession Is madia tolr: for 1X00. In quire of P. PRENTICE or J. B. SMITH. S? Plaaatraat. IjIOR SALB OB TO RBRT. PURNIBI1EO-A8 THR 1 owner la going to Ruropa, tha attra larga and aiagant Houae and Rlabla aouthwoat oornar Madison araaiia and ggai&ffrco.rL.Tas'sjf -m" ?,w" IfOR 8ALB OR TO LBANE?FURNISHED. THR EXTRA I wide and superior Houae, sauthwatl corner Madlaon arenue and Thirty-fourth atraai wtlAlable hi lha raar. The bouaawaa built and dalahad ta tha haat manaar: aarly poaaaaatan xirsn. and the forfeiture told, aa tha ownar Is going abroad. Apply for permit and further particulars la E. H. LUDLOW A CO .Be. ? fine street For sale at a baroain-a poor story hiqh stoop House In Warerley place, sear Sixth avenue. Ap ply ta UBBT A COPLAND. 410 Fourth avenue Houses por salr bt b. l. a r. t. hurnham. 60S Hudson a treat.-HI. IB, 1*. 137. IB. Ill Chariton atraat, corner of Washington, 1)4 story h. a. h. West 11th atraat, 349. oornar Ponrth atraat, X story h. b. a. all l? provementa. Waat 4Bd street. Sit. SW.SB HH.h. brick, all improvements. Waat Sd street. 847. 4 a. R. b. brick, all Improvements. Waet Bd atraai, M, UK. b., leasehold. all Improvement*. Bank street, 71. 3)4 a. B. b. brick. Chria topber street, 100, S a B. b. brick. 8th avenue., Alt and atore brick. Washington street, 711 and 791, 3 a h. a brick. Beak, Idl. Ska b. a brick. Horatio ttreat. 47. 4 a. B. b. brick. Cornelia atraat, 30, f. h. and h. gtablca Jonea street, 17, f. h. and b. Rtablaa Jonea atraat, >7, f. h. and b. btables. Jane street, St and 88. 3 a h. a brick. Watta atraat, 11 Mg a b. b. and brick. Perry atraat. 117,3a. b.. with rear h. brick. Hammond atieat 138,8 a b.. with raar h. brick. Van Meet place, 3 a h. a b. a. f., all ImprovemMte. Oreenwich atraat, ?4, 3*4 a. h. a B. f.. all Ispreve-nenU Beat 3Bth atraat. <B. E. b!b. a f? all Improvements. TTOU8B8 POR SALR?BT R. H. HIKE, Ml SIXTH AV. II Waat did street, three story h. a b. a SlOOflO Waal 8Mb atraat, near 8th aa., do *.000 Waat 80th four story Eng. baa b. a 9,000 Valuable oornar store oa Id avenue. Store property an 3d, Sd and 7th aaaauaa rOUSBS POR SALB-BT CRBY A OOPLABD. 410 Fourth a vacua Laxlngtan nr., naar Bth at.. j|lAU98 i ah, Raar Si aa H.Q0Q ixa aaarLeRngtan av Ik, 009 ilngtoa aa.. corner 38tb at 98,000 . at, near 4th aa M000 ?-i at. near 4th aa 58,000 ^tbHM^aa^erlor^foaa story btgh stoop Houae an Murrny Hill, ?ham! 4th na 58.000 ' iar story high ateop H or without extra Lot OUSB AND LOT POR SALE-NO. 184 AMITY atraat. near Sixth aaanna. Inquire of B. HURD, Ul bars street Houses in the oitt and country por salr ar to let Applicants will roeelva Immediate attention by applying to BARTLBTT A WALDSM. Ill Broadway, rooms Stand188. Houses por salr-by iraao honio. b pine ?tract room Na. A Waat Tbtrty-Orat street, three story briek. furnished, $13,000: Weat Thlriy-flrst street three story brtek. high atoop. $15,000; Waat Twenty-fourth street, i four atary brown stone high atoop, with or without the Pur , niture; and many other Houses at prtooe ranging from TOHB KAVANAON, NORTHEAST CORNER FORTY CI second street and Sixth avanus, offers for aala Real Batata, bath Improved aad unimproved,' In a vary part af the city, at fair nrloes. Corner oa Lai ington avanaa. wMA stable, *.8x84x100, four story brown atone, new aad oc Two corners on Lexington av., d story brown atone, now and oompleto $45,000 wo corners on Laxlngtan av., d atory brawn ataaa... 81.000 Blagsnt fonr atory brown stone aoraar, 980x01x80. aa Park aveaaa ROM A Orat elaaa fonr story i.rown atoaat so Madlaon ara naa, Murray Hill. 2ixWvW0.? 88,818 On Fifth avenue, above Korty-aaeond street, several first class extra wide Hoaaa*. from $80,000 to 19,000 Pourtaanth street, four story brawn alone full site House, Lot extra deep 80,000 A fall sisal llouac on Thirty-fourth ?treat, between Flith ?nd Seventh avenues, with Furniture 45,000 A 4 sterv b. a. oa 87th at., bat ween 5th aad 8th ?vs.... 88000 A 4 story b. a on 88th at., between 6th and 0lh ava.... 58,000 A 4 story b. a on 38th at., between 7th and 8th ava.... 33.600 A 4 sun y h. a on Bth at., bet lib av. and Broadway.. *.000 A 4 story h. i. (s bargain), 39th St., bat. 7th and 8tb ava IB.flOO A 4 s'ory b. a. on 30th St.. between Alii and 5th ava.... 35100 A rhoioa af several new House* In 4ld street, each.... 40,000 A 4 story b. s. in 4S<1 at., bet 8th ar. ami Broadway... 38.000 A choice of two English basement* in 42d at. each.... 16.010 Two English basements In 43d atraat, each 14,000 Houses in 46lh street, between 8th and 8th ars., with ami without furniture. Several Houaes In 48th *t, between 6th and 0th ava. Very many Houses In 47th and In 48th, between 5th and <th ava. and bet. 8th and 7th av*. from 930.000 to 45.000 Small Houses on the east aad waat tidaa of tha city, from S10,000 to 930.100 each. fr. Kavanagh hesitates treating with Indiridnals who are not principals, cither aa buyers or owners of property. JOSEPH MflOUlRB. 118 NASSAU STREET,.OFFERS for sale tha following desirably located private resi dences:?PiXe Street, 88 000: Mudiaon street, $13,000; East Hroadway, 8I4.0U0; Fifth street, naar Second avenue, 613,'?<); Sixteenth street, 98.980: Thirtynghih street, 814.000; forty eighth atraat. $14,510 and fit,MO: Fiftieth at reel. $17,000 and 918,000, Fifty-third street, 911.600 and ?13,000: Fifty-fourth atraat. SSo.OlWand 848.000: Fiftv-elghth street. $l3.t'IO and 818,00). Hli ty flfth strnri, two very neat three story basement aad cellar brick House*, all improve ments, Including gas fixture*, only $8,008 each. Also a larga number of others at from $8 000 to SOAOOr). TACOB BHARPE. *) 38 Pine street, olfern far sale the following Hooase :? 44 h. a. b. s , S7th st., near64h av. 4 s. h. a. b. a. ?Ah at., near Mb av. 3 *. b. A, West 36th st $11,609 3 s. h. s? West Slat at. 18,000 3 s. h. a. elegantly furnished, On Lexington av , near 63d at 17 080 8 ?. b. West 28th it 16.000 3 a b. a, IQd at 13.000 Murray hill, west thirtt-biohth street, near Fifth avenue.?A first class four story high stoop brown atone front Dwelling, complete In everv respect: ele vator to aecoud story. Ac. Poaaeaaloul mmedia'telv If daslred. Price $40,000. No agents need anpiy. Addreaa P., box 4.138 Tost office. rniilRP. J. Propet PROPERTY. DESIRABLY LOCATED IN AMITY street, for aala?Two story and attic brlrk House, replete with modern Improvements, 93 by about 48. lot 33x118, 16 of which Is 23 feet wide. Price $16,000. Apply to A. JUL K NEAY. No. 8 Pine street SEVERAL PRIVATE DWELLINGS TOR SALE?AT prices from $8,000 to $45,000. T. ? McEVILV, 868 Third avenue. 8IXTH AND EIGHTH AYF.NUE STORR _ Property for sale by 18AAU HOMO, 35 Pine street, room No. 4. mo BUILDERS.?I HAVE Ff)R RALE. ON LEXINGTON I avenue, a very desirable plot of Ground. w|tb a good builder's loan. T. J. McEVILT, ?MThird avenue TWO HOUHRS-ON LOT 36X14*-PItICR 91(1.MX); 344 West Seventeenth street; rent now for $1.MB. and room fur Improvement Terms In suit Apply to owuer, 219 West Fiftieth street. Valuable Broadway lease pgr salr.? Eleven year* lease of building 6bU Broadway for sale. For particulars apply to HENRY D. PELTKR. 580 Broad way Water htrekt stork por salr oh to lpjkse. Near Wall atraet. 25x76. five stories, brick. Iron shut tare, $ood repair. k i,owERER, Noa. 4 and 6 Pins street. QATH 8TRKBT LOT?BKTWRRN SECOND AND Orr Third avenuea, 35.3x103. opposite Mock of brown alono house*: part flash. Inquire In Lewlns' Express Office. 301 Prince street. AIO nnn WILL BUY A 8PLBNDID FOUR STORY ?Lu."v'' store and finished basement House, un Third avenue, neer Sixtieth street; ram M mt. T. J. MoEVlLY, 852 Third evenne. BROOKLYN KRAL ROTATE FOR4 1I.K. A THREE STORY AND HIOH BASEMENT HOU8 rapists with modern Impiovementa. In a' ion, near PnmpMt Pgrh. very deslrab Arehlteet No. 3)4 Pine street Am oohey brick house in oroyr place near Fnlton aveoae, $$,000; a tbrae story brick Hons* and J\ Faltnn avenae, $a.<*aj; a tnrae story brick lions* anu Slora la Atlaatle ureat ignod local ion), $0,800; a fonr story 1ek Dwelling in Summit street. 90,OKI. BLKKCKER. HYDKA LGWKREE, Noe. 4 and 8 Pine st. I RABLB RBNIDENOB AND~TWO~U)TS OF A Oil Jnd oa Ieiff?rt? atraat, naar Prospect Park, far sale low if eoK bssed at ooce. * FRED. A. PETERSEN, Architect Nn. 0)4 Pine streeL IANGAIN8.?HOUBR AND $ LOTS IN HROOKLYN, 60 sores 83.000; 44 anrea. $4,?0U; IW ?JARGAI! aams, $4,lM0, all aaar SomervlDe, great bargsln*. *AQURN. 308 Bmadway. j^EOOBLYN -HOUSE FOR HA LB IN UV KNTBBNTH Two sterv. hasemaat aad aebeallar, fraifee. felled la with brtek; lot BiKV ail In good order: gaa, watur, Ac was bnlRaapresely for the owner, who ha* ovrnptad H over five yearsTprice moderate; terms easy, possession Immediately, or on W Mav. Call on or address CLARKK A kauNDkR BON. A Broadway, N. T. N B.-Court street. Hamilton avenue or Fifth a*?aaq ?ai$ ff Beveeteeatfe owaofe MOOK1T1 1TAT> M BID -DBOOKLTN HklOHTS.-FOB BALE. HOUBB ? S^'?lSiSt.iSt-.S t^stf frum 4 to ? o'clock. ?wssSrvMrte enmied Ukawdelloro u4 gilt Wl.dow Bh.dJe, Stable Un B Mill ton street containing gaa. nwuf MMtau'i room. tfc? fround? in beautified wtlfa ebade H fruit i ?ja^.iaBu?>gagi.. jam,*- I 0R8ALB-AN EXCELLENT CORNBR HOUSE INA ISjsjLBttrss*.'? M-i'ta-wirs imflrai Utl can beoecupiad Inaa | basement Ml of lot; all la I diately: wiU bo wld with or without tUa stable. aa partiaa Cedar street, ?a|r?in? ww touw, apply at ito. to Haoont place, Br&aUy^For knu apply to B. B. KBLLOGO, No. M IPOB 8ALB?WITH IMHSDJiTK F03HB*8r0N, THB f nloe UtUo brick Houee ho. "3 Hark avenue, nnt to Ox ford ateeot, Brooklyn. containing eight room a with water, gee, it Prim 94.IW. For further part ioulara apply in the ?tor*, p Pulton street, Vow York. Convenient to three oar TOR BALE?FIRST CLASS HOUSE, IB FEET WIDE, r all improve resets, neighbor bond unsurpassed. 28S Cerl. I tona renoe^ Apply to owner, XM WtUiana street, How Yei^J r^mn 8ALB Ut BROOKLY5-A THREE BTORY AnIH ? attin high etoop brisk botiao attnated in Sydney piare; I hae aU modern improvenaento and ie la Beet ctaaa order; gSTiSU^r-SA*.^ iB SSS5;J oRw Yorkally. I TOR SALE IN BROOKLYN?THB TWO STORY BASF,.I A* meat, attic and extension frame Houae 88 Carlton ave-l nue; water, gaa. Ac.; price $3,700; $1,000can remain on I mortgage. Apply on pranilaee. r^HR SALE IS BROOKLYN-THB FINELY LOCATED ? Dwelling Houae No. 96 Lawrence atreet, near Fhlton I avenue; very near the City Hall, and tan minutes' walk from Fultoe and Wall atreet ferriea; houae 98x40 feet, three atory and beaement high etoop brick; lot WxMOt Fnrntahed or unfurnlabed. Poeaeaalon when deeired. Apply to J. K. ? SMITH, IB Winiam atreet. New York, between 1 and 3 F. M. I B (7 AAA -FOR SALB-BROOKLYB HOUSE AND ytl.UVU. d Lota, Oetea nrecne, two Moeke west of Broadway: two atory and atUe and two atory extension; i hot and sold water: range, bath, water closet gaa fixtures, Ac.; Dales Avenue Railroad, now building, will peas down. ? J. E. CORNELL. 19 Court street. 1 ? X enn-i BABOAIN.?THREE STORY AND I pO.OUU basement brick House, No. N South Fifth atreet Brooklyn, B. B? three minutes from ferries. Half oe mortgaga. Apply as above.. j ?7 *nn -*?B SALB. HOrSE AND LOT 381 CLER- I ? I .'JUUm moat avenue. Brit house north of Fnlton, I three atory, bigfa etoep. Apply to Agent, fonrtb houae east of Ryareou street en south aide of Pales avenue. I ?1A AAA -HANDSOME MARBLE HOUSE FOR I gllu.UUU. aale; Immediate posaeesioe. modem lm- I [provemente; Bret class aelgbborhood; near ferry, Brooklyn; I eLSTON, 1? Pearl Street Mew Tor*. I payments easy. MURRAY COUNTRY RRAA?JBlTJkT1iJ?OR_JIAI?Rj^ A" $& Jf&'ffi? iJSEFW5? ?$5 county. lSfV., the proprietorbnlnf about to {jjjji" .Aafl W? accommodations tittnilf? and bmtfWM P'p*' 1 ^^. For^aS alSo at tbc tame place, ? two .tory 6rick SSIS&g, ?ta?*luSe for a mbottjtnfflifeg ?J manufactory. For particular, apply nt FALlUBB ? COIH'.HLIN'B, 1M Third avenua, or on thn premleaa, or 6BUKUKOOUM>.____ __ i AH FURNISHED COUNTRY SEAT, I outbuildings. In Sullivan county, on Ah**"?"),.ftr* In n charming country; huntlug, tithing. boating and flu, ^ ^r,hFRKfr ^PETEMeS. Awhtttet. ?* ft- * a TTBNTJOIf' AM. WANTINO ?AlMS.-tnAAOB burn. Oeeau county, N. J. For circular, addreei '? Boll, Akou^ . A T PLAINUI' ' r>, N. J.?A NUHBBR OF WW A jjsrs: ru. ? r^fWtu'sasyWMS* VAit A 00. ?t I'I -It?ield. ofllcooppooiw ??*?"**? AffOBlfTtv PI.aCB FOB >AL> UOY?AT TOW fcera. Ho....- g.'.unda, location aedrtowaxeeUeetand in perfect order. u.U at or addreaa Nona U. ? *ngenn itwm K. v- *? - a gCBUR*AN BF.SI HENCE. SITUATCD AT FI.ORH^ ua * I provemenU of hs^r^aSSSSSS^S | enoe Company, corner of Oreanwioh and Fulton streets. COUMTRT RESIDENCE, WIT* land, for m\r. iltuatad on the direct road from Eing, bridge to Yonkare, and equally dl^iant Dorfeetiv healthy; the atable la naer tt^mmo^e; the ^a^svstases tttsisst* For further partioula^.^tg DKMBINIUh A TERT NICE F.NOMSH BASEMENT HOUSE IN JK jariM ritv mMcrn improvements, price po,**w? aiw sSSSSttSS^msvwe LEW, I? Newark avenue, Jereey City. 1 a W&3SS&^JS?!2EXk?gjg sg^fsassj." a 1. a ntllt DO US LB HOUSE FOB PALE. CHEAP. IE 4?S?3Fa?9K 8M1TH. UP Broadway. a CHARMINO COUNTBT SEAT, ON THE MOEEI? \ ami v ufi rere wtoflW, a floe stream or water Select neighborhood. pruiimitv to depot, and aiarge. S&rSJnSdmflSSSS With mode*. l?pror'.ment. for 2e irFRKD. A. PETERSEN. Architect. No. AM Finn ?? T"? ATTRACTIVE RESIDENCE, REPLETE *'T" A' all modern InjproremenU^n m?Jt Dy/^!.00f" rl jn*. ^^|g^.0f,^SlSEM. N* & Pln? A T MORRISTOWKa NEW JCBSBT, NEAR THE HB* AT.b--L-? ?r:7 ?~? ASKS SSiWOO JOBKFIB MASON, IP Floe atreei. TvrRv"?iR*f Country seat for sale?near A depo^eu INrlem lUilrwid. Ueod butldtoge, fruit, An Prtoe WW ?D* for IRELAND. SOI P.roadway. wvTriiaNT COU NTRT RESIDENCE FOR SALE?OF I * av .ml. at Summit n !t. Fine building* ground, a ssTS'S'S Uintntf ten room?, for iAlk At ? main low ad* building; Ml,of-eight B Hiding. Orange N. J?Tr fc T* S Mkuirfc* A CU~?W,lHam atreot. M. T. ? TrwiinaRETH N J.-F1NE f{ STORT RESIDENCE; Mirp cottage Fainted oUTfinE and IN; frnitand ornamental ireaa; eeren J?yB5. hi Newark, near two depoU. pr.c. WMS; Immediate ja Eighth avenue._ &S2?JEa5?> Tarry town: prico$S,ow. gMBBRgoB> gj, righth areottA _ A RfCK ^tsTjT^aqe,fob^jale. wr ?" of 'eood lW fruit AnuWjery and tree., cai rUg. houee and "?5|VnBKR-?>>L ?1 Etgblb .?.n?A_ ? w tYinimaM?FOR gAt.E. A NICE ORKCIAR A (S i*n room lw>ld?a celUr and atpe hall A ''."'^fw^walWta tb, boner; Low and iSable T< a l.ota, I* fret, f inn ling on l?o avenue,. Prve mm! Alt at Tremoet a amall t'-wiage, ?ve all on Jf' flJw.r- witter in hotiw t^ot 27* HW. t rk* cue floor, water ^ EMHKRHON. dill Eighth avenue. nnaiv BBIORtS PROPERTY -A BANDORE B Ke.lde^^y if.*W" of Bergen, ??M0 Court ILutee. HedaeeOey itVkili'N HEIOHTS PROPERTY ?TWO tlQIIMO B<tlou? Rendmc-a. two ,t..ry and 1,1 A attach"d. altnatrd within twe?* mlawtwa' "I terrtee. prtee joii'n mMr??p^imu7S>rinVlnngA Hndene < t?y _ drn clfrwV !><?" *"??? !""*???"" tmnmdlv'e. term# ~rrj JSy.^oflN II. 1. \T I tieeet "???% ??*<* city:_ /NOUBTBY RF^TI.ENUKH F?\a!M'll^VDa! I > nawMwiEion?on (bo bunk* of tko Hnwoi. n i^ryTKTm^betwee. Mil. my and Albany P.rtr .tor. with V. EMBKRHON. ?? E*btl? avrnuw reoUNTR* SKtT OP 17 ACRES. WR "OUR /?'?" 0 the etiy; l-|?"one^wlih ateteen room.; freit. a*nr the depott HUT A CO.. m ?">adwey_ CE)R SaLS-ON NEWTOWN OR FEE. L_ I.-?3 F^Watere!.!. Prweel^ l-fJ'TOSXSS ITaiPaPaWfsI BIER. ? Broad etreet, New Yert LVtR NAM?ORANOE, F. J . "JfiyEfJ*'* *m ??jrh ssrssvss'Sttrstiks: K2":??5T- ^a'T.jKti. a_~.?^_ KtOR RAT.E?A NEAT LITTLB J throughout. In complete erder^o Harher. 1M Broadway. __ YJt ARMH-ONR nlACREB. EIRf.^*^ yiLPTWOS^ Visr-"-"1?^ Lrt ^. fltl Broadway. ? BUS Mil MEW AND DEtlRABLR MOOSES, l< till Fmn.Tv.'HfA "> B. tdgeport. Con a m.nUmln, >fl hrtHWt ftntZSJw 5KolTsAIiA-FAR?* OR COUNTRY BRATS At BY AM P lord New Rechrlle, Pordham. TarryUvwn Yookera. in Iteeh ia*H nauntv and VilST FATNI POB RALE. IMS UIJ. a HOBOKBB. B J., A MALI*. T r AmtiW taMMM brick HomluIUi. an iB reyrr?cflW^.r^,gJ??''r,"" F^BR SALB, IB NT AUK, ON TBS HUDSON-a NEAT ?two story gothlo Cottage'House, cor UJntpg eight room, with m* sad its h.lfasrosf ground. told out with fruit and shade trues, far ptttwiUw apply to J. B. WALLACE, ul Window, Unlor A Co *A ST ?J St PlM street. CR SALB AT LONO BRANCS?A COHPLETE1.T fa rata hod Itntol located oa lbs saa ahore. acoommotL for SW gaesu: capacity enn bo oaaily and cheaply doubled; prlea I8U.000. . . NLA KB S DrDLBT, M William rtroot. TTtOR SALE IN JRR4RT CITT?A THRBH NPORT ? Roglub oaaemtut brick Ileum. with ah hldM to nporamsnts; completely furnished. Alao Stable, Borer, wagon and Haruaee cloap Prloo BIAMQ. Call ?i tho promima ISRSouthFourth threat. _ 1710R SALB IN PLI'SHINO-A COTTAOB CONTAIN J too roaaaa, all with an*; bora, stable, earring* boss* aad aig Lot* of ground. AddroM W. P. wllliama, RB Bread street. up ilairs. f?OR SALB OR EXCHANGE?A COUNTRY MAT AT J* PeekshiU; SIR acres of groaud; boiiM built In tho beat mac nor. all the modem ImpruiemeoL. healthy, oonientout to care and boa Is; Pnraitaro for sale it wanted. Apply at flt Walla atrrot. Franklin hounb, tarrytown n. y.-vor ealb. this well baown hotel, with Puroiture, -JS rooms, largo atakle, flue altuatioa and now of tho Hudson. Inquire of JAMES WEST. Tarry town. Lead nines to bxchanob rom an rmtab liabed busier* in Ihtacugor for aaorchindtee. tsdn ie boa k.ugy Po?t ?mce. OEvfouL TINS RERIDHNCXS. WITH (MOUND. MA LI bias, Ac., at Bergen Point, Plata Said. Pel arson, llndaoa Clir. Newburg, Hyde Park, Tarrytown, Yonkars, Loog Isl aed. Staten Island and Connecticut. Several of theaoove aao be laaaed. BLEECKErThyOE A LOWE RUE, Not. 4 and 6 Pine (treat. ft7 fMWl "A PAKM OP IBACRBSDHMOIi rPULLT CI ?vuUi situated two mile* from Sarutitge HprlBga, with new brink Houae. one new frame House. two new Barna. carriage hnuae, togi-the- with other outbuildings; large cistern; water running to the dwellings and barn; appla, pear and plum orchard; ie well oak >i la ted for two residences; wottld bo sold separately or together; nulldlnga cost more than la asked for tba place. Kor particulars in autre at 1,1M Broadway, or address Pond A French, HwaUga pringa. heal ertate wanted. VfILL WANTED.?A FIRST CLAHR FLOURING HILL lH now, near a csnal or railroad, and New York. Prion from $13,009 to $16,WO. Address M. N.. Crook's Motel, Id Chatham street, New York. ' Tenement propertt wanted to buy oh lease?Tbo blghoet market value given. Apply to R. II. OIBBONS A CO., 44S Broome street. WANTED-TO LEASE PUR A TERM OP YEARN, unimproved property oo West Broadway. Add roes N. X. L. boi >18 Herald office, stating terms Ac. WANTED-TO PURCHASE. OR HIRE WITH THE privilege of purchasing, a antall House, either on the Hudson. Harlem or New list en Railroad, within 1)4 hoars' rids of the city and not mot e than L mile from depot price not to exceed $4,000. Address C. U.tJ., Herald uilies. atatlag particulars. WANTED TO BUY BUR CASO, OR WOULD RENT? TT a Houae and two or mom Lota In or near ranaans ViUs (ItSd street). Address Publisher, boi t?77 Post oObw. TIT ANTED TO IDT OR LBA8K-A FACTORY. WITH 111 JT r "?V1 P?w8r Addree*. givUig fuH mrtta* rON OfllM. OFANTED TO FURCHASK-A STRICTLY FIRST y ?!*?? Hwr centrally located, not aborc Forty nfih SSJJK, W" P*Z_'r?? f?rty to ally tbuuaaiid dollar*. A? dreaa H., boa 6,781 Foot office. W^CiKf T? p I'rtCRASK-A WELL LIGHTED ?? for manofaowrin* purpone*. In Ibis city. Foatoffloa particulate and KrwMI pr oa, boa 6MS WANTED TO FTTRCHASF-IK KIOHTH AVENUE, Hooae and Store located from Twenty-em to Thir. uatn atreet, weat aid*, iddreaa O. S. K? Heiakl oMee, ?/-? owaw'ow AmnvteRi oo, to exceed BMtto. Adda?aT ?? etreet, uamboTST, I. l">t l*nte?ald^ffiw P"* 69 A walk tue. mm a a lb. A ?-.5?KS tSU S5US&tti^S5B!??^2aNir~. cheap to a cash cuatomar. Addreaa A. B. C? boa MB Kcw Tor* Foci office i a K&msr, srysrfsa.' t Madlaon .quare PYK A (TRVlH^te Btatb area AWWiT CLASH BAKERY AND ICR Jrbam~~sa loen for gale. To be aold with alT the Fkatnree. MM ruiton ?treat, Brooklyn. A LABOR AND SHALL LILLIK'9 FIRE AND RPR iKat r Troof Safa for aale uueap; alto two awdium aiaad Hafea. of Herrlog'a anil i'Htrirlc'a tnake. *? O- ijOIRK 71 WtHlatn Mr ret TklRYILLERY FOR ?aLE CHEAP -STILL *76 (iAU tfcji_rA^^E:" ?**"? runn,n? Drug stork ro* salk-a first clash dhvo - a? "R ?Uu*ted land doing * good husiaftw jjjwjjmjijr J. Ci? ffiaJLS.'"*" *' F?* BAL*-A KEBTAUNAXT. DININU ROOM AND ? ? ""."I anarcellent bust *^gAHa.B,0!t.'1r,'?*^.te P*" ?f i1"" "eat alda of ;- J_Vrn9'?a0? Addreaa for particular* to C. B. D-. weraid ogee. Wo agent* ootioml JT?? 8ALB-?A ^ SCTfiOOltER, Iff GOOD ORDFR. k i v *!?* ^ iftti* liD Iom buitlfo. Jfi?mire *1 ?ktMbatan of South Ninth atreet. Willi* in* burg. where FOR HALE?HARDWARE STORE in BROOKLYN^ r ooeaf the beat location* in the cltr; aoM on awonnt nf ?Ickneas of owner; nooliarge tor good will Apply on thw premise. W. H. feUQWN, corner Fulton end C.VTt?n at? F1?* SALE?A MARVIN SAFE, IN COM FLUTE MR. der, I feet by J feet, and S feet lilrb. wdl be aold lor PW& Alio Store t Ixlurc* and Shelving Tor . .in J. W. NAt'tlUTON, led William .tract, up Bttin, FOE SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURE* AND MOOI) will of the beat millinery ?tore lu the city. Apply at MS r.ightji areune, New Tork. ^ ^?Flrklea^*InHalc MILL1?S WESTCHESTER COI'MTT THOS. R S1NCLAIRS, 145 Maiden lane. EK)R SALE?AT A GREAT *ACRIFTCR, A I.AOIKH' ... . k?Ml*?nan'c Ki-ataurant, on the Hloomlngdale road, with long Iraae aad luw reut. FRED. A PETERSEN Arrhnec'. No. S\ Pfrte atrW 1jH)R RALE?THE STOCK AND (JOOD WILL OK A Dratctaaa private millinery rata hltah meat, attuned on Mde atrai t. wait or Broadway and within half a Mock ef Tt?*n I' ? ^ v?m t low, ou account of mi knsBi Addrwa.l. f\, hot .'Mil Vost office. For halk-solid river tea set, fodk fieck.s^ ?. VJf, ""?<?; Fl*tad do do , BM.- China Dinner ??*^r '* ("*""? **? real Hroute Cmck. Frmoh. ISO; r of large .Tapeneae China Vaae*. SAI, and many other antique and cqrioua artirVet. by .KilIN K. CliRTIH *71 Broad way, hrlweea Elghtrautb and Nineteenth nreeta. N. Y. F?B? shLE?A WELL HTCCKF.D CROCKERY AND HWf II mi'Iw leLil'i0 ^^t0" * 'r,dlc* ?r*n"?"p town, doing J . ?"uwuh"1 8n41 bntineee, which may ba m P)B SALE?A PI.UMHINO OAS AND 8TEAM FIT n Knit/I*i F,*h,nmnl' <1"ln* * huelnnee, together w?d Kloek and Future* ruinplete, aa the owner I* goto* mw> another buslneaa. Addrea. J, P. B., Herald office, Co? on? FORw."ii? CL?KA**"nA "TELL ERTA RLfsiIRD CARII i""'f|~r '' Wation and Haroea*; rrerylhing glteu for aalllnfi. Addiaai . P<il I9> liar*Id onto*. F^OR BALE CHEAP?STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A ""?Cap and Fur More. In a good location on ffltth arenna Apply to U. UAKK1SO.V, UK Mith araaue. I)1?* bale CHEAP?A LARON IHNfNO RaLOiin, ' . *?' P"*I office, doing * large caah boaioea*. Apply to ISAAC HONK), m Pin- .-Teat, room hn *. ^ HtJIRI. FOR HALF. OR WOULD TAKE A PARTNER.? room, fully furiiKhad, and in complete runnu.g ?ri long leaaa. la* rem. ISAAC A. BKI1A A HON, 77 Neaaau atreeL IRON SAFBH-FIKR AND HI'ltiiLAR pboof, for ?ale by the Fhenn befc I uortiaoy. ? Liberty eticeL the F.wt edtee, el Iwealy to thirty per reol le*e ihaa taufe- Mirci * prme*. I bars and fcrsiturk for hale or a hotel J ?eventy .ire mue. from New tork. en tbe Hudeva H?ep; ? Icing * froid t?n?lnee? For particular* Inquire of A .1 HUE. I.W Proedway. New York 1 ? STOVE AND TIN STORE. DOING A OOOD RCsHPfhr fer a*'a very aheap, aa the ewnar mast t? ei'kanrml applvioK peer Ina.Mj aad m Ue ne ghburhoud of the Hi nn h?, .i and NeWwpohtan Hoaata. l^.w 7ato*w one year from 2? rr,,C l? l"?oe at Na. MiTr^w.y ^ SWO DIBTILLRMIMS FOR lALR nHK* p^iiTw 1 ittr?' ? ?' >'<u.ud M tha uor th alii jf Foviv fffth ?ir?or between Tenth ?od wi?* Daap'e SSCy'^M H2?etMT'a'lL*lL7"S V A Beat New BALE-fiCATBD aMmim'raiwl !lL?2i ^"Wl railroad aad water a a?ud hn.i?-' ,,rWtf "f oveehifierj, baa droih ***', !*, f*r sale oaly on aeaoual of "?Si Rew^ferk. fmU wTa. a , hot 4*0 FoM si nnfl ?"* rtock. futi hrs and J.fN ef aa aaUM I*hed Jewelry Mare In tbe WATUIM, JBWBbBI, BBv SiWuV.:;0 ; - - - ?edlee' Watehe*. wvih smarjnasts. m A francfteld boo.. I Rlttb eoeeea, aarwer ef Fowneenth weeec aad ?U Btghtk iveaoe earner ef fmir ritk etreel avwwee C-MITMin*. 1 ADtrs AND OFNTI.SNNN CAR OBTAIN THE Uf. WUk'Ummmi J?e? LWWWWJ.I