Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.122. ' NEW YORK, MONDAY. FEBRUARY 11, 1807. PRICE FOUR CENTS. pehshval. CUT 41-CALMKft.TOI MA M1V, C'KdT TROUVEE. L Chare t>mini , lu e* moo deliee ?t uiou tambour. TOUJOU RF. LFIIA -ALL HAS l'ASSEU OFF FINELY. COME L or write. ADKLINa FATT1 AND T1IK WORRELL SISTTSRS were taught In Siiiiimg and llano by RLICA VALF.N TJNI FAKAVAI.LI |-ri?ua dmiua aopiaua, who rcotur. pupils al 66 West Eighteenth strsei. ANY INFORMATION OF MIOHAEL AND WILLIAM Knowlet. who weie left orphans, at Wliliamshurg L. 1? When respectively two and four years old, will be ibauk fully received by their sinter, Catharine Know lea, at 147 Mouth First street. Williamsburg, L I. LLEN?BLESS YOU : I <KJ. SEND TO USUAL place for letter on Wednesday. FRANK. FATE ?FKANOI8 WAS DISAPPOINTED; will see dear Josephine on Third avenue, same place as last " c. at 2 P. M. Tuesday. If not convenient write to old real name. E von ADOPTION?A FINK HEALTHY MALE CHILD, J. two months old. of American parentage. Can be seen ?t Mrs. Ludlam's, 67 Attorney street. OBART?COME HOME. TOPE MOTHER IS ILL AU wUl ha forgiven. YOUR FATHER. H JP MRS. H**B, LATE OF EAST NINETEENTH STREET, will call at elation D she srlll find a note addressed to Bar INFORMATION WANTED-OF JANK, TABFF, WHO left bome. county hllgo, Ireland, three year* ago. Any Information will be thankfully received by her lister. Cath arine Taeff, who landed In New York on the 4th of July last. Ta the beat ol my opinion she has gone to Connecticut. Ad dress C. Taeff, care of John II. Newcourt, Poughkaepsie, Dutchess county, N. Y. Information wantkd-of joiin mullane, from the Height of Graves, parish of Castlemagner, eeanty Cork, Ireland, who emigrated o New York twelve or thirteen years ago. Wbeu last beard from he was in Wayne county. State of New York. Any information re specting him will be thankfully received by hi- sister, Julia Vnllane, otherwise Mrs. Median, residing at 294 Ninth street, between First avenue and avenue A. it. Y. JENNIE?CALL AT AS TOR HOUSE. Ma e.-A LETTER FOE YOU IN STATION G, TO ? J&W " M your full address. ?11TH, 11 O'CLOCK. FOR RESIDENCE REE CITY . Directory. -MONDAY. HALF-PAST FIVE P. M? FULTON A1V. ferry. KTRANGKR. M MATRI1MOMAL. ATRIMONIAL BlTREAU.?ADDRESS OR CALL ON GRlMSHAW A CO.. 139 East Eighth street, N. " LOST AMD FOUND. ?fjlOUND ADRIFT?IN THE NORTH RIVER. ON RUN X* day, February 10. the Coal Burge Emma Jane, which the owner can have by paying expenses. Inquire of THOS. COUOHLIN, stevedore, pier No. 9 North river. LOST-A GOLD SLEEVE BUTTON. WITH INITIAL P. on 11. $10 reward will be paid for Its return to No. 8 Broad street. Lost?a fireman's device, no. i?b.-thb find er will confer a favor on the owner by returning same to 15 East Eighteenth street. LOST- 8ATURDAY EVENING. NEAR JEFFERSON Market, a small Mink Collar. Its t'hll valne will be paid for Its return to No. 3 Ashland place. Perry street L08T-0N SATURDAY AFTERNOON, A WHITE BULL terrier Dog. with brindle spot on aide of the head and tall; answers to the name of Andy. Any one returning him to the owner, at 70 Greene street will receive a liberal re ward. KEWAROt. REWARD.-LOST. SUNDAY. FEB. 3, A LARGE J" black and tan Dog, named Jack. Return him to E. Bailey, 331 Hudson street, and receive the above reward. SfA REWARD WILL BE PAID FOR THE RE atolen ftiirn of two Boxes, containing 40 lba. dental gum, hat the owdpy store this day. Can be of no one to any . No questions asked. ?, SAMUEL 8. WHITE. ?66 Broadway. as,i /, REWARD I *?-?? flu from S3 MadiwIfiT. ON THURSDAY EVENING Dog; bad on a red leathei??tte- * bIlM:k and tan Terr'er 8 Madison arenia." Auv^'ar wUh PIate n,arked "Prince, aaive the reward tnd no ones? return,n? do* *ha11 *? "" ^?ns asked. $10 the *h B|?um**L_r^NESDAY EVENING, street a small Scotch Terri^;. bmb avenue and Thirtieth ears and tall cut; answers to r'? ha" on a leather collar; above reward will be paid for hVna,ne of "Prinoe " The aad no questions asked. ",ta rn to 11 Perry street Men REWARD.?STOLEN, HATERi. qlOU 8, a long tail dark brown Mare, YK. FEBRUARY tor H branded on hind quarter, together winds high, let Wagon, square box. body painted black, running pjignt top mImw; figure of bone's head on side of body. striped FRAZEE A TAYLOR, 140 Varick strta fi BPSCIAI* WOT1C?*" abCTURVS g^SR.ou?M?'ik ? 'Ufe barton, Week, third degree. By ordajr^^^^^v 1IMZ UNDBR8IGNED, DULY AUTHORIZED BY THB A Liquidating Committee of the Land and Submarine Cu haa Telegraph Company, wbich is empowered by the gov. atament of the Island of Cuba, will receive propositions from any responsible parte for the purchase of the whole er part of toe property belonging to said company, and which consists of the Telegraphic Line established from Savannah. Ga., to Cedar Keys Via, and Its dependencies. In receiving the foregoing proposals the bndervigned will also bo prepared to receive an offer for the claim which haa 4a be preferred against whom It may oonoern for tbe^^^^H easts In ad by the line during the civil The proposal should be sent Mora, if Broadway. ^?proposal should be sent during the next thirty days to Hanra 39 Broadway. Nbv Jan 22. lySto^TebiLry'lC ^eS's^MOORE, Secretary. DRY 006l5?. At MRS. GATNOR'S NEW STORE. 9M Broadway, corner of Twelfth street, CORSETS THE SPECIALTY A new importation of Paris hand made Corsets, also Parts Woven Corsets, the most elegant shapes ever Imported. SKIRTS. SKIRTS. AD the fashionsble si vies. In full drvss, walking, and other Starts, Including the favorite Train Attachment. ADAPTED TO SKIRTS OF ALL SIZES. CH1LDRBN8 COKSBTS, WAISTS, SHOULDER BRACB8, PADS. Me., Ac. M. B.?Mrs. GAYNOR personally attends at this upper ?tore. 824 Broadway, cornsr of Twelfth street, and 786 Broadway, between Eighth and Ninth streets 4 RUSH AT BOTH RTORES. A, THW HEAVIEST WEKK'S SALES ON RECORD. The Immense popularity of our houses leads other mer chants to oopy our advertisements and announce their stores KlGkfrH 'avENDE CUSTOMERS, OUR ONLY EIGHTH AYBNUE ?TORE IS NEAR EIGHTKHNTH STREET. Ilia a sure sign a firm sella goods cheap when others try fie hitch fast to them. FUR SALE?10,000 BLANKETS, at $3. $4, and ??a Pair. Also 81.000 yards DRESS GOODS, Just purchased, at half the former prices. Also 26,000 yards SHIRTING MUSLINS, at 12^n. Other stores charge for the same goede 20r. and Wo. One lot DRESS GOODS, Me. Worth 40c. POSTER BROTHERS. 167 Eighth avenue. near Eiimteeiith streets, and FOSTER BROTHERS, 373 Bltecker street. M. B.?4-4 WamsutW Muslin. 30e. A LADY WOULD LIKE TO DISPOSE OF HER NEW A Velvet Cloak: never been wvro but twice; basquine HH^e;^wtll sell at cost?$76. Adereaa Mia*. s. E. B., station d^lOENYN BROTH ESS OFFER GREAT BARGAINS? \J Blankets?13-4 Blankets at $? a pair, former mice Sit; 30000 yards Muslins and Sheetings at 50 per cent reduetlon. Marlaos. Empress Cloths. Botnbailees. Alpacas, Plain and Field Poplins. White Alpaca*, shawls, ldnen and White Monde, goods for men's end boys' wear, reduced 50 per cent. Bell nets 60 or a ta a yard. 10,000 yards Russia Crash at la Mra.'iFELST&Lr' oo,",,s li ATTRESSES. BEDDING. COMFORTABLES. ? Comfortables of every stse and quality. H ?HH SPRING BEDS MATH ESS he Ijg moss. Hair, straw, husk aBd sea grass. BLANKETS IN COMMON. MEDIUM, FINE AND SUPERFINE waalMiee. An tnftnenae stork at greatly reduoad prioea ?Mb AND TABLE LINEN. NAFKlNs. ^ DOY LI tS. TOWELS, TOWELLING. COTTON SHEETING. SHlRTllfO. SHEETS aad PILLOW CASES, on band and made to order. MARSEILLES and ALfclAMBRA SPREADS. EMBROIDERED TABI.E AND PIANO COVERS. IRON FURNITURE. IRON BEDSTEADS, CRIBS, CRADLES. HAT and UMBRRLLA STANDS, BRACKETS, PIANO aad STORE STOOLS. Everything necessary to aupnlv Institutions. Boarding Houses, Hotel* and private famines can hero be found, and always at tbe lnweot market prices. Pienee eall and examine stock and prioea. All goods warranted as represented. WM. GARDNER. 644 Canal street. R. DPRCIIAlkP'B NEST quality Trench KM Gloves. EVERY PAIR'WARRANTED. MIBRONS, LACKS, EMBROIDERY, HANDKERCHIEFS, WHITE OOOD8, HOSIERY, GLOVES UNDER WKAR Ai' " AT POPULAR PRICES. We are now Importing all tbe Perfumes, Extracts, Soaps, Pomade. Powders, Ac . of the celebrated Manufactory of the MAIRON VIOLET, PARTS. $1 Fourteenth street, between Fifth end Sixth avenues. 1W and 308 Hlsth avenue Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue. fZA CATHARINE STREET-MUSLINS FROM 12 CENTS ''X a yard ap. Fall aad winter otoek closing < ui at great ?aeriflce Bargain s from auction dally. Wet Goods?A largo lot of Plaids, Dress Goods. Ac., wet wRb salt water. WM. MATHEWM, 64 Catharine street. EILLIRBRY. * DfRR EMMA WINTLR, HAVING DISSOLVED HER iU busli nes eoaaeetloo with tbe firm at 8. Wfliiaioa A Co., wf Broadway, begs to inform her nu memos patrons thai ?h* sllll eoad ,c?s The lirvsa ami Cloek Matin* hualaeea at lRHTRVCTHMi \ YOUNG LADY (GERMAN) DKHIKi-.S A KlTliATIiiN ax fiiwmf"! of one or two children, *.v-MKt<imed to ictrh lioriiMB and the English branched. A<ldre?. German Goxcruess, Herald off!re. ATTOWNSKND'S BUSINESS COLLEGE,380 BOWERY between 1'rmce and Houston streets, thorough ami practical IpatrncUun ia given in Bookkeeping. Writing Arith metic, Spelling, Grammar, Composition, Letter Writing >,? Open da* and evening, Satunlajre included. Rooms lor ludiea and private instruction. At mr-buunbss i-ocrsk, bookkeeping Writing, Arithmetic. Spelling *<?., included, ladies' day ami evening writing lessons. St) for $2 50. R1 Itowerv New York, and S?H Fulton .treat, Brooklyn GovernorKlna ?? Colonel HAINE S Plan of malruction ia cy stomahc and ex Pf'tiltlOQSa $211.? BUSINESS COURSE, BOtIK K BEPING, ntipa trlllim..a a?111 ?nln and I I Yt pedttloos. A BARK CHANCE ?$26 PAYS FOR AN UNLIMITED commercial course at Hrown'a Bnaineaa College. 2X3 Fulton street. Brooklyn. Privilege of reviewing at any time without extra charge. BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, ARITHMETIC, BUSINESS I Forma Bills, Notes, Revelnta; young men prepared for $8 peroourae or month, two boura dally, at the Teachers' Institute, 682 Broadway. Business writing, $6.-mr. dolbear. no. wis Broadway, by apeclal request. will form a few cheap classes. He guarantee* to remove altfTneaa, cramping or trembling ana give an elegant, rapid bualnesa hand. Seata for there classes must be secured tlita week. MUSIC.?AT THE NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF Muaie. 88 MadUon avenue, near Twemv-ninth street. Piano. VleMn, Theory aud Sinning; terms $10 per quarter. The Conservatory instruction books free. SCHOLARSHIP FOR SALE.?A LIFE SCHOLARSHIP O Id Bryant, Slratton A Co.'a Business College; has never been used. Books. Ac., entirely new. Will oe sold at a sacrifice, as the owner is unable to use it Address Scholar ship, Herald offlegT . SPORTING. ALL KINDS OF DOGS AND BIRDS FOR BALE AT B. DOVE VS. 350 Canal street, near Church street. Medicine* for all diseases. Prepared Food for mocking birds. FOR BALE?HANDSOME NEWFOUNDLAND DOGS, Black and Tan. Scotch and bkye Terriers, good ratters; one handsome Black and Tan Dog, 7 pounds. Apply to JOHN GRAY, 11 Roosevelt street. For sale and stock-tiik purest and gamrst Black and Tana, from three to eight pounds A pair of handsome imported Newfoundland dogs, jet black. Pure white Esquimaux dogs. Ac. DANIEL FOSTER, 13 Roosevelt street. Francis butler, no. 3 peck slip, has all the choice breeds of Dors. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. 2 Ann STAND OF ARMS. WITH BAYONETS COM ,UUU piete. Springfield Muskets and Rifles; all of which will be sold at a bargain. Apply to H. DEVLIN, 477 Pearl street, near Chatham street HOUSES. (A Kill AGES. dfeC. AT TUBLIC BALE-ON TUESDAY, 12TO INST.. THE entire stock of livery stable 1.961 ead 1,963 Third ave nue. consisting of liorses. Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Bells, Blankets, Ae. Set auction sales. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES, AT private sale, is kept by MINER A SOMERVILLS, at 37 Nassau street All persons wishing to buy. sell or ex change Horses or Carriages, should have their property, or the articles desired registered as shove. AUCTION BALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union -ouare, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 87 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. A LADY GOING TO EUROPE WISHES TO HELL A fine stylish pair of dark sorrel Horses, 10 hands, and warranted kind and sound in every particular. Can t>e seen st Cornell's stable. Flfi.v-thlrd street, between Islington anil Fourth avenues. Ask for John, coaobman. Also Car riages and Harness If desired. A TEAM OF BLACK MARES?A TEAM OF DAPPLED gray Horses, just from Canada, young and sound, fit for any use. Price low. Must be sold. 488 Pesrl street. HORSE, 16 HANDS HIGH, 7 YEARS OLD. VERY handsome, can trot In 2:60. To be seen at 2b4 Gold street, Brooklyn. CARRIAGES.?GREAT BARGAINS.?FOR SALE cheap, several Carriages, damaged; 80) new styles Carriages. Great reduction in price*. 1.WW sets 11 ur or as. C. WiTTY'S wareiooms, 638 Broadway, near Bleecker at. Family horse for salb_i? habdb, 7 years old. dark hay. with long tall, is in per feet order; has al ways been used for ladles' saddle and phaeton; a child can drive him. Price $160. H. A. DARRfN, No. 1 Slate at. FIOR BALE?A CLOSE COACH. WOOD'S MAKE, AN open Barouche, a no-top light Wagon and a handsome Roan Mare 14 hands htgb. full mane and tall; has been driven by s lady; will show lees than four minutes. Apply to P. MaSTKKBON, 161 West Fifty-fourth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, befonf 12 M. every day until aold. U?OB SALE-ONE PAIR FINE DARK BROWN g Horses, five years old: perfectly sound and kind, fine driver*, good style, nearly sixteen hands. Can be seen at sale stables of J. 8. Hborb, No*. 107 and 181 West Tblrty-sov .entb street, near Bread way. |?->B BALR OB BXCHANGE-A SECOND HAND both Iff to*4* Wagon; also a two seat shifting lop Wagon; mplots order. Apply at M Marion street, up stairs. G?lO880 ^HT PROPERTY AT PRIVATE 8ALE.? Collars. Bridles, W and second hand Harness, Saddle*. Awnings. Bags, TeflEC- Wagon and Horsa Covers, Pauline. Saddles (new). YlsrwSpnkrta. At. vetr cheap. Officers' Baddies, good as new. wltR^ted Mi bridle. S2J. Artillery press, C. O. D. PITKIN ff'dle, $16: small orders bv ex Philadelphia Pa.; No. 6 Park |X ? North Fraat street, ? ' New York. T^BWYOBK COMMON PLEAB.?IKT ?VI daw iunn 1 BtWi* I'blSAK.?___ __ IN against Michael Feppard.?PursuanTPT V. B"TLER Court of Common Pleas, for the oily and'R order ofithe York, enterad In this action. I, the sub*eribePf>ty of New the property and effect* of the partnership befff'?' ?r parlies hereto under the nams of " Peppard A Co ,'*') eliy of New York, will sell at pahlic auction, on MonMf the 11th dav of February. 1887. at II o'clock In the forenoon, at (be stables No*. 137 and 138 Mercer street, in the city of New York, by JAMES M. MILLER. Auctioneer. 29 Horses. 6 close and a open Coechva. 4 Wagons, 1 Hotel Coach. I Baggage Wagon. 14 sets of Harness. Blanket*. Sheets. Robes. Whips, end Stable and Office Furniture, Ac., which sale will b* entirely for rssh. NATHANIEL JARVIB, Receiver. New Tons. Feb. 4. 1887. PRIVATE STABLE FOR 8ALE.-73 WEST BIGH teenth street. Fries $18,0(10. QTABLBS TO LET -ON THE NORTH SIDE OF TH1R t? lieth street, between Broadway and Sixth avenue, and also on Broadway and Thirty-eighth street, beaiitlfullv situated and st various rents. Apply to JOKIAH JEX, 42 Beaver street rBE BOLD OR EXCHANGED FOR HORSES OP less value, 16 brat class Horse* 'ram the country, 8 to 7 {ears old, fit for carts, trucks stevedore, express, or anv names*. Warranted sound and kind. Inquire si 641 Canal street corner of Washington. TWO EXPRESS WAGONS, BI GGIES. DOCTOR'S I Phaetons; cheap for cash, at 180 Liberty street WANTED TO PURCHASE?A SECOND HAND CIRi'U- I lar front Coups; also a modern built Clarence, in guod order, for a light pair or horses, for about $600 each. Ad dress Purchaser, box 1.870 Post office. 9K HORSES JUST FROM THR COUNTRY FROM .^O five to eight ye?r# old. Prloee from $100 to $& No* 3 and 6 Laurens street ^ MIMCBIsi A\KOV$? aa ~ A CARD -FREDERICK MYERS,~M.~D.7 MEDICAL Elertrictan (formetiy at Dr. Chamherlln's, 10 Bond ?treel), with Prof. Steele, aibson'e Building, 841 Broadway corner Thirteenth stiset '' Grape vines! 1 *?? Send stamp for Prloe List FERRIS A CATWOOO, Poughkeepsie, N. J. OLD ARMS. PAINTINGS. SCULPTURES. CHI88RL "TvUS/ I'ipwe- gold and Pearl Slippers, Tur nan* of Asiatic splendor. Originalities approorUte fbr Ma FefiM. Cost unices, Dramatists, Htamric Arttai. YJ7ANTED?IRON TANKS, FROM MU TO IOwTlaL. YY Ions each. Address box 1386 New York Post office. m? ARTR IfOR BALE?LF.UTEF.'B PORTRAIT OF OEVBRAL^IT * .0rBDti *4 the late fair of the Union Home for the Orphan* of the Boidie re and bailors of the United Htatea Apply to Mrs. MEYBR. 21 Canal street, second floor. .. VALENTIN BR. TNVIBIBLE VALENTINES, IN THE MANNER OP THR A magic love mirror, are la he had at every bosk and paper ?tore, and wholesaled at <8* First street t GOG LB R, Patent lloty* r. ? ^?licationn B tain log ? fbl??^ ? ?Pset Price $1. ,or ?^u st the Academy"gg] .... DANCING, CON. step* and figures of all __ FURNITURE. RARE AR.a" OPPORTUNITY FOR HOUBKKEEPERH. ? An the Furniture of the three story residence 119 West uvenue. for sale at a great sacrifloe Eighth sweet for cash be sold l? , Parlor Suits V *??8''?6?ent rosewood Pisneforte. oosl MM. will .'"Te380' locludlng Stool apd Cover; two beautiful French satin sad hroesM; sack suit nn^^L*1" N "?ld for ??; <">? do. $150, one blank wal bJwro ULE!!? TP" ,or >75: Week walnut Bookcase, ilde WoIai^f20Tl Curtains, fins Oil Patalings, st?ifu?fc "fU'T"' ?I*M cod Pier Tables, rosewood yJjyl, wafctrfjlMroom Huita. Spring and Hair Mattreaa n?? Nwrera. Char>dsliara.HaU Stand. Ac. A T ..P!?1T.*TR THE BLP-OAMT AND inaw Furniture eontolned In the five story FtAhaSd ?Wsst H la teenth strset, between sisa'ES? mreet belwees Fifth and sixth avenues. no ieathsvs sr striZJT rtJJri' mluro fsSl P* Inslslmeiiir'ror V*D ?T W*R,tLT <>* NONTHLY pet* Olk-lSjkw Furnltsre of every description. Car CUPARTHKKSH'.PS. AI'AKfNKR WANTED, WITH $L?W?IN A KAMA. Mr anil profitable casb manufacturing business. Arti cle "tapir; aril" readily. No rial. Address K. Mason, boa lit! Herald other. \ partner Wanted withdmnw-to take hale interest in a hrst claaa Hotel, doing a large business Owner about retiring. Apply to THOMSON A t'O., 7.10 Broadway. , Partner wantkd?with $?)!) in the ukookry bualnraa. A trustworthy otnti may call atlpr 10 A.M. at 2b7 Bast Knurirenth afreet. PARTNER WANTKD?IN A KIKST OLANft BAR AND billiard room i required; licensed. i bill bird room now doing a good business: amaU onnltul J. M. MOODY A t'O . ? CiM at root. PARTNER WANTED?IN AN OI.D ESTABLISHED produce commission house in'RarrUv atreel, or will let leaae and good will of a to re. Principals address tleorge, llerald office PARTNER WANTKD?WITH $Sd.i>K> OR MORE, TO extend a well eatabliabed and profitable whole* tie flour and produi-o btialueaa. Addreaa U. B. S.. llerald ottire. WAHTBD-IN A WELL ESTABLISHED RETAIL drug bonne, doing a flrat class htielneaa In one of the largest rides in the interior of thla State, a partner with a earth capital of $8,OUO; an yclive partner well vented la the business preferred. Address M. R. C., box 4.430 Post office. New York. WANTED.?A PARTNER WANTED, WITH A CASH capital of from $9,000 to 9A.00U, to engage In an hon orable, upright and money making buainesa; thoroughly es tablished. To an honorable, upright business man, having energy and business quaiiOcatlons and willing to d?70ta *1* hours a day to the buainesa, tills ia really an opportunity worthy of a buainesa man's attention. There ta no humbug connected with tbla; therefore none need call but those that mean business. Call for three days at WM. VAN WAIi KNEN A CO.'8 olllne, 479 8ixth avenue, where si! parti Mi lars and Information will be given and shown to the entire satisfaction of any buainesa man. TENANTED?IMMEDIATELY TO HIRE. A BUSINESS ?" man, to act as treasurer fors circus comnanr now showing; one who can lend $300 to Bl.WIU on good security. Address R, P. J., Uereid ofllce. ROfin -PARTNER WANTKD. IE AN OLD KSTAE 'IPsjVU, lislied plumbing end gas fitting buainesa Ap ply at 132 Eighth avenue. BVMIXESH OPPORTUNITIES. Any parties dkbikous ok investing $7.voo91n a strictly reliable umlortakfng with large profit*, ran do M> by addressing box 164 Herald office. FOR StLE ATA BARGAIN?A WELL ESTABLISHED Perfumery and Soap Manufacturing buitneaa, with goodwill of a flratelasa trade: fixtures complete and slock ready for immediate rale. A rlianre seldom offered. Halls, fartory r anon* given lor selling. Address I. P., box 1.186 Post office. Information wanted.-pakties who have had business transaction* with George II. Snyder, for merly at 161 Broadway, can laarn something te their advan tage ny addressing C., box 6.181 Post office. PARTIES LOOKING FOR BUSINESS ARE Re quested to rail and examine the chances now opee. A few hundred dollars required. J. W. BOQaRT, 99 Liberty street. PARTIES HAVING A FEW HUNDRED TAN REALIZE a* many thousand dollars from a patent article which retails at $16; furnished at $6 No. 6 Pine street, room No. 9. RARE CHANGE.-ANY GENTLEMAN HAVING $2,900 iwpital can meet with one of the most extraordinary op portunities for malting monay ever offered, by Inquiring at 387 Hudson street. The advertiser, an inventor of a most Im portant Improvement In breech loading firearms on a new principle, desires the co-operation of a party that would Invest a few hundred dollars. Now but part'esof good standing, having influence and a superior knowledge of lire arms are Invited to address, with real name (which shall be confidential If required) C. L. L., station D, Rlble House. r CAPITALISTS.?$60,000 CAN BE INVESTED TO great advantage In securing a controlling Interest in a paper manufacturing company. Any person desirous of In veaii&aling the matter, with a view of purchase, may ad dress Paper, box 1,4% Poet office. VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT FOR SALE. IMPROVED HANGING FOR CENTREBOARDS. Addiess J. F. Hall, Westerly, R. I. WANTED?THE ADDRESS OF FARTIES WHO AJIE engaged in operating foiling mills or manufacturing woollens. Also of parties furnishing manufacturers' sup plies. Address Nieoll Floyd, Commission Merchant, box 6,680 Post office. New York. WANTED?A LIBERAL. UNPREJUDICED PETRI cisn. to take an Interest or assist in a paving office business, in Fateraon, N. J. Call at room No. 1 Museum Hotel, Peterson. $R/IA WILL PURCHASE HALF INTEREST IN A ? JlfU cash established business.?Will pav each $6,060 to94.000 net profits per annum. Gall at 684 Broadway, room No. 7. i\l\A SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED?1* A JIU.uUv' manulariurliig business. Money to be ap plied to increasing machinery and enlarging buaiueaa. Prin cipal and interest wall aecured. Address A., box 6,087 Post office. LOAN OFFICES. A T 77?MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCBD ON DIA A MOND8. WATCH EN, JEWELRY. Ac . OR THE SAMR BOUGHT AT THE HIOHEHT RATES. ALHO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT FOR DIAMONDS, WATCHBB. JEWELRY. 77 Bleecfcer street. up sUirs. AT ?9 BROADWAY, KNOX BtflLDfNG. DIAMONDS, WATCHES, PRECIOUS STONES, AG. THIS OLD ESTABLISHED OFFICE PAYS THE UTMOST YALUE FOR DIAMOND JEWELRY, WATCHES. JEWELS, plat*, PEARLS. AC. OPTICAL INSTRUMENTS, AC., AO. N. B.?DIAMONDS. WATCHES. AC.. FOR BALE. OFFICE HOURS FROM 10 A. M. TO 4 P. M. J. H. BARRINGKR 919 Broadway, room No. ft. AT T1YMAN'H, 868 BROADWAY, CORNER OF BONO street, will tie paid the highest price for Diamonds, Wstebes and silverware, or will advance on the above articles. 4 T 817?THP. IMGHKhT RATES PAID FOR DIA m,,,-mends W'itches, Ac. N B ? Pawnbrokers' tickets ?ii-Mt at 817 Broadway, room No. 4, cornsr ef Twelfth - 1 aids' Art Gallery. ATHot'eh XKNTY THJRD STRF,BT (FIFTU AVENUE Ae or advance- Wfbeat price paid lor Diamonds, Watches, de on the same. No 1Tw??l KING A CO _:. Zr h.'kir'i street (Fifth Avenue Hotel I AT J89 PEARL HTRENt. Bi?m.u,M wpw KfiWrif and Franklin square, LKDl^Of ? CO ^rsncs llV erally at reasonable terms on all vslnah.1* C(J : Jewelry, Dtamonde, Ar,, or purchase. orol*r,L W,tch"' AT 841 BROADWAY-I PAY THE HIGHEwe wnirw for Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Am., or aoi,!r~l'V>, the same. 1H A ACS. Diamond BroC^ "ppoaite Wallack's theatl* AT 86 NASSAU STREET, ROOM NO. S?THE HIQB est pnres are paid for loose or get Diamonds, WaUAea and Jewelry, or advances made on consignments. A. H'ffflGMAN, Diamond Broker. AT 907 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH RTRBS7 reom No. 4.?The highest price* paid for Diamonds! Watches Jewelry, old Sold and Sliver; or money l.beraiir advanced en the same. Alsoftwnbrokers' Tickets bought MARKS A CT>. Advances made on washes, diamonds, jew olry, Dry Osof " " errtpttoo. J. A. JACi of Broadway. _ , A olry. Dry Goods and Pewnual ProjWviy of every de scription. J. A. JAUKSON, III Qraod street, tw? doors west DIAMONDS, WATCHES. JEWKLRY. SILVER WAN* XJ silks, Ae., bought, or mnner advanced on tht same Aleo Pawnbrokera' Ttrkei* bought. 180 Bowery, up stairs, near Grand street, Nos. 1 and 9. M^t BET OF TEETH'' AT YOUR OWN PRICK AT DE. A VAN VLKOK'itlTfi Sixth avenue. Beautiful seta, with plumpers, tti 9 to 6 hours from the impress""] Teeui extracted without pain with new patent gas Inhaler, moat su'-ceasfel known. Kitisciing gratia when teeth are la as rted. Beautiful full sum of continuous qv* Rubber Teeth, with plumper*, to rostoro youthful ap pearance, $8 to $16. Painless extracting with laughing gas; operations warranted. 190 Grand street. CTOLTON DENTAL AHHOCIATION FIRST UBED NL J irouM niv^t |?m In d*nti*try, do nothing nut eitragt teeth sad certainly do that without pain, at 19 Cooper Insu la la MARBLE MANTKL.H. Marble mantels at rbducbd pricks- a fine selection on hand nt K. KLABBR'H Mnnnfsrtory, 64 First avenue, near Third street, New York. Call and et? amine. Marble mantela-thb best place in the city to purohaee Marble mantel* of the latest design* at van low prions. Is at A. KLABER'H MsrMe Work*. HE East Eighteenth street, near Third a*., N. Y. Cat this out TLTARBLKtZKD SLATE MANTBL8?SUPERIOR IE lU appears soe. more dnrable, half the prtee of marble. T. B. STEWART. 006 Sixth avenue, between Thirty fifth sad Thirty-sixth street* CLOTHING. AM -"-LARGE order for SOUTHERN markbt.-a . MORRIS pays the highest pries for Ladles' sod Gen tlemen's Cast Off (nothing. Carpets and Furniture. Far Pants $6, for Coals $6 to $16. Dresses $6to $80. PtesesoaU at or address 194 Seventh avenue. Indies attended to by Mrm. Morris. AT TnB ORIGINAL M. MARKS'. 69 SIXTH AVENUE, ladies and genMvmen nan reoelve 18 per cent more then by aay other dealer lathe ?My for their cast off Clothing. Carpets, Furniture, Jewelry. Furs, Ac. Pleaee be hind enough to call an or addrees the number as above. Ladle* walled upon by Mrs. Marts, hi and out of the dp. Attention.?ladies and obntlemen can rb leelve the full value In cnah for Cast-off Clothing bv oall Ingne or addressing EDWARD MILLER, 196 Ntvesth ? Due, near Nlueteenth street. Ladies and gentlemen-i fat tKm high prtmln the city for your Cam off Clothlamly Sal tin or addreaoluf Mr. or Mrs. 8P1BO, 1.690BHbdway. i Thirty n lath a treat ~ T A DIES AND OBNTLEMEN CAM OBT Xj moat valoe for Cast Off Wearing Carpets. Ac., by calling oa or addressing m Rower* opposite Great Jsatt sires te by Mrs. KwraUml. Eg -sos Mrs A FINANCIAL. UNITED STATU* TREASURY, FBB. 4, 1*57 Hcbeuules .if <:????) thirty or inure seven-thirty coupons,

due February 16. 1MT7. ?ilt now be received for examination at Uw United State. Treasury. H. H. VAN DYCK, Assistant Treasurer. IVIIiKMiR-RAVAGE SILVER MINING COMPANY. flWt per ehere, parable Mil lint. Umpire Mill and D ___ _ Milling Company. $l.'i per tihaiv. payable Ath tnst, In gold coin, Uum exchange, at ur Agency of the Bank or California. LEES A WALLER, ."H Pine street. J^UNCAN, SHERMAN & TO., B ANKKRP, CORNER PINE AND NAVUU BTEETS. NEW YORK, Issue Circular Notca and I-ctters of Credit for traveller!, available in all tiie principal citira of the world. Mercantile credlta for uae In Europe, China. An Also make transfers of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Intereal allowed on deposits. NORTHWHHTKKH ST.VTKS. Bunking and Collection limine of Geo. C. Smith A Bro.. AS I.a Salie street, Chicago. III. Special attention given U> collection a. plain and with itorumenU. Draw on DKRXKL, W1NTIIROP A CO., and WIN8LOW, LAMER A CO.. New York. Stockholders op the new york and idaiio Gold Mining Company? Ten are requested to attend an adjourned meeting at No. 'Ml West Twenty-fourth street, at 7 O'clock P. M., February 14, 1847. MAMT STOCKHOLDERS. (on nnn t? loan on first bond and mort. flrJSA'.litfVf gage, on flrat claaa city property, for live yearn, at 7 percent, will loan in two .amounts If desired. No commissions asked. Applicants must state location of property. Address if. X.. Herald ofllce. TO I.OAN-ON IMPROVED REAL E8 n any sum. WOOD. d6 Wall street. Hftfl TO I.OAN-ON IMPROVE! ?PU | ,UUU late in this city, in any aunt. W 11. WOOD. ?6 Ann ? LOAN ON BOND AND MORT ?rMw'J.UuU gage, in one or mora soma, on real estate In tbts city or Brooklyn. JOHN F. CONRHY, 82 Wall street, room IS. nn nnn TO loan ON -NEW yoRK ?|TV> g)T"U,UUU New Jersey and Brooklyn Real Estate. Apply soon. UHAS. F. OILMAN. 113 Broadway, room Nn. ?. AAA T? LOAN IN SUMS TO 8ITIT ON <p>W",UU" rlty Property, two-thirds of ralttallou; In New Jersey, nne-hslf;'*econd mortgages bought. C. K. WILLIS A CO.,31 Pine at., basement DANCING ACADEMIES. DODWORTH'K DANCING ACADBMY. 212 Piflb avenuo, New York. For days, terms, Ac., please call for a circular. BROOKES' DANCING ACADKMY. Ml HROOMB ST. A NEW CLASS FOR TUESDAY. All the fashionable dances In one course of lesson*. LADIKH meet Tuesday* and Prhlava, S to 5lj P. M. GENTLEMEN, Tuesday* and Fr.days. 714 to 10 I*. M. CHILDREN. Wednesdays and Saturdays, 3 to 5!i P. M. LADIES' Primary ('las* Instructed by Mrs. Brooks. SOIREE EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. BAI.LRTMASTER DUMAR'S DANCINO ACADBMY. 24 West Fourth street, for Children, Ladle* and Gentle men. Lessons every da v. All dancea taught In one quarter. Sir dance* In six private lessons. DE OARMO'S DANCINO ACADEMY, K2 FIFTH AVE niie-oorner of Fourteenth street?Open Tuesdays and Fridays. Wednesdays and Saturdays. Ladies. 9 to 4 P. M.; Mlasea and Masters. 4 to 6 P. M. Gentlemen, Tuesday and Friday evenings, at 8 o'clock. Clauses now open for be gin uers. i THOMPSON'S DANCINO ACADBMY, 279 RLHECK er street?Tiieadny and Friday evenings. Children's a Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Fifth annual Testimonial Ball to ProfeasorJ. Thompson, by hU pupils, to be held at the New York Aaseinhly Rooms, corner of Twen. ty-eightb street and Broadway, oil Thursday evening. Feb ruary 14. Tlokeu $1. BILLIARDS. AC. A LARGE NUMBER OF NEW ANI? 8BOOND HAND Billiard Tables, with our Improved combination cushion*. which have been proved to be the most corraet end durable cushions ever made. Specimens of our tables that have been In oonatan'. ate for many years may be seen In the princt|ial hotels and ? loons in this city. Parties In tending to purchase will Aud It to their Interest to call and examine our stock, wM"h la tke largest and ft nest In the world. Boys' Billiard Tables. PIIKLAN A COLLANDER. ? to89 Crosby street N. Y (NaI.L AND EXAMINE W H. GRIFFITH'S NEW J improved Combination Cushions and Tables before you buy elsewhere, et his factory. 1M Fulton street FOR SALE-ONE or THE BERT BILLIARD ROOMS In the city. Inquire of OT1* FIELD, corner of Ful ton end Nassau streets. WE ARE NOW PREPARED TO FURNISH NEW AND second hand Tables, with our Improved cushion, at the shortest possible notice. Reno eats en hand. KAVAN AUB A DECKER, earner Canal and Centre eta. AWCWMMTI. P BKSKHTATtON FF.RTtVA? Of TUB Jr cnton HOME AND SCHOOL. REPORT OP THE ADVISORY COMMITTER. New York, reh. ?. IM7. The Select Commhlee appointed by the Adf lenrv Board to ?el in the management of the resilvai for the benefit of the Home nod School ?ubmlt their report. It may not he out of place, in the drat Instance. to ailrert bnefly to the origin and present oondftloa ot the inetitutlon, In whoae behalf the committee have been called upon to act. At the commence ment of the rebellion it became apparent to ere 17 thinking mind that the claima for relief to sufferer* front the erlla of war would be numerona and urgent, rarloua Inetltuliona of practical utility were organised with the purpoae of alle viating, aa far aa practicahle. the toeaea and alllicUona which muat Inevitably follow In the path of the iniurrtrtbm. Early In the year lWl the Cnion Home and School wan Organised by a lew benevolent women, almoet without meant, bat With earneat, devoted and truitful hearta, with the view of maintaining and educating the deatilute orphan children of thoae heroic men whose lives might become a aacrince to the cauae of the Union. The persistent and die Interested efforts of six yssr* have fnrnished undeniable evidence that ttteh an ealabllahment was called for by every consideration of duty and humanity, while Ita ancceatlve annual reports to the legislature have sl.owu the success and fidelity with which it haa been conducted. The many hundreds of neglected and destitute orphans, gathered in many instances from the streets of the city, clothed, fed and trained In religious and moral principles, under the protecting care of tlila charity, are living wit neaaes that the faith of the dying aoldier In the gratitude of his country was not a vain truth Alive to the obligations of duty they had assumed, the minds or the lady managers of the Home had for many months been deeply impressed with the niter ,n adequacy of the means at their disposal to meet the pres sing demands upon tbelr benevolence, as many as four hundred applicants for admission within the last vaar hav ing been of necessity, hut with the greatest reluctance, de. cllned. I'nder theee circumstances, with the hope of secur ing a permanent home and more enlarged accommodstlons for the institution, an eligible aite hid been obtained, by purchase, through the moderate aid afforded by the ftlcte and city authorities, and the neeesalty, therefore, became urgent and Immediate of appealing to the private mtinifl 1-noe of our cUlteqs far megqt with which to erect a suitable Hiding, whatever allowances should be made for the Ifi cesaswt demands on the genoroslty of the wealthier ejltsves of out citterns, or how far tha explanation should be deemed sndiclent that, the war having closed the soldiers' children muat gtve way to other more urgent Maims, still It M not go agreeable revelation to make MltlTn a community renownvd for Ua generous spirit and the readiness with which It meats the claims n! tha destitute and suffering poor whanresoavar they come, appeals sol,milled in behalf of Iheae orphan children tea number of pastor* of the principal churches In theeity of "Off fork, asking for their aid In reaching the sympathies 0, their congregation, met only with the response that It was not a matter within their province. One more reson i ce re mained. Personal solicitation waa made to many or 6ur wealthy eltiaena. but with one single exception, which de !Trds a grateful recognition, this resort to individual mu f,?m ti? proved to he a vain hope. A donation of $1,000 JJV.jlJrVjtale of the late Mr. John Rote, through hla ex ihe i(infidenA,"l,cA Rose, name provident lulls 10 rSCIVr It is due wholly' ilh" desponding ladies. with this etceptloo Hs ? a&T'"" ssss ??sr.cut 3 JSU? "S$ W*"!"E. *L tMs been closed, 1 esild ehsrlties of t In Its affairs that 1. r.~T? _ ._ . A Co. to the Home for providing tha rfk 1 - rilstenee by an enterprise known to a Mi*0 gywy *?_ '*? while the ladiea who have hMhlno managcS1.*1*?" vf*'**1! jvatriotlr charity would havesbrnnk Instinctively^ violation either of the tew or the obligations or did notoocnr 10 them dial In accepting a seemingly haV proposition In sM of an beneficent an object, when all ofi*? hopes has failed, they would be Infringing upon any prtnei-. pie nf public duty. The committee do not feel themselves called upon to defrnd tbelr action in this respect, but It may not he Improper tor them to say, In justification of the lady managarabf the Home, that having entertained, whether properly or wot. the offer made to them, they had no other course open to tbem than to sea that H waa fallkniOy carried out. With thte view. after the enterprise bad been announced to the public, and the public bad begun actively to respond to It. the lady managers sought the aid af their Advisory Board, and that body appointed select committees for supervising the managamsnt, and for purchasing ana distributing the gifts, sad nafier their supervision, the engagements made by ??Mrs. Thana* A On. have been strictly fulfilled. The gen arov ts spirit of Ute country responded In the warmest man ner to lbs appeal made la behalf or the orphan children of 1 harose of tho war, an unexpectedly large return waa - " gallon enlerwd Into In the ftlifully observed. By this will receive a large sum of money, the first instalment of which (fifty thousand dollars) has base rseelved, and haa enabled tbem to pay off the large mortgage u pon the land pitivhaaed for the site of the Home and nthsr pressing pecuniary obligations, and the total amount will be eaflMent to enable them to provide aocoat modailcas far fiva hundred or more of the orphan children Of oar soldiers Add sailors, for whom no adequate provision had previously, bean made Tha subscription. not Urge in amount, waa wetted tinder certain specified stipulations. The sum of 11 waa lo be paid, of which #0 eMts would become a contribution by the subscriber to the funds of the Home and Pchoel, and for tho remainder of the dollar a gift would ha - r. The value of thai gift would made to the funds and every obllgath published prospectus has been falilift auspicious result the Institution will r delivered to each oontrlbutor. be determined by an award, ?$?????????????? acrattny and supervision. This haa been accomplished: tha girts have been regularly delivered apon the day* appointed En the persons entitled to them; and tt Is a grateful reflection to the committee to know that to every tnauace which haa on me to Utelr knowledge theee gtria will have contributed to Hghtea the harden* of labor, and net to Increase tha storte ofafilnenca The expenses and oommtsalona unavoidably Incurred have drawn heavily on the portion reserved for the benefit of the Home aad ftchool; hat tho committee doea1 not regard that fact u one to be regretted, as It bee benefited persons employed In various branches of Industry, ?and every aubacrtber wilt have received some return ^^?e expenditure of the sum el nae dollar But there la a Itehai reward than a mere gift, whatever may he Its value. It will be found la the gratifying oenanlousneaa that for so email a eaerlfiee by any one indtvtduai, the permanent wel- I fare of thosa who see tha daaervtng objects of thte charity tiff have bean secured beyond any probable contingency m ' HTRWART van VMBT, 1 I rRANOIB C RMILOW, fdelwiSa I amiskm?st?. Broadway theatre ?admission au tenth. Corner <u HrindwaV and Broome street. MIT \\ i-.KK Bl T (INK . f the engagement of the v . WORKRLL SIS.TKM. LAHT NIC (ITS mul s.\Tl itDA? MATINEE of UiO great noi'Ri.K hurlkmuuk MU, NVKRKl'I ALADDIN, THE \n ONBERkT'L SCAMP, A*P CINDERELLA. abounding in Hour', Duct", iiMMir Gems, Clog and Comic Oatic**, Local lilt*. A<\. Ac toiistag A FESTIVAL OK KITN. The (Ireatest IIU of Huh Brilliant "~fT I* Owing to ih<- rush for places at the opening of the doors, aad the crowded - tale of tlie ibeatra at an early hour, acuta should be aeeured lo advance PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I SPECIAL CARD?The management of the Broadway theatre lud alncero plr.isu re in announcing an e ugn gu uie n t w ith tbe WORI.D RENOWNED ART1BTK8, HR. AND MBS. HARNEY WILLIAMS, the original imuer?>nalor<i of IKI.TII AND YANKEE PECULIARITIES Thla engagement, front poaitiva airuugem. nls previously entered Into, la regretfully LIMITED TO FIVE WEEKS, commencing 011 MONDAY. FEBRUARY 25. Mr. and Mm. WILI.IAMS will, ewing to tbe briefness ot their engagement, present their POPULAR and pleasant pieces, ao full of OATETT AND CHARM, with whloh their name* are associated. and alao Introtluce several MOST ATTRACTIVE NOVELTIE8 In rapid succession. and It will be tbe aim of the manage ment to give all dne elect by appropriate scenery. appoint ment* and east of characters, thus maintaining the position (already acknowledged-! for the Broadway theatre aa the Diet in point of nnierprbie tn the United States. Due notice will be given of the opening of the Box Sheet, Prices, Ac. HARTZ' TEMPLE OF MYS1RRV. DODWORTH HALL. AOS BROADWAY. Tickets, 90cents; Reserved Meats, $1. For sale six day* in advance. i'ard ?Parties should secure their seats during the day at the Hall, In order to avoid the rush IB the evenings! the door. GREAT CONSTERNATION CAUSED BY "WE ARE II"RE, BUT NOT HERE," OK, PROTEUS. PROTEUS. PROTEUS, pronounced bv the press the greatest spectacular Illusion ever presented to a New York public. NEW PROGRAMME. WITHOUT APPARATUS. "The Growth of Flowers" and " Floating Head,'' in con sequence of the Immense enthusiast, will be continued. MATINBK. SATURDAY, AT 3. Doors open at l>(. The Cbloke ring Piano is used at these seanoes. KRLLY A LEON'S MIN8TREUL 7*) BROADWAY O h" l>KMON DANCE ever made. DKR Tronwe H "0<1 hfcl' P10" N AleualT. IN LEON trul* O noiiDoed wi. A Prtcinl. DER n?k r??- ? surpassed by D 9:*). LEON i?i d ? throngs who N Great DKR c trovaMrp ? .nhPhi u Fa'r-T IN ?nii i v. !5 5 th'" ?>e9ghtful M TIUmui. C KKLlIfaMT? ' ? i?v'f II" ",!???Vi"' Two Pr,n>? ""nn?? - _ BCXAB NOB ED Director GROWL. f1HARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE ? ? u 2r'&& -WS^rfST* - "^SSad haunted fflFS rfP SIS 22. HOUSE. First time. HAUNTED HOUSE "Agg STRUCK CHAMBERMAID. SAN FRTim(t^nM.MIKSTREL8' 888 brOADWAT. the nSl^58,%.cSBf"!r,M*?11? quarter to 3. *?ae%?A??sp.^y'!ia^ .r?T"!.Kr,SKETO ?ik ?'m ^",?rld, r' T ??L?H5Wf (Km 3Ei JTrTri Af n Head rcmlt'ite, Happiefit Couple out. CblT Uushter . Committee. Sbouu of RTirvr<r?w.W^tlpwPamniTilme and tbe 8 creaming BLACK COOK AND AERrCAN BALLET TROUPE^ rjLTMPIC THEATRE. ~~ ' V .. MONDAY EVENING. FEB. 11, 1M7 lent time of N lOOlala' grand opera. MERRY WIVES O? WINDSOR, nro.1,,0.1 ?? 1??^?* W,yKB OP WINDHOlf, produced on Saturday night with the MOST ABSOLUTE SUCCESS. ? . . , THIS EVENINO. , fl^??fh?A?P?ar?'? ootnedy, and la familiar, icier ** mo" ch?ra?lnt end delightful char. ,*1} ,he *HI,U ?f ">? company, Including Tha^JoA^. hi* celebrated Impersonation of FALSTAFK: .. u" "we of PA U8T. Frloes remain the aame ae UHual Dramalir price only mm* _ . Matinee f>N Saturday. CEVER1NI A PEASE'S ?????? NEW SUBSCRIPTION SERIES OP . ? . FIVE MORNING CONCERTH. on tbe following da ten. at 3 o'clock preclude ?? Mondays. Peb. it, i& a march a il. Steinway'a and at Beer A iohlrtner'a ?01 B^!Ltw^r *' ?T=S&a: tir- ? ? _ ? J? y HARRISON, Director. IowIm ,J??E; ^ ^ 18? clock, aelectlooa from the fol L'AKRicaINE. , . PAUST, "BRRT ? f WI?D8(>?- traviata ERNANf MID8V**B* NIGHTS DREAM. NOIl,,A' n'i Dixmu, ? JW??. b, a. m-SSSSSKSST? ?**&?""? ''ARE"' Mr. I. B. MILLS, Plan let. Mr. CARL Rosa, Violinist. M. II. W. COLBY, Accompanist. Hr. IHRO. THOMAS, Conductor. orchestra. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR Resort ed aeata 30 cento extra. aale of which will com tnenoe thta morning at the uaual place. fiR4?B ORATORIO FESTIVAL. IX THE NEW YORK HARMONIC SOCIETY having completed arrangements with Mr. L. P'Harrison nw *,M?d.mer;r^pKaA^?.K,l.,f' lh' m?? P"*? ?+ the hlmilt' .nWH','"rr ,,1"h lh" ?eea?un to present Vneka7T d?nd beat choru* ever brought toaetherIn New xork ft^ii solicit the cooperation of All iinA(*rs whn nan ?Srv,S 5"*'h "^eu M^di^eTJi;,^:? day. February 117. ^ Ntclnwnj Ha^'wednea NEmASKpVrBe^RY HaLL- NEWark MR. S. A. MILLS, MR. CARL ROSA. WILL APPEAR IN ONE QRAJHM?o'nuEe2PLBY TUESDAY EVENING. FEB. Ji ERT* MPNVAN tableaux?largest PANORAMA in n the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Twenty, lb rd .freel. Open WP plght at 7; oommenolng at "S Admlralon, 90 cula; children, 31 oenta. Matinee Wednea T7 *" ^"urd*>' *l8 "'cldc*.?Trr?. - Vm W^OTONLTO^NS?A^rn0^NAIHifR-',THE WASI' trm. ind?LTon?b!,dy ...^e'^rr of Ilg-"3?&!?a ! A GREAT COMBINATION. EXTRA A^TRAiTIOV?^' _ , MAGNIFICENT' E X T R A (> RDI VARY! ?"ebr>ted B'nd diacouraee be.utl Cho^ Exolwe lleif-reaB'thwntw of all kind* r?. !T a?d ?rolling faoea. kind word* and oleaaant oreetlnn orall whocom^o the i.k Ml'sfc GAK^bN, u . # HKOADWA\, up stairs. u" r"~?' POPULAR CONCERT AT BROOKLYN ACADEMY POPu . B nwoifi? 1?* an to the 0\ 8TKH HOUSK, 23 Clintoti street Rrofiklvn 3 GRAND TREATS (>N ?)NE Evj^INQ T for eeenb^HXRUAIS?FRENCH THEATRE TO LPT lectures, Re.. & ?lv' ntattneea. for ?peraa dramas r???. f-m. ' * ^PPlT l? Mona, ?r atiicAL. ALADT Wll.l. nivV - ~ - ?... , ?nd ?,n*"S. at pu^PTRUCTION ON THE PIANO M5^d"MreB nHURCH MUSIC.?A PEW tZT~ having a knowledge ot W's XND GENTLE Society for tbe study of the moat oelujijf can join e select ?ff Jjcxrorlos Ac., free of any charm?. maaeea, reaper 'I l?X Bast Twentieth street; ^ ''f appiro,? ihi? week G^DH^^JuRaJut, blea''hla"^!eniE"* W non-" aooompany aonga and Dlar .farLMil "1." tmm '*?or" "? Baajo taughl^praetlcally! ?ff#rtlT?ly t ? Nlxth avenue IJJf "?e largeet aaaortnient o^'l^TumMWef S c|aae Injhe oountry. Prloea S7I or leas to l io aaeh TMK I.K(1*IIRE NBAfHR). G?m INSTITUTE?dr.' HKRBARD ' BCTL'RPB ai he?DlL^i2aon.cMoBd*y ????,?toch P. M T1.1. cauaea. means of,, of life; other models. exhDeifi.. ?f {hoM( to her omanlaatinn, lmpcrt^~^.- V."7.?l***7 > trate thta lecture In the moat thorough . q<] pjjjf* IMPORTANT LECTURES DAILY?TO lJI.7 1 only, at tbe New York Vina of Aaatomv. J' way. Thoee unable to attend Uieee lectures mar mine Km fnewaedlne lau oatnla AAA ? a . ' eopy by fewwardlng ten oenta Addreea Secretary of'lA York Museum of Anatamy. 318 Broadway. c"wy w 1 4 THE FIRST OP A COURSE OP LECTURES in Yt? Union Referme.1 Ddteh cbureh. Stath "L? Mll? etrret will hu delivered on Tueedav e4mi?2 AMUSEMENTS. YI W YuKK THEATRE, i' Nonas jatiageve I,ewls Itoker anil M.,.rk Smith 1- irsl time iu tlii* theatre of the celebrated drama e Milled the TTCKnT OF LEAVE MAM, which will i a produced with u??' scenery, OOAnmM, orlgl ual, and an unprecedented cast. niun or oitRTtriflarr. KVGIV A 1.1. YK MKN BV THK8E PRESENT*. That the bearer hereof. KOBEItT BRlEKf.Y. eraa duly tried andconvicted at the November aeaaiona of the Central Criminal Court, held at the Old Bailey In the year ot our Lord 1H60, of the crime of passing forged hank note* and Wan sentenced to imtirhontneut for the period of four years. And fitrthemaore. tuat the said ltobeat Brierlyt having shown by his exemplary conduct while incarcerated tlist he la a tit subject for her Majesty'* clemency, U ta ordered that ha be released on a TICKET OK LEAVE, subject to the following regulationsThat It ahull be In the power of the authorities to revoke hi- llorns* for associating with or harboring notoriously had characters or convicted thieves, or hating In bl? possession burglarious instruments, or having no visible means of support or being again con victed. For either sueh cases he will Ire sent hru-k lo the public works to complete the unexpired term of his original sentence (Signed) QEORtlE tiHF.Y. Secretary Home Departtrieut. JOSUIIA J EBB, Imp. General of Prit tite rs. HBNKY TIBBKTH, Governor of Jail. DESCRIPTION. Name?Robert Brierly. Where born?London. <;ioe*ip, Lancashire. tiocupatlon?None. Age, nineteen; height, h\e feet ten inches; complexion fair, eyes blue, hair brown; marks on person, w on l ight eye. Robert Krinrlv a l.aeashire lad, being Introduced into Lon don life bv the Tiger :. Mr. O. 0. Clarke (Who hat been engaged expressly for this drama). James Ualton. nicknamed the Tiger, a burglar,W'm. Jamison Hawkshaw, of tlio Detective Poll e Lewis Baker Melter Mosa, a.lew Smasher and Money Broker Humphrey Bland _ . (IIis original character). Green Jones Wm. tlnraersal Mr. Gil.son, a Cny Bill Broker Mark Smith May Edwards Mrs. Win Comers*! Emily St. Bvreinond Mrs. Wru Jamison _ _ (Her flrst appearsnoe). Ham w lllotighhy, one of the B'boys Mrs. Yea mans Mrs. WlUoughby Marie W ilkli s (Her first appearance sinre her severe indisposition). Tune -The present day. The Managera t ,se plea ure In announcing an engage ment with the distinguished c ?med enne and vocalist, I.AUY In is. who will make her first appearanee on Monday, February 18, in two of her favorite person itiona. Box book will be open on .Wednesday, Feb. 18. rTAU4N OPKRA FRENCH T1IEATRK. SEASON OK 12 NIGHTS AND FOUR MATIN KK^ I MORA T1II8 MINING-FIRST OPERA NIGHT. At 8 o'clock. Doom opeu at 7. DEBUT OK flIOHORA^iP?'.^'^T^PIKR,' in her greet role of VIOLETTA. Sicnor IRVRE oh Alfredo. Signer FORTI'NA a? Oermont (beinghi? flr*t appearance In opera). The CboriiaanoOrcheatr* will he noder Hie pemonal man agement and dlrrctlon of NIgnor MORA. . vi. ur WEDNESDAY. KEB. 18-SkCOSO OPERA NK HT. SATURDAY-GRAND MATINEE. Admla.ton. ?1 kO; Dreee Circle (secured aoaw), $1 30. I *r %ckVu ??S A Hchlrmnr'.Nou way, ai J. O. tumour i Co.'s* loafwdll lt*?nn?., ana at the French theatre. __. Theatre francais. . -*?*!????? Tuesday, February 12, at 8 P. M? by gcne^l request, for the third tuna, ^ PAPILLONH*. comedy In throe set*. by Vtetarten Sardou. Saturday. Feb. 16. ft rat time of LEH DF.MOISKLLBH DF. BT. CYR. by Alei. Dam**. Ticket ofior at II. DARDONVILLK'S, 678 Broad**? THEATRE PRANOAIS WEST FOURTEENTH sTK, KT, 1 near Slith avenue. -Thuradjt. februar) It, at fe I M. Ftr?t appearance of MME. LARMLT, UN DUEL SOUS RICHELIEU, Drama, in three ad*. nN MARI BRl'LB. Vaudeville one out. Tirketoflicea?Beer * Sehlrmor'*. 701 Broadway; Herwlg'a. 112 and lit Broadway, and at tha Theatre Fran cola. Fourteen tb ?treet. . RH F. B. UONWAT'S PAttK THEATRE, BROOKLYN. THIS EVENING. MARRIED LIKE. THE OGKAN YACHT RACE. ARTFUL DODGER. M Tony pastor's opkra house. ' ?,T. a new 1 riab drama, of powerful.Interest and great effecte. entitled S|AE MAC OGftUJ, THB IRISH RK.KUGeV _W 8l? oa?t. 'Soil DO. mSC'2 ttttG&PTff '.VtBS.t".. ? o'clock. H OOLEfS OPERA IIOUBE. BROOKLYN. . The Burlesque Black Crook. Perurlan Ballet Troupe, Palace of Hun Drop*. Decbalumeau Babes In the Woods, Mutton Thieves, Mldw^ter Nlrht a Proem. French Dancing Maater. Lldaon a Band M> 1 "By Ann, My Father Hould Charcoal, The Nerroua Lure, nr.. At. n. w. it. '? CONTINUED SI!CO ESS. ^ CROWDED HOUSES. DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. FOUR BIRDS OF PARADISE. Thla Palace Opera House la nightly thronged will, the elite of the city. UEOEOB CHRISTY continua? to <t#light hia mauy admirer* Id hit aong, Naughty, Naughty Gin* ?. CHARLES BENIDICT, Comedian. Second week of thegreateal song and d*noe man lulng, Mr. OSCAR BURHINK. GRIFFIN A CHRISTY In new arta^t-S1C. BINOIWO AND DANCING. Academy of music. Brooklyn. TENTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCBRT. MONDAY. FEB. 11. AT 8 O'CLOCK. I? F. HARRISON Director. WALLACE NIGHT, when the enllre programme given with *0 much wwe at Bteinway Hall on la*t Wedneeday evening will be repeated bv the following artiei*:? * MME. PARKPA, MR S B MI1.I.S. MR. CARL ROSA. MK 0. W. OOI.bV, MR. THRO. THOMAS. AND FULL ORCHESTRA. Tlrkete for eele at the Academy of Mnelr. Brooklyn. CTEOROE VANDENHOFF, ESQ.. ? will giro one #f hi* ^ * B ( KLKBRATKD HKADINQR rr0? BUI. WE It AND SHERIDAN WEDNESDAY EVENING, February U. atBn'loefc, in the Reformed Patch church. We?t Twenty-hnS street, east of Sixth avenue. Rev. A. R. Thompson's. Admission SO centa. Tlekei* for ?ale at Cboo. Senbner B Co.'a. ftM Broadway, and at the dour. Grand collection of paintinos. Now on Eiblbltion and for sole, aigftft B-dwV. op^W.n.ok'* theatre. original world-renowned -UORHE FAIR," and 180 olher WORKS OF ART. bv native and foreign r.rtlata-formerly the private enDe Ho* of W. P. Wright, Run., or New Jeraey. Open dally, from ? *. M. to lit P. M. Adm'aaton JV. For cataloguea and prlee* apply, as above, to^ ppppy Fifth avenup. art gallery southwest cor ?er Fourteenth street.?Now on eihthltlmi. free va'j. able collection of high clae* original modern Oil Pal tiling*, be leading and distinguished artist* of the French Etching Club. UQZ BROtnWAY -SECOND FRENCH BXHIBITItHI of Paintings. Open dally from SAM. until ft P. M W^S^fg^afgae ? WA^ER r^LD.? B-lben^cw-j New York; arterwards to A. J. DARBY, No. 7 wneeier a row, Yonker*, N. V. Theatre ticket o rrMi. h . ^ Reaeryed seat* for aU diet das* theatre*, concorl*. ?e. Be., can always be oWUlped at the THEATRE TICKETOFF KB, III AND 1U BROADWAY. PI AIFOFORTES. * XV PARTY BATING a GOOD riANOFORTP. AND With partleul?r?. hot 4.M6 Coet oRoa. SPLENDID ROSBWOOD SEVBN OCTAVE ftANO f<!r iel'e original price g*IU). for Ira* than half If taken immJrt )3E; ne'r,y "'*? eeuhltsbaft mekera Call at * "** mreftA wanXiriCBNT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTF. FOR life made to order; city makar: oo?A 8JI00, for gktlO, lor Chamber sud IHnlng Purnlturs. ?? Went Huleenth. etreet, near * venue. MAflNIFICKNT T OCTAVR ROSEWOOD PIANO. A forte of the flne*t tone and ftnlah. at a gieat bargain f*?Sc?ully warrants, tlall at 1*4 Oraxf atrftet, neaa Mfttt. A GREAT BARGAIN.-ELEGANT ROBE WOOD PIANO, made hy one of the boat maker*; need a abort time; fully warranted: aoalfftftO. Must ba *old, for want of urn M* Bleeeker *ueet magnificent assortment of the einiwt and ehe?pe?t new and second bend Planne In tb* cHr for Mle and to roxt, at WM, CAN DI DUB' ware room*, ? BleeoSer aireet Avert cheap pianoforte, hevbn octavil ro?iwood ctM, In good order; a bargain. riano tor lot ai prior* lor mih. . J . i. BIDDLE. 18 Amity ?tr*et, near BfJadWAl^ nmwmld 7 ocUve Pianoforte. $??t. n-rdy neW^^w "-^T^aTd bc"-o 2 20 Fourth avenue, opposite CoopW In?tll**A_ la-HJR BALE AT A ?ACR|FTCB-A FIN* jM>? r rmwwood Piano, round ? Weal Thlrtf ?horl time tu uee. Can be wen at the .lore ?? weal .n^ first atroet. P heir Ke value: alee a Pip* JwjB'"? ? ?J"1 nedala. aulUlde lor a chunk. *Wy ?? **" half podala. iulUbw TwrallMh rtwft rj lit r _ jipnm fiaiNii *OUAR8 A'KD UPRIGHT PlAlfOf^ WA7^^'.Smt wfcoNWftl* aMi'fXtaR, I* ** il 'f puiX'-d. Knnihlv paymente re piano. CW* JTe'.hanie ?'.-h P*'d for aeeond hood '? -?-'-?-'fellow