Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1867 Page 2
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MTl' ATIOMB W A VTKD?FEM (LEI. WIDOW LADY OK ABOUT THIKTY. WHO n \S iY given uj) hou M*keeping. u'Uhni to take charge of the houarholdof a gentleman; -he ha* g >od MinMitU ** te character and cnpucltv. and w tubes to receive trifling ap plications. Address or call upon Mrs. Gray, 1B4 Bleeoker A aireet. AN HONEST GERMAN OIBL WISHES A SITUATION an it11ran and to do plain sewing. luquire at her pa* rente1, SH5 East 4th st., near avenue C. A YOUNG AMERICAN < JI It I. WANTS A SITUATION in a small private famllv, to do general housework. Call for two day. at lsi East Bid at., over marble mill, top floor. A YOUNG LADY, who SPEAKS GERMAN and Kugilsh, and has Ns'n tending atote over eight years, Wlahes a situation. Address John heller, 118 East 7th at. A CAPABLE 01KL WISHES A SITUATION AS laundress; would assist with ch&tnhcrwork In a small faintly understand* ail kiuda of fluting llaa excellent city rateieuce. Can be seen at 40 Weat ISth it,, over the grocery. A NUMBER OF WELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN girls want situations at Mra. Lowe's German Institute, 17 Stanton at., near Bowery. AT CARPENTER'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMPLOY tnetit office, 138 11th at., corner 6th av. Families are immediately suited with capable servants. ALL FAMILIES WANTING GOOD SERVANTS. GER man girls, Ac., immwl iiely, at large Employment In stitute. 1U6 6th av., belunr pth at. An experienced seamstress WOULD LIKE A si'nation either by the week or month. Apply at U2){ Greenwich avenue. A KIND, MOTHERLY WIDOW LADY, HAVING MET with reverses, will do the work of two persona or a young uiarned couple or some lone lady; or will take charge or some house and do a little of everything; is smart, rctive ami not afraid of doing ton much work; has great expe rience. fir.t class reierence given. Address Mra. Ivea, Herald otllce. A SITUATION wanted? bt a young girl, to do light work or to mind children In a private fatutlv. Address J tt'ia A. Devigan, station A. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, is children's nurse; Is capable of taking care of nn infant; best of city reference given. Call at 233 Weat 16th at.. top tloor. back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as 11 est class cook; understands cooking in all Its branc hes is a good buker of bread and pastry; best of city reference given. Call at her preeeut employer's. No. 1 West Mill at. A PROCESSED COOK WANTS A SITUATION?UN. deralands her business perfectly In all Its branches; lully competent to serve up dinner and supper parties; on washing; good city reference. Call lor two days at ISO J1 av., fancy store. Av RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as lirst class cook and excellent washer and Ironer; has no objection to u respectable hoarding house, lias good reference*. Can be seeu for two days at 87 Unlou st., be tween Van Brunt and Columbia sts.. Brooklyn. A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation aa oook and to assist with the washing in a pri vate family. Ils? the best of city referenda. Call for two days at 69 West 43th St., near 6th nr. AYOI NO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM he: mnid and seam-tress. Call at 333 3d av? between 27th ami 33th St., room No. & A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COM r\ iM-tent seam-tress; understands cutting and tilting Is lies' ind children's dresses and all kinds of family sewing; would go to the country. Good reference. Address Mrs. B., station D. A LADY HAVING MET WITH REVERSES WOULD 4R Jtke a position ss housekeeper in s widower's family or in a hotel Call at 691 6th nv., near 40th at. top floor. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN x\ a private family as laundress; is a good laundress unci Outer, and is willing to assist In chamberwork; lias the best eity reference. Call at 349 West 26lli at., between 8th and 9th ava. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WISHES EMPLOY* meet to go out by the week or month; understands all kinds III family sewing: drat class city reference. Address or eall si 140 west83d st , for two days. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WHO HAS JUST LOST her baby, desires s situation as wet nurse; best of ref erences. fan be seen for two days at 312 VVoostcr st., be tween Bleecker and Amity sts. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Oral class cook; understands all kinds of baking, would a saint with the washing, in a small private family: best city reference given. Call at:31 West 36th St., second floor, front PoMli ItPlwpAti Hfh a titl ttth bvh AW ENGLISH 8F.RVANT WANTH A SITUATION AS plain rook and 10 do washing and ironing. Call at 234 Kurt 2H?tl> at. A RESPECTABLE German OIRIj wants a situ a t!i-i? aa first elasa cook. In a gentleman's family; the bestreference. Call for two diivs at U 7lh nr., near Uth at. A YOUNG o:Rl, WANTS A SITUATION to do up ?lam work and waiting or plain sewing; good refer ODoe. Call at 7V West 38th at., between 9th and 7tn era., first floor, front. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chnmbcrwnrk and fine washing. In a private family. Apply at 307 3ttth si., second tloor, back room. A GIRL. 15 TEARS OF AGE. WANTS A SITUATION to take rare of children and do ohainberwork; la strong anil willing and very kind to children; hasihebe.i of city reference Can be seen at 435 7th ar., until siiltsd. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO (JO OUT by the day In private families; understands cutting and UiUiiji ladiea' dresses. Call at 93 West 18th St., between 6th arid itb ava. A SITUATION WANTED-AS COOK. WASHER AND lisxiar; no objection to city or country. Can be seen for two dsye at 337 Madison St., in the rear. A FIRST UI.A8S COOK DE81RF8 A SITUATION IN a hotel or restaurant aa meat and pastry or order cook: thoroughly understands her business in all Its branches; best i uy reference. Call on or addreas for three days A. It. B.. 73 Walts at., two flights up. A lot NO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO GEN eral housework: Is a good washer and Ironer; can give good re: erente. Call at 438 6lh av., between 39tli ot)d3Utb A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU, ation to do general housework in a small family; is a good washer and ironer; understands plain cooking; good city references from last pluce. Call at 146 $th av.. between I7th and IStli sta. A MTU ATI ON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waitress or In do general bouse, work, good c.ty reference. Can lie seen at 195 West 13th at., between 7tli <lid 8th avs. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS ( HAM bet maid und waitress; good rtiy reference, t an lie seen for two days at 3.17 West flat st, between 8th and 3th ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, tut cook, washer and lroner;gno objections to do general housework In a small family; reference can be given. Call at l*J9 East 33tli St., second floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, us good cook and first rale baker; is willing to asst.t in the washing and ironing; lies! clly refcieuce. Call ?l 113 West 19th at.. x>cond lloor. back room \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PiOteaunt We'ali girl, as lust class laundress; lias the Im>si city reference, t an l>e aeen for two days at 547 haat iSth si. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES WASHING AND irouing at her own rcaldeaet; good city retercncc. Call for two days at 306 West 36th sL RE -i'F.t' I ABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS AKI rook and In In llu- washing and ironing, umter atands her business perfectly and knows bow to take care of inlik and butter. She has a boy. in ins ninth tear, who she wou.U like m have with her; good reference; no objection hi Ihe country, and would go for moderate wages Can be sera ai 333 Ess! 19th st , first Door. \ RESPECTABLE YOUKO GIRUJ WISHES A SITUA. tion ?' chambermaid and waitress, or would take a aeainsires*' place; has two years' reference from last place. Call lor two days at 70 1st St., third tloor. AKK.sPFC TABLE YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN WISHES to lake Id washing ami Irouing. or would go nut by the dav. Call at 191 East llth st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to c i.ik, wash and trvm; can cook all kinds of game; SmmI citv reference. Can be seen fur two days at 180 Best 4li st. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS PI EST cl isa aeninaireaa; Is a first rate hand at embroidering, would '?? willing to assist at the washing or chambi'i work, beat ctty reference. Call for two days at 95 Wen H'th st., >?>iwcen 6th and 7th ava., second floor. AHITI ATIGN WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS MEAT and pastry cook: lee rr en and jellies and nil Kinds of desserts no objection to a hotel or private (maiding house; clt v reference. Cae be term for two daya at 1H7 U.1 av., near 33d sL AKI -UK TABLE woman wishes a situation to take rare of children; thoroughly uinlersl and* her busineaa ss nurse; ha? no objection to city or country, can do plain sewing, best city reference. Cell for two days at 73 West ' st. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A SITU atom as first class laundress; perfectly competent to do all k mis o! line washing and Ironing; understands Muting; best < ity ictcrenre. t sn bo seen for two daya at 83 West l?th st between 6th and 7th avs.. In th# rear. A SITUATION wanted?by a respectarlk yonuawoman, as ?rt nurse. Can be seen for two days at 83 West tsth si , in Hie rear, between 9lb and 7th avenues. A FIRST CLASS LAUNDRESS WOULD IsIKK TO get families' or gentlemen a washing at lier own house; can do I reuoli flutr.g has the ts-st of c ty reference; terms ean i reasonable Call on or address A C.. 1V<3 Slh at., near ar. B, third floor, hach room. A FIRST CLARA LAt'NDIlfcS* WANTS A SITUATION In a private family; <-ir do French tinting or would do elminhei work and fine wsshlng and lro.??g;'g^od r y fnmiT.'.Tn,. "n "" 111 m** ?t" lloor, ABXRPBCTARLE WOMAN wants A SITU ATtON g.m.l plain cook; is an cjc lletn baker of i,,,..!1 . K'eol plain c-ok; Is an etceljenl baker of braid* give good ' Ity reference. I all at *? West 16th st A RESPECTABLE. YOUNG WOM AN DESIRBt A permanent situation In a family as seamstress- ja? no Objection to toe care of grown children; eaa cut.'ftt and .LlMcno'a el/vlKflfl' rttuarmfnn u ?? >?l.t... I .. ._ a. make child i on's clothes: operates on a machine, msS ' an dt all ki-i'te of family sewing; ba? good refer-tyres Can be ; aeen lor two days at 193 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. . i A SITUATION WANTED?TO DOOBNEE^ft^Ff*; work of a small family or oharaberworg ? 41l M wailing or washing; good city refWenoe ' near 34th st ,^-cond floor. * - ??. _ ?? 'OOOD COOK; IS A A SITUATION WANTKD-washlng; eleo one for eham. good issker; will nssUj^tloii to a boarding house; city bet work and waiting, nm*., near 34th st, second floor, re fere nee. 0*U el 411 * 1 ? WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE A SITUATES* ohamhermatd ani to aaslet In washing; yomiggf recommended from her leal place. Cell for ean c .mW Uaonr sa ouvji ' A srrrvrnms wi*tkd-pkmales. 4 COMPETES# YOCKG GIRL WISHES A SITU A /V lion to cook wash and Iron, or to do general house work, in a small |>ru..u- family. good cut r-ferrnoe. Cnn Ih- aeen for two da:? at 14i WuM alBt ?*?, nea* 7th nr. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS LAUN drees: aoodt-uy reference can be given. CnU at 198 East 17th St., nesr 1-t av SITUATION W ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE \ oung woman, a* a good oook and would assist with the washing and I roiling, haa thu Inst of reference fiom her last place; CO objection to go a abort distance In the coun try. Tali at HO Meat 30th at., third floor, front room, for two days. A BEHPj?OTABLB 8W1SS LADY WISHES A J\ good situation aa houaekeeper. Call at 184 Eldrldge at, second floor. A first class dressmaker will qo out by the day or take work In her own house; satisfactory reference. Addreaa KM 8th aT. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A STEADY. RB8PKC tableyoung woman, to attend a bakery; a steady place more deairnble Than hlgb wager haa no relatives in this country and haa good city referenoe. Call at 106 East Uth at, second floor, back room. RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tlon aa cook; she Is a good baker of bread and btsouit and ia willing to assist with the washlugand ironing; haa the beat of otty reference from her last plaoe. Call at 38 West Uth at "PtRERfl AND CLOAK CUTTER. BY TAYLOR'S SYS yj tern, wishes first class situation. Addieas H. B., b tat Ion P. R8TCLAS8 WAsniNO, IRONING AND FLUTING, at 960 6th av. Call for three days. A F N Monthly nurse.-wantrd, by an bxpebl enead lady, a few more engagements; would attend an invalid: best of city references. Address Mrs. Dickson, 116 Allen at. URHK.-A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGKD Wo man wants a situation to take care of an Invalid; no objection to the country or to travel. Apply for two days ut 186 East 36th at., between 2d and 3d ava. N. B.? Good city reference. Situation wanted?by a competent woman as cook; fa a tlrat elaaa cook; understands cooking In all its brunches; best of otty reference. Call at SIP West 86th at., between 8th and 9th avs. QITUAllON WANTED?BY A colored girl, to do O general housework In a small family; good city refer ence. Call at 145 Weal Slid at., over the grocery store. SITUATION WANTED?FOR A GIRL 14 YEAR8 OLD, to assist in taking care of children, or would do light woik a short distance in the countiy; wages no object, but n rood home. None but res|iertabte families need call to 85 Mtanton street, second floor, back room. QITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, O to do general housework in a small family; no objection to the country. Call for two days ut HP West 18tb St. SITUATION WANTED?KY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, aa chambermaid and waitress or to do general housework In a small family. Good city reference. Call at 190 W est 27th st. QITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O first class wait rasa til a small private family. Can be wll recommended from her last plaoe. Call for two days at 480 West 41st at. SITUATION WANTFD-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE aged woman, to eook, wash and Iron In a private family; has no objection to a gentlemun'a boarding house, and will ing to make herself generally useful. Best of reference given. Apply at 178 Lauren's at., between Houston and Bleccker sis. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GERMAN GIRI* AS cook; thoroughly understands her business; good refer enoe. Call at 630 IStli st., between ava. B and C. SITUATION WANTED?BY A GERMAN GHtL, AS housekeeper. Address O. F., station F. SITUATION WANTED?BY A DRESSMAKER. IN A gentleman's family, by the day or week; can cut aud fit ladles' and children's dresses, skirls and plain sewing; can sew on a machine. Call at 144 Lewis st. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS O chambermaid and laundress or lo do general housework; ia strong, willing nnd obliging; best of city reference. Can he seen at 816 9th at., between avs. B and C, first floor, front room. SS?; chambermaid and wniireaa- Ironer: the other ax at or addresa Si Pomyth? " .T ereUaa a"'en <'"? day,. roraytn at., room 16, rear house, for two atre,,. P..?t om'r" IlSbokea. Addre" M" C- ???? SaTig'gaa} WfANTKD-A SITUATION-, BV A RPSPKCTAHI n JSLRasssa, ? .^ooefrou, her luat pi^*" SITUATION AS CHAMBFRMATn r*i? P".'Sll filS" II'ANTED-A SirrATION^ BY AM 1 V.?T.-, 1 i#iE|EESi^-?rsx I ,tattoo E. Slit av. ,or one week Dressmaker, YX^ ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT urn A YOUNG WOMAN', A SITUATION' AS ?? scamatreaa: ran operate on Wheeler aed Wtiain'?*^. chine and la a lirst rate hairdrraaer. Call at W Weal lath at. Monday the Ilth. Ooo<t reference. We"' 18th WASTKO-mV A RESPECTABLE YOITN'G VHViV Ksrssrs ? W'!%^'ffly^gazgpi?a? self generally useful; t? atroi.R atid healthy haa ?a," JlS enee Iron, where ahe lived ye?r,. Call at377 ??? ltkh ?. between ava. C and B, for two dara. i0lh ,l" WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG (URL A SITU r? altoii a, chambermaid and wait ??? or wmiii homework: beat of city references If rrmflSd CantaLj mplover a. ftp 2d pta.-e. South Brooklyn W jKtjJJEfA,TK a jaiwaWAaia site W.wjfiSv" ? s'-?- Xr r.i.'iir, ~ - csrs \X.' ANTED?A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTAB1 K U young woman, a, . han.bermatd and wa.Vr. aa or'would J-*zrszxi WANTED?BY A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS OP N wK r"^u ":v W'AmT^D~A ??ATIoN as COOK, BY ONE WHO h?' f?r two dare at IB) West 18th at P er?- Can W A?.T!L?rBY A M.">ULB aged FRENCH pjto. i ii ,,B"t widow a ailiiatlon hi hoii-ekt-eiier: ahe li ner. I' l'tly Competentto lake i hnige of a houae: brat refarenrua Apply for three daya at MUCt haat 21 at at. tertneea. LLRST ?"! ASS LAUNDRESS, V f f ore* hi (l gpiii.rmpii ft WMHhing; host dtr r?fi?rp ad "II If aildii'a* l.aiiiidreaa, ids VYealdlHIl at. ' 07 ANTED?A MTUATIon. BV A FIRST U^S < ()nK' TV 111 a private lannlr; underalauda har "ine"" lhor" r?tu !r U*U U' herI'M-eul VlWb'erIK Laat U/ANTKD-BY a rkspkcv.*"5 *mow WOMAN, " to go out b? the* U?y or wAJ0,?41".0? ,ron or *ttroa no invalid. o<mm1 city rrlrrt*m ? Wl Went 27tli ?i.f In the m?r, |.?p f;?x?r. for i? "*?*? UT ANTKIf?HV A W*AJf\ A SITUATION AA GOOD plain rfwnk, wa? *.JJ'Uf the bent of city reier enc?. Cull ??i 1'iH P" t ir> lh?? nho^ Rtore. W/ANTEO-P ,Ar?I'liER,/.>R ,I,LK',K WITH EXCEL Tf lent cl. 7bl7r fSnm iVl iSUj0 * I"1*"1" f??>llly, to take chary ? * htrtb, or aa chambermaid and tow,, ?" a l*J^ *hotioardi; wayea flu. Call at 1? East ftp ? 1 VVAN'EO-BV A NEAT TIDY OIRL, WHO LIVED pa kentlcman * famllv la Ireland, a altuallon aa r-nere ?? t^a?il, can waah and Iron well and do tip shirts neatl.a '? no1 afraid of work, wagei fp. Call at 1W Baat 21st h irAXTEI)-BY A RESPECTABLE OKRMAN GIRL A V altuaTlon aa chambermaid or to do n-neral honne a,rki good city reference. Call at 136 3d at., Williams WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO aMKRL can flrl, a altttatlon In a amail family to tike oare of children and acw; I* "mart, Inte.lhtent and tint afraid of wt?rk. Call el 1M roreyth sk, room *). top tleir. or at No 6 Water at. _ WANTED-A BITUATloH. BY A RH8PECTABLg young woman, to "fbt ehamlierwork and aew or l would lite to take e?e ef chlldroe end aew; beat city re'fer ; nice. Call for t"" <T? *< '?Kaat 16Ui ,t r W'AXPT^?BT A KK8PECTABLE|WII)0W. WHO IS i V\ wlillng to make hemeif uael .il in ? tamlly e Doalilnn I a?-latant honeek. eper. or to wait on a lady or aV^Iin. ? ftiraa and to hare charge of chllden, harms ?vi?ri?n? thcaborecapHcty. beauty rafaraocV \y ASHING and IRONING WANTED?BY A ^RB by the"iIT?U~! woman, at her own houee, or would go ..ut W7S-* YOUNO gCOTOW WOMAN WISHES Infant t. "V. 'n * <" *"ttld Uke an ireel, ne*r jarkwi"n im".""'T *? ** M"nro? ~ Ullr,l door, back room. })J*{ Mr'.Tl,ATN'^..rr BR, ORTArV^R ? *tk aw, neat the BowJry Nttreee' luau tute. No. HELP WAWTEn? PEWAI,R?. A FIRST CLASS SERVANT WANTED IjTTPRIYATB family, whucanoook, wash and Iron: referenda re quired. Apply at 121 Carroll at., Brooklyn. A PEW RESPECTABLE LADIES ARK WANTED TO ?ell to their own m only, an article of read; sale and large profit*. A lady of good ad<lrea? can make $A or more IM!,uh nMU1? "d referenoei for particulars, N. B. T., Herald oiU?e. FXMT class milliners wanted.?apply to Isidore Goldsmith. 3110 Sd at. Wanted?an American girl, in a pamily of three persons, must coma wall recommended and be a good washer and ironer and plain oook. Call at 44 Morria street, Jersey City, N. J. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND DRESS. TT maker, to go South; good wages and steady employ ment. Inquire Monday morning, at S13H Grand st WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY IN THE COUNTRY, ' ? 8?od rook, washer and troner; one who undertlsnds mil* and butter preferred. None but competent and well recommended persona need apply, and to such good wagoa will be given. Apply at 60 Wall at., office No. 1. up stairs __ "WANTED?A COMPETENT LACNDRESS (PROTEST. VI ant) in a private boarding house. Call at 48 West 9th at., between the boura of 9 and 13 A. M. WANTED ?A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS, WITH good city reference; one who it willing to atalsl wtlh the chamberwork. Apply at 114 East 38th st. W"ANTED-A FIRST CLASS WAITRESS WHO THO- I Cpughly understands ber business and has the best of referenoee. Apply, between 10 A. M. aud 1 P. M , at % East I win st. WANTED?A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER. J ? * w"b good references, in a atnall family. Call at 168 Fulton st,, west of Broadway, up stairs. "WANTED?A FIRST CLASS CHAMBERMAID; SHE . . hara to aastat the laundress, person si references required. Apply at 38 West 30th at. WANTED-A COOK. WASHER AND IRONER; AL80 chambermaid and waitress. Apply at 48 West Stid at. WANTED?A OIRL FOR OENKRAL HOUSEWORK aud to asaist with the waabiug aud Ironing. CaU at 989 3d ar., near 61st st. WANTED-A GIKL FOR GENERAL HOUSEWORK; must be a good plain cook and a good washer and ironer. Apply at 300 West 35th at., corner of 8<h ar. WANTED-A COMPETENT OIRL A8 COOK AND ?t laundress, willing to make herself useful to ber em ployers: city references required. No others need uppiy at 89 East 39th at Call from 9 A. M. to 1 P. M. WANTED?A NUR8K ; ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS f v sowing, best of city references required. Applv at 25 Union square between 10 and 11 o'clock A. M. WANTED-A PROTE8TANT COOK. TO ASSIST IN , , washing and Ironlug, must come well recommended. Apply at 117 East 17th st. w~ w ANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS NURSE; beat of reference required. Apply at 36 West 9th at. ANTED?A GOOD LAUNDRESS. WITH CITY ... . reference for a private family. Apply between 10 and 12 o'clock at 16 Weal 9/tti st. "WANTED-A FIRST CLASS MILLINER AND TRIM J. ????% ^agos no object to a good hand. Enquire at No. 35JJ Division at. "WAITRESS WANTED?ONE WHO THOROUGHLY " undcratanda her business: must have good cilv refer ences. Apply at 43 East 3I.t at. between 10 and 12 o'clock. SITUATIONS WASTED?MAbKS. A81TUATION WANTED-BY A FAITHFUL AND vigilant man. as police watchman, or as sexton of anv Evangelical church?Baptist preferred; best of references to police captains and distinguished citizens; terms mod erate. Address C., station D. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN IN any kind of business; writes a good hind and quick aud correct at llgitres: salary not so much an object as steady employment: best of relereucea front last place. Address ^ William, station G. A GENTLEMAN THIRTY-FIVE, OK LITERARY as tastes, practically familiar with accounts, and writing a neat, plain hand, desires evening employment sfter ? o clock. Address for tou days "Aptitude." Herald office. YVANTS A SITUATION?IN ANY KIND OK CHKMI T? cat manufacture, sulphuric acid, soda ash. lampblack, analysis, or as teacher, by a thoroughly educated and ex perienced German chomist. Address Kr. Rlmolen. assistant to Prof. Joy, Colombia College 49lh st., New York. WANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. LATELY FROM KU ? r?peJ 1 situation to manage or superintend a farm. Apply to J. Geary, 21< Smith at., Brooklyu. CLERKS AND SALENMKY* A FIRST CLASS BOOKKEEPER AND ACCOUNTANT ta opeu to an engagement. Refers to present employ ers. Address Sterling, fterald ofllae. WANTBD-A PERFECT SALESWOMAN WITH OOOD refrrence, in a inillinerj and Tmct busineaii at J. Kaufftnanu's, 6773d ay., near Mtfi at. ?? COACHMEN AND OARDEKERS. AYOUKO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS COACH man and groom; good reference; can be seen at his ust employer's; no objection to the country. Call at oi ad dress 17 East Ulh at. for four days. HELP W AKTED-MALE3. AT 439 BROADWAY. ROOM NO. 3, WANTED?RAIL road collector, hoteL aieamboat and grocery clerks: also young men for mercantile business, and man to no South. No laborers need apply. Agents wanted.?we want sou agents to sell two staple articles In erery city and town every where; can make *6 to $10 a day. Call at 318 Kultou at., room No. 9. All desiring employment in all dkpakt mentaof business call at 61 Chambers st. Desirable situations open this day; excellent paying salaries. A BOOKKEEPER. TRAVELLING AOKNT, COPYIST and valet wanted this day. 212 Broadway, room 19: also two rapid writers. Help furnished gratia. Agents wanted for every city in the union; article new and sale rapid; costs 15 cents, sells for 35 cents, exclusive territory granted to energetic men; rights for sale. 38 Liberty street. Agents and peolers wanted for -optimus ? the best article ever introduced: 300 per cent proAt. Foster ?* Co., 830 Grand at.. New York, and 79 Main at Brooklyn. Wanted?several active and intelligent it gems, ruber ladies or gentlemen, to sell tome at tleles in drmaiid: a splendid remuneration can be secured. Call at Mme. DKMORr.ST'8 Emporium of Fashion, 473 Broadway. WANTED-A WAITER AND OYSTER COOK. CALL *T immediately at Oyster Bay, corner of Broadway and w w ANTED?A BOY IN A LAWYER'S OFPICB. dress, in handwriting. Lawyer. Herald office. J ANTED?FOR A BROKER'S OFFICE. A BOY. AO El' 1 from 13 to 14 years, who lives with his parents: s?t*r.v $100 (one hundred doll irs) per annum. _ _ GEO. TURN BULL A CO., 23 Broad at., refn lfi_ WANTED?IN A LAW OFFICE, AN INTFLL?:RNT. active hid. 17 years of age. who can wrt!' a g band; salary at llrsl p\ per week. One living in t><e city ab?o llili si. preferred. Address D. O.. box 3.665 I'ost offiie. WANTED.?A PARTY HAVING ABOUT JTfiO IN rv money will he ghon a fine chance, seldom offered to make money: business ready ami legitimate. Address Hen derson, Herald office. HKUICAU. A -MADAME OHINDLE, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, NO . 6 Amity place, c?n be consulted on nil femsle op*" plaints. riea?ant rooms for ladies trh? desire good tv""** and medical attendance. . ATRUTH.-MADAMK DEsPARD'S l*i.f'prt,aK.^ A;L ranted to give certain relief to ladk u ^ IC Bowery. opposite Sixth street. Hot1'"' Medicines ttenl by mail. ? rr,^. WHO VJ'75 srKCIAL MEDICAL OR LL LADIES WHO .Si'ild consult CHARI.EH LUTES, ,l?!w?? trjalmeflj^ Hmi had twenty year*' euo*:e*aful M? D.. 926 Broad wsj^,,, immcd'xte relief iu all esses with practice, snd gua|p? Consultation free, out pain or oxiv . MARRIED LADIES.?MADAME KKH. A DjJnIL'A Infalthle French Female Pills; No. I, price J V?r No. 3, price $6, which ran never fall; sate and jUtlthy. Office 64 West Thlrtjr.fourlh street, near Sixth arenne. Sent by mail. Address box 3,666. Also sold at druggist'*. IS" Greenwich street. A BLESSING TO LADIES.?A LADY WRITES:?POIt tugucse Female Pills relieved me In one day, without Inconvenience. like magic. Price $5 Dr. A. M. MAURI CKAU. office UP Lllierty street, or sent by mall. AM. MAURIOEAIT, M. D.. PROPBSSOR OF MIDWIPK . ry. thirty rears' practice, at 126 Liberty street. Guar sntee certain relief to ladies, from wnaiereri A GREAT AND SURE REMEDY FOR LADIES.-TUB Portuguese Female Puis always glee Immediate relief; price 9& He ware of tmtt itors who copy mr adrertiaemanta to sell poisonous compounds as "Female' Pills." and "Ex trade." Dr. A. M. MaURICEAU. 126 Liberty street. CTONBULT NEVER FAILINO DB. KENNEDY. 196 J Elm street. He cures <11 senses at oaee. BuFerer* from debility restored. Pure guaranteed. CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATIONS.?DR. R. COR BKTr. member of W. Y. U. Medical College and R. C. Surgeons, London, can be consulted as usual on certain dls. cases. OffiM 26 Centre street, near Chambers. N. B.?No fee unless cured. DR. POWERS' ELIXIR IS THE INVIGORATING MED Icine long sought for, never before found. 166 Kim street Cell there or write. DR. COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET, MAY BE CON suited on certain diseases. Thlrty-two years eiparlance enables him to make speedy cume or no charge made. DR. LEWIS' SYSTEM OP TREATMENT IN SPECIAL cases has obtained for him great celebrity. The faculty bare acknowledged It lbs only true method. Office No, 7 Beach street. ____ LIOUND?THE LADIES' ORB AT BENEFACTOR, DR. r POWERS' Compound snd Pills. Certain cure. Pur chase of Dr. POWERS, 1<16 Elm street _____ Ladies can always rblt on dr. powers' Preach Periodical (" impound. Certain cute. One trial snfflalenL 196 Kim streeL Ladies find infallible relief prom dr. POWERS' French Periodical Compound and PUla. Certain cure. OBn lRttsMMt - Ladies-absolute krlikp guaranteed in every Instance, from whatevtr saasa. Pallnre Impo* slide; remedies sals snd reliable. Da. OURANT, otUee, No. 7 Beach street Madame van ruskirk, fhyskhaN, ? Wjfclrr Fourth street eeeond block from llnmdwsy. A, ear* at one Interview. Consultation free. ' Madame eestf.ll-profkssor of midwifery over thirty yearsv guarantee* Immediate relief to every lady requiring medic?, 0r surgical treatment frovn whatever ceuec. Office 94 W>,i thirty fourth street llMtt.'Sixth sr. SAI.KS AT AITTIOlf. A UCTION NOTICE.?K. ROTH, AnCTIOHEER--OrKR A. $is>w worlli of elegant nud genteel Houieholdfu ture.?An extraordinary opportlinltyfor h?wii*k?wi?r? the trade.?At public auction, this (Mondny> * ' laoe U. at iy: o'clock, at the large residence 119 Clinton P' - highlit street, near Sixth avenue, cunalsuug of rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Cover, all *iod?rn fttp went*, full 7S4 octave, richly carved W** and ea?, infe"" beautiful Pailor Suit*. covered with ,* p?lnt of Krehch satin brocatel; Worka of Art Br?"*?J'? (.ar. ing* by einineut artists, Velvet. Brussels and g k pete, rosewood Eugenes, style of lawii[XlV^rtUd** walnut Extension Table. Buffet andDlnlne C^Wtomaw-. Oval and Pier Mirrors; black walnut tfo w^overed wow haircloth anil green reps: black walnut and ^ aQ(1 stead* and Hureaus. Spring and Hair ac. Rockers. Vases, Glass, China and Silver Ware^Cutlery, ? N. B.?Reliable men In attendance to cart, pack and p gooda for purchasers at a reasonable charge. A OCTION NOTICE.?SAMCEhWYNtf A CO.^ A'^ A tloneer. -Elegant Hiiusehold Purnlture at# publ c lion, on this day, glatronth atraet. between brown atone house No. Id west oisww?i? covered Fifth and Sixth avenues. Drawing Rwm ? uroit^. In brocatel; KUgerea. Bookcase. Books, HUtuaro, Bronros Va^s, Clocl^ \ elvet curtains. Shades, pets. Pier and Mantel Mirrore, Lacepn_.r-Music Stand, rosewood 7 octtfe Pianoforte. Stool and Co ? ? , . Mat sets. Stiver Castors. Tureens, Balvara. Bpoon*. ? p?? and remove the gooda Plated Ware of every variety. - A UCTION NOTICE?JAM F.8 JKNKIN^AUCTIONEKR. A other 1,399 Broadway, will sell at anetlon. oa Tuesaay. ? mat., at 11 o'clock, at the slablea of OUIvrt * owena, 1.991 and 1,953 Third avenue. 15 Horses, 5 (-?*,be? d t^e out. 5 Sleighs, Barnes#, Blankets. Bells. Saddle# anu entire Stock of atable*. Sale peremptory. A "VtLA. TO 1J Won. on Thursday. February 14. at U o'eloek, attba valuable cornor store, doing a large buslneaa. ThU p P lain the Ninth war? and In the liiimedt^vlrinilyof tue contemplated Oansevonrt Market, and ts deairable aa an in vastment! Maps can be had of the aucttoneer, No. - Pine street. ' ? * OCTION SALE OF CROCKERY. TABLE GLASS A Ware white and hand China. < utlory, Ac. ^ ,A I

EV ANS, auctioneer. will sell on Tuesday, y?b"mry {**. *M . o'clock, at 13 Barclay street, a geueral assortment, In tots from the shelves to suit city and country retail trade, hale without reserve and goods carefully repacked for ahii p g-^ BV HENRY 11. LEEDS A MINER. LEEDS' ART GALLERIES 817 and 819 Broadway, southwest corner of Twelfth street. Oil Wednesday February 30, Thursday. February II. and | FHdsjh February *LrtTtfgk*aYS^^TER CONTKIBUTOKS^BALK OF FINE I 'AINTINGS, WATER I WEDNESDAY* fVv'f.N [NU-Exchutvoly for the WORKS ?Tt^EVEN INO?Fine Picture. FRIDAY HF^r'e'a^T^r'!^* ^ BT ? ANDEcMbBB AT AUCTIOK R UNION SQUARE, ^ Regular horse sales ai our Auction SU' li-h nvorv TuftMiav and F?idav throughout the jaar. Messrs MINER A HOMERYILLE offer iinsnrpaHsed ad vantages in location, experience and ^^.7' ^ parties wishing to buy or desiring to sell I lorses, Carriage , or anything pcitalr.lng to the_horse business. DP.N.I. fTtHEALL. AUCTIONEER-LATE SALES. S.!S J^ii&iSE&k SlKW Catalogue* early morning of sale. Bv niNDT. A MATHEWS. AUCTIONEER. Y DANIEL *'u^YnEART OALLBRY. 714 BROADWAY, NK AltA?,TOa'V yfc O'CLOCK ON TUESDAY " CLO( K' never before e*hlbRed''^u!i prising1 In aU a'boul 100 pictures o*ggt merit, e.i^tli^of "ork^of Hoguet F. Clmiineau, M U"r!n' Ssuvage, Schltlf..? Cu\l"'^U9e' Herman.,. *<? ,S"' Kngrt&rdt and other.. OALtERYVlLL BE OPF.N DAY AND EVENING, to time of tale, and catalogues are now reedy. D BURKE. AUCTIONEER-OFFICE SFOREAT JONES aire?t will sell on Monday, February 11, atll ortocfc, the Stock and Fixtures of the Orocery Store corner of Fourth and Bank streets: good fixtures and stock. Positive aaie in one or more lots. TUnRKCLOSURK SALE OF WAT.1ABLK CORNER PROP Fertv-wXllAMKENNELLV. Shertr* AucUoneerwn sell a 1 auction on Monday. Fehruaij U. MJ. 9',!f,Cil 2orner the Exchange Sales^m^ll BTW^ay.'hev.lus^eonjer property known as Nos. 201. 203. 309 and *i7 Ftr*t and DM ' aat Thirteenth street, rented for f3,M>. Maps at auctioneer's office, 14 Pme street. winR oil,. BY SHERIFF SALE, ON TUESDAY, February12. ?t 11 o'clock, at 27Ka t Broadway, oneterge Copper French Alcohol Still, with eolumn complete; also one box of ready made Clothlug. __ vrvvnv n MfVKR VUCTIONEKB.?OFFICE 37 NAS H sau street,1 onposiie the Post offlee. Valuable collection of high class modern O", P^TI NOS. rom^g Uto ooj tributlons or arttste of the French Etching Club tetety ex lilbited by A. Cedart. Esq.. Manager, at the Derby Gallery, '"miNFR7* SOMERVILLE will sell ataueUon.Thuraday aiid Frtoay evenlnga, February 14th a?dl?th .? At their new and ?pncious flne art gallery^ No. JH P?*o one, southwest corner ?MrtM"th ^reeLUe valuablleterillee tion of Picture*, exhibited at the Perby Ualierr. ana re moved Tor convenience of sale, oomprislng "?f^"f,"?.^If !he by the following lending and distinguished artiste of the French Etching Club, vi*:? C Troron. Gustsee Dore. E- Delacroix, li Dial E. Flchel, B. Baron. K. LamMnet, " Merle. F. zlem'"'1 Ary Srheffer, A. Potemoot. laSSSU t:SSSU C Jacque, R. Menard, P. Lerov, C. Daubignv, Doreehwlller. <?? Corot. F. Chilllant. C. Beaumoot. J-''?uptl, ... and others. The ahovn are now on exhibition free, day ap' evening and ?re psrtlcnliriv worthy of examingtlon ^dlce ratHlotjueH can be obtained at the Gallery, and at th of the Auctioneer. ^rTT^Ts HENRY O. hVANS, AUCTIONEER?W/'Erench China dav. at 9 o'clock, a rich assortmem,.i, clocks, Ac., the Rohemlsn Glassware. I'srlan marble ?3 Broadway. complete importation of B. Behiiach ? ? Z75?OTH. AUCTIONEERS. HFF.LTMAN A MOB(^.|, the entire Stock and Flx ? sell this day, at 10'j^lrer Saloon. t*>2 Washington at. lures, Ac., of a fine Lay ? ^r>?AF auctioneer, office us VOSEPH street wRIeell, Monday. Feb. II. at 10 o'clock, el N'^ffurre, stock. Ac., contained In the Liquor St ire all "iSiKast Tenth street, near ayenue 0. Sle^STs Kobe., Ac. 3ele peaHlee. ~ZT 11 v. UTI IJ-'N AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL ON r S' I.vlvtriilrr 11 at 11 o'clock, nt 24:> Csnal street, * .* iwrr WigoM sod^larrie^. two Dirt Carts one spring Z a toTof nfouirtid Liquor., Ac. Several other Horses w,(l be added to the sal'. ' ions u y.ndkwatkr, auctionekr-no. mo t li'imiw^lhesday) at 12 o'clock, regular sale of (IOIWKM WAtfoNS, HARNESS AND ROUES. Particulars it sale. "toSFP1I MWU? 1RF.. AI'CHONKER?OFFICE NO. 110 ?I Na? "u" strret-will sell. T,ie*.1uy. February 19, at 10 o'clock, the Fixtures and Stork contained in the Liquor Store No. 310 Tenth street, neer arenas C. M.~ rrssrrvss. An unr,!us Kshruarv 11. at I0SI o'clock at salesroom, 79 Nassau wrewt, via., roeewood and[ ""'m^ '^^,r r-;:!, -sntissr1 c^dmKr8.sir pM *f!,^tle Mirrors Velvet Carpets, Oss Chandelier*, rosewood rottege nn^quare Pianofortes, Library and Office Kurni tnrOron Bafe, Ac., making a large aaaortmant. sale per eraptory. MOBTOAOE SALE.-BAKBRY-RICHARD WALTERS, Auctioneer, will sell on 5*"nday.atl0o clock, th#? Stink, Fixture* and i ufnltuPt of bakery 281 We*t Twelfth street, corner West Fourth. By order!. J. Ander son Attorney for jMortgaf*. ^TyoRK COMMON PLEAS.?ROBERT W. BUT ier set. Mleheel Peppard.?Pursuant to an order of the f?o,ir' of rommon Pleas for the city and oounty of .New York entered In this action. I, the anbacrlber. receiver of the property and effects of the p^ner.hin hetwreo the par ties hereto, under the nemo of Peppard A < o.. Iti the city of New York, will sell at public auction, on Monday, the llth day of February. 1887. at 11 o'cloek In the forenoon, at the HtabSea. Nes. ft7 and 1? Mercer street. In the city of New York by James H. Miller, auctioneer -* Horses 6clone and 6 open Coaches. 4 Wagons, I lintel <Coach 11 Raggage Wagon, 14 sets of Harness. Blankets, Sheets, Robes, Whips, and stable end office Furniture. Ac., which sale will been urnlv for oash Dated New York, Feb. A 1987. Urely ror oaau. NATHANIEL J ARVIR, Receiver. PAWNBROKER'S PALE^THIS DAY. BY JOHN MOR TIMER. 19 Kaet Broadway, of a large and fine assort ment of Men's and Women'a Clothing. Bedding and other desirable geods. By order A. Levy. 1U Laurens at reek SHRRIFF'3 BALE-IRON SAFE.-RICHARD WAI TERS. Anetloneer. will sell on Monday, at II o*otook, at II Maiden lane, one large Irou ?afe Jong 0. Lrrr. Deputy. JOHN KELLY, BbertlT. HBRIFF'8 SALE -RICHARD WALTER8, AUCTION ear, will sell on Monday at 11 o'clock, st ^ Ksst Brosd way a quantity of Office Furniture, Desks, Tables, Chairs, "lassahtss: """""-jobs qm ^ Sl,F'R"ionoKi7w* AlrrmKKER. will 9f>n on Mond?fcT, February 11, *1 11 o'ckxik, at JJJWJJ More Nos V and 9? East Broadway, JU0 boxes, berrelsAnd half herrels of HALBRATUS.p CARBWATE i0DA. _ D. Otu.gxrt*. Deputy. JD1I.N KELLY. ShertW. rPUOMAB REILLY ArCTlONKER-CgWOft. Jg . 1 Ninth avenue, sella on flics' ay, the URh t"*^-- tb" " teste of Woo.1 Yard 481 Wr.t Thirty-fourth rtreet.oom prislng Cords of Wood. Belting. Machinery, AA ivplred term of live years' leane, with all the metortaie in connection with the bnxinew*. - VALUABLE BUIIaDING LOTS. NBAB THR GARDKN of Arte.?A. J. BLKKIaYIBR. BUN A CO- wW ' | auction, on Tnesday. at the Exchange and most desirable Lota on the Inland, nliuntodon Hfty-MXta a^ Elftv seventh strecta and Tenth svenee. c?mmsJ?a eg view of the Hudson and awrrouadlnf ?ya".*g.L Mreeta street (l?lfeet wide), HUene of the at. anywhere near the Central I'afk. Maps, AO., at u T1ML1.IAM AUBOTT. AVrHONKER-JOF^* W Chatham aqnsre, sells on TueedaJ. IB iioner .tore o'clock, the Bto'-fc and Flxlurea 9*_A \n(j^?lrtt avenne: northwest corner of Nineteenth tH""}* h B|M. pump, ("tgi splendid Oonr.tere end Railing*, English B**r Liquors, A?. 4 BAiiRR AT AfTCTIOIf. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OFPICB 170 Chatham square, mortgage sale this day (SloiKtajj. ?I 10t< o'dtcK the Stock and Fixture* of the liquor store 57 Moodougal street, corner Houston; Fixtures are first ciaae; Marble Top and other Tablet, large Mirror, Glassware; alao a good assortment of Bourbon, Gtn, Braudjr, Ac. Samuel Brown, attorney for mortgagee. W1 M. WITTEKS, AUCTIONEER, SELLS THIS DAT, at 2 o'clock, at 454 Canal atroct. Parlor Suite, Freuch Plate Mirror*, Centre, Dining aud Fancy Table*. Curtains, Oilcloth*, Tape*try, Three Ply. Stair aud other CareeU, Chamber Suits In variety, Hair and other Mattresses, Blan ket#, Spread*, Linen Sheets, Wardrobe*, Bookcaae, Sofa Bed*, id I*>unge Bed*. Rocking and other Chairs, China, Ola**, Sliver vYare, Store*. 20 aecond hand |Carpeta; alao Clothing, Jewelry. Orooerto*, Liquor* and *ereral other arti cle*. In lota to trade and other*. SUROPBAR STEAMSHIPS. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mall ateainahip BAVARIA J. Merer, commander, carrying ihe United Slate* mall, will sail on Saturday, February 16. at 12 M., for HAMBURG. taking passenger* for Hamburg, Ilarre, Southampton and Loudon. First cabin, $136; second cabin, $75; ateerage, $37 50, pay able In gold or Its equivalent. ALLKMANNlA wUl The ALLRMANNIA wUl aatl March 2. KCNHAKDT A CO., C. B. RICHARD A BOAR General Agents General Passenger Agents. 66 Exchange place, N. Y. No. 6 Barclay street, N. Y. QTEAM TO LIVERPOOL, CALLINO AT QUKRN8. O town. The In man Line, sailing semi-weekly, carrying the United States mails. CITY OF BALTIMORE .Saturday, February 16. KANGAROO Wednesday Febmary 90. CITY OF WASHINGTON Saturday, February 23. CITY OF NEW YORK Saturday, March 2. CITY OF ANTWERP (new) Saturday. March S>. ana each succeeding Saturday and Wednesday, at noon from pier 66 North river. _ . RATES OF PASSAGE. Br the mail steamer aeiling every Saturday, Piy able in gold. Payable in currency. FIRST CABIN. $110 | STEERAGE, $90 to London 115 I to London, to Paris. 128 I to Paris. 66 Passage by the Wednesday steamers?First Cabin. $110; Steerage, $90. Payable in United States currency. Passenger* alao forwarded to Havre, Hamburg, Bremen, Ac., at moderate rates. Steerage passage from Liverpool or Queenatown, $37 cur rency. Ticket* can be bought here by parsons sending for their friends. For further information, ajjplv at^h^Companv't offices. DALE, Agent, 16 Broadway, New York. TnE ONLY AMERICAN LINE TO ENGLAND AND FRANCE. The New York and Havre Steamship Company will run their Aral class steamship* Arago and Fulton in connection with the New York Mail Steamship Company's steamers Mississippi and Merrimaok, to Havre, carrying the United States mails, from pier No. 46 North river at noon, the fol lowing days, calling at Falmouth:? ARAGO H. A. Gadsden.-Saturday, Feb. Id. 1887 MISSISSIPPI G. Sumner Saturday, March 2, 1KK7 FULTON S. Samuels Saturday. March 16, 1867 MKKKIMAC K. Van Sice... .Saturday, March 30, 1867 ARAOO H. A. Gadsden ..Saturday. April IS, 1887 MISSISSIPPI O. Sumner Saturday, April 27, 1867 and every fourteen davs thereafter. PRICES OF PASSAGE, PAYABLE IN GOLD, FIRST CLAS8 $120 SECOND CLASS 70 Through ticket* to London $6 extra. An experienced surgeon on board. The companies will not be re?ponaible for specie or valu able* unless btUa of lading, having the value expressed, are signed therefor. C. K. GARRISON, for N. Y. M. S. 8. Co. JOS. J. COMSTOCK, for N. T. and H. S. S. Co. For further information apply to JOS. J. COMSTOCK. Agent. No. 7 Broadway. JAMES A. WOTi'ON, Havre. General Agent in Europe. IJtHE STEAMSHIP GREAT EASTBRN, SIR JAMES ANDERSON. COMMANDER. DIRECT TO FRANCE. The French Company of charterers of the steamship GREAT EASTERN having provided the ship with new holl ers and thoroughly refitted;and refurnished tier in every de Krtmeni. will run her regularly between New York and ?est during the coming snramer. Leaving Liverpool, March 2U. New York. Tuesday, April 9. Brest, Saturday, April 27. New York. Thursday, May 16. Brest, Tuesday. June 6. New York. Saturday,June 22. Bre*t. Thursday, July 11. New York, Tuesday. July 30. Brest, Saturday,^Aug^ 21. New York, Thttr day. Sept. 12. Brest. Tuesday, Oct. 1. New York. Saturday, Oct. 19. Brest. Thursday. Nov. 7. New York, Tuesday, Nov. 26. Trfkinp first class passenger* only at the following rates:? $100. $195and $160. payable in gold or It* equivalent In cur rency. All passenger* enjoy the same privilege* and same accommodation*, the difference of price being for loeation and size of stateroom*. Special train* will run regularly between Brest aud Paris In connection with the Great Eastern. Passenger* can be furnished on board with railway tickets, end have their bag gage checked to Parts at an additional charge of $10 60 for first olass and $7 60 for second class carriage, being 25 per cent lea* than regular rates. Tickets for the borne voyage win be Issued either here or in Pari* at a reduction of $20 from above rates to passenger* returning In April, Juue or July. For the convenience of the passengers of the Great Eastern the company has appointed a special stent, who will without charge engage apartment* *n Paris for such Instrnrttona Through Wells, Fargo A Co. may forward I For freight apply to WM. T. COLEMAN k CO.. 117-Front street. ILLS, FARGO k CO., 86 Broadway. For paasage app^to^ FOR LIVERPOOL?CALLING AT QUEEN8TOWN, Cunard steamship AFRICA, from Boston via Halifax February 1$ AUSTRALASIAN, from New York February 90 CHINA, from Boston via Halt'ax February 37 PAMAOl MONKT TOOU SEW TOR*. Cabin $150 U0| Second Cabin $!?" raasARE hoiset from boston. ,.$90 Cabin $125 AO | Second Cabin . Payable in Gold or Its Equivalent. For freight or pem^ agjjv m ^ ^ ^ pkltgOm ?UOMPANY. National steam navioatio' (LlnjItejlftPOOL, CALLING AT STEAMERS WEEKLY TO IJOWM a-w J??*** follow* : Laa??J Pl?r 67 North rtguse, Saturday. February 16. V'BOINIA, Captain Thompson, Saturday, February 23. 5S?? '?-? Pt*ln Lewis, Saturday, March 2. PRNNSYLVAJIipaii Harrington, Saturday. March 9. KjII8JA?*a|>Wn Grace, Saturday, March ML ESPi^&btln Cutting. Saturday, March El. KRJ>0u?EN, Captain Grogan. Saturday. March 30. VI,in passage, $100: steerage. $91). Steerage paasage tfrket*. to bring parties from Liverpool or Queenatown. for $36 In currency. Through passage to Paris. Antwerp- Hamburg, Bremen. Ac., at low rate*. Drafts issued for any amount, payable at any bunk In Great Britain or on the continent. For freight and cabin passage apply at the office of the oompttny. 57 Broadway. And for steerage ticket* at the passage office of the oom pany. 27 Broadway and 976 Heart street, it'-nr Fulton. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. QNLY DIRECT LINE TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVRE, CALLING -AT BREST The splendid new vessels on this favorite mute fbr the Continent will sail from pier No. 60 North river, as fol lows:? EUROPE Lamarfe Saturday, Feh. 9 ST. LAI RENT Rocande Snturdnr, Feb. 28 PBREIRE Duchesne ..Saturday. MarchU VILLK DK PARIS Surtnonl Saturday,March23 PRICES OF PASSAGE IN GOLD. ' First mbin. $160; aemndcabin. $1(81. including wine. These steamers do oot carry steerage passengers. Medlral attendance free of charge. Passengers intending to land at Brest can be fnrnlehed en board wtth railroad coupon tickets, andtheir baggage checked to Paris al an additional charge of $8 for Oral $3 for second class. GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent. No. 88 Broadway. ?\TORTI! AMERICAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. i> OPPOSITION LINE TO CALIFORNIA, .VIA NICARAGUA, EVERY TWENTY DAYS. Wilt despatch the lirst clas* steamship* SANTIAGO DE CUBA. Oapt. Smith. Feh. 90, SAN rRANCISCO, Capt. Behm. March 9. From pier 29 North river, foot of Warren street, at noon, with passengers and freight, al vecv low rates; connecting on the Pacific ocean with the fine steamships MOSES TAYLOR, Capt. Blethen. and AMERICA. Capt. Wnkeman. For further Information applv to the North Amerlean 8teamshlp Company. WM H WEBB, President, 56 Exchange place, N. Y. D. N. CARRTNGTON, Agent, 177 West street. corner Warren street, N. Y. STEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL. calling at Londonderry to land passengers and mails, The favorite passenger steamer* of * ' THE ANCHOR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. COLUMBIA, Carnagban talis Saturday, 18th February. HIBERNTA, Monroe. sails Saturday.' 2?d February. UNITED KINGDOM, Smith..sail* Saturday, 2d March, krom pier 66 North river. RATES OF PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Llve^gxil, Glasgow and Derry, cabin*, $M) and $3$; ''prepaid certificate* from these ports to New York. $86. To Havre. Hamburg, Antwerp. *c? $IU> and $$7. For further information apply at the company's offices. FRANCIS MACDUnALD k CO.. Agent*. No. 6 Bowling Green. New York. STEAM TO AND FROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS town twice a week. Peonage $90 currency to Liverpool or Queenatown. Prepaid ticket* from Liverpool or Queenatown at the low est rale*. Draft* payable In any part or Great Britain and Ireland. Apply to TArSCOTT BROTHERS k CO.. 86 South street, or O Broadway. NRW YORK AND BREMEN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. THE FIRST CLASS U. S. MAIL STBAMSIllP BALTIC, A. G. JONES, commander, will leave pter 66 North riser onflTIURHD^Y. February II, at 8 o'clock A. M., FOB SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, Taking pseaengero to Southampton. lair.don. ilarre and Bremen a* the folletwlng ratex, payable in gold or its equiva lent In currency:? First aablu. $tSD; second aabln, $70; steerage $37 50. To be followed by tbe I WESTERN METROPOLIS * jfarch 7 ' ATLANTIC. Captain C. Haver Aprllfi' Further departure* from New York:? April 29i June I. Jnne 29. Mar 6. JtineU, July."*). For freight as passage applv 18AA AAV TAYL0H, President 4# Broadway. & 'ORTHJ?R1W?,^?T wrcngenwnl effected with ^sstfn.srg gfati i a?d German *3*^ Hg k CO . 68 Broad ett** STEAM TO QUEEN6TOWM AND LIYEUPOOU From New York every Wednesdar and Saturday. The UHlCAt.40 sail* from New Vork on Saturday. Fab niary 23; MANHATTAN en Saturday March 9, from ptev37 East river. T"*btU pas-age, $90, gold. Steerage $30, enrreuey. Passage to Mew York and remit tance* to Yt-eland at low rates, ^9$t|h0 WILLIAMS J OUION. '> 9$ Broadway and 8$ South straed. STFAM TO LIVRRFOOI. AND QUEKNSTOWN / BY THE CUNAR1) J.INB. V ALT A sails Wednesday, 13th Ft-brnarv. ?Steerage paasage $iW. Payable -In currencf. Front Llvcr I V>ol or Queenatown. $35. Dm'? on England Or Ireland for ' gale. Apply to E. CUN4BD.99 Eruadwav __ ___ EUROPEAN STEAMSHIPS. ^ I' ONDON AND NEW YORE 8TKAMRHTP LINK. J Passage t<> London or Brest $110, $76, $90, currency. Excursion ticket* at reduced rates, arallable for six montha, I'ELLA. Captain Oleadell. from New York March lL WM. PENN, Captain BUllnge. from New York March 16. ATALANTA, Captain Plnkhara, from New York March ?$. BE1.LON A, Captain Dixon, from New York April IS. The British Iron steamship CELLA will leave niar No* 9 North river for London, calling at Brest, on Saturday, March 1 Until further notice all the (teamen of this line will emit at Brest to land passengers. Besgago checked slid ticket* sold through by rail to Parts at SBper cent less than regular rates. Freight will bo taken and through bills of lading (iron 19 Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For passage apply to CHAR. A. WHITNEY, 16 Broadway. For freight apply tt 64 South street. iiOWLAND A A8PINWALL, Agents. COASTWISE STEAMSHIPS. PACIFIC MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S THROUOH LINE TO CALIFORNIA. CARRYING UNITED STATES MAIL, . VIA PANAMA RAILROAD. Steamers leave pier 41 North river, foot of Canal street, a$ 11 o'clock, noon, so follows:? February 1st? RI81NQ STAR, Captain W. G. Furbor, ooo> necltng with MONTANA. Captain Sutton. Iebruary 11th?HENRY CHaUNCBY. Captain A. SI Gray, connecting with CONSTITUTION, Captain Cavoriy. Pebruary 30tb?OCEAN QUEEN, Captain T. A. Harris oonnoeting with GOLDEN AGE. Captain Lapidgo. AU departures touch at Aeapuloo; those oflst and Slat connect at Panama with steamers for South Pact fie porta: 1st and Uth for Central American porta, and those of lai toucn at ManxanlUo. Departure of 11th each month oonneota with the now steam Une fiom Panama to Australia and Now Zealand. Steamer of Mvrch 11. 1667, will connect with the com pany's steamer COLORADO, to leave San Francisco (or Yokohama and Hong Kong on April $, 1867. 100 pounds baggage allowed each adult. Medicines and attendance free. ...... For passage tickets and all further Information apply ad the office ou the wharf, foot of Caual street. North rivet; Now York. F. R. BABY, Agent. FOR ST, THOMAS AND BRAZIL. UNITED 83ATBS AND BRAZIL MAIL 8TEAM8HIP COMPANY. BEOULAR MAIL BTBAMERS, tailing on the MM of everv month:? . _ BOtfTH AMERICA. Captain E. L. Tinklepangh, February!! GUIDING STAR, Captain Geo. B. Blocum..... March33 NORTH AMERICA. Captain L. F. Timmerman. April M These elegant steamers tall on schedule time, and call at Bt. Thomas Para. Pernamhueo, Bahlaand Rio Janeiro, going and returning. For engagement of freight or passage, apply to GARRISON A ALLEN, Aft u Agents, No. 6 Bowling Green, New York. KITED STATES MAIL TO HAVANA. WEST INDIA MAIL STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CHANGE OF SAILING DAY. Every Saturday, at 3 P. M. The favorite steamships MORRO CASTLE, Adams........ .'...Saturday, Feb. If EAGLE. Greene Saturday, Feb, S3 COLUMBIA. Barton Saturday, March! For freight or passage apply to GARRISON A ALLEN, Agents, No. 6 Bowling Green, N. Y. FOR HAVANA VTA NASSAU, N. P.?THE BRITISH and North American Royal Mall Steam Packet Com pany's new steamer CORSICA, Capt. Le Measurler, wltt sail for the above porta, from the Company's wharf, at Jer sey City, on Monday, 36th February, and Saturday, 33d of March, at noon. Passage money to Nassau $4! Passage money to Havana S$ Payable In gold or Its equivalent. No freight received on day before sailing. For freight wr passage apply to E. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. FOR GALVESTON, TEXAS, DIRECT. The splendid ateamship PKKIT. Captain E. A. Delano; will leave pier No. 4 North river, on Saturday, February ML at 13 o'clock noon. lor Ualveatou direct Receiving freight now. For freight or passage, having splendid accommodation^ apply to BPOFFORD. TILB8TON A CO.. 29 Broadway. EflOR GALVESTON, TEXAS. The A 1 Hcrew steamer VIRGINIA, Wolfe, master, now loading at pier 38 East river, will sail Saturday, Feted. ary 16. For freight and passage apply to WILLIAMS A GUION, 71 Wall street CitOR GALVESTON, TEXAS, SAILING WEEKLY, Texas line.?The A1 steamer GULF CITT, Stewart, Com mander. will receive freight at pier 30 East river, and salt oa .Saturday. February 16. For freight or passage, having superior accommodation^ apply to C. H. MALLOKY A CO.. 153 Maiden lane. STAR LINK FOB NBW ORLEANS.?THE NEW YORK Mail Steamship Company's One ocean steamer* will leave pier46 North river, at So'clock P. M., as follows:? MAKIPOSA, on Saturday, Feb. 16. MISSOURI, on Saturday, Feb 23. MATANZAS, oh Saturday, March 3. . AU bills of lading signed at the oOice upon the pier. *" freight or passage apply to .ant, C. K. GARRISON, Pes Greea. No. 5 Bo 1?OR NEW ORLEANS DIRECT. .?BMBR AI. HEADS, ? Tbe "?!* "2d flr*1 ok" ate*m*{rier No. 9 North river cm Captain A. W. Sampson, will ley Saturday. February 16. at 8 lying unmrpaaaed aooommodn For freight |or passage.' tlons, apply to .oMWF.W, A CO., 86 Wait?treet. The okoror" wffilHOTON will follow Fetwwary * FOR N^S, P ateamaan? MOi,' Vr on Hntarday. Krbruary 16, al t P. Imn pieria"",rln .... ? ----- lnare pier 13 haTing haudaome aooommedn I M. For freight 0t(,0WDfeN, A " t Cedar ttona. apply I^VID McCOARD, Agent in New Orleans. West atreeis. ~~ORLEANS DIRECT.?THE NEW MM A ,eave pier 86 North river, on Thursday, Pebr "r. M. For freight or passage, having splendid datioos, apply to LIVINGSTON. FOX k CO., 88 Liberty AgenU at New Orleans, .IAMBS CONNOLY A CO. for all points in the Interior promptly forwarded. INSPIRE LINE FOR SAT ANN-AIT. V Every Saturday, from pier No. IS North river. Punctually at three o'clock P. M. Tbe favorite aidewheel steamships SAN SALVADOR, Nlckeraon commander, salts February 16 SAN JACINTO, Atkins commander, sails February & Throurh tickets and bills of lading to all points In eonneo tlon with Central Kallroada of Georgia, Atlantic and OtnT Railroad and Florida steamers. Elegant passenger accommodation*. GARRISON A ALLEN, No, ff Bowling Green, N. T. For savannah. ga? evert Thursday.?the Atlantic Coast Mail Steamship Company's aide a hart steamships HERMAN LIVINGSTON, Captain Baker, sails Thursday Februry It. GENERAL BARNES, Captain Morton, tails Thursday, February 91. From pier 86 North river, at 3 P. M., precisely. Through passage tickets and bills of lading to all points hi connection with tbe Central Railroad of Georgia. For freight or passage apply to LIVINGSTON FOX A CO., Agents, 88 Liberty street. FOR CHARLESTON. S. O.-THE PEOPLE'S MAIL Steamship Company.?'The regular sod popular steam ship EMILY B. SOUDER, Captain Lock wood, will leave on Wednesday, February 13, at 8 P. M., from pier No. M North river, landing freight on Saturday morning at Charles ton. Through tickets and bills of lading issued to all potatg South iu connection with the South Carolina Railroad. LIVINGSTON, FOX A CO., Agents. 88 Liberty street. J NOR CHARLESTON S. C? THE FLORIDA PORTS. 1 aud the South and Southwest?The elegant steamship ANDALUSIA is now receiving cargo, and will sail on Satur day, Feb. 16. from pier It East river, connecting at Charise tnn with the steamer DICTATOR for the Florida ports. Throurh hills of lading and passage tickela Issued to all of the principal points on the South Carolina Kailioad and connecting railroads at reduced rates. For passage, tickets, Ac., apply t Oft L A It fH IK LKARY. 73 William street /1HARLERTON RTFAMStllP LINE. V SAILING EVERY SATURDAY. The line steamship OARLOTTA, Captain Charles Coltlaa. Is now receiving freight at pier No. g North rive- at rednrea rales, a iid will sail for Charleston on Saturday, February ML al3 P. M. For freight or passage apply to-CHAR. A. WHITNEY, Agent, 36 Broadway. 1JTOR RICHMOND. NORFOLK AND CITY POINT, ' From pier 37 North mer. foot of Reach street. Steamship ALHEMARLE, Captain Brown loaves Wednesday at 13 o'clock, noon. Steamship HATTr.RAS, Captain Alexander, leaivea Saturday, at 13 e'rloek, noon, giving through hills lading to all points oa the seaboard and Roanoke Railroad and its connections. Rills lading signed on the pier. For freight or passage lapply at the ofllee on the pier, or (? N. C. McC READY, I "resident. 36 South street. FOR NORFOLK, CITY TOINT AND RICHMOND. CHANGE OK PIER. The steamships IIATTKRAS and ALBEMARLE will, tu future, receive and deliver cargo at pier 37 North river, foot of Beach street, luatead of pier 36, as heretofore. N. L. McCKKADY, 36 South street. (TOAls DEPOT, AT 8T JOHNS, PORTO RICO.? ) steamboat owners and captains are advised that at the above men tinned port Coals of everv kind can be sup plied without any delay. Vessels drawing not over twenty feet of water ran go alongside the wharf and have it wheeled on boa l it. A|.pi> to LATIMER k CO,, St. Johns. Porta Rieo, or to J. V. ON ATT VIA k CO., 47 South street. New York. TRAVELLERI' GRIDE. Hudson river and harlem railroads fraini for Albany and Troy, connecting with Northern and Western train*, leave New York, via Ittdaon River Rail road. Thirtieth street and Tenth avenue. Sand It) A. M. and 3:46, 6:30and H P. M.; and via Uartem Railroad. Twenty sixth street sad Fourth avenue, at II A. M. and 4:18 P. M. Th? 6 80 P. M. train via Hudson River wfll run on Sundays. Sigeptng cars attached to 6:80 and 11 P. M. trains. On 6 39 P. 1. train la also attached a sleeping car every day except intr Saturdays, which I* run through to Ogdcnsburg via R. W and O. Railroad, without change. Sunday train on Hudson Rlvar Ro*.l, New Torkto Pongh kwipale had return, leering New York a* 8:3? A. M.. end on Harlem Road, Forty-oecond street to MUlertoa and return, leaving New YorkatS ^ "vaNDERBILT VHe-Prealdent. PROPOSALS. Bu ilders.-sk a led proposals invited ro* Story lOOxSd on Boiling Spring Hotel, New Jersey. Plans ana specifications seen on premises until Wednesday, 13th; ft out feth to 30lh at office uf Moore k Brown, 31 Nassau street. TMB tradrh, a rchitkctural draughtsman wantrd.-ap Jy J)ly at St Nassau street, room 88, between 111 A. M. and practical soap maker, ok family and all kinds of soap, want* a permanent situation; can bring tbe-beat references. Address F. M., Herald office. CIGAR MAKING TAUGHT AT 119 RAST HOUSTON street, entrance on Chrystle street, up stair*, room 13; taught in a few days. Also partner wanted with 62011. PILE CUTTERS WANTED IMMEDIATELY. AT THE Van Andcn File Works at Slug ding, N. Y , ot inquire at office No. ? OMIT street, N. Y. lir ANTED?A BELL' HANGER AND LOCK JOKRER.' TT A good hand can And a steady lob at Langstooth k Crane's, No. 9 Mechanic at,, Newark, N. J, WANTED-A OOOD JEWELRY KNOBAVRR, WHO undsratand* cutting for enamel: fait wtyeaand steady employment given: a German or Swiss preferred. Inquire et hotel 28 Cortlapdt it., between U and 3 o otook. foe J. Y. SWMMfc *