Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1867 Page 3
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HOARDERS AWP MDOByH WAMTED. A PINK SUIT OF ROOMS, ALSO A ROOM PLEAB A mil tl v located. to lei, with dm MM* Hoard. Windsor Hotel. Z! Fourteenth street, between Broadway and Fifth AT 180BLEECKER STREET? ROOMS TO LET. With Board, to families and single gentlemen. A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE CAN BB ACCOM Jx mods led with Board and a pieaeaat Room at No. 1 Slew Canal street, corner of East Broadway. AT FRANKFORT HOt'SE, CORNER OF FRANKFORT and Wilitam streets. J60 renins: great reduction in price.-. is., to AJc. per day; $1 At) to $3 per west Open all Bight. A HANDSOME SI'IT OF FRONT ROOMS TO LET. with Hoard, with or without private table. Apply at Hi Warerley place. a HANDSOMELY FCRNISHED ROOM AND BED. f\. room to reul, at 19 Fifth avenue, near the Breroorl louse. A HHLAND HOl'SE, FOURTH AVENUE AND TWEN J\ tv fourth sueet ? Parties de-lr ng Rooms will find verv desirable uconmmodations at reduced rates for permanent Board Transient Board $3 per day. AT 176 AND 174 BLEECKER STREET, SIX BLOCKS west of Broadway?Pleasant Rooms, with excellent Beard. ff 50 to $10 per week. Families accordingly. A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH OR T. without Board: first class French board. Apply At 49 feat Twelfth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. AT 18 WASHINGTON PLACE. NEAR NEW YORK Hotel, Rn a first class house, two large handsome com municating Parlors, with extension, ou the first floor, to rem, with private table, if preferred. . A -ROOMS TO LET-ON FIRST OR SECOND . lloor, furnished, wllo Board: private table if neces ; best reference required. 53 West Fifteenth street. AT 30$ EAST THIRTEENTH STREET.?A HANDSOME furnished Front Room, with Hoard, suitable for gentle ?san and wife, or two gentlemen; hot and cold water, gas and fire. Terms moderate. A LARGE ELEGANT ROOM AND SINGLE ROOM' with Board, at M West Forty-seoond street, one block went of Broadway. Agreeable parties more desirable than high prices. References. AT THE GRANT HOUSE, 44. 4fi AND 48 NEW BOW erv, near Chatham square?Rooms 35 10 50 cents per day; $1' ? to $3 per week. Open all night. Q? BEAUTIFUL SECOND FLOOR TO LET?WITH Board, to a family or gentleman and wife, or to two Uemen. at 148 Macduogal street, three doors from Wash n Square. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A WELL FUR niched Room, on second floor, with flret class Board, B Lexington avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT 48 WEST TWELFTH STREET, can accommodate a gentleman and wife and two gen tlamen with furnished Rooms and Board; servants and ohil. dran not taken. References required. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR: ALSO SIN gle Rooms, with first class Board, at 34 W est Eleventh afreet, near Breadway. Family small and quiet. A SMALL FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?WITH stove, to a single person. Apply st SI Sixth avenue. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND SIDE Room, with secretary bedstead: also a Hall Room, r* m nwuj, huh ncuti tin v uvuntcitui aiavi ? iiau iwioui< with Board, at 146 and 148 Fourteenth street, corner Second ?venue. AT 182 NINTH STREET?A FEW DOORS WE8T OF Broadway a gentleman and wife or two single gentle anon can be accommodated with pleasant Rooms aud Board In a modern house. A PARLOR SUIT?TWO ROOMS, HANDSOMELY . furnished, to let. with first olasa Board, at 63 West enty-second street, between Fifth aud Sixth avenues. No moving in May. A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET?TO A GEN J\ man and wife: also two Uall Bedrooms. Apply at 18181xth avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth atreeta NEATLY FURNI8HBD ROOM TO LET-WITHOUT board. In a strictly private family, to a gentleman only. 1 before 8 o'clock F. 170 Ninth street, corner of avenue, opposite Cooper Institute. FURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM. WITH TWO Urge Pantries, to let, without board, at 411 Hudson st A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM AND TWO BED Jl room* to let, without board; stoves, water, Ac. Apply at 88 Hudson street A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Beard and Room at 904 West Eighteenth ?treat; house haa gas, batli, hot and cold water, Ac.; terma ?Mmla A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH GAS. NICELY R f urnlshrd, for a gentleman and wife or two single men, With Board or without; Mnaller Rooms, at 99 Third avenue. 4 IDIT OF FOUR ELEGANTLY FURNISHED A. Booms to let, together or separate; also single Rooms; table d'hote or private; Blook t ilth Avenue Hotel, M West Twenty-fourth street. 4 * 919 THOMPSON STREET, NEAR WASHINGTON A parade ground, handsomely furnished Rooms to 1st. with or without Board, to gentlemen and their wires; also alngle gentlemen; terma moderate. 4- FURNISHED HALL ROOM FOR A GENLTBMAN, A and two?r three Rooms for housekeeping; gas, bath, hot and sold water; In house No. &M, Ninth avenue, seoond ?wr. T WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET M.?NEWLY - furnished Rooms, oo the Brat floor, for famines or sin Uemen. -with good Board. Superior location; terms 4* wi jflL furnl nto gantlet toads rate. A ?PLEASANT, CONVENIENT AND NICELY FUR MlUnen. and haa a recess, hut and odd water, gaa, tamily Call at 9fll Weal Fifteenth street, near Blghtn avenue. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO_ or two gentlemen, wltheut boal*d. at 97 Market street. FEW DESIRABLE BOOMS TO LRT, WITH ?ms Bourd, at 90 West Seventeenth street, near Fifth ae. HANDSOMBLT FURNISHED ROOM JO RRNT to one or two gentlemen, rurnisnea; terms moderate. nlSThlrd street. Board.?a few gentlemen can be accommo dated with good Board and Furnished Rooms on rea nsnahls terma Apply at 91 City Hall place. Board in Brooklyn.?a gentleman and wife, > or two or three single gentlemen, can And pleasant reeosa, with Board, at90 Cbsever plaos, between Harrison audPsgraw. CENTRAL PARK.?NICELT FURNISHED ROOMS TO let with first class Roard; till and SIS for two, in Sev gw^-dghlh street, eighth house east or third avenue; gas. TNLBOANTLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH FIRST 124 class Board, for single gentlemen or families, st third penes from Fifth avenue, In Third street. Brooklyn. Take Fifth avenue ears. N. B. Furnished House to let. Y71AMILIKS OR SINGLE GENTLEMEN IN SEARCH OF r first class Rooms with Board In a small family, occupy ing an decent house, oaa be aooo an modeled at 1M West Fonrtecathetracc Yj*OUB MECHANICS CAN HAVE BOARD AT NO. 104 J* West Thirty-third street. Also twe ladles, or a man and wife. YjlRBNOH BOARD.?A SUIT OF HAHDHOME ROOMS r en eessnd fioor to let; also one Room fern single gen Reman. Apply at No. 8 Clinton ptaee. Spanish and Uar FIRNISHBD ItoOMS-^TII B^RDOR WITHOUT, fer tssoor three gentlemen, 88 Maodougal street. Furnished rooms to let to single gentle men. Ingulre at *0 City Hall place. ? W^ Mv^Un^V^eeV betwtJn Sixth and Sev.nth xnurnishbd rooms to let?to gentlemen JV tor. at TO West Fourth street, apposite Washington ?guars; refertoeaa required. MNUBNISHED room to let?ait no. m EAST J Eighteenth street, near Broadway. G?OD ivKNCE, Pint door from Twenty-third stwsi AMDSOMELT FURNISHED ROOMg^JrisQLT OR N'S Board, 1CBI.T WRNIMF? SjmNO^OO^ JWtTH double Bedroom..^. Ito jtoMAMiuet, between Broadway and Fnuath -DOOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, FUB IV utshed or uafnrulahed, also a doctor's ofike on first floor. Apply oo the premises, 161 Hudson atoeet, TgfiMti St John s park. r LRT?FOR ONB OR TWO OENTLEMXN OR A, married eoiple. a nicely furnished Parlor and two Bad roams. 0 Third street, first floor, frant. I r LRT?WITH BOARD, TO TWO PBRSONN. A NICR furnished Room, lor fifiO per week. 1,197 Rooadway. rLBT-A SECOND STORY FRONT ROOM. HAND somelv inrntsbsd, to onser two gentlemea or a jantla asan and wife, with or without Bosird, at No. 6 Hatrleen st. rriWO RK8PECTARLB GENTLBMEN CAN BE ACCOM J modeled with good Board and oleasi Rooms at No. 8 Worth Moore street, near Waal B mad way. VERY DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH BOARD, FOR gentlemen with their otoss or Angle gentlemen, at 98 Went Farty-flrot street 8WBRT ELEVENTH 8TBBBT, NEAR ST. DENIS Hotel.?Furnished Booms do tot te Anglo gentleman. ?1A WBRK FOB A NBATLY FURNISHED 910 Boom, with full Board to two Anglo inflinst in RfoA atom houao. also ooa Boom for a gentleman, flfi. En. ?8 West Twoalf-ifMi street, near High th avenue nWBST TWBFTT-FOUBTV STREET, NEAR FIFTH asanas An dtfiAi furnished suiter Enema an the SM^Sper. far a party it gmd?w. er gsntlsmtn and WW*. wMfi er wftheaVBcW _ -TO LET. WITH FIRST Mkely furnwfied Far tor and 4)0 WA9HIMOTOF PLACE.?TO Aip dHae Board, ago handsomely Bsmoim sad two sinjpe Boomsp ( ilgSisSsliSl msjaawesHiffi ?OARDKRI AND LODOERI WANTED. 10Q vnmi STREET-TO r.KT, WITH JIOIKII, v J.UO handsomely furnished front Parlor, *lea double end single Rooms for gentlemem IP- LEXINGTON AVENUB-ENTRANOB ON THIR HJt) tv brat Mirrci. ont) furnished front Room to let, with good Board; also Board without rooms. Call for three day*. ~ BOARD AND GOUGING W ANTED. AYOUHO GENTLEMAN WISHES FURNISHED Room* (Sitting and Bedroorah, with Board, for hlm-eif and wlfr. In a private family, where there are but few or no other boarder*; location between "tenth and Thirtieth streets. Boarding house keeper* and those expecting fancy price* need not anawer this. Unexceptionable referenoet given and required. Address ll., box A50T Poafr. office. Accommodations wanted?in a kirst class private family, for a Southern gentleman, wife and two daughter*. Add reus box ft lOu Post office. I WANT A SMALL ROOM (HALL PREFERRED), with or without Board, somewhere near Forty-ninth street and Eighth avenue; term* niuat be moderate. Ad dress, staling termf.. J. N., box ISO Herald office. M7ANTED.?BOARD IN A STRICTLY PRIVATE KAMI TT ly for two geniiemen. Address, with particulars, W., 4H4 Broadway, room No. 4. ?/? ANTED?UNFURNISHED, A CONNECTING ROOM *Y and Bedroom, with Hoard, on moderate terms, for a small family; location between Second and Thirtieth street* and Kirfcl and Sixth avenuea Addreaa J. M. h., Id!) Eaat Twenty-second street. WANTED-A LADY NOT LONG IN THE CITY DE aire* a nicely furnished Room, with Board, lire. g,ta. Ac., for herself uud little girl six year* old in the family of a respectable widow lady of refinement where there are no other boarders; one In whom she could contide and feel at borne; occupants of tenements need not answer. Addreaa J. H., station G. XXTANTED?A FURNISHED ROOM FOR GENTLEMAN and wile, with Board for tho lady only; term* mode rate. Address Mr*. Crane, station F. HOTELS. * TLANTIC HOTEL, CHATHAM SQUARE ?WELL ??. IurnIshed Rooms. at moderate prices, by the day, week or month. Open at all hours. 7 7 ' JOHN GERKIN, Proprietor. RE-rNlO.V HOTEL, FORTY-SECOND STREET AND Fourth avenue?Rooms in suit or Dingle; newly and elegantly furniHhed at reasonable rale*; tabie a la European or table d'hote. CITY REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE. Ay??Y.,HANPSOME THREE story hioh stoop brick Home for aale, 21x96x96. In perfect order; every improvement; fine location. $16,Out). POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. AM "CELLENT OPPORTUNITY.?REAL ESTATE OF all kinds, city and country, for sale or exchanged; S??M 'et or lease; also business chanoea; by Pl'-fEH A. BERT, 362 Grand street, Williamsburg. A PLOT OP GROUND FOR SALE?IN HORATIO a. ?"f*1- between Greenwich and Washington streets, 40x84, with good olllce, scales, fences, sheds and two stalls In front, and now used as a coal yard, and two story brick stable and eight stalls in the rear. Terms easy. E. L. A B. T. BURN HAM, fiOH Hudson street A HOUSE IN THIRTY-FOURTH STREET FOR SALE, No. 160, between Second and Third avenues: three story high stoop brown stone, 16x90: lot 1U0; all modern Im ?IS^?n'en,*: pe'ited, frescoed and in splendid order. Price SKMMO. To be ?een only by permit from JOHN LLOYD A SuNS. 16 Nassau street Avery desirable two story, attic and basement brick House, 20x80x100; can be purchased for $12,600 If applied for immediately. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street A SPLENDID FOUR 8TORY HIGH STOOP BROWN stone House for sale, near Broadway, in very fine order. Price only $21 600. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Pine street. A TWO STORY AND HIOH BASEMENT HIGH STOOP House (19x1(10). No. 8 llolyrood place. Eighty-third street between Second and Third avenues, for sale; contains eight rooms, gas fixtures, marble mantels, hard walls, water; in fine order; good location: price $6,800; terms easy THOMSON. 1.333 Third avenue. An elegant four story high stoop brown ?tone [root House and Lot on Lexington arenue, near mirty-eighth sirevt: the house la in excellent order, being painted and frescoed throughout Pull sixe lot end house first class. For further particulars apply to HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine etreet or ALLEN it BROWN, 98 Broadway. A SPLENDID THREE STORY BROWN STONE FRONT "tre<,,? near Third avenue, lo.bxsu, l?t*8.?. and must beisoid. Good location. Apply to J. A J. FETTRETCH, 418 Third avenue. A LITTLE HOUSE FOR BALE-ON ?7 Thirty?fgjinhi street, three stories, brown stone front pHee S12.O0a Also one 20x46x98 9, three stories snd basement, on East Thirty-ninth street priee SU.U0U. AodIv to J. A J. FETTRETCH, 118 Thtrd^ve'nue PP 7 AMJ!u,*?25 ?LORT ?R0.WN STONE HOUSE, on Sixtieth street between Lexington and Fourth avei . ? Inisbed lu the moat apleudtd manner; price $30,000. Apply to J. A J. FETTRETCH. 418 Third avenue. A BROWN RTONE HIOH STOOP HOUSE, IN EAST Forty eighth street for sale; house has all modern lm. ilw e?rice itwa *n eioe"enl nel?hb?rhood; else, 18x44 - . _ KING A CO., No. $ Twenty-third street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. ACR0}CE PLOT OF GROUND. 46X100. WITH EX eellent Buildings Greene, near Canal street, very 27??; cPrDnn JS?"** ?<LLot on Hudson street, let for oorner Hubert and Washington streets, $*>,??; first class brown stone House, full lot with ear riage house, Ac., on Blghty-third street. $16,000; a first class Sim ".""J? lnd ?>??"?'erry, Brooklyn, $8,000. Parties M^K?4n"?r<!!!dwg.**C^P**' 0fel"<,W'H' A GOOD LOCATION?HOUSE AND LOT NO. 14 W??1 street, south elds, west of Boulevard en wance to Park; three story and basement high stoop. $9,000, Terms liberal. THOB. BCANLAN, 764 Eighth avenue. A GOOD LOCATION?FOUR DESIRABLE LOTS "grt-bwest.eorncr Eighth avenue and FUty-firth street; W>es of all $84,40$: terms liberal. THOB. SCANLAN. 784 Eighth avenue. ASACRinCE.?THE TENEMENT PROPERTY NOS. 147 and 149 West Forty-third street; a four story double if"???1 two three story Houses In the rear; lots 60*1?): $32 000; rent for $8,172. For particulars apply to THOMAS 8CANLAN, 784 Eighth avenue. A FINE FOUR STORY HIOH STOOP BROWN STONE Houee for sale, 20x60x100. possessing every improve ment located near Sixth avenue. $21,000. POTTER BROS. A BELLAMY, No. 3 Fine street A FIRST CLASS FOUR 8TORT HIOH STOOP BROWN fit^ne front Bnuse for sale (Immediate possession), on rirty-fourth street, near Fifth arenue. This Is a first class house In erery respeet, and will be sold at a reasonable prl ce and on easy terms, h. EMBERSON, 431 Eighth avenue. /"IBNTBAL PARK PROPERTY.?ONE FULL LOT VJ south side Eighty-third street 280 feet east of Fifth av ?rUi .Two'ull Lots, south side Eighty.fourth street, 16 feet east of Madison arenue; 16.000 each S THOMSON A SON. 80 Cedar street from 11 A. II. to 3 P." M., snd 1.331 Third arenue. /CENTRAL PARK PROPERTY,?FOUR THREE 8TORY VJ basement snd subeellar brown stone front Houses, all modern improvements, an Seventy eighth street near Fourth avenue. This property Is within a short distance of oeeof the finest entrance* to the Park, and the neighbor wrTJHjfttfSE rwrejfg&ir - LM. to 3 P. M.. and 1,388 Third avowee, near Eighty-third FOR SALE?FIRST CLASS NEW FOUR STORY BROWN ?ton# Mouses and Lota, 61 and 68 West S?tb, between em and 6th ay*., rosewood doom. W. FANNING, ifr W. 88th. 1DOR SALR-A OOOD BRICK SLAUGHTER HOUSE X1 aad Lot of Ground in Forty-third street near Tenth avenue; priee $4,600 Inquire ef JAMBS VAN BURBN. 49 Washington Market * JTIOR SALE-A FIRST CLA88 FOUR STORY BROWlf JLfRsy&a aa. f-u ??'? Fob salb?the first class, well built four _*torv High stoop brown atone House, furnished, located la Forty-ninth street between Fourth snd Fifth svenuee. Kaon tains all the modern conveniences; Is in a splendid neighborhood, aad Is sold ou account or the tamlly going Into the country; will be sold low to u good purchaser. Per luiirolStroj0" ?PP>7 *? THOXAS *? ABUALL, 813 and IjM)R BALK?TWO HOUSES ON UNIVERSITY PLACE. F between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, west side, snd Lease of Lots, fifteen rears from May next; price $6,UOO aegh. cosh. Apply at the paint store, it University place. "BIOB SALE-THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, HIOH A loop, veranda, brown atone trimmings; all Improve ments: East Twentieth street, north side, near Second are nue Jo^rinn 1st of May, inqnlreof tbe owner, $B Pine pHHR SALE?ON SEVENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR i. V**"5 d-enue, a three story brick House and Lot, $6x100. Thirf l^Me term#easy. Apply to g. OARDWBLL, 486 I?0? fALB?THB FIRST CLASS HOUR STORY HOD8E hw near Fifth avenue; built oy sayv werk. jn the beet manner; totJixIOO feel; Columbia College leaee; $260groaad rent W. H. WOOD.-88 Wall etreet F^'^LR?A PLOT OF GROUND 78X94. WITH A end T? .1***? Ktok bufidlng Urareon; near Canal street ??lne?.^TdTLm"dl*? oonWna all dhe neeaasary ma ehlnery tor adlstiUery or rectifying establishment . F. r. BORRELL, 64 Broadway, room 9. ' F?H<5?^J?.? 5T?RT AR? ATTIC BRICK FKatflwI2Z?iSir A** ?J ?T *ABY TERMS, stsnnfi I Ji'S, brown liOM Houit, with four Lata, on far one year^ fiRS?*?''"* possession, Or to let onc 7**f ?? KMBER8QN. 421 E|ghth arsons. I K? Hou?(o wL/r.o? ,THRBB STORY HIOH STOOP | F^J^tmSSLXSSl 0M ATM R- H. HANR, Mi 8t?4h aeeeae. I | F?f? ENGLISH BASE. WsmMeSslMrS SsHKansBftosI CITY RRAL ESTATE FOR SALE. For sale-ox PORTY-siaHTH street, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. a four story brown stone House and Lot; neighborhood first o?s Price $28 OUi HOME It MOKOAN, No. $ Pine street. For sale?these story brown stone uorsE, In Nineteenth street near Irving place. 23?\<10 Price $22.5AL HOMES MOKOAN. No. 2 Pine street. TjW)R SALE-HOUSE, THIKTV-FIRST STREET, r Eighth sud Ninth avenues, $15,000; beautiful House, furnished. Thirty.slxth streei. near Broadway, $30,000; beautiful Residences, l'lainfield, N. J. Other desirable property In this city. AKNOUX A PIKE, ISO Nassau street F30R SALB-IN W EST FIFTY-FIRST street and East Seventy-eighth street, desirably located three story high stoop brown stone Houses, 20 feet front; lots half block. Frlce $25,000 each. Permits of A. JOURNEaY, No. 8 Flue street. For sale?briok cottaoe. 525 west twenty. third street, In good order, with sll modern Improve, ments. Inquire of W. H. PRICE, U Maiden lane. $C.300. For sale?by james m. taylor, st pink street. Store properiv, Houses nod vacant Lota in all pacts of the city, for occupation or Investment. For bale-desirable property, on the for. ner of 120th street and Broadway; a number ol new brown stone, brick and frame Houses: immediate posses slon; Lots for sale also; sll In Harlem. Apply 10 M. K. CRASTO. 117th street, near Third avenue. For sale?a four story tenfmfvt house, 25 xSOxlOO feet: rente for $1,7(10. Price $10,750. Terms easy. Apply to J. A J. FETTRETOH, 418 Third avenue. For SALE?POUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, corner Lexington avenue and Thirty-ninth street, $82 000. HOMER MOKOAN, No. 2 Pine street. For sale?four story brown stone house. in Thirtieth street, between Fifth and Madison ave nues. Price$30.000 HOMER MOKHAN', No. 2 Pine st. FOR SALE.-WADDELL A ARMKTRONO, U Finest W. 33d, u. 7th av? 3 story b. stone, 15 feet front.. $9 800 W. Sfith, n. 6th av., 4 story brick. 18 feet 9 front $5,000 W. Sfith, n. 7th av., 3 story b. stone, 20 feet front 18.000 W. 89th, n. 7th av? 4 story b. stone, 18 feet 8 . 19,000 W 47th. n. 8th av., 4 slory b. stone, 30 feet S5.00O W. 53d, n. 7th sv.. 3 story b. stone, 18 feel 9. lO.lluO W. 43d, n. 8th av.. 4 story brick, 16 feet 8 13.500 F 5i?? ? ? STYLES. ROCHE IW WEST Flfty-seeond street: also 187 East Fiftieth street. partly Street"* ' ***" App,3r at Ku,t Si"y" F?5 8ALE?A VALUABLE IMPROVED CORNER ON nme?VJ!lr "V**1- "T1 ?f Klftb kvenu#. Also to let, K.nwf k i. 7' "ult*bl? for Ineuranee cornpiinlea BAnR;VnroiSrBr?o;,lwrvy'r'- lnqu'r<, ?f CHA' -NCK^ F?HanAT^7.Y00n.Ev J"REE STORY HIGH STOOP House and three ?torv high stoop rear, with I.ot: sewer ro^street ' Priee Imlu,re on premise*, 2K? Madi ptOR SALE?IN EAST BROADWAY, 276-A GOOD I House: now lets for$1,800; if not sold this week it will be le.. Inquire at 278tf Orand street. FOR SALE-MODERN THREE STORY HIOH STOOP House and three story high stoop rear, with Lot; sewer: perfect order; price $13,000. Inquire on the premises, 289 Madison street "ptOR SALE.?WM. VANWAOENEN A CO., 472 SIXTH ?. . av'Tnu*,. VP eereral Houses for sale, some with Imme ?^the lBt of May. at prices from $7,000 frra? **e 08 M $et ^routers and all particulars ptOR SALE CHEAP-A LOT 40 FEET FRONT ON AV JL.t/f-r^. aiTin p'0,1 ot pound on rear: excellent lo cation for distillery. Apply tolE. Y. LOEW, 104 avenue C. p?R SALE LOW. OWNER GOING TO EUROPE JL Eour "V,*; .8" n?w three story high stoop brown -tone front Houses, Eighty-fourth street between Second and Third avenues; possession May 1, 1867; prices $10,600 to $12,000. Alsoone four story high stoop brick House. S3 West Forty fourth street: independent walls, 26 feel front In good re pair; 36 room?: possession Iminedlstely; for $23,600. In quire of F. PRENTICE or J. B. SMITH. $6 PlneTueet FOR SALB OR TO LEASE?FURNISHED, THE EXTRA wide and ?superior House, southwest corner Madison avenue and Thirtv-fourth street, with sUble In the rear. The house was built and finished in the best manner; early possession given, and the furniture sold, as the owner is rif'^Lo^!;;^. yrjvrnned.^tt"er ptrtituu"10 RALE AT a BAROAIN-A FOUR STORY HIOH '. *"???,iJo"* Wavcrley place, near Sixth avenue. Ap piy to 1.RMY A COPLAND. 410 Fourth avenue. H?ESE.? ?OR SALB by e * B- T BURNHAM 009 Hudson street -121.123, 126, 127. 129, 181 Charlton ?ireet, corner of Washington, 2U. story b. *. b. West 11th Street 249. corner Fourth street 3 story b. b. s., all Im provement*. West ?d street 324. 396.328. 8 s. E. b brick, all improvement*. West 82d street. 347. 4 s. E. b. brick all Improvements. West 22d street, 480, 4 s. E. b., leasehold, all {roprovements. Bank street. 71, 2)? s. E. b. brick. Chris Wi?i,*KJf fc66 U.*' ?? b" krtek. 8th kvenue.. 46. 2 s. and Washington street. 792 aud 794,8 a. h. s. brlek. Bank, 141. e. h. a brick. Horatio street. 47. 4 s. E. b. briek. Cornelia street 20, f. h. and b. Stables. Jones street 17. f. h. and b. Rubles. Jones street 37, t. h. and b. Stables. Jane street, 84 and ?.Ukx brick. Watts street 19. 21* a b. h. and brick. Teriy street, 117, S s. h? with rear h. brlek. Hammond street 126, 8 a h.. with rear h. brick. Van Nent place. 8 * h. *. b. a. f? all Improvement*. gre?ns?,'ach.*tr?ti0?i 'Rf- h *? b f- al> improvements. East 38th street *12, E. n.b. a f., all Improvements. HOUSESFORRALE-BY A. JOURNEAY, NO. 6 PTNE West 68d street three story h. t. brick.. $13 000 w street four story h. s. b. s 80 (100 West 43d street, three story h. a. b. s 16 000 ?e,t 15j *trecti three story h. a b. s 90 000 ???} street four story h.ib.1 Ssooo West 32d street four story h. a b. s 2s.'oiio West 63d street, three story h. a b7 s 20.000 wP BROADWAY LEASE FOR RAI V Eleven1 years lease of building 660 Broadway for For particulars apply to HENRY D. FELTER. MO B 1 RALE.? or seta. Broad B^?OXILYlf HKAJL EBTATK FOR SALE, AHT"tR S5!?? COTTAGE FOR SALE ~0 It TO pfi?? $2,700; bat $1,600 required; rent $36 per lUmebniTg ***' 8*? P*"' ^ Grand street, Wll FN LINTON AVSNDB. ONE BLOCK FROM THE ORAND Vy entering avenue to Prospect Park.?The Italian YUla. with extension, opposite Rt Luke'a church; lot 76x200 feet; room* gaa hot and oold water through out. Parlor Mlrrora with marble slabs; gilt Cornloea oronxed Chandeliers and gilt Window .Shades, Ruble on Hamilton street containing gas. water and coachman's room. The grounds are beautlfled with elude and fruit trees, shrubbery, flowers and arborage of grape and ereeo Ing vines. Four additional Lota adjoining may be had at a lan klven Immediately. Apply to 8. HONDLOW, Real Estate Agent, Montague St., near Court FOB INYKSTMENT-A SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILD i"it w'll suited for stores, warehouses or any other Business purposes; located close to Fulton street Brooklyn will produce 16 per cent on the prioe asked; terms to auiL Apply to W. COOK. 43 Nassau street, Brooklyn. For sale-at a bargain, in Brooklyn, mod. e1!Li!lT.,,?I7??r4<& Hon"". pleasantly located In Pa. cme street; lot 20x9fl. Permits of A. JOURNEAY, No. 0 * id? street. |P0li.HAPr' J". BR2?*LTN-A TnRKE 8TORY AND I. attic high stoop brick house situated In Sydney piace; h"? ai],,nV^'!r'l.'"lProT'ment? and Is in first class order price $11,000; $6,000 can remain on bond and mortgage ?n? YorFrity ? ^ ?ddr8?'n? N" 601?.790 Post offlSi P?R SALE IN BROOKI.YN-THE TWO STORY BARE A ment altle and extension frame Honae 68 Carlton ave ? 9"?- Bo.; prioe $3,700; fl.UOO can remain on mortgage. Apply on pre art see. *5 Aftn-A B^RCAIN-THRgE STORY AND b**eirrt*,t brick House, No. SI Routk Fifth street Brooklyn, B. D.. three mloutee from femes. Half on mortgage. Apply as above. COWJTTET REAL ESTATE FOR 9ALR. An old established hotel, with Cables. nt.1 W^r for "*]r' ,l B<rant vornon, Westchester county, K. Y., the proprietor being about to retire from bust neaa. The accommodation* are extensive and buslnes* pros "*le- ?1?> ?t the same pLee. a two story brick ? ' ',n8'*9*70, suitable for a wholesale grocery store or COCflH?7?-a ^orT"a"lcnl*r* ?PP'J kt FALIHBE A gboro"oo{jld. *T,nue'or on PremlMA ot AALL WANTING FARMS.?VILLAGE SSfnU^rJ^*'vL Ao ' 20-OiWkcres. $20 per acre; only h!.S ^11?" oo.fkilroad to Philadelphia. Bricks Holf AgemtT C?UD clrculara aduresa V. 8. A P?TrNTRr 'LACE. FOR RALE LOW-AT YON In nerf^J" - ** ^roul,d*, lo?kMon and view exoelienl and sltreit. "t Call at or address mom 17, 20 Naaaau A ,RR?,DB?CR. WITH 18 ACRBS OF brtdJr?^'?u1ki?d on the direct rend from Kings WaIE/eR UNDERBILL, Agent, TsskeriW T. A COUNTRY BEAT FOR RALE-NEAR Prioe $n?? buildings, fruit Aa ? ___?' '? 7SELAND. 201 Broadway. o,. of 8. F. IRELAND. BN Broadway. A ?rnerSST$7a?5i, 7AI1'T,!,D OUTS"?? AND liT; rooms besides ^srfui ^ J2liornkmentsl trees; seven ??i); imiXSfXi'ium War*' M,r ,wo ^P^ P'*? EMBKRflQ??, 481 El|hlk iieniM. AriR74^2^B?:;E' "TTUA""> AT FLUB from the city ky rairor SZT^Tjr l ittef-A & .X'T^rri^od' andiro heme <filledX together wTlh^er ",>>wp ^k*k7?ny laid aai in iR ter AH KI' H O<)r"In 19 ROOMS, FOR BALI rSnS 1-laA^ ??. ? o 00 Hudaoi HWBBiBkTn, 422 Eighth ,ron?, A OOOO BRICK HOUSE, IS ROOMS WfTtf w "'h ^' 8. IMBRRbdn. 421 Eighth avenue I CHOICE YARIKTY OF FARMS IN ROCKT^ rate^orW. fW COVKTR* REAL, ESTATE FOR BAI.K. AVKKY DESIRABLE FARM ON LONG ISLAND. DON. veaient to the city, II)', )rM rich arid highly culli v.uetlaud. 2,4U0 choice ilwtrl iruit tree*, mostly pears; brick bou-e and frame born, nearly new; price flU.WM. Address Form, box 3,176 l'o-t "file. All wanting farms-good soil, mild cli mote, 34 mite* *outh of Philadelphia. Prh* only $25 per acre. Aleo Improved Kartua Hundred* ore settling. Iiiformotloii oeul free. Addreao 0. K LaNDIS, Vtnelone, New Jersey. A T FORPHAM-FOR SALE, A NICK GRECIAN A Cottage, seven room* besides cellar and attic; hall through centre; woter in the bouae; carriage houae and

stable. Ten Lota, 12A feet, fronting on two aveiiiiea. Prli* $6.UUU. Al?a, ot Tremont. o small < uiage, tire no una, oil on one Uoor; Water In bonne. Lot 27x101k Price $2,600. 8. KMBUKSON. 421 Eighth avenue. A FINE FARM, OF 36 ACHES, WKI.L WATERED, good building*, choice trull*. 9 mile* from the city, near depot, ehurrhe* and school* unincumbered, for aoln or exchooge for city, Brooklyn or Jcr?ey City property. H. OOOLEY. 27 New Chainliera street. COUNTRY RESIDENCES FOR SALE?IMMEDIATE |M>**eo*ion?on the bauk* of the Hudaou, at alinoat every Htotlon hetweeu thi* elty ond Albany. Particular* with ii KMBERSON, 421 Elghto avenue. F ARM FOR SALE?72 ACRES, BEAUTIFULLY located, plenty of fruit, Sty mile* from Hudson river anddeiaR: ulao 18 ai re*, % mile from depot and 2D mile* n New York. C. II. OLIVER, No. 7 Reek piARM FOR SALE?36 ACRES. WELL WATERED, AND . stocked with choice fruit tree* and grapevine*; plain, old-faahioned bulldinga. and healthful location; three.fourth* of a mile Horn dep< t and twenty mile* from New York. C, H. OLIVER, No. 7 Reek man mreet. Farm for sale or exchange for new york city property; 39 acre*, in high state of cultivation, with first rjsse-bulldlnga: only eleven mile* from this city. Price $2J,000. Apply to C. G. SACII.* A CO., 384 Broome atreet. For salb-on newtown creek, l. i? the Waterside I'reiniae*, lately occupied by the Laurel Oil Work*, containing about 18 lot*. For particular* apply to K. Wallace, on the premise*, or to HEYE, PALMER A KIES, 39 Broad atreet. New York. FOR RALE-TWO NEW AND DESIRABLE HOUSES, with French roof*, in Bridgeport, Conn., containing all the modern Improvement*, gas. water, Ae. Tenns reason, able. Apply to J. ROMA1NE BROWN, 1.279 Baoadway. J30R SALE?THE FARM BELONGING TO Ly Spencer, of US acre*, most beautifully situated In the town of Madlaon, oue mile from that station, and lying be tween the farma of the late Mr. Remyon and F. 8. Lalnr Ehu., fronting on turnpike road leading to Morrlatown, ono ind r .... - ? ? half hour*'ride from New York by'Morris and Esse* Railroad. Apply to W M. BRENN, on the premises, or to E. P. DAVIS, 53 Walker street, N. Y. EX)R SALE-ONLY $8.000-AVERY COMPLETE RESI denee, at White Plains, near the railroad depot; carriage ami woodhonse. fruit, water, Ac. Apply to the owner, RICHARD MOORE, 92 Bui row atreet. For sale-in .iersey jcity, a brick house and Store, three stories. on Newark avenue; also a three story Frame Houae. full lot: price $2,260. Inquire of A. WILSON, 25 Montgomery street For bale?a very desirable residence on Hard avenue, Staten Island, near Sailor*' Snug Harbor landing; for *ale low and on easy terms. Apply to TUCK ERMAN, MULLIGAN A CO . 90 Broadway. For sale, in nyack, on the Hudson?a neat two atorv gothle Cottage House, containing eight room*, with gas and one-half Hereof ground, laid out with fruit and abode tree*. For particulars applv to .1. B. WALLACE, at Wlnslow, Lanier A Co.'a. 27 and $9 Pine etreet. For sale in .iersey city-a three story English basement brick House, with all modern Im provement*; completely furnished. Also Stable, Horae, wagon and Harness cheap. Price $14,000. Call on the premises, 286 South Fourth street I7IOR SALE IN FLUSHING?A COTTAGE CONTAIN. ' ten room*, all with gas; barn, stable, carriage house and aix Lots of ground. Address W. F. Williams, 29 Broad street, upstairs. Franklin house, tarrytown. n. y.-for sale. this well known hotel, with Furniture; 28 room*, large stable. One situation and view of the Hudson. Inquire of JAMES WEST. Tarrvtown. Hotel for sale?one of the finest hotel properties in the vicinity of New York, with stables, outbuildings and two throe story Dwelling Houses; hotel of buck, and doing a prosperous and lucrative business; situat ed at Piatnfleld, N. J. $10 000 may remain on the property. No agents need apply. B. A. A W. B. CARPENTER. 109 Broadway, room 27. REAL ESTATE WAYTRU. Mill wanted.?a first class flouring mill, new. near a canal or railroad, and New York. Price from $12,000 to $16,000. Address M. 11., Crook's Hotel, 74 Chatham street. New York. o WNER8 OF OOOD TENEMENT PROPERTY WISH, ing to dispose of the same low l'or cash, may address. vy 111(1 Mi UIBPU1W Ol VIIV iMiiiro IUW ivi tainn, iiihj MUtiicen, stating particulars, J. Kennedy A Co., box 164 Herald ofiloe. Tenement property wanted to buy or lease?The highest market value given. Apply to R. H. GIBBONS A CO., 446 Broome street. Wanted?to purchare, or hirb with the privilege of purch sing, a small House, either on the Hudson H&rlam or New Haven Railroad, within 1>4 hours' ride of the city and not more thnu % mile from depot; price not to exceed $4,090. Address C. C. C., Herald office, stating particulars. WANTED TO PURCHASE IN THIS CITY. BELOW Canal street, a good, subatantial Building, on full lot, that could be used for manufacturing purposes. For such a property a cash customer may be secured by applying at or addressing 71 Nassau street, room No. It HOUSES. ROOMS. ?CN TO LBT. A FINK BASEMENT TO LET-IMMEDIATE POg. session; alse 35x89; northwest corner of Sftr-iHond ilrf#t and Eighth avenue; aultable for any kind of business. Also second Floor, with six rooma; all Improvements. Alao fonrtb Floor, with alx rooma; all improvements. B. L. A B. T. BCBNHAM, 9TW Hndaon street AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE, BT BTAN1.ET DAT?UN furnished Houses to lot In Broadway, Fonrtb, Lex ington and Sixth arenuea; Union sqnare, Mercer and West Honaton streets, Astoria, Belmont, Hall's Corners, New Roehelle, Wast Farms. For particulars see my Real Estate Circular, to ho had free, or by mall upon receipt of stamped directed envelope. A FINE HALL TO LKA8E?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, nearly 100 feet square; height of ceiling 30 feet: well cal culated for a gymnasium or public ball. Apply to RYKR SON. BROWN A DAVIS, 138 West Thirty-second street, near Broadway. A SUIT OF FOUR COMMUNICATING ROOMS TO let?Completely Furnished for housekeeping, at 1M Bast Fourteenth street, between First and Second ava. AT 319 FOURTH AVENUE. BY STANLEY DAY-FUR nlahed Houses to let in Stuvvesant, ISth, 23d. 30th, 39th and 111 streets: 4th and Lexington avenues. West Farms. Tarrvtown New Roehelle. Perth Ambov, Stamford. Harkenaark and Darlen. For full partlrnlars see my real estate circular, which can be had free or mailed upon receipt of stamped directed envelope. AT NEW BRIGHTON-HAMILTON PARK-TO RENT, brick Houses, about ten rooms eaeh. furnished and un furnished; gas. water works, wash tubs and other modern Improvements; gardens, stables. Ac. Particulars at Mr. HAMILTON'S, office A3 Beaver street. A SUPERIOR LOCATION?SOUTHWEST CORNER OF Canal street and West Broad war. to leaae for three or live veara. Apnlv at No. 7 Pine street, room No. 6. A HOUSE TO LET?FURNISHED, $175 MONTH, UN til Msy, snd unfurnished sfter, 19 Rleecker street: also Floors, furnished and unfuroiahed; good locations. Inquire at 114 Third avenue. A NEAT COTTAGE HOUSE. CONTAINING SEVEN rooms. No. 90 Eighty-third street, between Third and Fourth avenues, with fine garden and fruit trees Lot 25t 102. Desirable neighborhood. Posaeeaien immediately. $50 per month. THOMSON, 1,333 Third avenue. A-TO LET, A FINE SPACIOUS HOUgB IN BT. ? Mark's place. we?t of Second avenue; bouse 38x75, with large yard: will be In good order. Possession May I. The third story win be reserved by the lessee. Applv to J, C. BAILEY. Real Estate odlce, 10 Fifth street, near Bowery. A STORE, 70x20, CORNER OF BATAVIA AND BOOSB vclt streets, to let (Immediate possession); rent $35. Also a fine four storv House, well located for a down town board ng be use; and Apartments from 3 to 4 rooms each, H. COOLEY, 37 New Chamber! street. Broadway property to lease?west bidk, nesr New York Hotel, being about 40x200 feet running through to Mercer street. JOHN LLOYD A SONS. 15 Nassau street. Business property, stores, hotels and Dwellings to let or lease and for sale. Apply to EU GENE CHE VALUER, 81 Cedar street. CLUB HOUSES TO RENT. One or more large brown stone Mansion*, suitable for first class club houses, centrally located. KING A CO.. Ne. 9 Twenty-third street. Firth Fvenue Hotel. OUKTRT RESIDENCES TO LET?FURNISHED AND _ unfurnished, at Spuyten Duyvtl, Rlverdale, Fort Wash ington and Tarrytown. S. EMBF.RSON, 421 Eighth avenue. FOR RENT?A SOAP AND CANDLE FACTORY; MAY alao be rented for other purposes. Inquire at 87 Seventh avenue, between Sixteenth and seventeenth streets. Furnished houses to rbnt-for one, two and three yeara; not In the hands of any other broker; to rent to strictly private and respectable families only. No houses taken to rent In the handa of other agents. E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 8 Pine street. li3l*RNI8HBD ROOMS TO LET?WITH CONVRN U lences for housekeeping; Rooma for single gentlemen at $2 50 per week; front Basement for housekeeping. Ap ply at 149 Clinton street, near Grand. Furnished rooms to.lbt-with modern con venlencea and cooking utensils, to gentlemen or gentle man and wife. Inqelraat No. 96th av., near Amity st HOUSEKEBPERS-A RARK OPPORTUNITY?ALL the elegant Furnlmre of a parlor and four bedrooms for sal* at a great aacrlflee for cash: magnificent Pianoforte, oeet (850, will be sold for $890; one beautiful Parlor Suit, onat $375. for 820(1; one black walnut Suit, In green reps. Tor 975. Ac ; also two furnished Rooms to let. for single gentle men. Inquire at 11$ West Eighth street, near Slith avenue. Housekeepers, or persons giving to house. keeping will be supplied, and esn pay by weekly or monthly payments for ( erpets. Oilcloths, ntrnlture of every daacrtptlon. Parlor and Bedroena Salts, Ac., at HBNDALL A BCorrs, sorner of Canal and Hudson streets bKAHB FOR SALR-OF A FOUR STORY HIGH STODP basement House, near Abingdon square; cheap real; llcash necessary. Address box No. 4. station E. Lons TO LET-TWO well LtOHTED lofts, 35x109. situated en the earner of Broome and Mercer streets, suitable for the hat Jobbing business, rent low. Appty ia R. F BROWN. 4d7 Rroome street, corner Greene. OFFICES TO LET-IN THE OLD AND NEW HERALD Buildings. Anphr to the Snnertetendent at the count eg i sum, corner of Samoa and Paldea streets. SkFPICE ON FIRST FLOOR TO LET-A LABOR f Office in a nsod store In Park place, near Srrsdway. th two large BaaediMla, to let. Apply at No#. 9 snd ll WjBjwBR . _____ fOOM TO LET?$0 FEET NOUARK. THOROUGHLY 1 with say ata-sunl of stssm power, poeaea r- iPPlf e' Mdekattan Brass aad 4 tnFfee ? kflfeMd Jdha wrest. c HOVSKS, ROOMS, ?C., TO LET. OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET?AT 644 BROAD way, near Spring *treet. Apply to the janitor. on the premises. or to the owner st 598 Went Flfty-aeoond street. CTKAM Pi 1WKR?TO LEASE, ONE FLOOR. IN BUILI) tJ log 199 and Water street, Brooklyn, with from 111 to 21) horse power; room IsuitO; goixi ligut; room looted by steam; shafting In. Apply ou premises, or to II. W. GKEI.NR, 13 Spruce street. New York. QTKAM POWER?WITU A WELL LIGHTED FLOOR O 24x80. to let cheap at Nos. 9 aud 11 Baxter atreet Apply to the Engineer. STEAM POWER, WITH ROOMS WELL LIGHTED, 25x25; well adapted for merhattual purposes, povsession Immediately Apply to J. A G WALKER, IK Ceu're atreet, corner Heater. STORE, 78ft EIGHTH AVENUE TO LET -CHEAPEST rent on the avenue. Inquire on the pieinlaea. STORE TO LET?A RARE CHANCE FOR ANY ONE to atari In bualneaa; a very handsome Store. 'Jot90, plate glaaa front. 1G feet high, with retnlvliig abutters. In good location on grand atreet and dealrable sleek of Dry Goods, for sale at a gn at bargain, in order to give up the bu.ineaa; moderate rent, with lease and fixtures included. Address G If., Dry Goods, station 1), Grand street. No ageuta need apply. CJTORK TO LET?AT 350 BOWERY. *XM. SUITABLE II for an extensive letal buaineas; Item location iu New York. Possesalon Maruh 1. Apply up atalra. TO LET?THE LARGE STORE lift. 117 AND 110 ELM street, suitable for a wholesale business. Fifty feet front. * TO LET-A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE THREE story high stoop House, on avenue A and 121st street; all modern Improvements, Immediate possession; or for sale, with four Lots, on easy terms. S. KMliKKSON, 421 Eighth avenue. TO LET-FOUR LOFTS (INCLUDING FIXTURES), NO. 31H Rmadway, corner of Peurl street Apply to 8. B HL'TCIllNUS, 38 John street TO LET-THE COLLINS HOTEL, CORNER OF WEST and Hoboken streets, with immediate possession. Ap ply at 192 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'clock, or at 98 East Twenty-seventh street to PETER A. H. JACKSON. TO LET-IN FLOORS, BROWN STONE STORE AND Dwelling 25ft Ninth avenue, between Twenty-sixth and Twenty-aeveuUt streets; Croton, gas, closets. Ac., complete. B. C. WANDELL. lift Ninth avenue. TO LET-FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM. ON THE first floor, handsomely furnished, opposite the Cooper Institute and Bible House. 174 Ninth street. TO LET-THE HOUSE 7fl AMITY STREET, CORNER of Thompson, for three or five years' lease, for n busi ness purpose. Inquire at 72 Amity street TO LET-EXCELLENT BUSINESS STANDS. 117 Spring street. 1S2 Spring street 194 Elm aireel. 27 Thompson street 97 Mercer street Inquire ef M. A 8. STEBNBBRGER, 364 Broadway. T0iS5fcTPI!LD F?tOOR OF ffl BREKMAN btreet. ?econd ioo* Cortelyou'? type foundry. T^^-^A^HOtJRE, ?N THB WORTH BltoB OF J ,Htre?i: bflwe?n Lexington and Fourth ou the premlae? OD APP'y r VAN BRUNT T?,f'ETTA house, so willow street Brooklyn Height*, with or without Furniture. Refer ence required. Apply on the premises. r.??w.A 8UIT OF OFFICES. ELE gantly furnished throughout; would be particularly de? airaDle for a large shipping business. THOa. R. SINCLAiliE, 145 Maiden lane. T?.i?I";TJIF .H?.U5B ^ND orounds foot of ."ii , rty"nlnlh Brooklyn, on New York bay suit boU": ^h. d?* and splendid view bay "?'?"Urrounding shores; 'he earn pas* within a ttwe;;7J^n"a"oSr at n g"fc10 TI,OM^ UUNT'179 T?UrBth7T^2 ITLO?RH' **100, AND SPLENDID CEL.. inif. #1^ . 1 ?.? strong three storv brick Build ina' loJSt iuik8 "J?ry brick Bunding, with cellar, adjoin I room and entrance for carta and truck*: i ?rJnHnu,acturirig purpose,. formerly u*ed as the B7Mr817' """"I 34 Baxter street, ne*r Chat aioulVraqu?red.qU ? Premiaos. Immediate po*?e? T? . I?7*TW? CORNER STOKES ON FULTON street, Brooklyn; best locations In the city; possession fourth floor! i'required. Apply at Zjfe' KSTdway. T?.^TtAiTH?,e ?,tory BRICK HOUSE, in a good toenth'""A 1? thf *rBl ,lde of lhe ?"y. Mow Four ei am V. ?o"?,ture' De*r|y new. for sale. Rent BroSiray1 WOW- Apply to J. W. Houthack, IDS rpo LET?LARGE AND SMALL WELL LIOHTED MFVFRmi?twi^ y"1?*?' P?wer- Inquire of JOHN b. ??*. ? *Mt Twenty-sixth street. TK)-LBT~TO A PRIVATE FAMILY ONLY, A THREE ,N THIRTY-FIFTH STREET. NEAR THIRD avenue, a three story high stoop brown stone House; mi modern improvements. Rent low for one year. Carpets, NaK*au Mreet. Apply to JOHN LLOYD A SONS/ 16 T?w.?k7?a-A!?Y f,AR? 0,r 180 acres, near nor. 1i.?5i J 40, mUe? from New York; buildings com Pjfk yd In r?d order. To a good tenant a long leaae and ?u?..?!i possession given. Also a Cottage, with Ten rooms, ?w^.h?l w>if*AcW .n *i l?y !2?,n ?"rdB0 ?nd Uw?. Darn well. Ac., ell In good order, at Darien Conn n^?* ebout 36 mllra from New York via New ll?. wxi?e!fhl2,J.,,.??!d flr,t cUm' ne*r church and S^JBAdy81iKD' " W"*?? * <**? ? feaUr1 T?&??L,Jt!3P M- JAYLOR, 87 PINE STREET, n?in ? d. ou Broadway aud other Uouiitlei Dwellings, furnished and unfurnished. ?ou titles, TO LET?UNFURNISHED, WITH IMMEDIATE pnn y(RI' now yacant). built about all mooiha, an cicgant two story high stoop basement and cellar brick | H'>u*e; contains eight rooms, besides bathroom, go., closois clothes presses, splendid new range, copper boiler sUtiona 3*s?h tub,; It bias all the modern Improvements house fJA '?t 100 feet. It has a beautiful ylew ol the East river ar'sJa'fSt ztxg SMs&^o^rfajsjsr " va* T0.EoT~rN0RTUWE8T CORNER FOURTH AND HO ratio streets, a snug two story brick Muuee; Croion and teenth street!* W,"?AW PHILLIPS, West Nine TO LET?YOHKVILLE, THIRD STORY. FRONT. IN brick House sou'bwest oorner Klgbty-seoond street and inirdsyenue. Inquire at THOMPSON'S, 1,333 Third ay. f|X> LET-FURNISHED, FROM 1ST OF MAY, THE ?rhi- . .w,to.'7h'*h stoop brown stone House 133 West Tnirty-Mith strvet, near Broadway. For porrnit ami oar. 2fflW?tf"atLSS Tw"n.V-^?rth street, between 3 and 5 P. M. Kent $3011 per month. T? LET-RENT gag per month. A comfortable A suit of Ave Rooms and Kitchen; water; gas; cars Dees eery genteel and healthy. 464 Grand street, Williamsburg.' T? LKT~A BK8TACRANT AND OYSTER SALOON; or would take a partner to take full charge and half profit*. Apply at 1U A. M. at id) Maodougal street. T??LBY-THIRn TIAIOR of LARGE STORE HI6 Un Collar Company!***' App" *' W Bro-d"?y. MetnepoU raMKIrWIH!L*RDIATE POSSESSION, A SPLEN dld Store 30x46. good basement and yard. Urge show Winduw; location on Mxtb avenue, near Thlrtletli street west side. Rent only| $400 per year; lease two yeare from next Mae. Lease and Fixtures for sale for much lcm than Sixth avenue AW>^ * ** VAN WAGENEN A CO., 473 J r.fBTurURI,I8HED' WIT? IMMEDIATE POSSES- 1 slon (It Is now vacant), until May I. ISM. a n? Rent nrfiw eiori* brlC* 7'tt*" mo<,crn ImpiovcmenU. i,i u D ?!2!.Cr.mon,h un,,, May next; after, $136; lorn, ted inEast IMRh street, near the river and steamboat land V&iJS&gj&Z!JggJS?*- *?""???? j TO LET. HARLEM-STOKE AND DWELLING. THIRD avenue, west side, third house south ofl?t Areet now E. Bo ii Iti's tailor. B. C. WAnSrlJT^' 116 Ninth avenue. 6 to 7Jf P. M. CTy,nne,t^tEKCKgB- 11/08 * LOWBRBB' ""I rLfTrfiTRNISHBD-FROM MAT I, THE LARGE and flc*4.class four story and attic brown stone House no. Si East I wenty-flrst street, a few door* from Broadway puiliJ mod,rn '?PTO*ementa Apply at* University rl/ETv OR LEaSB?THE VALUARLK rRfU'^BTv JlOUrsnd street, two door, we, of ?nj.lw? KSeVr WaH ItreetT* Apply to s. bT. hVo$Ts' T?, k?A8E?A PROPERTY UP TOWN HUfTAMf v Appli toVSaVeb^ ,od lo lM-' Cherry street. Apply to H. A. T (IkAIIIIRt^ui m .1 street, between the hour, of 10 and II A. *N ,lb T' 'soSSr^nll^^!^!1*0 J?1HJHB MADIStiN AVTOh? W I?Bu,r80fCHACN. T'twJen Bl^k?(.'ni,T. Ta2iOR 01* brOADWAY, RE- j Sant.^mluWe^or a m^hn^h-. ??"?*?*; 30x11(1; .nd pie, rn tolTa JJir Si! ' I""?? salearoom, milliner, or CAy"",U "0t Addres. , T2naU^iIil.LV.Rr ^ISHRD-IN FIFTH AVENUE. A 1d!^ HO nWto Houm, for <m? or moro jroni. Apply to H. C. DEXTER, No, 9 Hroad ptmit. _ T,hm.SSmifo.H,,1VHOOJ'8 *? LKT- "CITABLE FOR i,i ." u " "i JTberS. M"* oomforu of a borne ou be _ : APU'y *' *" West Twenty-Mxih street. I TNi2?."9!H.AR*-rA micrly furnished large n. irf J^?. 755? toJSS.wRM or without Board; alaoa ball Bioadway ApE1' 84 3?lUel PirteentA street.see door froas W* ? TAN WAGENEN A CO BUS, hove several respectable r-E "! ?" "nl furnwhed aud nnfi location,. Any one having elth Apanmente to let, will Sod good t tontion by leaving information ^ HOUIKS, ROOMS, AC.. WASTED, A ROUT TNRRB OR FOUR ROOMS WaNTRD-RY A HOl'SKM. noons. ?( .. W.WTBO, f WANT A IHAUi PUBNIBH ED HOUSE. FOR ONE I year or mors. Audrcas. slating pries, N. W. Kiker, M) Broidritj. YITANTED?A COTTAGE ?>N riTATEN ISLAND K..R W the-uniraer mouths; possesion May 1. Addr?*C. P. B., bos I,WW Post office. WANTED?IN MAY, BY A RESPONSIBLE PRIVATE *T family. part ot unfurnished Ilouso wllh respectable party Address J. E. bos 513 Post office, with partieu TT7ANTI -ID-CHAMBERS SUITABLE TO BE USED T x for an advertising agency; must be front roomi au<l centrally located; ;io?se*siuii wanted April 1. Address, with full particulars, Geo I'. Rowell A Co . Boston, Mass. WASil,I) "Y GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. PARLOR V Y anil Bedroom on second floor, without board, nicely furnished. In vlrlnitv of St. James Hotel or Brevort House. Address 0. 11., box t>,(rJ3 New York Post office. Wanted.-a first FLOOR, with steam power, for about 30 tneu, st a low rent. Address L. M 8., box 3.731 Post office. WANTED?TO RENT STORE AND BAKEHOUSE, with two Ovens, or room for two. Address Baker, Herald office. WANTED?A LEASE OK THREE OR PIVB YEARS II from .May I, for a light, clean manufacturing business and aalearoom isrllflcial roods), tlie two upper floors of A three atory building; rent not to exceed $700 per year; or A whole three story building; rent not to exceed S9U0: location between Sixteenth and Itond atreel* and Third and Sixth av. cniies, inclusive; must be a oomfortab'e brick building, room- plastered; a tenement housg will answer without Al tering and not be injured by the business; a good light ie quired. Addieas E. V. K , station II, East Eighty-sixth at. U'AMKI)-HY A vorso MARRIED C )UPLB. A " single Room or two Rooms (unfurnished), in a pied locality in th? lower part of the city or lu Brooklyn. Ad dreaa Alpha, Herald office. XAl ANTED-A FURNISHED COTTAGE. IN NEW ?? Brighton or ha vicinity, Staten Island, at A moderate rent, for the summer season. State terms, Ac. Address bux 6,013 Post office. ?WANTK,) IMMEDIATELY?SEVERAL FIRST CLASS At furnished and unfurnished Hon sea; also Boarding Houses and Rooms to rent. Owners and proprietors will please confer with WM CAMPBELL A CO., !?? Broadway. WANTED TO HIRE OR LEASE?A BITILMNO AND Orouuda suitable for s parking box mauufanto' y. Pos session wanted ou or before Apnl L Address, staling terma, I., Herald office. WANTED TO LEASE OR BIY-A FACTORY, WfTH steam power, m or In the neighborhood of tbe city. Address A. G., box 173 Herald office. WANTED TO LEASE OR PURCHASE?TEHKMRRF Houses; also a private Dwelling he I -a- Twelfth street; willing to advance a year's rent for what wlU suit Address House, station B. FOR SALB. A LARGE BOARDING HOUSE. DOING A SPLENDID business, local*'1 in one of tho beet neighborhoods down town, for sale. Accommodate* between #0 end 00 boarders, and he* tliut <omplementiut present. Will be sold cheep to n cash customer. Addrets A. B. C., bos 3,414 New York Post office. ASOHOONEB, CARRYING 876 TONS. ALL IN PER feet order, will be sold st e bargain; owners require * larger vessel. PKTTIT A PHASEK. 171 Broadway. room K AN OLD ESTABLISHED TEA AND GROCERY STORE for sale; sales 81,410 per week, ell cash. About 88,600 cash required. Address R. H., Herald office. ? A -FOR SALE CHEAP. A 8PLENDID CORNER ? Liquor Store. Broad^ey Resteurent end Barroom, down town Billiard Saloon and Lunch Rooms. Bowling end Liquor Saloons, Groceries, Butter end Cheese Store, Meat Markets. Whiskey Distilleries, Paper Bag Manufactory, Soda Water Manufactory. Bakeries. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedar street.^ A LARGE NUMBER OP STORES, FINELY LOCATED, for sale. Dry Goods. Grocery. Liquor, Fancy, Mlllln orv, Boot, Shoe, Hat. Cap Stores. Hotels, Bakeries, Meat Markets, Manufacturing Businesses. L. DEYO, 296 Ninth avenue. A FIRST CLASS BAR AND CLUB ROOM, LICENSED, to be sold reasonable. Apply from 14 to 4 at 16 Stala street, to-day. A CHANCE.?FOR SALE. THE FIXTURES AND good will of a fine Cigar Store, very cheap rent, 18 years' lease. Also Grocery. Liquor end Vsrtety Stores. ?H. COPLEY, 27 New Chambera street Drug store for bale?a first class drug Store, pleasantly situated and doing a good business, will be sold cheap; a good chance for a druggist or phy sician. Address 8. H., box 126 Herald office. For builders.?about 200,000 old bricks for sale. Apply to L. 1HLBKNO, 161 East Thiriy-tblrd street I7IOR SALE?ONE MILLION WESTCHESTER COUNTY Pickles, In .yffijg r B1KCLAIRB, 146 Maiden lane. rR SALE?THE STOCK AND 'GOOD WILL OF A Oral class private millinery establishment, situated on side street, west of Broadway and within half a block of Stewart's. Will be sold very low, on aooount of sickneaa. Address J. C.. box 801 Post ofllce. IfOK SALE?A WELL STOCKED CROCKERY AND 1 Glassware Store, on a leading arenae up town; doing a well established and paying business, whtch*mav bo in vestigated; very cheap rent; $4,000 cash requisite. For par ticulars Inquire et 86 Maiden lane. For sale?the light draught and fast sidb wheel passenger steamboat Perry, now lying at Alli son's dock, Jcrsey Olty; she is 160 feel long and 88 feet beam, in good order. Would exchange for a good side wheel Tugboat or other property. Apply Ot Delamater Iron Works, foot of West Thirteenth street, New York. FOR SALE-TWO FISH OIL FACTORIES; CAPACITY 800,0(10 and 790.000 fish per day; finely located and in complete runuiog order. Address E. 11., box 4,166 Post office. For salb-a pilot boat, about so tons, in complete order, sod well found I* sails, anchors, chains, Ac. Sold to close an estate. Inquire of J. TRAVIS. 68 Whitehall street, H. Y. _ filOR SALE-A MEDIUM SIZE SECOND HAND W1L. der's Safe. Inquire at 146 Maiden lana. FOR SALE?GOOD WILL. STOCK AND FIXTURES of a Paint and Paper Hanging business. Apply at MO Ninth avenue. OR 8ALE?TWENTY-SIX SINGER'S NO. I SEWING Machines, all In good order; prices $At) to 886. Inquire at 1 337 Third avenue, between Eighty-third and Elgbty fourth streets. g. MOUNTER. FOR SALE-OLD ESTABLISHED ALB AND WINE Vaults on Broadway. Good reason given for selling. Apply on the premises, 626 Broadway. No agents need "pply- ___ fPOR SALE-RESTAURANT, OYSTER AND DINING 1 saloon, with stock and fixtures, cheap for cash Apply at 86 Eighth avenue. F For sale-stock, fixtures and lease of a Millinery Store on a leading thoroughfare. Stock iigbt; rent moderate; location excellent for millinery, cigar or jewelry business. CAMPBELL A CO., Auctioneers, office 008 Greenwich street. For bale-two corner liquor storbs, on Fourth avenue. Apply at corner Twelfth street and Fourth avenue. F. CUFF. For sale?a restaurant and laobr bef.r saloon, doing a good business. Reason for selling, tba proprietor is engaged in other buslaesa. Apply at IS Greeoe street For sale?a FIRST CLAR8 OYSTER SALOON; four years' lease; cheap rent. 81 and IB Division at. For salb-a kerosene oil routs, with Horse, Wagon, Cans and everything complete. Inquire until sold of P. CORRIGAR, 408 Seventh avenue. IpoR SALE OHKAP-ABOUT 3,000 POUND8 NU. 3 1 Wool, at 67 Pine street, up stairs. LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A BROADWAY store for sale; clock consisting of Umbrellas, Parasols and Fnncy Goods. Business well established. Rant low. Applv on the premises 861 Broadway, near Seventeenth street, west side. Proprietor going into the man afacta ring business. , Lease and furniture for sale of a hotel, seventy-five miles from New York, on the Hudson river; doing a good business. For particulars Inquire of A. J. ROE. 19 Broadwny. New York. EAT AND VEGETABLE MARKET FuR SALE-A14 old established stand, with lease stslow rent; now doing a good tmalnsas. Sickness the rasson for selling. Address Market, Herald offioe. for on# week. S~HOW~CANE FOR RALB?FULL WHITE METAL and double thick French glass: four feet long:novar In nee; ^?rice 860. Call at 116 Ninth avenue, near Twentieth Three ybarh lease for rilr-of rtorr and Dwelling House In Sixth avenue; 81.800 cash required. Address, with real name end business, box 4, station a. AQAA WILL BUY THE LEASE. STOCK AND P1X ?fcoUU tares of a first class corner Liquor Store. Apply on the premises I8S avenue C, or to WILLI AH ABBOTT, 170 Chatham square. MACHINERY. A SECOND HAND LARGE SIZE BOGARDU8 MILL wanted, for grinding liquid substances. Address Ml, bot 1? Herald oflb-e. FioR SALE?AT THE LAUREL OIL WORKR, NEW. 1 town Creek four Mi Barrel Stills, wtta worms and con nections complete; one each No. 1 and No. 4 Steam Pump#; 20 H. P. tubular Holler, wood aud Iron Tanks, Piping, W Apply to R WALLACE, en the premises, near <33Vary Cemetery F? R RALE-A RMALL STEAM BOILER, CHEAP. IN at 9 Liberty street (DOR R A LB-TWO LA ROE NEW MARINE RETURN r Tubular Bollera, built from design* and supertnten denes of Eraatne W smith, Esq. Each containing 1400 square fast of fire surface and 168 feet of grate surface. Ap ply to Dn LAMATER, Iron Works, foot oT Weal Thirteenth street, N. Y. (DOR RALB-A BARGAIN; MUBT BE BOLD AND RE r moved; Rtesm Engine sad Boiler, 40 boron, and eee I hone eower, WM MoXBNHB, 81 Fork street. Five Points U*OR RALE-A ? HORSE POWER STEAM EMPIRE ^ Cor lies' make, with Cue bollera, steam pemg, hntsr, pipes and connections, all m complete order, to bwdelivseed lew tow. he beet and moat complete in use. and 88 Maiden lasORw York. two THHR MOST IMPROVED CALIFORNIA RTAMF M1LLB ? and Mining Machinery, Engines, Braaiere, '?'|bebf IWWililSaCSftgg1"