Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 11, 1867, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 11, 1867 Page 7
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THE 8TATI CAPITAL. Prospects of tie Commission 8cheaes. 1 The Wharves and Pies Bill the Only Ooe fet Faored. OAS BKIZTOFOLZSTB. Ac. Ac Ac. Albawt, Feb. 9, 1867. There is some talk about k meeting of the Radical ? General Committee, which tool jface in your city imme ? diately after the return from Jbany of the delegation of fifteen sent up here to adrocsa the various eommiasion schemes for metropolitan rearm now before the Legis lature. I bare to say In regafi to It that the representa tions there made are simpl' bosh. It is not the fact that those schemes are In a ftr way to success. Indeed, It would be nearer the truthio assert the exact contrary The whole commission bud ass is decidedly in bad odor, and there are remarkable Qdlcatlons of a complete rerelution in the feeling of country membora on the subject. The geteral opinion seems to be that the experiment of commissions has been given a very fair swhg, and that It has not come up to expectations by a ;reat many degrees. The 'impelling motive originally vas to win over democratic votes by the power of patroiage and the attraction of the loaves and Ashes. The csult has not verified thp sanguine bopes entertainel of republlcanixing New York city?the Gibraltar <f democracy. On the con trary, the more commission* say some republicans, the more the incorrigible adhwents of the innumerable ?democratic factions appear to increase and multiply. It is naturally asked why is tits? And the answer given by the interrogators than solves is that such schemes are unpopular, ind antipathy to them will never be overcome uttil the crack of doom. The men who profit by the BChemes?those appointed by the Executive to carry oit the objects and designs held up in commission billi? contented with regaling themselves with lh? choice bis thrown in tholr way, foil make the necessary capital lor their party, and dis play ?el only in one 4?rectioi?how they shall perpet uate ana >?">ease the* personal influence and emolu ment. Many '_^-?ubhc?as, aid particularly old stagers, are beginning;lo ft*. merelygrumble at this, but to ex ***" !f m' kH mvISP'T commissions are hum bugs ?od ?bould instead of extended, if any actum whatever Is to be law h bj t ??? ??? potent at work aewetly e^tl^thisTOddon oT opinion. The cjuntry folks, who heretofore]'se^eeo free fmm this ipecles oflegslatlvetlnkcring^ thPlr , a(raj are now threatened with the deiigUf . rommlsKlon form* which it was suprosed wew ??c7or Zl sink of iniquity, New 1 ork city. yjlp , Jects on foot for commlssionizing ot-erciiies , tb , kid republicans tind, iheroforc, &C||??'"J; playing with a two-edged tool, which - iik0iv u, wound themselves unless they drop It in good . y Theg(, in. tended reforms for tlie benefit of the vlf!V * nf tlie State residing beyond tbo benighted K ' f hattan laland have not yet been introdul" ' "??* are maturing in the brains of certain sturdy and hang, like the sword, of Damocles, by a ?ver the heads of the trembling republlcona >r Another cause is the expected constitutional com,**,, ton. Some ask of what use is it to establish new con. aission* for the metropolis if the entire constitution <f Slate is to be overhauled, and with it of course the municipal affairs of the great city? Is it. not bettor to jntlaad make one complete job of it, and a better job, *??> iu view of the fact that many of the best legal minu of tbo country will be engaged in the dtlibera ??|Mof that body? Others take the ground tiat it Is IMicy to pass any unpopular schemes at t)ls time, "?iaufc the republican party will need all the tnpltal It can tar!.# to bear on the people should the vteuion for delegate to the convention occur next April They ?m* "?e tepublican vote w ill not -ome out in its full strength then, and that the democrats -?m stands good obanoe of totting an equal if not larger repronenktou in the couvetrtom It is almou Idle to hazard a prediction, howvor. a. this early day on the subject of commis'ion. The human mind is so mutable end the "cousiderntlonv that may chango republican feeling t>efore the end ot te sov eion are no nunifold that one canf hardly come \ any fixed conclusion at present on the subject. Bntbls I mar eay with safety, that as things now stand thoonly ' commission bill vim seems to staud any chance o sue ones is that which relates u> TUK WHAICTKS AND PIERS OF IIXW YORX. There is a general Impress! m that it will pas, with ?Ome important modifications. It was reportet some time ago by the Senate Committee of Commerce and Navigation.' but has been taken away Iron the general body and referred to the select cmmitt tee which investigated the whole subject last summer in your city, aad made an elaborate report? few weeks ego. The members of this select committee, of ohloh Senator Pterson la chairman, Intend *o study the sub feet thoroughly, and then shape a bit' which they mink will meet the public wants. A quee-ion of great impor tance, and one on which tnere is much diversity of opinion, is that In relation to th* regulation of ibe rates ? of wharfage. Many t-'euators *nd members believe in the policy of raising the rats* for the present so as to make them pey existing owpcrs and lessees a fair remu neration; and, indosd, the public sentiment s-tmi to flavor this idea- But there are others who believe in leaving that matter to competition, and who complain that rates are already U*> high, while the tnct undoubt edly ts they are so lov as not to afford any incentive te keep the wharves and piers in decent condition It is dicult under the circumstances to say what will be the ' upshot of Uie controversy on the subject. A KODBL KSt't'BLM'AK DKI.F .A1ION. I forgot to allude to one fact that has not tended to help very much the advocate* of commissions. The re publican delegation sent up here to advocate the various schemes showed themselves to so III tie advantage that instead of doing good they succeeded in inspiring noth ing but disgust. They swaggered about there, some ol them 1 moan, like Bowery b'boy*. and a gieal |>art of (fee time were gloriously oblivious to everything but cocktails and potations ol stronger ingredient*. It was only natural that decent country member' should ex claim. "If such be tbo stulT of which commission men are made we pity the poor people of Now* York Indeed." TBS HAY AND VXl'.KTABLK QI KSTI' IDf. Mr. James Irving, of Nuw York, has Introduced two bills of considerable merit, one to regulate the Hale of hay so as to prevent lis mixture with .-aud and wood, and the other to establish a law for the sale of vegetables mid eggs, as of meat, by weight There bare been muiy complaints for years of the scandalous babtt of corner, grocery men swindling inexperienced purchaser* by giv ing light quantities ot vegetables and eggs when sold by number instead of weight. Mr. Irving'! bill provides heavy penalties for violations of the laws he lias Intro duced. Both bills meet with little favor from tho coun try members Ar.SA.XT, Feb. 0, 1867. The legislative proceedings were not particularly lively, novel or interesting to-day. In the Senate few members were found at their poets and nothing but routine busi ness was transacted. Qaile a number of matters turned up In the Assembly relative to New York city interests. There were bills to extend Fifth avenue, to regulate the railroad travel in Front street (a blow at the Inconvenience occasioned by the Belt line), to incorporate the Metropolitan Market Company, to construct a railroad la Spring street, to amend the Excise law, to regulate the aflklra of gas com panlea, and to do an immense amount of other things that will never arrive at maturity. Mr. Llitlsjnhn also introduced a bill to provide for telegraphic communlca tlon between Europe and America via the Azores islands This differs from the scheme of Orion, I<eigb k Co., In not demanding exclusive rlgbtg for the parties seeking legislative authority. tub ass ?ovornusrs m dasoiul The bill respecting the regulations or gas companies -will be hailed with delight by gas consumers iu New York city when they learn that a strong effort will be made to eecure ita passage In spite of the power and influence which will be summonod to Its defeat by the wealthy metropolitan corporations. Mr. Thohias Creamer has the credit of Introducing this bill, winch proposes to take care of the rights or the public, so long neglected and scorned by the tyrannical gas mon opolists ot the metropolis. Should it pass Into law It will Inaugurate a sweeping revolution In the manage, meat of gas companies. Its leadint features may be briefly stated. Tb? first section provides that the pay ments to stockholders annually shall not be more than ten per cent on amount of capital atock actually Invested, and that the receipts over and aliove such dividends and the current expenses shall be divided pm ra n among consumers paying $20 and upwards for gas during the year. By the second section tbo prcsldentor vice presld'nt flnd secretapr of every company will be required to file In the city Comp trailer's office an annual statement of tbetr capital, pro jwrir or assets, value ol real estate in thdr possession, the cash on Imnd and where deposited, amount of loans made and the se< nrtties therefor, the numl>er of feot of service and other pipe laid, nnmberof gas consumers aod quantity of gas delivered, with price charged, ibe ex penditure during the year, amouut of dividends paid to stockholders and consumers, the compensation paid to ofiicers and employes, the amount and cost of mate rials for manufacture of gas sod Of labor thereon, the amount paid for municl|<al, State and revenue taxes and alt other payments and expenses, the liabilities of the company, with sreciflptions of dividends due and un paid to stockholders and consumers, and the particulars of every other claim and demand against the company. The other secttoiis give the Comptroller of the city of New York authority to propare the necessary blanks for tbess annual statements, and to change tboir form as bo may deem Qt from time to time- also to appoint exam Iner* lo investigate the affelra of all gas companies and to require tuch statementa as to their condition and operations as be may consider necessary. For violation of sectMino two and three of tho law penalties of $1,000 Kr month ara to be Imposed, and tbe capital stock la to regulated so as to represent tbo value of tbo works, property and cash working capital oa the 31*1 of Decem ber every year, the same to bo determined bv a oomraie sion to consist of the Mayor, Comptroller and Corpora tion Conneel of the city or New York. faorogjiD oonrxoMiHK amono ths i.'M'Khur'und rsoru. The war anion : the underground railroad people see me likely to si aimer down to a compromise between the rival Interests Last night it waa assorted on good au thority that propositions tor a union of the conflicting forces had been made and considered rather favorably. As usual in such cases, such aide accuses the other of hackiugdown lire:, before the prospect of general slaugh ter all round In rase of a continuance of the bitter strife that has existed here for the last three days. Vanden bergh's friends claim the peace offering came from Thompson's side, while the laitor us strongly assert vice ver a. Others say tho war is only a nw ae guerre to prevent now parties from coining into the Held, and that at the proper time Vandenbergb, Thompson, Wolf, Wilson and Robinson will be tound running the same machine in lucrative harmony. The Thompson men boast they have secured both the Senate and Assembly railroad committees in their favor, and their leader has gone home In good spirits over his pleasant prospects. There Is many a slip, however, in these railroad matters "be. twixt the cup and the lip," and it Is very foolish to indulge in sanguine expectations at so early a stage of the controversy. If I do not mistake the railroad com mittee during a former session of the Legislature op posed Vandenbergh's scheme, and yet he hud influence enough to engineer it through the Assembly and Senate, and only failed of triumphant success by a trick played on Governor Fenton. AUA1KST " DM AD SKATS." Mr. Reynolds, one of the country members, has intro duced a bill making it a misdemeanor for any person to swindle hotel, restaurant, inn or boarding house keepers by obtaining food, drink or lodging without paying therefor. Tne measure has been suggested by some New York hotel proprietors who have suffered heavy losses by the tricks and ingenious devices of a class of plausible scoundrels, polishod in manners but slippery as eeis in their manoeuvres. It will be n fearful blow at the Bohemians and ekevahert <f Industrie ciass should it become a law. FINANCIAL THEORIES. Obstacle* In the Way of Iteaumlng Mpecie Payment*. TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD. Tbero are stupendous obstacles in the way of resuming specie payments and maintaining them. They not only exist, but are daily becoming more formidable; and they will continue to increase, with their aggravations, so long as the present theory and policy are adhered to. But a resumption being held to be the chief thing to be desired?the only efiectual remedy, a necessity?it is to be sought and aimed at, whatever difficulties may be In the way. Tbey are In somo measure foreseen and must be submitted to. Wo have now a safe and uniform currency. It Is denounced by somo as inflated and redundant In qimn t ty. simply because they imagine It to be depreciated. If it is adequate to the enlarged business of the country and the payment of the taxes It is because Its safety and 'uniformity make It everywhere current, that a givon amount wUl accomplish a far greater amount of exchanges and payments than under the former system. Of national bank and Trea su y notes (exclusive of compound interest notes, which, like bonds, do not circulate as currency) we have about 8'ivcn hundred millions of paper in use. The amount of exchanges and payments effected is probably twice as much per year as at any period before the war. That there is none too much is indicated, not only by its being all omployed in discounts, bat by a large part of it being issued again and again by discounting on de posits and by temporary loans on call, and also by the prevailing rates of interest out of doors, wbich range from four to twenty per cent. The chief obstacle to resumption Is the wan? of coin wherewith to resume. The coin which for years has :onstantly flowed out of the country In payment of ' r?>j':n debls. and for which outflow the reason is now * rttent as ever, and likely to continue so till the for ? ?[* Jobl is cancelled, must be regained and forced to IHT i into the country. It must be forced back at par. ano-q gucp quantities that it will freely circulate , IV, and meet and surmount all accruing de ? fKr:iPort . .', ?J??8'*'u is apparently magnified by the present ?. ? or 8ad here a? a commodity for export. But, Prevailing theory, this aiguilles nothing ? depreciation ?f our influ'Cd and redundant fr .l*!1?*- According to the theory, L ' restore tho lost vav?8 of the paper that will . Pf16? ofKoW u" lI'V both com* fo their loyal ? v?'"e M money. The* you can restore specie payments; the paper, however muth depreciated before, l?tl! m ,rouch *s 80,d.'they will clrcu late together as equivalents. Magical and woudcrful, ttihi?nd costly result: for it being assumed dated,'fi P*P?r, by being too abundant, cxce?g|v?, in h gii pric?V depreciated, lost half its value, caused Induced a prwura coin out of the country and export; and the re-pn gold as a commodity of political economy, igtna' Prescribed, in th> name of suppressing the onlycurrenc)'"?Mrawing from use and scarce, or mora "CArce, 'ban B r kavo till it is ax necessity, ?owback. till the channels C? void will, of Impart m what paper remains the value ?hwd lOtt. -Aft f Tliii process will, of course, sod is expected to cstftJ stringency distress, stagnation and ruin?tho more wide spead and intense the longer the operation take*. We have tried this mode ot remedy on a small scale repeat edly for two or three to Ave or six years, when our foreign debt was comparatively Insigniflcant. We are now to try it with a foreign debt reckoned by hnndreds ot millions and ucbts at home reckoned by thonsaods of millions But we need not enlarge The public mind is alresdy in a state to be excited nnd alarmed by a intl of one or two per cent in the price or our national bonds In foreign markets, and bv rumors and visions of what may pos sibly happen. We cannot stand a reduction of the cur rency. If we go on as we are, living and floating upon credit, our debi will increase and our ability to pay will diminish. If, with nearly Ave hundred millions of in ternal taxes and customs last year, we paid (besides oue hundred and forty millions of interest) two hundred millions of public deb'., we increased our debt to for eigners probably two hundred millions But there is a shorter, a practicable and more harm less way ot alleviation. Wo want coin, our own na tional coin. Why do wo not stop tho export of It. and sot tho mints to coln'ng more* Why do we not forbid the salu or passing of it at a premium on its legal rale ? Wny do we not repeal the fruitless and absurd condition requiring our uational currency of paper to be redoemcd with coin r . . Those measures would Instantly and essentially re lleve us. Tho risk and dunger of excessive imports would fail on the individual imiiorers, wlilcfi would check them. NICHOLAS KNICKKMKH KKK, Stock Excliaugo Building. Tlie Financial Situation. W/sbixotox, Feb. 9, 18tl7. The Committee on Finance of tbe Senate line not ret made any linal decision on ttie ^ubjoct of the proponed Us e of tho tour per rent loan certificates In exchange for the eix per cent compound interest notes now held as a pert of the reserves of tbe national bitnki; and the position taken by the leading Now York po|iera of yesterday's issue may probably cause a change in their views on the subject. A majority of the committee were known to be in favor of the proposition yesterday morning; but it may be uiflcrent to-day. I am authorize! to say tnat tills proposition was not the production of the prominent hankers whose names have bceu made public in connection wttn it, but was approved by them a? well es by the .-Secretary of tho Trea?urr. It origina ted in tho Treasury Department, and was Intended to m< et the difficulty of providing for tho compound in terest notes, $100,000,000 of which will matnro between this and tbe let of January next, and es It is supposed that they would remain in the vaults of the banks ex cept in tbe emergency of a great ecarcity of legal tender*. It would obviate the objection of in creasing the volume of active currency, which would apply to the redemption of them with the plain legal tender. As It ts now, the compound Interest note*, with accumulated interest, are inactive in tbe vaults of the banks, and the object of this plan waa to supply their place with a substitute which was also inactive. In abort, it bad its origin In the office of the Comptroller of the Currency; and wai suggested as the best practicable deviation from tbe present law whicb would enable the Department to take in tbe compound interest notes as they mature without disturbing tbe business of the country to any serious ex tent. The carl ideates would, in e'Tbct, prevent a sadden and violent contraction of ? bank loans, which would be inevitable, if they can receive live-twenties only In cx< bangs for the compound interest notes; and, as tbe law now stand*, tbe leeuo of loan certiorates may be issued to the New York banks, so as to make thorn, in eireel, a part of their legal reserves. Tins proposition will only extend to all the hanks of the country what is now the prlvl lego of tbe Now York city banks which belong to tbe Clcailng House. Hence, It Is tbe Iwst modification of existing laws, which would be likely to prevent severe contraction. The author of the proposition?the Acting Comptroller of the Currency?seems to be somewhat concerned at the Hkhslo's having characterized tbe bill as "a Job,'' and hence the explanations given in the above. COLLISION ON THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. Fall af a llnge Mass ol Hark I'pon the Track. On Saturday afternoon, et about Ovo o'clock, e huge mass of rock, estimated at twenty tons weight, became detached from tbe cllffii at tbe Fort Washington cut, on the Hudson River Railroad, and fell on the track, com. pletely obstructing travel until near midnight, when the obstruction* were sufficiently removed from the west erly track of the road to allow of tbe peaeega of the several trains I bat bad collected on either side of tbe rock. After tbe trains coming south bad passed down, a freight train bound to Albany waa ordered to switch on to the other truck and Drooeed on Its route, while by some mismanagement tbe Chicago express going south, whicb had been welting above, was ordered on. The two trains came In collision at Tubby Hook, and several car* of the freight train were thrown from the track. Both engines attached to tbe tralae were badly damaged, but, it range to say, no one on either tbe trains waa Injured. Tbe track was cleared of tbe damaged care and eagtnaa yesterday forenoon, so that travel wee onoe mora resumed. Up to yesterday afternoon the rock bad not been removed from tbe rut, but workmen are employed la ridding lb* track of tbe rocky mesa, wblcb will probaMy b* effected lu a abort FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tv. . Snrnar, reb. 10, 1867. .. . WM on? ?t great dulnesa on the Stock Exchange, especially during the last half, when the hftd t*ken P1*0? previously was partially . railway share market ahows the languor that *na * ?ucceeda such a heavy decline in prices as ae thT rr* dUrtng lhe lMt Ulr8# ?r four months, and his will be likely to continue till the ravages of panic repaired by a sufficient influx of capital from outside sources. Meanwhile the bears manifest very Utile dis poeltton to operate for a fall. In view of the low basis on which the speculative shares at present rest; while the ulls, feeling their own weakness, have not the temerity o attempt a general upward movement, and are con tfm W.v "m*11 galM Md quk* tunuL At ">e same | tbejr look forward to an active speculation tor a rise during the summer, and it is not improbable that this expectation will be real ired and that the spring months will witness i gradual Improvement in prices. Just now the money market is as easy as could be desired, although the rate for caU loans on railway securities remains at six per cent, with exceptions at seven. The superabundance of loanble capital is, however. Indicated by the fact that Urge balance, me loft with the leading dealers in gcv *lt"5P<,r ?ent' Th,f ^'"Utes the *,.K " 7 tbo8e wh0 weathered the lste ?torn with s heavy Iced on their hands, and many of the heaviest lomre by the fall wlU prove m nwoluteof ,b. bulls m the future; for in no other way have they, chance of retrieving their losses. Pending the general upward movement which is anticipated "* fl?WiDg ,nt0 'bo,rtreet to a mod or ate extent, end Mock, w.ll bo withdrawn for investment; but binZZiv T* reC?Very from tbla sourc? alone wil be necessarily slow, and ths immediate signs point rather to continued dulnom and lower price, tempoTfiyth.n flw fW bU" COn,Wnation" hav8 broken JLtin, th.Jrr** "" 8t"1 struK"?? ?? k?>ep witTdiminMbed wUh the ho,H,or ,<teuin* ?u,m . ?h?"ld,tbe bU1 embodying the substsnce of the rosolu by the Houso of Representatives against become a^1'00 " dUr'?g the PreMnt >ear "Z a r'r COM,derab,? stocks would be Inevitable, and to some extent this would be the case the proposed bill to Issue a hundred million of four ? cent lorn, certificates passed. We are inform* Z Tilt i Comptroller of the Currency claims that the proposition to substitute these for com pound interest notes sman.ted from him, and net from tbe prominent national bank proprietors on the subject; but be this as it may, there Is no doubt whatever that the propositi accords exactly T, or n ,1 ln,erMt8 ?f tb08? fcntlomen, as well as of all the national bank stockholders in the country The objection to paying interest, however, when no in terest ,s necessary ,s so strong that the bill on this ^unta onemeriUdefeah The next strongest objoc 0 " 1,08 in lhe weakening of the hank reserves to Which It would lead; for as the cert.Ocates aZZ re doemable in legal tender notes on demand or after ten tb.y,r.iM0UCT' thoy ,na/ beld by ,be banka 'o the full extent of their reserve, the latter would cm ZZ h, *h0lC of tbe'r pUin legal tenders in loans and discounts. Thus tbey would not only keep practically a smaller reserve than tbey do at present, but .heir reserve to the extent of the issue of these ^ rr;ou,d v#w ,hem intere"- An?,b" <*>****?> 10 the b.ll lies in the embarrassment to which a sudden il.mMd fo, th. ra.wnpuon 0r . "'lh ? certificates would subject tbe Treasury, and it may be accepted a. more than likely that ,n the event of the [>*ssego of the bill tbs authorized reserve of fifty millions hzsl1* ,ho red,,,npt'on or tho *ill hare to be encroached upon. Government, State and miscellaneous shares were dull ,n rjmpMhy with the general m.rket during .he weak] tnd there Is no noticeable feature to record concerning h!T., m0rB ,c"vlt'?l 'be Mining Board i ?o?vH?' reg"'"S(OCk Exchk0?*. "0 ">3 transact ion* n Cor) don and Consolidated Gregory were heavy, the ?rm.r advancing on Saturday .iternoon to (9 a $0 10 andrr a strong flemoad. Railway shares closed dull at hsir-past five on Saturday at tbe following quoiatlons _ liV*?u 10lcK * *' Erle 68* * i*' Z! as" eb,gan -ou,hcrn a 75, Cleveland and I iitrburg 84\ a 85, Fort Wayn 08*, Rock Island 981; wi ' TM'"D d0' Western I nlon Telegraph 44\ a 45. !uion'rS!d.m"rke| ?<i ?? interval, strong vens' hill provl^ j" C0Mf'<'a<,r,c? of "?e uncalled con South gave an upw* Tbe intpodurtton of Mr. 8te afler touching 84\ on Mon?""*** 8?v#rnment of the morning. Subsequently, howev'? tbe Premium, and bill caused tbe price to yield sllghlly*'aj?? 00 Thursday closed steady at 137. Th# market has a ve?H?* 00 ,he lone, aad every trifling, fall brings in " With more than six hundred millions ofAmercan secori ties held in Europe, at least three hunired and fifty mill! ns of which ore In United State* Vomlx, jve are necessarily exposed to contingencies calcinated to advance the price of gold, while none of the coltm gencies which threaten ns can operate materially, ft at all, in the opposite direction. Tho prospect of a larje efflux of foreign travellers during tbe present year, in consequence ot the l*aris Exhibition, Is looked upon as an element certain to advance tbe rates of foreign ex change and lead to Increased shipments of gold, and the existing commercial indebtedness of the country is larver than it otherwise woold have been, owing to the dulne&s of trade baving compelled tniportera. durtos tho last few months, to defer remittance*. Regardless of the fact of gold being commercially cheap or dear, how ever. every source of political excitement cccjsi.,ns speculative fluctuations, and hence on Saturday the speculators discounted the failure of the military recon si ruction bill now before the Houso. To-morrow or the next aav, perhaps, they will discount Its pa-sage, either in Its present or an amended form. Speculation is generally governed far more by caprice Ibun reason, and this applies particularly to the gold market. The demand for gold for customs duties Is on !h? In crease, tbe receipts at this port for tbe week naving aggregated $2,580,000, while tho coin interest on the pubi c debt diaburs d by tbe aab-Treaeurv amounted to 8204,000. The foreign exchange market was dull during the early pert of the week, but on Friday there was consid erable activity and a good demand for bills, under which rates advanced a fraction. At tbe close bankers' bills on England at sixty days were quoted at 10*a 108'*'; at three days, 108jj a 109'^; commercial bills, 107'* a *; francs at three days, t?.18'i ? 6.16; bills on Berlin, 71X a 72t<; on Bremen, 78* a 79; on Frankfort. 41 a 41)4; on Amsterdam, 40)*- a 41)4; on Hamburg, 64,',"; on Antwerp, 8.22)4 a 6 18)4. The Istbmua steamer (arrived to-day) brings $788,027 In specie. The amount of treasure brought to this port by each California steamer from Ban Francisco and Aspinwall since January 1 of this year, and for the cor responding period in 1844, comperes as follows:? 1S04. ]fK7 January 12 $485,410 January 10,... $874,744 January 10 802.354 January 20.... 531.950 February 1 ?m,248 January 31.... 1,076 596 bruary ? 1,463,134 February 10... 788,027 Total $3,804,397 Total $8,270,33* Decrease this year $424,041 San Francisco papers of January 19 report that the* have been unmistakable Indications of growing ease in monetary affairs there aince the beginning of the y*r. Money had steadily accumulated, and the amount of capital available for loan purposes was undouhpdly larger than It bad been for several months past. Dis counts on hank ranged from 1 to 1)4 per cent per month, with a large volume of transactions nt the form* rate. Tbe arrivals of treasure at San Francisco from tie Inte rior since the 1st January bad been rather abeve tbe usual average, exceeding $2,200,000. Tbe total axport of specie from San Franciaoo ainoe January 1* 1** amounted to M<lg3ni Corresponding period of 1800 Increase thia year Tbe San Francisco mining share market w* qu|^e active, with, however, little or no Improved" prices of stocks Tbe product of bullion r D.v,. stock Lode during the year 1840 was til/1'7 M<1 den da were declared amounting to assessments made amounting to H^'580' . The shipments of specie from U?)^K>rt takt *** ' during tho year to date, compare * fol,ow''v,il 1 of the corresponding perloda t''8?6 *nd 1RA7? Sixth week V?,?' /ftS rravto**ly ieported'.'. *">>*% Total "^,028,8? $8,647,714 $8,4*",64# * The b igheat puree of tbe leading stocks .old at?tf first session of the Exchange on each Saturday of lh? last four weeks wore as follows :? Stoekt. Jan. 19. Jan. 38. 1 ? Atlantic Mail 107 99 100 1?4 Alton * Terre Haute HK. 38 34 ? ^ Alton ft Terre Haute pref ? ? ? Boston Water Power ? 25 28* *> Canton Company.. 46* 46 44 ?? Cleveland ft Pittsburg... 89 82* M* ~ Cleveland fc Toledo 130 119 **1., ^ Chicago & Rock Island.. 99 98 * 98* Chicago ft Northwestern. 41* 86 * 87* jj* ChlcagoANorthweaternpf 78* 04* 66* Camberlnnd Coal ? 88* 35 Cleveland, CoL ft Cln.... Ill ? 105 105 Dataware ft Hudson Canal 146 ? 145 147 Hudaon River 127 122 128* ldl Illinois Ontral 119* 112* 114 114* Michigan Central 106 104 107 100 Michigan Southern 77* 71* 72 75* Milwaukee ft 8C Paul.... 44 ? 38 40 Milwaukee ft St. Paul pref 80 64 67 * 69* Merpnea Mining...."" 12* 10* 10 - Mariposa preferred 30 24 , , New York Central RR... 108* 101 99* 102 New York ft KrteltR... 63* 68* 68 69* New York ft Erie pref... 74 ? 72 75 Ohio ft MUaissippI cer... 28* 24 * 26 * 2u* Pacific MaiL 182 168 169* 1W Pittsburg ft Kort Wayne. 97 98 97 * 98* Quicksilver Mining 40 38* ? 40* KoTrR....? 1W* 102* 104* 104* Toledo end Wabash 42* 41 ? 41* Weetarn Union Telegraph 46* 46* 44* 46 Government securities were quoted on each Saturday of the pest four weeks as follows:? Jan. 19. Jan. 28. PH>.2. Ftb. 9. Sixes of 1881 108 107* 107* 108* Slam of 1887 ... 130 130 130 li) sliS^f IMS.':.:....... las 129 m* 130 Ten-forties 99* 99* 99* 100* Five-twenties of 1802... 108 107 107* 1W* Five-twenties of 1801... 106* 105* 106 106* Five-twenties or 1886... 105* 105* 106 10.* Five-twenties of '66, new 104* 104* 104* 106* 7 and 3-10ths, 1st series. 104* 104* 104* 106* 7 and 3-10.hs, 2dsorios. 104* 104* 104* 105* 7 and 3 lOlhs, 3d series.. 104* 104* 104* 105* The total foreign imports at the port of New York for the week ending February 8 compare as follows with those or the two weeks previous:? Week ending Jan. 25. A>5. 1. Fib. 8. Dry goods.... . $2,530,061 $3,153,844 $2,414,470 General merchandise. 1,143,909 1,056,116 3,314.829 T?t*? $3,663,970 $4,207,060 $6,729,308 The imports of dry goods for the week compare as under:? AbrfAe Week. 18-5. 1866. 1867. Entered at the port.. $757,549 $4,741,870 $2,414 470 Thrown on market... 853,296 4,271,487 2.755 728 Since Jan. 1. ' Entered at the port..$3,108,184 $20,610,961 $14,343 351 t hrown ou market.. 3,567,499 18,786,129 11,653,171 (OMJ1EUC1AI. REPORT. Saturday, Feb. 9?6 P. M. Ashss ?Receipts, none. The market for both pot an. pearl continued dull and prices were nominal at $8 25 i $3 50 for the former and $11 25 for tho latter. BasADsTOfra.?Receipt a. 2,047 bbls. flour, 122 do. and 1,91 bags corn meal. 7,16) buahela corn, 4.925 do. oats. The mar ket for State and Western flour ruled lower and aomewba irregular, though at the decline an improved demand pre vailed, the wiles footing up 5.90J bbla. at the revised quota tious annexed. Southern tluur ruled dull aud heavy. Halo, 200 bbla. For rye flour a moderate demand prevailed at es

senUally unaltered prices. Hales 800 bbla. at $7 a $8. Con meal was dull at $5 60 for Brsndwine, $5 26 for Marah'i caloric, and ?5 20 $6 26 for Jersey. We quote:? Superfine and Western $9 16 a 10 1( Extra .state 10 45 a It 21 CnmrcSUte 11 .70 a 12 W Common to medium extra Western 10 35 a 11 N Extra round m op Ohio II 10 a 12 ft Western trade hrulids 12 06 a l.'l 40 Common Southern 10 91 a IS 2<l Palter and extra do 16 25 a 10 50 Itye floor (aupvrlltie) 7 00 a 6 OJ Corn meal. Jersey 5 2J a 5 2> Corn meal, lim-idytvlne 5 '-'5 a ?The demand tor w heat was moderate, being confined I ? li? Immailtain *?"? ' 'L * ** tli* immnjutto w?$tiU of miltors; Imi th* market rul<*<1 flm The sates war* only I&.OU0 hiiKhoia. ?if $2 12 lor So. St'hiw ...a v...a wanj ..?."w MiiMniiB, iu 9* 12 ior .>o. sriiifH' aprittg, $290 for amber Jersey, $2 IS a f.2 33 for No. 2 M watikoe club. 32 50 a $2 54 for No. 1 do., $2 95 u $3 05 ft amber HUte, $2 95 a $3 tor umber Weatern. lite market ft co 'n ruled dull and scarcely as finn. The sales were 361) bushels, at $1 16 in store uttd $1 14 nfloat for Western nuve Lists wer* in inoderalr demand at previous prices. Salt 3.1.1)00 Ituskels at We. a 70c. l'ur Map-, aud 61c. a C4c. for lilt eaito and Milwaukee. Of rye, which was scarcely aa On 5,000 bushels were aold at $1 20 lor Wrsteru iu store. $1! for Cunaiti free, and $1 SO for Stule. Hurley waa dull. W have only (o report titles ot 9 000 bushels Can .da West I bond In store at Me. Parley mall wits dull and mun nal Cotton.?The market opened firm, a fair business I progress, km closed quiet and wcuk At the apt ended quot ttoils, at which sale., were elfecled of 18.0 bales. V quote:? Vjiaml. i7.ei.fn. Mobile. Ordinary :*) ?i 31 81 Low Mid.Hug 31* SI* 32 81 Middling 23 36 34 $4 Uood Middling 24 i>6 35 St Corrar..?The market for Itlo ruled atrnne. with a modi ate dcmanl. Hub-a of 4.505 bugs, per yueen of the Pie on terms Mpt ptivate. Frrkiht* were quiet hut firm. The engagements were To Livcrpntl. 5UU bales cotton, at *d a *.1.; Am tierces lat at 37a. hd.i ami. |>?t stoumer, 3.1.1X0 bushels com. at 8 10J boxes htoon, at 25tt., and 40J tiorees lard, at 25s. To Ai trerp, l.nx b?g? colter, on prlvute terms. To llrlatul, tona oil eulT. I5U Ions mensurement goods and 30 do. hea goods, on lYivsie teruis. To Loudon, MM bbla. apirlU it pontine, on private terms. qinry Bmit ruled firmer, 22e. being freely offered and i fused. Gnunt Ciptii ruled dull, with do transactions to report. Hear renamed quiet, though firm, at previous prices. Horn rulel quit t lie heard of aales of 35 bales ut 35c. Mr. for newerop American. Mot.akuic.n.-Tins market was more active, the demand baft chiefly for datlllmg purposes, und mil prices were realiac The rules wire 6"U lihdr. Cuba clayed at 42c. a 43*e., 73 d Cuba inusrotado at 43c., and 1)41 do., Kngltali laluud on p> vate tc. ins. Naval Stogies.?The market for spirits turpentine rub heavy, witu tulya moderate bneinesa transacted. Sales It hhls . tu shipping older, at 68e., and 121 do., mercliuntubl aider, at 67*c. was generally quoted t yj^.tber grates remained steady, the market, however, ill tar sao -Tbe Sale* were quit- unimpoiUnl. Is-mp ooRll e jo do \Vulit4t>r. strained ut $4 12* .< $4 .6 und a small I. |cor liuW.hbls. common, equal to about $?. I. ket ruled firm: lite Ml 125 bbla. Wilmington at $3 75, an comprising 12,U0ti g.JhiqfSw , .. I American st $1 2.x CTuilcr.^,?,orr <b?m?n<l. ?"d lhr $1 27 <-ther kind. ruIcJ^.H si 'Vu'in'T,1 Protimojs ? unmpu, kj l,hi?. i?ork ?. .L meats, 1.2# kegs laid, and VJ..2 dres ed lio's0?1 tm 1i'':i??j:,:,d.i,:^,.r^,itiut.i.i|.1"- d..^ ci?r~., fot pork op*und lower, tjU,e ? with ualea tn the spot of A j,, [.m. J, cl?fsa oi new mess, $19 75 a 319 k ' oj ?2' J4 ? $? 8. lor piinie; dae fior luiurede'tv , I 'ou i. i . * und March at $JU 87 a $?. Wllo 'V '?r. l '+ra' J.eaf WAS IMttoJt rule demand ,i oievtnlf, . J1'""1 " "f'H hoi-, at $171$'* :orn. wove" J."'.''"''"; ??'/, ?I.-U JI8 tor II 'W .111 il |ael liaina ww i.iu r. with more dolor. th( iiMitinl uuc:4 hhl-. ai iii a iM for Wfetarn. 'JM tioium WtKoid aiiJUiW ^ >'"? I r,':" I>ts* Mid $3ft a ftSH f<M I till lid. 4,11 V"l? rcuialw d flltn. Sale* in, packages al lnui- . II1".for I 'ini and Shit. ?C)f. for shoulder*, Ill iJiii't W Uive W rc'-nrl of H-UVute" I t 10! ci II 10*.. iwCiih* ?Wi\it Widltjft. for k'eiVr.liUrnic Urd ' ri?i rufcd duhud lower prior* wet? uvccpted. Sulos ft o ro.i rllHir. on Uriamd hog* wire teaii-alr as hrm at iiil o iuVn t''f V "niJ 9J*e. ? W'^r. for Vc.trrn. Hatter jjr. ui.ii ?> ftrd l 2d<-. a ;jx- lor Nute nfol IiVm 3iy\ lor w" wri'. Ctner was ?le? ly nt Ue. a20r\ according 10 qlpirrKOUtr*.?"H m?ike: for erode retnaiyd dull anil B!lif were uoim at lojjc. ti e hoard id no causae'Ion * impoi ancr. ued ruled doll l>ul liV> ai &>. a wv i ior amildar hitn. In Philadelphia M*le?wi.r(. made oi utiil bhla. prim *nt atraw to whileal iM'.o. iidftdUdo. ...? .htti1 ai d ipdot nt previous price* i.Ill tulle ?c?i ujr II the Tnnikel, a were withuui deuided changy, 'I'lie including Coua nuiwwada hi J0?,c.. and l.rm or lOit wiiile. ' rtrranihK *?" i.r.ine while ai 'A ? Hicr waa lirui MUlA* ? I h*re though prevluiia I aalPM H HIM* 161 Hi L ? .a Uartlnluue I Irate term*. Heft hoi waa lu fifh- dr. .OH yolow, 14c. aW a demand, rialea W.UUO Us. at III,\c a llTafao *) IW 5" ?' ?U<; a lllo. ^iTTm- The A waa dull and warceljr at tlrm. Halea tt'wuili.MiTal-Vt'e pte bhla. We lare only to report iho ,?le oi W bWa. > ?t?.u bond at 3ti. TEt&toC JARKET BE POSTS. rionr <iDch?n#d b*? 0rn) >>? #. 1867. for winter ami f kt tor firing * '4 a (.U JS a (in ami i.inf (His. vpear quiat m.?? i"' %2 10 for No. Hp-liuai Dpwr w^. lS., !P?**?9+1: it . a 3c. balaw ux'Ca 1,+,. ' at Hid eioaa ordef lo rfl. c* tiJiv.f "nil m4 m>in 2c. a*;. if*i0w iwrnn , -? ??o nose ordef lo rfl. c* tiJiv.f "nil an* ,10l [? ?*_?po?(|nJ celnf* AWObuehrl*;*- and *hBj^?d'y lower, ,?. ami iic. In aaeka. : Mo. for vV'? 1 5fe?IOrt aarfo llyo ilo. lowe ' ?I * CoOon diui niO-i' dritily; at tbjMWdling, , ftlU ay holtt mnghl lo any receipt. for h*vo '"'"i SIX, and Iroin ?'?pjoinbrr ^7?ET\M'? ?poiMlIng t|jJW baJ**, agnt lo any ?*?* '! "Jceipui for #*1* ,,a*? ncun ?V and from * ?? ?"Ple.nt^ 'El**** (.611) Hialnnl 111.H72 bal^"Tjaondlo, ilmJ V'V11 l>al"?, flunkey firm, wltl at $2 J* "P.* '"*t ?*a>on (f-allv unchanged. Wodrraie order Hi*10"" '*?"? >nIk amildar* at f'MJJu aud ham* ?, ,'!V'ud ??r po ked bacon at ?fr0','d""'- '"c. fnT.m' "ft* All clear rib and 12Xw Ji .J"?? f"r and lard at IS'.cJft?."'4 *l wTMSRtijMW oU, for.honldere, ? d*?- ?-liee?n Ifrm at Ifln 2 ml*" Bnt er wnree at ifjJT Neutral Ohio, andV\ X for Waaiern rJ"** ??y aenree' and c.?B?,T: Gold Vot buying; no uretnium *ei t.'mcauo, Feb. 9. 1807. Jnues dull, with prices aoinewnal Pro*!*1?11 "M; ?w<n pickled hams lu>j.-.; Inrd easier- TV** ? steady, with tali request, $d 10 a like, a I'H'jeadv and Urin; sales at (7 40 a 8' W, ati 82)* 2!"ST dltrldluo JOU pound*. Flour quiet ..i??lik at ?' ^Ig ftira at $9 60 u (10 76, and auprr lairlr active without any material # 10 at* -UV and No. * at $1 B7>? a fresh receipts. At the OtoeS market I at $1 87 a $1 87."? For winter receipts ?; the speculators demand haa ad j at *8e. a 821,0. for No. I, and 718. f'-r I-, lor No. 1 and 40c. a 40J,c. for No. 2. pir, 10,sot) bushel* wheat, 22,0110 bush kla oata, 100 lioaa. Shipment*, 8,000 lla wheat and t,8Ud buahala corn, i. . Mttwatnta, Feb. ?,1867. ""'/.firm; >1 06for No. 'A Corn-**. for .? "t; 48. . for No. 1, 40c. for No. 1 Pro IdnlMpia-l.ftoo bbla. tour, 14,0110 buahela "? ' corn, 11,100 buabeta oata. Shipments? 1 fl"1 buahela wheat. Lcctumu, Ky., Feb. $ 1867/ 1 $2 86 a $3 76. Superfine flour (Torn?Shelled and In bulk ... _..i bulk 8Sc. Mesa pork $21. Bacon ?bC'."?clear aldca l?V-> hauia 16c. a l?c. bJ^'^IVkey $S * Prima sugar 14)40. a 14>?o. 1 ' WiLMinnron, 16. C., Feb. 9.1087. [f/u In bull ca B 2Bc.' In T"'*4; t. juo. nplrtta turpentine steady at p"* 1ul,ftx a $6. Tar firm at $1 86. OBITUARY. ll "*%?#? WeadrafT, !? ??tli??M* irmerly widely known lady died le 7th met, e ninetieth year of her ace, at 1 Am boy, N. aha haa reatded for tba pact year*, in an nianelo*, remarkable for bar m the reaide^ period*, of n colonial Governor, General George Washington, Commodore Truxton and Commodore Low in. She was the daughter of Thomas Lewis, of llarblehead, Maes., one of the moot prominent merchente of the eighteenth century, end Bister or Commodore Jacob Lewis, commander of the United States naval forces in New York harbor and other localities duriug the war of 1813, whom she accompa nied to the Isle of Prance, at which place he wae United Stales Consul in the latter part of last century. She married L eutenant Abner Woodruff, United States Navy, who served uuder Commodore Baiuhridge during the war with Tripoli and the war of 1812. W. n. I.ittle. Late Panama papers announce the death of Dr. W. B. Little, United States Consul at Panama, on the morning of the 29th ultimo. The deceased was appointed to the position he held towards the closo of 1866. and fulfilled the duties of bis ofBrs creditably and to the general sat isfaction of all parlies concerned. He was buried In the "foreigners' ground" at Panama, on the same day of bis death, with full Masonic honors, ho having been Master of the Lodge reoently established in that city. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Carter?YotTMOS.?At the Trinity Methodist Episcopal church, on Thursday, February 7, by the Itov. T. F. Hil dreth, Roiikkt K. Carter, of Virginia, to Misa Awn a M. Yoraos, daughter of D. S. Youngs. Esq., of New York. Vienot?Vekrbn.?On Tuesday, January 29, bv the Rev. A. Verron, D. 0., at his residence, No. 28 West Twenty second street, 1/juis Vienot, native of Franco, to Franchise M. Cream, of New York, daughter of the oOiciaiing clergyman. Died. Behah.?On Sunday, February 10, Alice, the beloved wife of Jobn Behan, a native of Nook, parish of Kil leigh, Kings county, Ireland, in the 8Stn year of her age. The friends of tbe family are respectfully invited to attend tbo funeral, on Tuosday afternoon, at one o'clock, from ber late residence, 231 Fast Nineteenth street. Blkioobn ?On suuday, February 10, Hbnry Bleidorn, aged 47 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. 17J Mardougal street, on Tuesday morning, at ten o'clock. Blyuknbohgil ?On Friday, February 8, Mary Dvutek, wile or Benjamin B. Blydenburgh and eldest daughter of John H. Brower. , Friends and relatives are Invited to attend the funeral, at her late residence, No. 120 Second avenue, tl. Ls < Mon davi, at twelve o'clock, noon. Buknnan.? On Sunday, February 10, of pleuro pneu monia, Martin Brennan, a native of Castlecomer, county Kilkenny, Ireland, aged 80 years. Funeral will take p ace on Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 8 Congress place. Bi'Rkiij.?At Harlem, on Sunday, February 10, Am gailC., daughter of Benjamin E. and Sarah M. Burrill, Eyed 2 years and 0 months. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend tho funeral, from 123d street, between Third and Fourth avenues, on Tuesday aft ruoon, at four o'clock. Conovrr.?On Saturday, February 9, John G. Conovkh, son of John W. Couovnr, In the 28th year or his age. Services at his late residence, 43 Tompkins streot, this (Monday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Fuueral ser vices on Tuo-day afternoon, at one o'clock, at tbe resi dence of his uncle, Abraham G. Gulon, Mamaroneck. Will leave Twenty-seventh streot depot, New York, on tbe hall-past eleven A. M. train. Dawson.?On Saturday, February 9, Margaret Daw son, aged 96 years. The triends and relatives of tbe family aro respectfully invited to atieud the funeral ibis (Monday) atteruoon, at one o'clock, from lior lat ? rosidonee, 242 Madison street. Donovan.?On Sunday, February 10, Riciiarii Dono van, aged 60 years, a native of the parish of Katb corraick. county ot Cork, Ireland. His relatives and friends, and those of bis brother, John, and son, John Donovan, and also his brother-in law, Patrick Harry, are respectfully invited to attend die luneral, from his late residence, 32 cherry street, on Tuesday afternoon, at ono o'clock, to Colrary Cemetory. Cork papers please copy. u itoi./.h*.?in war wick county, Va., on Saturday, February 0, Mr*. Ann Douolass, widow or Josopli Doug Is**, Sr. Dim notice of the funeral will be givon. Forma? Ou Suturday morning, February 9, at bis residence, Wiixiam Fouurs, only son of the late Donald Forbc*. The friends of the family are invited to attond the fuuoral, on Tuesday aUornoon, at three o'clock, from his late residence, Harlcin lane, near 112th street. Gm*OR. ?On Sunday, February' 10, after a lingering illness, I'lsiiT V. A. Girson. daughter of Richard and Euilly Gib on, aged 10 years, G months and 10 days The friends nnd relatives arc reaper! fully invited to nticnd the funoral, from I>r. Crosby's church, corner of Twi'uivoer.ond stroct and Fourth avenue, on lUNtday a teino u at two o'clock. Hratusr.?On Sunduy morning, February 10, Frank, youngest son of the lato George Heather, in the 4tli year of his age. The fr.cuds and rolativesof the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Tuesday morning, at eleven o'clock, from the residence of his mother, 160 F.asl Klily eighth Blrcol, second avenue. Hft-u- On Suuday, February 10, Ann Hcil, wife of William H. Hull. The friends of the fumllv are respectfully Invitod lo altoud the funeral, I rum her late residence, 108 East Nineteenth street, this (Uouday) afiercoon, at two o'clock. Hyatt.? At Newtown, L. I., on Saturday. February 9, Mr. Joint H. Hyatt, in the 67th year of his sgc. The relative* and friends of the family are Invited to attend tbo funeral, irorn his late residence, ou Tuesday afiernooo. nt one o'clock, without further notice. Trains will leave Hunter's Point st hall past eleven, A. A". Kinkier ?Suddenly, on Saturday, February 9, at his residence, corner of 127th street and Filth avenue, John K. Kivmkr, iu the (Dili year ol his ace. Kolaitves and friends are inviied to attend the funeral, on Wednesday mornirg, at eleven o'clock, without fur ther notice. Ki-ham.?On Friday, February 8, I.i.mix, son of the late I?r. Bcu)nm(fi Kmsani. Tbe relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral servicer, litis (Monday) morning, at ten o'clock, at 86 Kael loity-flrst street, near Lexington avenue Tito remains wilt be taken to Trinity Cemetery. Iaxch.?In Brooklyn, on Friday morulug, February 8, at his restdenco, 'Jl Jay street, Amjkkw A Lynch, in the 23d yenr of his %ge. lately of St. John's College, Furribaui, and aon of Thomas Lynch, of this city. The feneral services will lake place at the Assumption church, York street, corner of Jay, this (Monday) morc W? at t(bo o'clock. From thence bis remain-* will bo ^?'o Calvary Cemetery, Williamsburg, for Interment. i>fpu j ) papers p ease copy. 5?' ,* i?iOn Friday, February 8, of heart diaoase, i .I, _., ****"*i" Mathews, aged 57 years, invited to attend Mends of iho family are respectfully ' nonn> ?' her mora., on Tuesday, at twelve ?. street. -sideuce. No 183 West ? ,jr*"'Okn ?On Sunday mnrninfT* *?* ,?lr ii i!L"nJ ?'-wma iTwy I0. MiNNir. year, 11 months and 10 duyg. <tgr aged 1 r unornl to ia!cp pi&cp from 1jifl t Monday afternoon, at one o clock. ('al alreeS 'his MoRnis.iv ?On Saturday moraine, February o s. BCVere illrios, Joil.v MoKCtS'W tiffed Afi vparr ' J", h ?nd 28 days. ' 8 06 3 5 "?oniha Tlic relatives an.I friends or tho family are re pertfully invited to attend thu funeral, this (Monday) af'.-nieon, at three o'clock. from his late residence, Seventeenth struct, oornor of Ninth avenue, South Brooklyn. MrtiLixftt* ?In llreoklvn, on Saturday, kobroary 9, Jambs Mttiwjcnr, a native of Ijondondnrry, Ireland, in the 45th yeur of ids age, The friends and reintives of the fam ly are respect fully Invited to attend the funeral, from his lata real donee, No. 70 Waalitairton atreet, on Tuesday afternoon, at holf-paat two o'clock. i.uuuunuerry pap-rs please copy. Iti-.IiMHiiY.?On Sunday, February 10, of pneumonia, Ron ut MrJim-KY, aged'to years. Tit ? relatives and trlonds of the family ere Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, Mo 18 Kasl Fourteenth street, on Wednesday afternoon, at half pas' three o'eloelt, without further notice. Philip. ? In llrooklVD, on Thursday, February 7, Ma ma Pniur, widow of William l'hilip, in the Tflil year oi her age. Th<- relative! ard friends of the family aod those of her aon-lu-law. Hen). \V. Davis, are inv.led to attond tha fiuieral, tliia (Uouduy) afternoon, at two o'clock, from at Ann'a church, corner of Waahiogion and Sands street#, without further notice. The remains are to be taken to (ireenwood. Rikcr.?On Saturday, February 0, F.mttctv fiAVDrnnn, aon of N. W. and Maria Louise Rikcr, aged 6 montha and 24 days. The relative# and friends of the family are reap#' t fully invited to attend the funeral, from the resident* of his grandparent#, 121 Hast Twenty-fourth street, <n Tuesday afternoon, at two o'clock. Hcorr.?In thla city, on Sunday. February 10, brief illness, Wiu-iam Bcott, a native of Hawick- '?*u St'Htmjcit ?On WednesuaV rcbruary 0, Cortrua Harsh* Sutra, wil# -? av&erlck K Scbeltler and daughter of the late John M. Fftiit*,, Tho relatives and frianda of the lamiiy aie respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from St. Mark'a cburch, corner of Second avenue and Tenth atreet, on Tuesday afternoon, at half-past three o'clock Sunday, February 10, of pneumonia, after a abort nml aevoro llln a% I.iijav, daughter of niIo mon L. and Vicuiria Slrapfou, aged 2 year*, 8 month* and 13 day a. The rolatlrea and frlenda of the family are reapecj fully Invited to attend tlie funeral, at the residence ' her parents, 171 Seventh avenue, on Tuesday mornUg at eleven o'clock, wiibout further notice. Skii.,.i.*.?on Saturday, February 0, Amcma Tho-v*. daughter of Simeon D. Skillin, aged 18 yeara aid * mouths. . Kelatlvea and frlenda are reapect fully invited toil'*nfl the fnneral, on Tuetulay afternoon. at two o'clock lrum the residence of her lather, 244 Kant Rmadway. Nthtkbr.?In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Kef*'"*1? Mr*. Eluci {Sirykkp, relictot Corneliua StrykT, aged <o yeara The relative* and friends of the family Invited to attend the funeral, tin* (Monday) aflernoo*, at h*ll-pa?t two o'clock, from her late residence, 14J Livingston ?t. Tratm.?In Wllllamabnrg, N. Y., on Htinrday. leb ruary 0, Isaac, only and beloved *<>n of iMt an'' hR?e A. Thayer, aged 11 month* and 12 (lavs. Fuuoral this day (Monday), at twelve o clock, rwends and reiatlvea are invited. Boston papers please ropy _ ? Tows**.?On Saturday, fVhruary 0, Aw Towsw, after a long and severe illnrM, a native oi Neruey, parish of Kllldlnghan, ooonty Kildare, Ireland, in tho 72d year of her age. ... .. .. Relatives and fristids of the family, and thane of her son-In-law, Thomas Klysn, ste invited to attend the funeral, this (Monday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from bar lata reeldeoco, 213 Pnisnr-v *treet. Vous. ?On Hnterday. Fstwuary ?, Hsw.ntrrs Jobamrs, Mly danghter of AtunM fehnoaa Vena, grandchild of Seury and Helene Meisterhn, aged 0 (tenths ?n4 1(1 lift The relative* and friends of the family are rvMpeotrullv invited to attend the funeral, thus (Monday) ufteriioou, at half-past oae o'clock, from the reaideuce ut Ler pareute No. 0 Jonas at root. Waan.?Or old age, at the residence if her danghter-m. law. 118 Wert Thirty-third street, Mrs lluiaica Aasu, at the advanced age of 100 years. The funeral services will lake place this (Monday) alteruoon, at half-past three o'clock, at 116 Wesi Thirty third street. Winaw* ?At Roasville, 8. I., on Friday, February I, Pktkk Winawt, aged 64 years. Relatives aud friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, from his late residence, on Tuesday af ternoon, at one o'clock, and at half-past two o'clock from the Monvian church. SHIPPING NEWS.^ ai.sawac roa ??* rona?this oat. sew aisss 7 ?? , noon ami morn ? ? sun errs h :?0 I uiuh watsr morn IS M PORT OF NEW YORK^FEBRUAftY 10. 1867. Arrived. Steamship Auatralaslan tBr), Cook, Liverpool Jan 88. vis Qum-natown 37th, with indie and pasii-nger*. lo K Canard. The A is detained below, waltiug lor sufficient water lo cram the bar. Steamship Oeean Queen. Harris, Asplnwall Feb 1. with treasure, mdse and passengers, lo the Pacific Mail Steamahis Co. Feb 6, 1st Sd 87, Ion 74 44. passed lark K Murray, steer tug N ; Uih, John C Wood, a second cabin passenger, frem Kan Francisco, died of consumption; 0th, Narcnao Ksrobaw tint cabin paaseuger, a citizen of Peru, died <>f bilious fever. Steamship Maripoaa. Quick, New Orleans FebS. with in das and passengers, to O K Harrison. Steamship Leo, Dearborn, Savannah Feb A with mda* and psaanugers, to Murray, Ferris A Co. 6th lust, at 6 PM, off Charleston, saw steamship San Salvador, hence for Am vanuali; 8th, off Ilalteraa, steamship Rapidan. thenar fas New Orleans: off Capes of the Delaware, steamship Flam beau, hound d. The Leo had beeu detained off Sandy llook since .lalurday PM. Hark Queen of the Sees (Br), Reld, Foot how Oct 18, wltk teas. Ac. to Spring, Noll A Co. Pu.sed Anjier Nov 22, Caps of Good Hope Dec 23, crossed the F.uuslor Jan 16in ion SO M W, and took pilot off the Highlands Feb 8: had moderate whole and fine weather the enlire passage; Deo 1. lat 18 10 M, Ion HI 47 R. spoge slilp Ked Deer i Br), 31 days from Hlian. Shae for Loudon; 20th, 1st 35 S, lou 24 h, bark Teesdate, 41 ays from Peimug for Now York. The U of the S is at aa. chorln Orarewiiil Bay Bark Union. Merrill, Measina, 70 daya, with fruit, to Rsb ward R Newuomb Had very heavv waalher; been undel close reef for 3D dsvs: lost and split sail*. Dec 30. lat 34 41. Ion dO 40. spoke ship Lewis Walsh, l? clays from Caiais fos Glbrultar; Jnu 3D, John Parsi-y, native of London, 1'- tig laud, seaman, fell overboard and wua lost. BrigI.ydla 11 Cole (of Turks island*), Samson, Santa Cruz. 16 days, wtth mahogany, Ac. to Ldmlatou Bros. Brig Maggie (Br), Tuio, Uuaiitruumo, 13 days, with stiffs* and 2 pssseugers. to Brett. Sou A Co. Has had mudernt* a eat her. Brig Alpha (Br), Wadman, Windsor, NS, 30 day*, with gypsum, to P 1 Nevius A Sons. Below. Ship Vltula. Peck, 134 days from San Francisco. Is si an chor outside of the bar. Ship Dashing Wave. Carlton, front San Frauo sco Nor 1, Is sunk near the Southwest Spit. Bark Warrior. Brlif David Owen, from Cardenas. Brig Palme. SchrChas Meyers, from Georges. Marine Disasters. 9g- Ship Dashing Wave, Carlton, from San Francisco 8m Now Vork, struck on Barncgat shoals during the heavy fug 011 Saturday morning laat. came off and was towed Inside of Sandy Hook, where she aunk to her upper deck during HaAur day night. Captain and crew were takeu off by Capt lias sard, of steamtug Philip, and brought up to this city. (Mm news columns.) Suir Ashore?'The ship reported yesterday as being ashore near the West Hank is the Hugo Urotlus (Hoi), Capt Ebes, hence tor Rotterdam. Brio Adam (Br), Shaw, before reported stranded 26th ult on Larandrras. in the Barcos Channel, was towed to Carda ns* (not Trinidad). SniR Mart I .as?Capt Murray, of scbr Mountain noma, at (irunaos I'ass, Teaaa, 29th ult, reports Jan 27, at S AM, picked up the crew of schr Mary Lee, Capt lteid. from (Jrand Gulf, with a load of lumber, for New Orleans, the schr hav ing foundered 36 miles from the Southwest Pass in the re cent gale. Schr Virgixa Dark, at Fortress Monroe 9th inst. from Turks Islands for Kdenton, NC, with salt, encountered* severe hurricane on the 8th ult, and was driven 7(J0 miles out of her course; she laid hove too 21 days, lust aails aud sua tutuod other damage. Vessel ts tight. Miscellaneous, Purser P D Sloeum, of steamship Leo, from Havana*a, has our thanks for f ml Hie of papers. The wind yesterday was from WSff. blowing hard, and 1st consequence there were but few arrivals from sea. Tna tide was unusually low, making it difficult for the ferryboats to make their landing* The steamship Australasian waa telegraphed from the Highlands at 8:35 PM, but had net come up to the city at a late hour, probably In oousequenoa of the low stage of the water on the bar. STBAMsnir Optr Ci*r, Captain Stewart, belonging to C ? Mallory A Co's weekly Texas line, U now loading at pier M East river, for Galveston, for which port she will sail Sua Saturday next, 16th inst. She has One accommodations far passengers. The following table gives a summary ol the vessel* ia the harbor* of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Clisriesloa. Savannah, Mobile, New Orleans and Galveston, at the latest accounts from each ot those ports;? KKW TORS. Ste.imers 88 Brigs IM Whips 71 Schooners <88 Barks Ill ? Total UT SOS TO IV Itsamshlps 14 Brigs t Whips 30 Schooners ? Barks 30 _? Total ? U-t- vl -??. ? ?- . . NllL4PKI.rHI4. Steamships .".'.....llS Vrii* __ Ships 9 Schooners >? Burks 17 Total MB CH4RI.S1TO.N. Steamers 2 Brigs ? If Whips * Schooners M Barks 7 Total M urissis. Steamships J Itrtgs f Ships 14 Soboooers ???? tf Barks 6 ?? Total ? ?osii.r. Steamships 0 Brigs ? Ships 15 Bcbooaen M Barks. 6 Total 41 kkW Oki.K4.SS. Steamships *J Brigs If hlnps U Schooners.. Burks 26 -~ Total -Hi (.4I.SKSTOK. _ Steiroshlps 2 Brigs... ? ?Shl|?s II " Mai h* 14 ? Total St Nntlre to ftlar "* RAHBOROf Oil.TtM* u . Mnjor JJord of the U S roant f4j7v]T?? h" been litel, eniyr yi-d on i ho harlxji and Intra . ? new ? Uanriol for vosrr-la paaain* um 'be port of UaJ veKion, thiiH:? _ . "Leave the Black and Whit, '0. I*"1 h?"<?e Wt nui lor the Red Bur., ui. A 'L? of *? ?r. and llio J'Jifk Buov hearing F.N ft. " r,n??? ahould 9H 1'???n low water." . u/^LW"h"'?-SlSr. lIii.Wi""li.on| Willi.. Are tic, i?>*i4 oil. 16,1X4) LkJ? ? ' mV Kainbow, tinker, Otj ?Si ntli l5la otl, 28r ??ne: W anhluRion, Maker, do. ??? bble oil, 2sU0 Iba Kr Old at do Uir |A *"lrcnry. Tooker. Now Bedford: 18th bark Active. Holuoatnl!' l#tb. ahip Kaiuliow, 8a Norton' .i",'rk Wm ' ' "*? Awa.honka, hpoken?ijaa 6 4SI' ,on I2a- b*""* Helen Mar. on a cruiae. Mtioken. ?-<?. Sliln Th coMBr,> ,ron> Cardiff for P?,u. Nor* MM N, ion Hd 4?* ? %T Whip Won- 28? lat 51 SO ft Ion 8010 W Foreign Form. r&2& is. fcAr* rx Hr.HS Cardiff; brij Klvie AjW*TI&, I?ZL ?' fg r b^fUrro'ii SVnVk N V?rk" Sld W"'' b*rltAm^rtaS a?It hJfJa :.V'UrJ A Fluirhloauo. Lln,1,".r- Wilson. Manaanltla! J i,!,h J 1 ih~f ? P' <'list*worth (Bri, Toafear, Chi*. PhfJ,*gd *14 lahfor England?; Joseph Clarke. c?pe, a em. ^Sih iii! P^nV. ''J*"1 <,nd "M l9,h 'or Chla Ck?), loin, Detroit, Curtis, I'hlnrhsa (and aid 19th tii ?*Ti!wi2V>> i"*Jl li w*lrr""1" (*'??, Bales, Chile. I *? wailo, Jan JB?Mo ri-K???(* in port cJ?Mi ?' ? *>?Arr ?tram?hip* (iuatrmala. Douglas. tral_Ajnertcan porta; Feb i. Montana, suit on, Ban Fra?; ojaco. Bid Jan Jb. steamship* San Salvador, Rowdilrn Fraociacomer'Ca" pm*'' W'^ 0"'dpn City. Watkins, BMfc American Ports. bark AnnlS, Cardiff; rOKTRHBS MO^ r<;r Baltimore; Conronlta, NYort; brl?? KMole, iRUiifl fur Kd*niou. N( . ?obr V VI.U l)?r^ 1 u??? K?'i<ilni?ni., Kli? KAL!. K,^^^^cb7ll?wlt"n1 tiiirdner, NYortu A??^rr Wilmington. 8?m liAl>YK8"O.Y. <????' . L ,,0| er SomUJ, Bunion; A O e?r, rork cm J*u ?, bark Cornelia (not Ariif. H7*"lil Tjreri*)Oi, 9Nhi brig* Jennie Uiluuk. AnuiU. ^r.uh.m -^ Hu.ton; ecnri J H French. .oA issw^ "sUrpr^r jsrpE w?C; / * nil material* for a ne* ligtitbona* 'urrij, YKW 0KI<K *NS. Feb $?Arr xteurnahipa Fung t-'huey. inVlrrlb, and < ->o WaahinKtoii. Oajfrr. NYorfc; bark Do Mo -IICO I Kr>, ffelvler, Nora Or Hi; brigOnalppoe, Mum, B.aUm. ?ih-Ar ?icain?hip. Havana, Whitman, NYork; ManhaU tan. T'tmur do t in ilurana; ahtpa Mo/art, Smith. Cardiff; Maicia (Jroonlonf. Haloa, .NYork; bark* Nourolle Mriniiw. Vara l'r?; BridRoi ort, Mortan, Hoaton: I'rlacilla. Kda man . ObartimtOn; I rnnktln, flaaarll, Cardiff; arhra K P Rey nard, Prim, Boaton; Habtna, Morriiuin, Cardntiai Belotr Lblna urn lavKir, Munllnello. Cld ataamahlp Urn Meade, hami-'on. NYork; liark I'man (Hwr . Amlolamin, l.lvarpool, Ctruiau (Spi, tiorold. Malaga; nebr* N H Rmden, Itulae, Human Ialand; Dlc'ator. Nlekeraon, llallre, Hon. NKWPoRr, rati 0? Arranhra W II Atwiaxl. Croea, R-wtoa fur Jainea River, Va; Archer A Keovov Millet, do lor Cap* Cainavrral. r'la; Frank A Km ljr. Colley, do tor Sarannahi A liblo I'lin.aD, l-itnbert, Portland tor Baltimore, iJiiile A. swell, llaana, Waanltifltoii Freeman, Freeman; Cora Mor rtauu, Hlgglna; Kunlce I* Newnomi-, Vawomh; Money Mill, Pleree; lautvl L Pierre, Pierre, and Richard K Hlstflna* I'wvara, Hoaton for 1'augler; Kmm.i D Ourtie, Purvere, ana. Crorim ShaUiKk, ?, do for do; M A Su?w. t obaaarl fn* Virginia. H I'oKTI.AND, Fob 8?Arr arhrn Nornh. J.o<-ke. Moblto; ? bio. lairing, do; Nellie Starr, Ko-ter. bli?Abeth|>->rt. FKuVtDhNCE. Feb S-Arr w hin S H wVffdrr. MoiOj . lin, Newraatle. Dol; Wide Awake, Hamlin. NYork for I a? Un-knt. Hid achr W T Kmoraon, Kiiwraon, Ha In more. . R\N FRANCISCO, .Ian It-Arr ahip Wcetera FmtWO. Hroaier. N York; bark Hodrhvddan 'Hi I. Isnnb. LlromW, l.'.h, ahlpa Si hall .lahfUl I lit . Ml lea. Sjlne*. l.i-onlinap? Brj, Hoenatow. Olaagnw; haik? Almeua. Harmon. IfToik. ltltri.Uuajai|ull iSpi. Marlaiany. Maiaca , . . Rid Jan II, ahlp Oarlbaldf. Atwurt, Tiivefpn"1; Wlh, bark* Flora. KrtnpUm, Hlo Jane ro, tab, OainUr" l]T ij' , Kiln-tm. Cork. Joa- hlm ChrHtian (B?W), '.anga fHr), Jarrott. IJVerponl; I alahur '"i*! V!;,".' 7th ablna Uoo Peebolv. Fame. NYork; U*k. n t mm* nan (Haw). WlndPug, Hong Kong. Cld WrkTroptffue (Fr>, ^fflLMciol /v NC, Feb?-Arr l>rl? Jul'a R Arer, BaR. age, Martlnlsi'jf. Cli egbr Marr A ly %r, Ty et. N Y ji a. ?; aW angb-J l'aw-|