Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1867 Page 1
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.Tiaaiia ctjtuit-.tosi ,cx muiiuai jAQgaana^ .(ijahhh aaoY w tsi/ iJt . . I tr) r-nt (ttej1> it1' >M t* troiTA'Ml - - mi in, i m m v.v/ i ? a ii i.^1 |i PW^n j .am W A .??? rfJV Jill/. A?<1 unuwjwi I ? ? I ???*_?.. iftt '01 ' ' j ? M ????? > , n,.?| ??''?* ," j > A IJMMJ.yym ?1 I I m ma, a. !??(? i . ' - :"?~ ??????' " " ????" ?' " ? | "? ? ? ? .? f i t ; ? i 'n* Mir <r ?"".' ' 1 ! ! j" y' "> *' '"' r 1 ?? ' ? ??'????' ? 1 V '?? " * WHOLE HO. 11,124. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY IS, 1867.?TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE FOUR CENTS. >t] 1 1 " ' ? ? .11 .r I! I '"I f in hi "i i ? II ? ? * u HII'JIIII I II ...... ..I I. I ! I ? Ii?n II. ? ? f WKiwn , WS ?=? S\ARR1B-Y0tr WER8> NOT THERE SUNDAY K' V tug. letter for jog In station JA OH AM rtmuei p. staoo or hm attorney V/ hear of something to his advantage byH ^.homogfroia^KB, DMIAWOND BREASTPIN.-FRIDAY, iTI^I fair; If aat flrst flsir Soy. ' fpOEND.-A PUR COLLAR. WHICH TIB OWNRR <?AN V R?# by prowia* laopaitj end paying eupdnsda. AS? Ml, hooKi vtnSk oaol ! H*. C.-WtLL TOP, CALL AND PAT TOUR BILL . to the party you aaW In the picture store in Nassau REMI on Saturday, or ahali I send it to your house t L. W TP .ANT PIRST ? A le son out at a MS large trade, with lease of store, ho oan perhaps make a aake hp addressing Merchant Tailor, HeraM oBoe, for three tnpormation wantbd-op .iohn hkpkErnan, I ?Timothy Nihil, Jmttf B Oaoney and Timothy Donowsu. Inform 11lun will be thankfully reeetred hy Patrick HeHer tea, Si East Twentieth street. I F^?FORMATION WANTBD-dP PATRICK OR JARE3 ^HU-Rard, who leftDnhlln about 16 Veers ago for Auhura, Slate of New York, and were afterwards heard trom in <lc-i Hsva about 10 yeari ago. Any ln/bruist!on or their where abonta tn 'the Interim will be gratefully redelved by their Ik ether, IJMW'i < see, iHAWeet Twenty s*?<i?d at. New York. THPDRNATJON ' WAETBp?CONTEBNINq JL iJkeresboute'of Patrleh Sbortal, fbobmakef; - Shark (iMtn wns In Atlanta. Oa., sod member c ?HPEHHU|nla,HEHHMIM any No. 1 bdfdre the wtr. Ant fa formulas Ydrk^H Centt any No. I bdWre the War. - At ,\ X TH * -?y - hp-hobrakh. "yart-^reindneb he. Xatt-laowlNlUhaiSLyoM. Your h?*rt-b ?.J. ? ? - *<? "TDJltCt) MdLEk*. tP TN TOWN. WILL PLBAiE CALL II. aUfoJAJiaamu.street. . ? ?- ' r' am streets, on Tuesday, at haV-past S P. M., who aakm was ?-Bureau or rnrormatton," too rutt ?' aRSMEaof rasealtty is sifted ferpartias Pulton street, w"hnfir?7 JUTRlMUSIlil,. A 0?NTLE*AN, AGED JR or \"BRT HIGH JSC JBl pehition, refinement And Ample means. wishes i m fWd?Un?e of nyoung lady. roodesLsmUiNe and wi with bona Ada view to matrimony. The ibMlli, and Intend* to take bis bride te Ibwii, and intend* to take bia bride te Parte dur ?won. AddrewfinhoibotnbleaeOTecyll^HJ LOW' AND FOUND. L T ?ST.?FOR COLLAR.?ON MONDAY EVENING. AT Aj Kelly Alteon'a, a lady'i dark mink Collar. A liberal BHri will be pain lor its return to Mt Broad way. O T OBT?A PIRBMAN'B DBVICK NO. 1* TUB FINDER JJ will confer a favor on tbe owner by returning die same i>i,.'. <W AM WestEorty^aerontb atreet. TlIOMAfe McCAftK. ? OHD-FBBRFARY A AT 689 BKOtDWAY, A GOLD ! < I JLl lever banting cane. Watch, No. IbjtU. $96 reward will '< Wgtren fee its roturn to Jacob March, 110 Grand street, T i f OFT?TUB8DAY, NEB. 12, EITHER IN ADNFt EK ? Xd Wty place car er In Waverley place, a $*0 greenback. t The finder will receive a liberal reward by leaving ii with in . Ran edict iron.. 17IB roadway. T.OBT.-M REWAKD.-LOST. ON RUNbAY, willLB XI' gOlngTrdm Forty-ninth strdat, between Fifat nni Sec. emd avwmra, through Second avenue to Forty-seventh tofcasuh.atady'a Onya and Coral Pin. Tbeei iAe re paid on Us retain to m Boat Forty-ninth street. N TtTIWDAY AFTBNNOgN. AT 4 Ot'llX'K. Iteenth Street, between Fifth and Si\ih ave all h'aek atnt ten terrier Dog. with afltWr chain He Hell. A suitable reward v.'!U be paid I Hea^UteenG^treet^nl no i^uejitUma ??^Hrkviakiik. ? KHHflEKHESffiyH LADY'S MINK COLLAR. "ON or pear Eighth at reel, between I ^^^?HMPireahM. The tinder Will -receive above I remming it to Mr. King, SA Matk's Place Hotel. I H m I WW f?I , ? ? flA REWARD.?LOBT. ON MONDAY. KtB. 1ITH, #1.U between - Twenty-third and Furty-aeoeud atreeta, a I aditf BlBo. smewatlsg (a $3a 80. Tbe above reward wlU I Re paid by leaving it stSO Bookman street, np atatra. I RiRSCIAL VOTItE*. I..B. JAFFKAY A CO. HAVE MITCH la Informing their friends and cusbsruer* that inlglndiagdamage from thefire this morn in perfect order, and the business will man reodlaR Wkrkly meeting of tbe dry ,X Ugsfia Clerks' R. Cloning Association wlU take place fejWegpeeday) evening, fehruaryll. atSncl.?k. at E. C. gal, $07 Bowery, when action on the proposed Amendment *? Ike Constitution will be tskau. AwaeB. CflWT, Bee. Beo'y. H. B. COWLE8, Prea'L M OPPORTI N ITIlWt ? TO rtJRTHABR A "JSSSSSS1'5"-' """""l!" |? tmnsenwowwo* ?*roB1SBON. Mb Nn??kd Street. AN ENERGETIC man, with a few Tiers and A dVTUFtTlSKlt Stid a prolttable Investment and obtain aa ?Merest in a valuable patent. BONNU It * CO.. 117 Nassau street. rtvim 17. MAN, WITH ?$,000 IN CAHH. WIHHEN TO EN e in some aefe, paving and honorable business established. Addrefi*' M. M., Herald olTlee. LADY OF REFINEMENT WISHES TO JOIN A PHY , sMan or gentleman who baa a fsw hundred dollar* to Start a home for invalids. The tadv will fnrntab the same. Per full particulars address for one week Honorable, Herald A VALUABLE WEEKLY JOURNAL. DOIN0 A FIRST elaaoeash trade, for sale to a responsible party. Terms May. Address W. B? Herald oittoe. AN EXPERTENCED LIFE INSURANCE AGENT A Wanted?By s company offering great advantage*. A very liberal arrangement will he made with a reliable party. Address Endowment Ufa, boa 1.3*1 Peat oHice, N. Y. ?? R NALIU-A PORK BUSINESS. PRICE $4,010. AD dress Purohaae. Herald oihoe. U*OR BALE ATA BARGAIN?A WELL ESTABLISHED J! Perfumery and Soap Manufacturing bualnes*, with good wilt of a first Has* trade; Attn rev complete and stock reedy for immediate tale. A chance seldom offered. Salle Wastry rvaaon* gtvnu for ostltng. Address L P.. boi l .lfid ltMtamw, TCTKW AND' VALUABLE INTENTION ?I*VRTIEN ll seeking btiatne** een Inreat in the manufacture of ah artWdn in universal uW and read/ sale, mode In a few hum a, arttbout maohmbry, fully protected by patent, requiring but g email cnplul and paving 180 percent prolt. la operation ' ?* peritenters made kaawn wi $* Breed atreet. room IA "*>ART*Eft WANTED?TN A HOTEL TN THIS CITY JTRjvlng about lit rooms, and whleh eae be enlarged twte* Its present else, end made very remunerative Must be eonneient to take charge of ?ue of the departments, a* Skat, and hate the readv cash tn purchase ohe-fftmrter or ?I Tlilii| latere*! wtth nndouMed ehareeter. Rualneee Ibieir eetebliaUdd and lease several year* vernn. Addreaa wttb vagi aame end referaneee, X. Y. S., bea 0.M Pmt ARB CHANCE a-ANY GHNTLHMAN HAVING $11100 odpttal een meet with one of the meet eitiwwdlnary op. vnnitlet foi -making monrjr.evcr odvred, by iaqairing at Hudson Hreei. R CORF nunmrTV*r.n.-*Tnn advertiser, a O eeMntlltn imd preoUael aohp tneker and ptrtumef Is an Its branches, also en mvantor. desire, te aaaeeUta hlnjaelf, wttb a responsible fhrty or bouse With eepital te Jom him Is carrying on the aaenufaclurej business outumem-eff; brands wall known. Nono bnt rfspnnslltl* parties need ap nty. Beat references given and raiutted. Addret* J. J. $ , Beeatd oAoo. 3rsss^S2?fig,s?a?a?os??? Id. F. Hall. Westerly, R, I. NTLEMAN WIIO IS THOROUGHLY husnieas, to take Bold-and amted-a oentllman WH ?eqnelnted with the agenuy bus Anaa a saw boaaehold article of (jj-eat^mailf; the right a man een have tell control. Call for throe days at ?1A P> ?>? WILL SECURE A SPLENDID PAYING ylU business. Gall oa or addrnaa W. PldK. at the Na mAAed IavUmii* Kaebaega. MB Broadway, roam Na. * J BUYS ' THE BXOLCBIVR BIGHT Iff ANY unsold tn sell en erttele whteh retell* a* " No. $ Plan Aram, room Me. R I '( fQAA FOB A PROFITABLE, BABY AMD HONORA ^MVU hta hwsliwaa, rwqnirtng but ilttla sapTtel Parf** ^OduSHk $1 Ctdar atrett, ha tenant. V rspy PKHIBBB TKADHJMQ PBffOHB WHOSE f^SsmtaSa'aajareS * fa Rial an Lady ?*l* lw*?oji$ iwj^k?o? ^sSrr.s-STai tj-^sfi fa Account*, phnmaMsbip. business a r pa in*. InstrwtloB (print* If deatndi at OOLDdJlTlfi CnmsoS^a "ttete 7-tyndwar Established M>3. .. f RBSOU: CONVERSATION AND LITKRATL'BE-BY r Professor PABRAlN, gmduale of the UathoUs UkL yereHy of Leurahi niw! Swoil Hehool of Paris (Toockeco? School). Tutt1oawarreri?a4 tn three month*. 87 Rondst. FKKNCH tPf SIXTY LB890N3.-$4A MONTH; IfOlRN. Im eiaao also. Oonrernslion. Neither ,ir*|nrna? nor Dictionary in required. Professor JOSEPH Jv OiUERRE, No. lh CI I a ton plsue, Eighty alroai. ? j _ MUSIC.?AT TIIB NATIONAL. OONSER.YATORY OP Music. 83 Madison avenue. near Twetitv-ntiith street. Piano. Vtoltn, Theory aud Storing! terraa $10 pertjuartar, Tito ConMrvatery lnatruotloo hooka free. ritO TEACHERS A WELL ESTABLISHED SCHOOL "Si. WANTED-A PRINCIPAL. TO TAKE OHAMOjjj OF AUeatowa Academy. ThU Institution pan chartered ?SSSiSff# '""lassi. Hasxrtss&L* . AHenf wn Aaademf. AHantepf._P?_ .Byo*^1,e' Am" VERP HANDSOM* IMPORTED BNOLISW POfMP. j&tfsxvttvesx'> t"1 a*?W? YILljB. ataalaaroonv?7 Neman atrpet ion ke*4>' i auction I 1l KINDS OP DOGS AND WRDS FOR BALBi AN" erary particular; has three aDJernnma. el* ???, water closets. marble top waah J full particular* a<Mre?a 61obe Fire Insurance Company, wlch streets, New York. Prionl 1DOR 8A1.E-THB LARGEST AND BEST A# J? meotraney'FowIe and Fancy Pigeon a in Aof best Imported xtoek; aloe extra fine stock ?' P*T^ wiiT'vaa ftvaasATK s. F*47?toE3ft Cure nnd Plea Exterminator, IB (?U Butlera on the Do*. $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Me all dlseaees.^ ; ... - " 1 'W , tor sale. N. B -Biits -aught alive. ( 1 . J 4 2AAfI STAND OP ARMS, WITH BATOSETR COM .I HH) pletr Hprlngtt-ld Mnateta *1>J^ will be sold at a bargain. ApjffJ' te H. DEVLIN, 41. .Pearl atreet, near Chatham street. . t , t, ! _ HORHE4. CAXUll L6ES. &! ? AhoV KLEQANT C Sl'HJNO CLARENCE. OF '?''5 * own mike, Wr sale-UjuJwTun but a fVwUma. and U In pcrfe.A Orrter.^ BRKWSTER A Ofr.. of Broom* at a T 58 CEDAR STREET?CHEAPEST PEACE IN THE \ cltv to buy for -ash. Coupe add OermAntoFn Reek, awaya. Victoria*. 7 BREWSTER PHAETO*. SECOND At portty Fonrm-RTWBijT and Piwra.^yiiNrg tn'rnorer aeat Phaeton and ftneaet Harness, all new \RBtNIND: MAMDCOAOM, EXPBBSS WAOOraS.i PDR A ^ "re^ucu""~"^?t Phtladriptdn Oertaabtown (Wsteon's mate); perry jrirsetrm*.5"^^y handw^jP?ae toa. abtfltad Wp toP end eg*n HiSktaa. Mm-kaways; single and dooUe Ha^^BlabkeU. I^p Kidws, llaltera. Whips, Ac.;- four $teg^?ao?oral ps :?sr,; isE^ew a THiVTTlKfl sLtrir MARK, 10 ftAKDi HTflHj HAS pedigree can be seen at 436 Pautdh arenne, bear x^lrly-lirs'. ? street. ? : a SPLENDID FRESH MILCH COW POR. KALF \ tfitba ivreutv QU?rt* <vd9V. *Tp! be fold cbftp orwotlld e^tenglffoiNa^owa^prioed Applyat 163 Saat Tyrant, A(thatree4._, ? V' ' ' * * A ^Ifle* is^ep^S^B A' 27 Nassau unet AU persons wishing to buy. sell or ex changr^Horsfa or Oarr.sVes. sl?<?ld hare their paoper.y, or the artl-les desired registered as a bore. ,1, ? , ATCrlON HIUW AT HORSE ALCTION I'mnn Square, ever, Tuesday ana FMday lliroughnnt Ibe year, and at 37 Nassau eiraat, araiy Wednesday and Satur day. See auction head. , rlTSALE-ONE OOACHEE. WitH SIDE CURTAINS and squabs; one aeeund hand Oermantown Boekaway, one dortor'a Pbaetoa; one .laaaar; en- square bo'-"P*?> and two light Road Wagons; alTTu (mod order and Aheap. DALY A K1KI JilNO, (Id and ?K Rchermarhorn street, BrOnHIyil. tJWR HALE-U HOK8KS, AMONO THK1TI8 OBE r TSlnsMr black Tram, lull hrdthere. xalahble_ for a farmer or any hualneaa; al?o one superior, taree blind Horae. the others aU -art or track Horse*. SO New Chambers street. . F~ OB^AI P-A NEW ONB HOR8K TRUCK. IRQ1IRE at 173 EldrMgr street. ' ' R 8AI R-A PAIR OP YOUNO HORSEn. PARK Phaet-m. Shtft'ng Top Buggy and Double Harneer.^sU lesood order. Inquire, between S and II o clock, ror idcf^at uiw^y'. s^.ble-. 6? We?t_riftee,1fh siree^ FB3~oR SAI.R?A (IB AY nORNR. 1? HANDS HlflH, henvy built about fourteen hmclred pounda; suituble for any b"*TT w.rrh; warranted ?iund and kind. Apply for two day* at ftl Sianton aireei. tn the store. ^ FfeaiOR HALE?POI'R PAIRS OF YOFMO MULES, WELL W?1... mtg hsnds high lila<k; al?o four single Mirte?, no S ni Mtehtx-thlrd street ??d Eighth ^fnu^or JTaVo CAliLPfBtD. RMnndn, Oil, tlall *" US HALM?A NEW DOVBI.R TR'HIK. H FtKT tone. for outKm oraoy "?JJf Appij <a ??? KiAhiU ?nd Hiife F eoni^r? SOVHRNMBNT PROPERTY AT nid^.r ' 10.lino sets new grid eneimd hand Hsrue.t^ saddle*. liars. Bridle*. Hal'ei^ W agmand Horse t^rera. Pauhw, ^-brtdTee ?r iife erm.aO.TTD, PITKIN A 00. .t? North froat street, Philadelphia. Pa.; No. 6 Park place. .New 1 org. PRIVATE HTABLK TP RF.NT-196 WPHT ^"^ENTH I street; four stalls, room far * ***** md gas, rrlae gftW. Apply.a* 30 > runt street. . Private stable fob halk.-m west ekjh. teenth street. Prlee jlAlkW II1WO RXPRBHH ,JllJX,rtTWr?^rT^K H JL for ommh, ai *lr _ - Wanted-a lady's sadw-b HPNf,lL.fiLu,fi5ark not orer 14 hand* high, young and sound. *1*^.a bay Horse, 16V heo.U: muTbeyoju.* ?l8"4'jJ11?iirW 4r*m* ffUUQf pr*^. ike., Tkomm*, I>? w** ADO A-MDNTH-BI* *?>RR HfiKHSH AND ^.>U wagons taken on heerv four *Ulh to bo '?? *?? carriage mmn. Apply at lib fleet ara.tuo. oorne* of Thatt. street t?i7f| ?SORRKL HOJtsr. KHi; RAY **aE-,5^'JS, <T l U. blank Hone, !?*. ?K)if; ^ 'V-e^?.' alt rbunky build and sound and kind. 144 Waal Twenty ninth otroot, throe days. ? . _ out eoom. JL UHKA1 KL'Hft FOR OC*Ch?*P MTEMm ^ . d . . Strang** who har* not h.m?b( an* <>t thwn had botttrr 4a *> at onoa, M our supply is uenrly ?*? IMMENSE LOTH Al!Sj?jffifi^WR 10a. ? UKo. IMMENSE LOTS, mJSTSSV^ ' ***- * ! T~ 1= BENT t-4 TFAHSCTTAS, Site. immerse lots table likens crashes ?.t JIwA?2!,I'ft.?L,kN,c,ITH? OAEMMEWi; CLOTHE, PRINTS, U&LAiNEH, BI1AWLS, HOHIERT, .. . ? - MBmigk ao., from apotiout, At ABT wlet!TWB wHh. rotnfc HWtTHKKS, JET Eljrtifh OMT EI?M<wn?h it, And H'BTilt BROTHERS, >71 BtonMm Mfeot. Sf ?. ^ARRBUL orTBKS THIS WEEK, FOR Wl ti. of tfc* Rprtng trad*, n ehokw awlrrtlon of g^fcEgLwftSi ft: sxsSiSffSEsttn&Svas mmueaur fAMMMM, nm ? C0*-fc 1 8ALB4 AT Al'OtlOIV Mm y, rebrutry 14, ail?Q'^jrummi^h ^?e&EsSifeisEe ???i?tj4?p?o?. jiTn,?MdSiriaii w ^SflSff^SeMme^TSe vlclafSI^I *--r'---t -IhiitT "--?--? ---* '? ?,?*?' Jfeea ?afbbeiM4?rt* MifitteMW,Np,rtaa 4gm w*w W. C. ?aaliish, lu., HaealvsO^^^B OA4M1 FKEliCH gooda, ?SSIitta:. ISgiSSfe of cwy 4?cripnon. tome or It imported. A UCTIONOTICE.SCBHBB|jITYE^R ?MflBmHK HOTEL KEEPERS AM) TUETbH KEEPERS AMD THETBATM?. Lmsg? aula of il?myl tad genteel Hoiurhold Furniture at ?ubiM auetuto. ihia (Wednesday) morning, February IB. at. 11 >9 o'clock precUetv. at the ? story auction house,: 1(8' Clinton nut, Eighth street, between Fifth and allih av*. ^ , _ 1Al_ _ hium, consisting or msgniflcent rosewood PUuoforte. Steel and Cover, all modern improvements, full 7\ Uve, ilchi.v carved legs ana out ; 3 beautiful Par lor Rhtt*. covered with richest description of French s.itin hrocitel; Worka of Art, Bronze*, Cm PaiAtl i nga by eminent artllU; Velvet, Brunei* and Ingram Car, pet* , row wood Etagrre*, atyle of Lout* XIV.; solid Mack walnut Kiten?lon table, Kulfet aud Mining Chain to match7 Oval and Pier Mirror*; black walnut Suit*, covered wrtii haircloth and ri-en reper black walnut aud roeewOOd Bed steads and Bhreaui. Spring and Hair Mattresaee, Sofa* aim ltm.keia Vaae?. Ola**, China and stiver Ware, Cutlery, Ac. N. B.?Kelub'e men In attrndanne to earl, pack add ship good* fqr pii.chaacra at a reasonable charge. JJV MISER A SOMEftVILfJli" ?? WT?* at AT CTiOM, THIS OAT. AT 13 O'CLOCK, AT SALKHRonM 37 N ASSAU STREET, FUR ROBES, , ggVgjKAt, pfiTOHARft?B8t AC. Three ?ery fine BLOODED IS KIT. Particular* udder head A.avji it i. r of "?Sportipg." 1: - > <?) . .... Regular Horse Sates at S? Nassau street every Wednesday ind Saturday at 13 o'clock. ! ? MeWa MN'BR At sOMRRVtLLE OITev unaurpameA ad vantage* In loeetkw, exparlanoe and business camru lty to "parties wishing to Say or destrtng to aell iiaraea, CasrUges, or aavthlng pertaining to Om hovae business ' T>? 1LENKY H. LEEDS A M1NKR, Al CTKJJiERRS, J5 ? . LEEDS' ART 11 ALLAH IBM. ] v] . - M7 aa?l SWBrssdway, aodthwest corner Twaifth street, On Wednesday, 2tl(h. Thursday, 4lst, and Priday Sid Fab , at 7S o'clock each evening, a* above. , WBDKE8QAY EVgNIMO-Kicluaiveli for tlmwerks of American artiste. __ ?. >rawinga, Au Particulars hereafter. , fTENTXAL PARK AND Brtrf? ..vr. asm 23sssr, * ^ JKS **"* ?p/-*?Q*y M-rttadA. IUlr and other Sfc&Z pS? thi .?? n? Ms"r"n',? ?f Kltthen TnrnttmwMi w ,?h FltUiret, <*opp+r Heller, A?, 1 ' "*? P,p*' G*? Tj^XKf I T<)R*S S.ILB. '-BKNJ. F. FAlHOIfflfl Af~f * B> orJer? wun-m .*V&oUy M,uul?'r ???*>>? Ucrby .latfery. .?4K^e^RW^aira ?i"""l>"- ThurMa; fldBttf*" ?d5i?/r''re' 2u^r? Don, N. DIM. p wj.L.i' *'? Patrorw, K.'*em?d. ?a!^KSEl ? Ita?!''"* K.-LataWne* 1.T rtS^' J 1 . *de?L.' ITrnnti fk i' ? '?*. Ml ?;.>tu(Leo. ycEJEJt. -V r. Con?t*atien ait swieffkr, Terlii. i P'lV" Van Klveh, , TO,.- <>? i"i?'^!,,,,,,,,k K UelarrtAi. FlTiIV^ <2- f. 4 AnMgny, A. Koaier, ??<! "Iheri Vi aqtjal iallnotiwi"' . *' 1htmtu^ *? gallery aM at ,h. office HE?fi p Diw 1 -ALE 2E. ^LVSitPv t ARRMOKrt, WAOONs, AC., AT MORS* i COTTON MAU^VJui^hoCAKK '? r?t.%5ASi?!M*T?KS*H SmSmTT' *..????! ' FKBHtTA RY I/. AT 13 O'CLOCK. ?. iff ll??r?e mU?r at enr A net ton Mart Unton PUm or auylhlag pertainlaf to the bi.r.e baatneia. T1BNR1 R HIVKt, AUCnONKKR, SALKNUOOH 37 ' ^ Fnet Ofiloe. ' Tmli KiT &OMKBVI14.K WILL. HULL AT AFCT101T a fli2roitI?. o ?IU^T a' " o'clock, ai their* laga a" cbromoa, Pamela, and floe LJueJCofitar. jjiiSY S.~ auctions* ? WATCHFS CL^^ jewkLrV, DIAMONDS, AC. On THI KitDAi, Feb. 14. at 11 o'clock. ? . At the 1H9 Broadway, Comprtalnf the entire "took of A Jeweller, to be told without reaerve. In lota to anK elty and country retail trade t'ata legneaearly on morning of aale. ' *u HK-I?v .FEI.TMA*. AnmoNKBIt. SRI.Lfl TlIM '? *' ' S o clock, the aulendldly and r.itnnleicl* n.ted up oreter and RefreahmSnt H.foon wUh prliiS Rereer. r?OU"' mlUo,"Ht' N" 464 "U^SrST* HK'?HV Ai;m??BBB-WILL SKM, THIS mt''u ? rWl aaMietuient of French China i ""ncntlan tllaa.warv, r.irtan luarhlc French Clorka Ac the complete Import.tlnn of B. Behrlach, CW Broadway.' ' II I8W?I','J' srlls this day. at JfM A' *:' "*5 ?*'''* t haraker* .treat m ono flee CI other '.'Awe"? ln"fo.A <,W"" "d N*Vy Pln?; "rtu J ^SyAB1lAD<rr???ritgR?MnWTGAOF SALB.-BY S*nc,rjl ? faJi. c J1"? r will tell on Trl.lar, F>onmy l5, iwr, ?t th^ BaiTk iloibt iv<hi?f ,t*in orai..I raTntini i hen-"0*r'?,hi"",?i0r'',?<>0"' 4 Bll"*r" tXe?. till all nihr?Vr.^M: T^?r- b*r r""nl?r, ??r Klrtnrna, and i Property thtrvio couUitn<9d. . ?. A. moohr, Att'y for Muatcogee ef , >!"".AK''k ALcnomuuu?THW Day. AT u I Cj/lC r. e , l^r ftu?l",n fO 'iwKo. 1 North WllUarn atreet Hou.ela'ld Tilrnlti're? emulating of mnhoeaur cofa?, Tete ar DeafcL Line 5TC'rt?',i"<,'.7 Bu"'"uS WaaL.tan.U. Ofllc# L Jr1 ^Ofial TilM?!?. mahagAny < "IjaItm. Ho k*r? Jh-dateada, Teatltcr He.I. and Redjiua lot Cuehhtna Ht.irwa I In n'BnTleV:^""', B??a''11" "<? ImiaiM TabteA slT^ r?"n vi^l.. F,1. V ' J""kA OIW<.th, Br....el. and lu C?? ai V ? ? " fmftttr*. Dlniuit Ta aame rtar. B--AI? ?"?1? mu*t be paid for and removal "j OH B PI1 UK, i KM A X ^-flTl' R S f) AYrV'K B. I< * South?' i ?'r p j.'n ru",r,n ??">?"?. iir"t houM Roa?w?.-? ?!lL ra"o" "Yfntte, Brooklyn. JFZTJ4. r ?,1*"0. B*rt"r R*'R. large l>r Mirmt* C^Tl^,T*-r : ^ ^otrr-Urj Hoekca-ea, Falntluga X *Ae> ^#il K"rn,tur? K'*S ?TA^w?fo^R^l?F,f' ArcTJONREa-WILL SB I.I. AT iL-S2S";^ iS& Mhi,^f"o?rNjs ? ^9WmmtL 2 li'K'ktimjr1*; ? I*i** lot^f J. SSSf iui^ri, klb Brooklyn, on WeJne*.l?r^h. idd Si# jf&igl' &?'5Fe??!cbma'* ** *ul M?K?.'L2rTL*r,? AtTCTtnynRR. , . Low A ** P"*l "trwet.-ft U.JtD. 11 a'.-leek. at S'^4d deceaeejn'' ?' " ^ *^"?,RSSi^12S iid^^r'7 M? Ferry atreeta. ^ "**' <?*?wee? Reek matt and b%f"alnck-f^ *l~* r-r by M feet 7 (lobM p.waraalon May |, ] W7 >i * mo't??? Map^'A^*^ NrrrtTe*M?2?ta *" k1"4 "d ^ 00 ^UM I ^?I llLl jlBJiM *' / '-..4 IS _ 1 * . ? *'<***, if " mHm' MfrtfB Tilt irk and Pale ittin AW*, in pints ao* ?Kflfe^raaiiav" ^ ** ?""? *-""? h, at u o'clock (ft)r aoodunt ?f i and aelt<t ?vyk ofId* DMurs, Ik at to- an H road war. Also Bar~ JOHN aKijLIf, (ftmrlff. ? CHERIP** SALB.-XRTCHARO WAUTERS, At7C wiH self, thl* day (Wednesday. at 11 oVIuek, ?t ?. f Baat Broadway. * (fnral aawirtmeat of Lao* Good*, Counters, Desk, Chair*, Store. dr. XO** IrscH. D?c?y. JO IIS KELLY. Sheriff. TOM. WITTERS, MJCYIOSHER. TOLLS YRIH DAY, u pK gn*?? rr-v.-i...3. ... rr-n .* . _ .. _ ? at Ha'olork, at 4M Canal etreet, Parlor Suit*. French to pier and mantel CHaaaea, Oihdntha. Velvet Tapestry, Hniit'l -'her Carpet". Curtain*. Shade* Chorfciwr r and other Mattreasea, Bed* and Br.lititig. Blank-1 Ota, Linen Sheet*, China, (liana, and everything usually "" 'n lota to suit dealer* found In a well furnished honae. Sold In 1 and other*. Seventy-eight second-hand Carpets; alio a !?*? lot ormrnltwe of a hotel. 170 the -YYFIIiTiUM ABBOT, AUCTIONEER. - OFFICE Chatham aqiinre, aella on this day, at 10U, o'clock, eattik' Flulort " run tallied In the Oreoery ato're corner of Grand and Sullivan ulreeu?Counter large Ice Cheat, <Jla?*

Case, Canisters, Bra as and other 8 alas, Te a, Ac. VlKASCIAIe TTB1TKD STATES TREASURY, FEB. 4. 1?7. '?|j| r "-c-n* VJ ' Schedules of t*>) thirty or more seven-thirty onupona, .U?r February 15. 18?. will now be received fur examination at tile United Stale* Treasury. U. H. VAJSf D DYCK. A&aiataut Treasurer. TYVNCAN, SHERMAN A CO.. BARKERS, CORKER MN)E AND NASSAU 8TEETS. NEW YOtK. fMor Circular Noiee and' Letter* of Credit fhr traveller*, available In all the principal cities of the world. Mercantile credit* for use In Europe, china, Ac Alto make tranlfqr* of money to California and Oregon by telegraph. Interest allowed en deposits FWfcEX ""!.CS 'SSSSJ^H ?-??-??flsa#wsfri>MT. ?"?""WiSBit -r OAK WANTKD-FROM $800 TO $S00: TWELVE M5K dSs CWISSSSW4 No. ?$w>iHy-t?lrd?i'eot, JbfthAveaue. H^ol. VT0RTHWK8TBRN STATUS. . [V Bunking and Collection Ilooae of P*1 y. *"nh * B uj * _ saIIo itrfft Chi''mo. til. Special attention given to collection*. pl*?" i?Nwf^ d?'u I?AU. DRflXUL. WWTIIROP A ?X)., and WIN8B0W, BANIhK A CO.. New York. ' , nittrClinijDEKH OP THE NKIV YORK AND IDAHO S> )i?i>l Mining Cnmti'inv?You are reau?eted-l<? ?J'0"'' *JJ tdjoli^l iTWtU WeM TvmnlyfouxU. ttteot. at 7 o'clock P. M? February 14. IW^ STOCKHOLDERS^ <t>nn3 Attn to BOAS ON BOND AND MOHT $o20.0()l) page. In one or mom mine, On reel ? T$k? Sa,?walk r6?n ^T7^7\ TO IX).AN on NKM YORK 'MTV, $400,000 New.forary aud Dranklya Real Ktdate. Apply soo? H>LS> r GIl.MAN. I? Broadway, roomjla ? i-rtf\ l\(\r\ TO LOAN?IN "I'Mrl To SI'IT, ?* $O00.000 Sew VerkHU'l.ler^v lUut MUtf* Hao-l ond *wt?agn? bought. A baaetV.eai i CWfAO'CNKKralt P* a N RNKKnKTI)1 MAN W.ANTMI?WlTrt 12'"' "J A $5.<Wl, to purrhaao half Inte.'aat in the m*'"i "TfA'T ?.1 wle ,J ?u article or hardnampf.mlvewldc.aandj tt?i? u a rtri ikftn^riumtr'in obtain * ph-aJn. bn.lnc JTwith n Dmitj-d capital Call on ... hdrtmea haTjV nmiKlT IN TflKViH OY fKR WWT PAT ?% eat medFbvea ?? 'fwhi) w& Klv kno#ii rHb^r k*tf9W '>r uttant fr?rtii*r w*w*a?% wno warn X'lTmeZa th??VMA?"l tbte *? ini> t&vftiicraimt of tt*? iwdlnirf i hafiaif. A4tirw? ,or oMi edak N. U. ?.. bux ?H Uerald "Sbw^ , ..' L _ A PARTNER WANTED-HALE OR FEMALE, II A eld avtiMUhed. light. pro6t*Me "'rdn*" U?H ; opportunity for ?tUg-dory ,f?*eo*Y Mtuil ?hare. For p?rtto?iJai*c*ll#* or ?fWr?? Hi\ rii?>*"? 106 Hlith tr?Dnp. M#A?.?nd Morr _ ia TKMI'RRATE |N9 <" 1TG6 Nil JMAK \ w^?d"?2?Urri? ?**.* a jtoMtat Hud iftofluble buaioeea, $I.#? ?" 01A& require*. Addreae, for ea? w#?*, I Active, Merehl otUoe. . __ Rtv^'IWI^^a8?riS?S?^ OFFICE. i mSOl.t'TION. -TTIE COPARTNERSHIP fnmoUtlng i?der the ntle and Mm. of FI?djo, i I inann haalhP day hear Wtaautved hv mutual < uiuwaH.^ Mr. H. Fleeter le alono authorised to eetHe H>e^a<?ont?u of^ ?he Uto | New TO?? Feb. 9. I?B MARTIN BEHMANN. DARTNF.K WANTED.-AN OPPORTCNITY lS gEltK? I JT br offwed tor a patty having roramael Of^ut SK1.?". f enter Into bunta"* wltb a itrc claw ^ 'SI Hth lt?h?Nl In ih^ pro?lti?^ QommiMHii mt?4ne??, in ronJJ2,rn*jJJ o??o?i?I. th^firm. *mwnH?r k.lng kbout to irllr# from - ' a.i with mat naniP. bul 4,Wi TiflW if)!**. of a Otmn** '? umnrill. ? Ulrninmr -^T" . . r businttn. Adtlr??!S with rrai unm?, bo* 4,63. !f#iw \ork | i'fPlofllCM. ? ^ *" I PARTNER W ANTED -IN A SALOON ?' ?iT A Ract chance for a atea ly man; buelnrM pay? well. Capital CO.. No. 4S Pine ?tmet_ P~ akTNKR WANTED-IS THE MANUPACTCRk OP Har'dwarO. Ooed omHirtnnlty for a reltalde party. Cap ital required from Wf* *^nY g ro ? Pino .IWA? _ Pl " AKTNKR WANTED?WITII V10.HOO TO W tlio jewelry and fancy m.h trodoi or * ealmtnaii. well eonneeua, wllb?8.UW. Addreve H. A. J , Herald Oflloe. ARB CHANCE FOR ANT YOCNO MAN WHO R'"-1' Invent $?IU to n.ahe weekly. No rl?k and piai I tteely no humbug. Apply at KR Hroadwav, room No. T. rriii corartnkrsiiii* herktoforb E*WJI22 I lietween the iiuderel?ne.l undei the ttrm ot Kfnwkol Jk Aitmnnn, le tM? day db.?"ITe.l by irti.ttial e"Srnl. ? J outalandlag elalma have to be p.ild to K BienVeiI. ?win will continue the beideWn at Ihefot tner jgaoe l?S Si bom? ?trOet, *ars^?.. * W5^av. rpnK COFARTNERShIf HKRKTOFORK BAIST'R'* ; 1 tuidrr rhr firm namo of Ixirett A mm aolr?.i bjr omtiiaJ ooneant, Charlee K. leivettretirint: Pun the llrm .lanuary ?, int. Tho buntnew wSI at the aanie place by Daniel Benhy. i^aiIVT^ Sao c a PITA LISTS?$wln*i will pdrchasethr 1 Hell Internal of a retiring P?rtncr in profiumlc ntun ifanturlng et rk?, hwaled wlllilna few huiirv ol New York. The product of tlie?e wurhe la whbdt ko"*n and Mamie higher llian any vlmllar ortlele lu thn Atnt rtratt market; the d.-m ind la firgcnt and olinoet nntlnitPd, an I dniihle the prr-ent yield ol the work, nan be ?oM Ohjed <ur llaorodtictlon*. thn profit at the preeeot Tajoof'ylekj If o*?T glKltm per aui'im. and ilie worha am capable or benij r> largely lnetco.a.1 Tbi. opportuojt* la oi.n rarclyio" It pnh lie. and la rvorthy the attention of hona fide cap1tnll*P*, ih . hUbeet mercantile refcrcttoe elten and mpccted. A, with roal name, NllUm. Herald omen. W^MBANTKD^Tp A RTY, WpH WTjWTO rati ha> h (be i-oO trolling ibtere.t OfareflHow hattecn InO a wholeaale oneh mannfant irlog tnnlneaa. Addroea A B., care of Mr. F.. Tbomaa. **> AA'dlcr etreot. ? n^^M trrt -PARTNRB WANTND. IN AN O'J. Uahc.1 wall paying buoineaa. Apjrty at lA AlgMh areaue. PAWN Br. R| MAN WITH THIN AMOUNT IW EASH IWPt-n ha?e ao Inlereat In a paying f i *i n\.rt)t man preferred. |.XI per week. Addioaa II. K. \an fltem, Elifaheth, N. J. ? ? Anna -A MAN WITH THIS AMOLNTfw ?OllU. can neve an inWreai In a .peyi"? *???* til..tit man preferred. A'W per week. Addioaa It. R. ntent, EtlfaogtA. N. I. _ H i'Eihft -rAUTNER WANTF.D JS AN F^IH.fELV' SiRJ'), gncl peyiirghtralneaa, wnfFh will pay SUAd dly. Inquire of Mr. Rlnea, Utt Fifty eecend at.eet, .jnddoof weaA ?f wmndtfy. . en r/WA -I WANT A PAHTY WITH THE AjtoVK SaJ.OvVi amotitil to jofn me In the agency '''rjt , 2 ' hnoae of an Imiwevefnent In kteti.diery, orer wlllf h I ha. e eiHnalve oontml for the United HUtea (tven. atrfct Ineeallgatiea required and aamrrat*e of di' vc-a ?iiarnnteed. AddroaO, making appointment, atetbmW/ho* X,*k? t'eaiefSce. ^ " DRNTIMTkyJ *4 a SET OF TEHTH ? AT VOEH OWN ^ 1 A TAN, VLECK'R, 17* SUtb avenue. Ben ttll' I with plompera, m a An A houra irorn Abo lmprcv-hAi^ Tre l; ?Vtrai ted Without pain with nrw patent gaa fnbaler. fttoirt aiieeraafol knowa. Rat ract lug gratia when teeth ate in. perted. - BHA'TTEIIIj fI BB SETS OP CONTlNlN?TOl OEM Rubber Teeth, with plum perm, to reetota ythdbf h I ep oeareiire, ?? I? ???? Eetnleee attracting with laughiug gee, opefationa warranted IW Qrand ttreet. /SOLTON DRNTAX. ASSOCIATTON FIRST UJI'jl NI. (i tronaoayde gaa In denUatry, do nothng baa *?tr?ct Vwth aad oertaioly do that wtthoal pain, at l? Cooper loatt. tnte. f . . . . .. . ' SD^m. WHITE'S NRW AND HtPROYBD ARTIFjCMB Tenth. -Onm aetf. $10 to $00t plain acta. $t to $10 Rn n to all other* "Teeth filled and attracted without polo, end o?omfiw? apeolio? at IB Weecber ?WM ^ ANKmnim. ttboadway theatre. admiamupn m qeitv. J).. (C.inttf of Broadway sad Broome street.? LAST WEEK Bt'T ONE of the brtBtent BaMMM?l of tke -? WORHELL SIBTBM. I wtreappswrlg continuously crowded audiences _ GREAT DOUBLE BOHLKBttUX BII THIH KVJSN ALAD abounding la I r?t?T. i^yii Sin'th if w^derwL AND mJuv February 14 labt Bk.NF.FiT 1. In active preparation, TUB KLVKB, by request. Boom thotiri bo secured in adranoe. oa Monday areolae. February 36, 1M7. HARTZ' TEMPLE OK MY8fKRY. DODWORTII HALL. 80ft BROADWAY. Ticket* M cento) Reserved Koala, 91. For aale alt day* la advance. faun ?Parttoe ahonld aware thotr seat* during the day at Ue Hall, la order t<> avoid theru?h In thoevnnlnga! ike dour. OK RAT C'ONHTKR NATION CAUSED BY "WB ARE tlc-RK, BUT NOT HERE;" PROTEUN, PROTEUS, PROTRrs. pronounced bv lite pre** the greatest spectacular illusion ever prea>>nted to a New York public. NEW PROOHAVMErwrrHOlIT APPARATI7H. "TkeUrowthof Flowers" and "Floating Head," In eon. sequence of the Immense enthuslain, will be continued. M 4TINEK, SATI'IID AY, AT 2. Deors open at 1>?7. The Cklcknrtng Piano Is used at these seanoos. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, MB BROADWAY. The trouble commences at a quarter to 6. TOE t'REMK HE LA OKKME OK MINSTRELSY. BlUUil, WAM BOI.l* BERNARD A BACK IS' SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whose sncee?s has never been equalled by any similar organ, tzafton In the world. New and cheerful Hortcnqoer every week. Hilton Head Inmltnte, Happiest Couple Out. Chil dren of Cypress. Impearhment Committee. Shouts of laughter at the Shadow Pantomime and the Screaming BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN BALLET TKOUI'g. Kelly 4 i.eon's minstrels. 730 Broadway, THE ONLY LEON. B NILLB KELLIFA.NTL Demon DANCE. 2 prima A A Trovatore. MadagascaK E 9:90. V donnas L 0 L Rival A 10. A M Boremue. E Opera L t* L Darkey T> icrm'g. O O 8:30. R Wit E Dmt E odds A 10. 8 5 Laughter. Y 4 T L*ow ,Tt O Agony A rso. N Fun R n*R R end*. A JR O A Applause. I Grand 0 in .0 Hall . 8 Fslty. A N 8:11k O BUI of V 0 Uorowded C , 10. D C excitement. 11 Novelties ? P nightly. iilpod'iA EV'EBYNIOUT Scymouigall E ADen illnl. RacsagsitaM 1 ? 1 *? 1 1 ' OPERATIC NIGHT AT BTEINWAY HALL FOURTEENTH POPULAR CONCERT. u f. Harrison. Director. : . . This (Wednesday), Felt. 13, at 6 o'clock, selections from the following operas:? L AFRICAJN.K. LA TRAVIATA. 1 . If BRAY wrVBB OF WINDSOR FAUST, MARTHA, NORMA, ERRANT, MEA$tOVAT0RE. FRA DIAYOLO. MAK1TANA, DON GIOVANNI sad LARLINK, hy the follow log etninen t ^rtUU^^ ^ the celebrated Prima Donua. Mr. 9. B. MILLS. Pianist. Mr. CARL ROSA. ViolinUt. M. G. W. COl.BY, Accompanist , Attn | Mr. THEO. THOM AS. Conductor, Ft LL, ORCHESTRA. TTCKETS ONE DOLLAR. Reserved seats B0 cents extra. C1HAKLKY WHITE'S TROUPK. 1 Evcrv nlnht, at Brvsnt's Mechanics' TTall, 472 Broadway. EGYPTIAN WONDER; or, MYSTERIOUS HEAD. EtlYPTfAN WONDER; or, MYSTERIOUS HEAD. MUTTON TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. HAUNTED HOUSE. HArNTBD HOtsB. ? THE RROADWAY BOYS. THE BRO ADWAY BOA'S. NT.AGESTRUCIC CIIAMHEKM AID. STAOESTRUCh' CHAMBERMAID. ClTEINWAY HALL.?THURSDAY EVENING. FEB. 31. S OK AND U<>MPl.tMENTARV CONCERT TO MR. FHED'K WIDDOWK. Dramatic and Mua'edl AgenL GRAND COMBINATION OF TALENT. Ticket*, $1. Full particulars in future annoum?monts. STKINWAY'S ROOMS, FRIDAY. Feb. IS. at 3 u'clock, CARI, WOLFSOHN'N EIGHTH rKETHOYKN MATINEE. Second appearance at these matinee, of Madame BER THA JOIIANN8KN, the celebrated prima donna. ? Mr. WuLFSOKX Will, upon this occasion, repeat the Spu ta A ppa-alana to. ^ YJUNYAN TABLEAUX?t. A lt( iK ST PANORAMA IN I) the world. UNION HALL. Broadway and Tweqty tnlrd street. Open everv ntgbl ?t d, commencing at ??. Adntlvsion, SO cent*: children, 2ft centa. Matinee Wedacs? Say and Saturday, at H o'clock. WONDERFUL FREAK OK NATURE?"THE WASH INGTON TWINS,'' iHtrn alive, having tmm head,, four arms and but onu body and one pnir of Irqs; also the h ad and rtglr> ., nn of ProbVi, the inurtlerer of the I leering tatn ily, together with the magndetent oo'ieetbm of objeuts In Physiology, Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are tllumrntrtl dully hy lectures and Microscopic Views at th? New York Museum of Anatomy. #16 Broadway. Open from* A. M. to 10 1*. M,- . Theatre fkancais.-frknoh theatre to t.kt. for evenings and mattnees. for operas, dramas. ootavcpL, lerturss, 4c., 4a Apply lo Mens, DftiVKT, agios at French theatre. / , ? ' TVRAMA, PULPIT OB HAK.?COKRBCT INKTRUCTION U for the stage, rostrum et pulpit together with ureper pruuniu'isUon and gesturea, taiignt by a usisbruled pre fesaor. Address Rlocution, station G. ~1.;L Z. ~ .mi'bk aL. ; i All A DY WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THK*piA.VO at her own or pupil s residence, for per quartar; hast of references given. Address, with residence, V. M. M., station D. A LADY WILL ?rVE INSTRUCTION ON TITR PIANO forte, with best of relerenrc, either et her own or pupil's residence, for further particulars apply at W Third avenue. Terms mnderste. A SOPRANO SINGER WIRIIKK A PTTUATION IN A el urch Moderate -alar\ reuuired. Address Sopratta, box 167 Herkld -Blee. _ a DELTNA PATTt AND TI1H WORRKLT. NIRTRMS .1 were taught In Singing and Piano hyKLIKA VA1.P.N TINI PARA1ALLI prims donna soprano, who rerelves pupils at M West Hlghftenih street. Masom4Hamlin, vanppautorrrs of cabinrt Organs, ?alesr,H>inM fits! Broadway, New York, wiierg may he round the isige"' assortment of Instruments of Una ?-lass In the country. Prices, $7A or leasts ftl.'Ub oseh. RW. HOOPER, TEAUHKH OP THE PIANOFORTE. Thorough instruction gustsoleed to sdvatieed pupils. Great care taien with beginner* Terra* moderat*. Iteat deu s 177 Rest Thirty.ninth street, near Eighth aveu'ta. MUSIC FOR PARTIES, 4f.. AT $4?ANY KIND OF in.trunieuts furnished. ?7 Eleventh street, between Fifth and hlxth avenues. lessons nn the llanuea reason able levins. THE PIANO?PINTS MING LKNSGNS GIVEN AT PIT. pils'residences by ? talented art!*! Jn?t arrived lrom Europe, $30 quarterly. Apply to Mm. FRENCH, 124 Sulli van street. M 1'HK L.K< I'lUR NKAMOX. /WOOPKR INKTITITK?DR. HKHHARD WILL PBUV. \J W Ml aemmd Lecture, tc Ifn lonen onhr.OO day (iventtiiu at "% o'clock, on tin) "U|i?ln orLlle ami the Law* of iMradliu] Defeat." allowing hair till- dljleaaei nf ill# father a;# "Ilafted ipnn their iwKNa down tcrtl.e itrtnt and fourth generation'", ' with a large iiinnlx r .if model*, oil pointing*, prePargih.Mr. A>'., WUlcli ?oust bo aeon to la1 appreciated. Tl.ket c 78 vent*. CIOOTRR IXRTTfrTS. second CO! RSE i?F Jtott / liar (MAlltn Oil Pemttnr WtMoeta, to ccm.ri.eneo rhura dey eveumg. February 11. 18"7. Or, IIKBHAKM lia? tl.n jdraenrec.i aominm Inf that hie lu?t lee of le.'ttRe* being a 'Ici.iml anece-a. and havlnir bong re-pieatd In a eerlea of reeojntlon* adopted with treat enthiHriaftm at the e'nae nf hie U*t ronr?e, he will eMtjnna to lintOle every evening. In lh? hall, nil ?tlh?lantl'il1? the a* me aiihjeefa, with Hid addi tion of the following pen-on* *? repreeemathoM id aur ora* I. lecture, Oenrge Peabody and Model Manhood II. LleWa'a Heap and water I IrLlratlon and Beautiful tt mm. III. .folia Moral-eer. Oatiitiea* ami IV. Ilearv Wind i nee her and IwrilM V. I'arior an.l Klintmn women, and Food and f>rln!t. V f. Wendell rh'lli|n and Blood VII. Frad Donglaa*. Parapn and the Ltinve, VIII, Andrew Inhp-on. rilr lieae ltetvicm ami the Bruin. IX. Jaiuea laordori Bennett. Anna I, 111. kenaon and the Kpovial Senaea. X. .iiihn B. (lough ami the femporaniein*. XL tieuaral Urant. Bravery aud burette Adml-alou M acuta. Ticket* to Uie oourae $4. IMPORTANT I.ErTl'RES DAtLT-TO OR.NTLRMRN only. at the Xew Turk. Mm -'im of .XnatOtiiy, <US Broad Way. rhnw) unabla to attend three lecture* ioxt re. elvr a r .pT by forwarding trn oenK ABdrnaa Hecieun of New v.irk Afnacnm of Aniitonty. #11 Dm.. Inrmy. ri.-iyiM OFFHCll. . At inifAN ti.MB broai/wav. .cutbFfc of bond elreet, will be j-wt.t the hijrt.ixl price for l>lai?"Od?, It acehea and lUlvarware, ee wul ?.!*,.?. ?. ?a U?e above ertieiea, Ar m PEARL STREET. JETvrKK* NEW jtOWERf and Franklin ac)UMW, LKUKRFR A 00.. advance Kb orally at reaaouahle term* no all raluabla property, Watt he *, Ji wolejr, liiantoude. Ac , or pwiehane T AO BROADWAY-I PAY TffE SIOHXst PRT< rnf Iftaui-ftoi, Walcfce*. leaelrr, Ac. or a.lranoe Ou Muao. ISAACS. Dumnu.l Broker, , Oppoelta Wetlaek'e Vheglm. A AT NO. ? TWRRTT THIRD STREET, FlfTH AVE NCR the hlaheat prior paid lor DiainoAda, Wnhitaa, An,, or adrnne* made on the xmo. t | Jit JW BROAOWAT, NEAR TWENTIETH STHKF.T, A Wm No. 4. ?The biglieat prlee* paid for Dlant'uide, atrhei. Jewelry, old Onid and tjiMri >r ni'.uay IliwfNlty adveuvuu on the aatna. AlaoPawnbrofcOra' Tlekati botifbA t , MARA A A IX), A dtaBces madk HN watches, niAMoirbs. jew. 1\ airy. Dry Honda anJ Paieonal Piupaily of orerjr AO al'l'.n. .1. A. JALKAUK, III Uramt etreet, two donra woat toad way. At 77-MORRT I.1WKRALLT ADTAKCBD OR DIl. MO.NDB, WATUIIKS, JKATRLRT. Ac , OR TTTE WATCHXB, JgwELRT. $t .atH Hleerker atroet. np tuira. TAIAMOXDB. WATCHKB, JKWKLRT, SILVER WARS, mmrncRT. mgn**srv*'? raV^u, br^w i"I on w*lwnlij', fH. nHpuni Mvottmnil fit twnBoiMta. tnw^KrtafiAorTlSfT^lUK N*5^?w??aisr-i tux. WUB ITS NEW SCENERY, ? coaTIVA*t. Dkffita take great pUmw* ru-~~" wlS lb* ^^Xf'ntfSr o will make bar flrat ?ppe*r*???'?? two ot bar favortta per.onaUoue. Box hook. WW oa opsnaw WEDNESDAY. | n | piMiB OPERA-FRENCH TMEATH& ? L. MORA WrooMM tU? EVl!K?QA-????nTOP?U KHM* The CboruM and Oryheetra wiU ra kW0e^ <^*ba had at Bear A 701 Broadway; at J. O. reymonr A Ca'a, Boa. ? *au ^t^ffl^g'JpSStA UN DUF TOWoM LI K.rbra,? lnT{hra? ad* TO UN M ARI BrW Vaud^ne one ar.. ^ Ticket otli ?ea?lleer A Sehlrmor ?. Ml Br^w^????r^ Herwlg'e, 112 and 114 Broadway, and at the Theatre rrawv LMib, Fourteenth itreet. MRS. P. B. CONWAY"* bARJCTHBATBB, BROOKLYN. TIMS EVENING, UtOOIVIl I.IbK MARRIED LIKK THF. OCKAN YACHT RACE. r. vi r< a J* a * ' artful POPPER^ v bring, Griffin a christyhj minstrels, FIFTH AVESUB OP3RA HO0BB (Adjoining Firth Avenue Hotel J. M O. W\ H. GRIFFIN MANAGER. CONTINUED BPCOKrtN. CROWDED HOUSES. . nrvanan-W.*. DELI O HTBDACDiBWOES. FO0E BIRDS OF FARAI)IRE. ... y . .... Thla Palace Opera H?u?e la nightly thronged with the OMM of tho city. oEORQB CHRISTY . snntlnueo to delight hta many admire*? In hie MOR, Raugatg, Naughty Ctrla. gjg^MJUl BENIDMTT, Comedian. n new ?^IT(,lr gtS(uNO AMP PAHCIEQ. "E ErnK?c8:..FF ft w. rm,xrm sat n a choice, upteland aelcct rartetj^pr^romig^--, 0L?1w?J25pay evening. February Id, Continued adeems nfthe ".ravin of La?t re pre rente tion moat poeltlvt-ly of Oouijod'e Grand ?^FAUBT. 4psT FAUST, f>*"%AVWr. Slehef. with the entire cast and ensemble or Hi iwwe ea cellent rondlllon complete. pi.., time of LeorUbA'a THl1 ItSL)AY KifcN NO - Flr?^n)e w a famoue^mic Opera of the^RA.H AMP C AR"^* .tra"n^dm^^M in .roi;wl?ho?t extra -targafo. reserving In advance. _ . pilAND CHARITY CONCERT AT IRVING HALL, LADIKH' WJ^feiea* SATURDAY, Feb. 16. at 8 o'clock. The following dUlln?t?l?bed artwta have volunteered tbalr nervier* in iiift of thW rioclcty. ""?asfearaskn,?: MISS MeCULldSllv, Sill. BIlIalNOLI, SUA MILLEM, RIG. FERRAMTI, (By pertnlvaion of Mr. Bateman,)- "" MR. JAMllri *, Wr.flLl. Celebretad Ptanlai, rilO. Ai.HAhU itlarpbO^ fUBO TQtAMAS, and full Orchestra. -piCKETR ft. For aala at Mnalc Rioree, HoietRtdrt '."f-.A GBOROe A'AKPEKHOEK, BE^? iv, .i t ""??^"SafiSuTEE REAP.Mm * muiMoT aUkih av?nu?e Kov. A. iL maMoi IUxIa awnui, a. iw ? - . . . A g?'?" - qms ?ufty. froin F XT *. toIvi For caiatogu^.aii4 pr|c?? W VirniTrBNCE art oallRi Jl bc;' Fourteenth atreet.?NbW 1 club. r. R. HE IB ARB. At COOTBlt^ .^SSTS^Kn^r.SSrW' T' - ^111 "John Morrtaeey, Cnagrey and Mu*cle. IT. llewry Ward Roreber and lligeattnn ?_k* V Parlor iand III Whew Women, and r<*<4 and Think. VI. Wendell Plullipe and Blood. V1T. Fred Dougtaae, Tarepi and 'h' T i'nfa, Vin. AndrearJnhnaeo, Sir I?a?" ^wio^ad i^Brola. 1*. .lame* Oordoa Benaalt, Anoa K. DwketiroO and tb? ^T 'John's* tkragh and the Temriermmenta. XI. (taiieralitrawt. Bravery aad Hnaceaa. Admtailon !W <?nt?. T.cketa M the coiwro R4. . MOB ? ROADWAY.?SECOND fXKWCHJIIWaj I)JiO of Painting*. Open dally from ? A. E. ttnRI > P. M. 0ROAH KXHIBITION.?AN F.XHIRITIO>m " draan for the Prcahytenan '?hnrch, Huatlagpm. L. I., will take place ibl? day f w cdoo?d^y , commenetng at onj Telock P ?!, at Mr Henry trben1. maaufact* y. Miaad M Woo.ier atreet. Profeasional geaUeinen and the pwblle at? tn\ ltnd. i - BMAN.TO and CLOG . DANCTNO, JTO AJJD RCIU lc?i|oe Hail ing taught by the reaawned Jot !CBoelAN. 1X1 K?ai lloueum atroot. Terms $ft per eonraa. Raajua aa all , 1 New tore assembly rooms. ?R?adwaK ml tween rwemy eighth and Twetitv ataih .ft^ata.-7Ma heat ventilated hall In the dty,a.Tltable iar ****"*' JJL lure, fall a and first olaae entertaltimenW. Apply oa vow premlact. - , . T"ma a. '? ??<15new 112 AND IM BROADWAY. PI.tSOFORTKt. i ROOD PUXO TO r.FARN OX-OX GOOD ORIS PR, A Olid KImL for AM; U?? Pianoforte, At rrduqrd prvaa, Or CAHh. J. BIDi'l K. IH Amity ?U-ral. DMr PMadWay. 4 w/^mirwt Aiemmntirr #>r not r?nkkt A. nod <"br.4p"?t WI aiul h.nul l'lauoa In tho city for ??ln ni l K> rrul, at w*. CAJlplUUB' wararooma, mt Wlnrrlmr alrrat o_ Ari.NE PSOBTIBSr "r I M*nrO?TKS TQ LRT^. And ?ofd on lf>*Ulm?nU. at tha ?mlnHB.,lll ao.l M IUat Toanl) ?Mt au ML L. P. COJKMBTIOH. A^CJRKAT BAR<?Al*.-r.U&UXT ROB8W0OT PIaRO, ft m dr l>I ?oaof Uio bo.t uaM aahott Umn; yb ?i r.tiiird. Cost |4?u0. Must bo nuld, for nrAal of Mb A? Minankar atrrnt. PIA.XOA.-XKW \N*f? fBlOND SAND Ft A ROB AT ?)*, ?*w, Mfe AS*. AIM Faintly,, jf?t,bao, iR?r?. A.i.iinin. dowtn? M?H?lneii, flout, Rntoly*? - x. morago onil <*iK" nd?KTicr*.' J. >."'jOWhB|t^Anin^rt! niMaBHBI - B?j"l ?*?". o#infcrtt?l oiAko; prM ft*. AIM ? ifiW Bsmntium. wrUi AIM. prksaljl Apply I mi Irly. m Kant TwenWoth afreet, rsour Third >? in. rawrf^^cgMflfgssarg eth rtrnet. IVae ptaooo worn mad* Isjr tha Mat ??*?? lakes4*, trttli fVrt rear*' warranty: are ?r?r?tmn? Inwa ful tm fran--. and rflsldiod ftmr>tfVr#nMr; work; ba?k tlnlohrd ram* a* thn poarorful bo ? "Mfk Of U7 T. s.r T?:r. JMsun If "*?*?* *.*?*?? >*$iTaaioV" burciifl ici0Hin> L wmwo"W,Rf= For rtaya, terma, A*.. ptra?n call for a drwi?. SSRflt *?? baiaf l