Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1867, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1867 Page 11
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ARMY BULLETIN. MPAjmtnrr or iuti Copies of ordifa irotn Major General Tnrry, daiod Head quartan Department of Dakota, Fort Soeliin*, Minnesota, January gb, bare been received at the War Department, fovuktar the paragraph of General Order* No. 9, from headquarter* of the Department of the Tlatta, which forbtda Indian tiadeni to eatehlltti tboia ?elvue on mllitarv retervatioua, mj far an it relate* to fort* in the Di-car'ojeut of Dak' la. The following hat a;*o been received* Gen-ml Order* At). 3, Hxa- qi autsk', Dr.i akimkmt <?# Dakota, 1 kt Stmt i iso, Vuw.. Jan. 29,is?7. I In obedience to in-'ructions irom the War Depart ?tent aud ihe Li utenant General commanding the mili tary division of tire Maax.ri. General Orders No. 10, from the headquarter' of the Department of the Platte, July 31, 1866. so far as It relates to |H?ts now included In this department,'is hereby revoked. S eoiuL?Hereu.ter Ind an traders located at military yogis wiM be permitted to sell amttiuuuion to Indiana under the orders and supervision of the post cotn maudorv lospecti' ely. Third ?Post commanders will be held responsible 'that onle aucb quantities of powder and load are gold as Bay e< able the Indmis to obtain their subsistence. They till not permit them to be -old in such quantities MM will suable <dtliui bauds or individuals to accumulate ?"/ stock boyoLd what they rwq uro lor immediate use. In order to effect this ruuilt the following rulw will %e olisorvi'd:? fhr.L ?The stock of ammunition belonging to the trader will be kepi in the post tna< azino, und tlto trader or traders will have access to it only on the order of the ?omioandinff oiu -or. ' Second ?The commanding ofTi. er will iwne to ta b trader such quantities ot ammunition as In his judgment may bo saiety sold during the week, having reference to <he number of Indians trading ai tie port; unit tie will ?ho Ox Ute maximum amount which may he sold to any yne pcr.-en In any one month. Third.?Every trader will lie required to keep a regis ter of hta sales of ammunition, specityliig the names of the person- to whom they are mad>\ and the amount ?old to each of them. The register shall be open to the post officer of tbo day, and slm'l be inspected at least as <?(ten ae once a week by the Post Commander.' i Mx.txK?bhotild there be any evidence of an un friendly disposition among the Indians in Ihe viciulty of ? pott, or enouid any outrage he committed by theui all ?aloe of ammunition will be nt once prohibited; and a Krchibitlon to purchase will be used as n punishment >r any misconduct on the part of individuals or bands. L fhfih.?Should any trader lu any manner evade, dir ?bey and fall to comply with ihe provisions of this order, ^pr any rules and regulations in addition thereto which may be established by the commander of the post ?t which be is located, the commander will forthwith ?loaenip the store of such offeiidiug trader, and report the oase to the headquarters. ' By command of Brevet Mqjor General A. H. TERRY. CnARucs IL Gravks. Captain Thirty-fourth United Htat? infantry, Acting Assistant Inspector and Adjutant General. ? TRAWORTATIOX or FRRFOMFV. L Tbo following circular on tdie subject of transportation ?as been issued by Alojor General Hogard, Commissioner ?f tho Frcedni. n'? Bureau:? t The special attention of the Assistant Commissioner of ?This Bureau is called to the subject of transportation. Transportation u given only to relievo.tho government ef the support of ihe imiigeut and to enable those in extreme Want to r ach places where they can provide for themselves. HereaiW no orders for transportation ?of refugees and freedruun will issue except from this ?fflce, nuSevery application besides the rigid conditions ?Iready Impored must be sot forth clearly the fact or ex treme dostila.Ion, wb cb must b? certified (o by the As ?utant Commietuonor in "erson. I n.iNoitq lit TEXAS. ' Major A. J. Hovan, of the One Hundred and Four teenth United States colored infantry, has forwarded the following repot ot qn enc .untcr with bandits in Texas;? , HcADqUAKIhliS Fjct Fort McInto-h, Tkxas, I .Tanuarv 12, 1867. ( ?crto.v Drew, Lieutenant and Acting Asa.slant Adjutant General Sub-Dluirict KIo Grande:? I Mr?I heve tbo hon >r to rejiort tluit a band of bandits, Mnmbtriug from twelve to ntteen, have b-cn roving ?through tbo country and on the highways between the river and San Anionio, murdering and robbing ?very one that they happen to meet with, bavlug killed fome seven or eight men within the last tlftnen days. Tour of the men thai were killed were citizens of Laredo, Texts. When this news arrived on the uth I was wot prepared to pursne them, not having anv Jtorses to mount my men. Colonel Samoa Bernardos Cms forward and offered his services with thirty Mexl ns well mounted and armed. I started at once in pur Mult of the baudlU aud pursued them until the morning fcf tho 8ib, when we rame upon them at a place called IPugtow n, Torty miles nortnenst of the Nueces river. When wo carre in tight of them wc made a charge upon lutein, killing three of the principal ones, and capturing twelve head of horses. I had one man very badly wourxled. The names of the men that we killed were Thomas Greene, Kichard Gus*et and M. Gusset. They rarere all Americans. Within tho last three months ?Utere hay*been twelve dead bodiea found in this vicinity. A. J. HOG AN, Major 114th I'nited States colored infantry. Largo detachments of troops, under command of Colo kola Gregg Aid Crittenden, are boin" forwnrdod to Arl Aooa from California, where they arc much needed. It fa thought that ttioso at present there, with the others fan route, will be ample to give ail necessary protection from tho Apaches and keep the roads open. . MISCFIJ.AXkOffl. ? Paragraph three of special Orders No. 26, Department kf the Gulf, directs thai the Tenth United .States colored ?raillery (heavy) he at once mustered oat of service at Baton Rouge, La., as an entire organizu'ion, its sorvices ?slug no longer required. i By special Orders No. 27, from the same depart ?tent, a Board of Officers was ordered to convene at Baton Houge, la. at ton o'clock A. M., Thursday tho 7th insu, or us soon thereafter as practicable, to ?alaet, by actual observation, and recommend for par ?banc, a suitable alto lor the proposed Military Cemetery At that place. Tbo vrjll yjptnlne and report upon Mho title to the land selected, and upon the market value ?f, and the price asked for the some. The land solcclhd jfiobe next adjoining that in Which the greater number pf bodies of soldiers are now Interred, ia that vicinity, ?nd sufficient in extent for tho purpose required. The petal! for the board comprises Brevet Brigadier Gen eral Charlea A. Hartwell, Colonel Tenth I'nited Hates ?alored artillery (lieavy); Breve' Brigadier General ^ D. VFaUtms, Lieutenant Colonel Twentieth United States In jfantry; Brevet Major Albert Goring. Captain Tenth Tin I led States colored artillery (heavy), i Captain John A. Wilcox, Fourth United Hates cavalry, -taports that on ths 9th ultimo ho sent a scouting party, ?OMUting of Sergeant John Griffin and twenty-nine en ?stod man of Company 0, Fourth United States ?avairy, to scout the country north of tho Nueces fvor. On the ISth ulC, near what is known as the in ?aba trail, the scouts aaw aud pursued a party of tdtans. following them for a distance of twenty-live ?Ulaa. Overtaking them they fired upon them, killing two. The Indian* returned the lire, but wereVoon com pelled to abandon their horses. They then Hcd to the ifamiintsinr; and It being dark and our horses almost ex e.usted, the sergt ant returned to camp with hi- i>art), inging with thotu eleven hoi es aud one saddle cap tured from the Indians. The Bonicant reports trial me men l<ehaved well, di-playing eagerness in the discharge of their duty. By paragraph two of special orders No. IP District of Texas, llrerot Major general I. H. K iddoo, 1 ni'cd States Volunteers, late Assistant Commissioner Bureau Itelii gees, Frcedmen und Atmudonod I.nnds, Is relieved from Further duty In the Bureau ol Rotugeos, Nnodmon and Abandoned Iau.ds for the Slate of Texas, and will transfer ot once all funds belonging to said Bureau now in hla Curntmlnr. and for which lis Is ueconutablo to Brovet ?Jor General Cliarles Gritlln, I'Dited states Army, '?re{eut Assistant Commissioner for the Mare. All re Boras and papers relating to the business of aald office Kill be turned over to First Lieutenant J. Y. Kirkman. !Twenly-sixih Untied States infantry, A. A. A. G. of said Bureau. Piragrnph thrse of the same order direct- that Brevet iVajor Crone.w! A. IViubioday, Lieuteunnt Colonel .-ev*n teenth I nitod Mate" Intuulry, in audition to any other Iduly he muy now be iierforoung, will perform that of i0ub-Assistant Commisnioiicr lor the Buroau of Refugee-, Freedmen and Abandoned limit*, at Galvestou, Texas, to which poeition he is hereby appointed. General Imu bleday will report to tho Assistant Couimia^ioucr ot the State tor rqztmji special lust rue, ions . I llrev ei t'oWTh John Moore, Surgeon, has boen relieved Eua duly at Fort Wad- worth, Now York harbor, and sign J to dutv at Governor's lslsnd. New York burbor, '???inporsrily, during the absence of Brevet Brigadier {General J. B. Brown Surgeon, i'reaid nt of llie Army Medical Examining Board now in session at New York ?i.y. i captain Edward C Know*. Ninth regiment Veteran JBescrvo corps, has hcvu mustered out anil honorably AUcharged from the su vlce of tho United elates, t PermiTtou to delay reportinu for duty for ton dap, After pa-sing a sailsfcctory examination tiefore '.be Kx ktnining Board in New York city, is given to lieutenant giolonel F. H. H. Uuebel, Bixtecnth regiment \ vteran fKeaerve Oorps. ... NAVY BULLETIN. opnsRan I' Second Assistant Engineer W. A. Windsor. carpenter ?aM<l Koblnel ami gunner William Wilson han- !>?on Klered to duly at the uawil eutlon at League Island, mylruli ; Second Assistant Engineer John Vanbovenl>erg hat be n orden U to duty on the Mnnongabcla. iu:ta< hkk. . ? Second An'rtant Engineer U, W. Breaker has tteen detached irom the Monongahela and granted ilck leare 0f ibftenco ' Mate E. V. B. Smith deierted from the United Melee Steamer Deaoto on the Sib of December la?U i, noTtMRNTa or rarran stairs vsssicn. i The Culled States steamer Mackinaw, Commander ?Qiackenbutb, sailed from Asplnwali January 2J, for Cur mo*. . The United Slatae steamer Paranae, lately from the ?oa*t of Metlco, waa undergoing repairs at the Mare Islaud Navy Yard, San Francisco, on the 1Mb ultimo. "When re| airod she would get reatlr for Mother cruise. 1 lie United States steamer Vanderbtft wu it HI In the ?harbor of San Fran< Isco on the 10th ultimo, and Rear Admiral Thatcher waa on her awaiting the arrive! of the Fenancoie, when ho will proc*ed to visit ell points within Mis aiattrn. The Umied Htatee steamer Sagiuaw waa mse In the harbor, and remained attached to Mia tela graph expedition. BOSTON BOARD OF TRADE. UOstow, Fob. 12,1*67. At en adjourned meeting of the Board of Trade pes. tort/i v afternoon the reports of the oommiltoce An ??n?al men uremeut of grain Aod the national iiank* tuptoy act were accepted. Ifco suldect of the purchase ?f the Worcester and W '-stern Railroad wee eleheted, Mud the motion to roconalder th e vote whereby the re* ?art of the minority waa aubetuuted for that of the ma* * Vml ?f ?fiuiniUf* nyeoted by a sate of id POLITICAL nriJKLLIGENCE. ?'Wha' He all aa Itsu tot C?a*ui?"?Tbe Rich mond Timet u very anxloua to know whether General Leo would Uko to bo Governor of Virginia; and la * -mi ? tragic ryle it bida everybody else stand back tiU that fact is sscertained. tiia MaTSMU.a District w KaxTmr.?The Prank fort r?.man think* that the nomiuaUon of John 1) Voting as democratic candidate in this district wdl be fatal to the present member, Hon. Samuel McK?o. Cud)KJ?o TDK Msttbk Somewhat?Tne Macon Td* 0' ipk, in lu anxiety to profit that the North dtd not conquer the South, says:?"It was the negro troops that whipped us?indirectly active?and If we had not been such fools as to refuse the aid of the negroes, we should have whipj>ed the Yaukeea." Well, If that be so, the Yankees ought to know their friends and stand by them. Panuotic anxistt.?The Alabama T.a^isUture was ex ceedingly anxious to name a new county which had been formed ".Stonewall," in order, as tho higbfalutln orator of the occa-'ion said, to "honor and norpetuate as household words names cherished with alTeciton and pride by ihe Southern people." finally the tuuno of Lllxie was decided upon, which the orator describes ra "a name of glowing, though perhaps subdued, splendor, commemorative of deeds of valor and renown, blended with the fame of heroes, treasured in the melody of song, and around which the hopes of millions once fondly and fervently clustered. It belongs to history and descords the g ream of time like some costly freighted argosy, laden with rich and glorious memories, to awaken the sympathies or arrest the admiration of future ages. I desire to give to this new county the name of Pixie," A Pino ratio Nonnunow.?A democratic meeting In Ballard county, Ky., having unanimously nominated General Breckinridge for Governor, the Louisville Cornier says "Such a nomination would wake the echoes certain." How Tiiad Stkvkxs Masks Hihrklk Usifci.?A Wash ington correspondent of the Sl Paul I*ioneer says that he is amused to see the fluster made among members by the call to vote, whereupon, not being Informed about the question, they watch Mr. Stevens and vote accord ingly?against him if they are democrats, and with him If they are radicals. Nebraska and Hkb Rxfrmkmtatittm.?-The 3tate?of Nebraska was Anally admitted to the Union on Saturday, the iith Inst., having received a vote of 120 to 44 in the House, and on the previous day a vote of 31 to 0 In the Senate. The constitution of the State was adopted in Jane, I860, and David Butler, republican, was at the same time elected Governor. In October, 18M, a Con gressional election reeulted in the choice of John Talfe, radical republican, aa Representative In the House. The Senators of Nebraska are Messrs. Thayer and Tipton. MUSICAL ABB THEATRICAL ITEMS. tire at preparations are being made for the weceptlou of'Madame Kistori at New Orloans, and It is confidently expected that in that city she will eclipse all her former triumphs. Sho will commence a series of twelve per formances at the now Opera House on the 15th lost. Mr. and Mrs. Barney Williams, at the conclusion of their present highly successful eneagement in Philadel phia, will commence, on the 25ib, a five weeks' engage ment at the Broad w?y theatre. They are trying to get up a theatre In Panama, Instead of tho ruins of tho old church of dun Domingo, where a dramatic company is now performing, t'ock fighting Is the principal pastime of the inhabitants there at present. Mile. Zoo, the Cuban svlpb, is now stopping at hor country residonc, noar Hempstead, L. I., and has re covered from her severe Illness. Who will qpen at the Howard. Boston. March 11, ihencs at McVicker's, Chi cago, and then in Philadelphia. Tho dramatic, company of the Olymphie theatre, nuder the direction of J. H. Htoddart, gave the long Strike, at Allyn Hall, Hartford, on the Stli lust. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Paul are at the Boston Music Hall. This Is their last week. A complimentary concert was given to J. L. Halton, the irell known composer, at Chlckering's Hall, Boston, on Saturday last. Hrignoli and Miss Phillips assisted. The Bom on Baudot and Haydn Society will give Jephtha and the Creation this mouth. One of the best oratorio singers in America has been engaged for both works. Mr. JulluaKirbberg has opened the Boston Conserva tory of Music under favorable circumstances. Lady Don, the celebrated burlesque actress, who has achieved extraordinary success in Melbourne, Australia, Slid Ban* PraucW >, will oBmmence an engagement at the New York theatre on the 18th instant. In her pe culiar lint of acting she is said to be unapproachable, and will doubtless prove a great attraction to tbe patron* of this handsome establishment, now relieved of the absurdities of tbe naked drama. Miss Leo Hudson, her trained horae Sensation and the rest of ber company are giving horas opera In Troy. The Richitig* Rugli-h opera troupe are winning golden honors In Philadelphia. They will return to New York nt tbe close of their Quaker City engagement. PROPOSALS. BUILDERH.-?R.VI.F.D PROPOSALS INVITED FOR Story 100x80 ou Boiling Spring Hotel. New Jersey. Plan* and epeclttcatlons aecu on premier* until Weduenday, Pith: from 13th to 'JOtli at officeol' Moore A Brown, 31 Naaanu elreet. TO CONTRACTORS.?PROPOSALS WILL BK RK celvedforthr building of a brick collage. With "Lie roof, auoordtug to plana to bo *ren It the oilier of Mean. a. GRAY A DART, 5\. Pine etreel, uuill the lSth Inst. .MA ft HI,K JlANTKhh. Marble mantels at redited prices?a pine rrlrctton on band ut S. RLAUEK'S Manufacture. Lt Ktrat neur Third elreet. New York. Call and e? amine. ^ Maicrlk mantels.?rni. jt;>r plait, in rut cdty lo purchaae Marble mantel* of tar luteal ileaicm., at ierr low price*. I* *t A. KLABEK S Marble Works IDS Boat Eighteenth elreet. near Tlilrd ar., N. Y. Cut tbli out. AKBLII/.LD SLATE J AN i IIOR IN "If ibe price o. marble, 'jeiwem Thirty-111 i a and tt Vl appearance, more durable, half the price o? marble. '. B. STEWART. 601 tiute avenue, Thirty-nlxili ?tiVeU. itKI'l' \i. \LI. LADIES WHO Nil ED SPECIAL MEDIC A L OR vureti <1 treat- ient ?hnt Id conanl. ?'?' \Ri.PS I.I T7.K. .M. I>.. Oil' Broad r no .its I.U.I twi itr yum' aui.-e-.eitl prii' I. <?, mi 1 gu.wau:ec.? Itr. u* relial kb all caeca with 1)111 pull? or ctpoeure. Owmllntliio ItW; t * unci; To married i u>i*?.-madame ri.a. UA. TMjI.'S kifuMbl-i Frt' n' Female ???!!?: N \ 1, price SI, Or Ko. i. Rrtc i $A ? I ic . -an never fall; aafe and hoal'ij. Olb'-e M W Oat till ly.fnurth Rntt, near >1x* 0 niuntie. Sunt by iiiaiI. Ad'ire.t bOk 'J."'A*. Alw a..1,1 hi dr igui't'", IMOreeuwieh aueek kabulxe i mou, pkhali rnrwoiA* m ? S A mltv pla -a, c?n ne ton u' ej in nil com. I l nn>. Pleaautit fuoma Tor Ivliea wm Md g.uxl ? mi medical a: tendance. * , A TfcWTH.-HADAMB DKSPARD'S l'lLLs \itF. WAR ./Y ranted lo irre . ertaln relief it ladiea. Prior ft lU.wery <>ji|iouli? fci*tb Ami. lloiirt, 9 A. M. to 4 I*. M. Medic tike* rout by mail. A 1.1. AFFLICTED WITH LCSO DISEASES, J?EHII.. Itr, Drupe prtu, Rheumatism. i'aralyeka, Neuralgia, ?r. Tou?ne?", t buret. Skin Dl?" <1 -rt and dcijieraut Chronic Dtaeaeaa, rail on Hr. D. AM*ND ?? E??t Hlucnker atreet. Treatment lugnitiuua, cure rapid, relict Ing all pain and purt fyinjj the bbKMl. ________ ALL FEMALE COMPLAINT* SCULLY AJCn/LCU creafully treated by Dr. aud Madame Dt HOIS, HR Thiol aranne. lioanl auil Nttr-i-ic Female Panatwa. A3. ?. Electricity applied, Pomttre relief guaranteed. Srrrr falla AULKSHIMH TO LADIES.?A I.ADT WRITERS?POM. tugut se Female Plile relieved ine lit one day. without imonvowkenee, lite magic. Iflofl 1' A. M. MAI RI i R AIT, iifl'oe IJP Liberty aireci. or ?enl D> mail \B. MACRTOKAC, M. D? PROFESSOR OF MIDWIFE. ? rr. thirty vr-ara'practice, ai )W l.ln?rty ?treet. tciar. antra rertaln refiet to ladlea. from wnataver cauae^ f 'ONSI LT DR. KINNK9Y. IM KLM STREET.?CCRBI X_/ without mercury ur.real net tune; mffeteri rattortd to full rigor and Mamd. CIONFIDKMIAL CONSCLTATIOXS.-DK. R. COR. J BKTT. member of K. Y. C. Medical College and R. C. Hurgeunt, London, can beKionniilteil aa tiauji an certain dla eaaaa. ofllcc J) Canirc tireei, near Chaubera, N. B.?So lee unlet* cured. Dr. hunter car curb worst cases of ckr. tain dleeeaee, without men urv. ta shorter time than any other pUyaician, of no pay taken. "No. 8 Diriaion tweet, tiune TAB. LEWIS' SYSTEM OF TREATMENT IN SPECIAL X.9 catet hat obtained fur him rreat celeorlty. The lacultr here ecknowltdged II the only Woe mctued. OCee Not i Beach atreet. ? I"\B. POWERS' ELIXIR OF LIFE RESTORES THE J tno.t aht.tered tyalem U one week. Only dthoe lad im I ADIES, BR NOT IMPOSED CPON: BE CAREVCL J to obta'n only Dr. MAURICBaO'B Frnnoh Periodical itrneta, tocer'aln In all cttea fruia wUateter etu.e, or tend for pamphlet. 129 Liberty atreet. !*?alublb relief from dr ** FOttKRS Ootapoiindj tertala cure; Immediate ???? cn,<** _1 Eh^iitr??5t, (j*U or irrlto for circular. VfADAMH EEBTELT?-r.lOFESfiOR OF MinWIFKRY JTI over trtTty yeara. gneraalnee Immediate relief ?o ermy I. dy ye'inirtr^ medical or anrgieal treatment frma wbaiever Ce'iae. ui?<? id Sett Thirty.fourth t'rett, near hlitli a?. l>KWSONS NFRP1NO CONFIDENTIAL MEI>1CAL J irea-.meiM thuuid eotitoU Dr, HARRISON. <W Sl*ih arenuei tuiee with entire nttefaettuo, Coaaullatio.i all b*1irA. fTHB WOMAN'S TRItB FRIEND IN NRKD-DR. FOW HOUSKI. ROOII. ?CH W ?'bt A PINK STORK TO I,KT?ONK DOOR PROM Broadway. First floor, baaemant and ?ub-baaemeni; the More U about 40x1110 feel, U now, very Ugbt andcommn dtou*. and in all respects ooa of lb? boat stores betweao Cham bora and Canal streets; possesion *1 ren intmadia ml r . Apply on the premises to aLlKN BROTUBRR. ? and 9J Leonard atn?L AT^dWK^VJh?7Y TH,ftD STRKKT PI H.ST and rang?, hot and cold ? ^ rach, and kltclino WItll ?25.ud *u ^ ???- Tortus, Inciudiug T NEW BRIGHTON?HAkrtLTON PARK?TO RKNT, .. . brtek Houses, aDout ten rooma eich. furnished and un furnished; gas, weter woikm wash tuba and other modern lmurovrinenta: atrdeni. .tables, Ac. Particulars at Mr. improvements; gardens, .tables, HAMILTON'S, IS Roarer street. TURKS STORY HT8E, WITH ALL THE MODERN liuproremenli, to let and rent token IB Board; situs ted lu the Eighteenth ward. A, deairable opportunity tor a small family. Address K., box 2l? llorald oilier. ulIITABLE POR llOUSB t N KXCEI.1.RNT F.^R,V ??eral Rooms, singly or A keeping, to a and unfurnished otherwise; i W"1 Tweu'r ? - A NEAT COTTAOE HOUSE, CONTAINING 8KVKN room*. No. 96 h ighly U>ir<t street, between Third and Fourth at. .oes, with line garden and fruit trees. Ixit '3i 102. Desirable neighborhood. 1" .-sesslonlnmiediataly. *50 jwr month. THOilnON, 1,333 Third sveiiue.^ A N ELEGANT HOUSB-?TPTn AVENUB. BBI.OW J\ Four, vent b street; fully furnLhed. newly painted, new carpets; sub SlfliSd, *850 pRr uinnth. Possession Imme dlatelyor JUy. ti. W. SIAOIONS, JR.. 9fl Broadway. AT 47 AMITT 8TREKT-TO I.F.T, FURNISHED ROOMS for housekeeping; possession Immediately. Also single K, oms ror gentlemen. A FEW DEblKABLE FURNISHED HOUSES TO lent at reasonable prices; unfurnished tour story brown *3.208. stone high stoop, Fortr.slxth street, near Broadway, JfRIiJiMAN A CO.. 912 Broadway. AN UNFURNISHED HOUSE IN NINTn STRK'T; furnished Houses In beat locations, 6th sr., 11th, 13th, 19ih, 311th, $Uh sis. and others. G. W SIMMONS, JR.. 96 Broadway. AN ELEGANT ForR 8TORY*lIOU8E TO I.ET?ON Fourteenth street, fully furnished or unfurnished, with minors, also three story, near Irving place. Seventeenth street. ADAMS A CO.. 953 Broadway. A LARGE BASEMENT TO LETt-AT THE JUNCTION of East Broadway and Grand street, sellable for plumber, bottler or saloon; Factory. Apply to MITCHELL, 77 Cedar street. 9 An office to let.-the brown stone FRONT Baftement of hou*a No. 7 Went Fourteenth street will be let, furninbed, to a physician. Apply as above. FIRST CLA6.* PARTY _WI8IlINa TO RENT A ?... well furnished brown stone House, mciiera slie, situ ated In Lexington avenue, near Thirty ninth street, ean be McommodaisU at a rent of $3H0 per mouth. Apply at M Beekmau street, lu the store. No agents need apply. A STORE AND HOUSE TO LEASE-IN SIXTH AVE nue. fuear |Fourleenth street; stock and fixtures for sale If wished; first class business. N. C. BISHOP. 9T Liberty street A SECOND FLOOR TO LET-NEAR UNION SQUARE, for housekeeping, to a reaponslble private family. Ad. effl*Bresdway U4n>e' x Godfrey's Union square office, Broadway, corner of fourth street, west aide.?To let, first, second and fjtlrd Lofts. 311x76. of. the Waverley House, for business purposes; also the Upper Fart of house adjoining. H. BLUNT, 482 Broadway; Broadway store to let.?the spacious Store, with baaedents, 26x108. 187 Broadway. Apply ou the premises. Business property, store*, hotels and Dwellings to let or lease and for sale. Apply to EU GENE CHE VALUER. HI Cedar street. CORNER PROPERTY TO BE RENTED FOR A HOTEL, 100 feei square, In a superior location on one of the prin cipal avenues. Apply to SMITH, 82 Fifth avenue. F IKST LOFT?17* FULTON STREET, TO LET; 80X 70, with Immediate possession. Inquire on tho premises. ITIOR RENT?A SOAP AND CANDLE FACTORY; MAY ' also be rented for other purposes. Inquire at 87 Seveutu avenue, between Sixteenth and Seventeenth street*. 1HURNISHKD nOUSE TO RENT-ON WEST TWENTY P second street; four story and at tic English basement. *2,900. JAtv. R- EDWARbS, 277 West Twenty-third aL_ L>t;itXlSIIKD FIRST FLOOR AND* BASEMENT TO r let,-ult? Id. for housekeeping or doctor. Apply at No. f> Rlvlngton street. irtUKNlSHED HOUSE T<? RENT ON WEST TWENTY r third aireol; a four story, browmsbme, English base ment. Tliis House lias been put In complete and elegant order, -and is vrry expensively and splendidly furnished. Tliere Twenty. la probably not another ao perfect and costly on ?third street, of lis sl?e. It will only be rented to a perfectly responsible and private parte. Rent MID per month. JAMES R. EDWARDS. 277 West 23d st. H OTEL TO LET.?STEVENS HOUSE, BROADWAY. Apply tonFWI RTT A TORRANCE, Si Wall street. OTEL TO I.BT?IN AN EXCELLENT LOCATION l l and In perfect order. Apply at ofilce of Marshall's Patent Mica Reilector Company. 639 Broadway. H Housekeepers?a rare opportunity.?all the elegant Furniture of a parlor and 4 bedrooms tor sale at a great aaerlli.w for rash. Magnificent Piano tone, rost *69(V, will be rold for *W10: a beautiful Parlor Suit cost *379, for *208; 1 black walnut Suit In green reps, for *76. Ac.; also 2 furnished Rooms to lei, for single gentle men. Inquire at 119 West Eighth street, near Sixth avenue. Lofts to let.-the first, second, third and fourth Lolts (26x190 feet) of marble store 148 Chambers street, running through to Roade street. For particulars ap plyto DIXON* CLARK A nALLKTT, 148 Chambers street. Tofts to let-two well lighted loftk, j 28x180, situated on the corner of Broome sod Mercer streets, suitable for the hat jobbing business; rent low. Apply to R. F. BROWN, 487 Broome street, corner Greens. Lofts to let-first or second, light and spacious; reut low. Apply on the premlMx of K. G. SCHwEIG A CO., 24 Church street. ? OFFICES AND LOFTS TO LET?AT 644 BROAD way. near Spring -treat. Apply to the janitor, on the premises, or to the owner at 288 West Ftfly-sooond strceL P HIT OF STORE TO LET?WITH LABOR SHOW Window, of 822 Broadway, for tnultner or fancy; mllll nar preferred. OTORAOK WAREHOUSE8.?TO LEASE FOR A TFItM O of veers, the two Stores mnnsrilnc. .Nets JB0 and W1 West strert. foot <>f Canal, now used as a bonded ware, hoose. Apply to UBOHOE P. NELSON. 66 Liberty street. STORE TO l.ET-ON SECOND FLOOR. 673 BROAD wav, opposite Metropolitan Hotel: splendid locution for any flm Sum tmsine.s.^ Alsq on ttlrd snd fourth tloor* tor business Inquire in hat store 971 Broadway orofC. C. RICHMOND, Powers' Hotel. tJTORK T'l I.F.T?A FIRST CLASS. SIX STORY, MAR t* Me front S'.tre, 26 feet front, suitable^Tor? asi muortlng or jobbing bou-e. HINM vN A C O.. 15 Wall ?ireet. oTimH TO IiKT AT W) KriTABLI? ^ foi *nv extfiihivi' petRil hu*"n?i*4; IfKMtlon In New York. ro4?c?*1on Mnrel. 1 Apply upxtAifl. L1T.IREH TO IJKT-rorR NEW RTOKEB TO IaKT IN S li.itt#m. iindcrii^wtli the N*i4iionxl !IFourth nvenue sxttii t'Dih aLiset b? inc 44 teet by 1H feet front", huv? ?r?d writer wild all r+.+r aocuemodsilon*. with *?>(>d ?lla*"* fltev ??r** In every revpcct fr-?t clxa*. and thair Pp^'toJ wim iWrunatli Xh % po??uUr hall |uerw?'W ? r>?^ aood raeh ru?l'?Tnwrt. Trrnn mo?lrrat?. A|>p&jr ?t thr llall. Sr in ME to A ANNA, 9..IMU Third ..venue, between IJSth and StbatoeVts. WM U. MORGAN, nroprtefor. 12HIU air r ? Wpt| \,tw ynrk city. To a responsible |...rtv the 11*11 would let for atonn of year * For terms S,ulre of the proprietor, at his oBce, 329 West streot. OTORE TO LET OR I.F.SSE?THE LARGE FOUR S Ktory Store I6? West Stre-Of. near Bsreday: one of the C KWry .store w ?'? i Rin-ci. nrw f*. . .. la -t burtiuiss lo- allons in the rlty. Apply to JOHN OLLER SON, of Bseelay and West sfreets. T J. GIBBONS, 109 HLEECKRR STREET HAS TIIK ? f dlowlng ll. uae* to let. good locations for nualnes^ lioardiiigor dv tiling bouaesj? 101 I'rtnre street, four story and basement. 105Greenwleh avenue, throe story and basement. 123 Mercer street, four "toty and atoie. 51 I'ike -trea t three alory and baeement. 53 Pike Greet, .hret story and basement. 53 Barrow stre .. two story, attic and basement. l5 Blwwkisr tu. 4? K<xmi". No. 9 IIMl #tr 1 N K with .ntwion. For all pwrtU-tiUft apply** akott. N. 15.? No rhargv* to applUtinU. 1HIRD FLOOR TO t,KT?AT 474 WEST TWENTY seaOUd "treat, four hoiiw. Kent gtu. TO FIRNITI RK, CARPET, DKT UOOD8 DEALERS nod Howl Keeper*.?To lot or lease. ono of tho bo?t bull', r lowlnst and MMt admirably situated Houses in Brooklyn for tho abort or tBT business n>q airing room and o commanding position; hour* ia Aft feet deep, four stories, Wi'h lofty b**eoirm, en'tils. Ao. Tho piinclpul railroad rar* unit tha door and all othtra wltbio 90 yard* of Ik Addrtaa <J. H. ft.. Post oiHc\ Hro' ktjrn. TO OAKDKNP.RA AND KLOKISTS.?TO LEASE, THE Stock and Greenhouses, together with (lit Business of the lata M r. George Iugiam at Oram wood Cemetery. For fur thrr panlriilani apply on th? pre mi act, oorutr of Fifth ur emia and Teenty tilth street, Brooklyn. TO LAPTDARTKH.?THE FOURTH FLOOR CORKER .Tohn and William etreela, with 17 windows, light on all sldoa; antrauce <1 John (tract. K. C. BISHOF. 87 Liberty atrack TO IBT-A FOUR STORT BRICK FACTORY, FOR A diatllltry or any other butlaeaa. Inquire at 438 Jflnth aranua, corner Thirty-seventh atreet. rpo LET?FROM THE 1ST OF MARCH, A FIMK 1 Market Hardening Farm, ont rail* from Jamaica, L. I.; land in riMllent condition; for one or mora years. $880 per aunum; alao a nice Dwelling House, newly repaired, with ran luge bouse and two acres of land, near Jamaica, conve nient te bursa care and railroad depot; from I it of April. W ILI.XTT BRON80M, IIS Broadway. CfO LRT-A CORKER STORE, WITH TWO KICE 1 Room* sod cellar; good stand for any business; Futures lor salt. Inquire at Mil Second aconite, eornor of Thirtieth etreat. ISO LET?OK BROADWAY, STORHS AKD LOFTS, ji au I labia for any reapactabla buslnsea. Also soma on the aid# streets. Apply to M. B. M V K AS, M Broadway. TO LET?TWO STORY AKI> ATTIC HOUSE, IK MAC. dougal street. bslnw Washington square, to a small re w^r'~'K!SMiraiia?ifSSS>:?'UCL mo I.KT-AT FORDItAM, A F1K8T CLASH RCSI. I d?i re, with eight acres of ground; most beautifully situated; neighborhood unexrept'noable; rout g.VW. 11 I.N M AN A t 'O., 1ft Wall street. TO LFT?TWO FLOOPS, 3o\l00, AND SPLENDID URL. lar tho same alts, Ins strong tb'ee story brisk build ing; "'"Y Building. With oallnr adjoin* Inr, ift'A with yard room and oiMtMOOKr carte and trucks: euuablo for maiiuiaoltirlug purposes; formerly used aa tho Manhattan Breeary, at ?Iaud M Hosier street. ,e?r ( hat. hsm streak Inquire on the promts**. I mined late*" s'on If required. IIO MtT-TWS LAROB STORE KO. S CosTLaKDT IMM HKS, ROOMS. ?Cm *? ??**? mO LET?NO. 146 NINTH STREET BETWEEN I way and fourth avenue, lower part ?< Mouaa. pp J .... . u.l . Pft - .. L, UYAMb A CO.. U Biomdwajr. rLET-WITU STEAM PoWKS fi^t chlu.rv. one Room containing about ou conveniently eitueird. snu-eo uiilca from New York dail* "'" of the pi tuclpal railroad* fit ieen trauta runQlug dally. Add real hot 2.U8S New York 1'uel odlee. r LET-TO A PRIVATE FAMILY 0*LY, A THREE hln 17 brown none Iruut ouh?. furotahrd, on ,. aveouu. between Thirty-seventh mud rb.ny e*K.!?o. i for e terra of two yearn from May L For purwlU apply to ' yt. C. FLANAGAN, 107 Chryslle street. TO 1.BT-A DAIRY FARM OK 100 ACRES. NEAR NOR w.tlk. I'onn.. 40 mtlee from New York, pi etc noil tn good ' rder. To a good tenant a hut* !??"??? [mated .lie posaeaa.on given. Also a Cottage with tan rooUBA, nl.-naaiilK ailinGed. wilh about one acre lu gnnlen aud liwn, {ilnTT .tied. well. Ac. etl In good order, at Daneo. Coon.. 1 ear tbe depot, about 36 miles from New York vu New tt?.

ceo Railroad, neighborhood brat class, near church and Oulioot. JAMES G. REED, ai Wilson A Co.'a, W 1'?ai1 ?tree'? eecond tloor. rl.KT-THE FOUR STORY BUILDING. K BY 100. *0 Willie utreet. Apply to KIU.NKY, CaNM A JOHN BON, illveriinHhi) 38 While atreet. TO |,T.-T-\ FURNISHED HOUSE IN WE-T TWENTY third street, to a era ill pr.vate futn ly who are w iling to tike a gcutieman and lady to Board with thetn. Kent moderate 'Apply to JAMBS tlAVl S, Jn , 66 Cedar street. mil IBT-IN A SMALL PRIVATE PAMILT. ONE 1 large neatly furniahed Room, with ga*and lire t re qulri d 'O one ?r two gcutlemeut without h" "J i HV! at 175 Thompson Ureal. BALLAKU. mo LET.-MRS. A. BOWLER HAVING pEOlOEO TO ! retire f enin buatneae, which haa be-n oaUbllahed^tniA 1HS.I wr! ?cll her Black of Hood# at a r?iluo*d ppw, and r????t of ye.r. ,?ow ??uu,?l Cyber on be west ante of Mroatway. Apply at 18 Meat torty-aeretiib street, before It A. M. or after 7 P. M. . m<> LET?DWELLING 270 VOl'RJH AVENUE. IN J. quire In the coal offlco from 10 A. M. to f r. ju mo LET?THE COLLINS HOTEL. CORNER OK WEST J and llol oken ?, with immediate P0**T*r''|n_^P' J at IS2 Broadway, from 11 to 12 o'otock. or at 93 Kaat Twenty aeventh htreat ol 1'KfhR A. iU JAl-AhnN. mo LET.?BROOKLYN, NEAR CLINTON A.VENCE, 1 from M .y 1. to a small family only, a Kreuch topf teet roomed, brick collage llouae, containing bath, fixed tuba, heater and all >n<eh-n l.n,;r.?-.-mi-nia,neihh-ii hood unexceptionable; rent $600. Apply at#4 Banlay stree up etalra. ?? mo LET?A NEW HOUSE, O.N THE NORTH SIDE OP T Twentr-fifth alroet; between Leitngton anJ avenues. Poa.eaaton March 1. Apply to Mr. VAN BRUNT, ?n the premlaea. TO LET?OR THREE YEARS' LEASE (fJ^M MAT) of enUre Building, No. 6ti Last thirteenth ?f"*1:'"* dgvn. waatof To LET A LAROK WELL LIGHTED SAIL LOFT, with attic. Apply to LEWIS A BROWN, corner of Front street and Coeuuoa slip. TO LET?THE VERY DESIRABLE SMALL THRBE itory brown atone llouae 161 Kaat Thirty-fourth alroet. Apply to M. O. G A SEEK, 54 South street. __ mo LET?FURNISHED. FOR ONE TEAR. I ola. a four etory House, la Weal Fourteenth atiwet, 16 roonih^rent $1,000. ROBERTMaCLAY. 77 Cedar atreet^ TO LET?THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, NO. 8X Weat Twentieth atreet, with three at"ry eiienelon, In complete order, hawing all the modern aoiuible for a large family: cau be seen from 11 to 4 o'clock. ror ^nn? app*v to B. BLANC), 15 South William street. r LET?FIRST OLASS FURNISHED HOUSES. DE feir iblv located, on PourieoniU, Twenty second, "hlr* Ueth, rhtrw-eixlh. ThlrifMerenlh, Tkirly-ei^hih ?lreel? ^nd Fifth avenue. S3U0 to mj^ O LET?THE ELEGANT FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP brown stone hou e 14 Wea. Fortyu.nth at.eel; com piete in all iU arramjomenU and lu perfert order. Kent $4.&NI. Inquire at 60 West I? itty.second street. ? mo l.RT-A FOUR STORY HIGH STOOP BR"** I MUiuc Houae nil Forty-.txth atreet near l*r0*d7^?'( good oidar: ront $2,*W. H1NMAS A CO.. It Wall street. mo ^LKT?COTTAGE HOUSE tU WEST THIRIT J fourth 11 reel, between >erentli and htfhtwrunuea, ?citable for a Hn?all family ooiy; pQMMsaloii girau about the middle of March. ? nio IsET?HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE, IN 1 good location, went of Eighth avenue. ?n Thtrtr-aecond ,im.? Ad'ji iifp month. AptSy to ?l. r- \VILLIA312I C SON, 44il Eighth avenue, and from 12 till 2 at 76 Cedar IO LET?THE FOUR STORY STORE AND DWELLING i No? 7 Carmine airret corner nf Mxth .venue; rent $1,600. Inquire at 160 Front atreet, room No. o. T mo i gq- FRONT PARLOR AND BASEMENT OV A T h.'uas in Fourth a>cnue, near Tent^ J," B cLaa milliner or drenHmaker, from lat of May. r or particu jara .tddreM M. llouM. Herald ollicu. r" .LET ?ANY ONE WISHING A LARGE PIRST cla.a House, for either privnte or boarding uae, with a two .cur.' lenae fmm next May. where the rent la only $476 per mimth Vnd willing to par a reamnahle pnee for he PaalT can rent a four story high stoop lii own .tone llou.e. 27x76 containing 20 rooms, elegantly furntaheA th'""*'^ with .11 modern ImpmvemenU. WAUENEN street, near Sixth avenue. Apply to W M. * AN " * . A CO., 472 Sixth avenue. r~ LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, VACANT, I ?i??.i,t two atory high stoop baaeraenl and cellar k llm!7* briwn atone atoop. house 22x46 with a splendid yl^of thTksS rWer? Harleni. Yorkvtlle and the whole cast aid *of the tVnlral Park; the bonse haa al tbe^moderi.tim DruvamanU and built last summer; it ta only toba eaen I'he SdmSSa- Appfy U> WM. VAN M AUENiiN A CO., 4?B Sixth nvoniM. - - rn(t r rt WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION (IT IS NOW .?fow^w'VnSKlV &*^nyW^plcro!Jln.5 S^ft^L^A'p^y? AUG., 472 Sixth avenuu. TtUM ayTl^nLWr^ i.j..!. n. *r the river and iteainboat landing, beairuiui Ijgjth etreey n ar Furniture for mu<d> leas than uTrt? vai^e".nd r:ut the lfou? for WU) a year. Apply w WM YAN WAGF.NEN A rO? 472 Sixth avanue. TO LET FURNISHED?THIRD FLOOR IN APR! ?air houne, to a gentleman and Me wife on\9, gaa, be'h, Ac; no m?Vtng. Apply at 9* Last Twenty-eighth st. mTTlFT FURNISHED?TnE SECOND STORY oV A 1 flj.i ctaaa house, tn a rerv desirable location In Brook^ lyn. AppiytoJ. DAVENPORT. Fulton avenue, corner of uxford.troet _ _ . rino l.ET OR LKAHB-TWO FLOORS OF BUILDINO. 1 40 hy 76, centrally located. Apply to J. W. McGl IRE, 1.162 Broadway. rno LET OR LEASE?FOR A LIGHT BUSINESS, THE r whole of Building over the .tore 261 Canal itreet. cor ner of Greene. Apply lu the .tore. T? lVo"^R^'w,thAL%7i!dFow^?n%^Agani orde^one ,, IKASU?THE VALUABLE PROPERTY SOUTH weat comer of Grand ?n<l Elm .treet., known aa N'". 47. 4PWr,:r6, Grand .trcct fi, by ^ ^ IsaMie to erect a building to be approved by 'be le-aor, ana to oav all taxes ami asueaaroeuta, and the first aj? tnontna E'-3^ S??'S at tha National Bank of the Republic, or No. 7 Last Twalftb ?trout. TO LB \SE?FOR TWO OK THREE YEARS, Km nlahrd or untiiralihcd. one of the liest lloiu>?>? tn New ark, I routing the Park mui near the depot*. with Hue * table. Inquire at SHERMAN BROTHERS'. 42 Warren street. rro IMT-n'UMHlDOlPARTIALLYFURNISHED. X to a amall private family, from Mar 1, the three story and basement line* llou?e gs Writ I wetily-iotirUi street, near Fl! th avrtiuo. The Hoilae 'e d'h-ftl feet, three remt de.-p all the way tit1, contains a bmlard mm. Is iu pcrieet order ami occupied by the owner. I an be seen frutn 12 to 4 ? clock. Pnoe, fi.ruiahed, *260 per mouth. KeaI estate ag-nta to ed Dot apply. T.J. IIVsTUll, 111 houlli tlreet, TO RhNT-A VKKY S1CKI.Y FURNISHED FOUR atory i.ngllih basement House, at (1150 per month; poeees-ion 1st of April, location '1 nirty-ntilth street, l? twefn 3?venth atiti Eighth avenues. Apply to J. F. KEN I > ALL. 1.164 Broadway. rpo REST-ON BROADWAY. All'>VK FOURTH STREET. I tno lour atory brown stone ilwelllnga, with stores and large hall 111 rear Apply to S. K. 1.11.1. A s 1). 2U1 Broadway. TO RENT?THR FOUR STORY BNHLIHH BASEMENT brown atone House HA Essi Nineteenth street For per mits applv to K. II. LI'DloW A Co., No. 3 Pine street. 10 RENT, OR LEASE FOR 8ALE-N 1RTII EAST COR. ner ol Broome and t'roaby atreeta; building 2A by nearly 10U feet; flv# stories and basement. Lease niue Terrs to run. JOHN McCLAVE, 44 Pine street. Gi'U\ PEK MONTH FOR BITIINO ROOM, TWO BED IpOU rooms, large kitchen and cellar, range, gas and water; rooms front and papered, house private, possession a once. Call ai SIM aeveutn avenue, uear Thirty.Ilrst street A d REEK MAN STREET.?TO LET-FRONT OFFICE, T:0 (WW. whole of second floor, (1,500; whole of second floor and third floont In rear, (1.000. No. X Harrow street rent MOO; frame house and full lot. No. 007 West Fifty eecouil street, near Eleventh avenue, for sale; Collate and IwOts fronting on both atreeta, stable gas, Crototi, Ac.; ((000 J. P. TKAVKRS, 4fl Beektnan street WATCHKa. JEWELRY. &U. C'^^UCKOO CLOCKS. WHOLES A LK AND RETAIL.?A. tRANKFIKLD A CO., patentees nnd sole manufactu rere. Ladies' Watehea, with secret Locket for Itkenessea, beetdet great variety of line Watcbea, Frcoeh Clocks, Jew elry. Btiver aud Plated Ware. A. FRANKFIELD k CO., SOP (1Kb avertne, corner of Fourteenth street, and 316 Eighth avenue, corner of Twenty-etith etreet COAL. WOOD, AC. ENGLISH OANNBL COAL, RES*QUALITY, AND ALL ether kinds of (Mai at tba low-st market price. T. FusTUK A HKO . corner of Thlrly-etghin street and Horn ond aventie and corner lorty-ninth street and Broadway. tfiQ Cft A CHALDRON FOR COKK-nBLtYKRED JjNyj tIV/ Immediately. Apply at my coke offloe at the >etg Vork Has Works, i weuiy-hret street and avenue A, ' 8. F. HIIKKWOOll. T1UVKUKRIP 0U1DK. Hudson river and. marlem railroads? Tralni for Albany and T oy, </nnerttni with Northern and We .tarn trains loive New Yok, via Hudson tUtef Rail, roa '. I bull h street and Teniu nvenne. 8 and tu a. .4. and 0 46, ti n ? ?nd 11 P. M.; ami via Harlem Railroad, Twenty s --ii stre t a i t 11. irt taveiiiie, at II A. M. and 4:16 1*. M. (let '? P. N. iralu via tin .in River win run on Mindaya. sieepli g can alb cm d to (;? itnd II P. M. trains, on it si P. *. trim is? ?'atta. ,e-l a si ? pnig ear evei-p dAf ex epb tag ? lturdayfc which a n through to 0(dciiatiurg via iL Yi an 1 Ok ItillTbad W'thnnt change. Sund ly train ? Hudson R ?,ir Ho,. I, New York to Pough kerj s e an I ratum e..vt ig N?w York at (Ml A. Ma and on Harlem Road Fortjr-s. ond street ui MUlerion aud return, leaf lug New York at 9 A. M. - WM. IL VANDRHRLLT YMwTrwtMM. CVROPBAI ITIANSHin. TDK ONLY AMERICAN LINK TO BNOLAMD AND r RANCH. The New York and Dawn Steamship Com puny win m? thrlr first class steamship* Arago and Pulton la connection with the New York Mall Steamship Company'* steamer* Mississippi and Mernin\ck, to Havre, carrying the United States mall*, from pier No. 40 North riror at noou, tba fol 'l*y?. calling at Falmouth:? ARAOO II. A. Gadsden..Saturday, Feb. 16. 1H67 MISKI ~K| 1*1*1 (}. Sumner Saturday, Maivh 1 Dd7 FCI'TON s. Sainnela Saturday. March 14 1*57 MKRKIMaO R. Van Sir*.. . Saturday, March Ml, 1*17 ABA'IO II A. Uadsden. Saturday. April IV I1W7 Mississippi (i sumn*-r Saturday, April iff, lufl and every fourteen <lav* thereafter pricks tip PAsstuE, payable in oold, FIRST CLASS ?|jn BFOOND CI ASS 7u Through ticket* tu London tfieitral" An experienced surgeon on hoard. The companies ?111 not be responsible for speeta or valis shies unless bill* of lading, baring the valun exprosed are signed therefor. C. K. GARRISON, for N. Y. M S. S Co. JOS. .1. COM STOCK, for N. Y. and II. ri. 3. 00. For lurther Information apply u> JOS. J. COMSTOOK. A cent. No. 7 Hro.i.lwar. JAMF9 A. WOTfON, Macro Oeneral Agent In Europe. riMIK STEAMSHIP ARAGO WILI. SMI. FROM PIER 1 J? North rlcor on Saturday, February IS. at tloc.ock M. precisely. XTATIONAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY. 1\ (Limited. > STEAMERS WEEKLY To LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT yiTEENHToWN. I.ence* pier 47 North river a* follow*:? VIRGINIA, Cant'iln Pronto, Saturday February 16. HELVETIA. Captain Thompson, Saturday, Pebruar. 23. PEN N SYLVAN I A, C plain Lewi*, Natorday, Mareh 2. LOUISIANA, Capwln llarrlngtan. Saturday. March 9. ENGLAND, Captain Grace. Saturday, March 16. E.KIN. Captain Cutting. Saturday, March US THE vl'KKN, Captain Origan. Saturday, March 39. Cat in pass ige. $100: steerage. $80. Slenraco pa mage ticket", to bring partlee from Liverpool or Qneenetow n, for $.'16 In currency. Through pa"'age to Parts, Antwerp. ITamburg, Bremen, dr., at low rate*. Href:* leaned for any amount, payable at any bank In Great llrltain or on the continent. For freicht and cabin passage apply At the oOlrd of the company. 67 Headway. And for steerage tickets at the passage offlroof the com pany, 27 Broadway and 276 Pearl "treat, near 1 niton. F. W. J. HURST, Al.iuager. o NLY DIRECT LINK TO FRANCE. THE GENERAL TRANSATLANTIC COMPANY'S MAIL STEAMSHIPS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND HAVKB, CALLING AT BREST. The nplendid new reeeela on thl* favorite rou'e for the Continent will sail from pier No. SO North river, aa fol lows:? ST. LAURENT Bocsnde Saturday, Feb. 2$ PKRRIRE Duchesne Saturday, March# YILLK DK PARIS Burmont. Raturdsv.Maivhia EUROPE Laraarie Saturday, April $ PRICES OF PASHAGK IN GOLD. First cabin. $160; second cabin, $100, Including wind These steamers do not carry ateerage passengers. Medical attendance free of charge. Passenger* Intending to land at Brert can be furnished on board with railroad tickets, and have their baggage checked to Parle at an additional charge of $6 for first and $3 for sccoud class. GEO. MACKENZIE, Agent, No. 68 Broadway. The NoRTn olrman loyd's Steamship HERMANN, W. H. Wenke, master, carrying the United Slates mall, will sail from the Breme* pier, foot of Third street. Iloboken. ON SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 23. eon BREMEN, YIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking passenger* to LONDON, HAVRE, iOUTHAMPTON AND RREMKN, at the following rates, payable iu gold or its equivalent m currency :? For the first cabin, $116; seoond cabin, $75; steerage, $37 60. gold. To be followed by the steamship DKUTCIILAND, H. Weasels, mseier. March 9. For freight or passuge spplv to OBLItlCIlS A CO., 6R Broad street. North American steamship company. OHPOSITION LINE TO CALIFORNIA, VIA NICARAGUA. EVERY TWENTY DAYS. Will despatch the first class meamsnlpa SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Capt. Smith. Feb. 20, SAN" FRANCISCO, Capt. Brhm, March ?, From pier 2# North river, foot of Warren street at noon, with passengers and freight at very low rates; connecting on the Pacific ocean Willi the fin* at**mshlps MOSES TAYLOR, Cqpt Hlelhen, and AMERICA. Capt Wukrman. For lurther information spplv to the North American Steamship Company. WSL H. WEBB, President, 94 Exchange pi nee. N. Y. D. N. CAKIilNGTON, Age-1. 177 West street corner Warre* etroct, N. Y. FOR LIVERPOOI?-CALLING AT QUEENSTOWN, Cunurd steamship AFRICA, from Boston via Halifax February 13 AUSTRALASIAN, from New York February 2fl CHINA, lrum Boston \I. Ilull'nx February 27 rassAOK mokkt ra?a waw yoh*. Cabin $150 UU | Second Cabin *100 passage uo.skt mo a bo-tob. Cabin $126 (Ml | Second Cabin $60 Payable in Gold or Ita Equivalent. For freight or passage anp'v to E. CUNARD. No. 4 Bowling Oreen. NOTICE.-.THR STEAMER MALTA. FOR LIVER, pool, will sa'l Thursdav, February 14. at noon. Passe'i gers roust be ou board by 11 A. M., at Cunard'a wharf, Jer sey City. ' TEAM TO GLASGOW AND LIVERPOOL, _ call ng at Londonderry to land passengers and mails. The favorite passenger steamers of THE ANCHOR LINE SAIL EVERY SATURDAY. COLUMBIA, Curimghan sails Saturday, 16th February. IIIHEUNIA, Monroe sails Saturday, 2*1 February. UNITED KINGDOM, Smith, .snlls Saturday. Id March. From pier 44 North rivor. RATES OF PASSAGE. PAYABLE IN CURRENCY. To Liverpool, Glasgow and Derry, cabins, $W and $70; itcfitfff, |30. Prepaid certificates from these pons to New York, $36. To Havre, Hamburg, Antwerp, Aa. HI'll Slid $37. For further information apply al the eompany's offices. FRANCIS MACDONALD A CO.. Agents, No. 6 Howling Green. New York STEAM TO AND PROM LIVERPOOL AND QUEENS town twice a week Passage $3<l currency to Liverpool or Queenatown. Prepaid Ucaete from Liverpool or Queenatown at the low est rates. Drafts payable in *ny part of Oreat Britain and Ireland. Apply to TAPSCOTT BROTHERS A CO.. 8li South street. or 33 Broadway. KW YORK AND BREMEN STEAMSHIP COMPANY. THE FIRST CLASS U. Is MAIJ. STEAMSHIP BALTIC, A. O. JONES, eommantier, l pmr f " "" S' N will leave phr 46 North river on THURSDAY. February 21, at 8 o'clock A. M., FOR HOUTHAMPTON AND BRKMEN, Taking passengers to Soiilhumpton. I inn Havre and Bremen at the following rates, payable In gold or its equiva lent In currency First cabin, $U0; second cabin, $70; steerage. $37 Ml. To be followed by the WESTERN METROPOLIS .Marrh t ATLANTIC, Captain C. Hover April# Further departures from New York:? April 2U, June 1. June 29. Mat 4, June 16, July 30. For freight or pasaage apply to ISAAC TAVI.OR Pie.M-et 4(i Urn idway. THE HAMBURG AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY'S Iron mail ateumahlp AiXEMAMNIA. E. ? Meier, commander, rarrytng the United Siatea mail, will nail on Saturday, Marti 2 at 12 M? for HAMBURG. taking paeaenger* for Ilanibuig, Havre, Bouthi.mpton and London. firm cahln, $I3S; aeoond cabin, $"5; ateerage, $J7 fid, pay able In gold or He equivalent. Tim TKUToMIA will aail Month Id. KCNHAKDT a Ctt, C. P. KICHARD A BOAS. ' General Age?,la General PhMemmr Adcnta. 4 5 Kirhat ye | lure, N. Y. Mo. t> Han-lay ureal, M. Y. NORTH ORRMAK LLOYD. In arconlaln-e With an arrangement effected with ilia United Mo ra I'nai Office l/epartin. nl tl atMEuhlpa of tlM North German Lloyd will, n t and after the 31 at of Mareh, leave New Y'ork on erery Thur dav an I on and after the 3d of April Southampton on eve.y Tuea.hiy, carrying the Uiil.ed Mateo, En.llali and Continental M dU OMLKlCHl A CO., ?? Broil atreet. CTEAM Tf> QUE F.N STOW N AND LIVERPOOL. O Prom New York every Wed new! if and Ha!.,i, lay. Thnt'lliCAttO aail* from New York on haturilay. Feb. ruary 23; MANH ATTAN on Salur lay Marofa V, lruui|der.,7 Eaal rtver. Cahln fun air. %?<gold. Steerage $34 currency, P-?? .ge to New York and remit ted ea to lreiand at low ratee. Apply to WILLIAVd A i.'T TON. 39 Broadway and (BBeiltk atreet STEAM TO LIVERPOOL AND QUBRNSTOWM BY TH Y. CUNAltD LINE. MALTA aeila Wedneaday. 13lh February. Steerage p.iaaage $30. payable In etirier.ey. From T.tver or (.iiirenalnwn. $Jft. l/rafta on K tight nd or 1,eland for eel a. Apply to K. CtNARK, W Broadway. IONDOM AMD NEW TORE STEAMSHIP LINE. I l'a?.:ige to London or Brent $110, ?7*>, $JQ, cirre my Elrnretoii i Irk eta at rednred raten. available tor etx nontlia. CF.LLA. C aptain Gleadetl, from M"w York March 3. WM. PFNN, Captain Btlllnge from New York March 14 ATALANTA. Captain Plnkham, from New York March 30. BKLI.ONA, Captain Dlton, from New Yerk April 13. The Brltlah Iron eteamahip CEI.LA will lea?e oier No. 3 North river for London, railing at Breat, on Saturday, March 2. Until further netlee all the eteamera of lht? line will aail at Breai to land paaaenjer*. Baggage checked and tlrketa wild through by rail to Parla at 36 par euut leea than rognlar re tee. freight will be taken and through Mil*of lading given to Havre, Antwerp. Rotterdam. Amsterdam and Dunkirk. For paean ge apply to C1IA8. A. WHITNEY, 3K Broadway. For freight apply at M South atreet. HOW LA Ml A AHITWWALIi, Agenta. Direct steamship likk BE I WKtN AMTWKRP AND NEW tOP.N. The underalgned Will deepalcb, dnrlng the coming aea?on, every other balurday, a Brat claaa LuglLli e'-rvw maimer to Antwerp. _ Flrei trip from Antwerp Saturday. Mereb 3D Flret trip from New York,.. !. Saturday, April*/ ?Taking pae.epger* and freight at the lowRkt rate#. ? if meanieti, priori of pe? w day?. KILLER A O'. Mo. gchamhrr* etreeL F"?a, ? gui ? nun Iirigpy ?! iun ion - Full pnrMniilam, gi* ng n*ni?? of jprlflJi or pt?* ?age. Ac.. will be pnhhahed In a few day*, for freight or pa^ge apply to jm ^ ^ ?0> VJTEAM TO LIVERP'tllL, CALLING AT orrMW. i? town. The Inman Line, eatling eWWeekli, earrytng the United State* maila. _ . . i ia CITY OF B ?wHf lJil' Z in kangaroo ? wedoe?jtor CITY '.K WASHINgVoM *^KS?i.v SUJSS' t !TY or BS.tV YORK ?12, y ^ o CITY Of AMTWKRP (new) .^.Saturday, Mirch P. and each aitcneedtng SatuJBejT enn Wetto *dey, at boob IrumptertONorlh^v.^ or By the mad eteannr aalUng every Sgtnrdaa% VttfhiX* In gobl* . tT J . sp Filial cabin. IJU BTufcilA **? to Lofld"B I"1 I to leimvm, AT, mlani "d? I 1" Parte. 43 paniire or t i.e Wedocedar otramlra?f ir t cabin, $110; hi..,.. ##1 i'ayub> t. tinned si ttee eufrenry. ?Ver?'alao lennrM to Havre, ^amburg. Bremen, ** m *er ge fr"ttt Liverpool or Quern (town, *Y7 mtr. recry. 7Vete oan be booght hero by peitona eonding for U'*tr . llJk_ . far fttoaer lgf?n?*UOu, ?B 'HVg&iZ: ' 855??" ? rria at s Hfff?' currency. Prepaid Uaketa and draft. -T^f" COUTWM1 HTKiMSHiPs. FOR CALIFORNIA TlA PANAMA.. '* Itin PactAe Mall SlMniblp Company'a ateamar ftru a A gUBF \ will at" o? ?" oc?? WKOMfMUAV. FEB. 20, AT IS O'CLOCK, noo* i Freight received aa usual. * V1*"- Ao". '"I"''* ?' fre'iht offloe. on company'! mm. *2 ,'L.rlh rirer, foot of Canal atreet. WELLS, FAROO A 0O? ! Sole Freight Agenie F. M. MM. 0^ 1>AC1MC MAIL hTEAMSHIP COMPANY'S TilROUGH LINK CARRYING*i\mtm>'stmes MAIL, i V,A I'iKAMA RAILROAD. l? ?? * v"7 ^ XorUi river, loot of Canal (treat, ra l.o'ehgk mion, aa r?llow? _ ???~s ^ lelruarv Jai- RISING STAR, Captain W. O Fur bar mm. n-'fllua'wflh MO.\TAN V. I'apUlu Suiton. 1 rt.*, ' "'n-LKNltY CIIaU.nOKT. CapUla A. OL Grtjr couiirrMug with CONST' TUVION Captain r irarlr February JOU-OOEa.V OUKKN Captain 'T? AT* oooi.erting wuh GOI.tivj. Jol; Captain Lapldie tI*m* All departure. U>i:? u at Aiapuloo; ihuaa of l?t and tint connect at Petunia with ata.i'nrr. Tor Mouth Pacific porta* lit and 11th lor t rntral Aiutri'ttu porta, aud thoaa trf ui tou -nat Man. i'dllo. ^ ?" *na lBo* Drpnrti'ro tf lith n.ich month connect! with the amF etcain hoe f.ton P.ineuu to Ainlralia and Ne* Zetland. 1 Steamer of M-iren II IW, will connect wlih the aM Tanya .tenner < OLOBADO, to lave -.aa Fraueuwe fS >ofc?hama out! flung Kong on April 3. IHtTT. , atli^Ci lr^**8 *J1UWed "iCh *dulU **dl???? H r.irpaeaag.- t I-kela and all further Information apply M the otht on the Wharf, foot of street North rtvra ftew iork.. F. It. iiABY, Ajants F'i^?Tr.!HOMAH ANn BRAZIL. " 1 UM.r,i) ssateh ^brazil mail STRvMSWtf rvrir,(n?',V^hR_MAIL "TEAMHRd. .ailing on the m a| rrVt'i!'iA^BHIL'A. Captain E. L. Tlnklepauih, PehriiarrlR NORTH a?Ji^r"R'?,n Oeo" ?? MareZlJ The?a^f^'VA- v*t*xln U F. Tmimeroino. Aprtllf Ft 1 limn. ?? **" on wMula IIin. aat i tHt, ' and rtt!ISTi'ei?&r'Y Pr"*mbu?>. Hahltand Klo Janeiro rgt to relMr"ln*. rorengaijemjetitof freight or pnuaga. i? t?AiiRlbON A AliLKN, A# out*, ? No. 6 Howling Onm, Now Yortt UKWKHT,<ITnAm j? u.V?'qTO HAVANA. VJ WhHT INDIAMAIL MTKAMSHIP COMPANY Erery Ratur^" 3 p?m SAiL,MU OA*- ' MORRO t u-r? '"vorite aleam.hipa Sagle. jL"u*v. ^ a coldmria. Barton..:;..;;; 'h^u^'mELi AWlLRt tuCAKHISON A ALLKrJ F?f.duji^n^^ffir'-2I SJS??JSHS^ pany'a new ateamer CORSICA. Capt U MwIuSIt!? /%F ^bOTH ports, from tbft Cloinpanv'n wharf *1 VrS Marrh'at ? ?4l Paaaatte money to Namati Paaaage money to Havana .... f*7ab'? ,n *0,d ?r lie eqiilvajeiit.' No freight received on any before Milling. For freiirht peeaagR apply to K. CtJNAKD. NoIVIowlln, C F??aOAIf7^?7OS' TEXAS. DIKEirrT ' The plendld steamahip I'.'IRIT Cuutaln E A Dele PS ?"? * North ru. r, ?SXrWtaS et 12 o clot It noon, lor (laivojloa direct. fleet!vlng freight now. apply tj"'? or P****'?" h*Tln? aplendld aceommodattong SPOFKOBD. TILEMTON A CO..? Broadwnyy^ F^'R C a LYKS1MI, TF.xas. ,, 11 A 1 rcrowateamer VIRGINIA, Wolfe, matter, not ury la." p * E**1 rlvor' w111 ?*" I" atthday, PoSfZ For freight and paaaage apply to o*, WILLIAMS A crrojr. Tl Wall atnw('' F?u" TEXAS. SAILIVO WRSIlC ,n,. r, i?f "The A1 ateamer GULF CITY, Stew.tru CoJ |Tacrtrdoy^ibr;,;irTlAr'14,hf*t P'" 30 E"1 "d ^ T. P*??F". having atiperlor aoromtn *pp y to II. .MAI.LORY A CO.. 1? Maiden U OTAR LINK FOR NFVV ORLEANS.-THE NEW ToKlC im Mail Heam4blp ( ompatiy'a flue ooei n eteemem vl ,,?tiT,^r,r?E. M.,aafoir^^ ... . ' , . ?" "VI. n? oo CIOCA I SfJ ??r.V2.A' F. i). ia "n s",ur'l?r. PeoM. au nil # ' on March 2. All I II >nai4Ull?T, OlMrrn A. f/1 k# !V oT ?gned st the office upon the pier, freight or p&&*age apply to F C. K. OARKISON, President, No. & Bowling Gi? I^OR NEW ORLEANS MIRPCT. . r?\V" 1 nr 1 cl*H" atemnahlp GENERAL MKAd4 r,err?-9 K?'th ^ tjJ'n?r fr,'1Vlii"r Maevuge. havln,t ' tmiendA _The aEC^GK WABmNS7oNLi'lil L'OR NEW ORLEANS.?STEAMEIts EVERY 8ATKM e;r,.;rMobae ?"3 Apply to J. M. FO.nTaNe, No. J Tr'l(Iihi(| It1 OR NFW ORLKANf? -HLAOK .STAR t.tmp "TTStl r Steenuhip MONTuuMLBY. i^pi^n leave pierljl North river on tiatuidav. February 1A at Ml ... lor freight or puwaae, having handaome Mo>mmim tloi.a, r> pj >i v to R. I.OWDEN, Agent oornorof c2u?!3 Worn .uwete. DAVID M t'CO A It 11. Agent m New OrfrtAS filOK NEW ORLEANS DIRF.CT TI1K vpur ut^d - Wheel ateamehtp KALI (ill. Captain 0. P MnrehaSf ITp tr"vvjr? 1 k.rth rlv'p' ou lliorolay. February lAel datlona, Jpplv " * ?tpa??ge, having apiendld acoomqj LIVINGS (ON. FOX A CO v ' "??- '?- ? f A*Mnt" ^l,NrW f)rl.0,n** -'AMES OONNOLY A C(5. OmA for all point. In the interior promptly forwarded. UMPIRE link fob savanna it. ? AJ Kvenr Saturday, from pier No. IS North river. Pnnrtuallr et three o'clock P. M. SAN sat yi ArJu M?r!? ?Idewh?l atramehlpa MAN lACl vrn' ..iV"*00 oa?">?nd?r, anile February m I swskSI ca? ^KiLAaa** eSU."taw P.levant.tjaeaenger aecommodatlona OARRJAONA ALLEN. No. S Bowling Green, N. jG^^UMjmroSss?&aa r"rmiUS LIVI*08T0X- Caputa i^ker, ~ |fc|^ Febnja^^SL* BAKNES> ^'?P??ln Morton, aallt " ^ From pirr 36 North river, nt 3 P. M.. preclaely ??|hn"'*h P??eage tlck?U and bdu of lading to all -wa-e- m conniption with the Central Railroad of fl9orn& m[ freight nr p***a*r apnlv to ^W. _ IJVINUSTON Vox A CO.. Afente. 88 LPiWty airaal F0yor?^^,L,ft^T0N' *? 0?THB PEOPLR'S karL Hednerd.r, February l.< rt 3 P. T (pS Zlr North river, landing fi-elgliton Saturday'm.?rnti.g .i r-k.-ij9 Tiirmite't I (oVola ?n.l Will, a# ? . aa . . . .* Through tlrkrta and WIN of Udlng Naued to all i ' I VIVg'sT(')N fox a Oft"? r,ro:""? "allroad. Ll*LSU?rrt)N, pox A ( O.. Agenu. *1 Liberty atreoC ffOR CllAltLKMTON S. C.. THE ILORIDt POVm sn VI1 }!'?f r,?,,,h South we Ml,?The elejgant .ta. JITh Uer Foh \rnZ'ZIX?y"* *ir*0- *n'1 wl" ?? i'*'"* t'>n with .h? r.Jnerr 'fllcrXrOK SJ""t'nT Mtf^rini ItSr nft'^!,n? *1^ U'-ket* |MUed to atla^ ^T^':r^P?,,^.T^ee2?^,'aro<,nA For paaaage. ticket., A' ., aoniy to 'Klin (| 1,1 art 73 W.lllant atreoA, / HlAULi'.'STuN HTEAMSHIP LtNfi r e SAILING EVKltY RaTI'RJIAT. The fine atflam.hlp CARLOTTA, I'aputu fh .rle. c dlfim. N lion ree. Ivltig freight a' p er No 3 North river at redue3 at |VSi Ma,? ^?r * ^'ir,rntua ,tfl ??Mtrdajr, Fet?ruary 1 AgZ'Ji:RrLZw^:n%r'> "p|,lT "? C0AH A w'?tnk^ Uou Richmond, Norfolk and city point. Meamehip 'a ori.mah'i,KW'c?,',Hmwu.^lmvM rag rT'V''dA ?"?Ki'o'on the wabomi it'll. i e. ,J 'ni"d "u'l U ivuinectiona. , nilla lading ?1gno<1 rn the pier. V r S"< Ihe nfflec n the pier, ?P8R . Mi (. Kh A 1)1, Prralrtri.t, Srt St ? , 1A?)R NORFOLK. CITY POINT and RICHMOND. _. . . CHANGE OF PIKE. The ateamahip* IIATTKRA8 A?<1 AI.HEM VRLF will. Ml ruture, rv re,?, n,,j deliver eirgo it pier '17 North Over, fieet O! Be .ell etrret, Inate .d ?,f pier *i. a. herewfy.-e. N I. M i <' R E AI 1 outh at reel (SOAL DEPOT, AT ST JOHNS, PORTO RICO.-, J Steam "?t "wn. r? and e., tarn ai adr-et that at the *V>?e mentlone'l r*'rt t . da of ?v?py imd an be anw. ) plied Without any ' t?. Ve -rG dra v Irg not over I went Teet of n at er van gu aluogvlde the wharf and hare It * Itaeira I on hoard. I Ap.iy to LATIvfRR A CO.. St. .Inline, Porto Kie<v [ or I. .1 V. ON ATI MA A CO. 47 So.uh etrevt. New YorR. ki Kvrri uk. . A 1,1, RIN.JKKS PATRXT HPKVtQ HP.rtS RRQ17IRS \ hilt Mn in?' r"M) fl"*n, durable: warranted for year*} Lj^JIhySVS-iU rt-a!??"?? iu*i"7- Mi /fynrjThrr*. ICarrixmn Vii Pentft itwtt t TrPRrvirs hlp.-all thb cohtl* \ i|0,.M>bnld Fnrnltar* contained In a flea ttory brows I .tonahotiee. Parlua Unite. rorered In tironatel, lor $M| xi.t??? Pianoforte. onat }*??. f?r $*10; F.ta<ree, Book* ia?.e Painting*. Afatuarr. *??'??, t'arpeta. t'hamher aag limine KoroiMbra ?' h?'f oriental eoal. Inquire At IIA tTa.t lOereatb .treat, between Fifth tad Siith arcane*. J \ T PltlTATK ftll.K -ALL THB MAONIF1CK no>i??bnld Furnltnr* In a four atnry browi hnitee elr**nl Parlor *ntta $**), rwrated In Tiehmtt hrma'el. Pianoforte, Atnol and i*n?r, an part) Inati _ a:MU: Bookeaae. Bedroom Anita Turkalk < hitr*. Iiounfm, Aa. Apply at 11$ Woot BWvi near fliftb arauua. fWLKOANT HOCRKHOLD FI'RJirrCRR AT PRITAT* 'j Mia al a treat aacriftce for raab - Magnificent ream *ood 7 m-tara Pianoforte A beautiful Parlor Buita, mar Ma pip Table*, roaewood Ftagrrea, Curtate*. Va*e*. pining Room Furniture; eUo a lot of Parlor and Bedroom Rural* tore. Inquire al 119 Weet Rlghlh "treat, near HI rib areaaaf* T-noR BAtR-TWR KRT1RR KPTBOrH ANP FDRKIUTIB ir of a family leactiM for Kurope enqalatlnf of a do"U?" ?ri of Parted wood Parlor Kurti.lure, corered la a tel. alao Carpet., Bedroom. Dining room and Kitchen P?p nuare and I 'matin Had*, He'IdUtc, falilaa. Cor tina, Mite in;*, Ac. Moat be eoM within inrea dark ~ ' ~ bo't'o rren immediately If Wanted; rent Ioi | I.tH W?*l Thirtoentb atreat. ...... All , 'if. lVFrnuckk. MAnm^asEsT Til7F> dimi. I; (.lk?-ea. Ae., rbenpeet, at |l. W. KNBl?f' _ HKM.'b, If.i I; >wery, between o tan ton at.d Mouuton ilrnt li a? iraotfdj (Jcllreiod fi-ea; Patent atoa I* elirt|p. J St r:.\t urh'Jctkh] Br Ultreaer .jKBil - 5u..- i afci .. t k M1 l mm u mm ix riurp? to PK*f* \J Mil.?t n 'C III nf fr-ij de? ??!(.(Ion, |,w tlnff (toiLMMk. rtaeet, A<iFannr Mid Chamber Salt* it to**? "? < r _ M- 00v*' *?''t ''I IW Alt, \t marry. ITATVKS'T RRORtTII? 9V WRKRLT OH, MOSTHI.T li. Ina'arn -ntl f - Pnrn Hire of wrety dear'rlptlnf. Ci net* vilolottia, Parlor and Kruroom hull . Ae., RKtiliAiX ASCIirt'i*, I*?f of Canal and Hud?