Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 13, 1867, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 13, 1867 Page 9
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MEXICO. OUB DU3AKC0 C0BBESP0WDEKC?. Vurmgo ud Its Viclally?HUtarleal, Eccle siastical a ad ladaatrial Natea? Indiaa Beprr. dalloaa?Uemarkable Iron Mountain-Prodi Iran Becoming an Imperialist?A a Imperial Fartidcatian?l.ead Abandaat?I'rluilug?A Friar Makes (be First Press?The Schools and Public Library?The Scorpion Trade. &c.i 1c. Drmasoo, Jan. 14, 1867. The city of Dnrsngo, in latitude 24 degrees 2 minutes (north, te situated in a broad mountain valley, about ten miles wide by twenty miles long, running east and west. This valley, locked In by lofty mountain chains, is watered by the southern branch of the Rio del Mesqul tal, which flows through the northern part of the State of Jalisco, and empties into the Pacific Ocean about one hundred and fifty miles south of Masatlan. The im mense level valley in which the city Is situated receives all Its fertilizing elements from the river which courses through it The land, well cultivated and rich, annually yields two crops of the cereals sod gives s prodi gal growth to whatever Is planted. The crop Is principally corn, which bore Is the food for the poorer classes, and during the printer months la also used for horses and mules. Formerly the city of Dumngo contained 22,000 inhabitants; but wars, the stagnation of business and the lack at protection in any commercial enterprise have reduced the population to ?bent 16,006. In 1860 the State was estimated to contain 102,018 inhabitants; bat in I860 Indian depredations and wars had reduced it to 166,610?e loss in six years of 6,000. The city, foupded in 1563 by Alonzo Pact) ceo, was the principal cootre of government for the viceroyalty of ?*Nueva Viscava," as Durango was then called. It was at that time more used as au outpost kgsinsl the Indian tribes, who waged a constant warfare aga list the Span ish enw/uistadom. than as a productive settlement. From the mineral districts to the west and norttiwom ot the cily trade to centre her-, and gradually it be came tbe must important business centre of the State. The northern and northeastern districts or the Sut'o afterwards gave their con ribuiioDs ot mineral riches, and Durango at the end of the eighteenth centuri began to assume a very important position among the Mexican Cities. Durango has always been considered one of the great centre* of catholic power here. Virtonlly It wan, and is to day in its weakness, the t reat northern stronghold of Mexican political ecclesiastical power. It wiw among the first of Mexican cities, under the direct.on of tho clergy, to throw its energies into the hands of the impe rial (action, which has ulwavs counted largely upon tho support which the city and Slate might aitord in the last grand struggle of the Mexicati Catholic Church to rule the country. The result ha* been that tho people have freely contributed millions to the itnper al cau.-u, and are now almost impoverished. The bishopric of Durmigo was founded October 11, 1620, by Paul v., and has sinca that time had twcutytlireo o.shops. The (Irst took pos session on th> 22d October, 1621; the lam governed from 1631 to Novemlier, 1863, at which time he died. Since then Durango has been without a bishop. Besides tbe immense mineral wealth hat enriched tho city, it was the centre of supplies lor the numerous cat tle haciendas that made northern Durango famous for its herds of horses, mules and horned catile Scarcely a vestige of theee herds now remains; ihe land lies idle and unproductive; the estates are wrecked; tho build ings upon them, descried or in ruins, nflord but n sad shelter for a few miserable beings who live in constaut dread of the savages, lho Immense herds that darkened the plains have disappeared as If by magic befure the terrible blast of aunia! Indian invasion. The districts of Mapini, Inde, El Oro, Cinco Scilores, San Juan del Rio and Cuencaino count their losses from the Co manche and Apache invasions by millions of dollars, while tho valuable mining interests of these same dis tricts (about one-bait the Stale) are completely paralyzed. The HI Oro district is rich in i old washings and lame lumps have been found there. From California miners who have visited it I learn that its riches are equal to ll.s most lamoiid diggings of that Hate, but tliev cannot Is worked on account of a few hundred Indiana. A half . league north of the city is the lamous "Merrado" iron mountain, the elevation of which is seven thousand Ave hundred feet above the sea and about six hundred feet above the plaza of the city. I rude around it and exam ined it thoroughly. It Is about three miles n cireumfer ence and ia composed in gieat part of iron ox'ido, ax I am Informed by those who are working tbe orea It is a bold, rugged looking mass, black and frowning. - The whole mountain ia about llfty per cent of metal, and its analysis varies from forty to sixty-eight per ccut. I have some specimens that will certainly give from aevsnty flve to eighty per cent. It ia rather In tbe form of a vast deposit than a vein, although the axis of doposlt Is clearly lo be traced and runa nearly east and west Oh the northern side tho ' metal appears to be of a purer quality than apou the southern Slope. All around the base of the deposit are bugs boulders of iron, many of them from twsuty to thirty tone in weight, rhese, loosened by time, have rolled down from tbe steep sides and crSSt of the moun tain and lie here ready for the smelling furnace wheu time and patience sbovo Mexico into the channels of tbe world's commerce. Upon the south aide or the moun. tain ia a superior quality of building stone, a primitive limestone highly crystalline, while upl.fted upon the northern slope of the iron deposit a limestone ridge stretches off to tho northeast. On the northern slope of the Iron ridge Is the entranoe to a mine which has been opened and worked for some time. Gold and silver ere . also found in this mountain, but tha yield is very poor. It Is also stated that precious stones of considerable veins Have been taken from some caves near the lumml Upon the bank of tbe Turns) river, six miles distant from the mountain, Is an iron manufactory, the ma chinery of which Is worked by water power, a fall of abost twelve feet serving lor the purpose. T? this point the ores of the Meroadu mountain are carried, ami from them about one hundred tons of iron are annually manu factured. In 18M they manufactured one hundred and seventy-live tons, bnt the works are new somewhat run down. The proprietor of the works and of a very line country seat adjacent, was Don Juan Floras, n gentle, man whose feudal wealth tare years since was one third part of the state of Durango, consisting of seventeen Im mense haciendas and forty nouses la the cliy. All this is now confiscated for treason of the owner, who has made himself prominent as an imperialist The Iron works consist of a large English smelling furnace, a small nsasbtnesbop and a foundry of equal dime melons, a num ber of blacksmith's forg' i and a primitive trip hammer, as also a small roling mill to wbieh two or three paddling furnaces are attached. I saw them roll a few tons of irou; but It was not sufficiently worked, tbe rolls ware vary much strained for want of a batter gradual too of sizes In the rolling, and tbe Iron when finished tall of faulta and vary rougu. It Is, however, of exceeding good quality lor all purposes requiring very hard, doss grained metal, it tetng almost like steel. This Is perbapo due in pert to the use of charcoal and wood In tbe manufacture, there oetng no stone coal available. Tbe wood Is brought over the mountains oo mule back, a Journey of two and a ball da vs. The charcoal costs fifteen eents sliver for twenty five pounds Tbe iron sells in this market for from twelve lo fifteen cants par pound, wholesale, and Is pre ferred to that of foreign importation. A splendid busi ness might be done here with lbs iron mountain If there ware any protection to Industry; but as It ia now, It would be s losing enterprise for capitalists. On tbs southwest side of the etty is a bold limestone hill, kasswn as tbs Osrro de los Remedies. This is crowned by s small thick walled church around which tbe tmpcrMists have constructed a fortification at con mdssabls cost; but with a vary laferior display of en gineering talent. The general plan of the works has the shape of a right angled triangle, its hypothenuse ffcciug the north went. Its southwestern angle has some pre tensions to a bastion, while the remainder of the work Is as irregular aa the crest of the mountain. The base and perpendicular are about six hundred feat each. The ditch around tbs work Is aooat sit feet deep, sad cut out of tha solid rook. Its principal value, as I use it, would be to serve es s place of shelter for an assaulting party previous to carrying the works Tbs Interior revetments are of stone, the exterior of adobe bricks The parapets vary from six to ten feet In thekoeen Tbe church, In the centra of tbs work, is loop holed asd the roof Is now sur rounded by a parapet which would serve as s protec tion for infantry. The fort would mount nineteen guns, and completely commands ths city, the plaza of which Is not mora than a mils distant In ths interior of ths work are several ipssml siwUi of adobe and stone and two traverse# of stone, which appear to be of little value. Tbe slops ?f ths parapet Is such that In no part ol ths works could tbs guns be so depressed as to sweep the mountain side; not even ths Infantrv could command tbs bill slope from tho bamqneiU. Ths ditches are not protected by n flank Ore except partially on tbe east aide, while on the south side the lace of the certain Is almost parallel with ths foes of thr bastion, and ths whole south ditch mads apparently to protect an assaulting party which might easily solar It from tbs souibeast, turning at ths same time a small outwork to ths south of the main work. North wool of tbe bos tlon la a circular redoubt lower down the hillside The whole fortification Is a weak sfihir, and like all ths other Imperial for-ideations I have sesa appeared lo hava been built simply to bold the population beneath Ita guns la constant terror. Lead Is very abundant In the Slate, and copper In the Maptm! district In Mantml, Cuoncame. Guaancevi, Parrilla, and In tbe Cordillera, separating Durango from ?union, Ahem are Immense argentiferous deposit# West of the capital In tbe subufos there are tin mines in ths Osrro de las Remedloa There are also valuable tin de posits thirty leagues northwest of this city. Ths lack of enterprise, capital and protection causes nil of these riches to Ita dormant. In the central part of the State are raised oorn, wheat and other cereals. In tbs valleys, where tbs climate la temperate, exuberant crops of an excellent quality of cotton era raised, ss also sugar cans and other plants of ? tropical nature. ' In lflM Durango produced 800,000 "fanegas" of corn. Ths total lasress in 186* undsr imperial rule, for tbs support of the State government was 1278 669, but It fell short of ths expenses by $60,000 Durango Is not noted for Ita public or private build ings. The cathedral Is the prinotpal edifice and Is mainly notable for lis else, not for Ita architectural beauty, which Is Tuscan styls. It was commenced In 1096 and consecrated In 1M4. Two charitable Institu tions of limited means exist here. The Durango mint was established In 181L Upto 1861 it had coined 929,662,667 In stiver and gold. The sassy office Is vary old. A penitentiary, partly flntahed and containing already two hundred solitary calls, was last year warmly recommended for on appropriation to complete It. Printing was first dene hore In 182S by the Franclman Pray Bnenavetiiura I .eras, of tbe Convent of San Fran ctaoo, who insterarlured without foreign aid a prase, type and everything required for printing pnrpenes. Later Governor flviui brought to Mexico the press now used bv ine government There ore three other tanail pressee In the city, but their nee is principally to print tbe government decrees, these being about all thai ths $ official Stat* jo ,rna! contain# A buti pen for bull fighting and ? cook pit art. ?C *? r m tbe tiring! existing. Sertn public bath ing h mill. ? park of considerable extant end beauty, aix b<teli ???* a cafe alec ex tat here. I b?re are twenty-seven acbooli In the State paid out of tbe public fundi and. torty-ooe private one*. An academy of considerable reputation formerly eztited under the protection of the clergy. A public library of 8,WO volumes of work* historical, legal and religioun, U uiicd every day. Boeidex the ootton mill of Turral?which contain* 66 leotus and 2,01'i spiudlee?there la near Cuencame auo ther of 30 loom* and 1,000 spindle*. In Guadalu|>e, near the latter mill, ta one of 36 loom* and 1,200 spindles. In Mapimi a mill of 30 loom* and 800 spindles, and, Anally, one located in the capital with 23 loom* and 800 spindle*. This U the only one ran by steam, the motive power of the others being water. In the fertile valley of Poana* another cotton mill ie being built. There is e ?mall dour mill, and a saw mill near the capital. It ta estimated that the cotton crop of the district* of Sen Juan del Bio and Nairn for 1866 were 30,000 quln Ules (3,000,000 pounds). A considerable part of this statistical data I have ob. tamed from an official report made to the Imperial Minis ter of the Interior In 1866. The scorpion crop in tbe city of Purango for 1866 wis over eeventy thousand. These venemoua Insect* make Durango a perfect terror in the summer months. At present they are snugly stowed away In the cracks, waiting for the thermometer to rise. Their bite to chll dren is in most cases fatal, and la frequently ao to grown people. The drinking of large quantities ot liquor pre vents death, but the person goes through a regular lit of hydrophobia, with much foaming at the mouth. 8o greet was thispest, that in the time of the Viceroys they commenced offering a certain price per dozen, and this practioe has always been continued. Tbe old price was six cents each, but It was found tnat tbe annnal increase was enormous, and it was soon discovered that manv of the poor people bed taken to raising them lor a living, having boxes prepared for the purpose, Tbe prico was consequently lowered, and to-day it Is only half a cent each; but it is supposed that many people still find it profitable to carry on a sccrpion manufactory. It is a curious fact that the scorpions irom the other parts of the Slate have not that deadly venom which they have here. There ap pears to be a slight difference in their appearance also; for the experts who make the purchase* in this part of the city cannot be imposed upon by an imported article. A section of tbe city ceiled Chihuahua is singularly enough free from ibera; and here many wealthy per son* have buiit their residences for the summer mouths. financial and commercial. Tots DAY, Feb. 12?6 P. M. There vra.s considerable activity in the gold market to day, and the price rose from 130* at the opening to 37',' at a quarter to four, notwithstanding a slight ad van' e in the price of (lve-twenties on the London Stock Exchange. The closing quotation, howover, wus 137*. The borrowing demand was so noarly equal to tho supply that the great majority of loans were mado without in terest, the exceptions being at 2 per cent for carrying. The advance was mainly due to a more gloomy view of the political situation than prevailed yesterday. The railway share market was dull but (Inner than of late, owing, apparently, to efforts on the part of a few large hold rs ot stocks to promote activity and an improvement iu prices. At tho ten o'clock session of the open board New York Central sold at 102* a >4; Erie, 60* a *; Reading, 105?,' a *; Michigan Southern, 75 %; Rock Island, 99J?; Fort Wavne, 9S*; Northwestern. 38* a ?do. preferred, 88*. At tho first regular board the business was light and evenly distributed throughout lite list New York Central closed * higher than at the same time yesterday, Erie *, Reading K. Illinois Cen tral 1*. Cleveland and Pittsburg *, Rock Island *, Northwestern *, Fort Wayne *, Ohio and Mississippi certificates *, Quicksilver *, Canton 1*. racific Mall was * lower, Western Union Telegraph *. Govern ment securities were firm, and coupon flvo-twenties of the new issue of 1885 advanced *, seven-thirty notes of the first aeries *, second series *. Five-twenties of 1884 declined *. State stocks were steady. At the one o'clock open board the market was (inn, and New York Central sold at 101*; Erie, 80* a *; Reading, 106'4 ; Michigan Southern, 75*; Ruck Island, 99* a *; North western, 38?;?do. preforred, 09; Fort Wayne, 98*. At the half-past two regular board there was no mate rial change In prices or the tono of speculation. N 'w Yovk Central closed * lower than at tho first regular board, Michigan Sbntbera *, Western Union Telegraph X- Brie was X higher, Rock Islat^ X, Northwestern X, Fort Wayne X, Chicago and Alton *, Milwaukee and St. Paul preferred X, Ohio and Mississippi cerifl -ates X, Quicksilver %. Government securities were firm, and coupon five-twenties of 1882 showed an ad vance of *, and the Issues of 1884 and 1885 of X- At the half-past three open board tffe market was nearly stignant. New York Central Mid at 102; Erie, 60*; Reading, 106X; Michigan Southern, 75Hi Cleveland and Pittsburg, 85; Rock Island, 99*; North western, 38% (b. 3); do. preferred, 80%; Fort Wayne, 98*. Sub sequently the market remained steady, and at five ?'clock the following quotations were current:?New York Central, 101* a 103; Reading 106* a *; Michi gan Southern, 76* a *; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 84* a 86; Rock Island, 90* a *; Northwestern, 38* a*; do. preferred, 00* a *; Fort Wayne, 98* a *; Ohio and Mississippi certificates. 98* a *. There Is no change to note In the state of the money market. Loans ere made freely on goed stock collaterals at six per cent, while the general rata on governments Is five per cent. The best grade of commercial paper is discounted at seven per cent, end the supply 0Oaring Is very limited. The undercurrent of monetary attain at the West Indi cates s revival of confidence, and the recent stringency is giving p'aoe gradually to comparative esse. But the demand tor dtseounts both tn the form of renewals and fresh paper Is active, and names are closely srrutin lied br the banks, while the rates of interest remain un changed. Exchange on the Eastern cltios si Chicago remains firm at per, buying, sod 1-10 premium, selling. At Cincinnati exchange la steady, and the receipts are not In excess of the waute of the market, and corns from outside points, as thereto veqr little being made in the ordinary eourae of business. It is still generally believed in Wall street that the Loan Certificate btll wtll become a law, as it meets with the unanimous support of the national banks. It is to bo hoped, however, that the power these Institutions exert will t?e Insufficient to cause Congress to pass the measure. They have already subsidies enough sod to ask for several millions per annum additional, which this bill virtually does, is like adding Insult to injury. There is the leas excuse for It bacons.' them institutions are, wt:h n few exceptions, paying large dividends to their stock holders Should the olil pass, as It not impossibly may, H wilt, result in s steady inflation or bunk loans for a considerable length of Ume to coma. The compound Internal notes, for which them certificates are intended to act as a subatltnte with the banks, are not by law available as n reserve against circulation, although them Is no legal enactment against national banks holding them as a reserve against deposits, as the following ex tract frost the act authorizing their Issue will show: ? Said Treasury notes may be disposed of by the Secre tary of the Treasury on the best terms thai can be ob tained for lawful money; and such of them as shall be made payable, pr.nclpal and Interest, at maturity sball be a legal tender to tne same extent as United Stales notes for their face value, excluding interest, and may be paid to any creditor of the United States at their par value, excluding Internet, or to any creditor willing to receive them at par, Including interest ? ? ? Nor shall any Treasury nots bearing interest Issued nndsr this set be s legal tender In payment or redemp tion of any notes issued by any bank, banking associa tion or banker, calculated or Intended to circulate as money. Mr. Hooper, In his recent speech In the House of Representatives, contended that they were not "lawful money" In the sense of the act, and that therefore they ought not to bo held so ? reserve agslnst deposits; bat the speaker strained a point beyond the law In making this assertion, and was evidently lad away by bis sent for the entire exception of tho compound interest noteo from the legal Under retervc of the banks rather than guided by bis calm Judgment In the Interpretation of tho sot. The compound notes should be available as n reserve against deposits up to the Urns of their maturity, when they should be redeemed with plain legal tender notes. Shies writing the foregoing ws find It reported from Washington that the Senate Finauce Committee have agreed to the Mil. after amending It by reducing the amount to ooventy-flve millions und the rata of In terest to three per cent. The principle of the bill, how ever, remains unchanged, and the objections we have urged against It still remain. The foreign exchange market was steady, and rales were nominally the sans as yesterday Bankers' b.lls on England at atrty ttaya were quoted at 108* ? 108*; ?t three days, 109 a 100*; commercial bills, 107* a 108*; franca at sixty days, 6.90 a 5.17*; at three days, 6.16 a6.1T*. Mining shares wore setlvo, the heaviest transactions being la Quarts Hill. At the drat board Consolidated Gregory Gold cloned 100. higher then at the same timo yesterday, selling at ?13 80; Cory don 30a, oetllng at |10 20; Qnartt Hill 76., aelliuf at 96 60; Smith 61 Pannolee 10a, telling at |T 16; People's Gold and Sliver sold at $3 16. At tho ass end board Smith h Parmlse cloood 10a higher than at the first board, eolllog at |T 16; Gunnoll Gold fa, soiling at ft 10; Quarts Hill woo 6a tower, soiling at ft 46. 1 Tho now log* taador note current? of Canada is re girded from all accoanU u a hilar a to that province, ao far m ila effect In mitigating tbe monetary evils umlar which tUe local government baa long labored la con cerned. Tbe Utter, la order to meet a detlcit of a little moire than five millions of dollars, a uthorized the issue of ? ight million! of debenture* or provincial notee, for which tbe Bank of Montreal was to art as tb# circulating agent, and from tbe proceeds of tb# issue of either to provide the Finance Minister with tbe tneana of meeting certain paymenU due by tbe prov ince In England. Tbe debentures not having been sub scribed for to a sufficient extent tbey were not issued, and recourse was had to tbe legal tender notee, of which it is suied that not much more than three millions of dollars have been issued to the Bank of Montreal. Thia seems to argue considerable difficulty in working them into circulation, hi consequence of a distrust of tba public credit, tba expeadiiures of the province, owing to the unskilful management of its finances, being In exoeas of IU Income. Previous to the lasno of these provincial notes the local gov ernment waa indebted to the Bank of Montreal In ibe sum of $2,260,000, to Baring Bros. & Cq. in an additional sum of $2,600,000, and to the Barings and Glyn, Halifax k Co., of London, in $060,000. It bad further a direct liability In the form of canal debentures or $380,000. Its only ready means of paying off this in debtedness waa by the issue of these note?, and it there fore follows that, as but little more than half of the former has been paid by the Utter, the province has creditors representing tba remaining portion. Tho debt la a mere trifle, of course, in comparison with the amounts we have of Ute years been accustomed to deal with In this oauntry; bat, small as it is, the Canadians are forced thereby Into the position of needy debtors] That a colony which, from iU geographical position and otber natural advantages, should bo in a prosperous state, is forced to occupy a financial position suggestive of the straits of Micawber, hardly reflecU credit upon those who have had the control of its finances. Tbe Philadelphia bank sUtemenU of the past two woeks compare as follows:? Jan. 28. Frh. 4. $52,384,320 Specie 871,584 873,614 Legal tenders 19,269,123 19.659 264 DeposiU 39,502,712 39 811,59 5 Circulation 10,430,893 10,400,082 The Philadelphia Clearing Hooso statement is as under:? Fe'ruarv. Ctmrina*. Ba'anrrs. 4 $5.532 324 $471,355 5 5,-41.026 400,249 6 6,08c 493 43s 945 7 6,278.023 897,120 8 5,391,568 430 015 9 5 111.772 557,361 Totals $33,114,808 " $2,695,045 The cgsb balance In tbe bauds of tho Uuitcd Stales Ass slant Treasurer (Boston) at the close of h-sinea-, Ffbruary 9, was $11,239,388 50? last week $10,918, 4S5 32?sliowiDg an increas' of $326,903 24. Coin on hand, $9,005,909 18?last week $8,0^4,399 28?showing a gain of $381,509 00. The receipts for customs at the port of Boston for tho week closing on the 0th lust, amounted to $442,500. The total value of exports trom Boston for the week ending February 8, including specie, was $196,400, agaluat $230,182 for tbe cot re-ponding week in 1880. Tbe total funded debt of tbe State of California on January 1, 1807, was as follows:? Clatt rf Bond'. fTlen Ihir. Amrunf 7 p. cent coupon bonds of 1857. ..July 1, 1877 $3,586,500 7 p. cent coupon bonds of 1860... Juiv 1, 1880 187,500 7 p cent cou|>ou bonds, re.luf....July 1, 1883 520.000 7 p. cent coupon bonds, bounty..July 1, 1884 1,028,000 Total $6,322,000 The national banks of the country paid for dividend and surplus lie nine taxes In each of tbe last three years as follows:? 1864?Dividend and surplus. $381,780 License 176,774 1865?Dividend and surplus $2,207,987 License 734,005 1866?Dividend and surplus $2,075,102 License 849,345 $557,654 2,941,092 2,924.537 Total $6,424,064 sales at the hew tow stock exchahoe. Tnrsdnv. Fell. IU?10i30 A. M. emMnflK'a '74 tec . H8*i 100 sht Cum t'nat pref. 37 Iffiv !???; ?|W?trnionTeWco 46 MlO U 8 6's. '81 coil... 10*s 6i? do b*? 46 SOlAJU U K t'l 6*20 c, 'H2. 109 100 do 4414 auuM V H 6'/. ? '.?? ;?4. IMM MQuttsUver Mg Co. 41 iXSX lT A ^vAMKROj llg Ac 'JpaoiofW$ lUK) California 7's IB }?| do. bu J??u S3 IS n t oSaiiai m"?:::: 135^ 26UI Tennessee 6's n.. 6Mi ??? Erie HR 6" 2IM0N cm. oxcou... fT aw do bio ?o bM CAMWcond. cvlbd Wt? J? do ... 105 . JSASVffSrblCltt IS llUnott Central BR- jgtj '252 To!hVldrnV ?? ? Clave A ntu RR.!. " ? " 77?< SUO Chic A N West'a RR ?<i ttKSSSt&iV. & jgch^ARkUUnd 32 SrdofejK g; 10 Rk of CommoawMh lifii, ... 6U0 Canton Co 4fV| *1 Chic A Alton RR... Ill1 100 do 3d Ball 47V 166 do. ill DelA Hnd?oa Canal 14H% 3jW , do 9? Adams Kt.vaas..... 63 TOO do 84 Wnl s, r?igo Kx 67 100 do ...... .. 10 1'nlt-d SUtes Ex... 64 100 MUw A?t Paul PM 300 Central Cowl Co.... 43 113 t lev.P A Aah RR. COMMBKl'UL REPORT. Texan**. Keb. IS?6 P. M. HBKADxrorrs.? Receipts, 6191 bbls. floor, 3.826 bags corn meul, Sl.DeJ bushels wheat, S.SIO do. com, MO do. oaU, and 716 do. malt. Klour wu dull, hear; and Irregular. A fair business waa done, bul the sales wore mainly effected by forcing sales at a decline of 10a a 30c., while the geneial market waa without noteworthy change?certainly not more lh-.n Sc. a 10c. lower. The ealea comprtae 7.600 bbla. at our revised quola'lon* appended, Bouthern flour waa inactive and drooping, wph an lea of SflO bbla. Rte flonr waa dull but ate:.dy. The aalee were 20# bb'a a' frntn $7 tog*, ac eo.'dlng t<> qn.lttj-. ton. meal waa neglected and urlo-s wen- men nal. ?e minim? Ru erflne and Western...., 99 00 a 10 :? Ban* state in 30 a II lu Choice State II D a II Ml Common to medium extra Western 10 2" a II 30 Extra round hropllhtd 11 00 a II hi Western trade brands II 00 a I? S* Common Southern .10 71 a 12 W Kane J end extra do 13 10 a 10 Ml Itye flour (au|criiiir, 7 00 a I? 00 Corn meat, Jersey B 10 a 6 00 Corn meal. Brandy wine 6 SO a 5 41 ?Whe?t remalne-i dull, and price', though not --saenliallr lower, tended In l?rnr of the hover. The aalea were hi.Mffl bushel* at $2 SB 'f No 2 Milwaukee: $3 lb for No 3 do., also 4.No l.nsheia white Call omi t, par- on private terma. to go onl of the market, and part at $3 16 n AS 16? the latlor an eatiema rate. Corn was decidedly heavy, keing depress 1 by cable news, pri-ea ruling Ic. a 2c. lower without inducing purr-harera to any ettem. At the close - prime Weatern mixed could hare been bought at 91 II a 91 IS store and 1 he aalea were 6tM0d buahela al 91 Ilk a fl UK for mired Weatern afloat, closing at the Inalde price. 91 II a 91 121, fnr do.. In atore, ana 91 H " 9' '* for new yellow Jersey. Uais ruled lower, closing dull at a decline of Ic a Sc.: Iheaili-a were 26.IWI huahela at ?*. a We for Western, 67c a Wr. lor Stale and 07o. lor choloe Canada West, duty iwld. Itve waa In more acHre demand: the ealea cover 28, Ik) htislies. at 91 26 for Canada 'West, duty paid, and fll 19 a $1211 for Weatern. Heiley was Heady hut qun-l. W e note aule* or in.OtO hnaliela at !?c. for Canada wflJU Of malt I.Mi biiel'cls were 'old at 91 -Hi. Ill aes ax waa du1 at nnchangrsl prices. Cshduw. ? Adamantine ruled <|ulet hut eteady at .a il'.c. bperm was quoted at .<Wc. a 4Ue.t and patent at I 60c. No sales of moment were reported. Comm.?There coutlnued a fair demand for Rio, and full price' were rradlly obtained. We note *alea per Joahna and Mary of 401 bnga at 1254c.. gold. In bond: I.IB baga at I2140 , gold, In bond; and 1,881 hags sold previous 10 arrival, but just n-portad. on private terma. Ol other descriptions we heard or no salsa, but prices were wall sustained. We quota:?Rln, ordinary to fair, l&jLe a 16Kb.; good to prime, 17 Sc. a IHKo., tnlil, dutv paid; fair to gtv-d oargoe?, llRe. ? 13Mc., 'lilrtv days cash In bond; Java. 24140. s26',e.; Mara oaibo, 17>4C. a IPr.; Iwguayra. 17Hc. a I8jgc.; Ht. Do mingo, Me.; Cevlon, 19c. a Kb., gold, duty naM. The stock of Rle in the United States sums up 80.969 bag:, of whleh New York contain'41 S40; Baltimore 16000; New < rlenna, 14 353; Mobile. 1 800; Savannah. J.OIIO. Hslveston. ? ??. 1 he total alock of all kinds In New 1 oek comprises 71,648 bags, Including of Uaguavra, 3,872; Java, 11,798. Mara Oaibo, 3.186; Ceylon. 4.U40; Jamaica, 1.880; other deacriptlona, 8 474 bags. 8.too bags Hie wera sold to arrive per Mo we, on private terms. 1The maiket opened dull, but subsequently ruled flrmer, under a more active demand, closing Brm at our re etiolation*, which Indicate an advance of "4c per lb. I (Idling upland. The sales comprise 2,6lWi hales, nearly viand on mh all of which ware taken by exporters. W# quote ? Vptamd. JTMndo. Jfefslr. H.O.+T. Ordinary & m si W Ia w middling. 31k 88 82 S2K M ddllng. ,TT! 39 SI 34 . 64 flood middling 84 89 86 * 86 corraa.?A moderate demand prevailed, and price' were very firm, with antes at 27c, lor Portage l-ahe and Haiti niore and S8e. for Detroit, reaching 300.W*) lbs. New sheai h, log and yrnlow metal were steady, with tho usual demand lor consumption. Drawootw.-We beard of sale* of 100 tons fustic at 920, goad. Uarroa ann On have bean In moderate demand at about former prices. The sales were lou ton* soda ash at 2Kc. ? Ic., l.fkw kegs bl-carh soda at 5Wc. a 5V . 100 teas saf soda at 3 ( Ida a 2Wc.. M tons caustic aoda at Ka, W casks bieachint powder at 6a. 16 casks Dutch madder at 7Ka a 7Kc ?all gold prtaaa and Id casks warn tarter, to arrive, and 10 easts do., on the spot, on private terms. Fish.? Dry ood remained dull and heavy at 99 a 96 M Paha were unimportant. Mackerel also ruled dull, but 61m. at our last quotations. Herring warn Arm. though quiet, at $0r. a Bflc, for sealed. 1'atioHTs were steady and Aim, with fatv offeringa and limited amooat af mom. The rnnwawnla ware, la Wver B,|. 60) bbls. rosin at I*. fld ala. I0d. par 9H> lbs , l?W tea Cbvea.- at Ida, 1000 botes baooa at 26a. 7$ hhda tallow at 26s., 160 Hemes beef at 4s. KM tons tattle en private terms. bales cation at I a 111 I regular packets asked 7-16 a M4.I, anil per steamer 600 bales out ton at Kfl, i.M*> w>iaa cheese at ?na, and 806 baga clover i-eed at Sga < To lond.m WD nasikaeas acU? leum and spirits turpentine at 6e. "SJJ^ame^ !Xn ? VW- KPw men t goods at2l)?. To Hamburg, 30 caaes ^l,,nYV....m qu MM hose. eilnurt al 9*.. and 1M1 tons b?rk -A mm. private terms. T he charier* were-A ?"'>?? ? ?ng Mim. to the M?*dlujrraneuiu cargo rum, and boc* ?* Vjj smar. an American brig to the "?rth rid. >^A*^lc^?hZ?r Riwv and BoIumi under <Wk #4 .0. an aih?t? tame voyage. augar ai.d uiolaases at ^t "*?1uur u*t wc Ousonr Mags.?Beyond the lea repotted in heard nothing. We ^??U ?c, . HV- Bnld. In bond. l.UNit* Ouwm ruled firmer at ?V a ?c..join. In audition to the sale* noticed yesterday, *A) bates gold In Bo?ton at **;<?., gold. In bond. nrtres. Hums?A moderate demand prevailed at A?"' P. A) We quote:?Buenoa Ayrea. '26 to 27 lb*.,21e. a 22c.. ^ A) to J 1 ha.. ?*c. a 30c.; Montevideo, it,jo 33 lbe.. ? 18V ; Corrientea, 'ill, to 21 lb*,l8c. a l?**0- > '' |{i ,roiM A 20 to 22 I ha.. 18c.; Orinoco, 21 to 23 lba.. l-V'-i 9f' igiar to 25 lba.. 18V- a 18c.; Central American 18 to 21 lha., 1 X - ? 17c ; Matamoroa. 22 to 34 lba 17c a 17 We ; 'I era Crna. W to 18 lba., 151,0 a 16Uc.; Tamploo, 21) to 12 lba., 18c. ? WHO-.

"ssi; ssssks ??? to conaumora at from 30c to 70c., according to quality. ImATJtan-?Hemlock?Although the reoetpta and atockcon Unued moderate, the market, in the abaenco of a fair da mand, ruled heavy, though prices were not quotably low r For oak a moderate demaud prevailed at former V?.?-.** nuote ? Hemlock?Buenoa Ayrea, heavy and middleiSlKe. a 22Vic., light do. gOc. ? Sic.; California do., heavy 30>*ci-? Slide middle do. Sic. a 82c., light do. 29 V. .SUV; Ori noco'Ac. heavy 28c. a 28c., mhid.tle do. isA. a Sic.. "ght do. 28140 a lilc. '. do. In the rough 34c. a 36c. Oak BlaughW Hea' v tl)c\ a Hie., middle do 88c. a *4c . and ,gbl do. 82c. a 5? middle cropped do. tfc ? X*. a?d light do ????*" do. In the rough, heavy 38c. a 44c., middle do. 3$c.a40r., ^MW^qutat'but .teady at $2 ? for lump, and ?1 70 for ""lud wii firm In value, with a vmsU b.istnes. for con sumption. Including ordinary foreign at 6fcc. a 6%o , sold. Mola??B8.?Kor quail Ilea aultable for grnccra and dial Uir* Share was a good demand at full prtoes, but the abeence of any demand from botlera render the market for new crop Staved and medium gradea muscovado very dull. Stock. 2,4&) hhd*. muscovado, 1/260 do. Porto Rico and 800 bb New Orleans. We quote:- 0U crop. JVrwmm. Cuba muecovado J Ji Jg a 44* CubacUyed...... ? J *5 - I - t;uba centrifugal 2* * . _ Porto Bloo _ 2 _ 75 a It) Wy. "Irt^.?;-Thera wae' no perceptible change to note In the mnrket for spirits wn*ntln^ the dmnand bring moderate at about prevloue urtce*. Nf". Ji ? In merchantable order, and frc. in Bblpplng order. K w n " |fl continue dull, but values were not ^n^1/ ?***? The only talea we heard of were 100 bbi,. strained at ?t IM, if>7 <ln nata At $6 2ft:a *8, and lbl No. I at $4 fiU. rar ws* steady and ?flrtn; :i0U bbls. Newberue at $? A aud jU ^OiLS.'-Tta^demand1 for llaseed continued f?lrs *n(1^ market ruled 6ru.t r with an upward tandem JJJ" ili/rt.l'^cf^t^prueTr^ng^auJSS W S ?l A ot whale we heard of Je. of 100 bbla. Northern on private term*, bleached winter whale waa quo.ed $1 Ifc ''l4S HiMTiii waa steady at $- 70, and uubleacbed winter do. $- Oo Cdy dutdf-d ?d .old in a jobbing way a. 8Uc. Of | bird small sides of winter were made at 9 ? l * 1 *>ik a -Kecelpta. 1,171 hnN. pork, .02 do. beef. 1,218 .?ut*. 1.51. IO. laril, and 1 W)l dreaaed hoga. 1 ork I . * i .i ....a anrl it, IIIIU l-r.4 Ll' flR-l oka* cut meat*. 1,61 < to. laril. and 1 Miloreaaeu noga. . ?.* Sta^lSl but unrimnged .... the spot, and m mmb-nite de. m.nil at lull tiricee for future delivery. the aalea were 3 nD nol*. e.ah and regular, at $20 a $'^'73 !!''r ,[1? okl rto elo-inc at 820 68 for Weaten: $1'.'82 u $18 lor old do., dosing at 819 68. regular. 816 02 a $16 87_ ior pr >ne^ and gpjn 120 20 lor prime tne**. Alio, for 1 ehruari. M iron ana Anrll uelivena aeller'* option, about l.WW I,hi*, now mesa at $'ll 70 a 821, beef waa in moderate demand, and tin o iaiutod Tierce beef waa fairly active, ntalnly for shlj ment. at yes erday's prIcc*. The ?|lo? were 400 this at ?U a $18 lor new (tain liics*, and $li a $18 for n_w ex.r mesa- also of t'erce Imef :?0 pa.*, at $31 ? ^ ,0' prime mesa und $35 a $38 60 for India men. Hee h;mia were ste idv hut quiet, wllh sale* of 2t)? libi*. at trom ?.il a ,36. Cut were linn with a lair demaiu , ami eata of 1V imck m s it S'lc. a 9260. for ahouldera and tus,i.. a iji. fortt ' Itacni. Waa 6nn and fairly active bale* wore ma le of MM buies ut itdae. tor t uintsTland cut, lh^p- a 1' c for m'g r bi lHiC a lP.c lor ahort rib and I# a I c* for min t clear. Dreweu hog* were quiet, without change In value. The aulc? were at v ,i\ a 9 ,c. lor M ??h rn and hie. a ,0V. tor city. l*ard w-a. !u^'rfird^ f.j ?{V.? and ciicese ^1^^ W.-?no^M.-^dptA 2.922 hbl.. The demand forcrude d"ug?lhbll<n?600,bbU.,"lu Pa'43" gravity, at lite . In new saa* ?r,a^eM? ?E!2; a L 'U; : .04 c ; fSu'to good grocery. 10?ic. a BPS ^?8oAv.?V?e noticed small nlll ?f ii^' irreuular I nr vi e t rmt. We quote44oaV?Tainptao and \ era cntA Vera Cm* and Central American. 57!*c. a OV; ^"?LoiiJali b$e.; 8Ual, 67V- a 89e.; Angoeiura, 45c.. I tvr*. "N'0? gold quotiUon*. . . .1 eg 63 S $S 76. Clover waa d/nV^iltec /uJ. to qwah'T- C.le.uttaUn^md ri led firmer, with a lalr demnnd. though the 1adn?n?|^ .ens oils 111 hoider* restrlcta trausaetlone. J*! eg is _ a our last. S IX*) bags were ao)d In boston at 8* ??. n iw bel l there at $2 60, which price wae offered bare and r BTBABiira.?We have sales 10 report of 30,000 lbs. at 10)^c. a llAc Also 1IMW do. grease at 8e. a M(e. Tiif ?The demand was light, but prices werw wwll sua ?ar-ssr? charactsr, and the busitiess wm limited. The sale# em 9U.0U) lb*., were made at ll!*'o. a Hkc. th. (Oi'ade eaaZerU|*ol,ri!batan J*ngP time greatly rvdured Stook jff thi? iiMeriuiioQ ihoucti prices W0if oot <|uoUbty lower. ^uTTHrThn? kocii but lllUct done, msnuiscturers bold i"miG.f^ ^.w^the Urge .action -U announced ta tsfr pisce to-d-y, the cotalo*ue comprjeing up*van1 oI o* ?? -K"? ^S^t?britatai0i?^?^o3i 'i^,' Vt!;nsylv?nta.Vu pr .v?ta ^?JSf LthT'utta? for*" choice1: Tb" r.l,r.V^? a Sic . chtaily .1 30c. a?2h,e ; 1?.?W awSrs India st 13c. h 23?'-. 2' bngs l>oDskOt? st S6c.; sod ? JJJJ*. mclud'ngt.ortov^ inK?) 1 and washed Montevideo, 30c MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. Married. Mat**?Gnaws?On Thursday, January 34, oAMt'RL D Maykr, of San Fraucaco, ClL, to Mr*. Eilam La Tuiit KriT. triiavar, of this 'Ky. Ma<Gr? on?Hawim-v.?On Monday. February 11, by the Kev. D. L Marks, Mr. Hamusl h. MacGkkuok, of Long Branch, N. J., to Mias Mania F. C Hastiso, or Luis city. Damnu m a?Jrnn.?On Tuesday, Febriary 13. at the Cburcii >f the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, by the Rov A. N. Littlejobn. D. 0.,* Ohtckxavkw to Maar L., yourignst daughter ot tho late Chester Judd. IMed. Bl-WMnoo.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, February <2, Cat* ?*>va A*.a, widow of Abraham M. lih><>dgoud, United Slates Nary, and the youngest daughter of the la s Abraham liievoort, of thlr city Due notice of the funeral will he given hereafter. Bnprv?In Bmoklyu. on Monday, February 11, Ei.txA Jaw a, wife of Ctiarlee F. Boden, in the 36tb yar of her age. Tho funeral will take place from her late residence, 125 Boerum street, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock The relatives and friends are respecfIully In* vltod to attend. Miluankee papers plea?e copy. BKfNswica?On luesday, February 12, of consump tion, Htnax Hmumwice, aged fl.'l years. the relatives and friends, and alao tho membe-s of Mariner*' Ixxtge, No. 23, I O. of O. K , are resiiectfuliy Invited to aiMnd the funeral, from his late inotdence, No. 76 Eldrtdge ureet, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. IIpbsktt.?Of consumption, Maroaskt Am*, wife of Thomax Burnett, aged 22 years and 8 month*. The relatives and fr onds are respectfully ln\ ited to atteud the funeral, from her lata residence. No. 161 Ka.<t Twonty-niuth street, on Thursday afternoon, at one o'clock. Can was ?At Florence, on Monday, January 21, Mart, Wile of Kichard F. Carman. ClarER? On Tuesday, February 12, Am Eliiarstr, wile of John K. Clarke. The relatives and friends of the family, also the mem bers nl I'olar XUr I/Odge, No. 840, 1. O or 0. F , are re spectfeliy Invited to attend tne funeral, from her late residence, 67 Attorney street, oa Thcrooay alternoon, at otic o'clot k. Brooklyn, on Bunday. February 10, Was nr.* Hrmnt, lafant son of J. Henry and Adtlado 8. Daily, aged 4 months and 3 days. The friends of the family are inslled to attend the fu neral, from the residence of his parents, ."(? William street, South Brooklyn, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at three o clock. The body will be taken >o Troy for tu> termenk Da*soOL?On Monday, February II, at the ma rten ? of her aoa, Mrs. Brlla Abraham Dar*iorr, a native of Hamburg, Germany. 93 years of age. The fUueral will take place this day (Wednesday), at twelve o'clock. Hamburg papers please copy. p.tclar*.?in Warwick county. Va., on Saturday, February B, Mm. Arm Douglass, widow of Joseph Doug lass. Sr. Due notice of the funeral will be given. Kworab.?On Saturday, February B, on board the steamship O een Queen, from Aspinwall, Mr. Aarwsio ?Montti of New Granada. Panama paper* pleaee copy. ?oodwik.?On l uesday, February 12, after a lingering Illness, Michari. Goodwin, a native of the perish of Fin* tors, county Tyrone, Ireland, In the ASd year of his ace ? His relatives and rrlends. and those of his son Francis and bis son-in-law, Edward McClear. am respectfully In vi te>i to attend tho funeral, on Thursday after neon, at belf-past on* ? clock, from hie late residence, 34 Monro* ?treet. (iaar.-In New Orleans, Louisiana, on Monday, Febru ary 4, of consumption, Jon* w Gnav, eon of lb* late John B. Gray, in the Mtk of bis age. English papers please copy. Ki-isona.?At the MetropolHaa Hotel, on Monday, February 11. Oasloo Kunoaa, of Quito, Ecuador, in tb* 24th year of hit age. Hie friends am respectfully Invited to attend the fune ral, from the Church of the Nativity, Second avenue and third "treet. this (Wednesday) morauu at heir-neat *" ? ? ?" r?" jp" 'i 1 nine o'clock, where a solemn high mere of reqnlwm will he offered up lor the ropooe of tne euuL Hw IWUIM will bo ititerrod Is Calvary Cemetery. Panama pa pern pleane copy. Kinkier ?Suddenly, on Saturday, February ?, at bla reeidnce, corner of 127th street and Filth avenue, Joust K. Kinkier, lo the 60Ui year of hie ago. Helativiw and trienda are iuvlled to attend the funeral, th ? 1 Wednesday) morning, at eleven o'clock, withuttt further notice. Limns.-. <m Tuesday, February 12, FrkdrRH* H., son of Haunali J. and Richard f. Ludium, aged 1 year, 8 months and 26 days. Notice of funeral In to-morrow's paper. Marks.?On Sunday. January 20, Stlvkbtkx Marks, at his residence. Birr, Kings county, Ireland. California papers please copy. llrnojomu.?On Tuesday, February 12, Jamc Mc Doxsau., a native of the parish Baladana, Queens county, Ireland, aged 50 years. His relatives and friends arc respectfully requested to attend the funeral, from hit late residence, 448 Washing ton street, between Watta and Desbrosaes, on Thursday afternoon, at ona o'clock precisely. MgJimbkt.?On Sunday, February 10, of pneumonia, Robert McJimsky, aged 05 years. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the ftineral, from his late residence, No. 18 East Fourteenth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at half past three o'clock, without further notice. McKkwan?On Monday, February 11. Jorx Carlisim, son of John P. and Jeannie Tayler McKewan, aged 2 years, 7 months and 22 days The relatives and friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, rrom the residence of his parents. No. 433 West Twenty-flrut street, this (Wednesday) alter noon, at ona o'clock. Mc I.acohlin.?On Tueeday, February 12, Sarah Ash, wife of Solomon McLaughlin. The friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from bar late residence. 638 Third avenue, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Ortoh.? On Tuesdhy morning. February 12, Dr. Jason R. Ortoh, after a long and painful illness, in the 61st year of his age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral, from bis late residence, 241 Court street, Brook lyn, on Thursday afternoon, at two o'clock. Rev.?On Monday, February 11. Fl>rkncr F-ktki, daughter of F. A. and Sarah K. Ray, aged 2 years, 1 month and 22 days. The relatives and friends, of the family are invited to aitond the funeral, from the residence of her parents. No. 73 Fust Fourth street, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Skvmovr.?At Harlenj, on Sunday, February 10, Sdsah Sky mock, aged H4 > curs. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, at the Kpiscopal church, Greenwich, Connecticut, this (Wednesday), at twelve o'clock. Scott.?On i-'undav, February 10, alter a brier illness, in the 78th yeur of bin age, William Pcott, a native of llawick, Scotland, and for more than lifty-four years a resl lent of this city. The friends and relatives of tho family aro raspec tfully invited to attend the funeral, from htx late residence. No. 224 West Thirty-fourth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, 00 Friday afternoon at one o'clock. The remains will be taken to Greenwood for interment. Wktmojik.?At Hudson City, N. J., on Tuesday, Feb ruary 12, Kaknik M., daughter of F. G. and Julia E. Wetmore, in the 8th year of her age. The relatives and friends of the family aro Invited to attend tho funeral, from the rosldenco of her parents, on Thursday urteraoon, at three o'clock, without further notice. \\"nirr/>cK.? On Monday, Februory 11, after a short Illness, P. Whitlo k, daughter of the late Sydney B. Whltlock. Tlie relatives and friends of tho family arc requested lo attend the funeral, from the house ol James I'beyfe, No 128 West Thirty-ninth street, on Thursday morning, at cloven o'ciock. Wii.m>v? At Brooklyn, F,. D.. on Tuesday, February 12, of congcetiiiu of the brain, CPAIgva 8 Wilson. The relatives und (rieuds are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence. No. 10 Wil son street, Brooklyn, E. D., this (Wednesday) afternoon, at two o'clock. SHIPPING NEWS^ ALMANAC rOR XKW TORI?THIS DAT. V sex risks 6 67 I moon SETS mom ! 08 SL'.k ikth 5 32 I hiuh water morn 3 58 PMT OF NEW YORK, FEBRUARY 12, 1837. Cleared, Htram*tt1n Hake. Btorkey. Mobile?K D Huribut 4 C? Steam.btp Virgo, Bnlkley, Sarannuh?Murray, Ferrta A CSt#am*hip Neptune. Baker Bo"tot,r^* CVv Olvde. Rteam.hiK Mart Snnforrt. Morgin. Boaton?W P Clvde. chin Kattlor Mar*!!. s?n lTiincli?co?G D Sutton, u Slip Cornelius QrtnneU, Speucer. London?<1 rinnf 11, Min* tU8hlp 8F Uabaln (Brem), AHaan^ Bremen-0 Luting A r?Hr.rk Montexuma, Hammond. Trinidad?T T A 1 A D Bark Hebeoea Caruana, Lleegang, Matanxas?Waydelt A <0Berk AWont. Partridge. Oerdenes?Walsh ^ Career. Brig Sllk.worth . Br). Moore. I ondotl?BoyI * ",n^n- a Brig Alice Franklin (Br), Brown, Ponce, Pit?Bturgea m ' "llrig Thoa Owen, Pettlngall. NcuriUa-Thompeon * nun ^Mrlg Ocean Ware. Squire#. Mobile?FerrU * Co Schr Tangent. Rich, Altareia?J H (ngrnhain. Bcbr I. A Dodd, Bibber, St Kttta?B J Wenberg. Hchr llemchell. Potter. Savannah?Van Brunt A fllaght Bcbr M 1-1 Simmons. Dandy, St Marys, Ga--Utbbous A Ban '* Hchr Peter Bolce. Adama, Charleston-Ooldihwaita A ^Schr'ifadlaon liolmea. Ireland. Beaufort-Thnmae A H?d Blade, Drake, Washington. DC-Van Brum A 8 Bohr"flan Luis, Todd. Bridgeport. Bcbr 8 P Godwin, Waterbury. Stamford. Arrived. Steamship Oulf City. Stewart, Mobile Feb 2. with md?e and MiMDCtri. to Smith A Dunnlnj. . M . 8 JTmthlp llermen Urlnf*f ?? ^-Va* &o feSS with mdee and p???enger^ ToUrln*.ion^Koi ACo. Kxpe He need hearr sale* from SB to NW the entire passage. flleemahtp flaa >>>le?dor. Atkins. flarannab. with mdee Newbern. KC. with m^h^^WB./Kr!ltl;ton. with mdae. to WF C Shi Fleetford (of Po.Umouth Bn) BtoTer flan Fra^ simtA with tb(Iro. to WllletU A t-o. ino v.^.tnr Mor 1 ? Miitod Capo Horn Deo II. and crniacd the Foiiatcr, In the Atlantic, Kn 11. in Ion 38 30; bad light baf gin* wind* and ealmt almont the entire paaaag*. wa* off ii.rn.mi 9th wist, with thick wanther and blowing heavy rr nn nSb .luce then ?e*?r gale, from NW; 10th Tn.t. lai M W.lonV^Ve wVrIrenrMe^?y. * <Uy. from Da "^sh'to'smarald Islo, Kroa, Uvarpool Jan 8, with mdae, to T?p?c?U Bros A Co. Had heavy westerly winds from the 8atdo Adler (Brem). Fortmann, Bremen, 75 daya, eljk mdec to Cnkart A Oo Had hear* NW galea moat of lit* pa-rigc. and*tors bulwarks, Feb 6, lat & Ion ?. aaw bark s'hT Jacob"jTfllamler. Bamaon, Havre, 96 days, with mdae ,.1 i?a uauengrra. to Boyd A tllncken. Had heary weather C^JmlrtSSi5m 'me birth and one death. Feb ?. lal ?< 15. Ion dB^.poke ship Ladoya, 92 days from Cronaladl for NlwJkgnee?.lend (Br). Wick* fpoohow flepljt. with teas, i, a., tj ar Cuineron. tltn 13. Ut 4 N? Ion 27 W, bhw b*rK flifion Belle, of St John, KB, steering SW. Had light wind* And calm* moat of the pna&ags. ,r ?. Hark Marlon (Br). Thotua*. Singapore (Jot 24, wim Rt.Hw* nu In-cSU. with mdae, to Spring, Soil A Co. stopped at St 9? ?f lli au Tat W g?, ion II SU. epoite .hip Daniel K night, from Bombay for Ljrerp?H>l; iBJ. ? E Br .KK.p-of.war Pautalooo, honjd mi Plr inouih rla sHle'cnn and Ascension: Jan 6, {?' ? 10 S. Ion " poke brig Hornet, from I'ape town tbr London.^ Rnri Progress (Nor). Ulaou. WnlT d,ivh with rallro?d iron, to PTinch. lfrincke k Wofial. i.%k Aloha (Nor). Kaeaa, GoMenburg. 61 days, with Iron. ^ HiTuhiullii (Brem), Malthlaa. Bromon, 69 days, with i^MLto OohriSis < Oa Off Manwgat, took a hearySW _ \tiMt and aplit nail*. Fgb 8. M In? Gulf Htroaca, ^brlk u<ph Hohnhola. a natlre of Oldenburg (boy) fail overboard "T?r?*Kl?h,ilooe (Ital). nniberto, P^ermo lOO Iav. wilh frniL Ac. to Lawrence, Gllee A Co. Losl and apllt aalle. n Ik -Tnirt*" <iial). KaUo. Palermo, 76 .lara. with fruit, Ac, to ordor. Hi4 nwtry wc?tcr(j galea; iplit tail* MHerik'nere!r?ldi'(of Banff), Mulch. Leghorn JF day, Willi mdae to W J Pate. Had heary weather on the r. a?t, ud saStmlls Feb Lit SR. Ion 72, aaw are.aal'. to) gal UntnniX and royal mast abore water, apparenUy altorbed ^BaT^Kl'ita Bars# (Br), Conyere, Bermuda, 14 daya with "Sftl&IK MeB (Br), Clarh, MaU? W day with fratOff DnwiMn A Rpoanng. If *d b**ry W S tj andSW etk\ma mom <?f thi" paaaag^; wag Sift day* making ? d^riw of fonTt^r KebA V.i ?f.on 64 IS, .poke brig iTacbelor. from M HhVv^k"" Wood, Sierra Leone, WCA. Jan ll wllh hidea Ac u? Miller A lloughton. Sid In enmnany wlib brig nTIVV.fcbe " for Beaton' Feb 7. lat >6 si. Ion 71. apoko bark AniHo,i?. hence forSt Crol*. Hrt.i uuii (of jgiwcy), Vlgot, Bahliu II ?fft? ^"tn gcggr, to Xxpier A W ell-ford. Jan 21, lat 19, Ion Sn 10, ?noke bark A en-tuna, from i.lrerpool for Galreaton; Feb 8, latlff, Ion 71 to brig Cema. hewe for Awdnwall. S' ISjWJ^T?with lumber, to fllmp T hr Welcome U Bee be. Crawford. Pernambueo JanlA rnuu Mini ir Ac. to n?*at?r. Wd in oompanr wlih bark Uak Tr L tor'Cew ToVk. W at up to the l/Uhfand. Mh Inat. and w? blown ofl *tn the heavy K W Bale of that date; .pill ealU, ^Schr America (Br), Nieholeon, Raranllla. 60 dara with f? t e toWlkeWoil A Co Wu off Bandy Hook, tut wa. bl'.wn off. .nd cama through Long Islaod Sound. Sohr Navtgator, Wlcka, Magaguet. PR It days, with troll, U. J A T FearaalL Had heary weather; 9th InaCoffBarne ..I, nad a heary gale I torn the NW, and waa blown off. H<hr Central America, Phlnney, Mayagurt. PR.rlaDrta ware Breakwater and Newport,jBI. with' ?toJtJTJ "JJ* bamboo, to F. T Smith A Co. I'aamd Capo Hatfrae Jan j; .nd waa tnwed to Nawporl b? I S rereoue cutter N ^ Schr Triumph (Br) Orr, Cornwallle. 21 days, with po loea. to Duryea A Hyde. Hchr L A Kdwarda, Line. Fernandlna vewuort. with Hchr C M Newlna. Cutrer. St Marks rla Newport, cotton, to It D Hnrlhut A Co. . lithium ?3S??r?S, d?. schr D B Warner, Adama, < hariealnn ? daye. schr Vapor, Bogert, Port llorai. 7 da-a S^r,?^^h^o2dTNS?Siro ri. Newport, with cotton, * to Jonae'flmldi- Was blown off the ooaat. Hclir Hrpiih, WSikBj g Aawu for flew R&tcq Bohr Ella Amadou, flroilh. NorfWk. Bdaya, tor naw naven Schr Kila Mar,--. r^T bo),' ;r,TA?"n"rTrom ^ f Tartar. Bel*w. Brig Forest State. Schr C'haa Holt. Awterlrnw MilyaMten' .iMeelallea. Ho (I Watt, fliaeet - Boom M, ? am ?. The fallowing approred Masters ami OUaara bars rewtvod sommlaaieaa from this AaaoetaUawt Caoratua-tML Zduaa Lawrr bgrt. Sl.flbog ; V*. MeOrath: 4MB JfltlUm t tanlry; ?M. John R Mrh. WW Tmnawil, WiUlatu J WlieoL bng Ultra Coburu ?mC George (ables. achr * H Tborndike; ?*.t frank H Huru; 4?d, Narcisac Portler. brig Tw.. Brothers, 4'A> Juvi IT Kama* achr Enterprise. 4967. William li Davis. 4U02, haml C Foster; 4905, George B Leigh ton. brig J !.? ahum; 4969, John D Roseineyer. bark 81 Andrew; 4961, Iianirl U 1-stu *.,u. achr Subeo. 4961, Benjamin A Athlon, arhr Fowow; 4lhn. Richard H Hooper; 4J59 Benjamin l? laaabert; 49*6, Henrv K I'owrg brig Rlohinond. 411,H. EMiak Norton. 494? Henry Rlunkel. bnik Minna. Matea?4964, John DavU, 49tW. George H 0?borne. All couitniasioita not renewed annually are invalid. Murine Dlanalera. Ship N B Palmsb, Hleele, hence for Hong K.iug, lllh mat. while towing down Ihe bay, had her alern damaged by the lee; aba haa anchored at the SW Spit, where she will repair, and proceed on ber voyage. Ship N Hipplb?Ban Rranelaoo, Feb 11?A Victoria die patch statea that the ahip Nlcbolae Blddle rai drl*en ashore ou Koaedale Rocka, Puget Bound, during a tarrltle gale. She waa aubae'tuenlly got off and lowed Into Esquimaux harlajr by HBM ahip Sparrow Hawk, baring aueUlned aenooa 4nmg0, Bnip from Cardiff for Baltimore. at Fortress Monroe, on the III, mat. In lal 88 10. Ion 78 So, in the Gulf Stream, had a heavy gale, during which she lost Hint of her ?alia and the amall boat Ship Makt RarHOHn. aahore off Tybee, halls Prom Tare mouth, N8, and wae from Bermuda bound to Charleston. Bakk Louiaa Hragihton (Br), Turner, sailed Brom New Tork Sept 14 for Qucenatown, aud haa not atnoe been heard from. Haaa Whit* Sqcall (Br), from Singapore for Boetom previously reported ashore near Well Beet, Maea, baa bilged, and le full of water to her betwnen-decka. A quantity of raitani were taken out lutb and part of the ixiffee waa ex peeted to be got out the next day if the weather waa good. In very (air order. She has altered her poettlon an much that the cargo must be takeu out on the boach and carted serosa the Cape. Bauk J Oosrarr, from Mew York for Mew Orleans, with an assorted cargo, which got %'liore 80th ult on the (linger bread (Iroiind, was subsequently got off by wreckers, end pro, ended on ber voyage. Bank Fukdohia, Burke, from New Bedford, whtck arrived at Payal Dee 5. (ell In with, Nov ML In lat .78 10. Ion 41 ff, several piece* of a wrecked vcaeeL and on the followtug day aaw ?ora-' Imrrels marked P Y and KD. It la thought they were petroleum barrel*. The ?ea being too rough at the lime, prevented other discoveries being made Bahk Aki.ktta, Colcord, from New York, which arrived at Pnlma* Dec Jt, and ordered to Vigo to perform quarantine, la re|K>rted In L<udon iao Haya a private despatch) to have been wrecked. No particulars. Brk; T.aubrvana (Br), (rum Haytl for Boston, before re ported liken Into Bermud i 25ih ult, waa fallen in with ,hi the 14th, In lal 40 21, Ion (*'? IS, by steamship AUilanla, from New York for Loudon, with a afgnil of distress tlylig On being boarded she was found in charge of Oapt Marthelu, who, with hi* crew, expressed a wlah to be taken on board, a* they were short of provision*, in want of mil*, and aonie of them aick. 'I lie captain of the rtoaiuer Informed Capt ft that he would supply I,lui with provialona. and did so, and advised him to remain by hia vns-el. Notwithstanding this Capt M and hla crew forced themselves on hoard the steam er and expressed their determination not to go back to tlia brig, but to leave ber ;o her late. The captain of the steamer thru consult, d with hla otlicer* and crew a* to what would, under the c,cumatanrc. be moal advisable Pi do. when It waa decided that Mr Hreiretl, tliu second ullicer of the strain er, with live of her crew, should go lo the derelict, tak'l charge of her, convey her to the nearest port, and there await order*. After supplying the brig with a few *p re the veaaels parted company, the aieainer pro, ceding on her voyage and ihe brig standing north, honing to reach aouie northern r>M i. Till'weather was very boisterous, and afier holding on lor several day*, the ve*>e being pretty well toed up in lt,e r ggtiig. Ac. Mr li determined lo run for Bermuda, and arrived as above slated. Bmc T W llowiaiNn (of New York), Berry, laden with timber end lumber, sailed from rtavsnnah ltd Inst bound for fsrthagei a About II o'clo-k the sstne night the veeael was found lo be on (Ire, which subsequently Pdally destroyed her the niasler and crew hareiy escaping Willi their llvee. Alter -lonaliilug in the small boat about three hours tliey weie fallen lu with by the sehr Carile Ueyer. Capt Poland, from oiivaiinah (or New York, and landed at this port. The T W R registered 36ft tone, now measurement, and waa built at Netauk, I, LI, R> 1R&5. Brio Watkb Witch, Knight, at Baltimore Uth from Car dans-, was 21 days north of Hattnraa. with heavy galea; split sails, atove "bulwarks and boat, and sustained other damage. Bcitr John Dprranc* left New York on Ihe 26th of Dee, losded with barley, bound to Philadelphia, and on the 27th, 40 miles N of Capua of Delaware, experienced a gale fmna WNW. which blew away mainsail and shifted cargo and hove the vessel down ou hey beam ends, and (Hied the cahla nnd caused the vessel, and on Hie 21st of Janusrv Capt ? Hire end live men wero taken off In Ut 86 I. Ion 0k 84, bv the haik Isaac Rich, Capt Acliorn, and arrived at Havana 6th Inst. They were frostbitten, and had lived for let, days on the wreck on the barley. The achr auuk two houra after the crew wore rescued. FchrOoi.i>icn A?k. from Boxton for Province to wn.wae wrecked near Pace Point on tho night of the Pth Inst. Craw saved. The G A waa built at Kulrbaven In 1649, 74 tone, and hailed from Wellfleet. Pimvtboat Kahnir, No 17, reports Uth Inst, 15 miles EBB of ihe Higiilnuda. taa-ed part of a ahlp'a deck, several doors and other wrecked sluff, which appeared to have been la the wa-or but a abort tllne^ y^'t- ~t V"' " Mlacollnneona. Quick Passaqk to Ruropc?The ship Thornton, Captain W?lia, which left this port Jan 20. arrived st Liverpool oa he <*th inst. thus making the passage wlihln fourteen days. The 1'hornton ts a full modeled vessel of 1422 tune, belonging to Williams' A Gulon's Hoe of paoketa. Nolle* to Mariner*. BKVOLVINU LIGHT OH CAP* CODRONHK SOtTTH COAST OV flAIOL Utdroobai hic Orwcm, Adhikautt, t . . Lonpoh, Jaa 7, 1800. i The Minister Of Public Wort* of France naa given notice thnt rrotn the lat day of January, 1667. a light would he ex hibited on Cape Bouronne, the eastern poiui of Gulf de Fug, South coast of France. The light is a revolving red light, attaining It* create** brilliancy every 20 seconds. It la elevated fto feel above tha level of the sea, and In clear weather ahonld be seen from a distance of II miles. 1 he tower la atone, 38 feet high; In Ut 43 19 S3 N, Ion 5 3 ? B of Greenwich. two rixKD narbor lioht* at tiua fhahoa. ?1m that from the 1st day of January. 1667, two harbor lights would be exhibited In the harbor of villa Franca, south ooaet of France lat. A 0xed red light from a lamp post en the terrace of the Latxaretto, elevated 47 feet above the level of the sea and 48 feet above the ground. In clear weather it should lia seen from a distance of 4 miles. 2d. A fixed green light from a lamp post on the axtramltr of the mole, elevated 96 feet above the level of the sea and 91H feet above the ground. In deer weather It should he ?eau from a distance of 4 miles. VIIXB BARSOK LIGHT AT H IXi*. Also that from the 1st dav of January. 1001, a harbor light would be exhibited from the extremity of the aaat moia af Port Bt Jean, In tha Galf of HI Oslpixio, on tha aouih ooaet of France. The light is a fixed red light, exhibited from a lamp poet? feat high, and II feet above the level of the eea la dear waathar it should be aeon from a dtotnaea of 4 mites. 7 rillfi HARBOR LIGHT AT CAT.VI. COBS'"* Also that fr >m the lat day of January, light would be exhibited at Cam. Corsica, Tha light la ? fixed white light, derated ft feat above tho level of the aea. and In clear weather should be seen fro* a distance of U mtloa. It la plaeed at tha foot of the citadel, and l? 7 feet above the ground. By oommar.d of their lordships. OEO HENRY RICHARDS, Hydrographer. Whitlamea. itohr George Brown waa at Starrs Leone, WCA, Jan II; would soil next day oa a cruise. fipakei, dee, fillip Herald of the Morning, from San Frmactaoo for Liv erpool. Nor 16. Ut 10 N. Ion 117 W. Htitp Kllae Ruger (Rrem) from Now York May W for Ka nagawa, Oct 10, in Flit'* Passage. Ship Harriot Erring. Abbott, from Cardiff for Madras, Jan 17, lat 40 N, Ion ?20W. Bark W H Hlgelow, from nhanghao for Mew York, Doe 4. Ul 81 fi. Ion 10 K. Hark CanRMa, Chrlaloffar, from Phlladeiphla for Hans burg, Jan 24, lat 40, Ion A Paralgi Porto. Hsvara. Feb 6? Arr bark laaao Rich, Achorn. Bath Litrspool, Jan 27?Arr Arkwright, Caulkino. and liver Doe, Roberts, NYork; A 11 Wi.Ua. Havener, Ban Kranctana. Loan do, iIW Coast of Africa, Nov 2ft?la port bark loale, Woo<lbury. unr Mavaocri. PR, Jan SI?In port brtga KHz* Thompson, for NYork. leg; John Chr!?tal Rtrue*. Idg: Model. JacaMm, for Baltimora. do-, achr Maggta Van Damn, for Philadelphia hi 1 aavo; Albert Parker, lag. Pxbrahbgix), Jan 10? No veaeota In pott. Km Jahkibo. Dec SI?In port barks Adolalda Peadergaot, L*mson, sad Contest, gcti, unc. Bid Dec 20. bark Crickat, Kenn. Baliiaore. Cld 81?t. barka Gertrudu, Klcliai daoq, NYork; Tho* Dalleit. Davis, Philadelphia. fiiaaBA I.robe. WCA. Jan 12?In port brig Annie Eldrtdgn. (or Boston. Hi Michablo. Jan 2?Pld Lucy Ward, fftone. Fayal. fir Marc Jan 19?In port achr Alma, Allen, fur Boston# day* Kant a Care, Cuba, .tun 90?In port brig Cascatelle, Car lisle. from NYork. err same day. for lo. America* Ports. BOfiTON. Feb 11 ? Arr steamer McCleltan, Howea, Balti more; bark now land, Lewie. Surinam, bng J nils Fcarosv. Carney. Galvestn-r. Cm -teenier Serena, Bears#, NYork, bark Melting, Harding, Melbourne, brigs Abb* Ellen. Pawn, Savannah Luc* Ann. itosa. Galveston achr* Transit. Stet son. Charleet. il, James I. Motor. Kuasell. W ilmington, NC. Sid bnrke I >tsgo, Rapid; brigs J H Couuco, Harmony, and Fanny Lincoln. 1Mb?Arr steamer Geo Anpold, Balhmore; ship C C Hor ton, Liverpool; berk John R Hea, Glasgow BALTIMORE, Feb 11-Arr barks Aouklneek, Cheeee brough. Rio Janeiro; Ida 8 (Aua), Nusoh, (Hurt; Marathon, Drlsko, Inagua; bngs Redwing fwsln, Rio Jaoatro. Gen Mnnbnll, fclli*. Mertu* (Cuba): Favorite(Norw), hsmedeo, Rio Janeiro; Erho (Br), Trrbune. and Wntor Witch, Knight, Cardenas. Below, arhr Jaekaon. Ilufflngton. from Han RUa. Returned, brig Chatlanooga and anehorod below Fort Oar roll. CM ship Dolphin (Brk Douglass. NYork; bark Ont teobergiBremi. Hchl..a*b*uer. Bremen. Rid from below, bark* Agnes, ('eetleton, Eleanor, Minnie of May field, and brig Chattanooga, aii In tow of luge. DAN VERS. Feb 9-Arr arhr llarpor. Ollley, Baltlmerw. FALL RTYER, Feb II?fild arhra Mediator. Gaga, Fomo, PR: Fanny Moaa, Davis. NYork. Koanoka, Paul, do. HOLMES'S HOLE, Feb. (kPM?Arr achra Chartae P AI wood. Eurrowa, Tangier for Boston. K U Dresser, Bon nard. Nanseuiond for Fertlend, Emma A Miggma, rlerao, Boston for Tangier. Jan 19?Arr steamer Roman, Baker, Boaton for Philadel phia brig Joale A Derereiix, Clark. Charleston for ~ sehr Erie. I'erelvaL fit Mara for HoMon. Jao li,? AM?Arr and aid tieamere George E Upton, Cm sell, Boaton for (barloaton; Chesapeake. NYork foe Portland; echrs Vinevard. Paine, Tangier tor Alston; Ar eola. WavUnd, NYork for Glonoeaior. Also, aid U* steam er* Oxanla; Roman; sebraOharlet F At wood. B It Dreaaor. Emma A lliggtos and Fine. in port, brig Joate A Devoreax; ochre D R Bluer C O Clark, Bergen and Areola. MOBILJC Wm S Htllae, Thornpeee. Boa ton. Cld 0?h, erhr R W Godfrey, Oodfiey, NYork ? *?'' *?Franklin, Ollley, P* i ^riL J"* BEDFORD. Feb II?Sid bark Argean, Liadaey, NYork (having repaired). NEWPORT. F.t 11-Arr achr Wm Franklin. Oitley. Mar ble head for NYork. rlllLADKLPHIA, Feb 9-Cld steamer JunUta, Hogle, New Orleans; achr Daootah. Partridge, Cardenas. Illh? Arr steamships fitara and Ntrtpeoi Moime*. Havana; filar of tho Lntoo. Cookaer, New OHoaaa; (at Neweaailo) sehr Dauntloaa. Coombe, Navsaaa. Cld aehr Cartla Tiltoa, Homers, ( lenfuegoa. ?rr et Cheater 9th. brig Samuel Weleh. Hoeeker, Mlm> "pottTI.AND. Feb 9-Arr achr WatarfaO. Oameran. New found land fur MewYurk. Cld eahr Lookout, Atwood. Ballt mora. PROVIDENCE, Feb 11-Arr etaamor Methk "ortnn. Naw York. Hid aehr Brother', llandren. Rapnahanaoek W ILMINGTON, NC. Feb U-HId ~ Beckett, NYork. TOO LATE TOR CLASSUTIfATIOR. M?WM"7lo^2f D?m? of ri'iio. r.,T ki. ruiinn tar MldrMWlnt C. F. W?o?r. U ursnd (MM. A JAA rkward.?tout OR TRB DARK, FROM $4 00 &rt>F*??#?