Newspaper of The New York Herald, 14 Şubat 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 14 Şubat 1867 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 11.125. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY, 14, 1867. PRICE FOUR CENTS. PEIMONAI* I? ?GEORGE HAS RETURNED. CALL Vf SAM! 'J. plaoa, tame uui% oo aturday. For adoption?a beautiful girl. a years old, Hght ruraptsiiourd, of reaper.itAi American pa rents None but responsible American vople need apply, flfl We>*. Eighteenth umt, second floor. Georub s'n-n?s is most earnestly entreat edatnnee to relieve tbe Intense anxiet* of his heart broken wife ore the sus|wns? to her make* orphan* of bli poor sorrowing children, from whom most endearing letter* ?wall him. IP MR. STOXES, ARTIST, WHO WAS ENGAGED IN Brooklrn about eighteen m?n'ha eince, will give hi* present adds*** to 0. P., box 1,11b New York Post oflioe, be will greatly oblige. INFORMATION WANTED-OE PATRICK McEVOY. who lately a Tired from Rnseelton, yneen* county. Ire jand. IS East Sixtieth 'trem, near Third avenue. TNFORMATTON WANTED?OP FREDERICK BKMBK, 1 etgarmaker. formerly in the employment of Charles T. Seymour, Esq., in Ninth avenue, N. Y. Any information oosicerning him will be thankfully received by C. A. Jack awn, 83 Cedar street, N. Y. SABY-LET C8 KNOW HOW a LETTER WILL M reach you. We will protect you. YOUR HEART BROKEN MOTHER. Margaret, mary or sarah eakins can find their brother, who It very anxious to aee them, by ad -slressing John Eakins, Herald office. VTBLLIE ARLINGTON.?TTIKRE IS A LETTER FOR JN you at station D. B.blo "^^y^&TRF.ET. WANTED?INFORMATION OF A YOUNG GIRL, M years of age, bv the name of Mary Covle, who left her home on the 4th of' February: since that time nothing has been seen or heard of her. Any information concern Ins her whereabout* will be thankfully received by her afflicted parents at 38 Lewis struct, in tbe rear. ILL J W. H. BE SO KIND AS TO SEND HIS AD dresa to Housekeeper, station G t Do not fall. ILL A. A. CALL TO-DAY t M. M. B. TO ILL THE LADY IN BLACK PLUSH DRESS OON TT fer tbe honor of an Interview with the gentleman whom she so kindly noticed, or send address to Charles Abbot. Herald olllce. (OR nnn REWARD.?JEROME BONDS. AD Jl^tl.UUu dress, In confidence, box 2.408 New York Poet office. w w MATRIMONIAL'. A VIRGINIAN, OP HIGH SOCIAL POSITION, WISHES to make the acquaintance of a ladv of refinement and wealth with the view to matrlmonv. Ilia habita are unex ceptionable. and he Is considered Intelligent, handsome and accomplished. Address Mon Amie, station D. A YOUNG. HANDSOME AND ACCOMPLISHED LADY, from the first class society, being in reduced droum ?lanoes, wishes to form the acquaintance of a wealthy gentleman, one having an iucome of from $20,000 to $40,0UU, with a view to matrimony. Only those seriously minded are requested to address Isabella, station G. lost and poosd. FOUND-OCTOBER 4. A L A ROB SUM OF MONEY. Addons, with particulars, J. H.t Herald office. Found-a wild steer, picked up at CORNER of Eighth avenue and Eighty-first street W WMr will find the above by proving property and paying expense# at above place. T EFT AT PROFESSOR AOASSIZ' LECTURE, COOPER Jj Institute. on Tursdsv evening, a lad> 1, Collar. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving It With P. P. Oldershaw, ?2Broad atreet. L08T?ON TUESDAY EVENING. A MINK BOA. WITH the animal'* head on It. The finder wiU be aultably re warded by returning It to 61 Amity street. ?r OST ft<00 REWARD?ON ONE OF THE CHURCH L rireet rersfbeVwren ? and 7 o'clock on Tneadav even. tag, a package oontalning about tl.&W In baak notetand specie. The finder will receive the above "? Question a aaked. by leaving the name at Wo. 9|Parfc row. LOST?ON TUESDAY AFTERNOON. AT I O'CLOCK. In Sixteenth street, between Flftn *",? .f,? ' ?haln mues, a small black and tan terrier Dog. with "J{*?!\ cb*'jj aollar marked Fannie Bell. A tollable reward will bq paid for hit return at M Weat Sixteenth street, and no questions T OST-ON WEDNESDAY AFTP I i 11 between Eleventh street on Broadway and Twelfth aasass;jsra as fiSsKteas Tbefiwier will be liberally rewarded on leaving name at 06 East Twenty-aeoond street. REWARDS. IVtHjTfERSON WHO TOOK THE WATCH NO. 7.498 and sold Chain from West Twenty-third[street will te tum the urn ft 180 reward will be paid and no questions * REWARD FOR A LARGE NEWFOUNDLAND Dog. spotted black end white; answers to the name roi Apply to Olaon. No 4 James street. ACT REWARD WILL BE OlYEN TO THE PERSON ^strata to W.98 Nassau street, room M, he wiU receive the above reward. ? ain REWARD. LOST, ON MONDAY, A LARGE Jl 0 Newfoundland Dog, named Major; brass collar, marked Cady, Brownell k Lo . MM Broadway. By returning SmtoMS Broadway you wtM be rewarded. . ain REWARD.?IX)ST, ON TUESDAY, 19TII J.NRT.' 510 a spotted Coach Dog: answer* toUe name of Franh The above reward will be paid Usti, pier 4k North river, foot of Charlton street. ff s? REWARD?LOST. ON TUESDAY, 1#TH INST., 15 a large gray end Mack spotted Bl^dhound about inches high, snswera to the name of Hluto. The above reward will be paid at 49 Grand by C. F. R tbsr. 2,,i above reward by returning the name, and no ^dd??H. 6. c., box h? nerald ofllce^ | ^ra w RPWARD?IdOST, OK TUESDAY EVENING, 525 February It In going to or from1 On HI Mark's place, between First end Second avenues, a lady's Gold W&tch and Chain, made by Charles K Jej-nt, No 4rt7 hunting esse, engraved Kmina, 1M. The shove reward'will be paid the finder by leaving the property at the Cretan Brewery. M Chrysttc rtreet, noar CanaL ar/tA REWARD WILL BR FAIABT THE UNDER 5500 signed tor the arrest and^svlction of the bur Sara who broke Into and rolib?d bor^?^ warehouse W *bd lit Water etreet. during the nlghta of the 9th and 10th insta. ^ MILLER ACONGER, 971 fioutb street. SPBCIAL NOVICES IS. -ML >. C. F. Kim, CHIROPODIST, RESPECT L? folly announces that be lias changed his office _. ,, airlock to 5 p. M. at 41 Cortland I street, Mr. Nebolx U riw^ and rrom ito 8 P. M. atMr. Sehnber's halrdress ? saloon. Fifth Avenue Hotel. "XTOTICR?B A JAFFRAY k CO. HAVE MUCH pleasure in Informing their frlenda and custoinerm that they received only infllug dsmage from the fire this mojn tag. Tbslr stork is in perfect order, and the business will ?eatina* without interrupiicn. No. 380 Broadway. Maw Voaa^ Pebntary IX 1887. iLUMBERB'^fOTICK.-A MEETING WILL BE BB? nf the Journevmen Plumbers' Protective Society .thin lumdaO evening. Feb 14, at 7H o'dook. st Putnam Hall. _nor of Twelfth -tceet and Third avenue. All members ? m-?.tad .. be^n.^ Bj Pr^^t. June Secretary. FTO THE VARN1SHKRS AND POLISHER8-NOnCB.? Jwsjs st"* "? "-^-mECTaaK* J. A. Lawukwck, Recording 8tcrittry. ? 41* Ml SIC AL. \ LADT WILI, GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO A and ninglug st pupils retaden e for ?10 per quarter best reference given. Address, with residence, Teachm, box 119 Herald otter. ________________ a LADY WILL GIVE INSTRUCTION ON THE P1ANO A form wl'h boat of relereure*, either at her own er Mtal a rasidenrc. For further particulars apply at W Third avenue. Terms moderate. Guitar, piano, yiolin. sinoing West Twenty-slilb street, between Seventh andElghth mrenum. Lemons private; y/js*??? WATfiON. Aya? Mm* A SON k HAMLIN. M AN UPACTU ^RKR8 ?ABINBT Organs, salesrooms si" Brosdway, New lork, where may beifaund the largest emortmeat ot nstrument* of this clam la the country. Prloes, fithor less I? fi1, 000 SSCh. MUSIC -fit PER MONTH PGR INSTRUCTION ON thn Plana, with dally procure, at 188 Hudson tires', near Canal, and at AN Wast Thirty-slxtU streal, near Sev enth avenue _ _ SUB MISSES SLOMAN, PROFESSORS OF BINDING, Plaoo and limp, will attend to a limited number sf yu* i. Beaideaea, fifioaat Sevsoteenlh steseA _ ~UAHCIMO ACADBWIK1. DODWOETH'S DANCING ACADEMY. 919 Fifth av-nuo, New Terh. Far fiaya, terms, Aa. pienm nail tor a rite ntar WISCELUIhjUtft. . f A MODERN GOOD SIBBD SECONDHAND . WEL A ler's sofa, In perfect order, wanted; also a 8 ?s ???u ?Son Add ram for three days Jeweller, station Q. , NOTICE TO BREWERS AND DlfiTILLEHA-FRlMK _^Mn.t Tinlk mrnar R>riy.third tirfHii, Ktw Tort. NpO INK MAKERS AND fiEATIONBEB??OURNB k 1 Ben's fiftons Bottles. AreoldTjlrss. lu Any quantity, for Bale bv N *4 DBLOADO ifil wf<er tweA IWSTRUCmOR* A X MV-r'<M>KKKSnmk PENMANSHIP, aRITHME A tic Aln. br* Reading. Hpelllng, AC Private lnstn. Uon d?v ann evening PAINtUS Business College. How ery. hrooslyA college removed to 349 Fulton, opposite _ .. . LMtKNCH LKSRONH WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN, T annouror two daily, of French conversation. with u lady or gentleman from Par la. Flewe address D. Percy, station D. FRENCH CLAN* F.VERT BVBSINO-CKNTRAL lo. c torn; al<" private lessons, daytime and evening. French aurely acquired in three mootba. Kcferencea given Address box 1# itaitoaD. UNITED STATER EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE?AN agency through which temd.ers may l?arn of varanciea and parties d> sir, g teachers be put in t-oi-rws|>ondence with the beat talent; wanted Imined' lelv to All responsible posi uona. six for New York, two for New Jersey, and two for Pennsylvania. Addreaa or call upon C. W. Hanks A Co.. M Greene atreet, N. Y. (nearly opposite Iviaon, Phinney, blalteman A Co.) WANTKD?A POSITION AS TEACHER IN a PUBLIC or private school, by a young man, a graduate of New York College, who baa had experience in the public schools of New York. No objections to the country. Address Teacher, Mb Second avenue, third floor, N. Y. SPORTING. Any one having a full blooded black and Tan or Scotch Terrier Dog to dispose of can addreaa box 43 Post office. All kinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'H, 3f0 Canal atreet, near Church street. Medicine* for all diseases. Prepared Food for mooking bird*. Fob sale?two hreech-loading ouns, new; one 13 gauge, 30 Inch h.rrel; the other 16 gauge, SO Inch, with eases, implements, Ac., complete. Price $175 each, cur rency. J. PENTSS. 157 South street. I30R SALE?16 POINTERS AND SETTERS, 7 OF 1 them well broken, warranted to point, back, retrieve from land and water; msmmo b Newfoundland and St. Bernards, Bnll Terriers, Scotch and Sky.i Terriers, extra; Rat Dogs of all breeds. Watch Dogs of all. breeds; Rata for sale, wholesale and retail. 11. GARDNER. 269 William street, naar New Chambers. N. Y. I BOB SALE?A SCHOONER YACHT. 10fl TONS OLD ' measurement; was launched in 1862: is complete In every particular; has three staterooms, six berths in cabin, water closets, marble lop wash basins, Ac. For further and full particulars addreaa or call on EDGAR h. HOLI.Y, Ok)be Fire Insurance Company, corner of Fulton andUresn wich streets. New York. Pnce $16.UQU. FiRANCIS BUTLER. NO. 3 PECR SLIP. HAS ALL the Choice breeds of lioga. Butler's Iulallible Mange Cure and Flea Exterminator, 75 cents. Butler's new work on the Dog. $2. Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. JOHN GRAY. NO. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOR sale Newfoundland Dogs, bisek and tan. Scotch aud skve Terrier*. The prettiest and gameat acren pound black and and t&u Dog in the country. HORNER. CARRIAGES. AC. At FORTY-FOURTH STREET AND FIFTH AVENUE a superior thoroughbred Virginia saddle Horse, very stylish, and two family tlorses; also three top Buggies, one turnover seat Phaeton and one set Harness, all Dew. A REGISTER OF HORSES AND CARRIAGES, AT private sale, is kepi by MINER A SOMERVILLE. at 37 Nassau street. All persons wishing to buy. sell or ex change Horses or Carriages, should have their property, or the articles desired registered as above. AUCTION SALES AT HORSE AUCTION MART, Union square, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 37 Nassau street every Wednesday and Satur day. See auoi ton head. A T 91 LIBERTY STREET?CARRIAGES AT RE duced prices: Coupe and Germanwwn Rockawav*. phaetons, topaml no top Road Wagons. Harness, Ac.; second band Victoria, of Brewster's make, and top Huggv. N. JflOONEY An elegant c spring clarence, or our own make, for sale -list been run but a Tew time* and la In perfect order. BREWSTER A CO.. of Broome ?t. AT !V9 CEDAR STREET?CHEAPEST PLACE IN THE city to buy for cash, Coupe and Germautown Rock away*, Victoria*, Phaetons, Bugxlet, Harnett. Ac. _ TAYLOR k HICEB. A LOT OP GOVERNMENT WAGONS. TENTH. IIAR us**. Blanket*. Mule Collar* Ambulance*. McClellan Saddle*. Pick*. Shovels, Clothing Chain*. Axe*. W. A. CARTER. Si Cortlandt tt., near Greenwich. A LADY GOING TO EUROPE WISHES TO SELL A flue, stylish pair of dark torrel Horse*: IS band* and warranted kind and aouul In every particular. Can ha *een at Cornell's stable. Klltv ih.r<l street, between Lexington and rourth a*k for Jului, roach man. Also Car- ' rlages and Hamea* if desired. A GRAY HARRIS HAMBLETONIAK HORSE. 15\ hand* high. full, flowing man# and tall; trot* f**t; kind and gentle; ctu be driven by a lady; I* an excellent family horae, and will be aold cheap, the owner haying no use tor him. Apply at 1UU and 1U2 Keade street. Atop buggy at a baegai*-i* tiptop order, price $180, at 54 .Marion street, third floor; alao coach Haraeaa, new and chaap. CIOB SALE?POUR PAIRS OP YOUNG MULES, WELL P broken. 15% hand* high. Mack; also four alngle Mule*. |100 each. Apply at (table. Bighty-lhird street and Eighth avenue, or to uEO. CAUL FIELD, Rotunda, City Hall park. po K SALE TWO HORSBS AND TRUCKS, WITH work.' Call at >1 Cedarstreet. ^ EMJB HALE-BAY MARE, ? TEARS OLD: is* HANDS T high; eaa trot in 3:30; now warranted perfectly *?nnd and kind; and a good aaddle Mare, one top J?Mf. Single Harness, Whip. Lap Robe*. Blanket*. Sc. A bargain. Ap ply at 144 Weat Forty-eighth atreet. F*OR SALE?A GOOD TROTTINJ MARE. A LITTLE 1 aore forward: ha* trotted last simmer in 2:18. 6 year* old Uk hands birb, bay, with bob tak; full *latar of Toron to Chief. Sold on account of owna-gouur to California. Inquire at 130 Porty-aecond tlrset, **?t of foird arcana. Stable*, corner Tht, ty-nudh .tre^d B^eSV^" W,rer,*? FOR 8ALE-SPEKD-BY MINER k SOME RVILLE. ?t auci Ion. on Priday. February 15. at 83 Kaat Konrteenth street, the Stock or a gentleman about tearing the city: the dapple gray Horae Boston. 8 year* dd. sound and kind: trot ted but fall to a wagon In S-41; the bay Horae Young Ethan Allen; can trot In 3 44 ; 7 year* old. sound and kind: to he told separately, with 1 Wagon*. Sis 1th. Harness. Ac.; all to be told to the highest bidder wlthoatreaerre. with fall war ranty. FOR SALE?ONE SECOND HAW DOCTOR'S PHAB ton. nearly new; ane light top wagon; one lintel Stage; alto two Expieas Wagona, Concord build, at 14 and 18 Amity place. U?OR SALE CHEAP?PIYB CtNADIAN HORSES. ? r year* old, 15 haadt; ?h* best 4ock In this city for style, ?urength and action, warranted s<*nd; alao a Raddle Pony. ?8a Pearl atreet. Harness.?a ret op ligbt rinolk harness, carved mounting* got up new. for tale ehesp. No. 183 Kati Thlrtj-tunrth (tract, coraer lecoad avenue. P. HARBISON. JOHN L.VANDKWATER. AUCTONEER, 10* LIBERTY street.?'la-morrow, at 13 M. Horace, Wagona, Her net*, Ac., at which lime will b* patented soma very supe rior *to,-k, fully wm ranted. Particulars at sale. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES POR RALE CHKAP. One elate quarter Coteh, all In good order; one Ba rouche. one Brett and one bandtong llog Cart, rery light; two *eat Wagon, with pole and sbfta; *lao top and no top Boggy Wagon*, used by a private fatnl'y leaving the city. Apply to M. CCRLEY. 21 East Twlfth nreaL rB BE SOLD OR EXCHANOtD POR HORSES OP less ralue, 15 flr*t elans llorae 'rom the country, 3 to 7 year* old, HI for raru. truck*, steedore, aipret*. or any business. Warranted sound and kind. Inquire at 541 Canal street, corner of Washington ?<in A MONTH?SIX MORE HORSES AND LIOIIT ?PO'/ wagon* taken on liven, fur stall* to be let with carriage room. Apply at 156 Plr* avenue, corner of Tenth street. PRGPilfliil. BEWILDERS.-SEALED PROPtSALS INVITED POR Story IOUv5U on Boiling Sping Hotel. New Jarsey. Plan* and *peciflcattona *een on pnnw* until Wednesday, Mhh; Lom 13th to 2bth at officeol Bore A Brown, 51 Naasau street. OPFICI OF THE HOUHTON fAS LIGHT COMPANY. llorSOg, Texas, Feb. 1 1887. Sealed proposals wilt ho rooelvd until the 13th day of March, IM7, for th* construction if A Gat Work* for th* rliy of llnuaton, Texas, capable ofaopplylng fifty thousand cubic, feet of coal fa* every twontyfaor hours There will be required I Jt mile* of ? inch ptf for main*. 3 mile* of 4 Inch pip for mains, 2V mile* of 8 Inch pip for main*. Won *11 the necessary housae aw fixture* for working ? lir?i chum work*. The partlee wll make their pnipoaala In the site. n*ti< e for one*half ea*h aid one-half In th* itoch ef Hie . ompany, or all oaah and ladupllaate. On* eopy ad dreteed to T. W. Ileum, HonstogAM on* oopy addressed toT. W. House, eare Spoffbrd, TEaton A Co., Broadway. N*w York. For further panteiilat address W. P. Uamblln, Secretary. HOUSE. President. Propositions will be received at the oflice oi too Crown f'ulnl fBd Mining Company (or ewe. two or three 10 atainp Mill*, opipieta; a* near Califor nia pattern a* mar be. S|?cliy brm* at cash, one-third rash and iielanea In slock. .wall It stock. Poundrie* In the West alao Invited t* apply at Nl 17 Nassau street. New Turk, staling nearly t-efiJil, poweiand capacity. riM* ai Lf)R PALE-A PAIR OF WAT^I COLOR DRAWINGS, I1 I or Birheti l'o?ter; a small b (choir* rollerlloa of old Engraving*. f'onr.tUa. Br.; also tve antlqae English Han Cloekx. Han MAR'S Fine Art Hpoaltory, 85 1 nlverrity . pto*. r" "fTHIH EOITLKYARD." 1. The only puhllyhed maw of ha Now Drive ?ho*4lng e-wrecttt (la fset and niches) the . isotlty of ground take* or ?'Wed ?t eiTtpr ^ttreet akm^lta iwtir* length. For ~ amy AnTiuv r claims. All ofticrrs who servd in the army be* twees May 1,1884, and March , 1MB, are requested to call oa or address F B. Rwtf 1*154 Broadway, and hear something to tholr advantage | IMPORTANT TO ARMT OP PI CSS.?WM HAY! JUflT gained a tuK against th* Halted* tale* of great Import awon to oCcara who *errM (mat By I, Mil. to March 1, IIM Such parton* by calling ol na, can recover aoaa* pinna; CHIfMA* HowillJM 00 , VI Broadway. KA1.ES AT AIXTIO!*. \UOTION NOTICE.?B. T MAXELL, AUCHONI'EK. KHIDaY, FEBRUARY 16. (Bv order K. 0. Beuinisli Esq . R*"' *?/ >, 8KY KNTBEN CAKE* FRENCH, GERMAN AN1> AMERICAN TOYS, rompri*,i g ii large and .I. mrable aasurtmeut of u'* soou, in lute tu suit the trade. R. T. HAZKLL A CO.. Auctioneer*, Si ?tit.'t. t UCTION SALE.?F ROT!!, AUCTIONEER. A LARGE AND POSITIVE SAM? OF ELEGANT and COSTLY HOUSEHOLD Kl" RNTTURE, WaONIFO ENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, BKAI'TITOL PARLOR STITS IN RHOCAI'KL. VELVET, BRUSSELS AN!? INGRAIN CARPETS This (TkurMar) afternoon, Peb. 14. at lt? ./"lock, the e> (tint lli.u??hnl(t" Furniture of the four dorr house IIP Clin - ton place, Eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, msgnlflcent rosewood Pianoforte, 26 fine Oil Paintings, Works of Art ant! Bronxes, 15 Btt.aeels and Ingrnhi Pamela, lot of rh-h Parlor, Me troom and Dtnlnc Room Furniture; Spring and Hair Miittresaoa, Ulaaa, China and Silver Ware, Cutlerv. Ac. Sale poelttee. Adrian h mullr. auctioneer.?adkian h. Ml'LLK.K. P. R WILKINS A Co. will noil ?t aim turn, on Thursday, February 14, at Uo'i luck, at the Exchange 111 Broadway, ten three atorr brick llniisea and Lola ua follow* ?Noe. MO, 242.244. 241! 2*and 260 * est Thir teenth street, having high atoona, with b rmn -tone huse menta: also Noa. 21. 23. 26 and 21 Ninth avenne. No. 27 la a valuable corner atore, doing a large business This property Is in the Ninth ward and in the immediate vicinity id the runteuiplated Genaevoovt Market, ami is desirable as an In vestment. Maps can be had of the auctioneer, No. 7 Puie street. Auction bai.e-of the old bi tter and Cheese store, 1*9 Thompson street, at 3 P. M. this day, by .1. II. BROWN A CO., Auctioneers, tilt Fulton street. BY HENRY 11. LEEDS A MINER. DEED ART GALLERIES. 817 and R19 Broadway, southwest corner of Twelfth street. Tuesday, 28th, \t edneaday. 27th. and Thursday, 28th, at 7!d o'clock each evening, as above, CONTRIBUTORS BALE OF FINE PAINTINGS, WATER COLORS AND DRAWINGS. TUESDAY EVENING?Exclusively for the work* of American artists. WEDNESDAY EVENING?Fine Foreign Painting*. THURSDAY EVEN INti-Wuter Color*. Drawings, Ac. Particulars hereafter. BY M. DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER?THIS DAY, AT 10Vf o'clock, at salesroom 79 Nassau street, a large aid ten eral assortment of Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Fur. niture. rosewood Planofor'e, manoganv Cottage do.; Billiard Tahle, with Balls anil Cues rompleie; Preach Plate Mirror*; Velvet Carpets; Hair and Husk Mattresses; Extension Tables, Buffets, Oil Paintings, Ac. Male peremptory. By miner a somkrville ? household eurni Hire at auction, Friday. February IS, at 10^ o'clock, at the private residence 103 West Fortieth street. BY VIRTUE OF A CHATTEL MORTGAGE I WILL sell on the 15th instant, nt II o'elock. si 733 Broadway, the Block and Fixtures of a brut class Italr dressing estab lishment. O. F. WATTS, City Marshal. BVHE.ALL a brothers. front of salesroom fi^terty^Dwe?17 "* " " ?'c,ock' One black StalHom ft? D AVID D. KG AN, AUCTIONEER-FINE HOUSE hold Furniture, Carpets, Ac. David D. Kgan will sell this day fThursday), at 10*^ o'clock, the contents of dwelling No. 74 Greene street, consisting of velvet, Brueaels, tkree-ply and Ingrain Carpets, Parlor and Bedroom Butte, marble top Bureaua and Tattles, mahogany and other Bed steads. hair Mattresses. Palliasse*. Pillows and Bolsters, Wardrobes. Lace Curtains. Looklngglasses, Pictures. Hhades. Stoves, Clocks, Ouilis, Blankets, Sheets, Pillow Blips, and sn assortment of kitchen Furniture with which the sale will commence. Deposits required. Also one of Pierce's Ranges, Bathtub, Lead Pipe Gas Fixtures, Copper Boiler, Ac E DWABD SCIIENOK, AUCTIONEER. UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE. By order of Robert Murray, Esq., United States Marshal. Bv EDWARD SCIfKNCK, on Friday, 15th Inat.. at IS o'clock M.. at the salesroom, 60 Liberty street, 48 Demijohns and 2 Kegs of choice Gin, Rum and Hpirtta. EXECUTOR'S SALE ?BENJ. F. FAIROHILD, Auc tioneer.?On Thursday, Feb. 14. 1887 at 19 A. M.. at JnUan'a storage warehouse Thirty-third street and Eighth avrm^t. Ilouaeho.d Furniture, constating of Sofas, Rockers, Chairs, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds. Carpet-, Ac AJ-o Wearing Apparel, .silver Spoons, Ac. By order of William F. Plumb, executor. Ferry leases at auction. At the City llall, on Tuesday. 19th March, 1*957. at elevon o'elock A. M., will be sold at publio auction to the highest bidder with adequate security, for a term ol ten years from the first day #f May, 1W - The Lease of the Ferry aa now established from the foot or Whitehall street to Staten Island. The Lease of the Ferry to be eetabliahed from the foot of Twenty-third street, Nonh river, to Pavonta. N. 3. The said several Ferry Leases will be sold with all the rights privilege* aud advantages thereof belonging U) the Corporation ot the city of New York. Terms and ow4ittM> of aale may be had upon application at the Comptroller's Office. By order of the Commissioner* of the Sinking Fund. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY, Comptroller. Crrr or Naw You, Detastiiknt or Finxvcr,; February 14, 19G7. Henry d. miner, auotionbbr.-offioe 37 Nas sau street, opposite the Fost office. Valuable collection of high class modern OIL PAINTINGS, comprising the con tributions of artists of the French Etchlug Club, lately ex hibited by A. C'adart. Esq., Manager at the Derby Gallery, in this city. . MINER A SOMERVTLLB will sell at anctlon. Thursday and Friday evenings, February 14 and !A at IJi o'clock, at their new aud spacious fine art gallery, 82 Firth aveuue, southwest corner Fourteenth street, the valuable collection of Pictures exhibited et the Derbv Gallery, and removed for convenience of aale. comprising work* contributed bv the following leading and distinguished artists of the Freuch Etching Club, vtx;? Edward Krere, Oustave Dors, N. Diss, C. Trovon, F. Zlem, J. Put mm, E. Ftchel, Dorschniller. .1. Stephens, R. Menard. J. A. Wallers, N. Baron, B. Lamblnet, E. Zamacois, T. Ft -re J. Noel, J. Tissot, A. M. GuiUemen. J. de L. Bscosnra, A. F Monfallet, P. Scignac, U K. Jacque, E. L. Bondlu, H. Merle. C. Fecrtia, A. F. Conatantler, Ary Sehelfer, F. Chltffart, A. R. Viron, Van Klven, Verlat. F. I.. J. Moormana, E. Delacroix. A. Lcterre, C. F. a'Anblgny, A. Rosier. P. L. Levuy, Nuivenbuys, A. Fotrmont, and others off equal distluction The above are now on exhibition free, day and evening, and are iiartculaiTy worthy of examination. Catalogues can be obtained ai the gallery and at the office of the au< iioi.rer. H EN RY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER. BALE OF DOR'SEB, CAKItlAOEB. WAGONS. AC.. BY MINER A SOMKKVILLU, AT HORSE AUCTION MART. UNION SQUARE, 62 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16 AT 12 O'CLOCN. Regular llorse sales ai our Auction Marl, Union Place Stables, every Tuesday and Friday throughout the year. DMBRVIlLE offer Messrs. MINER A sOMKRVILLE offer unsurpassed ad vantages In location, experience aud business capacity to partis* wishing to buy or desiring to sell Horses, Carriages orauything pertamiug to the hnrae buatneas. Henry b. herts, jr.. auctioneer. SPECIAL SALE. watches. CLOCKS, JEWELRY. DIAMONDS, AC. On THURSDAY. Feb, 14. at 11 o'clock. At the *a tearoom* 1S0 Broadway. Compriaing tli? entire stock of ? Jewelior, t? be ?old without reaerve, Id Mr to enlt city aud ountry teuil trade. Cata logue* early on morning of wtle. Henry o. evanh, auctioneer-will hell Tnis day. at3 o'clock, a rlnii assortment of Preach China Bohemian HUnawsre. Parian marble French Cl.rcka, Ac., the eoniDlete Importation of B. Behrtnch. 400 Brooilway. T W. CAMPBELL, AUCTIONEER-WILL BELL AT 0 ? auction thia day. At 10 o'clock, at SB llud?oii atreet, a large and rnrloue lot, ml ted aeoonU hand Furniture, Ac., Ac., an aerumuiatioB of ocreral year*: ntuat glee way to make mom. Come one, come all. aeeond hand men, new men, old men. roung maw junk men, dealers, housekeeper*, buyer*. Bee to It, be on hand. Rale po .litre. CAMPBELL A CO., anctt'ineera, office DM ilieenwteh atreet. T BOOART. AUCTIONEER.?MORTnAtlE BALE.?BY U * virtue of a chattel mortgage I will aell on Friday, February It, 1S87. at the Bank Coffee llnuae. 80S (Jrand atre#t, at 1U o'clock In the forenoon. 4 Billiard Taldee, Oil Fainting*, Chair*. Tablea. bar Counter, bar Fixture*, and all other Property therein contained N B.?For further partlrnlars Inquire of John Hayea, Counaellor at Law lit Broadway. CEO. A. MOORE, Atl'y tor Mortgagee^ T BOOART, AUCTIONEER.?SATURDAY. FKR. I A. V> at 101^ o'clock, at the auction rooma No. I North Wil liam atrert, large aaaortlaeot of llotiaehold Furniture. PI aao. Ac. a mat-ting of Parlor, Bedroom. Dining Boom and Library Pnrtntnre; Vclrei and Bruaaela Carpet*. Mirror*. Ac. TOSBPB BEORMAN. ?l . FRIDAY. FFBRUART IB. at 14 o'cleck A. M., at the Central Balaarooma. Wllleughby, corner of Pearl atreet, Brooklyn, roaewoed, walnut and mabnmtay marble top parlor, chamber and dining room Furniture, I'lanoe, Mirror*, Carpets, Mattreaoea, Bedding, Fancy flood*, Oaa Chandeliers-, Store*, Ac.. Ac. Vf ORRIS WILRIE8, AUCTIONKBR. Ivl Trustee's aale of No. M Pearl atreet.?E. H. LCD Loir A CO. will cell at auction, en Friday, Feb. IA 1M7, at llo'cleek. at the Eichauge Salesroom. Ill Broadway. Trin ity Building, N. Y., te eloae the aetata of John C'auldwtll, _ Pearl atreet?The valuable three etory brick Store end Lot No. 204 Peart street, east side, between Beekman and Ferry ft tree I*. I*?t3B feet i Inches front, M feet rear by At feet I Inches te depth. Powuorton May 1. 1007. Half ef the purr ha*# money eaa remain en bead and mortgage. Mops, Ac., at He. ? rtae atreet. PA^EWyMPS, 8ALB THIS DAY. BY JOHN JT MORTIMER, lg P.aat Broadway ef 400 lota Men*' and Women a choice Clothing, Bed*. Bedding aad other ralnable Pledge* Wo numerous to mention. By order N. Btlch. ?7 Third avenue. JS. men's, mlaaaa aad ekBiian's JIOOT8. SHOES, U A ITERS AMD SLIPPERS. Bteek new aad fkash. Btoak awved day af aala. SHUE RIFFS SALE -FANCY STORE, H ? M 1?H*HD. T/ L.,7AH' dUCTTOMEER, will aell on Friday, at 10 o'clock, at No. MR Bower aeeortaaeat ol Feaey Ooede ead Bteee Flktarea. JOHN KMLLT, ? HERIFF'S S A LB. KK-IIAHD will ten on Thursday, ltth, alll o'clock doraroennt ef former pwohaaor). a laraa and eaiect ateek of Bne Ltaoera. Win##. Brandies aad FraHa, at No. 0ft Broadway. Also Bar and Store Flmnree. Counter#, Cl#w Caee, An. Sale pnetttre. DasiKt. tliujeriK. Depaty. JOHB IHLI^A?m( TMHOMAS OAFFMF.Y. AUCTIONS ERR?dALBS BOOM ? MB Eighth aranue. win sell on Saturday, ll o rteek M 10th mat . the aetfre Woe* el the Lirery /table corner oV Fifty fourth atreet and Third avenue, connoting 6 etoee ?2r, iKnsw SAI.KS AT ACCTIOI. mn.UAN ABBOTT, ACCT* INKBR?OFFICE NO. IT# tire Ubnthain aqua re. WIN on ,1a day. n? 2 o'clock, the en r unluipe ami Fixtures of " * taWwr room* and bur room **) Broome street, near XV Htoves, Pain'ingx. Oilcloth, Lea* , Ac. w Block anil Fiitnrr* of the liquor . iukpt- - - L. . *r. Lounge*, Ranger uud ILLIAM ABBOTT, Al'CTJj NEER?'OFFICE NO. 170

Chatham aqnurr: ??ll* otrf ibis duv, al 10,'f o'clock, the F"1" unJ? ?? a " **< "l,J atore No. 367 l'aail utreet. corner of Hague. English Beer Pumps anil Counter, Mirrors, < hairs, fabler, Liquors. Cigar*, Lease. Ac. W11,1.1AM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEBR?OFFICE NO. 170 Chatham ecu ire Mil* on Prldnv. at 10', o'clock, the Least- Bt.?ek and Fixtures of ihe Liquor Store No. 23n:ive. uu? C, corner of Nluth atreev. Splendid Pumps Ca?ka, Header*. Copper Measures, Liquor*, Cigar*, Ar. FINANCIAL. WNITKD 8TATKB TREASURY. FEB. 4. Ifa7. Schedules of |30) thirty or more seven-thirty coupons due February 16. 1887. will now be received lor exarnin tlion at the lulled States Treasury. 11. 11. TANuTCR, Aaaiitant Treasurer. Capitalist can makb a loan op $tnouo on I $300,COO worth of merohai dine. Imperishable for ninety day*: full poa*e**lon given; aseen per cent and a kiibslaniial bono* will be paid. Particular* with KINO t Co., No. 9 Twenty.thlrd street. Fifth Avenue Hotel. A V IV BUSINESS WOULD LTKR TO BORROW /V a sum of money on uneveptlmiabln wcunlv anil good interest. Address I'oufidenlla . station I>, New York. Dividends?crown pcint oold and silver Mining Company, $100 per foot, due 15th ins'.: Imperial silver Mining Company, $12 per share, due l.Mh lust., pay nt>L In coin, less the e? change, at the Agency of the Hank of California. LER8 i WALLER, S3 Pine street. PGR SALE?NEW YORK CITY RAILROAD STOCKS. Al?o Insurance Stocks r.nd other Securities. puylug from 10 to A' per cent dividend* at low rates. ALBERT II MCOLAY. Sto- k Broker and Auctioneer, It Pine street, N. Y. V ? U5 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. JANUARY 31, i> 1S67. DISSOLUTION?Ths partnership heretofore existing un der tbe llrm name of tie Forest A Francis, is this day dis solved by mutual consent. Either partner will sign In ffqui. datlon. - WM. T 1>K FOREST, OKO. W. FRANCIS. NOTICE?The nnder?lgn?d will continue the oil and can dle business at 115 Vial !en lane. WM, T DB FOREST. s SOUTHERN COLLECTIONS?THE ADVERTISER, for nearly a quarter of a century a resident of Tennes see and a bank and raBroad officer there fn, many year* will soon start on a business totir through Tennessee and other Southern State*, and will he pleased to take elatm* for collection and complicated account* for adjustment. TVflS* Interns ted are requested to address ,1. I? M . care of C. Powell, tlreen A Co.. 8b Broad ?treet, during thl* week, anil he will eall upon them at their place* of bti*tue?*. $3 000 -W??TEn-' A OF ?2nno T'> HP on full p?ld stock in a paying company, for four month*; loan to yield the lender lit way 26 |?er cent for the-time the money I* wanted. Loan only one quarter the selling value of the stock. Address T. 11. box 212 Herald office. $4. ()()0 *** U}A* 0H BOjn> AJ,n nortgaob for five years at aaven per c*mt. Nocommi* *ion charged. Addiessfor three" day* C. St., box 1.042 Post office. nnn TO SPECIAL CAPITAL WANTED, 'PlJ.UlM r to extend a popular cash wholesale ?nd retail Broadway bu*lne?<; wlH pay 60 per ccnl on Investment. Principals onlr address (In real name andaddr?M)C. W., box 127 Herald office. $61 00070 0!< IM|,ROTE,> beal tate In this city. In any sum. W. H. WOOD, 86 Wall street. $325,000 ?ge!'?", estate In this eltv or Brooklyn. ON BOND AND MORT one or more sums, on teal ... Aritoltlyn. JOHN F. CON KEY, 82 Wall street, room 11 000 5? ^OAW OIf NEW YORK -?TY< New Jersey and Brooklyn Real Estate. Apply soon. CHAS. F. OILMAN. 113 Broadway, room No. 8. BUSINESS OPPOH.TUNIT1KS. A WATCHMAKER (AN AMERICA*). WHO CNDER stand* engraving and aelltng good*, and ha* h*d ten year# practical experience, want* to make arsangemeuta with petite* where ha can offset time and knowledge of the bu.IMM against eanital, or would buv a small stock of $2.1 vat or noou. la an mbuMl city of from 8,009 to 16.000 In h-'Stan te; Mow York State orsforred. Address for ten day* w. N-Tr r- ~ ^ fiarald ofDqp, New York. A N UNCBUAL OPPORTUNfTY IS OFFERED A MB \ lUUIgmgn Who la posted In the advertising hit slnaas. Very litilimoney needed to buy out a person retiring from an old establUhed concern m iking $3 000 a year. None need apply unless those of the highest character. Address box 5.431 Post office. A VALUABLE NEW PATENT. TOGETHER WITO the buMnasa (Drat class), lease, etc., now in suc cessful operation In this cite, with opportunity for tin limited exteatino. for aale (or a stock company could be t'armedl; none hut ffrst parlies and those commanding at least $10,800 cash will be noticed. Address Patent, box 6.708 Post offior, N. T. Any pkrbon desirous to purchase a lease and Fixtures In process for a profitable busfiiesa, re quiring ahant $6,000. can now hare an oppnr'unite. Apply for two days, 12 to 3. 10 W. If. MELICK. 421 Broadway. An eneroktic man. with a few THOUSAND dollar*, can ffnd a profitable investment and obtain an interest In a valuable patent. BONNER A CO.. 117 Nassau street, room 17. DKS!R\Bf.R PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR nale for half lis value. Apply to or address WM. F. KIDNEY, care of Bogmrdu*. 381 Broadway. N. Y. A A VALUABLE WEEKLY JOURNAL DOING A FIRST das* cash trad*, for sain tn a responsible party. Terma saay. Addrssa W. B.. Herald office. F A RTEP LADDER PATENT, AN EXCELLENT THINO J\ for carpenters or manuferlurers; uofierteeed by none; light, strong ?nd durable. $S,0UU, exclusive United Stole*. 117 Nassau street. room 17. CI ASH MANUFACTI%1NU BUSINESS PGR SALE? t with "team power, Utensils and avervthlng complete, now in sitcoeegfuK operation. fd.SOU c.i| Ital to purchase. Apply at VN Broadway, room 7. OR SALE?A PORK BUSINESS. PRICE $4,000. AD diet a Purchase, Herald office. VALUABLE PATENT RIGHT POP SALE. IMPROVED HANOlXtl FOR CENTREBOARDS. Address J. P. llall. Westerly, R. I. WANTED?A RETAIL BUSINESS IN THE CITY OR aotoe spewing town; Dual boar the moat rigid exami nation and be worth not over $4.Olio Address for one week, with full parttrulars. Inquirer, atatton C, New York. (fc'ion ~A YOUNG MAN S YEAR* OP AGE IS DE aJrOIJUa alroea of Investing from B9U0 to $SUO In aime lluli* manufacturing or other well pa)ing business; good reference given. None but tboae meaning business need addreaa for two days S. R? Brooklyn Post office. ?.-nn -WANTED, TOUKO MAN OP RNRROY TO qtwUUi take the plate of retiring partner in a down town business that will pay Sfl.UUl per annmm. Addreaa Broker, iioi Its Herald aflire LOAN OFPH Ek. AT :*B PEARL STREET. BETWEEN NEW BOWERY and Iranklin aquare, LKDKRKR A CO.. advance lib erally at rra?on?ble terma<>n all valuable property, Watches, Jewelrv, Otamond*, St., or purcbaae. AT Ml BROADWAY ?I PAY THE HIOHEST PRICES for Diamond*, M atchev, Jewelry, Ao.. or advance on thO eame ISAACS. Diamond Broker, Opposite Wallack'a theatre. At M7 BROADWAY, NEAR TWENTIETH STREET, room No. Tbh highest prlcea paid for Diamond., Watches Jewelry, old Gold and Silver; or monev liberally advanced ou the aame. alto Pawnbrokers' Tickets bought. MAKES A CO. AT BIT.-MONEY LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA muiida, Watchea. Jewelry Ac., or the aaine bought for eaab. B. B -Pawnbrokers tickets bought at 117 Broadway, room No. 4, cirnar Twelfth alreet, Laed Art Gallery. AT NO 9 TWENTT-THIBD STEEET, FirTII AVE nue Hotel.?The highest price paid far Dlamonda, Watches, Ac., or advaaoea mada on lha same. ADVANCER MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEW elry. Dry Goods and Personal Property of evcrv de ar Option. J. A. JACKSON, 111 Orand atroet, two doors wast of Broadway. AT 77?MONET LIBERALLY ADVANCED ON DIA MONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ar , OR THE SAME BOUGHT AT THE HIGHEST RA^ER. ALSO PAWNBROKERS' TICKETS BOUGHT POR DIAMONDS. WATCHKB, JEWELRY, Ac.,at 77 Bleecker street, upalaira. AT I? BROADWAY. KNOX BUILDINO.-DIAMONDS, Watches, Precloua Btanes. Thla old established office pays the utmost value for Diamonds. Jewelrv. Watches, Jewels, Plate, Pearls, Ac. J. H. BARKINOKR. SU Broadway, room No. *. 4 T HYMAN'S. SBB BROADWAY, CORNER OP BOND L street, will ha paid the highest price for Diamonds, alcbes and SOverwara, or will advance on the above iiflkihu. A* T ? NABBAO BTRKRT. ROOM NO. K?THE HIGH am prices ara paid for loose or sat Diamonds, Watches and Jawslry, ar nwvaacaa made on oonetgnmenta. A. HONIUM AN, Diamond Broker. I?\IAMONDS, WATCHER, JEWELRY. SILVERWARE. ?/ Bllka. Ac., bought at full value or money edrenced on He same. Pawnbrokers' tickets bought. 1? Bowery, neer Orttd, rtxmw "(n 1 km 1 LHBRRAL PEICRg PAID rOR DIAMOND JEW ? "Iry. loan* negotiated-vM nations 1 percent. An ex TUB LRiTVKB flSANOt. ~ war. Those naaMa la atMnd U?eee lectures may receive a msrsLs.7* as*a5."~?" - "** H gOCTHKRN RELIEF " Willh ELOONINODALE A LECTURE thai WW ha lalliaiai fa* the above^object nader the ausplcea CATHOLIC ASSOCIATION, RICHAED O'GORM AN, Rag., COOPER fttBTTTUTE, SUNDAY RVKNINO PKBRUAiiT M. 1ST AMUMKMKVTN. Broadway theatre. admission 40 cents. (Corner of Hru.idwiyand Broome alreet.) A FVMll.Y KhNO'tT. LAST WEEK HI 1 ONE of ti,? urillunt KngaMrnent of the WORRELL BISTERS, * ho appear to enntinuoorly crowd- d i.dlencea in the GREAT DOUBLE Hi'KLKBUUE HILL. TH1H KVKNINU and SATURDAY MAriNEK, ALADDIN THE WONDERFUL HCAMf AND CINDERELLA, atmuudlng in Song*. Dneila. Oper.ulo Gema <"lo* and Com to Dances, Local ILL Ac.. Ac., form.itg A FESTIVAi.11!' FUN. I*ruUy, Pel nary 19. LAST BENEFIT OF M1 S.4 IRENE. Seat* ahotud tai aecured in advance. NOTICE.?KngaMcmentnf the world renowned ArtHu, Mr. and Mr*. HARNEY WILLIAM , couunenoea on Monday evening February 25, l*s>7 HARTZ' TEMPLE ok MYSIEUY. DODWllllTH IIAIX. 806 BROADWAY. Ticket*, 50rent*, Reserved Seat*, gl. For sale ?!i diy? in advance. i'*m> ? Partie* should secure their ?e?t* during the day at the llall. in order t? arnhl the ru?h in the evening at the donr. GREAT CONSTERNATION CAUSED HY -WE ARE II??'RE, BUT NOT IIEUE," PROTEUS. PR'TrkrS, PROTEUS pronounced bv the nre?a the greatest apectaculer lllindon ever prevented to a New York puhHc NEW PROGRAMME WITHOUT APPARATUS. "Tile tlrowi h of Flower*'' and " Floating He-id " in con aeqiienee of the lminenae enthuviam, will be contluiied. MATINEE. SATURDAY, AT i. Doora open at I'f. The Chiekertng Plane la need at these aeauoee. I AST MATINEE BUT ONE OF TIIE WORRELL J SISTERS.?Saturday. at 1'2 o'clock, ALADIHN and CROSSING THE LIN ; Double Clog Dunce, Jennie and Irene, Broadway theatre. RELLY A LEON'S MINSTRELS. 7S> BROADWAY. THE ONLY LEON. B NILLB KELLIFANTI Demon DaNCK. 2 prune A A Trovatore. Madaga?c.tR E 9:30. V donna* L c L Rtval A III. A M Sere una. K opera L in L Darkey D term'g. C O 9 ?> R tvlt K p?r E odd* A in. S N Laugliler. Y A T lkon T A O Ag-ny A II 9 90. N Fun R nut R end*. A 10. O A Applause. I Grand O I* O Hall S Fairy. A N 9 30 G Hill of U C U crowded C 10. D C excitement. H Novelties P P ulghliy. A Apoth'? A EVERY NIGHT Koymourguli E Allen illni. Racaagada.M CTHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE J Ever* night at Hryanl'a Mechanic' Hall. 472 Broadway. EGYPTI UN WONDER; or. MYslKIIIOUK HEAD. EGYPTIAN WONDER; nr. MYSTERIOUS HEAD. Ml TIGV TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. MUTTON TRIAL. 11AUNTKD HOUSE. DAUNTED HOI'S.. THE BROADWAY HO VS. THE HK'HDWAY HOYS STAOK.STItl'OK CRsMIIERM OD. BTAGK8TRUCK CHAMBERMAID. SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS. 9KS BROADWAY. The trouble Cotnm'noea at a iiu uter to ?. THE CRBMK DK LA CREME OF MINSTRELSY. BIRCH, WAMBOI.D BERNARD A HA' KUS SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, whoae vueoeas baa neve- been equalled hy auv aimila'-organ. iT.atton In the wnrhl. New and cheerful Hurteaqnea every week. Hdtnn Head Institute, Happiest Couple Out. Chil dren of Uypreas Impeachment Committee Shout* of laughter at the Shadow Panloinl.ue .ind the Sureaming BLACK COOK AND AFRICAN HALLEI' TROUPE. OLYMPIC THEATRE. THURSDAY EVENING, FEB. 14. COMIC OPERA MIGHT. THE MERRY WIVES. TIIE MERRY WIVES. THE MERRY WIVES. THE MERRY WIVES. THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. TnB EVENT ANDUENt'INE SUCCESS OF THE SEASON. HERMANNS in hi* great rd? of FALSTaPF. ROTTER, PIKOEKICI. JOHAMN8EN, FORMKE. GROS CHEL. LEIIMaM. all in Iheeiat. PRIDAT, only lime of Von Weber * DBK FRFfSCITI'TZ. GRAND MATIN KRWJF STKADKLLA, SATURDAY. Commencing at 1 o'clock, ai 75 oenle admi?*ion to all ? ".it?. SATURDAY NIGHT?THE CZAR AND CAKPENIER Poaitlvely. ANftCHUTE'S MURTC INSTITUTE. Stack's Mimic Hall, 141 Eighth street, between Broad . - ?u'1 foitnli avenue. ?r J B. rOZNASKKl'R gOARTET SOIREES. Messrs. J. B. IdZNANSKI, ,) H?-'HN^TEIX "? a, a _ A. U^EOAnJ: With the kind a**|ai(tnoe of "'*? ELI KB PFAKKMAHN i pupil of C. Anerhtttz's Music *#?1 tl,rr kalliwodo. FIPTII KOIKKK Thursday^Feh. 14. l-?7 at h Edit o'clock. _MENDKL>SOUN and u ai'OUK The grand Piano need at thi-ae Soiree* Is i r?m Mia celebrated ?aminowry of George Stock A Co. ft rimlirtaii gl. U,AU--TH0*80AT KVRB1NO. r??. *L ?HA*B'CoMpi.IMKMTARY CONCUR**) " STEIN WAY'S ROOMS. FRIDAY, KEB. IB, AT B O'CLOCK, CAUL WOLFBOHN'R EIGHTH BEETHOVEN MATIXKE. Second itptiearaue* iU these matinee* of Madame BER THA JOH.aNNSKN, the celebrated prima donna. Mr. WOLFSOUN will upon thisoccasion repeal the Sonata Jlppnastonata. STE1NWAY HALL.-TWBNTY-FIFT1I SUNDAY CON CERT. r. SUNDAY. FEBRUARY 17, AT 8 O'CLOCK. L. F. HARBISON Director. Mm* KATE MCDONALD, the favoilte Soprano. Mr. 8. B. MILLS, the Pianist Mr. IIF.I.N 1)1,, Flute Soloist. Mr O. W. COLBY, |Aerompanl*t. Mr. THEODORE TIIOM Alt, Conductor, and hi* FULL ORCHESTRA. TICKETS FIFTY CENTS. Reserved seats M et*. extra. Fot aale at tho uaual pi*' e*. Btnyan tableaux?larokst panorama in the world. UNION HALL, Broadway and Twenty third ?ireel. Open every night at 7; eumtnenelnx *t 7^. H Admission, SO cents: children, M centa. Matinee Wednes day and Saturdaf, at S o'clock. AORAND NATIONAL PALACE OF AMUSEMENT. TflK REVEILLE MUSIC GARDEN, ?27 Broadway. A GREAT COMBINATION. EXTRA ATTRACTIONS. MAGNIFICENT' EXTRAORDINARY I Professor Engtemsn's celebrated Band dincourae* bcauti 1 ful music erery evening. Choice Excise Refreshment* of all kind*. New and smiling face*, kind words mid pleasant greetings for all who come to the REVEILLE MUSIC GARDEN. ?7 BROADWAY, up autre. No charge for admission to this elegant Palace of Amuse ni*ni. eacept good behavior UOPA lt'l'% KRsM PR. A CHANCE SELDOM MET WITH-A PARTNER wanted, with a rapiul of $2Ti 000, t o tske rhaige of a business Unit will pay at the lowe?l ngure flW.UBO per year, as will be clearly shown upon an Intt-rrlew. I'rincipaU only need address J. I'. A I... Newark. N. .1. AHALP INTEREST IN THREE OP THE BEST PAT ent medicines erer offered- live years well and faeots bly known; either aotive or silent partner wantetl, who will advance not less than ffoO.IWl: this opportunity presents a held for Inesetmeni of no ordinary character. Address for I owe week M. G. B.. box BOO Herald oflkm. I A PARTNER WANTED?WITH (A-UK) OR (IIODD IN rash. In a lirst class business on Broadway. Address with name. Merchant, station D. NEW YORK, JAN. 1. I8B7.?THE FIRM OF WILLIAM H. Moore A Co. I* this d*y dissolved by mutual eon sent. Wm H. Moore Is alone authorised to sign In liquid* Don. WM. H. MOORE, GEO T. MOORE. PARTNBR WANTED.?AN OPPORTUNITY IS HERE by offered lor a party baring onmm and of a boo' (Mi ??"). to enter Into business with a tlrsi class house well eslab Ilahed In the produce commission business, in lanisrqurnoe of a change In (he firm, a msmler being about to retire In mi business. Address, with real name, box ACT? New York Po-t office. I P^HHARTNBE WANTBD-At TIVK or SPECIAL. TO FUR-I nlah (IO.U0U tor operating In siorks Beat or references given. Address with real name, staling where can be soen. A. II. W . Herald office. P^Hartsf.r Wanted-in tiie manufacturr of hardware: business established. This la a good opportu nity for investment. Capital required (4.m?l J. M. MOOltY A CO.. ?B Ptne street. PARTNER WANTED?IN A SALOON BUSINESS. NOW In rucceaaful operation. Capital required (I.JUO. Rare t bance for a stradr man J. M. MOODT A CO., 48 Pine street P^HARTNKR wanted whii FROM (4.M0 TO (tiffin to take equal interest in a business established for ihe last IS years. Apply to or direct 1M> Elm street New Y> rfc G. wTIaIcLaF. PARTNER WANTED?WITH A CAPITAL OF$8.<m TO (4.W0. In an established mannfscturlag bnalneaa. In a gi owing town, near the city and where a prufll of ICO In 1M par cent can be made Address a. M., box 1,8(7 Post office. THR COPARTNRRBHIP HERETOFORE KXIRT1NO between the undersigned under the tlrra of Krenkrl A Axlmann, la this day di**>lved by mutual son sent All outstanding claims bare to be paid In K Krenkei. who will eontlnua tba bnalneaa at the former plaee IBS Broome -ireet, NrwTork K. KRENKRL, Nnw Yoag, Feb. ?. 1ST. J. T AXTMANN. WANTED-A PARTY. WITH (17JM0. TO PURCHASE the eoatrnlllng Interest ef a retinae partner la a a wholesale cash manufsctunng buslnea*. Ad<lra*v A. B., care of Mr. E. Thomas 100 Water atroet. ACnn ?PARTNRR WANTRD. IN AN KXTHEMKLY iP'lUH, good paylrut business, which will pay 82A daily. Inquire of Mr. Rlnea, 00 Fifty-second street, one door weet of Broadway. J &IUWI -A man wirii this amount"wishes to ?Jit )'/'/, Invest it. with his senrlegs, where be can be well secured. Apply for two day* st ?K Broadway, room IA fcl AHA -* PARTNER, a BUSINESS MAN, TO Cl.UUl/. beep sonmints sod receive order* la PaioUng bnalneaa. A good chance t*o make money. No. A Chatham square, n^wm*. ao rnn will buy thb half interest or a W>a?.*JUU retiring partner, In aa established hualaaaa, ?*"???*? than >00 par cent profit. Addreaa KataMlghad, <kQ 000 -'arty with the abotb amount tit ring buaraagaT .t ORB PhVoji i!&00fra?i^e^B5B?fgL,ai5 ra^m.T^^'sitirasiF^yst 925.000 ?* ? -1" ?. h J?a^7n w?.r V?u" ?st. A Btonopnly of Blip nei to i *?" Inter without risk Principals oaly. Add^i St^r^alrSK.' AMIIflKJIYKYTM. YKW VOKK THEATRE. , ? . _ . . Mauwger- Lxuii R?ker and Mark . mi u. THIS EVENING, the oelebrwleJ drama entitled the TICKET OF-LEAVK MAN, with Ut new Scenery. fWWiiin. Original Muale. and an unprecedented caat. The managers take great pleasure In announcing an en gagement wTtU the distinguished comedienne and vucallirt, LaDY HON, who will make her first appearance on Monday. February 18, In two of her favorite personations. Box book will be opened on Wednesday. ITALIAN* OPERA?FRENCH RLE ATBE. A L. MORA Director TO MOKRfHV EVENING?THIRD Ol'KK.V NIGUT. Verdi'* popular Opera, * II, TROVATORE, with the following eminent Artisia, Slgnorln* ELVIRA NADDI, Slgnora ADR LA I OK PHILLIPS, Mguor IRFRK. Slgnor FORT UNA, Sigtwr RABILI. Full Chorus and Orchestra, under the direction of rilgnor A. L. >lt,'t t. St rl J?I?W-FIKST GRAND OPERA MATINEE. NoXICK.?The saie of Matinee Ticket* will commence to day TtcveU enn he had at Hoer A Sclnrmar'e, 701 Broadway; at L O. Seyinuur A Co.'a, Nos. V and 11 Hawaii street, and at the French theatre THRATKE FRaNOATB WK8T FOURTEENTH STREET, n?.ir Sixth uremic. ?ThurvluT, February 14, at 8 P.M. Fit at appearance of MMK. LaRMKT, LN DUEL sot's RICHELIEU, l>r*m?. in three acta. UN Ms III RKl' l,R. Vaudeville one act, Tick?t i?lR.s'e--H.-er A srhlriner'r. <01 Broadway; Macoy k Herwlg'a, ll'J a id lit ltroa.'.w iy, and at the Theatre Free can, Fourteenth street. fiTHEATRK FRANCA1S FOU I ' ENTH srKP.IT.-COM 1 MDIK?FKrNCH AH ria l's ASSOCI\i ION. SA IT '.It IV 1 KB. Id, A I S P. M. FOR TUB F1K81 TIME. LPS HEMiilrlEl-I.KK HE SAINT CVR. Play In lire ?<?:?, In M Alexaudte Dtimn-. Ticket ofllci- at M. liardonvtUc'-, 6.H Broadway. R3. F. B. CO.MVlV's PARK THE vTlth, BROOKLYN. THIS KVENI.NO. VI VRKIEII I.Ir'K. THE OCEAN YACHT RACF.. ARTFUL DODOKR. TAST MATINEE BUT ONE OF THE Wol.llKLL j SISTER-.?Saliirdav, at I !y o'clock. ALADDIN and CROSSING THE LINE; Double t'log Dance, Jenuie and Irene, Broadway theatre, rpoNV PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE?301 BOtVF.P.T. I Crowded bmiM* greeting the following great attrac tions:?The splendid lirunni, SHAN MacOOLLUM. The great drama, TIIK IRISH K-FUOEE. The grand ball.-t. THE SCOTTISH < HIKF. Tlie new burle-iiue, .11 M CROW ALIVE. The cooric akelidi, RENO va. R<)NDO. rhe gliirloua uongu of To NY 1'AS TOR. New variety bill by THE OusaT TKOUPg. .Vailnion* Wedneudny and Saiu'.Wy at 8K o'clock. HOOLEV S OPERA HOUSE. BROOKLYN The Bnrle?i|ue itbiek Crook. Periirlau Ballet Troupe, Palace of 11 ugc Drop*. I'eeliaiumeau. Baliea in the Woods, Mutton Thieves, Midwinter Night's Dream. French Dancing Mwater uMson'a Buid My Polly Ann, My rather Sonld ? nmvnal, The Nervous Cure, At., Ac. i 1RIFF1N A CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS. Ijr fifth avenus op' ::a hoDSB i Adjoining Filth Avenue U jtell. O. W.H. OBIFFIN MANAGER CONTINUED SI CROWDED HOUSES* DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. FOUR BIRDS OF PAHAOifK, ThIn Palace Opera House 1* uightly thronged ertt.1; the elite of the city. GEORGE CHUIsrVvfjl continues to delight bin many atluileer* tiThl* aong. Naughty, Naughty Glrla. MR. CHARLES BENIDICT, Comedian. Second week of the grcam-t snug and d moe man living, Mr. OSCAR UUtBANIi. G1UFFIN A CHRISTY lu new acta. MUSIC. SINOINO AND DAMTHNfU AST MATINEE BUT ONE OF THE WORRELL SIS _j TKKS.?Saturday. at 1', o't lock, AL ADDIN and CROSSING THE LINE; Double Clog Danuu, by Jennie und Irene. Broadway theatre. M L Grand charity concert AT IRVING HAI.L, Under the patronage of the LADIE" SOUTHERN RE LIEF ASSOCIATION, SATURDAY, February W. at 8 o'clock. The feHowtiigdLtlaguiahed artlata have volunteered tMr eerrtosw In aid Of tliU society Mt.-H KRLVOGii. w MADAME GAZZANIGA. *188 ADELAIDE Pun-Lin's, MISS MrCL'LLOCH, SIO. krig.nou, big. MILLKKI, SIG. FEKKaNTI, Bnfl'n, (by pcrmtaalou of Mr. Bateman), JAMES M. WF.tlTT. the celebrated pianist, SIG. AI.HANO. Harpist, MH. IHEO. tllfMAS, and fnil orchestra. Meiara. Chlckeiing have kindly offered their celebrated Concert rand Piano. Ticketa 93; for sale at Irrlng Hall, the muale store* hotels, Ac. Dr. iirbrard. at cooper institute ?becond course iff JVcMiltur Lectures on Pi?subjects, M commeara Thursday evening, February 14, IW. I. Lecture?George Pee body and Modal Manhood. II. Lie big's Moap and Water Civilisation and Bean Ufa) Women. HI. John Morrlasey, Congreea and Muncle. IT. Henry Ward Beccher and Digestion. V. Parlor and Kitchen Women, and Food and Drink. VI. Wendell l'hilli|>a and Blood. VII Prod DoiirlioM, Purr pa and the Langs. VIII. Andrew Johnson, Sir taaac Newton and the Brain. IX. James Cordon Bennett, Anon B. Dickenson and the Spar Ml Senses X. John H. Hough and the Temperaments. XI. General Gram. Bravery end Success. Admission OOoenW. Tirketa to the coarse 625 W' ^ BBOtnWAY.?SECOND PRBNCII EXHIBITION of Paintings. Open dally from II A. M. nnt.l d P. M 'ONDERFUL FREAK OF NATtRE- THi: WASH INGTON TWINS," born allre. having two heads, four anna and hut one body and ona pair of lege; also the bead ami right arm of Probst, the murderer of the Deenng lam lly, together with the magnificent collection of objects in Physiology. Anatomy. Pathology and Natural History; all of which are Illustrated daily ny Lecture. and Microscopic Views at the New Tors Museum of Anatomy, dig Broadway. Open from 8 A. II. to 10 P. M. Banjo and clog dancing, jig and bub lesque Dancing taught by the renowned JOHN BOGAN, 131 East Houston street. Terms $6 per oourae. Banjoe at all prices. Theatre ticket office. Reserved seats for all first class theatres, concerts, Ac., Ac., can always be ubtalued at the THEATRE TICKET OFFICE, 111 AND IM BROADWAY. PIANUrOBTBS. A PINE ASIORTMENT OF WaNOFORTES TO LET? And sold on Instalments, at the manufactory. IMand l?B K .St Twenty first street L. P. OCMMINGS. A BARGAIN -SPLENDID SEVEN OCTAVE CARVED iowwo.?| Piano, cost $478; N sold this week IW; good as new. At <43 Broadway, opposite Astor place N. lT B. CCRTIBB. A MAGNIFICENT ASSORTMENT OF THE FINSBT and cheapest new and second livid Pianos In the city for sale snd to rent, at WM. CAN l>! Dl'S' warerooma, 48 Illeocker "licet. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OPTaVB ROSEWOOD Pianoforte?Superior tone and finish, at a great bar gain. All the modern Improvements, Ac. Call at 1M Grand "(rer,. nasi Mutt. t LADY WILL SELL A MAGNIFICENT SETEN OC tavc IMMMI Planofo. te. nr.ginal price fidMJ. for leas than hi. If, including Stool and Cover; beet city maker, nearly new. Call at as Third street. BARGAINS?A'; OCTAVE PIANOFORTE, MODERN improvements, Hall A Son makers. SUM), handsome rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, BRIO, nearly new. together with several others. Also assortment of now Plan nil Asa, manufacturer's pr ee?. MrDONALD A CO., 20 Fourih avenue, oppo.ite Cooper Institute. 1DOR SALE?A ROSEWOOD PARLOR BET. SOFA. 1 Ann ('heir and sli Reception chain; one marble <oj? able, one Toilet do., one mahogany do., one Hed.te.d, Spring Mattres", Heir do., Ae. Una be eeea at No. 3 Ana street, secoud floor, from 10 to 5. T>LK ASR CALL EXAMINE AND BBS TM PRICR I of our Pianea before purchasing else where. Pianos to let, and rent deducted If purchased within sis montka. LTNOH A OOMlEN, fill and >38 Broadway, corner of Twenty-first eirent. Three op the most superb t* octave robb woed Pianos for sale at No. 4M SKth avonno. soar Tm Ueth street. Those pianos wore weds by the keel 4fty makers, with fivn years' warranty; are "varstrnaebean, fan iron frame, and finished magnificently: anrved lam; risk carvnd work; hack finished same ae the front, with four round corners; riok, powerful tone. Factory prise EM: will be sold fort47fieaak. fkls is a rare skanae te these la Shtf* I', p nU to tm. New 7 ortaro Planoe fo, tfETad ?.ris XX piano, taken In etehangw Cash paldfor seoond hnad pianos. Factory and ware rooms tfil Broadway. N. f, HORACE WATER* WAJ.T*5^TO MCI1ANOE FOE 10 PIANOB. ALL IWI BUWDA. /1ARPETS -D. KELLY A CO. ARB OFFERING THEIR \J new aioek of Carpeta, OUeiotha. Druggata. Mattings. Ajt, fit a grant reduction on prnaant prteefi. tJernfiT Twenty, fifth streat and rtuth asanas. _ IjKMI GOOD AUCTION MUfiWSS AT UWja. AM* tCTiig Epjavjst II O. FAREELL OFFBRfi THIfi WEEE. itfiortfnfnt *f Furnllar# (?II BiMrifyiWI VM rgftftt ???orlmrni #r rurniiurw ? 0?T BOND STREET.?WR OFFBE UNDER COST 27_ OrR REMAINING IMPORTED GOODS. 'hUnm'pABEAIN. PATT, A CO dfi Pans. HATB from VtOK