Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1867 Page 2
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A . PTTrA'?TO-VII W\\TKT>-FK3lALi:?. _ a voima lady dkkirf* a situation with a JA ft ni ly Irsxei .og to Franco or Cub*. A good ch ? we for a faintly to nigyjio r nurt* or ccmnantua. t'-u b" *to lor one week ul 134 Chrrrv s'rect. eiTCATMN WANTKD-HT A KESPKfTA BT E g-m. voting tiri ti'<lo ^l*ia ?oo iiia tin n' Inquire at Kj Sid si. A FIR.iT CLASS PRO! f - T\YT 00<HC WANTS A situation in a p.-.vita ???. >. Good.hf OaU At 28SM rat 28th it. bf "v< u 9th and I'Jilt aw No noUa answered. * YOtTVil OdL T iTEi.Y LANDED, WISHES A J\ sl'u linn to i 'i ol housework iu a private family. tin'I at 1(6 Wo A-oo st. ~a fMM Wf V N VLs'lES A 8ITtIAT'OH AS j\ ??, rrtnu-1: ran do plain sewing: wou'.d have no ohieciton to :ravel will, e iady. U?od references can bo given. Call : t - Vt'c I -. ."L. corner of Br<Htdvr:ty. A RESPECTABLE YOT7VO CTRL WISHES A SITUA \ tloo to lo chunheraork and waiting or flue washing in 1 |?la;a rowing; beat fit? references. Call at 3(3 7tu uv. A 8TTUATTON WAVrF!I>? By A YOCN'1 GIRL, AS A waitress or as chatohenn ild an 1 asam-tre ? to a prtvatn family: respec. able city reference given. Call in the dry good* it 'iv. If.C rst ,?v. ABIT' ATTOS WAWTEU-B7 A PIIDTKSTA NT GIRI., to do general house* > k In a small private family. Can tw noen f r t*o days at lh>6 Wrst Houston at., roar. A srpatios wanted?by a YOUWO mas, as ?v1on.>r: Ih v.r'l sprained with hnraea and cows; best referen from hoi last employer. Addrra'Coachman, bo* 'JU0 flei aid r lice. \ RESPECTABLE Y'iTTNO WOMAN WTS11ES A SIT nation to do rhamherwo: It and watting nr chamber work ana fln" w* shin:; can give toe heat of cltv reference. Can be man at 3 0. northeast corner of 37th at. and 3d av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WSHKS A SITUATION AB It cook: la a goat oork; lus noohlre'.lnn to ass'at In light washing, lias good city reference. Can be aeon at 108 West 14th at A RESPECTABLE youno woman, lately LAND, ed. wishes a situation aa nurse and seamstresK, or would go as a-iihmsa In a small private famlir. Cat; he scon for two 'aye at 41 Eases et? near Grand, first floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WITH FRESH RKKAST of mtlk, who l.iia 'ost her own habr. wlahra a child to ru-ae, at licr own home. Call at 834 Enat 33d at., third floor, front room. A REHPr.OTABLB YOITNO WOMAN WISHK* A J\ sitii <11011 t ? cook, w ish and '-on: good referencegiven, (tail at 1!' East 18th st., between 6th av. and Broadway. ARR8PECTABLB TO! NT CIBT, WANTS \ BITCA tion (n x private faml'.v as chatnherm dd and waitress best of references from her last place. Call nt 319 West 32d at . In the res-. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS chsmbennnhl and t? <ss:?t in watilng and Ironing, or In waiting or to take car- r f children in x nrivate hoard ing hou~e or In a nr vat- family. Apply at IW3 haat 31st st., between l*t and 3d avs.. In fiont room, one flight. A^OOHPBTKNT OPERATOR ON WHRBLRR A W1L _T_ aon'a acw.'ng inashni' wishes work la families by tiio ?layt Call nl or addrra. :tll East 31st st. A PROTESTANT Y'M'NO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION to do chamh rwmk sod watting; no objections to go n ehr.rt distapee In thocourtrv: has the best of oltv refer ence. Can I..- seen at 3."." :M av., in the dry good* store, be ween 31st nod aid its. \C1!RL WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL FAM1 ly for general housework: has good reference. Call at No. 7 Columbia place, 8th st., near av. D. a HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A _r\ hiehL ri spec table Widow l.idv. desiring n home: will ing and rompr'.en' to take anv resi nn-lhlp rosttlon: nrc era go'ng We d on a f*r;n has a h'?v 14 vent s of age. who l. de. atrruis to find some reliable and responsible gent'emnn who would adop' lilni or manifest some Interest In his fiiluiw wdfare, ednciBon mid discipline Address Mrs. llelea Rcvier. station D, H'h st, Netv York. thorou *,'| V M n 'Tr* nnd-Ti * bit ?) u* ? N|PR '/iS S' W"? WAUMC . C I?| be M atN UY.i &?% Xaffi ""r A tvzi ^srK?vi,r'K M *"? ?u tK.,v A l>ot?e<.n li.h ""t ilth iu be,",'n for iw? d?y? A 8JT,r <?>K.WA**KR **ha h i*, t'irf ?? v <?*!?*? Ufa!*, y .a *?P*ctible (ffrl ?ftoond floor, from room. * at 196 Madison el, A VOUNO GIRL, 14 YEM18 OT n Wfiirr vi r trt? ^ AKta?A&aa s&mMg* AgBfiS^taagMwai ?Vn_he ^..M f.,. twodaT* at 2W Ewta\?? ?',y rBf"rTn" A VJwIto iJiSi1; Y'loP* A s,Tt'ATIUN IN A SM ALL good ritr rnf. r iter". ' c'j'll ?t'sSrTit'a*"hi? rh,m?T^n)l,d; W .U , fur two daye. between 17th and A SITUATION WlNTRB-BT A MIMT TLarh ub.t jvh "jzA "**" ??? objection to a hotel ?r ^.rii i u*of deaw rta; BeenC?.!CTM3f,Lh0,rd,Q| h0l"M>- C"n l" A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES a KITITATTnv ?o A and B. lint floor. lh *L- between A respectable young woman wishfm a siti* A5Stti?jsii.ra <W <?"' day, at 4.1 CUri. *ph?3. Ct'" A V2!Tn?.,?mL W'SHE- A S.rrAflON- TO DO flT.SP. fe5=w??jsaa.(B:i A pg^SSSSUSESfcVSr 4 SITUATION WANTKM-BY A YOUNO WOMAN AS iwora. *' bet,V"en Blh aud 9Ul ^oni floor, front t\ ??,fSPFCTAillLn CERNAN WOMAN, WHO HOPS to Europe,* OTrin ^nYS I??on. No objection. Call at 170 *bf A SITUATION WAVTllO-rV AX AMVRTriW fiiur *? lo mind children or do ..ny kind of lteht wor* ' R*ltlu reieranrc. < au for two d?*? at ?? West 17th at. A NUMPEROFWELL RECOMMENDED GERMAN A Xr|?.l)W,T',AVV ?.r REKINEMFNT ANI> RESPECT mony. Addroa. Mr?. Annie J. Hut t atat'on (1. sixth?" A YOUNO AMFRICaX TIKI, wants a KIT I* ATT O* J\ In a rrn#rt,hl? tainily to takecure of ?"brand do pU n wwlnf. Inquiry of her pnrcnn so Kur; 18th ?i. A ^fP^T'BLSOlRLWAXTS A SITfATlON WITH ^irAi2| J;-1 r"- ^-t w ? Annw olass dressmaker wishes to no olt by the d?T or week to cut UjV a?d ohIMren'a ,| L;? Su,W?nd tthltV*"" W iM" U"""' lSUi ba, . feu A "WITlTAHhK ntjl, WIATTES \ STTT'I rinv tt ?m . 1 Ha ..'|iT^Vi' >"c'.V1):' I'. " hd" t*n 'ild01*-'" ln * Ceil 10" two da>a aluij ?m ??. country, g ,od reference. ARESPBCTABI.R VOtr!?0 M \?r WVM'S A sirt-j tlou ur Hrrt r: >?n ouiter iirnl'".im u i * wrll and can give the b?M o.' ,Uv r?i r,*. / t bn?.nr** Von. to the country. Ad.lroa, W. B? C fcj HoraW ofc dn-ae t>. ic . bo* 114 II? Mhi ,?h Ad A RKSPKt TABLE OBRXATt OIKL WI8IIRS a iJL br. ade ,nd dca-p tr or kinds; no cbjectl ? to ? r?u 5ft bo.iao; th. l?p*t of relr . nre (Ivan If rOuutrnd Anulr i hl^ pre net etpioyer'e. W Irelmr ohne. ' A||pl> ?t her A ULrl , anted-by a youth of is TUtns hutiwurlsr^' ff*r "r *'Juunt; or would he wtlLn^ to ni ke irave^tka ri'i f '',"1" eny buMne.., no ot.Js.AiSn u A ?,Rr'- lw-* landed. ms'-SEs:Sr^?s: A HJTfi8 l>1R^ whhkh a situation to makf ??,,r*' r meful CalljtlfS7 iHeeekeret. A IIIRI, IATKLT LAVDRD Wishsq KCTaBLIi YOUNO Uny in u*in ro . ?lion as uuudrfo op u.e ...r. ^ ^ AN r? A KITI . tlon to go a ?Wt dlMUbce 'o 'hi. rm?!tS?'Slf-t nbJ*c Apply atli; Kaat Hl.t.t"r ,ar id ^ ,00d r*!,r*"ce RITUATJOX WANTKD-BT a wrnnr Protnatnnt w.v.nan, as Bret rU/. ? PD,'fc1 AOKD rooking in al< <U branch; beet refr in?'U Bib eC, In tba Voer. retnenee. Apply at No. V A RB8PECTABLS. YOI'NO PIRL WISHES a strna si. tlon ae good cook, waaner and honor ha.'.i,^ SRwdO. C^for IWII day. tttWr-i Allh it. A RB?'*'^TA"r'R POUNO O'RL WISHES A HITI V j/V tlon to do rhamberwork and wmuti., or WOiiits oITi *1 bailee work In aprleatc femlly; hesThe &n do "?H* for two deye et ft Weet 4s.h ii. near Mh t. fr,e,eu? ( ?b, A T05|W? f0"** WAWTfl A RlTCATIOW AS plain A riRNT OLA8S CNIOK WANTS A SITPATrttX r. J* do-atande her bualneaa in all Its brsrobee; would with the wmebiiia and Ironing; the beet eUy refen oce An ply et IJf Heat Hlh el. near let er. * Ap' AYOrSU OIKL IB TEARS OR AHE. WANTS A Sllf. eti?n (4 do o.iemberwork and wali ng; no ohlrrum, to theoonnlry. OeL at IB lluane et, corner of Erst Hroei ?ftf. A 8ITI'ATTOIf WANTED?AS WET NURSE. By A 1 iIt FV.f!*? *,lh * B00^ ir#,h jfSBet of mL . Addieee Mr>. tiller, ISI laoureas at. A OIBL WITH OOOD BEEBRBNCE WANT? A SITU. fCow lil'1" ??"Wat houeework. Apply *1 71 croeb/ et, SITUATIONS WA^fKD-fEJUIJtS. A KEMPCOTABL8 YO! NO GIRL WOVIJ) LIKE TO g'i 0*1 ploymeot as ??smstme*. In a private fuiiiflr, by thed.y, ?*k or umi h; ii.ideii:and? cutilug and titling ladles' ai d c liidr 11 s dresses ar.d all kind' of pta(n >-4wlng; 'Mint uf refirencc k"?i Apply ljr two day* ai lot Kasi 33d at. A SIT' \TlON WANTED?BY A COMPETENT YOUNG women, as h ? d waitress; no objection to a g- meel boarding tiouf h.-throe y.-..ra' referent* from her pres ent employer, w ben) -be oat. be seen for two davs. 41 East Ilatst. _ A SIT I AHON WANTED?BY A YOUNO OIKL, AH 1 \ i ll nlw m 'I ?Jl4 waltrengs hu good city referrnoe. Can bo t en tor two days at kSl Sd av., between iSta and Xld It*. m A BITUATJO* WANTED?BY A RESPFCTABLE /\ girl as chambermaid and seamstress; la a good ? ?war, and l.? a lug to make herself gencrallv u .iful; lately ar rive 1 In lht> "intrr. Can be aeen for two dava at 1*4 West ?'?. 1 elween 7tU and 8th ava., second floor, front room. AYO ISO WOMAN WHO UNDERSTANDS DRFH*. ma -ing and tamily aewing and ran operate a machine w nth to enga ;e wad la private families. Call tbla week at HI fust !Htb at., first floor. A RE-PECTAHLE YOUNG WOM\N WANTS A RTT it rat on as good cook; would us?l*t with the washing and Iron naif required; the best of city reference givec. Apnlyat 118 West 13tb at. ARTSPBCTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION to rook, wash and Iron; baa no oblectlon logo a short distance in the country; best of city reference. Apply at 167 West S3d ht., In the rear, second floor. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as good cook; Is a first rate baker and Is w'll ing to ahhlst In the we hing and Ironing; best of city refer ence. Call at 112 West 1SH1. at., first floor, In the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 8TTUA tlon as chambermaid and seamstress; beet of ct*y refers noes. Can be seen at her present employer's, 148 W est 47th St., for one day. A SITUATION WAXTED-BY A WELL EDUCATED German woman as lady's maid; la a good seamstress and hairdresser; no objection to travel. Call at 331 West Sfth si., find flu >r. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXGLTBU PR< T*'S. tant g rl. to do ' hamberwork, or to take ears of eliil dn'n; la willing to nske herself kenersdy useful; baa no obli-et 'nil to go to tin country; refereuce from her last place. Call at 'JtiH West 26th *t. between 7th nud 8th avs. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO plain cook ng, washing and Ironing, or would do gen eral housework in a small private family; has the beat of city -efTi-nce. C.m be seen for two days at 14o 3d av , bo twi-eii 1Mb mid 16th sts., front house. A SITUATION WANTED?AS WAITRESS; WOULD have tin obiectlon to assist with the fine washing: has the beat of r tv reference. Apply at ifll 19th at., belwoeu 7th and Htl; avs. 1 SITUATION WANTED?BY A OOMPETENTtTRUST. J\ worthy womr.n, to do ohautberwork and plain sewing, or assist with >h- flue washing and Ironing; understands hor btiainesa perfect!*: the best references. Call at 104 West I9ih St.. between fltli and 7th avs., third floor. * WIDOW (AMERICAN) OK MIDDLE AOE. OP ,\ great experlet ee. having met with reverses, will do the w >k of two persons, or a young married couple, or lone lady, or wilt t-iko charge of ? houae and make lierse'f useful- 1a not afratd of doing too much work, and is kind and obliging; the highest elly reforencea given. Will call on parties bv addressing H. M. .1. Herald ofllcc. A SITUATION WANTED BY A F'RST CI,ASS COOK; , i understand ? lier business In all It* brunches, and hna the b city reference. Apply at 217 7th av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRTi WISHES A SITUA tion as waitress or chambermaid and fine washer; g ? il reference. fall for Iwo ilnys at VlWidhav., between Mth and 49i.h sts. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM berm .id and line vastier; full* competent for ironing ar.d fluting; en be wel recommended from her laat place. Uan be seen at ?fJ7'h av.. nenrJMth St. * oik', wants a situation to cook, wash 2Y the uitutry; jjikk! rcferenoo. Call at T Washington St., lop floor. 4 SITUATION WANI'KP-HV a RIM'I.cnillJ' J\ c 'I 'ml voting man, as r?aehinaii In n prlv .(a family; good oily reference can be given. Cull at 29 Wast 18th ?t., from 9 A. II t. 4 P. M. Arenpkctablk protestant girl wis rues a situation us chambermaid and to do plain sewing; pond reference siren. Impure nt 211 Went 28:h at., on the llr&t floor, room No. 3, for two day a. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A HIT untion as nurse and seamstress: ran rut and make ladies' pud children's dresses; hue no objection to the couu try. Can he sen for two days nt Skill Kaial 1Mb at. between ava. A and R. ARK8PF.fTABLE OtRL WANTS A SITUATION AS plain cook and to assist witn washing and ironing; best ritv reference. Call for two day a at M Charles at., Dear 4th. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A NEAT AND TIDY girl, to U ? Rcneml honerwork for a email private tamllv; two yeara' reference from her last place. Apply at 812 East 9th St., between ara. B and C. AYOUtfa C.I HI., ABOUT 16, WISHES A SITUATION as waitress or to take care of a child. Call at 42 Green wich nr., basement door, for two days. A RESPECTABLE MIDIHE AGED WOMAN WANTS a situation; porfertlT understand* the care of children from their birth. Can be seen for two days at 9410th av., between 16th and 17th ata.. first floor. All families wanting good servants and (ierman girls immediately at Select Employment In atituie. 196 0th avenue, below 9th street AW AMERICAN PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A situation with a amall private family to do general h. i.arwork. Cull for two days at 345 West 96th street, bit low 9ib av., rear bouse, first floor. A COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE family; ia willing to aasiat in washing and Ironing; has good citv reference: those having a country seat preferred. App.y at H6 West 20th street. A COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A PRIVATE family: ta willing to a?alat in washing and Ironing tf required. Cnll at 218 West 26lh st. A COMPETENT DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO take work In her house or go out to cut and lit ladlea' in first class families. Call at 181 Bast 99th at., be tween 2d and 3d ava., first floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL wishes h situation as nurse or to aanlst tn chamber wort oud do sewing; can do all kluda of embroidery; would Lave no objection to go in the country. 817 Bowery, third floor, room 11. A WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUATION AS GOOD plain cook; first rate washer anil ironer; baa a little g'.ri lit years olJ. who can n-a!?.l in cleaning silver and going i f errands. Con be seen until engaged at246 West 39th at., be*, veen Plh and 10th ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, us i humbermaid utid plain wuaher and ironer; no oh J.vtlnn to do general housework for a ainall private family: reference If required. Cau Ire scan from 10 until 3 at 73 .V, tdiaon av. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS wet nurse, herself and buby ran !>n teen at 305 2d av., V -tween 320 and 33>l ata., rear building, first Hour, Mra. tlaiugann 'the boat of reference given. \LADY, HAVING MKT WITH REVERSES, WOULD like a posttiou a* hiu-okeeper tn a wl-lower'a Tamil* ?r a hotel, ('all at 691 6th av.. near 10;h St., top floor. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WOULD LIKE A CHILD at her own borne, or would bring one up by hand; 1 a- no children; Would receive a mothers care; treat ref er.-neea rati be given. Call at 19 Woosler it, near Canal at., third floor. A PROTECTANT OIR1. WANTS A SITUATION; Is AN cieeilrnt coog, washer and ironer. bread, biscuit and pa-try bakei . wulit.g to go to th" country: good city and country refereur*. Apply for two day? at '442 S4h av..*rear, upper Hour. Aim-i'i'c?v?i.i protest wt iniM. wants a situation as cliainl?ertii?l 1 and ?aitre??, or wo tld rualst in washing: no objection to go n short distance tn tneooun tr? riesl refor?n -e from her last plane. Call for two day. at 15 Peebros.-es front room, second fiuor. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE /\ jourg girl, to do geneial housework in a small private fatnllr go al i'ty teference given. Cail nt 6'A) 0,lt av , bo twee.i Wih and 8<th ata. a GOOD MEAT AND TA8TRY COOK DESIRES A f\ situation; would do SO too washing; would go III the country: eicellrr' reference. Can lie ae n for two .lay- at 24 3d av., corner 9th sh, tn the book store nott to Ctoper In stitute. \ YOUNG GIRL WISHES TO OO OUT BY THE DAY or week at wa?!ilng. ironing or house (leaning. beat e,iv reference. Can be seen at 2fln West SI at St., between 9th and 19,It ava., second floor, front room. A HOME WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE OL'? WO. niiti. is a tir l cla-s laundrv-a; would he willing to do any kind of work; wage* no object a hi me ia wlint is de sired. Call at or addrraa 94 Kasl Utn at, second fltsir. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AH good cook, washer and Ironer; ia a g >od bread anil bl? cult baker, willing in a > a short di-lam e out of the city. Call fur two days at 134 West lieth at., between ithaud tkfl ava., top floor, front room. ARIhPKCTaBLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS goud ptain cook ami to aaai-t In the washing and iron ing: is will, ig to l i to the eouatry; good city rrfercooe. CaU lie seen at 111 West 17tb st. AKK-PECTAHLK GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do general hmtaework in a private family: good city re;erencs can be given. Can be seen at 111 West 17lh ?L corner 7tb ae. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION Tf) wash end Iron la ? small faulty. Call at 852 West (?ib at. Avert rewritable, intelligent, neat, competent youag g.rl wants a situation a* chamber? mu d and waitress, la willing and obitgog. and will make herself Indl-t'cusabie to a lamdy, city rtierenoe. Apply at 41 Kaat 2Jd It. A A RESPECTABLE PROTECTANT SCOTCH WOMAN a. wishes a attuation In a sw? It prtvale family; la n good win conk and a first rate waaLersnd Ironer; the be?' of city reference given. C*U el 128 Uhrjelte sttect, near Grand, flrst floor. ARENPNCTABLN GINL PKRTREN a SITUATION as eliambermafd and Waitieaa In a private family; no objectieD to do general houseworks beat city reference K< en. <7?lt for two day* at 153 Hammond at. AM HOUNBKEEPER'S POSITION DESIRED BT A 1 ly of education and refinement, in a widower's fatally: wuld take charge of a linen room; no objection to go couth or West; ti thirty years old; would take anv humble position. Address Welkins, station C, for one week ATROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO e<*>k, wash and Iron In a private family; flood refer. ence. Apply nt Wt went 17l> flt. eeeettd floor. COOK.?A SCOTCH PRESBTTERtAN WOMAN WANTS a stluvion as c?ok; tboniughljr uuderstanda her busl nesej Is wtlltnn to aaalat with the woehtrg. 139 fith St. Odin Inn flaw), rear hul'dlng, room 21. CBOOK -A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS | asituition aa reek: thoroughly understands barbital new; it an *n-Rent washer sud ironer. Oood refertnre. Apply at 124 Smith eh, near Deen, Brooklyn. J^ITUTO*! WAWBP-rEWAl,R?i. 0OOK. FIRST CI.AbB?A~3uMr*OTABLE PERSON wishes a aitua'.on as above ta A genUemin'a fatnllv; has lived umr vei l in Pranae MM Umo>> thorough 7 un deratamli tor hut' neaa; bu uflMceptlon.bie references in this city. AdOre*. Air*. L" ?flf " IB Weal Hutli at., near 7th uv. INOOK'S SIT' ATJON WAICTKD?FV A COMPETENT J woman, a? hrat ela?* cook. In a private family, where (. . the aery ices of > t inrouah oooft are rei, >lred. either in city or country; he t ;ty reierene.aa to chirueter au'l ability Can be seen rati engaged at: 19 East 3th iU. between 1st anil 'id ava. TIMPLOYI KNT WANTElfl ?Y A COMPKTKNT WO. Jll man. I' r. oat by the da l.y week; w a good l?'u dress, and hsa t ,e very boat of ? ? refereneea willing lo do any other 1 icd of work. CalBli 390?th ar. TjlAMILlid SUITED IMmBBATKLT WITH CAPABLE I H?-rv! nla at 0 V RPKNTlH. B Emploi raetit Office (eatab liahed IS ./.are), lid 11th at. ?Arrof fltV av. _____ TDRF.NOH COOK-JURY if JtlVEO. DR8IRRS A SITU I alio i in a private family/ Uood rrlerenoe. Apply at ?SO? dlii i T. * House keeper's situation wanted-hya lady of 45; under,tauda housekeeping; g?od r-fereneo Clean. Address Mrs. A., Unl on>quare Post office. N lb CJE AM STRESS.?A REHPlCCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN i ; wishes to make a few entpigements to go out by the day crweek in private famlllea; understands all kind, of laitilly tearing; he-t of reference If requ red. Call for two daya at ?n Mlewker at., second floor, .'root room. OEAM8TRERS.?A COMPETENT PERSON WISHES O work by the day: can cut nr.d lit ladles' and oh'ldren'a dresses, and operate oo Wheeler A Witoou's machine. Ap ply fo.' two days at 136 W'eat 14th at SITUATION WANTED?BY A KEXPECTABLE YOUNO O woman, as chemboruald and waitress or to do cham ber,-uric and sowing; can give food city reference. Apply at 374 Weet 23tb at SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, u who thoroughly un derate?<la her hiislnnaa In ell i*? branches: also boning and la Aline; beat of city rof- renoo; no iliiertlou 10 a hotel. Call at 114 16th at, a few doors fiM Cth av., In the rear. OrrCATTON WANTED?BY, A FIRST CLASS COOK. O Bed cdr reference. Cull it CIO 6th ar. Situation wanted-by a respectable girl, an ehemberma Id or wal' e la. or would take care of chil dren. Call for two days at AW 5th at. S^UTl'ATIONS WANTED?''.o DO GENERAL HOUSE work, by two respectable Ctrl* with good city reference. Inquire, or uddreas for two date, at ISO East .15.Ii at., be tween let and 2d ava.. top door, bark room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to do cbnmherwork anil plaiu aew lug; i^iod city refer ence. Apply at 77 West 47lh at SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO GIRL. TO DO ch im her work and to assist with the wishing and iron in y. in.od city reference. Call at 317 Lexington ay., be tween 31th and 351 h sla. QITUATION WiNTED-PY A RESPEUTABLF YOUNO O girl, to do ch.unberwork and waiting, would do general housework for a small fan lly. Good reference. Apply at 172 vYeit 10th at., between 6th and 7th ava. SSITUATION WANTED?RY A LADY. WHERE SHE can pr.i-tlee on a Wheeler A Wilson machine; all kinds of family ww'iig; has hud some practice, but la not perfect Address Mra. E. fl. A.. 2S4 Bleacher at. QITUA'IION WANTED AR COOK?CAN MAKE GOOD 17 breed, plea, biscuit mid dessert*; excellent washer and ironet: neat in her habits unil obliging; beat city reference. Call fir tan) diva at 44 BgRW at. QITUATTON WANTED?BY A good COOK; BEST ' city reference; Is willlny to assirt at washing. Cull for two d ij's at 488 Sixth ar., between 29th and 80ih ?ta. QITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O chambermaid und waitress. or chambermaid and to as aist wiih children. City reference glren. Coll for two days ut 67 West ilih -t SITl ATION WANTED?AS LAUNDRESS AND To AS slsi nt cliamherwork. Good city referenco. Call at 84 Weet 19th st. ncarfitli av., first floor. SITUATION'S WANTED?BY TWO YOUNG GIRLS. AS 0 en..,1 eon';-; are first rate bakers; would like to Ret with private families; lmre no uhjecltoua to a short distance in the country; Inve Rood city reference*; willing to assist in washing. Call at IKS West 21 at at, second floor. Two RE PUCTAflLR YOUNO GIRLS WANT sinr.v tioiu-; one as plain cook, good washer and troner; the others* chambermaid uud waitress; the beat of o terete renee. Cell tor one day from 9 A. X. till 6 P. M. at 252 West llou'.ton st., In the rear. rpWO RESPECTABLE OIRLH WISH SITUATIONS.? 1 One aa cook, washer and Ironerj ihe other aa chamber maid and waitress; no objectlou to the country; boat of city reference. Call st 110 AtUiitlo at., Brooklyu. WR^| ANTED?A SITUATION AS HEAD COOK. IN A lintel, restaurant, or private family. In the South, by a respe-teble woman; good refereneea. Apply at 66 Mulberry st, lor Mary Maroney. WANTED?A SITU ATION, BY A YOUNO WOM4.N AR chambermaid ani aeam'tresa. Can he seen for two days at her last plane, 16 West 13th at., corner of Broadway. XltJANTED.?A YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION Yv Hon as chambermaid sad waitress, or chambermaid and to lake care of children In a small private family. Call at 217 West ?Ui at , from 10 A. M. till % P. M. WH ANTED?A YOUNO LADY DESIRES A POSITION as governess or companion; no objection to travel. Best references. Address Miss H. 8., Herald offlee. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT ENG. y V llah woman, to oook; one who understands bread, rnke and pesity. Can bo seen at 361 9th av., between 82d end 33d sts., third floor, front room. 1ITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A Tf aituetlon aa good cook, or will do the washing ind iron ing of a small family. Has the best of city reference. Call at 136 Weal 33d aL, near 7th av., over the beker'i, for one day. WANTED-A SITUATION AS CHAMBERMAID OR to do reneral housework In a small private fanPIv; good reference glren. To be seen at 271 9th av., between ^7th and 28th ala. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa chambermaid and waitress; ta a good washer and troner; la willing to make lietself -en Tally useful; has the best of city reference from her Inst Slftco. Call at 146 Eaal 32d at., between Lexington and 1 ava. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO GIRL. AR ?Y chambermaid and waitress, or chambi rmald. or to do plain sewing in a private family; baa the heat of cttv refer ence Can be seen at 134 East 12th aL for two days, from 10 to 4 o'clock. ^PANTED?A SITUATION AS8EAMSTRF8S IN A frlraio family, by a iwpteulilt girl; would alw> take children; the be?t of ctttrefereifbe will lie given. Can be aeen at 352 3d ??.. In the nw. WANTRD?A SITUATION, FT A RRSERCTABEB younc woman aa chambermaid and wnltr ?? or nurae end aeimatreaa; g iod reference. (Tan be aeen for two day* at 34-1 Weat Mtli ah w w WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl lately landed to do hnua.'wnrk. In a small faintly, or to do chamberwo. k or n??Ut in wuahlnf. Call at 83 W at 19th at. _ __ WANTED?A SITUATION AS OOMPBTCNT S E A K'-a or to do cuamberwork. Apply at H8 Weat 80th at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY \ ItM-f '.rT > HI R 11 y.mni; girl, a* cook w.taber and icimir. in ? pr vnt? family: can produce **?! ruluiCi. o. Call at MUi/t.i a v.. be tween Btt ..nd 38th 114, WANTED?\ SITl'AriON. BY A IllUKd AMERICAN' ?lrl, age i thirteen, to bike care of children and make hri-eelf generally tirelul Oati 1* aeeu at 11 > weat U th mC. botwe-n Hrnadnay and 71'i nr. NI7 ANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RMSFECTA II girl* one to Milt waau and leii, ;he other ae chant borni.x ! and w.-iltrcae; good city rcfei anoe given. CallntSnl E.i t rth at., third floor. 7ANTRD?MY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS iir*t elaae i-xiU; undecatanda cooking In all It* bntnohea; will aaalat In itiem.i* 'logaad Ironing; la a i etcelleul baker. He?? good city ref ;{en ;o. Apply nt W Weal 34th at., thud floor. rANTED- A SITUATION. BY AN INTBLUOKNT American Prof-stani girl of 18; to take r; re of chil dren or make herac'f generally naefnl; hat heat rcferencea. Ca 1 on Mian M. K. Br wne, 7th at. WANTED-BT A YOUNO *;rrt," A SITUATION TO 11 do cb imbefavork and waiting In the country. Can bs aeea at 1ST Weal 3Vi at., bet wean 7tb and sth ova., In the rear, recond f. or. , TITANTED?NT A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT WO 11 man. a altnatlon at child'* nnr?e, or to lake < In rge of aff Infant from It a birth. Can he -men lor two day* at 113 tVi a lTth at, between 8th and 7th an. "ty ANTED-\ SITUATION. BT A YOUNO WOM AN, AS 11 chain'wrinahi end watlrea*. or chambermaid and Hr.e wa-hci Apply *4 her pren. nt amployer'e, 473 7>th ar? be tu ecu 411th and 4Wt ata. YT7ANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE 11 young Trotc tnui gin. na chambermaid and or ntirMi; elty reference. Can lie aren *> 183 K.iat EM at, WANTPD-A SITUATION. llT A YOUNO WOMAN. 11 aa ? hambern-fcld *nd w alireaa, or In .lo cham'icrwork alone. Cue be --en at the realdcoce of her laat employer, 121 Weat <5t' ai. WANT :n-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS; CAN out and nt and do all klnda of fhutHy aewlug; li.ta 1h? beat of refer tie--. Can be ??en fortw i'dara al 145 W 0,-t 27P *t., Iwtwren T'.li and Kth gra.. aecand floor, front roam. tIMNTED-BY A WOMAN, A SITUATION AS HOOD 11 cook, wuaher and Ironcr; city reference. Call at348 Rut I ,h at., In the rear. 'ANTED?BY A RRSPKOTABUl YOUNO WOMAN, A . . elm*t on ii cook, waaher and Ironer; can give the beat of city refemioea. Call at or ad Ircaa 111 Beat iUtb at, third Boor. WANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RBSI'KCTABLK WO m?n, aa good waaher *nd ironer, and good plain conk; good referenoe. Apply at M Eaaei at. YtTANTRD-BY A RBSPEOTABLH MARRIED WO V? indD, with or without a girl I! yeara old, a altnadon to do grn.iral bonaework; la a Urat,-iaaa waaher and Ironar and a good oook. Apply at 134 Weal 13th at, Mar 7th a?., Urat floor. ^ WANTED-BY A RFSPE'TABLR YOUNO GIRL, A ?Itnatiun aa chambermaid and walireaa, or to tdlM aere of growing children. Can be aeen far two daya at H 12th at .below Sd a*.. South Brooklyn. Good reference. w; WANTRD-BY A GOOD, STRONG, MRAJLTHT YOUNG woman, a altnation to aaaiat a cook In a hotel. Haa the beet of elly referenoe from her lnrt place. Oaa ha Men for two days, If wot engaged, at 272 Rait 1Mb el TITANTBD?A SITUATION, BT A NBSPROTARLN if young girl, aa cook, who thoroughly mderelanda her tmalneaa In an Ita branchni; mrau. aoitpe, flab, poultry and fame, grawtea, pnt'ry, mill -a and cream, baa good city IN err nee. Call for tiro daya at 88 tannine at WANTED?SITUATIONS. BY TWO RESPBCTABRB toi ng women; one a11Irat claeaeook. and the other a* rhambcrmald and walireaa; beat of city reference. Cell et 247 Weat 18th at. eecond Uoor, ?tlTANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE NARRI ED WOMAN. 11 a eHiiatlon aa wet qnrae in a reapec<able faBltf. Call (ar two dara at lot ?au Zlai at. mat let ae. JITJAnoSg WAITrn-IPEMAtES. VANTKD-A SITUATION, j;y a HMtRT, WILLI i. , aa t tiainbermaid ..II I fine ? u.-heror w ** or ??t reference; will make h>rself guueraJy useful. Apply fur two dava at 148 East lOtb at WANTED?BY A RESPECTA RLE PROTESTANT t ? young woman, a t tuutiou to cook, wash and iron; no objection to do general housework; good refeieiice. Apply at 271110th uv., top floor, front tuim. WANTKD-A SITUATION". AS A FIRST CLASS LAUN TT die-a; uiidur-Uuda all kiod* of fluting and One iron ing, can give the >-e?t of city releieuoa. Call at ltJ Woat 17th at., tie ir 6tU nv. 117 ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT PER ?? BOr, to cook and heln with the waaMnp; Uuderataoda milk nnd batter; good reference given. Apply at 1U1 Weat 56 o at,, between C.h ar. and Broadway. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RE8PECTABI-E young woman, a cook. *a?her and lroner; or would t i w laundress; la willing and obliging; ?>est city reference. Call at 138 Weat 3>t'i at., b ? ween Till and hth ava. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WET NURSE. BY A respectable w rued wom.iu with a fresh breaat of milk. Can be aeeu for two claya at No. 80 Weat 17th at., near 81 h nr. WANT2D?A . BITtJATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gin, aa cook and to uasiat with the waehing and iron ing; ae\ n years' reference from her hurt place. Call at 2nl) Weat Slat at., between 9 th and 10;h ava., aeoond floor, tront

room. WANTED-BY a TIDY GIRL, WHO WORKED IN A gent email's family In Ireland, a situation a* general acrvant: wnahea ar.d irous well; or aa childreu'a mirse; aei.- ne-itly: will wash for a lady and child; wages $9. Call nt 192 East 21st at. WANTED?BY A SUPERIOR CHAMBERMAID AND laundress, with e<-client cltv reference aaltnation In Iho city or country; dr? 1 up linens' and fl.erv In atyle; or regular la undress; wag s $13. Call at 102 Ka>-t'21st at. TITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A CAPABLE PKRSON, IT In n family to a-w, cr in a mtllmer* store: under stand.-? he bu?lneaa well; eiao all k nda <>v family Bearing; tile lioet of rrf? nnce given; not particular a lit wages. Ad dress Hnrly, station C. VT'ASniNO WANTRD-BT A RESPECTABLE COT.. TT ,,re I woman, at her boife: she eno do ftne washing and fluting if desired. Call at 107 Went 33d at., on the upper floor, I'm? 12. 117ASHING AND IKONINO TAKEN IN. AND GOING T* out to daT'a work at both. Mra. Brunuer, 162 Ham mond st., third floor. A HKIsP WAWTKD?KKMA1.KS. GOOD BONNET KRAME MAKER TO ACT AF FORK iV woman; to u eomneteut persi ri good wage- and steady employment will b: given. Ad ire-a JUmnct Frame Manu factory, (22 Ontario street, Cleft land, Ohio. A -BONNET FRAME MAKERS. OUR OLD IIANDS ? will please apptv immediately. GEO. II. HAWKINS. 1W Canal at. A FIRST RATE OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work, who ran read end write. Nona hut No. 1 girla need apply, after 12 o'clock M., at 343 Uleecker st. A NUMBER OF HANDS WANTED?TO BEAD PARA aola. None but good handa need apply at 532 lludaon street. BEADWORK.?W V.NTED, 100 HANDS TO BEAD PARA sols: also one to sew feathers, at 119 Varick at. None but experienced hands need apply. V"ECK TIE MAKERS WA NTED. ?SMAPT HANDS. TO i.N work in store on Erst clam. work, lyntr llllliadlat to U. H. Wlttbeua A Co., 31 I arc-lay at. "WANTED?A COOK, TO WASH AND IRON. APPLY TT at O* Wqet 42d St.. between 8th and 9-h ava. WANTED?A GOOD COCK; ONE WHO IS COMPE. t? nt to entire charge of the kitchen. Apply at I 118 2-1 avenue bctweeu the hours of 9 and 13. WANTED?IN A BOARDING SCHOOL, A GOOD PLAIN rook; wages $12; no wasnmg. Call at K*neh loati I tutc. Port Washington. 170th street, near High Budge. VIPANTED?A COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, IN A T* small familv; must be neat and fully competent, with good city re fere ncea. Aoply for two days at No. 1 West 34th at. _ WANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK. WHO IS WILL Ins to a-sist In th" washing and Irrming; none but those who oan furnish the best city references need apply. Applicant* ma* call between 12 and 4 at P. M. 689 Lexington avenue, three doors from 624 at. WANTED -EXPERIENCED HANDS, TO WORK AT U e ehclk ball and Illy while busitiea*. Apply at 210 Bowery. WANTKD-A TIDY GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework; must be a good cook, washar and tanner. Can after 10 o'clock at 41 Grove at. WANTFD-A OIRL FOR GENERAL nOUSEWOKK - TV Must be a good plnm conk and washer nnd lroner. Atmly with reference at 290 East 83d st, between 2d and 3a nvr. W ANTED?A GOOD PROTEST ANT COOK. WILLING V tn ???'?t in the washing and (rnnfng and baring good re'ereneea may ypply at 62 Weat 29th at., between 10 and 12 o'clock. TI ANTED?AN EXPERIENCED WAITRESS-ONE 2"tbaiW * references oan apply at 34 West M, ANTED?TWO GOOD OTRI.S; ONE AS Goon rT.aTN cook, washer and lroner and to tnaka hertrlf gene rally-useful? the other as chambermild and to assist In washing and Ironing. Call at 82 Weat 83th ?L WM ANTED-AN OPERATOR ON WHEELER A WIL aon'a machine, -,nd son.?? handa to take <>ut ladles' and babies' under fuarmenta; orlng sample ot work. 73 Ud av., near 12.h at. TIT ANTED?A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. AS COOK T? and ti- assist with the wsahln'g; rit? reference re quired. A pply at 44 We.t 32d at., between 10 and 12 o clock. WANTE ?A SMART. TrDY GIRL FOR GENERAL TT housework. In a small family; a go-d wsaher and lroner, with the best of city reference. Apply at 573 Broome WASTED?TWO SMART GIRLS. WITH REFER ennea; one 'oeook, wash andiron; the other for up stairs work and to lake care of children. Call at 241 Weat 28th st., near $th a*. WANTED?A OIRL TO COOK. WASH AND IKON and saala) In general housework: also a girl about fourteen veara of eg" to atleud children and do chamber wo'k. City reference required. Inquire frem lu to 13 A.M. ut 8M West it-id *t., basement door. t\tanted ?good Hands, fob dressmaking, at T I 765 Brn idw.iy. C1I AS. LU DM VN. TXT ANTED?A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN, TO TT Uke cure of children: one ? ho can do nlaln jewing pre. flerred; referencea required. Apply at No. 7 Kaat 3d at.. near H >wery. \\TANTF.D-A GOOD PROTESTANT COOK. WILLING TT to assist With wishing; also a setm-ir-yu uocu?t' inert tn a Machine; must omw well recommended; \ -agea $13 p-r month Call immediately at No. 2 Boormau place. West Bid t. w ' ANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I. VOY TO AT tend In n ph"to::r#pb gallery: muat bo a flr?i rUec ?V w umn and r.nn roll recommended. C.a.1 between 4 anil 7 O'clock <it 124 Howery. \\rANTED? V CtitT. tS SEAMSTRESS: ONE WIIO * ? utnbr-litii.D \V1ie..',.T A Wllaun'a m-ninf tn.ichlne pre ) ? ??il p'v reference ", j?lrc(l. Apple fym 9 Mil 1 nt ?98 f..l'lW:h -t. 41 r? \TJ011 WATTRD~M\l.rH. A KIRST CLASS H4KKT*Ki'ER, I\ AOKD 2e. Wants V.N ENOAUEM '.XT. A. B. HFHAt.D OTKIOH. i SITUATION WANTED?BT A EAITHHTL AND /\ vla'iam m.iD, aa poli-w v*.?li hinati. or a* -exton of at.* Evangelic*] rliuieb?R.,ptl?'. pre e<red. Sen of reference* to jtol.oi' rapt iln* and Har.ufttUhed ciliacua; U rove rami ern'e. A<Wrrt?? (J? at ition l>. A YOUNG MtN, WHO WRITER A I.EOIB! el HAND ill d la not atrnld nf any kltnl o: hard work. v alio* am nio-ment at any kind or work. Addre-? for thro i (lata J. U.. atation 1>. New York. But eltj reference. Ami ATI ON W ANTE IV?BY A TOPNO M VN 'X ANY kluil of bil-lne**; n ritra * go >d hand mid .|bick end e i-reet rtRiiro*: aalary >ota? much an otiirei at at*ady employr.ient; beat of reference* from Uat place. Addreaa HlfWHi tlkllM o. Books commenced, pbakched, corri'ted and balanced by a cumpetet.t hand. Atiilreaa box 6 Sid Tout mlior. WANTED-BY AN ENGLISH MAN. AOEt) XI, A SIT iiatlnn to tnae ehaiae nf a sentleman'a farm; married; no family; nndrrat ,nda raising rattle, care of atck mttle. abeep *h?>ai*1ii(t. drainlnt, farming In all Ita "ram-tic. hla wife tan Ural cl.nas dairy woman; not parlientir aa to any port of the rolled State*: good reference from la*t two placea. Apply at aceil atorc lit .tolin at., for W. B. W ANTED-A SITUATION AS TRAVELLING AtiENT; It print or rirrriah ni at erred; Rood refereuc.; from Inat place. Adil eaa faint Iterald olboe. wThted-bv a" ma n, lately landed, to learn YY bttalneea In a grocery or liquor atore; wage* no object. Adilreca L H., (W Da die Id at., Bruoklyn. WANTED-BV A YOI'NU MAN JUST FROM ENG lalvd. baflnaelglil yenra' experience In Hie fanee I nde, employ roc nt. A Idre.. i >t hree .l ire K. nt, Herald bibee. ?it'AN TED-A SITUATION AS ASS 1ST ANT PACKER YY In trtaaaware, porter n? watchman. or any "tb> r general employment; good city reference, ("in he aeen for two ilar? at09Day at., basement, :rcm 10 to 8 I'cloct. Tl/ANTED-A STTCaTiON AS T A H MBr| BY All YY aetlre married man. without famllr; t* \ good plnngb man. H'eneral knowledge of fanning and la not afraid of work. Addreaa J. M., box 18J Herald office. _ COACIIIHRN AND HARDEKERY. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUA tlon aa coachman or vegetable gardener In the rono try; good roferen?ea glren. Addreaa or rail at l.'JW Broad A YOUNG MAN WANTS A R1TUATI0N AR COACH man and groom; haa fire yeara' city fefarenco. Ad dreaa M. L.. box ISO llerald office. N ENOM8HMAN WANTS A RITUATION AS gardener; no objection to attend to koraaa. Addraaa H. C.. Hare Id office. A" YOI'NU MAN WANTS A SITUATION AR COACH wan In a prtrato family. Beat of city reference. Call at or addreaa 48 Eaet Wd at. ANTED-A HOOD GARDBNEB WHO UBDER afanda hla works mint bare good referenoea. Apply ntllOflth ar. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. BY A colored (atnglai man, who thoroughly umteratande aia bnalnaea: efthar el# or country; can giro good roferenea' Addreaa W. L., Herald office. ? ft rnic ifctV a d v k httnyc iwimtm. iN DEMANDB^CNR PEMMB DE CHAMBHB PBAW ealae, qui eal* blen ooudra el eoHfer. ? eoareaaer a V raigr, '|UI RIIIH Uiru WUI'Mn VWII Weat 14th it,, entra It Mb at 4th era D CtCRKS A*l> lAlitHWtl. BUtTVLErtK W.tNTKD?TliOROtV^SHLY OOMPE. l*:al fur a iNr?t cUn Mt*tilishm*i)t; ol* Having L.%d eitv ?xperieiice pr^ltrred. Audreys l'L&rfc.ftOWii, lltitdd oflioe. _ RY GOODS PALFt?MK!T .rAN 1 ED?SEVERAL F12ST cl*a& hand*; alfto & Vin do ?v drt?v * r. W'. K. >*? VTQN. 2>i Bowery. f\7 ANTED?A SITUATION I T A RESPECTABLE * f yotiti* man of* bfibiU, an cler* In a dry good* or g?nt?' clothing hoiu*?; saIa/v not *o m-ich an object a# a desirable pUoe t?? leiu a the b?iAne*j: good rererjHcaji a? to character and honealy* AddlfMt. H. E?t h?* Aid otucc. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS HAT SALESMAN FOR *? travelling; beat references required. Address A. B., Herald office. HELP WAHTED-MAIiEI. ATODIU MAX, WITH f J?. TO TAKE charge of m. country liquor store ; salary |50 per mouth sua board. Address Liquor Dialer. Herald eill'-e. A BOY, ABOUT 17, W1TFT SOME EXPERIENCE I* A commission house: *l?te where laat employed wane* as to salary, which must be moderate. Address Iron, Heiald office. A GENT WANTKI>?FOR NEW YORK AND BROOK J\ lyn, to sell soaps ana perfumeries: only Americana naed apply at 360 Eaat loth at., between av*. R ami 0. An oysterm an wanted?to open oysters and wait on tables; one who understands hit business. Apply at K ill's oyster house, $5S 8th sr. ALL DES1RINO IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT ? * employment call at fit Chambers at. Desirable vacan cies this day. Salaries |ltt to $16 por week. AGENTS WANTED?TO MRU, A NEW INTENTION; 1U0 per cant profit; read, aelea: $6 capital required. ADAMS A FLINT, IIP Nassau atioet, room No 7. A88ISTANT BOOKKEEPER. TWO YOUNG MEN. who write a fair hand, collector, copyist ami neut ral clerk, wanted immediately, at 211 Broadway, room !H. a T 490 BROADWAY, ROOM NO. S?WANTED, YOUNG t\ men whr e in write a fair band: also clerks, bartend ers and men to make llie-teel res generally useful. Agent* wanted?to sfllthe fountain mark Int. brush; from $6 to $10 per day can be made. 31 Liberty St., room No. A A FEW AOENTS WANTED?TO TRAVEL IN THE country; article light, new and sells to everybody; the best thing invented; small capital required. lOSi Nassau sL, room i& A YOUNG OR MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTED. One baring a large acquaintance with Cupulas soil shipowners may oal' at 271 Water st. CliKVAKSRR WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED AND ' skilful udvertistne canvasser wanted. Apply to-day, between 12 and I o'clock, at No. 1 Vcsey at. Boy wantf-d?a small boy, in a lawyer's office; salary $2 a week. Address H. J., box till*Herald office. BUbfNEHS MAN WANTED?A PERMANENT AND profitable position may be secured to Hie right uisn who can command J.5U0 In cash. Apply at 634 Broadway, room No. 7. /GENTLEMEN OUT OF EKPT.OYMENT?APPLY TO \T first class life Insurance company. Most liberal com missions; previous experience not dcvsaury to success. Ad ig.w., ? ? f ~ dre ?G. W., box 2t)d lit-aid ofllcc. w OITUATION86?YOUNG MEN PEEKING PLACES t; where aecurtr 1- require': may obtain'be security at Fidelity Insurance (1 unpsny. 170 Broadway. YlfANTED-OLD AGENTS, CANVASSERS, OOLPOR Tv tears and energetic men, to euaae." in the sale of the most wonderful engraving ever published. We give eacn agent exclusive right of territory (or one vear. and cuargo no bonus tor the light. We Imve agents clnaring over 520't per month, which we can prove in any doubting pnrtv. Send for confidential circulars, which will show that we offer larger inducements than any other publishing house in therouuiiy. Address wilh stamp, "'omly, Swandor A Ota, 4lb and Ail Walnut street, Philadelphia. Pa. WANTED?CANVASSERS OF GOOD ADDRESS. TO canvass the city fur the Fire Extinguisher. Apply to Levey Bros., No. 8 Dey st. ANTED-AN OFFICE BOY; ONE WHO RESIDES with his parents preferred. VV. II. WHilKEY. 203 Broadway. \X/ANTED?A YOUNG. ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT AND vv wqjkii.g man. who unde. lands the packing and marking of turntture, and writes a good hand. Address C. D . station F. WANTED?A TOUNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR AND vv make binisal" generally useful. best references re quired. Applv this day at Atlantic llotol, Huiist at., Jersoy City. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED AGENT. TO CAN Vrtss for sn excellent advertising medium having eirott IHtua throughout the United States. Address, for three dsya, Jair.tKSon, Herald office. OfASTKD-A YOUNG MAN OF INTELLIGENCE, vv good address and business tart, with about $6dJ. to fill a pleasant position. Apply at No. 34 Liberty st., room 1$ WANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO ATTEND BAR: ONE anqualaied with the bu-tnees. Apr.'ytoWm. Cleary, lTtVariek at. . VVAMIEll-AS OFFICE BOY WITH FIRST CLASS vv t-fervnees. Addreaa in own handwriting bet 6,471 Tost offiee. TY* ANTED To HIRE?A MAN TO ACT AS TREASURE* r* for * rlrro-* cimjiMi/; one run lend from $S"0 to " MO on g.>od necurlty, ' I*. 4 . lleruld odli.* Sl.OiWon good security,"to commence Immediately. Address (J?ir I*KK DAT SURE.?AGENTS WANTED EVERT ?P I ?.) tr be re to eel) our ..alert white win- riot lie* linen. Kor term* address the American Wire Company, ltd Broad way. fLY rrnn mjhnts wanted, ? )"U To eell Powell t'a patent Burglar Alarm lion*. Agent* now In my employ are melting fr >m $15 to $25 per day. end no limit can be p'aoed upon the proflta which can bo made In the above busl os* by energetic and capable men. The-boy* AUrm Gong combine* .dmpllc.ty, cbeaime*. and wonderful utility, and meets* want long felt, bat now, for tli" !.r*t time, practically met cn?tiiig but a mere trtH' in onmnartson witn It* worth. It e?n be adapted in two tninuie* lime toantr window or door, where tt fire* ttieiaiilaneuiiH altrin upon the slight**. moveiuent or at at entrance ro that it I* luipoa.-dbla fur a burglar to get intn a room w here it l< ut <d. For further Information vldrn or evil on <1. W. DaILKY ?? Hmadwny. General Agent* lor Uie cli.y and county ol New York, Brooklyn and 'Vllliamsburg. THE TRAMS. A BOY, IT Vl't'iS t?r AGE. WISHES TO I EARN tho carpenter or tmchtnlai tr.d?r. Apply ai or address corner of North !hh audPr oajiert utrects Jersey City. A Goon JKWKLRT JOBBER. THOROUGHI V EX pertnueed in all bniiche* of tcrtalrlng. with a general knowb-dge of thi- retail Indues*. m.y to Buckenham, Cole A l! ilL 10 Maiden tare, up ?t.. Ira, for three day*. \SPIKEM VKEi: WaXTBD?OWE ACCCSTOMED TO running burden. auk* and riyet niiichtne*. Apply at 46 fort atidt tt., or adatc,s l> >i S.Ott Coat ottco. N. Y. \ first cl\ss Saleswoman and operator wtal.e* a position, in a Hewing laachloe office or as foiewomau In a raauoiact >rr. Address Sewing Machine, station G. CTKREOTYPR VOI UEI: WANTED?A GOOD AND O e*|ierlnnci'd m. n, an i* also i linlsUer, To aurh a do * ruble ar d pcrmencut sllk'iiloti will be ciyen. Address I. B. V . TIP t'hee.n'.it etrcei riiilad-n.tde. *|1.? STKRhOTYPEILSJ-WANTED. A FIRST RATE 1 workman. to wii.mi ilcmdiiy situation would be given. Inquire of HAG AR * COl'M Odd all " RO WATCHMAKERS ,-yA YOUNG MAN FROM LON don rdvhc* a attnaLor as watch r? >alrei'. Address 44 T _ ? Washington aL. New Tor| \v w ANTED?IRON Mfl't.Db.RS, AT THR BVRDON Iron Work*, cornerlf Front and pearl*;*.. Hro. tlyn. ANTED?A CARPK'iuPHOl.KTERER, WHO TITOR nuciilv ttnder*tandfthc business arid can ootno well ?ntnmriiiird. Won w tc othr n*ed apply. DE tjbl.F A KN'APP. 285 Iludaon at. ANTED-AMAN tMIO UNDERSTANDS WORKING on machinery and dban'ng umber f-r carriage making: muni thoroughly tindenivnd hl? bn*lnea?. At>plj at Juliu C. Parker A Co 'a rarrtad factory, 65 E.iat 25lh at. ANTED-ACTUATION. AS GROOM AND COACH man. by a vouer tbn; would make himself Useful: ha* poo,l refer*...-, Ad.JH* f? two day* Graham. ?* Col Tcrnty place, I etween lull and I4th ata.; ask for Rlcbara B.t bsrnnas More. ?AI.R. FIRST UL \HB BfCKRY AND ICECREAM KA Intn for aa'e. To ft sold with all the Piituru* 26} A . M Knlton street, An okly. Ah n excel* "NT OfORTUNITY TOPITRCHASB whlch I* fo -?le In dn*eqnence of the 111 health or the pnunleinr-a l> ?t rule ftualnesa Hotal. European plan, nnely looated down town. G. 4 RORIXBON, 65 Naaanti alreet. A -FOR SALE, IN IaSHINOToN. D. C , STDCS. Finnic* and Good fill of a Millinery dlore; In otic or the hest location* on Pendylyaiili atenue. Apply at No. 8 Cornelia, between land 4 o'clvk. A MEAT, FISH Ad YKORTABl.E MARKET, flora* and Wagon; bslab'lshed, goo<l bitalne**. Iie?t corner atoi-e and ba?*ntrt. Eighth avenue *i. t Kilty t ourth atreet; b-aae; rentBjdl); price of all, |1.E? atuck, (Ixtnrca, tee house, *e.- J ... A MEAT. POULTRY A Ninth avenoa, dotn fiD VEOFTABLE MARKET ON a yery ?eie.-.t tnulo. with florae ? eobl low If applle.d for Itnmedi. 1 * IIGLDHN, 1.2M Broadway. a n OLD ESTABLI A Store for aala; can $2 0.10 crieh required. Ad IIED TEA AND GROCEET sales $l,4(JP per week. $2,.<10 or reaa R. PL, Herald A chance seldom Jx lar Orat ala** Saloor nf Broadw?y. elr^auily 1 MHO, and will bo "Ol'Ma )FFKRED.?THE MOST POPU >nd Kesieurant on the upper part od Hp, doing a ( h.ud t ft nOLDRN, 1,228 Rro-.'dw.vy. a LARGE AND SMA A Burglar Proof Haft atso Sale* of Herring's t L SIZED LILLIVS FIRE AND or sine cheap. Also two medium d ratrtcit'i make. K O. QUlkK, 72 William alieet. A FIRST CT.AS8 J\ town on a leading t atreet; alio Dining halt* 1 LOON FOR HALF?DOWN iroughfare, in 'he vicinity of Pine and Bar in hotel, on Broadway. THOMPSON, 71$ Broadway. A BATE FOR HAT/ A Winter's $S)0 Ssfe street, thirl foor. AT A BARGAIN.?ONB OF Iwill be told for $200 at 64 Marlon A -FOR NALB-TIT J\ ? Fe tri etreet. corr dee. at II o'clock precise B'Vrr, A eilonorr, ouos nollctk LIQUOR STORE NO. W7 of (lecne, will be sold .Ml this with Lnaeo, by WILLIAM AN 0 Cuatnam square, Sea auutlun FOB8AE.B. A -FOR SaLR, RBSTAURANTS, OYSTER SALOONS. . Corner liquor Stores, Gruoertes, Billiard .'ii nnu. Lun'-h Ho m*, Bowling Saloons, Meal Markets, I'm , rant Hotels, bakoddB. MITCHELL'S Store Agency, 77 Cedur ?i. Alt OLD AND WILL ESTABLISHED TOBACCO Bonis fur atle cheap, together with Horse, Wagon and flames*, iu g"Oii condition; also the Stock and i'utt is of ?lore, Apply at 413 Seventh avenue. D IRTILLERT TOR SALE CUKAP?ALL IN COK pl'tc order. Address J. P. A., Herald oUce Drug stork and lease of four teals, or Lenao without slock. for sale?The Huulni-ss ar<t Bland long and profl'ably conducted by the late Mr. Gail'-ig, 293 Fulton street, Bro>klyu, If notaold by private sale. will be dtai oaed jf on the premiees to the highest bidder, on Friday, 15'h list., at li o'clock. Apply to Mr. STRICKLAND, 340 Broadway. FOR SALE?TUGBOAT TEMPEST, built in iws. m leet long, 1# reel beiitn, 7 feet hold; engines in,: as square. by Neafie A Levy. Philadelphia, with tank a.'t BOOB c..lloua caoaeitv. well fitted s.ul in perfect order. Apply t* GEO. M. KLOTS, ship Chandler, fool of Del.meey a rret. lpOR SALE?THE STOCK, FIXTURES AND LBAMK r of a Jowelry Store on Broadway. Apply to J. W. Ma GUILE, LMB Broadway. IUOR 8ALB?THIS STOCK, FIXTURES AND LEASE OF the well known Cigar Store and Sample lt .om Hfifi Broadway. Elegantly fitted up and doing a good bt aiueea. "LIOR SALE?AN ESTABLISHED AND PROFITABLE r buatnt'Ha in the manufacture of ladles' and children'* fiirniatnnf goods, including embrolderlea, Ac.. Ac. Term* mi derate. Inquire on the premtaee, No. 886 Broadway, ef sta'rs. For salk-a rectifying place, u tubs iw operation. Inquire on the place, 438 Eaat Tenth N. Y., L om 3 till 10 o'clock, for three days. For sale?a stand in west Washington i ketrcood location; Manufactory reaaone given lor selling bv applrfng to WM. B. JAGKSOM, from 13 to S o'clock, d Stevens' House. El Broadway. TPOR B ALE A CRNTLEMBN'S FURNISHING STORE, JT it one of the best avenue* In the city, Aolttg au exmltaai cash business. Inquire of J. E. HE Alt II, No. 13>, Cham bers street, from 13 to 3 o'clock. _____ FOR 8AI.E?A SCHOONER, OF LIGHT DRAUGHT. 16* tons harden. Inquire on board, at foot of South Tenth atree*., or at offico, foot of South Ninth street. Brook* lyu, E. D. For sale?the fixtures and lease op thb Wine and Liquor Vault 43 Walker etreet; rent low. In quire on the premise* FOR SALE?A WELL ESTABLISHED WHOLK8ALW and retail Music Businens In Chicago. wILh a good ao sorted stock and good connections. Address at onoe It., oarg Look, Coourn A Co., Chicago. For sale-thk lease and furniture or a tind class hotei. situated in the city of Roughkeepsie, 7B mil-*,fto-tt New York, 1(10 yards from the liudsou River Pailrdnd <iepot snd 5,*) yard* from the r.teamboat landing. Iteasou for sellin-, has other business and cannot attend to both. bar particulars Inquire of R. DOBBS, Proprietor City Hotel, Poughkeepsle, Foe sale?a canal schooner, carrirs sot Ions; also captain'* half of a Schooner throe years old; all in good order. Apply to J. S. FERGUSON, office 33 Nas sau street, second floor, room 34. TJIOR SALE?A I.AROE .1EWET.RY SAFE (HERRING'S I patent), very cheap, at 116 William street, in the cigar store. fAOR SALE?A TIN STORE, STOCK AND SHOP, ALL complete, at 140 Prince street. "ThOR SALE-STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A FAN0T I' Store, situated in a good business block on Sixth sro nue. west side, below Thirtieth street; two handsome shear window*. $3 000 cash. No agents need apply. Address Fancy Store, bo* 131 Herald office. * For sale?two second hand four-pull ami Fnmp*. Inquire of 8. LANE, Jr., Ale Pump maker, ffiffi Canal street. New York. VilOR SALE.?RESTAURANT FIXTURES FOR BALK r at valuation, and Store to let. situ .ted dowu tows; a good ehnuoe. Address A. B., 1(10 William street. For sale-a vinegar factory, in runxin? order, on an improved method; sailsfaolorv for selling. Address boa 6,174 New York Foil ofiloo. FOR 8ALR?STOCK AND FIXTURES OF A CONFKO tiooery. Variety and News Depot, doing a good husiuossi For particulars Inquire on the premises, St Third ear Twelfth street. tionery, Variety and News Depot, doing a good hu low rent, * ? " ? ? - a rennet us For sale?a neat oystbk saloon, doing a very good eaah business; long leaee and cheap real. Apply to J. D. VAN NAMBK A Co . wholesale oyster desk era. boat No, X foot of Broome atreet, East river. IjYOR SALE?A CORNER GROCERY STORE. WIT* I Horse snd Wagon and five years' Lease. Call at UW Broadway, corner Forty- first street. For sale?the noon will, lease, stops and Futures of ?a old established tiro- err doing a good ul flrmt class fam'ly trade, on one of the up town avenues. Hf particular* address (irnoer. station F. I NOR SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED BO.ARDTRB ' and Lodging House No. I Bridge street, opposite Oaatto Harden. . Satisfactory reaaone given for selling. Apply at M W hltahall street. OR SALE?LEASE AND PIXTURE8 OP JEWBLBY Store M Chatham street. Apply on the premls-ii. F (BOB SALE?TITB STOP! AND FIXTURES OP AW r oid established Pictur- Frame Store. Satlafaolorr ran. Hon* g'ven for selling. Apply to H. D CLARK, 68Car mine a tree!. For sale?the stock and fixture# op a hat. Cap and Pur Store, with Lea en or Htora, an Sixth am* nue. Apply to D. HARRISON, 697 Sixth avenue. Fc 'OR SALE CHEAP?A HAND MANOfcE, WEST* ?nalce, na good aa new. sold for want of nee. Inquire at .151 Itaet fifty-third street, between Pint and Seenod am For sale at a bargain?a nicely pitted up and well I.-rated Saloon and Bar. with <dnb mom*, aa# Apartmenta to lire In. Apply at 116 Grand street. Nn agent* neod apply. For hale ok exchange?coal tard and Coal: heat location In New TorLand doing a good boat, neaa. Address H. C , 11 Bible House. For balk this dat. the old butter and Cheese Store 16S? Thomp?on street, before 6 P. W., or at auction, on the premises, by BROWN 68 Pulton street Lease, stock and pixturks of a Broadway Store for sale?Stonk ennsisting of 1'areaale and Panef Goods; bn-lnesa wall establiabed: rent low. Apply on th* premier a. Wi'. Broad wav, nee r Seventeenth street, weal sits. Prpprtator going into the manufacturing buMueaa. IEARK AND Ft'RNfTUKE FOR SALP-TO A R8 j spnnelhie party on y?of a home near St John'a park, well I'MMted for rrnttn: furnished r?nu. r THUS. E. riSH. It Pine street T umber rale to cr.oss a concern. j -Jt.iOO It 6 in. Virginia Pine, at $a> per*. A',t (V) f{. 1 in. Virginia Pine, at $30 PT M lO.DiV ft ljjf in. flooring Virginia Pine, at BK par M. At Blown ft Tohay'a boat shop, too- Fifth Croat. R. R. In,nlre of C. B. Oil LET, IN Broome staeet, boi ween B A. II. and 2 P. M. ______ BKCPIPVINO E6TABLIUHMENT IN BROOKLTB* , near two eriiea. fur sale?in romplet" order: rapaattp It b-tT.-ls. Ch-urpaMsed locution for rtnrk* re-civing repao. itv 6 M6 gallons. Fire venr*' lease. Apply by note to Z. OL G.. Eagle olDoe, Brooklyn. _ ? _ Showcase por sale.?#v, fret ix>no. ulam all -wound; $66. D. A WOODWORTH, ^ . _ _ ' _ , 1W Nsaaau street. <*Q OW.-THR DINING ANB EESTAURAITB ?CeeaUt'lr f>?,<ar:ment of a IIret cUee hotel, with or within- the R?r -t-d Billiard Rooms. A;mly Immediately. 60 Wall atrret, rwtwd door, roar, room Na. 1 NAcaiiiivT A SIX HORSE ENOINE AND BOILER. A TWO horse Engine, a forty-Ore horsa tubular Botlefj alan drop, fiower an-l hand Pie-aes; gear arid hand Lathes. Pub Suafiing an-l Haug-rs for sale. M.*ohlucry of k .ul- bought an-l ??-Id SMITH ft CLARK, 176 Pearl Stmt. New fork. Finn sale?an engine, two boilers, btkam 1 llontw.iy. Heating Apparatus, ftr.. eU iu g <o-l Til Apply to 0. I j. VAN KAN I it. If.' lined way, eecond tloor. For sale?one roper*b caloric engine; cheap, la gO'-d order, Apply to T.H. ft T. W. CONK LING, 58 Merrer For rale-a tonguing and grooving ma rhlnc, made by M. II. Tidr. double; also Bsw Tabiak Shafting sml Pulleys; at 111 Wster street. For sale-two large new marine rrtubw Tubular Roller*, built from designs mid superinteu drnce of F.raetua R. Smith. Esq Each containing 4,609 eqn-ire feet of f.ra surface and IU tee-,of grate surface. Ap ply to D* LAM ATKR. Iron Works, foot or West Thi mailt afreet, N. V. IIOR SALE?A BARGAIN: MUST BE REMOVED} A fine large Boiler, with to hor-e engine end ona af 8 horn*. WM. McK BNZIE. fl8 Park street, Plra Points. FV?R SALE-A PIPIT HORSB LOCOMOTTVE RGILBB and a tcn-borae ill-tight Boiler. May be aeen at re Natifa I'1ST. AUsntlnDaws, Bfnnklfn Apply on the prare laes or UlF. 8llo.n i,ami ft BHO. 106 Wall street. For sa'-b cheap-a new two hokbb engine, Apply I* the Kimndry la Plfty-etxth street, near Kiral are* a*, V IK MrKINLKT ft SMACK, CI INT'lN IRON Ft)UNDBR% NO aud Nit Wste ' street, and 230 snu JU Cherry sireat, liar*on hand a larga ? lection of Pulley ami Marl,lorry Pah* te ns; also Columns, cirders snd Windlasses. tirran loaaa and dry send Castings tnade at aaorteit noUoc aud on na aonable terms. New portt iiorsh power tubular boiler, b'lllt of best materials, including east Iron front, lega. ftc., will be sold for $1,100 to close an estate: cost in Octobar laat $1 488; never bean uaod. Apply at 80 Front street. PORTABLE AND STATIONARY STEAM EN JINKS AND BOILERS AND CIRCULAR SAW MILL* The bert and most complete In use. Clrcnthr sant tm application, WOOD A MANN STPaW ENOINE COWPANT. Ctioa, N. V.. nndi>$ Maiden lane. New York. SMALL NEW STEAM BNOTN* roR SALE.-MX horsepower. O'HHIKN. LAKFAN ft OO^ SO Ann street STBAM BNOIMBK.?MATING INCRBAHRD PACIIJ. Ilea we oan deliver 5. Ml. IK 60 Horse Power, parts--la a* stationary, promptlr; any slse to l.iOO horse si short not hie. Our engines savaM per canl. In s|iade, weight, trlrtion and unrts over the bast. For address The Hicks* Conipsny. 88 Liberty street. New York. MARBLE MAMTKLft. M" aRBI-E MANTKLS AT REDUCED PRIURB-a' PIVR selection on band si 8. KLABER'B MsnufHct'iry 64 First avenue, near Third street, New York Call and at* Amine. MARRLR MANTELS-THE BEST PI.ACF, IN THR city to purchase Marble mantels of th - Isteai -i-?ca*. St very low prices Is at A. KLABKR'R Mnrbln VYorks, MB East Eighteenth street, near Third sr.. N. Y. Cut thli out VTARELEIEEn BI-ATR MaNTHLB-BUPkrior" f* i'l. rt"r*hl''' h*'f 'he pell e or hum-Ma T. B. STEWART. 6(15 Sixth a-'auut, batwe-m Thtrtr Sfth tM Tblrtv-aiith streetA