Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 14, 1867, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 14, 1867 Page 3
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BOAItSSRI AfID LODGBM WAITED A" SUIT or FOUR ELEGANTLY FURNISH! D Rooms to let, together or Sep..rule; also single Rooms; labia d'hote or private; Block FUU Areuuo Hotel, hi Weat Tweuty-lourtb street. a PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON THIRD FLOOR. A front, to rent, without mo*In; reference! required. 61 Ileal Sixteenth street. At ? union square?a handsomely fur. nisbed Parlor Floor with pert of the Second. to let, to * first class fautily, with private table. Kefeteuoea ex changed. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SlfeoSD FLOOR, with 01 without an extra chamber above.' may be pro cured at the first class residence No. 36 Lafayette place. P. ivate table ouly. References exchanged. AT IBOBLKECCER STREET ROOMS TO LET. with Board, to families and single gentlemen. A T FRANKFORT HOPWL CORNER OF FRANKFORT J1 and Wil tarn streets, JSP rooriis; great reduction In Fr.ors; 16c, to 60a per day; $1 60 to $3 per week. Open all ,ikhL ? : A HANDSOME SUIT OF TWO OR THREE ROOMS on parlor lloor to let, with Hoard; private table II de rived; re*'ere no a exchanged. Apfdv at 119 Wsverley ptaee. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFH OB TWO SINGLE OKN cm obtain_|il?a?*nt Hon ma, with Board; alao day boarders taken, at 28 Bond street. A FEW NEATLY FURN18HRD ROOMS TO LET, TO single gentlemen, without bo.ird. Hath and gaa. Re ference required. Apply at St Bleecker street, east of Breedway. AT 107 WEST TWELFTH STREET, IN A FRENCH family, a nicely furnished Front Parlor and Bedroom, am the second floor; also a ball Bedroom to let, with first efass Board. AT IS WASHINOTON PLACE. NEAR NEW YORK J| Hotel, In a ftrwt flnM bonne two lnire himaeome <v>m mnnieating Parlors. vrttU extension, ou the first floor, to rent, with private tahle. If preferred. AT 9*8 E 1ST THIRTEENTH STREET.?A HANDSOME furnished Front Room, with Board, sulbible for penile man and wife, or two gentlemen; hot and oold water, gas end Arc. Terms moderate. A PRIVATE FAMILY, AT WWEST TWELFTH STREET, Can acivimmod iie a gentleman end wile aud two geu Ihiini n with furui-h-d Boom* mil Hoard; oervauta and cliU 4b*n not taken. Re fere neon required. AHEATLY FURNISHED ROOM. FOR GKNTLEM'-V onlv. without board. 37 Amity street, near Broadway and the Southern Hotel. 4 ?ONE OR TWO GENTLEMEN CAN OBTAIN A pleasant Room, with first class table, m 216 East Tenth A LAROE, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, WITH ALL A modern Improvement*. on second lloor of firs* alusa Reuse At St. Mark's place. Eighth atrjeL Terms moderate. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BED J\ room connecting; also single Room, with Board, at Id* aa<t its Fourteenth street, corner Seoond avenue. A SECOND STORY BACK ROOM TO LET?TO ONE or two gentlemen, with or without board; references required. Inquire at 1.8 Weat Twenty-second street. A?ROARIV?A SUIT OF WELL FURNISHED ? RC'-rax, on third floor, St 189 West Fourteenth street. House lirat claaa; dinner at six o'clock. References ex changed. A LAROE FRONT ROOM ON THIRD FLOOR TO LET, uiifurn abed, with Hoird; two large pantries. Alao fur Wished Rooms for gentlemen, with Board. K Abingdon square. Hud-on street side. AHEATLt F1TRNI8HED FRONT ROOM-IN A PLAIN private family, to let to n gentleman and wife or two single men; terms $13 per week. Inquire at Fifty-eighth street, two doors west of Eighth avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY IIA8 A SECOND STORY FRONT Room in brown stone house. 140 I ast Fifty-fourth Street, furnished, to rent; room base cove; hot and oold water: h?uted liy boater. ?ELEGANTLY FURNISHED ROOM* TO LET? ? with or without Board, at 21 West Eighteenth street. Bear Fifth nveuue. A -TWO LARGE ELEOANT ROOMS AND SINGLE1 Room, with Board. 248 West Forty sneond street, one woni of Broadway; agreeable parties more desirable a high prices. Re faience*. FURNISHED FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITH BOARD, . In a first c.luva house, desl-ablv located, between Madl - tend Fourth aw ones. 61 East Twenty-ninth street. NEATLY FURNISHrtD ROOM TO LET?WtTHOUT A. board in a strletlv private family, to a gentleman only, Appty before 8 P. M. ?t 170 NlniU street, corner of Third me, opposite Cooper Institute. NICELY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET-TO A single', without board, hi n ptlieOs family, I Bast Thirteenth street, Reference* exchanged. AT 133 NINTH STREET?A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broudwiiv, a pentlerosn and wife or two single gentle ma eaa be a< onimodaied with pleasant Rooms and Board in a modern house. A FRTVATE FAMILY WILL LET AN ENTIRE THIRD .A. Floor, hand'omely furnished, with back parlor aud Bxtraeton. to parties desiring first class socommortnttons. Titrate table onlv. The bigbeat references required. Ap ply at 31 Wen Sixteenth stpwt A*T 103 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET?A LARGE A Ftvnt to let. with Bard. suitable for ? gentle, and wtfu or two tingle gentlemen. Kelercnces ex A? A GOOD SIZED HALL BEDROOM. ON THIRD J% door, with Hoard, at 86 East Twenty second street, or.o Mat from Fifth Avenue Hotel. References required. A FAMILY OF THREE WILL LET A WELL FU1L ntahrd ft'tine Room and Bedroom, on weend floor, to S gentlemen. Breakfast sad tea can be bad If desired, improvement"; no other boarders. Location Thirty street, be'ween Eighth and Ninth avenues. Fur Inter view and terms address Hoarding, ears of 8. Oooladdy, Bookseller, MS Broome street* A NICK KCRNIhTiED ROOM TO LIT?WITHOUr A hoard, to ona or two single gentlemen. Call at BIS East ?roadway. FRONT ROOM TO LET?WITT! BOARD. TO URN* ? >u and wife. Room for a single gentleman. Dlim r 190 1 wenty-fonrth street, between Seventh and avennea. IT WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET SP -NEWLY A furnished Konras. on the flrat floor, for families or sin* gle genlle nru. with good Board. Superior location; term* AFRIVATK FAMILY, WITHOUT CHILDRr.N, AND who remain in town during the summer wish to rent m fleeond Floor, handsomely furnis .en to gentlemen. There ?TO four rooms, which will be let either together or aepa tsMy. without bourd. References exchanged. Apply at Mo. 4 Ninth street. A NICELY FURNISHED FRONT ROOM, SECOND A floor, to let, wan Board; suitable for genUeman and srtfe; family small. Call at ICtf Tenth street, betweeu Broad wag and Third avnune. A FRIT ATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE AND nierly ftirivshed Front Itnom on third floor, with or without Hoard. gas. water and other conveniences: vcr> <1 ?* '"'location and convenient to all cars: nnly 16 minutes I City Hall; very reasonable terms. Ci.U at 43 King st PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOM, WITH BOARD, ??a li:> obt Iiimt bv applyl .g at IBB West Nlnoti-enlU just below the Bl?ntn avenue. Comforts of hume be enjoyed. FAMILY OF POUR ADULTS CAN OBTAIN HUPE nor n?w>mi!iodniinns ( Konms and Board), in a strictly f.inlly, at 48 West Forty fifth street, un reasonable er APl.BAfitTT, DESIRABLY LOCATED Sl'IT OF Front Rooms; also two R*mn nicely fnrtilshed. lo M, with first class Bmrd, at Windsor Hotel. 23 Fourtnrutb ', between Bro .dway and Fifth avenue. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM TO RENT?To L a?t or two gen leinnii. without bo.ird. Family private. MA hath. Ac. References exchanged. Apply at 38 Third -t FEW HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS. WITH 1 Board, for gentlemen and their wires ttinl for single stlemen, at 2S West Forty*flrat street. FIRST CLABS PRIYATB FAMILY HAA'K A FRONT Hall Room on the third door, with Board, at 89 per " at 91 Second avenue. LARUE AND COMMODIOUB SUIT OF T1IKEK Booms, on Hrst floor: also on* on second. De Lam-an . 73 West Fortieth eiruct. Table d'hoie er private. NUMBER OF FI.RaBANT ROOMS TO LET. WITH' Hoatd. Apply at MS N'mth street, after 11 o'doca. lie* i given and required. FURNISHED THIRD FLOOR WILL BE LET, TO two gsiiUcmen, In flrst class prfrale house 196 Wet enth street; refe'enecs required. A BRCOND FLOOR TO LET-TO GENTLEMEN ONLY; J\. breakfast furnished If required. Apply at U East Twvntlei b et reel. A THE NEW AND NF.WLY FURNISHED PLRA8ANT 71 resideno* No. 3 Van Nest pW' (Charles etrcet). second dmwweo of Fourth sltan-t. a handsome furnished Parlor, wBh IIr?t class Board, to ?elect paitlea; nil linpr yemcnt'i ?peehtl attention gi>en to el"an|lness; a rare o o?o*-tu il'v to ? gentl ??man and wife or purty of gentlemen desiring per man en I and most pleasant ai'eO'iiinoUa.ious; very Itfels term*, convenient to Hroa.iwsv cars. AFRIVATK FAMILY WILL LET, WITH BOARD. A bauA Parlor and -mall riuia*km, lurtiodied /Apply, with, at Id l-amarUus place, West Twu ity-uintli AOKNTLKMaX and wife can he accommo deled Foard and furnished Re im, with modern Improvement*, at No. 1 New Usual stnet, eoioer Last ?mdsar. ROARD.?THREE HANDSOMELY FURNISHED II Rooms on the second story; el o an cleg n'ly Fur ?shed Front Parlor, Bedm-tn al'acbed, to l>t. with or wlth ?al Board. In a lust class private family, at 111 East Four teenth s'roet. ARP?GENTLEMEN BOOMINO TOGETHER CAN can here good accommodations st SB street. BOaRD.-A FEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN P.E ??-onmo-tsled With good Boird and pies'.sill Booms, est reasons bis term*. IJ iy Hoarders. Apply at 333 Green wloh street, Wyoming Hotel. Board, rooais and houses wanted-fob over >? soplicants. Apply linm* balslr lo the Hoard Ex* ehangr, h? Broadway. All board seekers are Invited lo call ?ad see iirwnptlons. ROOELTN-?TWO LAROR ARD FLRASANT ROOMS, with flrst clam Board, to Irt. Apply at UM Clinton st. B?? 2 TNLBOANTLT FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-ON la flrst, second, third am! fourth fl airs, with all inodarii improvement* Restaurant next door. 143 East Ninth si. 1NLRGANT ROOMS. WITH BOARD. CAN BE OBTAINED IV at the honne 181 East Pnrty-flrat street, with all modern ?mprorrmsnte, for fsmillea or single gcallsmin. Terma KLROANT FURNISTIRD ROOMS, EN SUITE OR single; also a Parlor, with Nrst class Board, at 31 Ctla ? piece. Refers no? exchanged. nt FUKWTflHBD BOOMfl TO M.T-WITH OR ' ,TrT K Board, on moderate terms Inoutr# at H WeM v-atnkU street. BOARDERS AHO M?D6EIIi WASTED. F BENCH BOARD?A BUI I Of HANDSOME ROOMS on (frond door lo let; also oueRoomfor ? *??? IT1; Uemai.. Apply nt No. 8 Olinum plaoe. BpauUh and Ger man spoken. Furnished ROOMS to lkt-to a man and w If*; alao two Parlor Room*. to two gentlemen, la a private huusa, at *k) Graonwioh s-rnai. JjACRNISlTED ROOMS TO LET?WITH BOARD. AT 4SQ A1 Waverier Place. FPURXISIIED PARLORS TO LET?WITH OR WITH ' out p.Irate table; alaoone or two other Kootua, at No. t Irving pLioe. IldU It WISHED ROOMS TO LET?WTTH BOARD, FOR ' I.tdire. Apply at UB Ba?t Xluatewith etreat. Furnished rooms, for qkntlkmen or la d-a; Hoard foroue orbo'h;ateo two llall Bedroom*, for single gentlemen, &o,.rd, at 514 sixth avenue. I BURNISHED RO' MS. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, 1 lo Ti' imanTl parties only No moving la May. No. 74 R.viagtou street. throe door* eaat of Alien. Furnished rooms to let. with or without partial Board. In a private family; to gentlemen only. M Weal seventeenth street, between Sixth and Seventh era. Good rooms, with board. AT l&l NINTH AVENUE, Ffr*t door from Twenty-third street. HANDSOME! T FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?WITH erst class Board; private table if prefer rod, at SI East Fourth street. Handsomely furnished rooms'to let-to gentlemen and their wives; BoantALr the ladles only, at 51 Wert Twenty-eighth street, comer Vrtxth avenue. Handsomely furnished back parlor en second story and two Hall Rooms to let. with Board, at 175 Wert Fourteenth street. References exchanged. HANDSOMELY FURNTSnKD ROOMS?SINGLY OR in suit wi'h or without partial Bn.,rd. to gentlemen only, at 28 Lainartine place, west Twenty-uiuth street Handsome rooms, on second floor, front, for gentlemen or gentleman and wife; table first class: lmme romfnrts. Best reference* given and required. No. IS West Twenty.seventh street. Handsomely furnished front room to let with first elass HoaH. at 183 West Fourteenth street Reference required. Dinner in 6 o'clock. NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, WITH Board, to gentlemen and the'r wives or single penile, men. In a private family, at a moderate Apply at 158 Eaat Thirty.thlrd street NIUE ROOMS TO LET?WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD: gas. ba h, Ac., 173 ll.eeeker street eix blocks west of Broadway. VTICELY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON IN seeond floor, and also Front Ho. m on the third floor forger Reman and wife; Hoard for the lady: local on cen tral; 100 t exingloii avenue, between Twonly-scventh and Twenty-eighth street*. PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET FURNISHED ROOM. modern improvement?, and full Board; ret'erenecs re quired. fall at ft! East Twenty-seventh street, near Lexing ton venue. ROOMS?WITH CHEAP BOARD. AT 100 8KVENTY first street, be'waen Third and Fourth avenue*. TO OENTLEMKN OR OKNTLFMAN AND WIPE.?A liand.Mimclv furnished front Parlor and double Red room; ids no nnd ran. 6C3 Eighth aveuuc, three doors above Forty-seoond street. TO LET?A NICELY FURNISHBD ROOM TO A SIN gle gentleman only. Apply at 354 West Fifteenth street. TO LET?AT 115 WEST TWELFTH STREET. HAND somelv furnished Rooms, with or without Board, for gentlemen only. r LET-NICK FURNISHED ROOMS WITH OR without board, on reasonable teems, at 851 Weal 'Ihlrty fifth street, between K'ghlh and Ninth avenues. TO LET?FURNISHED FRONT ROOM ON Sl'cOND floor, with Bedroom attached, for one or two gentlemen: private house. Apply at 13 West Eleventh street, a fc?v doors from Broadway. TO LET?WITH HOARD. PARLOR AND BEDROOM adjoin inc. hand .nitielv furnished: vacated liy t lis un expected removal of the present occupant irom the City. 98 Writ Forty-third street. TO LET-SEVERAL NEATLY FUP.N'STi: D ROOMS, with or without Hoard, at the first class private resi dence 168 Second avenue. TWO OR THREE OENTLEMKN CAN RE ACCOM MO dated with Hoard where they ran find the. comforts of it home. Terms moderate. Also a few day boarders. Apply at IIS Forsyth street. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BR ACCOM MOD AT<-.i> WITH first class Hoard, with a furnished or unfurnished Room, in a private family, at M Vortak place, noar Wrecker street. TTNION SQUARE.-A NICELY FURNISHED LABOR U front Room to tot, with or without Board; also a ball Bedroom. Apply at 23 East Fifteenth street. 3 FIFTH AVENUE.?A SPLENDID SUIT OF ROOMS, on pnrlor floor, lo let, with or wlthont Board. t?7 OR UPWARDS FOR SINGLE ROOMS. WITH ?D I Board: $3 and upward*, without board; (1 60 per day. At the Dup-tnl llo'iae, 181 llitdsun street Q NORTH MOORE STREET?A PLEASANT FRONT O Room, with or withnnt Board, for a gentleman and wife, or Hoard for three sin vie gentlemen. 1 ?) LIVINGSTON PLACE, BETWEEN SIXTEENTH I ?> Bin I Seventeenth atrveta; plcaaant and convenient location. Elegant Parlor* for gentlemen nn.l their wlvee; *I*o Room* for tingle gentlemen, with fir it cine* Board. TO CHARLTON STRRRT-A RRCOND STORY HALL 1 O Bedroom w lei, with Board, $3; alio one at S7. Call for one work. OC FOURTH STREET, ONE BLOCK WEST OP aiO Broad war?A handsomely rnruiahad Room, for gen tleman and wife with good Board; aUo for aingie go ml* men. Dinner at A. OA UNION SQUARE?A DESIRABLE ROOM. VOURTH OU atory, front, tollable for gentleman and lady or one or two gen lieu,en, to rent with Board. A 4 UNION SQUARE-SECOND FLOOR SUIT TO TTT let, with Board, to a gentleman and wife: referenera required A li WERT SIXTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN FIITH TU and Sixth arennea?Handaomely ftirnlvbed Room* to let. en eulte or aliigly, to gentlemen, without board; term* moderate. pro EAST THIRTY-FIRST ITRKET.?TWO PLEASANT. nl el* furnUhed Room* with Board. i<>? Ptrty of gen. t'emen or gentlemen ami wire*. Home modern. Price moderate. Excellent neighborhood. ?*Q IBV1NO PLACE.?ONE EXTRA LARGE ROOM. DO well furnlalind, ampll i!oa;ti, hot and cold wntrr, to reapectable, quiet adnJt*. llou*c ?nd Bonrd fir*l el.iaa. I/IP NINTH STREET. MAR BROADWAY?TO LET. I'/O with Hoard, one lane Room auitable for a gentle man and wife or ta-o alnjlt gentlemen; aleo a few day tio.ifdrr* taken. 136 157 l-ae. MACDoniAL STRIET, ROOMS TO LET WITH BOARD. To eingle gentlemea. Term* moderate. WERT THIRTY. JINTU STREET?A LARGE front Room to let af|I8 per week, Including lire and mWEBT TWENTY-mURTTI STREET.?ONE OR two gentlemen etn ?Main imil1 Fiirntkhed Room*, with Board, for $d M and AJ 10 per week. Between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. oon ExHT mxteenui street, corner of Mtivveaant Park ?Handaornelv Eurnl <hed Room* for gentlemen and wire a, or aiuglc getitlcmeo. with or with, otlt I Oard. Hath and ga*. Ql)1 LEXINGTON A/ENUE.?A NICELT FUR Oil nt?hed front Parle anil Bedroom to let. to one or two atnitle gentlemen, in a rapcct ible German family. BOARD AMD LIDGIYG WATTED. \H GENTLEMAN AND DAUGHTER (SCHOOL GIR L) driire permanent Bard In a amall gentr-el family atrlct'y private preferred; -equlre a large room, with hall bedroom rommnnleatlng; linner at rt. Th# applicant wonld prefer fiirnla: ntg. Sla'e mm which mu?l be moderate; regular board ng h< nae k*?*-'- need not apply. Addreaa Z. W7 A., box 4.4? New Vorgroet ofllcgL Ah oentlkman waits a purnisited room. with or without Brrnkgat and Tea for five dare a week. A'tdre-a, with prite and particular* for two lay*. Tonto, Herald otPce. A^m YOUNO OENTLEMAI (GERMAN) WANT.l A Pt?OM, with ttreakfait onlv. a7. In a private Am?rt -an family: location Imtween lUcoc.rr t>d Tenth *tr? eti, and Third ar.d S xth avennea f ddie*?. nth term*, which muet be mod erate. W., box 4.V6 Po*t o(*e. ____________ Board wanted?hy a young lady, in am avertable family or hording houae; t-rme not to exeerd $4: location between Fourtcnth and Thirtieth streeta. Ad dren* K. O. C., atullnn C. ? BHOARD WANTED -A TOUSG MAN WILL PAY a lloerd p,ice for a a ely fu.mUhed Room, with par ? !??; Board. In a ? i -1 fanly. None hut fir t rat* paitie* noed reply State parUeulrv. A. X. Y., Ilcrald office. ROM-.t> W.'.NTKD . *? POUR AftrLTS; ONE LARGE Room and two ?m I >nea on *ame Boor, ncoond or third; nl ndr fiirnlabed l?e igi fmm Fourth to Fifth avenn**, from F.utht:. to Thlrtl-tlht eel* price about f'JOO per mouth. Addre** g. B. And?-?nnCB Walker "treat BO *UI> W INT'.lt-N A PRIVATE FAMILY. OR where M ere far tavnrdera, foreentleman, wife, chil dren and nttrae: term* 4u*t '?# ttv derate; be*t of reference* rlenn. Aildreea box 4.4# I'ovt oflloe. BO A (It WANTED?f A SINOt.K GENTLEMAN IN A private famllr. elthF In New Yn.-k or Brooklyn, where the comfort*'?f home ci b"- nloved at a moderate charge. AU-Ire,, i. h.. h. ? l,IMil'o?t nlooe. BHOARD AND KlDfVG WANTKD-BY A YOI'NG gentleman, In it |rxate family, above Twrn'.v third ?trect; term* moderate) Addreae A. W., box 4,703 Poat omen, N. V. WANTBD-BY A <; RIFLEMAN AND WIFF, ABOUT Brat of next month.I (lenient Room an I Board. Ad dreaa. with particnlar*. algo* prior (ltie|n,i|ng g?a and litei, 0. J., Ilerald ofl'oa. Refrt not* exehanged. WANTED?A NICRL1 FURNISHED ROOM FOR A gauiletnaa and wlfetvlth Board for wife only, where thereiire no other hoardeti Reference* given If required. Aodree* 0 E. II., alatimil. WANTRD-A ORNTlJM AN OR EDUCATION AND refinement dedrn* fhirnlnhed Room In a onnveei -nt locality, With flrn, light.. A Private famNy preferred. i;n. donhted rei ercneea aIU ? given and rnqulrrd. Addrcaa, Mating term*. Ac.. A- B.. jgrald ogee. WAN > ED?IN THE lENTEBL PART OF BROOK lyn, not f?r from tt ferrle*. Board and Lodging* for w1 gg? inwMTM, W.iwl AAltw, a. H., Il.r, I its.. at*ting term*. Re. T ktantkd-bt ^ rebLctablr YOUNO LADY. A ? nlro fttrntohM m,v xthlik Board, where *he ran have a rood borne. Te. me ran ro moderate. Letsetlea eW*? BJeecker atreeC. Addreae, ? . ManaM ???* AID LODOIWO WAITED. ^ W'xVTBD? BY A LADY AND GENTLEMAN. A NICELY " furnished, wuh Board for lady, where there we ""A tew or no other boarders. Addres, with full p irtlculara, reoiie others will reoeivo attention, Stewart, box all) Herald country board. At NEW BRIGHTON. STATKN ISLAND.?A PRIVATE family wish to let, funnelled two sleeping Room* and Parlor, with Board, to a family without young children, or to gfuUemen with their wives: aliout tan minutes' walk front landing, private oirrt .ga to aud from the boat Ad dreaa boa 1 tot New York ('oat otllvo. WANTED?PROM MAT 1, WITHIN ONE HOUR'S ndf of New lurk, Hoard for a genwinian aud wife, buby aud auric. AiUreta Zig Zag, l>oa I,SAB New York Poet Office. HOT K I.N. American hotel, broaoway and eighth street, New York, on the European plan. Rooms lu auita or singly, at moderate terms. RE-UNION hotel, forty-second btrket and Fourth avenue?Booms in suit or single; newly and elegant1) fur:,.abed at reasonable rates; tabie a la European or table d'hote. WALL HOUSE. WILLIAMSBURG. WITHIN THREE minutes of ferries, superior Rooms and Hoard. J"rmn. stout, H 50 per day; permanent, $8 to $16 per week. CITY REAL ESTATE FOR HALE. A SPLENDID POUR STORY BRICK HOUSE ,O.N ONE ol the he.i streets up town, for sals; centrally located, In perfect order and every improvement. $20,000. POITJiK BROS, k BELLAMY, No 3Pine street. AT PRIVATE SALE?HOUSE 219 WEST TWENTY first street. 38x49: lot as by half the bloek. I'ric" $14 fig). WM. II. KOOMK, last West Twenty-first street, second door east of Eighth s venue. A HANDSOME, PULL RIZED HOUSE?SIXTEENTH street, near Fifth avenue; Independent wall.; built in most thorough manner, without former; grate* in all the rooms; a ? ul stamlal. ruinfoi t.. hlr homo: immediate posses sion; price gtU.OOd G. W, SIMMONS, JK.. 90 Broulway. A TWO STORY AND HIGH B ASEMENT HIGH STOnP House (IShtldOl. No. 8 Holyrood place, Klrhlv-lbird street, between Second and Third avenues, for * tie: o into ins eight rooms, gas fixtures, marble mantels, hard walis. water; in line order; good location: Prior BO; trims easy. THOMSON, 1.3X1 Fh rd avenue. A SPLENDID FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE for sale, 78 East Sixtieth street; tiret el tas location, with Immediate possession. Any )antes wishing to pu cnaso a lirsl class house romo and see it. App!> to J. ? J. FaTTB TCI1. 418 Third avenue. A FIRST CLASS EXTRA LARGE FOUR STORY high stoop House, on Murray Hill, corner Madison avenue, cheap. W. P. SEYMOUR, 171 Broadway. A PINE CORNER PROPERTY, 80x11.7. NEAR,BIlO\D w .y, below Fourteenth strnet, -u table for n hotel or boarding hiu.e; U in go,>d repair: 3 or 8 year, lease W. P. SEYM til IC. 171 Hroal'.vny. A?FOR SALE, LOT AND FRAME HOUSE NO 11* . West Thirty-eight street. Apply to G. B. SMITH, 191 West street. A Til REE STORY HIGH STOOP HOUSE IN T"TR ticth street, near Fourth avenue, for sile nt $26 OU). Apply to URMY A COPLAND, 41:1 Fourth avenue. A SPLENDID FOUR 8TOBY HO'sR OA SECOND J\. avenue. Sixth streoi .n perfect order; price $20,600; two new three story brick French rooi Houses oi i?eih sin'O', near the river; price $9 OJU. Permits o: s. A. Sl'liN CER, .81 Grand street A SUBSTANTIALLY BUILT THREE STORY HIGH I sloop hr ck House In g aid location up town, can be bought lor $15.odii. Apply lo POTIKR BROTHERS A BKLl- \MKT. No. 3 Pine strce.. A FINE FOUR STORY HIGH STOGP BROWN mono lion-*- for sale: very nenr I'ftlt avenue; 22x58* 98.S: "iibstaothilly built; price reasonable. PoTTER UR TiIKRs A BBi.LA.MUY, No. S Pine street. ABLOOMINGDALK road HOUSE FOR SALE?CON. staling of Har, Barroom, Stock. F'i\t.ures. Sheds. Stables -rod extensive Grounds, with fo i' Lease nt adjoining Bulfding. at very low rent. Hie whole will bo sold nt a great sacrifice as the owner i? ownpel.ed to leave. This 1* an unusual chance to make money. Only Sl,b(M required. KING A go.. No. 9 Twenty-third street, Fifth Avenue Hote'. A GOOD LOOAT ON.?A THREE STORY HOUSE, 12 rooms. Slots hOxl'ai -Eighty fourth street. North Mdc, '2*1 Met east of Tenth a ?? tin? In pood repair snd title good; immediate possession: $13 Oik); $11,500 on mortgage. THUS. SCAN LAN, 7Ci Khb.h avctine. A DESIRABLE HOUSE AND LOT?TMUBB STORY high stoop; all the improvements: UC West Fifty third ?treet: $14 <>00. THOB. SCANLAN 781 Eighth avenue. OO DO IN VESTMENT.?THE l'RO BUTV 114 FEET, corner of Grand and Wmister. 00 Met ou the latter, six huid.n*. pays 25 per eeni. for the eapital layestpg; price low: term-t liber-1; title Apply lo TfloS. SCAN LAN. 7G1 e.ghth avenue. Ftor sale?first class new four story brown 1 sfene tintiies snd lots, $1 and 63 We.l 39th. between 5th and Bth nvs., rosewood door*. W. PANNING. 37 W. JJth. For sale?a first class four story brown stone House. 2Sx5o feet. Apply ou the premises. 145 West Forty-fourth atree t. li>OR SALE?THE THREE STORY AND ATTIC BRICK r House and Lot 187 Last Broadway. I<ot -b.lx76 tecL Apply to MKRR1TT TRIMBLE, KJ John street FOR BALE-HOUSE AND LOT 83 EAST TWELFTH street: prior $27,000. or will be let, furnished or unfi nished. Army on the premises. Also House and Lot 153 East Nlueleeuth street: price $16,600. Apply as above. PGR KALE?A BRICK SLAUGHTER IIOUcR. NO. t? Third sireet, lot 25x100, between First and Second ave nue*. Iuquire of PHILLIPS WEEKS, 37 Waahiugtun market. 1/lOR RALP?THE FIRST CLASS FULL SIZED HOUSB F snd Lot 19 Bunt Twenly-fllih ?treet; on excellent house end Heritable situation. Immediate p< sn-ssiou. Apply "> HUM EH MORGAN, No. 2 fine street, or MERtUTT TRTM BLK. 83 John street. (foil SALE?ON EIGHTH AVENUE. WEST HIDE, \ 1 four story brown "tone Hone* and -tore, between Flf ty-second una Kitty-third street*. Inquire of 8AMUEL i.OCUKAN. ItM West Kifty-tnlrd "tree;. For su,k?tiif. kivk rtorv brick house and Lot ? >utheo*t corner of Houston end Mulberry itrwu: rool locution lor :lmo*t any business. Inquire on the premises FIOR SALE-HOU8BS OH LAURENS STREET. SUL Ilvun street ami Houston street. Apply to J. W. MOO EI RE, UB Hnied way. , TJtOR SALE?ON Mt'RRAT HILL, THB FIRST CLASS F four story brown stone House. 273 Lexington sveoie. between Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth streets. Pod sire nml III el) situated. Kor peir.nts end further Inlormetiou MORGAN. No. S Pine street. FfOR 8ALB?OH OP THE BESTCOBXRR8 AND REV. 1 oral Houses In Seventh avenue; two Houses in We?t Thirty-third street; llrst rlars and all kinds of Houses and Lots in the city .ind lliirlem: terms easy. Inquire of t:. fell N El HE It. isO Eighth avenue, from 2 to 12 A. M. and 6 to (P.M. FOR 8ALE-IIOU8K AND LOT NO. 70 GREENWICH street Apply to WILLIAM L. BOYD. No. 7 Bute street. I NOR SALE?THE PLOT OF GROUND 90 PERT BY 1 IOC, i-llnuled nn the southwest rornar of Hecood u venue and Twenty ?eventh street, together with three brick Dwelltiic" thereon; prlee $2u,is*l. Apply to J. H. llblt BICK, If Smith street. ; FBQB (MJUB?A FOUR STORY ENGLISH BASEMENT 1 !loi'?e. In West Twenty-eifihth street, wuh ell ihe mod ern Improvements. PriiVlMllA Apply to WILLIAM K STAFKuKU. WlilUaj street. _ For bale?a poor story brick house, with store :M Ninth avenue; also two llorses and two Carls, with Harness. In qui re ou the premises For raLB?POUR three story hrick ho cher $7.9(W escti; three three story fnme n>mtes,$40 00 ea- h WHJ he wild sepeiete or together. To save trouble no a*e it need apply. Apply to WE.iKri, HMth street and Fourth ev. TJIOR RALB-A POUR RTORT BRICK HOUSE AND r Lot and Stable on the northeast corner of Forty, seventh street and Ninth avenue. Inqntie on the til at Boor of WM. 0 MORGAN, from9 A. M. tod P. M. FOR BALB?W. BIST st, B 8. H. 8. BRICK #1I.IP0 W. 48tli ah, 3 s. h. a. b. a 16 ?? 60t!i st.. nearftth av, 12,1)00 Others at Si.ojj to StSo.tU). __ S1MOND9 k CO., 1 227 Broadway. FOR BALB?A CORNER. 4 HOUSES, NEAR 2 LOTS of (round; DeUneev street, near Bowery, rented at S4.0Q0 a vear: price I2H.500. half oauh Also a three ?tory and b.i-wraent hrick House nnd Lot In Rtanton street; pi ma 9'.MA), bull cash. Inquire at 27 Cannon street ol M.DOWN. For rale?a large double tbnemest house on East Thlrty-thlid street, No. 343. 29x911; lot HW feet; four story. In good order, and rents well. Prlee $10 790; terms easy. Apply to J. A J. PKTI RETCH. 418 Third ?v. tpOR BALE-THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BRICK r House and Lot, In Fourth street; botue 22x29, (as and Croton; price $7,.'410. WM. BOOBRT, 167 Broadway. N. T. FOR RAI.E?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. A four eto-y F ngHsh basement lloue, replete with all modern lmi>roremeuta. In g'xxl order. Con be seen by ap pbrln( at ?> West Ihlrty-flfth street IjlOR NALB-AT A GREAT 8A0RIPICB, BECAUSE the owner wants to leave the State, a well knoern Road House, on the we?t>lde of Central Perk; loo( lease, low rout. fc RKDKRICK A. PSTivRtlflN, No. 9*4 Pine st. FOB BALF?BUILDING AND NINE YEARS' LEASE of 277 Oroeenwtch street; now rents for $42**) per annum; price $20,000. H. C. PURMAN, 118 Hndson street For r*lr?$19,000, west forty-third strert. . throe St^r high stoop brown stone Houses, Just Daub ing! built by daye' work. A bergaln VAN TlNK A MYERS, 23 Pine street. yOR RALE?A THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BRK.'K r Home In West Tenth street near Fifth avenue, with losses*ton. Apply to UTK A CliRI 18, (OS bkxtb avenua For salf-in eart twknty-pirrt rtreet. an elcvant four aury brown atone high stoop front House; IB spler.did order. House $8*70; lot 2BX10B. Prtoe $M,(TO. WATBRLOT* A CO., 9$ Meeaeu street. Fob balb-in 'VEST thirtieth street, a three ?tory English basement House. Price $13,000. Aleo fonr story English basement in Forty-third street, wear Broadway. Prtoe $14 380. Also throe story brown atone m Writ Pifl/ aeroBd strret. near Broadway price $1 !,?*<. Stores In Seventh and Ninth avenues. and Houses la differ ent parw of the eMy. WATRRLQW A CO., 20 Nassau atreet IjlOR SALE?THE VALUABLE STORE PROPERTY ' on ihaTorner ofBlxth arenas and Amity street, known aa 18 Ruth avenue, 137 and 13$ Amity atreet Inquire of I. PLYRN. 91 Carmine atreet rn bale-two elegant pour story brow ?tone front (trot dees Houses, on the northwest norm of Lexington avenue nnd Rtiifth street ? and 89 Rtxllet street Inquire on the ' For salr?hou8k and lot i? bondbtrbrt, three stories and offices In 'he rear. Apply at 179 Centre street, UP stairs bet went) II and L CITY REAL ESTATE fOR SACK. Fob hack?house and i.otms west thirty .nth >-treet; three (tory b.<-.inent brick; 19 P9MM| convenient for two families: lot Inquire 01 fc. J. HATCH, 875 Ninth aveuue. or JAMES PRICE. 200 Hudaou ?treat, rrtoa $8,500. For salk-threr story hioh stoop brick Houae. 350 Went Riff.Mli atreet; ahoul IS fee' 'root; lu, bath, At Permit and trriui of WM. Ji. WEST, H Teier -treat. fjSOR SALE?EIGHTEEN YEARS' lease or two 1 amall Dwelling* and two vacant Ikits, central l.veatlon, near Sixth avenue; good location for factory or livery jtable. Apply at 800 Seventh avenue, corner Twentvntnth atroet. ^ Fvon sale?on second avrnur, a beautiful 1 Corner House. 28 feet wide, and in Sue order throughout. Apply to E. K. LUDLOW A CO., No. S Pine etreet. For sale?stork and dwelling, southwest

corn.r of avenue 0 and 8 -coud atreet: one of the beat buatneoa atanda i it the avenue. lot 18(56. "rice t10,000. lu qu re of J. ATTRIDUE. 201 Eakt Kourth .feet (old number 5M), or J. MATIIKWSON, No. ? Pine atreet. FOR KALE-HOUSE and LOT, 117 NINTH AVENUE: lot 27 4x100; 48 d<?ep, modert Improvement*. Inquire of K. J. HATCH, 875 Ninth avenue, or JAMES PlUCIi, No. 200 Hudson atreet, on the p-rmlee*. FTIOK SAf.K-A HANDSOME TIIREB STORY IUOH " at.tip brick ILmae. 22)? fret front, on Weal Foity-eighlh atreet; price $18,1100; aurrmindlng- ill good. THUS. E. F1SII, 26 Pine atreet. FOR SALK-11Y WM. 8. JENNINGS, 111 BROADWAY (Trinity Building), baaemont. WeatSM .L, near6th ?v., Satorv high atoop brick....$78,000 Went 4M It at., near 6th av., 3 ?t'lry high ?toni> b. a 2! 5'*) Weat 47lh rL. noar Broadway, 0 "tory hlqh .toon brick I'.'.SOQ Went 34th at . near 7th av.. 3 story Engllah bnem't h a. 16 MX) ?pOR SALJS?AN ELEGANT HOUSE IN 14TH ST .JAR _ tween Kth an I 9th ava 377 Wtl A 4 atorv hrlck Honae on 2d av.. neur 6(h at 28.000 A2alary Hdaaeen York St., mar Went Broadway.... ? A 4 story brick Houae In East 20th a'., tieur 2d av 14 WO A 4 ?tnry haaemmt Houao In Weat XM at. near 9th av. IWWI A 2 vt >rv Houae lu SuTolk at. Hear Klvlncton JO 080 A nentSatory Honae In Sack < it at.. Hrxihlvn <,500 ltLEECKER, HYDK A LOWKRIK. Noa. 4 and 6 Pine atreat FjVOR SALE?A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY FULL Iront iloiiae on Madiaon avenue, ne.<r Thirty-eighth street, snlendid location; immediate ;viM?*s?ion. 8. F. IRELAND. Jul Hroadway. FIOK SALE? A BKAUTI i UL THRRR STORY HIGH ?to"ii hon?e In Thlrtr-Cfth street neir Fifth avenue. In eomp' te oednr throughout, Price $88,600. and with Fur niture. $27,1100. Apply to K. 11 LUDLOW A CO.. No. 71 Pine atrrei. ptlR SALE?JUST WEST or UNION SQUARE, A I wo'.l bunt and tirat cl?a? fouratorr brown giune Hou-e, tvllli J.irjte extension, soluble for billiard, dining or hall r> om: carlv imi ?<??-' <>u given. Apply to K. H. LUDLOW A * (>. No. 3 Pine <: let. poll SALE-ROCK COTTAOE HOTEL?ON BLOOM I In.di'e road: ?vUl be ?>'d f?r half its value: good reason* given tor ?el ink. WALLER A ,1111'sn, 25 Chambers atrci. fjVOR SALE?A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED THREE atory liii;b stoop Honae; parlors fj earned. modern Im provements, m ootnnhMe ortlor. Pr en only $14.' 00. S. K. IRELAND. All Itroudwnv. Ft()R RALB?THREE STORY BRICK nOlTRB. IllGII 1 stoop, ve-nuda. brown etone trimming*; all improve, menla: Last Twentieth iMst, wurlii sule, near Pooond ave nue. Pu-re? ton 1st of May. Inquire of the owner. AS Plue si vet. room l'J. HIOH MALE?FOUR FULL l,"TS. 150 FEET FROM Fifth avenue, <oi Slxtv-foiirth atreet Pi c for all I ?'.31,060. DYE A CI ? RTlss 508 Sixth avenue. lJlOR RAIiE?A HANDSOME THREE STORY HIGH L stoop brown (time lloijae ? Twenty-seventh a'rect, near -Sixth a venue. p<lc? $1122X1. DYE A CURTIS*, MIS sixth avenue. For - utusr clas brown stone house en ""hi ty.'arveoth street. between Fifth and Sixth eve no> s. $22.tXO: uue on Forly-aeuund street, newtv fre-rood. 94"0si: one on East rwenty-eighlli at,-wet, $32 500; n valu able cor ner on Third avenue price *10,000. DTK ,fr CURTISS. 608 Sixth avenue. TTV1R SALF-ON THIRD AVENUE. NRAR TWENTY P aeventrt etr-et a <!.ree story brtek llome end Ia>i a ?bdrrtHo hndrmB location; nttl-l* be tnlrl Immediately. Ap pb to S. i'ARDWELI- 4IC fhtrd avenue. Lit>R maLR -A THREE NTURY BROWN STONE niGH I t!<t <p Fri-nch rurif sunk area Houae 23.H\.5tt; hair the block: pMMSurvrt let of Mac; on Koriv-nlntii atreet, aonth ar :'. between Fifth and sixth avemtaa. Price !22,51V). Term* easy. G. S. I?Y E, S0H Sixth nvenne. LiOIT SALE-SEVERAL FULL LOTS. RUNNING c through from llltb to 112th street, between Fourth and Fifth avenues. Price tl,(KI each I'erin- en<v. DYE A CiriCTISF, htw Sixth avenua. POE SAI.E?A rROPNRTY ON SEVENTH AVENUE, includioc lite corner of Tliirtv-atstb atreet. lhOalA Priee $40CUB. DTE A CURTISS, J!.S Sixth avenue. F ,AOR KAI.E-ON BROADWAY. OPFO-ITK CITY HALL Para. A lull Jeit- w'th I. ou -treet, with Rnrlding*. 11 OM ER MORGAN. No I Pine *treet TrtOR SALE-NO 6 WEFT WASHINGTON PLACE, 3 ' ?nty. high atut>p. bnrk lluit-e; near Wu'liinxtou square; gotal J. AW. DKNILAM, Eighth avenue, i* rner Sixtcentli street For sale-a very desirable three htort brick IIonce, in Alacdougal ?trect. bctoee.n Bleeeker end 26x70x169. Price flAWO. Apply to P. BONTEY, 713 Broadway. 1NOK SALE?PROPERTY 96 AMD 97 CHRY.STI8 r atreet. Lo:? 76x1110 Aseh. W. C. FLANAGAN. W Chryatte aUeet For bale-jurt w^st of fifth avenue, the trrat cla*? four atory Houae No. 4 Weat Twenty-eighth street. Ittitw fed. and In completo repair. Eur price and P'Tiuit applv t.> K. H. LUDLOW A CO.. No. 3 Pine vlreet. F7IOR kale CHEAP IN nARLEM? A THREE STORY 1 high atoon brick Houae; apleudld localton; $3,600; alac several other Uou*e?, cheap. TNE A BROWNE A McLBAN 881 Third avenue. For sale chmr-rwo wits rtv the north ?Id* 'if Forty-third *tre?", between Ninth and Tenth av*. dh*?. For paruenlnra apply to POTTER BROS. A BEL LAMY. No. 3 Pin* street For pale cheap?lot and pwklltnhp there on To*. 117 and U7<t V .trick ?lro*t; RU feet front by M feet drop. Apply t<? K. lll'UMK. No. 2X1 itnror. itroet. For sale i?ow. owner ooino to rurope Knur "rat cl.iaa new ihre* mory lnrh sloop brown i-upm front Hon***, Klrhtv-fonrih ?ln-*l. between Second and Tb'rd arcnura; po??***li>n May I, 1887: Prices $ln..wn to $l2.<t)0. Alromie four kbier high otoop br*k Hon*.-. Ml W*?t Forty 'ourlh Mr*' i: independent wnl'.a, 26 feet front In eood re pair; 3fi room*; im?aea?lon Iminedliitelv: for JTVWM. In noire of F. PRENTICE or J. E. SMITH. 2rt Pine ? treat. FIOR SALE OR LEASK-A FIRST CLASS FIVE story brown stone Building In Liberty street running through to Cedar street; near Broadway. 8. P. IRELAND. 201 Broadway. For halb or to lease?furnished. the Ex tra wt le and superior House eouthwoit corner Madison avenue and Thirty-fourth street, with stable In the rear; the house wn? built and finished In the beat manner; early po*K*aalnn would be given and Furniture *nld. aa the owner la grlug abroad. Apolr for nertnlt and fnrther particular* to E. II. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine atreet. FOR SALE OR TO LET?THE NEW P1RST CLASS brown Hon** No. 3 Eaat Fifty-fourth atreet: Im rn ilute poaaevn.nn given. Apply to O. K. CROOK, 96 Bowery. Houses for sale-bt a. journeat, no. < pine atr*efc Second avenue, three atory En all* h ha?*ment brick. .$10 f09 We*t 4$J ?treet, three etory hl;rh ?tnop brown atone.. lit fk?l We?t3id dreut three atory high atoop brlek 17.Ski WeatfiOth atrcei. three atory high atoop brick 14 000 I EASE FOR SAT.E-OF NO. II HOWARD STREET. J corner of Elm. 32x93, tor the term of ten year*. Apply on the prem arm. Lotsporsalk. 3 Lot* on Fifth avenue, near Mth atreet. ?n i,eta no Lralnffton a*., b*tween 42d and 46th atreeta. 17 I.oU on tfadl*on *?.. between 44ih and 48th atreeta. 10 Lota on 77th ?treet, betwe?n 3d and tth aventiea. 8 I^ote on ?Rth atreet, between 3d and 4th avenuea. And on all th* nvenuea and atreeta from Hilly-fourth to Seventy eighth atreet, from Klrat to Fifth avenue. * W. H. WOOD. C6 Wall atreet Mott havkm.-for sale, a sndo RBSIDBRCB, with a*able; near borae and ateam vara. Will be aold with furniture if desired. Apply to BLEBCKEB A DBNI SON. BlJ Pine atreet Murray hill, west THiRTY EroiiTn street, near Fifth arenne.?A flrat *M fonr ?tory hifh atoop brown atone front Dwelling, complete In every respect: ele. vator to aecoed atory. Ac. Poapeaalon I mm*dl?ielr If dealred. Pri'v $41(4X1 No agents need apply. Addreaa p., hot 4,121 Poat office. SIXTH AND NINTH ATENUE BUSIHESS PROP erty. on the weat aide, below Thirty-Aral atreet; alao a full 1 "i on Elkhty-fourth atreet treat of the Park. Inquire at 487 Slllh avenue. Tenement property for sale very ctteap? A four atory brick Houae. on the eatt aid# of Eleventh avenue, between Forty-Arat and Fnrty-aecond atreeta. J. BOMA1NB BROWN, 1,$7$ Broadway. rF BEST ARRANOED. MONT SUBSTANTIAL AND elcganily belli flrat olaaa full aired brown atone Real dence on Fifth avenue, Mm ray Hill, for aale very low, with Immediate possession. by FREDERICK A. PETERSEN, Architect No. 3\j Pine atreet VALUABLE BROADWAY LEASE FOR SALE-NEAR V the New York Hotel; HOtlOD. Apply to BLKLCKBR A DEMISON. Ho. ?X Flee atreet VALUABLE BROADWAY LEASE FOR SALE.? Eleven yeero leaae of building Mil Broadway for aale. For particulate apply to HENRY D. FELTER. <00 Broad way. ffTH AVENUE LOTS FOR SALE.?THE AVENUE AND O street l/Ota In the hloek bounded by Fifth and .Radlaon avenuea. Forty-seventh sod Forty-eighth atreeta, la parcels - - " "v.'r x<k,p. . .1^,. TH AVENUE?FOR 8ALB. A VERT VALUABLE LOT. J southeaat coraer Flfly-drat atreet. lflu.6 on avenue and SB feet on street Apply to B. H. LUDLOW A CO., Mo. $ Pine atreet WILL BUY A RICH HOUSE AMD LOT IE 6 eino W1M' Brr * "to* house and lot in I wOaOyv/ Rutgers atreet between Heury and Madteonjl Dire nelrtiberbemT It baa H rooms, water, aaa, Aa.; fMWl eaab. Also $.1,900 will buy the nine, small three atory brick I Houae and Lot oorner of Rutger and Madlaon streets. with More on toe coraer; C$J00 eaab. Apply to PATTER. ?t ?19 r,nn TP* 4 T55** ntoet high htoop II iMW House, In Fifty-third street betweam Broad. I way an<7 Elgblh avenue. Alao oao tor $10,**>. modem tm provemeaia. B. P. IRELAND, Wl Broad* ay *11> f)(Ul WILL HOY PTVB LOTS OH CORNER #lt),UV/V of Forty-third atreet and Second arenne: $4,008 tare# lotalu Seventy-fourth street betweee Reeend and Third areauea. BKOWM A McLBAN. $$1 Third araaua BROOKLYN RIAL RITATl FOR IALI. AM house that J&jjE^ESS prior. $wow ? No. ldffi Pr*aldent atreet, Brooklyn la 8Ma three sto ries and baaemrnt. built to tbo boal manner by days'work; I has all the Improvements, In eaplUI erder, and ready for Immediate occupation, neighborhood tret rote; lot dIHM8. For keys ipylf at 131 Preatdeut street Brooklyn. Fer ?arm apply to E. R. KRLLOOCk #4 Cedar atreet it Y BROOKLYN REAL BSTATBS FOR MALE. Brooklyn.?for sale, modern three story brick Residence, pleuaantly located 1",,''15, ? lot 3ux9tl: will bo aold cheap. Apply to A, JOUUHKll, S& ? Plu. street. Brooklyn.?for hale at a bargain, in brook. Ivu. E. J>., |pko ilgn auJ bA#?*m?*nt i)w?lllogi . B*i. Prioe ?2,5J0. Permit* of A. JOL'RNKAY, No. ? Pli-e airecl. F(<OR SALF-A TIIRRE STOIIY BRICK CORNER House ami L it. ZAy.VhIOO; now occupied a* a grocery: suitable for any other bu-ineas; stable in th< far: every thing In good nriler. Terraa ea-v. Inquire on tha premises, northwaat corner Ryeraon ami Willoughby am., Brooklyn. For sale?house and lot northwest cor oar of Hudson avenue and Til .irv atreat. Brooklyn. In quire at 41 Day atreat, between 1 and 3 o'clock. For sale?a two story and babrmi nt bouse, with extension, gas end water. In Sand* ?treat, Prook lvn: convenient to the terry. Apply to It A UN A Ri) A CO., SbO Broome streak J40R SALE -THREE STORY BASEMENT AND SUH cellar brick House, SBkdSklOO. all modem impro.enieute, ?ituata nn Sand* atreat. near Fulton. Alao two three story basement end aubreller brick House"; One situate on Pacific an I ona on Srheriuerhorn 'treat. Hrlee >1,0 1 e ch. Apply to TYLER k COOK, No 4 Bend* atreot, Brooklyn. TiAOR BALE IN BROOKLYN, ' Two three atory brick Houaae In Monroe at 11x40. lot |?1 rent deep, with water hot and cold, hath w tar elo-et, it itfonare waeh'itba, gaa, heater, vestibule dear*. .?e.: price Id'09 One two atnry etHc aud baaamcut frame House In Wll OUghl'V atreet; water, water elnaei, f??. Ac ; pri. e 04 2OU. One two story and basement House In Caill street; water w i ereloaet gas Ae.: price $1,700. Aw...I., la V T UE*!>??2 *4? ESillon ulr*nt Apply to N. T. BEERS. 37 Fulton atreet. Brooklyn. F40R SALE OR TO LET?A VERY DESlKAnL1-- RI 1 dence, containing 14 (MM, Yvlth roach house and atable attaclird, and tl l-ota beautifully laid ont with grapevines, fruit trees shrubbery Ac . 'it Windsor Terr,A ... > htthual) tnwtial.lp, on tha Brooklyn City Una, facing Prnspeil Perk; convenient to Fulton fer.ycara. Apply to JOHN ROBERT BON, lis Water str. et, Brooklyn. T EASE FOR SALE?IN W>LLIAMSHURO, NEAR I J Oram! atreet ferry; -onvenlont in tha rlrer; Ad fret front on one atreet and Nt eel on the other, with good build litgt; .tdaiued to a distillery or manufacturing bo-mesa. A up! J lo.IOHN KOACn ,V SON. 331) 'tivtngtnn r.treet. A " ADA ?FOR SALE?BROOKLYN HOUSE AND pPxI.'M'yI. 4 Lot*. On tea avenue, two blnejc* xreat of H road way; two elory and attlo nml two at irv exten.lon; hot and cold water: range, bath, water closet gtta fixtures, Ae.: Gatn* Avenue Railroad, now building, will p taa down. J. E. CORNELL, 18 Conrt street. (tA/\-A BARGAIN-THREE STORY AND ?T'Jao'/'/ basement brick House, No. SI South Fifth atreet. Brooklyn, F. D.. thrco inlnutea from fnrnea. Half on mortgage. Apple aa ab >va. }*] 0 000 ~nA,rnsoMR mahr,'r Hon,i sale; iinnieitlote oo-.ea.ioti, modern int* prov. inonts; Ural oUaa neighborhood; tie ir icrry. Hi oklyuj paymenta near. MURRAY A KLSTON. 1W Foul street. New York. COUNTRY REAL ESTATE Ft?rl ULR. All wasting farms?good soil, mild cm mate 34 nit'ea anuth of Philadelphia. Frier only $25 Kr acre. Alao improved Fame. Hundreda aro ?ettllug. formation aenl free. Addnisa 0. K. I.AN HIS. Vimdand, New Jerrev ATrENTION, LfMBERMBN.?WE HAVE AT OCR dl-posd an exceedingly vabiahle tr et of Timber Laud, at u great bargain. WEST BROOK A OSBORNts, Connaidlora. 19.1 Rroadw.iv. \ PLEASANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR SALE? In Orange county, seven miles from Newbnrg: two mile from depot: eontilnlne 17 acrea. In garden and fruit, new hous". bom; neighborhood good A. BEKGRANT, 21 Wall street Attention, all wanting farms.?village ' ola. Water Powpr Ac ; ihllXkl acre* $25 ner acre; only 44 miles from New York on railroad to Phil utelphla. Bricks, b-.rg. Ocean county, N. J. For circulars address V. S. Holt, Agent. t \ ELEGANT NEW COTTAGE. ON CLTPFWOOD t\ Heights, opposite Kevport N. J., one and t half hoora from New York, built In the moat substantial manner, mar ble mantles, large cistern and excellent water: the location Is one of ihe most dellghtfnl In America, commending a magnificent vlew ?>' the ocean; four lot- ot ground: more If desired. Pilee $4 (100. Picture of house and description of plme gtren frro. by calling at 30 Clftitou p! u-c. N. Y. AT MOTNT VERNON? A FINE TWO RTORV BASE meet Cotts-e nnd outbuildings, complete; modern lin provementa; lor 2yjv:?*i SS..YI". GEO. W. FRENGII A CO., *V? Ninth avenue. A FEW FR' K BUILDING TjOTS IN NEWPORT. CAL.. J\ Pacific Itnilrnad terminus, near Sail Franct-ce. only retrain. All wlsntng a choice should call at oniw; 137 Broad we v. room IS. a T TREMONT?TWO STORY BRICK llorSE, 24x36: 4 all improvements; lot S'xISO: frn't tu obumlance; ?0,000. GEO. W. FRRKCII A GO.. 294 Ninth accrue. AN KLRGAlCr MILL. IN FTNR ORDER. FIVE RUN French burr -tonr, all oomnlete; noe mi's frout Hod son river, canal and railroads, P. ZRGT.TO, 12 Gen' re aL $ N ELEGANT RESIDENCE FOR BALE. WITH ONg ?4 or four ecroa, nlWcst Iloboken. N. J . .a substantial Ilnuae. rep'ete wl?h every convenience; adjotnlm the real, driive of .t.-.mea Kerrivan Tim above la highly lm|>rrved and cultivated, and commanding a Sne Ttew of New York Imv: wltliln 2ii mlnnies of all the ferrine by hor?e railway. Alao SO building larta for aale. Inquire of A. MAGOSCH, op the premises, or addreea box 190 nerald ofllce. T MORRIS ANIA AND FORDH AM?HOUSES FOR sale and to let. Farms, L?*.? Building Nltea thmnch <nn Weetchc-ter ???mnty. All k'nd* and price*. Apple to t staire. O. W. DITGHKTT, No. 2 New Chambers street, up i GOTTAGK* AT CLIFTON. STATE* ISLAND, FOR sale?Two Gothic Cottagea, cont ilnlllg elevep rooms each with eighteen Lola of Ground attached, one mile from Vanderhllt landing: price $fl.0d0 each Alao two araaM Col. tapes near the fcrrv landing; price $1.400 each. Apply to K. 8. TOWNfKND 527 Broadway. COUNTRY STORE BOR BALE-FIFTY MTLES FRO* eltr br Erie Railroad, built of brick and near depot and |x?st office: ?? excellent loo itmn for business. For par Honiara Inquire at IM Carmine street. /?aOUNTRY HOUSE FOR MALE?A SUPERIOR, WELL 4 / furnished Dwelling House, Ir, modern style, recently built, lb one of the most beautiful villages on the Hudson river, where superior schools, ffve churches and many other aitrantayea *re enjoyed. 1- offered for sale; three hoar* and a quarter from Now \ ork by rallmid. JAflOB SHARPR, 18 Pine etreet. C'OtNTKT RESIDENCE FtHt NAL.K?HITUATKI) ON / the the m-iln MT?nnr in Pslrfletd. Conn . consisting of ? house. continuing Si room*, replete with eyr-v modern Ira nrm-enien- and oonrenlenee. together with c.irrtsgo hcu?e. Iff house I filled I, barn, henrrv, gas Hoinf. hot house. work shop and sliont 8 acres ?f land. oleg.nitlr Is'd oat, eomnrls ine garden. lawn. orchard. Ac: ,inrr $23,000. nr fnrn-tn-d $:t"(xr). Applv to C. 7. WBMPLB, Manhattan Life Insur ance Company. COUNTRY PRATS IN NKW JRR8PT.?FARM OP 70 a'-ms, SIS.SOU: one do. IC arrow. $10,000; one of eight acre*. >3,330; one of right acres 8H.KI0. CAMPBELL, KELLY A CO, $01 Broadway. /NOUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR HALF.-W A3 to 42 m-res of highly rultiraled land. F l-WITn FROM U four orchard", flrntv of ?ninll frnit, 6?h "pond, beautiful stone houar con I'nlng eight rooms. in* barn and oth'r outbuilding". Also a Farm or from H to 3D acroa: mostly eajt'valed, nrw hnaar, barn. Ar : near Hnekensack, N. J. Inquire of L. KELL NElt. 91 William "Irrwl. Farm for sale?a farm of is acres. in nion ?tatr of enltiratloii, 10 minutes from Montrlalr, N. J. Inquire of OTTO SACKERnDOBF. 737 Brtadwir. room 8. ijaarmp FOR salb-or to exohanor for nrw r York or Bronklfn houaea; three splendid farm-; one of 4A acre* n?ar White Piatna; two on l.onff Inland .-brunt, 86 anil 140 acrea, with good bulldlDC" fruit and stock. T A. HKROEANT. ? Wall atreet. IjlARM AT CROTON LAKE?100 ACRES. V, STORY 1 h.m?r. RT)t44. with eitcuslon, two slot r House adjoin ing. large ham and granary with cellars: living atream vra ter: fruit abundant: half mile frontage on lake; abade tree*; a splendid summer re?"rt: gis.tioo. OBO. W. FRENCH A CO., 198 Ninth avenue. IjllHR MANIIFACTITRINO PROPERTY rOR SALE?IN 1 Jersey t'ltv. Four Lot* oti eorner, with large four atorv brick Building, near rivrr and railroad. For terma aad (UtMin vldtess Chartaa Rlearna. 3tw Broidwar. For salf?twenty milks up tiik Hudson, u mile" from depot, a good House and barn, with two acres or land, for $2,00). Apply to JOHN R. ACKERHAK, Dnbha' Ferry. For sale?at a bargain, for CAsn, in tee city of Elizabeth, N. J., near depot, a fine large Dwel ling Ilouae, Stable. An., with aevrral lota of Land, Well laid out; fruit tree?, "hade trees. shrubbery, *r. BLAKE A DUDLEY. 84 William street. OB SALE?COUNTRY SEAT ON THE FINOP.B _ Board road. Stated Island, two miles from Vundcrbllt landing; superior house and outbuildings, with 40 arret of ground; will be sold at a low price. Permits of A. JOUR NEAY, No. 6 Fine atrre.t. For sale?farm of fifty acres, at sino sino, under rood cultivation; fine orchard, house and other buildings. Price $8,000. H. 0. DEXTER, No. t Broad street. Fob sale?in mount yernon. westchester coiinlv, N. Y.. ? nice Cottage Ilouae, with about half an arm of good ground; plenty of fruit tree": grounds well laid out; abundsnoe of good water; within three mini tei' walk of depot; price $3 ?*V Inquire of HAR PER, First street, between Fifth and Slath avenues, near ?l. for A. K. Ingrabsm'a place, or to S. EMBBRSON, tghth avenue. New York. rR SALE?A CHOICE COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN the town of Bye, one hour from city by New llaven Railroad. T. WhU.WUOD, d4B Broadway. rR SALE?A HANDSOME COUNTRY RESIDENCE, In Monmouth oounty, N, J., a short dlstancn from Key port; house Octhte style with 18moras rnllk mom and net lar. barn, Ac; Kid acres of land, mostly cnltlvalnd: plenty of fruit and shrubbery; about It acres or iron ore. Inquire of L KKLLKBR. 91 William street IpOR PAI.F?A HANDSOME COUNTRY RESIDENCE, ' with first class Improvements; located In Weatche?te.r county, a short distance from the elty. Call at US East For ty-alith street. En SALE?A FARM OF TEN ACRES, HITUATK'I on I ho line of the New Jersey Railroad, half a mile the depot, fifty minutes' ride from New York - 1-arfe House and outbuildings. all la good order. Also large nuni ? her wall selected fruit trees. >4,100 ana remain. Address J. A. 0.. bei 1.888 Post o?ae. YTtOB SALE OR LEASE-FACTORY WITH DOCK, ON P Newtown ereek. near Baal rlrer, 81 acres, south side of State* I aland. Ml lota aa Sewtowa <ma#kwfth largo water front. Apply to S. R. SCHIEFFELIN. 170 William "treat. TN NEW JERSEY A FEW MILES AROYE FATERSpN. 1 and ton mlnuUW walk from iho depcR. 14 acre* well fruited; Hoaao and outbuildings. Price $4,8*8- Addw Farm. aUtlon C. MAOWIFICKNT FARM OF 1 880 ACRES. WITH FIRST class honse and outbuilding", oo the Hudson; $?.U?. Aloe beantrfnl Residence at Newburg few lain or exchange for city I????rtfr|tlCTCLAlfp $ CUTTER, $40 Broad way. Notice-a great .*aroair?tTH> _ simpsor Row- fbt m't earner of Tooth atraat and Pemaytoania ay?nut. s aahlaroo. D. C. For Information. Inquire of OBORwR HITCHRLU corner of Houston street aad Broad. Way. or B. CLAH NTT. Washington, P. C., Proprtator. $4?a^ajigw?sgaBa .tau WM. H. WEST. $7 Veear ntronh OOLNTKY IIU. EHT\tR Fon n',B. RESIDENCE FOR SALE IN NKW JKKSKY?VERY i desirable residence i r xe'.e In Newark. S J., wlihlii Ave minute*' walk of the New i. ml road d'[>uC the lot fronts on slreoU. being ItAlaAD foot. The garden la we J ?u?k(xl weld verv ?ho\.e frulsunt1 nerv, nm . plants, flower., Ac. The honae ia three stories 3! .3d, with 3t?:il* ,-x len?|.in, with tin roof, Conservatory, plrzin Ar , ignui .i all ce in.Hierii lmprov aeiiia, In complete order, and flolahad t uou. Imul. for nertlculara addrea# tlli riaaw * Smith, 250 Broad street. Newark, N. a. N B.-We hive Otaer deal able ruaiiioocea for sate Ui all pat u U the city and nonvenient to the uepots. ?lk> ftfWl ?FOR SALE, OPPOSITE rOUGllKBF.P if IJ.iXHI, ale, at NewpxulU landing, etona Hou-e, With butiding*: ISO acre*; 80 highly cultivated. 80 In mead ov. Also lor $18990. on batik a of PasaalO, one mile irotn Pat'araoo, new IIoum. W inomi. capacious outbuildings and ainall h>u-c fur fannar. B'K. II. WEST, &i Vesey street. REAL BSTATB IVAkTIBD. BI SIM ? PROPERTY WANTED?ON TBS WENT aide of thir l, hiuu or Eighth avenue, between four teenth and Fortieth ?trvet?, oi north al,1e of Spring, eaat of niinni >n. All Ire . mm parucuiars, but 2.MB4 Post olllue. Mile wants if?a first class flouring mill, new. near a canal or r .llroid. and New York. Price rmtn f 111 0:W 10 f lii tiOO. Ad.iro*e M. M? Crook's Hotel, 74 Chatham street, New York. ________ rriENKMMNT PROPERTY WANTED TO BUY OB 1 lease?the highest market value given. Apply to K. M. GIBBONS A CO.. 4Ml Hroomu drnet. W'ANTKD-TMKEF. KTORY HIGH HTOOP HOUSE. ? v b-twern Thirtieth and fiftieth street* and Islington and Mxtli avenuea; poa . aelon hjr May 1; $16,000 to $la.lkkl, cu.xli: neighborhood unexieutlmuible. 1J. C. DEXTl.R. No. ? freed street. A NTED ?C t TY OR OOfTNTRY REAL ESTATE, OR A 3to. ii of Merohan-t'.s % In etehap *e for u Petroleum Ueflner-. ,n.i .,ie.| on Uin he xi river, and to good ruoulog Order ami uluhle f.n nnv distilling purposes. AJ.l.eaa r. P.. ho 1 Hat V V. Poet - Tod. WANTRT)-TO PURCHANE FOR CASH. A COMFORT a ale Cottage and gr. unda. nei r the railroad betweet Rnrlam i.nd Kor lhaui. Address S. N. Cxrvalho, 811 lJruad way. room No. 7. tTTTANTbO?TO PURCTIAMB A SMALL HOUSE IN ?r coed nr'.er. with ill mtxlern Improvements: loeatinn beiwacn Fourteen! , and Sixtieth atraetM, from Third to Hlxtli gvmuiu*. l'rlee $8 .-O to ftO OUO. Address O. ()., ?Ux: ion D. TXTANTEO-FOR CASH. A DWP.Ll.INO, CENTRALLY ?? I n ted. worth ir.nn fx (100 to f 15,000. Leave note for F. E. H.. 1H West Eighteenth ..treat. TITANTED TO BUY-A HOUSE IN THE UPPER PART TV of the eltv; price from $7.l)UU to 610,000. Address, gta'tng terms and particulars, V. I!., Herald off e. UTANTED TO HIRE?A SMALL FARM. WUrG THE privilege of bavlnf, nut more than one hundred mllea fr m New Yor*. Address Itsnlel Tnhb, tM Went hortj-llrxt atreet. New 5 ork. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A HOUSE CONT'TNINO ell the modern Improvements l-etw.-eri TwtT.ih and Thirtr.ffth stpeix :inil west of Second avenue. Prww tioi 10 oxeei .1 Slf.'dfO. Addre?s for one week W. A., It. raid 0 lie' vv fl/ANTRD To PURCHASE?A HOUSE IN HP.OOK ?* lyii. on i a y terms: prlee from fl'.lOl) to $4 00U. Ad drexa. with full p-.rtlrul r , House, fleiwhl olliee. Wanted to pukciuke-in this city, a well lighted Bnlldlni for nianufarinrlng ptinajsea. Ad sxa. with full pir!i tilnrx. f. P. WolD, T5 Krunt atrect. ItrtNT I> Ti i PURCHASE?A HOUSE IN BROOKLYN. 11 haudy to fcry In order: price not to eseeed S.tXtn. Apn'leanm pi ???" elre dexcrtotion. Call on or ad ream N-. ISlti Waahln^ton atreet, N. Y. 1.1/ HO HAS IMPROVED PROPERTY TO EXCHANGE r ? for n .le -srv . arm, ?t<?ek an.l uWnxlla enmnleteT It's a bill-gain; 120 lu'rea; an hour from city. Address Uurr. Ilerald fllUoc. HOCRIUL itmrTis. *c., WAITOO. A MODERN. WELL LOCATED UNFURNISHED rood vljied House wanted to hire, hy a arnsll I .mlly of nndoutited resinnxfhif tv. Ail Ires* Adams A Co., UfcJ I'road way, nenr Tivcnty-thiril atie?i. ASM \LL HOUSE OR COTTAGE WANTED TO RENT.? Pi i.-" location, Ac. Box 1.629 Post o.r.< \ YOUNG WOMAN THAT GOES OUT TO DORK w ants a Riaim wiih a plsre for a stove. Call tit or ad> ilrexa for thice da a Dreaxmi.'ier, A41 Sixth avenue. Furnished house wanted?near fifth ave tine, laitwe-m Thirtieth and Forty-sanond alreets; must la- fall wrlftilgsud nut over 640u per month rent. Address ,M., It. raid oM.ce, OU8E WANTED?RENT MOT TO EXCk ED 61.800, and leouti-d hetsreen Twentieth and Fiftieth streetsaud f-cOld suit Eighth aveituea: parties answering must give full p..n!-ul ux 1n order to receive attention. Address Leave, Herald oflioe. ROHXK WANTED.?WANTED TO HIRE. <IM~a"lEAH? ui' ?ive yeara. a three alary modern bnllt house, not to exee?4 f2hut; m the locatiea of highlit end Twenty-third atreetx, between Fourth and lillik avenues. Address it., boa 4.W12 Po-t urn.>?. I WANT A SMALL FURNISHED HOUSE, FOR ONE year or more. Aditreax, stating price, M. W. Kilter, W Braed vay. TT WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. NBAR WALL STREET iVriy, or In Xew York, near the Task, a high stoop Dwelling lin-ise, with all modem Improvements. No an swers noticed which do not rent or prion location and size of premise*. I'leu-e add re* < boi t,Mt Post office. WANTED?BY A CLUB OF -TOUNO GENTLEMEN, an accessible unfurnUhrJ Room (ppaeeeahm Ma; li. between Fourteenth and Twenty-sixth streets and Sixth and Fourth avenues, Address, with term*, K. N. ?)., siatton D YTFANTED?III MAY, BY A RESPONSIBLE PRIVATE ff fsrnll/, part of unfurnished House with reepertnl^H party. Address J. E. rt., bo* 63 Post office, with partictw far*. WANTED-TO RENT FOR SIX MONTHS FROM April 1, by a gentleman and wlla. a small furnished Cottage lu Statru Island or on the Hudann, one hour's dis tance from the rltv. muet lie moderate Beet refer ences given. Address, stating particular*, C., box J.itdO Port otDoe. TXTANTED-A MEDIUM SIZED HOUSE OR PART OF ev a private Dwelling In YorkrlUe; possession by tbo 18th. Addreee, stating terms. B. II., Herald office. WANTED?FROM MARCH I TO .IOT.T I, A SMALL neatly furnished House, la a desirable location, at a moderaio rent. Address, elating looation and lerme, 6. E. ?., Herald office. WANTED?A SITIT OF UNFURNISHED ROOMS BT n gentleman and wife, suitshlr forhousokeepln*. Ootid ? neighborhood. Address, stating terms, Frederick Has broach, I.M West Twenty-third street WANTED?ONE OBTWO NEAT CHEERFUL RilOMS without board In the vUinlty of Ninth. Tenth or Eleventh alreet, between University place aud Slsth ave nue. Address F. II.. B1 West Tenth street WANTED?BY A MAN AND WIFE. THE SECOND V? floor, of tour or live rooms. In a llr-t aiaea house up town, west side, rent not to exceed $SW) per annum, frons May 1: best reference given. Apply to A. U., iW White street up slalra WANTED?A THREE STORY HIOB RTOOP BRICK House, below Twenty-aei ond street bg March 1. Rent gLBO. Ad Ires* M. C.B.. 12 BreV'sirt place. WANTED-RY A SMALL CLUB, A FURNISHED House, in or near Fifth avenue. Addreee boa LM Post ufhee. TITAN TED, APRIL 1ST?SM ALL UNFURNISHED vY House, one hoar from ulty. H., box h.dOh Fort w w ANTED-A SMALL THREE STORY HTOH STOOP [urnlshcd 11 mice. between Thirtieth and I Iftleth streets, LeHnct-m and Sltth avenues, with posses-Ion by May 1, rent not exceeding $2UU per month; ne ghborhood unexceptionable. It. C. DEXTER, # Broad strret Wanted-a part~oiT whole Hour a, eiihkr In New York, lluboken, Hudi-on City or Newark. Ad dress. staling rent. A. H. C., box 317 Herald olBce. WANTED?A MODERN BRICK OR BROWN BTONR House, in a respectable location, ate roaaonabla tent, or may purclisse. Address, with full partlculara, Hstnliton, 1M7 Broadway. WANTED-FOR ONE YEAR, PART OF A HOUSE. In th" ooitni'y, for a family of three younf parson*, with room tor nor se and carriage. Address A. L. It, bos 4.0AJ Poet office. New Y'ork. II? ANTED-A ROOM FOR TEMPORARY USE FOR A TV man and wife in a quiet locality. Address A. Park, box ISI Herald office. tlTANTBP-BT A PRIVATB FAMILY. TO RENT, ?? from May I, a medium sited modern but 11 House, below Twentieth street, on the line of Third or Fourth arm nue railroad. Address 8. K. <?.. 57 Catharine street J'ANTED?RY A I.ADT OF-QUIET 8ABTTB, A PAR lorand HeJrooir. or one large Room, with (dentj of e'lOeet room, with a Uernan or Krei.'h family j bouse mist hiVf mil mod'Tn inpr<iv?irco(i; location Thifl to Witin avenues sud Fourth lo Twenty-flftb streel*. Address Crocee, llorald office. _____________ ANTKU-A FULLY rUlt.NISMKU tlot-rB, BY A lady, where whole or pert of the rent would be taken In Board. Rri.-renoe* given. Cell at or address At Weet Thirteenth steel. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?BY A GENTLEMAN, wife and dmghWr (II years old), four unfurnished Booms suitable for housekeeping, connected ff possible, or three Rooms and Baoemant In a respect.-,Me locality. oak above Twnntv sixth alreet. and between second and Eighth avenues, or House renting for ffl.nOU or aonot, for two fam ilies. Besi of references. Addreva, stating particulars, bog 4.16) post - iffee WANTED TO HIRE-WITH PORSRSRlON MARCH or April 1. a me Hum etve tin umlshed House, in a good neig uiorliood. on tue weet side of the city, below For ty-lit i s'reet by a mi II American family; rent not to ex isted tills year; ? bonne of $S9 will be given for infot tna t on that wl I secure tin- above. Addroae, with lull partiou lars, A. II. R , but 4.S74 New York I'ost office. WANTED TO LB ARE?ABOVE TWKNTY-TUIRD alreet and east of Btoailway a first class thrve story and basement Hons , with ?U modern itaprovene its; fam ily so all; best tity referenda. Address, with permit and price, box 3.0(6, Poet office WANTED TO I,BARE?IN BROOKLYN, IN A RF? apeoteble neighborhood a sms.l House, with modern improveinenls. Ac drees, with pertk ulars. House, box ACT Post office. New York. _ WANTED TO RENT-BY A SMALL FAMILY, A TWO Ol d a half or three etory House, In a reipeWable n/llhberhood. Address, Mating prtoe and location, box MBI Post olBoo. WANTED TO EBMT?A HALL IN A NIC.f LOCATIOII. sites led between Fifth and Thirtieth streets and be tween First end Fifth avenues, for huldlsg dMne senriee and to seat from 800 to l.ujo persona. Addrert with eeadt tione B 1L, box in iioreld offtoe. WANTED TO RENT-FOE TWO TO FITE V?ARS. for n email family, a high efcop or FngHsh hsaement Hen so, above Tenth rtraet and botnhwoTh&dI andJDghth avenues; the best se-urliv given Addreee *Nh description of hou??, bt?? Iw7 F<ttt ttTHr*. TXTASHINOTON HKIflHTK-AN. UN^RNI?<I18:P WMNATV uro TIRFT .TBNATW? _*>?