Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 16, 1867, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 16, 1867 Page 1
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NEW YORK, HERALD WHOLB KO. 11,127. ^ ^ NEW YORK, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY "l6, 1867,-TRIPLB SHEET. "" V J CJGpii" WARD < .?r i fun ?*-??-* Dullness ? oh: udv A??^o!aiWrtriu^ 8oJ^ ??*,N T. KWOWTNO ANYTHINO OF CHARLES , at the Flret Mew Terk eatalry, who died _ ^ . ,rim, win confer a greet faror upon hie geMhrr b^aa|Bagoa er addreasing Ml mother, Mrs. C. A. j^HNIB-Alffi WILL BB FORGIVEN; MHO TOUB card as promtoed. TVIAMOMD BRMA8TPIN.?MONDAY, AT 1 O'CLOCK. J-Ttf Fluiit It met, mext feir dep. Don't disappoint JARS. jyjLLr^-MBxr Thursday at iamb time. j^-GEOBOB HAS RETURNED. CALL AT SAKE pleee, ?emi tlien. on Saturday. g3BMATION WAWTBD?OF MARY CONLON. WHBN ?t heerd Owe wee In the oKy of New York. Any in. Alow of her wttl be thenkfaUF reeetred by her toother, tersss ?MR Ooulsw, Ma ? Pearl street, lew York. INFORMATION IS WANTED?OF JOHN CARROLL, J. who left hie heme eo Monday last, et the oorner of Cook ?4MorreU streets, Brooklyn. L. I.; wee leet eeen on corner ? Johnson end Worrell etreete; !e about <8 years old, ? feet tfeMhee in height, bleak heir, wnooth faoe; Won black ?ante, Koeenth ket and bed no eoat on when he left. Any ChnutlM will be thankfully leoetred by hto family. Ad ?formation will be thankfnllF reoeired by hto family, ?nee Merle Perron, 88 Byewon etreet, Brooklyn, L. I. TO WW AMD CHARLEY.?ALL RIGHT, BOB. T AYIWIA HALLOOK jiTtowr, Herald effloe. ?SEND ADDRESS TO BUB THE T BRA, THIRTY FIFTH STBBBT, NEW YOBK.?PAR. don delay. Agreeable. Address note ee before. GATCRDAY NIPHT TRAIN TO NBWARJL?RABBITS O on the well, two Anger* end a hat. Will one of the Mdlei eddreeaUat, Herald offloe t SILVER WATCH LB FT BY AN OLD MAN AS SBCURL ty for tl< on Uth Inst.?Party haying it will be liberally ?warded by lending add reel to P. W., station C. ?^?ALL 8TBEET 8TAGB, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, about 4 o'clock. Will lady who cat opposite gentle in front of stage aand note (o L. L. G , box >10 Herald -^ILL MARY SIMPSON PLEASE CALL ON KATBf X7TLL THE PRETTY LADY THAT FELL IN BROAD rv way, with black yelyet cloak, address a line to the xen nwan that offered his handkerchief tPlease doao. Ad Maa O. H. C., New York Poet offloe. REFILL THE LADY IN MOUBNINO WHO RODE r? down en the Third avenue ear between I end 8 ye*. Mw please sned her address to the gentleman who aat lm ?adiately opposite and when aha so kindly noticed upon Mfwlng the oarfRLAddreee Zimmerman, Herald office. MATRIMONIAL. OBNTLBMAnT^^YBAR8^0F^AGE, o/ ample . means, liberal adnoptton and generous in his dlsposl l, about to ytolt Europe for the Perls Exposition, would form tho acquaintance of a young lady, not oyer a of age, with a view te matrlaonyTifqst be stylish in 1ee ended good addreae. Address Bt Hsillers, POCKETBOOK FOUND.?THE OWNER 0AN HAVE * paying fctLST28Ur*ert,'B' )N THE UTH INST.. A SMALL BUM OP ^S^SStS^HSStX^^p ._ , MWAHDH. ^rsysr?^." ?? ftrsiTj rr I i" Wat tw? r^i^ *f **'"~'"? w? to a ?' >?J.-cr-?S?3 " """ > 3Kl?Vy5ro ^Bjoojr, 7 with p?M and bad ? ?< nam* of Fan, * Oa* A. Moral* ^a?&> ?^ -r, with the ownar'a ?? .-. *? .?** iifton atraat, If. Y. ??TOOK MT Iwi&K me agnation aiked. I, b.?gaobr. ? MOW KAJL AM ABTIBT. AWD HATtff OF KhbMiaiMM far tha teat IB yarn la tha OnKad MMH ntonlMH kli aaMreeltran* would ba tavawciuiwirr or m rolec iaf tha cttjr of New Tort, wO) ba bald laatitota, an fUtnifii areniog 18th Han. Koraaa OraAey aad oihara ) la tha ragalar aoaHaaaaaaaaai as IWVPJWffBi X loafs roomy HI BroMwifi MMF A. v., far tha pnraoaa i to oar imtalMMt ?iLTBsSiiirwTsr BXHtBTTORB AT TUB PAJIll U ' * 35? t tbalr ?a 1TE-, bat Al? Poat odUa, to Mar of i Min UWTTBBHAL EXHIBITION, 1887 ?THE AD TiiHan a aaatfegaan of large tramedi atparlafice aad beepeaka nod write* tha Pre oca laaraaaa flurntlf la da Mug a few drat ataaahonaaa allba ap f. mrnoiiA8 lodob, no. mi. r. a a. n.?AUL HMmbrra of tbta Lodge will plana* notify tha Secretary, NX 0. MITCHILU No. II RUta atraat, of tbalr piaaeoi aaa of tmalaeaa or af tbalr praaant raaldaaaa. J* RAPLB BOOT AND RHOB OOHVRWTIOW IB ?aMjay^jp^a^y^Fabrnary. II, 1W7, at tba Aatoi I '' IBWIPAPBRI. p College, 81 Bow 540 Fulton, opposite IHTBCCTWW. A YOUNG LADT DB8IBE8 A SITUATION AS HUB A aarjr governeoe (will Instruct tnmusle), eopmt or fedy'e companion; boat refirwos Ad4mi *? F. VT., 115 Wiit Twenty-fourth giot A N ENGLISH Q KB TLB MAN OF FAMILT. ORADU A mulM kenormaa tnelasatee, honorman lifcy. 25 literature, language and hJatiwy, Jc-.dc-, of Trinity OoTlege Dublin. vrtlltnke pupils for the Universities, Ac. Hebub?.n Klin, professo? of classics nnd login in a Unt ventre. Distinguished referenda and VaumonUla as to Ala euictenoy and character. F. B- C?, No. 41 Brudntb Houaa. Broadway. AT M&-BOOKKBBPING, PENMANSHIP, arithmb gy^ Brooklyn College removed to 5 A OBNTLEMAN DB81BB8 TO PLACE HIS SON. A A youth of II, with eome one raiding la the country, where he will be well oared for and !Detracted In English grammar, mathematlca, Ac.; aa eiperieaoed teacher pre ferred. Beat reference required. Addreaa W. H. BuaaeU, boa 4.10B New York Poat offloo. ATOUNO LADT WHOSE ATTAINMENTS, PATRON age and re fere nee a are atrictly Bret daaa rlalta and reeetrea adult puptla and married ladiea for prlrate loaaoos tafall the common Bngllsh branches, mathematics, rhetoric " bailee lettrea; composition. correspondence, converse criticism, topics of the day, reading the poeta, history, lah literature. Boa 00 Union square Poat offloo. ACCOUNTS, PENMANSHIP, BUSIN8SS AFFAIRS A Instruction (private If desired) at GOLDSMITH'S Commercial Inatltute, 750 Broadway. Batabllahtd 18*0. A YOUNG LADT OF REFINEMENT, WHO HAS HAD experience In teaching, would like to make an engage - men! where her services would be considered an equivalent for board. Addreaa A. A. R.. Brooklyn Peat offloe. "IITANTED?BY A YOUNO GERMAN, A TEACHER forEngHah^corraapondence, Ac. AAdraag Pag, Harald WNBTMG. A PLEASURE YACHT FOR SALE?50 FEET LONG, 11 feet wide. Call at Eaat Tenth street ferry, and In quire for Alexander Hamilton. All kinds of dogs and birds for sale at B. DOVEY'8, 3S0 Canal street, near Church street. Medicines for all dlsaaaaa. Prepared POod for mocking birds. and bell B$Uh Fob sale-a schooner tacht, he tons old measurement; was launched In 19011 la complete in every particular; baa three staterooms,' six berths In cabin, water closets, marble top wash basins, Ac. For furtheoand full particulars address or call on EDGAR E. HOLLY, Globe Fire Insurance Company, corner of Fulton and Green wloh streets. New York. Prioe >16,000. OR SALE AND BTOCK PURPOSES-ALL THE _ choice breeds of Dogs. Challenge to all that I have the handsomest pair of four pound blank and tana In America. DANIEL FOSTER, 15 Roosevelt street. F I7IRANCIS BUTLER, NO. 0 PECK BLIP, HAS ALL JT the cholee breeds of Doga. Butler's Infallible Mange Cure and Plea Exterminator. 75 oenta. Butler's new work is w auu rim laAtciiuiuntvi. gar wuve. ?uhvi ? new i*wi% , the Dog. |A Dogs trained, boarded, Ac. Medicines for all diseases. TOHN ORAY, NO. 11 ROOSEVELT STREET. HAS FOB el sale Newfoundland Dogs, black and tan, 8ootch and skye Terriers. The prettiest and gameat seven pound black and and Iftn Dog In the oountry. QTEAMTUO, SIDEWHEEL 150 FBBT LONG, FOB O sale, cheap.?Also 00 second band woed and metalllo Boats, from SI to SO feet long. Apply where the eteamboat Ilea, at the foot of 114th street, Harlem river, at Staphcn Roberta' boat building shop, or 5W South street. I ROUT FISHING.?OBNTLBMEN WISHING TO avail tbemaelrea of the privilege of Fly Fishing within 07 Naamu street All peiuons wishing to buy, sell or ex change HoiMs^or C^Msupsa should have their property, or AUCmoV * BALHifAT Somr' AUCTIO AUCTION MART, Union square, ovary Tuesday and Friday throughout the year, and at 07 Nassau etnai, every Wednesday and Salur 11 ELBOANT O SPBINQ CLARBNC8, OF OUB ?'er%atjfhaetq? (Tone sot HsrnraTaUnqfr ?PLEN^liS odftMf ol ^AR|;u7? HoiffiV IR? l ot apply to B. II. M.. from 1 to I F. M., 50 Fulton street. Brooklyn. LA HOB TWO HOR8B TRUCK FOR SALE?IB " order. Apply at 101 Warren atreet, New York. Alahc good Aa OARTMAN'S WORSE WANTED?CHEAP FOR CASH, ypty to KBYSBR A CO., IM Ninth street. A BARGAIN FOB SOMEBODY?MUST BB SOLD, A team of Canadian black Mane, warranted eeund; stoat built, good steppers. Also a fast Pony; will trade for a work horse. (M Pearl street. OBAUTIFITL.YOUNG DRIVING HORSE FOR HALS? bl?ck points, lon? toil. fut, sound and kind; iSessdmgly stylish and well bred: prioe UK, no 1m jg, /?tod. athoroughbred (running) Mara, with fair trotting icUnn broke to harness; mint be 16 >jU)rVaI^-A VALUABLE TEAM FOR A FARMER ? a**ny !>?*???? Ate on* fast walking blind Horn r __ --U draft Horaea. aim one, 7 year* old, for MO, In M*. ** A w*rl. SO Now Obambor* (tree). lenoe v ? LOW PRICE, TWO SECOND FU OR BALE?AT Vt,.. -wand second ha^d city mad* Coupes, In nod order; 10 u ?wim at thd Waveriey lop and n* top Wagons, < now Roo*- ^>*4 way. V Stables, corner Thirty-ninth etraet and n.. *?*'."*?? F^ffiSsiVK Q> wast Twenty-Hfth street. | YNOR SALH-FOl/fc &56S WORKINO HORSES; ALSO ? one Truck and Carl. For particulars apply at M West Forty (rat street, between Broadway and Seventh aranue. rn BALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED LIVBRV Stable, with Lease and Stock complete. Reason for selling, going late the country. Inquire at 81 East Twelfth WOE SALE?A FINE BAT HORSE, RISING 7 TEARS, r 17V hands high, together with single Truck and Harness, ft be seen at MS West Sixteenth street, below Tenth avenue, for three days, . U?OR SALRrrA FIRST CLASS STABLE, FINIBHEDIN, F l.-jaMhanXer, with all mpd?h? Improvements, in For thfr*SEst, between Br^y fftOR BALE-BAT HOME. 18*. 8100; ORATIJU,, MO; fc &E& ?sSSfg TNOR SALB-A STYLISH FAIE OF TOIINO EAT f Ooaah Horses; warranted stmad and kind; lust aril red Worn the sountry. ** Mableo, For bale cheap-one skt of newJiarnebb. Must be sold to-day. Call at 4> Fulton street, up stairs. ?TARNES8 FOE SALE.?A SET OF BINOLB HAR n ness; Broad war mxke: covered, mounting mw. and cheap for cash. Can on or address R. Banks, 187 Boat Thirty-third street. STABLE TO LET-FIRE PROOF BRICK: LOCATION, Bast Thirty-sseond street; 8 stalls, room for 2 carriages; ass, water, Be.; to be ranted to let November, IW. HAGOBRTT S PHELPS, 11 Fine street. rno LET?A LTVEBT STABLE, FIRST BATE LOCA J. Hon, d0M to a depot of the New York and New Haven Railroad. For partteulan apply to D. H. CLARK. No. > Qnlnurd Btoek, Btamfsrd, Conn. _ rP WAGON WANTED?A OOOD ONE, BU* LITTLE need, miat be roomy and substantial. Address for one seek Gould, bos l,dM Post ofltoa, giving description and tQA CASH FOE A LIGHT CITY MADE BOCK A. #oU way, with pole and shafts; also n light Coupe and Harness and a one seat trotting Wagon, all In perfect order, very cheap, at HOTET'S stable. SeventMuth atrial, near OTMCAL. A GENTLEMAN WILL~GIVE INSTRUCTION ON J\ the Piano at pupils' residenoe for 910 per quarter. beet reference^ivcu. Address, with resMtone*,Teaeher, bos FIRST teetent ?, bos 200 CLASS QUARTBTTR WANTBD FOR A PRO. I eb'irab. Address, statins all particulars, Quar 0 Herald ogee. ~ . A LfDT WIIO IS A THOROUGH TEACHER AwtohM pupils lu Musis or French. Address F. H.M., AT THE NATIONAL OONHF.BVAtORY OF MHSIC, M J\ Madison avenue, near Twenty-ninth street-Piano, Vie. lin Theory and Singing. Term*, f 10 per quarter. The Ooe servatory inetructlen books free. F?AJ,?- FIOLIN, SINOINO. HARMONY, Aft. W. MI west Twenty sltth street, between Seventh and Eighth aveanse. Can or send for circular. Lessons private. Tarme reasonable. ^ JAY JAT WaTBON, Agent. ?ALM AT AUCTION. A UCTION BA.Ui.-B. BOTH. AUCTIONKAB. A _ tAROR AND POSfTIVB BALE W . ELEGANT AND 008TLY HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE MAGNIFICENT ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, nil (Saturday) morning, February 14. at 11) elegant Household Furniture of the four at* Clinton plnoe, Eighth etreet. between Fifth and nee. magnificent rone wood Pianoforte, 1 work* or Art and Brenxes, U Bruneele i lot of rtoh parlor, bedroom and <U wring and hair Maitreeeee, Glass, Co Cutlery, he. Bale poelure. _ SEVERAL SETS HARNESS, AC. Regular-Horae Salea at W Naaeau etreet every Wedneeday '^ewrra'tf{nER*A BOMSRVILBR offer unanrpxmed ad vantage* In location, experience and bueineea oapaclty to parties wishing to buy or doeudng to sell Horses, Carriages oranythlng pertaining to the horse business. B1""" IBS/a'KSSk.M,=>" at 7K o'clock eaeh evening, as above, CONTRIBUTOR^' E OF FINEPAINTINGS, WATBft TUB8DAT RVKNING?Bxduxsvely for the works "of Amerio&n artists* WEDNESDAY BYENINO?Fine Foreign Palnllt THURSDAY EVENING?Water Colon, Drawings , Particular* hereafter. ' * T M. DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER. **' WU1 sell, this day, at 10H o'oloek, at the i t)T THRALL A BROS.?MONDAY, WTH INSTANT. A1 D II o'oloek, at 104 East Tweuty-seeond street, all |hi Furniture. Mirrors, Carpels, An, ef said house, Catalogue mornlngof sale. ^ BEJltr THRALL A1 BROEl^Fli^AT (SATURDaJ), TOKRRY LEASES AT AUCTION. " JhdfV J, At the City HaU, on Tuesday, ISth March, 1MT. at eMFen o'clock A. M.,i win be sold at publie auction to tad hiskeet bidder with adequate sscurlty, for alarm of ten rears mm* the first day of May, 1887:? The Lease of the Ferry as now established from the foot of Whitehall street to Statin Island. - The Lease of the Ferry to be established from the foot of Twenty-third street. North river, to Pevonia, N. J. - -> The said several Perry Leasee will be sold with an the rights, privileges end advantage* thereof belonging to thd Corporation of the city oANew York. ? "? - Terms and conditions of salt may he had upon application at the Comptroller's Offloe. By order of the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund. RICHARD B. CONNOLLY, Comptroller. Crrr or Nmr You, Diramn or Fnums, | ? ??, February 14, law. 1 'f* Henry d. miner, auctioneer salesroom f Nassau street, oppoMt* the Posi offloe. ? ... MINER A SOMERVTLLB will sell at auction this day, Feb. 16, at salesroom 81 Nassau street, a large assortment of Household Furniture, Parlor Suits. Offloe Desks, Bedheads, black walnut Bookoaaee, Carpet*, Ae. . Also a large assortment ef China and Glass Were, Out lery, Ac. jr jr. OENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER. ?J, BALE or HORo As CARRIAQ E?. WAGONsTIc., AT HORSE AUCTION MART, UNION SQUARE, THESHEcr - Ues at our Auction Mart. Union flee* ay and Friday thiwugbouft^e year. fOTBL FURNITURE, AO., AT A1 ?U at everything contained In boOary, walnut Extension I ESSTftiS Ccmhtoi^fl Ugi and other Sewing Machines, liii McdUleW? Hot of Groceries?41 gallon and half geOon sea* Rx "a&sarbWaa^JSgfasiS VHKlaa: ene trnnxef Clothing. Cash deposits re quired from airpurebasera. All goods must be paid for est delivery. Storage Will be eherged on all good* rhmatulng ever ten day*, u T08BPH HEGEMAN.?MONDAY, FEB. 18, AT 10 fl o'clock A. M., at the corner of Jefferson ere one Mid i Magaolla street, Elizabeth, Now .Teres*, handsome Parlor and Obaaabar Furniture, rosewood Plana, two valuable Horace, Carriage, Harness, Ac., Ac. M 2H. McMILT-JBN, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON ? Saturday, 16th, at IMS Canal street, at 11 o'clock, two rta, two Kxpreea wagons, Bar Oounicr, Liquor*, furni ture, Ac. SHERIFF'S SALE.?RICHARD WALTERS, AUCt! I eer, will sell on Saturday, at 11 o'e'ouk, at No. atcr street, the Contents of a Blackiunitb Shop, vlx lows. Hammers, Anvils, Bar Iron, Drilling Machine*. Ac J. Lyar, Deputy. JOHN RELLTT^tcrlf? SHERIFF'S SALE. FURNITURE STORE AND STOCK. R1CTTARD WALTERS, AUCTIONEER, .III ull U.i A-. _a t? -s_i_ * . . .? g1.".**11 <**? Saturday, at 11 o'oloek -. at No. 083 Eighth avenue, a large an* - Household Furniture. AU kind* or tf Piputl SIHEMFTB SAL8-F^v6t StORB.?RICHAR6 FX I TER8, ancttonejr, 'yfu this day (HaturdW). at 11 o'clock, at No. at8 Bo?-yery a general acaortmcnt or Fancy Bonds, frlmmlnagan g gtora Fixture*. D. Giiumvi*, D*r sity. JOHN KELLY. Sheriff. 4.7th AHC,*30N SALE. * I 10,000 TO <0,000 TONS s hcranton coal. , ^ ON WEDNESDAY, PE4^m^ SsyS&nsss: 5S".97.Inst, TONS I of FRESH MINED COAL, FROM THE lAOKAWApllA Sssaas ICBBfc3BWZK?i jgsfjajx gSuBHa^'s;'. fl altar, at lb* oOm of the j, rbIBBIN, Prssi^J t BVUnU OFPOETCSITIBSr^B AN UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY IS OFFERED TO A A. party baring capital to buy out an established whole-? aue manufacturing burinei* of staple goods, desirably lo-l sated. Address P. W. M . Herald oflae, elating where aa tn tarvtew mag ha bad. Only principals need answer. H AH TWO-THIRDS INTBRR8T IN A LIQHT. PLEAS ? eat establlabed business, now Jtayng IS P?* must be o.M Immediately, for cash. Price <80) Address ^ VALUABLE "T?BW PATENT, TOGETHER WITH A the business (first class), lease, eta., now In sue-1 easeful operation in this erty, with opportnnlty for? un-l limited attention. for sal* (or a stock company could be I formed); nons but tret aaattee and these tossy ding! at laaMgl0.f*iO eaab wllTb# noticed. Address Patent, box REM Poet ottos, N. Y. , SPIRITUAL INTENTION 1R ON EXHIBITION AT L Banner ef Light Ofltae, M4 Broadway, 1 to 8 P. M., and i patent right for sals FRANK CHAliB. CALL AT NO. < FINE STREET, ROOM NO. R AND aaa an article on whtoh mote money sen be made than en anything yet o(tared. CI ASH MANUFACTURING BUSINESS FOR BALS J with steam power, Utensils and everything complete, now in suamsful operation. <1,108 capital to purchase. Apply *1 iW Brotdwgy, room f. KHDITOR WANTED?FOR A REMI-WEEKLY PAPER ? pnhliahed in this city. To a competent person a propo sition to become Interested will be considered. Address Bomsr, Herald oflP-e. For hai,r-on broadwat, a stock of milli p. nery Goads, at a low valuation, and the Oood Will of a business whteli has exceeded <70,000 per annum; rent mode V't:'Z\\:z;a"?"? rs SALS-OSS or TUB BEST BOTrBB ABD BOO Store* on Eighth avenue. Long lease and cheap rent. Inquire In the Mere, 80< Eighth avenue, NJr. ^ YpOR RALB-MANUFAOTURINO BUSINESS IN fttlS ssairear ?wa-1 *???????? v* J. M. MOODT A OO, , FINANCIAL.. .f from lOto Vpor oeal dividends, at low ratea. _ALBBBTH. HICOLAY. t's IniMww Coagnw. VffONBY IjOAMND ON BOND AND MORTOAOB.?MBR. tfLsr&si! sex-' ?? *?"vi m* piMNSTLTAXU STATU LOAN. PROPOSALS FOB A LOAN ON IB,000,000. An act to create a toon for the redemption at the < 1 u wealth. bonds of tbt I Whereae the bond; of the Commonwealth and eertain oar. tiflcatea of Indebtedness, amounting to $(8,000,000, boon otot duo and unpaid far aoau time poet; And wheraaaltis dmtanbla tkattl id withdrawn from the mart at; the Section!. Bo It enacted hy the Sao . emiaitv? of the Commnowsstfl af ??? oral Assembly met, snd U to bare bp anaatad^br tha authori ty of tha aame. That tha Oorornor, Auditor Ooaaral and State Treaeurex be. aad are hereby authorized and ampow ared to borrow on tba faith af tha Commonwealth, in anoh amounta and with auefa notice (not torn than forty dan) aa they may deem moat axpement for the lnteraat of thaState. twenty-three million* of dollar*, aad toaua af twenty-three million* of dollar*, and loan or bond* of tha Commonwaalth lnteraat at a rata not payable aemi-annusU* on gust, to tha city of PWadt bonds ahall not be enb. in years, and tan ndlllena af dollars at any time after fif in years and wKhln tweety-fles years, and shall be stoned by tba Goremor and Slate Treasurer and countersigned by the Auditor General, and raftotarad to the books of tha Auditor (lenaral, and tone transferabla on the books of tba Commonwealth at tba Farmer*' and Mechanics' National Bank of Philadelphia; the ptoeoeda af the whole af whtoh 6m. Including premiums, Ac., raealrad on tha asms, shall i applied to the payment of tha bonds and oartlfloalaa of Indebteduem af the Commonwealth. Sao. 1 The Mda fur tba said loanshall be opened to tha idStaie Tr preeenoa of the Oorornor. Auditor Oenoral and State Treas urer. mid awarded to thenglheet bidder: Provided, That no oertlflcate hereby author! p* to be tosuee ahall be negotiated far leufithan It* par r, . Sao. X The bond* o. Mate and eartifleatee of Indebt ed nans, now aver due, aha- be receivable to payment of the mid loan, under sueb regulation* aa the Oorornor, Auditor General and State Treasurer may prSflbrlbe; aad every bid w authorised to be lamed, ahall state to der for the loan i hit hid whether the same to payable In eaeb or In the bonds tadneas of " " or oertlflcatea of ladebtednoaa of tha Sac. A That ail trustees, executors. Common wealth. . . administrators, guar dians, agents, treasurers, oemmtttees or ether person* hold ing to a fiduciary capacity bond* or certificates of indebted neu of tba State, or moneys, are hereby authorized to bid for the loan hareby authorized to be leeued. and to aurren* . * ,WPH "WW"/ hUWIMmi vw WW 1HUWU. MHI W SUIT CU' der tba bonda or oerttficatee of loan bald by them at the time of making sueh bid, and to receive the bonda authorised to b# issued by thlf tot. Sac. A Any person or persons steading in tha fiduciary ra pacity stated In the fount, section of this set who may desire to toreat money In their hands for tba benefit of the trust money I bout as _ . lorized to be Issued by this net, at n rate of premium not may, without an order af eowrt, invest tha same in the bonds M&r * * * infiodini twootf Mr cootuoi. Sac. & That from and after tha passage of this act all the bonds of thto Commonwealth shall be paid off in the order of f maturity. Sac. 7. That aD loans of thto commonwealth not yet duo ahall be exempt from State, municipal or local taxation after the Interest due February first, one thousand eight

hundred end slxty-aevea ahall have been paid. 8*0. 8. That all axtatingiag laws, or portions thereof In* aonaistont herewith, me hereby repealed. JOHN P. OLA88, Speaker af the Hones of Representatives. l. w hall, Speaker of ike Senate. . Approved the seeoad day of February, one thousand eight hundred and slxty.aerSn J OHM W. GEARY. In aaeordance with the provisions of the above set of As* In aoeordance with the provisions or the above set of As Mmbiysealed proposals will bo iwcelved at ihe ofltao or the RS SWS^.ISiLWSftS.'FatSft indorsed as follows ?'Proposal* far Pennsylvania _ ... Lpa*,Tr***uryPi*srtanat,fl*rrlsenrg. Pa., United Stetea ?Apnm _ ... tear r tha rate of Interest to be eMhev five ar six Mr sent par aaaam, whteh moat be expitoltly stated in the ltd; said the bide meat advantageous to tee Mate win bo nesaptod. No Md for lam than par will ha iiidlnii. The bonds will bo waii ha aumgof flwaad mah tHiw soma as ffiMtafl by the leanaos, to bo fboo from Mate, toaafi and wdtopai JOHN W OHAHT. Governor of Pennsylvania. JOHN F. HARTHANFT, ra'ilr"? A'ateiypr W. H. State Traaauror. I the abyva, uleia ? ? ? ? i i sy i ? fM?i <m FWW MORTGAGE, ITBAB8 7 T? per eaffl, Wi improred .property, near Harlem bridge. .v jssst 'ax? fre.svsrasit Lanrena (treat. TITAiHINGTON CO [TXTT, PA., BIX PER CENT BONDS " wants*!. by H. AIT I CO., >1 Stina e treat jfcft 000 7? f0'*" W?PIAD CAPITAL WANTED? $15 QOfi fTAXfib-TO HELP SUPPLY DHMAND J*-.,-/ for the water of a new mineral spring, de ?uonatrs uu to be the beat remedy for ehronlo rbeumattam w , oeumatle gout which the world baa ever known, aa well ?s for s variety of bronchial, stomach, bowel, liver, kidney ana urinary diseases. These waters are pronounced by rmiaen^hyslclans aqdehemists to be "aqnal In some and *?v*T.ibr In oilier respects to that of i he famous Vichy Springs !? <rraaoe." Reported supply of these now springs, MO darrein per day, readily sold at SI per gallon. Security given for the loan on springs and real estate ari mining them, and Urge Inducements or Interest In the business. Call at or address 88 Nassau street, roop lit, N. T. ?01 nnn TO L0A" ON improved real e8 'PyliiVvU late la this olty, to any sum. ^ W. H. WOOD, aa Wall street BQO^ AHA TO LOAN ON BOND AND MONT ipO^u.VcU gaga, In on# or more turns, on real estate la this olty or Brooklyn. JOHN P. CON REY, ? Wall street room IS. also ARTICLEH or VIRTUE. N. B.?PAWNBROKERS' ticx L*B6a' art qauAry. I 4 DYABCE9 MADE ON WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JBW A ?'*!. Dry Goods and Personal Property of every de scription. J. A. JACKMON, Ml Ornod street, twodoorewaet Of Broadway. raNce bought at the highest rat'rb. also PAWNBROKERS' TTCKBT8 BOUGHT POM DIAMONDS, WATCHES, JEWELRY. Ac., at 77 Bleacher sweet, up stairs. AT NO. t TWBNTT-THIRD 8TRBRT, PIKTH AVE. A, nus Hotel, the highest price paid for Diamonds, Watobee, Ac., or advances made on the asms. Dhiamond jewelry bouoht at its extreme I value. Large Brlllieala of ftae quality wanted. Loan* negotiated. Veluatloe. 1 per ceat. '?. W. PLUMB, Die mend Broker, Ml Broadway, opposite fit Nicholas Hotel. TVIAMONDH, WATCHES, JEWELRY, SILVBRWJ ,V 'tinTh p0 w WS25T ibf iint. Piwaorottn UHtti oougbt. li? Bowirj, RWARR. vaneed on Orand, rooms No*. 1 and I, Money to loan-at seven per cent, in large or small amounte, en IIret class propjartj.^tble arty. * Ne. ? Twenty-third street, Fifth Aren ne hotel. r 1 WAYOrOETBI. A' maGNiViCENT ROSEWOOD PIANO POR SALE AT a great aearnet- It la fnlly warranted, and win be sold for half IU value. Apply at I?1 Bast Thirty third street, between Third apd Leitngton avenues. A PAMILT WILL SELL THEIR MAONIFICBNTLY A served feaewoed Pianoforte, worth SfiBO, for leae than half; seven octave, overstrung, iron Urease; nearly new. Ap ply at m> East Tsuth street L roeewood*Plannfnrte, originnl price fifloo. for leea the . Including filool and Cover, beet olty makers; nearly Calltat X Third street A MAGNIFICENT 7 OCTAVE ROME WOOD PIANO A forte for agk; made order, city maker, fully gnantn tce.l, ' ??<> sis months, <-o-i peno, fnrJtWO; also Parlor Butte, covered broeatel, cost fdIO, for gWO; BUgeres. Bookcase. Paintings. Mlrrdli, Bronsaa; seen floe for cash. Inquire *4 West Bliteenth street, between Hfth and Btgth avenues. "QARGAINR?OCTAVE PIANOPORTH MODERN X> Improvements. Hell A Hons makers; SIM; handsome rosewood 7 ortove Pianoforte, fllflfl, nearly new together with several others, also assortment new Pianofortes, at manufacturer's prtr*" MoDONALD A CO., 10 Poarth avenue, apposite Cooper Institute. TkLIABB CALL EXAMINE AND EBB THE PRICE ?\ m and MS Broadway, corner of Twanty flret Street IM" SSeemRaod $} lkyA?BBflir?B. iiy? DAEACADEMY, * ' fi ; B'o^saa'Ssi^stt&i H wk for ilMMit the AiXniNi .___ WOHUMZ 818TBU. W-DAT (SATCRD^n ril. Ml St n.%K?;JWt&? jiassB"1 ?ad CINDERELLA Pua. Festival of Vu^ AM8 wiR wwpnwlMnwMl eaaageaMotta Maw York. which -1 regretfully ftmilH la t TTABW TBHPIJOr MTSTBRT, ?1* day* in adrauce.* ?B-Paritaa ahouM eeonre thair eaata during tha day at ? la order to avoid the nub ta the erenlnglt the door. bakJr ^'wm^TwoVoA^SI'fe'by] I PROTECT, PRO?&OT, PROTK08.H pronounced by tha nreae tha great** -i Illation and the jraalaat "Spectacular Illusion" av PBOffcUB, PROTECT, PROTECT: or, We are Beta, bat Hat Ban, will be oontlnuad la consequence of lu triumphant ?doom*. Tha Baakat Triok, Growth of Flowere, Devil'* flat and PtoaUojc Head wtfi be retained. Ticket*, Moeata; naerrad aeatt 11. Tha Cbickerlat piano la uead at tbaaa aaaaoa*. Spaolal Halloa.?In anawer b nu merous application* Mr. Hwb bag* to announce that ha baa children wtl Sal CAN PeIhCIBCO MINSTRELS, IM BROADWAY. pa* **? js^ffiSSK*33: 'nsUtnte, Happiest Couple Out, Ohll nt Commute*. ghoul* low Pantomime and tha Bere afrioan BALLET troupe. XT ELLY A LEON'S M1NSTRKLS. T? BROADWAY. XV U ontinued and unparalltlad eucaaee of this troupe. > 1 Tr?!^W?i4ia?r ' Ifbtly greeted with u--reame. A 9:89. D amon Dance. D 9:80 L KelUfantL I 9:30- R Allena. L Beymaurgall. R 9:89 R Prlcin aoa. Leon. L 9:80. T ? xtrsordlnary prima donna, B O r aa Danaeuee or Actrcea unequalled. O H ifbtly raeaiyad by crowded house* with enthusiasm. CHARLEY WHITE'S TROUPE, 472 GRAND MATIN BR THIS A" HORAND MATINBB THIS A GRAND MATINBB ID MATINBB GRAND MATINBB THIS A GRAND MATINBB THIS A ORAM) " Vt'lNKB THIS A GRAND VIINBE THIS AFTERNOON. For the aocomuu on of ladiaa and children, oonunanolng at 04 JTEINWAY HIM PHILHAKM' ? ?: AOrrRTY OP NBW YORK. " " a Rati -- - Public Rehear 1 ' . , Saturday, February 18, at 8 O'clock P. M. Ad.?f - It'. Tickets for wle ot to-: . ; i-lace*. Br order, L. BPIER, Seoreurr. gTBINWAY BALI-. - : V UNTJ*FIFTH 8PNDAY OON la f. Mies KATE MCDONALD, the favorite Scgraoo. Mr. Mr. THHODORB^ TICK RIB. -FIFTY CBHTfl. Reeerrad aaata M eta. extra. Far aab at tha uamal pfctn*. DR BAAf LAST PAIETTHO.?ADMIRAL FARRA gut's Fleet Passing tha Forte below New Orleans, mow *? exhibition at SI Waal Tenth street. Studio Building. COOPKR INSTITPTK. Dr. HBBBARD lactura* this evening en John Morrla ?ay, Cangraes and Muaele. Tiebata IB cant*. IMBLY ROOMB, BROADWAY, BB ,ra SJSSKpa a*& turee, fain-and Brat elm fftbyttlflnfttl*. Apply an tha prlUIMMi .-htwcfff ?J . ^ _ COPABTW?HN HiP?. I PARTNER WANTED?OR POR SALE, A PAl A tor a beautiful u< useful article, a saddle for ri For particulars eaO on or sddreee J. Meyer, 104 Ewen si aear Johnson, Williamsburg. A PARTNER WANTED?IN A PROFITABLE, VEU. established manufacturing business. In Newark, X. J., with a capital ?f from $4,000 to 83,0110. The only faMonr of the kind In the flteleT Address ?7x7Poller, Newark, X. J. the kind fn the Stafft A_d dress ?. X. Poller, Jfewark, X. J. APARTX1 factttree gsSi i ?sai? ? i A PARTNER WAXTfen-IK A LIGHT, PROFITABLE business, long established; la a good opening for a steady person, none other. For particulars Inquire of or ad A PARTNER WANTED?WITH fl.oSo, TO MAXU facture a staple article of unlimited demand and rsady sale tsr OMh. Profits largo. Address B. Thomas, bos IN dress M. Hall. 10* Sixth avenue, second story. About 11,000 ean obtain half the business. TO"0. 110 MAIDEN LANE, NEW TORE, JANUARY 31, DISAOLUTIOX.?The partnership heretofore existing un der the firm name of De Forest A Francis Is this dar dis solved by mutual consent. Either partner will ston In liqui dation. If*. T. DK FORRHT, GEO. W. FRANCIS. NOTICE.?The undersigned will continue the oil and can* die business at 116 Maiden lane. WM. T. DB FORRST. Notice is hereby oiyrn that the firm op Gaston A Htowell la this day dlaaoTVed by mutual ooo sent, and that Robert Oaaten only la authorised to sign the Arm name In liquidation. RoBKItT GAHTKN. . Fasscairr 13, 1987. mAMUBL A. 8TOWBLL. J\N JANUARY 1, 1837, THB UNDBRHIONED n\fl J withdrawn from tba Arm of A. W. Mlchela A Bros,, of tw York and Ban Prancieoo. C. M. ROSE. New Yeas, February!3.1367. PARTNER WANTED.?AN OPPORTUNITY IS HERB by offered tor a party having command of abeut 8AO.0OU, to enter Into business with a Bret class house well estab lished In the prod use commission business, In oonssqusnoe " a change in the Arm. a member being about to retire fpom Peat eMee. Address, with real asms, bos A3*7 Raw DARTKER WANTED?WITH ABOUT SSJNO CASH, TO I loin the edeeitlsm In seUiim Dry floods, Ac., at aaetiea In Mils etty and Brooklyn. Address WIlHam Jones, station B, New Tork Post eilee. T>ABTNKR WANTED?IN AN EBTABLISHED REAL JT estate and oommlsslon business; small capital required from a btuilDMfl man. CHA8. O. LEWIS, ?1 Neemu street, room it mHB OOPARTNRRSHIP HEftBTOFORE EXISTING X between the undeeulgsed, under the Arm of Schumeeher A Butrnschon, le this day dlseelvcd by mutual consent. All outstanding claims have to be paid to Nicholas P. Bnten scbon. who will coatloue the business at the former place, *? ?"?'f.'VJSlifV.S'if R Nsw Toum, Feb. IB. 1887. N. P. BUTRNSCHON. rB PROPRIETOR OF A BUSINESS PROM WHICH millions can be realised owns some $10,000 worth of real estate, bat requires Immediately sums ready money. A suitable person, wishing to Invest a few thousand dollars as active or special partner, may have real estate security aeatnst lose Inquire a4 Bureau of Information 100 Fultoa street. . Wanted?an enArgbtic man. with bomb means, to Jotn the advertiser In the manuihetare of ?seuvtan matches. Address H. B. J., Herald offiee. TJI7ANTED?THB RIGHT MAN. WITH $10,000, TO IN FY vest In a good paying business. Address Lewis Scran ton, New York Poet ogioe. TXTANTBD-AN ACTIYH YOUNG MAN. WITH SROOO, FY as partner; hutofisa In Brooklyn; exolnsirs right; large profits Principals only address T. X. Z-, Herald o$oe. 1*1 flft -A EMART man #lTn THIS AMOUNT CAN IplUU. have an Interest in a good pdying hustneaa 48 Chatham street, room No. H ? . senA will fryCRR the interest op a rr $OU'r tirtnd partner In An established cash business paying each party from SAOOO to $1000 profits annually. Ap. ply at 804 Broadway, room Ng, 7. nnn -?ahtw? waxted-i* a wkll 3D1.V/1/V. established Cash business; srtlcles staple; a monopoly: reedy sales and targeproAte; sattaf .ctlon r'sran. teed. Address for three days Manufacturer, pox 1M Herald olBee. ? O AAH PARTNER WANTED-IN an old i?>xS.Ul/vf. established sample room 'also wholesale), Including lunch cannier, doing a goad buslnem; none but first parties, and thoaq commanding the shore amount, need a only. Address for three dips Sample Room, Motion C. fihi - n lUfcahasmmfclRls"' , , swdhJfcMi? a i a TO PURCHASE TWO __ an satabltahed hustneaa. presto wtU amount to 800,004 $5000 ^,KCTDe without competition, Anauil proSt PVH sod upwards Father retiring leaving sen In kasleim A rare chance end pmeetlf 7eUeW Address Reliable, Herald fYftft -TOR ADVBRftlftB WHO IS WELL ?DO.UUlJ, experienced la thh Map sad Candle Mat nets, and has a large trade, deetrm e partner with the above amount to entsge In the same, or would connect hle??elf with some established house. Address 3. 8., box I3S Herald oMee. _ ^ . ?6.5oo V"BW TORI TH1ATBB. ' * ' W+ f ^JNbk * i.^arri?fjr^kJia ??,??..^?5"'0,'1,i"-Ki" 9 OMtlMH tJrtoMl Mala. , .__. and an oaprooadsntad Caat. who wD make her 8rst appearance' on MONDAY. F?k lg, la tiro of har favorite personations. Box book now open. pAUAMOTmU-rRENOH THEATRE?MATINHE THI? AfTKRJfOO(Bi,'ftikt?A7).' F#h.' M.'SSST*" miY"*~ ' Rignora ELVIRA MADlfl, Mwaera PHILLIPfl, . Uaaor IKFBR. Blmor PORTUNA. roll chorusaf anfeaatranalar tha direction of signet Z JL. MORA. ?"?SCWit FOURTH OPERA NIGHT, ? LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR. TtokotaeenbehadatBeer A Hehlrnvr's, 701 Broadway, at J.O. Seymour A Ca.'a, Not. 9 and 11 Naaaau drool, aad al tha 1 ranch theatre. THEATRRFRA NOArRR.-CO*ED IK, A mJBSS!nsH ARTIHTS' ASSOCIATION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY M, AT I P. M. _ ? POR tub FIRST TIME LBB DEMOISELLES DE SAINT CYB. Par In ftve acta, by M. Alexandra Damaa. Ticket otkoe at II. Dardouvllld'e, (78 Broadway. MBS. F. B. CONWAY'S PARK THEATRE, BBOOKLYlt THI8 EVENING, ROMANCE AND RBAlITT. OCEAN YACHT RACK. rNY PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE-gOl BOWRRT. (<? Crowded bouse* greeting lb* following grant altra Uons:?The splendid drama, BHAN MaoCQLLUk The great drama, THE IRISH HKFUORI The grand ballet, THE SCOTTISH CHIR The new bnrleequa, JIM CROW ALIV, The eotnlo sketch, IE NO- n. HON DC Tha glorious soots of TONY PASTOR Now variety blU/by THE GREAT TROUPI Mellooee Wednesday and Saturday at SH o'clock. rpo NT PASTOR'S OPERA HOUSE. 881 BOWBB1 GRAND matinee, TO-BAT, AT 1M O'CLOCK. A CHOICE PROGRAMME for Ladioe and Children. The peat diama, Shan Mae Coll urn. The new ballet, the Sootttsl Chief*. Jim Crow Ail re. Keno Venue Rondo TORY PASTOR'S new comlo songs. B1LLT SHEPPARD'S graal specialties on the Banjo. BAVE nAWLBY'S xtaAllng feats. SATURDAY NIOHT, a Ureal Festival BUI OS MONDAY, the New York Volunteers. , r Griffin a cHRisrrs minstrels. FIFTH AVENUE OPERA HOBSB (Adjoining Fifth Arena* Hotel). a w. h oEiFFnTTT... manager. CONTINUED SUCCESS. , CROWDED HOUSES. 1 DELIGHTED AUDIENCES. FOUR BIRDS OP PARADISE. Thl* Palace Opera Hoaae Is nightly thronged with the elite of lb* city. OBOROE CHRISTY continue* to dollght his many admirers In his song, Naughty, Naughty Girl* MR. CHARLES BBNIDIOT, Codtedutn. Second weak of the greatest song and dance man ttrlafc "r. OSCAR BURR AN I. In now acta. M Mr. GRIFFIN A CHRISTY UMO, STNOINO AND DANCING. /-kLYMPIO THEATRE. U SATURDAT, FEB. 10, 1867, \J SATURDAT, closing day af the season of of Flotow'e charming romantic opera of 8TRAWELLA. 8TRADELLA. Admlaalon t* Malta**, 78 cant* to alt aeata, without extra charge for reoorrlng hi advance. Doora open at ISM o'elpek. ^ TO-NIGHT?Ftrat and only parformaaea af Leutalo^a ?"^TVai1 %SAR AND CABPKNTRR. presented, after careful prapanUea, wkh oorraat applet m*nt* AND AN EXCELLENT CAST. \ NONDAT NEXT?Inauguration ad a brief DKAMAXM SKA BON. when will he praoantaA In sxeellant style 9# ArKKTB or NEW TORE. OLYMPIC THEATRE. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. Tha Dtraater take* pleasure In announcing that hasIra rsar* the neeasaary arrangements, ha will Inaugurate * * DRAMATIC SEASON int. ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT, presenting, after moat elaborate preparation, wMh NEW BOENEKY AND CORRECT APPOINTMENTS, the highly popular looal and moral drama, THE STREETS NEW TORI. presenting, iu bit sneoessful impersonation af BADGER the New York favorite, Mr. JOHN K. MORTIMORB, In addition to a Company moot earefnlly selected with nftn enoe to tb* previous features of this universally admheg production. BOX SHEET NOW OPEN. at this establishment. OND -QBQOICLTN ACADEMY OK MUSIC. O ELEVENTH MONDAY POPULAR CONCERT. Feb. 18, at 8 o'clock. L. P. HARBISON Director ORAND OPERA ric NIGHT. Sclent lone from thirteen favorite Operas, with the feMew* Ing eminent artiste:? MADAME PARBPA, MR. S. B. MILLS, MB. CARL ROSA, MR. O. W. fOLBT. MR. TffMl. THOMAS, and Mi CELEBRATED ORCHESTRA. . Ticket a. One Dollar; Reserved Beite. fifty ceete extra. Can new be obtained at the Academy of Mosle, Brooklyn. SEVERINT k PEASE'S STBINWAY'S BOOMS. NEW SUBSCRIPTION SERIES OP PIVK MORNING CONCERTS, oa the followlog dates, aCS o'clock preclaoly:? MONDAYsVFeb 11, 18. 86; MARCH 4, 11. Kerond Ouoert on MONDAY NEXT, when Memrs. SKVEKINI and PEASE will be aaelated by the favorite Baeoo Cuntente, 8IGNOR KOsHATI, and Mr. ?, W. COLBY, Plan tat. , Doom open at IK o'clock P. M. 8ubecrlptlon tickets, for the whole aerlee, for aaleat Stela* way'i; price tA Hlngle ticket*, ft eaob. Kor aale at f* * way's, and at Beer k Hchlrmcr's, 701 Broadway. Grand charity concert AT IRVING HALL, Under the natronag" of th# LADIES' SOUTHERN RBLIUP ASSOCIATION, HATUKDAt*. February IP, at 8 o'clock. The following distinguished artiete have volunteered tl eerviccs la aid of thta society:? MISS KKLLOGO, MADAME OAZ7.AN1GA, MISS ADELAIDE PHILLIPP8, MISS MoCULLOOH, SIU. BRIGNQLl, BIG. MILLBRI BIO. FBRKaNTI, Build, (by permission of Mr. Balew? JAMES M. W Ell LI, BIO. ALBANO. Harpist, MR. TEBO. TUt(MAS, and fall orchestra. Meows. riMebertng have kindly o flared their nlitmtet Concert t.mnd Plane. Tickets St; for sale at Irving Hall, the meeto etwee hotel*, he. ?, and Twenhy enstna at IK t Unee Wed nee BONYAN TABLEAUX?LARGESt PANORAMA the wertd. UNION HALL. Bros' third street. Open every night at 7; < Aduilxalon, SO oenu. children, M seats, day and Saturday, at t o'clock. , S SEVENTH REGIMENT N. G. BAND?THE EIGHTH 5 and last Concert of the season, on Saturday evening, eh. 10, at Seventh Regiment Armory. Tickets to be beg from mom he re of the regiment, or froae C. 8. Graf alia, Nd. 1 Stanton street. , WONDERFUL FREAK OP MATURE?'T INOTON TWINS," born altve. having two _ erase end but one body and one pair of lens; alee the and right arm or Probst, Urn murderer of the Deertr" lly, together with the magnificent collection of oh, Physiology, Anatomy, Pathology end Natural Fl'-^ of which are IllnatitUed dallyny Lectures and I Views at the New York Mneeum of Anatomy, Q| Open from 8 A. M. to 10 P M. flREAT EXHIBITION OP PAINTTNOS. - VT H. W. DERBY'S NEW ART ROO*Ni__ 840 Broadway, opposite Wallaok'a theatre, MMBg thg ROSA BONHRUR'S world-renowned ?HORHK FAIR" aad 180 other SUPERB WORKS OF ART formerly the private eollectloo of W, P. Wright, Beg, of Mew Jersey. . ? ?.' fT Open felly friw^A. H. to|? M. ^ ' f 1 DRAMATIC RSADINO AND STAGS BLOCUTtOW taught In private lessons, at pupils' residences. flO thd emirw. l.eaaona exchanged for elementary leeaea* ta log. Addreaa Robert", Hereld office. XTkVoperT norsF, LorisviLLB, ky IN Fl'I.I.RR. manager and proprietor. The at la prepared to arrange With first cleee stare far neme<ie"tthi|?hm?nt CHAP. THOS. PAN Dramatic Agent, MM Broadway, oorajj Prl rrilKATRF FRANOAIS?FRENCH THEATER TO LET-* laetUIWhiSk'Sr "pptjTto Hon ZHKATRE TMlKBT oFPIOB. ? Reset ved eeaU for all Bret olaea th entree ?-"?"?f&SSmS o?wa Ut AND m BROADWAY. TH* LECTURE SKAfON. C<,mSSmSZ this evening bn Jehn Merr^p any, Coegmee end Mueolj..^.. -? CIPORTANT LRCTUftSfl flATLY-TO or.NHfts?F ontv, at the New Tofk If neeum of Ahelomy, to* y. Those nhabte to attend the*e leetanei stay reoflvae cop* by forwarding ten cent*. Ad-lreee flourstory ef New Twh ?weenie ofAnatomy, 010 gcoau.rav. ? 1 J^B^IBF *#QB THE StAB^NG PEOPLE 0* Atel the hneytfee of ih#lfk^i??<l?l* tyfH* l?W,l,1lTTt "> RICHARD O'OCRMAN,